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 /     /  1  ������ i  1  j  FIERCE FIGHTING IS REPORTED  At Ladysmith on Sunday-  New   York,   January   7.���Reviewing  the South African situation  under  Sunday morning's date, the  London  correspondent of the Tribune says :    "General  Buller's army was in readiness  to  move  upon the enemy's works  yesterday after  systematic  scouting  all   along  the line  from Springfield  to  Ilangwana.     There  were   two   strongly   fortified   positions  south of the Tugela at each  end  of the  defensive line, ruuning 1(5  miles   on  the  opposite bank   with  guns  commanding  every  fording place.      The   Springfield  districts  had  been  explored   by scouts  earlier, but there was a reeoimaisance in  force   Friday   afternoon   toward  Ilangwana by a strong body  of cavalry and  riflemen, with two guns.     There  was a  shell fire from the naval guns behind lord  Dundonald's cavalry,   and   various  attempts were made to draw  the  enemy's  fire, but in the,'end the  troops  returned  to camp without  having  learned  where  the new trenches  had  been  laid.     The  lesson of the first battle at  Colenso  and  subsequent futile reconuaisaiices. and artillery practice was that an engagement  was necessary in order to ascertain where  the enemy was, aud a  series  of  battles,  one after  another  iu  quick  succession,  might be required for the relief of Lady-  smith,  While the loungers at  the clubs were  discussing the probabilities  of the  situation last night, and settling down to the  conclusion that the first  shot  would be  the signal for several days  of desperate  fighting, but that general Buller would  wait   for  another battery and  another  regiment of Hussars, and  not  order the  advance until   Monday,  the  war  office  cleared the field  of  action  for at least  twenty-four   hours  by posting a short  bulletin.     It was from general Buller at  Frere   Camp,  aud  contained  a message  from general;; White,   stating that the  Boers  had attacked  Ladysmith in considerable force toward 3 o'clock on Sunday morning.    While general Buller was  waiting for a few more guns and mounted  troops or possibly for the water to fall a  little lower iu the Tugela or for the mule  transport train to be put in better order,  general Joubert  had  attempted  to surprise the  garrison  by a midnight sortie  and a spirited   attack had been made.  '   The Boers were everywhere repulsed, but  the fighting was   still   iu progress by 9  o'clock.    Tho s,tory was only half told by  heliograph,  for   the   retirement   of the  ������ Boers was  not announced, but so far as  it went it had the" right ring for British  ears. - White's men  were holding their  own-and. fighting .gallantly, after a-long,  siege.    They had not been taken by .stir-  prise, and even "with their supply of ammunition, which there has been good reason to believe was failing, thoy had repulsed this belated attack iu force.  It was  an inspiring story which brought a glow  of enthusiasm to every Englishman's face.  The war office had neither explanations  nor comments to offer and kept what information it had  received from general  Buller respecting his plans a close secret.  It was an easy inference that general  Joubert, being well informed by his own  scouts respecting Buller's dilatory tactics  had taken advantage of a final  opportunity for a desperate attempt  to carry  Ladysmith, with its fever hospital, by  assault before the great battle of the Tu-  - gela could be fought.    Possibly he had  also hoped to entrap a part of the garrison outside and capture a few more bat-  -talions -as -ho had dono-afc   Nicholson's  Nek.        If   general   White's   reassuring  story has no sequel with an adverse ending,  the last attempt upon  Ladysmith  has failed, and  the Boers, dispirited by  their  repulse after a long and tedious  siege, will turn their attention to general  Buller at Tugela river.  MONDAY MORNING, JANUARY 8,  1900.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR; WEEKLY,   $2.  assumed the offensive, general Buller is  apparently unable to do more to assist  general White than by making a demonstration. As the heliograph ceased working yesterday (Sunday) it is presumed  that general White's last message was  sent by a pigeon or runner.  The Nominations to be Made Today.  Ex-alderman Madden has consented to  make the race for alderman in the West  ward. The nominations today will be:  For mayor���Frank Fletcher, land agent,  and John Houston, printer. For aldermen East ward���Hamilton Byersj mer-  - chant; G. A. B. Hall, physician ; John A.  Irving, merchant; Christopher Morrison,  merchant; and^W.* J. Wilson, merchant.  For aldermen West ward���E. C. Arthur,  physician; Arthur Ferland, merchant;  Thomas Madden, hotelkeeper; and A. L.  McKillop, assayer. On Thursday night  seven of these gentlemen will wear smiles  and be iu the procession. The other four,  within a month, will be glad the other  fellows won.   c  THE PRESS WAGES UNFAIR WAR  And Public Opinion is  New   York, Januory  Down on it.  9  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  *  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  m  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  \  fclfc.tttSt************:^  PRENTICE'S VOTE WILL SUSTAIN GOVERNMENT  Victoria, January 7.���(Special to the Tribune.)���Prentice  arrived last night and will take nisseat in the legislature tomorrow. He will vote with the government against Turner's motion,  but cannot be counted upon as stalwart, and if the opposition are  discreet they may have his vote before long. A reliable explana-r  tion of MacPherson's attitude is How given. It is that while he is  firmly pledged to the Deadrnan's island committee to vote against  the government on that issue, hie has asked to be released from his  pledge on the plea that Joe Martin has made an alliance with  Dunsmiiir and thus so altered trie position of affairs that MacPherson feels justified iri breakirigihis promises.  Hi  Hi  Hi  m  m  m  m  m  \t  m  m  m  ��  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  BIG FIGHT BEGUM AT COLENSO  A Decisive Action is in Progress.  London, January 8.���A special dispatch from Frere camp, dated Saturday,  .January (3th, 7 p. m., says; "At 2 o'clack  this afternoon the whole of general  Glory's division marched out of "camp to  attack Colenso. General Hillyard's brigade was on the left, aud general' Barton's on tho right, Avith cavalry on the  extreme right. The attack was slowly  developed, and at 4,80 the British field  guns advanced on the center and commenced shelling the Boer positions on  the flat land between Elangwand hill and  Fort Emile. About this time a heavy  thunderstorm raged over the enemy's  positions. At 5.80 o'clock our troops  were still advancing and had reached a  point very near Colenso. The naval and  field guns were busily dropping shells  into the enemy's trenches along the line,  and the forts of the enemy had made no  reply."  London, January 8���4:50 a.m.���The  British public is at last face to face with,  a critical moment in the campaign. It  may safely be said that at no previous  time have there beeu such anxious hours  of suspense as will be passed through  until the arrival of further news regarding the fate of Ladysmith. The editorials  this morning fully reflect the extreme  gravity of the situation, with a painful  undercurrent ; of ominous foreboding,  mainly caused by the fact that, while tho  Boers have now changed their tactics and,  7.���Cabling   to  the Tribune from London regarding  the  criticisms of the military authorities Mr.  Ford says:   "The   wanton criticism  of  the military authorities by   the black  press has recoiled against it.     The  generals in the field have  been  spared, but  snapping has been going on continuously  against the ministers, the war officeand  the headquarters staff.     This  indiscrim-  inating fusilade against officials who are  laboring arduously at their posts aud doing their best, even if some of them have'  blundered, and failed to forecast the magnitude of the struggle iu South Africa,  and the unique defensive  tactics  of the  Dutch warriors, is beginning to give rise  to indignation and contempt. Lord.Lans-  downe, who is the chief target for the  Daily Mail quiet  firers, may have his,  faults as head of the overworked war  office, but-he has sent both his sons, lord  Kerry and lord  Charles Fitzmaurice to  the. .j!i-out   and   has toiled unceasingly.  Lord Wolseley, sir "William Buller,' sir  John Ardagli and  other' military  men,  who    have    been    under   fire   of    the  black     press     cannot    violate    official  decorum      and      defend      themselves.  This kind of warfare   is   unfair and un-  English, and   is   re-acting against those  who are conducting it, especially when  they are proved wroug in their own polemics over artillery and  driven  into a  furious onslaught upon the military writers of reputable journals as official hirelings.   The ministers may have made the  mistake of   working   too   steadily and  delivering     too    few     speeches;     certainly     there    are    many    things    to  which they could direct public attention  with a good grace.   Whatever miscalculations were made at the outset of the  war, the nation was as blind and  infatuated, as _the_ministers themselves.. The  largest English,army   ever put iu the  field has been carried to the - ends  of the  earth witli perfection of system  and details, and the United .Kingdom has not  been denuded of  battalions.   