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On the White Eocks.
Victoria, January 25.—The steam
collier Miami, a large steamer of the
fleet engaged in carrying coal from
the Vancouver Island collieries to
San Francisco, is ashore on AVhite
rocks, and according to private ad-
, vices received by a shipping man,
she is liable to become a wreck.
The first news of the accident to
the big collier was received in a
brief message to Langley, Logan &
Co., who at once dispatched the
tugs Lome and Pilot to her assistance. It was then thought that she
was not seriously injured, and
would soon be hauled off into deep
water by the tugs and "the collier
Bristol which had also gone to her
assistance. Both the Lome, and
Bristol failed to move her, and a
later message received here reports
that the damage to the Miami is
more serious, and in the opinion of
the writer she .was not likely to
last'long. She was said to be in
danger of breaking in two.
The Miami was heavily loaded
with coal for San Francisco when
she wont ashore on the dangerous
little group of reefs, around which
the colliers have been in the habit
of passsing when bound with their
coal cargoes from Oyster bay. She
was to havb|-ibeeii:._;hurr.ied to.the
Golden Gate, as lit5 the present time
there is a .coal famine there; and;the.
Miami will seriously- affect the market. The Miami—is-a1' steel-.;•s'cr'ojv;'
steamer of 3020 tons, built nine
years ago by Short «fc Sons of Sunderland' for her owners, Hogan «fc
Sons of New York, at which port
she is registered. She was 320 feet
long, 42 feet beam, and 17.S feet
deep. She is said to haA'e been under charter to Rosenfeldts Sons &
Co. of San Francisco.
tor Ellsworth, empowering the Buffalo k Niagarti Falls Electric Rail-
A\ay Company, when authorized by
the province of Ontario or the Dominion of Canada to acquire the
propertyof any railway operated
in the province of Ontario.
For the Past Year,
_NTi_w D_..vvi_i., January 25.—
[Special to the Tribune].—Some
time since the minister of mines
issued a circular letter to the various mine owners throughout the
country asking them to give, for
statistical purposes only,tho amount
of ore shipped from their properties
lust -year, and the total since operations began. Mining recorder Mc-
Innes lias so far received the desired
returns from the following properties in the Slocan :
American Hoy...
Jlo.sn n	
-.roily J-dith	
Miller Creek....
Silver Co	
Mollie Hughes..
Silver Hell 	
Sapphire .......
Slocan Star.....
Vulture...... .:_
luoon Best.;..
Total ore
in. 189.1
...   (11
...    _.»;'>
..; .•-•00-
..      ._
..      (!
...    til)
...    1!)
...    83
...    '_'..
... __()..
...    7«
...  "00
.. / 241
..    I;")
;.    XI
.. 525
., 100
.. m
■.■•'■    ~~0O
. .    <-_>!
1"$l'n.:--. '
'    -tP i-^'-'"sV**'-• .R~y.-"ii"   "ru" -■ : ■ ." r" v"D '-"." "a^r" *■ " *" *:" ''* "ncv ■"*• - "-■ -r"-'r~..     '"■-"' ",.'<■' n"-- "- -"" "^"r.    " -     ■-/-,.---* "-"T--"-'
; The business trahsactedihist year
in; the local record office may 'bef
judged from the:subjoined -table
furnished by Angus Mclnnes, recorder:
IjOeations .-.   ,...  sn;t
Assessments   773
Cash in lieu of assessments §.'1000
Certilicites of improvement  80
Transfers.... ....  r*0"
Abandonments  12
Water right permits  !)
Free Minors'Certificates  .. . SOS
Free miners' certificates to companies   Hi
Special certificates to individuals  7
A. Ferguson and P. A. Munro are
i-Vi-l? ■t.:.L?,W'"-^^-".'^'A~^y?^^-B ";1--'o-
whan^befovdPm^ -^ w~- -* ~---*-"-
Jf laeiutef eeoji. i iS-tii&iy g^G&gm ^Khp(fe^{
^W^^I^^^^^^i^^^0^rM I$$$e)t|
;; __*:■*'. ■ .i^fra,'!!^
k '■ r '^hlB.s1_&_i_i^^^
had been preaching it to deaf ears.
His expedition through Beclumua-
land in J 885, when the Boers were
disputing over a war northward,
"    was  bloodless.      This   was  due to
 iihe_dread_whk'l_-his-nan_e- inspircd-
iitiiong the Transvaal  Dutch.'   Ho
has  had* a  greater   experience   in
South Africa than any otho British
'   • general, and his column is the only
one that has attacked the eheiny iu
' the Boer way, among the" boulders
- and kopjes, awl taken advantage of
the cover offered by the rocks. '
. ,     The plan  by  which the British
troops are now' operating was not
. heard of until Warren's arrival, and
the compliments so freely bestowed
upon tho theoretical brilliancy of
"general Butler's turning movement'
have been earned in reality by the
-.general who is carrying out the new
" method of operations with earnest-
- ness aud deliberation., General Warren is" described  as a man of military genius and as profoundly religious, resembling in many respects
general Gordon,' and- 'having a far-
seeing mind. He has no social qualities, and it is_._~robat.le that his aversion for.drawing-rooms and the dislike of the lord  Wolsoley gang for
, stern, mystically-minded soldiers of
the Gordon type have stood in the
way of his'promo tion.
If Warren succeeds, it will be the
most brilliant fe__t of arms since the
Penjnsula campaign, and general
' Buller's victory will be followed by
tho complete caving in of the Dutch
forces, and the Avar Avill virtually
■be ended; if the movement fails the
fault will not be Warren's, but the
.collapse of Buller's campaign Avill
,be most disastrous.
Seeking Canadian Systems.
Amiaxv, New York, January
—Among   the  bills introduced, in
ifche senate today Avas one by sena-
r^ijffe-fc" .iuY^
^,mon-i-wQ.f ??'«£-siw
" ;8.o)iii^jPi|fil'^*:et^v'0^^^
Ste.W;fei. sBili'Jfe'tM ■' >■:-:;
^titpISI; 't_^^^^^.^\;_iie_i^ fcfi _-._";3^i%4^^; .ifeo.^:.
^j-i^iS:---^£crt._^ 7 ^l_v^3_G^-P^ ^.;j^.- .-rtx?" >- iiiji. ^fci^fct i^<3;-;;
kiiiie, -Ail'p_ts_-e._i|o_'.^ii%,ftiife'Mlrct":
boats from the south are to be vaccinated unless they can show marks
of recent vaccination. Tho provincial board of health AA'as killed by
Joe Martin, AA'hen attorney-general,
-butrcAived by~his successor" iii~ tli e~
niek'-of time, as it has at once to
deal with the bubonic plague and
smallpox.' -'
- .Why He- Was Not Recognized.. . _
Waj~hiX-.to>.t, January 2;*).—The
president today sent a response to
the senate resolution "requesting information concerning a report of
the South African Republic. He
simply transmitted a report of secretary of state Hay, vAvho- says:
"in October last general-James It.
Obeirne, a.distinguished citizen of
New* York, visited the department
•of state, intimating that, he would
be the accredited representative of
the South African Republic. He
Avas courteously received and informed that it was not the practice
of the department of state to recognize a citizen of the United States
-as a represeiitati'-o of a foreign
power. No government and no. re
presentative of tiny government
objected to the appointment of
general Obeirne or any one else as
the representative of the South
African Republic."
Missionary Still a Prisoner.
Biilu.iN, January __o.—The foreign
office is still pushing its endeavors
to secure the release of ReAr. Mr.
Ilanues. Avhom the British arrested
in Natal last month on the charge
of aiding the Boers, The Durban
authorities have informed .Loudon,
so the foreign office here understands, that Mr. Harmes rendered
himself an object of suspicion, and
a thorough investigation is necessary which Avill take considerable
British Troops Suffered Severely.
London, January 20.—4.35 a.m.—
General Buller's phrase, "The men
are splendid," thrills England Avith
pride and confidence. His taking
and holding Spion Kop is considered
a permanent advance. Sir Charles
Warren's opinion that miles of the
tho adjacent Boer trenches are untenable, is accepted by most expert
obseiwers as obviously true, because
of the height of the position, although some point out that it may
lack adequate gun platform to resist the artillery fire on the two extended sides. It is not likely that
general Warren Avill let go anything he holds, and news of further
fighting is calmly awaited.
The military authorities recognize, of course, that iu the twelve
or fifteen miles between Spion Kop
and Ladysmith there are continuous defensive positions, and rugged
hills and ravines which far outrange
Spion Kop, but they are sure that
the troops aa'Iio haA'e turned the
Boers out of so many difficult places
can do it again."
The military expert of the Times
says: "It is exceedingly difficult to
arrive at any exact ^estimate/of-the
advantage, gained""^_A|definite tae-
tictal object has been/obtained, aud
definite steps haVe|jj&ii___ttj£en in
the fulfillment_.__of^ .tiie.;_strategic^
plans. J^4s~necegsarvr, to wait "fuller
iiiTormationbefore altachiffgundue
importjince to = the successes so far
attained. At least there has been
steady progress." ■_..-.■*
The Kildonan Castle reached
Durban yesterday, thus giving two
thousand additional troops to
general Buller, and three other
troopships have arrived-from India,
bringing among others a regiment
of lancers. Beyond these, it is not
publicly knoAvn here how heavily,
general Buller has been reinforced,
but those : having cei"tain;;ppm~ec-;
° o^ v. :-i-c;-_i*i™M'i;^ tv"«-,."_'
fif-gp-ii-r^tCum^ffh *'.fti#-!~S> =*.%*_*. 'wf*._.'i«■!-_*'-*•»•'
prosecution was n^ the punishment
of the fathers/biit.the dissolution
of the order which the government
has long regarded a,s a reactionary
political association* arid important
financial buttress of.the nationalist
movement. '
Doilies Several Rumors.
Paris, January 25.—The Patrie
yesterday   asserted; that   Charles
Macrum,   formerly : United   States
consul at Pretoria, has visited the
foreign office,   with Dr. Leyds,  in
order to fulfill a , mission entrusted
to him by. presideuo Kruger.    The
foreign office depfe'es, the story a.
fake, end Dr.  Ley&s  in  an   interview published this  lnorning says
there is not a word of truth in  the
stetement; that hej had   not seen
Mr. Macrum, and tlmt he is able to
affirm publicly that! Mr. Macrum is
not the bearer of ojny letter from
l_resident Kruger.   On being asked
his opinion regarding the '.capture
of .Spion Kop, Dr.  Leyds  declared
himself ^skeptical,; .implying   that
geueral^Buller l__ad*npt. gained an y
serious ady&iitage_|'|,v.H&-^as'-con;
liad ajplanrdyra^-*^p,|aM
was;papt"Sf a^re-_Vifmngeb!-"scheme
to'Ieave SpionvKpp'iin the hands of'
the British.    Dr. Leyds said it'was
not correct that he* was about to
open negotiations, for,the ihterven-
tipn   of   Germany prid France in
favor of peace.: At;least, he said,
not for the present;J~ecause such in-
terA'entions Avould riot be opportune
just now and Ave must await events.
London, January! 20.—At midnight the Avar office; announced
that nothing further had/been received from., the front;for publication tonight.
London,,January. 25—9:30 a. in.—
The war office h_vs received a telegram stating that-general •Warren
Thirty-Eight Deaths Reported.
