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 Has Mines  that are  Paying Dividends and Hun--v/^    * D  deeds of Properties that can be- Made  Dividend  Paying Mines.  -il  >  Has  Three  Smelters   in  Successful   Operation,  , and  Enough   Ore  in Sight  to   Run  Several  More.  FII<TH    YKAR.-NO.  KELSON.; BRITfRII   COLUMBIA, SATURDAY   OCTOBIift  *J, .1897.  TWO  DOLLARS  A YEAR.  THIS    FAL_. ' ASS1ZIBO  Criminal Oases Occupy the  Greater Portion of  the Wool* to tho Exclusion oi' Civil Cases.  .Justice! Walkem was in pretty good  i wisl, tliis week, nnd Iii, consequence  everything ran along .smoothly at Ihc,  assi/.e court. Justice Walkem was especially considerate wilh tilts jurors in the  case of Kcgina vs.'Roskoff. The prisoner  was indicted for theft, but, the jury failed  to agree. When the foreman announced  that it would b�� impossible for them to  agree upon averdict Justice Walkem told  ihem that upon the evidence he would  have convicted tho prisoner in live  minutes, but he did not abuse the juror*,  lie gave them credit for being reasonable  men and thanked them for their services.  In hi.s remarks to the members of the  grand jury he was equally happy. lie  said he was aware that comphiinGs had  been made that no attention was paid by  the government to grand jury presentments, but this circumstance should not  determine them not to make any presentment. He assured them that he would  lay any presentment that they might  make before the proper authorities.  The grand jury was composed of the  following: Frank Fletcher. ('. li. Robson, Thomas Madden, Aaron Jvelly, Patrick .1. Russell, Hugh li. Cameron, Charles  Hillyer, Gilbert Stanley, William J. Wilson, Fred .1. Squire. Edward Applewhaite,  .Angus C. Buchanan, Charles W. West,  (ieorge Ritchie, Henry B. Thompson and  John Hamilton. They made the following  findings: Regina ovs. McPhee, forgery,  true bill : regina vs. Costello. aggravated  assault, true bill: regina vs. Miles, forcible entry, true bill: regina vs. Scoley,  malicious damage, no bill: regina vs.  Ryan, perjury, no bill: regina. vs. Johnson, seduction, true bill: regina vs. llos-  koff, theft, true bill; regina vs Hurry,  adulteration of milk, true bill. The jury  made the following'presentment:  The i?i-iuid jury congi-aliilalc your lordship on the  small number of criminal eases brought before you. und  . when eonsiderii>�� the vi-i-j largo ineroaso it; population,  il speaks well for law and order in South Koolenay,  which is fast becoming llio most, prominent mining sec-  lion of North America. Touehihg matters of vital inleresl to the community which we believe come within  our province as jurors, we beg again lo remind the gov-  crnineiil of lhe presuiicc- of a powder magazine in our  midst ���a very serious source of danger, more ospeeially  in view of (he growth and increase of population of the  ciiy of Nelson. We mighl also remind your loril.-liip that  very serious calamines have-befallen communities when  Mich disregard lo public safety has been permitted to  c-xi.-t.  We also feel il our duly to call alien (ion to (he present  stale of the grivernmenl wharf, owing to .which a number of valuable horses have been drowned and lives of  passengers endangered for waul of necessary repairs  and improvements, largely owing lo Ihe great increase  of t.rallie.  Our exnerieiice nl lliis assize leads us lo express the  opinion I hat did the govern men I display better judgment,  in Ihe selection of lhe iuliuini--trators of justice anil olli-  eers of the lower courts of ibis dislriel, we would have  been relieved of several cases, and lhe country saved considerable unnecessary expense without impairing the  ends of justice.  We feel that your lordship will heartily agree wilh us  in calling attention to I he very poor and inadequate accommodation in the .Nelson eourl house, and thai owing  lo the increasing law business of Ibis section, this .subject demands  inent.   '  chambeic.,...,. ..,..���,,,, ..-- ,  .��. ,,,..,...^  risters is a matler well wilhin your lordship's knowledge.  Wc congratulate the government upon the erection of  a suitable"gaol, now in course of erection.  We feel that the rapid development of our district,  and Ihe slate of law and order under which we live, must  boa matt or of isincere congratulation to your lordships,  llie fearless and impartial administration of justice by  yourself and brother judges ha v i ngso largely eon iri billed  io bring about the prc.-ent, state of prosporilv and general  order.' I-'IIAN'I'  '���'U''TC 11 E K, r'oroman.  increasing law business of Ibis section, this miU-  lemands lhe immediate attention  of the govern-  The  want  of room  I'or   a law   library, judges'  ;>ors. and filling accommodation for jurors and bar-  . : *..ll   ...:,!.:.,   ....... 1.....I.A.:..*.. 1. 1.*.!   THE   JMcPHBB   FORGERY   CASE.  Jury Acquits   the   Prisoner  of  the   Charge of  Porting: Names to a Petition.  The case of regina vs. McPhee was the  first   criminal  case   taken  up.   There is  quite a story attached  to  the  case.    In  August, !S9G, the owners of the Yoseniite  claim in the Slocan neglected to perform  the necessary assessment work. The  claim was originally located by Bob and  Neal McDonald of: Sandon, J. D. Moore, J.  M. McPhee and J,, D. McMillan, the last  mentioned being killed by a snow slide at  the mine not long afterwards. The mine  was bonded in 1S93 to S. H. Green, of Saginaw,' for $30,000, and at the time it was  allowed to run out was extensively developed and was a promising looking  property. It is estimated that up to the  time of allowing the property to run out  $10,000 .had been spent upon it by 'the  holder of the bond in addition to the  money which had been paid in consideration of the bond. In August, 1800, the  . Yoseniite was relocated under the name  of the Troy by^Alexander Cummings. Recorder John Keen, of Kaslo, refused to  accept the Cum tilings record on the ground  that the heirs of the deceased miner, J.  I). McMillan, had an interest, in the property and under section I 13 of the Mineral  Act, lS!)(i, provision was made for the administration of tlie property of deceased  miners by the gold commissioner. Cutii-  inings secured an order from justice Mc-  Creight to compel recorder Keen to show  cause why he should not accept the record  of the Troy. The recorder appeared before chief justice Davie in Nelson, who  sustained the recorder's action and Gum-  mings was required to pay all costs.  Shortly after this a petition wassentto  the provincial government at Victoria,  asking for the removal of Keen. After  the petition wras acknowledged several  men who were alleged to have signed the  petition denied having done so. The  original petition was returned from Victoria, the signatures were denounced as  forgeries and McPhee was apprehended  and committed for trial upon the charge  of forging them. A copy of the petition  which caused all the trouble is appended:  Petition lo lhe provincial government, of British Columbia: Wc the undersigned and free miners ofthe  Aiiisworlh mining division of Wesl Ivootenay, I!. C,  pray most urgently that, your honorable corps will at  onci remove from our midst, the dishonorable mining recorder, namely, .lohn Keen, for lhe following reasons:  1st. lie has accepled money on two occasions for  making oul false abstracts of title lo mining men intending to purchase claims, and of which Ihe vendor's license  had run out.   This can be proven.  2nd.    lie will not show llie record books onlv loa cer  tain numb'.T of men here Hint stands in wilh him.  ISrd. If a'uiaii h mil-, him a live dollar bill for recording a claim ho never gels any change back. Ihc excuse  always being thai he is shurl nf change.  Ith. lie drinks loo iu ueli whiskey and uflen get-inlox-  iciiled 1'rospeclors l'r.i|u<-iilly have lostay around I mi  or three days wniling for him to recowr from his spiv,-  lo have i heir reeor,iing done.  "iili.    I le koep-i u c -rliiin had  clemenl   around   him   I'or  jump ing claims : keeps I liein posted on  claims ihat may  runout, or claims thai belong lo easy-going ami honest  hoys ilml worked hard llu ling  them.'   IU-  is not   at, all  the right man lo have your mining books at his disposal,  andngiin we pr.iy lo--you~" to give lis at 1-asl an honorable, sober nian foi; ibis very iuiporlanl ollice at   Kaslo,  H. ('.    We caul triisi him any more.  I). Mol'IIAII..  I). .M. UONUAUl).  JOHN 1)   MOOKK  John Mei'ii������:''-.  J. ('. ItVAN.  .1. C KATUN,  Whitewater Mine,  HOII OA.MICItON.  i-:. WATTS.  We would siiggesi | hnl .some honorable man such as  O. I". Slone, Mr. i\lcKcnzie, the city auditor, or some  trust, won hy man such as llio-c Iwo mentioned. Keen  will make endless trouble among the miners here if not.  removed at an early dale.  W. A. Macdonald, Q. C, appeared for  the crown, and I.. P. Davis Q. C, aud  W. Galliher for the deJ'ence. The following jurors were entrusted to try the case:  Frederick Stackoy, foreman, VV. L.  Spencer, Alexander Allan, Pred Irvine,  Ernest Kilby, W. II. Seaman, Daniel Me-  Kinary, J_eonard Raynhau, Andrew Clark,  Joseph Greer, William Macey and Daniel  Sullivan.  John Keen, the recorder who figured in  the above petition, was the chief witness  for. the crown. lie was familiar, with the  prisoner's handwriting, and identified  several specimens of it, which went in as  exhibits for several lightweight experts  on handwriting to expert upon. Keen  identified the handwriting in the body of  the petition as thar, of the prisoner, and  was proceeding to discuss the forged signatures thereto when E. P. Davis entered  au objection.  The objection entered by the prisoner's  counsel was that Keen had not been called  as an expert on handwriting. That he  was not called upon to pass an opinion as  to the genuineness of certain signatures,  but was trying to prove that certain  forgeries had been written by a certain  man. This, Mr. Davis contended, was  purely expert evidence aud could only be  given by an expert. The court sustained  this objection, and Keen's opinion as to  who wrote the names did not come out.  To connect McPhee with the petition  the crown then brought out the evidence  from Keen that McPhee was interested in  there-location of-the Yosemite, the record of which he refused to admit, and  that it was shortly after the chief justice  sustained this action that the petition for  his renewal was sent to Victoria.  Messrs. Bongard. Moore, Ryan, Eaton,  and Watts, whose names appeared on the  petition, were put into the box and testified that they had not signed their names  to the petition nor had they authorized  anyone else to do so.  T. J. Lendrum and Edward Bawn testified tJiat in conversations with them  McPhee complained of Keen's action in  refusing to admit the record on the relocation of the Yosemite aud said something about a petition, but they did not  clearly remember just what he said.  To fasten the forgery of the several  names upon McPhee, the crown called the  managers of the Kaslo banks and several  other bank officials and ex-bank officials  as experts iu handwriting, but their evidence was even more unsatisfactory than  expert evidence usually is. With respect  to the forged signatures they differed very  much in their opinions as to which were  the work of McPhoe and which were  forged by some one else. None agreed  that McPhee forged them all.  George Marsh was produced by the defence as an expert. lie had given the  signatures more attention than any of  the other experts, and althougli he "was  very nervous, he contradicted the evidence of all the crown's experts. He was  very sweeping in his denials, and withal  was a very good witness for the prisoner.  Justice Walkem, in charging the jury  instructed the jurors that if they were  satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that  McPhee wrote any one of the names, other  than his own, they should bring in a verdict of guilty. With respect to the alleged signature of McPhee the court observed that it was a remarkable circumstance that whereas the signatures of  "John McPhee'' was appended to. the document in question the signatures known  to be those of McPhee were invariably "J.  M. McPhee."  The case was given to the jurors at 3:50  o'clock, and after uO minutes' deliberation  they brought in a verdict of not guilty.  COSTELLO   GOT   OFF   EASY  For Kicking. Lawyer Cronyn in the Head In  a Dispute in Rossland.  The case of regina vs. Costello was taken  up Tuesday afternoon. This case originated in Rossland in September. Peter  Costello, the prisoner, was at the time in  the employ of W. li. Davey, who had the  contract for putting in the Rossland sewer  system. A cave-in occurred on the work  and a man named Youngclaus was  killed as a result. At the coroner's inquest Edward Cronyn was retained to look  after the interests of the heirs of the deceased and to locate the responsibility for  his death. In this capacity he secured an  order from coroner Bowes to examine the  ditch where the cave-in occurred. He  took David Lawson along with him. At  the point where the cave-in occurred he  found a man named Hamilton on guard  wearing a policeman's badge, and another  man who was afterwards identified as the  prisoner Costello. These men claimed  they were there for the purpose of preventing anyone from interfering with the  ditch in accordance with instructions received from tlie coroner. There was a  protest made against Cronyn's going into  the ditch, but upon his production of the  coroner's order, Hamilton said said  that  Cronyn could go down, into t.he ditch but.  