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 DAILY  EDITION   BY MAIL  FIVE  DOLLARS A YEAR  nnz  WEEKLY EDITION  BY MAIL  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH YEAR  NELSON:  THUBSDAY MORNING, MARCH 1 1900.  PRICE EWE  CENTS.  EVERY FOOT OF THE WAY TO LADYSMITH BITTERLY  Contested by the Boers in Strong Positions.  \z  Loxnox, March 1. -A dispatch lo the Daily Mail fiom Pieters  Station tinted Sunday, February 25th, and describing the five days'  continuous fighting, of which the attack upon Railway Hill by the  Royal Inniskilling Fusileers was one of supreme moment, says : "The  Inniskillings joined the column with twenty-four officers. They have  five men lefb. That tells the tale. No map, no penned account can  give an idea of the difficulties of those hills and ridges which succeeded each other like waves in a heavy sea, one giving away only  for another.  "Each one can be enfiladed, aud uutil one is taken, ib is impossible  even for the keenest scouting to know what fortunes lie beyond. The  The military problem changes as the column advances, each kopje refusing to give up its secret until the advancing troops touched its  crest. To add to the difficulties the tropical rain set in today. For  .twelve hours the uniforms clung to the men like wet seaweed, mud  caught them tinder fool, mists closed down and shut out the position  of the enemy."  Couoxso, Fobruaiy 20.���Yesterday an armistice was agreed upon  and both sides removed their wounded and buried tlieir dead. The  Boers lost heavily in attacking .and many were killed among the  trees. Severe musketry fire'was resumed last-evening. It was started  by tho accidental discharge of a rille. It is reported that there are  400 Boers near Ennersdal.  London, March 1.���"Winston Churchill in a despatch from Colenso dated Tuesday says: "Tlio condition of the wounded who were  uutended on the hillsides on Sunday was so painful that general  Buller sent a Hag of truce to the enemy and it was arranged that  throughout Sunday military movements should continue on both  sides, but that there should be no shooting. This truce ended at  dark. The Boers then resumed a furious musket fire on the British.  The attack was repulsed. Fighting continues vigorously. We shall  see who can stand "bucketing" best, the British or the Boers."  Mr. Churchill then goes on to say there is abundant proof of the  Boers using a large proportion of illegal bullets. No fewer than five  different kinds of exploding or expanding bullets have been found.  Tie also asserts that the Boers are employing armed Kaffirs and adds:  "I have always tried to be fair toward the Boers, but after making  every allowance, ib must be said they show when in strength, a very  dark and cruel underside of charaeler.'N  London, March 1.���4.1o a. m.���General Buller's distinct success  in storming Pieter's hills brings the rescue of Ladysmith near, but  .the war office intimated last evening that an immediate announce-  men tof relief need not be expected. The goings to and fro at midnight of officials and messengers suggest that' important (news had  been received. If this were the case lord Lansdowue obviously desired to sleep on.it before taking the public into his confidence as his  message reveal*. " . _.  General Buller's successful attack came after the hard fighting of  Friday, and it was improvised'and its execution began during the  armistice of Sunday. In proposing an armistice the British commander stipulated that both sides should 'be free to move, but,  neither should do any shooting. He was therefore within his privileges iu immediately beginning to transfer his troops. <  ������ 'General Buller's tidings come weighted witli his long list of  casualties. His losses in four attempts to got general "White out  aggregate four thousand men.  L'ulysiuifeh is in the deepest straits. Mr. Charles "Williams, the  military expert, says he learns on very high authority, presumably  that of lord Wolseley, that general White's.force is almost afc its last  gasp. -"This, is not so much," says Mr. Williams, *'on account of any  lack of provisions or ammunition, neither of which is yet exhausted,  as because of tho poisonous waters of Klip river, and the evil effects  of tho heat. Tlio water of the river is not available for drinking,  and to boil it id impossible on account of the scarcity of fuel. It is  thick wifch-putiid animal matter;���Tea made of-it-has a suspended  fibre, something like beef ten. It is caused by the sewage from the  Boer camps."  Tho Boers, as it now appears, havo built a railway from Ilarris-  mith to Kroomstadb to facilitate the movement of their troops  between Natal aud the Free Stale. Mafeking was holding out ou  February 10th. At that time the Boers were showing unusual  activity and firing inflammable shells. Tho Boers who hold positions  south of Orange river have weakened.  M  fa  R  HER MAJESTY'S MESSAGE  ' To'Roberts'and His Troops.  London, Feb. 28.���In her despatch  to lord Roberts following the surrender of general Cronjo, the queen  said: "Accept for yourself and all  under your command, my warmest  congratulations on this splendid  news."    .  "��� Lord Roberts replied as follows:  "All under my command are grateful! for your majesty's most  gracious message. Congratulations  from their queen are an honor that  the soldiers dearly prize."  General Buller has- wired thanks  thanks to the queen for her telegram of "gracious bympathy and  encouragement."  Stoini in Illinois,  Chicago, Hi., Feb. 28,���Reports  i'edeived at the various railroad offices iu this city show that the  storm continues with unabated  fury throughout the west and  south. The snow in many places  in Illinois is reported from one to  three feet deep on the level and  has compelled the abandonment of  of many local freight trains. Passenger trains have been "double  headed" and are moving, though in  most cases considerably behind  time. High winds accompanying  tho storm have completely blocked  the harbor of Chicago and not a  steamer has attempted to leave here  today.-     , "  Kimberley Still Short.  Ki.mheri.ky, February 28.���The  Diamond Fields Advertiser draws  pointed attention to the fact that  although Kimberley was relieved  about two weeks ago there has  been no amelioration iu regard to  the food supply. It is still impossible, as it was during the investment, to procure a tin of condensed  milk or cocoa without -a medical  certificate.  Afrikander Intrigues.  London, Feb. 28.���The Brussels  coriespondent of the Daily Mail  says, as a result of special inquiries  in Boer circles here I am able to  corroborate fully the reported  danger from tho intrigues of the  Afrikander Bund.  PREMIER JOE HAS GOT .TWO  Obscure Ministers.  Victoria, February 28���[Special  to The Tribune].���Joseph Martin  has accepted the task of forming a  ministry, tind says he will have the  names of three colleagues to announce when the house meets today. The legislature will bo dissolved today aud Martin says the  elections will be held at the earliest  possible date.  Victoria, February 28���[Special  to The Tribune].���Contrary to arrangements the house was not dissolved today, orders to the ser-  geant-at-arms to prepare for the  visit of the lieutenant-governor  being countermanded a few minutes before the hour for assembly.  No message from his honor was  communicated to the house and  only after indignant protests from  several members did Joe Martin rise  to state that he had been called  upon to form a government, but  had not yet been sworn in, and,  therefore, Avas not in a position to  speak for his honor. The house  knew the fact from the newspapers,  therefore he did not think it necessary to speak.  The house adjourned at 3 o'clock  after some useless discussion. Martin makes no announcement of his  colleagues yet, but Brown of New  Westminster is here and is credited  with accepting the portfolio of finance, while young Mr. Mclnues arrived at noon today and is mentioned as a likely colleague.  Victoria,    February     28���11.80  p. m���[Special to The Tribune]���An  explanation of the  change of programme for the prorogation is now  forthcoming.    It is that shortly before   two  o'clock Brown   received  word from Ottawa to have nothing  to  do  with  Martin's cabinet,  and  Brown, being postmaster at Westminster, thought it advisable to decline   the   portfolio   he   had   previously accepted.   The other   colleague   Martin   had  ready to announce was Smith Curtis, of Grand  Forks, who has been in business in  this city for some time.    Curtis was  a law partner of Martin's in Manitoba.    It was prematuroly��reported  that Mclnues, junior, had arrived  with the intention of entering the  cabinet.   It seems the young mau  is.still at Ottawa, but well informed  quarters assert that a place will be  kept for   him.       The  Times   announces this as a sure thing.  