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 Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made ' -  Dividend Paying Mines. ���"-"._��.  FIFTH  YEAR-NO. 34.  *l>r  NELSON   BRITISH  COLUMBIA   SATURDAY   JULY  17, 1897.  KOOTENAY  Has  Three  Smelters   in  Successful   Operation,  and Enough  Ore  in Sight to   Run  Several   More'.  TWO  DOLLARS A YEAR.  THE   CITY   CLERK   MADE   ASSESSOR.  He is Instructed to Have the Roll Completed  by September 13th.  The thirteenth regular meeting of the  city council was.held in the fire ballon  Monday evening, all members being present save aldermen,Gillcer and Dow.  A communication    was received from  , J.dward A. Crease, notifying the council  of his appointment to the oilice of police  magistrate, and asking that some suitable  place be assigned as a court room.    On  motion of alderman Hillyer, seconded by  alderman Malone, the communication was  ordered placed on file.  A petition was received from A. W.  Muuroe and others, asking that the sidewalk on Stanley street be continued from  Robson street to Houston street. It was  _.. referred to the public works committee.  A tender was received from Messrs. La-  Pointe and Brown, offering $20 for the  privilege of taking rock from the Josephine street bluff for the months of July,  August and September. The tender was  accepted subject to the conditions that  the contractor for the city lock-up have  the privilege of taking what stcne he requires for the lock-up from the bluff, aud  that the permit may be cancelled at any  time on the city's refunding a proportionate amount of the money.  A letter was received from Miss Dono-  hue and Mrs. Anderson, asking that they  be allowed to use the fire hall as a private  kindergarten aud primary school. On  motion of alderman Fletcher, seconded  by alderman Teetzel, the city clerk was  instructed to reply, refusing the request.  Applications for the position of engineer  in charge of construction of water works  and sewerage systems were received from  Messrs. A. L. McCulloch, E. W. Cummings,  and Daniel Morris. The applications were  referred to the publicworks committee.  On motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Malone, it was resolved  that a committee be appointed, to consist  of the mayor aud aldermen Fletcher and  Hillyer, to wait upon the Hon. G. B.  Martin upon his arrival in the city aud  discuss the matter of public recreation  grounds, fire hall site, and protest.against  the proposed1 location of provincial jail  in the residential portion of the city.  On motion of alderman Hillyer, seconded by alderman Malone, it was resolved  that the brush be cleared the full width of  Baker street east of Hendryx street, and  that all shacks thereon be ordered removed.  'On-motion- of���;'alderman Teetzel; seconded by alderman Fletcher, it was resolved"  that the city clerk be appointed- assessor,  and that he be instructed to make an assessment of the laud and improvements  within the city; that the work be com-  .ruenced on July 13th and completed by the  18th day of September; that the roll when  completed be returned to council.  On motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Fletcher, it was resolved  that the'salary .'of the assessor be $25 per  month, and that the mayor be authorized  to employ such clerical help from time to  time as the assessor may require.  The following accounts were passed and  ordered paid:  Thomas W. Gray.  ��277 92  British Columbia Gazette.  56 25'  Lawrence'Hurilwarc company  :.......... r..c...... (IS 16  Canadian Pacific Telegraph,'  3 71  Thomson Stationery Company  ... 2 30  John Houston, reward for lost child. ."  20 00  IS. J. Kitchie   .... 11 00  .Asheroft & McClelland............................. 52 17  Spokane & Northern Telegraph .'  S3  ing secretary, presented the following report of the receipts and disbursements of  the society for year: Receipts--Members  dues, $35; everybody's tea receipts, $ I If .15.  Total, HO. 15. Disbursements���Invalids'  capes $5.35; expenses of public tea. $12.25;  subscription to discharged invalid, $10;  invalid's chair, $2-1 ; hospital library, $10 ;  operating bag, $8.35; night shirts, $2-1.75;  pillow slips, $5.-10; art muslin, $1.50; clock,  $1.50: stockings, $1; window shades,  $2.25 '; sundries, .70. Total, $113.05. Balance on hand, $33.10.  .t THAT   NORTHPORT   SMELTER  COUNTY   COURT   CASES.  Has   an  Object   Lesson   for   the   Members   of  Premier   Turner's   Cabinet.  The Le Roi Mining company has decided  to locate the company's smelter at North-  port, in,, preference to anjr point in this  province.    Upon the principal that everyone has a right to conduct his own business in his own way, the Le Roi company  was justified  in   locating  their smelter  werever   they  pleased.     The   dominion  government has also a right to demand  every   possible advantage incidental   to  the mining of the ores of   this province.  If the Le Roi company, in order to secure  certain other advantages, confers these  advantages upon the   United States   in  preference to Canada, the company may  expect to  pay an export duty upon its  Canadian ores so   soon   as   it   suits the  dominion  government to impose  it.   It  may be that the federal  government ,vill  not impose any such duty until .the completion of the Crow's Nest Pass Railway  places   Canadian smelters upon   a more  advantageous footing, but sooner or later  the export duty   will go upon ores.   In  the meantime it is not to be expected the  mining industry will come to a standstill  in order that smelting conditions may improve..    The   Le  Roi   company  will no  doubt save some money by treating their  ore   at   Northport,   aud   perhaps    make  enough out of the sale of townsite lands  to pay for their smelting plant.  The most instructive feature of the Le  Roi company's contention in favor of  Northport as a site, is that the provincial  government has enabled F. Aug. Heinze  to .so hog everything in the way of water  privileges, that there is not sufficient  unalienated water left between the  boundary line and Rosslaud to run a  smelter. For the past two years premier  Turner and his colleagues have sat up  night's trying to devise schemes to help  F. Aug. Heinze save the mining interests  .of B ritish: Col um bia. _, Everyithing Heinze  asked for he receivedr. The grief of these  little men will be great, when they learn  that all the while they have been feeding  a monopoly, the interests of which are  prejudicial to those of the province.  ANOTHER SHIPMENT OF COPPER BULLION  Looks Like Bad Management.  J. B. Callahan has made an examination  of the Two Friends mine, and will make a  report upon the same to the origiualown-  ers this evening at Slocan City. It is  generally understood that the Two  Friends Mining company of Vancouver,  which.operated the mine under a bond  for several months, will be roundly scored  for the manner in which it attempted to  open up the property. Callahan visited  the point where Peter Schoenberg recently found the rich rock, and satisfied,himself that it was a ledge that had never  been touched by the men who managed  the property for the Two Friends company. It is about four feet wide, can be  traced for. 1200 feet, and the croppings  show from eight to ten inches of ore similar to that in the ore house; eight tons of  which are sacked. This ore is full of lead  carbonates and galena. The old tunnel,  he says, was running in a direction quartering that of the newly discovered lead,  and would have reached it in the course  of time if continued.  The Russell Creek Finds.  Russell creek, a tributary of Goat river,  which empties into Goat river near its  confluence with Meadow creek, is receiving much attention from prospectors this  summer. The first location was made  upon the creek by Jack Eldridge, or  "Rocky Mountain Jack," on June 28th.  The ledge was several feet wide, and although no assays had been had, the ore  was of such promising appearance that  several prospectors went in upon the  creek at once. Eldridge and his partner  have three locations upon the creek, and  upwards of one dozen others have been  recorded. Sullivan creek is.also receiving  some attention. Russell creek is about 20  miles distant from Rykert's, over the  government trail.  The Ladies Hospital Aid.  The ladies hospital aid elected the following officers at the last meeting: Mrs.  Morden, president; Mrs. Miller, vice president; Mrs. McMorris, secretary; Mrs.  Dow, treasurer; and Mesdames Day and  Hodson, buyers.   Mrs. Painter, the retir-  Is Consigned by the Hall Mines to the British  Market.  The returns from the outport' of Kaslo  covering the exports of the Slocan for the  past week did not reach the port of Nelson up to this morningjand in consequence  the only exports entered- at this port for  the past week were from the Hall Mines  smelter, the Trail smelter, and sixty tons  of ore from the Cliff miue at Rossland.  Included in the exports for the week is  the shipment of 307 bars of copper bullion  from the Hall Mines smelter, the value of  which ran up over the $30,000 mark. The  following are the exports for the week:  BULLION  AND .MATTE.       ���  Pounds Value  Hall Mines smelter, Nelson, matte.... 80,005  Hall Mines smelter, copper bullion... 120.7G2  Trail smelter ���������...,  162,079  ORE. .' Approximate  Tom  Cliil",'Rossland ..'........  Total for week   Total so far for July.  Total for June   Total for May :  Total for April   Total for March.....  Total for February ..  Total for January .  Tons.  ...       60  ... 21!)  .... 2,14!)  ... 8,-K.I  ... 2,9!>5  .... 3,761  ... 5,822  ...  5,201    ....1,513  Total via Revelstoke to May 12.... 2,296  -Total via Revelstoke for June      110  Total so far for 1897 ................ 30.H75  Value.  S. 99,057.  .292,728  8483,885  8397,797  8133,231  $077,681  S562.853  8675.506  8223.382  $ 50,835  $3,797,901  Justice McColl's Judgments in Mining Suits.  Justice McColl has handed down judgment in the two actions to enforce adverse claims which were tried before him  in Nelson. They both effect Rossland  mining claims. In Merry weather vs.  Aspinwall, the plaintiff, as the owner of  the Rubenstein claim, sought to enforce  an adverse against the Lofty claim.  Judgment was entered for the plaintiff.  John Elliot appeared for the plaintiff and  C. R. Hamilton for the defendant. In  the case of the B. C. Syndicate vs. Der-  mitzer, an action to enforce an adverse  ou behalf of the Golden Butterfly against  the Golden Drip, judgment was given for  the plain till'. C. It. Hamilton for plaintiff, and Elliot and It. Macdonald for defendants.  Ore That Nets About $250 Per Ton.  The last car of ore shipped from the  Reco mine, contained 39.170 pounds and  gave a net return over all charges, except mining, of $'1,000.53. The ore carried  417.75 ounces silver and 16.0 per cent lead.  The Reco will ship winter and summer  when the concentrator and tramway are  completed.   To Help American Railways to Compete.  The interstate commerce commission on  Wednesday, suspended until December  31, the long aud short haul clause of the  interstate act so far as business to the  Kootenay district is concerned, so as to j  enable all railroads to compete with the  Canadian Pacific.  , Judge Forin Settles a Number of Disputes Be-  tween Employees and Employers. ���,  - Judge, Forin finished up the county  court business on Friday. The case of  Horace W. Buck vs. McNaught, an action  for specific performance of an option,  lasted the greater part of two days. The  plaintiff had an option upon some Kaslo  property for $800, aud when the option  came due the defendant had not the title  ready. The plaintiff therefore did not  tender the purchase money, but when he  tendered the money later on, the defendant refused to carry out the contract on  the ground that the time covered by the  option had lapsed. Judgment was reserved.  The case of .Tiszkowicz vs. Moslanka,, an  action to recover $11 for room rent, was  settled out of court.  Charles R. Macdonald had an action  against Steve White for $55 for services.  He got judgment for $44 aud costs. P. E;  Wilson appeared for Macdonald.  Alex Campbell had a suit against Frank  Hannah of Trail. He got judgment for  $51.75. W. Galliher appeared for Campbell.  The suit of John Lynch against J. A.  Say ward, a claim under an agreement for  fixing up the Pilot Bay sawmill, was  settled out of court.  E. Cummings secured judgment against  Isaac Holden for $80 for wine supplied.  The plaintiff's claim was for $90.  J. li. Bowes, on behalf of the Nelson  sawmill made a motion, iu the case of K.  A. Forbes aud others, against the sawmill company for wages, to set aside the  service of summons. The motion was  dismissed and the action went over for  trial upon a day to be fixed. The claims  for wages in this action will amount; it i.s  said, to $2,000. P. E. Wilson appeared on ���  behalf of the workmen.  Thomas Creaser had an action against  Steve White for $50 for wages. He. got  judgment for $20.  WORK   COMMENCED   THIS .; WEEK.  To Import an Army of Immigrants.-  In connection with, the construction of  the Crow's Nest Pass Railway, on suggestion from Immigration Commissioner  McCreary, an arrangement has been  arrived at between the department of  the interior and C. ' P. R. ' authorities,  whereby, in addition to the men employed by the local contractors, work will  be provided for' a further .2;000 men, who  will be f urnis'hed;by the immigration department. This arrangement has been  made to assist young men, farm laborers,  who desire to settle in Manitoba and the  Northwest, but without sufficient means  to immediately start farm operations.  Agents of the Dominion government in  Scotland, Wales and Sweden will forward a considerable number of the needed  contingent, while agents in the United  States will also forward a number of  young Canadians desiring, to return to  their native country. While Haney was  in Winnipeg Mayor McCreary discussed  the matter with the superintendent and  arranged as to rates of wages, cost of  board, transportation, etc. It is understood that all men furnished by the,department will become bona fide settlers  in the Northwest.  The 'Winnipeg Crew Defeated at Henley.  Henley-on-Thames, July 15.��� The Winnipeg four-oared crew was defeated by  the New College four in the fourth heat  for the Steward's Challenge cup.. It was  a magnificent race, the two shells being  close throughout. The excitement was  intense, aud the contestants were vigorously applauded by the spectators along  the shore and afloat. The time was 7  minutes and 33 seconds. The Winnipegs  were an eighth of a length ahead at the  end of Temple, Island, rowing 40 strokes to  the minute, as against 39 for New. They  drew out and got a lead of a length. The  half mile stake was reached in three minutes and 34 seconds. Beyond Fawley  Court boat house New College in a-few  powerful strokes, drove their boat even  with the Winnipegs. At the three-  quarter stake, which was reached in four  minutes and 12 seconds, the Winnipegs  were half a length behind, from that point,  although they spurted grandly and decreased the lead of New College by three  or four feet, they never could catch the  Oxonians, who finished winners by a  length in seven minutes and 33 seconds.  