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 Prnvi,  Jicia;  Has IVlinss that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds, of Properties that can be Made  Dividend Paying'Mines.  library  Has   Three  Smelters  in   Successful  Operation,'  and  Enough  Ore  in Sight to   Run  Several   More.  FIFTH   YEAR.-NO. 27.  NELSON   BRITISH.COLUMBIA,  SATURDAY,  MAY. 29, L897.  TWO  DOLLARS A YEAR.  THE   CITY   COUNCIL   BOARD.  By-laws Regulating   Licenses   and   Traffic   on  tho Streets Comes Up. '  The sixth regular ineoting'of tho mayor  and hoard of aldermen of tho city of Nelson, was hold in the court house on Tuesday evening. I'resent: Mayor Houston,  and aldermen Hillyer, .Maloneand Teet/.el.  The city engineer submitted plans for  the widening of the Baker street bridge.  On motion of alderman liillyer, seconded  by alderman Malone. it was resolved,  "That the work on Baker street bridge be  done by day's work, and that Jacob Sear-  son be i'oreman at $1 per day." Carried.  On motion of* alderman .Malone, seconded by alderman Hillyer, it was resolved,  "That tenders be called for one thousand  feet of round timber, peeled, ten inches at.  small end. nnd for *>00 feet of mud sills,'  Hatted cedar. Tenders to be in not later  than Monday, the 31st instant, at S p. m."  Carried.  On motion of alderman Teet/.el, seconded by alderman Hillyer. it was resolved,  that the following-accounts i'or labor be  paid: F. M. Bard, $30; .John llorton,  $30.90; John McLeod, $:*>: Thomas Dempster, $2.*".."50: Hobert Wixon, $-18.7*5; J).  Rourko, S2S.nO; .Dennis Trainor. $"j: .James  Peters, $29.2*5: Andy Campbell, $29.2.*':  Charles Gilker. $27: M. Burns, $27; Donald  Forbes, $">; A. Seaton, $9.-10: R. Bell. $20;  J. -McLeod, $3G.7">: Joe Garvey, $38.1*5;  John Riley, $20; John .McLaren, $31.25,  and George'Crook, $12.;"50.  Communications were received i'rom J.  Jl. Turner, minister of finance, re .squatters; i'rom J[. Abbott, scneral superintendent of C. 1.'. I?., re lire hall site, and from  the deputy attorney-general re the cost of  transporting prisoners to Kamloops. On  motion of alderman Teet/.el, seconded by  alderman Hillyer, the communications  were received and ordered placed on file.  On motion of alderman Teet/.el, seconded by alderman Malone, by-law No. 9,  entitled a. "By-law for Regulating Streets  and Sidewalks and the Traffic Thereon,"  received its second reading. On motion  of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Malone, it was resolved that the bylaw be considered in committee of the  whole at the next meeting of the council.  On motion of alderman Teet/.el. seconded by alderman Hillyer, by-law No. S,  entitled "Trades License By-law No. S,  1897," received its second reading. On  motion of alderman Teet/.el, seconded by  alderman Jlillyer, it was resolved that  the by-law" bo considered in committee of  the whole at the next meeting of the  council.  THE   WHITS    GROUSE   MINES.  Three Strong  Companies  Announce Their Intention of Resuming Work" at Once.  W..R. Ramsdall passed through Nelson  this week euroute for White Grouse mountain, where he will resume work upon the  group of claims held by the,Montana people back of the townsite of Sanca. This  Montana"syndicate has been recently reorganized, several members of the first  syndicate having dropped out. Mr. Ramsdall will continue to manage the affairs of  the company.  ���Mr.���Ramsdall announces that work will  he resumed on the Golden King at once.  Last season a crosscut tunnel was started  on this property and run in about 75 feet.  It is estimated that the tunnel will have  to be run in another 100 feet before it  reaches the ledge, and a double shift has-  been started upon the work. So soon as  supplies can be got upon the ground work  will also be resumed on the Storm King  shaft. This shaft is now dowiw-7" feet  and has a line showing in the bottom.  Assays made from.this showing give from  $75 to 2o0 ounces silver, $8 to $10 in gold  and about 10 per cent copper. Ramsdall  will also let a contract for running a $J00-  i'oot tuuuel on the ���Silver Tip. about a  mile above the Storm Iving. Work will  also be resumed on the wagon road from  Sanca to the mines.  Tlie Wellington company operating the  Brussells and Edmonds property, on  White Grouse will resume work as soon  as they can get in supplies. Another  company which will operate in the White  Grouse this summer is the Oro Platte.  This company is composed of Rossland  and Spokane men, and it owns a group of  claims about a mile south of the Storm  King. The company proposes to run in a  couple of tunnels this summer and will  work from 10 to 15 men.  On the whole the outlook for White  Grouse is very encouraging this spring,  and its development means much in a  business way to the city of Nelson.  The Toronto Group Sold.  Captain   Thompson,   manager   of    the  Wonderful, yesterday concluded the purchase from D. M. Bongard aud others, of  Slocan, of a group of four prospects, the  Toronto, Auditorium, St. Paul and Minneapolis. These claims are undeveloped,  but they are in the Slocan country, northeast of the Payne group, with only a fraction lying between. They are about one  and a quarter miles from McGuigan, and  the-wagon road leading to the Payne  mine leads across one of the claims.  The Silver King- Mine.  Tothe Editor Ti;iiu:>,'|._: A report a p-  peared in the Rossland Miner of 20th of  May, stating that Mr. M. S. 'Davys was  leaving the employment of this company,  and also reflecting in a most disparaging way on hi.s management of the  Silver Jving mine. As this article, or  its substance, has been largely copied  other     papers,    1     will   ask   your  by  permission to state that the reflections  cast upon .Mr. Davys are' entirely unwarranted and unjustifiable, and that his  ability as a-mining engineer is fully recognized is best evidenced by the fact that  the board of directors have not (he least  intention of depriving the company of  his services as <-uperintr'ndentof the mine.  Jfuxnv Fj. Ci'oakdaiU'.,  General Manager the Hall Mines, Limited.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  James Delaney of New Denver, made an  assignment on Wednesday for the general  benelit of his creditors. _ The assignment  was.made to Joseph Irwin.  A. J. Marks returned to Nelson this  week after spending a month in Colorado  and Arkansas. He advertised the advantages of Nelson wherever he went, and  has reason to believe that several of his  .friends will give Nelson a call this summer.  Some rich strikes are reported i'rom the  neighborhood of Goat creek. On German  mountain, between Goat and Granite  creeks, they are said to be finding traces  of the richest ore in Kootenay!  The lacrosse boys feel that they have a  good kick coming against the Kaslo sports  committee for charging the members of  the team for admission to the grounds on  the queen's'birthday.  .Passengers over the Canadian Pacific  last Monday report that the whole train  came nearly being dumped in the lllecillewaet river, about three miles this side of  Revelstoke, through the collapsing of  some piles in the trestle work over the  river. The courageous act of the engineer in throwing wide the throttle and  making a dash to cross was the means of  landing the long train with about 150  passengers safely across the bridge.  Chas. 13. Wolverton, who has so efficiently filled the position of provincial  constable at this place for some time, expects to be transferred to Vimr shortly.  George H. Keel'er, a former resident of  Nelson, has made a strike of a 3-foot ledge  of galena, in the neighborhood of Howe  Sound.' It is said to be the first galena  ore found on the coast. Keefer has refused a couple of big offers for his claim.  The members of the city council should  enter a pi otest against the government's  contemplated action in the matter ot  building a provincial jail upon block -h.'..  This' block 'is right itrt'he center of "what  promises to be the residential portion of  the city and should not be used for jail  purposes. If this matter is represented  to the government- iu its true light the error will doubtless be righted.  The Columbia & Western railway will  soon put a new townsite on the market.  The prospective city, which has not yet  been named, will be located just across  the river i'rom Robs'ou. The company  speaks of the erection of a bridge across  tlie river to Robson, where connection  would be made with the Columbia .&  .Kootenay railroad to Nelson.  The squatters held a meeting at Gray's  lumber yard' office Wednesday night, at  which the neuclus for a fund to defend  their rights was obtained and various reports heard. A strongly worded petition,  numerously signed, was forwarded next  morning to the lieutenantgovernor, whose  good offices are invoked in their behalf.  The vitiscope exhibition of the; Corbett  aud  Fit/.simmons   light at the^ fire  hall  Thursday night, was a 'disappointment to  those who had been promised an actual  representation of the contest at Carson.  Many local sports who are familiar with  the appearance of the principals, and referee, have no hesitation in pronouncing  the exhibition as a cheap attempt at a  representation of the famous fight..1        .  CARRIED OVER KOOTENAY PALLS.  A Supposed Nelson Prospector on a Raft Swept  to His Death.  Charles B. Wolverton, provincial constable, brings news of an unknown man  going to his death over Kootenay falls on  a raft. Andrew Joly, who has a contract  for getting out wood for the Hall mines,  went fishing-with James Moriarty and  another man last Sunday afternoon, and  while sitting on the river bank, about  eight miles from Robson, they were startled to notice a raft coming rapidly down  stream and bearing a man. The poor  fellow was without a paddle and was being swept onward to a watery grave over  tlie falls, a short distance below where  the fishermen were ashore. The current  at this point is about 15 miles an hour, so  that it was utterly impossible for the  men on the bank to render any assistance.  The doomed man frantically shouted and  gesticulated to the horrified watchers to  save him, and not until the raft had been  swept past the fishers did he seem to give  up hope. Then with a hopeless, despairing gesture he fell upon his knees and  Joly and his companions were compelled  to stand idly by and see the raft witliits  human freight disappear over the brink  of the foaming cataract into the seething  torrent below. Who the unfortunate  man was the eye witnesses of the terrible  tragedy were unable to guess, but the  supposition is that he was a Nelson .prospector who had attempted to cross the  stream several miles above and had by  some mischance lost his paddle or pole,  and so became a helpless victim of the  turbulent waters of Kootenay river. Mr.  Joly describes the man as of medium size,  stoiit, short dark hair, no mustache, but  a beard of about a week's growth.  SHORT   BITS   OP   NEWS   PROM   KASLO.  John A. Whittier, well- known in the  Slocan as the President of the Goodenough  mines, and one of its largestst.ockholders,  returned to Kaslo on Saturday evening  last, thus concluding a wedding four. Mr.  and Mrs., Whittier were niairied in  Charlestown, Massachusetts on the 20th  of April last, and will make their home in  this city where they will build aresidence.  There was some flurry in the city late  last week over a reported sale of the well  known Whitewater mine to the, Puget  Sound Reduction "Works Company of Everett, Wash. Both Manager Eaton and  Major Montgomery, one of the owners, say  cthat the report is entirely without foundation. The matter of a sale may have  been talked over between the parties, and  to this'extent only, is itpropei\tosay that  negotiations have been pending. They  have not however been carried into such  an extent as to prevent the owners from  selling the property to anyone who has  the money to pay for it. There have been  many inquiries concerning the mine, and  wishes expressed to make an examination  with a view of purchasing.  It is understood that matters have been  so arranged that the townsite of the Rosebery ou Slocan lake may be placed upon  the market. The property was originally  purchased from the government by A. M.  Wilson;, who afterwards disposed of a  one-third interest each to Mayor Green of  Kaslo, and G. B. Nagle of Revelstroke.  Subsequently D. McGillivray, contractor  for the construction, of the Nakusp and  Slocan railway, acquired a conditional interest. Rosebery is one of the best sites  on Slocan lake. It has a protected harbor  where the C. P. R. has built an expensive  wharf, and is the point where'all shipments from the lower lake must he transferred to tho railway. R.obert F. Green  will manage the property^in trust for the  other owners.  The McGuigan wagon road will immediately be extended so as to reach The J3est  mine and other properties: Arrangements  have been made to have it reach the  Rambler-Cariboo, aud it is'expected that  the Surprise and Ontario will share in the  advantages and cost. The output of these  mines will thus be put at the Jvaslo and  Slocan railway at a much cheaper rate.  