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 *  ft.  Ill  DAILY  EDITION   BY  MAIL  FIVE   DOLLARS A YEAR  WEEKLY EDITION   BY MAIL  TWO  DOLLARS A YEAR  EIGHTH   YEAR,  KELSON:  TUESDAY MORNING,' FEBRUARY 6,   1900.  PRICE FIVE  CENTS.  IT*-.:.  CANADIANS DO GOOD WORK  Small Budget of 'War News.  London, February -..���Tlio  Standard's   correspondent   at    Modeler  .River  gives   tlio  following  picturesque glimpse ol' the Canadian contingent: Otezla Dopicho Vous, Say,  there, bring her over,  and  similar  commands    and    exhortations    in  English      and       Canadian-French  greeted   the  ears  at Orango  river  while the train'"was being  boarded  by   tin.   Gordons  going  up  to   the  front-. ThoCanadians hadarrived the  day before from   DeAar, and in one  day, they had laid down   and   completed a mile and a quarter of railroad,  and   build   a  now platform.  Railway.making, under the South  African sun in December, is no play,  and the sight of these  men   of the  north handling   sleepers  and   rails  with thegreatest dispatch and enthusiasm, and   working   in   a   way  that white   men   seldom   work   in  South Africa, was an  object lesson,  nf the thoroughness of the spirit of  patriotism which animates all ranks  and sections  of   the  Rritish   force  now fighting the Rocrs."  London,    February    5.���Spencer  Wilkinson,   in   the   Morning   Post  -says:     "Tlio tide  i.s . beginning   to  turn.    Jn   the   western   border   of.  the war it looks as  though general  i   French   had  boon .reinforced,   perhaps   by  general   Ghermaides   brigade.    This would be the 'beginning  of  a  systematic  direction   of  the,  campaign.    When  general   French  has'disposed of the enemy forming  his present objective, his   force will  be available for  other  operations."  Dealing  Avith   the   possible  operations   of   general    French,   Kelly-  Kenny and Gal acre, Mr. Wilkinson  says:    ''There   is   now   a prospect  that   in   two  or   three a\eeks  the  Rritish forces will   bo   holding   the  passage-, of   the   Orange   liver, re-  pahing the bridges  and   collecting  all the   requisites for the  advance  norUlwaid,   to     begin     as     soon  :is    lord     Roberts'     can    see    his  ���way    l<>    order    the    movement."  ^" There arc  n.jw more than 'eaough  Loops    between    the    eo-isl     nnd  Orange river to form three infantry  divisions   and   a cavalry  di\ision>  \\ ithout counting either the colonial  mounted    troops   and   five   militia  battalions which can  be used to 10-  lieva regular battalions on the lines  of     communication.     Loid     Mel-  1 men's-*,    three     brigades    make    a  I'uilher      addition       that     might  ultimately     be     utilized." .Mr.  WiiLin-'on thqn ptoceeds to  urge tho government to make every  pi epaiation against an emergency  at home, and parlieujuily to put  the A'olunteen and nil aA-ailnble  forces in condition for service, if  needed. Me recommends rearming  ihe hatfeiies with the best modern  guns, and in shoit the organi'/ation  and (quipmont of the available  foi cos rather than hasty endoaxors  to recruit untrained men.  ���J_oxi)(i.\% February 0.���The Capo  Town eorie-ipoudont of the Daily  "Chronicle says-. ;~"Thc SouthAfi ican  l;eague litis pa-sod n resolution that  it regards with regret, and  almost with de.-p.iir, the pio-  babilii.y of the authorities trying colonial rebels before a jury.  The i evolution urges a court  martial. Mr, Schreinei, the premier,  replying lo a letter enclosing a copy  of resolutions, *�����>"�� the government  has taken .steps (o present the eases  lo juries iu osder to prevent undue  detention of persons charged Avith  .'-edition," '  Loivi'-Nso Maikjl'KZ. February *���>.���  Webster Dave-, United Stales assistant secretary of the interior,  accompanied by a party of friends  which includes the German consul  at Pretoria, is at the head laager  of the liners at Ladysmith, and is  closely inspecting tho camp-.  London, February .1. - Tho Avar  ollice at midnight announced that  there would be no news from the  front.  only become possessed of one side  of the story. The other side is  disclosed in the correspondence  between tho colonel and myself,  lint 1 do trust that no misguided  friends of colonel Hughes Avill call  for the correspondence, as it cannot  fail to place the colonel in a most  unenviable light. It is now before  the government. The incident possesses most unfortunate features,  features that I trust Avill not again  be repeated."  SHUTDOWN JT  ROSSLAND  Two Mines Stop' Production.  Rossi,an i),    'February     !..���The  Rossland Minor Avill say tomorroAV :  "The   machinery   troubles   of   the  _War lOagle  and   Centre Star  companies have at last brought about  the disaster long predicted by many  shrewd mining.mon in this district.  They  are  now .compelled   to  stop  production   until   the   new ���mach-  inery i.s installed, and the exhausted  development  in  the  War Eagle is  caught up.    The men in  the slopes  Avill'bo laid off tomorrow night, and  only a  small  number retained   for  construction and doA'clopinciit.   Mr.  Kii'by,  the  general   manager,  has  issued two letters  to  the  management of both mines, and these have  been embodied in a  circular  issued  to the shareholders today.    To the  Associated Press correspondent Mr.  Kii-by   expressed   the    disappointment and deep  regret  Avith  Avhich  the directors and management .have,  taken the step.    All shipments and  consequent   dividends    Aviil    cease  after tomorrow, and it Avill be some  months before the now  machinery  ���will be installed and  shipments re  NO OPPOSITION PRESENTED  sinned.    The  matter  can   only bo  regarded as a disaster  camp.  to  Rossland  THE   DAY   IN   ROSSLAND.  Rohsi.ano, .February Tt.���Stringent quarantine regulations against  passengers, mail and baggage, from  tiie south, continue in force. There  have boon.no cases of smallpox in  tho city but the isolation hospital  has beeu completed and ovory pie-  cautiou lias been taken to pi event  an ouibioak. _   ^   ,  Major R. C Kdward�� Lcclcie, appointed recruiting officer for this  section for Strathcona's Horse, has  wired that ho Avill accept twenty  men each from Rossland and Nelson.  Many applications avoio tiled lieio  today.  A mass meeting is fixed for Wednesday to back up the Vancouver  propositions of sending ten thousand moil tiled infantry to South  Africa. Tho movement i'- arousing  great enthusiasm. Ro-sland may  be counted on to gi\o her share of  men aiul'monoy.  Greenwood's Volunteers.  Gil i.i.xwood, February -5.���[Special to The Tribune.]���A telegram  received today from .J, Edwards  Loekio, dated Sudbury, Ontario,  "say's that hef Avill" lib iiF Nolsdif ~(>h7  Friday to inspect recruits for  Strathcona's Horse. Leckie is avuII  known us a mining engineer of this  place. He graduated from the  I.oval Military College, Kingston,  and is said to have obtained a lieutenant's commission in the JIor.sc.  As'a large number here are anxious  to join the contingent arrangements  are being made to have lieutenant  Leckiu \Uit Greenwood to inspect  men. Charles Richter of O.soyoos,  Frank Ellis of Penticton, Alfred  Swiuborn, and William and .loft  Brent, well known cow-punchers of  Southern Vale, have beeu accepted  to form part of the scouting section of,Stiathcona\s Horse.  In the House of Commons.  London, February 5.���There AA'as  a multiplicity of Avar questions in  the house of commons today, but  little interest Avas taken in them.  Mr. George Wyndham, parliamentary under secretary for the war  ollice, said in answer to a question  that tho government had no information regarding the alleged shooting of Irish prisoners, by orders of  colonel Baden-Powell and general  Methiien. . Answering another  question, Mr. Wyndham said that  the British artillery in South Africa  was fully up to the continental  standard.  Mr. A. J. Balfour, the government  leader, replying to Mr."William  Redmond, Irish nationalist, said the  secretary of state for the colonies,"  Mr. Joseph Chamberlain, ���never  made any such announcement as  the one referred to by Mr. Redmond, namely that a triple alliance  between Great Britain, the United  States and Germany had beeu arrived at. -Replying to another  question of'Mr. Redmond, suggesting the formation of a volunteer  corps in Ireland, to replace, .the  troops AvithdraAvn, Mr. Balfour said  he recognized the patriotism of Mr.  Redmond's constituents, but to  thus change -the settled policy of  the .government, required further  consideration.'  The debate on the address in reply to the speech from the throne  Avas then resumed by sir William  Vornon Harcourt. Liberal, who declared the Avar AA-as due to a re\rersal  of tho policy laid; down by the  government in 1 SSI and 1895. lie-  A'ioAving the negotiations -sir William said the great misfortune Avas  that tho men consulted in legard to  tlio situation in South Africa were  the authors of the raid, and the  zealots of Park Lane.  Here Mr. Chamberlain interjected,  "Does the right honorable gentle-'  man mean to assert that the per-  son�� to Avhom ho refers Avere-eon-  sulted by the colonial office, and  that no others Avere consulted?"  The Liberal statesman parried  the question. Regarding the at .  lacks on the South African committee, of winch lie Avas fi, member.  Sir William said tho only reason so  far as he was .aware, that the in-  A'ostignlion AA'as not pursued  further, was that tho committee  AA'ould have to reassemble during  the following session of pailiamonl,  and the author of tho raid had  sutfioiont influence inside and outside tho house to prevent the reappointment of the committee. lie  also  urged   that  tho slandon, ro-  vigorous  prosecution?     The   Avar,  the secretary claimed, could  not be  avoided except by the absolute surrender on the part of Great Britain  of all  to  which  she attached importance.    Believing the Avar inevitable, how could thoy vote  for  an  amendment that said the Avar  Avas  avoidable?   Policy of that sort was  said    to    unite    the    party,   but  iu  the eyes   of   Europe   it threw  doubt   upon   the    union    of    tho  United Kingdom.    "We have  suffered checks," said Mr. Chamberlain,  "and  have  made 'mistakes.    J   am  not anxious  to  dispute as to  tho  blame.    Let  the government  bear  the   brunt   until  the  time   conies  when,  under  happier0auspieos, \ve'  can see Iioav far the blame i.s  to be  apportioned   between   tho   ss'stem  and those administering it.    In the  mean time, blamo u&t What is now  urgent i.s  to  redress^  those checks  and  to  repair mistakes.    You say.  Ave have' sent' too   fdw troops, but  wo-'are*-pouring them  into South  Africa.   Jn  a few 'weeks   avc will  have 200,000   men tlfere.    AVe  will  haA'e     as     many    mounted    men  as    there     are    mounted     Boers.  Our       colonies       are       multiplying        their        offers.        '.. JSve'ry  officer is  gratofullyjaceopted,  and  lord   Roberts   has    seleeted   from  aniong tho  colonials his  guard  of  honor.   .McaiiAvhilc the spirit of the  nation is  unbroken.    There  is  no  sacrifice 'which Ave ai;e im willing to  make.    There is ho sacrifice Ave tire  mi Avilling to ask of [the colonies if  we think it hepessary to ask. I must  go further than this and admit that  this war, under new. conditions, in  a   new -country, .Avith new  amis,'  against a new  people,  whoso  tenacity and courage arc as admirable  as the courage and tenacity of our  own soldiers, lias required a  larger  scheme  than  any tlio. goA'ernment  has yet been called''upon to meet.  