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 \ DAILY  EDITION   BY MAlL  FiVE  DOLLARS A YEAR  .*___<  t   0   ^  ?^<%  Weekly edition ey mail  two dollars a year  NELSON:  FRIDAY MORIS1 fl\G-, MARC IL 2  3900.  PRTCE  FI\rE  GENTS.  o~  n "? 3 "v "i 3 3  &l  ^a_mi:  fiftZ.  is  REJOICING OVER THE  Eelior of Ladysimtli by C-eiiczal Eullor.  '-.cue of iui))i etodented e\ciloinenl in the city today, pnitieuhtr  the itntk e\< hunge.  3I.iiii-.ion llou-e ( hoi  ,i-> supor-edc  jollification      Tlio  oklaiL   niombois  oL the exchange say thoy  saw anything like if..      Piliiotic song? wci e boa id cvoiywheio  iiONiio.Y. Match I.���The now* oi" tho iclief of Lidy-milh caused a  y in  Mob-ul thou-auds of pei-ons  '���in 1 ounded  llio  ing and waving Hags nnd'stopping tiailio.   Busi-  no���in the hon-,e w.i-, supor-edc 1 by chainpiguo thinking and  gen-  n.jv 1  histoid oi^totk (f.iol.ilioMo asi^l de dings weie infinitely 'in.ill. Pio-  \ inch.I riMiloi s weie shnilaily engaged and Llio wiies usually dm oted  to bu-ino=-, weie blockaded by mo-sages ot cong-o tulalions.  The 111.11 kots opened nominally suongor but "-igycil in the absence of li.insidious. Tho tone finally wa-. hiuh 1 0:1 a' minor tliat  1 gonei.il French was at Hlcemfontcin. G'ou-oi-. v. etr nicicJy st'ill. Jn  J short tho jinblic was too miioli preoeeep.ed Lo spcvuhilc. Ameiicans  \ weie the lighte-f, The nnikot ior them opened thong and thcro  \  was fieeqenei.il bin iny.  5      Londo >. Maic h 2 ��� 1 -]Tt a. 111���Fiili! midid-hf London ga\c itself  ?  v,p io Lhe wildest o\-pio���ioi. ol joy.    hiom tlio Mansion Douse lo the  ^ west end all ihe Lading thoioughfares weie constantly pnaded  by  l chcei ing ci owds iufcvnillently buxsfmg into p.itilotic songs.   Bands  ninidiing thiongli llie streets assisted with stiains of pibilution and  the same exultant note* were to be heaid at eveiy railway station or  place oi public gathei ing throughout the m.ettopolis.    The west end  clubs, cafe-, the re-tan rants and the public buildings woio all brilliantly iHumoiated and (hen1 inteiior-, e\ en to the tables, -wore beau- I  litully deco.alod with digs, bunting and ingenious, arrangements oi" <  clecti ic light-     Al all tho miis>io halls piftiotic songs, wote gi\on, lhe ?  people   1 i'-ing did   joining amid   scenes  ot   unbounded   enthusiasm.  2  ILuidly a po* &on could be met with who -was not weai ing the national  I emblem, in the shape of a tri-color rosette or nbbon.    The  biogiaph  s  lopi excitations of the loading generals and hcioes of tho war weie  < greeled with tremendous acclamations.  s One feature of the lcjoieiug was the great number  of American  S flags iiitcrwincd with tho Biitish. At 11 o'clock when tho. theatres  \ a ad music halls ponied forth thousands tho jubilation was redoubled.  S In Trafalgar square  e\ery  available  inch  of  space,  including  the  < plintii of liors at Nelson'�� column was occupied by a Surging, singing,  I cltecii'ig crowd. All joined Jn 'Clod Save the Queen."' wildly ap-  v'pluudmg cvciy lcfeience to lloboi ts Kullei, \\rJino. Baden-Powell  I and ihe lest. The =cenc at this point was almost without piccedenfc,  c and il is not li'ccly to bo forgotten by those v. ho v, itnesscd it. A  ^ smallot, but aInK)-t orpially sluicing domonstiation  ocetiucd  iu  the  < vlcimli> of St. i'apl's thuichj.ud carl I'M* in 1ho evening when the  ) funou*- peal of bcli- was rung in honor of  the  ooia.ion.     J\dl  JIall,  tV ffiiiWid, J-'leot Sii^ol tittil (Jheip^de. oelioed  .tnd -rc-oehocd  until  at'101 mi luighl, the choc - and songs of thy  slow ly and  reluct-  f anlly di���i>oianig ejowd-,  ? C wj- i'i r v, Mait'li I  ���Thcue is general rejoicing thionghout India  i  I  .\y ihe captuie of genor 1! Cionjo aud tho relief of Ladysmith. Tho  statue of i^i d Koi e_. U ha- be civ decora(ed with flo,\er__i and many  c.<ngi id Iitioni weie wired him. inohaling one fioi'i theCawnpooi  Ofi iml-ei o' L'o"iiii mco, wliion s.nd: "1'oui bi: thpl 100 salutes jtou. '  (,'lt'i- 'i tm jf, -uareli 1.- The news of Ladj smith's 1 c lief 1 li-t night  was (ri'.i ially promulgated at about 10 o'clock this in^rning, and  fipi cad like wild'ire. Tho low n became wild ^\ ith delight, the resi-  d(��iio ]3eiauing tho "t-oots-md Hags and bnnciug boiug displayed  cueiywheio. Throngs of persons ci owded the fron-t of the govcru-  ment house, hui railing and singing. An cm .ted oowd stormed  pailii'inent hou~e, and a nran mounted the kagslali' and Iioisted the  Union .Li'dr as vi proio-fc against tho action ol the min:stry,  Vn rout \, -'.larch L���'New s of the relief of Lidy���mJtli \ras 16  coived huic o\ ev the (J. P. 11. wire-, 18 m.'nites, atloi. tlio announcement r>\ I/indon about tv o o'clock in the morning, l^ne bells pealed  in acenrdaroj with the picauauged vlan and a iasdade of iiicciack-  j3i-._ii!id bombs-Viarted-f'toin���the-telcgraph and uewspapur ofi'teeori  which w.i�� tiion taken up at the hoteI�� and otliei scenes of ali night  HctiMCy *o that a gran 1 celebration was cfinclrly in piogieos Ad-  Vnir" inken of the eatJy hour  and  tiie absence oi   tiaflic to  In  the  moi ning paj>ors  ^ auta.  start <!  teat bonfires in the principal ^tioet>-  mayoi Ihiywaid iiroclaimed a holiday and called upon the oili/.oii'- to )  d< oiatuaud give up the dij' to tc^Li vi tic-, and light nobly did they I  io-po,'d. SlOios, i'act'oi lea and schools weie closed and the griMlest j  fjomon*tjation c\er svitneoscd hero \u\* bi(Mi hi {jrotjre^-. all day, and S  up '__ > a late hour tonight continue-, w ith bnnfii o-��� . ocket- and music >  a^vompaiiiiiient. The imperial soldieis and bailors of Victutia and S  n��cj.uiuall stations oi eoiu-e took a piominenfc pai t in tiie display  ^���Xji-W"    y^^^fi^fi X  ~>S*<S+<*\fi**0sJ  XTMORDMARY SGENES M  ii\  Proiogation of House.  Vr< jOIha, ^Lucli 1.��� J^pothd to  The Trmune.)��� \\rho:i go\ori.oi*3Io-  Inues ationdod today to pioioguo  the house, he was kept waiting in  the lobby while, with barred doors,  iho momber-3 pai sod a icsolution dc-  clai ing: "That this hoiiso lias no  eon fid on co in the honorable thud  member for Vancouver City, who  has. been called upon to form a government."  This wa*- moved by Ft entice, scc-  -onded by li \ nig and cr.uied w iih  but one di-'unting -, ote, tl at of  iUaitinoi U i-sland. l)iiii-.niuir and  KobeLUs.ui ihthn&d to vote and  %veio ( /11.tod in an'iruiation 'o that  tho ) >���"- iiiition goo-> on leeoid as  "er.irisi by ,37 to 1. The *-p"aker  was able to "i\< ui" ca-ling \ote a  ie-t_ and, Joe .MiNm Jiaviag  vacatoJ     ids     .scat     by     accept  ing ollice, the w halo hoti'-e is  accounted for. Then in jo-  spon'-e to a somewhat poienijitory  demand of iho governor, the door  wa-, opiKtd to.-uliiiit him, but as ho  ppean d  mouilieii as one niae  made hi,, tlio Iobb\ -, amid tumultn-  0115 Lhci'i s fiom J lie <M'Owded gal-  loiio^ who followed with gioaus for  tiie goN 01 nor.  His honoi and his glittoiing mill  taiy stall, w ith whom stood  piem-  ier Martin, found thenisch cs facing  four dieai y rows of dosei ted chahs  in the pie eneool an misynipatholii'  llio  h  all  cues who  cheer-,  jceiing 1 luong 111  !c'-poiiu<>d viUi iii-ses-,  laugi'lcs aud eatc.JJs, as after an  osiesUati.ra ���> bow <o the dc-erted  hoor the gcjvcii c r ]>iocceded to saj'  hii. p;eco.  "'Ah: Speaker and moiiibeis of the  logr-I'itivo a'-sembly, ' he5^egan,aud  a- the Qalleiios tavsrht the words  thoy Jan ly shor>k w ith laughter.  *'AVhe:u aie tho ?' ndozen Acjige^  hhoiited iiiid p inilemoniuiu ensued.  When    the    people    stopped   JCor  bieath the governor hastily proceeded, and with frequent pauses,  in an attempt to overawe the  assemblage into homing him, he  read ihc brief parting message. It  contained no direct reference to the  ministerial upheaval, but proceeded  to note that "although you have  been sitting almost to a day for the  same period of time occupied by  the house last year, there has been  practically no woik accomplished.  I regret that on account of this fail-  ui 0 to tian.act tho business requited in the interests of the pro-  Mncoitwillbo necesaary to goto  tho expense of holding another session befoie tho expiry of the fiscal  year."'  The icmaining paragraphs re-  feired to the events of the war, and  the formal words of prorogation.  Then his honor departed pursued  by the hisses and taunts of the galleries, and as ho disappeared the  members returned in a football  rii"=h headed by Ellison and Pooley,  pat spcalcer Molester in tho chair  and passed a patriotic icsolution  respecting the achievements of the  imperial and colonial troops in  Af 1 ica aud dispersed. Subsequently  members of Semlin's party held a  caucus as a result of wliich it was  officially communicated to the  press that Semlin had resigned the  ieadeiship aud Cotton had been  unanimously chosen his successor.  They decided to oppose the introduction of federal party linos in  .piovincial polities.  Victoria, March 1.���The letter of  dismissal to Semlin is made  public  in   the  official  gazette  this  week.  The  governor  notes that "circumstances have occurred during the  last niuo months and more particu-  laily dining the last five months to  lii.itcr'tdly weaken  the confidence  that J had in your advice���circumstances quite apart from 'the fact  "of your having lost the  confidence"  of the logislitive assembly."   These  circumstances   the   governor   proceeds to detail, referring first to the  fact of the incomplete cabinet and  the prolonged holding by Cotton of  the  lands and  woiks portfolio in  addition  to  that   of   finance   and  nsrlculfcuio,   which   was   to   have  been temporaly.    Tt is recited that  on August yoth the governor protested that hio request of the week  before that tiie house be called for  not later than October 20th   had  met witli no response, and insisted  that tho house shall meet by  then  or th it thei e shall be a  dissolution  and a gopeial election, raying also :  "J do "not ihink that 1 should any  longer ignore the existing political  conditions iu thi= piovince, and the  unrest and   uncertainty   resulting  fiom    recCut     political     changes,  changes which it Avill not be necessary to specify.   