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 JL J__x*  'f*&f i  Mas Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made  Dividend Paying Mines.  81XTH.   7EA.R.-_NT0.  Hi  T  NELSON,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, SEPTEAIlilSl. \ .1898.  Has   a    Mineral   Output    of  Upwards   6.   One  Million    Dollars    Every    Month  In   The   Year  TWO   DOLLARS A YEAR.  WHY PREMIER TURNER  WAS  DISMISSED,  His Longing to be Permitted.' to Retain Office  Calls Forth a Stinging Arraignment. ���  Tlie correspondence between lieutenant-  governor Melnnes and ex-premier Turner,  leading up to tiie dismissal ol' the Turner  administration, has been given to the  public. This correspondence should be  carefully reviewed by every one who  takes a.n interest in provincial polities',  and for this reason Tin. TuiiirN.- iu this  i^ne reprints the same.  Sinco'lhe dismissal of premier Turner,  the organs which were more pronounced  iu their support of his administration,  have been most persistent in tlieir demands that the official correspondence, be  published. Now that their demands have  been complied with, it i.s difficult to see  wherein the position of ex-premier Turner has been improved. Granted that the  lieutenant-governor has the power to  summarily dismiss a government, hi.s  honor's experience'with the late government as disclosed in his correspondence  seem to furnish ample reason for the  adoption of such a course. If premier  Turner or his friends can derive any consolation from the publication of the correspondence, they must be differently  . constituted from most people, ft speaks  for itself:   ,   Started Over Fauquier's Appointment  Victohia, 13. 0., 1:3th July, I SOS.  The lion. Provincial Secretary,   Victoria,  13. C:  Sir: Referring to the order in council  received this morning from his honor the  lieutenant governor for approval, dated  the Sth instant, wherein t.he several .jurisdictions of Messrs. Alexander Sproat-,  S. M., and John Kirkujj, S. M., are so tided  and defined, aud wherein is also incorporated _ a recommendation that Mv.  Frederick George Fauquier be appointed  a gold commissioner in and for tlie Aius-  worth mining division of West Kootenay,  and a .stipendiary magistrate in and for  the county of "Ivootenay at a salary of  $12. per month, I am directed by his  honor the lieutenant governor to say that  so much of the order,as settles and defines  the jurisdiction of Aiessrs. Sproat. and  Kirkup, as aforesaid, must be made the  .subject ol" ii separate recommendation. 1  enclose the order herewith for amendment as indicated. J have the honor io  be, sir, your obedient servant,  T. li. E. Mclxxios, Private Secretary.  The Lieutenant Governor's Announcement  Vk.Tokia, B. C, l-llh of July. I SOS.  To the Jlon. J. il. Turner, Premier of the  Province of British Columbia :  Sir ; Referring to a letter of my priva'e  secretary, dated yesterday, and addressed  to the honorable jirovincial secretary,  returning a recommendation of the executive council, made in the matter of the  appointment of Frederick George Fauquier as a gold commissioner and stipendiary magistrate, unapproved by me, I  have the honor to explain to you my  reasons for so doing, as well as to indicate the course J propose to follow for the  present in regard to such recommendations. J cannot look on the result, of the  general elections for this province, held  on the Oth instant, as other than adverse  to your administration, and an expression  of want of confidence on the part of the  people, At the same time, as the Cas��iar  elections are still pending:, J do not wish  in any way to embarrass you in administering the ordinary business of the province. Unless, however, I become  convinced that you have the support of a  majority in the new legislative assembly,  I cannot accept the advice of yourself and  colleagues in regard to new appointments  to office, or in regard to any special expenditures of money not provided for in  the current estimates, unless shown that  ah urgent necessity exists for the same in  the interests of the province. I have the  honor to be, sir, your obedient servant,  Tiros. R.McLvxks,  .'Lieutenant-Governor.  nary-business of the country, but that  unless I could be shown that you had the  suppcrt of the majority of t he members  elected lo serve in the legislative assembly  I would not accept the advice of yourself  and colleagues in regard to'new appointments, or in regard to special expenditures of money, except in cases ot urgent  necessity in the interest of the province.  1 said pending the Cassiar elections, not  chat the result there, whether favorable  or otherwise to your administration,  would, in my opinion, reverse the verdict  of (he electorate, but because I did not  wish io lake any decided action thereon  until the writ, .had been returned from  every constituency in the province. Sine0  writing that ���letter, however,   r j j t_   reprc-  RHODES'   SECOND    TRANSVAAL   RAID.'  He  He  isos.  of the  The Cassiar Election Matter  Victoria, J3. C, July 25 th,  To Hon, J. II. Turner, Premier  Province of British Columbia:  Sir; I have returned unapproved to the  honorable provincial secretary, the recommendations of the executive council  that the dates of holding the election in  the Cassiar electoral district be altered  from the dates already fixed by the returning officer for the district; viz., the  *l()th day of July and the Oth day of August, to the first day of September in respect to the following polliug stations;  Hazleton, Lome Creek, Glenora, Telegraph Creek, Dease Creek, die Dame  Creek, Teslin Lake, and Lake J3ennett. I  have carefully considered the reasons  urged on behalf of so doing by the minister, the honorable jirovincial secretary,  but having in view existing political conditions, as set forth to you in my letter of  the Uth instant, I do not consider these  reasons as adequate and cannot therefore  approve the recommendation, 1 have the  honor,to be sir, your obedient servant,  Titos. Ii. McIsSKS,  Lieutenant-governor.  The Letter of Dismissal  To the Hon. J. II. Turner, Premier of the  Province of British Columbia:  Sir: In my letter of lit Ji July last, regarding my refusal to approve of certain  minutes of council therein mentioned, 1  stated that I could not look upon the result of the general elections for the province, held on the Oth of the same month,  as other than adverse to your administration, and an expression of want of confidence on the part of the electorate. Yon  were informed by the same letter that  pending the Cassiar election, I would not  embarrass you in administering the ordi-  eniation*   made   by yoiir-e'f��� and colleague-;, and heicafter referred'to, in regard  to   the  expenditure  of  various  sums   of  money, have influenced  me to the extent  that I shall no longer await the return of  the Cassiar writs before acting on what I  consider the verdict of the electorate, as  it may be that further delay in  calling.a  ministry in whom   I   would have full confidence, would   prejudically affect  the interests  of  the  province.    It  was recommended by the , honorable  the chief com-  "missioner of lands  and works, and urged  upon me  by yourself and the honorable  the   attorney-general,   that   the   monies  voted for roads,   bridges,  school  houses,  etc..  should   forthwith   be   expended   in  Vernon,   Cowichan,   Cariboo,  and   Kamloops, and warrants have been.sent up for  my approval covering, in some instances,  nearly the  whole amounts voted  for the  said, localities.    On   the recommendation  of the chief commissioner also,   I   have  been asked   to approve of a special war-  raat for a considerable sum   for the Nelson court  house,  additional   to tlie sums  already voted for t hat building.    The executive council  advised   me to approve a  minute authorizing yourself and the honorable attorney-general  to execute forthwith a contract, on behalf of the government, granting a subsidy to the Cqlumbia  ic Western   Railway  Company.   And in  conference had  on   the 2nd instant  with  yourself, the honorable (lie attorney-general,   aud  the   honorable   the   provincial  secretary, the necessity of at once placing  a large sum at the disposal of the government agent in the Cassiar district for the  building of trails and  roads through that  district, and for the assistance and relief  of a large number of  men in that district  who could bo employed in such work, was  urged upon me, and  it  was strongly contended to withhold  that sum now would  be to retard the exploration and development of a rich mining section of the province.    Now,  in   these cases,   as  you   are  aware,  and  in  others not  mentioned, J  have withheld   my approval, as i considered them outside of routine business, and  in none ot them  could   I  see that a delay  of a few weeks would   make any material  difference to  the localities concerned, or  to the province  at large.    And, in a few  other cases, not mentioned, J approved of  certain   expenditures    as   recommended.  But at the same time' J  fully realize that  my own judgment as to the expediency of  such expenditures may be at fault.    And  I fully realize also, that this is an exceedingly   important  period in   the development  of the  province,   and  the lack  of  proper expenditure in  certain  localities  might indeed  retard  that development.  Consequently, impressed' as 1  am with a  deep sense of my responsibility to   the  crown, and my duty to  the people of the  jirovince, and convinced that yourself and  colleagues are no longer endorsed by the  electorate, aud have not the confidence of  the legislative assembly,  I have decided  to no longer delay in calling for other advisers.    For, as J would  not feel  justified  iu granting you  another dissolution and  appeal to  the electorate, and as after  a  careful study of  the situation I am convinced  that you  could not   command  a  majority in the assembly, I shall not put  the province  to  the delay, or  to the expense, of a.-special, session of the legislature, merely for the purpose of formal Ily  demonstrating what has already been sufficiently demonstrated  to me bjr the general elections.    1 deem  it my duty, therefore,  to ask,  and   hereby do   ask,   that  yourself and your colleagues hand in your  resignations ��...'advisers  to   me, and as  members of my executive council.  Titos. II.' McLn'xk.s,  Lieutenant-Governor.  The Beaven Correspondence  The first letter in the correspondence  between the lieuteuant-governor and  Hon. Robert Beaven comes in here, under  the date of August Sth, in which Mi:  Beaven is called ujion by his honor to  form a ministry. Following this is a  formal note from Mr. Beaven, of even  date, in which he accepts the task. Four  days later comes another note in which  Mr. Beaven asks to be relieved of the  duty of forming a new administration.  Ex-Premier Turner's Love of Office  'Victoria, O^August^OS.  To Mis Honor the Lieutenant-Governor of  British Columbia :  Sir: On the l-lth of July last you  advised me by a formal, communication  that you regarded the result of the general elections as adverse to my administration. You added that "as the Cassiar  elections are still .pending," you did not  .wish to embarrass me in administering  the "ordinary business of the jjrovince."  On the 25th of July you declined to act  upon the recommendation of the executive  council  respecting'the date for  holding  district,  stations.  jiolitical  ..I*  the elections in Cassiar eiectora  in   resjiect   to   certain   polling  "having     in     view     existing  conditions."  The elections in Cassiar being still in  progress, I have now to acknowledge the  receipt of a further communication   from  ((.'ppiilitiiip'il .ni Tliiiil  I'ji'.'r.i  May Accomplish   by  the Ballot What  Attempted by the Sword.  The latest news received from South  Africa indicates the probable succe.