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 DAILY  EDITION   BY  MAIL  FIVE  DOLLARS A YEAR *  'J>  WEEKLY EDITION  BY MAIL  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH YEAR.  NELSON:  THURSDAY MORNING, MARCH 8  1900.  PRICE FIVE  CENTS.  xxxxx_cxxxxxxxzxxxxxx_xxxx:xxxxxzxxxxxzzxxxxxxxxx-_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_c.xxx:xxxxxxxxx.acxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-.x-_xxx  1 LIBERAL  PARTY DECLARES  AGAINST DIVIDING  ON I  Federal Party Lines Next Election.  II  ���At ti meeting of  tonight tlio fol-  [J 11  ��  jj VicTuuiA, March 7.���[Special to The Tribune. 1-  li tlic executive oi' the Provincial Liberal Association  H  ti lowing resolutions were adopted unanimously : E  ij Resolved that this executive is emphatically of the  opinion that jj  I! to conduct the coining provincial elections  upon  party lines  would E  |j be most injurious to the best interests of the province. jj  jj Resolved, that iu answer to the  request of the Rossland Liberal _  Association to call a provincial Liberal convention, the president be R  authorized to Avire that in view of the decision of the executive jj  against conducting the coming provincial election on party lines, and jj  having regard to the peculiar eirucmslances attending the existing jj  condition of affairs, it is not expedient to call a provincial convention ��  I] of the Liberal party at the present time. a  Owing to the detention of the Vancouver steamer and other ��  ij causes, a number of the members of the executive were unable to be jj  jj present, but those who were at the meeting, together with those who jj  li had expressed their views by letter and telegram, constituted a ma- M  a jority of the whole executive. jj  m a  _ixxxx_.xxiiixxxixxxixixiiixixrizxixxxxxxxiirxn___:rx:nxxiixixixixxxxxxzxxixiixxixxxixix_ixxxxxixxxxxxxij:x_ tzxzzti  fan try and wounded men went by  rail. When the last had leftElauds-  laagte a workmen's train followed,  carefully blowing up eyery bridge  and culvert between Ladysmith ancl  Glencoe, and, when this had been  done, setting firo to the collieries.  .Thus the British with Natal's  southernmost collieries in their  hands were unable to draw a supply therefrom. Under cover of  night and with collieries sending  flames to heaven, the bullock  wagons wound over the hills making roads where none before existed and the four months' siege of  Ladysmith was raised. It is impossible to give the burgher casualties owing to the disorganization of  the ambulance and circumstances  of the retreat.  GAS FOR NELSON AND HOW  for  It is Manufactured.  Gas will be used for lighting  the fit st time in Nelson tod-iy unless somethingalLogether unforeseen  arises to prevent the arrangements  made by the Nelson Coke <fc Gas  Company being carried into effect.  The event may be said to mark the  passing of another milestone in the  progress of the queen city of the  Kootenays, and will be watched  with keen interest by every citi-  c  zen.  The art of manufacturing gas is  a sealed book to perhaps. 9S per  cent of the citizens, aud iu view of  this fact Tin-: Titiiiuxb has secured  a brief resume of the process from  L. L. Merrifield of Toronto, chief  i,-'\Jiginei.v of .the Economical Gas  Construction Company. Mr. Mciri-  tfield says:  ''Five buildings are included iu  (the gas works, and they are described respectively as the retort  [honse, scrubbing and condensing  iroom, purifying house, meter aud  (governor house and the gas holder.  ���The process by which coal from the  ICi-ow's Neat mines enters the first  |jf these buildings? and emerges in  Jtlie form of coke, and then gas, is  Idecidcdly interesting,  A car of coal is shunted into the  fcompany's coal shed by a 0. P. IL  li witch engine and from there the  |_jas company's employee* carry tho  black diamonds in trucks to the retort house. This building is equipped with twelve retorts, each of  Ivhich will handle a ton of coal in  IM hours! Tho retort, which re-  rambles a baker's oven more than  imything else, is heated from a fur-  Jiacc to temperature of 1S00 degrees  mTarenheit. and is then charged with  jjoal, about 350 pounds being suffi-  hiont for a single _charge. For four  |rours"this_edal is maintained at the  jfegree of heat specified above, the  hyen ..being constructed in such a  jiiauner that no air can  reach the  I'litoriot'  while   the   coal   is   being  f.akpd.   The result of this process  |-i gas and coke.   The latter is in  "}>��? form  in   which   it   is   placed,  fo��   the  maiket,   and requires no  Icurther treatment.   Tho gas, how-  .vcr/as it leaves the retorts, con-  ���jdiifi  tar and animoniaeil vapors  md passes info a hydraulic main  .vhoro a portion of the tar and am-  iiouincal g��M is extracted,  "The gas is brought from  the re-  ort bouse to tho second   building  ��y nn exhauster, or rotary pump.  rom this pump it is forced through  Jjo     condensers,   ,tar    extractor,  ivafajjcr and scrubber.   The conden-  er Is oin ployed to reduce the tem-  erature of tho gas to 00 degrees  Fahrenheit, which changes'the tar  row a vapor to a liquid.    The next  H'ocess is, of course, the extractor,  u which all the tar is eliminated  uid  goes to form  a valuable by-  5,-ofluet.   The compound now con-  kitits of #as auc* ammonia  vapors,  nd   la  passed  through  a  washer  .vhich extwicts a portion of the am-  jionia by biinghig   it in   contact  ith  water.     Whatever ammonia  em.iins in removed in two  sciub-  )crs and  forms another valuable  by-product.  ���"The next building is the purify-  ug house, which takes its name  rom the fact that it contains two  unifiers.  from  pure.  ,v  Aca in tJl��  *>ii��P<?  These extract all impuri-  bhape of sulphuretted  livdrogcn and carbonic acid.  1'iiis is done by charging the  )Ariflers with hydrate of  ime and oxide of   iron through  which the gas passes, and  which it emerges absolutely  In this connection it may be remarked, that for some time after  the purifying compound is removed  from the tanks it gives off a pungent odor which has a marked remedial effect on bronchial troubles,  whooping cough in particular.  "The, pure gas passes to the  meter house, where it is measured  in a station meter and piped to the  gas holder. The latter has a capacity of 00,000 cubic feet, and the  holder floats in a steel tank containing about 550,000 gallons of  water. The pressure of the holder  forces the gas into the distributing  main leading from the works, from  where it is piped to all points in  tho city.  "The capacity of the works is 120,-  000 cubic feet per diem, and as this  is considerably, iu excess of the de-  maud the pressure on the mains is  adjusted by a governor."  The, gentlemen who have been  connected with the construction- of  the works are: L. L. Merrifield, D.  Morris, construction -engineei, and  George MeFarland, foreman.  The officials of tlio Nelson Coke &  Gas Works are: , Fred Burnett,  manager, and William Moss superintendent. The regular employees  include four gas makers and two  laborers.  CANADIANS BARRED OUT OF  Cape Nome Trade.  Washington, March. 7,���The attention of the treasury department  has been called to the advertisements of Canadian steamship lines  soliciting freight to be shipped during the coming season from Seattle  to Cape Nome, Alaska.  This was done upon the erroneous  assumption that Cape Nome would  be-made a-sub-port of" eutry~of tH"e  United States.  The route of these shipments, it  was intended, should be from Seattle to Vancouver by rail, a distance  of fifty or sixty miles, thence to  Cape Nome by steamer, thus evading, according to the officials, our  laws which prohibit foreign vessels  from carrying goods from one port;  in the United States to another.  The department, iu view of this  fact, has decided for the present at  least, not to make Cape Nome a  Subport of entry, leaving St.  Michael the" nearest port to tiie  new goklfields. The effect of this  action will be to preserve the trade  with Cape Nome to American  vessels.    _  '   Buller Advancing.  London, March 7.���-For lack of all  news from field marshal Roberts  public attention turns to Natal. It  is reported that general Buller has  pushed forward a force along the  Harrismith railroad line. It appears that the Boers intend to take  up a strong position in theBiggars-  burg range and contest the Glencoe  passes, although it hardly seems  likely that general Buller will attempt to force these for the present. But his plans are kept almost  as secret as those of lord Roberts.  THE NEWCJ^R. DEPOT  Will be Built Forthwith.  The decision regarding the location and cost of Nelson's new C. P.  R.  depot will be known  today, a  party of C. P. R. officials having arrived here last night .for the purpose of going into the matter finally. Others will ariive on the regular Rossland train   this   morning  and the subject, wliich is fraught  with considerable interest 'to citizens, is to be finally disposed of.  Thomas Tait, manager of lines east  of Winnipeg, his  secretary, W. F.  Culleu, and  G. S. Ceutler,  superintendent of the C. P. R. car service,  remained in-Mr. Tait's car  "Earns-  clift'e" at Robson and will arrive in  Nelson this   morning.   The   party  which came in last night included  the following:  William Whyte, superintendent of lines west of Winnipeg;  D.  F-.   Coyle,  secretary; R.  Marpole, superintendent Pacific division; A. F. Armistcad, secretary;  J.   Cambie,   resident   engineer   at  Vancouver; F. P.  Gutelius,  recently appointed  engineer of lines  in  the Kootenays; T. E. Hobbs, Revel-  Stoke^ master mechanic, and E. J.  Coylq'of Vancouver, assistant general jjassengcr agent.  Mr. Whyte remarked to a Titi-  iiune representative: "Our mission  in Nelson is to determine as to the  location of the new depot,- which is  to be built at once. The proposed  arrangement of the station yard is  also to be under consideration and  we will probably arrive at a decision on these points tomorrow. It  is impossible for me to state Avhat  amount will be expended in station  buildings, as this depends to a cer  tain extent  select,  on   tho   locations we  Uow the Siege Was Raised.  Borcit Ca.w, BiOGAttsyERG, Saturday. March 8.���In tho retreat from  Ladysmith tho Boers were independent of the railway, as is shown  by the fact that none of 2000 wagons went by rail. All travelled by  road, together witli tiie field batteries.   Only the heaver guns, tho iu-  Conservatives Consult.  A   delegation   of    Conservative  politicians from Rossland have beeu  in Nelson for two days holding consultations with Conservative politicians   of Nelson.     The Rossland  men are John McKane, A lexandGr  Dick  and  C. E. Race.     They first  met   W.   A.    Macdonald,    Prank  -Fletcher,-T��� G.���Proctei,-and_Fre~d  Irvine at the Phair hotel on Tuesday night, and as the result of that  conference, a meeting of the executive of the Conservative, Association   of' Nelson   was   held in the  board   of   trade    room   yesterday  afternoon.   The result of these conferences and meetings is:    A convention of Conservatives of all the  ridings of Kootenay is .to bo held  at Nelson at an early date.   If the  convention is a representative one,  the decision arrived at, is to bind  the party.   The Rossland men are  for making the fight on party lines.  Revelstoke Conservatives have already nominated Charles Wilson,  Q. C, of Vancouver, tho leader of  the party   line   Conservatives, as  their candidate.   It is known  that  the "machine" Conservatives of the  Slocan are all in favor of a party-  line fight.   East Kootenay is Liberal, anal a Conservative has little  show of election there if a party  fight is   made.     Nelson   riding is  against a party-line   contest, but  "machine men" liko W. A. Macdonald and PI. R. Cameron are working  hard to have the fight made on  party lines.   They are both astute  politicians and they may be able to  whip the rank and file into line.  HOW ROBERTS SUCCEEDED  In Outflanking the Eoers.  London, March 7.���Lord Roberts  telegraphs from Osfontein:  "Advanced March 7th, enemy in  full retreat, followed by our troops.  Casualties few."  London, March 7.���The text of  lord Roberts' dispatch it, as follows:  "Osfontein, March 7���4.20 p. m.  ���Our operations today promise to  be a great success. The enemy  occupied a position 11 miles south  of the Modder river. I placed general Colville's division ou the north  bank and generals Kel'y-Keuny and  Tucker's division with the cavalry  on the south bank.  "The cavalry division succeeded  in beating the enemy's flank, opening the road for the sixth division,  which is advancing without having  been obliged to fire a shot up to the  present time. The enemy are in  full retreat toward the north and  and east.  "They are being closely followed  by the cavalry, horse artillery and  mounted infantry, while Tucker's  seventh division, Colville's ninth  division and the Guards brigade  under Pole-Carew are making their  way across, the liver at Poplar's  drift, where I propose to place my  headquarters this evening.  ���"Our casualties will, I trust, be  few, as the enemy were quite unprepared for being attacked on the  flank and having their' communications with Bloemfontein threatened."         NELSON  LOCAL NEWS.  At a full meeting of the quarterly official board ofS the Methodist  church yesterday evening there  was a good report given of the  church work, showing everything  to be in first-class condition, financially aud otherwise. ' The board  also gave Rev. J. Robson, B. A., a  cordial invitation to continue as  their pastor for the third* year,  which was accented,J" - \ .  The C. P. R. freight is being  moved about in the yards by a  mogul switch engine which came in  the other day aud will be kept here  for some time. She is No. 584 and  is in charge of engineer Arthur  Smith and Joe Blakoy.  looked  days.  Buy American Saddles.  Bjnghampton, New York, March  7.���A brush and felting company  of Lestershire today shipped to  Southampton, England, a large con-  signmentof saddle cloths and panels  to be used by the British army in  South Africa. Two additional orders have been received, one for  2000 panels for saddle trappings,  and another i'or 5000 saddles for  -artillery regiments.  A big mud slide took place about  noon yesteiday at Seven Devils on  the Nelson & Fort Sheppard road  just beyond Northport. The track*  was covered seven feet deep with  mud for a quarter of a mile. Tho  evening train from Spokane was  delayed 12 hours by the slide.  It will bo of interest to local  military enthusiasts to learn that a  message was received in the city  yesterday from major Benson, district officer commanding at Victoria, which read, "Men not wanted  for South Africa, only provisional  officers for garrison at Halifax."  Tins is not taken as_ meaning that-  mon may not be^ taken from here  for the proposed gari i%on at Halifax.  Mrs. A. E. Hodgius gave birth to  a daughter yesteiday evening.  Both mother and child are doing  well.  II. Bowden, the absconding JIall  Mines clerk, is now in prison in  Spokane. Chief of provincial  police Bullock-Webster goes down  to Spokane to see him on this morning's train.' If Bowden declines to  comeback without raising any  trouble, it is probable that he will  not be extradited, but Mr, Webber  will prosecute him in Spokane for  bringing stolen goods into the  United States. lie has, no doubt of  being able'to obtain a conviction on  this charge, the penally for which  is a heavy one.  Mining recorder Harry Wright is  looking for a shack which was  taken from a lot belonging to him,  and located at the cast end of Victoria street. The building was  there a few days ago, and tho occupant paid his rent to date, but now  the building and tenant have vanished.  W. E. Boie, who is superintending the development of the Rene  Latidi group of claims in (/'amp  Mansfield, returned to the camp  yesterday. lie stud that he expected that the Twin Lakes tunnel  would have crosscut the Joker load  on that claim by the time he got  back.  