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 DAILY EDITION   BY MAIL  FIVE  DOLLARS A YEAR  WEEKLY EDITION  BY MAIL  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH YEAR  KELSON":  I^TDAY :M(POT->rG, MAY 4 J 900.  PRICE FIVE  CENTS  THE  NAMES OF CITIZENS  f.j  Nelson,l  Nelson,  To be Robbed of a Riglit.  Every effort should  bo  made  to  thwart the attempt that is beiug  made, iu the interest of Conservative candidate .Fletcher, to deprive  nearly five hundred British subjects  of tho privilege of  voting  afc the  coming    provincial    election.    The  applications of this  large  number  of citizens duly qualified by law to  have  their  names  placed    on  the  voters' list of Nelson riding are objected to by George B..G. O'Driscoll,  Jlobert Corlett, and Charles Henry  Palmer, who are merely aetiug as  % tools in the interest of the local Conservative Association, whose members are actively supporting Frank  'Fletcher   iu his   efforts to become  a member of the legislative assembly.      Thk   Trijwne   stands   for  provincial   rights,  and   today   its  managers will take up the fight  of  fie men who are being robbed of a  political right by a gang of as uu-  bciupulous politicians as Avere ever  congregated iu a single community  in Canada. Every man whose name  :i ppears below will be  deprived  of  the light to vote  if action  is  not  taken promptly.  Fowler, Arthur, Nelson, miner  Parkin, Harry, Nelson, laborer  Gauthier,  Xavier, Ymir, laborer  Ross, Ulysses St., Ymir, machinist  Hayward, Edward, Ymir, millman  Bolton, Edward, Ymir, millman  Launan, Patrick, Ymir, millman  O'Callaghan,   Thomas    William,  Ymir, cook  Poirier, John Theo, Ymir, team-  si er  Dummont,   Joseph,  Ymir,   prospector  Fulton, Thomas, Ymir, teamster  '    Eldridgt), John D wight, Kitchener,  miner  Morrison,    Kenneth,    Kitchener,  t'  miner  Dixon, Robert, Kitchener, miner  Sanderson, Robert Ferguson, Kit-  eheneiyminer   *  Matthews," 'Archie,     Kitchener,  laborer ��� ,   '  Carrie,   John Alexander, Kiteh-  riifr, merchant  Oman, Andrew, Kitchener, trackman  Adamson,      Alexander,  laborer  Arnott,   John l Melville  1.1 borer  Jjurbidijt  Phi1 lip, Nelson, laborer  Barkeley, Tnuoias, Nelson, laborpr  Burns, Robert,   Nelson,   bridge-  man  Bourgeois", Harry, Nelson, laborer  Barry, John, Nelson, laborer  Ram,   Archie    CresweU,  Nelson,  ca rpeiiter  Buchanan, Robert Charles, Nelson, miner  Bougie, Francis Xavier,  Nelson,  blacksmith  Burns, Joseph, Nelson,    quarry-  mau  Boyd, Wilfred   George,   Nelson,  - ta i for  Bowefct, Henry A., Nelson, miner.  - Calladine,���William,���Nelson, -la'b-  (/ier  Cantara, Joseph, Nelson, laborer  Cannelle, Edward, Nelson, miner  Crittenden, Ferdinand, Nelson,  miner  Cornish, James, Nelson, laborer  Coles, Solly, Nelson, cigarmaker  Collott, Frederick. Nelson, laborer  Couture,     Oneziphar,       Nelson,  miner  Campbell, James Melville, Nelson,  miner  Daly, John, Nelson, miner  Dean, Alfred, Nelson, miner  Deneault,     Alexandre,     Nelson,  miner  Elliot, Ernest, Nelson, clerk  Engberg, Charles August, Nelson,  foreman  Founder, Joseph Alfred,  Nelson,  cook  Fraser, James Alexander, Nelson,  laborer  Flack, Thomas, Nelson, carpenter  Gallangher, William Joseph, Nel-  fou,laborer  Galloway, Frank   Scott,  Nelson,  c ook"***  Grey, James, Nelson, miner  Gordon, Robert, Nelson, laborer  Greenlees,   Win.    John,   kelson,  dork  Harris, James, Nelson, laborer  1 Iabegard, Martin, Nelson, laborer  Henderson, Thomas Henry, Nelson, laborer  Hiatfc, George, Nelson, laborer  Hill, William, Nelson, laborer  Hogan,   Michael   James,  Nelson,  shoemaker  Hughes, Claude Austin, Nelson,  deckhand  Heeaan, John, Nelson, miner  Jackson,   Harry  Duncan, Athabasca mine, .miner  Johnson, William S., Nelson,  laborer *  Keoiigh, James, Nelson, deckhand  Kelly, Angus Francis, Nelson, laborer  Knowles, William Robert, Hall,  clerk  Leiper,   William,   Nelson,   deckhand  LeBarrbn, James,   Nelson, deckhand  Lucas, Albert, Nelson, deckhand  LaPointe,   Horasse,   Nelson,    laborer  Lindsay, George, Nelson, section  foreman  Lynch, Fred, Nelson, cigarmaker.  Marchand, William, Nelson,  carpenter ;  Maloney, John, Nelson, miner  Morrisou, William, Nelson, laborer  Moifat, George, Nelson, laborer  Muuro, Thomas, Nelson, miner  MacArthur, Daniel AVilliam, Nelson, foreman  Manhart, J.  P., Nelson,  railroad  bridge foreman  Mclntyre, John Walter,  Nelson,  printer  McLennan, Neil Hector,  Nelson,  laborer  Oakes, Sterling Kellette, Nelson,  miner  Pratt, Napoleon, Nelson, laborer  Rooney, David, Balfour extension,  railroad employee  Read, Joseph, Nelson, laborer  Stewart, William Barton, Nelson,  freight clerk  Shanahan, Michael Joseph,  Nelson, baker  Small, Phillip Henry, Nelson, railroadman  Spriggs, Lemuel, Nelson, teamster  Todd. Gilbert John, Nelson, storekeeper  Thompson, John William, Nelson,  smelterman  Tebo, William Lawrence, Nelson,  telegrapher  Thomas, William Henry Penryn,  Athabasca mine, miner  Thompson, John  Edward,  Athabasca mine, miner  Wafflet, Joseph, Nelson, laborer  'Warren, William John/ Nelson,  teamster  Waiters, Leopold. Nelson, brick-  maker  St. Denis, Napoleon, Nelson, miner  Berubo. Peter, Nelson, miner  - Laidley, Thomas B., Nelson, contractor  Ford, James   Wharton,    Nelson,  motorimm  Parsons, John, Nelson, cook  Clark, Robert, Nelson, barber  Gibson, John. Nelson,  carpenter  Smith, James, Nelson, miner  Johnson, Oocar, Nelson, miner  JMcGuire, Thomas Herbert, Nelson,  plumber  Neven, Lewie, Ymir, laborer  Poltiar, Joseph, Ymir, miner  Snyder, Leonard  D.,  Nelson, laborer  Sleelnan, Frank, Birdseye mine,  miner  Sleeman. Henry, Birdseye mine,  miner  Archibald,   Cyril   Isaac. Nelson,  bookkeeper  Bradshaw, Joseph  Charles. Nelson, conductor  ���Blakeloy. John, Nelson; blacksmith  Beggs, Charles, Nelson, laborer  Crawford,  Enon Fernando, Nelson, blacksmith.  Darrough,   William   J.,   Nelson,  prospector  Dawson, Benjamin Richard, Nelson, freight checker  Fraser, Mungo Morrison, Nelson,  shed-foreman  Forsyth, Archibald Thomas, Nelson, prospector  Flock,  Alvin   Clarence,   Nelson,  teamster  Grier, Michael, Nelson, cook  Grant, Alexander William, Nel-  .son, miner  Hay, Arthur Percy, Nelson, clerk  Mai shall, Jonathan, Nelson, cook  McDonald, William, Nelson, plane-  man  McGowan, Anson J., Nelson, miner  McNeill, Alfred, Nelson, merchant  McQuarrie, Angus Hector, Nelson,  waiter *  McKay, William D., Nelson, brake-  man  Niekerson, Francis Gordon, Nelson, bank clerk  Pureell, Nathaniel, Nelson, bricklayer  Robie, Harry James, Nelson, merchant tailor  Richer,    Henry    Ooide,    Nelson,  steward  Riley, John, Nelson, laborer  Spaul, Walter James, Fifteen-mile  Point, clerk  Scott,   MattheAV   John,    Nelson,  foreman  Stokes, Robert Thomas, Nelson,  roadmaster  Templeton,   John    W.,   Nelson,  teamster  Traves, James, Nelson, blacksmith  Wilson,   Edwin,   Nelson,    street  carman  Hill, George William, Erie, miner  Brean, John, Ymir, miner  Crozier, John, Creston, laborer  Duchine, Narcisse, Creston, cook  Dolan, John, Creston, miner   e  .  Leainy, Lewis, Creston, foreman  Mallett, Mike, Ymir, miner  Maitland, Thomas Lovatt, Ymir,  miner  Munroe,   George,   Creston,   tinsmith  McMeekin, George, Ymir, miner  Mclntyre, Harold Perley, Ymir,  miner  McGovern, James, Creston, laborer  Okell, Arthur,. Creston, agent  McGillvray,   Robert," Nelson,  laborer ���'���<    ���  McKillop, Daniel, Nelson, laborer  McDonald,   Duncan,   Nelson,  laborer             ':      ,      .    ;      ;        '_   ���  Pool, Robert, NelsOn, laborer  Rhodes/John, Nelson/teamster'  Smith, Robert, Nelson, laborer  Thompson, Henry, Sirdar, cook  Unecume, Edward, Nelson, laborer  Woods, William J., Nelson, clerk  Wood, Alexander, Nelson, laborer  Whyte, John Alfred, Nelson, laborer  Campion, William Richard, Nelson,  conductor  Hawkins,   James   Joseph,  street  car conductor  Holmes, Joseph William, Nelson,  carpenter  Adason,   George,   Nelson, stonemason, ,  Broderie, Moses, Nelson, laborer,  Buckland, George, Sirdar,  stonecutter  Crane, Harry, Nelson, laborer  ChaVboneau, Harry, Nelson, teamster  Davidson, James, Nelson, laborer  Fleming,   Sidney  Alfred,  Athabasca mill, millman  Gincburg,   Harris,   Nelson,   merchant  Graveille, Frank, Nelson, miner  Holland, Isaiah, Nelson, laborer  Hammond, Harry, Nelson, laborer  Harrod, Arthur Westbrook, Nelson, laborer  Iwersou,  Lawrence,   Nelson,   laborer  Morin, Agapit, Nelson, laborer  Matherson,    Alexander,   Nelson,  laborer  McLaughlin, Elmer, Nelson, laborer  McBride, James, Nelson, laborer  McKay, Donald, Nelson, laborer  Oughton,   John,   Nelson,    stonecutter  Papineau, Henri, Nelson, miner  Racket, John, Nelson, laborer  Stein, Andrew Nelson, laborer  Smith,' Charles   William,   Athabasca mine, laborer  Tracey, Arthur, Nelson, teamster  ' Uniac,   Patrick   Joseph,   Nelson,  teamster  Wilsou,   Steve,   Nelson,     stonecutter"  Doolan,    Lawrence,  Kuskanook,  roadmaster  Allen,   John,    Kuskanook,    free  miner  Sioggefcfc,1 Thomas Francis, miner  Boyle, Frank, Nelson, laborer  McBeath,    David,   Nelson,   contractor  Peters,   Lawrence^  Nelson,   con-  POSITIONS Of THE TROOPS  tractor  Lauder, Mark, Nelson, bartender  Cameron, Charles  H. M., Nelson,  clerk  Allen, Joseph Harry,  Nelson, laborer  Barbour, William, Nelson, miner  Bell,    James,   Athabasca    mine,  miner  Balding, James, Nelson, laborer  Cunningham, Archibald, Nelson,  teamster  Cras-e, Joseph, Athabasca mine,  miner  Cross, Walter William,  Nelson,  laborer  Clark, William, Nelson, laborer  Dehuiey,   Patrick,   Nelson,   carpenter  Ekman, August, Nelson, laborer  Freeman, John Theodore, Ymir,  miner  Hughes, Walter J., Ymir, miner  Hall,   George   William,   Nelson,  laborer  Jacquemin,      Jacques,      Nelson,  laborer  Kelly, Matthew, Nelson, laborer  Lyon, George BuIIas, Athabasca  mine, miner  MacPhail, Donald Stewart, Balfour extension, speculator  Moffat, John, Athabasca miner,  waiter  Mitchell, Herbert Walter, Athabasca mine, miner  McDaniels, Robert, Nelson, laborer  McCuIloch, Angus, Balfour extension, railroad employee  McCarthy,      Edward,      Nelson,  laborer  MeLauren,   Murdock, Athabasca.  mine, miner  McCarthy, John William, Granite  mine, miner  McDongall, Angus E.t Nelson, car-  .. ... Continued on Thinl ptygis, ��� ~~ ,  Roberts' Wide :iFront.  London,   May    4.��� _:15   a. in. ���  General Broadwood's cavalry brigade   has   reach '  Isabelfontein,   28  miles north of Thaba Nehu.  Geueral  Ian   Hamilton   is. bivouacking   afc  Jacobspruit 15 miles north of Thaba  Nehu.   General Tucker's division is  moving eastward from Karee siding.  