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 __��_aw*_jfrr-_*.^:cfc&%33__r_,_i__,x_  l"'5  Has  Mines that are  Paying Dividends and Hun'  clreds of* Properties that can be Made  Dividend  Paying Mines.  KOOTENAY   ,  Has  Three  Smelters   in' Successful   Operation,  and  Enough   Ore  in Sight  to   Run  Several   More.  FIFTH   Y"EAR-NO.  NELSON,  BRITISH   COLUMBIA, SATURDAY   NOVEMBER  '>, 1891  TWO  DOLLARS  A  YEAR.  THE   CITY   DIVIDED   INTO   "WARDS.  City Solicitor Elliot's Opinion With Respect  to Qualifications of Municipal Voters.  The consideration of a by-law for the  division of the city into wards was the  chief business that came before tlie council at Wednesday afternooiYs session.' The  by-law which provides for the dividing  of the city into an east and west ward,  with Ward street a.s the dividing line,  was roucl a first, secotul and third time.  It further provides that three aldermen  shall be elected from each ward.  John Klliot, city solicitor, submitted an  opinion with respect to the qualification  of   voters  at  municipal  elections as follows:   That any male or female  British  ��� subject of the full age of 21   years may  vote in the  ward  in  which he or she is  resident and  a rate payer, and  who has  paid on or before the first day of .November, prior to the day of nomination, all  municipal  rates,  taxes,   assessments and  license fees (except" water rates)���but the  council has power to pass a by-law, allowing such persons to  vote although such  payments have not been made���and who  has been a resident of  the municipality  for at least one year prior to the date of  the closing of th�� last municipal  revised  voters' list, and (a) who is  the assessed  owner of  lands or  improvements or assessed occupier of lands situate within the  municipality: (b) or who carries on  business and is the holder of a  trades-license  in   the  municipality,  the annual  fee   of  which is at least $">; (c) or who is a householder  within   the   municipality.    .That  the  voters'  list shall   close on   the   first  Monday in  December and  be corrected,  revised   and  certified  as correct  by  the  .mayor on or before the third  Monday in  December:   that  the   clerk   immediately  after such* correction   or   revision   shall  prepare   an   alphabetical  list of   voters  stating each   voter's   qualification:   that  the council shall by by-law or resolution  passed in the month of December appoint  the places for holding nomination, the returning officer antl deputies, and the polling places, and shall  prior to  the day of  nomination furnish  the  returning officer  with a list of voters  for each ward  and  arrange for the coining election: that the  nominations shall be  held  on  the second  Monday iu January from  12 noon   lo 2 p.  m. anifthe polling shall take place on lhe  following Thursday from S a. in. to 1 p.m.  Satisfactory Test of Water Pressure.  The water of Anderson creek was turned  into the Latimer street main on Wednesday, and a test made from the the hydrant at the corner of Latimer and Ward  streets. It was,highly satisfactory. Although there was but a limited amount of  water running into tlie main, and the  hydrant was opened before tlie main had  a chance to fill, there was sufficient pressure to throw a I -inch stream 100 feet into  the air. The test was witnessed by a  score of ratepayers and halt the school  children of the city. Messrs. Breckenridge  6c Lund have about completed their contract in connection with the waterworks  system. The reservoir is ready for use  and the covering of a few', feet of the flume  from Anderson creek is all that remains  to be done, provided the work is'accepted  by the city engineer. In order that the  freshest of water may be supplied to citizens of Nelson, it is proposed to use the  water of Anderson creek direct from the  Hume. The reservoir will be filled aud  kept as a reserve only. Delay in the arrival of a pressure regulator to be put in a  the corner of Latimer and Stanley streets  is all that prevents the filling of the mains  on Stanley and intersecting streets. The  main will not be laid on Baker street till  this regulator arrives. ... .  The Ibex Group to be Sold.  Deputy sheriff Robinson has posted a  notice to the effect that on Tuesday next  he will sell at public auction in front of  the government offices at Kaslo, the mineral claims Ibex, Liddesdalc, Gilt Edge,  and Triangle, situated at the head of Lid-  dell creek, four miles from Whitewater  station. Twelve tons of sacked ore will  also be disposed of. The sale is for the  purpose of satisfying four judgments as  follows: U. F. Green and S. II. Green,  $|.mi<>: AV. 13. Akers, $151.7-1; Hamilton  Byers, $��!!-"(*>; T. Morton, $**2'*.2I. The  claims were the property of the Ibex Mining company, a company which undertook  to develop the property by issuing colored  posters and photographs of the Ibex  mines.   The Directors Failed.  The directors of the Noble Five Mining  Company were unsuccessful in their effort  to induce the shareholders to amend the  by-laws of the company so as to clear the  way for the soaking of the mines and  plant of the companies for $1*50,000. There  were only 780,000 shares represented at  the meeting at Cody on Saturday, being  20.000 short of the requisite two-thirds.  The meeting adjourned until November  25th. There is more probability of a liquidator being appointed for the purpose of  operating or disposing of the mine than  there is of the shareholders reposing any  further confidence in the present management. The mine is closed down at present.   Friday Afternoon's Meeting.  The city council held a meeting Friday  afternoon for the purpose of taking action  with respect to the grading of Latimer  street, from Josephine street to the boundary of the city, for the purpose of making a good road to the Nelson & Fort  Sheppard railway.    The city engineer was  instructed to establish the grade for the  road so that tenders can be called for the  work, to be submitted on Wednesday, the  101 h instant.  The by-law dividing the city into wards  was reconsidered and finally passed.  On motion of alderman Malone, seconded  by alderman Gilker. it was resolved that  $000 be allowed Breckenridge 6c Lund on  flume contract, and $100 on the reservoir  contract.  The following accountswere passed :  John Klllol, legal services   West & ICmersnn, wood ��� ':   v.. P. It , telegrams   Aslicroft iSr McClelland, waterworks and sowor>  W. A. Stephens, hauling lumber   .lolin A. Turner, hardware __   P. Kuriis & Co...inil supplies  ���  M. C. Gazelle    Nelson Hard ware Co., .jail supplies   Frank llarlim.', hydrants, etc   Kmiik Darling, hydrants, etc   .��I7;"i 0U  5 75  90  . ti SO  . Io (10  .    2ll .V)  (10  ii :>o  r.i i ,-i  . is-2 2n  .   I!l(i OS  THE   RAILWAY   COMPANY WINS.  Lot Those Take Who Have the Power and Let  Those Keep "Who Can.  It is interesting to note how careful the  judges of the supreme court have been  throughout the progress of the fight for  the possession of the Ymir townsite, in  their references to the Nelson <fc Fort  Sheppard Railway Company's ha/.y title  to the land in dispute. The case was before the full court at Victoria on Monday,  when the cross appeal of the defendants,  Parker et. al., was dismissed. Jt will be  remembered that some time ago an injunction order was granted, restraining  the defendants from in any way dealing  with certain portions of the Quart/. Creek  townsite, and against this they appealed,  but their appeal now stands dismissed.  The railway company have obtained  their crown grant, and their action for  trespass against the plaintill's will now  go on, the defendants in the meantime  being restrained from in any way dealing  with"the land.  Chief justice Davie handed down judgment iu the appeal, which was concurred  in by the other justices sitting upon the  case.    It is appended:  "1 see no reason for interfering with  the order appealed from. This is an action of trespass, and it is of elementary  principle that mere possession is sufficient  to support an action of trespass: Harper  vs. Charlesworth, -1 IJ. C.,f>S9, and Johnson  vs. Barrett, Aleyn, 18-11, where the plaintiff had no title to enable him to maintain  an ejectment because he had no legal conveyance from the crown, but still, according to the authority in Aleyn he would  be entitled by reason of his actual possession to maintain trespass against a  wrong-doer. There can be no doubt that  the railway company were in possession  here with the consent of the crown ; they  were operating their railway through the  land, and of course, must have ingress  and egress on either side. The language  of Bailey, J., in Harper vs. Charlesworth,  :1 B. C, at p. 501 is precisely applicable. It  appears to ine, then, that the plaintiff  was in the actual, possession of the land  and I am ot opinion that actual possession  of crown land i.s sufficient to entitle the  party possessing-it to maintain the trespass against persons who have no title at  all and who are mere wrong doers.  "Perhaps as this is only an interlocutory motion, indecisive of the merits of  the case, it is better to say no more. ��� It is  much to be regretted that one of the parties to the action, or his too anxious  friends, have not observed the propriety  of maintaining silence at least from comment whilst the case was sub judice, but  on the contrary have printed in the newspaper what purports to be the defendants'  argument upon this appeal, embellished  with prominent headlines, and have sent  copies to the judges. Such conduct is a  gross contempt of court, and may, if repeated, be fittingly dealt with. The cross  appeal is dismissed.  Canadian Pacific Earnings.  MoNTiiiOAi., Oct. 2S���Canadian Pacific  Railway Company's earnings for September, 1897, were: Gross earnings, $2,"Jl-i,-  520: working expenses, . $1,2S-I,0,'*S: net  profits, $1,050,801. In September, 1800,  the net profits were $758,328, and tor the  nine months ending the 30th September,  1S07, the figures are as follows: Gross  earnings, $10,30(5,3-10: working expenses.  $0,750,100: net profits, $0,015,850. For the  nine months ending 30th September, 1800,  there was a net profit of $5,3S1,301. The  increase in net profits over the same  period of last year is therefore for September $301,503, and from January Ist to  September 30th, $1,201,100.  The Adams Group Develops Well.  Captain Adams is highly pleased with  the development on the Adams group in  the Slocan. Three shifts are being worked  under the formanship of Robert Cordick.  A tunnel is being: run to tap the ore bodies  at a distance of -.1.00 to 500 feet, ft is now  in 235 feet and has been in ore for 25 feet.  The first carload of ore was shipped last  month. It passed through the Kaslo  sampler at 05J, ounces silver per ton and  05J. per cent lead. On this mine a record  has been made for tunnel work. Through  hard rock the cost has been just $7 a foot.  The Arlington is all Riprht.  Frank Watson of the Arlington, says  that a carload shipment will be made  from that property so soon as snow comes.  The property is said to be in fine shape.  Two weeks ago the ore was encountered  at a depth of 125 feet. The ledge at this  point is 12 feet wide, and carries a 2-foot  body of shipping ore, some of which is  very rich in ruby and native silver. A 10  foot drift is being run on the ledge, when  an upraise will be made to the surface.  THE   ATHABASCA.  Report of Superintendent  Wins Upon   the Development Worlc Done Upon the Property.  C. A. Wing, superintendent of the Athabasca mine, in a report to the company,  describes the work done upon the Athabasca.     Upon the main ledge there is a  tunnel 275 feet and a winze OS feet, at the  bottom of which there is a drift  10 feet,  this wiiv/.eand drift being in- ore 8 to''18  inches wide, assays of  which, at a depth  of 08 feet, gave $101.00  per  ton   in  gold.  Operations, on  the drift have been  suspended, owing to bad air and seepage of  water, and before resuming,arrangements  will have to be made for hoisting, either  by steam or horse-power.   There are also  two upraises from the tunnel  to the surface, and considerable stoping has been  done  and   ore   mined   from   this   ledge.  South of  this   180  feet, a  great   deal  of  work has been done, consisting of 110 feet  of tunnels, 35 feet of drifts, etc.    Very  rich ore has been found here, several shipments   having   averaged   $100   per ��� ton.  Seventy-five feet east of the  main ledge,  another  ledge has  been stripped   about  150 feet, showing six to twelve inches *"of  quart/..     One hundred feet  west of the  main ledge, a stripping of about 50 feet  has been   made   on   about   10  inches   of  quart'/.   About 300 feet west of the main  ledge   a  discovery has  been   made   this  month of a very fine looking ledge, about  Hi   inches    wide    where   opened,   which  is now being stripped.    