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 ���OTENAY  Mas Mines thnt are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made  Dividend  Paying Mines.  M  ?i  fy,  ^^  SIXTH, 7EXR.-N0. -J��.  *^*_?  NELSON,  BRITISH   COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, OCTOBER  \\ 1898.  Has   a    Mineral   Output    of   Upwards   of   One  Million    Dollars    Every    Month  In   The   Year  TWO   DOLLARS A. YEAR.  ATHABASCA   COMPANY'S    MEETING  The Shareholders Appreciate the Service Rendered by the Local Manager  The first general (statutory) meeting of  (lie Athabasca Gold Mine, Limited, which  whs held in London on September 30th,  was one of the most encouraging of any  British Columbia company, and it was no  empty vote of thanks that the shareholders tendered to E. Nelson Fell, the  company's manager in this province. His  import*, .which were read to the shareholder^, showed that he had accomplished  a great deal, had kept his expenditures  within the limit set by the directors of t he  company, performed the work desired  wii bin the time, and a great ileal more.  When the company's manager took over  the Athabasca property he was informed  that there was available for development  purposes a fund of $;*)0,000, and with this  he was instructed to erect a ten stamp  mill and make the balance go as fur as  possible in the development of the properly. His report, which was read to the  directors, was to t he effect that the stamp  mill was ready for operation and that the  development of the property had proceeded to such a stage that tlie management has sufficient, high grade ore to keep  the ten stamp mill running for six months.  This is saying a great deal, for high grade  ore at the Athabasca, means ore. which  will run well up to $80 to the ion, and the  steady operation for six months of a ten  stamp mill upon ore of this quality would  mean something handsome in the way of  dividends.  Until the mill has been running for some  time it will be impossible to tell what the  Athabasca ore will average, recent shipments to tlie Hall Mines smelter have  netted the company considerable over  .$100 to the ton. but it can scarcely lie ex-  crea^e of 20 per cent, in number and of 2!)  per f-ent. in liabilities from last year, and  of 31 per erut. in number and of 38 per  cent, in liabilities from 1S')0, and it is possible, in facr, to go back to go back ten  years in the Canadian failure records  without finding a total of failures or lia-  liabilities for the nine months period as  small as that reported for the current  year.  .  THE   LE   ROI    TANGLE.  Those Who Fight Should not Complain 'When  They Find Themselves Hurt.  HALL   MINES   LIME   QUARRY.  THE   CITY'S   FINANCES.  Iii di-ru-j-dng th  ."Wining Company,  ha��a tendency to  shareholders, and  blame for i he utisa tis  which   the   a Hairs  of  '. (roubles of the Le Roi  tho pre-s of Kootenay  jump upon the minority  lay at their door all the  ictory condition in  I hat. company  are  peered   that   the   run   of  average any such figure.  tlie mine  will  Mascot Company's' Troubles.  The Waterlow syndicate is having something like the experience of the B. A. C.  in its efforts to secure the stock in tho  Mascot company at Rossland. The minority interest claims that when A. J. McMillan went to London last winter the  Mascot company gave him an option on  its ciaim for $22,000. He did not take up  the option at that figure, but instead  offered up $-1,500 cash, and 4)00 .CI shares  in Mr. Waterlow's London company. The  understanding was that tlie shares were  to be of the market value of .CI each. On  that basN the sale would have been for  $0,000, half cash and half stock. In round  numbers there have been {'00,000 shares of  Mascot stock issued, so that the selling-  price would have been one cent per share.  Some of the shareholders did not like the  stock feature of the offer, and wanted all  cash. If, as was claimed by Mr. Water-  low, the stock of his London company  was worth par, he should have had no  hesitancy in giving its face value in cash.  Instead of that he offered one-third of the  par value of his London stock. That is,  instead of ��900 in stock he would only  give ��300 or $1,500 in cash. Thus, according to Mr. Waterlow's own valuation, the  stock instead of being worth par is only  worth one-third of par.  Di Inanities of the Arlington Mine.  About a year ago a mortgage was placed  on the well known Arlington mine, located about seven miles from Slocan City,  ui> Springer creek. The proceeds, $1-1,000,  were for the purpose of paying off old indebtedness, and to further develop the  property. All winter long and during  the spring a force of men was kept at  work, but'of late only a sufficient'number  have been retained by superintendent  Manly to keep the water out of the mine.  It was believed the building of the long-  talked-of Springer creek wagon road  would enable the Arlington to begin shipping at a profit at once, but as that public improvement is still incomplete it is  yet of no special benefit to properties in  the Arlington basin. Those who are desirous of seeing the rich Arlington property begin steady shipments are hoping  that arrangements have been made not  only to take care of the $1 1,000 mortgage,  clue some time this month, and said to be  owned by Ross Thompson, of Rossland,  but also to extend the olive branch to all  stockholders in the company and place  the propel ty where it beiong-:--on the list  of steady shippers and dividend-payers.  Slocan-Ore Shipments for September.  During the month of September the  mines of the Slocan exported 3,300 tons of  ore, the customs valuation of which was  $301,378. Of this amount about two-  thirds was exported via Nakusp, and the  balance via Kaslo. The returns from the  two ports were :  ICASI.O.  Tol.ul pounds        i!l.'!i;,0(IH  Tntiil value       . ...S    llll.!.i.".!)'  On moos Silver. <:oiil.c!iu,s ...,        I'M. Kill  I'qimrls Load    I.:S_7,IH()  .VAKl'SI'.  Tntiil pounds    l.:i()0,St(l  Value .8    1'C.IIH  Ounces Silver contents         .iD.liO."  I'ounils Loud Contents    -J.18I.7I-.'  Few Failures in Canada  In the first nine months of I8!)0tbe total  number, of business failures in Canada  was 1.051, according to Bradstreets, with  a-wets $5,017,300. ;u\d liabilities $12,210,')!)(",  whdo i he failures during rhe same period  in Newfoundland were. i2. with assets  $18,022 and. liabilities $!2,S('0. _ The failures for the nine months period of 1S08  make an eminently satisfactory showing,  aggregating, as they do, only .1,001, with  aggregate  liabilities of  $7,502,510,  a de-  tinw in. The circumstance that, the  minority shareholders are aliens no doubt  accounts for this, but it should be remembered that even aliens have rights which  should be respected.  In the lirst place the representatives of  the British America. Corporation sought  to acquire : he Le Hoi niiue upon a basis  of $"',000,000, and they secured  an  option  upon the property at that price, subject  to the ratification of tho shareholders.  As an evidence of good faith the British corporation deposited a cheque for  $500,000. When the Le Roi shareholders  met i hey declined to ratify the sale at  this figure, and the K. A. C. check for  $1100.000 was returned. In doing this the  Le Roi shareholders were clearly within  their rights, ff they were satisfied that  the stock was worth, more than the  B. A. C. was willing to pay for it, there  was no reason why they should accept the.  intending purchasers' offer. Up to this  stage in the proceedings the negotiations  appear t.o have been conducted openly,  but when the Le Roi shareholders refused  to sell at the British America Corporation's figure, the fight commenced, and  the B. A. C. sought to secure the property  at their own figure by purchasing a majority of the stock. The British America  Corporation may have been clearly within its rights in proceeding in this manner,  but they must have expected that the  men who considered that they were being  sold out for less than the value of their  stock would put up as good a fight as  they could. To the outsider tho negotiations over the Le Roi have all the appearance of one set of smart men trying to  overreach other smart men. Both sides  had recourse to the courts to strengthen  their position, but in the end the minority  shareholders appear to have come out on  top. The mine is in this province but the  company is American, and the slock is  subject to the United States courts, and  on the other side of the line the majority  stockholders sought to dodge, the issues  raised by the minority rather than fight  them. Jt is now said that the minority  stockholders who are in control of the  property will pay a dividend, and that  the stock held by the B. A. C. will not  share in the same. This may not be fair,  but fairness is not characteristic of legal  fights over mining property, and if the  majority stockholders are determined on  fighting instead of making some compromise they should take their medicine.  ff theB. A. C. had been able to scoop the  minority shareholders of the Le Roi, the  trick would doubtless have been regarded  as something very clever, and it is doubtful if the minority stockholders would  have received much sympathy ou this side  of the line. That- the scheme failed is  evidence that there are other smart men  than those who control the affairs of the  big corporation, and their achievements'  are as worthy of commendation as those  of the B. A. C. might have been.  Zola's Friends Save His Effects  Tuesday was the day fixed for the sale  of the house and furniture of M. Zola to  satisfy,a judgment of 30,000 francs obtained against him by three hand writing  experts who recently won a suit for libel  against the novelist, growing out of the  Dreyfus case. The sale was ordered to  take'place in spite of the fact that the late  lieutenant-colonel Henry confessed to  having forged a letter instrumental in  bringing about the conviction of Dreyfus,  which sustained the attitude assumed by  M. Zola toward the handwriting experts,  and although M. Octave Mirabeau offered  to be responsible for the amount. The  friends of M. Zola who were present ran  up.the bidding on the first article, a Louis  X. walnut table, which was originally  bought for 120 francs, to .'52,000 francs, thus  producing the amount required and stopping tho sale.  The Sirdar and His Bumps.  Stackpndl E. O'Dell, au Kngiish phrenologist, has been studying the Sirdar's  bumps. He finds firmness, perception  and combativeness, each well developed.  Probably if they could compare notes it  would be found that the Mahdi's opinion  of General Kitchener's character coincides  with that of Mr. O'Dell. Each one's reputation would have been enhanced, however, had be discovered these characteristics before the recent unpleasantness at  Atbara and Omdurman.  Tho Charity of the City of London.  Vancouver World : London is the only  city of importance in Ontario that did  nothing for t.he relief of the homeless people of New Westminster. The excuse is  that the government aid renders a grant  unnecessary. The reason is that mismanagement has left the city council short of  funds. The situation is not creditable to  London or its rulers.  Justice MeColl Will Probably Decide That the  Company's Title is Good.  In the mining case of Caldwell vs. Davys  and the Mall Mines, chief justice, MeColl  has given the plaintiff two weeks in which  to nominate an acceptable surveyor whose  duty it will be to determine whether the  work performed by the. defendants was  performed upon the Red Star mineral  claim or not. In the event of the plaintiffs failure to do so judgment will be  given for the. defendents.  This ca-e was brought for the pupose  of determining the title to a lime quarry  held by the Hall Mines as a mineral claim  and known as the lied Star. The Hall  Mines die! 'considerable work upon the  property, lint failed to record the same  within the specified.time, although ivork  was continued upon the property and the  Hall Mines continued in actual and physical possession of the ground.  When the Hall Mines failed to record  the necessary work the ground covered  by the Red Star location was staked by  Charles F. Caldwell as the Fair Flay mineral claim, and when the Hall Mines  applied for a certificate of improvements  for the purpose of obtaining a crown  grant Caldwell entered an adverse.  At the trial of the action it was alleged  by the plaintiff that the work done by  the flail Mines, which was said to be done  upon tho Red Star ground, was. not performed within the lines of the Red Star  location, and justice MeColl stated that  in the event of the question arising and of  its being found necessary to have evidence upon this point that he would  notify the plaintiffs to nominate some  surveyor acceptable to him to visit the  claim in question aud determine whether  the work wtis done upon the Red Star  ground or not.  In the event of the plaintiff failing to  take advantage of this, judgment will lie  given to the defendant company on the  ground that the ground in question was  not open to location by the plaintiff for  the reason that the defendants were iu  actual physical possession of it at the  time the subsequent location was made,  being engaged in taking out lime.  THE   COKE   OF   THE   CROW'S   NEST.  ' Creditable Showing: for the First Nine Months  | ,   of the Year.  The third quarterly statement ot the  receipts and disbursements of the City of  Nelson for tho year ISM. appears elsewhere  in Tmo Ti.itJi'.VK. The statement, taken  in connection with those previously  printed, shows that the city council have  not been extravagant, and so far have  confined the expenditures wilbin the receipts. It is not likely that tlie expendi-  i ures for the next three months will exceed (he expected revenue. The following tables show the receipts and disbursements, from January 1st up to tho  1st of  October :  UKCEII'TN  I)o? 'I'n xos   r'lCcli'ic lifjht rules   ing kind of thing to say to any man, "We  hope you like us."  It is easy to say the press is not Canada,'  and, if the press asks nobodies what they  think of us, the press alone is to blame.  If the newspaper men did not know that  the people want to read rubbish, they  would seldom publish rubbish. If a managing editor knew that his readeis were  disgusted with items about tho Fit/.  Noodles, they never would send a reporter  to interview any Fit/, Noodles. ��� Let us  get over thi�� habit of asking 'Fit/, Noodle  what ho thinks about Canada.  VAN   HORNE'S   GREAT   FEAR  Is  Be  Robert JafTray of Toronto., one of the  members of the syndicate whicn made a  fat thing out of the manipulation of the  British Columbia Company's provincial  charter, says that the building of the  Crow's Nest Pass railway will enahb> his  company to supply the smelters of the  Kootenay country with coke at a much  lower rate than it can be secured for elsewhere that in a short while British Columbia will be able to smelt all its own  ores at a cheaper rate than they can  possibly be smelter! at in the United  States.  At present the Trail smelter will take  all the coke which the coal company can  produce, but when the company is in position to supply all the coke required material reductions may be expected in  smelting charges. Tne price of smelting  the ore at the Trail smelter, which was a  year ago under Mr. lleinze, $11 a ton, has  been reduced by the C. P. R., which now  owns the smelter, to $7.50. This will  make possible the development of mineral  deposits in Kootenay. which, under the  old price for smelting, it would not pay to  move. Mr. .Jaffray sees no reason for  sending the silver-lead ores to Omaha, in  the United State's, at a cost of $21 a ton,  from the Slocan district, when, with an  abundant supply of coke, they can be  smelted for $7 or $S a ton on this side, of  the line. ' "  One "Way to Settle Tariff Difficulties.  