The   divisions oi. generals French  and Rundle are iii and near Thaba  Nehu.       Thus   lord   Roberts   has  50,000 men operating.- clear of the  railway   along, aj;, front   of; forty-  miles.   He is advancing slowly with  some successes,but nothing decisive.  Yet at all points Jof concentration  the Boers appear'inforce sufficient  to compel the BVitish to proceed  with caution.     The wide front in a  rugged, country���-; makes    turnin g  movements often difficult;.  Observers at headquarters iu  Bloemfontein seem to "think that  the Boers are preparing to evacuate  Brandfort and Ladybrand. The  Boers still holding Thaba Nehu district are estimated at 4000. Thoy  have among their guns a forty  pounder. One correspondent writing from Bloemfontein, Wednesday,  afc 1:15, said the British hoped to  cut off the'wholje'cpmmaudo.  The Bloemfontein\correspondent  of the Standard, telegraphing May  2nd, says:     "I  have   just    ridden  hither from Thaba Nehu along the  line of our advance, east of Bloemfontein.   The distance is fully forty  miles and yet almost evei y point ot  concentration iscoutested by enemy.  "General Rundle with the eighth  division is  posted   on    our   right  flank with orders to guard a strong  and boldly outlineji frontal position  iu a country of decidedly difficult  nature.    ,There   the    Boers   have  posted a number of guns of superior weight and ra'nge to our own.  ^However, they show no disposition  to do more than to keep iu touch  with us, and to harass our advance.  Further to the, west general fan  Hamilton   with    his    division   of  mounted infantry is pressing northward, encountering only a desultory  Ure.     The Highland brigade  from Valkranfc-' lias been engaged,  while general1 Tucker, commanding  the   seventh \livision   has-moved  eastward from Karee   siding and  has returned south followed by the  Boers.    Nevertheless, the cavalry,  owing  to   the  greater number  of  the enemy,r have. been  prevented  from completing the movement that  was intended to encircle the Boers  on the march to Brandfort, and .tho  enemy are now prepared  to offer  stubborn opposition on an entrenched hill to the southeast of Kroonstadt.   They will probably abandon  that position as soon as their stores  have been moved north of the Vet  river.    General Tucker's attempt to  advance on Brandfort showed the  enemy to be inconsiderable strength.  The colonial cavalry were  engaged  and they-losfc-twenty- horses while  under fire from pom-poms."  The British have captured Brandfort;.  Wardener, Idaho, transferred a  quarter interest in the Half Eagle  claim situated ou the north side of  Sheep creek, consideration $2500.  William Lambert of Nelson conveyed to Ole Skatbo and O. Lund of  Nolson tho Ladysmith and Buller  claims on the government road  between Sandy aiid Eagle creeks.  BROWN FINANCE MINISTER  Latest Political Shuffles.  . Vancouver, May 3.���[Special to  ���the   Tribune.] ��� J.   C.   Brown   of  Westminster,'    the   "Winchester",  of bygone political-days, went down  to Victoria this  afternoon   to be I  Isworn   in:as   minister  of finance.  This was the news  given out by  prominent   supporters   of premier  Martin.   Mr. Brown himself would  have little to say, merely stating  that   he  objected  on   principle  to  telling of things before thoy happened.  Tt is given on good authority that  the Columbian newspaper has been  purchased by the Conservatives.  The piincipal point of local comment iu connection with tfie government convention last night is  the change of front of McPherson,  M. P. P. McPherson was asked at  the meeting how he'would vote if  there was a tie between Cotton and  Martin. Ho mado the unequivocal  promise that he would support  Martin as against Cotton.  Victoria, May 3.���[Special to  The Tribune..]���J. C. Brown of New  Westminster arrived here tonight  with the intention of being sworn  in as finance minister tomorrow  morning. Ryder left his keys at  the department today aud went to  Nanaimo. Brown will be a caudi-  datein New Westminster if accepted  at"the convention ou Saturday.  CITY  LOCAL   NEWS.  the customs officials today on the  French line pier for alleged evasion  of the customs laws.     The vases  were the property of M. de Mal-  herbe of   Paris.     The authorities  learned of the importation of   the  vases into the city from China via  Vancouver and Quebec and located  them at a storage warehouse. M. de  Malherbe exhibited them  at that  place to several collectors, it is said,  and asked $40,000 for the pair. The  vases   were -removed a few days  ago.    M.' de Malherbe intended to  sail with his vases on La Bretagne  yesterday. .  BOERS WERE DRIVEN BACK  Mrs. A. E. Hodgins leaves today  for KnKlantl, wheie s>lic _-\vill visits for some  months. ��� -,  Ng Man Hing, a  Chinaman  who  hasiirovfrtja valuables Hii-jsionaiy to his folloiv-  countijincii, ii  voifcinu   in   Nelson under the  <iii*>ince_i of the Pic-ihjtcinin church    Hing is I  piep.iimg the ground here for anothci native j  ims-ioii.ii'V, Mho *.*.ill   fctioiUy be appoi  \\ pi it unions the Chinese of NcKon  Und.  R. J. Coleman, of Alton, Ontario,  ai uved in Nelson vcstcrd.iy. Mr, Coleman h,is  the honor of p-aiimng mid einjinij out sucocs..-  fullj .i'i c collision of his follow -townsmen on it  ste.ini tin esliuig on Kit a distance of eight twins  o\ci oi(liiii.r\ (.oiiiifrj iouds. He will make hi-s  homo in Nelson, .md help the boys uith ImII .ind  other athletic g.unes.  Alexander    Stewart    yesterday  sold lots 11 .md 12 in,block 24 to J A. Kn.uif.  The lots \\cie__o_*iin*_.l*. owned by Dave _UoIJc.ll !i  J. Tunstall,  mining  recorder  afc  Vprnor, bis been ip.iclc clciuit> mining _*ecorder  foi thcAriou Lake mining duision This ,i|>-  pointnic'it lias been uu'le for the (ciiivcnienco of  milieu .md j>i*yspcctois in, ihe iriiis VuU-jy soc-  tion, v Inch is, more necc-wbTo to Vei non thtin to  Hamilton's Success.  London, May 3.���The war office  has received the following report  from lord Roberts under date of  Bloemfontein; May 2nd,:  "General Hamilton met with considerable success yesterday and  drove the enemy from the strong  position they had taken up at Hout  Nek, with comparatively small loss  to us. The Boers dispersed in several directions, mainly to the east  and north, leaving 20 prisoners on  our hands, including one commandant and 10 other wounded men.  ���'General Hamilton is now in  camp at Jacobrnst. As the men  needed rest after fighting seven out  of the last ten days, I ordered them  to halt for the day.       '  "General Broadwood's brigade of  cavalry arrived upon the scene in  time to afford valuable assistance  by threatening the enemy's rear.  During the afternoon general Ian  Hamilton was joined by general  Bruce Hamilton's brigade of infantry.  "The   enemy   admit  having - 12  killed and 40 wounded > yesterdas*.  Among the former was  lieutenant  Gunfcher, a Gerraau.     Among  the  "latter was _Maximoff, the Russian  commander of the' foreign  legion.  Twenty-one out of the  fifty-two of  the   enemy's    casualties   occurred  poinieirio j among the members of that "legion.  ami Kos��-   i^%yo prenciimeI1  ^ er0 among the  killed.  " General Hamilton speaks in  high terms of the good services performed by the Eight Hussars, under  colonel Clowes, and a regiment of  Royal LancerKi which came into  general Broadwqod'y brigade and  as&isted in making the Boers vacate  their position.  Will Run and be Elected.  Vancouver, May '-i.���[Special to  Th,e Library Ball.  The library ball in aid of the  Nelson Public Library will be given  this evening in the opera house. A  large number of tickets have been  sold and an enjoyable evening is  assured. Great pains has been  taken with the floor, and Herr  Steiner with an orchestra of six  instruments will supply tho music.  The program is as follows :  1.   Valse      "My Swcol heart.  i.   Two htep  .   "IIOIIUHIIOOII.  !.   Valse   .  "Love's Piopus il.  1.   tjcotlisclic   "L i ('.ib] .(_!_<_.  fi.   Viilso . . .  ,          ., ._    v   "Trc*i John.  ()    1'olkn  ' Tbe lliilish (iicnadloi'd.  1.     VllIsC  .   , .   "Amoiioin (iti/on.  8.   Two step     .  "Khik Cotton.  9.   ViUse    ..  ,    .           "Htuuiss m Dance.  10.   Lancets  , . .        ,          * ('atnliilnud.  11.   Valse .  .. .."v'cnui Itcigcn.  let Kvtra.  t  2nd Extiu ...   .  3rd K\tra.  .  12.   Polka  ..     .            , "IllClO^Ol."  IX   Valse  "AsThe hnu Went Uoun.  11.   Two step  .. "Klatrof Victon,  Ij.   Valse ....  "lillie Dannbe  16.   .Icrsoj  , ,    ... "The Oi ikiiiii".'  17.   Value ���  .   .,  "Zombi.'  18.   Militaiy SthotUbChe ,. . "Cinderella flub  li).    VaKe.  . "Artiift Life  am.   Two-step.  "Tomni,  Atkiiih  21.   V.i.hc. .           ' St-nonf-ii.  22.   Medley  "After lhe Hall.  Yesterday's Transfers.  Yesterday's entries afc the mining  recorder's office were: W. B. Town-  send transferred to the Marguerite  Gold Mining and Smelting Company  of Rossland theLueky Bill,Diamond  Hill, Blue Bird and Banker's Panic  claims located in thePend d'Oreille  district. John Blomberg of Nolson  transferred an undivided half interest each in the Greenwood Fraction situated in the wesfc side of  Eagle creek to Oscar Johnson and  J,   S wed berg.   .II.   G Brougher of  Aiiowhc.id,   1 Kelson. Amateur Operatic Society.  i The recent production of Pinafore was such a success that many  of the music lovers of Nelson decided to organize a society which  should put such plays on the boards  from time to time. __ Accordingly-a  meeting was held in the board of  trade rooms yesterday afternoon,  and the Nelson Dramatic Operatic  Society was duly organized and the  necessary officers elected. Jt was  decided that another play would be  produced in the autumn, and the  committee was empowered to draw  up the constitution and bylaws nnd  report to a meeting to be called by  the president. The oificers elected  wero: President, G. V. Holt; vice-  president, .1.11. Bowes j secretary  aiul manager, Melville Parry;  treasuicr, H. B. Haines; committee,  J. a T. Crofts, G. 1'Y Beer, L. B.  Hodge, T. G. Ilaiiltnin aud W. W.  Beaton. Those present at the meeting included : Mesdamcs W. A.  Macdonald, F. AV. Peters, II. Lang-  ford, and SI. Connoit, G. V. Holt,  Melville Parry. II. B. Haines, T. G.  Ihiultain, V. Steiner, N. T. MeLeod,  L. B. Hodge, J. C. T. Crofts, W. W.  Beaton, H. W. 11. Moore, G. Williamson, O. Xewling, G. F, Beer, C.  B. Winter, W. B. Smith, J. II. Joran  and G. L. Lennox.  May Eiect Woollen Factories.  