The steering of the Winnipegs was decidedly better than yesterday's, and they  were less exhausted than their rivals. At  the finish the Winnipegs proposed three  cheers for New College. The men in the  New boat heartily responded, and the  cheer was caught up on the shore, after  which the Winnipegs were loudly cheered  in return. .  Will Abate the Army Muisance.  Chief of police AVolverton has uotified  the Salvation Army people that hereafter  they will not be allowed to continue the  nuisance of holding their services on the  public streets. The police do not object  to the army holding open air services on  the vacant lots on Baker street east of  Josephine street,' but they will prevent  the army from, blocking the streets as  heretofore. If the army people have any  sense they will comply with the instructions of the police.  Slocan Milling Notes.  The first shipment, consisting of 30 tons  of high grade ore, is now being made by  the Wakefield mine, near Silverton, which  is owned by the Bremner Scotch syndicate. I  The Crow's Nest Railway is Now Under Construction and Will Be Finished in 1898.  M. J. Haney, who has charge of the construction of the Crow's Nest road for the  Canadian Pacific Railway company, arrived in MeLeod this week. The tenders  for the grading of the first 50 miles of the  road from Lethbridge were to be in by  Tuesday, and the tenders for the second  50 miles by Thursday. ��� The contracts call  for the immediate commencement of construction.  In speaking of the company's plans  Haney said: "We will push matters all  we can so as to have the first 100 miles  completed by about the end of October.  This will take us over the summit of the  first mountains, and as mountain work  can be proceeded with during the winter,  there will be no let up until the whole  road is completed. It will be completed  as soon as practicable, which I think  means iu the fall of 189S. There are eight  engineering parties at work now, and  while the construction of the first 100 miles  is under way, the whole route will be  surveyed. I have not yet seen the surveys for that part of the route that the  engineers have beeu over, so as yet can  give no estimate of the amount of briclg:  ing or masonry required. In the mountains there are alternate routes, and we  will not decide upon which is to be followed until all have been surveyed.  year in the ranks. The promoters of the  measure express the opinion .that the  reason the men do not marry is because  military service comes just at the time  when youths naturaliy contemplate  marriage, but they hope by the  offer of deducting two years from  their military, service to entice large  numbers into matrimony. In order  to obviate, the probability of conscripts  marrying in order to escape being drafted  into the army, and then divorcing their  wives at the end of a years' service, the  bill provides that, conscripts so acting will  have to return to the army and complete  their three years' service.-  WATKR   AND   SEWERAGE   SYSTEMS.  '<?'  CUT   OFF   TWO   SALOONS.  RHODES   IS   SCORED  By  the Parliamentary Committee of Enquiry  Into the Transvaal Raid.   ���  London, July 13.���The   parliamentary  South African commission that has been  inquiring  into   the   Transvaal raid  has  agreed  upon  its   report.    The Pall Mall  Gazette publishes a summary of the conclusions of the commission.   The report  will  express   an   emphatic opinion  that  whatever justification there might have  been for action on the part of the people  of Johannesburg, there was none whatever for Cecil Rhodes' conduct in subsidizing,   organizing  and   stimulating   an  armed insurrection   against the government of the Transvaal.   A heavy responsibility, according to the  report, remains  with Rhodes, despite the fact that at the  last moment Dr.   Jameson   invaded the  Transvaal without Rhodes' direct sanction.   The gravity of Rhodes'sanction is  weightily expressed by the commission,  who find "that he seriously embarrassed  both  the imperial and  colonial govern-  njeiits,:that his proceedings resulted in an  astounding     breach     of   . international  comity; that he utilized his position and  the great interests he controlled in order  to assist and support revolution, and deceived the high commissioner, as well as  concealed his views from the members of  the colonial ministry and the directors of:  the Chartered company."  The commission is of the opinion that  of the directors of the Chartered company who were examined, only Mr. Beit  and Mr. Maguire were cognizant of the  plans of Rhodes. As Mr. Beit was intrusted1 with the money to promote a  revolutionary movement, he must share  the full responsibility for the consequence.  The report adds that Newton also failed  in his duty, but in a less degree.  The commission, in conclusion, are a  unit to condemn the . raid; but at the  same time they express the opinion that  nothing will be gained by proceeding  with the proposed extension of the inquiry into the administration of the  Chartered company. They declare Lord  Rosemead and Mr. Chamberlain, and the  under secretaries' of the colonial office  blameless, on the ground that there is no  evidence that any of them was in any  sense cognizant of the plans for the raid.  But they pronounce Sir Graham Bower,  imperial secretary of the high commissioner, guilty of a grave dereliction of  duty in that he failed to decline to receive  from Cecil Rhodes confidential communications wholly incompatible with the  duty he owed the high commissioner.  A voluminous minority report presented by Mr. Henry Labouchere finds that  the plan for the raid was concocted by  Beit and Rhodes, and sought to be carried  out by Phillips, Hammond, colonel Ithodes  (Cecil Rhodes' brother), and Leonard. It  was devised, according to Mr. Labouchere,  in order that certain wealthy men might  become more wealthy.  "Rhodes," continues the report, "may  possibly be influenced to a certain extent  by a vague and hazy idea of a vast African  federation under the British flag, in which  he would play the leading part: but he  was also influenced and is influenced, by  financial considerations."  Mr. Labouchere docs not consider that  certain high personages in the board of  directors in the Chartered company did  their duty, while he thinks that Rhodes  and; Beit merit "severe punishment" for  the raid, "which is one of the most disgraceful episodes of our country's history."  The minority report concludes as follows: "We regret that the alleged complicity of the colonial office has not been  probed to the bottom, in order the more  effectually to remove any ideas that there  may have been some truth in the statements of certain witnesses that the secret  aims of Cecil Ithodes were more or less  clearly revealed to Joseph Chamberlain."  To Make Multlplicrtlon  Easy.  London, July 10. -Another curious  remedp for the paucity of births in hYance  is suggested by the scientific Senators  Guyott, Labbee and Berthelot, who have  introduced a bill providing that all married conscripts will only  have  to serve a  The License Commissioners Refuse Licenses to  Saloons Closed by Mayor Houston. ���  The license commissioners of the city of  Nelson, held their first meeting Thursday  afternoon   at 2 o'clock.   The board consisted of   mayor   Houston   and commissioners Crease and Croasdaile.' The commissioners  granted  ten  applications for  hotel licenses and "one application for a  saloon license.    The applications of Isaac  Holden   and   Messrs Clements & Martin  for licenses for saloons on Baker  street,  were   refused.   Against the granting of  these licenses a protest was entered by  Messrs. P.  Burns & Co., George A. Bige-  low, J. A. Gilker, Fred Irwine. Matheson  & Graham, and W. F. Teetzel.   An application for a   license  for  the   Kootenay  House on Vernon street by Peterson &  Mallette, was laid over till the next meeting of   the commissioners,  which   takes  place   on   Thursday,   July    22nd.      The  licenses granted  were' to   15.   C.   Clarke,  Clarke Hotel, Josephine street; Stephen  White, Nelson Hotel, Baker street; W. A.  Ward, saloon, Vernon street: John Blom-  . berg, Grand Hotel, Vernon street; Malone  & Tregillis, Tremont Hotel, Baker street:  Thomas Madden,  Madden House, Baker  street; John Johnson, Silver King Hotel,  Baker street; K.  J.  Currau,    The  Club,  corner of Silicia and Stanley streets ; E.  E. Phair,   Hotel  Phair,   Victoria  street;  Joseph   Sturgeon,    Sherbrooke    House,  Baker street;   and A.   LaPointe,  hotel,  corner 'Ward and Vernon streets.  In the matter of the police force the  commissioners decided that the force  should consist of a chief and two patrolmen. C. B. Woolverton was appointed  chief at a salary of $90 per month, and  McKiunou and Winerals patrolmen at  salaries of $S0 per month.  'The.board will  hold  its next, meetingw  uext Thursday afternoon. >\  ���      LOCAL   NEWS   AND   CxOSSIP.'  The Nelson boat club has issued a notice  to the effect that after Tuesday next a  new lock will be placed upon the door of  the boat house, after which the club rule  will.be strictly enforced, which provides  that no person shall be permitted to  enjoy the privileges of the club house  unless he is a member whose dues have  been paid up.  The case of Bunker vs Ward, which has  been before the courts for the past year,  was settled on Wednesday. Alfred Bunkerwas suing T. M. Ward for $84, and  Ward entered a counter claim for something over $100. The case was settled  upon Bunker paying the defendant the  sum of $15. ���-.'������.'.     ������:.'������'���  Col. T. H. Holdich, R. I.., of Abyssinia  and Afghanstau note, was among the distinguished army officers upon whom  jubilee honors was conferred. , He received the order of knight commander of  the most eminent order of the Indian  empire. Col. Holdich is a brother of A.  H. Holdich of this city.  Lieutenant-governor Dewdney was in  Nelson this week. The manner of his  coming and his going was not marked in  any particular from that of any ordinary  mortal.; The Tiuhuni-; does not know  whether or not he is surprised at the progress Nelson has* made during the past  year. There were no corner-stones to lay,  and the lieutenant-governor made ashort  stay.  Acting assistant commissioner of lands  and   works, W. J. Goepel,   is calling  for  tenders for the erection of a provincial  jail upon block 10, just where the people  of Nelson didn't, want it. It will be a  $.10,000 building , with stone basement  and frame superstructure. The main  building will have a frontage of 70 feet  by -10 feet deep, behind which will be  built a wing 37 feet by 87 feet. In the  main building, which will be threestories,  will be the living quarters of the warden,  a female and lunatic ward.-and the condemned prisoner's cell. ' f.n the; wing,  which will be two stories, there will be at  least 20 cells. The block has been cleared  of underbrush, ready for the commencement of work, and if tlie chief commissioners of lands and works listens to his  acting assistant instead of the people of  Nelson, this city will shortly have a provincial jail in the middle of the residences  ���just where it is not wanted.  In the case of Conway vs. .Independent  Mining Company, an appeal from the  county court, Judge Forin, on the question of payment of contractors for sinking a shaft, the full court on Monday, reversed the judgment, which had beeu  given for plaintiffs with costs.       (  K. Wallace has purchased the A.jax  group, comprising the Ajax, Crown Point  and Itandom Shot, for the Ontario Gold  Field Alining and Milling Company, for  $25,000, and has already taken charge of  the prjoperty. This group is situated  near the Noble Five.  The Public Works Committee Report Upon the  Same and the Council Adopts It..  A short session of the city council was  held in the fire hall Wednesday evening,  all members being present, except Alderman Dow and Teetzel:  Alderman   Fletcher   presented   the report of .the  public  works committee on  the water  works  and  sewerage systems  for the city.   It set out  that after exum-  ing the plans already received, aud goings  over the   ground,    the    committee   was  unanimously in favor of placing the reservoir on blocks 23 and 33 in  lot 182, group  one.   As there is a natural  site at this  point, it  will- greatly  reduce the cost of  construction, provided that  upon proper  tests being   made the   ground  i.s  found  suitable for a foundation.     This site is  situated one block to the south, and about-  40 feet higher than sites shown on  plans.  The   committee recommended   that   the ,  site be tested and surveys madefortheloca-  tion of a 1,000,000 gallon reservoir at this  point.   On examining the plans the committee found  that Mr. McCulloch's plan  very nearly covered the ground, and provides for the supplying of the area within  the present means of the city.    The committee thought that this system could be  followed,   adopting McCulloch's   bizes of  pipes with  the addition of two pressure  valves, one eight and  one six-inch, and  one relief valve, together  with the reset-- <  voir refered to, at a cost not exceeding  $20,000,  and   providing   a   most efficient  service���at  an estimate cost of $20,000.  The committee reported that the question  of sewerage depended ou the amount at  the   disposal   of the   council.    After examining the several plans aud taking into  consideration  the   amount of money at  the city's disposal, the committee recommended the laying of a 24-inch brick sewer  aloug  Ward  creek  from Silicia street to  the water front, aud the  laying of 2350  feet of 8-inch pipe connecting therewith,  at an estimated cost of $12,000.    The cost  of both   water  and   sewerage    systems  suggested, the committee thought would  more than cover the work, aud in laying  both systems, the expenditures could be  curtailed to suit the amount at the disposal of the council.  The report was adopted on motion of  Alderman Gilker, seconded by Alderman  Hillyer.  A ballot for the position of resident  engineer on the construction of, water  works and sewerage systems, resulted in  A. L. AlcCulloch receiving three votes, lil.  W. Cummings one, and D. Morris one.  On motion of Alderman Fletcher, seconded  by Alderman Gilker, A. L. McCulloch was  appointed at a monthly salary of $200.  A petition from James Lawrence and  others was received for a sidewalk on  Silicia street from Stanley street to  Kootenay street.  