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 DAILY EDITION   BY MAIL  FIVE   DOLLARS  A YEAR  WEEKLY EDITION  BY MAIL  TWO  DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH  YEAR.  ISfELSOK:  FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 16  1900.  BBICE  FIVE  CENTS.  WITH COMPANY A IN AFRICA  Letter From Captain Hodgins.  Lieutenant George C. Beer of tlio  Nelson Company, Rocky  Mountain  Hanger*, has received an inteioating  letter from captain  A. It   Hedging,  Avho   is   serving   in   South  Africa  with tho first Canadian contingent.  Captain Hodgins writes from  Drylands Farm under date of January  .'50th and says :    ''Wo have been in  Belmont  for  some  time   and  this  is tho sandiest spot I over  was  iu,  The slightest wind turns up a cloud  and  every now  and  then  a'sand  devil' comes  up���that  is a whirlwind which dodges about amongst  tho tents in tho most playful   manner,   picking  .up" shirts,   blankets,  helmets and lots of newspapers and  lands  them  in some other part of  tho  plain,  while tlio  men   in  the  tents aro out hanging on to the guy  ropes and tent poles.    Their course  is    anywhere    and    they   gather  strength  as   they   go    along, and  'when they have done all the dam-  ago .and   bother    they    can  they  quickly evaporate.     While  this is  going on your neck, hair eyes, ears,  in fact your 'whole body is  gritty  with sand  and  every tiling  iu the  tent is in a mess.   As  a rule these  devils  start  in  force   about meal  time.   ..Whenever the bugle sounds  from the "cookhouse door" they gob  ready  and   of course   soup, hash;  ���butter and everything gets its por  tion of sand aud our teeth get most  of it  when  eating.     Some  of our  chaps havo not got used  to  it  yet,  but  nothing bothers  me  now.     I  take everything its ib comes itnd am  glad its no worse.  ".[have just read an account of  the prices some of the boys paid  for beer and cigars. The figures  arc something outrageous and the  so-called loyal citizens of South  Africa benefit by it. Lately how-  ,Jthe storekeepers havo had a price  list declared to thorn by  a boaid of * ' office is and  are not allowed to charge  what they like. Beer i.s 'supplied to  iho men at six pence a pint and  breadat one shilling per loaf, eggs  thr.ec ponce apiece, whiskey can be  had at seven shillings -per bottle,  canned salmon at two shillings pei  tin, etc.  "Our company has been sent out  ment in sketching tho hills, roads  and farms. They gave mo a horse  and an escort aud generally a staff  officer comes with me. There are  13 Military College men iu our regiment, and when there is any special work to be done one of us is detailed. The signalling, sketching,  surveys, camp sites, transport,  building redoubts, earthworks, etc.,  come our way.  "Dickson and Paterson are with  us, but Lee was left at Belmont, as  we only, took one Maxim, Patterson drives the Maxim limber and  has a tandem of mules. I intend  to take a snapshot of him when  next I see him. The Rossland boys  aro here. Mcilarg is well and lit,  but Rea and Cook have been sick,  though both are better now. The  Australians and Queenslanders are  a ripping fine lot of chaps, and we  get on famously. The colonials are  thought well of, and any uncertainty they had about us before we  arrived hits disappeared. 'A' company, which is composed of British  Columbia and Manitoba boys, can  lick them all on the march, and tho  opinion amongst the company officers is that 'A'is the best in the  regiment."   GLAIR/IS HE WAS SWINDLED  THE SLOGAN LAKE COUNTRY  here on an excursion into this country >to ease the fea''s of the loyal  farmers.    We   left Belmont eight  days ago  and  made  twenty-throe  jnile^ the first day and about seven  the  next.    The  column consists of  *Af Compauy Royal Canadians with  ii maxim   gun, 'G'  Company  Duke  of Cornwall's Light infantry,-two  guns  Jloy.il   Horse   Artillery,  one  company Australian  JIoi.sc, half a  companyof Southeastern Counties  Mounted Infantry, fifteen  men  of  Oth Lancers,  fifteen  men  of Remington  Scout0', and  a large   staff,  ���jvilh   lieutenant-colonel  Jlockford,  K, }i , in command*    AU the infantry wore put into what  aie called  ��� bullock wagons. -These carry-pro--  visions and stores as  well, and we  get out when the roads are bad or  the haul  heavy.    Instead  of bulls  tlir-y iuspau .ten mules which aro  driven by Kaffirs, one with a whip  i\nl*t looks like a bamboo  fishing  poll.',  ami  the  other handling the  ribbons.   As we were settling down  for the night at Piot Fabou's  farm  we heatd   bang, bang, bang, and  about twenty shots  were fired in  the distance.    Almost immediately  tho mounted   patrol appeared on  the rise  of ground  in front of tr--,  galloping to tho right.    We fell in  and after a little soma of the Australians   galloped   out.    Then   tho  ambulance went out and brought  in one of the patrol  who  was shot  in the arm..and by this time it Avas  quite dark.    We  lay as  we were,  every fourth man sleeping, ancl were  only   disturbed   once   by   a   herd  of about twenty horses who wanted  to got to water. We wore'sure they  were Boots, aud I would not let my  men fire, as I wanted  to get them  rtli when they got close, but 1  saw  they   were  riderless horses   when  .about 100 yards distant.  "A couple of clays afterwardo we  received orders to fall back, as the  Boers were all round and reported  in force. None of them had been  been by our men and wo did not believe it, but our officer commanding  thought otherwise, so we retreated  to the next farm, camped for two  days, and pulled out of there oaHy  one morning for here, and hero we  are bulkiing a stone fori, which will  probably he garrisoned, by 150 infantry and 50 cavalry.  "I have been detailed to do some  work for the Intelligence, depart-,  When in Nelson.  Kaslo, March 15. ��� Walking  round the town one cannot fail to  be struck by the appearance of an  Englishman who, stick in hand,  socks stuck into boots, and wearing  a general air of delapidation, pursues a woeful-looking way. This is  Joseph Jones, who had, according  to his own report, a-hard time in  Nelson. He has obtained much experience, but at some cost, since he  came out from his surburban home  near London. He told his sad story  to tho aldermen the other day  somewhat to this effect :  "J arrived at Halifax iii April of  last year with $1100 in my pocket  which 1 intended to invest in mining  property.    1 came on to Nelson aud  1 was told t could get good accomodation  and  advice rat  the  Grand  Central hotel.    There 1 was introduced to a  broker and bought a  claim for which  I paid  $200.   A  miner told me   that  I had   been  swindled and advised me not to lay  out any more money iu the claim.  I went to Mr. Proctor and asked  him for ^information.   Tie told mo  that the claim had only been taken  out the day before and $1 had been  paid.   Jle told mo to take the claim  and make what f could of ib.   Some  more people in the hotel were,willing  to show   me  how to    invest  money better.   I had a pocket book  with $500.   It, was torn from my  pocket leaving mo with only $100.  I came to Kaslo and pub np with  Theo. Adams.    T havo some  prop-  ot ty in  London  and  wrote for a  power   of attorney- to sell   some.  The solicitors in tho  old country  sent mo a deed   giving my   wife  power   to   sell   all   my   property.  That   represents  some   thousands  -and [-did uot wish-to sell" all.   My  Loudon   people   said   J   must   get  a  power   of attorney from   some  solicitors here,    f did, but was told  from  England that that was  not  sufficient.   Now they  dispute my  icsideneo as I have been away so  lung."  Mayor McAnn : "What is your  financial condition now?"  "Absolutely nil now," responded  tho dejected applicant, "but in tho  old country I can put my hands on  $10,000.  ,"Bub have you -been getting into  any games?" asked alderman  Archer, "one thing and another,"  he added comprehensively.  "I have done no gambling," said  Mr. Jones quickly.  "None tit all ?" insisted alderman  Archer.    "On your honor now?"  "Nouo at all, on my honor," said  tho older 7nan with some emphasis.  "It is reported round town that  you have been seen gambling," pursued alderman Archer.  "You arc quite wrong," retorted  Mr. Jones', "I have never done any  gambling in my life. That was the  biggest piece of gambling I ever  did, paying away that $200. It is  only through Mr. Adams that 1 -am  alive now." Jle added that ho  owed Adams Brothers here $170.  Tho council was obliged to refuse  the application for a loan,  Slowly But Surely Improving.  Nkw Denver, March 15.���The  summerlike weather of the past  week seems to be having a revivifying effect upon the town in every  way. Many of those who have  been spending the winter elsewhere are returning, and several  new families have arrived to take  up their residence here. Business  is - picking up and everyone feels  better, aud the prediction is ventured that this'will be the best season in the history of the town.  Schoolmaster Irwin says he wants  more room and an assistant  teacher, as the school roll is about  50���too many pupils for one  teacher.  Among those returned to town is  C. S. llashdall, who arrived in last  night, after a most pleasant trip to  England.  11. McDonald, au old-timer, has  returned from Alexandria, Ontario,  bringing his family with him.  Rossland parties have secured the  boarding house at the Bosun mine  aud have opened up business, the  supplies going out yesterday.  The Hartney people will not wait  for government action in building a  road to the mine, ^but will commence operations themselves" in a  few weeks. They have been considering the advisability of extending the Bosun road to their own  property and making use of the  former's wharf.  Seven or eight tons of Capella  ore will go out today to the Trail  smelter.  A portion of tho Wakefield flume  was carried away this week.  