Tiik TitmrxK learns that several  well known capitalists of Brantford, Ontario, have been securing  information at, to Nol-son and the  Kootenays with a view to locating  a factory here for the manufacture  of woollen good's. Their contention  ib that by purchasing the raw material in the Territories and turning  out a fn\st-ela*ss finished product on  the ground, a considerable Hiving  could bo made in the cost of freight  and idling.  Valuable Vases Seized.  Nkw Yohh, May 3.��� Two Chinese  va-ses worth $40,000 were seized by  The Tribune.]���There is absolutely  no foundation for the reports in  circulation at Nelson and Kaslo  that F. C. Cotton had decided to  abandon provincial politics in order  to make the race as a Conservative  foi' the Dominion house. Mr. Cotton  will contest Vancouver as the leader  of���the���provincial -party,- and-his  election is a certainty, for he has a  large following among organized  labor and has tho support and confidence of the business men of this  city.   Heroic Gordons.  London, May 4. ���The Daily News  has the following from Thaba Nehu.  dated Wednesday: "Jn yesterday's  Hanking movement enptnin Towse  and fifty Gordon Highlanders were  surrounded by 2*">0 Boer,s who demanded their surrender. Captain  Towse ordered his men to fix bayonets and charge. With a wild  cheer tiie Gordons rushed the enemy  and swept thorn away with great  slaughter. Captain Towse was  blinded in both eye3 by the enemy's  fire and throughout behaved most  heroically."  Delagoa Bay Award.  . Bern*k, May ii.~-The complete  Delagoa Bay award, which the  secretary of tho tribunal assured  the United States'minister, John C.  Leshmann could be delivered on  April 15th at the latest is not yet  forthcoming and further considerable delay is probable as the United  States and and British government  are unable to determine till they  examine tho text whether the award  is acceptable.  CHAPLEAU MILL IS ORDERED  Construction Starts at Once.  J.  M.  Williams,   who   has   just  returned from Eugland,  leaves  today for the Chapleau miue, of which  he is engineer in charge.   The mine,  which   belongs   to   the   Mallinson  West Iiootenay Exploration Syndicate, is situated near Slocan City.  Mr. Williams goes to look over the*  proposed right-of-way for the aerial  tramway which  will bo 3780 feet _  long.   While in England he placed  an order for a battery of ten stamps _  and   twos Wifley    vanners    with  Fraser & Chalmers of London and  Chicago.    Four miles of a  wagon  * road will also have to be constructed to the foot of the tram, and Mr.  Williams intends to inake a quick  job of ifc, as he has promised his  directors that the mill will be running in four months from date.    As  the   wagon  road  has to  be   built  before the machinery can  be got iu  and a dam and sluces have to be -  constructed, Mr.  Williams has not  left himself much time to spare, but   .  he is confident that everything will ��  be running smoothly at the appointed date.  WAVERLEV CHANGES HANDS.  ir  Oscar Stevens the Lessee.- *"  t  The   Waverley   Hotel    changed   J  hands yesterday, W. Oscar Stevens,,  who has been  connected with the -  Iiotel Phair for some years, closing s -  a lease for the property and  will  taken possession"tomorrow.    Under *<  the management of Charles Prosser  tho   Waverley   prospered and attained   an    excellent    reputation.  ;  Under Mr. Stevens the house is cer-  '  tain to forge ahead more rapidly-  than ever.  Mr. Stevens, the new lessee of the  Waverley came to Nelson a couple  of years ago, since when he has- .  made a host of friends ���without";  losing one. For -the past ycai he  has been thepropiielorof the Phair  news stand, and conducted the business -\ ith enterpriseaud tacfc*" His ex-  pet iencoin the hotel business is exten-  sive-and pafcrons of tho Waverley  will be looked after by*a thoroughly up to date, and enterprising  young hotel man.  Within the present year the hotel  Waverley has been substautialy  enlarged aud improved afc an expenditure of $11,500. The house contains 40 comfortable rooms -newly  carpeted and decorated. The diu-  ingroom, oflice, billiard room, heating appaiatus and conveniences are  thoroughly modern. The cuisine  has engaged an excellent reputation  and it is safe to predict that in this  and all other respects the Waverley  will bo a .success under the new  regime.. Further improvements to  the office and billiard room are  contemplated at once. , _.  ��� ��� Mr.-Stcvcnfa will  be-found  after���i  today in his  new quarters at the  Waverley.  University Eepresentation.  London, May 3.���Sir John Batty  Tuke,~vice-president of the Royal  College of Physicians of Edinburgh,  has been elected to represent the  universities of Edinburgh nnd St.  Andrews in the house of commons  without opposition. James M.  Barrie, the novelist, having decided  nofc to contest the seat.  Increased.  May   3.���The  Wages  Nkw   York,  ployeos of the Standard  Oil  puny in Williamsburg, Green  and J^ong Inland City, to the  cm-  Com-  Point  num  ber of fully 5000, today received an  advance in their wages and a reduction of one hour in their working time. The increase is from one  to 15 per cent.  Presents From China,  Bkiu.ix, May 3.~ The semi-official  Gazette published today the follow  ing  The Chinese minister has ic-  eeived a telegram to the effect that  the dowager empress and the emperor are bending codgrafculatoiy  letters and a present on the occasion  of tlio crown prince's birfchdny."  Count to Be Extradited.  Washington, May 3.���The British ambassador has applied to the  state department for the extradition of count Lautiec, who is under  arrest at Chicago on a charge of  passing bogiH check*- in Canada.  Relief Bill Passed.  Ottawa, May 3.���[Special to The  Tribune.]- Tho bill granting #100,~  000 to the fire relief fund passed  the senate today and now awaits  the assent of his excellency, tho  governor-general.  The Maine Goes Back A&ain.  London, May 3.���The American  hospital ship Maine after having  been inspected by lady Randolph  Churchill and others of the committee sailed from Southampton for  | the Cape today.  *g_ THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C FRIDAY, MAY 4  i9fi()  it;  li.  k  It'  IS  IfS  li?  \h  li*>  I*-"  VI  Iff  LADIES' PARASOLS  (0  We just expected such weather as this when we bought these  Parasols. That's one reason why avc have so many and having such  a quantity is why we sell them so cheap.  Of course you'll need one and this store stands ready to supply  your needs.    Just see these prices, then come and see the goods.  Ladies'.Black Silk Parasols at $1, '$1.25, $1.75, and up to $4.50 each.  Ladies' White Silk Parasols at $8 and $1 each. Ladies' Fancy Colored  Parasols at $4, $4.50, and up to $10 each. ���Children's Silk Parasols in  Stripes and Plain Colors at $1.50 each.  IC&rr & Co.  Agents for standard Patterns.     Madden Block, Baker Street  Clothing Sale  Here are some very special attractions offered for  today's traders at our store  Great Suit Sale at especially low prices.  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VINCENT  Merchant Tailor  10  tion to disfranchise close on to five  hundred British subjects, said that  the association should not be:  blamed for the wrong-doing of four  individuals. One of the two went  as far as to say that the effect of  this unscrivpulous work would have  no bearing on the next Dominion  election in this province, as the  Conservative party is already hopelessly beaten.  Roberts' Kindliness.  The following is taken from tho  first number of tho Daily Friend of  Bloemfontein, published by the  war correspondents in South Africa,  and shows lord Roberts' kindliness :  "We have been requested to pub-  blish the following telegram from  the military secretary to G. O. C.  line of communication, Cape Town :  "'Please release Dolf Johannes  Kleyngeld of Klip Drift farm, a  prisoner of war of Boshof commando. -His field cornet's name is  Jan Terfontein. Give Kleyngeld a  free pass to his home and ticket to  Kimberley. Field marshall has  consented to his release on parole  at the personal request of his wife,  who came to Headquarter Camp.'  "It [appears that in this case  Kleyngeld was taken prisoner by  the British, and on his wife going  to lord Roberts and explaining that  she was alone on the farm with no  help of any kind, her husband was  released."  00'.00 . fi* .fi* ��� fi* ���  __��; *^. >����. .**��^ .vvix'V  ______���<*-���*  -"���^w **w��Si  '**~**_mr.  il)  ili  il)  H)  3G   Baker   Street  \l>  il)  il  il  %  ii  il  il  il  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  BAKER  STREET  i-^-^^-^a**-  NELSON  ��:��-��:&_=-��-@tet@:6  w  ������_>. _fl*ca1.*c_v.  _.��*__*  Ml?  _9-BiS-<  ^���_9*^V  x&  We have sold 75 per cent of all the  Portland Cement  Fire Brick and  Fire Clay  INCORPORATED 1670.  Omir Leaders  Sun Ladles9  Kid Gloves .  Gurry at $11.25  Beaver at $_���3  CCC at $11.75 *  Cannot be beaten  The best values that  - buy.  money can  Used in Kootenay.  We also handle  Steel Mining Rails,  Blacksmith's Goal, Sewer Pipe, Etc.  ��_j  xi.  u *  EVANS  NELSON, B. C.  & CO.  ?���<_=>" <3> ��<__����� (C? ��� (C? ���<___?��� _<__?  .C=>.C=).CS>'_  :_?_p*Si*  m  M  Hudson's Bay Stores  TELEPHONE 13  ��to QErtbtm**  In this issue Tiik TniiWA'fi  publishes   the   names of 480  electors  whom the munagei's' of candidate  Fletcher's campaign are  seeking to  disfranchise. -   Candidate * Fletcher  is tho nominee of tho Conservative  party and  tho   machinery   of   the  Conservative party is being used to  secure   his   election.      During the  past two weeks some  i5.10'applications have been filed with  the collector of votes to  be placed upon  the voters' list.    The applications  came chiefly from members of the  different labor unions, aud as  the  Conservative  managers  were convinced that their candidate could  not rely upon the support of labor  sympathizers they found creatures  who   permitted   tho   ti.se   of their  names upon which to enter  the objections to 489 electors.     The men  who do the dirty work for the Conservative party in Nel sou did  nofc  enter a protest against any name  entered  upon   tlio voters'  lis>t, because in this event the electors so  challenged would have a chance to  foe lieard and tho formal objections  to' their   right to  vote  would  be  easily disposed of.   instead of this  the Conservative party's managers  seek to take advantage of a technicality   in   the  Elections Act, and  havo protested every application to  vote which has been made by labor  .sympathizers and  which   has not  beon posted a sufficient  time  to be  placed upon tho voters' list.    