One of the lessons of the Avar is the  enormous     defensive   power   possessed  by  troops  defending   tlieir  own country.    Tho second  point is  that AA'hen avc propose a  scheme to  moot this emergency we shall do so,  not as a party, but as a nation.  No  oilier nation has ovci   had a better  right, Jiowaver, toJb.e proud of her  soldiers.    What other nation could  transport   so     many    troops,    so  great a distance, so Avell?  Referring tio statements regarding national gloom,Mr. Cluiiubci iaiu  said, "I do not '"accept the phrase.  I know of anxietv and of in itatiou  perhaps, but not of vacillation approaching fear or gloom." The  colonel secretary concluded AA'ith a  glowing ttibuto to the manner in  which the colonies had rallied to  the empire. "We aie iioav finding  the indefinite pot< nihilities-; unci io--  sources of the empire. We ate advancing  to the   realization   of that  Not Lacking in Bravery.  Bi-i-X-iN*, J<\-bruary Tt.���Lieutenant  colonel Wachs, of the war department, said to tho Associated Press  today : "The prestige of the British army cannot be said to hiiA-e  suffered so far as its fighting qualities aro concerned. Both privates  mid officers have behaved Avith  the utmost bra A'ery in action, as the  lists of dead and Avounded show."  Colonel Hughes' Letters.  Ottaava, February 5.���In regard  to the colonel Hughes' episode in  not getting employment in South  Africa, general Button in an interview .����� ays: " Tho public so far lias  The Athu Telegraph Line.  WiN.vii'f'-G, J<.ebrua'ry 5.���-A. B.  Charleston of Ottawa, has gone  Avest Avith a gang of seventeen men  to commence Avork on the telegraph  line from Atlin to Quosnelle. He  Aviil engage thirty moie men at  VancouA'er. The first stretch will  be from Atlin to Telegraph creek, a  distance of !3i4 miles. From Tele  graph creek, the new line Avill  branch off for J(nzelton, a distance  of U){) mile-, and from Jlazellon to  Quosnelle, .!00 miles.  Slocan Deal Goes Through.  The Donnelley group has been  taken up by major Hackctt for au  eastern syndicate and men haA'e  been put to Avork ou the ground. It  is the intention to work both tunnels, and a force of tAvehre men Avill  be employed. The price is not made  public, but $2.">,000 is understood to  be the figure, on a cash basis.  garding the connivance of the  goA'ormnenl in the raid,1 should bo  rebutted. Sir William contended  that though tho war "Was an unhappy business, il must be fought  out to tho bitter end.  Mr. Chamberlain followed, dwelling on the broad issues, juid not  dealing so much Avith the details.  ~lfo pa ill "a- glowing lribiite~~to iho  colonies aud tho promise of tho  future federation of the empire,  evoking immense enthusiasm. Mr,  .Chamberlain admitted that il critical state of the war had been  reached, and that the situatioi; aviis.  undoubtedly serious, though, he  added, he did not believe tho country was in danger. Ho refused to  discuss the South African committee  and briefly .summariy.cd the negotiations Avith the Tiansvaah If the  preparations AVero insufficient, he  continued, it avus wholly due to th-ft  fact that the government was determined to do everything lo secure  peace, and to do nothing to endanger  it. * Mr. Chauibcr.-_.in further declared that the war .was. just,  necessary and righteous. Ho regretted the proposed amendment to the address because, he  saul, it Avould throAV doubt upon  tho uniteduess of the kingdom.  It Avouid be premaliuc, continued  the colonial secretary, to talk of  tho terms of settlement. "But," he  asserted, "there Avill be no second  Majuba. Never again shall the  Boers erect in the heart of South  Africa a citadel from Avhence shall  proceed disaffection and race animosity. Never again shall they be  able to endanger the '-upreniacy of  Great Jiiitain. Never again shall  thoy be able to treat an. Englishman as though he belonged to an  inferior race."  Mr. Chamberlain asked the opposition whether they believed in the  proposition that the Avar was necessary, whether they proposed to  vote for the war as unjust and unnecessary, and  then   vote for its  'I'oat federation of our race  Avhich  peace,  must   inevitably   make  for  liberty and justice."  John Dillon said that the Nationalists, believing the aa.'U' to he an  unjust and iniquitous Avar of aggression, entirely unprovoked, Avere  unable lo support an lunendment  declaring that Avar should be prosecuted Avith vigor, lie pressed for  "the publication-!)f goneral_sir"Wilr  liam Butler's dispatches, saying:  "It is generally believed that sir  William Butler considered that in  case of war. no attempt should be  made to protect Natal beyond the  Tugela. If so tho country i.s entitled to know." Mr. Dillon, continuing, said that the military lop-  utation of England was irreparably  ruined, that the liners had established a claim to be ficc, and (iiat  no amount of liiuto force  could ever diniini��h their aims.  ^ London', Fohiuary _>. -In the  house of common;- -today Mr. Chamberlain lcplied to tho question iu  regard to the death notice published  by the Standard on Saturday, reading: "MeLi-chl-an, on Chiislmas  day, shot iu the matket Square,  Ilarrismith, Orange Free Slate,  South Africa, for refusing to fight  against his oWn countrymen. .John  McLaehlan, junior, aged HO, eldest  son of WandsAvorth, and grandson  of the late John McLaehlan of Lambeth."  _\lr. Chamberlain-said he had ic-  ceived a cable message from the  govei nor of Natal to the effect that  the report of the shooting of McLaehlan had appeared in the press,  but had been subsequently contradicted. The governor added that  ho knoAV of no foundation for the  report, but AA'as trying to obtain  in formation in regard to the matter. The goA'ernment, Mr. Chamberlain added, hail asked the British ambassadors at Washington to  lequest the Lniled Slates government to inquho into tho matter at  Pretoria, through the United States  consul there.  LEAK IN REVENUE LOCATED    j  It Will Be Stopped.-  The city council met last night  and transacted- a big budget of  business. All tho members Avere in  attendance, save alderman IrA'ine  avIio is on a leave of absence.  The question of an account for  keeping I_atimer street in passable  condition -AA'as brought up. The  Avork was done during the first  Aveek of the neAV council's regime  on the authority of the mayor and  city engineer, and Avhen the account  was presented to the finance committee thoy considered it politic to  refer the matter to the council as a  Avhole. In discussing the point the  aldermen agreed that the work AA'as  necessary, and aldermen Morrison  and McKillop moved'that the time-  list be paid, AA'hich was carried.  City clerk Strachan and fire chief  Thompson gaA'e the result of their  tour of inspection, recommending  that the city control the supply of  electric light lamps as a measure of  prevention of substitution of higher  candle power Lamps than those  mentioned in the applications. They  also recommended'that'.the citizens  should be notified that it is an  offence under the Water Clauses  Act to giA'o or sell Avater supplied  them by the city.      ;'  Alderman Arthur remarked that  the income from lighting AA'as  $100  less than it should be, and> the city  clerk   rejoined   that this was   not  surprising Avhen it became eA'ident  that -in  some  instances 10  and 10  candle  power lamps   had mysteriously grown  into ^2's.    "This is a  growing year" remarked  alderman  McKillop  and  the   council  smiled.  The mayor expressed the  opinion,  in   Avhich   alderman   Aithur   concurred,   that   the  introduction   of  meters Avas the best Avay to  avoid  trouble,  and  that  the city  Avould  eventually  have  lo introduce  this  system.    The report Avas filed.  An application for a franchise to  siting Aviics for a messenger service  and lire alarm system was made by  ,). J.'Malone and dtheis.��' Jt Avas  slated that such a privilege could  only be granted after the proposi-'  tioif had 'been submitted to the  people. Tiie mayor remarked that  ali full Hedged eities>   had 'both of  the --syj-tcms in question, and this  might bo an excellent opportunity  for the cily lo secure both AviUiout  co.s t. '  Alderni-in Arthur and McKillop  moved that tho clerk be instructed  to notify the applicants to forwaid  their bylaAV.  The report of the chief of the lire  department \A"a.s   load.-  He  lecoin  mended -ovoral matters .is follows:  That an additional Station bo established in block   10  as  that  dintiict  could not be reached undei the pie-  senL  circumstances.    That   a  hose  wagon or combination  hose wagon  and chemical be secured.    That the  lendeis  for the  lire alarm  sy.stem  now on hand bo dealt with.     That  1000or 1.100 feet of paragon ho?e bo  purchased  and   1(5  pah.s of strong  rubber   shoes   for   the men, as   the  shoes   in  present   use aie   almost  ii.eless.    Thi'   leport was   icceived.  The matter of  the  city   bylaw*  aviis bjoached by a   letter  from AV,  A.  (tatliher,  including  an   opinion  from   F. P.   Davi-s,  Q.  C,  of Vancouver, _ro  Tt-avos, vs,  Nelson,  in  Avhich     Mr,    Davis   expio-sed   the  view that that the consolidated by-'  laws Avere valid.    Various' alder men  e,\pro.s-cd the opinion that the  fire  aud  other    bylaws   should   be  ic-  enacted and put in such shape that  they could not possibly ho attacked.  Alderman McKiHop gave  notice  that at the next meeting of the city  council   ho   would   introduce a fire  limit bylaw, and alderman   Arthur  gave  similar notice  regarding the  license bylaw.  Mayor II. If. Pitts, secretary of  the 'committee which is endeavoring to adjust tho labor diHieultie-f  at Sandon, a\ rote requesiing the  council to send a delegate to attend  the session of the conference today.  A question arose as to 'Avhcthcr a  repiesentative could reach Sandon  in time to attend the meeting, but  the mayor thought some action  should be taken to indicate that  the citjr A\as interested in the settlement. Aldermen Hall and Arthur moved that K. R. Athetton be  advised by Avire of his appointment  as delegate of the City of Nelson to  the conference.  Applications were received from  1). A. McParlano and C W. Jamie-  son, Robson street, for electric  lighting wires to their houses. Tho  requests Avill he granted.  A.   Robinson,  of  the   pro\ incial  educational department, Avrote acknowledging the receipt of tho city  clerk's letter re the normal school,  and stating that the communication  Avould haA'e due consideration.  The bylaAy to levy a city road  tax Avas introduced' and put  through its third readiug. Alderman McKillop occupied the chair  while the council Avas in committee  of the whole. The bylaw will be  finally passed at the next meeting.  Alderman Arthur drew attention  to several crossings Avhich had been  torn up by the tramway company,  and not repaired as ordered by the  council. Aldermen Hall and Arthur moved that ii crossing belaid  on Baker street on the east line of  Stanley Avhen the Aveather is suitable. The other crossings are to be  attended to also.  The Kootenay Electric Supply k  Construction Company will be  asked to furnish the council with a  price list of electric supplies.  P. Burns & Co. applied for 25 or  30 electrical; horse power to drive  their cold storage plant. A special  committee consisting of 'mayor  Houston, aldermen Hall and Morrison, Avas appointed to go into the  matter Avith the firm.  