The   war  office and headquarters staff clearly deserve   credit   for the systematic   operation     of    the    mobilization     scheme,  and old England,  pulsating  with patriotic ardor, is a   long  way from   being  at the end of   her   military   resources  When   the   war   opened    there were  seventeen infantry battalions in  South  Africa and seventy.at home.    There will  be at the end of this month, apart from  cavalry and artillery, seventy-six battalions of infantry regulars in the field and  seventy-three in the   United  Kingdom.  This astonishing result has been secured  by calling out the reserves, by leaving  linemen under age at home and by stiffening detachments with   militia.     The  barracks are as full as they were when  the war opened, and the third line of defense has hardly been drawn upon.   If a  dozen battalions of militia have volunteered for foreign service fifty more remain in reserve; if 70,000 volunteers and  3000 yeomanry cavalry have been allowed  to enlist for the war, there remain 125,000  citizen soldiers for a future emergency,"  GENERAL FRENCH IS  MODEST  But His Tactics Are Successful.  ;   London, January 7.���General French's-  official account of Thursday's engagement;;  has   confirmed   previous   press   report**'  without   exaggeration.     He allows th6  correspondents to give their own versions  of his manceuvers and then lias the credit  himself for modesty and for not- getting'  excited   over his  own   exploits.      It-is  evident from his report that the Dutch  in attacking his position with an inferior  force   hoped   to draw him   on  toward  another position five miles north of Colesr  burg, where they had a stronger body of  troops* in   reserve.     The -Dutch  tactics  were the same as in the first battle of the  war, when general Syraons hit the -ad-  vauce guard, reserves being behind where,  they could capture the hussars. *   French  has ' adapted himself to Dutch tactics,  and makes a' point of never doing what  his enemy expects him to do.   He did not  attempt to occupy Coleburg-preiuatuiely  when there was  a  chance of being held  there by   the   enemy while a superior  force cut in behind   and blocked his re,-  treat by obtaining possession of the two  bridges over   the' Orange river.    He is  demonstrating that tactical successes can  be gained without a heavy butcher's bill.  This is a new view of the art of war for  the   English    public,    which   has   been  trained for fifty years to use bulldog tactics and frontal   attacks as the highest  achievements   of    military   science.    If  French perseveres  in his cautious and  effective campaign and, without meeting  with a reverse, succeeds in opening the  way for lord Roberts into the Free State,  he will impart to manoeuvering some of  the virtues of   the blessed  word "success."  There were premature rumors from  severaLsources that Colesburg had been  occupied by French yesterday/after a  vigorous artillery fire at daybreak and a  persistent assault by batteries west of  the town.  The situation at Modder river and in  Gatacre's district has not been materially altered by the dispatches during the  evening.  NEWS   FROM   BOTH   SOURCES  Of Colesbur* and the FiKhtuy?' There. ,  London, January 7.���General French  reports that the Boer command which  made the attack on January 4th lost 50  killed -besides wounded and prisoners.  The command was dispersed.  Pretoria, January 4���(Thursday) via  Outcome of Freight Business.  During the past week the C. P. It. yard  has been filled up with empty freight  cars, the natural outcome of the lieavy  freight business to the Boundary during  the holiday season. The empties are  coming in iu long strings and are-being  forwarded to the Landing rapidly. An  engine with fifty cars attached attracted  considerable interest Sunday morning,  and many citizens were at a loss to understand how the string .could have been  pulled over trie grades. The explanation  was that the cars had been gathered, at  the far. end of the yard and had not come  in from'an'outside point..  Lorenzo Marquess.���Field cornet Visser,  under date of-Tuesday, January 2nd, reports -as follows: Kurt-man, British  Bechuanaland.���Commenced a bombardment of Kuruman yesterday morning,  aiming at the police barracks. The fight  lasted until six in the evening, when the  garrison surrendered, issuing from the  forts and yielding up arms. We took 20  prisoners, including captains Bates  and Dennision, Mr. Hilyard, the  magistrate, and eight other officers.  We also captured seventy natives, a  number of rifles and revolvers and plenty  of ammunition."  Lorenzo Marquez, January 4.���A dispatch from the Boers' headquarters near  Dordrecht says : "The British have been  compelled to retreat from Dordrecht.  Fighting continues around Colesburg,  where the British occupy some of the  outside kopjes. Bullets are dropping inside the town. Fifteen were wounded.  They are being attended by us, with the  help of Dr. Bearue, an English physician.  The horses,; oxen, meats, and flour taken  from the prisoners have been sentto.Prxj-  toria by-way of .Vryburg."   ...  THE NEWS FROM CREENWOOD  A Joint Hockey Club Formed.  ���'.������'.'       ,'.���'��� ���   - :  Greenwood, January 7.���[Special  to  ilie Tribune]..���At a meeting of the Camp  McKinney Hockey Club and the Greenwood.Hockey Club, held in/this city, it  was decided to form a new hockey club  to':,be known as the Boundary Hockey  Club. Thenew club will join the British  Columbia Hockey League and participate  in the games for the championship. It  was recognized by the members of both  ; clubs that neither club had a team sufficiently strong to enter the league on its  own account, and as it is- most desirable  to have the Boundary district represented, the outcome was the formation  of the hew club. The meeting elected  the' following officers: President, F. J.  Finucane, Greenwood; first vice-president, major It. G., Edwards-Leckie, Republic; second vice-president, Clive  Pringle, Greenwood; secretary-treasurer,*  A. G-. Fry, Greenwood: and an executive  committee composed of L. C. Newlands,  Oa-ttip,,, JVtcKinney; W.. E.^Macpherson,  Greenwood; E. G. Warren'Camp McKin-'  ���ney; Angus,Davis, Republic, and C. W.  Chesterton, Greenwood. The club colors  ���will be' green and black.  A movement is on foot to hold a big  concert in the Alhambra variety.theatre  for the purpo&e of raising funds for the  widows and orphans of the soldiers" of  the queen who may die in the Transvaal.  A long list of local talent has been secured and, aided by some of the best performers in the vaudeville line, the evening's entertainment will doubtless draw  a big crowd. Wednesday, January 81st,  is the date set The boxes at the Alhambra will be sold by auction.  The government has appointed K. C. B.  Frith postmaster, his appointment dating from January 1st. J. P. Vroom ar-  lived here tonight, and will act as assistant to II. McCutcheon, customs inspector,  for the port~of Greenwobdr "The govenT-  ment has also appointed Mr. McCutcheon  a quarantine inspector and an inspector  of fruits.  For the month of December the,receipts  for the port of Greenwood amounted to  $0,800.38, divided as follows: Inland revenue, $1,880.29; customs returns,$5,G09.00.  CITY  VOTERS' LIST  REVISION  assessed owner; and'W. E. McCandlish  junior, license.  The names added in the West Ward  were: E. T. H. Simpkins, assessed .owner; William Stormer Smith, license; H.  F. McLeod, license ; John R. McLatchie,  license; E. A. Cordingly, license; Eli  Sutcliffe, license; Mrs. Andrew Lay, assessed owner; F. E. Morrison, license;  Thomas B. May, license.-  "The..application of James O'Reilly, to  be changed from the East to the .West  Ward, was granted.  " Applications from the following to be  placed upon the list, were refused; Robert Ihce, George W. Hall, Robert Madden,  H; W. F. Pollock, .George ��� Burns, V. C.  Coxhead, and W. J. McMitchell.  A .few typographical errors in the  printed copies of the voters' list were  corrected, the most important of which  was-the,changing of one name from Alfred McCrae. to Alfred .Manuel, in conformity with the declaration filed with  the city clerk.  while   upwards  paying arrears.  Several Names Were Added.  Police magistrate,Crease held a court  of revision yesterday for the purpose of  adding such names to the voters' list as  were either improperly omitted, or  have qualified as voters since the preparation of the list by paying arrears of  taxes or licenses. There were but two or  three omissions, which were corrected,  of thirty qualified by  The interests of candidate Ho.uston were looked after by S. S.  Taylor, while W. A. Macdonald performed a similar service for candidate  Fletcher, the revision being accomplished  without any friction whatever.  The following names were added iu the  East Ward : Mrs. James McPhee, assessed owner; George C. Tunstall, assessed owner; II. It. Cameron, license; E.  W. Matthews, assessed owner; Mrs.  Jacob Dover, assessed owner; George  Wesley Taylor, assessed owner; W. E.  McCandlish, householder ; Harry Wright,  assessed owner; Robert E. Lemon, license : T. Leo Peel, assessed owner; Mur  doeh McKay, assessed owner ; James A.  McDonald, assessed owner; A. Pfeiffer,  assessed owner; William H. Gardiner, assessed owner; T. H. Hewitt, license;  ���William G. Lillie, license; Thomas JL.  Lillie, license; L. Ernst, assessed owner;  John McLeod,5 license; ��� William McDou-  gall, assessed owner;   Mrs. IJ. O..Lewis,  COUNTY COURT IS ON TODAY  Numerous Cases on the Docket.  ���Judge Forin will hold a sitting of the  county, court at the court house commencing this morning. T^e docket contains a number of cases among which a,re  the following:  Queen vs. Keefe, appeal from summary-  conviction. Defendant David Keefe, was  sentenced at Ymir to three days' imprisonment for assault and now appeals  against the committing. magistrate's  judgment, Taylor & Hannington for defendant.-  . Sturgeon vs.-Hawley, action to recover  $185 "due. by defendant's employees to  plaintiff and alleged to have been guaranteed by defendant, who is the contractor for the * supply of stone at the  Nelson Coke & Gas Company's new works.  Plaintiff is proprietor of the Sherbrooke  hotel and claims that defendant became  responsible for the workmen's board bill.  This'claim is denied. Taylor & Hannington for defendant.  Maslouka vs. Ma&lbnka, action to recover value of 50 cords'of wood. The  litigants are brothers, Albert and Joseph,  and the suit arises out of a business deal.  Taylor & Hannington are acting' for defendants. * : . .1  " .roiiA*?- vs. Infce, action to recover*-; ijji^o.  The defence in this case alleges that the'  matter was a gambling' transaction, and  therefore the liability is not binding.  Plaintiff claims that the, sum in litigation was a loan to defendant.  Ifunnex vs. Collet.���In this case a point  of law remains to be argued, the evidence  having beeu taken at a former sitting of  court. Taylor & Hannington for plaintiff.  Ames vs. Knags, argument of law.  Defendant's solicitors, Taylor & Hannington, will move to set aside judgment on  the ground, among others, that it was  signed a day too soon.  A Good-Natured Campaign.  So far the civic campaign has been a  good-natured one, barring always, the  growls of the disgruntled newspaper that  is giving candidate Fletcher a halfhearted-support. - -The-mayoralty-candi-  dates are working hard, but it i>> evident  that candidate Houston lias the better  organization, having profitedi by his defeat last January. His supporters claim  that he will have a hundred majority in  the East ward, and that he \vill hold candidate Fletcher more than even in the  West ward. Houston has the support of  (55 per cent of the business houses, all  the hotels^that do not look upon nickle-  in-the-s!ot machines as a necessary adjunct to their business, and 00 per cent  of the men who work for wages.  Fletcher has the support of the wide-  open, nickle-in-the-slot saloon clement,  00 pet- cent of the members of the Mine  Owners' Association, and the Neelands  push. It is-, not likely that over 025  votes will be polled for mayor.  Last Meeting on Wednesday.  The city council meets on Wednesday^  afternoon when the present aldermen  will bid adieu to their official dutie.s for  the year. The chief of police will present his annual report, which contains  the following figures: Cases tried 229,  conviction.s 19*1, fines $1,331.55, charges,  127 drunk and disorderly, balance miscellaneous; increase in cases over 1808,  49 ; increase in fines, $224.45, The police  anticipate a busy year, as a number of  railroad laborers will be here in view of  the improvements at the depot and the  extension to Balfour.  Another Reverse and More Prisoners.  London, .January 7.-���General French  reports a "serious accident" to the First  Suffolk regiment. From reports the  regiment attacked a Boer position. Lieutenant colonel Watson in command, was  wounded and a retirement was ordered.  Three quarters of the British reached the  camp, Jaut'the others were overpowered  and compelled to surrender.. Seventy  were takefi. prisoners "Including several  officers."-'.'.* '-.,  ��� . ' " ��� ���--���   ��� ���  JAPAN   HOLDS  THE   TRUMPS  Eussia Checked.France Cannot Move.  -New York, January 7.���" No responsible person talks now of European intervention, in.- the. Anglo-Boer controversy,"  says  the London correspondent of the  Evening  Post,   "but   the   embarrassing  condition of things at Delagoa bay is the  gravest cause of anxiety in official  quarters "here and  in  Bqrlin.    Delagoa bay,  indeed, has become the key of the European  situation, and   ridiculous   at first  sight though the assertion may seem, the  issues of European peace or war lie very  largely at this moment with little far-off  Japan.       In .   Germany   ,the ...seizures  have    excited    the   normal'   anti-British   feeling to such   a   point   that the  kaiser, ready as he is just now to sup-'  port England, cannot neglect'it.     Lord  Salisbury   either   must, risk  enibroiliug  England with half of Europe by saying  the word which will give England control  of Delagoa bay, German public opinion  being appeased by the announcement of  Germany's substantial quid pro quo elsewhere, or he niust keep his  Delagoa bay  card in reserve  till  the  German  furore  over the seizures of German  ships has  lost its power to drive the German  government into alienation from  England.  The belief in 'authoritative quarters here  is that he will take the former  i'isk and  let   the   public into the  long   guarded  Delagoa bay secret, just as soon  as  certain   details   have, been  arranged .-with  Portugal. For that purpose a high British  diplomatic official,  in  whose hands this  matter has   largely rested,  for  several -  years,   left London  on Friday   of last  week, and   is   still  at   Lisbon.   Unless,  therefore, an entirely new aspect is given  to the question it is probable- that before  the "prize court at   Durban  has_ given  judgment on the seizures Europe will be  in the throes of a Delagoa bay crisis. .  That, at least, is the present expectation  ih English official circles.  . I asked my' authority  what, in  diplomatic circles, was expected to be the result  of this  move in Europe.    He  said  that it was understood that France,.anticipating^ such~au Anglo-German step, had  come to an arrangement with  Spain, by  which France should claim Ceuta as the  price   of   her   complaisance.    "That,  of  course," ho said, "is absolutely impossible  unless we  mean  to  make "Gibraltar and  Malta   of   no   effect,    and    hand    over  our   highway   to   India,   which   we   do  not mean to do.    England must and will  fight rather than  yield   to any such de-,  mand."   "And what of Russia?   The papers have been  suggesting that she lulu  lord Salisbury that the future of Delagoa  bay is really no business of hers."    "Oh,  dear no," replied my informant, "that is  absolutely ��� untrue.    France .counts   on  Russia*, and _if the Franco-Russian alliance is half as effeetive a bond-as France  claims she should not count in vain. Yet,  despite all that,  and  although of course  England  is   forced   by her   position  in  South Africa ' to   run   the   risk of-grave  European .complications,   war   will   not  come.    That is- the  firm  belief of those  whose opinions^ count  for most in England.   Russia, you see, dare not attack England, or indeed attack anyone just now,  for   Japan    is  only   awaiting. such   an  opportunity of Russian  preoccupation' to  pounce   upon   Corea  and   Port, Arthur,,  which   she counts  her   legitimate spoil  from the Japo-Ohine.se war.    Japan will  keep Russia quiet  in   Europe, and  with-,  out   Russia   France    can    only    growl.  Meanwhile,   England,   holding    Delagoa  bay, has a ring around the Transvaal." *  Meat is Scarce in Glasgow.  --Gr.A.stiOW, January-7.���There-is a great  scarcity of fresh meat here owing to the  disorganization    of    the   trans-Atlantic 1  trade by the  withdrawal  of  steamships  for transport servict-.   No cattle or sheep  from   the   f'nited  States   have   readied  Glasgow iu a week, aud the butchers are  unable to .supply their customers.   There |  is a substantial rise in prices.  WHITE DEFEATED  THE BOERS I  Repulsed a Determined Attack,  London, January 8,  -A special dispatch I  from Frere camp, dated Sunday, January  "0th,  7.20  p. m.,  bays:    "General  White  heliographs that  he  defeated  the Boers  this morning.    They crept so' close to the j  defending forces  that   the Gordon Highlanders and Manchester-* actually repulsed J  them at the point of the bayonet."  A dispatch to the Daily Chronicle from j  Frere"camp says; "Saturday's bombardment of Ladysmith was the heaviest yetE  recorded. All the heavy guns were work-l  ing, and the Boers seemed to be pOmiugj  in shell from every available gun."  The Daily Telegraph has the following!  from Frere camp, dated Saturday. Jami-|  ary 0th; 10.35 n. m.:  "A very heavy bombardment went  on  at  Ladysmith from I  daybreak until 8 o'clock this morning.   It|  i-j believed that an action was in progress,  for musketry firing  was  also heard.    Hi  is possible the garrison was making a sortie, for the  Boers   at  Colenso hurriedlyj  left their trenches aud rode toward Ladysmith."  . j_-   _  A Dawson Pioneer.  S, Clement, of St. Jerome, Quebec, is all  the Sherbrooke hotel, having just arrivedj  from the east.    lie  whs  one  of tho first  few hundred to  reach  Dawson a i'tetsthc  Klondike boom opened in the palmy.daysj  when labor commanded $20 a dsiy/ Wiieij 2  THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C.  MONDAY JANUARY  8 1899  'I;  Overalls and Jumpers  We have just received a large lot of overalls, smocks and  jumpers.   Overalls with and without bib.   Extra values.  Baker Street,  Nelson, B. C.  J. F. WEIR, Men's Outfitter.  Wholesale  Houses  GROCERIES.  A   MACDONALD & CO.-Corncr Vernon and  ���   Josephine streets, wholesale grocers and  jobbers inblankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers, ���  mackinaws and miners' sundries.   KOOTENAY SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMITED-Vernon   street,  Nelson,   wholesale  grocers. .    