-.s of  the progres-'ive party in the elections as  against the Kruger following. The jno-  gressive party is led by Cecil Rhodes and  it is feared that in the event of his success that the Dutch will resort to'force of  arms.'  What the Transvaal jirnpo.ed to do in  the event of a victory by the progressives is -iliown by a |ia*sionatearticle written by a iiroiuinenh member of (.resident  .vruger's entourage anrl published in  Hoffineyer'.. organ at CajieTown, which  unhesitatingly declares that if Cecil  Rhodes, the self-admitted author and  originator���never yet jniuished���nf the  celebrated Transvaal raids, is returned to  power the Transvaal government will assuredly declare war at once. The letter  adds that if any Dutch in Ca|ie Colony or  elsewhere in South Africa vote in favor  of the progressive ticket, as they have  done in Little Naniaqua in electing Cecil  Rhodes, they will be guilty of the blood  whicli will be shed in the Transvaal and  Orange Free State.  Still more significant and ominous in  this connection is the jiroclamation issued  by .Sir Alfred Milner, the high commissioner for South Africa, which declares  that inasmuch as there is reason to believe  that a filibustering expedition is preparing for the north of the Zambesi river,  with the object of taking possession of the  lands within the sphere covered by the  charter of the British South Africa Comjiany, the British governmentgives notice  to all persons concerned that in the ease  of susjjicion they may be required to find  security in the sum of $25,000 against  joining the expedition, or be committed  to prison for six months.  This warning is addressed to the members of the Afrikanderbiuid in the Cape  Colony and Natal, and indicates tliat .Sir  Alfred must have received information  that the Transvaal will inaugurate its  hostilities agaiiint the British in the event  of the victory of the progressive party by  a filibustering raid into Rhodesia,' thus  returning the comjiliment paid by Cecil  Rhodes to the Transvaal at the time of  his now famous raid.  DAVENPORTS   OUT  OP   THE   POORMAN.  WRITS   OF   ELECTION   ISSUED.  Four of the New Ministry to Go Before Their  Constituents for Endorsation.  The writs for the four by-elections to  fill the vacancies caused by the .(���"e;.,.t-  ance of office by premier Semlin and ministers Cotton. Martin and Hume were  issued on Thursday. The writs are returnable by October 15th, but the dates  of nomination and election are left blank.  As there is no salary attached to the  office of president of the council it is not  necessary for the Hon. I?.. I... Mclvechino  to seek re-election.  It is uot likely that any of the four ministers will experience any difficulty at the  polls. As two of the ministers who are  seeking re-election represent Vancouver  city the by-elections effect but three constituencies. Of these the Nelson riding  is the only one at all close, but in Nelson  there is not much likelihood of a contest.  The Vancouver World has been giving  currency to some wild stories to the effect  that the conservatives in that constituency would try and. defeat attorney-  general Martin. As this could hardly be  done without forcing Hon. F. C. Cotton  put of the cabinet the story has probably  no' more'foundation than -most of the  World's rejjorts. The most likely thing  to 'happen is the return of all four ministers by acclamation.        '  Higher Grade Ore at the Fern.  The latest report from the Fern says  that during ,the week covered by the  report the .development.work amounted  to 51 feet and the number of tons of milling ore'mined:'.was ,207. The mill ran KM  hours; the numberof tons milled'was 2G5,  or four tons jier statu).) jier day. Assays-  show that 15 samjiles of concentrates rail  from $10 to $(50, while from the -stoj.es,  from which the milling and shipping ore  is now being'extracted, values ran from  $12 to-$18-1. As far as the develojiment  work is concerned the assays ran from  $1-1 to $27. The plant for the water  power and the plant for tho treatment ofthe tailings and the slimes has arrived  and is being rapidly installed.  The Queen Bess Wagon Road  in sjiite of many delays and drawbacks  it is probable that the Queen Bess road  will be built after all. A.s before stated,  the cost of building this road will be  between $7,000 and $8,000. The provincial  government offers to jmt uji.half the  money and the mine owners and citizens  of Sandon will be called on to furnish the  other half. H. Giegerich, If. Byers ic Co.,  'George Hughes and others have made  liberal contributions to the road. It is  probable that work will be commenced in  ii week or ten days.  None of the Crew Lost.  All doubts have been set at rest regarding the fate of the crew of the .Stickine  Chief. A telegram received from Seattle  reads: "George Soely, master of tlie  steamer South Portland, which reached  port the other day from St. Michael, says  that Cajitain Butler informed him that  J. A. Mara and all the .Stickine Chiefs  crew were saved and were ou the steamer  Fastnet at St. Michael,"  The Vancouver Agents of Investors Have Control of the Mine.  By (he recent deal in Poorman stocks  Ia*t week the control of this well-known  piojKH'ty jiassed from the Davenports,  who for the past seven or eight years have  operated it in a small way. Just what  the Davenport interest brought is not  made public, but the amount exceeded  $100,000.  The Davenports have had a good thing  out of the Poorman. Uji till a year ago  theyma.de no jirctense of working their  .pro|>erty -w.ve on a small *cale. Their  system, was to come in aud work for a  month or two, make a clean-up and go  out again for the winter., At no period  jn-ior to the incorporation of the present  coni|iany did they run their mill more  than a month and a half during the year,  but their ore wa.s so rich that during the  short runs they would get together from  $5000 to .$1.0,000 iind go out and enjoy  themselves. 0 .  In the sjuing of 1S07 the jiresent comjiany was organized with a capital of  $250,000 in 1,000,000 sha res of 25 cents each,  of whicli something like 200,000 shares  were put in the treasury for development  purposes. The work of developing the  jiroperty was then commenced with very  satisfactory results. A long tunnel was  run in and tapped the ledge at a dejjth of  ���300 feet, something over 200 feet lower  than, the old workings, from wdiich the  Daven|)orts received such handsome returns. As has been previously announced  the ledge in the _ 00-foot level is four feet  wide, and the ..toping ground of the com-  panyat present is many times greater than  all that covered by the previous workings.  Tiif grade of the ore has also ini|_roved,  and there is every reason to believe that  under the new management, working on a  large scale, .something handsome in the  way of dividends will be had from the  Poorman.  A recent sample of crude ore, consisting of two tons, and made up of quartz  rather heavily impregnated with iron,  was sent to the Hall Mines smelter and  returned $01 in gold to the ton.  facts of the case are said to be as follows:  Johnson staked three claims in different  localities, and then went to Dawson to record them.   He  wa.s  told   that the office  wa.s very busy, but they would tell him  next day whether the claims had been recorded  or not previously.    At the same  time   the   ollicial,   he   says,, asked   him  where the claims were, and  he  gave the  desired information.    The official made a  pencil note of the finds, at- the same time  remarking that he did not think that fhe  claims could be recorded. Johnson wanted  to know'why, and the ollicial  is rejiorted  to have said   that something would have  to  be   paid   I'or   the   privilege.    Johnson  asked what was wanted, and  (hen asked  the  officer to drop him a line  next day  and   state a  sum.    This  the  official did,  and the letter wdiich  he  wrote is now in  Vancouver.    In this letter the official said  that $2000 and a half interest in all claims  would   be accepted and  the claims duly  recorded without further trouble.    Johnson did not accede to the request and so  his claims were never recorded.  CASH   AND   GLORY   TOO  Will Not Write Any More Letters.  Ex-premier Turner ha.s given to the  press a few remrrks concerning the letters  of the two sons of lieutenant-governor  Mclnnes. He says: " 1 do not wish to  say anything, for the style of the letters  are such that theyare beneath my notice.  I will only say that there are many  .erh.-.ju 'uaf'.-.ur'ieii's in 1 hem, and-thai the  lettrti" of Mv. \V. W. B. Mclnnes is largely  a tissue of false statements. 1 feel that  the letters are a part of the conspiracy to  do me great personal injury, and if jios-  sible ruin me in my standing before the  jioojile, iu the hope of diverting attention  from the unjustifiable acts of the writers  and their friends. Vet I do not intend to  write a reply to them, nor say anything  more than this, at jiresent at any rate.  There will be a time and jilace when I can  deal with the whole matter and meet my  slanderers. 1 hope, face to face. In the  mean time I rely with perfect confidence  ujion the rejiutation 1 have gained in my  long residence in Victoria and my many  years sjient in the jmblic service as the  best answer to those who seek to besmirch my good name."  Great Gold Strike at Hootalincj.ua.  A big gold strike is rejiorted from the  Hootalinqiui river iind a rush is being  made for the new diggings from Glenora  and points along Telegraph creek. Bed  rock had not been reached according to  the reports, but the ground pays .from  $20 to $-10 per day per man. Ii. II. Hall  of Victoria, general manager of the'Hudson's Bay company's business in the  north, vouches for the truth of the finds  on the Hootalinqua. He states that a  live-foot trail has been completed to Teslin lake and is in perfect shape. Hundreds of people have built narrow-guage  carts, on which they put 800 to 1000  pounds of provisions, and, hitching their  carts to horses, cattle or mules, are rushing in to the new FI Dorado. The Hudson's Bay comjiany are rushing all the  sujiplies jiossible into the interior in order  to meet the great demand. The cpni-  jiany's steamer Strathcona is making two  trijis    weekly    between     Wrangle  Glenora, carrying  over   100  tons  of  visions each tri|i.  and  jiro-  Remarkablu Increase in July's Imports  Trade returns for July, I SOS, the month  the iireferential  rate of 25  during Which  per  from  cent    was  all    such  ored      iiation  Britain,   ajijicar  apjilicable to imjiorts  countries having, fa.v-  treatics with Great  in tho official Gazette.  The total imjiorts exceed those of July,  I.S07, by over seven" aud a half million  dollars, but the , exjiorts show a net  decrease of ' $2,S_O,00O. The following  statement will show the imi'iorts and exjiorts during July last as comjiared with  the same month in 1807 :  Imports   Puty colluded      IncroMHU for IK'17   '���"xporls   .. !i,:isr,r_'.j  l,;"j|l,nl.  I7.IIS.||II_'  si7,ns.'j,.i'i;  _r.7l��7.07 i  1,2i.l,()lj'.  II.."p..".Wil 1  An Official Who Wanted a Tip.  Fred Johnson, a well-known Vancouver  man, brother.of C. Gardner-Johnson, has  commenced a suit for damages against  the federal government as a result of the  mismanagement of the Vukon district.  Johnson waul* damages because he  alleges  that he  has   been   "done out" of  throe claims throng  cording   officials  iu  1 the action of the ro-  Dawson   City.    The  Bond Taken on Monument Group  The Mall Mines comjiany has taken a  bond upon a group of three claims located  on the divide between the head of Six  Mile creek and the south- fork of Lemon  creek. The original location was made  about two years ago by Steve Hawkins  and Louis Strand, after which two other  claims were located, in which Joseph  Duhamel and H. S. Sinkan are interested.  