But one tender; Avas received for  the Avork of macadamizing fiA'e  blocks on. Baker street, 2000 feet  more or less. The tender aviis from  Cannell Brothers, and thCprice av.-is  $03S9.09. This tender covered all  niaterials and labor, the city, supplying the roller and the curbing.  W. Shackleton put in a tender  of $1.10 per lineal foot for supplying and setting the curbing. ':,..*.  W. Bell of Victoria Avrote stating  that he was forwarding a tender,  and asked that the matter be left  open till the 7th instant.  The mayor reported that the  rock broken for macadamizing at  the corner of Josephine aiid Victoria streets had cost the city $1 JO  per yard, so that, in figuring, the  cost of such material might be estimated at from $1.2.3 lo$l.'10 per  yard.  An estimate Avas driiAvn, based on  the above figures as to the pioba-  ble cost Avhich the city would be at  iu undertaking JJtc avoi k, aud  finally the iuatter~Avas refcried to  tho public Avorks committee.  A number of lenders >for supplying roadt building apparatus" were  opened and leferred to the board of  works.  The unsatisfactory condition of  the Cottonwood creek pipe line as  an auxiliary los thu city's water  service Avas discussed. The rosiilu  was that the cily engineer Ava.s instructed to take .such steps as are  uoces.sary to make the pipe line of  pome service to. the-city.  The council also leferred the  que-tion of a dam at tho entrance  to the pipe line to the. public woi ks  committee, Avho are to go over the  ground Avith the city engineer.  Alderman McKillop brought up  sewer matters by dueefing attention to the -Ioppago of tho sowers  below the C. P. li. track, and the  city engineer wa�� authoiized to  lake tho neccssaiy -Heps to remedy  tho trouble.   The matter of numbering houses  was- biought up and the city clerk-  was instructed to enforce ihc regulations of the bylaw which makes  it compulsory for citi/.r'iis to place  numbers on their hou-e-. Wlnm  thi.s is completed alderman Arthur  -uggosled that the city place sticet  signs at all corners  The statement of iccoipts ami  disbursements for (he month of  January av.mm pi.rented, aud approved. A resolution was p;iwd  appro\ing of a chf ck for !$.'-2.">u to  the IJank of Montreal for iulerest  on debenture-, '  WILL COMMENCE IN A WEEK  On the Balfour Extension.        .  J. H. Stewart of Trail, the railroad contractor who is to build the  Balfour extension of the C. P. R.,  arriA'ed in the city last night and is  registered at the Hotel Phair. Mr.  Stewart confirms the statement that  he has secured the big contract, but  pointed out that he is quite alone  in the matter and is not in any  AA'iiy associated with Mr. Welsh who  AA'as quoted as his partner in the  undertaking.  Referring' to  the Balfour extension, -.Mr.  StcAvart' said':     "I will  make my headquarters  in  Nelson-  until the AA'orkisover which I figure  AA'ill be some six months hence.  Tomorrow I Aviirarrange for a store  here to accommodate supplies, etc;:  ;for distribution to the camps along -  the line.. -.Following this will be the _  arrival of the plant. Avhich  is  now  located at Trail  and the material  yard  near  Robson.     The  first  of  this AvilI arrive toward  the  end  of  the week, and about this  time  a  number of subcontracts Avill be let.  The 'work will commence in earnest  perhaps a Aveek from now.     There  will probably be 2H0 teams on the  line, of =whicli 7�� or  100  teams   belong to me, and the balance will be  brought in by subcontractors.   J do  not AA'.tnt any men   now,  but  in  a  week or tAvo I Avill be  prepared  to  take on every man Avho offers up to  1500."       V-" -   THE HUME DISTRICT SCHOOL  Was Opened Yesterday.  The Hume Addition school was  opened yesterday" morning with  every indication of usefulness and  prosperity. JVmcipal Clayton Avas  ou hand at an early hour, and  Avhen school time arrived 25 bright-  faced children had gathered in the  assembly room. These a\ore allotted  to seats,, their names enrolled ou  the roster,' and Mr. Clayton proceeded to arrange the classes,  When completed the clashes Vere  as follows:  Third    Reader.���-Lulu    Oilchrist,  Harry Carlson, Sidn'ey Blaney and "  Jarvis'Creamer.  Second     Reader.���Beatrice    Oil-  Christ.   Wilbur   Hast, Cordon  Holland,    Arthur     Uatehelor,    Mabel,  Ci earner and Arthur Blaney.  Second JVimer.��� Ralph Dewar.  First Piiiner.���Kv.a ./. Marqui--,  Kdith M. Ci!ohri,-5t. Florence Voting,  Florence Jiullock, Vioh.t Bullock,  Annie Voting, Cecil Clayton, Keggio  Blaney, Robert B. Gilchrist, Thor--  A\a!d Hanson, Hairs Habbigard,  Julius-Friedman and Wilbert Creamer.  The above is i_ho original roster  of the bdiool and will be' valued by  many readers of 'J'fii: Thiiu'S'I'- for  that reason.      '   The new school is well adapted in  its purpose, save in the mat tor of  its location. On all sides tlio building is equipped with unusually largo  windoAVs, which admit all the light.  desirable. The interior is bright,  and cheerful, and Avh-yn, completed  the school will be in most. rcspecH  a model institution. Tho principal,  Walter Clayton, is avcII qualified  and has a happy faculty of imparting information which promi-cs (o  iiifUre his success.  Passenger CoimuissioiiH Slopped.  Ni:w~Voi(K, Febrmuy ."..��� It is  stated that the agreement, -among  all (he leading roads to abolish paying commissions ou passenger business. Avhich became effective ou  h'cbinary 1st, so far as i.s known,  has been strictly adhered to. Theie  are a few unimportant lines which  did not enter the agi cement, but  they aro not c.\ pocted to cause any  disturbance. Tho strong lines can  refu-e to iccoguize the tickets of  tlic-o lines if they become demoralized by pajing exce-sive commissions.  Missing Steamer Reported.  London-. Fobi uai y ;>.--The British  steamer queen Wilholmina, captain  Pinkham from Jtottctdam, reported  iia\ing left disabled at sea on Jan-  uaiy 2lth owing to severe weather,  has been towed into Falmouth,  England, In- the Gorman steamer  Teutonic, captain Jvuhlowin. The  Teutonic picked np the di-abled  Steamer on February 1st with her  intermediate shaft broken.  Martin Was Counted Out.  WiXNU'hf., Fcbiuary Tt.���.Judge?  Walker today gave his decision in  the Winnipeg election ease. He  ruled that the 81S ballots, market}  outside the dis-c, sljftnid be counted  for the candidates. Of this number  .*>:.(. Avere for Puttee, and 818 for  Martin, After .about fifty other  di-putcd ballots Avere considered.  Puttee, the labor candidate, was de-  claied elected by eight mnjoiily.  All told theie avciv about LS.'iO ballots cast in the contest.  Fatal Collision Wear Buffalo,  Bi ri-'Al-O, Febiaary .">.�����A collision between smith bound pa>-  senger train Hi, and not t It bound  pas-etiger train J I. on the Western  Now Vork A. J'enn-ylA'aiiia railway  occured at Wanakha, fifteen miles  south of this city.about."j. 10 o'clock  this evening, i('suiting hi the death  of A. Parkhurst, engineer of Oil  City, and the serious, injury of fireman John Connelly of Brockton.  ���yAfi>ffltfr^^-.? 2  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C  TUESDAY FEBRUARY 6,  1900  $5- Spring Suits-$5  Now is a good time to select, your spring suit or overcoat. It may seem a little  earlv, bur. better bnv early than wait, until lines are broken. A\ e have just received a lai-jte shipment of suits and light overcoats, and will sell you serge and  tweed suils for mm from ?5 up.  See our lisgont Street suits for young mcu. the newest Hung out.  Baker Street,  Nelson, B. C.  J. F. WEIR, Men's Outfitter.  fKite ffirfbrote*  Tin*: better arrangement of tl.e  electoral districts is a part of the  legislation Avhich is foreshadowed  in the speech from the throne. If  the province of Rritish Columbia  receives any consideration in the  preparation of a new redistribution bill, the anomaly of one city  having two representatives, and  important districts bunched into  one great constituency with' one  'representative, Avill probably be  done away.with.  It is announced that a county  court judge -will shortly be appointed for Vancouver, and the  names of Adolphus Williams, J." A.  Russell and A. E. Beck are mentioned in connection with the judgeship. *  Louis Tardiff, being duly sworn, says: I was  employed in llibbing, Minnesota, to work in the  mines in British Columbia, I was" employed by  Charles Doyle, for_\. AV. Wright. 1 am a citizen  of the United' States. 1 am a common laborer.  JMyfurc was paid. Do not know who paid-it. I  was engaged to come to JJritish Columbia with  the understanding that^therc was no trouble  between miners and mine owners. My baggage  ���was not examined by the customs'inspector.; 1  had i o h.a'lh c; rt._lca._2'- A. AV. Wright t(��ld  me that if I left, the boat at ICaslo, as" I was 1800  miles from home, I -would starve to death. I am  going back to Minnesota.   ���*���        -���'���-���  A. CAIt>J-.Y, J. P.  Sworn hefoie"me Ihis2!lll-d.iyof Januaiy.llOO.  bigned-   LOU IS TARDIFF.  Tm_ above is an affidavit which  was  made  by one  of the men recently imported from Minnesota to  work in  the  Slocan.    If tho man  who made the affidavit knoAA's Avhat  lie is  talking  about, the men  Avho  brought him into British Columbia  violated the alien labor law of the  Dominion.    If the law was violated  iu   his   individual   case,   the  pio-  bability   is   that it   was   likewise  violated the eases of the twenty-  two  other  men  Avho accompanied  Taidift.   The affidavit of TaidW is  of use in so far as  it furnishes "the  federal   government with   an opportunity for starting an  enquiry  into the matter of tho importation  of aliens by the Payne mine.   If an  enquiry is made it will show  that  the federal government is sincere in  in  its   assurance' to puni&h those  Avho violate the  laws  of the Dominion.    Jf no notice is taken of the  matter, it -will convince the miners  of Kootenay that the  appointment  of the recent commission AA'as nieic-  ly a bin ft to pacify the wage earners  of   Kootenay,      The   attention' of  commissioner Clute it.  respectfully  directed to the matter.  Avho enacted it, they Avill not fool  many people by the enactment of  arbitration legislation which in the  end shall have no legal effect.  Tin. difference between the present city council and the one which  preceded it Avas illustrated at last  evening's session. Last year the  members of the city council made a  practice of meeting- and gravely  discussing the 'leak in the city's  receipts for electric lighting. They  discussed the leak. They indulged  in speculation as to where it Avas.  They estimated its volume in dollars.  They did everything, in short, but  take any steps to stop the leak. The  members of the present council  have been.in office for less than a  month, but they have located tho  leak. They instructed the city  clerk and the chief of the fire department to make a personal inspection of" all premises where electric light is used. Their inspection has been completed, and  the report of the inspectors  is that the consumers of  lectricity are using more than  they are paying the corporation  for. Making alloAyances for the  prompt payment of rates, the inspectors report that the consumers  of electric power use $400 Avorth of  poAver each month, for which they  pay the corporation nothing. This  rather considerable sum AA'as lost to  the corporation last year because  the city council had no knowledge  of the power Avhich it supplied to  its customers. It -will be saved to  the city now because the present  council is made up of men who prefer to Avork rather than orate, and  Avho believe in knoAving Avhere they  aro at. A saving of �� 100 a month  is a rather good start foi' a uoav  administiation within three Aveeks  of its return to office.  