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 iy--��__:_T5M^*C��,_a^qj'g  B-l  DAILY  EDITION   BY  MAIL  FIVE  DOLLARS A YEAR  WEEKLY EDITION  BY MAIL  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH YEAR  NELSON:  SATURDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY U J900.  PRICE FIVE CENTS.  GOVERNMENT^ DEFEATED  On -Redistribution.  Victoria, February 23.���[.Special  to the Tribune].���The defeat of the  provincial govern men b  came as a  sensational surprise this afternoon.  The debate on the  second  reading  of the Redistribution bill had been  proceeding in orthodox fashion and  five or six members on either  side  had-been heard from.    Then Hall of  Victoria rose with   the suggestion  of closure, in tho motion "that the  previous   question   be   now   put."  There was  a  full  house,  and  the  three bolters, Martin, Higgins and  Prentice held up their  hands   with  the straight'opposition.     The resolution was carried  by nineteen, to  ��������� eighteen.    The "previous question,"  being tho motion for second reading,  ���was put accordingly.    The government had still a forlorn  hope  that  .Too Martin's course in  urging  tli is  redistribution  and   his  promise to  support any fair  measure   would  swing his vote to tlieir side at  this  crisis.    But during  a cross Jire in  the house a few days  ago, Martin's  successor as  attorney-general   had  somewhat cavalierly  released him  from the promise, and since his assistance had been  spurned, M_irtin  felt free"to  seize  the  long  sought  for opportunity and again held  up  his baud with  the  opposition, this  time against  the  second   reading.  To assure himself that his eyes  did  nob  deceive, him,  speaker Forster  inquired "How docs the honorable  third member for Vancouver vote."  .Tbe  quickly    and    formally    pronounced  the   ministers'   doom,  "I  vote against the. resolution," he declared.  "The bill is lost", observed'Mr.  speaker aiul the opposition sent up  a shout of triumph in which the  galleries joined with a will. When  order was restored, Seinlin dubiously remarked: "1 suppose the  house ab its.risiiig should stand adjourned to Monday." "Make it  Tuesday," said Turner, and ' with  "very well, J move Tuesday," , the  premier acquiesced and it was so  resolved,,  Mr. Turner suggested that the  private bills on tlio order paper  might be put through before any  interruption of the session to follow the..turn of events, aud Seinlin  accepting tliis suggestion also* the  proceeding.*- terminated. Whether  the ministers will resign forthwith  or ask for a dissolution and election  is not'yct disclosed.  berley discovered the Boers concentrating, Avhethor for offense or  defence is conjecture.  The Boors seem to be retiring  from general Gatacroat Stcrkstrom  in order to reinforce the Freo  Staters.  Ludysmith had not been relieved  when the latest news came from  Natal two days ago. The Boers  had been retired half way between  Ladysmith and Colenso. If only  0000 went to the Free State as both  Boer and- British accounts assert,  the 12,000 who are left may purpose  to maintain the siege and to resist  general Buller with contracted  lines, although the impression at  general Buller's headquarters is  that the Boers are merely covering  a retreat.  [HOW ATTACK ON LADYSMITH  WAR EAGLE DIRECTORS ARE  At the opening of the session today", Neill got in his explanation of  the incident rcfericd to by Eberts  yesterday.     lie said that when he  -spoke of the death of* the Canadians  putting au end to'"heady patriotism'' ho spoke not of the patriotism  of the volunteers but of. the "frothy  mouthings" of tho opposition,  Eberts contradicted this, saying  that no such construction could be  pub'upon the words. Neill called  across tho house,  "you're a  liar,"  Ti fid- l-lborTt.- ihvitel! hini- fo"T__ie  lobby, stepping one there himself  I' while Neill remained in his meat.  hRONJE'S stand excites  Great Admiration.  Lo.NM.ox, February 21.���1:15 a.m.  ,.lr. Balfour announced in the house  if commons at half past   twelve  his morning that no further news  egarding general Cronje had been  cecived  by the government.   He  ad sent to tho  war  ofiieo  during  ho hour and he asserted 1 hat uoth-  ig had conic to lmnd there.    Gen-  ral Cronje therefore is presumably  ..ill unbeaten.    No other consfcruc-  on is placed upon the three days'  lence of lord Roberts.   Vet no one  m sec how it is humanly possible,  idgingfrom  the  descriptions  of  s situation on Wednesday  morn-  g, for him to resist so long.  "Englishmen feel something like  ide in Cronje, even as a foe," says  e Daily  News.     "In  a position  vering only a squaremile, hemmed  on all sides, circled with a chain  lire from maxim  and  howitzer,  .yed on by deadly lyddite bnrst-  *in its  own  sickly green   light,  hastily built trenches en ti laded  a stream of lead sweeping down  river from the north bank, gen-  Cronje still elects to fight.     Ib  aguificent courage."  moral Crouje's wife is described  prisoner as urging him to sur-  3r in order to save the lives of  en, but he would not.  .  British  cavalry patrols sent  3rd Methiien north of Kim-  Confident in the Mine.  .Toronto, February 23.���The  .third annual meeting of the War  Eagle Company was held today.  Contrary to expectations, everything passed off quietly, and no adverse comments Avere made regarding the action of the directors in  closing down the mine. There was  a large attendance of shareholders,  in fact, the room was not large  enough to accommodate all of  them, and several went away much  displeased with everybody. The  election of directors resulted as follows :  Messrs. George Gooderham, T. G.  Blaekstock, Hon. Senator Cox, W.  H. Beatty, W. G. Gooderham, C. H.  Gooderham, A. E. Gooderham of  Toronto, aud C. 11. Hosmer of Montreal. Messrs 0. II. Gooderham  and Hosmer are the new members  of the board. Subsequently George  Gooderham'. and Mr. Blaekstock  wore reelected president and vice-  president.  Mr. Blaekstock read the directors'  report, and took occasion to repudiate any imputations made  against the board. They had  adopted what they considered was  a wise policy, and were -confident  that it would not be' long before  War Eagle stock would be selling  ab a higher rate than ib ever reached  before. They did not feel inclined  to disclose their reason for closing  down,1 but intimated that it. was  due, in a measure, to excessive  smelter charges. , They submitted a  report of an .unprejudiced mining  engineer, Wayne Darlington, to  show that the mine was" not  "worked out."  Manager E. B.Kirby advised the  closing down of the works. The  cost of mining and developing the  War Eagle mine is given as $11S,-  001, and net proceeds from the sales  $270,097, Divide-ids 18, 19 and 20  called for $78,750. .  Boers Giving- Way.  Loxdon", February 24.���A dispatch from Chieveley dated Thursday, February 22nd to the Daily  -Chrouicle-tay.-'.���At dawnon Tues=~  day we found that the' Boers had  vae.. ted their position south of the  Tugela and, were in positions  among the high hills midway between Ladysmith and the river and  making a-determined stand,. Tho  Creosote guns were in action. Al^  the British naval and other heavy  guns were brought to bear upon  tho new positions and wo believe  that this show of Boor strength  was only intended to cover a retreat. Yesterday (Wednesday) tho  Boers were retiring all day, General Buller continued to harass  them, "compelling them to give  way.'"      - '  Provisioning Kimberley.  LonM-OX, February 23.-1:30 a. m.  ���Tho war office has issued the following from lord Roberts: "Paarde-  berg, February 22.���Methuen reports from Kimberley that supplies  of food and forage are being pushed  on as fast as possible. There will  bo enough corn to start the De  Beer-.' mills in ten days. By this  means great misery will be alleviated. The hospital arrangements  there are reported perfect." lie  hopes Pir&ka and the adjoining  country will .soon be settled. At  the same time the war office announced that nothing further would  be issued tonight.  Buller's Advance Opposed.  London, February 24.���A dispatch to tiie Daily Telegram from  Pietermaritzberg dated Thursday  says: "Fighting is proceeding in  the A'icinity of Pieters this morning. General Buller's advance is  being opposed by both big guns  aud rifle lire."  Was Repulsed.  London, February 24.���Few more  brilliant stories have been  written  than the three column  account  iu  the Standard from Ladysmith of the  terrific assault upon that camp by  the Boers on January 0th.     Many  of the details told by the Standard  correspondent are intensely interesting. First of all he gives a lucid explanation of the mysterious way in  which the Boers managed to get so  close before they were  discovered.  "At 7 o'clock Friday night", he  writes,    "500   picked   Boers   rode  from  the laager behind  Bulwana  and  fording the  river  came  to a  kopje     south     of   Caesar's   camp  Then    they     bivoacked     until    1  o'clock    in    the    morning    when  they crept cautiously along the ravine and across Fourtiers  Spruit.  Avoiding .our-pickets  and patrols  one section moved up the ravine to  the eastern shoulder and  climbed  silently up the slope in the fold of  the hill.    Another company moved  along the boulder strewn ascent toward the   plateau   on   the south,  while three or four thousand  were  iu  reserve among, the kopjes and  broken ground.    They were  ready  to assist the storming parties  and  to occupy the hills in force as soon  as their comrades secured a footing.  I     "In the attack upon Caesar's camp  one "party of fifty Boers seeking to  make good their retreat were overtaken by the Border Mounted Rifles  and escaped for the momemt by declaring that they  were the /town  guard.     This trick  had, however,  become   too stale aud every "man  was shot  doAvn  as/soon   as   they  came into the open.   The Boers, as  I have  repeatedly said, appear to  think    that    the    white    flag   is  a legitimate   weapon    of    offense  and may be used as a cloak for any  treachery.   A Boer officer with a  dozen armed "followers advanced up  the   hill   with  a   white   flag   and  shouted that they xs ere coming to  surrender when called upon to drop  their weapons they made it clear  that what they, intended  was not  surrender but treachery.  "Vyiien after many hours.of fierce  fighting, the'Boers were almost repulsed from C-Osar's camp, a'storm  came to their aid iu  their  dire ex-,  tremity.    The volleying musketry  of  hail  and  the  roar  of thunder  added a dreadful note  to  the cannonade and sheets of flooding rain  turned   the   spruits   into   raging  torrents and the plains into lakes.  To  see   fifty   yards   through   this  blinding   shower   was   impossible.  