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 Has  Mines that are Paying Dividends and  Hundreds of Properties that can be Made  Dividend  Paying Mines.  ' A.  FIFTH   TEAR,-NO,  ���A^  NELSON,  BRITISH  COLUMBIA, SATURDAY  OCTOBER a,  LS97.  Has  Three  Smelters   in   Successful   Operation,  and   Enough   Ore   in Sight   to   Run  Several   More.  TWO   DOLLARS  A YEAR.;  MORE   OP   COLLINS'   HISTORY.  In   Which  Til 10  Till-  the early  the 'Enterprise   of  the   Citizens   oi'  Nelson is Referred To.  Niclson, September-.'Wtb, 1807.'  I  have not much   more to  tuld  to  the  notes which were published in  ut'NK  last, week, dealing  with  history of Nelson.    In fact I had intended  to   cut   the   history  oil", a.s  it  had  been  brought down to a date so recent that-al-  most anyone could have secured the data  for compiling a reasonably correct narrative, but   I see that St: Barbe is a.s hopelessly lost as  before.    In order, that the  merchants who are patronizing  this history scheme may at least learn something  of the history of the town  iu  return for  their $25, I will undertake to correct some  of the more important inaccuracies in tlie  narrative of the first historian of Nelson.  If I do not enter into my subject so fully  tis 1 did formerly, 1 trust that my readers  will  overlook   the  fault.    Invents of the  past week  have  not  tended   to  make a  man sure of anything, and since reading  David  JYlorri.s'  celebrated affidavit,  that  pressure is a meaningless phrase  in hydraulics, Tarn even distrustful of my rules  of arithmetic to say nothing of my faculty  for remembering names and dates.  Nelson's First Water Company.  The first men  to make an attempt to  give Nelson ti waterworks .system were .J.  l*Yed Hume and  Charles   11.   Ink.   They  started  in   to  build a small system, but  found after they  would not be able  and F. S. Barnard  got started "that they  to finance the scheme,  was induced to-take a  one-third interest. The firm then constructed the jiresent system without  any authority from the legislature. The  business was conducted under the firm  name of Hume, Ink & Company. To make  their position secure the members of  the firm of Hume. Ink & Company, together with J. A. Gilker, W. F. Teetzel,  M. D. JYIahoncy and \V. .J. .Wilson.secured  a charter from the legislature''in."the" following winter, being incorporated as the  Consumers' Waterworks company. In  the summer of 1892. K. S. Barnard secured  the interest held by Hume'and Ink, aud  the Consumers' Waterworks company  then took over the system, it was operated by tlie company up,to this summer,  when all its rights were purchased by the  corporation of Nelson for $5,000.  The Lifi-ht and Telephone Companies.  The Nelson Electric Light company was  organized by virtually the - same-men as  those interested iu the Consumers' Wal er-  works company, the bills incorporating  the   two   companies   going  through  the  legislature during the same session. It,  too. is likely to pass into the hands of the  corporation of Nelson. Although the  light company had a rather discouraging  time of it for the first three years after  its incorporation, most of the original  promoters remained with the company,  and today the bulk of the company's  stock is held by the men who secured the  company's charter/The same men who  were interested in. the water and light  companiesiwere also interested in the incorporation of the Kootenay Lake Telephone company, which was incorporated in 1891. This company built a  telephone line to Ainsworth in the summer of 1801 and in the following winter  built on to Kaslo. While the construction  of this,telephone service was of great convenience to the merchants doing business  along Kootenay lake, and tended in a  measure to centralize business in Nelson,  it was not a profitable venture to the  promoters., The expenses of operating  the line were heavy and the shareholders  considered themselves fortunate in getting their money back by the sale of the  line from Nelson to Kaslo to the Canadian  Pacific Railway Company, and afterwards of the remainder of the .system to  the men who control the telephone business in this province.  The First School and Its Master.  The first school house in Nelson was established by a Presbyterian ''missionary"  named Rogers. He passed the hat among  the citizens, and secured sufficient funds  to erect a small school house on���Baker  street in IXilO. Mr. Rodgers put in his  spare time teaching, the colony of youngsters until Miss Rath, now Mrs. John Hamilton, succeeded him as a salaried government school teacher. The building first  used as a public; school was secured some  years ago by the Hamilton Powder company. It was then repaired and altered  to such an extent that it would be difficult to recognize it in the present office ot  the powder company.  The Early Bankers of Nelson.  Charles l_. Taylor,was the first man to  establish a banking business in Nelson.  He had previously been manager of the  'Vancouver branch of the bank of B. N.  A. and early in 1891 he opened an office in  what H'. now known as the Scrogg.s block.  He carried on business under the style of  the Kootenay Safe Deposit company, but  his capital proved insufficient for ti general banking business. When the Slocan  discoveries were made a great many of  the residents of Nelson tind Ainsworth  took up land along Slocan river  and Slocan lake. Their action incited  Taylor to write several long letters to  the government at Victoria, setting out  that all the land was being gobbled up by  speculators. This caused the government  to place a reserve upon all the land ,vith-  in 10 miles of Slocan lake, and the people  of Nelson were so hot nt banker Taylor  Something' About Slocan Towns.  St. Barbe creates the impression in his  "write-up"that Three Forks was the first  commercial center called into existence in  the Slocan by reason of the mineral discoveries. Such was not the case. New  Denver was started as a town before  Carpenter and Hugonin began holding  down Three Forks as a pre-emption. It  was first known as Fldonulo, and was so  called until VV. A. Jowett held the government sale of town lots there in 1892,  after which it was called New Denver. In  the natural order of things Three Forks  might never have been heard from as a  townsite had not the pre-emptors sold out  to people on the coast, who had sufficient  influence to induce the provincial government to over-ride the.land laws and pass  a special act passing title to the townsite  before tlie period required for the perfecting of title under the land act had expired. This circumstance, coupled with  the building of the Nakusp & Slocan railway, which for a time made its terminal  at Three Forks, gave Three Forks a start  over Sandon. But upon the completion  of the Kaslo & Slocan railway to Sandon,  the Nakusp & Slocan was forced to build  on to that point and Three Forks became  a suburb of Sandon, and people who put  tlieir money into Three Forks town lots  wished they hadn't.  The Organization of the Fire Company.  A public meeting was held in It. E.  Lemon's store on the night of February  9th, 1891, for the purpose of organizing a  fire company. G. A. Bigelow, E. C. Arthur,  Harold Selous, Fred Richardson, .J. A.  Gilker, Thomas M. Ward, Thomas Madden,   and   John   Houston,   who are still  for his letter  writing that they burned  him in effigy at the corner of Baker and  ���Josephine streets.   Taylor did not remain  long in Nelson after this.    The absurdity  of the reserve   was demonstrated in  the  spring of 1892, when  it \va��  lifted.    Another private bank was started by Messrs.  Applewhaito. A1 hi tut Co. They commenced  business ti bout- December, 1891, or the following January, in the south end  of the  building at, present occupied by the Manhattan   saloon   on .Josephine  street.    W.  d'esner Allan retired from the firm within  a year, and  tho  business  was carried on  for some   time   later   by   Edward   Apple-  whaite it Co.     During the first week in  January,   1892, A. II. Buchanan  opened ti  branch of  the Bank  of Montreal  in the  premises at present occupied by Messrs.  Matheson ic Graham on Baker street.    C.  F. S.   Plainber   wa*  manager  Buchanan's  first assistant.    He was succeeded by l_.  P. Whalley, who served until the arrival  of Leonard  Craig.    A. H. Buchanan continues as manager of the bank and Craig-  is now in the provincial government service in this city.   The   Bank  of British  Columbia opened a branch in Nelson, with  A. F. Daley as manager in March, 1892, in  J. Fred Hume's store on   Vernon  street.  Daley got into trouble over a small shortage in his accounts.    He was succeeded by  Grange V. Holt, tiie present manager.  Nelson's  Enterprise in 1891.  Historian St. Barbe evidently is not acquainted  with the efforts  made  by  the  people of Nelson  to secure the  trade of  the   Slocan   district",    which   sprung    up  shortly after the discovery of  the Payne  mine by Eli Carpenter and Jack Seatou.  In the lace into the Slocan to secure locations after the high value of the ore from  the Payne was ascertained, Eli Carpenter  with li. A. Bielenberg re-entered the Slo-,  can  by way of Slocan river,  while Jack  Seaton and a party made up of Bill and  Jack Henuessy, Jack McGuigan aud Frank  Flint,  went in   by  way of Kaslo creek.  Others soon followed, and within a month  the trade of the Slocan was worth having.'  To secure this trade the citizens of Nelson  built a trail up Slocan river to the mouth  of Lemon creek, a distance of, 28  miles,  and during the fall of 1891 '.nearly all the  travel into the Slocan was over this trail.  In connection with this trail building, the  Slocan  Trading & Navigation' Company  was formed for the purpose of operating  a steamer on Slocan lake from the end of  the Slocan river trail.    The "idea  of the  promoters of the company was to have a  steamer running on Slocan  lake  by   the  middle  of   May.    An   order   was  placed  with an  eastern   firm   for the''necessary  machinery   for  the steamer,  it  being a  condition that  the machinery should be  ..delivered   at   Slocan   Crossing  by  April  loth, 1.892, but The firm got into financial  difficulties and all the machinery wtis not  delivered until along in September.   The  steamer was called the-William  Hunter,  and cost in the neighborhood of $8000.    In  this  enterprise J. Fred  Hume, Hunter ic  McKinnon, John R. Cook, Sam Wharton,  James Delaney, James Dawson and Houston & Ink were associated.    The  mistake  which the people of Nelson made was in  not making the Slocan river trail into a  sleigh road  in   the winter of 1891-2, and  then converting the same into a wagon  road.    Had this been done, Nelson would  have continued to hold the trade of the  Slocan district longer than  it did.    Historian St. Barbe betrays an ignorance of  the geography  of  the district when he  suggests the Nelson  people should  have  built up Y'uill creek instead of up Slocan  river.    A trail up Yuill creek, or Kokauee  creek as it is now called, would have  to  climb a mountain about (5000 feet above  the level of Kootenay lake, whereas tlie  raise from Slocan Crossing to Kootenay  lake is but 250 feet, with the distance in  favor of tlie Slocan river trail.    The circumstance that the Canadian Pacific railway company is now building a railway  along Slocan river rather establishes the  wisdom  of  the   merchants  of Nelson  in  tlieir selection of the Slocan   river as the  best route for ti trail into Slocan lake.  residents of Nelson, and others were present.   The  company   was  named "Deluge  Hook and'Ladder Company, No. I," and  the following officers were elected :   G. E.  Jt.   Ellis,   president: G.  A. Bigelow, vice-  president': \V.   Gesner   Allan,   secretary-  treasurer: G. A. Bigelow, foreman: M. D.  Ma'honey, assistant   foreman; and 'W. A.  Crane, Thomas Madden, and John   Houston an executive committee.    The organization has been kept up and the company  litis done good work on several occasions.  G. A. Bigelow devoted much time to keep  the appliances in  good  condition, tind  he  is entitled to great credit for the effective  work that was done at fires.  