It is sufficient, I  think, that gLave doubt now exists  as to whether your administration  retains the confidence of the legislative    assembly."    The    ministers  thereupon assured  his  honor  and  got Jiis consent to call the leghda-  tuto for January.    iSText his honor  objects to the  request  on  October  1-Sth for three special warrants  111-  eluding"one"for"# 15,000 for tlie~Roa~s^  land   coiut    house,   ''being   thiee  times larger than  any   authorized  b\- the legislature."'    He objects to  the \ ability   of the  warrants  aud  incidentally alleges that the busi-  ucbfa of the land-: and works department is being rctaided by the fact  nt Pol ton's occupancy of dual portfolio-, it being  impossible for  one  mini-tor to transact all the work  piopoily.  Since tiie legislature has been in  f-cs=ion, hi1- honor proceeds, he has  been asked to authoii'/e, by order-  in-couneil, the cancellation of certificates of improvements of mineral claim.-*, and he holds that this  was an impioper attempt to assume  the functions of the legislative  assembly, which should havo been  af-lcqd for an amending bill. The  e 1-0 of one Dunlop was> involved in  this iC(juos(. Jlis honor proceeds:  'Apait fiom all this, I cannot  ignore the fact that the legislative  asbembly lias now been iu session  for nearly two months, and notwithstanding the confidence you  cxpicssed in  your  letter to me of  dency of the Scotti-h Libei.d A^-o-  ciation, a post lie h.id held for  twenty ycarl; aKo the honoiary  presidency of the Midlothian Liberal Association, which ho held since  formation. Sir Homy Campbell-  fiamierman has been elected to .succeed him as president of the Scottish Libcial Association, it ir> understood his letiicment i-> due to  Scotch disapproval of his war policy.  ALL   NELSON   CELEBRATES  Buller's Victory.  The citizens of Nelson celebrated  right royally the gtcat \ietorics  achieved within the past few days  by the Biitish arms in South Afi ica.  The whole city joined in the demonstration, which was easily among  the most enthusiaf-tic over witnessed in the quotjn city of the  Kootenays. The proRiechngg opened  at nightfall and continued for several hours. Cheeis. fiieworks and  music weio the predominating features, and the muddy streets had  no effect on tho spirits of the crowd.  Soon after six o'clock the popping  of firecrackers warned citizens that  the demonstrators were warming  up for the evening's celebration  and a gencial exodus toward the  centie of tho city speedily became  apparent. 13y degrees tho enthusiasm  rose  and  tho  outwaid  c\ 1-  IJh u kith 0-3 haven't heaid f'om  him in yo.u-s and had no idea of his  wealth until the administiatois oi  the estate began to look up the  licditful hciis. The whole fortune  falls to the children of his biothcis  and .siitcrs. Three li\c iu Nov/  Yoik and two in Chicago. The  other Chicago heir is John "Waiidoll,  aicthtd Chicago & Xoithwctoin  engineer.  m  B.  ti  PAYMENT IVIADE ON THI  COLESBERO HAS BEEN REOCCUPIED BY CLEMENTS  And Eis Troops.   Huge Military Preparations.  31  deuce of this  was  the  vollevs  the 2nd of September last, above  quoted, you have not been able to  pa��s a single measure, and I believe  it to lie nuw sufficiently demonstrated that the interests of the  piovince have sulTcrcd and are suff-  Oi ing in consequence of a weak aud  unstable government. Therefore I  now deem it my duty to consult  other advisors, with a view to forming a now administration, and shall  accoi dingly do so forthwith."  Bos'chcry's Resignation In.  London.   Mai eh   1.���Loid Ilose-  boi ry yooioi day resigned the presi-  firecrackers which rapidly grew in  volume.  About 8 o'clock tho crowd centered around the Hotel I fume,  where fireworks galoie were discharged. Long stiings of firecrackers obtained in tho Chinese quai toi s  were attached to telegraph wires  and touched off to. the accompanying boom of Chinese bombs. A fiie  balloon was sent up off-the steamer  Moyie, and the ' passengers -aboard  tho quarantined '���tcamor had a lit-,  tie celebration of their ow n.  Just as tho firewoikoftctliollmno  wci'o exhausted the 'oucd of mubic  iat tho west end of kSakcr stieet  announced the pi ocession. Tho Sal  vation At my baud headed thop.ua do  dispensing patriotic v->s in a creditable maun ci. ���"odoo.iug the uui-i-  ciaus weie twenty members of the  Nelson company of Rocky Mountain Ringers under lieutenant Boor.  The militiunen woio their tan 1'g-  gings and looked mo^t sjoldierlj".  The fire brigade luought up tho  icir with the hose cut. Seated  with the driver weie pin ate  Charles MeTlaidy of the j_fle company, bearing a big Caiiadi >.u --lao-  clarcl, and fiicman Clonic r f)a\is, la to  of the Rojal JYaAry, wcuung Jus  bluejacket uniform and holding a  great Union Jack. 'The w hole tin n-  out looked exceedingly well end  elicited continued" louncls of applause. The pi occasion marched to  the cornet of Waid and Vernon  streets, wheie the militiamen filed  two volleys and ga^e hcaity cheeis  for the queen r.ud the Canadians in  the South Afi ii an tirmj.  The   smoking    concci_t_ at the  opera Tiousj"o,in aid ol tho Canadian  Patiiotic fund "ft,^ th" concluding item on the evening',  program, and thither the crowd  headed. A large audience gathei eel  and a merry e\cnmg wit-, "-pent.  The sSlagc was o. eiipjcd fiom 1u ie  to time, but tho gatliciiug im.de  mo't of its oh a ��>poil,and theie  was not a dull moment fiom '���but  to finish.  W. A.' Clalliiii'i occupied ihc  ehai>", and 111 opniing n mat hod:  "I see the fii st Lout is a speech bv  the chai 1 man, which is in>-elf,"  proceeding lo deliver a neatly  turned and patnoticaddioj-s. which  drew forth long and continued .applause. W. A. Macdonald al?o made  a few rcmaiks in good taste, which  were punctuated with waim np  plauFc. Among tho-e v.ho ton-  tiibuted to the piVuiani weie th<  Nelson quai telle, h'"-e the sjv;l_(i?  John Do\ liu, II. JI. iMav-douald, If.  Williamson and .McDonald and  Tierney.  The proceeds of tho cntetfain-  ment were $130, and tho NeKon  firemen, nuclei whose auspice- the  smoker was given, w ill lnu e a handsome sum aftei defraying e\peu-( -,  Birdseyo Group.  The Wilsou brothers havo decided  to take up the bond on the Biids-  cyc gioup  on  Morning  mountain,  and two big payments were made  yesterday on the Bhdso3'e and the  L i< I3 Abei deon.    The Bi 1 dseye w as  bonded  for    $20,000,aud   82000  ol  this amount has already been paid.  Another  big   payment  amounting  to   ^;S POO    ��;ii    made   yestoiday,  v,i.ich bungs tho amount ahead}''  paid  up   to   $12,500,   the  balance.  $8300,  falls  due  ou June  1st, and  there is little doubt but that this  payment w ill also be met at the appointed time. The sum of #2500 was  also paid yesterday on the bond on  the Lady "Aberdeen, ancl  that pio-  peity now belongs absolutely to the  Wilson brothels.  Th"y now have very considerable  holdings on Morning mountain, ag-  giegating about 380 acres, contained in the following claims: The  Bu dseye, Lady Aberdeen, Minto,  1 Liddo, Fiisco, Ash and Princeton  Fraction. Tho vendors of the  Budseye are John MoBae, John Mc-  Rae junior, Angus Shaw, David  Lusk, aud A. E. Cro=sct, and of the  L'ul.v Abcidccn, R. Ileddlo and W.  Mowett.  A foico of men will be sent up to  the mine,today to continue devel-  ofDfilGIit^Avhich for tho piescnt will  consist in siaking the winze already  started iu the n_uliL> tunnel. This  win^o will be Sunk to a depth of  100 feei, and then diifts will be  run both wajs on.the vein. The  vein in the winze now shows up 4  l>ot wide, and averages $5,> iu gold  to Lhi> ton, which sliould leave a  veiy handsome profit, as Lhe ore is  fioe mdlnig.  A la.'gc amount of woik 1ms already been done on the BitcKeyo  gioup. and the showiug is cous'd-  eied by tuning engineers to be  "���econd to none in the camp. Fi.  Nei'-an Fell, M. 1^ Mijiorintendont  oi the Athabasca,lecently examined  the anno, and it is nuclei stood thai  his teport wiia e.Nttomcly ]'a\oiable.  The Vwlson "biothei-i ha"\o spent  fii go Minis of money in mining in  this di-striet du'ing the pa-4 three  jeais, and univetbal satisfaction  will J;e felt ai the prospect ihey  now have of 1 e ipiug a good 1 cw ard  1). Vt'ilson, who r-amc out fiom '  f'ngland a few weeks ago in connexion with this mattes. oN-poft-j to  utiun Jionio in about a   b>u,ught  Loxnox, Jbirch 1.���The war office has received the following dispatch from lord Roberts : /"  "Paardeberg, (date uncertain).���Clemeuts reports that, on hearing Colesburg had been evacuated, ho sent aj force to occupy Coles-  berg and rode into Colesberg, where he received an enthusiastic welcome, lie seemed a certain amount of ammunition, arrested sevcial  icbels, and then returned to |llensburg. He reported the railway  < line clear and working to Lalewelewnau's Siding, lie will repoit tomorrow as to the few culverts which have been blown up. Colesberg and Colesberg Junction are held by our troops."  Ruxsburg, Feb. 28.���General Clements, escorted by a squadron of  I Inniskillens, entered Colesburg this morning and leeched an enthu-  ^ siastic leccption. The Boers are in full retreat. A number of lead-  \ ing rebels have been arrested. The inhabitants are well and arc not  ? starving. They have suffered many indignities at tho hands of the  { Boers but no violence.  London, March 1.���A special from Cape Town says that a tele-  gi am has been received from Mafeking, announcing that the Boers  made a severe and protracted assault on February 2 Ith, but were  diiven off at all points. The truce, which is generally observed 011  Sundays, was broken on the 25th by another fierce attack, but, after  detei miued fighting, the Boers were repulsed with a loss of 40 killed  and wounded.  ; LoNDOx;"MarcIi 1.���In the house of lords today loid Lansdowue,  ; after paying a tribute to the generals iu the field, said:  i "The  two  recent  successes  will not  be made tho pietext for a  ) relaxation of our effoits, which will not bo lelaxcd. In the week  ending March 3rd eight ships will leave England, carrying 1700 men;  during the week ending March 10th fifteen ships, carrying 11.S00  men w ill leave for South Africa ; during the week ending March 18th  > eleven ships, carrying 9900 men will sail, and during the week ending  I Mai oh 21th nine ships, with 8900 men are to sail. Finally, dining  \ the week  ending  March  31st six ships, carrying 3200 men will sail,  < totalling about 3S.S00 men, and during tho following month 17,800  \ men will bo icady i'or whom ships have not yet beeu allotted. The  s stream of reinforcements will not run dry."  < The Boer? seem to have gotten away from around Ladysmith  j without losing a gun or their baggage. Van Reens Pass is only  \ about twenty miles from Ladysmith. The enemy had artillery in  \ action Tuesday and they probably utilized both railroads jn rotre.it-  i ing, bending the heavy^pieees to Pretoria and the lighter ones to the  ^Eree State. _ >  Dr. Loyds sajs geueral Joubert is assembling 50,000 men at Win-''  burs. "evenCv miles north of Bloemfnntejp.    Qolouel -"brecht, accord-  ing to a despatch from Paardeberg, affirms that the Boers ha\e  73,000 men left.  5  Guy's Receipts end Dz&l)uif,o:iici>t',  _" D.n ini<. the jnon f !i_nt'_ Pcbiu u y  (hec-ty locened i'i can all -ouiccj  !-,;! JOT 07, aiid paid out !,sl3w.!7 foi  cal to it e\pi n-osund %'-12Ttb 'J't int< r-  fst 0:1 dohenliuo-,. The following  ate th" amounts undei the regulat  headings:  ' 11  C|  1 0' ' i\(  ii_,'iit. ot  1 r, ^    ,  n-i  11'<  1  'in.  > 1.  ij 1"  i   1  1 -' .111  V j  -    ill ���.  I 'tl tl  Htsl.l I -I  \\>'\ I  Ci'.iii il of Mi-ill.irOL l,i\  V nod 'iutliiK.nl  I'iil'i o in ii unm 11!  .-l \t ij'i *li_p ti Unci!  "\ll-      il   IJOMC  I'i li  .  M   11  .'i. or  i'^i i*j  .i�� u  .'Hiding   u-il Kroiim's  to forward to the t^ca-u'ci  Canadian Palnot v fund  A the  llioh Windl.il].  Chicago, Ul., Mai eh l.-Mt_. U.  B. Tencyck, 10o Xoilh Leavct  street, has lcceived iui'oim.ition  that she would iecei\e piolnbiy  ono-fifth of an estate valued at  mote than ^20,000,000 left by h- r  uncle, who clied 12 yiMif- ii^ii in Albany, N. Y. Affoii'sng to th��  story told by Mi .' Teueyi k. her  uncle's name vuu> Roii-slcr \\'andcll.  *- ��      j ,f      ,, 1  1  '      ^ 1    I i i     1       1  luin  1 It     II U7lt( II L'l   I  \\    1 }    . un^ . ij  i .J  \l>       .    I <   i tui     11  s l  1 1 it 1 \  tl1  Wi ii;)) >-c ili -.  Inh-ii it 1111 ili In ntino-..  'I ui 1) '  <?i r<i  2 1 1  li!..  V 11 1  111 hi  1 1  11  11 11  11 in  ..' 0 2.,  $7 -'i I.'  Reduction an Telephone Kates.  Ci.   0.   Hodge   of  the   Kootenay  Lik'     Telephone     Company    an-  no'ii.ifd a   icducliou    m   llie cor,  pu y'<- i.itci yc-steiday, iii" - ime lo  T)i,'  jeill.e-  itc to biK-i-  'o into eltect at once.  _ on m 't cuts tho old r;  h  iicsj hoio-ci 111 two, making if .y_'. *'>  jiei month instead of K~t. Theiale  for ic-ii.lenccM is also i"dueed iioin  ti'Z 11 to J;i2 per month. Willi jo-  s-pee 1 to 1111,' sub-eiiboi- the com-  p my  iinnomiccs  tint .un   pacing  iv  mouths  iato��  111 .i  iivv thi 1:   nistra'lii'iil-  c I'liiocli.m  ehaiges  of fi\e dolkus is  1  of  ie*  1 wince  will  ]rl!   Ill    11 I O  I -im11\   a  huigc'd   for  making connections. All telephones  to be put in will be long distance  uii-tiuments for which an extia  chaigo i, genoudly impo-ed. The  reductions made will put Nelson on  the =ame footing a-s ltos^land, wheie  the Kootenay Lake Company has  competition. Jn Nelson the company at present has 170 instruments in use.  The B. A. C. Dividend.  The shareholders of the B. A. C.  in  London   .110 becoming   anxious  about  their dhidend.      The  dividend  wa-. piomiscd  before Christ-  mi'1, it was Liter officially postponed   till  Jahuaiy,   aud   since   then  nothing ha*: beeu-heaid concerning-  it.    lleic h the way one shareholder voicca his complaint in the London  pies��:     "To my  mind  for a  rniiiciii  like tins to have had one  million pounds of the shareholders'  money for over two years without  teport ,\nd di\ idend, us promised, is  little Ic-s thin a scandal.    It is high  itiiie we had some new blood on the  Inaid- bimne-s    men,   tiamed   to  bu-iuo��� methods.    Other eoncein>-  ! am intonated in hold  their meeting- legulai ly aftei   the end of the  year.    ! picMiino the directors and  stall titKe then emoluments.    Stue-  Iv the poor .shaieholders avIio find  the capital should see some return  after  two yens.     How  long-  will  the shareholders    submit  to    this  lcthas gy?"    Ai rested as Spies.  Yj< ioki.s, -.March 1.���U.nl C. Dun-  lap and Alf'ied Dunlap, miners just  leiiiuied fiom Klondike, .strayed  into the new fortifications at the  I<>c|iumalt naval yatds yesterday,  w lule sti oiling on the beach at low  tide, and w-eie arrested as spies by  the guaid. After two hoius' dfc-  icnfion they were released on sutis-  Ijiug the commanding officer that  their liespass had been accidental  uid taking oath nc>t to disclose  w hat they had ceen.  Two Locals,  Seveiai Canadian newspapers  have fallen into tho en or of de-  seiibing the leader of the Kimberley relief foico as having been once  connected with tho Xoi thwest  Mounted Police. One paper says  hi-, ttainbig in the mounted police  foiee may ji.utly account for his  late -aiiccis'-cs. The iact ie. that  gencial   Fiench, who  was once  in  Canada, is now commandant in  New South "Wales ifi\ name Is  George Aithur Fiench. The hero  of the Kimberley mai eh is J. D. P.  French, who has hercfofoic ranked  as a colonel in the ca\aliy, and,  uutil his recent promotion, hold  the local rank of ma jor-gouural.  Robert B. Riley has pui chased  the wagon  making  and   lopaiiiug  business carried on  by John  ^.or  cross, and the litter will try lunching on thq Outlet,  Payment Made on Marguerite.  Gfiruxwooi), February 2ri.���Ma-.-  sam k Liidlaw of Spokane and,  _their_oasteru_ Canadian a--ot iato-s  have made their fit -t payment on  the Marguciito claim iu I lead wood  camp. The Matgueiifo i- alvmt  2000 feet north of the Mother Lxln  mine. Its development eon-hits oi  a 10-foot -haft, and at a depth of  30 feet a drift of 3i) bet. on the 01 e  body. On the hi) Inee the vein  matter it, tulJy VTt fi ot in width,  with values fiom yl to ^22, in <oj)-  pcr and some gold. In tb<> dull  the la��t values obtained ran fiom  y3 to $00 111 gold and copper. The  claim is owned bj J. I'. Ilaifin and  K. C. Brown of (beenwood aud I).  M  MacMartin of New ^ 01k  British Prisoners Illtreatod.  _-London, March L���Tho Pieter-  marit'/.burg conc-pondjut of the  Daily Telegiaph, under date- of  Tuesday, bays: "Mr Cutridge .1  contractor, who reside-at Dundee,  after being kept in pn-m ��( Victoria for five week-, was put beyond the Portuguese bolder. Re  describes the treatment of the British prisoners as disgraceful. Fe^er  had bioken out befoie he left, and  a Boer doctor told lum that the  government would not allow adequate medical supphe-.'  Libel Case Bi_jmi"sed.  Magistiate Rail of \ u Li.i 1a. Iiiis  dismis-ed tho thai go oi libel pie-  i'ened by the ciown auainst deorgo  Sheldon William-, -aid < lwi,ge glowing out of the publication iu the  Kamloops Standi id of Jinuaiy 1 fth  last (if an aitieie attacking tho  lieutcnant-govei noi, the eon: t holding that the evidence lor the pto-e-  cution was in-ufficieut to warrant  him in sending tho case to a higher  court. Si
Bring your Repairing
Balder Street
Look Here
We have Shoes built to suit
your business. Good substantial soles. Soft, pliable,
but strong uppers at prices
ranging from $1.25, $1.50
and up to $4.50
the  venerable structure  of   social
and moral life which mind has for
long ages been building up for us
I [This occurs in the latter part of
the essay on Burns.
Rensburg Re-occupied.
London, Feb. 2S.—S.08 p. in.—
Lord Roberts also cabled: "Rensburg was re-occupied yesterday by
general Clements."
Lillie Broth
©lie SKrftame*
Before enacting any more legislation in favor of the wage-earners
of the province the Laurier government would do better  to enforce
such legislation Of the kind as is already upon the statute book.   The
politicians    will   not   deceive   the
members of the labor party by enacting    the Natal   Exclusion Act,
while at the same time they permit
almost daily breaches of the alien
labor law.    What will it profit the
1 wage-earners   of this  province  to
have the bill, proposed by W. W.
B. Mclunes, put upou the statute
book, if they have not some assurance that the government wdll see
that its provisions are carried out?
Do the wage-earners of British Columbia ask too much of their representatives in the house of commons
when they demand that due force
be given to the findings of their
parliament ? that breaches  of the
law by capitalists be punished as
speedily as breaches of the law by
Avorking men.   "When a politician
has a chance to win golden opinions
for himself by simply insisting upon the observance,of law and order
ho is slow if he does not take advantage of it; nor is he worthy
of the position which he holds.
government also proposes to fight
the federal and imperial governments to a finish upon the matter
of the disallowance of the anti-
Japanese legislation. It wdll stand
by the eight-hour law, the principles enunciated by the opposition
iu the general elections in 1898, and
legislation passed during the session of 1S09. For so young a government there is nothing small
about its programme. Without
Wishing to bo unkind it might almost be said that wdiat the new
government lacks in strength is
more than made up in programme.
A well-known citizen contributes
the following as Carlyle's views on
British patriotism wliich accounts
for the ready response to the call to
arms throughout the British-
empire :
As the South African Avar is now
the absorbing topic of the day, and
as discussions of it in various lights
lights are now being taken up on
all hands, an extract from Carlyle
considered highly appropriate is
furnished below. "It is Avondered
Avhy Canadians and other colonials
are so loyal and Avarm in their support of the empire of Avhich England is the centre. Is it to the
name England, or the broader
name British Empire, that our adherence is given ? or is it the consideration of Avhat lies behind the
name that inspires? Is it the'narrow feeling of faction or the deter-.,
ruination to uphold Avhat Ave, have
made?   To the mind not Contract--
Baker St..