HEIN2E TO SUCCEED CLARK  . '"TiiKitllculioii of the go.eminent has bttn  ���cvlleil lo the confluts vhich otiriaiouall} use  between workiig men ami iheii ctnplojus.  AVhileit may not he pox-dbh1 fo wliollj pi -nent  sutli diflltuliio-. lij fcgi-li I ion, mj goi ou-iii-Liil  .. thinks that iu.ui} of the dNpulus ini^ht Le  avoided if hcllt-r piovislom. iouM be made for  the fiiemll} il.leueiitii.ti of boauls ol < oiicilm-  tioii, the rendition-, of -ninth, wlulu not h^allj  binding, would li i\< such wclghf vtiUi both sides  and be u-cful in bruising uu intelligciil public  opinion to bun on tln'ie (oinplii.ilcil kiiIijx'i Ih,  You will he nit ilud to < onsldtr u hetliei ihc ]uo-  vinHal iegflulion In Ihw uUtft'i ma} nut lie ii���.**_,���  full} hiippli'iuenii d b} an onn..'incut jircnldcd  for the (-it iblisluueiil (��f n Dumiiiloii liibunul foi  asm! Ing in thoHulllciuciii officii (jiiChtloiw "  The   foregoing  paiagraph,  fiom  the speech from   tho throne,  indicates   that   the   deadlock   in   the  Slocan .aill receive the attention of  the   Canadian    parliament at  the  present secsion.    If  the  people of  Kootenay had any assurance  that  the   government   Avhich   foreshadowed .such legislation  AA'as   sinceie,  they could congratulate themselves  upon the advance they have  made.  The unavoidable  A\aste  which  attends all   Conflicts   between  labor  and capital is generally  admitted ;  the prevention  ot  it id   a imitiei  which properly should  recciv e  the  attention of  the govornment.    But  when the people fee that a government is lukewarm in the euforce-  .ment'of    a   statute,   which    was  framed in the" j tottction  of labor,  they can scaicely be expected to  become enthusiastic over the opera-  tion'of legislation which itisnofceveii  .proposed to make legally binding.  If the alien labor law is permitted  to remain a dead letter by the men j  If it Can toe Arranged.  Helena, Montana, February <_..���  With the growing conviction iu  this state that dinted States senator Clark Avill be unseated as a result of the charges of bribery and  Corruption preferred against him,  political gossips are beginning lo  "speculate upon his successor. Montana is politically divided into the  east and west sides by that portion  of the Itocky mountain chain between Helena and Butte. And as  senator Thomas ,tf. Cartel' is a resident of this city, many are inclined  to- believe-that governor- Smith-  would, should the occasion arise,  appoint a west sider.  In this ca^e, .1. II. Durston, editor  of the Anaconda Staudaid, the personal organ of Marcus Daly, receives most prominent mention.  Should Clark be ousted, it/is argued  Durston, avIio had conducted the  fight for Daly, should f-ccure the  plum. The Standard has been most  aggre.sf.ive in its attack:-) upon  Clark and tho whole campaign  against him has been conducted  from its oflicc, as Daly, the spirit,  behind the tin one, has been ill in  New York, ami unable to give the  matter any attention other than  gencial directions.  J. 11. Durston came to Montana  from Syracu-'o, New York, whcie  he was employed on the Standard,  and after which the Anaconda  paper takerf its name. He has made  it one of the most popular papers  in the northwest, and should he secure the prize it is conceded even  by the enemies of ihe so-called Daly  faction, that he has the necessary  qualifications. The sueeoas of tho  Standard has been most phenomenal.  Twelve years ago Daly desiiedan  organ for hi.s faction of the Democratic party, lie preferred to establish it in Butte, where the  Anaconda company's mines are  located, but \V. A. Clark, owner of  tho Butte Miner, Avith its exclusive  Associated Pi ess franchise, stood in  the way. Consequently. Daly was  compelled to go to Anaconda, a  small village at that time and no  mora capable of supporting a  metropolitan daily than Ocono-  mowoc,  Wisconsin.     To   compete  Avith the Miner, it was "necessary to  run a special newspaper train to  Butte each morning, Avhich method  of reaching the metropolis of Montana is still in A'ogue. A complete  office force is still maintained in  Butte and the matter is transmitted  to Anaconda by means of a leased  Avire. Despite these handicaps, its  prestige in Butte and throughout  the state is A'ery great. Aud for  the upbuilding of.this paper Durston is given the entire management  of Daly's political affairs, and is  doubtless his choice for senator. So  confident is Durston of being chosen  as Clark's successor, he is uoav in  Washington learning the "ropes."  But the Clark faction, Avhile not  admitting that tlieir chieftain Avill  lose his seat, maintain that if he  doesenough influence can bobronght  to bear upon governor Smith to  pre vent theselcction of an Anaconda  company man, for the governor has  decided A'iews upon trusts and as  the Anaconda company is accused  of being one he would abstain from  abetting what is said to be a branch  of the Standard Oil Company, which  is reputed to be the largest" stock-  Iiolder in the so-called copper trust.  In this OA'ent, it is not improbable  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  Just Received  A CARLOAD OF CHOICE  VEGETABLES.  Sweet Potatoes  Parsnips  Potatoes  Cabbages  Carrots  Turnips  Beets ,  Onions  HUDSON'S BAY CO.  Telephone 13  H. D.  ASHCROFT  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repalririK promptly attended Ut by a  flrnt-c'aHH wheelwright.  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I'io\iih'<' of   Hitli-.li  Columbia,  Ncl-on,   AVesI  Ivuoloi' iv, to wil  'Ij iiitiiuof ,i AA'ui, of I ,ou Kicl.is is*.iu'd out  of U��*r> Su(jm -iiet'om t of Hit Ml Coli>iiilii,v, .it (lie  �����iHl of OlmilMf .ilIiiKlitin, Aclininisir.iloi of Ihe  tsl.ito of Willi mi ( .tl-._|j_ui <l>_m is(,tl, jil.iniliir,  .iK.im*-,! -,\lo��/u I) Ciipltii, dcfbiid ml. ,vik1 lo mc  iluri ted ig.utist ilicKooil-s.vnd (ImltcNuf Alon/o  J) Coplcn, the Mini dcfi I'd wit, llmi, ���.ci/i d and  lnk.cn iriCMUiitKiii .ill U.ciikIiI lull iimlniicie'-t  of tin -sinl ilcfcncl ml Alon/o H Coplcn. uv (ho  imnci il (.l.uiii, "Clni.ijio silit.ittid iibouL onu  mile fiom tlio mlii I inn of Cmh mid ( uijiin'ci  Ciueks, on thu \mhI side off od\ Ci<ek and in  tin; iiilnui.i! cl.tini, "Culiu l.ndc,' <ulHilled on top  of tlio dividu buLn'omi N.i.don (,'iuck nnd Cody  Cieek, .Hid about one mill, fmiii inoiith of  Cod> Ci'ffk, iidjoiniiif? lln; "Iiii'wt" mid  "Kii'ddii' Lull" niiiiuriil I'kiiini, lo rccoVur Iho  sum of ($17117..'Ki) suvciiti-L'ii iiiiiuli'od mill seven  liulliii'H and tliirlj cents-, amount of,suid exeeu-  li'ou and iilnoinleicst, onSI70:i.S(l al hix perceiiluni  pel' minimi fiom (liuhovonUn-iitli day of Jiuiiiiiry  I'UlO, until piijineiil. l/c-idL". s]iciill t poumliiKc,  ijtlb'erV fees, and .ill ollirr li'UiiI iiicidonlal ex-  IJl'iisPs; all of which I "shall u\po<^> foi- ��,vlc or  hiillldcriL Ibi'ieof lo halisf.\ sju'd jtidKemenl. debt  .mil co-lniii. Hie fi'ont or my ollice, ni'\l, to Iho  Court ifouti'. iu Iho Cily of -Vclson, II. C , on the  ninth day of I-'clinmry, A. 1)., IIKKi, ul lloVlockin  Hit- forenoon.  N'OTK��� liilondiuif piiH'lmscin will fat UfythWn-  sehc . io, (o inleier,! and title of i-.sid dufeiid.int.  Dated a! Xewlloin'er, 11. C, 211 li luiumry, l'��_l).  S3. P. TUCK, Slieiitrof South Kooleimy,  that F. Auguslus Ilein/c, a copper  magnate of Bulte, another former  New Yorker, who is vei y antagonistic to the Amalgamated Copper  Companjvwiil fcuctire the appointment.    The Filipino Problem.  Washinoto.v,   February    5.���In  the   house    today,   i epioseutative  Dinsmoie,   the   ranking Democrat  on the foreign committee, advocated the imiuedi.ilu   proclamation  to  tiie Filipinos thnL it is not the intention   of the   United States   to  acquire permanent so\-cicignty in  the Philippines,     In conclusion Mr.  Diiismoie    Paid,  speaking   of   tho  alleged purpose of  the administiation   to  hold   the Philippine-.: "T  believe as fully as 1  believe anything, that the moment this obligation is imposed  upon  us as it "will  bo, unless the people at tho poll's  prevent it, that minute Avill mark  the beginning of the decadence and  fall of tho American  republic.    In  this belief all history bears me out.  Mr. Clark (Missouri), member of the  foreign   affairs   committee,    spoke  against the Philippine policy of the  administration.  The Nelsorj Saw aqd Plaqit]g Mills, Limited  Are prepared to furnish by rail, barge or teams  Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Local and Coast Ceiling, Local and  Coast Flooring, Double Dressed Coast Cedar,  Rustic, Shiplap, Stepping, Door Jamfor?, Pine  and Cedar Casings, Window utiles, Turned  Work, Band-sawing, Brackets, Newel Posts,  Turned Veranda Posts, Store Fronts, Doors,  Windows and Glass.  Get prices before purchasing elsewhere  .lsor{ Saw aqd Piarpg Mm, Limited  Oilico und Mills eoinei IIvll and Pioiif SlicoU, N-oImJd.  Other Counterfeiters Ai rested.  _TA-.iir._roN, February -1.���In connection Avith the arrest of tho gang  of alleged counterfeiters, Anthony  Decker, at Baltimore, his son Paul,  at Woodstock, and llau Kunt__ at  London, the detectives in this city  yesterday afternoon took Mrs. Anthony Decker into custody. She  and her two daughters aud a son of  li Avere boarding at 77 Jackson  street, AA-est, having been there only  a few days, and Mrs. Decker avus  ai rested on advice from chief .Sherwood of OttaAva. In one of Decker's trunks Avas found a lithographic  stone, on which had been partially  engraved an imitation of aMolson's  ]-ank bill of the denomination of  $o. Mrs. Decker became hysterical  when arrested, and as she A\Tas evidently ill, she was allowed to remain in a house under the "surveil  lance of the police. It is understood that no counterfeit Molsons  Bank bills have been circulated in  this city.   The Molineux Trial Delayed.  Nkav Yoiik, February 5.���Today  the state rested in the trial of  lioland B. Molineux. This in. itself  AA'as something of a surprise, as it  Avas generally thought that; assistant  district attorney Osborne had  enough Avitnesses ready to occupy  more than a day after the return of  juror   Manheim   Urown,   Avho has  been suffering from an attack of  rheumatism since Januaiy 13th.  However one of the Avicuesses for  the state, detective McCaflery, is  also ill and was unable to appear  in couit. Recorder1 vfofT. hoAwver,  did not allow ano'jhei adjournment  to give tlio stale tunc to produce  this witness. -Still an other <easc of  illness affected tho pro 'ioedings, Mr.  "Weeks for tho _defence   .announcing  noticeT  The British Oo.innbia SoiiLlern llnQ-w..}- Company will ni>|ily to thu piirliiLixiRiit at Cniui-da -ub  Us next Hossiuii for un act ivulfanWzini; (he t'om-  jiuiiy U> cninplcle nt imy tiinu licforu llio C.lil of  tho your 1IKI1, Un wislerr hecMoii ;is doci-ibud'iu  tho not of the wvitl ].n 'HaiiioiiT, u'fl-iil Victoria.  clmi-Uirl-.lHviHl abr.iitcli liiir, froir. a poind on its  main lineal, or neai' llio forks of Uli'jliacl creek,  thence by wiiy of Slieltiiel <:ro<il_ ,o jylivrtiji creeli  ami for oilier purpiu-uui.  i-Jy onlor of tho bo.iril.  II. CAMl'l-JKU.. OSWA.U3, Secretary.  Mo:itreal,'17lh Xov-cmper, 18'��,  tliat ho was not piepaicd to go  on Avith the case immediately after  the midday recess, as ho Avished to  consult Avith his assistant, Mr.  Battle, Avho'is also ill.���This-tho  court alloAAed, but it is expected  that the defence Avill commence  promptly tomonOAV morning.  President of French Senate.  I'vi-is, Kebiuary o.