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The Tribune May 4, 1893

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 *jO&La  ��a$t"anb Til est Kootenay  Have   Better Showings  for Mines  than  any  other Sections on the Continent  of America.  FIRST  YEAR.-NO.  4/t  NELSON,   BRITfSH   CO LU MB LA, THURSDAY,   MAY 4,   1898.  Capital an6 Brains  Can   Both   be   Employed   to   Advantage   in  the  Mining  Camps of East and  West   Kootenay.  PRICE  TEN  CENTS.  STORM A  COMMERCIAL   CITADEL.  PRACTICES THAT WERE SHARP MET BY  PRACTICES EQUALLY SHARP.  A Midnight Attempt to Capture the South  Kootenay Board of Trade Ends in the Attacking Party's Defeat���Business Communities, if They Would Have Their Rights  Respected,   Must   Respect   the   Rig-lits   of  ���   Other   Business Communities.  _. .  Last December meetings were held both  Jit Kiislo and Nelson to take steps  to organize boards of trade at the two towns.  After holding a meeting or two, the people of   Kaslo  lost  interest in the matter  and   nothing definite was  accomplished.  The  meetings at .Nelson resulted   in   the  obtaining of a certificate of incorporation  '   for the .South  Kootenay Board of Trade.  The certificate  was -obtained  under the  provisions   of   the   Dominion    Board   of  Trade Act, bears tlie signature of an official of the Department of State of Canada, and i.s dated .January 7th, \S\)S. After  due notice being given, the.charter members of tlie board  held  their lirst general  meeting on  April   lfith,  elected  officers,  and passed a resolution inviting the business men of all  towns in Southern ivootenay to   become  members.    The  meeting  adjourned to the ISth to allow the council  time to  prepare   by-laws.    On  that date  tlie  board   adopted   the   by-laws and  received a delegation from Kaslo.  That delegation  stated  that the business men of  Kaslo were wiliing to become members of  the. board, provided time was given them  to consider the by-laws and  aims of the  organization.    The secretary of the board  was instructed to furnish  the delegation  Avith a copy of the by-laws, aud  if found  .satisfactory,  the delegation was  then   to  let the board know the time that'would  be most convenient for the Kaslo men to  join  the board, aud the president would  re-convene    the   general   meeting.     The  Jvaslo delegation also wanted  to know if  the officers of the board would be divided  equally  between  the two  towns.     They  were informed that such action would be  ta.ken:   iu   fact,   that  the  oflicers  of   the  board would  resign.  'The-understanding  was that Nelson, being the legal domicile  of the board, was to retain the president,  secretary-treasurer, six.  members of   tiie  council, and six members of the board of  arbitration; ivaslo to have the vice-president, six councihnen, ami six arbitrators.  In accordance with  this agreement, ihe  oflicers   of   the   board   wrote   one    their  resignations and .handed them to the secretary.    Tlie  Kaslo  delegation   returned  home, and after careful  consideration of  tlie  by-laws, came  to  the conclusion   to  capture   the    board   bodily and remove  ii.s domicile to Ivaslo. Word was sent that  they would beiu Nelson Tuesday night on  the steamer Nelson, and as  the  boat remained but three hours, the business., for  Which they were coming must be rushed  through.    The boat was expected  to arrive at ti o'clock, but it did not arrive until  11.   However,  the  board  was  in session  when it did arrive.   The Kasio delegation  sent li.   F. Green and William Baillie to  ask the board, on what terms the. delegation would  be admitted.    They were  informed that the applications of the members of the delegation must be sent in in  the formal way, and after their favorable  consideration   by  the council,   the   rules  would   be suspended  and   the delegation  admitted en bloc by the secretary casting  the ballot of the.board; Chen tlie election  of officers would be proceeded with, Kaslo  to  select the  vicerpresident, six  council-  men, and six arbitrators,   the board already   having   elected    lid ward   Apple-  -whai'.e,  W.  -N. Kolfe,  James  McDonald,  G. W. Richardson, James A. Gilker, and  Charles Van Ness arbitrators for Nelson.  Messrs. Green and Baillie said they would  report to their delegation and return an  answer   in   three-cpiarters   of   an   hour.  Within  an hour cney returned with  the  answer that the Kaslo delegation accepted  the terms offered and would be in attendance in a few minutes.    Ou the arrival ol  the delegation they were invited to take  seats in the board room pending action on  their applications   by the   council.    The  council's  report was  favorable, and   the  delegation, fourty-four in   number, were  duly admitted  to membership.    Once admitted,  instead of proceeding according  to agreement, Air. Baiilieof the Kaslo delegation   moved   "'that   the   first  annual  general   meeting of  the  board   now adjourn,   and   that   the   secretary  be    instructed to call a special general meeting  of tlie board at Kaslo on tlie lSuh instant,  for the tran.sac.iou of special and general  business of the board."   The motion was  seconded   by Mr. Henderson, also of the  ivaslo delegation.    No sooner was the motion made and seconded  than one of the  ten members from N'eison was on his feet  saying that the motion was out of order.  This move was not expected by the Kaslo  men and several of them yelled, ''Motions  to adjourn are not debatable !"   The Nelson member insisted  on a ruling on  the  point of order raised, saying that under  the   by-laws  of   the  board   general  and  special   general meetings   could  only  be  held at Ne_son.   This brought on a general   discussion and     somewhat    heated  speeches   were  made.   The  Nelson members claimed   that  the Kaslo contingent  were not carrying out the agreement entered into for the election of oflicers, and  the   Kaslo   delegation   maintained   that  agreements were of naught when the majority flid not wish to carry them out.  They further said that Nelson had had  two meetings of the board, and that it  was only fair that the third meeting  should be held at Kaslo. The Nelson members contended that there was no other  business up for the consideration of the  board than the filling of the vacantof'fices,  and that that business con Id be transacted  in fifteen minutes. The Ivaslo contingent  said they had not the time Lo make proper  selections, and goL for a reply that they  had already wasted more time than was  necessary to make the selections.  Finally president Lemon ruled that  the point of order was well ta.ken.  An appeal was taken from this ruling.  By that time the boat had left, taking  with it about fifteen of the Kaslo delegation; several of the Xelsor members had  also gone home, saying they Avere a. trifle  disgusted at the action of the men from  Kaslo. The appeal from the president's  decision was sustained by a vote of 20 to  (5. The president than refused to put'the  motion, giving as a reason that the object  of the motion was a violation of the bylaws of the board. This brought out  another speech from Air. Baillie. in effect  ���that the board would be niandamused and  other legal action taken. The Nelson  members replied that if it must be war.  the sooner the war commenced the better.  The Ivaslo members then left the boardroom in a body, and at S o'clock A. Al. the  meeting was adjourned to re-convene in  the alternoon.  At one time during the discussion, Air.  Baillie of Ivaslo, in order Lo convince the  president of the force of his reasoning,  read extracts which he said he had copied  from the Dominion Board of Trade Act-.  After reading them they were handed to  secretary Bigelow for his persual. After  reading them over carefully, the secretary  placed them among other papers in tlie  minute book. On entering the minutes of  the meeting, about noon on Wednesday,  the '"extracts" were looked over again,  and along with the two sheets of "extracts" was another sheet of '"extracts"  headed "Plan of Campaign." All three  sheets were in the same handwriting,  Air. Bail lie's. The "'Plan of Campaign'  reads as follows:  I'l.AN Ol-- C.IMI'AK.'.V.  A.���Ask if duo notico of f_ronoi-.il meeliiiK has boon  called.  1st.���Ask board of ntlicers anil counoil (o rc-iK" and  abrogate ;ill by-laws, excepl by-law- for election ot members, so that operations may bo begin, entirely anew.  2nd.���Ask board lo elect ICaslo member.-, ai'ler inspecting roll to soo wo aro in a majority.  3rd.���If in it majority, give'nol ice of intended b\-law-.  lib.--Move adjournment lo moot, next time at "iva-io:  or oloel oflicers lirst and adjourn afterward-, as may be  t ioiikIiI best.  During tlie day the document wa.s  shown to several members of Lhe board,  a Kaslo member admitting that he had  seen it before, but that it was merely the  work of Air. Baillie and in no way reflected the views of the Kaslo delegation.  The Nelson members to whom it was  shown all agreed it could only mean that  the Kaslo delegation intended to capture the'organization and change the bylaws so that Ivaslo, and hot Nelson, would  be the domicile of the board. In the alternoon a conference was held by representatives from both factions. In this  conference the Kaslo men insisted on following out their program of the night before, that is, that the board adjourn to  Kaslo, there to finish up the business ol  the general meeting. The Xelson ���.members said no, that the only way.business  could proceed was to live up to the terms  of the agreement first marie, that is. that  the Kaslo delegation select from their  number names for the vacant offices, and  after their election, iinish up any business  before the board and adjourn. "Then, if  they had any business on which they  wished to taker.c ion,'let a-special meeting of the board be called in the regular  way, and that meeting be held at Kaslo.  Finally, it was given out that the plan  proposed by the Nelson men would be  carried out and a session was called for at  8:80 in the evening.  Promptly on time tie members of both  delegations assembled iu the board room.  Before the board was called to order, John  Johnson, William Hanson, 10. C. Arthur,  Thomas Madden, F. AL McLeod, John  Hirsch, and John A. Turner signed the  roll. These gentlemen were at the meeting in Nelson at Avhich Iii al action was  taken towards securing the incorporation  of the board and paid the amount of the  membership fee, but their 1 a-ines were  not placed on the petition aseht rter members, and they had never been balloted  for afterwards in the regular way. On  the board being called to order, pic-tidcut  Lemon asked the secretary to read the  minutes of the previous meeting. Before  the secretary could respond, Air. Burke of  Ivaslo moved that all present not members leave the room. No objection was  made and the roll was called. The secretary was proceeding to read the minutes  when Air. Baillie of Kaslo arose to a point  of order, his point being that the session  of the night before had not beeu formally  adjourned to any particular time, therefore the session then being held wtis illegal. The president ruled that the session  of the night before had been formally adjourned to reconvene at the hour most  suitable for the Kaslo delegation. Air.  Baillie was not satisfied with this ruling  and raised another point or two. His persistent efforts to raise tpiibbles had the  ell'ect of bringing Air. Burke to his feet a  second time. Air. Burke said that the  present session and the previous ones  were, in his opinion, entirely legal, and  that if the board had been'formally adjourned the minutes should be read. ' The  minutes were then read and approved.  