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 -4  Has "Mines that are-Paying Dividends and r. ���^���'/t  dreds of Properties that can be Made  Dividend Paying Mines.  ''G  Has  Three  Smelters   in   Successful  Operation,  and   Enough   Ore   in Sight to   Run  Several   More.  FIFTH   YEAR.- NO. -4vV  NELSON.   BRITISH  COLUMBIA. SATURDAY   OCTOBER :)��, ISO:  tyvo;dollaks a year.  OLIVE   BEATON   VS.   CHBHALLIS.  M  Justice Walkem Gives Judgment in Favor of  the Ohehallis Owners.  Justice   Walkem   handed    down  judgment; on Tuesday in the case of Beaton vs  ("robe.   This   case    may   briefly   be. described as a claim  jumping  proposition,  and as the property involved  i.s situate  on  "Wild.  Horse   creek, about two'miles  I'rom   Vmir, considerable interest naturally attaches to it in that camp.    In September,' 1800,   D.   I_.   Grobe   located   the  "Ohehallis" mineral claim, and after duly,  recording, proceeded to thoroughly prospect within the lines of the  same.    This  work   revealed  a  very   promising   ledge  other than that upon which the claim was  located, and gave the cjaim a good speculative value.   On   the   12th  of May, 1887,  John M; Beaton staked a claim overlapping the "Ohehallis" and two or three adjoining claims, which he recorded as the  Olive Beaton.  ,He testified  that he had  no   knowledge of   the existence   of  the  -   "Chehalls"  until  he  was  considering an  offer  tor   the   sale  of the  Olive Beaton  claim,    lie brought the action in question  against   Grobe   and   his partner,  W.  J.  South worth,   for   trespass  on   the  Olive  Beaton, and to have ic declared that he  was  entitled  to  that  part  of the  Olive  Beaton which was within the lines of the  "Ohehallis," as against Grobe aud South-  worth.   J. IT. Bowes and K. M. Macdonald  appeared  for Beaton;  \V. A. Macdonald.  Q. C, and Edward A. Crease for the defendants.    The judgment of justice Walkem was as follows:  This claim consists of a statement of  claim,   defence and  counter  claim.    The  plaintiff has two difficulties in his  way:  the first is the usual one, according to the  old practice of proving his case, the second  is the more onerous duty, that of displac-  .   ing the defendants"  case.    The  statutes  have seen lit to impose this extra duty so  as to stop  what is  called "jumping."    It  was being done to such an extent iu Kootenay as to cripple the mining .industry,  , and'it was done to protect the bona fide  prospector.    His first difficulty in proving  his claim  i.s  this: die wants to prove to  me that there has been a trespass committed,  but lie   does   not   show  nie the  ground that has been trespassed upon, expecting me to render a judgment without  a description of the land encroached on.  so   that when  the  sheriff is  sent down  there he will know the boundaries, and 1  begged of him, so that advantage would  not be taken of him to produce some plan ���  or some sketch, showing where his ground  i.s   and   where   he   is   encroached   upon.  *   -::-   *   *    | could   not  make an  order  here finding that you are entitled  to the  ground-in dispute.  For instance, we have  recalcitrant defendants to deal with. How  am I to decide such a case?    You  must  come up and prove  your case here.   If  you come up to dispossess a math of your  house or get an order for the possession of  certain   ground,  you  must give  me  the  boundaries.    I have been in  this country  since'53, and have never seen a case up  without a regular plan of some kind, even  if the man made it himself.    A man can  run a tapeline and use a square; and if he  only got a surveyor to adjust his instrument he could lay out'the ground alone.  In this case you have to satisfy two  propositions. The first is that the defendants have got a bad title, the next is that  you have got a good one.   in regard to  your own title the preponderance of evidence, although you have one gentleman  whose word, of course, I would not for a  single instant doubt���-Mr. Hedley comes  up and tells me there is miueral in place-  there are three or four witnesses on the  other side who say there is not, and I am  bound by the preponderance of evidence.  There was one gentleman iu the witness  box who said he  was  brought up as a  geologist.   He said so far as there being  rock in place, there was a large boulder,  and the last witness, I think his evidence  was   given   very   frankly.     Tour   client  went on very blindly.   He goes on the  ground and finds some stakes there.    One  of the stakes is too small, for he measures  it, and according to his opinion it is not a  legal post.    He then goes down aud finds  no record, and here i.s  the record right  here (showing copy).    I have got that as  one of his first statements, that there was  no such  claim recorded.    He  then  complains of tlieir system of blazing, because  they had only used four bla/.es in 1500 feet.  Mr. Southworth  said  it  was  true there  were few bla/.es, but there was no standing trees there and they bla/.ed burnt or  fallen logs and whatever they could, and  if this witness had kept his eyes open he  could have seen their  bla/.es.    All  I   can  say is,  you  have not proved your ease,  without casting the slightest reflection on  Mr. Beaton.    He  must convince me that  Mr. Grobe has not bla/.ed his line in a satisfactory way.    1 won't say he proved it.  The first, finding is that your client did  not establish to my satisfaction, that he  had rock in place within the meaning ot  the laws of 189(i.   He did, 1. believe,  put  his discovery post on some rock and earth,  but not on  miueral  or  near  mineral  in  place, according  to  the evidence of  the  witnesses.     About   his   record  .1  believe  there was some question, but I dont want  to raise  that question  with either side,  for both seemed to be defective.    What I  find in this, that there was rock in  place  in the defendants' claim at his discovery  post; that he staked off and did intend to  stake   off .1500  feet; that   he   blazed  his  claim, and if he did not blaze it sufficiently, it has not been proved by the plaintiff,  and I need not give my opinion  further  than   that 1   believe  that it  was  blazed  properly.   I don't see any reason for suspecting    that    these    gentlemen    were  wandering around and taking up claims  for the purpose of selling them.  They did  develop the claim, and done a good deal  of prospecting upon it. They .vent over  the ground, and I think very sensibly, to  find the be.-t ledge they could, and to see  if there wa* any other ledge on the ground  that might be more valuable i'or the purpose of developing and making money.  Men go out and prospect, and it is the  luckiest thing iu the world that capital  has Mich assistants as prospector's to go  out iiiLn these inouutainsand find mineral.  Both of ihem, iu fact, went over the  ground to examine it and see where was  the'best ore. One of them a, short time  after was appointed postmaster at Vmir,  but that does not disqualify him as a  prospector or locator. In the first part of  November they got an assay, and a little  while they got another assay, and the  plaintiff after this comes in and takes up  the claim. There has not been a single  thing proved that dislodges the defendants. With respect to stakes of 3jf inches,  thi�� is not an irregularity or informality  sufficient to come within the proviso referred to. It is a'lack of planting a stake  at all. If there had been no boundary  post there, 1 don't know but whatl might  have held that this was so serious a thing  that you could call it an irregularity.  In regard to the counter claim, it is true  there might be some damages awarded  for stopping work, but I have not got  any evidence that $10 worth of work has  been done. 1 have some evidence that  there was some bantering about the purchase, that the parties, when they found  litigation over it withdrew; but no judge  would stop anyone- from asserting his  rights in a court of justice, and no damages could be claimed for that, so that  would not be a good reason for awarding  damages. The counter claim succeeds  with one dollar damages. They have not  proved the property in dispute and in  that respect they have been nonsuited.  VERDICT   POR   TAYLOR  In  The Olivette vs. Legal Tender Adverse.  The suit of Clark vs. Haney to enforc.  an adverse took a day and a half of the  assize this week. This trouble has been  in the courts one way or another for a  couple of years. _ As the case comes before  the court at the present time W. Y". Clark  of llossland, on behalf of the. Olivette  mineral claim, isad versing Edmund Haney  of the Legal Tender mineral claim. The  ground in dispute, which adjoins the city  of Rossland, was first staked by Thomas  Dunlop as the Pack Train.' Dunlop .died,  and when the Pack Train ran out Haney  staked the same ground aud called the  claim the Legal Tender. About -I years  later Clark came in and staked over  Haney, claiming that Haney had located  the ground one day too soon. Clark called  his.location the Olivette. Last year Alexander Dunlop as administrator of the  estate of Thomas Dunlop, adversed the  Legal Tender location made by Haney.  The case was called and everything was  ready to go to trial when the plaintiff  asked for an adjournment. This was  grauted conditionally upon the payment  by the plaintiff of the costs of the day  within 30 days, and if the same were not  paid within the time specified .the action  to stand dismissed. The Olivette adverse  of the Legal Tender was to have come to  trial at the same time, but in this case  Haney secured an adjournment upon the  same terms as those granted in the Pack  Train adverse. The executor of the Dun-  lap estate failed to pay the taxed costs  and the Pack Train adverse was dismissed.  Haney paid the costs in the Olivette^ adverse adjournment and the case accordingly came to trial at this assize. E. P.  Davis, Q. C, aud E. V. Bodwell appeared  for the plaintiff Clark, and Charles "Wilson,Q. C., and John Elliot appeared for  the defendent Haney.,  The plaintiff's counsel relied upon mining record evidence entirely. This  prompted the defendant's counsel to remark that he dare not put the plaintiff in  the box to stand cross-examination, as the  case was so clearly a deliberate attempt  at claim jumping, as the defendant had  been in undisturbed possession for four  years. Albert Allan, D. C. Corbin's Spo-.  kane attorney, Avas in court during the  progress of the case. As he betrayed considerable interest in it, this circumstance,  coupled with the appearance of E. V. Bodwell, gave rise to the surmise that the  Nelson & Kort' Sheppard Railway company has a finger in the pie. Bodwell is  the Nelson ic Fort Sheppard Railway company's solicitor in this province and the  interest of the railway company in the  case may doubtless arise from the circumstance that should the Legal Tender location be knocked out the railway company  would come in for the surface rights of  the Olivette claim. At the time of the  location of the Legal Tender, surface  rights went with the mineral claim. The  change iu the mineral act reserving all  claim" surface excepting such necessary  for mining purposes, was made prior to  the Olivette location and the railway  company would consequently come in for  the surface if the Olivette location were  established.     Judgment was reserved.  . The Groceryman's Retort.  One of the Ingalls girls, who is very  proud of her father, recently attended a,  semi-public dance. In the course of the  evening she was approached by an Atchison young man, the son of a grocery  keeper, who had known her from infancy  though not intimately. He asked her for  a dance, when she replied, as she drew  back a little superciliously: "I think  you are the son of our grocery keeper, but  I infer that you do not know me. I am  the daughter of the Hon. J. J. Ingalls."  "Ingalls? Ingalls?" musingly inquired the  young grocerynian; "where have 1 heard  that name before? Oh, yes, I remember  now. Your father was the man who reported the Corbett-Fitzsimmons prize  tight."  a   Suit   for   $2500   Damages   ior   Malicious  Prosecution by a   Rossland Squatter.  Some nol ions with respect to squat ters'  sovereignty, the over-reaching of a greedy  railway company,   some  bad   law  from  chief justice Davie, and the growth of re-'  ligious sentiment  in   Rossland   were  the  chief causes,for a suit i'or malicious prosecution, which came before jiisi ice Walkem  and a special jury this week.   The action  was  docketed  as  Engelskjen, vs Taylor.  The plaintiff had purchased a squatter's  title to a cabin   built upon  ground  embraced  within  lhe Zenith mineral claim  in the city  of Rowland.   The, Nelson &  ���Fort Sheppard Railway company claimed  the ground in the celebrated Paris  Belle  case, aud chief justice Davie upheld their  contention.    Upon this decision the railway company proceeded  to sell   building  lots in what was called the railway addition   to   Rossland.   The   plaintiff, Engel-  skjen, was given the first chance to purchase the lots upon which he had squatted, but he refused.    The lots were then  sold to the First Baptish church of Rossland, and the first payment upon   them  was made.    George N. Taylor, one of the  trustees of the church, then entered in to an  arrangement to  build  a parsonage upon  .the  rear end  of   the   lots.   