John N. Blake advances a theory for  the settlement of the' tariff difficulties  between Canada and the L'nited Stales  which is commendable in theory but  which will probably receive little attention from the commissioners who have,  the matter in hand. He offers the following : First. That all natural products in  the raw state be mutually admitted'duty  now  free. Second. That duties now charged  on maniifacl ured natural products in tho  first stage, such as-timber; into lumber,  wheat into (lour, iron ore into pig iron,  other ores into snath bo reduced yearly  until free. Third. That the duties on all  other manufactured goods produced in  either country in excess of consumption,  as evidenced by exportation, be reduced  yearly until a minimum rate of duty to be  agreed upon is reached.  Lowest Ores That are Profitably Worked.  The ores of the Alaska-Tread well and  Alaska-Mexican mines in Alaska, arc the  lowest grade ores now worked profitably.  Tu its last fiscal year the Alaska Tread-  well reported an average return of $2.32 a  ton, anf I the Alaska Mexican $2.12. Both  companies are steady dividend payers.  The profits on these low grade ores arc  possible because tho deposits are extensive, can be worked at a low cost- $1.18 a  ton for the Treadwell and $1.57 for the  Mexican-'and on a large scale, while the  costs of milling are kept down lo a low-  point. ._   Watson Secures a Lardeau Property  Frank Watson of Spokane, spent two  days last week in inspecting the Silver  Bell, Big Five or the Black Diamond, both  on the north fork of the Lardeau. Mr.  Watson being well pleased with both  properties has closed the ileal for the Black  Diamond group. ..Work will commence at  once, weather permitting.  Liceii'-'os  Miscellaneous ...  Police court tines  lien! estate luxes  Supplies sold   Water rules   Proceeds sale of S(j.j,000 debentures   Tntiil      DISBLmSlttllOXTS.  tiledric h'tfljl works (construction)   Klcclrle lii^'it works (maintenance)   Fire department   Kuel and light   Furniture and fixtures       Health department   Interest   Ijcgnl expenses   Mipcellancous '   Pliinl and tools   Police department   Printing and stationery    '..  ...  Public buildings and grounds   Salaries   Sewers (construction)   Bowers (maintenance)   Sidewalks   Streets     .-   Street lighting   Waterworks (construction) .....'   Waterworks (maintenance)   'I'm nl    '   ..$    ISO 00  .     11OS 75  .   10,312 00  .    '.',-M (15  <I0(> !).">  .    7,021 ns  II SO  l,7Io HO  $211,501  13  (11,025 00  .SII0,52(I 43  ... .'if), 112 SO  300 17  ... 2.320 22  130 75  514 00  (i3150  1,53!) 78  509 20  ... 2,026 12  300 7S  ... 2.021 51  80S 00  ...   l.iiiii mi  ... 2.757 20  ... I.2DS 37  (57 03  ... 2.0S0 12  ... !l,0W) 00  ... 1,025 (J5  ... 12.2.0 OS  S35 IS  . ...?.S1.!I2!I 01  MUNICIPAL   MATTERS.  THE   NEWSPAPER   TODAY  Young Fit?. Noodle was the son of his  father, lord Fit-/. Noodle, a tenth rate  British aristocrat, who had never done  anything in particular. The young man  was weak���Weak in the knees, weak in his  upper story, somewhat weak in his morals  ���in fact, he was weak all round. Lack of  capacity was the only thing that prevented him from being wicked. To get  him out of the way his friends sent him  on a long tour, his father's long purse supplying the wherewithal lor expenses.  Among other places he visited Canada.  L',iou his arrival the train carrying the  young man was boarded by the representatives of the city press, and forthwith  the air was filled with such queries as  these: How do you like Canada? How  do you like the city? Hope yen like the  country. Hope your are pleased with  us, etc., etc.  Now, in the name of common sense,  what difference does it make whether  young Eitz Noodle likes Canada or not?  Supposing he likes Canada, what good can  his likes do? Supposing he dislikes the  country, what eartlily harm can his dislikes do? Nobody in England cares a  straw wlmt young Fit/, Noodle likes or  dislikes. Nobody in Scotland would ever  dream of asking such questions. Sandy  would quietly assume that if the young  man did not like Scotland so much the  worse for the young man. Why on earth  should Canadians crawl after every  stranger who comes into the country aud  ask him what he thinks about us? Can a  nation ever be made out of people who are  so weak and self-conscious that they cannot help going down on their marrow  bones to visitors and in whispered humbleness saying, ".We do hope you like us."  The standing of some of the people who  patrouisingly tell the press that they like  Canada might very well give us pause.  Theatrical people who get their pockets  well lined with Canadian money, fairly  gush over the country. They are all delighted with Canada. Circus men, who  draw good crowds, are charmed .with the  country. -'Even the clown will like tlie  country if the people, laugh at his stale  jokes. Colored minstrels who have good  houses condescend, to say that Canada is  one of the best countries in the world. If  we remember rightly. Slugger Sullivan  told somebody he had a high opinion of  this country.  Now, how do all these people come to  tell us that they like us? Would they  gush over us if they knew we had enough  of manliness and self respect not to care  one straw what nobodies think about the  country.  By all means let us honor in a manly  way every distinguished visitor worthy  of the honor of intelligent, self-respecting  people. Lord lierschell ought to get  every honor. lierschell is a grand man;'  he is engaged in a great work. Joseph  Chamberlain is not one of the most lovable of men, but, if he would leave his  American relatives and come over here  for, a day or two, Canada should honor  him, lie is colonial secretary ; he helped  Mr. Mulock with the postal reform work,  and his good opinion might be useful to  us in the future, Gratitude may arise  from a lively sense of favors to come as  well as from favors already received. Jf  Gladstone had come over here the dominion government would have been justified  in proclaiming a national holiday, if the  Queen would come we would all take a  week's holiday. It was right to honor Ian  Maclarcn and Hall Caino. The lawyers  did well when they  to the Lord Chief  But we should  what he thinN  his views he  asked, and if ho does not he won't give  them if you do ask.   Besides, it is a snealc-  iiv�� a grand dinner  Justice of   England.  never ask a high-cla^s man  s of us.    If lie wants to give  will  do  so   without  being  S20.000 DaraaBos for a Lost Leg-  All action for $20,000 damages has been  entered by,J. .J. Breslin against the Canadian Pacific Bailway Company. The  plaintiff was employed iu the construction  of a bridge at the Crow's Nest Pass, and  met v.-ith an accident which necessitated  the amputation of one of his legs. He  holds the company responsible for the accident, and claims the above mentioned  'amount of damages.  Proctor Purchases a Lime Quarry.  Some months ago T. (".���'. Proctor, presumably acting for the Hall .Mines people,  took an option from .Archie and Joe El etcher on their lime quarry on the lake  shore opposite Kaslo. The option was  taken up and the figure, $l.,i">(><>. paid down  this week. _   Passenger Trafllc on  the Crow's Nest.  The Canadian Pacific Railway company  expects  in   the course  of a  few days to  open the Crow's Nest extension to passenger traffic.  At Tuesday afternoon's"'session of the  city council a petition was read from the  residents on the J-Iall Mines road,asking  that a sewer be constructed from Stanley  to Kootenay street on the Hall Mines  road. The communication was received  and liled.  With respect to the application for a  sewer on Cedar street, from Baker to  Vernon street, the council decided to lay  an S-inch sewer. It was also decided to  lay an S-inch sewer in the alleyway in  block 28, provided the owners of the. property so improved pay the sewer rate for  1S9S in advance.  ' The council decided to meet the request  of the residents ou the Hall Mines road  by constructing a sidewalk on the south  side of the road, between Stanley and  Kootenay streets.  A request was made from the members  of the Ladies Aid Society of the Catholic  church for the use of the fireball for  bazaar purposes from October 2-1 th to2Sth,  inclusive. The request was granted on a  resolution moved by'alderman Hillyer,  seconded by alderman Madden. Mayor  frouston was opposed to granting the use  of the hall for any purpose, aud was supported by alderman Whalley. Alderman  Madden did not vote, and the resolution  "was carried on the votes of the mover and  seconder.  Three tenders were received for the  erection of a storehouse. They were:  Allan Brothers, $158;' Edward Cawley,  $180; Josias Thompson, $215. The lowest  tender was accepted.  The mayor was authorized to cause  crossings to be laid at street corners  where necessary. He was also authorized  to have Latimer street graded between  Ward and Stanley, so as to permit the  sidewalk to be laid on grade.  A catch basin will be constructed under  the sidewalk in frout of bloek 5 to carry  off tlie surface water.  The city clerk was authorized to notify  all who wish to remove bodies from the  old c'Jtr.otery to the city cemetery that  they must notify him before the 2-lth  instant. He was also authorized to give  notice that an auction sale of lots in the  new cemetery will be held on Thursday,  October 20th. Tenders will also be called  for the removal of the bodies from the old  to the new cemetery.  An Ill-fated Family.  The assassination of the Empress of  Austria recalls the many violent deaths  of the flapsburgs. In I8S9 Crown Prince  -Rudolph died a violent death at Meyer-  ling ; last year the Duchesse d'Alencon,  sister of the Empress Elizabeth, perished  in a terrible fire at a Paris charity bazaar;  Archduke Johann, who dropped his title  and served as a common seaman, was  drowned off the Brazilian coast; the  archduchess Matilda was burned to death ;  prince Luuis of Trail i drowned himself;  archduke Ladislaus was shot in the limiting field; and in JSC57 Maximilian, emperor  of Mexico, and brother of Eraucis Joseph,  was condemned  and shot at   Queretaro,  Mexico. _j   Low Educational Standard in Spain.  The lack of education which prevails.in  Spain is something astonishing. Any  knowledge of modern languages and of  contemporary history is extremely rare  among even statesmen, courtiers, politicians and journalists. When the government of Sagasta introduced the censorship of foreign telegrams, it could find no  censor who understood German, and  hence it decided to transmit German mes-  sjiges without examination, while identical messages written in French were of ten  suppressed. This lack of education, particularly in the men who hold the destinies of the nation, coukLiiot fail to have its  ill effect, anrl it is to this source that  those terrible calamities may be traced  which have veduved the Spanish people  from being the greatest empire of Europe  to their sad condition of today.  that Southern British Columbia will  Despoiled by, a Railway Company  It is surprising what rot some big men  will talk,when they imagine that by so  doing they may further their own interests. The following is reproduced for the  purpose of showing how silly Sir William  Van Home can be when he tries :  Speaking to a Times represents ive at  Victoria Sir William spoke almost enthusiastically of this province, and of its  prospects. "As far as 1 am able 'to see,"  he said, "the southern portion of British  Columbia is where her greatest wealth  lies. But speaking generally, everything  indicates ji decided advance as compared  with my trip last year."  "I think British Columbia is all right,",  he said, deliberately, adding, . with some  significance; "that is if she will take care  of what she has got: and not let someone  steal it away."  "Yes, her future, I think, is fissured,"  he repeated, "if the province takes the  precaution and doesn't allow outsiders to  steal it away. 1 am very glad to find that  the people at large, and especially the  business men of the province, appear to  be very generally alive to this fact."  ''  Sir William was pressed to explain his  reference to "stealing away" the rights  of the province, being directly questioned  as to whether the reference was to the  statement made in the afternoon in which  he told the business men that this winter  they must be prepared for another fight  as the Great Northern aud Northern  Pacific would make another attempt to  obtain an entrance into the province,  using D. C. Corbin as a figurehead. He  declined, however, to further explain his  statement.   Good Strike on the Isis Group  The Isis, up in the Lucky Jim neighborhood, Bear lake, bids fair to some day become a mine. A strike of considerable  magnitude was made there last week by  Dave and Jim Black, two of the owners,  who have been working there all summer.  J t consists of three feet of clean, bright  ore encountered in a big open cut, showing for the first time the presence and  whereabouts of,the main ore chute. The  tunnel, now in J05 feet, is making for the  new chute, but has yet -loO feet to go.  Says it is Shelved for the Present.  Goldwin Smith, iu summing up the prohibition plebiscite voting, says that the  result has been morally and practically  fatal to prohibitive legislation. Prohi-  ���bitionist organs and orgauizcrs admit  that their cause has suffered moral defeat  and that prohibition is shelved for the  present. The great centers and the province of Quebec pronounced by overwhelming majorities against it. No government would venture to coerce them.  Some War Figures  Complete United States army reports to  the end of September show that in the  war with Spain 3G0 oflieers and men were  killed in battle or died of their wounds ;  150!) were wounded who are recovering;  30 died from accidents; 2225 died from disease, and over 10,000 more were down with  sickness. Thus for every soldier killed in  battle six died of disease; for ever soldier  wounded 20 were sick. Bullets are but the  minor troubles of war.  Work on the Commander.  The shaft on the Commander at Rossland is now down 250 feet. From the surface to a point a little below the 20-foot  level, the shaft was carried down at an  angle, but the dip of the .ledge has  changed somewhat, and the shaft is now  being driven vertically. . There is some  mixed ore in the bottom of the shaft, but  the main ore body lies a little south of the  present workings.  $3000 Damages Awarded.  Pender,   the  man   who 'was  injured in  the War Eagle mine by  being struck on  the   head   by   a   steel   drill,   which   was  thrown down a pass into a traveling road,  has been awarded some solatium for his.  injured head and the shock he received to  his nervous system. On Monday a Boss-  land jury awarded Pender $*':$,000 damages.  Two Moro Shipping Mines at Rossland  Rossland will shortly have two new  shipping mines, the No. 1 and the Columbia it Kootenay. The Trail smelter  has received contracts from the B. A. C.  in regard to both these prouerties. The  B. A. C. has got quicker action on development than any company which has  hitherto come into Rossland.  Ontario's Prohibition Majority Growing.  The majority for prohibition through-'  out Ontario is growing, as the out-of-the-  way places are heard from, and the figures  are now announced a.s showing a majority  of .'30,000 _for the prohibitionists. These  figures will offset the big anti majority in  Quebec and give prohibition a small  majority over the whole dominion.  Delay at the Whitewater Mill.  On account of delayed jig machiner}' it  is not likely that the 'Whitewater mill  will make it start before December 1st.  T. L. Mitchell has already begun work on  the Comstock mill.  C. P. R. Trafllc Returns  The   Canadian   Pacific    Bailway   Company's traffic receipts for the week ending  October 7th were $'531,000;  for  the same  week of last year they were $008,000.  ��3  K  :^^T7::T7^ -- .-X^^^^in^^  ffl          Ft    i:  TTTB^lrft..! y! en
THE   TRIBUNE:    NELSON   B.C.   SATURDAY,  ()(:T01il_i: J-\ IMS.
