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 DAILY  EDITION   BY  MAIL  FIVE  DOLLARS A YEAR  ttt%0  WEEKLY EDITION  BY MAIL  TWO  DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH  YEAR,  ^S-^foturjJf  ^k  NELSON:  WEDNESDAY^^J^TING, FEBRUARY 21  1900  -PRICE. FIVE  CENTS.  JAMIESON   RAID   ENQUIRY  Brought  Up  Again.  London, Kob. 20.���Tlio house oi'  commons today was crowded evei y-  AvhoioAvhen    Mr.    David     Aided  Thomas, Liberal member for  I.I01-  thior-Tydvil rose  to  move  the reopening  of  the   enquiry   into  the  origin   and   circumstances   of the  Jiunioson   raid.    lUr.   Tliointis   disclaimed   any    personal    animosity  against Mr. Chamberlain, the secretary of .state for the colonies, but,  lie  continued, tho inconclusive  nature of tho first cnquiiy had created     widespread     dissatisfaction  wliich, Mr.  Ihomas  asseitcd,  had  .deepened   the   indignation  at  the  disclosures of the continental newspapers, impugning the impartiality  ���| of the committee.  {     Continuing,  he said it v.as in the  ,| intercut    of    the   nation   and  the  '1 character    and   reputation  of the  ��� house of commons  and  Mr.   Cham-  \ berlain   that there  be  a full  and  ,' searching   inquiry,    Mr.     Thomas  ! further asserted that tho previous  inquiry  was  a farce  and that the  fiesh facts adduced  in   the corres-  1 pondence   published by  the Iudo-  depondeiica   Beige    were     .strong  grounds for a fresh inquiiy.  Mr. Samuel Thomas Evans, liberal member for the middle di\ is-  iou of Glamoiganshiie seconded the  motion. In doing so he argued  that theie were strong grounds for  suspecting that the colonial office  aud Mr. Chambeilain had piior  knowledge of the e\cnts leading up  to the raid. Mr. Evans said ib was  a question whether the authors of  the raid had sufficient power or influence to prevent a majoiity of the  house of commons of having the  hope of getting a committee of inquiry appointee..  Hero Mr. Chamberlain interjected: "I do not understand what  the  member   means  by  tho  last   sentence."  - Mr. Evans.rcpiicd that he thought  everyone else in   the house,  understood that the suggestion was ,that  tiiOiO/      '-were      influence.-     which  might     be     worked    to    prevent  the     government     from      asking  i'or  the  loappointment of a   committee.    (Miinstenal orios of '"what  influences'.'" followed these remarks.  Mr. Chamberlain, amid  profound  attention, said there was alsolutely  nothing   in   what    had   happened  since 1897 which  could  possibly be  raised  as ground for ra second inquiry.    He proceeded to .review the  ���whole history of the committee and  repeated  his previous  declaration,  especially referring to tho lL.iv.k_,-  loy   telegrams.     Mr.   Chamberlain  ridiculed the grounds advanced foi  anew  inquiiy and explained Unit  Mr. Rhode.6- was  charged with two  di&t'tnct offenses.    Jlu  was accused  iirst of canspiiing  to bring about  the raid,  on   which ho a. as  found  guilty and condemned in the strongest terms by the committee.    The  colonial, seci'etary Jbltuuod   him____s  bevoroly as  anybody.     The  other  charge* was that he acted from sordid motives with the object of promoting speculation and  raising the  values' of his property. Thi> iva- an  abominable   charge   wliich  should  not luivc-bcen made and of which  Mr. Rhodes a\ as absolutely guiltless.  Another ground upon v. hich an enquiry AVas asked, was an account of  and country.    The  attack will  recoil upon those who made it."  lie confessed that at one time he  felt bitterly against such insinuations "which those lcpeating them  did not daro assert they believed  should be brought against me after  21 years.' membership iu the house  of commons."  Continuing he said he was not  hopeful that anything that he or the  house said would silence his foreign  critics, but no one iu Great Britain  w hose good opinion he cared for  would be affected by the charges.  The manner of conducting this  busine*.-. of the committee and the  closing of the inquiry, he declared,  wci o both can ied out as suggested  by Sir AVilliam Vernon Harcourt,  who coitainly did not desire to  shield anyone in the colonial office.  At the conclusion of his remarks,  Mr. Chamberlain was heartily  cheered by the ministerialists.  London, Febrniu y 20.-*-Mr Chamberlain in his defence also declared  as to the telegrams exchanged between Mr. Rhodes and his agent  that they were sent confidentially,  that he returned them saying he  had no objection to their publication. Since June 1S9G he had not  seen the telegrams which were produced and examined by the committee. As to the letters, Mr.  Chamberlain said they were stolen  from Mr. Ilawksley's desk and Dr.  Leyds offered to pay ��100 for them.  They contained nothing unknown  to tho committee.  THE REDISTRIBUTION Bltf  Sir   AVilliam   Vernon   Harcourt,  tho ''precious collodion of docu  mentfa" published by the independence Beige, which had been offered  for sale to various London papers  who " would not touch them with  tongs," and ab last they found '�����..  customer in n "friend of tho Boers,  who contrived to transmit them to  Dr. Leyds who paid or promised to  pay ��100 sterling therefor and they  were then communicated to the Independence Beige. There v\ as nothing in these documents from first to  jast" said the colonial secretaiy,  who then dissected most of the  documents, pointing out that they  afforded no ground for charges  against the colonial office. He then  said:  "li this matter had not been complicated by party matters and personal animosities no man in the  house would have said theie was a  shadow of ground for such an en-  quiiy. The objects of these pergonal attacks is to prevent me from  participating in the Transvaal settlement."  Mi. Chamberlain i'uithcr said  that the honorable members oppo-  '-.site did not want an inquiry.  "They want an execution/' he said;  "let them do their worst, I am perfectly ready. 1 rest upon the good  tense and generosity of the house  who was a member of the parliamentary committee which enquired  into tho Jamieson raid, followed Mr,  Chamberlain. lie said on the very  face of it the committee's report  did not find that there had beeu a  full enquiry, as indeed there had  not been. Tho suspicions agaiust  the colonial office were not the  work of political adversaries, but  rather of men who for their own  ends stuck at nothing in tho way of  mendacity, forgery and fraud. The  authors of these suspicions were  the agents of Cecil Rhodes. They  sought to assert the complicity of  tho colonial* office to cover their  own guilt. _. Dr. Jamieson told sir'  John "Willoughby, a man of unquestioned honor, that the government  was behind the raid and Dr. Jamieson had not denied it.  *,   Mr. Chamberlain.���" Yes, he was."  Sir William Vernon Harcourt.���  ���'The insurrection was promoted by  the foulest frauds. Was there ever  anything so abominable ,as the  Rhodes telegram to Jamieson two  days before the raid, putting it into  his mouth to lie about the objects  of the raid. When tho colonial  sceiotary after tho"laid asked for  an inspection of the telegrams,  JIawksley wrote back that this was  unnecessary as the colonial secretary knew all. Therefore suspicions  were sot afloat by the agents of  Rhodes but then there was no suggestion that they were covered by  tl o complicity of the colonial ollice.  That is what I waut to have shown  up. 1 want the transactions of  these men brought to light. Rhodes  ha., deceived everybody. _Tho_rai__]_  was made by gold and lies."  Sir Henry Campbell-Baunerman  w ho defended the committee's proceeding!- said ho "feared the speech  of the colonial secretary would not  tend io lesson public suspicion. He  appealed to the government to  allow the inquiry to be reopened  declaring that it would be a great  relief to show to the world that the  Biiti_.li government and people had  no.part iu the "iniquitous folly of  1803." Mr. Arthur J. Balfour, the  government leader stigmatised the  motion of Mr. Thomas as "a personal attack on the colonial secretary will recoil on his own opponents,"  The house rejected tho motion to  reopen the inquiry by a vote of 280  against 159.  Boer Tactics Criticised,  Bi-RUN, Feb. 20.--The jMilitaire  Wct'cheublatt in the course of an  at tide 1_3' a high officer of the general stair attempting to* disprove  the view that the Boer successes  have been due to their tactical defensive, says: "On the contrary,  the recent Boer successes prove the  inefficiency of their defensive, since  an energetic offensive would in like  circumstances released the Boer  corps guarding the defeated corps  of general Buller, lord Methuen and  general White for delivering a  crushing blow to the Biitish. Without such a bold offensive, the Boers  will never again win a decisive victory or accomplish more than a half  measure. The writer then reviews  in detail the engagements in South  Africa, and makes out a strong ease  foi his contentions.  Is Bead a First Time.  Victoria, February 20���[Special  to   tho Tribune].���The   legislature  today considered the message transmitting    the    Redistribution   bill,  which   received   its   first   reading  without any form of attack by the  opposition developing.   The session  today lasted only two hours, and  the government, without   making  any formal announcement, encourages the  belief that no important  measures are  to  be  pressed before  the  Redistribution   bill,  that   private   bills   and   contentious    public     measures     will     after     that  be      proceeded      with,     and      if  defeat occurs on the disputed measures to follow  that, the  ministers  will be quite prepared to go to the  country.  