TOHN OHOLDITCH & CO.  **    son, wholesalo grocers.  -Front street, Nel-  COAL.  CROW'S  NEST PASS COAL COMPANY.-  Wholesale dealers in coal and coke. Charles  St. Barbo. Agent. Baker street. Nelson.?  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  HBYKKS & CO.���Corner Baker and Josephine  ��� streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining supplies. Agentsfor Giant  Powder Co. c  AWKENCE   HARDWARE   ICOMPANY���  Baker St.,  Nelson,  wholesale   dealers in  hardware and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers' supplies.  ANCOUVER   HARDWARE    COMPANY,  LIMITED���Baker street. Nelson, wholesale  dealers in hardware and mining supplies, plumbers and tinsmiths'supplies.  DERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  THORPE & CO., LIMITED.���Corner Vernon  and Cedar streets, Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholesalodealers in oerated waters and  fruit syrups. Sole agcutstor Halcyon Springs  mineral water.  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  WF. TEETZEL & CO.���Corner BakorFand  ��� Josephino streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in assayers supplies. Agents Ifor Denver  Fire Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER, BEETON & CO.���Cornor Vernon  and Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale  dealers in liquors, cigars and dry goods. Agents  for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Co. of Calgary.  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVANS & CO.���Baker street, Nelson,  ��� wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars,  oement, fire brick and fire clay, water pipe .and  steel rails, and general commission merchants.  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN & KER MILLING COMPANY  LTD.���Front street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in flour, oatmeal, etc., and hay and grain.  Mills at Edmonton, Victoria, and New Wcst-  minster. . '  ,      .     " CIGARS.  KOOTENAY   ClOAK   MANUFACTURING  CO.- Corner Baker and Hall streets, Ncl-  "���""SOn, manufacturers.of "Royal Seal" and "Kootenay Belle" brands of cigars.  PAINTS   AUD~OILS]  NELSON  HARDWARE COMPANY-Baker  Street���Wholesalo dealers in paints, oils,  and   brnsb.es of all kinds.    Largest stock in  ' Kootenay. '   FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  P    BURNS &   CO Baker   street,- Nelson,  ���   wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meats.  Cold storage.      -   .  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE. ~  TAMILTON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  �������� street, Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholesale dealers in caps and fuse, and electric  blasting apparatus.  PR0VISlblNs7P^R^UCE AND FRUITS^  PARSONS PRODUCE COMPANY-Vemon  street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in provisions, produce, and fruits. Agents for Swift &  Co. bacon and hams.  JY. GRIFFIN  &' CO.���Corner Vernon and  '���   Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers  'in provisions, cured meats, butter and eggs.  PR. STEWART & CO.���Warehouses onC. P.  ��� R. track, foot of Stanley street. Nelson,  wholesale dealers in provisions, produce Jjtnd  fruits. Cold storage. Agents Armour & Uo.'s  bacon, hams, lard and other products,  ANITOBA PRODUCE AND COMMISSION  CO.,Ltd. ��� Nelson   branch,   Hall   street.  Wholesale dealer'* in butter, eggs and cheese.   w  SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS,  LIMITED-Corncr Front and Hall streets,  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  In sash and doora; all kinds of factory work made  to order.  wmES AND c^jjs. *  CALIFORNIA    WINE   COMPANY,    LIMITED- Corner Front and Hall streets, Nel-  *    son, wholcbale dealers in wines (cose and bulk)  and domestic andimported cigars.  ��Jt# Qfribane*  Tsirc speaker of a parliament or chairman of any deliberative assembly is supposed to be governed  by a set of unwritten rules, embodied more  or leas in  precedents established by former action  in similar circumstances.    All these precedents are derived from and referable to  certain principles, and the only use of  ,precedent is that it enables those principles to be quickly applied ; so that it is  not  necessary   upon every occasion to  -' refer the matter back to  the first principles governing the speaker's action. But  when new and unforseen  circumstances  arise, then a spraker must himself seb a  precedent   which will   be  good or bad  according as it is in harmony, or at variance with the  principle  by  wliich  his  conduct must be tested.   The most difficult matter in which it falls to a speaker  to give a decision  is  where  his  casting  vote is necessary to determine the action  of the assembly over which  he presides.  It is obvious that iu his oilieial capacity  he must not consider himself as the partisan of one side or the other; it is not so  "obvious, but it is equally true, that, whatever his private opinions may be,  it is  outside his office to exercise his judgment  on the subject matter on which a decision  js to be reached,     If' that were not so, J  then the personal predilections and party  affiliations   of   one man  would   be  the  governing force of the  country,  and at  that, a man who was supposed, when he  entered the speaker's chair, to have   left  those   personal predilictions and party  affiliations   behind   him,   so   far  as  his  official actions were concerned.     What  then is the speaker to do?    According to  sound constitutional practice it is his duty  under such circumstances to maintain the  status quo, in other words to leave things  as they were.    This is, or  ought  to  be,  the test of his action at any time he is  called   upon   to   give   a   casting   vote.  Judged by this principle, speaker Forster's  action in using his casting vote to support the government was constitutionally  perfectly correct.   The motions brought  forward were purely technical ones dealing with the internal  machinery  of the  house.    In such a  case  the  government  represents      the     status     quo.       The  speaker      has     no      choice      iu      the  matter.    Whether in private life a supporter or opponent of the government he  cannot use his vote to turn the government out on such a question.     But that  does not mean that government by the  speaker's vote is either right or possible.  It is a nice question whether he might or  might not use his vote to support a government in bringing down necessary estimates.     He would certainly be wrong in  using it to authorize any special expenditure.    In short where any new matter is  brought forward it is his duty on a tie to  vote against it no matter what it is.  Suppose   for   instance   a    motion    was  brought forward, to take an instance not  likely to be considered otherwise'tlian in  the abstract, to levy war against Manitoba, and that the'legislature was evenly  divided on the expediency of so doing.  It would be the speaker's duty to vote  against it. . He might "be very desirous of  "war personally and his party might ho  solid for war.   Nevertheless it is.his duty  to maintain the status quo, and not permit by his vote the initiation of any new  legislature or course of action whatever.  As it is put in tiie technical lauguage of  parliamentary procedure, "The chairman,  on a tie, must always vote for the previous  question."    It is a narrow interpretation  of this rule that has led some of the constitutional wiseacres of the province into  error regarding speaker Forster's action.  He voted for the adjournment motion  and not for the previous question.     But  if his action be referred to the principle  of maintaining the status quo from Avhich  this rule is derived it will at once be seen  that it   was constitutionally  necessary  "and eorrccfcT , ~~  > In 1894 "Canada bought from" Great  Britain $38,717,000 worth of merchan-  disa;\in 1809 $37,000,000 >ortli. In 1894  Canada bought from the United States  $o5,0!34,000 worth of merchandise: in  1809 $91,000,000 worth.* Imports from  the United Kingdom are remaining stationary or, going down," while , imports  from the United States are increasing  rapidly ��� and continuously. Proximity  and a similar currency have something  to do with it. But the main, cause is  that the manufacturer of the United  States is out after business; while the-  manufacturer, of tho United Kingdom  expects business to come to him.  Tub cases of typhoid fever which crop  up in Nelson are, almost without exception, among people who do not use the  city water supply. This is the experience of the doctors who minister to the  health of the citizens. People are foolish to run this extra risk for themselves  and their families, even if they overlook  the fact that typhoid fever is a contagious disease.    Thk Miner sets itself as a judge of re-  iinement, morality and sociality. Balaam  set himself up as a prophet, and it inquired a four-footed beast to find words  before he recognised that he did not  practise what he preached. It is doubtful whether the Miner would make a similar discovery even if the whole universe  became articulate.  During an armistice at Mafeking complaints were made to the Boers about  the use of explosive bullets. We cannot  complain, .so  long as-we use diim-dum  bullets against  people,  of other people  using dum-dum bullets against us.  For Ten Years Past and So Forever.  To the Editor of the Tribune.  