He   Imd  approached   the  plaintiff squ.at.ier  with'a  view to purchasing his rights as a squatter, but was coldly received, and decided  to build the parsonage on the rear end of  the lots and leave the squatter in possession until spring.    He laid the foundation  of the parsonage, and the following night  Engelskjen and his partner Lore the foundation down.   Taylor caught them in the  act and  laid information against  Engel-  sjen,   upon   which  he'-was arrested  and  lodged  in  jail  over   nig'rt.   He  was admitted to bail in  the  morning, aud  after  several remands the case was dropped, no  evidence being put in by Taylor.   Engelskjen then brought action against Taylor  for $2500 damages  for  false arrest.    He  was represented  by A. C. Gnlt and  Hon.  T. Mayne Daly appeared for Ta ay lor.  There were several complications in the  case. When the trouble arose the Nelson  & Fort Sheppard Railway company was  offering the land for sale in accordance  with the terms' of the decision of: chief  justice Davie, but when the case came to  trial this judgment had been reversed and  the land immediately in dispute was declared to be crown land. The Baptist  church at the time of the trial held the  land by virtue of an agreement of sale  from the railway company, and the squatter's rights of Engelskjen had been acquired by one of the trustees of the same  church.  The jurors who sat upon the case were  F. W. Jarvis, Fred Irvine, W. L. Spencer,  James McDonald, Michael Burns, Thomas  B. May,. W. Herron, and A. E. Lott.  "When the evidence for the plaintiff was  all iu, Hon. T. Mayne Daly moved for a  nonsuit on the ground that the evidence  showed that if there were a case against  the defendant at all it was for' malicious  prosecution arid not for false arrest as  laid. A. C. Gait then asked leave to  amend in this respect, and the court allowed him to do so subject to Mr. Daly's  objection. Justice Walkem charged very  much iu Taylor's favor. The questions he  left the jurors decide was whether the.de-  fendant had caused an unlawful imprisonment and whether there had been a malicious prosecution. The jury returned a  verdict in Taylor's favor after two or  three minutes'deliberation.  BURTON   CITY   ADDITION   SQUABBLE.  The City Finances.  Charles E. Sealey, city clerk, has pre-  pai'ed a statement of the receipts and disbursements of the corporation up to October 27th.    It is as'follows:  KKCEIPTS.  Proceeds sale of debentures. sii',000 00  Police court, lines  930 (i">  .Licenses...;..... ��� 5,490 00  Fire department, government, grant... 200 00  Water rates.    :  1,452 75  Interest accrued on debentures.    312 !)2  Dog tax :  IflS 00  Real estate tax  1,579 70  Miscellaneous  (17100-  DISHUKSK.M-XTS.  Water works   Sidewalks..      Plant, and tools   Printing and stationery.   Salaries   Fire departineiit     Streets      Special police   Interest    Lock-up ,  Health     Dog lax. ,    Jail supplies1.  ��� ....; ,    .  Sewers   making fund   Miscellaneous   Balance Hank 61' Montreal     Tcilal   S59.S35 02  s__,2_!) 35  3,938 55  222 01  919 12  3,125 S3  911 31  3,1)03. SI  51! 85  1,372 00  2,321  IS  58 25  33 35  33 00  I.S9I 87  ���WO 00  109 17  11, IS-.' Ill        $59,835 112  The Prince of Wales Won.  In the case of Hagan vs. Thomas Wilson, William daffy, I). J. Dewar and  James Price, judgment was gjven for the  plaintiff by default by justice Walkem  on Friday. This was an action to enforce  an adverse, the owners of the Prince of  Wales claim adversing the application of  the St. Charles claim owners for a certificate of improvements. The Prince of  Wales location was made ou May Uvd,  IS00, and recorded the following day.  Part of the ground taken in by the claim  was formerly included in a location recorded as the "M. D.," on Lookout mountain near Trail. It was after the M. 1.).  location had been allowed to run out that  the Prince of Wales was located. The St.  Charles location was made subsequent to  the Prince of Wales and overlapped it.  Justice Walkem,in his judgment, declared  the St. Charles an invalid and illegal location in so far as it encroached upon the  ground of the Prince of Wales. John Kl-  liot appeared for the plaintiff.  Justice "Walkem Delivers a' Judsment   In the  Case with a String Tied to It  The >quabble  between  Mrs.  IOIIen Mc-  Dougall and  It. S. Burton, over the ownership of an addition lo  the townsite of  Burton City, came before justice Walkem'  this week.   The land in dispute was first  staked by J. A. Dawson.    While Dawson  was still holding the laud Mrs. McDougall  staked   if, and    made  application   for  a  record.   This the lands and works department   refused   to    issue.    Some    months  after this Dawson  filed an abandonment  upouahe hind, and  It. S. Burton immediately restaked  it.    He forthwith applied  for a record, but was refused, and subsequently a record of the land was granted  to Mrs. McDougall upon an   application  sent in by her while the land was held by  Dawson.  Mrs.  McDougall  then held   the  record while Burton  held the land,  and  the action  in question   was  brought by  Mrs. McDougall against Burton for tres:  pass and for an order for possession ofthe  land in dispute as against Burton.    The  contention of the defendant in the action  was that at the time Mrs. McDougall filed  upon the land it was already legally held  by Dawson, and therefore was not open  to   pre-empLion.     That   so   soon  as   the  abandonment was filed Burton staked the  land and was" justly entitled to it.    The  plaintiff claimed that the pre-emption of  Dawson  was  invalid  through   imperfect  staking, and that therefore the land  was  open  to pre-emption.    !_. P. Davis, Q. C  appeared   for   the   plaintiff,  and   Aulay  Morrison and John Elliot for defendant.  When he had finished his argument at  the close of the case, Mr. Morrison excused  himself from the court room as he had to  catch the C. P. It. train.    Mr.  Davis   presented his argument after, Mr. Morrison's  retirement.     Justice   Walkem   then    reviewed the evidence.    He held that Dawson's staking of the  pre-emption was not  in accordance with the act in that he had  not used a square post.    He also held that  Mrs. McDougall  had not complied  witli  the provisions of  the  land  act  with  respect to residence.    The  evidence showed  ;'that Mrs.  McDougalls' residence was at  :Nakusp during the time in question, and  that there had been no bona-lide residence  upon the pre-emption within the meaning  of the act. He then dismissed the action  with costs.  .   Following the dismissal of   the action  Mr. Davis proceeded to address the court  upon some point in connection with the  ���case..__He.acquired.confidence as he succeeded in catching the court's attention,  and was traveling confidently along in his  remarks when justice AValkem announced  that lie would recall his first judgment in  the case and reserve final judgment.    The  news of his  success  and  partial failure  was conveyed to Mr. Morrison at Itobson  by wire. _________  A Big Mining- Company With No Cash.  There was something decidedly funny  about the case of Larsen vs. The Olive  Mining.and Smelting company. The mere  fact of the case ever finding its way into  court rather emphasizes the circumstance  that the stockholders in the OJive company are possibly the poorest rich nien in  this province. Nominally the share holders in the Olive company have wealth  sufficient to pay off the debt of the province and to put the provincial exchequer  in such a shape that it could meet the demands of premier Turner's cabinet for the  next 15 years. Nominally they are worth  $20,000,000, but in reality they have not,  sufficient specie to pay for their superintendent's services and the feed consumed  by his cayuse. With respect to the working of the Olive company's property there  was a company within a company, and  this rather complicated matters for the  superintendent when he came to get a  settlement for services rendered and  money advanced, there being a dispute as  to whether the original company or the  leasing company was liable for certain  items in the expenditures. Nels Larsen,  the company's superintendent, was the  chief witness in his own behalf. He stated  that he was employed by the company at  a salary of $"300 per month and expenses  and he sued for money due,as salary and  other disbursements made on the company's behalf, aggregating about $3000.  He admitted that he was a stockholder  and director in the company, and that he  held $2,500,000 worth of stock. I_. P.  Davis, Q. C, appeared for Larsen, and  Hon. T. Mayne Daly for the defendant  company. Larsen secured judgment for  practically the whole amount of hisclaim,  a few minor items being refused. This is  the third judgment against the Olive  company. An attempt to jump the property in July last created much excitement iu the vicinity of Grand Forks.  Heinze Begins to Squeal.  From the tone of the Rossland Miner it  is evident that I'1. Aug. Heinze has reason  to fear that the Canadian Pacilic Railway  Company will crowd him and his railway  schemes off the map of Southern Kootenay. In his personal organ this week  Heinze makes a frantic appeal to the people of Southern Kootenay to support him  in his railway scheinesx-as against the  Canadian Pacilic Railway Company and  its schemes. So far as the people of British Columbia are concerned there is not  much to choose between the two propositions. F. Aug. Heinze is nothing more  nor less than a spectator, with the requisite cheek to demand that tlie taxpayers  of Canada and of British Columbia shall  build his railways and hand them over to  him when constructed, in order that he  may make money by selling out to the  Canadian   Pacific  Railway Company.    II  the people cf British Columbia have anything to say in the matter F. Aug. Heinze  will not receive any additional ca-m bonus  I'or   his  railway  scheme1*.     If.   with   the  millions   that  are  behind   him.   F.   Aug.  Heinze.cannol, build 100 mil^ of r.-iilivn v.  with $100,000 cash 'honu--. he  Imd  lir-tm-r  stand .aside   and   let   mher��   try    their  hand.    The  people of  British  Columbia  have got over  the  notion that F.. Aug.  Heinze is   here  for  his   health.'   Heinze  should   try and   persuade   himself   that  British Columbia wa<= not made for  him  solely. -       ���__ '  LOCAI,   NEWS    AND   GOSSIP.  CHIEF   OP   THE    FIRE   DEPARTMENT,  At a meeting of the police commissioners on Friday A. F. McKinnon was promoted to the office of chief of police. The  other applicants for the office were H.  Stutter arid D. A. MacBeath. - Applica-  tion�� for positions on the police force  were received from J. M. MeLeod, W. F.  Frazer, John Holmes, J. E. Burr; John  McAlman, Herbert B. Taite. George Partridge and ._._.. Irving. The board decided to give. J, M. McLeod a. month's trial.  At a meeting of the police commissioners held yesterday afternoon the, board  took action with respect to the sale of  liquor by licensed dealers to minors. It  was moved by W. A. Macdonald, seconded  by E. A. Crease that the chief of police be  instructed to notify all liquor license  holders that the sale by them of liquor to  minors will be proceeded against under  the Liquor License act.  The. Aaron's Rod Mining company of  this city has started a ilOO-foot tunnel on  the WhiteSwan, average assays show well  in gold. There is considerable ore on the  dump, but none will be shipped until the  long tunnel is completed.  Mayor Houston left for Iva.slo yesterday. He left alderman Teetzel in charge  of municipal affairs until his return.  Collectors started out today for the  purpose of rounding up all male residents  between the ages of 21 and 50 years.  They are after a road tax of $2 per head  and are hard to shake off.  John l_ldrigh was assessed $10 and costs  by magistrate Crease on Wednesday for  being drunk and swearing on Baker  street.  John Johnson died in the Kootenay  Lake General hospital this morning.  Death was due to pneumonia with lung  complications. The deceased was one of  the pioneers of Nelson. For several years  he conducted the Silver King hotel, in  wdiich business he was peculiarly successful. He was a member of Kootenay Lodge  No. I(>, I. O. O. P., and his funeral will take  place from the Odd Fellows hall tomorrow  afternoon at 3 o'clock. The members of  Kootenay Lodge No. 10, are requested to  meet at the lodge room at 2:30. oelock  Sunday afternoon. ���  Development work on the Norfolk oh  Eagle creek this week disclosed a 2-foot  ledge. The Norfolk ground has been held  for the past eight years, aud some $2000  has been spent in' prospecting it: The  Norfolk is an extension of the Paradise,,  and is owned by Messrs. Dawson, ^Jer-  niaine, and Marks. The ledge has not yet'  been assayed.  OCTOBER   EXPORTS   REACH   $835,050.  The Mines of Southern Kootenay Export More  During October Than Any Previous Month.  Owing to the non-arrival of the papers  from the outport of Kaslo there were no  mineral exports credited to the Slocan  district during the past week. Had these  papers arrived in time, to be included in  this month's figures there is reason to believe that the month of October would  have marked the million dollar point in  miueral exports. As it was the month  was closed showing au export of H, 105 tons  of ore aud matte, valued at $83:*5,0."30, the  heaviest monthly export by over $100,000  in the history of the district. With the  exception of-10 tons of ore from the Iron  Mask mine the Trail Creek smelter furnished the mineral exports for the week.  