The order of business was proceeded  with until the council reported on  the applications of A.J. Marks. Harold  Selous, li. A. Hen wick, and A. W. Wood  for membership. The council's report was  favorable, and a motion was made that  the rides be suspended and  the secretary  cast the ballot of the board. An amendment was offered that they be balloted  for separately, and tlie amendment was  adopted on a. show of hands. This meant  to the applicants that they wore to be rejected, and Air. Selous, who was present",  got up to leave the room, but before leaving thanked the Kaslo delegation I'or  their courtesy towards himself, saying he  had been in the district a number of years  and had expended both labor and money  in developing it. If lie wa.s not accorded  the same treatment that had been accorded newcomers to the country at  the previous session ��� many of whom  would probably be to the south of tlie  line again in six weeks���it only meant  that he was not wanted, and he would  leave.  By this time things were beginning to  get hot. the  Ivaslo delegation were sparring for time and   the  Nelson contingent  believed it was useless to prolong a session  that would only reside in continual jangling.    J. Fred Hume moved that tbe sos-.  sion be adjourned   I'or one week and   the  motion   was   seconded.    If   the adjournment  was carried   it meant to the Ivaslo  delegation that they would have to return  home, after spending two days, without  having accomplished anything more than,  becoming members of the South Ivootenay  Board  of Trade.    This galled  thorn and  they made a strong effort to prevent adjournment.     Although   the  motion   was  not debatable, they objected Lo any member voting who bad not been balloted for.  The president ruled tlutt all members who  had signed the roll and paid the membership fee must be allowed to vote, and on a  show of hands, the secretary announced  2S yeas to 22 nays, and the session was declared adjourned for one week.  THE   NEWEST   TOWN  The Kaslo members left I'or home on  Thursday morning sadder but wiser men.  When they are willing to admit that  Kaslo is not South Ivootenay and that  other men have equal rights with themselves, they will lind that the business  men of Nelson and other towns will meet  them halfway on every question that  concerns the welfare of the people of  Southern Ivootenay. But they may as  well understand now as at any other  time, that they ennuotcapture Nelson and  do with its business enterprises as they  would wish. Nelson. like Kiislo. is on the  map to stay.   NEW   DENVER   NOTES.  April 28th.���Since our last notes we have  had another rush of visitors, amongst  whom were Air. Neil, colonel Lindsley, Air.  Field. Air. Gill, and a gentleman who i%  known to us only as Air. Aloriarity. In  addition to theabove Air. McClonicnt. who  .brought hi.s.wife and family from Kaslo.  and is running the dining room at Getting  6c Henderson's 'hotel. While on hotel  news we may note that Con Doherty takes  over the dining room at Fletcher's hotel,  and that the Bolandcr house will be open  for the reception of visitors on the 1st ol'  Alay. We .further understand that our  creature comforts in respect to fresh"meat  and poultry will this summer be attended  to by Henry Aylwin, a newly-imported'  brother of the owner of the 'Pioneer hotel.  The "Pig anil Whistle" is to be rechrist-  ened.  A strongly-worded request has been  drawn up here in the form of ji petition to  theehief commissioner of lands and works,  and unanimously signed by residents and  others interested in the welfare of the  'town, petitioning that official to use his  utmost endeavors to obtain.a. prompt and  final settlement of the AIcGillivray-Far-  well dispute. The following is thepetition:  "TO Till-:   IIO.N'ilKUII.K  TUB  (JllUiV Go.MM ISSiOXKK   OK  Tia.n'us AXP Woitics: Wo. the undersiKned, being re:- -  dtntsof and interested parties in tlio town of N'ew Denver, Jii-itisb Columbia, rospocl fully beg and pray thai the  obiof commissioner of jands m.d works will see til to use  bis utmost endeavor to obtain a Until decision in tlie mat-  tor of tlie ownership of a (met, of land adjoining tbe  townsite of Now Deliver, and ill. pi esent in dispute, with  as littlo delay as possible, and for that purpose would  uiW tho following reasons:  " First���That only 101 lots in Xew Denver have iit present boon placed on the market, a number totally iuade-  (liiiite for the business and residential re(|uiroiuoiils of  this tlio center and natural shipping point of the Slocan  mining district.  ".Second���That the uncertainly which has for some  time prevailed as to tlio ownership of tho land in <|iies-  Oiou has seriously retarded tlio welfare of the present  townsite and of its inliabitants.'aud until such ownership  is definitely settled tho future of the town will be adversely a Looted." *  Fred .Jeffcrs litis erected an office building on lot two, block five, facing Bellevt o  avenue, which will bo occupied by Annie  ifcHashdall on the first of the month. Geth-  ing' 6c Henderson have also put up an addition to their hotel, which will be utilized as a bar tind billiard room.  Air. Alurrayarrived on Wednesday with  a nnil. This is the lirst visit that he has  pa-id us since ho has had the mail contract,  and judging from his anxiety to escape  from the many remarks on the mail service during the past winter, we think  tha-t he could not have enjoyed . his visit  much.  "M)iid" Robertson and W. V. Saunders  have purchased from John Hirsch lot six.  block five, iind lot ten, block eleven, respectively, and the former has already  cleared his lot preparatory to building.  Papers relating to the bonding of the  interests of S. Al. tind G. C. Wharton in  the I'ueeau, New Denver. Kpram. Texas,  and Clifton claims, by Patrick Clark o\  Spokane, have been recorded here. The  consideration is just short of '>'"l.000. with  ti contingency in the event of the claims  being stocked. Frank Culver and ('. Fair-  bairn have purchased Tom A rd oil's inl crest iu the OavAdiay.ua : coiisdcraLion $"000.  At the Washington mine the upper tunnel has been pushed SOO feet, while a shaft  from the same litis been sunk 00 feci. The  lower tunnel is in I If). At present lliirty-  cight men are working, and up to now  about six tons a day have been shipped:  but from now on for awhile Che ore will  he dumped until till danger from snow-  slides on tho trail is over.  On   Kootenay   Lake, Owing   to  Its Favorable  Location, Is Making Good Progress.  Last Thursday afternoon, partly to get  away from  his creditors I'or a day or two  and   to give the slip to ti horde of old ac-  qaiuttinces wishing to borrow money, Tin-:  Tkiiiuxk    man   of   Ivaslo    boarded    the  steamer   Ainswortli,   tind   with   quite  a  crowd   of    investors,   workingtnen,   and  prospectors   took   a run  up  to  the now  bustling town of Lardo, tit the northern  end   of   Kootenay   lake.    The   trip   was  made  in  about  two   hours and   without  any  incident  worthy of note occurring.  ���Marly the following morniiigTiiK TiuruxI':  man  wtis  up tind  around   with  "Gerry"  .Nagle as guide.   To note all the improvements going on  would   require quite an  amount of space and be a surprise to those  who   have  not   yet visited   this coming  northern city.  Quite a crew of men are at work with a  pile driver building what will soon be the  linest wharf on Kootenay lake. It is at  iho north end of Alain street, terminating  in Lardo bay, gradually sloping from the  street into the water. About fifty men  tire in the employ of Lhe company clearing  the remainder of the townsite. A. Al.  Wilson i.s in charge of the work tind has  two sub-foremen under him.  John Sticksmith has tlie foundation for  his sawmill till ready for the machinery  and is just completing the boarding-house  i'or his men.  Parties bound for the Lardo and Duncan  river sections are arriving and departing,  and, on tin average, twelve boats per day  start up the JLardo loaded with provisions  and other supplies.  The town now boasts of two hotels, the  Groat Northern, kept by Taylor t!cGarvoy,  and another large i wo-story frame building, not yet named, which is looked after  b.v F. E. Ryan & Co. Morris ��fc Lefurgey  lnive ti stock of general merchandise on  lnind tind Hampden ic Hopkins have gone  outside to select their stock, which will be  kept- in a large building now beingereeted  on Alain street. A blacksmith and barber  have already commenced business; Peter  F. de Vide is building a moat market:  Julius Aloroy is starting a jewelay store:  A. St. Julian is looking up a site for a  brewery: iind another party will soon  have a bakery iu full blast. William  Hodge, better known as '"Wild Bill." has  a large pack train, which is kept busy  transportingsupplies from Lardo lo Trout  lake and other points.  The mineral claims Lo tho northwest of  tho townsite tire discoveries only so far.  'no'development work having as yet been  done. From four to eight inches of galena  is in sight; in place, tind everyone who  views the finds think they are healthy-  looking enough to justify the owners in  burning some powder on them.  A. C. .Pea-son has opened his hotel tit the  junction of Lardo iind Duncan rivers, and  George Bartlett is about ready to open his  house halfway between Lardo tind Trout  lake.  Since J. L. Retallaek's return from tlie  coiist he has disposed of 150 lots. A brief  visit to this place discloses two facts: One,  that the Lardo townsite company fulfill  iill their'promises, in .making .improve-,  nients; another, that every one of the 200  or more people in the town are at work or  have some business. The idlers have not  as yet. reached this industrious tind thriving, town. Alessrs. Xesbitt <_c Ensign expect to have the first 'number of the Lardo  Recorder issued in about two weeks.  hibited with pride as an evidence of tho  liberality of Nelson's pioneers:  .$ 50  .    -'0  Houston & Ink   II. K. Lemon   (i. O. Ruchaiian   David Ji. llotflo    K. Applewhaiie   II. II. Lee   K. I'lundcll   .1. Hamilton   K. 0. Arthur   Wilson & Herdue   .lo.in-.on .v Mahoney..  .1. Ji. Willams   C. number   K. I'orcv Whallov...  .  T. A. Mills   Win. M. lilovor   .1. Almouro   A. Hill    Cluis. .iM./knwic/.   Oeo. A. Hi^elow   Arthur 10. Jlodtfins   Loan & I'arkin   Lindsay & Aldus   Carney & Barrett   .8100  .   100  .   100  nf)  .    80  .    io  .     SO  ;')()  .10  .00  io  oil  .   ;i:>  10  10  .las. McDonald Co,  Odell & Squire   J. II. Matlio-on   Malone & Tretfillus   Hanson i: Monitor^...  Thos.'M. Ward   K. .!. Karley   .lames Turner   I. Holden    Graham & Taylor   McLean & Co   N. Hoover   T. Jl. (iiflin   W. F. Teetzel & Co   II. C. Mo.Morrih   S     ,      __.*#     V.J*     .1IVJ.IIWI   __   (Da   .  r>   Kred Williamson  Hi   Delaney & Corning.  HI I talker & Well*   10   H. Craddock   100 I K. 10. I'hair   ,'j(l   fieo. 10. It. lOllis   Hl\ J. Kred Hume   i.">   AiiKits Mc In Lyre   SO I Kr.ink Kletohcr   10  ���Jo  10  i.1  50  50  io  100  io  10  50  50  25  50  10  ICO  50  :��  IN TIIE COUNTRY FOR BUSINESS.  THE     CANADIAN     PACIFIC    WILL    HAVE  ITS   SHARE   OR   KNOW   WHY.  CBOOK3D   WORK.  Low Ratos From "Winnipeg- and Low Rates  on Ore for Tacoma and San Francisco���  An East Kootenay Mining- Venture That  Is Likely to Prove a Success.  MINING   ON   THE   SALMON.  A Number of Claims Will Be Worked This  Season.  ��� Mike Molloy and Ike Lou^heed returned  to Nelson this Avoek from a trip tip Salmon  river some fifteen miles above whore it  empties into the Pend d'Orielle. They'report the south side of the hills bare, but  considerable snow on the high elevations.  Several placer ttnil quartz claims will be  worked on Salmon river this season, tind  the following operators tiro now ou tho  ground: At Charley .hick's bar, which is  four miles below Hall's bur, the Hates  boys are making preparations to work tt  piece of good placer ground. About, half  ti mile farther up the river a Spokane  company, with captain .McCormick as  superintendent, is building a ditch and  making other preparations lo work shallow diggings. On the east side of 'the  river from Jack's bar a man named Hrig-  inan litis leased tlie Jim 'Donnelley claim.  ,on ti basis of one-fourth of the gross output to the ownerof the ground. At Hall's  bar a Kotttlc Kails company will work,  under tin? superintendence of Mr. (.'ood-  fellow, and preparatory work is now being done. Mi/.nor brothers have discovered ti qtitirt/. ledge near Hall's bar. tind  are now taking out ore that assays $.")0 iu  gold to the ton, although picked specimens assay as high as $150.  .  On tin; I'end dOrielle, the big hydraulic  company of which Fred Rice is superintendent have let a contract to A. L. l.)olan  tind J. J. Driscoll to complete their llunie.  These men now have a force on the work  at Seven-Mile crock.  All this indicates tlutt the output of  gold from tht; shallow and deep gra.vel  diggings to the south of Nelson will be  considerable this season.  A Reminiscence.  The following list of subscriptions for  tin; building of a hospital at Nelson will  recall to nieniorv the flush days of the  winter of \S'.)\-02. The original' list will  be kept in the archives of tho hospital association, aud  in after years will  be ex-  Stock Now   Being  Sold in a Mining Property  That is Worthless.  One thing can be said to the credit of  tiio press of the Ivootenay Lake country,  that is, that it litis never lent its aid to  advance the schemes of unprincipled  prospectors or mine manipulators, it is  true, there litis beeu little crooked work attempted, but no attempt litis boon coimte-  tenanced. The Kootenay Lake country  has merit and it stands well wilh men  who have money to invest in both speculative prospects and developed mines.  However, should unprincipled men succeed iu working off even one '"saltoil'-'  claim, the effect -would be hurtful to the  country. Last winter several parties  made trips into the Duncan Hiver country,  and one or two of them returned with  specimens of very rich gold rock. These  reported finds have had much to do with  heading prospectors into the Duncan  Hiver country this spring. "While not  decrying that'section, Tiik Thimuxk is in  possession of information that justifies it  in making the following statement:  "The Gold Nugget Mining Company of  Duncan river is a pure fake tind got up to  swindle. The locations are snow ones,  well stilted with sixty pounds of rich gold  rock from California. This rock was  brought to Kaslo last summer and hid  across the bay until this spring. A portion  of the interests of the locators have been  disposed of to Spokane parties, and ti man  formerly well known at Koslo i.s now iu  ths east sol I ing stock. .Some of theoflicials  of the Circa t Northern rail way tire being  roped in. The Spokane papers are boosting the scheme not knowing its character.  Tho original locators tiro in Kaslo trying  to sell their remaining interests at tiny  figurcy-aml tho report that they intend  putting ti force of men tit work on tlie  claim is ti pure fabrication. All the parties  interested on the outside, have been deceived and know "nothing of the truestate  of affairs. The whole scheme is ti swindle  tind will hurt the country."  THE   GENERAL   HOSPITAL.  Enough Money Subscribed to Begin Work on  the Buildings.  After long delays the 'affairs of the  Kootenay Lake General Hospital Association are in such shape that the work of  erecting a building can be commenced at  once. "Subscriptions aggregating $2000  have been received, a site selected, and a  general meeting of the subscribers called  for Friday night, to the end that plans for  a building be selected and.a committee  appointed'to supervise the erection of the  building. The following tiro thesiibscrib-  ersand the amounts of their subscriptions:  S   L'0'l I l-'i-oi! Irwinu '..-.$ 10  OKI I John A. Ivirkpalrick.. 10  ICO J T. ll.Oitlln...  I'd  X. l-'itzstnhh.s;  20  R. K. LeiiKin     ...  ������I. Kred II in do   John Houston   It. A. Renwick   A. W. Wood   Gniliiini & Taylor   Xoeliiiid.s Bros   G. V. Holt   O. I!. Robson   (tcorgo Dozois   John .Stewart ���....  U. I lumber   A.  I). Aikcnhead   Xelson Hundiiy School  I'M wan I  Applewliaite  K. M. JleLood   .John Johnson   Kred .1. Smiire   W. C. I'hiilips   J.  H. Matlieson   Turner Hros   .Malone &-Trcf,'iHiis...  Hanson & HloniberK..  Thomas M. Ward... .  ('.  K. Sealev   Charles II. Ink   W. (I. Maefarlano....  W. ('. AlelCiiinon   K. J. l-'arley   John A. Turner   W. K. Teetze. & Co...  fiilker^ Wells   Duncan MclJonald   .Marks & Van Xess   K. ('. Arthur   I'resbvlerian Church.  I). Lallan   James McDonald   1(1 i Harold Selous  m  (t. W. Richardson   W. R. Pollard   Hank of Montreal   Hank of li. C   K. K.  I'hair   W.  Hodson     William  Wilson   Koofur&i Scale   Mcltae Urns    W. S. Murray   Hunt & Dover   M. S. Davys.   Dawson & Craddock..  John I,. Retallaek ...  (ieorge A. RiKelow   Total '...  10(1  :.(>  IU  ir,  .VI  lo  mi  w  I'M  la  1(1  HI  IS  $i<m  .1. Kri.-d Ilium;   It. K. Lemon   John lloiislon   ti. V.  Holt   X. KiUstubbs   John Mills   W. K. Teet/.el & Co  :io  10 i  ;']()  ..sn. 7  Thhe following are the mimes of those  who subscribed theaiiiouiit opposite their  names I'or a hospital to be managed by  the Sisters of Charity:  $���.'(/) ; (iilkcr & Wells.  -.'00 j I).  IjiHiui..    ..  io i Thomas Madden  io\ K. I-:. I'hair   :.'0 ! Hunt .S: Dover...  10 i  Km I    Total   A number of- residents of Kaslo aud  Slocan district either have subscribed or  have expressed a willingness to subscribe  liberally towards a fund for the erection  of ji Sisters hospital at Nelson, but as a  site would have to be purchased and the  goverment appropriation of $.'fl)<)0 lost, it.  has been decided to make the hospital a  general one, and the rules governing it  will, no doubt, be such as will permit the  free admission of till indigent sick.  Have Claims in Two Districts.  The Mclbie boys have been doing the  annual assessment work on the Wild C't't.  a gold claim ji short distance southeast, of  the I'oornini). Nelson district. Last winter they were at work on a claim called  the Glencoe. which is situate about a mile  tind a half north of Kour Milo City. Slocan district. A tunnel is in about forty  feet on a vein that has ji pay streak running from four inches to two I'eet in  width. The ore is gjilena. and the claim  is owned by Hugh McKtic tind Dan .McDonald.  A. D. Soroggy. contracting freight agent  of   the Canadian   Pacific   railway,   with  headquarters   at   Seattle,   is   in   Nelson,  where he will remain until along in June.  His company believe they tire in a position to do the bulk of the business of tha  Kootenay country, and  Mr. Scroggy i.=. in  the held  with  that end solely in  view.  While the Canadian Pacific i.s not cutting  rates,   its managers  will  meet any  rate  given by any other road.    Todtiy tho lowest   rate  by  the Canadian   Pacific  from  Winnipeg to points on   Ivootenay Juke i.s  less than the lowest rate given over any  road  in   the United  States for the same  mileage.    The rales from all coast points,  whether in Hritish Columbia or on Puget  Sound,  is the same to hike points bv the  Canadian Pacific as by the Great Northern  from Tacoma and  Seattle.   Speaking of  ore shipments, Mr. Scroggy said hi.s road  had an $8 a ton rate from  Kootenay lake  points  to Tacoma tind a  $11 rate to San  Francisco.    At present, they did not care  to handle ore destined ford-oat Falls or  other points in Montana.  Mr. Scroggy recently made a trip  from  Golden  down through   East h.ooteuay to  Fort Steele, thence down the Ivootenay to  Jennings, Montana, on the Great Northern.      He   reports   good   progress,. being  made tit the Thunder Hill mine, which is  situate  on   die  west side of   the   Upper  Columbia hike and   jibout two miles from  Camil   Flat.   Tho mine is  back from the  lake sibout a mile iu an air line and at a  higher  altitude  by tibout (SoO   feet.    The  ore  is quarried   from   the  vein   find  not  stoped  from tunnels or drifts.    It  is low  gnidetmd when concentrated the concentrates will run about $!) in gold, Hi ounces  in silver, tind (iO per cent load   to the ton.  Tbe   ore  is  taken   to   the   concentrator,  which is built at tlie shore of the hike,  over ti tramway about a  mile and a half  in    length.     The   empty   tram   oars   are  hauled back by horses.    At present tibout  fifty tons a day can be handled, which is  nearly the full capacity of the concentrator.   'The concentrator will  be completed  and in working order by the  l.*"th of this  month.    Twenty-five  men   are employed  by the mine 'management.''"  The English company "that now own  the hydraulic claims on Wild Horse creek,  four miles from Fort Steele, have pitr-  chtised I SOO feet, of 0 and 12-inch steel pipe  tind two No. 2 Little Giant-'pumps, and  'expect to take out $1000 a day when they  get everything in working order.  The trip from Golden to .Jennings wti<  made by sleigh, wagon, and rowboat, and  several places of more than .passing interest tire on the route. Sinclair's hot  springs may be mentioned. These springs  are about 'fifteen miles south of Windermere. They are to the east of the Columbia river two and ti half .miles.at the  head of a canyon witli walls fully .S00 foot  high. A wagon road will be built from  the steambojit lauding to the springs this  ���yojir. The Kootenay is pronounced one  of tlie finest .streams in America, but its  w.-itei's tire so swift find there are so many  rapids as to render navigation''very difficult. A boat is now being bui.lt by captain Armstrong at Canal Flat, and when  completed it will bo run from near Canal  Flat to Fort Steele. From Kort Steele  south for ti distance of ten miles the river  is not ntivigable except in extreme high  water. When the G.rohman canal is repaired, tind the provincial government  lias made tin appropriation for that purpose, the company of which captain-Armstrong, is manager Avill ,have continuous  boat and tramway facilities from Fort  Steele to the Canadian Pacific depot at  Golden.  Wants a Mine.  Acassiz. R. C:.. April '.'Oth. IS.IH.  ���'I'd tiik Kimtiik or Tin-: Tai.ir.v_..: Do you know of  any bona tide mining concern in yourpart of the province  needing funds for its development. If a silver mine, it  must he rich ore, and. nf course, the property would bear  strict investigation before the money could be advanced.  1 was asked lo make iniiuirios bva Kentleman in Knt;lar.d.  JAMIvS  It. KI.DKIl.  Tut: Tuiiutxi-: does not know of a single  mine in thisseetion that would come up to  the requirements of Mr. Klder that is not  now in the Imnds of capitalists; but it  dor>s know of hundreds of good prospects  that are lying tin worked because of ti lack  of capital. The only way. however, for  intending investors to secure one.to their  liking is to look the ground over for themselves. Then if the\ make a bad-investment, no one but themselves will be to  blame.  School Report.  Helowttre given the names, in-order of  class statiding, of the pupils of Nelson  public school for the month of April:  Class V (icrtrude Robinson, .la-per I'hair, May Robinson. W. McMoitK Robert McLeod.  Class IV    Kttn Muir. Mabel Colwell.  Class III    Xelson Hiielinnun. Hay May, I'atil Hrown.  Class II Mary Hrown, l.eo Huchanan. Sammy  SI uckcy. Oscar Robinson. Johnny Dubamel.  (hi.-s'l l-.thc-l O'llrieii. Robbie Hell. SaraO Rrien. Sadie  Steiviirt. Harry l-'arlcy. Victoria Hodson. .Jennie.Stewart.  I'orcv Stnckcv.  Vumber enrolled -.'.'(. avernu'cal Icmlnnee'.'(). punctuality  .Sil per cent. STKU.A KAXK. Teacher.  Watson to Have a Sawmill.  A Minneapolis capitalist is putting in a  sawmill near Watson, the only town between Ktislotind N'ew Denver that-has a-  postoflice. The mill is reported to be a  complete one with a daily capacity of  ���lO.fXK) feet. 'Planingami shingle machinery  will be run iu connection. INE:   NELSOK B.C., TlimRSDAY   MAY  <i,  1893
THE TRIl'UXK is published ou Thursdays, by John
JIoistOX & Co., and will he mailed lo ..uh'-eribci-s
on iiiiyineiil. of Oxi; IXii.i.ai: :i year. No subscription
taken'for less than a year.
