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The Tribune Oct 29, 1898

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 m  <*S_i  I'f  la  * i  111  i  Ml  I '  ',i  '; if  i', !  "l!|  o\  i  I��  m  ���'B  m  m  fl  ��-3  inn  il jc_  Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and '   ^i>  clrecls of Properties that c;in be Made        c  Dividend  Paying Mines.  SIXTH;   VEAR.---NO.  l-s.  %  NELSON,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, OCTOBER"29, I89S.  Has   a    Mineral   Output   of  Upwards   ot   One  Million    Dollars    Every    Month    '  In   The   Year  TWO   DOLLARS A" YEAR.  A   TEST   WILL,   BIS   MADE  Or the Efficiency of tlie Fire Department to  Meet the Wishes or the Council.  ���At Monday afternoon's .session of tho  city council tho matter ol" the efficiency oi'  the volunteer fire department received  considerable attention. The services oi"  the volunteers at present costs the city  about $170 per month, aside i'rom the  salary of the chief, which is included  in the police expenditures, and the members of the council are now endeavoring  ro ascertain what substantial return tho  corporation is receiving for the money so  expended.  The members of tlie council appreciate  that the corporation has been fortunate iu  securing u number of very desirable men  for the volunteer service, but there is a  question as to whether they receive that  class of drill which would be of the greatest service to them in ca.se of lire. Another defect is the lack of ladders. In the  case of a fire in some of the new buildings  which have gone up during the past year  this would prove a very serious defect indeed, and. even were ladders secured for  such an 'emergency, the members of the  department would bo totally inexperienced both in the handling and climbing  of them.  With respect bo tho lack of ladders, the  council lias asked for prices on a hand  hook antl ladder truck, and this defect  may soon be remedied. The matter of  che proper drilling of the men, however,  is a matter which cannot bo disposed of  so easily. Its accomplishment requires a  rigid discipline on the part of the chief  and tlie hearty co-operation of the men.  During tho past summer regular weekly  turnouts have been made, and practice  runs and hydrant connections made on  Baker street, but nothing in the way of a  te>t of tlie department's efficiency has  been made. As matters si and at present,  the members of the department are liable  at any time to be called to the upper or  losidential portion of the city, and, iu  such an event, in the absence of the chief,  there is no positive assurance that the  men could locate and connect with the  nearest hydrant, without loss ol time.  Nor is (hero any assurance that in tins  event of an alarm everything in the way  of available fire appliances would be  speedily got to the scene of the fire. In  fact, up till the present, the matter of the  efficiency of (he fire department has been  accepted without question. The efficiency  of the department may be up to the possible standard, but this has not been demonstrated, and for this purpose a few  lests will be made.  oral claims has beenpart of the history of  Rossland for three years, it involved all  the land lying immediately to the oast of  tho old townsite of Clossland, now one of  the _ most thickly populated residential  sections of the town. No details are given  au to the terms of setl leni'mit hoi ween the  Paris Belle->Iining Company, the owners  of the mineral claim, and the Nelson ic  Fort Sheppard railway company.  TROUBLE   AT   THE   JAIL  Winding Up of the O. K. Company.  Justice.Walkem has given judgment in  the. O. K. suit brought by the Old  National Bank against that company.  Judgment was given for plaintiff for the  amount claimed, vi/.., $31,000. Joseph  Warner's claim for $2,500 on account of  services rendered as manager, was not  allowed. The lied Point G. M. compauy's  claim i'or $I.;*50 for drill points was also disallowed. Goodhue's claim for $500 for  services - rendered was dismissed. Hon.  Edgar Dewdney's account for $500v, for  .diamond drilling was struck out. 11. M.  Stephens' charge of $1,000 for legal ser-  v ices Was cut dowu to $250 and allowed.,  W.S. Farwell's claim of $1,000 for legal  ad vice was also reduced to $250. AIT the  claims against the O. K. company which  will be allowed have now been passed,  making a total of about $15,000, including  the liquidator's expenses. The property  and plant will now be realized upon, and  the claims for which judgment have been  given will be settled.  California Closes Down for the Winter.  A. J. Marks has closed down wprk upon  the California for the winter. This step  was made necessary owing to the heavy  charges connected with the freighting of  supplies to,the mine and the packing of  ore from the property to New Denver.  This week a shipment of two cars of high  grade ore will be made from the California  to the Aurora smelter, and the moving of  this ore from the mine to the lake shore  cost the California owners $2-10 per car.  A movement is now being made to secure  a wagon road up Silver mountain, and if  these efforts are successful a considerable  economy will be secured in the working  of the several promising properties which  it will serve. On the'Marion, an extension of the California, a fine-showing has  been made. Tho owners have erected a  comfortable cabin and blacksmith shop  and are working five or six men.  Gould to Receive Aid from Kansas.  It is announced that Lhe women or Kansas have started to raise five .million' dollars with which to reimburse Howard  Gould for the amount which he lost (according to his father's will) by marrying  the actress, Katherine Clenmions. They  will raise the money by means of church  socials aud home-talent entertainments.  The idea of the projectors is to encourage  love matches and to show their approval  of Mv. Gould's financial sacrifice to marry  t he woman of his choice. It is expected  that the women's dubs throughout the  country will take up the matter.  Settlement of the Parts Belle Case.  The famous Paris Belle suit, which has  been dragging along for years, has been  settled by mutual arrangement between  t lie parties anrl will not come up for decision by tho privy council after all. This  suit, which involved the (piestion of surface rights and of valid locations of min  is   the  Result  of a  Scramble   for  the   Official  Shoes of the Present Warden.  The provincial government should  terminate as speedily as possible the present  unsati-factory condition nf a (Tail's which  obtains at the provincial jail, iu  this city.  For some months the warden of the jail  and some ot  those  who   were  under him  have been working at cross purposes, and  charges and  counter charges have been  made, the effect of which has been the resignation of several of the warden's subordinates.    Should the resignations  now in  , be acted upon, ther|j will remain on Tuesday next but one active officer on duty at  the provincial jail, in addition to the warden   himself, in  an institution   in  which  there are some 25 prisoners.  There can be no doubt but that the belief in the minds of some that the new  government intended to introduce the  spoils system in the matter of appointments has very largely contributed to the  present unsatisfactory condition ot affairs, and something in the way of a definite announcement by the government to  the contrary is necessary to remedy  matters.  The result of tlie voting in the general  elections in July was barely announced  before candidates were out for the war-  den-diip, in the event of Cajitain ��� Fitz-  stubb's removal, an event which was  counted as among the sure things. From  this time dowu to the present tho condition of affairs has grown more unsatisfactory, and, as before mentioned, there  is at present but one subordinate whose  resignation has not been handed in.  That charges have boon laid against  warden Fitzstubbs. is a development  which the people of Nelson may look for,  but (here is a well-grounded belief in the  minds of many people that the chief offence which Captain Fitzstubbs has committed has been in retaining nn office  which is sought by others.  While it may be said that the members  of premier Semlin's executive are new at  the business, there i.s an opinion in Nelson  that it is about time that they were taking hold of the affairs of the tcovornmeut  offices in this city and arriving at some  determination with respect to them. It  will probably be found upon iuvestiga-  ation ' that there are officials whose removal is desirable in the interests of the  .efficiency of the service, and there certainly are officials who should receive some  assurance from the executive that the  value of their services is appreciated, and  that they will be retained.  Coal Held First Place.  Gold will undoubtedly take the highest  place in the mineral products of Canada  during  the  year  1898.    Last year it held  the second place.    The output of coal for  1897 was  valued  at .SS7.2SG.257, with gold'  next  at $0,190,000.; The gold  output" for  1898 must reach very closely to $20,000,000,  which is two-thirds of the: total'.'mineral'  output of the dominion last -'year'.- The  yield of silver in 1897 was valued at $3,332,-  000, that of copper at $1,501,00*0, that of  nickel at $.1,399,000, and that of lead at  $1,896,853. Other metals were produced  in smaller quantities, the largest among  them being iron ore to the value of $178,-  710, and these swelled the total metallic  product to $13,990,234.    .     ���  .. Conditions Favorable for Cheap Mining.  The Toronto 'company which is operating the coal mines on the line of the  Crow's Nest railway has 150 men employed, and as quickly as room is made  for additional men they will be added.  At' Goal Creek, where the company-is  carrying on operations, the conditions are  most favorable for economical mining.  Where the seams come to lhe surface at  the sides of the Coal Creek gulch adrift  has been run 1,000 feet in one direction  and 500 feet in another. Two of the seams  average thirty feet in thickness. The position of the mines is such that no pumping is required' to.-keep them dry, and  no hoisting is necessary to get the coal  from the mine to the car.  JUROR'S   VERDICT   IGNORED.  OBJECTIONS   BRUSHED   ASIDE.  Justice Walkem says the Jurors Wore in  Sympathy With the Injured Miner.  On Thursday Justice Walkem gave  judgment in the Bender vs. War Eagle  case, rendering a verdict for the defendant company with conts. despite the fact  that a special jury had rendered a verdict  in Pender's favor for $3,000.  Pender was an employe of the War  Eagle company, and was struck iu the  head by a drill thrown down one of the  passes. His injuries were serious and ho  was incapacitated I'or a long time. Pender  consideied the company were liable for  the accident through neglecting ordinary  precautions, and accordingly took action.  The case was battled about from one  court to another with varying results,  until finally it reached the supreme court  at Rossland. presided over by Judge  Walkem.  A capable, conscientious jury was selected, and, after hearing evidence all  round, they broughcin a verdict for plaintiff, Pender,-for $3,000. He claimed $5,000.  On Thursday judge Walkem delivered  judgmeuf, which was completely at variance with'the finding of the jury. His  'judgment is. ren'iarkable'to relate, entirely in favor of the defendant. War Eagle  company, and because of the following  side lights which were not observed by  the unfortunate jurymen blinded by  prejudice and contumacy.  Judge Walkem says that "he couldn't  agree with the jury because they were  evidently in sympathy with Pender.  Moreover, Pender disiegarded any impending danger and never acquainted the  company of the risk he was running of  his life. It was consequently taking unfair advantage of his employers to buck  against them when ho got hurt."  MUNICIPAL   MATTERS.  At Monday afternoon's session of the  city council eleven tenders were'received  for the removal of bodies from the old  cemetery  and'for  their, re-interment in  the city cemetery. The lender of F.J.  