There  is one way ia which tho electors so  unjustly dealt with  may hope  to  defeat   tho   scheme   of   candidate  Fletcher's campaign managers and  this is to file at once a  declaration  that they are duly (jualified voters  and that they have complied with  all the requirements of the Elections Act.    For the convenience of  the voters whom it is sought to disfranchise, the services of a commissioner for taking oaths may be had  at The   Tkiuune offices   after  12  o'clock noon today.    Voters should  attend to this  matter without de-  [ Jay, ab the court of revision will be  held on Monday morning nest.  Two prominent members of the  Nelson Conservative Association,  while disclaiming all personal knowledge of the attempt of the associa- j  Fishing Season of 1900  We are selling the fishing tackle which entices  ~the~fisK. We ~Have' the  most complete line of flies  and trolling baits.  See our fishing rod com-  plete with- line, leader,  reel, and flies for $5.   .  Canada Drug & Book Co.  NELSON  DON'T OVERLOOK THE  Which will be held in the  Opera House on  MAY 4th  Sn aid of the funds of the Nelson Public Library Association.  Ladies'   Tickets  men's Tickets, $2.  $1.     Gentle-  Kootenay   Coffee   Co.  NELSON. B. C,  Coffees roasters and dealcre in Tea and Coffee,  Offer fresh roasted coffee ot beat sjtaallty as  follows:  Java and .Arabian Macha, per pound $   40  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds  1 00  Flno Santos, i pound-*  100  Santos Blond, 5 pounds  1 00  Our Spwciai Blend, fi pounda  1 00  Our Klo Koaafc, 3 pounds  1 00  A trial ordor solicited. Salesroom 2 doors east  ot Oddfellows block, West Baker street.  Si  Annual Spring Sale House Furnishings, Carpets, Oilcloths,  Linoleums, Window Shades, Lace Curtains, Portieres, Poles  Now is the time for Spring- House Cleaning and replenishing new for old.  We will offer special reduction in this department for the next ten days.  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Some fine large residences, with nice grounds,  on Lake-street. i  ���      LOTS FOR SALE.  . ���>  A snap���SIOjO will purchase  seven lots.   All  very convenient.  r Ijogiifctown lots on line of tramway, cheap, on  easy terms, '       - ���<  Lots in various parts of the town.  Money to lend >it 7 per cent on  central business properties with easy payments.  Owners list your propei ties, X have pmchasers.  All first-class mining stocks bought and sold.  Ward Bros.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  L J. Robie  FASHIONABLE  TAILOB  Workmanship and  quality of goods t\\e-  best obtainable  Opposite Silver King Hotel, Baker stroet, Nelson  CLEANING  AND  REPAIRING  Agents for J, & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Bogustown)' Fairview   Addition.  A.R.SHERWOOD  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  First door west  of Bank of British  Columbia building.  Baker Street  Fine Tailoring  YOUR OWN GOODS MADE UP  OLD CLOTHES MADE GOOD AS NEW  ARTHUR GEE  Opposite Clarke Hotel." MERCHANT TAILOR  CUT PMOEsTlS THE  ORD.ER OF THE DAY  And I want to be in It, I have just received  Fall samples of Suitings and Overcoatings, representing-a 150,000 stock to choose from made to  your ordor at prices nover before heard of in Nelson. All the latest fads in Fancy Vcstings tor  JKalland winter.  Ladies' tailoring in aU its branches a specialty.  Lowest prices.   Rooms 1 and 11, Hillyer block.  STEVENsTThe Tailor  Palace IV|eat IV|arKet  Headquarters  for all kinds of  Fresh and Cured Meats.  JJelson Saw &  Planing IV|ills, Limited  Are prepared to furnish by rail, barge or teams  Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Local and Coast Ceiling, Local and  Coast Flooring, Double Dressed Coast Cedars  Rustic, Shiplap, Stepping, Door Jambs, Pine  and Cedar Casings, Window Stiles, Turned  Work, Band-sawing, Brackets, Newel Posts,  Turned Veranda Posts, Store Fronts, Doors,  Windows and Glass.  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Ono lot   on   Stanley  street, opposite Royal  hotel, for sale at a bargain.  One seven-roomed houso and ono three-room  houso for rent.  Bee ANNABLB  E P, Whalley, J. P.  NOTARY PUBLIC  Oilice \wth C W. West & Co., corner Hall and  JJakor Htieotf*.  City ofllce of the Nelson Sodawalcr Factory.  W. Starmer Stnith & Go.  PAPER HANGER, GLAZIER,  PASNTER, ETC.  GHIMNEY SWEEPING  Office Ward Street) Opposite Opera Honso  DRESSMAKING  '^3__5t^&_8!__t_S^_S__t_&__&_S^_: 0'-0'-0'-*.^'0'.ief-<s''0.0.*.s!f  _^f9.0-0.0-0.0' ^^������a'.��!��������?���*_"������_*.���__���' _%���_".S?.'?p.i^-  $    TOWN , $  fix       OF m  I     PROCTER     1  S 20 Miles, east of the City of Nelson, and Terminus 2} |  ;Ii of the^Nelson-Balfour sectionof    ���j__-\  the Crow's Nest Pass Railway.  f$x  "*"  H. D. ASHCROFT  BLACKSMITHSNG  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing prcmptly Rtleuded to by a  first-class waoolwright.  Special attention given to all kinds _ repairing and eostom woik from outside pointa.  Shop:  Ball St., between Bsfcer a_d Vemon t Bloclt, Josepljino -street.  Costumes for all occasions furnished at short notice.  mrs. Mclaughlin  Josephine street, near B.iker. __ -  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  Rhododendrons, Rosea, Fancy Evergreens  Mugnoltu., Uulbs, now crop tested seeds, for gpring  planting. Ij.inn.st nnd moot complete stock in  Western Canaan. Call and make your selections  or send for catalogue. Address at tho nur&'eiy  grounds and greenhouse,  M. J. HENRY.  300fi Westminster Road. Vancouver. B. C.  St. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  NELSON, B, C.  A boarding and day school conducted by tho  Sisters of St_ Joseph of Peace. It is situated at  the corner of Mill and Josephine streets in one of  the best residential portions of Nelson, and is  easily accessible from ail parts of the city.  The course of study includes the fundamental  and higher branches of thorough English education: Business course���bookkeeping, stenography and typewriting. Science course���music;  vocal and instrumental, drawing, etc. Plain art  and needlework, etc.  For terms and particulars apply to the Sister  Superior.  Nelson Business Gollegi  IIus entered irpou iti second quarter with enlarged accommodation and increased facilities  for promoting the interests of students.  Night classes Monday, Wodiie&day, and Friday  of each week.   Register early.  Room., Victoria  m  Business and Residential Lots ranging at prices  from 875 to $150 each.  Terms: One-third cash; balance 6 and 12 months.  fix  m  ." This townsite Is held jointly by the Canadian  Pacific Railway "'  ftX Company and T, C. Procter. f$  fl Apply to FRANK FLETCHER, Land Agent G. P, B., Nelson, fl  #. or to T. 0. PROCTER, Ba^er Street, flektm. j}\  'i$fc_'.0-. >_��.0.0.0,      *iS*S'a'ai_'a'^'-*8'i_8'_&'^*'y*^'  '������^���^���^^���_,:*-5_r*e:_*:*_r:*_^ar       36 ^^���^���^d��^^3^5^-'?-f  Co,  Head Office at  - KELSON, B.  C.  olesale and Retail  in Meats  Markets at Nelson, Rossland, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, New  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Midway, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  est nootenay tsutener uo  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  E. C. TRAVES, Manager  Baker Street, Nelson  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION,  Blank Books Manufactured and Books and Magazines bound  and re-bound at The Tribune Book Bindery, Burns Blocks JfHE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B.C, FRIDAY, MAY 4, 1900  o  o  ANKOr MONTREAL  .CAPITAL, nil paid up..$12,000,000  REST     6.000,000  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. George A. Drimmiond Vice-President  K S. Clou._i.on General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker nnd Kootenay Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD   OFFICE, TORONTO.  Branches in Loxnox (England) Nkw Youic,  Chicago, and all the principal cities in Canada.  liny and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  TruusfurK.  (Smut Commercial nnd Travelers' Credits,  available in any part of tho world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Etc.  Saving's Bank Branch  CUlllUSNT 11ATI3 OK* IXTEICUST PAID.  THE  NAMES  OF  CITIZENS  "  Continued from First Page  pouter  McDonald, Donald,  Nelson,  lineman o  JVelson,   George,   Nelson,    stonecutter  McLaughlan, John, Nelson, laborer  'McKay, John, Nelson, brakeman  ������McDonald,.John Duncan,  Nelson,  foreman  McBeath,  William Harvey,  Nelson, laborer  Mcintosh,   John   James,   Nelson,  miner  ���' ' McLayden,0 Daniel, Nelson, deck-  haud  ���'���������.'McLean,   Robert,  Nelson,   blacken ith  rMcBride, John, Nelson, laborer  McDonougb,    William,     Nelson,  cigarmaker  McLean, J. Alvin, Nelson, laborer  MeLeod, John, Nelson, miner  Oberton, Elzeor, Nelson,  laborer  Oberton, Fred, Nelson, miner  Ollieiser,   Frank,   Nelson,    shoemaker  O'Kelly, Anthony   Dudley, Nelson, laborer  Price,  Henry,* Nelson,   deckhand  Prevot, Felix, Nelson, laborer  Parr, Alfred, Ymir, miner  Rowley, Sandford, Nelson, laborer  Rock, Thomas, Nelson, miner  Roach,   Nicholas,   Nelson,  blacksmith  Itochon, Joseph, Nelson, teamster  Rahal, Phillip, Nelsou, blacksmith  Jiioux, Joseph, Nelson, laborer  5 Smith, John W., Nelson, laborer  Stewart, Angus, Nelson, htborer  Salisbury, William, Nelson, miner  Sinclair, William Lindsay, .Nelson,  bookkeopoi  Thompson,. John Henry, Nelson,  laborer  Young, John, Nelson, laborer  Young, William, Nelson, laborer  Weeks, Rort, Nelson, plumber ���  "Weeks, Thomas Albert, Nelson,  i i borer  Zolazny,   Albert,   Nelson,   cigar-  makor  ''/Ann,   Albert   E.    W.,    Nelsou,  laborer  Armstrong,     Richard,     Nelson,  miner  Antler, Mercer; Athabasca-mine,  miner  Jlennett, Walter,. Nelson, butcher  .Beaton, Norman Ohristre, Nelson,  miner  Bloom field,    Frederick,    Nelson,  [eamatev  Rrisbois, Samuel, Nelson, miner  Burns, Patrick, Nelson, laborer  Brooks,   Iliram   Albert,   Nelson,  miner  Balomgrcn,      Charles,      Nelsou,  1tboier  ��� Burns,- -James��� ilarryy - Nelsou,-  minor  Belanger, Joseph, Sirdar, brake-  man  Burns, John, Nelson, laborer  Barrett, Stephen,  Sirdar,  stonecutter  ���Grossfield, Walter Harold, Nel&on,  laborer ��� _ _   -  Cameron, John Barclay, Nelson,  i lci*k  Cochrane, James, Nelson, miner  Currio,   Archibald, Nelson,   carpenter  Curije, Archibald,   Nol&oiij   eon-  1'ractor  Clark, Samuel, Nelson, laborer  Dunn, Charles, Nelbon, laborer  Desmond. Charles. Ymir, miner  Dent, Charles, Nelson, miner  1 DuiTy, Anthony, Sirdar, miner  Einslie, Andrew, Nelson,  laborer  Kills, William, Edward, Nelson,  insurance agent  Gillie, Samuel, Nelson, laborer  ���Giguac, Edward, Nelson, laborer  Gomgen, John, Nelson, laborer  Green, Jacob, Nelson, pointer  Holden, Isaac, Nelson, horseshoeer  Henderson, Robert, Nelson,   engineer  Hardy,   James   Thomas, Nelson,  policeman  llyland, Thomas, Athabasca mill,  t'o )k  Haskius, Edward, Sirdar, cook  Harriga.