This smelter's exports for the week comprised SO A oz. gold, 1,100 lbs. of copper bullion and I00,32'_ lbs. matte. The figures  are:  BULLION   AND   MATTK.  Pound:  Trail smelter uiuittei ...  .  Trail smeller (conner pigi  Trail smeller IK'iliI linllionl  OK  Iron Mask. Ilusslaiid   Total for week   Total for October ...  Tolnl for fctcplemlji.T  Tut nl fur August ...  Totiil for July   Tot nl for Juno   Total I'or .May      Total for April   Tolnl for March.;...  Total for February ..  Total for January ...  Total via Kovelstoke  Total so fTir for 185)7. .  I��n,322  1.100.  ���  .SO'.  Value  o/.>  Calkin Gets Away with the,Prize as Against  Five Other Competitors.  The selection of a man for- the ollii-.-of  chief of. I lie fire department was ihe nwiin  business that came lie fori' t Iip city council  this week. After three ��� halloi,-, S. F.  Calkin of ihi�� city secured a majority  ofthe member" present'and �������< dcclm-pr]  the,winner.  On motion nf alderman MaliuiP ir. wus  decided that $200 should I if set, a--irle for  clearing and burning brush n'u .-t i i-.-r <v  and repairing sidewalks, and that i (if  mayor be authorized to have'"such work-  done as the public work* commit in,-  recommends. <  Applications for the position "I* chid' of  the fire department were received from  S. F. Calkin,* E. B. Irving, A. M. SfHtm.,  James Kirkup and John Cowan. On a  ballot Calkin received two voles. Irving  one-and Seaton one. A second ballot resulted the same, and it was decided rolay  the matter over till the'next meeting.  On motion of alderman Teetzel seconded  by alderman Malone, it was resolved that  the covering of the' waterworks flume  from the head works at Anderson creek in  the reservoir be laid crosswise instead of ���  lengthwise, and that the contractors be  allowed Ij cents per lineal foot of flume as -  extra compensation.  The following accounts were passed and  ordered paid:  Xelson [lostolllcc. box rent   Kootenay Lime & Brick Co., .sewers      Driimmond. MeColl & Co.. valves, ete   Ouslott- .Vewlinif. sewers   .S   I 50  .     55 50  . im; i'.'i  Wednesday's' Meeting.  A third ballot for the election of a chief  of the fire department resulted in S. F.  Calkin receiving three votes, I). A. Me-  Beath one and E. B. Irving one. S. F.  Calkin was declared elected.  On motion of alderman Malone. seconded by alderman-Hillyer, mayor Houston  was authorized to purchase 2500 feet of 2-  ineh pipe for waterworks system.  On motion of alderman Teetzel. seconded by alderman Malone, mayor Houston  was authorized to contract for laying the  iron pipe connection of the sewer system,  provided the work was done for a price  not to exceed -10 cents per lineal foot.  On motion of alderman Teetzel. seconded by alderman Hillyer, it was decided  that alderman Teetzel should act as mayor  duriug temporary absence of mayor  Houston.  The following accounts were ordered  paid: -    Arnistronff & Morrison, water pipe .  Albion Iron Works, manhole covers  H. KlniiniKiin,sewers   K. B. McXuirn, sowers   L. E. Ilavick, waterworks   s:m io  177 10  ���27 50 ���  52 ffl  71) :ai  NELSON   IN   THE   LEAD.  Its Merchants Pay About Twice the Import  Duties that are Paid in Rossland.  The returns from the port of Xelson for  the month of October do not evidence  any dullness in the trade of the local merchants. They show that there was collected in import duties from the business  men oi Xelson $0,123.01, or considerably  more than one-third of the total amount  collected and about double the amount  collected from the merchants and business  men of Rossland. The figures for the  month are:  Value of  roiiT or nelson.                Imports.  Dutiable goods �� Sl.SUJ  Krce goods     11,1-1.  Duty  Collected.  $21,773.01  IS.') 00  Tolal $!)5.!08  Value  The mines (I.'I7- Ions of ore)   Copper mat iu (7%-toils)   S25.25S.Gt;  of Kxport-s.  . ?.'U 1,777.(m  .  520,27X00  Total                  ...      .  The collections are credited to  lowing places:  Nelson                      Kaslo   Rossland ���                Trail                Waneta   Nakusp   Kykorts                       .     .    .  . S-35.U5U.C0  the fol-  . s '.i.r-'s pi  .    0,057 27  ."1.331 IS  1.S-IS SI  .03 I!)  7_-"> 03  111 01  With the exception of an export of $12,-  0'M, which was returned from the outport  of Nakusp as the value of the gross contents ot a shipment of Hero ore. the mineral exports lor the month are classified  as follows:  Cold...  Copper  Load .  Silvi-r  .  ..S3S4.S5I  .    SI.1.03  .     S0.5I5  ���.'(!!), KJ7  to.Sepi. 30tli..  Tons.  10  120  5.105  1.001  5,070  1.13!) ���  3,11'I  ���i.'.r.a  3,7111  5 822  ���V.'Ol  1.513  15.5 IS  Approximate  Value.  S 80,123  SS35,050  S" 11.225  81-75.18!)  .?5I.-{,N32  SIS3,Svi  S3!I7,7!I7  8133,231  S077.IW1  S5U2.S53  S(!75,5f)l)  SOSO,!.!  $0.7O7.2K.'  A New Process.  Toronto Telegram : An American now  in the city claims that he can get gold out  of antimony. The trouble is that antimony is scarce here. But if the gentlemen can get gold out of British Columbia  mining shares, there are numerous fellow  townsmen who will Iwt him test his process on their stock certificates.  Henry George Dropped Dead.  Henry (.ieorge, political economist, philanthropist and  mayoralty candidate for  greater Xew York, dropped dead in Xew  York on I'Viday morning of apoplexy.  Trouble at the Noble Five Mines.  The Ledge: The Xoble Five mine and  mill closed down last Saturday. ^ The  men were given their checks, but have  been unable to get their money, the bank  on which they are drawn refusing to cash  them, saying there were no funds. The  company has olfered no explanation.  They are silent about everything. They  do not even say that they expect to have  money to pay the wages in the near  future,or to commence operation. There  is a wide difference of opinion expressed  as to the cause of the shut down. Some  say the mine has entirely run out of ore,  and has nothing to look forward to.  Others think that it is all for the purpose  of getting hold of stock held outside. A  meeting of the shareholders is called at  Cody on the "30th instant, for the purpose  of authorizing a loan of $lf)0,0()0, to pay  off the debts and develop (he the mine.  What the debts are for is not known.  Enough treasury stock was sold to pay  for the mill aud tramway, and they have  been shipping concentrates all this year.  Since August 1st, ;*5I2 tons have been shipped. The stock wa* quoted cbnsiderably  above .*>0 cents last winter. It is now  uuoled in Spokane at 17 cents.  m  m*  fP��,  s ���  -__f1  ���TO.  .   .*/'*"^  .T_ij.i._-.i  li1  ;a*_ THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, OCTOBER ;l<),  IS97.
THE TR1BUXK i- -uuii-ii..". .■., Saturday*, by Tiik
Tkibun_ PutsLisuiNv; Cjaism.n >. ■nut wiii u_ mailed
to subscriber-, ou payiuen. ol Two :ini.i..iits .-■ .war.
Xo subscription taken for lo-— iliini n year.
l.KGULAIl   AD\'KitTI.->K.\li-:.\"l\s   prinlud at the   foi-
'    lowing  rates:     One  ineh.   S'M ::  your;   two  inches,
SOO  a  year;   three   inche- 381 a year; four inches,
$9G a year;  five im-ln-i. <?I05 a year; six inches and
over, at the rate of §1.50 an ineh per month.
TRANSIENT ADVElt'l'lSK.MKN'l'rf 20 cents a line for
tirst insertion and 10 cents a line for each addition.il
insertion.   Birth,  marriage, and death  notices free.
line each insertion. -
JOB PRINTING al fair rate.-. All accounts for joh
printing and advertising payable on the first of
every month; subscription, in advance.
ADDRESS all communications to    •
LA ML' & KOR1N—Pliy-iciuiir. ami tiurg-oii.-.  llu
3. t and 5. Uiyclow block. Nelson.  'Pelephone 12.
DR.   J.   A.   AR-M.STI'ONG-Cioveiiinioni    Veterinary
In-pector.    Treats diseases of nil domestic iiniiiial _
All slock inspected al Nelson. , Nelson, li. ('.
)R. II. LO. HALL—Dentist. Graduate of Philadelphia
Dental College. Seven years experience. Gold and
porcelain crowns inserted. Teeth replanted. Olilee wilh
Dr. George Hall, linker street.
J. IL [{OI-JIES, C. 10.—Provincial Land Surveyor.
P. O. box S2, ICaslo. B. C.
11.   irOLDICII-AnalyLical C'licniM and A^ayer.
Hall street. Nelson.
T    C. GWILLOL B.A.Sc. & W. S. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.
«J •     —Mining    Engineei-s   and   Analytical   Chemists,
Slocan City, B. C.
XELSON LODGE, NO. 23. A. F. & A. M. Meets
second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning
brethren invited.
Semlin, the Conservative leader of the op-'J
position to the Turner government. There
can be no excuse offered for the introduction of federal issues into provincial politics hut if there were, the Conservatives
of British .Columbia would be making a
mistake in reraining in ofiice such Conservatives a_ make up the cabinet of premier Turner. The return of premier Turner and his government as a strictly Conservative government, would do more to
discredit the Conservative party in this
province than any other calamity which
could happen to it.
The mo is no truth in the report that
justice Walkem'has remitted the fine of
$100 which he imposed upon Peter Costello, who was'found guilty upon the
charge of kicking lawyer Cronyn into insensibility by a kick on the jaw. British
justice muse be appeased.
That portion of the press of province
which is not given to saying pretty things
of ail public men that are vested with
authority, has much adverse comment to
make upon justice Walkem's action in the
now notorious Costello case. It would not
surprise many if this decision should
mark an eventful point in justice Wal--
kem'_ career.
The Ames Holden Go's special "Columbia,"
"Vancouver," "Kootenay" should be worn
by everybody who wants a first-class mountain boot.
Saturday morning October :«i, im
That the people of Nelson made no mistake  when  they entrusted  the  management of municipal affairs to the present
council is evidenced by the statement of
the city's finances up to the 27th of this
month, which is printed elsewhere in The
Ti-IUUNI..      Despite  the  fact  that there
was comparatively little data'available
upon which the finance committee could
work, their estimate of the probable current revenue of the city, made in April,
was fairly accurate.    They estimated the
total at $8,100 ; but stated if the city grew
as it was expected to grow  that amount
would be increased.    Six  months out of
the nine months of their term have expired, and the total current revenue collected is $8,S6I.*--■).    That the current revenue has been disbursed in a business-like
way is proven by tho fact that the actual
expenses of conducting the affairs of the
city has been kept at about 00 per cent of
the revenue.    This  is a fair percentage,
seeing that extra expenses was of necessity incurred in getting the municipality
in   running  order.    The greater  part  of
the money raised on the credit of the city
has been expended on  public works that
either return revenue or save future outlay from'Current revenue.    Of the $10,000
received   from   the   sale   of   debentures
nearly $-10,000 will be expended on waterworks aud sewers.    The remaining $0,000
will be expended on street improvements,
public buildings, and appliances for the
fire department.;■ ■
The Victoria Colonist evidently recognizes that the tail can no longer be expected to wag the dog iii provincial politics, and on behalf of the aforesaid tail it
now puts forth the plea that there be no
sectionalism. This from the chief organ
of a government which has been maintained in office by sectionalism is decidedly refreshing, aud is a hopeful sign
for the province. Sectionalism has marked
the policy of the provincial administrations since 1890. It was the most pronounced characteristic of the redistribution bill of that year. It was as much in
evidence in the next redistribution measure of ISO., and accomplished its purpose
in that Vancouver Island was given such
excessive representation that it was enabled to dominate the rest of the province.
During the last general provincial elections the party which is now so apprehensive of sectionalism nursed the thing
for all it was worth in the cityof Victoria
and electors of that city were importuned
to vote for the government candidates
and preserve tlieir homes. There will be
less sectionalism in the next redistribution measure. The growth of the province will assure this. After the next election there will be no sectionalism, for the
reason that the people who are interested in keeping it alive will be out of
politics. ■     .	
about 500 voters is represented by two
members, whilst such constituencies as
Richmond, Delta and Chilliwack, possessing three voters to every onein Esquimalt
have to be content, with one representative for each riding? We certainly think
that the island is over-represented and
that from the number can be taken at
least three, if not four, and these added
to the number from the Mainland—possibly to the Kootenay-, whose representation, as well a.s that of southern Yale, we
contend is entirely too small according to
population and importance. We are aware
of many of the excuses which will be
raised by those desiring a continuance
of the present conditions but these must
be brushed aside and the people, the electors, accorded that voice in the legislation
of the country to which they are justly
entitled. Our policy on this question
may thus be summed up: One general
system of representation for rural constituencies: another for cities aud centers
thickly settled and easily reached; one
man, one vote and 011I3' in one constituency in the province.
