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 DAILY EDITION   BY MAIL  FIVE  DOLLARS A YEAR  <%"& * w*&  WEEKLY EDITION  BY MAIL  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH YEAR.  NELSOtf:  MONDAY MORNING, MARCH 12 1900.  PRICE FIVE  CENTS.  xzxzzzzzzzzzzzzzxzxzxxzzxxzxxxxxxxxsxzxzxxxzxixxxixxxxxxxxxzxzxzzxxn  FATAL LANDSLIDE OCCURRED AT SANDON YESTERDAY  One Person was Killed and Four Injured.  Sandon, March 11. ��� [Special to The Tribune.] ��� A landslide  iu town carried away six residences. William S. MeLeod of South  Granville, P. B. I., was killed. Mrs. W. Nash, William Lovett and  Mrs. AV. Fogg aud daughter were injured. MeLeod's body was found  under the ruins by a rescue party at 0:30 tonight.  Sandon, March 11.���[Special to The Tribune]���A terrible fatality  occurred ���hero today at noon by which William MeLeod lost his life  and Mrs. 11. Nash lies in a very precarious condition. Just above the  Slocan gulch the banks are very steep, and the rain and thaw of the  last 30 hours had so loosened the earth along the hillside that at  twelve thirty a mass, one hundred yards long and seventy-five yards  wide, came down with a rush, completely wrecking six residences in  the Lovatt addition. The houses were alloceupied except one, and  fears for the safety of the residences brought the whole town to the  scene of the disaster.  AVilliam MeLeod was known to have been in his cabin farther  up the hill at the time of the slide and it was apparent from the first  that his chances of escape were .slim. Notwithstanding the. danger  of further slides many went to work, to excavate the ruins, but it was  slow work. One of the wrecked houses caught fire and threatened  the destruction'of the addition, but was gotten under control by the  fire brigade. One hundred men worked like Trojans from 1 o'clock  until 7 to find MeLeod's remains. He was discovered under twenty  feet of debris smothered, but little disfigured.  Rescuers started, to work on the wrecked buildings and Mrs. Fogg  and her little girl, were gotten out of the debries only slightly injured. A fewr moments after Mrs. Nash was taken from the ruins  and carried to the house of some friends,Where it Was found that she  had suffered serious injury. The-Rev. J. A." Ferguson escaped  entirely unhurt from a building that was literally reduced to kindling, and William Lovett was rescued with no worse injury than a  dislocated shoulder.  AAllIiam MeLeod was a native of East Granville, P. E. I., and has [  followed mining in this camp for seAreral years, lie was a prominent  and active member of the Miners' union who have taken caie of the  remains and will conduct the funeral. This has been a sad week for  Sandon, and Billy MeLeod is the thiid of their numbers whom the'  union boys mourn within the past Aveek. MeLeod helped to dig the  graves for Sheppard and McFarlane who were killed by the Noble  Five Slide on Thursday morning.  thxxxi^zixzzzixizxxzKxxxxxxxzxzxzzxxzxxxzzzxzzxzzzixxzxzxxzxxzzxxzzxzxxxxzzizxixxxzxzxxiizxxizzzzzxxi: mnffl  Ij  DANCERS OF A MINER'S LIFE  ���    ; Terribly Exemplified.  KA&I.O, March 9.���[Special to The  Tribune.]���Few details have been  received here of the' fatal Noble  Five snowslkle. Andy Giierson, of  the Slocan hotel was tho only passenger today from Sandon over the  K. & S. Co.'s line. Speaking to  aTuiuuNfi representative he said  lie did nc-t go to the scene of the  slide himself, bnt he heard that  three men were caught in it aud  only one escaped. As already mentioned, Sheppard of Cody was one  ofjthe victims and a man named  Mclnues is believed to have been  the second unfortunate miner.  The manager of - the Noble Five  was not at vhe mine wheu the accident oceurrdd.   lie wexit down to  �� Alcloria on Monday.   He was communicated with by wire and is ex-  - peeled to -reach- Sandon���tonightr  There arc between 30 and 35 men  Avoiking at the mine.  It seems that Dick Boetcher had  the hardest kind of luck in losing  his life up on his claim on the  south fork of Kaslo creek. There  was only three feet of eat th on top  of him and some of that had run in  since the cave-in occurred. But a  big boulder hud BocLcher by the  foot and despite the desperate  efforts which he evidently made to  free himself that cruel rock phmed  him down and suffocation was Intend. Had it not been for that one  rock It. O. Boetcher would havo  been alive today. It look eight  men a long time to get his body  out. All the appearances point to  his having died at least a week ago.  NELSON LOCAL NEWS.  J. G. Sullivan of Trail, went to  Balfour on Saturday with A. F.  Proctor, engineer in charge of the  Balfour construction work, to go  over the plans for the ercetiou of  slips at, Procter's Landing. The  slips will be 14.00 feet in length with  two freight and one passenger  truck. Tho lake end will be submerged three feet to enable barges  to run up and connect with the  rail.  Tho officer commanding the Nel  yon ville company having received  instructions to furnish a quota of  four men toward the provincial  regiment to garrison Halifax, has  *Sjeen notifying the members of tho  members of the corps of the fact.  Up to Saturday night three men,  privates Wovley, Wiiite aud Tur  ner had signified their desire to  join tho new regiment. The trio  are good militia men and will be a  credit to their home'corps. It is  anticipated that other members of  tho company will embrace the opportunity to see a bit of soldiering.  The .term of service is one year. *-/��  The Nolson and Fovt Sheppard  train did not come in last night,  but got stalled at Waneta. This  is the second time Avithin less than  a Aveek that .the train has failed to  reach Nelson.  The regular monthly meeting of  the Board of Trade will be held  this evening at the Board of Trade  rooms at S o'clock. A number of  important matters will come up  and a full attendance of members  is requested. It is also to bo hoped  that the board AA'ill confine its attention to matters within its own  province, and not go into subjects  with which it has nothing to do  and knows less.  AVilliam Johns of Robson, was  -sentenced to six months- imprison"  ment on Saturday evening by stipendiary magistrate Crease for  stealing a ham from a Chinaman  named AVah Lee. After being arrested and shackled, the prisoner  succeeded in breaking jail, getting  rid of one shackle and arming himself with an axe, and constable Forrester, avJio captured him, had to  disarm him at the point of a revolver. Jlis attempt to got away  contributed to the heavy sentence  imposed on him.  Tho fact may not be generally  knoAvn that the isolation hospital  on the Hall mines road consists of  two buildings. The first of these  to be erected has been used by the  physicau in charge, the patient and  the nurse. The remaining building,  Avhich is the largest of the tAvo, has  not been utilized as yet, and is  aArailablo*at any time for the re-'  ceptiou of suspects Avithout fear of  contagion, as Avell as for fumigating  clothing and bedding. This building will doubtless be allowed to remain intact for a possible emergency as there is no danger of infection about it.  II. BoAvdcn AAras arraigned before  police magistrate Crease on Saturday morning, on tho charges already  ai set forth in Tiik Trihi/ne, and Saws  i m remanded until the morning. Galliher k AVilson have been retained  for tho defence.  tendered a farewell banquet on  Saturday night at the Hume Hotel  by a number of his frieiids.  All the plant for the Ontario  Powder Works at six-mile point  has been delivered, and the company's men are fitting the machiu-  ery together with the hope of commencing active operations toAvard  the end of next week. The works  comprise five buildings and. tAvo  more are to be added in the immediate future.  