The fire hall,  at present owned by the corporation, was  built by the fire company from money received from public subscriptions and the  government."   appropriation,     in   connection with .he Dominion  Day celebration  in 189*3 a large dancing paviliion was built  a t the corner of Baker aud Stanley streets.  When the celebration  was over the fire  company  purchased   the lumber-used in  the paviliion for $00, and John Houston  was authorized to build a fire hall at a cost  not,  to exceed   $-100.    Duncan   McDonald  was given the contract, and a building 50  by .'-SO feet was erected.    The building was  subsequently enlarged and improved.  THE   FOURTH   ROUND  In  The   Floating of the Hall Mines.  Ju an off-handed manner St. Barbe announces that in 189'i H. J_. Croasdaile succeeded in floating the Hall Mines company  in England.    As  a  matter of fact, JI. E.  Croasdaile played a very small part in the  floating of the company, and  influenced  less than one-twentieth of the money that  weut into tlie company.  -As the amount  subscribed by the people of Great Britain  at the time was $500,000 in round numbers,  upon  the above proportion H.E. Croasdaile   influenced   $25,000.    Prior   to ^the  floating of the company, the Silver King  group was owned by R. Day, one-quarter;  E."Ramsay; one-quarter: the other half  being owned by the original owners, except Cobaugh's one-twenty-sixth, which  was owned by  Harry  Voting and James  Durkin.   Twelve  months   before   II., J_.  Croasdaile set his foot in London, E. Ramsay, having an option of some sort upon  'the Hall interests, was  working to float  the company.    It was upon his invitation  that Winslow  Hall and John McDonald  went  to  England   with   power from  the  other local holders to sell their interests  in the property.    It was also at Ramsay's  instance  that Reopel examined the property, upon which the value of the property   was  estimated.    II. E. Croasdtiile  was mixed up iu the deal through being  R. Day's agent in this province.   Before  Messrs. Hall & McDonald left.for England  to  negotiate the sale,  TI.  E.  Croasdaile  made a dicker with 'them to accompany  them to assist  in  making the sale.    He  was to receive $910 from the original owners, and in the event of'a sale being made,  whatever additional remuneration   Wins-  low  Hall thought  he was worth'."   After  the completion  of the sale Hall did  not  consider his services worth anything, and  Croasdaile sued for $15,000.    A jury gave  him $-1000. and upon appeal, the full court  allowed him $1:300. T. C. Cou.ins.  Constable Hamilton Let Out.  Provincial constable Alexander G. Hamilton is no longer a member of the provincial force. It will be remembered that  sensational charges were made against  Hamilton some weeks ago while stationed  at Sandon, but they were not proven to  the satisfaction of the superintendent of  police. Hamilton, however, was moved  to Silverton. , Here the same trouble  cropped up. Hamilton was openly accused of standing in" with certain gamblers, allowing them to play unlawful  games as it was alleged, for hush money.  The constable's conduct became so reprehensible that the editor of the local paper  considered it necessary to roast him. For  this editor Cameron and A. E. Ashton  were arrested by Hamilton upon a charge  of criminal libel. Tlieir case came before  gold commissioner Dennis at New Denver  for a preliminary hearing on Wednesday,  when it was dismissed. The gold commissions then informed Hamilton that  he would be suspended. The constable  said he did not wish to be suspended, and  the commissioner promptly announced  the officer's discharge. This was afterwards reconsidered to aliow 'Hamilton to  resign, which he did.  The Josie Option is Granted.  By a.vote that was practically unanimous the Josie Mining'company decided  at the meeting of the stockholders on  Thursday to give to Thomas Ricards tin  option oi' 00 days on the property. Mr.  Ricards was represented at the meeting  by S. L. Lowe, who submitted a proposition to tlie meeting in writing offering to  incorporate a company under the laws of  England with a capital of _250,000. This:  company, he agrees, shall pay to the Josie  Mining company ��10,000 in cash and place  in the treasury ��10,000 in cash as the proceeds of the sale of stock at par to that  amount. The Josie company is also to receive ��100,000 in fully paid stock. The  offer further stated that the details of the  transfer would be arranged by Mr. .Ricards  with such representatives of the Josie  company as should  be  authorized to act.  McBrooai Secured Judprment.  The case of McBroom vs. The Kootenay  Water Supply company, for an overdraft  of $!,7-15.9(", was heard by Justice Drake  on Wednesday. Judgment for the plaintiff, together with costs and interest at  the rate of six per cent, per annum from  September -1, 1890, to date. This is probably the last that will be heard of the  Goodhue hydraulic mining scheme.  The Canadian Pacific's Earnings.  The Canadian Pacific Railway company's earnings are reported as follows:  August, .1897--Gross earnings, $2,2:52,115:  working expenses, $1,227,708; net profits,  $1,001,107. In August, 1890, the net profits  were $81-1,801, and for the eight mouths  ending the .'list of August, 1897, the figures are as follows: Gross earnings $11,-  051,811: working- expenses, $8,105,852: net  profits, $5,585,959. For the eight months  ending the 3lst of August. 1890, there was  tt net profit of $-l,(528,0.'���_. The incrr-^e in  net profits over the same period of last  year is therefore, for August, $l.S9,5l(i,  and from January 1st to August -'ilst,  $902,927.       '  The Largest Dividend Paying Mines.  The last dividend paid by the Calumet  <fe Hecla Mining company, making its  distribution $50,850,000, is worthy of mention for the passing of tlie half hundred  mark in millions. The Consolidated California & Virginia, on the Comstock lode,  paid $77,008,800, but besides this quondam  the   Hall   Mines,   Limited,  Fight   Against  The Nelson Electric Light Company.  The   Hall  Mines, Limited, made an application   before   Mr.  Justice   Drake   on  September  15th,  asking that the-Nelson'  Electric J'jight Company, Limited, be enjoined from giving them less than 00 inches  of water, under an existing contract.  The  application was backed up by an affidavit  made  by David   Morris, who  claimed  to  be an hydraulic engineer.of fifteen  years  experience.    In   his   affidavit   he   stated  that his measurements showed that the  electric light company were only Supplying from -15 to '17 inches instead of (iO. The  electric light company presented affidavits by E. W. Cummiugs of Kaslo, and A.  L. McCulloch of Nelson, who also claimed  to be hydraulic engineers.   Their affidavits went to show that  the electric light  ,.company, were supplying 00 inches and  over.    Mr. justice Drake was of the opinion  that as the  measurements  were all  taken by How, that a properly constructed  measuring box be made by the Hall Mines,  Limited, and if it were then  found that  they   were   not  getting   00   inches  they  could renew the application.  On  the 27th of September the electric  light company received notice to appear  on the 28th and show cause why the injunction should not be granted, as David  Morris had made  another affidavit that  theelectriclight company were not supplying 00 inches of water; that  he had had  constructed a measuring box, and measured   the water  in accordance with  the  provisions of the Mineral Act.   The electric  light company had Mr. McCulloch,  who was the only hydraulic engineer then  in town, to  examine the measuring box  made  under  Mr.   Morris'   direction.v He  found    that    tlie.���'.'���measuring',!' box   was  placed in  the smelter  flume  at a  point  about  -.100  feet distant   from   the sluice-  head: that the Hume was ou a grade of  about one inch  in 50: that the width of  the flume was 15 inches; that the sides of  the flume had been raised for a distance  of over 100 feet, so that its top was level  for   that   distance; that   the   measuring  board was a 2-inch plank the full  width  of the flume  with  an  orifice  two inches-  wide extending upward from the bottom  of the! IItime "JO'inches: that the plank was  beveled on both sides of the orifice so that  the sides of .'.the office were less than half  an inch. wide.    He found  that when the  slide or gate over the orifice was shoved  down so as to allow a head of seven inches  above the top of the orifice, that the orifice  was open 21o inches.    In his affidavit he  said that the orifice, open as it was, that  is  21A   inches,   would  allow  00  inches of  water to pass through it.    That the measuring box should  be so constructed that  its bottom should be horizontal: that the  water   should   be  still;   that  the orifice  should   be two  inches high  and  opened  h0ri7.0uta.Hy to a width of 80 inches; that  there should  be a  head  ot seven inches  above  the   top   of   the orifice: that the  plank at the orifice should not be beveled  ou either side. -  Mr. Morris was cited to appear for cross  examination: On cross examination he  said that he had frequently made measurements of water, and that there was no  appreciable difference bet ween the amount  that flowed through the lowest iuch of a  ���'i0-iuch vertical orifice, two inches wide,  and the highest inch, so long as there ,was  a constant flow and a seven inch head:  more, that there was no appreciable difference in the amount of water that would  Mow through a-Vertical orifice 30 inches  high and two inches wide and a horizontal  orifice two inches high and 30 inches wide  as long as there were seven inches of  water above each orifice.  Mr. justice Drake agreed with Mr.  Morris. The injunction asked for was  granted, but without costs.  This case, if it ever comes up on its  merits, will be as famous in water litigation as was the Paris Belle case in mining  litigation. Comment is not necessary;  but how many hydraulic engineers, or  even school boys, will agree with David  Morris on the point at issue?  Earning $100,000 in Monthly Dividends.  The Le Roi mine has declared another  dividend of $50,000, which brings the  total up to $(525,000. "The dividend was  declared on the 28th of September and  was payable on Thursday. This makes  the 20th dividend declared by the Le Hoi,  the least of which was $25,600. For the  month of September the Le Roi dividends  amounted to $100,(K)0.  possessor of the "Big Bonanza" there is no  record of any mining company returning  to its shareholders so much money as the  Calumet <fc Heclahasdone.    Jn the United  States, the Ontario has paid $J3.-M5,000,  and   the   Granite    Mountain  $12,120,000.  There are no others with records of mote  than $10,000,000.  In Australia, the Broken  Hill Proprietary Company has a record of  ��0,992,000, or  ��S,730,(K)0, including shares  of subsidiary companies which have been  distributed: and the Mount Morgan, one  of -1,100,000.    The.shareholdcrs in the El  Callao, of Colombiti. have received $9,(515(5,-  -1-10.    The Robinson, in South Africa, has  paid ��1,(5-12,-199 (up to the end of 189(5), and  the De Beers'  diamond   mines ��8:19-I,H3  since the consolidation, while several of  the companies which entered this union  had paid   large dividends  before it was  effected.    TheRioTiuto copper mines of  Spain have yielded their present owners  ��5,757,500 (from 1879 to 1890 both years in-  cIusiye):*how much the ancients got out of  them' we have no means of knowing.  ANOTHER   RECORD   ESTABLISHED.  JOSHUA   DA VIES'   CHEEK.  Mineral' Exports   For   September   Exceed   in  Value Those of Previous Months.  The returns from the port of Nelson for  the month just closed show that the value  of   the  mineral   exports   from   southern  Kootenay for September is greater than  that of any previous month in the history  of the district.    The aggregate  tonnage  for the month was -1,(50-1  tons, valued at  $71-1,225.     It is  worthy of note  that of  this tonnage 897 tons represented matte  and copper bullion from the Hall   mines  and  Trail  Creek  smelters,  the  value of  which! was $483,792, au amount considerably in excess of the value of the crude ore ,  shipped during the month.    