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The Tribune Sep 17, 1898

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Array r_f  [OOTENAY  las  iVilnes ihat are Paying Dividends and Hundreds,of Properties that can be Made  Dividend  Paying Mines.  SIXTH"   yEAR-NO. +2.  m  &.***  r':%V;.'.,.1 -  I        feS)  fe.   _*3\ -.3-.  NELSON,  ISM  OOLDMBlA, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER I/, I!  Has   a   WI moral   Output    of   Upwards    ot   One  Million    Dollars    Every ��� Month     ���   -  In   The   Year  TWO   DOLLARS  A YEA I..  THE   NELSON   REGISTRY    OFFICE  Work Will Be Commenced at Once Upon a Fire  Proof Building  ' Hon. J. Fred Hume, minister oi' mines  and pi'ovincial secretary, returned home  Wednesday evening to get things in  readiness for tlie by-election made necessary by his acceptance of office. He does  not expect a contest, anil iu fact lias received many assurances that none will  lake place, but he intends to lie ready for  any emergency.  ,\Vi"'h re-po l to tho political out look the  inini-ter of mini's predict;- smooth sailing  for l.lie new administration,' und he is  saiislied that when the government; meets  ihe legislature it will have, nothing to fear  i'roni a division. It i.s likely (hat several  ot the election trials will come off before  the house meets and in sumo instances it  is likely that sitting members who were  elected to support the Turner government  will not light the protests against them.  It i.s also within tiie realms of probability  that one or two seats at present held by  members of tlie opposition will be rendered vacant by the voluntary absence of  the members. In short there is every indication that the government will gain  strength between the present aud the  opening of the house, and that the opposition upon a division will be found much  weaker than some anticipate.  While in the city Mr. Hume will make  arrangements for the building of a land  registry office on the government reserve  below the jail. This will bo a lire proof  building of either brick or stone. A land  registry office is something which the  people of the interior have been clamoring  for for several yearn, hut the nearest approach to f he construction of it' was tho  voting of a sum ot #1000 during the Last  session for the erection of lhe building.  With respect to dismissals from the  civil service, Mr. Hume suited that while  there have been several dismissals already  they were rendered necessary in conformity with the new government's policy  of economy consistent with efficiency.  With respect to those who have been dismissed, so far in every case the dismissals  were due to the fact rhat the 'official dismissed was incompetent, or that there was  no necessity for the office. It is not the  intention of the new government to enter  upon any general policy of dismissal with  respect; to the civil service. The government recognizes Ihe necessity of .securing good men aud that it will lie impossible to get them) if anything in the  nature of the spoils system is intro-  which  places  in  tlie civil   ser-  vacanf  duced by  vice     are  virtually  the  rendered  every time 1 hero is a change of government. If (he neecs-pity for officials  exist and they perform their duties i.o the  satisfaction of those over them there is no  necessity for apprehension on the part of  any official in any part of the province.  Development on Dundee to be Resumed.  W. A. Galliher on Wednesday attended  the meeting of the Duudee directors in  Rossland. The chief business transacted  was the arranging for tlie future development of the mine aud the erection of the  concentrating mill and the purchasing  aud installation of a 17-drill compressor  plant. It was decided to complete the  concentrator as rapidly as possible, to  continue the development of the mine  and to at once purchase' and install a 7-  drill compressor. The matter of purchasing the plant was left to J. L. Parker, the  consulting engineer of the comjiany. Tlie  report of Frank Robbing, mining engineer.,  on the condition of the Dundee and its  promising-outlook was read. It showed  that there were some 24,000 tons of ore in  sight and dilated on the outlook and said  that it was a good mine and might, with  development, become a great mine. It  corroborated all the previous reports of  .1. L. Parker, and seemed to greatly please  the directorate.  Gratifying Development at the Whitewater.  The London & B. C Goldfields company  is meeting with great success in the development of the Whitewater property in  tlie Slocan. The company has issued a  circular to the shareholders informing  them that the development done upon  the property has opened up au ore body  which exceeded the company's expectations, but the conditions have not been  favorable for the shipment of large quantities of ore. Since March 21 th to the  hitter part of August the shipments did  not exceed 120 tons. The grade of the ore,  however, is improving, the last car load  averaging i(i0 ounces silver.  Separate Company to Take Over Yrnir  The British Columbia Review contains  a paragraph to the effect that a special  settlement on the stock exchange has been,  applied for by the Sew ('olden Twins.  Ontario--22!**J ��1 shares, fully paid, and  f>!V7H. Vendors' CI shares, fully paid. The  company will carry into effect an agreement with the ..London and British Columbia Goidfiekls I'or the purchase of the  Villi.' gold mines, situate at Wild Horse  creek, West Ivootenay, comprising four  claims, known as the Vmir, Rockland,  Mugwump-and'Golden Horn.  Slocan Men Have NoLuek  W. R. Will of New Denver has returned  from Dawson City. He has been in the  north for over a year, and says that there  are many rich claims on t he Klondyke,  but the seclion is spotted. California  Jim McDonald made a.small stake working a bench claim on Bonanza creek. Jim  went east last week. Toiighnut Jack did  not lose hi.s legs by frost a.s has been reported.    Archie Grant and  Pete Anname  Le Roi Development Aifects Realty.  Rossland Leader: No wonder real  estate is moving upwards in Rossland.  There are four machines working abreast  in shipping ore on the 700-foot level of  theLe Roi mine opening the ground for  stoping. Twenty-eight feet of rich ore is  like a million dollars, something easily  expressed in figures, but with difficulty  expressed in fact. By comparison this  body: of ore is nine times as wide and  three times as rich as the main reef on  the Rand. A depth of 1.00 feet of such a  body is equal to a depth of 2700 feet in  a Rand mine and a chute a huudred feet  long is equal to 2700 feet on the strike of  the Rand reef. These are astounding  figures. Real estate in Rossland should  and will go to a very long price, backed  a.s it is by such mines as are almost within  the town limits. '  Another Thins Which Might Happen   .'''  The Times of Victoria has been served  with papers in a libel action which is  being instituted against it by ex-attorney  general Eberts. It i.s understood tliat the  proceeding is based upon the allegations  in the Times as' to advice tendered by  attorney general Eberts to lieutenant  governor Mclnues with respect to the  signing of the warrants for expenditure.  There is some speculation as to the outcome in the event of the Times pleading  justification and calling upon his honor  to testify, and whether in such an event  the lieutenant governor would claim that  he was privileged from testifying. This,  of course, opens up considerable room for  speculation; but supposing on the other  hand that his honor has no objection to  going into the witness box and recites the  subject matter of those several interviews  with the attorney general, what then?   .  Every Man His Own Brewer.  "In the event of the government passing a law prohibiting the sale or use  of wines, liquors, etc., throughout the  dominion, is ic intended to prohibit private individuals from making wine, beer  or cider in their own houses, for their own  consumption and give to any of their  friends who may call?" The above is a  question which a correspondent put to  the editor of the. News-Advertiser. The  reply of the editor may be of interest, lie  says the law would prohibit the traffic iu  intoxicating liquors. There would be no  interference with private individuals who  might brew their own beer or make other  kinds of fermented liquors iu their own  homes for their own consumption.  Mill Win bo Running in October.  The Canadian Pacific Company, operating the Porto Rico mine at Vmir, announces to its shareholders that the management expects to be turning out gold  bricks by the end of October.  are in Dawson. Walt Carruthers, Jim  Ryan and many other Slocan people are in  (he country, but none have made a stake,  excopr. McDonald. Fuel is hard to get  around Daw-on. It will probably be  worth$80 a cord as I he timber'is controlled  by two men.  Toxt of Lhe Dunlop-Haney judgment  Justice Walkem in his judgment in the  ease of Dunlop v. Haney, in which the  plaintiff's action was dismissed for failure  to comply with the order of the court,  ie rites the following as bearing upon the  ] ii lint in dispute:  '���Iu this, act ion au oi der, dated I lie 211 h  of June. 1 HOW, wai- made lhat certain costs  due to t lie defendants iu a   finmer action  bo.Weru t he same pari ies "-houhi   be  paid  within one week' after service of the order,  or,   in   default,   that  the  present action  should siand  dismissed   with   costs.    The  order having been served on the plaintiff's  solicitor on the 27th of June last, .he week  necessarily expired on the -ith of July follow ing.   A check for 279.11���the amount  of the costs��� was sent on the .'30th of June  by Messrs. Eberts ife Taylor of  Victoria,  agents for Mr. Gait, the'plaintiff's  solicitor,  of Rossland,   to Messrs.   McPhillijis,  Wootton ic Barnard in this city, as agents  I'or  the   defendants'  solicitor,   Mr.   John  Elliott of Nelson ; but-the latter firm  returned   the   check   immediately, on   the  ground of their having had no instructions  to receive it.    Thereupon 'Messrs. Ebcits  ic Taylor got the Merchant's' Bank of Halifax here to telegraph to its   branch   office  at Xelson a credit in favor of Mr.   Elliott  for the $279.-11.    Mr. Kydd,  the  manager  of the  branch  office,  says  that about I  p.m. of the same day he received the telegram,   and    within   the    next,    hour    he  called at Mr. Elliot's office, aud, finding he  was engaged, informed his  brother,   who  wa.s also his partner, that the mouey was  in the bank at Mr. l.llioU's disposal.    He  also .says  that on   the -Ith  of   July   'die  bank formally credited   Mr.   Elliott   with  the amount', although he did not keep his  banking account with ihcm, and that four  or   five   days   afterwards  lie   asked   Mr.  Elliott if he intended to 'draw' the money,  and that ihe latter said he did   not.    Mr.  Elliott says that this coversaiion occuired  on the 9th  day of July���the  day  of  the  jirovincial elections���aud I am inclined to  regard this statement a.s being more conclusive than Mr. Kydd's general statement  as to four or live days.    Besides, a tender  on the fifth  day, even  if properly made,  would have been too late.   In any event,  iu view of the above facts, no tender  was  made;   consequently,   the  contention   of  Mr. Taylor that jiayment ought to be im-  jilied i.s out of I he question. To constitute  a jiropor lender the actual  production  of  the money due  i.s necessary,  unless   the  creditor dispense with the production of  of ic at the time, or does anything which  is equivalent to a dispensation'."'''.   '  TH!.   KAISER   IN   PALESTINE.  During his lei-urely cruise in  the Xor-  way fjord-', the kaiser has  matured   the  jn-ogramme for his visit to Palestine in  the autumn.   Theemjieror. with  the cin-  jiress,   and   probably  the crown  princo,  will   embark  on   the   Holm nzollern   at a  Mediterranean   port,     probably ��� Genoa,  whence they will sail for Constantinople,  where the sultan is making grand jirejiar-  ations for tlieir reception.    The  villa  in  the gardens of Vildiz Kiosk has been  put  in order, redecorated and  refurnished  at  a eo��t of many   thousands of  jiounds   -in  fac!, lhe imjjerial vi-if to the cajjital and  the   holy   laud   can nut  fali   -diorr.  of  the  enormous sum of $1,000,000.    And that in  the   fearful   plight   of   tlie   Turkish   ex-  cluquei ! The imjieria! conjjle,will remain  three days in Constantinople,  seeing  its  wonderful sight. and   reviews, this being  the empress' first visit to that city.   They  will then  sail for Haipha, which  will  be  reached  October 2Gth,  and   thence  they  will   travel   by road   to   Jerusalem,   the  kaiser on a splendid white mule j. resented  by the sultan, and the Kaiserin in a. carriage.    Thus they will  travel everywhere  in the holy land, and   not  by  rail.   