Higgins read to the house  today a telegram from Kaslo  stat ���  ing that the memorial of the associated boards of trade of Kootenay  was not included  in the return of  correspondence  on   the eight-hour  law  recently presented.    He   intimated that he  had  a  mind  to impeach  Hume for contempt of the  house in the omission of such important   documents    in    the    return.  Henderson came to  Hume's  rescue  with the statement that ho believed  the Kaslo  petition  was in his  department, not  Hume's,  and would  be produced forthwith.  A friendly elector of Nanimo has  brought suit against McKechnie for  for thirty three thousand dollars  for penalties incurred iu sitting  ancl voting since, as alleged, his  election became invalid. This will  bi inga judicial decision if necessary,  but in the meantime McKechnie  sticks to his place/  McPhillips gives notice of these  questions:  Whatii the ecplaua ion o" the  change of proceedings in the Slocan  that followed the action of constable Kelly in arresting the secretary of the Miners union?    '  Has it been determined upon that  it is unwise and agaiust public  'interest co oppose any line of action  decided upon by the Miners' union  although it is in contravention of  the law.  denied" then haying conspired  against tho I republic, and  made a grand speech on the lofty  motives of Nationalists, warmly defending the plebiscite, which had  permitted America to plant her  flag in Cuba and the Philippines  and had given the Transvaal the  strength to resist foreign aggression "with the plebiscite president,"  ho concluded "wc should not have  had to suffer the humiliation of  Fashoda."  HOW  CRONJE  RETREATED  BOERS ABANDON Alt THEIR  Winnipeg and Golden Grown.  Greenwood, February 20.���Tho  Times today says: "Another important consolidation of two Boundary  Creek mining companies is in process of consummation. Last night  the-following brief telegram was  sent to the presidents of each of  the_.raining stock exchanges in Montreal, Toronto aud Rossland rby  Duncan Mcintosh, president ancl  general manager of the Winnipeg  Mining k Smelting Company:  ��� Winnipeg mine. closed down  today pending consolidation  with the Brandon and Golden  Crown/ By the" same gentleman tbe Times was informed  that while all the details of the  consolidation have not yet been per-  -fectcd, -Montreal _and��� Toronto  capital were behind the new  company. The idea of consolidating the two mines has beeu on the  tapis for some time, It is proposed to use the niaiu shafts of the  Brandon and Golden Crown company for tho output of the two  properties. Both mines are developed by shafts to a depth of 300  feet. Within the. past three weeks  the Winnipeg mine has shipped  nine carloads of ore to the Trail  smelter, and the returns from the  earlier shipments have beeu most  satisfactory. A fraction over $20  to the ton wore the net profits.  By the consolidation of the companies both properties can bo  worked on a much more economical  scale.  Boundary Ore for Trail.  Greenwood, February IS.���The  Winnipeg mine, in Wellington  camp, is still maintaining its record  for ore shipments. Yesterday two  more cars left Hartford Junction  for the Trail smelter. The total  number of cars shipped to date is  ten. As long as cars aro available  at the junction ore will be ready for  loading.  Marcel-Habert Trial.  Paris, February 20.���The senate,  sitting as a high court, resumed  today the trial of Marcel-Habert,  charged with inciting troops to  inarch upon the Elysee palace at  the time of the funeral of president  Fanre: Replying to the interrogatory of the president of the court,  M. Marcel-Habert protested that he  had already been judged and acquitted on the same charges.   He  Advanced Positions.  London, February 21.���The Boers  are leaving all the positions held  by them on British territory and  are concentratingl for the defence  of their own. Sir Redvers Buller  thinks they are about to raise the  siege of Ladysmith and this is the  last news of the day.  General Clements reports that  the force confronting him has  greatly diminished. Ten thousand  men are estimated to have gone  from the Colesburg-district alone.  The Boers aie also retracing their  steps from Zululand. Thus they  are relaxing their hold on all sides  iu order to assemble to oppose Lord  Roberts. He is pressing on  steadily towards Bloemfontein.  This is shown by i^is inconsequential telegram from j_Mardeberg fifty  or sixty miles away. Doubtless he  is miles behind the column that is  pursuing the Boers, ancl the next  important news may be the occupation of Bloemfontein.  Nothing had been heard from the  chase of Cronje for two days. Although the last words of the war  office tonight wore that there was  no news for publication, there is a  strong disposition to believe that  favorable information has been received, but is being withheld until  the operations culminate in something more conclusive. There is an  equally strong disposition to  think that general prouje has  got away. Owing to^tho lack of  transports, the Biitioh are not'hke-  ly to invade Boer territory except  where lord Roberts is operating.  General Buller will have to stop at  the Drakensberg mountains. Probably a part of his 40,000 men will  ultimately join the legions of loici  Roberts. Jf. as general Buller  avers, the Boers are retreating from  him, theh the new s on every side is  favorable to the British.  Nevertheless troops continue to  go tip. The war_ office thinks that  the call to veterans to rejoin iJieir  colors together with the bounty will  bring 4000 men to the home defence. The urgency with which the  home defence is pressed excites  some wonder. With, tho casualties  just reported the British losses in  killed, wounded and captured now-  aggregate 11,102.  With Mafeking Belief Force.  Boluwavo, February 12.���Colonel Plumer sent major Bird with  two hundred colonials to attempt  the capture of tlio Boers' twelve-  pounder on a kopje near Crocodile  pool. Major Bird met with such a  ten ific rifle and shell fire that he  considered the position too strong  and ordered a retirement. Colonel  the Hon. F. W. AVhite was slightly  wounded, major Straker was severely wounded, nineteen privates  were wounded, and captain Samson  French and nine men are missing.  How the Wagons Were Lost.  CrADdock, Cape Colony,, February 20.���Details have arrived  here with respect to the character  of the British convoy at Reit river.  It appears that wagons Were  laagered near the drift and that  the convoy was attacked by 1S00  Boers Avith four guns. The shelling was continued all day. One  hundred and 'eighty wngons were  captured, containing pro. isions and  forage. Half the drivers and  leaders  were killed or are missing.  New Freight Eates.  All points in the boundary district are to have tho benefit of  lower freight rates On and after-  March 1st. While the new tariff  is not yet ready for publication,  the Canadian Pacific Railway people say there will be - ;ot.siderable  reduction iu all cla^:,>/   ,  Eva Eoch Awakes.  Monthi_Ar_, Feb. 20.���Kva Roch,  the young girl who has been partially unconscious since Christmas  day, has recovered perfect consciousness and tho doctors aro of  of tlio opinion that she will recover.  From Magersfontein.  London, Feb. 1.���A correspondent of the Daily Chronicle telegraphing Sunday thus describes  general Cronje's retreat with the  Boers at Magersfontein, on learning  of general French's success:  "On     Thursday     at    midnight,  headed   by    general    Cronje,   five  thousand Boers with their  heavy  guns and ox Avagons evacuated the  Magersfontein lines.   At dawn on  Friday the  retreating  Boer army  was  seen from  the  British  naval  gun  station  of   Klip  Drift  kopje,  trekking eastward across the British front at a distance of 500 yards.  Our    guns     opened    upon     them  aud a  force of mounted infantry,  crossing the river, made a dashing  charge in the attempt to cut off the  head of the enemy's column.   But  in half an  hour their whole force  had gained shelter under  a  line of  kopjes.    Meanwhile two of our batteries  here came  up and  also the  Oxfords, Buffs, AVest Ridings and  Gloucesters.    Our infantry crossed  the drift and for three  hours  were  engaged with the enemy while out-  batteries shelled his position.    The  mounted   infantry   kept   hard   at  work.  Unable to withstand our  galling  shell fire, the enemy retired, disputing every inch of the way, and took  up a second position on  the  kopjes  t~> the eastward.    It was a magnificent spectacle to sec the Boer army  thus   at   bay.     Tlieir  rear  guard,  2000' strong,  fought  us while the  main   body   trekked  further   east  and then  brought  their guns into  action, while the rearguard retired.  The action continued most   of   the  day.    Our infantry fought splendidly but the enemy held his ground  under the continued bombardment.  Later on the Boer commander ventured on a bold 'stroke.     Leaving  2000 of  his   men   tinder   cover  he  wicboVew Jus nieu from  his main  position and headed for Klip Kraal  diift. six miles to the  east.     This  movement* was    soon   discovered.  Our mounted  infantry  came  back  across the drift and marched along  the  south bank  in an endeavor to  head     oil'     the   enemy.        