As soon os the extention is completed  George Hughes reports that the force at  The Best will be largely increased and the  property made a regular shipper. The  development work which has hitherto  beehsteadily carried on places" the property in first class condition. The Jackson  mines are also in first class shape as  tho result of intelligent development  work. Jieeeiitly the force has not been  large owing to the quantity of drippiug  water. The mine however has beeen put  in shape to sink a permanent shaft in the  flat where the buildings are. There is a  Hue showing of ore in the lowest tunnel.  A contract has been let by this company  to G. A. Carlson for the construction of a  ���wagon road from Whitewater station,  which was located last year by G. 0. Foss.  A concentrator will also be built in the  mines on.Jackson creek, which will afford  an abundant water supply.. The latter  will be in charge of T. L. Mitchell.  The Monte/.uma is a South Fork property which will have extensive connecting  works in the immediate future. Thomas  L. Mitehel has prepared plans and specifications for a concentrator, aud E. W.  Cummings, Kaslo's water works engineer,  will make a survey of a route i'or a. tramway. As soon as the latter is completed,  tenders will be invited for the whole of  the works. The Kaslo Montezuma Company will also seek the assistance of the  local government in constructing a wagon  road to connect with the Jvaslo and Slocan railway. V -  It is announced that the tug steamer  Idaho will make an attempt to run the  Duncan river from Kootenay lake to Hau-  ser lake. Simson brothers of Duncan city  and Ha user lake, and Thomas Dunn, who  have had a large experience on this part  of the lake have volunteered to assist in  making the trip and if two or three places  can be placed by the aid of the windlass  it is not deemed impossible for the little  boat to make the ascent. Should it prove  successful the Idaho will remain on Mauser lake and ply from the terminus of the  Argentine trail to a point some II miles  up the river from the head of the lake.  The lower Duncan i.s impassable for small  boats at the present time save under the  most skillful guidance. A large number  has, therefore, been collected at Argentine  while 'prospectors' supplies are packed  over the trail from that point to the foot  of the lake. The water in the upper Duncan has been very high, having risen seven i'eet in a week, it fell more rapidly as  it went down three feet in the course of  thirty-six hours.  .  James M.'Anderson, who has charge of  the prospecting parties sent out by the  Gold Hills Exploration and Development  Company of which Speaker Kdgar of the  House of'Commons is president, and J. B.  McArthur, managing director, came down-  from the Duncan river on Monday last.  He reports that he has now ten men engaged in prospecting for his .company.  They are divided into five parties and  have been operating mostly on the east  side of the upper Duncan, within a radius  of about fifteen miles from the headquarters camp at tlie nioutli of Mauser creek,  They were able to get up this creek about  ten miles, but were stopped by the snow  a couple of miles up Hall creek. Mr. Anderson says the country is difficult to  prospect,as most of the creeks run through  deep canyons. The navigation of the Duncan river above Mauser lake is dangerous.  Record of the Sports Which Went  to Make a  Successful Affair.  The diamond jubilee celebration of the  queen's birthday was one of the most successful  which  the city has had.   There  was a large gathering from outside places,  and the citizens rave themselves a more  general holiday than has been customary.  The steamers from Nelson brought large  crowds;  and   a   liberal   delegation  came  over the Kaslo & Slocan railway.    Prominent amongst the visiting holiday makers  was mayor Houston of Nelson,'who came  up as usual'to witness Kaslo's celebration.'  During the day he was escorted by mayor  Green, and received many warm congratulations, because of his new honors.    The  weather on the opening day was all that  could be desired, aud while all were bent  on enjoyment, there was nothing to  detract  from  the opportunity.   The day's  exercises began, .with the sailing race between  the sloop-rigged  yachts  Myth of  Nelson,   and   the Kootenaian   of   Kaslo.  The former was sailed by Harold Elliot as  captain, assisted by H. 13. Perks, J. Keith  ���Reid aud Augus Campbell, while the Kaslo  .boat, was handled by Alexander McKen/.ie  as captain, who had with him A. J.  Slee,  Jesse   Anderson'and   John   D.   Keenan.  The race which bid fair to be interesting  started at a few minutes after .1.0 o'clock  with a spanking breeze  from  the south.  The Myth in the lead rounded  the starting boat a minute and a half ahead of her  opponent, which carried away a back stay  and the starboard shroud iu  coming to  windward   to  round  the marking boat,  lio'th boats showed good qualities  but of  course were very wet in tlie chopping sea  which prevailed.    Everything1 pointed  to  a good   race   until  the rounding of the  third mark.   The-Myth  close reefed  and  lowered   the jib.   The   Kootenaian   still  carried;on under one reef.   A very heavy  wind was blowing and   both  boats  were  having all they could stand.   Shortly  after  rounding  the  mark  the Kootenaian  lost Iter mast,  all the shrouds  and  stays  being   too   tight  for such   hea'vy   work.  The Myth was thus left to finish her journey   alone.    Her crew  showed  excellent  seamanship   thoughout  the   course,   and  brought  their  boat   across  the  winning  line in good shape, having made the nine  mile course  in one  hour and   thirty-live.,  minutes.   The  Nelson   thus   retains   the  Kaslo's ladies pennant for another  year.  Tlie Caledonian sports were started while  the   sailing race  was still  pending,  and  were witnessed by a large crowd of interested spectators.    The  first  event called  was the   100 yard race   for  which  there  were five entries.    The winner  was Jack  Allen,   a  sprinter of   considerable   note,  with A. J. Dill a good second.    The  boy's  race which followed was won by M. Weir  and F.  McKinley second.   The* 220 yard  race  again  brought   out Allen  and   Dill  with two others.    This was a good race in  which Allen showed that he was astayer,  He won with Dill further away  than   before.   The weeel barrow race was won   by  Nisbett with Kane as  second.    The winners ran a fairly straight course, but  the  wild   movements of   the   others   created  amusement.    A   boat  race and egg   and  spoon   race   were   also   interesting  from  their oddity.    The  former  was  won  by  Coy and McCinley and the latter  by   Dill  and Strathem in   the order  named.    The  three-legged race  was   won   by   Dill   and  Strathen  second.  The ju  ,   witli   O'Reilly    and    Nisbett  nping contests proved  drawing  ���because of tlie'long sweepers that stretch  into the current from- the shore. He  nearly lost one of hi.s crew who was  thrown" into the swift current from one of  the fallen trees. The work on the lower  river should be extended in due time to  the upper portion. Ten claims have been  located and recorded for the company,  ami some fine specimens are shown, taken  i'rom tlie surface showings.  -Alderman Goodenough has received the  sad intelligence of the death of his mother on Wednesday morning at her home in  the county of Champlain, Quebec. Mrs.  Goodenough had been an invalid for more  than a year and had scarcely passed later  middle life at the time of her death. She  was very generally esteemed.  There has been recorded in the office of  the' mining recorder, the mandate  of the supreme court of the province appointing Mrs. Mary AlacKay to administer.the estate of her late husband,  Adam MacKay, who died at Three Forks  while Mrs.'Ma'cKay was visiting in Iceland. The value of the estate is sworn to  be under $-1,000.  J3y direction of the city council the water commissioner invites tenders i'or digging the trench and laying a water main  along Fourth street between A avenue  and front street. The pipes are ou the  ground but there was too -much frost in  .the ground to continue the work last winter. Tenders are also invited for the construction of an overflow flume i'rom the  reservoir.  Scott Themberg, Thomas Melrose1 and  Charles W. Sturges register in the mining  recorders office as a firm or co-partnership  for the purpose of locating, acquiring and  developing mineral claims, and generally  dealing iu mining property. They do not  own in common any of the stocks held by  Sturges aud Melrose in Slocan and Spokane mining company, but contribute to  the partnership property the miniral  claims, Glacier South, Oregon and J3ime-  talic and an undivided one-half of the  Silver Alp and Needles, all situated near  the divide between the south fork of  Kaslo creek and AVoodbury creek.  THE    KASLO   CELEBRATION.  cards and held a large number of spectators even after the ball game had commenced. The standing broad jump was  won by Dill with 11 feet (i inches lo his  credit, with Stopher of Spokane second,  covering'll i'eet 1 inches. The running  broad jump also went to Dill with 17 i'eet  one inch to his credit, Sweeney having 1(5  feet I inch. In the hop:step-and-jump  Dill covered 37 feet 2 inches, and Stopher  35 feet 9 inches, taking first and second  money. Dill and Sweeney each had-1 feet  2 inches to his credit in the standing high  jump and divided tho prizes. The running high jump was won by Stopher. In  the vaulting by pole, McLeod was an easy  victor at 9 feet 2 inci:e?j. Stopher put the  shot 35 feet 7A inches and won over G. A..  McLeod who was only -A inch short of the  same record. " '     .  . The ball game between the Spokane  and Kaslo nines, being the initial game of  the Kooteuay-Washington league . was  witnessed by a larger gathering than had.  ever previously assembled within an enclosure in the city. The grandstand was  filled to its capacity with brightly-  gowned ladies and interested men, and  was in itself an objective lesson worth  studying. Nash and Davy were the battery for the Jvaslo team while Rush and  Connors did similar duty for the Spo-  kanes. The first four innings were well  played and very interesting. Neither  nine, however, maintained itself" to the  end. The batting was good but the base-  running indifferent. The game was won  by Spokane with the following score by  innings:  i     i     :i     i     5     ii     7     8     !>  Spokane        o     i     o     u     i)     o     3     :i     *���i;  Kuslo 0      0      (l      5      0      0       1       I ���1.0  The result of the second game of the  league Scries played on Tuesday afternoon, after a rainy morning, was also a  victory for the Spokane team. Stopher  took the place of Rush in tlie box, and  pitched an admirable game from start to  finish. Koffman for the home nfne also  pitched good ball but was not well supported in the field. It was, however, an  interesting game and was only won after  a spirited contest. The score at the close  stood 11 to 7 in favor of the visiting nine.  Jt is fair to say in behalf of the Ivaslo  nine that they had had very little practice together^ and will yet give some hard  contests to their opponents before the  series is complete. Bray who umpired  both games did himself credit. He was  prompt and decided. Theee was kicking  at times but no real feeling over his decisions.  The first game played in tlie series of  the South Jvootenay lacrosse league practically closed the first day's amusements.  The players as they lined up for the game  showed two meu short in the Kaslo team.  Their opponents of tlie Nelson team accordingly withdrew two of their men. It  was agreed, too, that on account of,, the  advanced afternoon, the play should last  only an hour. The diminished players as  they began the game were thus placed:  Ni-:i.s(iX   ' ......'��� Kaslo  Nash.... ��� ���' ..goal _ ... .". ..Mills  Gmy............;...-: point    ....... .Frost  Gallilier cover point.. :....Dill  Dallas   Ist.<d. Meld...... ::.. ���.. ..Rickerson  Oooney.........  ....... ^ 11 d. d. fluid:....-.........Slnitliem  Taylor .....;.  ........Centre   ...Donnelly  Hippcrson  ..2nd. h. Meld :.-...l'alinor  firay...   1st. li. field. ;:'.... Fitsspatrick  Hipnorson ...outride liome.. .....1-CiiiK  .Smith....... ..inside home............ ...Dill  The game was somewhat more hotly  contested than was expected as the Kaslo  team had never previously played together as a whole. Jt went to Nelson with  a score of 3 goals to 2. The umpires were  Irvine for Nelson, Morris for Kaslo, with  II. Ryan as referee.     .<'.:'.'  The regatta on Tuesday morning did  not attract a very large gathering. The  double canvas race was won by.'II.  Mathews. The single scull race by J. Bellamy and Eli Smith. The dances on each  evening of the celebration was largely attended and proved very evjoyable tothe  many who participated in them.  The Streets on which Money Has Been Spent.  Erom April 21th to the 22nd of this  month the city expended, on streets and  sidewalks, the following amounts: Carbonate street, $170.05; Ward street, $20.50:  Hall  street,  $107.55; Latimer street, $9S:  Cottonwood Smith creek trail, $5: Silica  street, $S3; Stanley street, $230.55; Mill  street, $300.80; Josephine street, $355.