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 DAILY  EDITION   BY  MAIL  FIVE  DOLLARS A YEAR  tine  WEEKLY EDITION  BY MAIL  TWO  DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH YEAR.  NELSON:   MONDAY MORNING, APRIL 10  1900.  PRICE FIVE  CENTS.  TUPPER SWITCHING ROUND  Political Rumors-  Vanx'OUVKK, April 13.���[Special  to The Tribune.]���Sir Hibbert Tupper addressed six hundred residents  of Chilliwack on Saturday night.  Ho modified his previous statement  against party lines being drawn by  agreeing to that course generally,  but in some constituencies where an  anti-Martin Liberal was running  and would necessarily poll a large  voto,/he thought the Conservatives  should work in with him to defeat  Martin's candidates.  The latest political rumor has it  that justice Walkem will resign  shortly on account of old age and  W will be succeeded on the bench by  | Aulay Morrison, M. P. for New  Westminster. Then George Adams,  a strong Martin supporter, and D.  J. Munu, Conservative, are to contest Morrison's federal seat.  Publicity is given by the local  papers to the statement that Yates,  Beebe aud Ryder are to be replaced  in Martin's cabinet by Percy Mills,  a Victoria lawyer, ex-aldcrman Gilmour of Vancouver, aud probably  alderman McQueen.  J. B. Charlsou, superintendent of  public works in the Yukon, arrived  here today. Seventy-five miles of  new wire between Quesuello and  Atlin on the through Hue to Dawson have been strung, and the work  is progressing rapidly.  The Boer Delegates.  Nkw York, April 15.���S. N. Ford  cables the Tribune from Londou  this moiniug regarding the Boer  delegates as follows: "Mr. Fischer  ]ij;,o been reproaching the Portuguese Avith a betrayal of the interests of the Boers under the pretence of supporting them. He assumed that the British Avill speedily be allowed to land at Delagoa  Bay and occupy Lorenzo Marquez,  aud that the  consent of Portugal  'Jias been already obtained. His  reproaches are .accepted _by_ the  principal diplomatists as- evidence  that the transfer and partition of  Portuguese East"Africa are impending, and. that the German emperor  will not be forced to wait until lhe  close of the commission befbro convincing  his  subjects   that ho has  , made excellent   business   arrange  j incuts with lord "Salisbury. The  Boer delegates are on their way  to The Hague.' There arc no signs  of a willingness on the parfc of any  government to  receive them, even  jif   they   havo   terms  of peace to  [suggest.   Cigar Men Locked Out,   .  Montreal, April 15.���The li'ou-  jble between the cigar manufact-  lurersaud their employers is spread-  ling and now threatens the closing  [of almost all the factories ju Can-  jada. The trouble originated iu the  Ifactories of J. Ilirsch, Sons & Go.  land L. (). Grothe, over non-adherence to the union rules regarding the  employment of apprentices. The  j union ~~ ordered a" striker "The  [manufacturers havo a strong  {association, and had promised  (Messrs. Hirsch & Grothe assistance.  I On Siituulay night an evidence of  this came when Harris, Youugheart  )&Co. and Gonllet Brothers locked  [out their men until such time as  'the union eame'to terms with tho  other firms. Tho statement is made  I tiiat if a settlement is not speedily  I effected other largo factories will  [also lock out their employees.  of duty or business. I am sure this  would not bo the case if it were  realized at home that visitors who,  in ordinary times, would be most  welcome, under existing conditions  become a serious source of  inconvenience, interfering with  the work of military and civil officers and putting a strain on our  limited means of accommodation,  which are greatly required for  those who have duty to perform  here or who aro invalided from the  front. A considerable increase in  the expense of living, at all times  very high, is caused by the influx  of visitors, and this is a hardship to  persons of the latter class." After  saying that there is no place less  suitable for recreation than South  Africa tit present, sir Alfred Milner  concludes as follows: "Lord  Roberts, to whom I have submitted  tliis message, authorizes me to add  that he fully concurs iu it."  A    BRAVE    INDIAN    BOY  Rescued a White Companion.  Trail, April 15.���[Special to The  Tribune.]���In what bid fair to be a  hotly contested game of Association  football on the grounds across the  river, between the railroad boys  and the Trail town team, two men  got a kick at the ball at the same  time, and both are now iu the hospital. Ian McGladdery had a leg  broken in three places and a player  named Mortimer also had a leg  broken.    No other score.  In crossing the i iver in a cauoe  on the return from the game, a son  of Mr. Atkinson, the liveryman, and  a young Indian lad named "Jo,"  both about 13 years of age, were  upset, aud both narrowly escaped  drowning. The young Indian  pluckily assisted the Atkinson boy  into the canoe, but in climbing in  himself upset the canoe again, and  the swift water was carrying both  into the whirlpool rapids, young  Atkinson going under. The Indian  lad heroically dived after but'lost  him,1 then -diving the second time  fished him up again, and after a  severe struggle managed to right  the canoe, place his comrade within,  and swimming against it, lauded  him. safely, himself completely exhausted, and had to be helped out  of the water.  A number of citizens who witnessed the brave act made up quite  a purse and handed it to the young  hero before he had yet fidly recovered.  BOER WAR AND DIPLOMACY  By Isaac Ford.  Nkw York, April 15.���I. N. Ford's  cable letter to this morning's Tribune is largely devoted to a thoughtful discussion of tho South African  war situation in its relation to  diplomacy, commerce, industries  and finance. Ho says iu this connection : The military situation is  full of promise with lord Roberts'  army massed in irresistible strength  for the march of 300 miles to Pretoria, and tho long line of 700 miles  from Bloemfontein to Cape Town  securely guarded. The Boer raiders  have failed to break hi? line of communication by a counter attack,  and the Dutch armies are powerless  to check the advance of Roberts'  soldiers when they receive marching  orders.  The   diplomatic situation   could  not be better for England, since her  relations   with   both   France   and  Russia have improved.    The German   government  is friendly and  helpful, and foreign intervention in  South  Africa is  utterly impracticable.    The  British  policy,  as expressed by sir Alfred Milner  in his  sagacious  speech  with the significant motto "Never again," has behind it" a united empire and it prohibits any settlement  or compromise by which opportunities will be  offered for another such campaign.  Ireland plays an important and  "honorable part in  the united empire, providing the bravest soldiers  and  the only generals capable of  winning victories, and Dublin, temporarily, is appropriately the capital with a populace loyal and devoted to the queen  The United Kingdom, moreover,  continues to show signs of marvellous prosperity even under the  storm and stress of war. Almost  evci'y industry has received au impetus from the war, notably the  iron and textile trades. There has  been a great increase of production  and' employment, and with the  temporary"withdrawal of a largo  body of workers in Khaki to the  seat of war skilled labor has been  in demand and commands higher  wages.  Lettridge is well known in Buffalo  and was born in Fort Erie, Ontario,  just over the Niagara river from  this eity.. Her maiden name was  Bachus. She married about twenty  years ago and for a time lived at  Black Rock. Her husband was a  railroad man. But little is remembered concerning him, and nothing  is known of the divorce said to  have been 'granted. During the  Christmas holidays she wa.s at Foit  Erie to attend the funeral of her  mother.  ITALIAN STRIKER? DEFIANT  THE C. P. R.'S LATEST RIVAL I f"i*fL jsfft  DEATH OF A MILLIONAIRE  A Brutal Crime.  Torino. Ohio, April 15.���Shortly  Iboforo midnight last night two  jt ramps with handkerchiefs , tied  (over their faces stopped at the  jhouso of two sisters, Kate and  ���Johanna Sullivan, living four miles  jwest of "West Toledo, knocked at  jthe door and as Johanna opened  Jthe door one of the men struck her  [across the head with a club knock-  ling her down. Kate sprang to the  jasfistance of her sister when* the  [second  tramp felled her  with an  axe helve.    They were then bound  and gagged and the house robbed.  Johanna died in a short time and  [Kate  is  a raving  maniac   as  the  result of hei''injuries.    The tramps  [escaped with #200 in money.  Unwelcome Visitors.  Loxnox, April 14.���Joseph Chamberlain, secretary of state i'or the  colonies, has teceived this dispatch  from sir Alfred Milner, British high  (commissioner in South Africa: "Tho  .number of visitors to Routh Africa  'is, constantly increasing and includes many���especially ladies���  wiio seem to have no particular call  BOERS MISUS^PRISONERS  Lord Roberts' Protest.  B/jOKMfoktbin, April 14.���Lord  Roberts, in his telegram of protest  to president Kruger regarding the  treatment to which the colonial officers and troops who are now prisoners at Pretoria havo been subjected, complains that the Boers  have treated them as-if- they- were  ci iinitials confined iu jail. He  points out that there are not a few  cases of fever and dysentry in tho  prisoners' camp at Watervaal, that  tho Transvaal government failed to  supply on the demand of the doctor  tine necessary medicines aiul medical  comforts, that the prisoner were  forced to bivouack on the open veldt,  that the sick were placed ou'au  open .shed with an iron roof, and  that it was only when tho now doctor threatened to resign that medicine and mattresses were supplied,  lie invites president Kruger to  remedy this stale of things, and  contrasts it with the treatment the  British government gives to the  Boer prisoners, sick and wounded,  who, as lord Roberts says, "receive  the same treatment that our own  soldiers do."  Fanners who had taken the oath  to abstain from further co-operation with the queen's enemies were  found signalling to the Boers at  Karce siding and have been  brought here.  