jTi)«l liiV-jlitisT'^^^S TOTKi)qw
j2)Wi iqy «o Opfil oi) hor bre.'"-
flrj'' fyope will 'u" tb« ((!°r.t; fc'"
are few'"who
would be "without
the gem ofthe month if they "were to
see our collection of opals. The gems
themselves are brilliant and. beautiful, and their settings add to their
attractiveness. In this assortment are finger rings,
stick pins, and brooches of elegant designs, and the
quality of their settings well fits them as the guardians of such gems. With these are rings of soli-
tare diamonds, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, olivine and Rubys. The largest
stock of watches in Kootenay
In order to make room for our fall stock of Groceries, Crockery,
etc., v/e offer to the people of Nelson a rare chance to buy at
rock bottom  prices.    For quotations call and see us at once.
Telephone 10,  Baker Street, Nelson
■_r____u  j"e-w":e__.__-_".
TH"K TKtmjXK U published on Sfitunliij-s, by Tiik
TittuuxE PuiiLisiuxu Com I'A.vv, and will be imiilccl
to subscribers on paymoiil of Two'IJoi.i.ahs a year.
No subscription taken for loss iliiui a vo.ir.
RKGULAK AU\"Klt'J,[.SK"\IEN"T.S printed at Llie following rates: One inch, SDli a year; two inelie-,
-SCO a year; tliree inches JS1 a year; four inches,
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line each insertion.
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.    Treats disea*
All stock inspected aL Nelson.
rut. J.  A.
*->    Inspectoi-.    Treats diseases of all domesiic iiniinals
is of all dome:
Nelson, Ii. C.
position of thing- the late government
had to defraud the contractors, or admit
that they were attempting to deceive the
electors. As it is better that the buildings should stand as a monument to governmental folly than as a monument to
governmental dishonesty, ex-premier Turner and his colleagues no doubt chose the
better course.
!3akcr Si.reci, Nelson.
Mara Mock
J. II. HOLMES, C. H.—Provincial Land Surveyor.
P. 0. box 82, Kaslo, B. C.
IT.  JIOLIMCH—Analytical Chemist, and A_.-ayer.
Victoria strecL, Nelson.
«■* • --Mining Engineers and Analytical Chemists;,
Slocan City, Ii. C.
NELSON LODOE. NO. 23, A. F. & A. M.   Meets
second Wednesday in each month,
brethren invited.
Is nights
OK PYTJI IAS- Xelson Lodge. No. 25,
i of Pythias, meets in Castle hall. Macdonald bloek, corner of Josephine and Vernon streets, every
second and fourth Tue.-day evening at. fi o'clock. All
visiting knights arc cordi.-illy invited to attend.
Gkokgk Ross, IC. of R. & S.
It. G. Joy, C. C.
®lte ®rtimrte«
.-> A T 0' IU)AY   MORNING...
Those who were expecting that a political scandal would  be unearthed by the
commission appointed for the  purpose of
enquiring   into   certain     payments    on
'','iccount of the parliament  buildings will
be disappointed.    On Monday ex-premier
Turner appeared before   the  commission
and satisfactorily explained the two payments specially referred to.    His evidence
made  it  plain   that   the  larger amount,
representing  the   contractors*   claim   for
8-10.000,   had   been  tlie subject of special
enquiry by the public.accounts committee
uf tiie-legislature.  '-With  respect  to the
■government's  action  in   dealing directly
with the contractors instead  of 'through
the   government's   architect,   ex-premier
Turner   explained   that   this  course  was
rendered  'necessary,  as   there  had   been
considerable friction   between   the  architect and  the  contractors,   which .all. but
ciiiiniiiated   in     violence,   and    relations
bet ween-the architect-a ml tlie clerk of the
works  were  also  strained.    The government's architect hud made the boast that
there   would   be  no  extras  on  the work,
and   there Was  every   reason   to  believe
that much ofthe friction between himself
and   the  contractors 'was  owing   to   the
'architect's   endeavor   to   make   this boast
good.    It was aiso' the opinion ,of tlie government   that   the  contractors had   been
called .upon to do considerable   necessary
work,   which   was   not called   I'or in   tlie j
coiil met.
Those who pretend to keep cases ou
the movements of the politicians say that
during the  next session  of the  house of
commons an attempt  will be made to revive Mackenzie .and  Mann's Yukon rail-
v/ay scheme, which  the senate last year
rejected.    Upon what grounds the friends
of the railway contractors hope  to succeed   this time  it is difficult1 to   imagine.
When their proposition went  before the
senate  last year the Klondyke craze had
full  possession   of   the   people,   and  the
Canadian  Yukon   was  without  any rail-
wivy   facilities    whatever.     This   excitement has since   waned, find in addition a
private company, without any assistance
whatever, has  made substantial progress
in  the  construction  of   a  railway  from
Skagway. which it is proposed to continue
to Fort Selkirk on   the Yukon.    Since the
Yukon railway  project  last occupied the
attention of the  people of  the Dominion
a private company has given substantial
evidence of its  belief that there is sulTi-
cient business  in  the Klondyke trade to
justify the construction of a railway, and
it is difficult to  believe that the people of
Canada will  commend  any policy which
seeks  to  bonus  one firm of railway contractors  for   doing   that  which   another
firm   of    contractors    have    undertaken
without bonus.
True complaints made by the Conservative press that the British commissioners
are proving easy marks for the American
members of the Quebec commission is not
borne out by the Xew York Herald's
Washington correspondent. According
to this authority, the British and Canadian members have been making exorbitant demands and are apparently unwilling to grant concessions in return for
those which have been offered by the representatives of the United States government. By the Conservative press the
commissioners are charged with giving,
away everything, and by the American
press with being unwilling to concede
anything. ■ '    '    -
Tmo executive of the dominion alliance
has decided to urge upon the federal government the passage of a prohibitum bill.
The prohibitionists claim majorities in all
the provinces save Quebec, and assert that
the percentage of the vote cast in September was a more 'emphatic endorsement
for prohibition than has ever been received
by. any political party in -Canada. The
demand of the alliance is not causing the
politicians much uneasiness, as the general opinion is that before any action is
taken in the matter the question must be
again submitted to the electorate.
railway systems had been turned over to
the Great Northern Railway Company,
and that the new owners would be at
Ottawa next session for the purpose of
securing a charter for the Kettle river
railroad. The president of the Canadian
Pacific Railway Company, which desires
to perpetuate its monopoly over the whole
of British Columbia, then declared
that it will be a national shame if the
federal government allows a railway company, devoid of patriotism, to give
Boundary creek a railway service free of
charge, for which the patriotic Canadian
Pacific is charging several millions of
dollars. Jt is safe to say thatSir William
Van Home would have some difficulty in
convincing the people of Boundary creek
that patriotism requires them to subordinate the interests of their promising
district to those of his state-aided railway
company, yet that is exactly the argument he used at Winnipeg. i-
Onio of the first things William Ogilvie
did when he assumed the duties of administrator of the Yukon, was to proceed
with a wash up of the disreputables of
Dawson City. The result was the receipt
of lines amounting to $10,000. It will be
interesting to note whether the truly good
people of the east will resent this attempt
of the administrator to keep the administrative machinery going with the wages
of sin. 	
Tin. publishers of the Columbian of
New Westminster deny the story circulated by the Colonist to the effect that
Hewitt Bostock, M. P., has undertaken to
finance the Columbian. As Bostock has
financed more newspaper ventures during
the past four years than any other man
in the province there was an improbability
about the Colonist's story which rendered
the denial of the Columbian scarcely
Gordon Huntkk of Victoria has received a Yukon appointment from the
federal government, succeeding gold commissioner Fawcett, against whose administration so much complaint has been
made. In Gordon Hunter the Yukon will
have a very capable man for an official,
and the Bostock political clique at the
capital by his appointment will get rid of
a man who might cause trouble.
Tiiiokk is one remarkable tiling about
the newspaper controversy over the
closing of the agent-general's office in
London. There have been scores of newspapers which have gone on record in stating their opinion that such an office is
useful, but none venture the assertion
that Forbes G. Vernon was of any service
to the province in the office.
i '  : : :
j Canadian Pacific Railway solicitors
I attain great places. Mr. Abbott became
dominion premier,.Mr. Scott secretary of
state, and Mr. Blake a leader in the imperial parliament: and Joseph Martin has
become attorney-general in British Columbia. Hugh John Macdonald is a candidate for a great place.
Capital $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto,  Ontario..
All types of electrically operated mining" and power apparatus
Sole ag-ents for complete Victor Blasting" Machines
We also sell the genuine Bell Telephones   ,
British Columbia Branch Offices
Granville Si reel- VAXCOO'VKIi
Koolenav Oist.ricl—NKLSON
_?"_=?.___isr__: :d____""_:__i:dtg'-,  icootoimy a^m
Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District
■    Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan District
Kaslo in Ainsworth District
Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats.
Orders hv mail ca.rofully filled and Dromptlv forwarded.
Preparatory Work on the Dundee.