-15;  Observatory street, $53.I0- Kail way street,  $59.10; Robson street, $18.90; Baker street,  $221.-10; Vernon street. $13: Victoria street,  $8. Of the total ($2150), $1201,95 were paid  for labor, $791.52 for lumber, $53.53 for  nails, and $100 for tools.  Smeltor For Boundary Creek.  Mr. Iledley, who was connected with  the Hall Mines Exploration Co. for some  time, has visited several mining camps in  Boundary Creek distiict with the object  of gathering information regarding the  best place to erect a smelter. Mr. Iledley  is fully impressed with the necessity of a  large smelter to assist in the development  of the mineral resources of the district.  Should the Hock Creek coal mines turn  out a good quality of coking coal there  will be no difficulty in securing the necessary.capital to erect a smelter.  The Le Roi Declares Another Dividend.  The directors of the Le Roi company  declared a dividend of $25,000 on .Saturday, payable May 29th. This makes a  total of $100,000 that the mine has paid in  dividends since October, .1895. The Le  Itoi company also closed a contract with  .lames Breen. whereby he associates himself with the company for the purpose of  erecting its smelter plant. Colonel I. N.  Peyton and Mreen have left for Denver,  Chicago and Milwaukee to purchase machinery I'or the smelter. Peyton says that  the question as to where the smelter will  be located is still undecided.  RATHER INTERESTING READING MATTER  For the Stockholders in the War Eagle Gold  Mining Company.  The following circular letter has been  sent out to the stockholders in the War  Eagle Gold.Mining company. The stockholders \v,ho lost -10 cents on each share of  their holdings���the par value of the shares  is one dollar���will no doubt appreciate  the consummate gall of the trustees who  compelled them to sell their holdings at a  loss, and who now seek to justify, their  action. There was no valid agreement  between the trustees and the Gooderham.  syndicate, and the trustees knew it at the  time the sale was made. It is not likely  that the shares of any company in which  any of the six trustees mentioned in the.  circular letter will, in the near future, be ,  eagerly sought I'or by either the speculative or the investing public.  Spoka.n'I'J, Wash., May 17th, 1897. ,  To the Stockholders of the War Eagle  "Gold Mining company���Gentlemen : ���As  the properties of the company have been  sold since the last annual meeting, a detailed report of development, etc., is not  considered necessary in this report. Herewith you will find a financial statement of  the company's affairs from the beginning  of operations December 3, 1891, up to May  1st,- 1897:  ItECEIITS.  Sales of ore '. $  501.130.73  Virginia conipany supplies   ,  lo.iHJ ���  Uevcived for ltossland lots $2,050.00  Less improvement on lots   I, I71.'����  War Eagle sale      Total   IHSUl-KSEMKNTS.  Opera ling expenses .'   Dividend account sales ore, etc   1 lividcnd account War Kajjlo sale ...  Iron Mask loan   Iron Mask supplies..'   Cash in treasurer's hands $  Unpaid dividends     Total cash in treasurer's hands...  .$ fciaua  .     (i.231.00  SH,fi!K).(K-  :��;.<;.)  2��2.��l.-|.ll  217.320 00  (IU3,7<._..00  13,1.(0 00  km;..  $1,201,730.09  Total amount of ore shipped, 11,511,12.5 pounds, or 20,-  757.21 ions. The total amount of cash received on lhe  above was SoOl,150.78.  The only unfinished business of the  company is the following items:  Iron  Mask Gold Mining com-  $13,900.00,   collectable   at any  in   Rossland, estimated value,  d'Oreille river, es-  Note of  pany for  time.  Six lots  $3,000.00.  .Water right on Pend  timated value, $200.00.  When the lots are sold a dividend of the  cash real/.ied on the above items; together  with that now in tlie treasury, will be  paid and the company's affairs closed up.  In this connection it is thought proper,  in justice to the trustees who consummated the saleof the company's property,  to say, that as some of the stockholders  of the company have circulated the report that $700,000 was accepted in preference to $900,000 offered for the property  by others, thereby creating considerable  unfavorable and unjust 'comment, that no  such offer was ever made except in the  shape of an option to purchase in 40 days,  perhaps, paying therefor one or two hundred thousand dollars forfeit. > This was  uiade more than two ..weeks'.after the  property was virtually sold to the parties  paying $700,000 spot cash, hence the'only  way thec option plan could have been  adopted would have been by risking personal liability to the Gooderham. syndicate on the part of the six trustees, viz:  Clark, Corbin, Finch, Wakefield, Campbell and Kingsbury, who in good faith  signed the agreement to sell, and accepted  $200,000 part payment two weeks before  the' option -offer was made; but this we  did not want to do even though we considered the option .plan the best, which,  with the exception of Mr. Corbin, we did  not.       Respectfully submitted,  '   Patrick Ci.ahk, President.  Matte arid Ore Shipments.  During the past week the value of the  ore and matte entered at the port of Nelson for export was little above $-10,000,  three-fourths of which came from the  Trail smelter. The exports fori May will  be the lightest during the present-year.  The figures were:  " -   ��� HULIJON   AND  Trail smeller     OltK.  I.e Itoi mine, Hossland   Koolenay Ore Company. Ka-lo.  Whitewater mine, Slocan    No.  I  mine. Ainsworlli   Total for week   Total so far for .May.  Total for April    . ���  .         Total for Mareh   ���  Tola! for February-   ���  Total for January      Total via Itevel.-toko to May 12.  Total so far for ISC  11 ATT K.  Pounds  V aluc      S0..SI.5  A  pproximate  Tons.  \ iiliii*.  153  30  !!��         311  S  11.727    i.Km  S'M.*-.!I20      3.7i 4  $133,231      5,i>22  S'<77.liSl      5.2111  S51.2.K.3      1.513  iCuoMM  12.  ..  2.2_:t>  $223.3>'2   23.2iL5  ?2,'JIi;.57i;  Another Toad Mountain Shipper.  The Athabasca, on Toad mountain, is  to ship its ore to the Hall mines smelter  in a few days. A number of meu have  been employed in sorting ore and a quantity of it has been packed ready-for transportation. Men are now engaged in cutting a wagon road a distance of one mile  to the tramway, and this will be completed in about one week. Large cabins  are being built for the accommodation of  the men and a force of miners will be pub  to work stoping at once. An upraise is  now being made, and as the shaft is a  double compartment and thoroughly well  timbered, work will be carried ou in a  business-like manner.  There are 200 tons of ore on the dump,  which gives assays of between $200 and  $300, and the outlook is that tlie none  will be a famous one. The ore is free  milling and concentrating, but for tlie  present it is considered expedient to ship  it to the smelter instead of attempting to  put up a mill and concentrator.  mm  BK**-*-^:  fe<&��  ?���������.(?��� rt/f.'  ���IF ���'���t';A '  L&- "'  fini  t..  .    ..MP-  a. ya    ���  ���������.Vft. /  fr��YrS>JI  *��i.  ���W THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON, -B. 0.,' SATURDAY, MAY 21),  1897.
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JF. RITCHIE, Provincial Land Surveyor.
•    Ritchie building, Rossland, 11. C.
Office in
J. H. HOLMES, C. K.—Provincial Land Surveyor.
P. O. box S2, ICaslo, li. C.,
T    C. GWILLIM, B.A.Sc. & W. S. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.
<J •     —Mining  .Engineers   aud
make the duty so high as to-.tempt more
British Columbia eauners to migrate a
short distance only, yet sufficiently, far to
remove the bulk of the profit of their industry from Canada to the United States.
The traps truly threaten the permanent
interest of a great fishery by increasing
the possibility of depleting it, if not as
now, in part by British Columbia eauners.
then certainly wholly by canneries located
on and in some cases removed to the other
side of the line.
Tifio party leader in congress who will
not relieve the hunger of Americans in
Cuba until they are recognized, must be a
relative of the man who refused to rescue
another from drowning because he had
never beeu introduced to the unfortunate.
Slocan City, B. C.
Analytical   Chemists,
NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets
second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning
brethren invited.
The Ames Holden Go's special "Columbia,"
"Vancouver," "Kootenay" should be worn
by everybody who wants a first-class mountain boot.
Away   back in February,   1891, G. A.
Bigelow,   E.   C.   Arthur,  John   Houston,
Fred Richardson, "Wilson Hill, .J. A. Gilker,   J.   A.   Melville,   Oscar   Soderberg,
Thomas Al.  Ward, Angus Afclntyre, "YV.
A. Crane, M. D. Mahoney, W. Gesner Allan,   Thomas   Madden,   G.   E.   li.   Ellis,
Thomas Alulveyand Harold Selous-met
in Nelson and organized a fire company.
During the following summer the executive officers selected lots 1, 2, S and 4, in
block 10, as a site on which to erect a fireman's   hall.     The   lots   belonged  to  the
crown,  and  the representatives' of   the
crown (the provincial government) were
asked to hold them in  trust for the uses
of the fire company, or for the people of
Nelson.   Before action was taken one-half
of the lots iu Nelson were given to the
Columbia & Kootenay Railway Company,
in consideration of that company making
its eastern terminus on the townsite of
Nelson instead of at Grohman Flat or at
"Bogustown," which the company threatened to do.    Among the lots deeded to
the railway company were the four lots
that had been promised  to the fire.com-
pauy.    The government was;so notified
and under date of December 7th, 1891, the
-'- la te Hon. John Robson wrote to the secretary of the fire company, "I have now
to inform you that,.having obtained the
acquiescence of "Mr. Abbott, the lots (1, 2,
S,   and   4,    block   1G)   will    be   granted
as  a site for   Nelson   fire   department."
Deeds did not, pass to the fire company,
for the reason that its officers failed to incorporate the company according to-law;;
but the local representative of the railway company  when approached in the
matter, ..always    expressed    himself   as
ithough there would  be no trouble iii securing title once the fire company was incorporated or the town made a municipality.    The town was made a municipality, and  on  April loth  last the council
held its first meeting.    On April 24th the
mayor, wrote the local representative of
the railway company, informing him that
the  town  was  incorporated, and  asking
that deeds be made for lots 1, 2, 3.and 4,
in block 10.    The reply to the letter came
from  the general superintendent of the
Canadian   Pacific   Railway   conipany at
Vancouver,   and   was   dated   May   20th.
The letter said :    "I am  afraid  that the
" city will have to pay for them  at the
" ordinary list price if they desire to re-
" tain them."   Yet the Air. Abbott who,
■in 1891, acquiesced in the arrangement by
which lots I, 2, S and -I. in  block  Hi, were
granted as a site for a fireman's hall is the
same Air. Abbott who, in   1897,  writes  "1
'• am afraid  that the city will  have to
" pay list price'for the lots if they desire
" to retain them."    Is the old man's memory failing him, or does the Canadian Pacific Railway company expect' to realize
enough from the sale of the four lots to
build the Crow's Nest Pass railway?
Tmc Toronto Telegram must have had
in mind the provincial government of
British Columbia when it said: ''Legislation seems to be the one business in the
world where absolute stupidity is prone
to be taken for the most far-seeing craft,
and ."jolt-head folly for almost superhuman
wisdom."  ,
■■ ■■ ■ ———. ~ c
Fuo.m Rossland it i.s learned that squatters who live upon the Zenith ground, decreed to the Paris Belle people by the supreme court of the province, are receiving
notices from the Nelson & Port Sheppard
railway company to continue to pay rent.
The government may think that the Nelson city squatters have  their gall with
them* but there are others.
In a recent issue of the War Cry appears
the following report of the Salvation
Army's siege of the sinners of Kingston,
Ontario: "The siege at this corps has
" proved a mighty blessing. In all fifty-
" one souls came to the penitent form and
" were reported on by adjutant Stanyon
" on the night of the enrollment as fol-
" lows: To be enrolled, 15; backsliders,
" 12; undecided, 7; names already on roll,
•! 10; gone to churches, 5; gone to glory,
" 1; gone away, 1."
Tih-:rio is in the east(,at the present a
buddhist preacher named Dharmapala,
who seems to be as good a Christian as
any, in this country, measured by the
■'charity" standard of St. Paul. This enlightened preacher says he does not ask
for converts from Christianity to Buddhism. If we are really Christians, he says,
we need not trouble about Buddha, for
we already have the. very best that
Buddha can give us. If Dharmapala is a
fair example of what Buddhism can do
for a man, -the religion will commend
itself to many Christians. There is such
a breadth of religious view in the remarks
of the preacher, and such a delightful
willingness to admit that all truth is not
in the keeping of anyone sect, that his
words will strike a responsive chord in
the breasts of all who understand the
philosophy of the gentle Nazarene.
