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 DAILY  EDITION   BY  MAIL  FIVE   DOLLARS A YEAR  WEEKLY EDiTiON  BY MAIL  TWO  DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH YEAR  NELSON:  TUESDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 27  1900.  PRICE FIVE  CENTS.  CRONJE HAS GAINED TIME FOR THE BOER ARMIES  To Concentrate.   The Fighting at Ladysmith.  London, February 27.���2:10 a.m.���The Boers are assembling an  army near Bloemfontein witli which to disputo the invasion of lord  Roberts. This intelligence conies from Pretoria by way of Lorenzo  Marque/.. The commandoes are described as "hastening from all  quarters of the two Republics." There are no estimates of their  numbers, but the withdrawal of the Boers from most of the places  where they have been in contact with the British, except the district near Ladysmith, may raise the resisting force to 30,000 men.  This'figure assumes that the"Boers have between 00,000 and 70,000  men iu the field.  The gathering of this army across the path, of lord Roberts gives  significance to general Cronje's steadfast defense. lie has engaged  the corps of lord Roberts for ten days now and, whether he is relieved or nob, he has given time for the dispersed Boer factions to get  together and to prepare positions to receive the British advance  when Cronje is overcome and lord Roberts moves forward. It is difficult to conceive that the Boers are strong enough to take the offensive and to rescue general Cronje from his precarious situation.  Tho Avar office has nothing after midnight.to indicate his collapse  aud ho may hold out.for a few days. The correspondents seem to  have no exact information respecting his resources. Some say he has  plenty of food but is short of ammunition, others assert that he  abandoned his food supply, but kept abundant supplies of cartridges.  General Buller on Saturday faced tho last aud strongest position  of the Boers who bar his way to Ladysmith. Tho strenuous fighting  indicates a fight between armies rather than rear guard actions  protecting a retreat. On Thursday and Friday ho lost 4.3 officers  killed and Avounded representing probably a total of from 400 to 500.  General White's guns worked on Saturday upon the Boer positions  and a hcliogram from Ladysmith reported that the Boers wore retreating and that larger rations were being issued in view of the fact  that relief seemed at hand.  Nothing has been heard from Mafeking since February 12th.  The movement on the veldt awny from the railway is becoming increasingly difficult for large bodies of troops as the grass is burned  up. General French has to wagon forage foi* his horses and even the  infantry finds the long marches harder than before, as forage for the  transport animals must be carried. This requires the formation of  garrisoned depots. The ordinary campaigning season is over and the  sickly season for both men and animals has set in. Technical military writois take thescthings into consideration in forecasting events.  'Tlio Daily Chronicle says it learns fiom private letters that  Britibh rifles itnd ammunition havo been landed on the southern  coast ofX'ape Colony, presumably for the Dutch colonists.  Lord Roberts has recently received 72 x^ieccs  of artillery, but  whether all have been sent to Paardebcrg is nob known.    Probably ��  tho Sth division Avill leave England next Monday.- >  TURNER AKP HELMCKEN ARE  In an Awkward Fix.  Victoria, February 20���[Special  to The Tribune].���"What Seinlin will  do is not yet disclosed, and no announcement is looked for before the  house meets, but the suicidal break  of the leader of the opposition is  being Jieraldcd from house to house.  The story goes, on what appears to  be proper authority, that when  Hall sprung his resolution on Friday it was a complete surprise to  his leader, Turner, avJio was a patty  _to a_scheme_for_eoaIitiou then actti-  allyiipe for announcement. This  belief has been the cause of no little  uneasiness, in opposition circles, and  strenuous efforts have been made to  keep the sixteen intact. _   '  Today, however, Turner and  Helmcken appear to have agreed to  join in a coalition with Seinlin,  Cotton and McKechnie. Thoy two  credited with putting themselves in  writing to this effect, and Avith  allowing their names to bo submitted to a government caucus held  ' at the Driartl tonight. The report  stays that tho caucus rejected the  proposal, and Turner and Jiohncken  by this report are placed iu a humiliating position, as td which their  explanation Avill be awaited with  interest.  *lt is understood that .strong representations have been made to  tho lieutenant-governor to the effect that the Hon. 0. II. Mackintosh  would be a good man to call upon,  ^liwkintosh Avas here a feAV days  .ago* and the presence here iioav of  his friend Dr. Bowes, of Rossland,  jhelpsto spread this rumor.  Flour Trust Goes Uudor.  MirAVAi'KEi., Wisconsin, February 20.���Actions have been started  against the United States Milling  Company which is supposed to be  practically bankrupt. The eom-  paluy was formed with a capital  .stock of $25,000,000, Apiil 27th,  1S99, having .secured control of im-  jjortant flour mills. They included  tho Syracuse mills, the Baldmens  mills and the Urban mill at Buffalo.  Proceedings similar to those of today will have lo be instituted in  every  city  where   the   company  owns property. The bond fixed by  the New Jersey,court is $100,000 in  each case, and judge Jenkins  requires them to give an additional bond of $25,000. each.  "While the original suit is in NeAV  Jersey the greatest litigation Avill  probably be iu Wisconsin as the  majority of tho - company's property is in this state. The company, in answer to the bill of Mr.  Ballou avJio made the complaint, it  sets forth that it will be able to  meet auy of its obligations as they  mature. However, its cash-in the  bank is but $14,000 and it has no  bills or accounts receivable, the proceeds of which would be sufficient  to meet the matured and maturing  obligations? "~  BOERS CONCENTRATE BUT  Many Want Peace,   *  Londox, Feb. 27.���A despatch to  tlio Daily Mail from Lorenzo Marque/ dated Friday, February 23rd:  " It is reported hore that 5000 burghers have left  Ladysmith   for the  Free State. The Boers are concentrating their forces 30 miles outside  of Bloemfontein and the Free State  goA'ernment is moving to Wiuburg."  Reinforcements from all parts- are  passing through Bloemfontein  hourly.  "President Steyn has telegraphed  president Kruger that lord Roberts  aa*iis within a 1'cav hours of Bloemfontein and he' urges that every  man, irrespective of nationality,  should be eommandered.  "President Steyn is said to favor  peace. The Boer general avIio was  in command at Colenso sent a message to president Kruger saying  that he had been smashed up there,  and recommending overtures for  peace. The burghers at Mafeking  are also reported to have sent word  to Kruger that they would rather  defend their oavu farms than fight  elsewhere.  "Pretoria is paying its debts with  bar gold, the English professional  coiuer having refused to work. Understanding Iioav continental shareholders are affected by the closing  of the Robinson bank, president  Kruger allowed the institution to  reopen."  Xgkdqs, .February 26.���General  Buller's death list contains the  names of three lieutenant-colonels  ���Thackeray, of the first Royal  Inniskilling Fusileers; SitAvell, of  the second Royal Dublin Fusileers,  aud Thorold, Royal Welsh Fusileers. 0 An additional list of tho  British casualties at Paardebcrg. on  February 18th is announced, and  gives a lieutenant and eight men  killed, a lieutenant and seven men  missing and 38 men Avounded.  HEROIC OUBLINSJTCE MORE  Distinguish Themselves.  London, February 27.���The Times  has the folloAving from Pietermar-  itzburg dated Friday, February  23rd : "The Dublin Fusileers have  again distinguished themselves by  volunteering to take Groblers Kloof  Avhich they did. This gallant bat-  tallion, Avhich began the campaign  850 strong, can today be said to  muster on parade only betAveen  100 and 200 of its original members.  London, February 27.���Winston  Churchill in a dispatch to the  Morning Post from Frere Camp,  dated Sunday sajrs: "The idea  that the Boers are raising the siege  of Ladysmith is premature. The  advance is being pursued iu the  face of the most stubborn opposition and of heaA'y losses. President Kruger's grandson is among  the Boers killed."  Mr. Churchill then proceeds to describe heavy fighting last Friday in  Avhich the Inniskilliugs approached  to within 500 yards of thesummitof a  rocky Boer position aud gallantly  charged in the face of a hail of bullets.    He says:  "After repeated attempts, how-  ever, and having lost heavily, they  recognized that they AA'ere unable  to prevail. NeArertheless they refused to retreat, but lay down on  the slope behind a shelter of wall.  The Counaughts and the Dublin  Fusileers were sent to their support, but the light failed and the  night closed iu before the main attack had developed.  CITY   LOCAL   NEWS.  F, J. Bradley k Co. are meeting  AA'ith considerable success iu their  efforts to secure the wall-paper  trade of Southern Kootenay, and  have already established a satisfactory footing Avith the trade in both  Sandou and Ymir.  j F. W. Peters, assistant general  freight agent for Kootenay and  Boundary districts, left 'for Cranbrook last night to arrange for the  shipment of the ore from the North  Star mine to the smelter at Great  Falls, Montana.  A quantity of ore is passing,  through the city to the Trail  smelter. The smelter people have  1S.000 tons of ore in stock, enough  to keep them busy for six months.  In addition to this small shipments  are uoav arriving, and heavier shipments are anticipated shortly, particularly from the Slocan. The  Nettie L miueat Lardeaurecently  forwarded 100 tons to the smelter.  The appointment of captain J.  W. Troup recently made has been  extended by a circular receiAred yesterday from general superintendent  Marpole to cover the consolidated  branch lines, Kootenay section, effective March 1st, on and after  which captain Troup "will have  charge of the following; Rail lines,  Columbia k Kootenay, Slocan  Branch, Nakusp & Slocan; Rossland branch, Columbia k Western,  Boundary Creek branch; steamboat routes, Columbia River k Arrow Lukes*, Slocan Lake, Kootenay Lake and Okanagan Lake.  Arrangements are iioav completed  for the "Pink Tea" to be given by  the ladies' aid of the Methodist  Church on .Wednesday afternoon  aud evening at the parsonage. For  several days the members haA'e  been busily engaged jn turning out  novel and attractive articles for  decorating the tables and the persons of tho ladies Avho are to have  charge of the refreshments. The  affair commences at 4 o'clock in the  afternoon and continues until 10  p.m. An excellent program has  been prepared and refreshments  Avill bo served throughout.  