At the Dundee mine at Y~mir i lie niill
hou-e is about completed, the en pine and
boilers are in position, and t lie balance of
the machinery is expected to teach Vmir
by Tuesday. Tlie I ram way. which i.s
looO feet lonp, is entirely IJni.-h"d. Tliree
tetims are hauliup up supplier lo i he mill,
which will be runninp by the loth of November. The f'ootwall has ju-t been
struck on the 250-1 oot level. 110 feet east
of the shaft. The iead mra»-iues '•'•> feet
between the two walls, and a j,rood seam
of ore has been encountered on llie foot-
wall. l)i ii'iinp will be continued on the
footwail anoi her 100 feet. Arranpeiin-uts
are being- made to'drive on l he 200-foot
'level both east ami west. The .sloping of
ore ou the 200-foot level west is still proceeding. This development work is necessary to open up new ground for t.he concentrator, and will be pushed forward
vigorously. The shaft is now down 200
feet, and it is expected to sink another
100 feet.
Just received a consignment
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The Postoffice Cigar Store
Received Daily from Spokane at the
MILLS'-& LOTT, Cor. Baker and Ward Sts., Nelson.
Kill-: ux|i!;iti;ition olTorud by ox-pru/nior
Tumor should satisfy all reasonable men.
While tin; taxpayers uxpeet reasonable
economy in the .spending departments of
the government, they are not so unfair as
to insi~t, upon the driving of hard bargains wit I) contractors, and if the members of the lute government -were'convinced ilull; lhe contractors ou the parliament   buildings   earned   more   than   tho
Silt Wii.ua.m Van IIoknk of the Canadian Pacific Hail way Company has a
habit of confusing tlie interests of' the
railway company with the interests ofthe
| people of the dominion, and appears to be
■ under the impression that.so long as the
j interests of the railway company are eon-
| served the patriotism of the people of
j Canada should prevent them from making
• any complaint. One evening of last week
architect was willing to allow them, they ] Sir William was tendered a banrpiet by
were fully justified in making the pay- ! the Winnipeg- board of trade, when he
ileitis   in   question.    The   mistake   which j undertook to make  some  capital   for  hi.s
company, lie called upon all Canadians
to keep the trade of southern British
Columbia for Canada, which is another
way of saying for the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company. This remark paved
the way for a reference to the Boundary
creek railway fpiestion. Sir William then
informed his entertainers that the Corbin
Wagon   Repairing  Promptly Attended  to
by a First-Class Wheelwright
_5_ XT O TIO 3ST _3 _3 2S, £3
ex-premier Turner made, in the matter of
the parliament buildings, was in lending
jiim-"ll' (o the deception of his predecessor
iu ol'Ih-e, in endeavoring to make the elector'-; of the province believe that the government: would construct for less than
$UOO,0()0 buildings which represent ed a
value of over   Sl.OOO.i'OO.    I-Yoin   the very
Scoville and Qitinn have sold the Alice
S. and i'jffiie Cordon on Bear ereek to
Mcintosh and Garnhain for $1000. Development work will start at once.
In the Elise mine the contract work for
the upraise from the tunnel  to  the .shaft
is being steadily carried on.
Arrangements are being made for the
building of a flume one and one-half miles
long to carry water to the Tamarack mine.
An additional IS feet lias been sunk
since the contract was let. The four
foot body of ore looks most promising.
A contract has been let to W. .1. Noble
ol" Rossland for 100 feet of shafting on the
Monarch property.
A stamp mill will be erected on the Wilcox this fall. Phil White, the owner,
reports that over a00 feet of tunnel have
been driven on the property.
Special attention given to all lunds of repairing
ai\d custom worl^ from outside points
Cor. Baker arjd Haii Sts. ^elson.
G. W. West & Oo. have been
appointed agents for H. W.
McNeill & Company, and
are now ready to receive
orders for tiie delivery of Anthracite Goal at Nelson or at
any point in the Slocan. Terms
are cash before delivery.
Kootenay Lake Sawmill,  G. O. Buchanan, Prop.
umber   at   right   prices     Also   a   full   line
Doors,   Turned Work,  etc.,  constantly on  hand
^ fin or.—
wencirvx Street.        JOHN RAE, Agent.
N elson
When  Requiring Thoroughly Seasoned  Lumber   Call   and
Inspect    Stock.
In slock flonrinjj
C. W. WE
Baker Street, Nelson,, British Columbia.
liniiiK. nioiiMiiiff-s. door.-,
rind snslics
iniuto    lo
l-'very dcsfiiplion of joinury. doors mid
«»-__J'__-_«M .TJI15 TRIBUNE:   NELSON; 13. C. SATURDAY. OCTOBER  LS9S.  mm  $12,000,000  6,000.000  i.otiii stkatmcoxa ami "ut.  mm. OHO.  A.  I'lKUMMON'll   K   S. (JLOUslTON   'ItOYAL, President   Vice-President  .. .General Manager  MM  OF' HALIFAX'  CAPITAL,  SURPLUS,  $1,500,000  $1,175,000  _sri_!X._��30"rsr _3'_.__._src_Ht  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       IIKANUHBS IN      LONDON   (England).   NEW YORK,  CHICAGO  mid in llio principal cities in Canada.  has been  Branoli of  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  established   in  connection   with   the   Nelson  this Bank.  rni::q���q~|  _S-A__EnT____Z  OF    .  ELS  ���prinkling  tools ii nd  DEPOSITS OF $1 AND UPWARDS  received, and current rate of interest allowed (at present 3  per cent, per annum).  GEORGE KYDD, Manager.  15 i\  .Hid  -HI  .-��ii-i-linif  lOxeliangc und  liable Transfers  >.n\^T Ull.UMKKCIAI. ,\NI> Til ���.VKM.KKS' CKKIJITS.  ���L\'iiilal>l<! ill any p.-ni. of the world.  Plt,��KTS   ISSliKIl    COI.l.KCTIONS MADE;  KTC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  ,    CL'ltUKNT RATIO OK IXTKltKRT PAID  THE   WEEK   IN   PARAGRAPH.  Says Prohibition Was Defeated.  Le Soleil, the liberal organ oi' Quebec,  states that tip to the present the  majority against prohibition in the  province is ('9,-170, and when all the returns  are received it will fully exceed 70,000.  The Soleil estimates that the majority for  prohibition in the rest of the dominion  will amount to(iO,3*53, which subtracted  from that against in Quebec leaves 0,123,  which, says the journal, will be the ultimate majority against prohibition.  Peace River Proves Disappointing  Although the Peace river district received considerable attention this summer from prospectors very few gold finds  have been reported,, and the general  opinion now is that so far a.s gold mining  is concerned the district has proved a  frost.   One party imported'the discovery  The anarchist assassin has not yet  punctured emperor William of Germany,  but the socialists are aiming a mortal  tlirusi. at his imperial dignity. A convention of these gentlemen at Stuttgart has  been aroused by tho emperor's speech  against strikes. They have declared their  attitude toward the utterance, and will  question the government regarding the  same inatter immediately upon the reassembling of the reichstag.  hi Austria racial hatieds have as-umed  a virulence that is almost inconceivable.  In the schools of Vienna a division will be  made between Christian and Hebrew  children hereafter, and a total separation  of the classes is contemplated. The anti-  Semitic press is jubilating I'or the triumph  of prejudice. On the streets the demonstrations are becoming morn open. fn t.he  rural districts priests are denouncing the  modern Israelites from Ihe pulpit. It is  worthy of note that in the schools Hebrew  children are overwhelmingly in the  majority. So that the Jews would seem  to bathe better educated, and their persecution the work of envious ignorance.  Tho Onristians otherwhere may look at.  Austria, and be modest in their claim lo  all the enlightened tolerance of civilization.  The Chinese puzzle���is tho l.mperor  dead or not'-"���still bailies solution. The  latest story is that the Kmperor had  planned to exterminate the dowager  empress, but his plans were betrayed.  The dowager empress then f;a.vo the emperor a tirade of abuse and invited him  to. drink the contents of uctip to which  she pointed. A royal invitation is a command, antl all the more a command when  made by a woman with the hypnotic  qualities of the dowager empress. Poor,  little neurotic Kuangsu drunk, the cup-  which did not contain milk, we may be  sure-���and now he is the subject of obituary notices. So far as can he learned, nobody saw his finish.  Great Britain seems to be making her  play ou the African chessboard. it is reported that she will take over the public  services���customs, rail ways and telegraph  -at Delagoa J3ay about the middle of  this month. As a result the Congo I.Vee  State and the Transvaal are confabulating as to mutual military assistance in  case of foreign aggression.  The revision of the Dreyfus case will be  secret. So says Mr. Godefruy Cavaignac,  who recently resigned the portfolio of ihe  War Ministry because of his opposition to  a revision. The reason assigned for  secrecy is the impossibility of making  public the evidence and the papers iu the  case.     , ,  A new trouble has come to the surface  in the Transvaal. President Kruger has  a rebellion on his hands, in which a large  number of rebellious natives threaten  trouble. In his difficulty Kruger has  called upon the British residents of the  Transvaal to take arms in the service of  the government which disfranchised  them, but the Englishmen cannot see it  that way. Kruger-has the law on his  side but it is doubtful if he could enforce  it in view of the present unsettled state  of affairs.  Tlie'reports that the treasure of khalifa,  valued at ��10,000,000, had been found and  was being forwarded to Cairo, is without  foundation. Equally baseless is the report that General Kitchener will resign  the Sirdarship.  The French government has accepted  the invitation of the government of Great  Britain to convey a French officer from  Pashoda by way of the Nile iu order that  it may obtain his report of recent explorations and of the occupation of Pashoda.  Until this report is received nothing will  be settled between the two governments.  of gold some 20 miles above Port Graham,  on lhe headwaters of the Peace, hut-then  were short of provisions and had to retury  before I he;y could do much work. They  will ma Ui,* a mil Iihi- 11 i| i iiii<> t he district by  way of the Skeena. river.  Costlgran Tries His Hand at Mining;  With a pateni gold .-il'ting machine,  Hon. John Co-a iga u has ln-en putt ing ' in  the Iiiiiih ie-iing the ��tr<':i mm in 'the  northern portion of the province for gold.  .The latent heard from him was that he  had met with no success whatever and  had sold llie machine and .started i'or  Hudson's Mope, a point.some distance i-'ast  from where he was working. Costigan  will be in Ottawa in time for the next  session of parliament.  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and, Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  More Missionaries Coming Our Way  At the meeting of the sub-eommittee on  home missions of the Presbyterian church  in Canada, held in Toronto on Tuesday  the following missionaries were appointed  I'or British Columbia:- Rev. W. A. Camp-  boll. M. I). MeKce, A. Dunn, il. 11. Grant,  vS. G. Law^on, and Messrs. ,1. C. Hogg,  .Joseph Ball and W. G. Russell. These  now missions are to be opened amongst  the mines of Rossland, Nelson and Whitewater districts.  What the LitiKation Has Cost  It: is stated in connection   with   tho   Le  Roi complications that the expenses of t he  receivership and the litigation in the case  wiil not be less than iiWo.OOO.