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 **  HOUSTON WASJLEOTED MAYOR  Scenes and Incidents of the Day.  John Houston was elected mayor of  the city of Nelson yesterday. This was  accdmplished by the votes of 307 electors,  as against the A*otes of 20(5 who voted for  Frank Fletcher. The campaign on both  sides was conducted with, most commendable y.eul, and when the polls closed there  were not a dozen electors who had failed  to register their votes. Each mayoralty  candidate carried his homo ward, John  Houston having a majority of 39 in the  East ward to overcome the majority of  2S which Frank Fletcher secured in the  West ward.  Ex-mayor Neelands marked the closing  days of his term of office by active partisanship. He entered into -tho light to  such an extent that he nominated one  candidate to succeed himself as mayor,  and four, candidates for places at the  next council board. His mayoralty candidate was defeated, and two of those  whom he nominated for the council wont.  with him. Of the other two Dr. Arthur  secured a majority of thirty-three voles  over Thomas Madden in the West 'ward;  while C. Morrison holds third place from  John A. Irving in the East ward upon  the returning officer's rejection of a questionable ballot, the validity of which  will doubtless be settled by a reference to  the courts.  'In the East ward the supporters of  candidate Houston polled their strength  in the early part of the day, and when  the work of counting the ballots was  commenced the rival candidates ran upon  even terms for the iirst 200 ballots taken  out of the box. After the middle of tho  day's voting was reached, however,  Houston drew steadily away and pulled  out with a majority of .if). The result of  the polling in the East ward was :  FRIDAY MORNING, JANUARY  12,  1900.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR; WEEKLY,  $2.  John Houston .  I'l.mk l-'letclu'r .  l.r. ii. A. II. Il.il!  W. .1. Wilson    ..  ('. 31 oi i ison   ....  .1. A. Irviiuv  Hamilton l.yeis   .  I (IK  M 11(111.  I'OII Al l.l'H Ml v.  -01  Km  LUI  . _���:..  -.'tu  . an  .  1.U  The contest between aldermanic candidates Morrison and Irving was very close,  and early in the count returning officer  Strachan rejected ti ballot for Irving upon  which the voter had placed two distinct  crosses, one of which appeared inside the  ruled line.-* in which the candidate's name  appeared and the other in the proper  place at the end of the name. Mr. lr\ ing  will probably demand a recount,, and' in  the event of the rejected ballot being  allowed the returning "officer will be  obliged to give a cabling vote between  , the two candidates.  There was a corresponding increase iu  the vote of the West warn! as cam pared  with the previous election, there being  '__.'M votes cast for the mayoralty candidates tu*. against 1SI in .January, 1800.  The most regrettable feature of the aldermanic content iii tho. West ward was  the defeat of Thomas Madden. Although  lie polled more \*otes in the ward than  were secured by the head of the aldermanic ticket in 1899, he fell .'_������* votes-  short of ejection. The result of the polling in the West ward was :  nut m.vim.  .l.tha Houston .  I'Vauk I'letcher  A, I. Jl. .-.11..,. .  Witliii in 1) ���. in.1,  IM. Arthur   .  '1 limn.is Mndtteu  Arthur l-Viiaiiit  CO It ..l.l.i-KMl..*.  1MI  171  1U!  ii/;  i,-:.  _7  i in many respects suitable  i  representative  vote, dc-  The day wn  for obtaining  spite the mud which was inches deep on  the roads. 1'Y.rtunately there was neither,  rain or snow to deter citizens from  turn-  ���ing out- to-the  polls. - - The -proceedings  opened at an early hour when the candi-  v dates' committee room*, were a  scene of  activity as the final arrangements for the  battle of the ballots were 'discussed and  i completed. ' At 8 o'clock the polling  booths were opened, and the fight was  on in grim earnest. Cityclerk Stracha'n  presided at tho West ward booth, with  I.. .). Steele as his clerk, while magistrate  Grease officiated as deputy returning officer for the West ward, with S. M.  Brydges as clerk    Fov a while the voters  . drifted iiTsomewhat slowly, but shortly  tlio campaigner:-, began to' show* their  hands and busbies., brightened, with the  returning officers.. About noon the  gruatest rush was felt, ami   later  on, for  . half an hour or so before the polls closed,  ii number of citizens bustled in to record  their votes. The streets were thronged  from morning to night, though, strange  to say, the crowd did not congiegate  about the polling booths until later in the  day when the result of the polling might  be expected. Every Corner on Baker  street had its group of interested citizens,  numbering from one to two score. Among  these the probable issue of the contest  was eagerly canvassed and the pros and  cons of the matter discussed with  warmth. There was no disorder. While  the fight was one of the greatest ever  seen in Nelson, the rank and file among  the contestants bore no ill will,  and beyond a few arguments over  wagers, the crowd might have  been talking of a patriotic  celebration. During the morning tlio followers of Mr. Fletcher loosened up their  pursestrings and wagered money with a  nerve which was (pate unexpected in.  view of their astonishing caution in this  respect prior to yesterday, and particularly on Wednesday night, when a fiue-  . tooth comb would hardly have discovered  a dollar of Fletcher money. One man  alone carried $1200 in wagers deposited  with him. The excitement got fiercer as  the afternoon passed, and by 4 o'clock a  general movement was made by" the  crowds toward the polling booths. The  announcement of the result in tho mayoral ty race was made first in the West  ward booth. Soon after the figures from  Wast ward were given out and the jubilation commenced. The supporters of  Mr. Houston had worked throughout with  implicit confidence in the result, yet the  statement of the actual majority was the  signal for the release of a tremendous  volume of enthusiasm. Cheers resounded  from one end of Baker street to the other,  and at the victorious candidate's committee rooms broke all records. Volley ou  volley of cheers followed each other, and  iu the intervals for breath the workers  grasped hands with a vigor which would  have been painful under ordinary circumstances.  The Houston supporters , celebrated  their victory in fitting style.' Some with  more enthusiasm than discretion started  a tar-barrel at the corner of Baker and  Josephine streets, which illuminated the  streets for several blocks. Mayor-elect  Houston appeared on the scene shortly  after in a hack, accompanied by several  of his supporters, and made a speech to  the assembled crowd, but his remarks  were drowned with the shouting and  cheering of his supporters. The members  of the smelter band took up a position on  the Houston block corner, and the band  of the Salvation Army on W. F. Teetzel  & Co'.s corner, and alternately filled the  air with music. Some time later a procession was formed and proceeded  through the streets of the city with  lighted brooms, cheering and shouting  and having a good time generally. The  enthusiasm did not spend itself until a  late hour. It was a victory of the work-  ingmen of the city and they made the  most of it.  Well-Known Conductor Killed.  Montis fa..,, January If.���"Dick" llams-  den, a well-known Grand "Trunk conductor, was killed in  a   rear  end collision a  few miles out of this city.  FROM   GOLDEN    CAPE   NOME  A Pioneer Tells His Experience.  F. W. Powers, a successful Cape Xomc  miner,- is in the city on a brief visit. He  ha- been interviewed since his arrival by  a number of Nelsonites, and his report oi"  the new bonanza country is such that,  this city will probably be represented in  the rush which is anticipated, a few  months hence. *  .  Mr. Powers came out from the Cape on.  October 22,    He had intended wintering  there, but was attacked  with fever and  dysentery and lefc to recuperate.    He is  interested in   various  claims,   but places  his   principal    expectations   on   twelve  claims   in   the   Fort   York  district, 110  miles north of Nome. These Yorke claims  he believes will  be spendid propositions,  and he expects that countiy will pan out  as well as the  the territory immediately  surrounding  Cape  Nome.    When  asked  as to  whether   he  recommended men to  go  to  Nome   in   the   spring,  Mr.  J'ow*'  -ers-said.���" 1" would" not.-advise   anyone  one   way   or   the   other.      It  is  a  hard country, tho .summer  sea-on  being  particularly trying, and a man takes long  chance.", whetrhegoes in, but ou the other  hand it offers greater prospects than any  other district I know of, as the ground is  certainly rich and therearemiles of  territory which has'' never been prospected.  Jn July a cold, wet, chilling rain falls and  continues   thioughout   tho   month,  and  August   and   September    are    pleasant  enough, although the nights are  always  cold.    The   worst  feature is .the  water,  tlio supply of which soaks  into the moss  during the rains and then oozes out laden  with germs of disease. For a man going in  the only way to make a strike  is   to  go  prepared to prospect with horses.   Otherwise lie must pack his blankets and food  over a country  knee  deep in  moss  and  destitute almost  of firewood, the  result  of wliich is that by the time  he  reaches  likely ground his rations  are  half done  and ho has to return or take  chances  on  starving,    f believe that the country will  support incomers up  to  2."5,000, between  the work to be had and  beach  washing,  which   is open   to    all    and  cannot   be  staked.    