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 A  Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made  Dividend  Paying Mines.  -.-V;  %>  Has   Three   Smelters   in   Successful   Operation,  and   Enough   Ore- in Sight   to   Run  Several   More.  FIFTH   YEAR.-NO. &h  ,i\V  NELSON,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA,,. SATURDAY   SEPTEMBER   1,1897.  TWO  DOLLAKS  A   YEAR.  DEBENTURES   SOLD   AT   98.  Mayor Houston Makes a Lightning Deal with  Robert "Ward of London.  Mayor   Houston   on.  Wednesday   sold  $i5(),000 worth of  Nelson   five per cent debentures to Hubert Ward at08 cents. The  purchase   was   made   on   behalf   of   the  British  Columbia   Corporation. 'Limited.  Robert Ward does not do his business by  telephone.    Me   had   an   interview   with  mayor Houston on Tuesday and on Wed-  r nesday  morning  he paid  $40,3 12.02  into  the  Bank of Montreal and  took  the  debentures.    The Canada Permanent Loan  and Savings Company was treating with  mayor  Houston for the  purchase oi' the  debentures but they carried on negotiations   as   if  under   the  misapprehension  r.hafc the. Canada Permanent Loan & Savings Company was the only 'concern'that'  had money to  loan.- Although  the company's ropresentativocoffered to purchase  the debentures at 00 cents net, they afterwards endeavored to charge the corporation up with solicitors  charges for examining into the  by-law.    This  the  mayor  refused   to   entertain,   and    after   some  further, delay the  loan  company had the  by-law" scrutinized  at   its own expense.  Some changes were demanded in the bylaw and a  new one had   to go before the  council.    This  occupied  more  time,  and.  although  the debentures date and beat-  interest  from   July  Ii5tb  the   loan   company's check was not made out till August  20th nor tendered in payment till August  . 30th., This meant that the loan company  was charging the city interest at five per  cent upon $50,000 for 40 days before they  loaned it.   As  this amounted  to $312.92  mayor Houston refused  to sell the debentures  unless  the  loan  company  paid  in  this  amount  to  the city's credit in the  Bank of Montreal.  Mayor Houston maintained that as the  city had not had the use of the loan company's money for this period he would  not pay interest upon the same, lie gave  the loan company until 3 o'clock on Tuesday to pay the amount of the accrued interest into the Bank of Montreal, alid if  the loan company did not come to time  he announced that he would sell the debentures to someone else. The loan company failed to come to time and mayor  Houston made his promise good by selling  the bonds to Hubert Ward for '$1,312.02  more than rhe loan company was prepared to give.  By this new deal Nelson secured within  $900, for its five per cent debentures, of the  sum secured by the city of Rossland for  its six percent debentures. This means  that for the privilege oi- spending $000  .more.than Nelson, Rossland pays $.10,000  more in interest charges.  CITY TREASURER  CLEMENTS RESIGNS.  Dr.  LaBau  Reports   Upon   the  Causes  Which  Produce Typhoid Fever In the City.  At the twentieth regular meeting of the  city council held on Monday, A. II. Clements tendered his resignation as city  treasurer. The.resignation1 was accepted  on motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded  by alderman Gilker.  A petition requesting the council to  construct a sidewalk on the west side of  Ward street, between Baker and Vernon  streets, was received. It was signed by  J. A. Kirkpatrick and 7(5 others, and was  referred to the public works committee..  A communication was received from  Thomas Halliday, the coutractor for the  city lockup, asking the city to make good  certain losses which he had sustained by  reason of the cost exceeding the amount  of his tender. It is thought that Hal li-  day's expenditures on account of the  lockup will amount to something like  $350 iu excess of his tender, and  he asks the corporation to assume  the liability, alleging that alterations  made by the city engineer accounted for  the excess over the estimate. ' The communication was referred to the public  works committee.  John Johnson applied for permission to  construct a frame building on Baker  street within the fire limits. He. was informed that the provisions of the fire  limit by-law would have to be observed.  Dr. LaBau submitted his report as  medical health officer, expressing his  opinion as to the cause for the prevalence  of typhoid fever. In the opinion of the  health officer, the draining of excrement  from the city hotels into the faulty old  box drain which formerly ran up Ward  creek, was responsible for the presence of  the disease, as all of it eventually lodged  in the creek bottom. Dr. LaBau further  expressed the opinion that the disease  was spread over the city by the horses  and cattle which were, and are at the  present time, allowed to roam about in  the creek bottom and around the city  streets at night. He recommended the  construction of a sewer up Ward creek,  and suggested the immediate cleaning up  of the bed of Ward creek. As a precautionary measure he suggested that the  citizens boil all water and milk, and that  when boiled the water or milk be kept in  covered vessels.  With respect to the sewer the conned  took immediate action, and on motion of  alderman Hillyer, seconded by alderman  Gilker, the city engineer was instructed  to make a survey of Ward street and  Ward creek with a view to laying a sewer  and report at the next meeting of the  council.  The question of the water supply of the  residents of Addition A was discussed,  and the matter was referred to the public  works committee for a solution.  The council decided to call for tenders  for the distribution of pipe for the water  works system. Mayor Houston was authorized to purchase pressure regulating  valves for the water works system, and  the plans for fire hydrants were referred  to the city engineer.  Messrs. Flurey & Murphy secured the  contract for painting the fire hall and city  lockup. Their tender was for $105. The  other tenders wrn: Alfred Pocock. $1S;*5;  W. S. Smith. $202;' Prank N. Green, $208;  l<\.J.'Bradley, $210: J. H. "Clark, $21S.50;  D. Graham. $210, and  $250.84.  The following accounts  Dominion ICxpi-uss      Williiim Wilson, (Iok lu^s   C. 1'. It.. frciitlit'Oii pipe      (.Jeonjo Taylor, lui-kup account   Li. t'annlc, lockup account,   Mike Tiujmc, lockup account   .liiii Mullen, lockup account   Alex Jlutheson, lookup account....  Krai Lane, lookup account   W.   S.   Naylor,  were passed:  KLONDYKE   GOLD   FIELDS.  10  . s :i  .   :t  is ���:>'>  . 2 flO  . 2 SO  . 21 50  . 1 25  i 25  I 25  Wednesday Evening's Session.  --rTz.-At-Wedne.sday Evening's session of the  city council mayor Houston reported the  sale of the city debentures at OS cents net,  and accrued interest, in all $40,312.02, the  purchasers being the British Columbia  Corporation, Limited.  Mayor Houston, also reported that the  validity of the fire limits by-law had been  attacked in the supreme court by II. R.  Cameron. The city solicitor was instructed to look after the city's interests  in any  legal  proceedings  which  may be  , taken.  On motion of alderman Gilker, seconded  by alderman Dow, the mayor and city  clerk were authorized to draw an order  on the city treasurer for $5000 to take up  the note for that amount signed by John  Houston, W. K. Teetzel, J. A. Gilker and  Frank Fletcher, the amount of which was  placed to the creclit of the corporation.  The following accounts were passed:  -M. Nixon, cni'poiitur   Itobci't Oliver, carpenter      Jacob Sorsou, foreman    L. K. Daviek, waterworks   Tribune Publishing Co., advertising and printing  U. ('. Gazette, advertising   ('. 1'. It. Telegraph   The  following salaries  for  the  were ordered paid:  Charles E. Healo.v. cit.y clerk   O. 15. Woolvertou, eliief of police   A. K. McKinnon, patrolman '.   K. A. Winerals, patrolman   ft. A. (.'roa^e, police magistrate   .1. Hamilton, auditor   A. L. McC'iillouli. engineer   The mayor was authorized to purchase  a stove and any utensils needed for the  city lockup.  The city engineer was instructed to inform the city clerk as to the amount of  pipe and materials required for laying  1700 feet of main sewer and 3000 feet of  lateral sewer, and thafthe city clerk call  for tenders for supplying such pipe and  materials, said tenders to be in by 8  o'clock, Monday evening, September 6th.  On motion of alderman Malone, seconded by alderman Hillyer, the city clerk  was-authorized to call for tenders for laying 1700 feet of 18-inch sewer pipe and  3000.feet of 8-inch- lateral sewer pipe and  the city engineer was. instructed to prepare plans and ..specifications, for the said  work from which intending tenderers  could figure. These tenders require to be  in by September 13th.  HOW THE ACCOUNT STANDS,  .$ il 75  12 75  52 00  .   12 00  .  SI 10  21 25  .    5 o:i  ion th  sioo oo  !)() 00  SO 00  SO 00  15 no  12 50  :I00 00  Statement Showing How the Sum of $18,188 97  Was Used Up.  Charles E.Sealey, city clerk, has prepared-a statement of the receipts and expenditures of the municipality up to  August 30th. It shows an expenditure of  $18,188.07, and a reveuue of $0,435.05.. The.  statement follows:  Licenses ���   ��� ���  Water rates ���  Police court; fines  Dog tax   Miscellaneous ���  UKCKU'TS.  nlSIiUHSKMUXTS.  .SI,505 00  . (fflli 50  782 15  . 117 00  .     215 00 -  ��0,-135 05  Water works   Sidewalks ...     Plant and tools   Printing: ami stationery..  Salaries   Kiru department.     Streets   Special police   Interest    Lock-up   Health ,.'   Legal expenses   Miscellaneous    ��0,211 I!)  .   .'1,290 07  .     222 01  .     (571 S2  .   1,506 51  770 St  .  8,198 58  50 So  07 10  1,259 10  58 25  .     250 00  .     ;i25 75-  $ IS, 188 97  OVER   THE    $5,000,000   MARK.  The Exports for the Month of August Equal  in Value those of Mid-winter.  Exclusive of the Slocan ore exported via  Revelstoke during the last ,10 days of  August, the value of the mineral exports  of southern Kootenay exceeds $5,000,000,  and the . probabilities are that the  exports of the district for the year 1807  will exceed $S,000,000. The exports for  the past week were:  BULLION   AND  MATTE.  Pounds  Value  Trail smelter  118,512  Hnll Minos smelter, Nelson, matte.... 3:11,167  ORE.                     Approximate  Tons.  Value.  Payne mine, Slocan      500  ICootcnay Ore Company, Kaslo      800  Whitewater mine, Slocan         17  Washington                  ,|jj  Noble Kive mines, Slocan              ;��;  Slocan Star. Satulon          m  Rambler mine, Slocan              ;jij  Slocan Hoy mine, Slocan                15  Black Diamond mine, Ainswortli        08  Total for week          1 ;ji I  $175,977  Total so far for September      975  S 08,025  Total 1 or August     5,070  8075,189  Total for .Inly    |,i;j<i  $518,882  Total for June    8,101  ��188,885  Total for May      2,995  ��3117,707  Total forj/Aljril   8,701  8488,231  Total for'March   5,822  3077,081  Total for February  5,201  S502.853  Total for January   1,518  S075.500  Total via Revelstoke to Aug. I5lh..  ��512,078  Total so far for 1897 80,518  ?5,(��0,II80  They May Be Guinea Pig Men.  A London journal in commenting upon  the prospectus of a company in which  premier Turner and Pooley, president of  the executive, figure as directors, says:  "This venture is catch-penny, if not impudent, at the outset. * * * To us over  here, the Hon. J. H. Turner is of no more  importance or better known than the  chairman of the Brixton vestry: the Hon.  C. E. Pooley, Q. C, may be but on a par  with the ordinary barrister guinea-pig  over here. * * * This mode of inducing subscriptions can aid little to the  fame of the premier and president of the  executive council   of   British   Columbia.  * ���* * On the contrary, it is likely to  bring them into disrepute in a country  where their fame is so far unknown."  William Ogilvie Furnishes Reliable Information Respecting Their Extent and Richness.  William Ogilvie, the federal government's surveyor on the Yukon, has furnished some interesting information concerning the Klondyke gold fields. As  reliance can be placed in what Ogilvie  says, his remarks are given: ���������  "Bonanza creek is about twenty miles  in length. As a claim is 500 feet long,  measured on a straight line in the general  direction of the valley where it is, and is  in width the full width of the bottom, we  have on this creek upwards of 200 claims,  of which we know upwards of 100 to be  good, many rich, some very rich. The  other hundred are probably no more than  good, but enough prospecting has not  been done to warrant any definite statement.  " Upwards of seventy claims have been  located on Eldorado creek. Of this number upwards of forty are known to be  rich, i am not avaracious, but I will  select thirty claims on Eldorado creek,  and will allow the owners $1,000,000 each  and take what is over for myself and consider I have got an A No. 1 homestake.  "Sidehill claims are- being located on  these creeks, and when I left there on  July 12th some of them were prospecting  very well, as high tis $6 to, $8 to the pan  being found in some instances. Now a  pan of dirt is called two shovelfuls, and,  as the merit of all claims is given in pans,  let us see how it applies. All miners concede that 10 cent dirt, (that is dirt with'5  cents iu every shovelful), when it is three  feet and upwards deep, is rich, but on  Bonanza and Eldorado when a mau found  only cents he was somewhat indignant.  Uniess he found $1 in every pan, at least,  he was dissatisfied, and small wonder, for  his neighbors were-panning from $2, $5,  $10, $15 to $80 and $40 to the pan, and  often into the hundreds.  ''While paying a visit to Clarence G.  