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 DAILY EDITION   BY  MAIL  FIVE  DOLLARS A YEA?  WEEKLY EDITION  BY MAIL  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH YEAR  JSTELSON":  WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH U 1900.  PRICE FIVE  CENTS.  BUTlITTLEMJfET KNOWN  Of Roberts' Position.  Loxnox, March 11.���4:30 a. in.���  Nothing; can be said of the advance  upon Bloemfontein. Beyond lord  Roberts' own dispatch, nothing  more lias been permitted to come  through. Doubtless lord Roberts  himself is fully employed with important military operations. The  dispatch from Capo Town saying  that "general French has arrived  at Bloemfontein," probably does  not mean that he lias entered the  city.  Lord Roberts' movement may  mean either that the Boers have cut  the raihvay to the north orthat the  British cavalry have done so,  former, then it may  that no rolling  seized, but the  If the  be assumed  stock has been  jcneral assumption  is that the latter interpretation is  con eel. Thib would greatly faciii-  r,vt) obtaining supplies from Orange  tivcr, an important matter, as lord  Roberts' line of communication  ���with Modder bridge is now one  hundred aud ten miles long. The  Boers may make another fight, but  theie is little doubt but that loid  Roberts will occupy Bloemfontein  today (Wednesday).  Tho Boers retiring from Orange  river will /ind thcm.-elves between  t,vo British armies, and their gin s  are almost bound to fall into tho  hands of the Biitish, -while the  occupation of the capital of the  Ki ee State will strain the alliance  of the two republics to the utmost.  The government will uot allow  the Kruger-Steyn matter to influence in any Avay tlieir determination not to spare any effort to prosecute the war. There will be no  diminution of the measures calculated to maintain the full eflieieucy  of Uic field force and, whatever  icin foi cements were previously  considered advisable will still be  , sent out, '   .  Lord Salisbury's) reply meets with  .universal approbation among. Conservative?, and it 'is tlio universal  opinion that llie Boors by their extravagant claims and canting tone,  meant to'influence foreign powers,  aud have'again overreached them-  sehetas thoy did by the ultimatum.'"  IGHTiNG ROUND MAFEKING  Hew Gun Built..  Loxnox, Afareh 14. ��� Lady Sarah  Wilson wires the Daily Mail from  Mafeking under date of March Oth  by native runner to Lobatsi, March  Oth, as follows: "On Saturday,  , March 3rd the Boers furiously bombarded the buck fields and  trenches about a mile from tho  town for three hours, killing one  and wounding two colonials.  "On  Monday,  March   5th,   they  made a determined attack.    Owing  to a misunderstanding the colonials.  - evacuated "tiie "foremost trenches,  Thi?, the Boers occupied, but the  reserves Avere called upon and the  trenches were recaptured with a  rtirih.    We had no casualties  "Tho Boers continue A'oiy 'active  and it taxes, colonel Radon-Powell  and the garrison vary heavily to  pi event them from encroaching on  our lines, Since commandant Sny-  maii loturned from tho north tho  siege has been prosecuted with renewed vigor. Dynamite explosions  Avere heard during the last two  day*, of February. Tho Boors have  been blowing up sections of the  northern railway, showing that  they fear tho approach of colonel  IMiimer'a column.  "The new five-inch gun made  here has proved A'ery satisfactory  and accurate. ' Colonel Raden-1'ow-  _ell warned commandant Snyman  that unless he disbanded the native  leA'ies filling the Boer forward  trenches by .Match .'3rd, he, Badeu-  PoavcII. Avould no longer be responsible i'or restraining chief Linchwe,  in the Scquani district. Commandant Snyman declines to disband  them."         Dago Banker Fakir.  Chicago, Illinois Matcli 13.���  Thousands of dollar?, representing  the earnings of scores of Italian  residents of Chicago, Jnivo disappeared from the vaults of Giraldi  Frank's private bank. The local  police are looking for Frank who is  believed to have left the city. It  Avas discovered yesterday that his  bank, which he started six weeks  ago, had beeu thoroughly cleaned  ��ut of its funds on Saturday.    The  matter was brought before the  police today by many Italians who  had put their Avhole fortunes, in  sums ranging from $20 to $300, in  Frank's bank. The exact amount  of the loss is not yet known, as  Frank's books-AA'ere kept in Italian,  but as he had hundreds of customers the sum is belioA-ed to be well  up in the thousands. The missing  banker came here from Philadelphia.  PROTEST TO M'INNES AS TO  Unsettled Political Conditions.  Vh-tojua, March 13.���[Special to  The Tribune.]���A deputation of  businessmen Avaitod on the lieutenant-go A-ornor today to point out  disastrous results of the present  unsettled political conditions, particularly as affecting the mining  ���industry. They protested against  the intention attributed to Martin  of deferring the election until after  the revision of the A'oters' list in  May, which they said AA'ould pre-  A'ent the session of the legislature  being held until midsummer. The  goA'oruor called the deputation's  attention to the fact that the  speech from the throne at prorogation announced that the session  Avould be held before tlio close of  the fiscal year, and said he had no  icason to belioA'o that such would  not be tho case. lie asked the  deputation to submit tlieir A'iews  in writing. No further announcement of his progress in cabinet  making comes from Martin.  DISEASE AMD HUNGER RIFE  In Mafeking.  Loxnox. March 13.���A dispatch  to the Times from Mafeking, dated  Monday, March 5th, says the garrison at that place are feeling acutely the stress of siege. They are reduced to the use of 'horse flesh and'  broad made of horse forage, while  the Avater is parasitieally contaminated. Typhoid, dysentry and dip-  theria are epidemic, but it is impossible to"isolate the victims. The  sufferings, of women and children  are terrible, aud there are,deathsin  in the Avomen's laager daily. The  native population are , starving.  The military operations progress  favorably. Thoy havo extended to  the brick fields, Aviience the enemy  has, been completely expelled.   ,  HOSPITAL BOARD MEETING  . Better Days Coming.  CAi'B Toavx, March 13.���Addressing the public meeting held here  today, sir Alfred Milner, after referring to "the dark days Avhich Ave  uoav hope are drawing to a close,"  eulogised the marvelous courage,  patience and confidence shown  by the Cape loyalists during a season of great trial,  and their "solf-sacrifi.ee, generosity  and co-operation.'' IleforeshadoAV-  ed belter days that are surely coming whon the temporary bitterness  -oi'-thcrstrugglc around Ifs has subsided." Then the national anthem  was sung and sir Alfred Milner Avas  enthusiastically cheered.  Trouble Among Natives.  Lkho.muo, March ft.���Via Lorenzo  Marquez, March 12.���Trouble is expected between chief Ogelequana  and chief Umbogasc in British Zulu-  land. The Boors are anxious that  the chiefs should quarrel, and they  are prepared to .support tho former,  as ib also the Swasi queen. The  Zulu king, however, upholds Umbo-  gase. Tho AA'Omen atPieterif laager  are lamenting OA'er tho heavy Boer  loss around Ladysmith.  Among the Boers.'  PitisToiUA, March 10.���via Loronzo  Marquez, March 13.���General Joubert has arrived liere to- consult  Avith the government. Rumors of  peace overtures are iu the'air. All  attention is directed towards the  British advance upon Bloemfontein, but tho federals are still confident of being able to check it.  Plumer's Advance.  CAi'13 Towx, March 13-��� Colonel  Plumer occupied' Lobatsi without  opposition on the night of March  5th. Tiie Boers had retired the  previous day. The raihvay is damaged, but Can be easily repaired.  Boers Hold Biggarsbere.  Ladvsmitii, March 12.���-The main  body of the enemy is in position at  Biggarsborg. General Joubert is at  Glencoe. There is reason to believe  that; a feAV Boers are at Dundee,  though the place is well fortiSed,  Election of Officers.  The annual meeting of the Kootenay Lake General Hospital Society  took place yesterday afternoon at  the court house. Among those in  attendance were: Judge Forin, D.  McArthur, C. Wilson, F. W. Swannell, A. G. Shaw, E. A. Crease, N. T.  MeLeod, E. C. Traves, C. E, Miller,  Mrs. J. Ti Stocks, W. W. Beer, S. M.  Brydges, T. J. Sims, Mrs. Bird and  Mrs. J. R. Robertson.  On motion, judge,Forin took the  chair, and F. W. Swannell officiated  as secretary. A communication  Avas read from W. J. Goepel, acting  government agent, giving the report of his audit of the hospital  books, all of which were described  as satisfactory. In concluding, Mr.  Goepel r- said: "I take pleasure in  complimenting your secretary on  the neat and accurate manner iu  Avhich he keeps the accounts of  your society."  The financial statement, as already published in Tub Trihuxe,  AA'as then presented and adopted.  The annual report of the house physician, Dr. Rose, AAras read and  adopted.  The election of directors Avas proceeded Avith and resulted in the return of tho following: Aldermen  Irvine and Morrison as representatives of the city council, N. T. Macleod, F. W. Swannell, J. M. Lay  and Charles Wilson.  A vote of thanks was tendered  W. J. Goepel for his services as  auditor, and also to the retiring directors, to president Forin and  secretary Swannell for the faithful  fulfilment of their duties, to rues-  dames Stocks and Robertson for  their efforts in raising funds for the  erection of the additions to the  buildings, to the resident physician  and staff expressive of the confidence of the board in their work,  and to the Ladies' Hospital Aid for  tlieir valuable assistance and cooperation.   '  This concluded the general session and the directors then held a  meeting. * Officers for tho year  were appointed as follows: Judge  Forin, president; Mrs. J. Laing  Stocks, vice-president; W. W.  Beer,, treasurer; F. W, Swannell.  secretary. All these are re-elections saAre that of Mrs. Stocks.  Judge Forin gave notice of  motion that at the next meeting of  the directors he would* move that  the name of the hospital be changed,  from the Kootenay .Lake General  Hospital to the Nelson General  Hospital.  The accounts for the month AA'ere  passed, amounting in all to $707.  Dr. Rose tendered his lesignatiou  as house physician, and this was  accepted to take effect at the  board's pleasure.  for inter-state peace and equal laws  and liberties."    '  The Daily Chronicle says : "The  AA'orst enemies of the Boers could  not havo anticipated the full ox-  tent and audacity of their demands.  President McKiniey has been forced  by the exigency of his position to  approach lord Salisbury Avith a  harmless intimation of his readiness  to exercise his good offices. When  he holds the correspondence, he  AA'ill feel thankful that he has not  compromised himself AA'ith a cause  that is iioav resolved iuto the arrogant obstinacy of Kruger."  ROBERTS ANO Jf OAVAtRY  ��� -NearBlosrafontein.  Loxnoxv March 13.