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 \  did not exceed $25; and that the council  be authorized to draft revisions to the  bylaws. All three recommendations were  adopted.  A resolution drafted by the Toronto  Board of Trade recommending the adoption of a commercial policy based upon  the principle of mutual benefit between  the mother country and the colonies, and  the appointment of a representative  English and colonial committee to devise  a scheme of this nature, was submitted  to the meeting and unanimously endorsed.  Messrs. J. Crofts, AV. P. Tierney and  P. Griddle were elected members of the  board by acclimation.  THE BOARD OF TRADE MEETS  Officers For the New Year Chosen.  The annual meeting of tho South Kootenay   Board   of   Trade  took  place  last  night.    The proceedings were  of  an interesting nature, the  election  of officers  for the ensuing  year  attracting  a large  attendance of members.    Those present  were F. Fletcher, chairman; F. W. Swan-  nell,   secretary;    J.  Ranncrman,   A.   G.  Gamble, J. J. Campbell, J, M. Lay, G. V.  Holt, .'I. Dover, F. Irvine, G. C. Tunstall,  G. Kydd,.). Chapman, P. Lamont,  A. II.  Kelly, T. .1. Sims, J. A. Kirkpatrick, J. R.  Rawley,  T.  Morley,  O.   Newling,  W. A.  Macdonald. II. Bycrs, II. E. Croasdaile, P.  .7. Russell, J. F. Weir, A. II. Bellamy, II.  G. Neelands, II.'J. Evans, S. S. Fowler, A.  H. Dowsing, G. E. C. Martin, T. G. Procter,  F.   W. Peters, G.  L. Buchanan,.aud  R..  Robertson.  The   president's   annual   address   was  read by secretary Swannell in the absence  of J. R. Robertson.    The  report  opened  by remarking that the advisability  of  holding monthly meetings had been vindicated by the excellent results attained,  and   touched   on   the  resolutions,   committees  and   conferences  in  which  the  board had participated during the year.  The completion of the Crow's  Nest Pass  railroad,   new   steamship  facilities,  the  proposed extension to  the  local  freight  and passenger facilities were referred to.  Other railroad enterprises were described  as materially benefitting the city.     The  president continued  that  the  year had  witnessed an extraordinary development  in the. way of construction of new business blocks,    stores  and  private  dwellings,    which    had    given    employment  to a number of  men  and  done much to  beautify and strengthen the credit of the  city in the eyes of investors.    The construction of the tramway and  gas plant  were quoted as evidences of the progress,  and the fact commented upon  that  the  board had 'brought'its influence  to  bear  on  the  city council  to  bring about improvements in the  city  wharf facilities.  -Mr." Robertson    referred   to   the   steps  which the board had  taken to  have the  Nelson district represented at  the  Paris  exposition and the fruit fair at Spokane.  The  splendid  exhibit  of mineral  specimens shown in Spokane had been brought  back to the city and had  been  placed in  the board rooms, but this could hardly be  described as an advantageous repository  for them.    This  led  to  the  hope on his  part  that  the  incoming  council   would  consider  the   question  of erecting  new  city buildings 'adequate  to  the  importance of the  city, and which would  contain quarters Cor the boaid of  trade and  its  museum  of mineral.-;  as' well as the  public library.    lie  also hoped'that tho  auomaly existing  in regard to "holiday  ' rates to eastern points over the railroads  would be removed before, the  conclusion  of t.W  iipw. year,._After  recommending  that  the now  council of  the board be  authorized  to   devise  changes  and   improvements to tho board, Mr.   Robertson  devoted a paragraph  to  the  labor troubles iu the mines.    He struck  a  popular  chord by remarking that universal regret  was felt by the board in  the  temporary  loss  of  captain  Hodgins, who  had gallantly  volunteered  to serve queen and  country in South Africa.    The  board, he  felt   assured,  would   join  with  him   in  wishing captaiu Hodgins Godspeed and a  safe return.  The report was received with warm  applause, aud on motion of Messrs. Holt  and Buchanan, it was resolved to print  the document in pamphlet form.  Secretary Swannell presented the annual report of the board's finances, A  small- cash balance   was shown, a fact  whicli elicitedapplause; 1 -  The election of officers was proceeded  with and resulted as follows: President,  G. V. Hole; vice-president,- IL J. Evans;  secretary-treasurer, F. ��� AV. > Swannell ;  council, J. R. Robertson, T. Gv Procter, P.  ~ Lamont, P. Chapmau, P. Russell,' II.  Byers, F. Fletcher, J. M. Lay, AV. A. Macdonald, J. Lawrence, II. 10. Croasdaile and  G. Kydd.  "Theexecutive officers were letnrncdby  acclamation amid applause. Twenty-  seven candidates were nominated for the  council aud the result of the balloting  aroused great interest,  President-elect Holt took the chair and,  after returning thanks to the gentlemen  present, expressed the hope that during  the ensuing year local merchants would  take more interest in the board than had  been the case up to the present, , Messrs.  Macdonald and Tunstall moved a vote of  thanks to ex-president'Robertson, which  was carried unanimously.  The secretary submitted the report of  the council, which recommended that the  invitation to send a delegate to the session of the London chamber of commerce  be accepted; that tho board be hereafter  known as the Nelson board of trade, provided the expense of' making the change  TUESDAY MORNING, JANUARY 9,  1900.  PUBLISHED AT NE1LSON. BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEHKI.Y,   $?.  On motion the president and vice-president weao appointed a special committee to interview the telephone company with a view to urging improvement in their system and reduction in  rates.  The president-elect drew attention to  the fact that no mail was sent out of  Nelson on Sunday morning ovei the Nelson & Fort Sheppard railroad, and it was  resolved to authorize the secretary to  consult the postal authorities on tho  subject.  TWELVE CANDIDATES NOMINATED  Two Days for Campaigning.  Tho nomination of candidates for  the office of mayor and aldermen  yesterday created considerable interest among those who concern themselves with municipal affairs. There  were but one or two present in the city  hall when J. K. Strachan, returning, officer, opened the nomination proceedings  at noon, but shortly after the electors  came trooping in and out until the nominations closed at 2 o'clock. Two candidates were nominated for the office of  mayor, with five aldermanic candidates  in each ward.  Of the mayoralty candidates John  Houston was proposed by Robert Hurry,  and seconded by AV. G. Gillett, with the  names of Joseph Sturgeon, Fred Irvine,  J. A. Gilker, J. A. Dewar and AV. S.  Pearey on the paper as assenters.  The opposing candidate ��� Frank  Fletcher���Avas proposed by H. G. Neelands and seconded by A. L. McKillop,  with' George Ritchie, Thomas Morley,  Robert Robertson, AV. J. Caldwell, E. C.  Arthur, AV. W. Beer, W. P. Tierney arid  P. Lamont as assenters.  The candidates nominated for, aider-  manic honors in the East ward were  John A. Irving, AV. J. AVilson, Dr. Hall,  Hamilton Byers and C. Morrison.  John A. Irving was proposed by James  II. AVallace aud seconded by J. A, Gilker.  with A. C. Ewart, AV. G. Gillette and  Adolph Lapointe as assenters.  AV. J. AVilson was proposed by J. A.  Gilker and seconded by Fred Irvine.  Dr. G. A. B. Hall was proposed by William Rutherford and seconded by J. II.  Matheson, with M. McKay as assenter.  Hamilton Byers was proposed by H. G.  Neelands and seconded by R. Hurry, with  Charles Hillyer,  AV. AV. Beer, N. T..Mac-  lft.-��"l   ,TIu,.��>lrl   Q^Inpo    ,TT_ J   _J_i_aii��_   W    I*"_  Teet'/el, George Kydd and William nan-  cock as assenters.  Christopher Morrison was proposed by  II. G. Neelands and seconded by George  S. Beer.  The aldermanic candidates" nominated  inthoAVest ward were AVilliam Irvine,  Thomas Madden, A. L. McKillop, A. Ferland aud Dr. Arthur.  William Irvine was proposed by James  Lawrence aud seconded by E. E. Phair,  with John A. Gibson, E. Applewhaite and  E. P. AVhalley as assenters.  Thomas Madden was proposed by John  A. Kirkpatrick and seconded by Gilbert  Stanley, with T. J, Scanlou, H. J. Evans,  A. R. Sherwood, B. S. Hebden, F. E. Ileb-  den. AV. P. Tierney, ,1. E. Amiable, and  Ed. Ferguson as assenters.   *  A. Ii. McKillop was proposed by James  Lawrence-and seconded- by-R.S.-King-  hoi'n.  Arthur Ferland was proposed by H. G,  Neelands and seconded by IV Lamont  and D. Me Arthur, T. J. Scanlou and R. S.  Lennie as assenters. -    -  Dr. PI 0. Arthur was proposed by TI.  G. Neelands and seconded by A. H. Clements, with A. G. Shaw as assenter.  The voting will take place on Thursday.  The polling booth for the East AVard  will be in the Scroggs building on .Josephine street, between Baker and Victoria streets, and for the West Ward in  the office of the Exchequer Gold Mining  Company on Baker street, between Stan-  lev 'and Kootenay streets.  S  Keep the Dutch Clear of Belmont.  London. January 9.���The Times publisher the following, dated January Oth,  from Modder River : "News from Belmont shows that the Queensland and  Canadian volunteers have been so energetic in that neighborhood that -a large  belt of the Free State, across the border  has been deserted by the Boers."  London, January 9.���The Boer agents,  aceot'diug to the Cairo correspondent of  tho Daily Mail, are evading British vigilance respecting the importation of  ammunition. The report says: "A large  quantity of quick-firing ammunition goes  to Ras Jibeuul, from which point it is  conveyed by dhows along the coast, or  transported to vessels bound for Portuguese ports in east Africa. French  steamers touching at Ras Jibeutil before  reaching Aden contrive to evade search  by transhipping at Madagascar to steamers apparently not connected with  European lines. In this way they escape  suspicion."  