When  Ave     reached    the     neighborhood  of Klip Kraal drift, night  had  already fallen   and 'half  the  Boers  A\oie already across  to the south  side.    Our  mounted infantry har-  rassed    their    movements.    Mean-  Avhilo the Boer rear- guard, having  covered  the crossing of the  main  body, retired sloA\'!y and  successfully  passed  the  drift.    The  rear  guard fought desperately and as it  fell back to the river, It Avas har-  rasscd on the flank and the tear by  the British.  Having thus passed under cover  of darkness* tho Boers trekked  throughout the night in the direction of Bloemfontein. General  Kelly-Kenny-Avith the sixth-division then pursued thorn at daylight.  Genet ill MacDonald with the High*  hinder-, following him.  MacDonald reached Klip Kraal  drift by'forced marches on Sunday.  General Kelly-Kenny/moving from  Klip Kraal drift, was endeavoring  Lo outflank the enemy and to cut  them oil from Bloemfontein so as  to dii\o them back into general  Mac-Donald's hands. AVhon I left  the front general Kelly-Kenny had  not come up A\ith the enemy."  board Avere the members of the  club. Herr Steiner's orchestra  played between courses, and accompanied the choruses. After the  covers Avere removed a toast list  was introduced, aud the balance of  the evening was spent in speech,  song and story. Songs were contributed by the Nelson cptartette,  J. Devlin and others. The patriotic  choruses were sung by the company  with splendid A'igor, and the receipt  of cheering news from South Africa  was the signal for long and continued cheers.  The Curlers' Dinner.  The Xels-on curlers had a field  night last eA'cning, Avhen A. II. Buchanan, president of the club, entertained the mum bers at dinner in  the Hotel Phair. It ���will be remembered that the stake at ihsuc in the  competition between the president's  and A'iee-president's rinks Ava__ to  have been settled jn this manner,  and Avhen Mr. Buchanan's rinks lost  the contest by a narrow majority  he gracefully submitted to the inevitable and paid tho forfeit last  night. Covers Avere laid for 45  guests at the Phair, and a choice  menu was served. The tables Avere  handsomely decorated, and in a  conspicuous position were placed  the magnificent prizes Avon by Nelson's crack curlers at the Rossland  bonspiel last Aveek. They included  the imposing grand challenge cup,  the Hudson's Bay trophy, Avith the  dainty gold lockets accompanying  it, and the gleaming cut glass .set  captuied by the Tamblyn rink in  the Walkervillo tournament. Sir.  Buchanan occupied the chair, to his  right being mayor Houston, and ou  his left F. \V. Peters.   About the  QUEEN  VICTORIA APPEALS  To Her Old Soldiers.  London, Feb. 20.���The queen  through her pr-iA'ate secretary, sir  Arthur John Bigge, has sent the  following letter to the commander-  in-chief of the field forces, field  marshall lord Wolseley:  "Osborne, Feb. 17.  "My dear lotd AVolseley.���As so  large a proportion of the army is  noAV in South Africa, the queen  fully realizes that necessary measures must be adopted for home defence. Her majesty is adA'ised that  it would be possible to raise for a  year au efficient force from  her old soldiers who have  already served as officers, non commissioned officers or privates, and,  confident in their devotion to their  country and loyalty to her throne,  the queen appeals to them to serve  her once more in place of those avIio  for a time, side by side Avith tho  peoples of her colonies, are nobly  resisting the invasion of her South  African possessions. Her Majesty  Iras signified her pleasure that these  battalions shall be designated tho  Royal Reserve battalions of her  army.   (Signed) Arthur Bigge."  BULLER'S FOURTH ADVANCE  On LadysmitlL  London, February 20.���Tho foi-  loAving dispatch has beeu received  at the tvar office from general  Buller:  Blows' Farm, February 20���4.10  p. m.���The Fusileer brigade yesterday took Hlaugwana hill, the right  of the enemy's position and commanding, Colenso, the rest of the  force advancing towatd the Tugela.  This morning the enemy had Avith-  draAvn all the troops north of the  Tugela and had practically evacuated Colenso. Today general Hart  oj- upied Colenso after a very slight  resistance by a weak real guard,  and Ave hold the line of the Tugela  on tho south side from Colenso to  Eagle Nest.  "The enemy seems to be in full  retreat, and apparently are only  holding the position, they occupy  across the Colenso-Ladysrnith rail-  Avay. Avhere it is close to the angle  of -the -Tugela -with -a -weak rearguard. Hart's advance guard is  crossing at Colenso. Our casualties  yesterday and coday have, 1 hope,  been bub feAV."  A   dis-  Long Cecil's Maker.  London, February 21.-  patch to the Standard from Modi for  riA'er, dated Monday, February 11),  and describing the relief of Kimberley, says that tho maker of the gun  chrit-tened "Long Cecil" at the .Do  Beers workshops avus an American  named George Labram, who Aviib  afterwards killed by a Boer shell,  which fell in his room at the Grand  hotel. Tho correspondent confirms  the report that the escort Avith the  British convoy at the Riet river  AA'as reinforced and made an unsuccessful attack on the Boers in the  rear. He says that lord Roberts  then ordered the wagons to be  abandoned.  Life Underground.  London, February 21.���A dispatch to the Daily Mail from Mafeking, dated Friday, February U,  says all business here i.s being conducted underground. Tho resident  commissioner has sumptuous apartments in a subterranean bombproof dwelling. The police have a  subterranean hall with a piano.  The Mafeking hotel dining rooms  seat 10. All these have been dug  out and  are impervious to shells."  C. Mine Shipping.  Forks,,   Feb.  20.���Four-  B  Grand  teen carloads of ore from the B. C  mine, Summit Camp, Avere shipped  to the Trail smelter during the  week ending yesterday.  MINING    OPERATIONS    IN  , Camp Mansfield.  Recent reports from Camp Mansfield sIioav that the development  work there is proceeding with the  most satisfactory results. The tunnel on the Tony is now in 130 feet,  and besides encountering the ledge  as chronicled in The Tribune not  long since, it has just struck a small  vein of high grade ore 8 inches.  The ore sIioavs native silver and  goes $30.50 in gold to the ton.    The  Twin Lakes tunnel is in 145 feet  and has just struck the hanging  wall of the A'ein towards which it  AA'as being driven. The Marguerite  and Bertha tunnels AA'hich are being  driven to tap the Joker vein at  depth, are iioav in 105 feet and 100  feet respectively. As soon as tho  Aveather permits a tunnel  ���will also be started ou tho  Crescent, on which there is a  big ledge of quart-, of good  grade. All the claims above mentioned belong to Reni Laudi of London, England, and, during the absence of Ernest Mansfield, the mining operations are being looked  after by AV. E. Boie. A force of 30  men is kept steadily at work.  Ou the Lost Boy, a claim in the  same district belonging to the Pae-  tolus Gold Mining Company, development Avork is also proving most  satisfactory. A tunnel is being  driven in on the ledge Avhich, in the  last 20 feet, has Avidened out from  15 inches to fiA-e feet.  But little is gi\en to the public  about the Joker group, but a long  tunnel has just been started aboA*e  Bertha lake, Avhich Avill tap tho  A'ein at a depth of 050 feet. The  tunnel Avill be nearly 1000 feet long.  It is freely stated that the vein in  the main drift has widened out to 30.'  feet, and contains tAvo parallel  paystreaks .of about two feet in  width each. HoAvever this may be,  J. J. Fleutot, engineer in charge, is  noAA* visiting Chicago aud San Francisco for the purpose of making ar-  rangements for the purchase-of a-  20-stamp mill and a cyanide plant,  Avhich A\*ill be installed in the spring.  CITY  1L-OCAL   NEWS.  During the past I'caa' days about  100 handsome books have been  added to the Nelson Ijiav Jibraiy.  They consist hugely of bound a-o1-  uines of the law reports.  A team attached to Morrison k  Caldwell's delivery sleigh ran away .  about noon yesterday. Tho animals AA'ere standing on A{ernon  street, and when frightened made  for their stable at top speed. Several attempts to stop them en tOuto  Avere failures, but no damage had  been done Avhen, the team finally  reached Hull street.  A number of parties coming  from Spokane to Nelson complain  that their vaccination certificates  are collected at Northporc by the  officer iu charge oi the quarantine  there. The matter Avas brought up  "at a"recent meeting of "the-Nelson  board of health, and it aa'iis agreed  that in taking this action the official in charge had overstepped his  authority, nor could the members  conjecture what possible use the*?c  certificates could be, ,��avc Avhen in  the hands of the parties avIio under-  Avent the operation.  The advance guard of contractor  Stewart's forces uioA'cd on the Balfour extension yesterday iu tho  shape of a contingent of twenty  men, who accompanied a barge  load of camp equipment. Two  camps Avere established ai the old  ���-awtnill and Thirteen-mile point.  The Avalking bosses at these points  Avill be I'at Hughe-, and J. Sullivan,  the latter being a brother of engineer SulliA'an, Avho has charge of all -  C. P. R. construction in the province. Ground Avill be broken in a  day or so.  The provincial license commissioners met yesterday to consider  the application of R J. Long for a  transfer of the Creston licence. As  Long did not appear, the application Ava__ refused. It is understood  that Long ha- giA-en up the matter.  