Berry, the owner of No. 5 and No. 0 on  Eldorado, I was told by him that they  had struck a rich streak the clay before,  and he said: "You had better go down  and pick yourself a piece of 'dirt.' I went  down, poked around in the rich streak  that 1 was shown, but tor the life of me  could not say that I was picking any gold,  filled the pan pretty well, something more  than the usual two shovelfuls; took it up,  washed it, dried and cleaned it. At the  rate of $17 to the ounce, I found $500 in  that pan. The time spent in doing this  was about-twenty minutes. This, as far.  as 1 know, was the richest pan ever  panned out in the country.  "Now, lest you get excited and want to  drop everything and fly there, let me tell  you emphatically, yes, that all that  ground is taken up, and if you now have  money enough to purchase an interest in  any of the 100 claims mentioned on Bonanza and forty odd on Eldorado, you have  coin enough to stay at home. Let me  speak of the probable exteut of the gold-  bearing region. Gold has been found in a  certain /.one in British Columbia, running  through the Cariboo and Cassiar districts  districts. Project the axis of this zone  northwesterly and we touch Teslin lake,  Ilootalinqiia river, Stewart river, Indian  creek, Troau-dik, Sixty-mile, Forty-mile,  American creek, Seventy-mile, and Birch  creek. Now it is highly improbable that  gold being found in all- these points, the  intervening spaces are barren, and I will  do no more than say generally that we  have a zone of upwards of 500 miles in  length, some of it in Alaska, more of it in  the Canadian Northwest territories and  much of it in British Columbia, which will  be the scene of numerous mining enterprises, both placer and quartz, the latter  practically inexhaustible. This country,  under more favorable conditions, would  be the richest and most extensive mining  area in the world today.  Nelson Heads the List.  The exports through the port of Nelson  for the month of August aggregated in  value the sum of $088,514. Of this amount  $075,180 represented the value of 4858 tons  of ore and 717 tons of matte. Of the other  exports die forest was credited with $2,000  animals and their produce $408, and manufactures $5,700. During the month the  collections amounted to $81,788.81. Despite the fact that several of the wholesale houses in Nelson have their duties  paid at their headquarters in other cities,  Nelson leads the list as a revenue producer. The collections were divided as  follows:  Nelson , sin.uSO. 17  Ivaslo  (i.lisl.93  Rossland  ; ���  '.. (,,839.73  Trail '  8,2118.27  Nakusp.... ,.     3.110.03  Waneta  1,150.18  Iiykerts     si.X.1  Other collections   '.  722.00  THE   GOVERNMENT'S    RAILWAY   POLICY.  It Differs Prom  that Published   by   the   New  ' Government Organ in Rossland.  Since the Rossland Miner was acquired  by its new owners it has entered  upon a  series  of   Hops.    It   is   making   haste  to  square itself on several public questions  iu order that it may be of service to its  new owners when the proper time arrives.  Some  of  them   will,  no   doubt,   require  something  from   the   provincial   government, and the new editor hits deemed it  necessary to discover that the provincial  government has a wise and progressive  railway policy.    Having done  this he recites the railways which have been  built  in Kootenay with government assistance,  and by employing the names of Canadian  Pacific Railway  branch  lines, endeavors  to mislead his readers into believing that  . the government in aiding their construction was delivering  West Kootenay from  the bondage of the Canadian  Pacific railway. ��� As these railways were built before  the new editor arrived in this province, or  had any knowledge of its railway policy,  his ignorance  may  be excused, but  the  people of the province in their  forbearance, will expect the new man to first acquaint himself with  the  provincial government's railway policy before   he attempts to convince them that it is a good  one.   Those who know anything of  the  railway history of Kootenay will read the  1'ollowiug extract from The Miner with  some surprise:    "Not only has Kootenay  to thank the wise and progressive policy  adopted   by  the  present   provincial  administration for the development we have  already obtained, but the building of the  Crow's Nest Pass railway has been  made  not only possible, but an absolute necessity thereby. The Canadian Pacific would  never   have   worried  about the  requirements of Kootenay until such  time as it  suited, if the government had kindly allowed the big railway to have all its own  way,   and   refused   assistance   to   other  companies."  The editor  of  The Miner asks: , Who  was instrumental in inducing the Columbia & Kootenay, Nakusp & Slocan, Kaslo  & Slocan, Columbia & Western, and Nelson & Fort Sheppard railways to  come  into what was then anything but a promising field for such ventures?  Considering  the editor's  lack of  knowledge his question is a proper one.    If he approaches the  question with the single purpose of arriving at the truth he will find that so far as  the   Canadian   Pacific   railway's   branch  lines are concerned the provincial govern-  "ment was  instrumental in inducingtheir  building, and  he  will also  find  that the  government's railway policy, of which he  is   so   proud,   opposed   so   long   as   the  members   of   the    cabinet    dared,    the  private   enterprise   of   all   who   sought  to give the district of West Kootenay railway competition.    The rail way which has  done most for the development of southern Kooteuay is the Nelson 6c- Fort Sheppard.    When the road was first proposed  , the government opposed it in the face of  the demand   of the people of Kootenay  that it be  built.    So great was the government's opposition to the construction  of the road, that the men who proposed to  build it were forced  to make  use of several government crones in order to secure  a charter for the roads and to allow them  a percentage   in the railway  company's  stock for the use of their influence.  When  the road was built and its profits assured,  the government which fought it when it  was weak, overrode the express orders of  the legislature in order to feed it public  lands.   The Kaslo & Slocan   is another  railway which has aided in the development   of   the   district  and   it   too   was  strongly opposed  by the government in  its first  stages.   It was a competitor of  the Canadian Pacific and  therefore the  government's   railway  policy precluded  the idea of any cash subsidy to aid in its  construction.    With respect to  the Columbia & Western, the   first  section  of  it,    originally     designed     as    a     tramway    from     the    Rossland     mines     to  the    Heiuze,. smelter,    was     built     by  private enterprise before  the, Columbia  & Western railway scheme was evolved.  When the promoters of this railway  secured a charter the government's railway,  policy was stretched so as to allow   h\  Aug. Heinze a land subsidy of 10,240 acres  per mile for the construction of the tramway,  at  the  time  about completed,  between his smelter and the Kossland mines.  At the same time he  was  given  a  land  subsidy of 20,000 acres per mile for a line  from Trail to Penticton.    During the following session the government introduced  a revised railway policy, and endeavored  to grant Heinze a $100,000 cash  subsidy  for 1.00 miles of this same railway in addition to the land subsidy, but the legislature  would  not   tolerate  it and   it  was  dropped.  This leaves but the construction of the  Canadian Pacific Railway company's  branch lines for consideration. According to the Miner's theory, the provincial  governments railway policy freed Kootenay from the bonds of the Canadian Pacific Railway company by practically building the Columbia & Kootenay railway by  the means of large hind and townsite  subsidies, and then handing it over to the  Canadian Pacific railway as a gift. Much  more discreditable was the government's  policy as evidenced in the construction of  the Nakusp & Slocan branch of the Canadian Pacific. To further free the Kootenay from the grasp of the Canadian Pacific, the provincial government guaranteed the principal and four per cent interest on the Nakusp & Slocan bonds to the  amount of $017,072 for a period of 25 years.  This amount' was suflicent to build the  road and allow the promoters a divy on  the side, and   when completed, the road  was handed over to the Canadian Pacific-  railway. The editor of the Miner is too  lavish of his praise of the government's  policy. There was a time when the cabinet ministers attempted to defend the  Nakusp & Slocan railway deal, but they  gave that up many months before the  editor of the Miner arrived in this province. Like the Siuiswnp <fc Okanairan  branch of the Canadian Pacific, the Nakusp i& Slocan branch is a sore spot with  the provincial government, and rather  than have it referred to, the govern-'  ment would prefer that the people should  forget that the railroad had ever been  built.  THE   SAME  OLD   STORY.  SOOLEY   COMMITTED   FOR   TRIAL.  Pre-  as to give the  The jail  will  lied  by A.   K.  NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  No arrangements have been made in  this city for the observance of labor day,  which falls on Monday. The printers of  the city will have an informal celeration  in the evening.  George S. Boer, the Canadian Pacific  Railway company^ ticket agent in this  city, returned this week from Brandon  accompanied by his bride.  Sanitary inspector Wolley says that  Sandon is the most difficult, place to accomplish anything in that he has visited.  The people of Sandon have as little respect for those in authority as they have  for the laws of sanitation.  Joseph Martin, ex-M. P., for Winnipeg,  has decided to locate permanently in Vancouver, lie will be admitted to the bar  of British Columbia in a few weeks, anil  will then resume the practice of law.  His Lawyers Offer no Evidence at the  liminary Hearing on Tuesday.  On Tuesday afternoon magistrate  Crease, sitting as a justice'of the peace,  committed John Scoley for trial on the  1 charge of breaking the lock upon the  Nelson Electric Light company's water  gate. Scoley was represented by lawyers  Macdouald and Senkler, and the prosecution was looked after by John Houston,  president and manager of the light company, and complainant in the case. A  clear case was made out against Scoley,  and as his counsel did not put in any evidence in rebuttal, there was nothing for  the magistrate to do but commit Scoley  for trial at the next court of competent  jurisdiction.  The evidence put in for the prosecution  went to show that on the Thursday evening following the Hall Mines' unsuccessful attempt to secure an injunction  against the electric light company, 1-].  E. Croasdaile ordered Scoley to break the  lock placed- by the light company upon  the water gate. That Scoley, acting under  instructions from'H. E. Croasdaile, did so,  and that aided by a force of ten men he  took and retained possession of the light  company's property, refusing to leave  when ordered so to do by the manager of  the light company. An attempt was  made to show that the Hall Mines was  justified in taking forcible possession of  the light company's property,by virtue of  a coutract which the Hall Mines had with  the light compauy for the use of 00 inches  of water, but the evidence put in by  Houston made it clear that the Hall Mines  was bound by this same contract not to  tamper with the ligh.t company's property, nor in any way interfere with the  same without a written permit from the  light compauy. Engineer Cummings also  gave evidence to the effect that the Hall  "Mines was receiving a good" 00 inches of  water when Scoley broke the lock upon  the water gate.  From the trend of the evidence it is difficult to see what advantage can be secured  in carrying on the prosecution against  Scoley, unless it be that such a proceeding  might teach employees of large companies  that it is risky business carrying out instructions from managers which run foul  of the criminal code. If John, Scoley, ;is  an employee of the Hall Mines, committed  an offence in carrying out the specific instructions of I-I. E. Croasdaile, by what  process of reasoning, is a due proportion  of guilt shifted from the shoulders of H.  E. Croasdaile? It may be stated that  Scoley knew the legal effect of his action,  but it will be much more difficult to convince any of Scoley's friends that he  would have so offended had it not been  for the instructions of the Hall Mines  management.  Scoley was allowed his liberty on his  own recognizance for $200 to appear' for  trial when called upon.  Work Commenced on the Provincial Jail.  Robert Diusdale, of Victoria, was  awarded the contract for the erection of  the provincial jail in this city. He was  not the lowest tenderer, but he evidently  had more friends with the Victorian government than had the men who figured  lower tuan.he. ' The building will not go  up in the residential portion of the city.  It was the wish of W. J. Goepel that it  . should, but the rest of the people in Nelson opposed the idea, and after duly considering the question the government decided that it would be good politics to  please "the rest of the people" just for  once. The building will go up on the government reserve on Ward street, below  the log cabin occupied by warden Kitz-  stubbs. Work was commenced upon the  building this week. I.Hnsdale's figures  upon the job went, something over $18,-  000. A. C. lioy will move the warden's  log cabin out.of the way so  building a good frontage,  be built from plans supp  llodgins.  LOCAL  Despite the Court's'Warning the Turner Government Ignores the Legislature.  