We intend  to do  some worlc upon this showing at once, as  it is  very  promising, and   may,   with  a  little  work,  develop into as  valuable  a  producer as the ledges now being worked.  .In the cause of development considerable ore was taken out, and several small  shipments were made  to the Hall Mines  smelter aggregating in all  K5S.J  tons, the  gross returns from which were $12,10-1.32.  Thes^. shipments   were  as  follows:   Sixteen and one-half tons, $70.20 per ton:   17  tons, $75.50 per  ton: 18  tons,  $2(5.50 per  ton: I8.y  ton's,   $20.-15   per   ton:  21   tons,  $7-1.30 per  ton:  10   tons,  $-11.81   per  ton:  2S tons, $107.(52 per ton:  30 tons, $107.28  per ton.   SOUTHERN   KOOTENAY'S   GREAT  RECORD.  Mineral Exports For the Weelc $282,033- Total  For the Current Yeai* $7,022,023.  The returns from the port of Nelson for  the first six days of the current month,  show that during the past week there was  exported from the mines and smelters of  Southern Kootenay ore aud matte to the  value of $282,033. This is the greatest  record'that Southern Kootenay has made.  The matte shipments for the week aggregate 750,307 pounds. . Of this about three-  quarters was the product of the Ilall  Mines smelter. The Trail Creek matte,  however, had a much greater value and  comprised fully. t.vo-thirds of the total  value of matte exports, which were entered at $150,010. Of the total shipments  for the week the Trail smelter and the  Iron Mask mine at Rossland contributed  $90,002 and the mines of the Slocan $122,-  473. The values of the week's output of  $282,033 are segregated as follows: gold,  $82,020: copper, $35,501; lead, $20,905; and  silver, $l3'iyl5.l. The exports for the week  brings tlie grand total for the current  year up to $7,022,023. Theentries for the  week were:  BULLION   AXD   MATTK  Pounds  Trail smelter (matte) ... 199,077  Hull Mines smelter. Nelson, matte . niifi.li'JO  ORE.  Payut' mine, Slocan.   ivootenay Ore Company. Kaslo.  Reco mine, Slocan...   Whitewater mine, Slocan   .Ajax mine, Slocan ..  :...  Goodenough mine. Slocan   Slocan Star. Sandon   Surprise mine. Slocan........���  Iron Mask mine, Rossland.......  Value  Total  Total  Total  Total  Total  Total  Total  Total  Total  Total  Total  Total  Total  for week   for October   I'or September   for August .'   ...  for July   for June .....  I'or May   ...  for April   for March......     for February   for January   via Uevelstoke loOcl.'tlsl.  so far for 1S97    Approximate  Tons.  Value.  700  351  40  ii'.".  IS  111)  15   ,  1,71:1 .  $282,033  5,105  SS35,0i"i0  1,001  S711.225  5.070  -   St.7o.lSil  l,l.!!l  S5i:i.&'i2  ���",���161  S1.SH.S&5  2,905  S397.797  'J, 701  $IXI,i'M  5.S22  S877,li81  .5,201  .S5U2.S5''  ���I,5 III  $t'.75,50(i  STI'U'B  17,21.1  S7,o22.02:i  October Mineral Exports   Aggregate   $807,758.  During the past month there  was entered for export through  the outport of  Revelstoke, Slocan ores  valued at $32,708.  These exports added to those of the port  of Nelson, show that during the month of  October the mines and smelters of southern Kootenay exported ore, matte, and  bullion valued at $807,758. The entries at  Hevelstoke for the past month were:  Lanark.  .  Slocan Star  Keen   Idaho   ...  .  Tons,  Value.  70  S :i.778  ISO  II.Ill  10  10,210  7(i  8.027  Tupper's Respects to Laurier.  At a political meeting in Victoria, sir  Charles Tupper denounced sir Wilfred  Laurier's government as incapable. He  furthermore said that Laurier had trampled under foot every principle whicli he  had advocated in opposition. As such  conduct should bring Laurier well within  the Tupper policy, it is hard to understand Sir Charles' denouncement.  Another Smelter Site.  An agent fora smelting company named  Simmons is dickering with the Canadian  Pacific ^Railway Company for a smelter  site at Nakusp. If the company means  business and wants to go ahead with the  erection of a smelter, the railway conipany  will probably donate a site.  MINING   AROUND   AINSWORTH.  Several Promising Locations Have Been Made  Around Headwaters ol' "Woodbury Creek.  Charles Olson of Ainsworlli, was in  town this week. Kverything is moving  along nicely around Ainsworth. The  prospect ot the early starting of the I'ilot  Bay smelter is having its effect upon the  camp. The No. 1 mine is making regular  shipments to I'ilot Bay, and work is being  pushed ahead on the Tariff, which is  owned by the lessees of the smelter.  As there are about 1000 tons of ore on the  Tariff dump, and the property is in pretty  good shape, it will doubtless be able to  meet the smelter's requirements'of 50 tons  per day. Some twenty men arc working  on the Highland. The Stevensons have  an 8-foot body of ore in this property.  The concentrator was started upon .Friday, and regular shipments will shortly  be made. The tramway from the Highland is working well, delivering 50 tons of  ore every ten hours.  "Charlie" is of the opinion that Woodbury creek will receive a great deal of attention next summer. Already there  have been made from 75 to 100 locations  around the headwaters of the creek, the  us-ays from which are uniformy high.  Frank Heau of Ainsworth, recently made  a lucky strike on one of these properties.  He secured a bond on one property for  $1000, and turned it over,shortly after  upon a bond for $10,000, ten per cent of  which was paid down.  Olson has added to his mineral holdings  in the district by the location of the  "Mountain View, located about five miles  up'Woodbury creek and two miles back.  Surface assays from this property give  returns of 180 ounces silver aud I-I per  cent copper. This grey copper ore is a  new feature of the district. Work upon  the Olson claim has not resulted as favorably as was anticipated, but upon the  Annie, an extension of the Olson, development has disclosed a a 12-inch vein, which  assays 120 o.unces silver and $21 in gold.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  The members, of Kootenay Lodge No.  3138, I. O. F., held an opening meeting  meeting in the lodge room Wednesday  evening. There were four deputy supreme  chief rangers present, and rousing songs  and happy speeches rounded out a very  pleasant evening. The hit of the evening  was a song by Bro. Lennox. Speeches  were made by Bros. G. O. Buchanan. Annabel and Falconer:  .Frank Armstrong was sentenced to four  months' imprisonment at hard labor  by  magistrate Crease on Wednesday. He  was charged with an aggravated assault  upon Alexander Brown. The assault took  place on Sunday morning while Armstrong was drunk.  Arthur Bullock was before magistrate  Crease on Tuesday, charged with a breach  of the Trades License By-law. The information was . laid by H. G. McCulloch.  Bullock was charged with dealing in real  estate without a license. There was no  evidence against Bullock and the case  was dismissed without costs.  W. C. McLean 6c Co. this week undertook the work of making the connection  between the end of Ward street sewer  aiid deep water iu Kootenay lake. The  work is being done by day's labor.  Rev. Robt. Flew was inducted as pastor  of the Presbyterian church on Thursday  evening. /The services were largely attended by the members of the congrega-.  tion as well as those of the other city  churches. ���     '  ��� '  The voters'list for the next municipal  election was opened at the city hall this  ���week. Only those who have paid their  taxes will be eligible to vote at the next  election.  William   Green,  a   colored   shoe-black,  was  fined  $10 and  costs   by  magistrate  Crease yesterday for assaulting W. .1.  Herring.  Frank Simpson, of the firm of Farley-&  Simpson, this week purchased the interest of Adolphe LaPointe in the (fraud  Central hotel at the corner of Vernon and  Ward streets. The hotel will be conducted by Messrs. Farley 6c Simpson.  A store keeper at Ilall Siding named  McLaughlin, made an attempt at suicide  on Thursday by cutting his arm with a  razor.- Dr. (.!. A. B. Hall was at the siding  on medical work and succeeded in frustrating McLaughlin's design.  It is currently reported that contractor  Haney will commence work upon the  Kootenay river end of the Crow's Nest  railway as soon as the engineers complete  the location of the line.  it is announced upon, good authority  that the provincial government will make  the necessary additions to the Nelson  court house at once. This work has been  neglected for two years.  The Hall Mines, Limited, will probably1  pay a dividend of 10 per cent upon the  ordinary stock. It is also announced that  an interim dividend of 5 per cent may be  expected for the first six months of* the  present fiscal year.  The Canadian Pacific Hail way Conipany  has entered into traffic arrangements with  the 'Heinze road from Robson to Hossland.  By this arrangement the trip from Nelson  to Hossland and vice versa can be made  inside of four hours. The first tiain run  in connection with the new service landed  its Hossland  passengers in   Nelson  today  at 11.50 o'clock. There is much '���peculation among business men as to the terms  insisted upon by the Canadian Pacific.'  Invents are beginning to shape well for  the erection of a large customs smeller,at  Robson. A capable smelter man is now  on his way in to select a site. The smelter  scheme will be financed hy men associated  with the Canadian Pacific Hallway Company.  The four-year-old son of .1. Madden, of  the Two Friends hotel at Slocan City, died  last week.  The British-Canadian Gold' Fields company of Toronto, ha�� taken up the bond  upon the Cold Wedge, a promising property ou Lemon creek. Development work  will be continued this week.  The Maple Loaf Social Club will give a  dance in the Carney Hall on Thursday  evening.    Dancing at 0 o'clock.  .1. O. Petenaude this week opened an  optical and watch repairing establishment  in the McKillop block. Petenaude is a  specialist in optical and watch repairing  work.  10ight Chinamen were before magistrate  Crease this morning for breaches oi the  health by-law. Their specific.offence was  in not having a scavenger attend to their  premises. Some of the Chinamen said  that they paid for having the work done,  but that the scavenger neglected it. Their  cases were adjourned till Monday in order  that they might have a chance of complying with the by-law.'  Messrs. Charles A. Waterman 6c Co.  have moved into the premises lately occupied by A. L. McKillop. on Baker street.  The Nelson Shoe Company have a large  consignment of ladies' dress shoes and  slippers at the Canadian Pacific depot,  which they will open on Monday.  For the dance at Mrs. Brougham's, on  Monday evening, the music will be turned  on at 0:30 o'clock.  Alderman Frank Fletcher arrived, in  town this week from Vancouver. Me reports business as having greatly improved  in the Terminal City.' The C. P. H. has  arranged to run regular steamers next  spring in connection with the Klondyke  business, and merchants look for a very  prosperous year. Land values in Vancouver are stiffening.  Contractor M. .I. Haney and vice president Shaughnessy, of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, deny that��� any.  laborers on the Crow's Nest railway have  any grievance against the,Canadian Pacific Railway .Company. They say in  short that there has been trouble between  some of the men and the sub-contractors  upon the work and that in every insta'iice  in which investigations have been made it  had been found that the complaints were  made by the professional agitators. It  may be true that the complaints have  been made by professional agitators. It  has been demonstrated that men employed  oii the work for nine weeks continuously,  averaged OO cents per week for their labor  over bare living expenses. It is freely  stated that the federal police are employed by the railway company to compel'men'to'work at the contractor's terms.  Such a condition of things would make a  professional agitator out of every intelligent man upou the work.  Clarke Wallace is in Kamloops,endeavoring to straighten out the muddle in connection with the Iron Mask mine at Kamloops. Until this trouble is adjusted and  the Iron Mask resumes work Kamloops  will not know whether it isdestined to be  a mining camp or not.  "Billy" Perdue, who started several  weeks ago for Dawson City with a drove  of cattle, is reported to have reached his  destination in safety. As he has a corner  on the butcher business in the Klond5'ke,  Perdue and his associates in the venture  should make a handsome cleanup.  '.Dr. G. A. 1��. Hall has entered into a professional parthersliip with Dr. H. .1. Hawkey, formerly of Victoria.'  Otto Stelling, an employee of the Fern  Mining Company, fell oil' a ladder nt the  company's property on Thursday and  broke hi.s leg.  Fears Plutocrats More Than Democrats.  