Farley, of tho firm of Farley ic- Simpson,  was the lowest, and ho was awarded the  contract. Each tender staled a price for  removing the bodies, i'or burying them in  a trench and for supplying boxes if necessary.    They wore a-' follows :  For each  Koi-  l-'or  -fl'HVC  I.m-iiil  liO.Vl!-..  ..sill (HI  S !) /i'l  SI .10  1(1 DO  X SO  ���2 00  .     il III)  !i on  i.i  .   !'.' :,<)  !) 00  I 7.1  VI .IU  in m  1 .10  .     (! -_'l!  5 !).")  '   I '.'II  .     7 /HI  7 00  1   Iril  .    'Ji ilfi  10 00  .JI/  .     (i il."i  1! !).5  !  7.1  .   11 HO  !l 00  1 ,10  .   i; 7.')  li 7.1  i 00  Magistrate Macrae Suspended.-  Attorney-General Martin has suspended  police magistrate Macrae,'of Victoria. A  complaint was lodged against tho magistrate by reason of the manner in which  he conducted a case in, which proceedings  were taken against a seaman of the  steamship Tartar, who was charged with  deserting. The complaiut against the  magistrate Will be dealt witli by the provincial executive.  3_e Roi's Great Output for October.  The Le Roi established a new record for  British Columbia mines on Thursday.  During tho twenty-four hours' they  hoisted and placed in the ore bins 725 tons  of ore, not counting tho waste that was  extracted during tho sauie time. The  shipments for tlie day amounted to -J 10  tons, and the output of the mine for the  month of October promises to .he in the  neighborhood of 12,750 tons.  C. P. R. Traffic Receipts.  The   Canadian   Pacific    .Railway    company's traffic receipts for the week ending  October 21st were $593,000.    For the same  week of last year they were $010,000,  W. U. llnKiiclioi-iin    A. 10. Sloi-uy   Li. S'onii}? ami I'. I'oKoii  .1. Amlrow.i ,111-1 1'. W'il.-OM  I J. McAi'llmi'S: Co   F. .1. l-'.irley   WliiiiniLii & .Mcfnnlia.  .  .  '-?. I}. .Mi.Loot   Nelnon ������'uriiiuire Co   Ilinu'iiii "Wi'lloiiiilil   .1. '.'.. A unable and Hrown .  The council passed a resolution requiring the contractor to complete' the work  of removing the bodies within .thirty days  of the signing of the contract.   ,  Applications from Geo. Beaumont and  Ii.' B.Esnouf for appointment as inspectors of the work of removal, and  from John Miles for the position of caretaker of the new cemetery were received  and filed.  Mayor Houston was authorized to have  a two-inch water main laid on Silica  street between Cedar and Park streets,  also to purchase necessary 'supplies lor  tlie electric light works. -  By resolution, the council decided to  pay the balance due to Thomas McCardia  to police magistrate Crease under the garnishee summons issued by him in the suit  of the Lawrence Hardware Co. vs. McCardia.    -   Not  Much Prospect of. Trouble.  The press dispatches indicate that the  French government is preparing to retire  from Fashoda in as creditable a manner  as possible. The speeches of the public  men ofGreat Britain may have had some  influence in bringing this about. In concluding a speech ou the Fashoda incident  some days ago, lord Rosebery said: **In  recent years there has been a disposition  to encroach and infringe on the rights of  .England in various parts of the work] in  a way which is not gratifying to Englishmen,'and which is not calculated to promote cordial relations with other powers.  The nations of tho world are under the  impression that the ancient spirit of Great  Britain is dead, or that lier resources are  weakened, or her population less determined than it ever was to maintain the  rights and'honor of its flag. They make a  mistake which can only end in a disastrous conflagration." There can not be  much question, as to the inference contained in such remarks. Jt wits an intimation for France to get out, and .Prance  appears to bo meeting the requirements  to the lelter.__"  Don't Want tho Russians.  Goldwin Smith in the Weekly Sun objects to the infliction of tlie Doukhoborstis,  Gnlicians, Islanders and Jews upon Canada under Mr. Sifton's immigration policy. He especially objects to the .Doukhoborstis as not proper material for building up a'British province. The Doukhoborstis are a persecuted religious sect in  Russia, of whom it has been arranged to  settle some 0,000 in the Northwest territories.   Report Thought to be P'avorable.  Mv. Cox, the engineer who recently arrived from .England to examine the  Waverley aud Tangier' claims fur' the  companies operating them, has left for  San Francisco. Little, in fact nothing, is  known of tho character of his report, but  it is thought to be favorable, as the provisioning for tin; mines will be.rin at once  so that operations'will probably continue  all winter.  .The Esquimalt Election   Case   May   Come Up  for Trial on Monday. -  Justice Martin on Thursday  gave   his  decision in the election, cases argued  before  him, dismissing all  the summonses  asking that the petitions bo struck off the  files.    The immediate result will  be  that  unless the respondents appeal and get an  adjournment of the trial   the  E-quimalt  election  case  will   be  heard  ou  Monday  next.    Some years  ago  justices   Crease,  MeOroight aud Drake made an order that  wherever by the Provincial Controverted  Elections Act or Rules any power is given  f to or authorized to be done by- the  chief  ju-tice, then in the case of a vacancy or of  his   absence    from     the    province   such  authority may be exercised by tlie senior  puisne judge or any other of the judges.  On  July 25th, 1S9S, Mr Justice Walkem  made an order appointing registrar Drake  to be."master" (pursuant; to section 209 of  the   Provincial   Election Act), under the  ;said act and rules.  These two orders were attacked as being beyond the authorit}' and jurisdiction  of the judges.  Then it was contended iu the alternative that if the judge had the right to  appoint a master to perform tiie duties of  the prcscribeil officer mentioned in the  act, then the order of Mr. Justice Crease,  dated -Ith August, IS!) I, whereby he  appointed Harvey Combe (the deputy  registrar), governed and the order appointing Mr. Drake was of no effect.  Other technical objections were raised,  l)ut the chief one was as stated above,  against the appointment of Mr. Drake,  and if his appointment was bad the petition was never presented to the court, as  the act requires that it' be delivered to  tho prescribed officer, etc.  His lordship held that none of the objections were good, and so dismissed the  summonses. The cases up were Victoria,  Esquimalt. Coinox and North Nanaimo.  ft is not known whether the decision will  be appealed, and, failing appeal, the Esquimalt. ease will come up ou Monday.  YMIR   MINING -NOTES.  ounces, and an increase for Mexico of  8,250,750 fine ounces. There was consumed  in the industrial arts in the United States  during the calendar year 1807, gold to the  value of $11,870,231, and silver to the  value of $11,201,150.  RIVAL   CHARTERS   CLASH.  MINING   DEVELOPMENT   AROUND   ERIE.  Rumor Has it That the V., V. & E. Charter  Owners are Obstructing the C. P. R.  The holders of the Vancouver, Victoria  <& Eastern railway charter are evidently  getting into deep water, and as this railway project was a sort of side show to ex-  premier Turner's political spectacular, the  managers of it cannot expect much assistance from the Semlin administration.  The V., V. ic E. railway charter was secured by its owners for speculative purposes. They gave au option on it to  Messrs. Mackenzie & Mann, wlio were  supposed to be acting for the Canadian  Pacific Railway Company. By the terms  ofthe charter actual operations were to  have been commenced in August last  and continued till the work was completed. Some time after the securing of  the V.,V.&E.charter the Canadian Pacific  .Railway Company secured the JTeiu'ze  railway interests, including the Columbia  ic Western railway charter, which covers  about all the Boundary Creek section,  which the big railway company purposes  to  Tho wagon road up Wild Horse creek,  which i.s being built by volunteer subscription by the prospectors, miners and  business men, has just been conipletOLl up  as far as tho North Fork. Efforts will be  made to extend tlie same a-= far as the  south fork of Wild Uoisethis fall in order  that several properties will be able to  ship ores to tho station by sleighs this  winter.  On the Tamarae a crosscut has been  driven from the bottom of the shaft that  has tapped the vein, and the same quality of ore has been found that was encountered in the main working shaft.  The shaft of the Evening Star is down  about -12 feet, and is looking nicely. In  tho vein there,is about two feet of quart/,  that carries galena and iron, and the remainder is nice looking gaugue.  Work has recently been resumed on the  Porcupine, a property which is being  operated by the Sarah Lee company.  There has been encountered an eight-foot  lodge of ore that carries fair gold and silver values. Assays show that it averages $24 to the ton in gold and silver.  This is at a depth of 15 feet in the shaft.  Five men are now at work on this property, and an effort will be made to keep  up the operations on the property all the  winter.  . As soon as the.balance of the machinery  for the concentrator on the Dundee arrives it will be installed and put in operation. As there are large reserves of ore  in sight iu the Dundee it will not be long  before the concentrator is in operation  before the shipping of the concentrated  ore to the smelter will be commenced.  jO reach. The acquisition of this charter  las rendered the V. V. & E. charter  comparatively valueless to the C. P. Ii.  and it is said that the holders of tho  option have failed to take up the same.  The holders of the V. V. & E. charter  are unabie to build the road themselves  and. it is reported from Boundary Creek  that they will attempt to prevent the  Canadian Pacific Bailway Company from  building into that section by securing an  injunction preventing it from" encroaching upon tho V. V. ic E. territory, which  generously includes an area of 100 miles  from J'cnticton.  If the trouble between the holders of  the -V., V. ic E. railway charter and the  C. P. Ji. ever gets into the courts the syndicate of charter speculators may find  that they will come out at the small end  of tho horn in their'efforts to prevent a  bona lide railway company from doing  that which admittedly they are unable to  do themselves. They have admitted that  they will bo unable to undertake the  work i'or which they have secured a provincial subsidy of $-1,000 per mile unless  they receive au additional subsidy from  the federal government, and it will require more stretching than their charter  will stand (o persuade any sane man that  in having an engineering party ou the  ground in August, they complied with the  condition of commencing actuaF construction and continuing such operations.  -SLOCAN   MINING   NOTES.  Joan of Arc.  A woman who had faithfully served her  native land was burned at the stake in  France some four hundred and fifty years  ago. She gave tip her young life at  twenty, and possibly thought as the  flames increased around her that no one  would ever grieve that she had lived and  suffered and died, or that it was an honest love for native land that had been her  inspiration. J3ut now a society has boon  formed in Franco, and its purpose is to  organize a cavalcade and retrace the  memorable progress of the warrior maid  from Duini'fiiiiy to Compiegne, making  halts at Chinon. Poictiors, Tours, Orleans,  Patay, Troyes, Rheims aud Paris, and in  each place holding a distinct and characteristic 'festival, with brass bands, banquets, conferences, speeches.and lectures.  The purpose is to recall the acts of the  devoted girl, to bring hor memory back  fresh to the people and to pay a living'  tribute to her memory.  Gold and Silver Figures for 1397.  