Uf  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  ���Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hj  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  \b  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi.  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  *  Hi  Hj  Hj  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hj  Hj  Hj  Hj  Hj  Hi  Hi  Hj  *L  TURNER SHOWS THE WHITE FEATHER  Victoria, January 8.���-[Special to the Tribune].���Today witnessed a  backdown of tho opposition hi the matter of the resolution asking the legislature to declare that the Semlin government had forfeited its confidence  and that of the country. Turner refused to proceed with it for the stated  reason that he desired to.secure certain information before proceeding with  the debate. His critics intimate thatr the unexpected presence of Prentice  on the government side, and the ���absence of Joseph Martin, who did not  return from Vancouver until this evening, were important factors in . influencing the leader of the opposition. Anyhow, the government squarely met  his challenge, offering hinv precedence oyer all other business,, and had the  satisfaction of finding him unwilling to engage in the test of strength.  Speaker Forster made a break at> tiie outset with the intimation that  "according to custom" the house [would present the want of confidence  resolution, to take precedence over all other business, and Semlin and Cotton  followed on the same lines. If such a custom were permitted the house  would be at the mercy of the opposition, who could delay any business they  wished to block by putting a want of confidence motion on the order paper,  and it was not surprising, therefore, that after D; W. Higgins had challenged  the speaker to find anything in the rules or records implying- such custom,  Forster withdrew his statement, and it was decided that Turner should be  called upon only Avhen his motion was: reached in its regular order. When  this occurred it was dropped without further remark, and must again be  given notice of before it can come up. , The house sat less than two hours,  adjourning about 4 o'clock. The debate on the address commences  tomorrow. " '.''���;���  Joseph. Martin appears to have lost caste as a champion of labor, for on  the top of Macpherson's repudiation of him to the Vancouver Deadman's  Island committee, comes the following resolution adopted at a crowded  meeting at Nanaimo on Saturday evening : "Resolved that we, the members  of labor organizations and other citizens ;of the city of Nanaimo, desire to  express our emphatic condemnation of Joseph Martin in his frantic efforts  to wreck the present government, and also his pitiable political hypocrisy  in allyiug himself with those whose constant endeavor is to crush the cause  of labor."  This resolution from the home of Ralph Smith must dispose of any  lingering hope held by Martin of posing as the workingmen's friend. He  could not induce Ralph Smith to back him.  '<*  (ft  <T��  W  m  m  <p  w  i>  w  ��� ��  w  ��  m  m  f��  ��.  ��  (IV  m  m  m  m  m  m  ��  m  i>  w  m  ���W  iff  (0  m  ��  m  w  f>  '����  it  1*.  f��  I*  i*  i��  'p.  .situation now is, it is a hard nut for the  business men to crack.  A most promising strike has just been  made on the Hartney group on Silver  mountain, It occurred in tho lower  drift, and shows eight inches of ore, four  inches of which is solid steel galena.  This tunnel overreached the ledge, and a  new start was made, which has since  developed a fine chute. The company  working the property is from Rochester,  New York, and is a strong and energetic  organization, and will greatly help the  town. Ore now shows in the two main  drifts, so the Hartney will be a shipper  this winter.' The next payment on the  bond is due on February 1st.  ��� Another carload of ore is to be shipped  from the Mollie Hughes, consisting of  high grade mineral.    Two men are work-  ^^4^4^4^4-3^4-14444^44^^4^^-3^ 44^54^a4-354^4^3^^^3^43^^^^^ai^^^^  WHITE STILL HOLDS HIS GROUND  Punished Boers Heavily Saturday  London, January 8, 3.30 a.m.���General  hours ago, wnen-the Boers, ouster! irom  their foothold inside the works, suspended their assault at nightfall. England  has talcen heart. The situation/however,  is still causing much anxiety. The be-  leagured force have expended a large  amount of ammunition ,which cannot be  replenished, and must have lost a number of officers and men, which is counterbalanced, so far as the garrison is concerned, by the greater  loss of the Boers.  The entrenchments at Ladysmith, as  described in a message that left a day or  two before the fight and has just come  through, are fortified hills well covered  with rifle pits and trenches, down which  the infantry move iu single fiie^to the  various posts in absoluto safety. Full rations are still served, but no whiskey or  tobacco.    . Mr. Spence AVilson in the Morning Post  points out that there is one division only  at Chieveley, another at Frere and a third  at Estcourt As Chieveley is 77 miles  at Colenso, the second division would  have had to march twelve miles to get  into action and the third division 22  miles. General Buller's 30,000 men and  seventy guns were, therefore, almost inactive on Saturday aud, when general  AVhite heliographed, general Buller could  really make no move but an ineffective  demonstration.'  England is preparing fresh armaments  and 22 transports will be on the -way to  South Africa during the present month.  According to the programme 25,000 additional troops and 22 guns' will soon be  "afloat. Tho government has ordered the  Maxims to manufacture as many 4.7 inch  and six inch quick firers as can be turned  out until otherwise notified.  Got the Eats' Supper by Mistake.  Brantfokd, Ontario, January 8.���  James C. Boughner, foreman at the  AVaterous Engine AVorks, narrowly escaped death from stvychniue poisoning  on Saturday night. Keeling hungry  upon arriving at his home, Boughner  went to the pantry, where lie made a  hearty meal of some bread and butter  which was, it appears, covered with  strychnine with a view to poison rats.  Prompt medical attendance saved his  life.   Germany's Attitude to Britain.  Berlin, January 8.���The foreign office  this evening authorized the following  statement: '-Germany recognizes the  right of search within certain specific  limits. Among the points enumerated in  the protest filed in London is one contending that England has exceeded these  limits.  NEGOTIATIONS^ THE SLOCAN  f    T Broke Down at the Last Moment/  Nkw DJ3NVRR, January 8.���[Special to  ^emunatum^  effect a compromise in tho labor troubles  in tliis camp came as a great and painful  surprise to-all, more particularly to the  men themselves. To account for it many  are at a loss, while ��� not a few look away  to Victoria aud profess to see in the  presence there of a "strong lobby of Association members the cause and reason for  the sudden change of front. It was the  belief of the camp at large that a permanent settlement was on tho eve of actual  fulfillment, and some business men assert  this would have been accomplished had  the men accepted the mine owners' compromise offer when made, instead of procrastinating. However that may be, it  must be-taken- into-consideration-that-  the union had to act with care aud discretion, because there are nome 7,00 mom  at present working in the camp and  drawing the $3.50 rate; therefore the  general feeling of the members had to be  ascertained on the'.subject. The insinuation that the, AVestern Federation of.  Miners was pulling the wires and directing affairs i'a as untrue' as it is ridiculous  and uncalled for. -When- obtained, the  feeling of the L'nion members Avas found  to be in favor of the compromise, a scale  of wages befitting which being nuide out  and sent to the Association in reply. This  scale has appeared in Tin* Tuim.VK, aud  it will be seen 'that it coincided practically .with the mine owners' offer; and  it will bo noted that this scale is not objected to by the ^Association committee  in their final reply, which wiii also published. They base their main and only  objection on the condition attached to  the wage scale that the latter should not  be abrogated without thirty days' notice  being given by either side. This the Association alleges and distorts into tiie assertion that the men would not sign tiie  scale for. more than thirty days at a time.  On the ".very face of it, the contention is  weak and unproven. As a matter of fact,  taking the word of one of the leading  unionists at Sandon as an authority, the  men were and are willing to sign the  compromise scale advanced by them, and  were prepared to have commenced work  at once. Of course the owners arc accused of leading the men on and then  throwing them over for political effect  at A-K-toria, but it is the firm belief that  both sides were sincere- in their advances  up to the last moment when the negotiations were broken off. This, though,  can be asserted, that it is* not the fault  of the men the compromise has not been  effected and  the  trouble ended.    As the  itig the property.  A license has been issued to the new  Bosun company, and they have everything now iu fine shape for immediate  and extensive operations.  Mining recorder Mclnnes went to Sandon Saturday to look over the ground  ���for the new Sovereign tramway, right of  way being desired over adjoining territory.  On the Kaslo & Slocan ore shipments  are averaging a carload per day, with  signs of an increase.  Friday the Payne had three carloads  of ore standing on the siding awaiting  shipment over the Kaslo & Slocan. The  delay in shipping was caused by the lack  of special ore rates, which terminated on  December 31st.  