Seizing    the   moment,   the   Bbers  pushed forward,another force from  behind Bulwana.   But they did not  get   behind   the    kopje   east   of  C/esar's camp before our naval gun  threw a few shells into their midst.  The storming party made a dash  down  the hillside hoping to  find  protection in   the   storm.     Many  "were "shot ~ iu ~ th~cir~Higlfb   while  others iluug   thenselves   into the  river and were swept out  of sight:  This   rush   brought   the   fight  at  Caesar's" camp  to a close amid a  fusilade .that almost drowned the  thunder."  But it was at Wagon lull, where  the most dramatic features of the  assault occurred. Of this the Standard's correspondent says: "Colonel  Edwards was leading hi> men into  position on the east of Wagon Kill  when a bullet struck him in the  shoulder. Though robbed of their  leader at a. critical moment the  Light Horse never wavered.  Creeping . forward to points  that seemed least exposed  to the devastating lire from the  .front of the hill they fought manfully often to within 20 and even 10  yards of their enemy. This duel  went on for hours without auy  manifest sign of advantage on  either side, though men were falling  on every hand. Major Bowon called  for volunteers among the 00th  Rifles. Only half a dozen came for-  Avard, and with this handful of  gallant heroes, the brave officer  dashed at a strong position held by  the enemy. Not a man lived to tell  the story of their valor. Lieutenant  Todd with 25 men, made another  gallant charge. Thus the fight  went through the long and anxious  hours of the morning.  At   noon   the   Devons   came to  their rescue, the Gordons having no  officer, were again falling back, but  rallied to the call of major  Miller- j  Wahmtt whose gigantic figure -was  secu   at the head of a desperate j  charge.   The enemy left  the   em- I  placements   and    rushing   tip the I  western ascent took cover among  the   rocks.     Their   presence   here  was nob less dangerous and another  effort was made to dislodge  them.  A   subaltern  was  in  charge of a  working party of sappers, Lieutenant Digby-Jones, a youth of 22 who  had already won fame by the destruction  of the   howitzer  on Surprise hill.    When   the enemy  first  appeared on  the crest of  Wagon  hill,  Lieutenant   Digby-Jones   engaged the storming  party  from  a  saugar on the west front.     Driven  from that position he had been conspicuous   throughout the engagement for acts of heroism  that attracted the notice of colonel Hamilton, who had decided to reeomeud  him for.the Victoria Cross.K--;r  "Collecting a mixed company of  Sappers, Rifles and Highlanders, he  led them against the new'-.'position'  held   by    the    enemy.    As   they  dashed  up  the  narrow path,  the  Boers, not imagining that men could  display such reckless courage, called  upon   them   to   throw    up    their  bauds.      The  bullet and   bayonet  convinced them of their  error  and  the  position  was  ours.     But fate  was   holding the  shears  over the  head of a heroic life.     An  hour or  two af tenyards, when we had at a  great    sacrifice    reconquered   the  western limit of the hill, lieutenant  Digby-Jones  was  in the gun emplacement with  major Aliller-Wal-  uutt   aud   one  or  two men.    The  enemy had been  driven back, yet  .maintained  a  searching   fire,  and  having  received strong   reinforcements, was preparing for  another  advance.    Suddenly three  or four  great dark shadows were cast over  the parapet, in which there were no  loopholes.     Van  WjTck,  leader  of  the- Harrismith    commando,   field  cornet Revilliers and another brave  Boer'were making their last desperate charge."   Major Hiller-Wal-  nutt  shot his man and fell  himself  from a bullet aimed at the back of  his head. A corporal of the Sappers  slew   Revilliers,   whose    bandolier  was   almost   filled  with explosive  bullets.     Lieutenant   Digby-Jones  running,out   of the  emplacement  shot their commandant Van Wyck  before   he  himself ended a short  heroe's career with a mauscr^ bullet  through the throat.  His young aud  brave comrade, lieutenant Deuui-%  fell   a   moment   afterward   while  going to the aid of the,wounded.'  -"The   hard    fought    fight    was  nearly over.   Our men  avc re again  on the summit of the  hill and the  -hotchkiss gun of the naval  volunteers  was no   longer  in jeopardy.  But there remained a small aud gallant band of Boers who either would  not or could nob retire.    They were  hidden among some rocks about 50  yards from  the ,brow of the hill,  Their fire was deadly in its searching accuracy.     One man  alone is  credited with having shot no fewer  than five officers.    Colonel Hamilton  asked  colonel  Parke   whether  anything'eould be done to remove,  thorn.    "A charge"'  suggested   the  commander  of the Devons.     The  order was gi ven and the three cora-  panies went forward with  a  cheer  ~aerdss~tir.roj.eu shot swept ground.  Lieutenant Field led his. company  forward, then came captain Lafone  and     iipon     his     heels     lieutenant   Masterson.   The   enemy   did  not   -   wait      to      receive      cold  steel   but   threw themselves over  AFTERNOON REPORTS SHOW  Steady British Gains.  Lorenzo Marquez, February 23.  ���The Transvaal government is reported to be seriously alarmed at  the defeat of the Boers at Kimberley and the retreat of their famous  general,  Cronje.    The  newspapers  are most reticent, but the Standard  and    Digger    News    claims   that  Crouje's movement is beneficial, as  "ib  increases  the  mobility of the  burghers army, enabling it to conduct niore effecti.velybeneficial operations on a carefully prepared plan."  There are persistent reports that  the seat of the Free State government is being moved to Wynburg.  It is said that G000 burghers have  been    sent   from    Ladysmith    to  Bloemfontein.  CojjEnso, Wednesday.���The Brib-  ish have crossed bhe Tugela over a  pontoon bridge to the north of  Hlaugwane and now occupy Fort  Wylie. The naval brigade was  bombarding Grobler's kloof yesterday, the Boers using their Creusot  gun in replying.  After the occupation of Colenso  a small party of Thornycrof b's  horse crossed bhe ' river, bub were  driven back by the fire from the  trenches. The Boer guns are still  shelling the relieving force from  the hills south of Ladysmith, but  the impression is spreading that  they are merely covering the retreat of the entire Boer force.  Arundei"-, Thursday evening.���  Colonel Henderson's squadron of  the Inniskillings with two guns re-  counoitered westward to Mooifon-  tein farm on the direct road to  Colesburg and Hanover. They gob  close to the Boers in the hills and  were fired ou. They quickly got  .their gnus in posibiou and shelled  bhe hills. Eventually the Boers  were driven out, retiring northward, when" they came under the.  fire of two other guns, _. supported  by a.company of Australians, near  the British western post on Dragoon  hill.    Colonel Henderson proceeded  Weir, principal J.; E. W. Matthews,  scribe E.; G. L. Lennox, scribe N.;  N. T. Macleod, P. S.; E. A. Crease,  S. S.; Fred Irvine, J. S.; J. Dover,  AI. V; W. F. Teetzel, treasurer.  Application has been made for a  dispensation and a committee, consisting of George Johnston, Dr.  Quiulau and G. L. Leuuox is charged  with the task of securing regalia,  etc.  There seems to be a hitch in the  arrangements for securing a supply  for the Baptist church until. a permanent pastor is appointed. T. J.  Fraser of Brandon, who was to  have taken the pulpit, has wired  Rev. C. W. Rose to state that he  cannot be hove for tomorrow's services, aud other arrangements will  have to be made.  A delegation of firemen accompanied Alf Jeffs to the steamer last  night on his departure for the East.  Jeffs expects to return to Nelson in  a couple of mouths.  H. A. Jackson of Spokane, general manager of the Spokane Falls  & Northern railroad, is in the city  on a business trip. ��  At St. Paul's church on Sunday  night, Rev. R. Frew will preach on:  "Lot at the Suburbs of Sodom."  NELSON WHOLESALERS ARE  the hill in headlong flight trusting  to speed and the flooding sheet  of rain. Lieutenant Masterson,  having to return with a message  tumbled into a saugar with ten  wounds upon'1'his* body. Captain  Lafone and lieutenant Field fell  victims to a cross fire while the  Boers were in Might. *  < The battle was over. For 10  hours it had raged and the very  heavens had been .<fi a ken with, the  roar of cannon and tho rattle of  musketry. ��� Lady-smith had not  fallen. The enemy had been repulsed on every side and Lhe tale  of their dead, east nnd west, south  and north was heavy beyond anything they had suffered in Natal.  Night drew a sable cloak over the  slain and we waited anxiously till  dawn to count tho dead and res-cue  the wounded.  Transvaalers Concentratin/r.  London, February 21.���The Daily  Chronicle has the following dispatch from Kimberley, dated Wednesday, February 2J .* "Cavalry  patrols that went noi th to capture  the Boer 100-pounder report that  the weapon has been taken beyond  Riverton station, drawn by 132 oxen.  Tiie British cavalry siiy that they  saw Boer parlies but they did not  go beyond Riverton for fear of  being cut off. They learned, however, that the Transvaalers were  being concentrated on the bonier  to the north."  to Mooifontein farm, which he now  occupies. The British" patrols from  IlanoA'-or also came oub that far.  The Boers arc not. in'groat force.  They have 'been persistently followed all day, aud have Avithdrawn  a considerable distance 'northward.  Kookt LaacjJ-I-, near Ladysmith,  Wednesday, February 21.���Boer  account: There Was heavy .fighting  all Monday and .Tuesday, and it  still continues si nee'early morning.  Our officers hope . to dislodge the  British from their position. Last  night a body of'British troops tried  to cross the Tugela river, bub were  beaten back Avith heavy low-.. Our  lo=s AA'as slight. 'Oui' positions are  being bombarded from Ladysmith  at a point Avhere the Klip mrer  passes through the hill-.. Our "long  torn" is replying Avith  good effect.  London,    February-    2-L��� Kvery  hour is oxpectcd to bring news of  gcnc���2^r<mje'Sj^irejLder. On_all  sides wonder H expressed that the  gallant,    yet   ghastly,    battle   at  J'aardeberg drifbjias not been end  ed in the way that is con-idcred to  be inevitable. With fifty gun**  bearing upon the devoted band,  Avithin the terrible short range of  two thousand yard*-., surrender or  utter annihilation can bo the only  result, unless all the reports of the  strength of tJie Boer'reinforcements  are wiong. -  Buller's* progress toward Ludysmith is so flow that il scarcely ap-  penN to the public interest. White  appear-jto bo still full of fight and  to be endeavoring to assist Buller  with a vigorous bombardment.  