The  lirst    night  cuuiji   will   be    pitched    at  Caesarea,   the second  at Jaffa, and   the  third midway between that iiort aud  the  holy city.  October 29ch (he imperial cavalcade will  enter Jerusalem, amid a military display  and jiageant, and the tents of the kaiser  and kaiserin and entourage���about 800  persons���will be jiitched on the sire  granted for the buildings ot the Lutheran  church. The following day (Sunday)  morning and evening services ,will be  attended by their majesties at Bethlehem  and t be Mount of Olives, a German asylum  for Armenian refugees being ojiened in  tiie former town. On Mond.-iy the great  ceremony of consecrating iind opening the  church of the Redeemer at Jerusalem will  be. peiformed, which will be attended by  many German jirotestaur. jirinces. The  ceremony will he intensified by the1 singing and playing of the sailors' choir of the  llohenzollern and the ship's baud. Then  follows an excursion to Jericho. Lhe Dead  sea and the Jordan.  November 5th the return journey to the  coast will commence, with halts at Mount  Tabor,Nazareth and Tiberias. November  10th the imperial travellers will re-embark  on the Iloheuzoilern. which will sail for  Ueirut, whence they will tiavel by the  new railway built by a French comjiany  to Damascus anil Baal bee. Returning,  their majesties will sail on the Hohenzo!-  Jern for Briudisi or Genoa, and they are  expected back in Berlin about the midd-'o  of November.  MINING-   ACTIVB   AT   AINSWORTH  Low Stage of Water Causes Annoyance  The creeks in Kootenay are lower than  at any time since 1S90, and many of the  users of water power'are'being hampered  in their operations. At Nelson, the  electric light jilant is run by water  diverted from Cottonwood Smith creek;  but owing to the low stage of water, only  175 horse power' of the 275 horse jiower  'developed can be used. This has necessitated the cutting out of a number of the  electric lights in the residence part of the  city as; well as all of the street lamps.  This happens at a time when the question  of the legality of the purchase of the  electric light plant by the city is in courts,  and the-\ opponents of the purchase,  through the Miner aud the Economist, are  making the most of it. It is strange that  the people who do not use electric light  are doing nearly all the " kicking."  Not Willing to Grive Extension.  'Work on the Mollie Hughes is not being  pushed with the energy that characterized the opening of the property. This  is not because of the lack of ore or favorable indications, but Mr.-Sandiford does  not feel inclined to spend a great amount  of money on the property until he receives  word from his comjiany regarding the  taking,uji of the bond, which is now iu  doubt, owing to^the company askiug for-  an extension of time of 90 days to permit  of further work being done. The owners  of the property are not inclined to give  the extension, since they claim to have  other big moneyed concerns ready to take  the j)i'Oi>erty should Mr. Sandiford's syndicate throw it up.  Another Kootenay Railway Scheme.  The Fort Steele Prospect, r has notice  of ajijiiication for a charter for a railroad  to connect with the Crow's Nest pass line  at some point between Wardner and Elk  River, to run up the east side of Ivootenay-river to Windermere, whore the river  will be crossed aud the road continued uj.l  Toby creek and across the Selkirk range  to the foot of lake Duncan, thence uj) the'  Lardo river to Trout lake and thence in  a.s direct a line as 'possible to taji the  Revelstoke branch of the C. P. II. it is  stated that work will be started on the  iine next spring if a charter is granted.  Almost every mile of the lino would lie  through a mineral country which needs  transportation and is ready for it.  High Grade Silver Cup Shipments  The .Sunshine, limited, the owners of  the .Silver Cii]> mine in the Trout; lake  district, has received from Ihe Selby  .Smelting and Lead Comjiany cheek's for  $12,*.S21.95 (freight, treatment and duty  charges deducted) iu respect of shijiments  of 12! tons of Silver Cuj) ore to the smelter.  A further shi|iinent of about 50 ton-' has  just gone forward. This makes a total of  something over 0.10 tons sliijijiet 1 during  the last few months, all the ore being of  the same high grade character.  During the past few weeks something  in the nature of a general mining activity  struck- the old Ainsworth camp, and  the jieople of the town are more hopeful  'than they have been for two or three  years.  On the Highland property a considerable force of men i.s employed on the mine  and at the mill. The Albion projierty is  being operated and furnishes employment  for several men. The Number One is  working steadily. There are twenty men  employed on the Little Phil, and arrangements are being made to resume work on  the Little Donald.  ���The Colfee creek air supply concern  furnishes emjiloyment for a number of  men aud there are ten men at work building the Trail' uji Colfee creek to the  headwaters. Ft is likely that several  shijanerits will be made over this trail  during the approaching winter.  Work has also been resumed on the Old  Jerusalem claim on Cedar creek. This is  one of the oldest claims in the camp aud  was secured by its present owner nine  years ago. At jiresent there are twelve  men working ou the property driving  cross-cut tunnels. It is the intention of  the owner to utilize the Water of Cedar  creek for the jiurjio.se of developing power  for the prosecution of the work upon the  claim, aud a jilant similar to that on  Woodbury creek is talked of. A wagon  road i.s also being built from the end of  tlte old government road to the Jerusalem  property.  On the .Skyline tenders have been called  for the sinking of a 100-foot shaft ujion  that property, and it is expected that the  contract will be let next week.  Frank Fitch and Alex McLeod are working ou the Nighthawk, a projierry located  to the south of the Kraal, and they have  one of the Jjest showings iu the canqi.  Thuoe who I'/ave have been uji to the property say that they have twelve feet of  ore showing.  i-Vank Heap is working his Woodbury  creek jiroperty, which was thrown tip  some time ago by the parties who had it  under bond aud is meeting with every encouragement. He will jirobably make  considerable shipments from the property  this winter.         Courage Often Pays.  Toronto Telegram : It is a jiity that no  basis can be established for an exact com-  ji.'M'ison of the effects of sincerity and  courage with the results of insincerity  and cowardice. Canad  mostly the victims of a  station that timid!.}.' is ihe greatest of all  the jiolitical virtues. Few public men  care to take t lie risks which attach to a  policy-of outspoken.bravery, but the proportion of men who are brave and fail is  not signally greater than the proportion  of men who are cowardly and fail. Even  in.politics, and Canadian jiolitics at that,  courage and sincerity are no surer guides  to failure than cowardice and insincerity.  worse than death.    A correspondent who  recently  visited  the chief prison  of the  Canton of Vaud, where the assassin  will  be confined, describes  as sad indeed  the  result of solitary life imjirisoumerit.    One  man whom he saw, the perpetrator of a.  series of murders  in the mountains, had  been in the cell for fifteen years, with the  result'that he completely  lost his reason.  The governor of the prison confessed that  in   view  of this and other similar cases,  his   views   of'cajjital   .punishment   had  undergone a complete change, and that he'  was now strongly in favor of the death  penalty.  Cjion a sentence of life imprisonment   the assassin   will   be  jjlacecl  in  a  small, dark cell, from which he will never  emerge,  and will be  fed'just enough  to  support life.    There is  no hope for  the  assassin being sent to Austria for trial, as  the murder of the emiiress on  Saturday  took  place on   the   public1" thoroughfare  and not in the private apartments of the  Avstrian party.  MUNICIPAL   MATTERS.  BLEDSOE'S    MONTANA   STORY  ���as jiublic men are  hard-dying super-  Balance on Right Side this Time.  Ottawa, Sejit. .12.��� Accounts for the  fiscal year 1S97-8 have been closed, and.it  ic is possible to state..- with certainty < the  financiarcondition of the country. In his  budget speech last April, lion. W.; S.  Fielding anticipated a surplus of $550,000;  the actual surplus is $1,575,881. This is  the lirst time that a balance has appeared  on the right side of the account since 1893.  The deficit iu 1891 was $1,210,000: in 1805,  $1,153,000; in 1S90, $330,000: aud in 1897,  $51.9,000.        ' .���  ��� '     '.-."' '���.'  St. ICeverne Bond Falls Through  The St. Keverne bonding scheme is off.  The stockholders of the comjiany were  almost unanimous in  favoring the  jiro-  posed plan'whereby John A. Finch was to  take a bond for $20,000 on the jiroperty in  tlie Slocan tmd to admit sucli of the stockholders as desired to become interested  with him in the bond in projiortion to  their holdings of stock. The scheme - wa.s  abandoned on account of the ojiposition  of the minority shareholders in  the  east.  Satisfactory Development of the Waverley  On the Waverley'and Tangier projier-  tios,' near Albert Canyon, extensive  ,deveIo|iment work is going on, the vein  on the former jiroperty having been  tapjied at three levels, the lowest being  at a dejith of 000 feet from .the outcroji-  piug on the surface. At this jirojierty a  concentrator is being built, after which it  is exjiectetl a regular outjiut will be maintained. The concentrates have .a value, of  about $70 to the ton in silver and lead.  Still Talking of a General Klection  Toronto, September .1.0.���The Mail and  khiijiire's leading editorial says: Several  circumstances point to the j.iossibility of a  general election for the dominion before  next session, the government thus taking  advantage, it says, of the results of good  crops, larger exjiorts and an alleged  surplus, etc.     There iu no Deceit.  The emperor of Germany has jiromised  a bill to prohibit strikes, in tlie L'nited  States the courts issue injunctions ordering the men to work for', unsatisfactory  wages. The balance of advantage seems  to lie with the'German method, a.s the  striker' is misled by any imaginary  theories of liberty of indejiemlence.  Worse  than  the Death Penalty.  The   life   imprisonment,    with  solitary  C'piifincmcnt in store for ihe Austrian em-  jiress'  assassin   is  declared   by   those  acquainted with Swiss jirisons to be vastly  At the meeting of the city council on  Monday afternoon a communication was  read from John Elliot, formerly city  solicitor, in which he declined to turn  over to the corjioration the city mouies  and jiajiers in his possession until his  costs were paid. Mayor Houston was: empowered to take the necessary steps to  secure the return of the corjioration jiroperty.  A communication was read from Messrs.  Fell and Gregory ou behalf of theNelsou  Land and Improvement Comjiany with  respect the arbitration to determine the  value of the lauds exjiropriafced by ,the  corjioration for the construction of the  waterworks system. The aim of the im-  provement company is to have submitted  to the arbitrators the fixing of the value  of several jiieces of land which were not  acquired by tlie corjioration, but which  they claim were damaged by the construction of the waterworks. The mayor  was authorized to correspond with the  solicitors with a view to securing a settlement.  A letter from |iremier Semlin was read  in which he stated that he would fake uji  fhe matter of the transfer of land, with  the Canadian Pacific railway with a view-  to securing to the corjioration the recreation grounds. In this connection mayor  Houston explained that during his recent  visit to the capital he had taken the matter uji with tiie jirovincial authorities and  found that jnactically no jirogress had  been made in the matter, as the former  government had done nothing in the way  of me."t itig t h" wishes of the citizens in  t his rcsjiect.  Tho council did not take any action in  the matter of completing its arrangement  to supjily the Hall Mines with water as  ���the present low stage of water would not  justify the council in entering into such  arrangement, and the matter went over.  In view of the low stage of water in  Cottonwood-Smith creek the council decided to cut off the street lamps and cut  off the light supply in the residential  portion of the city above the corner of  Stanley and Carbonate streets. Mayor  Houston exjilained that in view of the  proceedidgs taken to quash the electric  light bylaw it would be impossible to take  the necessary steps to improve the service. The proper course, in his opinion,  was the utilization of steam power during  the low stage of the water, but at jiresent;  situated as matters were, nothing could  very well be done until the matter was  out of the courts. .'  