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 a i ���  I'r,  ���'Or...  /  m  Has  Mines tliat are Paying  Dividends and  Hundreds of Properties that can  be Made  Dividend  Paying Mines.  Has   Three  Smelters   in  Successful   Operation,  and   Enough  Ore   in Sight  to   Run  Several   More.  /  FIFTH   YEAR.**--NO.^ ���}  V  NELSON,  BRITISH  COLUMBIA, SATURDAY,   NOVEMBER   i:J, L89"  m  rWO  DOLLARS A YEAR.  THE   SIFTON   BANQUET.  An Interesting Talk I'rom the New Minister  ol' the Interior on Yukon Matters.  Tlio b;wu|tiPt tendered by tin-- citi/.ens ol'  Nelson to Hon. Clifford Sifton at' tlie  I'hair Hotel, Wednesday evening, was ;\  very enjoyable- affair.' Mayor Houston  presided, and on his right sal: tlie guest of  the evening. Among the others-present  wore: Hewitt Bostock, M. I'., J. Fred  Hume, M. I'. I'., .J. A. J. Mcfvenna (Ottawa), He v. Uobert- Frew, Dr. Arthur, A.  M.   Johnson,   l<kl   Senkler,   John    Ulliot,'  aldei-man  Fletcher,  W. A. ftlacdonald, Ji.  Hintoul, A. li. Ilodgins.  Ci.  Hirsch, O. B. Winter, A. TI  Tambiyn, A. G. Shaw,. G  H. Sherwood, Rev  .Johnston-?, J.  Ur. LaBau,  son, A  Swannoll  as   a  gold  producer,   Mr.  Sifton  quoted  surveyor Ogilvie as  a  conservative and  The   latter   had   stated  be  uo  doubt  but  that  V. J Loir., John  Fischer, F. A.  Ii.   Liobson,  A.  G. H.  JMonlen, George  II.   Robertson.   II.   Iledlev,  W. C. McLean. John A. Gib-  Marks.   M.   DesBrisay,   F.   W.  J. Jl.   Matheson, Jacob  Dover.  W. J. Wilson, alderman liillyer. alderman Malone, 15. A. Crease, W. Jl. Hooper,  P. J. Russell, Thomas "Maddf-m, H. H.  Cameron, Hector McRae, A. J. McGurn,  T. G. Proctor. Kd Ferguson, J)r. Forin, G.  M. Sproat, Fred Irvine. G. C. Tunstall,  and J. T. Wilkinson.  Mayor Houston, in proposing the health  ol' tlie guest ol; rhe evening, announced  that there was no political significance i,o  be'attached to the reception whatever.  Nelson, he said, differed i'rom all other  Canadian cities, in Uiat,-save with one exception���Archie Johnson���there were no  politicians resident in it. Those present had merely availed themselves  of an opportunity to meet as men  and testily to their appreciation of  the abilities of tho young man who was  among them in his capacity as minister of  the interior. It afforded him very great  pleasure to ask them to {ill their glasses  and drink to the health of Hon. Clifford  Sifton. The toast was received with  cheers and was followed by the singing  of "lift's a Jolly Good ]<"elIow."  The minister of the interior made a very  happy reply.   Clifford  Sifton  has  not a  very "pleasant voice,  but  his   manner  is  happy and the words come easily  to him.  He thauked the  company for their hos-  pitality, and remarked  that since his arrival in the city he had felt very much as  if he were at home, and should  it happen  that the people of Canada dispensed with  his services lie would like to come to Nelson and live, especially in view of the as--  surance   of   mayor   Houston   that  there  were   no   politicians   resident   here.    Lie-  then procee'eiedto'deseribe his recent trip  into the Vukon district, and outlined the  difficulties which presented themselves to  his department in  the task  of  providing  for the administration of affairs in a district 600 or 700  miles long  by  500 miles  wide, ;with practically no means of transportation save the lakes and rivers during  the summer season.   The first work was  the establishment of customs posts and  the   guarding of the same by  mounted  police.    This was necessary, as Canadians  resented the idea of allowing alien miners  going into the country to purchase supplies   in  American   trading centers  and  take   the same  into  the  Canadian  gold  fields free of duty.  The first of such posts  to be established    was  the lake Tagish  post.    The experience of the customs authorities at this post had been very eu-  couraging tothe cause of good  government.    Although fully 05 per cent of the  miners goingintothecouu try were foreigners, who had a preference for purchasing,  their supplies in  the   United States, the  customs officers  had no difficulty whatever in collecting the required duties, and  no attempt whatever had  been made at  carrying out the blustering threats of not  submitting   to   the   payment   of  duties.  The experience of the post had beeu that  after  these  blustering   gold  seekers  got  over the pass most of the fight had been  taken out of them.    Although up to the  period  covered  by  the last report,   not  more than half the people who. had got  over the pass had  reached  the customs  post, the customs duties collected  in six  weeks-aggregated  between    $25,000   and  $30,000.    Mr. Sifton  assured  his   hearers  that the government would take the necessary steps to ensure the collection of all  customs duties payable upon goods going  into   the   Yukon    next,  spring.     Every  avenue iuto the country will.be guarded  by police and covered  by a customs officer, and the whole country will be policed  and law will be administered just as efficiently as in any other part of Canada.  The government is aware that some doubt  may arise as to whether it would be advisable   to  incur  the  necessary expense  and trpuble to accomplish this. end.   That  subsequenteveuts would demonstrate the  wisdom of the present policy there could  scarcely be any question.   Mr. Sifton held  that in view of the fact that fully.95 pet-  cent of the people going into the Yukon  were foreigners, with a preference of purchasing their goods in the  United States,  that it would be unfair to Canadians and  Canada, if the government did not administer the law so as to protect its own people.    With respect to the administration  of law in the Vukon, Mr. Sifton said that  he expected no difficulty other than that  whicli generally  presented  itself in  sections having very large floating, populations. It should be remembered, however,  that the great majority of the people going into the Yukon are those of the reputable class, who appreciate the establishment and administration  of law in   the  the proper  way.    They are  people  who  prefer to carry on their vocation of mining in  British  territory  rather  than  in  some parts of their own territory, where  mob rule prevails and  where  their individual rights are not safe unless they happen to be popular with   the majority of  the people in that vicinity.    In speaking  of the possibilities of the Yukon country  safe   authority,  that rhere could  fiom I5ld<>rado, Bonanza and Miller creeks  there would be taken out within che next  four or five years between $50,000,009 and  $00,000,000 worth of gold.    When  a  conservative and   well informed  man   made  ��uch an estimate of the gold product from  bin. three creeks, it was very easy for one  to imagine t hat there were tremenduons  possibilities in the Yukon with  its  many  miles of auriferous creek beds.    Respecting the routes inln the Yukon, Mr. Sifton  pronounced the Stikeen route, which had  been reported upon by engineer Jennings,  as  the  most feasible, and whicli he had  reason to believe, would be available next  summer,   in    which   event    the    country  would  be fortunate in the possession  of  of an   all-Canadian  route.    In   touching  upon the effect of  the  mineral  development of Canada within the past two years  he said that it had tended to make even the  most sanguine Canadians more confident  in their contemplation of Canada's future.  Ho said that he was free to confess that  he himself felt different.    The'demonstra-  tion ot the mineral wealth of tho country  added   to   its   inducements   to   intending  immigrants, and taken iu connection with  its, wonderful   agricultural   possibilities,  made Canada a very desirable place  for  settlement.   Tho people of Canada today,  in hiscopinion,  were  possessed  of  more  natural  resources than were any similar  number of people in the world, and it was  the  realization   of   this   fact that  made  them all more sanguine for the future of  the laud of their birth.  The other toasts proposed and responded to were:  The House of Commons, by Mr. Bostock.  The Legislative Assembly, by Mr. Hume.  The Mining Industry, by Mr. Robertson  and Mr. McRae.  The Bar, by Mr. Bodwell and Mr. Macdonald.  Our Monetary Institutions, by Mr. Holt  and R,intoul.  The Medical  Profession, by Dr. Arthur  and Dr. Forin.  The Press, by Mr. McGurn.  The Ladies, by Rev. Mr. Frew.  Messrs.' Winter and  Fischer  were  the  songsters.   thi<s unwarranted interference on the part  of the provincial board of health.it will  remain i'or the electors nf the mainland'  to wipe the board out of existence when  they give the. Turner administration its,  quietus next summer.  THE OALENA FARM TROUBLE.  THE CENTER STAR WINS  English  Stockholders    Make    Enquiries  Year Too Late to Be of Use.  ancouver,  British Columbia  One  and  GOSSIP   OP   SANDON.  The  Jumping of tho Montezuma Property  Creates Much Speculation.  The jumping of the Montezuma property on the south fork of Kaslo creek'  leaked out last week and created quite a  stir. ' The Montezuma is oue'bifthe highly  developed properties of the Sloean section  and has a concentrator upon the ground.  The owners of the property have been  working right along, but neglected to record the necessary assessment work.  Upon this ground the .property was  jumped by a man named Harris. When  it got out  that the  property  had  been  jumped the manager of the Montezuma  purchased the jumpers rights, paying  therefor $400 iu promissory notes. Upon  the conclusion of the deal the payment of  the notes was stopped, the same will  probably be resisted.  The troubles of the Ibex Mining Company, the Wonderful Mining Company  and the Noble Five company continue to  be the chief topics around Sandon. The  feeling is general that the trouble in the  case of the Ibex and Noble Five company  is due to mismanagement. It is said that  there is ore enough in sight in the Ibex  company's claims to have paid the whole  of the obligations upon judgment for  which the property was seized by the  sheriff.  There is not much hope expressed for  the future of the Wonderful company..  The general opinion of the Wonderful  property has been that there was a considerable quantity of galena float upon  the ground, and that the' value of the  property did not exceed the commercial  value of such float. This float has been  marketed and consequently the property  has no intrinsic value. The settlement of  the internal troubles; of the shareholders  of the company may occupy some time,  but the feeling generally is that the last  has been heard of the Wonderful company as an actual mining company.  With respect to the Noble Five company's trouble the feeling is that it will  culminate in the sale of the property and  the winding up of the present company.  Under capable management well informed  mining men say that the Noble Five and  Deadman groups, which comprise the  present company's holdings, will give a  good account of themselves.  Government from Victoria for Kaslo.  The city council of Kaslo has been notified by the provincial board of health that  the corporation of the city of Kaslo will  not be permitted to drain its sewage into  Kootenay lake. When it is stated that  Kaslo is a city of less than 2000 inhabitants, and that Kootenay lake is a body of  water over 85 miles in length, with an  average width of three miles, and a depth  of 400 feet, the utter absurdity of the contention of the provincial board of health  may be appreciated. For three or four  years the taxpayers of this province have  been forced to provide funds for the  maintenance in office of political pets of  the J3avie-Turner administrations, who  under the pretence of preserving the public health, have liarassed the cities of the  interior in their efforts to dispose of their  sewage in a common sense manner. It 4s  preposterous to think that the cities of  the interior will submit to any such silly  interference on the part of the provincial  board of health. If the Turner government has not enough  foresight to check  The V  General  Exploration  Company,  Limited,  the syndicate which succeeded in Hooding  the Galena Farm properties in London at;  a   fancy, ligure,   has   been   experiencing!  some rough  weather lately in  the  finan-j  cial   world.     