The special committee of the city  council appointed to confer aaUJi  the traniAA'ay company regarding  the introduction of electrical poA\er,  aviII meet the company's* rcpre-en-  tives today.  James O. AA'cleh of Grand  Forks,  is at the Hotel Phair. Mr. AVoleh  is a Avell-knoAAii railroad conti actor,  and may take one of the sub-contract-, on the Balfour extension, lie  \A*as associated Avith J. W. Stewart  in the construction of Lite Boundary  �� spur Hues. 2  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B.C. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21 1900  -Spring Suits��$5  Now.is a good tizno to select your spring suit or overcoat. ,,.-, .    .  early, bin belter buv early than wait until lines are broken.   A\ e have just received a hii-j.'.e shipment of suits and light overcoats, and will sell yi  tweed suits for nun from '. 6 up.  See our Kfgcnt Street sui s for _ oung men, the newest thnif  It may seem a little  "mve just re-  ou serge and  out.  Baker Street,  Nelson, B. C.  J. F. WEIR, Men's Outfitter.  TiiKrcdistributionmeasure, which  was introduced in the legislature on  Monday, has not yet been  received  in Nelson, but from  the  press reports it can scarcely be regarded as  anything more than an expedient.  It does not treat Avith the representation of the  Avholo  province, but  deals Avith some of the most glaring  inequalities.    While   the   bill   Avill  not accomplish all that could be desired, it Avill neA"ei theless be an improvement upon the present allotment   of   representation,   and   fortius  reason  it should be  well  received.   Upon this measure the fate  of the government uoav hangs, and  incidentally premier Semlin has put  it'in the power of Joseph Martin to  wreck the goA'ernment if he so desires.   Martin has repeatedly stated  that he Avould support a fair 1 cdis-  tribution measure, brrt Avhether the  present bill is acceptable to him remains to be seen.   If Martin votes  against the measure in a full house  it will mean a  goA'ernment defeat,  since   Higgins   and   Prentice   may  both   be  counted against it as  it  cuts out their seats.    In a full house  there are just 37 votes upon the  floor and Avith Martin, Higgins and  Prentice counted  out  the  government  can  muster  but  IS, so that  there is a chance irr a full house of  the measure being defeated by one  vote.    This Avould mean a dissolution and a general election.  funeral of the late president Fanre.  Comparatively little interest was  taken in the proceedings. There  Avas a small audience present and  only a few of the general public assembled outside the chamber. In  the chamber of deputies today, tho  session was devoted to a discussion  of the senate's competence to try  the case of M. Marcel-Habert, Avhich  the latter contests.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  Just Received  A CARLOAD OF CHOICE  VEGETABLES.  Sweet Potatoes  Parsnips  Potatoes  Cabbages  Carrots  Turnips  Beets  Onions  Tub members of the first Canadian contingent Avere given a  chance on Thursday last in the ad-  . vance on Kimberley, aud as1" a result  anxiety now reigns in a number of  Canadian homes. The Canadians  were brigaded with the Ninth Division,  and,   in    the   march   from  _, '  "Wegcdraal to Jacobsdal, several of  them succumbed. They are now  among the missing. Among them  is private Cordon B. Corbould, &on  of Gordon E. Corbould, police magistrate at NeAV Westminster, aaIio  quit a laAV office to serve Avith the  first contingent.  IF half of what the Calgary  ranchers say is true, the Strathcona  Horse Avill not be of such assistance  to the British army as lord Strathcona intended. Such poor judgment was exercised, in the puiclm-sD  of stock around Calgaiy, that the  Calgary board of tio.de- and city  council have considered it necessary  to  meet   ancl   repudiate   the   ,stock purchased  al ropreventative  of the Calgary ranches. This is  much to be regretted. There was a  ehauco to make tho Strathcona  Horse the flu est body of mounted  men in South Aftica: but it now  looks as if the men Avere to have  discarded plugs instead of horses.  Owing to the unsatisfactory manlier in Avliieh the Canadian Pacific  Telegraph Company handles the  morning report of the Associated  Pros'., the Greenwood Times has  been forced out of the morning  field, and will hereafter bo i&sued in  the afternoon. A news service i*.  pretty bad when a newspaper, Avith-  * out competition, finds that It cannot use it.   Why Kuttcra Resigned,  London, February 20.���In the  house of commons* today, replying  to an enquiry as to the reasons for  the resignation of major general  "Jlutton, the commander of the  Canadian militia, Mr. George AVynd-  Irani, the parliamentary _-eeretury  for the Avar office, said that general  Hutton had beeu given employment  in South Africa for AA'hich he had  long been anxious.  Another Treason Trial.  Faris, February 19.���The senate  as-a high court reassembled today  in order to try deputy Marcel-  Habert on the same charges as  those upon Avhich M. Deroulede  was recently convicted, namely attempting to lead troops- upon the Seats  1*3.j tee Palace at the time of the    store in  Telephone 13  lillllS  Chloride of Lime.  Carbolic Acid."  Si-chloride of Mercury.  Copperas.  Permangnate of Potash.  Sulphur and Brimstone  for fumigating.  We have all the above (with  directions for using) at reasonable prices. ,  Carbolic Acid in large bottles,  60 cents.   Canada Drug & Book Go.  NJ-LSON  Nelson Opera House  FEBRUARY 14th  THE  ROSSLAND  00NS  PROCEEDS for MANSION HOUSE  ADMISSION 50 and 65 CENTS  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD & CO.���Corner Vernon and  ��� Josephine streets, wholesale grocers and  jobbers inblankcls, gloves, milts, boots, rubbers,  mackinaws and minors' sundries.   KOOTENAY   SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMITED���Vernon   street,  Nolson,   wholesale  grocers.   TOI1N cnOLDITCH & CO.-Front street, Ncl-  "    son, wholc-alu grocers.   COAL.  OllOAVS  NKST PASS COAL COMPANY.���  Wholesale dealers in coal and coke. Charles  St. I Who. Agent. Raker street.. Nelson.   HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS & CO.���Corner Baker nnd Josephine  ��� streets. Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining supplies. Agentsfor Giant  Powder Co.   LAAVRI.N..1- HA11DAVAIU- .COMPANY-  Baker St., Nelson, wholesale dealers in  hardware and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers' supplies.   VANCOUVER HARDAVARE COMPANY,  LIMITED-Raker street. Nelson, wholesale  dealers in hard ware and mining supplies, plum-  bers and tinsmiths' supplies. _.   CRATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  THORPE & CO., LIMITED.���Corner Vornon  and Cedar streets, Nelson, manufacturers  of and whole��aledcalers in feral ed waters and  flint sjiups. Solo agent star Halcjou Spnngs  rninei al water.   'I elcphone iiJ   ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  TTT F. TEKTZEL & CO.-Corncr Baker 'and  ���� ���   Josephine streets, NUson, wholesalo dealers in   as^ajers  supplies.   Agents If or Denver  Fiie Clay Co. of Denver. Coloiado.   LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER, BEETON & CO.-Corner Vernon  and Josephine streets. Nelson, wholesale  dealers in liquors, cigais and dry goods. Agents  for Pabst Biewing Co. of Milwaukee and Calgary Bi ewing Co. of Calgary.   COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVANS & CO.-Baker street, Nelson,  ��� wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars,  cement, fiie bi lck and fire clay, water pipe and  steel rails, and general commission meichants.  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN & KER MILLING COMPANY  LTD.���Front street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in flour, oatmeal, etc., and hay and grain.  Mills at Edmonton, Victoria, and New Westminster.   CIGARS.  KOOTENAY CIGAR MANUFACTURING  CO.���Corner Baker and Hall streets, Nelson, manufacturers of "Royal Seal" and "Koote  nay Belle" brands of cigars.   PAINTS   AND   OILS.  NELSON HARDAVARE COMPANY���Baker  Sheet���-AA'hole.alo dealeiR in paints, oils,  and brashes of all kinds. Laigest stock in  Kootonay.   &&&&  J^'^ '^��'^ ��� J_____'._^ OS  >0*-fi*'fi*-fi*-fi*-fi*-  ��_&__*:& &���&��-: ess 6 __���:_..&*  Hi tffe_   1.  SEMcJBBkm  iff  w  Hi  t_<  Ui  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  El^Jfe  SAMPLES  -3:-aa3933a33i:  it  *!_;�����: ess fe se se e es ���%  Ladies' |  Mackintoshes ��  Latest Styles   %  333333 333 =#  w  iti  NEW   SPRING    GOODS  iff  iti  w  iff   We have opened this week a large shipment of import goods direct   iff  iff  iti  iti  iti  =  from English manufacturers, therefore we are able to sell  goods much cheaper than buying from eastern houses  (ti  iff  w  iff  w  HUDSON'S B1I CO.  FRESH AND  SALT MEATS.  -Baker   street,   Nolson,  iff  iti  iff  iti  iff  iti  P    BURNS &   CO.  ���   wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meat*.  Cold storage.   POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY���Baker  stieot Nelson, manufactured of djnanute,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powdeis,  v. holcsale dealers in caps and fuse, and electric  blasting apparatus.   PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSONS PRODUCE COMPANY-Vornon  street, Nelson, wholesale dealeis in provisions, produce, and fruits. Agents for Swift &  Co. bacon and hams. .   T Y. G RIFE IN & CO.-Corner Vernon and  " ��� Josephine streets, Nelson, w holcsale dealers  in provisions, cured meals, buttei and eggs.   