The following accounts were passed and  ordered paid:  Lewis Johnson, In borer   _'. Rowo,'laborer   Erl O'Drion, laborer   Jacob Scrson, foreman    G. \j. Harmon,'carpenter   Geor.ce. II_.wkrif.i_, carpenter            Thomas Dempster   Jerry Stinson   John Sutherland, carpenter      JJank of .Montreal, interest   E. W. CiimiiiiiiKs'. engineer   .A...li.'McCulloch, engineer   James Coyle, engineer   We-t & Emerson, lockup account   A. I_ Dolan "   W. Lvnch  Hum's! o   Antoine...    .  Sam Klrter....  T. M til each.\-  Fretl Lane .'..  Alex _Vl.-iltie-(  Macrlnimld .  Mike Taj.ue  James Itolin.  .    f> (_  ���_' .V)  1 -ir,  :u m  as oo  ���>r> so  21 (JO  l'i; ���>!>  13 SO  2(XJ 00  200 00  200 00  Kl 00  SI 2J  33 73  12 JO  II 25  It 25  II 25  33 00  30 30  18 00  .7 75  '5  1  Slocan Ore Shipments for the "Week.  The following are the ore shipments for  the  past  week  over the Kaslo & Slocan  railroad:  Mine.  Destination.  Tons.  Kuth       . Kveretf  ..  225  Ruth    .    .  .    .    I'ueblo   "T.i  Pnvne    .I'nelilo   .  21 i.  I.S  Xoble Five   ..I'ueblo  .      .    .   IS!  .Slocan Star   ...Omaha  ISO  Great, Western .  ..  .    . Aurora  !.��_  Whitewater  ���    Kverett .  .    .  .   15  To Open Up the Yukon.  A large deputation, headed by former,  agent general Beaton, waited upon sir  Wilfrid Laurier on .Tuesday,-anti urged  upon him the expediency of opening up a  route to the Y'ukon district. Sir Wilfrid  Laurier said the government was alive to  the the importance of assisting in every'  way the mining interests of British Columbia, and promised an appropriation  for exploration purposes.  The Flx-st Sod Turned on Thursday.  Wixnij-kg, July  II. A Macleod, N. W.  T. dispatch says that the first fifty miles  of the Crow's Nest Pass road grading is  let. Contractor Strevel gets the first five  miles from Lethbridge; Foley Brothers  and Doheny, .'{5 miles; McCrimuion, five  miles and MeArthur, five miles. The first  sod was turned at Lethbridge today..  Don't Want Mowat to Quit.  The announcement that Sir Oliver Mowat is seriously contemplating the acceptance of the lieutenant-governorship of  Ontario, has led to a strong protest from  his political friends, against his leaving  the dominion cabinet. They believe with  Sir Oliver out the party would suffer a  great loss.    To Shut Out United States Citizens.  I'. J. Loughrin, the well known labor  organizer of Sault Ste. Marie, has been  appointed agent of the minster of justice  to secure enforcement of the alien labor  law against Cnited States citizens. THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C., SATURDAY, JULY IT,  1807.  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE. ,  THK TIUIHJNK   i-  i.nbl.- I  ",  Saturday-,  by  Tin-:  Tiiiiur.s'K I'u.'ti.iSiUNi; OiMi'ixV. -11111 win be maileil  10 suli-scriner* 0:1 pay-nr-nl (11 Two lJoi.i.Aitrf a year.  N'o sub-icriulion lakea  for le.ss than a year.  REUULAR AWVl-:UTl.Si-:.vl!':.N"rs primed at, the following raics: One iui-h. .;'> .1 year; two inches,  SCO a veur;' three in.;:ie- .-.SI a year; four inches,  SU6 a year; live inelie.s. .jiUJj a year; six inches and  over, at the rate of SI.oil an inch per month.  TRANSIENT ADVEKTIriEMKNTd 20 cents a line for  lirst insertion and 10 cents u line for each additional  insertion.    ISirth.  :uarriaf.e. and death  notices free.  LOCAL OR REAPING MATTER NOTICES 25 cents a  tip.e each insertion.  fOR POINTING at. fair rales. All accounts for job  printini. and advert.isinf. payable on the lirst of  every month: subscription, iu advance.  ADIJItESS all communications to  THE T11IRUNE, Nelson, li. C.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  l,.iHAl!,  M.l>.���Physician and  Sui-fceon.    Itooms 3  mil t liiffulow block. Nelson.   Telephone 12.    Otlico  hours from 1 to 2_i() p. in. and _::��) to 8 p. in.  T   K. RITCIIl 10, Provincial Land Surveyor.    Office in  <-> ���    Ritchie builditiK. Kossland, B. C.     '   ,  J. II. HOLMES, C. E.���Provincial Liuid Surveyor.  P. O. box Si. Kaslo. ��. C.  D.  W.  J.  C. CWILLIM, 1J.A..S.-. __ U-. S. JOHNSON. B.A.Sc.  .*   -Minim.    Engineers   and.  Analytical   Chemist.,  Slocan City, li. (J.  __ODOJ<l    MEETINGS.  K-  .\KL.-uN LODOK'. NO. 2,'). A. K. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in I'ueli month. Sojourning  ln-tstliruii invited.  The Ames Holden Go's special "Columbia,"  "Vancouver," "Kootenay" should be worn  by everybody who wants a first-class mountain boot.  SATURDAY MORNING JULY 17. 1897  The   council  ol' the Kootenay Miners'  Protective Association, has  placed itself  on record as being opposed to the imposition of an export duty upon ores.    As the  association is largely made up  of United  States citizens and quasi resident Britishers, who have no Canadian interests outside of their milling companies dividends,  it is not a matter for a surprise that they  ���   should   declare against an  export duty  upon ore.    The interests of the dominion  require   that  whenever   practicable  the  ores of Canada be treated in Canada, and  it is  not at all likely that the federal  government will subordinate the interests  of the dominion as  a whole to  the greed  ofa number  of aliens   and   non-resident  ,  Britishers.    Canada has a greater destiny  than serving as a grazing ground for prospective alien millionaires.    The following  resolution   adopted     on   Saturday,    expresses their views upon the export duty:  "That  this  association views  with  consternation the fact  that the executive  "at Ottawa are in possession of the power  "to place, at any time, an export duty on  "ores, aud this association desires to place  "itself oh record as being of opinion that  "should such vested powers be exercised  "the elfect. will  be disastrous  to the infant 'quartz mining industry' of British  "Columbia, and practically ruin it withan  "amount of taxation  it is at the present  "time unable to carry and prosper."  An apologist for the provincial government, whom the Vancouver World declares  to be Clive Phillips-Wolley, has a letter  in the London Times upon the subject of  the Cassiar railway .job. This apologist  does not attempt to minimize the value  of the enormous concessions granted to  the promoters of the Cassiar railway, but  he contends that despite these concessions  the province as a whole will be the gainer.  , AVithout the aid of foreign capital, he  holds that a vast portion of the province  would remain unworked, although every  traveler who has wandered through it  has brought back reports of its apparent  mineral wealth which would lead one to  believe that it is in no way inferior to the  Yukon district in the north or Cariboo in  the south. The writer evidently overlooks the circumstances that when the  wealth of Cassiar is demonstrated by this  gigantic development company, its  development will proceed upon' entirely  different lines from those which obtained  in West Kootenay. The conditions of  the Cassiar land grant are such as will  hamper the development of all mining interests save those of the monopolistic  'company. Cassair is now placed in the  position    which   Kootenay   would    have  , occupied had the Robson administration  pursued its railway policy which gave to  proposed railways ten per cent of the ore  taken from all mines tributary to them.  'West Kootenay then stood, in respect  to mineral development, in much the  same position that Cassiar stands today.  The government did not know the value  of the aid which it proposed to give railway promoters for a railway into Kootenay, but the development of West Kootenay has demonstrated just what the aid  would have amounted to. The government should . have learned the folly of  such  reckless legislation   but it did not.  The incubus which it was prevented from  inflicting upon West Kootenay, it has  succeeded in inflicting upon Cassiar.  The Victoria Colonist laments the failure of F. Aug. Heinze to secure a Dominion subsidy of $2,000,000 for his Penticton  road, in that the government's refusal  killed the chance for a great scheme for 1  out-door relief. In a recent issue this  self-constituted mouthpiece for the province says: "Hundreds of men will get  '��� employment on the Crow's Nest Pass  " railway, but unhappily that is a long  " way from Victoria. If the plans for  " which the Colonist has labored, and  " which it hopes may yet succeed, pros-  ���' per, there will be work for hundreds of  " men nearer the city, that is iu the val-  " ley of the Okanagan on the much-needed  '���' railway to Boundary creek."  While Hon. 0. B. Martin is in this section his attention should be called to the  lack of accommodation in the court house  in this city. At every assize some fifty  or sixty men are summoned for jury duty,  and are required to remain in attendance  upon the court for a week or ten days.  For these men the court does not even  provide a chair to sit upon. When not  ser.ving upon a-jury they are forced to sit  upon the stairs leading up to-the court  room, or upon the fence outside of the  court house. If this matter was called to  the attention of the chief commissioner  of lands and works, he might undertake  to build an addition to the court,house,  or make some changes in the present system, by-which public officials are allowed  to have living apartments in a building  already too small for the transaction of  public business.,  It is announced from Ottawa that the  federal government will put the alien  labor law into effect in connection with  the employment of men upon the construction of the Crow's Nest railway.  Such a course is no doubt the proper one.  Since the road is being built with the  money of the Canadian taxpayers, there  is no good reason why the Canadian  laborer should not have every advantage  incidentalto its construction. ,No\v that  the federal government has evinced sufficient interest in the Canadian laborer to  see that he has the first chance for employment upon the Crow's Nest road, it is  to be hoped that the government's interest will carry it still further, and that it  will see that the Canadian laborer is secured in the payment for his labor. The  restricting of contracts to Canadians is  not a sufficient safeguard for Canadian  laborers and sub-contractors. In this  province more trouble has been experienced from Canadian contractors than  from any aliens. If the government is in  earnest in this matter, it will see that  Canadians not only get work, but that  they are secured in their payment for the  same. There is a chance here for something more than a "grand stand" play.  Tun announcement that the federal immigration department has made arrangements with the Canadian .Pacific Hail way  company for the importing of some 2000  railway navvies from Sweden and Great  Britain, follows fast upon the announcement of the government's intention to  put the alien labor law in force for the  protection of Canadian laborers upon the  proposed railway. Such contradictory  evidence of the government's interest in  the welfare of Canadian labor must be  rather alarming to the Canadian laborers  themselves. Just how they are to benefitted by the importation of 2000 .competitors from Sweden and Great Britain is a  problem which most Canadian laborers  will have difficulty in demonstrating. In  the opinion of most people there are  plenty of men in Canada for all the employment that is offering, or that will be  offering when construction upon the  Crow's Nest road is commenced. If the  government is going into the business of  paying railway fare for laborers to reach  places of employment, it should commence  by paying the fares of those already in  the "��� eastern Canadian cities. If any  laborers are deserving of assistance, those  already resident in the Dominion are, and  under no circumstance does Canada want  any more assisted immigrants. It is idle  for the government to contend that the  men thus imported to work upon the railway grade will take up land and become  farmers when the railway work is done.  The experience of the past has taught  tlutt they will gravitate to the towns and  cities and compete with Canadian laborers  in what are at present overcrowded labor  centers. _i_   Tin-: Economist, a new weekly paper,  made its appearance in Nelson on Wednesday. It is a readable sheet, edited  by 1). M. Garley, and from its tone  its chief endeavor will be to make  the provincial government and premier  Turners' cabinet ministers popular.  When its editor becomes acquainted  with the shortcomings of those whom  he has undertaken to defend, he will  no doubt insist upon their raising the  the limit.  AINSWORTH   NOTES.  arid the present move of putting in a concentrator and tramway is most welcome  to the people of Ainswortli. A son of  Mr. Stevenson's, who has made a study of  mining, will have charge of the work.  The-Highlander is in shape,to furnish a  steady supply of ore to the concentrator.  The management of the Black Diamond  mine has arranged with the Canadian Pacific Mining & Milling company to handle  50 tons of the Black Diamond ore per day  in the Woodbury creek concentrator.  The mine will commence shipping to the  concentrator next week.  Nelson,& Fort Sheppard Elect Officers.  At,the annual meeting of the Nelson &  Fort Sheppard railway company, held in  the Phair hotel Wednesday evening, the  old board was practically re-elected.  They are : D. C. Corbin. president: C. T.  Dupont, vice president; Austin Corbin,  Jr., secretary-treasurer. Directors: D.  C. Corbin, .1. IT. Adams. J_. J. Roberts, C.  T. 'Dupont, Austin Corbin, Jr.  ���ifls! TRfflPORTANT .~. .  All persons wishing to visit the- Goat  River, Duck Creek, Summit Creek, Fort  Sheppard, Priest Lake, or Fort Steele  Mining Districts should know that by  ��� taking the Steamer Alberta or Ainsworth  for Ockonook, Idaho, and purchasing  their supplies of the old reliable Ockonook General Store, they will get their  goods at Spokane'retail prices and be  from 20 to 50 miles nearer the above  named districts than at any other supply  point on  the   Kootenai   River.  J. !. BARNES Manager  0CK0N00K CENERAL STORE  The business centre for the rich  mines on Spring'er Creek and  Slocan Lake. This is one of  the richest districts in British.  Columbia.  Lots $100  to  $500 each  FfftNK FLETCHER, Trustee.  Kiln-dried and other Lumber  : can how be obtained at the  yard-; also Sashes, Doors,.Veranda and Newel Posts, Base  and Corner Blocks, Brackets,  Balusters, Mouldings, /Etc.,  Etc.,  at lowest prices.  Askoft I McClelland  BLACKSMITHINC AND  EXPERT HORSESHOEING  Wagon   Repairing  Promptly Attended  to  by a First-Class Wheelwright  Special attention given to all Kinds of repairing  an.d custom work, from outside points  SHOP:    Cor. Baker aqd Hall Sts. flelson.  