Tiie council decided to call for tenders  for the construction of the following sewers, tenders to be in by Monday afternoon: On Cedar street, I'roni Water  street to Vernon street. On Vernon  street, from Cedar street to Park street.  On lane at rear of captaan Hayward'sresi-  dence, from Cedar street to Park street.  On lane between Lake street and Front  street, from Cedar street to Park street.  With respect to the application of Kootenay Lodge No. 10,1. O. F., for the purchase of two acres in the new cemetery, it  wa.s decided to take no action until the  ground was .platted, when an auction will  beheld so that,churches and societies desiring ground will have an equal chance.  The city engineer was'instructed to have  the road to the cemetery built at once by  day labor.  Mayor Houston was authorized to ascertain whether the sufferers by. the New  Westminster lire required assistance, and  receiving an affirmative rejily telegraphed  $500 to mayor Ovens on Tuesday.  The council decided to engage a night-  watchman to look after tlie business  jiorlion of the city. The ollice is being  Idled by T. I'lyan.  Afraid of a Prohibition Victory  There is evidence every day to show  that the Laurier government is in mental  dread of a prohibition victory at the |iolls.  La I'atrie, Hon. Mr. Tarte's organ, throws  oil' the mask c'oinjiletely and jiubiishes an  article, written no doubt by the minister  of public: works himself. The article ti|)-  peals to the farmers with the stateniont  that the distilleries being closed a jirofit-  able market for barley, corn and other  grains would be lost to tlio farmers of  Canada'by jirohibition. Le I'atrie also  sttites that the farmer should not lose  sight of the fact that total jirohibition  would entail the failure of ��� thousands of  cunning establishments and throw at least  30,000 emjiioyces on the streets.  In the Face of Some Jumper's Bluff He Secures  a Good. Property  J. F. Bledsoe, who for a time was connected with the Nelson Miner, has  returned to Vancouver after a several  weeks sojourn in Montana. According to  his account he had a rather exciting time  61' it in an endeavor to secure and develop  a gold piojierty in < Bear Gulch, Park  county, ..Montana. Bledsoe's story is as  follows :  Mr. J I. Bush, Mi  Vancouver jieople  Bailway  Conqupiy  li. P. R. Tralllc Receipts.  Canadian   Pacific   ''������"���  traffic receipts for the  week ending  tember 7th.  were $518,000: for the  week last year they were $192,000.  John .lervis, and other  combined   with  some  eastern  cajiitalists   to  form a syndicate  and take a bond on some property in Bear  Gulch.    The ground Avas originally owned  by some parties  who  had lots of $8 ore  and   had   erected   a   20-stamji   mill,  but  through a variety of circumstances  they  got iu difficulties and a serious overdraft  in   the   First   National Bank of Helena  resulted.   The bank failed aud a receiver  was   appointed.    He, foreclosed   on   the  projierty and  from  the receiver   we secured the bond,   After the receiver took  possession,   some   of   the   old    workings  caved in and exposed  a vein,  the existence of which had not been known before,  although it was within ten feet of the old  tunnel, where the old comjiany was working when it went into bankruptcy.    It lay  unobserved until a party of claim jumpers  appeared and started  work on the new  vein.    At   the   time  we arrived  on   the  scene they   were   taking  out   from   the  decomposed ledge  matter $100 to $150 a  day  with a rocker,   though they had to  pack the ore down to the creek on their  backs.     We   could  not stand   that,   but  they said I should not go on the, ground.  They sent down  to a coal camp  called  Horan and brought up twenty coal miners  with Winchesters.    They ran a big  bluff  but nobody was killed and  I  got on the  ground.    We then ajiplied to the  United  States court and got a writ of injunction,  which was   afterwards  made  perpetual,  and the case is now coming uji on trial for  confirmation of title.   There is no question  about its being the richest gold mine in ���  Montana.   There is about fifteen feet of  rich ore and on each side i.s a quantity of  decomposed,  oxidized   and   broken   vein  matter.  ���'While the trouble was (lending,"' continued Mr. Bledsoe, "I. examined the  ground in the neighborhood very carefully aud made uj> my mind that this  vein ran through the adjoining projierty,  although it did not croji out on the surface. So thoroughly convinced wa.s I of  this that we took a bond on the adjoining  l'l-operty. A crosscut tunnel was run  under my instructions, a comjiany was  organized i\i?JL v.heii j left ..ear Gulch the  20-stamii mill was jiroducing concentrates  which the l.ast Helena Smelting Works  certified showed 9 ounces of gold to the  ton and an excess of iron which materially  reduces the smelting charges. Nine  ounces to the ton means over $150." Mr.  Bledsoe produced the certificate of assay  to'prove his statements.  Refuse to Take Down the Bars.  The   Methodist   general conference at  Toronto,   after   renewed   discussion,   on  Wednesday voted down with a sweeping  majority the resolution seeking to remove  tlie restrictions at jiresent lilaced upon  theatre-going, card-playing, dancing, etc.  When tlie temperance report came up,  objection was taken to the first clause,  which stated.that it was a deliverance of  the Methodist church that the liquor  traffic could not be legalized. Several  delegates considered this a condemnation  of the licensing system and argued that  licensing was directly beneficial, as it had  the effect of curtailing the traffic. The  clause was referred back.  Colonel Baker Is Sick and Disgusted  Colonel Baker is now in Cranbrook  making arrangements for a trip to London.  In speaking of the jiolitical situation the  colonel expressed tlie view that the new  government would ask for a dissolution  instead of risking a vote iu the house. ' In  such au event tlie colonel said that he  would not again be a candidate. He ex-  jiressed himself as sick anil disgusted with  the hapjieuings of the |iastfew weeks and  will allow others to take up the jiolitical  fight...  ,   ,  Two More Sorry Oilicials  Hon. Forbes George Vernon, agent-  general for British Columbia in London,  has been dismissed by the new government. The office may be abolished. Dr.  Furrer, jihy.sickin of the jirovincial gaol  at Kamloojis, also has been dismissed.  The intimation reached him in the jubilee  hospital, Victoria, where he has been a  liatient I'or the last six weeks. His partner in Kamloojis in the 'meantime is  attending to the gnol.  Don't. Want to Live in'Westminster  It i.s stated at Ottawa that the reason  of the delay iu the apjiointing of a justice  of the supreme court of British Columbia  is'that Archer .Martin is not inclined to  reside in New Westminster, which he  would have to do if he accejited.  The Axe Commences to Fall  Surveyor-general Tom Ivains has been  removed from office by . the new government. It is said that there are several  others who will also be required to walk  the jilank in the course of the next few  weeks.   A Million and a Half Surplus  According to the dominion government  financial   statement,  now  jire|iared,  the  surplus     for     the     last    fiscal    yeai  $1,500,01)0.  is THE  TRIBUNE   " ffELSON    B.C.   SATUEDAY, iSEPTl.AiBKii  !Si)��S.  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  'I'd I. 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Alacdonald block, corner of Josephine and Vernon streets, every  second and fourth Tuo.-day evening at 8 o'clock. A11  visitintc knights arc cordially invited to attend.  Okohoi: I toys, ic. of R. & S.  U. G. Aoy, C. C.  SDriinttte*  S-TUIUlAY   MORNIxVQ sni'Tlv.MlJHI!   IT. IStiS  Tm>:  workingmen  ol.'  this  province are  awakening to the fact  that  i'or  the  first  time in its history Hritish  Columbia  has  a government composed of men who have  sufficient manhood to champion the cause  of white labor as against that of Chinese.  This means a great'deal to a   jirovince  so  situated that it has become thejumjiingoll  place for every Chinaman who  decides to  settle on the  North American  continent.  It means that no longer will   the  welfare  of thousands  of  white laborers, who are  seeking to make homes for themselves in  this province, be subordinated   to" the interests of   the  few  who   for  years have  found  it  to  their advantage  to emj.ilo}''  Chinese labor in their collieries and  fish  canneries.   That this changed  condition  will not be favorably regarded   b}' those  whose profits are adversely affected may  be ex|iected.    Already a note of complaint  has   been   sounded  by  a  portion of the  press whicli is controlled by the Canadian  Pacific Mail way Comjiany, which, through  its steamships, reajis a rich harvest in the  transportation of thousands of Chinese to  the jiorts of Victoria and Vancouver.    In  its jiieading on behalf of tho railway company the  new  government is warned by  this jiortion of the jiress  against  jiassing  any harsh  measures  looking  to   the exclusion of Chinese, and the remarks of the  colonial secretary at the colonial conference are  quoted  to  the  effect  that  tlie  imjierial government would be jiained  to  sanction  any  legislation looking  to   the  exclusion  of  the Asiatics  on  account of  their   race.    Coming   from-   so   high    an  authority such an c-xjiression of ojiinion is  sure to carry some  weight,   but  the fact  that the application of"  the  remedy  may  occasion    pain, doe*   not disjiose  of   the  necessity   for   the   ajijiiication.      If   the  Anglo-Saxons who have settled in British  .Columbia become convinced that in order  to maintain their foothold iu this jirovince  it is -necessary to exclude the Chinese, the  chances are  that  they will see to it that  the   jirovincial   government   passes,   the  necessary legislation, and when the jieople  of eastern  Canada  properly  understand  the situation .'and see that the issue is the  keejiing out of  Chinese or  surrendering  the province t<> them, they will not place  any obstacle in  the   way  of  their  fellow  citizens' legislation,of self defence.    Once  the  federal authorities agree  that it  is  necessary that the Chinese should  be excluded from British Columbia there is not  much jnosjiect of ..interference  from  the  imjierial authorities.   ''Li Hung  Chang is  no   longer   in   I.ngland   hyjinotising  tho  members of the imjierial government, and  the e.Y|ierience of the past few months has  demonstrated that a show of force is  the  only   argument. . which   ajijieals    to    the  Chinese   authorities    in   tho   shaping   of  political matters in Asia.   For tlie jiresent.  however, it may not be necessary to  pro-,  iiibit Chinese   immigration.-   Tiie .federal  government ha^tisyertcd  its  right  to  impose a heul   tax <>i i..i(i upon every-China-.  man entering the dominion.  If a lax ol'$~>0  can   be imposed  ;r tax  of f. ~>00 cm be im-  liosed,'and the friends of organized' labor  should do all'in their  power   first, to. get  the jirovincial -government to recommend  such   a   tax   nnd   then   tu-get the federal  authorities to imjiose it.  Tmk advocates of prohibition have advanced a new argument in support of  their contention fiiar, it is desirable to  jiass prohibitory legislation: This time  they apjieal to tlie pocket, and show that  in (lie state of Maim', where prohibition  litis been in force for many years, the  savings' bank fiejiosjts of the working  |i.o|.ile are very much in excess of the  s i vings'bank deji'isits of Ohio under the  license system. Tlie editor of the National  Temjiei .ince  Advocate,  a  jiajier of  some  standing, makes fhe challenge for a  com-  jiarison of the prosperity of the common  jioojile    under    the    two    rejiresentative  sysrouis of .Maine and Ohio., The popula-  tiou of the jirohibition  state of Maine'is  given   a-   001.(Mi,   and   that   of   Ohio as  *..071,SI(i.   The jiopulation of Ohio is therefore five and one half times that of Maine,  but   fhe   saving-'  bank deposits   of   the  jieople of .Maine very much  exceed   those  'of the greater number of jieople of Ohio.  The   jirohibition   sttite,   with   much   less  than three quarters of a  million  people,  has   savings'   bank  de|iosits  aggregating  S.1'-.*'07,;j')0,   while  Ohio,   wilh more   than  three  and  a  half million people, has but  S-'M,(KKi,21'| to  its credit   in   the   savings'  banks.     This    means   that   the   savings'  bank deposits nf the state of .Maine equal  $S0.77 jier head, while those of Ohio equal  but S('.__ |)or head.    There are 20 states in  the union which surjiusp Maine in jiopulation,   but only  seven  surjiass  the jirohibition state in aggregate of savings* bank  flejiosits.   