MACDONALD & CO.—Corner Vornon and
Josephine streets, wholesale grocers and
jobbers inblankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,
mi\ckina\vs and minors'sundries.
KOOTENAY  SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMITED—Vernon   street,  Nelson,   wholesale
TOHN CHOLDITCII & CO.—Front street, Nel-
<■*    son, whole=ivlo grocers.
COAL.    ' ■" c
Wholcsale dealers in coal and coke. Charles
St. Barbc, Agent. Baker street. Nelson.
H BYERS & CO.-Corner Baker and Josephine
• streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining supplies. Agentsfor Giant
Powder Co.
Nolson.  wholesale   dealers in
hardware and mining supplies, and water and
plumbers' supplies,
LIMITED—Baker street. Nelson, wholosalo
dealers in hard waio and mining supplies, plumbers and tinsmiths' supplies.
THORPE & CO., LIMITED.-Corncr Vernon
and Cedar streets, Nelson, manufacturers
of and wholesaledealers m ceratcd waters and
fruit syrups. Sole agentsfor Halcyon Springs
mineral water.   Telephone CO.
WF. TEETZEL & CO.-Corner Baker 'and
• Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesalo dealers in assaycrs bupplies. Agents ;for Denver
Fire Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.
rpURNER, BEETON & CO.-Corner Vernon
■*• and Josephine sticets. Nelson, wholesale
dealers in liquors, cigars and dry goods. Agents
for Pabst Bi ewing Co. of Milwaukee and Calgary Blowing Co. of Calgary.
HJ. EVANS & CO.—Baker street, Nelson,
• wholosalo dealers in liquors, cigars,
cement, firo brick and Are clay, water pipe and
steel rails, and general commission merchants.
00-00- 00-00- 00
Latest Styles
We have opened this week a large shipment of import goods direct
from English manufacturers, therefore we are able to sell
goods much cheaper than buying from eastern houses
Avoidd be much better to alloAV one
- man   to   govern and   manage the
"business of British Columbia than
have a continuation of the present
state   of  affairs.     But all. Crown
Colony Governors are not sir James
Douglases,   and   it might  happen
that tiie  first  governor  given   us
would be a tyrant Avithout brains,
and then we Avould be Avishing for
the priAriloge of choosing our  tyrants, even if  they are sometimes
incapable.   Better stick to self-government Avhen Ave have it, even  if
-things are not always managed to
our liking.        	
debate in
There are people in Nelson avIio
favor going back to CroAvn Colony
Government, and their reasons are
-Brtr^thffilt-l^BC^S^y^cTauTTt^Jl^iCefeurfeelihg the empire is
not -that part of the map painted
red, but. the influences aud the
character of civil institutions and
life which haAre caused it to spread
thus; and in such ,light it is the
duty of every one enjoying these
advantages to-defend them against
tbe attack of inferior systems; to
those enjoying these, yet deliberately attempting their destruction;
the citizen knoAVS the measure to be
In the light of the following the
quick and universal answer to. the
call to arms is easily explained ;
"We hope there is a patriotism
founded on something better than
prejudice; that our country may
be dear to us Avithout injury to Our
philosophy t and that in' loving and
justly prizing all other lands, we
may prize justly and yet love before
all our oavu stern motherland, and
LTD.—Front sheet, Nelson, wholesalo dealers in flour, oatmeal, etc., and hay and grain.
Mills at Edmonton, Victoria, and New west-
CIGARS.     -.---.
■*■*-   CO.-Corner Baker and Hall streets. Nelson, manufacturer*. o£ "Royal Seal" and "Koote
nay Bello" brands of cigars.  -
' Street—Wholesale dealers in paints, oils,'
and brushes of, all kinds. Largest stock iu
Kootenay. , ,J
f _   From the tone  of the
I' the legislature upon tho
1   offered by Mr. Semlin after his dis-
jj Tiiissai, it"appears reasonably-plain
1  that most members of tho oppo-
f- sition regret the  duke   which  re-
|  "suited in vesting, for a few months
s   at least, the administration  of pro-
| * vincial   affairs   in   the    hands   of
|   Joseph Martin.     The present un-
?   happy   couditiou of   affairs,  Iioav-
V ever, is not an  unmixed evil. , Jt is
,"" now generally believed that behind
\   Martin is the Dunsmuir influence.
i - "When Martin falls, as he Avill, the
< Punsmuir political machine Avill fall
with  him,'and  to  this extent the
province, will bo the gainer.    Ju tho
interval    the    province     Avill     be
j   treated to the  spectacle of Joseph
'   Martin posing as the workingman's
I   friend and winning the plaudits of
I   the Dunsmuir compact.
i v • ~ — " 	
j       IT cannot be charged against the
I   new government wliich Joseph Martin has formed that it is lacking in
either   progressivenesd   or aggreb-
siveness.    In fact it differs from all
other governments in this respect
in that the jieople are given the
government's policy before the government itself   has    been formed.
Before its-members have beeu selected the head announces Avhat the
government's policy will be.   First
it Avill adopt the policy of government ownership of raihvays, and as
a starter Avill build a lino of railway
from Midway to the coast, Avithout
regard to either financial or engin-
.eetiug difliculties.    The provincial
BURNS &   CO.-Baker  blicet.   Nelson,
wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meats.
Cold storage.
sh Dress Goods
Prints, Zephyrs, Ginghams, Victoria and
Bishop Lawn, India Linen and Muslin.
Dimities Mercerised Lawns in all colors
and shades.
White and colored Piques, white and colored Ducks and Galates.
Embroidery at old prices; a fact that is
due to an early import order before the advance.
We have Hamburgs, Nainsooks, Swisses,
Cambrics in edging and. insertion.
White Valencienne Lace and insertion.
Table. Linen and Napkins, Towels .and
Towling, Bed Spreds, white and mercerised
bleached Sheeting 8-4, 9-4 and 10-4.
Circular Pillow Cotton, 40 to 46 inch.
SMpt Waists and Wrappers    ^
We have opened up and are marking the A-
largest  stock  of Wash  Shirt Waists  and *Iy
Wrappers ever received in Nelson.   Right in ^
style and right in price. \ff
Black and Navy Serge $3 to $12.50. iff
Black Brillanteen, plain and fancy, $2.50 Xwf
Ask to see our new Silk Underskirts from   W
to $9.
Beady-made Skirts
$5 to $20.
Two more pieces of all wool Sheppard's
plaid dress goods, 44 inches wide.
Just Received
Sweet Potatoes
Telephone |3
street Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,
Sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,
wholesale dealers in caps and fuse, ana electric
blasting apparatus. _ , .
streot, Nelson, wholesale dealers in provisions, produce, and fruits. Agents fer Swift &
Go. bacon and hams.
T Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-Corner Vernon and
" « Josephino streets, Nelson, wholesalo dealers
in provisions, cured meats, butter and eggs.
■Ci R. STEWART & CO.—Warehouses on C P.
a- . R. track, foot of Stanley street. Nelson,
wholesalo dealers in provisions, produce (and
fruits. Cold storage. Agents Armour & Co.'s
bacon, hams, lard aud other products.
CO.,Ltd. — Nelson  branch,   Hall  street,
Wholesale dealers in butter, eggs and cheese.
LIMITED-Corner Frout and. Hall streets,
_Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesalo dealera_
in sayh aud doors; allkinds of factory work made
to order.
"        TENTS   ANlT AWNINGS!
•*■* Haker street, Nelson. -M.mufactuiers of all
kinds of tents, awnings, and canvnt> goods.
P. 0. Box"!).   Theo. _M.uIsoii, proprietor.
CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMITED—Corner Front and Hall streets, Nelson, wholesalo dealers iu wines (case aud bulk)
and domestic andimported cigars.
*& -g-35-5 -9-3 9 9-.
and Children's
Cashirjere Hose
rvine & Go.
_^&W.>*>^m.^•^•■fr ^S'^2'iS^ j£>_g>b'^-'^»j^'_:gp.«.gfr »^» 00.00.0*.0*•_**■ 0*-0*.0*[-0*''0*-0*• G^-*0- le*'**• __]•_$&
'0%l^'00!^'00'00'0*'00'fi*'fi*'fi*'fi*'fi*m0*t0*''0*'*0* '      ^^^^^^^'$^^-^«^«4£'^'^^'*^^'^*    ,'
Ward Bros,
Agents ior J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES
EWART & CARarifi-Archilects.   Rooms 7
and H Ahcrdnftn block. Baker «_,reo1_. Nelson.
NKLSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M.
Meets second Wednesday In each month.
Sojourning brethren Invited.
25, Knights ot Pythias, meets in I. O. O. F.
Hall, coi ner lftakar and Kootenay streets, every
Tue-iday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights
cordially invited to attend.
R. G.JOY. K. of R.&S.
NELSON'L. 0. L.. No. 1C92, meets in T. oTo. F.
Hnll, corner Baker and Kootenay streets,
Ibt and 3rd  Friday  of  each month.   Visiting
brffhr-rn cordially invited.
It. noiitxsox. w.M. XV. Cu uvroito, Rec.-Seo.
TSTELSON jWIUE, Number 22, Fraternal Older
A' of Eagles, meets every second and fourth
Wednesday ineach month in Fraternity Hall.
Visiting biethien welcome.
XV. Gosxri i_, President.
Ciiaki.1 s Pkosseic, Secretary
Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.
The Nelson
First door West
of Bank of British
Columbia building.
W. Starmer Ssr|ith & Co.
OlHce Wjird StrceS Opposite Opera Houbo
_Sf.-McU.__ m iiilneij.' union moms, noith-
cist corner Victoria nnd JCoolcnny stiuctn, cvciy
S.iluiday cM'ning at 8 o'clock. "ViMtJnj? members welcome.
Jamm Wnjcra, Scc'y.    Ciias. A. McKay, Pros.
THE regular meet Ings of the Carpentois' Union
aie hold on Wednesday evening of each
week, nl 7 o'clock, in the Miners' Union hall cor-
mi Victoria and Kootonay sticets.
R. ROBINSON  Piosident.
 JAMES COLLING, hocictory.
l.ir iiu'el mgs of the NcNon Tr.ulu- ,md I_uuur
(.'ouni'.l v>dl beheld in llio inineis union hnll,
rumor of Yirioiiauml Kooteniij Miocts, on Ihe
lint and thud Thursday of each month, tit
7..J0 p. in.
O. J, Xjiokpe, Pros,       J.II. Matukson, Sec'y.
1\ 0. Box 523.   Phones: Office 117, House 102
i-i oom house and Slots  . §1j00
tlol U.ikor-,lrooL    1200
1VI fool coiner on Robson street.    .    .    .       <J00
•2 lots on Cmbonuic sticet..     .     TOO
oiooiii house, modern <,on\cnicnccs 25
C'.ill and *oe nit* if you -h ish to hell buy or icnt.
A Bargain- House and   two   lots, on lower,
Josephine auj.1 Carbonate streets, for sale> §1600
Saw and Planing
Mills, Limited.