' ■■ Charlbton's Sabbath observance bill
has.beeu reduced to the clause prohibit-
ing" the preparation or publication of a
newspaper for sale on Sunday. The only
effect of thjs clause in British Columbia
will be to greatly increase the hours of
(Sunday labor for printers and newspaper
men. A Sunday morning paper, such as
are all those published in this province,
is prepared ou Saturday and issued early
on Sunday morning. In order to give
their employes a chance to rest on Sundays the British Columbia morning dailies
do not issue any paper on Monday mornings. But if their Sunday issue is cut off
they will have to make their, men work
on Suuday to get out a paper on Alonday.
In his zeal for Sunday observance Air.
Charleton is swallowing a great big
camel and straining out a. most infinites-
mal gnat. • '  .     	
upon this'complication, and the condition
of affairs is one which may possibly lead
to grave trouble, especially in view of the
fact that this portion of the boundary
is in the immediate neighborhood of the
recently discovered rich mineral deposits
of the Kootenay mining region.
To fully ascertain the .meaning of this
duplication of lines, it  will be necessary
to obtain from the imperial authorities a
copy of the field notes of the line, which
was surveyed by the Royal  Engineers, in
concert with the  I'nited States commission, about Sii years ago.    Air. Johnston,
chief geographer of this department, was
sent to England last.June to procure copies
of the fieltl notes and descriptions of this
as well as of other portions of the line between Canada and the United States. The
lack of the original survey records of those
portions of the boundary which have been
defined not  by  natural   features, but by
artificial   monuments,   is   seriously    felt
when a reestablishment of the lineor,.as
in this case, a supplementary determination is desired.    Air. Johnston's  unfortunate illness, however, rendered his return
necessary before his object had beeu ae-'
complished. In the meantime the services
of Alessrs.   AlcArthur and  St. Cyr have
been utilized toward making a connection
between  the Dominion land surveys   of
the  railway belt at Revelstoke and the
boundary   line-at the place .mentioned.
Their  triangulation,  when finished, will
serve not only to define the astronomical
position of the points in question, but will
afford points of connection for the explorations  of the geological  survey   in   the
Kootenay mining region."'  Uufortunately,
on account of the excessive quantity of
smoke  from bush fires ,and  unfavorable
weather in the early part of the season,_.
their survey has not- been completed. The
terminal point is near the town of Nakusp,
about  midway  between Revelstoke and
the boundary line. Another season's work
will  be necessary to   complete the connection."       	
,.        The Age of Reason.
If yon want IokoI rich inn brief dny or I wo
Devise ,-i hold .swindling saline:
The public will stmiKhLwiiy (.-(inlrilnile In yon.
Xn mailer how foolish your plun niiiy seem!
If you only explain
That, each victim shall H'ain
TIii-ihikIi the losses the oilier investors sustain.
The wildest and craziest swindle will "j_co"—
Folk-; like lo .yet something I'or nothing, you know.
If you have a K"Oil thins thai- is purfcully fair.
With a sensible prolit in view.
Nobody will care lo invest in ;i share
l-'ortbe purpose of helping you lhruiiK.h!
We'll nol cheat or steal.
Ilul most of us feel
.Suspicion of any legitimate deal
Where the K'lins are for all and in consequence slow-
Where n few do not take from the many, you know!
We lauiih al a man who will buy a jrold brick.
Or foolishly sign a blank check :
"Such lieubcns." we're wonl lo declare, "make us sick.
For they'll yet it. of course, in the neck!"
What we want is some plan
Where each of us can—
In a busines-like  way—"bo  lhe brick-selling
man" —
Some plan that {fives only the "favored" a show
To jfet soinelliinjf fur lillle or nothing, you know!
Canada's Trade is Growing.
The trade returns published in the
official Gazette on Saturday, show a satisfactory increase in the volume of trade, as
well as in the duty. The imports were
$S,39."5,928 for the month of April, compared with $7,910,111 for the same month
'last year. The duty collected was $1,772,-
005, an increase of $197.0(58 over April 1S9G.
Exports were $G,0o8,(.90, compared with
$4,8:"5S,902 for April last year. For ten
months of the present fiscal year the increase in the volume of trade was nearly
$11,000,000 over the same time last year.
Imports were $93,19S,592, compared with
$92,022,405 for ten months in 1896, while
duty was $10,911^091, as against $17,030,210
for IS9G, a decrease of $97,519. Exports
were $106,329,S74 for 1097, and $90,90.3,4.30
for 1890.
Tin-; British Columbians who are interested in the putting up of salmon caught
in traps in adjoining American waters,
threaten to remove certain of their canneries to the other side of the line if the
Dominion government persists in its resolve to place an import duty of: half a
cent a pound on imported fresh salmon.
The duty is practically prohibitive, and
though the workers of British Columbia
generally urge that some duty should be
imposed on imported salmon caught in
the objectionable monster traps located
on the other side'of the line, it is probably,
under existing circumstances, unwise to
There are questions pending with the
United States regarding boundary lines
in many portions of the dominion.. The
most important is in regard to the boundary '■••'■<    British Columbia and the
state of Washington. Some of the richest
gold fields on  the continent lie close to
the   border,   Rossland  itself   being only
eight   miles   from  the   line.    Some four
years ago the government of British Columbia directed attention  to  the lack  of
boundary marks.   The completion of the
Alaska survey set free last year Alessrs.
AlcArthur and St. Cyr, of the boundary
commissioners' stall' to look into the matter.   Deputy minister Burgess says:    "It
seems, however, that there is a complication on this part of the 49th parallel, over
aud above that due to  the mere lack of
monuments.    It appears that for a considerable distance in the Boundary Creek
and Grand Prairie  regions  there  is evidence of two lines having been surveyed,
marked   and   cut  out.    These   lines   are
about 100 yards apart; both, it is stated,
are equally well cut out, and were apparently run  about the same time, but the
monuments   on   the, northern    line  are
pulled down very completely, while those
on the south line are standing in  good
condition. To the east of Boundary Creek
the monuments are in ruins in the south
line and are standing on  the north line,
while at Boundary creek there are monuments standing on both lines.   At Grand
Prairie the land is being farmed by United
States citizens up to the north line. There
is  nothing of record here in connection
with   the   survey   of   the   international
boundary which  would  throw any light
Having .appointed W. .I. G. Dickson localngcnt'for
Addition A to the townsite of Nelson, intending purchasers of lots, or persons wishing information, plans, or
price-lists of the addition, will please apply to him.
Eugene B. Frankel
If you have trouble with your eyes, or your glasses
don't suit you perfectly, call upon him. No eases too
cli_11ci.lt.   Examination free.
Nelson ofliee in Jacob Dover's jewelery store.
Kaslo office, Front street.
_R"E^-T_,   IES'I'^l.T.E:
^.jsttd ooiivn-ivcissioiisr -A-gkej-stt
Several valuable business sites on Baker St.
Business block—two stores—Baker street.
Business  block—three stores all rented—on
two 30-foot lots, with offices above.
Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.
Apply to W. J. G.  DICKSON.
"* irM-^'tr£»i>£<.)
SKA I.KM I'l.OI'OSAI.S. properly endorsed, will he
i-eived   bv   Lhe   Honorable   Chief Oominissiniier
[wiLiiilsaiid Works up lo noon Thiirsdiiy. 17th June next,
for the ritfl't Iii niuiiiliiili iiml oponili. a ferry ncrnss the
Columbia, river at Waterloo LiiiiilinK. and within a limit
of t wo miles above and below that plain.-, for a term of
live years from 1st July next. ,
I'l-oposals must given description of the size and kina
of boat intended to be used, the mode of propelling the
siiine, and the various rates of loll proposed to be i-ollec-
li-d. ami give the names of two persons who are willing
lo (.xeeiitc a bond for Sal in to sei-ure the faithful i-arrying
out. of the contrai-l.
The c.ompolilion will be on lhe rate of tolls nnd lhe
amount of bonus to lie paid to the government annually
for the exclusive privilege of operating a' ferry. A eerti-
lied check to cover the amount, of the first year's bonus
must, accompany I lie proposal.
All oflicers of I he government, with I heir animals and
freight, to pass free. \V. S. (i()l!K.
'Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works.
Lands and Works Department. Victoria. Hritish Co-
liiinbia. May'.'lllh. ISI.7. |Mny.!!l.li|
Notice is hereby given that the all persons having accounts against the Nelson Fire Department are required
to send same in immediately to the undersigned,
■ClIAIlJLKS K. SKA LEY, Auditor.
ST RECEIVED a small varied stock of
OBJECT is to furnish you with enough to Keep your work going while i\\e
balaqce of your order is comiqg from Toronto.   Tfyankirtg you for past, favors
C.'uariinteed 7 per cent better than any oilier make of healer      The Webster System of Healing with Kxhausl. Steam relieves baek pressure on engine
■ The Morse Valve Hesenter will reseat any slyle' of valve without removing valve
Darling Bros. Adjustable Pipe Cutter Cuts Pipe, any metal, 3-4 to 24 inches in diameter
Street Hydrants, (.late Valves, Pipe, Crescent Drill Stool, Wire Itopt
Office, Hodgins building, next Phair Hotel, Nelson
.Freight and Passenger Elevators
Write FRANK DARLING, Sole Agent for British Columbia
J. C. BLANDY & CO., Proprietors,
This famous and  delightful  summer resort  has been
taken  over by the above  llrm and will  be con-
dueled in the future in a first-ehiss manner
KATES:   Si (HI AND $_• -iO 1'IClt DAY.
-"»* Tv-n
MALONE & TItEGILLUS, Proprietors.
Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district, and
is tho headquarters for prospectors and miners.
D. T. M011ICE, Proprietor.
Excellent accommodation furnished lhe traveling public
Prospector's and miner's supplies kept on hand.
The Crow's Rest
Pass Railway and
Ths Sloean River
are to be built during tbe year
the two
Construction work has
commenced on the last
These two roads with
already having terminals at Nelson will make Nelson
the railway center of Southern
British Columbia; Real estate
in railway centers rapidly increases in value—-often more
rapidly than stocks in undeveloped mines—and Nelson will
be no exception. The following described property is choice
and the prices such as to insure
purchasers against making a
losing: ! ;
1)0x120 feet on   Baker street,  with  2-story
olliee building.   Terms — .  .. .§0,250
50x120 feet on Arcrnon street, witli 2-story
business block.   Tonus '..  5,5fil)
25x120 feet on "Vernon street with improvements.   Terms    1,100
100x120 feet on Vernon street (a corner) with
improvements.   Terms  5,500
50x120 feet at corner of Ward and Hoover
streets, with lO-rooni dwelling house. All
modern con venieneos.   Terms      1,000
25x120 feet on Victoria street, with 2-storv
dwelling.   'Terms '.  2,200
(521x120 feet on Victoria street, with cottage
'Terms   :   2,750
25x120 feet corner Victoria aud Hendryx
streets.   Terms       850
1 Price
An undivided nne-fourlh interest in Trout
Lake City townsite, in Lardeau district.
Terms  ,'i,000
Office:   Corner Vernon and
Ward streets. Nelson. H.
Notice of Application to Purchase Land.
Sixty days after date I, the undersigned, intend to apply to the chief commissioner of lands and works for
permission to purchase the undermentioned tract of
land :	
Commencing at a post marked "C.Sf.i?., X10." placed at
the head of !) mile point on the south shore of the outlet
of Koolenay lake, fhenee 10 chains south, thence 10
chains west, mure or loss, to tbe outlet of ICoolonay lake,
thence following the shore lo tho point of commencement. Kit) acres moro'or less.
Nelson, 341.1* of May, 181)7. [May 2!).|
Dress Coods
We have opened.up a large collection
of Spring* Novelties, comprising* Dress
Trimmings, Laces, Veilings, Gloves,
and Hosiery. We are also showing a
splendid assortment of choice designs
in Fancy, Printed, Brocade, Ombre and
Shot Silks. These goods are suitable
for blouees, dresses and trimmings in
every fashionable color.
NELSON,    IB.   O.