500 Men to  drink cool,  sparkling,  refreshing  BEEE  For Two Bits a Quart  Come and Rush the Pitcher  VICTORIA HOTEL,  C. F. C00DWIN,  PROPRIETOR  5000 Horsepower for Neisoq, Rossland, arid Slocan to  be furnjshed by the  Kootenay Power & Light Co  Bonnington  Falls,  Kootenay River,  Nelson  They will use our apparatus.    Write us for prices on motors  ...     . Full information cheerfully given  General Electric  Wire Rope, Feed  Water Heaters, Elevators, Shafting, Pulleys, Pipe Cutters,  Special Tools, and a new lot of Tube Cleaners just in.    Roebling's Wire  R��Pe-   __3i_^.E_ffi. FRANK DARLING, Agent.  The Kootenay  Lake Sawmill  Kaslo, B. C.  Will start about March 15th  with .about double its' former  capacity' in all departments.  7,000,000 feet of log's under  contract for early delivery.  The Planing Mill  and Factory  BOECKH'S  BRUSHES  Always Reliable and as Represented  BRUSHES  AND  For Sale by all Leading1 Dealers  Oh as. Boeckh & Sons,  Manufacturers of Brushes  Brooms and Wooodenware  Toronto, Ont  Is now running full time under Hie management  of C. K. Doty, u competent draughtsman and  mechanic who will furnish special drawings free  of charge.    New Designs  In house interiors, oflicc and store fixtures, dado  work, mantles, brackets, mouldings, hook cases,  furniture, turnings, carving, grill work, and band  sawing. Orders for all such work cxeci  artistic manner.  xecuted in an  One Car Glass  Direct from liclgium expected this month. Rough  and dressed lumber, laths, etc., always in slock.  Two Cars Sash  and Doors   Yard and branch ollice foot of  Hendryx Stre  Nelson.  G. 0. BUCHANAN  HERALD0,  MONOGRAM,  SCHILLAR  Manufactured by The George E. Tuekett & Son Co., Ltd  J ���  UNION MADE CIGARS  SOLE AGENT,  NELSON  B. C.  FOOT OK HAl,li STREKT. NELSON".  T.   W.   GRAY,   Proprietor.  Formerly Stanley House  Un_der new  management  Refurnished and  Renovated throughout  Everything new and  first-class  Electric lights and  modern  irrjproverrients  E. J. Curran, Proprietor  Doors,   Sash,   Band Sawing-,  Turned Work,  and Office  Fittings.  Just  arrived and in stock,  a carload of Chance's English  Rolled  Glass; all sizes up to 4 by 6 feet.  feral Commission and Manufacturers' Agent  -A-G-EOSrCIDES :  Groat West Oatmeal Mills. Pilot Moudd, Manitoba  The It. M. Smith Biscuit Eaotory, Victoria, li. C-  Thc -Virden Roller. Mills, Virden, Manitoba  'Smith & l^iseliol, Cigars, SI. Jerome, Queliec  KOOTKNAY AKAIX.IJARTKRS, NELSON, B. C.  Office:   Bealey Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  Auctioneers, Real Estate and Greneral Commission Agents,  CUSTOM  BROKERS AND NOTARIES PUBLIC  IMPROVED NELSON  RESIDENCE PROPERTY FOR SALE  UflDER [.EW M/\NACEMEJ<T  J. C. BLANDY & CO., Proprietors,  -B-A-LIFOTTie,  This  famous ami  delightful   summer resort  has been  taken  over by the above lirm and will  be conducted in the future in a lirst-class manner  GOOD Sr|00TINC AND FISrjINC  LAWN TENNIS (ROUNDS  COOL PIC-NIC GROVES  PARTIES PROVIDED FOR,  DEAIBES   I3ST  Shelf and  Heavy Hardware, Stoves, Graniteware,  Miners' Supplies.  Tinsmithing r n'. _.._____.'��? Estimates Furnished  ,   _..     ��, . Full stock or *       _���   ��� _���'  aild   Plumbing Builders'and Miners'Supplies On Application  RATES:   .._ on AM.) �� ;">_ PER DAY.  ���KOOraJAFLUMBER'Cd^  There are more men employed around  the mines at Ainswortli than there has  been at any period during the past five  years.  The greater part of the machinery for  the Highlander concentrator has arrived  at Ainsworth, and the remainder of it is  daily expected. Tlie Highlander has been  worked in a small way for several years  by  Maxwell  Stevenson  of  Philadelphia,  F. W. GROVES  CIVIL AND MIXING ENGINEERS  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYORS  MINIMAL CLAIMS SURVEYED  AND HEPOIiTEI) UPON  KASLO, B. C.  A Complete stock of building lumber of all kinds will  now be kept at Nelson.  A new consignment of window shades embracing the latest colors has just been received by  - -'.- D. McARTHUR & CO.  NELSON, B.C.  _A__   O-   lE'V^-A-IR,'..]^  Room C>. Clem en Is & Hillyer Block, Nclsnn  Charles Si Barbe, Agent.  MUSIC  LESSONS  prepared    to  piano, violin  For terms  ���Vpply lo Thomson Slnl.ioncry Co., 1A.(\��� Nelson  Mrs. ��� Morley is  receive pupils for  or organ.  Near corner VicLoria and Stanley streets  Views of all 11 arts of Kootenay        ��������- t   i  ffiSslsSa^*-'"  Mrs. Johnson,  THE TREM0NT  nSTDBLSOnST  BY  THE  DAY WEEK   OR   MONTH  'MALONE & TREGILLUS, Proprietors.  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district, and  is the headquarters for prospectors and miners.  Pleasant Location  Home Cooking  Comfortable Rooms  No Children  ('arl)oiiiito Street near Ward.  Terms Reasonable MRS.   T.  TODD  ���.���stir*  _* 1 *���__��  ���u._��r  *-"<____���  i  V       n   .   '  '��    i����.W   ������_-?._.^.��L.TL_.!��_��t_*_l"_L��C>_liL_!!_il_,5_1'*l   kl"l'<l"*'.-"*  -.".   .-V.  li   ���    '*!.���> '  1 ,iA"  ���-_���_- {_���"!_������*._.*' ���":���:���; ���.-.-_ n-vv  ��������������� i:��  *.*��!  m THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON; B. 0., SATURDAY; ,{,ULY'  II, 1897.  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,  $12,000,000.  6,000,000  Sir DONALD A.. SMITH   Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND...  K   S. CLOUSTON    President   Vice-President  . .General Manager  :_<r:__:__soD_sr iozr-ajstoh:  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.       DKANCHKS  rN       LONDON  (England),   NEW  YORK,   CHIC AGO,  and in the principal cities in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  OKAN'T COMMERCIAL  AND TKAVELLEKS' CHEIMTS,  available in any part of the world.  BMAKT8  ISSUI5D ' COLLECTION'S MADE;  KTC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  HATE Ol? INTEREST (at present) 3 Per Cent.  CANES   MADE    OF   HUMAN   SKIN.  "What do you think of a man whose  atrocious brutality would allow hitn to  make a walking cane out of human skin?  Aud what's odd, you would think it odd  that this cane of human skin should become a political issue in the great state of  Ohio, would you not?"  Thus began a Mesh-creeping and hair-  raising story told by major 13. C. KordJiam  of Cincinnatti. .Bryan's rabbit-foot cut  no small figure in the last national campaign, but a walking-stick covered with  human, epidermis was a strange subject  for political discussion, though it is generally believed that a politician is always  ready to "skin the other fellow alive."  "Well, in the beginning of the. Ohio  campaign of 188(5, United States senator  (then known as governor) Foraker made  his opening speech before a large assemblage at Columbus. Ohio," continued  major Fordham, as be nestled into an easy  chair at the Planters'. "The present campaign in Ohio involves a discussion of the  cruelties practiced by captain general  Weyler on the Cuban prisoners; but in  the campaigu of 1SSO Foraker didn't have  to go to Cuba to lind cruelties to talk  about���he unearthed a sensation in the  Columbus penitentiary, and proved to the  satisfaction of the excited Buckeyes that  the Democratic party was manufacturing  walking canes out of the skins of dead  Irish and negro prisoners.  "Now, this statement did not partake  of a fire-alarm nature, for Foraker had  the sworn affidavits to support his assertions. It appears that some Democratic  doctor was holding a, position as prison  physician. He and his assistant had  taken a half dozen bodies of prisoners to  the morgue, and had compelled a prisoner  to aid in skinning these bodies. Tlie live  prisoner was forced to make walking-  sticks or canes out of the human hide.  After removiug- the. skins, he was compelled to carry them in a basket to. a private work-room, where the skinsi were  cut into strips, in order- that they might  become seasoned quicker than if left in,  the entire piece. When the skins had become sufficiently seasoned, the prisoner  would cut theni into small, square pieces,  and perforate each piece in the centre for  a steel rod to pass through, after which,  by planing, and paring, neat walking-  sticks would' be produced, averaging in  size from one-fourth of an inch at the  bottom to five-eighths of an inch at the  ' top.  "Well, when ' Foraker.' uncovered this  sensation, he adroitly used it in a political  way. The Irishmen of Ohio had always  been Democratic, as a rule; in fact, a  Republican Irishman was as rare as a  walking-stick made of human skin. But  the Irishmen had been flocking to the Re-  ��� publican ranks, and their accession was  welcomed. . At the same time, there had  been some little dissatisfaction among the  colored Republicans. Foraker wanted to  kill two birds with one* walking-stick, as  it were, and he began thus: 'I invite the  attention of every Irishmau and every  negro to the.words I am about to read���  for, at last, if never before, the Irishmen  and negroes of Ohio have a common grievance and a common interest that ought to  make them stand shoulder to shoulder as  one man.'  "Then Foraker read the affidavit Of the  prisoner, sworn to before a notary public,  .setting forth the facts about his being  compelled to skin dead Irishmen and dead  negroes to get material for making.canes.  Foraker then stated, that he had secured  one of these canes, and hail caused an analysis to be made, which conclusively established the truth of the horrible barbarity.  "The , audience became excited, and  Foraker, who well knows how to play  upon human sentiment, assumed a most  serious cast of countenance, and said :  'On the same rod, therefore, we have the  combined and commingled skins of an  Irishman and a negro, put' there by the  directions and commands of two democratic officials, physicians of the penitentiary, to gratify a fiendish whim that  would have been a disgrace to the dark  ages. My Irish fellow-citizens, you will  no longer stay with a party at whose  hands the lifeless body of your unfortunate countryman received such inhuman  treatment? And where is the colored  man who will not resent such atrocious  brutality? Whenever you think of voting the democratic ticket, think of that  democratic ruffian having the skin  stripped from the dead body of a poor  prisoner that it might be dried and  dressed and cut into squares and slipped  onto a piece of steel rod and hammered  and trimmed into a cane for a miserable  wretch to strut about the streets with."  " Well the blood of every Irishman in  the audience boiled with indignation.  To manufacture walking-sticks with an  Irishman's skin was a worse crime than  the evictions by the  Fnglish lords in Ire  land. And the republican party in Ohio  gained thousands-of Irish votes that year  and the'negroes remained in line."  Imbecile British Peers.  T. P. O'Connor, M.'P., has an  article in  Harper's magazine for July, on the celebrities of the, House  of   Commons from  which the following extract is taken:  The late Lord Den man was a very curious example of the survival of the name  aud even  the resemblance  when   everything else has gone.   His  father was a,  great counsel, who was able to withstand  all the temptations of the court and of  society in the great trial  between George  IV. and his wife, Caroline of Brunswick;  and afterward he  was one  of the best  chief justices the country ever iiad.   Jn  his son there  was  a curious and almost  hideous resemblance to .him.   There were  the same  strong and finely chiseled Roman, nose,   the  same   long,  well-shaped  face, the same great height, and the same  fineness of figure; the voice  was also the  same sonorous and  melodious organ, and  there was even a resemblance in the very  clothes ; for the son adhered  rigidly to  the style of dress that used  to  be  the  mode in the days of hi.s  father's'youth ;  he wore a curious necktie of many folds,  a long coat  which  in  cut  and color was  like a survival, and  there  was about the  whole figure a curious old-world air. not  without its dignity, but infinitely melancholy.     For   this   outward   resemblance  was but the resemblance of the shell; the  old Lord Denman   was there in externals  and in the body, but the spirit was gone.  The Lord Denman  this generation knew  would be harshly described if he were  said to be insane, for he was not violent,  and   never offended any   more   than he  hurt anybody; but he  was certainly of  weak, or at least eccentric, intellect.    He  attended every sitting of the house  of  fords quite conscientiously, and no sitting  passed without his rising to speak.   Then  a very curious thing would happen.  You,  as a visitor, would  be surprised, perhaps  even a  little   shocked,   1o   observe that  every peer in the house began at once to  talk to his neighbor,  and   to talk in  as  loud a voice as he could, until the usually  somber and spectrally silent assembly became  positively  as 'noisy as the grasshoppers in a big field.   When you looked  at the venerable figure  with  the hooked  nose and heard  the  melodious voice, you  were positively shocked that an assembly  of noblemen should  show itself so wanting in  the commonest courtesies of life.  But really there was no choice in the matter.     Lord    Denman   always   talked   insanities or imbecilities, and there was no  method by which he could be kept down  except by the  rough-and-ready method J  have    described.     He    made     motions,  nobody took    notice of them ;   the lord.  chancellor did  not even  go through the  formality of  putting  them   to the   vote  and having them  rejected,    ft was as if  nobody had spoken ; as if this figure were  a ghost from the grave. .-  E. C, GAMBLE, J. P.  31. IliM. C. II.       M. din. .Sin-, c. i:.  M. Am. Sin-. ('. I).  I'. I., s. fur l:. ('.  (Lin- Hi's. Him. Iii'p. nfl'iili. Wks. i.rt'.m  in is. <������) nelson, li. c.  FRANCIS ,r. O'REILLV  m. insi. c. i:.  As.m;.  I-. I.. S. fur P..  |[f>KSI.\M>. II.  GAMBLE & O'REILLY  @ CIVIL  �� ENGINEERS  �� PROVINCIAL  �� LAND SURVEYORS  ACCOUNTANTS  AND  GENERAL AGENTS  Mineral Products of the United States.  The United States Geological survey  has issued a statement of the mineral products of the United States for 1S00, and  corresponding figures for each year since  1880... The total value of all minerals is  placed at $021,900,9-13 for 180(5, against  $022,087,008 for 1S95. -The non-metallic  minerals for .1.895 were valued at $339,77-1,-  029, and for 1890 at ��� $334,187,371.' Metallic  minerals for IS95, $2S1,913,039; for .1890,  $2S0,7S.l ,570. The greatest increase in value  of the metals was in copper, which, for  1S95 was valued at $38,082,347, and in 1890  at $'18,094,207. Next came gold with an  increase from $40,010,000 to $53,088,000.-.  Silver increased from $72,051,000to 70,009,-  230; zinc from $0,278,020 to $0,519,920;  aluminum from $"104,000 to $520,000: antimony from $08,000 to'-$84,200; and nickel  from $3,091 to $4,404. There was a decrease in iron from $.105,-108,550 $90,250,000;  lead from $11,220,000 to $10,472,000, and  quicksilver from $1,337,131 to $1,075,449.  