The legal light for the townsite of Yrn.ir,  on the Nelson it Fort Sheppard railway,  is bringing out some damning t^\ idein-e  against the Turner government iu the  matter of it,- administration of the crown  lands of the province, in one of tlm first  legal skirmishes the men who jumped the  townsite got an injunction from justice  Walkem restraining the Nelson <fc Kurd  Sheppard Railway company from securing a crown grant for the tovvn-ite in dispute. In support of their application for  this injunction the jumpers claimed that  the railway company was not entitled to  this land under the terms of its subsidy  act.  The railway company appealed to the  full court against this injunction and the"  full court, com posed of chief justice Davie  and justices Drake and  McColl, allowed  the appeal with costs.   Justice Drake delivered judgment in the case  which was  concurred   in   by justice   McColl.     This  judgment is important, in as much as it  makes   it   very   clear   that    the    block  claimed   by  the  railway  company could  not be claimed under the  provisions  of  the subsidy act.    Chief justice Davie did ���  not hand down any judgment in the case,,  but it is publicly stated  that  when  the  judgment was announced he made the remark in open court that despite the'de-  cision of the court, which practically untied  the hands   of   the   government, no  crown grant would be issued.    In view of  the decision of the court this was a very  proper observation for the chief justice to  make.    The remark may have been made  as a warning to the government against  possible  future complications.     If so  it  was unheeded, and  by au order iu council  the executive  immediately  issued   a  crown grant to the railway company.    In  order that the people of West Kootenay  may appreciate the executive's action in  issuing this crown grant the judgment of  the full court is appended:  "The plaintiffs were incorporated in  1S91, and by Cap. 38 of 1802, the crown  granted a land subsidy not exceediug  10,240 acres for each mile of railway upon  certain conditions, those conditions being  that the company should file a map show-  in the course and direction of the proposed  line and deposit $25,000 as a guarantee for  the construction of the line. The company were to define .within twelve mouths  the located line and mark the boundary  lines of alternate blocks of land fronting  on each side of the line, and having a  frontage of six miles by sixteen miles in  depth so that each block selected and'defined by the company should be opposite  to a similar block, not selected by the  company on the other side of the railway  and such boundary lines should be traced  to the cardinal points, pausing here it is 1  think clear that the line of railway should  be the the boundary of the blocks however devious the line of 'railway might be.  "Block 0 was defined, and according to  the map this block is laid out as a parallelogram six miles by sixteen, but it  crosses over the line and thus takes in  land on both sides of the line, and it is in  respect of a small piece of land on die  west side of railwaj', opposite to the remainder of the land called block 0, that  this dispute has arisen.  "By section 2 of the act, there is a general statutory reservation of land on both  sides of the railway, and the reservation  was gazetted by order-in-couucil of the  1.8th August, 1802. This reservation prevents any dealing with the lands until it  is removed, and it has not been moved.  Not having been removed the laud included in it is not open to pre-emption under  the laud act 1802 and it is not open to  purchase under section 12 of the act of  1S00.    Cap. 28.  "Whether or not the crown intend to  grant the land to the railway in accord--  ance with the plans shown we have nothing to do with, it is to be presumed the  executive will act in accordance with the  law, which authorizes the grant.  "The defendants, whatever may be the  rights of the railway company, have not  brought themselves within the terms of  the crown lands act.  "The plaintiffs are in possession of this  block by leave of the crown which is .st'P-  1'oski) sfi'i^iciKNT to KXAiu.K them to  maintain trespass.  "I think the order of justice Walkem  as far as regards the injunction restraining the issue of the crown grant should  bo'set aside. The legislature having given  to the plaintiffs certain lands in consideration of the construction of the line.  And cuown (iKANTS Will iik issi'Ki) itv  TIIK DKI'AKTMKN'TS Kolt SO Ml.VH OK THO.SK  LANDS AS Kfl.FIL THK CONDITIONS OK TIIK  STATl'TK. IT IS NOT KICIITTO Sl'IM'OSK THAT  Till-: KXKCl'TIVIC WILL D() OTIIKH W ISK TH AN  I'KltRlILM TIIKII!   IH'TY.  "We cannot consider whether the subsidy act is ultra vires the provincial legislature on the pleadings before us.  "This court cannot interfere with the  duties which the legislature has imposed  on the executive, and on this short point  I think the appeal should be allowed, iitt  IN SO l)OIN(i i .must not 111': considkkkd  AS IN ANY WAY DKCIDINli THAT THK I'LAIN-  TIKKS IIAVK ANY CRKATKH HKiHTS THAN  THK STATfTIO C1VKS THK.M.  "The appeal should be allowed with  costs."   Grant Govan's Story.  Grant Govan, of the Goldfields of British  Columbia company, having returned from  the north forks of the lllicillawaet, reports a splendid strike on the Lnugier,  one of that company's properties. There  is a 12-foot lead exposed of almost solid  ore, and only one wall as yet. An assay  gave a value of $21 I per ton.  miaiTOiiiiiii^^ THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C., SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 4,  1897.  sw  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  THK TRIBUNE   i-  niililwl.-l   .-.   .Saturday.-,  by Tmc  TlttlJUXE Pulil.ISlirNG L'uMI'ANV. and will   III!  mailed  to'subscribers on payment, oi' Two 1H)1.i..'.i:s n year.  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I��!)7  The Liberals of this province who make  politics their business are endeavoring to  create the impression- that the next general    election   in   this  province   will   be  fought out on straight Liberal and.Conservative   lines.    While  this  may  be in  , their interest, it does not follow that the  adoption of such a course would be to the  interest of the province.    "While it is true  that premier Turner and  his colleagues  are Conservatives, it is equally true that  many of the men that have been lighting  the opposition's fight for years are likewise   Conservatives.   This  province   has  admittedly  the  most   incapable  government upon the continent, and by reason  of its incompetence it   will   go  down to  defeat in the general elections.   To effect  this end it is not necessary that Conservatives  who  oppose  the government be  forced either to renounce their Conservative principles or retire to private life.  It  must be evident that those who advocate  this policy have rather the aggrandisement of the Liberal party at heart than  the interests of the province.    Being politicians first, they would consider it a great  achievement to place the provincial machinery under the control of the party  leaders at Ottawa.    It is satisfactory to  note  that such a  policy does  not meet  with the approval of the Victoria Times,  the leading opposition paper in the province, nor with the Columbian of Nesv  Westminster.   Their idea is to secure a  set of men capable of administering the  a Hairs of the province, and they have too  much horse-sense to reject a man merely  because   he   has   Conservative views in  federal matters.  There is a story going to the effect that  Messrs. Maxwell and Mclnnes will resign  their seats in the house of commons and  take up the fight against the Turner government in this province.  These two men  hold the same political  principles.   They  were   returned   during  the  last  general  election in constituencies in  which  local  dissensions    among,   the    Conservatives  brought about three-cornered fights. Both  men are ambitious, which is about all that  can be said of them, as they are both new  to public life.   The, only'point of difference between  their respective careers at  Ottawa so far, is that Mclnnes completely  lost his head and.Maxwell  didn't.    Maxwell gained considerable notoriety during  the last provincial election, when he took  the stump against the Davie-Turner combination   and   was   dubbed   the -political  parson   by   the   governments   following.  He is a very clever man on the stump and  might make a good minister.    So far  no  new man's name has been mentioned as a  probable minister who can discount Maxwell.   Another thing iu his favor, is that  he  is  fairly popular in   Vancouver,  and  might carry the constituency.    With Mclnnes it is different,    'hi   the last   federal  campaign on Vancouver island he secured  some StfiO votes, against 1-182 cast in  favor  of his two  Conservative  rivals.    The  result was unexpected, and it swelled the  head of Mclnnes, from the effects of which  he has not yet recovered.   Mclnnes might  be able to secure one of the Nanaimo seats.  His chances of election  are not as good as  those of Maxwell, but as the electors in  the Nanaimo constituencies are not over  particular,  Mclnnes  might win.    One of I  the Nanaimo constituencies returned Dr.  Walkem, the same one or another might-  return'Mcfnnes.  The editor of the Kaslo Ivootenaiah in  a recent issue makes the people of this  province acquainted with the Seattle  career of the man whom the Victoria  Colonist hired to defend the misdeeds of  those composing premier Turner's cabinet.  As this new editor has adopted a stilted  style and essayed to regulate the morals  of every other newspaper man in the province, the information which, the Koote-  naian furnishes concerning him has a  peculiar interest. Here it is: "It is only  " a few mouths since this same editor,  " Charles II. Lugrin by name, hired him-  '��� self out to one Watson C. Squire, who  " needed a little help to get back into the  " 1'nit.ed States senate, an undertaking  " which in Washington state requires the  " service of all shades of political boo'st-  " ers. When Watson's bubble burst, the  " great editor, political healer, etc., dis-  " appeared and we now find him back on  " his native heath turning his pen against  " the Kootenaian, a newspaper which was  " doing good work for Kootenay and Cannula when he was writing rabid editor-  " ials on a foreign paper and scheming to  " keep out of jail on charges of libelling  ," public officials and private citizens."  Sunday's issue of the Llossland Miner  gives color to the story that V. Aug.  Heinze was interested in the recent purchase ot that paper. The Miner has made  another Hop upmi the export duty question. There was a time when The Miner  held up both hands for an export duty.  Then someone pulled a string and The  Miner made up its mind that the time  was,not ripe for the imposition of an export duty. The Miner then was very  much against delivering the mining industry of Trail Creek into the hands of  IA Aug. Heinze. The conditions have not  changed materially within which The  Miner boxed the compass upon the export duty question, but The Miner has.  It now reprints the editorials which were  used wheu the paper was endeavoring to  encourage home smelting, and swallows  its fear ot K. Aug. Heinze. If there is yet  an American resident in Kootenay who  has not attempted to force his ideas of  government upon the people of Canada,  he should formulate the same into a petition and get the Miner's owners to sign it.  The judgment of tlie full court in  the  appeal in connection with the suit for the  possession of the townsite of Viuir, is suf-  ficent warrant.for the appointment of a  commission to examine into the manner  in which the Turner government violated  the provisions of the Nelson & Fort Sheppard land grant act,  in  the  passing of  crown lands to the Nelson & Fort Sheppard Railway company. For many months  Tin-: Tin run li has contended that the government, in its dealings with the crown  lauds in this connection, had encroached  upon privileges of parliament, and  that  the executive had altogether exceeded its  authority.   Put into a few  plain  words,  the judgment of the full court in the appeal in question-made it as clear as it possibly could be, that the railway company  could not claim the land.in dispute under  the terms of its land grant act.   The land  had been put under a reserve, and as the  reserve had not been lifted, the land was  not open to pre-emption or purchase. For  this reason the jumpers could not bring  themselves within the terms of the crown  lands act no matter how poor the railway  company's title to the land might be. The  court found that so far as  the  railway  company's title went to the block of land  in question, it did not amount to  more  than being in possession by leave of the  crown, which was supposed to besuflicieut  to maintain trespass. Despite the caution  of the court, and practically its  warning  to the executive to have a care iu dealing  with the land in question, the Turner government  passed  an  order-in-council, and  issued   a  crown grant   for   the   land  as  quickly as it possibly could after the injunction had been removed.    There is the  making of a first-class political scandal in  the government's policy in  dealing with  the crown lands in West Kootenay, which  will probably  come out  when   the  next  legislature meets.  A i-'okmkr government official, who'is  not named, comes in for an installment of  abuse in The Economist on Wednesday.  Several friends of .Napoleon Fitzstubbs  are of the opinion that he is the man  whom The Economist is hitting at, and  they are sore thereat. There lis no occasion for any feeling in the matter. A  toadeater seldom fights. His mission in  life is to beslobber those in authority,  and if he fights at all it is always with  dead men.   WHAT   OP   SILVER?  