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 c^Uh)jj��o  East anfe West Kootenay  Have   Better Showings for Mines than   any  other Sections on the Continent  of America.  Capital anb Brains  Can   Both   be   Employed   to   Advantage   in  the  Mining  Camps of East and  West  Kootenay.  FIRST  YEAR.-NO.  i  NELSON, BRITTSH   COLUMBIA, THURSDAY,  MARCH   23,   1893.  PRICE  TEN  CENTS.  A FEW HISTORICAL FACTS ABOUT  MINING     DISTRICT   THAT    BEARS    A  NAME    NOT    AT    ALL    POETICAL.  The Name tho Result of a Trifling Incident  that Occurred When Two Prospectors were  Engaged in Staking a Mineral Claim Called the '.'Jim Crow."  A short time ago the Spokane Review,  in an article on Toad Mountain .district,  said that the district took its name from  a mountain or pea.k that in contour resembled a toad. The Tiiii.uni. has taken  some trouble to find out when and why  the district was named "Toad" Mountain  ���and has arrived at the conclusion 'that the  Review is wrong.  While placer miners have i'or years  prospected and worked on the creeks that  head in the range of mountains now called  Toad'Mountain, no distinctive name was  given to them, for had one been given the  prospectors for quart7', that came afterwards would surolyihave heard oI: it, and  when making locations would stale them  as being on, or near, such and such a  mountain.  The lirst location made on what is now  called Toad mountain was dated July Oth,  1SS7. The location wa.s called the Kootenai ..Bonanza, and its locators were  Thomas Hall, William White, and William J. Oakes. It is described as being  ''situate on the divide between the heads  of Cottonwood t-inith and Salmon creeks,  about ten miles south of Kootenai outlet."  The location notice of the Silver King was  also dated July (Jth. as was the American  .Flag. These three locations were all made  by the Hall party, and all these are described as being on the divide between  Cottonwood Smith and Salmon creeks,  about ten iniles south of Kootenai outlet.  The next locations recorded were the Grizzly JBear, Carriboo, Give Out, Dandy,  Union Jack, anil -Forest. These claims are  described much the same as the Kootenai  Bonanza.and Silver King, and none as being on a mountain.  On July 27th, .1887, Ben Thomas and  Charlie Townsend located a claim called  the ������Jim Crow."' It is described as being  "situate on the west.side of Giveoutcreek,  ou Toad ..mountain, and about li miles  from the Silver King mineral claim." On  the 20th of the same month, these same  men staked another claim, wliich they  named, the "Jrii|uois." This claim they  described as being ������situate iu the Kootenay lake district, on Kootenay mountain,  about one-half mile southwest from the  Silver King."  Ben Thomas, who is now in Nelson, says  that when Townsend and himself were  staking the Jim Crow���Townsend writing  the notice and he making the stake on  whicli to place the notice ��� Townsend  asked him, "What name shall 1 write in  this notice?" and that he replied, "O, call  it the Jim Crow, as 1 don't think it is  worth a blank anyway." Townsend was  sitting on.a log that was about a foot  from tlie ground, and when he had written the notice as far as the words ���'���situate  on," a big, warty toad .jumped from under  the log so close to his feet that he could  not uot help seeing it, and the word"on"  was followed by the words "Toad mountain."' Other old timers, like Dr. La Ban,  say that their impression is that the  mountain on one of the slopes of wliich  the Jim Crow is located derived its name  from some such incident as related by  Mr. Thomas; alsov that the-mountain on  which the Silver King is situate never had  any distinctive name. Jim Fox of the  Dandy mine, who is also in Nelson, says  that lie was present when the first .stake  was planted on the Kootenai Bonanza,  and that the name "Toad".as designating  any particular mountain was lirst used by  Charlie Townsend, he incident as described above being the occasion. Mr.  Fox aUo says that "Delia" Fry acted as  mining recorder in the district during the  fall and winter of 1887-8 and up to the arrival of Mr. Anderson, lie also says that  Mr. Fry would not record assessment  work, believing that he had not the power  to do so. Claim owners, therefore, had to  make the records at Fort Steele or at Revelstoke, several of the assessments being  recorded at both places.  The next locations made were tlie New  Market, Silver Queen, Ox Bow, Immense,  Nipcoo, Bright Star, Irish Nell, Black  Bear, Mother Lode, Wild Maid of the  Forest, Lebanon, Crown, Shamrock, Silver Star, hJvening, and Morning. All these  claims are described as being such and  such a distance from the Silver King and  from live to ten miles south of the outlet  ���the distance from the outlet evidently  growing less as tlie trail became better.  