-, Peter, Nelson, laborer  Huffman,   Isaac   Jamas,   Nelson,  barber  Hunter, George Graham, Nelson,  cu'penter  .laekman, James, Nelson, miner  John, John S., Nelson, miner  Johnson,    Isaac,    Sirdar,    stone  cutter  Ivnichler, Richard Thonias, Sirdar,  Cook j  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N. W. T.  Kalb, Men no, Sirdar, lineman  Laing, Johu Charles, Nelson,  laborer  Millin, John, Nelson, carpenter  Manhart,   Eric    Daniel,   Nelson,  miner  Menary, Fred C, Nelson, printer  Middleton, William Joseph, Nelson, laborer  Murphy,-Michael, Nelson, laborer  McDougall, William Henry, Nelson, bar tender  MeKcuna, Terence Joseph, Nelson,  Janitor  McPhee, Charles, Nelson, railwayman  Cummins, R. Edwin, Nelson, telegrapher  McMahou, Robert, Nelson, barber  McConnell,    Frederick,    Nelson,  teamster  Pelletier, John, Ymir,miner  Pfeilfer, William Al viu, Nelsou,  ���carpenter  Robichane, Peter, Creston, cook  Rheaume,   Arthur,   Creston,   laborer  Tizo, James A., Creston, miner.  Young,- Henry, Ymir, minister  Forde,, Thomas,  Nelson, laborer  Rodeuberg, Begin Henry, Nelson,  miner  Armstrong, John George, Nelson,  laborer  Anderson, James Augustus, Nelson, laborer  Archambault,'   Joseph, ^Nelson,  laborer  Bennett, John, Nelson, carpenter  Beck, Gustaz, Nelson, laborer  Burkholder,     Francis     Herbert,  Nelson, plumber  Dresnahan; John,  Nelson, miner  Barron, Ezra, Nelson, miner  Burton, Thomas,  Nelson,   miner  Binutte, Napoleon, Nelson, laborer  Bartlett,   John,   Nelson,    bridge  carpenter  Brenuan, Moses, Nolson, miner  Bobier, George, Nelson, laborer .  Brewster, Robert, Procter, laborer  Beamish, Benjamin, Nelsou, cook  Burgess, Stewart, Nelsou, cook  Bell, Claude, Nelson, cook    _  Beleck.   Fred,    Five-mile   point,  laborer <  Chrisholrleu, Peter. Nelson, bridge  carpenter  Corrjn. James, Nel.sou, laborer  Crazier, George, Procter,  bridge-  man  Alexander, Nelson, la-  Capita! Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  $2,500,000  $2,391,863  $1,554,710  D. It; Wilkic, General Manager.  E. Hay, Inspector.  Nelson Branch���Bums Block, 221 Bakor-Street  J. M. LAY, Manager.  Daniel Ii., Nelson, book-  Cordiner,  borer.  I-'Hollands  l, eeper  Campbell. John.   Nelson, laborer  ,* Diode, Joseph, Nelson, laborer  Dageuais, Louis,  Nelson,   blacksmith  Davies, Harry. Nelson, laborer  Davis, James Robert, Nelson, laborer  Evttnp, Harry, Nelson, laborer  Allan, James, Nolson, laborer  Atkinson. James Lewis, Nelson,  laborer  Cameron,     Donald    S..    Nelson,  teamster  .Davies, Thonias James,   Nelson,  miner  Dnpuis. Renie, Nelson, steamboat  mate  -   Fortier,-Michel,-Nelbon, laborer���  Fraser, Duncan Alexander, Nelson, bridgeman  Gillett. Joseph, Nelson, laborer  Grahame, Ralph, Nelson, miner  Greculees,      William,     Procter,  bridgeman  Gagnon. Louis, Nelsou, miner  Gibbons, James,Nelson, laborer  Hawe, James, Nelson, laborer  Hurst, Charles, Nelson, laborer  Hardy. John, Nelson, laborer  Hudson, Harold Edmond, Nelson,  laborer  JIatLon, John, Nelsou, miner  Allan. John, Nolson, teamster  John, Nelson, bridge enr-  Robert Wallace,   Nelson.  Joyce  penter  Jones  miner  Joynt, Samuel, Procter, laborer  Keating, William, Nelsou, laborer  Keating. John, Nelson, laborer  Ivaulbcck, George, Nelson,  teamster  Lind, Benjamin, Nelson, laborer  Lee, Robert, Hall, miner  Lewis, James, Nelson, laborer  Lomprey, J. Max., Nelson, miner  Lanyon, Reginald Edward, Nelson, railway clerk  Lacroix, John, Nelson, laborer  Lufl, John, Nelson, miner  Lee, John Mies, Procter, miner  Lonsdale,   Thomas,    Nelson,   laborer  Maloney, Barney, Nelson, laborer  Mabbatt, Joseph James, Nelson,  laborer  Madden, Edward, Nelson, laborer  Mack, James, Nelson, laborer  Murray, David. Nelson, miner  Montroy,  George, Nelson, teamster  Miller, Thomas, Nelson, cook  Moore, Lewis, Nelson, laborer  MobbSj   Edward,   Nelson, hotel-  keeper  McKay, Kenneth, Nelson, laborer  McCool, Alexander Joseph, Nelson, bookkeeper ,,-  McArthur,  Malcolm, Nelson, laborer  McRobie, Arthur, Nelson, barber  McCaffrey, Nelson, laborer  Miickillop, Dan, Nelson, laborer  McDonald, Lauchliu Edward, Nelson, blacksmith  McPherson, John Duncan,'������- Procter, laborer  McDonnell, John,.Nelson, bridge-  man  McDonald,-.Roderick   Archibald,  Stewart's Camp No. 2,,bridgeman  McLennan, Archibald, Nelson, laborer  - McKenzie,"   Alexander,     Nelson,  miner  McNeill, Thomas,- Nelson, miner  McDonald,* Alexander David, Nelson, miner  McKinnonj Angus,* Nelson^ miner  . McGregor," Alexander,  Nine-mile  Point, hotelkeeper  McKiniey; James* Henryj-Nelsonj  laborer -  McKiniey,' "Thomas . A., Nelson,  laborer  McSherryj Nelson; butcher _  Nadah/ Vital, NelsonV laborer  O'Connoiv Daniel; Nelson, cook  O'Brieuj William Doyle, Nelson,  timekeeper        :r ,        .  1   Ptire, Edward,'Nelson,! laborer  Plantj Louis,'Nelson,;laborer  ���   Pratt,' Prleyf'Nelsonyilaboreiv  QuickV Michael, ^Nelson;; laborer  Robidoux, Julian, Nelson, laborer  ��� Riley, Joseph, Nelson,-laborer  Rankin, William Roiilston, -Nelson, laborer  Rice, sDaniel, Nelson, timberman  Rankin, Donald Arthur, Procter,  timber inspector  Reagan,   John   Michael,   Nelson,  stonemason  Simpson, Robert John,  Procter,  waiter  Soderstrom,    Hanmng,.   Nelson,  laborer  St. Luc, Peter, Nelson, laborer  Sullivan;-1 Dennis, Nelson, laborer  Sinnott,fJohn, Nelson, laborei  Smith,   Samuel   Robert,- Nelson,  laborer  * Sheliington, Charles, Nelsou, cook  Stewart, Alexander, Nelson, bridge  carpenter  Shea, Joseph, Nelson, bridgeman  St. Jean, Paul, Nelson, teamster  Smythe, James, Five-mile Point,  cook  .,  Thompson, Joseph.  Nelson,  cook  ,,   Tobin, William,-Nelson, cook  Trahan, Henri, Nelson, laborer  Wren, James, Nelson, laborer  White, James, Nelson, laborer  Whiteside,    Benjamin,    Procter  laborer  Walsh, Thomas, Procter, cook  Wood, Robert, Nelson,   quarry-  man  Wade, Phillip, Nelson, teamster  Wilks, James, Nelson, laborer  Willingham, Harry, Nelson, teamster  Whitlock, Alfred, Nelson, cook  Weldou, John, Nelson, miner  ���Waddington, Francis James, Nelson, engineer  Watson,    Alexander,    Stewart's  Camp No. 2, laborer  ' Zimmerman, Joseph, Nelson, bartender  Assclin, Joseph, Nelson, miner  Bruce, Peter, Nelson, baker  Chambers*, Robert, Nelson, baker  Campbell, Kenneth,   Nelson, laborer  Delawar, John P., Nelson, miner  Ebbs, William, Nelson, shoemaker  Farnsworth,    Abraham,   Nelson,  laborer  Fores tell,  John   Phillip,  Nelsou,  cook  Fryer, Edmond   George,  Nelson,  cook  Harry, William J., Nelsou,   teamster "   -  Hannah, Howard, Nelson, teamster  Keogh, Cohnar, Nelson, laborer  Loudin, Fred Livingstone, Nelson,  miner  Murray, Charles Francis,  Nelsou,  waiter  Meyer, Ernest, Nelson, clerk  Mooney, Thomas, Nolson, laborer  Monroe, Norman Stewart, iS'elson,  contractor  Matheson,  Johu,   Nelson,   blacksmith  Miller, Ben, Nelson, miner  McDonald, George, Nelson, teamster  McKay, John Dougherty, Nelson,  plumber  McDonald, Hugh, Nelson, laborer  Mclntyre, Dougald, Nelso_, miner  McRae, John F��� Nelson, fireman  MeEachern, Dan, Nelson, teamster  Poole, Arthur Russell, Nelson,  clerk.  Pogue,    Levi,    Nelson,    harness  maker  Qua, Robert, Nelson, laborer  Stamp, Thomas, '-Nelson,, laborer  Swinton, William Hiram,' Nelson,  tea blender  Thomas, Jonathan, Nelson,-miner  'Priest, Tom Bacon, Nelson,  salesman  Toulmin, Thomas,  Nelson,  miner  Ross, James, Nelson, miner  Finney, Lewis, Nelson, laborer ������  Downey,   Melvin   McK.,   Nelsou,  express messenger  Moe, Husted, Nelson, port0steward  BLOEMFONTEIN.  A special correspondent of the  Montreal Herald gives the follow-  ing= sketch of the capital of the  Orange Free State.   Bloemfontein has the air of   a  busy place.   The streets are crowded with soldiers, army wagons and  horses, moving and   crowding all  day long.   The shops are   pretty  well depleted, as no fresh supplies-  have  come in for  five months  or  since the war began.   The price of  all articles is  extravagantly high.  But the military governor is trying'  to prevent extortion by fixing the  maximum price of all articles   of  food, but competition among corps  is so great there is little doubt but  that'higher prices are paid for many  articles.   Flour is one   pound per  100   pounds; bread,   three   pence  halfpenny  per pound ; sugar, four  pounds ten shillings per 100 pounds;  eggs, - two   shillings    per   dozen;  butter,.two shillings per pound, etc.  Lord Roberts, who has taken up  his quarters in Government House,  or,;as it is called here, the Presidency, is rather comfortable.  The Presidency is a large, handsome, well-furnished building,  larger and better than any government house in Canada. The furniture is costly and ^handsome. But  this magnificent, large government  house occupied, by, the president  and his family, strange as it may  appear; does not possess a single  bath.  This is the more strange, as there  are waterworks in the eity and  water is laid on to the house.  The parliament buildings, government offices and in fact all buildings  here have a squatty appearance, as  they seldom rise above one storey  in height. They are, however, well  and substantially built, and present  an-air of durability that is lacking  elsewhere in some -parts of South  Africa.-  All-busincss here isdone in English : in fact it ��� is the common  language spoken by all white people.  The shops are owned by English  people and the professional class is  almost altogether English.  The manner in which the news of  the capture of Bloemfontein reached the outside world will be of  some' interest. The telegraph line  to the south was cut by the Boers ;  to the west the field telegraph was  useless, as it had broken down.  Notwithstanding this, London  readers had a full account of the  surrender on the second day after  the capitulation. Tho distance  from Bloemfontein to Kimberley is  about 100 miles.   ,  Three despatch riders set out  from Bloemfontein during tho evening of Tuesday or the earliest dawn  of, AVednesday. Oitie was for the  "London Times, a second i'or Router's  Agency and the third for the Daily  Mail, London, England. Out from  the city tho despatch riders went,  making~their"way~in~the "darkness  or in the dawn over the red slushing tracks that had suffered tho  steady downpour of the night';**  rain. The breakdown of%a horse  meant a delay that might be reckoned in days or hour*>.  The Tunes rider mot with disaster early. The horse he rode fell,  causing a delay * iu reaching the  next station.  