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF  NELSON.  FINANCIAL   STATEMENT.  ursni'iiSK.MKNTS i-oit tiii: ri.\-.\.\x'iAi. oo.urncu isicoin--  sinc .ii'i.v I. 1S)S. A.vn icniiixg o.v si:i"ii:.Miii:it ::0. itvOS.  _Dis_3XJ_=isi_i_v_:_i]_sri's  Kleolrie light works (const ruction)   "'"leclric. light works! (maintenance)   "���'ire (loiiartineiiL   Kuel iind light   Furniture und fixtures   Health department   Inleresl   I.egiil expenses       Miscellaneous      1'lnnL urd tools   Police (!c)i:irliiii'iit    Printing und stationery   Public building* und grounds      SiihiriiM   Sewers, construe! ion   .Sewers, maintenance   .Sidewalks   Si reels   Si reel lighting   Waterworks, construction   Waterworks, maintenance   $.r..ii_  so  :m  17  i:;i  i;d  ���21  (10  in  .in  I  on  l.."���:���)  7S  Kll  -!>  Uill  2i  ���I'M  ss  .->!��  ol  2!I2  10  l.lil).  -,->  UI I  il!)  2.1)78  :u  :m  h")  lil)5  .->.  !.!):��) 02  :i!K) (10  si;  Oil  To nil  lOUCCTItlC LIGHT WORKS (JONSTKUCTTOX.  Xelson Kleelrio Light Co.. purchase price of plant  and franchises     S.TilOO 00  .lames MolJhco, making service connections          VI SO  Total     KLKCTUIC LlfiElT   Still:!  WORKS II.UN'TKNAXO.I-:.  SO  A. McDonald  Neil McKay  (Jeorge A. Fletcher  James JlePhoe  Stewart Munroe  Jesse Graham  M. Darough  Thomas Weary  K. Wilson  T. \\". Gray, lumber  repairing dam...  for repairs.  J. 13. Bliss, electrician al. powerhouse ...  James Sproal, assistant at power house ..  James Mcl'heo, trimming arc la nip j   Canadian General .Klcctric Co., lamps ...  British Columbia Oil Co.. oil   Total ,   .'..; :..  FIRK DEPARTMENT  Lawrence Hardware Co ���:..  .     J. ,\\". Cowan, member lire brigade..   0  W. Steel,  .1.  J. Chambers.  J.  .11. Campbell,  <;  ���Partridge,  A  L. Davidson.  <4  Davis,  '���'.  J. Hradlev.  U  . I'fcill'er,  J. C. Porter. " "    Joe Thompson.    " " .'...'   T. Lillie, " "    II. Stutter.  Jack Vanstone.   "       ���������        "'   . .  Alf Jell's, ���" ��� :- ....:   C. Archibald.       " " ;.   I!. Partridge        " "   .   (Ieorge Xunii,      " "      ���...'.   William Lillie.     "  VV. J. T. Watson " "    Asheroft & MeClellnnd, repairs to hose reel   George O. Ross, uniforms I'or Mrcnien   Hall S: Jell's, repairing hose reel and tire hydrants  A. Ford, wood for tiro hull....     .    ...  John Norcross. repairs lo hose reel    Total "  Kl'KL AND LIGHT  Nelson Kleclrie Light Co.. ofllce lights and lamps.  Total   .KUI.1NI.TUUK AND KIXTt'R fOS  Anton Pfeitrer. shelves in city olliees   ...S .'" 00  .-> 00  5 00  l(i 00  .-> 00  ���i :>o  :i Vi)  1.50  I. ;>o  ;) <n  ....     100 00  .   ..       7;"> 00  I liO  ....     I- :?s  12 30  ....$ :ioo 17  ���i to  2 iiO  il 50  22 50  20 00  12 50  20 00  22 50  22 50  2.-I 75  20 00  23 75  22 50  22 50  22 50  15 00  22 50  2 5(1  20 00  Hi 25  12 50  .-! 50  13 1(1  13 IiO  2 25  1 0(1  S 131 CO  ,S 21 (10  S 2.1 IiO  Total .  [IF.AI/ITI DK  I'AIJTMKNT  iiid   expres  ..��   10 50  ..$   10 50  I  00  I  00  00  iTIic   mayor,   milk  sample   hollies  charges on samples lo Ottawa!.  Total .$  INTKItKST.  Hank of Montreal, inleresl on debentures SI  Hank of .Montreal, interest on overdraft   Hank  of Montreal, charge remitting debenture  interest to Montreal '  ..  Total $153!) 78  LEGAL EXPENSES  Macdonald & Johnson, costs lire limits bylaw.  li  S 131  131  ��� S  Totii!....   MISCELLANEOUS  Lawrence Hardware Co., 3 brooms and 1  keg .. S     1 55  Kirkpatrick   &  Wilton,  provisions   to  William'  Smith, indigent       02 75  K. J. Roberts, board W. Wesl man. indigent       12 5(1  l)rs, IlalliS; Hawkey, medical attendance on Mrs.  Kellogg,  indigent '       p; 00  II. Fhinigan, nursing William Smith, indigent  ..      15 :;o  ICooleiiiiv Lake Telephone Co., telephone rentals  and tolls        IS 51  II. J!yers& Hit., wire, etc., for governor-general's  reception        IS .0(5  Xelson postollico, postage stamps       10 00  George Jlolbrook, soavengering         3 00  J. W. Onivan, hauling rugs for governor-general's  reception     50  A. I'\ Stewart, nursing William Smith, indigent.S  Hotel      Hume.      luncheon     governor-general's  reception   Nelson   lirais   Hand,    mn-ii'  governor-general's  reception   J. A. Gibson, inu-Jc governor-general'',  reception  S. M. Hryilges,"engrossing address to governor-  gcnei'.il   D. McArthur & Co.. chairs for gincrnor-generars  recepl ion   K.   K.  Phair,  meals,  etc.,  lo govcrnor-generars  party   Miner Printing aud Publishing Co., printing and  advert isihi; for governor-genenirs reception...  Ilos]iiial Aid  .Society. Mowers  fur governoi-geii-  cral.-   reception   I'". Irvine & Co., burning, etc.,  for governor-general's  reception   (lanadn Drug and Hook Co.. Chinese lanterns iind  fl igs I'or governor-general's reception     Wnllnrofc Miller.   I   II ig    M. .!.  Ilyrncn. hack   for   governor-generar.s   reception   Gilbert. Stanley, Chinese lanterns I'or governor-  general's reception   C. P. I!. Telegraph  Co.. telegrams   West, Kootenay  Butcher Co.,  meat lo  William  Smith, indigent   Tho mayor, recording bill of sale of electric light,  plant, etc '   West & Emerson, wood  for  William  Smith,  indigent     -  Spokane & Northern Telegraph Co., telegrams..  Thomson   Stationery   Co.,  Chinese lanterns for  governor-general's reception   Wilson &  HaiNliaw,  Learning during governor-  general's reception -.   Annie Xelson, indigent   Mrs. Gilbert, care of Michael Cahey, indigent   Provincial government, crown grant lire hall lots  James llarbottle, stone monument corner Baker  and Stanley streets   Nelson Hardware Co.,   can  oil    Mrs. I-". C.  Clarke,  board   William  Whalen.  indigent    City clerk, cash lo William Whnliiii, indigent   "      "        "    for postage stamps !   J.   Keilli Iteid,   allowance as deputy   returning  oflicer and for ofiicc rent a I, money loan bylaws  election   Al. J. Hyrnes, hauling indigent lo hospital   Dr. G.  E.  Drew,  medical  examination  of  John  Mills, insane   J. K. Stracluiu, expense taking John Mills, insane.  to  asylum   Second hand store, clothing I'or John Mills, insane  Thomas Ovens of Xew Westminster, con Lii but ion  for relief of lire sufloivrs   25 In  32!) 75  33 00  50 (II)  8 -10  I 0(1  10 00  IG 5(1  3 00  173 ft'.  15 SO  1 00  10 00  5 00  5 05  S 00  3 50  I 50  21  (II  2S !I5  1!) 25  10 (10  12 00  5 00  M. Hums, laborer   A. Xel-on,       '"          M. Scully,  teams   K. A. Kiirbes. laborer \    ...  Wilson & llni-nhaw. te.imsgr.iding and  street -   .'..'..    .  A-hcrol'l   \:    \fcOle 1 iini.   s-h.ir, cuing  making drift bolls   Hugh  Nixon,  foreman addition A  ditch  Andrew Ilowick,'laborer  N'cil  McKechnio  Jeirr rilimson,  S.   .Monroe, "     "      "       '������       "  Edward Clark  W. Coles, "    George   Shiell. laborer/   Cliii'Wade. ������    William Wade.     V           Roberl Shiell, foreman  '.   W, C. McLean, teams   Ham Dennett, laborer   William Jlarki-ll, laborer  Rod McDonald, carpentci  M.Z  Me.Gr.illi,   J. A. McDonald.   Richard Jane, laborer i   .)._W. Cowan, hauling tools, etc   West Jc Emerson, hauling gravel and lumber   W. G: Ross, carpenter on   Vernon and   Victoria  slreet   bridges   T. \V. Grav,  lumber for   Vernon   and   Victoria  slreet bridges   William   Karrell, laborer   Charles Kitchen,       "  :   .lames Shiell, "          Thomas Crawford, ���'���          Walter lleaion, cariienier on  bridges   Dan McDonald.                    Archie McCuaig,     " "       "           Archie Clark, laborer   Charles Maltby,  hauling tools   John   Horton,   laborer   R.Kennedy, "          T. L. Aubrev.    ���     "          K A. MeCuiiig.      -          73 50  1! 25  is; s.">  8*10  20!) 10  on  bridges  i��>! 00  22 50  13 15  22 50  27 50  20 25  21 35  21 85  .If! 25  30 00  115 00  100 75  3 75  2 50  10 20  11 05  II 70  13 25  !l 75  15 15  103 85  103 !I7  '    3 01  5 00  5 00  3 75  11  10  !) 00  il !HJ  II 50  50  5 00  1 00  5 00  2 50  LICENSE AUTHORIZING AN EXTRA-PROVINCIAL COMPANY TO CARRY ON  BUSINESS,  "f������nii'.xxiiw' Art. 1807."  A.vaija : , |  ISlElTISII Coi.t'MKi \. I  "Yniir Gold Mines,  licensed   lo    carry  Total.  Xelson Elect lie  Tolivl   WATER  STREET  Light Co .  LIGHTING.  . ,$1!I3!I 02  ...S 300 00  ...�� 300 00  WOI! KS CONSTRCCTION.  making service coniiec-  (i 00  in 00  I 00  5 (It)  51 70  3 85  Total.  PLANT  Hardware Co..  .ND TOOLS  Lawrence  Hardware Co.. axes, matlocks, ele.  Vancouver  Hardware (Jo., shovels, picks, etc.  lireckenridgn & Lund, one road roller   IL Byers ^-Go., axes, shovels, etc '.  ...  Ashci'ofl & McClelland, one tnipbhovel   Noll & Thompson, wheel scrappers, etc   John Norcros*. shovel  handles   Total.  500 00  $1011 21  .S 15 35  12 75  25 00  CO i'S  3 00  .- 171 30  2 50  .$-'!)('��� 88  POLICE DEPARTMENT  Perry, special  oflicer   Hotelier Co..  meat for lock up  li.  l'\   li.  A. I-!. St ore v.  J. McAlmnn.  D. Lusk.  W. J.  Hrown,  J. A.  McDonald,  A. .1 ell's,  T. W. Ryan.  Wesl,  Eooienay  prisoners    Criterion restaurant, meals for lock up prisoners  E. A. Crease, salary as police mngisirale   A. V. Mclvinuon, salary as chief of police   W. J. Thompson, -alary as acting pa I roi man   M. Hums, convoying prisoner Dan Rico   Provincial Government, keep of prisoners   M. W. Hrown. wilnc-s fee police court case   John Miles, commission on dog taxc"-1   Mrs. E. C. Clarke, meals for lock up prisoners   J. W. Cowan, conveying man to lock up   2n 00  10 50  !) 00  7 50  7 50  I 50  I 50  17 50  7 50  l(i 70  11)0 00  180 00  Kill 00  I  110  10 00  75  22 00  13 75  Total   PRINTING AND STATIONERY  i  Tribune Publishing Co., priming thinks and a  vert ising notices      IJrilish Columbia Gazette, advertising by-law-.  Rolph, Smith & Co., printing debentures*   Canada Drug and Book Co.. rubber stamps... .  Miner Printing and Publishing Co., advertising.  Thompson Stationery Co., paper   .  Total   PUBLIC BUILDINGS  Canadian Pacific Railway Co.,  .$5!I3 5!  .S 201 00  5 50  72 50  ��� 3 80  3 00  1 SO  .S 21)2 10  AND (iROUNDS  10 acres of  land  for cemetery   W. II. Hull, clearing cemetery grounds ...  J.   J.   Woodford,   labor on cemeterv roads.  W. II. Pearce, '��� "   '     ������  Joseph Pearce,  William Ijoasol,  I'eler Mom'soy,  James Lewis,  S. Munroe,  ���Edward Evans "   . "  John Ciano.  S. Batista. " " "     .  Peter Smith. " ���. l��� "     .  Michael Stanton.       " "        "     .  David Woods, " ".'       "     .  Thomas Goudie.  William West,   .    , " ".������'.  John Horton. ���   "    ' " ���       "     .  M. Burns,'   . ���' " "     .  lr. R. Smith, foreman on cemetery ruads..  ..  Total ....  ' '....'   ' SA LA R1 ES .  John Houston, mayor.......  .........   J. K. St radian, ciiy clerk  '  J. Hamilton, auditor .'   T. M. Ward, collector   ..   Marry II. Ward, clerk   .. SI002 25  ��� �����  Total.  I!)!) OS  170 00  25 1)1  Kill (II)  150 00  S Sill !l.'l  SEWER CONSTR UUTION  Co.. galvanized disi  Lawrence   llardwar  sewer connections  K. Canuell. labor on  manholes   Chillies Mul thy. hauling materia!    Wit-on &. Harshaw, hauling iniiteriiil   .  Ashcrofl. & McClelland, iron hand holds..  W. P. MoEiichern, extending sewer   II. Jane, labor extending sewer   Turner. Heel on & Co., pipe...   M. Scully, hauling material   Halfour Brick Co., bricks    A. E. E.-ktiggo, inspector on construction  M. Burns, labor handling material   II. J. Evans & Co., pipe and cement   J. A. k W. H. Iloncyman. manhole covers  We.