Messrs. MacMaster Brothers, of  Rochester, New York, arrived here  on Sunday and will remain iu this  vicinity several months. , They are  interested in the Hartney, and are  also on tho lookout for promising  galena properties for themselves as  well as Colorado people.  Tho Arlington shipped-another  twenty tons of ore last week, making, 180 tons so far this year.  Ore has commenced to eome into  tho vein on tho March Bird, and is  high grade. Ib is similar to that  on the Capella.  Twenty tons of ore was sent out  by the Bosun yostesday.  General Gatacre crossed the Orange  river and occupied- Bethulie this  morning. General Pole-Carew, with'  2000 men of the Guards brigade,  two guns and a small body of  mounted infantry, left here in three  trains this morning to join hands  with general Gatacre and general  Clements. He had passed Bethany  by 4.40 p. m., without inciting opposition, having beeu able to supply  from his troops engine drivers, firemen, fitters, moulders, smiths, carpenters, etc."  NEWSPAPERMEN THE FIRST  PARTY LINES HOT WANTED  Metal Quotations.  New York, March 15.���Copper  quiet, brokers' $10.50; exchange  $10.37',. Lead, dull, brokers' $4.45j  exchange $4.70 @$ 1.75. Tin, firm,  Straits $33.50 @ $34.75. Plates  steady. Spelter, quiet, domestic  $i,W 0 $4.07��,  STEYN WASAFRAID TO STAY  Scene in Bloemfontein.  London, March 15.���The Stand-  aid has the following dispatch from  Bloemfontein - dated Thursday,  March 15th: "The oivil authorities had definitely made up their  minds to surrender on Monday. A  stormy meeting was held, presided  over by Mr. Steyn, whom Mr.  Fraser denounced as a coward,  charging him with want of enough  moral courage to accept tho situation. The late president was not,  however, to be persuaded and  when the meeting broke up he left  for the north, Tiie occupation was  extremely orderly and well managed. The spectacle was most impressive when the sixth division  marched through in grand style,  notwithstanding that, like the rest  of the army, it had covered 40 miles  in 27 hours.  Largo numbers of the burghers  are surrendering their arms. > Many  have lied to their homes. Others  are trekking to the cast or north  with all their cattle and goods.  During the last few days the inhabitants of Bloemfontein had gone  in deadly fear of the violence of the Transvaalers, and  consequently the city resembles  rather a relieved than a captured  town. Mr. Wessols, president of  the raad, has gone to England to  solicit public sympathy and to  plead for the independence of the  Free State."  _ Agitations and, Rumors.  Victoria, March lo.���[Special to  The Tribune.]���Kellie publishes a  long letter today advocating an  agitation for the dismissal of the  lieutenant-governor for calling in  Martin. He thiuks the Liberals  could .work the commons and the  Conservatives the "seriate to bring  pressure to bear on the government.  Kellie's specific grievance is that  whereas a bridge over Fish Creek  near Cornaplix is urgently needed,  Martin refuses to proceed with its  construction by warrant in the absence of an appropriation.  A meeting of citizens tonight,  well attended by meu prominent in  the political camps," declared  against conducting the provincial  campaign ou fedeial party lines. It  is proposed to pvit up a citizens'  ticket, ou which both political  parties shall be represented.  Rumor about town today has it  that Dr. Lewis Hall, dentist, is to  join Martin's cabinet as president of  council and be: a candidate in  Cowichan.  The doctor has a pull in that district, where ho has regularly visited  professionally for several years, but  he is somewhat unsophisticated. At  a public meeting in Victoria a few  months ago he warmly defended  Martin against those who attacked  his private life, and assured the  audience that Martin was not  nearly so bad as painted.  ���"As a matter.o�� ��act," he concluded, "I am not aware that Mr,  Martin drinks at all, and I believe  that he does not even smoke."  POLITICAL   POINTERS.  Rescued at Last,  Washington, March 15.���A cable  message from general Otis at Manila received at the war department  says he shipped today for Barcelona, Spain, 533 Spaniards, including 31 officers and 427 enlisted men,  of the Spanish army who had been  rescued from the Filipino insurgents, also the wives of eight officers and fourteen children of the  families of officers.  Reinforcements for Gatacre.  London, March 15.���The war  office has received the following  from lord Roberta: "Bloemfontein,  Thursday, March 15.���7.55 p. m.���  The politicians began ^sifting in  yesterday to attend the Conservative convention that is to be held  hero" today. W. R, Will of New  Denver, and "captain Bill" Hunter  of Silverton came down on the afternoon train from Sloejin, and they  both declared fo'r party lines. They  ivould not say what they had up  their sleeve,���but both looked glum  when told that "Bob" Green of  Kaslo could beat any "Party-line  Tory" hands downs. Will and  Hunter are both good men aud good  citizens, but they have a bad attack  of the blues.  J. Fred Hume, ex-minister of  mines, arrived fiom Victoria on  ^Wednesday _nightj_ _Hc_loqks_fiuo  and does not seem to bo much  worried o\ er once more being a free  agent. Mr. Hume saj s that tho  political situation is slightly mixed  at the Coast.      ,"  The Wilson boomlet is growing.  Ou the sticets yesterday, ib wa.s  generally admitted he was a strong  candidate. ��J. Roderick Robertson  is credited with suggesting his candidacy, as he and the alderman are  very warm personal friends.  It is generally conceded that  premier Martin is right in declaring  that the election should not beheld  until after the lists are revised in  May. The election is a general ono,"  to decide issues that are important,  and every man entitled to'Vote  should have the piivilcgc. The  thousands of names ������placed on the  lists since last November would be  deprived of the right to vote if the  election was held before May,* as  the last revised list is the one that  is used for elections as the law now  stands.  George Owen Buchanan will undoubtedly be a candidate in the  Slocan tiding. Mr. Buchanan has  views on all questions, and knows  how to express them on his feet.  Better Late Than Never.  Rnvr.i.wroKK, March 15.��� Revelstoke is en fete today celebrating  tho capitulation of Bloemfontein. A  procession of the ride corps, f-chool  children aud citizens headed by the  band paraded the town this afternoon, and tonight there is to be a  bonfire and fireworks. The weather is beautiful and tho patriotic enthusiasm is intense.  To Enter Bloemfontein.  Bloemfontein, March 15.���Lord  Roberts   entered   tho   Free   State  capital today unopposed.   He lay  at Venter's  Vleit, 14 miles away,  last   night   with    generals   Kelly-  Kenny's and Colville's division, the  Guards brigade and the mounted  infantry.    General French, having  cut the railway and tho  telegraph,  experienced a slight skirmish with  some   Boers   holding    the    kopjes  southeast  of  the town.. Early  in  the  morning  the   cavalry brigade  moved forward and occupied several kopjes .which' commanded the  Boers.   A few well-placed shells in  the Boers'  artillery drove  off the  enemy.   General French then sent  out scouts to feel their way toward  the  town.    Perceiving  which,  the  correspondents of the Sydney Herald  and the London   Daily News  Avith one of them galloped forward  and entered the town, which wore  an everyday aspect.  The people were out shopping or  for morning walks and at first the  newspaper men .were.;'regarded as  townsfolk.    When later  it became  known that they were forerunners  of   the   British   army   they  were  greeted cordially \ind  conducted to  a club where they met  Mr. Fraser  of the executive council, the mayor  and   other   officials.      These they  persuaded to take carriages and go  to   meet- lord   Roberts.     As   the  party   drove   from   the, city   the  cavalry  were  closing  around  like  a high  net.    The deputation  soon  arrived opposite the kopje where  lord   Roberts   was stationed, and  the correspondents rushed forward  and had the  honor ot announcing  to. the    commander-in-chief    that  Bloemfontein would surrender.     A  little later the deputation --began to  approach  aud lord  Roberts went  forward to m<?et them.      ,  The scene was picturesque in the  extreme. _ A few yards away ihe  guns of the battery pointed their  grim months toward the" late"position of the Boers, while tho tin  roofs of 73ioemfonteiu shone in the i  distance. After salutes had been  exchanged a member of the deputa-  " tion stepped forward and declared  that tho town, being without defences, wished to surrender, hoping  that lord Roberts would protect  life and property. lie replied that,  proA'ided there was no opposition,  he would undertake to guarantee  the security of both.  The interview was very cordial,  without a sign of solemnness, and  what struck the correspondent was  that the deputation seemed relieved  by the presence of the British  troops. Lord Roberts notified the  deputation of his intention of entering the town in state, and they  withdrew to inform the townspeople. Lord Roberts- then made his  military dispositions, ordeiing the  first brigade  to follow him and to  take_po5.se��sion of-tho town.   AVith hio staff and the military  attaches he descended the kopje  and ariived on the plain, where he  waited until tho cavalry approached. Then ho entered the  city, followed by his personal staff,  the general staff, the military attaches and the troops.  thank the president for the friendly  interest shown by him, aud added  that   her  .majesty's    government  cannot accept the intervention of  any other power.   (Signed) White."  Mr. Hay telegraphed the consul  at Pretoria under date of March  14th the following:     "Your communication  of tho  request of the  republics for the   intervention  of  the president to cause a cessation  of hostilities was at once  conveyed  to the British government with an  expression of the president's gratification could he aid to promote  peace.    Our embassy in London replies that lord Salisbury thanks the  president for the friendly interest  shown, and adds that���her majesty's  government cannot accept the ���? intervention of   any   other   power.  (Signed), Hay.  The president's message is simply  one of transmittal.  SOUTH AFRICAN SITUATION  Most Satisfactory.  London, March 15.���-5 a. m.���  Events are moving in the South  African campaign iu a sj)eedy aud  satisfactory manner from both the  military and political point of view.  It could hardly have been expected  by the most sanguine Englishmen  that they ���would."..take.'.'a turn so  so favorable. It appears that wheu  major AVestoii cut , th�� railroad  north of Bloemfontein, he .thereby  intercepted ? general Joubert who,  far from having retired from the  campaign, was then coming southward with 3000 men, presumably  to superintend the defence. Elaborate defence works, three miles  long, had been prepared outside of  the town.  No Boer wounded were left in  Bloemfontein. AVhen asked the  reason by lord Roberts, Mr. Fraser  replied:  "The burghers do nob like fish,  and would not care to go to Cape  Town."  "The evidence goes to show that  so far as the southern part of the  Free State is concerned, .there will  be no further resistance. It is understood that Mr. Fraser, Mr. Wes-  sels and other leaders are quite  prepared to accept the position of  a self-governing British colony.  The cheers which greeted the  reading iu parliament yesterday of  the correspondence with the United  States are echoed throughout the  country. The speech of M, Deleasse  lias increased this'saiisfaction, and,  taken with the general belief that  n emperor    Nicholas    is    personally  REITZ' WEAK REFUTATION  Of Salisbury's Cable.  Pretoria, March 14.���Secretary  Reitz' refutation of lord Salisbury's  argument iu tho reply to the Bloemfontein joint note was issued today.  Mr. Reitz says;  "The* British government after  the Bloemfontein conference endeavored to enforce by threats, certain changes in the internal government of the Transvaal republic,  contrary to the London convention.  They also imported troops in great  numbers and broke off negotiations  with a threat to take their own  means and remove the grievance < of  their subjects.  "After waiting a fortnight, while  an army corps was prepared arid  the reserves were being called out  by the British, president Steyn  asked the reason of these proceed- -  iiigs. Sir Alfred Milner refused to  reply. Meanwhile, Mr. Chamberlain in his speeches showed the  world that England had decided on  war. Accordingly the Transvaal  government addressed to the government a demand for the removal  of their troops, as otherwise ib  would accept the presence of the  troops as a declarabion of war.  This was not necessarily intended  as a message of war."  Concerning the armaments Mr.  Reitz says: "Those were bought  openly in England and in Europe, '  and the high commissioner boasted  full knowledge of them at the  Bloemfontein conference, and also  full descriptions of those armaments  were found among the officers present at Dundee. Both the arms  and tho ultimatum were protective  measures subsequent to the raid  and to the discovery, through con- '  cealed cables, that the British mines .  were implicated in the attempt to  filch away the independence of the  republics.  "Now alL doubt is removed by .  lord   Salisbury's  telegram,       The  burghers 'must    Jighb    for    their  national   existence,   trusting   that  God will aid the right."  FRANCE WILL BE NEUTRAL  UNITED STATES' MEDIATION  Thankfully Declined.  AVashington, March 15.���Secretary Hay telegraphed Mr. AVhite,  secretary to the American embassy  at London: "By way of friendly  good .offices, you will inform the  British minister for foreign affairs  that I am today in receipt of a telegram from the United States consul  at I'i otoria, representing that the  governments of the two republics  request Lhe president's intervention  with a view to a cessation of hostilities and that a similar request is  made to the leproacntatives of the  Furopeaii powers, in communicating this request, I am directed by  tho president to express his earnest  hope that a ���nay to bring about  peace may be found, and to say  that he would be glad to aid in any  friendly manner to promote such a  happy result.    (Signed) Hay."  Mr. White replied to Mr. Hay  under date of .March 13th: "J  communicated yesterday to the  under feeerotaiy for foreign affairs,  having been unable to see lord  Silisbury, the contents of your  telegram dated the 10th instant. Today I have had an interview with  his lordship who requested me to  averse to any intervention, these  incidents spread the idea there will  be no further serious attempt to  interfere from auy quarter.  Mr. Montague White's threat in  an  American  newspaper that the  Boers  will   sacrifice Johannesburg  and raze it to the ground if necessary,  is  not  takcu  very   seriously.  Mr.   Chamberlain's statement  that  president Kruger has already been  warned as to the consequences  of  such conduct is regarded as showing that sufficient  precaution has  been  taken.    The  Times   suggests  that the burghers should be warned  that their farms will be taxed as a  guarantee  against; any damage to  British property, but no serious apprehensions are entertained of such  conduct  as  Mr.  AVhite  is said  to  have  foreshadowed.   J. It.   Robinson,  the   millionaire  mine   owner,  ways he does not belie%'e tho Boers  would be so foolish.  By the time Roberts readies the  Vaal river he will command some  80,000 men, while general Buller  will have 40,000 men. From the  military point of view the critics  now think there is nothing to fear.  Kruger Held Liable.  Loxnox/ March I5.-rTho secretary of state for the colonies,  Joseph Chamberlain, answering to  a question as to the 'threats to de-  mnjish the mines and raze Johannesburg, said that at tho commencement of the war president  Kruger had been warned that he  and his government would be held  personally responsible for any acts  contrary to the usages of civilized  communitise.  Not Very Enthusiastic.  KAhLO, March 15.���[Special to  The Tribune.]���Conservatives here  are not greatly in favor of party  lines; a meeting of the association  tonight to elect delegates to the  Nelson convention shows this- fact.  That Dominion politics should not  be mixed with ptovtneial affairs is  the exprcs&ed opinion of many.  Tho delegates were not selected  when the telegraph.office closed.  Delcasse's Speech.  Paris, March 15.���The minister of  foreign affairs, M, Deleasse, replying  today in tho senate to a question  regarding the intention of the government of France res'peefcingoveuts  in South Africa, said:  "The presidents of the two republics have solicited tho,intervention of the powers, bub, in the presence of telegrams exchanged between the British government1 and  the republics, it appeared that the  intervention of the powers had become almost impossible."'  The minister  then  denied   that  France had refused _to join_ Russia ^  iu making a friendly suggestion  in  the direction of peace.  "The'tiuion between Fiance and  Russia," M. Deleasse declared,  "draws closer every daj', and defies  all malevolent assertions to the  contrary. France," ho added, "had ,  never ceased to be tho most generous nation the world has known  and admired, and sometimes abandoned, but after so many hard and  sometimes cmel experiences, she  can no longer admit that her duty  to the world should stand before  her obligations to herself."  Methuen on the Boers.  Cape Towx, Aiarch 15.���Lord  Methuen, speaking at the town hall  Kimberley today, said: "Although  some of the enemy's men were  guilty of dastardly'tricks, we must  remember that their army is nob  organized with the same discipline  as our own. I never wish to meet,  a braver general than Cronje, aud  have never served in a war where  there was less vindictive feeling betAveen the two armies than in this  one."  Effect of Surrender.  London. March 10.���The Times  has the following from Bloemfontein, dated Tiiesda}": "Contempt  for the flight of the Free Stater is  universal, many people assqrt-  ing that president Steyn would  have been shot if his intention to flee had been known.  More harm has- been done to tho  I hitch cause by the ignominious surrender than is conceivable, and do-t  Spite the statement of the brother  ofStoyiijitis doubtful that there  will be any more resistance soutli  of tho Vaal. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C  FRIDAY,  MARCH 10  1900  I  If*  M-J  %  si'  %  I  A'  la  I  If  l|  II  Miners and Laborers  What about  MINERS' and  WORKING  BOOTS  Wc arc making a special  drive  this week  in Heavy Boots.  See our prices.     They will astonish you.  e  ABERDEEN BLOCK  Don't Smoke a  Qlacte^JeX^Mga.1  See   THURMAN, Tobacconist.  ��lte (grtbmtc;  It is reported that the working-  men of Vancouver Avill put up three  if nob four  candidates in  the approaching     elections,     and     that  Robert Macpherson, who has represented Vancouver in the last two  legislatures, AA'ill be asked to head  ..the ticket.    As Macpherson Avas a  consistent supporter of the Semlin  government, it is diffieult to understand Iioav the labor party can endorse  Macpheison and  turn down  Cotton and Tisdall.     Should such a  policy be decided upon ib would suit  Martin's book, as_ the greater the  divisions  of   tlio A-oteis   the more  chance he  Avould have.    IIoAve\ver,  having commended the Semlin government's labor policy throughout,  it Avould be surprising if the labor  party needlessly complicated  the  situation in tho chief city of the  .. province.    The labor party should  ' elect four candidates iu Vancouver  who aie favorably inclined, but to  do so the'campaign must be handled  properly.   If satisfied with the lata  government's policy'the  only'fair*  thing to do Avould be uto nominate  the Lhiee representatives "who supported the policy approved of.    In  this \vay�� a peculiarly strong ticket  Avould  be   secured.    Provided   the  fourth man selected AA'as ^a Liberal,  llie ticket Avould be evenly divided  between bhe two parties, and would  meet tho objection which has been  raised against what i_s considered to  be a still hunt ou the part of the  Conservative organization   i'or the  capture of the province.  