Nob much more than assessment work  has been done ujion the claims, but the  owners have a five foot ledge exposed  wdiich give very high assays in silver.  The Hall Mines option calls i'or the payment of $00,000. The first jiayment is  $1000, .which falls due at the end of  October, and the balance a year from that  date. The claims are known as the  Monument Group.  MUNICIPAL   MATTERS.  At Monday afternoon's session of the  city council it was decided in the matter  of repairing the Victoria street bridge to  extend the south side of the bridge to the  sidewalk line.  City engineer McCulloch rejiorted that  the diversion of the small creek into the  reservoir had increased the supply but  200,000 gallons a day, and that there was  not a sufficient supjily of water at jiresent  to supply the Hall Mines smelter.  A communication was received fi-oni  the lands and works department stating  that the crown grants i'or lots .1, 2, . and 4  in block 1(5, would be issued to the city  upon the r.oc.ji. the crown grant fee of  five dollars.  The council decided to make Kootenay  street, from the Hall Mines road to Latimer street, passable for teams.  The city clerk was instructed to prepare  a list of all works ordered by the council  to be done, and not executed to date.  The   city   engineer   was   instructed  to  have the city water main connected  the electric light penstock.  with  He is Pleased -with the Poorman.  Mayor C. C. Rennet, of Vancouver, who  last week purchased a large block of stock  in the Nelson Poorman G'old Mining Comjiany for eastern investors, is very favorably impressed with the a.|ijiearance of  the jirojierty. The ledge in the lower tunnel is just as strong as it is in the upper  workings, and is from three to four feet  in width, tho values running from SIS to  $ I SO. It is rejiorted that a place will be  made on the directorate for major Ben-  net, and that the company will add another ten stamps. -���  The Le Roi's Lepral Troubles  The order of judge Spinks ajipointing  W. A. Carlyle receiver for the Le Roi  mine on behalf of the majority stockholders, has been set aside by the  sujireme court and Turner faction has  been restored to, possession with the  restriction that the shijimeuts from the  mine shall uot exceed one hundred tons  jier day. Au effort will be made to secure  an amendment to the order permitting  the shi|iment of 250 tons per day.  Large Cash Payment for Lily May.  The Lily May mine at Rossland has  been acquired by the Fiiglish-Canadian  comjiany, a corporation recently registered in London by Harry White, ex-  mayor of Seattle. The deal calls for $10.-  000 cash and ��70,000 stock in the new comjiany. The company has already secured  several projierties in British Columbia  and the Vukon.  New Postoillces in Bast Kootenay.  Postoffice insjiector has been in Fast  Kootenay for the jairpose of establishing  new jiostof'fices at Moyie City, .Swansea,  and Cran brook. It is the intention ofthe  jiostal depa.rtmenb to still continue Fort  Steele as the distributing center of the  district until such time'as thorough railway connections can be made via the  Crow's .Vest railway.  Greenwood City Makes a Loan.  The corjioration of the City of Greenwood has .sold to \V. L. Hogg, of Montreal, $25,000 worth of 0 per cent debentures for $2-1,000. This means that the  city receives 02 cents on the dollar. The  debentures are jiayable in 20 years.  The  I uly,  C. P. R. Returns,  receijits  for  the  gross receijits tor the month of  I SOS. were $2,051,,0.; working exjienses, $f.'*i20,i)7l ; showing a net profit of  $7*.0,(i.SO. The net profit for July, IS07,  wore $01 I.m50.  Said to Have Been   Laid   at   the   Feet of the  Boy Orator. .  W."\V\ B. Mclnnes,.M.  P., has given a  letter to the jjress in'which he answers  the statement of ex-premier Turner that  that he  tried   to 'force himself into  the  cabinet,    lie says: "I will state the facts.  Between ��� nominal ion -day and   rhe elections J was offered  on   two  occasions  by  persons in' charge'of the-Turner camjiaign��  ii large sum of money if 1   would "stump"  the island im the interests of the then government.   On the latter of these occasions  the money offer was supplemented by an  offer to also jilace in  my hands a written  pledge, signed  by  the then premier,  by  one of his ministers and by a gentleman  whose jiower in the jiarty was apparently  greater than that of a minister, that' if  the Turner party, were sustained I would  be taken into the government.'   I refused  to entertain these propositions.  "As soon as the elections were over and  the result was known   to be unfavorable  to  the   government,  J   w.is   approached  again   by   a, number  of   the   Hon.   Mr.  Turner's supporters and  pressed  to join  his   government.   These   overtures   continued'day after day.   I  was,  in   fact,  literally  beseiged    by emissaries   of- his  party whenever I happened  to  be at the  capital.   They would unfold plausof how  this member and  that member was to be  " Gxed " and a working majority secured.  Then they would  impress upon me what  a "sure thing" it would  be for  me, and  urged me to use  my influence with members   for  this   purpose.   I   have   ahvasrs  made it a practice to avoid " sure things,"  and accordingly in  this case my answer  was in  acts, not  words.    I  immediately  warned the contemplated subjects of this  venal,manipulation  and  persuaded them  ���directly by wire aud  indirectly  through  friends fo stand true to the confidence of  their electors.    These interviews became,  .embarrassing, and  the efforts  to induce  me to join   the  government grew offeu-   ,  sively   persistent.    Ou   one   occasion,   in  fact, I was called  out of  bed in the middle of the night to listen  to a proposal,  more seductive   than   any preceding it,  which au agent from   the Hon. Mr. Turner had just been commisioned to make.  "I  refused   to  accept these proposals,  and also declined to see the Hon. Mr. Turner several  times  when  he sent persons  to invite me to his office.   Then he began  himself to seek an interview with me, and  telephoned i'or me a number of  times.  Finally, on  Monday evening, July 25th,  ho left an urgent message that he wished  to see me at his  office at 0:H0 a. m. on the  following clay.    I  saw  the ex-premier in  his office on Tuesday morning, July 20th.  He was despondent and hopeless,  completely undone  by the consciousness of  defeat and the prosoect of losing power.  He vainly endeavored  to cheer himself  with vague hopes of being able in some  way or other to secure a  majority in the  legislature, and so cling to office, and in  this connection  made  me most startling  propositions.    His first act, however, was  to  jilace the seal  of confidence on what  transpired, and until he lifts it I will not  violate his confidence,    i do not think he  will care to lift it.  "At his earnest and repeated  request I  saw him again  for  the second and last  time on  August   1st.    During  the  intervening week his agents and  friends continued to exert their influence  on me to  join  the  late government, and   the   ex-  premier repeatedly telejihoned i'or me to  visit him. . On  this occasion,  as at   the  former interview, he  indulged in  uncertain hopes of retaining power, and begged  me to join  him  and assist in influencing  members  to his sujijiort.    I declined  all  his offers, and never once attempted., to  use any influence  to  give  them   eil'ect.  This was  the last  time  I saw  the Hon.  Mr. Turner, but the campaign  of solicitation and begging on  his part, wdiich he  is uow pleased  to dignify by the name of   .  "negotiations," continued jiersistently up  to the time.of the  dismissal and strange  to   say   for   fully'  a   week    afterwards.  'What crooked hope insjiired these extraordinary tactics J leave the public to conclude.   To my mind  it is clear  that the  late government's  exiiectation   in   these  strange   and    jiersistent   overtures Was  simjily  that   in   some   indirect  and   im-   .  jiroper   way   they   would   influence   the  lieutenant-governor    against    doing   his  duty, and   thus, or  otherwise, defeat the  will of the  |ieojile  and  secure immunity  from the certain  destruction  wdiich they  knew their scandalous conduct merited.  Fortunatel}"-,   however,   they   misjudged  the clay they tried to mtmld.   It i.s worthy  of mention hei-e that the.late premier did  uot only seek  my  assistance to. lint new  life into hi.s moribund government, but in  his desjieralion to hold on he cast his line  in   many  jilaces   and   ajijiroached  other  liromineut ojijiositionist's, some of whom  are in the prc.ent government.''  Satisfactory Progress Made on the Granite.  The Duncan Alines, Limited, the holders of the bond on the Granite jiroperty.  is develojiing with a considerable force of  miners sinking on the ledge, which has  not varied from the surface showings of  four feet. It is understood that the bond  on this |iroj.ierty matures shortly, and it  is believed it will be taken u|), as the work  the comjiany is doing is of a permanent  character.    It Looks Very Much Llko It.  Victoria, B. C, August HO. -T. li. E.  Mclnnes, the Governor's jirivate secretary, ha.s another letter in to-night's  Times. The general iuqiression prevails  that this young man is making an ass of  himself.  v^S^^ *'^' ^V  r    ,-.1._..,��'}.,.*-_.   'St'fi -*.��A'.      \l- THE   TRIBUKi']  NKLSON," .B. 0.   SATURDAY,  SEPTICMBET.  :J,   LNM.  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  THF. TRU-U-VK U pim,s-...;.. ..i. S:sl'.nr:;..v-, by Tur  Titmt'N'E J-'uiimsiiinc; Cot.ii'anv, ini!i .���.���in In: mailed  to subscribers on payment of 'two J">i.r..\ics ;i, yc:t".  So subscription taken for I.s.- than ;i vcav.  RlvCiULAR AljVKUTI.SKMJ'JN'i'a prinlod nl the following rale..: One inch. S..ij u year; I wo inch.-,  $00 a year; ilnuo inches S8I a year; four inelie.-,  .-j'Ju a year; flvi incli.-, si: ��� ;.���:������;r; sis'.inoho.- and  over, ill L'f.o rnic of 5l.nl) an inch pur month.  TKAXSIEXT  AUVEi.l Ji_i::MKNTS _j conl.-m. line for  lirst insertion and 10 cci!l> n lino for each additional  '   insertion.    Birth',  marriuue. and death notice- free.  LOCAL OR KKAJllNG -MATTER NOTICES ���_��;. cents n  lino cacli insertion.  JOB PRINT]NO u: Jim rote:-. All accounts for job  prinlint; and advertising payable on the Iii>t of  every month: -iib-.:npLioii, in advance.  ADDRESS all communications to  tiik tri.u;n.:. Nelson, n. c.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  Surge  :i, l im.i ii, Higelow block. Xelson.   Telephone VI.  T A BAU & KOR IN-fhy.-icians and .Surgeons.  Kocim.  DK.   .1.   A.   ARMSTRONG���Government   Veterinary  tn.-.peulor.   Tiua!�� di..cn.-rp, of all deinc. lie animal-.  All .stock inspected at. Nelsun. ���Ncl-on. 11. (J.  DR. .J. W. Q CIS LAS, I'KNTI.ST- Ollice:  Mara Hli.'-k  Raker ;_t roe!. Nol-mi. i  WJ. IT. HOLMES, C. h'.���Provincial Lund Surveyor.  ���    V. 0. box S2, l.a-lo, _". C.  A-    IT.   IIOI-lllUII -Analylii-al (Miemi-t and  A���ayi'i'.  -"������      Victoria .-tree!. NVl-on.  T O. tnvn.l.Dl, R.A.rte. S: W. _.. .lOIINSO.V, RA.Se.  �����" ��� ���Mining l.ngineer.* anil Analytical CliiiPii-;��,  . loivin Oily.  H- c  LODGE   MKETINCrS.  A NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meet.  "J'y^ second Wodne.-id.iy in .-.anh month. Sojourning  )''\<y\ brethren invited.  KNIOIITS OK PYTHIAS���' N.l.on Lodge. No, ���>:>.  ICnighls of I'ythias, meet, in C'a-Lle hall, Macdonald block, corner of Jo.-cphine and Vernon stroeU.-overy  second and fourth Tuesday evening ;U S o'clock. All  visiting knights are cordially invited Io attend.  Gkohok Ross, l_. of R. & S.  IX. G. .Joy, O. C.  i^mbxxne.  SATURDAY   "MORNING.  .....KPTK.MHKI! X IS3S  AYiti'-N the jieojile of this jirovince have  acquainted  themselves  with the subject  matter   of   the   Mcinnes-Turnor  correspondence they will have a poorer opinion  of ex-premier Turner than  they had before.    