Are prepared to furnish by rail, barge or teams
Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed
Lumber, Local and Coast Ceiling, Local and
Coast Flooring, Double Dressed Coast C eflar,
Rustic, Shiplap, Stepping, Door Jambs, Pine
and Cedar Casings, Window Stiles, Turned
Work, Band-sawing, Brackets, Newel Posts,
Turned Veranda Posts,. Store Fronts* Doors,
Windows and Glass.
Get prices before purchasing elsewhere
A boarding and day school conducted by ihe
Sintui'i> of St. .lobcph of Peace. It is situated .it
llio corner of Mill and Josephine streets in out; of
tlio bCht residential portions of Nelson, nnd is
easily acceshiblc fx-om all lmrtb of tho city.
Tho coia>e of study includes the fundamental
and higher In .inches of thorough English education: business course—bookfcecpipg, stenography and typewriting. Science couisc—limbic;
vocal and instrumental, di awing, et«. Plain ait
and needlework, etc.
For tcuutiiuid particulars apply to the Sister
Miss Palmer 1
Will open her
Kindergarten and
primary school m •
CHURCH school
room on tho 2nd of January, 1900. For terms and
all particular*, apply to MISS PALMER,
At residence of Mrs. J. R. Robertson, Baker
Stroel West.
l^ootenay Cigar fflfg« Co.
Oflicc and, mils corner Ball nr.d .&6b "V (Streets. ^Tt,fero ;» .: w>1!uf;ss:
OV TITLE to loU elcion (111 and twelve (!•_'.,
block (wonty-MMon \'2~i). City of Xclsonri?. C.
XoliMr is hereby given that it is my intent inn
ul the c\|>imtjiii. of otic month from the
tmUliu.itloi' hcieof, to issue a duplicate uf the
"Cortiliiiilu nf Title lo the above lands, issued to
(iemtie-A. II. Hall, oiifliu'Jllh daj of December,
,18!M, and iiiiinbcicd 1J.W K.
R Y. •\V00TOX,
Lund HcijMr} Ollice, Victoiia, IS. C, lilth Vi-b-
rtniry, I'M.
\\To1iee is heicby given tli.it 1 intend to appl> ut
tliancxt meeting of Hits liomd of License com
mij.f.cmeis for the City of Kelson, held after tho
I cUnt'fcOon of Unity ilajs fioin the date hciooi,
! for a liAiisfi'i "f tin' saloon Hi ei-M) now held by
i mo,,dated the Inth daj of Jniiutuy. l'JOO, for the
'5 Jtoiqga Knloon, situate on the cu»L half of lot tl
'3 lilooK 1, Ni'Uon, Ji. C, to \V. O. Ilobinson of Xel-
i.««!, i$. c.
fluted this 7th day of February, 1S00,
H. ,F. SUCLEOD,       "'   "*
It, K. SMITH. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C, FRIDAY,  MARCH 2,  1900  3  BANK OF- MONTBEAL  CAPITAL, nil paid up.. $12,C0O,C00  BEST.  6.000,000  Lord Stintliccna nnd .Mount Royal ...Prcsiden  lien. Gcoino A. Druimnor.d Vico-Prcsiden  K. .S. Clout, ton Gcncm! Manage  NELSON RllAXCII  Northwest Corner llaker and  Stanley Streets  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  llranchcs in Loxnox (England) New Yonrc,  Chicago, und all the principal cities in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfers.  Grant. Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in any part of tlio world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Etc.  Saving's Bank Branch  CUKRKNT KATE OK INTEIIKST 1'AID.  A   MODERN   BATTLE.  Any man who litis been iu a modern fight, whore men are knocked  over all uronnd, and says he likes  il-, is���writes a correspondent in the  \. Daily   News���a  liar.     In    former  days  it must have been different.  The enemy could be seen, the smoke  |; could be seen, and the l'ifle had to  be  reloaded after every shot.    At  |' 1000 yards you were in comparative  Uwfety.    The infantry, after receiv-  I'ing one volley, could charge, knowing that until the enemy had load-  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N. W. T.  ed again each man was practically  safe.   Nowadays that is all changed.  Nothing is seen, no man, no smoke.  The  only  thing  seen  is  the  dust  thrown  up by the bullets, like a  rainstorm  on  the   surface  of   the  lake, the artillery throwing shells,  and  the shells  bursting.    In  contrast to this is the noise, which is  infernal;  with   occasional lulls  it  sound as if a million kettle-drums  were being played���a constant tra-  ra-ra-ra, with  tho  boom, boom of  the big guns and the harsher sound  of  the   pumping   of   the  Maxims,  Hotchkiss,     Maxim - Nordenfeldts,  and machine guns in general.    The  discord is appalling, as every gun  has a different sound, and each shell  going    through   the   air   hums or  whistles   according,  to   its   breed.  After a time you can tell what is  coming or, if it is one of your own,  what is  going.    The most terrifying of the enemy's guns is a sort of  Hotchkiss,    which throws   a   one-  pound shell which bursts.    You are  safe nowhere, as a bullet, fired at  an   object    at   800   yards,   which  misses, hits and kills at 2000   or  5000.    It practically means   with  these rifles that a bullet is never  spent until it hits something and  remains   there.     When   a   bullet  strikes you hear nothing; it goes  right through a man and probably  travels,  on   another    2000   yards.  You hear a grunt or a gurgle, and  the man collapses and doubles up;  sometimes if hit on the arm or leg  he spins round and falls and probably gets up again, as it is only the  shock which knocks him down, and  he hardly feels it.    The worst thing  is a bullet wound in the stomach  below the navel, which is mortal.  The pain {is excruciating, and they  howl like a shot hare; it sounds  like   a    child   screaming,    and   is  horrible. '  Metal Quotations.  , New York, March 1.���Copper  quiet; broker's $16.25, exchange  $10.25. Lead dull, broker's $4.45;  exchange $4.75. Tin firmer but  dull; Straits $3.35, nominal. Plates  quiet. Spelter quiet, domestic,  $4.55@$4.60."  ��� ���  A FULL  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  IF WHAT YOU WANT IS NOT I.V STOCK  WE WILL MAKE IT KOK VOU  CALL AND GET PRICES.  ,i;f  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  J. A. Say ward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NKLSON    ~  Lethbridge Gait Goal  The best value for the money in the maiket  for all purposes.  terms cash      W. P. TiEiiNEY, General Agent  Telephone Ut.    Office with C. D. J. Christie.  MEALS  25  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air. ������:  Large comfortable bedrooms and  first-class  dining-room. Sample rooms for commercial men.  CENTS  ROOMS LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITY  AND HEATED BY STEAM..,  23 CENTS TO 31  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  Kjadden House ^sattSE  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained  under one management since 1890.  The bed-rooms aro well furnished and lighted  by electricity.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  RATES $2 PER DAY  IVjrs. E. 0. Clarke, Prop.  LATE OK TnE:'BOVAL HOTEL, OALOARY ": '  R. REISTERER & CO.  BKEWKR8 AND BOTTLERS OF    "  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Waverly Hotel  This popular hotel, wliich is now being  enlarged and renovated, will bo reopened  on March 1st, when it will have 10 large,  nicely furnished and well lighted rooms,  heated with hot air. Special attention  will be given to the dining room.  RATES REASONABLE.  delivery1 to'tSe trade     Brewery at Nelson  Nelson   Wine   Co.  CHOICE WINES AND LIQUORS  Special attention given to family trade  lia^cr'street, "An.K   Ai   TAMBLYN  Nelson, B. C. '' ;:'��� ''��������� mXnaoer'-'-���;-?#:'  C. A. PROSSER, MANAGER  A Big Schooner  OF  BEER OR  HALF-AND-HALF  ALWAYS  FRESH  10c  ALWAYS  COOL  The best glass of beer to bo had in Nelson is at  THE CLUB HOTEL -  gSB&Sgg E- J. CUBBAN, Prop.  B.C. HOTEL   erie, b. o.  First-class-in every respect. Choicest wines,  liquors and cigars. Every comfort for transienb  and.resident guests. ���  HEADQUARTERS FOR UNION MEN.  JOSEPH CAMPBELL, Proprietor.  IS  As Cronje is on his way to the Cape, we are  advancing. We are here to let you know of our  fifteen years' success in Kootenay, which means that  | we have sold good goods and treated our customers well. We carry a full line of Watches, Jewelry  and Diamonds/all of which we will sell' at prices  that cannot be .beat by the big eastern houses.    -' -  Jacob  Dover  The Jeweler, Nelson  Out for  We carry in stock six kinds of Sewing Machines,  namely, Wheeler & Wilson, Domestic, Standard,  White, New; Home and Raymond. Our Watch and  Jewelry Department is up-to-date, and we are prepared to give a guarantee that all work "entrusted  to us will be done satisfactory.   Mail and express  i h x  orders receive our prompt attention.  Jacob  Dover  The Jeweler, Nelson  Here's Bargains  JVJEH'S SUITS   ;  i .   i    _ -  ' Wc have about 25, .'niits of good serviceable  (weeds, odds and cues of our $10 and Sl'isuilR. all  i.is'cs ai o in the lot.   Take your choice for 57.50.  Hoy's suits, warm .md mco, ��<etrn good for little piice, . *  Undci wear at special low prices.  Bargains in men'h and buy'b cips, socks and  tit's.   Quality good���prices low,  BROWN & CO.  r  Raker Sti oet,  Opposite Queen's Hotel.  CUT PBICES IS THE  ORDER OF TIIE DAY  " And I want lo bo in it. I havo just received  Kail samples of Suitings and Overcoatings, representing a 350,000 stock to chooso from made u>  your order at prices never before heard of in Nelson. All the latest fads in Fancy Vestsngsf for  Fall and winter. .  