The Daily Mail .rider was still  more unfortunate. In the dim light  of dawn he rode against a barbed  wire fence, and to terribly lacerated  his horse's legs that further riding  was out of the question.  Binding up his scratches, ho found  himself compelled to walk back  thirty-five miles to Bloemfontein,  unable to ride.  So the Times and Reuter's agency,  each armed with duplicate despatches from tho. commander-in-  chief, were left to compote in the  race for Kimberley.  In the afternoon, Wednesday,  bullets whistled past the riders as  they hurried on. Time was precious,'  and the riders urged their horses  with all speed. Router's rider came  in first, covering the entire distance  on three horses in twenty hours  and twenty minutes, wliich is a record that has not been excelled.  The Times rider came in several  hours later. The enormous expense  of forwarding war news in this  manner can only be borne by press  associations or newspapers like the  Loudon Times.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and roast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  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Spot ��75 13s (id, futures ��71 12s Od.  Market easy.   Sales���Spot 125 tons,  futures 325 tons.  Lot  Lot  Lot  Lot  9  9  11  7  Block n Cash Offer  Block 5  Block 6  Block 7  Fop  All Four  -W.-F,  ADDRESS  Teetzel,  Nelsom-  EY TO LOAN  ON  AT 7 PER CEMT  BUSINESS PROPERTY  Apply G. h. LENNOX, Solicitor, JsYlhOn B. O  LAND~N0TICE.  Notice >-> hPH'byjflvrii 11ml ufler ono ltiotilli I  will jimUc iippiM .itui'i lotliu Cluef Coinriii-jiloner  of ...iiicln ,uul W oiks to pun lucu loi ti IK l<!"v of  Iitml id llio iliMritiL of Wp,i iCouic-rniy in (lie  pioWtiu* of HiilNh I'oliinil.ia, --futiitoil on Llio  cnsl Milu of Ki/oicimy l.tk.*, IicLhulii J.orkliail  nml f..ifru*ic<* (ivifki. as fiillovi-.: CoiiiiiiPiiriiiK  nt u l.'ostod the ticucli irtiu'Uud "Initi.il 1'fli.t lolin  Kuiduiw'i N. W, (,'oi nit," Lhcin*(> Mjitthurl*. iiIoiir  tlio iiiltL* *_!'} riuuns, ilium u c.islcily 'JS) chnilii,  llioni'o wi.ihi'il.'i -M ils.ni*-, Uiwico weiloily l!l>  chains to llio iilnto of bruiu'iimr.  JOHN LAIDLAW.  D.ilcd at Nelson, 13. U., tin-. ..id d.iy of Apiil,  urn.  LAND IfOTICE.  Notice i-i Iteiyby Kiven, thai after one monUi I  ���will make iLppliiii'ioii to llie Chief Co.iitiusni.nicr  of I_au(lh .*irnl Works lo puiclinsc one lmmlicd  null si\l> acres of land Ul the Idstiiut of \V��st  KooleiMi. in llie 1'ioMiioe of Itiftish Columbia,  situated on llio west sfdo of Kootenaj lake, On  Boulder crct'k. Jibout I wo miles -,oui li of Balfour*  Coiuinencinu af Imli.il 1'osi in.nked "Jo'in J Jink.  N: E. Comer," theme \*.o.*l f.i*vlj-foi.i chain**,  thence houlh tuentj-li\e chains, thinco oast  st\lj-foui cli.iins.tlieiiconoith twentj-fivechains  to ! ho Initial Post.  JOHN BUKK.  Dated at Nols*on this Till da'y of April, 1900.  NOTICE.  Nul ice ifheicby Riven tli.it I intend to apply at  the f)i*s| meet mi? ol the Board of J license Com-  niissioneis for (he ("itv of Nelson held thirty days  after the date heieof. fuj' leaie to transfer tho  lieensc now held bv int fin a saloon known "s  the Alh.ibisea -mlorni, sjinate on ihc MJiithcasI  niriier of Baker <m��l Kootenay sljtets. Nelson,  B. C , 1mmti)j on lol I, bhuk IJ, m Nel-on afoie-  said, lo P.iliick J. Itiissell. in tni-t for the Ath i  basca Iiolel Coniiiany, lanuk'd  Witness, I'. I_. wiiads.        Jab. Nhsumi-i,  Dated this llllidliy of A]iiil, Yin.  "notice. ~ " '  Tho  members  of   Uu*   Cooks'  and   Wallers*  L'nion .<.ill itn ot at Union   flail on  Tlmisday.  April 2'ith at rf P Hi.    A flood allendanw is re  (incited.  NOTICE "OF   MEETING.  The Nt'lson plunibeis, ��as* and steam filters'  union meets eiorj second and fourth Kriany ut  the MinuiN' Union hall at 8 p.m.  ll, \VKICKS, .Secretary pro tout.  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  MEALS  25  CENTS  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  BOOMS LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITY  AND HEATED BY STEAM  25 CENTS TO $1  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.     ���:���  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Large comfortable , bedrooms, and  flrst-clasa  dining-room. Sample rooms for commercial men.  RATES $2 PER DAY  (VJrs. E. C. Clarke, Prop.  r.ATE OV TIIE KOVAI. HOTEL, CALGARY  This popular hotel has been; thoroughly  renovated' and enlarged,', and is now one  of the inost comfortable. hotels in the  city. It has 40 nicely furnished and Well  lighted rooms, heated With hot air. The  dining room is second to none in-Nelson.  RATES REASONABLE.  C. A. PROSSER, MANAGER  A Big* Schooner  OF BEER'OR     ���  HALF-AND-HALF ^  ALWAYS  FRESH  10c  ��� ALWAYS  COOL  The beit glass of beer to be had in Nelson is at  THE CLUB HOTEL   '     *  Corner Silica and  Stanley Streets.  E. J. CURRAN, Prop.  IVJadden House  Bakor and Ward  Streete, Nelson  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained  under one management since 1890.  The bed-rooms aro -well furnished and lighted  by electricity.  The bar is always stocked by tho best dom s-  tio and imported liquors and eigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, 'Proprietor.  B. C. HOTEL   erie, b. c.  First-cla<*q in every respect Choicest wines,  liquors and cigars. Every comfort for transient  and resident guests,  HEADQUARTERS FORv UNION MEN.  JOSEPH CAMPBELL. Proprietor.  #r^lH_M  Vernon Street, Nelson.  SMOKE  ROYAL SEAL  AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS  E  l^ootenay Cigar fflfg. 0o��  NKLSO.Nr, llRITISn COLOMBtA  B. REISTERER & CO'  BREWERS AND BOTTLKftS OIT  FINE LAGER BEER,  AND PORTER  ALE  IPrompt and regular  delivery to the trade  Brewery at Nelson  Nelson   Wine   Co.  CHOICE WINES AND LIQUORS  Special attention given to family trade  "ffi,^      FRANK A. TAMBLYH  Nelhon. B. C. manaokr   Corporation City of Nelson  TENDERS WANTED.  <ci\h d t( uilei s foi -.uppljinir th��_ ( it v of Xelson  -wilh luntbei for the riMii.-indei -of the jevr 1U0D  ��ill he iei*ei\cd by tlioniuderc/giied ujt to noon  ���on Monilivy. ilay 7tl>, I'M).  W. K. WASSON, AcU \js City Clerk.  Xelson, April 'Ath, 1SI00.  O1  CRATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  rpHORPE & CO., LIMITED.���Corner Vornon  "*��� and Cedar streets, Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholesale dealers in eerated waters aud  fruit syrups. Solo agents for Halcyon Springs  mineral water.  Telephone CO.  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  TXT F. TEETZEL & CO.���Corner Bakor and  vv ���   Josophino streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in   asr-ayers  supplies.   Agents for Denver  Fire Clay Co. of Donver. Colorado.  CIGARS.  ���RfOOTENAY CIGAR MANUFACTURING  *ta- CO.t-Corner liakcr and Hall streots. Nolson, manufacturers of "Royal Seal" and "Kootonay Bollo" brands of cigars.  ~ COAL.  IROW'S NEST I'ASS COAL COMPANY.-  Wholosale dcalors in coal and coko. Charles  St. Barbo, Agent, Baker street, Nelson.  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  TT J. EVANS & CO.-Bakor street, Xelson,  ���*-*������   wholesale    dealers   in   liquors,    cigars,  cement, Are brick and Are clay, water pipe and  stoel rails, and general commission merchants.  ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  EOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY & COV-  STRUCTION COMPANY- WholcvdcdcU-  ers in telephones, nnnunclnlors. bells, bitteues,  llxtiiros, etc.. Houston block. Nelson.  FLOUR AND-FEED.  BRACKMAN-KER MILLING COMPANY  ���Cereals, Flour, Grain, Hay. Straight or  mixed cars shipped to all Kooton.ij Points.  Grain elevators at nil principal pointsonC'algnn -  Edmonton R. R. Mills at Victoria, New Westminster, and Edmonton, Alberta.  CO.���B iker  .    _ .._���._.. Motion's old  stand),- Flour, Feed, Grain, Hay and Produce.  Car lots a specialty. Correspondence solicited.  Phone 20*.  "       FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  P    BURNS &   CO.���Baker   street,   Nelson,  ��� ��� wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meat*-*.  Cold storage.  GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD _ CO.���Corner Front and  ��� Hall streets, wholesale grocers and  jobbers in blankets, gloves,mitts, boots, rubbers,  mackinaws and- miners' sundries.  KOOTENAY S UPP_Y ���; COMPANY,   LIMITED���Vernon   street,  Nelson,   wholesalo  grocers.;" ��� .       ',,. ���.'-���.���..::  TOHN CHOLDITCH _ CO.-Front street, Nel- '  V    son, wholesale grocers.  TAYLOR   FEED &  PRODUCE  ���street,   Nelson , (George���' F.  F.  R. STEWART & CO.���Warehouses onC. P.  ��� .-. Hi- track, foot*;'of Stanley street. Nelson,  wholesale doalers in provisions, produce and  fruits. Cold storage. Agents Armour & Co.'s  bacon, hams, lard and other products.  T Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-Front street, Nelson,  "���"wholesale dealers in provisions, cured  moats, butter and eggH. ���    HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS & CO.���Cornor Baker and Josephine  ��� streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers m hardware and mining supplies. Agents for Giant  Powdor Co.   LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY-  Baker St., Nelson, wholesale dealers.in  hardware and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers' supplies.   VANCOUVKR HARDWARE COMPANY,  LIMITED-Bakor street, Nel&or, whole _!o  dealers in hard ware and mining supplies, plumbers and tinsmiths' supplies. AgnnU Ontaiio  Works. "  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER," BEETON & CO.-Corner Vornon  .arid Josephine bUcefs, Xelson, v.holet-alo  dealers in liquors, cfeat a and dry good-.. Agents  for Pabst Brewing CW of Milwaukee and Cal-  gary Brewing Co. of Calg.iry. ,   PAIOTS   AND   OILS.  NELSON HARDWARE COMPANY���Baker  Street���Wholesale dealurs in paints, oils,  and brriphoe of all kinds. Largest stock m  Kootenay. -   POWDER,  CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  street. Nelson, manufacturers of djnamito,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholehaio dealers in caps and fuse, and electric  blasting apparatus.   , SASH AND DOORS,  TSTELSOX SAW AND PLANING MILLS,  Jsi IJMiTED-Corner Front aud Hall stiects,  Nelson, manufacturers of aiid wholesale dcalcre  in sash, and doors; all kinds of factor} work jaado  to oilier.   TENTS   AND   AWNINGS.  NELSON TENT AND AWNING FACTORY���  Baker street. Nelson. Manufacluiers of ail  kinds* of tents, awning*, imd canv.is goodsi.  P. O. Box Tli.  1'heo. Mud-ion, pioprietor.   WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, XTMI-  TJCU���Corner Front anil Hall streots, Nelson,'wholesalo dealers in wines (case and bulk)  and domestic and imported cigam  engineers!  