���Lord Roberts telegraphs from Venter's Vleit  at 5:20 this morning as follows:  "I directed general French, if  there Avere time before dark, to  ''seize-tiie'railways station jit Bloemfontein and thus secure the rolling  stock: At midnight I received a  report from him fiiat, after considerable opposition, he had been  able to occupy two hills close to the  raihvay station which command  Bloemfontein.  "A brother of president Steyn  has been mado a prisoner,   i  '���The telegraph line leading  nortliAA'ard has been cut and the  raihvay broken yp.  "I am now starting with the  third cavalry brigade, Avhich I  called up from the seventh division  near Potrusburg yesterday, and the  mounted infantry to reinforce the  cavalry division. The rest of the  force Avill follow up as quickly as f  possible." |  POLITICAL   POINTERS.  KRIiGER'S  CANTING GABLE  It is now known that the Mine  Owners Combine and the Dunsmuirs are to furnish the sineAvs of  AA'ar lo carry the coming proA'incial  election. The machine Conservatives throughout Kootenay know  that unless they can run the election on party.lines, there Avill be no  show for them to got a share of the  boodlei     ' -.  Mayor McAnn of Kaslo, is lukewarm in his support of his old-time  friend "Bob" Green. The cause  that brought about the aforesaid  attack is one that a broad-minded  man like McAnn should nob for an  instant sway him in doing his duty.  BRITISH PRESS IS UNITED  On War Question.  Loxnox, March 14.���The Times  commenting editorially this moi'ii-  ing upoii the reply of lord Salisbury to the message from the Boor  presidents says: "The government  has given the only eonceh'able  reply to the extraordinary Kruger-  Steyn telegram, a reply Avhich  Avill be hailed with profound satisfaction throughout " the empire.  Wc are sincerely glad to see the  attitude of tho United States in  transmitting the proposals. Washington's aorvices, of course, have  been declined, but avo need hardly  say in the .same cordial and friendly  spirit in which they AA'ere offered.  The news that general French commands Bloemfontein is an instructive comment ou the preposterous  character of the Boer pretensions."  Most of the papers express sentiments similar to those of the Times.  The Standard says: "It is hard  to treat AA'ith any seriousness an  appeal AA'hich ignores the palpable  realities of the situation. So far as  it is meant for diplomatic use  abroad, the appeal is sheer Avaste of  labor. Knowing our A'ieAvs, the  diplomatists of both hemispheres  Avill respect them."  Tiie Daily A'evvs rays: "Lord  Salisbury puts his deeisiou on the  right ground. No other answer  could be expected. The duty of the  Liberal party Avill be to use its in-  iluenee in the direction of tempering the f utme British sovereignty  with the largest measure of local  - It is reported that the miners of  the Slocan are indebted to the miners of Rossland for substantial  monetary assistance' during tho  duration of tho trouble in that  camp. All such reports are not  based on facts. The Slocan miners  hoed their' oavu iow, and are not  under obligation to anyone for assistance, therefore they are not iu  a position to be dictated to by anyone on political or other issues���  and they won't be.  The only politician on the streots  "of Nelson "yestercla"y hadn't a Avord  to say about the "political crisR"  The tramway company people  say that they Avill see that mayor  Houston is -never again elected  to office in Nelson. - Mayor Houston  avjis in Nelson long before tho train-  way people knew there Avas such a  place jis��Nel!j��n, and he "will probably be in Nolson Jong after some  of the tramway people are in a hotter place than 13iitish Columbia.  Methuen's Movements.  Loxnox, March 11.��� The Daily  Mail has the following dispatch  from Kimberley, dated Tuesday,  March 13th: "Lord Melhuen occupied L'oshof On Sunday Avithout  opposition. lie left a garrison  there and returned here. Theiail-  Avay and telegraph lino1? havo been  repaired forty miles north of Slyp  Klip. It is understood that tho  line between Fourteen Streams and  Vryburg is not badly damaged."  12.-  Boer Position Turned.  Visxtbr's Vi.i:it, March  (Fvening), -The British forces AA'hich  since the fighting at Dreifontein  have been marching rapidly hither  have turned the Boer position. Our  cavalry are ahead. The Boers avci o  reported this morning about 12,000  strong with 18 guns in position on  a range of kopjes commanding the  road to Bloemfontein, which is 15  miles distant.  White Leaves Durban.  Duhuax, March 13.���General Sir  George Stewart White has arrived  __.-   here and embarked upon a trans-  aufconomy consistent; with security ��� port for East London.  and Salisbury's Eeply.  Loxnox, March 13.���-A parliamentary paper containing the telegrams sent to the British government by the presidents of the South  African Republic and the Orange  Free State and Great Britain's re-  phr thereto was issued this afternoon. It first gives the telegram  seut by the two presidents to the  marquis of Salisbury as follows:  ."Br.oEAiFOXTEiN,  March 5.���The  blood and  the  tears  of thousands  who haA'e suffered by this AA'ar and  the prospect of all moral and  economic ruin AvhereAvith South Africa"  is rioAV threatened,  make it necessary for both  belligerents to ask  themselves dispassionately, and as  in  the   sight   of   the   living  God,  for     what    are      they     fighting  and   Avhether   the   Avill   of   each  justifies all  this  appalling misery  and deA'astation.    With this object,  and  in  view of the assertions  of  various British statesmen   to the  effect that this Avar AA'as begun and  is being carried ou AA'ith the set purpose of undermining her majesty's  authority in  South Africa,  ancl of  setting up an administration  OA'er  all of South Africa independent of  her majesty's, goA'ernment, Ave consider  it our duty to solemnly declare that this AA'ar was undertaken  solely   as a  defensive measure to  maintain the threatened independence of the South African Republic,  and is only continued in order to secure and maintain the incontestable  independence of   both republics as  sovereign international states,  and  to obtain the assurance that those  of her majesty's subjects avIio have  taken part Avith us in this AA'ar shall  suffer no harm Avhatever in person  or property.  "On these conditions, but on these  conditions alone, are aa'c now, as iu  the past", desirous of seeing peace  reestablished in South Africa.  While if her majesty's goA'ernment  is determined to destroy the independence of the lepublics, there is  nothing left to lis and our people  but to persevere in the second  course already begun.  ."Jn spite of the OA'erAvhelniing  prominence of the British empire  avc are confident'that',God, Avho  lighted thcunextinguishable fire of  the lovo of fieedom in tho hearts of  ourselves 'and of our fathers, avi'H  not forsake us and Avill accomplish  his Avork in us and in our dependents.  "We he&itatetl, to make this declaration earlier to your excellency  as avo feared that so long as the acl-  vantago Avas always on our side,  and so long as our forces held defensive positions far Avitliin her  majesty's colonies, such a declaration might Jiurfc the feelings and  honor of the British people. But  now that thu prestige of the British empire may be considered to be  assured by the capture of one of  -oiir-forcos by-hor majesty's-troopsr  aud that avc haA'e thereby been  forced t'o evacuate other positions  which our forces had occupied, that  difficulty H over, and avo can no  longer hesitate to cleaily inform  your government and people, in the  sight of tho Avhole , civilized Avorld,  why avo aio lighting and on what  conditions Ave aro ready to restore  peace."  Tin- marquis of Salisbury to the  presidents of the South African  Republic and Orange Free State:  "Foreign Ollice, Maieb 11.���f  have iho honor to acknoAvlcdge  your .honors' telegram dated March  ."itli from BloPiiifoiitein, of Avhich  tho purpotb is piiucipaNy to demand that her majesty's govern-  ���inuiil ���'hall recognize tho "incontestable independence" of the South  Afi ican Republic and the Free  State "as .sovereign international  states/' and to offer on these terms  to bring the AA'ar to a conclusion.  "In the beginning of October  las't, peace existed between her  majesty and the two republics  under conventions Avhich were'then  in existence. A discussion had  been proceeding for some mouths  between her majesty's goA'ernment  and the South African Republic, of  Avhich the object was to obtain retires* for certain very serious  grievances under Avhich the British  residents in South Africa were  suffering. In the course of these  negotiations the South African Republic had, to the knowledge of Jior  majesty's government, made considerable armament0, and the latter  had consequently taken steps to  provide corresponding reinforcements of the British garrison at  Cape Town and iu Natal.   No in  fringement of the rights guaranteed by the conventions had up to  that period taken place on tho British side.  "Suddenly on tAA'O days' notice  the South African Republic, after  issuing an insulting ultimatum, declared war upon her majesty, and  the Orange Free State, with'iyhom  there had uot eA'en been any discussion, took a similar step. Her.  majesty's dominions AA'ere immediately invaded by the tAvo republics.  Siege was laid to three towns  Avithin the British frontier, a large  portion of tAvo colonies AA'as overrun,  Avith great destruction of property  and life>-and-.the- republics claimed  the right to treao, the inhabitants  of extensive portions ot" -I��o.  majesty's dominions as if those dominions had been annexed to One or  the other of them.  "In anticipation of these operations, the South African republic  had been accumulating for many  past military stores'on an enormous  scale which, by their character,  could only haA'e been intended for  use against Great Britain. Your  honors make some observations of a  negative character upon the object  Avith which these preparations Avere  made. It do not think it necessary  to discuss the questions you haA'e  raised, but tho result of these preparations, carried on with great  secrecy, has been that the British  empire has been compelled to confront au invasion Avhich has entailed  upon the empii-3 a costly Avarfare,  and the loss of thousands of precious lives. This great calamity is  the penalty Great JBritain has suffered for having of recent years  acquiesced in the existence of the  two republics.  "In A'ieAv of the use to Avhich the  tAvo republics haA'e put the jiosition  Avhich j|A\'as given them, and the  calamities their unprovoked attack  has inflicted on her majesty's dominions, her majesty's government  can only answer your honors' telegram by sayingJ they are not prepared to assent to the independence  cither of the South "African Republic or of the Orange Free State." '  London, . March  12.���Henry La-  boucherc,   advanced  Liberal,   px-o-  tested against lord  Salisbury's reply to presidents Kruger and Steyn,  It was,  he said,  not only  a crime  but a blunder.   