Victoria, January 25.—According to advices received by the
steamer MioAvera, Avhich arrived
jthis morning from tho South Seas,
the plague at Honolulu is assuming
far more serious dimensions than it
Avas ever dreamed of. Up to the
time the Miowera sailed, the death
list had amounted to thirty-eight
.in all, and of these one of the victims AA'as a white \yoman, who,.accord ing to all reports,'was of the
most cleanly habits. The city of
Honolulu is panic-stricken, and
other islands of the group are
greatly excited.*- Iriter-island shipping is at a standstill," and matters
are becoming serious in regard to
the food .supply.
The people of the  town of Hilo
refuse to alloAv the steamers from
Honolulu to land there, threatening
to   drive   them back by force of
arms, should they attempt to come
in.     Steamers   are   still    arriving
from Japan, with full loads of Japanese immigrants, and the throng
at the quarantine stations is growing to enormous proportions.     The
steamer  Yorihime   Maru    arrived
wh/en-tbe  MioAvera  Avas   in   port,
:'witb_ qveK J 500 , on   board."     This
"crow^mci_c_i~0d the; horde., at the
quarantine\t6.\neMi%&QQQ.^~: /'-;' J
/   The .MioAyera's'/ cargo  "ii.cl.fded
some big "shipments (pf f^rozein i'mut-*'
toh'for thisport} and- much Msugar
for the B. C.  refinery.     Her'cargo;
in'f(ill,  Avas as folIoAvs': 1850   carcasses of frozen mutton, 9933  bags
of sugar, 105 bags of oil cake, 340
barrels of hides, 11 barrels of pelts,
10   casks  of Avhiskey and. 10 packages of sundries.
The MioAvera did not call at the
plag-ue infected port of Honolulu,
that is she did not berth there, but
anchored outside the harbor and
the niaiiwas brought  out to her.
mite in one of the cars,, which exploded with great force. The shock
AA'as felt for a distance of twenty
miles. The avuhIoavs in nearly
every house in the town of Ashley
AA-ero broken. It is thought that
seA'eral men are buried iu the ruins.
By the German Government.
Bbi-I.in, January .25.—A German
gentleman of high political and social standing, Avho is fully empowered to express the A'iews of count
Von Buelow, the foreign secretary,
upon Anglo-German relations, made
the follOAA'ing statement, to the correspondent of the Associated Press:
"The. British  uoav do  not  hold a
single German  A'essel, and no negotiations are now in progress, since
Germany has not yet formulated
her claim for indemnity.    Iin'esti-
gation is first necessary, and this is
now proceeding.    The feeling be-
tAveeu Great Britain and Germany
is growing better despite the efforts
of the jingos  of   both  countries to
the contrary. Recent remarks must
not be understood as meaning that
Germany is aiming at conA'ening a
conference for the international settlement of'sea rights of neutrals be-,
fore the;end- ofr the war.   As, for all
thetalk about intervention, it is
baseless.   No such intention exists;
any place."      .      ^ ._. %v<.
' / %     ;ciTY   LOCAL   NEWS;
■,«...-.-,  --■•^u.V~*^-."D^*-'*":..-"V-"--"V.^ ••■_ ■•»'""."#.™--K
, sengersj^hiqh jofeovufse. Avouklihave
J;Hfi:^--_.V::^^?-''>ij^--'^ "
'-{)_- '^a'-Mgisii-fi\tm& ■lQ.e^^liTde;;|_ii_l;:-b|; <ti)
Yitiitei' tl_e:'tae'6-':;-i-Kf> eif__^ii_istai._(.e_i:■
of tho case, Brigham H, Roberts,
representatiA-e-elect for Utah, ought
not to have or hold a seat in the
house of representatives, and that
the . seat to AA'hich he avos _elec-
ted ~~_s~ "hereby  declared   A'acanfc."
'    Staging the Emperor's Play."
Bhhi.in', January 25,—^TomorroAv
night emperor William's play, "The
Iron Tooth," Avill haA'e its .first performance at the Royal theatre here.
His majesty has taken much pains
about the preparations, and especially iir drilling the soldiers who
have been detailed from the Alex-
candor regiment. Yesterday they
Avere shown by the emperor Iioav to.
move about in the. performance.
•Ilerr Vorhaslsson, the emperor's
faA'orite stage manager, is "here
from   Wicsbj\den, " and "has   been
asking the empy;?1;  /Jf mi<**>*
grossed the hope tli/iC1^10 ~)e0ple
. '■-"-r-I..,"*_n-".^^ ■j'vi;."'^--^"-*'''^"^tj ;;^^,,nj'"#"-,."_.'ia:"iJ.rt!'■'■•■
vfeoYn&iiiiiK^lf 11^ ..- '.'*■'" .
■; ■'.' .Lo^o%/5'JlSi _arr ^W^Mftifsm
"Fred E; Beer, late city electrician
of Greemvood, has entered into
partnership a\ ith George. S. Beer to
conduct a general electrical business. The firm Avill do contracting
arid handle supplies of every description. A number of contracts
have already been booked.
A few Aveeks ago chief Jarvis impounded a sturdy little pony Avhich
had been at large for some time.
Yesterday the animal Avas sold/at
-. Saiitetioii-'Hote^^
.„!_*- -l i.„,„ s„_cj «^j)erj---* •* *-"i*fA-« .■»«••*".a-_».._-._
Court Kootenay's New Officers.
Court Kootenay Independent Order of Foresters  held  a delightful
reunion in their lodge rooms last
night, tho  occasion  being  the installation of officers for tho ensuing
term.    The turnout of the members
was large and the impressive  ceremonies, which are a feature of the
procedure Avere conducted in splendid style.     The officers-elect were-
as follows:     W. B. Shaw,   court;
deputy high chief ranger;  J. A. Irving, chief ranger;  J. J. Chambers,
vice-C. R.; brother P.Fleming, recording secretary ; brother Patterson,   financial    secretary;     W.  H. _
Smith,   treasurer;   E. Irvine, chaplain ; brother Bush, S. W.;   brother
Prittie,    J. AV.;    brother   Jeffrevs,'
S. B.; brother Boyd, J. B.; Dr.  Arthur,  physician;   F. W.  Swannell,'
P. H.C. R.
At the conclusion of the installation  ceremonies .the members ad-/
journed to the banquet hall, Avhere  .
an excellent repast Avas in  waitiug.
Among   those'  AA'ho   sat  down   to
table Avere : Brothers F. W. Swanr
nell, G. F. Motion, James J. Chani-/i
:bers,-W. B. ShaA\', C. Larson,  P. *E/'/
Wilson,:?^ Lamont, J. E. Annable,;;
G.L.;Leriiioxi Angus Shaw, W. Hip-; •
/person, Dr. Arthur, J.  S. Peterson,- -
'Mi Moua.t,;J. A. Irving, H. Btish,cM.,i/
Jeffrey,;M. 'Murphy, M.  Sewell,;./E.-./:
Irvine, J.rA. Kenney, S. B. Boyd; P.}/
R. Fleming, R. Peoples. .¥
When the covers were -removed %
the foi lowing toa s t lis t  Avas .-' iri tro- b'
lluced by brother Swonnell: ■     ." ; :/■.;/.
The Queen—national anthemI.by-/S
Our Order—proposed by
Arthur, and * responded to
brother LeriuOx. -;
"The   High   Court—proposed
brother Swannell^ and responded to^||i|
by brother Shaw and brother Anii-f
.carry-passengers, on the  agreement
■-.,-.rr"r_j-.«'";-'-T!-. r-rSpir'.'-. jj.i _.:^..-'-^_Lo--.,.;;ua::?-rf-a.■■■■*>
-.. ■_. '■ ■■ "■-■i<g$v ■'-"'■-"■■ - "-*- -■■■■*'■-■-■a
'2-oreciate the play.
Martin v»-_
-* Winnipeg.*
Winnipeg,   January   __■_.
election here today, to fill the" f-.!ie.
ancy in the house of commons resulted in a A'ictory for E.'I_>. Martin.
There was not much interest taken
in the campaign. Martin ran as an
independent Liberal, being an out
and out opponent of Clifford Sifton.
He Avas opposed by A. W. Puttee a
labor candidate. Martin's majority
is given as 49^	
The Order Was Dissolved.
Pah is, January 24.—The trial of
the twelve Assuinp't'ouist fathers
before the correctional tribune resulted today in their sentence to
Itt francs fine each, and the court
decreed^the dissolution of the order.
The proceedings closed Avithout incident. The imposition of merely
nominal fines is explained by the
fact that the main object of the
eeived in tho attack on Spion Kop.
Generals Have a Tree Hand.
Loxnox, January 2(5.-—William
St. John Broderick, undersevretaj/y^
ofl(tat~rfor foivigTTaffairs, speaking
last evening, said :' "The government have neither controlled the
generals in their operations, nor
stinted them in the forces-„ they
have demanded.' We have implicitly
followed the guidance of the military advice." ' Later in his speech
he remarked: "It will bo the duty
of tho government and the parliament to see that our military organization is made equal to the needs
of the empire. We have had a
great, aAvakening on this subject"
China's New,-Emperor.
•" Shaxgiiai, January ' 25. — The
North China Daily XeAVS publishes
an edict signed last night by.em-
peror Kwangsu, appointing - as emperor in his place Put Sing, the
nine-year-old son of prince Tuano.
The new emperor will aseelui the
■hrone on January 81st,
Scotchmen Honor Burns.
ClU-B.vwooi", January 25.—Robert Burns' anniversary Avas celebrated here this .evening by a dinner at the British Columbia hotel.
It Avas largely attended aud very
Buenos Ayres $10,000,000 Short.
Loxdox, January 25. - The Financial Ncavs publishes a dispatch from
Buenos Ayres, asserting that the
Argentine budget sIioavs a deficit
of $10,000,000.
An Imperial Suicide.
Loxnox, January 25.—According
to a  special  dispatch from Shanghai, it   is   reported   that emperor
KAvang Su has committed suicide.
M&ite^.;ydixt}i$./ ;/5Vopde#ui/v:/#p~^
ve-it$|fp.^i^^ ;^n^p<-\fas,":
p!__ffii_.'ri;^^ ^tti|et %jpH|^;
; :pl}|'j@E '5fuS/M$I;;and .3^
''AB;^oifi_-e;l4'■■.^lvaS■:■■_^ll^ -tiie ■ jig|fcr-
breast, the b_i!_-.li eatirc oiit low
down the back, and hoAvas Avalking
about on Sunday last and said he
felt . nothing AVrong Avith him.
The Boers treated our wounded
well, and-in-faefc-did-not takethem-
prisoners, as they said thoy could
not be "bothered with them. .They
took the Avounded colonels^-as they
like colonels, and would prefer one
Avith a title; but they rifled their
pockets,'and-Avent for bread in the
haversacks with greed.' I 'don't
think they can' be getting much-
bread now. They also stripped our
dead of all clothing, for they have
no pimlico behind them, and ofiicers'
breeches were highly treasured. The
arrangements made by the medical
ofiicers were perfect. The Avounded
were picked up almost atonce", and
within twelve hours they were comfortably settled in hospitals and-be-
ing attended by the best nurses,
Avith every comfort, that money
could procure.^ ~   r .