This   Vancouver   syndicate  come into prominence in Southern Kootenay during the latter  part of lS!)(i, when  C. W. Callahan, its engineer, was turned  loose in a scramble for mineral properties.  Among: other properties Callahan secured  the Grover, Peerless, Currie, Currie Fraction, Stephensonand Kate���locally known  as   the  Galena   Farm   properties.' These  properties were secured  for $33,000, and  the Galena Mines, Limited  was floated in  J^ondon for the purpose of acquiring and  working   them.       This   company   issued  ��525,000 in one pound shares, and for the  pureliase of the Galena Farm properties,  which cost the Vancouver syndicate $33,-  000, it paid ��25.000 in ca��h*and  ��475,000  in Galena Mines stock.   The Galena Mines'  therefore   went  before  the  public   as   a,  company that had paid in cash more than':  four  times  the  value of   the  properties!  which it possessed, and over and above',  this   nineLeeu   shares   of   the   company-  stock for every one which it had availa-';  ble for sale, for the purpose of providing;  funds for the development of the proper-;  ties.    The investing public clearly did not"  have a  gambler's  chance  in  the  Galena',  Mines.     The  properties   cost   too  much,  and   by  the  division   of   the   stock   had  to   return    the    vendors   $20    before    it  could return the British'investor one dollar.    Tlie following report of a meeting  of the proprietors' of the Vancouver and  I3ritish   Columbia   General    Exploration  Company is takeu from the J3. C. Mining  Review, of Loudon:  "While extending our congratulations  to the board of the Vancouver aud British Columbia General Exploration Company. Ltd., on their decision to meet the  heavy slump in the market price of their  shares by calling a meeting of the pro;  prietors and putting the facts before them  in all their naked truth, we are yet sorry  chat we cannot equally congratulate the  shareholders on the position disclosed.  Rumors of an adverse character to the  company and all its works have been  floating about the city for some weeks,  and probably.inside selling of Galenas at  merely rubbish prices indicated that in  somequarters.it was realized that the  Vancouver syndicate, as it is known in  the city, had been the unintentional instrument for foisting a worthless silver-  lead property upon the British public.  But we do not think that the shareholders of either the Vancouver syndicate or  the Galena Mines, Ltd., had any idea that  the real state of affairs was so lamentably  disquietiug.  A great deal was made about Mr. Car-  lyle'K reports. Mr. Carlyle, however,  simply drew up his reports for the guidance of the government, and it behooved  the directors of this ill-fated concern to  have very carefully checked the reports  made about it by absolutely impartial experts before accepting them, and making  them the basis of an application to the  British public for a large sum of money  to exploit the property. Surely the presence of zinc should have been discovered  by experts at the vers* outset, instead of  having to be disclosed nearly twelve  months after the formation of the cora-  pauy, as one of the reasons of the failure  of the property to realize the hopes of its  founders.  Of course we know that to a large extent the blame is laid upon Mr. Callahan;  but all the same it ought to be pointed  out that for some time advices from British Columbia-about the Galena have been  distinctly alarming; aud as this was one  of the chief properties of the syndicate,  was quite sufficient to account for the  heavy fall in its shares. While we do not  for one moment impugn the bona fides of  the directors of the Vancouver syndicate,  we sincerely regret in the interests of tlie  province that they should have been connected with such a frost. Very little was  said about the other properties and options of the syndicate, but what was said  was not, we are afraid, of a character to  inspire much confidence in the breasts of  the holders of either Vancouver syndicate  or Galenas, or indicate a possibility of an  early recovery in the market prices of  these issues from the depths of depression into whicli'they have been plunged  by the series of unfortunate events which  were punctuated by the admissions at  Thursday's meeting by the chairman.  The First Round in What Promises to be a  Long Fight in the Courts.  Justice Walkem this week delivered  judgment", in his room iu the Phair hotel,  upon the application of tlie Center Star  mining company for a continuance of the  injunction against the iron Mask' mining  company. The application of the Center  Star company was granted and an appeal  will be taken to the full court by the Iron  Mask conipany. The judgment is as  follows:  The solution of the issue between the  parties to this action depends 'upon the  construction to be placed upon Sections  3) and 32'of our Mineral Actof 1891, wJiich  are as follows: ������        i  31. Tlio holder or owner of n mineral claim shall have  lhe exclusive rii^ht to, and iio.ise_.sion of. all the siirfucs  within the lines of his location, and of all veins or loilcs,  throughout llieir entire depth, Iheton or apex of -which  lies inside of .such surface lines extended downward vor-  lically, although such veins or lodes, may so far depart  from a perpendicular in their course downwards as to  extend outside the vertical side lines of such surface location : but his right of po-sessioii to such outside parts  of such veins or lodes shall he eonlined to such portions  thereof as lie between vertical planes drawn downwards,  as above described through the end lines of his location  so continued in their own direction thai such planes will  r intersect Kuch exterior parts of such veins or lodes : and  nothing in this seel ion shall authorize the locator or possessor of a vein or lode whicli extends in its downward  course beyond the vertical lines of his claim to enter upon  the surface of a claim owned or possessed by another:  Provided, always, that a prior location on the dip of a  vein or lode shall have priorityoverasubsecnieiitlocatioii  on the same vein or lode, though such subsequent location maybe uiion the apex of the vein or lode. * '  And it is hereby expressly declared that, a location laid  crosswise of a voin or lode, so that its centre- line crosses  the same instead of following the course thereof, will  secure only so much of the vein or lode as it, actually  crosses at the surface, and the side lines of the location  will become the end lines, thereof, for the purpose of defining lhe rights of the owners. A location shall he  deemed to have been laid crosswise when Iho smallest  angle made by the centre line falling on the general  course of the vein or lode is greater than 15 degrees.  32. Where Lwo or more veins or lodes intersect or  cross eac-h other on their downward dip. priority of title  shall govern, ami the prior location shall be entitled to  all ore or mineral contained within the space of intersection: Provided, however, I hat the subsequent locution  shall have the right-of-way through the said space of intersection for the purpose of the convenient working of  the said subsequent location: and provided, also, that  where two or more veins or lodes unite, on llieir clown-  ward dip, the oldest or prior location shall take the vein  or lode below the point of union, including all the space  of iiiter.seclion.  Will Secure Cemetery Grounds.  The city council held a short session  Monday afternoon, when action was taken  with respect to the securing of suitable  ground for cemetery purposes. On motion of alderman Teet/.el, seconded by alderman I<"letcher, mayor Houston was  authorized to correspond with the C. <fc  Jv. railway company with a view to securing sufficient land to the south of the  city.  City engineer McCulloch was instructed  to report on the condition of the flume  and reservoir of the waterworks system  with a view to taking over the same from  the contractors.  J3ar silver  Metal Quotations,  was  quoted   in  New   Vork  on Thursday at ."*7;^.   JVor lead, $3.75 wa.s  hid and $3.85 asked.  it will be observed that the latter part  of Section  31   provides   that  where  the  centre line of a mineral claim  crosses a  vein, or as the legislature expresses it "is  laid crosswise of a vein," the owner shall  only be entitled to so much of the vein as  theiine crosses at the surface, and that,  in  such  an  event, the side lines  of  the  claim shall become its end  lines���a  very  radical  change, inasmuch as it deprives  the owner of extra lateral rights whicli he  would,.otherwise, have been entitled to.  The section then proceeds, iii effect, to de-  tine a "crosswise  location" as one  whose  smallest angle made by the intersection  of the centre location line with the trend  or "strike" of a vein  is greater than 45��.  This "smallest angle" of intersection, for  there is such an intersection in tlie plaintiff's vein, which is the one in dispute and  which dips into the Iron Mask, is shown  on two of the plans thatare sworn to as  being accurate,  as  being 30*27'.    For  instance,   the  bearing of the Centre Star  company's location line is N. ol '39' E., and  the "strike" of their veiu is N, 32" 00' E.  The difference  between  the .two  is,  obviously,  30" 27', which  is,  of course, less  than the statutory angle ot -15��.    The contention,   therefore,   of   the   defendants'  counsel that the plaintiffs location line is.  with   respect  to  the  vein  in  dispute,  a  "crosswise location" falls  to the ground.  '  As I coustrue Section 31, the apex of a  mineral   vein   is  a statutory and  not a  mathematical apex or pinnacle, but is the  top pf a vein at any place along its profile,  however high or low that profile may be,  for the words used in the section are "top  or apex."   The act gives no definition  of  an apex Hue, that is to say, as to whether  it may run skyward,or otherwise: but it  has always been-understood here, as well  as   in   the   mining   communities   to    the  south of us, that such a line is a horizontal one.  These observations clear the way to a  consideration of the question  in dispute.  His.honor judge "Forin, at the instance  of the Center Star company, granted an  injunction on the 9th day of this month,  restraining the Iron Mask;company from  trespassing in the plaintiffs' tunnel, which  runs horizontally through the dip of their  northerly veiu. and which vein is described in the affidavits as vein No. 2,  whose apex is in their ground. In the  order made by the learned judge, it is  stated that the plaintill's undertook to do  no further work in any of their "tunnels  or workings" within the boundaries of  the Iron Mask location until that order  should be dissolved, or otherwise disposed  of. On the motion before me I held that  order as it stood, estopped the plaintiffs  from further sinking a shaft, which is  designated on the plans as shaft No. 3, as  it was included in the word "workings."  This shaft, according to Mr. Durant's affidavit, has been sunk to a depth of 191 feet  -in ore all that distance the ore being  the dip of the plaintiffs' vein No. 2, whicli  as I have said runs into the Iron Mask.  Both he and Mr. Joyce state that the shaft  is not intended to be used for hoisting  purposes, but the defendants have no  right whatever to object to it on that account as the shaft is in ore which, by law,  belongs to the plaintiffs.  Mr. Daly, counsel for the plaintiffs'  states on affidavit that he drew up the  order in question hurriedly: and he disavows ever having undertaken to stop  work in the shaft, as such a .stoppage  would virtually mean tlie stoppage of  further development in the plaintiffs' vein  No. 2. He, therefore, desires to be understood as not consenting now to any such  undertaking, and I certainly, tinder the  circumstances, have no right to reouiro it.  He made this statement as his notico of  motion is, in terms, to merely vary the injunction granted   by judge   Forin, by ex  tending its time limit until the hearing of  this action.  Counsel for the Iron Mask company has  strenously opposed a continuation of the  injunction, as well as 'Mr. Daly's application that the plaintiffs should be allowed  to continue the sinking nf tJial'r N'-._ 3.  