The terms of peace  Avhich Avere proposed AA'ere an  iniquity aud a .disgrace to Great Britain.    Turkey, he declared, might  just as Avell have insisted upon blotting out Greece as  an  independent  country.    Greece   insulted , Turkey,  and compelled her,to "go to Avar.  Thomas Gibson Bowles, Conservative, remarked  that the last telegram from  presidents Kruger and  Steyn,was ca'gu more insulting than  the one Avhich, began the Avar.  Interference Beginning.  Washington,  March 18.���Up to  tho  time  the cabinet 'meeting adjourned  today the answer  of the  British  goA'ernment to  the representations      made     through     Mr.  Choate touching the restoration of  peace in-Sonth"Africa_iia~d "ribtbeeu  received.    Not a single proposition  to servo as a basis of a peace agree-  ment  betAveen Great Britain and  the Boer republics, Avas set out iu  the  communication  to  lord   Salisbury.    All  that 'AA'as   ventured   in  this firs-t overture AA'as an inquiry  as to Avhat Great Britain Avas likely  to demand as lhe price of slopping  the  war.      To  have  gone further  and to haA'e proposed  terms on our  own account might have placed the  United States in the position*of an  uninvited mediator.  DIED FROM THE SCALDING  Brown's Last Moments.  R. L. Brown, first engineer of the  tug Ymir, died yesterday morning  at an early hour from the result of  the accident aboard the tug on  Monday afternoon."  BroAvn was scalded from head to  foot, scarcely a square inch of his  body escaping the blast of lh-o  steam. This of itself Avas sufficient,  to cause death, but to make matters 1  Avorse he had inhaled a quantity of  the vapor and suffered terrible internal pain.  Whensbroiigiifc   to the hospital -  Brown. AA'ais perfectly conscious and  lucid.    To captain Gore, commodore ���  of   the fleet, aud  Percy  Fleming,'  clerk of the Kaslo and Slocan steam-'  .ers, he. gave the details as to his ~  business affairs, and then conversed  with his wife for some time.   At  midnight the shock of the accident ,  manifested itself, aud Brown sank  into a sleep, breathing stertorously.  Three hours  later  the night nurse  noted  that his  breathing  became  natural and  summoned  the house  physician.    Dr. Rose  came at once  and saAV that Bi-oavu Avas rapidly  sinking.. Mr.  Brown  A\-as  sent for  ancl  Avas Avith  her husband AA'hen  the end came an hour later.  The late Mr. Brown had been in"  the Avest for some years, and came  to Nelson in January of last year-'  to  run  on   the   Kaslo and Slocan  steamers.    He was a capable officer  and  esteemed  by his  fellow   employees.    A Avife and three children  are   left,  the   family   residing on  Slocan  street.     Deceased's mother  and sisters reside in  Spokane aiid  Avere advised at once of his demise.  The   sorroAving    mother    Avas  expeeted   to   arrive   on  last night's  train.       Arrangements     for    the  funeral Avill be made on her arrival,  and it is probable that the remains  Avill be taken to Spokane for burial.  BrOAvn was, a  member of Court  SherAA'ood Forest,   Toronto,   Independent Order Foresters, and carried a policy of $2000 in* the, fraternity,      lid   belonged    to  Court  Manitoba No. 1, Independent Older  Oddfellows, aud carried  insurance  in the order.    A feAV days prior to  the accident Bi-oavu   took ,oufc au  accident policy   for   $1500  Avhich  holds good." *  The C. P. R. men will parlieqialo  in the fuueral arrangements.  A $150,000 LOAN BY-LAW  Brabant Victorious Again.  Ai.iwal Noin-if,' Cape Colony, by  courier to Burgheisdorp, via Stormberg .Junction, March 13.���General  Brabant's forces arrived here on  Sunday. The Boers had retired the  previous night, taking up a position four miles beyond the Orange  river, Avhere general Brabant attacked them and droA'e them back,  securing the position after a sharp  engagement.  War Loan Over Subscribed.  Loxnox, March 13.���The chancellor of the exchequer, sir Michael  Hicks-Beach, announced that the  war loan had been over subscribed  ten times, the applications numbering 18,000, The houra at a late  hour adopted the votes of money  and men embraced in the army proposals of Mr. Wyndham.  Is Mafeking Believed?  Loxnox, March 13.-���[Midnight.]���  In the lobbies of the house of commons, rumors that Mafeking had  been relieved Avere iu circulation  this evening, but they still lack  confirmation.  Petition Being Prepared.   t    .  A petition is being prepared and  will be circulated for the signature  of ratepayers asking ihe council to  submit a loan bykuv for $150,000,  the money to be used for providing  the cily with an up-to-date electric  power and light plant. There are  tAvo points on the river belo\v^ Nelson available for the installation of  such a plant.  Nelson is now the chief city in  the interior of the province, and if  she AA'as in a position to supply  poAver cheap to smelters anil other  largo industrial enterprises, it  Avould not be long before she AS'ould  be the loading city in tho province.  The Hall Mines smelter Avill be  again started up at no distant  date. One of the fixed charges of  operating tho smelter that amounts  to a largo sum annually is pem-cr.  Tho city of Nelson should be in a  position ,to furnish all the poAver  required' at a nominal sum per  horse power. One smelter of largo  capacity operated successfully at  Nolson Avould do much for both the  toAvn and the .province. Nelson  should take advantage of its op-  portunities  Committed For Trial.  11, BoAvden avus arraigned yesterday before police magistrate Crease  on the charge of having Avrongfuliy  coiiA'erted to his oavu use the sum  of $0(30 nntrustcd to him to pay  OA'er to II. Wright, mining recorder.  S. S. Taylor, Q. C, called II. Wright,  W. J. Goepel, J. J. Campbell and G.  B. lleathcote to prove tlw offence,  and also .special constable F. R. C.  liccr, who testified to having found  money on Bowden, and also to admissions made by the latter as to  having taken certain moneys,  BoAA'den pleaded not guilty, and reserved his defence aud AA'as committed for trial. P. E. Wilson.ap-  peared for the defence. BoAVtlen  Avill be arraigned tomorroAV on the  second count in the hidictmcub  against him, namely, the larceny^  of $2005. 2  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON IB. C  WEDNESDAY,  MARCH  14  1900  la'  ���**':���������  m  i'  #-'  f  i4i  -  It1  II'  h  I  w  I  I?1  I  Miners and Laborers  What about  MINERS' and  WORKING  BOOTS  Wc arc making  in  a special  drive  He auy Boots.  this week  Sec our prices.      They will astonish you.  ABERDEEN BLOCK  @he ggribmtcl  Win;x tho  tiamway   company'  bylaw was being considered by the  1S$M) council, an attempt Avas made  * by   the  promoters   to  smuggle   a  clnu*c into the charter Avhich would  enable  the   company  not   only to  carry on a tramway business but a  lighting and power business as well.  The trick, however, was discovered  in time, by alderman Fletcher, and  the scheme of the promoters frustrated.    This circumstance taken in  conjunction Avith subsequent eA'cnts  would go to sIioav that the so called  traimvay venture Avas not so much  a tramway scheme as it Avas a coti-  spiiacy on   the   part  of   the  promoters  of  the  tiamway  and   the  West  Kootenay Power  and Light  Company to secure an entrance,into  the  city unhampered  by  any  restrictions' AvhateA-er.    The city council, last year, refused to even submit  to the people, a bylaw authorizing  the tramAA'ay company to dispose of  poAA'cr, and the so-called tiamway  promoters Avere  forced  to  take   a  charter for tramway purposes only.  That they .are not satisfied with it  is shown by the fact that they haA'e  not operated   more   than   half of  'their   tAA'O-mile   tramway ^system,  and,, by their persistent effoits to  secure au amendment to their charter.    They not only ignore the conditions aa'IhcIi the  people imposed  upon    then   in   leturn   for'their  chatter,  but   in   the face  of   this  apply to the city,.council for new  and  special  privileges.    If il ever  comes   to a   vote   the   jatepayers  should   snow   the   tramway   company's proposition under so far that  it could never be presented again.  interior, and more especial.1 y jjjast  and lYfistJCo-'jc ~w ami Southern  i ale, ii the only section of the province in no Avay interested iu this  fight betAA'cen rival tOAAns. The  eight members that Avill be elected  to the next legislative from the  Kootenays and Yale should be men  able and willing to lead, and not  follow. They should compel the  factionists on the coast to follow,  and for a Avhile be hewers of AA'ood  and carriers of Avater for the people  avIio are making British Columbia  one of the most prosperous provinces in the Dominion.  Yesterday Morxing The Tiun-  uxi: AAas the only daily paper in  British Columbia that published  the iicaa's that general French had  captured the capital of the Orange  Free State. The news was procured  at enormous expense, but the Tribune Association, Limited, aud the  Canadian Pacific Telegraph Company Avere equal to tho occasion.  If the fears of the Minc-Man-  ageis' Combine aio grounded ton  facts, the Strathcona Horse should  be sent to Rossland instead of  South Africa.  TYftnx theicisan election pend-  - ing^Martin is moro considerate of  working niiucis than  ho is  otherwise.    While lie Avas attoi ney-general in premier Semlin's cabinet he  aliQAved   the bucking mine-o\A'ners  to secure all the special constables  they desired.    He did not then concern   himself with the piotcotS of  the  woi king  minora  or  Avith   the  question   Avhether   there   AA'as any  " "necessity    for-appointing-special  constables.    Circumstanced as he is  at present however, premier Mai-Liu  is very anxious to stand in aa ith the  Avorking  minors   rather  than   the  b.'icking   mine-manage-!��.     Following tiie example set by tho management of the  ymir mine, the mine  managers of Rossland have secured  the HoiAitrs of a large number of  spc-ci.il countable,-, in 01 der to ci pate  lln- impit-s-.iun that there an: Usm-h  ot  a ioleiice.    Bui  prcmii-r   Mai tin  has t-hangid feet, and now t-eusuies  lli.�� oifict-rs who '-wore  in the t-poc-  ial-, and assures them that the government J-, quite capable ofafi'onl-  iiig   all   the  police   protection   rp-  quiied,   even    though   il   awis   not  when he wnt> attorney-general and  Mr. Semlin A\as pi tinier.  Tjik Nol-ou Board of,Trade is the  first in   this  piovince  to cut  loose  from poliiii"..    For a nlsilo   it AA'as  more a political club thanan organization of business  men.    This  condition avus biouglitaboul by admitting to membeiship men avIio Aveie,  in i o sen'-C' of t'le  word,   business  men.  Tuii issue on the coast 13 not one  of politics or policies; it  is  one  of  j. 'ti.  ;���   ir...,,,^,,./>,.    ������.,;���a I hig imitie I'or iSew  JJenVer  icalty  toAvns.     Jt is   Vaneou\er   agamsc 1 ~ �� , .     ._r     .     ..  r,    , ... ,,      I On Satin day John Weiely di.-posu  Victoria.   The lower btoner valley   of a cotUljre ami jot ou siotsui avc  supports Vancouver Jtud the Island j fflIie for $^do.  strasiituenis support Victoria,  The '    It Las become pretty generally j  NEW DENVERTQTHE FRONT  As a Mining and Amusement Center.  i r  Ni:av Dkxvizii, March 18.���An intense feeling of gloom has been cast  over tho entire district by the Iaao  iiaaIuI disasters that have taken  place during the past A\eek at Sandon and vicinity. The statement1  so often made during the past few  months that mining is ,n hazardous  vocation has been most fatally  demonstrated ; Avhile life in a min-  -ii)g town has also beeu shown to be  not devoid of risk and danger. To  the miners' union the disasters have  come as a heavy bloAv, for the loss  of three bright members in so  short a time has caused much  sorrow. Tlieir fellow members here  are a unit iu extending their sympathies to the-sister lodge at Sandon, and to the families and friends  of the deceased brethren.  The Bosun has a carload of zine  ore ready for export to Belgium.  Mud slides have been frequent  the pa��t few days on_the_Nuku^p_<fc_  Slocan railway, delaying train ser-  A'ieo considerably.  Last Avetdcs'shippers AA'ere; Rambler 40 tons. Payne 130, American  Boy 21, and Last Chance 10. <  Some exceedingly heavy snow-  slides haA'e been coining down since  Friday, making travel in the mountains anything but safe.'    <  Peto Angtignon Avill finish his  contract for packing down the  Capella ore by AVednesday. It will  bit shipped to tho Trail smeller.  The ore shipments from the Slocan so far this year aie in excess of  MOO ton--.  In the fclclipso* gioup, situated on  Silvor mountain, Allan and Carey  haA'e Avhat they believe to be the  best piopei ty on the hill, and one  thai i-> declined to bo one of the  loading shippers of this new camp.  The suif.ice showings aie most  promi-ing and so soon as the suoav  goes they pioposo to demonstrate  their belief in a practical manner.  Karly next month about a do/.en  men will leave heie foi the Kettle  river gold fields. Mo��-t of them will  ictiirn in three months.  Quite a number of foreign citizens con teinpi.i tc: i'oi esn cn ing their  allegiance and becoming Bi itish --uH-  jec-i-, ai they wish to ha\e a \oice  in the approaching provincial election-j. lb it staled tint upwaids nf  300 new names Avill appear on the  re\ isetl list of tho Slocan.  Tho re are numerous enquil ies be-  for Now   Denver  realty  f  eottwge  known through here iioav that R.  F. Green, M. P. P. of Kaslo, Avill  stand for re-election in this con-'  stituency, and he is just as generally conceded to be a Avinner. He  will get the labor A'ote in its entirety, AA'ith a large majority of the  business men. Judging from appearances and A'oiced sentiments^  the feeling of the camp is strongly  against the introduction of party  linos. Mr. Green giA'es a flat denial  to the rumor that he contemplated  resigning in favor of the candidature of C. \V. McAnn, now mayor of  Kaslo.  Nelson may well be proud of its  aggregation    of    minstrels,  for  in  their performance here last evening  they  fully  earned  the  reputation  given them of being  first-class entertainers.    While the Bosun  hall  aviis not ci'OAVtled  yet  the  receipts  at the door  reached  three  figures,  and the audience AA'as in  sympathy  Avith the performers from the start.  The program Avent through Avithout  a hitch and was given Avith a snap  and   vim   seldom  witnessed   Avith  amateurs.      Tho  jokes  Avere  good  and  catchy,  though    peihaps   too  much  of the''an est" and "policeman"   variety;     the    music    and  choruses Avell executed and balanced;  the dances and specialties fully  up  to date, ancl the cake Avalk  simply  out   of   sight���the    Avhole    being  ��plendidly   staged    and   directed.  Charley Honey man,   one    of    the  "bone8," had to retire cm ly  in  the  game,  not   feeling   Avell,   and  his  presence  A\as much   missed.    It is  hard to  particularize, paiticulaily  AA'eieso many encores avcio gi\en,  but certain it is the rag-time melodies AA'ere the most enjoyed.    Eddie  McGinn. Harry Marshall and  W. J.  Caldwell Avere great f.ivoi itc-s,   aud  the  quartette,  Messrs.  Thompson,  Prosser, ITaidio  and  Caldwell Avon  No. 1 honors.     Geoige  Berry's exhibition  of    roller   skating  AA'as a  taking number.    Nothing, perhaps,  pleased   the   audience   more  than  AV.   J.   nail's   rendition    of "The  Absent-Minded Beggar."    They did  pay  Avell  indeed, contributing $30  of a  collection.     Iu response  to a  spirited    eucoie,  he   rerited  "Our  Bobs."    Mr. Hall has a mo=t pleasing   stage    piesence.       Marshall's  stump speech  AA'as  a  side-cracker,  the audience shrieking Avith  laughter.    In the lag-time quadrille and  cakewalk    a    happy   climax   AA'as  reached to a capital  CA'cning's entertainment.    God Save the Q-recn  AA'as given Avith a A'im, Avith  hearty  cheers for  her  majesty.     The orchestra AA'as excellently handled Jby  J.' IL  Millward, .the pianist,   Mr-,.  Millward,   being  the   mainstay of  tho singers throughout.    No better  entertainment  has  been  given   in  tho camp,  and  the    minstrels  do  themselves,and   their  city  credit.  The  management   appeal s��� to  be'  most capable and  painstaking, and  if OA'er they come back hero  agaur  they Avill havo a bumper house.  *>-fi*  00 . fi* .00 .00 .00 .00 .00  fi*.0*  <��Sy ���-*>��, 'Xfe. -^a*. '^i*. ���>��*, -Vsv -^i. ���**��,'���'*=*.��� ^*'*>^ *^to, '^v  >c^ . >^,. -^ . J2*. ^ ���^Os- ���J2��'^ -JS-^  jS0 ���- ^' 0* ��� 00- fi*' fi*  '^  fr ^��S&f��&S:S&6&&^  Iff  iti  Hi  iii  Hi  \ij  Hi  Hi  Hi  \>i  ���^i999-.  SEND  FOR  SAMPLES  lessees eeeess)  Ladies'  Mac intoshes  Latest Styles  *&-999999999'9999lr  Xlf  Xlf  ii'f  4f  iff  iff  iff  iff  iff  iff  iff  SPRING    GOODS  W  We have opened this week a large shipment of import goods direct  from English manufacturers, therefore we are able to sell  goods much cheaper than buying from eastern houses  iff  iff  Xlf  iff  iff  \��f  iff  iff  iff  iff  Uress  INCLUDING  Prints, Zephyrs, Ginghams, Victoria and  Bishop Lawn, India Linen and Muslin.  Dimities Mercerised Lawns in all colors  and shades.  White and colored Piques, white and colored Ducks and Galates.  Embroidery at old prices; a fact that is  due to an early import order before the advance.  We have Hamburgs, Nainsooks, Swisses,  Cambrics in edging and insertion.  White Valencienne Lace and insertion.  Table Linen and Napkins, Towels and  Towling, Bed Spreds, white and mercerised  bleached Sheeting 8-4, 9-4 and 10-4.  Circular Pillow Cotton, 40 to 46 inch.  Shirt Waists and Wrappers  JUST IN  D  We have opened up and are marking the  largest stock of Wash Shirt Waists and  Wrappers ever received in Nelson. Right in  style and right in price.  Black and Navy Serge $3 to $12.50.  Black Brillanteen, plain and fancy, $2.50  to $9.  0  Ready-made Skirts  Ask to see our new Silk Underskirts from  $5 to $20.  Two more pieces of all wool Sheppard's  plaid dress goods, 44 inches wide.  iff  iff  iff  iff  iff  iff  iff  iff  iff  Xlf  iff  iff  #*  ^ji.a.2.s~  r.\  m  Ladies'  an! Children's  Gaal.ifjsra fjose  ss.  ^sss-s-s-s  ARRIVING   DAILY S  j?9  5-2-3-33-23-3-3-23i��i  ih'  'Xti  1*  Hi  The              *  Latest            hi  ip  Hi  Neckwear         \_[  m  \y  AV.  .-_   -         -   JJ>  iff  fisai-fi* ' fi*'0& ' 00-0& ' fi*-00 ~   ���'  fi*. fi* .fi*. fi*.fi*. 00.0ty. fi*  '0*'fi*'0*0*t*{  PATRICK'S   CONCERT.  Vernon  Street, Nelson.  Brown & Co.  INCORPORATED 1670,  IF YOU WANT A  Good  Servical  Neat  Stylish  26) JJAKKll STKKLT  Patriotic  Concert   .  in the  Opera House  SATURDAY EVENING  March  17th.  REMOVAL SALE  Ve li.ue mened into llie H.ili block, nml wul  lie plc.vFcil (o nsccL.t'l ourcasLoincis.iuiI liiands.  Wu eonii.illj mvile jou io gf\ c us a u.ill. You  will find oui g'lchl jiii.Mkcrt.il (jiiick������oilingpi itcs.  Tin-, sfooK incliulcs iicadj-lo ��u.u Clollung,  Kui'iij' hiugi., H.il i ,ind dps, JJocb. .and .Shoe.  2(.'( Rikcr Sticet,  Il.tlll.lock  BROWN 8t 00.  Take  look through  our store  before buying.  Wc can Save you Worry and Money  FASHIONABLE  TAILOB  Workmanship ar.d  quality of goods t\\e  best obtairab'e  O|iposfio Sih i'i Kiijj? Hold. H J��oi  CUT PRICES IS THE  ounnu or tiik day  Best Local Talent  in Vocal .and Instrumental  Numbers  e.JNei  aw and  aning  Oenera! Admission 50c  The Latest Wall Papers  .    BORDERS AND MOULDINGS  sons uay  HOME   LAUNDRY  Vciiion sIipcI   lmsI of AIcItiKlus st.iWo  MiSS HULif, Manager  All kind, of luindij   uorlc  at  p\coption illj  lo \   |H tc I'I  I'usi-iirlicil inerri  2'i rcnls to V, (Vifh ,i��In/ri>  GENUINE  And lv.iwl lo lie in IL I havo iust received  Kail Jimplei of Suil liiKa and Ovoi coaunj,"-, rr vvo-  KLiiting a $i(),iitt) -.lock to choose i'i om made to  j our oi ^oi at p ic oh n��>vcr befoi�� heard of ni Nel-  1.011 All tho l.ileht f.ids in Fancy Vc-.tiiiKs> for  Fall mid winter.  1 ai&io' t'ulouiifr m nil its branches .1 siircinlty,  I.owedt pnoob.   Hoom' 1 nnd 11, Hilljur bloot.  STEVENS, The Tailor  Fine Tailoring  CLK.VVIVG  AM)  IlKL'Anu.NG  X T. FIFE & CO.  P. O. Box 560 iSIELSOJM  VOUTl QW.V COOPS AlAVK LP  OU) (JI.OTIU:s JIAl>iC GOOD A3 NEW  ARTHUR GEE  Onpo'.lfp Cbiikr ITnlM.   ^IKUCITAXT TAILOR  Lethbridge Gait Goal  The host \aluo /or the uionci' in tho maiket  /or all i>iirpo.-ies.  'JjKi'.ms CAfiH     XV. P. Tdoinkt. General Agent  Telephone 117.   Office with C. tt. 3. Christie,    J  ^Vc ate now o]i��ninfj up llio l.irgcsl '���lock of  \\n,ll p.i|>oi��. biiidi'rti.iiul inoiil(liii!;^overicoci\c(l  111 .NuImiii. VVopuiclui'-ul ilnucl fiom llio Rlon-  Li0111 unpoi t( 1 �����. .i'IiI lia^ u lliciLfoiu Iho lttoit ^c-  sifjiiMimli.'o-u'-l piiocs. Spcci.ilwiol.itionilulhu  ti.ulo.  F. J. Bradley & Go.  1" MM 1113 .t,M! l)i'(UI(.M'OIl3  Coiner Viuloiiu nntl Josephine .Stioct-", NoNon.  W. Starmer Srr|ith & Co.  PAPER HANGER, GLAZIER,  PAINTER, ETC. *  CHIMNEY SWEEPING  Ofllco Wnid Snciji Opposito Opom Honse  ar  Are prepared to furnish by rail, barge or .teams  Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Local ancl Coast Ceiling, Local and  Coast Flooring, Double Dressed Coast Cedar,  Rustic, Shiplap, Stepping, Door Jambs, Pine  and Cedar Casings, Window Stiles, Turned  Work, Band-sawing, Brackets, Newel Posts,  Turned-Veranda Posts, Store-Fronts,- Doors^  Windows and Glass/  Get prices before purchasing elsewhere  e JNeison  aw an  1  CflVo ntul jVIiIIs comoi' Hall nml Front SliroN. N'oKrn  asace me  Headquarters  for al! kinds of  Fresh and Cured  Meats.  A fcatmo vill ho m.ulc of Ihc poultry and  PMtiiL li.uU" 'l'h"> will nl'vujs bo on luinddui-  iiig Ihuii Edison.  J. L.  PORTER, Prop.  l&O Josephine St .between B.tl.er and Vciuon.  Tulophono I.V).  Piano Tuning*  L. S. OTIS, Resident Piano Tuner  FOR   SALE.  