The Kootenay
Distilling Co.,
TRAIL,   _B. C.
.•    and
Carbonated Drinks and
Mineral Waters
Premier  Turner, is  becoming frightened over the probable result of the next
general provincial elections, and he is now
seeking to offset the effect of the almost
unanimous  denunciation   of his  government by the organized Liberals of the
province by endeavoring to create the impression that  party allegiance demands
that Conservatives  accord   him  and  his
government their support.   This is a mistaken idea on the part of premier Turner.
At the last Dominion elections the Manitoba school question  and the tariff were
practically the sole  issues.    Since  assuming ollice the Liberals, by their policy of
following the  Conservative party's lead,
have practically removed the tariff as a
v live issue from Canadian  politics.    As an
issue   between   the   two   great   political
parties of Canada, there therefore remains
practically  nothing at  present  save  the
Manitoba school question.    Can   premier
Turner   or   any   of   his  supporters  who
solicit   Conservative    support    as   their
due,   explain   what   benefit    will    result
from the  introduction   of the Manitoba
school question into  provincial politics in
a   province  wherein   there are  none but
purely non-sectarian schools.   That premier Turner and his colleagues are Conservative is a mere incident.    What concerns the electors of the province more is
the knowledge that they are utterly incapable of administering the a If airs of the
province.    The   members of  the cabinet
were denounced by the Liberal convention
not because they were Conservatives but
because they were incapable.    That such
was the case is evidenced by the fact that
;tt the same convention some ultra Liberals sought unsuccessfully to put the ban
of the cou venLion  upon  F. C. Cotton, the
able   Conservative   lieutenant   of   C.  A.
The  Statistical  Year book just issued
gives some interesting information  with
respect to this province.    Not reckoning
the  territories, British  Columbia is  the
largest of  the  provinces.    There are 100
common and 20 graded schools in British
Columbia:   there are  four  high  schools,
and the total expenditure has increased
from   %-\r>,iir>Q in  1877 to $2S-1,:J"33   in   1890.
The gross debt of this province  has  increased from $800,500 in  IS82 to $0,409,708
iu 1890.    The process of increase was gradual until I SOL when it was $3,90-1,807, but
the next year it leaped up to  $0,-199,088.
The  Dominion   government  debt allowance has increased from $-199,91*3 in 1SS2 to
$583,021. last year; indeed, it has been this
latter figure since 1885.   The other assets
of the province are put down at $1,798,450
for 1.800, not  including public  buildings,
the value of which is declared at $1,075,-
000.     Since I.S7.1, the ordinary revenue of
British Columbia has totalled $.14,058,795,
and the expenditure $20,389,807.    In 1S72
the   revenue  was $327,210,  and   the   expenses .$432,OSS.    These  figures increased
in ISOO.to, respectively, $9SO,705and $1,014,-
723.   There were, of course,  no railways'
in this  province   iii 1.807, -but   last   year
there were SCO  miles  of -track  laid,   the
smallest for any province except Prince
Edward's Island, which has only 210.
As to fisheries, the last figures available
are for 1895, aud then the British Colum-,
bia catch was worth $4,401,354. British
produced in 1890 about one-third of the
coal output, giving 1,002,208 tons, against
2,500,000 for Nova Scotia, and a total for
the Dominion of 3,743,234 tons. The production of gold in the Dominion in 1800
was $2,810,000. of which $1,7S8,20(5 has to
be credited to British Columbia. This
year British Columbia will still further
obtain the lead, but the Northwest territories may close up the gap next year because of I-londyke. ^
The Necessity for Redistribution.
Vancouver  World:    For  the  information of the Nelson Tit 1 RUN 10 we  have  to
state that The World now, as it ever has'
done, stands pledged to the hilt in favor
of a fair, just and equitable redistribution
measure.    Since its inception this journal
has condemned the principle even now in
vogue, which grants to one section of the
province undue advantages in the matter
of representation over others less; favored
but more deserving sections.    It is our determination to continue our advocacy of
a  principle  which  underlies   responsible
government.    We have yet to come across
the individual  who can honestly  justify
the continuance of the anomalous manner
in which the electors of the province are
represented in the legislature.    Why, for
instance, should the Island of Vancouver,
with a population not exceed -10,000, be allowed  a  representation   of  M   members,
while   the    mainland,   with   more   than
double the people on the island, is limited
to   19 representatives?     Esquimalt with
J. C. BLANDY & CO., Proprietors,
This famous nnd  delightful   summer resort  has hcen
liikcn  over  by the above  firm and will  be conducted in the future in a first-class manner
RATES:   S. 00 AND S-» 50 PIOR DAY.
The Providence Fuf Co.
Providence. It. I., wants all kinds of Raw Furs,
skins,  Ginseng, Seneca.   Etc.   Prices quoted for'
next sixty days are as follows:
BEAVER (per pound)
RED FOX     • •
SKUNK     •
HAT :....
Sin 00 to St;->(l 00
5 00 to
_;-> 00
1 00 to
!> 00
2 00 to
0 00
:j 00 to
,-l 50
1 00 to.
■2 00
1 00 to
. 00
7;"> to
- 00
_;"> to
t 00
30 1,0
.0 lo
Price list, on all other furs and skins furnished upon
application. Full prices guaranteed, careful selection,
courteous -treatment, and immediate remittance on all
Has secured  temporary ofliccs in   Room ,'! Clements &
Hillyer block, cor. of Raker and Josephine streets
:_.__..__.:__  ESTATE
____>st_d co-Jvc-ivnissiO-sr ___G-__!_sra7
_y_i_sri_src3- B:_"-o:r__:E!:_-
~~   FOR SALE.
Several valuable business sites on  Baker St.
Business block—two stores—Baker street.
Business   block—three stores all rented—on
two 30-foot lots, with offices above.
Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.
Apply to W. J. G.  DICKSON.
Having appointed \V. J. G. Dickson local agent for
Addition A to the townsite of Nelson, intending purchasers of lots, or persons wishing information, plans, or'
price-lists of the addition, will please apply to him.
Electric Company, Ltd.
Capital $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.
MINERS! You can make use of water power 50 miles from your mines with our system
We can also sell you complete telephone outfits and install them.
British Columbia Branch Offices       Ol£ooic^ Frank  Darling,  Kootenay Agent
Wire Rope, Feed Water Heaters, Elevators, Shafting, Pulleys, Pipe Cutters,
Special Tools, and a new lot of Tube Cleaners just in.   Roebling's Wire
R°Pe-   2_S_?tf. Jsasrl FRANK DARLING, Agent
In fact every kind of wet weather footwear including Ladies' and Gents'
Fine Felt-lined City Knee Boots.
18 and 20
BRANCH  MARKETS   .   ....
Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District
Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan  District
Kaslo in Ainsworth District
Prepared to supply consumers with everything- in the way of fresh and cured meats.
Orders by mail carefully.filled and promptly forwarded.
Lake Sawmill
Will start about March 15th
with about double its former
capacity in all departments.
7,000,000 feet,of log's under
contract for early delivery.
The Planing
and Factory
Always Reliable and as Represented
For Sale by all Leading Dealers
Manufacturers of Brushes
Brooms and Wooodenware
Is now running Cull time under llio management
of C. IS. Doty, a compelent draughtsman nnd
mechanic who will furnish special drawing free
of charge. 	
New Designs
In house interiors, ofllce and store fixtures, dado
work, mnnllcs, brackets, mouldings, book cases,
furniture, turnings, carving, grill work, and band
sawing. Orders for all such work executed in an
artistic manner.
One Car Glass
Direct from Belgium expected this month. I tough
and dressed lumber, laths, etc., always in stock.
Manufactured by The George E. Tuckett & Son Co., Ltd.       UNION MADE CIGARS
B. C.
Two Cars Sash
and Doors
Yard and branch ofllce foot of  Hendryx Stre
The Columbia & Kootenay
Railway & Navigation Co.
T.  W.   GRAY,  Proprietor.
Doors,  Sash,   Band Sawing-,  Turned Work,  and Office Fittings.    Just
arrived and in stock,  a carload of Chance's English   Rolled
Glass; all sizes up to 4 by 6 feet.
On Baker and Vernon
of good
streets and plenty
General Commission and Manufacturers' Agent
___C3-__l_SrOI__!-3 .
11 ' the governmenl   lownsile   of  Nelson.
Residential Lots
in ' tli
For Sale
Apply to '
Frank Fletcher, P.LS., Agent, Nelson.
Ashcroft 1 McClelland
Wagon   Repairing Promptly Attended  to
by a First-Class Wheelwright
Great West Oatmeal Mills. Pilot Moudd, Manitoba
The H. M. Smith Hiscuifc Factory. Victoria, Ii. C-
The Virden Roller Mills, Virden, Manitoba
Smith & Fischol. Cigars, St. Jerome. Quebec
The business centre for the rich
mines oii Springer Creek and
Slocan Lake. This is one of
the richest districts in British
Special attention given to all Idnds of repairing
and custom work, from outside points
SHOP:    Cor. Baker agd Hall Sts. flelson.
Notice of Appiieation to Purchase Land.
Notice i.s hereby given that sixty (lny.s after date I, the
undersigned, intend to apply to the chief commissioner
of lands and works for permission lo purchase 1120 acres
of land, situate in West Ivootenay district.
JAMI.S PRTKHH.  Locator.
Dated this HI h day of October. 181)7.
FrlANK FLETCrjEF(, Trustee.
Notice   of  Appiieation   for   Certificate   of
....  ,, , Take notice that I. Samuel L. Long. acliiiK ns nijenl. for
lOctober'Airdl , |»hillip   White,   free   miners   cerlilicale   No.  !)8,.ll  in-
i tend sixly  (lays  from the dale hereof, to apply to tlie
; mining recorder I'or a  cerliticale of  iniprovemenrs, tor
Commencing at a po-a four miles north of flic mouth of | the purpose of oblainine; n  crown  grunt of   the above
>w creek near the east bank of Goat river marked ! claim.   And further hike notice lhat
VTeado    _.........
■'.lames Peters' S. I., corner post," thence west 10 chains,
thence north ISO chains, thence nasi, 10 chains, tlienco
•iouth SO chains to the point of commencement, containing' 1120 acres more or less.
  ...... if action, under section H7. must, he commenced before the issuance of such
certificate of improvements.
Dated Ibis .8th day of October, 18(17. |0<;tober 301-li|
Kootenay Lumber Co.
A complete stock of Building Lumber of
all  l\inds will   now be  l^ept at  Nelsoi].