Congratulated Emperor William.   ■
Bl_-i_i-iN. January 25.—The North
German Gazette this eA'ening publishes the following: "The commander of the British First (Royal)
Dragoons lias bent a telegram to
the emperor, from Spearman's camp
as follows: 'The Royal Dragoons
send their respectful greetings on
the anniversary of the birthday of
their eolonel-in-chief.' The emperor replied: 'The colonel-in-chief
sends the Royal Dragoons his best
thanks for their Avishes.' "
Fatal Breakaway of a Tram.
Wii.k ._-"..ARKfi, Pennsylvania,
January 2.1".-— A freight train on the
Central Railway of Ncav Jersey,
coming doAvn the Wilkesbarre
mountains this e\reuing ran aAvay.
At the foot of the mountains the
eai s left the track and were piled
high iu the air.   There was dyna-
f d!$U|!§*„. ■- .*-■,*«_■ - .»■*..•.-„■.- .-^-»»....-..j* ,*,^. - ,-.>.>.,*.■„»:
/-_G&i-i if^t-t-aSi s''1 .siAEr Si t,v ■ .^i'&;;-T :_fS^i-ttl//". ■- ^^ jc^iSt*-;
:>>j5i'i^- ?:Mp$i0..^0^^ -T '$$0-
^ ttll _5_!. ■"|Vli:W$t_i!|s;'|%S|»ii)ft^fe|^#^;:
, !.spei-;t-;t6!Q; "dff^r'-ll'^5^lfea##"*
health oi-ice officer stating tliat he
was in good health. This Avas not
the regulation certificate, however,
and at North port ho was detained
until__the. quarantine _ollicer wired
Dr. LaBau and procured special instructions allowing him to proceed.
Mr., J ones, by the Avay, is immune
having had smallpox several years
ago. Several other passenger-- were
detained at Northport and returned to Spokane,
/* '- * '       , "
/ No. 2 company,' Hocky 'Mountain
Rifles had a splendid ■ parade,
.nontenant Beer and Day and ,«onie
."-0 * non-eomml-'sionod "onifer-i aud
privates being in attendance. The
orders for Sunday's church parade
were read and the aiinouncejiient
made that the sinelter baud, had
volunteered to head the parade.
Private .J, Macketikie's name was
mentioned iu the orders as having
been advanced to the rank of lance-
corporal. ,A number of spectators
Avere present,-and the accommodation for citi._en's desirious of Avifinessing the parades avi'11 bo greatly
improved next Thursday night
Avhen the electric lights will bo installed.
*^> Ex-aklermau C. O. Laloude of
Rossland Avas in the city yesterday
en route to Ymir, where he will
inspect the Black Cock property, of
which he is a director. A few
months ago a company Avas incorporated to operate this property,
and a large proportion of the stock
has been floated iu England. Some
.$20,000 has been expended _n development, arid the original owners
made seA'eral shipments -vhich averaged $'1.j.00 per ton, A quantity of
ore is uoav on the dump, and the
firHt shipment made by tho new
company is now being sacked. The
management has adopted the union
scale of wages and has had no
trouble Avith its employees.
Company Out About, $1000.
Nkw iJKXvidi, .January' ,2." —-*
[Special to Tin* TribuneJ—IJy_ fur ;
the greater portion of the imported'
Enterprise miners, turned oil' at
Silverton Monday night, have dis-
per.-fed to other camps,' it appear'
that when hired the men gave their
personal notes for transportation
ad\"inced, .vhich tho company loses,.
a« well as other incidentals in con-
.nection with the venture. A special coach was yectired to bring
the men to Enterprise Laud- '
ing, being transferred to the
barges at Arrowhead and Rose**
bery. At R .'vel'stoice the floors
Were locked, and tho men did
not-get out-Fide till their arrival at
Rosebery, where they avc re- coaxed
out through their AviiidoAv.*** by the
t'liion delegation, just as preparations " Aver.e being made to transfer
their car to the barge. ,Their baggage checks were in possession of
Mr. Robertson,"who refused to give
them up. However, the boat-officials gave the* men their baggage
upon arrival tit Silverton. Forty
of the men have signed a statement'
setting for tli the false pretenses
under which they Avere hired. Interesting deA'elopmcnts aie expected
to follow.	
Mcintosh "Wins in Sherbrooke.
Shi'IU-KoqiC--. Quebec, January 2-1,
-—The election here today, to fill the
A'acancy iu the hou.-o of commons,
caused by the death of the late 11.
H. Ives, resulted iu a victory for the
ConserA-ative candidate, Hon. John
.Mcintosh. The returns are still incomplete, but the indications are
that Mcintosh will have a majority
of abuttt 100 over G. A. LeBoron,,
Ids Liberal opponent. THE TRIBUNE: NELSON B. C  FRIDAY JANUARY 20, 1900'  ring Suits -$5  Now is ;i kooiI lime to solec.t youv spring suit, or overcoat.   It may seem a little  early, hut heller lm>- early limn wait, until lines are broken.   Wo have just, received a largi. shipment, of suits anil light overcoats, ami will sell you serge and  tweed suits for men from if., up.  Sec our U.sen! Street suits for young men, the newest thing out.  Baker Street,  Nelson, B. C.  J. F. WEIR, Men's Outfitter.  Sthe ��rttome.  Till- electors of Winnipeg registered another protest against Clifford Sifton yesterday, when E. D.  Martin Avas returned for the capital of the prairie province. Martin  ran as an independent Liberal, the  independent qualification being inserted for the purpose of enabling  him to have a free hand to attack  Clifford Sif ton. Since Sif ton is a  ;in'ember of the Laurier cabinet, the  return of Martin, can hardly be  taken as flattering to the minister  of the interior. R. TV. Jameson,  Avho carried Winnipeg as a straight  Liberal at the general elections, had  a majority running into four figures. It would occur to most politicians that Avhen a cabinet minister is so unpopular ab to lo=_e the  .... government a seat like Winnipeg,  the unpopular minister had better  be dropped. The result in Winnipeg but emphasizes the turning  down Avhich Sifton received in the  provincial elections around Brandon.    Tiik Victoria Colonist comes out  openly Avith the confession that it  'made a mistake in advocating the  .'^-.exclusion of aliens from the Atlin  district, it adds that it is Avilling  to learn from cxpeiience.' This is  hopeful. What the Colonist requires to learn is that Victoria is  not the province of British Columbia. The Colonist advocated the  exclusion of aliens simply as a  .means of securing the trade of the  Atlin district for the merchants of  Victoria. Tho bulk of the miners  Avho took part in the rush lo Atlih  were Americans. The experience of  the   Klondike   demonstrated   that  ~  American miners preferred to out-  lit at the Sound cities rather  than  at Victoria  or   Vancouver.     The  -Colonist in order to seen re trade for  the merchants of Victoiia started a  campaign Avhich meant the sacrificing of the interests of the Atlin district to those of Victoria. The Colonist clamored for the exclusion of all'  aliens from Atlin, and the majority  of the Turner repiosentatives from  .Victoria supported .the movement.  The  Semlin. goA'ernment foolishly  fell'in to line   and  the aliens Avere  _ excluded.   The result .was stagnation of development at Atlin.    Ihe  trade of the "district, instead of going to Victoria, Avtib killed,    it was  short-sighted legislation on the part  of the government, but  it docs not  come vory-Avell  from-tho Colonisty-  which advocated it, and tho members of tho legislature  who voted  for it, to denounce the government  for carrying  out  Avjiat they ( heni-  Belvt'3 considered a vas* the bo->L policy at the time,  INTERESTING WAR PARAGBAPS-  riders in the present war is Mr.  W. Cummings, on Avhosc head the  Boers have set a price of ��'.100. On  one occasion this intrepid rider  crept for nearly thirty miles on his  hands and knees Avith dispatches  through a part of the country  swarming Avith the enemy and successfully reached his destination.  A siege train is being specially  constructed for the purpose of assisting our troops in their attack  on Pretoria. It is to be armed Avith  sixteen new (.-inch howitzers, each  one capable of throwing a 50-pound  lyddite shell.  According to sir William Mac-  Coruiac, the 'Avound inflicted by a  Mauser bullet, the missile mostly  used by the Boers, is quite circular  and much smaller than end of ti  lead pencil. When a man is hit by  one of these bullets he feels no pain  or shock. But a stupid sensation  and a strange singing in the ears are  ���felt, Avhich render the majority of  soldiers unconscious.  The Last Slave Transaction.  LaAvyer Joseph 31. Dickson of  Dallas, and lawyer Henry M. McDonald of Paris, Texas, closed up a  peculiar legal transaction at Dallas,  Texas, this month. A client of Mr.  McDonald held a note for seven  .hundred and fifty dollars against a  client o?Sft". Dickson. Mr. McDonald came to Dallas 'and" gave'the  note to Mr. Dickson for seven hundred and fifty dollars. The note  Avas given in 1800, to secure payment for a negro slave sold to the  maker of the note. The war between the states interrupted the  settlement'of the business affairs  connected AA'ith the sale of the slave.  This is probably the last slave that  Avill be paid for in the state of  Texas, if not in, the Union.  Four hundred armored trucks arc-  being built by a lirm in Birmingham for tho Xalal government.  The Boers at Pretoria arc making  vast preparations for the threatened  scigc.    All burghers from fifteen to  sixty years of age have been  called  .to arm-,.  .  Two batches of trained flogs, have  been dispatched from Get many to  assist the Boer.-. They have been  , drilled to dismount cyclists by pulling them from their machines, and  a dozen or so of these dogs are calculated to throw a cyclist corps  into great confusion.  It is .stated that president Kruger  has issued a proclamation com-  mandeiing all ihe citizens of the  republic resident abroad. The penalty for non-compliance is a fine of  from _6100 to _��.".06, awl one to live  years' imprisonment, with a lo.*_s of  franchise and confiscation of property.  All wire., from the sea, of AA'ar  are subjected to a strict official censorship, based mainly on two rules.  One rule is that no iutimation of  deaths in tlio lield shall be allowed  to pass until such deaths haA'e been  announced by the authorities. The  other stiictly forbids the cabling of  any information regarding the  movements of troops.  One of the most daring dispatch-  The Church and Politics.  Paius, .January 2.*.,���An incident  Avhich is certain to  provoke  vigorous   protests" is  the   visit of   the  caidinal Richard, the archbishop of  Paris,  to the  headquarters  of the  AssumptionisfrFathers,A\rliose order  Avas dissolved yesterday by _the correctional   tribunal   to present his  condolences   on    yesterday's   conviction,    The cardinal  arrived  unexpectedly, AA'hiJe the fathers Avere  praying in -the chapel.  Two fathers  met him at the door.    The cardinal  proceeded to the editorial room  of  La Croix, Avhich is the organ of the  Assumptionistri, and strongly anti-  ministerial.   * The   prelate   blessed  the editor, and said : " 1 urge you to  persevere" in your Avork Avith simplicity and fii niness."  Toronto's Latest Railway Scheme.  