On Tuesday last the Avater in the  lake reached the loAvest mark of the  year, and at this point it Avas 15  inches above the extreme loAAr water  mark of last year. Since Tuesday  the water has steadily risen until it  was 3 inches higher yesterday and  still going up sloAvly.  Superintendent Troup has been  confined to the house for several  days with a slight indisposition. ,  The dramatic portion of the  vaudeville entertainment in aid of  the Canadian patriotic fund now  being arranged by E. P. AVhalley,  has been slightly changed by the  substitution of the comedietta  "Uncle's Will" for "Billing and'  Cooing." The change is : generally  considered to be likely to result in  a considerable improvement in the  program. It is proposed to wind  up the evening's' entertainment  with the farce "My-Turn Next,"  than which no funnier one act play  has never been Avritten.  News has beeii received in town  that Andrew Laidlaw a Avell known  Spokane mining broker has floated  a company in Montreal to build a  smelter at or near Greenwood to  operate on the Loder-Pyritic  system. Mr. LaidlaAv will be in  Greenwood shortly for the purpose  of securing four or five carloads of  ore to ship to Leadville, Colorado,  for sampling.  H. G. McCuIloch returned on Saturday night after an unsuccessful  attempt to get to the Beatrice  mine, The ice on the east arm of  Arrow lake is just breaking up, and  it is impossible to get iu on foot5i  while the steamers will not venture  the passage until the iGe is more  thoroughly broken up.  The Avork on tho Balfour extension has progressed to a stage  ,where labor is required on a large  scale. ' Engineer Proctor estimates  that 1000 men will be on the grade  by the end of this Aveek,and states  that after Thursday every man  Avho applies will=be taken on.  JOSEPHMARTIN'S PLATFORM  POSITION AT DREIFONTEIN  News From the Front.  London, March 12.���4:10 a. m.���  The war office maps show a group  of kopjes anil a large AA'ater pan at  Dreifontein, a position Avhich has  apparently considerable defensive  advantages. The Boers, who re-  trea ted to Abraham's kraalf rom Poplar grove, must have moA^ed south-  Avard,_o_r else a _fresh force- must  have come from Bloemfontein or  the Orange river. The opposition  met at Dreifontein was unexpected,  the idea being that if there Avas  auy resistance, it Avould bo at  Peth&berg. Profiting by their experience, the Boers were preparing for a British flanking movement,  but in extending their positions in  order to avoid being outflanked,  they probably AVeakened their  centre, thus making it possible for  tho British infantry to carry this  with a bayonet charge.  Lord Roberts' dignified protest  against the abusa of the AVhite flag,  is regarded as the most important  factor of the situation. According  to the accounts supplied by the'  correspondents, the instance appears to haAre been most flagrant,  and there is no doubt'but that lord  Roberts Avill carry his threat into  execution.  There is no confirmation of tho  rumors of a raising of the siege of  Mafeking, concerning Avhich the  gravest anxiety continues to be felt.  R. S, Kinghorn, manager of the  Nelson branch of the Vancouver  IlardAvaro Company, leaves tonight  for Montreal, whence he will return  to Arancouver, Avhere he will take  up a permanent Abode.   Ho was  Boer Treachery,  London, March 12.���A dispatch  to tlio Daily Mail from Avogel Kop  dated Sunday, March 11th, says:  "The white flag treachery Avas personally witnessed at Dreifontein by  lord Roberts, Avho Avas looking  through a telescope when the  AVelsh were charging and saw the  Boers hold up their hands, sIioav  the Avhitc flag and drop their guns.  He saAV an English officer advance  to l'oeeive the surrender, Avhere-  upon a Boer volley Avas fired and  tho officer fell  Contains Many Flanks.  Joseph Martin has given to the  press the platform on Avhich his  government will stand and it is  given in full below:  1. The abolition of the $200 deposit for candidates for the legislature.  2. The bringing into force, as soon  as arrangements can be completed,  of the Torren's registry system.  3. The redistribution of the constituencies on the basis of population, allowing to sparsely populated  districts a proportionally larger  representation than to populous  districts and cities.^ >���     .  4. The enactment of an accurate  system _of goArernihent scaling of  logs, and its rigid enforcement.  5. The1 re-enactment of the disallowed Labor Regulation Act, etc.,  1898, and also all the statutes of  1899, containing anti-Mongolian  clauses, disallowed by the Dominion  government.  0. To take a firm stand in every  other possible way Avith a A'iew of  discouraging the spread of Oriental  cheap labor in this! province.  . ���= 7. To .provide for official inspection of all buildings, machinery and  works, with a viejv of compelling  the adoption of proper safeguards  to life and health. ���  8. AVith regard to ;the Eight-hour  laAV, the government AA'ill continue  to enforce the law as-it stands.  An  immediate enquiry jyill' be held by  the minister of mines into airgriev-  ances put   forward   in  connection  Avith its operation with a view of  bringing about an amicable settlement.   If no settlement is reached,  the principle of the referendum will  be applied and a A-ote taken at the  general election as -to  Avhether the  laAV shall be repealed.   If the laAV  is sustained by the vote, it will be  retained on the statute book with  its penal   clauses.    If modified in  any Avay   without   impairing the  principle of tho laAV by remoA'ing  any of the friction brought about,  it will be adopted.   If the vote is  against it the law will be repealed.  9. To   re-establisl^   the   London  - Agency of British Columbia, and to  take every effective means of bringing before the British public tho  advantages of i>his 'province as a  place for the profitable investment  of capital.  ,. 10. Tiie retaining of the resources  of the province as an asset for the  benefit of the people and taking  effective measures to pi event tho  alienation of - the public domain  except foi1 actual settlers or for  actual bona fide business or industrial purposes, putting an end to  the practice of speculating in connection- Avith the same.  11. The taking of active measures for the systematic exploration  of the proA'inee.  12. The borroAving of money for  the purpose of providing loads,  trails and bridges, provided that iu  every case the money necessary to  pay the interest and sinking fund  in connection-Avitli the loan shall be'  provided by additional taxation so  as not to impair the credit of the  province.  13. In connection Avith the construction of government roads and  trails to provide by the employment of competent civil engineers  and otheuvise thtit the government  money is expended upon a system  which Avill be advantageous to the  general public so that the old  system of providing roads as a  special faAor of the government  may be entirely discontinued.  11. To keep the ordinary annual  expenditure Avithin Lhe ordinary  annual revenue in older to preserve  intact the credit of the province,  which is its best as<-et.  15. To adopt a system of government construction and operation of  railways and immediately to proceed with the construction of a  railway on the south side of tho  Eraser river, connecting the "coast  Avith the Kootenay district Avith the  understanding that unless the other  railways uoav constructed in the  province give fair connections and  make equitable joint freight and  passenger arrangements, the province Avill continue this line to the  eastern boundary oi" tho piovince.  Proper connection with such Kootenay railway to be given to the island of A'ancouA'cr. AVith icspect  to other parts of the province to  proceed to give to every portion of  it raihvay connection at as early a  date as possible, the mil way Avhon  finished to be operated by the government through a commissary.  