Newcomers mutt be well-heeled,  however, for 1 anticipate that the scenes  enacted in   the  early  days  of  Dawson,  when a man was nearly broke with $1000  GREAT BRITAIN AND AMERICA  In Full Agreement Over Contraband.  Washington,   January   11.���The   answer of  the British  government  to Mr.  Choate's  representations  respecting the  seizure of American flour and other goods  on the three  vessels  Beatrice, Mashona  and  Maria  has  been  received.    Just as  the    officials     of     the     state     department  expected  it   amounted  to  a partial   answer,   very   satisfactory   as   far  as it goes, disposing of  the  character of  the goods seized, but  not fully decided  whether or not food stuffs are to  be  regarded as contraband.    The British governments adopts precisely the point of  view regarding the seized goods that was  assumed  by the  state  department and  embodied by Mr. Choate. in his note on  the subject addressed to the British foreign office.    The  British  government is  investigating the facts in connection with  the      goods     seized      on      the     third  vessel,    the   Beatrice.        Mr.     Choate's  message embodied succinctly the authorities relied upon  by the  British  government to sustain its' position, and as this  position as already stated is one of those  already assumed  by  the   state  depart-1  ment, of course they are regarded as con-  -viivcing.    For  this  reason,  Mr. Choate's  message is long and it was  nearly  noon  before    it   could    be    deciphered     and  placed     in     secretary     Hay's     hands.  It so happened that lord Pauucefote, the  British ambassador, was with the  secretary shoitly after he  received  his  message and probably the subject  was  discussed by them.    It is  certain  that the  secretary and lord   Pauucefote  appeared!  to be gratified at the  progress  made towards a settlement of the cases. I  Later in the day the  following  official  statement was given out by the state department : A telegram has been received  from ambassador Choate reporting an interview he had with the marquis of Salisbury,  on   the, afternoon of  the 10th  instant, iu  regard  to  the American  shipments of flour and provisions  on  the detained  steamers  Beatrice and  jtfashona  and   the   Dutch   steamer   Maria.     The  British    position    as    to     food.., stud's  and,     hostile      destination      is-      that  they can only be considered  contraband  of war if supplied the  enemy's  forces, it  not being sufficient that they are capable  of being so used, but it  must  be, shown  that this was  their destination  at  the  time  of  seizure.    This qualification vir-,  tunlly concedes the American contention  that the goods were not subject  to seizure and practically disavows the seizure,  it not being claimed there is any evidence  of hostile destination.  Gold and Silver.  1-iU.iii.-i-iiii,' and Mining Journ.tl.  Canada���This country now holds the  fourth place and is becoming a gold producer of much importance, chiefly owing  to the large production from the Klondike and other mines in the Yukon region, which amounted this year to about  #1-1,000,000., The total production of  Canada in 1890 was $18,040,59.'., showing  an increase over I SOS of $*_,.'_ 10,.">0.*3, or'  ���l!._7_pcr cent. Tn addition.to_ tluOLukon  gold there "was an increase from British  Columbia and some also from the miiie.*.  of Western Ontario, while there was a  small decrease fiom -the Nova Scotia  mines.  SOME DEALS ARE IN PROGRESS  In the Slocan Country.  New Denver, January IJ.���An important denj is expected to be consummated  here next week, when a certain promising  mining property will pass into the hands  of the syndicate represented by Ernest  Mansfield. If he succeeds in his negotiations the property will be energetically  workecVwhich will mean a great deal for  the town.  . The January dividend of the Rambler-  Cariboodias been duly paid, much to the  .general satisfaction of the shareholders.  * A carload of ore was shipped last week  by thr*." .Bosun.' The returns from the  previous ear, sent to tlio Hall Mines smelter, netted the company $1500 over all  expenses���a striking illustration of the  value of the property.  John-Black, a resident of the town, has  been temporarily appointed provincial  policeman here, pending his official slating for the position. Special officer Ager  has returned to SlocaTri City. Mr. Black  is a Canadian, and his appointment is a  popular one.  The Black Prince will ship two more  carloads of ore, a contract for the raw-  hiding having been signed.  Ore from the Arlington has commenced  to .arrive  at  Slocan  City  for shipment,  McMillan & Allen having  the  rawhiding3  contract.    Half-a-dozen carloads or more  will bo shipped.  On the Chapleau it is stated ore is  showing in all the principal workings,  the full breast of the main drift being in  mineral, with four feet in the winze.  The Warner Miller people have another  promising bonanza on Lemon creek iu  the Kilo group. A good quality of ore is  showing in each opening. Success is following the operations of the company  throughout the Slocan.  Rawhiders claim that the trails are in  bad shape, owing to lack of snow.  Ore shipments from the Slocan last  week totalled up 190 tons.  Domestic Relations Patched up.  Chief Jarvisaliad quite an interesting case in hand yesterday. Early  iu the morning a man. from Oregon ' approached r liitn and asked  Ids assistance in a delicate maner. The  Oregon mail's wife left her home" a few'  months ago with another' party and took  her three children along. The woman  had written her husband from Spokane  stating that she was not receiving good  treatment and intimating that she was  willing^ to return to his arms. The recreant wife and her paramour were located in Nelson, and chief Jarvis accompanied the husband to the house. Th6i  chief remained outside, while the husband entered and confronted his wife and  her companion. The latter was obdurate  and several blows wore struck, the husband drawing blood. The matter ended*  by the wife leaving with her forgiving  husband.  thrown ou the sad case. The clothes  were removed from tho body, and will be  . retained at the provincial police office on  Ward street, where they 'may be seen on  application to constable Kelly, the officer  iu charge. The Silver King ��miue was  communicated with in regard to the rumor that the dead man was a relative of  one of their employees, but no confirmation could be obtained. The only theory  now remaining is that the dead man's  name is Kerlew, and further information  on this point will doubtless be forthcoming shortly.  OUTSIDE  CONGEATULALIONS.  The following telegrams, were received  at The Tribune office last night:  Greenwood, January II.  John Houston, Nelson:  Daily Times extends congratulations.  . Ross.  Kaslo, January 11.  John Houston, Nelson:  Congratulations.    Old friend,  Archie Fletcher.  of  Yarn-., January II.  Tribune Association, Nelson:  Accept  congratulations   on  behalf  Ymir Miners'Union.  Ar.PR.En. Pahr.    Secretary.  Rossland, January 11.  Houston, mayor Nelson:  We send our congratulations aud good  wishes, on your election as mayor of the  City ol Nelson.        'W. M. Tafperv.  And bosom friend Jack Hackleman.  Silverton, January 11th.  John Houston, Nelson :  Silverton Miners'  Union  congratulate  you on your election to Nelson mayoralty.  J. 1. Mc.1nto_.i_, Secretary.  Slocan City, January 11.  John Houston, mayor of Nelson :  Congratulations; we expected it.  o The Silvertonian.  Greenwood, January 11.  J. Houston, Nelson :  Congratulations. E, Woi.i.i.icn.  NEWS POLITICAL AND GENERAL  THE  LOSSES   AT  in his pocket, will be seen again. The  prevailing rate in wages next spring will  probably be $1 per hour and board.  Probable Famine in Cliina.  Toronto, January 11. -Rev. It. P. McKay, secretary of the Presbyterian foreign missions, has received a letter from  a missionary at Honan, China, in which  the missionary states that famine confronts, the natives and that thousands  are sure to perish owing to the failure of  crops.   ���       -;. "    .���;��� ., -       -"���--;��� v , .    ,      .  A Very Heavy List on Both Sides.  London, January 12.���The Daily Mail  says: " We learn that in the attack, on  Ladysmith last Saturday. January 0th,  the British looses were 11 officers killed,  31 -wounded and over S00 nOn-eomniis-  sioned officers and men - killed and  wounded. The Boot losses, we hear, are  estimated at between 2000 and .'.000 men."  London, January 12.���The Cape Town  correspondent of the Daily Mail, telegraphing JMonday, says: '-The vanguard  of the Sixth division is waiting at Table  Bay until the arrival of lord l.obcrts."  Her majesty's ship Fearless seized, the  bark Maria f,., which arrived at Port  Elizabeth Saturday from the Argentine  with sulphur.  London, January 12.���The Standard  has the following dispatch dated Monday  from Frere camp: "Our patrols have  searched both Hanks of the Boer position.  They found a large camp five miles east  of Colenso evidently in anticipation of a  Biitish attempt at a turning movement."  His Immorality Still Doubtful,  Ottawa, January 11.���The court of  bishops which sat on the Geoghan case,  rose this morning after rendering judgment granting a new trial to Geoghan,  who was deposed from the ministry for  ;even years by the. Hamilton clergy on  charges of immorality:    .-. '       ���'....  Ladysmith Has Enough to Ea,t.  London, January 12.---A dispatch to  the Daily Mail from Pietermaritzburg,  dated January 8th, says: "Private advices from Ladysmith, dated January 2nd,  say that rations of bread and meatl are  .plentiful _ and _the___ garrison��� had -not-  touched* "the bully beef and biscuits"  supplies. Luxuries are scarce in Ladysmith, but the hospitals are well supplied  with milk and the horses are in good  condition.",  SUPPLIES Iqr" THE   TROOPS  Canada Exports Hay and Peed.  