The C. P. R.authotities state that  freight is moving moro freely on  tho Nakusp and Slocan branch during the last few day.^. Shipments  of ore continue light, but a marked  improvement iu  thi,s direction  is  for   within- the next  few  Merchandise is going  into  the district in largely   increasing  quantities.  Two men, Shannon and Brown,  were brought before magistrate  Crease yesterday, charged with vagrancy. A gun and some other articles were stolen from the Lake-  view hotel on Tuesday, and it is  suspected that the men were mixed  up in the theft. The stolen articles  were found cached in a snowbank  near the C. P. R. depot. The men  were remanded.  Arthur Butt was arraigned before magistrate Crease yesterday  morning and remanded for three  days until it is determined  whether or not he is mentally normal. The young man came down  from Balfour on the steamer An-  gerona Tuesday, and could not be  kept away from the boat. He tells  astonishing stories, but acts in such  a manner that the authorities believe that his trouble will only be  temporary.  Joe Sturgeon, of the Sherbrooke  hotel, says that he has had his first  lawsuit, and that he will never have  another one if he can helj) it. He  says he boarded a number of work-  ingmen until his bill against them  amounted to over $400, ou an understanding with the employer of  the workii_ig:men that he would be  responsible for their board; but  when it came to a show-down the  contractor denied making any such  an agreement. Hereafter Mr. Sturgeon says that all such agreements  with him for boarding men will be  in black and white, duly witnessed.  Information was laid yesterday  before stipendiary magistrate  Crease against Fauquier aud three  others by the owner of the Brooklyn townsite for endeavoring to remove a building which they had  erected. The magistrate took the  view that the defendants thought  they were acting within _ their  right?, aud so imposed no penalty,  but dismissed "the eases. Galliher  & Wilson appeared ��� for the, complainant and T.iylor ��fc- Hannington  for the defendants.  s  \ZZZZXZXZZZXX1ZZX1ZZZZZZ1 txxxx  GENERAL FRENCH AND HIS CAVALRY HAVE CAINED  Another Victory.   The Boers in Eetreat.  it  j i. Osfontein, March 7.���Lord Roberts' forces advanced early this  morning. General French turned the southern part of the position  of the Boers, who fled in continently leaving a gun, immense quantities of forage and their tents. He is in pursuit.. Tho Boers on the  north bank are also evacuating their position.  London, March 7.���Midnight.���The war office has just published  the following advices from lord Roberts :  Poplar Grove, Wednesday, March 7.���[Evening.]���We had a very [  j successful day and have completely routed the enemy, who are in  full retreat.   The position which they occupied   is extremely strong,  and cunningly arranged with a second line of entrenchments which  would have caused us heavy losses had a direct attack been made.  �� The turning movement was necessarily wide OAving to the nature of  jj the ground, and the cavalry and horse artillery horses are much done  H "P.  The fighting was practically confined to the cavalry division,  which, as usual, did exceedingly well, and general French reports  that the horse artillery batteries did great execution among the  enemy. Our casualties were about fifty. I regret to say that  lieutenant Kerwick was killed and lieutenant Bailey Avas severely  wounded. Both of them AArere with the Lancers. Lieutenant de jj  Crespigny of the Second Life Guards Avas severely wounded. The jj  remaining casualties will be telegraphed tomorroAV. g  "Generals Dewet and Delarey commanded the Boer forces." jj  t_c___m_ux__iTTTTTixxi-__i:nmr  iiiii__iri-_irijiii_niiii_c_-__irxr__iiii_-i_:x_t: __.xxx.__  The soft Aveather .has come as a  disappointment to many mine owners, as in most cases rawhiding has  had to stof). There AA'as but little  snow early in the Aviuter, and it was  hoped to make up for lost time.  The formal opening of the Hudson's Bay Company's handsome  neAV premises takes place today,  A large crowd of visitors is expected. '  The members of the local ,rifle  company Avill not be able to try  their mettle at -hockey against the  Hudson's Bay Company after all  thi's 0A-ening. A notice has been  posted that there Avill bo no more  skatiug at the rink until there is  more cold Aveather. If the present  weather continues a game of water  l^olo might be in order.  Tbe faro habit i& not such a bad  one iu somo~cascs; But fof~it Bowden Avould probably now be in some  safe hiding instead of in prison,  whore there is every prospect of  his rcceh ing tho due reward of hi*  deeds. The-habit, hoAvever, also  cost the Hall Mines upwards of a  thousand dollars, for Bowden only  had $1400 on him avIicu arrested,  out of (he $2700 he got'away with.  Strathcona's Horse sail for South  Africa from Halifax on the .steamer  Monterey thi3 day week. Thoy will  lake with them a splendid outfitf  but, if llie experience of former  contingents is any guide, they Avil!  hnA'G to leave the major portion of  it behind at Cape. Town.  *AI1 parties avIio have accounts  against the city should present  them before noon on Friday, so that  thoy can be examined and approved  by the finance committee, Avhoso  tegular monthly meeting will be on  Friday night at 8 o'clock.  Clayton, the smallpox patient at  the isolation hospital, is quite recovered and is about the building  each day. The official duties of Dr.  McLennan, physician in charge, and  J'hii Hindi, the nurse, are theio-  fore at an end, and all the trio have  to do is to put in tho time until  they aie released from quarantine.  Yesterday a birthday party A\'a.s  given at the residence of James  MePhee to his second oldest daughter, Margaret Gertrude. Tho i'ol-  loAving-nanied little girls and boys  Avere present, and they enjoyed  themselves as only children can:  Mabel Knudson, Laura Cro^sct,  Nctti Smith, Ella Stewart, Beryl  Emerson, Muriel Leicester, Ziilah  Emerson, Behna Ironsides, Winui-  fre'd Curran, Lillie Mnnson, Nora  Scott, Mazie Newitt, Hazel Newitt,  Milton   Newitt,   Johnnie   SteAA'art,  Clifford  Irving, Morton Leicester,  Gordon McPhee and Katie McPhee.  George Dech,  the    Galician   lad  Avho Avas taken from the steamer  Moyie to the hospital ou Saturday  last, is progressing slowly toward  recovery.    The boy had pneumonia  with complications, and for a time  Dr.  Rose, house physician at the  hospital, had grave doubts as to  the case.   The little chap's father  remained in the city  while the remaining   members   .proceeded    to  Spokane. ,_.   .  . A successful experiment Avtis  made yesterday by city electrician  Bliss. The AA'ater service pipe at  Scully's stable froze up a AA-eek ago,  and it Avas thawed by electricity.  Captain Ladd of the sailing ves;  sel Belmont is visiting relatives in  Nelson. His last port Avas Portland, Oregon, which he made in 65  days out from Hong Kong. Last  year he aatis at Manila, Avitlrcoal  for the American fleet. lie is of  opinion that once the Philippine  Islanders are made to -understand  that the Americans are there for  good, the islands aviII be Arery prosperous, as they are undoubtedly  rich. Trade at present is confined  to a feAV ports, like Manila, gar-  lisoned Avith troops. Captain Ladd  says Hong-Kong is the distributing  city of the Orient;.  The members of the council aviII,  ic is said, be asked to ruu the electric lighting plant continuously on  and after the first of next month.  Gold  Tlio  Deer  * YesterdayJs ..Transfers ���  SeA'eral records AA-ere booked at  the mining recorder's office yesterday, among,those being the fplloAV-  ing:  G. N. Dilhnan transferred the  Yakima claim, situated six miles  soutiiAA'est of Nelson, to ,C. M.  Parker.  ! For the consideration of $500  Charles Northridgc transfwred a  half interest in Die Beau Revoir  claim on Wild Horse creek,.to Don--  aid MeLeod of Ymir.  