UKGUI.AB ADVKRTISIOIKX'I'S prinU:i1 nl tin; following rales: One inch, .I'"'" u year: two iin-lic-,,
$li() a veur: three iiiche.-. i.SI a year: four inches,
Slid ii year; live inches. Slda a year: six inches anil
over, al  the rale of SI.all an inchper mnnlh.
TRANSIENT  ADV l-.RTIXF.M KS'l'S io cenls ii line for
.   lirst insertion and  HI cenls a line I'or each addilional
insertion.    Hirtli.   ni.-irrieKCai.d  death  notices fret-.
,   line each insertion.
JOH I'RIXTIXU al fair rates. All account.- I'or job
priming and ailvurli-iiiK payable nil llie lir.-l. ol
every nioutli: subscription, in advance.
A HRAXf'H OKKH'K. with Mr. Ii. II. ICenip in charge,
is established nl Kn-lo. Mr. Kemp is aiilhini/cd lo
receipl for subscript ion.-, and eonlracl for advert Yemenis.
ADDRKSSJ all comniunical ions to
TIIK TRIRl'XK. Xel-on, H.C.
duits," which was reported in IS91 to have
struck' a rich vein tit a depth ol* -1180 I'eet.
The honor of having'the deepest straight
drop shaft, however, is claimed for the
abandoned Jvettenherg mine in Hohemia.
which is said to have reached .''778 feet.
The combination shaft on the Comstock
at Virginia. Nevada, reached a depth of
.■"•■iOO feet, straight drop. The deepest
British mine reported up to 1801 was the.
Aslitou Moss colliery. SUtO feet.
DLaBAU. M.D.—I'liyj-ieinn  and Surgeon.    Rooms li
•    ami   I   I lou-ton  block,  Xelson.   Telephone  II'.
RANDALL II. k'KMI', M.K. —Kxamines anil reports
on mines and pro-peels. Twenty years' emit unions
experience. Independent of any mine or work--. Xol interested in the buvine; or selling of mines or prospects.
Kaslo. H.C.	
Lil. HARRISON*. H. A. - Harrisler and Attorney al
• Law (of the province of N'ew Brunswick), Convey-
anoer. Xolarv Public. Coinini-sioncr rnrliikinj; A llidavits
I'or use in the Coin-Is ol' Hritish Coliiuibiii. etc. Ollices-
Jtuomsiland III, Houston block, Jo.-ephineSt.. N'eison, H.C.
THK. CORNIXG IIOUSI-' on Stanley streel, N'eison.   A
2-slory divelliny entirely new.    If no! sold it will be
leased.   Apply to G. 0. Huehanan.
.MAV   I,  18!W
Iii their endeavors to advance the nia-
terhil   interests   of   the   Kootenay   Ltike
country, our business men should  not re-
sorb to the practices of the ward  politician, for their endeavors will   have just
the contrary effect wished for.   They will
be si/oil  up. not as men endeavoring   to
right abuses, but men only too willing to
create abuses so that their individual or
local  interests may thrive.   'II:  the business men of the  Kootenay Lake country
expect consideration tit  the hands of the
government  or   of   transportation   companies,    they   must     prove     themselves
worthy of receiving consideration. When
they meet to consider questions for the
common  good, the  majority .should   not
ride roughshod over the minority, for the
minority of today may be in the majority
tomorrow.   Sharp practices should bo decried, for such methods should  have no
place in the proceedings of organizations
of reputable business men.
Pkoplr who live in a country where it is
not considered a sin to be indifferent to
the teachings of an orthodox clergy cannot  understand   tlie   bitter  htitrod    tluit
.smoulders in  the   hearts of people  who
blindly follow such teachings.    The people   in   British   Columbia,   for   instance,
differ widely on questions  that concern
tiie   common  welfare,  but   the   factions
never resort to bloodshed  to. prevent the
carrying out of measures to which they
arc opposed.   This  is- not bectiu.se  they
are wanting iu sturdy independence or in
honesty of purpose, but because they have
had the good sense to separate the church
from the state.    If the people of Ireland
would not blindly follow the teachings of
their clergy they would  not be so often
against each other in deadly array over'
questions that are solely of the .state, and
not of the church.    The main object of till
church organizations is aggrandizement,
and the main itini  of ji large majority of
clergymen is to instill their followers with
intolerance. :	
That self-abased -newspaper sycophant,
the Vancouver World, new outrivals the
Victoria Colonist in praising the wisdom
of the Davie government for refusing to
bring clown a redistribution measure tit
the last session of the legislative assembly. _
Tiik Kootenay Lake country i.s being
Jiui-t more by the ill-advised booming of
a lot of unregenortited liars than it is by
a backward spring.
At the next session of the legislative assembly a bill should be passed to deprive
mine-owners of till prope-'ty rights whatsoever. It would be much bettor for both
the government tind the mine-owners, as
the latter would then not be in doubttis to
their possessions, and the former would
be in possession of something vjihiable to
deal out to hangers-on.
Till-' Xew Denver townsite dispute is
still unsettled, notwithstanding reports
to the contrary. The government wants
to give the bulk of the laud to its friend
.Farwell, oven though they know tlutt he
litis not a shadow of right to "520 acres of
the S10.acres in dispute.
It is not good business sense to buy
town lots, or tiny other property, during
speculative crazes. Too often the purchases arc made with small cash payments
down, the balance on short time Before
the balance payments fall due. the craze
has subsided and purchasers either lose
what they have paid or pay out, more
money I'or that which they do not need
and on which they cannot realize a cent
Avhen they are in need.
Deep Mines.
The deepest mine is probably one of the
con! mines in tlio Mods basin. I'olgiuin.
.known  as   the "Ste.   Ilenriette   (It's   J'ro-
Tho Suicide not a Co-ward.
Ambrose   lieirce   writes as   follows   regarding suicide in a'recent number of tlie
Still Francisco Fxniiiinor:
** Why do we honor the valiant soldier,
sailor, lireman''' For obedience to duty?
Not Jit till: that tilone -without the peril
—seldom elicits remark, never evokes enthusiasm. It is because he faced without
flinching the risk of tha-t supreme disaster
-or what wo feel to be such- death. Hut
look you: tlie soldier bra ves thedangorof
dca-tii: the suicide braves death itself!
The leader of the forlorn hope may not be
struck. The sailor who goes flown with
his ship may be picked up or cast ashore.
It is not certain that the wall will topple
until the (ircuwin shall have descended
with his precious burden. Hut thosuicide
—his is the foenuin that never missed tt
mark, his the sea thatgives nothing back:
the wall that he mounts boars no man's
weight. And his. at tlie end of it till is
tho dishonored grave whore the wild ass
of public opinion
Slumps o'er bis bend hut cannot  break his sleep.
■'As to the Humility or expediency of:
suicide, that is not in discussion. The act
of laying down one's life is to be.judged—
with light of ki!owlcdge--in precisely the
same way as any other act which may injuriously or beneficially affect others.
With, light of knowledge, yes: but who
has the knowledge"-* Who but a hardy
fool will look into the dead heart and un
dertake to calculate the forces of impulse
tind resistance, the degree of suffering,
tho strength of endurance-- All this being
unknown iind unknowable, the act is. not
to bo judged at till. Nevertheless there
tire judges of the detid, its there tin:
hyenas, rattlesnakes, toads, tind lice—
whereby till tastes tire suited and the
pious spirit edified in contemplation ,of a
Scheme of Things variously beneficial."
is a fjood lime lo buy real e-lale iu Xelson, eilhcr for
spceiilal inn or in vo_.lnu.nl, as (lie prices asked are such
as Io allow Ihe rel urn of !_,-nod iutcrcM. on lhe property if
permanent improvements are made or of .1 handsome
prolit if purchased 011 specula! ion.' Xelson has never
been boomed, aud today is Ihe solidesl town in Kootenay.
Terms: Satin cnsli.
(Notary  Public)
Cfl f^ClCl  will liuv 11 .'ill-foot  lol on   Kast linker streel
li'ldUU  near corner .
balance iu threeaui
<ttr>ClP\Cl  will buvaa
CP^iUWU opposite Tit
i.\ mouths.
all-foot  lot nu Kast. linker streel,
ipposilc Treiuonl hotel.   Terms: tY.liii cash,
balance in three, six and nine mouths.
$OOf.n w'" liuv a all-!'nl corner lot on  Kast Baker
OWWW „t,-eet. Terms: tflCU!! cash, balance in Ihree,
six. nine and twelve months
QA.^O vvi" "'"J* il -'I'I-I'ikiI let nu Kast linker street.
*+>^t'~J\J Terms: Sioll cash, biilance in six nnd Iwe.ve
ClJ "I (3C;n will liuv a HO-l'ool. corner lot on West
<-P-t \Jt~r\J street. ' Terms: §5(1(1 cie.li. balance ii
and six months.	
CftfiOO will liny a 'tO-fooi improved lol. tm West Raker
*P\J\J\J street.. Tonus: S'lOll cash, balance in six and
t welve months.
A New Railway Under Construction.
Buy Before tf?e/T|arl\et Ibises
SEAT OF GOVERNMENT of West Kootenay.
Apply  for Prices, Maps, Etc., to
Frank Fletcher
Land  Commissioner  Columbia &   Kootenay   Railway Co.,
1 111 ree
dJ-l 17 P"; -}-,-. Ct«On "'ill buy I be besl resilience
«P± (tj UU qSOvJW ](lls in Nelson. Terms: One-
third cash, balance in nine and eighteen moiilhs.
^.^OPL-^r    TO
John Houston & Co.
Cor. Baker and Josephine Streets, Nelson.
Stone Block, KASLO.
The (\'onfederation Life _AssociuI ion.
Tliel'lKcnix l-'ire Insurance Company,
The Provident Fund Accident Company:
,\ i.so.
The Snndy Croft l-'oundry Conipany. near Chester, Kngland. makers of all kinds of niiiii:i^-111 icliinery, air
compressors, rock breakers, stamps, etc.
W-ELS03ST,   33. C
Adjoining the government, townsite of Xelson,
AT $125 and UPWARDS,
with a. rebate for buildings erected.   The best residential
properly in Nelson.    Value sure to increase.
Apply to ■■:.-.-•'   ■■
-:-■   W. A. JOWETT,   -:-/..
Mining and   Real   Estate   Broker,  Auctioneer
and Commission Agent,
Agent for Xelson and West Kootenay District, or to
IXXKS & RICHARDS, Vancouver. Jl. C.
(The Nagle-Davies Crown Grant.)
The Gateway of the Lardo-Duncan Mining Camps.
The Head of Navigation at the North End of Koootenay Lake.
The Terminus of the Government Trail.
The Only Flat Land Not Subject to Overflow and the Only Harbor at the North End of Kootenay Lake.
Terms, one-third cash, balance in 3 and 6 months.
Managing* Ag-ent,   STONE BLOCK,   KASLO.   B. C.