Manufactured by The Georg-e E. Tuekett & Son Co
Ltd.       UNION HADE CIGARS    ■
desire to say that they are not holding any
public auction sale of lots in Slocan City.
i\ny auction sale advertised
is conducted by outside purchasers.
Cars of Bedroom
Suits and Dining
Room Furniture
Car of Mattresses
W.  GRAY,  Proprietor.
Doors,   Sash,   Band Sawing',   Turned Work,  and Office Fitting's.    Just
arrived and in stock, a carload of Chance's English  Rolled
Glass; all sizes up to 4 by 6 feet. ■■•-—,
General Commission and Manufacturers' Agent
(■"rout West Out muni Mills, I'ilot JMnurld, Manitoba
Tlio U. M. Smilli Biscuit Fai-tory, Victoria, H. C-
Tlio Virden Roller Mills, Virden, .Ylnnitolm
Smith & Kischol. Cigars, St. .Icromc, Quebec
Office:   Bealey Bloek, Baker Street, Nelson.
Auctioneers, Real Estate and General Commission Agents,
-n-ir !■■.■■ "ir"—■■••\""'vf^.-     jn—j"—r  ......... -i -.—v ""■■ iv mil" ''■'T'T*"!^"'''-"'*^'*"!'1'.*?*'"''*'"1.'"*!1*'''''''.''.'' >   ''.•'r*T' ,''\''.v:r'-'i'lvr"T/'"irp"i'iTnfi »■• 'i" ih*iig"'TTt «V "•„   ^ i "■>'■"• : '_"tf '■m".'.'.:-* J*:™irpi-t& '1".«ys.'"\'"j~'B^J^'^i"^^F~"-r'f^'*^'r^*T***f'i ^''".   'ii-T** ^.   • .*_■  "■'>.«—.< J. -.* v.* ij ■■,,.. i,j..v^ ,-•_ V« Y_r-   ->.i»' ^•r,,i. THE ^TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY,: MAY 20| 1897,
all paid
 ... Vice-President
.. .General Manager
NELSON   B_R^__."N-C"Ea:
N.W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.
-i—    IJKANCHKS IN     -
LONDON   (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO,
and in i.he principal cities in Canada.
Buy and soil Sterling Exchange_ and Cable Transfers
available in any part of the world.
expedition is pretty widely spread, although, strangely , enougb, the circulars
with the cut of the balloon have not here
benn distributed.
The speaker concluded with expressing
his firm conviction that the outlook for
the expedition is as good if not better this
year than the last. After, Mr. Andree's
iecture, ■ Dr. Jarderin, the astronomer,
arose and demonstrated before the society
a very valuable improvement on the
usual sextant, enabling the observer to
make careful determinations even if he is
oscillating and above the ground as when
ho i-i sitting in the car of a balloon. Dr.
Jarderin calls, his instrument "nivasex-
tant" (the level sextant), and experiments
have shown the error to'amount to only
about,two minutes. Dr. Nils 13k holm will
not accompany j\lr. Audree. He has
backed out, ns'jie does not consider the
undertaking likely to succeed. The party
will now consist of Mr. Andree, chief engineer (nfveringenior) at the Swedish
patent nflice; Mr. Strindberg, amanuensis
at the University of Stockholm, and lastly
Mr. Fraenckel. civil engineer.
It ATI'* OF INTE1UCST (at present) 3 Per Cent.
On the 20tli of March last, before  the
society for anthropology and geography,
in Stockholm, Sweden, Mr. S. A. Andree,
the baloonist and explorer, gave a full account of the preparations for the coming
polar expedition.   The  plan  for  the ascension is the same as last year's; some
slight changes, however, are made in the
equipment, based on experiences during
the trip to Spitsbergen last summer.  The
balloon has been increased in volume "'00
cubic meters.    This was effected  by cutting the balloon in two and inserting between the two halves a girdle one meter
high.    It was found necessary to increase
the volume, as the balloon silk weighed-
close upon 800 kilograms , more than calculated.     Its   weight   is  now J,320  kilograms.    The form is now somewhat elliptical.   The balloon is in good condition.
Tho strength and tightness of the silk is
unaltered.    Mr. Strindberg, who has undertaken these important investigations,
has found the loss of gas through the balloon   cloth to be almost nil.    Last year
the   entire   balloon   was   found    to   lose
through the cloth one or two cubic meters
of gas during the 2-1 hours,   for the tightness of the seams the overlying liscs play
an   important  part.    Without   them   the
-balloon would not be able to keep floating
many clays.    During the winter the lightning lists have been improved and altered
according to the new form of the balloon.
The maker, Monsieur Lachambre. has invented a new varnish especially for this
balloon.     By   experiment   it    has    been
learned- that  moisture  has- no, influence
upon the tightness of the scams, aud  this
fact has caused Mr". Andree to somewhat
simplify tlie  construction of the balloon
house.    The net is just as strong as ever.
There is every reason to believe that the
balloon   house   has   well   withstood   the
arctic winter of Spitsbergen.   Still it goes
without saying that the travelers will be
provided   with  every  means   quickly to
make necessary repairs.
For generation of hydrogen gas so much
material will be brought along that the
balloon can be kept filled six weeks, awaiting favorable winds, even if the loss of
gas should amount to 100 cubic meters in
twenty-four hours. Air. Andree hopes to
be able to start about June 20th, and is
thus able to wait for suitable winds up to
the first day of August, and to start later
in the year is not to be thought of. From
several quarters the fear has been expressed that the drag Hues might catch
hold of something on the ground and arrest the balloou.' Air. Andree himself did
not much believe in the danger, but noy
the expedition has been presented with a
very ingenious device for cutting the line
at any desired point. The apparatus consists of a cylindrical metal case, which
can be made to slide down the line to
where it is intended to be cut. Inside ot
the metal case are two sharp knives driven
forward with great force through the explosion, of a quantity of powder. Air.
Andree exhibited a thick cable cut in this
way. The expedition leaves La-then burg
ou May 10th. The time for the voyage to
Spitsbergen and for the preparatory work
there is calculated to be four or five weeks.
Nothing tends to indicate that the winter
at Spitsbergen has been severe, and there
i.s every reason to believe that the expedition will iind the sea free from ice.
Nausea's observations were, as far as
the speaker knew, favorable for the balloon journey. This was as well regarding
the temperature and the variations of the
compass as the direction of the winds.
Toward the end of June and in the beginning of July tlie "L<Yam" had in the polar
basin experienced identical winds with
those which Mr. Andree had noticed at
Spitsbergen. Dr. Nansen has confirmed
another important fact, vis., that no highlands are to be met with up to8-1 tli or 85th
degree of latitude. The explorers need
not therefore fear the necessity of consuming a great amount of gas by lifting
themselves over any mountain ranges. If
we are so fortunate, the speaker continued, that we may choose our way, I would
rather, since Dr. Nansen has so well explored the polar region toward the Asiatic
side, steer our balloon toward the American continent. This part of the world is
not now so desolate and uninhabited as it
was when the Franklin expedition perished. Ever since 1880 American vessels
have been stationed about the mouth of
the Mackenzie river for hunting purposes,
and twelve to fifteen ships pass the winter there w-ith 400 or "JOO oeople aboard.
The speaker had got these particulars of a
Swedish harpooner, Bertonocini, who
has been a long time in the American service there. Along the coast of Alaska are
to be found more or less civilised Indians
and Esquimaux. In the interior of Alaska
are to be found a. great number of gold
diggers. Among the inhabitants of these
A^ist regions information concerning the
He is of Greek  Origin   and   Had a Christian
■ Training, but Hates Christians Now.
Edhem  Pasha, the  commander of the
Turkish  army in   the  present war  with
Greece, who has just been recalled and
loaded with the Sultan's honors, has had a
most  romantic and   interesting history.
He is not only of Greek origin, but also of
Christian   parentage.    However, strange
to say, he is an, enthusiastic and fanatic
Alohammedau   and  loyal  subject of the
present Sultan.    His  change of religion
was caused by a number, of strange circumstances which occurred in his youth.
He was born on the beautiful island of
Ohio, in the"Aegean sea.    This island was
famous iii ancieut history, and is said to
have been the birthplace of Homer.   It is
seven miles from the coast of Asia Alinor,
and is situated on the Gulf of Smyrna.   Ic
is known for its great productivity, mild
climate and natural beauty.
For centuries Ohio has been under Turkish rule, although  the largest-part of its
population  is  of Greek  descent.    In the
many wars and insurrections for Grecian
liberty, the  people of this lovely island
have always borne the brunt of Turkish
cruelty and tyranny.  This was especially
true in 1822, when the Greeks began a long
struggle for freedom.    Edhem 1'asha was
then a small  child.   The inhabitants of
Ohio did not participate in the insurrections which occurred that year, but were
following their usual occupations.    How-
ever, a body of revolutionists came from
the island ol Samoas and lauded in  Ohio.
They endeavored to excite  the inhabitants to revolution,- but met with  no success. The Uhiotes answered that it would
be foolish for them to revolt, because the
absence of a Greek fleet rendered them almost certain prey to tbe Sultan's troops
on the mainland.   ThcSamians, however,
-refused to obey, and laid siege-to the citadel, then occupied by a Turkish garrison.
The Turkish forces  were driven out and
the fortress reduced to ashes.    Soon after
an army of seven thousand Turks, with a
host of  fanatical  volunteers,  landed  on
the island.    For weeks after  the soldiers
aud the roving hordes of Ottomans slew,
pillaged and tortured the inhabitants.  Iu-.
parts of the island the people took refuge
in the monasteries, but were pursued and
killed by thousands.    Even the sick in the
•hospitals were not spared.    Over twenty-
three thousand men, women, and children
were killed,  five   thousand   escaped and
forty  seven   thousand    were   sold    into
slavery, and glutted the slave markets of
Egypt, Constantinople and Tunis.
Edhem Pasha's parents were among the
killed. He was sold;to a Turkish geueral
named Ivhosseo Pasha, who took liim to
Constantinople. His master, however,
gave him his liberty, and with a number
of boys he was sent to Paris to be educated. He entered the Institute Barbet,
where heremaiued.four years. He evinced
great industry and scholarship, and all
his teachers predicted for him a great
future and brilliant career. After graduating from this school, with great honor,
he entered a school of mines, and four
cmore years were spent in close application
arid,-study. After travelling through1
France, Germany, and Switzerland, he returned to Constantinople and was appointed a captain on the general staff of
the Turkish army. In .18-19 the Sultan
made him his adjutant, aud he also became the French instructor of the late
Sultan Alurad, and of the present ruler,
Abdul Humid. Later on he was entrusted
with a number of important political missions. In 1850 he became a member of the
council of state, and was then appointed
minister of the interior, but resigned his
portfolio after a year. In 1807 he became
minister of foreign affairs, and subsequently represented his country at Berlin.
In ''1877', upon the banishment of Alidhat
Pasha, he became grand visier, which
position he filled with great ability. In
187!) he was ambassador to Vienna, and
from ISSo to 1885 he was again minister of
the interior. c
.Edhem Pasha has always shown great
hatred toward foreigners aud against
Christians. At the peace conference at
the end of the liussiaii-Turkish war in
1877, he was the last of the Turkish ministers to give his consent to the final settlement of hostilities. He had always been
an enthusiastic Turkish Chauviuist. He
is a zealous member of the Young Turkish
Party, which has proclaimed the doctrine
of the greatness of Islam and Turkey for
the Turks.
It is interesting to note that Edhem
Pasha's brother was for many years a
Catholic priest in the city of Constantinople.    He died a few years ago.
Japan's New Standard.
It is stated that Japan's change to gold
monometallism is dictated chiefly by the
conviction that silver has reached virtually its lowest point, and that its sterling
price may be expected to ■appreciate
largely within the next few years. Her
financiers would probably decline to
reckon the chances of precisely the opposite contingency.   They are fully sensible
of the great advantages that their-country's industry and commerce have derived from rhe employment of a currency
constantly depreciating in terms of the
currency of the markets where they sell
their commodities. But they think (hat
they have drunk to the depths of that
well of prosperity, and that the time has,
now come to guard themselves against
the upward swing of the silver pendulum.