I Lawson could not. Lm\v.-oii has ,-i knowledge of sewer work, and Cronyn wanted  him to go into the ditch, but in tin- laee  of Hamilton's object inn.,Lawson refii-ed  to do so. Cronyn then' went into the  ditch himielf and proceeded in lakecei-  tain measurements, caliitnr the ,-nnie out  to Lawson. lie then gathered up a handful of the dirt out of the side of the ditch,  when Hamilton told him that he could  not take the dirt away. Cronyn replied  that he would try to take, it away. He  packed the dirt into a ball, and mounting  an elevation in the ditch caused by the  cave-in, offered the dirt to Lawson. but  Lawson refused to take it. Cronyn then  made an effort to raise himself oul, of the  ditch with the dirt in one hand, resting  his arms upon the side of the ditch for  this purpose. ' Hamilton cried oui "knock  the dirt out of his hands," while Cronyn  was in the act of raising himself. Costello  then advanced within eighteen inches of  Cronyn and lucked him on the jaw, rendering him unconscious and causing him to  fall down into the ditch, from which he  was removed in an unconscious state.  The jury for the case was selected iu a  few minuter Hon. T. Mayne Daly, who  defended the prisoner, challenged David  Curtice, George F. Motion, George W.  Aldous, and F. W. Swannell. and A. W.  Macdonald asked Joseph Parkin, Jerry  Robilliard, John Hldrieh, Michael Burns  and W. J. 11. McKernau to stand aside.  The accepted jurors were: Henry Dti-  hamel, Fred Jar vis, Charles Munro, James  Smart, Robert J. Elliott, Robert L-iIdtirh,  George Stead, Charles Lamonte, Thomas  Booth, Joseph Duhamel, George DeMaiiu;  and John J. DriscolJ.  The crown had two eye-witnesses ofthe  kicking, and easily proved the assault.  The defence endeavored to show i hat the  prisoner, Costello. had no intention to injure Cronyn. and that tlie kick was intended for Cronyn's hand i'or the purpose of  knocking the dirt out of it.  Justice Walkem in his charge expressed  the opinion that the charge of assault to  do bodily harm was clearly proven. Costello iu kicking at Cronyn for any purpose was doing an unlawful act, and  therefore was responsible for the effect of  his action. He ridiculed the plea that it  was a gentle kick which Costello aimed at  Cronyn, in view of the 'evidence that it  was sufficient to knock him insensible into  the bottom of the ditch, lie considered  that the charge of aggravated assault had.  been proven, but the jury could find him  guilty as indicted or they could acquit, or  they could find the prisoner guilty of common assault. The penalty for aggravated  assault was three years' imprisonment o>-  less at the discretion of the com t.  The jury retired at 12:lo o'clock, and  upon court resuming at 1:30 o'clock, a  verdict of common assault was rendered.  Justice Walkem sentenced the prisouerto  six months' imprisonment at hard labor.  Justice Walkem sprung a surprise upon  those in attendance upon the court Thursday, evening by reversing his judgment  in the Costello case. He said that in cases  of common assault it was optional with  the court to impose a fine or sentence the  prisoner to ji term of imprisonment. At  the time of passing sentence upon Costello he had overlooked this fact, and in  view of Costello's business interests in  Rossland he had since seen fit to impose a  fine instead of imprisomeut. He asked  W. A. Macdonald, Q. C, crown prosecutor, whether he had anything to say with  respect to the imposition of a fine instead  of imprisonment. Mr. McDonald replied  that he had no feeling in the matter whatever. Justice Walkem then imposed a  fine of $100 upon Costello instead of imprisonment for six months. ,  Paddy Miles Gets Three Months. ,  The case of Regina vs. Miles did not occupy much time. It was really another  phase of Miles' courtship of Mrs. McDonald. Early in September Mrs. McDonald  was a patient in the Kootenay Lake General hospital, and on the evening of September 11th, John Miles having accumulated a "jag," made up his mind to call  upon the patient. He called, and desired  to see the patient outside the hospital,  but the matron of the institution refused  to countenance any such meeting outside.  This angered Miles, and he proceeded  forthwith to make a nuisance of himself  by forcing his way into the hospital and  cursing and applying obscene names to  all the female attendants with whom he  came in contact. Miles kept up a series  of attacks upon the institution for about  three hours. W. Galliher appeared for  Miles, but there was a, clear case against  his client. The jury, composed of Pred  Starkey, Scott Thompson, Pred Irvine,  W. II. Seaman, Ernest Kilby, William  Macey, James McDonald, George Stephen-  soil, (ieorge F. Motion, Leonard Raynham,  John Eldrich tmd Daniel Sullivan, returned a verdict of guilty after a few  minutes consultation. Justice Walkem  sentenced Miles to three months imprisonment. It will be remembered that  Miles was before judge Forin on two  other occasions for breaches of the peace  in connection with the same courtship.  Once for an assault on Billy Cougal and  again for assaulting Mrs. McDonald.  The Seduction Case Goes Over.  The case of regina vs. Johnson will not  come on until tlie next assi/.e. In this  case Alfred Johnson is charged with seducing a Kaslo girl named Martha Parolo,  under promise of marriage. A. J. Wheal-,  ler, of Kaslo, has charge of the defence  in the case. At the preliminary hearing  of the ease at Kaslo ou Saturday, Martha  Parolo testified that Johnson had promised to marry her, but, afterwards went  back on his word. lie at one time had  offered her $ 100 as a settlement, but she  thought it too little and asked him for  $l,.-)l)f), which he refused to pay.  TROUBLE   IN   STORE' FOR   HORRY.  Fraudulent   Adulteration   Practised   by   Milk.  Vendor Exposed by Analysis  Tin:    ii'pori    of   the    analyst   upon   the  sii m| Ji'-,- of milk submit ted to  him   by Dr.  LaBau. iiicdii-.-il health  officer, will   prove  rat her inleresl ing reading to t he c-ou-iiusers of milk in t'iie city of Nel.-on.    In most  cities it, is generally known that, milk vendors increase their slock in I ratio by add-  , ing -quantities of water, but  Nel.-on  evidently has a milk dealer  who has  milk  adulteration down to a fine art.    Twenty  samples of local 'milk were submitted to  the analyst for examination, as well as  two samples of Spokane milk. Of the  local milk it was found that five samples  had been adulterated by the addition of  large quantities of water and some fatty  matter; four samples showed water adulterations ranging all the way from 20 per  cent to 27 per cent,; one sample evidenced-  water and probably skimming; one sample  was pronounced a genuine normal milk;  and nine were given tlie benefit of the  doubt.and pronounced probably genuine.  The Spokane milk was probably genuine,  but one samplo was rather low.  The analysis was made'by A. II. Hol-  dich, the samples beiug indicated merely  by numbers or letters. His report upon  the same follows:  This has  w:\ rer to  tori*  Report of Analyst Holdich.  To Tilt" Mayor and Coui'ouatiox t)i-'  tiik Citv ok Nui,sox: I have the honor  of submitting to you the results of my  analysis of 22 samples of milk received  from Dr. LaBau, October 7th to 0th last,  which he requested me to examine. Some  of the samples are undoubtedly genuine  milk, some are questionable, but will pass  the public analyst's standard, whilst  others are unmistakably adulterated, not  only by adding water, but also by adding  some other ingredient containing oil or  fat, which brings the "total fat" up to a  point hitherto unknown in genuine milk  except under extraordinary conditions of  feeding and health, and taken with the  lar too low "solids not fat*' indicates without doubt some rather ingenious manipulation.  It is right,to say that the standard fixed  by public analysts i'or genuine milk is the  amount of "fat"'and "solids not fat" found  in the poorest known sample of genuine  milk, and when any sample is offered for  sale that, on analysis, falls as low as that,  it is u--ual to say that while it just equals  the standard, there can be no reasonable  doubt - that it lias been watered or  skimmed or both. With respect to the  question���What else besides water has  been added to the milk? I respectfully  submit that it is unnecessary for the purpose of obtaining a conviction for adulteration, to ascertain that point. It is  enough that the milk has been adulterated by fraudulent addition of water. I  may add, however, that sugar is the usual  thing to add to bring up the specific gravity to the normal point, and occasionally  stilt or borax to act as a preservative, but  no expensive substances or such as are  not easy to obtain are likely to be employed. For the purpose of comparison,  1 subjoin a low genuine milk: Total  solids, 11.")%; fat, 2.J)/': solids, not fat,  0%; and when "solids not fat" are below  that figure or even down to it, there is no  question about its being watered. It is a  most unusual circumstance.for the fat in  milk to reach 0 ���%. A rather'high average  is'3.5 to 1 %, so that when the percentage  of "solids not fat" are below 0 %, whilst  the fat is ;*3 or 0 %, there can be no doubt  that sophistication has been practised.  The Analysis. ,  No. 0.���Specific gravity at yO/.F.,'0.1)302;  total solids, 13.03 per cent; solids not fat,  7.07; fat, 0.50. This has been watered at  least 21.5 parts water to 100 parts milk,-  while some fatty matter has also been  added.  No. 1.���Specific gravity, 1.01.0; total  solids,'10.7S per cent; solids not fat. 7.00;  fat, 3.12. This lias been watered 2-1.0 parts,  water to 100 parts milk.  No.   2.���Specific    gravity,   1.010;    total .  solids, 13.01 per cent; solids  not fat, 9.0S  per. cent;   fat,   3.03.    Marked    Spokane,  probably genuine milk, a little low.  No. 3.���Specific gravity, 1.008: total  solids, 1.3.10 per cent; solids not fat, U.-I3;  fat, 3.07. Marked Spokane, probably  genuine, but rather low.  No. ���!.���Specific gravity, 1.011; total  solids, 13.31 per cent; solids not fat, 10.IS;  fat, 3.13.    Probably genuine.  No. C- Specific gravity, 1.010: total  solids, 10.85 per cent; solids not fat, S.0I;  fat, 2.21. This has been watered at least  five parts water to 100 parts milk, antl  has probably been skimmed as well. Very  poor milk.  ���No. D.���Specific gravity, 1.000: total  solids, il. 13 per cent: solids not fat, V.57:  fat, 3.80.    This has been watered at least  25.0 parts water to 100parts milk.  No.   15.���Specific   gravity,   0.001:    total  solids, 12.81 percent: solids not fat, 7.11:  fat, 5.37.    This has been watered  at least  27.1 parts water to lOO'parts milk, and in  my opinion some fatty matter has also  been added.  No. F.-���Specific gravity, 1.005; total  solids, 13.11 percent: solids not fat. 7.22:  fat, 0.22. This has been watered at least  10.S parts water to 100 parts milk, and as  before some-fatty matter has also been  added.  No. G. Specific gravity, 0.013; total  solids, 10.15 per cent: solids, not fat, 7.11:  fat. 3.01. This has been watered at least  27.1 parts water to 100 parts milk.  No. H. Specific gravity, 1.010: total  solids. 11.02 per cent: solids not fat. 7.20:  fat, 3.82. This has been watered at least  20 parts water to 100 parts milk.  No. J.- Specific gravity, 1.000: total  solids, 11.85 per cent: solids not  fat, 7.02:  tar, I.,S3.  22   parts  think, as  t>_���  been added.  No. ��� K. Specific 'gravi'y  siolid<. 13.20 per cent: -wiliils:  fat. 5.03.    This-ha  been watered  ar. 1 f*t ���= t-  100  parts   milk, and   I  nine   f.'iity   matter   ha*  lll'l'll   w  0.003:  ^   nut;   l'-i i,  11 im i'd   a '  to In I  li- iM  10.5   pari* .ivhIi'i-   iii   100   parts.-  milk, and  some fatty inn tier al>n !;��������-. befit added.  No. 5.--Specific, crnvit.y. 1.01-1; total  solids-, 1-1.3!) per cent: .-solids not, fat. 0.02:  fat, f 77.    Probably genuine milk.  No. 0.���Specific gravity, 1.031; total  solid--, 11.07 per cent-; solids not fat, 0.00 ;  fat. -1.71.    Probably genuine.  So. 7.���Specific gravity, 1.015: lor.al  solid-;. 13.18 per cent; -olid-- hot fat. 0.3(5:  fat. 3.S2.    Probably genuine.'  No. S.���Specific gravity, 1.020; total  solids. I-1.38 pel- cent; solids not fat, 0.23;  fat, 5.10. Suspiciott-ly high in fat, but  probably genuine.  No. ��� 0.- -Specific gravity, 1.023; total  solid--, 13.01; solids not lat.'J.77: fat,'l.J-1.  Probably genuine.  No. 10.���Specific gravity, i.017; total  solid--, 13.30 per cent: solids not fat, 10.12:  fat. 3.1S. -Apparently a genuine normal  milk.  