The legislature today indulged in  a good deal of chaff at the expense  of the Mclnnes family. Irving offered as reason for the delay in the  proceedings that "my son Willie  has not yet arrived/' and later  when Martin was invited to sing  ���*He Never Came Back," Irving offering to follow with "Papa's Pants  will Soon Fit Little Willie."  Ambitious - local politicians are  leery of Martin's cabinet, and several are reported to have declined  invitations to -join;���There-seems  too, to be no prospect of Dunsmuir  being associated with it. The local  feeling is that if Martin does succeed in forming a ministry, it is  doomed to defeat.  Victoria, February 28. ��� Midnight.���[Special to the Tribune.] ���  Martin tonight announce** the acceptance of office by alderman  Jf. S. Yates of Victoria, as provincial  secretary, and Smith Curtis as minister of mines. lie has also issued  a manifesto of policy, which includes the government construction  of a railway ftom tho Coast to  Kootenay, and a continuance of the  eight-hour law with an effort to  find means to remove the friction  between owners and miners.  LADYSMITH   IS   RELIEVED  By General Buller.  LONDON, March 1���9 a. m.���  The War Office officially announces that Ladysmith was relieved this (Thursday) morning.  No .details of the fighting have  been as yet received.  The dispatch is as follows:  "Lyttleton's headquarters, March  1.���General Dundonald, with the  Natal Carbineers and a composite regiment, entered Ladysmith  this morning. The country between me and Ladysmith is reported clear of the enemy. I am  moving on Nelthorpe."  As Discussed by Germans.  Berlin, February 28.���General  Cronje's surrender continues to interest the German press. Nearly  all of the papers today admit the  importance of the ovent. The-offi-  eial Nord Deutsche Allgemeine  Zeitung, discussing the situation  says: "Its importance lies less in  the number of captured men than  in the revivifying of initiative  among the British generals. The  biggest military injury which it has  done in so far as the Boers are concerned is that hereafter and everywhere in the seat of the war the  British will dictate the law to the  Boers. It is impossible to estimate  now the degree of depression among  the Boers, but undoubtedly the depression is iu tense. The reports do  not tell whether the Boer losses  previous to the surrender were  large. If they were, then the total  injury is still greater."  Cronje's Miscalculation.  Paardeberg, February 20.���Yesterday was observed as  a  tacit armistice,  the Boers  freely showing  themselves   to  the  British.      This  correspondent has conversed  with  many Boer prisoners, who say that  the war  must end  iu British  victory.   They had never before believed tho British would be able to  advance except" by railway.   They  supposed the efforts to relieve Kimberley were due to the necessity of  securing   tho   Kimberley-Mafeking  line whence the advance into the  heart of the Transvaal would bo  easy.    General Cronje, it appeal's,  had refused to believe it possible  that the British would make a long  march away from the railway.    He  totally misconceived the object of  the   strategic   movement   of   lord  Roberts,   imagining   that   it    was  merely a change   of   direction in  order to attack  Magersfontein  by  way of Jacobsdal. Ail the prisoners  seemed-.convinced when the British  get to Pretoria some foreign power  will intervene.    It  becomes  more  evident that the great  necessity in  tho successful conduct v��f tho campaign  of  lord Roberts  are larger-  Supplies of horses.  Conservative Association's Officers. ^  The annual meeting of the Lib:  eral-Conservativo Association was  held last night in the board of  trade rooms. "A largo number  turned out, and the meeting was  quite enthusiastic. There was a  contest for the office of president.  The candidates were Fred Irvine  and John Elliot. The former was  successful. Frank Fletcher was  elected first vice-president aud John  Toye second vice-president. S. M.  Brydges was re-elected secretary-  treasurer, The_ following-named  are iu the executive: J. A. Kirkpatrick, D. M. Carlcy, Christopher  Morrison, W. A. Macdonald, J. K,  Amiable, John Elliot, Thorburu  Allen, J. II. Bowes, T. G. Proctor,  P. Lamont, D, McArthur, A. Ferland and II. R. Cameron, Dole-  gates were also elected to-attend-a  convention at a point, to bo hereafter named, to nominate a candidate to contest the constituency for  tho Dominion house of commons,  An attempt Avas made to commit  the association to run the coming  provincial election on party lines,  but it was dropped without a vote  being taken.  NORTH STAR MINE TO MAKE  Regular Shipments.  The North Star mine near Kimberley has entered the ranks of the  regular shippers. N. M. L. Curran,  the superintendent, passed through  Nelson yesterday on his way home  from Rossland. In conversation  with a TRIHUXI3 representative, he  said:  "The North Star branch of the  Crow's Nest Pass line has been completed, as has been the aerial tramway from the mine to the railroad.  This last has not yet been taken  over by the company, but it is  working very Avell for a new tramway. The mine had shipped two  carloads of ore up to the time I  left."  "How much ore do you expect to  ship regularly?"  "The capacity of the tramway is  100 tons per day, aud the directors'  orders are to keep the tramway going at its full capacity for a month  anyhow, ancl that rate of shipment  will likely be kept up. The ore  goes to Trail, but is to be smelted  at Omaha and Great Falls, as the  former has plenty of lead ore on  hand while the two latter are in  need of a wet ore to mix with their  dry ores."  -   "What wages do you  pay," was  tho next question.  "We pay  $3 in  dry places and  #3.50 in wet places and in  shafts.  All the work so far has been  hand  drilling.    Wo have machines on the  ground but they have  not started  up yet.    Wc employ between  CO  and 75 men right along aud  have  never had any trouble with them."  "When asked as to the amount of  ore in sight Mr Curran  would  not  give any exact   figures,  but said  that its value exceeded that of the  capitalization of the company. The  company is capitalized for  $1,500,-  000,   so   there   must   be - immense  reserves    of   'ore     blocked     out.  The s'fcock in the company is' practically all  owned  by ten   eastern  capitalists, Dan  Maun.-who owns  one third, W. Mackenzie, who has  only a small interest, Sir William  Van Home, Mr. Ross and others.  MINE-OWNERS' CONSPIRACY AGAINST UNION LABOR  What it Means to the Mining District of Kootenay.  Eoberts and Cronje Meet.  Paakdkkhkcj, February 27. -  Wheu Cronje was brought into the  British camp his face was absolutely  impassive, exhibiting no sign of his  inner feelings. 'Lord Roberts was  surrounded by his staff when general Pettyman, addressing the field  marshal I said: "Commandant  Cronjej sit I" The commandant  touched his hat in dilute and lord  Roberts saluted in return. The  whole group then dismounted and  lord Roberts stepped forward and  shook hands with the Boer commander. "You made a gallant defence, sir!" was the first salutation  of lord Roberts to tho vanquished  Boer leader.  Had to Kestram Canadians.  Loxnox, March t.���A dispatch to  the Morniyg Post from Paardeberg  says: "The Canadians weie only  prevented from carrying general  Cronje's laager with the point of  the bayonet by imperative orders  to the contrary. Their gallantry is  the universal theme of conversation. We captured 5000 small  arms. Our splendid shell fire had  scarcely any appreciable effect on  the Boer trenches. Their wounded  during the Aveek numbered eighty.  The number of dead Ave have not  I yet ascertained,"  Persia Arming.  New York, February 28.���A���dis-  patch to the'Herald fiom Teheran,'  Persia, says: "British influence and  prestige in Persia ha\'*e completely  vanished, Russia is victorious in  the diplomatic contest so long continued, and the shah, Avhose health  is now better than for some time; is  making hasty Avarlike preparations  in his anxiety to demonstrate his  antipathy fcoAA-ards Gicat Britain.  The grand sirdariat has oidered the  speedy completion of the recruiting  of soldiers* throughout Persia, according to plans, the' carrying out  of AA'hich has been delayed for  years. The resei'A'ists Avill also be  enrolled, and all officers and privates now on leave of absence Avill  be recalled.  Heavy Casualty List.'  Loxnox, Fob. 28.���The rapidly  growing casualty lists are being  classified as quickly as possible.  Thoy show that up to this morning  tho total number of casualties Avas  12,841, of which 2.310 avci'c added  during the fortnight. Ton out of  eleven Scotch regiments lost about  20.10 men and eight of the Irish  regiments 2000. Then come the  Gloucesters and Northumberlands,  Aviiile of jiearly 2000 colonials, the  the Royal Canadians lost 181t and  the Victoria .Mounted contingent  20. - The casualties are classed thus:  Killed 1093, Avounded 0838, missing  3173, disease 830.  Rejoicing in Cape Colony.'  