After his dismissal from office, tlie  ex-minister in a letter to the lieutenant-  governor imjilies that he would not have  , been dismissed  had  ho agreed  to  find a  seat in the cabinet for W. W. B. .Mclnnes.  This being so one would naturally exj.ee.  to find somewhere in the correspondence,  at. least implied reluctance  on the part of  ex-jirfemier Turner to  the gratification of  the i>et ambition of the young man from  Nanaimo.    Instead of this, the jieojjle of  the jirovince have  the statement of ex-  premier Turner that uji till  the time of  his dismissal, he was still carrying on negotiations with \ V. W. Ii. Mclnnes with a  view  to strengthening his cabinet  with  the boy  orator's  assistance.    How   much  greater would the confidence of the people  have been  in ex-prem'ier Turner, had  he  been able to show that, believing that the  younger McJiine. was being forced  upon  him, he had  resented such  pressure, and.  for   that   reason   alone   refused    to   act  further as his honor's adviser.    Instead of  of this he has sought to create the impression   that W. W. B. McJnnes was  being  forced   upon   him   and   unwillingly   has  shown that he  was  too  weak  to  resent  such   interference.    It  looks  as if J.  M.  Kellie hit the nail on the head when he  announced   in   the   last   legislature  that  premier Turner had   not even the backbone of a sausage.  I.i i.I'TI.na nt-Go vi-K nor    i\k..NNi_..    denounces as imjiertinent the references of  ex-premier Turner to  conversations  held  between himself anrl his honor's secretary  with resjiect to the taking into the cabinet  of his honor's other son.    The imjilication  clearly is that his  honor  had  no  knowledge of the alleged dicker.:  This absolves  his honor, but what about his secretary?  Is it within  the ; province  of the  jirivate  secretary of the lieutenant governor, upon  his own responsibility to discuss  with his  honor's chie.f adviser the reconstruction of  the cabinet: and the distribution  of  sinecures under a prospective administration ?  This   is   what   ex-premier    Turner    says  occurred. .1-1 is honor  has  done  what  he  could to cure the idiocrasiesof ex-premier  Turner,   but  so  far  nothing  appears   to  have been done to cure  the meddlesomeness of Mcinues the secretary.  I.dwaim) Mom-N,.the sanitary engineer  wdio was instructed by the provincial  government io look into the. problem of  the (ii:.|jn.it,ion of i he sewage of Noisou,  lias made his report. The difficulty which  confronted engineer iMohun was that he  had to devise n system which would conform to the regulation's of the provincial  .hoard of he.il'h. This condition forced  him to iccuiiiiiiciid the system of filtra tiou  iu coiinvvtion with what is known as the  septic lank, but the cost of this, the engineer admits would be almost pi ohibi-  tivc in a young city like Nelson. Ho  estimates t Ji.it. the adoption of the  cheapes: -y-N-.n whicli tin- regulations of  the jimvitici.-il Inmni of heall.h would  admit woulrj be iM t|���; neighborhood of  $0.*).00() for the preparation of'the necessary tack, filter bed-', screening elmmbers,  etc., and the purchase and prepurat ion ofthe iiecessM ry site for same. In his report  engineer Mohun refers to the existing  sewerage system, but iloes not i.mjily tlnit  the i.ii'i'ie iiv.ii!, !s in any w.ay menaced.  The lib"!/ of ihc engineer's report will  prob.vev ei..-r. the ma Iter  so   far as   the.  peOjl'e     li!      Xi-J-ipi  jieopie of i i;i' K..- .  new   government  are coneeinod. The  cnay ei(,ie< look to the  of premier  Semlin   to  protect them from the expensive fads of  the jirovincial board of health, and from  t.he further imjiositions of such insufferable nuisances a�� the hoard's dry earth  closet.- They exjiect I'or the future that  when the provincial board of health jiro-  mulgates a set of inoperative regulations,  the new government will have sufficient  horse sense to hold them over and not  subject the jioojile of the interior cities  to uiiueces'iury'annoyanco. ��  Two weeks ago the TiMHi'Ni-:suggested,  that as a means of relief I'roni  the excessive fire insurance rate-charged   for  risks  in   this  city,  something might  be done  along   the   line of   municipal   insurance,  lirovided ihe mtinici|ialil,ies could   induce  the jirovincial government   to give some  form  of guarantee to the  undertakings  of the munici|3alit.y. The Ne.vs-Advertiser  of Vancouver interested itself sufficiently  'in tlie matter to  lay  tho Tiiinr.vi.'s suggestion   before   .1.   .1.   Daulield,    an    ex-  president of  the Ji. (J. Fire   Underwriters  Association, and solicited an ojiinion.    As  might have been exjiected, the suggestion,  'which'was  thrown   nut with  a view  to  securing relief for  the insured, did  not  commend itself to the insuringconijianies.  The idea of municipal   insurance,  according to Air. Baufluld, is but of line with the  first   jirincijile  of   fire  insurance.    It  involves the concentration of risks, whereas  the secret of successful insurance is the  limitation   of   risks   in  given   localities.  I-Yom the insurance comjiany's standpoint  the limitation of risks is no doubt a  very  excellent thing, especially when the extra  cost of splitting uji the insurance is borne  by the'insured; but the admission   of the  desirability of this method from the com-  panys point of view does not preclude the  possibility  of   carrying to   a   successful  issue a system of   muiiicrpal   insurance.  The government statistics show that less  than 00 jier cent of  the amount charged  for lire insurance by the com panics is paid  out iii losses.    This being so  there  is aj>  jiarently every reason for   believing that  could  a  municijiality secure some satisfactory   guarantee   from   the  provincial  government for its  insurance  undertakings it could  safely  engage  in   the  fire  insurance business with mutual benefit to  itself and the insured.    Jl will scarcely be  questioned   but   that    under    municijial  management   much   of  the   ;10   j;er cent  margin could be saved to the insured.  Tins board of fire underwriters for the  jirovince has decided to reduce the rating  on the risks in the business jiortion of this  city by ten jier cent on the basis rate.  The reduction, however, is not to go into  effect until the corpora.tion adopts certain  suggestions made by the .secretary of the  board some weeks ago. In the meantime,  according to the statement of the underwriters association, the proj.erty owners  and merchants of Nelson will be obliged  to |iay the very same rate which was  charged by the insurance companies years  ago, before Nelson had any means for  fighting tire at all. In the same breath  with this announcement the insurance  men will tell the j.eople of Nelson that  the only way to secure a reduction of the  rates is to jierfect their arrangements for  jireventing and subduing lires. When an  expenditure of ."j? .:*3.000 and the completion  of an excellent water'works system did  not reduce fire insurance rates in Nelson  one cent, the peojile of Nelson may be  excused for doubting that the desired end  may be attained in this manner.  T. 11. Ev Aft _NiYi_s, who fills the position4  of private secretary to his father, the  lieutenant-governor,", has given a two-  column letter to the peojile touching upon  an interview which he held with premier  Turner. Those who read the letter of  Mclnnes,'-the 'secretary, will no doubt  come to the conclusion that he is a very  fresh young man. who should be so situated as to render it impossible for him to  meddle in politics. -Sassy secretaries .\\ ill  hardly make more popular the jiresent  occutiants of Carey (Jastle. ;  Toronto Telegram : British -Columbia  does not appear to be dee|ily interested iu  the (ines|)un constitutional interests  which so greatly interest Ontario journals.  The iieoj.le of British Columbia rescm-ul  their |irovince at fhe jioll... and they are  not likely to take an unfavorable a view  of the official conduct' of lhe lieutenant  governor, who refused to allow a discredited ministry fo remain in office ami  jilot anrl jilau for tlie majority which', the'  jieojile failed to give them.  At tiik meeting of the government  jiarty. held tit Vancouver on I'Viday, sixteen .'-���tipiiorters of premier .Semlin attended. Tho absentees wore Hon. F, C.  Cotton and Messrs Neill and Prentice, the  last two being the members elect I'or Al-  berni and Lillooet resjicctively. It was  in the nature of a caucus, and none of (he  psoceodings were published save that the  leadershiji of jircmier Semliu was  agreed to.  Tm. Colonist suggests that a. royal coin-  mission be a|ij)ointed for the jmrjiose of  a-cert a in ing what the sons of lieutenant  governor Aid lines said to ex-premier  Turner and what, tho ex-jiremier said to  the sons. The necessity for such a course  arises out of. the variance between the  tliree stories.  r\  o  cot  Capital 81,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.  All typ.es of electrically operated mining" and power apparatus  ,   Sole agents for complete Victor Blasting"' Machines  Gi-i'invilli; ..iru-I.-VANCOUVER  Kootcjimy bisiricl��� N KLS0N  The Preacher's Tangled Tong-ue.  The. minister had reached the critical  jioint in his missionary sermon. lie had  finished his firstlies and second lie., and  with one neat figure would link them to  an imjiassioued ajijieal that would strike  his congregation'', heart", and make their j  rocks fiow like water. ,   j ���   We' also sell the genuine Bell Telephones  ���   ���'If,"  he declaimed, "it has truly'been     _'.',..     _.     , .   .      _ .     fore  said that he who makes two giabes of! British Columbia Branch Oftices  brass to grow where one--"'  The jiuz/.led look on the face of a deaf  old member in a front pew led. him to  jiause and rejieat:  "That he-i.s a benefactor,,who makes  two grades of blass���"  '  Smiles throughout the' house and his  own sense showed him there was something wrong, but with an attemjjt at  lightness, he said airly :  "As I meant, two braids of glass."  The a choir was now keen-eared, and the  jiastor felt a.s if he had met Dewey. So  he shouted, "Two blades of grace."  Then the senior deacon hail |iity on him ; ss,i r\   r\r\r\  and   aro.se.    "My   brethren,"   he   spoke. , _pl b,UuU  "our pastor has been ujiset by   the in ten- i    sity  of  his emotion,  and   has tripped on j      '   ���,.,���. |J1,,1)i���m 1Nl, Kllll. ,II1WM oV,Jr om-.-.<i  two blades ol grass.    5  _-p_S,J___ST__C   X3____?iX_X_NrC3-_    Koi.tonny -ARi-nt  ,un;.\'T Kim wiki: none .\.\'i. i;i:.\i:i<ai. .m.wiiinkkv  PROVINCIAL EXHIBITION  I'nilcr t,li_ dircclioii ol' l.lio lioyul Agricultural  nnd  Inilii.<itrial Souiol.y o'    !ril,i-0i LVilunibiii.  October 5-th to 13th inclusive  at New Westminster  IN COX.U'NI'TION WITH THI. OITIZKXS' <iU..NI>  VHAI.'I.Y ('.'.U.I'liATION  ���$18,000  0,UB   STOCK   OZET  EEWEI ' '  I.V  I'lIIZK  Is new and  fresh, and added to every  week  by arrivals"direct from  the wholesale houses, west and east.    We buy for Cash in large  quantities, and can  o-ive our customers the benefit of good'  buying*.     We   make   a   specialty of   Fresh  Fruits and  Vegetables,  and  everything   in   these   lines   kept  m   season.  We  also  carry   a   larov   line  ol  �����<!���. nl' Tiirnmii  Foresters will Insure Women.  The sujireme court-of the .7. O. I'\, in session in Toronto last week, marked the  dawn of a new era of jirogress by tlie  recognition and admission into full relations to the mortuary benefits funds of  the organization of the lady comjianions  of the ]. O. F., which body has been in existence for a few years. ' The sujireme  court also adojited the recommendation  of the committee to increase the rat�� of  assessment for the mortuary benefits,  which it is now believed have been placed  ujion a permanent and substantial basis,  in accordance with the most recent  statistics. ���   CrolcLwin Smith Opposed,to Prohibition.  