Ladies' tailoring in all its branches a specialty.  Lowest prices.   Rooms 1 and 11, Hillyer block.,  STEVENS, The Tailor  " CLEANING  ������ AND  KEPAIIUNG  YOUR OWN GOODS MADE UP  OLD CLOTHES MADE GOOD AS NEW  ARTHUR GEE  Opposite Clarke Hotel.  MERCHANT TAILOR  I' Fruit and Ornamental Trees  "Rhododendrons, Rc-<s, Fancy EvcrKi-coiis,  -Rlngnol.is, Jitilbs, new crop Lawn Grass .Scud for  present, or sprint; planting. Largest and most  (���oinplete Mock in Western Canada. Call and  make your select iuiis or send for catalogue, Ad-  dicss at uur-ui} gioiindh and kiuciiIuhiso.  AI. J. UENRV. .  SftOfi Westminster Road, Viineouvei', U. C,  SAWMILL   FOR   SALE  ^ The sawmill and plant lately owned bj Joseph  T Roberts, nt Rjlicit s Landing, and consisting  of a _MMioi!.c powei boiler, engine, Oiillith Jc  \VtdK0 top rig i.uvniill. edgcr. planer, belling,  etc, eic, will bo hold where they now htand.  "A_,pl>TAYLOK & H^xNlNGTON, Solicitor*.  GENERAL HECTOR MACDONALD,  Brigadier-general Hector Mtie-  donakl���Fighting Mac���lias gone to  the front, and it is to bo hoped  that iiis proverbial luck will follow  Iiiin, says the London Daily Mail.  IJcolor Macdonald's 'career is too  well known to need repetition.  From tho beginning, when he  walked into Glasgow, nome say  barefooted, to his Omdimnau days,  it is nothing but a splendid record  of strength of purpose and personal  heroism, In appeareuce he looks  just the vigorous soldier he is���-  moderately tall, breadth of chest  (though of not sufficient breadth to  carry till his medals), and with a  square, upright and downright look  about him. , His face is typically  Highland in its hard, regular contour, and the straight, fearless eyes.  -Macdonald * has never forgotten  Majuba. Though taken prisoner  ou that unhappy dny�� lltJ remained  to the end unbeaten, for when, after  a desperate resistance, he was at  last unarmed and a couple of Boers  ran at him, Macdonald met them  with his naked fihts, and his assailants went reeling back. Finding  him so hard to tackle, they were  for putting a bullet through his  head, but a Boer with an appreciation of pluck intervened.  "No," he .'-aid, "this is a brave  man, and wo shall spare him. Let  us take him prisoner at all hazard*."  In f-pite, however, of the warm  liking he inspired in those above  ami under him, it i.s on record that  sonic of hi.s dusky Soudanese once  mutinied against him. Macdonald's  method of dealing with the outbreak once again illustrates the man.  His regiment had of necessity to  make long forced marches under  the fierce desert sun, and the .conditions were so hard that the men-  became mutinous. One day during  the march Macdonald overboard  -two or three of the native soldiers  saying: "Wait till the next fight,  I "will take care that this slave  driver of a colonel does not come  out aliyo. I myself will shoot him."  Macdonald recognized the men  by their, voices, called a halt, and  sternly ordered the culprits to step  forth from the ranks. Facing them  he cried:  "Now, you are the men who are  going to shoot me in the next light.  Why wait so Jong ? Why not do  it now? 'Here I am, shoot me���if  you dare!"  The rebels grounded their arms  in sullen silence.  "Why don't you shoot?" asked  their colonel.  "Because you don't seem to care  whether you die or not," and .that  reluctant answer explained the secret of Macdonald's power over half  savage soldiers.  Many stories are told of his ways  of dealing with his excitable and  childlike .Soudanese battalions; aud  in the anonymous Soudan campaign  just published by Chapman & Hall,  is a new one.  After the Abu Hamed fight, colonel Macdonald had soundly rated  the men  who began the indepen  dent firing without orders. Well,  one night at Berber, colonel Macdonald while sleeping as usual in the  court yard round his hutywas woke  up by a black soldier properly  dressed in drill order without arms.  When asked what he wanted, he  said:  "My battalion is very sorry that  you are angry with them for firing  without orders at Abu Hamed, for  we know best what to do; we have  been fighting since we were boys,  we know the Dervishes and avc  know the best way to turn them  out of a place: so just you leave  things to us ~ and we'll -pull you  through."  The black then turned about and  was outside the courtyard before  colonel Macdonald recovered from  his surprise and exploded.  Though ho has boon through so  many actions, though the scieam of  shell and the whirr of the Muxim  are mere commonplaces to him.  Brigadier-general Macdonald is>  rather a retiring man, and when  once asked what it felt like to be in  the midst of battle he quietly and  characteristically answered: "I  don't think you feel anything in  particular."'  A brave man Macdonald's record  proves him to be, but that in itself  is not enough for the present military situation in South Africa. No  one doubts the courage of our officers out there, but some of them  have blindly walked into Boer  traps.  The soldier of whom Bonnet Bur  leigh wrote this just panegyric is  tho sort of a man wanted iu South  Africa. , .  "Had the brilliant, the 'splendid  deed of arms wrought by Macdonald been done under tho eyes of a  sovereign or in some other armies,  he had surely beeu created a general ou tho spot."  As commander of the fine Highland Brigade which so recently and  ho sadly lost the. gallant general  Wauehope, Macdonald will have a  largo and splendid sphere of action  before him.  fetffeaUffo  Vernon Street, Nelson.  NOTICE   TO   VOMERS.  fnn.u>'\ali\csiiiiiliill fa\oiiihIc t>> the Con-or.  ^ati\c r.iiisu aii_ iiititud i>. ic^istcr 1 heir unities  upon the Miter- ii-' Registration can lake  place nt nn., tlino, the'jualitiialions focfiiK Ihlt-  lsli Mlh.111 N, 21 .veais of i_k< , -in mon'lis' rc-i-  ilence in tin* \no\ mho and two months' n -Idrneo  in theriding. Tin same vote)-* l.st i- u-cd for  both Ihmiiniftii ami _'to-\ m< iitl < lee ti'm-.  The follow nn? will he plea^i d to draw application-at their olllee-for inlciidiliK \otei-:  .Toliu I.llii.l.J. Ii. Howe-, W. A. MmdonaUl, R.  JL _Mac<l��n.ilil. II. W llanninsftoii. imtl  S M. UU YI_iGKiS.  St'fietaiy t'ousei \.Uv\i; As-oeialKin.  ��� Chloride of Lime.  Carbolic Acid.  Bi-chloride of Mercury.  '-    _ Copperas, -    _   ,  ' Permangnate of Potash.  Sulphur and Brimstone  for fumigating.  We have all   the  above (with  directions  for using) at   reasonable prices.  Carbolic Acid* in large bottles,  60 cents.  NKLSON  T  e  GREAT REDUCTION  Hard Coal        $9^5 JCrowM Ne>t      35^5  Anthracite  DELIVERED  TET.l--tM-O.VK  33  Kootenay   Coffee   Co.  NELSON, B. C.  Cofco roastora and dealors in Tea and CoiToe.  Offer frouh roasted coffee of best quality au  follows:  Java and Arabian JUachft, per pound %  40  Java and Mocha Blond, 3 pounds  1 ��>  Fino Sant08,4 pounds .������������ 1 00  Snntoii Blond, 5 pounda  1 00  Our Special Blend, 8 pounds  100  Our Rio Roast, 6 pounds  1 00  A trial order solicited.   Salesroom 2 doors east,  of Oddfellows block, Wot Maker street.  Contractors and Builders  ���    ' WILL 1)0 WELL TO  Buy Their Lumber  AT  C. 0. Buchanan's  A lingo stock of flMt'Clafis dry material on  hand, hImoa full lino of sswh, doom, mouMuitfw,  turned work, otc.  Factory Work a Specialty  Y&rdt  Foot of Hendryx street, Nolson  Telephone, 01    doF|H   R&fy   AgGIlt  The Latest Wall Papers  , BORDERS km MOULDINGS  Wo are now upuimit; up 'In* lailfi'sl stock of  wail nii|H_rJ, hoidersund moulriinjcvcvi 1 roteiiort  in Nelson.   Wo purchased diwt fimn llu'^lun  treat importer*.awl have therefore lhe 1 He��t (k  sii,'iisnnddu-e-t prices. Spvci.!l<iii<��,itiou> lollie  t rude.  '. iio isratiscij vs. uui  r.vi.vrUijs ^m> ui:ci)iMioits  Comer Vu'tmiii and .los( pliine SiitcN, XeNou  H.~ P.  AS'HQROFT  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon rspalrinf? promptly attended to by a  flrHfrcl'iHH wheelwriKhf.  Special attention given to all kinds of repair-  inu and custom work from outside points.  Shop:   Hall St.. fcelwecn Buker and Vcraou I  THE TTlir.ILYR:  KELSON, B. (1,  FRIDAY MARCH  1900  ;- ^"ir ct_H pf^  c  4J k^ A  A DIRECT IMPORTATION OF  Jfk.  Baker Street, Nelson  BATH    TOOTH  9  NAIL   HAIR  Ski  3      T1  vv_5'4^  .53^*z>  Now is llie time to get a bargain in Clothing as we are .  . giving a liberal discount on  these goods for tlio next few  days in order to make room  i'or spring goods which are ar-  ��� riving daily  The Nelson-Clothing.Rdnse  217 L>10 llaker Street  Owins' to the War  'SS3  And pood limes qciicinll) down Kast, all goods h.nc ad\anccd fiom 10 to  ���!0 per cent, and Iuiwmk made om sjiiing puicliahcs  <;;���_�����  ��ii\  ��  Before the Advance  m  Oin puces uill be as low as c\cr, and wo iuImsc om ciistonic: ���. lo Imj  now while om stock is complete    Puces are sure to he lu^'licr later on.  lhe bu'k of om siaiiij kocds .ue hcie ncm, .u-d ����� c ofiei special I. u gains  ii> all line . ,  iJn-s-. Goods fiom 15c np.  tllack Crepons nt Si 2~>, ^1 50 and ?2.  New flositjrs in J'linia .it Sc, 10c, 12>c and lie.   All fast colors.  A' lappcrcttc goods at 10c l.'Jc and 1,3c.  Uicss SIvii ts ip black lustre, screes and cicpo'ns, fiom ?" lo $10.  A few Ladies'Silk ShuL W.usls, to clear, at 5.130.   