While there was, generally, an iucrease  in quantity in most of the non-metallic  minerals, the decrease in the price made  the value somewhat less.  Clemens Made a Stake in Four Moriths. ,  Charles Clemens of Los Angeles, a cousin  of Mark Twain, is one of the fortunate  ones who have made a fortune in a few  months out of the rich gold diggings of  the Klondyke. Clemen's went into the  Yukon less than a year ago, in company  with another equally . raw ; tenderfoot,  Frank Summers, and it was not until  November last that they reached the  Klondyke aud located ground. Four  months later, having already taken out  $15,000, Clemens sold liis interest for  $35,000 cash, while his partner, Summers,  held on for two weeks longer and got  $50,000. The, money to pay the men was  taken out of the dump which had been  lifted from the shaft on the claim during  the winter. These two men had each  panned out $2500 on their claim while  simply prospecting it, and the man who  bought Clemens' interest bound the bargain with a $232 nugget, the largest nugget  yet found on the Klondyke.  KE.A.L   ESTATE  a.3_txj aoiMrovcissionsr ^-GKEIN-t  ^vniisriisra- _b:r,o:k::e_r,  BEALEY BLOCK, BAKER STREET, NELSON.  forTsaleT     "  Several valuable business sites on Baker St.  Business block���two stores���Baker street.  Business  block���three stores all rented���on  two 30-foot lots, with offices above.  Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.  Apply to W. J. G.  DICKSON.  NOTICE.  Having appointed W. J. 0. Dickson local agent for  Addition A to tho townsil.e of Nelson, intending purchase��� of lots, or persons wishing information, plans, or  price-lists of the addition, will please apply to him.  F. 0. INNES.  NIOI.SON AND ROSSLAND,    -    WF.ST KOOTF.NAY  BRITISH COLUMBIA  TIE MAKERS WANTED!  Tie makers desiring work can obtain the same by  communicating with  W. M. K.II.HY, SLOCAN CITY.  A New, Typewriter���Made by a Canadian Firrrj.  We have had the pleasure of looking over the New  Empire Typewriter, a Canadian made machine, and lind  it a marvel of simplicity through which the makers claim  durability. The types strike direct, moving only two  inches on a steel bed,giving speed and great manifolding  power. Each type at time of writing is locked, ensuring  perfect alignment. .Tlie writing is visible doing away  with the lifting of'a heavy carriage; the touch is easy,  the response quick and the type do not appear to lock.  Ruling vertical and horizontal may be done on it and the  price is less than half that, of other standard machines.  So confident are the makers of tho success of their machine they will refund the money of any unsatisfied purchaser after a ten days' trial. The Thomson Stationery  Company of Vancouver and Nelson are to be congratulated on securing the general agency for B. C. The machines seem to us to be at the top in merit and bottom in  price.  CORPORATION OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  _3"X--:H._��JW-  3STO-   14.  Whereas it is desirable and necessary to license and  regulate plumbers in the Cily of Nelson, and to  provide for the appointment of a plumbing inspector,  and to provide for the od'eclive plumbing, sewerage  and draining of buildings.  Therefore be it enacted by the municipal council of the  Corporation of the City of Nelson as follows:   '  1. The municipal cotmcil shall, from time to time, as  occasion may require, appoint such inspector or  inspectors of plumbing, hereinafter called plumbing  inspectors, as maybe found necessary; but no person  shall be eligible for such appointment who shall not have  passed a satisfactory examination for proficiency in both  practice and theory of plumbing and drainage before the  board of examiners as hereinafter provided.  2. Such inspector or inspectors shall be under the  supervision of the mayor, and shall be paid such salai'3'  as Ihe municipal council may determine.  3. A board of plumbing examiners is hereby constituted, to consist of the city engineer for the lime being,  who shall be chairman of the board, one practising  physician, and one practical .journeyman plumber, both  of whom shall bo appointed, by tho municipal council;  anc.the board shall be called together at such times as  the chairman shall find necessary. ���  I. In case any dispute arises under this by-law, as to  whether any person or persons employed by any master  plumber is a regularly educated, practical and  experienced plumber, as in this by-law is provided, the  plumbing inspector may notify the said workman to  appear and be examined before such board of examiners,  whose decision as to the competency of such man shall  be final and conclusive.  ,"). The said board of examiners shall examine and  may grant certificates of competency to any plumber  who may apply for that purpose, and such certificate  shall be recorded in the ofllee of the cily clerk, the  person receiving the same paying a fee of one dollar  therefor, and such plumber shall be a registered plumber  of tho city.  (i. ' Upon and immediately after the passage of this  by-law, and in every ensuing year on or before the first  day of July, any person desiring to carry on business or  trade as a master plumber within the City of Nelson,  shall take out a license, for which he shall'pay at the  time of the issuing thereof the sum of twenty-five dollars,  except as hereinbefore provided, and any person may  take out a license under the provisions of this by-law on  behalf of a partnership, firm, or company of which he  may be a member.  , 7. No person shall receive a license unless he is of the  full ago of twenty-one years, and has a place within the  City of Nelson; and furnishes a bond binding himself! to  the amount of ��,.00.00, with at least two sureties in the  sum of ��-250.00 each, to the satisfaction of tlie municipal  council, or a bond to the same amount from a guarantee  company, and that he will employ only registered  plumbers who have received and hold a certiticate of  competency from the board of examiners to do all such  plumbing work as ho may engage to do. and whether he  is a practical plumber himself or not, will not permit or  allow any such work to be done by himself or in connection with the business except by such registered  plumbers, and that he will not violate any of the terms  and conditions, rules and regulations contained in this  by-law, or in any other by-law which shall comcinto force  'from time to time in the City of Nelson respecting  plumbing, drainage, sanitary matters and wafer works  within the said city. ,   ���  S. Every person desiring such license shall file with  the city collector a petition in writing of tho same, giving  name of the applicant, and in case of a partnership, the  name of each member thereof, together with the place  of business, and asking to become a licensed master  plumber, and said petition shall bo. accompanied by the  bond and fee hereinbefore mentioned.  0. Any change of firm or location of the business shall  be promptly reported to the city collector, and the  license shall be kept in a conspicuous place at the  location of the business. ,  10. When any member of a partnership or company  is licensed individually for the partnership or company,  the license may be issued iu the name of the tirm, copartnership or company, the said license setting out the  names of the members of the firm, co-partnership or  directors of the company, and the date the license was  granted, and no license so granted shall be transferable  except with the permission of the municipal council.  11. All licensed master plumbers shall bo held responsible for all acts of their employees in connection  lwil.li their business for which such bonded license is  issued. .,-'"''  12. Every such bond and license shall be for the year  current at the time of the granting thereof, and shall  expire on the loth day of July next succeeding the date  of issue.  . 13. U'pon satisfactory evidence furnished to the  collector that any master plumber has been twice convicted by the police magistrate, or two .justices of the  peace having jurisdiction within the limits of tlie City of  Nelson, of any violation of the provisions of this by-law,  or any of the by-laws respecting plumbing, drainage,  sanitary matters or water works, ins license shall lie,  ipse facto, forfeited and returned lo the collector.  II. Any master plumber whose bonds and license may  become forfeited shall not again be entitled to a license  until the said declaration of forfeiture shall berovokud  by the municipal council, and if such master plumber is  carrying otr liis business in co-partnership, or as a  member of a company, the co-partnership or company  shall not carry on the business of plumbing from the  date of such cancellation.  15. Before proceeding to construct, re-construct,.alter  or change any part of the plumbing, drainage or  ventilation of an hotel, tenement, warehouse, wash  house, or other building, the owner, his agent or the  master plumber constructing the same, shall file in the  olllcc of the city clerk an application for a permit  therefor, and such application shall be accompanied  with a specification or abstract thereof, in a blank form  proscribed and supplied for that purpose by the city  clerk, stating the nature and work to be done, and  giving the sine, kinds and weights of all pipes, traps and  fittings, together with a description of all closets and  other lixtures. and a plan with the street and street  number marked thereon, and showing the drainage  system complete. Plans must be legibly drawn in ink on  a scale of eight feet to an inch.  Hi. A permit shall he granted or refused within two  days from the time of filing of the application, and the  permit of the plumbing inspector (if granted) shall be  valid for six months from the date of issue.  17. If the plumbing inspector shall find that the said  plans and specifications do not conform with the rules  and requirements laid down in respect to plumbing and  drainage in the by-laws of the City of Nelson, he shall  not issue any permit for such plumbing and drainage,  and it shall be unlawful to proceed (.herewith.  IS. After a plan or specification has once been  approved no alteration or deviation from the same will  be allowed except, with the written consent of the  plumbing inspector. . .  10. From and after the passing of this by-law every  owner, or agent of an owner, of any building doing or  causing to lie done any plumbing in such building shall,  on the same being passed by the plumbing inspector, be  granted a cortilicatc that said plumbing has been done  in accordance wit.li the city by-laws, and on being  requested lo do so shall deliver such certificate to any  person proposing to purchascor occupy such building  ���JO.    No part of any plumbing or drainage  work shall  be concealed or covered up in any way until it has been  examined and approved by the plumbing inspector, to  whom.notice must be sent when the work is sutliciently  advanced to be inspected, unless in the case of drainage  below the surface of the ground, which the inspector  has failed to inspect within the five working hours  ensuing after being notified, then the ground may be  filled in, in case of an emergency allocting the, public  safety.  21. All material must be of good quality and free from  defects, and the work must be executed in a thorough  and workmanlike manner.  22. The arrangement of soil and waste pipe must be as  direct as possible.  23. The soil, waste aud ventilating pipes and traps  must, where practicable, bo exposed to view for ready  inspection at. all times and for convenience in repairing.  When necessarily placed within partitions, or in  recesses of walls, soil, waste and ventilating pipes must  be covered witli woodwork so fastened as lo be readily  removed, in no case shall they be so placed as to bo  absolutely inaccessible, unless under written permission from tlie plumbing inspector,  it'. When the ground is made or unsound tho house  sewer shall bo of medium or extra heavy cast iron or  brass pipe, with joints properly caulked with lead.  25. Iu sound around, provided it is outside of the  building, hard sail, glazed, vitrified pipe maybe used;  each length shall be wetted before being laid and the  space completely filled with cement mortar, made in tho  proportion of two of good, clean sharp sand and one of  the best Portland cement, except iu wot ground, when a  gascct shall be placed around the spigot and forced  down to the bottom of the socket and finished in mortar  cement, as described above, ftaoh pipe must be cleaned  out with a mop after being laid. The different lengths  must be laid in perfect line of the bottom and sides. All  connection, must, be through "Y"junctions.  2fi. Any soil pipe passing through a building, or  beneath the door of a cellar or basement, shall be of cast  iron or brass as in section 21 hereof, and shall extend to  at least five feet outside the building and no wall shall  be built leaning solidly upon the same.  27. Whore it is found impracticable to carry the main  ventilating pipe above the surrounding openings or  adjoining buildings within the prescribed distance of  forty feet, as in section 32, permission may be granted by  thc plumbing inspector to insert a running trap between  the house and the sewer in a position to be approved by  the plumbing inspector, such running trap to have a  cleaning cap made gas and air light, brought up to the  surface of the ground, and taken off the outer or inner  side of such running trap. A fresh air inlet shall be  brought up lo the surface of the ground from the inlet or  house sideof such running trap, and be provided with a  cast iron grating set in Portland cement, and be kept  free from dirtand deposit. In all cases where such intercepting trap is used, the main ventilating pipe must  open at least ten feet from any opening or window.  28. No exhaust from steam engines, or blow oil" from  steam boilers, or overflow from water mot ers, shall be  connected with either private or public sewers.  2!). Every vertical soil pipe shall be of cast iron or  brass, and shall extend a sufficient height above window,  roof or coping, or light shaft, to the satisfaction of the  plumbing inspector.  30. No rain water, down pipe, or chimney flue shall  be used as a ventilator for any sewer, trap, soil or waste  pipe, or as any soil or waste pipe.  31. Each building shall be provided with a main  ventilating pipe of cast iron or wrought iron pipe,  galvanized, of not less diameter than four inches, which  shall be carried at least two feet above the highest  window, opening or light sfiaft, and to the satisfaction of  the plumbing inspector.  