No one of them i.s described as being on a  mountain.  On October loth Thomas (better known  as "Sandy") Morrow recorded the Tough-  nut claim, and described it as being "situate about four miles west oi Bonanza  camp, Mineral mountain, in Kootenai  mining district, B. C." This is the first  location in which "Mineral" mountain is  mentioned. Tlie other locations made  that year were the Chicamiu Stone, Terror of the Woods, Copper Queen, and  Water Jacket, none of which were described as .beingon a mountain, but always  as being so far from some other claim, or  from "Bonanza camp."  On March 1st, J8S8, N. Hoover and  James McKenzie located the Porcupine  claim, and described it as being "situate  2_ miles in a westerly direction' from the  Silver King mineral claim, Mineral mountain, Kootenay mining district, B.C." A  number of other locations were recorded  in March of that year, and all  were des  cribed as b'sing situate ou Mineral mountain. 'On May 7th, P. J. McDougal recorded the Poorman, find described it as  being "situate on the west side of Mineral  mountain." All the claims mentioned  above as being located in I8S7, were either  relocated or rerecorded in 1888, and all  wore described as being on Mineral mountain,���even the Jim Crow anrl Jriquois  were so described, it may be stated here  that in .1887, all the records were made at  Revelstoke, there being no mining recorder in the Kootenay Lake district; but  in the winter of 1888, J lenry Anderson was  appointed mining recorder for the district, and arrived on the ground in April  or May of that year. Evidently he favored tiie name Mineral mountain, as all  tho records made that year of locations in  the Silver King neighborhood wero described as being situate on Mineral mountain. Mr. Anderson also gave the name  "Salisbury" to tho embryo town on the  outlet, now known as Nelson; but ou gold  commissioner Sproat's arrival, the bamo  was changed to "Stanley" by his direction. It is also stated that Mr. Sproat insisted on calling the district "Toad Mountain." AII through 1888 there was little  unanimity of action between the mining  recorder and the gold commissioner, and  in the winter of 1888-9 charges were filed  against die latter, and his resignation  was accepted by the government.  The mountain to the northeast of Cottonwood-Smith creek, on which the first  location was made by "William McCor-  mick on May 22nd, 1888, was called Granite  mountain. Locations were also made  that year in the immediate neighborhood  of what'was then called "Trout" lake,  but now'known as "Cottonwood" lake,  and tho mountain ou which they were  situate was called Gold Hill.  On March 21st, 1889, E. S. Topping recorded theOllie, which .is the lirst westerly extension of the Dand.y, aud described it as being situate'oii Toad mountain. Mi1. Topping was then acting: a.s  mining recorder, in the absence of Mr.  Anderson. From that time on all claims  recorded were described a.s being situate  on Toad mountain.  The names of those who recorded claims  in 1887 were Thomas Hall, William White.  William J. Oakes, Winslow flail. Osner  Hail, Charles Hall. William Miller, Oscar  Hall, John Hall, Ll. A. Fry, A. C. Fry,  Osner AI. Oakes, James Fox, Michael  Keeley, John Ii. Cook, Charles AI. Town-  send. Benjamin Thomas, Price Ale-Donald,  S. H. Cross, O. IL Bandall, Isaac Loug-  hoed, William Hanson, C. II. Alout^om-  erv. Charles Ala Me, Bruce Oraddoek. AI.  B.' White, G. W. Coplin, Elmer Alexander, Thomas Morrow, J. J. IL'inley, aud  .John Cobb.  In the six years that have elapsed since  the Halls discovered thegrc-itSilver King  mine nearly .'500 locations have'been recorded in what was once officially designated as Toad Mountain district. The  district is now called "Nelson Alining  Division of West Kootenay district."  TROUP'S   CUSSEDNBSS.  ANOTHER   "PRAYER"   REFUSED.  Not Because it was an Unfair One, but Because it Did not Suit Mr. Mara.  Last winter, when the people had nothing else to do, a public meeting was held  at Nelson to consider ways anil means to  advance the town's interests. One of the  ways suggested was making Nelson a customs port of entry, as the district was  without one. The means to get it was  left to a committee, of which Frank  Fletcher was chairman. Tiie committee  drafted a petition, which was numerously  signed, and sent it to ALr. Mara, our member at Ottawa, with instructions to lay it  before the proper official of the Dominion  government. The following letters are in  answer to that petition, anil go to si-ow  that, no matter what the "prayer" made  by tlie people of 'West Kootenay to the  Dominion authorities, it will be 'ignored,  is this because the Dominion government  is run by a lot of pig-headed officials, or  is it because our member, John Andrew  Alara, while presenting our claims whispers behind his -hand, "Don't grant it?"  