No. 1 i.-Specific gravity, 1.0JS; total  solids, 13,80 percent; solids not fat, I0.5S;  fat, 3.22.    Apparently genuine milk.  No. 12.��� Specific gravity, 1.031: total  solids, 12.83 percent: solids not fat-, 0.07;  fat, 2.S0. Genuine milk, but rather poorer  than'No. II. - '  No. 13.���Specific gravity, 1.027; total  solids, 12.70 per cent; solids not fat, 0 82:  fat, 2.07.    Apparently genuine milk.  FREDERICK   HURRY   ARRAIGNED  For Having Milk  in His Possession Unfit For  Food For Purposes of Sale.  , As a result of the above analysis A. F.  McKinnon, acting chief of police, laid an  information against Frederick Hurry,  charging him with���,knowingly and wilfully having in his possession with intent  to sell for human food milk unfit for use.  The hearing took place before magistrate  Crease Thursday morning, city solicitor  Flliott appearing on behalf of the city.  The evidence of acting chief McKinnon,  W. F. Teet/.el. John Campbell, Dr. La  Ban aud A .11. Holdich was taken for the  purpose of identifying certain samples of  milk which had been taken from Hurry's  milk-wagon for the purpose of analysis.  Their evidence was that samples entered  as No. 0, No. 1, C, D, 15, F, G. 11, f and K  in A. II. Holdich's report were samples  taken from Hurry's wagon. Upon the  result of ��� Holdich's analysis of the said  samples magistrate Crease committed  Hurry for trial before the assi/.e court.  The case was given to the grand jury  the same afternoon and a true bill was returned. Late during the day justice  Walkem called the case and Hurry took  his place in the prisoner's box. Hurry  was informed that in accordance with the  Dominion statutes, he had the right to,  elect: trial either by jury or by judge  without a jury. He elected trial by judge.  W. Galliher. who appeared for the defence, informed the court thtit his client  could not be'ready in--ide of a week. In  view of this justice Walkem  set the trial  , for Thursday, October 20th.  _  The Jury Disagrees.  The jury disagreed in the case of Hegina  vs. R.iskoff. The prisoner. John Jliskoff,  was charged with; the theft of $00 in $20  notes from a room occupied by Roger  Hopkins of the Hall Mines smelter,  iliskoff was ..employed under Hopkins at  the smelter and was in the habit of going  to Hopkins** room 'upon errands. The day  before the money was missed by Hopkins  Iliskoff was known to have been in Hopkins' room without warrant. He left the  city shortly after,-.purchasing'a-.ticket  over the N. & F. S. railway, for which he  tendered a $20 bank note in payment,  which note was identified by Hopkins as-  one of those stolen from him. W. Galliher defended the prisoner. The jurors  were F. VV. Swannell, Alexander Allan,  William if. Seaman,, William Macey,  John Fldrich, W. Herring, Joseph  Greer, Jerry llobillard, Daniel Sullivan,  George F. Motion. George Stephenson and  Andrew Clarke. After several hours' deliberation they reported that they could  not agree  for further  they   were   no  when the court was ready to rise at noon  justice Walkem dismissed them. In doing so he told the jurors that, to him the  charge of theft had been clearly proved,  tind that had the .man appeared before  him for speedy trial he would have sentenced Iii in in five minutes. Further than  this justice Walkem said he had nothing  tosay. He was sure the jurors had carefully considered the case, antl since they  could not agree upon a verdict he did not  wish to learn how they stood, lie had  no wish to to punish them by refusing to  take a verdict of disagreement. The effect  of it would be that the trial would be  gone over again.   _  The Prisoner Acquitted.  .A now jury was drawn in the case at  the close of ,the argument in the Center  Star-Iron Mask motion. It was composed  of Fred Starkey, James Smart, Joseph  Duhamel, Fred Irvine. Scott Thompson,  (ieorge Stead. George Aldous. W. L.  Spencer, F. W. .farvis, Charles Lamonte.  A. 15. Lott, and T. B. .May. The evidence  was gone over, and upon the close of the  case justice 'Walkem charged strongly  against the prisoner, .and plainly intimated that the jury should render a verdict of guilty. The jury retired for about  five minutes and returned with a verdict,  of not guilty. The prisoner was discharged without: comment.  The court sent them back  consideration, but as  nearer   to an   agreement  EODWELL   MAKES   A   GOOD   SHOWING  For the Iron Mask Company in Its Fight w'uli  the Oc-mer Star Company.  The light  li.-t wi'i-n i Im Ct-n: i-i- S'.n i Al i. -  ing  company and  the   Iron   .\la-k   .Minmir  company  over  tin- (pic-lion   uf  iii_ apt-:*,  of a certain \<lu ii--iiiiied  au   intci e.->t ing  phase  Tliur-d-iy  morning   when   Hon. T.  .Mayne Daly, on behalf of llu- Ci-nli-i-Star  Mining company, made an application bi-  forc jusf ico Walkem  for   the cont innaut-c  of   an   injunction    restraining   ihe   lion  Mask company from carrying on   fuither  work    upon    the   vein   in   cpte.-tion.      Mr.  Daly  contended that tinder   tin-   tninVia)  act of 1801 the  Ceuier Star com pa i.y hail  extra lateral rights and had .power lo follow the dip and angles uf a vein   beyond  their side lines where the vein apexed on  their ground.    He pointed out t lui_ under  the act cited the prior location   had   prior  rights.    To make the po.-iiioii of the Center Star clear in   this   respect   he   .-Lated  that   the   Center  Star   was  located  July  7th,      1SO0,    and    ihe    Iron    Mask    July  23rd,      JS00.        The     vein      in     cine.-,i ion  apexed   on   the Center   Star  ground, und  he claimed  that 1 he Cent er Star company  had followed the dip of  the vein with its  tunnel.    He slated   briefly thai   lhe Center Star company desired" the injunction  in  order   that   they  -liould   have   three  mouths  in which to determine  beyond a  shadow of a doubt that the vein in (piestion apexed upon the Center Star ground.  E. V. Bod well, who opposed   the  application  on   behalf of the  Iron Mask company made out a  very .-troug ca.-e why  the application should not be gianied. lie  not only denied  that the vein in question  apexed upon the, Center Star ground, but  he denied the plaintiff company's right lo  be upon the Iron Mask ground at all.    Jle  stated   that   there  was   no  statute   and  never had been any statute which authorized   a   miner to  follow a vein  outside of  his own linos unless he followed  the vein  upon its dip.    No man had ever heard the  proposition advanced  that a level tunnel  followed the clip of a vein.    Any working  which follows the dip of a vein  must follow   it'downwards.    The   incline  of  tlie  vein isthe dip and the trend of the vein  is its strike.   The statute' which  defines  extra lateral rigJits says that the miner  must follow the vein  in  its  course downwards, and no vein can be followed beyond  the sidelines excepton thedip. Therenever  was a provision for following the strike of  a vein beyond the side lines and such cannot  be done  without  trespassing.     The  proposition-of the Center Star company  was'that they have been trespassing, and  in the course of that  trespass  they have  discovered   an   ore body   upon   the   lion  Mask ground ; they therefore wish   to enjoin the Iron Mask company from   woik-  ing the Iron Mask   vein until  the Center  Star    company   shall    have ' had    three  months in which to demonstrate whether  their theory is correct that  the  vein   in  dispute apexes upon their ground.   Under  the   Iron   Mask   crown   giant   the'   lion  Mask      company      has      a       right       to  all the mineral within  the limits of   the  claim   and   no one  is  given  any right,  lo  iuterfere with such right until   tliey have  clearly demonstrated  a   better title.    To  demonstrate this  butter right it must,  be  established   to   the  satisfaction   of    the  court  that  in the first  place  the vein   in  dispute apexes  upon   the ground  of  the  miner  claiming the  better  right, that it  has a  certain  dip and   that  it proceeds  from   the side lines of his claim   into  the  adjoining   claim.   ,'Mr. ��� Bodwell   argued  that  the, injunction  should  not  be continued  for the  reason  that it  had   been  obtained upon misrepresentai ion.    It was   .  a direct misrepresentation to say that the  Center Star had  followed   the dip of the  vein in epiestion  by running a level   tunnel.   TJiis.''misrepresentation was so apparent that it should   have mislead none,  but it apparently had mislead judge J;"orin  who granted  the original injunction.   In  thesecond   place  the order wtis granted  upon the express undertaking of the Center Star  company to  do'no   more   work  upon    the   vein    in    question.     In     the  face      of       this     the      company      had  worked   straight  'along   .until   Saturday  last and when cautioned  had stated that  they   would   take  their  chances of  contempt.    Mr.-'Bodwell not only asked that  the existing injunction  be dissolved, but  that t.he Center Slareompany lie enjoined  from,doing  further work   upon   the   Iron  Mask ground.  Hon. .Mr. Daly made a lengthy reply lo  argument of Mr. Bodwell. He expressed  a willingness on the part of the Center  Star company to con set to almost anything provided the court would restrain  the Iron Mask company from mining the  ore body discovered in the "trespassers',  tunnel." tis Mr. Bodwell termed it, and  permit the Center Star company to continue work upon the shaft which is being  sunk to connect with the ore body in.dispute. He explained that the Center Star  company was not in contempt for continuing the work upon the -haft, as their  undertaking was merely that work should  be stopped in the tunnel.  Mr. Bodwell resisted the application  that the Center Stareou.ipany bepemiiled  to continue work upon the shaft. He  field that the Centre Star company had  no legal right to continue any such trespass tind that the granting of such right  might enable them,to manufacture evidence to the prejudice of the Iron Ma-I*  company upon the trial ol tin-action.  Justice Walkem said he would gi\e Indecision upon the application iu a few  days.  Assessed SS Each.  1).   S.   Trainer,   A.   J.    Flunnigan.    aud  Charles Wilson were each   asse-seil $"�� by  magistrate  Crease  this   week    for -beiiu,-  drunk and swearing on the public streets.  83!g_i__S_t_��_i_&_3_{_^^  SHSMSBBHSW!^  $  m  ?s^ff_>_ THE  TRIBUTE:   NELSON,  B.C., SATURDAY, OCTOBER  897.  PUBLISHERS- NOTICE.  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The Ames Koltien Co's special "Columbia,"  "Vancouver," "Kootenay" should be worn  by everybody who wants a first-class mountain boot. a    "  ��te f&vihnxw.  SATURDAY MORNING  .octobei:  IS_7  Somio ugly rumors reach  Nelson   from  time   to   time  respecting  the treatment  meted  out   to   the  men  employee]   upon  the grade of (.lie Crow's Nest rail ,vay.    It  is generally reported that men are brought  from pastern Canada under an agreement  to work on the road for a specified rate of  wage?.    These men, upon arriving on the  ground are confronted  with new  condition?.    By a system of book-keeping they  are required to put in more days to make  a month's work than there are days on  the calendar.   They are compelled to pay  an  advanced  price   for   board  over and  above the ti mount stated  to chem  in the  east, and they are also charged up  with  $*j0 for  transportation  over the C. P. R.  to the scene of employment.   The effect  of these new conditions is that it will require the navvy to work something more  than a month before he can wipe out his  obligations to the  railway company.   As  a result some refuse Lo work at all while  others sometimes  work a few days and  skip out  when they get  a chance.     All  this is bad enough, but according to the  reports .of men fresh from the scene, the  mounted policemen are employed by the  railway company to enforce  their  hard  labor    contracts,   and    imprisonment   is  meted out to thoee who jump the job. As  this railway work will not be finished for  the next twelve months Tin-: Tribune directs attention to the hardships which it  is alleged are imposed upon the Canadian  workman   upon   the  road.     The  Crow's  Nest   railway  is l being   built   with   the  money of the taxpayers of Canada.    The  government, in its generosity, has decided  that  when completed, the road shall  be  the property of the Canadian Pacific Railway company.    It will not, therefore, be  improper to suggest that the government  that is so generous, to  the  railway company  should  show some   justice  to  the  Canadian taxpayers employed as navvies  upon the railway.  Till-: supreme court of Canada on Tuesday threw, out the appeal of  the .Dunsmuirs agtiinst the constitutionality of the  coal   mines act,  which  prevents the employment of Chinese underground  in the  collieries of   Vancouver   Island.    Tlie  supreme     court    held     that    it   had    no  jurisdiction.     