Cax the Canadian Pacific Railway Comjiany  claim  the  whole of its subsidy for  the building of the Crow's Nest Pass vail-  way while the Kootenay lake  section  of  the road, between Nelson and Kuskonook,  vemnins uncompleted ?   This is a question  which   will   jirobably   come   before    the  federal government, and it is one in which  the citizens   of   Nelson   are   very   much  interested, since if the  railway  comjiany  can secure the subsidy  without  perform -  ing the work, the incentive for immediate  construction is lost.    In the opinion ofthe  great  majority   the  subsidy   which   was  voted   to  the Canadian Pacific .Railway  company, called for the construction of a  railway to the city of Nelson.    If  this  is  correct   the   railway   comjiany   will   not  have earned this subsidy until the all rail  connection with Nelson is made.    It may  be that the Kootenay lake section  of  the  road   will   be  the most exjiensive to construct, .and it may suit the purposes of the  consti noting company to  utilize  a ferry  service   between Nelson  and  Kuskonook  pending the completion of the Kootenay  lake section, but these conditions  do  not  alter tho fact that the terms  upon which  the. subsidy was granted call for the  construction   of  ti   railway  to Nelson,   and  until such a  railway  is constructed   not  one cent of the subsidy should   bo  jiaid.  There   is   a  tendency  on  the  jiart  of a  section of the press, which is favorable to  the great railway comjiany,  to read  into  the contract made  between  the  railway  company   and   the   government,  certain  remarks made by the ministerof railways  in  the house of commons, in which it is  inferred   that  the conditions  were   such  that the railway company has till December . 1st, !000, to complete  the Kootenay  lake  section  of  the  road,  and   that  the  comjiany havingconij.leted that portion of  the road whicli admits of immediate construction is entitled to the subsidygranted  for the completion of the whole work.    It  need scarcely be said that such  an  argument   does  not  meet  the   views   of  the  citizens of Nelson.    They desire to see the  Crow's Nest road constructed to Nelson as  speedily   as   possible,  and   they   do   not  exjiect that the federal government will  defeat this desire by paying the railway  comjiany   its   subsidy   before   the work,  which the subsidy calls for. is completed.  When the Canadian Pacific llailway Comjiany completes the Crow's N.est .railway,  to Nelson it will have earned the subsidy  granted for that work and not before.  Among the communications read at the  general conference of the Methodist  church at Toronto was one written by a  layman who requested the conference to  jirotect congregations from the growing  evil of manuscript preachers, which the  writer asserts is the chief cause of the declining growth of the church. The jioojile,  says the writer, want (.reaching and not  'pulpit readings, and if they cannot get it  in the Methodist churches they will  jirobably go elsewhere.  It is reported from Victoria that ex-  premier Turner litis leased his residence  in the cajiital for one year to judge Harrison of Nanaimo,. and t.lmt he contemplates making an extended visit to  Kngland.' In this case he will probably  resign his seat after the opening of the  legislature. Should this action be decided  ujjou by the ex-uremier it will not surprise  his friends. It w.as generally known for  some time that he wa.s tired of politics,  and that he should seek needed rest will  surjirise but few. He will doubtless fie  missed by the colleagues whom lie  held uji for the jiast few years.  At the general conference of the Methodist church held in Toronto hist week au  attempt was made to fix the niinnimum  amount which the members should contribute to the funds of the church, and  an effort wtis made to fasten a system ot  beneficence upon the Methodists of  the dominion which would require  them to give one tenth of their  individual'earnings. The committee to  whom.the matter wa.s referred, rejiorted  to the conference in favor of the principle  of the people giving a tenth of their incomes to the church, tmd added a cause  recommending what  is known  as a   free  will offering as   well.    When  the  jejiort  came   before   the   conference,   however,  considerable ojijiosition was encountered,  objection being generally  taken   to anything of a mandatory nature in  the  matter  of   church   beneficence,   and  after a  jirotracted  discussion   the   ojijionents  of  dictated beneficence carried the day, and  the  resolution   was   modified so   that   it  merely commends that systematic beneficence  which recognizes  the principle of  giving   the   tenth.   There   were   over   a  dozen clergymen who participated  in the  discussion,   and   with   one   accord   they  went back two or three thousand years to  prove their contention that the members  of the Methodist church in Canada should  or should not iu the year   1899  contribute  one-tenth of their earnings  to  the  funds  of the, church.    There   wa.s just one lay  member wdio figured in the  jiublished  re-  jiort of the debate,    lie o|iposed tiny hard  and fast rate in the matter of giving.    He  reminded the members of the clergy that  there were many heads of families iir the  jMethodistchurch.who.se earnings did not  exceed $375 peratinum, and he asked them  if they jirojiosed to exact the $-S7.;"i0  from  such.    For some  reason  the debate was  chojijied off when the lay member finished  sjieaking,   and   the resolution    was sent  back to the committee  with  the  instruction to make it recommendatory and not  legislative.   Tiiosi. who are in a jiosition to know say  that there is no truth' in the report that  the Laurier government is considering the  advisability of re-arranging the rejiro-  sentation of Kootenay in the federal  house. The necessity for some re-arrangement exists, but the federal authorities  have as yet taken no action in the matter  whatever.  Hi?  i  m  ������3    r.. ���'���"'  W   %ffi_\  min  111 a i 11  In order to make room for our fall stock of Groceries, Crockery,  etc., we offer to the people of Nelson a rare chance to buy at  rock bottom  prices.   For quotations call and see us at once.  13  lira I.  Vi.  jKiiit*.  Telephone IO, Baker Street, Nelson  $  e  er1  tVmoi  V  Capita! $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.  All types of electrically operated oiining1 and power apparatus  Sole agents for complete Victor Blasting' Machines  We also sell the genuine Bell Telephones  British Columbia Branch Offices  (Jrnnville ..ircd���VANCOUVKI!  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It is not on record  whether Mr. Bostock embraced in the  general policy oi the federal government  its celebrated straddle on ' the Kettle  River Valley mil way charter, which  action permitted the Canadian 1'ae'ific  Railway Company to secure for the present a monopoly of the transportation  business in Boundary creek, it is well  known that Mr. Bostock did what he  could to secure for the people of Bouudary  creek the advantages of railway competition, but it is equally well known that  the people of Boundary creek were denied  this advantage in consequence ot the  indifference upon the question shown by  the members of premier Laurier's cabinet,  who divided evenly upon the matter and  allowed the Canadian Pacific Railway  Company to carry its point to the detriment of the people of Bouudary creek. If  the members of premier Laurier's cabinet  are fair minded ttieti who, consider the  interests of the whole people first, how  came it that the member who represents Boundary creek in the house of  commons was unable to impress them  with the.justness of the claim of Boundary  creek foi^'railway competition?  Ok the $2,000,000 which were paid for  the Center Star mine at Rossland, Oliver  Durant received 5r��7SS,03;1.00, aud an almost  equal amount went to A. H. Tar bet of  Butte, who was associated with him in  the development of the property.  Tiie statemeut made by commissioner  Ogilvie that he will administer the affairs  of the Klondyke in the interests of the  mining industry on the Canadian, side of  the fine does not meet with the approval  of some of the mining papers in the  United States. Timber is a scarce commodity on the Klondyke. For this reason  commissioner Ogilvie has announced that  he will preserve the timber of the Yukon  section for the Canadian mining industry  and prevent the exporting of it to the  American side. Because Americans want  to traffic in Canadian timber and Ogilvie  will not allow them, they denounce his  policy as narrow and ungenerous. This  conies of a desire to administer tho Klondyke from'Washington.  Tiik time check evil is cropping out  again on the Robson-l'enticton road, the  railway contractors issuing time checks  tit the end of the ������month, whicli tire not  payable for another 20 days. The effect  of this, as everyone knows, is to compel  the men employed upon the work to have  their time checks scalped before they can  get the money which is due them. It  might be well for the author of the Kellie  Truck Act to look into the 'advisability of  extending the scope of that act, with respect to currency payments, so that it  would give protection to railway navvies  whether the work in li.iud is more than  throe miles from an incorporated city  or not. ' _  .__  Tiik Vancouver World litis succeeded in  fastening the first charge of corruption  upon the .Semlin government. In the  estimates passed last session the Turner  government voted $(i()0() i'or a court house  in   Kossland.     This amount  will   not  be  BRANCH MARKETS   .....  Rossland and'Trail,'in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything- in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Or^nrs hy mail carefully fillod and promptly fnrwnnlor].  sufficient to provide a sni table building,  so finance minister Cotton addressed ti  communication to i lie mayor of Ito-'sland,  iu which he asked whei her tin- pimple of  lios.slatn! de-urod tint the work should be  proceeded with with the $0000 limit as  the cost of the building, or wait until (he  new government, can supplement the  present vote suHicieu.ly io put. up a building which will meet present requirements.  The Vancouver World sees in t his attempt  of the new minister of finance, to secure  the sanction of parliament for his expenditures, an attempt, to bribe the electors  of Rossland. The World says that, such,  however, is but the beginning of what  may be looked for from the members of  the new government.  E__3  festf 1  1a  Kit let! up witli  !:il lis and iimdci'i!  t:oiiviiiii'iic_s  Hppl.v tu  m  *9  si y.i  ?____i.______j  i nm  Tine Times, of Victoria, makes the announcement that the administration of  the lands and works department will be  made the subject for another investigation, and it predicts that somthing different from fhe evidence offered at the last  enquiry will be forthcoming.  Received Daily from Spokane at the  jdLUJrlfjAju  TIIK GirKAPK.ST PLAOK IK Till. CITY KOR  TOUTS OK ALL KINDS.  BULLS & LOTT, Cor. Baker and Ward Sts., Nelson.  BLAGKSMITHING PO  i'  Wagon   Repairing Promptly Attended   .o  by a First-Glass Wheelwright  Special attention given to all kjnds of repairing  and custom wor!^ from outside points  SHOP:    Gor. Baker ar-d Hall Sts. j^elson.  \s^__yip^��jji_s��gjg  'I'll  Sliuot.int; St'.iHO!)  i-i now on  BAKER STREET  I raving K.ouroil llie nwi. commodious anrl con-  .vciii~ii. f|inirlc!'s of liieuliove hotel. Airs. K. O.  Clarke takes this opportunity of-Uiiinkii _r lier  Conner patrons at, tlie Clarke Hotel for their  patronage in the past., and for soliciting a eon-  liiiiinnci; of the same. .  Greener, Parker,'.Remington, Clabrougli,- and W. Richards-.Guns.  The most, complete line of guns and the lowest prices in the .Dominion.  _u__  i_  Kootenay Lake Sawmill, ."G. G. Buchanan, Prop.  E.  Rates $2 per Day  0.  Giarke, Proprietor.  First.  Yard:  class   lumber   at 'rig-lit  prices  Doors,   Turned  Work,  etc.,  Foot Hendryx Street.-  Also   a   full   line   of   Sash,  constantly on  hand.  JOHN RAE, Agent.  ���pHE TREffiONT  HERALD0,  OG  SCHILLAR  NELSOKT  MALONK & TRI''GILI,t;!s. Proprietors.  Is one of Lho bcsL hot.uN in Totul Mountain district., and  i.s the headquarters   or prospectors and minors.  Manufactured by The-George E. Tuckett & Son Co., Ltd.  SOLE AGENT,  NELSON, B. C.  UNION MADE CIGARS  Ji  ITOTI'CE  ()\vih;i\s ol* I mi ui licit; niiiK'i'.-il cliiitns, ������tlits  stii'Fiiw! of which belongs to this Company,  who (losing Id ,'i(.'(|iiit'e title to Midi .stti'l'ut'f,  should iiuikc .'ijijilie.