Liiiro two and ,1 h.ilf storj fi.ime liotiec, coii-v  tuii.iiK double diutMiiff tout), 1 bcdioouls nml  <lic<t^:ng 100m with clollit's olu-ots, <1imIhk loom,  lnHre kitchen, hot .mil cold ���nuter, b.ith 100111  villi balls cumpluiu, toilcl;Ii^l)icd with eloetni i  Iv ; nilhin'lnoiiunuUs walk of thcbumni s^poi-  tion of (ho uitj ; bo.iiiLifnl siru.ition (huilooking  tuc lake. T��olols, cuch-2">\ 120 feet, fenced, and  \iith In\mi in front. A \oij desirable ie~idenu\  nowlj fiii 111-hcd and eaipeted throughout with  best fimiitme .md cupels. Fnimiuio .ind  kil<.hcn utensils will Le sold citliei' with tho  house 01 *<cp.u aiul v.  I'oi Iciras.ind p.nticiilftis .ipjdy to W. A.Cxilh-  lii'r, .it tho o'lico uf G.illihci'& Wilson. o\erMo-  Ailhm's finnitme stoic, Hakcf stictl. Nelson,  y C.  SAWMILL   FOB,   SALE  Thp sawmill and plan I l.ifply owned hj Joseph  T. Uobeits.at lijkort's Landing, and const it mi;  of a 80 hoist; power hoilei, (iiyiuo, Gnlhtli it  Wedge lop up; sawmill, od^Lf, pl.uici. boiling,  utc , etc, will be sold whole they now bland.  Applj to  '1 A^ I.OU Si ITAWlVGTOV. Solicitors  Ixave orders at  Doycr's. Puijiton't!.  TIiDmscii'H Stationery Co.  ^RS0��s S. ��.  Notice of Application for License.  I heiebygno notice lh.it I intend tn apply to  the JJou'd of I lceil-ing- Coiuiui'-s.oiicts of the  City of .Nelson nt its nc.\f mociinji; for nn hotel  license for tiie pmntBt'.s situate upon lot 21. block  ISS {northeast comer of Vemon sai& Hall stroeUJ  in the city of Nelsim, IL 25. JjKMON,  Kootonay Lake General Hospital Society  ANNUAL AIEETIXO.  Tho annual mccling of the Ivooicnat l..ike  Goncr.il Ifospilal Society will bo held in iho  Couit House on Tuesdaj, the ULh d.n of jMnich.  i1)!)'), vt ,i p. in.  Thoio will be a mooting of the dnectoi-. at  2 3(1 p in.  Tho Hii-nibpriliip foo is 510 pel anniirn mid  entitles thu meinbei lohospit.il benefits tor unv  j e.n  Any pci-on subscribingS'.imonth wi'l been  tiiltd to tiie benefits ot the hospital for that  pet md.  Snbscnotionsaro sohtiicd .md a full attendance of 'iiciTibei sand those devious of becoming  ltiombcih is leqncsted. A full siatcment of  ircLiptsandexpeiiditiiici will he submitted, an  il'.rlioii held foi si\ rtiicctois to 'cne lor two  >eai-, ancl other unpoi taut business will bo  tiaiis.ietcd.      V. \V. &WANN>]Jj, Secict.uj.  NOTICE.  XotireJ'-hoiohvpAenlh'it J intend (oappli at  the iii'UmcelinK c f tl.c Jloa-.d of J.ucnsu com-  missioufis i.n thet'itj of Xoisoil, held after the  PMuiation uftlmti dns fnau the date hoimf.  hoii.it. G.  ��ited Uiis 3rd day of Marob. 1900.  W. A. WAlin,  B*i^ THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, 1900  Affi OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up..$12.C00,00O  REST     6.000,000  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...Prcsidcn  lion. George A. Drummoiid Yieo-Piesiden  K. S. Clou.ston General Manage  NELSON' BRANCH  Northwest Corner llaker and  Stanley Streets  Uranchcs in T.o.vno.v (Kngland) Ni:w Yoitic,  Chicago, and ail tho principal cities in Canada.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  liny and soil Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfers.  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in uny part, of tlio world.  lli'.ifU Issued, Collections Made, Ktc.  Saving's Bank Branch  CL'liltl.M' KMi: 01' IVIIJJl.ST I'AIl).  WAS CLOSED ARBITRARILY  And People Are Incensed  Cuanurook. Mai eh 12.���The ciLl-  y.eii'i of Ci-anbiook are left in a most  unfortunate condition, so i'ar as llie  seliool is concerned, by tho action  ol'JMr. Itobinsou, superintendant of  instruction. Professor Rosb of Alberta, had been secured to take  charge of the schools, and was  given one assistant, As he had no  certificate in this province lie followed tlio usual course and applied  for a permit until he could take the  examinations. Holding a B. of A.  decree, and being eminently quali-  iicd in every way, there was no  question but that tlio permit; would  be granted. On Saturday, however, a letter Svus leceived from  supci in tendon t Robinson, oidcring  piofessor floss to vacate the government property at once. This  leaves the town withouta principal,  and throws about seventy-live  pupils out of school. The citizens  are indignant, and some action will  be taken ab once to meet the  emergency.  The tiamway at the North Star  mine met with an accidenb and  work I* suspended until another  pulley in rives, and shipments Avill  cease in the meantime.  "NVoi k is progiessing" on tho new  three story hotel in Fort Steele. Jt  will be one of the best in this  district.  . Cranbrook ris making wonderful  progrdi-s these days. There* are  about thirty-live buildings in coiu^e  of erection, and plans are being prb-  paied for that many moro.  People are getting iuteiested in  tiie political question, aud the labor  vote will cut an wide path,in this  district this year.   '  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N. W. T.  servative conventions of the resolution in favor of federal party lines  in provincial affairs. As far as he  was personully concerned, lie was a  staunch Conservative in favor of  paity line��, and would appeal to  tho electors, if again chosen as a  candidate, as a Conservative.  Mr. Ker, who had just returned  from Vancouver, 1 elated to the  meeting the losult of the deliberations of tlio executive of the association at Vancouver on Thursday.  A resolution, he said, had been  adopted favoring party lines, and  from what ho could gather a large  portion of the Mainland was in  favor of the idea.  Mr. Dewdney, who followed Mr.  Ker, also icported the result of the  meeting of the executive. Ho also  was of the opinion that the Mainland was strongly in favor of the  adoption of party Hues.  Messrs. Cuthberl, Boggs, Cassidy,  Heaven and Turner followed. Mr.  Turner did not think the time quite  lipe for the introduction of party  lines. As far as he himself was  concerned, he stood at all times for  tho good of the country regardless  of personal advantage. lie had no  desire to maintain the leadership of  the pr.rty behind him if it was considered advisable to have a change,  bub he would do all in his power ab  all times to lid the country of the  curse of Marbinism and restore a  proper condition of affairs.  The adjourned meeting will be ou  Friday evening next.  Boss, lee <| faylor  BAKER STREET, NELSON  (George F. Motion's old stand)  Flour, Feed, Grain, Hay  AND PRODUCE  Gar Lots a J  Specialty  Phono 20  Correspondence Solicited  Wholesale  Houses  I NELSON  B.C.  GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD & CO.-Corner Vernon and  ��� Josephino streets, wholesale groccis and  jobbers inbUnkets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbois,  lnackinaus and minors'sundries.  KOOTENAY  SUPPLY  TED-Vernon   sticet,  grocers.  COMPANY,   LIMI-  Nclson,   wholesale  KASLO   LOCAL   NEWS.  Kaslo, March 13.���The eifcy council yesterday passed a icsolution of  condolence with ex-alderman G. O.  Buchanan, whose eldest son, tVelson  Buchanan, died suddenly at Wood-  slock, Ontario, last week.  There has been no communication  with the outside world, via Sandon,  since Saturday morning. What  with snowslides and mudslides the  Kaslo k Slocan train has been detained for two daj-s the other side  of McGnigan. All tho mail lias had  to go onb via Xelsoi).  Inspector of mines McGregor, has  been hero for three days,    lie came   fi'om-Nelson on Saturday expecting  to go to Sandon on Sunday, but has  had to wait for the line to be cleared.  The local rilles wore given the  opportunity to send three men to  Halifax, but nobody here appears  jmxiou.4 to serve at the gatrison  "Tiie fiont or Kaslo," is the motto  of the boys.   "  Much regret was felt hero at the  news being received of the second  fatal Sandon snowslido.  St. Eugene's Development.  Moyie Leader.  James Croniu, managing director  of the St. Eugene Consolidated Mining Company has returned to  Moyie. Speaking of the company's  intentions for the future he said it  was their intention to start the  concentrator as soon as the work of  enlarging was completed, which  would be about the 15bh of April.  There are now 90 men on the payroll of bhe compan?/, bub as soon as  bhe mill is iu operation this number  .will be 'doubled.' Thera > is much  outside work in contemplation, and  ,peihaps between -10 and 50 men  will be-employed at this. A flume  will be built 'from Wilson cieek, to  connect with the St. J'htgene flume,  which" will mean several months  work, and the employment of quite  a number of men. The Lake Shore  compressor is being taken apart and  moved down to be set up again  near the one ab the St. Eugene.  A slight reduction has been made  in the scale of wages paid some of  tho miueM by the company. Machine men still got $3.50 and muck-  eva $3.00 per day", but hand men  have been reduced to the $3.25  scale,-the same as being paid in the  Slocan camps. Contract work has  been discontinued.  and Bros.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  rOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.-Front street, Nel-  "    son, -wholesale groccis.  PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSONS PRODUCE COMPANY-Vei non  street. Nelson, wholesalo dealers in provisions, produce, and fruits. Agents for Swift &  Co. bacon and hams.  f Y. GRIFFIN & CO.���Corner Vernon and  " ��� Josephino street?. Nelson, wholesale dcalors  in provisions, cured meats, butter and eggs.  PR. STEWART & CO.-Warchousos on C. P.  ��� R. track, foot of Stanley street, Nelson,  wholesalo dealers in provisions, produce land  fruits. Cold storage. Agents Armour & Co 's  bacon, hams, lard and other products.  SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS  LIMITED���Corner Front nnd Hall btreets,  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesalo dealers  in sash and doors; allkinds of factory work made  to order.  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  street Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholesale dealers in caps and fuse, and electric  blasting apparatus  CIGARS.  KOOTENAY CIGAR MANUFACTURING  CO.���Corner Baker and Hall streots. Nelson, manufacturers of "Rojal Seal" and "Kooto  nay Belle" brands of cigars.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS & CO.-Corner Baker and Josephine  ��� streets, Nelson, wholesale dealeis in hardware and mining supplies. Agentsfor Giant  Powder Co.   HARDWARE   ICOMPANY-  Nelson, wholesale   dealers in  hardwai e and" mining supplies, and water and  plumbers' supplies.  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and const.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Kail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kind?.  IK WHAT VOU ���WANT 15 NOT IN STOCK  Wl! WILL MAKK IT l'OH  VOU  CALL AND GET TRICES.  TREIOIT HOUSE  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  The Keremeos Townsite Company  KEREMEOS,   B.   C.  Lots 30 x 120.    Main  Street 100 Feet Wide.  Corner Lots $100.     