-t & Emerson, hauling cement   Samuel IInir, extending sewers   for  ,S     1  ','h~>  10  .').'��  8  iit  3:i oo  313  !K)  <l  III  III  (HI  !I3  50  15  (HI  28  ..)  2017  ���18  17  liS  (  50  ]IJ  25  Total.  William Wesl  Richard Pape,  Lillie Bros., one pair rubber  T. W. Gray, lumber   ���SEWER 'MAINTENANCE  , labor cleaning- manholes, etc  boots   Total.  SIDEWALKS  carpenter   Robert  Oliver,  John Toye,  W. It. .McKenzie,     "    Lawrence Hardware Co.. nails   T. W.Gray, lumber   II. Byers k Co, nails   Wilson & Harshaw, hauling lumber.  W. I/. Brooks.  If. Bruce, "  J. W. Cowan,  Thomas McCardin. ciirpenlcr   II. Stul ter, carnenter   U'cst ,v Einer.-oii. hauling  lumber...  George Mal.heson,  carpenter     Thomas Crawford,  hi borer   James Shiell. laborer.   Total.  James Kelly, hum.  .  I lavid Woods, laborer  M. .Staiilnn.  Edward Smith.  II. D. Heck,  STREETS  ���S2U78 31  10 Hi  12 50  li III)  I 00  :;o 15  ! I 20  I 20  (i 00  31 23  IS2 31  13 !).".  I 00  Hi Oil  I IIO  1 25  II 2.3  II  25  1 !I0  15 00  2 51)  2 50  lilla 57  (i 25  till 'ill  10!) 75  00 25  02 .'.(I  Lawrence Hardware Co.  (ions and laying mains  11. J. Evans & Co., pipe and special castings   llebden tV: Hebden, making service connections  iind laying mains      J. A. and W.   B.  Iloncyuian,  work ou  pressure  regulator   Ashcrofl & McOlollfi.nd, cutting pipes and sharpening tools    Percy .Marks, labor on water main trenches .  ...  I). Trainor " " ������          Archibald     Campbell,     foreman     water    main  trenches   William Glover, laborer water main trenches.  .  Waller Beaton        " " " -     ....  II. Weideman " " "    '       "  Richard Pape '" " " "        William Beaton  Henry Haley " " " "        Peter Oleson " " " "        Charles JicDonald "  Neil Mathoson " " " ������        Kred Collet I e        .  " " " "        Luke Kiirwcl! " " " "        John McLood " " " ���'        William West, "   "        John Wilson " " " ..   .  Cbniie- II. Brown   "  Alex. Prit.tio " '" " "...  Neil McKiiv " " '��� "      ....  Will Beatlie '��� " '��� '���     ..  .  Richard Jane " " " "...  Larry O'Noil " " " "...  R. Costello " '��� " "...  A. I j. McCiilIoch. cits' engineer   .Munroe & Hair, laying pipe   Samuel Hair, making service connections   Vancouver Hardware Co., powder, fuse, coal, etc  Charles "Maltby, hauling material       Collector of Customs, duly on rubbergnt>kct.s and  service boxes       If. A. Prosscr, sharpening tools   II. Hyers 6c Co., valves, ele   Wilson & Harshaw, hauling pipe   McKay & Kec-fer, making service coniicclinn.s...  T. W. Gray, lumber for Anderson creek llimie   Nat ional Tube Works Co.. service boxes   J. W. Cowan, hauling supplies    Nelson & Eon, Sheppard Railway, freight, on .-er-  viceboxes   Hall Mines, Limited, pipe   i Of! I  10  2277  17  107 07  fi (JO  70 75  11 25  ,13 00  191 00  SO 00  00 75  If) 50  85 25  00 75  110 50  !)7 50  112 50  00 25  05 50  I 25  03 25  87 50  37 50  .'>'.) 5i)  2S '00  30 00  33 0.)  7 50  29 50  300 00  539 !)0  I9S 27  tti S2  0 25  30 00  1 00  10 20  83 25  20 71  35 31  112 00  7 75  1.-S3 IS  JS 00  Total..  SK273 72  WATER WORKS MAINTENANCE.  Lawrence Hardware Co., repairs lo mains, etc. .S 0!) Ill  Northern Pacific Express, charges on gaskets for  hydrants  2 50  Provincial Government, water right fee  3 00  National Tube Works Co.. gaskets for hydrants . 11 70  Total  . .S   SO Oil  BAKER STREET  Having secured the more commodious and convenient quarters of (he above hold, Mrs. E. C.  Clarke takes liiis opportunity of thanking her  former patrons at the Clarke Ilolel for their  patronage in the past, and for soliciting a continuance of the same.  Rates $2 per Day  .  Glarke,  SHERIFF'S   SALE.  XOTICU'OK  S.W.K   l!V  SriUKII'-K.  I.\   TUB SUI'IIKMK t'OUUT OK  BlUTI.SU   Cnl.t.M li'l.A.  ��� '   '    '     ' . Between   .  William HuNTKit & Company   and  Tin-: Idi.hh Mini.vc; Company (Eoreign).  ....Plaintiffs  .Defendants.  IN OBEDIENCE to a writ, of Fieri Facias issued out of  tho above Court to me directed in the above suit for  Ihc sum of $2Hi.(i(i Debt and Cosls together with interest  on the same, besides Shcriir's fees, poundage and other  expenses of this execution, I ha ve seined and- will-offer  I'or sale by Public Auction at the. Court House, Nelson,  on Monday, the 31st day of October, A, !).. IS08. at 12  o'clock noon. All tho right, title and inferestof the above  defendants in the lauds described below.,or sullicient  thereof to satisfy the judgment deb! and costs in Ibis  action :  Distriel.  Kootenay  District.  Number  of  Lots  Lot 85;  Group  Concise Description  of Properly  Lot 857, Group I.  known as the "Idler"  Mineral Claim.  Koootenuy District  Estate  or  Interest  Title  Under  Crown  I    Grant.'  (issued but,  not yet  j registered)  When to be sold  Moniliiv, the 31st, day of  October. A. D. I8!I8. at 12  o'clock noon.'  Where to be sold  At. the front of  the  Court  House. Nels   H. C  Terms of  Sherill' of Koolenay.  Per W.  P.  Robinson.  I.ieputy Sberifl.  Dated the I lib dav of .September, 1'SiiS.  sale cash.  S. REDGRAVE.  Land and Woukh Di.i'aktmknt.  \'|i."I'()!U.\, !'..(!., July 7lh. 1808.  Sir: In reply to vour letter of Ibell.b instant. I beg to  sayibal the crown grant (No. 210,81) of lot 857 group I.  Koolenav district (Idler mineral claim) was issued on the  2!llh April. IS!I7. Iodic Idler Mining Company I Eoreign).  I have the honor lo be.  Sir. vour obedient servant.  W. S. GORE.  Deputy Commis-ioner of Lands and Work-*.  To R. H. Kerr. Barrislcr, New Denver, li. C.  Sir:  Land RKfiisTHV Or kick.  Victoiiia, 251 h August. 1808.  IlK Hi-.stku v. Idi.ki:  In answer lo your leltei1 of the 22iul instant. I beg lo  s;iv that no registration of tille has been registered iis to  lot 857 group I, Kootenay District, either to the Idler  .Mining Cniuuuuy or anyone el.-e, con-equenl ly no ab-  "Irnc.t of lii.ic'ean* possibly be furnished,  Vour obedient servant.  S. V. WOOTTOX.  Registrar General, per E. S.  R. I!. Kerr. Esq.. Barrister, New Denver, II. (.'.  PitOviNCi:  Nn. 11���  rpHIS IS TO CERTIFY that the  '���*���    Limited."   is   authorisod  and  on business within the Province of British Columbia, and  to carry out or effect all or any of the objects hereinafter  set forth to which the legislative authority of the legi-la-  ture of British Columbia extends.  The head ollice of Hie Company is situate in England.  The amount of the capital of the Company is C200,000,  divided into 200.000 shares of one pound each.'  The head ollice of lhe Company in this Province is  situate in Nelson, and James Roderick Robertson, manager of coin panics, whose address is Nelson aforesaid, is  the attorney for the Company.  The objects for which the Company has been established are:  (a.) To enter inlo, and carry into cited, wilh such  modifications (if any) as may be agreed upon, an agreement to be made with The London and British Columbia  Goldlields, Limited, of Ihe one part, and the Company of  lhe oilier pari, for Ihe purchase of Ihe Vmir Gold Mines,  situated nl. Wild Horse Creek, Wesl Koolonuy.coinpri.s--  ing four claims, known as the Vmir, Rockland, Mugwump, Golden Horn, and sundry fractions and riglits  appertaining therelo constituting the Vmir group:  (b.) To search for, win. gel, quarry, refine, amalgamate, smelt or otherwise dress'and Prepare for market,  mineral substances of all kinds, anil in particular gold,  silver, and other precious minerals and precious stones:  (c.) To buy, sell, reduce, deal in. and refine bullion,  .specie, coin and precious metals:  (d.) To locate or otherwise acquire mining, claims,  mining rights, and metalliferous hinds in British Columbia or elsewhere, iind I o explore, work, develop, and  turn to account the same:  (e.) To acquire by grant, selection, purchase, lease or  otherwise, mid to develop the resources of and turn to  account any lands and any rights over or connected with  land belonging to or in which the Company is interested,  and in part icu'ur by laying out town sites and preparing  the same for building, letting on building lease or agreement, advancing money to or entering into eon-  tracts with builders, tenants and others, clearing,  draining, fencing, planting, cultivating, building, improving, fanning, irrigating and by promoting immigration iind the establishment of towns, villuges and  settlements:  (II To acquire and carry on all or any part of the  business or properly, and lo undertake any liabilities of  any person, llrm, association or company possessed of  property suitable for any of the purposes of this Company,  or carrying on any business which this Company "is  authorised lo carry on, or which can be conveniently,  carried on in connection witli lhe same, or may seem to  the Company calculiitea directly or indirectly to benefit  this Company, and as ihe consideration for the same to  pay cash or to issue any shares, slocks or^obligations of  tho Company, and to enter into working'arrangements,  contracts and agreements with other companies iind  persons: (  (g.) To promote any other company or companies for  the purpose of acquiring all or any of the property or  liabilities of this Company, or of advancing directly or  indirectly the objects or interests thereof, and to purchase, subscribe for, or otherwise acquire, and to hold lhe  -hares, stocks or obligations of anj company in tlie  United Kingdom or elsewhere, and upon a distribution  of assets or division of profits, to distribute such shares,  stocks, or obligations amongst the members of llii.- Company in specie:  (h.l Generally, to distribute among the inembeis any  property of the Company iu .specie:  (i.) To borrow or rai-e money I'or any purposes of the  Company, and for the purpose of scouring the same and  interest, or for any other purpose, to mortgage or charge  Ihc undertaking, or nil or any parLnl'tho properly of lhe  Company present or after acquired, or Us uncalled  capital, and lo create, issue, make, draw, accept, and  negotiate perpol ual or redeemable debentures or debenture stock, bills of exchange, promissory notes, or other  obligation- or negotiable instruments:  (j."i To sell, let, develop, dispose of, or otherwise deal  with the uiiderlakiug.'ora.'l or any part of the pi"��pcrty  of the Company, upon any terms, with power to accept  as the consideration any shares, slocks or obligations of  any other company:  (k.) To pay oui of the funds of the Company all expenses of or incident to llio formation, registration and  advertising of.tlic Company, and the is-ue of its capital,  including brokerage and commissions forobtainingapph-  cations for or placing shares :  (1.) To make donation.- lo such persons and in such  cases, and either in money or kind, as may seem expedient:  (m.) To act as trustees, and undertake Ihe obligations  of any trust:  (n.) To carry out all or any of Ihc foregoing objects as  principalsor agent-, or in partnership or conjunction with  any other person, llrm. association or company, and in any  part of the world :  (o.) To procure the Company to be registered or recognised in any foreign country or place, or in any colony  or elsewhere:  (p.) To do all such other things as are incidental or  conducive to the attainment of tlie above objects.  Given under my hand and seal of ollice at Victoria.  Province of British Columbia, I his 5th day of October, one  thousand eight hundred any ninety-eight.  [l..s.| S.  