The latest official returns show that the  value of gold produced iii tho l'nited  States during tho calendar year 1897 was  $57,308,000. The South African Republic  holds first place, producing gold to the  value of $57,033,8(51: Australia; $55,081,182,  and Russia, '$23,215,703. There was a  notable increase in tho production of gold  in the world during 1S97 over 1890. The  l'nited States increased $1,275,000; the  -Smith African .Renublie made the remarkable gain of $l.''i,8.>l,l92: Aust,rnlasia. increased $1.0,502,219, and l'.n-sia. $1,709,790.  Tho I'iiitod States produced during the  year 5S,S('O,O00 line ounces of silver and  Mexico 5'i,50'3,180 fine ounces, a decrease  for  the   l'nited   States   of   1,971,800  fine  A sampling of ore sent to the Hall Mines  smelter by the .'Vancouver,. Four Mile,  gave an average of 3(5-1. ounces silver to  the ton.  Work enough is being done on the Pembroke, near Silverton, for a crown grant.  Gus Kruger has the contract for the work.  Some fine ore is being shown by A.-.!_.  Fauquier from a strike on the Convention, on Convention bluff, Silver mountain.'  Oyer 200 men are employed in the mines  adjacent to Silverton.  The Wakefield will, it is: estimated,  ship 10Q0 tons of ore this winter.  W. 11. Saudiford is pushing work on  the Condor group and expects to make  ���of this-''property," while perhaps not another Bosun, yet a big shipping mine.  The property is being surveyed for a  crown grant, and everything being done  to .perfect title, etc., to put it on a permanent established footing as a mine.  The Congo,i.s in trouble. A mechanic's  lien has. been levied 'upon the two-thirds  'interest held by F. L. Byron by Otis Kruger, Robert li. and Geo. A. McDonald.  This is for work done on the property in  the past month or two.  Since development work on the Noble  Five was resumed some month-, ago that  great galena producer has improved  .greatly. Immense, bodies of ore have  been struck, and it is said the property  will be a steady shipper again by the first  of tho year.    , ,  Late improvements at the Queen Boss  have made that mine the' best equipped  in many-ways of the Slocan. Tho buildings for tho accommodation of the men  employed there .-ire the most comfortable  and tlie most conveniently arranged.  A two-foot ledge is showing on tho Baby  .Fraction, adjoining the Noonday, iind the  ore gives evidence of this being the Noonday lead.  On th-; Bosun property a force of twenty-live men is working, and ore shipments  are being made at the rate of 120 tons per  month. It is likely that a considerable  addition will be made to the working  force this winter, when tho shipments  will also be increased.  Rovelstoko a Divisional Point.  Revelstoke is being made the divisional  point of tho main line of tho C. P. R. in  the mountains between .Kamloops and  Laggan, and I lie work of erecting the necessary shop-1 and roundhouse is well null or way.  Two Properties Which are in a Position to  Ship This Winter. '  Mark Gilliam, of Erie, was in Nelson  this week. He carried about with him a  fine specimen from the North Fork, a property located about six miles from��J_rie,  in which himself and. the Benu Brothers  are interested. On it they have sunk a  20-foot shaft, in the bottom of which they  have two l'eetof ore showing. The values  in the ore are gold and copper, and eleven  assays which they liad" upon it give returns oi" from, $14 to $3S, and a general  average sample went $23.80. ' The ledge  Jaas been stripped on the surface for SOP  feet, showing its width in some places to  be four feet. Gilliam is making arrangements for the purpose of working the  claim this winter.  Although very little has beeu written  in the press concerning the development  of the mining properties in the vicinity of  Erie, Mark says that much is'being accomplished. Work has been progressing  steadily for two years, and there are now  some eighty miners employed upon the  claims, and fully fiftjr in building wagon  roads.  The most extensive work has been done  upon the, Second Relief and Big Bump  claims. These properties adjoin and are  located about twelve miles north of Erie,  being developed by Messrs. Finch &  Campbell, the well known mining operators. About thirty men are employed,  and several thousand dollars' worth of  work has been performed under the management of Ii. K. Neill. Three tunnels  have been run in upon the property, the  lowest of which gives a depth of about  ���150 feet, and the three equal a drift of  1,200 feet along the chute of ore. For  this entire distance the ore chute is said  to be without a break, which in the opinion of some mining men makes the Second  lielief-Big Bump ore chute the longest  continuous ore chute that has been struck  north of the celebrated Comstock at Virginia City. The vein averages 31 inches  in width, tho vein matter being made up  of a copper sulphide ore with a quartz  gangue. The ore carries a gold value of  $50 to the ton, and, it is said, can be  treated by the cyanide process,' by which  fully sixty per cent, of the values can be  extracted, leaving the balance in the concentrates.  The compauy has at present in hand  the construction of a wagon road, which  will be completed in a couple of weeks,  when considerable shipments will be made  to the smoltor, there being, it is osti-/"  mated, J,500 tons of ore on the dump. The"  mine is equipped'with excellent accommodations.,  The Dewdney syndicate, which is operating the Arlington property, is building  a wagon road two miles iu length to connect the property with the main wagon  road going up the North Fork. The  Arlington is about three and a half miles  from Erie aud there are some 500 tons of  ore on the dump ready for shipment. The  Arlington is being developed by an incline shaft, which is down 150 feet and  the showing consists of five feet of ore  which assays $70 to the ton. The company has a hoisting and pumping plant .  installed and is working three eight hour  shifts, working iu all some 20 men. The  ore is of the same character as that from  the Second Belief, and the company contemplates putting tip a mill next summer.  During the winter considerable shipments  will be made from the Arlington.  On the Jupiter Duncan Dewer and  George McCormick have a fine showing.  The Jupiter is the only galena property  that has been found on the North l'ork,  and the ore from it carries about $30 in all  values. It is about six miles from Erie,  on the west side of the north fork. The  shaft is down 30 feet, and the showing  consists of about two feet of ore..  On the Canadian King, a . property  which adjoins the Arlington, A. W. Boyd  and II. II. Ilulbert are working ten men  in sinking with a view to catching the  Arlington vein. Some very high assays-  have been li ad from the croppiugs of the  vein on the Canadian King ground.  The Athabasca'is a Mine.  Tho development of the Athabasca  group continues to surprise those who  predicted that.it would bo found that the  ledge did not go down. With the depth  which has been attained the ledge is now  straighteningup, the vein is free from both  walls, and has a width of four feet of high  grade ore. Jn the earlier stages of the development of the Athabasca the ledge  lay over for a considerable distance,  where it appeared to have broken away,  and there was it doubt in the minds of  many who had examined the property as  to whether development would show the  ledge in place. The changes which development has made iu tho Athabasca go to  show that its owners have a mine and not  a prospect.   Will History Repeat Itself?  Ninety-three years ago last Thursday  the battle of Trafalgar was fought. On,  that day Nelson's fleet crushed the naval  power of France; and it is evident from  the tone of the recent utterances of British statesmen and journals that there is  in Great' Britain today'a supreme confidence in tho ability of the British navy  to repeat tho trick, if necessary.  Gibson Secures a Seat,  linn. .J. M. Gibson, premier Hardy's  minister of crown lands, who was defeated  in the general election in Hamilton, was  returned this week for _East Wellington,  having a majority of 138.  wm  ftgv  0.  s_��v  ���'=._���;  !ifcg_________a_._^^^^ i&' ^v^wtw&ttffrtt&UiWr*'. ;*^�� rv  ri-IE  TIUBCNE:   JNRLSOJS1    B.C.   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Treats diseases of all domo-.lio animals.  All .stock inspected at Nelson.   Xelson, B. C.  DR. .1. W. QUINLAN. DKNTIST-Oflieo:  .Marn Klock,  linker Si reel, Nelson. f  WJ. If. I10I.-\1KS, C. K.���Provincial hand .Surveyor.  ���   P. 0. box 82, ICaslo, IS. C.  Tt.   JI01.UICII���Analytical CheniM. and  A^aycr.  Victoria nlrnet. Nelson.  T C. GVV7LLDI, B.A.Sc. & \V. S. JOHNSON. B.A.Sc.  " ��� ��� INtitiin_��� EiiKineers and Analytical Chemists,  Slocan City, Ii. C  A.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  NKLSO.V 1,01 jGE, NO. 23, A. K. & A.  Meets  -�����/NA_>r second -iV'ednesday in  each month.   Sojourning  tsyS brcthron invited.  KNIGHTS OK PYTHIAS- Notion Lnd;u\ No, -J.\  Knights of Pyihia.-. meels in Ca.-llc hall, Macdonald block, corner of Josephine and Vernon street-, every  second and fourth Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. All  Waiting knifcliis are cordially invited toallcnd.  Guoitcio Hosts, IC. of It. & S.  R. G. Jov, C. C.  SATURDAY   MORNING..  fflvxbxmz.   OCTOBER .!!. 18!1S  Tin-: liicch-haiuleil mannei'in  which the  nITicials oi' the Caiiiiclian .Pacilic  Hailway  Company ;ue dealing with the owners of  the townsite of Aloyie City is something  which should  receive  the  careful   attention of lhe federal government.    The line  of   the Crow's   Nest   Pass  railway  runs  through the townsite, but before the mil-  way company would consent to put in  a  siding or erect station   buildings,   a demand was tnnde upon  the owner of   the  townsite  for a half interest in his  holding.    This    demand    the   owner   of   the  townsite    relu-ed   to    comply   with,   as  he had sold die greater part of the town-  site : but he did all that was in his power  and offered the railway company  a free  right of way  through   the  townsite  ami  such hind  as  the company  required   for  siding and station  purposes.   These  concession-; r.he railway   officials   refused to  accept,   and   with   a  view   to  rendering  worthless   the   townsite   in   which   they  were denied a half interest, they have decided to lay out a  rival  townsite at the  southern end of the lake, some two and a  half miles distant from  Moyie  City, and  it   is   said   have 'offered   to  remove  the  effects of lhe merchants  of Moyie  to  I lie  new railway   (joint   free' of charge.    The  basis of any townsite;  along   Moyie   lake  must be that it shall have mines tributary  to it. anil the town of Moyie is located ou  the lake shore nn a minerali/.ed belt, upon  which have been   located   all   the   mining  properties of note in  that neighborhood.  One of these properties is the Lake Short!,  which  is situate  within   I'><;() feet of   the  railway  track,  and   from   it   bad:   to   the  well known St, Eugene mine the lodge has  beeh located.   The St. Kugene mine is less  than a mile distant from Moyie City, with  which it is  connected   by  a   good  wagon  Canadian Pacific Railway Company to  utterly dostroy the value of the townsite  of Aloyie City. This would be done by  refusing lo take or make delivery of  goods at the town. Jt looks "very much  a.s if this i.s what the officials of, tho  Canadian Pacilic Railway Company contemplate..and if the Laurier government  is not owned body and soul by the Canadian Pacific Rail way Company, it should  prevent the officials of the national highway of Canada from carrying into eil'ect  a policy which .smacks too strongly ofthe  road agent,  Jfox. Josioi'ii Martin lias been made  honorary president; of the Liberal organization at Vancouver, and .J. C. McLagan  has been appointed a member of the executive of the same organization. Thus  the people, of the province may arrive at  the relative places occupied by the two  men in the esteem of the Liberals of Vancouver. When the name of McLagan was  mentioned for a place on the executive  the honorary president objected, and said  that he would not have anything to do  with an organization iu which there was  recognized one who had called him a common thief. With some men there would  have been no further desire to fill office  after such a declaration, but not so with  .'J. O. MeLngan. lie offered an explanation. He denied that the World had called  the attorney-general a common thief. Jf  it had he did not know of it, and in such  an event he wished to tender his most  sincere and candid apology. Fighting  Joe Martin has not changed his skin since  the recent provincial election campaign,  but he is no longer the under dog in the  light, and therefore nob a fit subject' for  the abuse ofthe Vancouver World.  