These weie regular  ��5 goods.  Flannel Shut AVgihte at ��1.75, regular ��3 goods.  fi?4  ��  s  %��tf  Our Overshoe Sale  Is <��� 1.11 on, and as (he season is late wc ire ofiei ing them at sianghtc' p_,ccs.  JTcieaio .i fcv,r]i'ices    Ladies' AlaMi.is at 03c., ladies' hull on ovoishoes,.  a* S, 1 .30, men's buckle oieiohoes, at >lu0; lamberiiieii s lubbei-, at .= 1.50,  &1 7.5 and ?2.00.  0  KLLlO'i P. LOOK  UAIvKIl S'IKIXT  A. FERLAND & CO.  $��#$<8&@����@^  fflicj^o mat^ fflarki  ~'S     S Pi ��3  U_��2.4*&    85 3 "3Ci  Headquarters  for all kinds of  Freeh snd Cured  Meats.  A talma \._.1I 1.i. i..ii'i�� c�� Hie iwiilln anil  K^,i'"hnlc 'I iipj v,ill .u.v!.ii ho on li tad dtu-  it>    the,:  Xm-iOH.  HAKEU .STRli_i:T, XJXSOV  (Cicoigc I r_Mol iun\ old .stand)  ^  J, X,.  PORTER, Prop.  l")Ji, "i1.uk Sl.,b'<tvicri) Bake and Vemon.  A. B. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  to, Feed, fifpain, Hay  AND PRODUCE  PROVINCIAL  LAND' SURVEYOR  C'e-utr Vjctoiia and Kootenay Street,  1>. O Itov 5"l,  TllUU'iCOXJS NO, 05  llano Tuning:  L G, 0T;Ss Oesldeni Plana TtHjer  NELSON, B. 0.  ��ar  ns a bpeoarcy  Oo'TO^pondcncf* Solicited  I'honf 2G  The uihUisigned havo imiLu ill; aj,iped ili i' on  ord aftei tite 1st d.iy of _Muu!i, J*Kn, the fi.ilow-  ii!.; rJwll be the* i.itcs foi milk in Lhe CiiJ'of  JNoKon. i  W hojcsale  11 tout   pei gail'i'i  121 n,nf> pel i(ii ut  iii  T<r ve oide  Tin i.ii ^i's i-'.i'i nn rj Co  KUA^ni: &. i!i:oui',mric,  Afrl.VAlD ^ ^L\.SU.V,  f)  ?��L DOJiHLNb'  7Mi< d (it .Nelson. IJ. ( ., Frbi n ir: '-'7th, l^iH  -CALt  AND  SEE  lS  Elegant Sideboapd;  Superb Cheffonlers   ,  Petite Dressing* Tables .  In the Famous Golden Oak  Just KeeeivecS a Carload of Hig-h-class Goods  Ui i f lubM- he Wo  r The Tainblvii link of curlers ha. vo  rccciviitl for their prize in the  KMiurl eiiiiUcitge .series haiulsome  sterliiifc silver liiitteh'-rifcs with the  iiruis of i5riii.--!i Columbui on one  side in rrtiwed eniunelled work, and  an inscription on the reverse. The  matchboxes are in lieu of silver  medals.  A. II. Lewis," who was relieving  dispatcher at the O. P. li. depot  during February has been moved  to Trail where lie will probably be  located permanently.  Tub Tkihuxe was in error yesterday in ' announcing that the  resolution offered at the Liberal-  Conservative meeting, in favor of  party liuc^ in piir\ incial politics,  ^ as dropped Awlhout a Aotcbeiug  taken. The vote was taken and the  matter Mas icsol\cdin tho affirm-  ath e.  Captain If. J. Sherwood of the  Royal Engineer-, icturns cast tomorrow after a vi-it in Nelson with  his biothor A. R. Slutwcod. lie  e:uIo on-Match lolh per the Xoith  German Lloyd -tcnier K.ii-.er \S"il-  heliu der Ciosfec, lor Southampton  and after lemtiinin^ aboi.t a month  iu fUngland -will ptocecd to india to  join hih company, which is located  at Rooikec. Ctxijtain Sherwood has  been on leave for ten months. In  common-with all tho members 'of  the _Briti��h foico reiving in India  he ha* felt deeply the tofusal of  tho war ofiiee to permit Indian otii-  cci 3 to partiiipate iu tho South  African campaign.  Rev. R. Frew ha& returned from  Nakusp where he attended a session  of the presbyteiy. ILg.wks accoin-  panied by lie v. J. McCoy ol Cascade who spent yestciday in tho  city.  ^ Tiie m^mbei.-. oi tho N0U011 i-iiles  liave iaken tho li(,(-k-_.y lever and  havo clmllon^t d the Hudson'h Bay  Company'b team to a ��suic wIil-ji-  o\ or w either j)crmitc.  C. D. 3rclveii/-ie has- recorded the  transfer of the DiroctoiMto Jiviciiou  mincial claim to tho JJastings,  Biitish Columbia i<Jx])luiation Syndicate. Thcj chiim ia kvalod on the  north i'oik of the S.Jnion tiA'er.  Theotufroftho Loudon k B.C.  Gold fields Compar.y, limited, are  now in thoit now quarter-, on Baker  sticet. The ijist lioor h devoted  to tho manager'?, and accountant's,  staffs and ihe engineers Im o tho  econd btory for their u=e.  The only applications for hoi el  licences ou the Baliour extension  hied np to date r.ere those of G.  Joidau and Joj ]it>%\son. Tnese  am'II be dealt with \ry the commissioners at an eaiiy date, as th'j suc-  c^sful applicant w u! be retpiirod (o  oiect a biiildiiiy Jo comply with  the U'gi'l'itiuus,  -A.-\\rhealIor oi-JCat-Io, wixs in the  city yesterday attending (lie taxation   of   costb   in    -Alexander   v-s.  Hay Company all mean business,  a.inl from this time on there should  be no exeuso for any resident of  Nelson sending to T. Eaton <fc Co.'.s  for atiything in the dry goods line.  The steamer Moyie will have put  iu her .fifteen days quarantine tonight, und will be released, unless  something altogether unforeseen  crops np. She will be fumigated  again and placed on her old run between Nelson and tho Landing.  The Nelson will be used for towing  until the new tug now under way  is completed.  The Columbia & Western road  was formally taken over by the C.  P. R. yesterday from the construction department. A number of  changes are regarded as probable  in the process of establishing the  lino on an operating basis. Superintendent Troup returns tonight  from Calgary, and a circular maybe looked for shortly.  A large amount of timber will be  brought into the city within the  next couple of months. The representative of the- Say ward mill has  purchased a boom in. the Goat  iiiver district, containing 300,000  feet, and Hill Brothers have also  arranged for a large supply.  , Charles Williams of Kokanee  Creek, the. vvell-knoAvn trapper,  opened tho spring fishing season  auspiciously tho other day by cap-  tuiing a fine pair of salmon, -whose  aggicgato weight was 3G pounds.  Tuo hsh were kodaked and the  photo v, ill be placed on exhibition  in a day or two.  Thoma-3 Clayborne is under arrest on suspicion of Inning beeu  implicated m the theft of #130  from lkh\ard jJawes on AVednesday night, ifawea'checks and cash  to the amount of $300, and !?170  worth of checks Merc found in his  room, but the cash could not bo located. Clayborne comes before the  police magistrate this morning.  Nelson Avholesalers and others  v. ho aic shipping freight to Boun-  daiy points veie informed yesterday of ths now fi eight schedule.  The lato to Giccnwood has been  lowoied 32 cents per handled on  Oist-class freight aud the decrease  is pro rata to other points.  The new passenger rates on the  C. P. R. to Boundary points went  into eifeefc yesterday. The rates  from Nelson are: Rossland $3.10,  Tiaii $2.(i,->, West Robson yi.jQ,  Cascade $L2Q. Grand Forks $ t.So.  anil Greenwood $0.00. "   -  F. T. Buj'Ub -hipped three cais of  planu to his, camp on the Balfour  extension last night. TTe has sixteen head of stock in the city, and  these-n ill go out ou the lino in a  clay or .so. John McMartin starts  dca: ing the i ight-of-way ou his  cor. li act today.  John Hamilton, (J. P. R, ti-am-  ma^ter, was at Nakusp yesterday  completing arrangements to, have  -work proceed smoothly while the  agent, Mr. McCuIloch, is quarantined  owing to his -wife's illness.  ym.��h  "*���<'.:'..,���___>���&-.-*.-***i  JSUii.w_��  BDT BLAST P-,-,v'.V.Ji  rfRAFT    fc^:~  'tIli���'-t   ''  >*v y iT_\ BG_ C_-  We have the finest line of COAI HEATERS ever displayed in the district. We are sole agents for the famous COLE'S HOT BLAST HEATER  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted to any kind of coal.  CROW'S NEST, LETHBRIDGE, or-ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds  equally well. Not requiring the attention of an ordinary coal heater.  Economical, durable and simple in construction. See our Steel Ranges  for hard and soft coal or wood.  H.  NiaSON  KASLO  which the company had no particular use for will be brought here  and will be used in the place of the  one destroyed. Louis Blue said  yesterday that there Avtis.no insurance on the burned mill.  BroAvn Jc Co. have removed their  stock of clothing, to. Dr. Hall's brick  block, adjoining Morrison k Cald-  Avell's store" oir tlio'.Avest. The firm's"  new premises are Avell adapted for  the clothing business, being rooniy  and avcII lighted.  a  SANDON  r*1  Karzx  ���V".    fi"  ?m  FOR   YOUR   CLOTHING.  It i\ .11 ri\ vot: lo c\tiinniO niA -.lock of now tvoili, frju.iiK own coat- .ind spimjj miiIi. Rpecm  In ..iiih in l iiijti Hi.ii. ( <.-_ii_li_ti! liiii'i <>f .{..nifi -At< C luuly iJc ( o. "s .nil the _.Vuit>-, lloidbfi ic Co/d  boui j.i'jil --iioc .  224-22S Eakcr Street, fieison.  ^ &r  u 1  FULL LINES OF WINTER AMD SPRING SUITIKCS  -"rJ,ST RAKICIi RTUKET* KRI,��nNT OPPO^T"1!'! RIT.VKI. _irTXO HOTKf  W. P. DlCK-'JOli  E. U. H. APPLEA^HAITa  J. liIcPH_e2I  i-joteqay tlectnc Supply & uonsirucfion to.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Ooraplftte Blootrie SqaljjmeKts for Eleetric Power TraEsmissloa antl _Oicjhtln/< i'or  irUasssf, 'l'o-wua Elsotrlc i''l2:turos, Ijumps, Bells, 'l'ele��iioiies. & xmunoiaiorH, XLtc.  F. O. Box 8C3. JoBephlvo Strt.pt, Neluon, B, O.  Ka'-Io k .Slocan 'Jaihoad. I.efoie  tho legi-trar oJ the -upiemc court.  In tliio anion the pk.intiil Secured  pi rrnission tn discontinue on payment of eo'-t1-. Mr. Whealler Avas  foi- defendant1' and ti.'lhher <^r Wilson A'.cio for pl.-iiniifi".  