A carload of ore was shipped out by  the Surprise on Thursday. '  ���;. The big raise has been finished on the  IRambler-Cariboo and the force increased  to 3'1-men. More meii are to be added.  In December the company shipped 14(5  tons of ore, following it up by another  carload on Saturday.  Last week the Queeu Bess exported 90  tons of ore, and still has about 500 tons  to come down the hill. Thirty men are  employed iu the mine, three shifts working the Burleigh in the long tunnel.  The heavy thaw which has prevailed  of Inte is-hard on the trails ,to the various  mines. r  During  last week' the  American Boy  made   another, shipment   of   a   carload  of ore% ' ________ '  Is Well Satisfied With Kootenay.  J. hi. Saucier of Rowland and Lucicn  Weyl of Paris, France, were at the Hotel  Plisiii' vo'dr>i,rl;i-v.*_ lin vinf_ mrnriied Jjarim :>,  Mr.-Saueier is a member of the firm or  Ouimct & Saucier, who operate the Avon,  Mystery, Norway Mountain. Payroll.  Theo, Beferend urn," Cascade and other  properties, while M_. Weyl represents an  influential French syndicate in Paris,  which operates among other properties  the Chapleau mine on Lemon creek. The  s\indicate purposes erecting a complete  20-stamp mill and concentrator at the  Chapleau this spring. The ore at the  mine is high grade, averaging $10 and  they have 2000 tons* on tho dump and in  the stopes.  M, Weyl has looked over a number of  propositions iu the Slocan and Nelson  districts and is most favorably impressed.  He cxpresse-* the opinion that tho present year will sec a ,considerable influx  of French capital into the Kootenay,  quoting in support of his position the  fact that a largo amount of French capital will.be diverted fiom the Transuaal,  and no centre offers fuch inviting openings for capital as British Columbia. Be .  returns to Paris in a ft-w days and "-yiH  present a report to hi.- syndicate which  he anticipates will materially stimulate-  their opoiatlous here.  Victoria Nominations for Mayor.  Vutoima. .January H. Nominations for  the mayoraltj\today wore- Mayor Hod-  fern, seeking re-election for the 1th term,  and alderman Charles Hayward. Klection  will take place .Monday.  MANSFIELD'S LONDON COMPANY  Will Complete Two New Deals.  Ernest Mansfield leaves today for Ka��lo  to arrange with \V. E. Boie for the purchase in cash of the Green Lakes, Twin  Lakes, Crescent and Capes '> group of .  claims- in camp Mansfield bonded two  months ago. The bond was for $:i(),0OQ  and $1000 has already been paid on it.  The properties ha\o also been sysfemati-  callydevcloped since. Mr. Mansfield is  now prepared lo complete the purchase  at once, pro\ ided a sufficient discount for  cash is offered on the amount not yet  due. The cash purchase of the Tony and  Glacier, also in Camp Mansfield, has been  arranged aud will be completed this week,  the owners of the claims having submitted terms wliich have been accepted in  London. The backers of Mr. Mansfield  are anxious and willing to extend their  investment- iu British Columbia, and Mr.  Mansfield expects to pay out about  $50,000 in options and bond.-, through the  Slocan country within the present  month j  COUNTY COURT SAT YESTERDAY  a  Interesting Case:, for Mechanics. ,,  County court was held at the court  house yesterday, in the course of which  a number of cases came up.  When court opened clerk Simpkins  read certificates of naturalization bearing the names of John Edmonds, Louis  Hartwig, Achille Joseph Rainville and  Angelo Perri.  John  B. Hitchcock, the Rossland: forger, occupied the prisoner's pen under  the eye of acting inspeotor of provincial  police Kelly.    Hitchcock was ordered to  stand up while the charges against him  of uttering two forged  cheques  on the  Merchants Bank of Halifax at Rossland  were read.    The prisoner pleaded  guilty  to both, charges.     His   honor asked if  Hitchcock had anything to say before  sentence was passed, to which the prisoner replied:   "I did not know what I  Avas doing.   A man gave me the checks  at the desk in the postoffice and said they  belonged to an engineer who4worked at a  mining  mill."      Judge  Forin{ remarked  that  it was  just  as bad- to  utter  the  forged, checks-under these circumstances,  and con tinned :    "I will sentence you on  the first charge to six months'  imprisonment at hard labor, aud to six months at *-  hard  labor on  the   other   charge also.  The second - sentence will commence on  the expiration of the first six months,  making one year in all."  Hitchcock was then escorted over the  bridge. He was not disconcerted and  was probably satisfied with the lightness  of the sentence.  The only case on the docket which was  proceeded with was that of Esterbrook  vs. Gadsple, with which Was consolidated  a number of actions - arising out of  mechanics'liens filed against the Little  Phil mining claim ; at Ainsworth.  The case has created considerable interest  in the district. Macdonald & Johnson  appeared for the plaintiffs,; Esterbrook9,  Anderson, Stewart, Church, Switzer,  Ungac, Pitchford, McBride, - Carew,  Sheehey stud Ewart, while A. Wheeler of .  Kaslo appeared for the defence. In opening Mr. Wheeler admitted that the defendant, Gadsole, was the owner prior to  any work being done by any of the  plaintiffs of lot 477, group 1, Kootenay,  known as the Little Phil mine and still is  such registered owner. A letter from  Langley^-c Martin, solicitors of Victoria,  stating that theJ property is unencumbered, was allowed to go in as an exhibit  subject to defendant's solicitor preserving----  righfc to inquire into the statement. The  time checks of the men were -filed. Objection w*as taken to the lien filed by  plaintiff Sheehey oh the ground that  being a cook and not. a workman' under  the Act he was not entitled to a mechan-  one month, in view of which his riglit to  issue a'mechanics'lien for the'first two  months was denied.  Defendant's solicitor -asked that the  plaintiff's, with the exception of the one  in the witness box, be. excluded from the  court room, and argument was heard on  this point after which his honor instructed the men to leave the room until  they were called.*-  The defence set up was that T. AV.  Coleman of Trail was in charge of the  mine as holder of a bond on the property  aud that the miners should look to him  for their-wages and not to Gadsole who  was the owner of the property.  Robert E. Esterbrook was placed on  the stand and swore that he worked  from August 3rd, 1899, to November 15th  ���of- the-same-year, and _the_amouut_ of_  wages due him was $150.75. AVituess  saw Gadsole'at the mine and within a day  or so the mine shut down by an order  from the foreman. Several other workmen were sworn and testified briefly, the  plaintiff's counsel placing stress on the  point that the miners only regarded Mr.  Coleman as the manager of the property.  At I o'clock court adjourned for an  hour. Promptly at 2 o'clock judge Forin  tiscended the bench, but AV. A. Macdonald, plaintiff's holicitor, waa not present,  and after waiting .until the courtroom  clock indicated 20 minutes past 2, his  lionor.adjourned the sitting until 10 a,m.  today.  Tiie remainder of the coses on the list  were disposed of as follows:  Manly vs. Addington, settled:  Webster vs. Vinir Mines, Elliot & Lennie for defendants. Mr. Lennie stated  that plaintiff had not been seen for some  time and asked for a dismissal. Judge  For in then dismissed the action without  prejudice.  Palmquist vs. Holbrook, held over to  next court.  Hunnex vs. Callett,-to be argued iri  chambers.  York vs  court.  Jones vs. Ince, held over to nexi court.  Maslonka vs. Maslonka, held over to  next court,  Hayward  vs.  Peebles,  settled   out  court.  Murphy vs: Brandon, to be argued  chambers,   Minister of Bailways Loses a Son.  Ottawa,   January   8. -Lewis,   second!  son of honorable A. G.  Blair,  died sud  denly at his father's residence here last  night.    Tho young mau had been in poor  health, but his death was not looked for.  Provost,  held over to next  of!  111! THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C. TUESDAY JANUARY  9 1900  Overalls and Jumpers  We have just receive 1 a large lot of overalls, smocks and  jumpers.   Overalls with and without bib.   Extra values.  Baker Street,  Nelson, B. C.  J. F. WEIR, Men's Outfitter.  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  GROCERIES.  AMACDON'ALl) & CO.-Corncr Vernon and  ��� Josephine streets, wholesale grocers nnd  Jobbers inblankots, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  mackinaws and miners' sundries.  OOTEXAY  SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMITED���Vernon   street,  Nelson,   wholesale  grocers.  JOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.���Front street, Nelson, wholesale grocers.   COAL.  OROW'S  NEST PASS COAL COJTPANY.-  Wliolcsnle dealers in coal and coke. Charles  St. Barbc, Agent. Hakcr street. Nelsonv   HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS & CO.���Corner Raker and Josephine  ���   streets. Nelson, wholesale dealers in liard-  Agentsfor Giant  streets, Nelson,  ware and  mining supplies,  Powder Co.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE [COMPANY-  Baker St., Nelson, wholesale dealers in  hardwares and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers' supplies.  TTANCOUVER   HARDWARE    COMPANY,  ��    LIMITED���Baker street. Nelson, wholesale  dealers In hardware and mining supplies, plumbers and tinsmiths' supplies.  DERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  THORPE & CO., LIMITED.-Corher Vernon  and Cedar streets, Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholcsaledealers in rerated waters and  fruit syrups. Solo agentsfor Halcyon Springs  mineral water.  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES. "  WF. TEETZEL & CO.