-i.t ion for .same tit once,  its tho'Company is now receiving numerous  applications for the purchase ot land in the  vicinity of I'o.sxland, and alon^ the lino of  tho ."Nelson t. Fort Sheppard llailway, and  il, is tlio desire of tho Company to give tlio  owners of liona. lidt; mineral claims fhe first  privilege of purchasing (he surface of such  claim.  /.elson & Fort Sheppard Railway Go.  .___, & *a^iiV.��^_LV__-.__v_ftp*Q3_J3i  Architects, Builders, and Joiners.  When  Requiring Thoroughly Seasoned Lumber   Call   and  inspect Our Stock.  Iu slot'lc I.UOO.tllKl feel of lloiiriiiK, liniii},' mouldings, doors, sashes,- and every description ol'joinery constantly on  hand.   Screen doors and windows made to order.  office T> w> GRAY, Prop.  Cor. Hall and Front Sts.  ir  LONDON AND BRITISH C0LUMB1.  HEAD   OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.  All communications relating to  British   Columbia  business to be addressed  to P. O. Drawer  505, Nelson, British Columbia  d.  RODERICK  ROBERTSCN, General Manager i   .,��-���   QDM      P   n  S. S FOWLER, E.M.,  Mining Engineer t   InCUOUIN,    \~>. O.  w  II  -____  ���>������  i"'..i-  �����������-_  ���������_"��� ��� ��� ���  !35_3ra��3^3^^  V Till. TIM.I3UNI_:   Nl_LSO.iN, ti. 0., SATURDAY, SI.L'TEAIIJ.SR TJ, 1898.  ���JjM1  JA  Capital,  Hod  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  8,000,000  1/niii srn  lion. OKO.  .'���..TIK.'OXA  AMI  A.  lHULMJIOXD,  .AIT.  OLOUSTON.  ItOVAL, Pru-idenl   Vice-President  .. .General Manager  ���n-blsow- _3_H.____sro_a:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.  wi"1, , _._._-_._^'_-j. _:-_._;_.  CAPITAL,  SURPLUS,  $1,500,000  $1,175,000   IIHAKUHKS   IN        LONDON   (England).. NEW   YORK,   CHICAGO  and in t.he principal cities in Camilla.  A SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  has been   established   in  connection   with   the   Nelson  Branch of this Bank.  DEPOSITS OF $1 AND UPWARDS  received! and current rate of interest allowed (at present 3  per cent, per  annum).  GEORGE KYDD. Manager.  r_E_r  St  '[}-_  H��-  'E  _B_i____ENr^  OP     , '  (ch _-*_ S   a El Pi /El fl-". P  ���-..  buLuB7flu_2-i  N  MI.MV   discovcrv  i>  on  fii.'t-'lv.   ;iuoiir.  HnilM.'  ^%' 1 itJ iforse, anrl   not   nvt-  I'"  Ol lie  Si <<de.  i wt-1-1'- side of  in iir- ue-it. of  17   miles from  'rue Grow iii oi' Odtii'eltovvship  Aprii 20. lSi!), SO years ago,  five men  Ihcinsi. v. s  together  sifl.iii'^pi or  hoiilih.  to nid each  Sinf-e then  SHERIFF'S   SALE.  V.Jl'Kl-: OK WALK  IIV SIIKIUI'I'.  Is T:i . .Sl-.'i:.':.!.: Comer or Bitnisn Ciii.i.ihia.  I! iy :ini|  -roll  Sterling   l''xchangi! und  Oable TriiriKft'rs  IIIMNT OOMMKICOIAL AND  TltA VKM.KltS' CUKPITK.  mailable in any part of tho world.  incAKTS ikmcki)   ooi.i.ku'iions m\hk; kto.  SAVING'S/BANK BRANCH.  Cl'llRKXT ItATrJ OK [NTKUI0ST PAID  TOM   It ALL'S   LUCK.  Tom Mall had "got. religion." There  \vtis no doubt about it. The news was  public property in the pretetioious little  Nevada town, and as a sensa.ion it was a  decided success.    Kven had Tom denied it  ���which he did not���the dally and nighfciy  evitlences he gave of his conversion were  indisputable. ITe resigned his position as  day shift behind che bur of tlie "Golden  Palace:" a seat was no longer kept for  ii lili at Donovan's faro tables, and if he  drank at all it must have been but little.  Moreover, when accused of going to the  lil'tle white church on the hill, on a certain Sunday, in company with the young  lady school teacher of the town, he had  turned angrily upon hi.s interlocutor, and  'pertinently inquired "if it was anybody's  damn business whether he did or not?"  ft was no point, against the prevailing  contention that Tom had not immediately  dropped the emphatic vernacular of his  environment.  Now. Tom, if tiie truih were known,  had never considered himself.a groat sinner, and if. was doubtful if he was filled  with tiny penitence at till for his past lift'.  In his converted state he had resolved to  do and not to do certain things, as to  which Miss Dawson, the teacher, had very  decided opinions. But secretly his private  views on morals were still rather broad  and liberal, and he saw no particular  harm in taking a drink at proper intervals, gambling when the deal was fair,  and otherwise partaking in a moderate  way of the various enjoyments provided  by the town in the sage brush. In short,  Ton: was more converted to Miss Dawson  than lie wa.s to the church. _3ut although  the town   wisely concluded   that t.he step  night. Certainly Tom acted with no irreverence. Far' from it. Watchful, as  are all gamblers for the slightest incident  that may sncin to betoken ,a change of  fortune, his belief was instant and sincere  that (hi- wa* ;i sign from the right quarter to diiect, him in t he chtu eh work in  which Ik; was engaged. Without the  slightest hesitation he gathered together  every net he had upon the board ami  plar-ed them upon the queen. Within  three turns ihe queen won. He allowed  his winnings t.o ivuiain on the card, tind  again the queen won. Once more he dared  fate, and after a, number of turns the  queen showed in the box.  This was marvelous luck, and astonishment was on every face when he drew  down his triple winnings.  'While the cards were being .bullied for  next deal, Tom stealthily opened the little  Bible now lying- in his lap and peeped  into it.    He read :  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  government, but has been  kept"from the  public. .  How many wounded dervishes were put  to death after the battle of Onidunnan  will never be known. The London Standard guardedly tells of the slaughter as  follows : ''Some of the sirdar's Soudanese  were cautiously making their way across  the field of battle, their duty being one  which, however hateful it may seem to  the theoretical humanitarian warfare  ag'iin.-t. a savage horde like the followers  of the khalifa' makes imperative. There  is no need to dwell on such incidents'. It  is enough to say that as everyone with  experience of fighting in the Soudan  knows too well, a wounded Tiaggara may  often be more dangerous than a Baggara  without a scratch on him. Concealing his  agony aud feigning death he can still deal  a fatal blow at his unwary enemy."  GRAVE   FRENCH   STATISTICS.  2. loO.OOO have been initiated into this bond  of fellowship through the subordinate  lodges which have been organized for the  better carrying oh of this noble work. ��� In  that time $75,000,000 litis been paid in sick  benefits and relief, ' while the receipts  have aggregated .$10.1000.000; 2,0,000  families Imvi been succored at the time of  their greatest need ; 210,*i('0 brothers have  died and been buried with honors of the  order.  ...I'lainlill's  ��� Defendant;:.  Between  Wii.i.r.i.M llir_:____ & Company   and  Tiik Ij.ii.kr Minimi Comi-a.-v (Foreign)  JN OliFAUF.SCF, ton writ of Kieri Facia, issued oul of  A the above. Court to nie directed in the above suit for  Ihe sum of S_Hi.fi. Dobl anil (Josls together wilh inleresl  on (he same, besides Sherill".. fees, poundage and other  expenses of this execution. I have seined and will oiler  iur hale by Public Auction at tlio Court. House, Xelson,  on Monday, tho ,'llst day of October, A. P., ISIS, at 12  o clock noon, All the right, tillcand inlerestof tho above  defendants in the lands described below, or sufliciont  thereof to satisfy the judgment debt and costs in this  action:  PROVINCIAL EXHIBITION  '.ndcr the direction of the Jloi'al Agricultural  anil Industrial .Society of jlriLisli Columbia.  October 5th to 13th inclusive  .  at New Westminster  I.V COX.IUXC'TlOX WITH TIIK CITI/JCXS'GllAKD  VKARLV (.KLICHRATIOX  $18,000  IN* PJUZKH  $18,000  District,  Kootenav  District  Number  of  Lots  Concise Description  of Property  Lot S57.  (.J roup 1  Lot S.'p7, (.'roup I,  known its the "Idler"  Mineral Claim,  Kooolenay District  I  ��� .stale  or  Interest  The premium list, is the largest, ever o/l'ered  west of Toronto   ���  Title  Under  Crown  Craiit  (issued but  nut. yet  registered)  .When lo be sold  Jlondav, the .'51  October, A. D.  o'clock noon.  .1   day  1N!I8. nt  .Where to be sold  At I he'front of  the  House. Nelson, II.  Court  C.  Pro-Spectacular Hoinbartlincin of Santiago De Cuba,  and blowing up of tho "Maine." Followed by an up-to-  date lire works display, which has been seen red for four  niL'hts.  _   .  Lacrosse and ba-e ball matches, bicycle meet, auuaKi-,  sailor, and _nIcdonif.ii sports, promenade concerts,  horse races, dog show-open to the world.  "Por Ihe children  of Israel  shall  without a king."���Iloseu,. chapter iii..  abide   many  verse I.  daj^  Utlceii was not aitogeter devoid of worlci-  line-s, it took a malicious delight in  clothing him figuratively in the garb of  an anchorite.  The church on the hill. a. was natural,  felt proud of its new .member, but Miss  Dawson felt prouder. The young lady  would, indeed, have been hypercritical  had she felt any chagrin on beiug accoui-  ied by the young and handsome neophyte.  One Sunday the pastor announced that  it was very desirable that the church be  provided with a new orgtm. He proposed  that the fuud for this purpose be reali/.ed  in a novel way to that locality at least.  The members of the congregation were  individually to pledge themselves to raise  money by the performance of a service, or  by the manufacture or sale of something  inexpensive, and afterward the different  accounts of the various experiences were  to be given, which in itself promised considerable aninsemeut.  Tom Hall went to his rooms and gave  the subject deep and profound consideration. He was not long iu deciding in  which .direction lay the prospect of success for his best endeavor.  The following night he astonished the  players jat Donovan's faro, tables by  wal'kiijg"iu-o the place and dropping into  his old seat. He at once bought twenty-  five dollars' worth of red, white, and blue  chips.  "W-e-11," came from the amazed Dr.  Toots.  "Backslidin," said Jim HefTner, the  look-out', apparently to himself.  Tom was seemingly oblivious to these  and other remarks.  "I'll keep cases," he said, cheerfully, as  he reached for the case rack and pushed  back   the   buttons.    Then    he   placed   a  couple of bets on the board, and said:  "Let her go."  The crowd in the. room-drew near and  silently watched the play as the cards began to slip from the nickel box under the  cleft fingers of the dealer; nothing was  heard but the click of the cases and the  rattle of the chilis as bets were placed;  the look-out, apparently indifferent to  the game and yet the personification of  alert' watchfulness, ' lolled on his high  chair and' puffed lazily his cigar; the  dealer, iu his shirt sleeves, was itiipassive-  ness itself.  The first deal and Tom had lost. At;  the end ol the second, he bought another  stack of chips, to which he soon added a  third. The cards were not coining his  way, but he was too experienced., a gambler to show the slightest annoyance.  Nonchalantly he drew from his pocket a  silk handkerchief. The movement dislodged a small, neatly bound book, which  fell to the floor. It was a Bible, a present  from Miss Dawson. He picked it up hurriedly, intending to replace it in his  pocket, when his eye happened to fall on  this verse of au open page:  "Ami it was so when the king;-aw  Ksl.her, the ijiiecn.  i'Uinditig  iu   the  court.  Ihnl. .she  obtained   favor  in  hii  sight,; anrl lhe king held out. to i'.'sihcr the golden sceptre  IC.-ilier, chapter v., verse..  that was iu his hand.  It wtis to be  of this truthlul  eused of irreve.i  tions of   Tom  mped tliat the chronicler  narrative will not be licence in detailing the ac-  llall   on   this   memorable  The king was immediately coppered for  a huge slack of chips. At the same time  he .judiciously placed a number of bets on  different curds, for he saw a disposition  on the part of the other players to "follow him, and he wanted no assistance in  his laudable endeavor to "bust the bank."  In due course t,he king lost twice in succession, and his pile became so formidable  as to engross the attention of all. Never  before had such a peculiar system of playing been seen' at Donovan's, and the apparent recklessness displayed in risking  large stakes upon a single card was freely  commented upon.  Tom, however, continued to win steadily, and now frequently consulted his  Bible without* making any effort to conceal it. He had just read from l./.rn,  chapter iv., verse S:   and let the  fountains thereof be strongly  Inid : t.he height, thereof I livee score ciibilsand the breath  lliereut'throe score cubits. I. Wilh three rows of great  stones - "  "That means the tray, sure," he said to  himself, as Iu: pushed a big bet toward  the card.  "Is that Movie you got there, Tom'.*  ��� ..-kod the lookout, unable any longer to  conceal his curiosity.  "Nope: a better book than Jloyle."  ������You playing a system out of it?**  "That's what,"' was the unctuous reply.  