Boer Tried to Escape.  St. Helena, April 15.���Colonel  Schniel and two other Boer prisoners were landed today and sent  to the citadel in consequence of an  attempt to escape. It appears that  colonel Schniel bribed a boatman to  take a letter to the Dutch cruiser,  but the boatman, by mistake took it  to the British cruiser Niobe, A  large knife wao found in the possession of one of the three. Colonel  Schniel walked to the citadel declining a carriage that was placed  at his disposal. I  A Mysterious Affair.  Chicago, April 15. ��� Rufus  Wright, the' millionaire manufacturer of rubber tires, who was shot  during a scuffle for the possession  of a revolver in the apartments of  Mrs. Louis Lettridge at tho Leland  hotel, died today from the effects  of the wound. Wright died with  words of exculpation on his lips for  the woman whose revolver was responsible for his death, saying that  the woman was not to blame for  -liia condition and that he had the  revolver iu his .baud when it-was  discharged.  Mrs. Lettridge, iu a statement at  the police headquarters, said : "I  cannot remember what led up to  the production of the revolver. I  was talking to Mr. "Wright when he  asked me to show liim a revolver of  which he had spoken previously.' I  refused and we talked on other  matters for a while. I remember  that 1 finally went to my valise and  took out my weapon, and when he  saw it Mr. Wright begged me to  throw ifc away, and S remember he  tried to take the weapon from, my  hand and wo scuffled. T stood up,  and he was sitting on the couch. 1  had hold of the weapon when,  with a sudden movement, lie  -tore the " revolver from iny  grasp. lie fell backward and I followed him. I managed to get hold  of the butt of the weapon, he holding the guard. As we struggled  the weapon was discharged, and  bad as I felt from the liquor I had  drunk; I could not help crying out  when I saw he was wounded. He  fell back on the sofa and gasped  that he was shot. I laughed hysterically and told him he was all  right, He insisted he had been  wounded and begged rae to call a  doctor.  "The otory that Mr. Wright came  to my room iu the interests of a  friend is false. He came to see me  at my request. We drank together  and talked of matters wliich concerned ourselves. Wo had a pleasant conversation until the revolver  was introduced by chance and the  struggle came which ended in his  death."  BukfaIiO, April 15.���Mrs. Louisa  Militia Orders/. Out.  Crontox Landing, New York,  April 15.���While everything is  quiet and peaceful in the neighborhood of the Cornell dam tonight,  nearly 300 armed deputies are  guarding the works and each of  them is guessing as to what to-  morroAV may bring' forth. The  striker's are very determined in  their demands, and swear that if  outside labor is brought here, they  will fight tooth and nail to prevent  it. Angelo Rotelli, who is the recognized leader of tiie strikers, said  this afternoon :  "This is a fight to a finish. If  the bosses attempt^ to "bring in  other laborers, wesliall>preventany  work lieing done, and if .the militia  come to help them,r their we will  fight the soldiers. The bosses will  have to give us our rights and until  they do, not'another stroke will be  put in the big dam.")  The strikers are. all armed with  guns and pistols, aud in this regard  they have a decided advantage  over the sheriff's deputies, who  have only long night.sticks and 32-  calibre revolvers. ~A meeting of  the strikers has been called for 4  o'clock' tomoi row morning.  New York, April 15.���General  Roe announced today that lie had  received a formal"written demand  from sheriff Molley of Westchester  county this morning tg'call out 500  troops to go immediately to the  ,sceuo of .the Italian'laborers' strike  'at- Crotou Dam. lie said sheriff  Molley came down from Westchester and gave him the demand in  person.  General Roe has decided to order  out the fourth separate company of  Youkers, the eleventh separate  company'of Mount Vernon squadron "A" of New York and troop  "C" of Brooklyn. The men will be  ordered out early tomorrow morning. The troops will number 3 50  infantry and 350 cavalry. Squadron "A" will furnish 200 men aud  troop "C" will have 150.  International Tramway.  Greenwood, April 14.���Work  started today on what promises to  be the biggest local enterprise in  Boundary district, an undertaking  that tho Canadian Pacific has good  reason to fear when the mines  start outputting ores to the smelters. This morning a party of engineer commenced making preliminary surveys for the line of the  Greenwood & Phoenix Tramway  Company, from this town to Phoenix, a distance of seven miles.  George II. Collins, secretary of  the company said:  "The approximate cost of seven  miles is $150,000. Wo shall build  branches into Greenwood, Dead-  wood, Wellington and Summit  camps, and between here and Midway on the international boundary  line to connect with the Great  Northern. Over half a million dollars is required and the money is  being invested by prominent American railroad men who aie shareholders in the local company. We  will push the work to speedy completion. Arrangements have been  completed with the Cascade Light  & Power Company for a supply of  electricity by long distance transmission. Duncan Mcintosh, president of the company, is now east  purchasing material for the tramway.  "The undertaking has been kept  quiet until a charter was obtained  from the provincial government,  and we havc stolen a march on the  Canadian Pacific, who have beeu  too busy defeating a Grand Forks  .scheme for a railroad to watch us.  This road means competition for  Boundary and we have the funds  to build it."  No reason was  assigned for the shutdown, .but the  cigarmakers believe they have been  locked out to prevent them from  contributing to the support of the  2200 strikers in Kerbs, Wortheim  <fc Schiller's factory, who have been  out six weeks.  BASUTOS GUARD FRONTIER  Patt ick Welch, the Spokane railroad contractor, arrived hero today  and is preparing to submit bids for  construction. " The promoters "are  Duncan Mcintosh, George H. Collins, Duncan Koss, and Ronald  Harris, M.*E." ' ' "  SPRINGTIME COMING LATE  Court and Society News.  Nrw York, April 15.���-In his  notes on the Easter season, Isaac  N. Ford, iu his London cable letter  to the morning Tribune today, says:  "The^sprhigjs most backward since-  east winds have been blowing for  week after week. The woods and  hedges havo,not yet been transformed by the touch of life, and  white violetsand primrosesaresca rcc  even among the sheltered nooks  on the south coast. J lyde Park and  Richmond still have a wintry aspect, and Fpping forest ifc. without  other sign of spring than the  twitter of early birth*. Country  houses, ordinarily filled, are  empty and Dublin is the only  centre of gaiety.- The queen's visit  continues to* be a source of good  feeling, and, it bus been managed  with cleverness and tact. The  queen and her daughters have  made large purchases of Irish poplins and laces and may set a style  which will be worth much .to the  industries of the island, Dublin  will have another fine town show  when the troops arc reviewed iu  Phoenix park,  "The weather has been too cold  for journeys iuto Scotland but the  south coast towns, notably Brighton, Hastings, Ryde and Bournemouth, are filled with visitors who  have found the climate of London  and the Midlands trying and inclement. At least 100 members of  parliament have gone to Paris, the  Riviera or Rome for a fortnight.  "There is a projnise of seeing the  king of Sweden next week, and the  queen is believed to be willing to  make special efforts to start the  season iu May with several splendid  functions, The opera will bo -well  patronized, as there will be fewer  balls and parties this year and less  entertaining in the great houses  than for many years."  Anti-trust Legislation.  Washington, Apiil 15.���It has  been determined by Republican  leaders to adopt a resolution proposing an amendment to the constitution regulating and controlling  trusts and to .adopt a measure  strengthening'the Sherman antitrust law, 11 will be remembered the  house judiciary committecappoiu ted  a sub-committee to consider this  question. That committee has now  reached a conclusion and will report to the full committee "on Tuesday, when, iu all probability, tho  whole committee will agree to it,  and report a resolution proposing  an amendment to the constitution  and a bill increasing the effectiveness of the Sherman anti-trust law.  The measure will be drawn, ou the  lines of the amendment proposed  by representative Littlefield of  Maine._ Tiie itincnJiiiciit_tn_tlie_eon--  stitution will be a compromise between the Ray proposition and the  Jenkins resolution,  Threat of Russian Intervention.  St. Pktkksisuro, April 15.-The  czar aud czarina (darted last evening for Moscow. Extraordinarily  per.~i.stent rumors arc .-current in  Moscow that on It ussiait Kaster  Sunday the czar will issue a manifesto containing an ultimatum to  Great Bii tain, demanding that she  conclude peace with the Boers  forthwith under tin-cat of occupying Cabul and Herat if Great Britain fails to comply.  Paris Exposition Opened.  ' Pauls, April !5. ���Glorious weather favored the opening of tho exposition to the general public today  and immense ciowds flocked into  the grounds. Thu area of tiie exposition, however, is so great that  nowhere was there any crush. The  visitors were mainly composed of  provincials nnd foreigners. Comparatively few Parisians were to be  seen.    Died of Enteric Fever.  Ottawa, April L4���[Special to  The Tribune].���The militia department received this afternoon a  cable from Bloemfontein stating  that No. 7802, private R. Harrison  of the 20th regiment, Montreal C.A.,  died today of entei ic fever.  New York Cigarmakers Locked Out.  New York, April 15.��� Five  thousand cigarmakers, employed by  six of tho largest firms in this eity,  were notified thi.s afternoon that  there would be no more work until  Situation at Wepener.  Maseru, Basutoland, April 14.