C��HARLES PARKER-Mliiiiigaml milling en--  /   gincui.   Woit Bilker sLieet. Nelson.  A  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M.  Meets second Wednesday In ooch month.  -Sojourning brethren lu-vlted.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS- Nelson 1-odgo, No,  25, Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. F.  Hall, cornor Bakor and KooMnay streets, every  Tuesday evening at 8 o'olock. X fitting Knis.hU  cordially invited to attend. R. Q, Joj, K. of li.  &8, J^0imidSt*0tl._p._O.  ^^   NELSON L. O. L.. No. 16_, moots In I. O. O. V.  Hall, corner Baker and ICooUsnay streets,  1st and 3rd Friday of each month. Victim?  hrothern cordially invited. It. Itubin-on, W. M.  \V. C**awfordj_Ro��)��diiig ^cn-uy. ,   N~EI^50N XlilK, Number *_, Fraternal Oitfcir  of Kaglen, meets every second and fourth.  Wednesday Ineach mouth  in Fiaternfty Hall,  Visiting brethren welcome.   W. GtMiyll, Presl  ont..   Charte* Prober, ~  dent.  , Socrctiiry.  TRADES   UNIONS,  NEI^SOX MINERS' UNION NO. ��5. W. F. of  - M.���Meets In miners' union tooiiis, noitli-  castconior Victoria and Kootenay itici'U, every  Saturday o\cning at R o'clock. Yif.iti.ig mem-  bers welcome. M. U. MouJ.tl. President. James  Wilkc-i, Scci��iUuy. '  NELSON PAISTKBS' UNION The regular  nicetinf? of the I'.Unlor-.* Union is hHd  oven Wwlnc-ilav e\cnjHK nt 7.��) in (he P.un-  tors'l'iuon hall, behind tJieClaiko hotel. T. O.  Skat bo, pre-sidi'nt.   Alficd Turner ^>eiclnry.  TRADES AND LABOR C'OUNCI J..-Tna regular meetings of thcNi'lson Trades and Labo��.*  Council will beheld in the miner-.' union hall,  corner of Victoiia and Kootcnii) itrccts, on tho  firbt and third Thursday of each month, at  ?.30p. m.   G. J. Thorpe. President.  J. ���. M.ithe-  spn, Seci tft.xrj.    ...  .    .  fTiHE regular mectinp-s of the Carpenters' Union  -*��� aro held on Wmlnfsdaj o-iening of each  week, at 7 o'clock, in the Mineis' Union hall oor-  nor Victoria and Kootonay (.ti��ct.��. li. Robin-  mjii, I'residonU   Jiuiic*' Colling, Secretary.   B"aRBEIJS' UNION.���N'eliitn I nloiii No. 1WJ. qf  Iho Inli'in,ihonnl Jouine.Miii'n Baibei - t n-  ioii of Anuiira, ineel- iimjij flr-t ami. I lmd Mqn-  davof oath iiiomh in Mmet -, Linon Hull, cornqr  ot Victonu and Koutcnav siici't*. at SJ1!1 P.m.  slinili Visiting biDthei- ������otdiall*. invited to  attend. ,7, H. Miitbeeou. Pn-sident. W . S. Bol-  iille, Srciel-iry.   VBORERS' UNION.- ViNou Laborer*,' Protective Union. No. 8J_, A. !���". of L . meets in  Minin*-*' Union Hall, noitiii'ist cm nor of Victoria  und Kootenaj -tn el ���, on tho that mid thud Monday of each month, at S p.m. sharp. Visiting  members of the American federation cordially  invited to attend. John Mullen, President.  Percj Shiikcltoji, Secretary.   O 1GAR MAKERS' UNION meeta 1st Tuebday  in every month in the XV. V. M. haU.    Sxao-  utivc board smootu ovory i3at,ur<lay�� ���_&ira:B^-J-'WC^_'.t_^:__i*.W- ���_���_;_._  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON. B. C, FRIDAY MAY i  1900  Rubber Gloves  FOR WOMEN AND MEN  The  proper thing for spring house-  and gardening  cleaning  Furniture Polish  To make your Furniture look as good  as new, try our  "FRENCH FURNITURE POLISH."  Teetzel & Co.  Victoria Block, Corner Baker and Josephine Streets  DRUGS AND ASSAYERS'SUPPLIES  Iii'  eti s_i tOi __ti ei- __t�� ei -ei-ei-ei ���.  '��.'&'_'-'_'i8''_'_*'S,S'*B'^  .<^  "4i  omethiosr New 1  i  m  ���tr  m *?*���<?  |#t:  Mr'* '  _H-.  EVERY WEEK  iti , o  iti  Xti And in order to make room for our new  W goods we must dispose of a few. We are  X$ prepared, my Kootenay!friends, to let you  Uf inspect the latest and most complete up-to-  date stock in British Columbia.    We invite  iti  iti  iti  iti  Ui  Hi  iti  iti  Hi  CITY LOCAL NEWS  Hi  iti  iti  Hi  iti  xti  iti  iti  xti  ��'.���'���  |_*  m  li-  iti  xl) you all to examine them, and know you will  iti not  only be satisfied with  the  goods  but  ty prices also.  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Martin, timber inspector, received telegraphic instructions  and immediately released the stock under  seizure.  The  gun  club  has   elevated its  traps on lhe flats at the foot of Stanley street so  that it will be possible to slioot there for a week  or two longer. The club will move to Kairview  park as soon as arrangements are completed for  their accommodation.  The trail   to   the   Molly Gibson  mine lias become so soft that tliotemporaryshutdown foreshadowed in The Tkihunk -recently  has: come about. - It became, impossible to get  'Provisions over the trail'and-the' stall' of thirty  men was compelled to con'io down thehill.- *Man-  ngrerMagnire hopes to resume work witiiiii three'.  weeks. A surveyor laid out a line this week. for  the tramway .which is to be built at an estimated  cost of sao.ouo.  The most recent list of wounded:  from the Canadian contingent.;in SoiitIi:tAfrica'  contains the naiuo'ofR.K: Foster; brother of Sid'  Foster ot'Nelson.   Private  Weir, late   of the  Queen's Own, Toronto, is critically ill with fever'  at Notley hospital. Ho is a brother of It. A. Weir  of the local C. P. It, staff.    .      ....,,,      ...;>..:  The lacrosse club's-'first "practice  on Sunday.morning will, it is hoped, bring out a  good representation of the Nelson stickholdcrs.  Among the men included in (he management's  string of flayers aie .the following ��� U. Kiost,  goalj .Too Thompson, C. 1). Blackwood, Harry  Hoi*, den and Dan McNichol, defence, B.iiney  Archibald, Eugene McNicliol, A. Pernor, .lack  Fo\-, Ficd Johnston, Charles .Toils and D.vvc  Rutherfoul, homo. In addition there aio sc\ eial  new plaj ers who are thought to be fast men.  The suit of McKie   vs.  Phillips  may possibly be tned heio next -weeks' Tt is an  ad*, crse action in respect to the Smpiisc mineial  claim, situated on tho St. Mcry's liver. Macdonald & Johnson are acting for the plaintiff and  Taylor &jHannington for the defence  W. Cameron of Kerr & Co.'s establishment is leaving for Vancouver to assume  a position th' re. He is a fast lacrosse player and  was counted as a desirable addition to the Nelson  team's home line.  The Nelson fire brigade is corresponding with the Kaslo celebration committee to  asceitain whatpii/os <ue being otlored for the  hose 1 eel race on the queen's bnthday. If the  puise lslibcial enough to make the game worth  the candle n fast team will ontei the competition  with Georgo Steele as captain.  A letter has been received from  Harry Winficld, who v,cnt out with the second  Canadian contingent, dated Van Wjks Vlci,  Maich 22nd. Tom Brown and K.iton aie m his  troop and .no well, as ho is himself. His troop is  making a fljing tup through the disatlccted districts, and they aio an\ious>Iy awaiting a chance  at the Boers.  E. P. Whalley has handed The  TmiiUNi: a .statement ot the receipts and dis-~  buisemeiits of the entc. tainnient iccently tiot up  by him in a'd of the Canadian Patuot.o Fund.  The icccipts* amounted to gib.) 25 and the dis-  buisoments to 378 'i>, leaving a balance of 984 90.  ���ft hieh -vi <is placed to the ciedit ot t he fund. Mr.  Wlmllej wishes to extend lift, thanks to all those  who io Kindly asSiBtcd in making the cnteilaur  metit n success. .  ���   The rifie company turned out for\  diil! in fair stiength last night. Lieutenant Beer  maiched the corps to the lecroation grounds,  wheie the companj Inul a lattlmg dull in extended ordci ai'd pfActic.il bemoe work. It is now  a question whether tho toi_>p..!.\ will take their  MiiMUigim to Kaslo on the queen's birthday,  but it is probable that the bo*,s will take the  quick fiier along. /  Tiie manager of the Blair college  ball team at Spokane has w'i it ten the local baseball iitnjjn itcs to secuie u game for the 2(Jtli inst.  The Bl.iu lunni plai s til. Itossland on the qncon's  buthdaj, and say tliey would rather visit Ncl*-on  than any other point in the province, piomising  to a.\ oid "sjtage fright" if a match is seem ed. The  local management will-close the date if enough  enthusiasts can be'found to guai.mtee the expenses, r  C.  TV.  West, Mike   Scully   and  the Nelson Transfci Company donated loams  jesterdm to help out the baseball tlub in im-  pioving tho rtoie.ition giounds*. The three  tu.ii).!> tackled the n-snig gionnd on the upper  side of the park and lemoicd a consideiable  nuantity lo the lowoi ude, A maiked lmpiovc-  iiient was mado, and when the proposed < hanges  aie complete Nelson's ball grounds will be tliat-  class in e\ cry respi et.  The Nelsou Municipal Band has  been engaged !0 hood the Nelson Rifles, the uni-  lonncd Knij;htsof I'jtluasand the Nelson -iiio-  mcii in the queen's birthday paiade at Kuslo,  _   The civil .list for the assizes which  open on Tuesday -will be voiy Jiglit. Tlio per-  emptorj lis) includes McMillan \s Sandilands  nnd Bigelow vs LaBau. 'J'ho Iirst xiotion is  bi ought by McMillan, formcily of the firm of  Oiawfoul & McMill m late of Sandon, for an accounting fiom bandilands and the ciircesso) s of  the assigned estate, Macdonald & Johnson foi  pliuiitill, V. Ij. Cluisliofoi defendant Tajlor&  IIiiDiniigton foi defendants J. W. I'eckand Other  c*ieditors*. In Higelow is LaBau, Klliott R Lon-  uic -will appeal for plaiuciJI, and Galiihcr &  Wilson for defendant.  Tiie auction sale of sawmill property lit _>"}keit took place ycMlculat*. bill no  tiaiiKfer was made as the upset price ot $S(fO was  noticacfrc...  At 7:30 o'clock last night tho fire  brigade was called to the icsidcneo of J, C. T.  Ciofls, Obson.itory blicet, whole nn elcitiic  wlie had caused a trilling the. The family had  slumped out tho trouble with pails of water  when the depnWmenl arrived and thoir asfist-  iince w.is not icqimcd. Tho brigade made n f.iat  inn to tho the.  P, Burns Sc Co. are now comfort-  foit.ibl) located In thoir new stoto m the Bums  block, and Kiikpalnck & Wilson aio ptepanng  to move into tho old Mnml. When the latter  ill in uio installed in the old Burns picmisct their  jsichctit building will be torn down and the e\-  envalions for the new bu< k block pushed ahead  ahead lapidly.  A   number   of residents of   the  ITume add ition have beon sei vert with summonses  lo attend al the sitting of the i.u;.remo comt on  the 13th nist, when ��iij>!iuition v. ii! be snado bj  the Niniibito compiny for .in oider to icsurvey  Ihc townsite The eiror in Ins mg out tho plan  was not in tho stn visy of tho blocks, but in the  division of Ihe block?into lots, hence a number  of ow neis nssci I that they *w ill be put to f-ei ions  loi-s and great inconvenience if the application i,  granted. Macdonald & John-on vwU appear for  the townsite compmv and Tajloi & lianning-  lon for lhe owners of lots.  