The game went ou. but it was not long  before Tom's remarkable run of luck  came to a close. This greatly surprised  him, as he was now firtulj' convinced he  could not lose when depending upon biblical hints, and not an important bet had  been made without referring to the sacred  volume. .He chose to believe finally that  the dealer, in order to save the house,  was practicisir.g some crooked work. Of  this he became convinced when, upon  betting "deuce-Jack" on the turn at the  end of the deal, the cards came out "Jack-  deuce."  "Keep your fingers on top of that box,"  he cried out, angirly, to the dealer.  "D'ye mean to say���-" began that functionary.  ..  "1 mean to.say this," said Tom in a loud  voice, as he sprang to his feet,"that you  have got to give me a square deal.  I. have  a book here that says so, aud  whac  this  book   says   goes.    It says  right  here  iu  Exodus,, chapter  viii.,   verse 29,   'let not  Pharoah deal deceitfully any ���more.' "  "What's that?    What book is that?"  "It's the Bible���that's what it is!"  "The   Bible?"   came   from    the    open-  mouthed and amazed dealer.    ' .  . "The B-i-b-1-e?" echoed the others in an  incredulous, half frightened way.  ".Yes,'the Bible," repeated Tom, in triumphant tones, "the best book ever written, and it has a warning for you faro  dealers just the same as for other sinners."  l}onovan, the proprietor of the rooms  aud the tables, was now beside his dealer,  and his voice was heard for the first time:  "Well, Tom Hall, the Bible is barred at  lay-out, and the game stops for tonight!  You're a. big winner, but you can cash  in, and I. reckon we've got enough of the  stuff to pay you."  The organ chut is used in the little white  church on the hill today is one of the  sights of the town, aud strangers are even  asked if they have seen it. It is said to  have cost several thousand dollars. Donovan has more than once declared that he  was its donor, but Tom Hall, while admitting that Donovan contributed most of  the money for its purchase, maintains  that the contribution was quite involuntary. Mrs. Tom Hall, nee Dawson, and  the pastor have never consented to be  ���interviewed as to the amounts of the different subscriptions, and Tom Hall himself wa.s unexpectedly called out of town  on the evening that the experiences of the  endeavorers were given.  THE    WOUNDED    ARE    KILLED  France Has Fewest Marriages, Most Divorces  and the Lowest, Birth Rate.  .Some statistics which have been drawn  tip at the ministry of the interior are very  interesting,  as thes^   show  that  it is in  .Vance  where  the' fewest marriages are  contracted and   the  greatest number of  divorces are pronounced.    For one thorium!   persons  of both sexes there are  iu  France forty-five marriages,  in  Holland  forty-nine, in Italy fifty, in Austria lifty-  one. in Eugland and Denmark fifty-two,  and in Germany fifty-three.  On the other  hand, the number of divorces pionounced  in France is increasing with extraordinary rapidity.    In lSSfi the courts released  from the marriage vows 2!'_0  couples.    In  18!Xi no fewer than 7051 di voices were pronounced,   and   according   to   the  results,  which  are still  incompletely known, for  1S97, ir. is stated   that the  number of divorces last year will be .-hown to have exceeded 9000.    (jnder  those  circumstances  it is not astonishing that i.he number of  births  in   France should   be   inferior   Lo  those of any other country.    On an aver-  ago iu   France there are a  hundred  and  .sixty-three births per one thousand  married women from 20 to "50 years of age,  wheieas there are 270 in Germany, 200 in  Scotland, 201 in Belgium. 2;*>1  in Italy, 2.10  in  l.nghind  and Austria, 2-10 in  Sweden  and Ireland, and 2.0 in Switzerland.   The  FVench may, however, find consolation in  t.he i-asi;   paragraph   of   these   statistics,  which shows that the average morfality  in  France  is   lower   than   in   any  other  country.    It is put dowu   to   twenty-two  and a half per one thousand, whereas it is  thirty-five  per  one  thousand  in Russia,  twenty-eight iu Italy, a little over twenty-  two aud a half in Sweden, and close to  twenty-three iir Germany.    Comparisons  are, however, ...misleading,.as  methods of  collecting  statistics   must    in    different  countries vary in accuracy and fullness Of  result.    The death rate of Great Britain  in 1890 is put down at less  thau   twenty  per one thousand, whereas it is known  that Great Britain's rate is by no means a  comparatively low one.  Westminster City Fire Losses.  It is estimated that the loss suffered by  the people of New Westmiuster by reason  of Saturday night's fire was fully So,000,-  000. Of tins sum something over $1,000,000  was covered by iusurance. This amount  is.divided between 28couipanys, of which  the London Assurance Company is' the  heaviest losen with a total of $147,000.  The followingSshows the loss of each  company: ;-  Having closed out his Nelson store,. A. T. Garland is  desirous of winding up his.,  business in this city as speedily ��� as possible. All persons  owing accounts to him are requested to pay the same to  F. W. Swannell before the*end  of the jDresent month. Mr.  Swannell's office is in Room  No. Q, Turner & Boeckh  Block, Baker Street.  Nelson, Sept. 5th, 1898.  Terms of sule ensh.  H. HKIJOItAVE. Sherill'of Kootenav,  Per W. P. Robinson, Deputy Sherill'.  Dated the llth tlay of .September. US!)S. . ���  La.vi) asd W'ouks Dki_ikt.\!i-;..t.  Victoiua, U. C, .July 7th,'ISIS.  Sir: In reply to your Jetter of the Uii instant, [ be;,' to  any thnt the erown Brant (Xo. 210/Sl) of lot Su? group 1.  Kootenay district. (Idler mineral claim) was issued on the  _iUIi -\pril, ISSI7. to the Idler Mining Company (Foreign).  1 have (lie honor to be,  ."Sir, your obedient servant,  ���     W. S. OOUK. .  Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works.  Tii It. U. ICerr, Barrister, Now Denver, li. C.  I he line.-t bands in the province will provide music.  -Special rates over all railway antl steamboat lines.  No entrance fees charged for exhibits.  Premium lists, entry forms, and full information on  application to  Mavoh Ovk.vs, Chairman Celebration Committee.  W. II. Ki>MOND8, Secretary Celebration Committee.  1. J. Tkaim', Pre .dent II. A. Sc I. Soeiel v.  Aitrmat Mai.i.vs, Secretary R. A. & I. Society.  \V. H. Kkauy, Kxhibition Commissioner.  J  PROCLAMATION  KhKCTOHAI,   DlSTI.'ICT    OK   WEST   KlJOTK.VAV    (N'lCI.SO.V  Ittiii.vt.) 'I'n  Wit:  PUBLIC NOTfOR is hereby given, to Ihe 'doctors of  the Nelson Hiding. IliMrict of West Kootenay, thnt in  obedience lo Hor Majesty's Writ to me directed, and  bearing tl.He the First day of September, in the year of  Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety eight,  I lerjuire the presence nf the stiid Fleetors al, the Court  House. Nelson, on tho '1'wenty-lirst day of September, al  I_o'oloe_ noon, for the purpose of Klcelim; one person to  ropi'o. out, thoni in the Legislature of tin's Province.  The motto of nomination of Candidates ..hall be as  follows:  The Candidate, shall be Humiliated in writing, the  writing shall be . uh-.-ribed by two registered voters of  the I list riot as proposer and .-eeontlor, anil hy t hree other  registered voters of the said District a.-, iisnuiiting to the  nomination, antl shall bt: delivered to I lit: Returning  OJN'-cr at. any time ticl ween the tlate of ihe Proclamation  rind one p. in. of the day of nomination, and in the event  of a poll being ut-ee.-sary such poll will bt; open on the  Twenty Kighth day of September, at  Court House, NeNon ;  Custom House, ivootenay Boundary :  Vmir:  Waneta:  Hall's Siding;  Krie;  Walorloo;  Silver King Mine, Toad .Mountain ;  Procter's Lauding. West, Arm;  K'lislvOiionk-;  (���'onI, Itiver Crossing:  of which e\ery person is hereby rcuuireil lo take notiec  and govern hiniself accordingly.  G IVION under my hand ai .Nelson the Twelfth day of  September, one thousand eight, hundred and ninety  eight.  ".���  ." W. .7. GOEPKL.  I.eliirninu' Olliecr.  .North British & Mercantile.   Sun Fire, of London'      :   1 loyal     .London'.&. Lancashire    Hartford   ..  .......  liritish America, Toronto   Liverpool and London and Globe ;..  Phoenix of London.....   Guardian...........   ..!...  Alliance   .  Atlas   Aetna     ..  Connecticut ��� ��� .v   Union, of London   Insurance Company of North America  Manchester     London null Canadian   Imperial ,....���   Norl horn   London Assurance Corporation    Commercial Union    Norwich Union   Scottish Union and National      Lancashire        Queen's, nf New York   National, of Ireland   Phoenix, of Hartford -.   Wesl ern. of Toronto........   ..? 115,1)00  . 11,000  .     It.llOll  .   so.ooo  .      5.000  !l,(100  . '  16,700  .     75,00li  ti.ono  .     lii.Slu  .     'AiyXiOO  .   '38.800  .     50.000  .     L'.S.llllO  .    SAMQO  .     -I.f-il')  iMHIII  .     IS.II'JO  ...00  .   1-17,(100  .   107.750  II.IHlll  ���lii.700  I.S.0IJ0  7,5011  .1,001)  :.'t 1,(100  l!i,III III  II...-S.| TITOS. 11. MciNNK'S...,  VICTORIA, b'y the Grace of God, of (lie'.United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Qukk.v. Defender  of the Faith, &c, &c.. &c. .  TO THE RliTUkNING Ol-'KICKIt OK THE NKI.SO.V KlDI.Vll  OK TIIK  WKST   ICOOTIilCAY   Er.K.C .'OltAl,  lllSTJtlCT:-  ""-""Til'Kill'-AS a vacancy has 'happened in Ihc Legisla-  Yv tire Assembly by the acceptance of otlice of the  Honourable .1. Fred Hume, a Member for the Nelson  Riding of the .West ICoolenay Electoral. District. We  command you thai, notice of the time and place of Flection being duly given, you do cause election to be made  according to law of one member to serve in the Legislative Assembly of'tho Province of British Columbia for  the Nelson Riding of (lie West Kootenay Electoral" Dis*-  tricl, untl that you do-cause the noniinntion of Candidates at, such Flection to be held on the day of  next, ami do cause the name of such Member,  when so elected, whether he be present or absent, to be  certilied to Our Supreme Court, at the City of Victoria,  on or before the 15th day of October next, the election so  made, distinctly and openly under Our Seal duly indorsed upon this Our Writ.  l.v Tkstimoxv Wiikkko. .' Wc have ciiusctl these Our  .Letters to be made Patent.'under the Great Seal of  '- .Our said. Province of British Columbia: Wit.vkss  the Honourable Tnos. K." McTN.vi-:s,.at Our Government House, at Victoria, the Jirst tlay of September,  in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred  and ninety-eight. '.   ,.- .  !5v Command.  li. If. TVRWMITT DRAKF,  Registrar of the Supreme Court.  EAST   KOOTENAY   NOTES.  - TLiere were no wounded Malidists left-  after tlie battle of Oiudnrniau. Cruel and  bloodthirsty a.s it may seem, the wounded  almost without exception were massacred  by the .British and Egyptian soldiers.  The Onidurman battle is not the first  where this has been done. .SinceGordon's  death it has been the custom because the  wounded fanatics are more dangerous  almost than I lie well ones. So many  British officers and surgeons ha.ve been  killed or wounded while passing  battlefields in the Soudan trying to  suffering .Malidists that mercy and  have given way to necessary cruelty,  killing of thu wounded has been practised  with the silent connivance of the British  The North Star Mining Company will  start a new shaft, lo lie sunk a depth of  H00 feet, and an order has been placed for  new hoisting machinery. Some twenty  men are employed at the mine prospecting  and developing the property.  F. 0. Smith, the manager of the Sullivan  group, says that the prospecting shafts  sunk on his'company's' property indicate  that the ledge is something like 100 feet  wide. On the eastern side of the ledge tt  sixty foot cut has been made1 and a shaft,  'orty feet, and on the western side a  foot, cut has been vim and a shaft  twelve feet. The ore from these  ;  pi ves  an   assay   'value   of   $H0   to  over  help  pity  This  sunk  forty  sunk  .shafts  the ton  One  of  the  most, -inI erc-  merits of the past week  of  rich   gold   ipiar  lop-  lind  ting deve  ms been the  on Boulder creek.  The quart/, i.s of surprising richness, and  small ..amplest when p;>nned give large  returns in gold, one a.-'say ga ve'rei urns of  over ^-iOOO in gold.    The  location  of the  PROVINCIAL SKCUKTARVS OFFICIO.  1st September, l.S'.t.S.  HIS   HONOUR   the   Lieutenant-Governor  has   been  pleased io appoint the uinlor-ineiitioiied persons lo  be Returning Ollicers for I he   Fled oral  Districts or l.'id-  ings of Floctoral District,.-: placed opposite tlieir respective names, namely:  .Ia.mk.h '/.. Hai.i., Vancouver City.  Wim.iam Doni). Yale, West Riding.  Wii.i.ia.m ./. (.'rici'i-;!.. ICootoiiay West. Ncl.-on Riding.  ���^Ji,  vOTICK  A  SPKC1AL  Court   of A.--si:'.e.   Nisi   Priu  Terminer, mid General G;io! Delivery v.-  nt, the Cit v of Nelson, in anil for the County t  no Tuesday I he .(lib tlay of September, IsllS.  