10, A raihvay bridge to bo constructed iu connection AVith the  Kootenay raihvay across the Fraser  at or near New Westminster and  running poAvers given over it to any  railway company applying for the  same under proper conditions.  17. In case it is thought at any  time advisable to give a bonus to  auy company, the same to be in  cash and not by way of a land  grant and no cash bonus to be  granted except upon the condition  that a fair amount of bonds or  shares of the company be transferred to the province and effective  means taken to give the ; province  control of freight and passenger  rates, and provisions made against  such railways haA'ing any liabilities  against it except actual cost.  18. To take away from the lieu-  tenant-Governor-In-Council any  power to make substantive changes  in the JaAAr, confining his jurisdiction entirely to matters of detail in  AArorking out the laws^enacted by  the legislature.  " 19. The establishment of an  institution for the education of the  deaf and dumb.  20. To repeal the Alien Exciilsion  act as the reasons justifying it no  longer obtain.   .  21. An amicable settlement with  tho government as to Deadman's  island, Stanley 'park and other,  lands aud an arrangement with Mr.  Ludgate by which, if; possible, a"  sawmill industry may be established and carried on on Deadman's  island under satisfactory conditions  protecting 'the interest of the public.   .,,..': :���; ",;-���:..  22. Proper means'".of giving instruction to miners and prospectors.  POLITICAL   POINTERS.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  arxxrxixiiixxxxxxxzxxxxxrxxrx. cims  ANOTHER VICTORY IN LORD ROBERTS' ONWARD MARCH  Over a Hundred Dead Boers Left on the Field.  The New Denver delegate of the  Conservative convention, that is to  be held at Nelson on the 10 th, is to  be a Mr. Fauquier, who made himself ridiculous during the late  trouble in the Slocan by toadying  to the American and Old Country  managers in that district. He aspires to be the straight party candidate for Slocan riding.  The straight party men of Rossland have decided that mayor  feoodeve 'will best suit the mine  managers, and he is slated for the  Conservative nomination' in the  Rossland liding. It is strange that  'a party Avhoso rank and file are almost solid for the" only effecthre  hiAv that has been passed in the interest of men Avho Avork iu mines,'  "should, in PA-ory instance, show  itself in faA'or of selecting as standard bearers mon Avho are either  secretly or openly in faAror of repealing the hiAA'.  It has been decided by the "machine" leaders of the Conservative  party in Nelson that the party's  candidatemust bo Thomas G. Procter  of Procter's Landing.  The opponents of the Straight-  Conservative - Mine - Owners' - Combine Party can easily carry every  riding in West Kootenay by nominating men who live in and are identified Avith_ business interests in  their-:respective lidings. No man  should bo nominated who is subser-  A-ient to any one class Or any one  interest. Ever Mnce mining became  an industry in A Vest Kootenay, the  mine ownuis aiul mine managers  haA'e been found on the one side  and the mine Avorkers on the other.  As long as mine owners and mine  managers flock by themselves, so  long Avill they be beaten at the  polls, as tliey deserve to be.  Premier Martin's platform is  framed to catch A'Otes in Vancouver  and tho loAver I'Yasor Valley. Government1 ownership of railways  should not be In i tin Led by the  building of a short piece of road  that Avould not open .up a new  country: a road that Avould merely  be a competitor for the traffic of  a section of the'province that has  not sufficient traffic to pay the operating expenses of the roads that  are iioav running through it. Had  the premier proclaimed himself in  favor of building a road through  the northern part of the province,  a -section that is Avithout roads of  of any kind, the people might haA'e  believed that he was sincere in his  advocacy of a principle that must  sooner or later become a political  issue; but the premier, evidently,  cannot see beyond the boundaries  of the city in Avhich he lives. With  him, all roads must begin and end  in the city that i-> owned by the  Canadian Pacific Railway Company.  Boers Squealing.  London, March 12.���The Daily  Mail his received the following despatch from Pretoria dated Saturday March 10th ancl censored by  Axz:  Dreifontein, March 11.-0:35 a. in.���Broadwood's caA'alry brigade advancing ou Bloemfontein unexpectedly found the Boors  in a strong position iu the Dreifontein, and yesterday geueral  Kelly-Kenny's division arriving, severe fighting ensued. The Boers  resisted stubbornly but were driven from their centre position,'leaving'a'number'of dead and 40 prisoners. The British force is moA'iug  forward today.  During the fighting, in which five regiments took part Avith artillery, the Boers, though forced from their centre position, clung  tenaciously to the other" kopjes, shelling tho British freely with three  guns and two Arickers-Maxims. *  The British cavalry began to turn the Boer position but night fell  before the movement Avas completed: The Boers retired during the  night. '���������'���  London, March 11.���A despatch to the war office from lord Roberts  da-ted Dreifontein March 11th, 7:15 a. m. says:  "The enemy opposed us throughout yesterday's march, and, from  their intimate knowledge of the country, gave us considerable trouble.  Owing, however, to the admirable conduct of the troops the enemy  was unable to prevent us reaching our destination. The brunt of the  fighting fell upon general Kelly-Kenny's division, tAvo battalions of jj  which, the Welsh and Essex, turned the Boers out of their two strong jj  positions at the point of the bayonet." jj  London, March 11.���A despatch to the war office from lord [j  Roberts dated Dreifontein, 9:15 am., says: "I cannot get the precise  number of casualties before I march, but Avill communicate it soon as  possible. The Boers suffered heavily, 102 of their dead being left on  the ground. We captured about 20 prisoners. Among the killed  are captain Eustace, of the Buffs, captain Lomax of the AArelsh regiment and Mr. McKartie,a retired Indian civilian attached to Kitchener's force. Amomg the injured are: Buffs���Colonel Ilickson, leg,  severe; lieutenant Ronald, Welsh regiment,���lieutenants Torkington,  Pope, AVimberley; Essex regiment.���Captain Broadway; Field artil-  ery.���Lieutenant DeArenish; Medical corps.���Major Waite, lieutenant  Berne; Australian artillery.���Colonel Umphley, abdomen, dangerous."  3  :ui :iixxixirtiiiixxxiiiiriiriiixraxiirixrxirtiixxixrxiiixiiixiiizi2iiirriiiixiirxi::iirxiiixirixiii3 axxzxxt  the Boer government: Presidents  Kruger aud Steyn have Avired to  lord Salisbury peace propositions  on condition that the independence  of the two republics be respected  and the rebel colonists amnestied.  Yesterday the foreign consuls Avere  called into conference and were requested to invite .the..intervention  of the powers they represented, in  order to prevent further bloodshed.  BOER ABUSE OF WHITE FLAG  ,. Roberts' Salufcaory Warning,  London, March 11. ��� The-Avar  office has received the following  from lord Roberts datedDreifontoin,  March 11, 9.45. ��� The following  telegram has been addressed to  their honors, the state presidents  of Orange Free State and the South  African Republic: "Another instance having occuned of a gross  abu'sc of the Avhite flag and of the  signal of holding up hands in token  of surrender, it is my duty to inform  you that if such abuse occurs again  -I- shall- most-reluctantly���be- com--  pelled to ordcf my troops to  disregard the Avhite flag at all times,  entirely. The instance occurred on  a kopje east of Dreifontein farm  yesterday afternoon and, and was  Avituessed by some of my own staff  as well as myself, and resulted iu  tiie wounding of sevcial of my  officers and men.  