Salt Lake Tribune: Our belief is that  the great money powers of the world will  very soon be obliged to rentonetize silver  at some ratio. It will be that or a crash  which will convulse the business world.  The reason why is, that as men Ipse faith  in the ultimate restoration of silver the  white metal will continue to decline until  there will come a grand scramble to unload the old stocks of silver, and prices  generally of all  products will  follow the  gold basis, and then there will be chaos  and general repudiation. The 'rich men  of this world cannot stand an upheavel of  that kind. The most conservative statisticians estimate that half the yearly product of gold is absorbed in the arts. Some  insist that nearly all is used up in that  way. But if it were not so, the whole  amount distributed among the nations  would not begin to keep up with the  world's expanding trade; it would not  supply basis enough for the world's prices,  and hence production, where supply and  demand are normal, pays nothing to the  producer. The question with the great  financiers will soon be whether to remon-  etizc silver or demonetize gold and trust  to paper issued to an amount equal to a  given sum per capita of the people, for  money. Some of the gold journals of the  east are already alarmed lest silver go to  nothing and there shall come, a scramble  to unload the stocks of silver on hand. It  has lost more than half its value already,  but with it the world's property has  shrunken ~>0 per cent, and, notwithstanding all the eastern exultation, the shrewd  men there are filled with apprehension.  They understand that the present advances are due to misfortunes of nations  beyond, the sea, and they dread next year.  There is this year a poultice for the sore,  which relieves it temporarily, but that is  all. When they try to sell ordinary property they cannot do it at any fair price;  there is no real abatement of falling prices  for fixed property, and it is clear that the  whole system is fatally defective somewhere.   Silver men should not lose hope.  IMPORTANT  All persons wishing to visit the Goat  River, Duck Creek, Summit Creek, Fort  Sheppard, Priest Lake, or Fort Steele  Mining Districts should know that by  taking the Steamer Alberta or Ainsworth  for Ockonook, Idaho, and purchasing  their supplies of the old reliable Ockonook General Store, they will get their  goods at Spokane retail prices and be  from 20 to 50 miles nearer the above  ', named districts than at any other supply  point on the  Kootenai   River.  J. I. BARNES Manager  OCKONOOK GENERAL STORE  NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  Conducted by the Fathers 0. M. S.  ...CLASSICAL COURSES  Will Reopen September 1st.  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Tt was because oi" his devotion to his pet  philanthropic scheme and his neglect oi'  other affairs in its favor that the deputy  sheriff is now in possession of that part  of his property known as the Temple of  Humanity. This was at ITS Iiksc Seventy-  st'i-nnd sLriH't", and comprised the first  Hour of the JMor^ent.han house.  The chief aim of the Temple of Humanity was to marry off dowerless orphan  girls, to which end it was controlled by  the greater New York German-American  Non-Sectarian Society, of which JMr. iMor-  genthau was the head and center. Acer-  tain number of days in each year -were  set aside for marriages, and any penniless  orphan girl of good character could, upon  application to the Hymeneal committee,  obtain a dower and the right to be married in the temple, provided the committee approved her claims. The dowry was  $100 in gold, presented by Mr. Morgen-  thau, but as the society grew richer it  was intended that the amount should be  increased to $i)0(). This money the bride  could make use of as she pleased, the only  restriction being that she should spend it  on herself or her new home. Three weddings of this kind have been celebrated  since the inception of the society.  In taking possession of the Temple of  Humanity the sheriff finds himself with a,  unique collection of goods and chattels on  his hands. Over the entrance of the outer  court of the temple hangs a large illuminated sign:- "The Temple-of Humanity.'"  Opposite this is a, blue enameled sign:  ������Lazarus Morgenthttii." Hung about are  pictures of Washington, Lincoln, Grant,  /Mrs. O.ttendorfer, ;i,nd baron Hirs.h. A  bust of Schiller, draped in a German flag,  ornaments the mantelpiece. In the inner  temple are pictures of the four brothers  of the Temple of Humanity���Moses.vMar-  tin Luther, Jesus of Nazareth, and Laz-  arus Morgenthau. Moses was all right,  ,Mr.''Morgenthau was wont to explain. He  was a la w-giver and an important person  in his line, but harsh, too harsh. It remained for the other three, not r,o particularize too far at the expeuse of modesty,  to inculcate the, spirit of tolerance and  broad-mindedness in a narrow and prejudicial world. In other parts of the temple  are-'itiiany other less important pictures  and draperies of American flagfs.  A Jewess was the first bride., She had  a very nice wedding, but. was selfishly  disappointed at discovering that Mr. Morgenthau and not herself was the central  figure of the wedding. Everything there  was to do he did, except make the responses, and he helped the contracting parties  to do that.     ;  "The next dowry will go to a Roman  Catholic," said Mr. Morgenthau. The next  after that will go to a Protestant, then  one to the daughter of a Free Mason, and  so on. We wish to. show that we are  broadly non-sectarian.  At all of the weddings Mr. Morgenthau  took particular pains to have air the newspapers represented. He shunned newspaper notoriety, he said, but if anyone  wished to know anything about his past  life, a full account of his career, together  with photographs, could be found in the  rear room. To mingle business with  pleasure was the last thing he would  think of; still, it might not be amiss to  mention���if anything was to be put in  the papers, which he sincerely hoped  would not happen���that he manufactured  the finest brand known of an article which  it, is not essential to mention here. In  short, Mr. Morgenthau. the business man,  was so closely, though doubtless quite unintentionally, merged with Mr. Morgenthau the philanthropist, that there was  really no way to distinguish them.  In the course of time bills for furniture  and for rent of the temple fell due, and  were not paid. Executions were obtained  and now there is danger that one of the  most peculiar institutions in New York  will pass out of existence.'  What the War Has Cost Spain.  People here hardly realize what Spain  has clone in the course of the struggle  with Cuba. She has sent so many conscripts to die there of fever and homesickness and wretchedness, that at present  the Spanish war office has a greater experience in the matter of the transport of  troops by sea,not merely than any other  war office of modern times, but of any  times. Spain in the la.st  pur, 250,000 men into Cuba,  not have to provide for  home is the most dreadful  fact, of all. The Cuban  much to exhaust Spain in three ways. It  has cost huge sums of money, has absorbed  the  energies of government,  and,   more  few years has  That, she does  bringing them  and disastrous  war  has  done  important, it has robbed the country of  half her crop of young men. The conscripts have been sent to die in Cuba  at the very moment when they ought to  have been using their young energies in  tilling the soil, winning, iron from the  mines, or working in the trades. In a  land where the men have an invincible  longing to rest in the shade after forty,  and are old at fifty, the nation cannot do  witliout"its youths. ��� Spain, then, under  its present conditions, is exactly the country in which one would expect the gospel  of anarchy to flourish and abound.  MOPPATT ON EXPORT DUTIES.  An Editor Who Is all Things to all Men for  ' ��� What There Is In It.  Kred 0. MolTatt, the new editor of the  Ko.skland Miner, has conflicting views  upon the question of the desirability of  placing, an export duty upon ore. In  Rossland it suits F. Aug. Heinze to have  MofTatt to advocate an export duty, but  in the Toronto Globe MofTatt presents unanswerable arguments against the imposition of any such duty. How does Mr.  Moffat t propose to reconcile the following  with the views expressed by himself in  The Miner:  ."The present owners or lessees of the  Pilot Bay smelter have stated that they  cannot purchase Kossland ores and use  them in the smelter if the freight charges  should exceed .$1.25 per ton. In calculating the smelting' capacity ot plants for  treating Rossland ores, Nelson and Pilot  Bay may be justly eliminated, and we  have left the Trail smelter with a capacity of^250 tons, to treat the ores of a  camp which will, before uext January,  have a daily output of 2550 tons, or an excess of 3o00 tons over the smelter capacity  of the district, or, in fact, of British Columbia. This statement of fact is a complete and unanswerable argument against  the imposition of an export duty on Rossland ores. Under such conditions what  good purpose could be served by the imposition of an export duty on Rossland  ores? None whatever, and no person,  whether the owner of a mine or smelter,  could in auy possible way receive any  benefit therefrom. It is no exaggeration  to state that the mines of Rossland today  would, if the charges for transportation  and treatment were reasonable, mine and  ship and are callable of doing so, not less  than 1000 tons of ore per day, or an excess  of 750 tons daily above the smelter capacity of the district."  MUSIC   OFTEN   DOES   SOOTHE.  public in various phases, such as its density, the division into races and sexes.  The population, it was shown, hoveis  about the' 38 parallel, beginning at  Baltimore and stretching across the continent. The most densely populated state  is Rhode Island, which lias 373 people to  the square mile, four-fifths of whom live  in cities. Nevada is the least densely settled, having but six people to the mile  square. Notwithstanding what may,., be  said, there are more males in the United  .States than there are females, the comparison being 102 to 100. In the east  females predominate, but in the west the  males greatly predominate. Families are  decreasing in size. Forty years ago the  average was 5.55 children to the family,  now the average is -1.9.3. The eastern  states average -1.31, while Texas goes as  high as 5.<M.  A fat man, pain-racked and weary looking, with the index finger of his left hand  bandaged until it resembled a short  handled bass drum stick, entered the  smoker as the train pulled out of Narra-  gansett. Pier the other day. Holding the  maimed finger aloft, as if in warning to  his fellow men, the fat traveler sat and  silently condoled with himself.  While he alternately siglied anil felt  tenderly of the bundle of linen in came a  lean, cadaverous man, who seated himself  directly opposite the fat citizen and in  the same set of seats. The index finger  on the newcomer's left hand was also  bandaged. With a drawn and sleepless  look on his sallow face the lean man  pulled out a bottle of lotion with which  he liberally baptized the injury. The fat  man forgot his own aches for the moment  while watching, the movements of the  stranger. A ripple of interest also pervaded the rest of the passengers.  "What's the matter with your finger?"  the narrow-guage man asked in sympathetic accents, as he slid the bottle of  liniment back into his coat pocket.  "Cut the end of it off."  .    "How?"  .  "Cleaning my bicycle. I snipped the  end clean off at the first joint."  And the fat man emitted a three-ply  groan.  "Mine's   off,   too,"   ventured  the   thin  man, who showed  a desire to be sociable  from a mutilated point of view.  ' "How did yours happen?"  L "Opened some wine the other night and  the bottle busted.    Going up to Boston,  ���where I live, for treatment."  , "I got hurt at Hull myself," the fat man  said, warming up geographically.  Then they fell to bemoaning their hard  luck and peering into the future with  dim. foreboding eyes. While the victims  of wine and wheel thus talked the'door  leading iu from the baggage compartment  opened and there entered a dilapidated  colored man with a guitar slung to his  neck. His right aim was gone at the elbow, but he wore a slender pine stick  about eighteen inches long lashed to the  stump with a leather shoe string. Sitting  down across the aisle from the two  maimed passengers and beaming with  joyous good nature, the darky struck up  '"Then You'll Remember Me," thumping  out a weird accompaniment, by beating  the guitar strings with his jury arm.  The white cripples glared in astonishment at the unconscious minstrel, but  only for a moment. Then the fat man  laughed out loud and a reluctant grin  crept over the face of the thin chap. The  passengers roared, and even the austere  conductor of the Narragansett jerk-water  air line permitted himself to smile.  "The coon's worse off than we are," the  fat man said.  "Sure," replied his sore-fingered contemporary.  "I'll remember him if you will."  "Sure," the thin man said again.  And when the minstrel passed his hat  at the conclusion of the concert he declared the biggest dividend of any trip  this season.  Some Pacts About the United States.  "The Material Conditions and Growth  of the United States" was the title of a  paper prepared by Henry Gannett, and  read by general Greeley, brother of the  famous editor. Horace Greeley, before the  British Association at Toronto. The address was illustrated, and after every  paragraph new pictures were shown,  which  illustrated the growth  of the re-  Kootenay Lumber Co,  A complete stock of Building Lumber of  all   l\inds will   now be   i\ept  at  Nelsoq.  Charles St. Barbe, Agent.  TIMBER INSPECTOR'S OFFICE.  NOTICE.  