Ottawa, January 25.���Application Avill be made next session for  an act to incorporate a company to  construct and operate a line of railway from Toronto to Col ling wood,  aud Avith poAver to construct, own  and maintain wharfs?, docks aud  elevators in connection therewith,  and~al-_o to construct',~mrdiitaiu and  operate telegraph . and telephone  lines along the route, to be used in  connection Avith the railway,  Avharfs and docks, and,also AA'ith  power to construct, own and maintain steam and other vessels foi* the-  purpose of navigating the great  lakes and the St. Lawrenceriver,  BIG  CANAL EXPENDITURES  To Improve Lake Shippin/..  Albany, New York, January25.���  The representatives of the committees appointed by the legislature to  consider the causes of the decline  of commerce- at the port of New  York, and the condition and prospects of tho NeAV York state canals,  were presented to the legislature  today, accompanied by a lengthy  message reviewing the report and  recommending action on them. In  the message the gOA*ernor says:  "Neither New York city nor New  York state can afford to rest supine  Avhile their eager business rivals  strain every nerve to take away the  commerce which has been so large a  part of their life blood. NeAV York  is the only state through which,  because of its topography, it is possible to transport freight by water  from the great basin of the Mississippi to the Atlantic. Tho Dominion of: Canada on tho north, has  similar advantages, and how well  the Canadians have availed themselves of them, the final opening of  their great canal system last fall,  conclusively proves. If avc do not  improve our own canals, Ave shall  have nothing Avherewith to meet  the advantages conferred on  Canadian commerce by her canals  on the north, Avhile Ave deprive our-  seh'es of a great aid in the struggle  AA'ith our business rivals in our own  country, leaving ourselves at the  mercy of a combination made by  railways. ��� for the benefit of our  localities."  The governor strongly, recommended the plan proposed by the  committoo for a larger canal, capable of carrying boats of a thousand  tons capacity, to build which would  involve an expenditure of $00,000,-  000, and says there is every reason,  after the most patient investigation, to believe that the large canal  Avill result in a transportation cost  across the state of Ncav York as  low as that on the St. LaAvrence  canal, and far less than any rate  that is possible by railways at any  time within the. immediate future,  if ' over; the ''difference in favor of  the canals over the railways being  more than threefold, that is, the  freight rate on the canals being less  than a third of that by railway.  .fe  <��  T��~a  to  to  to  k  3<5 BAKER STREET  ��^*S*fi>s**.  FREE HEMINfi  of Table Cloths, Sheets  |   Pillow Cases, E(e.  1  Annual January Sale  m  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  WHITEWEAR,  LINENS, COTTONS,  Commencing Monday, January 21st.  ETC.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Kfaying received our complete stock of Ladies' and Children's White-wear, Table Linens,  Sheetings, Toweling, Carpets, Floor cOil Cloths, etc., we are in a position to offer at exemely  low prices these lines. No charge for Heming Table Cloths, Napkins, Sheets, Towels, Pillow  Slips,, etc, during the Sale.  in a Church.  January     __5.���The  , - Trouble  Hamilton,  trouble  over   the organist in  the  Central   Presbyterian   church   has  resulted.iu the resignation of the  entire  board of managers of  the  congregation, nnd a congregational  meeting has been called for the 81st  instant to elect a new board.    At  the last meeting of the old board  all   the   members    Avere   present.  After an informal discussion of some  length on the unhappy  conditions  which have arisen in the  church in  connection Avith the organise trouble  it was  decided not   to assume the  responsibility   of appointing   two  members to  the  board to succeed  Messrs   William    Lees   (who   \A*as  chairman at  the time he resigned)  and If. S. Steven.   The board therefore  agreed  to  tender its resignation as a body and a resolution -vas  passed   to  this  eil'eet,  and  recommended that a spoc-h. meeting of the  congi.'gation be called  to comidev  the resignation~and take action   Earl of Yarmouth's Difficulties.  Loxnox', January 25.���The creditors of the earb of Yarmouth met  today, and resolved to place his  estate hi bankruptcy.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ��  Children's Whit* Aprons, 40c up  Children's White Pinafores, 50c up  Children's Slips, Bight Dresses  ShirlsyDrawers, Etc., 50e up  Ladies' White Aprons, 2 a. up- ...  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The following  companies are incorporated : Ladysmith ('old-Copper Mining Company  of Trail; capital $1,500,000; Atlin  and Willow Creek (-old- Mining  Company of Victoria, capital $;.()0,-  000 : Evening Star Mines of Rossland, capital $200,000: Morrison  Minos of f.roonwood, capital $150,-  000; V. k M. Mines Company of  Vancouver, capital $250,000.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  Death Stops a Function.  Di_i..si)-.N, January 25.���The emperor and empress arrived at the  castle tliis afternoon. Jn consequence of the death of the dowager  duchess Frederick of Schlcswig-  IJolstciu, mother of tiie empress of  Germany, at Drc-den, this morning,  today's court reception, iu connection with the emperor's birthday  lias been abandoned.  Millinery Fire in Montreal,  Mo.VTi-KAi., .January 25,---The  wholesale millinery stock of \V. .J.  O'Malley & Co?, Notre Dame .-.treat,  was damaged by lire tonight to the  extent of $5000.  BNCORPORATED 16TO_  A CARLOAD OF CHOICE  VEGETABLES.  Sweet Potatoes  Parsnips  Potatoes  Cabbages  Carrots  Turnips  Beets  Onions  Men and Young Men  Do not spend every evening "ofllic v,-cc__~n-  sc.irnh of amusement, but, give ,i little lime to  join'o..n social and mental Improvement.  NIGHT CLASSES  For sill grades of scholars -will bo opened nt  tllO UllMillUiS College1.  Victoria street'on January 3rd, 1000.  A. .ul joui-.el.Wo_ this opportunity.  RATTRAY & MERRILL  St. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL  _-.K-.sox.--. c.  A hoarding ami dayjs'c.iool cmxliicicd by tlie  SUtyi*. of ,SI. Jo-soph oc I'emo. I!, is .mimiied ut  I lie corner ol -Mill and Josephine streets m quo of  the host lesidentinl pbrtioiis of Nel-on, uiid i-  e.isily in passible from nil purls ol the city,  Thecour-.p of study includes (lie fiinrUmcnlnl  and higbei brandies of thorough I.nghsli Miica-  tion: l.iisinoss (ourse -bookkeeping, stenography and iHiewriling. Science co'iifce-music;  ioe.il and instrumental, diawing, etc. Plain alt  and needle woi k, etc.  Kor terms and p.irlk'iil.ir.. applj to the Sister  Superior,  Will open h ~  Kindergarten a.er  primary schoo-nd  THE ..NGI_X_-.it  CHURCH M.hool  room on I lie 2nd of January, WOO. Kor terms and  all ptu'tieulais. apply to jMISS PAI.MKH,  At residence of Mra J, K. Ilobertson, Baker  Street West.  Boolv Biqding  AND  Makit]  The Tribune has a thorouHi-  \y equipped Book Bindery in  connection with its job printing* department. All ki^-jlf ,pf  books manufactu|��$b��~[0 order,  ancl  binding  HUDSON'S BAY CO.  T_---.pl-on is iii  or  ROYAV SEAL  AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS  UNION MADE  Kootenay Oigar Mfg. Co.  Ni:l_E_0_r, ..KITIB-I COLUMBIA  BURNS BLOCK  Kootenay   Coffee   Co.  NELSON', B. C.  Coffee roasters and dealers In Tea and Coffee,  Oiler frcbh roasted coffee of beat quality as  follows:  Java and Arabian Macha, per pound 9   *��  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds ,"... 1 Od*  Fine Santos, 1 pounds      100  Santos Blend, 5 pounds  1 00  Our Special Blond, fi pounds  1 00  Our Rio Roaut, 6 pounds  100  A trial order solicited.   Salesroom 2 doors east  of Oddfellows block, Wot.! Baker street.  The Neisor] Saw a.|d Plaqiqg Mills, Limited  Are prepared to furnish by raif, barge or teams ,__  Dimension Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Localand Coast Ceiling, Local and  Coast Flooring, Double Dressed Coast Cedar,  Rustic, Shiplap, Stepping, Door Jambs, Pine  and Cedar Casings, Window Stiles, Turned  Work, Band-sawing, Brackets, Newel Posts,  Turned Veranda Posts, Store Fronts, Doors,  Windows and Glass.  Get prices before purchasing elsewhere  sori Saw arsci Plaspg Mills, Limited  Ollleo and Mills corner Kail and Front Streets, Nelson.  H. D_  AS  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  ���Wagon repairing, promptly attended Js* ay a  flrwt-cl��.HS -wheelwiight.  Special attention given to all kinds _*_" repalt-  Inc and enfltom work from nutflide polato.  Shop:   Hall St., totwesn Baker and Ternom  WOOD FOR SALE  GOOD, DRY FIR WOOD  A XV LKXGTJ1S  Leave orders ut Old -'imo^ily Shop, on .To��e-  lilnne street. (_, II. BlUIIAM.  A. R. BARROW, A_M.LC.E_-  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria, and Kootenay Stroets.  P. ��. Box S5.'.. TELEPHONE NO, 95  ethbndge Gait Goal  The best value for tho money in the tnaikot  for all purposes,  trialms cash      W. P. Tieiinijv, General Agent  Telephone 117.    Ollice with C. D. J. Christie.  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  Uhododcmlrons, I?o*,e-., F.mcy Evergreen-J,  -Magnolas. ISulbs, new crop I_wn Grass Sued foi*  picsfnl or sprlm; pl.int_i__. __arge>*t and most  complete stock in Western Canada. Call and  iimke your selection.** or Msnd for catalogue, Ad-  dreh*, at nursery giound.. and gi eon house.  _.__ .1. HRNKV.  SO��.! WcblmiJ.Mer lload, A'ancouver, U, C THE TEIBTOTE:  NELS0J5T B_A. Mil)AY, JANUARY 26, 1900  3  HANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up.. $12,000,000  RE3T     6.000,000  Lord Strathoona and Mount. Royal ...President  lion. George A. Drumiiiond Vice-President  K. S. Olou.stoii General Jlanugor  NELSON BRANCH  Northwest Corner Baker and  Stanley Strfcets  Branches in London* (Kngland) Nkw Yoitic,  CiucA-io, and all the principal cities in Canada.  lftiy and sell Sterling  Kxehango and t.ulile  Transfers. ._-.,..  :   Grant   Coinmerclal   and   Travelers    Credit..,  'available In any part of the world.  ;   Drafts Issued, Collections -Made, Ktc.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Savings Bank Branch  CU1.I.1.NT ltATK OK  INTI-HKST PAID.  ROMANCE   OF   KIMBERLEY.  This century has nothing more  romantic and more wonderful to  show than the contract between  the Kimberley of today and the  site, less than thirty years ago, ou  which was destined to spring up  the richest city, of its size, in the  whole world, built from the un-  /-uspeeted treasures which had been  'lying for centuries under its surface. Within the memory of oven  young men today there was nothing where Kimborly now stand-,  but a vast unbroken expanse of  bare veldt, which wtis rarely seen  except by some stray trader or  hunter.  