A large quantity of explosive  bullets of three different kinds avrs  found in commandant Cronje's  laager, and this has been the case  in every engagement Avith your  honors' troops. Such breaches of  the recognized usages of Avar and  of the Geneva conA'ontiou are a disgrace to any civilized power,  "A copy of these telegrams has  been sent to my government Avith  tho request that it Avill bo-communicated to all the neutral  powers."'   The Dreifontein Fight.  London, March J2.���The morning Post's correspondent at Dreifontein telegraphing Sunday says:  " Tbe fight throughout was much  involved. The enemy eA'acuatod  and reoccupied positions subtly concealing their intentions and only  Avithdrawing their guns a few  minutes prior to their impending  capture. Their guns outranged  ours, the uaval brigado not arriviug  in tim<i. Our caA'alry hor.-us Aveie  completely tired out by the repeated Avithdra Avals. Tlio turning  movement Avas begun too late. The  enemy attempted a\ ith heliograph  to lure us to occupy a kopje which  they held, but, detecting the deception, we returned."  NEWS BUDGET FROM SLOCAN  t Z        *  BecentOre Shipments.  1 Kaslo, March 0.-��� [Special to The  Tribune.}���The Sandon curlers are  bit��erly disappointed   because the  Nelson men_di(I not turn  up at tlio  bonspiel 3 esterday. . Kaslo Avas tho  only Outside rink represented and  this toAvn  managed to  secure  tho  Hairis trophy,   In  the first draw  the score was Hood 10, Kaslo J 2; in  the final  draw G'rimmett for San-  don made 0 and Kaslo got 10.    The  four from  this town also secured  the all-comeis' prize of four hats  and they deelai e today that there ���  AA'ere no hats in Sandon big enough  for them.   The gulch town players  made   up   for   these    defeats   by  Arresting from  Kaslo the  Bostock  cup, Grimmett making Ki Avhile the  Kaslo man only got 10.  February Avas the best month for  ore shipments that the Kaslo k  Slocan Raihvay haA'e experienced  this Jong time. During that month  -there- Avere-791,000 pounds ~of ore-  sent oA-er that line. Most of it  came from the big Payne mine and  A\enb to San Francisco. The  Rambler, the Last Chance and tho  Sunshine Avere the other shippers.  March promises to be a better  month than February. From the  1st to the ."5th 283,000 pounds of ore  were shipped, the Payne being res  pousible for 209,000 pounds while  the last chance sent 80,000 pounds  to tho Kaslo ore AVork-s.  During February the customs  collections here totalled #1723..>f5.  "Bob" Green Iuim not been slow  in letting it be known that he  intends to again seek re-election.  He Avill go back to the Slorau electors on his record as a supporter of  the late Seiullu administration. Jlis   .  on  Lhe  is  ame  not  coming fight will be  lines as the last one.     He  talkingjor publication now.  Kaslo is aii orderly toAvn. During the last seven days a "vag" has  been tho only man to disturb tho  eA'en tenor of the policeman's way,  lie headed for Nelson or some other  place when he heard that the cell  door yawned for him.  Tt seems that the post office officials can't see the diffcience between Duncans ou Vancouver island  and Duncan Cit}- up the lake.  Sometimes the letter^, for the island  place come up here and vice A'ersa.  So the official name of the little lake  toAvn  is  hereafter   to   be Jlowser.  Born.  Born in Nelson on the morning of  the 10th instant, to the Avife of K.  K. Russell of Latimer street, a  daughter. " Kd" is receiving the  congratulations of his old time  friends. 2  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C MONDAY, MARCH  12 1900  Ward  :i  Fi  i i  IS-s  V  li  lv  las  II  1  If!  r  Changed Shoes at our Store  We have every size from nothing to twelves  We can fit father, mother,  sons and daughters to perfection  ��lte f&Ktbxxm.  Robert Cassidy, a Victoria lawyer, has contributed his page to the  political   literature!   of the week.  He has given his views upon the  introduction of federal party lines  in provincial politics.      They are  interesting for more reasons than  one.     Robert Cassidy is one of the  prominent. Conservatives  of what  may be called  the Island faction,  but he differs from most   of the  other Conservative leaders in that  he  does not  study   tho   political  effect, from  a "party standpoint, of  -   Avhat he may AA'rite.    For this reason his views may be regarded as  somewhat more sincere than   the  studied   publications of   the  more  politic    politicans.     Cassidy   says  it would pass the Avit of man to devise a policy for guidance in provincial matters, Avhich, by the Avildest  stretch  of   tho imagination, could  have   anything   in common with  federal party lines.   Yet Mr. Cassidy is iu favor of party government.   He would have a provincial  Conservative    party,    though    it  might be called by another name,  Avhich Avould stamp its opposition  to  "socialism, demagogism, popu-  " ism and Avild experiments Avith  " the public resources."    The interest Avhich attaches to this expression lies in the fact that it no doubt  voices the real opinion of most of  the Conservative leaders avIio are  iioav striving to pull the avooI over  tho eyes of tho labor partj^ in their  professed friendship for labor legislation.       Men's  natures    are   not  changed by the "passing of resolutions of political expediency.     This  applies to the manipulators of the  local Conservative machine as well.  They  cannot   serve two interests  Avhich clash upon the' party's platform.   Thev cannot remain true to  that plank in the platform which  declares in favor of the eight-hour  law and at the   same time   keep  faith Avith the mine managers Avho  are acting in concert Avith them.  This being so, may not their friendship for the machine be taken to  mean that the mine'owners'have a  satisfactory assurance that in the  event of a. Conservative legislature  they will not be the ones to be  buncoed?  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.  A. R. SHERWOOD  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  First door west  of Bank of British  Columbia building.  Baker Street  D. W. .Higgins,-whose'zeal for  the public weal   has caused   him  alternately    to     desert     premier  Turner and premier Semlin, stands  aghast at the proposition that the  approaching    elections   should   be  deferred xmtil tiie revision of the  voters' lists in May.   He contends  that premier  Martin should  either  be obliged to go to the country at  once, or be kicked out of office ; but  on top of this comes a rumor from  Victoria that an election need not  be expeeted   until the   middle  of  June, or until after the voters' lists  have   been    revised.     Everything  points to the premier's  determination to have a revision of the lists  before an election.    So keen Avas he  upou this point that it was one of  the terms of his agreement Avith  Messrs Kellie and Kidd that the  Elections Act should be amended so  as to admit of an earlier revision  than it contemplated.    Martin has  it in his power iioav to defer  the  elections  uutil after  the revision.  He may be counted upon doing so  unless      the     lieutenant-governor  again applies the screAvs.  Charles D. J. Christie  GENERAL BROKER  P. O. Box 523.   Phones: Office 147, House 1G2  FOK SALE  4-room house and 3 lots ��1500  1 lot Baker street 1200  150-foot corner on Robson street    iXK)  2 lots on Carbonate street     050  FOK KENT  5-room house, modern conveniences 25  LOANS AND INSURANCE!  