Charles St. Barbe, Agent.1
—. w
' If
|^1.r-^.~7-wr-7--:«y^^^^>.v,f ^^ ■■■ f-T?A *■-'•■ y'y-*'-'w',-.:',?.,irr^"-^^.'^^T7rr^
.;ii-;«™, IK ..oft, ...,.»t.l^.j.J ■),.- vi hv-.- ■*.'...j*,-vV .,-»'■' > /.'*Vi-^.""-{. j* . -.1?»*■*-"*.■ .-j. ■-■-■ '.„-.«rt\■"- ■"■-V- * j ,i. it • *■ k. ■ iMitv-tcS _\ v-.*, j,£,, kI^Xi\H'ti,:' •,~-.i-2t.- '' v. '*?•> v '■.,«■' m * _J--i*,-\w-,.-t..,«»";' ■ ■.««Ms.'' J.I.. <\>v- i, \< '■.',■.»■ ' *-,>.i(i. -r,t.-4;/.. ■.«firi...J- »* _ -,«,■■'-" ->v\'« wi'Ir*. r--'. '•■-*--»-■;»' .*.*•.*(_„».*;-• ■',V'i. •- .«_,§
-VJ-.-/'* m-..'. ■'!.'» •>.„..'. •;•.', ''.y-,i "irV'^i'-i^.v-'1'-' ''■■ ■.''•■ ,!-*c».-"'i«,;_,">_i|f*. "V-v-v-',£"-■_« J')",i _«..". ■.■Xiciiai'v -j'ysr* t-yj^:-i'j\-.'-\^j.-J ' '. w :* sjm :; i • ■_">v'u.*- _»■*-'■■ *-■ >.- --j-- •**; —-i-.-1* '^■^^"■*,.t1i--';'",,,''*\''"."ii.i'"'■■'j"-a1'W»" "i "■'•"»' ■■" _■ v.-?1.11..*..' «■* ■■'..■" i. *:*-,■•' '■«'> *'_V-'J - >'1_l-; -".W1"-.a!-»". ~M a* %'r.»t&. •,,>-■ .,j^ .■/,■.*.*■<■. (.■■"j'SsS
/-■,<- -'» . VHfo'.os, ""nf-'wi*1!!.  , ■-.,.   *«d !.-■>. !•v*' - !■•-.*■-,  ',:••■■  **   'Oh >ii. .\i.i— 4*' ..'■ .v',f--.rirtj->- ".. .♦*■*.*■-Wji; .".-■, ■"•■«. v-.TJt. ■   .-'/•■-•i..   :.*•„-■   -.--.a' ■'*.-, "m „ r». i,i.i4 ■.'.. -^Vs. \-.;Z-:u...T,f^ .• ■• ■-...■, > v i W.iJr  ,*r'-i ■ a  -.«.-y..»T .■■-'', ■_   ,;_-- inrl\ .',..,.».■■) t,?» ■- i-i. t ^kL ..-^.VV -»- f „--|V i,-„ £■*■ a" "■.--.i •{";.',,<■' ..-l..<W''.8ti THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B. C SATURDAY  OCTOBER  oil 1897.  ���i  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND'  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMONT).  K   S. CLOUSTONV.   .AIT.  HOY Ali, President   "Vice-President  .. .General Manager  NT  N-ELSOIT   _3_S^^"lSrC___  W. Cop. Bakep and Stanley Streets.   UKANCIIKH  IN        LONDON   (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  nnd in the principal cities in Cninula.  uy and -ell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  ��� 1KANT COMMKKCIAL AND TRAVELLERS' CKEDIT8.  available in any part of the world.  DKAKT3  ISSUED    COLLECTIONS  MADE:  F.TO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  RATE OF INTEREST (at present) 3 Per Cent.  THE    WRECK   AT   ROUBIDBAU,  Andy Degan's Plunge on an Engine Into the  Flood.  L-oubideau bridge was a long wooden  structure spanning the Gunnison a few  hundred yards to the east oi' ttoubideau  tunnel. Emerging from tunnel, east  bound, the engineer found a rail curving  to the left, hugging the hill that hid the  bridge from view until his engine wus almost upon it. That was when the road  was new. Now the hill has been cut  away and the track straightened from  the mouth of the tunnel to the bridge.  One day in August, 1SS3, there came a  cloudburst that flooded the western slope  as, old timers said, it had not been flooded  for years. The steep watershed, tipping  toward the sunset, spilled the flood into  the Cimarron and Uncompahgre, until the  stream was full to the, bank tops.  And while this wild river went roaring  down toward the cataracts ot the Colorado, No. S came screaming up among tlie  curves  that wind  away from  the   Utah  desert to the dark aud dangerous crevice  called the Black Canyon.   Andy Degan, a  ."Q," man, who had come to Colorado with  a good letter and one lung, had  the first-  section of No. S, an express, mail and baggage car out of the Grand Junction that  night forty minutes late.    What the Mormon  had   lost   climbing Soldier summit  Degan  was expected   to  make  up  going  down Cero hill.    Down there in the cau-  yon he was striving only to lose no more  time, for he was a new man running for a  reputation.    Like all the old Burlington  men, he was an expert driver, and took  ha/.aYd*-  cheerfully,'   realizing,  it  would  seem,  that  he  had  at ��� best, only a  few  years  to  live.    He had, this night, what  was  called  a  Hockaway engine, a  high,  short, compact locomotive, built for  the  kinks so numerous in the first rough draft  of the   Denver   & Bio Grande  railroad.  The night was still and starlit, the earth  was dry and the silvery river on his right  rippled  away   over   the   rocks,  clear as  crystal.   The Rockaway made easy work  of the three light cars, steamed like the  Sprudel Brunn at Carlsbad, and ran like  a deer.    When the fireman  was not fooling around the furnace door he hung over  the arm rest and watched the world go  by.   Degiin, gaunt-faced and silent, sat at  the open window trying the water and  whistling for curves. Uncle Sam's servant,  in the mail car was shuffling letters and  newspapers.    He had finished the Ouray  bag, which he would leave at Montrose,  the Crested Buttes aud:Ruby.- Camp bags  to be dropped at Gunnision, and was now  makikg up the Leadville pouch for Salida.  Over in the express car the messenger,  hung about  with  six-shooters, stretched  upon a canvas cot billed  to the agent at  Sapanero,   was   stealing   a   little   sleep.  Degan, being east bound, had the right-  of-way, and looked at his watch only occasionally  to figure where No. 7 would  meet   him.    His   orders   ranL him  thirty  minutes late and made it the business of  No. 7 to fix and make the passing point.  The first Section  of No. S was probably,  making forty miles an hour when Degan  whistled for Roubideau tunnel.   A moment later it was swinging around thecurve  where the dark .river lay in  the shadow  of the hill.    While Degan, leaning out of  his window, strained his eyes to get a  glimpse   of   the   bridge,   the    Rockaway  turned to the right and headed for the  open river.    Below the tunnel it had been  a silvery  starlit stream; here   it'.was a  roaring river, running bank full of black  water.   For   an   instant  Degan  thought  the engine had left the track, but feeling  the rails still beneath her wheels he realized a second later the bridge  was gone.  The fireman saw the break in the track  and leaped out of the cab as the engine  plunged into the boiling flood.    Degan. at  the first scent of danger, closed the throttle and applied the air.    An  the engine  dropped over the bank she turned ou her  side,  releasing the patent  coupling and  at the same time, parting the air hose, applied the automatic pressure to the wheels  of the three light cars so suddenly and so  effectually that only the mail  car tipped  over and hung with her nose iu the water.  The mail agent climbed to the side door,  aud, with  the help of the bleeding  fireman,   succeeded   in   escaping, from    the  slanting car.     When the postal clerk and  the fireman pounded on the door of the  express car the  messenger, waking suddenly, Avarned them if they attempted to  enter the car he would shoot.   The deafening roar of the river made it impossible  for them to hear what he said, and when  they began to heave great stones against  thu car door he made good his  word, nor  did he stop until a do/.eu -15-calibre bullets  had crashed through the door and sides  of the car.    After waiting for some  time  the messenger concluded that the robbers  had been frightened away, and cautiously  peeped out.  "Well, you idiot," said the postal clerk  from beneath the car, "are you out of ammunition ?"  Degan lived a, lifetime in the moment  when the Rockaway was leaping into the  flood.   Wlien the engine struck  bottom,  twenty feet from the surface,,she began  rolling over and over like a corncob in a  flooded barnyard.   The picture of his past  life which had  been suddenly flashed before his eyes,, now disappeared, and  the  engineer, hopeless as it may seem, found  himself  watching for au opportunity to  slip out of the cab of the rolling engine.  Now lie felt the engine slam up against a  big boulder in the bottom of the river,  and at'the same time his bauds grasped a  floating something.    It was the fireman's  waste box, and the engineer, holding: hard  to it, was dragged out of the cab and carried to the surface.    He had  barely time  to breath when a (loatingdriftsweptover  him. forcing  him  into   the   water  again.  IU- held t.n the waste box, having a  hand  in   one   of   the   handles,  and   was   soon  brought lo the breast of the river again.  All this had occurred in a very brief space  of time, but Degan was not a strong man,  and the strain  was beginning to tell on'  him.     Once    in'   a    while,    above     the  billows   of, the   boiling   flood   he  got   a  glimpse of the low banks of the river running backward in the dim starlight.    The  roar   was  deafening.    The   river   surged  against   the sands, the  banks crumbled,  and   great  Cottonwood   trees   that   had  stood therefor half a century, swayed to  and fro, and finally fell into the roaring  Mood. At times the waste box swung near  the shore, edied back, and then shot down  the middle of the river at a furious rate.  Unless you have seen a mountain stream  at flood you can form only a faint notion  of the force and speed of the Gunnison  running  bank  full.    Great rocks  of the  size of a sleeping car are rolled along at  the  bottom of the river, as   marbles are  rolled by the stream of a garden hose, and  here, at the half open door of death, Degan turned to look, and was awed  by the  awfulness of the wild scene.    When first  he found himself at the front of a fast  express, timing' the. train with a touch of  his hand, fixing the'speed  by the turn of  a lever, he had  marvelled, as  most  men  do, at tlie speed and power of the locomotive, but all that was mean and tame compared with the force of this fearful flood.  As   Degan  began, feeling strong again  and was watching a chance to pull for the  shore, the leafy top of a falling tree caught  him  and  dragged him   below.     Tangled  among the boughs with his waste box the  desperate   driver   fought    with   all    his  strength,  and in  a little  while felt the  waste box  bearing him up and on once  more.   He was now iu a narrow, straight  chute, at the'lower end of which the river  made a short bend to the left, and away  from the railroad track.    Degan saw the  curve and hoped that he might be thrown  upon the bank at the bend, and the next  instant the box was driven hard against  a huge rock aud went to pieces.  When .Degan regained consciousness he  was lying full length upon the flat top of  the rock against which his life preserver  had been wrecked. The gray dawn was  upon the river, that was already settling  back to its normal bed. His clothing was  torn, his hands bleeding, his bones ached  with the chill ot t.he morning. One of his  legs was broken, and the pain of it made  him feel faint. The river was falling rapidly. If he could walk at all he could  walk ashore without getting water in his  trousers pocket. The sun came up and  dried his overclothes and warmed the  rock upon which he lay.  Presently he heard a locomotive screaming down the canyon, and when she came  round the curve he flagged her. Behind  the engine was a wrecking train, coming  up from the junction to find and fish the  Rockaway out of.the river.  The crew were greatly rejoiced to find  Degan. They bore him gently to the way  car and carried him to the company's hospital at Salida, and there it was he told  the story of the Roubideau wreck.  FAKIRS,   FAKES   AND   FADS.  The Aldous vs Hall Mines Adverse,  The well known case of Aldous vs Hall  Mines was before justice Walkem again  this   week.     This    case    was    originally  started in the county court.   It was afterwards transferred to the supreme court.  On  the lirst trial justice Walkem  gave  judgment   in  favor   of   the Hall Mines,  holding thnt it  was  necessary to  prove  the blazing of the line.    Upon this point  an appeal was taken to the full court aud  a  new   trial Was   granted.    Mary   Jane  Aldous, ou behalf of the,Berlin mineral  claim, adverses the Hall Miues' application  for a certificate of improvements for the  J.  M. B. claim.    Charles Wilson,  Q.  C,  and John Elliott appeared for the plaintiff and E.  P.  Davis, Q. C,  and  J. II.  Bowes appeared for the defendant company.    The plaintiff's counsel put in evidence to prove the location of the Berlin  claim and  asked  for judgment upon the  strength of it, and the allegation in the  statement of claim which had  not been  denied heretofore that the J. M. B. claim  which was acquired by the Hall mines by  purchase had been staked by a man  who  had not a free miner's certificate.    I.. P.  Davis  held  that  there  was   no   adverse  claim within the meaning of the mineral,  act.    That the claim was not brought by  the owner of the claim who was the adverse claimant; that  no proof had been  given of the doing of the necessary work  in accordance with the provisions of the  mineral act; that the action was not commenced within the required HO days in a  court of competent jurisdiction.  