If there are any Liberals in British Columbia who believe that the great Liberal  party is not com rolled by the Canadian  Pacific Railway Company they should endeavor to induce their chiefs to compel  the railway company to respect the property rights of the townsite owners along  the route of the-; Crow's Nest Pass railway.  Towards the building of this railway (he  people of Canada have contributed sev-  errl millions ef dollars, which subsidy has  been supplemented by rich coal measures  and thousands of acres of land from (he  government of British Columbia. This  being so, there is no excuse for the greed  of the corporation's officials, which exacts  a half interest in all desirable townsites  "in return for the railway facilities ������for  which the people of this province and of  the dominion have already paid so handsomely.  road  '(������  he.    natural  outlet for these  mining properties is Moyie City, and  not the point which (he railway company has decided upon,some two and a hail-  miles from it.     The Crow's Nest railway  Tut: desire of the Colonist to hog everything in sight for the city of Victoria i.s  evidenced by its attitude upon the question of (he re-arrangement of the repre-  j sentation of (his province in the house of  j commons. When British Columbia en-  j iered confederation it was stipulated that  j the province should have six representa-  j lives, although at that time, according to  | the unit of representation in Quebec, it  | was not untitled to more than one, the  I population of the whole province being  | then estimated tit something less than  | 2(1,000 whites. Having thus secured '_._-  ! ccssive rejirfiKcn tation, two seats were  i given fo the city of Victoria and its envi-  i rons,'another to Nanaimo district, and  the remaining three to the districts of  Westminster, Cariboo and Vale, on ihe  mainland, which were at that time fhe  chief centers of population, liy ISiifi the  growth of the mainland   had   built   up a  ins bee.'i largely built with the money of i city at Vancouver, which, in (joint of size  the p'-oplo of Canada, and the government j and commercial importance wtis tho equal  of Canada   should   see to i i, thu f i Is sta te- ! of   the Capital,   but   which   was   without  ai.jcd r.'a.d is not permitted to despoil tho j anything  approaching  individual   rcpre-  o-.'.-nrr-   oi   de-i/ablc   townsites of   their I senf.at.ion   at Ottawa.    To overcome this  l"'"p-'r'y: or  being  balked   iu   this  rob i difficulty   the Conservative   government  mi   li li'giiimate  I'livuNife-*  of  their   value  b i' -la/ t ing i ivai totvns iu i.heir immediate  nei'hb. >rhooil.    It is in  the power of tlie  gave Cariboo's representative lo Vancouver, forming what is known as JJurrard  district, and made one gigantic district of  the Vales, Lillooets, Kootenay.s and Cariboo, whereas the much fairer thing would  have been to have taken one of  the seats  away   from   Victoria.      The   growth   of  "West Kootenay   now demands   another  change in the allotment of  the  representation, and the Colonist, recognizing the  .fact   that   Victoria  is   over-represented,  protests against any change with 'respect  to it.    Tf A Vest  Ivootenay is deserving of  separate representation  it  must,  according to the Colonist's reasoning, wait for it  until such time as the  population  ofthe  whole province entitles it to increased representation according to the unit of representation in Quebec.    That while Victoria,   with  a  white  population of some  20,000,   has   two    representatives,    West  Kootenay.   with  mi  adult white population of 20.000, cannot have a single representative of its-own until   the population  of the whole province approaches IaO.000.  The editor of the Colonist is about a.s fair  iu this as he has been in any  public question he has discussed in the Colonist.  Tirio Toronto (ilobe makes the announcement that a second application will be  made at the approaching session of the  federal parliament for a charter for the  fie'tie River Valley railway. AVhether  the conditions at Ottawa will be more  favorable, to the granting of the charter  than they were a year ago remains to be  seen, but it is safe to say that the new  provincial government nt Victoria will  not be found so subservient this winter  as was that of ex-premier Turner. Last  session, lacking the courage to come out  openly and advocate the Canadian Pacific  Railway Company's monopoly, the Turner  cabinet arranged for the introduction of  a resolution by a private member, caucused the party upon it, moved the previous question upon debate, and forced it  through the house without any explanation whatever. .In this way the legislature of British Columbia, was put on  record as opposing the granting of the  Corbin charter. Tt is not likely to happen again.   On Tuesday an application was made  before Justice Martin to strike out the  Victoria, Comox and North Nanaimo  election petitions. Among the objections  taken were those which were raised  against the petition in the East Kooteimy  contest, judgment upon which was reserved by Justice Walkem. The counsel  for the defendants in the 'Victoria, Comox  and North Nanaimo cases -did .not desire to wait until Justice Walkem should  deliver judgment upon these points, and  accordingly asked Justice Martin to pass  upon them. Theyare all tech nienl objections, growing out of some slips in the revision of the 'Kngiish statutes, the result  of one of which requires the'paying'.of  $2,000 into the Bank of England as security. Justice Martin disallowed this objection and reserved judgment upon the  other points.  Kho.m its sick bed tho Miner, of Nelson,  after surfeiting itself with the details of'a.  story of alleged Chinese immorality, cries  out for reform. Tiie great reform the  Miner urges i.s the turning of the present  members of the city council out of office,  and, from its tone, it appears fearful that  its own existence may be .snuffed out before this great reform is perfected.  Toronto Telegram: For a man who  wus completely turned down aud done  for by his political friends, Hon. Joseph  Martin seems to be possessed of quite a  few stray remnants of influence.  Tho Problem of the Soudan.  The extinction of Mahdism has brought  Croat Britain face to lace with a difficult  problem how to maintain the ."'00,000  surplus women whom Arab concupiscence  has collected in the Soudan. Meanwhile  the dervishes are being stamped out:  their own countrymen have turned informers: and the khalifa himself is reduced almost to starvation.  ti     a  mtni  _��c  BRANCH MARKETS   .    .       Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan  District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured moats.  Oroe.r-s hy mail carefully rUlpri and oromptly forwarded.  Olil A/?e Pensions in New Zealand.  In New Zealand, after eleven days' discussion in committee, an old age pension  bill ha.- pa "--ell its i bird reading in the  liou-e of ic.preM.'ura li\ os by a majoi ily  of (en. The bill provides that every person of [he age ol'O.") am! upwari*-.-. of good  mora! cha: ader. v\ Lw-e yeaiiy income  does not exceed -CM I. and who ha~ resided  for 2~) years in the colony, v. ill be entitled  to a pension of $iti per annum. Similar  bills wc!o introilnerii m !8'.!0aie.i 1S07. but  were defeated by narrow majorities.  Good Progress ar. the Neison-Poorinan.  At the Ncison-!\)'>r'!:-m ihe south drift  on the ore in th;-1 lower level is now in 1_0  feet. The ore body averages two feet in  width, and n��-nys a< ro-s the two feet $*'0.  The White vein i��also receiving considerable attention. The new ore bins have  been completed, and a survey made for a  WW��  V'i y   ".-..'V'    fo A      v< n i   i'H   /  <# ^ d ^ v  ,->   J,'  -b. A4 /'���-  \o' *v*S> |__.   -       .     I . CI W L> u v_^  Just received a consignment  of Harris home made tweeds  from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  The supply is limited, so call  early and examine this stock  HAKKU STUKKT  XKLSON  new flume from linn  ���a eek, which  will  increase the power at the company's mill.  MI.  baturaay wigi  Bargains in Pipes  rf you desire anything in the  way of Smokers' Supplies, ii  will pay you to look over the  new stock of Pipes, Tobacco  Pouches, Cig-aretrc Holders,  Cig'ar Holders, Cigar Cases,  and other smokers' requisites  which are included in the new-  stock of goods just received  at the Postoffice Cie^''Store.  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DEPOSITS, OF  received, and current rate of interest allowed (at present 3   por  cont. per annum).  GEORGE KYDD, Manager.  Si AND UPWARDS  T_E_E_E_ B-A-ILSr  Iff* -if a  ill  NELSON  Buy ami .sell  Sterling Kxolmuge and  Cable Transfer.-  t: Jt \ XT COMMKItCIAI. ANU TH > VKI.I.IHU-' eitlUMTS,  available in any purl of the world.  tittAH'S  IS'-UKIl    <'OI.I,l.CTIO.VS m.viik; ioto.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  OL'KRKNT RATE OK INTEllivST PAID  THlil   TENDERFOOT   AT   CRBEDEl.  V,I don't. .-Hippose th.ii_n.uy man who ever  hit up Greede. when bha< wimp wus booming along liko a Wisconsin lumber drive  is going Lo faLinid up and say bhal Oreede  was anything like a dead easy mark or n  putty proposition tor LeiuleiTeel," said  Tom Wilkinson, o. Washington, wlio used  Lo be sheriff of Greede. '��� When you get  down to it, ii.ll the boys in those days  wore grafters, more or loss and I guess I  was ,jusL as much of a grafter as any of  'em. even if they did elect me sheriff.  The Oreede push, when Oreede was lively,  was surely made up of smooth people.  But I've often, observed in the course of a  ..heap of piking around the big camps that,  it's ju-t these wise, crafiy camps that are  bound, every once in ;i while, to get il  pasted on riiein the hardest aud in an  aggravntiugiy oa��y way.  "A big go->-oon of a. ienderfooi, -looking  young fellow-he wa-.n*i, more limn _���'-> or  '21-turned tipiu Creed, one afternoon in  August'.. ISO.'j, when 1 was turning the day  trick in keeping the camp as orderly as it  could be kept. I call him tenderfoot-looking because he \va._ togged out that way ���  frock coat, light striped trousers, patent  leather shoes and that kind of rig. lie  didn't try to saw oil" a plug hat on us with  that imike-up��� for some reason or other I  was the only man that could wear a plug  .- hat in Oreede with impunity���and the  little plaid foie-aud-ai't cap that he woie  with that king frock thing made him iook  even more of a yap than hi- actions made  him appear to be. The young fellow  didn't do any swaggering or butting into  ' anybody, but lie ^eenied in be jusi n-i ru-  rally -oft. [|e h:id a big moon face, wilh  pink cheeks, and hi-- light curly hair and  wiiite eyebrows made him look lily-livered,    fie   put  up   at  old   Mr*,   tfcagan's  boarding house, and the boys there sized  him up as too much of a jellyfish lo be  worth picking on. lie weiir around grinning, with his hands iu iris pockets, and  when any of the boys happened to drop  him a word just to diaw him out and see  what his lay was, he shot off the conceited est mess of talk you ever heard. The  boys out in Greede weren't iu the habit,  as you may suppose, of making any brags  about their family trees, but yon only  had to toss a word at this cub to set him  to rattling about who and what lie was  and who and what his people were. He  took a long chance in doing that, but the  talk just made the boys so tired that they  didn't have the energy to souse him in  the creek or chuck him under a stamp  mill. 1 ran into him myself the day after  he struck the camp, and I hadn't 'any.  more'n giveu him the civil greet '���than he  began to put me next to his whole busi-  ' ness. .'