New Yoaic. January 11.���Tho steamship Auchenarden ..ailed today for Cape  Town, Hast London and Port Natal. Beside an immense cargo of provisions, flour  and grain, she carries thirty troop horses  and lifty transport mule**.  Tho Hri_.i-_.il steamer lfor,ten_��iaus left  here yesterday for Cape Town with  2.">,000 bales of hay for the British army.  The hay came for the most part by rail  from Canada.  London, January ll.'���Lord Strathcona  and Mount Royal denied last evening, in  an interview with a reporter of the Daily  Mail, that he had made an offer to the  government to bear the cost of any portion of the Canadian contingent.  London, January 12.���The Standard in  an editorial ou the government's reply to  Mr. Choate and count Von Buelow, says:  "We shall be much surprised if the British government's definition of international law to be applied to the carriage  of foodstuffs fails to find acceptance at  Washington and Berlin."  No Clue to His Identity.  The man killed on the aerial tramway  on Tuesday was buried yesterday afternoon without being identified. The remains were interred in the union cemetery by the provincial authorities. A  number of citizens viewed the. remains  during the.day, but no further light was  ,    ,.   From the Boundary Country.  Grelnwooi), January 11.��� [Special to  the Tribune]���George Mucaulay, of Spokane, and J. G. ICeane, Of the Cariboo  mine, Camp McKinney, have beeu in the  city tliis week on business. Sir. Keanc  says that everything is going along steadily at Camp McKinney. There arc 5;>  men at work on the Cariboo, and 12,1 in  all at work in the camp With reference  to the Dayton mineral claim nothing was  being done at pri.vmt, but so far as work  had gone it had shown up to be extraordinarily rich.  The new town of Dead wood has made  a start. YV. T. Kaako, of Phoenix, is  erecting a hotel, which will be completed  in a few days. He has already secured a  license and has Ids .-.tick on the ground.  The new hotel will be called the Columbia  it. W. Armstrong, chief owner of the  Grand Forks townsite, has sold out' .his  interest_fora large_sum of money- and  will operate throughout the district generally now that he is foot loose. ' Jn the  meantime he intends to lake a holiday in  the Kast. It would not be at all .surprising if he made his- headquarters in  Oi-eonwood before many moons.  A meet ing of the 1 dberal-Conservatives  for Greenwood and the district will be  held iu Miller's hall on Saturday evening  to complete organization and to di-_eii*-s  plans for the future," KeproM'ntativc.s  will be present from Plm-nix, Kholt, Midway and Dead wood.  An important jmiiiug dual was con-'  eluded .yesterday when George Macau lay.  president of the Cariboo mine, Camp McKinney, purchased a one-quarter interest  in the Okanagmi, ,��n adjoining claim,  from J. Moron for $20,000 cash. The  Cariboo company acquired the other three  quarter iuteiests last year. TheOknimgan.  as stated, adjoins the Cariboo and contains its lead. The workings in the latter  extend to the dividing line.  Arthur M. Whitcsides, of the law firm  of Pringle _\_ Whitcsides, ha*, been ap-  pointed temporary police magistrate during the absence from the citv of Mr.  llallett.  On account of Gi'eenwood's central  position in the Boundary Creek district,  the Anderson Produce Company, Limited,  of Winnipeg have opened up a branch  here.    R. L. Hush ton is the manager.  The ladies of St. J tide's mission, Church  of England, have formed a guild. The  growth of the congregation since the tit'-  THE MUNIGIPALJLEOTIONS IN  The Province -Watched by Politicians:  Victoria, January 11 ���[Special to the  Tribune.]���Unusual-interest was shown  today in the elections throughout the  province, on account of political considerations supposed to figure in the polling  at several points. The success of John  Houston in Nelson, for instance, was  noted with special interest from recent  suggestion of his name in connection with  parliamentary representation of lite district. -  In Vancouver the issue" was virtually  Cotton versus Martin'and the reelection  of mayor Garden by two hundred is  taken as evidence of the continuing  strength of the finance minister, notwithstanding his venturesome stand for  principle against strongly supported local  interest in Dead man's Island issue. No  significance is attached to the defeat of  major Redfern by alderman Hayward in .  this city, except that.it was a rebuke to a  good man for indiscretion in offering  himself once too often, Redfern having  been mayor for three years in succession.  Thero are- fresh rumors of trouble in  the government ranks which, in the absence of any word from the members  mentioned, are given for what they are  Avorth. It is stated that Wells and Ralph  Smith are so disaffected that had the  vote been taken yesterday, the government might have been without their support. Semlin is no doubt on the edge of  a political volcauo, which may slumber  through the session or at any time overwhelm him in an eruption.  Kaslo's Municipal Election.  Kaslo, January 11.���[Special, to tho  Tribune.]-���The municipal elections here  today, were 'closely contested. In tho  mayoralty contest C. W. McAun defeated  G. T. Kane by sixteen votes, the vote  standing 119 for'McAnn to 103 foe Kane.  There were ten candidates in the field for  aldermanic honors, and the election resulted in the return of W. E. Hodder, Dr.  fiortin, G. A. Carson, A. W. Goodenough,  J. D. Moore and F. E. Archer. The returns of the voting for aldermen were:  W. E. Hodder 170, Dr. Hartin 171, G. A.  Carlson 10o, A. W. Goodenough 102, J. D.  Moore 09, F. E. Archer 92, W. V, Pop-  worth 0J, Samuel Bruce 00, Samuel Faw-  cett 83, and J. D. Twiss 82.  Municipal Elections in Greenwood.  Gi_i_.-.nwooi>, January 11.���[Special to  ,the  Tribune.]--Today's   municipal, .elec-  tions-pussed olf quietly-.    Thomas Hardy  was re-elected mayor by 'a  majority of  forty-four   over   his   opponent,   Robert  ;Wood.     The aldermen'elected  for  the  North ward were:  David A. Baniierman,- ,  Charles Scott Galloway and P. P. Sharpe,  for the South ward, George  If.   Crapley,  James Sutherland and D.J. Sullivan. The  Greenwood Daily Times  make* its first *  appearance tomorrow.  Mayor and Aldermen of Grand Porks.  Guam. FoiMCS, Januaiy Ii.���L. A.  5I.-s.nluy was re-elected today by a majority of 13 over Charles. Cummiiigs. Tho  following aldermen were elected: il. A.  Henderson. W. B. Davey, P. S. McCallum,  \V. K. C. Manlejv J. Donaldson and It.  Harvey.  Ottawa is Progressing.  Ottawa, January 10.-The city assessor'.- report for 1000 shows a real estate  valuation of $21,-IT.-*-,..00, an increase of  .*i.700,.'32."7 over IS.).). The population of  Ottawa on September ..0th was ."57,002, an  inerea**e of 101(. over 1898.   Haye_ Arrived, at Last.   Loni.o'n, January 10.���,9:0.3 p.m.- ficii-  eral Roberts, the new commander of the  British.forces in South Africa, and his  chief of staff, general Kitchener, have  arrived at CapeTown.  THE NEWSPAPERS ARE INCENSED  At the Scope of the Censorship.  j London-, January 12. The newspnper?  1 were reconciled during the early days of  ��� the war to cable censorship, taking it for  i granted that full narratives *.ent_ by mail  I would Mipply. all deficiencies. " for some  , Wucek**, however, even (he mail eorres-  | deuce that -hit*- arrived in' London has  ( showed *-igus of habitual .-.ci**_oring by  ' the con.-ior. Papers are renumbered  J without logical connection, . Icav-  | ing the happenings  described quite un-  ��� intelligible in many cases. The editors,  I acting in concert,, aro laying these before  the public aud insi*=ting that they be permitted to know and to print these facts.  The Daily Mad formally accu-.es the war  office of -"doctoring" in editing official  dispatches before their issuance and cites  particulars.  New Assurance Company.  T��u.iinto,   January     II. ���The    Crown  Life Af-tnance Company i* the  name of  a new insurance company, with a capital  of XI,000.000, with   headquarters  in thi;  rival of the Rev,   W. A. Robins, mission- i city, which is applying for incorporation  ary iu charge, lias been most satisfactory.  Temporary quarters to hold Sunday services were secured in Mrs. Korenian's  hall and now the congregation find that  these quarters are already becoming  overcrowded and a proposition is on foot  to erect a church building.  to the Dominion government.  Roosto.'s Galore at Petkboro.  Pi-.T-'-iil.oi.o, Onfario. January II.���The  Ontario poultry associ.tt ion's annual si. aw  is being held   here.    The exhibits are of  the finest, quality, as well as numerous. Ifr?.  fit  i ..  !i  THE  TRIBUTE:  KELSON B.C. FRIDAY JANUARY  12  1900  a.  I ���  lii  1. *'  II ^  I* V  I-  ���*  I- v'  I-E ���'  li|  &'���  lit i  ��� *.   M       t  ��� *���'  _:- '    '  III-;  I I  I  i  f I  1'  I  Ii I  1  Overalls and Jumpers  We have just receive} a large lot of overalls, smocks and  jumpers.   Overalls with and without bib.   Extra values.  Baker Street,  Nelson, B. C.  J. F. WEIR, Men's Outfitter.  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  Ir'5  I  _. *  j) *.  GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD & CO.���Corner Vernon and  ���*����������� Josephine streets, wholesale grocers and  jobbers inbl.inkc.s, gloves, milts, boots, rubbers,  mackinaws and miners' sundries.  KOOTENAY  SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMITED��� Vernon    street,  Nelson,   wholesale  grocery.  TOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.���Front street, Nel-  **���    son, \vliole*a!e grocers.  ~~ COAL. ~~  CROWS   NEST PASS  COAL  COMPANY.