Call and see me if you wish to soil buy or rent.  J. E. 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PROVINCIAL  HAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and Kootenay Streets.  P. O. Box 559, TELEPHONE NO, 95  ON  AT 7 PER CENT  BUSINESS PROPERTY  Applj G. L. LENNOX, Solicitor, Nelson P.. C  mm  *'��2'(Z>'��3'B'(=:,'��%\  Chloride of Lime.  Carbolic Acid.   -  Bi-chloride of Mercury.  Copperas.  Permangnate of Potash.  Sulphur and Brimstone  for fumigating.  We have all the above (with  directions for using) at reasonable, prices.       *  Carbolic Acid in large bottles,  60 cents.  Canada Drug k Book Go.  NELSON  St. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  NICLSON. B. C.  A boarding and day school conducted by the  Sistois of St. Joseph of Peace. It is situated at  the corner of Mill and Josephine afreets in one of  the best residential portions of Nelson, and is  easily accessible fiom all parts of the city.  The course of study includes tho fundamental  and higher branches of thorough English education: Business course���bookkeeping, stenog-  laphy and ijpewiiling. Science course���nuibic;  vocal and instrumental, drawing, etc. Plain art  and needlework, etc.  For terms and particulars apply to the Sister  Superior.  Miss Palmer  �� e  OPENING...  of the  llie Latest Wall Papers  BORDERS AMD MOULDINGS  in the Madden Block Ward Street  LARGEST  W  STOCK   OF  RECEIVED    I  CONFECTIONS  M    NELSON.  EVER  Wc arc now opening up the largest stock of  wall papers, borders aim mouldings over received  m Nelson. Wo purchased dncct froin_ tho_Mon-_  licai importers, and have therofoie the latest designs and closest prices. Special quotations to the  tiade.    L d* Bradley & Go,  PAl.VrERS AXO DrCOKAlOIH  Coi ner Victoria and Josephine Streets, Nelson.  W. Starmer Srnith & Co.  PAPER HANGER, GLAZIER,  PAINTER, ETC.  CHIMNEY SWEEPING  Ofllco Ward Street Opposite Opora Honso  Will open her  Kindergarten and  primary school in  THK ENGLISH  CHURCH school  room on tho 2nd of January, 1900. For terms and  all particulars apply to MISS PALMKK,  At rosidenco of Mrs. J. R. Itobertson, Baker  Street West.    ,  Kootenay   Coffee   Co.  NELSON, B. C.  Coffee roasters and dealers Jn Tea and Coffee.  Offer fresh roasted coffee of best quality as  follows :  Java and Arabian Macha, pef pound 9  iO  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds.....  2 00  Fino Santos, 1 pounds  1 00  Santos Blend, 5 pounds./  1 00  Our Special Blend, 6 pounds.  100  Our Bio Boast, 6 pounds  1 00  A trial order solicited.  Salesroom 2 doors east  of Oddfellows block. West Baker btreet.  CUT PRICES IS  ORDER OF THK DAY  THE  Ganong's " G B," with 40 Different Fillings  Lowney Chocolates, from Boston    Gray's Chocolates, from Glasgow  Callard & Bowser's Chocolates, from London  t$  #  . Cravens CeJe  also a fiiJJ line of Home=Mad�� Candy  #  %��  SEE QUR STOCK BEFORE PURCHASING ELSEWHERE  And I want to bo in it. I have just received  Fall samples of Suitings and Overcoatings, representing a $50,000 stock to choose from made to  your order at prices never before heard of in Nelson. All the latest fads in Fancy Vcstings for  Fall and wintor.  Ladies' tailoring in all its branches a specialty.  Lowest prices.  Rooms 1 and 11, Hillyer block.  TENDEES WANTED.  Tenders will be lecelrcd by the undersigned ot-  his office in Rossland up to and including the 13th  d.ij of March msf.int. for tho purchase of the  stock in trade and store furnishings of S. A.  Hartmann, meichant, ���who assigned for tho benefit of ciediiors.  The stock consists of Rents' furnishings, ready-  made clothing, boots, shoes and mineis' clothing,  and amounts to about S870O.  Inventory can be fceen at assignee's office and  stock (an bo inspected at any time.  Teims cash, Tlio highest or any tender not  necessarily accepted. Tenders to be addicsscd to  the tinderhigncd, .md to be marked: "Tender re  Haiuiiann Kslate."  Dated at ilo-siand M.uch 0th, 1000.  EDWARD  B.ULUK, Trustee.  STEVENS, The Tailor  GENUINE  J. T. FIFE  P. O. Box 660  & CO.  NELSON  Piano Tuning  L S. OTIS, Resident Piano Tuner  I.ca-\e oidcrs at  l)o\er'rt, I'juntonV,  Thoimton'a Stalioueiy Co.  NEISON, & 0,  Notice of Application for "License.  I, Adolphe T.apointe. of the City of Nelson, in  the province of British Columbia, hotel keeper,  hereby give notice that 1 intend to apply to tho  Boaul of license Conuuissioncib foi flic City of  Nelson, nt their first meeting io bo held .iftor the  ovpii;ition of (thirty dajs from this date for a  hceiihc to sell wines, spirits, beer and other fermented and intoxicating liquors by retail, iti my  Iiotel, known as tho "Montreal Hotel," situate on  lots numbered '23 and 21, in block numbered lit, in  the said City of Nelson. A. LAPOINTJi.  Nokon, B. O., Fcbtuary8th. M)00.  TNr THK JVIAITKIt OF AN APPLICATION  ���J- FORA DUPLICATE OF A. CRRTIFICATK  OF TITLE to lot? eleven (11) and twelve (12),  block t\\6nty-sc\ en (27), City of Nelson, B. C.  Notice ib hereby given that it is my intention  at the expiration of one month fiom the  publication heieof, to issue a duplicate of the  Certificate of Title to the above lai.ds, issued to  George A. li. Hall, on the 20th day of December,  I89S, and numbered 1533 K.  S. Y. "VVOGTON,  Registrar Gencial.  Land Registrj Oflice, Victoria, B. C, I'Jth February, 1900.  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  Rhododendrons, Ro=cs, Fancy Kvergrccns  Magnolas, Bulbs, nc w crop tested seeds, for spring  p'antuig. Laigcst and most complete stock m  Western Canada. Call and make > our selections  or bend for catalogue. Addre&s at the nursery  gi ounds and gi eenhouse.  M. J. HENRY.  3008 Westminster Road, Vancouver. B. C.  The Nelson  Saw and Planing  Mills, Limited.  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Robeits.at Il}kcit's Landing', and consisting  of a 30-horsc power boiler, engine, Gnfiltli &  Wedge top rig sawmill, edger, planer, belting,  will   etc., etc.,  be bold uhcio tliey now  stand.  Apply to  TAYLOR & HANNTlNrGTON, Solicitors.  Notice of Application for License.  I hcieby give notice that I intend to apply to  the Board of Licensing Oommissionei-i of the  City of Nelson at its noxt incofng for an hotel  license for the premises situate upon lot 24. block  fiSfoortheasfccoraerof Vernon nnd JIall streets^  in the city of Nelson. Jft. K. JJSMON.  J Kootenay Lake General Hospital Society  j AXiVL'AL MKETIXU.  The annual meeting of the ICootcnay Like  General Hospital Society Will bo held isi the  Court House on Tuesda}, tho Uth day of Ma) ch,  1900 al 3 p m.  Thoio will bo <i mooting of the directois ut  2..'i0 p. m.  The rncmbciship fee is SiO per annum aud  cntitlcb the member to hospital benoiits for one  3 car.  Any person subscribing ��1 a month wit! bo entitled lo the benellts of the hospital for that  pel id.  Subscription* aro solicited and a full attendance of inembci s and t hose do iirous of becomi ng  members is requested. A full statement of  icceipts and expenditure-, will be submirted, an  election held for six ducctors to s,enc for two  }eais, mid other important business will be  tiansacted.      F. W. SWANNU.LL, SecreUr}.  NOTICE.  Notice is heicby given that 1 intend to applv at  the [next meeting of the Roaid of License commissions! s foi the Citj of Nelson, held after 1 lie  expiration of thirty d,i\h fiom tho date heieot,  foi a tran-ferof the Mioon license now held hy  me, uaicd tho 15th da> of January, 1000, foi tho  tiluoFot saloon, situate on the west half of lot 1  block 2, iVclaoii, B. C, to John Lindblad of .Nelson, IJ. O.  Dated thi6 3rd day of March. 1000.  Witness:  aH. Ward. W.A.WARIX  <ffZ$[  ISA-:  MM: '���<?  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C, MONDAY, MARCO  12, 1900  3  BANK OF I0NTBEAL  CAPITAL, all paid up..