Advices- received at Cape Toavu  yesterday are to the effect that the  British Avere gradually driving the  Boers nut of northern Cape Colony,  and,that many of the burghers had  reerof*,-ed Lhe Orange river.  London, February 2;_.���An official report, give-' I 16 men killed at  Paardoberg drift on February LSth,  including .-ixty-three Ilighiandeis  and eighteen Canadians.  GITY   LOCAL   NEWS.  Word comes from Aloyic that  John Bremner, employed at the  lumber camp of Park, Mitchell k  Co., Avas drowned in Moyie lake on  Sunday. Bremner Avas well known  at Nelson, having been a foreman  at different times for W. 0. McLean  and David McBoath. the Avell knoAvn  railway contractors.  Tiie chapter of the Royal Arch  recently organized in connection  Avith the A. F. and A. M. starts Avith  a membership of 2'iand very bright  prospects. The officers appointed  are : George Johnston, principal Z.;  H, S, Kinghom, principal  A-;   li.  Archie McCuaig, a carpenter engaged on J. Y. Griffiu & Company's,  new warehouse on Front street, was  rather painfully injured yesterday  morning. The scaffolding on '.which  he avus AA'orking 10 feet from the  ground broke and he fell heavily,  sustaining a gash over 'the right-  eye and air injury to the left arm.  The cub over the eye Avas closed by  a physician who .put, in eight  stitches.  The 24 belts recently received for  the fi re department do not grve  satisfaction. They: are intended  for parade purposes and are quite  handsome, bnt the brigade Avant a  substantial belt which Avill sustain  a man's weight if necessary. Accordingly the belts delivered Avill  have to be-replaced by something  more substantial.  Woman's fleetiug fancy, a husky  yonng'mnnandadisobliginghusband  caitsed trouble last night which  resulted in a scrap, the breaking up  of a happy home and the skinning  of hubby's nose. The' ex-head of  bhe family announced his intention  of leaA'ing Nelson at once, bufc the  movements of the" other actors in  the little drama are not''known at  the time of Avriting,  ��� The phonograph show Ayhlclr has  been running in the Madden block  closed down last night, and the pro-  prietorannounced his intention of  leaving Nelson.  The Chantal property on Gro-  innii creek, two and a half miles  from the city is being Avorked  again. A force of live men under  tho direction of Sam Marshall r commenced operations yesterday, and  a shaft AviJl he sunk from the tunnel Avhich now crosscuts the ledge.  The property is controlled by Nelson-people and-is-promising_���   A small fire took place yesterday  morning at A. Macdonald k Company's iioav warehou.se on front  street, through a quantity of liquid  tar boiling * over into > the fire  beneath the cauldron. * A dense  cloud of* black smoke arose, and  several' hundred citizen-i1 followed  the fire department to the spot  anticipating , a big blaze. The  flames were extinguished before auy  damage avus caused.  An Auditorium for Nolson.  Arrangements aro being marie  for the purchase of the north half  of block 100. Should the properly  be secured, it is the intention of  the purchasers to erect thereon a  large building suitable to the  growth of Nelson. The building  aviII be 50 X, 200 feet, and tw.o'  stori.*--, with principal entrance on  the corner of Kootenay and Carbonate streets.  The upper floor Avill be used for  theatre companies, banquets public  meetings, etc. The basement will  be used for roller skating, bicycling,  gymnasium, ete. The building avH!  be Avell ventilated and easy of exit,  and every appointment Avill be up  to date, The men avIio are making  the deal aro financially able to  carry the undertaking through successfully.  Methuen Administrator.  KiMJ...___._-V, Thursday 22.���-Lord  Alethuen arrived here Tuesday, He  Avill act as administrator of the  Kimberley district, extending  southward to the Orange river.  Colonel Kekewich will remain in  command of the local forces. The  issue of siege soup ceases today.  There are 71 Boer prisoners here.  Doing a Good Business.  Tbe feeling among Nelson Avhole-  salers this week is decidedly buoyant. Business has been excellent in  almost eA-ery quarter, and the trade  is looking for a still larger output  during the next few Aveeks. Yesterday's shipment Avere not as a rule  the heaviest of the Aveek, but the  district coA*ered.was extensive. FolloAving is the list:  J. Cholditch & Co., wholesale  grocers.���Whitewater, Kaslo, Rossland, Trail, Eholt and New Dem-cr.  California Wine Company, Limited, Avines and cigars.���Columbia,  Saudon, Robson and AinsAVorth.  Nelson Saw k Planing Mills, Limited, sash and doors.���Eleven-mile-.'.'  Point, Ymir and B. C. Gold Fields.  Brackman & Ker Alilliug -Company, Limited.flour and feed.���:  Lardo, Ymir, Balfour, Nakusp;  Grand Forks, Bedlington, Creston,  Granite Siding and ReA'elstoke.  F. R. Stewart  & .Co., provisioiis "  and produce.���Cranbrook. :'  W. F. Teezcel & Co., assayers'  supplies.���Ymir,,, Grand Forks,  BeaArer Creek and Kaslo.  H. Byers  k Co.,  hardAvare and '  mining supplies.���Grauite,  Sidney,  Slocan   City,  Enterprise Landing,  Aloyie City aud lake points.  A.  Alacdoua Id   <fe  Co.,  Avholesale  grocers.���-Ymir, Trail, Robson,  Slo-1_  can City, New Denver, ReA'elstoke,  Slocan Junction and Kuskanook.  .   J.  Y.  Griffin A; Co.,    provisions'./;  and     produce.���Silverton,     Ymir, ,  Rossland, Sandon, Kaslo and Kuskanook. . -:--'. ;_.-r-;--*x^  Kootenay Supply Company, Limited,  'wholesale  grocers.���-Bedlihg-   -  ton, Silverton,  Aloyie  City,  Grand'  Forks, and Enterprise Landing.  Turner, Beeton <fc.Co., drygoods  and liquors.���-Kaslo, Deadwood,  Robson, Erie, Enterprise Landing  and Lardo.  T Parsons Produce  Company,  produce and provisions.���Grand Forks,   "  Slocan  City,��� Rossland,   Silverton,  Trail, Ymir,  Halcyon, Sandon'and  New Denver.      '��� *  LaAvrence    Hardware Company.   .  hardAA'are   and  mining  supplies.���    '  Ymir, Salmo, and Granite Siding.  Vancouver Hardware Company,  hardware and mining supplies.���-  Erie, KiipIo and Slocan pity.  H. J. Evans k Co:, commission  'merchants.���Slocan L.ike, Enterprise. Landing. Woodbury-Creek,  Cascade'City, Kitchener, Wobson,  Slocan City, Sandon, New Denver,  SilA-crtou and Trail.,*  Kootenay       Cigar       Company,' "  cigars.- Vmir, Calgary," Kaslo ami  Fort, Macleod. . '  GARBLED BOER REPORTS OF  The Eecent Fighting,  Phi.touia, Wednesday 2Lst.���  Th"_rfollo\ving_Avar bulletin has been  is'sued here. A report was received  this morning of cannon firing wurt  of Colesburg. At J'etrusberg cannon firing commenced at (i o'clock  in the morning. A big fight was  expected today. Dewet telegraphed  from Petnisberg that all aviis quiet  except .several cannon shota* and  small skimi-siio*-. Yesterday evening the British stormed the  federal position.. h_j far'as Selmuser  but Avere driven back. A muHst^e  from general Cronje is to the effect  that his loss yesterday avus I I dead  and wounded.j  Commandant Fronoman report*3  that from- February ITtth to the  20th he wa.s almost,surrounded by  the British at Alodder river, Avhen  Avith a small number''of me i ho  broke through the rivei. Cii Sunday there wa? a heavy fight. The  British prepared to Iny siege to tlio  Boor laager and the fighting became  general. We were surrounded oy  2200 British live - miles from the  chief laager. At night Ave cut our  Avay through Avith the loss of seven  dead and sixteen Avounded. The  lost- of the British Avas heavy. Yesterday we cut our way through io  reach Dewet Avho was in the neighborhood. Fifty-three prisoners  formerly taken have been forwarded. It is reported that tin.  British were continually attacking  Koodoosrand yesterday with infantry and lancers, but that they were  di iven back.  Making Buller's Task Easy.  (.iii_i_v._i,i_v, Thursday 22.--The  main body of the Boers has lied,  evidently with the object ol" stemming the advance of lord Roberts. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B.C. SATURDAY,  FEBRUARY U 1900  Xow is a tcooil lime to select, your spring suit or overcoat.   It may seem a little  early, bul better buy early than wait, until lines arc broken.   AVe have just received u lnrjje shipment of suits ami light overcoats, and will sell you serge and  tweed s lits for men from ?5 up.  See our l_cj;ent Street suits tor young men, the newest thing out.  Baker Street,  Nelson, B. C.  J. F. WEIR, Men's Outfitter.  gpite ffiribmte*  lti-Ci-XT reports received by the Canadian  ���wholesale trade of condition of business in the  mining centres of British Columbia are not reassuring. Jobbers who have made large shipments to leading mining centres some months  ago say that more request-, were received from  British Columbia mining towns for renewals  than from any other part of tho Dominion, and  that, in fact, the payments were, with (hose exceptions generally satisfactory, j It will be an  unfortunate matter for business concerns in  . Canada, if they have to undergo the same experience as witnessed in Lcndvillc, Colorado,  some years ago. In that city a prolonged strike  took place at the inception of which the mer.  chants continue 1 to give credit to miners, und  to hotoCand bearding house keepers; with whom  the miners lodged, but in the absence of nny  wages being earned, many merchants were  loaded with bad debts, and wore unable to discharge their indebtedness to the wholesale firms,  large losses being made in consequence. Al-  t hough the Canadian wholesale trade have no  direct interest in Iho merits of the labor  troubles in the west, thoy arc largely interested  in an indirect way iu connection with the discharge by retailers of their obligations for  goods supplied, and there is no doubt that  they will see the wisdom of taking such stops as  will sccute thorn against lhe serious disasters  that overtook Lcadvillc business men in the  miners' strike in that city.  The above bears a Toronto  date  and was printed  in  the Montreal  Star.    It is strange that the Avholesale houses of Toronto  should see  fit to publish broadcast that  they  have formed a  combine  with the  mine owners' associations of Kootenay to help lower the  wages  of  mine workers.   No more cowardly  and   contemptible   a   combination  Avas ever  formed in  any country.  It is cowardly because  those  who  engage in it are so far distant that  they take  no  chances  in    getting  hit, and contemptible   because it  shows that the managers of Toronto  Avholesale    houses   are   willing  to  slander     a     section    of    country  whose    people    haA'C    been   their  liberal   customers,   for   a' decade.  Since 1S90 the people,of  Kootenay  >    have purchased millions of dollars'  worth of goods from Toronto merchants, for AA'hich one hundred cents  on the dollar  haA'e  been  paid'.!   In  return for this, the whole country  i.s now being defamed,  .