FACTS WHICH LED UP TO  The Seizure of the Sabine.  London, February 20.���Tho  Sabine incident  aviis closed today in  an interview   betAA'cen  lord  Salisbury   and    Mr.    Joseph     Choate,  United States ambassador to England.    No papers' Avere handed  to  Mr.  Choate.    Everything  occurred  verbally.  The only thing said upon  which  the report that lord  Salisbury had   expressed regret ab  the  seizure   could   be   based  was   Mr.  Choate's   remark   that    he   hoped  there would   not be   any further  trouble in the future, to which'lord  Salisbury   replied   that   ho   hoped  there  ' would', - not...'      The    interview,     as     is      usual      between  lord   Salisbury   and    Mr.   Choate,  Avas   most   cordial.     The  premier  evidenced   every    desire   to   meet  secretary Hay's vieAvs iu the case  of therSabiue.    He explained" to Mr.  Choate  that it  was    an  intricate  matter, and that from the report of  the prize  court, it was nob quite  clear why  she ���had been released,  except that she had been given the  benefit of a good sized doubt iu order to avert international  complications OA'er a trifling matter.   Her  release  had not been  effected  by  any instructions from London.' According to  the prize court the Sabine was,'first seized because, as  a  vessel of Britain,"she  AA'as  pioA'cd  to havo contemplated  ovading  tho  regulations that   forbade   Biitish  ships trading in any way with the enemy, contraband or not contraband.  A search of her cargo  had revealed  that a part of it  Avas  consigned to  individuals in  tho Transvaal, but,  apparently, as these Avere American  goods, the'Sabine AA'as  giA'on  the  benefit of the doubt and alloAA'ed to  proceed.  The officials of the foreign  office  were rather inclined to belieA'e that  the fact that the goods Avere American did not save them 'from coming  under   the   regulations   governing  the   vessels.       In   American   vessels    such    good.1,    are    not   contraband,    and    would     no    doubt  have     the     right     to    . proceed  to their destination as they wore  not   addressed   to   the   Transvaal  government, but to .individuals 4n  that state.    But, under the  conditions  as   reported,  tho   admiralty  holds  that  the .seizure  was  quite  justified and that Avhile accepting  the prize court's decision, releasing  the Sabine, the Admiralty is not inclined to adopt it as a precedent. It  is quite within the possibilities that  the   Sabine,   although   bound   for  British ports, may be re-seized and  made   to  foifeib that  part of the  cargo  consigned to the Transvaal.  The official vieAV here is that hasty  action   upon the   part   of several  British commanders   has   brought  about a great deal of unnecessary  trouble.   THE  TRAMWAY  COMPANY  Foreign Mine Workers Arrive.  Rossland, February 2(5.- [Special  to the Tribune.]���A number of  men, Avho arc unable or umvilling  to speak English, arrived here from  the iron mines of Minnesota. It is  not knoAvn Avhether they are intended for the mines here or have  lost their way enroute to the  JSloean.  May Not Supply Electric Power. ^  The tramway company's effort to  secure a slice of the power business  in Nelson Avas effectually bowled  out at last night's meeting of the  council. In the by-law under  which the company's charter is laid  doAvn the folloAving clause appears:  "Nothing in tliirf by-law shall be  construed as giving tho applicants,  any rights to. utilize or dispose of  power ior any other puipo&c than  the operation of their railway or  incidental thereto, or to permit any  person or corporation supplying  them with power to have any such  right." On this clause the mayor  ruled the matter out of order, and  no objection aviis taken to the  ruling.  The membcis in attendance A\erc  mayor Houston, aldermen Morrison,  McKillop, Hall, Wilson and Arthur.  Manager Fred Burnett and director  L. L. Merrifield of the gas company  Avere also present.  The matter Ava�� introduced by a  letter from the tramAA'ay company  estimating that the pihnary line to  P. Burns & Company's place aaouM  cost $900 or $1000. Alderman Arthur remarked that the gas company was prepared to guarantee  tlieir power to be satisfactory as to  price and efficiency.  Mr. Merrifield, one of the directors  of the firm, corroborated this statement. He also stated that Avith  favorable weather his company  would be in a position to furnish  gas two weeks from today.  He Ava&  prepared to prove to the P. Burns  Company that gas engines would  answer their purpose. Alderman  Wilson discussed the matter with  Mr. Merrifield at some length, but  nothing of any importance was  elicited.  Mayor Houston then produced  the by-hiAV containing the charter,  and read the clause AA'hich prohibited the company supplying power  to private parties. In \'ieAAT of this  he decided that the matter AA'as  quite out of order aud ruled accordingly. He remarked that the only  Avay iu Avhich the traniAvay people  could secure the concession they desired AA'ould be by a vote of tho  citizens.^ He invited an appeal from  his rulings, but the aldermen agreed  that it was'correct and no objection AA'as taken. . *  F. Fletcher asked for a sidewalk  ou the south side of Silica street  from Stanley to the top1 of the hill,  also a crossing at the intersection  of Stanley and Silica streets. The  matter Avas referred to the board of  works..               -  W. II. Watkins applied for the  position of engineer on the city  works.    Filed.     . "   ���   '  The question of the city advertising in tho Provincial Gazeteer  AA'as brought up and sheh'od. The  mayor remarked that his recently  purchased $0.00 [directory aa*hs for  sale at 00 cents, and alderman Arthur went this one better by offering a $5.00 directory for 5 cents.  J. McNabb asked for a water pipe  doAvn Fall street to the alley where  ho could connect with his house.  The city engineer Avaa instructed to  go ahead Avith this matter.  Dr. LaBau, medical health officer,  submitted a lengthy report on the  Chinese and Italian shack districts,  in AA'hich the condition of many of  tho buildings AA*as painted in black  colors. lie recommended that action be taken at once in the direction of having shacks and yards  cleaned up. Sanitary inspector  Thompson was authorized to take  immediate and effectual action regarding thematler.  Alderman Arthur brought up the  matter of citizens not connecting  their houses AAith the seAvers, as  provided for in the by-laAV. On  motion of aldermen "Arthur and  McKillop, the city clerk Avas instructed to notify all citizens where  soavoz'S Avero completed that connection must be made Avithin GO  days.  A discussion regarding the users  of city water Avas broached by  alderman Arthur. Ib touched on  the probable supply of-Avatcr available during the year, and it Avas  stated that tlio supply Avas abundant. The question of AA'ater meters was broached, but nothing AA'as  done.  Mayor Houston, remarked that  the Outlet of the main soAver could  be extended to deep water to good  advantage Avhile the Ioav AA'ater existed. Aldermen Arthur and McKillop moved that the extension bo  made at once, Avhich AA'as cariied.  The by-laAV to regulate licenses  for trades, professions, .saloons anil  jother lincs_of_bi(siness avrs ilitro^  duccd and gone into in committee  of the whole, alderman Arthur  being in tho chair. The original  by-law contained a clause placing a  license of $100 for each six months,  and the aldermen agreed that were  this reduced, some of the Chinamen  who now sold opium might come  and .settle, whereas at the present  time none of the celestials settled,  aud it avii" almost' impossible to gel  a conviction against them. in  view of this the license av��s* placed  at $25. Similar arguments Avero  used in regiud to pedlars who  hawked vegetables and fi-h about  the city, and the license for "this  Ava? reduced to $5���aldennan Morrison remarking that these small fry  did not injure legitimate business.  The license mentioned for paAvn-  brokers under tho old by-iaw AAas  $50 for six months, and the council  raised the amount to the maximum  under the Municipal Clauses Act,  $3 25 for each half year.  The committee rose reporting  progress, and the mayor resinned  tho chair. The by-laav was read a  thiid time and referred to the city  solicitor, it Avill bo finally consid-  at the next meeting of the next  meeting of the council.  On motion of aldermen Wilt-on  and McKillop, the city eugineer  Avas instructed to notify the oavh-  crs and lessee;, of the opera house to  make .such ^tiuctural changes in  the building as will comply AAith  tho pro\ Nioiis of sub-section 27 of  by-law 01, Avhich govern.-, public  buildings.  Alderman McKillop directed the  attention of the council to the fact  that the owners of the Elliot block  EIGHT-HOUR   LAW IN   BRITISH   COLUMBIA  MINES  From the Montreal Daily Herald, February 19th.  Despite the denial of the president of the War Eagle and the general manager of the Le Roi that there Avas any connection between  their closing down and the agitation against the eight-hour law,  there aro not wanting eA'idences of concerted action on the part of  mine owners to bring about its repeal and incidentally to crush the  labor union. The management of the Hall Mines and smelter openly  declared that they AA'ere closing on this account. The engineer in  charge of the Dominion Copper Company's mines iu the Boundary  district, in announcing the closing the whole.of tlieir mines,'says:  "I got instructions from the East (which means from Mackenzie &  Mann, who hold "a controlling interest) to follow the lead of the  Kootenay mines on account of the eight-hour laAV." These are uoav  accessions to the ranks of those avIio, ever since the passing of the  eight-hour laAV a year ago, have thrown their mines idle, scattered  their workmen and deprived their shareholders of the���in some  cases���much needed dividend. ='  In discussing this question it must hot be forgotten that the object of the Mine OAVuer's Association, as boldly declared, is twofold���  to secure the repeal of the obnoxious law and to crush the miners'  union. The former is within the range of'possibility,'.the latter, pro-  bably not. It is too late in the day to deny to workmen the; same  right to organize and co-operate as is claimed and exercised by employers. Thirty years ago conserA'ative employers of" labor accustomed to rule with an iron rod believed that trade unions Avere only  a passing fad. But with ill grace they accepted the inevitable,  though eA'en as late as 1895 lord Penrhyn tried a bout with his workmen in the celebratedt slate quarries of North Wales, refusing to recognize the union in any AA-ay. The contest aa-Jis long and stubborn,  it lasted nearly a year, and only for the intervention of the goA'ernment through the president of the board of trade; might have lasted '  until uoav, but public opinion in England AA'as so strong and so unanimous in condemnation of the course adopted by lord Penhryn that,  apart altogether from the merits of the dispute, he had to yield and  to negotiate a settlement with the leaders of the union.  