In short,they have been made rich by
.silver that cheapened steadily in terms of
gold, aud now, thinking that the Occident
inclines towards bimetallism, they want
to be made richer by gold that cheapens
in terms of silver. ■ It has been said that
Japan is the pet child of fortune. If this'
new experiment succeeds, who can deny
her right to the title?
, Canada's Population Increasing.
The population of Canada steadily progresses. As estimated by the department
of agriculture for the last fiscal year ibis
5,125,130. The estimated population of
ISO! was -1,8-13,2*30, aud the census showed
that ,the actual figures were -1,8**8,239.
The estimates that are made from year to
year are based on the immigration returns and the average birth and mortality rate. The figures since last census
given from year to vear are as follows:
1802, -1.877.00S; 1893, J.005.25S: 189-J, 5,012,-
188: 1805, 5,082,42-1; 1800,5,125,130.
A New Typewriter—Made by a Canadian Finn.
We have had the pleasure of looking over the New
Empire Typewriter, a Cnnarliun made machine, and lind
ic a marvel of simplicity through which lhe maker.--claim
durability. The types strike direct, moving only two
inches on a steel bed,giving speed and great manifolding
power. Each type at time of writing i.s locked, ensuring
perfect alignment. The writing is visible doing away
with the lifting of a heavy carriage; tho touch is easy,
the response qnick and the type do not appear to lock.
Hilling vertical and horizontal may bo done on it and the
price is less than half that of other standard machines.
So confident are the makers of the succon.s of theii machine they will refund the money of any unsatisfied purchaser aft era ten days'trial. The Thomson Slationory
Company of Vancouver and Nelson are to bc.congralu-
lated on scouring the general agency for B. O. The machines seem lo u» to bo at the top in merit and bottom in
28 Broad Street,
Victoria, B. C.
Gold and Silver SI 50
Lead and Silver    1 50
Copper, Silver, Gold..  3 00
Gold -..- $1 00
.Silver    1 00
Load    1 00
Copper '   2 00
Other metals on application. All samples to he sent
carriage paid and clearly marked, aud to be advised by
letter enclosing charges.
Mrs.    Morley   is "prepared   to
receive pupils for piano, violin
or terms ■■
Lake- Sawmill
Apply to .Thomson Stationery Co., Ltd,, Kelson
Nil. .-.-us
of the   Registration of a   Foreign
"Companies' Ac-r," Paht  IV.. ami Amending Act.0.
start about   March
about double   its
in   all    departments,
feet of- log*s   under
contract for early delivery.
zb^-l-a/w" unto. 1.
Whereas, by Section 2 of the "Speedy Incorporation
of Towns Act, 1SII7," it is provided that the council of
the municipality of the City of Nelson may in the year
IS97 pass by-laws I'or contracting debts, by borrowing?
money or otherwise, and for levying rales for the pay"
ment of such debts on the rateable lands or improvements', either or both, or the rateable real property of
the municipality, for any works of immediate necessity, which are within the jurisdiction of the council:
such debts, however, not to exceed in the whole the
sum of fifty thousand dollars OSoO.OOO.CO):
And, whereas, it is necessary and expedient to construct,
maintain, and operate a system of water work- for supplying the inhabitants of the said municipality wiUi
water for domestic and all other purposes; also. Lo
construct, maintain, and operate a sewerage system
' for the purposes of the said municipality ; and,-also,
for other public works, as ()uickly as possible:
And, whereas, it is desirable that the special rate to he
levied for the payment of the said debt and interest
shall be fixed by some future by-law:
Now, therefore, the municipal council or' the Corporation of the City of Nelson enacts as follows:
1. It shall and maybe lawful for the mayor of tho Corporation of the City of Nelson to borrow upon the credit
of the said corporation, hy way of the debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance'tho
same as a loan, a sum of money nut, exceeding in tho
whole the sum of fifty thousand dollars |.?50,0U().0(i), and
to cause all such aiinis so raised or received to be paid,
into the hands of the treasurer of (he said corporation,
for the purpose and wi.h the objects hereinbefore recited,
2. It. shall be lawful for the mayor of the said corporation to cause any number of debentures to be made, oxe- j
outed, and issued, fur such sums a.-, may be rc<|uircil for I
the purposes and objects aforesaid, pot exceeding, how- j
ever the sum of fifty thoil-and dollars (3;i0,00(l,0jJ, each |
of 11)0 said debentures being of the denomination of one |
thousand dollars (3l.GU0.0U); and all such debentures shall I
be sealed with the .--eal of the corporation aud signed by !
the mayor thereof.
I!. The said debentures shall hear date thefiftoenthdav i
of .July, A, I). 1SH7. and shall be made payable in twenty j
years from the said date, in lawful money of Canada, at '
the head olliee of the Rank of "Montreal, in JMontreal. ]
Quebec, which said place of payment shall be designated j
by said debentures, and shall have attached to them con- [
pons for lhe p.iyment of interest, and the signatures to
the interest coupons may be cither written, stamped,
printed, or lithographed.
I. The said debcnl urcs shall bear interest at the rate of
live per centum per annum from the date thereof, which
iiitercst shall be payable semi-annually al said head
ollice of the Bank of .Montreal, in .Montreal, Quebec, in
lawful money of Canada, on the loth day of January and
tho loth day of July, respectively, in each and every
year, during the currency thereof, and it. shall be expressed in said ilebonl.'ures and coupons to he so payable.
5. ft shall he lawful for the mayor of the said
corporation to negotiate and sell'.the said debentures.
or any of, them, for less than par: but1 in no ease
shall the said debentures, or any of them, ba negotiated or sold for less than ninety-five-per centum of their
face value, including; the cost of negotiating and sale,
brokerage, and all other incidental expenses.
0. It shall be lawful for the said municipal council to
-re-purchase any of the said debentures upon such terms
as may be agreed upon with the legal holder or holders
thereof, or any part thereof, either at tho time of sale or
any subsequent time or times, and all debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled and destroyed,
and no re-issue uf .debentures shall be made in consequence of such rc-purchasc.
7. This by-law shall'take effect on and after the l.ith
day of June, A. 1). 1S37.
8. This by-law may he cited for all-purposes as the
"Public Works Loan By-Law, No. 1, 18.')7."
Read a first time April Iiltli, 1SD7.
Head a second time April iid, 1S!)7.   .■■■'..-..
Considered in committee'of the whole and reported
complete with amendments, and reported adopted April
2,'ird, 1807,
Report reconsidered, read a third time, and finally
passed April 2«th, 1807.
[I.S] ' JOHN HOUSTON, Mayor.
■ Ciias. K. Sealey, City Clerk.. ■
.        - NOTICK.   ■■'•.'
'.,. The above is a true copy of a by-law passed on the
twenty-sixth day of April, ISII7, b.v the. municipal council of the city of Nelson, and all persons are hereby required to take notice that anyone desirous of applying to
have said by-law. or any part thereof, quashed, must
make his application for that purpose to the supreme
court of British-Columbia within one month next after
the 'publication of this by-law in the British Columbia
Gazette, or he will be too late to be heard in that behalf.
'   UIIAS. KSKALKY, City Clerk.
The Planing Mill
and Factory
New Designs
One Car Glass
Direct from Belgium expected this month. Hough
and dressed lumber, laths, etc., always in stock.
Two Cars Sash
and Doors
Yard and branch ofllee
Nelson. '
foot of Hendryx Stre
The business centre for the rich
mines on Springier Creek and
Slocan Lake. This is one of
the richest districts in British
FlftNK FLETCHER, Trustee.
Kilri-dried and other Lumber
can now be obtained at the
yard; also Sashes, Doors, Veranda and Newel Posts, "Base
and Corner Blocks, Brackets,
Balusters, Mouldings, Etc.,
Etc.,  at lowest prices.
Parties having lots in Silverton, and wishing to
sell may find a buyer by
addressing or calling on
100,000 shares of stock in the Hansard
Cold and Copper Mining Company.
50,000 scares in the Kootenay Development
100,000 shares in the White Grouse Mining Company.
I'Vir further information apply lo
R. E. LEMON, Nelson, B.C.
Clements &-  Hillyer block.
500 Men to
drink cool,
refresh \t\g
Cor. yernon and Ward Sts., Nelson.
For Two Bits a Quart
Come and Rush the Pitcher
Registered the yard day of February,
Ts now running full time under the management
of C. K. Doty, a competent draughtsman and
mechanic who will furnish .special drawings free
of charge. 	
In house interiors, ofliee and store fixtures, dado
work, mantles, brackets, mouldings, book cases,
furniture, turnings, carving, grill work, and bund
sawing. Orders for all such work executed in an
artistic manner.
Views of all parts of Kootenay
Photographs in the latest styles
G uarantee sat isfaet ion
C. F.
T IIKniSBY CERTIFY that I have this day
-"-   the "Kootenay Mining Company. Limited," (Foreign),
under the "Companies Act, Part J\".," "Registration of
Foreign Companies, and Amending Acts."
The Head Orilcc of the said Company is situated rt
the City of Tacoma, in tho State of Washington, U. S. A.
The   objects for which  the   Company  is established
To own, operate, and conduct a mining business for the
purnose of mining gidd. silver and other precious metals,
in the State of Washington and Rntish Columbia; to de-
\-eloDriiiines, const met stamp mills and blast furnaces, or
smelters, water flumes, dykes, ditches, and other improvements necessary to carry on and operate a general
mining business to acquire, use, or dispose of property,-
whether real, personal, or mixed, and to sell or mortgage
the samp; to construct, maintain, and operate lines, of
railroad for Ihe purpose of transporting ores or mineral
deposits of any character, to and from the mines of this
Company; to buy and sell, own and hold real estate,
mines or mining claims, water or water rights, flumes or
ditches; to buy bonds, stocks or mortgages, or security
of individuals, or other corporations; lo erect, maintain
and operate a smelter and refinery, and to construct all
buildings and machinery necessary for the reduction of
mineral deposits from the state of nature to a refined
metal, and to perform such other acts aud things as maybe necessary,to carry out the objects and purposes of tins
The capital stock of the said 'Company is $2,000,000
divided into 2,000.000 shares of the pur value of $t each.
Given under my hand and seal of otllce. at Victoria,
Province of Hritish Columbia, this 23rd dav of February.
1S07. S. Y. AVOOTTON.   *
[May lath] Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
International Navigation & Trading Co.,
OX   KOOTF.X.W l..\KK AXI)  I(IVI_|{
Time  Card   in   effect   May   Kith, 1817.    Daily   except
Sunday.   Subject to change without notice.
Leave Kaslo for Nelson and way points, daily
except Sunday ..' 5:30 a.m.
Arrive at Northport ,- li:ir> p.m.
Arrive at Rossland    3:10 pm.
Arrive at Spokane .■  G:C0 p.m.
Leave Nelson for Kaslo and way points', daily
except Sunday    •  j:C0 p.m.
Leave Spokane..."',    8:00 a.m.
Leave Rossland.', .- 10:30 a.m.
Leave Nort hport.-.  1:50 p.m.
Close connection at Five-mile Point with all passenger
trains of the N. & F. S. R. It. to and from Northport,
Rossland and Spokane.
Leave Nelson,for Kaslo, etc., Tuesday, Wedncs- '
Thursday, Friday, Saturday S:30 a.m.
Arrive nt K;islo 12:30 p.m.
Leave Kaslo for Nelson, etc.. Monday, Tuesday,   ,
Wednesday. Thursday, Friduy ,  o:00p.m.
Arrive at Nelson i);00 p.m.
l.oavo Kaslo, Saturday	
Arrive at Houndary. Sunday	
Arrive at Honner's Ferry, Sunday ...
Leave Honner's Kerry, Sunday.
 11:00 p.m.
  7:00 a.m.
 11:30 a.m.
     1:00 p.m.
Arrive at Houndary, Sunday 5:00 p.m.
Arrive at Kaslo, Sunday  10:00 p.m.
Close connection at Honner's Ferry with trains caht
bound, leaving Spokane 7:40 a.m., and west bound, arriving at Spokane 7:00 p.m.
ThroiiKli tickets f-old at lowest rates and baggage
checked to all United States points.
GF.011GK ALFXANDKR. General Malinger.