-imply because   a   feAV   speculating   mining  operators   ��� cannot     coerce     mine  "'   Avorkers into taking Avages that are  below the standard that haslongpre-  A-ailed on.'the Pacific Coast.   Jvoot-  enay was a good country long before  the   Gooderhams   and   the  Black-  btocks* and the lUackenxies and the  Manns commeuced their  questionable imuin'g operations at Rossland  aud   in   the Boundary,  and  it 'is  likely to be a  good  country  long  after those worthies iill dishonored  graves,    if the met chants of any  towns in Kootenay fall iu line aud  help these Toronto wholesale mer-  --chant:. do_ame_J__oo_enay._t_ien_in.iy_  they never be allowed to show their  fciecs   among    honorable    business  men.  Kvi.i.y business hon>e i'n the  mining districts of Kootonay and  Yale that 1hwc placed orders Avith  Toronto Avholesale houses should  cancel them by wire. When the  Avholesale houses of a city like  Toronto combine to.help Gooderham and Blackstock and Macken/.ie  and Mann to reduce the wages, of  mine worker., in British Columbia,  and in doing it show a willingness  to defame the Avhole country, ib is  high time to .show tho cowardly  whelps they must look elsewhere  for trade.   Tin*:   British   Columbia   Review  makes  the announcement that an  association has been formed in London Avhich include*- practically all  the British companies OAvning mines  iu the Slocan.   The avowed object  of    this     new   association    is    to  strengthen the hands of, and act in  concert Avith the Silver-Lead Mines  Association  of   tho   Slocan.     The  Record then endeavor*, to show that  tiie new organization Avill have an  important bearing upon the labor  situation  by presenting a   strong  front to the unions.    Then follow.s  a list of the companies Avhicli have  entered  the mme-ownei'-. union in  London :   Tho Queen Bess Proprietary Company,  Bosun  Gold mine,  Whitewater mines, Ruth mines,  Enterprise mines, Scottish Colonial  Goldfields, and the London k B. C.  Gold fields. It is a formidable list  of names ; but as one becomes acquainted Avith the several compiiu-  ies mentioned, one Avell-known personality shines through more than  half of the seemingly separate companies. Tho action of the companies in organising may therefore  be taken as indicative of tho gentle-  niens' A*iews upon the advantages of  organization. To this exfeut it will  bo Avelc'ome news indeed, for if in  practice he countenances the unifying of his companies, he cannot consistently refuse to accord the same  privilege to his AA'orking miners.  Then there is also the questionoof  the recognition of the- respective  unions. The new-born London  union will insist upon recognition  from the members of the labor unions, and in turn its representati\'o  iu Nelson will no doubt reciprocate  by recognizing the miners' unions.  Though startling at iirst, the new  association seemingly comes not to  destroy, but to save. It is assistance from an unexpected quarter,  but it is none the less welcome.  V/hoiesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD & CO.���Corner Vernon and  ��� Josephine streets, wholesale grocers and  jobbers inblunkets, gloves, milts, boots, rubbers,  mackinaws and miners' sundries.   KOOTKNAY  SUPPLY   CO-UPANY,   L1_-II-  TKD��� Vernon   street,  Nelson,   wholosalo  grocers.   TOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.-  "    son, v.lio]e-nl- grocers.  -Front street, Nel-  COAL.  OP.OW'S  NEST PASS COAL  COMPA.VY.-  Wholcsale dealers in coal and coke, diaries  St.. Barbe. Agiuit. Baker street. Nolson.        HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  HBVKRS & CO.���Corner 1-akoi and Josephine  ��� streets. Nelson, wholesale dealers iu hardware and mining supplies. Agentsfor Giant  Powder Co.  LAW1.1.NT*..  Baker St.,  w,  The attempt of the opposition, to  have sailors, soldiers, and civil servants reinstated upon the voters'  list, will not commend itself to the  people. There are few avIio will not  denounce the spoils system as injurious to the civil service ; there are  fewer still who do not recognize the  advantage gained by civil servants  keeping clear of politics. The Semlin goA'ernment recognising public-  opinion in the matter disfranchised  all civil servants. They recognized  .that the r best AAvay to ensure the  neutrality of the "civil service AA'as  to render it impossible for the civil  servants to take any part in the  elections. When they take no part  in contests it AA'ill be more difficult  to put l'hc spoils system in operation and the gain to the country  Avill be efficient service.l  HUDSON'S BAY-  COMPANY.  II AI'.DWAIU.   IC011 PAN Y���  ,  Nelson,  wholesale   dealers in  hardware and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers' supplies.   VANCOUVER TC AltD WARE COMPANY,  LII-HTED���I-akor street. Nelson, wholesale  dealers in hard ware and mining supplies, pluni-  bers and tinsmiths'snnolies.   DERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  TnOIIPE & CO., LliriTKD.���Corner Vernon  nnd Cedar streets, Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholosalcdcalors in teralcd waters and  fruit syrups. Sole agentsfor Halcyon Springs  mineral water.   Telephone CO.   ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  F. TKT.TZl.L & CO.-Corner Raker'and  Josephine streets. Nelson, wholesale dealers in as-ayers supplies. Agents \tox Denver  Fire Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.   LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  rpURNER, JiEKTON & CO.-Corncr Vernon  A and Josephine streets. Nelson, wholesale  dealers in liquors, cigars and dry goods. Agents  for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Cal-  gary Browing Co. of Calgary.    COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  H J. EVANS & CO.-Baker street, Nelson,  ��� wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars,  cement, fire brick and fire claj*. water pipe and  steel rails, and general commission merchants.  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN & KER MILLING COMPANY  ��� LTD.���Front street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in flour. oatn_eal,_etc., and hay and grain.  W  Mills at Edmonton, Victoria, and" Now Wost-  tninster.   CIGARS.  KOOTENAY CIGAR MANUFACTURING  CO.-Corner Baker and Hall streots. Nelson, manufacturers of "Royal Seal" and "Kootc  nay Belle" brands of cigars. -  PAINTS   AND   OILS.  NELSON HARDAVARE COMPANY-Baker  Street���Wholesalo dealers in paints, oils,  and brashes of all kinds. Largest stock in  Kootenay.      FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  P    BURNS &   CO.���Baker   street,   Nelson,  ���   wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meat*.  Cold storage.   POWDER,  CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON TOWDER COMPANY-Baker  btieet Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  bporting, 3tumping and black blasting pow ders,  wholesale dealers in caps and fuse, una electric  blasting apparatus.   0*-0*-& ._*-fi* ._*-_*  >--V *<*___. ���''��--_, ���>___,���>____, ���>^k ���**___. ��"^ ��� **�����, -^S-T. *^v .^ .>^.<__��".^v**%_t_.-^  *___--__-*  ���p^'tSSt-fi*  ^C_3' ���  . �����_-_.  ____����> *x&&fj_$  ��� 00 ��� 0*'fi*;-*  w  iti  iti  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  *?.  ^t-SSfsSKS&SS.^  SEND  FOR  SAMPLES  m  w  rr>  in  ..��  m  _*  X  iti  ^'__ -S-SSSS-_��_-:_-33;_-..^  rf. ee�� eee ees es&^  Ladies'  w  Mackintoshes  Latest Styles  %:���_.:���_-:���_-._;_-:���--:._:���_--  ...  IP  !P  IP  _-ra  ass**  \ti  iti  iti  SPRING    GOODS  We have opened this week a large shipment of import goods direct  from English manufacturers, therefore we are able to sell  goods much cheaper than buying from eastern houses  Xlf  iff  iti  w  iti  iff  w  iti  w  Xlf  iti  iti  Uress  INCLUDING  Uf  w  w  PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSONS PRODUCE COMPANY���Vernon  street, NeUon. \\ holesale dealers in piovis-  ions, produce, and fruits. Agents for Swift &  Go. bacon and hams.   T   Y. GJUPFIN  &  OO.-Conicr Veri>on,and,  " *   Josephine _>(: eel__, Nekon, v. holcwale de -lento provisions, curpil meals, butter And eggs.  mCQRPORATED 1670.  Just RLeeelveci  A CARLOAD OF CHOICE  VEGETABLES.  Sweet Potatoes  Parsnips  Potatoes  Cabbages   .  Carrots  Turnips  Beets  Onions  PR. STEWART & CO.-Warohouscs on 0. P.  ��� It. track, foot of fot-in.cy street. Nelson,  wholesale dealers-in pr_vi_io_i_, pioducc -and  fiuils. Cold storage. .Agents Annour & Co'f  bT*on. ham*., lard aud oilier products.   liNlTOBA PRODUCE AND COMMISSION  CO.,Ltd. ��� Nelson   branch,   Kail  street.  Wholesale dealers, m butter, eggs and cheese.  ~     "     SASH AND DOORS.  NKLSON SAAV AND PLANING MILLS  LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall sheets,  Nelson, manufactu. ors of and wholesale dealers  iu sas,h aud doors;alll-inds oi factory work made  to older.   TENTS   AND   AWNINGS.  NPLSONTi-NT AND AAVNINO FAOTOIIY���  llaker st'tel, \_lsoi_. Maimfar unci's of all  kind', of leu!-., awnings, and MiiVii. goods.  P. O.BovTC    Thco. _M.id��,Qii, p-oprictor.   WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMI-  TKD-Corner Fiont and Hall streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in wine;; (ense and'bulk)  and domehtic andimported cigars..  XIf  iff  iti  iff  iti  iti  Prints, Zephyrs,   Ginghams,   Victoria and  ' . o  Bishop Lawn, India Linen and Muslin.  Dimities Mercerised Lawns in all colors  and shades.  White and colored Piques, white and colored Ducks and Galates.  Embroidery at old prices; a fact that is  due to an early import order before the advance.  We have Hamburgs, Nainsooks, Swisses,  Cambrics in edging and insertion.  White Valencienne Lace and insertion.  Table Linen and Napkins, Towels and  Towling, Bed Spreds, white and mercerised  bleached,Sheeting 8-4, 9-4 and 10-4. .  Circular Pillow Cotton, 40 to 46 inch.  Shipt Waists and Wrappers  JUST IN  We have opened up and are marking the  largest stock of Wash Shirt Waists and  Wrappers ever received in Nelson. Right in  style and right in price.  Black and Navy Serge $3 to $12.50.  o ...  Black Brillanteen, plain and fancy, $2.50  to $9.  Ready-made Skirts  Ask to see our new Silk Underskirts from  $5 to $20.  Two more pieces of all wool Sheppard's  ' plaid dress goods, 44 inches wide. - -  W  iff  iti  iff  iti  Xlf  ARCHITECTS.  rpWART  & CARI-IE-Arcliileet..   Rooms  7  *-���   nnd S A-iHrdwt�� hi. ck, jfjiiko-atrfpt   NV.lJ.-n.  w  iff  iti  iti  iti  iff  iti  iff  iti  \$f  iff  iti  iff  iff  iff  iti  iff  iti  NEW GOODS ARRIVING   DAILY  IP  m  ��.��  i>  <__  /?\  W~?s��'  i999999^9^  "itf  w  \!i  ._>  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  il.  .iti  L_diss'  and Children's  Cashit)ere Hoso>  *?3i>3.3_3_--__ _SS��  <cfef&_f6&��-S-t��*6*&S  <?