V. WOOTTOX,  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  Between Duluth and Bui-talo  via the   riiag*nificent pa.sscng'er  steamships   " North  and " North  Land.  'S*  West"  Touching- en route: "The  Soo," Mackinac Island, Detroit, -and Cleveland.  Connecting* at Buffalo for New-  Boston. ; Also   at'  for all cpoints  East  York and  lake ports���  and South.0  Two daily Grout- XorUiern trains. (1_;i.ste.m  Jiailwjiy of Minnesota), tVoin St. Paul and  Minneapolis connect witli .steamers at 'Duluth.  Before deciding  call  on agenl  or  write.  of  on your route to, the East  Great   Northern   "Railway.  F.  I. WHITNEY, G.P. & T.A., St. Paul  (Handsomely Illustrative descriptive matter  sent on request.)  CANADIAN PACIFIC BAILWAY  AND   SOO   PACIFIC   LINE  Notice of   Appiieation   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  WI11TI-. (JI.Ol/'l). Ill.fK./Al.'K-, YKI.I.OW .lACIC, K1TTI.NU IU-J.,1.,  Ill.l-'K JACK I-UACTIOX, Vlil.l.OW JACK KltACTIOX, AXI>  SITT1.NO IIL'I.I. KliACTIO.V .MIXKIt.W. CI.AI.M_, SITUATi:  I.V TIIK XIXSO.V MIXIXO niVIMOX Of KOOTKNAV BIS-  TIIICT. AXD r.OCATKD OX TIIK XOItTll SIOK OK SIIKKI'  CKKKK, XKAU liKAU CIIKKK.  Take notice that I, .1. A. l-irk, acting as agent for the  tjnlmo Oun.solicliilccl Gold Aiming & Development Company. Limited Liability, free miner's certificate No.  IH.l-UlA, ir.tencl sixty day-, from tlie date hereof, to appl)  lo the mining; recorder for a, certilicatc of improvement.-.,  for the purpo'-e of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claims.  And further take notice that action, muter .-.cction H7,  must be commenced before the i-ouaneo of such eertillcate of improvement-:. J. A. ICIUK.  Dated this _7lb day of August, 1S0S. [Sept. 3rd]  Notice   of   Appiieation   for   Certificate  of  improvements.  ICIXO 'OK TIIK KOHEST MINKItAI, CI.AI.M, SITUATK IX TIIK  XKI.SON .MIXIXO DIVISIOX OK WKST ICOOTKXAV DISTKICT  AXD I.Of.'ATI'.D OXK MII.K \VKST OK GIVKOl-T UltKKIv AXD  i-OOK MILKS SOUTIIWKST OK XK!,SOX.  Take notice that I, .1. M. It. Kairbairn, of Kaslo. \i. C,  acting us agent for Ii. T. Aitkin, free miner's certilicatc  No. 21S), intend sixty days from tho date hereof, to apply  to the mining recorder for a certilicatc of improvements  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claim. And further take notice that action under section  ;I7. inii.il. be commenced before the issuance of such certilicatc of improvements. .1. .At. It.  KAlKliAIR.V.  Dated this I Sth day of August, ISO..  Notice   of   Appiieation   for   Certificate   of  Improvements^  "WIIITK." - '��� IIAKDl.-P." ''i:i.KCTIOX." AXD '".MY KM Kit"  MINKHAI. CLAIMS SITUATK IN TUB NKI.SON' M1XIXO  DIVISION   OK WKST K'OOTKXAV OlSTItlCT, AXD I.OCATKlJ  xkai: -nn: i'ooh.max claim on kaoli: oukkk.  Take notice that I, A. K. Kurwoll, agent for the Xelson,  I'oorman Gold Mining Company, Limited, free miner's  cerlilicale So. 'JSb'iiA. intend sixty days from the dale  hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a cerlilicale  of improvements, I'or the lhe purpose of obtaining;! crown  grant of Ihe above claims. And further lake notice lh.it  :'ir:tion. under section 117. inusl. be commenced before the  issuance of such ccrlilieate of improvement-.  A.    .-".    rWUVVKLL.  Dated this iind day (if September, ixitf. |Se|tt. :t.J    ��� -        _  Notice   of   Appiieation   for   Certificate  Improvements.  'Jl-.VU MINKHAI. CLAIM, SITUATK   IN TIIK  NKI.SON   MININC  DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAV   DISTKUT, AND I.OUATKIi  ON WKST SI UK OK (HVKOI-r CltKKIC, I'llflt  AND  A   IIALK  MILKS   SOUTIIWKST   OK   NKI.SON.   ADJOINING   KINO  OK  TIIK  t'OKKST  MINKKAL CLAIM.  Take ntiliei; thai I, .1. JI: II. I''iiirli:tirn. of  ICasln. li. ('..  aeliia; ns agent  for.I. Jl.Ne.--s, free  miner's  cei'liHealc  No. -J.Vii!. iiiteiiii sixt v days from the dale hereof, to apply  lo I lie mining recorder for a cert ill rate of improvements,  I'or l he purpose nf obtaining a erown grant  of ihe above  eb.im.    .And furl her I.ike nol ice thai   action, under section .'!7. inu.-t lie commenced before the i-siiancu of Mich  eort.ilkalc of improvements.       .1. JI. It. KAIKliA IliN.  Dated this lSt.h day of August, Vc'JS.  Notice   of   Appiieation   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  KIKKWAl.l.   MINKKAL   CLAIM,   SITUATK   IN'   TIIK    NKI.SON  MINI.M; DIVISION OK   WKST   KOOTKNAV   DI.STItlCT. AND  I.OCATKD OXMoKNINO MOUNTAIN, l-'lll'li MII.KSKOUTII-  WKS.T OK NKLSON AND IS SOUTIIWKST OK JI'SIJ M. C.  Take notice that I. .1. JI. it. I-'iiii-b;iini._ of  Kaslo, I!. (.'.,  acting as agent  for T. Kendall, free  miner's certilicatc  No. L'SL'H. intend sixty days from lhe date hereof, to apply  to the mining recorder for a eeriilii.'atc of improvement-.  fur the purpose, of obtaining a crown grant of the  above  claim. And furl her lake nol ice lh.it action under -ection  :!(. mu-i he commenced before llie i.-suniice  of  such cer-  lill.'dle or improvement.-. -L JI. I!. KA 11! MA I l:N.  Dated lhi< 1 St (i day of Augu.-t, IS'is.  THE" TREjMONT '" " :'~  3sr__-__,so_sr  MALONK, & TUHOILLUSJ. Proprietors.  Is one of the bc.-t hotels in Toad Mountain district, .and  is the headquarters   or prospectors and miners,  Tlie Direct and Superior Service Route from the  Kootenay Country to all Points East,  West, \iortb aqd Sonrrj.  Tourist Cars (Models of Comfort) Pass Revelstoke Daily to  St. Paul.   Daily Except Wednesday to Eastern Points.  co_sr_sr__]0_rio_srs  Leave.  11:1(1 p. m  Rossland  and   Main, tine   Poiqts.  DA ILV   NKLHON   Slocan  City,   Slocan  take  . Dailv  Arrive.  .IO.-UOp. in.  Poinds and Sandon.  Leave.                . Dailv  Kxeepf Sundav Arrive.  !l:d0a. in NKLSON * _:.0 p. in.  Kootenay take-Kaslo  R.outo--Steanicr Kokanec.  Leave.                 Dailv  K.xcept Sundav Arrive.  l:00p. m NKLSON .* 11:00 a. in.  Kootenay  Rjver Route-Steamer Nelson..  Leave.                       Jlon.. "Wed.. Fri., Arrive.  7:00 n. m NKLSON 0:30 p. in.  Makos connection al IJi)ol May with steamer Kokanec  in both directions.  Sieumers. on ilicit" respective routes call al principal  landings in both directions, and at other points when  signalled.  A--certain Hates and full information by addressing  nearest local agent or  C. S. BEER, City Tick.et Agt.,  "1  J. HAMlLTOfJ, Avgent J  \V. K. A.vdkhsox, Traveling Passenger Agent, Nelson.  K. .1. Coyi.k. Di.s't l'as~;iiger Agent, Vancouver.  Nelson, B. C.  Spokane Falls & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red Mountain Railways.  Th,e only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson ar\d Rossland, aqd  Spokane and Rosslarjd,  Leave  (i:2oa. in...  I_.n.ia. in ..  8:.'I0 a. in   DAILY    TRAINS.   NKLSON...   ltOSSLANI)..   SPOICANK..  Arrive  . ...r>:'.i5 p.m.  ..12:20 p.m.  ...3:10 p.m.  The train that leaves Ncl.-on at 15:20 a. m��� makes close  connections at .bpokane with trains for all Pacific Coast  points.  Passengers for Kettle Iliver and Jtoundary Creek con  ncct at Marcus with stage daily.   C. ii. DIXON. G. M. & T. A.  O Ul _3_.-C3. ~t_J  Owners  surface ot.'  who rlesirt  of bona   fide  which   bclon  to acquire title  mineral' claims,   the  s  to   this 'Conijja'iiVj  to such surface,  should make application for same at once,  as the Conip.-iiiv is now receiving numerous  applications for the purchase of land in tlie  vicinity of Rossland, and along the line of  the Xelson it  Fort   .Sheppard   J'ailway, and  it  is   (  owners <  privilege  claim.  ie desire  of bona  of  t  of  lid  purchasing  ie  Company to  mineral  claims  the   surface  give  the  the  first  of  such  /kelson & Fort Sheppard Railway Co.  STEAM  TUC   FOR   SALE   BELOW   COST.  One I ug about In feel. long hy 7 feel beam, frame of  mil unil oak crooks, double framed .oid put together at  the coast, planked and finished nt. Kaslo wilh special llr  timber, lias oik: water lube boiler of 20 II. I'., tested lo  2jifi pounds (.'. W. T��� fastened throughout with galvanized iron: two double reciprocating rcversiblo engines:  one special Mar.-h st.-ani pump: one double tube metropolitan injector: brass side lights: brass steering wheel,  etc. fitted and tini.-hed throughout, and within in first-  class order  Tho  Following Machin.ory at a Bargain..  One steel upright boiler with'liftings complete. 12 H.  ���l\. but little used; one double reciprocatingsi|iiare piston  slalionary engine. 7-10 II. I'., trimmings complete: flywheel. 22 by ,'il. revolutions 21" x ���l". bill little used : scc-  lioinil, can be broken into light weights for packing; two  drug saws complete, two saws each; one heavy adjustable wood splitter: one lot of shafting, be:irin_s', wood-  split pulleys, belting, ele.    for parliculary apply to  HAMILTOjN BYERS,  Kaslo,   Sandon,  Nelson,   B.   C.  Tenders Wanted for Ore Hauling  Tenders aic invited for a contract for h.iuling la tons  of ore doily from the i.'uern Hess Mines tu the Alamo  concentrator during th.- sleighing season. The company  does mil bind ii~clf to in-ceptllie lowest or anv tender.  Address, hy lci(.-r in the lirst nhice. The Queen Hess  Proprietary Co.. Ltd., Three forks. ]!. ('.  ATLANTIC  STEAMSHIP   TICKETS.  To and from Kuropcan points via Canadian and American lines. Apply for sailing dates, rates, tickets, imd  full informal ion lo anv Canadian Pneilic railway iigent or  IIKO. S.  HKKK, C.  P. It. Agent.  Xelson.  WILLIAM .STI'IT. tieneral >. .';;. Agent, Winnipeg.  tm  ms^mmH^mmmmm^sm^mss^sm^^^mmmm^^mmmMsmm^mmmmm^ THE   TI.iJJUNE:    NKLSON    Ji. (J.   SATURDAY,  (.HJTOiii.Ii I.",,  IS!)8.  @ @ ��  We are now showing a large assortment  of latest styles in Ladies' and Children's Capes, Jackets, and  Costume Suits, Fur Jackets, Capes, Collars and Muffs  iiepiriezd i_Et"v~i__sr_B s& oo.  >jt  In the way of Fancy Groceries, such as Canned Poultry, Kippered  Herring", Lambs Tongue, Boiled Rabbit, Chicken or Partridge Pate  and our  patrons  have the  advantage of having a fresh  stock of  goods to choose from at all times  Baker Street,  NELSON  LOCAL   NEWS   AND    GOSSIP.  Captain Charles G-riswold, who has boon  running- a.s mace on the steamer Rossland,  was brought to Nelson on Wednesday  suffering from typhoid fever.  The Canadian Pacific Railway Company  i'or the next week or so will maintain a  daily, except Sunday, .service between  Nelson and Jvuskonook. The steamer  Nelson will leave Nelson at 7 a.m., and  returning arrive at (5:30 p.m., making  connection at .Pilot Bay with the steamer  Kokanee iu both directions, and with the  train leaving Nelson at O:-10 p.m. Tlie  service will afterwards be fci .-weekly.  The Athabasca Gold Mining Company  has a big thing in the new ledge which  was cross cut some weeks ago. A sample  shipment of fifteen tons of ore from this  ledge was sent co the smelter, and netted  the company $1,730. The vein in ' the  main shaft is two feet six inches wide.  liobert J nee has resigned his position in  the government service as jailer. He will  form a partnership with L. M. Livingstone, and conduct a general merchandising business with stores at Brooklyn  and Cascade City.  Having in view the rules issued by  attorney-general Martin, which require  all government employees to be in their  offices at 9 o'clock in the morning, the  friends of Marry "Wright on Tuesday  evening presented him with a gold watch  and chain.  