It is not yet six months since one of the rail AA-ay corporations in  Canade brought on a strike simply by refusing to meet the officers of  the union to discuss matters, but Avith commendable prudence they  foresaAV to what such a course would lead, aud soon retired from au  untenable position. Unions are legitimate organizations, so extensive  in tlieir scope and so sensitive in their operation, that to touch one  part is to affect all, and other labor organizations on this, continent  that would be disposed to rally to the support of one, hoAvever feeble,  if its right to exist were called in question.  The eight hour laAV is another matter altogether, one on wliich  there may be different opinions, and one about which it is- quite  proper to fight if the campaign bo properly conducted, in passing  this hvw, the government AA'as only putting itself in line with the Imperial government, which ten years ago decided that eight hours was  long enough for men to work below ground. The battle for this beneficent legislation was long and severe. The chances of victory rested  first with one side and then Avith the other, but for thirty years Alexander Macdonald and Thomas Burt, once-miners themselves, championed the cause on the floor of St. Stephen'^, and although the former  passed aAA-ay before the victory Avas aa'od, tho latter Ii\-ed to seethe  day. It is a far call iioav back to the dayrf when, as Macdonald stated,  he and his felloAA'S slaved tAA'elve hours a day in darkness and "never  saAV the sun for weeks at a time." Canadians .should not need lessons in humanity either from the mother country or from tho west-  orn states, Avhere for years the miner has enjoyed the blessings of an  eight-hour day. The tendency throughout the civilized Avorld is to  lessen tho bonis of labor in all callings where the physical exertion is  considerable, and,especially in the hazardous occupation of mining,  and it has been amply demonstrated by results that eight hotu<_ is  the maximum time during which a miner can exert his utmost capacity, and that to_prolpng_this timejs .crrtain_to result hi .diminishing,  instead of increasing the production.  It is a poor comment upon the value of British Columbia mines  to say that they aviII not pay on the eight-hour system, and strangely  at variance Avith the gloAving representations made in most of the  prospectuses* that have been issued. One might Avell be curious to  knoAV what the money market thinks of the statement and Iioav it  will affect the Hoav of ontsido capital to the province, but since the i  L'iav is just and humane, and one that has received the approval of *  the highest authority, it is to be hoped the provincial government  Avill not accede to tho pressure that w undoubtedly being exerted  for its repeal.  complained of Avater running into  their basement from Baker, street.  Mayor Houston said that every effort had been made to carry off the  AA-ater at this corner, and he did  not think the city aviis to blame.  No special action A\-as taken, beyond  an assurance that every effort  would be made to prevent surface  water from collecting.  The matter of passing a by-law  to determine the grades on Aarious  business streets came up and alderman Wilson gave notice that at  the next meeting of the council he  would introduce such a by-3aAA'.  On motion it was resolved that  the main electric light line be extended on Silica street to the city  limits. The council then adjourned  until next Monday.  Cronje at Roberts' Mercy.  London, February 27. ���The Daily  Mail has the folloAving di.-patch  from Paardcbeig, dated Sunday:  "There are about 1000 men beleaguered in general Cronje's camp,  exclusive of the losses he has hith  erto sustained. His wife is not  AA'ith him, although there are avo-  men and children in the camp. Tho  Boer position iioav is almost exclusively confined to the river bed.  Tho enemy are cutiicly at our  mercy, but lord Roberts is treating  them Avith great consideration from  motives of humanity."  Accident at Eock Creek.  (jitEENWooD, February 20.���[Spc-  cial to the Tribune.)���A telephone  message from Rock* Creek says:  Alex Donkey Avas accidentally  killed at Day & Maei kwell's logging  camj> last evening. Ho was crushed  by a heavy log rolling OA'er hinir  and died shortly after being taken  into camp. Deceased loaves a Avife  and large family of small children  avIio are living in Spokane.  Dennison on Eoberts' Staff.  London, February 27,���Lord Roberts   has   appointed   to   his   btaff  major Dennison of tho Royal Canadian Regiment. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON" B.C. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27 1900  _"V  I Si  li  I  It"  Is;  EM  i  U  In  K  Now is <-v good time to select your spring suit or overcoat.   It may seem a Utile  early, but better buy early than wait until lines are broken.   AVe have just received u large shipment, of suits nnd light overcoats, and will well you serge and  tweed .suits for men from !_ 5 up.  See our Regent Street suits for young men, the newest thing out.  Baker Street,  Nelson, B. C.  J. F. WEIR, Men's Outfitter.  SEE THEM  Er'mg your Repairing  Balder Street  Railroaders  Look Here  We have Shoes built to suit  your business. Good substantial soles. Soft, pliable,  but strong uppers at prices  ranging from $1.25, $1.50  and up to $4.50  Lillie Brothers  fiA-e special telegraph Avires betAA'een  the offices. This is a stroke of  enterprise which has not yet been  attempted by the big papers of the  United States, and sIioaa-s that all  the push of the world is not on this  side of the Atlantic.  Armour's Will.  Chicago, 111., Feb. 2(>.���The will  of the late Phillip D. Armour, jr.,  AA-as filed for probate here today.  The instrument disposes of property valued at $8,000,000, $0,000,000  in personal property and the remainder in real estate. One-third  of the estate is left to the AvidoAV,  May ]<_. Armour, and tAA-o-thirds is  giA'en in trust to three executors of  the tAA'o surviving sons of the testator, Lester and Phillip III.  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  '.Tiik directors of the local tramway company held a meeting yesterday afternoon, Avhen they decided upon a reduction in fares.  Hereafter the company AA'ill sell  fifteen tickets for a dollar. This  decision wan not unexpected. It  makes the fare for those who purchase in one dollar lots six and one-  third cents. The day of the five  cent ftire is evideutly not far off.  ing faith AA'ith the ratepayers,  course they adopted AA'as the  one open to them.  The  only  The breakdoAvn in the Semlin  government came too soon for the  completion of Joseph Martin's measure of revenge. Among the bills ou  the order paper is one to amend the  medical practitioners clauses in the  Master and Servant Act. Those  who are in a position to Iciioav say  the amending bill was framed for  the purpose of covering tho case of  Dr. McKechnie, aa-Iio is physician to  the New Vancouver Coal Company,  and for Avhom Josephuhas no longer  the regard wliich bound -them together in 1S98.  That there is no great dearth of  . miners in Kootenay is being  evidenced, eveiy day since the Slocan  trouble AA-as adjusted.    From Sandon it is reported that about fifty  miners are arriving there daily and  that up to the present there are  many more miners seeking employment than there are places to Jill.  Until   some - additional properties  resume work it is idle for any more  miners to head towards Sandon.  The story comes from Ottawa  that the Laurier government contemplates doing away AA'ith. the  ballot at present used in Dominion  elections.' The high percentage of  .spoiled ballots in recent elections is  said to be responsible for the dis-  ���carding��� of-the���present-form ~of  Ijallot. .   R. F. Green, Slocan's representative in the legislature, -is being  made the victim of some poor reporting. The Slocan man may not  be au orator, but he can generally  be counted upon to talk sense, and  it is unfair that absurd statements  ' .should be credited to him iu the  legislative proceedings. The latest  blunder of the Coaft press is the  -crediting of Mi*. Green AA'ith the  .statement, that iu Kootenay there  is a very large area of the finest  agricultural land in the province.  Tin*: action  of the   city council  last evening, in again throwing out  the  application of tho  local  tramway  company   for   permission  to  compete  Avith  the   corporation in  the supply of poAver, should effectually dispose  of tin's  question  for  the present year at least.     When  the promoters of the tramAA'ay secured their charter they AA'ero expressly prohibited from  .supplying  power to others or for using  it for  any purpose other than the operation   of   their    trannvay    system.  This restriction was one of tbe conditions upon which tiie  ratepayers  consented to give the charter.   Had  the members of the present council  permitted tho mateiinl amendment  sought by the company last evening they would have been break-,  Immense Mica Vein.  Western Mining World.  Dr. W. E. Nichols of Huntingdon,  Indiana, is back from British Columbia, where at the head waters of  the Peace river he discovered a  great vein of mica. Dr. Nichols iu  1897 penctiated 1700 miles into the  unexplored north. He cured the  Indians with his medicines, and  they iu gratitude told him of gold  deposits. He made his AA'ay across  mountains, aud on the slope of one  ran across this great vein of mica.  The next year he Avent iu again  Avith a partner, C. W. Norris, of  Chicago, aud staked off claim?.  He and Norris have brought with  them five tons of mica, valued at  OA'er $200,000. They claim that  they can produce cubes of mica four  feet square. Heretofore the largest  sheets have been measured in  inches. The doctor Avill claim the  pri/.e of ,��25,000 offered by the British government for a piece of mica  four'feet square. He says his sheets  can be. used J'or glass in locomotives  and on battle-ships. The vibrations of tho gun firing alAA-ays shatter glass, and the navies of the  world"will AAant his mica sheets.  More Casualties.  London, February 20.���The Avar  office today issued an additional list  of the casualties sustained by the  fifth brigade under general Buller  on February. 23rd and 2'lth, which  ineltides seA-en officers killed, twenty-three Avounded and one missing.  -Newspaper Enterprise.  . Tho London Daily Mail noAV produces its issue simultaneously in  London and Manchester, this feat  being  made possible by means  of  HUDSON'S BAY  C0MPANY.  GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD & CO.