32. Soil or main ventilating pipes in an extension  must be carried to and above the roof of the main  building, when otherwise they would open within forty  feet of any openings of the main or adjoining houses,  unless as provided in section 27.,  33. No soil pipe shall be less than four inches in  diameter. A waster pipe receiving the discharge of five  or more sinks shall not be less than three inches in  diameter and shall have two inch branches.  31. When lead pipe is used to connect fixtures with  vertical soil or waste pipes, or to connect traps with  main ventilators, it shall not be lighter than :  I inch in diameter,   (i  pounds per yard.  II inch in diameter, oil pounds per yard.  1.'.-inch in diameter, (i pounds per yard.  2" inch in diameter, S pounds per yard.  I inch in diameter, 15 pounds per yard.  2i inch in diameter, 13._ pounds per yard.  3" inch in diameter, Kit pounds per yard.  I   inch in diameter, 21   pounds per yard.  Trap vent pipes shall be of brass, lead, cast or galvanized  wrought iron. All traps and fittings shall be equal in  quality and thickness to the pipes to which they arc  attached.  35. All cast iron pipes must be of the best clean grey  metal, free from sand cracks, honey comb, poms places,  air holes or other defects, and of the grade known as  medium used below all fixtures, and for ventilating  pipes the grade known as "Standard" of the heaviest  quality. Jn buildings over three stories in height the  three iower stories must be fitted with the grade known  as extra heavy.   The following will bo accepted :  Standards..'. 2  in. 3'in. 1   in.   5 in.   (i in.  Helow fixtures (pounds). 1   in. til in. 1). in. 17 in. 20 in.  Above fixtures(poiinds). 1   in. 5  in. Gl in.  Fxtru heavy (pounds)...5_ in. !J_ in. 13 in. 17 in. 20 in.  All  littings used in connection   with  such  pipes  shall  correspond in weight and quality.   All .such pipes lo be  coated inside and "but with tar and asphaltuni.  30. Before being accepted all plumbing work shall be  tested by water or other test approved by and made in  the presence of the plumbing inspector. All defective  material shall bo removed and replaced, and bad work-,  manship made good.  37. All joints in iron or brass sower pipe, soil pipe,  waste pipe and ventilators shall be made with a gasket  ofoakum, and load hand caulked, and be perfectly gas  tight.  3S. All connections of lead with iron or brass pipe  shallbc made with a brass ferrule of the same diameter  of the lead pipe put in hub of the iron pipe and caulked  with lead. The ferrule shall be connected with the lead  pipe with a wiped joint. 'Vent and Hush pipes of water  closets shall be connected with brass couplings or strong  rubber connections under the discretion of the plumbing  inspector.  39. All connections of lead, waste and vent pipes shall  be made with wiped joints.  10. AH water closets, urinals, sinks, basins, wash trays,  baths and all tubs or sets of tubs; and hydrant waste  pipes shall be separated and effectually, trapped, except  when a sink and wash tubs immediately, adjoin each  other, in which case the waste pipe from the tubs may  be connected with the inlet side of the sink trap. Urinal  platforms, if connected with the sewers, must also be  properly trapped, vented and automatically flushed  witii water from a supply taiik.  ���II. Traps shall be placed as near the lixtures as  practicable, and in no case shall a trap be more than two  feet from the fixture. All traps must have a cleaning out  screw on the underside. (,  ���12. All waste pipes from fixtures other than water  closets shall be provided at the outlet with strong metal  strainers, and all sinks and wash tubs shall be provided  with approved grease traps.  ���13. The waste pipes from no other lixtures shall be  connected with a water closet trap.  ���it. All l,ra|is shall be protected from syphonngo by a  ventilating pipe leading from tlie highest and outer  portion of the trap,- either .separating or joining the  main ventilating pipe, above tho highest fixture, except  in such particular cases, that in. the discretion of the  plumbing inspector the vent pipe may be dispensed with  upon proof of non-syphonngc.  15. For traps in water closets the branch ventilating  pipe shall not be less than two inches in diameter, and  not less than three inches for buildings of three stories or  more in height. Where a bath or basin, or both, are in  the same room with a water closet, the vents for same  mayjoin the closet vent above the fixture. In no case  shall more than two wafer closets communicate with the  same ventilating pipe unless it is over two inches in  diameter.  ���Hi. Overflow pipes must discharge into the open air,  where possible, with a Map on tiie end lo keep out  draught, otherwise they must in every case be connected  with the waste pipe on the inlet side of the trap.  17. Every safe under a wash basin, bath, urinal, water  closet or other fixtures, shall be drained by a special pipe  unconnected with a sewer, waste or soil pipe, discharging  into the open air. The outlets of such pipes are lobe  provided with llnp valves. ,  IS. No drain pipes from refrigerators shall be directly  connected with any soil pipe,, waster or sewer.  ti). Water closetsshall not, be placed in an tin ventilated  room or compartment. In every case there shall lie an  opening to the outer air. All water closets shall be  supplied with water from special tanks, and the water  from these shall not be used for any other purpose. No  water closetsshall be directly supplied from , the. water  mains or service pipes. 'Water closet cisterns shall lie  titled with ball taps. etc.. to prevent waste.  50. Where the trap of the closet is above the floor, the  connection with the soil pipe shall be made with brass,  rubber or approved door flanges.  51. Overflow or discharge pipes from tanks for  drinking-water shall never bo connected with any soil,  vent, waste pipe orsewer.  52. No closet or any other convenience which allows  the escape into tile house of air or gas which has been  confined in any pari, of it, or from the drain or soil pipe,  or which allows the accumulation of till h in or about it,  shall   be fitted  up or  used.  53. No person other than a licensed plumber or pipe  layer, acting under Ihe supervision of the inspector,  shall be permitted to make any connection with a public  sewer.  51. All openings for private sewers must be so made  as to cause as little inconvenience as possible to tlie  public : on completion the surface to bo left in as good  order as it was before the opening was made, and nil  materials, loose earth and rubbish to be removed within  twentv-four hours : all such openings lo be fenced by day  and lighted by night in such a manner as may be  approved by Ihe inspector.  55. No bouse sewer pipe to have a less fall that mio in  forty, unless special permission, in writing, is granted  by the inspector.  Vili, No private sewer in actual use shall be disturbed  unless under the special direction of the plumbing  inspector.  57. All water pipes must .be protected from injury or.  seltllng.  5S. The pluuihiiigiiispeclor shall have power to enter  upon any premises and examine the plumbing, ventilation and'drains, and should the same, iu his opinion, he in  mi unsanitary condition, may notify the owner or bis  : i grills to have I he.sal ne put   inn   sanitary roi id it ion. anil  any person neglecling to.do so forthwith, to the satisfaction of the plumbing inspector, shall bo-liable to Ihe  penalties of this by-law. ���   ���  5!l. The plumbing inspector is also authorized to  receive and place on file drawings and descriptions of  tlie plumbing and drainage executed iu the City of  ���Nelson prior 10 the passage of this by-law, and examine  and give a certiticate if iu accordance with the provisions of this by-law.  00. Any person guilty of any infraction of any of the  provisions of this b.-law shall be liable, upon  conviction before the police magistrate or any two  justices of the peace having jurisdiction within tlie limits  of the City of Nelson, to be lined in any sum not  exceeding one hundred dollars, inclusive of costs, and in  case of the non-payment of the line and costs the same  may be levied by distress and sale of the offender's goods  and chattels, and iu case of the non-payment of the flue,  and there being mi'distress found mil "of which Iho sum  can be levied, such nll'eiider shall be liable lo he imprisoned for any period not exceeding two months,  lil. This by-law may be cited for all purposes as the  "Plumbing By-law, No. II, lK'JT."  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  Certificate  of the   Registration  of   a  Foreign  Company.  'Companies Act." Pakt  IV.,  ami Ameniiini;   Acts,  ICOOTICNA V-TAC'C I.M A   I.  ,   C.   MININO  (KOKEICN.).  COMI'ANV,   LIMITED,  NOTICE   FOR   TENDERS.  NOTICE FOR TENDERS.  Sealed lenders will be received by the undersigned up  lo 12 o'clock noon on Tuesday, the 10th day of August,  1897, for the following material for water and sower  systems:  1. Lap-welded steel pipe, of Ihe following sizes, II, 12,  10, S, Oaud I inch.  2. Killings such as crosses. Ts, Ys, bends, reducers,  caps, plugs, etc.  3. Eire hydrants.  I.   Air valves, stop valves, and vents.  5.    Lend and Oakum.  (i. Vi(rilled sewer pipe, of the following sizes, 10. S, (i.  and 1-inch:  7.   Crosses, Ts, Ys, clc.  S.   Portland cement.  Approximate amounts to be supplied can he obtained  at the office of the city clerk. Tenders must be for delivery f. o. li. Nelson, within sixty days from date of contract. The lowest or any tender not necessarilv accepted.  JOHN HOUSTON, Mavor.  Nelson. 13. C, July Oih, l���!)7.  SALE OF MINERAL CLAIMS  BY- TENDER  Sealed tenders marked on tho envelope "Tender for  mineral claims," will be received by the undersigned un-  Lill noon on Saturday, the 25th day of July, for the purchase of the interests of the late ttcorgc Johnson in the  following mineral claims, situate in the Nelson mining  division of Ihe district of West Jvootenay:  Item 1. "Hod ('np,"Thornby" and "Keystone" mineral  claim.  Item 2. "Lizzie (.'."mineral claim.  Item 3, "Magpie" mineral claim.  Item I, "Vulcan" mineral claim.  Item 5, "Amazon" mineral claim.  A separate price must be put on each item where more  than one is tendered for.  The highest ornnv tender not necessarilv accepted.  J. K. AK.M.STHON'C.  Ollicial Administrator. Donald.  Donald. June 23rd, 1S07.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Sixty days afterdate I. the undersigned, intend to apply to the chief commissioner of lands and works for  permission to purchase the undermentioned tract of  land:    iiKsuuii-nux.  Commencing at. a post marked "O.St.li., NK." placed at,  the head of!) mile point on the south shore of the outlet  of Kootenay lake, thence 10 chains1'south, thence 10  chains west, more or less, to the outlet of Kootenay lake,  thence following the shore to the point of commencement, KiO acres more or less.  CHARLES St. BARBE.  'Nelson,.2-lth of May, 1SD7. [May 29.]  Notice of Application  to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that I, A. O. Evans, intend to  apply at the expiration of sixty days from the publication  of this notice, to tlie commissioner of lands and works to  purchase the following iinsurveycd, unoccupied, and un-'i  reserved crown lands, situate, at or near White Grouse  mountain, and embracing lands near confluence of north  and west branch of (Joat (Meek, a tributary of Goat river,  in the Clout river mining division 'of the district of West  Kootenay. British Columbia. :  IIKHCUII'TKlN.  Commencing at initial post marked "A. O. E.'s N". E.  corner," thence due north 10 chains, thence due west SO  chains, thence due south III chains, .thence due east "SO  chains .to point of commencement, containing 320 acres  more or less.    .,     . A.O.EVANS.  Dated this llth day of .May. 18!��!I7. |June Iilth|  Notice of Application to  Purchase  Land.  Notice is hereby given that I. I_. I��. ilerriinan, intend  to apply at I he expiration of sixty days from the publication of this notice, lo Ihe .commissioner of lands and  works, to purchase the following unoccupied, iinsurveycd  and unreserved lauds, situate at, or near White Grouse  mountain, .ind embracing lands near confluence of north  and west brunch of Goat cm k. a tributary of G'oal,river,  in Ihe Goat river mining di\ ision of West Kootenay district. British Columbia. ,  liKHCIUI'TIO.V. ���  Commencing at initial post marked "I.. I'. M.'s X. |_.  corner," thence due south III chains, thence duo west SI)  chains, thence due north. 1(1 chains,,lhciiee due east SO  chains to point, of commencement, containing 320 acres  more or less. I.. I'. MKKRIM AN.  Dated this llth day of May. IS!)7. ,' [Junolillh]  Notice of Application to Purchase Land  Notice is hereby given that I. G. II. Owen, intend to  apply at the expiration of sixty days from Ihe publication "of this notice, to the commissioner of lands and  works to purchase the following iinsurveycd. unoccupied, and unreserved crown lauds, situate mi the north  shore of the west arm of Kootenay lake, in tin: Nelson  mining division oj the district, of West Kootenay. Hriti-di  Columbia. .      _  ui.semrnn.N'.  Commencing at initial post marked "G. II. Owen !s. K.  corner." thence din. west 10 chains, thence due north 10  chains, thence ilue east |0 chains, thence due south 10  chains to point of commencement, containing Kin acres  more or less. G. II. t.iWKN.  Dated Ibis 2lilb day of June. IM'7. |.)une ���Jlitbj  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  .Scaled tenders will lie leccived up to'./uly 2(!th for llic  erection of a. throe-story and basement frame hotel,  situate on lots 5 and li, block !l. corner 'of Ward anil Vernon streets  Nelson. B.C.  ��� Plans and spccilications can be seen at, llienlllee of A.  C. Kwarl. architect, room (i. clement .S: Hillyer ���lilo-k.  Nelson. B. C. or at the residence of II. D. Hume. 1371  Robson street. Vancouver. B.C. Tbcsuectssful tenderer  will be required to execute a bom! with approved sureties in the sum of 25 tier cent of tin; amount of tin; contract, and all tenders to be addressed to A. C. Ewnrt.  arciiili'Ct, Room li. Clement.. Hillyer Block, Nelson, li. C.  A. C. EWAKT. Architect.  \ NOTICE   OF   DISSOLUTION.  Take hot ice that the partnership between Ihe undersigned, us grocers and general provision merchants at.  Nelson. North l-'ork, and .Sahno. lias this day been clis-  .solvcil bv mutual consent. Mr. Kreeland retiring.  All debts duo by and owinij to the laic partnership will  be paid by and to A. 0. Buchanan  A. C.  lU'CHANAN.  10.  MAItKE.  WILLIAM KKKKLANI).  Dated at NcIkc.ii. li. ('.. July Sib. ISH7. |.luly I0th|  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will at. the  expiration of thirty flays, apply to the stipendiary magis-  tratc of West Kootenay district, for a license to sell  liquor by retail at their hotel. "Runic on the southeast  corner of Wright, and Sutton streets, at Ainsworth.  THOMAS GARVKV.  ANTHONY MADDKN.  Dal ft I this -.'iilb dav of June, IN!