���M. Clement  Fallieres, Republican senator for  Garonne, avus today leeleetcd president of tho senate by a A'ote of  J7,;outof22J.  BooK Binding  AND  The Tribune has a thoroughly equipped Book Bindery in  connection with its job printing department. All kinds of  books manufactured to order,  and any kind of binding or  rebinding done on short notfe��  The Tribi  Association,  Limited.  BURNS BLOCK I  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY G, 1900  3  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up..$12,000,000  REST     6,000,000  Lord StraUieoiia and -.fount Royal ...President  Hon. (leorgo A. Di'iiiiiiuoiiil A'ice-President  K. 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And with Miss Butler  both these young men proceeded to  fall   violently   in  love,  upon  first  sight of her.    This in spite'of* the  fact that far older and richer men  Avere already at her feet, and she  could even haA'e married a rich and  gouty old duke, had she so desired.  But -Miss.Butler did not so desire;  and, in truly Irish fashion, took no  pains   to   hide  her  preference   for  Dudley, who was merely the third  son  of a  poverty-stricken   Scotch  peer, and as thorough a detrimental  as one could find in a (lay's travel.  No Avonder that'the. girl's family  SAArore, stormed, and Avept, respectively;  OA'en .Hadlcy-Benton,- with''  his rich mining and broking father,'  AA'ould haA'e been a more desirable  party.    But,  no;. headstrong*.-Miss.  Bailor  Avould  have  none  of   him,  none of the nasal Yankee millionaire who was hunting "a Avife from  the nobility," none of the gouty old  duke.    In  short, she Avould marry  the poA'erty-stricken Duncan Dudley, and no one else.  Wherefore    reluctant    consents  Avere Avon, blessings avoic said, the  MehgrtgementSj-AVlis^annoiiuced, 'the  -���.������'..^-.���-���SSnU^:-    n.-.':*r   :--^.^*^I,.'a-'.f**V.��.--r--TiIH%  d ;pggfJ$Sj^ have come  ���^'OT^ is just what  ^5^?v^^i:i-:!Ml_|i'*iJ^W_JJ'. t-Avo days be-  P^^ft%iI'^&0ie^vha^MdMempt\uH\sly re-  A-'.y^^i^l^^tlfe^Bq^fc^u s   hand   and  ���X'^i^gel^)K&i^U^xv: Avhich   refusal  f-,:" ��^.."V^ *S"ffc!i>''-''i**;^-".    ���   _        __,      i ,  iid1��^|p^!ii^on^[*.f gri.-istenfcly blam-  '^^_^^J^^S^^^!r^!==  rfl.:fSi|iiiIi&E and  On  Kiio,  application, we will quote yon ialeR on  Life., Accident and Plito Glass IiiMiinnco  AGENTS KOJt J. & J. 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Duncan   proceeded to indulge himself in a particularly foolish though  brief  flirtation   Avith  a  handsome  American   Avoman.     Some unkind  people called her  that ugly  AA'ord  '���adventures?," though others merely said that shcAvas "sporty."    And  the flirtation Avas a desperate one.  It ended'-as suddenly as it began,  howeArer, for the lady's ''sportiness"  AA'as a   little  too   much for  eA'en  sporty  Duncan,  avIis isoon  beat a  rapid and not too dignified retreat  from gay  Paris, still companioned  by his faithful Damon, and the "incident"   was by him considered as  closed.  To exultant Had ley-Ben ton "incidents" were just beginning, however, and within  four hours after  his return to London, Miss Butler1  and Miss Butler's father knew all  about the Paris-adventuress  "incident."   .Hadlcy-Benton had "deemed it his duty" to impart full details,  and    Miss     Butler's    father    had  tljanked him for so doing.    A brief  intei'A'ieAv .followed ; some inconsequent and  rather  pitiful   excuses  Avere  made by Dudley,  but. Avhat  excuse avails in  such cases, when  offered  to a  faithful'  and   single-  minded girl?   Mr. Duncan Dudley's  ring Avas returned, a few cold, stinging words were spoken to him by  his'cx-fiancce, an insult or two offered by her father, and then the  Hon. Duncan Avas shown ceremoniously to the "door.    Added to all of  Avhich, ho next day had the happi-  nc-s  of heaiidg   that his  ex-chum  and present undoor, Hadley-Benton,  had again proposed to Miss Butler  ���this    time     successfully.       Tho,  marriage,  said the society, papers,  Avould take place wifchin thirty days.  ' From this  time   commences the  downfall of the Hon. Duncan Dudley.    For even a third son can find  ways and means wherewith to goto  the "demmlion bow-AvoAvs," and the  thorough     \Telocity    of     Dudley's  down-hill pace is eA'en yet spoken of  as an example of what a man can do  in that line, even in London,    He  was ab the bottom of degradation's  hill, an outcast and disowned by his  family,  Avhen an  old  uncle,  from  Avhom-ho had expected to inherit,  sent for him and offered him his  choice between a pistol and tmvel-  ing cxpcn_.es to Australia.    Dudley  cho��o     the    traveling     expenses,  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  loeal and coast.  Flooring  local nnd roust.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of nil kinds.  IK WHAT VOL" WANT IS NOT IV STOCK  WK WII.l. MARK  IT ('"Oil YOU  CALL-AND GET PRICES.  IIAI.I. ANI-  HKI. STItl-l-lS, NKI.SO.V  WILL DO WELL TO  Contractors  WILLD  Buy Their Lumber  AT  G. 0. 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He  had logged on the Amazon, dug for  gold in theGuianas, gambled unsuccessfully in Panama, and at last, in  desperation,    had   drifted   to0 the  Mexican border.    There he had the  fortune to saAre the life of a Mexican  girl,  the  only daughter of a  ranchero, avIio OAvned ranehos and a  mine or two in the western part of  Mexica, just then in process of de-  A-elopment by various English and  American syndicates.  This girl, Anita by name, was  rather "pretty; though dark and  chubby, as Mexican girls of ten are.  But she AA'as sAveet, innocent, and  A'ery faithful, and she let Simpson  see that she cared for him, and  Avould marry him if he so desired.  Strange to say, he did desire; his  life had been such that the pure |  and unselfish love or even a Mexican girl meaut much to him, aud he  swore that he Avould reform, once  married to Anita. Wherefore he  married Anita, sobered up in a  manner that astounded even himself, refused to accept help from his  somewhat grumpy father-in -law,  and found a job as assistant assayer  in the Mexican mining-town of-Pal-  ma Sola, in the Arery centre of the  gold and silver mining district  AA'hich English and "-American capital avivs. in process of exploiting. ''  In the course of time Simpson's  employer died, and Simpson continued the assay-office on his own  account, for he had learned the  business during his five years' apprenticeship, 'and'.-chemical knoAV-  ledge gained by him Avhile at Oxford also stood him in good-stead.  Besides which he had learned a  great deal about mines and mining,  and knew what AA'as ore and Avhat  was not. Also, in addition to his  aesay-office, he now had a small ore-  buying'agency and Avas, in fact,  making money hand OA'er list. ^  -Just about this time rumors gofc  afloat in Palma Sola that some pro-A  moterh had at last boomed the "Es-1  poran-Ki" gold prospect nearby on  . the Londonniarket; that one of the  biggest mine-broking concerns there  had been favorably impressed, in  fact, that the head of the concern, a  very rich man and member of parliament, AA'as himself on the A\-ay to  make a personal investigation <of  the mine. If it "panned out" as  represented, the Englishmen intended to buy it and erect costly  stamp-mills for working the ore,  AA'ith cyanide plants for treatment  of the tailings.  In due time the rich Englishman  arriA'ed, Simpson at once recogni/.-  ed in the puffy, pompous member  of parliament, Avho represented the  greatest combination of mining  capital in Great Britain, his old  chum_a_nd deadjy enemy, Jladleyj^  Benton. Needless to say the latter  did not recognizee in Simpson,, as-  saydr and ore-buyer, the Duncan-  Dudley of fifteen yeai-H agone.  That entire night Simpson spent  in fighting phantoms of the pafet,  memories of his lost and only love,  memories of home and f 1 iends, the  position and happiness Avhich might  luiAre been his but for his own folly  and his traitorous confidant, Had-  ley-Benton. It was a hard night  and a hard fight, but Simpson went  to his office exulting next morning  Avith plans fully thought out and  arranged. His enemy had al la-st  been placed in ..his poAver, and Mr.  Simpson proposed that there should  be a plentiful settling of old scores.  When Mr. Had ley-Ben ton and his,  large number of carefully sealed  samples from the "Esperan/.a"  reached Sim pson'b assay-office later  that week, the hitter person Avas  entirely and deferentially at the  disposal of the lordly capitalist, only  Simpson preferred���in fact, stipulated���that Had ley-Hen tou himself  should unseal the samples, with hib  own hands, and remain in the assaying office, so that the entire  process, from grinding the samples  down to the Aveighing of the gold  residue, could bo carefully witnessed  and oA-erlooked by him.  The final parting of the silver-  gold buttons Avas done with the  greatest possible care and slo\vne.-s.  And well that it was, for the results  given by each and every assay were  so exceedingly high that Mr. llad-  ley-Bentok might have been incredulous had he not Avatched the  process from first to last. There  were   fifteen different   assays on  w  (Us  ���_"?!'  m  fit.  CHAIRS (?)  Well, rather. We received an entire car,  (1300) of chairs last Tuesday, containing  fancy diners (in suits or otherwise), fancy  rockers in cobbler seat or wood, cheaper,  dining chairs finished in golden oak and  cheaper ones still suitable for either dining  room or kitchen. There are a few office tilt-  ers in the lot. So you can'tstick us on  chairs, either in design, quantity or price.  D. McArthur & Co.  m  /SSi  W. P. DICKSON  E. H. H. APPLEWHAITB  J. McPHEH  Kootenay Electric Supply & Construction Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES ^  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for  mtnos. Town- Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones. Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 606. ,_ Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O.  AA'hich/ each duplicate checked its  original; there Avns no discrepancy  of any sort, and the total average1  gaA'e a result in gold of elcA'en and  two-tenths ounces to the ton!  ��� Would the "Esperan/.a" pay to  work? Mr. Simpson's results proved  that question A'ery cpnclusiA'ely,  and Had ley-Ben ton fairly fleAV to  the telegraph office,.where he, after  much difficulty and serious struggles  Avith the Spanish tongue and telegraph clerks, sent a cablegram to  his London directors and stockholders, authorizing them to boom  the "Esperan/.a Gold Mines, Limited," for all they AA'ere worth, to  ship out at once the..contemplated  stamp-mill and cyanide plant (cost  one quarter of a million), and to  draAv upon him for any and 'all extra funds desired.     -   -.  No one, not eA'en Hadlcy-Benton  himself, can account for the matter.  No' one ever oii'ercd any explanations as to how such fabulous results were secured from utterly  rAvorthloss ore. Rven the assayer,  Mr. John Simpson, professes himself  as lost in amazement at the Avay  the "Esperanza" turned out. But,  of course, as every one realizes and  concedes, ho had nothing to do Avith  the matter, and can "not therefore  be held responsible. Bnt, all the  sime, Mr. Simpson knoAV -even as  Ave do���that a hypodermic syringe  can be used sucees-sfully^for.mdre  purposes than one, and unluckily  for Hadley-Benton, chloride of gold  is soluble, and- may be injected  through tlio heaviest of jute  Hacking.    THE  TELEPHONE'S   USES.  