���  Wholesale dealers in coal and coke. Charles  St. Barbc. Agent. Baker street. Nelson.'  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  HBYEI.S & CO.���Corner Bakerand Josephine  ��� streets, Nolson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining supplies. Agentsfor Giant  Powder Co. '���  LAWRENCE  Baker St.,  HARDWARE   [COMPANY���  Nelson,  wholesale   dealers in  hardware and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers'supplies.  VANCOUVER HARDWARE COMPANY,  LIMITED���Baker street. Nelson, wholesale  dealers in hard ivare and mining supplies, plumbers and tinsmiths'supplies.   -  CRATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  rpiIORPE & CO., LIMITED.-Corner Vernon  -*��� and Cedar streets, Nelson, manufacturer.;  ot and wholcsaledcalers in rerated waters and  fruit syrups. Sole agentsfor Halcyon Springs  mineral water.  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  F. TEETZEL & CO.-Corner Baker .and  Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers  in   as.,iyers  supplies.   Agents _;for Denver  Kire Clay Co. of Denver. Coloiado.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  rpURNEltv Jj2I_X9_N^^gfti;=Corner Veriipn  "���*- and Josephine streets, Nclso.Nt<^.<Siusalo  dealers in liquors, cigars and dry gooclsr Agents  lor Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Co. of Calgary.  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  w.  HJ. EVANS  &  CO.-B.ikcr <-trcct,  ���   wholesale    dealers   in    liquors,  Nolson,  .    cigars,  cement, lire brick and fire clay, water pipe and  steel rails, and general commission merchant'-.  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN & KER MILLING COMPANY  LTD.���Front street, Nelson, wholesalo dealer'! in Hour, oatmeal, etc., and hay and grain.  Mills at Edmonton, Victoria, and New Westminster.   CIGARS.  KOOTENAY CIOAR MANUFACTURING  CO.���Comer Baker and Hall street-., Nolson, manufacturers.of "Royal Seal" and "Koote-,  nay Belle" brand, ol cigars.  "paints  AND  OILS.  "lNJELSON HARDWARE COMPANY-Baker  ���**���'��� atreefc���Wholesale dealers, in "paints, oils,  and brashc.. of all kinds. Largest stock in  Kootenay. - *   -.'.     * FRESH AND SALT MEATS. .  BURNS &   CO.���Baker   street,   Nelson,  '���wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meats.  Cold storatfo.  P.  POWDER, CAPS  TJAM1LTQN   POWDER  AMD FUSE.  COMPANY-Baker  street Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  J.  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholesale dealers in caps and fu.o, and electric  blasting apparatus.  PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSONS PRODUCE COMPANY���Vernon  street. Nelson, whole sale dealers in provisions, produce, and fruits. Agents for Swift &  Co. bacon and hams.  Y. GRIFFIN   &  CO.-Corner Vernon and  Josephine street.., Nelson, wholesale dealers  in provisions, cured meats, butter and eggs.  "Ci K. STEWART & CO.���Wdrehousos on C. P.  ���*- ��� R. track, foot of Stanley street. Nelson,  -wholesalo dealers in provisions, produce fand  fruits. Cold storage." .Agents Armour & Co.'s  bacon, hams, lard and other products.   ,  MANITOBA PRODUCE AND COMMISSION  CO.,Ltd. ��� Nelson   branch,   Uall   street.  Whole*.ale dealers iu butter, eggs and eheo_e.  SASH AND DOORS. r~  NELSON   SAW   AND   PLANING    MILLS.  LIMITEli-Corner Front and. TIall street*.,  -Nelson, mauufact'irer.. of and wholesale-dealers-  in siiuli and doors; all kinds of factory work made  to order. ,    -  WINES ANdHctcARS.     r  O' ALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMITED���Comer Front and Hall -.recta, Nolson, whole.-ale dealers In wincH (case and bulk)  and dotv.Pf.tic andimparted cigars.  . (Shir ��ribnm*  ^  The _u*��"i_.o_il which befell the Suffolk.  --egmiG.il. in South Africa  h.is.   now been  explained." It was "lam en table  and   ludicrous.      Aud   worse  than 'that,, it   was  typical   of  the  methods  oj" generaLship  . which   have  characterized    the   British  campaign.   l Lieu tenaut--colonel  "Watson  led  his  men up a hill" in  the  middle of  t ,the _i_g.it,_inc. as  day  was  breaking,  he  . gathered his officers around him and proceeded to exhort them. '   Tho Boers took  this opportunity to  open  fire  at  thirty  paces and lieutenant colonel Watson and  some of his  ofiicers  -.vent  out and  the  regiment   stampeded.      Imagine  a  man  leading his forces within thirty yards of  a concealed  enemy,  in  close formation,  nnd happy ignorance of tlio presence  of  any foes.    And this unhappy officer only  did what Gatacre did  on a larger scale  before him.     Tho  British  soldier  must  more than deserve all the praise ever bo-  stowed ou him, if his morale is not  injured by such contemptible Jeadei\ship as  that. ___.  '-IUiS municipal election is over. A  litliiitjer of the eitiJi .us are mourning over  the defeat c f their c.indidate for mayor,  and a larger number are very properly  .���jubilant over the fact that their ballots  were not wasted.   .No material difference  existed between the platforms of candidate Houston and candidate Fletcher.  The people of Nelson had only to decide  upon whom they considered the best  man to guide tho destinies of the city.  They have decided, and John Houston,  printer, is mayor of Nelson. Everyone  will agree to sink all the bitterness of the  contest from now on and pull one and all  for the progress of the metropolis of the  Kootenays.  Till- honorable Joseph Martin is an individual, nothing more. He has not reconciled his late opponents and he has  alienated all his friends. His fulminations  in the legislature are consequently without weight or influence. He. has contrived in a very short space of time to  put a complete end to his political career,  an end which is neither touching nor dignified. He has proved himself true neither to his principles, his friends, his  enemies nor himself.  John Houston, now mayor of Nelson,  desires to thank those citizens who gave  him their support in the late contest, not  only those to whom he is known personally, but the many who voted for him  whom he does not know personally. He  is pi-ptafei-��)-t. the'lul7poi,tr_-e receivetkUi.  all sections of the town and from all  classes of the community. The measure  of his gratitude will be the success of his  administration.  Concerning tho timber selected for  the incoming council it is not necessary  to say anything. The candidates in the  field were all strong men, and the new  council will be a strong one.  THE   BEAUTY   PATCH.  is a gay  sta-  city, a stone's'  The Saint-Lazare station  tion, in the  heart of the  throw from the Opera and the boulevard,  twenty minutes  from  the  ftois de*Boulogne.    1 n the waiting-room, the Hall of  the Lost  Footsteps, lined  up before the  booking-offices or seeking quern devoreut,  there are always   a  lot  of pretty girls,  with extravagantly yellow hair crowned  by marvelous hats.    They walk down the  Hue d'Amsterdam, their noses in the air,'  striking*the echoing kerbstones with their  little high heels, and generally carrying  small   leather   bags���supposed   to   give  them  a  countenance.   "What* a  countenance!    Hence, trips to Saint-Germain or  Versailles, starting from the above-mentioned gay station, are true pleasure trips,  yesterday 1 was obliged  to go to .Versailles, and profiting by my experience���  in   garrison   there   for  several  years���1  strolled up and down, inno haste to choose  my compartment.    The railway carriages  standing high above the level of the platform, the women passengers have to practice  regular  gymnastics  to' get aboard,  and there are, .therefore, all sorts of picturesque sights to  be seen, not to speak  of services to be  rendered.    For the la't-  .te_llim_'ppse,_ yie_b_est_ thing_ to__do is to_  stand .opposite, the revolving platforms.  They make the steps at least a foot higher ���enough to make one quite dizzy climbing iii.    J was on the lookout for a pretty  fellow-traveler.    I might even say that I  had the  embarrassment, of choosing; it  almost looks as if the Western Company  has" the monopoly of good-looking ticket-  holders.    Hut alas!    Not one of them "was  alone;    Naturally,! avoided cavalry officers, they all go the terminus of the line.  The infantry add to the chances of a tete-  a-tete, for thoy generally get oil at Gout--,  bevoie, Saint-Cloud, or Villcd'Avray.- As  to 'the' artillery���that's   a  risk  to run;  there is a battery at Suresnes, but there  are two regiments at Versailles as well.  ,   1 was at this stage of perplexity- when,  in one of" the last of tho first-class  compartments, 1   caught sight  of a  pretty  brunette���to   be   classified- among    the  piquanto brunettes���velvety eyes, fringed  with   long   lashes,   a  faintly shadowed  upper lip, and above the  left  corner  of  the mouth���a souvenir of a by-gone cen-  tui y���a dainty little black patch that our  gallant   ancestors    would    have    called  killing.    She wore a   maize-colored  ben-  galine bodice, trimmed with guipure; on  her head was perched a big hat with outspread white wings, that made her look  like a Valkyrie���but a gay, not a warlike  one.     Beside   her   was   seated   a   large,  eldeily gentleman, with big moustaches,  a decoration in his  button-hole; he had  a military air  aud   imposing  eyebrows,  and was reading  the  paper.    But, from  time to time, he raised suspicious eyes on  her- the eyes of a  proprietor  defending  his domain.   The-husband, evidently...  