Inside Lots $75  KEREMEOS  a  MEALS  25  CENTS  ROOMS LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITY  AND HEATED BY STEAM  2j CENTS TO SI  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  HALL AKD T.AKC STKCr.TS, NELSON'  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  (LIMITED)  Successors lo  J. A. DEWAR & CO.  jUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  LAWRENCE  Baker St.,  VANCOUVER HARDWARE COMPANY,  LIMITED-Bakor street, Nelson, wholesale  dealers in hardware and mining supplies, plum-  hors and tinsmiths'supplies.   COAL.  CROW'S  NEST PASS COAL COMPANY.-  Wholcsale dealers in coal and coke. Cliarlos  St. Tiaibe. Agent. Baker sticot. Nelson.   ASSAYJERS'   SUPPLIES."        *   '  WF. TEETZEL & CO.-Corner Baker "and  ��� Josephine streets, Xelson, wholesale dealers in nssayers supplies. Agents Xfor Denver  Firo Clay Co. of Denver. Colorado.   LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  rriURNER, BEKT0N & CO.-Corner Vernon  -*��� and Josephine streets. Nelson, wholesale  dealers in liquors, cigars and dry goods. Agents  for Vabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Calgary Browing Co. of Calgary.   Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  StocK-  We cany a complete stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceding, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Large comfortable bedrooms and   first-class  dining-room. Sample rooms for commercial mon.  RATES $2 PER DAY  MERCHANTS.  ���Baker stieot, Nelson,  liqupis,    cigars.  P.  VICTORIA CONSERVATIVES MEET.  'Ihc ColonW,  The provincial political .situation  occupied the attention of a repro-  btsutativo meeting of the Liberal-  OoiLscrvatives last evening. The  question as to whether federal  party liucw shall be adopted in the  approaching provincial contest re-  coivod foome attention, and it was  finally decided to discuss the matter  inot'G fully at a meeting to be held  next Friday evening.  The president, II. D. Helmcken,  M.F.I'., Occupied the chair, aiul  among those noticed in the audience  in addition to those named as participating iu tho speech-making  werts jtfessi's. O. E. Pooley, D. M.  JSucrte. W. li. Taylor, W- IT. Ellis,  C. K. Joiioe, F. S. Barnard, Olive  i'JilIlipps.-Wolloy, W. JL Prico and  many other-* prominently identified  with tho party. Addresses were  delivered by Messrs. A. 1?. Mo-  Phillip-<, I). R. Ker, Hon. lOdgar  JJowdney, Herbert Cuthbert, Beau-  jnimfc Boggf, Robert Cas&idy, C. F.  "Heaven, J. II. Turner and others.  Mr. McPhillips explained the position of the party in Victoria in  jceapoet to the adoption by the Con-  Agents.for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition,  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  Fir^t door -west  of Bank of Bnlmh  Columbia building.  Baker Street  Charles DB J. Christie  GENERAL BROKER  P. O. Box 523.   Phones: Office 117, IIous,e 1G2  i-ou Sale  I i oom lious.e and 3 lot"   1 lot B.ilioi sheet  H'l-fijot corner on ITolison shod  2 lots on Caibon.ilc stiout  ��1500  121)0  IflO  tiJO  rOU KENT  5-room house, modcin conveniences     .       ... 2o  LOANS AND PVhUK.VN'CK  Call and ->co me if jou vwsh to sell buj or icnt.  J.  GENERAL  BROKER  Tlnoo dwelling houses for sale on e.ny terms.  One lot on Stanley siiocl, opposite Rojal  hotel, for k.iIo at <i bargain.  One tcven loomed house and one three room  liousm for runt,    See ANNAB2JS  COMMISSION  HJ. EVANS & CO.  ���   wholosalo    dealers   ...   .,Hu^,o,    ^.ft.no,  cement, firo buck and (Ire clay, water pipe and  steel rails, and general commission merchants,  PAINTS   AND   OILS.  .TSJBLSON HARDWARE COMPANY-Baker  ���*���* Street���Wholesalo dealorg in paints, oils,  and bniblies of all kinds. Largest btock in  Kootenay.   FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  BURNS &   CO.-Ba'kor  street,   Nelson,  wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meats.  Cold storage.   TENTS   AND   AWNINGS.  N' ELSON TENT AND AWNING FACTORY���  Baker street, Nelson. Manufacturers of all  kinds of tents, avwimtrs, and o.invas goods.  P. O. Box 70.   Theo. jMadson, propnol or.   WINES AND CIGARS.  PALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMI-  *^ TED���Corner Front and Hall streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers In wines (case and bulk)  and domestic andimportod cigars.   "~JERATEDA_ND MINERAL WATERS._  rpHORPE & CO., LIMITED.-Cornfir Vernon  ���*��� and Cedar streets, Nelson, mamifactureis  of and -wholesaledtalers m related waters and  fruit sirups. Solo agentsfor Halcyon Spiin^s  mineral water.   Telephone GO.   FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN & ICER MILLING COMPANY  LTD Front street, Nelson, whole^Uo dealers in flour, oatmeal, etc., and hay and grain.  Mills at Edmoflton, Victoria, and New West-  mitistor. .,.,.���    , .   ,. , -   ARCHITECTS.  EWART & CARRIE-Architcota.  Rooms 7  and 8 Aberdeen block. Baker ntreot. NelnoDi  Porto Rico LumberCo. Ltd.  Contractors and Builders  WILL DO WELL TO  Buy Their Lumber  AT  G. 0. Buchanan's  A large ,-stock o�� flrskclass firy material on  hand, also a full line of sauh, doors, mouldings,  turned work, etc.  Factory Work a Specialty  Yards  Foot) of Hondryx street, Nelson  Telephone, ft    Jol]*!   Rae,  AgGJlt  IV|rs. E. 0. Clarke, Prop.  laii: or thi: royal hotj:l, calgaky  Waverly Hotel  This popular hotel wliich is now being  enlaiffcd and rcno> ated, will be reopened  on Jlarch 1st, -\\lien it -Kill have 10 large, '  nicely furnished and ^\cll lighted looms,  healed iwlli hot ah. Special attention  will bo given to the dining room.  RATES REASONABLE.  C. A. PROSSER, MANAGER  A Big* Schooner  OF  BEER OR  HALF-AND-HALF  ALWAYS  FIlliSH  10c  ALWAYS  COOL -  The best glass of beer to be had in Nelson is at  THE CLUB HOTEL  COAL!      GOAL!  GREAT REDUCTION  $9.65|ft��rsNest   $6,15  Hard Coal  Anthracite  TELT.pnOJTK  S3  DELIVERED  G. W. West & Go.  Bool( Biqding  AND  Book; R/lakirjg  Corner Silica and  Stanley Streets.  E. J-. CURRAN, Prep.  fVJacicien House  Baker and Ward  Streels, Nelson  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained  under one management since 1890.  Tho bed-rooms are well furnished and lighted  by electricity.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic! and imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  B. C. HOTEL   erie, b. c.  First-class in e^ery respect. Choicest wines,  liquors and cigars. Every comfort for transient  and resident guests.  HEADQUARTERS FOR UNION MEN. *  JOSEPH CAMPBELL, Proprietor.  OeIsteeerI&Ico--  IMiKWKKS A YD liO'llLERS OK  a thorough-  ENGINEEKS.  CHARLES PARJCKR-.Mining and milling engineer.   West Baker siieel, Xui-ion.  TEADES "UNIONS"!  NELSON MINERS' UNION NO. 00, XV. V. of  AI.���Meets in mineis' union luonw, <iortlv  oast comer Victoria and ICooteiiay hi roots, uvoiy  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. ViBiting members welcome.  Jamks Wh.kks, Sec'y,    Chas, A. MoKay. Pres.  THE regular meetings of Iho Carpenters' Union  aie held on > Wo'iiicsday opening of each  week, at 7 o'clock, in tho Miners' Union hall corner Victoria and Kootenay streets.  R. ROBINSON  President.   JAMES COLLING, Secretary.  TRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.���The regular meetings of the Nelson Trades iiiici Labor  Council will beheld in tho miners' union hall,  corner of Victoiia and Koolcnaj t-ticelb, on tho  flmt and third Thui&day of each month, at  7.1)0 p. m.  G. J. Tiiowk. Pres. J. H. Mat��kso.v, Sec'y.  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 2?, A. P. & A. M.  Mootfi second Wednesday In each month.  Sojourning brethren invited.  NIGHTS OF PYTHIAS- Nelson Lodge, No,  25, Knights of Pythias, moots in I. O. O. F.  K  Hall, cornor Baker and Kootonay streets, every  '     at 8 o'clock.   Visiting Knigbta  to attend.  Tuesday evoninj  cordially invitoi  R. G. JOY. K. of R. & S.  LEONARD SCOTT, C. C.  NELSON L. O. L., No. 1602, meets in I, O. O. 5".  Hall, corner Baker and Kootenay streets,  1st and 3rd  Friday of each  month,   Visiting  brcthern cordially invited.  R. RoiirxnO.v. W.&1. W. CitAWKoitn, Rec.-Sco.  NELSON AHZW, Number 22, Fraternal Order  of Eagles, moots every second and fourth  Wednesday incach month ia Fraternity Hal],  Visiting brethren welcome.  W. Gosmhx. President'.  Ca&uism Pmobbeu, Secretary  The Tribune has  ly equipped Book Bindery in  connection with its "job printing- department. All kinds oi"  books manufactured to order,  and any kincK of binding" or  rebinding done on short notice  BURNS BLOCK  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  Rliododomlions, llosr^, Fancy Kicigiccns  Magnolus,Bulbs,new oioiilc-tod ���-ctils, forspnng  planting. LiugiM anil m��-t compl-'te stock m  Western Camilla. Call mil iriaku ioin select ions  or send for catalogue. Addicss al tlies nuHuij  grounds and g.eoiiliou-e.  JL .1. HENRY.  3fiOf5 Westminster Road, V.meouvoi. J J. C.  Fop Sale  Cheap  RAILROAD OUTFIT  Such as Wheel Straiten., Picks, Shovels. Ham  mora. Steel, Wiigpmf, Ijargo Range, Tculx, etc.  Call at Old Curiosity Shop, Josephino bUcvt,  FINE LAGER BEER,  AND PORTER  ALE  Prompt and legultir  dolh ery to llio trade  Brewery at Nelson  elson   Wine   Co.  CHOICE WINES AND LIQUORS  Special attention given to fantilj (rude  T(jffiW,i.     FRANK A. TAMBLYN  Ni-lsori, H. ('.  MAN Vf.IUf  H. D.  ASHCROFT  blacksmithing  andexpert'  horseshoeing  Wagon ropalrinK promptly attended to by a  flrst-ciiHH ���wheelwright.  Special attontion gucn to all kinds of repairing and eiistom work from outride points.  bhop:   Hall St., hetween Hakcr and Vernon  TENDERS  FOR   REAL  WANTED  ESTATE.  Tmdcis will lie iccchcil b\ tin' mulci-ignorf  Until liu'i loi k noon on ilondrlj, Apnl 2nd, l'*M  for tin' following i|( -.i iilx'd ual < -tate in Nelfon.  Loi s7 and !< and Lois Haiiil I <i in Jlluok K'.to  gctlici \t till llio iiiipiuMMiii nt-s* llierruii, c.jnsisl  mgof the ifilvur King Iiotel and aoticstoij icsi  tlcrn-c  'I'cniis t t-li. 'I lie lughe-t oi an) lentlci not  neu'-s,mi) acicjiicd,  CUtOLlSK THlil.f.V.  Alliumr-.li.itii\ <Nl.itoof .lnlili.loliiisou, dotc.ised.  NeNuii, 15. C��� Maich '2nd, I'kkj.  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and Kootonay Streets.  P. O. Box 55a. TKLKPHC  TKLKPHONK NO, 85  Is tho center of the SiiniJkameen Mining District, thirty miles south of  Pentieton and west of tiie O'Kanagan river. Tin's season will see great  developments in this vicinity as a large number of valuable claims were  located last summer. Prospectors will find a splendid field to work in.  Much of the mineral bearing belt has not yet beeu explored. The Simil-  kameen country is an ideal one for prospectors, water, feed, and fuel  being abundant. The winter climate is the mildest iu the interior.  Business men will find plenty of openings at Keremeos. There is a chance  for those with capital to get in on the ground door. The surrounding  land is of the richest, and best adapted for the production of high class  fruits and vegetables. The Columbia k Western railway is now being  located through Keremeos, and up the Similkameen river. Stages connect between Greenwood and Keremeos via Fairview; also between Pentieton and Keremeos.   