IX MeLeod also took OA'er the  Sunrise claim on Wild Horse creek,  from T. H. Oddie of Ymir, the consideration named being nominal,  Charles H. Dough ton of Spokane,  transferred the Trout, Michigan,  Lorna Doone, Blue Bird and Randolph claims to tho Montana  Mining Company for $500.  properties are located near  Park.  Sam Gibson of Ymir, transferred  a half interest in the Birthday  claim, two and a half miles south  of Ymir, to Echvard Peters of  Nelson.  RANSVAAL NOW INVADED  By a Plying- Column.  London, March 7���4.10 p. m.���A  special dispatch from Durban says:  "A flying column of troops from  Zululand has entered the TransA-aal  and A\'ill be daily skirmishing Avith  parties of Boers. Tho force consists of mounted infantry, Natal  scouts and artillery, all commanded  by major Prendergast. Tiie column first crossed the border on  February 20th. It uoav occupies an  entrenched position on Catasa hill,  nine miles within the Transvaal."  THE WINDUPOFTHE COUNTY  Court Proceedings.  The case of Sturgeon vs. HaAA'ley  AA'as continued yesterday morning  before judge Forin, the plaintiff's '  claim being eventually dismissed.  Galliher & Wilson AA'ere for the  plaintiff and Taylor k Hannington -  for the defendant.   ~  An appeal AA'as heard from a decision of justices Buckworth and  Ross of Ymir, who .sentenced J.  Keefe to three months for aggra-  A'ated assault. Keefe succeeded in ,  proving to judge Form's, satisfaction that the complainant hurt  himself by falling, and not through  being kicked, and the Ymir justices'  decision, was reversed/ Taylor &  Hannington appeared for the appellant and Galliher k Wilson for the -  crown.  The defendant did not put in an  appearance in tho caso of Hill a-s.  Mabee, an action to realize on a -  mechanics' lieu filed on the Wobbler  mineral claim, near Erie, and an order AATas made for the sale of the  property. Taylor & Hannington  appeared for Hill.  The next case AA'as Christiansen  Ars Hall Mines. J. II. Bowes and  R. M, Macdonald appeared for the  defendant company and stated chat  Christiansen's claim had been paid.  They also made application that  Taylor & Hannington be ordered to  -pay-tho costs of-tho-action_on~the  ground that they had entered the  suit Avithouc any authorization.  Taylor k Hannington had no less  than ten aflida\'its��, including ono  from the plaintiff, stating that they  had been duly instructed. Hid  honor adjourned the matter to  chambers.  The sittings of the county court  was then declared adjourned until  May 21st.   PRIVATE AGREEMENT MADE  By Kollie ancl Martin. -  ViOToitJA, March 7--[Special to  The Tribune].--There id nothing  new in politics today except the 10-  velation by Kollie of the private  agreement " made with Martin,  Avhereby he would suppoit the f?e-  distributiou bill aud certain other  measures on condition of Ivellie and  Kidd forcing the government to an  immediate dissolution. A condition  made by Martin Ava^ that tho government must strike out of the Redistribution bill the provision for  transferring Dunsmuir's Extension  mines from South Nanaimo to North  Nanaimo, this being a job to take  from Ralph Smiths constituency  hundreds of voters not favorable  to him. Martin says that there  appeared no prospect of securing a  goA'ernment promise to this effect  and accordingly he felt justified in  concluding the agreement.  The agreement as published is a^  follows :  "I, Martin, agree to support the  bill as introduced, provided that  the Extension mine be left in Soutli  Nanaimo.1' 2  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C  THURSDAY,  MARCH 8  1900  Our mightiest efforts have been put forth to get together a complete assortment of seasonable Avash materials and their trimmings.  We haA'e succeeded and a most comprehensive display is prepared for  your inspection.  New prints in light and dark patterns at 8c, 10c, 12-ic, loc, ISc.  New ginghams, fancy designs or checks, 12Ac, 15c, ISc, 20c, 25c.  New picptcs, fancy stripes or spots, 15c, ISc, 20c, 25c.  New organdies, new zephyrs, new spot muslins.  Now Vuloncicune lace?, lie, -le, 5c, 7c, Sc, 10c, 12.1c, loc, ISc, 20c,  25c, oOc.  New Oriental laces, 5c, Sc, 10c. 12i, 15c, 20c, 25c.  New Irish point laces, 10c, 15c, 20c, 25c, 35c, 40c, 50c and upAA'ards.  New silk laces, 5c, Sc, 10c, 15c, 20c, 25c, 35c, 15c, 50c, 75c, $1.  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It could  not be shown  that the  American  miners    had   any    rights   in   the  premises Avhich Avere infiinged upon ; but the mere  fact that   they  wished to take up placer ground iu  British Columbia AA-as sufficient to  cause the  Laurier  government to  take  exceptiou  to   the  legislation.  Noav the boot is on the other foot.  The United Scales goA-ernincut has  so  framed   tilings  that   Canadian  A'essels aviII not bo able to engage in  the cairying trade to Cape Nome,  AA'hich thoy had  figured on.    The  1 Canadians    have    just   the   stun a  ground ..for   complaint    that   tho  American miners had in Atlin ; but  is   there  anyone in   Canada   aaIio  imagines that, by filing a protest in  Washington, the United Stages government. aaIU amend its regulations  to suit the Canadians ?   When will  tho  government  at  OttaAva cease  throwing up both bauds every time  they* get   a  protest   from   Wtish-  ington?      When the spring rush to the  Capo Nome gold Holds sots in there  AA*ilI probably be another cry for ro-  ,__i aliation_agoiiist_tho JJnited_Si:itcs  from the merchants of Vancouver  aud    Victoiia.     They    havo   been  building high hopes on thu carrying  trade to the now gold distiict; but  these hopes havo been shattered by  the announcement from Washington that the Unite.] States will refuse to make Cape Nome .a sub-port  of entry.    The effect of this will bo  to shut out ^Canadian vessels and  preserve  tho  trade  for   American  bottoms.    It Avas a somewhat similar discrimination, u;ith  icapect to  the United States customs regulations, Avhich started the agitation  for the exclusion of aliens from the  Atlin district in this province.    Tiie  Semlin government listened to the  clamor and enacted tho legislation  ti c:->i tod;    and     inside    of   twelve  months was denounced for so doing  by   the press and people avIio had  advocated it. ��  do not make their profits out of the  men avIio own or manage themiues.  Some of the large mining companies are no more profitable to banks  here than tire some of the small  tradesmen. It is safe to say that  the account of a daily newspaper is  more profitable to a bank than the  accounts of 50 per cent of the companies operating mines in Kootenay. The banks are the balance  wheels of the engines that run the  business enterprises of the country,  and the men who manage them are  the engineers. It is A'ery rarely  that.the engineers are asleep Avhen  on duty, and it is just as rarely that  they allow their engines to get out  of order. To take sides in a political contest AA'ould be worse than being cither asleep or neglectful.  Ex-alderman Beer is doAvn at the  Coast scheming to aecuie a nomination for the legislative assembly.  The man Avho will be elected is  right here in Nelson saAving wood.  The ConserA-ativcs of Rossland  have selected their political manager. At picsent ho is penning  editorials for the afternoon paper  in that town, but he sighs for  broader empire, and he wants to'  manage the campaign in every riding in Kootenay. The last political  Avotk he cugagad in AA'as tiie setting  of a trap that caught an ex-mayor  of Rowland.  Porto Rieo Lumber Co.  (LIMITED)  Successors to ,  J. A. .CrgWAR & CO.      '  OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windov/s  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local nnd const.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of nil kind?.  IV WHAT VOU WANT IS NOT IN STOCK  AVU AVILL MAICU IT KOlt VOU  CALL AND GET PRICES.  J. A. 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Melhon, IJ C, Mai eh 'Jml, I!W0.  1   _Votiee !s Iicicbv given Unit ICdwanl Mobb, has  made  npph<"il!uii under thu  jnovNions (if the  "Liiinor Licence AtL JM/!)