The white miners of Vancouver  Island   are  having   a hard   time  in   making   the   owners    of    the    Dunsmuir collieries observe the laws passed by  the legislature, but the probabilities are  .that  they  will  ultimately succeed.    For  years the provincial government did what  ib could to defeat the wishes of the miners  to promote the safety of their lives, and  even yet the government is  merely lukewarm upon the inatter of enforcing any  regulations which interfere with the dividend earning qualities of the  Dunsmuir  collieries.   The Colonist  would have the  people of this province believe  that the  /.eal which the provincial government has  ever shown in safeguarding the Dunsmuir  dividends is not affected   by the political  influence which   the  Dunsmuir  interests  wield.  "A.Mo.vi,' the enterprises in connection  " with which the government has been  ������ assailed are the Nakusp ic Slocan rail-  " way, the Kaslo ic Slocan, the Nelson  " ic   Fort   Sheppard,   and    the   Coluni-  " bia <.t AVestern   railways.     Vet   these  ''are      the     enterprises     which ���   have  " made the great development of Koote-  '��� u:iy possible.   Ic may be a matter of sur-  " pri.-se that characterless papers on the  ���',coa��t as-ail the government lor having  '" been instrumental   in   promoting these  " great works; but it is inconceivable why  " the press of ivootenay should ever have  " uttered   a   word   in    condemnation   of  '���' them." The above is from theColonist, it  is a sample ofthe rot  that  is appearing  daily in a paper edited by tt man who has  not been long enough in   the  province to  know its public men by sight.  For this rea-  s in it matters very little whether the policy  of the press of Kootenay be inconceivable  C> him or  not.    The  press  of  Ivootenay  does   not   condemn   the  government   for  hiving as-isted the building of the Nelson  ic Fore Sheppard railway.    Its condemnation   is   called    forth    by    the    government's   action   iii   allowing   the  railway  company to travel  beyond the provisions  of the act of the legislature which set out  -upon what terms the company would be  entitled to certain crown land-.    It is because the executive in its haste to meet  the wishes of the N. & F. S. Railway company disregarded the finding of the full  court  that  the  press of   Kootenay condemns it.    With  respect to the Kaslo ic  Slocan rail way it is doubtful if the Colonist can refer to a single instance in which  the   press   of   Kootenay condemned  the  government for granting such assistance  as it did  to this road.    With  respect to  the  Nakusp   tfc   Slocan   railway job  the  press of Ivootenay in common  with  the  independent press of the province' condemned the government, not for granting assistance to such a railway, but i'or  an utter lack of judgment in the manner  of granting  such  assistance.    That this  condemnation was deserved is evidenced  by the circumstance that long before the  editor of the Colonist came to this province  the government had given over any defence of its action in that respect, or cowardly   shoved    the    responsibility   upon  chief   justice   Davie.      The   government  policy with  respect to  the  Columbia ic  AVestern   railway   has   been  condemned  aud deservedly so. , Tt  was  so arranged  that F. Aug. I-Ieinze was permitted to secure a heavy land subsidy for a tramway  constructed for the sole purpose of hauling ore from the  Rossland mines to his  smelter at Trail, a work  which  was completed before  the  Columbia Sc Western  Railway act was passed.'  The people and  press of Kootenay refuse to be made apologists for any government by reason of  the circumstance that Kootenay happens  to be the field of the government's  blundering.    Kootenay is able to work out its  own  destiny.    Its  people are not to  be  bribed like those of Victoria with promises  of railway subsidies and   imposing  parliament buildings.  Tin-; action of justice Walkem in reversing his sentence upon Peter Costello  caused muchuufavorablecomment. When  Costello was upon trial for assault with  intent to do bodi^ harm,-justice Walkem  pressed strongly for a verdict of guilty.  The jury brought in a verdict of common  -assault and justice "Walkem promptly sentenced Costello to six months' imprisonment at hard labor. On the following  day, in view of Costellb's business interests at Rossland, justice Walkem reversed  his sentence of six mouths' imprisonment  at hard labor and imposed a fine of $100.  Since justice Walkem considered Costello  guilty of assault, with intent to do bodily  harm, his action of Thursday night may  fairly be taken to mean that $100 fine is  sufficient'punishment when the'prisoner-  has- business interests which may suffer  during his confinement.  "Tnoi'GH the Kootenain is opposed to  " the Turner government, because we be-  " lieve it to be, in the main, a dangerous  ."��� bungler, truth -compels us to acknowl-  " edge that so far as local improvements  " are concerned, Kaslo has fared very  " well, and though not altogether satis-  ��" fied, because there tire a few more things  " we need and want badly, we have no  "'kick coming," to use a little homely  " slang." The above clipping from the  Kootenaian of Kaslo is being republished  in the Turner government organ throughout the province for the purpose of leading people to believe that the government  has a following in Southern Kootenay.  Premier Turner and his colleagues must  be a sorry crowd since the above is the  best press notice they can secure. On the  face of it it means that although the  mombersof premier Turner's cabinet are  "dangerous bunglers" they have given  Kaslo certain needed local improvements,  and for this reason all the blunders should  be covered up.  Free Postage to Be Abolished.  The postol'fice department has sent out  instructions   to  postmasters   throughout  the Dominion calling  for  returns of the  number of newspapers mailed under the  provisions of the free postage regulations.  The postmaster-general, ,it is said, con-  tempiates|the abolition of the system of  the free carriage through the mails  of newspapers sent out to bona fide subscribers from offices of publication. It is  possible, too, that new regulations are  proposed, which   will   prevent abti-es  of  the system by publications not- properly  coming within the intent and meaning of  the law.   ROAD   TAX   DECIDED   UPON.  It Will be Due and Payable at the Collector's  OiHce on October 30th.  Theconsideration of a by-law,for the  levying of a road tax upon theadult males  in thu city was, the chief business'that  came before the city council at Wednesday afternoon's meeting. The first reading of the by-law was moved by alderman Dow, seconded by alderman Alalone.  The by-law received its third reading and  will be,finally adopted at Friday afternoon's session. It provides that till male  persons between the ages of 21 and ,*i0  years, residing within the city limits,  shall pay .$2 per head. The tax for this  year is made payable at the office of the  city collector on or before October .'With.  The petition from P. 10. Wilson and  others, asking for a crossing at the intersection of Josephine and Silicia streets  was referred to the public works committee.  Joseph K. Roy, resident engineer, for  the federal governnient'notilied the council'that he will shortly be in Nelson, when  he will look over the situation in connection with T. W. Cray's sawmill and the  objections raised against it.  The following accounts were passed:  JI. Rippon, waterworks sm-vev '     S lid lit)  '���'.<;. C'liandlcr,       " "     tM (K)  S. N. Telegraph Co      'M.I  IT. .1. '-"vans & Co., sewers l;Vi .in  JI. ,I. Kvnns& Co., waterworks     I" S.i  Friday Afternoon's Meetinpr.  On Friday there were present mayor  Houston, and aldermen Cilker, Hillyer,  JMalone and Teetzel.  The road tax by-law was reconsidered  and finally passed. The following accounts  were ordered paid:  II. J. '"vans & Co., on sewer pipe eonlract S5C9 71)  l-I. II. McDonald, inspector nt reservoir      SS 00  A. E. Hodgius, services as city engineer    ISti 00  An Ontario Farmer's Predicament.  It now transpires that the exhibitor of  the best calf at the Brampton fair, and  consequent winner of the Peel Banner i'or  one year, was a Troy farmer. And every  time' that the banner sasses the leaders of  his grand old party, the farmer aforesaid  is mad enough to go out and kick in the  head of the calf, which was the means of  bringing a Grit newspaper into his humble home.  C. P. K. Traffic Receipts.  Monthhai,. Oct. 18.-���The Cauadiau  Pa  cific Railway Company's traffic receipts  for the week ending October llth were  $0-1-1,000: for the same week of last year  they were $-140,000.  UflDER flEW M/\NACEMEflT  J. G. BLANDY & CO., Proprietors,  _3_S___.-H"0"0"_=1  This famous and  delightful  summer resort  has been,  taken over by the above lirm and will be conducted in the future in a first-class manner  GOOD SHOOTING AND FISHING  LAWN TENNIS GtyUipS  G00L PIC-NIG GROVES  PARTIES PROVIDED FOR.  .      KATES:   $_ IXI AND S_ ;">0 I'Elt DAV.  The Providence EurCo.  Providence, II. J., 'wants all kinds of I'n\v Furs,  skins, Ginseng, Seneca. Etc. J'rices o, noted f or  next sixty (liiys uro as follows:  SILVER FOX....   BEAR '..'   OTTER    MARTIN   JlEAVKlt (lier pound!  WOM'   RED KOX      MINK   SKUNK ...  ....     GRAY FOX...   RAT ..   - -  -    ...  Sin nil 10 $ l/ill 00  f> 00 tn  1 00 to  2 00 to  :t 00 to  1 00 to  I 00 to  7r> to  LT) to  ;' nl) to  20 to  25 00  !.) 00  0 00  :i 30  2 00  2 00  2 00  1 00  To  I'rice list on all oilier furs and skin  application.    Full  prices guaranteed  furnished upon  ireful selection.  courteous treatment,  consignments  md immediate remittance on all  Dr.. 'W.vJv  lias secured temporary olliees in   Room ,'i Clements &  Hillyer block, cor. of Hnkcr nnd Josephine streets.  THE TREM0NT  A'    ��� _ST El-, SO 1ST  MAI-ONE & TUEGII-I-US, Proprietors.  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district, and  is tho headquarters   or prospectors and miners.  W. J. G. DICKSON  _a__l___I_   ESTATE  ____sr:D commission- ___a-__i_srT  _vri_sri_sro- _3_s.o_____iDE:i  e  BE ALKY IU-OCIC. BAKEIt STREET, NKLSON.  FOR SALE.  Several valuable business sites on Baker St.  Business block���two stores���Baker street.  Business  block���three stores all rented���on  two 30-foot lots, with offices above.  Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.  Apply to W. d. G.  DICKSON.  NOTICE.  ectric Company, Ltd.  Capital $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.  MINERS! You can make use of water power SO miles from your mines with onr system  .   ��� , We can also sell you complete telephone outfits and install them.  British Columbia Branch Offices       "TooiLnuyu^ici-N^Lsox"       Frank Darling,  Kootenay Agent  Wire Rope, Feed Water Heaters, Elevators, Shafting, Pulleys, Pipe Cutters,  Special Tools, and a new lot of Tube Cleaners just in.   Roebling's Wire  R��Pe-   SKSSf! FRANK DARLING, Agent.  9  Will start about March 15th  with, about double its ' former  capacity in all departments.  7,000,000 feet of logs ��� under  contract for early deliver)'.  The Planing Mill  and Factory  Is now l-unniiig full time under tlie liiiuiugeinen'.,  of C. I-'. Doty, a eompeleiil. di-iuiglitsniiiii iind  mechanic who will furnish special cli-iiwiugs free  of cliiii-ge.    New Designs  In house interiors ofllce anil store lixLures, dado  work, mantles, brnekels, mouldings, bookcases,  furniture, turnings, carving, grill work, and band  sawing. Orders for all such work executed in an  artistic manner.  One Car Glass  Direct f ram JJelgiuin expected this month. Kough  and dressed lumber, laths, etc., always in stock.  Two Cars Sash  and Doors   Yard and branch ollice foot of  llendi-yx  Sire  Nu1S0"g. 0. BUCHANAN  The Columbia & Kootenay  Railway & (Navigation Co.  HAVK  usmess  On Maker and ���Vernon  of koim!  si recti and plenty  Residential Lots  in   tho govcrniiKMil  towusiio  of   Nelson.  aie  Apply t<>  Frank Fletcher, P.LS,, Agent, Nelson.  Asheroft & Milan  BLAGKSIVIiTHiNG /\ND  EXPERT HORSESHOEING  Wagon  Repairing  Promptly Attended  to  by a First-Class Wheelwright  Special attention given to all K'nds of repairing  an,d custom worl^ from outside points  SHOP:    Cor. Baker and Hall Sts. flelson.  Kootenay Lumber Co.  A complete stock of Building Lumber of  all c^inds will  now be  KeP*  at  Nelson,.  Near corner Victoria and Stanley streets  Mrs. Johnson.  Views of all parts of Kootenay  J-'hotograplis in the latest styles  Guarantee satisfaction  __��___ c_ _E"W".^:R/r  Having appointed W. .). G. Oiekson local af,'ent for  Addition A to the townsite of Nelson, intending purchasers of lots, or persons wishing information, plans, or  price-lists ofthe addition, will please apply to him.  V. C INNKS.  Room (!, Clements & Hillyer Block, Nelson  13 r\r\I\lfQi. AI I'"' Ua viiria hlock either by I he (Iny  XliUU.LVlD week in- month with nil modern improvements. Xext dour to fruit fair building. 