It is only fair  to assume that the proportion of  matte  and  bullion exported as compared  with  crude   ore,   will   be   even    greater   next  month,, as <by that time the  Pilot Bay  smelter will doubtless be operating. The  mineral exports  for  the  month  show a  wonderful gain over those of September,  1890, the total value of which were $2(5-1,-  315, or about one-third of the value of the  exports for the past month.    Of the mineral    exports    for   September.   1S90,  the  matte exports were valued at $133,751 as  against $-123,792 for September, 1897.    The  returns for the month were:  liiily  Colluded.  S"_'8.!'a'i.3-  iiu.as  I'OUT oi-- Ni:i.so.v.  llutiiililo goods   Free goods   Tolnl   The mines (.'17(17  tons of orel.  Copper miitto (S1I7 tons)   Animals and their prod nee...  Manufactures   Tin; l-'nrest   Viilue of  1 in ports.  ....? !K).SI_  ...    iu.:c��j  . .SMil.118 ��i!l,:i'il.G0  Value of 'Exports.   S-Sil.m.CHI     i:i.,7-i()0    _j.()0         G.U-U.IXI    ,V>I   (K)  Tntiil exports    S721.7-J1.0O  In the matter of collections the port of  Nelson litis a long lead over the sub-ports.  Kaslo heads the sub-ports, witli Kossland  a tgood second. The collections were a.s  follows:  Xelson..    ;'...*.'.'.-    ICaslo....         Kossliuul :..   ,.      Trail ;. .-: '.' .  ..  Waneta         Xakusp ,   .'.'   llykeu's...  .    .    ,.  S !),!l.'('.l no  . 7,(��) !)(i  li.X',0 '10  ���2,llXi li)  I.7U3 SI  l.tlM .1  7-1 il  <28,!)fi5 '.i'2  An Object Lesson.  Experts can see an object lesson at the  flume'running from the Nelson Electric  Light Company's flume to the Hall Mines  smelter. The object lesson is two orifices.  One is 2 inches wide and 30 inches high:  the other, 2 inches high and 30 inches  wide. Expert David Morris said that  there could be no perceptible difference  in the flow of water through the orifices  as long tis each had a 7-inch head above  the top of the orifice, and a justice of the  supreme court- of British Columbia believed him. There is. a difference, notwithstanding the opinions of these two  brainy men.   Silver Quotations For the Week.  On the New York market silver went tis  low as 53.1 on  Wednesday, but recovered  to 55i on  Friday.    The prices ruling for  the week were:    Monday���silver. 5(5: lead,  $1,32! bid. $1.37.! ttsked, broker's $1: Titcs-  ~"r    '      '     '   ���-������-,,  clay���silver, 51!; lead,  'Wednesday--siIvor, 53]  $1.35. Thursday- silver,  $1.32!.    Friday -silver,  $1.32!   to   $1.3  ;   lead.  51_| : leiir.  ")5;: lead  $1.30   to  , $1.30 to  $1.30 to  $1.35..   The brokers' quotation for lead remained at $1 during the week.  Blair and His Capitalists.  A., (i. Ulair, minister of railways, has  returned from London, fie has in tow  two London financiers, who are directors  in a big London company, with $5,(H)<),(I(K)  capital, to acquire gold mines in this  province. They tire A. T. Salisbury-Jones,  of the London firm of Jones, Bidwell  Co., tmd Kobt. Smith.  A:  Chinese Christian Converts Pi_-ht.  A- dispatch   from  Shanghai  says:    The  conflicts   occurring   between    Protestant  and  Catholic con verts  at Taichow. prov  ince of Che Kiting,  >;  tire serious. The British gunboat Pigmy, with consul I'layftiir  aboard, has started to quell the disturbances. The authorities blame the American nnd English missionaries for the trouble.  The Tarte-Grenler Case.  The hearing of the Turte-Grenier libel  case in Montreal may or nitty not result  in'the conviction of the editor who published the scandals about minister Tarte.  but it will establish pretty well the kind  of a politician minister Tarte was before  he became too gootl for the Conservative  party.  He Puts'in a Claim to the  Water of Anderson  Creek and Demands Recognition.  Joshua   Da vies,  managing   director ofthe Nelson Land and  Improvement Company, limited liability, threatens to give  the   corporation  some  trouble over  the  land required by the corporation for the  city reservoir, and  right of way'for the  waterworks flume from Andersou creek  to the,reservoir.   Joshua Davies also'sets  up a remarkable claim   to  the  water of  Anderson   creek  and  states  that if  the  council  does not   recognize   such   rights  within seven days that he will be obliged  to proceed as his solicitor advises.  Jt will be remembered that wijen it wa.s  first decided lo locale the re.-ervoir upon  lot 182.Joshua Da vies attended  the council   meeting  and  offered   the seven  lots  which the council thought would  be required for $1,500.   As this was more than ���  double the amount which Davies and hi.s  agent Jones   had agreed  upon   between  themselves as a reasonable price' to ank  the city, and was $1250 in excess of the  highest price realized for the pick of ihe  addition   at the  public auction   held   iu  Nelson on July 17th, the council  did  not  consider Joshua seriously and  there 'the  matter rested for a time.   As the owners  of lot JS2 have no map of the property  showing the line of  railway across the  same, Joshua Davies had to refer mayor  Houston to the Nelson <fc Fort Sheppard ' .  Railway company forinformation respecting the laud claimed by the railway company  within  lot 1,82. and  upon  a recent  visit of chief engineer Roberts,  matters-  were satisfactorily adjusted as between  the railway company and the corporation.  Some   three   weeks   ago   Joshua   Davie.-,  raised the question of payment for the  lots taken   by the corporation for reservoir purposes.   At this time mayor Houston sugges ted that Davies wait until the  reservoir   is   completed;  as it might  be  found advisable for the city to purchase,  more than the seven lots first mentioned.  This appeared satisfactory to Davies and  the council had no knowledge of any dissatisfaction until the following communication was read Monday evening:  . To His Worship the Mayor, etc.:���I am not yet in re-  eeipl of your promised communication, referring to your  takiiiK water from Anderson creek, right-of-way of ditch  or pipe, for your waterworks, and location of: reservoir on  Lot 1S2. I take it for grunted that you know you are  trespassing upon private property, hut I can nut understand why yiiu have nut complied with certain' requirements governing the undertaking.: Acting'upon helialf  of the company -claiming certain rights lo the water of  Anderson creek, as well as owning certain land through  which you intend to conduct the water, and upon which  you are now constructiiig a reservoir, I now formally  give you notice that unless you furnish me, within seveii  days, all information on the matter herein contained,  stating that you are prepared to recognize any rights the  company may have in the waters of Anderson creek, and  pay for right-of-way. as well as for all lands;used or injured hy the construction of your reservoir, I shall be  compelled to proceed jus 1 may bead vised hy my solicitors.  It is lo he Imped, therefore, thai no delay on your part  may occur, us it is desired on my part, that the business  shall be amicably adjusted.  l-'or th<-Nelson City Ijiuul .<: liuprov ement (.'ompauv.  Limited Liability. JOSHl.'A DAVIK.S.  .Managing Director.  The council authori/.ed mayor Houston  to communicate with Joshua Davies upon  the subject, and the ���first letter in reply  while it does not touch upon'.'the claim to  the waters in Anderson creek, makes it-  very clear that Joshua Davies is not likely  to ueedlessly hurry negotiations with respect to the land. With respect to the  water of Anderson creek, Davies and his  com pan j' will doubtless fare worse. Mayor  Houston's reply was as follows:  Joshua llu vies K��q.. Kite.���Sir���.Yours of the -tlh instant received. In reply lam instructed by the council  to say that there is nn disposition on the part of the city  to do otherwise than deal with you. or your company,  on a fair and equitable basis. As I told you, sonic three  weeks ago. as .-0011 as the urea of land required for reservoir purposes rouId he a.-i-crtaiiipd, you would be notified, so that a price therefore could be mutually agreed  upon. In the meantime should you lie "compelled" to  proceed lo enforce your rights through a law ollice your  attention is called to section 15 of the "Water Clause?  Consolidation Act, 1SU7." which reads as follows:  "A municipality desiring lo construct and operate a  wiiler works system, or branch of such system, or to augment or extend any existing system, orbranch of sui;h  system, and to perform and construct all such acts and  works as may bo necessary or incidental thereto, and  either within or without the limits of the municipality,  may from time to time, and at such time as the municipality may sec tit, enter into or upon any land-, either  within or without, the limits of the municipality, and  may survey, set out, and ascertain such parts thereof as  arc required for the purposes of such waterwork- -yr.-  tcni, branch or extension, as any engineer, surveyor, or  other person authorized iu theirbeliiilf hy the municipality, shall judge suitable nnd proper for the --aid purposes or any of them, and may exercise power- of expropriation over such lands in 'manner hereinafter provided." , i  I have tin- honor to be. sir, '  Your obedient, .-crvant.  John IIoiston. Mayor.  THE   WEEKS  EXPORTS  REACH  S245.325.  the  Duriiiff the First Two Days of October  Mineral Exports Exceed 8170,000.  The feature of the ore .'and matte shipments for the past week was the heavy  shipments of matte from the Trail  smelter, the value of which exceeded  .$I()(),<)()(.). The Hall .Mines shipments of  copper bullion and matte crept up close to  the $.")0.()(I0 mark, and the Slocan and  .Ainsworth mines swelled the total for the  week to !?2-l5,.M2;"j, the best in the history  of the district. The shipments for the  week were:  BULLION   AM)   MATTIC.  founds  Valuo  Trail smelter   . i'ffl.tMi  Hall Mines smelter. Nelson, matte  . -.'(iT.ou;  OI!E.  Approximate  Tons.  Value.  I'avne mine. Slocan   IS)  Whitewater mine, Slocan   IKS  Noble Five mines. Slocan   :im  Kootenay Ore Companv, Kaslo   ..      i'20  Washington   ���  :��i  American Hoy, Slocan   i:t  Black Diamond mine. Ainsworth...  ..    in.-.  Liltlr I'hil iniiic, Ainsworth       I.?>  Tot nl for week    ..   1,.'>:'1  $-".���..:��;">  Total so far for Octabcr   l.37;">  S17..7IS  Tolnl for September ...  I.UII  S711.--.'!  Total for August   .'>.I��7M  Sll7;i.l8!l  Total for .lulv      .     I.IIKI  $.->i:i..s3.  Total for Juiie   :u<;i  S (S.'l.jtS:-!  Total for May      .    L��.!)!I5  s:i:i7.797  Total for April   .   3.71U  ��rs.i.i.'i  Total for March   .. ->,s_-  S<!77.GS1  Total for February   .. iV-'nl  S;VJ2.S53  Total for January      .. i,.vi:i  SU7;">.o0tl  Tula! via Uevclstoke to Sept. Til  SSSiUfcSt  Total soNr for 1SH7    ..U.8I7  $'i,!i_ti,ii2.'>  TMMmmmmmmmmm^mmms^mi THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2,  1897.  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  THE TRIBUNE i- '-uMisiu-l on Saturdays, by Tin-;  Tkibunis Puni.taiiiNi; Comi-anv, and will ou mailed  to subscribers ou payment of Two I)oi.lai:s a vein-.  No subscription- taken for less thai! a, year.  ItKGULAR AOVKUTISKMICNTS printed at .the following rates: One inch, S.'Jii a year; two inches,  ��G0 a year: throe iucho- SSI .". year; four inches,  $90 a year; five iiiuln.-. Slt'-'> a year; six. inches and  over, at the rate of ��1.50 an ineh per month.  TRANSIENT AUVICKTISICM KNTS -.'0 cents a line for  - lirst. insertion and It) cents a line for each additional  insertion.    Mirth,  marriage, and death notices free.  LOCAL OR READING MATT Kit NOTICES -2o cents ;i  line each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rates. All accounts for job  printing and advertising payable on the first, of  every month; subscription, in advance.  ADDRESS all communications to '  THE TUIIUJNE, Nelson, 11.0.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  LA HAf& l-'OKI.V-l'hysicians and Surgeons.  Rooms  ,'i. 1 and;'). Jiigclow block. Nelson.   Telephone 12.  '  DH.   .1.   A.   ARMSTRONG  -Government   Vcterinnry  I lisped or".    Trout s diseases of all domestic unim.'ils.  A11 .-lock in^pceled at Nelson.    Nelson, H.'v,',  DR.  II.'E. HALL���Oculist.    Graduate of Philadelphia  Dental College.    Seven years experience.    