.','  " 'My name's Harvey C'addis���- the Caddises of Delaware, y' know,' says he to  me, 'and I'm out here looking for an investment for my father, Harvey Gtiddis,  - of Washington, .13. C. Must ha' heard of  him, haven't you?"  ���' 'No,' said I, M. haven't heard of him.  But I want to tell you something, sou:.  Out out the pedigree talk around here.  The boys might kind o' take it as a kind  of reflection upon them. Fact is, there's  some of them that might have made you  feel small all eady if it wasn't for what  you say about looking for an investment.  They've all got a hole or two in the ground  to unload,.and that's largely the reason  why they're standing for this chin music  of yours about what a warm tribe you've  renegaded from. If you're going to in vest  in Oreede dirt, you'll get all the show in  the world to do it. But cut out the family  tree gulf. It won't help you a little bit if  you want to get all that's coining to you,  as to any stranger in this camp.  "The young jay seemed to improve  some after this talk I gave him, and he  ���did let. up on the Caddises of Delaware  blow. But he remained a pretty weak  kind of pollywog, for all that. The boys  let him alone because they lignrcd him as  a .pretty sure investor, and they didn't  want to chase capital out of the camp, so  they let him blow himself lor all the  drinks he wanted to buy for them, which  ���was a good many, although they couldn't  get out of the habit of sizing him up out  of the corner of their eye. He had a  steady jag for the first week he hit the  camp, aud on a couple of occasions my  night marshal had to lead him to old Mrs.  Reagan's.  "This Harvey Caddis hadn't been in the  camp for more than ten days before all of  the boys that had disappointing, no-pay  shafts in the rock began to get around  him for a. deal. They took him out, one  bv one, to look over their claims and  the  mine salters that ever stuffed a shotgun  full of yellow slugs, got hold, of him and  took him out to one of his holes. Buck's  rock was beautifully fixed ��� Buck spent  three hard (hiys and nights at the job--  and if-appeared to strike the tenderfoot's-  eye. Mo asked Buck how much he wanted  for the claim.  " 'Weil/ said Bu-k. 'IVcenl so darned  many clainis'aroimd here, or a mi podners  i'n so inanv. that, I haven't ^or the time to  go ahead with this one. alt hough I'm dead  sure it's a Coinstocker. f'll let you have  it for 825.000.*  " 'Well,'said the young fellow, 'while I  guess J know just as much about a mine  as any of yott-nnd this looks good tome  ��� I'm not going to think of taking it until  I have a regular mining engineer look at  it and report upon if. I'll have a lumi  come down from Denver and tell me  wlmt lie thinks of it.'  " Buck sort of screwed sideways at this,  for he knew that it's no easy thing to put  up a job of salt on a Denver mining engineer. Jle had to stand I'or the tenderfoot's proposition, however, and sure  enough, three days later, the mining  engineer from Denver showed up. None  of the boys in camp had ever seen or  heard of this Denver mining engineer  before, and they had a great laugh, even  if they were a bit surprised, when he  inspected Buck's put-up job and pronounced it O. K... promising, and worth  about ���Si."),000 on its present showing.  The boys said among themselves that the  mining engineer was probably just out of  some mining institute iu Boston or somewhere, he looked so young and preen, and  his appraisal of Buck's fixed, hole was so  funny.  " Buck demurred a good deal when the  Harvey Caddis boy said (hat he would  only pay $1.-),000. but at length, after a  day of hemming and hawing, he consented to accept the terms, which were Lo  be cash.  ���'I'll telegraph to my father. Harvey  C'addis. of Washington, D. 0., to send me  the money right a way," said the tenderfoot when the bargain was struck, am! he  walked right down to the telegraph office  wifh Buck and sent this despatch: * Harvey (i-iddis, niich-ami-such a number on  Muscarinism,! < avenue, Washington, D.O.:  Impress >"iiri.fKHJ currency immediately.  Have i'ound big bargain.'  "'The   rumor of the   suece��  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  icrcd   in  down m  Blundell had   b.'.-n   <  Liitlo   I.'jcI;   for  disi r ibii'ing   -ome   very  iastv,!r!2 silver rerrihVales ol the series of  k-Ul."  Ni.'*'/   GriT-Ai.'    VV2.aTi.BN   DEAL.  of Buc!  ���,!.-  whelp tried to look wise when he ni-pectec  them and talked stuff about .strut'ii aud  ledges and leads that sounded like he  might have picked it out of his geology  book at school. Somehow or other he  didn't seem lobe very keen on  until 'Buck Wingate, one of the '  deal wifh thejny boy from back lOasr, got  aiouud the camp in no time, and a lor of  the boys just lay on Lhe floors of the rum  factories tmd dancing tents and hollered  over it. J jut they were careful not to say  anything that could cop Buck's game  with the tenderfoot. They knew that  Buck didn't let people monkey with him  that way.  "��� While he waited for the arrival of the  currency from AVashington. the boy with  the pedigree started oft on another whirl,  aud on the first night he stacked up  against Gon Dhismore's stud poker game.  lie took about $-100 a way from Oon the  first night, $700 the next night, $900 the  third night, and on the fourth day he  sloughed it all back at Con's table and  went broke besides. He knew as much  about the game of stiicl poker as 1 do of  Yiddish, but lie just played in luck for  the first three goes at Con's game, and  when his luck shook him on the fourth  day he went under in a heap.  " M don't care,' said the jay, trying to  look game after he went broke, " I've got  $15,000 coming today or tomorrow, and  I'll see'what.! can do with that.  "How about that mine o' Buck Win-  gate's ? asked one of the boys who heard  him make this break.  " 'Oh, I'll pay for that out of what I  win.' was the cub's reply.  " Buck had been called to Denver on  some kind of a phony deal or other on the  day before, or else he might have worried  a good ileal about the course his tenderfoot customer took when his $.15,000 arrived at the camp. Myself and a -.couple  of the boys were with the white-eye-  browed capitalist when he went down lo  the express office, in response to the notification, to get his big bundle of money  from Harvey Gaddis, Washington, D. O.  He opened the big brown, enref idly sealed  envelope before us, and counted the  $15,000 in absolutely new crisp $50 ami  $100 ou the express office counter. We all  had a close look and a feel of the bills, for  that kind of money wasn't common in  Greede. Cold was the circulating medium, and what paper money turned up  in the camp was always greasy and worn.  "' Looks nice, hey ?' inquired tlie tenderfoot. ' Father must have gotten these  treasury notes right fresh from the  treasury.'  "I told the cub. in a good-natured way,  that $15,000 was a "pretty big wad for a  young fellow to be packing around with  iiiui in Greede, and that it would be a  good sche.me for him to place it in Joe  Conley's hotel safe over night, and take a  receipt i'or it.  " 'Oh, Tin going to win back what Host  at stud poker first,' said he. 'Then I'M  put .it all in the safe.'  "I didn't want to waste any more breath  on such a chucklehead, and so I let him go  on about his business, lie made for Con  Din mioro's stud poker layout right off.  He bought $1000 worth of chips at fhe gooff, and in's iiiie, new, c'ri-p treasury $100  treasury bills made a hit with Con.  ���"'It   you   win  out," said   Con, 'I'll  just  cash you with the yellow boys, and   hang  onto this green  stuff  myself  for  luck   if  he buy    you don't mind.'  urpest I     "TheHarvey Caddis boy said something  about lhe heftiness of gold to carry  around, but if Dinsmore really wanted  the paper, why, he'd leave it there', of  course. Then he waltzed in and socked it  it to Con's game for $1700 within an hour.  Although there were four other men in  the game, not another one of them had a  thimbleful of luck except Lhe tenderfoot.  Within half tin hour he had put Con tin  even $2000 up against it, and then he said  he'd cash in anrl dropdown fo Bird Man-  lev's fur a bit ol faro.  " "All right," said Con, ''come back" when  you smash, Bird's layout.' and Dinsmore  (���ashed the temieifoo:'- chip- in double  eagles,, holding onto the $1000 in treasury  notes, tis he said he was going to do.  '"The cub went ovrr lo Jim Oonley'sand  put ihe big bag of gold coin in fhe <afe.  Then he went to Bird Alan ley's faro layout, and made a hit with Bird, too. by  plunking down $1000 in crisp $50 and $100  notes for his stacks of blues ;md yellows.  Bird fingered the bills admiringly.  " 'Don't get that kind of money often  out here, do you?'fhe tenderfoot asked  him with a silly grin.  " "No,' Bird replied, "and I'd just as>Iief  you'd leave it here if you get info me. It's  easy to count out, and I haven't seen any  of it in so long that I'm lonesome. If you  rap me I'll square with you in gold.'  "Again the tenderfoot, who seemed to  be rather maudlin with drink by this  time, was agreeable, and he pitched in  and whalloped Bird's game almost to a  standstill. lie played bank like a Digger  Indian would play the piano, keeping no  cases tit all, but just hanging and slobbering over the table and slapping dowu a  slack here and a copper rhere with no  more idea of the cards that were out or in  liddi  er   u  the box, appai ently. than  fla nee lent a mile off. But, all the same,  he was into Mauley to the tune of $.'VjOO  after he had been playing for a couple of  hours, and then he seemed to have too  much of a jag lo go on. He mumbled that  he thought that he'd cash in for the  nighr. Bird counted out $-1000 in double  eagles���lhe amount of the tenderfooi.'s  original stake and his winnings���and the  night watchman and a couple of other  boys helped lhe rub park the coin over fo  Joe Conley's safe and then put tho apparently jagged descendant of the Cao'di.-es  to bed. hi ail. Joe Conley'.s stii'o contained  $7(iOO of his money in gold.  "The Harvey C.uldio boy looked a bit  rocky when he showed up   next morning.  " 'Hay, what did you lei. me gamble for  l.'ist night?' ho n.-ked me when lie met me  down town. " Didn't you know that tint  $15,000 1 received from father was lo pay  for the mine?" ,  "��� 'Son,' said 1, "I'm not the sky pilot of  this camp. Moreover, you don't know  the difference between advice and a ton  of coal.'  " 'Why, it was awful!" thecub went on.  'Just think of if���I might lmve lost! i'm  going to follow Buck Yv'ingaLe right up  to Denver today aud pa y him that $15,000.'  " " 'That's a good scheme,' said I, thinking that Buck might as well have the  bundle as the tiger layouts, and I went  with him when he made for the express  office to order, the express people to box  up .the $7,000 in gold at Joe Conley's safe.  " ' Why don't you trade back some of  ���that gold for the paper money you gave  to Con Dinsmore and Bird Mauley?' 1  asked him. -;  " * Oh,' said he, ' they like the stuff and  I don't want to take it away from them.'  "He was out of the camp and bound  for Denver with his $7,000 box of gold  coin before noon and before more than  half a dozeu of the boys in camp knew he  was going after 'Wingate to pay him for  the mine. Dinsmore and Mauley, when  they heard of it, expressed natural regret  that he hadn't staid on .long enough to  give them a chance Lo get even, but they  consoled themselves wifh the reflection  that he would be back in a couple of days.  "Buck Wingate got back from Denver  the next morning. The first question the  boys asked him was if he had met his  tenderfoot, mine customer in Denver, and  got the $15,000 bundle.  " ' Why, no,' said Buck, with a look of  surprise on his face. 'Ibis he left the  cam))?'  " ' Went up lo Denver yesterday to pay  you for your hole iu the ground- half in  gold and half in new bills.'  " Bird .Mauley was the first to smell a  rat. He took the $50 and $100 bills Lhat  the Harvey Caddis boy had given him  down to the cashier of the bank. The  cashier .smiled when he looked at one of  the bills, He only gave one little feel of  one of the bills  between  his  thumb and  middle  finger,   and    th  ni  he   tossed   the  ;ss of $l,00() out through  his  little win  dow to Man ley.  " ' I'iion.y stuff,' said the cashier, ' antl a  poor article ut that. How long have you  been a good thing, Manley?'  " Mauley dropped by Cou Dinsmorc's  place and told Con of tlie thing. They  were a very tired-looking pair. The  secret service man from the treasury department who arrived in Oreede about a  week later, had us describe the tenderfoot.    Then he grinned.  "'Tenderfoot ?'said he. "That fellow  was liiram Bluudell. who's been one of  the cleverest queer-.shovers on this continent ever since'he was knee high to a  grasshopper. Bin key Blumiell. we call  him.'  "Then we told him about that mining  expert from Denver, nnd described him,  "'That was Sassafras John JTudnu!,'  said the secret service man, 'and he. too.  has been shoving il all his life. But he's  not; as good us I 'inkey.'  "A cou|j!e of days ago," concluded tiie  ex-sheriff of Crecde, "1 read, that Hinkey  The Vancouver Company Runs Out of Funds  and Gives a Lease on tho Property.  Tim Vancouver company, known as the  Two Friends Mine, Limited, which has  been attempting the development of the  Great Western mine in the Slocan, held a  special general meeting on Saturday,  wheii it was announced that owing to the  company's funds being exhausted, and to  the inability of the company to raise  money by the further sale of the treasury  stock,'it had been necessary Lo closedown  operations at the property. During the  operations of the company nine carloatL  of clean ore were shipped, which, from  smelter returns, averaged 111 ounces in  silver anil (5-1.1'> per cent lead.    About   100  tons  of concentrating ore was mined, of  which about 325 tons   were  run   through  the   Washington  mill, producing 00 tons  of concentrate's, which were also shipped,  the  average  returns   being   10-1.5   ounces  silver aud 50 per cent lead.'   The directors  of the company ,->tate that it will  require  another $8000 to carry ou development,  but being unable to raise this amount they  recommended   the   further   development  and working of the Great Western on the  basis  of a  lour months' lease, the  lessee  undertaking within  four  months to pay  off the existing liabilities of fhe company  ��� some $-1500���with an option to purchase  within ten months, and at the end of ten  months, to organize a new company with  a capital  of $500,000, of which   the Two  Friends company  will   receive $237,500 in  paid up stoek for its interest in the Great  Western.    The  lessee  will   be   alloted  a  like amount, and  will  also  pay  into  the  treasury   $50,000   in    cash    for ��� working  capital; the' balance  of  the   stock,   viz.,  $25,000, will remain at the disposal ot the  new company, to be disposed of if further  capital is required.  Kanged to a Bugle Call.  The Mussulmans in Crete have been  given an object lesson that will, impress  them with a fear of British law. Seven  of the rioters who have been convicted of  murdering British soldiers in the recent  trouble- at Candia, wore escorted ashore  from the ships last week under a,n armed  gii'ird of soldiers and sailor.-; fhe bugles  sounded "lights out." and the Mussulmans-  were hanged upon a hill-top gallows, in  full view of tlie town. The populace was  tremendously impressed by the execution.  LICENSE AUTHORIZING AN EXTRA-PROVINCIAL COMPANY TO CARRY ON  BUSINESS.  .)Miv,.vn:s" .act. 1SD7  I'.l.VADA : I  I'HOVJNCK OK  IhilTISlt I'OM'.MIirA. /  Will Produce $27,000 Tins Month,  it is said that the output of the Cariboo  mine, in Camp McKinney, for October is  likely to be about $27,000. The output  loi tlie iirst half of October was 870 ounces  iu tho cleanup, which is worth .about $13  per ounce, and about $2,000 worth of conceit rales. This is a largely increased  prodncLion, which is due Lo the fact that  20 stamps instead of 10 are dropping on  the ore.  SHERIFF'S   SALE.  NOTICK OI-'  SAI.K   liV Slliatll'l--  In thi: Sci'iikum Court or JiiciTi_.ii Uoi.i.mhia.  Jictwct'ii  Wll.LlA.M   ItCXTKli A:  CO.MI'AXV    ' -.and  Tin: Inr.i'.it Mi.vini; Co.mi'axv (Korcigii).  .���.-.-. .I'liiintill'o  . .lJcfencluiiLs.  TX OHKDlKNGIi" toiiAvrit of Fieri Km;:as issued out, of  1 the above Court to mo directed in the uliove suit for  tho .sum of $_l(i._(> Debt nnd Costs together with interest  on the .same,'besides Slioriir.s foes, poundage and other  expenses of thi.s execution. I have .seized 'and will oll'cr  I'or sulo hy; Public Auction at the Court House, Nelson,  on Monday, tho ,'ilst day of October, A. 1).. 1SIIS, at 1.  o clock noon. All the right, title and interc.stof the above  defendants in the lands described below, or sullloient  thereof to satisfy the .judgment debt and costs in this  action:  llistriol.  \uin\iei'  of  Lots u  Concise Description  of I'roporty'  ���ICoofenav !  District   !  hot S57.  Group I  Lofts")", Croup I.  known as the "Idler"  Mineral Claim.  Koool onuy I lis; rict  Kstate  or  fnterest  '   Title'  Under  Crown  Grant  (issued but  not, yet-  regis! ered)  When  lo be sold  .Monday, the ."1st day of  Oclober, A. I). 1S!IP. al I.  o clock noon.  'Terms of sale cash.  Where to be sold  At the front-of  tin; Court  House. Xelson, JJ..C.  S.  UiaiGKAVK. sjliurill'of Kootenay.  Por \V. P. Uobinson, li.puty s-heriH.  hated the I Ith rluy of September, l.s'is.  l.A.VI) AND WoliKS 1 Mvl'AltTMK.S'T.  Victoria, H. C, .Inly 7th, IS'.iS.  Sir: In reply to your letter of lhe lib instant. I beg to  say thai the crown grant (Xo. .lii.-.SIl of lo! S.",; group I.  Kootenay district, (Irllur mineral claiml was issued on tiie  ^!lth April, I.SSI7. lo the Idler Mining Company (iMin.-igni.  I have the honor to be,  Sir, your obedient servant.  \V. ,S. COltK,  Deputy Commissioner of Land.--ami Works.  'I'n It. li. Kerr, liurrisler, Xew 1 Ionvcr. H. 0.  -ir;  Land I.'kijistuv Oi'i'ick.  Victoria, ijih Augu-.t. l,S!is.  Iii: Ih.-.\Ti:is v, Iducr  In answer to your h/lter of the ilml In.-lanl. I beg lo  say thai, no registration of title has been registered a^. to  lot. 8.'>7 group' I. Kootenay I)i.-.t.i-icl, eitlier lo the Idler  Mining Company or anyone else. i-t>n-rei|iieiil ly no ab-  -���tiMC! of title can pos.-ibly be furnished.  Vour obedient -ervnnl.  .S. V. WOOTToX.  Registrar General, per K. S.  li. 1'.. Kerr. Ksq.. hamster. Xew Denver. II. C.  Notice of Application for Transfer of-Liquor License.  Xutice is hereby given that the undersigned. Mary  Mallei le. will apply In the board of lieen-iug eoiiimis-  moiicin of Ihe Ci'y of Nelson at. their ne.M titling for the  Iraii-fer of license fO;-eli liipior by retail, a! pre-eiit held  by her, to Abraham X. .lohn.-on. and the undcrsignc:!  Abraham'X. .loiin-on will applrto Ihesaiil hoard at their  next sell iup; for the transferor Ihc license now held by  the said Mary Mallei le from the premises known as the  Koolenay hotel, on Vernon rtreel.. to the building on  premi-.es conlaiied in the ea-l j of lot !i block I, on linker  street in I lie >ai<! '.-it v.  iSigneili    MAIiV  MAI.I.KTTK,  A.  SI. .loIIXSoN.  Dated a! Xel.-on. M. ('., ()e[!,bei  1 Ith. ISIIS.  Niotico of Application for Liquor License.  N'ot ice i.s hereby given I hat. 1 he iinder-.ig'icd will apply  lolhe board of licensing cninmir-doui.T.-. of the city of  Xel-oii al their ne:Nt. rilling I'or a liecn.-e to sell liquor al  retail al her hotel, known as the Kootenay hotel. Minute  on the we-1 \ of lot .'..and t he east \ of lot I. in bloek I, on  Vci ���,!,������   ' reel, in the Oii.v of Nel-on.  ISigaedl    MAIIV MAI.I.KTTK.  Dated at Xelson, II. ('., October lllh, \H\i-..  rpiHS IS TO CKHTIKV thai the ���'Vmir Gold alines.  -1- Limited," is authorised ami licensed to curry  onbu.-inoss within the Province of British Columbia, and  lo carry out or eU'ect all or any of tho objects hereinafter  set forth to which the JcgL-lalive authority of the legislature of hritish Columbia extends. ��� ' j  The head ollice of the Company is situate in IOngland.  The amount of the capital of the Company is ��_(KI,000,  divided into -OIVKHJ shares of one pound each.  The head oillec of the Company in Ibis Province is  situate in Xokon, and James Roderick Robertson, manager of com panics, whose address is .Net-on aforesaid, is  ino attorney for the Company.  The objects for which the Company has been established are:  (a.) To enter into, and carry into cll'ecl, wilh Mich  nullifications (if any) as may bo agreed upon, an agreement to De made with The l.ondon and British Columbia  Coldlields, Limited, of tho one part, and the Company ol  the other pari, for the purchase of lhe Vmir Gold .Minos,  situated al Wild Ilor.se Creek, Went 1-ootenay, comprising four claims, known as the Vmir, Rockland, .Mugwump, Golden Horn, tind .sundry fractions and rights  appertaining thereto eoiinlitilting the Vmir group :  10.)   To .-eareh ior,  win, gel.  quarry, reline. amalga-  nievte, smell, or othorwi-o tii-e.��s and prepare ror niarkul,  mineral sub-mucus ol' all kind-, and in particular gold,  silver, and other precious; mineral.--'and precious .-tones :  (c.)   'lo  buy, sell,  reduce, deal in, and reline bullion,  specie, coin and precious metals:  (d.)   To  locate  or Otlierwi.-e acquire   milling   claims,  ��� milling rights, and metalliferous lands in  Urilif-li  Col-  iiiuoia or elsewhere, nnd lo explore, work, develop, and  turn io account Ihe Mime:  ie.) To acquire by grant, selection, purchase, lease or  otherwise, and to develop the resource* of and turn to  account any lands and any righto over or connected with  Janu belonging lo or in wnicn the Company ib interested,  and in particular by laying out town sites imd preparing  tne same tor ouuding, luumg on builuing lease or agreement, advancing money to or entering into contracts with builders, tenants and others, clearing,  draining, fencing, planting, cultivating, building, im-  prou'ng, farming, irrigating and by promoting immigration and the eM���uii��lunenf of towns, villages and  settlements:  (I ) To acquire and carry on all or any p.irL of the  buMiioss or properly, and lo undertake any liabililies of  any person, lirm, association or company pos-cnned of  properly suitable for any ofthe purposes ol thin Companv,  or carrying on any biisiue.-s which this Company is  aiithoiised to carry on, or which can be conveniently  carried on iu connection with the same, or.may seem io  cue Com puny calculated directly or luuiroclly'io benellt  this Company, and as the con.siueration for the same to  pay cash or lo issue any shares, slocks or obligations of  the Company, and to enter into working arrangements,  contracts and agreements with other companies aim  persons:  (g.) To promote any other company or companies for  the purpose of acquiring all or any ot the properly or  liabilities of this Company, or of advancing directly or  indirectly the objects or interests' tbeicof, and to purchase, siihsoriuo for. or otherwise acquire, anil to hold the  share.-, stocks or obligations ol anj company in the  United Kingdom or elsewhere, aud upon a distribution  of assets or division ot prollts, to distnuule such shares,  slocks, or obligation-.unongsl the members ol' this Company iu specie:  (h.) Generally, lo distribute among the mcmbeis any  property of the Company iu .-pecie :  i", (i.) To borrow or raise money for any purposes of the  Company, and lor the purpose of .securing the -ame and  interest, or tor any ol her purpose, to mortgage or charge  llio undertaking, or all or any pari of lhe property of tne  Company present or inter acquired, or Us uncalled  capital, and to create, l.-siie, make, draw, accept, ami  negotiate perpetual or redecinaole debentures or debenture slock, bills of exchange, promissory notes, or other  obligations or negotiable liistruinento :  (j.l To sell, let, develop, dispose of, or olherwi.-e (leal  wilh Lhe undertaking, or all or any purl of ihe property  ol the Company, upon any tcrin.