-Corncr Baker Tand  ��� Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesalo dealers in asaiyers supplies. Agents ;for Denver  Fire Clay Co. of Denver, Coloiado.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  rpURNER,  BEETON & CO.���Corner Vernon  and Josephino streets,  Nelson,  wholesale  Agents  '  Cal-  dealers in liquors, cigars and dry goods,  for Pabsl Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary.  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVANS & CO.���Baker street, Nelson,  ��� wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars,  cement, fire brick and fire clay, water pipe.und  _teel rails,' and general commission merchants.  *' FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN & KER MILLING COMPANY  LTD.���Front street. Nelson, wholesale dealers in flour, oatmeal, etc., and hay and grain.  Mills at Edmonton, Victoria, and New Westminster. '   CIGARS.  KOOTENAY. CIGAR MANUFACTURING  CO.���Corner Baker and Hall streets, Nelson, nninufacturcrs���of "Royal Seal" and "ICoote-  jiay Belle" brands of cigars.       . '  ~~. PAIN^T^NB   OILS.  NELSON HARDWARE COMPANY-Baker  Street��� Whole-Ale' dealers in paints, oils,  and- brushes o�� nil kinds. - Largest stock in  Kootenay. __1_____L_  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  P     BURNS'& 'CO.���Baker   street,   Nelson,  ���   wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meats.  Cold stoKUte,  japujjiij-iUiS   PuvvjjjKR- COMPANY���Baker  street Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  ting, stumping r-J *-'-"  "-*���- '*  lesale dealers ir  blasting apparatus.  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  -wholesale dealers in caps and fuse, and electric  PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSONS PRODUCE COMPANY-Vernon  ���*��� street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in provisions, produce, and fruits. Agents for Swift &  Co. bacon ana hams.  _T   Y. GRIFFIN  &  CO.-Corner Vernon and  *�� ���   Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale dealei s  *   in provisions, cured meats; butter and eggs.  *P R. STEWART & CO.-Warehouses on C. P.  , x ��� K-, track, foot of Stanley street. Nelson.  wholesale dealers* in provision'-, produce "Und  fruits. Cold storage. Agents Armour & Co.'s  bacon, hams, lard and other products.  ���J^ANrrOBA PRODUCE AND COMMISSION  t?rt , 0O.,Ltd. ������ Nelson branch, Hall street.  Wholesalo dealers in butter, eggs and cheese.  SASH AND DOORS!   *  ~N]SV$8Km��&S�� - A*^D-, WANING   MILLS,  ***'    LIMITED-Corner Front and Hall streets, "  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  in sash and doors; allkiuds of factory work made  to order.  ~��        WINES AND CIGARS!  CALIFORNIA    WINE   COMPANY,    LIMI-  IkD���Corner tront and Hall streets, Nelson, wholesalo dealers In wines (cote and bulk) -  and domestic and imported cigars.  Even war has itn humorous- side.   The  South African war i�� a very .serious business; but with   its rumors  ol'   Kuropean  complications anil threatenings of crisis,  it has brought 'into  greater rdiel'  than  ever the privato or pocket diplomatist of  the American press correspondent.   They  all "have them.    A  press correspondent  could no more get along without one than  he could without paper and  pens.    No  sooner has a  correspondent,  for  lack of  news, threshed out of his own brain &onic  ingenious   reflections  on  foreign  affairs  .than he places  them  in  the mouth of a  "distinguished member of the diplomatic  corps" or "a, gentleman deep in the confidence of the Czar," and so forth, " whose  name for obvious  reasons may not be  -mentioned."    Themost obvious reason to  the intelligent reader is that he  has no  name.    lie is as inuc-h a  journalistic convention as the editorial "we," and about  as threadbare.   Things are rapidly coming to a crisis  in South Africa. If the recent slight  British successes are followed up by a few  decisive victories the beginning of the  end will bo in sight. If on the other  hand Ladysmith falls, and Buller fails to  make any impression upon the stone wall  must face a long and fiercely contested  struggle for supremacy in South Africa.  Annies may then have to sit down before  trenches for months at a stretch waiting  until the frontier defences of the Dutch  have been pierced at some other point,  and the Boers forced to shift their ground  in the defence of other portions of their  territory.   o  There does not seem to be any immediate danger of the Semlin-Cotton government being thrown out of power. So  long as the nineteen members of the  house who support it remain solid, it can  afford to smile over attempts to dislodge  it. The two members making themselves  most active in opposing the government,  Martin aud Higgins, are so obviously  actuated by motives personal to themselves, and to themselves alone, that they  can find no one to follow them. Sensible  men do not as a rule throw over principle  and party to gratify other men's ambition and revenge.  Meeting of the Ladies' Aid Society.  The annual meeting of the Ladies' Hospital Aid took place yesterday afternoon  at St, Paul's church, the members of the  society being present in strong force.  Mrs. C. E. Miller presided. The financial  statement for the year indicated that the  organization had enjoyed a most successful year.    The figures were as follows :  former resident of this city but now of  Liverpool, 'England. It was intended  that the marriage should have taken  place at the bride's home, but, owing to  the call for a second contingent, captain  Turner put personal matters aside for  the time being, but Miss Goodday consented to come to Quebec, where the marriage was performed as stilted.  Two Accidents on the Grand Trunk.  Brighton, Ontario, January S.���Robert  Kitchen, a Grand Trunk brakemau,. was  killed by falling from cars near here  yesterday.  Gukm'ii, Ontario, January S.���-John E.  Birrell and Andrew Darby, of Mostboro,  were instantly killed by being struck by  a Grand Trunk train while crossing the  track yesterday morning.  Terrible Famine in India.  New York, January S.���Latest mail  advices from India aver that the situation there grows darker every Aveek.  Three million are working on government relief works. The sale of children  by starving parents is becoming common.  Families are holding up each member for  himself in search of food. Abandoned  children are found frequently, it is a  famine of water, and cattle are dying off  by thousands.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  On hand fli-.tol >e.u  Proceeds ol   cainnal,  members dues   conceits, collections and  Slo7 .TO  2!)S SO  Tol.il leeoipts S4.*.l .'W  K\pciulcd on hospital furniture ��10li ilfl  Surgical instiunients, etc *     21 '20  DcddiiiK, etc. ..'   112 78  Sundries     1170  Total SiV2JS  Ril.ince on hand SI US 72  The report as above was adopted. The  election of officers for the . ensuing year  was proceeded with, tiie following being  the result: President, Mrs. Richard Day ;  vice-president, Mrs. Bird; second vice-  president, Mrs. Goepel; secretary, Mrs.  Hamilton Byers; treasurer, Mrs. J. J.  Campbell'; buyers, Mrs. Frank Beer and  Mrs. Sims. Mrs. Miller and the retiring  officers ' were tendered warm votes of  thanks for their indefatigable efforts to  forward the worthy objects of the so-  nations for officers of the Woman's  National Council then took place, and  various matters of routine were disposed of.  Telegram From W, S. Gore,  On Friday afternoon during the  city  council meeting two telegrams were dispatched to the department  of lands and  works with a view to smoothing out the  hitch which had occurred in  the settlement  of  the  city's  .agreement with the  G. P. II.    The first message ran : "City of  Xehon  is  desirous  that  C. P. It. should  secure for railway purposes all  the  lots  in blocks 88 and 8!) and that government  will take steps to this end.    (Signed) II.  G\ Neelands, mayor."    The second was to  the sumo,effect aud"was~signed"by"J."K."  Strachan,  city  clerk.    A  reply was  received  yesterday as   follows.:   "Am   en-  deayoring  to  arrange   matters,  satisfactorily.   (Signed) W. S. Gore, deputy minister of lauds and "works."  INCORPORATED 1670.  jLtst t^e-c-eived  CARLOAD OF CHOICE  VEGETABLES.  Sweet Potatoes  Parsnips  Potatoes  Cabbages  Carrots  Turnips  Beets  Hudson's Bay Co.  Telephone lO  R. REISTERER & CO.  |l!tl.Wi:i!S AN'1> llOlTIJ-US or  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt and regular D . u i  delivery to uie irade     Biewery at Nelson  -ONE -DOLLAR _A__LOAD_  Tho undersigned has a large quantity of fir,  cedar, and tamarac slabs, in id-inch and 4-foot  lenRthB, suitable for stove -wood, which will bo  sold for 81 a load at tho mill yard.  ,   NELSON SAW & PLANING MILLS. Lti.  Nolson, Aw-runt Iflrh. 1899.  New Headgear for the Rangers.  Lieutenant Beer has received the invoice of the new headgear for the Nelson  company of-the llocky Mountain Hangers, and .expects the goods within a day  or so. The new hats will be worn in review order, and consist of black felt  fedoras with ti flat brim three inches in  width. The left side is turned up and  clasped to tlio crown with the Hangers'  crest, a mountain .sheep's horn in bronze  for privates and non-coms and silver for  officers. Instead of a band the new hats-  have a green puggaree with crimson  stripe. The field service cap will be worn  a* formerly in drill order.  Want a Maxim Gun Instructor.  Lieutenant colonel Prior,  of the  Victoria artillery, has taken over the duties  of district officer  commanding military  di-ti-ict No. 11, wliich includes Nelson, in  succession   to  lieutenant colonel  Peters  who takes lieutenant colonel Otter's post  as district officer commanding of military  district   No.   2,   with    headquarters   at  Toronto.    Lieutenant Beer, of the Nelson  ltifie   Company,  has applied to colonel  Prior to send tin instructor to Nelson for  the purpose of demonstrating the details  of the Maxim gun to the local militiamen.  