I got into the carriage, and seated myself discreetly opposite the pair, but in  the fai" corner. -Although I had made a  slight bow on entering, 1 'did .not have  the good fortune to claim the lady's  attention ; she., seemed preoccupied; and  kept her head ont of the 'window,, as if  she were expecting some one. The nms-  tached gentleman, however, returned my  bow most politely. He was no doubt  obliged to me for having lefb the seat  opposite him unoccupied. At the moment  the train was starting, a handsome,  blonde young fellow, carrying a brief-case  under his arm, sprang inside breathlessly.  He rapidly exchanged a smile of intelligence with the lady, and then sat down  opposite her, knee to knee.  I'Look sharp !" I said to myself, this is  going to turn out interesting."  Naturally, the big, elderly man, absorbed in his paper, had noticed nothing.  The whistle sounded, tho train started,  and the fair young man, no doubt to appear occupied, began to turn the leaves  of the voluminous document in tho  leather case. But every now and then  he raised his eyes, and then it was easy  to see that the lady with the patch  smiled at him imperceptibly. It. would  have been impossible to be more imprudent, and this "little manoeuvre, barely  concealed, ran a great risk of being discovered by the man with the terrible  eyebrows. -  My soul is instinctively lenient "to  human weaknesses, and at the bottom of  my heart I always find a secret pleasure  on learning that the corporation of husbands counts one more victim. So, as  far as was possible, I decided to come to  the assistance of the sweethearts by attracting the attention of the husband.  Seizing the first slight pretext, 1'engaged  him in conversation. As we approached  Asnieres, I uttered a reflection that suddenly passed through my mind:  "To think that that bridge was- cut in  1S70! "What was the good of it, pray,  with Mont-Valerieii just opposite?"  '���It was idiotic," returned the decorated  gentleman. "At that time 1 was ou the  staff of admiral La Ronciere Le Noury.  You have no conception, sir, of all the  mistakes that were committed during the  siege of Paris.    Just fancy "  Here the big man obligingly changed  ^v'eT_i_*t;P-i.j_e eorner seat, to be ncftfei*  me, leaving Tiie' pretry -brniTe opposite  the fair man; and he went on Avith his  course in tactics, with broad gestures,  pointing out to me "die magnificent horizon, the Seine like a silver ribbon at the  foot of the green slopes of Courbevoie,  and, far in the background, Paris, with  its houses and its monuments, among  wliich stood out the gigantic silhouette  of the Arc de Triomphe, dishonored by  scaffoldings, and the gilded dome of the  Iuvalides.  '��� Remember,"-continued the decorated  gentlemail, "that we were occupying the  region near Clicliy." '   .  But I hardly heard him, for I saw* with  terror that, profiting by my manteuvre,  our two lovers had begun to whisper in  smothered tones. The brief was. still  spread out on the young man's knees, for  the looks of the thing, but it was easy to  see that he no longer even cast it 'glance  at it. And the brain sped along, and the  .soldier, absorbed by his memories; went  oil with his discourse on military history  that I feigned to listen to most devoutly,  "so as to draw his' attention to the leftside of the line. . ���     -  .  We reach Sain .-Cloud; we enter tiie  tunnel, and in the pitch darkness, on my  word, I would swear that I heard the  sound of a kiss. When1 we ni-Ji- out  again into the light, I cast a . glance at  the fair-haired man, who is once more  deeply absorbed in his case. What do I  make put on his left nostril but a fuuny  little black spot. Sapristi! It is the  patch, the killing patch, that in a  thouglitless contact has loosened and  passed from the lips of the dark beauty  to the nose of her admirer.  I foresaw a terrible tragedy," for my  tacticiairturned"a" questioning aiRl suspicious look upon tho lady, as if he had  .found something altered in her appearance, lie hardly know what. 1 would  have given worlds* to have been able to  whisper to the good-looking young man:  " For heaven's Sake,-remove that compromising patch at once, or you are betrayed! " Unfortunately it was. quite  out of the question, seated as I was at a  distance.- So it seemed wiser to recall  tho officer's thoughts to the war of 1S70,  and the heights of Viroflay. But lie no  longer paid any heed to inc. He chuckled in ,a minister way behind his fierce  mustache, gazing at the be-patched nose  of- the fair young man.  , Am for the woman, crimson, overcome'  with terror, she began to fan herself  -violently���a most distressing sight.  What was going to happen ? What terrible sentence was the implacable judge  going to pronounce on the guilty wretches  cowering beneath his gaze? Was I going to be obliged to look on, in this narrow railway carriage, at a challenge, a  boxing-match, perhaps a butchery, a  massacre ?  Suddenly, to my intense relief, I caught  sight of the three yew-trees, trimmed into sugar-loaf shape, that guard the entrance into the grand monarch's town ��� a  guard called out " Versailles ! Versailles!"  The train stopped. I got out, determined to stick to the officer to see what  would happen. Judge of my stupor on  seeing the lady take the fair man's arm  and trip along at hi*, side, while the decorated gentleman stud to me, as he saw  them.disappear :.  "They are clianning. I know tliem.  They live quite neat* me, in the Hue  Buplessis. The husband'-is a lawyer.  They are half way through the honeymoon, as - you- might infer, sir. What a  hug lie gave her iii, the tunnel at Villcd'Avray, to be sure !*'    '���'���-.���     -,      V'  ii/  to  ift  to  ift  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ift  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ift  to  to  to  to  to  VI-  w  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  fi\  .^������-*-* ^'-���--^^���^'-*'?*^ ���^���^5^*^^*^'^*^  i^_-  Window  Shades  In all  Colors and  Sizes fpom  50c each  Up  Hurni^foirif��<s  Art  Sparc  Also  Wilton  Smyrna  Plush  Bugs  LACE CURTAINS, per pair, from $1.00  CHENILE TAPESTRY PORTIERS, per  pair, from $2.75 up.  OAK   CURTAIN   POLES,   with   trimmings, 35c.  WINDOW SHADES," in good colors, per  -yafci, 50c.  CHENILE TABLE COVERS, per  yard,  from 75c up.  FLOOR OILCLOTHS,   4-4 8-4, per yard  from 35c up.  LINOLEUMS, in 8-4 16-4, per yard from  75c up.  All Carpets sewed and laid free of charge.  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TO Y0UI| LOT LiME, WE DO IT  SEE US  GAS   FITTING   OURSPECIALTY PLUMBING   OF   ALL   KINDS  STRACHAN BROS. Opera House Blk��  i-  v  Fred J, Squire, Merchant Tailor  7\     FULL LINES OF FALL AND WINTER SUITINGS  WEST BAKER:STREET"_STE__SON"' '   ,'-'   ''.-. -.....'. ,'.'. OPPOSITE SILVER KING HOTEL c  ���>&*-  .-/-?<"',  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON" B.C., FRIDAY, JANUARY 12, 1900  1/  Ii  !_.  rT  >  ANK OF MONTBEAL  CATITAL. all paid up. ,$12X00.000  REST      G.000,000  Lord Slrathpona and Mount Itoynl ...President  Hon. George A. Driiiumond Vice-President  K. S3. Cloiislon General Manager  NKLSON HHANC1I  Northwest  Corner Baker and Stanley Streets  Hi.melius in  l,ii.\iii..N- (KiikI.-uiiII Nhw  Vokk,  Cnif.uai, and all the principal cities in Canada.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Huy anil -ell *-;terliii(,r l_\i!iaiif;_i and C.ilile  Ti.m-.fei-. ,      ,  (ii.uit .'uiimicrcial and Tr.ivcloi-, Credits,  a*. ..liable m .111} p.i.'l ol lIn* woild.  Diafl- I���lied. Collection- M.nlo, i-.tc.  Saving's Bank Branch  cfiiitnvr iiam: oi" ivn hint i-aid.  COLD   STEEL  IN   MODERN  WARFARE.  Tiik I.avo.yut Again in  Kavop. Among  lMll.IT -llY l-.xi'i.in--_.  Tlicrc arc signs in  the news  I'roni Hie  .scat ot" war in   South Africa   that   "lli<_  British bayonet" is not yet by any m-'aiis  pusfc its deadly usefulness.    At JMafekin^,  the desi-atclies say, one night attack upon tiie  besiegers' trenches,  delivering a  dose of "cold steel" when darkness prevented the Boer riflemen from shooting  with good effect, was of the greatest service in preventing a close advance of the  parallels.    There is a story, too, which is  probably mythical in itself, but equally  probably based on general facts, that, in  an attack on the trenches somewhere near  tlio scene of Buller's recent defeat a cry  of "Fix  bayonets  and   give   them   cold  steel!" had more effect, upon the defending party than many rounds of Lee-.Met-  ford ammunition would have had.    If the  Boers, brave enough, as everyone admits,  in   what  Kentuckians   call   a   '"shooting  scrape," fight shy of the bayonet, it is all  the less to be wondered at, as they themselves appear to bo unprovided with any  such weapon, and are  certainly not, as  the British  infantryman   is,  trained  to  its use.  Since the Crimean War the opinion  that the bayonet lias had its day has  gained ground. Considering the enormous increase in the range and power of  rifles since that time, it is rather wonderful that any one should think otherwise.  But history has been for from unanimous  on his point; in fact, it has been self-contradictory, just as it has been in tho matter of the sabre for the cavalryman.  There must have been little or nothing,  ��� for instance, in the scone ut the Turkish  trenches before Plevna to remind the Avar  coiTrfspondeiits who Avatched and recorded ib that thi_ was not a battle of tho old  heroic niiui-to-miin period. These correspondents told how, as the victorious-, l.iis-  hiiui infantry approached the Avorks, firing and receiving the Tui-kHi fire, a long  line of red-capped, loose trousered, demon.* sprang up from within the bi'cast-  avo -ks, and, whirling their rifles aloft Avith  u yell of "Alia il' Alk.h." came doAvn on  the Muscovites at the old-fa*-hk>ncd  "charge."  It AA'as the oiKicors Avho made the sur-  rjnder :.f Plevna a decent modern affair;  t'ie Turkish rank and file could, and  would Avithout doubt, have gone on at  their Avork of point and butt until none  HI-ni   my .I ���__.,     ii  -_-_���    --_.