F' R. STEWART & CO.-AVaiehouses onC. P.  ��� It. track, foot of Stanley sheet. Nelson,  wholesale dealers m provisions, produce rand  fruits. Cold storage. Agents Armour & Co's  hanon. hams, lard and other products.   MANITOBA PRODUCE AND COMMISSION  CO.,1.14. ��� Nelson   branch,   Hall  Btrcet.  Wholesale dealers in butter, egga and cheese.  SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS  LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall streets,  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  in sash and doors; allkinds of factory work made  to Order. -   TENTS   AND   AWNINGS.  NELSON TEXT AND AWNING KACTOIIY-  lUkei st_ eel, Nelson M.iniif.i. One.. of all  kinds, of tents, aw mugs, and exn\as goods.  P O Box 7(i.   Tlico. Miulson. prupnotoi.   WINES AND CIGARS.  OALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMI-  *-* TWO���Corner Fiont and Hall streets, Nelson,-wholesalo dealers in wines (case and bulk)  and domestic and .imported cigars.  iff  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  Wash Dress Goods  INCLUDING  Prints, Zephyrs, Ginghams, Victoria and  Bishop Lawn, India Linen and Muslin.  Dimities Mercerised Lawns in all colors  and shades.  White and colored Piques, white and colored Ducks and Galates.  Emtroidery at old prices; a fact that is  due to an early import order before the advance.  We have Hamburgs, Nainsooks, Swisses,  Cambrics in edging and insertion.  White Valencienne Lace and insertion.  Table Linen and Napkins, Towels and  Towling, Bed Spreds, white and mercerised  bleached Sheeting 8-4, 9-4 and 10-4.  Circular Pillow Cotton, 40 to 46 inch.  Shirt - Waists and Wrappers  JUSTIN  We have opened up and are marking the  largest stock* of Wash Shirt Waists and  Wrappers ever received in Nelson. Right in  style and right in price.  Black and Navy Serge $3 to $12.50.  Black Brillanteen, plain and fancy, $2.50  to $9. -  Ready-made Skirts  Ask to see our new Silk Underskirts from  $5 to $20.  Two more pieces of all wool Sheppard's  plaid dress goods, 44 inches wide.  iff  iti  iti  iti  iff  XIf  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  NEW GOODS ARRIVING  DAILY  ^3-3-3 ���3___S-9_-*-3_.3-��$  ARCHITECTS,  "EpAVART & CAltRIE-Archileet..   Rooms 1  ���*-J   and S A hard-UUi blrok. Hake" a. ri"fit_ Nolson,  LODGE   MEETINGS^  NELSON LODGE, NO. 2?, A. F. & A. M.  Hoot, second Wednesday In each month.  Sojourning brethren Invited.  TTNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS- Nelson Lodge, No,  ���*���*���   _��, Knights of Pythias, meets in I. 0. O, Jf.  iff  IK  (._  'I*  <!��  fl-  m  Fi.  Ladies'  and Children's  Cashmere Ifose  X*  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  .!_  rvine & Go.  ^���s^-jj-i-iii-ss-a-sa^  fis if __�������� s-s-s- * &����� s-e-f *v  *'  m  m  m  Si  ��� The -  Latest  Neckwear  w  ili  iff  iti  iti  iti  iff  iti  iti  e*c--r---s-__-e_--t__-e<*-  iti  iti  M  'fi^?^'^'!&'fi*'!&-0*-fi*'fi*'fi*'fi*'0*'fi*'0*''0*''00',fi*/ *    ^-*&~'>^'^-y^'^*^'^r<^'^r'^'^F-^*-*^'^'-*Z:  Ward  Hdll, corner Baker and Kootonay streots. ovory  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Vibiting Knights  cordially Invited to attend.  R. G. JOY. K. of n. & g.  LK0NAT.I. SCOTT, C. O.  NELSON L, O. I.., No. 1CD2, meets in I. O. 0. F.  Hall, corner Baker and Kootenay streolfl,  1st and 3rd  Friday of each mouth.   Visiting  brfthem cordiall> in%)f''d.  H. Koi-iNSOV, W.M. AA'. Cit-\vj.oi!l>, Rec-Sec.  NELSON .'ERIE, Number 22, Fraternal Order  of EaKlef., meets every hccond and fourth  AVednesday ioe__ch month  in  Visiting brothren welcome.  XV. ClOS.'Ui.l.. Prosldoi-f,  C.-Ai-I.! �� PuossnK, Souctmy  Fraternity Hall.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.  NELSON MINKIIS' UNION NO. iXi, AV. V. ot  JM".���MeuU in mmors' 11111071 looms, 1101 th-  ca-.lcoincrAriclori!- anil Koi>toiii.y >.ti'ccts, ovciy  S.itnuiay cciiniK at 8 o'clock.   Vihitmg mem-  , bcM welcome.  .fAMffa AVn i-js, Sec'y.    C11 ^s. A. JIciKav, l'rep.  TJIK icgiil.ii iiieetiii_.s ofihoCirpenlcrs' I'mim  aie lielil on W'ttlnc-day om lung of euch  wcijk. at 7 o'clock. 111 tlio Jhneis' Union hull corner Victona and Kooton.ty 'il.eets.  It. KOJJINSON   !'icedent.  JAMKS COLLING, faociotary.  Tit \l)i:s. AXD LAlJOIt COUNCIL -The icbu-  I.ir nu'CtiiiKt of I ho Nolson 1 n.de_ and L.ujor  Council will boluld in Ihc mmeis' union hall,  Comerof Victoii.tdi'd Kootcmij 'tiuet1-, on Ihe  Iii-.! anil tl.isd TUi'i-day ot c.icli month, at  7..1U 11 in.  tl. ,1. TuoitPi, Pic_  A. R. SHERWOOD  J. II. Ma niS-So.v, Scc'j.  arke  REAL ESTAJE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL .AGENT  Fn 'it door west  of Bank of Biitish  Columbia building,  Baker Street  Headquarters  for all kinds of  Fresh and Cured Meats.  A  on   sale   now at  music  Opera House block.  ft'ulme -..ill  be  ni.idf 0/ flu- jioiiltry .ind  L'limo liailo    Thej will aUv.ijs lje 011 hand dm  nig then sCMSon.  J. L.  PORTER, Prop.  ](>') Josephine St., between Unkor and Vei nun.  Charles D_ Ja Christie  GENERAL BROKER  P. 0. 13ox o23.   Phones: Office 117, House 1C2  Cm again issue those dcshaUe smallpox and  fo.cr poliues, scainng you $15 per week. A  sliipmentjust received.   I'licefeSSand 51.  REAL ESTATJ3 FOR SALE IN ALL PARTS  OF THE CITY.  CALL OIE-. ^-HO-E-T-E!  g  CLEANING  AND  REPAIRING  YOUR OWN GOODS MADE UP  OLD CLOTHES MADE GOOD AS NEAV  ARTHUR GEE  Opposite Clarke Hole'.   MERCHANT TAILOR  REAL ESTATE  AND  INSURANCE.  The Nelson  Saw and Planing  ills, Limited.  Are prepared to furnish by rail, barge or teams  Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Local and Coast Ceiling, Local and  Coast Flooring, Double Dressed Coast Cedar,  Rustic, Shiplap, Stepping, Door Jambs, Pine  and Cedar Casings, Window Stiles, Turned  Work, Band-sawing, Brackets, Newel Posts,  Turned Veranda Posts, Store Fronts, Doors,  Windows and Glass,  Get prices before purchasing elsewhere  St. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  'NELSON. 11. C.  A boarding nnd day school conducted b) Ihe  Sistci'i- of St, .lo'-pph of Peace. Tt is situated at  tnccorner ot Hill and Josephine sliectb in 0110 of  the be��t_residential portions of Nelson, ami i-<  ca��ily ucces-.iblo fi om all pui __. of the cit y. ���  The course of siudj includes the fundamental  and higher branches of thoiougli English education: Business course���book keeping, btcuot;-  -uphy and typewriting. Science course���m.isio;  vocal and iiihtrui_iont.il, drawing, etc. Plain art  ai'd. needlework, etc.  *   Kor teinls and particulars'apply to the Sister  Superior.  '  liss Palmer  AViil open her  Kindergarten and  l-ilni-try school in '.  THK ENGLISH  CHURCH school  room on the 2nd of January, lfCK). For term sand  all particulars apply to MISS PALMER,  At residence of -Mrs. J. R. Robertson, Baker  Street West.  llul plain o.oiy day  teach at the  business is what wo  Kt* NELSON BUSINESS COLLEGE  Good for Gills as well as Boj*s  A   Daigain���House and   two  lols, on lower  JoM-P-iiuc iind Carbonate s-licoU, for mlfi,'$1600,.  Ollice and .Mills.corner Hall and._r#Mi_ Streets. Nelson  W. Starmer Sniith & Co.  PAPER HANGER, GLAZIER,  PAINTER, ETC.  CHIMNEY SWEEPING  Office Ward Sticet Oppofcilo Opera House  NOTICE.  Notice is heieby given that I intend to apply at  tho next meeting ol the Board of License com  imssioners for the City of Nelson, held after tho  expiration of thirty days fiom the d.ite hoi cot,  for a ti ansfer ol the saloon license now hold by  me, dated the loth day of .Tan.miy, I'M), for Ihe  lSodcga saloon, situate 011 tho east half of loll)  block 1, Nelson, 13. C, to AV. G. Robinson of Nelson, 13. C.  j.ated this 7th day of February, 1900.  Witness:  II. V. Maci.kod.     Ii. K. SMITH.  NOTICE   OF   ANNUAL   MEETING*.  Theannu.il meeting of tho wihsmhors of the  Nelson Libr.uy Attiocintum Mill ho held 111 the  schoolroom of-St Sa\ lour's 1 _jnst opal cIiukIioii  Wuduf-'day, ?lst Fobitiury, at K p. m.. for tlio  mirpOM. of iceciving lopmts of olllcuisand electing new ducctms 101-ihe ensuing sear. A full  attendance of all iulorested in the library i. oil-  is pivrliouUily rciincstccl.  MRS. A, J_. MCCULLOCH, Secretary. THE TEIBUNE:  NELSON B. C, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1900  AM OP MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up..$12,000,000  REST     G.000,000  Lord Slral.iiona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. (leoi-ge A. Drumniond AMce-Presidont  K. :_. Cluustuu General Manager  NKLSON. I. RANCH  Northwest  Cornel* Uaker and  Stanley Slreel-s  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELS.0N  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on -Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. <_.-; and Dawson City, N. W. T.  Uranclios in Loxno.v (Knghuid) Nuw Yoni.,  Chicago, and all tho iirincipiil cities in Canada.  Uuy and soil Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfers.  (Irani. Commercial nnd Travelers' Credits,  nviiiliililo in any part of Iho world.  Drafts Issued, Collections JMadei' I-tc.  Saving's Bank Branch  C'lM.l.l'N'T  l( \11: OI.'  I_.Tl-I-l.Sr lull-.  Cabmen May Strike.  J'auis, February 10.���The French  cabmen following the course they  pursued on the occasion of the expositions of 1.S7S and 1889, threaten  to inaugurate a general strike before the opening of the exposition  this year. The member of chamber  of deputies for Paiiy district after  listening to the demands of the cabmen decided to lay the Avhole matter,  before prime minister Waldeck-  l.ousseau and Dupuy, tho president  of the council and minister of the  interior.  