At present there is  no  one  iu  the city  properly . qualified   in   the  use of the  Maxim. '; ���  Romantic Marriage at Quebec.  Qukhkc, January 8.���Captain Turner,  son of  honorable  IL Turner, member of  the legislative council, who goes with the  second contingent to South Africa, was  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and Kootenay Streets.  V. O. Box- 55!). TKLEPIIQXKi NO, !��  CUT PRICES IS THE  UKDKH OK-THH DAY  And I want to ho in it. I have just received  Kail samples of Suiti-iffR and Overcoating!*, representing a $30,000 slock to choose from made to  your oider at prices ncvor before heard of in Nelson. All tho latest fads in Fancy Vesting-- for  Full find winter.  Ladies' tailoring in all Jl-t branches a specialty.  Lowest prieep.   Hoomsfand ll.IIillyer block.  STEVENS, The Tailor  Fine Tailoring  CLEANING  A XII  **  KKPAIKIXCJ  YOfll OWN GOODS iWADE UP  OLD CLOTHHS .MADE GOOD AS NEW  ARTHUR GEE  Opposite Cliuko Hotel.   MERCHANT TAILOR  T  GREAT REDUCTION  $9.65  DELIVERED  Hard Coal  AnOuucitc  (:ropN,st     $6i1g  j.��_U_��:-��--Sl;__l-_��_��_!:_^_Sl:_^_^-^i_^_^_S'<^!*^'!��'-j5?'^''ei'<s^'S----*'���<���*-'��� _-���������; -���  Furni  "We will offer during- stock-taking1 special  reductions in all Departments, "with  special inducements in House  Furnishing* Department.  to  to  to  to  to  ift  to  ift  to  to  to  to ���   to  $   LACE CURTAINS, per pair, from $1.00  to   CHENILE TAPESTRY PORTIERS, per  pair, from $2.75 up.  OAK   CURTAIN   POLES,   with   trimmings, 35c.  WINDOW SHADES, in good colors, per  yard, 50c.  CHENILE TABLE COVERS, per  yard,  from 75c up. '  FLOOR OILCLOTHS,   4-4 8-4, per yard  from 35c up.  LINOLEUMS, in 8-4 16-4, per yard from  75c up.  to  to  ift  to  to  ift  to  ift  ift  to  to  to  ift  to  to  to  ift  AV  to  to  ift  to  ift  ift  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ift  to  ift  ift  to  ift  ift  to  '.!(���  |V  '.'  X  JAPANESE MATTING*, per yard, from  ��J  25c up.  to  TAPESTRY CARPETS, per yard, from  to  60c up. to  JUTE BRUSSELS CARPETS, per yard,   J{>  iff  to  from 65 c up  BRUSSELS Carpets, per yard, from $1.  WILTON Carpets, per yard, from $1.35.  AXMINSTER   Carpets,  per  yard, from  {j;  to  to  ift  ift  $1.25.  Art and Hearth Rugs in all sizes at  "   extremely low prices.  All Carpets sewed and laid free of charge.  D  IRVINE & CO.  *^;^-_��_��_^^^^^^^^C'^s��^^^^^^^&^  -^^���^���^���^-^���'^���^������^���-���^���^.'^������^���'^'^������'^''���-������^������^���'Sr'^  to  to  ift  ift  to  to  ift  x*ii3a��ix*xa��x-sx3saE2xaaEr3KK_  Enjoyment  THE HJJLSON SAW k PLANM MILLS, k  OF rOQHSELF and friouds  is largely inihicnced by the  ehfii-iietci-'oF tho gifts. To present an item that gives pleasure  to the recipient and that affords  yon keenest-gratification, is the  secret, of Yule Tide pleasures.  It will be an easy matter in our  holiday showing of iino perfumes, toilet accessories, dainty,  desirable novelties, etc., to find  the item that you'll feel to be iu  ~ "porfoetT clegluit-ta'ito"that"will"  attest the good judgment of the  donor.    The  prices   arc   most  . reasonable, as is always the case  here. A little "list that will aid  3rou in making up the presents  for friends and acquaintances:  New odors in Pi mind's perfumes/ Violet Sen.sation and  Carnation Pink. Hoger & Gal-  let's latest odors. English perfumes. Crown & Grossinith's.  Suoloy's American pei fumes in  fancy boxes from 75e. to $5.00.  Plate mirrors $1 to $3.50.  Sterling silver mountings in  tooili, nail, hair brushes and  eonil>s, also sterling mounted  cloth brushes, perfume bottles  and shaving sets-. Gold hacked  brushes, combs and mirrors.  Ebony goods in hair and cloth  brushes.  We have a stock of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  GAIADi mm & BOOK CO.  Xelson,  lliitiih   Columbia.  THE MLSflF SAW IPLAII1 MILLS, Ltd.  OFFICE AND MILLS COENER HALL AND FRONT STS., NELSON.  W. P. DICKSON  E. H. H. APPZ.EWHAITH  3. McPHKB  TK.LKPHON'1.;  33  0. W. West& Go.  he is up against at Colenso, Great Britain j married this- morning to Miss (Joodday, a  Lethbridge Gait Coal  The bust, value foi' tlio moitojvln the iniul-et'  for all ])iif|)oses.  TKi-Mi* cask,    AV, P. Tri-i'S-i-v/t.'oiicnil Accnt  rvlcpliuiiu 11?.'.   Oillco Willi 0.1". J. fhrwlic.' '  ggZ^X^S-X-S-^Z-gg-Z^-S-I-S^I-ig^^gg^SZ]  Kootenay   Coffee   Co.  NELSON, B. O.  Coffee roasters and dealers in Tea, and Coffee.  Offer fresh toasted eoffeo of best quality aa  follows:  Java and Arabian Machat per pound .$  40  Java and Btocha Blend, 3 pounds  1 00  Fino SanMH, i pounds  1 no  Sanlos Blend, 5 pounds ,  i 00  Our Special Blend, B pounds.,.............. 1 00  Our Rio Koast, 6 pounds  l 00  A trial order Bolitiitcrl. . Salesroom 2 (lows ea.st .  ot Oddfellows block; West linker street.      .    -  Kootenay Ektrie Supply aid Construction So.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Ooinpleto Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission an��i Lighting for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators. Etc.  , P. O. Box 606.   Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O.  GAS   FITTING   OTJRSPEG1ALTY  STRACHAN'  e  TO Y00l| LOT LiNE, WE DO IT  & SEE US  PLUMBING   OF  ALL  KINDS  Fred J, Squire, Merchant Tailor  FUIX LINES OF FALL AND WINTER SUITINGS  WKST.BAKEK STREET- KELSON'  OPPOSITE SILVER KING HQTEr. ���^*  iV'i'  >l <  (     \  .-r<  THE TRIBUNE: NELSOlSr B. C, TUESDAY, JANUARY 9, 1900  S  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up..$12,000,000  R EST     6,000,000  Lord .Strallioona and Jlount 1 loyal ...President  Hon. fieorjje A. Driinmioiul Vice-President.  K. S. (,'loust on General Manager  NKLSON HltANCII  Northwest   Corner Baker anil  Stanley Streets  Hranclios in London (lOiiKlnnd) Xi:w YoitK,  Ciiic.uio, and all the principal cities in Canada.  Uuy and sell Sterling lOxclmnKO and Cable  Transfers.  Grant Commercial and Travelers Credits,  available in any part, of tho world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Etc.  Savings Bank Branch  (.���UI'KI'NT  KATIC OK  INTKltl'ST PAID.  LOCAL NEWS IN BRIEF  Chief Jarvis is on the trail of a number of teamsters who have made a practice of driving on the sidewalk on Hall  street, from the corner of Front streut to  "*��� the city wharf to avoid the deep mud.  The iirst offender detected will bo prosecuted.    P. Donati, whose grocery store on  Josephine street was damaged by fire on  Saturday morning, has received a cheek  for $141 from the Lancashire Fire Insurance Company to cover the damage to  his stock. II. R. Cameron officiated as  appraiser.    The piling for the Mirror Lake Ice  Company's new slip has been completed.  The slip is over GO feet long.  The task of raising the barge sunk off  the C. P. It. dock was commenced yesterday. At one point the big grappling iron  pulled up part of the hog post, but did  not bring up the barge. Tho grapnels  will be made fast aud a C. P. R. locomotive will be attached to the tackle today  with a view to bringing the craft to the  surface. -'  The bed of the gasholder at the new  gas works is partially completed. Work  is temporarily suspended pending the  arrival of a kit of tools for rivettiug. The  workmen are now engaged in erecting  the roof over the generator building.  D.Morris, engineer of the Economical  Construction Company which is erecting  the new gas works, has been apprised by  wire of the death of his brother-in-law,  IL It. Walker.- The deceased was a well-  ' known resident of Portland. Oregon.  ' A number' of hampers- containing  Christ-mas gifts consigned from England  to residents of Nelson were passed  through the customs yesterday.  J. II, Hamilton, trainmaster of tho  C. P. R,, made a trip of inspection to  Slocan City yesterday.  Registrar Wright issued a marriage  license yesterday to James Cowan and  Elizabeth Campbell.  Mrs. and Mrs. A. 11 Clements and Mr.  and Mrs. A. E. Lott left .Nelson last night  by the Crow's Nest road for their old  home at A veiling, Ontario, where-Mr. and  Mrs. Lott intend again taking up ,their  residence.    Mr. and  Mrs.  Clements  will  Ward Bros.  ,  REAL ESTATE AND  GENERAL INSURANCE     AGENTS 7���  On   application  xve will tiuote yon rates on  Firu', Life, Accident and Plate Glass Insurance  .    AUKXTS FOR J. & J. TAYLOR SAVES    ,  FOR SALE,  I'USJNIISS AND ICKSIDJlNI'lAI. I'HOl'KHTV  2.5 I>y 120 with improvements, south sido  Vernon street   At) by J'.tl corner of Jiukcr and Hall streets.  PaUieutars given on upplTcatIon.    , *  2i lots with cottage, rented nlSiSper month,  Victoria street/:   2 lots with college, rented at ?20 per month,  ���    Stanley street  ,...*...,..,,...   4 lots including corner, 200 foot frontage ���  SjOOO  $.'M00  pooo  51UU0  For Residential Property'yon "could'not do  better than invest 'in Fairvioxv, commonly  known .as Uogust own,-especially now that.tlie  'trnmwuy is completed"and in operation.  For -particulars apply to above "Ilrm; West,  linker .Street, Nelson.  es 0. J��� Chris  GENERAL BROKER  Box 523  I'J  one 117  FOR SALIO  o-Room House..  7-ltoom House.,  7-Room House..  VOH RKNT,   ��127��    MSOO  ...... 'WOO  7-Room House with furnaeo    ��:sj  INSURANCE  KKAL KSTATK  LOANS  BMAJu ESTATE  IHSTOrilAMOE ANB  GEJSEBAL AGENT  : iflrst door west   .  "of Bank of British :  Columbia building;.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin/B. 0., and Dawson City, N. W. T.  return to Nelson in about a month.  During their residence in Nelson Mr. and  Mrs. Lott made many friends, and when  they get tired living on the "old farm  back in Ontario," and return to city life  in Nelson they will be welcomed.  The Rev. Ii. Frew united in tho holy  bonds of matrimony at his house yesterday James Cowan of Rossland and Elizabeth Campbell of lslay, Scotland.  A bill of sale has been recorded by G.  