���  Sir  Godfrey Lagden,  British  resident commissioner, returned  here  on  Friday from the scene of the  operations near Wepener.    He and  the paramount chief have'stationed  3000 armed natives to z'esist possible   Boer    encroachments.       The  orders of the resident are that the  Basutos are not to be allowed to  cross the Free State frontier on any  pretext   whatever.      Two   natives  who crossed and looted an abandoned Boer farm  are  now  in custody.    Colonel Dalgetty's position  is strong and well chosen, but he is  completely surrounded.    The Boers  have  their backs against Basutoland and if they stay much  longer  they will be hemmed in.    The British operations are  keenly watched  from the neighborhood  Shelling ancl sniping have been  going on steadily during the last  six days. Colonel Dalgetty's guns  are admirably served, and there is  no waste of ammunition. The j  Boers, when they see the flash of J  the cordite, bolt into their holes or  behind walls. The ambulances are  close to the border, but the killed  and wounded are not removed until  nightfall in order to conceal the  number of casualties. The Boera  are fatigued and their horses are  tired and footsore.  The Boers attacked fiercely the  British northern position on Monday, April Oth, but they were  beaten, back at daybieak. Nothing  is known here of the casualties of  either side.  At.ixvat^North, April 14.���Colonel Grenfell wires that tho casual-,  tics at Wepener includes quartermaster Williams, lieutenants Hal-  f6rd and'Duncan and 15 men  wounded.  Sir Godfrey Lagden, resident  commissioner at Maseru, telegraphs  that no shelling has been heard  from the direction of Wepener today. A regiment of British infantry and a battel y of artillery arrived on Friday. General Brabant's  headquarters and all the mounted  troops have gone to Rouxville.  The Northern Post asserts that  the Rouxville posts furnished 10,-  000 recruits to the Boer force as a  result of the invasion last week.  Five hundred Boers, under commandant Swanpeel, forced .the Bi it-  isJi rifles to evacuate Rouxville.  The former landrost, who had been  acting for the British, offered to go  to the front to prove himself a true  Free Stater, and almost to a man  -the-Frce Staters who had taken tiie-  oath rejoined the Boers. Nearly  everyone produced a Mauser, looting, however, was repressed, ft is  reported that there are 1700 Boers  at Wepener, and fourteen British  .sympathisers have been imprisoned.  Tho Boers admit having shot Mr.  Guiiicr, the hotel keeper, for having  taken forage to the Rritish. A paymaster with ��400 was captured.  Another Big Strike.  Prcimio.VT, West Virginia, April  !5.���Seven hundred miners employed by the Davis (JoaF <fc Coke  Company in this section have voted  unanimously to strike, ami will not  re-enter tiicmincs tomorrow.  Mine Owner Captured.  Waiih.u:.vto.v, April 15. ��� Frank-  Smith, the well known mine owner,  fell jnto the hands of tho Boers  while driving from Barkly West toward the Frank Smith diamond  mine.  McCormack to Fight McCoy.  Chicago, April 15. Jack McCormack, the big Philadelphia heavyweight, has agreed to fight Kid  McCoy in Philadelphia iu a six  round, no decision battle on April  23rd.   The Queen Out Driving.  Dl'BU.v, April 15.���The queen  took a long drive this afternoon  through the village.-, adjacent to  the city.   Senator Malialli 111.  Cincinnati, April 15.���Word has  been received here that senator  Mahalli is quite ill with la grippe  at Old Point Comfort.  BRUTALITY OF "RED TAPE"  A Striking Instance.  New York, April 15 Tho brutality of "red tape" in the United  States navy department is emphasized by I��aae N. Ford in a London  cable to this morning's Tribune in  regard to the physical breakdown  of commander Colwcll. Mr. Ford  says: "Mr. Colwell closed his accounts and settled up his business  with his naval successor at the American embassy on Thursday, but  was ordered by his physician into a  hospital for the next week and forbidden to sail by today's steamer  for New York. He has been suffering from overwoik and complete  nervous breakdown, and is not in  condition to carry out the orders of  the navy department and report in "  San Francisco early in May and sail  for the China squadron.  "Dr. Lennox Browne, his London  physician, had warned him that he  was unfit for work aud in absolute  need of rest. Two medical letters  were sent to Washington with an  alarming account of his condition  and application was made for three  months leave on waiting orders.  The navy department, through -  assistant secretary Allan, cabled to  him yesterday its refusal of his  application.  "This is a curious illustration  of  the  thoughtless  brutality  of "red  tape" ; the navy department seems  I to be unwilling  to accept medical  I certificates    of    eminent   English  physicians   respecting   commander  Col well's   physical   condition,  and  .  will not be convinced by anything  short of a coroner's inquest  that a  faithful officer is incapacitated  for  a long journey and  immediate sea  service."  Do Not Want Wages Eeduced.  A  meeting   of   the^ journeymen   -  jewellers and watchmakers resident  in Nelson took pl.ice  on  Saturday  night, nine out of a *otal of eleven  tradesmen   being   present.      ,!.   II.  jS"ii-kci>on presided, and in opening  drew attention to the object of tho  meeting,   wliich    was    to   protest  ag,un.sb the cut-rates announced by  one dealer who has  inaugurated  a  scale of prices  50  per cent  below  the   former   charges,   which  were  adopted    by    tho   trade   here   as  reasonable in view of  the  cost of  living, etc.     The employing firms  a'ssert  lhat  with  cut  prices  thoy  cannot possibly pay tho wages they  now   pay   to their    watchmakers.  After  discussing   the   question  at    *  some length the meeting concluded  to have Mr. Niekerson  call  on and  remonstrate with  tho dealer  who .  has cut the rates.   If this fails they  state   that   other, means   will  bo  adopted.    Tho jewellers and watchmakers propose to organize to^main-  tain the present rate of wages.  Another Stamp Mill,  new  10*stamp   mill on  H  0  The new 10*stamp mill on the  Biinkor__Hill_ mine- has -boen-com-  pleted. This property is situated  On Sixteen-mile creek, off the Pond  d'OreiPo river just this side of the  international boundary line. J, J.  Warren, the manager of the property, was in Nelson on Saturday on  the business of his company and informed a representative of TilK  Tiuiu'ne that he expected that the  mill would be started upon Wednesday of this week. Ho has engaged Mr.  Harvey, formerly superintendent  of the Poorman, and professor Garvin, now in charge of tho Granite  mill, to run the mine and mill.  Messrs. Warren and Harvey left  for the Bunker hill on yesterday  morning's train.  Trap Shooting Scores.  Saturday's shooting at the gun  club's traps was hardly up to the  mark, although tho fact that rain  fell steadily while tlio firing cou- ,  tinned accounts in a measure for  tho comparatively low scores of tho  majority.    Following is the score:  Dr. U. A. li. TJnll .111(1 11101 11010 MU10 11101 1<?  1)   Rintknoml H*W Mild OOIfil HIM dill -It?  <:!). tioepiU tiinu mum ioiw inino imwt-i^  h. iroudcn ,  , ..fiioHMwiwt oiuoi ii��in mui���r.��  11. K. McDonnell   0MI|1 01011 111UI >01J<�� 01011 -Ij  Jasper I'hutr., .   jiiw owiu iinw (mm bmo- ii  A.CuilO ,, (Hlrtl Hull I OiOlO 01100 W��*��II -II  ?,. Wluio .. . . UdXll (HlOfi 1IUOI KXWl MUtX'���lO  Onrffl' Steele rx>t r I HiHH 'WI00 ��I�� HI 01000- ')  11. W. V. I'ollok    OOlnO 000111 umOO IJ100 OOJI'I     s  British Casualties at Wepener.  Af.iWAh Nohtii. April lo.���It is  officially reported that the British  losses at Wepener iu four days'  fighting were 18 men killed and l'i'2  wounded, _____   Kentucky Shootmg ��crap3.  LnxixuTo.v, Kentucky, April 15.  ���In a fi&hfc with revolvers last  night Dr. Joseph N. Parker shot  and killed Veto A. Antonello. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C MONDAY,  APRIL 16  1900  ^ :  I '^,   ���  It    *  r  is  It"  fe'i'l  liii'l'*  S. n  I*1!     s  Pfl<!  iff,  la J fr  K'f  Is:*  IK*-?  i    *  II/-x  Ir'"  h'T��  I* _  \ i  l_�� ' -  F  I?.  TODAY-MONDAY  AT KERR "& GO'S  Dress Goods Dress Goods  All day will be devoted to selling Dress Goods  The  Nelson are to be  is   at   the  lowest  Dress Good?,  newest, most fashionable, up-to.date dress   goods m  found in this stoic.    Price per yard   or suit   length  possible selling figure.  About twenty now spring  jackets  left in  black, fawn and brown  Today at 20 per cent discount to clear the lot.  NEW DRY GOODS STORE  MADDEN BLOCK,  BAKER STREET.  KERR & CO.  MENS  CHILDRENS  BOYS  Tailor-Made Clothing  Clothing, Overalls   and   Furnishings.    Every   article   of  the finest  quality produced by the best manufacturers.  New  Patterns and  Colorings,  Latest Styles, Up-to-date  in every respect.  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"The Ashantee  outbreak," he  continued, "is picturesque  rather than  serious.    It has been caused by sir  Frederick Hodgson's indiscreet /.cal  in attempting to discover and seize  a   big   nugget  which  was   hidden  away when king Prempeh was  defeated.    This nugget was  once the  gold stool of royalty in  Coomassie,  but   it   is   also    a    native    fetish  which  the  governor  of   the   Gold  Coast   ought   to   have  allowed  to  remain in its hiding place.    French  intrigues continue in Morroeco and  covert advances aro constantly being made in the far interior.  There  will be a series of court ceremonials  in Berlin early in   May when  the  crown prince will come of age  and  the emperor of Austria will be received    with    exceptional    honor.  The generosity  of the king of the  Belgians in making over to the na-.  tion a series of valuable properties,  contrasts strangely with his closeness aud parsimony in dealing with  his daughter Stephanie^ with whose  middle-aged romance lie has beeu  entirely out of sympathy.  Rhodes Invests in Mexico.  Toi.uca, Mexico, April 15.