-. Willi power to aocepu  as the consideration any shares, stocks or obligations of  any other company :  (k.) To pay out of the fund- of the Company all expenses ot or incident lo llie formation, registration and  advertising of the Company, anil the issue of its capital,  including oroKcrago and commissions- forobtaiuingappli-  caiious tor or placing .-hare- :  (1.) To make donations to such persons and in such  cases, and either m money or kind, as may -euni expedient:  (m.) To act as trustee.-, and undertake the obligations  of any tru^t:  (u.) To carry oul all or any of the foregoing objects as  principals or agent.-, or in |Miluu_(ii|i or conjunct.ion wills  any other person, lirm, association or company, and in any  part ol the world :  (o.) To procure the Company to bo registered or recognized in any foreign counlrv or place, or in any colony  or elsewhere:  (p.) To flo all such'other things as are incidental oi  conducive lo the attainment of the above objects.  Given under my hand and seal of ollice al Victoria.  Province of iiriti-h _olumbia, ihisuthday of October, one  thousand eight Hundred anv niuctv-ciglit.  11..S.J _..  ���> .  WOOTTOX,  Registrar of Joinl Slock Companies-.  Between Duluth and Buffalo  via the magnificent passenger  steamships ''North West"  and "North  Land." . ���   '   '  Touching en route: uThi-:  Soo," Mackinac Island, Di-:-'  troit, and  Clkvj.lanmd.  Connecting at Buffalo for  New-  York and Boston. Also at  lake ports for all points East  and South.  Two daily Great _\Tor"lhi'm trains (Eastcm  R ail way of "Mmncsota), from St. Paul and  -Minneapolis connect with steamers at ."Duluth.  Before deciding on your loule to the East-  call on agents nf Great Northern Railway,-  or, write.  F. I. WHITNEY, G.P. & T.A., St. Paul  (Handsomely illustrative descriptive matter  sent on rcfiucst.)   C o   CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY  AND   SOO   PACIFIC   LINE  TFje Direct and Superior Service Route from the  Kootenay Country to all Points East,  V/est, fJorth arid South,.  Tourist Cars (Models of Comfort) Pass Revelstoke Daily fo  St. Paul.    Daily Except Wednesday to Eastern Points.  coisr_<rECTio_<rs  Leave.  (i:l(Jp. in.  Rossland and   Main,  Line  Poinds.  DAILV   NKLSO.V   A i-rive.  .10:30 p. in.  Lea \-(  U:(W a.  Slocan  City,   Slocan  Lake  Points and Sandoq  Daily  Kxccpl  Sundav   SF.LHOS   Arrive.  :_0l>. ni.  Kootenay Lake-I^aslo R,oute"Steam,er Kokanee.  Leave.                  Dailv  Kxeepl Sundav Arrive.  J:CX.'I>. m NKLSON 11:00 a.m.  K,ootDn,ay  Rjver Route-Steamer Nelson,.  Leave.        '             Jlon., Wed.. i��"ri., Arrive.  7:110 a. in NKLSON Cr.'.it) p. in.  '-Unices'connection al Pilot Hay with steamer Kokanee  in liolli directions.  Steamers on  tlieir respective routes call at principal  indiums in  both  directions, and at other points when  1.  signalled.  A~eertain Rates and full information by  nearest local aijenl or  C. S. BEER, City TicKet Agt.,  )  d. HAMILTON, Agent  addressing  I  Nelson, B. C.  J  W. F. A.VDKitsnx, Traveling P_s-en._;er Agent, Nelson.  !���'. .1. I'oyi.k, Ois'i Pa-scm^cr _\_rciu, Vancouver.  Notice of  Application   for   Certificate   ot  Improvements.  wnrri: ai.acu. isi.L'_ jack, yellow jack", srrrixc hull,  liLLT. JACK ntACTIO.V, VULLUW JACK l-'KACTION, ANU  H1TTINC HULL KKACTIO.V -MIMiHAL CLAIMS, S1TUATL  IX Till-: NKLSO.V .MINf.Nd. IIIVISIO.V OK KOOTKNAV DISTRICT, AXD LOCATED ON TIIK XOKTlr SIOK OI-" HICh.KI'  UUKKK, XKAH UKA It CKKKIC.    Take notice iliac. I, .1. A. Kirk, acting as agent for the  Salmo Consolidated Gold .Mining & Ifevelopinonl Company, Limited Liability, tree miner's cerliticaie No.  i.'I.IIOa. ir.lend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  lo tne mining recorder for a eertillcate of improvement-,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claims. ��� - .-.-"'��� ..-...,...  And further take notice that action, under section 37,  muse be commenced'before the issuance of such eertillcate of improvements. J.--A. ivIIIK.  Dated this _7th day of August, tSDS. [Sept. 3rdj  iNotice   of  Appiieation   for   Certificate  ol  improvements.  ICINd OK TIIK KOKICST .MINKHAI, CLAIM, Hl'I'CATK. IS THE  NELSON MININC DIVISION OF WES T KOOTKNAV IH.STK1UT  AND LOCATED ONE MILK WEST OK UIVKOtTT CIJKEIC AND  KOCK MILKS SOUTIIWKST OK NELSO.NV  Take nonce lhat J, .1. JI. it. Kairbairn, of ICaslo, il. C,  acting as agent for 11.,T. Aitkin, free miner's eertillcate  No. 'H6'.i, intend sixty days from tlie dale hereof, lo apply  to the mining recorder turn ccrlilieate of improvements  for tlie purpose of obtaining a crown grain ot I lie above  claim. And further lake notice that action under section  37, must -be commenced before the issuance of stieli cer-  Uiicato of improvements. .1. M. It.  K.-YlHMAIKN.  Dated this IStli day of August, 16'.)$.  Spokane Falls & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red Mountain Railways.  Tl]e only all rail route without change of ear-  between Nelson aqd Rossland, an;d  Spokan,e an,d Rosslan;d.  Leave  (i:2u a. m'..  12.05 a. m  8:30 a.in..  DAILY    TRAINS.  ...........NKLSON....  .........ROSSLAND...  .......... SPOi-AXE...  Arrive   u'.'ia p.m.  . ...12:.0p. in.   3:10 p. m.  Of  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  Improvements.  ���' WIIITK," "IIAIIIH.'I1," ���"ELECTION," AND ".MV K.MKlt"  MINERAL CLAIMS SITUATE IN TIIE NKLSON Mt.NINC  DIVISION OK'WEriT KnJOTKNAV DISTRICT. AND LOCATED  NK.VIt TIIK   ruult.MAN  CLAIM   ON   l-.AdI.l-: CKKKIC.'  'fake notice that I. A. .S. Karwell, iikcul fertile Xelson,  I.'ooruiiin Onld..Mining Company, Limited, free uuncrV  eertillcate No. i'.S'li.l. intend sixty days' from llie dale  hereof, to apply lo the ininini; recorder lor a cerlilicale  of improvements, for the the purpo-enf obtaininxa crown  itranl of the above claims. ,\|Mt fui-lher take notice Unit  action, under section 37, must be commenced befure tbc  i--nance of such cerlilicale of improvement-.  A.   S.    FA IIU'K.LL.  ���Dated this _in! day of September, It-tW. |.-lepl..:'..|  ... The train that leaves Nelson at (i:_0 n. in., makes close  connections at bpokane with trains for all Pacific Coast  points.  PasseiiKcrs for Kettle River and Boundary Creek con  nect at Marcus with statfc daily.  C. G. OfXO.V, G. P. & T. A.  O.TZEO  E  Notice   of   Application   for   Certilicatc  ot  improvements.  .11. NO MINERAL CLAIM, SITCATK IN THE NELSON MINIM;  DIVISION OK WKST ICOO'l EN.\ V DISTRICT. AND LOCATED  ON WK.-T SIDE OK dl VKOI T CREEK', I'OUR AND A II.VI.I  MILES SOUTH WKST OK NELSON. AD.IOINI.M; KINOOI'  Till'.- I'UREKT  .MINERAL CI.AI.M.  'i'iikc nol ice thai I, ���'. .M. II. Kairbairn. of Ka-lo. I!. ('..  acting as a<_'c!it for.I. M.'.Ness, free miner's c.-rrilicnu  No. ���J.mI!, intend sixty days from the dale hereof, in apply  lo the minim,' recorder for a cert i lien le of improvement-,  for the purpose <���( oblainin^u eru.vn grunt of the ubove  claim. And further lake notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before lhe issuance of such  cerlilicale of improvement*. .1. .M. II. KAlllHAIKN.  Dated this Itfth day of Aiijrnsl, !��!<!>.  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  ICIRICWALL .MINKHAI. CLAIM, SITCATi: I.V Till: NKLSON  Ml NINO DIVISION OK VVKST KOOTKNAV DISTRICT, AND  LOCATED ON MIIIIMM; MOUNTAIN, loll: M I I.ES SOC'I'I I-  WKST OK NKLSON AND IS SOKTII WI .sT Ul-' JI.'.Vll M. C.  Take notice that I, .1. AI. I.'. Kairbairn, of Kaslo, !',. (.!.,  iietiiiL.' as a.erenl for 'I'. I tendall. free miner's I'crl ilieatc  So. _-_!i, inlend ,-i \l v day* from the date hereof, to apply  to the mining recorder.for a ccrlilieate of improvement--,  I'or ! he purpose of obtain in;.' a crown j; runt of the above  c. nim.'And further lake notice that, action under section  .'17. mir-i .he commenced before thci���uniiee of such ccrlilieate nf improvements. .1. AI. II. I-'AIIIHAII.'N.  Iialed this Isili day of Aiii,'il��t, I--:)*.  ^HE  TRLjlu  AlALONK  _sr bl so:isr  TitKOILLUS. Proprietors.  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Alountain district, and  is the hcadouartcrs   or prospectors and miners.  Owners of' bona fide; mineral clitini.s, llie  su.i'1'ace of which- belongs to this Company,  who desire, to acquire title lo such surface,  should ?make application for same at once,  as the Company is now receiving numerous  applications for llu: purchase of land iir the  vicinity of Hussland. and along the line of  ���the Xelson >t Fort Sheppard Railway, and  it is the desire of the Company lo give the,  owners of bona fide mineral claims the first  privilege of purchasing llie surface of such  claim.  |Jelson & Fort Sheppard Railway Co.  STEAM   TUG   FOR   SALE   BELOW   COST.  One t m; about lo feel low? by 7 feel, beam, frame of  natural oak crooks,-double I'rained and nut together at  the const, lilankcd nnd linishcd at Kaslo with special fir  timber, lias one water tube hoiicr of _H II. l\, tested to  _Sil pounds C. \V. T.. fastened I hrollKhotit with galvanized iron: two double reciprocal inj? reversible engines:  one special Alar.-h steam pump; one double tube metropolitan injector: brass side lights; brass stceriiiK wheel,  etc. Kitted and linishcd throughout and within in llrsl-  cbi-s order ,���  The  Following Machinery  at a Bargain.  due'steel upright boiler with fittings complete. 1J IL  I'., but little used ; one double rcciproenlingsiiunre piston  stationary engine. 7-10 II. I'., trimmings' complete : Ily  wheel. -'_' by .".]., revolution;- .1" x al". but" little used; sectional, can be broken into light weights for packing: two  drag saw*, complete, two saws each ; one heavy adjustable wood splitter; one lot of shafting, bearings, wood-  split pulleys, belting, ele.    for particular}-apply to  HAMILTON BYERS, Kaslo,   Sandon,, Nolson,   B.  C.  Tenders Wanted for Ore Hauling  'fenders are invited far a contract for hauling la tons  of ore daily from the Ouccn Less Alines to the Alamo  concentrator during the sleighing- season. The company  does not bind it.-elf to accept Ihe lowest, or any tender.  Address, bv h-Her in Ihc first place, Tlie (,'uccn Hess  I'roprii.tary <'���>���. Ltd.. Three Korks. li. ('.  ATLANTIC   STEAMSHIP   TICKETS.  T  can  ind from K.uropcnu points via Canadian and Ameri-  iiii-:.   Ajiply  for sailing dates,  rate-;, tickets, and  full informal inn to tinv Canadian Pacific railway agent or  OKU. K. BKK,!i, C. I*. R. Agent. Nelson.  Wll.LlA.M H'l'ITT, (ieneralS. S. Agent, Wiunipcf:.  1'. .r-; J  %.���, -v.-,-..., ���--���,������..������ ,.,������ ..-y-r-n-.-,���,,-^.-p-L--,.T..^T^-.i--!!l--,���,.^..p ���.���������_.���-���^^^-������-^���-i���^r;.,-r..^.r...;,..���.,,^^ ���'���fy.^r^M'.lx���'jv>T"^..T",^'V-y^"y:"r;7*T7T���:.-T7^r Till.   TiUIU;:N!_:    Ni.LSON   .15.0.   S.\Ti;i.!MV,  (XJTOlti.fi #), I KM.  _;. ���������      -_���_:-_  Tor   tlie 'purpose of  speedily clearing off  our stock of  Children's   Jackets,   Capes' and  Furs,  wc are offering the above discount.  Remnants from all departments ��� at half priee  ��� _r- ���*_____:��� ����� ��rr-������  This evening will   bring  io a close  the special   sale   which  we  have been   holding for the  pasi  three days  in  our   Ladies'  and  Gentlemeiv.s   Furnishings and  House Furnishings   Departments  ��  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO,. B. C.  SANDON,  B. C,    .{j  Jobbers and Retailers in  ��3  _P  t&^ri  It is a new breakfast cereal which is rapidly growing1 in favor.  If you have grown tired of oatmeals and rolled oats try Whea-  tine.   This week we opened up a  Complete stock of new groceries  It includes everything which pertains to the grocery trade.  All our goods are fresh and the prices are right.  THE  Aberdeen   Bloek  Baker   Street  NELSON  We rrjake a specialty of SVlining Railroad arid Steamboat Supplies  Our stock will be the most complete in Kootenay  full line of Tools, Cutlery, Stoves and Ranges, Granite, Tin arld Woodenware  ___-C3-_3_srTS _-ro_-_  Truax Automatic Ore Cars." Giant Powder Co.    Jessop's Steel  :_____.__::__:__ steeet east,  _sr__.i_so_sr,  _3- c.