Gold and  porcelain crowns inserted.   Teeth n-pliinleil.  Dr. George Hall. Baker stri-cl.  Ollice with  w.  J. H. HOLM US, 0.11".���Provincial Land Surveyor.  ,P. 0. bo\S'2. Kaslo, Ii. C.  All.   IIOLDICII   -Analytical Chemisi and  Assayer.  Hall slreet. Nelson.  T C. GWILLIM, H.A.Se. & W. S. JOHNSON. IJ.A.Sc.  " ��� ���Mining Engineers and Analytical Chemists,  Slocan City, 11. C.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  NELSON LODGE. NO. 23. A. V. k A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each mninh. Sojourning  brethren invited.  The Ames Hoiden Go's special "Columbia,"  "Vancouver," "Kootenay" should be worn  by everybody who wants a first-class mountain boot.  m  SATURDAY MORNING  OCTOHEK '-'��� 18i)7  The royal commission appointed ['our  years ago by the Gladstonian government  to enquire into theagricultural depression  oi* Great Britain, has produced its final  volume, and ten of the commissioners out  of sixteen recommended the remoneti/,a-  tion of silver as the cure. ' Following close  upon this lord Salisbury received the  most important petition ever presented a  minister, urging him to do all in his power  to secure-by international agreement a  stable monetary par of exchange between  gold and silver. This petition was signed  by over 350 labor organizations, including  all the working organizations of the country. It is therefore evident that back of  the Bank of England in its willingness to  carry a large silver reserve, is the government of Great Britain, and behind the  government is the organi/.ed labor of the  country. "When it is known that France  is also favorable to silver, it may well be  questioned whether silver is so dead an  issue as the eastern press made it out to  be after the last presidential election iu  the United States. The turn of events in  Great Britain and France has been very  encouraging to friends of silver, and the  Salt Lake Tribune predicts SO cent silver  by November 10th.  Tin-: Vancouver World has assigned a  cause for the recent flop of the Nelson  Miner. It is intimated that The Miner  showed its teeth because the Turner government would not make VV. A. J'owett  gold commissioner. If such is the case  the government should advertise the fact  thoroughly during the next campaign. It  would be an effective campaign argument,  ' as it would show that the government is  not so black as it is painted.  An attempt is being made by the  Vancouver World to make the people of this  province believe that the Turner government has not  exceeded  its authority iu  the granting of crown lauds to the Nelson  ic Fort Sheppard Railway company.    If  The World is open to conviction, it can  be convinced   that   such  is  the case by  reading  the recent judgment  ot  justice  Drake in the'appeal to the full court in  the Yrnir townsite case.  In this case some  jumpers' claimed the  townsite of  Yrnir,  and secured an order from justice Walkem  restraining   the   railway company   from  obtaining a crown grant to the land embraced  within  what was called  block 0,  which   included   the   townsite  of  Yrnir.  The railway company 'appealed against  this to the full court.   In his judgment, in  which justice MeColl  concurred,  justice  Drake took  particular  pains  to  set out  that block No. 0 could not be granted  to  the   Nelson  & Fort   Sheppard   Railway  company, if the  provisions  of the company's land grant act are observed.   By  this act it is specifically stated that the  railway company must take up its lands  in alternate blocks, and that the line of  railway  must   be   the frontage of  each  block.    Justice  Drake   pointed  out  that  the  block   which   the  railway  company  was claiming took in land on both sides  of the railway, and indoingso he made this  .significant  comment:    "Whether or  not  " the crown intend to grant the land to  " r,he  railway    in   accordance   with   the  " plans   shown   we   have  nothing  to do  " with, it is to be presumed the executive  ���" will act in accordance with the law  "' which authorizes the grant. I think  ������ t.he order of, justice' Walkem as far as  " regards the injunction restraining the  "' issue of the. crown grant should beset  "aside, che legislature having given to  " the pla'niLilTs certain lands in cousider-  " ation of the construction oi* the lino.  " And crown lauds will be issued by the  " departments for so much of those lands  " as fulfill the conditions of the statutes;  ���" it is not right to suppose that the exec-  " uiive will do otherwise than perform  '.' their duty." When in the face of this  judgment, the Turner government gran ted  the railway company a crown grant for  the land in question, will The World  maintain that the government carried  out the legitimate meaning of, the act of  the legislatute granting land to the railway company?  Ukau/.ing that any fair measure of redistribution would be the death warrant  of tho Turner government, the editor of  the Colonist- has been endeavoring to deny,  that, premier Turner stands pledged to  bring in a redistribution bill at the next  session of the legislature. By reference  to the press reports of the legislature's debates it has been shown that the editor  of the Colonist lies when he states that  premier Turner is not pledged. TheAran-  couver World, the government's organ ou  the mainland, reported premier Turner  a.s follows: "As a matter of fact, we  " know that the whole of this country,  " especially the southern part oi' it, has  " been greatly changed during the last  "twelve months. Places that had very  " tew inhabitants a little more than a  " year ago, are now populous towns.  " That is what the government have to  " prepare for, and they ha,ve to leave this  '" matter till the last possible moment so  " as to bring before the house a fair redis-  '"' tribtition bill. (Hear. hear). Probably  " before the bill wtis required, there would  " be tt very large population north of the  " Canadian Pacific railway. The honor-  " able leader of the opposition knew that  " that is likely to be the case. If this is  " the case, sir, it is wisdom on the part of  " any government to take the. last mo-  " ment possible for a redistribution bill,  " so thac the whole province may be  " fairly represented at the next general  "election." The attempt of the Colonist  to deny that any such promise was made  indicates that the perfidious government  at Victoria is again scheming to cheat the  majority of the electors of the province  from participating in the government of  it. There is no attempt made to show  that the present representation is just.  Fremier Turner admits that there is an  injustice. The Colonist's hired man  simply says that premier Turner don't  have to remedy the injustice.  William Temi'le.man, of the Victoria  Times, has called a convention of the Liberals of the province to meet in the city  of New Westminster on Friday, October  the Sth. While there is little doubt but  that the influence of the Liberal organization will be thrown against the Turner  government in the coming general elections, it does not follow that any attempt  will be made to shelve opponents of the  Turner government who happen to be  Conservatives. There is reason to believe  that tho convention will be largely guided  by the opinion of William Tempieman  and the opposition press of the province  in determining its line of action with respect to provincial politics, and this is  directly opposed to forcing an issue on  straight party lines. There are a few  ambitious Liberals who would like to see  some of the prominent Conservative oppositionists decapitated in order that  .their chances of promotion would be better, but it need hardly be feared that a  convention will sacrifice the interests of  the province in order to serve such  selfishness.   DruiNG thecoming provincialcaiupaign  pains should be taken by the opposition  press and speakers to make the people of  this province acquainted with  the  workings of the Dunsmuir  monopoly, and the  Turner   government's scandalous subser-  ieiice to it.   It cannot be to the interestsof  the province to keep in power tin administration which is controlled  by any such  monopoly.    That the Turner government  is so   controlled   cannot   be   questioned.  The Dunsmuirs are the greatest beneficiaries under the crown that this province  has known. They hold close upon 2,000,000  acres   of   land   upon    Vancouver   Island  which, by implication, they contend is forever exempt from tax, and  so great was  their hold upon  the Turner  government  that when during the session of 1800 the  taxes upon all other land in the province  were increased, the Dunstnuir's enormous  land grant was passed over.   The  Dunsmuirs own nearly all the coal upon Vancouver Island, and pay no tax or royalty  upon   the same.    When  the  proposition  came up in ISM to put a tax upon the output of the precious metal mines of Kootenay,   premier   Turner's subservience to  the Dunsmuirs wasevidenced byamislead-  ing telegram which he caused to be sent to  this city, stating that  there  was  a  tax  upon the output of the Vancouver  Island  collieries, and though urged to do so iu the  house, premier Turner refused to impose  any tax whatever upon the Diiusmuir's  coal. The Dunsmuir monopoly was created in exchange.for the jerk-water road  from Nanaimo to Victoria. Under governmental nursing it has thrived so well  that it now dominates the government of  the province. -  Akthi.'k F. IIodgin.s should have furnished the council with a key to his ac-  count'for four and one-third months' services at $200 per month. He was appointed  city engineer on Monday evening, April  ]0th, and he resigned in a huff on or about  July 2-1 th. After his resignation ITodgins  could hardly have considered himself an  employee of the corporation, so that while  he may consider that his services were  worth $200 per month, it is difficult to  understand how he computes his four and  one-third months. Up to the hour of going to press the account has not been  paid.   The 1_. ic S. Railway 'company has issued notices t.o the . holders of mineral  claims within the F. & N. railway belt,  that unless they )my $12:") within 30 days  from the receipt of the same, they will be  considered trespassers upon the railway  company's laud. This is an empty blulf  on the part of the railway company, but  it indicates the monopolistic tendencies of  the Dunsmuirs. Under the mineral act of  KS07, free miners are given the privilege of  going upon railway hinds and locating  mineral claims, and the only charge the  railway company can legally make is for  ascertained damages, by reason of such  entry. Prior to the act of 1897 it was held  that security for damages had to be deposited with the gold commissioner before  such entry of the free miner, but this was  changed by the act of 1807, so that the  posting of security for damages is now an  after consideration. If the 1_. & X. railway company acts nasty, the miners can  relocate their claims under the act of IS07.  Til Kit'���: was only one vote recorded  against the Kaslo by-law, which provides  for the borrowing of $12,000 for street improvements. The voting took place ou  Mouclajr, and the result; indicates tlmt the  people of Kaslo are all pulling together.  Kaslo may justly lay claim to having  fewer sore-heads than most cities in this  province.   GOLDWIN   SMITH   ON   ARISTOCRACY.  Goldwin Smith does not view with favor  the attempt to plant a hereditary aristocracy in Canada, aud in denouncing it he  uses some very plain language. That  Goldwiu Smith is in line with the sentiment of the Canadian people in this matter there can be no question.    Me says :  "Aristocracy cannot be blamed for seeking to propagate itself. Ic must either  propagate itself or die. It has long iieen  little better than a political or social incubus even in its own land. On this continent man it trying a great political and  social experiment, the success of which ic  is believed will open a better era for humanity. The experiment; is beset, as all  reflecting men know, with difficulties and  dangers. With these we must contend  hopefully, knowing that the prize is great.  We shall not be helped, nor is it intended  that we shall be helped, in our efforts, by  the intrusion of aristocracy among us.  