Affidavits, on both sides, were read with  respect to an alleged infraction' by the  plaintiffs of judge Porin's order, inasmuch  as they had continued to sink the shaft:  but I am satisfied that there was no intention on their part to disobey the order,  and that what work they did arose from  the mistake in ils terms, which is explained in Mi: Daly's affidavit.  With respect to the main question, the-  evidence is wholly one-sided,'for the only  affidavits before me are those put in on  behalf of the plaintill's by Mr. Durant,  their superintendent and Mr. Joyce, their  foreman. Mr; Dura nt testifies to the accuracy of several plans showing, as they  do, the relative position of the Center-  Star, Iron Mask, War"Eagle and Idaho  locations, and also the positions of the  plaintiffs' shaft No. 3 and their vein No. 2,  the vein in dispute, and its dip in a northerly direction at an angle of about 3*5' into  the Iron Mask ground. He also states  that he has traced this vein from the  easterly line of the Center Star claim  along its surface until it enters the War  Eagle location, and that uo part of its  apex lies within the boundaries of the  Iron Mask.  Moreover, in paragraph 9 of his affidavit, he states that the mouth-of the tunnel, above referred to, is in the plaintiffs'  ground, and that its course, for a considerable distance, is within the surface  boundaries of the Iron Mask location but  through a body of ore which forms part of  the dip of the plaintiffs' vein No. 2. Mr.  Bodwell has referred me to an American  decision, to the effect that the plaintiffs,  for instance, have, been, in view of common law doctrines, tresspassers from the  moment they encroached upon the Iron  Mask ground. I fully assent to this: but  all that the decision virtually means is  that a court should uot overlook the rule  that statutory provisions, such, for instance, as sections 31 and 32, which are in  derogation of the common law, should be  construed strictly. J^ut the legislature  has settled this point, uuequivocally, by  giving, in effect, tlie ore of vein No; 2 as  dips into the Jron Mask to the plaintiffs  as their property. There is, therefore, no  room for contention about it, that is to  say, on the evidence before me.  My attention was called by Mr. J^odwell  to paragraph li of Mr. Durant's affidavit,  which is as follows: "T verily believe  that in three months from date,the plaintiffs will'liave' beeu. able to" continue the  sinking of their said shaft to a sufficient  depth to demonstrate that the vein containing the ore bodies in question has its  apex within the boundaries of the Center  Star mineral claim, and is in fact the said  vein No. 2." This paragraph is wholly  consistent with Mr.. .Durant's previous  statements, and is his opinion, from  twenty-seven years of mining experience  ���which on tliat account is entitled to consideration���that the further sinkiug of  the shaft will demonstrate' the continuity  of veiu No. 2. The shaft is. in the ore of  the vein, and it sterns tome that I would  be improperly interfering with the plaintiffs' legal rights if I stopped work in it.  If the shaft, in its; downward course  should digress, in' any way from the dip  of the'ledge in the Iron Mask ground, the  dirgession, of course, would be tresspass.  The defendant company's remedy, if they  ever suspect such a- trespass, is aii application to the court for an order for inspection. s  With respect to one of the paragraphs  in Mr. Durant's affidavit where he says  the shaft, in time, will probably reach a  point 39 feet from the present face of the  tunnel, I understand him to mean that  when the tunnel is projected 39 feet  further, the shaft and tunnel will meet,  and the ore of vein No. 2 be eventually  lowered instead of being hoisted. But  this is neither here nor there. The complaint of the plaintiffs is that the Iron  Mask company commenced a shaft, on  their own ground, and, continued it  downwards until it struck into the workings in the Center Star tunnel. The injunction in question was to restrain the  defendants temporarily from further  proceeding with this shaft, or interfering  with the plaintiffs' works in their tunnel.  A continuance of the injunction until the  hearing is now moved for, and it appear.1,  to me, from the evidence, that the plaintiffs'' are entitled to it, without giving  more than the ordinary undertaking as  to damages.  CARIBOO   CREEK   PROPERTIES.  William  Mackenzie and  Pat  Burns  Reported  , to have Secured the Chieftain Group.  ���  William Mackenzie, one of tJie purchasers of tlie \*. V. 6c li.'railway charter and  J/*at JBurns   of  thU city, are   reported   lo  have purchased the Chief mill'property ou  Cariboo creek.    The  Chieftain   group   is  located  12  miles  from  Burton  City aud  about  1500 feet above the creek.     Like  most of   the  properties  in  tliat section,  the ledge  lies in  a green  colored schist.  The showing at  the outcrop  was  about  two feet wide.    Upon  this a  tunnel was  run  in   for  75  feet, the   ledge  gradually  widening  until   it filled   the  face of the  six foot tunnel. The ledge matter is made  ui) of quartz,  more or less  impregnated  with     iron     pyrities,      yellow     copper,  gray      copper      and      galena.      Sample  assays across the six foot showing in the  Chieftain tunnel show that the ore has an  average value of between $19 and $20 per  ton.    There are however  rich streaks  of  sulphurets   which   carry  from 90   to   100  ounces silver' and  from $5 to $20 iu gold.  Mining   men   who   have    examined    the .  Chieftain  say that to* treat the .ore advantageously it should  be out through  a  stamp mill and an  amalgamator and concentrator.  There are several other properties along  the creek  which   have   fallen  iuto  good  hands and are being developed.    Not far  i'rom the Chieftain  is the Eureka.    This  property has been stocked  for $2,000,000  and is being opened up by means of a tunnel.     The   Silver   Queen,   in   the   same  neighborhood,  is  being   worked   by Edward    Finch    and    associates   under   a   .  bond.     Two  other   properties  of   which  great     things    are    expected     are    the  Ocean     Wave    and     Promestora.     The  latter    was    one   of   tlie    first    quartz  locations   made   in   the   district.     It   is  being worked by Messrs. Brady and Mon-  oghan under a $20,000 bond.    The properties along the creek are  easy of access.  There is a good wagon  road from Burton  City, on  the  Upper Arrow  lake, to Mineral City, a  distance  of seven miles, and  from Mineral  City a good   trail has been '  built to the divide between Cariboo creek  and Slocan lake.  HORNS PAYNE'S COMPANY.  TO BE BUILT BY DAY LABOR.  City Council Rejects all Tenders for the Grading of the Latimer Street Road.  The city council on 'Wednesday opened  five tenders for the grading of the Latimer  street wagon road. .They were from Noll  it Thompson, John J. McKinnon, Newling  6c Co., Breckenridge 6c Lund, and li. B.  McNairn. and were referred to the public  works committee. Tlie committee evidently considered the figures too high and  reported in favor of the corporation doing the work by day labor.  The board of plumbing examiners recommended the immediate enforcement of  lhe plumbing by-law, and also that the  city engineer act as plumbing inspector  pro tern. -  An application from the Kootenay f'as-  light 6c Power Company for a franchise in  the city was referred to the public works  committee.  The following accounts were passed:  K. O. Arthur, i-oronor   Wilson "v Hiir.slmw. teaming- .,.  Iioininion Kxpress Company ...  Onslow Newling. sewers...  A. II. Ilohlich, uniilysi.s   Iir. Lallan, salary ..'   I_:iwri'iicr. Haniwiii-i' ('.iiniuiiiy.  .$ 10 (HI  177 lo  .   i*:' 70  I-J I .-)*>  . no (Hi  .   Ii*. 00  ,      11 o-  English Stockholders Unload on Frenchmen  and.then Put all Blame on their Manager.  The affairs of the Lillooet, Fraser River  & Cariboo Gold Fields Company have got  into a bad mess, and as a matter of course  the' province ofBritish Columbia is being  saddled with the blame. While there  may have been room for complaint in the  management of the company's affairs in  this province, it is well to remember that  it is very easy to be wise after the event.  The provincial manager of the company  may have purchased prospects at a higher  figure than their development warranted,  aud properties in which he was interested  may have been put into the assets of the  company at good prices, but it should be *  remembered that payment for the same  -was accepted in L/.i*". R. & G.G.F. company stock, when had their; been any attempt at fraud payment might easily  have been arranged in cash. There was  at least an evidence of faith in the^ company's future, on the part of P. S. Barnard, which is'more than cau be said for  the English stockholders associated with  ���R.'. M. Horne-Payne. It is currently reported that the first move made by this  group of stockholders was the unloading  of sufficient stock upon confiding French  investor, at double its par value, to indemnify themselves for any possible loss  which might come upon them by reason  of their own holdings. If there has been  bad faith in the matter it was shown by  the Jihiglish stockholders themselves and  not- by the British Columbians who organized the company. It is well in these  matters to place the blaiue where it rightly belongs. That R. M. Horne-Payne  carefully nursed the boom iu the Lillooet  Fraser.River stocks no one can possibly  deny. If the provincial members of the  company are to blame for inducing investment in the company stock at par, how is  Horne-Payne absolved from blame for inducing investment at 100 per cent  premium:*  ----___   THIRTY   THOUSAND   DOLLARS   PER   DAY.  Southern  Kootenay is  Exporting  Ore  at  This  Rate For the Current Month.  During the past week there was entered  at the Port of Nelson for export S22 tons  of ore and 111 tons of matte, with an estimated value of $I00,")37. Of this ore, all  save 25 tons from the Iron Mask at Rossland, came from the mines of the Slocan,  and had'a value of over $75,000. The.  week's exports bring the total for the  current month up to $382,570, a rather  creditable showing for thirteen days.  These exports were made up of 2,282 tons  of ore valued at $198,332. and -195 tons off  matte valued at $181,238. The .mineral'  values in the exports for the current  month are classified as follows: gold, $S2,-  037; copper, $13.('M; lead, $4S,033: and  silver. $20S.2<S(*.   The exports for the week  were:  BULLION   AND   MATTE.  Pounds Valno  Ilnll Mines smeller. Nelson, matte..  . ���iffl.-'so  OHK.  I'liynu mine, Slocan   Kootenay Ore Conipany, ICaslo..  Corinth mines, Slocan      Hustler mine, Slocan   Kecominc. Slnciiu   Idaho mine. Slocan    Slocan Star. Sandon    Whitewater mine, Slocan   Last Chance mine, Slocan   Washington     Iron Mask mine. Rossi.md   Total for week  Total so fur for  1��'7.  Approximate  Tons.  Value.  ���JoQ  HO  IS  :J0  (W  O)  ISO  uf;  .!__  ���Jl  _i.*i  !��;  ?i(w,_:,f7  IS. 197  ^i.m.rm  :Hs  oJFi  ���{**���,������*���'  l***^."-'n''",'_"^'"'"',''rf*>:.r'-''"'''''J'" i"-"i���'���'" ������pj.-J^-Jl-i i'^Z'^t^"���t_���"������- ������������' ^���^���^>".J.^v^>?^-.^7-.v������������   :].'i?;Li,--.dy"j'~~?!7Zrrr'*rzrTZ".i?ii. M" ���^y--jsrrrr^rr^^isi<r.i"tv::���   ?>r:M^\v\\vji,m:rim.,,.:rvHrr*i"'. '���>���::������.������: rv/.-.-i.r.wT.g' ������.���.���������ri.n��."������ ���;;-..������'��� ,^-j--. ��� j.^ v1^:1... ���,y.wA'^";w"'rar-7r,��>'  ������ ��� -w-i-.t ���������������:.��� ������,.;<_���'������  f.Afft'Si5?.-'.-  Y'Sft'&irsf '*  s*Vc.<8J'  (..VfW-*  ^������HS**  f "VJl .: "f. THE  TRIBUNE:    NELSON,  B. 0.,-. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER J3,  1897.  PUBLISHERS'' NOTICE.  THK TRIBUNE is .-.,.!-..,..i,,.,- ,,., ~ai unlays., by, Tin;  Tjtiuo'NU Puai.uiii.N.'i Co.m!\\:\*. .ind win wo mailed  to subscribers on payment <���'��� Two IKii.i_.w-.!;'a jonr.,  Xo subscription taken, lor less than a year.  REGULAR AliVKRTISKMKXTS primed at the following rates: One inch, S.'li a year: two inches,  SCO a year; three inches $S1 a year; four inches,  ��96 a. year; live inches. fluo a year; six inches and  over, at the rate of SI.50 an inch per month.  TRANSIENT AD VEUTISKM KNTH HI cents,a line for  first'insertion and 10 eenl-a line for each additional  insertion.   IJirtli.  marriage, and death liolices free.  LOCAL OR READING "MA'JTKll NOTICES 25 cents a  line each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at lair rates. All accounts for job  printing and advertising payable ou the IlrsL of  every month; subscription, in advance.  