Sir : What is the reason that registered  mail between Greenwood and Nelson has  to go to Victoria before it can be forwarded to its proper destination? What  is the matter with sending it to Ottawa;  or, to make the thing more interesting,  South Africa? Another objection, the  train for Greenwood leaves Nelson at S  o'clock, a.m.; the mail closes at 12 o'clock  the night before. Why not close this  mail at 7 o'clock in the morning, or, if we  cannot get better mail service, why not  close the postoffice and send our letters  through the express companies? Would  it be a criminal offence to kill off' a few  incompetent postoffice officials? There  seems to be no other solution of the inconveniences the public must put. up  with.    Yours truly  John N. Ma'loney.  Nelson, January 0th, 1900.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  CARLOAD OF CHOICE  VEGETABLES.  Sweet Potatoes  Parsnips  Potatoes  Cabbages  Carrots  Turnips  Beets  ^ Onions  Hudson's Bay Co.  Telephone 13 '  R. REISTERER & CO.  Mtl-WKKS* AND UO'JTLHHS Ol''  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt anil regular  delivery to (he trade  Brewery at Nelson  ONE   DOLLAR  A   LOAD  The undersigned has a large quantity of fir,  cedar, and tamarac slabs, in 16-mch and 4-foot  lengths, suitable for stove wood, which will be  sold for $1 a load at the mill yard.  NELSON SAW & PLANING MILLS, Lt-1. ,  Nelson. AusniHfc lflt.h. 1899.  A. R. BARROW, A;M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and Kootenay Street").  P. O. Box 55!(. TELEPHONE NO. 95  OUT PRICES IS THE  '    , ORl>EK OK THK JUA.Y  And I want to bo in it. I havo just received  i?,ill samples of Suitings and QvoreoalinKS, representing a $50,000 btock to cliOObO fiom made to  your qrdor at prices never before heard of In NcR  son. All tho latest fads in Fancy, Vestings for  Kail and winter.  Ladies' (ailoiing: in nil its branches a specialty.  Lowest prices.   1 looms 1 and 11, Hillyor block.  STEVENS, The Tailor  CLEANING  AND  KEI'AIRINCJ  Fine Tailoring  YOUR OWN GOODS "MADK UP  01.0 (.'I.OTJIK3 MADE GOOD AS NEW  ARTHUR GEE  Opposite Clarke Hotel.   MERCHANT TAILOR  7  GREAT REDUCTION  Hard Coal        #���� fiK I Crow's Nest      gSR 1K  Anthracite       *��3'��'J|Coal ��U.ltf  DELIVERED  TRl.KI-IION*''  33  G. W. West &  Lett bridge Gait Goal  The best  value for tlio money in the ma-ket  for all purposes.  'iT.i'MS cash      \V. P. Tn-liMlv, General Agent  Telephone 1 i".    O/lico with 0. D. J. Christie.  "MNNICIPAL ELECTOR'S ACT."  Take notice that 1 .shall on Saturday, the 6th  day of .lammry, instant, h t Id o'clock, a. m. at t he  City Hall, Nelson, 15. C, hold u court of revision  to hear and determine all c|iiesUons of voters  complaining thai their names have been Improperly omitted from the voter's list of the Municipality of the City of Nelson.  KIMVAUD A. CRKASK, Police Magistrate,  Dated, 3rd January, A. I). I'M.  �����&���*��T-�����.����������� ^���^������^' ^���'^������ff'^.^.^.ff.'^''^.i?.^-.^.^.^.^.^^^.^^!ff^.^^  Window  Shades  In all  Colors and  Sizes from  50c each  Up  Hurnishirig^s  Art  Square  Also  Wilton  Smyrna  Flush  Bugs  We "will offer during- stock-taking* special  reductions in all Departments, with  special inducements in House  Furnishing1 Department.  w  ift  iff  iff  to  to  to  ift  iff  to  to  iff  ift  to  iff  ift  to  Vv/  ift  to  iff  ift  ift  to  ift  ift  to  to   to  jjj   LACE CURTAINS, per pair, from $1.00  to   CHENILE TAPESTRY PORTIERS, per  to pair, from $2.75 up.  j|j   OAK   CURTAIN   POLES,   with    trim-  J5J mings, 35c.  to   WINDOW SHADES, in good colors, per  to yard, 50c.  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The prices are most '  reasonable, as is always the case  here;, A little list that will aid  you in making up the presents  for friends and acquaintances: -  THE HUM SAW k PLAIM MILLS, Ltd.  New odors in Pinaud's perfumes. Violet Sensation "and  'Carnation Pink. Roger & Gal-.  let's latest odors. English' perfumes. Crown, & Grossmith's.  Seoley's American perfumes in  fancy boxes from 75c. to $5.00.  Plate mirrors $1 to $3.50.  Sterling, silver mountings in  tooth, nail, hair brushes and  combs, also sterling mounted  cloth brushes, perfume bottles  and shaving sets. Gold backed  brushes, combs and mirrors.  .Ebony goods in hair and cloth  brushes.  We have a stock of one and a half, million  feet of logs at our mill and are. prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on KootenayyLake" by" scowsna- steamers,"also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  CAIAM IffiUG & BOOK CO.  Nelson, British   Columbia.  ggaa-a-g^g^-g-aa^^eggga^^zgaas  E MM SAW k PLAfflKU MILLS, Ltd.  OFFICE AND MILLS CORNER HALL AND FRONT STS., NELSON.  W. P. DIOKSON  B. H. H. APPIiKWHAITB  3, MOPHE3B  eetFie snppy ana iMstraeiioii uo,  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power TranBiaieslon anfi Lighting for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 600, .ToBephine Street, Nelson, B. C.  Kootenay   Coffee   Co,  NELSON, B. O.  Coffee roaotera and dealers in Ton and Coffee.  Offer fresh roasted coffee of best quality as  follows:  Java and Arabian Macha, per pound %  10  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds  1 00  FIno Santos. 4 pounds  1 00  Santos Blend, S pounds J. 1 00  Our Special Blend, 6 pounds  1 00  Our Rio Roast, G pounds  1 00  A trip-! nrdor ��olloit��"d.   Salesroom 2 doors cast  of Oddfellows Ijlock, Went Baker street.  ree Water Connections ��� ��*-*���-���" >������  GAS   FITTING  OURSPECIALTY PLUMBING   OF   ALL  KINDS  STRACHAN BROS. Opera House Blk:.  Fred J, Squire, Merchant Tailor  FULL LINES OF FALL AND WINTER SUITINGS  WEST BAKER.STZtEET* NELSON  OPPOSITE SILVER KING HOTEL THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C, MONDAY, JANUARY 8, 1900  '%<  >,.  V  1  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up..$12,000,000  REST     6,000,000  Lord Struthc.ona and Mount Royal ... President  lion. Ocoi'KC A. Druiiimond Vice-President  E. H. I'loustou ��� General Manager  NKI.SON HliANOIl  Norlhwcst Corner Baker and  Stanley Streets  llranclics in London' (ICiikIuinD Nkw  Yokk,  C'lilL'.uii), and till the principal cities in Canada.  Rny and sell Slcrlinjr Exchange and Cable  Transfers.  (Irani Commercial and Travelers Credits,  available in any part of the world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Etc.  Savings Bank Branch  Cl'UKKNT  ItATU OK  I.VTKUKST 1'All).  LOCAL NEWS IN BRIEF  A mild epidemic of la grippe prevails  in the city. Dui-ing the past fortnight  a number of cases have been treated at  the general hospital, and most of the  city physicians have a few cases among  their patients. In all instances the  attacks have been unattended by serious  results. The unusual weather is blamed  for the outbreak.  ���Registrar Wright issued a marriage  certificate on Saturday to Joseph Roche  and Emily Amy Clementson.  The steam heating apparatus for the  addition to the general hospital is now  on the way from the manufacturer in  Ontario. The officials anticipate that it  will be installed and in running order by  February 1st. when the new wing will be  opened for hospital purposes. The increased facilities will necessitate a larger  staff of nurses, and the directors have  decided to open a training school for  nurses to meet the demand. A number  of applications for vacancies have already  been made, some of these being filed before the training school was projected, so  that the only difficulty the directors will  encounter is the task of choosing the  most desirable applicants. The hospital  year closes on March 1st, when annual  reports, etc., will be submitted.  It goes without saying that the opening match of the hockey league did not  come off on Saturday night. Mild  weather has prevented the rink officials  from getting ice, and a cold snap is much  to be debircd from the hockey enthusi-  ast'b standpoint. The Lacrosse-hockey  club fc scheduled to play the Victorias at  Rossland on Salnrday next, alid the city  team is billed to visit Greenwood. Tiie  next scheduled game here is on January  20tli, when Rowland plays the Uicrosse-  liockcy teiun.  The board of trade meets tonight, A  variety of mattors-of interest will come  up, the election ot\ou"ic-ers and the question of changing the name of the board  being on the docket.  The lip worth League of the MethodLst  church will hold special prayer meetings  on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of  this week.  C. I', R. barge No. 15 is drydocked at  the shipyard  for  the  purpose  of being  Ward Bros,  REAL ESTATE AND  .GENERAL INSURANCE  AGENTS  On  application  wo tvill quote jou rates on  Kilo, Life, Accident and Plate Ol.iss Iiismanco  AfiKNTS FOR J. & .1. TAYLOR SAFES  FOR SALE  ' rn"*iNi:ss A.s*!> itrcsipi-NTiAi, I'ltOfr.R'i'v  2,"> by 120 with improvements, south side  Vernon pt rect " $5000  Ml by I'M) corner of Baker and Hall streets.  PaiUcuIurs given on application.  2.V lots with cottage, rented at$l3 per month,  "Victoriastreet-... ." $3500  2 lots with cottage, loulod at $20 per month,  Stanley street    $3000  1 lots including corner, 200 foot frontage .. ..$1200  For Residential Property yon could,not do  bctjer than invest in Kairviow, comiuoiily  known as Doguslown, especially now that the  tramway is completed and in operation.  For purliculiti's appl) to above firm. West  Haker Street, Nelson.  Charles D. JL Christie  GENERAL BROKER  Uox 523 _____ Phone 117  VOR SALE  .���"-Room House $1275  T-Koom House ,  2600  T-Itoom House  3000  KOlt KENT  7-Ilooiu House ���with, furnace ..S35  INSURANCE     REAL KSTATE     LOANS  fi-EAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  ��� First door west .  of Bank of British  Columbia building;.  