C.wn Towx, Fobruat y 28. ���There  has been cxtiavagant lejoicing in  Cape Colony and Natal at the surrender of general Cronje. Crowds  oi" people li:iA-o been parading the  streets of the different tOAvns, singing and cheering. Flags have been  everywhere displayed' The Avar-  ships and merchantmen haA'e been  dressed Avilh bunting and salutes  havo been fired. At Durban, Natal,  the Stars and Stripes haA'e been flying alongside the Tnion Jack over  the toAvn hall.  Traitor Turned Down.  Loxnox, February 28. The result of the election Avhich took  place in South Mayo yesterday, for  a representative in parliament in  succession to Mr. Michael Davitt,  avIio resigned its a protest against  the Hocr AA'ar, was as follows : Air.  John O'Dounell (Nationalist) 2115),  major John McBride (Nationalist),  It is as clear as sunlight that the events transpiring in Rossland  are actuated by motives far different from those given out, and that  there is an organized conspiracy on foot. What has already happened gives a pretty clear indication, not only of the object of the conspiracy, but of the plan of campaign by Avhich its objects are to be  effected.  First, what are the actual facts? Shortly before Christmas a  meeting of mine-owners was held, attended by Messrs. Collins, Robert-  sou, Robbins, Hastings, Campbell and some others of less importance.  It Avas understood that matters of weight had been decided; what  they Avere Avas kept a careful secret.   That is fact number one.  Fact number tAvo is that joint action Avas taken in the War Eagle,  Center Star, Hall Mines, Le Roi, and Boundary properties controlled  by Messrs. Mackenzie and Mann, to reduce the number of men employed very materially, and to startle the business elements of the  community by a complete stoppage of production.  Fact number three is the circulation of reports intended to dim-  age the credit of the merchants in Rossland. These reports emanated from Toronto. They cast a wholly undeserved slur upon a body  of men doing business OA'er a territory almost as large as Great Britain.   That is merely a detail.  Fact number four_ is the binding together of the store keepers of  Rossland in an organization which, upon a given signal, would completely destroy the town forever as an outfitting and supply point.  Fact number'five is the patrolling of all the properties in operation by a corps of specially organized police, and the circulation  through the" editorial columns of the principaPnewspaper of a Avildly  improbable story of a deep aud dangerous conspiracy among the  Avorking men.  Fact number six is the sudden appearance in Rossland of large  bodies of the most undesirable class of aliens, avIio are being dealt  Avith, probably through an interpreter, in the miners' union hall.  These are the facts to go upon. They point clearly to a definite  conspiracy toAvards a definite end. What is that end? The mine-  oAvners Avish to free themselves from the dictation of union labor.  They say that Avhile the eight-hour laAV is bad, and increased the cost  of working mines considerably, the continual holdups they are subjected to on the part of the executives of the unions are Avorse; that  i their submission to reasonable demands only led to the immediate enforcement of unreasonable demands. Noav it Avould be taking au altogether partizan view of the "situation if it AA-ere not admitted, at once  and freely, that there is something iu the mine-OAA'iiers point of view.  Many friends of organized labor have been disgusted by the extravagance of talk and action indulged in iu Rossland;' There is always a  tendency in organizations, not only labor organizations, for the men  avIio constitute the back bone of them to pay their dues and alloAv  matters to drift Avithout tlieir personal supervision.' Policy is then  dictated by- the selfish, the discontented and the rapacious. This is  the analysis of every political party, no matter what the height of its  ideals may be, and labor organizations are not likely to be exempt  froin so common a vice. -  ' But that does not prevent the working men of Rossland from being, on the whole, a body of men possessed of common sense and the  best virtues of citizenship. If the mine-owners of Rosslaud had been  firm in marking the limits of the influence of unions, and had at the  same time freely acknowledged the beneficence of organizations within their proper limits, there Avould h;iAre been and could have been no  danger of trouble. If, in a word, they had used icason instead of attempting force they Avould havo found au answering reasonableness  on the part of the great majority of tho men. They have, however,  undertaken to fight the unions as such, and haA'e of course raised the  antagonism of the best men to whom unionism is a sacred principle ;  although they are prepared to do much also for their employers' interest, recognizing that steady work aud good feeling make'thd best  "guarantee of prosperity.  The end which the mine-owneis have in vieAV is plainly indicated  by the events Avhich have occurred. Uoav is their attack to effect  its purpose? There are Iaa'o or three thi tigs [AA'hich they expect to  happen. First a general strike .on the part of union labor. If this  occurs they have done their best to eut off supplies. Such a strike  AA'ould play right into their hands. itAvould demoralize the unions  through the drifting away of their members. Second, a resort to personal violence against the labor imported, or violence against the  mines themselves. This would realize their Avildest dreams. It  AA'ould break the poAver of unionism for all time in the Rossland district. Third, the gradual bankruptcy of.tlie unions through the having to look after the hordes of aliens they propose to dump on them.  It Avill require the greatest amount of self restraint and prudence oil  the part of the Avorking men to prevent the ruin of the community,  and a fearful bloAV to tho prosperity of the province.  The campaign inaugurated by the mining companies is apparently designed to haA'e any one of these results: either .a strike involving  thousands iu ruin, a labor Avar accompanied by violence, shattering  the basis of British Columbia's future for five years at least, or the  substitution for the present free white population, of a beastly mob  of garlic eating aliens from the slums of Europe. Granted that the  arrogance of official unionism required the curb, it could haA'e been  found, easily found, in the reasonableness of the great majority of  the men. It must be confessed that a campaign inaugurated, Avhich  is designed to have such disastrous and anarchical effects fills-anyone  avIio appreciates its true iiiAS'arduess Avith horror and dismay.  J  427. Major MeBride AA'as the organizer ot" the Irish brigade in the  service of the Tr^nsA'aal Boers. At  the last election in South Mayo,  Mr. Davitt Avas returned unopposed.  Russian Press Troubled.  St.   Pijtkrsijuhu, Feb. 28.���The  newspapers here outdo the rest of  the continental press in bewailing  eneral Cronje's defeat.   They sug  gest that the best help for the  Boers Avould be tocieatcadiA-ersion  against Great Britain in Asia.  Eight-Hour Law Defeated.  Loxnox, Feb. 28.���The house of  commons today rejected the second  reading of a private member's- bill  limiting the time of the labor of  underground miners to eight hours,,  ..-t.^Hfr'^ 2  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C. THURSDAY, MARCH 1  1900  Ipring Suits  Now is a good time to select your spring suit or overcoat. It may seem a little  early, but better buy early than wait until lines aro broken. Wc have'just received a large shipment of suits and light overcoats, and will sell you serge and  tweed suits for men from ��5 up.  Sco our llcgcnt Street suits for y<  oung men, the newest thing out.  Baker Street,  Nelson, B. C.  J. F. WEIR, Men's Outfitter.  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When  Mr.  Semlin  was contending   Avith  premier Turner for the office of adviser to his honor it pleased the  lieutenant-governor   to   pass   over  the members of the legislature who  represented the electors and summons a man avIio had neither a seat  in the house or a political folloAving.  Iu vieAV of this former action the  present choice of Martin, Avho has a  seat but no following, other than  the Dunsmuir interest, should not  occasion Arery much Avon der.    It is  doubtful   if there is   anyone who  imagines, that Martin will be able  to control the next'legislature.    lie  is generally regarded as an impossible man, and it AA'ould not be surprising if his selection by his honor  should result in uniting the Semlin  and Turner followings throughout  tho province.    In such event there  would be no chance for any other  political combination.    It is fortunate that the house lias not granted  supply for the coining year.    This  will necessitate an immediate election aud thus cut short the reign of  Martin.           