William T. Stead, of the Heview of He-  views, does his own thinking., While all  the journals of Kngland are wailing about  the success of Tainniany iu New Vork being a national calamity for the I'nitcd  States, Stead came out alone and said :  "To most of us in the old country your  plutocrats seem a greater menace tothe  commonwealth than democrats, even if  they do swear by Croker and Tammany  hall, The republican's campaign fund  staggered us more than the victory of  Van Wyek."  Senator Mclnnes to Succeed Dewdney.  A dispatch from Ottawa says that senator Mclnnes will succeed Hon. Fdgar  Dewdney as lieutenant governor of the  province. The dispatch further says that  the only question yet open is whether  William Templeman, of the Victoria  Times, will accept the sonatorship made  vacant by the promotion of senator Mclnnes. Since Mclnnes' probable elevation  has been announced the Liberal press of  the province has been endeavoring to  make a statesman out of a senatorial  sliunberer.  McLBAN   &   COMPANY  GET  THE   WORK.  Of Connecting the Sewer System with Deep  Water in Kootenay River.  Ac Monday afternoon's session of ihe  city council a communication was received  from the Nelson Flectric Light Company;  respecting the company's contract'for  lighting the streets of the city, requesting  the council to specify th*- number of lights  required and the location of ihe same.  The communication was referred to a committee of the whole council, and a report  will be submitted at Monday's meeting.  A communication from J. A. Forin n*-k-,  ing that a sidewalk be built on GVdnr  street, and that a road be opened on the  street, was referred to the public work*  committee.  W. A. Macdonald had a communication  before the council offering to sell a safe  owned by him to the corpora tion. Mayor  Houston was authorized to arrange with  W. A: Macdonald for the purchase of the  safe at a price nor. to exceed $500.  On motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Gilker.it was resolved  that the chief of rhe fire brigade be paid  $80 per month.  On motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Malone, it was decided  to give W. C. McLean 6c Co. the work ot  connecting the sewer system with deep  water. The work will be done on force  account.  The following accounts were passed and  ordered paid:  W. C. McLean &. Co., waterworks contract....  W. C. McLean & Co., force account   C. P. R., freight on sewer fittings   Turner, Jlcetbn & Co.. newer pipe   Tribune Pub. Co.. printing ami advertising   A. C. Huchnnan, lanterns"   Charles E. Sealey. city clerk   A. l'\ Mclsiniion, chief t.f police   K. A. Winerals,  patrolman  "--   .1. Hamilton, auditor .'   A. L. McCulloch, engineer   '���". A. Crease, police magistrate   George McPnrland, inspector of Mimic   It   10. Lemon, inspector of pipe laying   W. Sutherland, inspector of material      H. Plannigan, sewers   David Law_.on. sewers     Robert Oliver, sidewalks     Frank Kowe. sidewalks   A. Allan, sidewalks   Graham Campbell, waterworks        .�����.���,072 !W  01 r:i  (" r.i  1..7 oo  32 2.1  d 2;">  11X1 (JO  90 00  80 00  12 ;*)()  200 DO  .'SO 00  78 00  00 00  72 00  15 00  71! 00  31 50  '    23 7.-.  Iii 00  2 do  .s 19.000  012  5.;-i02  200  1.1.2  J12  Jlli  i. >7 a  1.71  2.' 11.2  l.��J li  J 22  "ill  1 12.  Oil  1,1.01  V.  1.172  2. lil  21.2  <S  It  i.'  "��� 210  <_00  171  J "1.7  lil  V.  01  02  b.i  II  "I  is.  1^1  IS  If I  i>  r.  IK)  27  OO  07  1.7-  *>U S7i  The City Finances.  Charles E.  Sealey, city clerk, has  prepared a statement of the receipts and disbursements of the corporation  up to October "iOth.    It is as follows:  KKCnilTS.  Proceeds sale of debentures   Police court lines '.   Licenses   "''ire depaif nu ul.i;i>\ ci nuiiiil giant  Water rates  Interest an i ued on debcnl un s  Dog tax.  Real estate t.i\  Miscellaneous  immu itsi MI N Is  Water winks  Sidewalks  Plant and tool-.  Printing and st il mm i \  Salaries .  fire dopai liiicnl  Streets ..  Special pi.lnL  Interest.  Lock-up.  Legal Kxp< uses.  Health ..  Dog lax .  Jail supplies  Sewers ..  Sinking fund  Miscellaneous  Bnl.'.nee II ink 01  Montreal  'Total ���?.'! S77 77  The Pfttionnge of Mayor VanWyck  The patronage ol I'obert A. .VanWyck,  the successful Tammany candidate of  Greater Xew Vork, is second only to that  of the 'president .of the United States.  More that" *5",000 persons will, directly or  indirectly, draw pay from the city in the  first administration of the 'mayor of  Greater New Vork. The salaries of *W,000  of these whose names will be actually on  the city's payroll willaggregate$83,O00,C00.  Part of this amount represents the salaries and patronage of the other officers  elected on Tuesday, but this is comparatively small, most of the total representing the patronage of Greater New". York's.,  first mayor. A conservative estimate of  those wiio will draw-payment indirectly  i'rom the city contracts and the like, is  22,000. Mayor Strong, at the time the  greater city charier was passed/estimated  this force as equal to. if not exceeding,  the actual number of all ollice holders.  Templeman Accepts.  William   Teinpleinaii.   of   the   Victoria  Times, has accepted the senatorship made  vacant by the promotion of senator Mclnnes to the office of lieutenant-governor.  Thursday's 'Ottawa' dispatches say that  Templciiiaii had the solid support of the  Liberals and many of the Conservatives  of Mritish Columbia for the governorship,  and would have undoubtedly got that  office had he insisted upon it. It was the  personal wish of the premier that he  should take an active part in .political life  here. It was on these grounds that Templeman gave up the lieutenant-governorship, and has become a senator.  Pen Picture of Dry Earth Closet.  The Ledge: There must be some redeeming feature about the dry earth  closet system, but so far as it has been  put into practice in New Denver that feature has not been shown. It is the foulest system of sanitary cleanliness that a  decent community ever could be pestered  with, and what this city has had of it  can be only likened to the far corner of a  hog pen.  Canadian Paclilc Traflic Receipts.  Montrkai.. Nov. .'!. The Canadian Pacific Hail way Company's earnings for the  week ending ending on October 'J 1st were  SS.").'.,000: for the same week last year,  S700.000.  V'  it  _���*���   ���>.  ���m^^Tjmr*%\*r 'hirrrj - ��� ��� >m   ��� m m r��y��WTWT"��" ���h-imh" q   ������������������ ii    ���  i- |    I �������� ����������������� vaawr1 w__mww�������-w��^r��__��"| ������nminor'n''��f< ���-���r-^i^TfwW" ���  ������_���____������������ w*~^m^i*^*��*nw\**rmmw'T1H.v^���i^M~mm*rt*wr^miir*-m^T~mw^mw^**taawi*T'ri~~i*���i mmi^���f^W****  T  <i iv.  ��� !���������������  _.  ..  .   .., j, 11 ..r.>!.~���_~,__v���.  .������'. *:*\.i .-��� -���..-:", X,  u v��,   ��� ��   t**U. ��� ��"*���.* ' nti '.r^'iv'-n,1. *��� v.''.Ny.',,:'>!'i.''i-'.'.'.'.'', '������p ;,-.���:.���>���. ���a/t-?.-.;* *i �����;&���&;���*��������� V .-a'-p A.^V'-A:-^:.": Tl-IE  TRIBUNE:   KELSON,   B. C, SATURDAY, NOVEM BER r��,   1.897.  ,  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  ME TRIHUNK i ,_; ...i,.-. ,. suurUuj.., o.v Tiik  TltruUNK Piri.l.l.s.ir.N;.- Co.l 'i.m. um win :.e ii'iailod  to subscribers on pay.iiei.i ul" i :\o i't.i.i..ii:.-i a \uiir.  Xo subscription taken for less than :i veur.  RKGULAli. Ai'VKRTlSr'.M K.N'T.S iirinlci'l at the' following rates:' One inch, S3ii a year; two ineiies,  SfiO a year; three inches i'Sl a year; four inches,  $9ti a year; live inches, .-sli..". ;i yuar; six inches and  over, at the rate of SI.50 an inch per month.  TRANSIENT AUV KRTISKAI ENTri 20 cents a line for  first insertion ami 10 cents a lino for each additional  insertion.   Birth, marriage, and death  notices free.  LOCAL OR READING MATTER .VOTICES id cents a  line each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rates. All accounts for job  printing and advertising payable on the lirst of  every month; subscription, in advance.  ADDRKSS all communications to  THE TRIBUNE, Nelson, U. C.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  A HAL' & FOIilN���Physicians and riurgeoi.s. Kooms  J   3. 1 aud;'), Higclow block. Nelson.   Telephone 12.  Dll.   .1.   A.   ARMSTRONG -Government   Veterinary  Inspector.   Treats diseases of all domestic animals.  All .slock inspected nl Nelson.   Nelson, H. C.  R. II. E. IIALL���Dentisi. Graduate i.f Philadelphia  Dental College. .Seven years experience. Gold and  porcelain crowns inserted. Teelh replanted. Ollice wit li  Dr. George Ilall, Baker street.  W.7. II. HOLMES, C. E.���Provincial Land Surveyor.  ���    P. O. box 82, Kaslo. Ii. C.  D  A      IL   HOLDICH- Analytical Chemist and  Assaycr.  Hull si reel. Xelson.  Iii addition to a complete line of Groceries both ��� Staple  and' Rmcv for the use of all classes of consumers. We  are can-vine the  largest and  most c1eqfa.it line of    .  T C. GWILLIM, B.A.Sc. & W. S. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.  ��-" ��� ���Mining Engineers and Analytical Chemists,  Slocan City, B. C.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  NELSON LODGE, XO. 23, A. F. & A. M.    Meets  second Wednesday  iu each  month.    Sojourning  >#\, brethren invited.  in the Koolenay district. Complete outfits furnished  Hotels, Steamers, and Families. Ii will pay you to in-  speef out* large stock of Teas, Coffees, Dried Fruits and  Canned  Goods ���   Capital $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario. ;.  MINERS! You can -makense of water power ��0 miles from your mines with our system.  We can also sell you complete telephone outfits and  install them.  British Columbia Branch Offices       0l^^!^^l^^iH^^a^o>*J!       Frank Darling, Kootenay Agent  Wire Rope, Feed Water Heaters, Elevators, Shafting, Pulleys, Pipe Cutters,  Special Tools, and a new lot of Tube Cleaners just in.   Roebling's Wire'  R��Pe*   ������ Esffl FRANK DARLING, Agent.  B^A.'KI'EJS.   STREET  it  The Ames Holden Go's special "Columbia,"  Vancouver," "Kootenay" should be worn  by everybody who wants a first-class mountain boot  SATURDAY MORNING  NOVICMUKIi <'. 18U7  pable men to secure control of municipal  aU'aii's. Rossiaud's city council has spent  the proceeds of the city's $50,000 loan, the  current revenue of the, corporation, and  .something like .*���> 1*5,000 besides. In return  for these expenditures the city has not  got a single revenue producing public  work, and upon the passage of the money  by-laws for ��515,000 will have saddled  itself with debts which will require annually over $7,500 out of the current receipts of the municipality.  Ciiiki" Justk'k U.vvi !���: in delivering judgment this week upon a cross appeal in the  Y'mir townsite case, took occasion to read  the junipers of Vmir a lecture for their  contempt   of court   in   publishing   their  argument upon the appeal while the matter was sub jtulice.    Such  action  he  held  to be tt gross contempt of court, and if repeated   might   be    fittingly   dealt   with.  Tmo Tkikl'M-; has no wish to lind itself in  contempt, but it cannot refrain  from  observing that there are two or three of the  supreme court judges in this province who  are very touchy, upon the-question of contempt.    In   nine cases out  of  ten, what  they please to term contempt is provoked  by the action of the bench.    It  may suit  .   the  ideas of the,judges of  the supreme  court to   punish  all   who  may comment  upon a  cctse  or upon   lhe action  of the  judge; but it will hardly be countenanced  by the people. Iu a province where judges  are made more on account of what political,  pull   they    may have  than  for any;  judicial-ability, it is manifestly more difficult to get the general public to  accord  them the lull measure of respect than it  would be if the essential qualifications for  judges were different.    It is safe to say  that so long as human nature remains the  same there will be more or less contempt  of   court   in   British    Columbia   until   a  change is made in the judiciary.    Judges  must  themselves  respect  the dignity of  their office before the people can  be  expected to.    Respect  for judicial office is  not shown by adding a couple of years to  an offender's sentence for a flippant word,  by   the  bullying of grand   jurors  when  they fail, to look at local questions in  the  same light as the presiding judge, by the  trying of cases by a judge who is so deaf  that he can hear  but partially the evidence adduced, or! by the considering of  business  interests   in   the sentencing  of  persons  charged   with criminal offences.  Vet all these things have been done  by  different judges of the supreme court of  ;this province.   Si.n'ck the stories of the hardships imposed upon Canadian navvies employed  on the Crow's .Vest Puss railway have  found their way into the papers, nothing  has been heard of the Liberal government's paternal regard for Canadian  woiknien. In its /.en! for the welfare of  Canadian laborers, the Laurier government made itsalien labor law operative so  that work upon the Crow's .Vest road was  reserved for Canadians. The government's friendliness for the laborers did  not go any further than providing that  they should have work. It does not prevent the railway contractors from defrauding the men out of their wages, nor  from employing the federal police in  hounding to jail such workmen as refuse  to comply with the hard conditions imposed upon them by the contractors.  