Eastoi n" "Canada.    If our commercial   tOAvns  are to  groAv  Avith the  district's  mineral    development, it  becomes  of first importance  that  the men employed should  receive  fair wages, and that so far as  possible they should be men  avIio are  likely to become useful members of  society and permanent residents of  the province.   The one thing Avhich,  stands  in  tho  Avay of the accomplishment of this result io  the  apparent  refusal    of the   companies  managed by  captain  Duncan  and  E.   Nelson   Fell to    recognize the  light of the Avorking miners to organize.     They say, in  effect, that  the working miners must forego a  right  Avhich is recognized from one  end of Canada  to the other, as a  condition to the province  securing  even this small advantage from the  Avorking of its mines.     Tho mere  suggestion   of   such   a contention  justifies the demand for the creation of a court  of  conciliation and  arbitration.    lb is  not reasonable  that the welfare of the entire community    should    be   prejudicially  affected, even  temporarily, by the  domination of such narrow  views.  It i.s announced that G. O.  Buchanan Avill bo nominaled for  r the Slocan riding to oppose "Bob"  Green. It is said that G. O. Avill  moke tlio campaign on the lead  i-iMie hi-.tond of the eight-hour question, i L is not likely that Buchanan  aviII be any more succc-jful than  was .John L. RelaUack.  That the present s-trike,  AA'hich  lias been ordered at tbe mine- being  operated by captain   Duncan  and  E.   Nolson   Fell   may  temporarily  have   ti    depressing   effect    upon  trade     may     be     expected;    but  against  thi-,  temporary  disadvantage must be entered  the lasting  benefit   which   uill   be   conferred  upon the community Avhen such an  arrangement  is .arrived  at as Avill  secure for the miners  em|)loyed  in  tho district a fair wage scale, and  an acknowledgement of their right  to organize for mutual  protection  and   be/iofib.       The    only   benefit  Avhich the province  of British Columbia receives fiom the development of its mines'is the local circulation of the money AA'hich is earned  by the AAOikiug miners; the profits j  Minstrels Return Home.  The members of the Nelson minstrel troupe returned home yesterday from ^ their vonv of* the Slocan  tOAvns. The boj'S had a varied experience, but on the Avhole they enjoyed the trip immensely and made  many friends, They received ti  warm welcome at New Denver, a  good house and many kindnesses  from Dr."JIrousoand~Char 1 itTNelson,  the druggist. From New Denver  they AVent to Sandon and experienced AA'hafc it meant to get the  marble heart  Owing to some unfortunate misunderstanding between the Sandon  and Nelson Curlers, the Sandon  people boycotted the show and the  boys-,just misFod playing to au  empty hoiiic. This ���would no doubt  havo been tho ease but for secretary Hagler of tho miners' union.  He saw tho Avay nutters Avero shaping and .succeeded in drumming up  an audience of miners so that Avhen  the curtain roao there were forty-  eight in front of the stage.  Ab Kaslo the boys got such a  welcome an almost Aviped tho Sandon fiost out of tlieir minus. They  had a packed house, AA'hich AA'as liberal iu its applauco, and they  quirted-the toAvu with a promise to  return and give a second performance. Tiie boys are all loud in  their praise of Charlie Honeyman  at Kaslo. lie was too ill to go upon  the stage with the other members  of the troupe, but he pulled himself  together and went on for his turn  Avhen it came round, and did it  Avell.  In A'iow of the treatment received  at Sandon ib Avill take about all tho  i eceipts to meet the expenses of the  trip. Another petformauco will be  given in this city on Monday evening.    An Elusive Statesman.  Lord Rosebery is the most elusive  Disraeli AA'as a mystery man by instinct and  policy.    Lord Rosebery  baffles in spite of himself.    After  tAveuty years of public life England  is still at a loss to knoAV Avhat he is  or AA'hat tire his  opinions.    Yet the  fault, apparently, is uot Lord Rose-.  bery's.Nothing seems further   from  his engaging   openness   than   any  turn for  dissimulation.    Few   men  could haA'e borne themseh'es more  candidly or more publicly than  he.  He has done  so much and  been  so  much in   politics, literature,  sporb  and   society,   touched   life   at   so  many corners and gathered ears of  coin from so many   harvests,   that  one   AA'ould   hardly    suspect    any  difficulty in "placing" him.  Ho has  held the two   greatest   of   English  offices���ho   litis   been  both   prime  minister and  foreign  secretary he  has also been chairman of the Loudon county council; there is hardly  a   subject,  from   street  advertisements to imperial policies, on which  he has not spoken.    Windsor knows  him  no  better  than Whitechapel,  and AVhitechapel  no  better   than  AVindsor���in'   both   he   is   equally  incognizable.    His interests stretch  far  beyond    the   humdrum   game  of politics; he  does  almost  every-  thing  that  Englishmen  like  their  leaders to do; his  colors  are  seen  everywhere  on  the ,turf,  his  cattle    iin'ade   all    the    agricultural  sIioavs in the   land; ho   hunts   and  shoots aud farms and   breeds   and  Avritcs books ;   and   yet,   with   all  the=e data, England is as far  from  making up her mind about him   as  Avhen   he   first   came   into   publje  notice as Mr. Gladstone's host during  the opening Midlothian campaign.  WEIL ATTENDED  FUNERAL  The Last Rites.  The funeral of the late R. L.  BroAvn took place yesterday afternoon, tho occasion being maikedby  a universal outpouring of sympathy.    At 1:80 the member of the  I. 0. F. ancl I. O. O. F. assembled at  Fraternity Hall. The Odd Fellows,  who had charge of the obsequies,  Avero headed by John Scoley, Noble  Grand; J. McRae,  Vice-Grand,  and  II. McVane, chaplain. Tho Foresters' officers in attendance wpre F.  AV. Swannell, past high chief raug-  ei; John Irving, chief ranger; J.J.  Chambers, vice ranger, and Pciley  Fleming, recording secretary. "Angus G. ShaAv, who 'a, a_ member of  both fraternities, officiated as marshal.  Tho deceased engineer's comrades  in the employ of the C. P. R. were  represented by a strong delegation,  including captain J. YV". Troup,  .superintendent ofj railroads and  steamers; Charles Orandou, chief  clerk; captain Gore, commodore,  and captains Griswold of tho Nelson, Fiaser of the Kokanee, Tyson  of the Vmir, and Reid of the Inter-  -national, each with their respective  crews., The tug Hercules was also  represented.  The cortege moved to St. Paxil's  Presbyterian church, Avhere Rev.  Mr. Laiug conducted an impressive  sei'A'ice. On the conclusion of the  church- service the procession  matched to the cemetery where interment was made in the Oddfel-  Ioavs' plot, the executive officers of  the local lodge conducting the ceremonies.  ��,  fi* . 00 .fi* . fi* .fi* . fi* .00 . fi* .fi* . fi* .00 . fi* .00 . fi*'.00\ fi* .  \H&&' J"^"*��*" _&&'_��a*- __&*���_&>��� ��Js>'��SS��' <B>-fl5fr' 2*��-S*��' ^���'Sfcir *&>"'  is 'J^-^. -JSO^ -J^--5fc %2&'J& 'J3&  ^7*\*^'Cix; ��� Nbs ���Vj&r.>��a4l"-.\sLv ��� >*!��, .^ .^ny -\ssis . "^-^v. 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Notice N htiebj gn cn th it I intend fo npph- ,it  ilie.ne^t iiitUing ot the Jkuid of License eotu-  missiutiois fur the Ud} of Xelson. held atior Ute  e\pnat.on or 11 irt> d.iis fiom the date heieof,  fora t l.in >fei ot the saloon htonso now lit Id by  me, dated IheJnth day of January, I'M} foi llie  Gliioi'ottalooii. .situate on llio weht liulf of tot 4  ulo<jk 2, Nelson, U. C, to John J.mdblad of A'ol-  faon.B. V.  Dated tills 3rd day of March, I860.  Witness: !LH.WAiu>. W. A. WARD. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B.C., FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 1900  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up..$12,000,000  BEST     C.000,000  Lord Strathcona and Mount Iloy.il ...Prcsidcn  lion. George A. Druiiiinond Vice-Presidon  K. S. Olouston G cneral Manage  NKLSON HIiANCIT  Northwest Corner Baker and Stanley Streots  riranclies in Lo.vdox (ICngland) Xhw Yoitic,  Chicago, and all tlio principal cities in Canada.  Kxchango and Cablo  Travelers'   Credits,  part of tho  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Ktc.  Buy and sell Sterling  Transfers.  Grant   Commercial   and  Saving's Bank Branch  CUI1KK.VT JIATK OK IXTKUBST 1'AID.  KEUGEB'S   REPUBLIC.  Louisville Courier Journal.  "Oom Paul's People," a book  written by Hillepas, a partisan of  the Boers, and expressly in their  favor, furnishes Mr. Thomas G.  Shearman some facts regarding Oom  Paul and his "republic'.' which  ought to-be considered by the Boers'  American republican claquers.  J ���-������ When .Oom Paul was in London  in -lSS'ly inviting - Englishmen and  Americans. to the Transvaal to go  into mining, he was so poor he could  not pay his hotel bill.  Subsequently he sold one of his  own farms to Englishmen for $500,-  000, and, his friends made similar  sales to Englishmen^. and some  Americans, Germans and Frenchmen, amounting to many millions  of dollars.  "These foreign settlers produce  every dollar's worth of wealth  which can be exported from the  Transvaal, and every dollar in ex-  , cess of what -\\ ill suffice for a very  bare and ditty existence to the old  residents. Every dollar of the  wealth now possessed by Mr.  Kiuger, his'-oub-in-law, his officials,  and indeed any part of tiie Transvaal population, lias been produced  by these settlers,."  Nine-tenths of the taxes in the  Transvaal have bpen collected from  those foreign settlers whom Mr.  lvtnger invited to the country.  "Half these ttixes have beeu spent  in making pi operations for war,  and the other half devoted to the  payment of oiioimous "-alaries to  and jobs for Mr. Kruger, his sons-  in-law, friends abd political supporters. Mr. Kruger himself has  avowedly received $.'i[),000 a. 3 ear  salary, while, on repeated occasions,  sums of $13,000 and S23',000 nave  been paid out of tnxehfor his direct  and exclusive benefit, as appears by  public rceoids. How much more  h:'.s been spent without public  record can only bo gue-sed. His  son-in-law and jjiivale soeretiuy  possesses (so says Mr. Jiillogas) a  single house costing $2150,000, and  rolls in wealth besides, tis he miibt,  to support such a house.''  The official recoids iu a Transvaal  lawsuit between two Boers show  that every Boor official worbh bribing, including Krugcr's son-in-law,'  was biiboil, and none of them even  denied it.  Now read carefully every item of  this indictment and say how much  icpublicanism  there is  in  any  of  " them.  "The foreign settlers, exclusively,  built Johannesburg ; a hue town,  with (foimerly) 50,000 inhabitants.  Thoy were not merely denied any  _ right to gqyemthtit_citj^;_theyjvcrc  denied any municipal government  whatever. This is proved, uot only  by the explicit statements of Mr.  Hillugas, the Auioiieau representative of the Boers, but ixho by a  proclamation of Paul Kruger hiin-  fc.plf, dated in January, IS'M, a eopy  of which I have. Mr. flillcgas  states that not $3 could bo expended  in repairing a road or a bridge  wi tl 10 nt Iirst receiving cxpiess  authotity fiom Piotoria.  "Tlio foreign bottlers iu tho Transvaal were denied the right to bear  any arms, while every nude Boer,  from sixteen years old upwaids, is  heavily armed and drilled at the expense of the foreigners.  ���'By a press law, passed for the  avowed object of ciushing the foreign settlers, all new&papcrs weie  placed at tho nierey of ptosident  Kruger, who can suppress them at  his pleasure.  '���By another law, passed for the  same purpose, all meetings of more  than seven persons in the open air  are absolutely prohibited, while all  other meetings can be dissolved iu  an instant, at the discretion of any  policeman.  '���Another law was passed, absolutely prohibiting the presentation by any foreigner of oven &o  much as a petition for redtcss.  "When Mr. Kruger incited foreigners to settle in the Tr:in->vaal  full naturalization could be obtained within two yeats. After foreigners had accepted his invitation,  he repealed all naturalization laws,  absolutely. Then under piessure,  lie restored the Jaws, but made the  term fourteen years; but any foreigner desiring naturalization must  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N. W. T.  renounce all protection, even from  his  own  government  or tho Boer  government,    for fourteen    years,  during which time ho would be a  citizen of no country whatever, aud  have  no   rights   which  any   Boer  would  be bound to respect.   During these fourteen years he must be  ready to serve in the Boer army on  twelve hours' notice, and he would  be frequently called upon to serve  without pay, clothing or even food,  which he must provide for himself.  At the end of these fourteen years  of degrading humiliation he would  not be allowed to vote for any office  worth voting for, unless his humble  petition    was   approved   by   two-  thirds.of his Boer neighbors, by the  military chief  of his  district, aud  ���finally    by   Mr.    Kruger   himself.  Neither  would   he  be   allo\yed to  vote, even   then,   unless he   were  forty years of age.  "While "nearly two-thirds of all  persous residing in the Transvaal  spoke .only the English language,  and less than one-third either spoke  or could understand the barbarous  Boer Dutch, the Boers insisted that  all English-speaking children must  take their education exclusively iu  Dutch.  "President Kruger resisted the introduction of railroads for years in  order to compel the mines to hire  his private ox teams at enormous  pi ices. When finally he did permit  railways to be built he granted the  privilege exclusively to persons who  would agree to give to his relatives  a big share of the profits. He  granted monopolies to several indis-  pcnsiblc articles of supply to the  mines, with the result of doubling  the pi ice at which they could otherwise have been obtained.  "The whole Transvaal government -was corrupt and rotten from  top to bottom. No business could  be done with them without} bribing  the president's son-in-law and  hangers-on."  If 11 country of wliich such things  can be truly said is a republic, then,  indeed, is Great Britain not a republic, either in form or spirit.  , .    ,  . ^  -* Left for Europe. -.  '  .  liofijjxzo Maiuh'1-x,1 March li.���  Sir. Fischer, secretary of the Orange  Free State, and Mr. Wolmer, of the  Transvaal Executive Council, mailed  for Europe today by the German  liner Kaiser.  , Lee & Taylor A FU1L LINE OF  BAKER STREET, NELSON  (George F. Motion's old stand)  Flour, Feed; Grain* Hay  AND PRODUCE  Gar Lots a Specialty  Correspondence Solicited  Phone 20  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD Sc CO.���Corner Vernon and  ��� Josephino streets, wholesalo grocers and  jobbers inblankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  mackinawB and miners' sundries.  KOOTENAY SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMITED���Vernon   street. Nelson,  wholosalo  grocers.  TOHNCHOLDITCH& CO.���Front street, Nel-  *��: son, wholesale.grocers.  PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSONS PRODUCE COMPANY���Vernon  street, Nelson, wholesalo dealers in provisions, produce, and fruits. Agents for Swift &  Co. bacon and hams. '���'  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  IP WHAT YOU WANT IS NOT IN" STOCK  WE WILL MAKE IT KOM VOU  CALL AND GJET PRICES.  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  MEALS  25  GENTS  The Keremeos Townsite Company  KEREMEOS,   B.   C.  Lots 30x120.    Main  Street 100 Feet Wide.  Corner Lots $100.     Inside Lots $75  J. A. S  T   Y.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.  OTSHERWOOD  KEAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  first door west  of Hank of Biitish  Columbia build iti<?.  Baker Street  Charles D. J. Christie  GENERAL BROKER  r  I doois wosl of Dominion ICxpic-is ollice.  O. llo^c o.'3.   Phones: Ollleo W, lloube 102  ron ram:  i-ioom !iou<-a<im1 ,'i lots ���  1 lol on Cubtm.tte stieet  '2lotsOhseiMifon sticet.  ���iloU.ind 1-ioom lions e   . .  $Io00  . UK)  . (Wl  .  1100  Loan-  ; room Hor.sK rou rent  .md iiism.uicc promptly attended to.  GENERAL  BROKER  Tlnce dwelling houses for sale on easy tonus.  One tot   on   Stanley  slitct, opposite Itojftl  hotel lor stile nt a b.irK.un.  One  sc\ cn-ioomcd hoiibc and one tin ee room  house foi lonfc.  See ANNABLE  _. GRIFFIN  &  CO.���Corner Vernon and  Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers  in provisions, cured meats, butter and eggs.  FR. STEWART & CO.���Warehouses onC. P.  ��� R. track, foot of Stanley street. Nelson,  wholesale dealers in provisions, produce Cand-  fruits. Cold storage. Agents Armour &,Co.'s  bacon, hams, lard and other products.  SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS  LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall streets,  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  in sash and doors; allkinds of factory work made  to order. v  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  btreet Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholesalo dealers in caps and fuse, and electric  blasting apparatus.        \  CIGARS.  KOOTENAY CIGAR MANUFACTURING  CO.���Corner Baker and Hall streets, Nelson, manufacturers of "Royal Seal" and "Kooto  nay Belle" biands of cigars.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS & CO.-Corner Bakerand Josephine  ��� streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining supplies. Agentsfor Giant  Powder Co.   LAWRENCE HARDWARE (COMPANY���  Baker St., Nelson, wholesalo dealers In  hardware and mining supplies, and water and  plumbois' supplies.   VANCOUVER HARDWARE COMPANY,  LIMITED���Baker street. Nelson, wholesalo  dealers in hardware and mining supplies, plum-  bers and tinsmiths'supplies.   COAL.  OROW'S  NEST PASS COAL COMPANY.-  Wholesale dealeis in coal and coke. Charles  St. R.uuc. Agent. Baker stieet. Nelson.   ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  WF. TEETZEL &. CO.���Corner Baker "and  ��� Josephine sti eel s, Nelson, wholesalo dealers in assayers supplier. Agents^for Denver'  Fire Clay Co. of Denver, Coloiado.   LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER, BEETON & CO.-Corner Vfirnon  and Josephine sheets, Nelson, wholesalo  dealers in liquyrs, cigars and dry goods. Agents  for 'Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Co. of Calgary.   COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  H J. EVANS & CO.-Baker hticet,�� Nelson,  ��� wholesale dealers in , liquors, cigare,  cement, Are buck and lire clay, water pipo and  steel rails, and general commission mei chants.  PAINTS   AND   OILS.  NELSON HARDWARE COMPANY-Baker  Street���Wholesalo dealers in paints, oils,  and brashes of all Idnds. Largest stock in  Kootenay.   FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  BURNS &   CO.���Baker   street,   Nelson,  wholesale dealers m fresh and cured meats.  Cold storage.   TENTS   AND   AWNINGS.  ���VTKLSON TENT AND AWNING FACTORY���  ���*���' llaker street, Nelson. Manufactures of .all  kinds of tents, awnings, and e.mvas goods.  1'. O. Box 7(i.   Thco. Madbon. piopuetor.   WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall streots. Nelson, wholesale dealers In wines {cabO and bulk)  and domestic andimportcd cigars.   _ JERATED ANDJBINERALJVATERS. _  rpHORPK & CO., LIMITED.���Corner Vernon  ���*��� and Cedar streets, Nel-on, nmuufitefurrrs  of and wholesalodealers in terated waters and  fiuit sirups. Solo agentsfor Halcyon Springs  mineral water.   Telephone GO.   FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN & KER MILLING COMPANY  LTD.���Front street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in flour, oatmeal, ete., nnd hay and gram.  Mills at Edmonton, Victoiia, and Now Westminster.  XIALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  Porto Rico LumberCa.  (LIMITED)  ROOMS LIGHTKD BY ELECTRICITY  AND HEATED BY STEAM  25 CENTS TO 51  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  J.  Successors to  A. DEWAR & CO.  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  StocK.  We carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  KEREMEOS  ��� - ��� r-- ....������ . ���  Is the center of the Similkameen Mining District, thirty miles south of  Pentieton and west of the O'Kanagan river. This season will see great  developments in this vicinity as ai large number of valuable claims were  located last summer. Prospectors will iind a splendid field to work in.  Much of the mineral bearing belt has not yeb been explored. The Similkameen country is an ideal one for prospectors, water, feed, and fuel  being abundant. The winter climate is the mildest in the interior.  Business men will find plenty of openings at Keremeos. There is a chance  for those��� with capital to get in on the ground floor. The surrounding  land is of the richest, and best adapted for the production of high class  fruits and vegetables. The Columbia.& Western railway is now being  located through Keremeos/and up the Similkameen river. Stages connect between Greenwood and Keremeos via Fairview; also between Pentieton and Keremeos.   For further particulars  Apply to THE BEALEY INVESTMENT COMPANY,  ��� General Agents, Creenwood, B. G.  Or EDWARD BULLOCK-WEBSTER, Keremeos, B. C.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Large comfortable bedrooms and  flrst-claae  dining-room. Sample rooms for commercial men.  Porto Rico LumberGo. Ltd.  Contractors and Builders  WILL DO WELL TO  Buy Their Lumber  AT  0. 0. Buchanan's  ' - A large stock of flrsfeolass dry matorial on  'hand, also a full line Of sash; doors, mtmMings,  turned work, etc.  Factory Work a Specialty  VuA-d i  Foot of Hondryx street. Nelson  Telephone. 9i    Jo||n   Ra6,   AgGIlt  COAL!      COALI  GREAT REDUCTION  $6.15  RATES $2 PER DAY  C. A. PROSSER, MANAGER  A Big" Schooner  OF BEER OR  HALF-AND-HALF  ALWAYS  FlUiSU  10c  ALWAYS  COOL  Haid. Coal  Anfhracito  $9.65|&��fsNest  DELIVERED  Tlio Best gilts'! of Beer I o be had in Nelson is at  TIIE CLUI3 HOTEL  Corner Sihoft and  Stanley Streets.  E. J. CURRAN, Prop.  rVjadden House  Buker and Ward  Streets, Nelbon  P.  TELEPnOXJE  33  G. W. West & Co.  Book Bindiri;  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained  under one management bince 1890.  Tho bed rooms are -.voll furnished and lighted  by electricity.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  B. C. HOTEL   erie, b. c.  AND  Bool(  ARCHITECTS.  EWART & CAIIRIE-Architectn.   Kooms 7  and 8 Aberdeen block. Baker t-treot. Nelson.  ENGINEERS.  CHARLES P\RKKU-3Iimnjj.ui<l milling cn-  ginccr.   West J3.iLcr >ilieet, Nolson.  :     trades vmom.  NELSON MINERS' UNION NO. 96. W. V. of  M.���Moots in minoi'V union rooms, noith-  east corner Victoria and Kootenay stieeU, eveiy  S.itimlav evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting members welcome.  Ja.mi:s Wij-kks, Sec'y.    Chas. A. McKa y. Pres.  THE regular meetings of tho Carpenters' Union  .ire held on Wcclnesidiiy opening of each  week, at 7 o'clock, in the .Mineis' Union hj.ll corner Victoiia anil JCooten.vy =treets.  R. KOMNSON  Piesident.          JAMES COLLIXO. Secictary.  TRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL -The icg��-  l,u"meetings of tho NcKon Tiade?ami Labor  Council vii! beheld in tho miners' union hull,  rorncrof Victoria and Kootcna} street'!, on the  first and third Thursday of e.ich month, at  7.J0 p. in.  G. J. Tnonrn. Pies, J. II. M,\im:so.v, Fec'y.  The Tribune has a thoroughly equipped Book- Bindery in  connection with its job printing department> AU kinds of  bookfe manufactured lo order,  and   any kind  ot  binding  or  rebinding done on short notice  First class in every respect. Choicest wines,  liquors and eigars. Eveiy comfort for transient  and resident guests.  HEADQUARTERS FOR UNION MEN.  JOSEPH OAMPJiELL, Proprietor.  R.__BEIS_TERER_&_CQi  UKi;\\Efc? AXB BOlTLKllS OF  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Piompt ami regular  deli\ei> to the ti.ido  Brewery at Nelson  Co.  eison   wine  CHOICE WINES AND LIQUORS  K?fc        V  me lai  ��  CLEANING  AND  REPAIRING  YOUR OWN GOODS MADE UP  OLD CLOTHES MADE GOOD AS NEW  ARTHUR GEE  Opposite Claike Hotel.   MERCHANT TAILOR  Lethbridge Gait Coa  The best value for tho money in the maikot  for all purposes.  TKKM8 cash     W. P. Tikrmkf, General Agent  Telephone 1*7.   Ofllco with C. D. 3. Cbristse.  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. V. & A. M.  Mcots second Wednesday in each month,  Sojourning brethren incited.  KNIGHTS OV PYTHIAS- Nelson Lodge, No,  25, Knights jof Pythias, meets in I. O. O. V.  Hall, corner Baker and Kootenay streets, overy  ~      ��� .....     ^fc   to attend.  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights  cordially invited'     ""   '  R. G.JOY. K. of R.&S.  LEONARD SCOTT, C. C.  NELSON L. O, L., No. 1G92, meets in I. O. O. F.  Hall, corner Baker ana Kootonay streets,  1st and 3id  Kriday of each month.   Visiting  brctheni cordially invited.  R. Rohinso.v. W.M. W. C'kawfokd. Rec-Sec.  NELSON MR1K, Number 22, Fraternal Order  of Eagles, meets every second and fourth  Wednesday mooch mouth  in Fraternity Hall.  Visiting brethren welcome.  W. GOSNKL&, President.  CiiuiaKa Pkosskb, Secretory  BURNS BLOCK  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  Rhorlotlcmlmnh, 1'o-cs, T.incj K\ciri ecu <.  jMagnol.is, Jiulb��,newrcjo|>ie>-U<lsi,c><K for'-pimg  liliintmg. Lugcst and most roiuiilctc stock in  WesloiiiCiiiaild. ('.ill ami malto jour ���-UlUioiis  or send foi c.il.iloguc. Addic-is ,it the nuiseiy  grounds and giueiihoti-e.  M. J. HENRY.  3000 Wosfrninstci Roul. Vancouver. 1\. C.  Fop Sale  Cheap  RAILROAD OUTFIT  Such as Wheel Scrapers, Picks, Hho-\ els. Hammers, Steel. WagoiiK, Lai go Range, Teats, etc.  Call at Old Curiosity Shoj), Josephine street.  Hl>f( ml ."ittonlion tfiu'ij to f.uinlv tiade  ���X?V*.t.      FRANK A. TAMBLYN  NlI-oii, li f\ HAN.vOUt  H. D.  ASHCROFT  > .  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon rcpalrlni? rromptly attended to by a  first ci��i-��8 wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repair-  It g and cif-lom work from nutsido poinfw.  bliop:   Hall St., between Raker and Vernon  TENDERS    WANTED  FOR  REAL  ESTATE.  'IVmlcis Villi lie rccenul li\ the inidci-ignud  until Uo flock noon on Monrl.i}. .\pnl 2ml, 1'xw  for the following (lesiubcd i tul osUtc in Sr-lson.  Lots T and jt.uid Loll. I't.tiiil l<) in Block IC. to  gut her with Iho lmiJiowtwiii-, tlieiton. coumsI-  liig of the Sih tr King liutcl and ,i one siorj iusi-  doiiLt'  Tciins f.ish. '1 he lugln'st or ,ni.\ Icndei not  ncressiiiilj  uceptcd.  carolim; THKi.r.v.  Adiiiinisl) ilii\. (Miitoot Juhli.loliii'.oii.dLic.i^od.  NlUuii, 11. l"��� .M,.i(-li '.'nil, Vrm.  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINClAb  LAND SURVEYOR  Comer Victoria and Kootonay StnsotR.  P. O, Box 65!). TELEPHONE NO, 93  ! m f  CALL  AND  SEE  s  Bl|rs. E. C. ClarKe, Propi  i.ATn ok 'rnn roval iroTcr., causary  WaverSy Hotel  This popular hotel is Inch is now being  enl.uged and lonouited, will be icopened  on Jr.nch 1st, when it will h.ive 10 large,  nicely fuinishcd .md well lighted 100ms,  healed with hot air. Special attention  will be gi\en to the dining room.  RATES REASONABLE.  Elegant Sideboards  Superb Gheffbniers  Petite Dressing* Tables  In the Famous Golden Oak  Just Received a Garload-of Hig*h-elass Goods  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  HkanSlsS,atb.o. Dealers in Meats  Markets at Nelson, Rossland, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, New  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Midway, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson , ��. ��� Q    TRAVES," Manager  ORDERS^BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT A1TENTION.  Headquarters for Portland Cement, Pipe Brieks>  Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal [Blacksmiths]  B. P. RITflET & CO., Ltd., Victoria  Special quotations given for cailo<i(i lote  .   ..    '.O. box J2I.XoIs      "    "  ICootcii.iy ARCiit  A. B^ GliAY, I*. O. box .521, Xelson, Jj. C.  W. P. DICKSON  EI. H. H. APPLHWHAITH  J. MoPHEIS  Kootenay Electric Supply & Construction Go.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete BJootric Bqalpmenta for Hlectrlo Power TrannmisBion and Lighting for  Mines, Towns Blectrlo Fixtures, l^amps, Bells, Telephones, Annanciatore, Btc.  P. O. Box 806. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O.  Fred J. Squire, Merchant Tailor  FULL LINES OF WINTER AND SPRING SUITINGS   .  WEST BAKER STRKKT' NKLSON OPPOSITE SILVKIt KINO HOTKI  That Light is Poor  GAS FITTING OUE SPECIALTY  PLUMBING OP ALL KINDS  Victon.i Street, oppoiilc l'ostofllcc.  STRACHAN BROS.  ROYAL SEAL  AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  GJGARS  E  ^ootenay Gigar Mfg. Go.  NKIPON", Mltn ISH COI.UMIIIA  ON  AT 7 PER CENT  BUSINESS PROPERTY  Apply O. h. LKN.N'OX, Solicitor, Nel-on B. C  TN TIIK JlA'ITKlt OK AN APPLICATION  J- KOR A DUI'UUATK OF A CKltTH- ICATH  OK TITLE to lots picii-n (II) mid twelve (IS),  block l\\ontj-y \(;n (27), Citj ot NcKon, It. C.  Notice Kliou'lij ki\cii that it is my intention  .U the i\piiiition of 4 Ono month fiom Iho  publK.itiuii heii'ol', lo is,suc <i diiplicilc of the  ("citillt.ito of 'I itlc to tho .'il>o\e liuxli. issued to  (ii'iijkc A. 1). Hull, on thi. 2ULh tl.ij of Uotcitibci,  l^JS, .md miinljeitd lo.i.1 K.  s y. avo< ito.v,  HoKistiar Clciioi.il.  l..iiul Kcgivttj Ollltc, Victoria, 15. C, l��JL)i Keb-  ]tim>, 1%1��.  NOTICE TO UNION CAEPENTEES.  All cupciitcis who nrc in Mtiipithy ���ftilh  (HK.ini/cd 1 ilxu .nt< licitb} nniitleil th.it th��>  inipenluimtr in conmt'luui willi 1'. Hums ir  <."(ml|iiinj t. cold -.toMKCpKml, is licinu porfoiiiHil  1)j iion'uiiinti laboi, nml inombcis nf tlio  dupernors I'liTon, mul thosem -jmputln with  it.iiro rciitiCblt-d to Ko^of" theiiihcHes nt,ooid<  iDKh' JAlirat'OMilNtJ.  Secretary Nclso�� Ciurcntera' Uuion,  St. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  NELSON. 11. C.  A boarding nml day school conducted by the  Slsfeisof .S(, JosppJi of I'ciuc, It it s|iij,in..