$12,000,000  REST     6.000,000  Loid Stialhcona and mount Rojal .. Prcsiden  lion. George A. Drummond Vice-Piesiden  T. ti. Clouston Goneial Manage  NKLSON HKANCII  Noithwest Corner Haker ai.d Stanley Streets  Hi.inches in London* (England) Ni;w York,  Chicago, and all the principal cities in Canada.  Huy and sell Stoiling  Ti.insfers.  Ui.uil   Conuneicial   and  Exchange and Cable  1   Tr.iiclcrs'  Credits,  m.ulublo in any part of the world.  Di lifts Issued, Collections JUide, Etc.  Saving's Bank Branch  cuitKi:.\r it\Ti: or i.vTEKi:gr paid.  A   SENSIBLE   FREE   STATER.  Thero is ovidontly a tremendous  e/Torfc boing  made to rally  every  available burgher of the Free Sbate  to tho side of Mr. Sfceyn, &ays Black  and White.    Even  Mr. Fraser, the  lato   chairman   of   tho Volksraad,  irho  has  taken  so   determined   a  fetaiul against his  country's  action  in joining tho   Transvaal   against  ^Bnglaiid, has been   commandered.  11 Avould be difficult to imagine a  more painful position than  that in  which this man finds himself.   One  can  only hope  that  some   means  will be found for his  deliverance.  Mr. Fraser represents Bloemfontein  in tlio Free State Kaad. in which he  is far and away the ablest and most  educated mind ; in fact, about the  only   min   who   can see   straight  in     that     misguided      body     of  Boern.     Au    attorney    by     profession,  he  is  the son of the Rev.  Colin Fraser,   who  went  out with  Dr.   Mo If at   from   tho   Church   of  Scotland as :i missionary to  South  Africa.    After a university  training in Aberdeen he settled down to  practice   law   amongst    the    Free  State ���farmers.      Every   available  moment from,his busy professional  life of something like thirty years  John Fraser has given to the affairs  of the  Free State.     Its  railways,  the building up of its remarkable  educational institutions, founded in  tho first instance by the  great sir  (Jeorgn Grey, its charitable institutions aud couutless details of  what  may   justly   bo   described   as  the  model  republic of the  world, the  I Free State  owes to the  man who,  teeaupQ of his   British  parentage  and openly professed affection and  ^friendliness  for England, has twice  ('boon denied the presidency by the  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U, S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N. W. T.  Boers of the Free State.     It is not  too much to say   that   had John  Fraser been at the   helm   of   his  country's affairs in the recent crisis  there would have been no war today  in South Africa.     There is an open  secret .that his defeat in 1890 was  managed by Krugcr's secret service  funds, for after repeated  efforts to  win over the sturdy Scottish Africander, Oom Paul gave it up as a  bad job and turned his attention to  more promising soil.    "That's  the  only man I can do nothing with,"  growled angrily his honor on one  auspicious   occasion,   referring   to  Fraser.    The   writer happened   to  see a letter recently received by a  relative  in England   from  one  of  Mr. Eraser's daughters.    She  says,  writing from Bloemfontein:'   "The  place is simply deserted, and the  feeling is too bitter foi words.    O!  you cannot think what a condition  Steyn aud Fischer have landed our  state into. It is too dreadful. Their  names will be a curse in this state  before very long.   Fancy,  all our  three boys were commandered.   So  far, father has got the two youngest off, and  my uncle, Mr. Palmer,  has got Johnnie off.    O! it is too  wicked!    Now we must prepare to  find  ruin  staring us  in   the face.  Poor father!    I do feel for him, he  is quite heart broken about this  war.    He  has  fought   this   policy  single-handed, but  what  could  he  do with such a majority against  him.   Tho Boers mean to make a  stand for it this time.   It's their  last chance.   In the long run they  must be beaten."  SMOKE  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  IP WHAT YOU WANT IS NOT IN* STOCK  WK WIUAlAKE IT FOR VOU  CALL AND GET PRICES.  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  (LIMITED)  Successor-, to  A. DEWAR & CO.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pina Lumber Always in  Stocl\.  We carry a complete stock of  Const Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  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BITflET & CO., Ltd., Victoria  Special quotations given for carload lots  A. li. GRAY. P. O. box 521, Nelson, B. C.  Kootonay Agent  W. P. DIOKSON  B. H. H. APFLEWHAITB  J. MoPHEB  TENDERS  FOR   REAL  WANTED  ESTATE.  Tenders will be leccived by Uic undesigned  until 12 o'clock noon on jMoncl.ij, Ayid '2nd, I'lOO  lor the following described leal o��l,i(cin Nelson.  Lots 7 and ? and Loti Hand lo in Block 10, together with the impioveincnbt (licicon, coiimM-  ing of the Sih cr King hotel and ,\ oj!c,-.stcr} residence.  Terms cash. The highest or any lender not  neeess.ii ily accepted. <  -CAROLINE THELIN,     '  Administratis estate oi J'lhh Johnson, deceased.  Nelson, li. C. March 2nd, lUflO.  C. A. PROSSER, MANAGER  IVjadden House  Baker and Ward  Streets, Nekon  The'only hotol in Nelson that has romalned  tinder one management feince 1S90.  The bod-rooms are well furnished and lighted  by eloctricity.  .  'The bar Is always stocked by tho best domestic: and imported liquors aud cigars.'  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  Kooteqay Electric Supply & Construction Go.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Blectrlo Power Transmission and Lig-htlnpr for  Mines, Towns Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 606. Josephine Street,-Nelson. B. O.  Fred J. Squire, Merchant Tailor  FULL LINES OF WINTER AND SPRING SUITINGS     ,  WKST.BAEKR 8TRKET' NKLSON  OPP08ITB SILVER KINO HHTRl  Free Water Connections  TO YOUR LOT LINK  XV E DO IT     SKK US  GAS FITTING OUR SPECIALTY  PLUMBING OF ALL KINDS  Victoria Street, opposite Posto'Iire.  STRACHAN BRO!  I?  \0  39*3553 353:*'.$  HI  tttfrftt��<r*��ir*tlr**(*������*���etefr��fc  I HUDSON'S BAY S  COMPANY.  ����-&&���-*����*��<&����&��-��*��������-��-����&*��**,  Hi  Hj      i  Hi  J*S333333333359933353333353353<   *��� ���  * INCORPORATED 1670.  *?.��-**��**��&�����-   3395.939933^  -m.~  m  ���33393553 333533353333333333333  1  While we have heen devoting' our energies to attracting your attention to our other departments, we do not wish you to overlook our  Groceries  We have a nice? clean, fresh stock of Staple and Fancy Groceries of the best quality obtainable and as in all lines, our prices are rig*ht  In foreign g'oods we are direct importers and consequently can supply you at figures not to toe beaten  .Peek & Frean's Fancy Biscuits, Bather's Confectionery, Cleaver's (English) Toilet Soaps, Fresh Ranch Eggs, Hazlewood Butter, and our  old and well' tried friends, Tetiey's Tea and Hudson*s Bay Patent Flour  Corner Baker and Stanley Streets  Nelson, British Columbia THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C, MONDAY MARCH 12 1900  V  m  I?'/  m  fop  m  1**2  Is  II;  li  J;l  JUST RECEIVED  A DIRECT IMPORTATION OF  Brushes  BATH   TOOTHSNAIL   HAIR  Baker Street, Nelson  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  ing    Clothing  Now is the time to get a bargain in Clothing as we are  giving a liberal discount on  these goodb for the next few  days in order to make room  for spring goods which are arriving daily  The Nelson Clothing louse  217 210 Baker Sticet  CITY LOCAL NEWS  Uf  iti  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  fs-~' ^ *���"' * ^f��� * ����� * ^* f ��� -*-0*"^-f'0>-0'-fi'-0'-0'-fi*-2r.^li  ESTABLISHED IJ*   NELSON IN   1890  xti  xti  iti  Hi  Hi  iti  %.  I am here my friends to let you know I am all right.  