���One  of the largest mining deals ever  made in Mexico has just been consummated here by ..the -sale of  a group of four exceedingly rich  and productive gold mines, located  in the Zacualpam district near here,  by their Mexican pwuers to a London syndicate for $4,000,000 iu gold.  Cecil Rhodes is said to be one of  the principal stockholders.  &%__\;^**  ^���^ .Nasv ;,����i& 'V'V *>^.'>��k. ���>��> ���*���* ���^���"ta��l  '0*-00-  . fi*' 00' 00' 00'  00' 00'08,  w  w  iti  \xt  iti  36   Baker   Street  XV  iti  iti  Annual Spring Sale House Furnishings, Carpets, Oilcloths,  Linoleums, Window Shades, Lace Curtains, Portieres, Poles  Now is the time for Spring- House Cleaning and replenishing new for old.  We will offer special reduction in this department for the next ten days.  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J. EVANS & CO.  NJSLSOff, B. O.  5'f=!'cS)  'ti^X  TriE business men and tho men  who work for wages are going to  take a hand in this election against  the professional politicians and the  corporations. The work will be  done so quietly that the politicians  and the corporations will not know  what hurt them.  ONCE MORE CONFIDENCE IS  W. W. Ei,up, who attempted to  make the Victoria Colonist an independent newspaper, but wlio had to  - take in the Dunsmuiis for partners,  has now been foiced to resign his  "position"as generarhiahager of that  paper. The independent newspaperman must have both staying  qualities and a bank account to  make a winning fight in British  Columbia. ^   Tub Miner in a fit of envious  spleen wishes that the city could be  mulcted iu heavy losses in fighting peddlerd nnd the disorderly  element, uiiosu cause it i-i now  ohampioning. The Miner need not  worry; the city will not be made  tosunor3ossbccau.se the city au-  toritics have stamped out the peddling nuisance and dealt with the  disorderly element on' busines-, instead of sentimental lined. The  Miner had better confine its sole attention to Joe Martin, the only subject on which its editor seems to be  posted.^  It is generally conceded that the  people who are  opposed to party  lines will carry the following seats  in-the coming election, namely, Al-  berni,   youth   Nanaimo,    Nanaimo  City, Richmond, Delta, Chilli whack,  New "Westminster City, thiee seats  in Vancouver City, AVest Yale, East  Yale, all six seats in Kootenay, and  the two scats  in   Cniiboo,  leaving  the remaining eighteen  seals to be  fought for  by the Martin-Turner-  Dunsuauu* factionb.  The Prevailing Note.  New York, April 15.���Isaac JNT.  Ford; the London correspondent of  tho New York Tribune, cables his  paper at 1 o'clock this morning, reviewing the war situation' as follows: "Optimism is the note of the  meagre dispatches received -from  the front during the last 24 iioiuV.  The long halt is nearly ended and  preparations are making for an irresistible march northward. It is intimated that geueral Roberts can  leave 20,000 men to guard the railway- behind- him "and" still" lutve"  80,000 men available foi\an advance  to the Vaal river.  The colonial garrison is not only  holding its ground, but is punishing tho Boers, whoso retreat will  be cut off by the force advancing  across the country from Reddersburg. Ono military writer assumes  that tho Boer raiders are already  entrapped and will never succeed  in rejoining tho main body in the  north.  The dispatches indicate a marked  return of confidence which is, without doubt, well founded on the  overwhelming strength of general  Robert's forces. Bnt there was no  definite information at midnight of  any fres3i Miccess of the - British  amis. This optimism even takes a  brighter line at Cape Town than in  London. It is reported that a feeling  of eoniidence in the speedy relief of  Mafeking is entertained there, aud  that good news will be received before the end of April, The ways  and means arc not stated. General  Methuen is active at Boshof, but  Mafeking is dependent upon its  own resources unless a mysterious  column has been sent north by a  long detour from Kimberly, while  the AVarrenton garrison has been  bombarding Fourteen Streams.  One reason for the British confidence is the lack of pasturage on  the veldt which will deprive the  Boers of the use of their wiry,  hardy ponies-. General Roberts' inaction has brought nature into the  field as an ally against the Boeis.  The high veldt leading toward the  Transvaal will  be   without grass  INCORPORATED 1670.  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THE TBIBUNE:  NELSON B. 0., MONDAY, APRIL  16, 1900  BANK OF M0M1IAL  CAPITAL, all paid up..$12,000,000  REST     G.000,000  " ovcl Strathcona nnd Mount Royal ...Presldnn  It in. George A. Driiinmond Vico-Prcsldon  S. Clouston U oncriil Manage  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD   OFFICE, TORONTO.  NKLSON BRANCH  Comer Baker and Kootenay Streets.  Branches in Loxnox (England) Nkw Yoiuc,  Chicago, und all the principal cities in Canada.  Ruy nnd sell Sterling Exchange nnd Cable  Transfers.  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credit*,  available in any part, of the world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Etc.  Is now prepared.to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U.S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N. W. T.  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  $2,500,000  $2,391,863  $1,554,710  i D. R. Wilkic, General Manager.  .��� E. Hay. Inspector.  ������      ��  r-  .:  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker Street  J. M. LAY, Manager.  Saving's Bank Branch  CUHKKNT KATU OK IXTKHKST l'AID.  YMIR COMPANY'S MEETING  w  All Enviable Record.  Tho first annual general meeting  of the 'Ymir Gold Mines, Limited,  was  held  on  March  22nd,  at the  Cannon Street Hotel, Loudon, under  tho-presidency" of Mr. Montagu F.  Armstrong.    The chairman, in proposing the adoption of the report  and accounts, expressed the gratification of the board at being able to  lay before the shareholders such a  satisfactory statement of accounts,  showing not only the soundness of  the  present  position   of  the  company, but the prosperous career it  had    before  it.     They  -would    be  aware that the company purchased  its property from the London and  British Columbia Goldfields, Limited,  the  purchase  price  being  the  whole of its share capital?that company agreeing to provide the property with- the  necessary 40-staiiip~  mill, and its assessories erected and  complete  and  ready for working.  As at the time of talcing the property over there was a considerable  amount  of   ore  blocked^   out  and  ready for  treatment,  it naturally  followed that the'Ymir Gold Mines,  'Limited, would be able to run alone  Avithout working1 capital: iu other  iirords, the working capital which  was generally required  for equipping a mine of this character was  provided by tho vendor company in  the form of development work done  and machinery   on  the   property.  Under those circumstances, no pub-  lie issue oi' the shares was  made.  - The company was incorporated on  Aug  29th, 1S9S,  and entered iuto  possession of tho pioperty on September l&t following; but, owing to  unavoidable delays, regular milling  work did not take place until June.  After  thatv date  the mill was not  worked in .August nor for half of  September, 0\\ ing to an unfortunate  accident iii the driving gear, necessitating considerable alteration.    Tt  would   therefore be  seen that,  although the expenses continued from  August,   1S0S, to  the  end   of  last  year���a period of sixteen months���  the  mill  only  worked   1721-   days,  thus  limiting the  revenue-earning  capacity  of the mine  during  the  ���period    covered  by    the accounts  down  to  about six  months;   and  when they considered that during  those six  mouths'  woik the mine  produced a profit of ��20,000, after  writing  down    the  vaiious   items  shown in tho accounts, he was sure  they would agree "with him that the  result of last year's operations was  exceedingly satisfactory.    Mr. Fow  . lerls_report_ and_drawings_attache_d  to the accounts would have provided the shareholders with considerable information witiiregaid to the  present condition oF the miue and  the result of the woik carried out.  and  ho thought  ho would  be expressing the opinion of the shareholders in saying that it also showed the careful, thoughtful and able  manner in which every delail connected with the nndeitaking was  being followed by Mr. Fowler and  tho  company's   lepresentativos  in,  British Columbia.    From Mr. Fowler's report it would be noticed that  at the end of last year 570!) feet of  tunnels  and   other  workings   had  been driven, opening up above tlio  '300-foot level the largo' quantity of  139,122 tons of payable ore in one  chute alone.    They would doubtless  be struck with such a large amount  of ore being opened up at such a  shallow^ depth; but  this  was  ex:  plained "by the fact that their roof  was lenticular in form, in one place  leaching a width of over .'JO feet,  and Us narrowest width being not  less  than  six feet.     In  that  reef  they had three classes of ore���carbonates, galena Ore, and milling ore,  the two former being particularly  rich,  running as  high as ��So per  ton.    This did not pass through the  juill at all ; but was sacked at the  mine   and  shipped   direct  to   the  smelters.    The milling ore was of  lower    grade,    aud    was    pas��ed  through tho mill, the amalgamating  plates   producing  bullion   and the  concentrating machinery producing  concentrates, which, like the richer  ore, was sacked and shipped to the  smelters.    Having  three classes of  ore to deal with, shareholders would  understand how difficult it was to  prevent the returns varying somewhat month by month; consequently the yearly profits must not be  calculated from the return of any  single month. However, the accounts distinctly showed from the  six months period of Avorking what  the real average was likely to be,  although, for his part, he should not  be surprised if at auy time, owing  to the enormous width of the vein,  they came across an exceedingly  largo body of the richer class of ore,  which would naturally raise the  average.  