117 I'ost  slreet. bet ween Kiverside mid Main.  MRS. GK.O, II. WOODS. Spokane  Wash.  Always Reliable and as Represented  For Sale by all Leading Dealers  Ghas. Boeokh & Sons,  Manufacturers of Brushes  Brooms and Wooodenware  Toronto, Ont.  HERALD0,  MONOGRAM,  SCHILLAR  Manufactured by The Georg-e E. Tucket. &.S011 Co., Ltd.       UNION MADE CIGARS  SOLE AGENT,  NELSON, B. C.  THE BEST VALUES IN  IS OI-TKKKI) MY  D. MeArthup & Co., Nelson  This house carries the largest stock of furniture and furnishings  in southern Kootenay.    Substantial reductions for cash.      /  FOOT .qjrilALL STKEKT, NELSON.  T.  W.   GRAY,  Proprietor.  Doors,  Sash,   Band Sawing,  Turned Work,  and Office Fittings.    Just  arrived and in stock, a carload of Chance's Eng-lish  Rolled  1 1: o  Glass; all sizes up to 4 by 6 feet.  ommission  ___C3-_��!_SrCI__"S.:  Great West Oatmeal Mills, I'ilot _loudd, Manitoba,  The R. JYI. Smith Miscuit Factory. Victoria, B. C-  The Virden Holler Mills.  Virden, Manitoba  Smith & JTischul, Cigars, St. Jerome, Quebec:  KOOTKXAY AKADQUAIlTKltS. NELSON, B. C.  _r_R_A.I_L._   _B_ o.  ,\1 A X _ I-'AOTl' 1! Kits, MOTTLKliS. A N I)  WIIOLKSALK DKAKKItS IN  Charles St, Barbe, Agent.!  CURE  YOUR  COLD  BY  DRINKING  ROCK  AND  RYE  RUM  AND  MOLASSES  BOURBON  AND  HONEY  AT  THE  MANHATTAN  Carbonated Drinks and  lineral Waters  The business centre for the rich  mines on Springer Creek and  Slocan Lake. This is one of  the richest districts in British  Columbia.  00 to  E  MA NAG Kit NKLSON MHANCII  E  FiftNK FlITd-p, Trustee.  Ui  <j  '4s  I  mm  IH  n  i.  ���M  <\ <- -*  "'���'hi  kfiif'jt  _-t   i:; THE TRIBUNE:   N til .SON, li 0, SATURDAY, OCTOBER  S9  1  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  LORD STRATIICONA AND  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND,  K   S. CLOUSTON   $12,000,000  6,000,000  ItOVAL. President   Vice-President  .'. .General Manager  MT.  JSTELSOJSr   _3_R,_^."isrc_3_���  N/. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.         IIKANC1IKS  IN        LONDON   (England).   NEW YORK.   CHICAGO  and in the principal cities in Canada.  humbug never gets that neat" tlie great  white throne of God. He may be a rank  atheist and a red-flag anarchist, and a  mormon and a mugwump; he may buy  votes in blocks-oi'-ii ve and bet on the elec-  tion; he may deal'em from tlie bottom  and drink beer till he can't tell a silver  dollar from a circular saw, and still he's  an infinitely better man than the cowardly  humbug who's all sauvity, but who makes  his home a hell���who vents'.on the helpless heads of wife and children the ill-nature he would like to inflict on his fellow  men, but dares not. ] en ��� forgive much  in that fellow mortal who, would rather  make men swear than women weep; who  would rather have the hate of the whole  world than the contempt of his wife-  who would rather cti.ll anger to the eyes  of a kin than fear to the face of ji child."  CINCHING   UP   THE   NAVVIES.  uy and  -ell Sterling  Exchange nnd Cable Transfers  (IICANT COM.MKllCIAI, AND TKAVKXLKK8' CKKDITS.  available in any part of the world.  DKAKTS  ISRUKR    COLLECTION'S  MAUK:   l-H'O.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  RATE OK INTEREST (at present) 3 Per Cent.  WAGON   R<~>AD   TO    MOUNTAIN   SIDING  Will Bo Built by the Nelson & Fort Sheppard  Railway Company and the City.  The twenty-seventh regular meeting of  the city council was held Monday afternoon. Those present were mayor Houston and aldermen Dow, Gilker, Hillyer  aud Teetzel.  H. II. Macdonald had a communication  before the council amending his lender  I'or the construction of section "IB" of the  sewer system, the price i'or the work being changed from $1,IoM.*_o to $1,28'.).  Mayor Houston announced that he had  also received amended tenders front Breckenridge & Lund and from Onslow Newling, but that Macdonald's tender, as  amended, was still the lowest. On motion  of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Gilker, the tender of Macdonald was  accepted.  ,J. JM. JBell, F. D. Wright and John Feler-  son had a communication before the conn-'  cil asking for permission to string wires  on the streets and alleys of the city for a  company to be known as the .Nelson Messenger company.  On motion of alderman Hillyer, seconded by alderman Teet/.el, it was decided  to grant the application, provided that  the messenger company pay the same license fee imposed upon the electric light  and telephone companies, and that no  poles be erected without the written consent of the mayor.  The report of A. 11. Holdich, showing  the analysis of,milk samples submitted to  him for examination was read and received/ ;  Messrs. Breckenridge & Lund had a  communication before the council for certain'extra's upon the reservoir aud flume  cou tract. They asked to be allowed $3o0  for removing 200 yards of rock from the  reservoir which was not provided for in  the contract, and $175 for drilling, blasting, and removing 100 yards of rock on  flume line. They claimed extras under a  third head, that of hauling and breaking  rock for the puddle, but they left it for  the council to fix what their remuneration  should be for this service. Their force tic-  count was rendered at $!)23.80, which,  added to their other claim for extras,  $525, gives a total of $1-1-18.80 as extras.  In dealing with the matter of extras,  alderman Hillyer moved, seconded by  alderman Teet/.el, that Breckenridge &  Lund be paid $381.15 iu full for claims for  force and extra work in reservoir and  head works at Anderson creek, and for  moving loose rock in flume line. This  added to the sum of $300, which was paid  oh October Uth, makes a total of $081.15  which has been allowed for extras.  On motion of alderman Gilker, seconded  by alderman Teetzel, the council authorized the payment of $1200 to Breckenridge  account   of their reservoir  & Lund   on  contract.  The street lighting  by-law was  recqn-  were ordered  . .S If, 00  ,.    70 50  ,.. id; (>f;  sidered and finally passed.  The following   accounts  paid:  Al. Schuyler, sowers .   Kootenay Lime & Brick Oo., sewers .  .John 'Houston, salary.      The council decided to lay an 8-inch  sewer on Baker street between Stanley  and Kootenay streets. Mayor Houston  was authorized to contract for the work.  Mayor Houston stated that he had received a letter from the president of the  N. & F. S. Railway Company, proposing  that a road be built to Mountain siding,  and offering to bear the expense of the  same from the siding to the city limits,  provided the city would do thu balance.  The council decided to accept the offer,  and to call for tenders for the  grading of the road to the city limits.  The tenders are required to be in at the  next meeting of the council on Monday  afternoon.   Ingersoll's Idea of a Man.  Col. llob't G. ingersoll is a great lover of  happy homes. He gets off the following:  "The place to get the true measure of a  man is not in the market place nor amen  corner, not the forum nor the field, but at  his own fireside. There he lays aside his  mask and you may learn whether he's imp  or angel, king or cur, hero or humbug.  I care not what the world says of him���  whether it crowns him with glory or pelts  him with bad eggs. I care not a copper  what his reputation or religion may be.  If his babies dread his home-coming and  his better half swallows her heart every  time she has to ask him for a five-dollar  bill, he's a fraud of the first water, even  though he prays night and morn till he's  black in the face and shouts hallelujah  till he shakes the eternal hills. But if his  children rush to the front gate to meet  him, and love's own sunshine illumes the  face of his wife when she hears his footfall, you can take it for granted that's  true   gold-  his home's  heaven, and   the  Men Employed For Nine Woolcs Average Sixty-  Six Cents Per Week Over Expenses.  lAirt   Steele   JYospeclor:      During' the  past week a considerable number of men  reached here from the line of the Crow's  Nest railway east of here.    Most of them  are  "broke."     They  all   come   with  the  same tale of ill-treatment and  failure on  I he part of tiie railway company to carry  out tlieir agreements and promises.    Last  week we gave some particulars.    We can  now give   something   more   definite.   J.  Jvohoe,  F.  Forbes  and   D. Simmons,  arc  three young men from Trenton, Oat. They  came here a few days ago from   working  on  the  C. i\.  H..' and  tell   the   following  story.   They say they were employed in  the east to come out and   work   on  the  railway.     The    arraiigement    was   that  their fares were to be paid and they were  to receive $1.50 a day wages, with  board  at   $.">.:"() a   week.    They came   out   and  worked  all together 52 days.    The company's account with each of them was the  following:  I'oi; mm! wkkics' WOHl'  To 52 days (" S1..10   Less R'y fare to -Macleod    "   Fare Macleod to I'nss   "   board, il weeks (" SI.Ml   forwarding mail matter  their own hook, and take chances of business, as we have to take them, we have  no objed ions at'all. But any line iu such  territory, other than the C. P. R., iiui"',  you will readily see, necessarily ally itself  with the American system south ot the  boundary, and that must take business  away from British Columbia and from  Vancouver. Such a line is not to be permittee!. I only mention it because'in the  the near future you will be approached  for a handsome bonus for Mich a line'. The  line the C. P. Li. propose to build by way  of Pentieton and Hope gives Vancouver  everything that can be desired in southern British Columbia on the coast."  the winners were respectively Veracity,  Tyrone, and L ibster. These facts were  cabled to New Zealand together in the  usual -liort-hainl st.\ If of the c.ihlf\ The  result was that next day the New 'A', iland  papers contained the lullbwing extraordinary paragraph: "Mr. Gladstone denounced Mr. Pat-nell as marching through  rapine to the dismemberment of the empire,'and said thac the Iri-li, lender had  the veracity of a Tyrone lobster."  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  corporation of the-city of nelson Spokane Falls & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Siieppard,  33-_r-j___--v!7- ._sro.  19.  able to have eerlain streets in  the  npplied ' with  light  during certain  STEADILY   GROWING.  S-l  S78 no  doctor, 50c. a month.,  lodging in Co.'s c-ahins  50c month  all  7 0(1  10 50 '  t IIO  I 00  1 IJ0--S7:  00  S n no  Balance due   , These men also had to supply their own  blankets, and of course had to pay for tobacco and all other supplies they got from  the company's stores! so that after doing  nine weeks' work, besides time lost in  travelling, they found themselves out of  pocket. If what they tell us is true, and  there is no reason to doubt it, they are  being most grossly ill used.  In extenuation of the position of the  company we are told that it is the intention only to withhold the amount charged  for railway fares till the work is finished  or until the men have worked six months,  when it will be paid over to them. But  what authority has the company for doing this? When men have earned their  wages they are entitled to be paid. The  pay is being withheld in order to coerce  the men to work for wages that are below a living wage. The price of board is  being constantly increased. The men are  now being charged $5.00 a week. Surely  this sort of thing is intolerable.  In the above bill of charges against the  men, the item "forwarding mail matter"  is for the service of carrying a mail bag  along the line. If 1,000 men are employed  the revenue, at 50 cents a '..mouth from  each man, would amount to $2,000 per  month in the aggregate. It would be a  fat job to have that contract, seeing that  the two men who are employed to make  fortnightly trips along the fine, are each  paid only about $00 a month to perform  the service. We would like to know into  whose pockets the balaifce of the money  exacted from the men for this service  goes. ..'If'thin outrage is being perpetrated  in the manner that we are informed it is  being done, there never was a more disgraceful thing heard tell of in the records  of railway building atrocities.  Another item iu the above bill is that  for "lodging in company's cabins." Those  cabins are built by the company or the  contractors for the use of the men, but a  moment's reflection will show that the  men are being made to pay dearly for the  comforts afforded them. If the charges  were kept up for a year, you could almost  build Italian palaces out of the accretions.  Is it to be wondered at that the men  are quitting the service? The whole proceeding is an imposition upon the people  of this province. In a few months these  men will be out of employment/and being  left with little or no means as a result of  their work, will, many of them, be a  charge on the B.C. public.  The Coast Short Line.  , In discussing railway matters with the  Vancouver board of trade last week Sir  William Van Home said with respect to  the proposed short line to the coast: "A  word or two on another subject. Among  several railway schemes ou foot is one  called the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern.  It is an ambitious scheme to build a railway from the coast through southern  British Columbia to the Columbia river.  I would like to tell you simply what the  position of the C. P. II. is with regard to  southern British Columbia'. The company projected a line from the Crow's  Nest Pass by way of Nelson and Robson  to the vicinity of Pendicton to connect  with its main line at Hope. This was  projected seven or eight years ago. For  several years the company had engineers  in the field, indeed, all through southern  British Columbia.  "By the end of next year the company's  line will be built substantially from its  main line at Dunraore to Robson, on the  Columbia, and no doubt before that time  steps will have been taken and considerable of the road built from the Columbia  river westward. Yrou can readily see that  with the vast amount of money that the  C. P. Ii. has invested in various lines in  British Columbia, and with the large sum  invested in the Crow's Nest Pass line,  that it cannot reasonably be expected  to allow some other company to occupy  the territory between the Columbia river  and the Praser valley. Of course if anybody  else  has  money to build there on  The   Exports   From   Southern   Kootenay   For  October Will Aggregate $900,000 in Values.  . Southern Kootenay continues to give a  good account of itself in the inatter of  mineral exports. It was rather an off  week for the Slocan, owing to the fact  that the entries I'or the bulk of the shipments from the silver camp did not reach  the port of Nelson in time to be included  in the returns for this week. The total  value of the Slocan exports for the week  was entered at $02,(S00, but the indications  are t hat the returns I'or the week endiug  October .SOth will be Lhe heaviest in the  history of the district. The bulk of the  exports i'or the current week ciiirie from  the Trail smelter, the same being appraised at over $1*30,000. The indications are  that the exports for the current month  will exceed in value $000,000, and that  during the winter months the million  mark will be reached. The entries for  the past week were:  BULLION   AND  AIAT/riC.  Pounds Value  Hall Mines smeller. Nelson, nnitte..  Trail smeller   OHIO.  Payne .mine, Slocan   Kootenay Ore Company. Kaslo   Slocan Star, Sandon   Heco mine, Slocan   Whitewater mine, Slocan'   Noble Five mines, Slocan   .  Meteor mine Slocan   AlcLeod Mining Co., Ainswortli... .  Black Diamond mine, Ainsworth ���  Iron Mask. Rossland   Total for week   Total so far for October   Tola! for September      Total for August     ..  .  Total for July   Total for June   Total for May   ��� Total for April   Total for March   Total for February   Total for January   Total via Revelstoke lo Sopl. .'I0lh.  Total so fir for 181)7   1 lS.CIil)  HIS, 175  Approximate  Tons.  Value.  200  135,  1211  10  Hi  in  IS  .10  l.On.'l  S2.'i-.GI2  I.1I2I1 '  .���5737.3(10  I.OOI  .-S711.22.1  ."���.0711  St>7f,,lS!i  1,13!)  S.1I3.S32  3,101  SlS.'i.SS.i  2,995  ��397,797  3,7(11  SI33.23I  5,822  S(i77,('3l  ;"),201  ��5(5_,S53  ���1,513  S(J75.50(i  SliSti.l-l  l.j,3!IS  S(i,(i37.1S!l  Starved to Death, in Havana.  London, Oct. 20.���-The Daily Chronicle  this morning, commenting upon the death  in Cuba last week of  W. Hughes,  correspondent of Black and White of London,  who is said to have starved to death in  the streets of Havana after having been  maltreated   and   robbed   by a party  of  Spauish guerrillas, says:   "If the story of  his   death   is   true,  fresh   execration   of  Spanish action willarise and  the British  government may have something to say."  Hughes was found dead on the Prado last  Thursday night.    He had recently visited  Piiiar del llio with a pass from the military government.   It is said that while  there a.party of Spanish officers assaulted  him  and  robbed him of every thing he  had except his clothing.   Hughes, it is alleged,   appealed    to   the   military   commander to'help him  and demanded  the  restitution of his property, but was only  laughed at.    He was obliged to return to  Havana, walking the entire distance, and  reached   the city ragged   and   starving.  Haviug lost his passport he could not establish his identity or communicate with  his  friends  in ^England.   He' starved   to  death in the streets. '.Hughes.had earned  an excellent reputation as  a  war correspondent in Africa, having followed the  Soudan expedition' and travelled iu western Africa.    His father is a retired British  army surgeon. " c  Windsor Destroyed by Fire.  The town of Windsor, N". S., was destroyed by fire on Sunday. The fire broke  out in the business center. A high wind  carried the flames in all directions and  made a clean sweep of everything.  Churches, public institutions, banks and  residences were destroyed. Over 3,000  people were rendered homeless. The  property loss is estimated at $2,500,000,  insurance $500,000. .John Mclntyre, a  well known citizen, was arrested on  Thursday, charged with arson. Mayor  Smith claims that he. has evidence to  prove that Mclntyre fired his own and  other houses during the big tire on Sunday to defraud the insurance companies.  The arrest of Mclntyre created a sensation, but news that Mclntyre and Fletcher,  the colored man, first suspected and arrested as the cause of the fire, had been  seen together on Fletcher's ranch just before the big fire broke out, created a bigger sensation. It is now believed that  Windsor was wilfully fired aud that Mclntyre and Fletcher worked together.  The Whitewater Dividend.  The largest dividend in the history of  the Whitewater mine was declared last  week. The amount was $2-1,000, and makes  a total to date of $01,000. Besides this  last dividend, about $8000 was paid out in  settlement of accounts. The Whitewater  is shipping at the rate of 50 carloads per  month, and dividends may be expected  regularly.   Another Sloean Star Dividend.  The announcement was made this week  that the Slecan Star had declared a dividend in September of,$50,000. This brings  the dividends of the Slocan Star company  up to $ 100,000. The mine is shipping concentrates again over both the Nakusp ic  Slocan and the Kaslo ic Slocan roads' to  the Omaha smelter.  Got Things Mixed.  Many years ago, Gladstone, speaking of  Mr. Parnell, made use of the oft-quoted  phrase, "Marching through rapine to the  dismemberment of the empire." On the  same day there was a horse race, in which  The Vernon ic Nelson Telephone company will have its longdistance telephone  line from Nelson to Bossland completed  on Monday afternoon. If, ha* been arranged that mayor Houston shall carry  on tlie-first conversation over the new  wire with his old friend, mayor Scoti, of  Hossland.  Lem Lung, a Chinaman living in a shack  on Vernon street, took .sufficient opium  early Thur-day morning to cause, death.  Dr. Arthur held an inquest and a verdict  was found to the effect that Lung came.to  his death through opium administered by  himself.  The dance given by the Nelson brass  band in the Fire hall Thursday evening  proved a very enjoyable affair. < Another  .rlfl.n.f'ii..:A*_.il.L.be given in the fire halL  ' Wednesday evening.  Richard   Plewman has been appointed  liquidator of  the O. K. Mining company  by justice  Walkem.    The security to be  given was fixed at $5,000.  A meeting of the creditors of the estate  of W. II. Graham will be held in the office  of Messrs. Bowes & Senkler. on Monday  morning at 11 o'clock. H. G. Neelands,  assignee, says that the estata will be able  to pay 100 cents on the dollar if a fair  price is secured for the stock.in trade.  The City Received $1,579.70.  Mayor Houston this week received a  check from the provincial government for  $1,570.70, being the city's proportion of  the real property tax paid into the provincial exchequer up to September 1st,  1807.    When   the city  was  incorporated  mayor Houston estimated that the revenue of the province under the real property tax would be $3,000, and that the  corporation"* proportion would amount  to $2,000. That this amount lias not been  realized is due to the fact that there are  considerable arrears of real property  taxes yet remaining unpaid. Of the total  amount received by the government a.s  real property taxes the Canadian Pacific  Railway company contributed more than  one half.  Where- > il i ill-.-  Ciiy of N'eUon  hours:  And whereas nn oiler has been received by flic municipal  council of Die said city from the Nelson l-.'lectric. Light  Company. Limited, for the furnishing of light to the  said city, which ofl'eralso includes the right or option  of the said city to purchase the plant and franchise of  said Xelson Electric. Light Company. Limited:  And wlicrciKitisclcsirLlilctoiicc-c-.pt Ihe said oll'cr and  make a contract with the said 'company in respect  I hereof:  Therefore, the municipal council of I he corporation of tho  ('ity of Nelson enact.-, as follow.-: ���  Seel ion I. Ii shall and ni'nv be lawful for the said  municipal council of the corporation of the City of Nelson, and the said council is hereby authorized and empowered to enter into a contrael with the.-aid Nelson  Elect no Unlit Cninnanj, Limited, for the fiirnish-ng and  supplying street lights lo tliesaid Oily of Xelsnc. lo con-  .-isl of not le>s than twenty and a-, many mure .-tindard  1211(1 caudle power.an: light-, ��u(l as ninny standard III  candle power lamps, as inaj be re(|iiii-ed from time to  time during a term of live vi-a's. eoiiinioiiciiiK on the  llrsl day of .November, IS97. the rale to he paid for are  lighlslo be $1(1 per month per light, aud I'or standard Hi  candle power lamps to be 75 cents per lamp per month, a  discount lo be allowed to Ihe said city upon tliesaid rates  (I urine; l ho second year of such term of j percent, during  the third yearn discount, of III per cent, during lhe fourth  year a discount, of lo per cent, and during the lifth vear a  discount of lid per cent.  Sec-lion-J. The said con I ract also to include the right  or option of said (.-orooration ol" lb- City of Nelson lo purchase lhe plant and franchise of the said Xui-on I-'leelric  Light Company, Limited, al any time before the lirst.  day of Xoveinbcr. IS'JS, al a sum nol exceeding SIU.OOU.  Section .'{. This Mv-law may he cited for all purpo-u-sas  ".Street Lighting By-law. No. 10. 1S!)7."  I'end lirsi and second times -7th of September. IS'.IT.  I.'ead third lime 13th October, ISilT.  Reconsidered and linallv adopted und passed lSth Oclober, A. 1>. 1S!)7.  |sj:.\j..) JOHN HOr-sTOX. M.-nor.  Cii.uu.Ks K. Sk.ii.i-.v, City Clerk.  Red Mountain Railways.  Th,e only all rail,route without change of cars  between Nelson an,d Rossland, and  Spokane and RossIan,d.  Leave  11:10 u. in.  ll.O0u.il)  8:00 a. ni.  DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS.   NJ.LSOX   ��� ROSSLAND    -...SI'OJCAXK   I->assoiiKcrs for Kettle River and Boundary Creek con-  nect at JHarcus wilh stage daily.  Arrive  .3:15 p.m.  ,3M0p. ))).  .li-M-p. m.  NOTICI-:  Columbia & Kootenay Branch  CANADIAN    PACIFIC   RAILWAY.  No. H | No. 1 STATIONS No. 2 | No. i.  17:00  17:15  17:U0  17:55  18:45  11:30 Leave...  .; Nelson.... ..Arrive 14:15  9:1.")     ,, Kootenay ..     ���    11:00.  10:00,    i,     ..-.''oi-ty-iiine Creek..  ���'��    13:45  10:25    ������     ....... Slocan ......      ,,13:02  .11:15Arrive ���. Robson ..Leave 12:30  21:15  21:00  20:1 ���"  20:20  10:30  Trains Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 1 run Tttcdays, Thursdays, and  Saturdays.' ,  No. 1 connects with sleainci-for Trail Creek.  No. 3 connects with steamer for Arrowhead.  No. 2 awaits arrival of steamer from Arrowhead.  No. 4 awaits arrival of steamers from Trail Creek.  Close connection at Nelson with steamers to and from  lake points.  J. HAMILTON, Trainmaster and Agent.  Kaslo & Slocan Railway.  Leave  ii S:3G a. m.  ii !):3(i a. m.  ii 9:51 a. m.  m 10:03 a. m  m 10:18 a. ni  ii 10:30 a. in.  t. 10:39 a. m:  Arrive 10:50 a. m  An ve 3:50 p. in.  ii       3:15 p. in.  i,       2:15 ]). m.  i. 2:00 p. in.  1:48 p. in.  ii '      1:33 ]). in.  "ii       1:21 p. in.  ��� ,1:12 p. in.  ���ea\e 1:00 p. in.  DAILY SERVICI-  8:00a. m ...'.Kaslo    .. South Fork...  ��� Sproule's...  .. Whitewater..  ... Bear J^ake. .  .". McGuigan ...  ��� Bailey's.....  .... Junction.!..  ��� .....Sandon .  It. AV. BRYAN, Superintendent.  ItOBERT IRVING, Trafllc Manager.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that I. F. B. Lys. intends to apply at the expiration of sixty days from the date hereof,  to the chief commissioner of lands and works for permission to purchase 320 acres of unreserved, unoccupied and  nnsurvcyed crown land, situated in West Kootenay  district. I-'. B. LYS. Locator.  Dated this Sth day of October, 1897.  DESCltll'TlOX.  