(j nt  Hit, corner of AllU itnd Jo-cpliiitc ctitot^ m oiioof  the beM rcsidundnl portions of NeNon. ami ih  easilj iieec-sible fiom ill puis of I lie cit r.  '! lio courM" of si ndj itiolmie-i the finid.uiienliil  and higher buinclius of tlioionifh Kn^h-hoiliicii-  tion; HiNinev lOui so-��� boukkuupiiif;. steno��-  injibv wnl typewntuiij. Hciencc course- miisn:;  tot.iliuid ii)4trii!iienl<il. limning etc. I'Uiiiail  und needlework, etc.  Koi teiinbniid partieiihirs ripply to the Re-tor  Superior.  iss jramie.  W ill open her  Kiiidottf.u ten mid  JlIlIll.lIJ w'liooi in  THK KNGLHII  CHURCH school  room on Uic ?nd of January, lOfiO h'o! terms,ind  all particulars ��ppl} to MISS I'.VJ^JI Kit,  At residence of Mrs. J. R. RoberUon, lUkor  StreeLWoat.  Co.  Kootenay   Coffee  NELSON, B. C.  Coffee roasters and dealers in Tea and CofTeo.  Offer frosh roasted coffoo of best quality as  follows;  Java and Arabian Mncha, per pound ?   10  Ja\a and Mocha niend, 3 pounds.     1 00  Fine Sauuisi, 4 poimdt   , ^  100  Santos Blend, 5 pounds  100  Our Special iilend, a pounds,  1 00  Our Rio Roast, C pounds  1 00  A trial order solicited.   Salesroom 2 doors- easS  of Oddfellows- bloulc, West Raker sticet.  Notice of Application for License.  l.Adolphe t���tpmrrti\ of IheCilj of NcKon, in  the pro* nice of ilnlish Coliiifilmt Iiolel kt'cpei-,  hoiebj trite notice tlf.tt 1 intend to.iiijitj totlio  Itounl of J.itfnsc ( omiiiis-ioticis toi the City of  Nelson, at tin n jlr-t rntotnitf to be iielrt after tho  ospii.itiuii of Itlinl> tl.i.ts fiom lln- date lor u  liioiif-c loccll v>ine-, sjunts beer .tnd other fermented nml mtoMt'.itiitfr Iiquois by iet.nl, in my  liulel, kpo\wi us the "Monti e,il Hotel,' Ml link' on  lots imniberetlil and Hi, m block numbered (��, in  the Mud Cit j of Nelson A. LAl'OlNTIfi.  Nelfoii, B. C, February 8Ui, 1000. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, FRIDAY MARCH 16 1900  j  t-.  7  1 *��  W  M  Igi \  1  p.  If;]  m  J"  Is-i  I  i?:  I  IS1-!  I  ���I  JUST RECEIVED  A DIRECT IMPORTATION OF  PUS  BATH   TOOTH [NAIL   HAIR  Balor Street, Nelson  W. F. Teetzel Sc Co,  Gloihiiig    Clotliifl  Now is tlio time to get a bargain in Clothing as we are  giving a liberal discount on  thefe goods for the next few  days in order to make room  for spring goods which are arriving daily  The Nelson Clothing House  217 219 Baker Street  ".^<^&-CLLg��-i&-ei'&i��Li'��i��i.        ���.����� -a.��������--a.^a^5'-S'S'-S'-5'-S l.  f ESTABLISHED  Iff   NELSON IN   1890  (to  \ti I am here my fiiends to let you know I am all right.  W Kimberly aud Ladysmith have been relieved aud I am still  \ti in Nelson with a year of prosperity ahead of me. Every-  W thiug is pointing this way, and I am here with my up-to-  \ti date Hue of goods ready to compete with eastern prices. I  iti am recieving goods every day direct from the factories,  \ti which are for sale, and I am prepared to guarantee the  Hi quality. Come and examine our stock; 'no trouble to show  Hf goods. I have 1000 kinds to suit you all. Jewelry of all  iti kinds, also precious stones, sterling silver in all the latest  Hf    designs and patterns.   Bradley & Hubbard's up-to-date art  goods.    Ivarn, tho leading piano of Canada.    Come eaily and  we will serve you accordingly.   Don't forget the place.  We only  employ the   most  expert  watchmakers  and  jewelers.   All work is guaranteed.   Mail orders  will  receive  our prompt attention.  iti  iti  Hi.  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  xti  JACOB DOVER, THE JEWELER  NKLSON, B. C.  ��� jjS:V, ��j�� .^s .^ ..a. ��jfe -Js -Ja> ���^> -A -J��     v   <��j.*j.Ai&.'SLL&.^iSLSL.&^^:  \9'T^'T^9i9i99^i9^S^        Sf. ��".��r �����: ���r< ^ ��-��� *������ ^ ��? �����  ���\W  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  to  Great Clearing Sale  of Dry Goods  m $12,000   Stock of New Goods  S Offered at Cost  We have decided to sell out our dry goods and  continue exclusively in clothing, boots,'shoes and  gents' furnishings, ancl now offer all our dry goods  stock" at wholesale prices. This includes all our  spring goods now in stock and in transit from the  east. Ib is the first time in the history of Nelson  that a stock of this size has been offered to the public at such a low rate, and all wanting bargains  should not fail to sec our prices. To the ladies of  Nelson we would-say-that-this-is a good opportunity-  to get your spring ancl summer dress goods at a bargain.     Here is a sample of some of our prices:  DRESS GOODS that   were   40c, now selling at 25c  do             do               do      L    65c,          do 40c  do             do               do       $1.00,          do 60c  do             do               do          1.25,          ,do 75c  PLAID TWEED SKIRTINGS, five pieces,  regular $6 line, offered at $4 to clear  BLACK LUSTRES, in plain and figured,  that were 50c, now selling at 30c  do do do       75c, do 45c  COLORED  DRESS  GINGHAMS,  regular 20c goods, now selling at 12lc  COLORED DRESS  GINGHAMS,  regular 15c goods, now selling at 10c  COLORED  DIMITIES, regular 15c goods, offered at 10c  COLORED  PIQUES,       do     20c     do do       12_  FLANNELLETTE now selling at 5c, formerly 8c  W  (3$  m  m  0  FOR   YOUR   CLOTHING.  It will pay von to examine my itotk of new jjooiK fl��  TiargaJiK in jTootve.u. Cunjilele lines of Jamch JMcCiuuli  buiits und shoca.  Fining ffveioofilf. nnd spiing miK.   Fpocin  '   &' t'o.S and the Ames, Hoiilcn & Co.'s  ft&WSfi Salter Stnat, JHefeoij.  TEE0  MADSONj  CITY LOCAL NEWS  The Ladies' Hospital Aid meets  this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the  residence of Mrs. AV. W. Beer, and  a full attendance is particularly desired.  A heavy mud slide took place yesterday morning on the Slocan  branch of the C. P. R. About 100  yards of the bank slid down over  the track into the Slocan' river. A  work train in charge of D. O. Lewis,  resident engineer, happened to be  standing near the spot and passengers were transferred across the  slide, only a short delay occurring.  The funeral of Nelson Buchanan,  eldest son of G. O. Buchanan of  Kaslo, took place yesterday. Among  those in attendance were Mr. and  Mrs. John Hamilton of Nelson.  During the present year "A certificates of improvements on mineral claims have been issued at the  office of mining recorder Wright.  This is the largest number over issued hero for a similar period of  time.  Malcolm Heddle of Nelson, has  transferred the Frisco mineral  claim, which is the southeasterly  extension of the Lady Aberdeen  claim on Morning mountain, to  Herbert J. AVilson.  Judge Forin sat in chambers yes-  terda3r morning. Thomas Clayborne and Robert Sanderson were  arraigned before him to elect ou  charges of theft. Sanderson asked  time to consult a lawyer before  electing, his request was granted.  Clayborne pleaded not guilty and  chose a speedy trial before his  honor. The trial was sot down for  April 3rd.  William Gooding was brought  before judge Forin yesterday morning to elect on the charge of, forging a check for $80. lie asked for  a speedy trial, and pleaded guilty.  Judge Forin deferred sentence until the young man's record is examined into. It is also stated that a  further charge of converting to his  own use funds collected for the  firm may be preferred against  Gooding.  Great excitement prevailed in  Chinatown this morning. A Celestial named Frank reported to the  polico authorities that a fellow-  cbuntrj-man had stolen his overcoat, which'contained a wad of $14.0.  The chief, visited Chinatown and  his appearance on official business  set the settlement all agog. No  trace of the alleged thief could be  found, and finally the informant  weakened aud said it would be  "allee lite" tomorrow.  It will be no fault of the dry  goods merchants of Nelson if the  ladies of Nelson and the adjoining  towns in Kootenay and Yale are  not well dressed. Every house i��i  bringing in expert dressmakers  .from the east. - Martin OtIteilly-&-  Co. have secured Miss Lottie Sib-  bald from Murray's in Toronto, and  sho will have charge of the firm's  dressmaking department from this  time on.  The contractors who have rock  Avork along the Balfour extension  commenced shooting yesterday, nnd  tiie sound of blasts can be heard  at frequent intervals. A eni load of  high explosives recently arrived at  the C. F, 11, depot for tho contractors, and the contents have.been  distributed along the J inc.  The tJnited Charities Organization is assisting three families and  four sick men at the present time.  Up to date secretary Sims has secured woik for 20 men, many of  Whom, ifc is anticipated, will contribute to the organization's funds.  Donations as follows arc hereby'acknowledged wiLh thanks: Useful  clothing, from J. G. Buchanan;'  checks from H. J. Kvans & Co.,  Bank of Halifax and A. F. & A. M.  Further "contributions can be dis-  ttibuted where they will accomplish the maximum amount of benefit to the recipients.  /  -��/ The members of the local militia  company have commenced target  practice, ai though tho shooting season does not formally open until tomorrow. On AVednesday private  Mackenzie made a possible at 500  yards, with a scoie of five clean  bulls. Among tho crack maiksmeu  in the company are sergeant N. T.  MeLeod, corporal Shaw, privates  White, .Mackenzie and Coxhead.  With such excellent xnaterial the ,  Nelson   company   would   stand   a  good chance of carrying  oft"  many  of the  D.   R. A.  competitions   at .  Ottawa. ry  The 210 patients treated at the  general hospital during the twelvemonth just closed gave their religions persuasions as follows: Presbyterian - 00, Roman Catholic 50,  Episcopalian 3S, Methodist 27, Lutheran 27, Baptist 0, Universalist 2,  Salvation Army 2, Unitarian 1, non-  religious 3. The figures are of con  siderable interest, indicating, as  they do, tho non-sectarian nature  of the institution.  The last shipment of apparatus  for tho gas works if expected daily.  