Joseph Martin has as yet failed  to tell the members of the legislature Avho he Avill summon to his assistance   in   the , work   of   advis-  %   ing   lieutenant-governor   Mclnues,  Something may be expected today,  however.   In the meantime it looks  "as if the new cabinet Avill be com-  .__ posed_ of_ political_soreheads. Mr._  BroAvn of KeAv "Westminster, has  already put  in an  appearance at  ��� the capital. Thh is taken to mean  that lie is uoav prepared to give up  his job of postmaster, at New "Westminster, for the oflicc of minister of  finance, the desire to retain Avhich  forced him out of provincial politics  some years ttgo. As everyone expected, "William Wallace J {nice Mc-  J nues, the lieutenant-governor's  eldest son, is ulso ou tho ground  again. The taking of the younger  Mclnnes into the cabinet is generally regarded as one of the condi-  -tions upon which Martin wits .summoned to form a ministry. The  lieutenant-governor has also another son, av-Iio acts as his private  secretary and Avrites political let-  terb to the noAVspapers: but his  name has not yet been connected  with a portfolio.   Tiik returns of the port of Nelson  for the month of February do not  bear out   the   statements   of the  croakers that business in Nelson is  stagnant.     The   A'alue of the imports entered through the poi t of  Nelson for the month was $44,751  as against $27,481   for tho corresponding month of 1890, an increase  of something over sixty ver  cent.  Of these the value of the dutiable  goods wa^> $11,400 as against $25,-  015, and the value of tho free goods  $3258 as against $1800.     The col  lections for the jiast month aggregated $11,818,50, AA'hich is rather  small for the port of Nelson, although it sIioavs an increase of  about sixty per cent over the collections for February, 1899.  The Trihune voices public sentiment in this section of Kootenay in  declaring that "Joe" Martin is not  wanted as a member of any government in British Columbia. He is  selfish, vindictive, mercenary, heartless, and above all a.turncoat. No  such man should haA'e a place in  public life in this province.  Public opinion is against the importation of the class of men that  the mine oAvners of the Slocan are  bringing in from Minnesota. Public  opinion often finds methods to  make itself felt.  COAL.  OROAV'S  NKST PASS  COAL  COMPANY.-  AVholcsalo dealers in coal and coko. Charles  St. Harbo, Agent, llaker street. Nelson.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  HBYKRS & CO.���Corner Baker and Josephine  ��� streets, Nolson, wholesale dealers iu hardware and mining supplies. Aftcntsfor Giant  Ppwdor Co.  A WHENCE    HARDAA'ARK   (COMPANY���  Bakor St.,  Nelson,  wholesalo   dealers  in  hardware and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers'supplies. ,,  ANCOUVElt   HARDWARE    COMPANY,  LIMITED���Baker street. Nolson, wholosalo  dealers in hardware and mining supplies, plum-,  bers and tinsmiths' supplies.  CRATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  THORPE & CO., LIMITKD.-Coiner Vcinon  and Cedar streets, Nelson, ni.mufacturcis  of and w holcsalcdcalers in a;rated waters and  fiuit syrups. Solo aprcntsfor Halcjon Springs  mineral water.   Telephone GO.  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  F. TEKTZKL & CO.-Corner Baker 'and  Josephine sticets, Nelson, wholesalodealers in assaycrs supplies. Agents Ifor Denver  Fire Clay Co. of Denver, Coloiado.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.   *  TURNER, BEETON & CO.���Corner Vernon  and Josephine streets. Nelson, wholesale  dealers m liquors, cigars and dry goods. r Agents  for Pabst Browing Co. of Milwaukee aud Calgary Browing Co. of Calgary.  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVANS & CO.���Baker street, Nelson,  ��� wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars,  cement, fire brick and Are clay, water pipo and  stool rails, and general commission merchants.  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN & KER MILLING COMPANY  LTD.���Front street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in flour, oatmeal, etc., and hay and grain.  Mills at Edmonton, Victoria, and New, Westminster.  CIGARS.  KOOTENAY CIGAR MANUFACTURING  CO.���Corner Baker and Hall streets. Nelson, manufaeturers'of "Royal Seal" and "Koote  nay Belle" brands of cigars.  w.  &<& ^mL SL'SL  .  Mr  iff  iti  S^^^SP        ^ 'fi*- fip -0%- 0fii ^^^^ ^0*^0* v5^ ^^ ^^\V.   ��  1  iti  iti  iti  V  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  %  SEND  FOR  SAMPLES  aaaaaa :*a3333*  m  m  m  m  m  w  ��n  m  it  .*  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  geeeeeeseeessts  Ladies'  fc  \&   Mackintoshes   in  in m  $   Latest Styles   $  Hi m  *- ft  Xlf  iff  iff  iff  NEW   SPRINQ    GOODS  We have opened this week a large shipment of import goods direct   iff  from English manufacturers, therefore we are able to sell \_i  goods much cheaper than buying from eastern houses }V,  iff  iti  iff  Most persons avIio have folloAved  the politics of the province for the  past few years Avill look upon the  selection of Joseph Martin as first  minister    as   another   attempt  to  force William   Wallace Bruce Mclnnes into the provincial cabinet.  That the province Avill take kindly  to it is not likely.    Up to date Mclnnes the younger has not evinced  sufficient interest to represent any  constituency in the provincial legislature, and the people Avill naturally resent any attempt to pitchfork   him   into  the   cabinpt.    The  Mclnncses maybe all right, but'the  people may be pardoned for objecting to provide for the entire family.  v May Impress Supplies.  Cape Town, February 28.���The  governor of Cape Colony, sir Alfred  Milner, has further postponed the  Cape parliament to April 6th. He  has also issued a proclamation announcing that the military authorities are authorized to impress wagons, horses, oxen, pioA'isiou.s' and  o tl Tern ecessi ties in southern colonies, the articles thus taken to be  paid for at a fair A'alue. This is  taken to mean that colonel Plumer's  column advancing to the relief of  Mafeking Avill be enabled to seize  supplies.  PAINTS   AND   OILS.  NELSON HARDAVARE COMPANY-Baker  Street���Wholesalo doalei'3 m paints, oils,  and brushes of all kinds. Largest stock in  Kootenay.  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  P    BURNS  &   CO.���Baker   street,   Nelson,  ���   wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meats.  Cold etoiage.  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON  POWDER  COMPANY-Baker  street Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,    " ' d   "       "  electric  wholesale dealers in caps and fuse, an  blasting apparatus.  PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSONS PRODUCE COMPANY���Vernon  street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in provisions, produce, and fruits. Agents for Swift &  Co. bacon and hams.  iff  iff  iti  iff  iti  iff  iti  iff  iti  iff  iti  iff  T Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-Corner Vernon and  " ��� Josephino streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers  in provisions, cured meats, butter and eggs.  PR. STEWART & CO.���Warehouses on O. P.  ��� R. track, foot of Stanley street. Nelson,  Avholesale dealers m provisions, produce rand  fruits. Cold storage. Agents Armour & Co.'s  bacon, hams, lard and other products.  MANITOBA PRODUCE AND COMMISSION  CO.,Ltd. ��� Nelson   branch,   Hall   otreeU  Wholesale dealers in butter, eggs and cheese.  AND DOORS.  AND PLANING MILLS  LIMITKD-Corner Front and Hall streets,  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  In sash and doors; all kinds of factory work made  to order.  SASH  JTffiLSON   SAAV  ib  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  4  TENTS   AND   AWNINGS.  NELSON TENT AND AWNING FACTORY���  Raker street, Nelson. Maijufaetuiers of all  kinds of tents, awnings, and canvas goods.  V. O. llo>. 7(i    Thco. Mad->on, prdpuetor.  WINES AND CIGARS.  HALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, -LIMI-  ^ TED- Corner Front and Hall stroets, Nelson, wholesalo dealers In wines (case and hulk)  and domestic audimportcd cigars.  ARCHITECTS.  EWART  & CARRIE-Architects.  Booms? 7  and 8 Abordeon block. Raker street. Nnloon.   F��ATERNA"L_ SOCIETIES.   NELSON LODGeTnO. 2?, A. F. & A. M.  Meals second Wednesday in each month.  8cjoornlng brethren invited.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS- Nolson Lodge, Nor  25, Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. F,  Hall, corner Baker aud Kootenay streots. ovory  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock, Visiting Knights  cordially invited to attend.  R. G. JOY. K. ot R. & S.    LEONARD S-goTT, C. C.  iti  iti  iti  iff  iff  iti  iti  iti  Wash Dress Goods  INCLUDING  Prints, Zephyrs, Ginghams, Victoria and  Bishop Lawn, India Linen and Muslin.  Dimities Mercerised Lawns in all colors  and shades.  White and colored Piques, white and colored Ducks and Galates.  