>7.  Sealed lenders will he received by the undersigned tip  to 12 o'clock noon, on Tuesday, July 20lh, 1897, for thefol-  lowiug work :  W..Tl-:U    WOHKK   SYSTKM.  1. Head works at Anderson Creek.  2. Conduit lines from head works at Anderson creek  to reservoir.  3. Reservoir.  -I.   Ditching, pipe-laying, and back filling.  si-:wi.k.u;k  svstk.m.  '5.   Ditching, pipe-laying, ami back filling.  Tenders may be for separate parts of the work or for  thewhole. Plans and specifications can he seen at the  otllee of the city clerk. No tender will be considered unless accompanied by a certified check for 25 per cent of  the umountof Ihe tender, as n guarantee if awarded the  contract, Ihe party making the tender will, in good faith,  carry out the contract. The lowest or iinv tender not  necessarily accepted. JOHN HOUSTON. .Mavor.  Nelson. B. (,'., July ilth, IS!>7.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON.  Registered Ihe 22nd day of February, 1S07.  T HEREBY CERTIKY that I have this day registered  x tlie "Kootenay-Tacoma L, C. Mining Company,' Limited," (Foreign), under the'���Companies Act, Part IV.,"  "Registration of Foreign Companies, and Amending  Acts,"  The head,ofllee of the said Company is situated at the  City of Tacoma, iu the Stale of \\ ashinglon, U. S. A.  The objects for which the company is estnblithed are:  To flo and conduct a general mining business in I lie  United Stales of America, and in the Province of British  Columbia, Canada,  with  limited  liability to tho slock-'  holders, as provided for by the laws governing such in  the Province of British Columbia. Canada: in-no'dilion  thereto, to purchase, hold, lease, sell, mortgage, convuv,  bond,'anil   otherwise dispose of any.and all kinds of  mines, mineral hinds, and mineral claims; to use, equip,  and operate the same, either separately or in conjunction  with any other mines or mineral claims, or with anv  other enterprise authorized by i he.se articles of incorporation, cither iu the United Stale* of America or in  the  Province of British Columbia, ('lunula: to construct, acquire, hold, lease, convey, and dispose of. maintain ami  operate railways,  motor lines, wagon roads, and  tramways, and build furnaces and reduction works: lo reduce,  smell, and rellne, any and all kiiuls of ore; to use. equip,  and operate the same, either separately or in con.juneiinn  with any other railways, motor lines, wagon roads, tramways, furnaces, and reduction works in the United States  of America, or in Ihe Province of British Columbia. Canada; to acquire and operate water rights, ditches, Humes,  and other conduits and apparatus necessary for the appropriation, line, ami disposition'of  waterin, operating  mills and  mines, running and operating electrical machinery in the United StatesofAineric-i and the Province  fif British Columbia. Canada; lo purchase,acquire, hold.'  erect, and operate electric light and power plants for tho  purpose of mining and treating ores, and for the purpose  of furnishing light anil creating  power *for all  purposes  connedod with;such mining business:in the United Slates  of America and Province of British Columbia. Canada:  to use. equip, and operate the said railways, motor lines,  and  otheriiijipliances   with  steam, electrical, or oilier   '  motive power; lo survey anil  plat  into town  lots ami  blocks any or all real estate thai  Ibis Corporation limy '  'acquire: to sell, lease, anil mortgage  real and por-ona'l  property, or otherwise dispose of, incumber, nllVud singular the same, in connection with said mining business,  in the United States of America and  the  Province of  British Columbia, Canada: to do anil conduct, a general  mercantile business, and such other transactions as ibe  business of the Corporation may require'.  The capital stock of the said 'Company is SI.0OU.ftOD, divided into 1.000,000 shares, of the par value of .1 each.  Given under my hand and seal of olllce, M Victoria,  Province of British Columbia, this 22nd dav of Fcoru.irv.  IS!I7.' S.  Y.  U'OOTTON,   ''  Registrar of Joint Stock i ompanics.  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of'  Improvements.  OUIKNT.M. MINK If, A I, CLAIM. SITL'.VI'K IN 1MI-' Ml.i.\'  MINING DIVISION Of WKKT KOOTKNAV PIKTHKT. .'M ���  l.OCATKW ON TIIK IJCKT MANIC OP KOO'IUNAV HIV. If,  OI'I'OSITK TIIK  MOUTH   Or SLOCAN  l.'IVKH. ,  ' Take notice that I, N. F. Town'-end. agent. fi>r Hoi oil  J. Bealey, free miner's certificate No. TH.fW. ii.i.'nd.  sixty flays from Ihe dale hereof, lo npjily to the mining  recorder for a certificate of'improvement,!-, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. Anil  further take notice that notion, under section 37. iihim be  taken before the issuance of such certificate of improvements. N. F. TOWNSEND  Dated, this 21th day of June. 1S!)7. [June 2CI hi  Notice     of  Application     tor  Improvements.  Certificate    of  "TIIK Kill .MINKICAI. CLAIM, .ITI'.ITB IN Till: Nl"t>r .V  MININd III VISION OI-" H'liST K'OOTLNA V DISTIf I IT. AND  LOCATED ' AIIOVT    r.UMIT    MILKS    fl'.KAST     sllil.   OK  KfiKANKi-; i'iii-;i;k.  Take notice that I. Charles A. Stocks, of ICn>lo, li. C.  acling as agent for C. Sherbari, of Nelson, B. ('., free  miner's certiticate No. 82.210. intend sixty clays from the  dale hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a ccitili-  cate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of the above claim. And further take  not ict: that action, under section 37. must be coiiimencjd  before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  CHARLES A. STOKSS.  Dated this llth day of June. 1SI7. | July 3rd |  Notice    of  Application     for  Improvements.  Certificate    of  r-O.MATTI-: I/IIAITION MINKKAl. I'LAIM. SITfATi: IN TUT.  NIM-SIIN mixino division ok WLST I.OOTI nav IliS-  TICIfT, AND   IJIfA'ILIi   AT    lll.'AliWATKIES Ol'   I_I||��AM:"  i"i:Ki-:i\. and i:oi'ndi:i> on noutii iiv asimn and i n  soi-rn iiv "Tin: kid" mini;hai. claims.  Take   notice that I, Charles A. ri loess of Kaslo, B.C..  acting as agent for C. Sherbart  of Nelson.  B. c . fro,  miner's certiticate Ny. 82.210, intend sixty d.i\ s from the  (lute   hereof,   to  apply    to   the   mining   recorder    !or  a certificate of improvements, for the purpose or' oblai:,-  ing a crown grant of the above claim.   And furl her !:.):>���  notice that action, under section 37. must be couiini in i il  before the issuance of such certificate of iiiiprovcinc u:>..  ...-'OH Alt I.KH A.STOI SS.  Datod.this llth day of June. 1S1/7. I.Iuh ::id|  Notice   of  Application   for  Improvements.  Certificatf!   oi  LA I'LATA FRACTION MINICICAL CLAIM. SITfATi: INT Mi:  NELSON MININfl DIVISION Of WEST KOOTKNAV DIS-  THICT, AND LOCATED ON KOICANKI-: CU1>.K\ AND I.s  HOtrNDKD UN NOUTII |{V KLOUENCK AND ON SOITII IIV  MOLLY OIIISON MINKKAL CLAIMS.  Take notice that I.Charles A. Stoes-of Kasl.i. '-. c..  acting as agent for'.(.'. .sherbart of Nelson, li. ('.. !''������ .-  miner's certificate No. 82.210. intend sixty il.iys from -ib.-  date hereof, to apply..!>��� the mining recorder for �� ���������!-  tificate of improvements for the purpose of <il>t;iinin_r ��  crown grant of the above claim. And further take inn e ������  that action, under section 37, must be commenced h. im-i:  the issuance of such certificate of improveineiiis.  CilAULF.ri A. .-TOESS  Dated, this llth day of June, 1SU7.       , [July 3rd|  of  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate  Improvements.  TUB FLOIfENCIC MINKKAL CLAIM. SITIMTi: IV TIIK M I.HON MININC) DIVISION Of WEST KOOTKNAV I'lSTIdT.  AND LOCATED ON THE EAST SLOPE AMI ,-IH'CT I'M.  AND  A HALF .MILKS SIH'TII   l-'IIOM   HEAP  ME  Kfik'IM.i.  I'ltEliK,     ���.������������'  Take notice that I. Charles A. Sloe--, n.-tini; :i- ,iL"-' t  for R. \V. W'i I ley of Nelson. B.C.. f miner-.--r:iii.-,..  No. (!7 S-S7, intend sixty days from the date l-,-i. ,,i. i,.. ] |,'y  to the mining recorder for a certilicaie <if jiunm. eui'-i i-.  for the purpose of obtaining a frown L-ni'i ���(<���< .!��������� <���  claim. And further take notice I h��i ������>��� ��� 'f<��. iiim'it -e -  tion 37, must tie commenced before ihe i ��� mnie.- ��� I -u- ,>  certiticate of improvements.  CIlAI.'l.i.S A. ST')".-'-'  Dated, this llth day of June. 1807. !-.'i.I. .';���  I  Notice    of  Application     for  Improvements.  Certiiic.v.c    <>'.  ������ ti    -  - ii.-i i'  i'  KLOUENCK  KUACTKIN   MINKIiAL  CLAIM.   SM'I   '.II'   I ���>  'NKI.SON   MINI.Vi;   DIVISION   OK   UT.T    l."ill'.V,\  'I'ltlCT.   AND   LOCATED   ON    lioKANfl     f.V I ','.  llfir.VUKD   ON   NflKTIi    IIV    .Will I.I.I-'.-    rn-'   M  AND  UN  SIH'TII   IIV   Kl.lllCKNfK  Mi.vi l-i|    >'l,\,  Take   notice  that.   I. Cimrl-s  A. .<!������;��������� - ��� I    "  acting as airent for <.'.'' Sherhar' ��� ���:'   N- t -m .   I'.   ��� ...  I >e  miner's certilicaie No. W2.2I0. and P. W  I ft n g  ..f N< I mi  B. C. free miner's certiticate No 70.O7.V urc.i! -i\'> ���'.- <������  from the date hereof, toapply lull",- iii.iiinu o (���..���i!i r.t ������  a eer! ideate of improvements, f,,p id.    purpose of i.I Dei ���  ing a crown grant of the. above claim.    Ami fnri ber t.-il.  notice that action, under section 37. mils' !���<��� i-"i,iiiiene' <1  before the issuance of .-ncli eertillentc of iintuo< ��� -nieiii  .  CIIAUI.I-.S A. ST')' ....  Dated this _.!th day of June. I.SH7. [.!t:ly "< d|  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  ^Improvements.  ACHILLES  TU'll    IICNDHKIl   .Mt'.V Kit W. ft. MM.  St! I*   "I'e   IN  TIIK NELSON  MINIM!   DIVISION   OK    WIST   KOOTENAY'  DISTKttT.   AND   LOCATED   EIOIIT  .MILKS   l.M.   EAST SIPI-:  Ol-'    K'OKANEK    IKKKK     AND    JOINS    NOUTII    END   ill'  KLOUENCK   MI.VKIMI. I'l.UM.  Take notice   that   I. Charles A. Stf>'"-s  "f   K.-el-i   I!.''..  acting  as agent  for  ('.   Sherbart  of   Nelson   B.  ''.. (���<���������  miner's certiticate No. 82.21". i> lind  sixty  il n- {<��� in '!"���  dale hereof, to apply to the in in in.; recorder for a e,-r"!'-  cnt.e  of  improvements, for  th"  purpose  nf olilaie'ir.'  "  crown -grant   of the above   cbiini   - And    furile r   !������ i. ���  notice that action, under section 37. iiin-l lie coiuiiiene d  before tho issuance of such ccrlili'ul  ciiapj.i:-  Dated this llth (lav of June. 1S!I7.  no  ��� I-  s'i'n;:-  |.i.::.  Notice   of   Application    for   Ccrtificaf  Improvements.    >  ���iff'  :   for  .  SV  to i!  All:  OOI.DKN KAOLK MINKKU.'CLAIM. sl't'C 'T1' IV Tllr v I  MININfl   DIVISION  OK   WEST   KfiOTK.NiY   I US I IV.<"! .  LfM'ATKD  NEAII TIIK   IIKAD  OK .-.- .NPV  Take notice  that  I. A. S. Farwell, ;i_e  Fluinerfcll.   free   miner's   ccrlitlcale   N  sixty days from Ihe date hereof, lo up- !  recorder for ;i rorlilic .lie  of  imnnivcim-.  pose of obtaining a crown gram of tin  further lake notice Hint, aeltoo. uniter  commenced before the issuance of siici  provements.  Dated this 2nd day of July. I���'117.  C.  '-ul.-.. t  ihnvc  "el   ��� erii  S.  F.W  i" lb.  l.'iitc  IT. I',i  \\  i;  <ii.i  li- hi  THE TRIBip BUYS OLD ({AGS  1 - fe 4  THE  TRIBUNE:   KELSON,  B.C., SATURDAY, JULY  I/, 1397.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  C. Atkinson,  died  in   the  McJvor-Tymiiill. the hypnotist who professes to be a mind-reader, gaveanexliibi-  tion of his powers to a small audience in  the dining room of die, Nelson hotel on  Wednesday evening. IVlcIvor-Tyndall  has given it out. chat, he is in LheKooteuay  district on mining business and his hypnotic. and.thoughL-reading exhibitionsare  merely side-shows, lie says he has come  here,for the purpose of securing a few of  the best mines in the district, and as an  evidence of his ability to secure the same,  he announces that there are several millionaires behind him. Just what affinity  exists between McIvor-TyiKh.ll and the  millionaires, is left a matter for conjecture, as is also the distance which intervenes between he and them.  The funeral of tlie late J.  of New Westminster, who  Kootenay Lake hospital Tuesday morning from heart failure, took place from  the Masonic hall Thursday afternoon.  The deceased was a barrister and was  formerly police magistrate for the city of  New' Westminster.  C. E. T. Pelhain has opened a hotel and  store at Crawford Bay, on the trail going  into the St. Mary's district. Re will be in  a position to supply pack horses and will  undertake the packing of goods.  The Hall.Exploration company has ten  ,men at work on the Black Cock pro Derby  on Wild Horse creek.   They are  driving  ��� a tunnel and sinking a shaft, aud have a  good ore body in each working.  C li. Sealej', city assessor,' has commenced the work of assessing the real  property aud improvements within the  city limits. He is required to complete  the work by September ,13th, after which  the rate ot' taxation will be fixed for the  current year. As nothing iu the nature  of a careful assessment of the entire property included within the city limits has  been attempted before, the result of the  assessor's labors will be interesting.  The full courb gave judgment at Victoria  ou Monday in the Aldous vs Hall Mines  suit, ordered a new trial. The action was  one of tresspass brought by. the plaintiff  to enforce an adverse mineral claim under  the mineral act of 1S9L At the trial in  the county court it was held that as the  olaintiff had not shown that site had complied with the requirements of the mineral act the matter of defining her main  line by posts or the blazing of trees, she  could not recover. �����  A party of five anen who had taken a  ��� sub-contract from 'McLean Brothers &  MacBeath on the Slocan river road, had  the misfortune to lose their whole outfit  while floating down Slocan river on a  raft. When they told their story to-Dave  MacBeath, he promptly counted himself  in for one-half of their loss.  Frank Fletcher expects to .commence  work upon the superstructure of his new  residence this week. When finished it  .will be the handsomest residence iu the  city.  Jesse Bigelow and his partner, Radford,  arrived in town this week after a prospecting trip in the St. Mary's district in  East Kootenay.   They succeeded in mak-  ��� ing a couple of good locations just over  the St. Mary's pass and came in for supplies. They have a 4-foot ledge which assays well, giving gold, silver, and lead  values, but have not done sufficient work  upon it as yet to make predictions as to  its extent. Bigelow. says that there are  six men working on the California group,  and as many on the Hidden Secret and  Fmpress groups in the same section.  The survey for the C. & K. extension to  the eastern limit of the city  takes the  railway through the center of T. W.  Gray's planing mill. This is rather closer  railway connection than "Tom" bargained  for, and has impressed upon him the necessity of seeking a new mill-site. It is  likely that the railway company will  swing around the end of the mill until he  can get out of the way.  