The upper deck of the big slip at  Proctci Iins been successfully sunk. The operation wi.h somow hat delicate, but the contractors  weie foitniuito in making it a success on the  first lnai. 'Ihe deck, vUiich consisted of 100 feet  of ties, htnngei s and mils, was towed out and  lied up (tistovei tho-piles which were to support  it I.) feet under water. About ,tfK) tons of stone  v.cie u>cd to submerge tho outllt, When low  water come<again the stone can be removal and  the deck spiked down.  During the week a number of  new iiiMriiuicnts have been leceived forlhc  membuis of the Municipal Band, whi< h promises  to bo one of Nelson's most eillcient and entet-  pri-ing inui-icnl oigani^itions. Tho lnstnitoen-  tiiiionn ns follows' Hon Steiner, conduetor;  K Coggon, Sid. Foster. A. Pernor, cornels; K.  Lupny, I>. H'fljiibold, J. Foreabon, clanneti,' C.  Ilauser, L. -Ridley, altos; T. Johnston, R. O.  (-.'handler, trombones: K. L. Otis, solo baritone;  Charles Bake, tuba; T. A. Mills and P. McCaig,  drums. The band surprised its friends by the  quality of their music on Wednesday night and  a treat is undoubtedly iu store for citizens when  they have had a few weeks extra practice.  E. E. Vincent, who is in the city  representing the Calgary Brewing Company, received a telegraphic message yesterday conveying the news of the death of his mother at  Calgary.  Thomas  Madden  received   word  yesterday morning,of the death of his mother.  The blow was unexpected, as no word had been  received of her illness. Mrs. Madden was a native of Valcarticr, Quebec, and was "4 years of  age. Of her children, live sons nnd two daughters  reside in Kootenay, namely, Thomas, Martin,  Robert. John and James, and Mrs. Labhe and  Mrs. Levesque.  Yesterday mayor Houston received two copies of the daily edition of "The  Friend" of Bloemfontein, Orange Free Statu,  dated Murch lflth and Kith, from captain A. K.  Hodgins of Nolson, who is at the front with tho  Iirst regiment of Canadians. The papers will be  placed among tho oilier art treasures which tin}  mayor has st owed away.  Having Purchased  the Business  Of Fred J. Squire, merchant  tailor,  Nelson,   I   intend  to  continue .the business so as  to keep the patronage of all  Squire's old patrons and  a  share  of the general  ..vtrade.    I am now prepared  ;   to show the latest styles in  , all lines of spring goods.   A-  ^������v'^pe'cial line xm hand at $25  per suit. - All other lines at  low rates.    None but Union  labor employed.  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Street.  FRKD J. SQUIRE, Manager.  Kootenay Steam Laundry  BLOMBERG & SWEDBEf{C  ESTABLISHED 1892  H.   BYERS  &  CO.  HARDWARE  ESTABLISHED 1892  Garden, Mill,  Steam and Suction  Hose.  Crucible Xast  Steel   Wire Rope  5-16 to 1-in. in  stock.  Leather and   Rubber Belting.  Sheet, Square and Round Rubber  Flax and Garlock Packing  Pipe Fittings, Brass Goods, Rails  Black and Galvanized Sheet Iron  Soft Steel Plates  1-8, 3-16 and 1-4 x 72, 96 and  120  Agents���Trunx Ore Cars, Giant Powder, and Metropolitan Fuse, etc*.  H. BYERS & CO.  NKLSON  [KASLO  SANDON  get;  BUSINESS   MENTION.  For   Rent���For   three    mouths,  fire roomed furnished cottngo, modern conveniences, piano. Call morning between 10 and li'.  II. M. Mclntyre, Mill street, between Hendryx  and Cedar.  For large, airy furnished rooms,  very central, apply room 1, A. Macdonald block.  Harry Haley has applied for a  divorce, and legal proceedings will shortly bo instituted.  Wanted���At once a cook for a  small crew di men in a boarding car. Apply J.  I*. Manhart, C P. It. station, Nelson.  Furnished house wanted immediately; seven rooms and bathroom. Address J. G.,  Post oftlce.NeUon.  Hack   calls left at   the   Pacific  Transfer barn on Vernon street, .Telephone  call 35.  For Sale.���One:third interest in  Mineral Claim near Yniii*, for $100, money to be  expended in development. Apply to Alex  Stewart, Turner & Bocckh block, Nolson.  For sale���the north half of block  100, Nelson.  Address P.'O. Box 572. Nelson.  Spot cash paid for second-hand  goods of all kinds at tho Nelson Bazaar, Malone  _ Tregillus block.  Houses furnished with new and  second-hand furnituio, or mixed new and secondhand furniture, on tho installment plan, by the  Nelson Bazaar, Malone & Ticgillus block.  ������  PROVINCIAL PARTY CONVENTION  The electors of the Nelson Hiding. West Koot-  ennv Elcctoial District, who suppoit the Piovin-  cial Party aie requested to elect delegates to a  nominating coin ention, to bo held at Knights of  Pythias Hall, Nelson, on Saturdaj, May 12th,  1000, at 8:S0 o'clock p. in, lcprcentation in the  com ention to be as follows:  Delegates.  Refrigerators  Prices'from-$10 to $30  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  If you want Bargains  iri'  PltOl'KIl.lORS  The  only steam  laundry in Nelson employing union labor  A. LARSON, Manager  0TT0 M. ROSENDALE  Portland, Oregon, Postoffice Box 484  Waneta  Erie       Salmo    . ..  Ymir   Hall's Siding  Poi to Rico ..  Nelson  Procter..   .  Kuskonook.  Sudar  Cicston ,  Kitchcnor  Rykeit's .. .,  [ Advises about' mines, mining  I property and its workings. Companies organized. Capita! furnished. All information and correspondence confidential. Demand for silver-lead propositions. Copper properties bought  outright.  Nelson  lee  Company  WIIOirSAI.K AM) KE1.UI. WJA-.rKS TN  ICE  Gei.cinl agents for Minor Lake Ice Company.  Ice doliv 01 ed m any part of the city. Office at  GiandCential Hotel; Vernon and Waid sticels.  Phone 1J8.   l-\ O. box 339.  Flowers aqd   Piaqts  Palms fl\ feet high, ,)00 rosea, pot growei In  20 yai leties. A eluoico collection of hou*-e and  bedding plants. Thousands to seleot from. Cut  floueib and designs. Inspection invited. The  Nelhon Gieen JIousjO, i'i ont sticet,-two blocks  cist of \\ hai f. 1). McCliKATIf,  Ordcrs by mail promptly filled.   1    . .3   1  ....  2  Delegates-elect, if unable to attend theconven  lion, shall have the privilege of appointing  pioMes. Credentials must be signed by tho  cli.uinian and secretary of the meeting at which  they aie elected, or if elected at a primarj election by the judge and clcik of such election.  Delegates must be registered voters.  DAVID MoBEATII,  Chtiliinan Provincial Party, Nol&on Riding.  FRED STARKJ3V,  Secretory Piov inc.al Party, Nelson Riding.  Nolboii, April iUth, 1800.  NOTICE OF PKIMAEY ELECTION,  A primary election v\ ill be held at Nelson on  Thursday, May 10th, between the houis of 2 and  8 JO o'clock p.in , to elect twentj -live delegates to  attend the nominating convention of the Provincial Paity for tho Nelson Riding. West Kootenay  Klectoial District. Polling place, store in Victoiia block fionting on Josophino -.licet. All  regihteied ^ oteis who arc iuppoiteis of the Provincial P.ulj ihall have (ho privilege of voting.  DAVID McBEATH, Chailinan.  FRED STARKE I', Secietary.  Nelson, April 25th, 1900.  SPECIAL   NOTICE.  A special meeting of (he Nolson Trades and  Labor Council .will be held at Miners* Union  Hall, Saturday evening at" o'clock p m., sharp,  for the pmpose of consideiing lhe ilnal report of  (he .irbmation committee on the grievance be  tvveen the Paintcis' Union and a ceitain firm cf  mii'ter painters m this, city. All delegate, especially c.irpcnteis, stonemasons, laborei j and  plumber*, aie urgently requested to bo present.  Hj oider JAMES THORPE, Pmsidcnt.  J. II. MATHKdON, .Secietary.  Corporation cr the Ci'y of Kelson  COUET  OF  REVISION.  ,*_���-'St C-*2;i  <y.*����**_'*^'_:�����  Uf  iti  iti  iti  Ui  iti  xti  xti  iti  iti  iti  Ui  iti  iti  iti  Ui  xti  Ui  iti  xti  ���*_i___i!_ii___i___iei-^- **����^^'V-. *��_. **^._a>._g>-_*> ���_��-s>  * <������to" ���__B^ ���������*-' *__^ ^-W-0 ���������r ���___��� ' ���***^__> 0^^ ��_Bk<*'M>Vi'___>'4_>^W-'V_^^V''V'V  ������^���^������ap^-^^a^       ���i\\-0^^-0-0-0-0^0f-0-0-/^_  Glassware  Crockery  \\i  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  xti  Ui  iti  xti  Ui  iti  xti  Give us a call as our whole stock must $  be sold in a few days.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  Telephone 10  185 Baker Street  xti  xti  Ui  Hi  Ui  ifl  ^���^-d^s^-s^^-^^va-s^s      _^^&-&&&-&_&&&_^  #  ��*_1.'5  m  i*^  Some Plain Facts  About Clothing  #  m  NOTICE.  All persons arc lieioby notlfled thatC'hailos A.  I'rosser i*. no longer conneuled vritli tho Waverley iiotel Company, and has no authouty to con-  tiact any indebtedness or collect any monies* on  thoir behalf.  WAVERLEY HOTEL COMPANY.  Kolice is hereby given that tho Comt of Re  vision of tho City ot Nelson, foi the purpose of  hearing all lompl.unta against the ajwewncnt  for the j eai l.Ktf) v, ill be held in the city hall. Nel  _son,_on Monday, .'line -11 h. 1TO, at 10 o'clock a.m.-  W. E. WASSON.  Acting Cleik.  Nel-on, May 1st, 1000  ATTENTION,   MMEEsl       ~  Drilling contest: one down hole, (or purse of  ono hundied and flftj dollarf,, Kaslo, May 2ilh.'  Entries close May 17th. f��or particulars, addiess,  W. .1. DAVENPORT,  Secietary Colebiation Committee.  OCJ_K   BEER  f^^T" TT  %mfiP __L__J %ks*0  We are now showing the finest stock of Spring  and Summer Suits in Nelson. .There are several  points of merit in our Suits. They are all of the  latest cut and are lined all through with the best  linings. They are tailored better than Suits offered elsewhere at much higher prices. The fabrics  are the best in the market. We lead all others  for values in  ��� Gents' Furnishings  Hats and Caps  Boots and Shoes  ASK Y0UK GROCER FOR  CELEBRATED  The Best that Money can Buy.     Tal_e no Other.  Manufactured by the Brackman-ICer Milling Co , L_td.  Victoria, Vancouvor, Westminster, Edmonton, Rossland, Nelson.  GET YOUR  CHANDELIERS  WIRED FOR  S We know that our values cannot be equalled by  ^ any other house in Nelson.   We are so sure of  this that we will give money back if it cannot be  proven.  m  BISCUITS  NO A1ATCHKS RKQU1RED, ALWAYS READY  lecfric  {(coteqay Electric Supply St  Construction Go.  JOSEPHINE STREET NELSON  We have just received a fresh   consignment  of Christie's- famous  Fancy Biscuits and Cream Sodas.  McCormick & Company's Jersey Cream Sodas.  Also  p. o. box ire.  HOUSTON BLOCK.  Telephone 161.  D. M. Ferry &' Company's Seeds.  Fresh Effi-;a Received Daily  John r\. frviqg & Gov  Lethbridge Gait Goal  The best value tor tho money in the market  for all purposes.  tkrjms cash     W. P. Tnounar, General Agent  -Telephone 117.   Office with C D. 3, Christie.  A. R. BARROW, A.M.LC.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  P. O. Box S59. TELEPHONE WO, 35  |��6>. ���'.  ^���i^Sj.*-


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