-__----n-----.i_-n-      ��� .MsM-M-������ u m^  _      Mill.    I     im    ���   ��� l ��������� n   ��� H-1  Ward Bros.  REAL ESTATE AND  GENERAL INSURANCE  AGENTS  On  application  we will quote ;.ou rales, on  Vite, Life, Aeddent and Pl.ito Gl.ieis Insurance  AG..NTS TOR J*. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  FOR SALE      '  '   .H*i.]Ni:B6 AXJ* UKSIi.r.NTiAf. l-H'-l'I-in V  2.. by 1_!0 villi iiiii-rorcmciif'-, south side  Vernon street    SMOO  fltl hj- !__(. corner-of linker and Hull street--.  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Avere left to surrender to the surviving  victorious .Russians but the staff.  Bayonet in Infanthv Fighting.  The history of infantry fighting sums  up something like this: First, the Macedonian phalanx, Avith long lances; then  the Roman legion, Avith short, stout spear;  then an interval, of say, tAvelve centuries,  during most of which the mounted man  had tilings all his own way ; then the two  hundred years beginning about 1550,  Avhen the Spanish "infanteria" Avas considered irresistible by rea*_on of its pikes,  which Avere, practically, the l.oinan  ������pil.-_"; then the introduction of the  matchlock, and Avith it a threat of an end  to all '"close quarters" as early as the sixteenth century.  But  some  French  or Spanish  soldier  Avhoso name has been forgotten, hit upon  the brilliant idea that these neAvfangled  machines might bo converted into honest  pikes occasionally by simply sticking the  butt of a dagger into the muzzle of the  matchlock.    This scheme seemed to work  well for half a century, until it AA'as generally felt that if the firing of a matchlock Avas to become other than a long and  deliberate ceremonial, as  seemed to  be  probable  Avich   the  improvements   thtit  Avere coming from Nuremburg, the corking and uncorking of the barrels would  have to be obviated in some Avayor other.  The Ring Bayonet.  In   10S9   general   Mackay   introduced  among   his  infantry the  ring bayonet.  The name of the weapon has been connected Avith Bayonne, the French seaport.  As a matter of fact, '"bayona" and "bay-  oneta"   are   Spanish   words,   and mean  neither more nor less than '"sticker" and  "little  sticker."    But the etymology  of  the Avoid did not trouble the British infantry Avhom it helped to raise to the topmost place among the troops of Kuropo iu  the   period from  1703���the   date  Avhen  Wai.ba.ii introduced the socketed bayonet in the armies of Che Great Monarch���  to   the  middle  of the  present  century.  The transition from ring to socket Avas a  perfectly natural one.    The two rings in  the earlier Aveapon were merged into a  sort  of, tube  fitting on  the  end of the  musket barrel.    The blade AA'as connected  with. this tube by a btout neck, so as to  leave it clear of the bullet's path when  the gun. AA*asdischarged.    In order to give  the blade greater strength   it Avas made  triangular in'-seetion.    Finally this triangular blade was hollowed out to make it  as light as possible and so reduce to a  minimum its disadvantage as a Aveightat  the end of the piece in filing.  1_.i_iTi__.ji Bayonets Today.  Thus Avas evolved the form of bayonet  Avhich is today the conventional idea of it  entertained by uninformed civilian minds.  It Avas this form that Avas used in the  Peninsular War, Avhere more than at any  other time or in any other part of the  Avorld the bayonet Avon its fame. "British bayonets" became in those days a  synonym for the military power of the  British.  In the earliest part of the century the  authorities of the United States army  Avere fully alive to the importance of skill  Parson's  Produce  Company  WHOLESALE  Butter,  Eggs,,  Cheese,  Green  Fruits,  Cured  Meats,  Vegetables  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF EGGS  Full   stocks   carried   at   Nelson  and'  Rossland.    Mail orders solicited.  HALCYON WATBR  IS ISO EXPERIMENT.  The    iiiotIicin.il    v.alues   of    HALCYON  WATIOR  ha*,  boon proven.  Halcyon Water Is Bottled Properly.  Vernon Stieet   Thorpe ��S_! Co.  H. D.  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It is interesting now to  the lay reader chiefly on account of the  elaborately minute instructions on position,    in those days much stress was laid  upon the effectiveness as a military spectacle   of a   large  body   of   men   going  through   the     bayonet     exercise.    Mc-  Clellan's book is now obsolete, and bayonet drill in the United States army has  taken the form of an athletic exercise,  like boxing,  carried  on  with   bayonets  made safe by pads attached to the points.  In  the British army,  lo judge   by the  complaint of a recent writer in The United Service Review, the idea of bayonet  exercise as an  affair of parado ground  display   has    prevailed    until   recently,  though many commanding officers have  worked  hard, aud, it seems, with some  success, to substitute for the formal parade drills of companies and  battalions  man to man contests with blunted weapon.*., small prizes being given to the victors.    General McClellan, it must be said,  contemplated the same practice.    In his  "Manual" there are plates, curious enough  to  look   at after    the lapse  of   half  a  century, showing infantry of that period  wearing the padded "plastron" to protect  the body, aud going through with what  look to the eyes of this generation like  A*ery stagey  movements, with specially  made  whalebone bladed bayonets.    The  whalebone blades are  made detachable  from the hilt of the bayonet,  so that a  blade broken by a "palpable hit" can be  replaced.  In the article in The United Service Review, already mentioned, the writer  evidently takes the view that the day of  the bayonet is by no means past. The  "trowel bayonet," designed by colonel  Rice in the seventies, Avith the idea of  furnishing the infantry soldier with a  convenient and ever ready intrenching  tool, was never a success, iu a practical  sense. The idea of it, however, serves to  show how little importance was attached  to the bayonet as a weapon twenty-five  years ago. But since that time the bayonet has been gradually improved up to  the preseent form of a broad bladed knife,  attached by a string below the barrel  of the rifle to which it adds less than one  pound in weight and about twelve inches  in length.  A   NOTABLE   SECT.  Shiloh, IMaine, is the seat of a remarkable sect. New England is prolific in  .sects. The number of religious organizations which spring up there flourish for a  while and then pariS out of existence is  legion. J��V\v of .them reach the prominence of that now under consideration. It  is known by the rather extraordinary  name of "The Holy Ghost and Us Society." To many people this will savor  of the irreverent, and they -will expect  the members of the organization to be a  lot of irresponbible folk; but if the accumulation of valuable assets is, in this  -sphere of activity, us valuable an indication of merit as it is in others, the sect  must have some good points about it,  Rev. Frank "W. Sandford is at the he.' d  of the sect. He used to be the pastor ( f  a church somewhere in ^Xew-ITainpshire,  but we do not know what denomination  he belonged to. lie is spoken of as having left his parish, aud so presumably he  was associated with the Episcopal chinch,  which we think is' the only ecclesiastical  body in the United States using that expression. Mr. Sandford was led by an  influence, which he could not resist, to  abandon his home and all his possession**-,  giving them away, and _.et out without  A FULL UNE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish ' .  local and coast.  Flooring  local and roa.t.  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Naturally the remarkable success of this movement has  attracted a great deal of attention, so  much so that the postal authorities have  been compelled to establish a special post  office at Shiloh for the use of the association, and the mail brings daily hundreds  o' letters asking for information about  the work.  During the last few weeks a new impetus has been given to the sect by what  i.. alleged to have been the resurrection  from the dead of _\liss Olive A. Mills in  response to the prayer of Mr. Sandford.  There  seems  to be no doubt that  Miss  Mills was supposed by every one to be  dead, and that she had been restored to  health and strength.    Mr. Sandford says  that he did not restore her that is that  he did Hot exercise any power possessed  by himself.    He  states  that  he  prayed  earnestly beside her supposed corpse, and  that an inspiration came to him to command  her to live again: that he did so  aud she was restored to life.   Miss Mills  herself in her written desciiption of her  experience says she was dead, that she  k lows she was dead, that her personality  was   severed from  her  body and   was  traversing what she describes as resembling a long tunnel leading  to a light,  when she heard the command to return  aud that she did return and entered again  into the body, which at once resumed its  natural functions.    It is the easiest thing  in the world to dispose of the story by  saying that Mr. Sandford and Miss Mills  are acting in collusion; but this does not  account   for  the   immense   temple,  the  spacious  children's  home   and  the   fine  hospital.    Mr.  Sandford says that is all  due to faith.    Miss Mills gives expression  to the sententious phrase that "faith is  fact."    Except  for the alleged resurrection there is no material difference between what is being done at Shiloh and  George   Mailer's    remarkable   work    at  Bristol.    About twenty-five years a Dr.  