Kimberly and Ladysmith have beeu relieved and I am still  in Nelson with a year of prosperity ahead of mo. Everything is pointing this Avay, and I am here with my up-to-  date line of goods ready to compete with eastern prices. I  am l-ecieviug goods every day direct from the factories,  which are for sale, and I am prepared to guarantee the  quality. Come and examine our stock; no trouble to show  goods. I have 1000 kinds to suit you all. Jewelry of all  kinds, also precious stones, sterling silver in all the latest  designs and patterns. Bradley & Hubbard's up-to-date art  goods. Kara, the leading piano of Canada. Come early and  we will serve you accordingly.    Don't forget the place.  TVe only employ the most expert watchmakers and  jewelers. All work is guaranteed. Mail orders will receive  our prompt attention.  JACOB DOYEB, THE JEWELER  NELSON, R. C.  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  Great Clearing Sale  of Dry Goods  ��� $12,000   Stock of New Goods  If Offered at Cost ,  We have decided to sell out our dry goods and (gg)  continue exclusively  in clothing,   boots/ shoes and ^  gents' furnishings, and  now offer all ,our dry goods qjg  stock at  wholesale  prices.    This  includes all   our ft  spring goods now in  stock and, in transit from the ft  east.     It is the first time in  the history of Nelson ft  that a stock of this size has been offered to the pub- ft  lie at  such  a low rate,  and  all wanting  bargains ft  should not fail to see our prices.    To the ladies of ft  Nelson we-would say-that-this is a good opportunity- ft-  to get your spring and summer dress goods at a bar- ft  gain.    Here is a sample of some of our prices: ft  DRESS   GOODS   that   were   40c, now selling at 25c Jg  do do do 65cs do 40c ^P  do do do       Sl.QQ, do 60c ft  do do do 1.25, do 75c ft  PLAID TWEED SKIRTINGS, five pieces, ft  regular $6 line, offered at $4 to clear ^  BLACK LUSTRES, in plain and figured, ft  that were 50c, now selling at 30c *&,  do do       75c, do 45c jg  DRESS  GINGHAMS, 3  regular 20c goods, now selling at 12ic *g  COLORED  DRESS  GINGHAMS, 3  regular 15c goods, now selling at 10c *&  DIMITIES, regular 15c goods, offered at 10c 2  PIQUES,"       do     20c     do do       12] 3  do  COLORED  COLORED  COLORED  FLANNELLr.TTE now selling at 5c, formerly 8c  ELLIOT BLOCK  BAKER STRUMf  '9fp  FOR   YOUR  CLOTHING.  Mods, f-pjine overcoats And spiing Mils.  t< ,.-;ii v/)Vvr>ii in <A-Muim>OTV stork of now goods. fining overcoats ana spnng su* ��!'�����';'  harittftUlnfoofc^u. cvfiKluiU of Jumcs Wcady & Co.'s and the Ames, Holden &C c,  booth and shoes.    224-226 faker Street, fielsoq.  THE0  MADS0N  In the paragraph published in  Saturday's TitmuxE relating to Nelson's wholesale trade, the list of the  shipments made on Friday by the  Urackman & Ker Milling Company,  Limited, was inadvertently omitted. They consigned goods to  Creston, Salmo, Ainsworth, Ymir,  Erie and Hykerfc's.  William   Gooding   was   brought  back  to the  city Saturday night  and lodged in the police  cells;    He  will be arraigned before magistrate  Crease today,  and   the  charge  of  forgery   will   be   proceeded with.  Gooding says he  was  drunk  when  he   committed the offence.    Chief  Jarvis states that the officials at  Northport were most courteous in  the matter of expediting Gooding's  apprehension and refused to accept  anything for the prisoner's maintenance from Wednesday to Saturday.  ��It is probable that Nelson's fleet  of pleasure craft will be materially  increased in number in the spring.  George Halo will launch his electro-  vapor craft this week, and immediately lays the keel of a handsome  29-foot steam launch. When the  latter is off the stays it is understood he will commence the construction of a 25-foot electro-vapor  launch for a well-known member of  the legal fraternity, and still another gasoline launch is said to be  contemplated.  Captain J. W. Troup issued his  first official circular as sujDerinten-  dent of the Kootenay sections, on  Saturday. It related to the various  appointments here and in the Columbia & Western road, reading as  follows: Captain J. C. gore is appointed port captain of all the  steamers operated under my supervision, with office,at Nelson; D. O  Lewis, C. E., continues in charge  as roadmaster of the Columbia &  Kootenay and Slocan branches with  ollice at Nelson; J. S. Lawrence is  appointed trainmaster of the entire  Columbia' & Western system, including tho Rossland branch, with  office at Smelter Junction; J. T.  Sullivan continues in charge as road-  master of the Rossland branch;  with office at Smelter Junction: effective March 10th. H. L. Johnston,  C. E., is appointed, roadmaster of  the Columbia & Western Branch,  (West Robson to Midway), with office at Robson; P. G. Gallagher is  appointed roadmaster of tho Nakusp & Slocan Branch, with office  at Rosebery, succeeding H. L. John^  ston, C. E., transferred.  Since the gas woiks commenced  operations they have turned out  live or six tons of gas house ccike.  This is not the quality of colce used  for smelting, but is excellent for  ordinary fuel purposes. The company is chartered to make furnace  coke for use in smelters, and have in  contemplation^ a phin_tq_erect a  plant here capable of turning out  approximately 50 tons daily. Such  a plant would cost not less than  $50,000.  E. C. ITall, C. P. R. operator at  Rossland, died suddenly on Friday  night after a few hours' illness. ITe  formerly worked at Kaslo and was  well-known to tho C. P. R. men in  this district. His telegraphic signature was "II."  For the past hix days not a case  of typhoid fever has existed in  Nelson, a Satisfactory condition of  affairs which lias not been tho case  for two years. Citizens and business men realize that the abandon"  me)it of wells and springs for the  city water has a salutary effect in  keeping typhoid at a distance, and  the sanitary regulations enforced  during the last month has also  borne its result.  D. Wilson returned on Saturday  from a trip to the Rirdseye mine.  He reports that the mine is looking  exceedingly well, and that tho ore  body in the winze is increasing in  size and value with every foot of  depth attained. Mr. Wilson intends to return to London on  Wednesday.  George Dech, the eight yeay old  ���Galician boy who was taken from  the steamer Moyie to the general  hospital, died yesterday morning of  septic poisoning. When first taken  to tho hospital tho lad rallied aud  it was thought that lie would recover. Complications set iu, however, and for three or four days  charge realized that the case was  hopeless. The father was at the  boy's bedside when death occurred.  A casket will be provided by the  city and the remains will be taken  to Spokane for burial.  A quiet wedding took place at the  Methodist parsonage on Saturday  afternoon when William F. Sage  and Rose Dell Glandon of Mount  Pleasant, Iowa, were united in the  bonds of matrimony by the Rev.  John Robson, B. A. Mr. Sage is a  cigar maker and purposes making  Nelson his home for a time.  The Nelson minstrels leave today  for their three days' tour in the  Slocan. The boys have practiced  assiduously aud will give a really  first-class entertainment. They  march from the opera house to the  depot this morning at 8:30 o'clock.  On Wednesday a party of enthusiasts will go over to Kaslo to witness  the performance there.  Dr. LaBau was in Rossland Saturday in connection with his duties  as provincial health officer. Nurse  Hearle, who is in charge of his  office is ill and is. being nursed by  nurse Fahey of Winnipeg.  The officials of the Baptist church  have despaired of the services of  Rev. H. H. Hall of Portage La  Prairie, and last night a telegraphic  message was sent to a Nova Scotia  clergyman inviting him to take the  vacant pastorate. Mrs. M. L.  