Besides the effect on ourselves, we shall  be placed, indeed it is the very object of  this policy to so place us, in antagonism  to the democracy of this continent, and  we shall have little reason to complain if  the democracy regards and treats us as  enemies. How would the English regard  and treat Scotland if she were tt dependency of the United States and tin outpost  of American republicanism, always displaying her antagonism to Fnglish monarchy? The game is likely io be a costly  one to the people of this country. But  "My Lord" is a British grandee and his  chief interest is elsewhere. Let the people make up their minds upon this question, for it is now before them.  "The history of the British aristocracy  which now seeks socially to annex us is  not quite so august tis that of the British  nation. The Norman pedigrees manufactured by Herald's office fell beneath the  ruthless criticism of the historian Freeman. Not a large proportion of the peerages is older than Pitt, who made peers  by the score in'payment- for political support. Few of the pedigrees can be traced  beyond the seraglio of Charles If., fewer  still beyotid the set ot courtiers who  shared the rapine and the judicial murders of Henry VIII. Of late the peerage  has been recruited with eminent brewers  and stock-brokers, while dilapidated-fortunes have been repaired by marriages,  with Auiericani maidens whose fortunes  are colossal but'whose blood is not blue.  (Jn the whole, there is lictle reason for,believing that elevation of our national  character will be derived from this  source."    Is Andree Lost?  Andree and his two companions took  with them a. boat, a sledge and six  months' provisions on that voyage in  search of the pole, and they estimated  that the baloon would lloat for twenty  days, so many of their friends believe  that unless they have been tossed by a  tempest into the sea they will yet be  heard from. They started 000 miles from  the pole. The balloon should have made  at least "30 miles an hour, or 1,200 in 2-1  hours. If they found a wind blowing  steadily in any direction, it should in four  days have carried them into civilization  unless it held its way over the sea. The  prospect of ever hearing from the expedition now is very poor, unless they have  made a landing in some remote village of  northern Siberia.  era) electric company,  ' Capital $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.  MINERS! You can make use of water power 50 miles froni<-.your mines with our system  We can also sell you complete telephone outfits and install them. ,  British Columbia Branch Offices       Ci''^^ Frank Darling, Kootenay Agent  Wire Rope, Feed Water Heaters, Elevators, Shafting, Pulleys, Pipe Cutters,  Special Tools, and a new lot of Tube Cleaners just in.   Roebling's Wire  R��Pe- :fi_E!^._5S_!ff} FRANK DARLING, Agent.  The Kootenay  'Will   start  about   March    15th'  with   about  double   its   former  capacity    in    all    departments.  7,000,000   feet of   log's   under  contract  for early deliver)'.  The Planing  and Factory  Is mow running full time under the management  of (J. 10. Dot.y, a competent draughtsman nnd  mechanic who will I'uniisli special drawings t'i'ee  of charge.          New Designs  In house interiors, ollice and store lixturos, dado  work, mantles, brackets, mouldings, bookcases,  furniture, turning.s, carving, grill work, and band  sawing. Orders I'or nil such work executed in an  artistic manner.  BUSHES  BOECKH'S  Always Reliable and as Represented  For Sale by all Leading Dealers  oris,  Manufacturers of Brushes  Brooms and Wooodenware  Toronto, Ont.  HERALD0,  MONOGRAM,  SCHILLAR  Manufactured by The George-E. Tuekett & Son Co., Ltd.       UNION MADE CIGARS  One Car Glass  Direct from Belgium expected this month. Hough  and dressed lumber, laths, etc.. always in stock.  Two Cars Sash  and Doors   Yard and branch ollice  foot of  Heiidryx  Stre  X��"��"g. 0. BUCHANAN  Formerly Stanley House  Under new  management  Refurnished and  Renovated throughout  Everything new and  first-class  Electric lights and  modern,  improvements  E. J. Ourran, Proprietor  SOLE AGENT,  NELSON, B. C.  S. J,  KOOT OK  HALL STREET, NKI.SON.  T.   W.   GRAY,   Proprietor.  Doors,   Sash,   Band Sawing-,  Turned Work,   and Office Fittings.     Just  arrived and  in  stock,  a carload of Chance's  English   Rolled  Glass;  all  sizes up  to 4 by 6 feet.  _<_.C3-_I!_SrCI__!S :  flrout West Oatmeal Jlills, Pilot Mnudd. .Manitoba  The li. JI. Smith Hiscuit. Factory. Victoria, 11. ('-  The Virden Holler Mills. Virden, Mnnitoba  Smith & Kisehel. Cigars. St. Jerome. Quebec  ICOOTKNAV AEAIHjUAHTKltS, NKLSON.  II. CI.  OfH.ce:   Bealey Bloek, Baker Street, Nelson.  Auctioneers, Real Estate and deneral Commission Agents,  CUSTOM  BROKERS AND NOTARIES PUBLIC  IMPROVED NELSON  RESIDENCE PROPERTY FOR SALE  Offices to let in Brick Blocks h,eated by steam and furnished with all modern improvements.  U^DER fJEW MANAGEMENT  J. C. BLANDY & CO., Proprietors,  W  pany  e are  ol  "or The   fames Stewart   Manufacturing-   Com-  Woodstock, and    have  just   received   2   cars of   their  agents  celebrated  ceptionallv  1-1 eaters.  Stoves and  .  low  prices.  Give  us a ca  ire offcrinQ-  Ganges,  which   we  We   have also a  full   stock of  1.     Prompt  attention   lo  letter  at ex-  Oueen  orders.  This  famuiis  and  delightful   summer  resort   has been  taken  over  by the above  llrm and will be conducted in the future in a first-class manner  GOOD SH00TINC AND FISHING  LAWN TENNIS GROUNDS  COOL PIC-NIC GROVES  PARTIES PROVIDED FOR.  KATKS:   $'2 1)0 ANU S- till I'Kit DAV.  W. J. G. DICKSON  _H._3__.I_   ESTATE  _5__sr_D co_wE_vi:issio_sr ___&:__ _srT  _vEi_sriisrc3- _3_s,o-E__��i_a  THE BEST VALUES IN*  IS OKKKKKIi liV  BEALEY BLOCK. BAKER STREET,-NELSON.  FOR SALE.  Several valuable business sites on Baker St.  Business block���two stores���Baker street.  Business   block���three stores all rented���on  two 30-foot lots, with offices above.  Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.  Apply to W.  J. G.  DICKSON.  This house carries the largest stock of furniture and furnishings  in southern Kootenay.   Substantial reductions for cash.  Near corner Victoria and Stanley streets  NOTICE.  Having appointed W. .1. O. Dickson local agent for  Addition A to the townsite of NoNon, intending purchase��� of lots, or persons wishing information, plans, or  price-lists of the addition, will please apply to him.  p . lj. IN rs l*.o.  Views of all parts of Kootenay  Photograph* m the In test styles  fJuarantoo -at.isf notion  Mrs. Johnson.  >J<HE TREI0NT  nsr __!__-so .tst  MALONE topMlEOILLUS. Proprietors.  Is one of the best hotel- in Toarl Mountain district,  is the headquarters   or prospectors and minors.  mil  Mrs.    Morley   is   prepared    to  receive  pupils for piano, violin  or  For terms  Apply to Thomson Stationery Co., Ltd,. Nelson  o reran.  ZDZEJSTTIST  Will upon denial pnrlors in the Traves block, corner or  linker ii nd Ward streets upon the completion of the  building. Tho building will be ready in about one moiit, h  ���%  m  TA'-jS  ���tr:'S.'.�� '���V"-  ?TtT  ���rr? THE  TELBUNE:.  NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 'I, 1391  3  i'jrui  "KJ  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND   JIT.   ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND , Vice-President  E   S. OLOUSTON General Manager  _sr__]__,so_sr _3_E.__..-isrc_H_  NT. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.   IIKANC1IKS  IN        LONDON   (England),   NEW YORK.   CHICAGO  ' and in the principal cities in Canada.  uy and sell Sterling  Exchange and Cable Transfers  OKA NT COMMKKCIAL AND TKAVELLKIIS' CKK1JITS,  available in any part of the world.  DKAKTS   ISSUED     COLLECTIONS MADK;  ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  RATE OK INTEREST (at present) 3 Per Cent.  THE AWAKENING OP JAMES A  BATES.  wus a fcot'tl  present in-  !'..  ''This bruin work is wearing me out!"  James Andrew Bates sighed and passed  on down the crowded aisle of the big department store. Hazel Donovan rearranged the dress goods on the shelves and  sympathized with the vanishing Bates.  Hazel's was a tender little heart, and  worked overtime sorrowing for others.  Ninety per cent of her grief  waste' of energy, and in the  stance lo borrow a comparison from the  ungodly, she was placing a bet on a dead  card. James Andrew Bates was not entitled 'to pity, and when he advertised  ��� his personal need of it he he brought himself within the purview of the statutes  against obtaining credit under false pretences. That is to say. lie would have  done so if .sympathy were a merchantable  ��� commodity.  Bntthis'is no paper on moral philosophy,  nor was it the original intention to ana-  ' ly/.e Hazel Donovan's mentality or reckon  tin James A. Bates from an esoteric point  of view. As Hazel and he were married  later, she has doubtless fully acquainted  herself.with his hollow, vanities.  At the time of his remark to which 1  have adverted, Bates" heart was swelled  with pride. So far from wearying of  the responsibility of which he complained,  he rejoiced iu it, and in the week he had  borne it, his head had become visibly  swollen with the sense of his importance.  His bid for sympathy was therefore a  counterfeit and a sham. Vet James A.  Bates did not own the department store;  nay, he was not even floorwalker, but tis  the special detective, even ranked on the  books of the institution tis the floorwalker.-" subordinate. That wtis J tunes' job.  lie was the store detective.  In the store he had .strictly attended to  his business and won the good report of  his department chiefs. When the managing partner had for the third time notified him of hi.s promotion and increase of  salary ___���__ $17.SO to.$20 weekly, James  had declared himself.  Mv. McFertridge listened kindly. He  was a great anil a successful man, and  owed his greatness and his success co his  faculty for keeping in touch with his fellow men.  " Tt might not be a bad thing. Bates : I'll  think of it," he said.  The following month it was resolved to  give Bates a trial.  The first day in his new position showed  his'great aptitude and also became historical as the date of his lirst arrest.  He found a small girl struggling toward  the basement entrance with au ice cream  freezer. Her motions were impeded by a  large market basket which hung upon her  arm, aud Bates was able to overcome her.  Besides the freezer, whose intimate connection with herself she blasphemously  declined to explain, the girl was found to  be in possession of three shoes of assorted  sizes, an ice pick'tind a tooth brush. These  were in the basket. In the pocket of her  dress was found a much worn volume of a  well-known writer of fiction for juveniles,  entitled "Kighth Street Nellie, the Demon  Dip: or, Inspector Byrne's Waterloo.''  The girl went to the Maud, and Bates  felt that he had struck his gait.  The confession of brain fag made to  Hazel by the young officer took place on  the morning of Clark ic Mch'ert ridge's annual clearing out sale of canned goods and  bathing suits. All New York was expected and was duly on hand. New York invariably responds to civil entreaty, and  before the hour of 10 o'clock the great  store was filled with tt surging mass of  shoppers.  James Andrew Bates took in the whole  scene. His wonderful eyes was tin everyone. To him, as he stootl regardful of  possible wrong-doers, came a short, stocky  man with a fugitive red moustache and  eyes set closely together.  ���-Be youse the fly cop?" he asked.  "J tun the store detective." replied  Bates, with some hauteur.  "Same t'ing: same t'ing," cheerfully  said the other. "I'm on de same graft tit  Goodt'ing & Co,'s place. iMe name is Algernon Hennessy an' J was next wid Big  Jack, de man here before youse. Hi in tin1  nie pulls many a old seeing togedder.  Dat's w'at brings me.  "See dat big woman 1 folleys in':'" Dtit's  Strong Arm Kate, the Chicago hold-up!  She's here to work dis bin. She's jist  f'r'm me own store, an' if she's got a dollar's wort' she's got two hundred wort' of  our good stuff in her clothes now. She's  b'en a-workin'for two weeks an'I'm jist  on to her coy ves today fer de foist time.  "Me proposition is dis: Let Kate work  de place here until she can't stagger.  Folley her around, but don't make de mistake of givin her de collar. I'll wait outside an' I'll i'olley her to her house. W'en  I gits her notch marked I'll come back an'  we'll go an' pull de whole shootin' match,  it'll   be a  big  t'ing  fer   youse, Batesey.  She's got anyways two thousan' dollars'  wort' planted. We'll git de rewards an'  our names in de-papers, an' it'll be de  makin' of youse. I wouldn't do dis fer  many new men, but ole Algy wa'ms to  youse the minyit he sets his lamps on  youse."  The argument was irresistably logical,  aud detective Bates entered upon the  scheme with joy. He followed Strong  Arm Kate in her criminal way through  the store���au orgy of petty larceny was  what the woman seemed bent upon. She  staggered, out under a load of merchandise that would have jaded a horse in pull-  ling. Bates followed her to the door and  saw Algernon Hennessy oil' on the trail.  The next morning James Bates was called  back to Air. AlcJ/ertridge's office.  "It looks like Black well's Island was  turned loose in here yesterday, Bates:  there was easily $:100 worth of goods  stolen." '  Then Bales, with diffident pride, told of  the plan himself and Hennessy had for  recovering the merchandise, besides arresting the celebrated Katherine.  "I looked for Hennessy last night," concluded the young man, "but he must have  been obliged to go some distance. I'm expecting him every minute."  "Air. Bates," replied the merchant, "I'm  afraid your confiding nature is such that  I can't keep you on your present work.  You can go back on silks at $20 per, and  pay back the $:-500���we'll call it that���on  tlie installment plan. You may begin  work again next week."  As James Andrew .passed out of the  door into the street to enter on his forced  vacation, he met his friend the police  sergeant.  " 1 see you're onto 3'our job all right,"  remarked the sergeant.  "What do you mean," asked the saddened Bates.  " Why, I see you givin'Little Casino an'  hi.s girl the run up the street yestidy."  " Who's Little Casino?"  "Aw' lettiu on you don't know. He's  the little sq ui tit-eyed cuss I sa.e you chasin'  otto: him an' Bigi'oot Alary. It's a good  thing you keep your eyes open so wide,  Bates. Alary is great workin' a counter,  an' Casino's the smartest con man in the  big city."  "That," said Bates, thoughtfully, "is  no idle dream, either."  the party on Irish questions, and the chief  r-ritic of* the Irish land bill of 1881. On  the accession of lord Salisbury to office in  1885 Air. Gibson was raised to the peerage  with the tirle of baron Ashbourne, tmd  was made lord chancellor of Ireland, ti  post which he again filled under Lord Salisbury's second administration in 1S80.  He is responsible for "Lord Ashbourne's  Act"- (1885), for facilitating the sale of  Irish holdings to tenants. \  SLOCAN   MINING   NOTES.  HODGINS'   ACCOUNT   FOR   SERVICES.  It Covers a Period Subsequent to His Resignation as Engineer in July.  There was an interesting bunch of communications before the city council at its  twenty-fourth regular meeting Alonday  evening. The first of these was ' from  Joshua Davies, in reference to right-of-  way i'or waterworks flume through his  company's property, and the purchase of  certain hazy rights which his company  sets up'to the water of Anderson creek.  Alayor Houston was authorized to enter  into correspondence with Davies.  W. S. Core, deputy commissioner of  lands and works, notified the couticil in  the matter of securing a road from the  city of Nelson to the .Nelson & Fort Sheppard railway depot, that the owners of  lot 00 (Hume addition) are now considering the giving of a right-of-way through  their property.  W. Sutherland had an application before the council for a billet as inspector of  public works: W. C. McLean & Co. had  a communication asking for contract for  tapping water mains: and Breckenridge  <& Lund had a communication asking for  an extension of time within which to complete their contrtict upon the waterworks  system. This latter, communication was  referred to the public, works committee.  A letter from the department of public-  works to Thomas W. Gray, in reference  to the hitter's saw-mill,'claiming that the  same is an impediment to navigation, was  read by mayor Houston. It was referred  to tne public works committee.  A. I_. Hodgius, formerly city, engineer,  rendered an account for services for four  and one-third months at $200 per mouth.  $S(K'.0(i. As Hodgius tendered his resignation iu July, his account claiming wages  for August rather amused the council. It  was referred to the finance committee.  Alayor Houston was authorized to employ the necessary inspectors on water  and sewerage systems.  On motion of alderman Hillyer, seconded by alderman Teetzel, it was decided  to put crossings in on Vernon street at  the intersection of Ward and Josephine  streets, and that a 12-foot sidewalk be  laid on the south side of Vernon street, in  front of A. Alacdonald ic Co.'s and the  Klondyke hotel, provided the material  therefor be supplied by A. Alacdonald ic  Co. and the owners of the Klondyke.  On motion of alderman Teetzel. seconded by alderman Alalone, it was resolved that tlie sewer pipes be handled by  teams by the day.  Alayor Houston reported that he had  received tliree tenders for brick for the  sewer system, two at $12.50 and one at  $12. The council decided to accept the  lowest tender.  Alderman Hillyer introduced a street-  lighting by-law. It was read a first and  second time, and will be committed at the  next meeting of the council.  The following accounts were ordered  paid:  I in nk of Montreal, interest $   nS 50  Customs House, duty on dog tags ,      " drain tile   William Wilson, freight      Jr. T. Evans Ac Co., wafer pipe   Flurcy S: Murphy, pniuling    O. I'. It., freight on pipe    HO  ���1 10  ;". 15  1028 70  100 1)0  51 51  Canada's Next Governor General.  A Dublin dispatch says it is reported  on the highest authority that baron I_d-  ward Gibson Ashbourne, lord chancellor  of Ireland, will soon succeed the earl of  Aberdeen as governor general of Canada.  The right Hon. I'klward Gibson was born  in 18'J.S and educated at Trinity college,  Dublin. In 1875 he entered parliament  as 'member for Dublin university and in  1877 was made attorney general for Ireland. He held that post until 1880, when  lie went out of oflice with his party, but  continued to sit for Dublin university.  During the Liberal rule from 1880 to 1885  Air. Gibson   was the chief spokesman of  Jt is reported that two of the owners of  the Silver Bell, on the south fork of Kaslo  creek, have taken out $5,000 worth of ore  in the course of development this summer.  The owners have rejected several offers to  purchase, preferring to develop the property themselves.  The  lessees   of   the   Stranger . mineral  claim,  owned  by Whittier, Thompson &  Alontgomery, claim to have nearly a foot  of good ore.  Work upon the Freddie Lee has been  stopped and the twelve men formerly employed were dismissed. The property is  said to be looking well and no cause is  assigned for the shut down.  Eighty men are working on the Payne  tramway. The tramway will probably  be in running order next week.  Eight miles of the wagon road up Four  Alile creek, have been completed. The  wagon road from New Denver has been  completed as far as the Alamo concentrator, near Three Forks.  A rich' strike of high grade ore was  made last week on the Surprise mine. In  following the vein in the north drift from  No. 1 tunnel, the miners broke into a 12-  inch chute of clean ore, which has been  followed along the vein for 25 feet. The  ore is of the same nature as that found in  other places ou the property, a finegrained galena running from 200 to 250  ounces silver and 00 per cent lead.  W. W. Warner is at work developing  the Ajax .Fraction for Braden Brothers.  The ledge, which is 30 feet wide, shows  up all across the claim, and has been  stripped for about 100 feet. On the surface the ore showing is not over two  inches wide but is continuous, and from a  shaft which has been sunk on the vein for  sixteen feet, seven tons of high-grade ore  have been taken. A thirty foot crosscut  is now being run to tap the ledge lower  down. On the surface the ore is a coarse  cube galena, but at the bottom of the  shaft eight inches of fine-grained galena,  assaying 210 ounces silver and 00 per cent  lead, is shown.  A new ledge with high grade ore was  found on Native Silver Bell while cross-  cutting for the No. I ledge, ou which the  work has so far been doue. The uew find  is an ore chute a foot wide, showing ruby  silver. The property adjoins the Good-  enough. At present no facilities for handling the ore have been provided, but ore  houses are to be built immediately, when  more men will be added and ore taken  out for shipment. The crosscut is being  pnshod vigorously to tap the No. 1 ledge.  The Bank of England.  The Bank of England was founded in  1004. At this time the government of  William II. was in sore straits for money,  when a shrewd Scotchman, William Pat-  erson, proposed to form a joint stock  company to raise a large amount of money  to loan to the government. This company was formed; ��1,200,000 .was raised  and turned oyer to the goverument,cand  the Bank of-England.-was chartered. The  bank was to loan its whole; capital to  the government, aud  was  to draw eight  per cent on the loan. The loan was  the foundation of the bank and the commencement of England's national debt.  The management was given to a governor, deputy, governor aud twenty-four  directors. It began with 54 employees'  and their total annual salary at first was  ��4,340. It was begun in a little building.  The main bank now covers three acres,  besides outside splendid offices. The capital of the bank is now ��0(5,420,084. Since  the riot iu 1772 a military guard is kept  in the bank at nightalways.  The lootenay  rowing,  Mini  9  9 q  ���     i iiii  wing uo.,  TRAIL,   B_ O.  Triple Drowning at, Kaslo.  Through the capsizing of a row boat in  Kootenay lake on Sunday afternoon three  men lost their lives. The men were formerly employed at the Noble^Five mines  and were ou their way from Kaslo to the  fruit fair at Spokane. The victims were  William Johnson, Charles Strohm and  John Suellman. The boat capsized a short  distance from Kaslo. Suellman anil  Strohm sank from sight almost instantly,  the other, William Johnson, held on to  the boat for some time, but finally slipped  off and went down. Several parties on  shore who witnessed the brief struggle of  the men. put out at once, but were too  late to effect a rescue.  The Last Chance Sold.  The syndicate operating in the Slocan,  which is represented by Scott McDonald  and A. W. AlcCune, has purchased the  stock of the Last Chance mining company.  The assets of the Last Chance Alining  company include the celebrated Last  Chance mine, and a couple of other claims  running from the Last Chance into the  Surprise basin. I_. H. Tomlinson wtis the  principal men in the Last Chance company, but F. A. Wood and Dr. Heiidryx  also held some stoek. It is said that tlie  transfer was made for $225,000 cash.  Opening Up Crow's Nest Coal.  William Blakemore, the Crow's Nest  Coal company's engineer, has completed  an examination of the company's lands  on Alartin, Alorrissey, Michel and Coal  creeks, and begun the initial work of development at tlie outcrops of the coal  seams on Coal creek. The seam is about  7 feet wide where operations have been  begun, tind the coal is a true bituminous  article. It is of good coking quality, and  a first-class steam and domestic coal.  MAXUFACTIJItKRS, HOTTl^ERS.' AXD  WHOLESALE DEAEEliS IN  Carbonated Drinks and  Mineral Waters  MANAGER XELSON  BKANCII  The business centre for the rich  mines on Springer Creek and  Slocan Lake. This is one of  the richest, districts in British  Columbia.  Lots  to  each  Ffy\NK FtETCHEH, Trustee.  IT IS IMPORTANT  ��@ ��  All persons wishing to visit the Goat  River, Duck Creek, Summit Creek, Fort  Sheppard, Priest Lake, or Fort Steele  Mining Districts should know that by  taking the Steamer Alberta or Ainsworth  for Ockonook, Idaho, and purchasing  their supplies of the old reliable Ockonook General Store, they will get their  goods at Spokane retail prices and be  from 20 to 50 miles nearer the above  named districts than at any other supply  point  on  the   Kootenai   River.  