Mr. Wilson in reply agreed that the adverse claim was made by the agent of the  owner of the claim, and that his evidence  was before the court of having located,  recorded and done the necessary assessment work. He held that section 21 of  the mineral act made proof of work no  part of a free miner's title, and that the  county court was a court of competent  jurisdiction in which to commence the  action. Justice Walkem reserved judgment. >  Canadian Pacific Traffic Receipts.  Montreal,,Oct. 25.���The Canadian  a-  cific railway traffic receipts for the week  ending October 21st, were $019,000; for  the same week lastyear they were $481,000.  But let us look into the interior.of this  oxygen producer, and what do we find to  produce it? nothing but sealing as I show  you. Two cents worth of wax, three  cents worth of string, and seventy cents  worth of can, is all there is to the $'_���"'.00  Oxydonor. The Oxygeuor produces oxygen too, but it obtains it from putty, sulphur and black lead. A competent chemist has analyzed these cans for me, and I  know whereof I speak.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that sixty days iil'ter date I, the  undersigned, intend to applyto the chief commissioner  of lands and works I'or permission to purchase 320 acres  of land, situate in West Ivootenay district.  F. ('. CHANDLER, Locator.  Dated this Sth day of October. 18117. |October _'d|  I1KSCKIITION.  Commencing al a post four miles north of the month of  Meadow creek near the east bank of Goat river, marked  "F. C Chandler's N. K. corner," thence west ID chains,  thence south fill chains, thence east 40 chains, thence  north So chains fo the point ol' commencement, contain-,  ing 'Mil acres more or less.  THE TRIBUNE BUYS OLD RAGS  IS CENTS PER POUND  What a Spokane Doctor Has to Say Respecting the Oxydonor Pake.  The M.dica! Sentinel for September contains a paper on "Fakirs, Fadsand Fakes,"  which was read before the Washington  State Medical Society by Dr. Wallace W.  Putter, of Spokane. In the course of his  remarks Dr. Potter touched upon several  fakes which have been worked off upon  the people of Kootenay. For their benefit, as well as for the' benefit'of those who  may be urgud to purchase such fakes in  the future, the following is reproduced:  I show you a fake in the.shapeof a ring,  it is called the ���"Franco-Gerinnu, ring for  rheumatism.*'    ft sells ior two dollars., A  twenty page circular is given to each purchaser.    Tiie circular contains the usual  can lions agaiust being deceived  by  imi-  lations, iind telli the reader how to be assured of the genuine article.   We tind this  explanation as to what effect it produces:  "This ring worn upon the liuger?generate_  and imparts a constant and never  failing  electro-magnetic    influence    or    curreut  through ihe system, which is absorbed at  once into the circulation, thereby eradicating all acids, and  other  impurities of  the  blood, and  making it  the  best and  satest known cure for rheumatism and all  kindred  diseases.   In   the  directions  we  find   the   following:   ' "The  ring can  be  worn on any finger of the left hand.    It  would have the same beneficial effect if  worn on the right hand, but worn on the  left hand, its action drives and keeps the  trouble from  the heart.    It will discolor  the fiuger under the ring only a.s long as  there is acid'remaining in the system.    It  should be worn at all times until relief is  experienced."   I am assured by one who  knows that there are a number of people  here in Spokane who place implicit faith  in the curative property of the mysterious  ring, which is probably some alloy of zinc  or aluminum.  But I pass ou to another fake, this is  called the "Animator." Its price is live  dollars. It is composed, as you readily  see, of plates of zinc (the silvery side), vulcanized rubber, and copper (the golden  side). These plates are riveted together  at the four corners. From a binding post  in the center of one side runs a tinsel cord,  which i.s about eight feei long. At the  other end of the cord is a small metal  disc about the size of a silver half dollar,  and to this disc a rubber band is attached.  The maker of this ten cent machine claims  that if this disc is attached to the ankle  and the plates put into a jar of cold water  it will animate the human organism by  spontaneously inducing tonicity, in all the  tissues, which rapidly strengthens the  whole system." All of which amounts to  a diarrhoea of high sounding words with  constipated ideas. Yet many-a sensible  man has been duped into purchasing just  this grossly apparent fake.  Next, I mention the "Oxygeuor," "Oxydonor," and "Electropoise." The two  former i will present to you. A general  description of the one describes the other  two. They are small metal cases filled  with iuert substances, ingeniously contrived to prevent as much as possible internal examination, and mystify the public if they succeed in opening them. They  have about eight feet of tinsel cord with  disc and rubber strap. The cost of making either does not probably exceed 75  cents. They sell for from ten to twenty-  five dollars each. Here we have three  rival fakes. The fakirs who make these  things vie with each other in trying to  convince the public that all but his machine are fakes, and positively useless.  All three work along the same line in trying to make the people believe that these  things "generate oxygen" when put,into  cold water, or packed in ice, and that they  impart this gas to the system when the  cord is attached to the ankle. The gas iu  some unknown manner, never leaving the  cord until reaching the ankle, when it  passes into the system: and in some instances has been known to so surcharge  the system as to produce alarming symptoms, death even having been produced  by these powerful means. Each fakir  sends out hi.s "literature" with his machines. The Oxydonor, man has compiled  two books of 184 and 142 pages respectively. He has coined some psuedo-scientific  terms, such as "vocor" for the metal case,  (but it would probably bother the inventor to tell what suggested such a name or  to give it derivation). He calls his system  the diaductive cure. The derivation of  this word is easy, dia-ducere, to lead  through: aud its meaning, from, your  pocket book into his. He declares that  diaduction is a natural force, and that he  is the discoverer of it. Had he said in  plain language that nature effected all  his cures, he would have told the exact  truth; but of course; would have sold no  more Oxydonors". Many of his pages are  filled with careful instructions as to the  use in various diseases, and cautions as to  what is to be-done when the system becomes saturated with oxygen. Listen to  this scientific bosh: "The antidote for  oxygen is hydrogen, found in the most  acceptable form in water or alcoholic  liquors; whiskey and brandy preferred."  airer  CORPORATION  OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  --__.__.-w-- _sro. 19.  ���ible lo have cerium streets in the  supplied    with  light  during certain  There    will  week .in  the  Baker   street,  tica  cloc  be   opened    next  McKillop block,  a first-class   op-  room    and    watch    and  lock  repairing-   establishment.  On  open  , November 10th I will  up a complete assortment of spectacles and Eye  Glasses and will be in position  to test eyes for astigmatism or  other defects of the eve.  THE TREMONT  -A. tv-T���I  _sr_ui_so_sr  MALONE & TREGILLUS, Proprietors.  is one of the beat hotels in Toad Mountain district, and  is the headquarters  or prospectors and miners.  __A___   O-   _E"V7"_A__RT  Where..* it i- dc-d  Ciiy of Nelson  hours:  And whereas an offer has been received by tho municipal  council of the said city from the Kelson Electric Light  Company, Limited, for the furnishing of light to the  said city, which oiler also includes the right or option  of the said city lo purchase the plant and franchise of  said Nelson Electric Light Company, Limited:  And whereas it is desirable to accept the said oiler and  make a contract with the said company in respect  thereof:  Therefore, lhe municipal council of the corporation ofthe  City of Nelson enacts as follows:  .Section I. It shall aud may be lawful for the said  municipal council of the corporation of Ihe City of Nelson, ami the said council is hereby authorized and empowered to enter into a contract with the said Nelson  Elect ric Light. Coinpani, Limited, for the furnishing a:id  supplying street lights to the said Ciiy of Ncl-on. to consist of nol less I him I wenly and a.- many more standard  I.IKi candle power an- lights, mul a��- many standard Hi  caudle power lamps, as may In: required from time lo  time during a term of tlvcyeais, commencing on the  first day nf November. 1897. the rule to be paid for,arc  lights to be $111 per month perdight, and for standard Hi  caudle power lamps to be 7;') cents per lamp per month, a  diseoiiiil lo be allowed to the said city upon tliesaid rates  during the second year of Mich term of ;'j per cent, during  the third year a discount uf III per ecnl.during the fourth  year a discount of lfl per cent, anil during the tlflh year a  discount of 20 pur cent.  Section 2. The said contract also to include the right  or option of said corporation of lh-< Oily of NeNon to purchase the plantand franchise of Ihe said NcNon Electric  Light Company, Limited, at any time before the Mini  day'of November, 18DS. at a sum not exceeding ?IU.()00.  Section :i.,  This Hy-law may be cited for all purposes us  ".Street Lighting Jly-law. No. 1!). ISO"."  Read lirst and second limes 27th of September. IS1I7.  Read lliird limolHlh October, IS97.  Reconsidered and linallv adopted  and passed ISlh October, A. I). 181)7.  |si;ai..J JOHN HOl'.STON. Mayor  Ciiahu-'.s K. Hi:au:v. City Clerk.  Spokane Falls & JVortliepo,  Nelson & Fort. Sheppard,  Red Mountain Railways.  Trje only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson at|d Rossland, ar\d  Spokane and Rossland.  Leave  9:10 a.m..  11.00 a. in  8:00 a. ni. .=  DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS.  Arrive  .5:4;) p.m.  3:10 p. in.  ...ti:IO p.in.1'  NOTICE  Rnom ti, Clements & Hillyer Block, Nelson  OTOHBAPH STUDIO  Near corner Victoria and Stanley streets  Views of all parts of Ivootenay  Photographs in the latest styles  Guarantee satisfaction  Mrs. Johnson.  CORPORATION  OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  CITY   AUDITOR'S   REPORT.  Receipts and disbursements of the corporation of tlie  City of Nelson to October 1st, 1807:  RECEIPTS.  Proceeds sale of debentures   Police court lines   Licenses ��� :   Fire department, government grant...  Water rates    Interest accrued on debentures   Hog tax   Miscellaneous   ��19,000 00  821 10  5,210 00  200 00  LOUD SO  312 02  19S 00  1(55 00-  rjisnuusHMiwrs.  Wnter works    Sidewalks   Plant and tools   Printing and stationery   Salaries   Eire department      Streets     Special police .......  Interest    Lock-up  ���   Health   .'..- ..   ......  Dogtox....    Legal expenses ..:   ...  ���Jail, meals for prisoners.... ;  Miscellaneous ..    Balance Bank of Montreal....... ..  'Total -...-:.  ?37..��(i 82  512,S19 ��3  :��,7n8 05  222 01  780 VI  2.0S0 (17  911 31  3,506- 29  5085  122 GO  2,200 58  58 25  29 05  262 50 y  9 00  410 10  29,820 08-  ;.......S57.210 82  1 have carefully checked the accounts and vouchers in  the citv clerk's office and certify that the above is correct.  JOHN HAMILTON, City Auditor.  Columbia & Kootenay Branch  No. 3  CANADIAN  No. 1  PACIFIC  STATIONS  RAILWAY.  ���    :.    "    No. 2 | No.  17:00  17:15  17:30  17:55  18:15  9:30 Leave  .Nelson Arrive 14:15  9:15     m       Kootenay���:.    h    14:00  10:00     ii      ..Forty-nine Creek.,    ���    13:45  10:25      ....Slocan       ���    13:02  '11:15.Arrive.' .Robson ...;..Leave 12:30 |  21:15  21:00  20:4"  20:20  19:30  Trains Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4 run Tuedays, Thursdays, and  Saturdays.  No. 1 connects with steamer for Trail Creek.  No. 3 connects with steamer for Arrowhead.  No. 2 awaits arrival of steamer from Arrowhead.  No. 1 awaits arrival of steamers from Trail Creek.  Close connection at Nelson with steamers to and from  lake points.  J. HAMILTON, Trainmaster and Agent.  SHERIFF'S   SALE.  