Now Yoil. 1'iW,  It appears, from an examination  of_the correspondence Jbetwecn  secretary (.age and president Still-  man of the National City Bank concerning the recent ^ile of the custom-house, that the transaction  AA'as negotiated to a great extend  o\'er llie long-distance telephone.  President Stillman, in his letter  notifying the secretary of the  treasury that the stipulations of  the sale had been agreed to, refers  to the telephonic communication,  but gives little in formation as to  Avhat the substance of it was.  The leader of the correspondence  is merely left to infer thai the  National Cily Bank, iu the person  of Mr. Stillman, sat down at one  end of J.he Avire, and that the  treasurer of the United Slates, in  the person of scei clary Gage, sat  down at the other, and. amicably  and wiUfcfi-utorify arranged the  matter between them. Secretary  Gage's frank and full explanation  of all the 1 elation--of the treasury  department with Die National City  Bank and the voluminous Correspondence that accompanied it,  it Avas said today, did not contain  even an abstract of this conversation, Avhich Avould have been, perhaps, the most interesting contribution to the literature of the A\hole  question.  Attention AA'as called to this palpable omission, not for the purpose  of impugning the motiA'cs of the  two men chiefly concerned in this  important transaction, or of implying that the failure lo report to  tho senate a private and informal  coiiA'crsation indicates that there  AA'as anything to con_o._l, but for  the purpose of calling attention to  certain new developments of one of  the most commonly used 'devices of  the present political and business  world. The idea of a secretary of  the treasury arranging the details  of a $3,0.00,000 transaction OA'er the  long-distance telephones Avould have  struck..a previous- generation' Avith  dismay, but it is regarded as only  a typical, if a somewhat exaggerated, example of what is happening  eA'ery day.  The general public, very likely,  has no adequate comprehension, it  Avas added, of the innumerable business deals, Avhich must otherwise  have failed, that the telephone has  rushed through at the critical moment, of the important political results it has accomplished , AA'hen  every other means appeared to have  been tried and "abandoned, and of-  the* innumerable fortunes, of good  men and bad, it has made at the  eleventh'hour.    ,  Said a   business nian   today: "In  an age Avhen  the race  is  emphatically to the sAvift, when the making  or the breaking  of a fortune  or a  reputation  may  depend  on a moment's Avork, the use  of a medium  that practically admits of no delay  i�� especially desirable.   There was  a time Avhen the mails appeared to  guarantee suflicienl rapidity of action, and later Avhen the telegraph,  from this point of A'ieAV alone, AA'as  regarded as the chief, marvel.   Bui  today business  men  Avould  hardly  know Jioav to* get  along   with such  snail-like-methods.   These will'do  well enough, it is  said, when a man  is   not  in  an  esp'ecinl   hurry,  but  when it becomes a matter of .superseding some rival or taking  advantage of a rare business change, some  medium  is  demanded as rapid  as  thought itself.   There can  belittle  possible  delay, business -men -have  discovered, in tho u*o of  the  longdistance   telephone,    except    such  trifling annoyances as  "central'' is  responsible   for.      You  ring   your  bell, and yon ha\'0 your man.    Vou  do  not  htiA'o to   talk in short, concise sentences, as over tho telegraph  wire; you have Ihe chance  to  explain   yourself in  full,  lo  use the  gentle art of persuasion,and to  ask  questions-���For  Avhich  you  do   not  have to wait for a reply.   Yon have  all  the  opportunities of  a private  interview.  "There- are also some disadvantages of a pri\-ate interview that  do not annoy you in this method of  settling your all'airs/ It is a personal consultation, indeed, but of a  Aery impersonal kind. There are  great advantages in a face-to-face  cniiA'01-.atioii, but far more in a  meeting in which the two interlocutors do not JiiPefc. Things can be  ->.lid over the telephone that one  would never presume to s*iy to a  man's face - and, if they are of an  unpleasant kind, your friend has 110  effective way of getting angry tit  you. Moreover, in a worid which  has forgotten that there are such  things as piivato affairs, a tele  phone conversation i.s fairly secret,  "The danger of putting pen to  paper has long since been demonstrated���letters having a tiick of  making their appearance at very unionised for and unpropitinu__ times.  They also make the best sort oi'evi-  dence in the jury room. The same  is true in an equal dcgice of telegrams. But the long distance telephone seldom Icha-cs any tracks. It  i.s ti ue that a curious Ventral* may  overhear a thing or two or that the  ubiquitous .eavesdropper may ele-  A'ate the receiver at a -favorable  moment, but even these dangers  amount to little. If it becomes  necessary it is easy to proA'e that  that they did not hear aright; and  for that matter, if Avorse comes to  Avorse, it is not a difficult matter to  repudiate any thoughtless statement you yourself may haA'e made  OA'er the Avire. The cle\*erest hand-  Avriting expert in the Avorld could  not make out a living case against  you.  "There are other reasons Avhy  business men and politicians haA'e  found a steadfast friend iu the longdistance telephone. Another of its  great advantages OA'er a personal  intervieAA', for example, is the fact  that you can cut it off any time you  desire. This is a somewhat difficult  matter to arrange, it is generally  admitted, if you stand face to face  Avith your man. It is impossible  abruptly to pick up your hat and  bolt as soon as you see that things  are not going your Avay; but if you  are at the other end of the AA'ire, all  that is necessary is to quietly hang  up the receiver and go your way.  Accidents-of this sort are so common on the telephone, business men  say, that this can be done Avithout  causing the slightest comment, and  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  MEALS  CENTB  ttOO-V-S MGJITKI) BY ELKCTI.TCITY  AND IIKATKl) nV'STKAM  2.1 CUNTS'TO ?1 '  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  pEirTHOTEL  BAKER STItKET. NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Largo comfortable  bedrooms  and   flrst-claaa  dining room. -Samplerooms for commercial inon.  RATES $2 PER DAY  IV|rs. E. C. Clarke, Prop.  i-Air oi'" 'tin: I'-ov-.r, iioth., caloaiiv  IVJadden House  J-akcr -.lid AViird  StioeU, NcKon  The only hotel in Nelson that! has remained  under onu i__ii-it.-geiJ-.r_-since I SKI.  Tho bed-rooms an) well furni'-hed aiid 1-Khtod  by electricity.  Tho bar is always stocked by I ho boat domestic and imported liquor,, and cigait-.  THOMAS M/ DDKS. Proprietor.  B. C. HOTEL   eeie, b. c  Kiwi class in every rcspnl. Olioicpst wines,  -iqnois-ind riKAr-. J'.very lumfo-t for tnmsiotit  and lesideiit, giie-sts.  HEADQUARTERS FOI. UNION MEN.  JOS-'.l>_[ CAM I i-EI.L. Propiielor.  HALCYON-WATER  IS ISO ISXr��__f-i_MI__-NT_  _  The     meiliciiiii     value*   of    HALCYON  WATER h.ts  been  proven.  Halcyon Water Is Bottled Propcily.  Vernon Street,    Thorpe & Co.  A Big* Schooner  OF  BEER OR  HALF-AND-HALF  ALWAYS  '   I-'IIKS'II  ALWAYS  COUi-  Tho bedt, K-i-s-i of beer lo bo had in Nul->on i-> J��l  Tin: CLUH iicna,  a��Kf^rl E- J._CDRRAHf Prop.  R. REISTERER &~C0.  lll-I.Wl,US  A SI.   UOTTI KISS O*"  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  T'lottipt -md ir'KuUr  dull mm v to 1 Ik*- tU-dft  Brewer/ ai Nelson  Coffee   Co.  Kootenay  NELSON, B. C.  C_ofToo rof-Stcrs nnd dealcri in Tpiv awd CoHTeo.  Ofl'er fretih roa.ioa coffeo of beta tj'tality a��  follows:  Javn and Arabian Xachn, per pout.-!...��� ���$   _\  Jft.a and Mocha '-lend. It pound-!....  1 00  Fine SaiitoH, 1 poi nd.       -    100  Sanlod I.leiid. ._ p mnda ���    1 00  Our Spociiil lllei d, 0 pounds __,    1 W)  Our Hio lioi._t, (1 pounds  -I 00  A IrHl order  ollritod.   Kal(_sro-->-U--��-.i.<cie(.^  of Oddfellows lik.-1-, AVeM J-iikta" -l-mut.  req nires no explanation when friends  meet again.  "However, ifc i.s generally believed  that   the   main  reasons   Avli3r  the  long-distance telephone is so largely  dominating the AA'orld is the secrecy  and  promptness  it  insures.    That  there are evils in the system appears  to be generally believed.    It is just  one degree  more  secret  than  any  means  of communication  hitherto  discovered   by  man,  and    just  so  much more  dangerous.     Its  chief  evils, it is  alleged,  are  illustrated  rather in the political than in the  business world.    Ncav York has had  innumerable opportunities to  witness the evils of goA'ernment by the  long-distance telephone.    There can  be no  relief,  c\'en  in   sending  the  boss to-Washington ; for his A'oice,  if not'his bodily presence, is as emphatically in the state as before. It  only requires the extension   of the  system across the Atlantic .to  the  English race courses  to  make  the  baneful political effects of the longdistance    telephone     eA'en     more  poignant than they are." ��  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  A.  GROCERIES.  MACDONALD & CO.���Corner Vernon and  Josephine streets, wholesale grocers and  jobbers inblaukcts, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  mackinaws and miners' sundries.   KOOTENAY  SUPPLY   COMPANY.   LIMITED��� Vernon   street,  Nelson,   wholesale  grocers.            -   '     : e -  .: ' '   ���Front street, Nel-  fOIIN CHOLDITCH & CO.-  "    son, wholesale gracers.  COAL.  CI-OAVS  NEST PASS  COAL COMPANY.���  Wholesale dealers in coal and coke. Charles  SI. Harbe. Agent. llaker street. Nelson.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS & CO.���Corner Hakerand Josephine  ���   streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware  and   mining  Powder Co.  'supplies.'    Agentsfor Giant  T A WHENCE  *->   Raker St.,  HARDAVARE   (COMPANY���  Nelson,  wholesale   dealers  in  hardware and mining supplies,; and water and  plumbers' supplies. , , ;    :   ".j.  VANCOUVER   HAi_DA\rARE    COMPANY,  LIMITED-Baker street. Nelson, wholesale  dealers in hard ware and mining supplies,  bers and tinsmiths'supolios.  plum-  jERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  TIIOHPE & CO., LIMITED.-Coi'iier Vernon  and Cedar street--, Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholesalodealers in aerated- waters and  fruit syrups. Solo agentsfor Haloyon ; Springs  mineral water. ���'., -  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  WF. TI.ET..I-I. & CO.-Corner naker'and  ��� Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesalo dealers in as-iayers supplies. AgentsIfor Denver  Fire Clay Co. of Den yer.'- Colorado.   LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER. UEETON & CO.���Corner Amnion  and JoM-phine streets, NeKon, whole.-ule  dealers, in liquor-!, cigars and dry good.. Agents  fnr Pabsti Urai. mg (_o. of Milwaukee and C'ai-  gary Rfewing Co. of Calgaiy.   1 " ,  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVANS &-  CO.���inker  stieet,  ���   wholesale    dealeis   in   lujiior-j,  Nelson,  ,    cigais.  cement/, lire bnok and llio clay, water pipe and  stool r.nls. and goncra! conmiis-ilQii nierchaiil-s.  FLOUR AND FEED.   ~     '    '  BRACKMAN & KER MILLING COMPANY  1-TI).���Front streel; Nelson, wholeft.ile dealer" in flour, attmoal, ate., and h.iy and giasn.  Mills��� at -Cdii-onlon, Victoria, ami New AVest,-  minstor. "__  CIGARS.  KOOTENAY CIUAK MANUFAO'TURINO  CO.