ADDRESS all communications to  THE TRIBUNE. Nelson, ��. 0.  In addition to a. complete line of Groceries both Staple  'and Fancy for the use of all classes of consumers. We  are carrying* .the  largest and  most eleg'ant line of    .  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  L  A BAL* & KOI'IN-~lJhysicians and Surgeons,  koonin  3, I and 5. Higclow block. Nelson.. Telephone 42.  DR.   .1.   A.   ARALSTKONf'-Giovornmenl    Veterinary  Inspector,   Treats diseases of all domestic animals.  All stock inspected al Nelson.   Nelson, 11. C  Dlt. II. E. HALL��� Dentist, (.iraduate of Philadelphia  Dental College. So\ en years experience, (fold and  porcelain crowns in^erled. 'I'eelh replanted. Ollice with  Dr. George Hull, Haker streel.  enera! Electric Company, Ltd.  Capital $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.  MINERS! You can makeuse of water power 50 miles from your mines with' our system.  We can also sell you complete telephone outfits and install them.      '   s,  British Columbia Branch Offices       G,^J,,Lt?'SMlx^o^u       Frank Darling,  Kootenay Agent  W,  J. II. HOLMES. C. E.���Provincial Land Surveyor.  P. 0. box Si, ICaslo, R 0.  A.  II.   IIOI.IIK'II-Analytical Chemist and Assayer.  Hull street. Nelson.  T C. GW'ILLIM, H.A.Sc. & W.S..JOHNSON. li.A.Sc.  ��J ��� ���Mining lOnginocrs and Analytical Chemists,  Slocan City, II. C.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M.   Meets  ^���"second Wednesday in each month.   Sojourning  brethren invited.  The Ames Holden Go's special "Columbia,"  '���Vancouver," "Kootenay" should be worn  by everybody who wants a first-ciass mountain boot,  in the Kootenay district. Complete outfits furnished  Hotels, Steamers, and Families. It. will' pay you to inspect our large stock of Teas, Coffees, Dried Fruits and  Canned  Goods.,.   Wire Rope, Feed  Water Heaters, Elevators, Shafting, Pulleys, Pipe Cutters,  Special Tools, and a new lot of Tube Cleaners just in.   Roebling's Wire  IR��Pe*   KK ffiSSsr} FRANK. DARLING, Agent.  in  fact every kind of wet weather footwear including Ladies' and Gents'.  Fine Felt-lined City Knee Boots.  B-A.-EC'E'R   STEEET,  Victoria,   13.'C,   19th   October,   1897,  A.   R  ��lte  Obvibuixe*  S AT UllDAY  MORN[NG  .NOVEMRKR  l.'i. 181)7  On Monday magistrate Crease imposed  a line of !?2."0 and costs in each of the six  cases in which Chinese were charged with  breaches of the health   by-law.   A  previous   conviction    made    by   magistrate  Crease   under  this  by-law   was  quashed  upon  appeal,  owing  to  the  non-appearance of. the corporation.    Upon  tli is occasion chief of police "Woolverton, the prosecutor, failed  to  notify  the city council  that an appeal  had   been  taken, so  that  the  publication   of  tlie quashing of the  ��� conviction was the first notice the council  had that an appeal had been  taken.   Although the provincial  board of health declared   the sanitary   regulations   of the  board in force in  Nelson in August, such  action did not nullify  tlie health by-law  passed by the municipal council iu June,  as the Hualth  Act of  1803, by  virtue of  which the .Board  of health  was created,  expressly   states   that   in   municipalities  convictions may be had either under the  health  by-law, or the health act or any  rule or regulation made thereunder.   This  effectually disposes of the contention that  the regulations  of. the  board  of health,  which were put in force in August, superseded the health by-law of the city. There  was no excuse for the provincial board of  health  meddling with the affairs of the  city of N'eison.   Two months before it declared its sanitary regulations in force in  this city, the city council chad   passed a  comprehensive   health   by-law,, and  was  strictly enforcing the same.  The sanitary  regulations ot the board of health were  declared to be in force in Nelson and other  Kootenay  cities for the sole purpose of  furnishing an excuse for a holiday jaunt  on the part of the well paid secretary of  the  provincial  board.     In  doing so  the  provincial board exceeded its authority.  Its own rules provide that the regulations-  can only be put in force in city municipalities at the request of the city council,  or in   case  the   sanitary  regulations  or  health by-laws of the city are defective or  insufficient,  neither of which conditions  obtained in the City of Nelson.  D. C. Cokijix of the Nelson & Fort Sheppard railway is iu the field with a railway  project i'or the Boundary Creek  district.  Corbin   proposes    to   build   a   line  from  'Northport to either Craud Forks or Greenwood,    lie will build  the road  without a  proyincial subsidy, and so far as the province is concerned, the road  when  built  will contribute as much  to  the development of the, province as any of the heavily  'subsidized   roads.     If  D.  C.   Corbin  can  build   railways   without   cash    subsidies  there is no reason why other railway promoters should not.    So far as  Kootenay  is concerned the day for nutting up cash  bonuses for railway speculators is passed.  If there is sufficient business iu a section  for    the   successful   operation   of a railway,   there  will  be money   forthcoming  for its construction.    If there is not sufficient business offering  bona fide railway  men will noi; undertake the construction  of railways,   and  the   policy  of offering  bonuses  creates a  parasite  known  as  a  charter   monger,    who    by  organizing  a  company, secures a cinch upon the promised aid, and  by a system of extensions  tides over such interval as may elapse until the development of the country warrants a railway, when he sells the charter  Shkrvvood,   Esq.,  Agent 4 Ocean  Accident &  Guarantee  Corporation,   Nelson,   B.   C.-  Dear Sir: ' I have to thank you for the prompt settlement of my  claim for $300, under my combined accident policy No. 52274 for  $5000, in the Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation of London,  England. I do not hesitate to express my satisfaction of having* been  insured with .a company so* liberal and which settles its claims so  promptly.     Yours  very faithfully. H.   F.   LANGTON.  Tin's claim was paid in compensation for 10 weeks loss of time resulting from 'typhoid  fever. Ocean. Accident it Guarantee combined policy (accident and sickness) premium 8*3  per A1000 per annum. Doulilf indemnity for accident whilst travelling bv public conveyance. AIITKIJU   11.  .S'HFinVOO'D,  Agent,  Nelson,   I*. C.  U'K WILL OPKS-  . A LARGE  CONSIfiNMKNT OK  18 and 20  BAKER   STREET  J. A. GILKER  P. BURNS & GO.  .SUITABLE KOR PARTY A.ND BALL WEAR.  SKK TriKSK COOPS BEK0RE "MAKING PURCHASES.  WKST  uAicrcu  st i ���������:������;���'���  T  e  elson  Shoe  Co��  with its concessions to some one capable  of building. This is what has happened  in the case of the V. V. & E. railway.  The government offered a bonus of $920,-  000 and $-100,000 for what were ostensibly  independeutand competing lines with the  Canadian Pacific railway. By a system  of barter, one charter, which can include  both subsidies, falls into the hands of a  syndicate affiliated with the Canadian  Pacific Railway Company, and the province is called upon to heavily subsidize  mere branch lines of the Canadian Pacific  Railway Company's system. The provincial exchequer is to be tapped for $-1000  per mile, and an effort made to secure an  additional $8000 per mile i'rom the federal  treasury, so that the Canadian Pacific  Railway Company may tighten its cinch  upon the industries of the province. If  the provincial government is wise it will  refuse to vote one cent to any such railway enterprise. There is sufficient business i'or a railway to Boundary Creek  district, and D. C. Corbin proposes to  build one without provincial aid. If any  other railway company wishes to secure  the business of the country make it go in  upon the same terms as I.). C. Corbin will  go in. There is no need to pay $-100,000  for a service which D. C. Corbin proposes  to give for nothing.  There are upwards of seventy-five  nickel-in-the-slot machines in Spokane,  upon which the city council has decided  to levy a license of $"��� each per quarter.  By this means the corporation expects to  add at least $1200 to the municipal revenue. In Nelson these machines are permitted to run without paying any license  whatever. The nickel-in-the- slot machine  is one thing which escaped, the taxing  ability of the Turner government, and  there is no provision for the licensing of  them by municipal councils.  Tin-* assessor of Greenwood returns the  assessed value of city realty at $103,725,  and of improvements at $31,020. The improvement's have been assessed at fifty  per cent of their value. Should this assessment stand the assaults of the realty  owners upon revision, the maximum-revenue of the corporation under this head  will be %SS2i>. The area of the corporation is .010 acres but this is encroached  upon by three mineral claims which have  not yet been subdivided and cannot therefore be assessed  under the municipal act.  Till'' most amusing incident in connection with the scramble for office among  the Grit politicians'of" the province, was  the Kamloops Standard's advocacy of a  senators-hip   for   Dr.  Milne   of. Victoria.  The man who fastened a gas monopoly  upon the citi/.ens of Vancouver through  the aid of the legislature, was described  as a man of broad views and a .consistent  Liberal.    As A result of  the  meddliug policy of  the provincial  government  in municipal  affairs, trouble is threatened for the cities  of  Nelson,  Rossland,   and   Kamloops,  in  their efforts to secure  adequate sewerage  systems.    Under the  pretence of preserving the public health, a provincial board  was created, and fat jobs found for political favorites.   To make a bluff at earning their salaries, the members of this  board haye entered  upon a policy of interference with  the cities of the interior  in  the disposal  of  their  sewage.   They  have decided that Rossland cannot drain  its sewage into Trail creek, that Kamloops  cannot drain  into  the Thompson  river,  and  that  Nelson  cannot drain  into  the  Kootenay river.    The  provincal board of  health has decided to put the cities of the  interior to the great  expense of complying with a set of sewerage regulations required in  the populous centers of Great-  Britain, which wisely prohibit the draining of large volumes of sewage into small  streams.    Whatever  may be the solution  for the sewerage  problem in Rossland, it  is apparent to  every  intelligent  person  that the common  sense procedure in Nelson  aud Kamloops is the utilization of  the Kootenay and Thompson rivers.   It is  foolish for any board of health to contend  that the volume of sewage from either of  these towns for the next 25 years, will be  sufficient  to create any  nuisance  whatever.     Should   the   provincial   board   of  health persist in its absurd contention, it  will remain for the three cities concerned  to join issue and fight the matter through  the courts.    Such  offensive  meddlesomeness would not be tolerated in any of the  coast cities, and will   not be in any of the  interior cities^ '  The owners of the V. V. 6c E. railway  charter have commenced their assault  upon the provincial exchequer for subsidies. By the terms of the railway aid  act, which premier Turner framed last  session with a view to satisfying the greed  of three sets of speculators, there is already huug up cash subsidies aggregating $1,320,000, as an aid to building a line  of railway from Vancouver to Rossland.  At the time that this act was framed the  Rithet faction of the government menaced the life of the administration in  their demands for cash subsidies for the  British Pacific railway, a scheme which  premier Turner publicly denounced in  Victoria as a crazy scheme unworthy of  BRANCH MARKETS   .   .    .  Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan  District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail earefully filled and nrnmptly forwarded.  government'support.    The tooters I'or the  holders of the V. V. & E. railway charter  were also clamoring for aid for what they  promised,.should  be an independent and  competing line of rail way from Vancouver  to   the   interior   ot    Kootenay,. and   the  hirelings of F. Aug. Heinze were  laying  pipe for government assistance for a road  from Rossland to Penticton.   