Br (.''iniin.-iiid.  ".I. FRKIl lll.-.Ml-:, Provincial Secret  Proviiif.-i.-il Secretary's Ollice. :i!st Augusl, l>.:iS'.  \ Over antl  ill be holdon  f Konleiinv.  A  Citv  Tue  |iccinl t.'i'iiii'l.of .-i"izi.'. and nisi prins ,iud oyer and  ner. and general guul delivery, will he held al. the  )f NeNon. in untl lul' t'-if ei'i'iiily of Kooli'iuiy on  lav, I be twi'iit i'-l li day of September, instant..  F. T. il. SI.MPK INS, Deputy Registrar.  Ilr.ti-ii, Hi-plumber 1st, ltt!l .  * 7  ri i  .ANTIC   STEAMSHIP   TICKETS.  'I'o a ml from Furopean [mints via Canadian and American lines. Apply I'or -iiiling rliiles, rates, tickets, and  full informal ion to anv Canadian Pacilic railway a^'ent or  GFO. S. H*I'*1'*R, C. P.  R. Aixent. Nelson.  WILLIAM ST ITT, General S, S, A_cnt, Winnipeg.  Sir:  Land Rkcustuv Okkiuk,  Viltoiiia, 2,'ith August. WS.  He IIcvtiok v. Idlkh ' ,  In answer to your letter of the L.nd instant, [ beff to  say that no registration of title has been registered as to  lot 8.")7 group J, Kootenay District, either to the Idler  Mining Compiiny or anyone else, consequently no abstract of litle can possibly be furnished,  Your obedient servant,  S. Y. WOOTTON,  Registrar Goneral, per K. S.  It. It. ICerr. F-q.. Barrister, New Denver,- B. C.  STEAM   TUG  SALE  BELOW   COST.  One tug about 10 feet long by 7 feet beam, frame of  natural oak crook., double framed and nut together at  the coast, planked and finished at Kaslo with special Iir  limber, lias one water tube boiler of .0 II. P.. testett to  iSO pounds C. W. T., fastened throughout with galvanized iron; two double reciprocating reversible engines;  one special Marsh steam pump: one double Lube metropolitan injector; brass sitle lights: brass steering wheel,  etc. Fitted and linishcd throughout antl within in lir.-t-  class order  Tho  Following Machinery at a Bargain.  One steel upright boiler with fittings complete, I. H.  P., but little used; one doubloreciprocntiiigbiiunro pi.lon  stationary engine, 7-10 IL P.. trimmings complete; fly  wheel, iL' by 5j, revolutions ���_!" x 'Al", but little used ; sectional, can be broken into light weights for packing; two  drag saws complete, two saws each; one heavy adjustable wood splitter; one lot of shafting, bearings, wood-  split, pulleys, belting, etc.    For parlicuiary apply lo  HAMILTON BYERS,  Kaslo,  Sandon,  Nelson,   B.  C.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY  OF  NELSON.  TENDERS   FOR.   SEWERS.  The city council are prepared lo receive lender, for  l he const ruction of .sewers as follows:  On Cedar street, from Water street to Vernon street.  On Yernou .street, from Cedar sired to Park street.  On lane at roar of captain Hay ward's residence, from  Cetliir slreet to Park.si reel.  On lane between Lake street and Front slreeL, from  Cetlar street to Park street.  Specifications can he seen antl forms of lender and  oilier information obtained al the ollice of A. 1j. McCulloch, city engineer. ���  Sealed tenders, marked.';outside "Tender for Sewer,"  are required to be sent in not later than tl o'clock on Monday, the lflth September, instant.  The city council tlonot bind themselves to accept tho  lowest or any tender sent in.   Bv order  .1. IC. STUACIIAN, City Clerk.  Nelson, B. C, September Kith, ISIS.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY 0F; NELSON.  ,S0TICE   TO   ELECTRIC   LICHJ  CONSUMERS.  Notice is hereby given that all persons using electric  light in tin: city untl. not paying an "all night rate"  therefor, will be charged an additional monthly rate for  such light unless the lights are turned off after business  hours in places of business, and by twelve o'clock in-private residences.   By order.  .)." K. STRACHAN. City Clerk.  ,   Nelson, B. C. August; 25th, 1SJI8.    "'.  Notice of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  WIIITK C'I.pJUI). I'il.UK JACK". YKI.I.OW JACK, SITTl.Vfi HVI.l.,  lll.Ui: .IAt.-Iv KKACTIO.V, VEttllH' J.lt'K KKACTIO.V, ASD'  SITTING ULM.I, KKACTIO.V MI.VKKAI, CLAIMS, SITUATE  I.V TIIK XKLSON' MINING III VISION OK. ICOOTKNAV DIS-  TIUCT, AND I.OCATKP O.V TIIK NOKTII HIOK OF SIIKKI'  CKKKIC, NKAK UKAK CKKKIC.  Take nolice that, I. .1. A. Kirk, acting as agent for the  Salmo Consolidated Gold Mining & Development Company. Limited Liability, free miner's certificate No.  l.'I.IKU, intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the in in ing recorder for a eertillcate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claims.  And further take notice that, action, under section .'{/.  'must he commenced before the issuance of such eertillcate of improvements, .LA. KIRK.  Dated this _7th day of August, 1SDS. (Sopl. 3rd)  Notice  of   Appiieation   for   Certificate  Improvements.  of  ICIKKWAI.I. MI.VKK.U. CLAIM, SIT.ATK IN TIIK NKLSON  MINING DIVISIOX OK WKST ICOOTKNAV DISTUICT, AND  I.tlf.'ATKI) O.V MOKXIXG MOUNTAIN, KOI'K MILKS SOUTIIWKST OK NKLSON AND IS SOI'TMWK.ST OK.H.r.VO M. C.  Take notice that. I, .1. M. R. Kairbairn. of ���Kaslo. B. (:..  acting as agent for T. Rendnll, free miner's certiticate  No. -o_l. intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the mining recorder for a ei-rtilirati: of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of I he above  claim.-And furl her lake nut ice t hat net ion under section  :!7. must he commenced before the issuance of such cur-  liticate of improvements. .1. M. It. KA IRBA I K.V.  Dated this ISth dav of August, I.Sils.  Of  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate  improvements.  KING Of ���fill:   KOKKSY .MINKKAL CLAIM. s'lTI'ATH   IX TIIK  NKL-ON MINING D| VISION OK WKST KOOTKNAV DISTKICT  AND I.Oi-ATI.D ONK MILK WKST 11K Gl V KOI T CKKKIC AND  Kol'K  .MILKS SOI "I'll WKST OK  NKI.SON.  Take notic: that. I. .!. M. I;. I .lirbnirn. of   Kn.-lo. It. ('..  nv:t ing n- iigeiit, for 11. T. Ail kin, free miner'- certiticate  No. _|S;I, inland -ixlv days from the date hereof, loa.nply  to I Ipip mining recortler for a rei't ilii-ate of improvements  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant, of I.he above  claim.  Ami further lake not lee lli.it net ion under section  :;7. must .be commenced  before the issuance uf such cerlilicale of improvements.-' .1. SI. It. KAIRBAIRN.  Dated this l.-.lii day of August, ISIS..  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  " WHO I-'.."     " IIAKIilT."    "KLKCTION." AND   " M V   KMKK"  MINKKAL CLAIMS   SITUATK ' IV    TIIK   NKLSO.V    MINING  DIVISION  OK WK.-'T ICOOTKNAV DISTKICT. AND I.Ol'ATKD  NKAK Till-:   roOKMA.V  CLAIM   OX   KAGI.K CKKKIC.  Take nolice Hint I. ... s. Karwell. agent fur I ho Nelson.  Puoruiiiii Colli .Mining Company,   Limited,   free  miner's  cert ili'-aie   .Yo.  ,.'.'p��;a.  intend   sixty  days  from the dale  hrrcol", to apply to tin- milling recorder for a  certificate  of improvements, for the I he purpo.-eof obtaining.'! crown  grant of the above claims.    And fori her take not ice t hat  notion, under section .';7, mu.-l be eomiiienced  before  the  issuance uf such cert i Ilea to of improvement.s.  A.   S.    KARWKLL.  Dated tin- _iid day of .-'optemhor, ISIK. l-"-'cpt. :i.|  TO   LEASE.  l-'or a term of years, the Northwest half of Hio.  the city of Nelson.   Address Box' '.., Ncl-on.  -k urn, iu  Between Duluth and Buffalo  via the  magnificent passenger  steamships   "North  and " North Land.  ���s*  West"  Connecting  Touching en route: "The  Soo," Mackinac Island, Detroit,  and Cleveland.  at Buffalo for New-  York and Boston. Also at  lake ports for all points East  and South.  Two cliiilv Groat Nun-hern trains (J.astoru  .Railway of Minnesota), from .St. Paul and  Minneapolis conned/ witli steamers at Duluth.  Before  call on.  or write  deciding mi your lontc to tlie East  of  f.'reat   Northern  l.ailwav.  igents  F. I. WHITNEY, G.P. & T.A., St. Paul  lllnntlsomely Illustrative descriptive mailer  sent, on request.)  CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY  AND   SOO   PACIFIC   LINE  Trie Direct and Superior Service Route from the  Kootenay Country to all Points East,  West, plorth an,d South,.  Tourist Cars (frlodels of Comfort) Pass Revelstoke Daily to  St. Paul.   Daily Except Wednesday to Eastern Points.  co_srisr__;ca?io-isrs  Rossland and  Main, Line  Points.  Leave. DAILY  (i: 1(1 p. in .......:... .XKLSON.   Slocan  City,  Leave.  !):fKmi. in   Arrive.  .10:.'i0p. in.  Slocan  Lake  Poinds and Sandon,  'aiiy Kxcept: Sundav Arrive.  ...... XKLSON .:L'U p. in.  Kootenay Lake--Kaslo  R,oute--Steam,er Kokanee.  Leave.                  Daily Kxcepfc Suntlnv Arrive.  l:0Op. in..... XKLSON......" 11:00 a. in.  ���{.ooterjay  Rjvcr Route���Steamer Nelson.  Leave.                               DAILV. Arrive.  7:00 ii. m  .XKLSON. 10::iO p. in.  Makes outward eoniicetion at Pilot Bay wilh steamer  ICokanee, but inward such connection is'not guaranteed.  Steamer calls al way ports in both directions when  ���signalled. :  Ascertain present Reduced I tales ami full information  bv addressing nearest local airent or  CEORCE S. BEER, City Agent, Nelson, B. C.  \V. !���'. An'dick.so.v, Traveling Passenger Agent, Xelson.  K. .1. Covi.i:. IMs't Passenger Agent, Vancouver.  Spokane Falls ������& Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red.Mountain-Railways.".  Tfie only all rail route without change of cars  betv/een Nelson arjd Rossland, an,d  Spokatie an.d Rosslat]d.  Arrive   ir.'.li) p.m.   l'..-0p. in.   3:10 p. in.  DAILY    TRAINS.  Leave  li:. i a. m  X K LSON ....  VIMil a. m  HOSS1.A XII...  S:.'!0 a. in SPOKAXK ...  The train that, leaves Xelson nt i!:-(i a. in., makes close  connections at Spokane wilh trains for all I'licitlc Coast  points.  I'assengers for ICettle River and Boundary Creek eon  ncct at .Marcus with stage daily.  ('. C. DIXOX. O. P. & T. A.  S3.65 Rossland aqd Return $3.65  On uii-iiunt of Labor Day celebration nt liossland. the  Xelson ic l-'ort Slicppnrtl railway will sell tickets on  September ISth anil tilth, gootl returning until September  .Otb. at f.'l.li.'p for the rountl trip. In addition to regular  train service, a special train will leave Itossland at S ]k  in.. September llltli. The tire brigade and baseball club  will leave Xelson on regular train Sunday, September  ISth. Ti.-kids must, be purchased prior to taking trains,  as regular fares will be charged bv conductors.  (i.  K. TACKAHI-RV, A  Agent.  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  ,11'N'I) MINKK.W, t'l.AIM. SITIWTI-:   IV  TIIK  XKI-SOX   A'.l.VINi;  DIVISION or IVI'ST KOOTKNAV  DISTKICT. AND I.OCATKD  ii.v wi:  .' sun; ni- oivixii't cukkic, koi-ii and a uai.i-  .MH.l;s .sillM'lie. p:s|- op NKI.SO.'.'. AliJOl.NI.N'i: KIM: ill'  Till)   I'llKl.ST  MINKKAl. CLAIM.  Tak tii'c that  1. .1. ,\l. I.'. I.iirbniru. of  ICaslo, II. ('..  aetiiig ns agi'iil for.'. JI. Xe.-s, free ininer's eertillcate  Xiulj'j;. intend >i\iy .lays from ihe date hereof, toapply  |ip IU.- minim,' reeonier I'or a ceri illcate of iinprovcments,  for !In- purpii'.e of obtaining n crown grant of the above  claim. And further take notice that nclion. iintler section :>'. must be commenced before the issuance of such  ecrlillciiii.'of improvements.       .1. JI. H. KAIKHAIHX.  Ii.iti'd this I.s.li dav of August, l-^.w.  _s��.  i  saJfe  K-,'*  K_^*3_G. ___  ml��  ���.. rti_i,e~.  top. &Si  mm  &M  W  G  MME^i^^m^^^ THIS  TRIBfl^I.;    NELSON    It. C.   SATUIilM Y, SEPTUM i;f.I!  I),   \x\)H.  t8 t*  CI I I  @ ��  We are row showing a large assortment  of latest styles in Ladies' and Children's Capes, Jackets, and  Costume Suits, Fur Jackets, Capes, Collars and Muffs  ZFIR^IILD. I IE?, %  "IE &d OCX  <&  anvtnin_7 soe.cn  L.��8��  In the way" of Fancy Groceries, such as Canned Poultry, Kippered  Herring", Lambs Tong-ue, Boiled Rabbit, Chicken or Partridge Pate  \  her  and our  patrons  have the advantage of having a fresh  stock of  e-oods to choose from at all times  r  3���tJ/  Baker Street,  NELSON  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Tlie city council sent Alayor Ovens of  Xew Westminster a contribution of $.")00  toward the fund for the relief of the  sufferers from the fire of Saturday evening. Tlie city of Vancouver did the correct thing. It issued tt check for $ .,000,  and the (Janaciiau L'acilic Usui way Company equalled thu terminal city in its  ireuerosity. The next contributor, on lhe  list was the Ontario government which  subscribed $_,500. As far east as Montreal  response was made to fhe cry for relief,  the municipal council of Montreal subscribing $1000. The citizens of Seattle  showed commendable enterprise in tlie  inatter of getting relief to the sufferers by  tlie lire, arrangements being made for thu  dispatch of a carload of supplier daily for  a week.  When tiie city of Vancouver was wiped  out by fire in l.SS(i, the lirst man   to  reach  the scene of the conflagration with a load  of provisions for the relief of the sufferers  was Thomas Ovens of Sew Westminster.  