Commencing at'initial post on the west bank of Russell crock about 20 chains from its junction with Coat  river, marked "F. B. Lys' southeast corner." tbenee  north SO chains-, thence west 40 chains, thence south SO  chains, thence cast 10 chains to point of commencement, containing 320 acres more or less.  Notice of Appiieation to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that sixty days after date 1. the  undersigned, intend In apply to the chief commissioner  of lands and works for permission to pui-chnso 320 acres  of land, situate in West Kootenay district.  .IAMK.S I'KTKRS. Locator.  Dated this Nth. day of October, 1897. |( Ictolier 23rd|  i)i:sci:ii"no.v.  Commencing at a post, four miles north of I he mouth of  Meadow creek near the east bank of Coat river marked  ���'Janics I'elers' S. K. corner post." tbenee west 10 chains,  thence north 80 chains, thence east III chains, thence  south S'i chains to the point of commencement, containing 320 acres more orless.  Notice of Appiieation to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that sixty days nflcr date I, the  undersigned, intend to apply to lhe chief commissioner  of lands and works for permission to purchase 320 acres  of land, situate in West Kootenay district.  I'\ C. CHAXIlLKR, Locator.  Haled this Sth day nf October. IS97. |()eii>bcr 23d|  NHSCHII'TION.  Commencing at a post four miles north of the mouth of  .Meadow creek "near the east bank of Coat river, marked  "K. ('. Chandler's N. K. corner." thence west In chains,  Lliuucesoul.il SO chains, thence east III chains. I hence  noi-Lh 80 chains to the point of commencement, containing 320 acres more or hiss.  Notice of Appiieation for Liquor License.  I hereby give notice that 30 clays from this date I intend to apply lo the stipendiary magistrate at Nelson,  West Kootenay district, for a license to sell licpnoi- by  retail on llie premises situate on the western linlf of Lot  370. group I, West Kootoiuiv district.  I-.'. B. M(;XAIR.Y.  Dated at Xelson, Ii. C, October I Ith. IS97.     |Oet. l(ith.|  Notice of Dissolution of Co-partnership.  Notice is hereby given that lhe lirm of IVterson &  .Mallottc, formerly carrying on a hotel business in this  city, has this day been dissolved by mutual consent., William Peterson retiring from llie business. All accounts  owing to the old firm of Peterson & Mallelle are pavable  to Airs. Alalletlc. who will discharge all liabilities of the  llrm. MRS. .MARY MA LLIOTTK.  Haled at Xelson, li. ('., October 20th. IS97.       |Oct 23rd|  THE"TpipBUWOU)' RAGS  15 CENTS PER POUND  The above is a true Copy of. a by-law passed on llie  lSth day of October. 1897. by the municipal council of the City of Nelson, and all persons are hereby required to take notice that anyone desirous of applying to  have said by-law. or any purl thereof, quashed, must  make his application for that puiposc In the supreme  eoui-L of British Columbia within one month nextafler  the publication of this by-law in the British Columbia  Cazette, or he will be too late to be heard in that behalf.  CIIAS. K. SEALKY, City Clerk.  CORPORATION   OF THE  CITY OF  NELSON  NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT.  Notice is hereby given that Adolphus II. Rnelle, of the  town of Robson. II. C, mcrchiiiit. has in pursuance of the  "Creditors I rust Deeds Act, 180(1," und amending Acts,  made an assignment for the general bent-Ill of his creditors loine, Chnrlon Ciiinoj, of the said unvn of Rob-ou  which assignment was executed by lhe said Adolphus  IL Ruelleon the 1st day of October, 1897, and'by ine on  1 he 2nd day of October, 1897. Creditors an-, required to  forward full particulars of Iheir claims proved bv afll-  diivil or declaration, wilh a statement of lhe security (if  any) held by them to the undersigned on or before I be 91 b  day of November. 1897, after which date I will proceed  to distribute the assets of the said Adolplius- II. l-.uelle  among the creditors of whoso claims I shall have nol ice,  bin I l\ ill not be responsible for the claims of anv pcr-nn  who fails to present, his claim i-> due form''on or before  tlmi tlate. CIIARI.ICS RAMOS. Tru-tee.  Robson. Brilisli Columbia.  Dated this 1th dav of October. !S9,7. (October 9th]  ���   CREDITOR'S   MICKTJNO.  A meeting of the creditor.-- or" the said Adolphus ff.  Rucllo will be held at the ofllce'of. It. AI. Alacdonald.  Solicitor, Baker street. Nelson. B. C. on Monday the lllh  (lay of October, 1S97, at I o'clock in the afternoon.  CHARLES RAAI03. Trustee.  Certificate     of  B-Sr-L.A.'W-   1ST CD.   20.  A By-law I'or levying a road tux for lhe year 1897.  Whereas, it is deemed expedient and necessarv to levy a  road lax in the Ciiy of Nelson:  Now. therefore, the municipal council of the corporation of Ihe Oily of Nelson enacts as follows:  I. Tt is hereby levied and imposed and there shall be  raised and collected an equal rate of two dollars per  head per annum upon all male persons between the ages  of twenty-one and fifty years residing within Ihc Aluniei-  ���pality of the City of Nelson.  ���1. Tliesaid rale shall be due and payable In ihecity  collector. iU his ollice in tbeCityof Nelson,on thc'iOLh dav  of October, IS97.  3. This bv-law mav be cited as "The Ro,cdTax By-law,  No. 20. 1S97."  Read tlie lirst. second and third lime in open council  20th Oclober, 1897.  Reconsidered and dually passed and adopted October  22d, 1897. '  Imeai.I .IOIIX IIOCSTON. .Mayor.  Cn.Mfi.Ks K. Sk.m.kv, CiLy Clerk.  NOTICE.  Tlie above is a true copy of a by-law passed on the 22nd  day nf October, 1897, by the municipal council of the City  nf Nelson, and till persons are hereby required lo take  notice that anyone desirous of applying to have said bylaw, or any part thereof, quashed, musL make bis application for that purpose to the supreme court of British  Columbia within one month next after the publication of  this by-law in the British Columbia Gazette, or he will  be too liile to be hoard in that behalf.  CHARLES E. SEALKY. City Clerk.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF  NELSON  Notice     of    Application     for  Improvements.  Al.l'll.\ .MIXKItAI. CLAIM. SITUATH I.V TIIK NICLSOX .MIX1.VC  DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAV DISTKICT, AND I.OCATKD  WKST OK AND All.IOI.N'INti Till: I-O11T0 ItICO AND  l.I/.ZIK II. .MINKHAI, CLAIMS AT TIIK HKAI) OK IIAIIHKTT  .CKKKIC ABOUT KIVK MILKS WKST OK TIIK NKI.SON AND  KOHTHIII'.I'I'AHD HAILWAV AND NI.VK MILKS KKO.M TIIK  TOWN OK   V.MIIi.  Take notice thai I. Samuel J���Long. acting as agent, for  W. II. Carbould. free miner's eertillcate No.77.232. intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply lo the mining  recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown granL of the above claim. And  further take notice that action, under section 37, must be  commenced before the issuance of such corliticue of improvements. SAMl'EL I-. LONG. P. L. S.  Dated this 2nd day of September, 1897. |Sept. lib]  Notice   of   Appiieation   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  I'tlHTO KICO .MINKKAL CI.AI.M, SITUATK IN TIIK NKI..SON  .MINING DIVISION OK WKST ICOOTKNAV DISTKICT. AST)  I.OCATKM AT TIIK HEAD OK HAKKKTT CKKKIC AIIOUT  KIVK.MILKS WKST OK TIIK NKLSO.V AND KOKT Sll K|>|>A HI)  HAILWAV AND NINK .MILKS   KKO.M  TIIK TOWN OK YMIft.  Take notice that I, Samuel L. Bong, acting as agent for  W. J. Alaxwell, free miner's certificate No. 78,(129, intend  sixty days from the tlate hereof, to applv to the mining  recorder for a certilicatc of improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining a crown grant of Ihe above claim.  And further take notice. Ihat action, under section 37.  must be commenced before the issuance of such ccrlilieate of improvements.       SAMUEL L. LONG. P. L. S.  Dated this 2nd day of September, 1S97. [Sept. lib)  Notice     of  Application     for  Improvements.  Certificate    of  NOTICE.  Application- for ihe position of chief of the Volunteer  Eire Brigade of the City uf Nelson will be received by the  undersigned until Monday, the 2.5th day of October, 1S97.  at 12 o'clock noon. Applicants should state age. whether  '���hurried or singic. previous experience, aud where.  CHARLES E. SEA LEY, City Clerk.  .  Xelson. October 7th, 1S97.  _sro_?ic__i.  Notice is hereby given that application will be made- to  the legislative assembly of the province of British Columbia, at its next session, by The Trusts'& Guarantee  Company, Limited, a corporation incorporated in Ontario under "Tho Ontario Joint Stock Companies' Letters  Patent Act" and under "The Trusts Company Act. 1S9.V  on the 21th day of February, 1597, for an act conlirining  and conferring'upon it'the powers'of the said company as  Lhe same appear in the Letters .pal en I. deposited in Ontario with the provincial registrar'and upon thciipproval  ofthe lieiiteiiaiit-gnvcrnoi'-in-coiiiicil, and with its consent that the said company may be appointed by any  judge of the supreme or county courts of the province of  British Columbia to execute the ollice of executor, ad-  niiiiistralor. trustee, receiver, assignee, guardian of  minor, or committee of a lunatic without giving security:  and for all further and necessary powers as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above  obiccls or anv of them.  HERBERT E. A. ROBERTSON.  ��� Victoria. Ii. C. S Bastion Square.  Solicitor for the Trusts & Guarantee Company. Limited.  Dated Oclober (Kb. 1S97. [October 9th]  Notice of Appiieation  for  Liquor  License.  I hereby give notice that 30 days from this date I intend to apply to the stipendiary magistrate at Nelson,  West Kootenay district, for a license to sell liquor by retail on the premises situate on the eastern half of" Lot  370, Croup I, West ICootenav district.  ���      .      U. NEWLING.  Dated at Nelson. B. ('. October Sth, IS97.        (October 01  Notice of Application for Crown Grant.  'Take notice that I. A. 8. Karwell. acling as agent for  J. II. Young and John II. Daly, have llled the necessary  papers and made application for n crown grant in favor  of the mineral claim " Union Jack." situated on Toad  mountain, in the Nelson milling division of West Kootenay district. Adverse claimants, if any. must tile their  objections with me within (jOdays from' tho (Into of tlie  lirst publication of Ibis notice in the British Columbia  Gazette. : W..I. GOEPEL. Government Agent.  Dated at Xelson. B. C... August 21th, 1897.      (Aug. 2Slh|  NOTICE   TO   CREDITORS.  All parties having claims against the c-laic of Charles  It. Sunsoni, laic of the ciiy of Nelson, iu , the. province of  Hi-ilish Columbia, deceased, arc rc-ijucs'icd to send tin-  same, vcrllled bv statutory declaration, ami prmluec all  seenriI ics liehl liy them, lo the undersigned on or before  the 15th day of October. IM17. After which dale I will  proceed to distribute the estate of the dec'-ased among  the parties emit led therein, bin ing regard only lo such  claims as have been seni in lo nie as aforesaid,' and will  lint hold myself liable for anv claims which arc nol sent  in as afnrcsii.-iid. W. K. TEET/.EL. Adininistralnr.  Bv .Ruin  Elliott. His Snlicilor.  Dated at Nelson. U. ('.. this l.'illi da vof September. 1897.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby gi veil that sixty days from lhe publication of Ibis notice. I. C. II. Alui-ra.i. intend to apply to  the chief commissioner of lands and works to purchase  one hundred and sixty (llio) acres of imsurveyed. unoccupied, and unreserved crown lands, situate on Lemon  creek, in the Slocan City mining division of West Koolc-  enay district, al the junetinii of the second North l-'nrk  of said creek with the main creek,  c. B. AICRRAY.  Dated this 12th day of October, 1897. |October 1(11 hi  DKSCItllTlllX.  Commencing at. a post marked "C. It. .Murray's northwest corner." planted on the west bank of said second  North l-'ork near said junction, llienec south 10 chains,  thence east 10 chains, thence north irii-h.'iins, thence wesl  Id chains In place nf beginning.  CREDITOR'S   MEETING  itmiAicDi.vn k.statk or w. n. ckaiia.m.  The meeting of creditors, called according to notice  published in the Gazette and the Xelson Miner, met in  the olliees of Aiessrs. Bowes ,V Senkler, nt Xelson, B. C���  at II o'clock in the morning. Present: II. G. Neelands.  the assignee and the representative of Ames, llolden &  Co., also ,1. II. Bowes, of Bowes Jc Senkler. The meeting  adjourned till Alonday at the same hour and place, to  give other creditors an opportunity of being present.  II. G. NEELANDS,  Assignee.  Dated at Nelson, Ibis ��:;n\ day of October. 1897.  I.IZZIK II. .MINKKAL (;i.AI.M. SITL'ATK IN Till-: NKLSON MINING DIVISION OK WKST ICOOTKNAV DISTKICT, AND  LOCATKD NORTH OK AND ADJOINING TIIK l'OKTO KICO  -MINKKAL CLAIM AT Till! IIKAD OK ItAKKKTT CKKKK  AIIOUT KIVK .MILKS WKST OK TIIK NKLSON AND KOKT  Stll-.I'I'AKD KAILWAV AND NINK .MILKS KKO.M Till:  TOWN OK  V.MIK.  