Kaslo, May'15th, 1887. Head Ofliee at Ka.-Io, H.C.
Spokane Falls & Norton,   l
Nelson & Port Sheppard,
Red Mountain Railways.
Tfje only all rail route without change of cars
between Nelson aqd Rossland, artd  "
Spokane aqd Rosslaqd.
8:50 a. m..
10:50 a. m
8:00 a. m..
. Arrive
..5:35 p.m.
. 3:40 p. m.
rpil!'- following section, numbered Kit, of the "Compa-
-"- nies Act, I8!)7," relative to Ihe issue of a free miner's
certificate is published for Ihe information of JOINT
Minister of .Mines.
Provincial Secretary's ollice, llth Mav. IMI7.
• KnrcATiox. Oi-kici:.
Victoria, 5th May,' 1837.
OTICK is hereby given that Ihe annual examination of candidate.-, for certilleate* of <iiinlification to
leach in the public, schools of the province will be held as
follows, commencing on Friday, July and, hS!!7, at 8:15
a. in :
Victoria—In South Park School Huilding
Vancouver—In High School Huilding.        '  •
K.-unloops—In Public School Huilding.
Kach applicant must forward a notice, thirty days before the examination, staling the cla^s and gnule of certificate for which he  will  be a candidate, the optional
subjects selected, and at which of the above named places
he will attend.
Kvery notice of intention to he an applicant''must he
accompanied with satisfactory testimonial of moral
Candidates are notified that all of the above re<|uirc-
ments must be'fulfilled before their applications can be
filed. "   -
All candidates for First'Class, Grade A Certificates,
including Oradnates, mustaltend in Victoria to take the
subjects prescribed for July liith and 13th instants, and
to undergo required oral examinations.
S.D.POPK, Superintendent of Kducation.
' ■"■"-      ^^^ ■'      ' '■'"
Province of British Columbia, Nelson, West Kootenay,
to-wit: •■."■.
Hy virtue of a warrant of execution, issued out of the
county court of at Nelson at the suit of-. Robert'
K. Lemon andthc Nelson Trading Company, nlaintill's,
and to me directed against the goods and cliattcls of
William Roberts, defendant,.I have seized and taken iii
execution all the right, title and interest of said defendant William Robeits in the "Tamarack" fractional mineral claim and the "Negansee" mineral claim, situated on
the south side of Kootenay i-i ver, adjoining the Majestic
mineral claim, and recorded in the mining recorders ollice
at the city of Nelson. Ji. C„ to recover the sum of eighty
doihirsand seventy-two cents (§80 721.besides interest,sher-
ifl's poundage, costs, and all other legal incidental expenses, all of which I shall expose for sale, or suflicient
thereof to satii-fysaid judgment debt, aud costs, at, tlie
front of the court house, N'eison. on Saturday, the 5th
day of June, A. 1)., 1S'.)7, at the hour of eleven o'clock in
the forenoon.
No'i'K: Intending purchasers will satisfy, themselves
as to interest and title of said defendant.
WILLIAM P. HOHIXSO.V, Deputy Sheriff.
Dated, Nelson, May'-'.'nd. 181)7. *|May iiml\
.  . NOTICE. -———-
In the County  Court   of  Ivootenay,   lliiiden
Het.wccn A.   A.  McKinnon,' pl.iinlill'. and
W. W'iiidcll, defendant.
Pursuant to an order of His Honor Judge  l-'m-in.  dalcd the 17th day of May instant, nnd made under ».judgement of lliis honorable court, dated the __llh day of'April.
IS!!.'., in enforce a mechanic's li<-n  againM   tin: ''.Maggie"
mineral claim.  -Tenders will be received at the olliee nf
the registrar of this court at'Nelson, up to the hour nf  I-.'
o'eloek noon, of the 51 h day nf June.   IS!)7.  for the  purchase nf the undivided nne-half part  or .-hare of mid in
the said  mineral  claim, ".Maggii-." situnle   in  Ihe   Ainsworth mining divhdmi. nf Ihe District, nf West Knnteiiiiy.
said share being recorded in the name i,I', the  defendant.
Terms:   Twenty-live her cent, to,  accompany  the   tender, and lhe balance In he paid upon Ihe execution nl" the
bill nf sale, within li-n day.-, after I In-opening of  the   lender, purchaser In satisfy himself ns Ui title.
K. T. II. .-'IMPKIN'S.
Acting Registrar of this Cnnrl.
Mated this ISth dav of May, I.SU7. I May ii.\
_t.  Xelson.
Notice of Dissolution of Co-Partnership.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore
existing between A. II. Clements and A. !•'. Lot I, carrying on ihe business of hotclmeii ii: the cily of Nelson, al.
the Merchants hotel, is this day dissolved hy mutual
consent. ,
The business of the former partnership will in future
be carried on bv A.'II. Clements 'and II. J. Mnriiu. of
Regina. " A.  II. CI.K.MKNTS.
Witiicss: A. IO. l.d'I'T.
Ji-:i-i'i-:i:so.v Davis.
April.'filth, I.SII7.
Application for Liquor License.
Notice i.; hereby given that tin- undersigned will, at
the cxpiral inn nf'll.ir!y ihiy*. apply In the stipendiary
magistrate nf West I\om|ci...v ilistricl for a lii-i-u-e In
sell liquor bv rel.-iilnt his hotel at iicerl'ark. Lower Arrow lake.     ' ROHKRT KYLE.
Dale.I this ISth day of Mnj. (May _.".'.|
~ "~ "notice.
Notice is hereby given that the uiider.-igiu.-il has
severed1 his connection with the business of the Kootenay
hotel. Vernon street, Nelson, and from I his dale will not
be responsible for any debts or obligations contracted by
the management of the Kootenav hotel.
Nelson, H. C.. May I2l.li, |K!)7. |May 151 h|
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek connect at Marcus with stage daily.
Columbia & Kootenay Branch
No. 3 I No. 1
No. 2 I No. 1
Ifil. Notwithstanding anything to (he contrary in sec-
lion I of the "mineral Act. lS!)(i," or section 1* of the
"I'lacer'IMining Act. IS!H,'.'or elsewhere in the said Acts
or other the milling laws of the province, no free miner's
certiticate shall be issued to a Joint Stock Company for a
longer period than one year, and such certificate shall
date from the,'With day of June in each year; and evcry
free miner's cerlilicate held bv a Joint Stock Coinpany
ii t the passing of this Act shall he valid and existing until and shall expire on the :.(ilh day of June. I.S07. I.'pon
applying to renew any such cert il'ieateon or before the
.'Mllh day of June, the Joint Stock Company shall he entitled to a rebate of a proportionate amount of the fee
paid for a certilicaie heretofore issued according to the
further time for which it would but this section have
been valid. [May 22nd]
IS: 15
9:30 Leave Nelson Arrive 11:15
U:I5     n     , Kootenay     ,,    11:00
10:00     a      ..Forty-nine Creek.,     n    13.-I5
10:25     a       Sloean        „    13:02
11:15 Arrive  Robson Leave 12:30
Trains Nos. 1, 2, 3, and J run Tucdays, Thursdays, and
No. 1 connects with steamer for Trail Creek.
No. 3 connects with steamer for Arrowhead.
No. 2 awaits arrival of steamer from Arrowhead.
No. I awaits arrival of steamers from Trail Creek.
Close connection at Nelson with steamers to and fiom
lake points. '
J. HAMILTON, Trainmaster and Agent.
Kaslo & Slocan Railway,
Leave 8:00 a.' in..
a S:.'.(. a. in..
ii 9:30 a. in..
n 9:51 a. in..
n 10:03 a. in .
n 10:lSa. in..
n ,10:30 a. m..
ii   i 10:39 a. m..
Arrive 10:50a. in..
 South Fork	
— Whitewater	
 Hear Lake	
.... McGuigan	
— -. Ridley's	
 Art vc3:.V)p. m.
  3:15 p. in.
      i, 2:15 p. m.
....     ,. 2:00 p. in.
....     n LIS p. in.
      a 1:33 p. in.
      ii 1:21 p. in.
      n 1:12 p. in.
...Lea\c 1:00 p. in.
R. \V. BRYAN. Superintendent.
ROBKRT IRVING, Traflic Manager.
Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of
Take notice that I, W. V. Mackay. P.L.S., agent for John
\V. llandlen, free miner's certificate No. 75,110. intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining
recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of theabove claim. And
further take notice that action, under section 37. must be
taken before the issuance of such certificate of improvements. W. TJ. M.ACKA Y.
Dated, this 2Sth day of April. 1S97. [May 1st.1
Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  of
Take notice that I, J. I lerrick McGregor, acting as'
agent for the Victoria Mining & Development Company,
Limited Liability, free miner's certificate No. 77.518. intend
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining
recorder for a cerlilicate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of theabove claims. A ml
further take notico that action,' under section 37. must be
commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements. ,L HKHHICK MeGRF.GOIJ.
Dated, this 21st day of April, 1S97. [May Pth]
Notice   of   Application   tor   Certiticate   of
'fake notice that i. P. Wilson, acting as agent for the
Ifamiltnii^.- Rossland Gold Mining Company. Limited Liability, free miner's certiticate No. 79.3211. intend sixty days
from the dale hereof, I o apply to t he mining recorder for a
certiticate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a crown grant of the above claim. And further take
notice that action, under section 37. must he commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of improvements. ■
P.  I-:. WILSON.
Dated, this Ith day of May, IS97. [May Still
Parties having any claims upon the following lots- in
the townsite of R-ilvertim. arc requested to cninmutiicate
wilh li.'R. Kerr, nf New Denver, at mice.
Lots 12. I.', and 22. Itloek .'(.
Lois li; and 17. Klock il.
Lots l.'i. II and 22. Itloek 7.
Lots 11. 15 and III. lilock II.
Lois 12. 13 and Il.Hlock IS.
Lots II and 12, Block 21.
I.nls II ami 12. Block I'll.
Lots ii, |2. 23 and 21. Block
Lots .'Sand I. Block 13.
Dated May 22nd. 1N97.
(May 22nd)
■The business of the Nelson Soda Water Factory has
been purcha.-ed by K. P. Whalley. to whom all aec'oun's
arc payable. All debts and liabilities incurred by the
company -prior In May 15th. will be-paid by W. S. Ash-
pitch WAL'l'KI! S. ASHPITKL.
.    Dated at Nelson. It. ('., tliis l.ith dav of Mav. IS97.
An extraordinary general meeting of the Cnn'umers'
Water Works Company. Limited, of Nel.-mi. H. C, uill
In- held in the Phair lintel. Nelson, on .Monday. June 7lh.
LS97. at 12o'clock imiiii. The object of the meeting is to
ratify the sale of the company's plant and franchise to
the corporation of the City of Nelson.
President nf Consumers' Water Works Company.
Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given tbat the undersigned will, at
the expiration nf thirty days, apply m tin- stipci.diury
inagHlrate of West Kmitenay district for a license to
sell liipior bv retail at lr-ic ' I ill Quartz Creek, known
as the Ciwiiiopolitaii hotel. JOHN W. .-.MI'I'II.
Dated this lilth day of Mav. |May •_.»•_.'.|
■-,■ mrw^TVrPMiw i| _1M'..' ff~   *t.m .■ * 'I   ■'     I '".TT^r1 n"l» ■   ■ "■■ ■ !"yi ■,,Jlii_,<. I   ■" "JIL *i_-   J ■ ■■   * '*■« wkl^ uimi- ^i  ji"i   iw   "ib^-pm*^..   « l-'Vl'l". ■■■ S^m'/'t' J'tl^-jl!1.* ," ' ,-_.,.*i -■~'5-™V HJI" ■ "1 l'i" ■_■' .1' >■  „ '   _\.I.V,i'   lJj.t_J"f
U"|{ "ll 'I"
->T£""» _■.'. »v-"1 '.