BARNES Manager  0CK0N00K CENERAL STORE  Ashepoft & MeGlelland  BLAGKSMITHING AND  EXPERT HORSESHOEING  Wagon   Repairing  Promptly Attended  to  by a First-Class Wheelwright  Special attention given to all Idnds of repairing  an,d custom work, from outside points  SHOP:    Cor. Baker aqd Hall Sts. /kelson.  NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.  Conducted by the Fathers 0. M. S.  ...CLASSICAL COURSES  Will Reopen September 1st.  Send for Catalogue or Address President St. Louis College, New Westminster, B. C.  The Providence Fup Co,  Providence. R.I.. wants nil kinds of Raw Furs,  skins, Ginseng, Seneca, Ktc. Prices <|tio(ed for  next sixty days nn: as follows:  SILVKIi. KOX   BKAR   OTTKI! ...      MARTIN   UK.A VICIt (per pound!   WOLK   RKD l-'OX        .MINK   SKUNK    GRAY  KOX   RAT   ...  Price list, on all other furs and skins furnished U|ion  application, l-'nll prices guaranteed, careful selection,  courteous treat inenl, and immediate remittance on nil  consignments.  -���5la (HI 10  SI.1II (I"  a 00 lo  ���j.-> oo  1  0(1 to  ti on  '2 Ml lo  !l 00  :i no to  .'i aO  i on io  ���i on  i on to  ���_' on  7."i 1 o  ���J 00  '!.'��� lo  1   (HI  all In  i.i  .0 lo  ���Hi  IIAVK  usmess  On Kaker and Vernon street.'; and plenty  of good  Residential Lots  in  the. government   townsite   of  Nelson.  Also lot.s in llobson  Apply to  Frank Fletcher, P.L.S., Agent, Nelson.  siagiess &  CITY SCAVENGERS  Having purchased the scaveng'er  business formerly carried on by,.G.  H. Owen, respectfully solicit the continuance of the patronage of G. H.  Owen's former patrons. The new  firm has every appliance, necessary  and will Q'uarantee satisfaction to all  o -  those who entrust them  with work.  Kootenay Lumber Co.  A complete stock of Building Lumber of  all   l\inds will   now be  l\ept  at  Nelson,.  Charles St. Barbe, Agent.  .__-. o. :e-w:;___:_-j_-  ARGHITECT  Room .ti,.Clements & Hillyer Block. Nelson  Notice of Application tor Crown Grant.  Take notice lliat I, A. S. Karwell, acting as agent for  J. H. Young and .lolin B. Ilaly, have tiled the necessary  papers and made appiieation for n crown grant in favor  of the mineral claim " Union Jack." situated on Toad  mountain, in the Nelson mining division of West ICoolenay district. Adverse claimants, if any. must Mle their  objections with me within (10days from- the date of the  first publication ot* this notice in the British Columbia  Gazette. W. .1. GOKPKL. Government Agent.  Dated at Nelson, U. C, August'.'Ith, 1SD7.     [Aug. _StliJ  NOTICE   TO   CREDITORS.  All parties having claims against, the estate of Charles  U.'Sansom, late of the city of Nelson, in tho province of  British Columbia, deceased, are requested to send the  same, verified bv statutory declaration, and produce all  securities held bv them, to the -undersigned on or before  the loth day of October. I8!l". After which date I will  proceed to distribute the estate of the deceased among  tho parties entitled thereto, having regard only to such  claims as have been sent in to me as aforesaid, and will  nol. hold myself liable I'or any claims which are not sent  in as aforesnaid. \V. F. TKKTOKL, Administrator.  By John Km.iott, Mis Solicitor.  Diiled al Xelson. B. C. this lath day of September, 1897.  NOTICE TO CREDITORS.  All parties having claims against the estate of Carrie  Wilson, alias Alice Willis, late of the ciiy of Xelson, in  the province, of British Columbia (deceased) are re-'  quested to send the same verified by statutory declaration, and to produce all securities'held by them to the  undersigned within thirty days from the date hereof,  after which date I will proceed to distribute the estate of  the deceased among the parties eut.illed thereto, having  regard only lo such claims as have been sent in to me as  aforesaid and will nol hold -myself liable for any claims  not sent in as aforesaid.  DAVID DA   BAl'.  Kxceutor.  Bv W. A. Gai.i.ihkk, his .Solicitor.  Dated at Xelson. II. C, this ltlnla\ of September. A.D.  1NU7.    And all parties indebted to the estate nf lhe said Carrie  Wilson, alias Alice Willis, will please pay same lo W. .A.  Gallihcr. Nelson. B. C. solicitor for Ihc executor.  MORTGAGE SALE  Notice of Appiieation to Purchase Land  Notice is hereby given that sixty day.- after dale. I  the undersigned, purpose applying lo the chief commissioner of lands and works for 'permission to purchase the  following described lands.  pksckii'Tion.  Commencing al. a post placed on llie east shore of l'p-  per Arrow lake near the narrows, marked ".I. D.'s N. W.  corner. I hence following coast litiosoiithSllehaiiiH, Ihcnco  SO chains cast, t hence -fin chains north, thence .SO chains  west lo point of ciiminciiccmcnl. containing 010 acres  more or less. JOHN (I. Dr'VUN.  Dated Nakusp, B. C. June ���.'Ith, 15117. (August Uth]  "ROOTVTS At. the Bavaria block either by the day  J-UWWXVAkJ week or nionlh with all modern improvements. Next door lo fruit fair building. 117 Post  streel, liel ween I'i verside and .Main.  .MUS. fll-:n.  II.  WOODS. Spokane.  Wash.  Spokane Falls & iNorthern,  Nelson &.Fopt Stopped,  Red Mountain Railways.  Tlje only ail rail route without change of cars  between Nelson an,d Rossland, aqd  Spokarje and Rosslan,d.  Leave  l):l(i a. 111....  11.00 a. m ..  8:00 a.rn....  DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS.  ��� _ Arrive   NKLSON   Z:\ii p.in.   I tOSSLAXD :i:10 p. in.  . .sJBUKANK 0:10 p. 111.  lanhattan  The Columbia & Kootenay  Railway & Navigation Oo.  Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek connect at Marcus with stage daily.  Notice    of   Application    for-    Certificate    of  Improvements.  AI.I'IIA MINKKAL CI.AI.M, SITUATK I.V TIIK NKI_!O.V MININC;  DIVISION OK '.VICST KOOTKNAV IHSTKIUT, AND LOCATED  WKST OK ANIJ AD.IOININO TIIK I'OICTO KICO AND  I.IZ/.IK II. .MINUUAI. CLAIMS AT TIIK IIKAIl OK liAKIIKTT  CUKKIC AHOL'T KIVK MIl.KH WEST OK Till: NIHJSON AND '  l-'OltTHIIKI'PAHD HAII.WAV AND NI.VK MILKS KKO.M TIIK  TOWN OK   Y.MI1C.  Take notice that I, Samuel L. Long, ac.t.iuifus nKentfor  W. II. Carbould, free miner's eertillcate No. 77,21:.'. intend  sixty days from the dale hereof, lo apply lo the mining  recorder for a certificate of improvements, for lhe purpose of ohtainiiiK it crown ffranl of the above claim. And  further lake notice that action, under section 37, must he  commenced before the issuance of such ccrlilieate of improvements: SAIH/KL J.-. LONG, 1'. L. H.  Dated this 2nd day of September, 1S97. (riepl. ItliJ  Notice   of  Appiieation   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  I'OKTO KICO MINKKAL CLAIM, SITUATK IN TIIK NKI.SON  MINING DIVISION Ol-' WKST ICOOTKNAV DISTUICT. AND  I.OCATKI-) AT TIIK ,HKAI) OK IIAKKKTT CKKUK AIIOUT  KIVK MILKS WKST OK TIIK NKLSON AND KOKT SIIKl'l'AKD  KAII.WAY AND N1NK MILKS   KKO.M   TIIK TOWN OK YSIIK.  Take notice that 1, Samuel L. Lnng, acting- a.s iikciic for  VV. .1. .Maxwell, free miner's certificate No. 7S.(j_9. intend  sixty days from tho date hereof, to apply to the mining-  recorder for a. certificate of improvements for the pur-  pose of obtaining a crown grant, of lhe above claim.  And further take notice that, action, under nection 117,  must be commenced before the issuance of such eertillcate of improvements.       SAMU1CL I.. LONG, 1J. L. S.  Dated this _nd day of September. 1S97. [Sept. Uli]  Notice     of    Application    for    Certificate     of  ��� Improvements.  I.IZ/.IK 11. MINKKAL CLAIM, SITUATE-IN TIIK NIXSON MINING DIVISION OK WKST ICOOTKNAV DISTUICT, AND  LOCATKD NOKTII OK AND ADJOINING TIIK I'OKTO KICO  MINKKAL CLAIM AT TIIK IIKAIl OK HAKKKTT CKKKIC  AllOUT KIVK MILKS WKST OK TIIK NKLSON AND KOKT  SIIKl'l'AKD KAII.WAY AND NI.VK MILKS KUOM TIIK  TOWN OK   YMIK.  Take notice that I. Samuel L. Long iictine; as iiu'ent for  Walter A. lioultbee. free miner's certificate N'o. 37(!8a. intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements" for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further take notice that action, under section H7. must be  commenced before the issuance of such ceriiflcale of improvements. SAA1UKL L. LONG. I'. L. S.  Dated this, 2nd day of September, 1S97. (Sept. 1th)  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  GOOD KNOUGII MINKKAL CLAIM, SITUATK IN TIIK NKLSON  MINING DIN1SION OK WKST ICOOTKNAV DISTKICT. SITUATK ON TOAD  MOUNTAIN.  Take notice that I, Krunk Klelcher, acting a�� agent for  George II. Andrews. 1'iee miner's certificate No. CS._!)5.  intend sixty days from the dale hereof. Io apply lo lhe  mining recorder for a ccrlilieate of iniprovemeniv. i'or  the purpose of obtaining a crown gram, of the above  claim. And further lake notice that action, under section :17, must, be commenced before the i.-suance of Mich  cerlilicale of improvements.        I-'HANIC FI.KTCH Kit.  Dated this 13th day of July. IS!I". |.luly 17lh]  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  IVANIIOK MINKHAI. CLAIM, SITUATK IN THE AINSWOKTII  MINING DIVISION OK WKST ICOOTKNAV DISTKICT, AND  LOCATKD ABOUT THKKK-OUAKTKK.- OK A MILK SOUTH  OK TIIE TOWN  OV AINSWOKTII.  Take notice that I. A. S. Karwell. acting a.- agent for  Maxwell Stevenson, free miner's certilicatc No. 7(i.l(i/i, intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to Ihe mining recorder for a ccrlilieate of improvements for the  purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.  Anil further lake notice that, action, under section :t".  must, be commenced before the issuance of such cert i Ileal e  of improvements A.S.  KAUWKLI..  Dated this :<rd day of August, 1S1I7. 1 August 7th|  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  OHO- KINO, DKXTEK, AND DEXTEK KKACtIoN MIVI-KAI.  CLAIMS. SITUATE IN Til K NELSON M INING DIVISION Ol"  WKST KOOTKNAV DISTKICT, AND LOCATED AHOUTITVi:  MILKS WEST OK TIIK TOWN OK NELSON.  Take notice that I; A. S. Karwell, acting as iigent for  Alfred O. Kluinerfelt, free miner's .certificate No. SS.P'.K).  intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply 10 the  , mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining crown grants ot the above claims  Ana further take notice that action, under .-cilion 37,  must, be commenced before the issuance of such cert ideates of improvements. . A. S. KA ItWI-'LL.  .Dated this _lsi day of August. 1807. . lAugu-t "JSi'i]  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.    .  DOLUS MINKKAL CLAIM. SITUATK IN TIIK NKI.SON MINING  DIVISION OK WKST KOOTENAY DISTKICT. AND I.OCATKD  ON TIIK NOKTII KOKIC OK TIIK SALMON HIVKIl. AIIOUT  KOUK MILKS KKO.M TIIK NKLSON AND KOKT SIILI'l'AKD  KAII.WAY.  Take notice that I.N. F. Townsend, acting 11s agent  for L. E. ICellcr, free miner's certificate Xo. S.VkS7, intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for a eertillcate of improvements, for Ihe purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further take notice thai action, under section :17. mu-t he  commenced before the issuance of such eertillcate of improvements. N. F. TOWNSEND.  Dated this-Oth day of August. ISiiT. .|August 'iSth|  Notice    of     Application     for     Certificate    of  Improvements.  ATUAHA.SCA. AI.I1KKTA.- AI.GOMA, MANITOllA. Itl'IIV l"KA<".  TION AND TH1ANGLK KKACTION MINKKAL CLAIM*. SITUATE ON TOAD MOUNTAIN. IN TIIK NKI.SON MINING  DIVISION OK WEST ICOOTKNAV DISTKICT. AND TWO  MILKS SOUTHWEST  KKO.M   NKLSON.  Take notice that I. Frank Fletcher, acting ih agent  for the Athabasca Cold Mining Company. Limited, free  miner's eertillcate No. 0010a. Intend sixty day- fiom the  dale hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for c.-rt ideates of -improvements, for lhe purpose of olnaiiiing  crown grants of the above claims. And further take  notice tliat action, under section .'17. must be commenced  before the issuance of such certificates of improvements.  FliANK  l-I.KTclIKli.  I lated this, tilth day of September. IS!)".    '     (Sept. Sth|  Notice of Application  for Crown Grant.  Take notice thai A. S. Karwell. acting as agent for  Joseph IS. Iliilllin, has tiled ihc nccc.-.