���Corner Vornon and  ��� Josephine streets, wholesale grocers and  jobbers inblunkcts, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  mackinaws and minors' sundries.   KOOTENAY  SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMITED���Vernon   street,  Nelson,   wholesale  grocers. .   TOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.-Front street, Nel-  *���*    son, wholesale grocers.   COAL.  OROW'S NEST PASS  COAL  COMPANY.-  Wholesale dealers in coal and coke/ Charles  St. .Garbo. Agent. llaker street, Nelson.   HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  BYERS & CO.���Corner Baker and Josephine  W-  fi* .0* ��� fi* .fi* ��� fi*. 00 . fi* .  ."���CXa* *>^ ���>��____. ���>��=k 'Vsx ���>����_,-^ ���^���'i**. ���^bh'^_.-^  ��� __���___?���.  Uf  Xlf  iff  iff  SEND  FOR  SAMPLES  W  m  ��  m  m  jti  '���*}999999999999Z*  >.iVj,_.^gp>!^ -3^jJ ���  '' 00- 00 ��� fi* 'fim;  jf >__���  Ladies'  Mackintoshes  Latest Styles  ^��_a3**a:**-_��*9**  Xlf  NEW  ING    GOODS  Xif  iti  iti  iff  iti  Xlf  iff  We have opened this week a large shipment of import goods direct  from English manufacturers, therefore we are able to sell \_f  �� iff  goods much cheaper than buying from eastern houses  Xlf  H.  streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and. mining supplies. Aprentsfor Giant  Powder Co.  LAWRENCE  Rikcr St.,  HARDAA'ARE   (COMPANY���  Nelson,  wholosalo   dealers  in  haidware and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers' supplies.   VANCOUVER HARDAA'ARE COMPANY,  LIMITED���Baker street. Nelson, wholesale  dealers in hard ware and mining supplies, plum-  bers and tinsmiths' supplies,.   JERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  THORPE & CO., LIMITED.-Corncr Vernon  and Cedar sticets, Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholc^alodealers in rented waters and  fruit syrups. Sole aprontsfor Halcyon Springs  mineral water.   Telephone GO.   ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  WF. TEETZEL & CO.-Corner Baker'and  ��� Josephino streets. Nelson, wholesalo dealers in as^ajers supplies. Agents Ifor Denver  Fire Clay Co. of Denver. Colorado.   LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER, BEETON & CO.-Corncr Vernon  and Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesalo  dealers in liquois, cigars and dry goods. Agents  for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Cal-  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary.   COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVANS & CO.���Baker street, Nelson,  ��� wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars,  cement, fire brick and (Ire clay, water pipo and  steel rails, and general commission meichants.  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN, & KER MILLING COMPANY  LTD.���Front street. Nelson, wholesalo dealers in flour, oatmeal, etc., and hay and grain.  Mills at Edmonton, Victoria, and New AVost-  minbter. "_   '    CIGARS.  KOOTENAY CIGAR MANUFACTURING  CO.���Corner Baker and Hall slroptu. Nolson, manufacturers of "Royal Seal" and "Koots  nay Belle" brands of cigais.   PAINTS   AND   OILS.   "      ,~  ���VTELlSON HARDAVARE COMPANY-Baker  -1-" Street���Wholesale dealers in faints, oils,  and brushes of all kinds. Largest stock in  Kootenay. '   FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  p BURNS & CO.���Baker street, Nelson,  ���*- ��� . wholesale dealeis m froshand ourod moats.  Cold alorage.   POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  street Neloon, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powder?.,  wholesalo dealers in caps and fuse, and oloctrio  blasting apparatus.   ress Goods  w  iff  iti  iff  iff  iti  iff  iti  iti  iff  iti  iff  iti  iff  iti  iti  iti  INCLUDING  Prints, Zephyrs, Ginghams, Victoria and  Bishop Lawn, India Linen and Muslin.  Dimities Mercerised Lawns in all colors  and shades.  White and colored Piques, white and colored Ducks and Galates.  Embroidery at old prices; a fact that is  due to an early import order before the advance.  We have Hamburgs, Nainsooks, Swisses,  Cambrics in edging and insertion.  White Valencienne Lace and insertion-  Table   Linen   and  Napkins,   Towels   and  Towling, Bed Spreds, white and mercerised  bleached Sheeting 8-4, 9-4 and, 10-4.  , - -  Circular Pillow Cotton, 40 to 46 inch. .  Shirt Waists and Wrappers  iff  JUST IN  iti  iff  iti  to $9.  NEW GOODS ARRIVING   DAILY  We have opened up and are marking the  largest  stock  of Wash  Shirt Waists  and  Wrappers ever received in Nelson.   Right in yfy  style and right in price. \|/  Black and Navy Serge $3 to $12.50. iff  Black Brillanteen, plain and fancy, $2.50 W  iti   iff   \l>  Ready-made Skirts }{���  Ask to see our new Silk Underskirts from W  $5 to $20. iy  Two more pieces of all wool Sheppard's -v-  plaid dress goods, 44 inches wide. *Iv  ^_J : ��� =_= ib  ib  ib  PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSONS PRODUCE COMPANY-Vernon  street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in provisions, produce, and fruits. Agcnfe for Swift &  Co. bacon and haiag.   T Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-Corner Vornon and  u ��� Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers  in provisions, cured mo ate, butter and eggs.  iti  iti  iti  ItA  m  -^3-55-3-2-3-3-5-53-3:32.50,  Ladies'  and Children's  Cashmere FJose  *!��re&S-e-��&S-fg-fr6-��fc',!-  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  \b  &  Fred Irvine & Co.  ^333333-333333^  1        "The  * Latest  m  _*  m.  Neckwear  ********����������&#���  \b  it/  ib  ib  ^^���^���^���^1^,^'^:^:^:^.,tS'.��t'S'ig'-<$'^'^ '      ^^^-^��� 0*-0**0*-0*.0*-0*��� 0*-0*,*'^^'.^''��'.'^,.&&  'fimt.0fi-fi*%lB0-fi*-fi*-fi*-00'fi*-fi*'fi*;00'fi*'fi*'fi*<fi*'00 ^^^S^^.'^^^^S^^^^^-^'^'^'^'^'W  F.  INCORPORATED 1670.  *^^ Received'  A CARLOAD OF CHOICE  VEGETABLES,  Sweet Potatoes   .  Parsnips  Potatoes  Cabbages  Carrots  Turnips  Beets  Onions  ,, R. STEAVART & CO.-Warchou��cs on C. P.  ���*��� ��� R. track, foot of Stanley street. Nelson,  wholesale dealers in provisions, produce fand  fruits. Cold storage. Agents Armour & Co.'s  bacon, hams, lard and other products.   MANITOBA PKODUCK AND COMMISSION  -CQ ,T,td. ���Nelson   branch,   Hall-street.  AVholesalo dealers in butter, eggs and clice^e.  SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS  LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall streets,  Ncloon, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  in sahii and doors; allkiuds of factory Avork mado  to order.   TENTS   AND   AWNINGS.  "VTELSONTKNT AND AWNING FACTOUV-  ���*���" liukui* blrcot, Nclsoii. jAlaiiuf.iotiuers of all  kind-, of tonN, Awnings, and cm vas goods.  1*. -U. Hoy Tli,   Tlico. Madnon, proprietor.   WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMI-  TKD���Corner Front and Hall shoots, Nelson, wholosalo dcalcrb In. wines fcftw aud bulk)  and domestic andlmported cigars.    ;  Ward Bros.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES.  NELSON L.ODGE, NO. 23, A. F, & A. M.  Moots second. Wednesday In oaoh month.  Sojourning brethren Invited.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS- Nelson Lodge, No"  25, KnighU. of Pythias, meota in I. O. O. F.  Agents for J. & J, TAYLOR SAFES  i * '  Bogusiown)   Fairview   Addition.  A.XSHERW00D  The Nelson  aw and Planing  s, Limited.  Hall, corner Bakor and Kootonay streots, every  at 8 o'clock.   Vis   to attend.  Tuesday evening  cordially invited  at 8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights  R. Ci, JOY. K. of R. & a  I-EONARD SCOTT, C. C.  ���KTE^SON L. O. L., No. 1602, meets in I. O. O. F.  i,j    Hall, corner Baker and Kootenay streets,  1st and 3rd   Fiiday  of  each month.   Visiting  brt'thprn cordially invited.  __R. Romvso.v, XY&_}V. CuAwroun, Rec-Scc.  . Number 22, Fraternal Order  u. -.-__.��.<;-_, meets every second and fourth  Wednesday meach month  in Fraternity Hall,  vihitinu brcthicii welcome,  W. Oosvnr.i,, President.  CiiAia.i s l'uosbi;it, Sccroiivry  "NTELSON MRlli,  ���__J   of Eagle-!  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT'  Fii sb door west  of Bank of Biitish  Columbia building.  V. O.  GENERAL  Box 323.   Phonos  BROKER  : Office 117, House 1G2  TRADES   UNIONS.  ���NTELSON MINRRS' UNION NO. %  ���*���'    JVI.���Mool.s in Illinois' union rnoi  ROYAL SEAL  AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS  UNION MADE  kootenay Cigar Mfg, Co.  .WEI-SON, BRITISH COWMMA  XV. V. of  fioiiw, ikii th-  east coi nor Vii'loria and Kootenaj wheels, o\eij  rday o.emus? at 8 o'clock.   Visiting members welcome.  Saturday o. oiling at  _   ome.  Jamj-S Wii_ki:s, Seo'y  ing mem-  Cn v'3. A. McKav,  T1  H. ROBINSON   iVc-ident.  JAMIftS COr.LINO, SuneU  etury.  rpil \ J)i:s ANJ) LABOR COliNCIL.-Tlic regu-  x I irmi clingi or the Nelson Ti ados and Labor  Council will ha held in the niincts' union lull,  coi nor of Victoria ami Kooleii.vj ttiects, on llie  flrril, and third Thuis-dny o�� each mouth, at  7.30 j>. tn.  (if. J. TnompB, Pros.       $. U. Matjhsson ; Scc'i*.  FOR SALE  l-i*oomhnu<!c ami Slots    ��1500  llotJJ.ikurstiecl I3K1  IV) fool corner on Robson _,trccl,.,    !HQ  2 lots on Cu'bon.ito sheet.       .......       I j0  FOR UI3NT  S room house, moe'ern convenience; 2.3  LOANS AND INSURANCE  C'.Ul and sue nic if you \\i��,h to ..eU buy or rent.  J. E. ANNABLE  REAL ESTATE  AND  INSURANCE.  Are prepared io furnish by rail, barge or teams  Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Local and Coast Ceiling, Local ami  Coast Flooring, Double Dressed Coast Cedar,  Rustic, Shiplap, Stepping, Door Jambs, Pine  and Cedar Casings, Window Stiles, Turned  Work, Band-sawing, Brackets, Newel Posts,  Turned Veranda Posts, Store Fronts, Doors,  ,ss.  St. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  .    .NELSON'. B. C.  A boarding and day fcchooj conducted by the  Sisters of SI. JoMipii ot Peace.   It is situated at  "iho uonierof: Will nod Joscpluae .streets in one of-  Uie best lesio'ent.'al jiOrtions of Nelson, anil is  caMlvacco.ssilJofrcmAllpj'tsafUtgcily.  The course ot study Includes Uvo fundamenlal  and higher bi anchor oi thorough MiaJish education* Biisini'ss courw.���bookkeej>m& stonog  raphv and typewriting. Scieiice oourtA-iuiisic;  vocal and ins *_ruineiital, drawing, etc. Wain art  ami needlework, elc, , c. .  For ternis and partieulars apply to tho fcistor  Superior.  Miss Palmer  Will open her  Kindergarten and  prijnary hdiool in  THK KNUL1SU  CIIUHCII school  room on lh.�� 2nd of January, V!!&-cJ?*l��\3\WnA  all particulars apply to B,nSS PAIjMKU.  At residence o�� Mrs. J. tt. Roborteon, llaker  Street West.    - *   >  NO FANCY WORK  Hut plain every, day  teiwli at tho  business Id what we  Get prices before purchasing elsewhere  A Bargain���Ifouse and   tw'O . lots, on lower.  Josephine aiul Carbonate streets; for Sulo, glCOO  aw ana rianm  ills, Limite  Office nnd Mills corse* Mall wotiTrmt Street?