Embroidery at old prices; a fact that is  due to an early import order before the advance.  We have Hamburgs, Nainsooks, Swisses,  Cambrics in edging and insertion.  White Valencienne Lace and insertion.  Table Linen and Napkins, Towels and  Towling, Bed Spreds, white and mercerised  bleached Sheeting 8-4, 9-4 and 10-4.  Circular Pillow Cotton, 40 to'46 inch.  Shirt Waists and Wrappers  JUST IN  We have opened up and are marking the  largest stock of Wash Shirt Waists and  Wrappers ever received in Nelson. Right in  style and right in price.  Black and Navy Serge $3 to $12.50.  Black Brillanteen, plain and fancy, $2.50  to $9.  Beady-made Skirts  Ask to see our new Silk Underskirts from  $5 to $20.  Two more pieces of all wool Sheppard's.  plaid dress goods, 44 inches wide.  ib  ib  \b  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  NEW GOODS ARRIVING   DAILY  iff  iff  iff  iti  iff  iti  .����4-3494*-33-3-_3��4&  IK > VI  Ladies'   l"  and Children's  Cashnjere tfose  Fred Irvine & Go.  ���^d-s-a-sd****^*-*.  m  m  m  The _  Latest  Neckwear  ^tefrtc-frg-efrec-*^  %  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hj  Hi  ,Hi  Ht  Hi  \ir  ib  ib  jj^y. ^��y .^..^ .'g*.^ ���^���^���SSt'^���>s>�� ml1 �� ^ ��� ja> ��� jsg> ��� Sj> ^j��       i**- *____%** ��� f0,0__i **'** ��� ^ ���** ��� w^'0* * ** ���/���*��� *___*_���'*' ��� <s�� "<��?&���  ''0mfi'00'fi*-fi*'00'00'fi*'fi*'0*'fi*"fi*'00'00'fi*'0*'0*'0* ^^^���^_^^'S^,'^��8?',,i^��5^,��^��^^^'i8_T'^��^^       "*"^*  ard Bros. The Nelson  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  BNGQRPQRATEJ) 1670.  A CARLOAD OF CHOICE  VEGETABLES.  Sweet Potatoes  Parsnips  Potatoes  Cabbages"  Carrots  Turnips  Beets  Onions  HOINSOFSlATCD.  Telephone la  NKLSON L. O. JO.. No. 11)92, meets in I. O. O. F.  Hull, corner Bilker and Kootenay streets,  1st and 3rd Friday of each month. Visiting  brethern cordially invited.  __IkI^l'I^b2^1.^,^-J^A-'"*v-^!-0iiH���Ji��.0,';Joo_;  NKLSON J&Xm, Number M, Fraternal Older  of Faglai, meetis every second aud fourth  Wednesday ineuch month   In Fiatcrulty-Hall.  ViMifciriij brethren welcome.  XV. Uosm;i i��� President.  CiiAi'.i.i s l'uos8i:n, Secrotryy  TRADES   TTNIQjyS. ~~  ftpCLSQN MINKHS' UNION NO. (KI, AV. F. of  i'" JM.���Moctn in ln.iicis' union looms, northeast corner Victoria and Kootenay stiecN, every  S.UUiday o\cnlng at 8 o'clock. Visiting members welcomo,  Jamks Wilkes, Scc'y.    Cius. A. McKay. Pres.  fTUIE lcgular incciiiif/s of (hoCarpenters' Union  ��������� aie held on Wednosdav evening of each  v.'oek. nt f o'clock, in the .Vlmeis' Union hall corner Victoiia and Kootenay streets.  It. ItOHINSON  President.   JAMKS COLLING. Sucietaiy.  rPKADES AND L \BOR COUNCIL -The icgu-  J- l.ir mqel nigs of the Nelson Tiades and I.aboi  ( oi._k._1 will behold in (lie miners' union hall,  comer of Vicion.i and Kootcnuy htrcets on tho  Jisot and Hind Thtusday of oath month, at  ? .'10 p. m.  O. J. Tiroitl'h. Pies. J. H. M\iin.so.v, Scc'y,  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.  rVsherwooo  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  First door west  of Bank of Biitish  Columbia building.  KE  ROYAL SEAL  AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS  UNION MADE  kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.  ^ELSOIT, I3HITJBU COLUMBIA  GENERAL BROKER  V. O. Box 523.   Phones; Office Ut, House 1G2  I'OH SALE  1 room house mid 3 lots  SI"*0  1 loi il.i ker htieet            1.200  Till loot corner on Robson street       . c)fX)  '2 lous on C.iibon.tto sheet     .      . *      . .    10}  VOU ltKNT  a loom house, modem coinemencca ->. ,, ... 25  LOANS AND INSURANCE  fall and sec me if jou wish to soil buj or rent.  J. E. ANNABLE  aw and Planing  ills, Limited.  Are prepared to furnish by rail, barge or teams  Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Local and Coast Ceiling, Local, and  Coast Flooring, Double Dressed Coast Cedar,  Rustic, Shiplap, Stepping, Door Jambs, Pine  and Cedar Casings, Window Stiles, Turned  Work, Band-sawing, Brackets, Newel Posts,  Turned Veranda Posts, Store Fronts,. Doors,  Windows and Glass,  Get prices before purchasing elsewhere  St. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  NELSON. B. C.  A boarding and day school conducted bj the  Sisteisi of St, Joseph of Peace. It is situated at  the col'nor ofMlll and Joi-ephiiie sticets in one of"  the best lo^fdential portions of Nelson, and is  easily accessible fiom all 11.11 ts. of the city.  Tho course of study includes Iho fuiiuaiuoui.il  tind lughei bi,niches of thorough Knglish education: Business course���bookkeeping, btenug-  laphy and typcwntinsf. Science comse���music;  vocal and iki&lruinonuil, drawing, etc. Plum art  and nccdlowoik, etc.  For teimfa and paiticulnrs apply to tho Sister  Superior.  Miss Palmer  REAL ESTATE  AND  INSURANCE.  A llargain���House mid   two  lots', on lower.  Josephine and Cuibonato ibtiecte, foi. bate, $1 GOO  Will open hor  KmdeiKiu'toiKwid  primary whool in  THK KNGL1S1I  CilUIUlir school  room on th&2nd of January, 1O0O. For lornih and  all particulai-H apply lo MISS I'ALMKH,  At iQstdenco of Mrs. J. It. Itoboitsoii, liakcr  Street Wost.  NO FANCY WORK  Hut plain e\ei'y day  le.ich at the  businCba is ^li.it we  Kift   NELSON BUSINESS COLLEGE^  Good for Giils as -well as. I5ojs  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and Kootenay Streets.  P. O. Box 559. TELEPHONE NO. 95  aw a  Office and Mills corner H4U and front Strgeta, _N0so  TN TIIK MATT Kit OV AN APPLICATION  �������� FOU A DUPLICATK OF A CEUTIKIC \TK  OV TITLK lo lots ele\ui (II) and tweho (!'.'),  blook t��ent}-be%cn (27), Oltj ol Nelson, U. O.  Notice is heicbygh on that it is my intention  ai, tho equation ot one month fiom the  piihlictitmn hereof, to issue a duplicate of the  f 'eitilicUe of Title to the nboi elands, issued {o  OttoigoA. IJ. Hall, onthcSOUi d.ij of I>pt( mber,  }W, t\n& nuinbcied 1533 JC.  S. Y. WOOTOX.  ltegistrar Genoi al.  Land HiOssisti} Office, Victoiia, 11. C, l'Jth Feb-  iiuuy, l'WU,  NOTICE. ~~  Notice is hereby gircn th.il I intend to apply at  IJic ncxtJiiceting ot the lloaid of License coin  jiiissioncis for the City of Nelson, held .ifloi tho  t_"J.p��.Uiosw>f lliirtj days fiom the date heicof,  fo"a ti.uiil'ci of the saloon license now held by  mo, diital the 15th daj ol Januaiy, 11)00, foi Llie  liodcfta caloon, situate on tho east half of lot!)  block I, Nelson, B. C, lo W. G. itobinson of Xel-  hen, B. C.  Dated this 7Ui day of February, 1900. ������  .JVitncss;  H. F. BIacjleob. .  It. K SMITIL THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C, THUESDAY, MARCH I, 1900  BANK OP MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up..$12,000,000  REST     6.000,000  A ��� -    Y.ord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...Prcsidcn  Hon. George A. Drummond Vicc-Presidcii  K. S. Clouston General Manage  NKLSON HKANCH  Northwest Corner llaker and  Stanley Streets  Rranchcs in London (Kngland) Nkw York,  Chicago, and all the principal citios in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfers.  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in any part of tho world.  .Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Eto.  Savings Bank Branch  CUKKI.VT It I I'll Of  IS'Ti:HKSr IMII).  BOER PRISONERS ARE SENT  Away Under Escort.  London, Feb. 28.���S p. m.���The  Avar office has lecoivcd the following despatch from lord Roberta:  '���Paardeberg, Feb. 28.���Cronje with  his family left here in charge of  major-general Prettymau and under the escort of the "City Imperial  Volunteers aud Mounted Infantry."  Later in the day the remaining  prisoners Avent in charge of the earl  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay," U. S.f  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City.N. W. T.  of Erroll and escorted by the Gloucesters and 100 Imperial Volunteers.  The women and children are being  sent to their homes. I understand  that great dissatisfaction was felt  by the Boers at Cronje's refusal to  accept iny offer of safe conduct to  tho women and children and medical care for the wounded, 170 of  whom are now in our hospital. Very  many of them are in a terrible  plight for want of care at an earlier stage. I inspected the Boers'  laager yesterday and was much  struck by the ingenuity and energy  with which the position was made  almost impregnable to assault."  United States Railway Matters.  New York, February 28.���It is  stated that the fact that the Erie  and Western Transportation Company (the Anchor line) which con-  tiols the largest fleet of freight  carriers on the great lakes, has val  uable terminals at  Buffalo  which  will   practically    pass   into   their  hands   tomorrow,   is    the   reason  given by Pennsylvania railroad officials for their proposed surveys to  Buffalo with a view to buildiug a  new line into that city.    