Sugar Eeiinery Starts Up.  -Philadelphia, February 19.���  The Species Sugar Refinery, owned  by the American Sugar Company,  Avhicli has been closed, started today on full force.  Freighters and Contractors  OUTFIT   FOR   SALE  11 |).icl. nnilc=.  I saddle hoiso-*.  .'i-nicli sleighs.  -���<i. eminent -Landaul wagon*.  Also hiii lies-., api'iaious (ciiiiiplcle with blank-  els, io'jon, etc.), tools e.iin|) outlils, lonls.  l-'or pat liculnrs write, _.l.itmc loiimieiiient-, to  T. (ii.iliaui. Albert Cam on. li. C.  Provincial Board of Health  ���pi-l.'L'L.YTlONS of the Provinfiiil Hoard of  ���*-" llcillh appioicd by Order ol" His Honor the  Lioiituii'iuL Oovli nor m Council il iled Llie l.llh  day of February, I'M).   I-I_GU'LA"1K-NS  ron 'i iii: I'urvKsno.v or tin. ���.i'i.i'-.ii ok s.mai.l-  l"0__ IO_l.\U IX lli.III-.ll cum. mm \.  I. .All 1)!Is>;qiij-;cis- .uiiving at the B.unil.tvy  Ltiiolioii, the south in.iv 1m ic.|uiicd to tuiiiish  tlio Inspect oi or ollicer Iii'eh.u'ifo of llie <.a_'n inj_.  out of those rcs-iilations with a ccrtillcato from  the Health Olllcorof the city or town which ho  or sho has left, ciuilaininjj the following  particulars: *  (a.) That he or she has not been in any place or  building infected with small-pox:  (b ) That he or she has not lived in any place or  buildimr which lies dangerously near any  infected building or disti-i-t:  (t;.) That ho or she has recently been successfully vaccinated.  ���J. If Ihe Inspector believe, (bat any person is  infected, or tli.it his or her clothing or other cf-  fej-. conl,mi infection, the Inspector shall detain  such person, and his or her clothing and cllecls  as atorcsiiil, until the period of incubation is  o\ or, and such poison and his clothing and other  cllccis sh ill be M once disinfected.  :.. Ifh'' only -.Uspects that any person on board  or I he oil"- < Is of any sii"h person, h _ve been exposed lo infection, he shall not if v the Medical Health  Olllcorof Ihc locality to which the person is going  to meei Ihc ti.un or bo.it, and to keep the person  Iheieaiiui under obs -nation.  I   In the event of .my passenger bringing any  baug.ige (hand or   otherwise), or whether  the  saiao sli.ill bo forwarded hj C-picss, tho following ccitilictie niaj  also he requited fiom the  Health () lliccr of tho town or cit j aiorosaid;  (i) That Ihe said baggage (hoiegi.c full des-  cnption ol said baggage so that thoiecan  be no question as lo idenlilication) has not  boon in any place or building infected with  sn all-po.\ :  (!)) Thai the -si'd baggage has not been stored  or used in nnj place or building which lies  dangerous])  nc.ii* .my infected building or  dis'rit.  .">. All i.ul way companies, transport.ition companies. ,md stage]mm must adhere stiictly to tlio  Icil'ou in_. toguUtioiis ���  (a I All mail fiom  infected dislricls destined  for prnnls on tlio uound.iiy line, or north of  same, must he fumig.iled on or hefoie leaving tho last point of call .south of said line,  and the master inclHivgo of such mail must  furnish Ihc Inspector or Oflieer in charge of  the carrying out of these legiilalions with  .1 certificate from the   Health Olliccr  of  such points whole fumigation takes place  that same has boon done :  (1)) Aliens must be fumigated before leaving  Amciitau   points   for   BiiU-.li   Columbia  poinls and tlio Hcilth Olllcer's csililleatc  uuisi he liirnishcd lli.it such has been done  (c ) Xo Indians shall lie allowed to land in West  Ivoolonay or   Kast  Vale under   any conditions.  xorii'iCATiox.  (! AVhcne.or any householder knows or suspects that any poison williinhis household has  sinall-po... ho shall immediately, by special messenger when possible, ghc notice to the _Medic.il  Health Olliccr.  7. -Vhciiu.cr a'iv phjsic'an knows or suspects  thai any poison whom ho is called upon to visit  is inieclcd with or has d ed of snmlI-tio\, ho shall  niimedi.iteh notify llio iMcdic.il Health Olliccr.  S. An) phjsieiaii so called shall ha. e, for the  purposed! isolating the inlcctcd person and his  atlendtinls and of placing 1 he patient, at tendants,  and all other persons lcsiding in the same house  and (he house ilsclf in qiiaiantinu. all the powers  ol Ihc Medical Health Olliccr, and Ihc dut) of ordering and cnfoieing such immediate isolation  and (iuiiiaiitine sh ill de\ oh e upon such phj.i-  cian until the Medical Health Olliccr has been  noli lied and has had lime to act.  9 Whenovci a teacher m nn.. school has leason  to suspect lh.it an) pupil is sullering fiom smallpox*, or that siuall-po*- exists at llio house of any  pupil, he shall notify the Medic il Health Olliccr  immediately and shall pi event the attendance of  said pupil or pupils until medical evidence that  no danger of infection exist. h,_<- been obtained.  (A'ldc section_(!.snb-sect'onli, ''Health Act,lSt)...")  10. Pli)=i-i.-iis, teachers, ami householdci s  shall notify the _Medic.il Health Ollloel of the  pio-sence. or suspected pic*ciicc Of chicken-po*..  11. The-_\Icili(.il ireullh Olliccr shall immedi-  nlcl,. give notice bj telegraph to tho Provincial  Board of Health of tho first case of small-oox  which shall appear in his district, and shall further furnish every seven days, or oftcner if required, a statement showing the number of new  cases developed, the number of those who have  died, the number of those who have recovoied,  and tho number who are still sick.  SUSPECTED CASK.  12. The Medical Health Officer of every district, or any of his medical assistants, having'received information of a suspected case of smallpox, shall immediately inquire into tho facts,  either by consultation with the attending physician or by his own personal observation, or both.  If th'e characteristic symptons are not sufficiently developed at the time of investigation, Ihe  Medical Health Oflieer shall keep the case under  hi. own personal observation at tho special suspect station or elsewhere until the true nature of  the disease is discovered. Until the time has arrived when, in the opinion of the Medical Hoallh  Oflieer, all cause for suspicion or danger is prist,  the suspected case shall he isolated and otherwise  dealt with in the same manner as prescribed for  a ease of small-pox. The persons living in the  same houso, or who have been in contact, with  the infected patient, shall also bo kept under observation. A nd all such persons and the suspected person al-o shall be immediately vaccinated  with the most active vaccine matter procurable.  ACTUAL CASKS.  III. Tho action to be taken in the event of a ea.e  of small-pox being discovered is shortly as follows: (a) Detention, disinfection, isolation of  persons affected or exposed to infection : (b) disinfection of car-or boat: (<���) vaccination of all persons who have been exposed to contagion or suspected of conveying contagion; (dl the treatment  as a suspect of any person who refuses to bo vaccinated : (e) notification of Ihe local Board of  Health Officers at places of destination ; (f) notitl-  cation of Secretary of Provincial Board.  Sf'^SA-nos.  II. It shall bo ii VfM1!'0" kocal Hoards of  Health toarrangl.. ' *j! times and places for  vaccination, and to grv_....jphlic notice thereof.  15. It is no\v deemed necessary, and is hereby  ordered, that teachers-in Public Schools and  High Schools or Colleges' shall require a certill-  cate of successful vaccinal ion from each child attending ut such School or College, or a ccrtillcato  that such child i.s at. that present time insusceptible to vaccination. The certificates shall be  presented on demand to the teacher or othei  proper authority.  I'KNAI. CLAUSK.    (SEC. 91,  HEALTH  ACT.)  10. Provides that any person who violates any  regulation of the Provincial l.oaid shall, unless  it is otherwise specially provided, be liable for  everv such oliencc to a line not exceeding one  hundred dollars, with or without costs-, or to imprisonment, with or without hud labor, fora  term not exceeding six months, or to both line  I and imprisonment, in the discretion of the con-  | victing Com t.  17. The Small-Pox Regulations adopted in 1896  aro now in force.  CHARLES.!. FAGAN.  S-KCKKTAKV. PkOVINCIAL BOAl-I. OK HEALTH.  VicTOUiA, February 12th, I'MO.  lly Command.  C. A. SEMLIN,  PROVINCIAL SECRETARY*.  SMOKE  CHAIRS  ROYAL SEAL  AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS  UNION MADE  Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Go.  NI'LSON",  imiTISII COLUMBIA  COAL!     COAL!  GREAT REDUCTION  $9.65|&'8Nest   $6.15  DELIVERED  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  MEALS  25  CENTS  Waverly Hotel  This popular hotel, which is now being  enlarged and renovated, will be reopened  on March 1st, whon it will have 40 large,  nicely furnished and well lighted rooms,  heated with hot air. Special attention  will be given to the dining room.  HATES REASONABLE.  ROOMS LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITY  AND HEATED BY STEAM  25 CENTS TO $1  Hard Coal  Anthracite  Well, rather. We received an entire car,  (1300) of chairs last Tuesday, containing  fancy diners (in suits or otherwise), fancy  rockers in cobbler seat or wood,' cheaper  dining chairs finished in golden oak and  cheaper ones still suitable for either dining  room or kitchen. There are a few office tilt-  ers in the lot. So you can'tstick us on  chairs, either in design, quantity or price.  TELEPHONE  33  0. W. West & Go.  ��  D. McArthur & Co  W. P. DICKSON  E. H. H. APPLBWHAITH  J. McPHEH  Kooteqay Electric Supply & Construction Go.