W. Lamer to A. J. Ferrandini for a  twentieth share in tho Mars, Pilot Knob  and independence claims.  Tho license commissioners for the Nelson district meet here on the 20th inst.  Fred Irwin was married tit Red "Wing,  Ontario, to Miss Lougheed of that place  last week, and is expected in Nelson on  Wednesday night with his bride.  Mrs. J. A. Dover left Nelson on Sunday  night via the Crow's Nest Pass road for  "Watford, Ontario, on a visit to her  parents.  Harry Gervan, of the local C. P. R.  staff, has received word from his home in  Ottawa that his brother Jack, aged 1(5  years, has been selected as bugler to major Hurdman, of the Ottawa Field Battery, who will proceed to South Africa  with the second Canadian contingent.  Parson's  Produce  Company  WHOLESALE  Butter,  5��gs-  Cheese,  Green  Fruits,. ?������  Cured  Meats,  Vegetables  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF EGGS  Full   stocks  carried   at , Nelson  and  Rossland.   Mail orders solicited.  H_^pY01V WATER  IS ISO EXPERIMENT.  The    medicinal    values,   of   HALCYON  WATER' has   been proven.  Halcyon Water Is Bottled Properly,  Vernon Street    Thorp�� & Co.  SMOKE  ROYAY SEAL  AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS  UNION MADE  kootenay Gigar Mfg. Go.   Xl'LSON.-UKlTlSIl COLUMHIA   H. D.  ASHOROFT  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairinff^promptly attended to t>y,R  first-class wheelwright.    '  Special attention given to all kindH of repairing and custom work from outside points.  .Shop:   Hall St., between Raker and Vernon  Madden House  linker und Ward  HI reels. Nelson  Tho only hotel in ��� Nelson that has remained  under ono management since 1800. -  The bed-rooms aro well furnished and lighted  by electricity.  ' The bar is always stockod by the best domes,  tio and* imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDKN. Proprietor.  Do not .spend every evening of tho week in  search of amusement, but give a little lime to  yonrown -social and mental improvement.  NIGHT CLASSES  For all grades of .scholars will be opened nt  the Business College.  Victoria street on January 3rd, 1900.  Avail yourselves of this opportunity.  RATTRAY & MERRILL  Will open her  Kindergarten and  primary school in  THIS ENGLISH  CHURCH school  room on the 2nd of January, MOO. Forternis and  Hi I j'lU'lieuIai-s apply- to MISS PALMER,  At residence of Mrs. J. H. Robertson, Baker  Street West. "    ���    '   ISO   YOUN0   HENS.  V:WilI rent house, .stable, and  hennery.   Suitable for  dray, business. 'Kent $10 i>er month.   Apply-to T. H.  ltobcrte,;:."v-ictoria. street, Nelson, B. ���.,  ANNOUNCEMENT.  To the Electors of Nelson :   ��� ���  I will be a candidate for the office of mayor  at the election to be held on Thursday, January  lltli next.  December 20th, lSilil. JOHN* HOUSTON.  THE   MAYORALTY   CONTEST.  To the Electors op Nelson :  In asking for 3rour support for  the oflice of mayor at the coining  election, it is only fair that I should  state my views, briefly, on what are  considered public questions or  issues. No doubt, during the campaign you will have an opportunity to hear these questions and  issues discussed, for they are important to thepeople of this muuici-  . pality.  1. The public utilities owned by  the city should be maintained at a  high state of efficiency, and the  revenue therefrom collected closely  and promptly. The rates should be  so adjusted that a fair proiit over  and above fixed charges can be realized, for the city can no more sell  water and light at cost than can  the merchant the commodities in  which he deals.  2. Direct taxation can only be  kept low by limiting the issue of  debentures. No debentures should  be issued except for the construction of revenue-producing public  works.  3. A beginning should be made  this year at making permanent  street improvements. The main  business streets should be macadamized" and the main residence streets  graded. Sidewalks should be laid  with some uniformity, and not according to the different ideas of different officials.  4. The steamboat interests centered at Nelson are second only in  importance to'the railway iuterests,  and the city should provide modern  dock and warehouse facilities at  which this business can be handled.  The docks and warehouses should be  built on plans approved by practical  steamboat men, as the future  growth and prosperity of the city  depend, in a great measure, on the  cost of transhipment of merchandise.  5. I am opposed to saloon expansion. There are already a sufficient  number of places in Nelson at which  liquor can be obtained at retail, and  the number should not be increased  until tiie city has a population of  ten thousand.  tt. Public gambling is looked,upon  as an evil iu civilized countries, aud  whilst gambling cannot be prevented, there is no good reason why the  sound of gambling machinery should  equal that from the team traffic on r  our main business thoroughfares.  7. None but general bylaws-should  be passed, and when parsed they  should be enforced.  8. Corporations that have secured franchises from the ciby should  be made to live up to the letter and  the spirit of their agreements; but  in adjusting differences that may  arise there should not be any unnecessary friction.  9. The fire department should be  efficiently maintained. The best apparatus should be procured, aud the  number of men in the volunteer  brigade kept at theuiaxiiuum, for  without men, mere apparatus would  be useless in times of danger.  -   '    ' John Houston.  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors;  Inside Doors ..-  Screen Doors  Windows .  . Inside Finish  local and coast,'  : - -   , Flooring,  local and roast.   -  Newel Posts  , . Stair Eail ,  Mouldings. .  Shingles /  _ Rough,and  Dressed Lumber  ,   of all kinds,  W WHAT VOlt WANT IS NOT I.V STOCK  \VI! WILL AMKK IT I-'OIS  YOU  CALL)'AND G��T PRICKS.  aywar  HALT. AND  LAKH STKI.'KTS. NELSON'  ontpaetops and Builders  WILL DO WELL TO  Buy Their Lumber  AT  G_ 0. Bug bean's  A large stock of flrst-class dry material on  hand, also a full litto of sash, doors, moulding-),  turned work, etc.  Factory Work a Specialty  ���jfardj  Foot of Hcndryi stroefc, Nolson  ToiophonMx Jql]n Rae, Agent  MAYORALTY CONTEST.  To the Citizens op Nelson :  In response to numerous requests  from business men, property owners  and ratepayers, I offer myself as a  candidate for Mayor of the City of  Nelson at the approaching Municipal Elections.  Briefly stated, my platform is as  follows:  If elected it will be my earnest  endeavor to assist in more firmly  establishing Nelson as the wholesale  distributing centre of the Kootenay  country���the position for which she  has been so admirably designed by  nature.  In furtherance of this idea, I will  continue my consistent advocacy of  the construction of a wharf which  will meet present and future requirements of thewholesale and  other business interests.  I believe that the city has reached  that stage when permanent street  improvements have become an absolute necessity and that the cost  should be met, as far as feasible,  from current revenue and should the  citizens see fit to entrust me with  the office of mayor, it Avill be my  aim to carry out a well-devised system of street improvements.  It will bemjr policy to oppose the  borrowing of money unless the same  be used forjthe increase or establishment of public works producing a  revenue to the taxpayers.  I am opposed to any iucreasein  the salary of mayor, which would  ' necessarily involve a reduction in  salaries now paid an efficient staff  of officials, or an increased burden  to the taxpayers.  I am strongly in favor of maintaining the fire department in a  position of thorough efficiency and  would advise the adoption of modern equipments, including a fire  alarm system and the purchase of a  chemical engine, which would effect  a reduction in all fire insurance.  It will be my consistent policy to  safe guard the taxpayers against  any attempts on the part of corporate bodies, carrying on business iu  Nelson, to encroach upon the rights  of the citizens.  In my opinion a sufficient amount  of money should be expended upon  the parks  of the city so that they  will piovide  the citizens with ic-   ���  creation .grounds and opportunities '  for healthful enjoyment.  On all municipal works my policy **  will be to employ bona fide residents    ,  of Nelson and to maintain the pub- >  lie standard rate of wages.  1 believe that the public schools  in Nelson should be under the control of the city, and that every effort  should be made to establish a high  school in our midst.  In concluding 1 wish to say that  in the event of my election I will  consider it my duty to share with  the council the responsibility of the  civic administration, believing, as I  do, that the assumption of entire  authority by one individual i-i subversive of all constitutional government, whether municipal or otherwise.    Yours' respectfully,  Frank Fletcher  A Big: Schooner  OF  BEER OR  HALF-AND-HALF  ALWAYS  I'KKSII  Oc  AI.WAV'  ( OOl;  The best glass of beer So be bad w Nelson isal  -    .   '.   "Tllk CU'H HOTKL  -    NOTICE, OF" ASSIGNMENT.   \.  Piirxiiant to "Creditor:1 Trust ik-eds Act" and  >  iiniemllnK Acts.  Notice Is hcri'lir Kivcn I bat Tboma.s Sianloj'  "IfiiniplireyK innl.lobn Wiiistiiin'u I'illnck. Ir.ijl-  jii(.t under tbe linn nuinu of liiiiiiiibiu\v Si. I'll-  luck iis,ii]cil('h,'inti>oiilliiki!rHlri'ct; Nolson. Riit-  i-b Columbia, have bv derdbcariiiK dalt- ihc I'JIh  day of Ut't'ulnbci', 18!W, a,s��iKif<Ml allllicir pcisinuil  (isluto, I'ledl'siuld o(li.M:N Ibuth |),ii-|nci'>>liil> and  Ijnvalcl'Whiob may bo sold under i-vucntiun and  ���ill their rutil estnto lliolli pnrtilei'fhip and priv-  .alolto U'uli.sUji'.Toruiiiiiii TnCves of-UieC|ly (if  NuNun, IJrlti-.Ii Columbia, coiitrnelur, hilm-il as  trustee for creditor1 (both jiai'tiier^htp'aml private) for Ihc purpiKse of dixtrl-burioli amongst ih_  Maid creditors-nceordlnj; to law.  - Tlicsnid deed of usMKmnentu'ns executed by-  thp wild TboruaH Stanley Huiuphrejs and John  Wbi.stanee Pillock and by tbe said Webster  l-'oreiiian Trnves on lli'u said llith day of December, l&M.  And further Uike notice thai, n meeting of the  wild creditors will be held at, tliooJIirc of Callibvr  & Wilson, isolicitors, i'akeristreel, Nelson. II. ('..  on Friday tho 'Ji'iid day of December, Ih'jy, al the  hour of t wo'u'L'Iouk iu the afternoon.  All,crodl!or*-nrc required mi or before lbe.T'ilb  day of December, 1SIH), lo tile their claim- wiih  the trustee, duly proved a-- provided by the said  act slatiiiff fho amount und nature thereof, Ihc  naluie of anv securit.y held by them and the  character of liability thereof, and tin: valuation  placed thereon.  In default of the said trustee receiving satis1-  factory proof thereof any creditor i* liable to  have his clainihurred.  WK1JSTKH FOHKJIAN TRAVK.S,  Tnis lee.  G,M.Miil'H& Wiij-oN. Sslicilors.  Dalcd at Nelson, IJ. C., this I3th day of December, A.D., 18(W.  Dissolution of Copartnership,  The nartnershii) betwenn Dr. .I),I.aHau and Dr.  Alex. Korin hius been dissolved, the dissolution  to date from December 1st, 1��K).   All d-ebU due  the firm ate payable; to Dr. D. Dalian, and he  .  will pav all debts of the Ilrm.  Dated Nelson. December 1st. 1SO0.  NOTICE   TO   CEEDITORS.  All persons having accounts against the- estate of Ihc  late Margaret Mebcod will plea��c send .same to me  within the ncxl.tcn days. Accounts scsiit after that date  willnotborecOKiiizOd.    . ���   .-   ' ��� 11. CMcU-'OD'.-  ��� 'Nelson, January jtb, lflnn. '    ,   - *'    "''������      '���    : ;>r  mx  Ml  All Nice Xmas Presents  LEATHER SMOKING CHAIRS  RATTAN SMOKING CHAIRS  RATTAN ROCKERS  LADIES' ROCKERS  MUSIC CABINETS  SIDE BOARDS  BED ROOM SUITS  DINING ROOM SUITS  DINING ROOM TABLES  ENAMELED BEDS  LEATHER COUCHES  VELOUR COUCHES  TAPESTRY COUCHES  HALL ROCKERS  UPHOLSTERED ROCKERS  CHEFFONERES  I  How would  one of those  beautiful  Brass Canopy Top Beds  suit your wife  for l]er Xmas gift  1 Mrtuiir 1 Ik  Tli�� Furniture Men  m  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B~  B  B  B  B  B  :B  urns&  Head Office at  NELSON, R O.  Wholesale and Retail  .  .   .   Dealers in Meats  Markets afc ISTclson, Jlossl.mcl, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, S.mdon, Silverton, New Denver, Revel-  stoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Midway, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson   E. G. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS RY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  TENTS AND AWNINGS     ~"  Now is the time to order your tents and awnings  for the spring. Any size tent or awning made.  The only factory between Winnipeg and the Coast.  224-22G Baker Stiaet, JWsoi*.  THE0   MADS0N  AMERICAN  AND  EUROPEAN  PLANS  MEALS  E'  ARCHITECTS.  WART  & CARRIE���Archltocts.   Room* 7  and 8 AberdoHn block. Faker street. Nelson.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS OK PYTHIAS- Nolson Lodge, No.  ���"5 KnighlH of Pythias, meota in I. O. O. F.  Hull, corner ilaker and Ko< t2aay streetw. every  Tuoday r<; cniriR at 8 o'cloi k.   VisitinK Knights  cordially invited to attend.  T. LILLIE. C. C.      R. O. JOY, K. of R. & S.  NELSON LODGE. NO. 23, A. F. & A. M.  MneM second Wednesday in each month.  SoJoumiiiK brethren Invited.  CENTS  IfOUM.--' I.KillTKIl IiV KLMfTIlK'ITY  Mll IJEATKli UVhTK.MI  ',     '.'*. ("KNTfj To,*"J  321 to:331 Baker Street, Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  ,       IJAKKR STUBBT: NELSON.  Lighted by, .Electricity and Heated ,with Hot Air. -  ���  Ijiirgo comfortnblo bedromns and   iiwt-i'lam  dliiJiiK-rooin. S.'implo rooms for-coiumerclal ineu.  RATES S2 PER DAY  IVJrs. E. G. Glares, Prop.  i.ai'i; "I-- "Jiri". i��>v,\i Hon-1��� ��'\i.(.',\i-v  ~ HUME  HOTEL  Tho (IneHt hotel  in tho interior.  Hiimplp room-*.  Ptcaiii hn.at. and  olcor.ilo li({ht.        Modern in uves-y  ���    ia-puct.  -*-��������'��&-&��,��� H. 0. HUME, %r.  B. C. HOT!  ERIE, B. 0.  NKLSON L. O. Ij. No. 1692, moots in 1. O. O. K.  Hftll, corner Haker and Kootenay streets,  IsL and ,wd Friday of each month. "Visiting  brptlirrn rnrrlmllv invited,  1!. Hom\'-rj���\, W.M.  W Ci:x^M-uiti>,Roc.-Seo.  NKLSON XlUtt, NuiTiber 22, FraternaTOrder  ot Kagle.1-,' JiieeU- every i-ccond and fourth  Wednesday incach month  in Fraternity HalL  VlsitiiiK bretliren woleouio.  J. Iiivin'., PronidcnU J, li. Wiuv, Secretary  N1i7.HON MINKItS" UNION NO. iW, W.'h\ ol  'Af.���Meets in miner-' union rooms, north.  .  (.i-l I'lii'inM' \'icti)rin ii.rj.fl Konlotiiiy struct1., every  ->'.if iil-duy vvenl.iK uT 8 o'clock.   Visiting meui-  bi>r�� wefcuine.  Jx.mi> \V*.ii.ki*s, Sec'y.    C'K.xs. A. McK.xv. Prea,  T1IK luifii! >r nn'uiiiiK'' of the Carpenters' Union'  ,  -.in; iii'td on ,\V'uilneMliiy uvunln--: <>f each  .  x\( rk. nt  T i/dovk.-tn the Mine)-!.' Ijlion hallcor-  'm r Victui'in mid Knoteimy xlrcetk.  -    "       1!. IKrHlN-SO.V.-l'iiisldeiit.-  ��� JAMICS OJl.LI.VO. Secretary.  DISSOLUTION-,NOTICE.',  ,  Not id; in lii'rehy gix-en that we tlunijiderslifned  fojiiiurly r.H'ryiiifr on bu-inuv, us Saloon Kee))-  i'I-s in tliL'i'ity ��f NuLsuti i>i the I'rovincr of Hrit-  j-jj ( 'uIiiiiiIim, ii lulu r the. Ilrm iinnu' and style of  .lolui-oit "c Muitli. h.ivo'this day by iiiiituul con-,  rvnl dtst-.iihed llio, ��ftlil "jnirtnortiliip.. Tho ��iid-  EjHsiiie;,^ xvill In- I'ontiinied by (lie underslirned,  fSiilnJi'l K. i-imitlj, ��-Im> wilt pay nil outxltiiidlnK  li;i-bilittes oftlm a.ilil Ilrm anil to uhoiH' all a<;-  'niinN iluo the ������aid lirmurq payable to.        .    -  l>,iled al Ni'lsoii, II. C'��� thts'Xtrd day of Decern-  b"i-, 1MM.  ' A^N., JOHNSON,  U'i'lno--: \V. A.Ci.xu.uiKlt. It- K.SMITH. -_  NOTICE.  The Uriiish {.'oliintbia Southern liailxx-ay Com-  I'linJ' will iinply to the p.ii-liiiiiiunL of Canada at  lt!<lle^t session for nn net uutliuriKiii(-: tho com-  I'iiny to ciimplute at anv time before the-end of  ilu; year IWI, it,s xvosloni .section ns described in  tin; net ��f llie sjiid ]iarliainent (Ijniil Victoria,  i-h.iptei *n and a branch line fiom ji i>oint on its  main lineal or near the forks of Michel creek,  Ihuii'-e ;(j way of Michel creek to Martin creek  and for oilier purpose*;.  ���Hv   order of the board.  II. CAM I'BKLLOSWALD, Secretary.  Monlr-al. irtb-Vovenitier, 1SIKI.  Kirsl-class in ox-cry respect. C'hoiccst wines,  liquors and cfeaiv.- 10very comfort for transient  and resilient, guest*. ��� ',.     ���  IIKADQUAUTKllS FOR UNION MEN.  ".. ���.' .-    ' JiiSKI'li VaMI-UKU;, I'l-riprieti-r. V.  ^%_i^4^_^^^^^S^Sti^  00\7BT   OF   REVfsiON.:  N'i:i.s')x i'lvisioN, Wksp Iiooikxax'.  Not k-u is herchy Kix'eu I hat a Court of Revision  und appeal iiihLit t lie Assessment and Atuond-  iin,' Act-s will be held in the foUoxWng places:  At tlici-omt house at Nelson on Wednesday,  I he  lOthJaiuim-y, lt*l0 at 11 a. m.  At the c'JHU't house at ltos,,|amI on Thursday,  Jud^e of I he Court of Revision ui d Appeal*  .4$ THE TRIBUNE:  KELSON, B. 0., TUESDAY   JANUARY 9, 1900  A DIRECT IMPORTATION OF  HAIR   BRUSHES BATH BRUSHES TOOTH  BRUSHES  NAIL  BRUSHES       MILITARY HAIR  BRUSHES  THESE GOODS WE  OFFER AT  VERY LOW PRICES.  W.F.Teetzel&Co.  DYL"-A_S  ZMZ-j^S  NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFTS.  TIES  TIES      TIES       TIES       TIES      TIES      TIES  We have a insiifiiiflcent range of IhchC goods in Puffs, Handkerchiefs, and Flowing ends, in all the very  latest colors and patterns, right from the best Canadian anil American maikels, and at prices that  defy competition.  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In meeting  boats pedestrians arc compelled to navigate through a couple of inches of soft  mud, much to their discomfort. ,  Warren R. Glover was brought to the  general hospital yesterday from Ymir  suffering from a very painful accident.  While working in the stamp mill at Ymir  one of his thumbs was caught in the machinery and wrenched from the hand.  The wound was dressed by Dr. Rose,  house physician.  II. Stevenson was iu the city yesterday  from Ainsworth, where he is now operating after some years'absence in Rossland and the Reservation. He says that  with lead at its present price there is no  difficulty in making Ainsworth mines  pay. He is in the field to try, having  just bought the Tariff for a company for  $30,000 and having in addition leased  several other productive properties,  The foundation work for the continuation of the sidewalk on Ward street,  along the Madden block, is "under way.  Three men are engaged in the task under  the supervision of city > engineer McCul-  loch. _______  O. G. Dennis, formerly government  agent at Nelson, is a volunteer in the  mounted infantry section of the second  Canadian contingent,- Mr. Dennis joined  the contingent at Edmonton.  ANNOUNCEMENT.  To the Electors of thk Wbst Wakd:  In compliance with the request of a large number of  citizens, I have consented to ofl'er myself as a .candidate  for alderman in the West ward. If elected I snail do my  utmost to protect and further Ihc interests of the city.  Owing to unavoidable oheumstaneos "I shall not be in  Nelson during election week, and consequently will bo  unable to make a thorough personal canvass. Hoping  to receive your support, I remain, Yours Obediently,  A. EKRLAND,  NOTICE.  To tiik Eixctoks of Tin: East Wakd:  A huge number of electors of the southern half of the  Kast Ward have requested me to come forward as a  candidate for alderman in the East Ward. 1 have consented to do so. If elected an alderman I aliall endeavor  to servo the city to tho best of my ability in that  capacity. I hope to receive your support. Yours  sincerely, J. A. IRVING.  FOR GOOD CIVIL GOVERNMENT-      -  1900.  