-. , Jjfefce  ��   NELSON BUSINESS COLLEGE  ".Good for Gills as* well as Bojs  aTkT BARROW, A.M.I.OE.  PROVINCIAL  LAbiD SURVEYOR  Comer Victorit. and Kootenay Streets.  P. < >. Box 559. TELEPHONE NO, 95  TN "Tint MATTjaMOF AiN APPLIUA'tToN  Il ton A iuPMUATBOF A CEUTIMCATB  OF TITLK 1io lots ^Jloi-.'ii (11) and twelve <12>,  blocl : t\venty-i>cven (i'.7), City of Nelson, JI. C.  No 3"ce is liencby given thai, ifc is my intent ion  at '. ac i**piratiuri ot ouo juojith from he  nubh catltJn hereof, to i-mio a duplicate of the  tVjrti flciu-rf TitJotolhe iibwehijidfl. issuwl to  (Icor wi. B. Hall, onUietlOth day of December,  1*J5, , ,nu jii       v g y> w0f)TOVi  Registrar Gaucial,  Lai' d IlegiRiry Oilloe, Victoria, IJ. C, Kith Fcb-  marj��I'M.   NOTICE. "  Notice is Svsrcliv jjiveti lh.il I intend to apply at  the nestliwsetinB'oi Ihc Board of ]_,iceiiMj torn  mishioners for the City of Nelson, held after the  expiration of thirty days fiom Uie dat-o lietcpf,  fora tiansfenof lhe .saloon liocmc now held by  me, dated the ljlhday of .liimmiy, JI5T0, for the  Bodcca saloon, situate on the cist hall of lot 3  block 1, Nelson, B. C lo W. G. Hobimon of Nel-  . b��_0ated this 7th day of Vobtmry,1D0(>.:    irm  Witness:  M, l\ Macleod.    H. E. SMITH. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B.C., TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1900  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up..$12,C0O,00O  REST     6.000,000  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. George A. Druinmond Vice-President  K. 13. Ulousloii General Manager  NKLSON HUANCII  Northwest Corner Baker and  Stanley Streets  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Branches in London' (England) New Yokic,  Chicago, and all tho principal cities in Canada.  Buy and sell SI oiling  Transfers.  (Irani.   Commercial   and   Travelers'  available in any part of tho world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Etc.  Kxchango and Cablo  Credits,  Saving's Bank Branch  cinmivr minor imi.icisi* run.  AN ALLAN LINER WRECKED  Passengers Are Safe.  Portland, Maine, February 25.���  The big Allan lino steamer California, which lefl her dock at midnight, went ashore on Ham island  ledge just oiit.--.iilc the harbor a few  minutes after her pilot left her this  morning. All the passengers are  safe, although still aboard. The  condition of tho ve&sel tonight is  uncertain. Most local sea-faring  men are of the opinion that the  rocks have penetrated the bottom  of the-vessel in several places, and  they doubt very much if she can be  saved.  The master of the Californian is  captain John France, one of the oldest and most capable omployees of  the line. There are six cabin, five  intermediate, and ten steerage  passengers, besides a crew of 75  men. The cabin paasengers are:  Mr. and Mrs. llatton, Montreal; Mr.  and Mrs. D. AVilson, Toronto; Miss  Bailey, Ottawa, and Mr. Browett,  Esquimalt, B. C.  As soon as the Californian struck,  bombs Avere fired, rockets sent up,  and coloicd lights burned. The  rockets were observed by the patrol  men at the Cape Elizabeth life saving station, but on account of tho  severe gale and high sea they were  unable to row across in tlieir boat  and render the steamer any assistance. Soon after a boat fiom the  Californian arrived, having rowed  in from Ram island. Captain Bar-  -clay,"shore caxjtain of the Allan line,  chartered the ocean tug Piedermcrfc  tc go.to the grounded steamer, and  render auy assistance possible. A-  heavy sea was encountered and tho  tug was compelled to come to  anchor fully a half-mile from the  steamer. This foicuoon the life  saving boat from the Cape Elizabeth life saving station, seven miles  away, launched a boat and put oft'  i'or the steamer, intending to transfer the passengers from the ship to  the tug. Some of the women passengers desired to be transferred,  but, on seeing the manner iu wliich  the life boat pitched and rolled, they  decided not to leave the ship.  Captain Barclay says that the  hold is full of water, tho iires are  extinguished and there is a heavy  sea, but the passengers are perfectly safe. The Californian is built of  milled stool, is class Al in Lloyds  special suivey, with additional  -.trongfchening over .Lloyds requite-  ments as well, so as to comply with  -tho demands of admiralty for transport service. Her length is 400  feet, beam '1(5 feet and depth 32 feet  8 inched. Her tonnage capacity is  5300 tous. She is valued at  $3,000,000.   The Things That Really Happen,  Many of the groat fighters nnd  men of action, after perils on land  and soa- and heroic deeds that live  in history, found commonplace  ends. It seems curious that a general should go through dozens of  battles unscathed and then choke  to death on   a   poach  stone.     It  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N. W. T.  clerking in the drygoods store,  while the mischievous kid, who  everybody oxpected would land in  the penitentiary, is in congress. So  it goes. Tho girls marry other fellows and the boys marry other  uirlb. The things wo expect people  to do they do not do, and the things  that we never look for simply come  around to show how little we know  about Fate.  "All that lies between the cradle  and  tho grave  is uncertain," said  old Seneca, and this  is what makes  the  world    endurable.     If a  man  knows that he is as liable to escape  from an ca plosion as from a trolley  car, or if he feels that big dangers  aro often ](___=& than small ones, tho  very confidence in such a condition  of things makes him a philosopher;  and if there is anything calculated  to produce content or happiness it  is philosophy.    "When we can convince ourselves that the things that  really happen, happen for the best,  and that if they did not happen unexpectedly to us there would not be  much  interest  in  living,  then  we  have reached a peace of mind and  understanding which keeps the eyes  bright and the soul young.  CALL  AND  3EE  5  nurs  "Elegant Sideboards  Superb Cheffbniers  Petite Dressing' Tables  In the Famous Golden Oak  Just Received a Carload of High-class Goods  Here's Bargains  IVP'S SUITS  We have about 25 suits of good serviceable  tweeds, odds and ones of our ��10and Sfisuifs, all  sizes aro in Iho lot.   Take your choice for $7.50.  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BURROW LIKE RABBITS FOR  COSTLY   NAVAL RIVALRIES  .seems wrong that a man should endure the dangers. o��an adventurous  life aud then become tho victim oi"  a i'olding-bed. lint all these things  happen, and ifc was hardly necessary for the papers of the country  to poke so much good-natured fun  at captain Sigsbee, who, after being  blown up in the Maine and having  a conspicuous port in a war with a  foreign country, meb his iirst mishap with a Brooklyn trolley car.  Of course, wo undurstand that the  Brooklyn trolley car in a peculiarly  njjgressive and murderous specimen  of it�� kind, but there is no reason  why it should not have had more  re&peet for sm��h a- hero as captain  Sigsbee. After all, the tjilugs thab  really happen are the things we  never expect. The pert, freckled,  famib-nosed girl, who never knew  her Jesfion?, in after ycara mariiesa  millionaire, while the lovely, modest  belle of the village, who stood well  in her classes nnd sang in tho choir,  i��; dtudging away, wondering at  Fate. The good boy, who everybody in the neighborhood knew  would be either a preacher or preside), fc of the United States, is still  Between tiie Great Powers.  London, February 2(5.���In the  house of commons today Mr.  Goschen said that Great Britain  "was uot menaced by any naval  power. Europe knew her strength  and the number of ships she possessed. Theie were times when a  demonstration was advisable, but  the government did jiot think it  advisable upon this occasion. Hereafter ships of the reserve squadron,  instead of going singly for firing*  practice, would act together and  practice tactics in addition. Regarding the export of coal, Mr.  Goschen announced that the government could not prohibit it unless at war with a foreign power or  in an emergency" very different  fiom the present.  The admiralty was considering  how it could organize a naval reserve in conjunction with the colonies, lie'explained L that with au  adequate organization the government could get a very valuable  contingent from Canada and Australia. The' negotiations with Canada were very well advanced. Canada had isked that tho period of  training be reduced, but a iiual decision on tho subject had not beeu  reached.  Dealing w ith the construction of  fresh iron-clads, Mr. Goschen remarked that The Hague convention  already seemed a thing of the dim  past. When the peace conference  had been called he suggested.that  possibly a beginning of further  building of battle-ships might be  suspended, with the view of ascertaining   tlio    sentiments    of   the  conference. Great, _ Britain    had  suggesled a reduction of armament  but nothing had been dune, and in  the six months since tho confer-  ence,moregiganticprograms stretching forward eight sixteen and  eighteen years had been put forward than ever before had entered  tho minds of the powers/ Great  Britain proposed to spend iu 11)00-  1S01 ��5,400,000, Russia ��4,:300,000  and France _��J ,154,000.  The report of the French naval  committee had asserted that material was forty per ��G]jb, and labor  ton per cent higher in France than  in England, and Mr. Goschen therefore judged that tho cost of shipbuilding iu France and Russia  averaged 20 per cent dearer than in  Great Britain.  "Therefore," he explained, "our  expenditures of ��5,400,000 gives  Great Biltlan an advantago of  ��1,000,000 or enough to build an  additional ironclad and a cruiser.  These large foreign programmes  must not alarm the country, but  we must keep abreast of these  great developments of naval  strength, which have occurred not  only in Europe, but in the United  States and Japan."  Mr. Thomas Gibson Bowles, Conservative member for Kings Lynn,  said thill while agreeing that the  program waa adequate, the government ought to take into account  the strength of the' German party  iu Holland, which might result in  that party turning away from Holland and making satisfactory terms  to themselves with Germany. Jn  that event, instead of British and  French fleets there would also be a  German fleet maimed by Dutch  sailors,  Safety From Shells.  London,   February    20. - Latest  dispatches  from Paardeberg  show  that general Cronje's forces  have  more protection  from the  British  fire than the first dispatches indicated.     A dispatch   from  Paardeberg, published in the second edition of the Daily Chronicle, dated  Saturday,    says:   "A   balloon has  discovered    the   enemy    well  covered by   a  system    of burrowing  in the riverbank which resembles  a rabbit warren and affords a shell-  proof   position.   