The terminals   of   the   Erie   &    Western  cover .: some twelve   acres on the  lake front in Buffalo, biit they are  insignificant both in size and value  compared with those of the Western New York & Pennsylvania railroad, which the Pennsylvania could  buy   if   it   wished.   The Western  New York road is, however, burdened with tremendous capitalization, both in stock and bonds, and  this fact is given by the Pennsylvania people as their reason for not  wanting it, as they could never expect any return  on the  money invested for purposes of control.  Strike in Puerto Eico.  San Juan, Puerto Rico, February  27.���The first important strike  among Puerto Rican laborers began yesterday, when 500 men who  had been constructing the military j  road from Ponce to Adjuntas,  inarched into the latter town waving flags and carrying banners  with the inscription, "We workmen  demand five cents an hour."  A FULL  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings '  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  IF WHAT VOU WANT IS NOT IV STOCK  WK WILL MAKi: IT VOU \OV  CALL AND GET PRICES.  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  MEALS    25    CENT"S  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Large comfortable bedrooms and  first-class  dining-room. Sample rooms for commercial men.  RATES $2 PER DAY  Waverly Hotel  This popular hotel, which is now being  enlarged and renovated, will be reopened  on March 1st, when it will have 40 large,  nicely furnished and well lighted rooniH,  heated with hot air. Special attention  will be given to the dining room.  RATES REASONABLE.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STIihETS, NELSON  Lethbridge Gait Goal  The best value for the nioncj in the maiket  for all purposes.  terms cash      W. P. TlEitNEv, General Agent  Telephone W.    Office vith C. D. J. Christie.  UOOIIS LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITY  AND iriOATKD BY STEAM  2j CENTS TO ��  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  iVjadden House 'ti^xSs?  N|rs. E. G. Clarke, Prop.  LATE OK TIIE ROYAL nOTEL, CALGARY  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  C. A. PROSSER,  MANAGER  A Big* Schooner  OF BEER OR  HALF-AND-HALF  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained  under one management since 1S90.  Tho bed-rooms are woll furnishod and lighted  by electricity.  The bar is always stocked by the bobt domestic and Imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Prompt and regular D x u ���  delivery to the trade       Brewery at HelMI)  Nelson   Wine   Co.  CHOICE WINES AND LIQUORS  Special attention given to family trade  Ta?nset;fet,      FRANK A. TAMBLYN  Nelson, 11. C.  MANAGER  ALWAYS  FKESH  10c  ALWAYS  COOL  The beet glass of beer to be had in Nelson Is at  THE CLUB HOTEL  Stanley Streets!     *���   J.   CURRAN(   PrOp.  B. C. HOTEL   erie, b. c,  First-class in every respect. Choicest wines,  liquors and oignrs. Every comfort for transient  and resident guests.  HEADQUARTERS FOR UNION MEN.  JOSEPH CAMPBELL, Proprietor.  Advancement is Success  As Cronje is on- his way to the Cape, we are  advancing. We are here to let you know of our  fifteen years' success in Kootenay, which means that  we have sold good goods and treated our customers well. We carry a full line of Watches, Jewelry  and Diamonds, all of which we will sell at prices  that cannot be beat by the big eastern houses.  Jaeob  Dover  The Jeweler, Nelson  Out for Business  We carry in stock six kinds of Sewing Machines,  namely, Wheeler & Wilson, Domestic, Standard,  White, New Home and Eaymond. Our Watch and  Jewelry Department is up-to-date, and we are prepared to give a guarantee "that all work entrusted  to us will be done satisfactory. Mail and express  orders receive our prompt attention. T  Jaeob  Dovep  The Jeweler, Nelson  Br  Here's Bargains  WP'S SUITS  Wc h.i\o ftlionl Ui oiiils of Rood Mjiwceablo  tweeds, odd-.,mil ones of our $10tint! S!_!.vii'!_w, all  si/csnie in llie lot.   Take join choice for $I.M.  Hoy's suits mum and nice, i-\tni good for little juice.  Uml�� mom al >p(vial low pi ices,  BuiKuiiH in men's ami boy's caps, socks and  Uei-,   Qualilj good���pi ice* low.  IUkcrSticrt. RRffiWN Rt CO  Opposite Queen's Hotel. D"u" ��* uu*  CUT PRICES .IS THE  ORDER OK THE DAY  And I want to be' fn it. I havo just received  Fall samples of Suitings and Overcoatings, representing a ��50,000 stock to chooso fl om made lo  jour older at pi ices never before heard of in Nel-  hon. All tho latcbt fadb in Fancy V eatings for  Fall and winter.  Ladies' tailoring in all its branchof a specialty.  Lowest piicea.   Rooms 1 and 11, Hillyer block.  STEVENS, The Tailor  ��1  CLEANING  AND  REPAIRING  YOUR OWN GOODS MADE UP  OLD CLOTHES MADE GOOD AS NEW  ARTHUR GEE  Opposite Clarke Hotel.   MERCHANT TAILOR  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  Rhndodcndions, Ro^es, Kmcy Kie.Kieens,  __tl.ignol.is, Jlnlbs uc�� ci op Laun Glass faced foi  pieMsnl oi spini).; pi.intm';. L.hkosI and most  complete '���IolV. in A\ ostein (.'annd.i. Call and  make j our select ions oi send for catalogue, Ad-  d'f'sk at nui'Sci) gioiuidb and Kieenliouso.  M. .1. HENRY.  MOOS Westminster Rood, Vancouver, B, C.  SAWMILL   FOR   SALE.  Tho sawmill ami plant lat el voiuicrt by Joseph  'P. Kobe! th. nt Rjken's Landing, and consisting  of ,i Mhoisii powtii boiler, engine, Gullilli ic  Wedge lop-tig F.tWTinll, editor, planer, belling,  elc, etc., will be sold wlieio thoy now stand.  -*PPl,l'AYLOR & HANNINGTON, Solicitors.  IRON   KINGS   AT   WAR.  Pre&surc to settle H. C. Frick's  $21,000,000 claim before reaching  the courts, against Andrew Carnegie, the white-Avashed Scottish-  American multi-millionaire, having  failed, a battle royal will now, it is  believed, be fought out to a finish  in the courts of law of tlio United  Slates. Mr. Carnegie has offered  Mr. Frick the bum of $0,000,000, but  the latter desires $21,000,000 as a  settlement. The suit it is certain  will reveal the manner in which  the American protective tariff enabled the formation of a syndicate  or organization which practically  lobbed the American nation of hundreds of millions and defrauded  thousands of bread winners out of  a fair rate of wages for a fair day's  pay. Indeed the "sweating" process was indulged iu to such an extent that it became imperative upon the part of the employees to assert their rights in the matter of  the wages being paid them. Men  of the stamp of Carnegie, Rockefeller and others who pose as philanthropists in giving to charities,  libraries, universities and kindred  institutions of their means, much of  which they have no furthur use for,  arc not entitled to any credit or  public sympathy for their conduct,  as what they are giving back to the  public is theirs by right, for from  them millions upon millions have  been \\ hat might well be termed  feloniously extracted. Au American contemporary discussing the  lines of policy wliich Mr. Carnegie  lias of late years  been   following  says:  Mr. Carnegie's eulogy of poverty  is made the more intelligible by the  recent revelations  of liis partner,  Mr. liYick.   According to that gentleman Mr. Carnegie's own estimate  of tha net profits of the Carnegie  Steel Company for 1000 is $10,000,-  000.    As   Lhe Carnegie   interest is  58^ per cent the Carnegie share of  these profits would be $23,400,000,  and a man who has nn annual income  of that amount may safely  praise poverty without the fear of  being overtaken by an ironical fate.  He may even make gifts of millions  to librairies with perfect impunity.  The figures are-stupendous, inconceivable almost, and although it appears that the estimates are far in  excess    of   previous   returns,   still  there was a clear profit last year of  $21,000,000, of which Mr. Carnegie  was entitled to   $12,285,000.   The  revenues of Denmark, with its population of more than two millions,  did not much exceed the possible  dividends of this single industrial  concern.   Upon the  showing that  has been made it is evident that if  Mr. Carnegie really did yearn to die  poor he would have to work harder  for that purpose than ever he did  to build up his great business.    Mr,  Frick, indeed,  makes  light of hih  labors hitherto.   He intimates that  he had grown rich in spite of himself.    It was while he was living in  New York or coaching in Scotland  that the millions began to pile up  at an unprecedented rate.   All lie  had to do was to keep'hands off and  spend as much as he could, while  the serviceable Fiick went on doubling the value of the r>$\ per cent.  But even with all that lie has learned of'spendiug and of working too  it is, certain tliut <-o long as Lhe income of 23 oi of 12 millions K maintained it will be impossible for him  to impoverish  himself,  nor would  the prospects be much butt or it1 ho  should take out his pi iiu-ipal, which  is  calculated at $137,050,000^   For  he is now 01 years* old, and it is not  mere  waste that  he contemplates  or indisciiininato giving, but a well  considered    distiibution    in    sums  ranging from a few thousand to a  few  millions.     