Cullis maintained an institution iu Boston, Mass., where remarkable cures were  performed, and all the money, of which a  great deal was required, came in through  voluntary   contributions   in   answer   to  prayer.    Therefore as  much inclined as  we will all be to reject the story, of .the  resurrection of Miss Mills,-we must shut  our eyes to some undeniable and very substantial facts when we refuse to believe  that A'ery remarkable things can  be accomplished by those Avho trust in faith  only.   .Mr. Sandford say*.,that he is unable to understand why the promises in  the gospel of what may be done by faith  should  have less force now than at the  time they avci'c made, and Avhen   you  come to think about it you Avill be disposed to admit that he puts the burden  of proof upon those who allege that there  Avas a time limit to the efficacy of those  promises.     The   future   of   "The   Holy  Ghost and Uu Society"' AvilL be AVatched  with very considerable interest.  w  ��fi__:_fe' ���r^.&J.&^c^'&.'&.-a'���(=>'���(,  m  All Nice Xraas Presents  w  Meeting of Parliament.  London, January 11,���The queen has  proclaimed a meeting of parliament for  January 80th.  A Big Schooner  OF  BEER OR  HALF-AND-HALF  AlAVAYS"  Kl.h.SU  10c  -U.AV.VY-*  C0O1.  ' Tho best gUs;of l-err to bo l.i.d in XcKon i*  TIIK C.I.U.. IlOTl.._  ul  iSV*,^ E- J- CORRAN, Prop.  NOTICE   OF   ASSIGNMENT.  Pursuant to "("-'editors Tntit Deeds .Set," and  ���imemlfi-g Auts.  Ts'oUco i*> !i-i*(-l).v s.lv��3ii thai T.-oma*- SUtnlcr  _-ii.ni---i-c>-* iiiid.iolii' AVliNiaiicc 1'iUack. imd-  iiiK under lliu linn n-umi of Hiiiiii-liivyh & l'ii-  touk n*i iiiuic'h.iiitsonltiiki'rhtri'Ct, Ncl-on, Bill-  ' ish -'iiltiml.i... hiivc by dirdbt-iu'i'iKriulotlif I-l��  rtuy of Diici'inbor, IS'."!", -i*>-iKi!<-il iilllhuir iioiioiin.!  o-tiilr, oi -itil-..-li'l oH'cHi (l)Olh |__u-1iier*ilii|> mill '  ]ii'ir,.tc) w.ituli limy lie -old iindor eM-ciition-nnd  all tliclr tcnl o^l.tto (liolli partniTslilp aud priv-  !!!.���> in -Vu1k.it I-Vmemail Traves of tlie City of  N'cNoii, Bnli-.li Colutuliut. i-onti.iclor, in trfiM as  Iriiste" for (-HMli.oi'r* (boll) ]iartnrrshi|i ntid private) for tlio i-LiirpiiM-1 iif-dislwbuiKM-iniongst ilie  n.iid ci edicorh .ar. oi drop to lu w.  The Mild deed of siss_j,'nmi*nl was exes uled by  I ho ".aid Tlioiuiis Stanley Humphreys and Juliu  AV.iihta'i-e l'illoej. ami bv the slid Webster  Korcnmii Tnives on Ihe *siid I__ll. day of December, I8!W.  Ami further take uoliee'that a meelitiK of tho  .said creditor-, will beheld at theolllce of (iallihcr  & Wil'-ou, .oh,-itoi>. Kakcr sired. Nul-on. H. ( .,  on KrM.iy lha*.'-.'nd Any of December, IS"!), .it the  hour of t woUo'eloc.- in t lie afternoon.  All creditors nio requiiod on or before theSOlh  dm* of December, IS!)!), lo file their claims with  the trii'-loo, duly proved in jirovidcd b> the s._id  i.rt .l!-lin.r Ihe amount njio natine thereof, the  iiatuio of any security held bj them and the  eharaclor of liabililj thuieof, and (he valuation  placed thereon.  In default of the said trustee icruivniK i-atis-  faetorv proof thereof any .-ml-lor i- liable U>  li.ive his claimb.ured.  WERSTICI- FOKK_vIA>. TIIA Vi:*>,  Tnistee.  G .i..-in.:-. & Wmsov, Solicitors.  luted nt Nelson, U.C., this lilh day of December, A,."-., 18'C).  DissoliitioJi of Copartnership, ..  The jiartnei'.shinbet'.veett l.)r, D. LaBari and Dr.  Alex. Korii*, lia,s been diss-olved, tho dis_<i|iiWoii  to date from December. 1st, ISflft. Alt debts, due  the lirmarc payitblo to Dr. 1). lJaBau, and he  will pay all debtf. at the Arm.  ])at_cd Nelson, Deoombot 1st. JfiiW.  .".-     ��� JSTOTICE   TO   OBEW-TOES,  ��� All perio-is havHiK'aceonrith- agatai-t-the. estate of.th({  lale Jlargaret Slcl.eod will please send, siuiio.to.ine  -tVitluM the next ten day* -"Accoiltit. sunt after that date-  will not he reoo..i.i-'.od. .:... . ;;. .H..G..M(-LKOlX"'  ;;;Nel��pii,'.ifaHUiiry.5th, 3&00, .;;.;',^.:-,-���: >:.;.;.-.-_;^. ���.���..;,;���"_;._���_  %  LEATHER SMOKING CHAIRS  RATTAN SMOKING CHAIRS  RATTAN ROCKERS  LADIES' ROCKERS  MUSIC CABINETS  SIDE BOARDS  BED ROOM SUITS  DINING ROOM SUITS  DINING ROOM TABLES  ENAMELED BEDS  LEATHER COUCHES  VELOUR COUCHES  TAPESTRY COUCHES  HALL ROCKERS  UPHOLSTERED ROCKERS  CHEFFONERES  I  How would  one of those  beautiful  Brass Canopy Top Beds  suit your wife  for her Xmas gift  D. MeArthup k Co.  Tf|e Furniture Men  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  P. Burns c& Co.  Wholesale and Retail  .  .   .    Dealers in Meats  Head Office at  NELSON, 13.  0.  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Sample rooms for coinmorcia) men.  RATES $'2 PER DAY  rs. L G. GSarKe, Prop.  :.A'i'i: or mi: u<i. vi, miiii, t'\i...vi:v  Tho finest hotel  In the lutorloi.  S-wnrio roonip.  PU'.-m heat, and  electric light,  Modem in o\ ery  respect.  ���Oo'ttier Vernon mid      U   n   tt IIMF   ttifr  ward a...noi.-i.iv.   "* u* ���nU;Wt, njgr.  B* C, HOTEL     ERIE. B. C.  Krst-ela.8 in (ivery rcsueol;. Choicest wines,  liquorsiiiiti ��ii;ai*_- Kvory comfort for isfanslwvt  and rcsidoiit guests, ��� -.  :. ���. ��� HE4DQIJ.AUTERS TOR UNION MEN,'  ;S  ���.'.;.-,. .-^JaSKl'-i V.\iwii)^J^.Vr6i>dc{or.-.'::.''.  NK1.PO.V MINICRS' UNION NO. ��!, \V. F. of  .M.~Moul_> in ininw," iiiiion rnoni1-, n��itli-  iM-iuiini) Viciiirln .mil Ktxt'cimj -trcel-. i_very  .s._mrdi.y '*\filing ul 8 o'cloek. Viwlliif inciu-  bors ��<;ico>iio.  J \mi-^ U*ii.i,-i-s, Si'e'j'.    Ciia-. A, McKav. Pres.  rjlliK tfifiil.irtiirrllnrf'. i.f tlioC.i pf-iili'i'-' L'tiion  ���*���   ,.r.' hr-lrl on   \-'i'<lin'-(lu\   I'lvmu^ x_f i*noli  uei-S., nl   7 o.-lnck. iii lite Ml.!-'-- Criion Imll col-,  ii-i   Vict',11.1 ,ti)<l I.iiiiU*i,.iv ��lieil��.  Ii.   I'UlllNMJ.V,   I'll'-Iilll,!.   .I..MKH I'OI.I.IM". SeiHi'Uf.v.  DISSOLUTION   NOTICE.  Not ice I-, In re I ii- (__i.cn Hiivt we .lieiiiul-'i'-fened  toiiuoilj (,irr)iiiK <>n l)ii��nii'-�� ns riiliion Kicp-  i'1'iii I In* <-*!��_.- of N*.!-mi fi l!i_> I'l-ipvmci- ot I.nl-  i-ti .'iiliiinljtiv. iin_l__r llic thai ?j in I'.t.i'l -ij)h of"  .lo.ui-oti .v >iir,tlj. b.iii' (lu-ilj) li\ miltual con*  ���"init <IismiIii i] the -.uti ji.u Uicr-lii)1. Tin' ^.lid  bii-im-.- ��ill In* foiiiiniied lij llic tui,l-'i-*.i)_tu'il.  Rolietl h, *>fmlh. ��1m- will ju> nil onl.-l.ni(lni{;  li.il/ililiei of I lie s/inl Itrni .itnl to whuni .-ill ac*  <'(iniit�� due tin" ^.lid tirin ate jiay.ililc 10. ,  Dated at Ni'l-uu. H. l ., llti- "-Hid 'lay of riecein-  l/Li", lS'KI.  A. N. .tOHNhON,  Witnf.-: \\*. ... n \ I a. I lll-.ll,  it. I-,. SMITH.  NOTICE.  'S'lie iitilislt I oliimlmi t-oiitlieni Railway Com-  jiaiii "ill apjilv Id tltc |i,ir)liuiicnt of t'llnada .it  its ne\i ��t-Mon forn-i .ut nullnm/inK Ihe t*om-_  jinny to I'limpl. {.-nl any tinu'iK'fote the etui oi  the jtat-l'.Df, it- wol-Tii >-ei'tiuti a*- iIcm-iibeil in  the .1.1 of the vud t.uli uii(*lit iW'il Victon...  < bai.tei>.. I) and a lirniicli litiefioin a point on H-.  main hm-al m near the fork-, of Mii'ln'l creek,  there :,j mi) ot Michel Lituk lo Martin cieek  and foi cilliei inifpo-o-..  Hj   oi.lci ol the lxi.itd.  II. ('.\5M"ni-:t.l. OSWALTl. Secretary.  MonMril. 17th Xu\t'iillief. IM> i.  OGXTBf  ��� NBi.'.-O-V Uiv'j-iKW. AVr_st t-OrnT.VAT.  Nolieofe herein-Hiv'-n tlmt�� t'tniri of llevisfoii  and tippwil untlcr ihe As��*ss��neilt niid Ainetld-  - imr Act -i will In. held in the foltowiiiK pli.ees:  At. theeoiirl- house��t Ncl-SO-i Oil  VVi;dtii?S(l!l}',  the  1.0th .Iiiriii.'U-r. ll-MOslf. ll.ii. "m.  ..AtMie court house at Kck..1;hhI on Uiuiwlay,  ,hc lltirJ-Hium-y, I���� 81 !l a-..!^.���_-T  IV. .1,  (_iUfc.l'fe_J,  ;.;.-���'^'���V;:Jii.dgc of t.li'e Court ofKevisioli��'nfl,ApfleaJ*. i n  THE TRIBUNE: '_N"ELSON/B. C, FRIDAY*? JANUARY 12, 1900  It .  I 1  Ii  it s-  .  It s'  *!ir  lit-.  liit  .*-  !  |i  I  11  I  l<*  I  T*-  tt  A DIRECT IMPORTATION OF  HAIR   BRUSHES BATH BRUSHES TOOTH  BRUSHES  NAIL   BRUSHES       MILITARY  HAIR   BRUSHES  THESE GOODS WE  OFFER AT  VERY LOW PRICES.  on  House  A liberal discount will  be given on  Clothing  to make ready for spring stock  A few nice overcoats left  which we are selling at greatly reduced prices  J. A. GILKER  213-215 BAKER STREET  NELSON  To the People of the Kootenays  A NEW YEAR AND A NEW IDEA  I had forgotten to mention to you before Christmas the following  staple lines of goods  The Karri Cabinet Grand Pianos  The best in Canada  ^ou/inor Ma nt. in ac   New Raymond, Wheeler & Wilson, White,  ocwlllb ��lcU_H-_n;a   Domestic and the Standard. '  All'good machines and guaranteed.' * ,      - .  FLATWEAR    .,  -Knives, Forks, and Spoons, all 1847 Rogers  A full line-of Bar Plate  Special Announcement  _ For watch repairing and jewelry manufacturing we have increased our staff and, are prepared to make up chains, lockets,  and rings at home without sending away for them.  I have a specialist who will test your eyes free of charge.  Mail and express orders promptly attended to.  JACOB DOVER, Jeweler, Nelson  SMALL SHOES ��*���u>aw  STRONG SHOES '��^^^  STYLISH SHOES *>'W��m���  -DAINTY-SHOES -^Jiia^^^  ELEGANT SHOES t0T{h0i;i>l0^s  COMFORTABLE  FOOTWEAR  ; . .Wo -.Und hack of our Shoe*-       '    .  Thoy 1'i-e made in .stich :i -v..-}', lYo.u -.m-h htouk, thai. then, is no excuse for :in_ thiiifj ..nt t-alisfacUoji  Wo have ii huger .stock than you .isitally nee mid lower pi ice. for the suno quality  >  ' than you evei-iun across        ' '    .  Shoe- to lit nil lect, in stjk's lo .-jtul every fancy, ia pi ices mowed down lo a minimum.  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  If A K I _11 ST] UCKT. _*,* K J.SO.V  ASK YOUR GROCER FOR THE CELEBRATED  S  The Best that Money can Buy.   Take no Other  Manufacture*, by Ihc Jtrnckumti-lCcr Aiming Co., Ltd.        Victoria, Vancouver, Westminster, Edmonton, N'oIhoii.  FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE  NELSON CIGAR CO.  Tf 3011 would  enjoy  a fic-ll mid fragrant  smoke don t force I Iho  Cubiiitil keeps I lieiu  Proprietor.  g ivfen  Do not, -spend every (Veiling of tlio w.'i*k in  beiirch tif aimi.semeiiL, hut give a- lillie thin' to  your own .social and mental improvement.  NIGHT CLASSES  For all jjriidos of scholars Will Ire opened at  the -Business.. College.  Victoria slreet on January 3rd, WOO.  Avail yourselves of this opportunity.  RATTRAY & MERRILL  ONIi   DOLLAR   A   LOAD  The undersigned haH a large guantlty of flr,  cedar, und tumarae alab.s, In If! inch and 4-foot  Ir-tiKthw, Hi-tliil.I.- for Htove wood, which will he  i.niil for $1 a. load ut tho mill yard.  N*_1_30N 8AW & PLAN1NU MILliH, LH.  Nnl-soiv. Aiifcsinf. !flt.h, _-S��.  A. fi, BAMOW, A.M.I.CE,  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and Kaoteiiay Streets. -;,: ;;.  K a;fipx 559; -.  ;; :'��� .      TELEPHONE :JNa,;.?S.  Wreck on Newfoundland Coast.  St. John's, Newfoundland, -January 11.  .���A large steamer believed to be a passenger ship; has been wrecked on a reef in  Sfc. Mary's bay, about iive miles from  shore. The vessel, which lies ��� -with her  head low in tiie water, is on fire aft.  Several persons hiwo been washed oJT the  deck during the day. Just before nightfall others we're seen in the rigging and it  is feared that "they will perish before  daybreak. The steamer's name cannot  be ascertained.  Memorial to Kirkpatrick.  Kingston, Ontario, January 11.���A  proposition is on foot in Frontonac  county and Kingston to erect a suitable  memorial in honor of the late sir George  A. Kirkpatrick.  Called to Winnipeg.  Toronto, January 11.���Rev. Tl. P.  Bowles, pastor of the -Metropolitan Methodist church, has accepted a call to Grace  Methodist church, Winnipeg, to go into  effect in June, 1..00.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED .6T0.  ���Just Re-eeiv^e-d  CARLOAD OF CHOICE  VEGETABLES.  Sweet Potatoes  Parsnips  Potatoes  Cabbages  Carrots  Turnips  Beets  ^_0nions___:_  Hudsoifs Bay Co,  Telephone 13  R; REISTERER & CO.  I-IM-Vmtl-  AMI) I!0. T..l_StS OK  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt ..nd-rPKiil-ii'  delivery lo the (fade  Brewery at Nelson  T  GREAT REDUCTION  Hard Goal  AnlluiU'il-  Th-.I'I .10.*-..  33  $9.651 ^r^0"1   S6.15  DELIVERED  0. W, West & Co.  LOCAL NEWS IN BRIEF.  James Kelly, aged 10 years, was arrested yesterday on a serious charge. It  is alleged that he abducted a 13-year-old  girl. The case comes up this morning,  but a remand will be asked foi* by chief  Jarvis, who has the case iu hand.  In accordance with the motion passed  at the last meeting, secretary Swannell of  the board of trade interviewed the local  postol'lice officials yesterday with tho object of securing better mail facilities. The  postmaster will submit a statement giving  full information regarding tho city mail  service and this will be submitted to the  council of the board at its next meeting.  A meetingof the trustees of the general  hospital took place yesterday. i-ioutiue  matters only were discussed.  More Men for South Africa.  Southa-Mi-ton, January 11.���The Canard liner Umbria, wliich has been  chartered as a transport by the British  government, sailed from Southampton  today with 2200 soldiery for South Africa.  Butter and Cheese Associations.  Madoc, Ontario, January 11.���Tho annual convention of eastern Ontario butter and cheese associations is in session  here. The reports read showed a most.  encouraging condition of dairy farming  throughout the past year.  Will Act a3 War Correspondent.  jSTi-W York, January 11.���Richard  Harding 'Davis, who sailed for Southampton on the St. Louis yesterday, is  bound for South Africa, where he will  act as war correspondent for a number  of magazines and newspapuis.  Freight Agents' Association Meets-  ��� Monti-]_ai-, January 11.���The quarterly  meeting of the Canadian J<YcigliL Agents'  Association is being held at Place Vigor  Hotel here." Reports of all railways running in the Dominion have been read.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Dry   Wood.���If   you  want  good  dry  wood fjo lo Kelly & Stoopor'..  Wanted���Chambermaid at Hotel Phair.  Wanted ��� Furnished    rooms,   private  family, with ho.ird. bj-n geiitl_iii.ni mid hi. wile. Ap|ilj  lo A. J.. ('.. Tribune ollleo.  Furnished room, with or without small  silting room, lo ruiil.-\\ilii iiso of bath.   Plea-anlly Mtu-  aled.   Lmi-iue nl, this ollice.  Two furnished rooms to let at the  cor-  ne_;of Vernon _tnd Cedar blroel ���_  'Typewriter, wanted���Must be well recommended find prolioienl. Ajtjily (o Tailor __ ll-t'i-  niiiKton, Jl.irrisU'is. ,    .  For font���Fivo-roomod house, also fur-  nisiiiiiKs-  in  ssmic  house  for sale,     l-'oi*   term1-  apply  Cabinet Cigar Co. >  ��� Owing" to the, great number of  votes in the East Ward, ancl the  number of citizens in the West,  North and South Wards, I have  consented to offer myself���no, not  myself,  but a  LARGE SCHOONER_ _  OF BEER FOR  AT THE  mi  WE HAVE THE FINEST LINE OF  Coal Heaters  EVER DISPLAYED IN KOOTENAY DISTRICT  SOLE AGENTS FOR THE FAMOUS  Cole's Hot Blast Heater  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted  to any kind of coal, CROW'S NEST, LETH.  BRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds equally well. Not requiring the  attention of an ordinary coal heater. Economical, durable and simple in construction.   See our Steel Ranges for hard and soft coal or wood.  But while we are waiting- for the cold weather we  would draw your attention to our line of  NICKLED   COPPER  WARE  Including Tea and Coffee Pots (several designs), Enamelled Handle Dippers, Pudding Dishes, Tea Kettles, etc.,  and the only place you can get them is  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   GO.  Kindly drop  Jn or  Ring up  Kirkpatrick &. Wilson  Previous to  Allowing others  To make you believe their prices are  Right, as we are the leaders ofprices  In Nelson, and can supply anything in  Crockery, glassware and groceries.  Kirkpatrick & Wilson  ��S_ furthermore  We  Invite  l-adies to call and  Satisfy themselves  On Ihe fact of our leading and  rvever following others.  Phone 8.  Box  57.  Club liotel  DURING iV]'. R-OEf.T FIRE  A -.mull portion of my jjoods tfnf <l.i_i_,i|_fc(l Iij a  litlk; lA.ilui' bill nevv^ouds !i,i\o now luU.'ii lli'uii-  iil.icu oml more liuw kudiN .iru nrfn'nif tiuNy. I  li.iv.- now (Ireii'ud ly soil nil now jri'duei lus null  fnnls.il j_.-<_iilll iT.liii.od pri<vs. .Ml iicwu.iiiiiuil  Kuuds.'i ci'iils pi'i- iin ��-lititpt'i- Ih.in ilio rcKnl'ii"  iniiikot in ice. Il guilds .tic mil n-. l'upruM'ntijd  j our iiifincj will liu rul timicd. 'J'li.inkiii{{ yon ono  ��� inilallJoryui.i* kind p.ilioii'iKu,  11ns' ItiJ.cii jil��re l ho litisine-s'.WH l,c ci ml in ltd under l!i<> siinu* limiiiiff^iiioiif, unit our m.uiy ciisUnii-.s- will bu  piiM-cd Iu know tli.it llivj will l.o mi"! ikinl dtsilt Willi Hie -aiin> coilil(--T fis Ii."--* liithi'iln ]��cra.lGil. 'I'lii' i-litss- of  good*, whiiin Inn liccti hut.dli'.l jmd built iijj mi< l"i .i io|iiHliiion foi tin* linn or 11. l>o-,l��rN.iy'.\: Co. will ..oiitiiiusilly ha  kept in ftook, ami a* mir imi>Iiiiih*i-s will not liu u��l.e-l to deal wirli -Iimukoi's, the evpeelaliou of the old Ilrm will bo  .n.iint.iinul tJui-tiKhuiil.   Coiuiiieni'i'Hie new je.it'ai'irfiil hi lU'.iliiig \villi"'t'i<i t>ld roliablu.*  \\'i-:lii(ig yon nil a very Il.ippy Xew Ye.u\ you will know ii-. a-.  THE WESTERN MERCANTILE COMPANY, Ltd,  KWTKSSOU.S   Tl)  Bak"!* Sifict, Hs's-n. M.   DesBrisay Sn Co., Staple  and  Fancy  Groceries.  J is"plim*i Stro t, Bot*een  CrsHjanate and Silica S.s,  Tin* best   vuliio for the inonoy in liio iiuukct.  foi ull pmpOM's.  -i LllMS c.sn  Telephone 1  W. P. Tii_h.\');v, (innrral __WJi-  17.    (Wllro with C. 1). J. Ciirwtfe.  Kootenay   ColTee   Co.  NKi.ao_*r, a ci.  CofTfle roanters and dftalftrs Isi Tea and Ob-Tee.  Offer froah ronstod coitco ot lient, "quallly a.  followH;  Java and Arftbiaji iVTachR, per iiouiiil.....,|   .0  Java and Moclia J-leml, .'t poinidn ,.;.. I 00  Flue Siuttofr, _ )ion nda ��� �����  1 00  Saulo�� l.iowd, 5 poiiudi.....;....,  1 00  OUrSpeclal Blond, 6 pouii.i_i  1 00  Our Rio HouHlii 6 pooiidn........ .:,...... 1 00  . A trial or_lo��*POlI(>il;<>d. ' Sdiesvboiii 2dooraeuat:  Of.Oddfellow-.block, ,W��.bL Baker.street.  MEN'S FURNISHING GOODS  Our fiiemkam! ciislonier-. appieet ite the  t'.lliiUM we .no giving them in rloihui^.  N.'c |>iopo-<f In ki\u tl.em cinml v.lhie-. .ill  this wr'uk in furnishing...  L'NDKKWKAH.  All-wool .���il.l.ed uKiJorwurtP, per unit.��__.O0  A,il-wool .fancy neat .striper!, per suit,, ">.CJ)  HOSf BUY. .   .  ' All-wool lilnek hose, worth 48e, for _?;��.;���   -  "We be/? to ann.-in_.--o to our many patrons tli.it \vc have rcinoved to  our new fjiiMrtt*!'*' in tiie Uoiibton Jllofk, tin. big inrrttiSQ in ILe  volume of out' busitif*-..s forring- n.s <o <.pek larger jn'cinises*. Thunk-  the people for the patronage iifeorded u*_ in < he past, in anticipation  of an inci-eaf-e oi' this custom in the future, Ave remain, theirs to  commaiul in all lines of groceries.  HoiiPtora Rloek, BnkerStreei  John A. Irving c& Co.  Hhirls s.L groal.ly reduced prlc'ea.   Keek--  wear of (ill kiniis at.speeiitl low priecs.  Ilaker Stieot, ������ -' ' ������'������ ���  s Optioaite Queen's Hotel;,  Bfl'0WM.��M'-  ARRIVED IN NELSON  IncliuHiiK Segran.'.'. 2, -I, and 7'yi.ar old Hyp. .in Barrels. '   Gooileiiinm & AVnrla' live In f'osos  f-f.'Sjiviin'-i .Stttv, 'S3 Kye und while. Wheal. \A'lusky in Ctt_e_.   .- A\'jtlkop'_i C.lnli jljo in Oust*' '���'  rA, B..,.GHAY,. Kootenay Agent  ���-.Y-.-..-V.:>j.,-.N'i._'-On,-& 0,',.--    ���'..? ���  R, P. fllTHET &. GO.


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