This,   more   than  any   other   circumstance,  explains  what   is   looked    upon    there   as  Cronje's death  struggle prolonged.  It will not be much of a surprise if  today or tomorrow, which  is  the  anniversary of Majuba Hill,  pass  without being marked by the  sur-  surrender   or   annihilation  of   the  gallant   baud   so   overwhelmingly  hemmed iu, though the closeness of  the   investment   appears   open   to  criticism.    Small   bodies  of   Boers  apparently are able to make tlieir  escape, which causes a  comparison  between the Boer method of investment, with their quickly surrounding   trenches,    impassable   barbed  wire, etc., and those of the British.  Roberts is  playing a waiting game.  As       general      Cronje      i&      reported to have^ plenty of food, the  plan      of      starving      him      out  can scarcely avail.    Roberts must  either wait until his ammunition,  which is said to be short, runs otit  or those of Cronje's forces who are  counseling surrender  prevails    So  indefinite  is tho  information  that  either  of these   alternatives   may  occur at any moment.    Meanwhile  Roberts'    engineers    are    sapping  steadily towards the Boer laager,  and according   to a   special from  Paardeberg, dated Sunday, the cordon is gradually drawing closer.'  Buller'4' march on Ladysmith i&  marked by sharp fighting. A 1'ie-  termarit/.burg dispatch today'says  ho is .still heavily engaged fighting.  In Grobeler's kloof Buller seems to  have discovered a hornet's nest.  In Cape Colony the British armies  are steadily advancing, Barkley  East is now* in their possession, according to a dispatch from that  district, the Boers evacuating the  place, retreating on Ladygrey and  wiring piesident Steyn for reinforcements to prevent sm render.   Tho Pretoria government proclaimed February 25th and 27th as  days of thanksgiving and prayer,  presumably in memory of the battle  of Majuba Hill.  A dispatch from Kimberley says  its inhabitants have planned to  erect a statue of Cecil Rhodes, in  iccognition of his services during  the siege.  General Buller's dispatch from  Colenso, dated Sunday, reports the  British casualties on February 20bh  as 12 killed and 90 wounded among  tho Homorsete and Dor&ets, and  that February 22ud aud 2;Jrd  twelve officer^ were wounded.  portion of the occipital lobe. Dr.  Springfield commenced the operation by trepanning a section of the  skull, thence opening the mem  branes of the brain so the tumor  was exposed to view. By the removal of the tumor, the blood supplying the optic nerve was again  permitted to flow freely, and the  tissues, for many yeais iu disuse,  were rehabilitated,and the woman's  sight will be restored iu a short  time.          c  North Star Mine.  Foit Steele Vi ospector.  It is the intention of the management of the North Star mine to  commence shipments of ore at once.  The shipments will be continuous.  There is already a large amount of  ore ready for shipment, and an apparently inexhaustible supply in reserve. The work which has been  done demonstrates that the North  Star is one of the largest silver-load  properties in Briti=h Columbia, and  before the season ends thousands of  tons of the product will have been  sent to the smelter. The policy of  the company has been not to give  out information, but from time to  time news will leak out. The building of the tramway, the purchase  of a compi'essor and drills, the construction of an expensive branch  railway, is sufficient evidence to the  outsider that the owners believe  that they have a large property.  Lumsden's Horse Sail.  Calcutta,,February 20.���The de-  parture of Lumsden's Horse to  South Africa today was a brilliant  event. Immense crowds assembled  to bid the troops farewell. The  docks were profusely decorated aud  the highest officials were present,  the viceroy and lady Curzon arriving in state. Lady Curzon receh ed  a royal welcome. In his farewell  speech the viceroy e.iid: "You go as  the tide of fortune seems to have  turned in our favor. May it carry  you on its crest to Piotoria."  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  "Windows  Inside Finish  local and coart.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  ��� Stair-Rail ���  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of till kinds,  IF WH\T VOLT VAN I' IS NOT IN STOCK.  WK VMM. 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Eemarkable Surgical Operation.  Chicago, February 20.���One of  the mosL remarkable achievements  in modern surgery and medical  s,cieuce was accomplished yesterday, wheu total blindness, that had  existed for several years, was relieved and sight restored. This  was done through an operation on  the brain, performed upon Mrs. P.  G. Parker. Seven years ago, JMvs.  Parker's sight commenced to fail,  and within a month she became  totally blind. She hud met with  an accident, but there had been no  unusual strain on the optic nerves,  neither was there any physical condition that could be considered in  any way associated with the affliction. For years no relief could be  given, and Dr. Springfield could determine no reason for the condition  unless there was an obstruction to  the blood vessels supplying the optic nerve. The X-ray was employed by Dr. Metcalfe, and a skiograph  was obtained faintly outlining what  seemed to be a tumor in the upper  J. A. Say ward  HAM. AND LAKl: BTItrCTS, NUIAOV  Contractors and Builders  The Tribune  Association,  limited.  N|adden House  Baker and "Ward  Sticets, Nelson  BURNS BLOCK  WILL DO WELL TO  Buy Their Lumber  AT  G, 0. Buchanan's  A largo stack of llrot clMd dry material on  hand, also a full line of bash, doors, mouldings,  turned work, etc.  Factory Work a Specialty  Yard:  Foot) of Hendryx streofc, Nelson  Telephone. 91  n  The Latest Wall Papers  BORDERS AND MOULDINGS  "ZXVa me now- opening >lp I lie 1 irgc st stuck of  Willi papeis, hoidus-iinl mouldings ov or icccned  in Nelson. WljjuicIm-hI duett ftorn thcJlon  tic.il iiii)iuil(i*- nnd hav theicroic lln' 1 ilcst de  signs and i 'osi -I puce- spt daiquiri.itiuiwlo the  tiade.    F. d. Bradley & Go.  pumjks inu nmmwoiM        *  Corner Vititoii.i .mil Ju-iiiliuie Sliced, Nelson  H. D.  ASHCROFT  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attendod lo by ��  first, cinm. wnoelwiighl.  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NOTICE.  1 Itoio'ij givo notuc tint aflti (UK month from I  Uns d.U( I will in.ike iipiilie.ilion to the cltitf  eummisxiouui ol l.uuls md \wnk>> to purchjsp  two sipi.ue .ief es of land ni the distil, t of W����.t.  KuoTcn.H, nt u* 1 uc link1 lk ck in lln1 prnviiut*  of Biitish ( olitnibia, siuiitul on Ihe Miutbwi-t  side and ailio ninj: the lutfliti.M I. of tlie>T��.l-on��te  I oil Micpi-iid iiilwu, and idiuiiunK ou (hu  MiiiHiwist ~,iilo f.f lot 1,11 i. nionp 1, and lUscribeil  .i- follows Cdiiunt ntiiik' ��i a post planted on  the westdly ImuiiiIiM of sud lot 1313. miikcil  ' I ll.lllf- ('hU-ilollhf'JMIII s  \   1 . < iintM-. tlH'llfO  -oulheih aloiiKlhi -'id homaliij four itnd all ilf  -hun , 11n nee wcsieilt til iK'hl atlKli s theiflci  font and i half eliiiiis iluim* tinrlh. ih pirallel  ihmlo foui und u half tluiii . thimu easteily  fimi und a halt < h mis In tin pllHe* of hciiinmiiK-  ( HAHM>, C UlUftrolMIKHSON.  Daledat Nelson, II. < , IHh of re.l_iu.uy. 11W0.  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XKKMri cami      XV. V. TiKKSfcV, General A^ont  Telephone 1 il.    t)lllee w Ith C. D. J. Christie*.  e^  Provincial Board of Health  REGULATION'S of the Provincial Board cf  Health approved by Order of His Honor the  Lieutenant-Governor in Council dated the loth  day of February, 1900.  REGULATIONS  KOH TIIK I'KF.VEXTION OK THK SI'ItK.tl) OK BMAI.L-  l'OX TO A.VD IX IlHmSII COI.UMUIA.  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  1. All pafeengcis arriving at the* Boundary  Lino from the south may be required to furiiinli  the Inspector or olliccr in charge of the carrying  out of these regulations with a ccrtiflcnle from  the Health Olllcer of Ihc city or town which he  or she has loft, containing Ihe following particulars:  (a.) That ho or she has not been in any place or  building infecled with small-pox:"  (b ) That he or sho has not lived in any place or  buildim- \\hi<*h lies dangciouslj   near any  infected building or distn t :  (c) That hem t-he* has iceentlj been success-  full} \aecinatcd.  2. If the Inspcctoi belictes that any person is  infected, oi  that his oi hei clothing or olhei ef-  fecU contain infection, the Inspector shall detain  such person, and his or her clothing and cllect-s  as aforesaid, until the pencil of incubation is  ot cr, and such poison and his clothing and other  cllccts shall be at ouee disinfected  3 If ho only suspccLs that in. person on board  or tho eiroeUof anj sin h person.Jint c been exposed to infection, he shall notify theMejlical Health  Olllcer of the locality to w Inch the person is going  to meet the train oi boat, and to keep the pel son  theieafter under obs<*i wition.  1  In the event of anj passenger biin_ring any  baggage (hand oi   otherwise), or wbethel   the  same shall be foi \\aided by c\piess, the following ceilillcito niaj  also ho lcquucd fiom the  Health Oltlcei of the town or city nforesuid ;  (a ) That the said baggage (hoio gi\ e full des-  ci lption of said baggage so that there can  be no question as to identification) has not  been in any place or building infected with  sniiill-po\:  (b.) That lhe said baggage has not been slored  or used in anv place or build'ng ��Inch lies  dangoiousl} near any infected building or  district.  5 All i.aihta} companies, transpoitation companies and t-tagc linos must adhere strictl} tolho  follow ing legulations *  (a.) All mail fiom infected distncts destined  for points on the boundart line, or north of  same, must be fumigated on or befoie leaving the last point of call south of said line,  and lhe master in charge of such mail must  fui nish the Inspector or Oflieer in charge of  the cairjing out of theie legulations with  a certificate from the   Health dlllcei*  of  such points \\ here fumigation takes place  that same has been done:  (b.) All cms must be fumigated befoie Icaiing  Anieucan   points   for   British   Columbia  points, and the Hcilth Ollieei's coititicute  must be furnished thatsiich has been done,  (c.) No Indians shall bo allotted to land in Wist  Kootena}  oi   East Yale under  an}  conditions.  NOJII ICAIION.  0 Whcno\ci* an} householder knous or suspects that nil} poison itithin Ins hou-ebold has  small-poN, he shall immediately, b> special mess  cngcr \t hen possible, git e notice to ihc Medical  Health Oflieer.  7. Whcnotcr any ph.wc'an knotts or suspect*)  that any person tthonihc is called upon lo visit  is infected tt ith or has died of small i o\, he ��liall  immediate!} notif} lhe Medical Health Olllcer.  