One hot midsummer day in 1S71  a young man called 1 tawstorne had  started, gun in hand, from the  DeBeers mine, where lie was spending a short holiday with a friend,  and wandered many miles in search  of the game he could not (hid. At  la-^t, weary and overcome by the  heat, he throw himself down to rest  -oh ���tte-JveI(i^��:Bt-4)6giM4.-4a__pl;iy.  idly with the sand at his bide.  While ho was digging abstractedly  with his hand lie turned over a  pebble, wliich he took up and examined carelessly. This, pebble,  as even his untrained eye could not  fail to detect, was a diamond, and  that diamond was the foundation  stone on which Kimberley and all its  ' wealth *.\as built,  .     But Kimberley was  a laggard in  tho race for the diamond wealth  of  ��� South Africa.    Four years earlier a  shrewd trader  had  discovered the  iirst diamond in one of the marbles  ���Svith wliich the children of his Boer  '.host, Van Nierkerk, wore playing,  all unconscious of. its value: and  a  little'later   the   children   of   Van  Wyk, a 3Joer farmer of Dutoitspan,  were   seen   picking   up   diamonds  from tho mud with which the farmhouse was plastered.  The children of these two Boer,  farmers were thus the discoverers  of the hidden millions of South  Africa"; and it was their keen eyes  for the "bright pebbles" which  quickly' Hooded tho bank*, of the  Vaal ancl the Dutoitspan district  with thousands of diggers before  Kunbcrley was oven a dream of the  future. ��� l<Yom the treasure-houses  thus discovered 75 per cent of the  world's supply of diamonds now  conies. Within tho last twenty  * years alone> diamonds valued at  ��(.0,000.000 have been taken from  these mines, and countless millions  remain unfound.  The stories of two of tho large  diamonds taken from the Kimberley mines areas full of romance as  --nythingriirtirehistoi'y of weal tli.  Five years ago a Kaffir employed  at one of the mines was loading a  cart with blue clay, when lie discovered the famous Jagersfontein  diamond, the largest diamond  known to the-world, lb was ���".  inches long, 1A inches thick and 2}  inches wide, and weighed 071:/  carats, or more than 7 ounces avoir-  " dupois. It i.s blue-white in color,  and almost (lawless; while its value  is estimated at <�� 100,000, or over  ��57,000 an ounce.  The largest and most beautiful of  the diamonds in the countess of  Dudley's .-jewel casket-was, in fact,  the very first of all the diamonds  discovered in tho Kimberley dis->  trict. It was for many years in the  possession of a Hottentot, who used  it as a charm for diseases, bub who  was quite ignoi-ant of its money  value. After a long search the  Hottentot was discovered, and induced to part with his talisman in  exchange for Van Nierkirk's horses  and cattle, and its lucky purchaser  promptly sold ib for ��11,200. A  little later this magnificent stone,  which was known as the "Star of  South Africa," was bought for the  countess of Dudley for ��25,000.  These diamond mines were iirst  worked by hundreds of independent  digger*., each of whom had a claim  little larger than a good-sized drawing-room, and none exceeding 31  feet square. Many of these tiny  plots of land, which were originally  worked at a cost of ten shillings a  month, quickly yielded thousands  of pounds' worth of diamonds, and  it was no ttiieommon thing fox* a  claim no larger than a small sitting-  room to change hands for ��10,000  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N. W. T.  or ��1.5,000-  Tlie time, however, quickly came  when the individual miner, with his  spade and pickaxe, could no longer  work the claims, which were bought  up by companies, and in turn these  companies gave place to the De  Beers amalgamation, Avh_-.li, Avith  an original capital of nearly ��1,000,-  000, now practically controls the  South African diamond mines, and  pays dividends at the rate of  ��2,000,000 a year..    G  Nothing is perhaps more surprising in connection with this wealthy  industry than the smallucss of the  mines wliich yield so many millions  and the insignificance of the output  of diamonds when reduced to si/.e  and weight. The site of the De  Beers mine (as of the Kimberley  mine) is no bigger than that of a  large London square, but its shafts  run down to a depth of considerably more than a quarter of a mile.  All the diamonds produced by all  the mines of South Africa during  nearly thirty years could be put in  a single wagon, which six strong  horses could draw; while the yearly  output, which averages about half  a ton, could bo packed away in a  trunk which four powerful men  could carry.  HORRORS   OF   SHRAPNEL.  scored, each hit in all probability  representing a man's .-life;-a second  shell made 180 hits; and from a  third shell no fewer than 220 out of  its 250 bullets found billets on the  screen.  Thus a single shrapnel well aimed  is capable of doing terrible execution on an enemj'-; but their de-  structiveness only becomes apparent when we consider the rapidity  with which they can be-fired. Let  us take, for illustration, a single  battery of half-a-dozen guns, and  see what havoc it might conceivably do within such a short limit of  time as a quarter of an hour.  Each gun is capable of firing a  shell every five seconds, or twelve  shclls-a minute; and as each shell  has on an* average 230 bullets, a  single gun can deluge the enemy  with 3000 bullets a minute, or 45,000  bullets in a quarter of an hour.  The effect on  an enemy of, say,  six batteries showering  on them a  hail of  over  100,000 bullets a minute may well be conceived; and it  is little  wonder that the Dervish  hordes  at   Omdnrman   fell before  such a tornado  of destruction like  grass before the scythe of a mower.  A   shrapnel'  shell   weighs   only  about 14 pounds, and of this weight  ils burden of bullets is nearly half.  It has  an   effective  range of  two  miles, and an average speed of flight  of 1200 feet to 1300 feet a second.  Swiftly as it  flies  and short as its  journev is.  the  second  shell is following from the same  gun on the  track of the first before the latter  has travelled much more than half  of its journey.  CHAIRS (?)  Well, rather.. We received an entire car,  (1300) of chairs last Tuesday, containing  fancy diners (in suits or otherwise), fancy  rockers in cobbler seat or wood, cheaper  dining chairs finished in golden oak and  cheaper ones still suitable for either dining  room or kitchen. There are a few office tilt-  ers in the lot. , So you can'tstick us on  chairs, either in design, quantity or price.  McArthur & Go.  /s��*i  to carry on an agitation that shall  be fruitful in practical and beneficent results." He added that it  was not his aim to overthrow the  sultan, but to induce him to adopt  a more liberal system of government.  s#s@s##ssi  BAKER STREET, NELSON, H C.  GRAVE   AND   GAY   STORYETTES.  11 seems more than a little strange  that, in spite of all the boasted im-  .nrov.J_quc4itsJ._o\_cajK.i_s ofjwar, the.  deadliest of all instruments of  death in use today was as familiar  to our grandfathers and greatgrandfathers in the earliest years  of the century as to us.  Machine guns, such as the -Maxim  and Catling, each pouring forth a  very deluge of bullets at the rate  of several hundred a minute, and  mowing clown the enemy's ranks as  a scythe mows down grass, are very  terrible weapons; but for sheer des-  tructiveness and the power to demoralize the enemy they must  yield precedence to the shrapnel  shells, within whoso "operative  area" nothing can live.  These deadly projectiles were invented, two years before Trafalgar,  by a colonel Shl'apnel, a British  oflieer ; but, as in the case with so  many inventions', the original shrapnel shell was of very primitive construction. It consisted of a spherical  shell, filled with bullets and a  bursth.g charge of gunpowder ; but,  as it had the trick of exploding at  the wrong time, and was only reliable in its uncertainty, it was  often a source of as much danger to  friends as to enemies.  It is, however, from this eriido  projectile that the wonderful shell  of today has been evolved. The  modern shrapnel shell consists of  three parts: the base, the head, and  the tube which runs through its  body. The explosive charge is  placed in the base of the shell: aud  ou a kind of diaphragm placed over  this charge two or three hundred  bullets rest, being kept in position  by rcsiu, which is melted and poured  "oveirthoni." ~   ~  Running from the, base to the  point of the shell is a tube, filled  with powder to connect the explosive charge iu the base with the  fuse'which is placed in tho head of  the,shell. <  Before firing the shell the distance  of the enemy is calculated and the  fuse is'cut down to such a length  that tho-sholl will, explode'at the  precise fraction of a second when it  can inflict most damage. In other  words, the fuse must be of such a  length that the charge Avill be ex-  plodedwhen bheshell is about 20 feet  above and 150 feet in front of the  enemy.  The fuse is ignited by the act of  firing; and as the shell screams  through the' air at the rate 800 to*  1000 miles au hour, it burns rapidly  uutil, just as it is on the point of  striking the enemy bodily, the  charge at the base of the shell is  ignited, and with a terrific explosion the shell is scattered, pouring  down its deadly hail of a quarter of  a thousand bullets over an area of  about 500 square feet. The bullets  are so evenly distributed from this  terrible "spray diil'user" that, if 250  men were massed, within this area,  every man would either be killed or  dangerously wounded.  fn some recent experiments with  shrapnel, shells were fired at a  range of a mile and a half at a  wooden target one Inch thick. Fifty  yards behind this target screens  were placed to represent a battalion  of infantry in columns of companies. The shells were exploded on  contact with the target, and the  number of hits on the screen were  counted.   From one shell 160 hits  At a dinner in Rottingdean lately, a Royal Academician stated to  the company the curious-faefe-that"  sugar- and suraaejire the only two  ...vY-OrdaJii-EngTfsh where su is pronounced as sh'u.    There was much  ��� interest shown in the discovery,  when Rudyard Kipling was heard  from the other end of the. table:  "But, are you quite sure?"  The late Harold Frederic once sat  next to Cecil Rhodes at dinner just  after the latter became famous, but  was not introduced. Rhodes was  silent and kept his ruddy face turn-  ed/Jown towards his plate. "Who,  said Frederic, after dinner, "is that   fool that  I,sat next to at  dinner?" -Tableau ��� mortification  of one of the shrewdest of London  correspondents." , _.  