Take notice that I, Samuel L. Long acting as agent for  Walter A. Boiiltbee. free miner's eertillcate Xo. 37GSa, intend sixty days from the tlate hereof, lo'apply, to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements,, for the'-purpose of obtaining a crown grant, of the above claim. And  furthcr.take notice that action, under section 37, must be  commenced before the issuance of such eertillcate of improvements. SAAIUEL L. LONG. P. L. S.  Dated this 2nd day of .September, 1897. (Sept. Ith]  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  of  Improvements.  OKO, KINO, DKNTKK. AND DKXTKK KKACTION .MINKKAL  CLAIMS, SITi;ATE IN TIIK NKLSON -MININC; DIVISION OK  WKST ICOOTKNAV DISTKICT-, AND LOCATKD AIIOUT KIVK  MILKS WKST OK TIIK TOWN OK NKI.SON. .  Take notice that I, A. S. Karwell, acting as agent for  Alfred C. Klumerfelt, free miner's eertitleate No. 8S.939.  intend sixty days from the date hereof, to applv lo the  mining recorder for a eertillcate of improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining crown grants of the above claims.  And further.: take notice thai action, under section 37.  must. be. commenced before the issuance of such certificates of improvements. - A.'.S. KARWELL.  Dated this 21st day of August. 1897. [August 28th]  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  POLL'S MINKKAL CLAIM, SITUATK IN TIIK NKLSON'-JIIXINi;  DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAV DISTKICT. AND I.OCATKI"  ON Till: NOKTII KOK1C OK Till: SALMON KIVKK, AIIOUT  KOl'H MILKS KKO.M TIIK NKLSON AND   KOKT SIIKl'l-AKD  .-     KAILWAV. ���..*'.  Take notice thaL I. X". K. Townsend. acting as agent  for L. B. Keller, free miner's certilicale Xo. 85,587. intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for a certilicatc of improvements,' for Ihc .purpose of obtaining a crown grant,of the above claim. And  further take notice that action, under section 37, inusl.be  commenced before the issuance of such eertillcate of improvements. X. K. TOWNSEXD.  Dated this 20th day of August. IS:i7. (August 28th 1  Notice    of  Application      for  Improvements.  Certificate    of  ATIIAUASCA, Al.UKKTA. AI.liO.MA. MANITOHA. KlllV KKACTION AND TKIANOI.K KKACTION MINKKAL CLAIMS. SITUATK ON TOAD .MOUNTAIN. IN TIIK NELSON MININC  DIVISION OK WKST ICOOTKNAV DISTKICT. AND 'I WO  MILKS SOI Til WKST  KKO.M   NKI.SON.  Take notice that I. Krank Kletcher. acting as agent  for the Athabasca Gold Alining Company. Limited, free  miner's certilicatc No. CDIOa. intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for certificates of improvements.' for the purpose of obtaining  crown grants of the above claims. And furl her lake  notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced  before the issuance of such certiliiatcs nf improvements.  KRANK  KLETCHER.  Dated this 13th day of September. IS97. |Sept.8tb|  Notice  of Application   to   Purchase   Land.  Notice is hereby given that I. Robert E. Lemon, intend  In apply at the expiration, of sixi> days from the date  hereof, to the commissioner nf lands and works, for permission to purchase llln acre��� of uii-cscrved. unoccupied,  ami tiiisiirvcyed crown lands, situated nn the central  fork, of Goal River, about four miles ca-icrly ofthe  Siorm King mineral claim, in.Gnat River mining'division  of West Knolenav. British Columbia.  R.  IC. LEAIOX.  Dated Auu'iisl 21th. LS97. |August 2Sth|  liKSf'KIITIu.v.  Com ncing  ai   an   initial   post   marked   "Robert   IC.  Lemon's S. IC. corner post." thence north 100 chains,  thence west KiO chains, thence smith -lOl chains, thence  east li'id chains In point of comniciiccmciit. containing till)  acres more or less.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land  Notice is hereby given that sixty days after date. I  the uiiilcrsi.iii-d. purpose applying lo the chief commissioner of lands nnd works for permission lo purchase Ihc  following described lands.  iiKsi-nicriiiN.  Comiiiciii-iiig nl a post placed on the east shore of I'p-  pcr Arrow lake near the narrows, marked "J.'D 's N. W.  corner, thence following coast line south SO chains, ih'cnce  .sOchains east. Ihcncc So chains north, thence su chains  west to point of commencement, containing i!t() acres  more or less. .IOIIX G. DICVLIX.  Dated Nakusp. B. C. June 21th, 1897. (August lllh i  Notice of Dissolution of Co-Partnership.  Notice is hereby given that the co-partnership heretofore existing between A. C. Buchanan and C. J. Wilson,  trading under the name of Buchanan ,v Wilson, has  this day been dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts  owing l.o the linn of Buchanan tv Wilson, tip to October  1st, arc payable to A. C. Buchanan, who will'also pay  all liabilities of Ihe former partnership up to that date.  Signed. A. C. IH'CIIAXAX.  Nelson. October 1st. 1S97. ( . .1.  WILSON.  11 NOTICE.  All persons indebted to the above firm nf Buchanan &  Wilson are rei|iiestcil lo settle the amount of such indebtedness forthwith to avoid the necessity of having  the accounts given out for collection.  A. C.  BI'CIIANAN.  w  M  "  _  *" v  w.-\ ,-/��� .-���'  i THE  TRIBUNE.    NELSON,   B. 0., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2:.!,  1807.  5*1  Until you examine the carload of James Smart's  celebrated Broekville Stoves included in the stoek  of hardware which we wil! open in the Mara block'  er street,'next week     ��    ��    ��    ��    V��     ��  We propose to secure our share of the wholesale  and retail trade of Southern Kootenay, and with  this purpose in view we have arranged to, carry  a complete  stoek of Shelf and Heavy Hardware,  making a specialty of Miners' Supplies     ��    ��    ��  Vancouver   Hardware   Company,  L,irn-ted   L,iafc>iHty.  Just received, a consignment of "Le  Roi" Heaters something* entirely  new. A full line of cooking* and  heating stoves in all sizes. Sole,  agents for Gurney Stove & Rang-e  Co. A full line of fresh Groceries.  "Wholesale and retail. Miners' supplies a specialty.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Miss Annie Pro vo and Thomas Moriai'ity,  oL' this city, wei-e mamed Tuesday evening by Rev. George IL Morden. The  wedding- was followed by a dance at tlie  Grand Central hotel.  G. A. Cooper was assessed "jSKaiul costs by  magistrate Crease on Saturday i'or stealing a nightshirt from Mrs. Gilbert's privates hospital. Cooper committed several  depredations around the hospital, and the  night-shirt incident was ^ie/.ed upon as  the easiest upon which to secure, a conviction. Magistrate Crease assessed Cuo-  per all the money he had in sight.  George Stephenson ha< an unhappy faculty For getting tangled up wilh tlie  courts. lie was before magistrate Crease  on Monday for a breach ul' Waterworks  By-ia w N'c. 10. Stephenson's offence, was  the attaching of a tap t.n t.he water ,sy-teni  wit hour, the consent of lhe water commissioner.    He was fined $10and costs.  Joseph Martin, formerly attorney-general for Manitoba, wtis sworn in as a solicitor aud member of the bar of this  province at Victoria last week. Martin  was presented by Sir Henry Crease, and  justice Walkem, the presiding judge,  wished him success.  Jack Fidler, at one time one of the best  known locomotive engineers on the main  line, is sojourning in Nelson, looking for a  job.  John It. Cook, of Rossland, spent a few  of his many shekels in'Nelson this week  endeavoring to escape from the rigors of  the climate of the only city in the province that has a discredited city government.  Mrs. J. A. Gilker left Nelson on Wednesday,-morning for Minneapolis, where  her parents now live.  Jim Trodden, an old C. P. R. conductor  of New Westminster, is making Nelson  his headquarters,for a time. HeSs a sort  of adjutant to Vv. W. Armstrong, who  is chief-of-construction Ilaney's right  bower on this side of the Rockies.  E. J. Mathews, of the Pilot Bay smelter,  was in Nelson this week. Iii connection  with the resumption of work at the Pilot  Bay smelter, he says that it will be some  weeks before the furnace will be blown  in, as it is the .purpose of the operators  to have a large supply of ore on hand  lirst. The concentrator will probably  start up next week. The bulk oi' the supply for the smelter will be drawn from  the Lucky Jim mine in the Slocan, the  Tariff at Ainsworth and the Blue 'Bell on  Kootenay Lake. A sufficient force will  be putaipon the Lucky Jim to take out  100 tons of ore per day. It is also proposed to take ;")0 tons per day out of the  Tariff. Nothing has been done up to the  .present in the matter of resuming work  upon the Blue Bell.  Dr. LaBau made a bacteriological examination of till the milk that went before analyst Holdich, for the purpose of  determining whether it contained bacilles  of typhoid or of tuberculosis. Jle reports  negative results, which -disposes of the  theory that the recent cases of typhoid  fever were due to the presence of the  germs of the disease in the milk supplied  to the residents of Nelson.  Our aim is to supply the best at reasonable prices. Our  turnover is large, consequently we are continually receiving* fresh goods. No shelf-worn or worm-eaten goods to be  found upon our premises.    Everything is fresh and clean.  ���t^s&_*  36     _3_______��1JE?,     STEEET  Liidius)- unci .Missus Kail  unci Willi or Jackets mid  (Julius, us well as i''iirs.  Wc have just, rucuwccl il  lull stock of Ladies' and  .Misses Kail und Wiiilei-  Coats. Capes, and Children's Ulsters, in ilie latest  si.vies and colors. Also  Ladies' Km- Capos, Coats,  Corner Baker and Josephine Streets  NELSON, B. C.  WWv^'  /  KlaniK-lett lilousej. Underskirts, Dressing Jackets, Wrappers, and Night  Dresses. Ladies'and Children's Health didoi-weai'.  Ladies'Jilack Alpaca, and  Heavy Sprue Dress Skirts  Write  for samples of our Black and colored  Dress  Materials and  Mantle Cloths.  e  i^-  West Baker Street, Nelson, B. C<  ��� j  elson  fn addition to a complete line of Groceries both Staple  and Fancy for the use of all classes of consumers. We  are carrvin"' the largest and  most eleq-ant line of   .*   .  otjb siPiEci^JLT^r _rsr-B_x:T w~:e:e:k_  Just received a fine line of the famous Oneida Axminster Carpets in beautiful and harmodious coloring-  Also a splendid range of Comforters in''Wadding*,'.'Wool and Eiderdown Fillings with fancy Sateen Covering's,  and extra fine All-Wool White Blankets.     Special  values, in  Grey Blankets.  Madras and Printed Muslins for draperies. Cretonnes and Damasks in" large ."variety'.' Window  Shades from  50 cents tip.  in the Kootenay district. Complete outfits furnished  Hotels, Steamers, and Families. It will pay you to inspect our large stock of Teas, Coffees, Dried Fruits and  Canned Goods.    .     .     .     .    .     .    ......   .    .     ." .  _3_s___r__i_^  STEEET  Stoves!    Stoves I.    Stoves!  . We "are agents .for The   James  Stewart   Manufacturing*   Com-  Have just received the largest and most complete stock  ever displayed in Nelson of  3. OPALS AND PEARLS  pan)- of Woodstock, and have just received 2 cars of their  celebrated Stoves and Ranges, which we are offering" at exceptional!}' low prices.     We   have also a full   stock of Queen  Prompt  attention  to letter orders.  Heaters.     Give  us  a call  SHERIFF'S   SALE.  I'ruvinee (if British C'oliiiiilii.i. .Xelson. Wesl K'oolcnav.  To-wit:  ily virtue of ,-i iviirriint of i.-x-eculion issued out of the  county couri of Kootenay, at Xelson. al tlie suit of Xick  Anderljui-B. Joliii.Twurtdle. Ii. Hunter, S. Kiistlce, and  Hugh Lewis, phiiiiiifis, and lo me directed against the  goods and chattels of N'cil TdrLcod, of tin: Citv of Xelson,  defendant. 1 have seized and taken in execution nil the  right, title and interest ���f the said defendant. 1Veil AlcLeod, in lhe "delight." -'('nlgnn," ������Al.Iiiiiln," "Wood-  Ntock."nii(l "Hnlniuriil" mineral claims, all of which are  situated in the Nelson mining division, and recorded in  the mining recorder's olliuc at the (-j| y nf Xelson, li. (.;.,  lo recover the sum of four hundred and seventy-ihi-e'e  dollars and forty cents. t.?IT.'i. 10.1. iimount of said 'execu^  lions, hc-ide- interest. stiei-ilC's poundage, and nil other  legal costs and incidental expenses-, all of which I shall  expose for sale orsuilicient thereof lo satisfy snid.judg-  ment debt and costs, at, the front, of the court house, at  Xelson. on the lirst day of Xoveinbcr. A. 1J. 18117, at, the  hour of 11 o'clock in Ihe forenoon.  .Vote:    Intending purchasers will satisfy themselves as  to interest, and title of said defendant.  WILLIA.M   I'.  HOJif.VSOX,  Deputy  .Sherill'.  Daled. Xelson. October L-iifl. IK!)7.  Oifi.ee:   Bealey Bloek, Baker Street, Nelson.  Now is your time to get a Piano.   Terms to suit times  Call and examine my stock  JACOB DOVER, Jeweler  In fact every kind of wet weather footwear including Ladies' and Gents'  Fine Felt-lined City Knee Boots.  r3 18 and 20  ��� BAKER   STREET  Auctioneers, Real Estate and General Commission Agents,  CUSTOM-BROKERS AND NOTARIES PUBLIC  MPROVED NELSON RESIDENCE PROPERTY FOR SALE  Offices to let in Brick Blocks h,eated by steam and furnished with all modern  improvements.  n\  '?  BRANCH MARKETS      Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.  r*fl:lrt


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