That   will   loqulre  much patience aud study.    .Supposing that the gift" aveiaged $100,000  each,  they would haA-e to be  bestowed upon moicthau i,TOO institutions, and to '-cek thorn out and  decide upon the  merits of  tlio respective   applicants   would    be   a  tremendous task.     Meantime, too,  the confounded money could ha idly  be   kept   in   a   storehouse.    It  would be necessary to invest it in  securities   from  which    if   would  draw interest and keep piling up in  spite of Mr. Carnegie's most heroic  endeavors.    Jt would   '-eeiii, theio-  fore, that the unfortunate man is  destined  to  die rich, disappointed  and despetato.    Eobbc-r Extradited.  Mo.vtrj:al,   Fob.   28.- Detective  Frieze of New Voi k, left here to-  ight for   New   i'oik  wiLh A.  J.  Snow of that city, extradited on a  charge of robbing the Wells Fargo  Mxpress Company. The National  "Surety Co., which wanted Snow,  traced him to Canada and secured  his extradition. Hi-, confederate,  Jlonry S. Keller was prosecuted by  the National Surety Co. and was  fcntcnced to two years imprisonment on December 2ord last.  iiiiiiif  teledaUffocii  Vernon Street, Nelson.  NOTICE   %Q   VOTERS.  f'on-ci i.��ti\oi and .Ul f m.i.il.Ic In (lie C'onsei  \.iM\i- i.niso ,ui> united in register tliui names  liiujit the \olu-.  11-f,     K(Kisti.ition   can  take  Iil.Kuatnih limp, the (iii.ilillcituiiii being  Brit  isli s"(ili|''t ts, 21 jti's ol ,ige, si\ nion'lis' icsi-  di-ii'-e in the pjoi UKe and \\\o mnillli-. i(_-irlui(_e  in tl'i' mling.   'J be .iini w_tus lis!  i-, tiK.il for  )ju1li Dominion ami I'io\iit< nl olc< lions,  /flu followint? "ill bo I>1( i>id todi.iw  upplica  lions at tin irollKCs Un niU'riiling \oiui,  John IMiol, .1.11. ilu\ws. W, A. M.mloii.ild, R.  M. Mauluimhl, II. \\ . JI iiimiiKlon ami  S J|  HKVIK11.S.  Surol !���>'( oiisli \ativo Woualiim.  TENDERS   WANTED?  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Offer fresh roasted coiree of boit quality as  follows:  Java and Arabian Mach'i, per pound. $  10  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds)  1 00  Fine Santos, 4 pounds         100  Santos Blend, 5 pounds   1 00  Our Special Blond, C pounds.  1 00  Our Rio Roast, S pounds  1 00  A trial order solicited.   Sale a oom 2 doors east  Oddfellows block, West Baker bUeet.  V*  Contract and Builder;  WILL DO WELL TO  Buy Their Lumber  AT  G. 0. Buchanan's  A largo stock of flrst-clius dry material on  hand, ��1mo ii full lino of sash, doors, mouidiDgs,  turned vtorlc, etc.  Factory Work a Specialty  Yfixdi   Foot) of Hendryx street, Kelson  Telephone, 61  The Latest Wall Papers  BORDERS AND M0ULD1HCS  We are now opening up fh<} Wriest slock of  w.ill p.ipcis bordi-rs.uul mouldingscm-itcicued  in Nelhon. Wi�� pun liased dntil fiom the Mon  deal importiis. ,��.ii<! have ihoicfuie tin* Utesl rte-  biKlis.ind (.lowest prices. Special iiilot.it ions to the  trade.  , d. 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Bowes, city, and  Cecil Ward, city. The firm have a  line suite of offices in the new Madden block.  The steam heating apparatus at  the general hospital Avas turned on  i'or the first time last night and is  woiking satisfactorily.  A. O. Campbell of Vancouver,  president of tho Vancouver Hardware Company, is in the city on a  business trip.  Parties coming in from Spokane  yesterday state that the smallpox  epidemic has apparently died out.  No new cases have been reported  for a week or ten days, aud the 23  patients at the pest house are well  on the way to recovery. The quarantine established at the infected  houses about the city has been  raised, and the citizens are pursuing their ordinary manner of life.  Dr. F. J. Ewing, who is the physician on the Balfour construction,  has returned to the city and will  make his headquarters here permanently until the work is completed.  He will build a hospital at Five-mile  point, 40 x 60 feet, capable of accommodating 50 patients. An  operating room and office will be located at one end, and the kitchen,  for which a separate biiildhitj will  be erected, at the other. Dr.  Ewing's staff of nurses and cooks  will be along in a day or so.  Chief Thompson, who has charge  of the work of renovating the  shack districts in his capacity of  sanitary inspector, will commence  his rounds shortly. He will notify  tho owners or occupants to have the  premises thoroughly cleaned up,  and if the order is not complied  witli. prosecutions will follow in  every case.  P.. L. T. Galbraith of Fort Steele,  Indian agent for Kootenay district,  arrived in Nelson last night. Ho  reports all the Indians in his charge  as immunes, and there is little dan-,  ger of smallpox spreading among  them. Mr. Galbraith says the tramway at the North Star mine, near  Kimberley, is in successful operation, and that regular shipments of  ore will be made from this time on  to one of the smelters in tho Cnited  States. Arrangements have also  been made to ship Crow's Nest Pass  coal and coke to mountain points  via the Crow's Ne&t Pass to Creston, thence over the Nelson k JBed-  lingtou to Bonner's Ferry, where,  connection is made with the Great  Northern railway. Before returning home, Mr. Galbraith may take a  run down_to.Victoria, _where he sat  for many years as Kootenay's only  member of the legislature.  Another ease 'has been added to  the county court list, that of Campbell vs Craig, an action on account.  Galliher k Wilson aro for the plaintiff and Macdonald & Johnson for  defendant.  Mrs. II. D. Hume, who has been  seriously ill, is doing better now  and is quite out of danger.  The building occupied by the  Miner developed a tendency yesterday to feink. The building settled  four or five inches, and would probably have boon going down yet  ,had not a force of men with heavy  timbers and jack screws put in adequate supports.  II. G. McCuIloch has returned  from Trail where he superintended  the sampling of a shipment of 80  ton& of ore from the Beatrice mine.  The shipments yielded returns of  $97 per ton. The ore is a galena,  and runs 40 per cent lead. *  r Four cars of plant havo arrived,  in the city for the Ontario Powder  Company and will bo shipped to  the works at Six Miie Point today  on a barge. These cars contain  the first installment of plant for  the works, and other shipments are  expected within the,next fortnight.  Daniel Smith, president of the  company, will remain in Nelson for  a couple of months.  F. W. Swannell of the inland  revenue department reports the  collections for February at $3916.77.  Of this amount spirits contributed  $2001.07, malt $374.7S, tobacco  $459.52, raw leaf $151.40, and cigars  $330.  G. D. Travis of Vancouver, high  chief ranger of the high court of  British Columbia, I.O.F., left for  Dawson City yesterday. During  his absence the duties of the high  chief ranger will be discharged by  F. W. Swannell, PoH.C.R., of this  city.  George Dah, the eight-year old  sou of the Galician family quarantined aboard the Moye, is critically  ill. ��� The little fellow is developing  pneumonia and his pulse and temperature are so .high as to cause  the physician in charge considerable  anxiety.  An alleged case of smallpox has  been discoved at Nakusp, the patient being Mrs. McCuIloch, wife of  the C. P. R. agent at that point.  Dr. LaBau, medical health officer,  went up last night to vaccinate the  C. P. 11. men. He was accompanied  by captain Gore, port captain of  the C. P. R. steamers.  The Ontario Powder Company  has leased the store on the Ward  street front of the Madden block  formerly occupied by the Montgomery Company. The firm will locate  their Nelson office in the premises,  and Hugh McPherson will be placed  in charge. i'  Edward Cole of Phoenix, has recorded the transfer of a sixth interest in the Friday mineral claim,  located on the Salmon river, adjoining the Porto Rico mine, to M. E.  Graham of Bode.  The Nelson chapter of the Royal  Arch degree A. F. and A. M., will  be instituted on Monday evening.  E. E. Chipman of Kaslo, grand su-  perintendendent of the degree, is  expected in the city to conduct the  ceremonies.  J. McDonald, of D. McArthur &  Co, goes to Kaslo today.      ,  The P. Burns' company'^ office  staff moved into their new quarters  in'the Burns block last night.  E. N. Chaumette of Vancouver,  who is installing the cold storage  plant in the Burns block, says that  lie can complete the work within a  month. Up to la^t evening a decision had not been arrived at as to  whether the plant would be operated by steam or gas.  The following telegram explains  itself: "London, "England, February 28, via Montreal, February 28.���  Mayor, Nelson: Cordial thanks for  your congratulations. Lansdownc."  The '"Pink Tea'" given by the Ladies' Aid Society of the Methodist  church at the parsonage last night  was a pleasant function. The interior of the pastor's home was  handsomely decorated in pink and  the ladies in attendance wore the  same color liberally about their persons Jn dainty bows, aprons, etc.  