A member of one of the great  London political clubs once lost his  umbrella, and put up a notice in the  hall requesting "the nobleman" who  had taken it to return it when he  had done with it. The committee,  in due course, desired to be inforin-  e"d why he has ascribed its possession to a peer. The member blandly referred them to the .rule, wliich  said that the club was composed of  "noblemen and gentlemen," and  added that no gentlemen would  haAre taken his umbrella.  A Russian once told archbishop  Benson that he saw in a police  court in Russia a priest brought in,  in undress of purple, and the court,  magistrates, and all, knelt and a  police sergeant kissed his hand.  Then, rising, the magistrate _>aid:  "You nasty, drunken beast, so you  \vero__dr__nk again ye.iterday. I'll  make you remember ic this time."  The priest was led out to an adjoin-  ing yard, his clothes torn. off, and  fifty lashes given him; when he  was brought back half-fainting all  Iviielt down and received his  blessing.    Cushman of Washington, is put  down in tho congressional directory  as a congressman-at-large, his state  being without definite congressional  districts. This reminds him of a  story, which is quoted in the Washington. Post. He was once approaching a town, where lie was  billed to make a speech, and stopped  tit a house on the outskirts to get a  drink of water. lie met tho farmer's wife at the well, "What is the  political sentiment around here?"  asked. Cushman.    "I  dunno,"  said  WHOLESALE  Butter,  Eggs,  Cheese,  Green  Fruits,  Cured  Meats,  Vegetables  the woman ; "I don't go to political  meetings. They say there is a congressman at large, and I think the  safest thing for me to do is to stay  at home."   Dr. Westcott, once traveling from  Peterborough to Loudon, sat in the  carriage with a comfortable Yorkshire clergyman, with a'long -ripper  lip and- "aTself-satisfied'expression,'  ".vho bought a bottle of strawberries-  and ate them with great enjoyment  and comfort. Then he wiped his-  fingers and threw the basket out of  the window with great deliberation. A passenger from the corner  said: "A dangerous thing, sir, that  is." After a moment's genial reflection the clergyman, looking  round, said with a sweet smile:  "We live, sir, in a world of risks !"  Lady Randolph Churchill has inherited the wit of her father,  "Uncle Larry" Jerome, as she demonstrated upon one occasion to an  eminent British politician. He was  somewhat annoyed at the campaign  she had made, and said: "I really  don't understand, madam, why or  Jiow it is that American ladies refuse to enter political life in their  own country,, but overwhelm us  here "in .England." "That .is because you have uever traveled in  the States. The men there are so  intelligent and patriotic that they  do not require the services of our  sex as an educating force."  An liluglishman went into the  Chatham hotel, in Paris, recently,  and cautiously asked* the price of  whisky. "One franc, sir, replied  the bar-tender. "And a whisky  and soda?" "One franc, sir. All  drinks are the same price." The  Englishman sat down and, to his  astonishment, found that the place  was run on American lines, and  that the customers helped themselves at their own discretion. He  punished .that bottle of whisky till  it was nearly empty. As lie wont  out he paid down his franc, but the  manager called him back and said:  "You have forgotten your change."  "I thought that the drink was a  franc." "That is so, sir," was the  reply; "that is the retail price, but  there is a reduction when you buy  wholesale." And he handed back  five sous.  In describing Rudyard |Kipling's  recent effort at speech-making, the  London Academy-says: - "When he  showed" iiis face iu the school-room  ���it was crowded���his Rottingdean  neighbors cheered"ili.n mightily,  and he blushed like a great" kid.  When he got up on the platform to  speak he was as white as a ghost.  He had evidently learned his little  speech by heart, and spun it out at  a terrific rate. Of course, that was  nervousness. It struck me that he  felt if he were to hesitate he would  be lost. The Big Englanders will  never get Kipling as a platform  spouter. He'd collapse at the end  of his third meeting."  .Mahmoud Pacha, the brother-in-  law of the sultan of Turkey, avIio  recently fled from Constantinople  to escape persecution on account of  his political principles, and is now  in Paris, said the other day: "I.am  going to England to write all that  I have at heart. 1 wish to try Lo  liberate my country from a tyranny  that is leading it to ruin.    I hope  Charles Lever, the Irish novelist,  in the days  when ho  was British  consul at Trieste, accompanied his  daughter  to  London    for  a  little  social enjoyment, and neglected to  go through the formality of asking  for. a leave of absence.    On his arrival in London he was invited to  dinner by  lord Lytton.    When ho  arrived at lord Lytton's house, his  host said:  ."I'm so glad you could  come!    You will meet your chief, I  Clarendon"���the minister of foreign  affairs.,    The novelist,    much   embarrassed,  began   to  give  reasons  why  he  must  tear  himself away,  but before he could make his escape,  lord Clarendon was announced, and  almost at  once  espied him.    "Ah,  Mr.  Lever,"  he    said,  blandly,  "I  didn't know you were in England;  in fact I was not even aware that  you    had  asked    for   leave    from  Trieste."    "No-o,  my  lord,"  stammered the novelist; disconcerted for  a second, but no more than that;  ���'no. my lord ; I thought it would be  more  respectful  to  your  lordship  for me to come and ask for  it in  person.  Big Pees for Executors.  For their services as executors of  the estate of George 1M. Pullman,  Robert T. Lincoln and Norman B.  Ream will receive four hundred and  twenty-live thousand dollars, one  of the largest fees ever awarded in  the United States.    The formal order permitting them  to take this  sum from the assets of the estate  now in their hands was entered by  judge'Batten of the probate court  of Chicago, a fortnight ago, all the  persons interested in the property  having  given their consent.    It is  said that the award will be divided  equally between the executors, although  Mr.  Lincoln  has probably  devoted more time to the handling  of  the  vast  estate   than  has  Mr.  .Ream.   Mr. Lincoln is president of  the Pullman's Palace Car Company,  and was   chiefly instrumental   in  bringing  about    the  consolidation  with the AVagner Palace Car Company.     Ever  since   Mr.   Pullman's  death he  has devoted the greater  portion of his time to the administration of the affairs of the estate,  which  proved   difficult  to   handle  owing  to  the   many  interests  involved.  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B. C.  GROCERIES.  A    MACDONALD & CO.���Corner Vernon and  ���*-*������   Josephino streets, wholesale grocers and  jobbers inblaiikeUs. gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  inackinaws nnd miners' sundries.   XTOOTKNAY SUPPLY COMPANY, LIMI-  "���*���*������ TED���Vernon street, Nelson, wholesale  grocers.    -  TOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.*  "    son, wholesale grocers.  -Front street, Ncl-  COAL. J  OROWS NEST PASS COAL COMPANY.���  y* Wholesile dealer, in co.il and coke. Charles  St. Burbe. Agent. Baker street. Nelson.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  TT BYERS & CO.-Corner Baker and Josephine  *-*���' streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining supplies. Agentsfor Giant  Powder Co.  LAWRKNCK  Baker St..  AMER.CAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  MEALS  25  CENTS  ROOMS LIGHTICD BY ULKOTKICITY  AND HKATKD BY STKAM  2.1 CKNTS TO 31 "  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson.  HOTEL  QUEEN'S  Ward Bros.  *    REAL ESTATE AND  GENERAL INSURANCE  AGENTS  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF EGGS  Full   stocks  carried   at   Nelson   and  Rossland.   Mail orders solicited,  W. Starmer Snjith & Go.  PAPER HANGER, GLAZIER,  PAINTER, ETC.  CHIMNEY- SWEEPING  Ofllee Wj-i\l .Street Opposite Open. Hosise  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  - .    Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and count,   *  Newel Posts  Stair Bail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  IF WHAT  VOL? WANT IS NOT IN* STOCK     '  Wi: WILL MAKI- IT KOI- YOU  CALL AND GIST PRICES.  On  "Kiro,  application wc will quote you intes on  Life, Accident and Plate Glass Insurance  AGENTS VOU J. & J. TAYLOR SAFKSJ  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Lighted, by Electricity and Heated ���with Hot Air.    -  I-arge comfortable bedrooms and   first-class  dining-room. Sample rooms for commercial men.  RATES $2 PER DAY  HAI-DWARK   (COMPANY���  ,  Nelson,  wholesale   dealers in  hardware and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers' supplies.  V-A-Nf-OUVEIi   nAI-DWAl-K    COMPANY,  ��     LIMITED���Baker street. Nelson, wholesalo  dealers in hard ware and mining supplies, plum-  l>"r.r and tinsmith.,' supplies.  jERATED and mineral waters.  rpiIORPK & CO., LIMITI.I).-Comer Vernon  -������ and Cedar .streets, Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholcsaleiealcra in rerated waters and  fruit sM-up_. Solo agentsfor Halcyon Springs  mineral water.  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  TTT  F. TKKTZKL & CO.-Corncr llaker Pand  " ���   Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers  in   as-wiycrs  fcupplies.   Agents "for Denver  * ire Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  mURNER, BEETON & CO.-Corner Vernon  ���*��� and Josephine streets. Nelson, wholesalo  dealers in liquors, cigars and dry goods. Agents  for PabsL Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Co. of Calgary.  '   "    COMMISSION  MERCHANTS.  Baker street, NMson,  .   , in   liquors,    cigars,  cement, lire brick and lire clay, water pipe ami  steel rails, and general coniiiii-sion merchant...  ~ - FLOUR AHD~FEi5r~" ~  pRACKMAN & KER MILLING COMPANY  ���*-' LTD.���Front htreol. Nelson, wholesale dealers in flour, oat.neai, etc,, and hay and grain,  Miilh at Edmonton, Victoria, and New -Westminster.  CIGARS. '  KOOTENAY CIGAR MANUFACTURING  CO.���Corner Baker and Hall htrcet-s. Nolson, manufacturers of "Rojal Seal" and "ICoolo  nay Belle" brands of cigars.    ,  \ PAINTS   AND   OILS.  '*'  ;nT1.I_SON  HARinYAI.E  COMPANY���Baker  *���*    Street���Whole-Mil.   HJ. EVANS &  CO.-  ��� - wholesale   "dealers  W|rs. E. C. GlarKe, Prop.  ...-���IT OK TUB HOVAI- IK  IVJadden House  I.ATI* OK TUB HOVAI- l-.-TI.I, CAT-TIAHY  Baker and Ward  Sheets, XeKou  FOR SALE  '      J.L-S-X.-'-t'-! A.VIJ. KKSII-KNT-A-. I'1-OI'KHTV  25 by 120 with Improvements, fcouth sido  Vernon hireet , goOOO  50 by 1-J0 corner of Baker and Hall streets.  _   Paltieular*.given on application...   2i lots with cot t.ige, rented at$t& per mouth,  Victoria street...,"  .....   .$3500  2 lots with cottage, rented at ��29 per month,  Stanley street ��� S,_000  1 lot.s including corner, -(JO foot frontiige ... ?1200  For Residential 1'ioperty you could nol do  better than in.u-.t in Fairview, commonly  known as l-Oiiiistown, especially now that the  tramway i*. completed and in operation.  For parllciilm-. ap.tly to above llim, We-4.  Baker Sheet, Nelson.  A. R. SHERWOOD  HAM- AND  -,M_1_ Sri-Kl'-lS, ^I.F-SO.V  aywara  : sri-Ki'-is, Tf__._so.v  Contractors aad Builders  WILL DO WELL TO  Buy Their Lumber  AT  G. 0. Buchanan's  A large stock ot first-class dry matorial on  hand, also a tall line of sash, doors, mouldings,  turned work, etc.  Factory Work a Specialty  Yard!  Foot of -Beadryx strteti, Nelson  Telephone. 91    J0l]IT  RaB,  hg^Bfit  REAL ESTATE;'-  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  First door west  of Bank of Bi itish  Columbia building.  BEWARE OF SMALLPOX  GO TO  IS  AND GI'.T  A polity wlui li -.vill secure to yon SL. per ..eel*.  if you are so unfortunate as to c.Udi sm;ill]io\.  l'ni'Cs *."! and $t.    I-wucd here.  Haul fo.il  Antluaeite  GREAT REDUCTION  $9_65|[.���4r'sXest   $6.15  DELIVERED  T------.__0.V--  33  G. W. West & Go.  Tho only hotel in Nel-on thai, has remained  uudor ono manftgcincntt_li.ee 1890.  The bed-rooms are well furnished; and lightod  by electricity.  The bar is always stocked by tho bent domestic and imported liquors and cigars.  B. C��  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  HOTEL  ERIE, B. C.  Kirht-class in every respect. Choicest wine.,  liquors arid cigar*.. Kvery comfort for LniiMiciil  and resident guehth.,  ,     HKAnQUATITERS FOR UNION MKX.   .lOSKPH CAMl'liKI,!,, Proprietor.  A Big Schooner  OF  BEER OR  HALF-AND-HALF  ���ALWAYS  I'ltKSil  10c  ALWAYS  COOI.  The best glass of beer lo be bad In .VcNqii iVat  TIIK CLl'Ii IIOTKL  Corner Silica, and  Stanley StreotB.  E. 4. CURRAN, Prop,  Halcyon water  The  is ivq i_sx_>___r_;iM--_-ST_  -medicinal    value,   of    HALCYON"  WATKR  li--1. been proven.  Halcyon Watet is Bottled Properly.  Vr-nion street   Thorpe ��S_ Co.  R. REISTERER & CO.  IIIIICH'KIU AND HO'rn.i-US ov  F!NE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  and   bniMierf  Kootenay.  dealers iri paintp, oils,  of all kinds.    Largest htock' in  fresh; and salt meats.  -  p BURNS & CO.-Bukor street, JS.clf-.oti,  J- ��� wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meat*..  Cold at-arace.  POWDER, CAPS~AND FUSE.  TTAMILTON POWDKR COMPANY���Baker  J-J- biicetNcl'.oii, -iiannfaclurei'8 of dynamite,'  sporiiiiK. stlimping and black blasting powders,  whole-Jtle dealers in caps and fuse, and electric  blii-Uii-- apparatiiB.  PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS. -  PARSONS   PHODUCK ^COMPANY-Tomon  ���*-    btrect, Nelhon, wholesale d_aler�� in provi���  ion,*?, produce, and fruit*.   AkciiU for Swift &  Co. bacon and liain_,.  J:  in pi  _Y,_GllII'*nN_-fc_r-).__..:-.rner_V��*r.i<ui n��d_  Josephine utreetH, Nelson, wholei-ato dealew  ovihion*-, cured meats, butter ancl egg*.  T-jl K. STKWAKT & CO.~Warchoil*o^i7.rP_  ���*- ��� K. track, foot of Stanley hlreet. Nelson,  wholesale dealers in provi-iipus, produce (and  fruit..-. Cold HtoraKO. AneiitB Armour & Co'a  bacon, lianiH, lard and other product-*".  MANITOBA 1-RODUCK AND COMMISSION  UO.,L.<], .-. Nctrion   l.rarich.   Hall   htroet.  Wholesale dealcra in butler, ejfgs and cheese.  _____        ____ ���     ____.,  ��JKI_SQN   SAW  AND DOORS.       AND .PLANING    MILLS  LIMITKD���L'oriior Front and Hnii Hlreeln,  NcI-ion. manufacturer!! of and v, liolcA'ile .lealerrf  Its- ixwii and doorn.allklnd-i of fueloi') work iniule  to order.  WINES AND  QAUKOKNIA    WINK  CIGARS.  COMPANY, LIMI-  TKD���Cornnr Pi out and Hall street-., Nelhon. whale-silo dealers In wines' (caM> and bulk)  and domoHtic and import i>d cl^arn^  LODGE   MEETINGS.  g'NlGHTS OF PYTHIAS- Nelson Lodge,  .No,  O.K.  25, KniK.it*. of Pythias, mceta in I.  .r and Kootenay stre  at 8 o'clock,   Viaitlng Knighta  U. C.      K. O. JOY, K. of R. & 8.  Hall, corner llaker and Kootenay streetR. every  _        - . .....       y-j  . .        ..... y  ... ,-     .   .  T. LILLIK  Tuesday ovonlmr  cordially invited to attend,  NELSON LODGE. NO. 23, A. K. & A. M.  Mcota Becond Wednesday In each month.  Sojourning brothrou invited.  NELSON L.  Hull,  Prompt (still regular  dulivery _o llio tiude  Brewery at Hekon  O. L-. No. ia'12, meets in I. O. O. F.  . corner Bakor and Kootenay Btreetri,  1st  and 3rd  Friday  of  each mouth.   Visiting  bn��thern cordially invited.        _  II. I-O-iivs.i.v, W.M.  W. Cit -Wroitn, Hcc.-Soe.  NKLSON -fl-IUK, Number 22, Fraternal Order  of KaKlc*. meets e\ery second and fourth  Wo-lncnd-iy incach month  in Fraternity Hall.  ViMtini. brethren welcome.  W. <-i*;>m_i i, Pre-ildont.  C *. \ki i.*5 Pi-ii--!:!-. beerot.iry  KLPON MINKKS' UNION NO. !��. AV. F. of  _.1.--Mpc1s in _iiin_i��' union uiiiin*., north-  oasl I'ortuT Vn tonu and Koytun.iy -treei **. evoi y  -taiuiditr even-UK at 8 oVlock. Visiting members welcome.  Jvmk Wji i*.!.-.. Soc'y.    CiiAs*. A. McK.w. Pro*. .  rpHK rejjular i(ieetiiu.*uf tlw CarpcntciV Cnioit  -I- uie held on \V��.ilnc*.d_i> eiemiiff ot each  week, at T ui-IolI:. I" tlio Miners' t'nion hall cor-  i-i*r Victoria at,<l Kooteimv -licet*.,  U. ..-.l-INNON, Pre-ident.  .IAM1-S -TOLLING. Secretary.  ~ AEOHtTiEdfS.  triWAKT & GAKRIR���Aiohitec-S.  Room . 7  �����-��. ao-JS Abetdeec block, rakoratxeot. Nol-ffiD. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSOK, B. C, FRIDAY JANUARY 26, 1900  JUST RECEIVED  A DIRECT IMPORTATION OF  pushes  BATH    TOOTH    NAIL    HAIR  Baker Street, Nelson  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  Fall and Winter  Boots and Shoes in all the latest styles  and direct from the manufacturers  Dont fail to see our stock suitable for this winter  Maltese Gross Rubbers arid Overshoes  Buy Maltese and get the best  J. A. GILKER  213-215 BAKER STREET  NELSON  To the People of the Kootenays  A NEW YEAR AND A NEW IDEA  I had forgotten to mention to you before Christmas the following  staple lines of goods  The Karq Cabinet Grand Pianos  The beet in Canada  I  <���  Qoufintf Manhinoc   New Raymond, Wheeler & Wilson, White,  dewing \1\dU\U\Ub   Domestic and the Standard.  All good machines and guaranteed.  FJ.ATWEAR  Knives, Forks, and Spoons, all 1847 Rogers  A full line of Bar Plate  Special Announcement  For watch   repairing and. jewelry manufacturing we  have  increased   our staff and   are  prepared to make up chains, lockets,  and rings at home without sending away.for them.  _/  I have a specialist who will test your eyes free of charge.  Mail arid express orders promptly attended to.  JACOB DOVER, Jeweler, Nelson  Comfortable  ootwear  SMALL SHOES ior ,Iuto cSinps  STRONG SHOES ���� *��a, *>y*  STYLISH SHOES for thoh'f<lLhcrs  DAINTY SHOES'fcPl,Uto��S?Blto��  for their mothers  ELEGANT SHOES  AVe stand hack of our Shoe_  They are uiaile in sm.'h a way, from stock, Mint, lliore is no excuse for anything but satisfaction  AVe have ft larger btoeli than you usually see and lower price'*; for the wime quality  than you ever run across  Shoch lo Ut all loot, in st_ les to suit every fancy, at price* mowed down to a minimum.  Neeland's Shoe Emporium  W. P. DICKSON  BAICK-l STREET. NELSON  B. H. E. APPI-BWHAITBI  J. MePHKB  Kdoterjay Electric Supply & Construction Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Trat_sn_l_,sion and Ughtlng for  Mines, Towns EHectrlc P'lstaras, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, _______ t-SciatorB, Etc.  P. O. Box 806.  Josephine Strent, Nelson, B_ O.  TENTS AND AWNINGS  Now isthe time to order your tents and awnings  for the spring. Any size tent or awning made.  The only factory between Winnipeg and the Coast,  CITY LOCAL NEWS  Frank Noll of Pot-to Rico was in  the city yesterdiiy. lie transferred  a third interest in the Star, and a  three-eights interest in the Spotted  Horse claims to J. A. Clark of Trail,  both properties being in the Ymir  district.  George Arthur Steele, son of  George Steele of the LaAvrence  Hardware Company, died yesterday of meningitis, aged two and a  half years. The funeral takes  place this afternoon at 2 o'clock  from the father's residence Silica  street to the Union cemetery, Rev.  R. Frew officiating. The bereiwed  family haA'e the sincere sympathy  of many friends.  An order has been issued relating  to the Nelson C. P. R. telegraph  office, whereby the office is placed  I on a more important basis than  formerly. In future the mechanical work, of the Kootenay and  Boundary districts Avill be directed  from this city, and the various  gangs of linemen ���will make their  headquarters here.  The steamer Rossland has been  been laid up for the winter. She  Avas beached yesterday at _>_aki.sp,  and Avill undergo repairs aud improvements '.luring the period of  iiiactiuii,,      .(  After several tests and a close inspection, chief Thompson has concluded that his men can reach the  top of any building in the city  Avithout employing the extension  ladder. ,*As a result of this the  heaAry extension weighing 500  pounds can be placed on the auxiliary reel and taken out if the  nature of a fire should render its  use desirable. Jn the meantime the  hose cart Avill make much better  time to alarms by reason of running a quarter of a ton lighter.  Peters, tiie motorinan hurt on the  tramway, will leave Hie hospital  shortly^ in fact he might have gone  out a fortnight ago had he so desired. .Hewill be retained in the  employment of, the'company.  In regard to the Kelly bail bond  referred to in yesterday's Trihuni.,  it should be understood that the  citizens Avhose names were proposed  as sureties AA'ere quite acceptable to  Eyesight Tested  If your eyes trouble you in  reading or doing fine, work,  especially during these dark  days, you need properly fitting  spectacles ��� we have them.  The best lenses only used.  - Go_d~and~ steel"frames.  Canada Drag & Book Go.  - NELSON  224-226 Baker Street, /.elsot;.  TO YOUR LOT LINE  AVIO 1)0 IT     SEE US  GAS FITTING OUR SPECIALTY  PLUMBING OP ALL KINDS  Oj.CI.l llotl.C l-lo.'J-,  N'Ol-OIi  FULL LINES OF WINTER AND SPRING SUITINGS  OPPOSITE SILVIO- KINO JTOTET  WRST RAKER STREET- NELSON  .���'0--M.-I.J_V K'M)\V,V AS THK  NET-SOX CIGAR tO.  G. B. MATTHEWS, Proprietor  If you would enjoy a fresh and fragr.uit wuoko don _ forget the Cabinet koups Iheiu  Here's Bargains  jyjEN'S SUITS  AW lia.e aljniii ii ..nits Of kohiI sori'lucaWe  I .-_-<.._��, odds iiml one**, of our $10ami Slii-uiii**, nil  w"yiwJin1 lit Use lot.   Take your Choice for $?..���>(..  Hoy-iMiits, uurin .Hid meo, extra nood for lit-  11<> i>r ii o,  UihIli wear,il hi'C_,inl low price*,'.  Hiii'tfiilii*. iti riit'n's ami boy'*, cups, socks and  liu.-..   Qiiaiitj (food-j.r_cos low.  Hakcr Street.  