O.v Tuesday, November the 10th, the  rate payer of Rossland will be called upon  to give their assent to two money bylaws for the purpose of raising the sum  of $15,000. As the municipal council has  practically spent this money already,  there is nothing left for the rate payers  to do but to assent to the by-laws. This  is the price which property owners pay  for their indifference whicli permits inc.i-  Doxali) GI*.viiam, the sitting member  for East Vale, has been on a political  tour through Boundary Creek. He has  been instructed to oppose any redistribution measure during the next session  which does not give East- Vale two  members.    Ei-H.it C. Smith of the Rossland Record,  is having a rough time of it in his light  with the printers union of Rossland.,  Smith's offence consisted of his requiring  meu working in the office to board in a  hashery connected with the institution.  The union has practically put a boycott  upon the office, and on Wednesday succeeded in bowling The Record outof any  future busines-j with the corporation of  the City of Rossland.  YVniti* comes from Victoria that the defendant's cross appeal in the case of the  Nelson 6c Fort Sheppard   Railway Com-*  pany vs. Parker et al, has been dismissed.  This means that so far as  the courts  of  this province are concerned the N. & P. S.  rail way company has won its fight for the  townsite of Vmir.   But the  matter  will  not rest here.    This  celebrated case  will  be  heard  of when the legislature meets  next January.    The position taken by the  full court in this case is easily understood.  The full court held in effect that it could  not presume"  that   the  Turner   government, in its anxiety to serve the Nelson &  Fort Shep'pard Railway Company, would  exceed the power's given to it by the legislature.   For this reason it refused to continue any  restraining order   to prevent  the  lands and   works   department from  granting, lands to. the railway conipany.  which the cabinet had not power to grant  under the Nelson tfc.Fort Sheppard subsidy  act.    There can  be no   doubt as to  the interpretation of the act in question  by the full court.   The judgment of the  court made it very clear that the Nelson  6c Fort Sheppard Railway Company could  not claim   the   Vmir  townsite  under  its  subsidy act, since the block  in  which  it  was included took in land on both sides .of  the railway, whereas the subsidy act con-  tern plated that  the railway should form  one ot the boundary lines of such  block.  While the court could  not presume that  tho   Turner   cabinet    would   ignore   the  authority of the legislature  with respect  to  this  matter,   subsequent ���events-have'  shown that the authority of tho  legislature was ignored.    When the legislature  meets  the province  will doubtless  learn  the reason, why.  " on their own account in Canada. This  :' method of finding labor for the railway  " should create ;i valuable nucleus of  " settlement in the great Northwest."  The above appears in the British Columbia Review, which is published in London,  England. There is uo reason to believe  that the men who come from England to  work upon the Crow's Nest railway will  fare any better than those who came  from eastern Canada. The Canadians  averaged 00 cents per week for their  labor, after living and other incidental  charges had been deducted. At this rate  -of going it is evident that the railway  would be completed before the English  emigrant could save enough to start  farming.   J. C. Piikvost the defaulting supreme  court registrar of Victoria, was released  from the Westminster penitentiary last  week after serving about two thirds of  his sentence. His release was not due to  the existence of any business interests.  Confinement disagreed with him aud  caused him to get out of sorts.  In fact every kind of wet weather footwear including Ladies' and Gents'  Fine Felt-lineci City  Knee Boots.  18 and 20  BAKER   STREET  NELSON, B. C.  BRANCH MARKETS      Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and  Sandon, in Slocan  District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything- in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.  Tun  'Economist   on   Wednesday  furnished the people of Nelson  with a sensational  story, to the effect  that  the city  authorities were legitimatizing prostitution iu this city by the collection of licences from the keepers of houses of ill-fame.  It is needless to say that there is no truth  in the story.    To make a dirty story The  Economist has distorted facts���that is all.  The   majority of   the   people   of Nelson  know that the "social evil," as The Economist terms it, exists in this city,    it was  here before The Economist came, and will  doubtless be here long after The   Economist has   ceased to wage its warfare of  social purity.   It is not peculiar to Nelson,  but exists in every town and city in this  province, and is no more in evidence in  Nelson than in any other town or city.  In every city in the province'it is a notorious fact that the keepers of houses of ill-  fame sell liquor.   They do so in  Nelson.  They cannot be licensed as retail  liquor  dealers:  but they  can be made to   pay  monthly a sum equal to a license.    This  they  pay  in  Nelson,  and   will probably  continue  to  pay as  long as the present  city council is in office.  BOSSLAND'S   MUNICIPAL   MUDDLE.  Will start about March 15th  with about double its former  capacity in all departments.  7,000,000 feet of log-s under  contract for earlv delivery.  HERALD0,  DG  SCHILLAR  Manufactured by The Gecrge E. Tuckett & Son Co., Ltd:      UNION MADE CIGARS  SOLE AGENT,  NELSON, B. C.  The Planing Mill  and Factory  Is now running full time under tliu management  of C. K. Doty, a competent draughtsman and  mechanic who will furnish special drawings free  of charge.  New Designs  In house interiors, ofliee and store lixtures, dado  work, mantles, brackets, mouldings, book cases.  furniture, turnings, carving, grill work, and band  sawing. Orders for all such work executed in an  artistic manner..  One Car Glass  Direct from Belgium expected this month. Hough  and dressed lumber, laths, etc.. always in stock.  Two Cars Sash  and Doors  FOOT  OF IIALL STRKICT, NKLSON.  T.   W.   GRAY,   Proprietor.  Doors,   Sash,   Band Sawing*,  Turned  Work,   and  Office  Fittings.     Just  arrived  and  in  stock,  a carload  of Chance's  English   Rolled  Glass; all sizes up  to 4 by 6 feet.  eiiGFal Commission and Manufaetoeps' Agent  l-"E!_N"CI'EIS:  Great Weft Oatmeal Mills, Pilot "Moudd, Manitoba  The It. M. Smith Biscuit Factory,  Victoria, Ii. C-  1'lic Virden Holler .Mills, Virden, Manitoba  Smith & Fisohel, Cigars, St. .Icromo, Quebec  Tin-: people of Rossland are not taking  very kindly to the Heinze management of  the Rossland Miner.' At a recent meeting  of the Rossland Board of Trade (J. O'Brien  Redd in stated that The Miner was advocating measures antagonistic to the interests of the city. The speaker excused the  editor of the paper for the reason that he  was hired to write and told what to write.  Such being the case there is small wonder  that The Miner has no influence whatever  with the people of Rossland.  "Tiik employment offered, under coudi-  " tions, to agricultural laborers, etc., on  " the Crow's Nest railway, will be avail-  '��� able for those whose applications are  '��� approved, and leave for Montreal by  " November (ith. The work is offered to  *' to enable people who have not much  " capital to supplement their funds with  ���' a view  to enable them to start farming1  Colonel   Scott    and.    His    Colleagues   are   Denounced   on   all   Sides   as   Bunglers.  The   Rossi an tier:   The   city   council  is  asking the ratepayers to enable them to  borrow   $15,000   more   to   complete    the  sewerage system and to meet current expenses. The facts are these: Public works  were undertaken on a scale that, with the  current  expenses of the city, incurred a  larger   expenditure   than    the   ordinary  revenue and the'money raised  from th  sale of $50,000 debentures could meet. Had  these   works   been   carried   out  and  the  affairs   of   the   city   administered    with  economy, it is not likely the ratepayers  would hesitate about voting theadditional  money required.    Rut such has not been  the case.    All the salaries have been very  high; the   wages   upon  the street   work  were also above the standard of the place  and generally all the transactions of the  council have not been conducted with the  foresight that an individual  would exercise.    More than all the mayor and aldermen, with not more than two exceptions,  and these are willing to give their time to  the city free of charge, have voted  themselves    indemnities.       The     council     is  no ,v     in    reality    wanting    to    borrow  money, part of which shall go to nay themselves salaries  for doing   what has   not  interfered with their private business in a  bungling  manner.   There have been several irregularities in their proceedings, beginning with their oaths in  taking office,  which  were not in accordance with the  statute.    The citizens would ,do well  iu  not   placing any more  money  than  the  ordinary sources of revenue furnish in the  hands of the present council, whose acts  undoubtedly have not the approval of the  majority   of the ratepayers.     We  have  not yet heard of the proceeds of the sale  of debentures being placed  to the credit  of the city.  Yard and branch ollice foot of Hendryx Strc  M"��"G. 0. BUCHANAN  KOOTKNAV ANAI")QUAI,T.KUS> .VE.l_.SON, ii. C:  UfiDER f'EW M/\NACEMEfJT  J. G. BLANDY & CO., Proprietors,  BALFOTJE  The business centre for the rich  mines on Springer Creek and  Slocan Lake. This is one of  the richest districts in British  Columbia.  This  famous and delightful  summer resort  has been  taken over by the above firm and will be conducted in the future in a iirst-class manner  GOOD SHOOTING AND FISHING  LAWN TEpiS GROUNDS  COOL PIC-NIG GROVES  PARTIES PROVIDED FOR  KATES:   $i 00 AN I) Si aO PI-"!' DAV.  4  FfftNK FLETCIjEH, Trustee.  The Columbia & Kootenay  Railway & Navigation Co.  Providence. I,'. I., wants all kinds nf llmv Kin's  skins, (iiiiscnu. Seneca. h'tc. Prices <|U0led for  in.xl. sixly days arc; as follows:  IIAVK  usmess  On Baker and Vernon streets and plenty  of good  Residential Lots  in   the  government lovvnsil.e   of   Nelson.  Applj  In  Frank Fletcher, P.L.S., Agent, Nelson.  SII.VKI! kon     ... ���  ...   ..   .   fjli'l un lo  jil.Vl (ill  HK'AK         d 0(1 In  id on  ottki:         1  (10 to  !l (10  MARTIN   .......    i Oil to  !l 00  RICA VFAl (per poiiudl      .........     .'{ 00 to  ,:: .*i(j  WO LK         1 00 1 o  _! 11(1  RIO!) l-'ON         ._      -1 00 to  _! 00  "Ml NIC ��� ���������             To 111  _! (Ill  SIC UN IC   id to  1 00  IIIIAY  l-'OX .._                Jin to  tO  RAT              H) 10  'io  TEAIL,   JB_"C.  MANM-'AOTURKKS. UOTTLKKS, AN1>  WIIOIjKSAI.K UKAKKIIS IN  Price list on all other furs and skins furnished upon  application, l-'ull prices guaranteed, careful selection,  courteous treat incut, and immediate rcniillance on all  eonsigninciils.  ^HE TREM0NT  asroEXiSO-isr  MAl.ONK & TRI<:OIIJJUS, Proprietors.  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district, and  is tho headquarters   or prospectors and minors.  Carbonated Drinks and  lineral Waters  HESPELBR  ."MANAG Kit NKLSON BRANCH  Notice of Dissolution of Co-partnership.  Notice is hereby given Um! the (Inn of Peterson &  Alalletfe, formerly carrying on a hotel business in this  city, has this day lieen dissolved by mutual consent, William Peterson retiring from Ihe business. All accounts  owing to the old llrm of Peterson Hi Ma Mel I e are payable'  lo Mrs. Malletto, who will discharge all liabilities of the  llrm. ALUS. MARY AIALLI0TTK.  Dated at Nelson, Ii. C��� October 20th. 1**17.      |Oct 2:inl|  lias secured  toinponirv ollices in   Room  '1 Clements &  Uillver block, cor. of Baker and .Inseiihine streets  Near corner Victoria and Stanley streets  Views of all parts of ICootenay  Photographs in tho latest styles  Guarantee satisfaction  Mrs. Johnson.  J"��-i4  "&tTA1S  m  S**  |i"*i;-?  ,-i j, it  let j4-i ; THE .TRIBUNE:   NKLSON, B.C., SATURDAY, NOYL1MBEK C», 1^
all paid
I.OItO  STI.ATIICON'A.AN'D   Al'l'.   KOYAL. President
Hon. CKO. A.  DUUJIAIONI) '....Vice-President
K   S. OLOUSTON - General Manager
■j_srEj"r_,so"isr xett^-i&GX-x
iSf. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.