The sale of tlio Kobson Sawmill Company's! mill, which  was   Lo   have  been  sold on   Monday,  tho 23rd  day of  August,  for non-payment,  of timber royalty has been  postponed till Thursday the 23rd day of .September, 1S97.  It. .1. SICINNEK, Timber Inspector.  Application For Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply to the Board of Licensing Commissioners for the  City of Nelson at their next meeting, for a license to sell  liquor by retail al their hotel on   Lot, 10. liloek 2, Nelson.  FIIKI) RICHARDSON,  HARRY PKIMJUK.  Dated al Nelson, August 21sl, IS!)".  Notice of Application for Liquor License.  , Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply  to the board of license commissioners of ihe corporation  of the City of Nelson, for a license to sell liquor by retail  at bis hotel, known as the Lake View, situate on lot 13  and 11, block 117. Nelson. B. C. ��� ���  FRANK J. DONLJCY.  Dated at Nelson. August 12th. IS97. | August 11th]  CORPORATION  OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  jBsr-T-,^rw nsro. 17.  A by-law to provide for the weight and sale of bread.  The municipal council of the Corporation of ihe City  of Nelson cnacls as follows:  1. That all bread sold or offered for sale within the  Cir.y'of Nelson, each loaf shall be of the full weight of  one pound, and no loaf of bread shall be sold under  that weight.  2. The term "bread" shall mean and include not  only ordinary white bread, but. all fancy bread in which  yeast is used; provided, always, that for bread made  twenty-four hours and over, one ounce light weighlshnll  be allowed  for each  loaf weighing  one pound.  .'{. Nothing in Ihe last preceding section contained  shall be construed or extended to prevent bakersor other  persons fiom selling'bi.sciuts, buns, rolls, crackers, muffins, or other fancy cakes commonly made in the.trade.  ���I. The chief of police shall from time to lime (and at  least once in every sixty days, and after reporting to the  city council) examine the bakers'shops and carls, shall  confiscate all loaves which may he found of light weight,  and shall dispose of the same under the direction of the  mayor, and he shall advertise iu any .newspaper published iii the city the name or names of any person or  persons so olfonding. ���  '  ;">. Any person convicted of a breach of any of the provisions of this by-law before the police magistrate, or  any two justices of tho peace having jurisdiction within  the city of Nelson, shall forfeit and pay for each offence  such sum not exceeding one hundred dollars (��100.00) and  costs, together with the costs of the prosecution, as to  the police magistrate or other convicting justices shall  seem right, and in default of payment, of the said penalty  and costs, or penalty or costs only, the said penalty and  costs, or penalty or costs only may be levied bv distress  and sale of the goods and chattels of the oM'ender or  offenders: and in case of there being no distress found  out. of which the said penalty"anil costs, or penalty or  costs only, can be levied, the police magistrate, or other  convicting justices of the peace, may, under his blind  and seal, issue a warrant committing such offender or  offenders lo the common gaol or any lock-up house  within the limits of the city for any period not exceeding two months, with or without hard labor, unless the  said penalty and costs or penalty or costs, bo sooner, paid.  (!. This by-law may be cited for all purposes as the  "Weight of Dread By-law, No. 17, 1S97.  Read first, second, and third times August. Kith. 1S!)7.  Reconsidered and finally adopted and passed the 18th  day of August. A. D. 1897.  [skai..J JOHN HOUSTON, Mayor.  Charles K. Sealey', City Clerk.  NOTICE.  The above is a true copy of a by-law passed by the  municipal council of the corporation of the City of Nelson, on the 18th day of August, A. D. 1897, and all persons  are hereby required to take notice that anyone desirous  of applying to have said by-law or any part thereof,  quashed, must make hi< application for that purpose to  the supreme court within one month next after the  publication of this by-law iu the British Columbia Gazette, or he will be too late to be heard in that behalf.  CIIARLKS K. SEALEY, City Clerk.  CORPORATION OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  B"5r-:r_,.A.-w- nsro. l-t.  Whereas if is desirable and necessary to license and  regulate plumbers in the City of Nelson, and to  provide for the appointment of a plumbing inspector,  and to provide for the effective plumbing, sewerage  and draining of buildings.  Therefore bo it enacted by the municipal council of the  Corporation of the City of Nelson as follows:  1. Tho municipal council shall, from time to time, a-  occasion may require, appoint such inspector or  inspectors of plumbing, hereinafter called plumbing  inspectors, as maybe found necessary; but no person  shall be eligible lor such appointment who shall not have  passed a satisfactory examination for proficiency in both  practice and theory of plumbing and drainage before the  board of examiners as hereinafter provided.  2. Such inspector or inspectors sliall be under the  supervision of the mayor, and shall be paid such salary  as the municipal council may determine.  li. A board of plumbing examiners is hereby constituted, lo consist ott he city engineer for the time being,  who shall be chairman of the hoard, one practising  physician, and one practical journeyman plumber, both  of whom shall bo appointed by the municipal council;  and the board shall be called together at such times as  the chairman shall find necessary.  t. In casoany dispute arises under tin's by-law, as to  whether any person or persons employed by'any master  plumber is a regularly oducate'd, practical and  experienced plumber, as ill this by-law is provided, the  plumbing inspector may notify the said workman In  appear and be examined before such board of examiners,  whose decision as to the competency of such man shall  be final and co.uclu.sivc.  'i. The said board of examiners shall examino and  may grant certificates of competency to any plumber  who may apply for that purpose, and such certificate  shall be recorded iu the ofllcc of flic city clerk, the  person receiving the same paying a fee of one dollar  therefor, and such plumber shall ben registered plumber  of the city.  (i. Upon and immediately after the passage of this  by-law. and in every ensuing year.on or before the .first  day of .Inly, any person desiring to carry on business or  trade as a'master plumber within the City of Nelson,  shall fake out a. license, for which he shall pay al, the  time of tho issuing thereof the sum of twonly-flvedolhirs.  except US; hereinbefore provided, and any" person may  take out a license under the provisions of this by-law oil  behalf of a partnership, firm, or company of which he  may be a member.  7.    N'o person shall receive a license unless lie is of the  full age of twenty-one years, and has a place within the  City of Nelson, and furnishes a bond binding himself to  the amount of ��50(1.00, with at, least two sureties in the  sum of $2;>0.09 each, to the satisfaction of the municipal  council, or a bond lo the same amount, from a guarantee  company, and thai he will employ only registered  plumbers who have received and hold a cerlilieale of  competency from the board of examiners to do all such  plumbing work as he may engage to do, and whether he  is a practical plumber himself or not, will not permit or  allow any such work to be done by himself or in conned ion with the business except by such registered  plumbers, and that he will not violate any of-the terms  and conditions, rules and regulations contained in this  by-law, or in any other by-law which shall come into force  from time to time in the City of Nelson respecting  plumbing, drainage, sanitary matters and water works  within the said city.  ' S. Kvery person1 desiring such license shall file with  the city collector a petition in writing of t he same giving  name of tho applicant, and' in case of a partnership, the  name of each member thereof, together with the place  of business, and asking to become a licensed master  plumber, and said petition shall be accompanied by the  bond and fee hereinbefore mentioned.  !l. Any change of firm or location of the business shall  he promptly reported to the city collector, and tho  license shall be kept, in a conspicuous place at the  location of the business. '  10. When, any member of ii partnership or company  is licensed individually for the partnership or company,  Lbe license may be issued iu the name of tho firm, copartnership or company, the said license setting ouL (lie  names of the members of the firm, co-partnership or  directors of the company, and the date the license was  granted, and no license so granted shall be transferable  except wifh the permission of flic municipal council.  11. All licensed master plumbers shall be held responsible for all acts'of their employees iu connection  willi their business for which such bonded license is  issued.  12. Evory'such bond and license shall be for the year  current at the-time of the granting thereof, and shall  expire on the lath day of July next succeeding the date  ofiissue.        . *  13. Upon satisfactory evidence furnished to tho  collector that any master plumber has been twice convicted by the police magistrate, or two justices of the  peace having jurisdiction within the limilsof the City of  Nelson, of any violation of the provisions of this by-law,  or any of the by-laws respecting plumbing, drainage,  sanitary matters or water works, his license shall bo,  ipse facto, forfeited and returned to the collector.  11. Any master plumber whose bonds and license may  become forfeited shall not again be entitled to a license  until the said, declaration of forfeiture shall be revoked  by the municipal council, and if such master plumber is  carrying on his business in co-partnership, or as a  member ofu company, the co-partnership or company  shall not, carry on the business of plumbing from the  date of such cancellation.  15. Before proceeding to construct, re-c instruct, alter  or change any part, of Ihe plumbing, drainage or  ventilation of an hotel, tenement, warehouse, wash  house, or other building, the owner, his agent or the  master plumber constructing the same, shah file in the.  ollicc of the cily clerk an application for a permit  therefor, and such application shall be accompanied  with a specification or abstract thereof, in a blank form  prescribed and supplied for that purpose, by the city  clerk, stating the nature and work to be done, and  giving the size, kinds and weights of all pipes, traps and  fittings, together with a description of all closets and  other lixturcs, and a. plan with the street and street  number marked thereon, and showing the drainage  system complete. Plans must be legibly drawn in ink on  a scale of eight feet to an inch.  lti. A permit shall be granted or refused within two  days from the time of filing of the application, and the  permit of the plumbing inspector (if granted) shall be  valid for six months from the date of issue.  17. If the plumbing inspector shall find that the said  plans and specifications do not conform with the rules  and requirements laid down in respect to plumbing and  drainage in tho by-laws of the City of Nelson, ho shall  not issue any permit, for such plumbing and drainage,  and it sliall be unlawful lo proceed therewith.  IS. After a plan or specification lias once been  approved no alteration or deviation from the same will  be allowed except, with the written consent of the  plumbing inspector.  19. From and after the passing of this by-law every  owner, or agent of an owner, of any building doing or  causing to be done any plumbing in such building shall,  on the same being passed by the plumbing inspector, be  granted a certificate that said plumbing has been done  in accordance with the city by-laws, and on being  requested to do so shall deliver such certificate to any  person proposing to piirchuseor occupy such building.  20. No part of any plumbing or drainage work shall  be concealed or covered up in any way until it has been  examined and approved by the plumbing inspector, to  whom notice must he sent when the work is sufficiently  advanced to be inspected, unless in (he case of drainage  below the surface of the ground, which the inspector  has failed to inspect within the five working hours  ensuing after being notified, then the ground may be  filled in, in case of an emergency affecting the public  safety.  21. All material must be of good quality and free from  defects, and the work must be executed in a thorough  and workmanlike manner.  22. The arrangement of soil and waste pipe must bo as  direct, as possible.  23. The soil, waste and ventilating pipes and traps  must, where practicable, be exposed to view for ready  inspection at all times and for convenience in repairing.  When necessarily placed within partitions, or in  recesses of-walls, soil, waste and ventilating pipes must  be covered with woodwork so fastened as lo be'readily  removed. In no case sliall Ithey be so placed as.to be  absolutely inaccessible, unless under written permission from the plumbing inspector.      -  21. When the ground isj made or unsound the house  sewer shall be of medium or extra heavy cast iron or  brass pipe, with joints properly caulked with lead.  25. In sound ground, provided it is outside of the  building, hard salt, glazed, vitrified pipe maybe used;  each length shall be wetted before being laid and the  space completely.filled with cement mortar, made in the  proportion of two of good, clean 'sharp sand and one of  the best Portland cement, except in wet ground, when a  gascet shall be placed around the spigot and forced  down to the bottom of the socket and finished in mortar  cement, as described above. Kach pipe must be cleaned  out with a mop after being laid. -The different lengths  must belaid in perfect line of the bottom and sides. All  coiineetions'must bo through "Y" junctions.  