Aldermen Fletcher .and'Hillyer selected  a site for the water works reservoir on  Wednesdajr morning. They have chosen  different ground from that selected by all  three engiueers, and one which would not  result in any serious damage to town property in the event of a break. The aim  of the council will be to push the construction of the water works system as  fast as possible.  D. A. MacBeath has resumed his duties  in the postoffice. He returned from the  Sound Tuesday very much improved in  health, thanks to a steady clam diet.  Work upon the city lockup and municipal office building is progressing favorably. It will be the first stone building  erected in this city, and will when completed, be a cheap as well as a serviceable  structure. .  Robert   l_wart of the Nelson-Poormau  Alining   company,' reports  that   further  prospecting ot the White ledge upon the  White claim in the Poorman group, has  resulted in a very fine showing of free-  milling ore.   The  ledge was  cut  in   two  places about 200 feet below the old White  workings; and found to be well in  place.  It is about four feet wide and the quart/,  is very rich .looking.    The present showing has a vertical depth of 75 feet below  the old workings, and from this point to  the -place where the ledge was uncovered  at the White's end line, there are 1000feet  of ledge upon the White ground.   Kwart  is of the opinion that the recent discoveries upon the White give an equal, if not  greater,  value, than  the  Poorman  claim  itself.    The company's entire force is now  employed in development work upon the  We have just received another lot of Ladies' Fine Shirt  Waists, made of Organdy and Dimity Detachable White  Collars and Cuffs; also Collars and Cuffs to match Waists.  An early inspection of these goods are asked, as they are  rapidly.     Mail  orders will receive prompt attention.  se  ing  During the month of June 400 tons of  concentrates were shipped over the Canadian Pacific to Kansas City via Portland.  The concentrator is connected with the  mine by an Otto tramway, which is giving  great satisfaction.  The Nelson Iron Work continues to run  steadily upon custom repairing. The  company is employed upon work for the  Nelson Electric Light company, Reisterer's  brewery, aud upon iron work for the Mc-  Killop and other brick buildings'in course  of erection. The company is hampered at  present owing to difficulty in securing  stock. When the stock upon the way arrives and the company is in a position to  solicit work, the staff will be increased  from 15 to 20 men.  The Nelson boat club will holdaregetta  on Saturday, August 7th. The programme  will be commenced at 1:30 p. m. It will  include J-oared races, single scull with in-  rigged and outrigged boats, double sculls  with lady coxswains, single, double, and  4-paddle canoe races, sailing canoe race,  and swimming race of ;*50 yards. In the  evening there will be a procession of illuminated boats.  It is reported from Kaslo that judgment  ,in favor of the Bank of Montreal has been  filed in the recorders office at Kaslo  against the Pilot Bay Smelter company  for $75,000. This is taken to mean that  the bank intends to foreclose, which  would pave the way to the lease or disposal of the plant at Pilot Bay.  Charlie Townsend and P. Perkins are  on the lookout for someone who will put  $1000 into a prospect for development  purposes, and take an interest in the property. Tlie claim which they wish to develop is the King Copper, an extension of  the Copper Clown. These properties were  discovered by accident some weeks ago  along the C. & K. railway line: The first  discovery was made by John Perkins and  Joe Duhamel.on the Copper Clown, their  point of discovery being about 50 feet  from the railway line., They have since  opened up a 3-foot ledge for a distance of  1300 feet, which carried them into the  King Copper ground. Several assays have  been made from the ledge, the returns  ranging from S to 27 per cent copper, with  traces of gold and a few ounces in silver.  Townsend and Perkins have this ledge  right through their claim, and they are  anxious to get to work upon it, preferring  to retain control than to sell the property  outright.  T"z CLUB HOTEL  Corner Stanley ami Silica Streets-.  The Triumph of Rolled Oats  The chief trouble in life, beyond any question.  Is the miserable state of inilii.est.ion.  To regain failing health you'll part with bank notes.  Save inoney! und cure, with tliet of Rolled .Outs.  In selecting: the brand you surely will err,  you take other than that made by Ih'aekinan & Ivor.  Food lit for a prince, and the best in the land,  .Are famous Rolled Oats, of the "National" brand.  Like ripples of music, from fountains and rills,  So sweet are Rolled Oats of the ���'National" Mills.  To babies they're treasure? to youth they are ..niii,  They j,ivo vi.1.0.  to af.e, they make muscle and brain.  The "National" Rolled Oals about which we relate  Are the best in the market, all judges do state.  At Chicago's great fair Ihey took the first prize.  And at 'I'risco's .Mid-winter took medal likewise.  And now they're competing for honors in Sweden  And placing the folk of that country in I'Mcn!  They their rivals outstrip, with a bound and a rush.  For I hey are simply "immense" when made into "Mush."  liss E. I. Little;  I'RIVATK SCHOOL IN NKI.SON  begs to  announce  (hat she  ; about to  open a  The course of instruction comprises JCNGLISH, MUSIC,  CALISTHENICS, KltlCNCfl, and OKU MAN  (acquired abroad)  For terms apply to  MISS E. M. LITTLE,  J'ostollicc, Nelson.  _^-    ZE3I-    HOLDICH  Royal School of Mines.  Swansea and Wigaiu, Kngland.  Assayer and. Analytical Chemist  .Will very shortly open a  attend to all work that his  entrust to him.  new assay oflice ami  old and new friends  will  will  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  Sealed Tenders Will Be Received for the Construction of  a Provincial Caol by the Undersigned Until  Saturday,  July 31st 1897.  Plans and Specifications may be seen at the ofllee of  the architect, Mr. A. E. Hodgins, Baker Street, Nelson.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  W. J. GOEPEL,  Acting Assistant Commissioner of Lands & Works.  E. J. CURRAN, Proprietor  SUNDAY DINNER  Consomme.   '  Moiled  Halibut.  Onions. Radisbs.  MK.VU  SALAD.  Lobster en Mayonnise.  sour.  OAFISH.  Kgg Sauce.   Rainbow  Tail a 1'Aiif_le.se.  Trout. Mat re de  Hotel,  uiaisii.  Lettuce.  Cucumbers,  Tomatoes, Olives.  Leg of Million. Caper  noil.ui).  Sauce.  Ox '  i:.N"fni:i:.  Tongue. Tomnlo Sauce.  Scrambled Brains. Chicken I'ot Pie.  Macaroni an Orutiii.  Lemon Cream Pull's. Sauce il'Or.  JOINTS.  Sirloin Reef with Champignon.  Filet Vciil, Dressing.  Loin Pork,   linked A pplcs.  VEOKTAIltES.  Cream of Snow, Plain Moiled, und Kscallopetl Potatoes.  Garden Pens.   Cauliflowers in Cream.  White Wnx iieans.  SHERIFF'S  Province of British Columbia, Nelson.'\Vest Kootenav,  to-wit: '     ' .  By virtue of a warrant of execution issued out of the  supreme court of British Columbia, at the suit of C. E.  Race, plaintiff", and to me directed against tho goods and  chattels of "W. A., fowctt, defendant, I have seized and  taken in execution all the right, title, and interest of the  above named defendant, W. A. 'Jowett, in the "Bullion"  and "President Fraction" mineral claims, situated in the  Ainsworth mining division, and recorded in the mining  recorder's office at Kaslo, li. C.,,to recover the sum of  .135.85, amount of said execution, besides sheritf's poundage, interest, and all other legal incidental expenses, all  of which I shall expose for sale, or-sufficient thereof to  satisfy said judgment debt and costs, at. the front, of the  court house, Nelson, on the 21th day of July, A. D. 1807,  at the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  Ngtk: Intending purchasers will satisfy themselves  as to interest and title of said defendant.  AV. P. ROBINSON. Deputy Sheriff.  Dated at Kaslo, .fuly loth, 1897. [July 17th]  TIMBER INSPECTOR'S OFFICE.  Poorman proper.  ThobiiLTi Allan, of Lite Lillooet, Fraser  liiver <fc Cariboo (.'old Fields company,  was in the city this week. He called at  Laurie, when! the company is working  tht* Lanark mine. There are about 200  men em ployed at the mine and concentrator, and the shipments amount-to close  upon one car load per day of concentrates.  DKWiKHT.  Green Apple. Lemon and Cocoanut Pies.  Raspberry Tart.  ,  English Plum Pudding. Brandy Sauce.  Savanah Rolls, fruit Sauce.  Sfrawberv Sherbet Cocoanut Cake.  Oranges. Plums. Apples. Bananas.  Nuts. Kaisins.  Kiil.IishSliltonChei.se. Cafee Noir.  Dinner from I! lo S o'clock.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply  lo the Boanl of Licensing Commissioners of the City of  Nelson, at their next sitting, for a. license to sell lii|tiorat  relail at   their saloon, situate on lot  I, block 1. Nelson.  J AMES SMART.  S. K. CALKIN,  Dated at Nelson, II. C, July I0t.li. 1807.  Notice of Meeting-.  First regular meeting of the Derby Mining Company,  Limited, will be held in the office ol" Morris, McLean &  Co. on Tuesday. .Iulv'_l)lh. nt.Sp. in.       It. Ii. LKA10N.  Nelson, July I7II|.'|S!I7.  The sawmill at Robson. B. C, known as the "Robson  Sawmill Company's Mill," has, in accordance with the  provisions of the Land Act. been seized for non-payment  of Timber Royalty.  If such Royalty, together with costs of seizure, is not  paid before the twenty-third day of August, 18117, said  mill and appurtenances, or so much thereof as may be  necessary, will be sold by auction sale there, at 2 p. in. on  that flay, to pay the amount of the Royalty, together  with expenses of seizure and costs of sale.  R. J. SKINNKR, Timber Inspector.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that I, Charles Heath, intend to  apply at the expiration of sixty days from the date hereof, to the commissioner of lands and works for permission to purchase 1U0 acres of unreserved, unoccupied ami  unsurvcyed crown land, situated near the confluence of  Meadow creek and Gout river, in the Goat river mining  division of AVest Kootenay, Hritish Columbia.  CHARLES HIiATII.  Dated this 12th day of July, 181)7.  DESCKII'TION.     l  Commencing at initial post marked "Charles Heath's  N. AV. Corner," thence flue south JO chains, thence flue  east 10 chains, thence due north 10 chains, thence due  west JO chains to point of commencement, containing 1(10  acres more or less.  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  riOOOENOUIiir MrXEItAI. CLAIM, SITUATK IN TIIK NELSON  MININfl DINISION OK WKST KOOTKNAV DISTRICT, SITUATE ON TOAP MOUNTAIN.  Take notice that I, .Frank Fletcher, acting as agent for  George II. Andrews, free miner's certificate No. (18,295,  intend sixty flays from the flute hereof, to apply to the  mining recorder for a certificate of improvement's, for  the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of tlie above  claim. Anil further take notice that action, under section .'17, must be'commenced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvements.       FRANK FLKTCHER.  Muled this I3t.li flay of July, 18117. (July 1711)1  ASK; FOR BRA.CKrY.AN & KER'S "NATIONAL" ROLLED OATS  AfMD TAKE NO OTHER.  "THE MEANEST MAN IN KOOTENAY"  This is the compliment we have received fron the C. P. R. Company, because we refused  to allow them to write our advertisement (!) this, after paying them nearly $10,000  for freight during the past year, is very kind of them. We do not mind employing  this good, accommodating, patriotic corporation as common carriers, but we draw the  line at employing them as our advertising agents. Writing advertisements is the most  sacred of the prerogatives of the head of this firm; he has always done it without'assistance; he proposes to continue to do it without being dictated to by the C. P. R. or any  other railway company, and if the C. P. R. is wise, it will not attempt to meddle in  , other people's business, but will confine its efforts to giving an honest dollars' worth of  service to its customers for a dollar. This is our policy, and the people of Kootenay  know it, and.this is why we are working night and day to keep up with our orders. A  carload of coal (Blacksmith's) and a carload of groceries just in. A carload of sugar to  arrive in a day or two.   Call and see us, or write for quotations-Wholesale and Retail.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  Just received...  'HE latest styles of Ladies' Purses and Card Cases,  and Gents' Pocket Books and Purses. The prices  are right and  the goods the  best manufactured   Wo   P. Teeteel  DRUGGISTS  W.  F.  TEETZEL & CO.  Agents for H. Lawrence Spectacles unci Eye Glasses  Kycsight lusted free  We are just placing in stock the finest.line of READY MADE CLOTHING  ever brought into the city  HONEST WELL MADE GARMENTS  that will give satisfaction.  An entirely new stock of PELT HATS AND CAPS  in the latest styles and makes  A Magnificent line of Seoteh Tweeds and Worsteds, and West of  England Trousering's, suitable for spring" wear.  A special feature of Fancy Worsted Suiting's.  BAKER STREET, NELSON  ONEY   MAKERS  AND   TIME   SAVERS  WHEELER & WILSON  DOMESTIC    RAYMOND  NEW WILLIAMS  WHITE    ZENITH  "THAT'S WHAT WE ARE, THE SIX OF US."  lan%raiyDiIco!in_sd Jacob Dover,Jeweler, Nelson  Our premises have just been generally overhauled  and greatly enlarged. Stock has also been increased.  We carry everything that a man can want, and the  prices   are   right.      Eng.   City   K.   Boots our specialty.  O. STORE     BA^iRndsT2R0EET     J, A. GILKE  BRANCH MARKETS      Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and - Sandon, in Slocan District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.  1  |    ^^^^.fe-'^sr..^. ._��&i-_p_��*" *+#: ? ��� ,_���** .t& _���-. _* ���&.'&$? ���*i'_f_i? v-;r'.*t_p- a. . ? &T-w: ������ 't^sft&v v*  ���TT'-TTSTTT.T-f-'' TV''-y."'i''-r'"PT��lJ..''.,.."i ���gvJ;i>.^tg'_rn"_.-rr'CTjL..i-..'.-i" ������i.-'-t.���������,�����_������ i tJ."j,v .   r-Tam"F-'-j...;, ������, ����� . ���_'.������������ ... ;.igTT��� .eg-_.���;���.���_���,.������*��� ��� ������;.i ��� la,. i_, -: ft*' ������������UK ������3^tw^���.^t_�� lfM'v*,_,J'���_:..������;_<�����" t: "���," "VTsrj. ������ ��� .'V !-.;��'��� _���-i- .'H.I. .*����������� t"V JV IV-4~ i ������ w^SjWaw;  ���i .' ���-'_*.�����* _.'.'���". ���tr." ' -AV- ���.- .if,? :;...i,.f":. ��� J.'_,-__" PC /._��_���> ���'.*?'&!:���??���.,ii-* ��������� ;;?7-,"T- ���"��� -.��� ;.;���__.���: i'-T .���Jifcn'i ,J-v:'.': ���-." ��*"��� TO i_* ! *.-,> ���' �� -"Aw -V ���-*'��� \s>\ *���!���-. ���__..'���-?! -!"-i.**..-_ ���..-������_.".____- ��� ���.���>-.* ��������.*' w, <.<..��.,�����������.��. .v'-i:^.. ���>.....    n��...-.-. ���>*._._���.'.  '__.j_al


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