Province of British Columbia, Nelson, West Ivootenay,  To-wit:  By virtue of a warrant of execution issued out of tho  county court of Kootenay, at Nelson, at the suit of Nick  Anderbcrg. John'Twaddle, R. Hunter, S. pjiistice, and  Hugh Lewis, 'plaintiffs, and to me directed against the  goods and chattels of Neil Mcl.eod. of the City of Nelson,  defendant, I have seized and taken, in execution all the  right, title and interest of the said defendant, Neil lie-  Leod, in the '���Delight." "Calgary," "Atlanta," "Woodstock," and "Balinoriil" mineral claims, all of which are  situated in llu; Xelson mining division, and recorded in  the mining recorder's ollice al. the City of Nelson. It. C.  lo recover the sum of four hundred and seventy-three  dollars and forty cents. (SI73.I0). aiiuiunl of said executions, besides interest, slicrill"s poundage, and all other  legal costs and incidental expenses, all of which 1 shall  expose for sale or siilllcicnt thereof to satisfy said judgment debt and costs, at the front of the court house, at  Nelson, on the lirst day of November, A. I). 1897. nt Ihc  hour of 11 o'clock iu the forenoon.  .Vote: Intend ing purchasers will satisfy themselves as ���  fo interest and title of said defendant.  WILLIAM   I'. ROHINSON, Deputy  Sherill'.  Daled. Nelson, October 22nd. 1S97.  Notice of Appiieation to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that I, F. li. Lys. intends to apply nt the expiration of sixty days from the date hereof,  to the chief commissioner of lands and works for permission lo purchase 320 acres of unreserved, unoccupied and  unsiirvcycd crown land, situated in West Kootenay  district. F. B. LV.S. Locator.  Dated this .Sth day of October, 1897.  DESCRIPTION.  Commencing at initial post on the west, bank of Russell creek about 20 chains from its junction witli Goal  river, marked "F. B. Lys' southeast corner.'' thence  north 80 chains, thence west 10 chains, thence south 80  chains, thence east 10 chains to point of commencement, containing 320 acres more or less.  Notice of Application for Liquor License.  I hereby give notice Unit 30 days from this date 1 intend to apply to the stipendiary magistrate at Nelson,  West Ivootenay district, for a license lo sell liquor liy  retail on the premises situate on the western half of Lot  370. group 1, West, Kootcnav district.  E. B. McNAIRN.  Dated at Nelson, li. C, October I Ith. 1S97.     |Ocl. lGth.|  Notice of Dissolution of Co-partnership.  Notice is hereby given Hint, the firm of Peterson &  Malletfe, formerly carrying on a hotel business in this  city, has this day been dissolved by mutual consent, William Peterson retiring from Ihc business. All accounts  owing lo the old lirm of Peterson & .Malleltourc payable  to-Mrs. Malletle. who will discharge all liabilities ofthe  lirm. MRS. MARV MALLKTTIO.  Dated at Nelson. IS. C, October -Oth. 1K97.       |Oc| '_>3ifl|  The above is a true copy of a by-law passed on the  18th day of Oclober, 1897, bv the municipal council of the City of Nelson, and all persons are hereby required to take notice that anyone desirous of applying to  have said by-law, or any part thereof, quashed, must  make his application for that purpose to the supreme  court of British Columbia' within one month next after  the publication of this by-law iu the British Columbia  Gazette, or he will be too late to be heard in that, behalf.  CHAS. E. SEALEY. City Clerk.  CORPORATION  OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  -__-_r-__,___-w isro. 20.  A lly-law I'or levying a road tax for ihc year 1897.  Whereas, it is deemed expedient and necessary lo levy a  road tax in the City of Nelson:  Now, therefore, the municipal  council  of the corporation of the City of Nelson enacts as follows:  1. Tt is hereby levied and imposed and there shall be  raised and collected an equal rate of two dollars per  head per annum upon all male persons between Ihc nj^cs  of twenty-one and lifty years residing within the Municipality of the Cilyof Nelson. '  2. Tliesaid rate shall be due and payable lo the city  collector, at his ollice in the City of Nelson, on tho30lh day  of Oclober, 1S97.  3. This by-law inuv be cited as "  No. 20. 1897."  Read the first, second and third  20th October, 1S97.  Reconsidered and dually passed  22d, 1S97.  [SEAI.I JOHN  Cii.im.Ks E. Seai.kv. Ciiy Clerk  'The Road Tax By-law,  time iu open council  and adopted October  IIOLSTON. Mayor.  NOTICE  The above is a true copy of a by-law passed on the 22nd  day of October, 1897, by the municipal council of the City  of Nelson, and all persons arc hereby required to take  notice that anyone desirous of applying to have said bylaw, or any part thereof, quashed, must make his application for that purpose to the supreme court of British  Columbia within one mouth next after the publication of  this by-law in the British Columbia Gazette, or lie will  bo too late to be beard in that behalf.  CHARLES E. SEALEY. City Clerk.  CORPORATION OF THE  CITY OF  NELSON  NOTICE.  Applications for the position of chief of the  Volunteer  Fire Brigade of the City of Nelson will be received by the  undersigned until Monday, the 25th day of October, 1S97,  ; at 12 o'clock noun.   Applicants should state age, whether  married or singie, previous experience, and where.  CHARLES E. SEALEY, City Clerk.  Nelson, October 7th, 1S97.  _NTO_?IG__!.  Not ice is hereby given that application will be made to  the legislative assembly of the province of .British Columbia, at its next, session, by The Trusts & Guarantee  Company, Limited, a corporation incorporated in Ontario under "The Ontario Joint Stock Companies' Letters  Patent Act" and under "The Trusts Company Act. 1895,"  on the 21th day of February, 1897, for an act continuing  and conferring upon it the powers of the said company a*  the same appear in the Letters Patent deposited in Ontario with the provincial registrar and upon the approval  of the lieuleniint-governor-in-council, and with its consent that the said company may.be'appointed by any  judge of the supreme or county courts of the province of  British Columbia to execute Lhe ollice of executor, administrator, trustee, receiver, assignee, guardian of  .minor, or committee of a lunatic withoutgivingsecurity:  and for all further and necessary powers as may be incidental or conducive lo the attainment of the above  objects or any of them.  HERBERT E. A.-ROBERTSON,  Victoria. B. C, 8 Bastion Square,  Solicitor for the Trusts & Guarantee Company. Limited.  Dated October lith, 1897., [October9th)  Notice of Application  for  Liquor  License.  f hereby give notice that.30 days from this date I intend to apply to the stipendiary magistrate at Nelson,  West Kootenay district, for a license to sell liquor by retail on the premises situate on tlie eastern half of" Lot  370, Group 1, West Kootenay district.  O. NEWLING.  Daled at Nelson, II. C. October Sth, IS97.        [October 91  Notice of Application for Crown Grant.  Take notice that 1, A. S. Farwell. acting as agent for  J. II. Young and John B. Daly, have tiled the necessary  papers and made application for a crown grant in favor  of the mineral claim " Union Jack." situated on Toad  mountain, in llio Nelson mining division of West, Kootenay district. Adverse claimants, if any. must tile their  objections with me within OOdays from" llie date of the  lirst publication of this notice iu the British Columbia  Gazette. W. .1. GOEPEL. Government Agent.    ,  Dated at Nelson. II. C, August 21th. 1897.      I Aug. 2Kth|  NOTICE   TO   CREDITORS.  All parties having claims against the estate of Cliiir.les  It. Sansoin, late of lhe city of Nelson, in the province of  Hrilish Columbia, deceased, urc requested to send tin:  same, verified bv statutory declaration, and produce all  securities held by I hem, lo the undersigned on or before  the 15th day of ^October. 1897. Alter which dale I will  proceed lo distribute the estate of the deceased iimong  tin': parties cnlillril thereto, having regard only lo stii.'li  claims as have been >ent in to nie us aforesaid, and will  not hold myself liable for any claims which are not sent  hi as aforesuaid. W. F. TEETZEL. Administrator.  Kv.lolIN  El.l.luTT. His .Solicitor.  Daled uf Nelson, II. C. this 15th davof September. 1897.  Notice of Appiieation to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given thai, sixty days from the publication of this notice. 1, C. li. Murray, intend to apply to  the chief commissioner of lands and works to purchase  one hundred and sixty (1001 acres of unsiirvcycd. unoccupied, and unreserved crown lands, situate on Lemon  creek, iu the Slocan City mining division of West Kootc-.  onny district, nt the junction of the second North l-'ork  of said creek with the main creek.  C.  H. .Ml'RRAY.  Dated this I2tli day of October, 1897. |October ltithj  PESCItll'TIO.V.  Commencing at a post marked "C. B. Murray's .northwest corner," planted .on the west bank of said second  North Fork near said junction, tbenee south 10 chains.  1 hence cast 10 chains, thence north lOchains. thence west  10 chains 'to place of beginning.  CREDITOR'S   MEETING  KKCJARDINi;   ESTATE Ol'   W.   II.  <i KAM A.M.  The nsectiiiL' of creditors, called according to notice  published in the Gazette and the Nelson Miner, met in  the olliees of Messrs. Howes ,\: Senkler, ul. Nelson. II. C,  at 11 o'clock iu the morning. Pro.-cnl: If. G. Neelands,  'he assignee and the representative of Ami's. Hohlcn &  Co.. also ,1. II. Howes, of Howes .V .Senkler. The meeting  adjourned till Monday ul the same hour nnd place, to  give other creditors an opportunity of being present.  11. G. NEELANDS, Assignee.  Paled al NcNon. this 23rd day of Oclober. 1897.  '. NELSON      '.. ROSSLAND    SPOKANE   Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek connect, at Marcus with stage daily.  NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT. ' ���  Notice is hereby given Hint Adolphus II. Ruuile. of lliu  town of Robson, H. C, merehunt. has in pursuance of (lie  "Creditor's Trust Deeds Act, 1890," and amending Ai'li-,  made au assignment for the general henellt of bisercdll-  orn lo me. Charles Rumo.s of the said lown nf lluli-nn.  which assignment wus executed by tliesaid Adnlplms  II. Ruellcnu the 1st day of Oclober, 1897, and by mo (hi  the 2nd day of October. 1897. Creditors uim required,id  forward full particulars of their claims proved hv nlll-  dnvil. or declaration, with a statement of the wenritv llf  any) hold by them to the undersigned on or before the lllh  day of November, 1897. nflcr which date I will proceed  lodistributo tho assets of the said Adolphus II. Itucllo  among the creditors of whose claims I shall have notici'.  hut I will not be re-ponnlble for the claims of an,\ i.r-"ii  who fails to present his claim in due form on or' before  that date. CHARLES RAMOS. Tru-tce.  Robson. British Columbia.  Dated this Ith day of October, 1897. fOctober !llh|  CREDITOR'S  MEETING.  \ meeting of the creditors of  eel ing  Ruelle will be held at ihe ofllce of  the said  Adolphus II.  .       ._  R.  M.   Muodoiuilil..  Solicitor, Baker street. Nelson. B. C. on Monday the lllh  day of October, 1M)7, at I o'clock in fhe afternoon.  CHARLES RAMOS. Trustee.'  Notice    of  Application     for  Improvements.  Certificate    of  ALPHA MINKKAL CI.AI.M, SITL'ATI-: I.V TIIK NKI_iO.V MIXI.NIi  DIVISIOX Ol'- WEST KOOTE.VAY DISTRICT, A.VI) I.OCATDI)  WKST OF AND AD.IOINI.VC TIIK I'OKTO KICO AMI  L1ZZIK II. .MINKKAL CLAIMS AT TIIK IIKADOK PAKHKT'r  UltKKK AHOUT l-'IVK MILKS WEST OK THE XKLSON AND  KOItTSIIKl'I'AKI) RAILWAY AND NINK MILKS FROM TIIK  TOWN OF  YMIK.  Take notice that I, Samuel L. Long, acting as agent for  W. II. Carbould, free miner's eertillcate No. 77.232. intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the inininir  recorder for a eertillcate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining n crown grant of the above claim. Anil  further take notice that action, under section 37, must lie  commenced before the issuance of such ceniflcate of improvements. SAMUEL L. LONG, P. L. S.  Dated this .nd day of September, 1897. [Sept. Itli]  Notice   of   Appiieation   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  l'ORTll RICO .MINKKAL CI.AI.M, SITUATK IX Till; NELSON  MINING DIVISION OF WEST KOOTENAY DISTRICT, AND  I.OCATKI-) AT TIIK HKAI) OF HAKHETT CREEK AHOUT  FIVK MILES WKST OF TIIK NKLSON AND FOKT SHKI'I'AHI)  RAILWAY AND NINE MILES  FROM  THE TOWN OF YMIK.  Take notice that I, Samuel L. Long, acting as agent for  W. J. Maxwell, free miner's eertiilcate No. 78.029, intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the niiniiiK  recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that, notion, under .section 37,  must be commenced- before the issuance of such cortill-  cate of improvements.        SAMUEL L. LONG, P. L. S.  Paled this 2nd day of September, 1897. [Sept. Illi|  Certificate    of  Notice     of  Application     for  Improvements.  I.I/./.IK ��. MINERAL CLAIM, SITUATE I.V THE NELSON MININC DIVISIOX OF WKST KOOTENAY DISTRICT, A.VII  LOCATED NORTH OF AXD ADJOINING TIIK I'OKTO RICO  MINKKAL CLAIM AT THE HEAD OF IIAKKKTT CHEEK  AIIOUT FIVK MILES WEST OF TIIK NELSON AND FOKT  SHKI'l'ARD RAILWAY AND NINE MILES FROM Till:  TOWN OF  YMIK.  