-ary papcr-and made  application for a crown grant, in favor of the mineral  claim "Skookum." siliniicd in lhe Ainsworth mining di-  vi.-iim of West Kontcnay, Adverse claimants, if any,  must file 1 heir objections with tne within HO days from  the dale of the lirst publication of thi- notice in the British Columbia Gazette.  W. J. GGKPKIt. Government  Agenl.  Dated at Nelson, August Krd. 1S07. [August 7th  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that 1. Charles Honth, intend to  apply at tin; expiration of sixty day.- from the date hereof, to the commissioner of lands and works for permission to purchase IliO acres of unreserved, unoccupied and  nnsurvcyed crown land, situated near the continence of  .Meadow'creek and Goal river, in the Goat river mining  division of West Kootenay. Hrilisb Columbia.  CHAHLKS IIKAT1I.  Dated this 121 li day of July. 1S17.  DKSCKII'TION.  ; at initial post marked  Commencing at initial post marked "Charles Heath's  N. W. Corner." thence due south 10 chains, thence due  easl 10 chains, thence, due north in chains, thence due  west 10 chains to point of commencement, conlaining HW  acres more or less.  Notice   of  Application   to   Purchase   Land.  Notice is hereby ^ivcii that I. Hubert K. l.ciuoii. intend  lo apply at the expiration of sixty days from the dale  hereof."to the commissioner of lands and work-, for permission to purchase 010 acres of unreserved, unoccupied,  and nnsurvcyed crown lands, situated on llie central  fork of Goat' River, about four miles easterly of the  Storm King mineral claim, in Goat Kiver mining ilivi-ioii  of West Koolciiav. British Columbia.  K.   K..  I.KMOV.  Dated August 'Jllli. IXH7. |Augn.-t 'JS!li|  DKSCKII'TION.  Commencing at an initial po-t marked "l.'nbcrl K.  Lemon's S. K. corner post." thence north Hill chain.-,  thence west llio chains, thence south HVi chains thence  east IM chain- to point of commencement, containing till)  acres more or less.  |y-Vrr-_-  T-   '    J-_i THE  TRIBUNE:  .NELSON,  B.C.,, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2,   1897.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  . li. C. Campbell-Johnson, who last week  purchased the Queen Bess mine for a  Scotch syndicate was in Nelson thi.- week'.  It is said that the owners of the-Queen  Bess will receive $-10,000 cash tmd the balance,' $80,000, in stock. ���  Allen's pack train is now getting out a  shipment pi: ore front the Chapleau group  on the north fork ot Lemon creek. The  ore runs about $70 in gold and $."i() in silver. Tlie lead is about three feet wide  and carries some free gold.  Au accident occurred on the government wharf ou Tuesday evening which  emphasize^ the necessity for ropnirs .tu  the same. Through the absonce of any  hand rail, and the crowd ing of tennis upon  the wharf, Mrs..Harry Stutter, it passenger on the Alberta from Kti.slo, walked  over the side of the wharf into the lake.  She was rescued by hev husband.  The regular meeting of the Ladies' I Ins-  pi till Aid, will be held in (.lie Presbyterian  church on Monday afternoon al. o o'clock.  The ladies'nf Nelson are invited to attend."  , A historical sketch dealing with the reserving of the Nelson townsite by (iilbert  Malcolm Sproat in ISS'j. and incidents connected therewith and leading up to the  first sale of lots in the townsite, will appear in the next issue of Till-- Tit im-.vie.  This sketch has been prepared by Gilbert  Malcolm Sproat.���  M. .1. Jlaney, who has charge of the construction ol the Crow's Nest railway, expressed his opinion this week that the C.  P. Ji. company would have the road completed,-, to Kootenay lake by July next.  The liev. G. li. Welch, of the Baptist  church, was called to New Westminster  to visit his mother, who is probably on  her death bed ; consequently there will be  no preaching at the school house tomorrow. The Sabbath school will meet as  usual.  Work was commenced this week by  contractor Newling upon the sewer system and by contractor McLean upon the  laying of pipe for the waterworks distribution system. Work in each instance is  being pushed ahead rapidly.  Rev. George II. Morden gave a Salmo  elopement the finishing touches on Saturday, when he married Pred J-IIis and Nellie Peterson. The bride's mother was hot  for a time, but she and her daughter  kissed and made up, and the house cat  purrs contentedly at the hearth of Mr.c  and Mrs.  Fred l_llis, at Salmo.  J. B. McArthur, according to the Rossland Miner, has succeeded in tearing all  the railway secrets from the breast of  vice president Shaughnessy, of the C. .P.  R. The Miner should send McArthur to  Victoria and ascertain what Premier Turner is going to do in the matter of redistribution.  Dave Bremner, one of the pioneers of  Nelson arrived in town this week from  the Slocan. "Dave" spent one whole day  in a fruitless effort to find his name in  Collins' history. Me is now looking for  the historian.  G. li. Maxwell, the Vancouver M. P.,  does not like the idea of a liberal convention, and refused to have anything to do  with it. Although Maxwell calls himself  a Liberal he says that Liberalism is at a  discount in Vancouver, and that he represents 000 or 700 Conservatives.  The Ladies' Aid, of the Presbyterian  church, have secured au unique attraction in the Johnson-Smiley combination,  which will give two performances in the  city on the evenings of the J Ith and 12th.  E. Pauline Johnson is an Indian girl possessed ot rare elocutionary powers. Owen  A. Smiley, who constitutes the other half  of the show, is a good singer.  Thomas C. Collins and J. Fred Hume  will resume work on tlie Lizzie C tunnel  this winter. This tunnel is now in 315  feet, and the owners are of the opinion  that they have not much farther to go.  Other work upon the Lizzie C consists of  a  10-foot tunnel and a ���'���'S-foot shaft.  The smelter returns upon the last shipment from the Athabasca, of 30 tons, were  $100.35 per ton.  The   big   copper   furnace of   the   Hall  Mines smelter froze up again  this week.  Very little time was lost and the furnace  was blown in again Friday morning.  Premier Turner is expected to arrive in  Nelson next week.  W. A. Galliher, also his wife and family  will arrive in Nelson this evening from  Lethbridge.  After an enquiry into the circumstances  connected with the death of James A.  Ross, an Italian employed a.s foreman for  a sub-contractor on the Slocan River railway, the jury returned a verdict of accidental death. From the evidence it appeared that Ross was studying the effect  of a blast which he had made upon the  railway grade, and while so employed a  large piece of loosened rock fell upon him,  killing him instantly. The accident oc- |  curred about noon on Sunday. The jurors  were: John II. Matheson (foreman), C. A.  Goodwin, Fd Stanley, Thomas Booth, Angus Shaw and Thomas Madden.  A rather promising gold strike was  made last week in doing the assessment  work upon the Fsperanza, a claim adjoining the Lizzie C on the northwest,  about tliree and a half miles south of Nelson and about one-half a mile east of the  Nelson ic Fort. Sheppard railway. The  Esperanza was located on April 2(itli, and  afterwards sold to Mr. Powys, of this city.  The assessment work showed up an 1S-  inch vein of quartz, carrying free gold.  The quartz is .similar to that found in the  Athabasca, and colors are easily panned  from it. In some of the quartz the gold  is visible. An assay has not yet been had.  The ledge runs into the ground of the  Lizzie C.  Latest American  Styles in  Mei^s Felt Hats  36     :___-_._____!:_-     STBBET  . Special Value in  Irish Linen Damask  and Table Napkins  Dress Goods Dept.  New Dress Guods in all the'  hit est nuileriiils for visiting.'  walking or traveling gowns  New Weaves in Black Dress  Guilds fur mourning or ordinary wear  Splendid assortment of Tar-  Ian Plaids for ladies blouse  waist s and eliildrens dresses  ���New Black and Faney colored  Brocade Silks for evening  and street wear in all the  latesl   novelties  Ladies Wrappers and Mackintoshes now opened  House Furnishing Dept. Mens Furnishing Dept.  New- Tapestry  and   Chenille  Portiers  Chenille  Table  Covers  in  all  sizes  New Designs in Tapestry Coverings, Japanese Cold Drapery and Arl Muslins single,  and double width cretonnes  Lace   Curtains   and    Curtain  Poles  W'hiteand colored I Jet I Spreads  and Fider Down Quills  Crev and White Blankets  Tapes! ry and Brussels Carpets  Kurdistan  Bugs  Fancy    Negligee    and    Dress  Shins  Latest, shapes in Linen Collars  .  and Culls  New   styles   in   Scarfs.   Bows  and Ties  Mens Pants "and Fall Suits in  ,, .Mixed   T weeds   and    Navv-  Serge  Fall Overcoats .  Boys and Youths Clothing we  are offering at. half price lo  clear  Mens,Tweed and Maokinlosh  ��� Coats in.latest, style  Overalls' and    Junipers   and  Mining Shoes  Write for Samples of our  Full Dress Materials  FRED IRVINE & GO., Nelson, B.C.  TOWN   LOT.  In accordance ���with instructions  from the Hon. GK B. Martin, Chief  Commissioner of Lands and  Works,' Messrs. Charles A. Waterman & Co. will offer for sale by  public auction, at the court house  in the City of Nelson, on Thursday, October 7th, at 2 o'clock p,  m., the remainder; of the G-overn-  ment town lots in the original  townsite of the City of Nelson,  with the exception of the lots  comprising* block forty-nine (49),  All lots will be sold subject to an upset price ranging  from $100 upwards.  With respect to lots upon which squatters have made  substantial improvements, the purchasers of the same will  be required to pay to the Government, for the benefit of  the squatters, the appraised value of the improvements  thereon.  Twenty-five (25) per cent of the  purchase money cash, and the  balance within thirty (30) days  from the date of sale.  On the failure on the part of any  intending* purchaser to. complete  the purchase -within thirty (30)  days, the deposit made at the  time of sale will be forfeited and  the lots will again be offered for  sale.        ===^=^E^^        ' __^  For maps showing the location of the lots to be offered  for sale, catalogue of the same and further particulars, apply at the office of  A Carload of Groceries from Victoria and a carload of Sugar from the B. C. Refining Co. just  arrived. We are prepared to quote specially  low prices on everything in the Grocery line.  The quality of our goods fully guaranteed.  Particular attention paid to family trade.  , ��� We also carry a complete line of Miners' and Builders' Hardware, Stoves, Tinware,  Crockery and Glassware, Paints and Oils, Blacksmith's Goal, Giant, Powder, etc. Wholesale and retail.       '  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  Our aim is to supply the best at reasonable prices. Our  turnover is larg-e, consequently we are continually receiving1 fresh goods. No shelf-worn or worm-eaten g-oods to be  found upon our premises.    Everything is fresh and clean.  ��  Corner Baker and Josephine Streets  NELSON, B. C.  West Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  Novelties in Dress Goods, personally selected in the eastern markets, are now on our shelves and  a careful inspection of them,will repay any lady before purchasing  her fall dress. The designs are of the newest, the quality excellent, and the prices reasonable. We are showing unusual values  in FLANNELETTES, WRAPPERETTES, CRETONS, and LINENS.  New Carpets in Balmorals,  Tapestry, Etc. West Baker  Street, Nelson, B. C   Have just received the largest and most complete stock  ever displayed in Nelson of  Now is your time to get a Piano.   Terms to suit times  Call and examine my stock  JACOB DOVER, Jeweler _ __  We have and are receiving large  quantities   of  Men's   Furnishings  'i_!&&*_Jro  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. C  Nelson, B. C, September 7th, 1897.  See oup Leader Suit,  See our'Special Suit, $5.00  O. ST  18 and 20  BAKER   STREET  NOTE:    All lots in blocks 78. 88, and 89 have been withdrawn from sale.  BRANCH MARKETS   .    .    .    .    .  Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  1 Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan  District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.  Sal  gb_*,-J  C_ft"l  fe?3  1*4  m  �����&  *V?rt_  >m  & i "��� -e  c ���:���(���!  ���-%-#  '*S


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