B. II. I.l-:i-:. "Votary I'ublie.
HARRY  11.  WAltD
of   W
The business centre for lhe Kaslo-Slocan minus
MAN'.UII.N'C:    .Uil-.NT     l-OI£    -
The key to the great Lardo and  Duncan  I liver Camps.
It. .1. JlKAI.KV.
The Largest Choice of Good Business Locations in Kaslo.
Several Promising Claims for Sale on Reasonable Terms.
Local Agents for Slocan City and Four Mile City.
FEOISTT   STEEET,   K:^SLp3!;B,   G.
j±-TDj-<otxisrxj<rG- a-x^,j^.x<rxo cxvx<rTXz,^.X-, :h:ot"E!:____,_
Offices in Nelson, Kaslo, and Lardo.
aiATiircw GUTnuiK.
All the ore output now assured to Nakusp by the immediate construction of the NAKUSP
& SLOCAN RAILWAY, which will start at Nakusp and end at the Forks of Carpenter Creek, directly in the center of the Slocan Mines.
No Other Route can Possibly Compete,,
Thirty-five miles of Railway from Nakusp will tap the whole of the mines of the Slocan
District, and the ores are bound to come out by the NATURAL GATEWAY via
NAKUSP, to the general welfare and prosperity of the Province.
Look at the Map.
A Provincial Railway Charter and subsidy, and a Dominion Railway Charter have been
obtained for the NAKUSP & SLOCAN RAILWAY, and the Canadian Pacific Railway
Company have entered into an agreement to lease and operate the railway for
25 years. There can be no doubt as to the importance of NAKUSP—The gateway
of the SLOCAN COUNTRY, either from the north or south, and the principal shipping and distributing point for all the district tributary to Slocan lake.
Concentrators and Samplers.
Now in contemplation, consequent on the definite settlement of the railway question.
The NAKUSP & SLOCAN RAILWAY will be built with a rush right into the heart
of the mines. See Wardner's and other experts' estimates of the production of
Sloean Mines in the press. All this now assured is directly tributary to the
Lots will be put on the market on April 20th at old prices, but
will be advanced 20 per cent on May 1st.
Commission-  Merchants   and   Insurance  Agents.
Desirable Kaslo Property on Easy Terms.     A Long List of Kas'o-Slocan Mining   Properties for Sale.
Assessment Work Done and Abstracts Furnished Ou'side Parties.    Conveyancing.
Real Estate and
Mining Brokers.
At SB NTS   '•'Oil
The Kootenay Country is 300
Miles nearer the Eastern
States and Canada via Bonner's   Ferry   than   any  other
U/ESJ  and
General Agents, Vancouver, B.C.
Boat connections are made at
Bonner's Ferry with trains
On the
For S|.(ikinif. I'ilK<-i Sound. SI. I'niil, flhiniK'o "Mil
lii.iii.s in ('.Hindu iiml Iho Kiistorn Slutcs.
Km- I'lirllinr hil'm-mnlinli ii|i|il}' I" Mm olliroi-s ol Mm
bonis mi Mm Hoiumi-'s l-'cri-y rini: lo .1. A. Ali-Nnli. iiwii .
(.rent. Norl horn llnilwny. liimimrs iM-ny. hhihii; II. II.
S| .Inlin. tfiiimrnl iikciiI. SpiiUium, W nsli.: II. A. ..hihn.-on.
li vision i.Mss.niK'M- nnd I'n-'Khr iipi'iit. SriilUi:, )\"-; .'-v ''•
li. Mc.Mif.ki'ii.Kuiioriil nKont. I I'nhiii-r House hlock. lo-
■•.mli), Onl.: in' I*'-  I.   Whil-ii'')*. Kern™.   piiss<m(,'<''' 'i'"'
:ki!|. ntf.Mil. St. l'iiul, Minn.
Xolic<_ is hurcihy kiven Mint, assessed nnd liroviiicinl
rcvoium Inxus I'or'lho year ISil.'f nre now due and payable
,-it my ollice.
If Paid on or Before the 30th June-
I'rovinciiil revenue lax $'.! per ea|iita.
One-hail' ol' one per eenl. ou the assessed value (if real
Oiie-lliinl of one per cent, on the assessed value ol persona! property. ,,■■,,,
Two per eenl, on the assessed value ol wild land.
One-half of one jier eent on the iueonie ot every person
of fifteen hundred dollars and over.
If Paid on or After the 1st July—
Twolliirdsofone per eenl. on the assessed value of real
^One-half of one pur cent on the assessed value of personal property. ,    . „
Three-(|iiarlersof one per eenl, on Ihe nieoine ot every
person of lifleen hundred dollars and over.
Two and one-half per eenl. on the nssessec value ol wild
hind. T. H. (-IKKIN..
Assessor and collector southern division ol
West Kootenay district.
Xelson, l-'ebruury l.'IMi. 18H8.
A silling of the counly court of Kiiolenav dislricf will
be holden at Xelson on the Kith day uf ;\lav. IS!W.>
T. II. (!I|.'|.'INT, KeKisfrar of llie C'oiintv Court.
N'eison. H.C. March :_lst, IS!«.
A Kciieral nieetiiiK of the shareholders of the Slocan
Trading & Navigation Company, Liiniteil. will beheld al-
Xelson, British Coluinliia, at the olllen of the conipany. in
.1. l-'red I Initio Si Co.'s store, on .June 1st, 18!'.'!, at 2 o'clock
p. in., for the election of oflicers and oilier business.
Secretiu-v and treasurer.
Xelson. B.C., April 21th, 18!).'i.
(Deputy   Sherill')
NKI.SON,   Ji. C.
Auction sales made at any point in West Koolenay
district. Town lots and iniiiliiK claims IioukIii and sold
on comniissioii. A general real eslato business tranaefed.
Ofllee for lhe present at residence, corner Carlioiintu and
Koolenay streets.
W. .1. McKay ceased to be a inenilier of the unregistered linn of .lolin Houston & Co., publishers of The
Tribune, of Xelson, British Coliinibia.on Mondnv, April
17th. IS!W. .101IX HOUSTON k CO.
Xelson. April 17th, IS!).'.
Xofico is hereby t?i ven that unless nil accounls owing
to the late llrm of Carney & Barrett iirii paid on or before
the Ist day of May next, the same will he placed iu suit.
Assignee for Carney fc Barrett estate.
Xelson, B. C, April 181 h. 1S!W.
The undersigned hereby tfives noficuof his intention to
apply to the stipcmliir.v  Kislrate nf West   Koolenay
ilislriet. for a license to sell li(|iior at. his hotel at l.ardo.i
Dated. April .'.th KS!)X |>. F. HVAX.
Thirty days afterdate we intend to apply to the stipendiary iiia.Lcislrale foralieense lo sell liniiors at our hotel at
Kort .Shcjipiiril, B.C. FIIKI) ADIK,
Nelson, April 2iiid, I8!«. THE  TRTBIJ^:   KEL&Jtf   B.. C.,-��� TtfUft&DAY,' MAY  k  1303.  3  <?.  AGENT   FOR  �� ���  to i'liiiikin' ol' (hem ii bi&; luni|) would rise  right up in my throat. And Ijy swallerin'  that I kep' myself from starviii'."  END   OP   THE   WICKED   DRUMMER.  Capital,  Rost,  all paid  up.  $12,000,000  6,000,000  Sir DONALD   A.  SMITH   Hon.  (1KO.  A.   DRUMMON'D,  !���:.  S. CLOUSTON    I'resilient   Vice-President   General Maunder  ;ank of  iritish Columbia  (Incori oraled by Royal Charter, 1SH2.)  Capital (paid up) ��600,000     .       $2,920,000  (Willi   power io  increase.)  Reserve Fund   -   ��260,000    ..       $1,265,333  _isrELSO_[sr x^tt~&.x<rcxx  N.W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.        IHt.WCIIKS   IN       LONDON  (England),   NEW YORK    CHICAGO,  and in lhe principal cities iu Canada.  Buy and sell SlerliiiK  KxehaiiKe and Cable Transfui-s.  (.KANT I'OMMI-.KCI.M.  ANI< TIMVKI.I.KKS* I'lCKIH'I'S,  available ill any pan of the world.  PK.M-'TS   ISriL'KD:  COI.I.KUTtd.NS  SIAIlK;   K'I'U.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  RATI-" OK INI'KUKST (al. present I .*..} I'er Cent.  WHERE   THE   GOLD   IS   GOING.  Austria  Is Obtaining It  in Order   to  Replace  Her Silver Money.,  A great denl   is   being; printed   in connection witli tlie exports of gold from tlie  United States, and of the accumulation of  gold  by Austria-Hungary for the purpose  of restoring the gold standard  in the latter country.    Some account ol" the: methods and progress may be of general interest.      The   new   currency of   Austria   is  issued under the law of August 2nd, 1S!)2.  It provides i'or a new unit, of value, known  as  the krone, or crown.    The krone will  be worth  about  twenty and   one-fourth  cents   in American   gold.    The gold coins  [) -will   be   ten  and    C wen by crown   pieces,  l> worth respectively ;i little more than two  and four dollars of our e.in ency.  An important point in the new scheme  is the method adopted lor replacing tlio  old currency with bhe new. The present  unit is the florin, or gulden, a silver coin,  the face value of which is about forty-  eight cents���that is. it is worth that as  compared with the American silver dollar, it containing a little less than half as  much pure silver as the American dollar.  The old coins, however, tire not to be  taken at face value. The basis is said to  have been obtained by taking thoaverage  current value of the llorin in tbe international money market for a series of years  preceding 1^'-- The law providesthattAvo  florins. Lace value about ninety-six cents,  shall equal four crowns of the new currency, equal to eighty-one cents in gold.  .In other words, tlie old currency will betaken at a discount of nearly 1(5 percent.  The law of August 2nd. ISi')2. authorizes  the ministerof linance to negotiate a loan  through the sale of -1 per cent gold interest-bearing bonds sufficient to purchase  gold to a total of lf":i.-l"5(i.0(K) florins, in  partial execution of the law a loan of  sixty million Uorins was arranged with  the Rothschilds in .January, they agreeing  to take thirty millions absolutely and the  remainder at option. A few weeks since  a popular subscription was opened and  six hundred millions were speedily subscribed for. so that the whole loan was  provided for many times over. The loan  was offered to the public: at OIL but.it is  said tlie Iiothschilds paid only USA.  These figures show that Austria is j laying a pretty high price for the change in  li-jr currency, and in view of that fact it  i j not surprising that it has been possible  t> take gold from the United States at  times when the rate of exchange did not  .seem to justify it. It is well understood  that the gold for this loan has practically  all come from the United States. Austria  was able to get it for the very simple reason that she was willing to pay more for  it than the Americans would pay to keep  it. The terms upon which the new currency is to replace the old throws upon  the holders of the latter the loss resulting  from its depreciation.  Gold Production of the Transvaal.  The gold production of Africa is increasing quite rapidly. This is .shown at the  annual meeting of the Chamber of Mines,  held at .Johannesburg on .January 2(ith,  the chairman, Mr. Lionel Phillips, stated  that the Rand production for IS9.I wa.s 17.1  per cent better than 1800, while that of  1802 passed 1801 by (5(5 per cent. The unlabel'of stamps working in 1802 increased  Iroin 1510 at the beginning to 208(5 at the  end. The yield per ton from mills was  0.')7 cwts., against 1.1.2:3 in 1801. This is  attributable chiefly to the deliberate  working of lower grade ore by some companies and the compulsory working ol'  pyritic ore by others during the year. _ It  was clearly demonstrated that the pyrites  bogie had disappeared. Turning from  gold won from mills Co extraction from  all sources, lie found that the average for  1801 was 12 dwts. it grs., whereas the average for 1802 was 12 dwts. LS grs. Thus  the  treatment   of   tailings   and   concen-  3STELSOTST   _B_R_A.]SrO_H::,  Cor. linker and Stanley His.  ('Xelson. R.C., Victoria, H.C,  t�� i        I     Vancouver, li.C, Xanainio. B.C..  nPfMfillfiS-        New Westminster. R.C.. Kamloops.R.C.  ui unuauo   H.m |,.l,llluis,.0i c.llaii i'0,.t,iiir,(I, (jrc,  L Seattle,   Wash.,  Tacuina,   Wash.  IIKA1)   OKI-'I OK:  IK)   l.omlianl  street.,   LONDON*.  Kiitf.  Agents and Correspondents  CANADA���Hank of .Montreal and branches:  Canadian Hank of Commerce and branches;  Imperial liank of Canada and branches.  Commercial Hank of _M;uiiloba; and  Hank of Nova Scotia.  UNITKD STATICS���Agents Hank Monlreal, Xew Vork;  Hank of ^Montreal, Chicago.  SAVINGS    DEPARTMENT.  On and  after January Ist, 1S!I.'I. the rate of interest, on  deposits will he '.II tier eenl. itnlil furl her notice.  trates more than balance the decreasedue  to lower grade and pyritic ores.    During  1801 six companies produced .12.0*3-1 ounces  from tailings and   concentrates, whilst in  1802 twentv-two companies treated aud  obtained 2f 1,8(57 ounces. In 1801. $2,-18:3,()()()  was earned in dividends, against $*-".070.(X)0  in 1802. This was an increase of nearly  (50 per cent, and he thought he migle*  safely predict that under present conditions the current vear would see the output 1.(500,000 ounces.  Stick to Your Business.  There are many men, and particularly  young men. who are always getting dissatisfied with what they are doing. When  they have been working in a certain line  of business for some time they begin to  think they are better fitted for something  else. Instead of working right on what is  plainly set before them to do. they allow  the spirit of unrest to take complete possession of them and they are of no account  iu the positions which they occupy, tind  they might be of hiss account in something they had not tried. No one wants  to discourage ambition in any way, but  there may be a difference of opinion as to  what ambition is. According to Webster,  the word means '*an eager and sometimes  inordinate desireineut of preferment,  honor, superiority or power." In its  original use. it meant going round seeking  votes for ollice. but the ((noted dcliiiitiou  will besc apply to business purposes.  The ambitious youth would do well to  study this definition before allowing his  desires to get away with him. He ought  to consider what preparation he has had  to entitle him to proferment, superiority  or power. Would he know what to do  with himself if exalted to the position he  might crave? Many things should be  taken into consideration. One needs  executive ability to hold high positions in  business today. The man of ideas is the  one who "gets there" in the store, in the  manufactory and in every.other place in  the business world, lie must know his  business " from the ground up" to attain  best results. There are many men, it is  true, who tire placed iu positions where  they tire nob at home: whei e they have no  special adaptability for their work, but  still if these ;ire the only positions which  they could secure for the time being, it is  best to do something until the right thing  comes along.  There is.danger in this changeful disposition. Many good qualities which should  be sought after are overlooked entirely in  this greed for gain. Not long ago a business man said. *"I should consider my life  ill spent if I thought 1 did not fill a place  where I could be of use to my fellow-men."  This man isat the head of a. large establishment which gives employment to a large  force of men. It is in giving these men  work and looking after them that this  man finds his reward.  It takes time to tell whether one is well  fitted for a place or not. If he is able to do  the work well there is reason for his sticking to it until he knows that he is wanted  elsewhere. The place lirst secured may lie  tlie one which will  load upward  to a rich  reward.   Duelling by Irish Gentlemen.  At that time duelling wa.s a recognized  part of the social code,  commandments" arrange<  men of Calway formed a complete set of  rules on all the punctilios of the duello.  According to the printed rules of (..a I way,  seconds, if desiro s. may exchange shots  at right tingles to their principals, and.  lest the gentlemen should have forgotten  their mathematics, there is a diagram to  explain how this right angled fire is arranged.  The pistol wtis the national weapon, the  long, heavy duelling pistol, which wtis  handed to'the principal by his second:  the Hints hammered and the feather-  spring set." Some Irish 'gentlemen who  served in I'Yance tried to substitute! the  small sword for the pistol, and a duelling  club was formed in Dublin-")', most agreeable and useful association"���the members  The ������thirty-six  by the gen thi  ol'which styled themselves the *' Knights  of Turn," and who strove by practice iu  the fencing school and ou the field ol  honor to. bring the rapier into fashion  again.  But their practices wore denounced as  "frivolous" by the regular blazers, and  national habits were too strong for the  innovators. "Well hit. but no lives lost."  was the bulletin most', hoped lor on the  conclusion of a duel, for the kindly Irish  nature recoiled from occasioning the  death of a neighbor, and perhaps a friend,  but wounds were glorious, and none  could doubt the honor of one who had  been winged on such an occasion.  THE   STAGE   AS   A   CAREER.  .When on tin. road yon travel,     -  As in the train yon sil.  Some f,;liow will unravel  Your liit.tory, bit by bit.  And while yon an:admiring  A nerve that is sublime.  This (|iiesl ion will heliring  At,von: "Say, what's your line?"  In some <|iiiet corner, smoking,  Vou sit, in your hotel;  You're in no mood for joking;  You're rest ing for a spell;  When Ihislicnd will come stalking  Xear by whore you recline,  , Anil ilien insist, on talking  And asking: " W'hal 's your line.'"  lie i-; so blamed persistem.  You cannot make him run;  You try a iiiannerdistaiit,  lie only tli inks it's fun.  He's fresh beyond reclaiming.  And, though you make no sign,  lie draws a chair, exclaiming:  " ICxcuse me, what's your line.'"  Oh! let us hope some day this friend  (Hod save lhe mark! say we)  May lind a lint:, Ihe oilier end  Of which is up a tree.  Then, as we see him swinging  l-'roin some tall, graceful pine.  On-ears will cease llieir ringing  Wilh: "Say, what's your line.'"  Nelson, B. C.  Billiard and  . Pool Room.  Hot and  Cold Water.  Electric Bells.  Baths.  Flush Closets.  y��uitoe_u..-_g|fr__;��_ra_Lai!_^r^  j^^^*���*"C��_____�������"*~~"-i;"    "S^**^-"-*''-'*^ ' ~---~'~-~^-'''J^~^^^z^^^1z2^-^~^lr&pt'*a;-**?  E. E. Phaip,  I'rop'rietir.  RESTAURANT.  Next Door to the Madden Hotel,  NELSON, B. C.  HOTEL  The Expressed Opinions of a Celebrated English Actress.  "When Mrs. Kendal submits to the inquisition of the interviewer something  wholesome and womanly is bound to bt  the result, and when recently some one  questioned her what she thought of the  stage as it career for women she said:  "That is of all questions the most difficult to answer, and especially difficult to  an actress who is supposed by the public  to have been exceptionally successtul.    1  iove  my work with all my heart, and it  would  seem  ungracious   in  me  to speak  disparagingly   of   the   plank   which   has  buoyed   me   up.      Still,   there  is  not an  actor  or actress,   in the   world  who will  not  bear me out  when   I   say   that only  iiiembers of the profession can form an.\  estimate of the difficulties, tangible tind  intangible,   "which   surround   those   who  wish  to make their career on the stage.  To some people the dramatic faculty is  natural, aud do what they will  they cannot keep it clown.    Still, take an ordinary  young woman who has her .iving to earn  and compare what her iife will be if she  takes to tuition as an alternative to  the  boards.    A good  governess is  treated as  an equal, for surely no woman would put  her children  with a governess she could  not respect and brust.    If .she is ill she is  taken care of. tind if need be nitty take a  holiday.    Contrast her lot with that of tin  unknown    actress,    who     is     constantly  thrown out of employment for months at  a. time, tind must appear aj the theatre at  the appointed time no matter Low ill she  is.     Of   course  the   temporary  salary  is  higher, and  the little gowns she wears as  soubrettes tire furnished  by the management.    But  if the girl falls ill she often  loses her place til together, or her understudy,   if of ti smarter appearance, may  suppiant her in favor.  "Then in Kngland there is little opportunity for training, for there is no conservatoire for study. The would-be actress has no alternative but go into a  theatre as she can, and be content if she  can get nothing better to do than just to  walk on and off as super. If I had my  life to begin over again 1 would study in  Paris. The conservatoire practically  educated the Krench people where theatrical matters are concerned. After all,  acting is art, iind people should not try to  act before they have Ijeen taught to do so,  any more than they would think of singing iu a grand opera before they have  studied with a good master.  "As for the qualifications essential to  success on the stage, a certain amount of  dramatic instinct is necessary, good looks  are important, aud good health is everything. People seem to think that an  actress is necessarily an individual with  shaky nerves and uncertain health, when,  tlie truth is that all of us who have made  our mark in the world have been ren ark-  able well balanced healthy women. .No  one who is not strong can bear the  terrible strain which is put upon an  actress. That time in which bhe public  sees us act represents but it small portion  of our fatigue. With the rohoarslor, learning new parts, the costuiners, etc., we  literally have no peace, find even when we  sire successful holidays come few and far  between."  