Professor Golclwin Smith has declared  himself as opjiosed to jjrohibition. He  says that ittreadson personal liberty and  always fails of its object, and argues that  it will do more harm than good to public  morals, concluding by saying that- jirohi-'  bitiou discriminates against the lighter  drinks, such as wine, beer, and cider, and  in favor of whiskey, because the bulk of  whiskey being less, it is more easily concealed. There are other intoxicants, such  as opium and chloral, which would be  likely lo increase should liquor be wifh-  d r a w n.   Doubt About Darwinism.  A  French   statistician   has   discovered  marked longevity among musicians; which  seems to call for explanations from advocates of the survival of the fittest theory.  A Pointer for Laurier'  The  earl  of  Minto,   Canada's new governor general,  has such  a  quick  temper  that among his intimates he is sometimes  referred to as "Old t'ejipermiuto.*'  I'ro-Siiecl-uiilar lioiiilmrdiiicm ot .uiitiiiKO 1!.' Culm,  and hluwiiii? up nf I.lio "Miiine." I'lillnu'i'd by nn iip-lu-  datc lire works display, which Iiiik lii'iin ^ecui-cd fur four  ni. Ids.    t.icro.-p.-i; and ba.-i-. ball matches bicycle ini-ct, a<|unlic,  sailor, and Caledonian >porls proiiicniuli: uoncoi'ls  linrsc race-, doii sliow -open in llie world.  The linc-t bands in t lie province will provide anisic.  Special rales over all railway and .-lciiinlio..t lines.  No entrance fees charged for exhibit:-.  Premium lists entry forms and full  information on  applip-tiion io  M.woit Ovi'.XS, Cliairniaii Celclifnl.iuii Comniiltcu.  \\'. II. I-'dmon I is, Secretary f.'elcliciiliiui ('.)inmiltce.  T. .!. Ti; U'l'. I'ri-.dcin 1!. .\.& I. Sueiciy.  AiiTiii'it "Mai.ins. Secretary li. A. & I. Society.  W. II. KiOAiiY, KN'hibilion Coinniissioner.  A ||  i 3*fc  ��%  BAKER STREET  ll.i\inj,r -eelired llio inoiv coniinridions and con-  \-<���:ii<*��i; (jnane]--. of tlie iilmv." lintel, .Mr.-'. K. (.'.  Cl.irke takes ihis upiiorl.unily uf lliankii). hor  former patrons at- the Clarke llpplei for tlieir  palronaice in Ihe past, nnd for -olidiir.;.; a con-  t.iniiancc of I lie Mime.  A   CARD. i  To Tim Ki.hutoks oi-- Ni;r.su.v limtNi;: Oicxti.k.mhn :���  Having received so many congratulatory messages upon  my appointment to a cabinet position in (lie government,  il becomes incumbent upon me topublicly extend hearty  and .sincere thanks for these many kind expressions. I  ill .ireciale to the fullest, the very valuable services of  those who labored so actively and successfully in pressing ICoolenay's claims for representation in the new  cabinet, it will be my solo aim to further, a.s far as in  nie lies, the best interests of this great province, and f  trust that my conduct in my new ollicial capacity will  merit the approval of the clcclors of the Kelson riding,  I ha vc the honor to be. jrentlenien. Vours,  .1. Fred Iff .mi;.  Rates $2 par Day  0,  Olarke, Proprietor.  ii _-  fa  Ml  IEING  Wagon  Repairing  Promptly Attended  to  by  -irst-Giass Wheelwright  Notice of  Appiieation   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  wiini: ci.oLD. m.ri_.j.\('K. vi-:i.r.o\\" jack, sitting nn.i,.  HI,fH JACK   I'llACTIOX.   VKI.tOW .IACK"  I-'KAC'IIOX, AX 11  SITTIXO   HL'I.I.   I'liACTtOX   MIXKKAI.   CT.ArjIS,  SITUATK  i.x Tin; xi'.i.sox jiixixo hivisiox oi-- koothxav nis-  T1MCT. AND I.OCATKI)   OX   TIIK   XOkTII   SP.1K OF SIIIIKI'  CI4KKIC, NKAK IIKAlt CKKKIC.  Take notice that I. J. A. Kirk, acting as agent, for the  Salmo Consolidated (Jold Mining & Develojiment Company, Limited Liability, free miner's ccrtilicnte Xo.  13.miia. intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the mining recorder fora certilicatc of improvements,  for. the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claims. '  And further take notice that action, under section 37,  must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements; .7. A. Kn.ic.-  Ilatod this 27th day of August, ISflS.     ��� [S.cpi. 3rd |  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  .ll'NO MINKHAI. CLAIM, SITUATK IN THIS NKI.SON MININO  'HIVISIOX OK WKST ICOOTKNAV IJISTKICT,'AND I.OCATKI)  ON WKST SIDE OF OIVKOITT CKKKIC, FOL'lt AXD A HALF  MILES SOUTIIWKST OF NKLSON. ADJOIXINC KIXII OF  TIIK   FORKS'.   MINKHAI. CtAIM.  Take notice that I, .J. M. li. Kairbairn, of Kaslo, li. C,  acting, as agent, for .1. i\l. Xcss, free nliner's eertillcate  Xo. iwli. intend sixty days from I.he date hereof, to apply  to the mining recorder fora certificate of improvements  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claim. And further take notice that, action, under sec-  lion 37. must he commenced before the issuance of such  ccililieale of improvements.       J. SI. R. FAlliHAlliS.  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OK INT KliKST (al. prcsiuitl .'( Rcr Cunt.  ,i-..iiiii I Kim.! l-'li-; Up.'-' '  you honor, dated the 8th day of Aiignm-.,  instant, in whicli yon say'you shall no  longer await tlie return oi' the C/.is.si.-ir  , writs before takiii": action on what yon  "consider the verdict of the electorate.'"  You recite certain recommendations for  expenditure of acconntri voted by parliament, which yon consider "'outside of  routine tirtsiiie_~," and yon say that", in  the.se yon saw "that a delay of ji _e\y  weeks '*, would make no material di I'll, ence.  Vour hono'L' goes on to observe lhat.  unless yen became convinced thtit i had  the supptirt of the ma.joi ily of the legislative assembly, "you could not accept  the advice " of myself and colleagues in  regard to " new tippointineiit to office or  iu'regard to any special expenditures of  iiioinjy not provided for in the current  estimates, unless shown that an urgent  necessity exists in the interests of t his  province."  Vour honor, however, proceeds immediately to inform me that, as your own  judgment in these mat ters may be at ...nit.  aiu.being convinced tliat I .ttict my colleagues are no longer "endorsed by the  electorate." you have decided to "no  longer delay calling i'or other advisors ;'"  and,your honor concludes by asking that  I and my colleagues hand in our resignations tis advi-ers ro you and as members  of your executive council.  This comma nien don was received by  me at the hour of 12 by the clock on the  Sth day of August. At H o'clock in the  afternoon of that day, Mr. .Beaven. a defeated candidate in lhe general elections  not yet concluded, was announcing that  lie had been sent for by your honor to  form a government, and the evening  pa.per. the Daily Times, made a similar  announcement.  Ir. is impossible for me to assume that  Air. Beaven or the paper mentioned w. to  justified in making such statements.  Nevertheless, the fact that they were  "made.may become important in connection with the responsibility your' honor  proposes toi undertake.  The ex-premier here calls the attention  of the lieutenant-governor to the fact that  the appropriation- for the fiscal year  were;fully voted and recites some twenty  matters which, were approved by his honor since July 1.th.    He then continues:  On Monday, .July ISth, 1S9S, T. 11. E.  McJiines, your honor's private secretary,  called on me at my office in the treasury,  lie spoke of the letter of .Inly 11 th from  the lieutenant-governor to me, in which  the governor gives his reasons for not  signing .Fauquier's appointment, etc.- He  (the private secretary) said that he Imd'  written that letter. He said that your  honor considered that the result of the  elections generally was against the government, and therefore up new appoiut-  .ments should be made, and no special  warrants drawn. He,then went ou to say  that there was a.method by which I. could  secure a strong government, that owing  to the fact that some parties who had  taken a. very active part against the government in the late elections, beiug somewhat nervous about the real position of  affairs in the province, particularly with  respect to the preponderance of mainland  influence and the consequent danger of  the rights of the islaud beiug neglected,  they, or he, had arrived at the opinion  that it would be.well, to back me up by  ���support i'roni some of the members who  had been elected to support the opposition; and he desired to let me know that  his brother, \Yv VV. E. Mclnnes. M. P.,  could carry out an arrangement of that  kind. r.e(YV. W. B. Mclnnes) was prepared to resign his seat in the commons  and enter into local politics. He was  really a friend of mine, and fully .stip-  ported most of my-policy, more particularly that of railways, agriculture, and  linance. lie would, however, want a seat  iu the cabinet, and if J were inclined to  give him that he was quite sure he could  bring over two of theopposi! ion, members  lo my support in addition to his own.  This would give nie, in the event: of ('as-  siar being favorable to my govern men t,  at least !_1 or 22 government supporters  and .i should, he thought, have little difficulty in getting one or two more, thus  securing a good w'orkinf. ma jorir-y.  A few days after Mr. YV. \V. B. Mclnnes called at my office, and discussed  the situation on the lines suggested hy hi.s  brother, your honor's private secretary,  and confirmed the statements .made by  tlie latter.  .Mr. W. W. Ii. Mclnnes subsequently  had other interviews with me on the  same subject iii" my office, nnd negotiations have practically continued until  l Iks present time. Your honor will observe that such representations from such  a quarter necessarily required serious  consideration on the part of the government and I wa.s surprised to receive your  honor's letter, inasmuch as it placed an  entirely new complexion on the whole  situation.  1   shall  not at  this juncture comment  OF  HALIFAX  THE  ;_A__I>f.i<.  OF  SURPLUS,  $1,500,000  $1,175,000  A SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  has been   established   in  connection   with   tlie   Nelson  Branch of this Bank.  DEPOSITS OF SI AND UPWARDS  received, and current rate of interest allowed (at present 3  per cont. per annum).  GEORGE KYDD, Manager.  upon e.II the incidents above related, nor  do 1 propose here to examine the particu-.  lar opinions of the candidates at .such  elections as have been held, indeed 1 am  , at loss in Know ho-.v ihis can accurately  be done hy anyone, hut I will call your  hoiioi-'-a I leni i'ln i o ��.������ .era i plrisc.-. of Lhe  situation certainly as notorioii-i as any of  the incidciii - of Lie; political contests lo  which your honor refers.  .Mr. Suuilin. .Mr. (Juttou and Mr. .Martin  were the leading opponents of the government. Certain gentlemen elected,  while not pledged to support tho present  adiiiiiii.sirnt.ion, have not agreed as to  which of these gentlemen will obtain  their support in the formation of the  ministry. iVo ordinary political party  lines were adopted by any of the candidates. I am nor. aware, and have no reason to believe, that of the gentlemen so  far elected, a majority have in any way  indicated their resolve to support a. direct  motion of want of confidence iu the  present administration. There are at  present 17 election petitions filed questioning the return of 17 gentlemen ..supposed  to have been elected to oppose the present  administration. It is for the courts to  determine whether any or all of these  gentlemen have been duly elected. Suggestions such as these might be mid replied. They all go to show that it is at  least doubtful whether, regardless of the  vote of the district of Cassiar. the "considered judgment of t he country," is adverse to your present advisers.  It is. however, my duly to point out to  your honor that the course yon propose is  wiihout. precedent in constitutional government. The authorities, fortunately,  are so strong upon the subject that I feel  convinced that on reconsideration your  honor will be inclined to withdraw the  co;nmuideation of the 8ch instant. 