In order to  stand in with these three sets of specula-,  tors, premier Turner brought down what  he termed a genera]  railway aid  act, by  which   he   provided   for the division  of  $2,210,000   of   the   public  money    among  them.   The promoters of. the British Pacific, and   the V. V. & li. railways   could  not even hazard an opinion as to the time  when they would be ready to commence  work, so  the government very considerately arranged that their bonuses should  await their ability to  win .them.    With  respect to the  bonus  for  the  road  from  Penticton to Boundary Creek it was different.    A condition was imposed'that no  conipany should be entitled to it. except  it entered into an agreement to begin and  carry   on   construction    from   Penticton  within fifteen months from the  passage  of  the act.    As   matters   stand   there is  therefore $020,000 already set aside as a  bonus upon 230 miles of railway from the  coast to Penticton, whicli ,the owners of  the V.  V. 6c E. charter have  practically  within   their   reach,   and   $100,000 more  which they may secure if they can beat  Heinze out in complying with .the conditions[imposed with respect to the  Penticton road.   The fruits of premier Turner's  revised railway policy may therefore be  summed up in the announcement that it  may enable the Canadian Pacific Railway  Company, or its stool pigeons, to secure  at least $1,320,000 in cash for the building  of what will virtually be a branch line of  the Canadian Pacific railway system.  The Kootenay  HERALD0,  MONOGRAM,  SCHILLAR  Manufactured by The George E. Tuekett & Son Co., Ltd.       UNION MADE CIGARS  SOLE AGENT,  NELSON, B. C.  FOOT OF HALL STREET, NKLSON.  T.   W.   GRAY,  Proprietor.  Doors,   Sash,   Band Sawing*,  Turned Work,  and  Office Fitting*s.    Just  arrived  and in stock,  a carload of Chance's English  Rolled  Glass; all sizes up to 4 by 6 feet.  omission and Manufaeturers' Agent  .a.ge'ctoiies -  Great. West Oatmeal Mills, Pilot _Moudd. Manitoba  The It. M. Smith Biscuit Kaofory, Victoria, 13. ('-  The Virden Holler Mills, Virden, .Manitoba  Smith & Kisehol, Cigars, Hi. Jerome, Quebec  KOOTKNAV AKADQUARTKRS, NELSON, 11. C.  UfJDER fJEW M/\NACEMEfJT  J. C. BLANDY & CO., Proprietors,  BALFOTJE  This  famous and  delightful  summer  resort  has been  taken  over by the above llrm and will  be eon-  ducted in tlie future in a flr.st-class manner  The Kootenay  Brewing,  Will  with  start about March 15th  about double its former  capacity in all departments.  7,000,000 feet of logs under  contract for early delivery.  The Planing Mill  and Factory  GOOD SHOOTING AND FISHING  LAWN TENNIS G^OU^DS  COOL PIC-NIC GROVES  PARTIES PROVIDED FOR,  HATES:   Si 00 AND S2 .IO PER DAY.  [LIMITEDI  TRAIL,  IB- C.  The Providence Fup Co;  Is now running full lime under the management,  of C. E. I    mechanic  of charge.  of C K. Doty, a competent draughtsman and  mechanic who will furnish special drawings free  New Designs  In house interiors, ofllee and store fixtures, dado  work, mantles, brackets, mouldings, book cases,  furniture, turnings, carving, grill work, and band  sawing. Orders for all such work executed in an  artistic manner.  One Car Glass  Direct from Belgium expected this month. Rough  and dressed lumber, laths, etc., always in stock.  Providence. II. I., wants all kinds of  Raw Kill's.  .'  skins,  Giusenc  Seneca.  Etc    Prices  quoted for  next sixty (lays are as follows:  SILVER FOX  '��� SI  0 Oil 10 SI.VI 00  RI'.AI'    a 00 to      io 00  otter   1 00 to       II 00  MARTIN   ���j on io      ii 00  BK.WKR (per puundl   :i oo to     :i ;io  WOLF    1 00 lo       i 00  IIKI) KOX   1 00 to       i 00  MINK "... ��� "���������  lo t.o     _> on  SKUNK :   .:   ���Jo to    . ��� l 00  GRAY KOX   Sil to           75  RAT   Hi lo          25  .".lANUKACTl'RICKS, BOTTLERS, AND  WHOLKSALK DICAEKRS IN  Price list-on all other furs and skins furnished upon  application. Kull prices guaranteed, careful selection,  courteous treatment, and immediate remittance on nil  eonsignmenLs.  THE TREM0NT       ~~~~  MALONE & TREGILLUS, Proprietors.  Two Cars Sash  and Doors   Yard and branch ollice fool, of Hendryx Stre  Nelson, _  G. 0. BUCHANAN  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district, and  is tho headquarters   or prospectors and miners.  s seiuircd temporary ollices in  Room .') Clements &  Hillyer block, cor. of Haker and Josephine streets  Carbonated Drinks and  Mineral Waters  MANAGKR NKLSON BRANCH  Near corner Victoria and Stanley streets  Views of all parts of Kootenay  Photographs in the latest'styles  Guarantee satisfaction  Mrs. Johnson.  ssis^sa*?^^ THE TEIBUNE:   NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY  NOVEMBER  1897.  o  'J  i'V  }'���--  it  .  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATffCONA  AND   *MT.  ROYAL.'President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  !<_   S. CLOUSTON  General Manager  N  _isr_E_!T_Jso*iNr  _B*R-A.asroi3;  W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.        UKA.VCHEH   IN,   CONDON   (England-.   NEW  YORK.   CHICAGO  ���    and in the principal cit.iiv in Canada.  uy iiihI  -ell Sterling  Exchange and  Cable Transfers  OKANT  COMMERCIAL AND TRAVELLERS' CK15I>ITS.  available in any part of tho world.  DRAFTS  1S=UKII    COLLKOTION'S  MADM;  K'I'C.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  RATE OK INTEREST (at present) 3 Per Cent.  THE GENTLE FRENCH JURY.  The.  jury   has   long  been  the  I3-fench  aughing stock ol' the people and the butt  but it continues on  because it  of the funny papers  tho ridiculous tenor of its way  is supposed to be the living embodiment  of liberty, equality and fraternity.  There i.s a very strong sentiment  throughout France against capital punishment and to a less extent against any  punishment at all. Murderers by premeditation do not get off usually scot-  free but they get off entirely too often.  Murderers who have committed the crime  in hot blood commonly get a sentence of  than five years in prison, aud, if it be a  first offence, almost always something far  less severe. In only one class is the criminal invariably sure of conviction, aud  that is in the case of infanticide by mothers, married or unmarried. Tn most of  these cases there are extenuating oi run instances���the strongest possible���but the  ���;Freuch jury sternly rejects them: it has  in its clouded brain a very obstinate idea  that these mothers must suffer the extreme penalty of two years in, prison.  That is the invariable verdict.  Although the public has resolved never  to bo surprised at tho mental antics of a  jury, it could not but raise its eyebrow's:  and shrug its shoulders at the ouEcomeof  another trial which occurred in Paris  three weeks ago, the details of which are  worth recounting not only because of the  singular verdict but because of the inherently Parisian character of the story:  Lucy .Jacquillart, a, very handsome  young woman, was born' twenty-three  years ago in a small hamlet of the Department of the V'onne. Her father was a clay  laborer, but notwithstanding his poverty,  he gave her a good education, an education, indeed, including many accomplishments. At the age of 17 she was to marry  a prosperous young farmer. She objected and fled to the nearest town. There  she met aud captivated a young army officer.: He loved her aud clone many things  for her he should not have done. It took  exactly one year for her to ruin him. One  clay he awoke to find himself penniless  and dishonored. She had not only stolen  every centime he had, but she had swindled everybody in sight, putting the  blame on him. ���  The young man killed himself, and the  girl .promptly found another dupe, whom  she subjected to exactly the same experience. Four men she ruined in this way  before she was arrested for theft and  swindling and sent to prison for three  years. She served the term, which expired, last year, and at once started out  on fresh adventures. She stole a large  sum of money, assumed the title countess  ��� de Chaleon, and came to Paris. She  thought herself accomplished in intrigue,  and, as the result shows, she made no  mistake. Beautiful, educated, aud with  that haughty bearing which couuts for so  much in the artificial French capital, she  regarded herself as lit for any line of  work. As a preliminary to successful  business she rented a sumptuously furnished apartment in the Avenue des  1_"Iysees, hired half a do/.en servants, and  bought a showy victoria aiid pair. Then  she was ready.  For months she attracted a great deal  of attention in the carriage parades of  Bois. Everybody remarked her. Everybody wanted to know who she was, and  nobody knew. That was the first lesson:  she was talked about and had become a  personage. One day she drove iu her  showy victoria to the banking house of  Oppeiiheim Brothers. The two young  men, Robert and Eugene, are bachelors  and barons. .Sue was received by their  confidential secretary Michel Briand. To  this young man she recited a romantic  story. She was on the point of receiving,  she said, a very large inheritance, but she  had had trouble with her husband, and  he had placed obstacles in her way. fu  substantiation of her story she showed  Mr. Briand a number of letters from  various attorneys, which had been cleverly forged. Mr. Briand, according to the  Paris newspapers, was "overcome by the  extreme distinction of the countess," and  straightway he fell head over ears in love  with her���or lie experienced that feeling  which serves the same end according to  the Paris code. He left his wife and two  small children, and was henceforth her  slave. At the end of four months, in  order to satisfy the exigencies of the  countess, he had robbed hi.s employers of.  $75,000 according to the Oppenheims'  story, of $20,000 according to hi.s own.  Whatever the sum, the countess had it.  When the Oppenheims discovered the  loss and threatened to prosecute him, the  countess went to see them. She was very  high and mighty. She expressed lively  indignation at the dishonesty of Mr.  Briand, but added that out of pity for  him, she would   undertake to repay the  entire amount that he had stolen. The  Oppenheims were pleased, not only with  the proposition but with' ihe countess,  and agreed to drop any thought of prosecution. How much they were pleased  with the countess will never be known,  exactly, although she hinted in court that  she might have something to tell if the  case went against her.  ��� At the trial everybody was affected  visibly by the grandeur and beauty of the  youug woman. Whan her history came  out she smiled lightly, and her attorney  did the same, lie denied nothing, and  seemed to think it all a very good joke.  He told the jury what a very bright  young woman she was. In the flush of-  his admiration for her he even-went so  far as to read a, note she had written to  Victorien Sardou. in whicli she begged  the playwright to help her get a place on  the stage.  '���I ha ve played comedy so well in the  fashionable world," were the. concluding  words of the note, "that J do not despair  of'playing it even better on the stage."  The jurors thought that was very witty  and rubbed their hands in appreciation.  They were still smiling indulgently when  Briiii'id's attorney attacked them. His  client, he declared, was the dupe of an  art fill woman. At these words,the jurors  looked very much hurt, and they brightened ti]) when the attorney went on to  say how much his client had loved the  countess. From this the attorney took  hi.s cue, and in the course of an hour's  speech he dwelt on the beauty,,the sacred ness of such a love. At the end the  jury wa.s in a real sentimental stew. They  were out but five minutes, and came back  with a. verdict acquitting both the countess and her lover.  The judges had no remarks to make  upon the vet diet in the criminal case, but  to save the honor of France and the majesty of French law, they gave civil damages against Briand and the countess in  the sum ot twenty cents each. Thus were  the Oppenheims salved and the law  avenged. The two lovers left the court  arm in arm.amid applause from the spectators' benche--.  