This lot will include a meter prover,  which, as its name indicates, is used  to test meters, and a photometer  for determining the quality of the  gas. Within the last day or two.  a pressure guage has been placed  in tho uptown oflice. It shows exactly what pressure is in the mains,  and is a decidedly neat piece of apparatus. With the instruments  referred to the gas plant will be;  comjjlete in everv respect.    :>  The Spokane train came iu  within a short time of the svheduled  hour last night, and the local officials state that the lino is now  quite clear.   '  The trail from the Athabasca  road to the Venus mine is in bad  shape. A pack train with supplies  went over the road recently when  the ground was soft, and cut it up  so that extensive repairs will bo  necessary. The pack train had to  cache portions of its loads at various points along the zoute.  II. Bowden was arraigned before  stipendiary magistrate Crease yesterday on the second charge in the  indictment against him. The entire day was taken up iu hearing  the evidence against hiin, aud, as  stated in yesterday's Tribune, several more small alleged peculations  wore disclosed. His shoi tages are  now said to be in the neighborhood of $3000. He pleaded not  guilty and was committed for trial  at the next court of competent  jurisdiction, lie reserved his de-  feuce as before. S. S. Taylor, Q.C.,  appeared for the crown and P. E.  AVilson for the defense.  E. C. Kingswell left for Kamloops  on yesterday evening's train where  he is interested in dredging operations on the North Thompson liver.  II. J. and E. Wilson returned  yesteulay to the Biidseye mine.  They are very' enthusiastic as to  the future of the property and had  some very fine' specimens of free  gold taken from the winze now being sunk on that property.  Miss F. J. T. Mureott is in the  city in the interests of the ,provincial AV. C. T. U. Her mission being  to organize a branch of the society  in Nelson. She will address meetings on Sunday and on Monday  and Tuesday evenings.  Dr. E. J. Swing's hospital at  Nine-mile point will be ready for  occupation tonight. The present  staff consists of the physician in  charge, a nurse and a cook.  The C. P. R. .shipwrights at the  shipyard are making excellent progress with the new tug, and she  may be launched next month. A  poi tion of the timbers for the powerful now tug which is to lead the  C. P. R. fleet on the lake, havo been  received and the machinery is to  be delivered here on the first_of the  mouth.  Alderman aud Mrs. Irvine returned last night from a six-weeks'  trip to the east. They went as far  as their old home, St. John's, New  Bi unswick. In speaking generally  of the condition of tho east, alderman Irvine said that Canada appeared to bo prosperous, and that  tho situation in British Columbia  wa.s fairly well understood. He  said he had to admit that he met  several men who had made investments in our mines that were not  at all satisfied with either their investments or the outlook. Capital  was not socking investment where  there were labor troubles, aud the  sooner the labor troubles are sot-  tied here the better it would be for  this province.  A M Rand of New AVe&tminstcr,  who is largely interested in the  Athabasca mine, left Nelson last  'night for home. ^  At the parade of the militia company last night it was announced  that ton meu would be taken from  the company toward the new Canadian regiment to garii&on Halifax.  AA^ith these men gone east, the Nelson company will have the distinction of contributing eighteen men  to the active service roll, or just exactly 50 per cent of the privates in  the ranks. This record cannot be  sui passed by any one company in  the Canadian militia. v  Nelson's Delegates Chosen.  At a meeting of the local Conservative Association   last   evening  Stoves   Stoves  We have the finest line of COAL HEATERS ever displayed in the district. We are sole agents for the famous COLE'S HOT BLAST HEATER ��  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted to any kind of coal.  CROW'S NEST, LETHBRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds  equally well. Not requiring the attention of an ordinary coal heater.  Economical, durable and simple in construction. See our Steel Ranges  for hard and soft coal or wood.  H. BYERS & CO.  NKLSON  KASI.0  SANDON  delegates were appointed to attend  the convention which is to be held  this  morning.    Fred  Irvine, president of the association, was in  the  chair.      Some   twenty-one   names  were .proposed as   delegates,  and  .from   these   the    following    were  chosen in the order named:    AV. A.  Macdonald, J. A. Kirkpatrick, F. W.  Peters, A. Ferland,-  J. H. Bowes,  Fred   Irvine,   Thoburn   Allan, P.  Lamont, It. M. Macdonald, D. M.  Carley,   Jacob   Dover    and   John  Elliot.    AV. A.   Macdonald   polled  about the full vote of the meeting,  securing   twenty.     The  delegates  are not instructed and are  free to  voice their opinions and vote upou  auy matter whieli may come up.  The chief question, however, which  they are expected to  deal  with, is  the  proposal   to   introduce   party  lines, aud from the complexion  of  the delegation taken in conjunction  with the delegation from  Rossland  tho convention may reasonably  be  expected to declare for party lines.  In  addition  to   the above   named  delegates    II. G.   Neelands,    John  Toye and J. E. Amiable were named  as alternates.  Railroad Supplies  ���   ���   ���   ���  Get our prices on  Wheelbarrows, Picks, Shovels, Camp Outfits, Drill Steel  Iron and Steel, Drill Hammers, Sledge Hammers  Axes, Saws, and Bellows  We Offer the Best Values in Kootenay.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  m * w^^0^ <W^^r^^^^ ^^^tar ^B^v ��^^v ��^^^^^^^^ ^B^^^^^^^ ^^^_ j^k.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  At the AArAVERU3Y.���Harry A.  Gervan, Fred .1. Lynch, George M.  Berry, John AVhite, Kaslo; F. J. A.  Morcutt, Slocan City; Joseph Pat-  tiuson, Athabasca' mine; Robert  Smith, Toronto; John 'James, Trail.  At tub Guano Central.��� A.  Harper, Kaslo; Lizzie Armitage,  Kaslo; D. J. Masson, AVinnipeg; J.  F. Stephenson, Kaslo; R. W. Graham, Athabasca; C. G. Johnson,  Kaslo; J. Gillan, Greenwood; E. Pe-  cord, Poorman; Miss Mary Andrews,  AVallacc, Idaho: F. Sternley, Granite: C. B. Archibald, Ymir.  At-the Phair���H. F.' Frost,  AVinnipeg; E. F. Burns, Balfour;  AV. Hunter, Silverton;,Mrs. Sproat,  New Denver; R. II. Jameson, Victoria: R. E. Fishburn, "Enterprise;  W. Ross, Columbia; II. C. Shaw,  C. Kingley, J.' Kerr, Greenwood;  AV/ B. Cochrane, Phoonix; A. AV.  Lucas", B. Thomas, Vancouver; AV.  F. Askew, Grand Forks.  At the Queen's.���J. R. Randall,"  Trail; F. A. Heap, Ainsworth; A. P.  Gulies, Sandon; S. AV. Lang, Robson; G. M. Roberts, Grand Forks.  BUSINESS  Wanted -  MENTION.  Apprentices   to learn  (TTOsJiijiikmsr. Ajjjili loMailin O'KcilIy & Co.,  Hotiblon block, Nclbon.  AVanted���-Position as lady cook  in a hotel or pnvfttc family, Applj "Cook"Tn-  bune olhco. ,  Piano i'or sale; practically new;  Addicts Uo\ 251, Nelson.  AVanted���A boy to help deliver  milkard feed cow*. Apply to Tl, R. Hani-'on.  Kelson ifilu/iry Association.  Sewing girls wanted, at the Hud-  hoilAj3aj_stt)les, Nelson.    M. J. Henry, tho Vancouver nurseryman I'.is in tho hands ot pri-trw hi* catalogue im f-ujedr l!XHi, and i1; will be ready for  mailing'by the loth instant. It vi!l he one of the  most complete c^ or issued by nnj one in hn line  of bii nicsson llio Coast,and he niuonAdent that,  jf j oil Mill kmoly reseive jour oideis unit' 16  leaches jou, it vill he to j our interest to place a  shale ot them with him.  AVanted���Portable    engine    and  boiler, sawmill, planer, edger and Iath-)mll.  Oapaiilj ih>( lev than ten thousand adaj\ Sawmill, Tiibunc Olliuj.  Niekerson ���Watchmaker,   Baker  street, oppositeQufecn's hotel. Twcnty-flvc jcars  c\jJonciit;<i.  For Sale���A  furnished  hotel in  Sandon, II (;. Wiiteforpartiuulais to G. Wcbt,  Uo\ 1SI1, Sandon, IJ. G.  AAlien your   watch   don't   keep  time, sec Nickei.sOn, llaker sticet. Sulibfiidoiy  w 01 k or not h.ii'gob. ,  To Let���Six-roomed house with  b.i 1 li. A piily at second liand store opposite pobt-  oflico.  xti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  'yif  185   BAKER   STREET  Newly Laid  Town Eggs  Strictly Fresh  40c per doz. at  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON'S  The Leading"  Groeers.....  xti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  ^v-S-jB.,S8''JS'j&'��&'S'S,S>'S,S['SK ^>.**.p*.fi*. it. ^.0*. fi��.**.^.^. _*_*��.  SOAP  A PEER AMONG OTHERS  SOAP  G-Ilt Ed  IS ITS NAME  This Soap, taking weight, quality and cost mloronsidci.itioii, will be found lhe best ittlif ill ��  cbcapcstiit tho inaikel. it will nut wash gootlt, without bomo uibbiiifr, bill tlio linubl of goods,  wliclhcfuoolcn or cotton, can be pi Opci ly uloancd without, iiiiuryaml with Ics.-, lal,o.- tlrinwitli  most so called f.iinilj soaps. You can use it 111 the bath or to ��abli tho baby, as its iiifji edient, jie of  the lmictil.ind bcstquahij.   I.'orsaleat  The" Western Mercantile Company, Limited,  TAXCY A\'D STAPI,K GKOCICUIKS , ,      BAKER STREET. NELSON  m  '.C?.iz2.tp3.e2,p=>,(^>.^s.tz3.��3.  m  4r  #  m  We have sold 75 per cent of all the  Portland Cement #  Fire Brick and |  Fire Clay w      Used m Kootenay. \&  .We-also-handle S"  Stee! Mining Rails, ;7r  Blacksmiths Goal3 Sewer Pipe, Etc, #  H. J. EVANS 65 CO.  NELSON, E. C.  i*a  mm  st  .��*���$  '.*��!<  Canada Drug S Book Gpa  Electrical Repairing, Electricaf Supplies,  Electrical   Contracts   (Mines,   Steamers,   Dwelling  Houses, Etc.)   Try us for work and prices  We are ready for your garden-  ing. Fresh seeds in bulk, both  Vegetable and Flower Seeds, also  Lawn Grass and White Clover.  Prices same as Eastern Catalogues  Canada Of og & Book do.  KELSON  P. 0. BOX 170.  HOUSTON I1LOCK.  BANANAS     ORANGES     LEMONS     APPLES  Received Daily from Spokane.  Mti l{. Wing & C&  Blue Ribbon Ten. Ahv.ij ? on Hand.  Fresh Eggs Received Daily  Mow w(|at do you think of General Roberts  ANOTHER VICTORY       BOERS IN RETREAT  We lmd a very .succc-sfiil dny and cnmplctelv routed the enemy.   'J'htrv are in full


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