-■ -.■__«"li*     * ■.•*!■ *****    i        **\t     i^!
r-3"<_ "' "•?£«•
~wt: THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C., SATURDAY,  MAY 29,  1S97.  (������  LOCAL- NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  The Muldoon, on ('oat creek, is a claim  owned by W. C. Chase, who hopes to put  it ou the shipping list soon. He has .just  returned from a visit to the property and  brings back some line specimens oi: rock  from that section.  The party which has been placed in the  field by ('eorge A. Keel'er for the preliminary survey of the Hedlington 6c Nelson  railway began work at the boundary line,  and will run down the Kootenay river to  the lake on the east. side. .It is probable  that it will then run back on the opposite  side to ascertain which is the more feasible route fur the contemplated road.  , The appeal in the assault case of. Tebo  vs. Houston lias been allowed by Judge  Forin, and the penalty imposed upon the  defendant by IIarokl .Selous is therefore quashed.  Honeyman <fc Son have abandoned the  government lots they had selected as a  site for their foundry, and will build further up the shore in Hogustown, near the  Nelson 6c Fort Sheppard railway depot.'  A large consignment of their machinery  has arrived. The foundry building will  be built with all possible speed.  James Grant, a young man who has  been employed as a waiter on the Kokanee for about a mouth, was locked up  by the city police on a charge of having  stolen a watch and chain and about $40  from TV. I\ Sloane of Boundary creek,  who was a passenger oncthe boat on her  trip from'Kaslo yesterday. Grant is also  charged with having broken into the baton the boat and tapped the till of about  SS. The eases came up before the stipendiary magistrate Fitzstubbs this morning  but were remanded until Tuesday next  on account of the absence of important  withesses.  The system pursued by the N. & F. S.  railway in imposing fines] upon passengers who are unable to purchase tickets at the company's ollices should be  stopped. From a reliable source the Tribune learns that the company not only  uses the customary cupon redeemable for  25 cents, but it exacts a fine of 2*5 cents as  well. This is a cinch game that should  not be tolerated. The company already  has a considerable rake-off in the matter  of coupons that are never cashed and in  putting people to the trouble of cashing  such coupons and fining them as well the  railway company is overreaching itself.  The final payment of $30,000 on the Fern  . raiue was made to-day by the Montreal  and B. C. Prospecting company, and the  property will now be turned over to the  Fern Gold Mining company. The latter  company has let a contract to Dave Mc-  Beath i'or the construction of a wagon  road from Hall siding on the Nelson &  Fort Shepherd railway to the company's  mill site on the Fern. The road will be  four miles in length.  The Minerva Mining company have let  a contract to continue the present tunnel  100 feet further on their propeifcy near  Sanca. Work will be commenced immediately and push ahead with all possible  speed.  ARCHITECT  Room C>, Clements & Hillyer Block, Nelson  C.   IE.  DOTT  KASLO,   B.C.  ARCHITECT  u  COniiKSPONDKNCK SOLICITED.  ALL   KINDS  .v,\nl'1'.\<:ti'i:khs' ok  OF   CARBONATED  WATERS  P.   (I.   Mux   SS  Telephone .'11  The following- is a verbatim copy of an analysis made by Mr.  Holdich- of water taken by him from the spring" which supplies all the  water used by us in  the manufacture of our aerated  waters :  A. H. HOLDICH  Analytical and Consulting Chemist and Metallurgist  ..'hum  IIiiviiI S.-li,m,1 of .Mini".,   Loin.tin.  S.-\t-lll,'f'll   \i-.il.-. i-llli'l' <-..<���.Iliil   tit  \V.!,'II_I   C.i.ll ,V  IhiII   I'll..   __n;__;i.i.I,  _.....mi ycni- nl  >|,nt':t Wink-., Su'.iii*.m.  E .    P .    Whal 1 ey , ' Esq-;  Nelson, May 26th,  1897  Dear Sir: Having made a thorough examination and analysis i. of the water used by your  firm in.preparing the soda water and other  beverages at your works in Nelson, I have much  pleasure in certifying that it is remarkably  wholesome and free from all organic or inorganic impurities; and in all respects most  excellently adapted to the manufacture of  mineral waters or other similar liquids  in-'  tended for human, use.  I beg to append the results of my analysis.  Yours faithfully,  (Signed) A. H. 'Holdich.  ANALYSIS OF WATER-  -FROM NELSON SODA WATER WORKS  grains per gal.  grains per gal.  parts per million  parts per million  Total Solids '7.7 .  Combined Chiorine. . . ��� 0 . 6  Free Ammon ia 0.026  Albumenoid Ammonia.. 0.07 0  Metallic Compounds.. None  o  The solids consisted almost entirely of  Carbonate of Lime. The water was perfectly  bright, clear and colourless,  no smell, nor  taste,  and well  aerated.  (Signed) A. H. Holdich,-  Analytical and Consulting Chemist  BY THE DAY WEEK OR MONTH  Pleasant Location  Home Cooking  Comfortable Rooms  No Children  Ciirbonale Stucct nc.ir Word.  Terms Reasonable MRS.   T.  TODD  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON.  NOTICE FOR TENDERS.  Tenders "'ill he received up to 8 o'clock p. in. on Monday, May Hist, 1S'J7, for the following timber, to be delivered at the bridge on Baker street. Nelson :  One thousand (1,000) lineal feet round timber (fir, tania-  rac or hemlock): straight and free from defects; peeled;  10 inches at small end.  Five hundred (500) lineal feet mud sills (cedar); flatted  to-12-inch face. .  Tenders to be addressed to the Mayor of the City of  Xelson. '  The lowest or any tender not necessarilv accepted.  CIlAltl/KS K. SWALES'. City Clerk.  Nelson, 11. C, ATuy -_'(ith, 1807.  CORPORATION   OF THE CITY OF NELSON  TENDERS FOR DEBENTURES.  Tenders will be received by the undersigned for debentures of the Cily of N'eison. lo the amount of l-'iftv Thousand Dollars ($50.1100). running twenty years and bearing  interest at the rat.e of live per c-jnt. pur annum, payable  semi-annually. Principal and interest payable at the  Hank of Montreal, Montreal. Quebec. Xo tc-idcr for less  than ninety-live per centum of iho par value of the debentures will be considered. The successful tenderer  must deposit the amount of tender iu the Bank of Montreal, Kelson, without cost to the City of Nelson. Debentures wit! be issued in ileiioniinatians of one thousand  dollars. Tenders will he received until 8 p. in. on Mon-  , tiny. .Inne iSlli. 1S07. Mark tenders, "Tenders for Debentures." and address John Houston. Mayor. Nelson,  British Columbia. JOHN HOUSTON. Mayor.  Dated May -'llth. 1S97. . |May__!.th|  ^?mfioOFfHE~TlTY OF NELSON  The Nelson Electric Light Company, Limited, offers one thousand  shares of its capital stock at par, $10 per share. The proceeds will  be used in increasing" the company's plant, which is now running* at  its full capacity. The company has issued eighteen hundred and  seventeen shares of its capital stock, and its earnings are now over  $400 per month net, sufficient to pay 12 per cent on the capital invested,   besides placing   10 per cent in  reserve for betterments.  The plant is operated by water power, and the capacity of the  present works is about 1200 lights of 16 candle power. The intention  is to increase the capacity to 3000 lights of 16 candle power. The  net earnings from each light is now 35 cents per month, and the expense of operating each  light 20 cents per month.  The company's management expect to install 1000 additional  lights before October ist of this year, and estimate the net earnings  from each light will be increased .to 40 cents per month and the expense of operating each light will be reduced to 15 cents per month.  Based on this estimate, the net earnings of the company will, be $8So  per month,  or over 30 per cent on the capital   invested.  All the shares so far issued are owned by people who are property owners in Nelson, and only two of the shareholders are nonresidents.  Applications   for   shares   will   be   received   by the   undersigned   on  the following terms:    One-third of the par value to be   paid on allot  ment, one-third in thirtv days,  and one-third in  sixty days.  JOHN HOUSTON,  President Nelson  Electric Light Company,   Ltd.  Nelson,   B. C,  May  ist,   1987.  au/r^ce  0DE3_A.I-.'E!E,S   I3ST  TENDERS FOR. PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS.  Tenders for detailed plans, specifications and estimates of cost of systems of water works and sewerage  for the city of Nelson will be received till Si p. m. on  Monday. June iSth. 1807. Data can be obtained at the  ollice of the city engineer in Nelson.1  The sum of Five Hundred Dollars will be paid for accepted plfins.  Mark tenders. "Tenders for Plans and .Specifications  Water Works and Sewerage." and address Ui_.ni to "The  Mayor. Cilv of Nelson. N'eison. British Oolumbin."  (HAS. K. SKALICV, Citv (Ucrk.  Dated May I'lith. IKI17.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply  lo the Board of Licensing Commissioners of the City of  Nelson, at their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor nt  retail at his hotel, situate on Lots i'.l and il Block (.(!,  Nelson. AllOlA'llK  LAI'OINTK.  Dated at Nelson, B. C. May __7t.li, 1S07. [May __!.l,l_|  Application   for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that lhe iindei-Kigncd will at the  expiration nf thirty days, apjily to the stipendiary magistrate of West ICoofenay district, for a license to sell  liquor hy retail at his hotel, known as the Hotel Ymir at  Viiii.-. B. O. O. II. HL'UDKN.  Dated. May 2!llh. 18117. fM.iy29l.lil  Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Stoves, Granite ware,  Miners' Supplies.  Tinsmithing _., c. n.   ��� Estimates Furnished  *   t-��i       i ��� Full stock or A      ,.      ..  and  Plumbing Builders* and Miners' Supplies On Application  Having purchased for spot cash the entire stock of Men's Furnishings formerly carried by Fred Williamson on Baker Street,  I am offering them at greatly reduced prices in order to clear  them off with a rush. This is no fake reduction sale. Call and  see the goods.     The stock is complete in every line.  Baker and Ward Sts.  FRED STEVENSON  A carload of Stoves and Tinware, two carloads of General Groceries,  a carload of Ogilvie's Hungarian Flour and meals, a large consignment  of Crockery and Glassware, and have to arrive in a few days a carload  of Wire Nails (which we quote at specially low prices), and a carload  of Mixed Groceries' from the east. A few specialties just in: Patterson's Cream Sodas, Lovegrove's English Jellies in tins~the finest in the  world-California Bar. Sugar, Jams and Jellies in pails at 75 cents and  $1 each. A large consignment of Fancy Biscuits, "Schilling's best" Tea,  extra fine quality, Snider's and Blue Label Catsup, Creamery Butter in  1, 2, 5, and 10-pound tins. Also a supply of Garden Seeds and Lawn  Grass.   Miners' and Prospectors' supplies a specialty.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  .This season we are carrying the largest and most complete stock of  fishing tackle in Kootenay, including Rods of all kinds, Landing Nets,  Creels,  Casts,  Lines,  Fly Books,   Reels,   Flies  and  Bait  of all kinds.  Corner Baker and  Josephine Straets.  W.  P. TEETZEL & CO.  DBUGGISTS,   NELSQ-N*,   B.O.  We are just placing in stock the finest line of READY MADE CLOTHING  ever brought into the city  HONEST "WELL MADE GARMENTS  that will give satisfaction.  An entirely new stock of FELT HATS AND CAPS  in the latest styles and makes  KB  ��  ��  @  ��  A Magnificent line of Scotch Tweeds and Worsteds, and West of  England Trousering's, suitable for spring wear.  A special feature of Fancy Worsted Suitings.  BAKER STREET, NELSON  ZJNT   ZPX^aSTOiS   ^^_2sTID   OKGh^nSTS  See that the name of Wessell, Nickle & Gross, New York, is stamped on the action of  the Piano you buy.   It is the standard of excellence in America.   None  ���    , other is used in Kara. Pianos.   Call and examine them at  Our premises have just been generally overhauled  and greatly enlarged. Stock has also been increased.  We carry everything that a man can want, and the  prices   are   right.      Eng.   Qity   K.   Boots our specialty.  18 and 20  BAKER   STREET  BRANCH MARKETS  Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything- in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.  fill- ' f ���_.  :!.������  !'.-!���  '"-.\ '-ft-.-y.  "VET  T ���'������.������;��� '"���IT" '"j "IW.' ."���''���������o'-^yw*'" "���"���'" ������-,-''~"���_1T? ^ra^c^mr-^i,rrvT7T:i'^J'm '���;��� zirv^-^PT'  nrr>i_r  S^^&��^^^^


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