Two days afterward nine of the members of this jury were on another jury in  thesame court. A case of petty larceny  came up. A man had stolen $13. There  was no defence, but a plea for clemency  was put in because the man's wife had a  three weeks' old baby and was dependent  upon her husband for food. The man  was convicted and sent to prison for two  months.   WHITE   GROUSE   DISTRICT.  rentals last year nearly $5,000,000, of  which very'* nearly one-half was profit  paid to --oi-kholders. The fact i.s in be  taken intu consideration, however, that  telephone p-n'i-iits. like all others U?ni<)  by the government", are subject to expiration, and that the capitalization of companies operating "under patent is necessarily, based upon the conditions which  exist when the company was formed  rather- than by the conditions that are  likely to prevail at the time of the expirations of such patents. An illustration  of this, familiar to everyone, is found in  the case of the sewing machine, the profits from the manufacture nf which have  decreased materially since the expiration  of various patents and [latent appliances;  ; ���   Bolandar Owners in Luck.  A rich strike was lately made on the  Bolander claim, situated near Sandon,  and some very fine ore has been taken  out. The same lead was also discovered  ou the Chicago, an adjoining property,  and the same character of ore is being  taken out. The Bolander property was  taken up early, iu the spring by a company organized in Find lay, Ohio. Some  work was done ou the claim at that time,  but the discovery was not made then,  and further work was delayed until the  property was crown granted. The crown  grant has now been secured, and it is expected work will prosecuted without delay since the late lind has been mude'   ���  Railway Earnings.  Official figures of the Grand Trunk railway show that between the 22ud and 31st  of October the earnings of the road have  decreased a- considerable amount below  that same time in 1S9(5. The figure* are as  follows:. 1807, $729,708; 1S90. $701,003;  which shows a decrease ot $32,2S"). The  earnings of the Canadian Pacific railway,  ou the other hand, i'or the same, time show  aconsiderableincrea.se.    The  figures are:  airer  There  week"  Baker  tical  clock  will be opened next  in the   McKillop block,  street, a first-class op-  room and watch and  repairing*   establishment.  Will open in mow. next  Spokane & Northern  railway  olliee, on Ward street, in about two weeks time.  este  On  I    will  open  ment  November ioth  up a complete assort-  of spectacles and Eye  Glasses and will be in position  to test eyes for astigmatism or  other defects of the eye.  R. W. DUVAL, Proprietor  GREAT CLEAHIMc"8ALe]  Spokane Falls & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard, '  Red Mountain Railways.  Tf*e only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson at|d Rossland, and  Spokat|e at]d Rossland.  Leave  9:20 u. in.  l-.'.OOu. in  8:00 a. in.  DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS,   NKLSON"    HOSSLAND    SPOKANK   Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek eon  tiect at .Marcus with stage daily.  Arrive'  .ii.-.'lo p. in.  2:50 p. in,  0:10 p. in.  Notice    of  Application   -for  Improvements.  Certificate    of  The   stock  consisting of  of  W.   H.  a full  line  For 1897, $858,000; for 1H00. Jf*7<J0,()CK). an  crease of $08,000.  m-  Government Telegraph Line for Dawson.  Charles Li. Hosmer, of Montreal, manager of the C P. Li. telegraph, says that  within the next year the Canadian government wiH construct and complete a  telegrapii line to Dawson City, and by  the identical route originally surveyed  thirty years ago by George Keenan, the  Siberian traveller.  Special attention given to all l^inds of repairing  an_d custom worl^ from outside points  SHOP:    Cor. Baker arjd Hall Sts. flelson.  Contrary to the predictions of the early  summer very little but assessment work  has been done upon the properties in the  White Grouse district. The holders of  claims are waiting for the solution of the  transportation problem. The owners of  the Crown of England claim are looking  for a purchaser i'or this claim, together  with several others of a less promising  appearance. The ledge on the Crown of  England is L(i feet wide, and tlie ore body  has widened out from (i inches upon the  surface to -I feet at a depth of 0 feet. Assays from this ore body average about  $-10 to the ton. It returns copper, (> per  cent; silver, 50 ounces; gold, $10. The  sale of the property is desired by reason  of the fact that one of the principal owners has left the couutry.  Yearly Account of the Homestake Mine.  The  Jiomestake   Mining ' Company   of  South Dakota reports that for the. year  ended May 3Lst, 895,580 tons of ore  were  milled.   The   total  product   was   110.S15  ounces.of bullion, the gross value of which  was $l,S-t0,(574 in gold and $18,112 in silver,  a  total of $1,853,7SG.    Deducting  bullion  charges. $10,285, there was left a net return of $1,S.18,501.   To this is to be added  $45,93S, the net proceeds of concentrates,  making a total of $1,889,439.    The average  return obtained per ton of ore was $4.7S.  The total expenditure for all purposes except dividends was $1,702,905, an average  of $4.31 per ton.    Excluding payments for  property, the expenses were $3.74 per ton.  The accounts show total receipts as follows:   Balance on   hand  June 1st,  1896,  $203,455; bullion accounts, $1,88,439; miscellaneous. $35,S07; total, $2,188,071.   The  disbursements   were:   Milling   accounts,  $424,252;    mining,    $910,013:    blacksmith  shop,   foundry,   tramway,   etc..  $106,670;  gueral expenses  and taxes,  $38,920; purchase of   property,   $223,109;   dividends,  $375,000: total,  $2,077,964,   leaving a  balance  on hand June 1st, 1897,  of $110,797.  One hundred stamps were added during  the year and an engine.   ,  Copper Mining in the United States.  Copper mining during the past ten  years.has grown to such enormous proportions in the United States and become  one of the principal industries of the  nation. Last year the output of American  mines reached 202,610 long tons of refined  copper, representing a value of $48,786,080.  The increase in the consumption of the  ��� metal both at home and abroad during  those years lias been so great that whatever surplus there might have been above  domestic requirements found a ready  market in some quarter of the globe. Nor  does the limit either in production or consumption of the product seem to have  been reached. New or enlarged uses for  the metal are springing up all over the  world. All copper mines, but more especially young ones with an assured future,  have become very popular with the investing public, and they are destined to  become more so with coming years.  The Profits of the Telephone.  There are now 250,000 telephone subscribers in the United States, 240,000 miles  of telephone wires strung on poles, 150,000  miles of telephone wires strung under  ground, 3000 miles under water, a total of  nearly 400.000 miles. The number of instruments in tlie hands of licensees under  rental at the beginning of 1890, was 582,-  506.- The number of exchange connections  daily in the United States i.s 2.089.152. a  total per year of more than ('70,000,000.  The average number of calls per subscriber is nine.   The Bell company received in  Whitewater to Pay Monthly Dividends.  J. C. Eaton of the Whitewater, says  that within a very few days, not later  than the 15th, the Whitewater will declare another dividend, which will bring  the total close up to if not above the  $100,000 mark. Monthly dividends will  probably be paid during the coming  winter.   An Early Session of Parliament.  It is stated that the meeting of parliament will take place earlier than was an  ticipated. It may actually be convened  towards the end of January, either the  20th or 27th.  The business centre for the rich  mines on Spring*er Creek and  Slocan Lake. - This is one of  the richest districts in British  Columbia.   c  Lots  500 each  to  OFFICIAL   ADMINISTRATOR'S   NOTICE.  In tho .supreme court ol' British Columbia, in tlio matter  of John Bolkon, alias'-.luck McGin by," alios "Keno*  Jack,'' of Nelson, 11. C, miner, deceased, and in the  matter of the Ollicial Administrator's Act.  Upon rending the affidavit of James Ferguson Armstrong, it is ordered that James Ferguson Armstrong.  oflieial administrator for the county court/district of  Kootenay, .shall be administrator of all and singular, the  goods, chattels and credits of John Bolken, alias "Jack  MeGinty," alias "Kono.Jack," of Xelson, 11. C, miner,  deceased, and that this order bo published in the Xelson  Tribune newspaper for tho period of sixty days.  Entered O. B. Folio 361), A. J. MeCOLL, Judge.  G. C. Ti.-NSTAi_.r_. D.R. S.C.  Dated the 25th day of Octubor, A. J). 1897.  ,  Tho creditors and persons interested in the estate of  John Bolken, alias "Jack MeGinty," alias "Keno Jack,"  late of Nelson, British Columbia, free miner, deceased,  are hereby required within sixty days from this date to  send by registered letter to J. F. Armstrong, ollicial administrator, Fort Steele, British Columbia, particulars of  their claims and the nature of their securities, if any,  held by them. After the expiration of the said sixty  days the administrator will distribute the said estate,  having regard only to. such claims as he shall have  notice of.  A. G. M. SPRAGGE, Solicitor for Administrator.  Uevelstoke Station, British Columbia.  Dated this 0th day of November. 1S97. |Nov. 13th  REVELSTOKE   TOWNSITE   PROPERTY.  FlftNK FLETCPi, Trustee.  The Columbia & Kootenay  Railway & Navigation Co.  HAVK   ",���''  Business Lots  On Baker and Vernon streets and plenty  _. ���"-:.      of good  ;,  Residential Lots  in  the government townsite  of  Xelson.  Applj to *,  Frank Fletcher, P.L.S., Agent, Nelson.  Kootenay Lumber Co.  A complete stock of Building Lumber of  all "-finds'wjll- now be   \e\it at  Nelsor*..  Notice is hereby given that, all parties indebted to the  Kootenay British Columbia Smelling & Trading Syndicate in respect of the purchase of lands in the town of  Hevelstoke. are required forthwith to make payment to  mo or lo Iho Imperial Hank at Kovolstoke of all money-  duo in respect of said lands, when deeds will be issued.  T. J. LENURUM.  Agent and attorney in fact for the Koolenay British  Columbia Smelting & Trading Syndicate.  Dated at Ainsworth this 81 lj day of November, 18117.  Notice of Application for Crown Grant.   -  Take notice that A. S. Farwell, acting as agent for  The Nelson-Poormnn Gold Mining Company, Limited,  has tiled the necessary papers and mude application for  a crown grant in favor of I.he mineral claim "Hard-  scrabble," situated on Eagle creek in tho Nelson mining  division of West Ivootenay district. Adverse claimants,  if anv. must llie their objections with me within 00 days  from' the date of the first publication of this notice in the  British Columbia Gazette.  O. G. DENNIS, Government Agenl.  Dated at Nelson, H. C. November Slh, 1807.  Notice of Dissolution of Co-partnership. '  Notice is hereby given that,, the linn of Peterson &  Mallctto, formerly carrying on a hotel business iu this  city, has this day been dissolved by mutual consent. William Peterson retiring from tho business. All accounts  owing to the old firm of Peterson & Mn.Ilet.te arc payable  to Mrs. Miillettc. who will discharge all liabilities of Ihe  llrm. MI'S. MAHV MALLETTE.  Dated at Nelson, Ii. C, October 20th, 1897.       [Oct 2:'rd|  Notice  of Purchase.  Notice is hereby given that Prank .Simpson, of flic City  of Nelson, has this day purchased the interest of Adolphe  LuPoinlc in the Grand Central Hotel al. the corner of  Vernon and Ward Streets. The business will in future  be carried on by Messrs. Farley & Simpson, who assume  amiabilities of (he former partnership, and to whom all  amounts due the said partnership are payable.  FRANK SIMPSON.  Haled at Nel.-'in. November Ith, 1897. |\nv. lit tt |  Charles St. Barbe, Agent,  .A..   C-   E"W"AET  ARCHITECT  Room 1", Clements & liillyer Block, Nelson  Vt    I  J. G. DICKSON  :r:_e.a.t__ estate  j^x<txd commissioit _A.G:"E*isra:  avEi*rsri3sra- bbokeb  BEALEY BLOCK, BAKER STRKKT, NELSON.  FOR SALE.  Several valuable business sites on  Baker St.  Business block���two stores���Baker street.  Business   block���three stores all rented���on  two 30-foot lots, with offices above.  Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.  Apply to W. J. G.  DICKSON.  NOTICE.  