8. An} ph}sinan so called shall hate, for Ihc  pin pose of isolating the infected poison and his  attendants and of pi icing the patient, attendants,  and all olhei persons ie-iding in the same house,  and tlie house llself in quarantine, all the powers  of the Medical Ho ilth Olllcci, and the* duty o��,or-  deiing and cnfoicing such immediate isolation  nnd quarantine shill dctoUo upon such ph}si- '  cian until the .Medical Health Olllcer has been  notified and has had time to act.  ���1. Whcnevei a tcachei in an} school has reason  to suspect that an} pupil is suiroring fiom smallpox, or that small-pox exists at the bouse of anj  pupil, he shall notify the Medical Health Olllcer  iminediateh and shall pie\ cut the attendance of  said pupil oi pupils until medical CMeloncc that  no dangei of infection exists has been obtained.  r(Vide section80 subfecLonS, "Health Act, 1S<��.'(  10. Physicians, te.icheis. and homeholdeis  shall notify tho Medical Health Olllcci of the  pr< sence, or inspected picsenec of chicken pox.  11. The Medical Hcalih Ulliccr shall inimedi  atch gha notice* h} telegraph lo the Piotincial  Hoard,of Health of the Hi st case of sinill-pox    -  tthich shall appear in hiadistuel. anil shall fm-  tliur furnish evciy sctcn divs-bi -oftencr if ic-  qmrcd, a statement shotting Ihc number of ne\t -  tii'-cs dot eloped, the number of those ttbo hatof  died, the number of those who have leeotcied,  and the mmlbor who aie still sick.  Sr<5]TC_I.D t'tsr  12 The Medical Health Oltlcei of cvurv d>s-  tnct oi any of his medical a*-M-lanls. h.mng ie-  eeueil lnfomuuioii of a suspected case of smallpox, shall iiiuiicd.i.trl} mquiic into (he ficN.  eiiherb} consultation with the nt'endiiig phjsi  ?ian orb} liisuvn per-onal obscrtiilion, oi both.  If the eli.uaelcustii* *.}!'iploiisiuc not siillleicnt-  ly- developed al the lime of investigation, lhe  _Midie.il Health Olllcci'shall keep tbe case under  Ins o_tn peisomii obsermlioii ai the special suspect s'alion or else wheie until ihe due natuio of  Ihc diseftso isdiscoteicd L ulil the time has aimed When, in tlio opinion of th< Mcdiial Health  Oflieer, all cause foi suspicion or danger is past,  the suspected case .hail be Kolated and othyi tt ise  dealt with in the lamuiuiimiei tn pi est i Hied for  a ease of small pox-. The poisons lit lug in the  same Iioufp. nrwho l..nebi*i*n in contact, with  the infected patn nt. shall al-o be 1 cpt undei oh-  seitation. And all siichpcisoiisiiiid the suspected pcWm al-o >,)rall be inimediiilel} vaccnmlfd  vtilli the mtfsl uuf.e laceineinatltr pioetiiablu,  1   aciuii i-v-i.*.  1\ The action lo bo taken m Ihc event of a c i=c  or smalt pox being di-iotcrgd i* short It  a* fob  lows     (at Diti'iilion,   disinfection,  isu.il.Qi. f-f  prisons.iIIcited oi exposed to infection : (hi ills-  lnfwlion of car or boat   (i I MiivnaUou or.ill pci-  soiis who have been c\j_osrd toionlagirm or siis  peeled of eontot ing ronlagion ; fill Ihc* tiealinonl.  i.s._ suspect ol anj person who rofu=cs io be viil    -  ciliated, lo)   notification of (he loial Uoaid of     s  Health Olllcfisat places of di -tiiialion .10 notification of Sceielai} of I'lotincuil lioud.  \ A< f is vi ION,  11 II shall hi ini itmbent upon local Hands of  Ilcalih toniiatigc ���mitnhh 1 inn s unci place- for  vaccination, and to give pitblii. no! uc (hereof.  II. II is now (lecimd nuc��sapj. and is hcifhy  nrdcLcri. that leiehcis '" I'nblie Schools and  High tehools or CoIIckcs shall iei|inre a eirtill-  (,iti of sin cestftii unt million fiopicaih ilidilnt-  tending at such Sehocd oi f olltgt1. oi accttilh-ilc  tluil mill child i~al I hat pie-eiit tiaic nisiis. i-pu  blc to vaccinal ion The cotlilliiitcs *h,ll! be  pi c seiited i>n dimaml lo the Ic.u her oi ulhci  proper nut hoi .It.  n.NAi. (I \r��i���   |si,c. 1)1, nt.ti.ili .U'l.T  III, I'lovi'h'S Unit ,tnj peison vv l,o \ lolati") any  H'giiliiUoii of the l'io*.Ini'iii! lioud shall, unless  il is olhei ttlso speelall} piovided. he liable for  eviiv sue h oliencc (on llm* not cm itdlug out'  bundled lUilliUK, wlllt oi without costs, w in jm*  pii-oiimchl with c.i without hud lahoi. for a  tcini not evvieding six minnl.- ot to berth line  mid itiipilftOiimcnt, In Ihc discnthm ofihi*r<m-  t ic ling Coin t.  17. The .���iumll IVx Regulations adopted m is'*!  arc now in foiee  CHAKLES.I  FACAX  Sn ill- run. l'rtovixa u. Ho vimm llrvt nl.  Vic-iejmt  rebiilai} IL'lh. IWj  J5y Command.  C A. SI;mLIN,  I'tfOVixri tl, F] CK1 I tin.  NOTICE   TO   VOTERS.  Cniisci villi. Hand all favorable to (he Cim-er  t ulite (iiiku ni<> uivileci to lcxistci (hen niimcs  upon Ihc votiis li-t llegi-tiution can take  plaeeatanj linif, Uu qiialificalions being Hill  lsh Siihiect��, 21 }iilis of age, .-13. inun h- iM  deuce in the pio*. nn u and two inoulbs luside-nci'  In the ruling Tin* same Aoteis'list is ii'dl for  bolh Domiiuon and Pi otitic ial chc lirtns.  The followmg ..ill liu plci'-ed todiaw applica  lion-ait heir Klliee-. foi intending volei-*  Jidm Hlliot J II  Howi-. U'.A  JI tidon.ild.R.  M. Macdonild, K  \\ . I! itilimglon   llul  h  JI   HIIYIIUL^.  fccnetai} Cuiiscitatit c Assoc i ition.  TENDERS   WANTED.  Tcndiis are icqiiestcd foi Ihe piiulusi'^of .1  cpmntit} of miniiig supplies. tooKanil piov isicins.  vtlinl) aie now iuii'd nt the liudsi-ve iniiii-on  Moiniug motiulain, Anplv.il lhe otlke nf H. V.  Ciiinpbill Joh.isloii M 1, on \ igtoiutsiicut, oli-  posiie the Plum hotel    SAWMILL   FOR   SALE  The saw mill and plant Illicit owned b} Joseph  T. Itobeits.at H}keits landing, and consisting  of a .JUhoiso potvei boiler, engine, Uiilllth ic  Wedge lopilg S.1VM111II, cdKOi. planer, belling,  etc etc., vtill be sold vtheiu they now stand.  AVV VaYLOU & HAXN'INGTOX, Solicitors, 4-  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY FEBRUARY  1900  if  P  II ���  ____P  II  An  m  A DIRECT IMPORTATION OF  BATH   TOOTH    NAIL   HAIR  Baker Street, Nelson  Teetzel & Co.  Fa!! and Winter  Boots and Shoes in all the latest styles  and direct from the manufacturers  Dont fail to see our stock suitable for this winter  Maltese Gross Rubbers aqcl Overshoes  Buy Maltese and get the"best  Is;-,  Is.-  Uv  h -  It--..  m>  J.-A.-GILKER  213-215 BAKER STREET  NELSON  ������^_.v-_v..3^^'?'.  d��_  Ah I have been prepamig for spiing tiade I have not bad tune to mention  lhe up to dale goods, J have been lccicving dail} fiom the niaiuifaetuieis.  Call and examine oui <toek i.t 'Watches, Jew eh y. IJiiiiuonds, Sterl ng Novelties, Hilicr Plate "Wne, 1'iuiii Lamps and Onjx Tables.  I e.my lhe laigest stork, iu Biitish Coluinbia and all guaranteed.  1 have also increased inj factpij and am prep.ucd to inaiiufi_c_.ilc all  kinds of jevvoby, and inn able to compete vvilh an)one in Rntish Columbia.  IIi watch depailinonl is (hst-cliiss, as, I only employ the bcsL men and pay  the besl wages.   .All -wotl. giiaianteed.  Al.iil oiceis icceivc oni pionipt and careful altcnticn.  Jacob Dover, the Jeweler  il  la&s&i  'Si  iw-sstes.-sy  Owing* to the War  hi.-l-"::-".^-V'  ,'-_:_l.s__;''-*C. i  |_Ss'��|.:^'^  ���|fcg!  lr-S.c   ��K  I^Vwi'^'-^g'C'^  And good limes generally down ICafet, all goods have advanced from 30 to  JO per cent, and having made our bpring pincliasC-  Before the Advance  Our-piieci vviil be as low as ever, and wo advise our customers to buy  now -while oui* slock i-s complete.   Prices are sure to be higher later on.  The bjlk of our spring goods arc hoie now, and i\e ofloi* bpecial bargains  in all linos.  DiPus Goods from loc; up. ,  Black Crepons al SI 2.7, $1.00 and ��2.  Xew designs in Prints aL 8c, lOe, 12ic and loc.   All fast colors.  ���Wmpperc.te goods at 10c I_2��c and 25c.  Ibcss Skirls in black lustie, beiges nnd crepons, from S3 lo f>10.  A few 1. idles'Silk Shiit W.aihls, to clear, at $3.30.   Those wcie tegular  ��5 goods.  Flannel Shirt Wgistb at &1.75, regular ?3 goods*.  Our Overshoe Sale  Is still on, and as ihe f-eason is late wc aic'oJTcring them at slaughter prices,  llcieaie a few prices: Ladies'.Aiaskas, at G5c; ladies' button ovei.shoos,  aL.e|..7J, mens bnuklc oveibhoes, at ��1.30; lumbermen's rubbers, al ?1.,30,  ��1 75 and ?2.t)0. "  kluiqt ur.ocir  H,\K_EK bTllV.h'I  A. FERLAND & CO.  \:ts$��-i$jSi.  &mmm%%mzm-mmmmmm&^  urns & Co.  ���'?.^_ fp  l'A'_'';.D"  [t!-".-'_;ft  ifW-'-.  IIkad Office at  NELSON", B. O.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Markets at Nolson, Rossland, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, New  Denver, Revelstoke, I'Vrgu.son, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Midway, arid Vancouver. * _,  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  ALL KINDS OV  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  iBaker Street, Nelson &   g.   TRAVES,   Manager  i ORDERS BY MAIL MCEIVE CAREFUL AND PROiMl'T ATTENTION.   Hj join icsidcuec is v\heie we  aie lo b" /omul lo attend to  jour fri'ocery tiade.  ; '        XVc have Insl recnh'Ort a shipment of o.\ti.i line flavoied Ccilon and India Tea.   Also  ; kouic tioi.fi jousted Mocha and Jma Ca,11op.   TIicsp goods wo can recommend to uny-  ono wanting iomethinj? choice*.   Oivc us :i trial.   Wc know wo can jilcawJ joti.  Josephine and Silica Streets, PATTON  4&  JSMMAM  epposltc Melhodisl Church MTJt%.A. J. %Si*   **�� __ma��a��a��um |  CITY LOCAL NEWS  Sheriff Tuck was at Sandon yesterday on business.  A sitting of the county court will  be held hero on Monday next before  his honor, judge Forin. Tho judge  has been quarantined at his home  for the past fortnight, but will be  released before the court is announced to open.  Two more applications will come  before the provincial license commissioners at their meeting on the  cSbh March. F. W. Pratt has applied for a license for the Queen's  hotel at Creston and Frank Campbell has applied for a license at  Sirdar.  Among the eases to come before  the county court next week is that  of Sturgeon vs. Hawley. The plaintiff, Joe Sturgeon, proprietor of the  Sherbrooke hotel, is endeavoring to  collect a bill of $122 for the board  of several of the men employed by  Hawley to take out rock for the'  gas works, and claims that Hawley  guaranteed payment. The defence  denies having entered into any  agreement. Galliher k Wilson are  for plaintiff and Taylor k Hannington for the defence.  The directors of the Republic  mine have issued a statement giving full information as to the dividends that are to be paid and the  means provided for paying them.  This statement sets forth the  amount of ore on the dump and the  value of gold in the tailings, as well  as the difficulties that have been  experienced in getting ore to the  Trail smelter. The new mill with  a capacity of 200 tons per day will  be installed by July 1st, and, while  lessening the cost of treatment, will  increase the percentage of the gold  recovered from .the ore. A dividend of one cent per share will be  paid on March loth, 'and the next  two dividends will be quarterly.  That arrangement is necessary  through unavoidable delays in  reaching the smelter and * completing the new mill.  