* for uti liotul lieense on  llio p'cintsos knoun as the '\5lie_l.iDuke House,"  ncif Jlti-four, iLiifi>i|iul n wi>etiiij_;of llie IlJasd of'  I.iceii'-e C< iiiiiiisiionei i  uf I hot Nelson  License  district t iii he held to cniisiiter'K.mh iippliualioii  ut llio  Court, House iu tin) �� ity of ^ctson on  U'ednevdiiy   the    twuntj'thpL   day   of   Hl.irch,  KM), nt. tiie lioiir o'ctov i n o'clock m the forenoon,  W. II  HU.MH.K-N'KHaTMt.      M  Cltirf I.ifon-o Insjicotur.  PiovJiic ;il Police  Uflicc.   XcNoli, 11. C,   (ith  M.iich. l!Hm.  w  pxa  ���inircirxzxir  _naiiinir_;;  [fxriri-isiiiiiilixiii^isisxinxirnj  ���^iS^i^^%iS^r^^iS___?  %ZZZZXXXXZTXZ.ZZZZZZTSXZZZZZllXZZZZZZ\  \ FOR  I LIGHTING  iisxxz-ixzzizzizxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxzzxxli  ros  COOKING  ixmrazzzzzzzzxzzzzz.  tl  H  >i  tt  :ix_rzTixixnxzir us;tx^ trx:i ztxzx.  FOR  HEATING  liZZZZJJZZZZZZZZZZTZXZIXXZXZXXlUZZZti  FOR  POWER  ���\: of  Lf 1  tisiimtirxirszriiKn-sixi ��xs axzxil  S  "WE ARE NOW READY TO SUPPLY  t NorwrTiiHTANUiXt; all iepor4sto  tiie coutrary, tiie banks doing bu->I-  iie��3 in Jifiti-sh Columbia will not  take a hatirl in t!ic foming Ciontefcfc  for political supremacy in tho province. The banks depend on the  one eht&s of our people for depontb  :iud another class to tt^e the money  deposited, and it i.s the buMnc<_,% of  the banks to  see   that  GLUE  POT  Saturday Evening  LINDBLAD& NELSON  Free Lunch  NOTICE.  Vo'ico is liotchy },'i\ tn lli.il I intend to ,ipph- at  ) the next meelirif _���(��� ttio Km id of  l.n enso com-  the   money i mission-js f"i IlieCilj of Nois>��. iHlil.itiur Iho  ,1 ^puiitiuii of Unity diij^ from the date hci.oi,  loaned is loaned tO people Who   Will I for.i tmnsfei ol (tie Kiioo'i license now held h>  _  ���    ., . ,       . ,,     inc. diit'd thol.Hh d.iv of .limitary, J into, foi the  lCI)ay   it.      Willie    tiie     UllSIUCSS    Oi      Ulno I'ohMU'i h, sitmUoun Ifio west Iinlf of lot 1  _, . . ,. ,, . .   , ,  ! block -2, Nel-on. JJ. <_'., to.John LiiidbUd of 1S'el-  tlii5 section ci: the province isoasea j son.JJ.u. ���  ..   tl '   ��� -i     *.,.    t-,       i    .t���t    lM*sd tlfis 3rddayof Afarcln 1D0O.     ��� .  on the iiumug industry, the banks 1   witness. tt.U.WAHti,.      w. A. WAltu.  NELSON   LICENSE   DISTRICT.  Notice is hoicbi Ki^^n thai 0, W. Jordan  h.is m.ufe .'ippliealion inxlui Uic pioMsiom of  the "U(|iim Jjkoiisc Act, 1,")'��,'foi mi holvl license on ihe premises Know n .i^ Ihc (iiniul Iiotel  nl JvlciVii-ioiic point, .mil tii.it a mectinjr of  l!i<; board of lit'eiiso oomim i-n ntis of I lie Nelson  IjiceiisC JJi-ti ict, mil In licld to cmisidur such up  plicition .i( lie" i-oiii t lioin-c at lhe Cifv of i\el-  s- n on U tdi csd.iy Lite L'JSI day or Jl.irrfi, lilOO, nt  the 1'oor of clc\ tn o'olf elc in flic foionoon.  w. ii. wi;M.ii(;K-\vi';��g kr,  ( hiof Ijiccifto Inspector.  I'roriiiciiil Pohec C dice.  Nelson,   J5.   V, (ith  Jfiucii. lfS)J.  FOR   SALE.  Lnrpc t ''omul ,v 1 .m slm; trai.ip Iio.i<c, con-  t-iuriiiEr donlile itiavuiiKT loom, t hodi'ooiiis and  dirssiiig loom v. ith clothes cio <-l,s, dining loom,  l.nY'o J-.ilclun, hot .tint cold w.ilw, Inlli loom  ��.tli bull i-oHii.lcte. luilel . li^ii od with olei hic.-  I j . mlhm five minutes wulU of Hie bu.incss portion of Iho citj : ht.uitiful m iuiiion o\cilni.l mtr  Uic lake. Two lots, eucli 2.'.nIJI It-el, fenced, tun!  with liiwn in finiit. A wrj dtsii..lilo re^ideui*1,  ne.\lj fmnwhett and eurficlrd (bioiii^liout v\il 11  best fiitnitiiKi and uiri els. l-iiiiiiliiic and  kilcii4<��i ulensil-i -will he aold either mlh tho  hoiiMo or ac)match.  For terms and jiartipiiliir-? ,i]i;>iy to W. A. Galliher, nt the otiloo of Oivtlitier x. Wilson, over .Mc-  AnUitfn fdiiiifiiMi suxo. Bttkcr street, Nelson,  It. 0.  WO  #  iS/&  mi  m  w  w  FOR THE ABOVE PURPOSES TO CITIZENS OF NELSON  ��  %  ^  ^  ^  NOW ON EXHIBITION AT OUR OFFICE, BAKER STREET       CALL AND SEE THEM  EVERYBODY WELCOME  OFFICE HOURS 9 A.M. TO 5 P.M  ���J'(=3'i=>'  !^^0i  ?*��2f*,C_  Oil THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B.C., THURSDAY, MARCH  8, 1900  3  BANK OE MONTREAL  CATITAL, all paid up..$12,000,000  REST      G.COO.000  J.oid Stialliccna and Mount ltoj.il .   Prc^idon  Hon. (ii-oi-jje A. Di uminond Vice I'rcwdcn  K. b. Ciouston       Gcnci.il Murage  NKI.SOV huancii  Noithwosl Coiner Kikur and  Stanley Streets  Iiiftiiclic- in T-Ovnos (Knglnnd) Xw York,  Chicago, .md all tlio principal cities in Canada.  liny and sell Slotting Kxohangc and Cable  Tr,in's|oi-s. ��� ._,..,  (iiant Commercial nnd Travelers Credits,  avnil.ilile in any part of tlio woild.  Diaft.s Issued, Collections Made, Kle.  Savings Bank Branch  -    cincici:.vr kati: oi-' i.\-ii:ui.st i-.mp.  TWO   HEROES  Two men concentrate the world's  attention today, says Stuart  I'ren-  lte'-i   in   tho   Wave���general    loid  lloberLs and   eoinniandant  Cronje.  One is trapped in a river bed  with  eight   thousand   men,   surrounded  by a  British  army  of* four  times  that  number.     lb  was the other's  strategy  that set him   there.    At  writing the Boer Ibadcr  holds  out  against ti bombardment  of lyddite  and shrapnel, his courage and fortitude in   facing  an  implacable  foe  rousing   the    admiration    of   the  world.     Call  his  stand what you  will���murder or suicide���it is heroism of the  highest  type, however  mistaken or ill directed.    It  is  the  spirit of him who, confronted  with  the pistol of the  highwayman, re-  J'ttocs to turn out  his  pockets, pre-  'ferring.death to surrender.     Brave  but indiscreet tho average man will  tell you, but history is full of such  glorious  indiscretions, and  in  tho  I'^iglUh army they reward it  with  the Victoria cross.  1 met the other day a man who  had recently come from South  Africa, and naturally the conversation turned on Cronje. I was inclined to rate his skill higher than  that of Joubert, but my friend  would not have it so. The commandant at bay in the Modder  river is a militaiy farmer and owns  some 12,000 acres of veldt close to  Potchcfritrootn. His homo is a stone  structure one story in height, the  inevitable stoop iu front, containing half a dozen dirty looms, the  tho contents^of which might bo replaced forjplOO. Here he lives in"  patriarchal style, with his wife and  children aud native 'servants, and  julct, them with a rod^-of it on and a  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. 0., and Dawson City, N. W. T.  hide sjambok. A hard, rough man  is Cronje, ruder than the average  Boor���oven more cruel and relentless, cunning and unscrupulous.  Ho led Trimsvaaliuns in tho campaign of 1S80 and was guilty of acts  contrary to the usages of civilized  warfare, lie executed several British subjects on suspicion of participation in the movement against  him, and on another occasion he  placed prisoners of war in tho forefront of besieging operations, compelling them to work in the trenches  in exposed positions, so that they  should be���-aud actually were���shot  by their friends.  Nor is this  all.    Wheu  Jameson  Surrendered, Cronje   was  conducting operations against an  isolated  British force which held out agaiust  tlio Boor.-..     Instead   of notifying  the garrison that an  armistice had  been arranged between  the forces,  he continued   the   siege  uutil  the  British weie compelled to surrender  in order to save the  lives  of  their  wounded and women  and  children  refugees.    Then  this amiable  hero  proposed to shoot all the   English  oflieers of the garrison and was persuaded to mercy on  the plea that  they would be worth  more  to  the  Transvaal alive than dead.  Those who would depict Cronje���  by the Avay, my South African  friend pronounces it as though spelt  Crony���as the ideal hero of romance  should not forget how Baden-Powell  handled him at Mafeking. Several  thousand Boers, Cronje leading, set  forth to conquer the odd thousand  Britishers at Mafeking. A messenger was sent to the colonel summoning him to surrender.  "Why surrender?" queried Baden-  Powell.  "To avoid further bloodshed,"  wtis the reply.  "Ah! really?" said Baden-Powell.  "Will you be so good as to let me  know when tho bloodshed is going  to begin ? Haven't had any in horc  yet, don't you know. Awful sorry  if any of your men got hurt/  Baden-Powell he went back to  Cronje, reporting that he could do  nothing with the "rooinek.*' AVhere-  upon Cronje, with his 4000 Boers,  gave up the siege of Mafeking and  trekked for Kimberley.  My friend told me of meeting this  uncompromising hero at Pretoria.  Cronje was sojourning for a week  at the Transvaal hotel and was evi  deutly enjoying himself.   He looks  like a tramp on the rampage���is of  medium   height,   thickly   bearded,  strongly featured and dirty.    His  watery blue eyes have an unpleasant leer and ho is not in the habit  of looking men in the   face.    At  dinner, one heard  him all over the  hotel, bragging in the most bombastic fashion.    However, even his enemies credit him with a species of  blind courage and tell how splendidly lie fought in the Kaffir wars.  But they remember also how he  and   his  valiant   brothcrs-in-arms  blew up with dynamite the caves  containing the native women and  children.   A thorougly characteristic Boer trick this.    I cannot conclude this record of the latest international reputation without quoting my friend's comment on American sympathy and its generous expression in the yellow journals.  "My, my," he said; "before going  to South Africa I read a great deal  in   our   press   about  the   Russian  knout, the cruelties of Siberia, and  noted with fine admiration how our  peopled  writhed with  indignation  over the 'paddling' some small boys  had been given at the Elmira reformatory.    The  small  boys   were  spanked with a bit of wood.   In  the Journal the punishment was described as of blood-curdling  severity.    Well, I had to  spend a  week  or two on a Boer ranch, and  saw a  couple of Kaffirs���one a woman���  "sjamboked."      It's   a   memory   I  don't revive save wheu my nerves  go wrong.    Well, the  Kaffirs  died.  I was told they were rather fortunate  Kaffirs.    But  I'm  prejudiced  against Boers.    They're as cruel as  Apaches���even  Mrs. Schreiner admits as much���and as  ignorant as  Huns.    One might hope  for  better  things if it were not that they justify cutting the hide off a Kaffir by  Bible texts, and really believe them-  selves a superior race.    It's funny,"  he  added,  "this  sympathy  of the  Irish.    They  hate  the English, do  the   Boers,   but   they  regard   the  Irish as a  species  of white Kaffir.  For Catholics they have as  much  Indeed, they like  A -few days Jafcer Cronje sent a | use as for Jews,  similar message, and after the en- j only   Boers, but   that is   because  ���voy had  had a cup of tea with j they are a unit against foreigners.  If they ever get tho country to  themselves they'll split,into a dozen  pieces in half a decade, and there  will be no more business in South  Africa."  The other i.s a tiny smart little  Irishman, with a head full of  brains, as brave as a terrier, cool,  sagacious   and   lucky. Roberts  started his career in the Bengal artillery, and was then a  small delicate-looking despondent youngster,  who,  however,  had a tremendous  amount of ambition and tho grit of  the  devil.    He was iu the mutiny  and wdn the V. C, campaigned in  Abyssinia, and. saw service  Avher-  ever  there  was   fighting  in   England's little wars.    AVhen  the opportunity was given he showed he  could  organize and direct a grctft  movement.    He has never yet been  beaten, although there were some  close  shaves in  his second Afghan  campaign,  as  when  the  rising en  masse of the tribes about Cabul obliged him to evacuate the city, and  Bala-IIissar, to take refuge in the  Sherpur cantonments.   This was a  very near thing, for quite one hundred thousand Afghans surrounded  his small force of^ten thousand, not  half of them British; and wheu they  made their great attack on December 23rd, 1879, but for Roberts' excellent dispositions and the  pluck  of his mon he must have been overwhelmed.  I have seen Roberts a dozen times  in the house of lords���once I saw  him   there- with   Kitchener,   with  whom he is quite friendly.    Sometimes he talks���he has a thin voice  and a hesitant manner, but his sentences are clear cut and his manner  very firm.    I remember once seeing  this little, great man in the outer  lobby at Westminster waiting for  his son.    Lord Salisbury just then  came up to enter .the house of lords.  Lord Roberts did uot approach lord  Salisbury���indeed, it looked almost  as  if he  were not personally acquainted    with   him;    though,   of  course,   that   is   impossible.     The  great little soldier took off his hat  most ceremoniously, as if he were  saluting a sujjerior officer, and as if  he himself were the humblest nobody.     Lord Salisbury, not  to be  outdone  in courtesy, followed the  example, and-also took off his hat.  They were a singular contrast���the  civilian, with all  the marks of the  student  in the  stooped shoulders,  the massive frame, and the pallid  complexion; the little soldier, taut  and alert, and fresh with the ruddy  complexion of^pnc  who lives much-  in the open a iiu_'   . ,:        ^ '    " ���  THM0NT HOUSE  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  MEALS  25  CENTS  ROOMS MGIITKD HY KLECTJUCITY  AXI) HEATKD BY STEAM  2J CENTS TO 31  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  UEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Largo  comfortablo bedrooms and   first-class  tllning-rooin. Samplo rooms tor commercial men.  RATES $2 PER DAY  iVjrs. E. G. Clarke, Prop.  T.ATK OF TIIK ROYAL nOTEL, CALGARY  Waverly Hotel  This popular hotel which is now being  enlarged and renovated, will be reopened  on Match 1st, when it will have 10 large,  nicely furnished and well lighted rooms,  heated with hot air. Special attention  will be gh on to the dining room.  HATES REASONABLE.  C. A. PROSSER, MANAGER  Ftfjadden House  Baker and Ward  Streets, Nelson  Tho only hotel in Nelson that has remained  under one management since ISM).  Tlio bed-rooms are well furnished and lighted  by electricity.  .  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and Imported liquors and cigars,  '      ' THOMAS" MADDEN, Proprietor.  P. Burns & Co.  Head Office at  NELSON, B. 0.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Markets at Nelson, Rossland, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, New  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Midway, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL'  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson E#   Q    TRAVES,   Manager   ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  Headquarters fop Portland Cement, Fire .Bricks,  Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal [Blacksmiths]  Spcci.il quotations given for carload lots  A. 11. GRAY, P. O. 1)0*521. Nelson, 11. C.  Knolonny Agent  B. P. BITflET & CO., Ltd., Victoria  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APPLBWHAITB  J. McFKBB  Kootenay Electric Supply & Construction Go.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Blectrlo Equipments for Blectrlo Power Transmission and Lighting for  Mines, Towns Bleotric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 606. " Josephine Street. Kelson. B. O.  A Big- Schooner  OF  BEER OR  HALF-AND-HALF  ALWAYS  FRESH  I0e  ALWAYS  ~  COOL  The beet glass of beer to be had in Nelson is at  THE CLUB IIOTEL  Si^g E. J. CURRAN, Prop.  CUT PRICES IS THE  ORDER OF THE DAY  B. G. HOTEL   erie, b. c.  First-class in every respect. Choicest wines,  liquors and cigars. Every comfort for transieut  and resident guests.  HEADQUARTERS FOR UNION MEN.  JOSEPH CAMPBELL. Proprietor.  R. REISTERER & CO-  BKGWKRS AND BOTTLERS OK  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt and regular  delivery to lhe trado  Brewery at Nelson  And I want to bo in It. I havo just received  Fall samples of Suitings and Overcoatings, representing a $50,000 'stock to choose from .made to  your order at prices never before heard of in Nelson. All the latest fads in Fancy yestings for  Fall and winter. 