Having appointed W. .1. O. Dickson local agent for  Addition A to the townsite of Nelson, intending purchaser.-! of lots, or persons wishing information, plans, oi  price-lists of the addition, will please apply to him.  F. C. INNKS.  Ladies'  Shoes,  reduced  sold   in  and buy  and  Children's  will   be   offered  rates   to   clear.  next  90   days.  yourself rich.  Graham,  of Men's,  Boots   and  at   greatly  overshoes   in'  stock  in ' connection   with  Must   be  Call  early  Full line of  Repair  shop  store.'  sheroft & McMand  BLAGKSMITHING AND  EXPERT HORSESHOEING  Wagon  Repairing  Promptly Attended to  by a First-Class Wheelwright  CORPORATION  OF THE CITY OF NELSON  NOTICE RE VOTERS' LIST.  >'ing (jn  titled to have their names entered on the Voters' List, of  tho city of Nelson : provided application is made before  Decclnber 1st, 1S97, namely:  Any male or female, being a British subject of the full  age of twenty-one years, who has paid on or before the  first day of November, 1897. all real estate and road taxes  for the year 1S97, and.who has resided within tho limits  of the city of Nelson for one year previous to -S'o\ ember  Ist, 1S07; and who is the assessed owner of lands or of  improvements, or Lhe assessed occupier of lands situate  within the city; or who is a resident of and carries on  business and is the holder of a trades license in Iho in 1111 i-  cipality���(he annual foe for which is nol loss than live  dollars; or who is a householder within the municipality.  Blank forms can be procured at the olliee of the city  clerk, whore all applications must be handed in.  CHARLES E. SKALEY,  City Clerk and Assessor.  Nelson, B. C. November 3rd, 1J.07.  NOTICE!  Tenders will lie received by the undersigned up to 2  o'clock p. in., on the 2()th day of November next, for tho  purchase at, the ralo on the dollar (S) on prices stated  below, of the slock of P.. B. Esnouf. consisting of  Invoice price  with freight added  Furniture $2380 30  Crockery aqd Glassware    .    .     861 22  Lamps, Ijardware, Etc.   .    .        516 20  Terms of sale: One-third (.') cash, balance in two ('_')  nnd (I) months, on approved security with interest at 8  per cent per annum.  Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  Stock may be soon on application to undersigned.  W. IT. DOWSING, Assignee.  Dated al Nelson this (Ith day of November. IS!17.  ISrOTXGXV.  Notice is hereby given that application will be made to  the legislative assembly of the province of British Columbia, at its next session, by The Trusts & Guarantee  Company, Limited, a corporation incorporated in Ontario under "The Ontario Joint Stock Companies' Letters  Patent Act" and under "The Trusts Companv Act, IS!)"),"  on the 21th day of February, IS!)7, for an act* confirming  nnd conferring upon it the powers of the said company as  the same appear iu the Letters Patent deposited in Ontario with the provincial registrar and upon thoapproval  of the Iioulenaiit-goveriior-in-coiiiieil, and with its consent that the said company may be appointed by any  judge of the supreme or county courts of the province of  British Columbia to execute the olliee of executor, administrator, trustee, receiver, assignee, guardian of  minor, or committee of a lunatic without/giving security;  and for all further and necessary powers as may he incidental, or conducive to the attainment of the above  objecls or anv,of Ihoin.  . HERBERT E. A: ROBERTSON.  Victoria, li. C. S Bastion Square,  Solicitor for the Trusts & Guarantee Company, Limited.  Dated October (ith, 1SII7. [October 9th]  NOTICE  TO   CREDITORS.    -  Ar,!-1!.\ .MJN-KK.W, CLAIM, S1TUATB I.V Till: NiaSO.V AUXIN.;  DIVISION' OK WKST KOOTENAV DISTHICT, AND LOCATKD  WKST OK AND AlUOININO TIIK.I'OICTO KICO AND  I.I/.ZII-: II. .MI.Yl.ltAI. CLAIMS AT TIIK IIUADOK BIHKKTt'  CKKKIC AHOUT K1VH MILIiS WEST OK Till: .VKI.KOX AND  KOHT SIIKl'1-AKU It.MLWA V AND NI.VK MILKS 1'ltOM TIIK  TOWN OK   V.MIK*. -i  Take notice that I, Samuel L. Long, acting as agent for  \V. II. Carbould, free miner's certificate No. 17.i:ii. intend  sixty days from the dale.hereof, lo apply lo the mining  recorder for a certificate or" improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. A ml  further lake notice that, action, under section 37, must be  commenced before the issuance of such cenlllcate nf im-  provemenis.   , SAMUEL ).. LONG, P. L. S.   '  Dated (his 2nd day of September, 1897. [Sept. JlbJ  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  I'OltTO KICO MINEKAL CLAIM, SITUATK IN TIIK NKLSON  MINING DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAV DISTHICT, AND  I.OCATKU AT TUB HEAD OK JIAHKKTT CltKKK AIIOl'T  FIVE MILES WKST OI-'TIIK NKLSON AND KOHT SIlKI'I'AIiD  ���t.ULWAV AND NINK MILKS  KHO.M  THK TOWN OK YMIIt.  'I ake notice that I. Samuel L. Long, acting as agent for  W. .1. Maxwell, free miner's certificate So. 78,029, intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to applv to the mining  recorder for a certificate of 'improvements!, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice thai, action, under section U7  must be commenced before the issuance of such certifl-  eate'of improvements.       SAM URL L. LONG. P. L S  Dated this 2nd day of .September. 1897. [Sept. 4th]  Notice     of   Application    for    Certificate    of  Improvements.  LIZZIE II. MINKHAL CLAIM, SITUATK IN THK NELSON MINING DIVISION OK WEST KOOTENAV DISTHICT, AND .  LOCATED NORTH OK AND ADJOINING THE 1'OHTO KICO  MINKKAI. CLAIM AT TIIK HEAD OK HAHUETT CltKKK  AHOUT FIVE MILKS WEST OF THE XKl_SON AND KOHT  SIIEIM'AHD HAILWAV AND NINK MILKS FROM TIIK  TOWN OF  YMIH.  Take notice that I, Samuel L. Long acting as agent for  Walter A. Boultbee. free miner's certificate No. 37t.8.\. intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mii.-  ing recorder fora certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of theabove claim. And  further take notice that notion, under section 87, must be  commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements. SAMUEL I,. LONG. P. L. S.  Dated this 2nd day of September, 1697. [Sept. 4th |  Certificate    of  IN TIIK GOODS OK   W.   A. MYeIOH, DECEASED, INTESTATE.  I. the undersigned, having been appointed administrator of all and singular the personal estate, effects, and  credits of William Arthur.McVeigh, latolv of tho city of  Nelson, deceased, intcslate, hereby require all persons  indebted to the said William Arthur McVeigh to pay the  amount of their said indebtedness to me forth witli.  And all creditors of the said William Arthur McVeigh  arc hereby required on or before the 22nd day of November, A.. D. 1897. to send particulars of their claims, verified by allidavil or otherwise, together with a statement  of the securities, if any. held by them therefor to me, on  and after which said date T shall'proceed to distribute  the estate and effects of the said deceased, having regard  only to the claims of which I shall have then hud notice.  CHARLES H. INK, Administrator.  Dated at Nelson. B. C. this .nth day of November,'IS97.  Notice   for  Tenders.  'fenders will be received by the undersigned until  Monday. December (ith, 1897, at 12 o'clock noon.' for the  slock in trade, lixtures, lease, and good will of the Manhattan saloon, situate on Lot I, Block li. iu the city of  Nelson. The party whose tender is accepted must be  prepared to pay cash and enter inlo bonds for pavment  of rent of premises. The highest or any lender not necessarily accepted. CHARLES II. INK.  Administrator estate of W. A. McVeigh, deceased.  Nelson, H. C November.ilh, 1807.  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  lU'KOX MINKHAI. CLAIM, SITirAT'K IN TIIK NELSON MINING  DIVISION OK WKST  KOOTKNAV DISTHICT. AND LOCATED  ON   TOAD   MOl'NTAIN   AIIOl'T  ONE AND  A   HALF  MILKS  SOl'THWKST OF COTTONWOOD   LAKE,  'fake notice that I, II. R. Bellamy, acting as agent  for  'William   Delaney. free miner's certillcate No. l.tfllA. intend sixty days from  the date  hereof, lo apply to lhe  mining recorder for a certificate of iinprovenients, for  the purpose of  obtaining a crown  grant   of  the above  claim.   And further lake notice  that action, under section '!", must he commenced before the issuance of such  I'ertilk-.-ite of improvements. II. It. BELLAMY.  Dalcd this 29th day of October. IS97. |.\'ov. (!th|  Of  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate  Improvements.  LAST CHANCE MINKHAI, CLAIM. SITUATE IN TIIK NELSON  MINING DIVISION OF WEST KOOTKNAV D/STKICT. AND  LOCATED ON TOAD MOUNTAIN AMOUTONK AND A HALF  MILES SOUTHWEST OK  COTTONWOOD LAKE.  'fake notice that I. II. K. Bellamy, acting as agent for  Leonard Knynhnm, free miner's certilicaie No. 7.S.J9I. intend sixty days frniii (he date hereof, to apply io the  mining recorder for a cerlilicate of improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a crown griml of the above  claim. And furl her take notice that action, under section "'7. must he commenced before the issiiaiiec of such  certilicaie of improvements. II. It. BELLAMY.  Dalcd this 29th day of October. IS97. |Nov. (ith|  Notice   of  Application   for  improvements.  Certiticate   of  KMII.V MINKHAI. CLAIM. SITUATE IN TIIK NELSON MINING  DIVISION OF WEST KOOTENAV DISTHICT. AND LOCATKD  AHOUT ONE AND A HALF MILKS SOUTH WKST OF COTTONWOOD   LAKE.  'fake notice that I, II. I!. Bellamy, acting ns agent for  George Davies, free miner's certilicaie No. 78,;*>92, intend  sixly days from the dale hereof, to apply lo the mining  recorder fora certilicaie of improvements, fur the pur-  nose of obtaining a crown grant of I lie above claim. And  further lake notice that action, under section ..7, must  bo commenced before Iho issuance of such eerlilicalo of  improvements. ;     II. R. BELLAS! Y.  Dated this '.llth day of f lc|olier.'lS97. |Nnv. llth]  Notice    of    Application     for  improvements.  ATIIAHASCA, AI.UKKTA, ALGOMA, MANITOHA, Hf IIV FRACTION A.VU TRIANGLE FRACTION .MINERAL CLAIMS. SITUATE ON TOAD MOUNTAIN, IN THE NKLSON .MINING  DIVISION OF WEST KOOTENAV DISTRICT. AND TWO  MILES SOUTHWEST  FROM   NELSON.  Take notice that I, Kmiik Fletcher, acting as agent  for the Athabasca Gold Mining Company, Limited, free  miner's certificate No. ('010a, intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for certificates of improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining  crown grants 'of the above claims. And further lake  notice that, action, under section 3", must bo commenced  before the issuance of such certificates of improvements. '  PRANK PLkTCIIER.  Dated this l.''lh day of September, 1S97. [Sept. Sth]  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  THE "WILLCOCK MINKHAL CLAIM, SITUATE IN THE NELSON  MINING DIVISION OF WKST KOOTJBNAY DISTKICT, AND  LOCATED ON THE NORTH HA.NICOF WILD DORSE CREEK.  AHOUT SEVEN MILKS KAST OF TIIK NELSON AND KOHT  SIIKl'I'ARD   RAILWAY.  Take notice that I. Samuel L. Long, acting as agent for  Phillip White, free miner's certilicaie No. 98.211 intend sixty days from'the date hereof, io apply to (he  mining recorder for a certillcate of improveinenrs, for  the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claim. And further take notice that action, under section .''7, must be commenced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvements. ���  ������..���.'.*. SAMUEL L.. LONG, P. L. S.  Dated this 28th day of October. 1897. [October 30th]  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  GREAT HOULDER. FRACTION MINERAL CLAIM, SITUATK  IN THE NELSON MINING DIVISION OF WKST KOOTENA V  DISTKICT, AND LOCATKD ON TOAD MOUNTAIN AHOUT  ONE AND A HALF .MILKS SOUTHWEST OF COTTONWOOD  LAKE.  Take notice that. I, Archie Mainwaring Johnson, acting  as agqi.it for Herbert.I. Wilson, free miner's eerlilicalo  No. 83.321. intend sixty days from the date hereof, toapply  to the mining recorder for a certilicaie of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claim. And further take notice that action, under sect ion -"  37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  ARCHIE SrAINWARING JOHNSON.  Dated this 29th day of October. 1S97.     '.-" -    [Nov. lllh]  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that sixty days after date I, the  undersigned, intend to apply to the chief conmii.-sioner  of lands and works for permission to purchase 320 acres  of land, situate in West Kootenay district.  JAMES PETERS,. Locator.  Dated this Sth day of October. 1897. (October 23rd]  DESCKIITION.  