For further particulars  Apply to THE BEALEY INVESTMENT COMPANY,  General Agents, Greenwood, B. C.   Or EDWARD BULLOCK-WEBSTER, Keremeos, B. C.  Ho! Ho! Ss WjcArthup's  Elegant Sideboards  Superb Cheffbniers  Petite Dressing* Tables  In the Famous Golden Oak  Just Received a Carload of Hig"h-elass Goods  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  H%��rsoN,ATB.c. Dealers in Meats  Markets at Nelson, Rossland, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, New-  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid*  way, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson ,��.   Q    TRAVES,   Manager  , ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  "   "~i " " '        ' '     i "  Headquarters for Portland Cement, Fire Bricks,  Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal [Blacksmiths]  Spccr.il quotations trhen for caiioad lots -n     ti    ���nTrnir'nm    o    nn      t.ij      \t i     ���  A'tt01uv'\X1fCt,fl,,,Ra    "B. ^ BITHET & CO., Ui, Victoria  W. P. DICKSON  H. H. H. APPLBWHAITE  J. McPHEH  Kooteqay Electric Supply & Construction Go.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Blectrlo Equipments for Blectrlo Power Transmission 'and Lighting for  Mines, Towns Blectrlo Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 806. " " Josephine Street, Nelson. B. O.  Fred J. Squire, Merchant Tailor  FULL LINES OF WINTER AND SPRING SUITINGS  WK3T BAKER STREET" NKLSON  OPPOSITE SILVER KING HOTKI  That Light is Poor  GAS FITTING OUR SPECIALTY  PLUMBING OP ALL KINDS  Victoria .Street, opposite PostofllM1.  LET IIS PUT IN GAS  STRACHAN BROS.  SMOKE  ROYAL SEAL  AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS  E  kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co*  KKI.TO, HUITI8FI COLUMBIA  Y TO LOAN  AT 7 PER CENT  ON BUSINESS PROPERTY  Applj  O. h. I/KSNOX. Solicitor, Xulson JI. C  TX THK MATT��:U Ol' AX APPLICATION  J- VOU A DUPMCATK OK A CKHTIFICA'I K  OV TITLK to lof. fje\t>n (U) nnd ivtclvo (12),  block t����nt.\-s(ncii (27). Cit} o! NoImui, H. C.  Xolu u l1- lu'tdiy giMMi Iiml it 1-, my intention  nl the <'M>unti.!ii of one month from llm  nulilxMitmi lieicnf, to i-.nc n dupliciite of tho  ( cilil'.i'itluof 'I rt!u to liif iiIki\o I.ukK*. is-iicd to  (."corKC A. JI. Il.lll, 011 IlieJuth <!,ij uf Dccuiiibor,  lbliS, .inri nuiubuicd l.i'i) K.  S. Y. WOOTOV,  HcgiMi.u Oelicral.  IjuhI UcfiMrj Oflicc, Victprisi, li. C. 1'Jlh Pub-  ru.ii'j, lUCK).  NOTICE TO UNION CARPENTERS.  All cm pent uii who .we in simputlij ��ilh  oi*Kiuii/0il liibui .110 hi'u by nolilicil ">'it the  curpcnLciiliK i" coilnri'tioii ��illi I*. Jlnnii *���"  Coiiipmir s rolil -.toiiih'Ojtl.inl, is In hik porfcii incd  !>y nop union Ulior. anil iiieriil��ur- of Ihu  C.irpcnW'iV Union, ,iiid those 111 H\tn(i.ith} villi  it, arc rvqucsUd to jjovoin (liunisflioa inooixl-  ingly.  JAMKSCOLIilKK.  iSocrotary Xelnon Caripcnlflrs' Union.  St. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  NKLSOX.'lJ. C.  A hoarding nnd day si'hool conducted bj Iho  Sislu-sof St..)o>cphof IVai'O. It U ��� ilunterl n!.  I ho 1*01 n<;r of JI ill find Josephine strict-in one of  Ihii bu-t lesiduntiiil i��irlions 0/ X��Non, and i'i  <Msiiy .ilcc���iblu fiom .ill p it l"<>f the citj.  Tho cont-i! of -iiidy includes the funcf.iiiiojil.il  nnd iui;liur bnuiLliCJi of lhoiuii);h Knplisli education: Itiisliics* coui.se��� iiuokkccjiinK, stonoc-  1 aphv und typciMiUnK- Science vrminp - iiiiimo;  Mic.u .ind fnstninsenl.il.dravliiK, etc. Plum ait  and ncudluwoi k, ole.  For tcriiin ami ii.irticul.irb appb to the Sibter  Superior, v  T5    1 Will    open    her'  iss Palmep sis  CHUHCII wjhool'  room on the 2nd of January, 1900.   Koi tcmih.ihd  all p,irticilliirs apply to MISS PALM Kli,  At rt'-idence of Mrs. J". H. ItobcilRon, Baker  Street West.  Kootenay   Coffee   Co.  NELSOX. B. C.  Cofleo roasterh anil doalcrs in Tea ami CofTco.  Offer frefch roasted coffee of best, quality as  followb :  Java and Arabian Machn, per pound $  10  Java nnd Mochn Blend, 3 poundB  1 00  Fino Santos, i pounda  100  Santos Blond, 5 poundb  1 OS  Our Special Blend, 6 pounds  1W  Our llio UoMt, 8 pounds  i 00  A trial order f-'oHeiled. Sjtlcsioom 1 doors cait,  of Oddfellows block. West Rikrr -trcet.  Notice of Application for License.  I.Adolphc I^ipoinicof IheCitj of Xil-on, in  the pi ounce of IlnM-li Coluinln.i. Iiolel kcujici.  Iiciehi (rue notice flt.it I intend to.ippl} to the  liomtf of License (. nmnw-sioiioisJot the City Of  Nolson. at (In ir Hi->t iiieutiiiK 10 be held after tho  expiration of Itlnrlj ila>s fiom this date for a  lueri-e tOM<lt uinu-. i>piiits beer ami other fermented and intoxidtMiK liquors by leluil, in my  Iiolel. known its (he "MoiitiCJil Hotel," situate on  lo!�� iitiiulicrcd 'Si and '21, in block nuitibercd!~, id  Uic Rlid Uilj of Nelson, A. LAI'DINTE*  Nelson, 11. C, February 8lh, 1U0O. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. 0., WEDNESDAY MARCH U 1900  r ���  |&  u    (  li  'I  Ijffil  s  A DIRECT IMPORTATION OF  BATH    TOOTH,. NAIL    HAIR  Baker Street, Nelson  V.  o  ClolhiM    ClotliiM  o  Now is the tine to get a bargain in Clothing its we tiro  giving a libeml discount on  thefo goods i'or the next few  days in order to make room  < i'or spring goods which are arriving daily  Tiie Kelson Clothing House  217 219 Baker Street  j ��� l_fr;r]brgf��_^-fib*Jgter a-��^ _*��� a_*- _t*s  *_ ^_ ~*&   _> m_ *_    _\ *_*x_^_ -^_ ..  I ESTABLISHED- \$   NELSON IN   1880  ��.   ���  I am here my friends to let yon know I am all right.  Kimberly and Ladysmith have been relieved and I am still  in Nelson with a year of prosperity ahead of me. Everything is pointing this 'way, and I am here with my up-to-  .-elite line of goods ready to compete with eastern -prices. I-  am reeieviug goods every day direct from' the factories,  which are for sale, and I am prepared to guarantee tho  quality. Come and examine our stock; no trouble to show  goods. I have 1000 kinds to suit'you all. Jewelry of ill 1  kinds, also precious stones, sterling silver iu all the latest  designs and patterns.^ Bradley k Hubbard's up-to-date art  goods. Karn, the leading piano of Canada. Come early and  we will serve you accordingly.    Don't forget the place.  - We only employ" the most expert watchmakers and  jewelers. All work is guaranteed. Mail orders will receive  our prompt attention.  iti  $  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  \v  iti  Hi  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti KV.  itih  iti  iti  ti  THE JEWELS  xi:i.&ok, 13. c.  y  0*. *���*. ��*. nw. **. i** ��� fi* ��� **. *>*. j* ��� ffi- &��.���  S-S^ Si' Sy- S��- Sfc- *n���� m* 5a>- 55��- &-. -^  'iti  iti  *iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  &  to  rn LOCAL NEWS  The passengers west-bound over  the C. P. li. Main line were brought  to Nelson again last night and this  will be continued for several days  longer until tho main line is completely cleared up. The Crow's  Nest road has proved a success as  an alternative route across the continent.  Two carloads of ore from the  Athabasca mine were shipped to  the Trail smeltet yesterday.  W. 11. D'Arcy of Winnipeg, claims  agent for the (J. I', it. lines west of  Fort William, in in the city.  y Five men have been chosen to  represent the Nelson' rifle -company  in the provisional corps to garrison  Halifax and a telegraphic message  has been dispatched to secure the  privilege of sending five instead of  four men as the original instructions read. Tiie arrangement is  that the volunteers leave tonight.  The men selected tire privates  Worley, Stunt, White, Turner and  Gordon. "  ��� ��r. ��e^ ��r. v*.. ��o.. >sr.  Creat Clearing Sale  of Dry Goods  y*0  m  ��� - fS) -  . &  /Si)  fp  ��2}'  m  - p1)  &\  <$���>  &  <%)  0  6d  (ft  $12,000   Stock of New Goods  Offered at Cost  i  _____  We have decided to sell out our dry goods and  continue exclusively in clothing, boots, shoes and  gents' furnishings, nnd now offer all our dry goods  stock at wholesale prices. This includes all our  spring goods now in stock and in transit from the  east. It is tho first time in the history of Nelson  that a stock of this size has been offered to the public at such a low rale, and all wanting bargains  should not fail to see our prices. To the ladies of  -Nelson-\\e-would say-that-this-is a-good-opportunity-  to get your spring and summer dress goods.at a bargain.     Here is a sample of some of our prices:  60  DRESS   GOODS  do      i     do  do do  do do  it   were   40c, now selling at 25c  do 65c.     , -   do 40c  do        $1.00, do 00c  do 1.25, do  , 75c  PLAID TWEED SKIRTINGS, five pieces,  regular $6 line, offered at S4 to clear  BLACK-LUSTRES, in plain ancl figured,  that were 50c, now spiling at 30c  do        -     do do       75c, do 45c  COLORED   DRESS  GINGHAMS,  regular 20c goods, now selling at 12.1c  COLORED DRESS  GINGHAMS,      '        '      *  regular 15c goods, now selling-at 10c  COLORED  DIMITIES, regular 15c goods, offered aMOc  COLORED   PIQUES,       do     20c    . do do        12}  FLANNELLETTE now selling at 5c, formerly 8c  Kg)  $  ��  ��$  (&  @  K'.I.IOT Hl.OriC  u \kku Mit.'.'irr  m  A. FERLAND & CO.  oa  @d���t��s����*������e����������ss6e�����e��fi��  DON'T PAY TWO PRICES  FOR   YOUR   CLOTHING.  It Mill Miv \r>�� In c\.i!ii!i��'inj Met J. of rev rnf'N   '!'<" B n era nl-- nril ^.i 11 p Mtifh-   frcrin.  I'.iiti.mi'. in liotMi.ii.   <-( ii.jiR'Il liiiti of Jiiii.c-, JlLl'itndi & Co.* ii! tl llio Aiuth, jli.lilLTUVCu.b1  lliJUis Hull -'liOU-'.  SZ4-52S Saiicr Sirart, Ifeissq,  TflEO  J. W. Stewart has returned from  Spokane and resumed tho direction  of construction on the Balfour extension, lie states that men Avill  be taken on as rapidly as thoy can  be utilized, bub that men are crowding out on the lino sooner than the  present staff can clear the right-of-  way.  The East End Grocery has  changed hands and will horeafter  be conducted by Messrs. Ferguson  & Crossett.  The secretary of the Nelson Charity Organisation desires to acknowledge tiie receipt of a substantial  check from the Knights of Pythias  and from J. II. Bowes.  Malone k Tregillus will begin  woik iti a day or two on tbe brick  fiont to the Tranonfc hotel. When  completed, their block-will ha\ o a  frontage of 90 feet on Baker street,  and be one of the best properties in  tho town.,  The Dominion government has  appropriated .V20,0(l0 for a public  building at .Nelson and n like sum  for a building at Ross-hind.  - The gasholder at the gas -works  now contains 80,000, cubic feet of  gas-, and the company has ceased  manufaetui ing the iliuminant for a  few days as the supply is ample for  several days with the present  limited consumption. Some twenty  meters have been put in to date,  and the woikmen aio engaged iu  establishing services at various  points iu the city!  The Fiske Jubilee Singers are  billed to appear at the opera house  on March 30lh and 81st. They  claim to be the original .jubilee  dingers and the entei tainment is  entirely musical.  "__Tho body of_jittle__G(iorgeJDcch_  is still lying nt the undertake!s,  but will bo sent to Spokane today  if the train goes through. Ib is  stated that one uf the Dceh family  took smallpox at Spokane.  