lu speaking of marriage Mrs. Kendal  says: "All of my expeiience iu life  teaches me that two of a trade til ways  agree iu the married state. I would have  ji tailor marry a, dressmaker, a painter  marry a sculptress, and so on. People are  never so happy as when talkingshop, and  I think it is it disastious thing when an  actress marries a man who takes no interest in her success, or when an actor has  to go home to a woman who prefers not to  hear the theatre mentioned. On the  whole, the most united married couples I  have known belong to my own profession.  I am sure that an actress can be quite as  good a. wife and housemother as tiny other  woman, rather better, perhaps, than her  more domestic sisters, I'or she always has  to have her wits about her, and that helps  her iu daily life."  Corner  Front  and   Fourth   Streets,  KASLO,   B. C.  A. & J. Fletcher, Props.  ACCOMMODATIONS   FIRST-CLASS.  .SI ago leaves CI rand Central for Watson. Hear Lake City,  Three Korks, New Denver and all points in  Ihe ICasIo-Slocan district.  PROPRIETRESS.  Corner  Front  and   Fourth  Streets,  KASLO,   B. C.  MAHONEY & LUNDBURG  PROPRIETORS.  ree ror  HOTEL  C. CARPENTER, Manager  S  ALL THE PRINCIPAL MINES in Slocan district,  can be reached in from two to .-even miles from this  hotel, which is located al Three Forks on Carpenter  creek.  THE DINING- ROOM is under the iinineiliale superintendence nf Mr. (_'. I'uwun, formerly of the Winri-  - sor Hotel. Unite. Montana, nnd lhe lingers Ilolel  Mis-ouln,Montana, who will see to it that the cuisine  of the Three Forks i.- nol excelled by (hat of any  hole! in West, Koolenay.  SPECIAL RATES will be made for weekly hoarders.  Private rooms for transient quests.  HOTEL  RESTAURANT  and LUNCH  KJP  OPEN  DAY  AND  NIGHT.  IL  PROPRIETOR.  y  Lardo  District.  Drop in and  See Me.  Hot and Cold  Lunch.  East Baker Street, Nelson,  .1 UNCTION* I.AUDO AND j NOW OI'KN AND UKADV  DUNCAN  UIVKUS.        I l-'f'i"  I'CSINKSS.  His Ingenious Device.  "Time .I wtis out in Colorado." said the  man with (lie ginger beard, "I was chased  by tlie bloody Injuns into a cave; and Iiml  to stay there three niontlis without anything to cat."  Here the man with the ginger beard  looked around defiantly. expecting some  one to doubt his assertion, but as no one  spoke lie wa.s compelled to explain.  ���'I s'pose I would Jui' starved." he continued, "if it hadn't been lor my wile and  family back east.    Whenever I would g<>  Best of Accommodations.  A.JC^_ PEARSON,   Prop.  T[HE GREAT NORTHERN  HOTEL  COUNK!  OF SIXTH AVKN'l'K AND MAIN  STUKKTS.   I.AUDO. H. f.  Best of Accommodations.  I.ATKS:   .-51..")H TO S_! I'KU DAY.  FINE BRANDS OF DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED  WINES, LIQUORS, AND CIGARS.  TAYLOR & GARVEY, ProiDrietors  u  TORONTO SAFE WORKS,"  : Toronto, Ontario,  .MA\L|.-Airrt-iti:ns ok  FIRE-PROOF  BURGLAR-PROOF  VAULT   DOORS.  Slocan Trading & Navigation Company, Ltd.  NELSON  The VICTORIA is pleassantly  situate on Victoria street, and  is one of the best Hotels in the  Kootena.y Lake Country.  MILLS & REBSBECK, Proprietors  HANSEN & BLOOMBERG  Proprietors.  TIIK C'l.OSKST 11 DTK I.  in Ndlson to tin.: Slu.-un-  Imat l.iiniliiiK-  TIIK HA It CAlililKSTlIK  I lest. Hruiiils of Liquors  anil ('.Kin's.  HE  LELAND  Front Street, Near the Steamboat Landing-,  KASLO, B. C.  Devlin & McKay, Props.  TIIK IIKST CI'ISINK.      TIIK HKST HKD.s.  TIIK HKST ol'- KVKKVTIIINO.  In: <:iiiii|ii_ti.v  Al  piissulif,'!!!-iiml fri.i'tflil sli-iiincr-  W. HUNTER  KSTA I SHOOK  Mast cr  I for lii.iwl of Slui-iiii luki'iliiily nl I |>.in.  I.KAVKS        I I'or l-'oiir Mile city ami fool of Slo.-.-in  NKW  DKNVKIt'i     laki-on Wciln.,..-,(lay> anil Sal urd.-iy.-  II.  I,  liiku on WciIiim  nl Da.in.  Iicad nf Slni'iiii luliir for N'l-w D.Mivi.r iluily  l.i-avi  [>. in.  I.i'iivr.'s fool  of Sliicnii Ink  Dunviir on  Wcdiii-sila.. -  nl  ��� for Four Mill. Oily iiml Saw  anil Sal nrdays al   !l a. in.  NOTICE.  iinrliii.| -lii|i licl wi.rn  W.   I-'. 'I'l-i-tzi-l.  icl < I.  II. William.-., doin^- liiis  Tin; iinn-KHli'i-i-il  .lolin A. < iinsnii, anil <i. II. \\ illiain.-.. Uoiii^- liiisini-ss  (lrii��Kist.-i al K'a-lo. Hrili-li (!ii|iitiiliin, nnili-i- Hie Mini  mum. nf \V, I-'. Ti-i-l/cl \- Co.. wit* dissolved on April ..Villi.  tS'Kl. W. !���'. Ti:i-lz(.-l nnd .lolin A.Oilison liavir disposed  of llu.-ir inliin.-sl. in llie Kaslo xlore to (i. II. Williams,  wlin will hercnfli'l-eondiiet I lie linsiness nil his own in:-  eonnl. W. F. TKKT/KI, & CO.  Ni.lson, H.C. April-'���'���tli. !.'���'��.  oeur d'Alene  HOTEL  JOHN F. WARD; FRONT STREET  MANAGER,    i   KASLO, B. C.  The Very BEST OF Everything.  The Tremont.  ���**- East Baker St., Nelson.  Is one of llielie-1 Iiolels ill Toad   Mi lain di-triet. and  is tliu Iii:ii<lijiiarl.ers for prospeetors and  working  miners.  MALONE    8c   TREGILLUS,   Props.  John Johnson, Proprietor  PRIVATE  BOXES  FOR LADIES.  The only Restaurant in Nelson that keeps  open DAY and NIGHT.  Extensive  Improvements  Nov-/ Completed.  All Rooms  Refitted and  Refurnished  FINEST WINES,  LIQUORS, AND  CIGARS IN  THE MARKET SOLD AT THE BAR.  Special  Attention to Miners.  HOO_M.S K1HHT-CI.A.SS.  I_.ATE.-i MODKRATK.  HOUSE  At Corner Baker and "Ward Streets,  NELSON, B. C.  THOMAS MADDEN, Prop.  THE  MADDEN is Centrally Located, With a  Frontage Towards Kootenay River and  is Newly Furnished Throughout.  THE TABLE is Supplied wilh Everything in  the Market, the Kitchen Being Under  the Immediate Supervision of a Caterer  of Large Experience.  THE   BAR  IS SX'I'I'l.ll-.l)  WITH   TIIK   HIvST HI.AN'I'S OK A I.I.  KINDS OK WINKS. MUCOUS. AND CICIAK.S.  Special Attention to Miners.  ~1)0TENAY  HOTEL  Situate on Vernon  Street, Near Josephine.  The Hotel Overlooks  The Kootenay.  Its Guests can Obtain  Splendid Views  oi Both the  Mountains and River.  Axel Johnson, Proprietor  THE ROOMS   ;  AUK I'ONVKN'IKNT AN'M  CO.MKriUTAHI.K. ���  TKE TABLE  IS  TIIK   IIKST   IN   TIIK  .MOI'N'TAINS.  Special Attention to Miners.  THE BAR IS FIRST-CLASS.  nternational  HOTEL  Corner  of  West Vernon   and   Stanley Streets  NELSON.   B. C.  First-Class in Everything".  THE INTERNATIONAL has a Comfortably Furnished Parlor for  Ladies, and the Rooms are Furnished Newly Throughout.  THE TABLE is not Surpassed by  any Other Hotel in the Kootenay  Lake Country, Being Supplied  with the Best of Everything'.  JAS. DAWSON & B. CRADDOCK,  PROPRIETORS.  THE BAR  la Stocked with Choice Imported and Domestic Wines. Liquors and Clears.  fl*J  &����  ma��i����tii^^ TOE TRIBUNE: .NKLSON, B. (1, THURSDAY   MAV  i, im.  ���'-e" rr-f  \  at U/fyoIesale Oply.  a 5p^cialty.  BAEEE   STEEET, ISTELSOlSr.  THIS     WEEK'S    NEW    ADVERTISEMENT,*"  John  I.. Ui.-liilint.-k.  Kn.-!n- Advance in |iriee nl' l.anlo  lots.  Tnnier li-ros., Nelson ���News depot iiml iniisieal instruments.  Cooi'tjc N. Tnyliir. Nelson-- Ai-i-hili.-c.-l.  J.aiiKKin W. Tndil, Ku.-lo-.\rehileet.  ('eoiKe A. I'iKulow. secretary -"Vluuliuji ��r South Kool-  ennv Hoard of Tnnli-.  l-'i-ed .1. Si|iiii-o. Nolson--C'liaiij,'e in mlvi;i-tiscjiiicml.  Hospital < "onimil loci. Nelson- .Wi.utii.K of siibserilierslo  lliCKutic-ml hospital fluid.  CuorKe M. ICcel'or, Nelson -Lumber.  Taylor & (.'arvey. Limit)--('real Noi-tlit-i-n liolt.'l.  (.'i-ahain & Taylor, Nelson���Hools and shoe-.  (.rilkcr it Wolfs, .sulson���Clol.liiiiK.  "Mills & Uebsbeck, Nelson ��� Victoria hotel.  .Malone ic Tretfillus, Nelson���Dininy-rnoin  i'oi-i-enl.  The (erins of the bond would not permit  of development work being done as it,  should be. so it was thoughl best to buy  the property outright. Last .Monday the  purchase price wa.s paid in Xelson. Kob-  ert Shiel was one of the owners, but he  does not say what was received for the  property. Jlr. Watts says that as soon  as instrucLions can be received from Ottawa work wii! be commenced on a-tunnel  that will prospect the ground at a depth  of several hundred feet.  THE NELSON & PORT SHEPPARD.  W. I TEETZEL.& CO.  CHEMISTS and  3ycEK,c"Ea:^_isrTS.  A liirjjo and eoniplele sloek of I he leading lint;s of  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  "Word reached .N'eison tonight tJmt.l. C.  Steen died at (.'olden on the *'d instant.  Died, at Ainswortli. on the Sd instant.  the infant son of Mi', and Mrs. Henry Anderson.  Ira. Jenkins will  take his former place  as purser of the Galena when that old  re-  liable'is again put in commission.  The fund subscribed to keep the Kaslo-  Slocan sleigh road open between Ivaslo  and Three l.('orks was exhausted on the  21st ultimo. J.'rivate parties are now putting up until the government appropriation becomes available, in order to keep  the wagon road portion in repair.  W. F. Teetzel 6c Co. of Nelson have sold  their Kaslo branch drug store to G.   H.  Williams.  A Kaslo correspondent writes: '"The  general interests of Ivaslo are well subserved by the weekly Kaslo-Slocan Ex-  aminer in the retirement of its cabin beyond the bridge. ^Meanwhile we hear that  there is a project on hand to establish a  morning daily paper here, and the prospective editors are preparing a turnip  patch near their prospective ollice."  Lardo now boasts of a- general merchandise store, Morris & Lefurgy's. They  should do a good business, as the tide is  taking pros]lectors towards sections of  A Vest Kootenay of which Lardo is the  natural supply point.  AV. Li. Poulton, formerly of Trail Greek  and other points on the Columbia, is  building a hotel at the mouth of lien ver  creek, so as to get a share of the business  that will be done there during the construction of the Nelson 6c Fort Sheppard  railway. Beaver creek empties into the  Columbia about live miles above Waneta  Landing.  Ben Thomas will leave Nelson next week  on a prospecting trip through East Kootenay. Lie will .probably go round by way  of Bonner's Ferry and .Jennings, taking  boat at the latter place for Fort Steele or  its near neighborhood.  ��� R. AV". Hunner, formerly a banker in  AVisconsin and latterly a mine-owner in  Goat River district, has, in partnership  Avitli J. J. Barnes, opened a store on the  American side of the boundary line near  Rykert's custom-house.  