The report told them that they  had produced from the ore as met  with a net profit of ��1 2s. 10jd. per  ton,    after   making    all    possible  charges against the revenue.    The  vein might, he thought,,safely be  said  to   continue  throughout   the  full length of their property, and it  was only reasonable to hope that  upon    the   westward  continuation  of developments, othey pay chutes  would be encountered ; and, again,  Mr. Fowler, in his report, held out a  certain  amouunt of hope  that  in  driving the new No. 10 tunnel there  was every chance of encountering  another vein altogether.    That be-  iug so, the directors did not hesitate, in October last, to increase the  milling  capacity of the mine from  35,000 tons^tp 70,000 tons ;perjjaii4  num.    Iu order to  carry out that  arrangement,    it    was    necessary  either to increase the capital of the  company or to raise a loan, aud he  thought there could be no two opinions as to the course adopted having been the better one in the interests of the shareholders. Whereas  the mine had. proved itself by  last year's Work capable of producing a profit of something like ��40,-  000 per annum, by the introduction  of the extra machinery that profit  would be doubled, and would thus  afford ample opportunity of repaying the loan, and they would stand  with an unimpaired capital of ��200,-  000 and an earning-capacity of ��S0,-  000  per annum.    He hoped shareholders, would not feel disappointed  that  the* directors had decided to  withhold a further dividend just at  present; but they felt it wiser to  delay doing so until the' extra 40  stamps  were running and the revenue- increased.      lie   wished1 to  point  out  that although   the   accounts showed a present available  profit  of   ��10.000,   some   of that  amount had been  expended  upon  development aud   machinery, mid  was consequently not available at  rtho present time.    When the time  came���and he   thought At   would  come very shortly���it  would "give  the directors the utmost pleasure  to  recommend regular half-yearly  dividends. They were all aware that  a    very    serious    strike    existed  throughout a large part of British  Columbia  from  June  of last year  until the middle of last month; but  he \va& pleased to be able to report  that, Owing in a great measure to  the large quantity of ore there was  available on the dumps, ifc did not  -affect- this com pa ny-sa -proper ty-iu-  any appreciable   degree.    It   was,  however,    highly   satisfactory   to  know that the strike was ended,  'and he did not think it was likely  to be repeated for a very long time  to  come. , In  conclusion,  he must  express,  on  behalf of himself and  follow ditoctors, tho high appreciation which  their administration in  British Columbia deserved at their  hand".    The   Ymir   property   had  not been one fraught with no difficulties, but these had been overcome,  to a large exteufc, by the ability and  account of delays.    The cost of forwarding the  men, the horses and  their  outfits  from their points of  enlistment  to the. ports of departure, Quebec and Halifax, and their  maintenance   until    the    steamers  sailed   was   $91,250.       A  sum   of  $14,745 was paid out in allowances  to officers apd nurses for their outfits.    Clothing for the first contingent cost $20,744, and for the second  $86,077,  a  total  of $146,821.    For  arms   aud  ammunition there -was  spent on behalf of the first contingent the sum of. $54,294, and on behalf of the second contingent $461,-  SS7.60.        All   these    expenditures  make     a     total    of     $718,479.21;  and     the      remaining      $175,000  is the . estimated difference in six  months pay of the. Canadian and  Imperial soldiers.    It cost $25 each,  or $30,250, to carry 1210  horses  to  Halifax, $20,000 to take first contingent to  Quebec; $39,000  to ..transport the men of the second contingent   to Halifax, and   $50,000 to  move the artillery to Halifax.    The  sum of $25,000 was spent on  rifles,;  swords and scabbards for the  first  contingent and $18,050 for second.  The   field artillery of the second  contingent cost $200,000, the  Maxims $16,667,  while "the-Maxims  of  the first contingent were purchased  for $8333.    Revolvers for the  first  contingent were bought for  $775,  while for the second they cost $14,-  900.    Artillery ammunition  necessitated an expenditure  of $75,000.  The small ammunition for the first  contingent was bought for  $4015  and   the   second     for    $14,382.50.  Saddles     for     the     mounted   infantry     regiment,     required     an  of      $24,375.     For     the  contingent        the       sum  of $1600 was spent on axletrees aiid  for the second the outlay on this  article was $4240.    Many articles  such as blankets, tents, ammunition  boxes,    transport   wagons,    spare  wheels and axles, telescopes, rubber  sheets,    axes,   picks,    bags,    belts,  brushes,   water   bottles,   buckles,  blacking,   horse   collars,   lanterns,  mess tins, pitch forks,  etc.,  added  thousands upon  thousands to  the  expenditure.     The figures showing  what it cost Canada to  equip 2000  men are interesting in themselves,  and doubly so in giving an idea of  what outlay must be entailed in  forwarding   and keeping 'fed, and  supplied in every way an army of  200,000 men.  samples.from the vaiious  outcrop-  pingsis given.    These, range from  $30.10 to $9.54, and average about  $16.    Mr. Wakers  states  that  although the ore body has been broken  into at intervals throughout about  250 feet  in  width,  it is   believed  that the best ores are still ahead,  toward the hanging wall.  The gold  values' are also increasing as the  hanging wall is approached.  - The  exploration of the Mammoth Bluff  outcrop is said to show up  a  body  of ore fully as  large as  was expected.    So far  the investigations  have   been   confined to the   Jane  claim on account of the snow  on  the hills.    This, however, is rapidly  disappearing, and the company intends to at once begin the examination of the Clifton  and  Fairview  claims, which are higher up   the  mountain.  LABOR   PARAGRAPHS.  In the Transvaal the miner's  working, day, as fixed' by law, is  eight hours for six days in the  \yeek, while in the Kimberley mines,  in British territory, the miners/  who are contract laborers, are re- I  quired to work tAvelve hours a day,  seven days in the week.  . Senator Gear of Iowa has introduced an amendment to the post-  office appropriation bill fixing eight  hours as the length of a working  day for clerks iri postoffices in the  United States, and providing for  extra pay for additional hours.  The boss carpenters, contractors  and builders in Cincinnati, Ohio,  came to an agreement with the carpenters and joiners last week to  establish an eight-hour day, at  $2.40 on the 1st June. The present  rule is nine hours at $2.50 per day.  This is an increase'of five cents an  hour. This ends a struggle Avhich  began fifteen years ;.ago.  The ordinance of the eity of Seattle, which makes it unlawful for  any contractor or sub-con tractor  ufion any public work of the said  city to permit any day laborer to  Avork more than eight hours has  been declared to be unconstitutional by the supreme court.  After May 1st tho Bakers' Union  of Denver, Colorado, will hot alloAv  its members to work during the  night. The workmen have decided  that the natural conditiori is to  work during the day and sleep at  night, and this rule Avill be followed  in the future.  Celebration of the establishment  of an eight-hour Avorking day by  the coal miners brought about almost complete idleness'in the Pittsburg district ou Saturday of last  week.  Carpenters at Victor, Colorado,  are now getting $4 a day for eight  hours.  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS5  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  MEALS  25  GENTS  KOOTENAY  CIGAK  CO.���Corner Baker  ROOMS LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITY  AND HEATED BY STEAM  25 CENTS TO $1  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NKLSON.        ������_,.'  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.  . Large comfortable bedrooms and   first-class  dining-room. Sample rooms for commercial men.  RATES $2 PER DAY  IVJrs. E. C. Claris Prop.  LATE OP TIIE ROYAL IIOTEL, CALGARY  outlay  first  A  LINE OF  -   Brittania Copper Syndicate.  ���The Brittania Copper Syndicate,  AA'hich owns, claims on Howe sound,  near Vancouver, has issued a ' circular letter to its shareholders, giving the results of recent AA'ork. The  circular is a report from TIoAvard  C. Walters, manager for the company.      A   series   of   assays from  NElMoP^  ONE   NiGHT  ONLY  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and roast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings    -  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber-  of all kinds.  IF AVHAT YOU AVA.\,T,I9 NOT IN STOCK  AVE AVILL MAKK IT VOR VOU  CALL AND GET PRICES.  A. R. SHERWOOD  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  First door west  of Bank of British  Columbia building.  Baker Street  J,  Charles D. J. Christie  GENERAL BROKER  ���1 doors west of Dominion Express offico.  P. O. Box 523.   Phone*: Office 117, House 152  FOR KENT  One 3 ltoom House and ono .3-Room House.  TOR SALE  Tin oo Lots on Baker sticet.  A Buck Block.  Houses and Lots in .ill parts ot tho city.  Loans and insaiiance promptly attended to.  J, E. ANNABLE  GENERAL. BROKER  care exercised by those in charge.1  THE   COST   TO   CANADA.  IL is estimated that the expenditures of the Dominion government  on account of the war in South  Africa will reach $1,803,170.21 by  the 30th of June, and "probably a  much larger sum Avill be spent before the troops finally return to  Canada. A statement just issued  by the government sIioavs that the  eo<sb of transporting the two contingents by sea Avas $557,221. Of  this amount $120,000 was paid for  tho {Sardinian, the rates being ��35  each for officers, <��30 for non-commissioned officers aud ��22 lor men  and hoises. Tho cost of fitting her  out was $3.