Opposite QHeon'sHotel.  &  /���  OUT'PRICES IS THE  ORDER OV THE DAY  And I want to bo In It. I have just received  Fall samples of Suitings and Overcoatings, representing a 950,000 stock to choose from made to  your order at prices never hefore heard of in Nelson, All the latest 'adb in Fancy A'catings for  Fall and winter.  Ladies' tailoring in all its branches a specialty.  Lowest prices.  Rooms 1 and 11, Hillyer block.  STEVENS, The Tailor  ��� "F*     "S ���      ___.     CLEANING  me Tailoring nKI^1Na  YOUR OWN GOOD.S MADE UP  OLD CLOTII-_3.aAfAI.__ GOOD AS NEAV  ARTHUR GEE  Opposite Clarke Hotel,   MERCHANT TAILOR  LADIES AND  GENTLEMEN  Clothe-. cleaned anil 'guaiiiiilped. Alio  I'ltlinney sweeping on sliortcsL notice.  Oidois left .it Palace M.tlvCiy, next Lo  Koj.il Hotel, Stanley street.  J.   M0FFETT,    Proprietor.  the authorities, comprising as they  did well-known-business men. The  hitch arose OA'er the fact that the  sureties declined to sign the bond  for pertinent reasons.  Peterson* the - prisoner brought  doAvn from Kaslo oir AVednesday  charged with theft Avill be brought  before judge Forin on .Monday to  elect as to~ his trial. As Peterson  pleaded guilty to the offence before  the magistrate at Kaslo it is probable his case Avill be disposed of  quickly.  A feature of the program for .improving C. P. It. facilities in Nelson,  Avhich has not been dwelt on at*, any  length as yet,is ihat relating to the  future quarters of the uptown  offices. The company are now considering scA-eral propositions by  Avhich they Avill secure commodious  offices on Baker street for the accommodation of the city ticket,  freight, telegraph and steamboat  departments under one roof. An  announcement along these lines is  expected at an early date.  The traniAvay company lias been  notified that the big motor generator for their power house, and the  other -ippliivi-ces necessary to complete the.' plant, Avill be shipped  from Ontario on the 5th ultimo.  This apparatus should haA'e been  forwarded on December 15 th. No  alteration will be made in tho present running arrangements until the  neAV machines are installed.  F. -TV. Peters, district C. P. R.  freight agent, lias returned from  GreenwOod, Avhither he AA'ent to  straighten out the congestion of  freight cars at that point. A large  building was secured for Avare-  housing~f'Feigh_t, and the merchants  AVeie stimulated"^-!- JJie--.__r_t_e_ of  unloading, so that a continual string .  of empties has been coming out of  Greenwood for several days, and  the yard is now closed.  Charles IL Crandon Avas in Nakusp yesterday on business in connection AA'ith the C. P. R. steamship  line.  A report from the Boundary  states that the first ore shipment  from the "Winnipeg property Avas  made this week. The 13. C. mine,  four miles from Eholt has also made  its Iirst shipment by rail consisting  of four carloads to Trail. The  management claim to haA'e 10,000  tons on the dump and state their  intention of.shipping three cars  daily iu the future.-  A meeting of the Nelson aud Lacrosse-Hockey .clubs takes place in  the hotel Hume at 8 o'clock. Tho  proposition to be considered is as  to the dispatching of a team to represent the city in the championship matches during the Rossland  carnival ncxtinonth.  R. TV, Drew, general agent of the  C. P. R., lias forwarded Avord to  the effect that he Avill return to  the city on Monday. Mr. Di-cav  was called east Jive Avecks ago by  the serious illness of his* father  wlio is still in poor health.  Dr. LaBau, health officer, and  chief Jarvis spent most of yesterday in inspecting the shack "districts of the city. Absolute cleanliness AA'ill be insisted upon as a  measure of precaution to prevent  any spread of disease. Ifeuce  house-cleaning, is the order of the  day among shack owners. Dr.  LaBau will prepare a report on the  matter which promises to be of  considerable interest.  ��� -Yesterday "morning- a~~gaifg~ of,  men in charge of W. A, McLean  commenced getting out rock for  street macadam. Within a week  they Avill haA-o reduced the rock  bluir between the fire hall and the  Scroggs building to blocks of the  proper size.  ��� 'A gang of workmen commenced  work -yesterday in constructing a  trestle to connect Ward street Avith  tiie lane wliich runs at the rear of  Baker street business houses, Up  to the present this lane has been  practically useless, but with a proper approach" it will be ., great con "  A,e^_ence.-  f/ The announcement that men  would be enlisted shortly for lord  Strathcona's Horse stimulated local  military enthusiasts to such an extent that the notice originally post-  ��im  --^1  Stoves   Stoves  We have the finest line of COAI HEATERS ever displayed in the district. We are sole agents for ihe famous COLE'S HOT BLAST HEATER  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted to any kind of coal.  CROW'S NEST, LETHBRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds  equally well. Not requiring the attention of an ordinary coal heater.  Economical, durable and simple in construction. See our Steel Ranges  for hard and soft coal or wood.  H. BYERS & CO.  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON'  ed by lieutenant Beer on the Nelson  Hardware Company's door failed to  satisfy anxious enquirers. Accordingly a fresh notice Avas posted yesterday Avhich reads: "No orders to  enlist men reeeiA-ed." When instructions arrive ample notice AA'ill  be giA'en to interested parties.        /r  Latimer street is now in good  condition for hcaA'y teaming.  H. L. West Avas sentenced yesterday to four months' imprisonment  in jail. West asserted that rheumatism had so crippled him that he  AA'as unable to leave the city within  the time specified on the occasion  of his first appearance in court, but  magistrate Crease AAOiild not alter  the sentence. The authorities state'  that several other undesirable citizens Avill be sent to join West if  they do not take warning and pack  their blankets.  HOTEL ARRIVALS.  k  At the Phair.���TV. II. Norman,  J. A. Sutton, San Francisco; A. D.  WJiegl-_r.j-_.--A-. G. Wheeler, T. E.  Hickey, Ain-_Avui--_.li; John P. Jones,  Portland: C. H. Lalrg^-^grnier_ A.  II. McCuIloch, Vancouver^ W7__I.  Jeffrey, C. O. Lalonde, Rossland;  TV. li. Angus, Toronto: C. D. Mc-  Ken/.ic, Kaslo; .1. SlaA'in, II. E. Mc-  Caney, Spokane; M. McMinn, Trail;  Mrs. Rhodes and daughter, Revelstoke.  At this Humb.���Hank Noll and  Avife, Porto Rico; James Gonda,  Victoria; G. N. Ramsay, Vancouver; David H. Ross, ReA-elstoke; A.  Paulson, city; TV. S. Swain, Rossland; G. A. Mitchell, Rossland; H.  A. Small, VancouA'er; C. G. Griffin,  Ontario Powder Works; Thomas E.  Burnett, Vancouver; Henry Roy,  Rossland; IT. B. Smith, Rossland;  If. A. Wilkin^-, Rossland; II. P. Ren-  Aviek.1 Rosslaiid; J. B. Morris, .Montreal; F. Simpson, Cranbrook; P. F.  Richardson, Vancouver; G. H. Ellis,  Greenwood; TV. T. Turman and  Avife, San Francisco; H. II. Cooper,  Vancouver; TV. D. Forster, Green1  Avood. '    . ,.  AT  THK   GRAXD   Cl-NTI-Al-.���J. A.  McNab, Ainsworth; - II. E. Wade,  Athabasca mine; li. M. Kaskill, S.  F, Ream or, H. Blair, J. M. Rae, A.  Mnthesoii, A. G. Gillespie, O. E.'De-  A'al, Rossland; F. Clark, OttaAva;  Miss TVedesh, Slocan City: G. Pehle,  Colville, Wash,; E. J,Breeze, Butte,  J, G. McCJintock, St. Fortine. Quebec: YV- Paturt-l, P. E. Simpson,  Robson; J. Enos, Spokane; T. Aris,  Wini .ippg.  At tiik Sii.ver Kino. ��� TV. J.  Nixon,- Grand. Forks; il. Scott,  Spokane; J. Nelson, Rossland; L.  Dagmar, Spokane.  At tiik QL'Een's. ��� N.   Darling,  Vancouver;   J.    Fielding,     C.     C.  BroAvu, Rossland; _Mre._Rilehie_aud_  daughter,     Spokane;    M.    Manly,  Boston.  At thk MAi-ni-X.-���TV. TV. Head-  ley, Nnkusji; TV. Kavanagh, T.  KaA'anagh, Greenwood; C. Weist,  West Robson.  WE HAVE STOVES  But  while  we   are  waiting  for the cold weather we  would  draw  your attention to our line of  NICKLED COPPER WARE  Including Tea aiC Colt'ec Pots, (severnl designs) Knnmcllcd ITumllc Dippers, Pudding Dishes, Tea  ICellles, etc., and tlio only place you can-gel, them is uts  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY  J\\e Leading Grocers  Kirkpatrick &. Wilson  ./-  Carrying a full stock of Groceries,  Crockery,   and _ Glasswarg  Our Grocery and provision Department is crowded with all the  popular brands of edibles. A  large consignment of fresh eggs  has just reached us.  Crockery and Glassware  , Kirkpatrick & Wilson  Phone 8.  Box 57.  Monsoon  Is like all our goods  Monsoon Tea is always the same  Fop sale by  Reliable  Tf|e Western Mercantile Co., Limited  Suecchsoi". to IM. Dc-I-ris-iy & Co., Staple and Fancy Grocms  I_._I-_]_1- STREET. NELSON'  BUSINESS   MENTION.  For" snle.��� Furnished hotel.    In-  riuin,'at, Cabinet Cj'k.h'S!ore, Hake,   street, iN'ui-  Onu of the most de.s_r.-ble Jiouhos  on A'icloria el i eel. with all modern con voniunccs,  hiu'lable foi small family, Owner leaving uilj.  JSarguin if liikci) .piick.   Drawer S pustolllce.  Wanted���Good reliable' Avniteress  at (lie ICa.slo hotel, K'a��lo.  Dry Wood.���If you Avaut good  dry wood ko to Kelly & S'cepur'.s.  The Tribune is contracting to supply ail lite leadhiK hotels in South-1!*!. Ivootenay  and Vale with registers during the year IIXX1.  Advertisement--, will be printed iu those reK.bicn-,  at the uniform price of $2 per square inch of  Hpnce used. All Uio work of ruling, printing and  binding will be done iti Nolson.  Groceries  and  Provisions  FREE DELIVERY OF GOODS TO  ANY PART OF THE CITY  John A. Irving & Co  Houston Block  J\SK YOUR GROCER FOR TfjE CELEBRATED  _____���____. .i-WMl,  The Best that Money can Buy.  Take no Other  _. _j  Manufactured by the 1-raefcma.i-K.er Milling Co., Lid.  A'lctoria, Vancouver, AVestHiiii��i!er, Kdmonlon,Nelson.'  urns  ofesa  Head Office at  KELSON, B.  C.  eats  In consequence of a quantity of inferior coaf oil being sold in the  city, purchasers are requested to see that al! cases and tins are  marked either Standard Oi! Company or Imperial Oil Company.  C. W. WEST & CO., Agents.  lew Grocery Store  favor u*. villi will rcocivu our careful attention and uioinpt delivery.  iny hou**o in tho ti.ulo  AVe are now open for business- and are in a position  to furnish you with fjootl  fresh groceries at lowest  piicc*.  An. orders yon may  AVe are in no way connected with  Josephine and ftilict Siroot*.,  opposite Methodist Church  PATTON & ENMAN  Markets at Nelson, Rossland, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, New  Denver, Re\-elstoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Midway, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  estTKootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Ne!son ��#   ��   TRAVES,   Manager  OHDKKS BY MAIL RBCJMVB CARKFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.


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