LONDON   (England).   NEW  "YORK.   CHICAGO
and iu the principal cities in Canada.
ny and  sell  Sterling  Exchange and Cable Transfers
available in any part of the world.
RATIvOF INTl'.I'KST (at present) 1! Per (Jonl.
Incredible Sums Paid by Taxpayers to Maintain the Dignity of Crowns.
Since Lord Salisbury took ofliee two
years a^o the .British public has been
bounced into an increase of naval expenditure amounting to many millions annually, under the plea that continental nations were combining to oppose Brili.-h
interests, and tliat tlie British navy must
therefore be able to whip any two or even
three navies which might possibly be arrayed against it. The naval panic was
one of the cleverest and most successful
bits of domestic politics ever engineered
in that country. Tlie heavy increase in
taxation whicli the enormous addition to
naval expenditure made necessary has
been borne witli tlie most marvellous patience ever manifested by a great nation
in time of peace.
Now a new campaign has been undertaken on the same lines and its progress
bids fair to prove another astonishing- lesson in the science of domestic politics
which has for its object the easiest
method of opening the public purse. This
campaign was begun in midsummer, before tho adjournment of parliament, and
it will reach its consummation and probable triumph when the appropriation bills
come to be finally passed next year. Its
object, is plainly indicated in the cry of
ahirm today, louder than ever over the
condition oi' the military forces of the empire. The British army, so England is
being told in solemn warning by all the
official voices, is utterly inadequate to the
work that would be put upon ic in case of
anj* serious foreign complication in any
quarter of the globe. An increased expenditure of at least $7,i500,000 per year
muse be provided immediately, and even
this addition will only partly remedy the
serious shortcomings which must be dealt
with in the near future.
The increase in military force which the
government will undoubtedly ask of parliament when it meets amounts to 11,000
men. The cost of this .increase the first
year is estimated at $27") per man, or about
$3,000,000. But it will be no easy matter
to add 11.000 recruits to the.'British army.
In fact, under present conditions, it would
be altogether impossible. The inducements to enlist are insufficient even to
keep the present ranks full, and nothing .
short of conscription would bring forward
11.000 more Tommy Atkinses to serve
queen Victoria upon the terms now
offered. The concession 'which.is,expected
to bring in all the men that may be
needed is the payment of a grocery ration,
so-called, and this inducement will add
$3,12*5,000 annually to the army bill. Increased pay for long service will also add
another item.
Some of the alarmist statements about
the inefficiency of the British army which
are being put forward under authority
are well calculated to create, the military
panic which will yield a fresh contribution from British taxpayers without serious grumbling. For instance, it i.s admitted that it would not be ' practicable to
send out of the country more than 1.5,000
men under the present condition of affairs
in case of any sudden demand for the services ol the British army abroad.
And yet, as a matter of fact, the British
government spends annually upon its
military forces in one form or another
uo less than $180,000,000, while the navy
last year cost only $120,000,000. The mere
statement of these figures, coupled with
the acknowledged weakness and inefficiency of the British military system, is
prima facie proof of the mismanagement
of the British war department/'which
amounts to one of the greatest national
scandals of the age. Sir John Briggs put
the situation in its true light as long ago
as 1S02, when he said of the 'British army
and its 'management:' "We do not tell
the truth to the English people. The
prime minister himself cannot get at it."
There will be no real reform as the result
of the demand for an increase of the army
next year. Parliament will probably vote
the extra ..money without much demur,
and the English people will pay through
the nose for the maintenance of the worst
and most inefficient bureaucracy the
world has ever seen.
A military writer has just summed up
iu an interesting way the latest facts with
regard to the chief military powers on the
continent. His summary includes these
important points:
France has has now at a cost of just
$12.*),000.000 a peace strength of 2S.003 officers, (502,720 men (whereof 77.000 are
cavalry) and MG,('0.1. horses; guns, 3018.
But in war the personnel the trained
soldiers that can be put into the field-is
sextupled, and the whole French army
reaches the astonishing total of three and
a half million of men. The number of
horses available i.s more than doubled, increasing from H0,G(J1 to 3-10,000; the guns
become  half a.s numerous again, namely
■1100 as against 3018. The F1*ent'11 war
office is always on the alert. Just now it
is much concerned about the quick-firing
field gun that certainly will be introduced
as soon as the best pattern has been
agreed upon. The change will be costly.,
as it must mean rerarinament of batteries,*
and the rival nations may well pause before they embark on the new guns. .
France, in poini* of actual members, has
rather, the advantage of Germany; the
general total of men is larger in the former. The peace establishment of'cavalry
is 77,000 iu France, against-07,000 in Germany. France, too,"in peace, has forty-
eight more guns, bub the war total is
largest in Germany by III. Again, France
maintains more horses in peace, but in
war the Germans approximate, very
closely, in the (ir<(. line alone having 328,-
000, against 310,000-French, while there
are 200.000 inure in the second German
line. The yr>ind total of the German personnel is just 2,f)00,000, field and second
line together, and behind is the Land-
sturm, some 3,000.000 more, of which 500,-
000 have been regularly trained. Such
figures are, in truth, bewildering, but
tliey are no more than might be expected
from a whole nation iu arms. The chief
work carried on of late in the German
army has been the reorganization of regi-
meni.s. Till April 1st this year it consisted of 53S battalions and 173 half battalions, and now there are 02-1 whole bat-
tallions, and each of these has been given
a revised strength of officers and- rank
and file.   ' . o
So definite decision has been arrived at-
a.s yet as to the rearmament of the field
artillery, although it must undoubtedly
be formed. The chief new services to be
provided under the increased budget,
$130,000,000 for 1S97-S, as against $135,000,-
000 for 1800-7, are field railway material,
said to be for fortress warfare; money to
create a military telegraph school and
adopt, a field telegmpbic system: the establishment: of (ravelling field ovens for
the bakery columns, and a second installment for the purchase of reserves of provisions. L-uge sums are also voted for
the completion of fortresses, major and
minor, and it is obvious that the same
watchful care is given as of old to all
branches of war office administratien in
There has been'a very marked increase
in Russian military expenditure. The estimates for ISfJfl were for $151,000,000, as
against 115,000,000 for IS05, and the forces
supplied and paid by this sum make up a
total of 1,000,000 men and 150,000 horses on
the peace establishment, with 2,-1-10 guns.
On a war footing the personnel is_ nearly
trebled, and amounts to 2,77J,07!) men,
with 700,030 horses and -1,-100 guns, but
both sets of figures must be taken with
The peace strength of the Austro-Hun-
garian army is 355,000 men- and 05,000
horses, which becomes on a war footing
1,250,000 men with 303,000 horses. The
artillery is comparatively weak. There
are only 1,2-10 guns on the peace establishment, which are increased to 2,02-1 in war.
In the above numbers are included the
cavalry. 52,000 men and 13,000 horses in
peace, as against 03,000 men and 80,000
horses in war.
At present the peace strength of the
Italian army is 220,000 men and -15,000
horses; the war establishment, 2,291,000
men aud .123,000 horses. An increase to
the budget has been needed to complete
the armament of the first line with the so
called hew rifle, which is ot" the 1S91 pattern, and of which there are now some
570,000 stand of arms with ammunition on
hand. ''.
Salt Lake Tribune: The supreme test
is about to come to president McKinley.
Great Britain has gone back upon her
own proposition to help to restore silver;
the gold press of this country is saying:
"The pledge is fulfilled. Let that end the
matter." The silver press is saying: "Ha!
ha! Did we not know it would be a failure? It was always meant to be a failure." But the president last March said
to a distinguished senator—not senator
Wolcott—"J look upon a settlement of
the silver question as one of the most important of the day, and, next to Cuba, the
most immediate." Now, the premier of
France and all his advisors are ardent bi-
metalists : even in his declination, premier Salisbury said England has as much
interest as any nation in seeing the question settled. The strougest men in Germany are bi-metalists, and the emperor
has given much study to the subject.
Austria and Italy, both largely agricultural countries, are so poor that their
people are on the brink of revolution,
while the peasantry of Russia are so poor
that many of them have no domestic animals with which to till their fields.^ The
question is whether president McKinley
will be strong enough to adhere to his determination to have the silver question
settled, or whether he will recall his commissioners, and say with the gold papers:
"1 have redeemed the pledge of the platform; nothing more can be fairly expected of me.'" We do not believe he will say
that. Me has never been accused of insincerity by any one who ever knew him;
he knows the hollownessof the pretension
that general prosperity has come, and we
do not believe that his efforts to restore
silver have ceased.
The Emperor's Feelings Hurt.
The German emperor has a private
press-clipping bureau, whicli receives two
newspapers from Washington, two from
Chicago, and three from New York. The
bureau is conducted with discretion tinder the supervision of chancellor prince
Hohenlohe. L'p to a week or two ago it
kept from the emperor's eye all the caustic paragraphs so familiar to Americans
concerning "William the Little," "William the Highflyer," and so on. But when
the talk of general Woodford's so-called
ultimatum was filling the diplomatic air,
and when every day brought its batch of
contradictory reports as to the intentions
of the Washington government, the
young emperor suddenly concluded that
he would like to learn for himself the
temper of the American people. He ordered that the American newspapers be
sent directly to him. After three warm
hours with a week's mail of seven dailies,
th^ ompi-ror experienced a complein revulsion ol IVeling againstall things American. Carefully marking three bitter.illusions to his al mightiness, he sent,
for baron Thielmann and asked
him if these three allusions meant a
mere temporary outburst or were signifi-
cmt of American opinion. 'Thielmann
is said to have given an evasive answer
at first, but when pressed for the exact
truth, to have remarked,: .," Yes, your
majesty, they are fairly representative.