>,000.' The Laurentian, Pomeranian and Milwaukee  Avere chartered on a different  basis, the rate being 20 shillings  per ton per month, and on au estimated voyage of three months the  figures are for the first tAvo $128,-  188 and $00,OQ0 for fitting them  out, and for tho Milwaukee $128,-  377, with $60,000 for outfitting.  There is also $25,030 charged on  Monday, April 16th  Louise Brehany  Ballad and  Ooera  JtTAU, AND tATCE STRIXTS, NKLSON  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  (LIMITED)  J.  Successors lo  A. DEWAR & CO.  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 While Pins Lumber Alwajs in  We carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Tin co dwelling houses for sale on easy terms.  One lot  on   Stanley   sticet,  opposite Royal  Iiotel, for-sale at a. Imi gain.  One scion-i oomed house unci one three-room  house for rent. <  '  See ANNABLE  A. ���R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  -      -  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Comer Victoria and Kootenay Streets.  P. O. Box 5OT. TELEPHONE NO. 95  ALAVAYS  FRESH  10c  ALAVAYS  COOL  The host glass of beer to be had in Nelson is at  1    THE CLUB HOTEL  Corner Silica and  Stanley Streets.  E. J. CURRAN, Prop.  MONEY TO LOAN  ON  AT 7 PER CENT       *  BUSINESS PROPERTY  Apply G. L. LENNOX, Solicitor. Xelson B. C  moyie" lots  FOR   SALE.  IV|adden House  Baker and Ward  Streets, Xelson  The only hotel In Nelson that has remained  under ona management sinco 1890.  The bed-roomB are well furnished and lighted  by electricity.  The bar ia always stocked by the besb dom s-  tic and imported liquor* and clgani.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  B. C. HOTEL   erie,  B. 0.  Lot  9  Block  1  Lot  9  Block 5  Lot  "It  Block 6  Lot  7  Block 7  Cash Offer  , Foi?   AH Foup  ADDRESS  Contractors and Builders  America's" favorite  >  prima donna  Assisted by a superb coterie  of well known American  Artists in a choice  musical program  Concluding with  a portion of the  GRAND OPERA  Beautifully Costumed  A Great Musical Entertainment.  Seats now on sale. '  WILL DO WELL TO  0, 0. Buchanan's  A large stock of Brut-class dry material on  hand, also a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings,  turned work, etc- '  Factory Work a Specialty  Yardi  Foot of Hendryy Btroet, Nelson  Telephone. 01  mt  ?  e  GREAT REDUCTION  Hard Coal  Anthracite  TELF.niONK  33  $9.8512c-TKcsl   $6.15  DELIVERED  0. W. West & Co.  Lethbridge Gait Goal  Tlio beat value for the money in the maiket  for all purposes.  tKumb cash      XV. P. Tikknkv, General Agent  Telephone 117,   Office with C. 1>. J. Christie,  ��. F. Teetzel, Nelson.  SEALED TENDERS  will lie iecei\eii bv tho unrtei��'Kiicd ii(i till Aiull  20th ror during kjuO fccr of tunnel ��ith mr ilnlK  ul the Yi'iIoaMuiio mine. fjpudfnaliODs and  ji.iiitttiil.ir�� can bo obtained at the mine, near  h'nlmo,  'Jlli: YHLLOWbTONH MINK;?, LIMITJ'.I).  W,iIino,J.'.. C.  NOTICE OP DISSOLUTION.  Notice is hoioby given Unit Iho pnitner-hip  heietofous CMiting hutuccn lhe uiirteriiglicsl as  ic.iirisicr-a iiutt fiuighleis under the firm iiiiiih1 of  The Nelson Ti.m-.fet Company lias thi-> day by  mutual < w-oiu fieun dis^oh-cil.  All tloht* due to the s ih! Hi in .lie t<i bu paid to  the uttdciMgjiud .John T. U'iKijii .md Kenneth A,  I"'orl)e-f, ulio hnve .isMimod .mil wiil pay ol!" all  the liabilities of the Mud linn,  Dated at-N'eKon, JI. C, this Jtlh day of March,  ISAM. ALVIN C. VliKClK.  a. ii. aifi)OUMA\.  jc a. rouiiivs.  J. T. WILSON.  Witness, V. K. WiKou. Soiiuloi, Nel .on, R C\  LAND   NOTICE.  Notieo is heieliy given lh.it after one month J  ��llj make appln .ilion lo the Chief Coinutivsioncr  of L.indsaml Woi tvs to jhim li.isc forlj acres Of  l.ind in tin, dislnet of \Ve*t Kootenay m (he  jiiomuci ot Jiuti*-li Columbia, -.itn.ilcd on lisp  i.i��-l ���>nU (if Kootenaj lalio, between 1 ockhart  ���ami lj.iti.iuce iiceks as follow�������� t'ommoncing  at .ipost on the beach m irl��(d "Imfi tl Post John  I.aidUw'-. V, W. Coiner," Ihuu e southoilj arOng  the lake -JO i bain-, thence wnleily '.'it fh.ims,  theme nuitlicih .'<! ihmis (hewa westeih 20  chains to tlio pluce of beginniiw.  .HIIIV LAIDLAW.  Dated ut Nelson, B.C., tins .fid (i.i.\ oi Ajiul,  l'Xiq  LAND NOTICE.  Notice is hei(b\ gnen, that after one month I  will make .ijipliiatioti lo the Chief Conimissiotiei  of Lauds jiud V\otks to puidiase one handled  nml-ixtj niii-s of land In tlio Distijit of West  Knoteua), m tin 1'ioMiiee of liiitisli Columbia,  situaHri i<n (ho \%t.st side of Koolcn.ij lake, on  Itonlder i Hi k, about I i\u mik- -.ouih of lialfcmr  Coaimuienigul fnitial Cost maiketl ������John Umk.  N D. Come i," LJicikc ue-t MM} foin ( bains.  thoiiLo south twent} Ihc chain-*, theme ea��t  sivlj fijiirctlaiiw.lhrni.e north (wmtj Ilvi cliainb  to the Initial Cost.  JOHN lU'UK.  Dated at Ntlsou this Jth daj of April, WHO.  First-clasT*lii every respect. Choicest wines,  liquor* and cignrs. Lvery comfort for transient  and resident guests.  HEADQUARTERS FOR UNION MRJT.   ,  JOSKPH CAMPBELL. Proprietor.  ft^maal^ldsjaxcl  Vernon Street, Nelson.  SMOKE  '     ROYAL SEAL  AND ,   '  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS  UNION MADE  kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co,  NEWOK, BHITISlt COJ.UMIIIA  R. REISTERER & CO'  UitBWEBS AND BOTTLERS OF  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  ^SS^Wt���.^   Brewaiyjrtllelson  Nelson   Wine   Co.  CHOICE WIHES AND LIQUORS  Special attention gnen to family trade  FRANK A. TAMBLYN  Telephone IH  linker street,  Nehson, 11. (.  MANAGKIt  SAWMILL   TOR   SALE.  The sawmill and plant lately owned by Joseph  T. Kobuits.al Kjkolt's landing, mid uinsislniK  of a 30 horse ponei boiler, engine, (Jntlitn Ac  Wcdjco top nrf hawnull, edger, planer, heUiiiK,  ��lc, etc.. uill bo sold wheie they now utand.  "^''VaVLOU & HANNINGTON. Solicitors.  Waverly Hotel  This popular hotel which is now being  enlarged and renovated, will bo reopened  on March 1st, when it will have 40 large,  nicely furnished and well lighted rooms,  heated with hot air. Special attention  - -will be given to the dining room:  RATES REASONABLE.  C. A. PROSSER,  MANAGER  A Big" Schooner  OF  BEER OR  HALF-AND-HALF  CRATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  rpHORPE & CO., LIMITED.-Corncr Vernon  -*��� and Cedar afreot-s. Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholesalcdcalera in ferated waters and  fruit syrups. Sole agentsfor Halcyon Springe  mineral water.   Telephone CO.   ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  TXT F. TEETZEL & CO.-Corner Baker'and  vv ���   Josophino streets, Nelson, wholesalo dcalors in   asiayers  supplies.   Agents ifor Denver  Fire Clay Co. of Denver. Colorado.   CIOARS.  MANUFACTURING  and Hall streets. Nelson, manufacturers of "Royal Seal" and "Kooto  nay Bolle" brands of cigars. '  COAL.  flROWS NEST PASS COAL COMPANY���  *-' Wholesale dealers in coal and coke. Charles  St. Barbe. Agent. Baker street. Nelson.        COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  tT J. EVANS & CO.���Baker street. Nelson,  ���L-L�� wholesale dealers in liquors, -cigars,  cement, Are brick and firo clay, water pipe and  steel rails, and general commission merchants.  ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY & CONSTRUCTION COMPANY���Wholesale deal-  ers in telephones, annunciators, hells, batteries,  ilxtures, etc., Josephine street, Nelson.  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN & KER MILLING COMPANY  LTD.���Front street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in flour, oatmeal, etc., and hay and grain.  Mills at Edmonton, Viotoria, and New... West-  ��� minster. '      ;  TAYLOR FEED & PRODUCE CO.-Baker  stroet. Nelson, ((}corge F. Motion's old  stand ) Flour, Feed, Grain, Hay and Produce.  Car lots a specialty. Correspondence solicited.  Phono 26.    FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  BURNS &   CO.���Baker   street,   Nelson,  wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meats.  Cold storage.  "   GROCERIES.  MACDONALD & CO.-Corner Vernon and  Josephine streets, wholesalo grocers and  jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbois,  mackinaws and miners'sundries.     KOOTENAY  SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMI-   .  TED���Vernon -street,  Nelson, ' wholesaler  grocers.^-'- vh--��������� ���''��� -. :   ���      ���������. '  -:: -   fOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.���Front street, Nel-  *���*    son, wholesalo grocers.    H�� R. STEWART & CO.-Warehouses on C. P.  ���*��� ��� It, track, foot of Stanley street. Nelson,  wholesalo dealers in provisions,:produce fand  fruits. Cold storage. Agents Armour & Co.'s  bacon, hams, lard and other products.  P.  A.  J.  Y. GRIFFIN   &   CO.-Corner Vernon and,  Josephine streets. Nelson, wholesale dealers'  in provisions, cured meats, butter and eggs.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS & CO.-Corner Baker and Josephino  ���   streots. Nelson, wholesale dealers in iimd-  ware and  mining  Powder Co.  supplies.    Agentsfor Giant  T AWRENCE HARDWARE (COMPANY���  ������-1 Bakerv St., Nelson, wholesale dealers in  hardware and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers'supplies. ,    VANCOUVER   HARDWARE    COMPANY.  ��    LIMITED���Baker street, Nelson, wholesalo  dealers in hardware and mining supplies, pluin->  bers and tinsnuthB1 supplies.   LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER, BEETON & CO.-Corner Vernon  and Josephine streets. Nelson, wholesalo  dealers in liquors, cigarb and dry goods. AgoitB  for Pabst Biewing Co. ot Milwaukee and Cal-  gary Blowing Co, of Galgary.   PAINTS   AND   OILS.  NKLSON HARDWARE COMPANY��� Baker  Stieet/- \Vt!<jla->tiks dealers in p.unT*;. olio.,  and briinhcs or all kinds. Largest slock In"  Kootenay. '  POWDERS CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  street Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholesalo dealers in caps and fuse, and electric  blasting apparatus.   SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON  SAW   AaVD   PLANING    MILL3  LIMITED���Cornor Front and Hall street*,   "  Nelson, manufacturers of and ^holewiile dealers  in sash and doors; allkinds of factory work mado  to order. ; ;   TENTS   AND   AWNINGS.  NELSON TENT AND AWNING FACTORY-  Baker stieet, Nelson. Manufacturers of all  kinds of tcsiLs, awnings, .md canva-, goods,  P. 0. Box 7(i.' Thco. M.Ml��on, proprietor.    WINES AND CIGARS.  QALIFOP.NI A    WINE  COMPANY,    LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall streets, Ncl-~  son, wholesale dealers tn'wines (case and bulk)  and domestic andlmported cigare.  ' ARCHITECTS.  THWART & CARRIE-Architects.   Rooms 1  -*-1   ami N Abnrdoon block. BakBPutmoti NnNnn,  ENGINEERS.  CHARLES PARKKR-Mining and nulling engineer.   West Baker street. Nelson,  -FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES.   KLSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. V. & A. M.1  Meets second Wednesday in each month.  Sqjourniug brothron invited.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS- Nelson Lodge, No,  25, Knights of Pythias, meets In I. O. O. IF.  Hall, corner Baker and^Kootcuny streets, every  Tuewlay evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights  cordially invitoa to attend.  R. G. JOY. K. of R. & 9.   ,  LEONARD SCOTT, C, C.  NKLSON L. O. L., No. lljiK, meets In I. O. O. V.  Hrt'l, corner Baker nnd Kootenay stroets,  bt and 3rd   Friday  of  each  month.   ViMting  brnthcrn cordially invited.  R. RoiunbOn. W.M. W, Ckawfouh. KecSoo.  NELSON AiltIK, Number 22, Fraternal Order  of Eaglu". meets ovory second and fourth  Wednesday ineach month   in Fraternity Hall.  Visiting brethren wolcomo.  XV. Gosnku., President.  Chaki.ks PuofiHKH. Secretary  TEADES   UNIONS.  NELSON MINERS' UNION NO. 9U, W, F. of  M.���Meets in miners' union rooms, northeast corner Victoria and Kootenay streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting members welcome.  Jam res Wii.kes. Sec'y.        M. It Mowai-j. Prog.  NKLSON   PAINTER*' UNION-The  regular  meeting  of  the   Painters    Union   is  held  ovei>. Wednesday u\cmug at T.'t"',m the P.tai-  tois' Union hall.  utcmiig al T '.VI, m  In hmd the Clarke hotel,  T. (). Skatbo. pi evident.  Alfred Turner, "-etret.ir*.  THADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.-The rCKU-  lar meetings ot the Nel-on Tiadcs and Labor  Council villi beheld m the miner-' union hnll,  corner of Victoiia ami Kcotenaj streets, on the  first and thud Tbur-day of each month, at  7.30 [i in. w  G- J. TuoitPK. Pios. .7. H. M.\ rursov. SncV.  tegular meetings of the Carpenters' Union  aro held on   Wednesday  evening    *       ''  rjiHE  week, at 7 o'clock, in the Miner'  of each  Uiiioh hall corner Victoria and Kootenay streets.  R. ROBINSON   Picsfdcnt.  JAMES COLLING, faocrotary.  BARHKIto' UNION. -NeN'oii Un'on. No. 1!*! of  the Inteiimttonul Joinne,\men Bubei*- I n-  ioh of Amend, meet- e\ei\ HW and find Mon-  dm of ciuh inuiith jn Minei - t mon Hall coiner  ofVittorii ind K'ootcn.ij stieet-. at S''M p m.  slim p. YimIiii���' biotlieis iordiall> united to  attend.  W ^ Bel villi', See J   II  Matheson, Pro-,.  LAHUKI.KV UNION. -Velson I. ,i Inn ers' Pio-  tiMi\e I iiion. \*i> M"1,A F of L . meet', m  Miners t mini Hall, urn the i>-l coi ni r of Victoria  ���mil Kootenav sticets, on the iirst and thiid Monday of each nnDiith. at S pan. sharp. Visiting  niouibeisflf the American Federation cordially  invited to attend.  Percy tiluikclton, Seo,       John Mullen, Pcca.  'I THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, MONDAY APRIL 16  1900
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in cicry reliable article thai om customers can ask for
dining the present Easter season. * '
in the friendships of om hundreds of customers who manifest then friendship .md confidence by standing bj us
if ter season, and j ear after year.       '
Wateh repairing- a* specialty.
All work is guaranteed by
JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler
•B-0r7B-jB70-0^rs-0-070>0"0       ^.c.«.e.c.«:.'Sr'Sr.>5',5v«T:*^'
g Great I
• Clearine*       t
§ Sale . . |
_i$]2,000-Stock-of  Dry   Goodsl
f       Selling at Wholesale Cost       |
# —= _ ^ (%_
J.     We have received a large consignment of   ^
m   Underskirts which are Exceptional Values. 9
Fancy Percale Underskirts at 75c
Black Sateen Underskirts at $1.25 and $1.60
Fancy Colored   Mercerised   Sateen   Underskirt
cad) at $2.15 and $2.75
Fancy Colored Silk Underskirts at $3.25
New Shirt Waists at 50 and 75c
Black Sateen Shirt Waists at $1 *   '   ,
Fancy Colored Mercerised Sateen Shirt Waists at $1.75
IV r
See our new Sailor Hats at 40 and 60 cents
The members of Kootenay Lodgo
No. Mi, I. O. O. V., have decided to take their
annual 21th of May Kxcursion to Kaslo this year.
Tlio steamer International has been chartered to
take the excursionists, which will have a scow in
tow-for (lancing. The excursionists will be accompanied hv a band and orchestra.
John A. Turner writes a friend at
Nelson, from Liverpool on March 2Slh, that
he intended sailing the next day on the steamer
Dominion for Halifax. Heroic going to Liverpool
ho spent two days in Leeds, Hradford and Manchester, and snow fell most of the time while in
these three great manufacturing centers. Mr.
Turner expected to stay a week or ton days at
Stonewall. Manitoba, visiting his father, before
returning to Nelson.
The reports    of the  ton of ore
from the Venus sent to Southern California a''
couple of months ago were received'Saturday
night, and proved most satisfactory. Tiik Thi-
bvsh is informed that the company will get out'
plans for a mill towards the end of this month
and flguro on having the buildings complete and
in operation by July.
N. Bordeiui, the Ymir miner who
was badly hurt by falling down tho shaft at tho
mine, is getting along nicely at the hospital.
\it When first brought to the institution he suH'orcd
"' so terribly from the various fractured bones that
ho insisted on tearing the splints from his wrists.
Since then plaster casts were placed on his arms
and leg and tho bones are knitting nicely.
John MeLeod, the man  who died
at the hospital on Thursday was buried Saturday afternoon at the Union cemetery. Another
C. I\ It. steamer employee is confined to the hospital with typhoid, and his casa is regarded as
serious. It said that when the C, P. R. steamers
tie up at the docks here they use the lake water
for drinking purposes, a dangerous practice, as
the water in the neighborhood of the docks is
...     anything but healthful.
w       The steamer Red Star is tied up
Vi/ at the city dock undergoing alterations.    She is
??. to be used principally for delivering powder at
\§i lake points, and it is of course necossary to re-
.7. model the interior so that there will be, no dan-
\tl f»or of explosion.    Captain   Campbell is quite
-"7. proud Of his trim little craft.
Xvf       The offices of the mining recorder
\ti a,,(l "le elerk of the supremo court will be closed
.7. today.   The latter will not reopen until Thurs-
\§f daj-, the intervening period, being   the Easter
.7. vacation.  -S.
W The electrical fire alarm apparatus at the Are hall is now working satisfactorily.
?T' It is an attachment ™hoi cby the linging ot the
\§i telephone bell after I o'clock  a in. causes  the
.7. gong in the hallw ay at the new addition to sound
11/ vigorously.   The result is that the men aro in-
•7. btnntl} awakened, and should the telephone call
\§i prove to be an alarm mm} valuable minutes are
•_.. sa\cd.   Later it ii proposed to attach another
If/ continance to   the telephone by which every
• v. electric light in the building will be turned on
\jff by the ringing of the bell.
iii        The   impressive    ceremonies    of
.?• holy week in the Catholic church terminated
\§J last night in the celebration of the solemn bene-
_• diction.   The church was boautifullj  decorated
ti/ with (loweis, etc.   Miss Jf Carey sang Uounod's
.k. "Avc Maria," and T. J. Scanlou  "O Salutans."
^|/ Kathci Ferland ofliciutcd with 12 acolytes.
jfc       L.. Edwin Dudley, United States
• i.      consul for Uritish Columb'si, is in the city con~
\|/     suiting with Wilb.im V. Kenibbs on matters 10-
•T-      luting to the local agency.
X9f     ' A. H. Gracey, who went etist re-
lu I cently in tho interests, of tho Impcn.il Dcvclop-
_? I im nt Syndicate, has met wilh great success in
If/ j Tilacing ihe sjndicatc slock ui desirable hands.
_. lie has bLCii in Winnipeg and Montreal and will
\jfj visit Toi onto prior to reluming to Nelson.
iti       Superintendent; J. W. Troup,  F.
•J. W. Peters,and H.  K. llaeDonell,   contracting
11/ freight agent, go to Grand J'"orks today to con-
•T- suit with the Graves fcxnoltci people with lOgiud
\|/ to the fraii?port.ition ot ore. '    '
il/       The $100 fine imposed on  Mrs.
Yji. Ooodrove ot FiCtecil-mile point for selling liquor
\W wiUiour a license, fell due on Good Fuday and
was not paid. Provincial coiiiiable Uullock, who
is taking over tho police duties on the Balfour
extension, has instructions to collect' the line at
once.   Tho option is disticss and a term of im-
EriKonment.   The Goodrows' client sh.ivo aheady
ecu scUcd in a cu il action.'
The ceremony of dedicating  the
new pulpit at St, Saviour's chinch was pei-
fQrmeil lust night. Kovi U.S. Akehurst commented on the handsome appearance of the
work, .md on behalf ol the church dicw attention to tho genoroMtj of the donor, JUrs. R, Duj,
and to the iiicutoiious part bon.cbj thobuildeii,,
Freeman & Ctn tis.
The slot macliinc paying money
prizes no longer oust-* in Nelson, but a "killing"
is still occasionally made on the cigai machines.
At the Hume hotel jestcrday afternoon a «ell
known real estate man won 10,5 eigats on two
The general delivery wicket at
the post otllco will be open today from f> to T
o'cloi-k only	
At the present time the railroad
hospital at Nme-nnle point onlv contains two
patients, both of whom..ire sutrciing from rhou-
inatisiii oi similar trouble, 'lhe camps have
been reinaikably tico fion, 'ickness aud tlio
iccokI todate isiimto unmet cdeiitcd. 'The only
serious accident ocourieu just after the woik
was (.oiiiincliupd, when a man cul his too oil"
vi it h an a\e i\ hilc deal ing the i iglit-of-way. 1 Io
made ,i iiuiok rctmer), howcvoi, and i<t now
abonl the citj again.