1  claim the right on the part of your  advisers to remain in office until a new  parliament has met and given a definite  division upon the merits. In the language  of Lord John Russell, the assembly is  "the legitimate organ of the people,  whose opinions cannot be constitutionally  ascertained except through their representatives in parliament."  Your honor will not question tiiac iu  dealing with the subject in hand recourse  must be had to the usuage of the crown  in the mother country, and that it is your  duty " to endeavor to ascertain and to imitate so J'ar as may be consistent with''  your position ami responsibility as a lieutenant governor. (See Todd's C'overn-  ineitt iu the Colonies, page H21.)  In the language of lord Dufferin, your  "guiding star " is and ought.to be the par;.,  liament of this province.        r     -.-, -���\\  "Parliament is.the voice ol' the people."  (Todd's Parliamentary Government of  England.) -..'���       <  Primarily it is the bouuden and solemn  duty of a ministry when defeated at the  polls to meet parliament before tendering  resignation, and this has been the prac-;  tice in England down to a recent date,  subject to but few exceptions.  The present leader of the government in  the house of 'commons' in England, when  the ministry of which he was a member,  was defeated in .1892, met parliament affertile general election, and did not resign  until defeated on the debate on the address in reply-to the queen's speech from  the throne. Mr. Balfour, on that occasion,  said: "In meeting parliament, we are  strictly following the best precedent."  Let me, however, draw your honor's attention to recent Canadian precedence.  The government of Mr. Mackenzie was  defeated on the 17th September, 1 STS, at  a general election, by an overwhelming  majority. It was in the next month that  Mr! Mackenzie decided to resign. Lord  Dufferin did not suggest this course. On  the contrary, Mr. Mackenzie excused hiniself for taking it. To meet parliament  under th*? circumstances, he wrote, was  the course "in accordance with the English practice," but he went on to urge, as  a justification for not doing so, "there  are two precedents of recent date in favor  of a resignation before the meeting of  parliament." Even in this case, where the  popular verdict gave a majority of >S0  against him, the Globe newspaper said:  " It is true Mr. Mackenzie knows nothing  of the strength of the respective oarties  until that be tested by a division of the  house of (.���ominous." and again, "He has  the legal right Lo hold office until the  usual time of the meeting of parliament,  to do all the acts that a ministry in the  possession of a majority could do."  In the case of'Sir Charles' Tapper's administration in .June, IS'JO, over which  much difference of opinion litis existed.  .Lord Aberdeen {lid not dream of suggesting the resignation of that-ministry. The  ministry bad been defeated at the polls.  All tiie returns were in. Sob a single  election petition had been filed. The parliament, which had terminated by  .effluxion oi'time in the preceding April,  had voted no supplies for the liscal year  beginning iu July. J lis excellency did  not, however, refuse to act upon the advice of his defeated ministry. _ On the  contrary, he approved ol. some of the appointments to office between June 2'ird  and July 11th. He withheld his approval  only from all recommendations- whicli  involved: I. The creation of new offices  or appointment.-. 2. The filling of  vacancies for which no provision had been  made by parliament, and which iiad  existed for more than one clear fiscal  year. ���*>. .Superannuation (and consequential appointments) for which applications had not been received. All other  executive  acts  for which  supplies  were  r_*r_  NELSON  Are now .prepared- to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  voted were approved, and il was not suggested that his excellency would withhold  li is approval from any recommendations  nece-isary to carry on the. queen's govern-,  inent until I he voice of tlie people-was  made known through parliament.  Sir Charles Topper, it is inn-*, challenged  the const il ui ionality of the action of hi--  excellency in making such re-li ietions a-  ( he above, and on the grounds mentioned  in a memorandum under ihe eircutu-  ��laiice--. aud he forthwith resigned; but  there dues not exist a case in parlhiment-  ary government, in English or Canadian  history, where the crown, or governor  general representing the crown, asked I'or  the resignation of a ministry because ofthe result, or supposed re-ulr. oj'a general  election, even where the full returns were  officially announced.  Under these circumstances, while  neither my colleagues nor i personally  desire to hold office contrary to the will of  the peojile, we I eel bound, in the interests  of constitutional and parliamentary government', to claim the right to await their  verdict at the hands oi their representatives duly elected and in parliament assembled. We, moreover, respectfully  question the course your honor has  cho.en to adopt before the general elections are concluded, and while the legality  of <o large a number of elections already  over is challenged in the courts of this  province. Under the circumstances I feel  it my duty to ask your honor to reconsider the communication addressed to tne  ���Stli of this month. I have the honor to  he. sir. your obedient servant,  J. 1-1. Ti'HXKK. Premier.  The Semlin Correspondence  The correspondence between the lieutenant governor and 0. A. Semlin comes  in next, his honor, under the date of  August 12th. calling upon the leader of  the opposition to' form a ministry. In  tliis letter his honor explains the reasons  which prompted him to call upon Hon.  Robert .Beaven in the'first instance. The  reply of C. A. Semlin accepting the task  .imposed upon him is of even date wilh  his honor's communication.  How Promier Turner Forfeited Confluence  Virion ia, 13. C. August I .Ith, ISUS.    <  To   the   Hon.   J.    H.   Turner,   M.   P.   P.,  Victoria. B. C:  Sir: i have the honor to acknowledge  the receipt of your communication dated  tlie Oth instant, which lias received due  consideration on my part, i regret that  it. compel") nie'to enter into certain details  respecting the grounds of my lack of confidence in yourself and colleagues as  advisers, which from personal respect  retained for yourself, 1 had hoped to  avoid. I certainly .-expected that, upon  receipt of my letter of the Mth July last,  and my subsequent refusal to approve of  your recommeudations, .other than in  matters of routine, you would have put  affairs in order, so as to tender your resignation to me at an early date. I had  thought.resignation to be the only proper  constitutional, as well as dignified course  fora ministry to adopt, which had thus  been given to understand thatit no longer  enjoyed the confidence of the representative'of the crown.:, Yourself and colleagues took a contrary course, however,  by seeking to initiate new business, and  asking me again and again to sanction  undertakings that were not of routine,  and that I could uot consider urgent. As  to the general- elections, apart from  casually .telephoning to me on Monday  morning, .Inly 11 th last, that you were  "still all right, the result so far being 15  to 15," you-made-no report to me whatever, and I was left to rely on the press  reports. Time 'has since shown that the  press reports were entirely correct, but  in my letter of the 1-l.ch July, above re-,  .erred to, 1 left it open to you to show  that you still had the confidence of the  legislative assembly. However, you did  not see fit to make any report whatever  to me as to the g-enera! elections, and to  this'day 1 have not received one from  you. But you said to me tit an interview  Iiad shortly after the result of the elections heid on the !.Hh July last were  published, that you would not have a  majority in the assembly, and in my last  interview, had on the 2nd of August last  with yourself, the attorney general and  the provincial secretary, the same statement was made by the provincial secretary- admitting the result of the Cassiar  election would be favorable to the administration. During several interviews  with you, I informed you tliat while I had  every respect for yourself, personally, I  had iittle or no cuulidcnce in someol your  colleagues, and this,' together with the  verdict of the electorate on the Uth July  hist, made it impossible' for me to unreservedly accept the recommendations of  tlie executive council. As above stated,  1 would have preferred not entering into  details of why my confidence in yourself  and colleagues, as advisers was gradually  weakened, but your communication of  the Oth instant, above referred to, leaves  no other course'now open. At the last  session of the, legislative assembly, the  ���.���(.���distribution bill was brought iutolhe  assembly without having been explained  to me by yourself, or the'attorney general.  As the formal consent of the lieutenant  governor i.s always given and required,  prior to the introduction into the assembly  of such a measure as the redistribution of  the electoral districts of the province, the  lieutenant-governor should be. consulted  in regard to it, and its provisions, and  the effect of them explained. In I lie short  time at my disposal I was left lo review  the  bill   alone.    In  doing so, not. having  | tiie as��isr,a nn1 of _ otu -if. or thuatiorney-  i genera!, I did ii"'  ma-.'''!- ir.  iu t.'-'aii. but  ! on iioli'-ing thai on. el-m.o allowed vnti-rs  j  from ,;n:v   part   of   Sim   proviiu-.' to  go lo  ���' t';-,-.;.-n   .nd ie.-. i!'i   -ie ������ vote. \i ';' in-u < c  iieing 1'p'tpiiied to have resided even a day  iu   > he  district,   tmd   knowing   that   the  C i-'������"���!!��� elections  always lake   place from  a iiibnih to two mouths after  the general  elections for ihe re-; of ihe province, and  that liiere wa.-  nothing to prevent those  who had   voted  at, the general elections  going, or  being sent, to Cassiar, a month  or so hiter to vote there, 1 sent for you to  give me  an   explanation.    Vou   informed  tne i lint you knew   very   little about  the  bill, that it was in (he hands of the attorney-genera!..   I then told you  that unless  you 'eliminated   the  objectionable clause  you   would  endanger  tlie sanctioning of  the bill.    Thereupon t he attorney-general  waited upon nie. aud   he. in the course of  representations  made  on   behalf   of   tln-  .-aid   clause, justified   i.   by alh". ieg   that  si mi iii r condii ions existed  in   i en.u' e ei'ei--  toral district-' in Oniario.    Thi- I Knew nf  my oivii knowledge wiii not i hf ivrn, and  I so informed  the atlwrney-g'-iier.il.    Tin-,  next day, after an ali night session of ihe  ! assembly,  from   which   members   vainly  opposing this clause  retired, as a protest,  in a bod j', the attorney-general withdrew  the said clause.    But  he did   not explain  to me, nor did   I = know at that time, that  while Cassiar was being granted au additional member, having only 20S names on  the  voters'list, far  more important and  populous  sections of  the Kootenay country were  being given little orno'i-epre1  se'ntation.    I   wa.s subsequently appealed  to'by the people and  press of the Kootenay districts not to sanction the bill, and  even to dismiss the  ministry responsible  for   it.     Although    sympathizing     with  their natural   indignation, 1  did not consider the circumstances sufficient to warrant so grave an action  ou  my part.    It  was   borne  in  upon   nie,  however,  from  that  time on. thtit 1   was  not  beiug advised, to quote  the words of lieutenant-  governor Augers, "wisely, disinterestedly  and faithfully."   "What was 1  to think of  these and  other   proceedings,  then   and  thereafter  taken  in   regard to Cassiar, a  district  having a   special  section of  the  Provincial Elections Act governing it, a  section unique, at least in these days, for  thi! way in which it lends itself to manipulation at the hands of  the government  tind its agents?   in case you should be as  unfamiliar wil h   the clause as you were  wi'h i lie objectionable  clause  of the J��e-  distribution bill, 1 quote  Provincial Elections Act. chapter 07, section ~iH. Revised  Statutes 13. C. 1807:  " In the electoral district of Cassiar the  returning officer shall fix the day for the  holding of the polls in each polling station  in the district. The {fay so fixed need not  be the same for all the said polling stations, but the returning officer shtill, in  his discretion, fix the holding of the polls  at each polling station the nearest practicable day subsequent (o the day fixed for  tlie nomination of tho candidates ;is aforesaid, not more than twenty days after  tlie day of nomination."  On Saturday, the 2_rd of July last. I  was asked, on tlie recommendation of the  piuvincial secretary, to extend tlie election  days already lixed by the returning officer  for Cassiar district for the HOth July last  tind the Oth day of August, instant, to the  1st day of September next, in respect to  certain of the polling stations ' there, to-  wifc: 'Hazelton, Lome Creek, Telegraph  Creek. Glenora, Dease Creek, McDame  Creek, Teslin Lake, and Luke Bennett,  thus .making tliree polling days for the  district at intervals of a week and a  month. This 1 ���'refused to do by my letter  to you of the 25th July last, and again  refused on separate interviews had with  me on the same day by the provincial  secretary1 and the attorney general; and  at your request niade an appointment for  12 b clock the same night to discuss the  inatter, which appointment you neither  kept nor afterwards referred to. Since  the Oth July last orders in council were  frequently placed before me with a  request for immediate approval," as the  subject matter was such as to admit of no  delay,'and great hardship would ensue if  cliey were not then approved, lb such  cases as 1 looked into I found that such  haste was not necessary, or that matters  had been left to the last possible moment  before being sent up to me, and that my  approval was sought to be carried, so to  speak,'by.surprise and by storm. 1 moreover continually found orders in council  on subjects which .1 had expressly intimated that 1 would not approve thrust  in again among orders on routine matters in such a way that in some instances  I was nearly led inadvertently to sign  them,.and in one instance, the placing of  $2,500 at the disposal of the chief coinniissioner for constructing country school  houses, I did sign the warrant,''having  previously refused to do so. I decided to  let it go, however, as approved, as it may  have been urgently needed, as represented. On the 15th July last you asked  me to sanction the payment of_$750to the  woman's hospital at New Westminster  out of the 'fund, provided for destitute  poor and sick. It oeccurred to me that  this fund was intended for isolated cases  of destitute and sick persons, as where-  ever assistance was intended for hospitals  and charitable institutions they were  specially mentioned by name. I told you  that I thought this would boa perversion  of the fund, but being advised otherwise  by yourself and the attorney general. I  sanctioned-the payment, lam since advised that this was a perversion of the  fund. On a subsequent occasion I had a  batch of warrants in connection with  routine matters sent up for my approval  fast:ened together in the manner in which  1 had been instructed that my signature  on the last sheet would cover the preceding sheet. There was a large number of  them fastened together in this way. but  1 inspected them'all individually belore  signing the last sheet. To my surprise I  found'inserted therein, in different places.  six or seven warrants in blank. .As 1 did  not propose to approve of blank wariants  I cut them oul. This was about July lOi.h  Last. I ha vesince waited for some information in regard to or some inquiry for  those warrants in blank, but none has  been forthcoming. I was asked to (fign a  warrant placing $15,000 at the immediate  disposal of the government, .agent in the  Cassiar district   for  the   assistance   and  J  riaziei  Received Daily from Spokane at the  TIIK CIIKAPiOHT I'l-ACI. IK THE CITV FUR FJiflTS OF ALL Iv'IXP...  MILLS & LOTT9 Cop. Baker and Ward Sts., Nelson.  Tlio Shooting ...nsnii  is now on  Greener, Parker, Remington, Gialirough, and W. Richards Guns  The most, (M>iii|jli!-u line of trims mul the lowest prices in llio Dominion.  _tis:d^______,3s    o-TTnsr    stoee,   yawootjyee:  relief of men to be employed in the con-  si ruction of trails and roads through the  district. 1 refused. This led to the long  and unpleasant interview of the 2nd  August, instant, had with myself, the  attorney general and the provincial secretary, in the course oi' whicli 1 was  informed that failing my sanction the  attorney general, pursuant to powers  vested in him, by section 41, sub-sections  (a) and (hj of the Revenue Act, chapter-17,  of the Revised Statutes, B. C, could have  the warrant issued on his recommendations without my siguaturc. To convince  me of this the attorney general thereupon  produced the said act, which he had  brought wilh him and bad marked, and  proceeded to read the- said sections. I  told hiiu I was glad he could cio without  me, and so take the responsibility off my  shoulders. But it was so novel an idea to  me that after t.he interview 1 looked up  the sections aforesaid for myself, and 1  also looked up section S, chapter 17, of the  Revised Statutes, known as the Constitution Act, ami 1 found that the attorney  general had misinformed me. Had this  contention of the attorney general been  correct, the attorney general would have  had considerable control of the treasury.  As far as 1 am aware, however the attorney general did not attempt to exercise  his powers in this respect. 1 could not  avoid the conclusion that 1 was being  misled for the purpose of influencing me  to sign the warrant under discussion. A  week ha.s elapsed since you were dismissed  by a formal demand lor your resignation.  To my great surprise, you have attempted  to evade that dismissal, and have forwarded tne a document of controversial  nature, above acknowledged. The references therein to an alleged conversation  with my private secretary are impertinent, and if such conversation took place  as alleged by you, it would only be another of the strangely.improper courses  you have of late seen lit to pursue.-.The  questions raised therein as to constitutional law I. shall not discuss with you.  Vou have allowed yourself to make certain insinuations therein, which might  have been expected from a mere partisan,  or from a certain irresponsible, .section of  the press, but which I had not expected  from you, and which I, hesitate to attribute to you, although over your  signature. 1 have heard of defeated litigants who ascribed the action or decision  of a court to the relationship existing  between the judge and the counsel appearing before him, but it is a new thing to  me that,a prime minister should insinuate  that a lieutenant governor's action is due  to a relationship' existing between himself and a public man representing a  constituency in the dominion parliament.  I shall make no reply to it, other than, to  say that since 13th .July last I have consistently and repeatedly intimated to you  by letter, interview and action, that my  confidence in yourself and colleagues as  advisers was gone. I could not let the  fear that my action, whatever it might  be, would be subject to peculiar misrepresentation, tie my hands, or deter me from  following such course as my duty to the  people of the jjrovince apjjeared to  demand. Y'ou end your communication  by the extraordinary ..request that 1  reconsider the dismissal given to you on  the .Sth'August, instant. Such a requ.est  emanating from you after what had  transpired, and m the face of the insinuations contained in the former jiart of the  same communication, betrays either such  a lack of knowledge tind propriety on  your part, or such readiness to advise me  to.a venal course of action, tis to finally  demonstrate your unfitness to act a.s chief  adviser to the representative of the  crown. The prei ogative of dismissal was  exercised hy me on the .Sth August,  instant..when yourself and colleagues, by  a formal demand for your resignat ion,  were relieved from your duties .as advisers to me. and dismissed as member.-* of  my executive council. pSuch action is not  subject to reconsideration.  Tiio.s.   H. .IclxNK.S  Lieu tenant-Cover nor.  "   SHERIFF'S   SALE.  I'l'oviiii-i; of lirili-li  Cohiinliiii. Xnl-on. Wi'.-i   KooU-iiny.  lo-wit :  Hy virttii; of waiT-nil- of oxi'iPiilifin i-p<nc:l out of tlio  .-.iipi-cnio p-ntii'l ipf lirili-h (.-(ilpiinlii.-i, ;iinl county��� court,  :C. tin: -nit. of (.'I'ni'jct; ('��� "I'nn-I.������ II. tho yoiin^iT. anil  lioiii'ii. Mrolliors. of l:<:\ i-lsli��l_i-. Hrilisli Coliimhi.-i,  |ihii:il 'lis, nnil lo nie iliivoli'il apim-l llio pioil* niul  I'linlli'N of Williiiin A'l-lin .Knvctl. ilefoinlanl, I li.iv.p ;  ...ci/.i'il and Inkcii in exp'oiit inn nil tin.! nVlit, title ami in-  lero.-!. ol'..-ai'l ih'fi'iiihiin, William An-tin .lo-.vol!, sahl to i  lie I w.iit.y-ilvf.'; lino-.mil -hnr i!-< of i-lo'rl;  (���_',',, ooni, more  or j  !.--, in l lie I.:, .v. l'. .Milling" ('"in pany, lip n i-ptMic.-iimi  i  of .-���J.'p-.-p.S-' .'iiiipniiit of -.1111 c.i'oiil.ions h.sidr- interest, j  -hern I"- poi i niliiKf iind all o! Iht h-ual cost sand incident a j  expcn.-e-, all of whii-h I .-.hall expo-,'.' for sale or suilieii'iil i  thereof lo salisfy said jnduni'.-nl, deht and costs, al .the I  from of the coiii'l lion'-.: in i'n' eiij of NcKon. H. I'.. on j  the ...'Veiiih (lay of Scptfiiii.oi-, A. li. INiS, a! thu hour of  I  II o'clock in tlie forenoon. I  Notk:   I nt euilliiK I'" I'lii' -!���!���-���  will satj-f..   tiiem-chc's j  a., to interest, a nil t.i llu of .a ul defend an I. |  WILLIAM  I'.  HOMINSOX. H-iuitv  Sheritl'.  Dated, Aiif/n-l 17! h, I������.���',  '������-.  Between Duluth antl Buffalo  " via- the  magnificent passenger  steamships   ''North   West"  and " North Land."  Touching en route: "Thi.  Soo," Mackinac^ Island, Detroit,  and Clevelam..  Connecting at, Buffalo for New  York and Boston. Also at  lakc ports for all points East  and South.  Two daily Great Northern trains ( I.astern  Railway of .Minnesota), from St. Paul unci  Minneapolis connect with steamers ul .Duluth.  Before deciding on your loute to llie Kast  cull on agents of (iivnt Northern Railway,  or write.  F.  I. WHITNEY, G.P. &. T.A., St. Paul  (lliuidsoinoly JUu-lnitivo descriptive matter  sent on reiiuc.-l.)  CANADIAN PACIFIC BAILWAY  AND   SOO   PACIFIC   LINE  Tlje Direc. and Superior Service Route from the  Kootenay Country to all Points East,  West, floi-th an.d South..  Tourist Cars (iVIodels of Comfort) Pass Revelstoke Daily to  St. Paul.    Daily Except Wednesday to Eastern Points.  co_sr_sr_3c_.io_srs  Rossland  and  Main,  tine  Points.  I...i.<;.                                 DAFLY Arrive.  C:io p. in ���.. XKLSON lu.-mi p- '"���  Slocan   City,   Slocan  Lake  Poinds and Sandon.  I.cnv..                     Ilnilv   I'.'xcepf   Sunday Arrive.  <i:(in ;i. in '.. NKI.SON' _:_f) p. ni.  Kootenay Lake--K,aslo  R.oure--Steanjer Kokanee.  I.envi'.                  D.iilv  Kxci-pi ..iiinlav Arrive.  I:(. i p. in XKI,..OX ll:'Hi n. m.  K,ooten,ay. R,iver Route-Steamer Kelsoq.  Leave.                               DAI I.V. Arrive.  7:00 a. m  .XKLSON  l(j:.'�� p. in.  Makes .titu-iirri connect ion at Pilot Hay wilh sicamur-  Kokanee, lail inward such connection is not guaranteed.  