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Bleotric Equipments for Blectrlo Power Transmission and Lighting- for  Mliies, Towns Blectrlo Fixtures, Lamps, Belle, Telephones. Annunciators, Etc*.  P. O. Box 608. , Josei-hlne Stroflt. NnlHon B O."  Lethbridge Gait Goal  Tho best value for the money in the maiket  for all purposes.  terms cash      W. P. Tiernev, General Agent  Telephone 147.    Oillce with C. D. J. Christie.  Kootenay   Coffee   Co.  NELSON, B. C.  Coffee roasters and dealers in Tea and Coffee.  Ofl'cr fresh roasted coffeo of best quality as  follows:  Java and Arabian Macha, per pound 9  40  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds  1 00  Fine Santos, 4 pounds      100  Santos Blend, .. pounds  1 00  Our Special Blend, 6 pounds  100  Our Bio Roast, 0 pounds  1 00  A trial ordor solicited.   Salesroom 2 doors east  of Oddfellows block, West Baker street.  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and Kootenay Streets.  P. O. Box 559. TELEPHONE NO, 95  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  C. A. PROSSER,  MANAGER  A Big Schooner  OF BEER OR  HALF-AND-HALF  ALWAYS  FRESH  10c  ALWAYS  COOL  Tho best glass of beer to be had in Nelson is at  THE CLUB HOTEL  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Large comfortable bedrooms and   first-class  dining-room. Sample rooms for commerolal men.  RATES $2 PER DAY  FVJrs. E. G. ClarKe, Prop.  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First-class in every respect. Choicest wines,  liquors and cigars. Every comfort for transient  and resident guests.  HEADQUARTERS FOR UNION MEN.  JOSEPH CAMPBELL, Proprietor.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OB*  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  .    AND PORTER  SS&ligSg' C- J- COBBAN, Prop.  Bool( Binding  AND  Prompt and "regular n       ' ���       x m i  delivery to the trade       BieWBry at NelSOli  BooK. Making  The Tribune has a thoroughly equipped Book Bindery in  connection with its job printing- department. All kinds of  books manufactured 'to order,'  and any kind of binding or  rebinding done on short notice  Tt^e Tribune  Association,  Limited.  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C, WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 21, 1900  JUST RECEIVED  A DIRECT IMPORTATION OF  Brushes  BATH   TOOTH    NAIL   HAIR  Baker Street, Nelson  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  Fali and Winter  Boots and Shoes in all the latest styles  and direct from the manufacturers  Dont fail to see our stock suitable for this winter  Maltese Gross Rubbers and Overshoes  Buy Maltese and get the best  213-215  d. A  GILKER  BAKER STREET  NELSON  ��  before going East to  buy goods i'or the coming year, 1 wish to announce that all goods  purchased from me this  month I will give a reduction of 10 per cent  with engraving done  free of charge.  In Watches, Jewelry,  Silverware, Sterling Silver, Decorated Lamps,  Sewing Machines, and  Pianos. All goods of  guaranteed quality.  Our manufacturing  department is at your  disposal. We are ready  to make anything you  desire in gold chains,  lockets and rings.  Our Watch Department has expert watchmakers. Our Optician  Department is controlled by au expert optician. I will bo* very  glad to receive your  orders.  "Silver Plate that Wears."  ���;oa Buy Spoons  knives, forks, etc., buy reliable brands',  even if they do cost a little more. They  are -worth the difference. The prefix  "1847" on any spoon or fork insures the  genuine Rogers quality, famous for -wear.  ,    Full trade-mark.  1847 Rogers Bros.  JACOB  DOVER,  JEWELER,   NELSON  W  i#l��S^  Owing* to ihe War  And good times gcncially down East, all goods have ad-winced f,*om 10 (o  10 per cent, and having made cur spring pm-chubc*  Before the Advance  Our prices will bo as low as c\or, and -no Hd \ise our customer, to buy  now while, our btock-1�� complete, l'riccs are sure to be higher Liter on.  The bulk of our _)piinfj goods .'uo hoie now, and we oiler .pcci.il bargains  In all lines.  J)re-.s Goods from I5c np.  Black Orepoiib .it 81.2.', 351.50 anl $2.  Now designs in Pimls (it Sc^lOc, 12Jc and Joe.   A.I1 fast colors.  ���'WiulHifietie goods at 10e 12_.c and 1.5c.  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TRAVES,   Manager  OKDHJRS BY MAIL HBCKIVK CARKFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  Right on the Corner  By 3. our residence is where we  aie to be found to attuml to  jour gioceiy trade.  We ha.ojust receive 1 a shipment of extra line fl.ivoml Coj-lon and India lea. A so  HomeI fie_h roastfld Mocha and Jin a Colli'c. Thc-n ,i;ooi1b we can _ecoi_.U-.-iHl to an..  oi.e wanting MmicUiifirf choice.   One 111 a Iri d.   W u l-iiow wc can please you.  CITY LOG/U NEWS  The mining recorders at Nelson  and Rossland arc busily engaged in  arranging for the exchange of  claims under tlieir jurisdiction necessitated by the recent redistribution of districts. Mr. Wright's list  of claims to be handed over to the  Rossland recorder is quite lengths',  but it is not a circumstance to tho  Rossland list, which includes 1000  claims. As all the records relating  to these claims have to be transferred from one office to the other,  the proposition is decidedly complicated.  Charles Lindemann has sold an  eighth interest in the "Minnie"  claim on Hall creek to W. S. Doyle  of Hall.  The transfer is recorded of a half  interest in the "Surprise" claim on  the north fork ot Kokanee creek by  T. Mornn to AV. IT. Purdy. The  consideration was $275.  Joseph Sturgeon of the Sherbrooke hotel has been acquiring  several new mining interests. The  transfer was recorded yesterday of  a third interest in the North Star,  Morning Star and Alterato claims  on Fern mountain by John II.  Schenk of Waneta to Mr. Sturgeon.  W. S. Doyle of Hall also transferred  an eighth of the Minnie claim on  Hall creek to Sturgeon. In both  records the consideration named  was nominal.  Ah intensely exciting match was  curled at the rink yesterday afternoon between the Richardson and  Bradley rinks. At the end of 14.  ends the Richardson quartette led  by five points, but an arrangement  was made whereby two moie ends  were played iu the course of which  Bradley evened up the score. Then  an end was curled to break the  deadlock and Richardson scored a  point, making the total 12 to 11.  The players on llie winning rink  were: Dr. Armstrong, P. B, Wilson,  H. D. Hume and W. Richardson,  skip; while the losing rink was:  J. Thompson, J. Huston, G. Steele  and J. H. Bradley.  R. B. McCammon, C. P. JI. agent  at Rosebery is in tho city visiting  his brother _J. McCainmou who is  convalescing at the general hospital  after an attack of ts'phoid fever.  The annual meeting of the Free  Library Association take.,, place at  the St. Saviour's Sunday school to-  uighfc., The year's reports and the  election of directors aro the leading  features on the programme.  A rather exciting incident trans-  piicd yesterday morning iu Frod,  Irvine k Co.'s store. A huge icicle  which had formed on the firewall  above the store became detached  during tho thaw, and fell. It  crashed through a skylight carrying a deluge of broken glass and ice  into the store. Fortunately no  damage was done be5-ond_t__.e_I0.ss_  of the glass, nor was any person  injured.  Born iu Nelson yesterday, to the  wife of A. F. McCuIloch, the  well-  known C. P. R. engineer, a daughter.  William Hunter, one of the  pioneer merchants of the Slocan, is  now on his way to the capital in  charge of a petition which seeks  the incorporation of Phnoeix as a  municipality. Should the prayer  of the petition bo granted, Phoenix  will in all respects be the sroungost  eity in the province. A s-ear ago  ago Phoenix was merely a name for  a townsite.  Superintendent Troup has placed  himself on record as a -strong supporter of "the movement for new C.  P. 11. Buildings in Nelson. Prior to  the recent change he Avas satisfied  with the quarters he had, but with  doubled duties und stall: on his  hands, the new superintendent  states that there will be no sttonger  pusher i'or new O. P. R. buildings  than himself.  The level of the lake yesterday  was four inches below the level on  the same day last year. Had the  cold snap continued it is probable  tho water would have fallen to low  water mark, but in view of the soft  weather the water is more likely to  rise than to fall.  The Balfour extension will be  policed   by    the   provincial force  maintaining order, this being the  authorities' experience at other  poiuts iu the province. An oflieer  will be despatched as soon as active  operations commence.  11. Lillie of this eit$r, father-of the  Lillie Brothers, received his medal  yesterday for servk|^Hfche Fenian  raid. Mr. Lillie <mB^ffrprivate in  the Perth rifle company of the 42nd  Battalion, which did frontier duty  for six months between Brockville  and Preseott, aud of Avhich the late  colonel Crawford was in command.  Greenwood's electric light plant,  which is owned by a private company composed of local men, was  given a test on Saturday evening  with very satisfactory results. W.  P. Dickson of the Kootenay Electric Supply & Construction Company of this city, had charge of the  construction work for the Greenwood company, and the Times Of  that city speaks highly of the  maimer in' which the Nelson man  did tho work. The rates in Greenwood for electric lighting are higher  than in Nelson.  Beyond a message from E..; C.  