The American masses are prejudiced
against foreigners, and -tlmir newspapers
rail against foreign sovereigns to please
them."' The emperor inquired, then
naively if (he governors of the states
never had the police warn the editors
against attacking so virulent Iy the. sovereigns of friendly nations. There is no
record of Thielmaiiii's answer to this
question, but it evidently was lucid and
true, for the emperor has since expressed
himself freely about, the "wild conditions'*
that prevail, in thn American press. Me
also has shown plainly his disapproval of
all thing's American. Fven the favorable
impression which the American navy had
made upon him has been obliterated, and
lie has remarked that, there probably is a
good deal of humbug in the assert ions of
America's naval superiority over Spain.
At a Cowbov Dance.
Git yo' litllo.sagehons read}- :
Trot 'cm out upon the floor—
Line up there, you cusses!   Steady!
Lively, now !   One couple more.
.Shorty, shed that ol' sombrero!
13roiioho. douse tluit cigarette!
Stop yer etissin. Casiuiero.
Tore the ladies!    Now. all sel !
S'lute yer ladies all together!
Ladies opposite the same;
Hit the lumber with yer leather !
Halance all. an' swing yer dame!
Hunch the heifers in the middle!
Circle stags, an' do-se-do—
Pay attention to the liddlc!
Swing her round an' oil'you go.
First four forward !    Hack to places !
Second toiler!    Shullie hack!
Now you've got it down to cases.
Swing'em till I heir (rotters eniek!
dents all right a hccl'iin' toein'!
Swing 'em: kiss 'em if you kin!
On to next, an' keep agoin'
Till yo" llii yer pnrdsagin!
Gents to center; ladies round 'cm.
Form a basket; balance all!
Whirl yer gills to where yo" found 'em!
Promenade around tho hull
Malanee lo yer pards, an' trot 'cm l"
Round the circle double quick !
Grab an' kiss 'em while you've got 'em!
Hold "oin to it if they kick!
Ladies' left hand to yer sonnies!
".Unman!   Grand right an" left!
IJnlnnce all an' swing yer honics —
Pick 'em up an' feel their heft!
Promenade like slceery cattle !
c Halance all, an' swing yer sued*!
Shake yer spurs an' make 'em rattle!
Keno!    Promenade lo seals.
The Maddens Lost on Appeal.
The full court at'Victoria, this week refused to grant the application for leave
to appeal to the judiciary committee of
the privy council in Madden vs. Nelson 6c
Port Sheppard railway. The court intimated that application might be made to
the privy couucil direct. This case came
up first in the county court of Kootenay,
before judge Forin, Madden Brothers, of
Nelson, suing the Nelson & Fort Sheppard
railway for a couple of horses which
strayed on the unfenced railway, and
were killed. Judge Forin awarded the
plaintiffs $100, but the defendant company appealed to the full court, which
set aside the county court judgment, on
the grounds chiefly that the fence act of
British Columbia does not apply to the
Nelson & Fort Sheppard railwaj% as it
was a road declared to be for the general
advantage of the dominion, and the federal railway act did not require the
fencing of'their line of railway.
Whiteway's Government Snowed Under.
The Whiteway ministry has been defeated in the general legislative election in
Newfoundland, and will probably resign
by the end of the month. The full returns
have not yet been received, but there i.s
no doubt that the opposition has. secured
nineteen out of the thirty-six seats. The
government has won iu eleven districts.
Six remain to be heard from. Sir William
Whiteway, the premier, has been defeated
by S52 votes iu the Trinity district, which
has furnished the great surprise of the
campaign. J. P. Scott, the receiver-general,, was beaten by 700 in the Placentia
district. Hon. II. J. B. Woods, surveyor
general, was defeated by -100 votes in the
Baie de Verde district, and .in the Bona-
vista district Mr. Taet, the medical director, was defeated by 1000 votes.
Another Scramble for Bonuses.
The construction of a railway into the
Boundary Creek district is now being
generally discussed, which may be taken
to mean that the subsidy hunters will
soon be in evidence at Ottawa and Victoria. Fastern sentiment favors the construction of a line from the Canadian Pacific Railway Company's system rather
than one from the Nelson 6c Fort Sheppard railway system.
How Kipling Acknowledged a Compliment.
"When a private in the ranks is praised
by a general he cannot presume to thank
in tiik onons or  w. a. .m'vkicii, dki-kasicd, inti.stati:.
I, the undersigned, having been appointed administrator of nil and singular lhe personal estate, effects, and
credits of William Arthur McVeigh, lately of the city of
Nelson, deceased, intestate, hereby require all persons
indebted tn the said William Arlhur McVeigh to nay the
amount of their said indobtr dnoss to me forthwith.
And all creditors of the said "William Arlhur McVeigh
arc hereby required ou or before the iind day of November. A. 0* 1S07, Lo send particulars of their claims, verified by allldavit or otherwise, together with a statement
of the .securities, if anv. held by them therefor to me, on
and after which said date I shall proceed to distribute
the estate and oH'ecls of the said deceased, having regard
onlv lo tho claims of which I shall have then had notice.
CIIAI.LKS II. INK. Administrator.
liated at, Nelson, I!. (.'., this .Ith day of November. 1SH7.
Notice  of  Purchase.
Notice is hereby given that Frank Simpson, of the City
of Nelson, has this day purchased the interest of Adolphe
Lal'oinl.e in Ihe ('rand Central Hotel at the corner of
Vernon anrl Want Streets. The business will in future
be carried on by Messrs. Farley & Simpson, who assume
all liabilities of the former partnership, and to whom all
amounts due tin: sairl partnership are payable.
Haled at Nelson. November Ith. 1S!I7. |Nov. ill h|
him, but fichts better i he next day." That
is the. way Riuly.-u d Kiplingacknowledged
a coinpiimeul I mm L'ud Tennyson, ac-
cording in ir-siiiii'-ny —-t l'roth in the lat-
ti-r's bin.L'i .iphy, ju-it published,
There will be opened next
week in the McKillop block,
Baker street, a first-class optical room and watch and
clock  repairing-   establishment.
es Testei
On November 10th I will
open up a complete , assortment of spectacles and Eye
Glasses and will be in position
to test'eves for astigmatism or
other defects of the eve.
Kootenay Lumber Co.
A complete stock of Building Lumber of
all   l\inds will  now be   l^ept  at  Nelsorj.
Charles St. Bariie, Agent.
Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of
Take notiee that I, Archie Main waring .John-on, acting
as agent for Herbert. J. Wilson, free miner's eerlificate
Xo. S:*,''-21, intend sixly rlays from the rlalc hereof. toappJy
to the mining recorder for a ecrtiliealo of improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above
claim. Anrl further take notico that action, under sect ion
37. must be commenced before the issuance of such eertifi-
cale of improvements.
On led this 2!)th day of October. ISI.7. |Nov. lit h]
Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of
nuuox MINKKAI. claim, situate in tiik xklsox mining
Take notice that, T, IL It. Bellamy, acting as agent for
William Delaney, t'reo miner's certificate So. 1:'5!)a, intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the
mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above
claim. Anil further take notice that action, miller section :il, must be commenced before the issuance of such
ccrtillcato of improvements. TI. R. BEL1.AMV.
Dated-this 2l)th day of October, 1S97.
[Xov. Clh]
Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of
Take notice that!, If. R. Bellamy, acting as agent for
Leonard Rariiliam, free miner's certificate Xo. 7S.501, m-
tend sixtv days from the date-hereof, to apply to the
mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for
tlie purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above
claim. And further take notico that action, under section *'7, must he commenced before the issuance of such
certificate'of improvements. H. It. HIi_LI.AJM\.
Dated this 2llth day of October..1897. [N'ov. fith]
Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of
Take notice that I, II. It. Bellamy, acting as agent for
George Davios, free miner's certilicaie No. 78.592, intend
sixty days from the rlate hereof, to apply to the mining
recorder fora certificate of improvements, I'or the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And
further take notice tliat action, under seel ion 37, must
be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of
improvements. II. R. BICLLAM*!.
Dated this 29th day of October, 1S97. (Nov. llth]
Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of
Take not ice thai. I, A. S. Farwell. acting as agent lor-
Alfred C. l-'Iumerfolt, free miner's certillcate No.-SS.U3!l.
intend sixty days from Ihe date hereof, to apply to the
mining recorder fora cerlilicate of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining crown grants uf llie above claim*.
And further take notice that action, under section 3j,
must be commenced before the issuance of such certificates of improvements. A. S. I''A H WKI.I..
Dated Ibis 21st day of August. 1897. I August, -J.sth]
Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of
Take notice tluit I. X. F. Tuunsenrl. acting as agenl
for L. 10. Keller, free miner's ei-rlillcale No. .s.j.;'i>7, intend
sixl v days from the (Into hereof, lo apply to I In- mining
recorder for a ci-rl ilicate of iniproveiiienls, for Ihe purpose of obtaining n crown grant of the above claim. And
further take notice that action, under section 37. inu.-t be
commenced before llie issuance of >ueh cerlilii-alc of improvements. N. F. TOWN.SKM*.
Daterl this 2lllh day nl* A ugusl, 1897. [August _tetli|
Notice  of Application   to   Purchase   Land.
Notice is hereby given that I. Uobert K. Lrmon. intend
to applv nt. the expiration of sixty .days from the ilaic
hereof.'to the commissioner of lands and works, for per-
mission to purchase fJJO acres of un'-eserved. unoccupied,
and iinsurveycd crown lands, situated on the eenl nil
fork of Goat River, about four miles easterly of the
Storm King mineral claim, in (lout River mining division
of West Kootenav. Hrilish Columbia.
K.  K. I.KMON.
• Doled August mil. 1897. [August '-'Still
Commencing ai an initial post marked "Robert K.
Lemon's S. IO. corner post." thence north I lit I chains,
thence wesl ICO chains, thence south 1110 chains, thence
east Kill chains to point of commencement, containing C.lo
acres more or loss.
Notice of Application for Crown Grant.
Take notice ihnl 'I. A.S. Knrwell. acting n.» agent lor
.1. U. Voung and .lolin II. Daly, have Hied the ii.-o.o.-.<ary
paper.-: anil made apjilicat ion for a crown grant in favor
of the mineral elarfin " I'nion .luck." situated on load
mountain, in Iho Nelson mining division of *•*> est Kootenav district. Adverse claimants, if any. must lib- ihr-ir
oblcctions u-ilb mc within (iudays from lhe date of tlie
llrsl publication of this notice in tbe Hritish Columbia
fla/.ettc. W. .1. Of llOI'KI.. Government. Agent.
Haled al  Vcl-on. II. C. Angus! ■-'Ith. IS97.      [Aug. 2-tlh|
Wagon  Repairing  Promptly Attended, to
by a First-Class Wheelwright
Special attention given lo all l^inds of repairing
arjcl custom wor^ from outside points
SHOP:    Cor. Baker an_d Hall Sts. j-ielson.
Will open in room nexl  Spokane  & Northern railway
olliee. on Ward street, in about  two weeks time.
R. W. DUVAL^ Proprietor
_A_-  O.  _H1"V7"^_"RT
Room (J. Clements & Hillyer Mock. Nelson
_r,_k*-A.:e_, estate
.A.:rsr:D co^vc^ycissiO'N" age^t
■jvciasrixTG- b:rOkie's,
Several valuable business sites on Baker St.
Business block—two stores—Baker street. ,
Business  block—three stores all rented—on
two 30-fpot lots, with offices above.
■■  Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.
Apply to W. J. G. DICKSON.
Having appointed   W. .1. G. Dickson  local agent for
      the townsite of Nelson, intending pur-
....  _.._._.�� ■■•'ormatiou, plans, —
apply to him.