���f'or.icr JUker and Ifall street--. Net-  son, in.Liuifaci.ui ers of "Rojal Seal" and "Koole  nay llolle" brands of cigaii.   PAINTS   AND   OILS.  NELSON HARDAVARE  COMPANY���Raker  t-tieiit-���W!io_."4iIe dealer1- In  paints, oils.  and   liinshcb  Kootenay.  of ��� nil "kinds. -��� l_Argoht block in  P.  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  BURNS &    CO.���HaUer  j.lrce(,    NeKon,  wltolcsa-e dealers in tresh and curijd meat_s.  Cold htoraite. ^_____   POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON   POWDER  COMPANY���Baiter  sticet Nelhon, m.vniifactiirrrs of dynamite,  spoiting. Btiiiiiping and black. lil.i^ting po��der_,  wholesale clcilcis in capo  blasting apparatus.   .nl] fu'-e, and eloetno  PROVISIONS. PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSONS PRODUCE COMPANY���Vernon  strcot, JS'ClnOii, wholesale dcaiei s in iiimjv  ions, produce, and fsuits. -Agent-s for Swift &���  Co. baco.i ami hams.  J,  Y. GRIFFIN   &   CO.-Corner Vernon and  Josephine streets, Nei-on, wholehi'e deaieis  in piovtsioiiM. 1'iircd inctty, butler and egg1-.  Fit. EjTKWART & CO���AVarehonj-e-, nnC. P.  ��� R. track, foot of Stanley street. NeUon,  vkholc.ala dc.ilei�� in provisions, produce land  frints. Cold Morage. Agfents Armour & Co.'s  bicon. hams, lard and othpr wo'Iiic-k.  MANITOBA PRODUCE AND COMMISSION  CC.Ltd. ��� Nelson   bianch,    If.ill   slreeU  AVhoIesale dealcis in biiltor, eggs niifl checo.   SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON SAW AND PLANINX. MILLS  LIMITED���Coi not' Fiont and Hall sli-'Orf,  Nelson, riiannfac-Ui.Msof and vhole-s.le dealers  in sash and doorhjullkimU of factory vtork.ui.uI_i  to nnlcr.      _^   WINES AND CIGARS. "  CALIFORNIA AV1NK COMPANY, L1ML  TK-l���Cornor Front find Hall stiects, Nolson, wholosalo dtvtlers In \\ inert (c_a.so and bulk)  nnd ilnmi"<lto nori.ninnrl/'d fiirar-         ���ARCHITECTS."  EWAltT & CA KI-IE-Arohitoots.   Room- 7  ��nd H Ahor-l-W-ii block. Rakiir Btrp<��t NflNoJ'.  L0DGJ1   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS- NeUon Lo<i  __5, Knights Of Pi thias, meets in I. (  Hall, corner Baker and Kootenay streets. uvor>  Tuesday evening at H o'clock.   A lsiting Knights  cordially in vilod to attend.  _o<Ico, No,  1. O, 0. K.  U  illy  LILLIK. O.  O  R. G. JOY. K. of R. & H.  NKI.SON LODGE, NO. 23, A. V. & A. M.  Moots second AAreduesday In each mouth.  Sojourning brethren Invltod.  NELSON L. O. L . No Ufii. nioets iu I. O. O. V.  Hall, corner inker and Kootenaj >lret.'t^  1st nnd Si-d Friday of each month. Visiting  brftlu'in coidiallj' invilod.  R, ]ioni\��_l.\\ W.M.  AV. Cittwi 0U1>. Ucc Sec.  NKLSON _-1-:RII'_, Number ���-_. Fi.tttaiial Older  Of  Eagles, meets ovei,   second and fourth  AVednesday incach month   111  Fraternity Il-tlJ.  Visiting biothren Welcome,  \A\ (.o-^si.i t, Prohldcnt.  Cn \ki 1 s Piui���-l-K, __Kx.1ct.11y  NJ.l-SO.V MINERS' 1'N'ION NO. DO, W.  At.���Mci'l.s 111 itiimis  tiuioli looms  F. of  inntli-  e.isl (.irni'i A'ii torn, and K.i.i'i'jiay ^ticris oveiy  Niltlul.ti t'.emng ut 8 oclock. A'lsituig uiciu-  bct s \t eh'ouio.  J t mi s Wn ki k. Si-c'y.    Cn t-. A. M<"1\ w. Pres.  TI(I_. K'gtil.vr ira'tliligs  .uu hi'ld on  of 1 he Cm pen tots' fitioii  S\ eilticsd.i\   <\<iiiiig tif  eitth  \\et,k. .tt  7 u't lock, 111 tho Miuois' I'num hull voi-  iici  A'i< Itiiui and Ntnrtoii.it* slici'ls,  II   IttlHI.N.MI.V. I't't'suleiil.  JAMK^ COLLINO,Stccclury, 4  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY FEBRUARY 6, 1000  JUST RECEIVED  A DIRECT IMPORTATION OF  BATH    TOOTH    NAIL    HAIR  Baker Street, Nelson  W. F. Teetzel & Co  Fall and Winter  Boots and Shoes in all the latest styles  ancl direct from the manufacturers  Dont fail to see our stock suitable for this winter  Maltese Cross Rubbers and Overshoes  Buy Maltese and get the best  J. A. GILKER  213-215 BAKER STREET  NELSON  %_? s^S'Xi-i' -v."-' <;.'___'X_;;''4iS,-l'!!S'S-SS-'W!'-.__J> ^%{? %S> ���_..* s?ij- '-i.1-- '-_'__.' <_.','_' S-l?\-ilJv s-jS' s��S' ��#��� s_aS  #1  After  Stocktaking  '���Berltshlrc,  <$  &#  ^  ��  (-3  'syy  '-���vJS  before going East "to  buy goods for the coining- year, 1 Avish to announce limb all goods  purchased from me'this  month I Avill give a re-  "..Inc.-ion of 10 per cent  with, "engraving clone  free of cJinrgo.  In Watches, JeAveliy,  Silverware, Sterling Sil-  A'er, Decorated Lumps,  Sewing Machines, and  I'iano.s. All goods oT  guaranteed (|tiality.  Our manuiactiiring  department i.s al your  disposal. We are ready  1o m.-ilce anything you  desire in sold chain..,  lockets and rings.  Our "Watch Depai t-  ment has expei t a\alcli-  inakers. Our Optician  Department is controlled by an expert optician. I will he \eiy  glad to receive y..ur  ordors.-  "Silver Plate that Wears:*  w"c;ou Bay Spoons  knives, forks, etc., buy lchable brands,  even it they do cost a little more. Tliey  are tvor.li the difference. The prefix  " 1S47" ou any spoon or fork insures the  genuine Royers quality, famous for wear.  Full tt.Ltlt.-ii] irk,  1847 Rogers Bros.  J/\CCB  DOVER,  JEWELEt?,  NHLSO.H  t_i.l*t\  0}  151  gai ��fo irffr /gT /TnV. /*.(!> f(?r, (jfc f���\ si* jf* j-T-iv1- fi 5s fu> .ftp ,^ �� f- /fi? /$��A-��>j��i% .*&> (*&  Great Discount Sale at A. Ferland's j��  TT.it .n;;,|iif.t rd in noil from tho ....stein null cN,a-vtliens t li.tie Ijopn piMClm^- ��$_*  injf c-|jiintf t.(j" (Is vliit'li me no., in tiiiiisil lo _\.'l-on ,'iiit! to i-ukc loun lor Die $��#'  s.iino, wc will foi (lie nyxl leu diijs ili> ,1%-t'ij will) liiuui-liii.il) imill! .mil soil ^nrilR fijj_\  ���illfljici cent .ifh.t'i_e on (lit .tlwik'silo co.1, tins l() pn tont lifting .nsl --lillioK'liI It) ��y  lii-Uli' tiiujfis    Tins istiii oi>iioit-iiiil) not oflen jtitse.itt.il to tlio public.   Hero *<��*  aie.i felt sai:i)ilejirite_: vegp  Dress Goods 0,  ].ics_ UooiKriPKiil.ii price ft'c, s.ilo ])iice  Dies-, Oomlv iv^illiti* pi ico S|, <-uli_ )��� lc(j  Jlioss (lor.dr. ie;?til.tr ])i icosl .)d, -.tic pilff  I-In U (JiriK-n.it Kill.u pin-f *->-____��, .silo 111 ice  JJUtk. it,.j>uii, it'KiiUi pi.t-u $2, -sale jis uc. ,  l.l.uk l'L.tiidusult'. (silk) ici_rul.tr ])i��u tl VJ, silk'  Jtl'tcl. ii tti.i. leKillai ])i ice 61.Vi, s.ilu jmcc  I'iiiiIs it j;u],ir iince ICr, s.lIo. j.i'ii_u' ,    .  J_.i_lit_s' .Silk Hlti'i-u~, le^ul.ii iniueS) s.tlc pi i_r  '  r.uioy Qiilit<_- I'litiiiiel. ie;;ul.ti'piite 12 l-L'i.t-.tle  Ijiiflirs' !' led liu ,31 .tl Ci ,tts ,il  A few Laches'.I,__.kels.i_iil t'niiea.vt    , .. ... .  jinre  in'it e  'l(\3  .,    . .       WJc  ... _?l.00  ��17".  ..     ���. 1 '.')  ��i m         ?i (JO  .  .    .       ft  _  ?:i._)  'JO  Less Hi.m cost  Men's Furnishing-s  Ore,. I.lfiiil.etr legiilnriiilceSl, f-n]c.n!<<c  JIcii'^'I'MULtl Si,its, }i>mil,ir juiti. S.1II, i-iiiu pii(.e-_-  i.lfii's.--'('i _;r fcintj-. iL*pruI.ir* iu!��_,_ __.[__!, --.tlo pile e   ..  -.lon'i. Ott'n o tt,, itf_;ii'.i( 1>I ire ?l-. ��t'e put o  _Mlii's ( lsieis, rcgiil.ii inictsS stilu putu  Boots and.Shoes  Liulius nongol.i I .ill Ion Hoots .    ,.  J..i<tit,s" lloimol.i I. it oil Hunts  l.,i<lies Alaska ()\'lishoes . .    ,   . ,  (*,fll nntl k< I l.ir(?.iii"  K'Uot Jilot!-, l-ikoi bticet, XtKoii  ?_! 7.)  Sh IH)  .M .")��  ? ���> 'KI  ,7.1u  ��  A, FERLAND  #a^^���@@���^^���^��S���#^������C^�����������'@^#  urn  JIi-An Ofpi(.b at  .    NKLSON, li. G.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Markets a.1. Nolfon,, llossl.-iml, Trail, K.islo, Ymir, S.'.ndon, Silverton, ISrow  Denver, Kevelslol.c, Ferguson, Gnuid J'\)rks, Ui ecu wood, Ct^cadc City, Slid-  Avay, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  AT_.T_ KINDS OV  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLKSALK AM) KICTAH.  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson E>   &   TRAVES,   Manager  OHDKRa 1. Y MAIL I-EC.CIVIC CARKI-UIi AND rii.Q_V.ri' ATI KN'TION.  I irs|i (Jn!."iu Cit'iinlcu 1J(.ii.iu.  nui ( if.iuirl v iti'il CntiltiiiK Until I. I'"irsli Kifti- 1Ioi)R' .M.nle  Al uu i meal. A v.tiirt) of ( ,m  iiril lioods, nml u\oi)IIiiiik iisii  all) kept in .t riocciv Mtou Wr  w.i'iit ytiili* ti.ttle. tlowN <lt'h\-  uit'il piomj.tly.  To the New Oroeery  Josephine und Silica. Streets',  opposite j.IetiioiIiijt Cliuich  PATTON & ENIHAN  CITY LOCAI, NEWS  Til lo TiimuxK inadvertently  stated yesterday that tho Lacrosse-  Hockey club defeated the Nelson  team by five goals to 17. The correct figures are Lacrosse-Hockey 5,  Nelson 1.  An examination for discovery in  the case of G'rutchfield vs. liar-  bottle took place yesterday before  R.T.I I. Simpkins, registrar. This  is the action'in which certain properties were recorded as transferred  after the locator's license -had-.-expired.  An order w.'ts issued yesterday in  the case of Oppenheiincr vs the  Brackinan k Ker IM ill ing Company  Limited, whereby defendants were  granted leave to plead to the plaintiff's reply to their statement of  defence. In this case plaintiff sues  for an account, the amount of which  has been paid into court while the  defendants take issue on a counter  claim.  Judge Forin delivered .judgment  today in the suit of Unimex' & Col-  lett, tin action on account in which  the defendant contended that plain-  till' had agreed to await the settlement of another estate.before pressing his. claim. His honor awarded  [alaintiff-$50 and costs.  A heavy gale prevailed yesterday at Robson, tind the Columbia  river was too stormy to permit of  the barge ferrying freight cars  across. Passengers came over on  the boat without delay.  IWr. and Mrs-. 11. E. Beasley lefo  yesterday for Golden, where Mrs.  Beasley and family will be the  guests of her brother, gold commissioner Griffith, for some weeks. Mr.  Beasley returns to  the  city today.  John O'Toole was brought before  magistrate Crease this morning  charged with vagrancy. Jle Vas  arrested on Saturday on suspicion  of being connected'"..ith the theft  at the Lakevicw "hotel, but the  charge was not pressed. His. worship gave O'Toolo four hours to  shake the dust of Nelson from his  feet.  J. S. Lawicnoc, trainmaster on  the Columbia k Western road, w_is  in the city yesterday. Mr. Lawrence  states ,that work is progressing  uipidly on the Bull Dog tunnel, and  that lie expects to be running trains  tluough the big cut in a week" -or  ten days.  The annual meeting of the shareholders of tho Venus Gold Mining  Company took place ye.steiday  afternoon. Tho old directors Dr.  P. Ti DoolittJe, W. 11. Pearson,  senior; AV". II. Pearson, junior; L. L.  Merri.ield and Robert Heddle, were  reelected. It was determined to  have samples of ore from tlio 'Venus  sent to various mills to be treated  by different processes in order to  determine which system is adopted  to securing the best results. A  mill will be erected in the spring.  The matron of the general hospital will be pleased to receive donations of old linen which may be  eonverted into bandages,  A meeting of journeymen tailors  took place yesterday afternoon at  which it was decided to form a  union in Nelson to affiliate with the  Journeymen Tailors of America.  The ol.icers elected were D. 11. M.  Little, president; AV. Pollard, secretary-treasurer; Sidney Foster, AV.  J. Boyd and Pollard, delegates to  trades and labor council.  The yearly report of the ticket  sales of the C. P. R. has been completed. (Eliminating the sales in  connection with the construction of  the Robson and Pentictou roads,  the report shows a'marked increase  in genera] business.  F. W. Peters district, freight  agent C. P. It., was in Rossland yesterday on business.  Percy Dickenson, the well-known  Sandon mining m;u.,wasiii the city  yesterday on his way  to the East.  