Notice of appeal has been served  iu the action of Hunnex vs Collet,  in wliich judgment for the plaintiff  was recently given given by judge  Forin.  Constable W. F. Smith has returned from Halcyon Springs where  lie was treated i'or acute rheumatism, lie is much improved in  health.  The attendance at the Hume addition school has increased to 37.  The school started on the iirst of  the   month   with   23   pupils, and  others have been coming from day  to day. If the increase continues  the trustees will be forced to consider the matter of securing a junior  teacher to assist principal Clayton.  A couple of transfers were booked  at the recorder's office yesterday.  Joseph Bernard of Erie transferred  a third interest iu the Homes take  claim on Salmon river to G. H.  Green of Rossland. The latter  made OA^er two-thirds of the Home-  stake, one-half in the Hallass and  three-quarters in the Copper King  to Miss Katie D. Green.  The Trail smelter is shipping  largely to Chicago refineries. Three  carloads containing 20 tons each of  matte went through hero yesterday  to the Avindy .city, aud several similar shipments were forwarded last  week.  William Moss has arrived in the  cits'- to assume the supcriritondency  of the Nelson Coke k Gas Company's works. He will have charge  of the gas making plant and apparatus under manager Burnett.  Mr. Moss was until recently coiir  nected with the Stratford, Ontarioj  gas works.  A man named Fry, aged 06, came  under the notice of the city authorities yesterday. He Lad walked  into the city from Colville, Washington, having footed it all the  way with- exception of ten miles.  He wished toget to Bonner's Ferry  where his relatives reside, aud the  ni��iyor secured a ticket for him as  far as Kootenay Landing.  / The band held a meeting yesterday evening and decided to reorganize. It -will henceforth be  known Jas the Nelson Military  Band. The mayor is lion-president,  lieutenant Beer, vice-president; S.  Brown, secretary; and J. H. Mill-  ward, leader. - The rifle company  and the band will work together,  and it is hoped that military uniforms may be obtained.  \ The Nelson minstrels have decided to take a tour through the  Slocan on behalf of the Mansion  House fund, and will play in Slocan  City, Sandon, New Denver and  Kaslo. The Nelson Military Band  will accompany them. The performance they give is second to  none, not excepting the Dandy  Coons.  ��m'  Stoves   Stoves  We have the finest line of COAI HEATERS ever displayed in the district. We are sole agents for the famous COLE'S HOT BLAST HEATER  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted to any kind of coal.  CROW'S NEST, LETHBRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds,  equally well. Not requiring the attention of an ordinary coal heater.  Economical, durable and simple in construction. See our Steel Ranges  for hard and soft coal or wood.  H. BYERS & CO.  NKLSON  KASLO  SANDON  A subscription list for the Canadian Patriotic fund was recently  opened at the local branch of the  Bank of Montreal. The London &  B. C. Goldfields, Limited, heads the  list with a donation of $100.  Charles Williams of Kokanee  Creek brought in a big paek of furs  yesterday. He had some fine specimens of mink and marten pelts.  The Spokane Northern Telegraph  Company opened a branch office in  Nelson, Washington, yosterdajr.  The rates will be 50 cents and three  cents, which are1 the same as to Republic.  T. W. Coleman of Trail was in  the city yesterday. He was en  route to Ainsworth, and states that  a force of five men are at work ou  the Little Phil property, which recently attained some notoriety  through  the  courts.    Some  ore is  New Spring Goods  NOW READY FOR INSPECTION  Jiottingfiarri Lace Curtains at 75c, $1, $1.25, $150,  $1.75, $2, aqd u\) to $10  Swiss Curtains from $4.50 upwards  Brussels flet Curtaiqs at $5, $9, $7, and $8  CherjHIe Curtains at $4.50, $5, $5.50 arid up  to $12  Tapistry Curtains at $4, $5, and upwards  Special attention is drawn to these goods  Nobby, designs and right prices.  sacked for shipment, but will not  be moved until it is decided  whether or uot the Hall Mines  smelter is to be reopened at once.  Tiie concentrator at Ainsworth has  beeu shut down for a feAV weeks  owing to frozen water conduits.  Since the strike has been declared  off about fifty men a day have been  arriving in Sandon from outside  points, mostly from Kossland and  Nelson, says the Paystreak. There  are already too many men in the  camp, and many of the strangers  will not find employment. Outsiders would do well to keep away  from the Slocan for a few weeks  until more of the mines are in operation.  The work of clearing the right-of-  way on the Balfour extension commences today. This consists, as the  majority of Thr Tuiijune's readers  are aware, of removing all the timber standing and fallen for 50 feet  on. each side of the center of. the  line. The work requires a big staff  of men, and the contractors state  that all men who apply on the  ground will be taken on.  The sub-contracts let by J. W.  SteWart for construction on the  Balfour extension up to the present  time .are: Edward Burns, li miles,  from Eleven-mile Point toward Balfour; Freiburg & Stone, li miles  this side of Nine-mile jjoint; James  V. Welch, li miles this side of Freiburg & Stone's contract; aud J. McMartin, two miles the other side of  Five-mile point. Mr. Welch's  plant, two cars of stock and four*  ears of outfit, arrived last night. ~  David Whitely, who is kuown all  over Kootenay as "Red Paddy" is  now on his way to the insane asylum at New Westminster. ' "Red  Paddy" was one of the pioneers of  the Slocan, and located several  properties on Reco mountain. He  also was one of the leaders in the  ru��h to tiie headwaters of the Kettle  river last summer and, with... his  partners, holds perhaps the richest  claim in the new district, His  friends expect that he will soon regain his senses.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Mrs. A. Jlalton has opened dress  making pntlois tn llio iH.itUleii block. J-Vonintf  rtroq->c-_ nml tailor made costumes a ipccmlly. i  For Rent���House on Carbonate  sheet, nc\l> to cn.-iii.ij or Neelands*,.. rooms and  kitchen.   Enquire ex-__!icri.F Jtobliifcon,  From today the rink will be open  lo (ho public trom 3 lo 0 p. in., .Ind from 8 to  10.30 P.m.  For Rent���Seven room house in  Fan ^ lew- addition. With bath ,ind p.niti >*, hot  nivl cold water, liftiigu in kitchen, ^\i>t>ly .it  Vionn.i J_Ukon, _3.il.cr .street, Nelson.  Boss, Lee & Taylor   BAKEirSTUEKT, NELSON  (Gcoige V. Motion's old bland)  WE HAVE STOVES  '     it  But while  we  are waiting for the cold weather we would draw  your attention to our line of  NICKLED COPPER WARE  Including Tea and Coireo Pols, (several designs) Enamelled I-Tiiiiillo Dippers, Pudding Dishes, Tea  Kettles, etc., and the only place you can got them is at  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COM PAN  Kirkpatrick & Wilson  Uf  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  WlIOLESAI.l- A.VB l.l-T..It. DI.AI.KUS  I.V  Groceries  Provisions  Hams '  Coffee  Butter  Dried Fruit  Teas, Spices  Pickles, Sauces  Vinegar  Goods dcli\ crcd fiec. Mail  oulers e.uefullyal tended to.  Nothing bul the bc-t. No  cheap goods.  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti KIRKPATRICK  _ ^4t_-_6^_sri6_us^5iia^6^a^_a^^  fcr-<  _3��  ers  fc==J  !=2S"  ��-^  GO  *=_(  fc-<  >-  f  si  ���**-*f0��-jml-^TSZ-lBl-^l,^-0*-0*-lm?^t  Hi  Hi  iti  Hi  \tii  ���mt  \ir  itii  \*>  iti  it/  Crockery.  Glassware  Dinner Sets  Tea Sets  Chamber Sets  Office Sets  Bar Fixtures  Japanese Ware  Fancy China  Wholesale and retail merchants. No. ISli llaker Stieel,  telephone 10, P. 0. box K. &  W.   Tiy a trial order.  & WILSON  __ ___������ ____��� *,-g;___ ____>_*���__���_*;_*J._tf&-  ��5^ ��^ *P ST sP flP ��T^ ~ ^? ^ ��T- w  nil  m,  \i/f]  Hi)  iti\  Hi1  Hi  iti  Hi  itim  iti"_  ml  SOAP  SOAP  Flour, Feed, Mm, Hay  AND PRODUCE  A PEER AMONG OTHERS  Gilt Edge  \  IS ITS NAME' \      _  This Soap, lakinp. v\eight, quality and co'it into roiibider.ilion, will be found Ihc best and Hie J  fiicapesl in Iho ni.itkct. It will not wnilirgoads Aw'theml some rubbiug, but the llnost of tjoodi.fj  whether woolen or cotton, can be pi opcrlv cle.im d without rniuryand with le->-. labor than wlili >:  uw4 so called faiinlj .oaps. You can use it ill the bath or to wash the baby, m, its ingicdicnN ate off  thopuiestaiid beht (,nalit}.   Fora.ileat f|  The Western Mercantile Company, Limited. '        '\  FANCY .AND hTA PLlJ-CiROOKUIKS BAKKlt STltEKT, NELSON  When You Want the  BEST CANNED GOODS ON THE MARKET  TELEPHONE 161.  Boulters Tomatoes and Marrowfat  Peas, Standard Brand Sweet Corn  P. O. BOX 17(1.  HOUSTON BLOCK.  131 tie Ribbon Tea Always on Hand.  Fiesh ICgir-, Received Daily  John i\�� Irviqg & Go.  Gar Lots a Specialty  Houston Bloek, Bakei* Street.  Electrical Repairing, Electrical Supplies,  Electrical  Contracts   (Mines,  Steamers,   Dwelling  Houses, Etc.)   Try us for work and prices  Corrcspoudi,nee So! Idled  Phone 26  Palace fVjeai !V|ar^et  Headquarters  for all kinds of  Fresh and Cured Meats.  /\SK YOUR GROCER FOR W CELEBRATED  The Best that Money can Buy.  Take no Other  Manufactured by tho nrackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.  Victoria, Vancouver, Westminster, Edmontoii.Nclbort.  DON'T PAY TWO PRICES  FOR   YOUR   CLOTHING.  224-22S Baker Street, ^elsorj.  ��N HARDWA  Headquarters for Portland Cement, Fire Bricks,  Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal [Blacksmiths]  i. P. mm k SO., Ltd., YMoria  Wpooml ��|U0i4iUonn given tor carload lots  A, a GKAY, I'. O. box 5S1. Ncluoc, U. V.  .KTOlcnwAgcsil  A fentuio will be tiiui.c of llie poultry and  ff.une tiade. They will alw..,j_ bo on band during their season.  J. X.  PORTER, Prop.  lljl Josciihiiie St., between Baker and Vernon.  Freighters and Contractors  OUTFIT   FOR   SALE  II pack mules.  I saddle horses.  3-inch -.lciglis.  Government sUi.iuid.id wngonf.  _\IpO harness, .tppr.vioes (complete with blankets, robes, elc), tooK camp ontllls, tents.  I'*or ]j.trilculiiis wnle, sUling teciniroiiients, to  T. Graham, Albert Canyon, B, ('.  W. Starmer Srrjith & Go.  PAPER HANGER, GLAZIER,  PAINTER, ETC.  CHIMNEY SWEEPING  Office Wm& StreeJi        Opposite Opera Honse i WEST SAKjEE smSES* NELSON  It vill pay von to examine inj stock of new jjoods, spiing overcoat'*, .nut spiing sniK Speein  bargains in foota cat. Complete lines oC Jiiinea _McC'ic_idj & Co.'s and the Anioa, Holden & Co.'_t  boots and sheet..  TO YOUR LOT LIXK  WIS DO IT     SEE US  GAS FITTING OUE SPECIALTY  PLUMBING OF ALL KINDS  Opera House Block, Nelson  STRACHAN BROS.  Fred J. Squire, Merchant Tailor  FULL LINES 8F WINTER AND SPUING SUITINGS  o__t>sn__ smvii-a ____a hot m


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