Commencing at a post four miles north of the mouth of  Meadow creek near the east bank of Goat river marked  "James Peters' S. E. corner post." thence west 10 chains,  thence north 80 chains, thence east 10 chains, thence  south SO chains to the point of commencement, containing 320acres more or less.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that I. K. H. Lys, intend-- to apply at tho expiration of sixty days from the date hereof,  to the chief commissioner of lands and works for permission to purchase 320 acres of unreserved, unoccupied and  unsurveved crown land, situated in West Kootenay  district.' - I-".  B. LYS. Locator.  Dated this Sth day of October. 1897.  DESCRIITION.  Commencing at initial post on the west bank of Ku--  sell creek about 2(1 chains from its junction wilh Gent  river, marked "F. H. Lys' southeast corner." Ihcnce  north NO chains, thence west, 10 chains, llienee .-outh 80  chains, thence easi 10 chains lo point of commencement, containing 320 acres more or less.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that sixly day* after ditto I. lhe  undersigned, intend to apply to lhe chief commissioner  of lands and work* for permission to purchase 320 acres  of land, situate in West Kootenay (listrid.        .  K. C. CHANDLER. Locator.  Dalcd this Slh day of October, 1897. |l)ctober 23d|  DESCRIITION.  Commencing nl a post four miles north of the mouth of  .Meadow creek near the east bank of Goat river, marked  "!���'. (,". Chandler's N. E. corner." thence west 10 chains,  thence south 80 chains, thence east. 10 chains, thence  north 80 chains to tho point of commencement,'containing 320 acres more or less.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that-ixty days from the publication of this notice. I. C. H. Murray, intend to apply-to  tlie cliief commis'-ioncr of lands an<l works to purchase  one hundred and sixty (100) acres of unsurveyed, unoccupied, and unreserved crown lands, situate on Lemon  creek. In the Slocan City mining division of West Koole-  enny district, at the junction of the second North Pork  of said creek with the main creek.  C. li. Mriil.AY.  Dated this 12th day of October, 1SU7. |Octobcr U*th|  HKSCHllTION.  Commencing at a post marked '.'(', B. Slurntv's norlh-  west corner," planted on the west bank of said second  North Pork near said junction, thence south 10 chains,  thence east 10 chains, thence north lOclinins, thence west  10 chains to place of beginning.  Notice of Application for Liquor License.  I hereby give notice  thai  .'Hi days  from this date I in  tend to apply to the stipendiary magistrate  ��!���..   .     ,-  >:..__..,    t     i:    ,,.   ...  West  Kootenay district, for a  licen  retail on lhe premises situate on the we  370. group I. West Kootenay district.  nl Nelson,  to sell liipior bv  tern half of Lot.  Dated al Nelson, II. f... October  E. B.  llth. 189.  SIcNAIRN  .     |Oct. Kith.  O.  m  fJf;-  fr*-t->I|  i.'��r.. -t '!/.-._���.���.;"'-*:.e.'-ffl.' ��������".';,.*'-������'.���'���'&.''rr���������������"���: '������'���.������v*-:.- _-���.��.-.-__- w*\ io- *^*.s*5 .* ,-t?*jf,a''*?<\-,*+-;, ����_������_���_..("tr-.*. -a.-_.''-"_v ty\.*vi-.~ v* ��/������'���', -.��� ^it'fr "'?.j-:i!:--f ���^Vf.'V:--''-'1*-.-'.'i-'.*''?'.?."''.': 'r-rwyi-'c.i&'.s; ">--.������ ���& "s.\ i.;   *m&..'.������._>-���, ��---*ivi'".n-_r,it^w.��.,':-��'n_'B1 _"<v ������: ���x"^*'-..-.. .,,..-.,���1v"SVl..v--*^-i.' _������*��������� ���^��'.-.7'*_*'i_'-" Wf'^'.w^, THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON,   B.C., SATURDAY,  NOVEMBER 1:1,  1807.  E want to have a chat with you. For two  weeks we have been asking- yon to hold  back your orders for Stoves, but you need  not do that any longer. Come right along-  and place your orders. We have the kind to  suit you and at the rigiit price. While in  buyihg stoves have a look at our general  hardware. We have placed a car in stock  and will be pleased to show you "what we  have got. In a short time we expect to have  our stock complete in all lines.  Just received a consignment of "Le  Roi" Heaters something- entirely  new. A full line of cooking- and  heating stoves in all sizes. Sole  ag-ents for G-urney Stove & Range  Co. A full line of fresh Groceries.  Wholesale and retail. Miners' supplies a specialty.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  MARA BLOCK, WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  ' The members of the municipal council  of Kos.sland will attend a public meeting  this evening for the purpose of explaining  to the rate payers the financial condition  of the corporation. Ic is not probable  that the members of the council would  have taken this step but i'or the circumstance that it is necessary to secure the  consent of the people to pledge the credit  .of'the municipality for the further sum  of $15,000. The people of Rossland are  waking up to the fact that mayor Scott  and hi.s council have made a sorry, bungle  in their efforts to administer the munici-  ' pal icy's affairs.  '��� There are now six men engaged in taking out ore ^at the Chapleau. Another  -carload shipment will.soon be-made, as  there are now over 100 sacks at the wharf  at Slocan City. The ore now encountered  is of a very rich quality. The ore will  probably be consigned to the Hall Mines  smelter.  Miss Emma Smith returned to the city  this week and took charge of her dressmaking parlors on Josephine street.  , il. X. Smith, manager of the Rossland  branch of the Merchant's Bank of Halifax,  was in Nelson this week for the purpose  nf securing premises for a branch of the  Merchants Bank to be opened in this city  within ihe next few days. This bank already has branches in Rossland and Vancouver, >o chat the branch in this city  will make Che third branch which the  bank has.opened in this province. That  so conservative a concern as the.Merchants  Bank of Halifax should decide Lo open a  branch in Nelson and compete with the  Banks of Montreal aud British Columbia  already located in this city, shows that  the business men of eastern Canada are  alive to the fact that the city of Nelson  has a great future before it.  Thomas Martindale Ward and his bride  are on their way fco Nelson, and may be  expected to arrive here in about two  weeks. "Tom"' was married in Montreal  on October 27th, to Miss Maude Jack of  Montreal.  The funeral of Mrs. W. II. Grant, who  died early Monday morning of heart failure, took place from her husband's residence Tuesday afternoon. Rev. Robert  Frew conducted the funeral services.  The tangle with respect to the Revelstoke townsite having been straightened  out, the Kootenay British Columbia  Trading Syndicate is advertising that it  is prepared to issue deeds for property  upon the completion of payments either  at the Imperial Bank of Revelstoke or to  T. J. Lendrum, the syndicate's agent.  JI. J. Evausand his bride are expected to  arrive in Nelson this week. H. J. was  married in Vancouver on Thursday to  Miss, Hilda. M. Palmer, daughter of S.  Palmer of London, England. The officiating clergyman was bishop Bart, of the  diocese of Westminster. The bride was  given away by Percy W. Evans, brother  of the groom. The wedding was a quiet  one, as stated, and there were no bridesmaids, but the bride was attended by  Mrs. (.!. Coleman tind Mrs. I.'. Evans. E.  E. Evans supported the groom. Mr. and  Mrs. 11. J. Evans started on a visit to  Victoria and the Sound cities before taking up their residence in Nelson. They  expect to arrive here on Monday.  I). 0. Lewis, who had charge of the engineering work for the Canadian Pacific  Railway Company in connection with the  building of the Slocan river railway, was  married in Toronto Wednesday morning  to Miss Caroline Hall, daughter of the late  Rev. John Hall, formerly of British Col-  umbia. The ceremony was performed in  the church of the Redeemer hy Rev. Septimus Jones. '   W. II. ('rant desires to thank his friends  for the many acts of kindness shown during the last illness of his wife, which terminated fatally on Alonday morning.  The sale of  the  property of the  Ibex  Mining   Company,   whicli   was   to   have  taken place in Ivaslo on Tuesday, has been  postponed by deputy sheriff Robinson for  one month.  H. S. Sweet, one of the pioneers of  Southern Kootenay, died at liaslo yesterday morning. "Hi" Sweet, as lie was  familiarly called, wa.s well known to most  of the old timers. He was the first engineer on the steamer Tdaho, which commenced running to Nelson in the spring  of IS88, and he iu turn served as engineer  on every steamer of any size upon the  lake. lie was'a mechanic of rare attainments.    The City Voters' List.  Little iu teres b is shown by the residents  of Nelson in regard to tbe voters' list. So  far, 2o names have been placed onthe'list,  17 on the East ward list and S on the  Wesc ward list. The names of assessed  owners who have paid their real estate  and  road   taxes and  persons'  who  have  paid their license fees and road tax are  placed on the list without personal application, but all householders must make a  declaration, sworn to before a notary  public or .justice of the peace, thai, they  have resided within die limits of the city  for one year prior to November Ist, and  that the rent value of the premises occupied by them was not less than $00 for  the year, and that they have paid all municipal rates, taxes and license fees chargeable against them. Proper forms for this  declaration can be obtained from the city  clerk free of cost. As the lists will be  closed at midnight on November 30th,  applications should be hastened.  Ever seen in Kootenay awaits the inspection  of those who desire Carpets, at the premises  of D. McArthur & Co., corner of Baker and  Ward streets. For quality and price these  Carpets cannot be touched.  a hi  See our stock of Rattan Chairs, Tables and Novelties, Rugs, Mats and Nick-nacks  Two carloads of fine Bedroom Sets, Sideboards, Desks, Chairs, and Tables.  We have just received a fine stock of Fall  and Winter Dress Goods and Mantles;  Clothes, Blankets, and Down Quilts; Ladies  Flannelette Blouse Waists, Dress Jackets,  Underskirts, Night Dresses; and Wrappers;  Black and Navy Serge Dress Skirts; New-  Blouse Waists, Silk Patterns and a full  range of Black Dress Silks, etc. , The very  latest styles in Jackets; Full assortment of  Ladies' Fur Capes, Coats, Boas, Collars  and Muffs; also Fur ' Trimmings. Men's  Winter Overcoats read}* tailored, the very  'best materials and workmanship; Men's  Fine Underwear; Flannel Shirts, Half Hose,  Regatta and White Dress Shirts; latest and  best styles in Collars and Neckware. See  our stock of Children's, Ladies' and Men's  Footwear.  Fred   Irvine  Five hundred shares of the capital stock of the Nelson  Electric Light Company, Limited, are offered for subscription at par ($10 per share). Subscribers on allotment, will  be required to pay one-third cash; one-third in 30 days,  and one-third in 60 days. For further particulars apply to  either of the undersigned.     J. FRED HUME, President,  J. H.MA THESON. Secretary,  JOHN HOUSTON, Manager.  Stoves!    Stoves!     Stoves!  We are agents  for The   James Stewart   Manufacturing   Company of   Woodstock, and   have  just received   2   cars of  their   :._  celebrated   Stpves and   Ranges,  which we are offering  at exceptionally low prices.     We   have also a fuH   stock of Queen ,  Heaters. ' Give us.a call.     Prompt  attention   to letter orders.  Lawrence    Hardware    Co  West Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  We are showing this week some splendid values in Men's  Woolen Underwear. Also a complete line of gloves and  neckwear. In Ready Made Clothing we have first-class  honest makes at excepeionally low prices.  THE GHANCE  OF A  LIFETIME  Completely furnished four-room cottage, first-class in every respect, hard  finished throughout with double floors; building and furniture only six  months old; stable in connection; two lots, 50x120, fenced. Price,  $1500.     For terms apply  to, Ciias.   A.. Watkkmax &  Co.  A rare bargain  83*300 .Furnished  house;  modern   in  every respect: seven   moms  nnd  bath;   hot and cold   water: perfect sewerage:  beautiful  laid  out   grounds:  two  lots iiOxl'20  full  particulars at  the olliee of  CIIAS.   A. WATF.RMAN <v CO..  Ben]  "Fstnfe  Rrokers,   .Nelson.    I!. C.  early and make your selections  Good goods and prices rig3]  l*sg*r-^l*��-f^^


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