Wragge and H. M; T. Pym, stating'  that the Nelson boys serving in the  Strathcona horse are all Avell, nothing has been heard from the contingent. Citizens interested in the  corps are anxious to learn whether  any of the temporary promotions  made here prior to leaving were  continued by lieutenant-colonel  Steele at Ottawa. It is agreed that  the long service of Percy Routh as  non-commissioned officer in the  mounted police will undoubtedly  win him a chevron in the Strathcona Horse.  T. G. Procter has been confined to  his bed for two or three days with  a slight attack of bronchitis. He  hopes to be able to be out this  afternoon. .    #  J. McMartin, who has the eon-  tract for two miles of rock work on  the western end of the Balfour extension, hopes to have his plant ou  the ground and begin work tomorrow.   He will employ over 120 men.  The C. R. is bringing several conductors from Manitoba and the  east to run- on the Crow's Nest  road. Volunteers were called for  and several conductors forwarded  their names to J. A. Cameron, superintendent at Cranbrook, from  among whom he will select the men  he wants.  II. _S. Beasley, formerly superintendent} of the C. P. li. lines in  Kootenay, arrived hi Toronto yesterday. He is to stay i'n the queeii  city a few das's before leaving for  the scene of his-future duties in  Montreal,  Mrs. iv. C. Beaton left on Monday  on a fortnight's visit to friends in  Seattle.  The city officials renewed their  efforts'yesterday to clear out the  outlet of the main sewer, which  emptier into the lake near the  C. P. It. docks. A few days ago a  strong volume of water was pumped  through with good results, but the  effort had to be temporal ily abandoned owing to severe weather.  Yesterday a line of hose was laid  from the hydraut at Vernon and  Ward streets and*more water sent  through, A clearance will probably be effected.'  Brown & Company are to open a  clothing and men's furnishing establishment shortly in one of Malone &)-Tregillus-new stores.-   The work of disinfecting and fumigating the Moyie was continued  yestetday under the direction of  Dr. LaBau. The clothing of the  passengers was included in the process, and the gaibs worn by them  while tlieir clothes were in the  smoking process caused much  amusement. Tiie men wore overalls and blue jumper?, while the ladies were attired in clothing borrowed for the occasion. The decks  of a couple of barges which had  beeu used for exercising by the  passengers were also scrubbed with  disinfectants.  The C. P. R. takes over the Boundary extensions on March 1st, and  after that date construction rates  wille be replaced by the regular C.  P. R. tariffs/ The announcement  will bo received with pleasure by  citizens and business men who have  occasion to know by experience how  much the change means.  Alf Jeffs leave, on Thursday for  his home in Paris, where he will remain until his injured leg is strong.  "MBff  Stoves   Stoves  We have the finest line of COAI HEATERS ever displayed in the district. We are sole agents for the famous COLE'S HOT BLAST HEATER  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted to any kind of coal.  CROW'S NEST, LETHBRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds  equally well. Not" requiring the attention of an ��rdinary coal heater.  Economical, durable and simple in construction. See our Steel Ranges  for hard and soft coal or wood.  H. BYERS & CO.  NK1.S0N  KAS1.0  SAN 1)0 NT  sor, N. S.; H. Stevenson, Ainsworth;  L. J. Conkey and wife, Ainsworth;  W. Peck, Detroit; A. M. Johnson.  Montreal; Thomas E. Bennett, Granite; P. Clarkson, Hamilton; R. W.  Glass, Granby, Quebec; W. T. Parsons, Trail.  BUSINESS_MENTION. "  For  Sale���Seven-room  house  in  Fairview addition, with water and all conveniences. Kino range in kitchen. Apply at Vicuna  Bakery, Baker street, Nelson.  Wanted���A lady who understands washing <vid noniiig ilmnels] Also a  joungrl.uly for woik on .1 mingle. Apply in pei-  bon at Kooten.i.. Steam hamuli}, K. T. Pov.cH,  manager.  For  Rout���House  on  Carbonate  stieel, ne\t to e\ niayoi Neelands, .> rooms and  kitchen.   1-iiquiio ex shcriil Uobnibon  Wanted���At once a hotel boy,  applj at the Hotel Phair.  From today the rink will be open  to the public from 3 to (I p. in., and from 8 to  10 30 p.m.   A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local aud coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds,  IF WHAT YOU WANT IS NOT IN' STOCK  1VK WILL MAKE If i'OK YOU  CALL AND GJST PRICKS.  J. A. Say ward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NEIJ30Jf  Contractors and Builders  i- WILL DO WELL TO    '  Buy Their Lumber  AT  G. 0. Buchanan's  A largo stock of flrst-olaSB dry material on  hand, also a full Use of sash,- doors, mouldings,  turned -work, etc  Factory Work a Specialty  "Yard:   Foot of Kondryx Btreot, Nelson  Talcx-honc. 9!     JqF||1   Ra8,   Ag6_lt  ���* ",*.-,  ilMz&&\%M$$m\  Vernon  Street, Nelson.  Here's Bargains  iVp'S SUITS  Wo have about a. Suits of good serviceable  U. ec-K odds and ones of our ��10 and $12suits, all  Hi/ es at o jn t he lot.   Take your choice for ��7.50.  Boj '_��� hints, ..mm and nice, extra good for little price,  Undorwcarat -special low prices.  Bargain- in men'-, and boy's capsL socks and  tieH.   Quality good���-price-, low.  Baker Street,  Opposite Queen's Hotel.  BROWN & 00.  HOTEL   ARRIVALS.  Josephine and Silica Str_cts,  opposite Methodist Church  PATTON & ENMAN  under the direction of AV. II. 13.il-  loek-Webstcr. It is believed that  one or two officers who will move  from place as construction proceeds  will have little ot no difficulty in  At tiie Phair.���J. Haekofct, Sandon; It. B. Porter, Grand Forks; T.  It. Ella, Vancouver; L. A. Campbell,  lto_-.sland; H. TJBkpsbury, Sandon;  It. Bowinau, HB^puver; J. V.  Welch, Grand l^SSp; H. Howson,  Greenwood.  At tiik Hcmk.���William Kelly,  Ainsworth; J. li. Browne, Ainsworth; C. F, Caldwell, Kaslo; J.  Findley, Toronto; tt. A. Mitchell,  Rosalaud; IL W. Sangster, Wiud-  CUT PRICES IS THE  ORDER OF THE DAY  And I want to he in It.   I have just received  Kail samplc-H of Suitings and OvcrcoJ-tinurs, repro-  soriting a $50,000 stock to choose from made to  your ordor at pi ices never before hoard of in Nel-  All the latest fada in Fancy Vestings for  son.  Kali and winter.  Ladies  Lowes  Ladies' toileting in all its branches a specialty,  tpriccb.   lloomsl and 11, Hilljti block.  WE HAVE STOVES  But while  we  are waiting  for the cold weather we would  draw  your attention to our line of  NICKLED COPPER WARE  Including Tea and CoffeePots, (several designs) Enamelled Handle pippor... Pudding Dishes, Tea  Kettlci, etc., and the only place you can get them is at  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  _*^'&'&&____-'____*fl��;____-&,2__:__________ ____t__&___��_________&___&___&_______&___&__S*__s�� .  STEVENS, The Tailor  k'D.  ASHOROFT  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a  flrst-cii-Ks wheolwright.  Special attention givon to all kinds of repair-  and onotom work from outside pointn.  hop:  Hall St.. between Bai_or and Vernon  %  w  Hi  iti  iti  iti  Hi  iti  Hi  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  Kirkpatrick & Wilson  .VlIO..-.*SYI.I_ AND HI-l'VI]. DI.AI.EUS  IN  Groceries  Provisions  tr1  t?__  Crockery  Glassware  Hams    .  is-  53=  Dinner Sets  Coffee  Butter  _?_-  f-3  Tea Sets  Chamber Sets  Dried Fruit  Teas, Spices  (3d  Office Sets  Bar Fixtures  Pickles, Sauces  E3*  Japanese Ware  Vinegar  tr-1  t-1  Fancy China  Goods dch\ ercd fice. _\I_ul  oideis caiofnllj*attended lo.  Nothing  but  the  host.   No  cheap goods.  AVholesale and iet.ul inei-  chants. No. lSllliakei Stieel,  telephone 11), 1*. O box IC. &  XV.   Try a I rial Older.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  ^s_fc^^^^^^^--__>--St--S^-- *____:r_L^-_L___;____;-C____:____;^____;_ife  ���- ���___��:__5-<-'*__*'T5'_-_'T5::5#*/-'*/__��^___j       s^s^^^^arC'.ar-j^'.ar.'fi'.ai*  Hi  Hi  iti  iti  Hi  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  Hi  iti  Hi  iti  iti  >?>  I'HOXK 8. -  We Want Your Trade  IJOX 57.  AND   IF   PfyGES   ARE   ANY   INDUCEMENT  WE   SHOULD   HAVE   IT.  The fact that ve sell more goods, and llie best goods, nt lower prices all around than any other  Stoic m oui hue is ..doming .ude-.spicnd; .nidging by the leltet oideis ili.it ve ii'cui.c fiom itll  liaitt. of Ihe countrj. AVe uiulci buy our competitor.., coi_M_c|nenlly me alwajs in a position to give  better \ nines,  Theicioie it, lsnoMirpiisc that ever) body miikes our stoic their ]iet.d<iuait__s,  Tf]e Western Mercantile Co., Limited  Successors to M. DcsJGifsay & Co., Staple and Fancy Oiocors BAKKlt STKEET, NKLSON  When You Want the  BEST CANNED GOODS ON THE MARKET  TELEPHONE 161.  Boulters Tomatoes and Marrowfat  Peas, Standard .Brand Sweet Corn  P O BOX 170   HOUSTON l-I-OCIC.  Blue Hibbon Tcn_AI..ays on TT.iml..  Kict-li 1-ggs Kecoi.ed Daily  John ��\. Srvli|g & Gc.  /\SK YOUR GROCER FOR W CELEBRATED  Rolled  XT  Oats  The Best that Money can Buy.  Take no Other  Mamifachned by the Brackman-Ker Milling Co,, Ltd.  Victoria, Vancouver, Westmuihter, Edmonton.Neison.  DON'T PAY TWO PRICES  FOR   YOUR   CLOTHING.  It v. ill pay vou t_oci.ai-__i.cni.- stock of new Roods, ppiing orcicoats and t-piing ,suiK Spccin  bargains in footmtar. Complete tine*, nf James __lcC.rCc.dy & Co 'h and the Amtt, Itolden & Co.'a  boots and shoos.  224-226 Baker Street, ftelsoq.  TO YOUR LOT LINE  WE DO IT     SKK US  GAS FITTING OUR SPECIALTY  PLUMBING OF ALL KINDS  Opera House Block, Nelson  FULL LINES OF WINTER AND SPRING SUITINGS  WEST BAKER STKKET- NELSON OPPOSITE SILVER KING HOTICI'


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