��  m  <n  %  iu  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  <�����������__���__�����-_. �������-*-&���_. ��S_^  w  iff  The  Latest  Neckwear  w  xti  iff  7&  LODGE   MEETINGS.  NELSON LODGE. NO. 23, A. V. & A. M.  Meets second Wednesday in each month.  Soionrrina brethren ln*vited.  KNIGHTS OV PYTHIAS���Ncl-on ___od��e. No,  26, Knights of-Pj-fchHs, -iioets in_I._0. O. F.  Hall, corner Uaker  aiid Kootcnaj' streets^ every  Tuei-dny evoniuc at 8 n'clock,   Vt-itlng Kuighla  eordiallr invited to attend.  -     R. G. JOY IC. of U. & ?.  I.KOXARD SCOTT, 0. C.  Chloride of Lime.  Carbolic Acid.  Bi-chloride of Mercury.  Copperas.  Permangnate of Potash.  Sulphur and Brimstone  for fumigating.  We have ali   the  above (with  directions for using) at  reasonable prices.  Carbolic Acid in large bottles,  60 cents.        Canada Drag & Book Co.  NKLSON L. 0.1... No. l-'.2, meet, in I. O. 0. F.  Hnll, corner Baker ancl Kooten'iy streets,  lflt and 3fd Friday of each month. Vjmting  br_��thcrn cordially invited.  R. ROW..- ON. W.-VI.   \\\ Cll .AVKOI-IJ, I_cc.-Scc.  NELSON JK1.1K, Numljor 22, Fratei n.al Order  of K'jKleM, moel�� every second mid fourtll  Wednesday ineaeh mcnlh  iu Kiaternity HalL  Vixitiiiur bruthrcn welcome.  W. (iOsn<_i.i., Prorfldoul. *  CilAici.rs l'KO^si^u, Secretnry  KLS0n"_.I1NKHS' UNION XO. ts. W. V. of  AL���McpLh in iii-iK-i-.' niiion nionii, noith-  cast corner Victoria and Kortiunuy mi eels, ovnjj  'Satiud.vy evening at 8 o'clock.   Vi-illng nicni-  Ijerrt wolcoino.  Ja.mi.ci \Vii.i-j:s, Sce'y.    Ciias. A. MnlCAV, Prep.  rpill'- j cirul.ir incul fiiff*. of the Cii'imntct'^' LTim.n  ���*��� .no held on Wcdiu'Mhiy um'iiIiik dt encb  week, at 7 o'clock, in the Jlinor-,' Union lull curlier Vlcloil.- and IColenny mivcoN,  . It. KOHIN-iO.V   I'loMdvnt.     '  JA_.II':S COLLING, S-eeretaiy.  TRADES AND LABOR COl'NCIL.-Tlic rcj,'U  I.li moot Ina1- of llio Ni-l-on 'li.ides and Lalj.n  Council will he hold in Hie niineiN' union hull,  coi no:* of Vict on.i nnd Koolciiu, ������t rout t., on the  lirit ami thud Thmiday of each utuiitlij .it  ".:��) p. in.  O. .1. TnoKi'i',, Vvot. J. IL IIa*i iii-so.v, Scc'j.  ��� ��� ^.^__i--,'��___y-: _-_-^_-^t^-----^^  , ���-  -?BP.T.m-LV^ !�����--_ -_o,.>��5_--'-,.n-T^-___.'-> -.*?g__^.-'-T?_*,.q..il -*___?^.*,.-,-^VPk- *-'^--___y.,*   _-____^.. J-_rt_^n'P____^rV^-_i_________-V___a___5'V_-___M>5. -_-_-���--,���-_-----��:.������ ^..v,, ���������        ',.,^^''^^ Jh_/A__^'____��,4__^' ____^':4_^____' 4____--' ______->  e*  &*?��  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.  ERWOOD  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  airing  Fii '.t door west  of Dank of BntiSh  Columbia -.'li-ding.  Headquarters  for all kinds of  Fresh and Cured  Meats.  A leal me will he ni.ulu of the pouili v .ind  pimu lni(I(. 'llH'j will ah...}1, Lo on lwinddm'-  mi; thou* soaoon.  J. L.  PORTER, Prop.  tli') Josephino iit., hi't \\eun ]3<iker and Vul non.  CLLAXING  AND  RKl'AIRINO  Fine Tailoring  YOUR OWN GOODS JIADK UI3  OLD CLOTHKS -VIADK UOOD AS NKW  ARTHUR GEE  Opposite CL-ukc Hotel.   JVIKRCHANT TAILOR  arses  GENERAL BROKER  P. 0. Box Xi.   Phones: Ollleo 11  House 102  KOll i_ ALK  I rooin huiiscnnd Slots  ...    .$1__X)  I lot linker sticet 1_(X)  l-'OH UK NT  5 loom house, modeln tonveiuonces ,      _     .     2,7  LOANS AND INSCltANCK  t all .ind 'CO mo if you wish to w.11 buy or icit-  J^ANNABLE  REAL ESTATE  AND  INSURANCE.  A  IJaigaiii   House and   two   lol". on lower.  JcK-ei'-iittc ..nil CaibonaU- .sliceU, for .s*.vic, 5111W  Are prepared to furnish by rail, barge or teams  Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Local and Coast Ceiling, Local and  Coast Flooring, Double Dressed Coast Cedar,  Rustic, SMplap, Stepping, Door Jambs, Pine  and Cedar Casing's, Window Stiles, Turned  Work, Band-sawing, Brackets, Newel Posts,  Turned Veranda Posts, Store Fronts, Doors,  Windows and Glass.  Get prices before purchasing elsewhere  A FULL LENE OF  Front Doors      Inside Doors   " Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  .   local ��i_d. coast.  ��� ,      Flooring  local and coaht.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of nil kinds.  IV WlfAT VOL/ WANT IS NOT I.N* STOCK  Wl. W!.if_ MAKK IT **01. VOU  CALL AND GfiT PRICES.  f_  1IAIX AND LAKH STi-l-l-IB. NKI-SOW  Will open her  Kindcrg.irteu and  tnim.iiy hchonl in  Till. J'.NGLIKH  CHURCir hohool  room on the 2nd of January, 1900. Foi .ei-invaiid  all pariioiilars apply to MISS PAIJUKU.  At residence ot Mrs. J. It. RoberUon, lUkcr  Street West.  Hut ij1.mii .'.cry  leach .it the  d.ij  business H uhal we  Ollice and MU1_ corner Hull anrl F_-o.it S.rectt?, JSTdso'  Kia   NELSON BUSINESS COLLEGE  Good for Gills as veil as Kojs  "notioE.  Notice is hereby irh on that I intend to apph .it  the next nice!ins el the lio-ird of Licence coin  mi'-hioiiuisfor the City of Nelion, held .ifter the  expiration cf ihuly diij>> fiom llio date luicof,  fora ti.iiisffi* of li��' hiiloon neenso now hold by  mo, dated lhe 111 h d.ij ol .T.uuiary, l'fcm, fur f lie  I)odeKas>lo->n, Miii-itc on the t'.ist half of Inl 9  block 1, Nolson, 1!, <���'., to AV. (., Itobinsou of Ncl-  hon, B. C.  IXited this 7th day of Kobmai., 1900.  Wit-ics-;   1LK._VI-CU.0D.     It. K. SMI1H. THE TKIBUNE:  NELSON B. C, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1900  3  CAPITAL, all paid up..$12,C00,00O  BEST..,     6.000,000  Lord .Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. George A. Druinnioiul Vice-President  K. S. Clouslon General Manager  NELSON HRANCH.  Northwest Corner Baker and Stanley Streets  Branches in London* (England) New Yoi.ic,  ('���iic.U-O, and all lhe principal cities in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Kxclinngo and Cable  Transfers.  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in uny part of the world.  I'ral'ts Issued, Collections Made, Etc.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Saving's Bank Branch  CUUI.I.NT HATI-l OK  INTUIM-ST 1'AII).  THE CHINESE AMBASSADOR  On the Monroo Doctrine.  I'iiil vi.i:i.i'iiiA,    February   22.���  Wu .Jing   K.uig, Hit. pi incipal guesd  of honor  attending  the   dedication  exercise*, oi" the Univewly ol' Pennsylvania today, diseuc^ed   the eastern   question   in   parL  as   follows:  ''Though   ib  is   not  more than 12.1  | years.     ago     when       "Washington  founded  this   young  republic,  she  I has  through  the  logical  course of  1 recent events acquired territory far  1 beyond this, continent  and  become  practically a neighbor of China.    It  'gives me  the  greatest   pleasure to  say that the relations   between the  two countries aie most friendly and  cot dial,   and  1   Mint u re  to express  with confidence   the   hope that the  fact of the Uuiled SLates acquiring  the Philippine*, will have  the effect  of cementing (hem yet more closely.  "Oneof llio iirst requisites towards  maintaining piopoi   relations with  tho Otientals is Lo understand their  ideas  and   lo judge  them not  by  your standard but by theirs.    This  is as much applicable to commercial  and social intercom so as to diplomatic   and     international    affairs.  Constant  intercoiuse  between the  fa"t and the west of necessity requires a common medium  of communication.     The   story  of Babel  has a moral to it.    It was the confusion    of  tongues  that scallei'ed  the people of the eaith to the four  II winds.     Reverse   the   process and  Ij you will  biing the mil ions, of the  |i w oild together."    Mr,   Wu fa\ored  ,itu    international   language   to  be  "used    when - people   of    diiieient  tongues have  dealings   w'ith  each  other.  "Tho question now ai iscs whether  , it is a propitious time fortius conn-  try to extend the Monroe 'doctriue  to. Asia.    Tho Philippine islands are  situated  on the (uitfkiits of Asia  and may he said to be.at the  very  door of that  continent.    If it was  necessary for pivsidenl  Monroe to  decliro   any  attempt  to  encroach  upon any portions of the American  "continents extending over six thou-  , .sand wiles   from  Alaska  to  Patagonia as  dangerous to your pence  ;.nd safety, what shall  you  _-ay to  this     when   you   find   .that    the  ! mainland     of      Asia     is     nearer  , to     Manila      than     Porto     Rico  to Florida V 1 do not apprehend any  encroachment will take  phuo, but  the Monroe doctrine being Lhe fixed  policy   of   your   government,    the  natural  logic is that ib should be  uppliod to that part of llio woild  where this countryjias possessions.  This policy is by no means a sellisli  one, but is founded on justice and  and self protection and, if persistently carried on I, it will add gicat  !y  to   the   preservation   of   peace  wherever it. is on foi cod.    I  am  far  from milking light of the sci vices of  the army and navy of thi�� country,  whose bravery has recently excited  ["tho admiration  of tho  woild  aud  whoso   deeds   have   won   undying  fame, but the  dictum   of  Mendus,  one  of  our  ancient *-ag-\*-,  is  still  true, '�� king can conquer the woild  by brute foico; but lie cannot keep  it without justice and righteousness.' "   HOW A CROSS  WAS  WON.  Captain "Walter Norris Congreve,  V. C, rillo biigade, in a letter to a,  li iend at Ncwpoi I,(Monmouthshire)  gives a graphic description of the  battle of Colenso, tho loss and sub-  ��� .oquont ftttemped recovery of the  gnus., and the acts of bravery for  which he and the officers by whom  jie was assisted luu e beeu decor-  uted.    lie says:  "I was galloper to General Clery,  who rode all day with Sir Redvers.  Ruller. My first experience was  my stick being knoeked out of my  hand by a bullet. Then a horse bo-  &ide me was killed by a shell.  About jO o'clock two battric-.  which had advanced much too  close,  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, TJ. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N. W. T.  most of the men got into the nullah  again.   General   Clery  and   Buller  stood out in it and said:'Some of  you go and help.' Schofield, A.D.C.,  Roberts (lord Roberts' son), myself,  and two or three others went to the  wagons, and we three, helped by a  corporal and six gunners,  got  two  wagons horsed.   I have never seen,  even at field firing,  the bullets fly  thicker. All one could see were  little tufts of dust all over the ground,  a ivhistling noise, 'phut' where they  hit, and an increasing rattle of musketry -somewheie in front. My fiist  bullet went through my left sleeve,  and just made the joint of my elbow  bleed, next a clod of  earth  caught  me  smack ou the right aim, then  my hoise got one,   then  my   right  leg one. my horse another, and that  settled us i'oi" he plunged, and 1 fell  about 100 yards short of  the guns  wc weie going to.  "A little nullah w.as close by, and  into that 1 hobbled and sat  down.  it wa. not much shelter,  however,  and I had not been in a minute before another  bullet  hit my boot,  went  into  tho  welt,  travelled np,  and came out  at  the  toe-cap, two  inches fiom the end of the  toe.    It  did   not   even   scratch  me,  but I  shifted my quarters pietty quickly  to a  better place,   w here  I   found  colonels  Hunt and  Long,  R. A., a  dozen  or  so  Avounded   gunners, a  doctor, colonel Bullock  and  about  fifteen men of his regiment, all that  was left of the escort and two batteries.      The   bank of tho   nullah  was not more than three feet high,  so   we  had   to   lie   down,   bullets  whistling over one's  head   directly  it appeared.     About eleven o'clock  the lire slackened, so I went  out to  see if I could  see  anything  of the  rest of  our  party.    1   found  poor  Roberts badly wounded,  and  w ith  the doctor, a  gunner and a subaltern got  him  into the nullah, and  there  he lay from  11 to  4.80; no  water, not a breath of air,  no  particle of shade  and  a  sun  which I  have never felt hotter even in India.  A knife could  not  be held  in the  bare hand.  It was the most beastly  day I ever spent, and seemed interminable; what it must have been  for  the badly wounded   I  hardly  like to think.    Some of my time  was spent in dressing wounds under  Baptie's direction.    My jacket Avas  taken to shade Roberts' head,  and  what AA'ith blood and dirt, I  AA'as a  pretty object by the time I got out.  "About 4:30 the Boers rode up  and asked us to surrender or  they  would shoot us all.  Colonel Bullock  was the senior unAvoundcd  oflieer,  and had perhaps  twenty  rifles all  told.   He refused, and the Boers at  once  began  a  fusilade from  fifty  yards distance and  our  people returned it.    It was unpleasant, and  only a question of minutes  before  they enfiladed our trench and  bagged the lot.  Bullock's men knocked  over two, and they put up  a Avhite  (lag  and  parleyed, said  Ave  might  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  remove our wounded and the remainder either be taken prisoners  or fight it out. However, while Ave  Avere talking, 100 or so crept round  us, we found loaded rifles at every  man's head, and Ave .vere forced to  give iu. One of our ambulances  came up and avc were gradually  collected at one spot."  PROVINCIAL  ,LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and Kootonay Streets.  P. O. Box 55<_. "TELEPHONE NO. 9..  Keeping Out Crimps.  London, February 22.���The question of preventing* "crimps" from  having access to the shipping department of the British consulate  at New York was again brought up  in the house of commons today and  the president of the board of trade,  C. T. Ritchie, announced that he  Avas endeavoring to arrange matters  so that these undesirable,, persons  should bo excluded from the consulate.         The Carnegie Profits.  That there is money in the steel  business is made clear by the facts  revealed in connection aaith the litigation beliveen the steel kings,  Carnegie and Pi isle. The capital  stock of the Carnegie Steel Company i*, $25,000,000. Last year the  profits of the business amounted to  $21,000,000. The" profits of the  present year's business aie estimated by Mr. Cai ncgie at $10,000,000,  and by Mr. Frisk at $ 12,000.000.  Contractors and Builders  WILL DO AVELL TO  Buy Their Lumber  AT  G. 0. Buchanan's  A large stock of first-class drj* material on  hand, also a full lino ot sash, doors, mouldings,  turned work, etc.  Factory Work a Specialty  Yard:   Foot of Heudryr street, Nelson  Telephone. 91    dotyl   Rae,   AgGtlt  The Latest Wall Papers  BORDERS AND MOULDINGS  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  MEALS  25  CENTS  ROOMS LIGHTED I_Y ELECTRICITY  AND IIRATED BY STEAM  25 CENTS TO $ 1  AVe arc now opening up Iho largest slock of  wall .apors. bonlorsanil iiioulilingsevorrccoivcd  in Nelson. We purchased ilhcut from the Monti i'iil nnpoitois. .ind have Ilieicfoio tho 1 itest designs and i'oscst pnecs. Special(inot.itioiisto the  t Lido    F. J. Bradley & Go.  I'll.Ml.K.    _M>  Pl-COIt WOle.  Coi iici Vii lori.i and .lu-epniiic .Stieel-, Ni.1-.oii  Ho! Ho!  CALL  AND  3EE  Elegant Sideboards  Superb Cheffoniers  Petite Dressing* Tables  In the Famous Golden Oak  Just Received a Carload of High-class Goods  SMOKE  W. P. DIOKSON  B. H. H. APPLKWHAITH  J. 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'Oouoral 1-iiller told thorn to take tho  wagon., np to the battery, but  directly they emerged a .stream of  bulbtpaud shells fell all round, and  Seats on sale at the Music Store in the Opera House Block  MUSICAL MELANGE  The Latest Coon Songs       The Newest Melodies      The Sweetest Music      The Grandest Choruses  The Wittiest Sayings       The Freshest Jokes       The Gayest Gags  The Jolliest Conundrums       The Cooniest Coons  THE UP-TO-DATE  PERFORMANCE OF ETHIOPIAN  MINSTRELSY  MANDOLINS, GUITARS, BANJOS AND TAMBOS  All the ta'ent of Rossland, both local and instrumental, all crowded into one programme  GOD SAVE THE QUEEN  Vernon Street, Nelson.  R. SEISTERER & CO.  iii_r.wriW\M> i-OiTi.'-i-S ok-  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Piompt iiml tegular  dolrveiy Iu the tmdo  B.ewery at Hebon  Nelson   Wine   Co.  CHOICE WINES AND LIQUORS  !_!'( LM  'IVlephlillO 'It  it.ll._l   sttei  .V. I-.jii, It (  .Hunt iu|i j_;i\ tsii lo fmiilv Liiitle  FRANK A. TAMBLYN  ������MS .i<I.U  T  Haul Coil  Ati-lnac-itu  GREAT REDUCTION  S3.65|S��r'"x^   S6.15  DELIVERED  i s.r.i i'iioni:  33  The bost  .nine foi the money in tlio ntaikcL  foi all in.]].um.*..  i)Um. (*h!i      AV   I'  Ti: hm-'v, (-cneiiil At��cnt  '1 < loplion_ 11<.    Ollice Willi v. I). J. Chi--.lie.  Kootenay   Coffee   Co.  KELSON, 11. C.  Colli o roaoter1. and dual or. in Tea and ColToo.  Oiler fic-ih soistcd cof-to of bent quality as  follo'.vt?:  J.iva and Aialnun M.ichn, per pound. 9   _0  Java and M..ha Illcnd, 3 pou-i-li.   1 00  Fine Santo-, I iioiinri-     .    ,,.    ,..  100  .Hii__ni I-lti-d. .I i-Oii-idi   100  Our Sporial Hlend, 0 poundri    100  Our liio Koa-l, 8 pomidi-  1 00  A trial or-Usr (.elicited.   Sale-ioom Sdooisca.t  of Oddfellow.? ul'-t-L, XVc-J liaker btrtet.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Large comfortable bedrooms and  flrat-clasf  dining-room. Sample rooms for commercial men.  RATES.$2 PER DAY  Afjrs. E. G. Clarke, Prop.  _.AT1_ OK _IIK ROYAL HOTLL, CALGARY  Waverly Hotel  Thin popular hotel, winch it> now* being  enl.ii*K-d and renovated, will be reopened  on March 1st, when it will ha\c 10 large,  nicely furnished and well lighted roon.H,  heated with hot air. Special attention  will be gncn to the dining room.  RATES REASONABLE.  C. A. PROSSER, MANAGER  A Big' Schooner  OF  BEER OR  HALF-AND-HALF  ALWAYS  KRKSII  10c  ALWAYS  COOL  The best glass of beer to bo had in Nelson is at  THE CLU13 HOTEL  Corner Silica and  Stanley Streets.  E. J. CURRAN, Prop:  JVIadden House  Raker and Ward  Streets, Ncl_o_i  Tho only hotel In Nelson that has remained  under one mar_agomont since 1890.  Tho bed-rooms are well furnished and lighted  by electricity.  The bar U f-Iwnvs Btockcd by the best domestic and imported liquors aud cigaret.  THOMAS MADDEN. Propriotor.  B. C. HOTEL   eeie,  B. C.  lHrst-claii i'i every respect. Choicest wines,  liquorn and cigars, jtvory comfort for tranaioat  and resident guehtu.  HEADQUARTERS TOR UNION MEN.  JOSKPH CAMPBELL, Proprietor.  St. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  NELSON. B. C.  A hoarding and day hchool conducted by the  Sisters of HI. IO"Ci_h of Peace, It K -ilualed uL  the LOrnei of Mill and .Josephine stioets in otic of  the lie.t u s._l_'>ilni_poilioii�� ot-Nel-on, and _*  c..mI_ ii(*c-'>-.i!>le from .ill ijai ts of I lie city.  The com -o uf study includes lhe fiiml.iiiiental  and higher branches of thoioii'-rh l_ngl_-.li education- Business courtc���bookf-ccping, -.tonog-  i.il-li) <_nd typewriting Science cour_c-imiMt;  loc-li-iid instrumental, diawing, etc. Plain art,  ami needlework, etc.  Kurtcitiisan.1 paillculnrs applj to the Sister  Superior.  Freighters and Contractors  OUTFIT   FOR  SALE  11 |i,K*l- mult.-..  I -.adillu hoi-is.  '1 tti< li flrigh-.  (ii. _ciu_M-.nl -liiiidiml wngnii-.  AIsk liiirii.'���i, ii|w'!iijo.'- (complete wild blt-iik-  eli, lOhLN.i le 1, toiili. (i-miioillH-N. (fills.  Km p.tilmiliar, wriic, dialing ioiiiiik .in'nt _, to  T. liraliiun. .\lh_rt imijon. H. i .  TV Till: M \TT1-Ii tlK AN Apl'LICATinV  J- I'OK A 1)1 I'M. ATKOr \ CKIITII H'A'li:  01" TITI.i: to Int.- cli'M-ii (111 nnd l..el\.' (!*_|,  bloi l_ twunl. sfXc-n {27K ( Its' of \fl-oii. It. (;.  NotHi I-htiehj gnc;r linn il i-< ui} .niciiih-ii  al the i'\]>iiainin nl one inmrth fii>in I In*  pul-li-filw.n hi'itiif. I<i l���uo a dujiliialii of Iho  I'ei villi all1 (if Till'1 to tin- -ul.it. o liuiils, iM-ued lo  Ceoi-gi' A H. Hull, ui) the "Jill h ilaj of Dei < iiiber.  Is'k-. aiul imiiihetul I ")J_l l_.  S  Y. A\ OOTOV,  Kf'giilrnr 4i_.u__ii.l_  biml liegi-slij (lllltc. Vitloiia. II. C, 1'ltli l-eh-  I ll.'ll \   I'.lnu.  NOTICE" TO   VOTERS.  '''oii'-cniiinc-i and all!._\ oiahlc to tho Con-oi-  \ati\c i .ui-e aie iiivitu! to register their names  upon the M.ters' li-t RtgKtiation t^u> take  iilm e nl an\ tmio, fie iiiialillcationi bung Hiit-  Nii subiei Is '.'I J.ais of >ig<. hi-*, iiionlh-.' io-i  donee in the 1��omiu e and I ��n nionlhi'ie-ideiifi-  in the lining. Tin '-ami1 witei-.' list is u__ul for  both lliiunninii and Pro . ith nil Lk'.ti'in ��  Tin following will bu jilta1-! i! to draw application-at limn ollice . foi intending -.oicrs  John I.lhot ,1 II  How*,-, W\ A  M��' loniild, K.  M. Macdonald. I!. U   llaiiniiiglon  nml  h  M. I-I!YI>GI>,  '-i il< t.irj- ( on-ei \ali\e A���oi lalion  TENDEEJ3 "WANTED"  Tnidei-arc it_|iic-lcd foi thi pun base of a  (pi mtiiy of iiuuing -npplie-, lonl-and pun i-ion-.  whuh inenow Moied .it the Hud'-cM. jiniic on  -tloniiriginoiinl-tifi. Appl} at Iheollhoof It. C.  Campbell lohiiston. M. t)��� on Victotia-tu'et. op  pniite the I'han hotel,  SAWMILL   FOR   SALE  '1 he -awnull nnd plnnl lately owned b\ Jo-cpli  T, Itoboils, ul Kjkuts  l.inituig, and i onst-tin;  of a IK) horse powet  hoilt-i1. engine, (jiilllth  Wedge top rig sawmill, cdgei, planei. bolting,  etc., c t,\, will bu void wheie they now bland.  Apply to  TAYLOR & HANNl-sGTC'X, Solicitor,..  Provincial Board of Health  REGULATIONS of tho Provincial Board ot  Health approved by Order of His Honor the  Lieutenant-Governor in Council dated the loth  day of February, 1000.  REGULATIONS  FOR TIIE I'l.KVE.VTIOX OK TDK SI'ItKAI) OK'SMALL-  l'OXTO AND IX HRITIS1I COLUMBIA.  