2(1. Any soil pipe passing through a building, or  beneath Ihe fioor of a cellar or basement, shall be or cast  iron or brass as in section 21 hereof, and shall extend to  at least five feet outside the building and no''wall shall  be built leaning solidly upon the same.  .27. Where it is found impracticable to carry the main  ventilating pipe above (he .surrounding' openings or  adjoining buildings within the prescribed distance of  forty feet, as in section 32, permission may be granted by  the plumbing inspector to insert a running trap between  the house and the sewer in a position to be approved by  the plumbing inspector, sucli running trap to have a  cleaning cap made gas and air fight, brought up to the  surface of the ground, and taken oil" the outer or inner  side of such running trap. A fresh air inlet shall be  brought up to the surface of the ground from the inlet or  house side of such running trap, and be provided with a  cast iron grating set in Portland cement, and be kept  free from dirt and deposit. In all cases where such intercepting traji is used, the main ventilating pipe must  open at least ten feet from any opening or window.  28. No exhaust from steam engines, or blow oil'from  steam boilers, or overflow from water motors, shall be  connected with either private or public sowers.  29. Kvery vertical soil pipe shall be of east iron or  brass, and shall extend asufiicient height above window,  roof or coping, or light shaft, to the satisfaction of the  plumbing inspector.  30. No rain water, down pipe, or chimney fine shall  be used as a ventilator for anj' sower, trap, soil or waste  pipe, or as any soil or waste pipe.  31. Each building shall be provided with a main  ventilating pipe of cast iron or wrought iron pine,  galvanized, of not less diameter than four inches, which  shall be carried at least two feet above the highest  window, opening or light shaft, and to the satisfaction of  the plumbing inspector.  .'12. Soil or main ventilating pipes in tin extension  must be carried lo and above the roof of the main  building, when otherwise they would open within forty  feel of any openings of the main or adjoining houses,  unless as provided in sect ion 27.  ,'t:). No soil pipe shall he less than four inches in  diameter.   A waster pipe receiving  the discharge of live  or   more   sinks   shall'..not lie less  than  three mcl  diameter and shall have two inch branches.  31. When lead pipe is used to connect fixtures with  vertical soil'or waste pipes, or to connect traps with  main ventilators, it sliall not be lighter than :  1 inch in diameter, li pounds per yard.  11 inch in diameter. ;V| pounds per yard.  I{ inch in diameter,   (J  pounds per yard.  2 inch in diameter, 8 pounds per yard.  I inch'in diameter, 15 pounds per yard.  2.J inch iu diameter, 13J pounds per yard.  3 inch in diameter. lift pounds per yard.  I   inch iu diameter, 21   pounds per yard.  Trap vent pipes shall be of brass, lead, castor galvanized  wrought iron. All traps and fittings sliall he equal iu  quality and thickness to the pipes to which they are  attached.  35. All cast iron pipes must, be of the best clean grey  metal, free from sand cracks, honey comb, poms places,  air holes or other defects, and of the grade known as  medium used below nil fixtures, and for ventilating  pipes the grade known as ".Standard" of the heaviest  quality. In buildings over three stories in height the  three lower stories must be fitted with the grade known  as extra heavy.   The following will be accepted :  Standards 2   iu.3   in. I   in.   5 in.   I! in.  Below fixtures (pounds). I   iu. (!J in. 9  in. 17 in. 20 in.  Above flxturcslpoundsl. I   in. f>" in. lij iu.  K-xt.ra heavy (pounds)..,5A in. 9} in. 13 In. 17 in. 20 in.  All  llttiugs  used  in connection   with such  pipes  shall  correspond in weight, and quality.    All such pipes to he  coated inside and out, with far and asphnll.um.  3(i. Before being accepted all plumbing work shall be  tested by water or other lest approved by and made in  tho presence of the plumbing inspector. All defective  material shall be removed and replaced, and had workmanship made good.  37. All joints iu iron or bra��s sewer pipe, soil pipe,  waste pipe and ventilators shall he made with a gasket,  of oakum, and lead hand caulked, and be perfectly gas  lighl.  ' 3S. All connections of,lead with iron or brass pipe  shall be made with a brass ferrule of the same diameter  of the lead pipe put in hub of the iron pipe and caulked  with lend: The ferrule sliall be connected with the lead  pipe wiih a wiped joint.    Vent and flush pipes of water  closets shall i,i niiectod with brass couplings or strong  rubber c muccli .u- under the discretion of the plumbing  inspector. ^  39. All connections of lead, waste and vent pipes shall  he made with wiped joints. i  10. All water closets, urinals, sinks, basins, wasli trays,  hatha and all tubs or sets of tubs, and hydrant waste  pipes shall be separated and effectually trapped,"exccpl  when a sink and wash tubs immediately adjoin each  other, in which ease the waste pipe from the tubs may  be connected with the inlet side of the sink trap. Urinal  platforms, if connected with the sewers, must also be  properly trapped, vented and automatically Hushed  with water from asupply lank.  11. Traps shall be. placed as near the fixtures as  practicable, and iu no case shall a trap be more than two  feel, from the fixiure. All traps musthave a cleaning out  screw on the underside.  12. All waste pipes from fixtures other limn water  closets sliall be provided at tho outlet with strong metal  strainers, and all sinks and wash tubs shall be provided  with approved grease traps.  13. The waste pipes from no other fixtures .shall be  connected with a water closet trap.  II. All traps shall be protected from syphonnge by a  ventilating pipe leading from the highest anil outer  portion of the trap, either separating or joining the  main ventilating pipe, above the highest fixture, except  in such particular cases, that in the discretion of the  plumbing inspector the vent pipe may be dispensed with  upon proof of non-syphonngc.  15. For traps in water closets the branch ventilating  ��� pipe shall not be less than two inches in diameter, ami  not less than t hrce inches for buildings of three stories or  more in height. Where a bath or basin, or both, are in  the same room with'a water closet, the vents for same  inayjoin the closet vent, above the fixture. In no ease  shall more than two water do>ets communicate with the  same ventilating pipe unless it is over two inches in  diameter.  10. Overflow pipes must discharge into the open air,  where possible, with a. flap on (he end lo keep out  draught, otherwise they must in every case be connected  with the waste pipe on tlicinlccside of the trap.  17. Every safe under a wash basin, bath, uritiul. water  closet or other fixtures, shall be drained by a special pipe  unconnected with a sewer, waste or soil pipe, discharging  into the open air. Tho outlets of such pipes are to be  provided with dap'valves.  ��� 18.   No drain pipes from refrigerators shall be directly  connected with any soil pipe, waster or sewer.  19. Water closetsshall not be placed in an tin ventilated  room or compartment. In every case there shall be an  opening to the outer air. All water closets shall be  supplied with water from special tanks, and the water  from those shall not be used for any other purpose. No  water closetsshall be directly supplied from the water,  mains or service pipes. Water closet cisterns shall be'  fitted wifh bail taps, etc., to prevent waste.        i  50. Where the trap of the closet is above the fioor. the  connection with llic soil pipe shall he made with brass,  rubber or approved door flanges.  51. Overllow or discharge pipes from tanks for  drinking water shall never be connected with any soil,  vent, waste pipe orsewer.  52. No closet or any other convenience which allows  the escape into the house of air or gas which has been  confined in any part, of it. or from the drain or soil pipe,  or which allows the accumulation of filth iu or about, it,  siiail  be fitted  up or used.  53. No person other than a" licensed plumber or pipe  layer, acting under the supervision of the inspector,  shall be permitted to make any connection wifh a public  sewer.  51. All openings for private sewers must he so made  as to cause as little inconvenience as possible to the  public; on completion the surface to lie ieft in as good  order as it, was before the opening was made, and all  materials, loose earth and rubbish to be removed within  twenty-four hours ; all such openings to be fenced by day  and lighted by night in such a manner as may be  approved by the inspector.  55. No house sewer pipe to have a less fall that one in  forty, unless special permission, in writing, is grunted  by the inspector.  5li. No private sewer in actual use shall be disturbed  unless under the special direction of the plumbing  inspect or.  57. All water pipes must be protected from injury or  settling.  5S. The plumbing inspector shall have power to enter  upon any premises and examine the plumbing, ventilation and drains, and should the same, in hisopiniou, be in  an unsanitary condition, may notify the owner or his  agents to have I he same put in a sanitary condition, and  any per.-on neglecling lo do so forthwith, to the suti.s-  faction of the pluinbiug inspector, shall be liable to tho  penaltiesof this by-law.  59. The plumbing inspector is also authorized to  receive and place on file drawings and descriptions of  the plumbing and drainage executed in the City of  Nel.-on prior lo the passage of this by-law. anil examine  and give a cerlilieale if in accordance with the provisions of this by-law.  (io. Any person guilty of any infraction of any of the  provi.M'ons of Ibis b,\-Inw shall be liable, upon  conviction before the police magistrate or any two  justices of the pence havingjurisdictioii within the limits  of the City of Nelson, lo he lined in any sum not  exceeding one hundred dollars, inclusive of costs, and in  case of the non-payment of the line and costs the same  may be levied by distress and sale of. the offender's goods  and chattels, and incase of the non-payment of the tine,  and there being no distress found out'of which the sum  can he levied, such ollender shall be liable to be imprisoned for any period not exceeding two months.  til.- This by-law may be cited for all purposes as the  "Plumbing By-law. No. II. 1897."  Notice of Application to Purchase Land  Notice is herebj'.-givon that, sixty days after date I  the undersigned, purpose applying lo the chief commissioner of lands and works for permission to purchase the  following described lands.  Spokane Falls & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red Mountain Railways.  Th.e only all rail rou-te'without change of cars  between Nelson an.d Rossland, and  Spokane ar|d Rosslarkd. ���  IIK.SCHII'TIO.V.  Commencing at. a post, placed on the east shore nf Upper'Arrow lake near the narrows, marked "J.'D.'s N. \v.  corner, thence following coast line south HO chains, thence  SO chains cast, thence SO chains north, thence SO chains  west lo point of commencement, .containing (HO acres  more or less. , JOHN O   HKVLIN.  :. Dated Nakusp. B. C, June 21th. 1897.        (August llth]  Notice of'Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given.that I, Charles Heath, intend to  apply at the expiration of sixty days from the date hereof, to the commissioner of lands and works for permission to purchase 1110 acres of unreserved, unoccupied and  uiisurvoyed crown land, situated near the confluence of  Meadow crock and Goat river, in the Goat river mining  division of West Ivootenay, British Columbia.  ��� CHARLES HEATH.  Dated this 12th day of July, 1S97.  DKSCHIl'TIOK.  Commencing at initial post marked "Charles Heath's  N. W. Corner," thence due south 10 chains,,thence 'due  east 10 chains, thence due north 10 chains, thence due  west 10 chains to point of commencement, containing 100  acres more or less.  Notice  of Application   to   Purchase  Land.  Notice is hereby given that I. Robert K. Lemon, intend  to apply at the expiration of sixty days from the dale  hereof, to the commissioner of. lands mid works, for permission to purchase OKI acres of unreserved, unoccupied,  and unsurveyed crown lands, situated on the central  fork of Goat River, about four miles easterly of the  Storm ICing mineral claim, in Goaf River mining division  of West Koolenav, British Columbia.  K.  K. bfJMON.  Dated August 21th, IS97. |Augus> 2Slh|  PESCHIITIOy.  Commencing al. an initial post marked "Robert K.  Lemon's S. K. corner post." thence north 100 chains,  thence west Kin chains, thenee south HHi chains, thence  east, Hill chains tu point, of commencement, containing 010  ai-rcs mure or less.  Notice of Application  for Crown Grant.  'fake notice that   A.  S.   Karwell,  .lo-eph It. Ilofllin, has tiled t he ncee:  acting as agent for  nry papersand made  applieal ion for a crown grant in favor of the mineral  ehiim "Skookuni." situated in the Ainswort h mining division of West Kootenay. Adverse, claimant.-, if any.  must Ilk-their objections with me within 00 days from  Ihe dati- of I lie Mr.-I. publication of t his not ice in the British Columbia Gazette.  W. .L'GO.KPKL. Government. Agent.  Dated at Nelson, August 3rd. IS97. lAngust 7lh|  Notice of Application  for Crown Grant.  'fake notice that I. A. S. Karwell. acting n< agent for  .1. II. Young and John B. Daly, hnye tiled the necessary,  papers and made application for a crown grant, in favor  of the mineral claim " I'nioii Jack." shunted on Toad  mountain, in the Nel.-on mining division of West Kootenay district. Adverse claimants, 'if any, iiiu-l tile their  objections with me within 00days from the date of the  first, publication of this notice in,the British Columbia  Gazelle. W. J. GOFI'F.L. Government Agent.  