Yesteid.iy morning a party of  cutluis httd a giinu', al the link, tho  ice being in excellent shape. The  playera Avere: S. SI. Drydges; J. I*\  Weir and .1. U. Wallace, ^kip, 11;  Dr. Annstrong; P. K.Wilson aud  F. Fletcher, f-kip, '.).  Robert Bintoul, inspector of tlio  B-iuk of Mont;< al, is hcie on one of  h!-> h'.ipt'clion dip-. lie i-_ agreeably surpiised it! tho growth bt  'the tow ii.  By the middle of uevt Aveek Xol-  son will have five dry goods .stores  that AA'ill size up wit li any fiA'e diy  goods hou'o-s in Spokane or Victoria  orVancouvoi. i^iod IrAinc & Co,,  A. Fcilaud & Co., Tilartiii O'Bcilly  k Co , Km r k Co , and tho Hudson's  Yesterday afternoon a* shack located on tho electric light iluuie  ri;;hi-of-A\ay, a short distance be-  Ic/v, tho dam, caught fiie aud, along  Avllh (he contonts, Avas Ijurned to  thcglonnd. it AA'as owned by tAA'o  men jotmerly employed at the  smelter. Had it nob been for ���superintendent Hedley of tho smelter  and Ids employees the Avood-f-tiwe  pipe, Avhich conveys tho Avaterfrom  t'fe uiihrto-thc~~electfic~ light pen  HOTEL   ABSIVALS.  At tiik Piia'ik,���1-1. C. Kirkpatrick, Bo-l.ind: T. J>. Dolioi tv. Peter-  boro. Out.: rJ\ W. I foil, Y-uicouA-er ;  A Whealler, Iva^lo; J. D. Porter,  Spokane; J. A. McLennan, Siher-  ton; T. J. Roadicy, A. Ts*. Polly, Sirs.  Jameson, Oiccm\ood; ,T. llammar  & Avife, Ciaud Forks: F. lOmerson,  Spokane: C. P. Hill, Port Hill, Idaho;  J. W. SicLiughl'in. High Kivcr; C.  11. Wolfe. f!pokai o  Av rm: ilLAii'1.���C. llilburn, jlil-  AA-aukee: Saciio IHetchcr, Gianbrook;  E. C. Kingsn.ill. Nelson; D. W.  Sioore, T-ail; 7!. X. Cooper, Vancouver; A. DesBrisay, Victoria.  At tiih "WAVJ5ULCY.���AY.Smythe,  steamer International; AV. A. Ger-  van, Six-milf; O. K. Skates, Minneapolis; J. C. Shfivpe, Slocan City.  At thi: SIaooi::-,'.���J. Sialley, Slocan Cil:v; .1. W: Barry, Burke: P.  Ryan, Burke: Sam Stuich, Slocan  City.  At '[ins Tui:3ioxT.���F. Ilongc,  city; F. Yv. O Call ighan. city; F.  Ilairis, city: J. Siena id, city; W. II.  Darby, Slojie: J. O'Xeil, city; A.  Darl.53', Eiie; A. Stewart, city; P.  SIcConneli, city; A. Ram "ay, city;  G. Goblrp. C��.inbrook; V. Anderson, Cmnbioolc; W. A. Wilkinson.  At rufi Qs i o\'^ , -Slav! in U elch,  Grand Inn k-; AV. W. Willie, Rossland; J, SLcXcil, Ci'aniLo Siding; J.  Balfour, Ottav,a: G, Austin, Cian-  brook: T. Mennirk, (Jranbrook; B.  McGoldiitk, Csaubrook.  At tiii: Cluu.���J. Dryden, Lar-  deaii: F. G.iIIoa', ay, Pluvnix: C.  Brockway. RoclK'oter, N. Y.: J.  Burke, Silver iLing; ,1. Pit^gciald,  Silver Lving.  But while  we  are  waiting  for the cold weather wc  your attention to our line"of  NICKLED COPPER WARE  would  draw  Including Tea and Cojl'cc Pots, (several designs) Knuinolled ILandlo Dipiioi". I'ndding Dishes, Tea  Kettles, etc., and the only place you can get liiein is at .  >���  . ��� <_��_!__?���'____'��� fl?'���/<��'���/*' .?*'.p*.jk''.,**. eV.cat.  _?__- S. E?*' 2_?^ K?*' ^*-" ^^ i_2>* f25K -^-_u- -SE-f* ��3fc_- -a-^.  T'T11 t,,T-v-TfC*"r*      TTTC "n^r/^^T  fj i_-iMjJ. JLO-a    (tlf ixj i. IUJn^  Wanted  ',tock, would IiaA'o been damaged,  as the shack slo xl only a few feet  distant hum tho pipe.  A_. Ucwar & Co.  lia\*o  turned  ,i.  thcii hnnbcT and sawmill interests  into a limited liability company.  The twiupanyV ��aAvraill is lor-atedat  Poito liico siiiiug, on the Nelson k  1'oit SJit'jJiMird mihvay, fourteen  miles touth of Nelson. Its capacity  is 120.00') feet a day.  The Vale-Columbia Lumber Company has already commenced the  rebuilding of the Louis Blue saA\r-  miil a\ hich Avas destroyed by (he on  Sunday night last, says the Rossland Minor. Sir. j. S. Deschamps,  the Mip"tintendent, rays that it has  Luii decided to rebuild on the old  ���^ite aiid not go further out, as was  at liist contemplated. This av ili be  becaucc there are plenty of logs  about the old mill site. The engine  and boileis are not damaged. Tiie  rest of the machinery, however is a  total Ios.s, A mill which Avas purchased by the company a short  tiiuo   since   ncdr   Giccnwood   and  V boy A\ho AA'ill deliver  papeisi wIkiu he is n ^(luittil. Am<1} .it tho  Tiibnnc oil eo  To Let���Untile, garden and hen-  ii'.n, suil ililc ti i a (hi/ ';i 'J lii'itl'. Aoph T. II.  IJObei t*   A'ltjo.i _, si ,(|. ivro-:to ao^'Oiiii'e.  "Wanted���to buy for cash, second  h.iMl rui'htu.L. <m IjUij Ajiph T IJ. llchcils,  Violuui    'u    .��,;i( sia j, i-,^ tilllou.  Pant   and    A'Cstmaker    wanted,  Sto.idj sell 'I'd ;* ��� 1 1 ' !" I" i god h.uid.  Apilj lo ,! .VI luiu-o i, Vv'.juu Jsnli-Ji (,'o_-  uuilin.  To a'horn it initv concern ���$100  io\.n*d \nli U-1 .) o -n> ,nn ulm i.inii->hc-,e\j-  dci tu \%Ji < li v ' j !<> d \o ln�� <*..u,i, iiun of Uie  lio.son <>i j ��� 5 -. nl.u ,i n-(.ULci 'ii1' to\ teme_.-  pup -11. (.  ^U 1 t" '.  Sirs. A. jialion Las opened dress  iimKing p iJ_   'in'! ^r ���, IiIim L!..v Ic. - K\ ening  <llt-S-,C -. .li,��l h'n JI i'lUit   Id   fllMt-  I    'lOfllllj  Prom (ud ty the link will bo open  io (lie i_,.1j!io fro, i > lo li p ui , andfioiaijlo  JO.IIfl p_.]ti  Mr  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  il/  iA/  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  xti  iti  iti  iti  iti  -ii^. *���_������ >^��- **_�� -*^Sv fi.-Zgl' "*^r -**& -^> -CO ���*��> -^.* ��� i  ���*���&���*& >XJ&' ^'^J' (���?' S--J* *&' ^2' S& V/^Vj  B i| s: c  A\ liOl 1 SUi:   V >I)  111. I Uf   i>l   11.11(3 J\  Groceries  Provisions  Hams  Coffee  Butter  Dried Fruit  Teas, Spices  Pickles, Sauces  Vinegar  Good dclneicd fieo. jUiul  oideis (..iu lulh attended lo.  -Notion? lint the Isi^t INo  cheap guuris.  m  o  5��  5��  Crockery  Glassware  Dinner Sets  Tea Sets  Chamber Sets  Office Sets  Bar Fixtures  Japanese Ware  Fancy China  A\ hni, ~i;r    ml 111 nl mil  chin.     No  i"-i ilikci SliLCt,  tclcpln I c in   P  O  bo\ Jv. i!C  AV.   'I i \ ,i (,i ii oidc:  vV*  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  *-.>* -��3 -_ ���_ *_ *_ ���_ -S -��* -3 -S ~_  iti  Hi  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  xti  iti1  xti  iti  iti  \ti  iti  iti  iti  iti  \&  SOAP  A PEER AMONG OTMER-S  SOAP  CPdPi  IS ITS NAME  1his.so.ip I..Kpi<rv.ci���''it ��ni ilit\ 'md iost into. ci-.ai' iidoij. r iii lie f'niril the hist anil (he  (ncipc-1 in rhe niuUiti. It >mI1 i.ui w,\��.h _3>(ri< vl'ln-i' s(}i<l(, ) ,|t> ,���_, i���,[ [j.|0 jM,n^i, nr "omK  ���tiietliiM v union en (.rllon, c m bo j.iopeil" ueiH dxu<;,nit jitt.ni i,|'�� i)i io l,ifH)] thi'tiwiii  inostiOi.Ulcdl.iiiifh 'rep* Aon in ii-eui'i ihjlutli o* m-w,i��li tin luln, ..s i', tnauanMils -ue'of  tin* ljiiiosl .nil Ik.-i (1'uitt.i.   Tiv s.ih'at  ^    The Western Mercantile Company, Limited.  1 V\-OV AXl) SIAITJJ CJHori'llII^ '   B.vlvMt -TUEUT, VFLSON  When You Want the  BEST CANNED GOODS ON THE MARKET  TELEPHONE 161.  Boulle-s Tomatoes and iVI arrow Fat  Peas, Standard Brand Sweet Corn  p o. BOX 17f!  jiouvrox ju.ot k.  JJliio Uihlj-nn Tel  \hi."!  1 sl-.Ii I_jtks lit i er\.!c  ���, ir���i>f��.  ���>A'lY  Jo.iii f\- Irving & Co.  rmp  V \r-ni ir idcnco is wheie ve  mv io ' r I'tmiiii to .itle.id to  j>i u i,ioi(..  tK.de.   AV'oJi.uc ii!'il_retlrM\cd n_'-Inpin"nt nf nx(l,lJ*iw._Uj.'  soilio ficsh io.isi.ed Aloch.i .mil J.ia.i Co-JH e    'lhe p  one waiiiing soineilnny uhoiu.   Uivc us u liul    \\  Josephino nnd Silica SLicel1!,  opposite Methodist ( lunch  i.'_'L' <��}!��>i ��"��J_p.a;.. To,j.-A1sd   : r (,. v e i a, ). i on limul lo atij-  J i.ow vi i.'.u ]��!i.isi  m,oii.  PATTON & ENMAN  H. %2   tZ  _-%     i}  FOR  :l S3 RAT ED  I��i:ad Office at  NELSON, B. C.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers  n  eaxs  i> v �� >_i      v> i/    a ^ - ~ ~'��� *a c=9  ^5��a%s    ETK^s^a  n<___if__as  Electrical Repairing, Eiecirical Supplies,  Electrical   Contracts   (Mines,   Steamers,   Dwelling  Houses, Etc)   Try us for work and prices  FOR  UNSURPASSED  OUALiTV   AND    FINISH  Markets at Nelson, KosslKml, Trail, l\iv.TOj Ymir, S:un-l<_>u, Silvcrlon, New  DcaA'cr, ReA'oJ&toke, Pcrguion, Gr.uul Forks, Orpctinoo'l, Cftscdo City, jtfiil-  w<iy, aud Vanoouvor.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  .4*  T_6,,-t  est Kootenay uuccner uo.  ALTj KINDS 02'"  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS    l  AVnOLESALG i.N'D KKTAIL '  FISH AND POULTRY IN'SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson &   ��   JRAVES,   Manager  ORDERS BY MAIli-RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PRO.Ail 1 A'i TT3NTION.  Tobacconist  NELSON HARD'  Tcii.1i>. ' i  (|U,imm n! ' .  which jic i in  JlOHUIifC II,!i'i|  Oainp'utll .In  TT3KDERS   WAITED.  ii i  I   r' I   ll     i>iit( h.i i) of ,i  positt-1l.o J'li.u- li ilct,  U i'-.   d \no\ i>ii/li'  hii 1        tin   )>ril o\c liiinu On  ���i      \r>i' �� ..I II cfillite of 11. V.  oi' Ai i., on A'ic.uii.iMiLtst, oji-  eadqnarters for Portland Cement Firo Bricks,  Firo Clay, American Cumberland Coal [Blacksmiths]  B. P. HITHET & CO.. ltd., Vietoria  Si>i<ui.il (itinl.ilioiis KiM-'ii fiii' ciilr.nl lots  A. 11. GRAY. P O Uuv VJJ, Ntl-on, li. (\  Kuolcn.ij AKOiit  B W. \�� %�� 1  10 \C.UK LOT LIXIC  GAS PITTING OUIl SPECIALTY  PLUMBING OF ALL KINDS  Opei.i llouic Illoclc, XtKon  nneccions ��'������� �������  8TRACKAH BROS.


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