Take notice that 1, Samuel L. Long acting as agent for  Walter A. Boullbee. free miner's eertillcate N*o.370Sa. intend sixty days from fhe date hereof, lo apply to lhe mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of tho above claim. Ami  further take notice that action, under section 37, must bo  commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements. SAMUEL L. LONO. P. L. S.  Haled this 2nd day of September, 1S97. |Sept. Illi|  Notice   of  Application   for  improvements.  Certificate   of  OliO    FIXO.   OEXTEK.  AND    DEXTER    FRACTION , .MINEKAI.  CLAIMS, SITUATE IN THE NELSON  MIXIXG   DIVISION  OF  '.'WEST KOOTENAY DISTRICT, AND  LOCATED  AHOUT FIVK  .MILES WEST OF TIIE TOWN OF NELSON.  Take notice that 1, A.S. Karwell, acting as agent for  Alfred C. Elumerfelt, free miner's certificate No. SS,93!l.  intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  mining recorder for a cortiflcateof improvement's, for thu  purpose of obtaining crown grants of the abu\o claims.  And further take notice that action, under section 37,  ���must- be commenced before the issuance of such certificates of improvements. A.S. KARWELL.  Paled this 21st day of August. 1S97. | August 2Sth|  Notice   of   Appiieation   for   Certificate   of  improvements.  HOI.US MINKKAL CI.AI.M, SITUATE IN TIIK NELSON MININC  DIVISION OF WKST KOOTENAY DISTKICT. AND I.OCATI'II  ONT11K NOKTII FORK OF.TIIE SALMON RIVER. AIIOUT  FOUR MILKS FK0.M THE NELSON AND FORT SlIEl'I'AKII  KAII.WAY.  ���Take notice that I. N..E. Townseud. acting as ngcnl  for L. E. Keller, free miner's certillcalc No. 85,;587. intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to tiie niiniiiK  recorder for a certilicatc of 'improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grantof the above claim. And  .further take notice thai action, under section 37. must b��  -commenced'before the issuance of .-uch certilicatc of improvements.- N. K\ TOU'NSEND.  Dated this 20th day of August, 1897. [August 2Slh|  Notice     of  Application     for  Improvements.  Certificate    of  ATIIAIIASCA, ALHKKTA, ALGOMA, M A.VITOItA. KlIIV FRACTION AND TKIAXdl.K FRACTION MINKKAL CLAIMS. SITUATK ON TOAD MOUNTAIN'. IN TIIK XELSON MININC  DIVISION OF WKST KOOTENAV DISTKICT. AND TWO  MILKS SOUTIIWKST  FROM  XKLSON.  Take notice that I. Frank Fletcher, acling as agenl  for the Athabasca Gold Mining 'Company. Limited, free  miner's eertillcate No. IIOIOa; intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtainiiiK  crown grants of the above claims. And further take  notice that action, under section 37. must be commenced'  before the issuance of such certificates of improvements/.  FRANK  FLETCHER.  Haled this 13th day of September. 1897. [Sept. 8thI  Notice   of Application   to   Purchase   Land.  Notice is hereby given that I. Robert E. Lemon, intend  lo apply at the expiration of sixty days from the date  hereof, to the coinniissioner of lands niul work1-, for. permission to purchase (110 acre-- of urn e.-.ervcd. -unoccupied,  ami nnsurvcyed crown lands, situated ou the central  fork of Coat' River, about four miles ea-ierly of the  .Storm King mineral claim, in Coat River mining division  of West Kootcnav. British Columbia.  IL  E. LEMON.  Dated August _ltll. 1897. [August 281 li|  Commencing  Lemon's S. E.  hence west lt!0  IlKSUKII'I'ION.  nil  initial   post  marked "Robert K.<  corner post," thence north 100 chains,  bains, thence south U>" chains, thence  east IIW chains to point of commencement, containing l��(0  acres more or less.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land  Notice is hereby given that, sixty days after date. I  the undersigned, purpose applying to lhe chief commissioner of lands and works for permission lo purchase the  following described lands.  IfESCKIITIOX.  < 'oiniiieiicing at a post placed on the east shore of l'p-  per Arrow lake near the narrows, marked ".I. D.'.s N. W.  corner, thence following const lincsouth SO chains, thence  SO chains cast, thence 80 chains north, thence 80 chain.-!  west to point nf commencement, containing 010 ucre.i  more or less. JOHN (i. DEVLIN.  Dated Nakusp. Ii. C. Junc2ltli, 1S97. |August Uth  Notice of Dissolution of Co-Partnership.  Notice is hereby given that lite co-partnership heretofore existing between A. C. lJuchanan and ('. J. Wilson,  trading under the name of lluchaiiau A: Wilson, has  this day been dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts  owing to the llrm of Muchanitn \- Wilson, up to October  1st, arc payable to A. C. Buchanan, who will also pay  all liabilities of the former partnership up to thnt date.  .Signed. A. C. Ht'CIIANAN.  Nelson. October 1st, 1897. C. .I. WILSON.  NOTICE.  All persons indebted in the above llrm of Buchanan ���&  Wilson arc requested to settle the amount of such indebtedness forthwith lo avoid the necessity of having  the accounts given out for collection.  A. 0. HrCHANAN.  m  _���  ft  W. THE  TfUBUJSTE:    NKLSON,   B.C., SATURDAY,  OOTOB1_R :!(��,   ISO?.  Until you examine the carload of James Smart's  celebrated Brockville Stoves included in the stoek  of hardware which we will open in the Mara block  on Baker street, next week     ��    ��     ��     ��     ��     ��     ��  We propose to secure our share of the wholesale  and retail trade of Southern Kootenay, and with  this purpose in view we have arranged to carry  a complete stoek of Shelf and Heavy Hardware,  making" a specialty of Miners' Supplies -   @     ��     ��  Vancouver   Hardware   Company,  L-Jmited  L-Jafoility.  Just received a consignment of "Lie  Roi" Heaters something* entirely  new. A fall line of cooking* and  heating* stoves in all sizes. Sole  agents for G-urney Stove & Range  Co. A full line of fresh Groceries.  "Wholesale and retail. Miners' supplies a specialty.  CORNER BAKER AMD JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  BB-  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  0. G. Dennis, government, agent, this  week granted the application of the Hall  Mines, limited, for a right to take 200  inches of water from Cottonwood Smith  creek. The application was opposed by  the city of Nelson and the Nelson l.lectric  Light company. Goth corporations having  water rights upon the same creek. The  application was granted by 0. G. Dennis  in the face of the expressed intention of  the provincial government, as evidenced  by the letter of,the provincial secretary  to grant no such right to the Hall Mines  company. Just how the action of the  government agent will affect matters remains to be seen.  In their advertisement .in \>liis issue  Messrs. Charles A. Waterman & Co. offer  an exceptionally good opportunity for an  investment of $3,:*500. They are offering a  new residence, iu the most desirable portion of the'city,'fitted with all modern  conveniences, and comfortably furnished.  It is one of the best investments that has  been olfered this year.  Future operations upon, the Fidelity  mining property in the Slocan depend  upon the returns received from the Hall  Mines smelter upon a 05-ton shipment of  ore.  Mrs. W. J. Wilson and her sister, Mrs.  William Wilson, returned this week from  a visit to their old home near Bond Head,  Ontario. Both are willing to live in British Columbia the remainder of their days.  Dr. W. A. Hendrix returned to Nelson  this week after several mouths' absence  iu California. He spent the first hour  after his arrival in hunting for copies of  Tiik Tiiii-L'Xi-- containing Tom Collins'history of Nelson. If he is not satisfied with  the position assigned to him by historian  Collins "Doc" will write a history of his  own.  C. A, Seinlin and F. C. Cotton were in  Xelson this week looking over the political situation. They are of the opinion  that the Opposition party will sweep  overything before it at the next general  election. That Kootenay will be on the  winning side in such an event goes without saying.  The long distance telephone between  Nelson and Rossland and Spokane, which  was recently erected by the Vernon &  Nelson Telephone company, was opened  for business this week. The line works  remarkably well. Several congratulatory  messages were sent over it. It will no  doubt prove a very valuable aid in mercantile business.  D. McArthur ic Co. are now in position  to show the people of Xelson  the largest  " stock of furniture and housefurnishings in  Kootenay. They are prepared to compete with rival dealers in any part of  Canada. Their warehouse and show  rooms on the corner of Baker and Ward  streets are open to the inspection of all  who desire anything from a carpet to a  curtain pole.  Justice "Walkem" has  decided  to go to  Rossland   and  look  over  the  ground  in I  dispute before he disposes of  the applica- j  tion of the Center Star Mining company  for a continuance of the in.jttnctionagainst  the Iron Mask .Mining company.  Capt. John Campbell is receiving the  congratulations of friends this week in  consequence of his marriage to Miss I.  ���Hoban. The ceremony was prepared on  Thursday of last, week by Rev. Geo. il.  Morden.  se   _3_<!s--k:__-_r,   street  We have just received a fine stock of Fall  and Winter Dress Goods and Mantles;  Clothes, Blankets, and Down Quilts; Ladies  Flannelette Blouse Waists, Dress Jackets,  Underskirts, Night Dresses, and Wrappers;  Black and Navy Serge Dress Skirts; New-  Blouse Waists, Silk Patterns and a_ full  range of Black Dress Silks, etc. The very  latest styles in Jackets; Full assortment of  Ladies' Fur Capes, Coats, Boas, Collars  and Muffs; also Fur Trimming's. Men's  Winter Overcoats ready tailored, the very  best materials and workmanship; Men's  Fine Underwear; Flannel Shirts, Half Hose,  Regatta and White Dress Shirts; latest and  best styles in Collars and Neck-ware. See  our stock of Children's, Ladies' and Men's  Footwear.'  Fred   Irvine Sc Co., Nelson  Ever seen in Kootenay awaits the inspection  of those who desire Carpets, at the premises  of D. McArthur & Co., corner of Baker and  Ward streets. For quality and price these  Carpets cannot be touched.  BQS  See our stock of Rattan Chairs, Tables and Novelties, Rugs, Mats and Nick-nacks  Two carloads of fine Bedroom Sets, Sideboards, Desks, Chairs, and Tables.  ���~w��  Our aim is to supply the best at reasonable prices. Our  turnover is larg-e, consequently we are continually receiving" fresh goods. No shelf-worn or worm-eaten goods to be  found upon our premises.    Everything" is fresh and clean.  ��  Corner Baker and Josephine Streets  NELSON, B. C.  In addition Lo a complete line of Groceries both Staple  and Fancy for the use of all classes of consumers. We  arc carrvine the  largest and most  elegant line of    .  in    the    Koo.ena\  Hotels,. Steamers,  spect our large stock  Canned  Goods.  district.      Complete    outfits    furnished  and  Families.     It: will   pay  you  to in-  of Teas,   Coffees,   Dried   Fruits and  West Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  _3______E_E-   STEEET  Stoves!    Stoves!     Stoves!  We are agents for The James Stewart Manufacturing Company of Woodstock, and have just received 2 cars of their  celebrated Stoves and Ranges, which we are offering at exceptionally  low  prices.     We   have also a full   stock of Queen  We are showing this week some splendid values in Men's  Woolen Underwear. Also a complete line of gloves and  neckwear. In Ready Made Clothing we have first-class  honest makes at excepeionally low prices.  Heaters.     Give  us a cal  Lawrence  Prompt   attention   to letter orders.  Hardware   Co  nsroT-ioiEo.  Notice is hereby given that tenders will be received for the purchase of the stock of W. H. Graham by me up to and inclusive of  the 3rd of November next. Lowest  or any tender not necessarily accepted. H.   G.   Nick lands,  Dated nl Xelson this A c-cim-i,...  .'(nth day of October. 1RH7. /Assignee.  THE CHANCE  OF A  LIFETIME  Completely furnished four-room cottage, first-class in-every respect, hard  finished throughout with double Boors; building and furniture onlv six  months old; stable in connection; two lots, 50x120, fenced. Price,  $1500.     For terms apply  to. Cmas.   A.   Watkrman  <& Co.1  Have just received the largest and most complete stock  ever displayed in Nelson of  A rare bargain  'Mil   L'i'i.miiids:  8M'i00���Furnished  liou.se: modern   in   every respect: seven   rooms  mul   bath:   lint mid  wild   water;  peii'eet  sewerage:  bemif;inil   laid  two  lots  ")0xl_0;  full  particulars at the ollice of.  C.H'AS.   A.   WATERMAN  A-  CO..   lieal   Kslate   Brokers.   Nelson.   ]���',. (.!.  Now is your time to get a Piano.   Terms to suit times  Call and examine my stock  JACOB DOVER, Jeweler  '���'ifwffv  -Jsys__.  ?���><���#*> 1  'j_K- -* w  '4 -.:.'.  /���Ai".1*-.,  yji-fi.'--'  :._A-:  *.�� A ^ *i ��-J>^vv.?^^ ���v'i.C*r-��rftft".vA,tf:v '.-.w.ici*".-/*.." ������'������J- '.v..1.-*: ������** W4:,' = iv,.;p .���<����� '������.*.'.-'-. -i\ '�����<.- :-*. 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