F. C. INNE?.
■ing appointed   W. .1. O. Dieksoi
,ion  A to the townsite of Nelson, inn...«i..b i-...-
rs of lots, or persons wishing information, plans, or
lists of the addition, will please apply to him.
Notice is hereby given that Adolphus H. Ruelle, of the
town of Robson. B. C. merchant, has in pursuance of the
"Creditor's Trust Deeds Act, IS90," and amending Acts,
made an assignment for tho general benelit of his creditors lo me, Charles Ramos, of the said town of Robson
rlavu. or occiarauoii, \vn u ;i siaLeiiiem. ui me *ci:uru.. im
any) held by them lo Ihe undersigned on orbcfnretliefM.li
rliiy of November, IS97, after which date I will proceed
to "distribute the assets of the said Adolphus II. Ruelle
among the creditors of whose claims I shall have notice,
but I will not be responsible for tbe claims of any per-on
win) fails io present, his claim in due form on or before
that date. I'llARLK-S  HA M OS. Trustee.
Robson. Hritish Columbia.
Hated thi- Ith day of O.-tolier, 1897. [October !Mh|
A meeting of the  creditor-  of  tbe  -aid   Adolphus   II.
Ruelle will lie held nt the ollice of  It.  M.   .Macdonald.
.Solicitor. Maker street. Nelson. H. Con .Monday the llth
dav nf October. Is97.nl I o'clock in the afternoon.
Notice i- hereby given Hint application "ill In-made to
the legislative as.-oinbly of the province of llril l-h Columbia, al its next .-ession. b.\ The Tru-t- & fiiiai-iintec
Compaiiv, Limited, a corporation incorporated iu Ontario un'ler "The Ontario Joint Stock Companies' l.eller.-
' I'm en f Acfiiinl under •'The Trusts Company Act. |.s9.*>,"
on the --'Ith day of February, IS97. for an act confirming
and conferring upon it 1 lie powers of the >nid company ii<
the same appear in the. Letters Patent depo-itcd iu Ontario with the provincial registrar and upnn llieapprovul
of the IicuUMinul-gnvernor-iii-couiieil. and with it- consent that the sawl company may be appointed by any
judge of ihe j-iipreme or county courts of I he province of
'British Columbia lo execute the ollice of executor, administrator, trustee, receiver, assignee, guardian of
mi nor. or committee of a lunatic without giving security:
and fur all further and necessary power.- as may be incidental or conducive to the atlainmeiif of tin- above
object* or am of them.
Victoria, B. f.'.. s Bust ion Square.
Solicitor for the Tru-ts \- ri'ua'rimtee Conipany, Limited
Hated October lllh. 1.-97.
Notice of Application   for   Liquor   License.
I hereby give notice that '.VI day- from this date I intend I o apply to the -tipriidiiiry 'magi.-trate al N'el-ou,
Wist Koolciiay district, fora license lo sell lupinr by retail on the premise- situate on the ea-tcrn ball" of Lot
.'170, Croup I, Wesl, Knntenav di-lriet.
Hated al Nelson, II. <'. October Sth. IS97.        |Octoher!l|
Spokane Falls & Northern, .
Nelson & Fort Sheppard,
Red Mountain Railways.
Tf|e only all rail route without change of cars
between Nelson an.d Rossland, an_d
Spokane and Rosslaqd.
Leave   - Arrive
DM a. in NKLSON    kid p. in.
11:00 a. in  .ROSSLANI*...'. 3:10 p. in.
8:00 a. m SI'O K AN K 0: III p. m.
■ 'Passengers for Kettle River and Bounilarv Creek connect at -Marcus with stage daily.
Notice     of
Application     for
Certificate     of
Take notice that I, Samuel L. Long, acting a.s ag'eul for
W. II. C'ni'lioiilil. free miner's ccrlilicalc So.ll.i'ii. inietid
sixty days from Iho dale hereof, lo apply to the mining
recorder for a certiIlealr: of improvement;-, for Ihe purpose of obtaining a crown grant of I he above claim. \ ml
further take notice thai action, under .section :.7, mtiM be.
commenced before the i.-sunnee"oi' such' ceri illcate of improvements. HA.MCKL L. LUNG, H. L. S. .
Dalcd this 2nd day of September. 1S97.     ,_     |.-;ept. Ithj
Notice   of   Application   for   Certillcate   of
. Improvements.
KIVI-: -MILKS WKSr(l|."nil-:.\KL.SON.AND i--oi:t SHKIMMHI)
,     HAII.WAV ANIi NINI'.'.MILKS   KHO.M  Till. TOWN'OK V.MI11.       (i!
Take notice that I. Samuel L. Long, acting as agent for
W. .1. Maxwell, free miner's certificate No. 78.(12!). intend
■iixl.v_d_i.vs from the dale hereof, io apply io the iniiu'ng-
rccorder for a cert illcate of improvement*, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of llie above claim.
Anil further lake notice that action, under seel ion M7,
must be commenced before the issuance of such certillcate of improvements.       SAMUKh L. LONG, I*. L. S.
Daterl this _!nd day of September, 1S07. [Sept. Ith]
Notice     of   Application    for    Certificate    of
i.r/.y.u: n. mixkkai. claim, situatk in tiik xki.son mix-
Take notice that I, Samuel L. Long aciing a.-> ngeiil for
Walter A. 13ou!t.beo, free miner's certilicaie No. .TOSa. inietid sixty days from the rlate hereof, to apply to the mi -
ing recorder for a certillcate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of tho above claim. And
further take notice that action, under section 37. must be
commenced before lhe issuance nf such certificate of iniproveiiienls. SAMUKI. L. LONG. I'. L. S.
Dated thin 2nd rhiy'of September, ISII7. [Sepl. Itbl
Notice     of     Application     for     Certificate    of
Take notice that I, Frank Fletcher, acting a.~ agent
for the Athabasca Golrl Mining Company, Limited, free
miner's certillcate No. (JOIOa, inlenrl sixty rhiy.s from the
date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for certiti-
cate.s of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining ■
crown grants of the above claims. And further take „'
notice that, action, under section 37, miiM. be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of improvements. •
Dated this Ktt.li day of September. ISJ*7. ISept. Still  .
Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of
Take notice thai I. Samuel L. Long, acting a^ agent for
Phillip While, free miner's certilicaie No. OS."ill intend sixty days from the dale hereof, to apply to the
mining recorder for a cerlilicate of inipioveinenrs. for
the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above
claim. And further take notice thai action, under -ec-
tion ,'i7, must, be commenced before the issuance nf such
cert iliciite of improvements.
Daterl this 2Sth day of October. IS!I7. [October .''0tii|
Notice of Application to Purchase Land.
Notice is hereby given that sixty rlays after date I. the
undersigned, intend to apply to the chief commissioner
of lands and works I'or permission to purchase 'MO acres
of land, situate iu West Ivootenay district.
JAMI'.S PKTKIIS.  Locator.
.■.Dated this Sth day of October. liW. |f lelober i'.lrd]
Commencing at a post four miles north of the muulh of
Meadow creek near the east bank of Gout river marked
".lames Deters' S. IC. corner post." thence west 10 chain-,
thence north SO chains, thence cast 10 chains, thence
south 80 chains to the point of commencement, containing 320 acres more or less.
Notice of Application to Purchase Land.
Notice is hereby given that I. F. Ii. Lys, intend" lo apply at the expiration of sixty days from lhe rlate hereof,
to'the chief commissioner of lands and work* for permission lo purchase 320 acres of unreserved, unoccupied and
unsurvoved crown land, situated in West Kootenay
district." F.  H. LYS. Locator.
Daterl this Sth day of October. IS!I7.
Commencing at initial post on the wot bank of lliiv
sell creek about 20 chains from its .junction with Goat
river, marked "F. II. Lys' southea-t corner." thence
north .SO chains, thence west 10 chains, thence south SO
chains, thence east 10 chains to point of commencement, containing 320 acres more or les~.
Notice of Application to Purchase Land.
Notice is hereby given thai sixly rlays after rlate I. the"
undersigned, intend to apply to  the chief .commissioner,
of lands and works for permission to purclutse 3211 acres
of land, situate in West Kootenay rlisiriel.
F. C. CHANDLKIi.  Locator.
I lined this Slh day of October. 1S'.)7. |()ctober 2:'rl|
Commencing at a po.-l four miles north of the mouth of
Meadow creek near the cast hank of Goat river, marked
"F. C. Chandler's N. K. corner." thence we-t Hi chains,
llienee south SO chains, llienee east III chain-, ihcueo
north So chains to the poini of .■oinmenccincni. containing .'(20 acres more or le-s.
Notice of Application to Purchase Land.
Notice is hereby given that sixty ilavs from the publico) inn of this notice. I. C. I'.. .Murray, intcinl lo apply to
llie eliief coinmi--ioner of hinils anrl works lo purchase
one hundred anrl sixly (HUD acres of un-ui-veycd. unoccupied, and unreserved crown land.--, -it unto on Lemon
creek, iu the Slocan City mining division of West Kootc-
eiiny district, at the junction of the second North Fork
of,said creek with the main creek.
i*. H. .Ml  HI!AY.
IS!'7. |( let fiber liilli
Daterl this 121 li day of October
('oninicncing al a post marked "C. li. Murray's northwest, corner." planted on the west bank of said second
North Fork near said junction, ihence south in chains,
thence cast 10 chains, thence north luchains. thence west
10 chain.- lo place of beginning.
Notice of Dissolution of Co-Partnership.
Notice is hereby given that the co-partnership heretofore existing between A. C. Htiehnnan and C. .1. Wilson,
trailing under the name of I'iu-hai.an x Wilson. Initios day been dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts
owing io the firm rif lluchnnnn S; Wilson, up to October
1st. arc payable to A. C. l'uchanan. who "ill also pay
airiiiiliililies of the former partnership up to that rlate.
Signed. A. C. lU'CIIANAN.
Nelson. October l<t. ISII7. C. .I.  WILSON*.
All persons indebted to the above tlnn of I'ueluinan ._>:
Wil-on are  requested  to settle  the amount  of -mb  in-
deblcdnes-  forthwith  to a voir!  the noeo>ity of haMiig
the accounts given out for collection.
A. C.  Itl'CHANAN.
Notice of Application for Liquor License.
I hereby give notice that 30 days from this dale I in-
li'inl to aiiply to the stipendiary magistrate nt Nelson.
Wi>t Kootenay district, for a ■license lo sell lupior by
retail on the premise.-situate on llu: western ball' ol Lot
370. group I, West Koolenay district.
K       ' K. H. MoNAIliN.
Dated in Nel--on. H. ('.. October llth. 1SI7.     [Oct. ll'th.]
«':*- v.: ylr-.^fe-u., &.-*> .'■"■ '■: W*Tf ■<.« cA^•^'■":liv,_;, .'-iv-^f/ h"---s»j.&-,v ' n".."'..*■*_■■&*< +."• <^'\ ''^ifs% ■■■'.-■'."-_i'*?-.."■■ "«*o:"*'-*'A:. \"/Af . A-' ■■'■* '*_.,v*-"-*,'1'.*,' •- ". ' »,*i-'--iiiV■/'■■• - -.f.■.;-.*ts•»■■ -wfl^j^"^'i- f^ ?,' ft ■:--■>*■.■;? ■■■A-*'""' v. ^--, '■ A* "'J v-* -1^,,*"'\ • »_."^.i-:'-*".'■*■■ .'V.-. ?• ^"i'l.--' -*■ *•
'/-/"'j-.vfiv,;^.. f-;t'_•t'.A-ip&••».:••'*' r-K"--. s.1-''.-' ■".*"■'■■'*"■'"." -'.^* '■''',■ 'v '■-":? 'i**-* t'v;.■".-".'.-,\t-f -v s^-- •?■■.••.•ur.\"."■•'_>-;■ ■■'..■ ■■■■>.' J.*Vi^\:il*'r*.i,\(Si~:*\ -\i"   v}■'■■.■■*<��*,»■.'■*.*a ■">"--./-'"'-'" rJ' •■-'■-::i '■.,':.■■"*..►■ -,■« ',■;■*;*■  '*!>' v ":■,■ ■*-■"/ -\: '«* *'■ ■ ",t-.i».■•■,*v*"-.*Ii ^" • t,*'.£ft»~'->»:& • /'f*.':-j6.*.,-'Si1.' ,■-,.'-■■■ .