Baker Street  THE BANK OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and  Letters of Credit on Skaguay, U. S.,  Atlin, B. C, and Dawson City, N. W. T.  sheathed with sheet-iron to withstand  any ice which may form on the lake during the winter. No. 10 has already been  sheathed and No. IS will undergo a similar operation when No. 15 leaves the  shipwright's hands. The sheathing will  be removed when the danger of meeting  ice is passed.  Another (500-pound drag arrived on  Saturday at the C. P. B. depot from the  car shops at Trail to be used in the effort to raise the Kaslo & Sandon barge  sunk in fifty feet of water near the C.P.B.  docks. Contractor Mitchell has the undertaking in hand.  New Year's services were held iu St.  Paul's Presbyterian church yesterday.  Tho Rev. II. Frew delivered appropriate  discourses, and the choir, under the direction of George Kydd, rendered several  special selections.  Rev. Thomas Crosby, the pioneer missionary to the lndiaus of the west, will  be a visitor to the city this week. He  will  deliver  missionary  sermons at the  Methodist church on Sunday next.  i _______  A new class for ladies has been organized by Rev. Mr. Robson, pastor Methodist church The first meeting takes place  on Wednesday next at 3:30 o'clock.  At the present time there are four typhoid fever patients at the' general hor-  pital. Dr. Rose, house physician, learned  by inquiry that each of the four patients  had beei^using water from the lake or  from mountain streams for drinking purposes. This fact, coupled with his knowledge from general practice that few typhoid patients are found among those  who nse city water, he regards as a very  significant indication of the probable  source of the disease.  Parson's  Produce  Company  WHOLESALE  Butter,  Eggs,  Cheese,  Green  Fruits^   %  Cured  Meats,  Vegetables  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF EGGS  t  Full   stocks   carried   at   Nelson   and  Rossland.    Mail orders solicited.  Halcyon water  is rvo experiment.  The  medicinal    values   of    HALCYON  WATER has been proven.  Halcyon Water Is Bottled Properly.  Vernon Street   Thorpe ��& Co.  SMOKE  ROYAY SEAL  AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS     .  UNION MADE  kootenay Cigar Mfg. Go,  NUIION*, HKITIMI  f'OM'MWIA  H. D.  ASHCROFT  BLACKSMITHING  " AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a  flrHt-e'iHs -wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repair-  inn' and ciintom work from outbids points.  Shop:   Hall St., between Baker and Vernon  Bilker and Ward  Streets, Nelson  en House  The only hotol In Nelson that has remained  under one management since 1890.  'Tho bed-rooms aro well furnished and lighted  by electricity.  Tho bar is always stocked by tho best domestic and imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor,  150   YOUNGh   HENS.  Will rent house, sLible, and   hennery.   MuiKblc for  dray business.   Rent $10 per month.   Apply to T, II.  Robert*-, Victoria street, Nelson, 11. C.  NOTICE   fO  CONTRACTORS.  Sealed tenders -will bo received by the undersigned  Until Vi o'clock noon Friday, January 5th, for the erection of a frame warehouse on Front street for Messrs.  Brackmait & Ker. Lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted. KWAUT& CARRIE, Architects.  NOTICE   TO   CREDITORS.  AH'porsons having accounts ugain-ii. Uic estate of the  late Margaret McLcod will please send same to inc.:  within tho next ten days. Accounts sent after that date  will not he recognized. . ~ \ ��� -. ��� R. 0. M-LEOD.   -  Nelson, .January 5'h, I!XK>. ���;,.-.  \ ' ". ."   ...    -'  ANNOUNCEMENT.  To Tin* Electors of Nelson:  1 will lie a candidate for the oflicc of mayor  at the election to be held on Thursday, January  11th next.  December 201 h, 1S00. JOHN 110 USTON.  ��� ��� n  THE   MAYORALTY   CONTEST.  To the Electors of Nelson :  Iii asking for your support for  the oflicc of mayor at the coming  election, it is only fair that I should  state my views, briefly, on what arc  considered public questions or  issues. No doubt, during the campaign you will have an opportunity to hear these questions and  issues discussed, for they are important to thepeoplo of this municipality.  1. The public utilities owued by  the city should be maintained at a  high state of efficiency, and. the  revenue therefrom collected closely  and promptly. The rates should be  so adjusted that a fair profit over  and above fixed charges can be realized, for the city can no more sell  water and light at cost than can  the merchant the commodities in  which lie deals.  2. Direct taxation can only be  kept low by limiting the issue of  debentures. No debentures should  be issued except for the construction of revenue-producing public  works.  3. A beginning should be made  this year at-making permanent  street improvements. The main  business streets should be macadamized and the main residence streets  graded. Sidewalks should be laid  with someainiformity, and not according to the different ideas of different officials.  4. The steamboat interests centered at-Nelson- are second only iu  importance to the railway interests,  and the city should provide modern  dock , aiid warehouse facilities at  which this business can be handled.  The docks and warehouses should be  built on plans approved by practical  steamboat men, as the future  growth and prosperity of /the city  depend, in a great measure, on the  cost of transhipment of merchandise.  5. I am opposed to saloon expansion.    There are already a sufficient,  - number of places in Nelson at which  liquor can be obtained at retail, and  the number should not be increased.    -  until the city has a population of  ten thousand.  ' (5. Public gambling islooked upon  as an evil in civilized countries, aud  whilst gambling cannot*be prevent-  _ ed, there is no good reason why the  sound of gambling machinery should  equal that from the team traffic on  our main business thoroughfares.'  7. None but general bylaws should  be passed, aud when passed they  should be enforced.  S. Corporations that have secured franchises from the city should  be made to live up to the letter and  the spirit of their agrepmentH; but  in adjusting differences that may  arise there should not be any unnecessary friction.  9. The lire department should be  efficiently maintained. The best apparatus should be procured, and the  number of men in the volunteer  brigade kept at themaximum, for  without men, mere apparatus would  be useless,in times of danger.  ���     ���    ��� John Houston:   A FULL LINE OF  - Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  "Newel Posts    .  Stair Rail  Mouldings  * Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds,  II' -what tor  v i- tVI',1.  WANT IS NOT  IV ("TOOK  MAivi: ri i-oit ion  CALL AND GET PRICES.  n   rsa  IMI.r, AND  T,\KK SlIll'.I.IS. NLI��OX  Contractors and Builders  WILIi DO WELL TO  Buy Their Lumber  AT  G. 0. Buchanan's  A large stock of first-class dry material on  hand, also a full lino of sash, doors, moulding?,  turned work, etc.  Factory Work a Specialty  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx atroot, Nelson  Telephone, 81  'JoJin Rae_ Agent  MAYORALTY CONTEST.  To the Citizens of Nelson :        v -  In response to numerous requests  from business men, property owners  and ratepayers, I offer myself as a  candidate for Mayor of the City of  Nelson at the approaehiug Municipal Elections.  Brie(lyrstated, my platform is as  follows:  If elected it will bo my earnest  endeavor to assist in more firmly  establishing Nelson as the wholesale  distributing centre of the Kootenay  country���the position for which' she  has been so admirably designed by  nature.  In furtherance of this idea, I will  continue my consistent advocacy of  the construction of a wharf which  will meet present and future requirements of thewholesale and  other business interests.  I believe that the city has reached  that stage when permanent street  improvements haVe become an absolute necessity and that the cost  should be met, as far as feasible,  from current revenue and should the  citizens see fit to entrust me with  the office of mayor, it will be my  aim to carry out a well-devised system of street improvements.  It will be my policy to oppose the  borrowing of money unless the same  be used forjthe increase or establishment of public works producing a  ���revenue to the taxpayers.    .  I am opposed to any increase in  the salary of mayor, which, would,  necessarily involve a reduction in  salaries now paid an efficient staff  of officials, or an increased burden  to the taxpayers.  I am strongly in favor of maintaining the lire department in a  position of thorough efficiency and  would advise the adoption of modern equipments, including a fire  alarm system aud the purchase of a  chemical engine, which would effect  a reduction in all lire insurance.  It -will-be my consistent policy to  safe guard the taxpayers against  any attempts on the part of corporate bodies, carrying on business iu  Nelson, to encroach upon the rights  of the citizens.  In my opinion a sufficient amount  of money should be expended upon  the parks of the city so that they  , will piovide  the citizens wiuli recreation grounds and opportunities  - for healthful enjoyment.  On all municipal works my policy  will be to employ bona fide residents  of Nolson and to maintain the public- standard rate.of wages.  '��� b believe thab-tho public schools. -  iu Nelson should be under the control of the city, and that every effort  -should be made to establish a high  school in our midst.  