At the request of a large number of citizens, r have  consented to become a candidate for Alderman for the  East-xvard at the election to bo held on January 11.  ��� r Your vote and iniiuence on my behalf will be appreciated. _ '���   ' GEORGE A. R. 11 ALL. 31.1).  TO   THE   ELEOTOBS  At the request of a large number of the electors, I have  consented to offer myself as a candidate for the ottlce of  alderman for the East Ward of the city. If elected I  shall endeavor to discharge faithfully the duties, of the  oflicc. Soliciting }otir .support I remain,*Yours Sincerely, , W.J. WILSON'.  * ANNOUNCEMENT. .  . Cabinet keeps them  Proprietor*:'  To Till! KLn-'roUH or Till: Kabi' Wai-h:  In response lo tno request of a largo number of^eitii-cns  ( have offered myself as a candidate for nldonnan in the  ICast Ward. If returned I shall endeax'or lo .serve the  city faithfully in that capacity. Hoping for your vote  and assistance, I icumin Yours Obediently,  HA .MILTON UYEItS.  ,     . NOTICE.  To 'mi- Eii'cioks (��'��� nii: Kast Wakd:  la response to numerous requests 1 liave,(,oii'ieiiU!<l to  oiler in} self as a candidate for alderman for tho, East  Ward, at the forthcoming municipal election. jMv "policy xvill be to work for the general interest, of the people.  Yours truly, O. MOKItlSOX.  '" ANNOUNCEMENT. '<  The undersigned, n resident and taxpayer of the West  ward, offers himself as a candidate for alderman for the  ward at the coining election. Tho votes and support oC  the electors resident in the ward are respectfully .soli  cited. THOMAS MA1>I)EN\  Nelson, January (Ith, 189!).  NOTICE.  TO Tin: Ki.i:ctoi*8 ov iiik Wi*sr Wakd :  At the request of a large number of the elector*, of the  West xxard, in xyhieh I reside,. I luu e-consented to pfl'er  myself as a candidate for alderman in tile West ward,  If elected 1 Shall endeavor to disebarBC the duties of the  ofiiee to the best of hiy ability in furtherance of the general interests.of the citizens. Soliciting your vote'and  influence, 1 remain, yours respectfully.  .'���        ...     ^     .       WILLIAM IKVINE.  TO   THE   ELECTOBS.  At the solicitation of a largo number of the electors I;:  have consented to offer myself for re-election as an alderman for tlio West ward. If elected 1 shall, endeavor to  give the affairs.of !the city ..the game..'careful attention  which tiie'y received at my hands during: the past year.  ���ydur*,:;7;:-^;;:;~?^  HOTEL AEEIVALS.  At thu THAU*.���Mrs. J. M. Broughton,  Vancouver; L. Weyl, Paris, France; J. E.  Saucier, Rossland; A. Wheatter, Kaslo;  R. Insinger, A. Hancock, Spokane; E. B.  Eraser, Silverton; G. O. Poss, New Denver; D. B. Botsl'ord, Grand Forks: E. C.  Sickles, Anaconda, Montana; J. II. Fink,  Fort Steele.  At the Hume.���II. A. Stewart, Nelson;  T. AV. Coleman, G. A. Carlson and wife,  ���'Ainsworth; F. 13. Lewis, Rovelstoke; 1*.  Masser, Ohio; "W. \V. Beaton, Nelson; "W.  II. McLaren, Vancouver; E. C. Kingsmill,  NeAV Zealand; F. C. Jones, Toronto; L.  Hancock, Spokane; F. Britton, Ymir.  At thk Queen's.���AV. C. Forrester,  Ymir; F. AV. Powers, Greenwood; D. McLennan, Toronto.  At the Grand Central.���A. II. Turner, New Denver; E. Ii. Smith, D. AVeil,  Spokane ; J. M. Ross, G. Morris, Ymir ;  C. Brown, Sandon; II. Schenk, Hall's  Siding; J. Fitzgibbon, Republic ; Mrs.  Dahl, Tunnel. .  At the Silver King.���M. R. Mowat,  Whitewater mine ; P. SufTren, AViunipeg ;  A. H. Mellor, C. AV. Mellor, Rossland.  At the Sherijrooke.���Joe Deariu, J.  J. Brisson, B. Goongie, Dearin Siding ; O.  Laviolette, Robson.  No Longer in Electric Business'  Montreal, January 8.���A London dispatch states that sir Charles Ross, Bart.,  of Balnagowan Castle, has made an offer  to the secretary of state for war to personally equip at his own expense a  machine gun battery with four horses  for each gun for service in the Transvaal.  The offer has been received in London  with great enthusiasm.  Nurses for the Second Contingent.  Ottawa, January 8.���Tiie war office  has given its sanction to sending a staff  of four nurses with the second contingent to South Africa. The following ladies have accordingly been chosen for the  nursing staff: Miss Home, Montreal; Miss  Richardson, Regina; Miss Delsarah Hur-  combe, Ottawa; Miss MacDouald, Pictou,  Nova Scotia. ....,-..-...  Save His Breath to Cool His Porridge.  Washington, January 8.���Senator Piu-  gree today in the senate offered a resolution authorizing the United States to  offer mediation between Great Britain  and the South African republics. He au--  nounced that it was his purpose to make  a speech on the subject.  A Canadian Patriotic Fund.  Ottawa, January. 8.���His  excellency  the  gpvcral-gencral  attended  meeting of ministers today for  pose of discussing the proposal  lish a Canadian patriotic fund.  t" cabinet  the pur-  to  estub-  BUSINESS   MENTION.  - Wanted ��� Furnished   rooms,   private  family, xxitli beaut, by a gentleman and his wife. Apply  to A. H. C. Tribune ollleo.  Furnished room, with or without small  sitting room, to rent, with use of bath.   Pleasantly 1.1 hinted.   Inquire at this oflicc.  Two furnished rooms to let at the coiner of Vernon and Cedar streets.  Typewriter wanted���Must be well recommended and proficient. Apply to Taylor & Hannington. Barrister.s,  For rent���Five-roomed house, also furnishings in same house for sale' For terms apply  Cabinet Cigar Co.  FIRE SALE  Fire and water having damaged  Kart of the stock of P. Donato,he  as_dec_ided_to seH_ali his new and  old stock at greatly reduced prices.  New canned goods, formerly "Tic. now 'Jflc.  New canned goo -s, foimerly 2(Jc. now l.V.  Xexvcuincd goods, formerly 13c. now 10c.  Thanking you one and all for your  liberal patronage, I hope to see  you all at my fire sale.  Jos'phina Street, Between    Q  C-rbonate and Silica Sis.    f.'  MEN'S FURNISHING GOODS  Our friends and customers appreciate tho  x-nlucs xve are ifiving them,in clothing.  We propose to gi\-e them eo.ua! values all  this week in furnishings.  *     UXllKUWKAl!.  All-wool ribbed underwear, per s-uii.SjL'.OO  All-wool fancy neat stripe1*, per hU't, 2.30  HOSIERY.  \ 11-wool black hose, worth 10c. for 23c.  Shirts tit greatly reduced prices.   Neck  wear of ail Kinds at special loxv prices.  ISaker Sheet,  Opposite Queen's Hotel.  BROWH & CO.  NELSON   MCENSE  DISTRICT.  Notice is hereby given that the undermentioned persons have made application under  the provisions of the "Liquor License Act,  IS!)!), for hotel licenses at the places set opposite to their respective names.  Mrs. Alice ".inkiator, at Salmo (Transfer) .  George Munro, at Creston,  A meeting of the Boiird of IjicciiseCommiSKion-  ers of the Kelson fricutisc District; will bo held to>  consider such application at the I'rovineiiili'olice  oflicc, at the City of Xelson, on Saturday, the twentieth day of January,-11)09; at the hour of:ten  o'clock, in the forenoon.  .  .'.:-.-    "...Wat. H.vRlJJ.LOCK-WEBSTKR,  -���������:������ Chief-. Ijicensc Inspector. ���..  ':.������ Provincial Police Oflicc, ���.'-'. "���    :>���'.,'.; .:>-'- '>  :-;,:.;Ne?so!iv.M. C., Jttnaary;CjtI��.:.i^.-"-;:;,:^;:''^>:-i  WE HAVE THE FINEST LINE OF  Coal Heaters  EVER D1SPLAYED_IN KOOTENAY DISTRICT  SOLE AGENTS FOR THE FAMOUS  Cole's Hot Blast Heater  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted  to any kind of coal, CROW'S NEST, LETH.  BRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds equally well. Not requiring the  attention of an ordinary coal heater. Economical, durable and simple in construction.   See our Steel Ranges for hard and soft coal or wood.  . Byers & Co.  NELSON KASLO SANDON  Y  WE HAVE STOVES  But while we are waiting for the cold weather we  would draw your attention to our line of  NICKLED   COPPER WARE  Including Tea and Coffee Pots (several designs), Enamelled Handle Dippers, Pudding Dishes, Tea Kettles, etc.,  and the only place you can get them is  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   CO.  Kindly drop  In or  Ring up  Kirkpatrick & Wilson  Previous to  .Allowing ethers  To make you believe their prices- are  Right, as we are the leaders of prices  In Nelson, and can supply anything in  Crockery, glassware and groceries.  Kirkpatrick & Wilson  ��& furthermore  We  Invite  Ladies to call and  Satisfy themselves  On the fact of our leading and  Never following others.  Phone/8.  Box 67.  Although a Change  Has taken plueu tlio'biicine>s \a ill l.c ccnilucic-l under the sune maniitfeniont, and our many customers will ba  pleased to know ll.af Ihoy willuc>U-l and dealt Willi tho htiuo courtesy ah has hitherto prevailed, Tho'clus-* of  h'ouds ��hicn lias been handled and built up Mich a reputation for tho flri'n of M. DcsUri.-ay & Co, will continually he  kept in slock, and a* our customers will not he asked to deal with strjiiKcr-s, tho o\pcelntion of the old linn will bo  ninintnined throtighout.   < 'eminence the new year aright by dunlin!*; with tiie old reliable.  Willing you ail a very Happy Xcw Year, you \\ ill know us as  THE WESTERN MERCANTILE COMPANY, |_td,' '  Baker Street, KeVn.  succrcssous to - - ���  M.  DosBrisay & Co.,- Staple and Fancy Groceries.  We heg to announce to our many patrons that we have removed to  our new quarters in the Houston Block, the big increase iu tho  volume of our business forcing us to seek larger premises. Thank-  the people for the patronage accorded us in the past, in anticipation  of an increase of this custom iu the future, we remain, theirs to  command in all lines of groceries.  Hotiston Block, Baker Streed  arsoai  ARRIVED IN NELSON  Deluding' SegKun's 2, % and t year old Rye in Barrels.      Coodorliani & Worts' Bye in Cases.  Segrivtift Star, '83 Ryu and White Wheat Whisky in Cases..    Walkers Club Bye in Cases.'  ���;, -���'.' V.. Set-rath  A. B. GRAY, Kootenay Agenl-  ."?.3;'-v--.,;.N0te0n,;*fi.-Q,:,-,...-


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