Rattray conducted both services  yesterday.  Copies of the last militia general  orders have been received in the  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Wanted���Portable    engine    and  boiler, sawmill, planer, edger and lath-mill,  Capacity not less than ten thousand a day. Sawmill, Tribune Office.    - .;  Niekerson���Watchmaker,   Baker  street, opposite Queen's hotel. Twcnty-flvo years  experience. ..-,  For Sale���A furnished hotel in  Sandon, 13. C. Write for particulars to G. West,  Box ISC, Sandon. B. C. ���  To Let���House, garden and hen-'  ncry, suitable for a chicken ranch. Apply T. II.  Koborts, Victoiia street, opposite postoilicc.  When your   watch   don't   keep  time, see Niekerson, Baker street. Satisfactory  work or no thaigcs.  Wanted���to buy for cash, second  hand furnituio en bloc. Apply T. H. Robcits,  Victoiia sticet, opposite post office.  To Let���Six-roomed house with  bnth. Apply at second hand store opposite post-  oflico.  Auction Sale  Of  Rare  Household  Furnishings  Stoves   Stoves  We have the finest line of COAL HEATERS ever displayed in the district. We are sole agents for the famous COLE'S HOT BLAST HEATER  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted to any kind of coal.  CROW'S NEST, LETHBRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds  equally well. Not requiring the attention of an ordinary coal heater.  Economical, durable and simple in construction. See our Steel Ranges  for hard and soft coal or wood.  H. BYERS & CO.  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  city containing the official list of  casualties in the first South Africa  contingent. The department issued  the list on a special list with a  heavy black border, the first of  the kind to be issued for 15 years.  The names have already been published in The Tribune.  .;      HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  At the'Grand-Central..���J. MeLeod, Revelstoke; J. F. Shupe, Slocan City; P. Shannahan, Rossland;  T. F. McKechnie, Rossland; M. Mc-  Laurn. Halcyon springs; J. McDonnell, City.  At the Queens.���G. Doyle,  Pennsylvania; C. Marshall, Phoenix;  L.H.Murray, Ymir; W. J. Spaul;  Ottawa; A. J. Martin, Toronto; J.;  A. Sangren, Fennark, Ontario.  At the Phair.���R.' H. Jameson,  Victoria; H. F. Pratt, Revelstoke;  H. F. Frost, Winnipeg; J. J. Bau-  field, Vancouver; It. B. Porter,  Grand Forks.  At the Tremont.���J. Amontea,  J. Falber, J. Graham, M. Bunnan,  J. McKay, City.  At the Hume.���J. Walker,  Kaslo; D. Govin, jr., Vancouver; D.  F. Dickson, Winnipeg; F. C. Fairbanks, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Youtt,  Montreal; N. McLacy, Toronto; S.  S. Carrington and wife Kaslo;  Miss Walker, Miss Stanley, city.  E. J. Robie  Railroad Supplies  ��� ���  ���   ���   ���   ���  Get our prices on  Wheelbarrows,. Picks, Shovels, Camp Outfits, Drill Steel  Iron and Steel, Drill Hammers, Sledge Hammers  Axes, Saws, and Bellows  We Offer the Best Values in Kootenay.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  The undersigned has received instructions from Captain  C.' S. Moore, who is leaving-  for England, to sell the whole  of his household furniture and  effects without reserve. The  chattels which will be offered for  sale constitute the finest pieces  -of household furniture in Nelson.    They are:  Beautiful Chippendale Cabinets  Rosewood Cabinets  Antique Chairs  _Fine_01d_French .Chairs   Handsome Inlaid Furniture  Indian and Persian Rugs  Large Brass Bedsteads  Marble Top   Bedroom  Pieces  Fine Pictures.  The goods to be offered for  sale were collected in all parts  of the world, and the people of  Nelson will have a rare opportunity of securing the same on  their own terms on  Wednesday, lari 14th  AT 2 O'CLOCK  The goods will be open to  inspection at the premises, corner of Baker and Kootenay  streets on the morning of sale.  Don't Fail to See Them  Terms of Sale���Cash.  For further particulars apply to  C. A. Waterman & Co.  AUCTIONEERS  FASHIONABLE  TAILOB  Workmanship and  quality of goods ifje  best obtainable  Opposite Sih or King Iiotel, Raker struct, Nchon  Brown & Co.  209 BAKKIt STREET  REMOVAL SALE  * Wc ha\c moved into the Hnll block, and v,nl  be pleased to meet all our cubtomois andfiiciids.  We coidiull> invito jou to gnc us ft call. You  ^wll And oar goods marked at quick selling prices.  This stock includes Read)-to-vear Clothing,  Furnishings, Hats) and Caps, Boots and Shoes.  xti  Hi  iti  xti  Hi  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  185   BAKER   STREET  Hi  Newly Laid  Town Eggs  Strictly Fresh  40c per doz. at  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON'S  The Leading*  Grocers....  xti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  SOAP  SOAP  -   A PEER AMONG OTHERS  Gilt Bdg*e  18 (TS NAME  This Soap, faking weight, quality and cost into consideration, will be found tho best and tho  cheapest, in the market. It will i.otwash goods without some rubbing, but the ltncfat of goods,  wbother woolen or cotton, can be pioperly cleaned -without iniuiy and with lot-, labor than with  inoSt so culled family soaps. You can use it in the bath or to wish the baby, as its mgicdients are of  cthe purest and best quality,   jt? or sale at  The Western Mercantile Company, Limited.  FANCY AND STAPLE GROCEUIKS BAKER STREET, NELSON  269 Raker Street,  Hall block  BROWN & CO.  CLEANING  AND  REPAIRING  Fine Tailoring  YOUR OWN GOODS MADE UP  OLD CLOTHES MADE GOOD AS NEW  ARTHUR GEE-      ,  Opposite Clarke Hotel.   MERCHANT TAILOR  MjcmaaWatltejM  Vernon Street, Nelson.  Palace frjeat IVjar^et  Headquarters  for afi kinds of  Fresh and Cured Meats,  W  mm  iissaia^^i'  '<2>'(Z>'(=)  iB-  ffi  We have sold 75 per cent of all the  Portland Cement  Fipe Brick and  Fire Clay  - w  Used in Kootenay.  We also handle  X&  %  Steel Mining Rails,  Blacksmith's Coal, Sewer Pipe, Etc.  H. J. EVANS & CO.  NEL.SOAF, B. C.  ^  '"<='���  *?a  JssiSs  *-Bi3i  &  ��>&&&&;&  ^fe?^fe?*5?;  A feature -will be made of tho poultry and  game trade. They will always be on hand during their season.  <J�� L.  109 Joocplunc St., betw een Baker and Vernon.  Telephone 159.  C.r-^-r  tUI  Electrical Repairing, Electrical Supplies,  Electrical  Contracts   (Mines,  Steamers,   Dwelling  Houses, Etc.)   Try us for work and prices  NOTICE TO UNION CAKEEHTTE&S.  prior to tho end, the physicians m  All carpentcis who aro in sympathy with  organized laboi 'arc heicby notilied that tlio  cdtpentcnng in connection with P. Bums &  (,onip,i!ij h cold stoiagcplant, is bomg performed  by non-union labor, and meuibcis of the  <'.ir])cint��)'rt'Union, and those in sympathj with  it, aio requested to govern themselves accord-  m; y" JAMES COLLING.  Sccrclaiy Jtfcfcwn Ca5l^ente:ra, Union.  The best valuo for the money in the maiket  for all purposes.  terms cash     W. P. TinnNEY, Goneral Agent  Telephone Ul.   Office with C. D. J. Christie.  HOME   LAUNDRY  Vernon sticet, cast of MeBride's stable  MISS HULE, Manager  en  BEST CANNED GOODS ON THE MARKET  TELEPHONE m.  Boulters Tomatoes and Marrowfat  Peas, Standard Brand Sweet Corn  P.O.BOX 178.  HOUSTON BLOCK.  Blue Ribbon Tea Always on Hand,  Fidh ICggs Received Daily  John i{. Irviqg & Go.  All kinds o�� laundry work al exceptionally  low prices.  If ustarchod pieces. 25 cents to 3$ cents a dozen,  low wl)af do you think of General Roberts  ANOTHER VICTORY       BOERS IN RETREAT  We had a very successful day and completely routed the enemy.   They aro in full  In the cxhuberancc of jour joy Keb your India and Ccjloj Tea, Mocha  retreat. _  and Java Coilee, Oroccries, elc,  Josephine and Silica Streets,  ��ppotrita MeUiodist Church  tiOlV.  PATTON & ENMAH  ^;..'V^ftS:_'i';.,5',-"-,-_.-.7ii^r."n^


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