Iu concluding I wish to say that  in the event 'of my election I will  consider it my duty to share with  the council the responsibility of the  civic administration, believing, as I  do, that the assumption of entire  authority by one individual is subversive of all constitutional government, whether municipal or otherwise.    Yours respectfully,  Frank Fletcher  A Big Schooner  OF  BEER OR  ._ 1_     HALE-AND-HALR   ALWAYS  t'ltKSII  10c  ALWAYS  COUl,  The best glass of beer to bu had in N'oUon is at  TIIK CI.I'll HOTEL  SE&UK-E* E- .J- GUfMN, Prop.  NOTICE   OF   ASSIGNMENT.  Pur.Min.nt to "C'redilois Tmst Deeds Act" mid  amending Acts.  Notice is hereby given that Thomas Stanley  Hu��nplue>s ami John WhiMiiiice Pillock, Iriul-  ing under the linn name of Iliimplucys it Pillock hi uioi chants onH.ikui street, Xolion, British Columbia, have by ilccdboarinicdiiii' the i'JIii  dii} of December. IS!I!1, assigned alltlieir pci'-xinal  , UstiiLo-, cicdiNaiid efforts (both lurtncishi'i and  private) which may !����� >.nld under oscctitioit and  ail Micir real estate (both partnership and private) to Webster Foreman Traves of I ho (lily of  Nelson, Hntish Columbia, coiitiaolor, in trust as  trustee for ci-cditoiR (botii paitneiship and prl\-  iklc) for tho.ptn pose of distt-i-biitiou amongst, the  s.iid creditorsaccoidiiitf to law.  The said deed of assignment was executed by  the said Thomas Stanley Humphre;.* and John  Whislunco I'lttock. and bv the wiid Webster  Foreman Traves on the said lit h day of December, 18'K).  And further Like notice that a meeting of the  Kiid creditors will lie hold at the ollleo of ('tiUllier  & Wi5"0n, .solicitors, Haker sheet, Nelsbn, U. ('.,  on Friday tho 22nd day of December, 18!*!), at the  hoiirof two.o'cloi-k in thenfternoon.  All'creditors arc required on or before the 30th  day ot 'December, ISM. to file their I'liimis with  the trnstoo, duly proved as movulcd by the said  acts-fating (lie amount ana natmc theieof. the  imLuip of any security held b> them und the  chat actor of liabililj thereof, and the \uluiition  placed thereon.  Iu default of tho said tin-tee receiving satisfactory proof thereof any ci editor is liable to  have his cUimharred.  WKHSTKK FOKKMAX Tit \ VKS.  Trustee.  GAM.cru-K & Wn.bo.v, Solicitors.  Dated at Volhon, H. C, this 131 h day of December, A.D., 18!��.  COURT  OF   REVISION.:  Xi:i.sos* Division.  Xullcc is hereby kIvcii  and appeal under t he A  intf Acts will he held in I  At the court hoii.su at  the  10th January. IlKKI al  At. the courthouse at  ..' he lllh January, lflUOut.  -��� ���     ���     -    " W.  ��� JuilKoof thoCdiirl  \Vi:.sr Kootknav.  that.ii CTolirt of Revision  jicssincni und Amend'  he followingl'laces:   .  Nolson on Wednesday,  11 a.in.   .  llositlniul on Thursdav,'  11 a. in. \.    .  J. GORPKli.  pfltovision and Ajipcal,.  ^^.^.g.g,g/.p>.i=i.^.1='.  w  All Nice Xmas Presents  %  %  LEATHER SMOKING CHAIRS  RATTAN SMOKING CHAIRS  RATTAN ROCKERS  LADIES' ROCKERS  MUSIC CABINETS  SIDE BOARDS  BED ROOM SUITS  DINING ROOM SUITS  DINING ROOM TABLES  ENAMELED BEDS  LEATHER COUCHES  VELOUR COUCHES  TAPESTRY COUCHES  HALL ROCKERS  UPHOLSTERED ROCWERS  CHEFFONERES  How would  one of those  beautiful  Brass Canopy Top Beds  suit your wife  for fjer Xmas gift  D. MeArthur k Co.  Trje Furniture Men  B  B  B  B  B  B  B'  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  M  mi  m  P. Burns c�� Co.  Wholesale and Retail  .  .   ���".   Dealers in Meats  Head Office at  NELSON, B. O.  Markets at Nelson, Rossland, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, New Denver, Revel-  stoke, Ferguson,' Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Midway, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded. -  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  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KNIGHTS OK.PYTHIAS- Nelson Ijodae, No,  25 Kniph'sof Pythias, meats in I. O. O. V,  Hal), coruer !'akor and Kootenay streets, every  Tue-dny crerirss at 8 o'clock.   Visiting KuighU  cordiiilly invitua to attend.  T. LILL1K. C. C.      R. Q. JOY, K. of R. & S.  NELfcON LOP8E. NO. 23. A. F. & A. M.  Meet*- eocond Wo Inesday In each month.  Sojourning brethren invited.  NELSON L. 0~I. No 1(��2, meets iuL O. O. V.  Hall, corner Baker and Kootenay HtrectK,  1st   and 3rd   Tnday   of  each  month,   Vintting;  broll'arn rordially invl!,ed.  .I(<iin T(l^ j . W, M.. V. J. Hit >m ^���^ .Ree.-Sec.  NELSON vfOKIK, Number 22, Fraternal Order  of I'*ai{losi, meetH every second, and fourth  W'cdncHdaj  ineach month  in Fraternity Hall.  Vl��iitinir breliircn uclcomo.  J. J)i\ i st.t Pronidont. J. K. Wit vi, Sccrotnry  NKI.-'ON MIXi:��SJ UNION NO. M. W. F. of  Al. -.Meets ill nilnrrs' union iouiiii. noltll-  i'.i-l c oi'moi Vlitorla und Knotuiui) r,tri>cl,< I'H'iv  *.iitui(|n\- I'vciifiiif ut 8 o'clock. Vmitin--; mem-  licih neleoini'.  J \ Ml.. Wti ki ���., -Sec'y.    Cif is. A. McK t V. Pros.  TIIK ri'K��l>ir iiici'liiifrs uf thu<" inienter-.' Tnion  Mil" liclil on   WudiK'Ml.n   oveiunK of eucli  \\i i'k. nl T d'cio! k. In the .Minci-.' Union hall coi  ji-r Vli'Unla and Kooluimy si reels  U   HOIUN-^ON. I'ri'sidint.   JAMi;.S ('Ol.l.lV(i..S4'cu'tary.  Tho fSncHt hotel  In the inturiot.  Samplp rooKi-H.  Stit'am hoat and  nlecr.rlo liter.*..  Modern in every  lejpect.  Otwru*.y����ftft und     ii   pt HOMlFr K|gf.  NVurd St:<; N��i*tii.  B. C. HOTEL   erie. b. c.  First-clas!' in every respect. Choicest wine.1!,  liquors and cigaro. Every comfort for transient  and resident guests. ���       .---,..  HEADQUARTERS FOR UNION MEN.  '..   .':,"    :   -JOSKl'Jl OA'MI-IJKI.L,' f-rofirielor, ."  DISSOLUTION   NOTICE.  Nirtiec isiu'ich} nn en lli.it nc tliuundersipnrd  foiincil'i i arr>inic ou  l)iisincs< us jjaloon Ivecji  U!" Ifl till'(  111  of STcI-OII Ill'lflU 1'IUMIICI' of Hul-  lsh Cotuiiiliiii. iindci the Hi :ii name mid stjtc of  Jnlinson ,v "stiiitli, h.i\c this ilnt In unit ual consent (lKsohed the slid jiiutiU'is'tip. The said  Business \mH he contmitcil hj the utuk'rsi(sni'd.  Kolie.L V., .Smith, who iwll pa> all outstanding  iiibilities of the said linn audio whom all ut-  counls dim the s,iul linn aie piuahle to  Hated ut Ni Ison, H. (',, ihis >")id il.tt of Doceni-  bei, l-.')1).  A   N  JOHNSON,  Wiiness; AV. a. O vi um.lt. It. E. SMITH.  NOTICE.  ThuUnlish Columbia bout horn Hiiilwuvfom-  fialiy tviU .ipt)l.\ to thu p.uliainont of (. un.ul.i at  its iilm session foi an at t mi I hot i/uu; the eoin-  |mnj to i nmpletL' at am time htfoie the eutt of  thejtai |'��H, its ��usk'in section as il-smbcd in  the uct of the said imiliniiiuut (Ulfil Victoiili.  < liniitei ;**>> ttnd a brunuh hue fiom a point on its  ni.ini lute ivt oi no.ir I hi* foiks of Michel neck,  theme j\ v.a4\ uf Aliclie11 icvk. to Mai tin creels  .mil for other purposes  H>  order of the bo.ml.  ii, C XMI'liKLL Os\V \U), b(.fr"(.ii j.  Mondc.il, 17th Novcinbei. lS'M  notice- ^Contractors.  "sciled tendciswiH be lotcivcd b> the uiiiler-  siKiit'd until Uotlock noon Wednesd.it, .l.uiu-  ui} Hid, I'm. tin the ern,tion of ,i two story warehouse and told stoiagu butldiiiff on Fiont street.  In)'.I S .(iiillliivV. Co. Lowest oi iin> tender nut  nt'i e~s inly m ccpted.  i:\VAHT & CAHItlE, AiJiiteets.  Dissolution of CopaxtnerBhip.  The liartnei-shiii bet ween Dr. 1>. LalUiunnd l*r.  Alex. I'Virin bus bt'en dissolved, the dissolution  -to date froiuIlU'fember KI, 1S!��(.   All debt* duo  the (Imt are payable to Dr. D. Dalian, and ho  ��� will pay all del ib. of the firm.  Dated Nelson, December 1st, 1899. THE TRIBUNE:  KELSON, B. CL MONDAY   JANUARY 8,  1900  A DIRECT IMPORTATION OF  HAIR   BRUSHES BATH BRUSHES TOOTH  BRUSHES  NAIL  BRUSHES       MILITARY  HAIR  BRUSHES  THESE GOODS WE  OFFER AT  VERY LOW PRICES.  ��� r�� i uCL-L  nvc^s  3vi:__a__s  NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFTS.  TIES       TIES      TIES       TIES       TIES      TIES      TIES  We have a magnificent range of these goods in Puffs, Handkerchiefs, and Flowing ends, in all the very  latest colors and patterns,: right from the best Canadian and American mnikets, and at prices that  defy competition.  SILK HANDKERCHIEFS  SILK HANDKERCHIEFS  The very finest 'anilities, in white and colored, with initialed corners, at the very lowest prices.  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Engine No. 502, a Baldwin compound  mogul, came into Nelson yesterday running light, and was shipped aboard barge  No. 18 to Kootenay Landing. The locomotive has been transferred from the  Columbia & "Western branch to the  Crow's Nest division. Engineer Hart,  who is taking No. 502 to her new run,  will bring back No. 109, a six-wheel coupler, which will probably be used for  switching in the Nelson yards.  The Granite stamp mill is in running  order again. The apparatus was temporarily shut down to permit of repairs, but  resumed last week. The shutdown led  to ten men being laid off at the Granite  and Poorman properties respectively, but  it is not stated whether or not these men  will be taken on again at once.  Tiil<* TrtiuuNE business oilice is now in  the Burns' block on Baker street.  Tho business premises which Mrs. C. F.  Colwell is erecting on the corner of Silica and Josephine streets are about ready  ANNOUNCEMENT.  To Tin" .Ki.i-cToits oi-' tub West Ward:  In compliance with the request of a lnrge number of  citi/'.ens, I have consented to oll'er myself as a candidato  for alderman in the AVost ward. If elected 1 snail do my  utmost to protect and further the interests of tho city.  Owing I o unavoidable circumstances I shall not be in  Xelfton (luring election week, ami consequently will be  'unable to make, a thorough personal canvass. Hoping  to receive your support, J remain, yours Obediently,  A. FKIU_AND.'  