The traimviij' company will not  operate ti'.e hill line i'or some time  yoi. The motor generator, which  was to have been shipped in December lias not started on it's western  journey yet, and until it has arrived and boon set up, no variation  wi.'l be made in the p"e:=ent arrangements.  Charles Kaulfman, once well  known in Nelson, has sold his hotel  nt Moyie, nnd talks of going to the  Philippine I.-lamR  A. J. Maiks is back fiom a two-  weekh* trip to Snokanc, a town that  he reports very quiet.  The Imperial Bank hopes to start  nuning into their handsome new  qnariors in the Burns block next  S.ituidny afternoon.  There has been some activity in  Brolly Oib-on stock lately owing to  the excellent icportb fiom the  mine, and it was selling yesterday  tit o.3 cent--, a ii=e of JO cents in a  foitnight. The stock is, howe\er,  strongly held and hard lo get.  W. P. Dickson, dectiicnl engineer  of ihc Kootonay Kiectric Supply &  Consti uc(ion Company (if thin city,  ���who has been in Greenwood superintending the erection of the Giccnwood Electiic Company s plant for  the past three mouths, has returned, having left the plant work-  ins' very sfltisfe��toriJy��   The Koote- (  nay Electric Supply k Construction  Compauy supplied the greater part  of the material employed in the  erection of the said plant.  The local corps of the Salvation  Army i.s preparing for an impoit-  ant event in the shape of a visit  from Mi.-s Eva Booth, commissioner  for Canada. Miss Booth will be in  Nelson on Saturday and Sunday.  On Sunday a special public service  will be held, for which the opera  house or one of the church buildings will be .secured. The Nelson  corps is temporarily in command of  captain Haas, and a permanent  appointment; will be announced  within a few days. Staff-captain  Gage of Spokane is in the city.  Born on Monday night, to the  wife of J. Hanson of Victoria  street, a son.  Mrs. Elizabeth Todd has purchased lot 10, block 15, from F. J.'  Farley. The lot is situated on Victoria street, immediately'west of T.  Ward's house. The consideration  was $1500, and the deal Avas put  through by Ward Brothers.  Ilichard Porter has secured the  contract for building the 1400-foot  slip at-the Balfour end of tho new  C. P.. 11. extension, and has brought  his plant to Nelson. The outfit  was at Kuskouook, where Mr. Porter has just finished building a slip.  He has stored the tools, etc., in the  sampler building until they are required up the lake.  The men who arc employed laying plank on Front street earn  their $2.50 a day.  The electricjight rates collected  so far this month total over $2000.  ft is not much wonder, then, that  the tram way company people want  a slice of the business.  The sale of the furniture and  household'.'effects of captain C. S.  Moore, whicJrtakes place tin's afternoon at 2 o'clock, will afford a great  opportunity for the people of Nelson to secure handsome pieces, of  furniture at their own figures. The  auctioneer's list includes several  pieces of antique -and inlaid fnrni-  ttiio such as have never before been  offered for talc in Nelson. The  goods will be on exhibition in the  piemises this morning before .the  sale commences, and it may be said  of them that they requite inspection to be appreciated, though ic is  hardly likely that at the auction  they will biiug more than a fractional part ot\their value.  The long expected Noithport  train camo iu yesteiday evening  about au hour behind time. Tho  trouble recently has arisen from  mud slides near Reaver.  Stoves   Stoves  We have the finest line of COAL HEATERS ever displayed in ihe dis"  trict. We are sole agents for the famous COLE'S HOT BLAST HEATER  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted to any kind of coal,  CROW'S NEST, LETHBRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds  equally well. Not requiring the attention of an ordinary coal heater.  Economical, durable and simple in construction. See our Steel Ranges  for hard and soft coal or wood.  H. BYERS & CO.  XKI.SOX  KASLO  SANDON  Kcime, Elovoh-milo Point; H. Macdonald, Kuskouook; F. A. Olson,  Rossland; E. Escond, Poorman  Mine; A. Chisest, Ymir; A. Cawley,  Spokine; W. Pippy, Greenwood; J.  Macdonald, Revelstoke.  At ti i 13 Qurhn's.���D. Sutherland,  Camp Mansfield: T. Pearson, Camp  Mansfield; D. 11. Rankin, Trail; J.  Pinchbeck, Camp Mansfield; J. Livingston, Kaslo; F. Dick, Slocan City;  J. Y. Appleton, Eight-mile. Mrs. W.  G. Scott, Spokane; W.'P. Freeman,  Ainsworth; A. Campbell, Kaslo.  At the Tremont..���J. 11. Redding, Pilot Bay; B. Winn, Granite  mine; G. Welch, Granite mine; D.  H. Martin, Granite mine; C. J. McDonald, Poorman mine; N. Mathc-  son, Poorman mine; D. J. McDonald, city.  ���     BUSINESS   MENTION.  Wanted���A boy to  help  deliver  (lclh'oi1 milk und foeil cows. Apply to II. H. Harrison, .NeUon .Library Association.   -  Sewing girls wanted, at thellud-  hqm's liny nlorus, Kelson.  M. J. Uonry, the Vancouver nurseryman, has in tlia liamU of pri- tms lih onl.i-  loi��iio fur t- o yisiir 1!H)0, and it will bo ready rfor  mailing by 'ho lolh iinifant. It will li'o one of tho  most complete over issued by any one in bN.linc  ol! bu illusion tln> Coast, and he is confidant: that,  if you will kiiirily reserve your uidurs until it.  reailics you, it.-will be to your interest to place iv  share of them with him.  Wanted���Portable    engine    and  boiler, sawmill, planer, edgor and lath-mill.  Capnoit.y not loss than ten thousand uday. Sawmill. Tribune Ollice.  Niekerson���Watchmaker, Baker  sli-oei- nppo-'ifcQiicen's lmi'ol. T��'C"ty-flvo years  c\poucnce.  For  Sale���A  furnished  hotel in  Sandon, II C Wide for p.irl.euUis to G. West,  ilo\ It'll, b.indon. 11. C.  To Let���House, garden and hen-  reiy, suit,ible for a chicken innch. Apply T. II.  Koberls, V:cloi i.v str<ct, opposite poslollice.  When your watch don't keep  nine, '���ee Xickcisoi', llaker sticet. Satisfactory  wck or no chaise-.  Wanted���to buy for cash, second  band fuvnilitio ou Un<;. Apply 'I'. II. ltobcrls,  Yieiori i slicei, r-ppo->ite po-,t oflicc.  To Let���Six-roomed  house with  linlh. <App)} at second hand stoic oppo-ile post-  nfllcc. v  Railroad Supplies  Get our prices on  Wheelbarrows, Picks, Shovels, Camp Outfits, Drill Steel  Iron and Steel, Drill Hammers, Sledge Hammers  Axes, Saws, and  Bellows = .  We Offer the Best Values in Kootenay.  Mr  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti,  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  &*&&*$&*$:��>&  %  185   BAKER   STREET  ewly Laid  Town Eggs  Strictly Fresh  40c per doz. at  ���KIRKPATMCK & WILSON'S  The Leading'  �� Grocers .. . .  ��� vW "     -���'���   "     i-'fi  iti  Hit  iti  iti_  itiA  itii  Hi  iti  \H  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  w  SOAP  A PEER AMONG OTHERS  soapI  HOTEL' ARBIVALS.  ' At the Phair.���W. II. D'Arcy,  "Winnipeg; IS'. Cochrane, Rossland;  J. W. Stewart, Trail; II. T. AVilgress  and son, Giccnwood; 10. P. J��urns,  Balfour; II.' M. Stevenson, Ainsworth: Miss A. B. G'.illop, _I3alfour:  h. A. Campbell, Jlossland; C��. II.  Winter, Victorhi; F.. ChaiJcs, Itoss-  Innd; F. J. JMcMastcr and son?,  Tiail; R. W. McFarlane, Ymir; G.  Alexander, Kaslo; F. Smi(]i3 Toronto; 31. Alice, Victoria; 1'. Hester,  Chicago.  At Tin? Maddux.���M. Snider,  Itevel&toke; A. Phillipi, Pilot J3ay;  M. McJIorris; Sandon; J. Sexton,  City; M. Tomctta, City; Ii M. Chean,  City.  AT tub UriMB.���J. II. N. Robertson, Glasgow, Scotland; Iv._ Ma_cliiu,  "VictoTiaT R. X, linker, Vancouvci;  W. T. Parsons, Nelson; T. E. Bur-  netfc,^Granite; R. J.r Steven.son,  Kaslo; A. Crawford, Sandon; Mrs.  J. J'3/IInrris, K'l&Io; A. T. Garland,  Kaslo; P. Smith, Vancouver; M. It.  Campbell, F, A. Cailey, Montreal;  G. A. Ball, Spokane.  At thio Wavkkmsv.���W. R.  Keignson, wife and children; Montreal; J<]. A. Hodge, Vancouver; .1.  il Shook, Slot-in City; W. .Jnmeson,  C. K. i^rost, W. Ashcroft, Rossland;  S. Allen, City; G, Ball, Spokane.  " At tuis ({hand Centum...���P.  W. Hunt, Greenwood; D. A. Mo-  Lean, M.,McLean, Boston, Ma.ss ; E.  It Anderson, Kas-Io; W. 11. Giillith,  Slocan City; .1. L. Clil^e, Alex  Me-  Gaiiada Drug & Book Go.  We are ready for your gardening. Fresh seeds in bulk, both  Vegetable and Flower Seeds, also  Lawn Grass and White Clove.  Prices same as Eastern  Catalogues  Canada Drug k Eook 0o.;  araxsoN  Of  Rare  Household  Furnishings  The undersigned has received instructions from Captain  C. S. Moore, who is leaving"  for England, to sell the whole  of his household furniture and  effects wilhout reserve. The  'chattels which will be offered for  sale constitute-the-fincst pieces-  of household furniture in. Nelson.    They are;  Beautiful Chippendale Cabinets  Rosewood Cabinets  Antique Chairs  Fine Old French Chairs  Handsome - Inlaid Furniture  Indian and Persian Rugs  Large Brass Bedsteads  Marble Top   Bedroom   Pieces  Fine Pictures.  The goods' to be offered for  sale were collected in all parts  of the world, and the people of  Nelson will have a rare opportunity of securing the same on  their own terms on  Wednesday, March 141  AT 2 O'CLOCK  The goods will be open to  inspection at the premises, corner of Baker and Kootenay  streets on lhe morning of sale.  Don't Fail to See Them  Terms of Sale���Cash.  For further particulars apply to  13. A, Waterman & Co*  AUCTIONEERS  IS, ITS NAME  ' ThisSonp, laLImj woiffiil, minlily .mil cost h.fo eon^ideiulioii, will be found the bet .md in.a-  clic.uiesl in llie nwikcr. H will not va-h ^noi'.s -\ul limit1 mhiiu ni)>l)imr, liu I, Jliu liiie^L of tooiU,  wliotlicrwoooii'urcot.loii.ean be vi-ojierlj tlejnrd wilhout .njmyuml ��iiU le^ l.ibtir than with  must bo-ciillcil family hoaps. Von c.in iko iL hi Ihe b.U!i or to uuali the Ij.iby, as its iiiL'reiliont-< ai'e of  the liiiidtaml bc-)t <|ii:iliLy; ^1-or >s.ile at , ' , \S  The Western Mercantile Company, Limited.  rAN'CYAXDST.M'LKGllOCElUKS      , . BAICJ:ifSTnKKT. NKI.SO.V  j^m^.mm^mmm^^  ���(Si'iC.c.2  i7"  V/e have sold 75 per cent of all the  Portland Cement  Fire Brick and  Fire Clay m *  *F ' Used in Kootenay. ^ ,:  IWe also handle v^_  I Steei Mining Rails, '<   U  \i - Blacksmith's Goal, Sewer Pipe, Etc. 4-  ito '    -���~ :���_ m  t     "' H. J. EVANS &'CO.- '  NELSO.V, B. C.  Electrical Repairing, Electrical Supplies,   .  Electrical   Contracts   (Mines,   Steamers,   Dwelling  Houses, Etc.)   Try us for work and prices  Tpopieal and California Fruits  BANANAS  ORANGES  LEMONS  APPLES  Received Daily from Spokane.  John \, Irviqg & Co.  P. O. BOX 17fi.  HOUSTON' liLOCK.  Jthic Hibbnn Tea Always on Hand.  I'tesh ICtfys Rei'oivtHl Daily  Now wl|at do you think of Genera! Roberts  ANOTHER VICTORY       BOERS IN RETREAT  We lwl: a very successful day and completely routed tho enemy. 'Jhcv are in full  i-etfeat. In tl\o eshiiberiiiiceof your joy get your Ilujhtand Oeyioy'Tea. Mocha  and -two. Ooiloa, Utotmrie*?, etc., iront .    ^ w  M


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