When ihe city council of Vancouver this  week issued a check for $:..000 for the  relief of tiie sufferers of the New Westminster fire, it wtis handed to the same  Thomas Ovens, in his capacity of chief  magistrate of New Westminster.  C. A. Gregg, of the Victoria Times,  spent a few days in Nelson this week. It  is said that he i.s doing sotue political  missionary work in the interests of Hewitt  Bostock, who represents in the house of  commons all that portion of the interior  of British Columbia, lying between the  '19th and the GOch parallels.  The tracklayers on the Crow's Nest railway are keeping hip close with their  promises. Ic was stated that the steel  would reach Moyie City by the end of  August. This ,was not verified, but at S-  o'clock on the morning of Saturday, .September 3rd, the rails were within a mile  of Moyie. .   :  Honors are   falling   thick  upon L.  M.  Livingstone since his removal 'to .Brooklyn.  ���>-������' He has been appointed postmaster "and  aiso deputy returning officer for the taking of the votes; of the railway navvies  upon the question of the prohibition  plebiscite on Thursday,  September 29th.  John Andrew Mara, in an interview, at  Vancouver, estimated the loss caused by  the wrecking of the Stickine Chief at  $i":',000, of which $Hr,,000. was covered by  - insurance. He says that he has not yet  makeup his mind whether ho will build a  boat to lake the place, of tlie .Stickine  Chief or uot.  Rev. Robert IV.ew left Thursday on a  two weeks vacation. He .will spend the  time with friends iii Manitoba;  Miss Crease, sister of J_. A. .Crease,  police magistrate, lias arrived in Nelson  from Barrie, Ontario. Miss Crease will  make Nelson her home.  The corner stone of the Bunk of Montreal's new building at Hossland was laid  ou Wednesday afternoon by ox-governor  Mackintosh. The building will, when  completed, cost in the neighborhood of  ���S 10.000.  Dr.   Arthur  hold   nn  iuqui'.-it; Thursday  afternoon f<> determine, the canst; of the  death   of .Joseph   IVpin.    A   verdict  wus  rendered to '..in.; effi..'.'.!. that   Pepin's   death j  wtis tviused hy wounds self inflicted while j  temporarily oul. of Iii.-- mind. The deceased '  was employed in   the construcf.ioii of   (lie  I.'iwi'eiic, Hardware Company's building,  and went, on a pentracied spree   when the  work   was finished.    The   wounds   which  catt-ed    his   detth   were   inflicted   with  a  knife at the 'Poorman mine early Wednesday morning.  Hewitt Bostock, M. P.. will not meet the  electors of Nelson this evening as  he  had  intended. Owing to I he serious illness of  one nf } Im iiMeiiln-rs of his I'm mily he has  been obliged ! o cancel his proposed vr-dt  a nd has 'left for limo ���..  The Moyie header, which supported the  Turner   goverimieu;.   in   ihe   recent  cani-  p.i igu. litis this jt, s,". y of the new minister  " Preniji-r Semliu  lias  made a  Stock in Mine Supplies more Complete than Ever  Ore Cars, T-Rails, Iron Pipe and Fittings  Contractors Profits will be BeiteP  if we are Allov/ed to Figure on the Hardware  T|i-|,I_!'HONK  .1  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  PROMPT  JM'-UVKUY  Fred Hume of Nelson, for the position of  minister of mines. Mr. Hume's long residence in the mining districts of British  Columbia enables him to be thoroughly  conversant with fhe needs of the mining  fraternity.'"  A new order hits been issued with respect to the office hours of those employed  in the civil service of the provincial government, tind in accordance with it the  offices will hereafter be opened from 9 a.  m. to \2:H0 p. m., and from 1:_0 p. m. to J  p. m. On Saturday the office will be  opened from 9 a. m. to I p. in.  The following have been drafted to  serve as grand jurors at the special assi/.e  court next week: R. C. Campbell Johnson,  John A. Gibson, Thomas Madden, Henry  B. Thompson, Arthur II. Sherwood, John  A. Turner, .Harold Selous, George E. C.  Martin, Thomas W. Gray, Frank J. Farley, George A. Bigelow, John F. Weir,  John Hamilton, Henry N. Vincent, Charles  St. Barbe, John A. Irving, GeorgeF. Beer,  and Robert i_. Lemon. ;  Edward Haney of Spokane, the locator  of the Legal Tender, is in Nelson ou business regarding the litigation in which, the  Legal Tender is involved, as against the  Olivette location of the same ground.  My. Haney's title to the ground was recently confirmed by the supreme court,  but an appeal was taken by the Olivette  people, and it is pending. A fortnight  ago Mr. Haney also won the action  brought by the claimants to Pack Train  location of', the'same ground. The only  litigation now involving the claim is the  appeal taken by the Olivette people from  the .judgment securing the ground to Mr.  Haney.  Mrs. McLaughlin will hold her opening  of fall millinery on Monday.  A. 0. Ewart has been commissioned to  prepare plans for a fire proof building to  be used as a land registry office in this  city by the provincial government. '  Those who are entrusted with the work  of securing mineral specimens for the exhibit at the New Westminster fair are  requested to bear in mind that despite  the great fire at New Westminster the  exhibition will be held according to program mo.-  Corbin will ko Into JWininy.  Some of the money which I). C. Corbin  acquired from the sale of the Sjiokane  Palls ic Northern railroad will be used to  develop Boundary Creek mines. Several  years ago Mr. Corbin and his chief engineer, !*'. J. Roberts acquired the King  Solomon, Queen ofSboba and other claims  in Copper camp. They did sufficient work  to obtain eiown grants tintl then allowed  them to remain idle, awaiting the necessary transportation facilities. Work has  now been started with a view to thoroughly developing the property.  a friend for advice  a woman fop sympathy  strangrers for charity,  but for  Go to  WARD STKIOET  Repairing- of nil kinds dono.  Our prices are right.  ADDRESS  ol mines  .splendid choice in  the selection  of .Mr. J.  One Indian Who Is Doinf. Nicely  Oronhyatekha, grand chief of the -Independent Order of Foresters in Canada,  recei ves % 10,000 a year salary. As this is  only S2(100 more than Sir Wilfrid Laurier  gets as premier of the dominion, the  Poreslers last week added a bonus of  '."),000. And yi.it some people allege that  the Indian race cannot prosper among the  white men.  To tiik  EtiiCTOiia ok tiik Nelson* Rii>i.\c; ok West  IvOOTHXAV Kl.KCTOKAL DrS'l'KICT:  Gentlemen : IMyacceptance of. a seat in the cabinet of  Hon. C.'A. Semlin, has vacated the seat in the provincial  legislature formerly held by myself as your representative in that body.  I now bog to offer myself as a candidate for re-election.  Alchough it is but a short time since you honored mo  by electing mo as your representative, and I have every  reason to believe that my action in accepting ollice has  your approval, f regret that the duties of ofllce have  prevented me from meeting you and pcrsonally  asking you for the renewal of that support which you  have been kind enough to extend to me during the past  four years. ���  The department of mines, which with the ollice of  provincial secretary. Hon. Mr. Semlin has entrusted to  my care, is a most important one, particularly to tho  mining sections of the province, of which the Xelson  riding forms so important a part, as by (he careful  administration of this department the welfareof Hi is and  other mining districts may be very greatly benefitted.  I appeal, therefore, for your support as a  member of  the new government which I. am convinced, with  the  support, of tin.'electors throughout tlio province, will be  able to do much to promote the general  welfare  of  the,  province anil enable il. to assert its position as the  most  prosperous of all tho provinces in the dominion.  I am, gentlemen, your obedient servant,  .J. Fit KM   lll'MK,  Nelson. .September I7tli. ISiiS.  cumslance t hat in none ofthe constituencies opened by,the acceptance of cabinet positions by government .supporters  is there any likelihood of a contest being  waged. If there was any truth .in the  statement that the electors regarded the  new government with distrust, the evidence of such distrust is not very manifest.  NELSON,  B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  p___s:>  SANDON, B. C.  fc  f~\  Jobbers and  Retailers \n  AND  We rc^e a specialty of Mining Railroad ar\d Steamboat Supplies  Our stock will be the most complete in Kootenay  A'full line of Tools, Cutlery, Stoves and Ranges, Granite, Tin aqd Woodenware  'fUH  n-ua;  imm  to-It  SEWU  ���_hi_JP  __i.O--H!_Sr_?S   FOE  Automatic Ore Cars.    Giant Powder Co  B-__.:k_:__:__ ST:__:__:__a.  east,  _sr__n.so-_<r_  Jessop's Steel  - o.  A  ^  6-Hfi'rm  Aissii'  -. '-���',.'.iii  ". V  -;r_," '^>,,Ni  i:-di">.-i5'  !���-_<'������"V Cf  Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes, and  Cloth  Brushes.   Also good values  in Sponges.    ���  fffi  J'',__  ^Tl  Prescriptions Carefully Compounded       Baker Street, Nelson  urcnase  i~* 3 pi a n  _     a <L/l �� _ _  **h  <0  Whei] for the same moiicy you  cat] secure  _ _ &.��.. i. O %$ IH 8 %ji  V *   v v   J  f%  ������."ft  ^y  VI   ".   I'. ".,   *'  :i [r ;j s.\*.  ij r^-' '-*w  Which will be of serv  vou  3g  i;| ths way  $j kj -y y  EVKKYTinNG  IN Till':  nAimwAJti':  J-liN'K  a sa 4** *."^       �� v   %  m  $.*j  <;oi'ilo\;i  Street,  VlllH'DUVl'l'.  Haki'1' Stroot.  Xul-ion.  <_^_J__L,���__7l,ili._.. _;.  -vie ���=_��� ^^g���  Is soinething" new, stylish, and strict-  wear.  very  Hat  g.uaranteed.  i_K_____^s______K>__3_a_asi-K_^_t-isa-t<a��ai  18 ai-d 20 Baker Street, Nelson.  Baker-'Street  ���*e-.'ottering.'special' oargams in  Fine Furnitufe5 Carpets, Linoleun]s  ill l tic  s(.(n:l<  e  wuilcl   tint   j^ivc" as 'much   stiLi-sfiiciion  us out'  nf beautiful 'gli,.toning ifeiiis flops.     Ditiiiunwls  /  A  mA^  WB.O  ordin'ir\'  Electors  Will  Givo it a Trial.  Thai Uit: ptsi'itle ot*  tho  provitici! art; inclined to  allow   tin;  new  n-ovoniiiMinL tu  try its lituicl tit. acliiiiiiistonnf.  tlie nlTair.s  of tho pi'tivinci:  is eviiiencfiii  by  tlm cir-  Ncw Fields for the Prospector  Tlmre is tiiuch interest in the j'o.-.sible  rfcis'Oiirc(.s of the new possessions of the  l'nited Slates in the West Indies, tmd in  the Mist Indies, tilso, and a good deal of  inquiry as to their mineral deposits. No  doubt there will be a great dan I of )iros-  pecting done in Cuba and Puerto Rico  when they are fairly under tho  rule of the L'nited Sttites. and  in the Philippines also, should It  be decided to retain them. Such mineral  deposits as the islands, both in the Gulf  anrl in the lOtist, contain, have been very  imperfectly explored and hardly developer! at till.  WOMAN AND HER' w*Wfi  seem mysterious to the  man, but when it comes to knowing  where the best shoes are to be had  for the least 'money, the practical  side of her nature stands out prominently.. We haven't advertised a  baro-.i.in sale, but it has become  known that: we are selling-a particularly fine lot of ladies' shoes at very  moderate prices. That is enoug'h to  bring- those who like good stylish  footwear. We g'ive a few picking's  from the laro-e and varied stock.  the   bi'iii'lit. sparldinii'  hands;'of   tin- skilled  enhance  their beauty  workmen  to do this, and  in   the   roiinh  are   not   like  stones   that coiiies   from   the  "cutters.     Ajuiropriiite scitiiu  Wc have comnefeii  partistic emit  prices  wi  ���purchase!..      Watch   i'cpairmi_,'.   jewelery  titritiy- and  enifraviu^' done  on  ihe  premises.  the  ���clioii 'displayed 'deserves a  visit.     Low I  lie, siillicient -inducement   to   hesilatin^     \.  mauuhic-  Ba kcr  Street  -.1.    c^^i    JWf  .      , l**^y?f       ^   VI   '1     r       I    1 frI  ,/f.J��  Just received a consignment  of Harris home made tweeds  from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  The supply is limited, so call  early and examine this stock  HAK'KH STItl'-.'T  XKLSON  MILLINERY  OPENING  Tho Indies ol" NuNini in. miiicstud "to tnko notico Unit, Alr.s. MuLiiiigliliii's  niiiaiiii!. ot' full  Alillincry "ill  take liliicts on Momliiy. Soptumbci' (lie lOtli.  11. will surpMS.. unytliiiig  of n liku imtiirc  in  this city, und  the liuli.s  of  Xolson nn' rcniiustwl lo -i t tend. ,,     .,_...,,��,    , , .      c,.       ,  ' AMIS. O LAI niUJN. .losuphinu Strtsul  If  "Vl_t  i  m  t  /f "-���r-'-v���{."���������������:������'���--./���.XT''���'.' .���"��� ���"'��� ��� V,T'\^F^T^l'"r^r^T  ..m ��� .ij. Ill , i I. -Hill      ,       i_ F     , 'if*1   ^���^T^pl  ���"aii'.--��� *���������'' -���"*."���'* "���'     ' ���'*"���   .�����������'*  T,'"'"vn"r^n  Si .�����  _-������ �������� <..-������ p.ipij.... �������� ������j .���'��� ���,"t-.7.���"; ��'ii _*_:" ���������^",j,,,,":,:v�� '���������.���!* ". ��� ���."������r*--*cs  , i.. .    .P     j      4. -, .  ���- -���" ���   . _   ��� I  ���   ������   ���    I IJU*    Pl^'1"


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