Steamer calls nl, way ports in both directions when  signalled. .     ��� "  Ascerlain present I'educed 1'h.tes iind full information  hv addri'ssiiif; nearcsl local agent or  CE0RCE S. BEER, City Agent, Nelson, B. C.  W. I*. ANiiKitso.s'. Traveling Passenger Agent, Nei. on.  K. .1. Coyi.i-:. I'is't Passenger Ageni. Vancouver.  Spokane Falls & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Bed Mountain Railways.  Ti]e only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson ai\d Rossland, arid  Spokan,e and Rosslaqd.  Leave  I'l-.ln a.  L'.n.'m.  ..::!') n.  The  CUIl II Cl  points  I'ns.  no et a  DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS.  Arrive   NKI.SON ir.'Ai) p.m.  .in KO.SSliA Nl>.....;  1'.:���.() p. in.  m    SPO-.A.V1. 3:10 p. in.  train lhat leaves .VeNon at 0:20 a. in., make* close  liipiis at .Spokane with trains for all  Pacille. Coast  vigors for ICettlo Kiver nnd Boundary Creek con  t Miircis with .stage daily.  "TT*  HE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  Vancouver, B, C.  BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS.  Principals:   The Demoiselles Kern, assisted by Miss Bar-  ringion, B. A., (Caqtab), who has h.ad ffvc years  experience in; Australia ;   Miss f<litct|ell, of  the "oynl Conservatoriuin, Dresden.  Tin- I'iruiiville school will reopen on August li;tli.in  Mum Street. The new school liinisr, which has boon  hiiill hv MIIp'. K'i'i'n. i- admirably situated on the brow of  the hill" ovcrliiiiking tlio harbor, ami in the centre of the  wi-.' eii'l. .  l'i-o-|M.-etii- .-in'! ail information on application to (hi;  Prinp-ip.il-.  TO   LEASE.  For a term of years, the Northwest half of Mock IdO. in  the city nf Nelson.    Address llo\-  Ncl-on.  ���'  _"'���   _.   " "."'"J t. ���__   '       **."��       . \    ''���.   -   .      . **' -'Pfc  "' ..|Jr" .    .   -  __s  &Si_  ta"     ���* 3  tK'i  _?�����u-'       h-u>>_  ^���ijvr^vr'^frtnnrinwnyii'm.'m^^nrmmMmt. if afp*n*_T^,l?ry*-*S J'.- ���_������*''!_. ��� . J*".'-' Wi' -"i 4  TLIE  TRJBUiNl.     NELSOJS',  B.C.   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The Knott was chartered  by the Bennett Lake and Klondyke Navigation' Company, and was successful'in  , making her trip so far without, mishap of.  any kind.    .............  The conservatives of Nelson perfected  their organization at a meeting held Monday evening in the board of trade rooms.  The organization will be known as the  Liberal-Conservative. Association of the ,  City of Nelson. The following officers were  appointed : John Elliot, president; -T.'G.'  Proctor, first vice-president; II. B. Thompson, second vice-president; Pred Starkey,  p-ecretary-treasnrer. The following members were appointed an executive committee: W. A. Macdonald, Q. C, Frank  (���'lelcher, William Irvine, P. Lamont, J.  A. Kirkpatrick,' A. G. Gamble, Jacob  Dover, A. Ferland; George McFarland,  II. I... Croasdaile, E. G. Russell, J. I_.  Amiable.  At Victoria on  Monday   Hon.  J. Fred  Hume   received  a  telegram   announcing  the death of his   mother at  Fredericton,  New Brunswick;  I. h said that   the  bank of Toronto  is  seriou.-ily contemplating the opening of a  branch  in,this   city.    Whether   there  is  any  truth   in  the  statement   cannot  be'  ascertained.  The clearing sale conducted by A. T.  Garland during the past month was most  siiccf.ssl nl. nearly I he whole of the large  stock being clenveiI out. Mr. Garland is  now out of busi'iies-* in this city.  William .Miller Sprott and .Miss Katharine ('urrio. were-married -Wednesday  evening at. the resilience of the bride's  parents by Ke\. Hooert Frew. Miss  Ten nie Cn'rrie acted as bridesmaid, while  Fred Irvine supported tin.'group.  The conservatives of the province were  in session at Vancouver this week. One  of the chief qin-stiuns to conic before the  convention is the advisability of introducing federal party lines into provincial  politics. As some conservatives prefer to  leuve the determination of this issue with  the political organizations throughout the  province rather than'with this week's  con i eiition the ��ctl lenient of the quest ion  imiy be delayed.  T. A. -Gregg has been editing the Miner  for the past, week. The new coiner is well  known in the ca.-t and has quite a reputation ms a newspaper man.  Stock in Mine Supplies more Complete than Ever  Ore Cars, T-Rails, Iron Pipe and Fittings  Contractors Profits will be Better  if we are Allowed to Figure on the Hardware  TKLT.I'HONI.  21  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  I'ROMin-  DELIVKKY  The people of Sandon will celebrate  labor day ou Monday. A good programme  of sports has been arranged and an enjoyable time may be expected.  The conservatives of Nelson were represented at the Vancouver convention  this week by W. A. Macdonald, Q.C.,  John Elliott and D. M. Carley.  A special court of assize will be held at  Nelson this mouth, commencing on Tuesday, September 20th. - ,  Mayor Houston is. expected back from  the coast this evening.  If there are any conservative candidates vyho have designs upon the constituency at present represented by  Hewitt Bostock, M. P., they should take  the stump at once. It will take an ordinary man from now until the next federal  general election, to cover this precious  district and cost the candidate more in  traveling expenses than the indemnity  will amount to in the ordinary life of a  parliament.      ���         '-        ���     ���   '  Government Shuts Out Land Grabbers.  A belt of land  five  miles  wide, extending back from Atlin lake on the northern  boundary of the province, where the new  gold finds have  been  made, has been re- j  served from  acquisition  under  the land |  act.    This does not affect the taking up  of claims  but is  to prevent people grabbing up the water frontage.  Governor-General to Arrive In November.  Lord Minto and Countess Minto and  their staff sail on Dominion line steamer  .Scotsman from Liverpool for Canada on  November Hd. The chief part of the governor's establishment sails on the Allan  line Laurentian on October 27th, and it  depends on arrangements at Ottawa  whether they will  disembark  at  Quebec  or Montreal. '___   All She Required.  Agent���Mas your piano an automatic  attachment, madam?  Woman���No, it ain't, but it's got a  sheriff's attachment, an'I reckon that'll  do for the present..  The Heavy Part.  "They have given me the heaviest part  in the- new play.'1  " Vou don't say?    What is it like?"  "1   have   to catch  the  big  fat leading  lady when she faints in the fourth act."  The Whitewater Mill.  Extensive excavations necessary for the  Whitewater mill, has held back construction to some extent, but the buildings are  now nearly ready for the machinery, and  October 1st will probably see the plaut in  full operation. Extensive development  has been going on in the mine all summer  and simultaneous with the starting of the  mill shipments will probably begin.  Convicted on Forged Evidence.  Lieutenant-Colonel Henry, one of the  chief witnesses in the Dreyfus inquiry,  has confessed that he forged1 one of the  letters which fastened the guilt on Dreyfus. Henry was then arrested awaiting  court-martial and committed suicide in  his cell. It is now thought that there is  every chance of reopening the Dreyfus  ease. :' .        : -    '. -  Large Force of Men at Waverley  . VV. II. Hazel, superintendent of the  Waverley mine, says those interested in  that section will shortly have the railway  up the Big Bend to the Waverley and  Tangier. On the two properties there are  now 120 men at work and they are putting  in a concentrator plant for the Waverley.  Ore is now being blocked out in both  properties for shipping.  Will Not Embarrass the Semlin Government.  Vancouver, pSept. 2.���Great unanimity  and enthusiasm prevailed at the Liberal-  Conservative convention today, a large  delegation is present from Kootenay. It  was decided that party lines will be drawn  at the next general provincial election,  but the .Semlin government will not be  opposed or embarrassed.  Good Returns from White Ledge  The Poorman Gold Mining Comjiany has  received returns from 100 tons of ore from  the White vein, the ledge on adjoining  claim belonging to the company, which had  been put through the mill. The returns of  the plate and batteries are $10.50, no concentrates or tailing values were taken.  Weeding Out War Correspondents.  General .Shatter is not the only one who  has had trouble with war correspondents.  ,3ir Ilerbert Kitchener, commanding the  expedition up the Nile, .also has his hands  full. All the great provincial dailies of  Great Britain  are making a great to-do  Tracy, Dueber Hampden, Elgin, P.  S. Bartlett, and Rockford. All  work   guaranteed.     Baker  Street.  Jewelery manufacturing and engraving done neatly and quickly on the  premises. If your watch is sick it  can be cured; or if it is too far gone  to recover a new one can be selected  from a full line of Waltham, Vanguard,    Crescent   Street,    Appleton-  ^   Just   received   a   consignment   of  Harris   home   made  tweeds  -from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  7 Ti]e Supply is Limited so Call Early arid Examine ify's StocK-  r  Baker Street West  .Nelson, B.C.  over  the fact  that he  has ordered that  none but correspondents of the more important London dailies shall accompany j  the expedition to Khartoum.     . I  They Appreciate the Chief.  Dr. Orbnhyatekha, the head of the  order of Independent foresters, received  a gift of $5000 from the order last week  for past services and was voted a salary  of $10,000 a year for the next three years.  This action was taken in recognition of  hisservices in building up the order.  LOST��� A dog tag- unci :i small  brass anchor.    I'lcuse  leave at tho post ollice.  a friend for adviee  a woman for sympathy  strangers for charity,  but for  Carloads of Goods  Coming  In order (:<i make renin for our fall  stock of Groceries, Crockery, etc., wc  offer to the jieople of Nelson a. row  chance to buy at rock bottom prices.  .For quotations call and see us at once.  Kirkpatrick & Wilson,  Telephone 10, Baker St:, Nelson.  ��  ��c_  and Shoe?  Go to  '&  -A special court, of assize, and nisi prius. and oyer  t<u-inincr, and general gaol delivery, will be lieid al,  City of Xelson. in  and  for Ihc county of  ICoolenay  Tuesday, the twentieth iliiv nf September, instant.  K. T. II'. HIMl'K'rXS, Deputy Hegist rtn:  Killed. September 1st. ISliS.  ���Hid  the  on  WARD STUKKT  Repairing of all kinds doiie. Our prices arc right.  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  ���' WIIITi:."     " IIAHlPl'l'."    "KLKCTION,"    A .YD    " ,M YL.MKIl"  .     MINKHAI. CLAIMS   SITUATK   IN"    TUB   NELSON   .MININC  DIVISION  OK WKST KOOTKNAV DISTKICT, AND LOCATKD  NKAK  TMH   I'OOk.MAN  CLAIM ON   KACI.K  CHEEK.  Take notice that. I, A. H. I'.irwell. agent for the Xelson,  Poorman Gold Alining Company, Limited, tree minor's  certificate Xo. ."pKliA, intend sixty days from the dale  hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for -a'eertillcate  of i in pro vein en Is, for the the purpose of obtain ing ii crown  grant of I lie above claims. .And further Mike notice I hut  action, under section .'17, must be commenced before llie  issuance of such eertillcate of improvements.  A.   H.   FAUWFAA,.  Dated this _nd day of Sapient..., I.SII8, |Sepf. ;i.|  seem mysterious to the ordinary  man, but when it comes to knowing  where the best shoes are to be had  for the least money, the practical  side of her nature stands out prominently. We haven't advertised a  bargain sale, but it has become  known that we are selling a particularly fine lot of ladies' shoes at very  moderate prices. That is enough to  bring those who like good stylish  footwear. We give a few pickings  from the large and varied stock,  NELSON SHOE STORE.  lifglllti^^


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