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Robert S. J.enm'e, of the legal firm of  Elliot ic Lennie, was married in New  Westminster on Wednesday last to l.dith  Louise Douglas, second daughter of H.  Douglas, ol New Westminster. The  honeymoon is being spent in Victoria.  . William Cameron McLean secured a  marriage license this week and left for  Revelstoke, where he wil! wed Mhs Annie  McDonald. JMr. and lUrs. McLean will  .spend the honeymoon at tlie Halcyon Mot  Springs, after. which they will take up  .heir residence in this city.  The display in' the window of 31. Des-  Brisay ic Co. in the Aberdeen block, is a  novelty in the way of window decorations  in Nelson. The display forms a striking  advertisement for a well equipped grocery  house, and has never been surpassed by  any grocery establishment in the province.  The formal opening this week of the  new pi eniises of Fred Irvine ic Co. marked  a new departure in Lhe dry goods business in this city, when the ladies of Nelson were given an opportunity of seeing  what :i first-class fancy dry goods and  house furnishings establishment should  carry in stock to be in line with the times.  The opening was tho most successful  affair of the kind ever attempted by a  mercantile house in the interior.  John R. McLaren, second jailer at the  provincial jail, has sent in his resignation,  the same to take effect at the end of the  month. This, with the other resignations  which are in, reduces the active force at  the jail to one man, jailer Partridge, who.  witli warden Fitzstubbs. constitutes the  staff. There are twenty-five prisoners in  the institution, and the prospects for a  "general gaol delivery" are therefore  good.  L'sers of electric light should see to it  that tlieir lamps are efficient. The life of  a lamp is (iOO hours. There are lamps in  Nelson .that have been in use for (>,()00  hours. The city has now a full stock of  new lamps of the following sizes : I c. p,,  10 c. p., .Mi c. p. and 'j_ e. p. The price .has  been reduced from -10 ceuts to HO cents for  the first three sizes, and from 50 cents to  -JO cents i'or the H2 c. p. - lu order to get  new la.mps the old ones must be returned.  This week the Imperial Bankot Canada  made arrangements for the opening of a  branch in this city, having,secured temporary quarters iu the building at present  (iccuuied by S. Neelands on Baker street.  The.imperial is the fourth chartered bank  lo open a branch in Nelson, and its entry  ���into the field is the best possible evidence  that, could be offered as to Nelson's . permanence a< the commercial center of  Ivootenay. Tho bank will be ready- for  -business on Tuesday next. '  Messrs. Taylor __���  Hannington   removed  to their new offices in Lhe Aberdeen block  this week. Considerable' difficulty was  experienced in the removal ���of the firm's  large -ale. presumably owing to their  oversight in not removing the specie.  Mans IJaertel has severed his Connection with the ..Lawrence Hardware .Company of LhN city.  F. Iv. .Michaels, superintendent of the  Spokane-Northern Telegraj.ni Company,  was in Xelson this week on n tour of inspection. ��� Prior to the sale of the Corbin  rail way -\ -tcms Mr. Michaels was chief  train de-patclier. The telegraph lines  were not. included in tlie railway deal,  and upon ���being succeeded as chief de-  sp'c.'cher by W. Coyne, .Michaels took  ebaree nl' tiie lelrgiaph lines, which are  being operated by tie- Corbin interest.  .\fr. Michaels was accompanied on hi.s trip  by ,1.��� Pidllips, a member of  lhe Spokane  l|n��  HEAD   OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.  PI  All  communications relating  Lo  British   Columbia  business to be,addressed   to P.O.  505, Nelson,  British Columbia  Drawer  J.  RODERICK  ROBERTSON, General Manager  S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer  { NELSON,  B. C.  Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes, and  Cloth Brushes. Also good values  in Sponges.  ���__W  *  qpj?  Q        ___. _______ ______ ___, ____-_!  Prescriptions Carefully Compounded  Baker Street, Nelson  lie bazaar. The contestants i'or the watch  are Miss Campbell, Miss Simpson and  Miss Ha,gar.  W. F. Teetzel <fc Co. have received a  new consignment of line leather goods  and toilet articles.  Manager Whyte. of the C. P. IL, says  that it will be two or three weeks yet before Lhe surfacing of the roadbed and the  details connected with the finishing ol  Lhe Crow's Nest Pass railway are completed, but if by thaL time Lhe government inspector's report is ready tne road  will be handed over fo the company for  operation.   THE   EMPEROR   IN   JERUSALEM.  ciiy council, whoso chief hobby is inunici-  pal govci nine))!. Alderman Phillips says  f hat. i.iu' givato-r, mistake which the Spo-  'ka.ne siui'!i"ri-i.'--made was in not securing control (d' i lie lighting plants of that  ciiy.  The'vol ing contest i'oi ihe gold watch  presented ,by ,1acob Dover to (he most.  popular young h.dy in Nelson will be con  cluded 1 his  even ou  at I he Woman (-a tho-  No  doubt emperor   William has  often  read how the Saviour entered Jerusalem;  but it is clear that  he  remembers what  came ol* it and  does  not  propose to take  any chances.   Still, if he is a thoughtful  man,  he  will  reflect  that  his efforts  to  play the magnificient there must, in the  very nature of things, be a comparative  failure, for away behind the crucifixion a  thousand years, Solomon  was there, and  in a splendor which  no modern lord can  imitate.   Besides  being  a  king and   the  wisest of men, Solomon was likewise the  Pierpont Morgan of the early world.    Ife  was   one   of   the   original  goldbugs and  drew tribute either in gold or in horses  and  camels, at gold   prices, from all  Lhe  chiefs of tribes even   to  the  territory of  the Philistines, and down almost to the  border of I_gypt, and he had horses  finer  than German coach  horses, and  chariots  all ivory and  gold.    He  had   Lhe  biggest-  choir   of   old   days,   ''men . singers    and  | women   singers,"   and    Jus    robes    were  i brought from Babylon and Tyre, and all  I his drinking cups were gold.    He understood  how  to  make a show  that, was a  show, sure enough: and around him were  the nien who, for pastime, wrote the book  of Job, and he was hand and glove Avith  the others who, long before there were  linotypes- and    perfecting    presses,   had  caught the trick of setting the words to a  rytlim which has made stately music for  this old   world   ever   since,   and  which,  when scholars read them, they despair of  imitating   them   in   the   majesty of the  thoughts they set  in  motion   or  in   the  power which they carry with them.  ff emperor AVilliani i.s really a great  man, his visit Lo the holy land will humble  him. He will say to himself: "This spot  has been of absorbing interest to mankind I'or three thousand years. Mere  have happened events which have been  epochs; here wen.' enacted scenes which  have given to the world a new direction;  here were awakened the most enchanting  hopes that ever came to mankind, ami  still, behold Lhe squalor, the wretchedness, the lepers, Lhe beggars and thieves.  What comes of man's ambition to be great  himself, what Of making his fellow-man  better? I will go back to my wienerwurst'  and my beer."  Heir to tho Throne of France.  The abdication of Prince Victor Napoleon as heir to the imperial throne of  1'"ranco in favor of his brother, Prince  Louis, who is two years his junior, has  been hailed with delight by the .French  royalists. Prince Victor's abdication was,  it is said, forced by the Km press Kugenie  and her Boiuipartist friends. Victor was  never " a man of action." Louis, on the  other hand, has won his way into" the  favor of t.he Czar, and i.s a soldier of a.  high type. Ife has a pleasing personality,,  and has many .Napoleonic traits that are  ab.-ent from the character of his elder  brother. Prince Louis was born in the  chateau of Mcudon, on July Hi, 1801. lie  was educated for service in the .French  army, but after his father was expelled  from France he entered the army of Italy,  designing hi.s commission in   that set vice  iu June, 1889, he traveled for six months,  and in the following December hemitered  fhe Russian army as lieutenant-colonel in  the dragoon regiment of the King of  Wurtemburg at Nijni Novgorod. Some  time ago he was transferred to St. Petersburg, as colonel in (he Czarina's Lancers.  Gold too Fine to be Saved  Hon. John Costigan has returned to  Ottawa after several weeks prospecting  along the Peace l.iver. His experience  does nob bear out tlie stories of Lhe rich  gravel of the Pence. In an interview lie  says: "All who have returned seemed to  be greatly disappointed ; ami while J cannot say that J personally know of more  thau two or three placets where a man  could make from two to three dollars per  day washing the bars, 1 am still satisfied  that a very considerable mining population will be found on that river within  the next few years. There is no doubt of  there being considerable gold pretty generally distributed on the bars and shores  of the J'eace, and it appears to be in larger quantities above the canyon than below it. The great drawback is that the  gr.Id is so fine it cannot be saved by the  ' grisly ' or ordinary mining pan."  Turnins Her Suit to Account.  The impending breach of promise case,  brought against piper Findlater by Mary  Gellatly, has brought as much notoriety  to tlie fair plaintiff as the Dargai iuci-  eident did to the defendant. Both are  stiil appearing on music hall stages in  Scotland and during the week the following bill has been extensively placarded all  over Dundee:  I'KOI'I.K-S   ['AI.ACE.  Kx'-iu Spcciiil ..\tLracLi'iii<i.  Mil ry OcII.-ilIy,  u-lio will iiijpL'.-ir ouch evoniiig- in sons- mul  dance in  HKR BRIDAL AURAV.  /'Why don't yon marry UiCKgirl?"  No advance in 1 'rices.  4i  W  Contractors can save 'money hy securing? our  prices on builders' hardware. We make a special feature of this branch of the trade.  ICVIOii VTlllNC  IX  TIIK  !i.\i:nw.\i:i-:  LINK  I'hi-iI.vm Si reel,  Vancouver.  I laker SI reel.  Nl'Noii.  _-__.  I  s something* new, stylish* and striet-  wear.    Every  _v s_._  �������  No. 18 and 20 Baker Street, Nelson.  Baker Street  Politicians and the Private Car  Canadian politicians, after they get out  of office, or before -they, see the sunny  side of a portfolio, are able to do all their  traveling outside of a private car. But  put a Canadian politician in office, and he  and his wife and his daughters, his  daughter-in-law, candidates for the dignity of son-in-law, their man servants,  their maid servants, never seem to be  happy unless they are swaggering iu  private cars.  Lord Minto to Arrive Next Month.  Thearrival of Canada's, new governor-  general and Lady Minto and their hinding  on Canadian soil, which will take place at  Quebec, on the I__tli of next month, as  nearly as can be judged, is to be made  the occasion for an imposing military  demonstration.  to fit your feet at  ���W ,=i!_��.<' K_J  to suit your pocket  Are offering special bargains in  Fine Fyrniturej Carpets, Linoleurris  $-.  :��f  K,  \J \   \k..\\    \fcV   -   * ���*' " "K i >ir''   '  V^s    .'-V  __.,ir43l/V  ���;-*_��  ^_  l  _J  1 SHOE  OF NELSON  nuuoE,  AUKnilKKN BLOCK. BAK'Kli ST1IKKT.  WOMAN AND HER"WAYS  seem mysterious to the ordinary  man, but when it comes to knowing  where the best shoes are lo be had  for the least money, tiie practical  side of her nature stands out prominently. We haven't advertised a  bargain sale, but it has become  known lhat we are selling' a particLi-  larlv line lot of ladies' shoes at very  moderate prices. That is enough to  bring- those who like good stylish  footwear. We give a few pickings  from the large and varied stock.  THEEE WILL  BEAN  ECONOMY  THIS WINTER  IN THE  USE  OP   COAL  AS FUEL  THOSE  WHO DECIDE  TO USE l  COAL SHOULD  SEE THE  LATEST  ��� DESIGNS IN  COAL  BURNING  STOVES  THIS CAN   '  BE DONE BY  CALLING  AT THE  LAWRENCE  HARDWARE  COMPANY'S  NEW STORE  8


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