Justice Irving struck a tough case in the  trial of Belle Adams, in Victoria, for the  murder of her negro paramour, Charles  Lvincaid. The case was commenced on  Wednesday of last week and dragged  along until Tuesday, during the whole of  which time the jurors were under the eye  of the sheriff. The case was given to the  jury at (5 o'clock Tuesday evening, and a  lew minutes before midnight a verdict of  manslaughter was returned, coupled with  a recommendation to mercy. .Justice  Irving sentenced the prisoner��� ��� to five  years" imprisonment.  Sir William Van florae is . making his  annual trip over the Canadian Pacific  I .ail way Company's system.and will make  the return trip over the Crow's Nest Pass  extension. He is accompanied by several  of tlie prominent men' of Toronto and  Montreal, who figure on the company's  directorate. The party arrived in Nelson  last night and left early this morning.  It is said that Van Home sees a, great  future in store i'or Nelson, that in fact all  the predictions of its first settlers will be  verified. This means that the men who  cast in their lot with Nelson in I8U0 had  longer heads than that possessed by the  idolized railway president. When he first  visited Nelson his conception of tlie districts requisite railway facilities was  something in the nature of a jerk-water  railway which would beat "Joe" Wilson's  pack-train.  VV. II. Ilamsdall, of -Flathead, Montana,  who was identified with the White  ("rouse district two years ago, is among  the arrivals at Viuit.  Mayor Houston ��� yesterday received a  'Communication purporting to come from  the O'ault Coal Company, of Lethbridge,  in which the announcement is made that  the coal company has made arrangements'  with the Canadian Pacific liaihvay company whereby its best coal can be delivered in Nelson at $0 per- ton. The letter  further states that an agent will be ready  to handle the coai in a few days. The  letter is not written on Oault Company  stationery, nor is it signed personally by  any member of the firm.  The many friends of Fred Irvine will be  pleased to learn that he is recovering  from his recent attack of typhoid fever.  John L, Rota I lack is laid up in Spokane,  Miffeciiig from an a'.i.aok of typhoid fever.  l-t;ic ()|>penht-iui<ji', of Vancouver, -pent  :> couple of days in Nelson lliis week, Iiav-  i'i;.' made u I rip over I he Crow's Nest ex-  i eiision ..{' ihc Canadian Pacific. He says  iliaf. ihe coal ir;i> e-at  Pernio are at pre-  NO!  M  HEAD   OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.  All communications relating  to   British   Columbia   business to be addressed   to  P. O.  505,  Nelson, British Columbia  J.  RODERICK ROBERTSON, General  Manager/   .,_.   -N-x���,      _,    ^  3. S FOWLER,  E.M.,  Mining Engineer {   NELSON,    B. C.  Drawer  The company will have 100 coke ovens  manufacturing coke as soon as they can  be constructed.  R. B. Angus and W. Ogilvie of Montreal  were with the Van Home C. P. R. party  at Nelson last night. Both are directors  of the Bank of Montreal, and while here  expressed an opinion that the bank should  acquire a building site in the town.  Sensible directors.  J. M. Ivellie, M. P. P., of Revelstoke, and  William Flson, C. P. R. conductor of  Kamloops, are taking a look at K-OOtenay's  commercial, social and political capital.  Mr. Kellie says the government will have  six majority when the legislature meets,  aud Mr. iCIson says its intimated that  passenger conductors on the main line  will, ere long, be required to run from  Kam loops to Field.  The members of the ladies' aid of the  Catholic church have decided not to accept the use of the fire hall i'or bazaar  purposes. When they made their application for the use of the hall they were  unaware that the council had declined to  accord similar societies the same privilege.  For this reason they will hold their bazaar  in some other place.  A special feature in connection with the  services in the English church tomorrow  evening will be the presentation of the  finale of Beethoven's Mount of Olives. by  W. F. Brougham, assisted by Mrs. Brougham and several of the musical people of  the city.  On the Beatrice group near the head of  Mohawk creek, in the Lardeau, there are  300 tons of high grade "galena oh the  dump. This property has been underdevelopment during the past three mouths  by G. Frank Beer of this city, during  which time a force of twelve men have  been kept at work and some 300 feet of  development performed. A trail will be  built to the Beatrice for the purpose of  rawh'tding the ore out.  Mr. and Mrs. Durward Lely will appear  in concert in the Presbyterian church cm  Thursday evening. The programme for  the evening contains several old favorites,  the numbers being evenly divided in  Scotch, Irish and English songs. They  are Annie Laurie, Flow Gently Sweet  Afton, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Sovourneen  Deelish, The Meeting of the Waters, The  Miustrel'Boy, By the-Fountain, The Distant Shore, and Sally in Our Alley.  A Gentle Answer  Late, in life George I V in some stages of  conviviality got it into his  head   that  he  was at Waterloo tuid a pivotal  center of  that engagement. Iu particularly woolly  mental moods lie would now and then appeal to the iron duke to confirm his presence there. " Vou remember, duke, when  I was at 'Waterloo"���~ " Ves, yes,*' the  duke would reply. "I have often heard  your majesty say so." Miss Jessie Schley's  notion that she ended the war is of like  texture, though it is a perfectly harmless  hallucination, and in no way discredits  the fact that tlieSchley family had a good  deal to do with it.  Huanchaca de Bolivia has had (he operation of its mines seriously interfered  with the past two years by water and  other mishaps. Its production in 1807 was  lal.OO.) kilograms, or -1.880,(573 ounces of  silver. This is not much more than one-  half of the maximum output, which was  reached in 1803, and was281,007 kilograms  or 9,01 l,3S.*5 ounces.  o  to fit your feet at  ��  to suit your poeket  THE LEADING  AND SH  OF MELSi  aukrpkkjS" block, baker strkkt.  CORPORATION  OF THE CITY OF  NELSON  "rsroTieE  SALE OF CEMETERY LOTS  Notice is hereby glveil that lots in Lhe city cemetery  will be otl'crcd for sale by public auction on Thursday,  the 20tli day of October, instant, at 2 o'clock p. in., at the  city hall.  A plan of the cemetery showing the location of the  lots to be offered for sale can be seen, and other information obtained at the city olliees.   By order.  ���'. K. STRACITAN, City Clerk.  Nelson, Ji. C, October 12. JS9S.  CORPORATION  OF THE CITY OF  NELSON  isro_?icJE  lhe city council are prepared to receive tenders for  the removal of bodies from the old cemetery to the citv  cemetery.  'I'enders are 'required to  be sent  in not  later than  ;i  o'clock p. in. on .Monday, the -.Ith October, instant.  .   Further information can be obtained on application 10  the undersigned at the ciiy olliees.  The city council do nol bind themselves to accept  the  lowest or any lender which may be sent in.    Bv nnb'r  .1. K. STIt.ACHANT, City Clerk.  '  Nelson. II. C. October 12, 1MB.  CORPORATION  OF THE CITY  OF  NELSON  asroariCE  Tho Largest, Sliver Mine  The biggest silver producer in the world  at jiresent is the Broken Hill Proprietary  Company in New South Wales. The output of that company's mines for the fiscal  year ending .May .'51, 1808, was (i. 122.270 fine  sent taking out 200 tons  of coal   per. day  ounces of silver. The Anaconda Copper  Mining Company in Montana came second  I tyitli a production of 5,071,0-'iO ounces of  'silver. It is worth noting that iu both of  i these mines the silver is produced in con-  ; ncction with other metals, at Broken Hill  i with lend and at Anaconda with copper.  .- The latter is principally a copper mine,  ; since the metal forms the greater part of  1 the    value   of   its   ores.    The   Compania  All persons desirous nl' removing the remains of friends  or relatives from the old cemetery to Ihe city cemetery  are required lo give notice to Unit eil'ect. to lhe undersigned on or before Alonda.v. the -.'Ith dav of October,  insiaiit.    liy. order,  .1. K. .STKACHAN. Citv Cleric.  Nelson, H. C. October 12, 1WIS.  Notice of Application for Transfer of Liquor License.  -Notice is hereby given that llie undersigned. Mary  Mallotfe, will apply to lhe board'of licensing commis-  sioners of Ihe City of Nelson al their next sitting I'or llie  transfer of license to sell liquor by retail, al present held  by her. to Abraham N. Johnson, and (he undersigned  Abraham N. Johnson will apply to thesaid board a.: I heir  next selling for the transfer of the license now held bv  Hie said Mary Malletle from (lie premises known as llio  Koolenay lintel, on Vernon street, to the building on  premises contained in.I he cast J of lot y block I. on linker  st rec-i in I lie said ci! v.  (Signed)    MARY M A I.LKTTK.  A. M. .lOir.NrfON.  Dated al, Nelson; II. (.'., October I Ith. ISIIS.  NELSON,  B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  Jobbers and Retailers in  AND  rt]3.\e a specialty of iinirsg Railroad aqd Steamboat Supplies  Our stock will be the most complete m Kootenay  full line of Tools, Cutlery, Stoves and Ranges, Granite, Tiq aqd Woodenware  c J _ \& i  B        <S_? S_S' li' �� i__ H �� S _ '���i.-f _ _ D  ^_.C3-E'Isl"_rS   FO-E-  Truax Automatic Ore Cars.    Giant Powder Co.    Jessop's Steel  _3_______3_?;, s_?_=.__i__ia? bast,  _sr__ii_so-_<r, _3. c.  Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes, and  Cloth Brushes. Also good values  in Sponges.  13*  ________________  Prescriptions Carefully Compounded  ��S ______ >$h^J  Baker Street, Nelson  '^~?_?'"W'.lVt"  P  M   C Si       $ *>>, fi   ffi  Contractors ean save money hy securing' our  prices on builders' hardware. We make a special feature of this branch of the trade.  KVKRYTIIIXd  IN 'II! K  IIAKIIU'AliK  LINK  JUPI  ('oidovn rflrcol,  Vjuic-oiivur.  linker Street..  Kelson.  9  Is something1 new5 stylish, and strictly up to date  for fall  wear.   Every  >ee  No. 18 aq_ 20 Baker Street, Nelson.  Baker Street  ire offering special bargains in  Fine Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums  THEBE WILL .  BE AN  ECONOMY  THIS WINTER  IN THE  USE OF COAL  AS FUEL  ^T  '���$~:'>>\2  rt.  ��S_��> /��:  seem   mysterious    to   the  man, but when it comes to  Notice of Application for Liquor License.  N'oliee is hen;bv given that, (lie undersigned will np|ilv  in I Ik; board of licensing eojnniissiuners of llie cilyo'f  Kelson ill tlieir next, silting for a license to sell li<| tioi- at  retail al lier hotel, known as (.be Ivoolennv hotel, situale  on ihe west, j of lot. o, and the east 1 of lot I. in bloek I. on  Vernon .street, in lhe (.'it\- of Nelson.  (Signed)   -\IAttV MA U.KTTr'.  Dated nl N'elsnn. I!. ('., October lllh. IS!l,S.  ordinary  k now i nowhere the best shoes are \o be had  for the least monev, tiie Dractical  side of her nature slands out promi-  nentl)'. We haven't advertised a  baro'ain sale, but it has become  known thai we are selling" a particularly line lot of laches' shoes at very  moderate prices. That is enough to  brin��>' those who like tfood stvlish  footwear. We g'ive a few pickings  from the lar_>'e and varied stock.  THOSE  WHO DECIDE  TO USE ,  COAL SHOULD  SEE THE  LATEST  DESIGNS IN  COAL  BURNING  STOVES  THIS CAN.  BE DONE BY  CALLING-���  AT THE  LAWRENCE  HARDWARE  COMPANY'S  NSW STORE  MELSON SHOE STORE.   LAWREKCE HMDWME C��L Baker Street Mmn


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