Little tables were arranged in the  dining room at which refreshments  were served during the evening,  and parlor games were in progress"  after tea. An excellent programme  was also given. The affair netted  the society a substantial sum.  The friends of II. TI. Bowden of  the Hall Mines' smelter staff" are  somewhat concerned about him.  He has been unwell lately, and at  his request ho was granted a short  leave of absence from his duties.  lie was noticed in town on Monday  last at about one o'clock in the  afternoon on Baker street, since  when his friends have not seen  him. He has not been to his house  and it is feared that he may have  been taken suddenly ill or has perhaps in an aberration of mind-wan-  dcied away. If" anyone has seen  Mr. Bowden since Monday or kuows  anything of his whereabouts, he  will be conferring a favor by communicating with J. J. Campbell at  the Hall Mines smelter.   -  Two men came to the police in  dire distress last night. One of the  two, Haskins by name, stated that  he had lost $300. He had been  drinking ancl suspicion fell on a  man who was seen in his company.  The other man, McDonald, had $800  B��im  Stoves   Stoves  We. have the finest line of COAI HEATERS ever displayed in the dis^,  trict. We are sole agents for the famous COLE'S HOT BLAST HEATER  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted to any kind of coal.  CROW'S NEST, LETHBRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds  equally well. Not requiring the attention of an ordinary coal heater.  Economical, durable and simple in construction. See our Steel Ranges  for hard and soft coal or wood.  H. BYERS & CO.  NKLSON  KASLO  SANDON  in checks, and declared that he had  lost $125 during the course of the  evening. The police are investigating.  'The plug in the tee at the end of  the six-inch main on Baker street  came out iu some manner last night,  and for a time the stream created  havoc in the neighborhood. Chief  Thompson shut off the water at the  corner of Stanley and Baker streets,  and the plug will be replaced today.  The collections at the city hall  for the month of February  amounted to over $4000, or twice  tho amount collected in February  last year.  Settling the District.  Kimherley, Tuesday, February  27.���Colonel Peatman Avith a  mounted force and a Maxim gun  proceeded to Barkley where he was  welcomed Avarmly. He left a strong  guard there aud proceeded to Long-  lands, Wiudsorten and Klip Dam.  There were rumors of Boers being  in the neighborhood but no demonstrations occurred.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  WE HAVE STOVES  But while  we  are  waiting  for the cold weather we  your attention to our line of  NICKLED COPPER WARE  would draw  Including Ten nnd CofFeo Pots, (several designs) Enamelled Handle Dippers, Pudding Dislios, Tea  Kettles, etc., and tho only place jou can get them is at  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  _>.��-'&fi��;&;��;��;��-:-_��;��_:fi_:2��:___��__ ^_s^S^_2_^^_a___&_^___a:__&^_&_^&^ i  Wanted ���A boy who will deliver  ju.pcis A\hcic he is instructed. Apply at the  Tribune ollice.  To Let���House, garden'and hennery, suitable fora chicken ranch. Apply T. H.  . Roberts, Victoiia stieet, opposite postotticc.  Wanted���to buy for cash, second  hnndfurnituie en bloc. Apply T. H. Roberts,  Victoiia btioct, opposite post ollice.        ~  Pant   and    vestmaker    wanted.  Steady iob and good piices to a good band.  Apply to J. ilatlieson, Vernon, Biitish Columbia.  To whom it may concern���$100  ic\\ aid will lie pxid to anj one who furnishes evidence wliich will lead to the conviction of the  person or poisons -who poisoned my io\ ten.er  pup ��� It, G MeLeod  .Mrs. A. Ilalton has opened dress  making parlors in the M.iddon block. Eicmng  dresses and (ailoi made costumos a specialty.  From today the rink will be open  lo Ihe public from 3 to o p. m., and from 8 lo  10.30 p.m.  , Lee i Taylor  BAKER STREET, NELSON  (Gcoige V. Motion's, old sUnd)  Mr  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  xtt;  Kirkpatrick & Wilson  AMIOI.USA1.1: AND RUl'AII. DCILEKS IV  Groceries  Provisions  CO  i���  m  Crockery  Glassware  Hams  *��  Dinner Sets  Coffee  C7  m  ���J  ���n  Tea Sets    -  Butter  Chamber Sets  Dried Fruit  Office Sets  Teas, Spices  ��  Bar Fixtures  Pickles, Sauces  .SO  2  r���  r-  -H  m  3*  Japanese Ware  Vinegar  Fancy China  Goods delivered ficc. Mail  orders o.uefnlly attended to.  Nothing  but  the  best.   No  cheap goods. '  Wholesale and ictuil merchants, No. 18C Baker Street,  telephone 10, P. 0. box K. &  W.   Tiy a tual older.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  ���/���^3�����_^�����^���*���^'���--'���^^�����^���_-�����_-��,    ' ^���^���^���^���sf'^^'fls.jp'.sr-^.Sv-  Hi  Hi  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  Hi  iti  Hi  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  Hi  Hi  iti  iti  iti  SOAP  SOAP  Flour, Feed, Grrain, Hay  AND PRODUCE'  Gar Lots a Specialty  Concspondcnce Solicited  Phone ">(S  Palace SYjeat iVjarl^et  Headquarters  for~airkinds~of  Fresh and Cured  Meats.  *    A PEER AMONG OTHERS  Gilt Edge  IS ITS NAME  >TliisSoap, Liking weight, ou.ility and cost into consideration, will bo found Ihc best ana the  cheapest in the market. It will not wash goods without some nibbing, but the Hncs,t of goods,  whether woolen or cotton, can be piopcilj' Ueancd without uijuiy nnd wth les-i laboi than with  most so cilled fiunilj so.ips. You can use it in the bath or to -w ash the haby, as it& ingredients are of  the; put est and best jjualit).   Korsaleat  The Western Mercantile Company, Limited.  FANCY .AND STAPLE OftOOKHIES BAKER STREET, NELSON  When You Want the  BEST CANNED GOODS ON THE MARKET  TELEPHONE 161.  Boulters Tomatoes and Marrowfat  Peas, Standard Brand Sweet Corn  P. O. BOX 170.  HOUSTON BLOCK  Blue Ribbon Tea Always on Hind.  Fieijli Eggt> Received Daily  John J\. irvirjg & Go.  Right on theJIornerJ  By jour residence is where wo  aie to be found to attend to  jour groociy tiade.  A fcatuie -will bo usarlo of the poultry and  game tiade. They will alwajs. bo on hand during their season.  J. L.  PORTER, Prop.  1G0 Josephine St., betw eon Baker and Vernon.  NOTICE.  The undersigned hiu e mutually ngrecd that on  and after She ls>t day of March, 11(00, the following shall bo lhe nitos for milk in the City of  Nelson.  We lime nist received a shipment of extra fire flavoied Pcylon and India Tea. Aliij  sonic fresh roasted ilocha and Java Coffee. Those goods we can rocommond to anj'-  one wanting some!lung choice.   Oi\o us a tual.   We know -wc can please you.  Josephine and Silica Streets,  opposite Methodist Church  patton Penman  Wholesale  Retail   Bated at Nelson  . 10 cents per gallon  I2A centi per quail  FRASER & BRODERK'K,  IWc LKOD & MASON",  I>. M. UUMB1NS.  B. C\, K-obruaty 27th, 1809.  Freighters and Contractors  OUTFIT   FOR  SALE  W. P. DIOKSON  B. H. H. APPLEWHAITJEl  J. McPHEB  Kooterjay Electric Supply & Construction Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Comnleta Klactrlc KautometLts for HUsetrie Power TraHHmiEsIon and Usbtlng tor  mSSKw^bC^o JWxtaw*. La*��P8. Bella. Telephones Aananclatow, Bto.  P, O, Box 0O8, Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O,  Electrical Repairing, Electrical Supplies,  Electrical   Contracts   (Mines,  Steamers,   Dwelling  Houses, Etc.)   Try us for work and prices  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  11 pack mules.  i caddie hordes.  S inch hleighs.  Government standard wagona.  Als>o harness, njienijoes (complete with blankets, robes, etc.), tools cahip outfits, tcnU.  For paiticulais write, stating rcquiiomenta, to  T. Graham, Albert Can> on, B. C.  Piano Tuning*  L S, OTIS, Resident Piano Tuqer  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  Hsane5on,ab.o. Dealers in Meats  Markets at Nelson, Rossland, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, New  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Midway, and Vancouver,  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  AND POULTRY IN SEASON  FISH  Baker Street, Nelson  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CASEFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  Lca-se outers al  l>o\ei s, P.urifoil's,  Thomson's Stallonory Co,  NELSON, B. C.  W. Starmer 8rr|ith & Go,  PAPER HANGER, GLAZIER,  PAINTER, ETC.  CHIMNEY SWEEPING  Office Ward Street Opposite Opera Honso  Headquarters for Portland Cement, Fire Bricks,  Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal [Blacksmiths]  Special quotations given for cailorul lots  A. C. GUAY, P. O. box 521. Nelson, li. C.  Kootenay Agent  B. P. SITHET & CO., Ltd., Victoria  TO YOUR LOT LINE  WE DO IT     SEE US  Free Water Connections  STRACHAN BRO  &AS PITTING OUR SPECIALTY  PLUMBING OP ALL KINDS  Opcrg. House Block, Nelson


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