Dated al Nelson. B. ('.. August, 21th. KS97.      I Aug. 2Xth|  NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING^  'fhe general annua] meeting of the shareholder.- of Ihe  Nelson Kleetric Light Company. Limited, will held in the  company's office in Nelson. British Columbia, on Monday. September lit h. 1X97. at 2 o'clock p. in., to receive the  report of the officer- for the past year, to elect directors  for the ensuing year, and for all other general purposes  re la Sing to Ihe management of Ihe company's affairs.  '     J.  II. ^lATIIKHON. Secretary.  Nelson. I!. ('., Angu-t tith, IS97.  Application  for Liquor License.  I hereby give not ice thai. 'Ml days after date I intend to  apply lo the Board of Licensing ('omniissioners of the  City of Nelson, for a license to sell liipior by retail at  inv saloon, situate on lot   7. block 9. Nelson.  s. j. .Minimin.  Dated at Nelson. It. ('.. August If".th, 1*97.  Leave  9:10 a. m..  11.00 a. m  8:00 a. m..  DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS.   NELSON    ROSSLAND    SPOKANE   Arrive   5:lo p, m.  ....3:40 p. rn.  ....0:10 p.m.  Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek'('���oii-  ict at Jlarcus with stage daily. <  necf  Notice .  of  Application     tor  Improvements.  Certificate   of  "TIIK KID      -MINKHAI.   CLAIM.   SITH.Vri?    IX   TUB XKLHO.V '  .MINIMI   UIVI.SIO.V  OF   WICST  KOOTK.VA V  DISTHtCT.  A.VI>  I.OCATKI)    AIIOLJT     KIlillT   .VI Lies'   l'l'    KAST     SII)K   OK  icokaxi-:i-: cukkk.  Take notice that I, Charles A. Slous*. of ICa-Io, U. C.  acting as agent for C. Sherbart of Nelson, U. C, free  miner's certificate No. 82,210, intend sixty days from the  dale hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a,  crown grant, of Ihe above claim. And further dike  notice that action, under section ,'17, must be commenced  before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  CHAHLKS A. STOKSK.  Dated this 11th day of June, 1S97. |.Iulv:trd]  Notice   ,of  Application      for  Improvements.  Certificate   of  l.'OMATTK I'ltACTIOX MI.VKKAL ULAI.M, SITUATK JX TUB  NKLSON MINIMI DIVISION OI" WK.ST KOOTKXAV DIS-  THICT, AND LOUATICIJ AT IIKAHWATKKS Of KDIfAXKK  CKKlik", AM) IIOUXPKI) OX XOIITII IIV ASI'KX AXI) OX  SOUTH   11V  "TIIK  KID" MIXI-IKAL   CLAIMS.  Take notice that I, Charles A. Stoess of ICaslo, li. exacting as agent for C. Sherbart of Nelson, B.C.,'free  miner's certificate Ny. 82,210, intend sixtv days from the-  date hereof, to apply lo the mining recorder for  a certificate of improvements, for the purjxHi; of obtaining a crown grant of lbe above claim. And further take  notice that, action, under section"17, must be commenced  before the issuance of such certificate of improvements..  ,   , CHAItLKS A.'STOKSS.  Dated this I tth day of June, 1S97. [July 3rd]  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  of  Improvements.  LA 1'LAT.V KHACTIOX MIX13IIAL CLAIM, SITUATE IX THK  MCLSOX MINING DIVISION OK WEST KOOTENAY DISTRICT, AND I.OCATKI) OX KOICAXKE CHHKIC. ,AND IS  IIOCXDIiD OX XOllTII HY l-'LOUKNCK AXI) ON SOUTH MY  MOLLY (MliSOX  MIXKIIAL CLAIMS.     '  Take notice that L Charles A. Stoess of ICnslo. H. 0.,  acting ns agent for C. Sherbart of Nelson, I). C. free  miner's certificate No. 82.3IU, intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grantof the above claim. "And further lake notice  that action, under section 37. must be commenced before  the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  CHAIfLKS A. STOESS.  Dated, this II 111 day of June, 1897. [July 3rd J  Notice   of   Application   tor   Certificate   of  Improvements.  THK KI.OIIHXCI-: MIXKIIAL CLAIM. SITUATK IN TIIK NELSON MINING DIVISION OK WEST KOOTKNAY DISTItlCT,  AND LOCATED ON THE KAST SLOI'K AND AIIOUT ONK  AND A 1IAI.K MILES SOUTH KHO.M HEAD OK KOKANKE  CIIKKK.  Take notice that I, Charles A. SLoe��s. acting as agent  for It. W. Wilier of Nelson, IS. (:.. free minor's certificate  No. (>7 8S7, intend sixtydnys from the date hereof, to apply  to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above'  claim. And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvement.1-'.  CIIARLKS A. STOKSS.  Dated, this 1 lib day of June. 1S97. [July 3rd]  Notice     of  Application      for  Improvements.  Certificate   of  KLOIIKXCE KHACTION MINEltAL CLAIM. SITUATK l!�� THE  NEI.KOX .MINING DIVISION OF WEST KOOTKNAY OIS-  THICT, AND LOCATED ON K'OKANEE CHEEK, AND IS  HOUNDED ON NOKTII IIY ACHILLES TWO HUXDHKI)  AND OX SOUTH   IIV  KLOIIKNCE  MI.VKKAL CI.AIMn.  Take notice that I, Charles A. Stoess of ICii-do, U. C.  acting as agent for C. Sherbart. nf Nelson, 11. C. free  miner's certificate No. S2.210. and l\ W Georguof Nelson,  H. C, free miner's certificate No. 79.1175, intend sixty days  from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for  a certificate of improvements, for the purpose ofiobtain-  ing a crown grant of the above claiiiL And further take  notice that, action, under section 37, must be commenced  before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  CHAULKS A. STOESS.  Dated this Mith' day of J.uno, 1S07. [July 3rd]  Notice  of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  ACHILLES TWO    IIUNDHKII   MIXKIIAL CLAIM. SITUATK IN  TUB NELSON   MINING   DIVISION    OK    WEST   KOOTKNAY  ; DISTHICT,   AND   I.OCATKD   EIGHT  MILES   Ul' EAST KIIlK  OK    KOIvAXEK    CHKKK   .AND     JOINS  'NORTH    EXD   OK  KLOHENCK  MIXKIIAL CLAIM.  Take notice that I. Charles A. Stoess of Kaslo. Ii. C.  acting as agent for C. Sherbart of. Nelson H. C free  miner's certificate No. 82.210. intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown .grant of the above claim. And 'further take  notice that, action, under section 37, must be commenced  before theissuance of such certificate ofimprovcmeiits.  CHARLES A. STOKSS.  Dated this 1-lth day of June, IS07. : [July 3rd|  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  GOLDEN KAGLK MINEIIAL CLAIM. SITUATK IN TIIK NELSON  .MINING DIVISION-OK WEST KOOTKNAY ��� DISTRICT. AND  I.OCATKD NKAH THE  HEAD OK  SANDY   CUEKIC.  Take notice, that I. A. S. Karwell, agent for Alfred C.  Kliinierfelt, free miner's certificate No. 88,939. intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the-mining  recorder.for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further take notice that action, under section 37. must he  commenced before the issuance of,such certificate of improvements. A. S.  KARWELL.  Dated this 2nd day of July, li-97. (July 1(11 111  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  (.'((OH ENOUGH MINERAL CLAIM, SITUATE IN TIIK NELSON  MIXING DINISION OK WEST KOOTENAY DISTRICT, SITUATE ON TOAD  MOUNTAIN.  Take notice that I, Krank Fletcher, acting us agent for  George II. Andrews, free miner's certificate No. 08.29,').  intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to lhe  mining recorder for a certificate of improvement's, for  the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claim. And further lake notice that action, under section 37, must, he commenced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvements.        KIIANIC KLKTCHKI;.  Dated this 13!h day of July. 1897. (July 17th|  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  improvements.  IVANIICIK  MIXKIIAL CLAIM. SITUATE   IX  TIIK   AINSWORTII  .MINING   DIVISION  (IK   WEST KOOTKNAY   DISTHICT.   AND  LOCATED AIIOI'T   TIIUKK-IJUAIITKKS UK  A   MILE SOUTH  OK TIIK TOWN  (IK AINSWORTII.  Take notice that I, A. S. Karwell.  acting as agent   for  .Maxwell Stevenson, free miner's certificate No. 7ti.I07>. intend sixty day- from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a  certificate  of  improvements, for  the  purpose of obtaining a crown  grant   of the above claim)  And   further lake notice that  action, under section 37,  must be commenced before the issuance of such eorllfinite  nf improvements. A. S.  KARWELL.  I lilted this 3rd day of August. 1897. [August 7lh|  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements..  ORO KINO. DEXTER. AND DEXTKR KHACTION MINERAL  CLAIMS, SITUATK IX TIIK NKLSON .MIXING DIVISION OK  WKST KOOTKNAY DISTRICT'. AND LOCATED AIIOUT KIVK  MILES WEST OKTIIE TOWN OI-' NKI.SOX. ���       ���  Take uolice that I. A. S. Karwell, acting as agent for  Alfred C. Klnincrfclt. free miner's certificate No. S8,93!l.  intend sixty days from the dan: hereof, to apply to the  mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, fortius  purpose of obtaining crown grants of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under section 37.  must be commenced before the issuance of such certificates of improvements. A. S.1 KAllWKLL.  Dated this21sf dav of August, 1897. |August 28th|  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  IIOI.US MINERAL CLAIM, SITUATK IN THE NELSON MININII  DIVISION OK WKST KOOTENAY DISTRICT. ASP I.OCATKI)  ON THE NORTH KORK OK THK .-.AI..YION RIVER. Allot T  KOUI! MILKS KHO.M TIIK. NELSON AND H'ORT Sll EI'I'A |{|>  RAILWAY.  'fake notice that I. N. F. Towni-cnd. acting as agent  for L. K. Keller, free miner's certificate No. fc'i..VS7. intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for a cerlilieale "f improvements, for Hie purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further take notice that action, under section 37. must- be  commenced before the i-siinncc of such certitlcnle of improvements. N- 1". TOU'NSKM  Dated this 211th day of August. 1SH7. lAugust 2>th|  *-.  ��� ���*''-  "��� si  ���r���rf n'i'i-��i|HFT��� /-lvi4;l.:��"��;��t'"jWT"-',i/"."'i\ ii'i.V'W.i ���rr.*,:lT.*'��" *t '������ ��� ,>���' v> -x-   ���{.< ' "i.1' ���i<f.'Jrr**tm?v*vi i1.1'11 ���JTinir��"|c��� 'T~P'T"- *���"��������>�� lM'H'"-l^'.'l-m .'"I *i t ' JM'HS.'ii'" ' ft '' {"rTn.'i. > :",.,.'. l|.y ,- y. 'f v1' n),..,1!!  in-jri. ������(-v ���vx\,-,v ������.. ��� r-v thvJiH   "jF     *���>������'���-,\?-i   .'. i-f-', <}:���    ���"  iYufii,   ��"W1- * "'��"/." '���. "]|Tl  ���'..".-.'"���i ������"V.'   .���""���^fi'"Ti<"-;/���^f'lk lit  THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER  ,S97.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  An Ottawa dispatch .-states- that justice  McColl,' of the supiviuL* court, has been  authorized to euqiiin; into certain coin-  plaints which havu been made against  the adiuinisti-aciou of judge Spiuks of the  county court.  Napoleon lyit/.sfcubbs will be gazetted  as warden of-the provincial jail in this  city. Had tha new office been regarded  witli favor by Fit/.-itubbs, the recent  chauges in the government, offices in this'  district would have been made some  months ago.  Colonel Baker completed a Hying trip  .through Kootenay this week. Nominally  colonel Baker was traveling in the interests of the depart imnil of education, but  his chief cfincct'ii appeared to be Lo keep up  with vice-president Shaughnessy and the  bunch of Canadian Pacilic officials who  were visiting the different cities throughout the district.  Magistrate Crease on Monday fined  alderman Malnne $10 and costs for violating the lire limits by-law. The complaint  in the case was laid by John II. Matheson,  and he was represented bv counsel.iu i.he  person of \V. Galhlier. The prosecution  easily proved the. erection of a frame  ' -t.rucMirv. which ivfi- occupied bv a barber. Tin* defence endeavored to convince  the court that, the structure was designed  as an addition to the Tremout hotel, and  was to be used as a lavatory, but did not  succeed.' As matters not stand, the building .may be pulled down or removed.  Section \) of the by-law provides that the  owner or occupant of any building erected  contrary to the by-law shall pull dow.u or  remove the same within twenty-four  hours after receiviug notice so to do, failing which, the mayor may cause the same  to be torn down or removed at the owners  expense.  H. R. Cameron lias instituted suit in  the supreme court to quash'the fire limits  by-law passed by the city council. Some  time ago 11. It. Cameron made application  for permission to erect a frame building  on Baker street adjoining the Nelson  hotel in contravention to the by-law. This  permission the council was unable to  grant, and the move to have the by-law  0 Hashed is the result.  Earl P. Stanley, the mining operator,  committed suicide at Whatcom last week.  Stanley was well known iu this city, having made it his headquarters on two or  three occasions. Stanley was injured by  a kick from a horse and it is thought he  suicided on account of such injuries.  The regular meeting of the ladies' hospital aid will'be held on Monday ai'ter-  noon in the Presbyterian church, at 3  o'clock. The ladies of Nelson are cordially  invited to attend.  Twenty-fours hours after Paul Johnsou  ceased to be smelter superintendent the  Hall Mines had trouble with the big copper furnace, which, during Johnsan's sup-  erin tendency, ran smoothly. To avoid the  inconvenience of having the big furnace  freeze up tight, foreman Barrett, under  instructions from the management, blew  it out. It is said that the trouble was  , caused by reason of a shortage of lime  rock for fluxing purposes. The big furnace  will not be used again for the present.  Furnace No. 2 was blown in on Thursday.  W. GalliherandP. K. Wilson have made  arrangements for entering into a  legal  partnership. They will come together on  the fifteenth of the mouth in the Traves  building on the corner of Ward and  Baker streets. c-  II. J. Williams will erect a bungalo,v  adjoining the residence of Dr. LaBau, on  Stanley street, for Mr. Brougham. It will  cost in the neighborhood of $2500.  Thompson 6c Bell secured the contract  for the construction of the wing to the  school Nelson house at $740. The wing  will be 20 by '-id, and will be plastered.  