NOTICE.  To im: Hi.ixtous ok thi: Ka^t Waud:  A lar&o number of electors ot tht southern half of tho  East Waul have requested mo to come lorw.vrd as a  candidate for aldci man in the "East Ward, 1 have consented to do so. If elected an alderman I .shall endeavor  to seive the'city to the best of my ability in that  capacity. 1 hope to receive )our .support. Your3  siimoroly. J. A. IRVING.  FOR GOOD CIVIL GOVEENMENT-  1800.  At the reryuesl of a largo number of ciUr.cns, 1 have  Consented to beeoiuua candidate for Alderman for the  East wind at the election to be held on January 11.  Your vole and influence on my behalf will bc.ipprc-  ciated.  GKOKGE A. H. HALL, 51,1'.  TO   THE   ELECTORS   .  , At the request of alaijjc number of the electors. I have  consented to oiror.nnsclf as .ucanditlate for the otlieo of  alderman for"the East Wind of tho city. If elected I  shall endeavor to discharge faithfully the duties of the  olliee. Soliciting your support i remain. Yours Sincerely, W. J. WILSON. -  '   ,     -    -ANNOUNCEMENT.  To "run Hi.ni ions or 1111: H.VM' Ward:.   In response, to tno request of a large number of citizens  I have oll'crcd myself as .1 candidate tor alderman in the  KastWard. If retained I shall oudc.iv or- lo nerve the  city faithfully in (but capacity. Hoping for your vote  and"assUtaiice, 1 iciimin Yours Obediently,  HAMILTON JJYI'RS.  NOTICE.  ,. - i   ^ ._..   To'iin: Kr.i'ciuKS or rm. K.wi  Waud:  In response to numerous requests I have consented to  oiler myself ns a candidate for alderman, for the I'asl  Ward, at'tlio forthcoming municipal election. "\!y polity Mill he lo \Mirk for the goucrel Interest'of the people.  Yours truly, ���   C. "MORRISON,  ANN0UN0EMEN;jr     :       7���  The undersigned, a resident and taxpayer'of the Went  ward, nll'uii. himself as a candidate for .ililrruiiiu for the  ward at I ho coming election. The votes and support of  the electors resident in the vvnid arc respectfully soii  cited, THOMAS MADDEN.  cited.  Nelson, .lanimryjilti. IW����.  MEN'S FURNISHING GOODS  (>ur fi iends and customers appreciate the  values we are giving thorn in clothing.  We prnpo.se to give tiioin equal values all  this week in furnishings.  UN'l'KUW'KAi:.  All-wool i ibbed underwear, per suit, $2M  All-wool fancy neat hlr'poM, per suit, 2..*>()  1IOSIKKY.  All-wool black hose, worth Ida for L',3c.  .Shirts' ivl greatly reduced prices.   Neckwear of all kinds at .special low prices.  Baker Street,  Opposite Queen s Hotel.  BROWN & CO.  NELSON LICENSE BISTBICT1.  Notice is Itc-ruli) given Hint Unhurt Wood has  made application under lliu provisions of Hie  "Liquor License Ace, IS!)')," for an hotel license  ���it Wondville, near NeWon. and that a mceliiig  of the Hoard of License (.'omniission'erti of the  Nelson License District' will lie held to consider '  such application al. the Provincial Police ollleo,  atthe City of Nelson, on Saturday, the twentieth day of January, I'M), at the hour of ten  'o'clock in Ihc forenoon. -  :-.'.���*, . WM. H. 5H*i:l<K!K-WKHSTKH,  .-'.���   Chief License Inspoctoi, '  Provincial Police Oflicc,   ������       --..:    --,������-������-������  Nelson; ��..<:.. Jnniml')"6tli. liMfl.".'  for occupancy. Ib will be occupied by  Messrs. Patton it Knimons as grocers and  provision merchants about the first of  the week.  II. 11. Avery is busily engaged in put-  Uhk up street nunibors tli:\t are at once  easily distinguished and attractive.  The supporters of John Houston, candidate for mayor, are requested to be in  attendance .-it tlio comnitttee rooms on  Josephine street tonight at S o'clock.  HOTEL ARRIVALS.  J'iiaiii.    A.    K.   Bailey,  San  Mrs.  Jackson,  Mrs.  Arthur,  Spokane;   \V. II.  W. H. McLaren,  At tiii-;  Francisco;  Montreal.  At tiik Guani) Cicntral.���C. Desmond, Kuskonook; B. Brickley, Cheap-  side, Ontario; TV. Oliver, JIall; G. A.  Faulkner, Ainsworth; K. M. Kaskill,  Rossland; J. K. Euos,  Underkuk, Greenwood;  "Vancouver.  At the Madden.���J. Kuiewasser, Slocan City; C. H. Chapman, Calgary; F. F.  Daly, D.lierb, Greenwood.  At the Tremoxt.���L. Howe, Silver  King; J. J. Klukow, Tacoma.  At the Queen's.-���A. A. Clark, Burton; D. M. Hamilton, Minuedosa, J'. W.  Irving, Moyie; Alfred DeLeon,  Rossland.  At the Hume.���Mrs. Weir, Lardo; H.  J. Sims, Nelson; Thomas Anderson, Ross-  laud; TV. N. T. T. Peard, Medicine Hat;  TV. P. Acton, Medicine Hat; George H.  LaAvson, Toronto; 11. Lyon, Winnipeg;  C. Ci. Duncan, Toronto; G. C. Guire, West-  bridge; E. C. Kingsmill, New Zealand; II.  ���M. T. Pym, Birdseye Camp; F. S. Clements, Nelson; James Cowan, Rossland:  C. C. Farrell, Moyie; G. McMillan, Ross-  laud.  At tile SiiEmJKOOKE.���.ToeJoly, Greenwood ; J. Gabrich, P. Ti-ottier, Ymir; S.  Clement, St. Jerome, Quebec.  At the Silver Kino.���Ii. C. Wilson,  Chicago; W. F. Sage, ML. Pleasant, Iowa;  C. II. Chapman, Calgary; 13. Punipelly,  Cranbrook; J. Matheson, Silver King  mine; P. Surft'en, Winnipeg.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Furnished room, with or without small  sitting room, to rent, with use of bath.   Pleasantly situated.   Inquire at this ollleo.  Two furnished rooms to let at the corner of Vernon and Cedar street-.  Typewriter wanted���Must be well recommended ami proficient. Apply to Taylor & Hannington, Hamsters.  For rent���-Five-roomed house, also fur-  ni-shiiig.-,  in Wime  house  for  sale.     ].*or   terms apply  Cabinet Cigar Co.  Christmas  and New  Years Gifts  AT GREATLY  .     REDUCED PRICES.  . Nothing more appropriate  for a present than a nice  Fur Cdat, Muff, Cape, or  Cap. .     -  A large assortment of  ladies' Silk Blouses for  Xmas trade. We have &  few fancy blouses-to clear  at 80 cents.     ���  A Large Assortment  of Ladies' and Gent's  Silk Handkerchiefs  A few children's coats  to clear at $1.50.  "We are going , out of  ladies5 and childrens' footwear, and are. selling the  balance at cost.  See our $8 and $10  Mens' suits.  WE HAVE THE FINEST LINE OF  Coal Heaters  EVER DISPLAYEDIIN KOOTENAY DISTRICT  SOLE AGENTS FOR THE FAMOUS  Cole's Hot Blast Heater  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted  to any kind of coal, CROW'S NEST, LETH.  BRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds equally well. Not requiring the  attention of an ordinary coal heater. Economical, durable and simple in construction.   See our Steel Ranges for hard and soft coal or wood.  Byers & Co.  NELSON KASLO SANDON  WE HAVE STOVES  But while we are waiting for the cold weather we  would draw your attention to our line of  NICKLED   COPPER  WARE  Including Tea and Coffee Pots (several designs), Enamelled Handle Dippers, Pudding Dishes, Tea Kettles, etc.,  and the only place you can get them is  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   GO.  Kindly drop  In or  Ring up  1-Cirkpatrick & Wilson  Previous to  Allowing others  To make you  believe their prices are  Right, as we.are the leaders of prices  Jn Nelson, and can supply anything in  "Crockery, glassware ��ind groceries.  Kirkpatrick" & Wilson'  <& furthermore  We  Invite' t  l-*adiesto call and  Satisfy themselves  On the fact of our leading and  Never'following others.       -   -  Phone 8.  Although a Change  Box  57.  ELLIOT BLOCK. BAKER STREET, NELSON.  g  Do- Hot xpe'nd ovfiiy (iveniiifer of tlio week In  Mctitcli of aniuscia<3n0, twit give a Utile time to  'your own sociul. and meiitul improvomiint  MIGHT CLASSES  For all gnulos.of scholars will bo opened at  tlio Business College.  Victoria street on January 3rd, 1!KX).  Avail yourselves of tlijs opportunity.  -RATTRAY & MERRILL  iss Palmer liisl  -'.������. .   '    .'      'CIILMtCII school  loom on the 2nd'of January, H.W.   KoHcrmsand  all particulars apply lo-'       MfS!_-J>AL*UKH. *  At residence ��� of -Mr;'..J.' 11.- Robertson, JJakcr ���  Sued.Wesl.- '.--,���-;-"-"'������  IU-. tnlcon place 11k; litisiiiesi will he co'iului'lnl under lliu'wuilu iimiiaKuinOliI, and our many ciisloiners will be  picked lo know Dial,they will ho nfel and <le,ill wiili the -iiiiii1 Courtesy ui hi\s liithcrlo piuviillcil. Tlio class of  K<>ods wliien 1��l-. been handled and built up Mich n reputation for Ihc Ilrm of M. Dcsllrisay i: Co. will conliuiially bo  kept iu -.took, ,iml tis our custoinoi-^ will not beusked to deal with si rancors, the expecUitfon"of the old Ilrm will be  nininl.lined throutjhout.   Coiii'iience the newyi-.i'1 .iritfhl by dealing with tho old reliable.  Wishing yon .ill a \ cry Happy New Year, you will know nit as  THE WESTERN MERCANTILE COMPANY, Ltd,  SLTCKSSOKS   TO  Baksr Siriet, Ne'sr.ri.  M.  DesBrisay & Co., Staple and Fawcy Groceries.  Wc ]>eg to aiiuouncG to our mnny patrons that we liave removed to  our new quarters in the Houston Block, the big increase in the  volume of our business forcing ws to seek larger premises. Tlia.uk-  tiie people for the patronage accorded us ill the past, in anticipation  of an iiierease of tlxis eustoin in the futtire, we remain, theirs to  command to all Hues of groceries. "  Bonstoil Slock, Baker Stroob  John A Irving # Co.  ���J-iWiH��i|.     I..I..        Ti    -..���������mm--. ."I.'.. ������..-.    I " '    '��� I'!'.      .'"J      ,       II,:..!',      ���'.-      -���.-���-.--I      -., .   _|||.rf_^_j  ARRIVED IN NELSON  ' '--    IncludiiiK .Soprani's 2, I, and 7 year old Uyo in Rnrrol*.' . Goodorliiiin & WortM'Uyo in Coses.   . ' #.  ��� . !'    -      SubS .Walker's Club llyo hi.Cases. -    ,|J  A. B. GRAY, -Kootenay Agent ���*'.' R.  P.. RITHET. &,   CO.  '���*    ������     -Nelson, 13.0,    ,..--.,    .;'���-*.-.' ���--.������ ���     -���


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