Three footpads held up :i British Columbia tourist at Bonner's Ferry last Thursday night and robbed him of $.1(5. and now  the people there talk of organizing a-'vigilance committee to hang a few of the  hobo element sojourning at that place.  Why not give them-a dose of British Columbia justice?  A party J'roni Victoria is'erecting a hotel on the ground between the mouth of  I'end d'Orielle river and the international  boundary line, now that the latter is de-  lined so that even a blind man can distinguish it.  Boundary City, on the Columbia river,  just to the south of the boundary line,  now boasts of one general store, two restaurants, two saloons, and a number of  dwellings. A railroad contractor is building a hotel and expects to have it opened  by the time the Spokane-Northern track  reaches there.  Last week A. W. Smith, a I'ugcl Sound  capitalist, purchased twenty-five lots at  Lardo, paying %12it each therefor.  The Kaslo-Slocan wagon road  has  '  abandoned for the present, as faras  ing is concerned.    No work  will  be  toward repairing it until the government  appropriation i.s available.  The Kaslo Townsite Company announce  that they will build two or three wharves  at that place. The unsightly and dangerous log float, which so long has been a  disgrace to the town, was completely  wrecked by the storm last Saturday, so  that until the conipany erects suitable  wharves 'steamboats can land on the  sandy beach, all the same as siwash canoes in tlie days gone by.  Three Construction Camps Already Established  on the Smith End.  Larson t_v Co.. who have the contract for  building the Nelson iV Fort Sheppard, a  railway that will give the Kootenay Lake  country communication with the outside  world the year round, have one right-of-  way and two grading camps established  on tlie south end of the line. Hugh McLeod. their purchasing agent, was in Nelson this week picking up everything obtainable in the way of material' and supplies, ordering them to be shipped to Fort  Sheppard and the mouth of Beaver creek.  The chief cam]) and base of supplies is to  be at the latter place, where a couple of  warehouse buildings are in course of construction. The piers for the Fend d'Oreille  bridge arc! Hearing completion. From the  foundations up they are iron cylinders  filled with concrete.  Back From the Dunoan.  John Tolson and .)..). Mc.Naughten are  back in Nelson from a prospecting trip to  the upper end of Ilouscr lake. They did  not lind anything more than barren  ledges, and report the snow too deep to  admit of prospecting back iu the mountains. A party of Swedes recently discovered a gold ledge and located a claim  or two. The ground is situate almost  four miles above Duncan City and back  half a mile I'rom the lake. One of the  party .-old half his interest, in Kaslo. toa  man from Spokane for $~t00 cash. Quite a  number of men are going into that country, but it is fullv six weeks too early.  Cor'. Baker and  Josephine  Streets,  Nelson, B. C.  ft?  Drugs,  Chemicals,  Patent Medicines,  Perfumes,  Soaps,  Brushes,  And  Toilet Articles of  Every Description.  A large and complete slock of  "WALL PAPER  Central Office  of the  Kootenay Lake  Telephone.  Groceries, Provisions, Hardware, Stoves, and Tinware.  Plumbing  and  Tin-Roofing  a  Specialty.    Stocks  full   and   complete in' every Department, and the Public will find it  to their advantage to inspect Goods and compare Prices. '  John A. Turner, Manager.       East Vernon Street, Nelson.  am  SUITINGS:  2T.  J".   SQTXIJRIE.,  i&xvx^&CDX-xj^Jx-rr tailor,  liiis received liis slock of Spring iintl .Siininiei- Suitings,  nnd is prepared tti linn onl. siiils ns well made a ml  slylisli us liny _Meruliniil. Tniloi- in Camilla.  Haker si reel (jusl west, of tlie bridge). Nelson.  Will Make a Mill Run.  A..L. Davenport says the I'oorinan mill  will be started up within a couple of  weeks and-a run made on the 100 tons of  ore extracted last winter. It is not likely  that, any Other work will be done this  ���summer, although arrangements had been  made to extend  the main tunnel -100 feet.  ____r_R02srT  STEBBT,  KASLO.  Clothing, Bry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Groceries, Hardware, Iron and Steel.  MINING   COMPANIES,   MINERS,   AND   PROSPECTORS   FURNISHED   WITH   SUPPLIES.  Double Dressed,  Single Dressed,  Shiplap, ���  Rustic,  Ceiling,  Flooring,  Laths,  Shingles,  All Dimentions of Rough.  ... jas.; Mcdonald &co.  JOSEPHINE   STREET, NELSON,      -       -      -  Curry full lines of nil kinds of  Kiiriiit.ure for residences, hotels,  and ollices.   _Ma.Lti-o.sses made to  t order, and at. prices lower than  eastern and coast manufacturers.  Shelf and  Heavy Hardware,  Stoves, Ranges, Tinware.  Coal, Iron, Glass,  Powder, Fuse, Caps,  Steel, Nails, Paints, Oils.  Miners'  Lumbermen'  and  Blacksmiths'  Outfits  in   Stock.  ^_R,0_NTT   STREET,   KASLO,   IB. O.  TIII-.Y   ARK ALSO -UlUNTS   l-'OIt  Evans  Pianos and  Doherty Organs  w. .1.  WILSON.  W.   i'KKDl'K.  WILSON&.PEME..  We also earry a large stock of  Ueen  i.l'!llll-  111 > 111:  Having liouf_rhl, tin; stock of the Davies-.S'nywnrd Sawmill Company I am prepared to furnish huilders  with lumber of the above lines.  Special Dates to Building Contractors.  GEORGE H.  KEEFER,  Corner Lake and Ward streels, Xelson.  Nelson and Kaslo.  Will contract, to supply mining companies and steam  boats with fresU meats, and deliver same at any mine  or landing iu   the   Ivootenay  Lake country.  NELSON SHOE STORE  l-'rcsh in-rival of goods for the spring trade.  Tun mure consignments on the rniid. Wo  iiilciid keeping full lines in Ladies', Cents',  .Misses'. Youths'. Cirl's, Hoy's, and Children's,  in Hliu-k and Tan colors. Iiressiiig for Ladies'  .-lilies, .-hoe polish and brushes. All kinds of  laces, cork soles, clc. and intend to keep  lidding.     Custom   work  and   repairing done.  GRAHAM k TAYLOR.  NOTICE.  An adjourned session of the lirst annual general mee'-  ing of ll'iij South Kootenay Hoard of Trade will be held in  1,'oom I Houston block. Nelson,on Wednesday, May luth.  IS!t:t. nt i o'clock I'. M. All members of the board are requested lo be in iilleiidance.  Hv order of the presidenl:  (IKOI.CK A. HIOKLOW, secretary.  N'eison, II. ('., .Miiy.'lrd, l����.  NELSON Office and. Mai-ket, 11 East Baker St.  KASLO MARKET, Front Street.  Nelson   Livery Stable  Passengers and  baggage  transferred  to and   from  the  railway depot and steamboat landing.   Freight  hauled and job teaming done.   Stove  wood for sale.  WrLSOX & WILLIAMSON.......  ....I'ROl'IUKTOKS  .lOIIN   M.   Kl-.KI-'KK. .lA.MKS   W.  Sl_.\ l.l_.  KEEFER  &.SEALE  TEAMSTERS.  .lob teaming done.    Have several hundred cords of good  wood, which will be sold at reasonable prices.  I.KAVK    OielllMCH    AT  J.   P.   Hume   &   Co.'s,   Vernon   Street,   Nelson.  ���joe jp^jrjsjust  NELSON, B.C.  Plasterer, Bricklayer and Stone-Mason.  Contracts taken for work at all points in West Koolenay  DIAMONDS,  JEWELRY,  WATCHES,  CLOCKS, Etc., Etc.,  And we sell at Eastern Prices,  Watch Repairing a Specialty  OS  and B8W1DI  WE BUY them direct from the factory and pay cash  WE SELL them on easy terms.  WE Guarantee allour goods to be as represented.  Come and See Us.  Pack Trains are now running from LARDO on KOOTENAY  LAKE to SELKIRK on TROUT LAKE, and in a short time  will be running from LARDO to HOUSER or UPPER KOOTENAY LAKE. Shortest and best routes to both LAKES.  SADDLE  HORSES  FOR  HIRE.  apply to l_a_:r.:do  Ti^^^isrsjpoi^T-A-Tiojsr  oo  LARDO,   EZOOT_E_N-A*T   XJ^_._KZ_E!,   B. O.  Bought a Mine Outright.  Lil to last: fall .''(Iwiii'd WaUs bonded the  Wellington, a cliiim in Liu: Kaslo-Slocan  district. I'or the Kootenay A: Columbia  J'rospectiiig ik Mining Company of Ottawa, iind work was curried on till winter.  A diamond drill was brought in late in  the fall, bill after several attempts it was  found to be iinpincLicahle to work it because of the seamy condition of Ihe rock  j'ormation. Holes were drilled forty to  fifty feet in several places, but always  with the same result    bioken drill  rods.  NOTICE.  The subscribers lo llie Konoral hospital fund lire re-  i|iiest<-(l to inei-l in lioinii I Houston Moek, Xelson. on  l-'riday. May olh. W>'l. "I I o'clock I'. AL. lo take action  lo.vnr'ils the i mined in I e creel ion of u hospital building.  K. C. AH'I'IH'li.  I>. I,A  MAI,*.  .1. l-'l.'Kli lll'.MK,  It. K. I.KMON.  JOHN HAMILTON,  II. W. VI 11,1..  Iiireclors of lhe Koolenny Luke  (ieiieriil  llospilnl Soeiely.  FOR  RENT.  Tlio iindersiKiicil will i-cnl Ihe diniiitf-rooni of tho Tre-  niont hotel to responsible purties.  SlAI.O"  Nelson, I'.. ('. Alio ���"el. Wo-  USE  Sc  TI.'KIHLLI'S.  GEO.  N. TAYLOR,  ^ IRO ZE3CIT IE O T  AND SUPERINTENDENT.  Plans.  Speeiliciilions  nnd   Detail   l>i-a\viiif_;s   l-'nniishi-d.  Olliee:   Josephine streel, near linker. Nelson, H.C.  :r,:e_a_:di  Dealers in Musical Goods of all kinds, Newspapers, Magazines, and Novels.  Staple and Fancy Stationery, etc.  Intending purchasers of Pianos, Organs, or Sewing Machines will find it to  their advantage to write us or give us a call. We represent the best  makers only and guarantee satisfaction on good terms.  TTJjyrXJSTG-  _A_.^TID   JEtttF^&.TJElTl<rGr  .A.   SPEOIALTT.  LANGT0N W. TODD  AECHITECT  AND   GENERAL  DRAUGHTSMAN.  ('oinforl anil arlislie ell'oet. Ki111r11.11l1.iMl.  Ilirilders' ipiaiil il ies made out,.  l-'i-onl  street,  Kaslo City,  ICoolenay.  H.C,  MEETING  OF SHAREHOLDERS.  A K'-m-riil meeliiiK of lhe s,.areliol(lers of lhe Nelson  Kleelrie l,i|_,'ht Company, Limited, will lie held at,  the olliee of the eoni|iany. in J. Kred llinne & Co.'s  store, Nel-on, Hritish ('oliimbii,', on Wednesday. .Mav  171 h, I.Sii:., nl i o'eloek p. in., for I he purpose of vnl'iii); the  ilirei-lors Hie power to raise money to ennipletethe narks  and for lhe I rnn^ai.t ion of oilier business.  (il'.OI.IJK A. HICKLOW.  Seereliu-y nnd Irensnivr,  NeUon, |i. ('.. April ���.'."���III, 1SII.I.  No. 2 Houston block, Baker street, Nelson.  FOR MEN AND BOYS!  We handle  and have in our store the LARGEST STOCK' of  R. STRATHERN, Agent at Kaslo  in the Kootenay Lake Country.    Men's Suits from $40 down; Boys from  $5 up.   A full line of Levi Strauss & Co's Copper-Riveted Overalls.  tea  '���Si*?  Ve*--  iiu. ������������������ ���jr��  .T  ^���������Jl"r. >"  ***fpw-j;  fl-i*?r-.t


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