Colonel Baker has undertaken to secure  an addition of $150 to the $1000 granted,  so that a furnace may be put in and a  wash room added. The other builders  who tendered for the job were Macpher-  son & Young, James & Bums, Macdonald  6c Carrie, Leuiay 6c Co., and II. J. Williams. The lowest of these tenders was  $7S5, and the highest $1291.  Paul Johnson, late superintendent of  the Hall Mines smelter, left l'Yiday morning for Salt Lake on his way to New Vork.  A large number of Johnson's friends were  at the Nelson 6c Port Sheppard railway  depot to see him off.  A. E. Hodgins has completed a set of  plans for a government lockup at Trail.  The Trail lockup will be similar to the  government lockup in this city. Lockups  will also be put in at Sandon and Slocan  City.  Messrs. McGregor and Elliott of Kaslo,  have secured the contract for erecting  the government offices at Kaslo. The  building will be of frame and will be used  as tin assessor's and recorder's office. It  will have a fire-proof vault, and will cost  in the neighborhood of $1000. The other  tenderers for the contract were Messrs.  Turner 6c Brydon, Taynton6c Millington,  and F. Gage 6c Company.  The elate for the sale of the government  town lots in this city will be fixed next  week. The sale will take place shortly.  All the lots held by the government within the city limits will be  offered for sale with the exception of  block 40. Charles A. Waterman 6c Co.  will be the auctioneers, and they will announce the terms and conditions of sale  next week.  Samuel Trapp, who has for some time  has been a partner of Jo': u Fletcher in a  small dye .shop in this city, died 'Wednesday night as a result of exposure, drink,  congestion of the lungs and liver complaint. Constable McKinuon noticed  Trapp trying to get into his shack on Hall  street about midnight on Wednesday. As  he had no key and was in a  bad shape, j  Latest American  Styles ii]  Mens Felt Hats  36     BAKBE     STEEET  Special Value in  Irish Linen Damask  and Table Napkins  Dress Goods Dept.  New- Dress Goods in all the  latest mtiUi rials fin-Visiting,  walking or traveling gowns  N'i'w Weaves in I Hack Dress  Goods for mourning or ordinary wear  .Splendid assort inent of Tar-  fan Plaids for ladies blouse  waists and child reus dresses  New Black and Fancy colored  Brocade Silks for evening'  and street wear in all the  latest,  novelties  Ladies Wrappers and Mackintoshes now opened,  House Furnishing Dept.   '     Mens Furnishing Dept.  New' Tapeslrv and   Chenille,'.  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Dr.  Hall performed an autopsy and testified  that the deceased had been suffering from  congestion of the lungs, and that the  liver was twice the normal size. In the  opinion of the doctor, death was due to  these ail nitjnts, coupled with exposure and  liquor. The jury rendered,,a verdict in  accordance with the facts. The deceased  was a brother of F. J. Trapp of New  Westminster.  ���Those whoi-profess to be able to read  the signs of the times predict that there  will be. an early session of the legislature,  and an early dissolution if not a defeat  for- the Turner government. Premier  Turner and attorney general Kbefts are  expected to arrive iu Nelson next. week.  It is also said that Maxwell and Temple-  ron, of Vancouver, will pay Nelson a call  for the purpose of rounding up the grits  for a fight ou party lines. After Maxwell  and Templeton have sounded the electors  of Kootenay they will not be so sweet on  their pet hobby.  The unsettled state of the weather this  afternoon rather interfered with Mrs. J.  II. Robertson's "at home" on Squire's  Point. For this reason Mrs. Robertson  will be pleased to welcome her friends on  Monday afternoon.  Olive Phillips Wolley has induced the  the provincial government to provide  nurses for a temporary hospital at Slocan  City for the care of those down with  typhoid fever. The government pays for  the nurses and $25 per month on the rent  account for the hospital, Slocan City  supplies the patients and makes up any  deficit.  Professor Cooper, the blind phrenologist, will give another lecture, in the fire  hall this evening. Thursday evening's  lecture was well attended and very much  enjoyed. Professor Cooper is on a tour  through the west, and comes to Nelson  highly recommended by Rev. O. J. Fairfield of Spokane.  WAXTHI).��� A Mrs I-class dining room girl at. the Silver  Kini? Hotel.  PIANO   TUNING  Ah-. P. I'nrcell, the export piano tuner, will visit Xelson  on his seini-iiiinunl tour next. week. I'm-lies wishing  their instrninents tuned will please leave orders with  Jacob Dover or Thompson Uros. I>v thelith inst.  W. A. McVEICH, Prop., Nelson  MIXED  THE ONLY  FIRST-CLASS  5    BAR  IN THE CITY  Fine Assortment of  SCOTCH  and   RYE WHISKIES  BRANDIES  CINS, LIQUEURS  WINES and CICARS  The Columbia & Kootenay  Railway & Navigation Go.  IIAVK  Business Lots  On linker jind Vernon  of good  Residential Lots  -I reefs mill plenty  in  tho  }?ovei'niii(!iit   townsiie  Also lots in Kobson  of   N'l-lsnn.  CORPORATION  OF THE CITY OF NELSON  NOTICE FOR TENDERS.  Sealed tenders will be received up to S o'clock p. in. on  Monday, SeptemberGLh, for distributing the pipe for the.  wnlor works system.  All information can he obtained at theofliceof tliceily  clerk.  jNlark lenders "tender for distribution of pipe.  The lowest or any lender not necessarily accepted.  ..   OIIAULIOS E. SKALKY. City Clerk.  CORPORATION  OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  NOTICE   FOR   TENDERS.  Appl.\ to  Frank Fletcher, P.L.S., Agent, Nelson.  Sealed tenders will be received up to S o'clock p. in. on  Monday. .September l:��h. for Hie laying of 1700 feet,, more  or less, of lS-incb iiinin sewer and TOO feet, more or less,  of S-incli lateral sower.  Plans unci specitication-3 can be seen at the ollice of Mir.  city clerk, Kire Hall.  Mark tenders "lender for laying sewer pipe."  'fhe lowest or iinv lender not necessarily accepted.  OIIAULIOS K. SKAJ.KY. C'ily Clerk.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON.  NOTICE FOR TENDERS.  Sealed tenders will be received up to 8 o'clock p. in. on  Monday, September (it li,'for furnishing I7II0 feel 18-inch  sower pipe and :t0nll feel S-incli sewer pipe, with connections. -'  All information can be obtained at llieolliceof the city  clerk. .    ���  Mark tenders "tender for sewer pipe."  The lowest or any tender not nccessarilv accepted.  OIIAKLKS K. SKALKY, City Clerk.  NOTICE TO CREDITORS.  All parties having claims against, tint estate nf Carrie  Wilson, alias Alice Willis, late of the oily of Nelson, in  the province of Uritish Columbia (deceased) are requested to send the same vcrilled by statutory declaration, and lo produce all securities held by them to the  undersigned within thirty days from the date hereof,  after which date I will proceed lodiMribulc the estate of  the deceased among lbe parties entitled thereto, having  regard only I" such claims as have been sent in to inc as  aforesaid and will nol hold myself liable for any claims  not sent in as aforesaid.  DAVID LA DAI'. Kxecutor.  Hv W. A. Oam.iiii-'.k. his Solicitor.  Dated at Nelson, H. C. this Ith day of September. A.D.  1897. ���   And all parties indebted to the estate of .Mies said Carrie  Wilson, alias Alice Willis, will please pay same to W. A.  Oalliher, Nelson, 13. C, solicitor for the executor.  MORTGAGE SALE  Of a House and Two Lots in the City of Nelson.  'Under anil by \irtilc of power of side' contained in a  certain indenture of mortgage made by Charles  B. San-  soni to the vendor (which will be produced at the lime of  sale) there will be sold by public auction at C. A. Waterman & Co's ollice, linker street, iu the city of Nelson, ou  Wednesday, the liillh day of September, 1SII7. ill 2 o'clock  p. in., (subject to conditions then produced) the folio win)? I  properly, viz:    Lots numbers six  nil and  seven   (7)   in  Hlock twenty-six tail on the ollicinl plan of the town of j  Nelson.    These  lots  haven frontage nf ii  feet, each on  j  Silica street and a depth of  l-llfeel.   There is a   frame  |  dwelling on the premises.   Terms of side  10    eush and  j  balance in ten days or as may  be agreed,    l-'or further ;  particulars apply to ,IOMNr  KI.LIMT, !  hated 2nd Sept.. 18!I7. Vendor's .Solicitor, Nelson,  i  ('. A.  Watkh.m an S: Cm.. Aiic.I ioncers. linker St reel.  Having purchased, the scavenger  business formerly carried on by G.  H. Owen, respectfully solicit the continuance of the patronage of G; H.  Owen's former patrons. The new  firm has even' appliance necessary  and will guarantee' satisfaction to all  those who entrust them with work.  Notice    of    Application    for     Certificate    of  Improvements.  AI.l'IIA MINl'.ItAI, OI.AIM. SITUATK IN TIIK NKI.SON MINIM!  DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAY IIISTKIUT, AND I.OCATKI)  'WKST 01-' AND AD.IOININfl Till: I'OltTO KICO AND  \.\VMV. II. .MI.N'KllAI. CLAIMS AT TIIK I1KAD Ml-' H.UtltETT  CIU'.I'.IC AIIOUT 1'IVK MIl.KS WEST OI-' TIIK NKI.SON AND  I'OKT KlIKIM'AllD HAIIAVAV AND NINK MIl.KS l-KMM THK  TOWN OI-'   V.MIIt.  'fake notice that I, Samuel L. Long, acting as at?ent for  W. II. Carbould. free miner's certilicate No. 77,'Jltt. intend  sixty days from the dale hereof, to apply to the mining?  recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And .  further take notice that action, under section 37, must be  commenced before the issuance of such certiticiite of improvements. SAMl'KL L. MING. I', L. S.  Dated this 'Jnd day of September. 1897. [Sept. Ilh|  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  I'OKTO 11ICO MINKIIAI, CLAIM, SITUATK IN TIIK NKLSON  MINING DIVISION OI-'-WKST KOOTKNAY lll.STItlCT, AND  I.OCATKD AT TIIK IlKAIl OI-' UAKItKTT CKKKIC AHIIUT  I-'IVK MIl.KS WKST OI-'TI IK NKI.SON AND I'OKT Sit KI'PAIID  HAIIAVAV AND NINK MILKS   l-'UO.M  TIIK TOWN IIK'YMIK.  Take notice that I, .Samuel Ij. Long, acting as agent for  VV. .1. Maxwell, free miner's certificate No. 7S.IK!). intend  sixty days from the dale hereof, to apply to ihe mining  recorder lor a certill'cate of improvements, for the pur-  pose of obtaining a crown grant, of the above claim.  And further take notice that notion, under section .'(7,  must be commenced before the issuance of such cerlilieale of improvements.        SAMUEL L. LONG, lJ. L. S.  Dated this 2nd day of September, 1897. [.Sept. Ith|  Notice     of   Application    for    Certificate    of  Improvements.  LI/.X.IK I!. MINKHAL CLAIM. .SITUATK IN TIIK NKI.SON MINIMS DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAY IIISTHICT. AND  LMl-ATKI) NM11TII OK AND AD.KIININO TIIK I'(IHII) UICO  '.MINKHAL CLAIM AT TIIK IIKAD OI-' HAUKKTT CKKKK'  AIIOUT l-'IVK MILKS WKST OK TIIK NKI.SON AND KORT  SIIKI'I'AKD HAIIAVAV AND NINK MILKS I'RO.M TIIK  TOWN  OK  YMIH.  'fake notice that I, .Samuel L. Long acting as agent for  Walter A. iloultbee, free miner's eertilicate No..'i7(iSA, intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further take notice that action, under section H7, must be  commenced before the issuance of such eertilicate of improvements. SAMUKL L. LONG. |>.  I,. S.  Dated this 2nd day of September, ISD7. |.Sept. -ItliJ  SALE OF MINERAL CLAIMS BY TENDER.  Sealed tenders marked on the envelope '"fender for  Mineral Claim" and addressed lo the undersigned will  be received till noon on Friday. October 1st next, for the  purchase of the interest, of the late Antone Nelson on an  undivided hull'of the "Hidden Treasure" and on an undivided Imlf of the "Alfonso" mineral claims situate in  fhe Nelson .Mining Division of the District of West  Kootenny.  Torms7 cash in ten days after the acceptance of the  tender. "A deposit of ten dollars must .accompany each  tender as a giiariintce of good faith. The highest or any  tender not necessarily accepted.  Dated I ho'2llth day of A ugtist. 18117.  .1.  F.  AKMSTIlON'ti,  Ollicinl Administrator, l-'nt-t Steele, fl.C.  .These are two articles which we pretend  to know something about and we make  specialties ��� of each. We 'iare sole agents here for "Ram Lai's," one of the best Indian  package Tea that is on the market, and the demand for it is steadily increasing. Our  "Queen's Blend" in 5-pound tins is a first-class Ceylon Blend, but if you want something  extra fine try a package (1-2 and 1-pound packages) of "Schillings' Best." It is high  priced but it is a choice article. We also handle "Schillings' Best" Java and Mocha Coffee  the choicest coffee that,money can buy. Creamery Butter in boxes, tubs, 1-lb bricks and  1 and 2-lb tins. A consignment of small new cheese just in, and everything else in the  grocery line.   Wholesale and retail.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  Just reoeivec!  ���oo  'HE latest, styles of Ladies' Purses and Card Cases,  and Gents' Pocket Books and Purses. The prices  are rielit and the Q'oods the  best manufactured....  W.   F.  Teetz;el  &  Oo.  DRUGGISTS  W.   F.  TKKTZIiiL & CO.  Agents for U. Lawrence Spectacles and Wye Classes  Kyosight tested free  West Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  Direct From the Manufacturer  Made by the celebrated Firm of  John B. Stetson & Co., Philadelphia  IN THESE WE HAVE BOTH tTM   r\    m A i/n n W^m O  THE NEW SHAPES AND THE   OLD    IT A VOI^i I BS  jXtBTMrsss*.  Also Just Received  A Large Consignment of  Levi Strauss Overalls  Direct From  San Francisco.  AS A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE  EASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS  Also call and examine the KARN PIANOS which just arrived  eweier,  elson  IS THE PRICE ON THE BALANCE OP OUR  ST:e,^_"Vsr  iel  r  T  O. ST  TTHSTTIL   OXiBABEiD.  18 and 20  BAKER   STREET  j  BRANCH MARKETS    ....  '.  Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and  Sandon, in Slocan  District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.  ���^r-.v.-.j!/-  ���t:��./ in;  ���^.r^r^^rqr^T7T^]'r^'T^fiV^^ " V" "��' "''/"-'-/a^.v:��� ������������ 'f]B,m7rrT'; !,������<,  'if v.'-iVt-i-r,.'1'.1  K.;��.


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