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  1  I. All passengers arriving at the Boundarv  Line from Ihe south maybe required to - furnish  the Inspector or olliccr in charge of the carrying  out of those regulations with a certificate from  the Health Olllcorof the city or tuwn which lie  or she has left, containing the following particulars:  In.) That lie or she has not been in nnv place or  building infected with small-pox:'  (b ) That ho or she has not lived in nnv place or  bui'dintr which lies dangerously 'near any  infected building or distri"t:  (e.) That ho or she has recently been successfully vaccinated.  'i. If llio Inspector believes that any person i-  infected, or that his or her clothing or other effects contain infection, lhe Inspector shall detain  such person, and his or her clothing and effect���*  as aforesaid, until the period of Incubation is  over, and such person and his clothing and other  effect����� shall be ,if once di-infcctcd.  ."I If lm only suspects that in. poison on boaid  orlhe Llfeetsof anj siieh |_or_o!i, ha. e been exposed lo infection, he shall notify thcMedical Health  Olllcci of the localitvto which the poison lsgoing  to meet the train oi boat, and to keep the poison  thereafter under obsen ation.  1   In the event of anj passenger biinuing unv  baggage (hand or   olheiwise)   or whcthci   I lib  samesliall befoiiuiided h> evpiess, the following ceititicito maj  al-o be leiiiuied fiom iho  Health Olliccr of the lown or cit\ aforc-aid:  (a) That the t-nd baggage (hciegivn full de_-  cuption ol -.ud baggage so that theie can  he no question as to identification) has not  been in nil} plate oi building infected with  sn_all-po\. *  (b.) That the said biggage has not been stored  or used in am pla< e oi building which lic-  dangorousl..  neai any infected building or  distiict.  a  All l.ulwaycompanies, ti.iu��poitHtion coni-  paiucs. and stage line, niiist adhere stncllj to llie  following iemulations:  (a.) All mail fiom infected distiicts destined  for points on the bound.ii*j line, or noith of  -nine, must he fumigated onorbufniu lca^-  ing the last point of call -oulh of said line,  and the ina-iei m charge of such mail must  furnish the Inspector oi Odlceriii chaige of  the can} mg out of these icgiilutions with  a certificate fiom the   Health Oill. cr  of  such points wheie fuuiigalioii takes place  that same has been done:  (b ) All c.u-iintsl be fumigated befoic Ica.iiifj  Aineiieaii   points   foi    Unlish   Columbia  poinl-s. and the Hcilth Olllcei's ceililltato  must be fiiinisliLd that such has been done  (C.) No Indians shall he allowed toland in West  Kootenii}  or   East Yale under   any* con  ditious.  .NOIII'ICAUO.N.  (5 Whenever anj householder known or sus  peels that anypeison within his household hub  hinall-pov, he shall lminedmtcly, bj special mess  engei* w hen possible, give notice to tho Medical  Health Olllcci.  7. Whenc.O! anvplnsienn know . or suspects  thai anj person whom he lseilled ujion to vi-n  is infected w ith oi has died of sn>.ill-no\, he shall  iiiiniciliateh nolifytlie-llcdii.il Health Olllcci.  8. Au} Ph}si.ian so called shall have, for lhe  pin pose of lsulatmg the mlccled pei.son mid his  attendants and of placingthe patient, atten<lants,  and all other pciMins ic-iding in the same house  and the house itself iu qiiaianliiie, all tho powers  of the -U_dit.il Health Oflltei, and the dut\ of ordering and enfoiemg Mich immediate isolation  and quarantine sh ill devolve upon such ph}si-  cian until the _Medual Health Olliccr has been  notified and has had tunc to act.  !). Whcnovei a teacher in an} school has icason  to suBi>ect that an. piipd is siillenng fiom small-  po\. or that siuall-po\ pmM* nt the house of artv  pupil, he hli.vlljinllf} the _llr die.il Health Olliccr  iniiucdlalcl} nnd _.lpll Drovtii! Uie.Utendance of  said pupil oi pupils until tm,ilic.i! e\ iiienco Hint,  no d.uigei of inreetiou e\is(-has. hce'i uhtnuicd.  "(Vide sectionSCsuh soct'on... ' Health A< l.ls'l.l.')  10. I3.)}sh Mil-, ieac'he.s,1 nnd hou-eholdeis  shall notif} the ^Iidical Hctllh Ollkei' ot llio  piesenee, os si.-pieled ihe-cnce ofrlnrkoji po*.. ~��  11. The .Mtdu.i! Health Olhier sl(ujl imitirdi-  illel} i_-|\e noticc h} ti hgiaph tolhe Pio.ineial  Uoiud ol Health of tl,u ili'st case o' small po-,  which shall appear in his district, and shall fui-  ther fiiHiish uui; -e\un d.n-, oi olteiiei if ic-  quiu'd, a stalemenl showing lhe number ol ite_'  eased developed, lhe nuiiibei oftho-e who havo  died, Uic munbci or those who ha. c ie'co\iicd.  and the number who aie-till ��iek,  j.      _>isi'_s.-ii'i. ( v=!i.  12. The .Midi, al Health Oill. _ t* ot cvei v di���  triet. oi niivof his inudiial as-etadls, biai/ig ie-  ceive'l infoimauoii of a siispei led ta-eof small-  jlo\. shall HliiiKi'iatuI} iiii|li.ie into the facts,  ui'hei bv coiis-ullatiou with the nt'eudiiig ph\si-  r mil or h} his fivvil pei-i-iial ol--ei \aiioii. or both. *  It the clmnetxiii-tie s\mpiou--aic not -nili. lent-  lv developed .it the Una of nivcsligiitioi!, the  _vledic.il IlollUi Ollte<i shall ki < p Ihe < ase> niulei '  hi- own pei-0'ial oh >ci v alien nt Die spei i.il mi.  poet siation oi clsev lit'irl'iHi! the true liatuie of  lhc��li��tase l-(llsco^c!ed. L'ntil the tune has ar-  ji.e'd when, in tin. opinion of (he Medical lleallh  Olll-or. alt (juino for suspicion or danger Js pasl,  lliehiispceted ... ,c shall be i-ol,iied .uulolliut wi-c  dealt with in the 'aine iiiaimci iu> p.e-uiIbtil foi  a e.e-e of smallpox. The poi-ou.. living in tho  same* bouse or who havdl.'tu in lontail. with  the iiiloi led patient -hall al-o he kept uude'i ob-  sei .iiliou Ai<<l .ill ��uelipe'i-oiii and Ihe suspected iicr-oti n!>0 shall bu iiniuedi lie!) vaecinali'd  with the most nclivc vaei inc piattor prueiilitbli1.  .CI f VI. C'.*sl>.  1.1, Tlic.i-li-iii to be taken in theevi'tit t(f ai'A-o  of -iii_.il po\ hi ing di-tn.e'icd i- shtutK as rol-  lows* (ij llcleiition. dl-infei tion, i-nlmon of  jicrsons alki led ni'e\pn-i>i| to infection ()il di-.  mfii iioii of c-il* ol" bo t! . i< i v.hi l.mlloii of all pi i' _  sous who have been exposed to t mtingioit tn -u-  pe< l< d of con . i yiiig eoiitaguni; (d) the tie ilwc'il  asa aispeet of any pctsini who leliii-i s lo hi vae  eiuatiil; (tl notillcatinii of ihe loial i-oud of  Health Otllecr-'iitplnei-i.f d.-Imialoii: (ff uolill-  eatjon of Stcieiaij of Pio. itil ml Ho Lid.  v ve ci \ \ i io,s  II   itslnll be fneiiiiibenlrUpiui Lot,si lit>.iids of  Health loanangi   suititiile Iiiik- mid plans for  viteejiialioti. and logive public nolno tllo.-ot f.  11. U i^. now ileeitied ncie-sU'. ami n iiwiliy  oiiieicd, thai li-i-heis. in Public Pe*hools mi!  High Schools oi Colkl.es shall intuiii' i . oi nil  ( at< of sin cosi-f'11 \.u cmaltot) fiouiea, li t h'ld al-  lendipgat sin h hi hool in Coljege. <n I coitilh ili*  Hint stub cluld 1m at th it pie-enl linn m-ii-iepli'  hie to v,io_ ih ilhm '1 hi i(tHll'*al��- lull be  pw-onted on ileuiuufl to the tt ichor oi olhei  ploiicra^ilhotft}.  l'l*-l\l, (I  tl  .1.    t-il I'. 'II. Jll- Vl.lll    V<*l 1  Pi, I'i ov ides Unit .in. pi'i-im wlio \ ipjiili - any  leguhitiou of the Pi o\ uu ml Bn.ttd -li'ill link-,  it i- otheiwi-u spc ejull} piovnted, be lialih' for  eveiv sni h ofleuee lo a lino not cm i uling one  liiini.ied .l.ill.ii-, with oi withuut i i.st-, oi lo mi  jiiisoniiii'iit, with ut witlmul haul laltoi, lot a  ttiiu not o\< c( ding "i\ months, m* io both hue  aiul iiiipi.siiiiiiK.itt, in th( diseiclioii uf the inn*'-  Mellllg Cotnt   '  17  Tin* *_timU Po% Ui gill ilioiis ailopled in ls**i   .  aie now iu foiii  CI1AIM.E-..I   TAdAN*  swni.i \u\, Pi��>\im i vi lio viti) in* Hi:vi ni  Vici'lUIV, 1 cbriimv  IL'th, I'.KKl.  11} Coiumatirl ���  l. A. SKMI.IN,  PitOMVriAi. fora i.> ivuv.  NELSOJvT   LICENSE   DISTEICT.  Notli o is hd-icb} plven tli tt. Prank C iMipbell  has -iiadeappliuition undei the piovj-ion- of I tie  "laquoi La oik e Ai t, IS*/! foi nn hotel iKciKujit  fsudai and that a nn etmg of the Hoaul of I/�� ' nee  f.oiiiintssionuis of the .Nelson laienie I)-lint  will beheld lo cotisidei -Ik h application at the  CoilltHoiii-i at IhoCilv of Nilsim on'1 lui'ditv  the eighth daj ofMaiih, J'��.l at lln. hniii of  vlcveiloeUxk in tuc forcimon.  W. 11. HI U-OU. U PJ.-jTI R.  ( Inef Lin use fn-pe'itoi.  I'rov nit ial Police Ollh e.Nel-oii H. C . Wnil I eb-  i uar}, I?K��.  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  Rhododendrons. Roses, Kaiiey Hvci-giecus,  Magnolas, Hulbs, new eiop Lawn Gras- .s^il for  pie-ent oi spina- plintui-:. Lugest and most  complete stink in We-toiu Canada, tall and  make v our sch otions oi sotul for catalogue. Address lit inn sera giouiids and greenhouse.  M. J. HKNRV.  300(5 Westminster Roa I, Vai-cwvcr, B. C. THE TRIBUTE:  JfELSON. B. C, SATURDAY FEBRUARY 24, 1900  JXJSm  RECEIVED  _1_  A DIRECT IMPORTATION OF  Brushes  BATH   TOOTH   NAIL   HAIR  B:tker Street, Nelson  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  Fall and Winter  Boots and Shoes in all the latest styles  and direct from the manufacturers "  Dont fail to see our stock suitable for this winter  Maltese Gross Rubbers and Overshoes  Buy Maltese and get the best  J. A. GILKER  213-215 BAKER STREET  NELSON  s��5/ ^i^t^_y<^t-^_yi^^ >��^\g_ysz_y\z_y'l2_y'%<L  8 After  1 Stocktaking  before going East to  buy goods for the coming year, I Avisli to announce that all goods  purchased from me this  month I will give a reduction of 10 per cent  with engraving done  free of charge.  In Watches, Jewelry,  Silverware, Sterling Silver, Decorated Lamps,  Sewing Machines, and  Pianos. All goods of  guaranteed quality.  Our manufacturing  department is fit your  disposal. AVe are ready  to make anything you  desire iu gold chains,  lockets and rings.  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The Associated Charities Organization has on its hands five men  recently discharged from the hospital and unfit for work, three men  who are ready and willing to do  work of any kind but who are unable to find employment and are  "stony broke," and two destitute  families. These cases are known to  be thoroughly deserving and the  organization is anxious to see them  through tlieir difficulties. Small  contributions, will help the work  along greatly.  E. T. H. Simpkins, registrar of  the supreme court, is rejoicing over  the addition of an infant daughter  to his family. Mother aud child  are doing well.  By the recent redistribution of  mining districts the recorder at  Nelson transfers 137 claims to the.  Trail district, the office of wliich is  located at Rossland. In return the  Rossland recorder transfers 1G00  claims to the Nelson office, the territory detached from his district  being well staked.  The transfer is recorded of a half  interest in the Blue Jay and Humming Bird properties on the west  slope of Morning mountain from  W. II. "Warren, of Nelson to J. F.  Holden. The consideration specified was $200.  Frank Watson will apply to justice Martin at Rossland today for  an injunction to restrain the defendants in Watson vs the Arlington Gold Mining Company from op  husband recently arrived at Portland with the bark Belmont from  Manilla, Philippine Ishiiids When  at Victoria Mrs. Byers iincl Mrs.  