.  i.i "» ■.. . «-...","   i .    \ n^   ,■■.,' ■■ .-»i '-.■_. ■". i '   j", -*» i !■,  tv> -,      -.'.."< *.,t ■! i'i'i.1   r tit - ■ .■'a      l"*1 .■  ',■'_, i"  ...  *i---" i*     ■     .. 'iit •'•if'uf-r <-_».". v.f IiB-^ •■,_!_,.  i  'fir   <i '-■ i'ift n ■ ■ r,'-. >*.i «     ."'        .'    ji   ."■    ; „v.'j- .. . —   *    •-■ as:-.   I ,..**   ,   ■■■■'.-.       'i  ,-'.■-    ',   ■.     ■ ..'r.. i .. r."   ■.  . ■-   » .-..."-_. iri.'.>-     •-Tlf ■"-.'   '• ' I'll;    .'.-'  ■-.*'.- ljr.   C.-'.    ■ Vi     •■ u
J 4  TJlti   TRIBU-NIC:   '_NKL8()_N,   13. C; SATURDAY, NOVKAlBUTl  ii,   ISO?'.  Until you examine the carload of James Smart's  celebrated Brockville Stoves included in the stock  of hardware'whieh we will open in the Mara block  on Baker street, next week     ��     ��     �� -  ��     &     ��     ��  We. propose to secure our share of the wholesale  and retail  trade of Southern Kootenay, and with  this purpose in view we have arranged to carry  a complete stock of Shelf and Heavy Hardware,  making a specialty of Miners' Supplies     ��    ��     ��   ,  Vancouver   Hardware   Company*  Tenders will be received b.v the undersigned up lo 2  o'clock p. in., on lho20lh day of November next, for the  purchase at the rale on the dollar (S) on prices stated  , below, of the slock of It. 1'. Ks-nouf, consisting of  Invoice price  wilh freight added  Furniture S2380 30  Crockery an;rj Glassware    .    .     861 22  Lamps, fjsrdware, Etc.   .    .        516 20  Terms of sale: One-third (J) cash, balance in two (2)  and (I) mouths, on approved security wilh interest al.S  per cent per annum.  Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  Stock may be seen on application to undersigned.  XV. IT. DOWSING, Assignee.  Hated at Nelson this.lith day of November, 1S')7.  I  The stock of W. H. Graham,  consisting of a full line of Men's,  Ladies' and Children's Boots and  Shoes, will be offered at* greatly  reduced rates to clear. Must be  sold in next 90 days. Call early  and buy yourself rich. Full line of  overshoes in stock. Repair shop  in  connection  with  store.  CORPORATION OF THE   CITY OF  NELSON  36    *B^l."K:"E!_R    stireiet  xa-r-Xo-Asv?- nsro. 21.  A bv-law to provide for the sub-division of the City of  Nelson into wards.  The municipal council of the corporation of the City of  Nelson enacts as follows:  1, The city of Nelson shall be and the same is hereby  divided into two wards, to be known as (he cast, anil  west wards.  2. There shall be included within the boundaries of  the cast ward, all that portion of the said city lying on  the easterly side of a lino drawn through the centre of  Ward street and extending the full lengLh-'"-creof.  :*. There shall be included within tlie>^,.-. ndaries of  the west ward, all that portion of the sairl city lying on  the westerly-side of a line drawn through the centre of  Ward street and extending the full length thereof.  1. Tlie number of aldermen to be elected by each  ward shall be three.  Itead first, second, and third times November ,'ird, 1S117.  Reconsidered and finally passed and adopted November Sth, 1S'J7. ���  [seal.] JOHN irOL'STON, Mayor.  CiiAiii.iis K. Si;am:v. City Clerk.  We have just received a fine stock of Fall  and Winter Dress Goods and Mantles;  Clothes, Blankets, and Down Quilts; Ladies  Flannelette Blouse Waists, Dress Jackets,,  Underskirts, Nigfht* Dresses, and Wrappers;  Black and Navv-Sero-c Dress Skirts; New  Blouse Waists, Silk Patterns and a fu  rano*e of Black Dress Silks, etc. The verv  latest styles in Jackets; Full assortment of  Ladies' Fur Capes, Coats, Boas, Collars  and Muffs; also Fur Trimming's. Men's  Winter Overcoats ready tailored, the very  best materials and workmanship; Men's  Fine Underwear; Flannel Shirts, Half Hose,  Regatta and White Dress Shirts; latest and  best styles in Collars and Neckware. Sec  our stock of Children's, Ladies' and Men's  Footwear.  JBm ������#���  elson  NOTICK.  Tho above is a true copy of a by-law parsed on the  oth day of November, 1S!)7, by the municipal council of the City of Nelson, and all persons arc hereby required to take notice that anyone desirous of applying to  have sairl by-law. or any part thereof, quashed", must  make his application for that purpose to the supreme  court of Hrilish Columbia within one month next after  the publication of this by-law in the Hritish Columbia  Gazette, or he will be too late to be hcaiil io that behalf.  CJIAS. K. SICAI.KY, Cily Clerk.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON.  NOTICE FOR TENDERS.  Tenners will ho received at the olllcc of Ihe unrlcr-  sigiied until Wednesday. November Kllh, at .'I o'clock p.  in., for grading a wagon road on Latiiiierstreet, east from  Josephine street to the city limits. I'rofllcs mid specifications can be seen at the olllcc of the ciiy engineer.  The lowest or anv lender not necessarilv accepted.  CHARLKS K. SKAI.KV. City Clerk.  Nelson. H. (.'., November ath, I$!��".���  Victoria,   B. C,   19th  October,   1897.  A.   R.   Sin-: 1-.wood,   Esq.,   Agent Ocean  Accident &  Guarantee Corporation,   Nelson,   B.   C.  Dear Sir: I have to thank you for the prompt settlement of my  claim for $300, under my combined accident "policy No. 52274 for  $5000, in the Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation of London,  England. I do not hesitate to express my satisfaction of having been  insured with a company so liberal and which settles its claims so  promptly.     Yours very  faithfully. H.   F.   LANGTON.  This claim was paid in conipL'iis.ation for 10 svi.eks, loss nt' tiiin- resulting from typhoid  fever. Oco.-iii; Accident iv Guarantee combined policy (accident, and sickness) pivmiiini .$."3  per SI 000 per annum. Double indeiiinifcv for accident whilst, travelling bv public conveyance. ARTHUR   R. S11 EUWOO!>.  Agent.  Xolsmi.  li. C.  WK WILL Ol'l-.N  A LAIIGl'1  COSSU'.SAiESr Ol-*  ���Sl'ITAHUC KOU PAltTV AND UAU, WKAIi.  .SKK TIIKSI'* GOODS I!I'l-'OIiK ^lAlCINO Pn.OHA.SK  CORPORATION   OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  .NOTICE RE VOTERS' LIST.  All persons hnving the following riniililicnLions ,-m_ (..n.  tiilerl to have their niinics cntercrf on the Voters' List of  the city of Nelson : provi'lerl iipplicition is niiirlc before  December 1st.. 1K)7, namely:  Anj- mule or female, being n Uritish .subject of the full  .'ie;e of twenty-one yenrs, who has imirl on or before the  (iixt, rlay of November, J,S!'7. nil real ostnl.c and road (axes  tor the year 1SD7. anrl who has resided within ihe limits  of the city of Nel-on for one year previous to No\ ember  1st, IS!'": and who is the assessed owner of lands or of  improvements, or the assessed occupier of lands situate  within the city ;-..r-wlio is a resident, of anrl carries on  business anrl is ihe holder of a tru'Ie.s licensein Ihe municipality-the annual fee for whicli is not lu��s than five  dollars: or who is a householder within the municipality.  Blank forms can he procured at the ollice of the ��� ���it'}'  clerk, where all applications'must, be handed in.  CIIAI.LK.S I-J. SKAI.KV.  City Clerk anil Assessor.  Nelson, 11. C, November 3rd, IH'J".  WKST  HAKKIl  8TKKKT  es  to ves  toves  We are agents for The James Stewart Manufacturing* Company of Woodstock, and have just received 2 cars of their  celebrated Stoves and Ranges, which we are offering at exceptionally low prices. We have also a full stock of Queen  Healers.     Give us a call.     Prompt  attention  to  letter orders.  Notice   for  Tenders.  Tenders will bo received by lhe undersigned until  _Monday, December lil.li, IK!'", nt I:' o'clock noon, fur tbe  slock in trade, lixtures, lease, anrl good will of the Manhattan saloon, situate on IjOt I. Block (i, in the cily of  Nelson. The parly whose tender is accepted must, be  prepared to pay cash anil cnlor into bonds for payment  of rent of premises. The highest or any lender nol, ner-  ���essarily accepted. CIIAI'I.KS II. INK".  Administrator estate of W. A. Mr- VeiKb. rleceawerl,  .VcNoii, Ii. ('., November ."ifh, JW7.  THE CHANCE  OF A  LIFETIME  Completely furnished four-room cottage, first-class in every respect, hard  finished throughout with double floors; building and furniture only six  months old; stable in connection; two lots, 50x120, fenced. Price,  $1500.     l-'oi* terms apply Lo. Cii.as.  A.   Watkk.max  &  Co.  A���������D    Un itrt'oin      ���**':'';">00-i--l,''iirnislied   house: modern   in  every respect :;seven' rooms  raiC     Udl galll      jm(|   1).l(||.   j|(,,.   .mf|   (.,,j,|   ���-;,.(<.,���;  |���wtVct.  sewerage:   beiiiitifnl   laid  niii.  tfronii'ls:  two lots   "i0xl20: full   particulars at the ollice of  THAN,   A.  AWATKUM AN  A- CO..   Real   l-lslate  limkcrs.   Nelson.   Ii. ('.  Just .received a. consignment of "Le  Roi" Heaters something* entirely  new. A full line of cooking1 and  heating stoves in all sizes. Sole  agents for G-urney Stove & Range J  Co. A full line of fresh Groceries.  "Wholesale and retail. Miners' sup-  . plies a specialty.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  Ever seen in Kootenay awaits the inspection  of those who desire Carpets, at the premises  ofr D. McArthur & Co., corner of Baker and  Ward streets; For quality and price these  Carpets cannot be touched.  ifif  'SOS  See our" stock of Rattan Chairs, Tables and Novelties, Rugs, Mats and Nick-nacks  Two carloads of fine Bedroom Sets, Sideboards, Desks, Chairs, and Tables.  1  -f-J  CORNER BAKER AND WARD STREETS  Our aim is to supply the best at reasonable prices. Our  turnover is large, consequently we are continually receiving" fresh goods. No shelf-worn or worm-eaten goods to be  found upon our premises.    Everything" is fresh and clean.  Corner Baker and Josephine Streets  NELSON, B. C.  West Baker Street, Nelson, B. C  9      JU& a    "Wo  We are showing this week some splendid values in Men's  Woolen Underwear, Also a complete line of gloves and  neckwear. In Ready Made Clothing we have first-class  honest makes at excepeionally low prices.  eai  ir**  Good goods and prices right  "���"���JEFs**?"-".1 ,  .������ir"* !.-.&���*  -^-Sh-*1-  '���KM--,.-.  ���aViJM.


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