4  Ladies' tailoring in all its branches a specialty.  Lowest prices.   UoomB 1 and 11, Hillyer block.  STEVENS, The Tailor  TN  TIIE  MATTER OF AN APPLICATION''  J-   FOR A DUPLICATE OF A CERTIFICATE  OF TITLE to loU clc\en (11) and twelve (12),  block twenty-seven (27), City of Nelson, Ji. O.  Notice is hereby given that it is my intention  at the expiration of one month fiom Iho  publication hereof, to issue a duplicate of tlio  Certificate of Title lo the above lands, i-feticd to  Gcoigo A, B.Hall, on the 20th day of December,  18US, and numbered 1,533 K.  S. Y. WOOTON,  Registr.irGcucr.il.-  Land Registry Ollice, Victoria, 11. C, l'Jih Feb  nniry, 1900.  Afternoon a  'clock  We open our doors and present our stock for the careful inspection of the shoppers of Nelson.   Our intention is not to sell today, so you may leave your  .purses .at home; .but .we shall- all-be -pleased -to meet you-and-let-you see the quality of-the-goods-we-have-selected-for you;"and-place"our"values and prices"  against those to which you have been accustomed, trusting to a fair comparison to effect sales for us' later.  ON   FRIDAV   WE   SHALL,   BE   OPEN   FOR  ��� ��� ��  BUSIN  and shall be just as glad to welcome you, and- give you as Gareful and courteous attention as can possibly be accorded, knowing  that there is a deal of virtue in the old saying: "No Trouble to Show Goods."      _,  NOW���We wish you to feel at home in every sense of the word, during your call this afternoon,    Be sure and do not leave without a visit to our Carpet Department,  upstairs, when we shall be but too happy to drink a cup of Tetley's Tea with you to the success of our undertaking.  s THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, THURSDAY MARCH 8  1900  JUST RECEIVED  IT  A DIRECT IMPORTATION OF  Baker Street, Nelson  pushes  BATH   TOOTH.fNAIL   HAIR  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  Clothing    Clothing  Now is the time to get a bargain in Clothing as we are  giving a liberal discount on  these goods for the next few  days in order to make room  for spring goods which are arriving daily  The Nelson Clothing House  217 219 Baker Street  j-<2^&&&SZ:&3LSLs��;SL:��_: ������_�����__��-���__�����__�� ���_��>���_��.������_�����_��.���_��-���-_�����w  __�� ^,\  w  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  Hi  Hi  iti  Hi  iti  iti  Hi  iti  Hi  Hi  iti  iti  iti  Hi  xti  iti  %  AS  ESTABLISHED  Iff   NELSON IN   1890  I am here my friends to let you know I am all right.  Kimberly and Ladysmith havo been relieved  ancl I am still  in Nelson with a  year of prosperity ahead   of   me.    Everything is  pointing this way, aud I  am  here with my up-to-  date line of goods ready to compete with eastern  prices.    I  am   recieviug   goods  every   day   direct  from   the   factories,  which are for   sale, and, I   am   prepared   to   guarantee the  quality.    Come and   examine   our stock;   no trouble to show  goods.    I have 1000   kinds   to suit you all.   Jewelry of   all  kinds, also   precious stones, sterling   silver   in all   the latest  designs and patterns.   Bradley  & Hubbard's  up-to-date art  goods.    Kara, the leading piano of Canada.    Come eaily and  we a\ ill serve you accordingly.    Don't forget the place.  We only employ the most expert watchmakers and  jewelers. All work is guaranteed. Mail orders will receive  our prompt attention.  JACOB BOYEB, THE JEWELER  NELSON, 13. C. j  '-^y^a ^a A��ja -jb ___�� ���___�� ___& ���.__�� -a ���-a       <*���&���**'**���** ���&-**-&'*-*-i*-4k:  CITY LOCAL HEWS  Smith Curtis, the new minister  of finance, is not slow in signing  checks. A local employee of the  educational department received a  check this week, for salary, bearing  the [signature of the new minister.  It was the most prompt payment  which the said employee has experienced from the government in  many months.  Grading is under way at camps 1,  2 and 3 on the Balfour extension,  on Frieburg & Stone's section  of construction. A large number  of men and teams are working and  Mr. Stone is authority for the statement that all men who desire employment will be accommodated on  application to the foreman in charge.  A copy of the militia general  orders relating to the pensions and  allowances applicable to Canadian  militiamen now on service in South  Africa has been received in the  city. From this it appears that if  an officer loses an eye or limb he receives a year's pay as a gratuity  and an annual allowance ranging  from $340 for a lieutenant to $1460  for a lieutenant-colonel. To sergeants and men discharged in consequence of wounds, pensions of 12  to 60 cents per day for privates  and 24 to 95 cents .per] diem for ser  geants. A lieutenant's widow will  receive $3S!) per year ancl his children $78 each if he is killed in action,  or $202 and $00 per year if he dies  from exposure. Sergeants' and  men's widows Avill receive $1.21 to  $1.58 per week and their children  30 to 18 cents a week each.  J. G. Fife & Co. announce that  the demand for ore bags is greatly  on the increase just now, especially  from Slocan points.  Auction Sale  Of  Rare  Household  Furnishings  Stoves   Stoves  We have the finest line of COAL HEATERS ever displayed in the district. We are sole agents for the famous COLE'S HOT BLAST HEATER  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted to any kind of coal.  CROWS NEST, LETHBRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds  equally well. Not requiring the attention of ah ordinary coal heater.  Economical, durable and simple in construction. See our Steel Ranges  for hard and soft coal or wood.  H. BYERS & CO.  NELSON  KASLO  BUSINESS   MENTION.  For Sale���A furnished hotel in  Sandon, B. C.   Write for particulars to G. West,  Box 18(i, Sandon. B. C.  To Let-^-House, garden and hennery, suitable for a chicken ranch. Apply T. II.  llobcrts, Victoria street, opposite postofllee.  Wanted���to buy i'or cash, second  liandfuinitiuo en bloc.   Appb  T  II. Robeils,  Victoiia btiect, opposite post, ottiec.  To Let���Six-roomed house with  bath.   Apply at second hand store opposite post-  ollioc  The undersigned has received instructions"' from Captain  C. S. Moore, who is leaving-  for England, to sell the whole  of his household" furniture and  effects without reserve. The  chattels which will be offered for  sale constitute the finest pieces  of household ; furniture in Nelson.    They are:  Beautiful Chippendale Cabinets  Rosewood Cabinets  Antique Chairs  Fine Old French Chairs  Handsome Inlaid Furniture  Indian and Persian Rugs  Large Brass Bedsteads  Marble Top   Bedroom   Pieces  Fine Pictures. ;��  The goods to be offered for  sale were collected in all parts  of the world, ancl the people of  Nelson will have a rare opportunity of securing the same on  their own terms on  Ward Bros.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  SANDON,  Railroad Supplies  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.  A. R. SHERWOOD  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  ���   ���   ���   ���  Get our prices on  Wheelbarrows, Picks, Shovels, Camp Outfits, Drill Steel  Iron and Steel, Drill Hammers, Sledge Hammers  Axes, Saws, and  Bellows  We Offer the Best Values in Kootenay.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  First door west  of Bank of British  Columbia building.  Baker Street  Charles D. J. Christie  GENERAL BROKER  P. O. Box 523.   Phones: Office 117, House 102  V01\ SALE  4-room house and 3 lots   1 lot Baker street   150-foot corner on Bobson street,  2 lots on Carbonate street   .....51300   1200    900    050  Wednesday, March 14th  AT 2 O'CLOCK  Shirt Waists ..  We have just opened out a very attractive stock  embraging ail the new styles in Wash Fabrics at  75c, $1, $1.25, $1.50, $2, and $2.50  Sateen Waists at $1.25, $1.50, and  $2  | Dress Skirts . .  &* in Black  Lustres, Serges and   Crepons from $3  ��& to $10  H Underskirts...  |H As the manufacturers sent us more than we order-  ���>   ed we offer special values from $1 up.  New  Ginghams,   Dimities,   White   and    Colored  Piques and Ducks  Headquarters for Railroad Men's Supplies  Heavy Shoes, Overalls, Jumpers, Underwear, Gloves  Mitts, and Blankets  ELLIOT BLOCK  BAKEirSTIUiET  mw&&mw^ao&>  Chloride of Lime.  Carbolic Acid.  Bi-chloride of Mercury.  Copperas.  Permangnate of Potash,  Sulphur and Brimstone  for fumigating.  Werhave ali   the  above  (with  directions  for using) at   reasonable prices.  Carbolic Acid in large bottles,  60 cents.  Canada Drag & Book Go.  NLLSON"  For Sale Cheap  RAILROAD OUTFIT  Such as Wheel Soiapcis Picks Sho-.els. Ham-  men. S(<cJ Wagons, Laigo ltaiigc, Tents etc.  Call at Old C uuositj Shop, Josephine stieol.  Nel_son_ _Wine_ _Go.  CHOICE WINES AND ilQUQRS  Special attention given to family trade  T1fc��k '    FRANK A. TAMBLYN  Nelson, IJ. C. ���   , ,   ,uaS'agk_{  The goods will be open to  inspection at the premises, corner of Baker and Kootenay  streets on the morning of sale.  Don't Fail to See Them  Terms of Sale���Cash.  For further particulars apply to  C. A; Waterman & Co.   AUCTIONEERS  Palace A/|eat IV|ar(\et  Headquarters  for all kinds of  Fresh and Cured  Meats.  .      FOR ItENT  5-i'ooiu house, modern conveniences 25  LOANS AND INSURANCE  Call and see me if you wish to sell buy or rent.  J, E. ANNABLE  REAL ESTATE  ��  AND  INSURANCE.  A  Baigain���House and   two   lots, on lower.  Josephino and Caibonatc bdects, foi sale, ?]000  ti?  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  Hi  iti  Hi  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  Hi  Hi  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  185   BAKER   STREET  Fresh  Eggs  are always to  be  had  '"    at  o ;#  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON'S  Groceries and  Crockery  . . .  P. O. Box K. & W.  Telephone 10  ~"*-*-*-~"*-~'r&^?2^^ ^^^ST^^S^^^^St  xti  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  \ti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  SOAP  SOAP  COAL!     COAL!  GREAT REDUCTION  $9.65j����arsN^   $6.15  DELIVERED  Hard Coal  Anthiaote  TEI.ni'HOJTB  33  G. W. West & Go.  Lethbridge Gait Goal  Tho best value for the money in the maiket  for all purposes.  ibitMS cash     XV, P. Tji.H.vkv, Geneial Agent  Telephone 147.    Oiilre with C. D. J. Cluhtie.  A feature will bo made of the poultij and  guno 11 ado. The} will always bo on hand during1 then season.  J. L.  PORTER, Prop.  1G9 Josephine St, between Baker and Vernon.  'Jelephotic 1V1.  Boss, Lee & Taylor  BAKER STREET, NELSON  (Qcoigc K Mot ion's old stand)  A PEER AMONG OTHERS  Gilt Edge  IS ITS NAME ���  ohcap^",Mho" J;& bu ""I ��'<��� ^ and I1.C  lhe puict and bSt imSll?.   I'oi -sa"e at �� WUl ��r to w,,sh tlle bllb-v> 'ls lU "��'������ent<i aie of  The Western Mercantile Company, Limited.  ^IfJEiL^ aHQOCllllg P      ^AKi J s^EET, NELSON  Ho! Hoi  CALL  AND  SEE  A/|cArthur's  HOME   LAUNDRY  ' Vernon Htrect, east of McBride's stable -  '    MISS HULE, Manager  ee  !aoks  3  NELSON, B. C.  FOR   YOUR   CLOTHING.  B^lULY?.!11? e?S"1l'",0,,"M'.,s'to,ckr0? "cw K90^' RI.,r,'���� ovc ���xfc WKl -spring suits-.   Spccin.  Complete lines of Jama, SlcCrtady & Co. a and U�� Ames, Iloldou & C'o.'b  Ixgains in footwear  ote aad shoes  IfcffifiS Bakes- Sbm% Jte?so?j��  THEO   MADSOm  W. Siarmer So]ith & Oo.  PAPER HANGER, GLAZIER,  PAINTER, ETC.  CHIMNEY SWEEPING  O/llco Ward Street Opposlto Opera Hoiiho  A. E. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and "Kootenay Street''. ���  P. O. Box 559. TKUCPKONK NO, 35  Kootenay Lake General Hospital Society  ANNl/AI, MKKTIXO.  The iviinunl "ntcelhiK of  tho   Ivoolenay  J.alco  General   Hospital  Koeiely- wj|{  bo held in  the  Court Uou^e on Tuesday, iho JJth day of March,  19WI, at :i p. in.  Tlion- will be a incou'ng of the directors at  __.:��ji. in.  The ineinbur.ship fee i.s SI0 per niiniim aud  entitles the member to hospital henetlts for om;  your.  Anyper'-on Mib-erillijiK5l ii month will be entitled lo tho beneiUs ol the hospital for that  period.  Subscript ions are solicited and a ful! attend-  ithee of riuj'iil.ciit and thoMi dc<iroiis of beeorniiiK  mcmlicrs is ic'|iiut>icd. A full sintoniunt ot  receijfts tind cxi/eiiditures Mill bo siilmiiltcd, an  election held lor six direeloi'-f to nerve for two  ii'ia-f, and other iinpiirlant hu->ine<-s will be  transacted.      F. W, SWAN.VahL, Scuretii'y.  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  Ilhododcndrons, Hcses, Fancy Kverfjiceni  Jfagnolas, Unibs, new crop t ChU d -.efils, for sprijng  nl.itiUn^. Largest and inost complete Block in  Western Caiiailo. Call and make yesur selections  or send for catalogue. Address ut Uic nuroory  gTounds und grcenhouw}. Tr���VT..��� i  M. J. 11KS11Y. j  30CC VVeslmijister Bead, Vancouver, li. C.    jj  All kinds of laundry "work at exceptionally  low price*.  Unstarched pieces-, 2.5 ccnta to Xi cents a dozen  Flour, Feed, Mnr-Hay  AND PRODUCE  Gar Lots a Specialty  Elegant Sideboards  Superb Cheffoniers  Petite Dpessing Tables  In the Famous Golden Oak  Just Received aCarioadof H!g��_h=class Goods  I CITY  AT 7 PER CENT '  ON BUSINESS PROPERTY  Correspondence Solicited  Phono 20  Apply O.-r,. LK.VXOX, Solicitor, Nelson B. C  Brown & ���o.  ' SG9 BAKICK STI1KET  REMOVAL SALE  ''  Wo have moved into tho Hall block, and wiJ  bo pleased to'meet all our customers and friends.  Wc cordially invite you to give us a call. You  w ill lind our goods marked atquick selling prices.  Thfo stock includes Rcady-to-wcar Clothing,  JMirnishings, lints and Caiw, Boots and Shoes.  %^mi&m  liiiWil  Vernon Street, Nelson.  Electrical Repairing, Electrical Supplies,  Electnca!  Contracts   (Mines,   Steamers,   Dwelling  Houses, Etc.)   Try us for work and prices  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  When You Want the  BEST,CANNED GOODS ON THE MARKET     .   ..  211') Raker Street,  Hall block  SHOWN &. 00.  Piano -Tuning  L. S. OTIS, Resident Piano Tuner  TELEPHONE 161,  Boulters Tomatoes and Marrowfat  Peas, Standard Brand Sweet Corn  P. O. POX 370. *  HOUSTON BLOCK.  Blue Ribbon Tea Always ou Hand,  Fresh'Kgjjs Kocoivod Daily  M* K* Irviqg & Co.  CLEANING  AND  KEPAIKLVG  ine Tailoring  YOUR OWN GOODS MADE UP  OLD CLOTHES MADE GOOD AS NEW  ARTHUR GEE  Opposite Clarko Hotel.   MEItCHANT TAILOR  SAWMILL   FOE   SALE.  The sawmill and plant lately owned by Joseph  T. Roberts, at Rjkerl'.s Landing, and consisting  of a 30-hoi.se power boiler, engine, Griffith &  Wedge top-rig Hawmill, edgor, planer, belting,  etc., etc, will bo nold whero they nowt stand,  Apply to  TAYLOli Sc HANNlNGTiOiM, StJ&Jtora.  MSON, B, 0.  liy yonr rciidenco i,s��where we  aro to be found to' attend to  your grocery trade.  Wc have just received a shipment of extra flue flavored Ceylon and Tjidia Tea.   Also  sonic fresh roasted Slochn and Ja\a Coffee.   Tlif-"  -'" ������    -    -    �� _, uv>      |S_WlbUU     JllUVtlltf    IVtlU  one wanting something choice.  Josephine and Silica Streets,  opposite Methodist Church  f. ,v "", .-"^o^sooos wo can reconiinend lo unv-  Give us a trial.   We know -wc can please you. J  Co.  Leave orders nt  Dover's, Pain I on'-,  Tlu5inson'.s Stationery Co.  Kootenay   Coffee  NELSON, B. C.  Coffee roasters and dealers In Tea and Coffee.  Offer fresh roasted coffee of best quality as  follows i  Java and Arabian Macha, per pound  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounda....  Fine Santos, 4 pounds   Santos JJlond.fi pounds....,..'..  1 00  8S ffftt^VuSS"^:::::::::::::::: i�� gas fitting oos specialty  A trial order uoUcited.  Salesroom 2doora Cast    PiU^^G^0!A?iJ��^_!��._, ������i���m���  of Oddfellows block. West JJakor street. I Victoria Slroot, oppowt�� Pttslofflcc.  PATTON & ENMAN  Fred 1 Squiref Merchant-TaiTor  FULL LINES OF WINTER AND SPRING SUITINGS  WEST BAKKR STREET NKLSON OPPOSITE SI "yKR Kmti HQTWT  1|| Free Water Connections rr,���  STRACHAN BRO  I--K  &


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