Ladd received word of the death of  their father, Charles E. Brown of  Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Mr.  Brown was president of the Bank  of Yarmouth and has been prominent in business in that place for  many years.  .James McPhee of the Kootenay  Electric Supply & Construction  Company is back from a trip to the  Wakefield concentrator, near Silverton, where he went to repair  tho electrical plant, lie reports the  concentrator in operation.  A party of curlers A'isitcd the  rink yesterday morning and was  delighted to find an excellent sheet  of ice. A game was played which  resulted as follows: Dr. Ann-  strong, C. Wilson, F. A. Tamblyn,  W. W. Beer, skip���16. II. Goodeve,  Dr. Hall, J. H. Wallace, A. Carrie,  skip���7.  George W. Hughes, manager of  the Idaho mine, in the Slocan, is in  Nelson.- He says that work is being  resumed iu the Slocan, but not so  rapidly or so generally as was expected. He, however, expressed  the opinion that another month  should mark an improvement for  the better.  ���MB??'  Stoves   Stoves  We have the finest .line of COAI HEATERS ever displayed in the district. We are sole agents for the famous COLE'S HOT BLAST HEATER  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted to any kind of coal.  CROW'S NEST, LETHBRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds  equally well. Not requiring the attention of an ordinary coal heater.  Economical, durable and simple in construction. See our Steel Ranges  for hard and soft coal or wood.  H. BYERS & CO.  NKLSON  KASLO  SANDON  uutil the suit pending is settled  An examination for discovery of  J. Frank.Cnllon, one of tho defendants in the suit of Watson vs Arlington, takes place today at Rossland 'before justice Martin. The  action arises out of the recent,  transfer of the Arlington mine.  W. 'A. Macdonald* represents tho.  defence iu the examination.  Up to the present time D. MeLeod,  who is purchasing agent for the  camps on, the Balfour extension  has.not placed any largo orders  with local wholesalers. J. W. Stewart had a considerable amount of  supplies on his hands at the eon-'  elusion of his Boundary spurs contracts, and this stock has been  brought to Nelson to be used before new goods are "purchased. In  comparison with the" aggregate to  be used during the work, the stock  in hand is, however, insignificant.  Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Byers returned Thursday night from a trip  to Portland and the Coast. They  wcre_aecompai-ied-by Mrsrcaptain-  F. A. Ladd, Mrs. Byers' sister, whose  A. II. Clements arrived in Nelson  yesterday from a trip to Simcoe^  county, Ontario, where he went  with A. E. Lott and family, whom  he saw installed in their new home  oh a farm near Colling wood.  F. J. Squire is off to Toronto for  a month's trip on business.  The local, health board held a  special meeting yesterday afternoon  for. consultation regarding the proposed action Of . the provincial  authorities fto compel the . city to,  erect a building in which to care  for the passengers and crew of the  steamer Moyie. The board holds  that the passengers. and crew are  not within the boundaries of the  city; that the city is not now and  never hits been infected*with smallpox ; that uo case of smallpox has  originated in the city and that there  i.s no case in the city; therefore the  city is not liable for the care of any  one afflicted with that disease, or  liable to contagion, coming from  outside districts, so long as they are  kept outside the city limits  erating .the    Arlingtou    property^ _ Tho members of tho Nelson com-  -N  pany of the Rocky Mountain  Rangers are requested to assemble.  at the armory this evening *at 8 p.  m. . with' their new leggings and  their field service caps.. The company will then proceed to' the  opera house to take part in the  concert given in aid of tho mansion  House fund.  Mrs. Melville Parry gave birth  to . a boy yesterday afternoon.  Both mother and child-aie doing  well.  The Brackman k Ker Milling  Company, Limited is now occupying tho extensive addition to their  warehouse on front street. The  building is now partially filled with  Pnloi.se county hay, some five or  six .cars having been stored on the  floor, besides miscellaneous goods.  Since February 5th the firm has  consigned 21 carloads of goods  direct from their Edmonton mills to  customers in the Nelson and Boundary districts.  It   is   understood   that Wilson  Bros, "have "decided-to "throw "up-  their bond on the Birdseye mine ou  ewS  ���    NOW READY FOR INSPECTION  JJottingfjarr} Lace Curtairjs at 75c, $1, $1.25, $1.50,  $1.75, $2, and up to $10  Swiss Curtails from $4.50 upwards  Brussels flet Curtails at $5, $9, $7, md $8  Olieqille Curtains at $4.50, $5, $5.50 aqd up  '    Jo $12  Tapistry Curtains.at $4, $5, and upwards  Special attention is drawn to these goods  Nobby designs and right prices.  Houston Block, Baker Street.  Toad mountain, and they aro  advertising tlieir mining tools and  supplies for sale.  The performance to be given hero  this evening by the Dandy Coons  of Rossland is being looked forward  to with considerable interest, as  apart from the meritorious object  of the concert, which is to raise  money for the Mansion House fund,  the performance itself is a high  grade one. The names of the performers are : W. J. Nelson, N. F.  Kendall, J. F. Ryan, M. J. Harris, B.  A. Mclntyre, Newman Taylor, John  J. Honey man, Frank Oliver, Arthur  Salviui, Charles Dempster, Thomas  S. Gilmour, G. F. Townshend, John  Matthews, W. Wylie Johnstone, W.  deV. le Maistre, W. P. Dockerill,  Lome Beeher, Robert Andrews, D.  Winters, Fred Whittaker, L. Roberts, It. Turner, B. C. Murray. J. A.  McAllister, G. Hodge, Max Crowe,  J. Lenke, C. St. L. Mackintosh.  F. A. Tamblyn has received a  communication from T. S. Gilmour,  secretary of the Kootenay Curling  Association, stating that "he will be  in Nelson today with the Rossland  minstrels, and that he will haA'e  pleasure in presenting Mr. Tamblyn  with the gold cuff links won by his  rink in the Tuckett competition  and the silver medals won in the  New York challenge series. The  gold medals won by Mr. Rae's rink  in the New York challengo contest  will also be delivered.  Ex-sheriff Robinson has purchased the Mcltae ranch of 77 acres  at Nine-mile point. A number of  acres are in shape for, cultivation,  and two of Mr. Robinsou's sons are  already at work preparing a market  garden.*  The Canadian Pacific Railway  Company ha& j[usfc issued two excellent' immigration pamphlets for  1000, "Western Canada" and .British Columbia,", which contain a  great deal, of useful- and accurate  information about the country  west of Lake Superior, aud are of*  special interest to those who cou-  ,template settling either in the Canadian Northwest or British Columbia. Largo editions - of "these  pamphlets are distributed, gratuitously in Great Britain and the  United States, as well as throughout the Dominion, and are eagerly  read by those who, are seeking a  new home -and desire' to know  something of the best country ia  'the world in which to find one,   .  Louis Levcsque, proprietor of the  Robson hotel, was married on  Thursday morning to Miss Martha  Madden, sister of Thomas Madden  of this city. The ceremony was  performed at Los Angeles, California. The newly married couple  are expeeted back iu Kootenay in  "about~Ti ~m~oTitl-7TiiT3_wiir take up"  their residence in Robson.  The ladies of thcMethodist church  meet at thOv parsonage, today for  the purpose of preparing the table  decorations and dainty caps and  aprons to be worn by them at their  "pink tea"'on Wednesday evening.  Tho arrangements for the 'affair  are progressing nicely.  John Gondie, who is employed  under foreman , McLean blasting  rock at the corner of Silica and Hall  streets, lo.st a thumb and finger  yesterday, while picking sawdust  from a giant powder cap.- Dr. Hall  was called ou and madetho neces'  sary amputations.  Superintendent Troup left.last  night for Calgary, where ho will  attend a conference of superintendents and dispatchers for the  lines west of Fort William. Tho  new train rules and other matters  of interest will be discussed. Mr,  Troup will be absent five days,  WE HAVE STOVES  But  while  we  are  waiting  for the cold weather we would  draw  your attention to our line of  NICKLED COPPER WARE  Including Tea nnd Coflce Pols, jsorcrnl designs) Enamelled Handle 1. ippcr.*, Pudding Dishos, Tea  Kettles, etc., and Ihe only place you can get them is at  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  _���<��-'&&��-'____:��:^;____:��;��:��_______        _i___E___a___a_______a__a___a*__ai__a___��!__> _  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  Hi  iti  Hi  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  Hi  Kirkpatrick & Wilson  WIIOLKSA-.K AND l.l.T.UI. I-EAl.I-l-S  I.N*  -  Groceries  Provisions  Hams  Coffee  Butter  Dried Fruit  Teas, Spices  Pickles, Sauces  Vinegar'  Goods delivered free. Mail  ordeis carefully al tended to.  Nolliiiig but llie best. No  cheap goods.  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Boulters Tomatoes and Marrowfat  Peas, Standard Brand Sweet Corn  P. 0. BOX 17(1.  lfOl'STO.V -l!-0<.iC.  Illue Ribbon Tea Always on Hand.  I-'resli Kggs Received Daily  John A. Irviqg & Go_  _\SK YOUR GROCER FOR TfjE CELEBf-SAHu  BUSINESS  Electrical Repairing, Electrical Supplies,  Electrical   Gontracts   (Mines,   Steamers,   Dwelling  Houses, Etc.)   Try us for work and prices  NEUON HARDWARE CO.  MENTION.  For  Rent���House  on Carbonate  si reel, nex. to ex-inaj or Niicl.uids,._ rooms and  kitchen.   1 .minire ox-sheti-I* Robinson.  From today tlio rink will be open  to lhe public from If to dp. in., and from S to  10...0 p.m.  For Bent���Seven room house in  Fail view addition. With b.ilh and pantry, hot  and eold wale.*. Kango in kilchon. Apply at  Vienna IJ.tkery, Raker '.tieel. Nelson.  W. Starmer Srr]ith & Go.  PAPER HANGER, GLAZIER,  PAINTER, ETC.  CHIMNEY SWEEPING  Office Ward Steiset 0_>posi._ Open- fionae  Rolled  The Best that'Money can Buy.   Take no Other  -W-inU-i-C.-i-C-t by tlio Jlrackman-Ker- Milling Co., Ltd.  Victoria, Vancouver, Wot__ii  .minster, Kdiiioiittui.Nuliion,  DON'T PAY TWO PRICES  FOR   YOUR   CLOTHING.  It ..IU pity von lo cv.mint' my stock of nuw floods*, pjinng oveicoats and spring s'liiK Spccin  bargains in footwear. Complete linevof J,.mos IMcC'ie.uIy _c Co.'a and the Ames, Holden & Co.'_!  boots and .shoes.  224-226 Baker Street, flelsoq.  TO YOUR LOT LINE  WK DO IT     SEE US  GAS FITTING. OUR SPECIALTY  PLUMBING OF ALL KINDS  Opera ilouso Block, Nolson  STRACHAN BROS.  red J, Squire, lerchant Tailor  C0IT1KBS  mi wm w wif-Tfit and sphikr  WEST BAKER S-TREfST' NEISON OPPOS.TB SHiVBR B___Jf0 M0Tm<  }____"'


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