The statutary meeting of the  Nelson Coke k Gas Company was  held at the company's ollice yesterday afternoon. The directors of  the concern, AV. H. Pearson, senior,  P. E. Doolittle, L. L. M-._Ti_i-.ld, J.  T. AVescott and AV. II. Pearson,  junior; were reelected and other  business transacted.  The local charita-blo organization  has formed an executive committee  to which application for relief are  to be referred. T. J. Sims issecre-  tary of the society.  The Nelson Laborers' Protective  Union] have received tlieir charter  from the American Federation of  Labor. The number of the union  will be 8121.  The local Barbers' Union have  applied to D. Stamper, provincial  organizer of tho American Federation of Labor, for a charter in the  Journeymen Barbers' International  Union.  The Miner moved into its new  quarters in the Broken Hill block  yesterday and it was found impossible to get all the machinery in  place in time to publish a paper this  morning. Hon over the moving  operations will probably be completed today.  HOTEL AEBIVALS.  Stoves   Stoves  We have the finest line of COAI HEATERS ever displayed in the district. We are sole agents for the famous COLE'S HOT BLAST HEATER  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted to any kind of coal.  CROW'S NEST, LETHBRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds  equally well. Not requiring the attention of an ordinary coal heater.  Economical, durable and simple in construction. Sec our Steel Ranges  for hard and soft coal or wood.  H. BYERS & CO.  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Boys  and   girls -wanted  to strip  lol-.K't'o nt Koolun.ij   fi-tir C'oinji.i'it sl.utoiy,  ,')l) Li'iiLs- ))_>-��� il.ay .iikI .ill ovei   llmt limy cm o.un.  ���Lost, on Monday evening,Lotween-  .1   A. Irvmg's c'l'occiy stoio nml A   M ictlorii-lti's  m liuli"-iilt> liouvo, ii pockofbook < out .titling ,i sinn  oflllOllC^.     TIlO  0-WM.l'i   Il.llllt!   !._   Ill   IllO   I'Otkl'l-  book.   I'liidoi' will bo iu_v.iii.ccl liyliMwiig Use  H inio at, P. Uni lis & Co.  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria nntl KooiC-ifU Slrofils.  P. O. IXok 55'). Tl-LKHflONf. NO. 95  St. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  NI..I.SON. II. 0.  A li)lliili!i|f -tml tl.ty school <f.n<!i]ct_.'il hj lliti  KHloinof SI. .--'nt-pli t_f ('(."Hi'. It is Mtu.U-'il ���_)  lliouui'tit*!'ol Mill .iikI Josephine shoots in one of  tlits licsl H-lilciili.iS pollimis of N't Istm, and is  o.iKiiy itccosiil-li' fiom nil p.itls of1 the city,  'I'htl OOlll"!' llfHllIll.V JJlflll'lt's   lilt)  riniil.ii.ioiil.il  mill li-KlKT ln'.ini ho-, of ilioioiijfli l.njfli .li ('tliicu  I ion j; , Miisinfss tn'ii -.0- ljtiokkcoj)iii_f,_ sluling-  mi-lit .ind 1 j pcv-Tiiini?. bciciico loiiiso -music,  vochIuik! iiisU _ttm.til.-l. (!i._.vri.ijjr, clc.   Mitniiii-  ��� 111(1 IIKPtlloVVOI k. otc.  I'or terms nml )i.ii tic ulnrs .ipjil) to (lie Sislei'  Siipenor.  At rni- Piiahi.���.r. F. Miller, J.  IT. .Stewart, Ti ail; Mr. and Mts. E.  iN. I'^ull, Athnbasea mine; R. G. Edwin ds Jjeckie, itepnblie; W, It.  Itair.awcll, I-O^-sbnrg; J.U. Dieweiy,  Roasltuid; Fi'ank 'Din-liug, Vancouver.  At tiie ITiou..��� A. McAllister,  Spokane: J. F. (Jolloni, Wellesley,  Mass.: W. L. O'Connel, Uomioi's  If'efrv; J. D. Moore, II. McLean,  O. O'JJoiuiell, Kaslo; AV. II. Lea tlo,  Trail; T. E. Burnett, Granite; P.  Dickenson, T. G. MeCalluni. Slocan;  jl. K Gib.-oii, Toronto; N. F. Ue-  Nonght and wife, Silvciton.  At thk MadijI'-N.-J. llrceden,  Slocan City; E. II. Ilame, Athabasca.  At'rin_QLfken's ���D. M. Rtiidwell,  C. N. l-iikin, W. N. Euken, IMlot  Pay; 13. J. ScoAil, Ktisln; F.J.  Sniilli, W. A. 1 Tamil ion, Moyie; T.  -D.-Wondco-'K tTT-lJi-cedo-i���Wr ~3r  Kliiott, J. A. iJaker, .Slocan City; T.  J. Lloyd, New Denver; G. L. Livingston, (.J. 11. McDoilidd, itos��.land;  W. II. FWner, Ainsworth; G. W.  Jordan, Nakusp; A. II. lleyland, II.  F. Shaw. GreenwoolI; G. A. Walker,  Kiioll.  WILL RECRUIT JEM TODAY  For Strathcona's Horse.'  The recruiting oi'licer for lord  Strathcona's Horse arrived in Nelson last niyht in the person of  nuvjor 11. J. Edwards Leckie of the  Eighth Princess Louise. Hussars.  Major Leckie is a brother of J. Edwards Leckie, a Royal Military  College man, who has just received  his commission in the Stratheona  Horse, and has been instructed to  recruit..-forty, men of the contingent  in Nelson and district. J. Edwards  Leckie is now in the East and wired  his brother, major Leckie, to open  the recruiting office here at once.  Accordingly (-ho major came over  from Republic at once, and the  work of selecting men for the corps  commences today.  A TiiiiiUNi- reporter ... called on  major Leckie at.the Hotel Phair on  his arrival and asceitabled that the  selection c of recruits would be  opened today as soon as suitable  quarters for a depot or recruiting  station were secured. The exact  location of this pointcould not be  learned last night, as no steps had  been taken to secure quarters in  advance. He would,give no particulars of the test Avhich applicants  would be required to undergo beyond stating that they would be  put through their pacings in regard  to their horsemanship. The minimum qualifications iu regard to  physique are: Height, (it) inches;  chest, <H inches-. Tiie '10 men raised  here will constitute a half squadron.  Major Leckio states that Ids  brother v. ill be in Nelson on 1'Yidi.y  next, when the volunteer-, may be  expeeted to leave for the point of  niubolixation.  E HAVE STOVES  B ��� ��� ���  But  while  we  are  waiting   for the cold weather we  would  draw  your attention to our line of  NICKLED COPPER WARE  Jiiclu-liiiK Ten an- CoJ.'eo lv.ls. (several designs) lOiiainellctl IhiiKlIe nippurs, Pniltliiig Dishes, Tea  Ketlles, ete., unit Llio only plaou jou;can set. tlioni is uL  LAWRENCE HARDWARE Oi  ������'~��� ������      -~-������-.-.-��.11VI_-M1  Kirkpatrick & "Wilson  T_ot T_ rgois_x.-t_J- lr-Tr_qo_i  Carrying a full stock of Groceries,  Crockery, and Glassware, etc.  Our Grocery and Provision Department is crowded with allihe  popular brands of edibles. A  large consignment of fresh eggs  has just reached us.  -.-...^ ���     --^-S       -t    ,-_.w��TT^>.  HAVE   YOU   HEARD  ()1',TIII'_ nUIKJET SV.STIOr OFIJOOIv-  KI-l.|-!N_i AM) <��i*l��*(t���!���: I'JtAUIH'K*  IT Id TAUCIHT AT TIIK.  Vicltni.i  &lit,(.l  NELSON BUSINESS COLLEGE  Will open tier  Kilulcig.-ilcp.LntI  ii.'iiii.ti \ school in  TIIK    K.N'oI.lhtt  ClUJItOJI   HfllOOl  room on I he 2ml or Jiuuuiy, l'0i.   !'"oi terms and  ���illp.irncnl.uia)inlj to J1IHS IWI-MKIt,  AL ie-ii(leniti o�� _f.Iis. J. K. Itobei!_joii, IJAter  HUoul \Wst_.  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  Illi<i(Jorlenilinii��,   Hosts,   l'liufj*    llterj-fu'eiis,  -tl.tKnoItt-- l-ulbs nut-uup I..i\mi Oia-s bitetl for  pnseiil  I'M-ii. pl.tnliiiff.   I..t'i;osi and most  cniii|ili'iti htoi k in Wcsiini C.iiiuil.i.   ('.ill und  !n..._i' > -jiii- heli ( lions m soi.il foi c.it.iloane,   Ad-  tlitsn.il niiisert Kiouiitls.iml iritt'iiliouse.  M. .1. llK.VItV.  'MM, Westminster lio.ul, Vuiicomcr, 11. V,  The first dose of our  Syrnp White Pine and  Tar will relieve it--a bottle will cure it.  For the lungs and to  build up the system take  our EMULSION of COD  LIVER OIL, large bottles 75 cents.  Canada Drag & Book Co.  NKLSON  Here's Bargains  tip'S SUITS  Wc li.ise about "j ..nils of kooi! scrvice.lblo  lueids, iiiitUi.iml cues of oiii'��l().iiid ^-lihiiitA .01  ui/( slue in I Ul' lot     T-ike join' tlioiot) Tm ij7..��<>.  l)o\'s stnis, h.u in uiitl line, e\lt.t good loi' little pi lie.  I'iwli i ui'.u ,t) spei ml low pi ices.  J.,iH..uiis in pu'ii's and tioj's cajis, socks und  lies,   {jti.iln j good- pi it"���s low.  Hiker Slicel,  Opposite Qiicon'_ Ilotol,  BHOWN & CO.  Will Vaccinate School" Ciiildren.  On fcho cont'hi.sion of lasfc night'_i  ooiiiK'il mt-iiLmg tho nicuibois resumed as a l-oardjof health. Soci-o-  tary SLrachan rcpoiled that blio  vaccine oidorcd nt the last .sitting  had boon received and was in a coul  place for -siifo Icc'Pi-ing. The account i'or tho ijOO points, $_>iT_n all,  ���_.a-t oidctud to be i.iiid.  Aldcituau Ai:tlmr's o]nnion Avas  that iiiitil a ease of ftinalljiox arose  in the <"i_y, it would not bo nocos-  saiy to oulcr a general vaccination  of school children, owing to the object ions which some citizeiib had in  regard to tho matter.  .Al.lo-'Nian Hall ponded Out thai,  n section of the proA iucinl health  act provided that each pupil must  exhibit a certificate of vaccination  before being admitted, which would  cover the ease of school children in  ���pnbl-env- I-, ell as private schools. ���  It was resolved that after the  15th iiihl. the provision's of the  .statute should bo strictly enforced,  and the cily clerk was instructed  to circulate notices to this effect.  Arrangements will be made to have  physicians in attendance at the  school prior to the 15th after .']  o'clock to vaccinate those pupils  whose parents request it in writing.  Colonials Honor Dr. Leyds.  Bi.i.l-IN', February 5. ��� iTcrr  Chroe-dor Pongclow, one of tho  wealthiest members'of the,German  colonial party, gave an elaborate  banquet today in honor of Dr.  Leyds, at lii-s mansion on the  l-uucchstrnsso.  WB Starmer 8t?|_th & Oo.  PAPER HANGER, GLAZIER,  PAINTER, ETC.  CHIMNEY SWEEPING  O/lico Waul Slice(, Opposite Opera Hons-o  OUT PRICES IS THE  OUDKI. OV 'Hi.. DAY  And I wmt to t>i' in it. I lutvo jiti.t received  V til wimplcs of .Still,"uitjs and Overro.ilniKs, rcpie-  soitttng n ?00,iKX) hLock to chooso from isuulo to  Four oidor .it p. ii'c_ never before heanlof m Nol-  fcon. All Ihe Litest fiula in Fancj' VtistmKS for  F.lll find vuislrr.  Ladies' t.nloi iiig in all iLs Iirnnchos a speci.iHj'.  t-O .vestpricus.   ltouins 1 and 11, Hilljer block.  STEVENS, The Tailor  Crockery and Glassware  Kirkpatrick & "Wilson  imuTir-.-wlT^Llnni. gvi  PHONE S.  i.Q_\ :>~.  AND   IF   PAIGES   ARE   ANY "INDUCEMENT   WE   SHOULD   HAVE- IT.  The fact, Mini v,e srll inoie yooi's, .put ilie IipsI ijonds .tl lower ]nn��ps nil nioiuiil Jli.in nnrollici  sloioinoni lino is oi't'oiiiinj; \\,<lt> s'jup.td; infltrini; by [In- li'lli't nultfis lll.it ho icti'itc li-om ,i!l  jmiN ot Ihc c->tiiili_. \\ t iiiulfC-bii) our i oiiiiii'luoi'-. i orsctiKoniJv .nt, nlvt.ns m ,i ]iu-,ilion lo jjito  duller value-.   Tlieieloio it is nu siu pnso tls.it oeijhoil/ mal.t-a our sluru HitMr lit'.itl-iu.ulcis.  The Western ierca��|tile Co., Limited  Successor? lo M. Ucsi.ns.ij & Co , SI-ipV mul 1 ancj (Iroet-fs J1AKKU STItMKT, NI-LSON  When You Want the  BEST CANNED GOODS ON THE MARKET  TELEPHONE 161.  Boulters Tomatoes and Marrowfat  Peas, Standard Brand Sweet Corn  I'. 0. BOX 101.  noUS-TO.N Jfl-OCIC.  I-ltlC Hibbnii Tim, Altt-ijs nil IT.ii.-l. inUn  A     h-ulnr*   9.  fn  li'iosh I'V-c, Ko.fn't-d I...,!.. ��0nn /\.   St Viljg & hO.  /\SK YQUR GROCER FOB T_|E GELEBI^ATU)  Roiled  The Best that Money can Buy.   Tako no Other  jUiinufacfmod by Hits  IJiackiimn-Kor MIllitiK Co., t,id,  Vicloii.i, V.iiiconvor, \Vcstuiinsiur, Kiliiiiinttin,Nelson.  Oats  s  Now isthe time to order your tents "and awnings  for the spring. Any size , tent or awning made.  The only factory between Winnipeg and the Coast.  224-226 Baker Street, JJelson-  g  CLEANING  ASH  HKPAIHIN'G  YOUH OWN GOODS iUADl. UP  OLD Cl.OTUKS ilAD-h! GOOD AS NKW  ARTHUR GEE  Opposito Claikc Hotel.   MEIiaiANT XAILOR  TO VOUll LOT LINK  WK DO IT     SEK U8  GAS FITTING OUR SPECIALTY  PLUMBING OF ALL KINDS  Opcia House l.lot-I., Xt'lson  quires lepchaot Tailor  FULL ONES OF WINTER AND SPRING SUITINGS  WEST BAKER STREET- NELSON OPPOSJ1E SILVER KING HOTEI


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