Tiie gns company proposes to add
another indiistiy to their business in (he shape of
alur-iooting plant to utilize the tur which foi ins
,\^ Impothint l>,H>ruiliitit of the gas nsaKitig process. The iictPssary a|ifi.ii.itns to handle llie tar
w ill be oi (lei cd by w ire today, and t he company
e\.p(<tt to vUvo I lie new i uols on a numbci ol I ho
biisiiiofh bloekt* to be built tliih oiimmcr. Tar
looting, iu is Lliiimud, last-i tlfloun yeaj s without
lep.urn and is llrupioof.
James A.  Gilker, of the Nelson
Clothing House, on S.itiuday unpacked numerous pases ol clothing ami boxes of hats, all of
which lie s,ud weie smt.iblo tor election bels.
".Mill' will hold the stakes.
The  volunteer  firo  brigade   lias
been invited to paiticipate iu the queen's biith-
day u'lebrut>on at Kaslo The progi.un for iho
daj includes u wet test, for which a h.indsonio
pi'i/o isollcicrl. but it is not hj any mean-, cci lain
that the local tliemoii will lake pail. Some of
the inomntisof the brigade aio willing, but them
aio others who Hunk that the game i-. not woith
tho candle, in \ lew of the millions tiaiuing ncccs-
s.uy to biing llie lilting team into winning foim.
T'hemattei will probably bo settIrd on ^\"o(Ines-
d.ij night.  The boys should go, by all means.
It   is   announced from  Spokane
that on and after Sunilaj   no\t the time of ilc-
At tiik Pn,un..-Mrs. Smith. Movie; G. Alcx-
andiiv Itossland; B.J. Matthews, New ^ork; J.
li. Garvin, Granite Mill; J. V. Kitcher, Kossland.
At the Queen's.—V. Nash,' Ilrgina; S.Silfanf,
Fort Steele; M. U. Kelly, Saiuhui.
At the GiiAN'D-UE.vntAi..—T. A. Williams,
Sliclbiirne. Ont.; '.T. ; Nix-on, Vancouver; W.
(jiccnlcss, tForest, • Oiit.; V. Galloway, Grand
Forks; H. McIvay.H JI. O'l'onnor, Cit v.
At tiik Hu»ik.-\V. Itulhcrford. city; W. G.
Van Uuskirk. Kossland; ,1. li. Williams, Kingston: Kugene Croteau, Ymir; liiioul Green,
Kaslo; L. Hancock, Spokane; Harry Durnett,
At the \\rAVEitl.i:v.—Frank O'Neill, Napaneo.
Ont.; D. A. noyd, Vancouver; A. Wood, Greenwood; M. Churchill, Greenwood; It. K. ICsta-
brook, city.
Nothing From the Front.
London, April 15—4:55 a. m.—-
The Avar office has nothing to communicate to the public. It may bo
taken for granted that the rumor
of general Brabant's victory at
Wepener is premature. With the
remainder of. his troops he left Ali-
wal North on Saturday for lloux-
H.   BYERS   &
Garden, Mill,
and Suction
Crucible   Cast   Steel
5-16 to 1-in
. Wire
Leather and   Rubber Belting.
Sheet, Square and Round Rubber
Flax and Garlock Packing
Pipe Fittings, Brass Goods, Rails
Black and Galvanized Sheet Iron
Soft Steel Plates
1-8, 3-16 and 1-4 x 72, 96 and 120
-Truax Ore Cars, Giant Powder, and Metropolitan Kuse, etc.
Wanted — Trust worthy,       good
worker wants situation as chambermaid or
housekeeper.   Address 'A, Tribune office.
Situation Wanted by good waist
hand.   Address IC, Tribune oflice.
For sale or to let'—Residence  on
corner of Lake and Park streets, containing
seven rooms, hull, closets, bathroom, and sewer
connections. Lawn and line garden set ont with
nursery fruits. Any reasonable offer will bo
accepted for purchase of this property. Apply
on premises. ,
Wanted—JLady cook. Apply to
XV. H. Moore, Queen's hotel, Comaplix, B. C.
For sale—the north half of block
100, Nelson.   Address P. O. Box 572, Nelson.
> Wanted—several good canvassers. Apply to Alex Stewart, Turner-Bocckli
block, Nelson, B. C. -'
Typewritei*-—for sale cheap, second hand Caligrapli. Apply to Alex Stewart,
Turncr-Boeckh block.
To   the Ladies of   Nelson—You
arc cordially invited to attend the Spring Millinery Opening at Madame Knfield's parlors, in
the Hall block, on Thursday, April 12th. and the
following ten days. Over Brown's clothing store,
Baker streot, Nelson, British Columbia.
To Let—Rooms furnished or unfurnished. Apply four doors above the city hall,
Victoria street.
Wanted—At once, a good coat
maker. Wire'at my expense to engage job. P,
.David, the Mincr's-Tailor, Sandon, B. C.
i At   the Nelson. Bazaar   can be
can be found the following articles: One New
,York square piano, price $125; ono Eskrigge origan, price §40; one refrigerator, price §10; one
antique oak hall rack, price ?I0; one live-drawer
chitt'onior, prico §100. one Wheeler & AVilson
sewing machine, price §10.
Furnished rooms to let. "Best of
attendance. Apply-Carney block immediately
east of Oddfellows ImlJ.'■'■■*
Spot cash  paid for  second-hand
goods of all kinds at the Nelson Bazaar, Malone
& Ticgillus block.
Houses furnished with neAV and
second-hand furniture, or mixed newnnd secondhand furniture, on tho iiistallmcrt plan, by the
Nelson Bazaar, Malone & Tregillus block.
Hack   calls   left at tho Bodega
Saloon.   Telephone 171.
Man going to Cape Nome has consigned ail his household furnituie to Niekerson,
Baker street, opposite Queen's hotel. Call and
have a look. Blankets, .sheets, (able cloths, pillows, and evcrjthing you want. Goods must be
sold at onco
ville, aud there has scarcely .been
time for an engagement. There is
practically no fresh news. All the
Bloemfontein dispatches breathe a
confident tone. There seems to bo
a heavy demaud on the railway, for
so large an army leaves the populace bare of everything save the
absolute'; necessities of life. The
' dispatches announce the approach
of winter. The first pinch of frost
has been felt at Bloemfontein,
where considerable rain has fallen.
It is said that president Kruger visited the Boer camp at Kroonstadt
as well as at Brandfort.
Having Purchased
the Business
Of Fred J. Squire, merchant
tailor, Nelson, I intend to
continue the business so as
to keep the patronag-e of all
Mr. Squire's old patrons and
get a share: of the general
trade. I am now prepared
to show the latest styles in
all lines of spring goods. A
special line on hand at $25
per suit. All other lines at
low rates. None but Union
labor employed.
E. Skinner
Neelands'Bu'Uling, Baker Street. '   „
A Household Necessity.
We are now prepared   to   furnish   this   superior wall finish in
o;    shades.    Have your walls a dingy look ?   One coat of this
will give your home a bright and cosy appearance.
Fop sale by
Do You Want the Best?
We   Have   it!
We beg to advise receipt of a large
assortment of Fancy Groceries, consisting of all the
delicacies that the market affords.
Inspect our stock.   Everything guaranteed.
have just received a fresh   consignment   of  Christie's famous
Fancy Biscuits and  Cream Sodas.
Also McCormick & Company's Jersey Cream Sodas.
Electric Gas Lighters
Jectric Supplies
^ooterjay Electric Snpply &
Construction Co.
P. O. BOX 17fi.
Telephone 1(31.
D. JI. Fcny Jc Conipanj's Seeds.
Ficah Ekhs Received Daily
John /\. Irviqg & Co.
Now is the Time
to replace that
Shabby Awning*
Place your order with
Tents,  Awnings,  and  all kinds of Canvas Goods
Manufactured to Order
^^^^'00'00-00-00-00-00-00-00'00'fi*'00-00'00-0*'00'00 *_\\i0, ,*^•^^•*^•',^',«l^•>^•^^''*K•>^•',^•^^■^^■*^''^^•^^I•,*^•^.^^
The Best that Money can Buy.      Take no Other.
3U wuticliircil by the BrftGkmaii-KcrJfjlliiiB Co. LUI.
Victoua, Vancouver. Westminster, Edmonton, Hos.sl.qnil, Nelson.	
Victoria Street, opposite Postoffice.
li.irturc of pahsciiKCi tininson HmSpokrinc Kiills
Jc Northern liulwiij will be changed irom 8 15
n. m. to 10 25 a. in., nnd Iho arrival nt Nelson
fi om 1*1!) j) in. Iu (>'!() |i in. Trains will ]o,ue
Nelson and aim out Snokanc.is at picsent.
Kid McDonald aviis brought before I". It. ( . Ucer, J. P.. on Sal in day, eharpreil
by coii8lab!e ■•'onc^lcr ol Rohion wilh varranty.
JlcDotiiild \Mia->eii(oneed lo six niontliti' iniinih-
E. A. Orc.asc, police iuagibtnit<?:
coDlincd to lih homo wilJi inlluen/a.
Rev. IlecLor Mackay of ALoutrcal
is in the city on route to Grcemvowl, Hr> i>t (o
talvC uhargu ol lhe l'rc^hj torian tlmioh theio.
Thomas   Gough   will    run    tiie
Granite mill in tho place of profeM,qr Gurv-in,
who koch to the Hunker Hill mine.Pond d OrOfllo,
on thm iiioriiiiijv'ii train,   Jfr. Ooufjh vm the jiro-
' Xcssoj-'h ttSbisUint at the Porto Rico mill.
. We must move from our present premises
"within-a few-days-, -as—the- buildings-we
now occupy are to be torn down to make
room for a three»story brick. The breakage
in moving crockery ware and glassware is
so large that we have decided to clear out
our stocks in these lines at any price. This
announcement was made about the middle of last week, and in three days we
have disposed of nearly 75 per cent of our
stock at fair prices, and the remaining 25
per cent will go this week at any price.
? • ^ •


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