I'ltOM   MIS. MAItA TO TIIK (MMMITTHK.  HOCHH OK (JOM'ION-',  Ottawa. February 2llh. IS!).'!.  Dear Sirs: I handed yinii* ji.;lilioii tn llie ci>iiLrull_r nf  custom-: and advised llmt Nelson anrl Kaslo In: untile  ports of entry. Soma lini- ago I recommended that Nelson bo created n port, hut the town of Kil-ilo liu- grown  so rapidly thill. 1 think iL should also ho inarlrj a port.  There nro at present no purls of entry in West Knotcm-iy,'  tin* olII<:i:rs being simbly acting preventative iillir-ers of  New Westminster. I inn informed ny the department  that the oii.jei-tion to making tine town a port of entry is  thatit will give it an undue advantage over ot hertou-ns.  ami Hint to make every town on Kootenay river and hike  anrl on the Columbia river a port, of entry would ntrr-ssi-  tate an enormous slat!'. As soon as the Nelson cc Fort.  Sheppard is running Ne son must he erected a port.  The dillletilty referred to of making up mails for east urn  points will disappear on the opening of navigation.  Voiii-h fiiillifuliy.   .1. A. MAItA.  fho.v tiii: ci).\Tuoi.i.i:n or ci/ktomk to mi-, m.wia.  Ol-'KICl*. Ill'' TIIK  CON'TltOI.I.KIi OI-'  CrsTDJIS,  Ottawa, February 2X1,11. ihjk*.  Pear Sir: I am inreeeiptrif yoiirletteranrl the petition  from tlie inhabitants of tne town of Nelson, in the Kootenai" district. Hrilish Columbia, asking thai place he  made a customs port of entry. J have forwarded your  letter, with the petition in question, to our inspector for  liritish Columbia, with u rei|uesl. that he will report fully  upon llie necessities nnil reipiircmonts of that, place, anrl  so soon as I hear frnm him, 1 sliall lie in a position to rle-  eide as lo the ndvi-abiiity of creating an outjiort. then;. I  am, my rlear.sir. faithfully yours,     N. C. UADDAOK.  "Lucky Mike.''  News reached Kaslo on Saturday Inst  that the .Lucky Alike claim on Twelve-  AJHe creek, on the Kaslo slope, had been  sold in .Spokane to Halt Lake parties for  $12,000. Tommy Road ley passed through  Nelson on Tuesday for Spokane to secure  the cash and collateral. In tho meantime,  Alike Shick, the discoverer and heavy  owner in the claim, remains at Ktislo, the  envy of less fortunate prospectors. Alike  having in one day made the delightful  change from being an unknown toiler to  the dizzy heights of the aflluence which  capital brings.  Another Fool from Kootenay.  The following opinions were uttered  by ti foolish man in the Driard hotel. Victoria, recently, and are, of course, gulped  down as gospel truths by all the newspapers in the Province tl'iat favor closing  all transportation routes to the south:  "As the season for the genera opening of  the Kootenay country draws near it becomes more apparent tlmt Spokane will  have a monopoly of the trade. The peculiar location of Spokane makes it naturally the outlet of the country, and il  is aided by a fairly good development of  transportation facilities, which are to be  made infinitely better. These conditions  will not change until the Canadian I'aeilie  Kail way taps the country. This is promised in the summer, when they assure us  they will build from Crow's Nest Pass."  How the  Mano-cer of the  C. '& K. N. Co. Discriminates Against Us.  There is one transportation  ollicial in  this country that is the bitter and unrelenting foe ot Bonner's Kerry,    liis name  i.s J. W. Troupe, anrl he i.s the manager of  the   Columbia   6c  Kootenay   Navigation  Company's steamers on the Columbia and  Kootenay rivers.    This man has worked  systematically for tho past year against  Bonner's   Kerry and   the  Kootenay river  route and favored the Columbia.    Many a  paid  interview has he   hail  inserted   in  Spokane  papers' favoring  the Columbia  route as against the Kootenay, and yet  this individual will ask the businessmen  of Bonner's Kerry to give their business to  the steamers Spokane and  Nelson next  season.    Let us say that they tire  fools  and unpatriotic if they do it.   Lastspring  Troup was going to divert all travel to the  Columbia and   up   to   Nakusp   into  tlie  Slocan, shutting off Bonner's Ferry, Nelson, and all lake towns from the line of  travel.    Ho was going to have stages running from Nakusp into the mines at once.  "Well, Jim   Ward iter's  pack  mules never  succeeded in finding a safe trail by that  route yet.   But Troup succeeded  iu attracting travel around by the Columbia.  This spring Troup had posters stuck up in  Spokane saying that tho Columbia'river  would be open on the 1st of Alarch.    Well,  this is  the ISth and   it is not open  yet.  This was to delay travel and take it up  the Columbia.���anything to keep passengers from passing through Bonner's Kerry.  Of course captain Troup has a right to do  this if he likes,  but When he does,  he  works against the interests of this town.  Something should be done to counteract  it, and retaliation in the way of a boycott  should follow if captain Troup persists in  his course.   The Herald, as well as every  other   business   institution   in    Bonner's  Kerry, would like to be on friendly terms  with  till  the transportation  lines  doing  business here, but  the  Herald will light  any outfit- all summer that persists in discriminating against Bonner's Kerry.  The above is from the Bonner's Ferry  Herald of the 18th instant. It does captain Troup great injustice. That he has  at any time discriminated against the  Bonner's Kerry route, iu favor of the  Columbia river route, is all bosh. Up to  the time that work was commenced on  the Kaslo wagon road it was a stand-off  which was the best route into the Slocan  mines, that by way of Ivaslo or that by  way of Nakusp. Supplies were forwarder!  with greater promptness by the Nakusp  route, and that route must have had  some ."id vantages or Jim Wardner would  not have kept his pack train on.it as long  tis he did. Steamboats must be run to accommodate the traveling public, and, we  believe, that the only town in the whole  country thsit litis good reason to criticize  the management of the steamboat line in  question is the town of Nelson, whose  people have not been given the transportation facilities this winter that they  should have been given. But this docs  not concern Bonner's Kerry, as Nelson is  fully able to fight its own battles, and if  it gets the worst of it, it will keep on  kicking unjil it gets the best of it. Then,  again, this talk of the business men of  Bonner's Kerry giving tlieir immense  trade to any .-steamboat is -a. good deal  like the wholesale houses in Kevelstoke  supplying the merchants in the Kootenay  Lake country with, the bulk of their  goods. Bonner's Ferry is on the map today simply .because it happens to be a  good place for steamboats to receive  freight in transit from wholesale centers  in eastern Canada for points in British  Columbia, and the bulk of its business i.s  derived from travelers to and from the  mining camps on Kootenay lake.  "Will Lardo he Another Kaslo?  On Alonday of last week the steamer  Kaslo carried an excursion party from  Kaslo to Lardo, returning the same day.  The trip was a most enjoyable one and  was participated in by quite a number  from Spokane and other outside points.  Great changes for the better have taken  place in Lardo since the first excursion  last December. The forest which heretofore covered tho land has been nearly all  cleared and the trail connecting tin; Lardo  river by easv grade has been ontirolv  completed. The Fletcher 6c Taylor hotel  is rapidly being finished and will be a  commodious home. Fourteen men tire  kept busy on the townsite and the coin-  p:iny boarding-house is looked after by  Jack Oates, tin old-time cook in the Kootenay Lake country. .Many anticipate  that the scenes now taking place in Kaslo  will be reenacted in Lardo iu the next I'ew  months. The steamer Ainsworth also  made a trip to Lardo on Sunday hist, carrying <i large number of excursionists  Lardo is now making a do e second in the  race with Ktislo in general interest anrl  real estate stiles.  A   COMMITTEEMAN   RETURNS.  His  Report  to   His  Constituents  Will, not be  Exactly  What  was  Hoped,  for.  G. O. Buchanan, who has been nt Victoria for a month or more in the interest  of Kaslo, returned  to Nelson on Tuesday  by way of  the Northport route.    While  not at liberty to state the sum  that tho  government premised  to  bring down in  the supplementary estimates for the Kaslo  wagon   road, a substantial  sum  will  no  doubt be appropriated.   lie says the government point blank refused to refund to  the subscribers any of the money already  spent, and that if an appropriation was  made it would be expended under the immediate direction of government officials,  and not under the direction of any committee.    The government i.s in a quandary  as to the roads that should be built, from  so many different petitions being sent in.  Air. Buchanan is of opinion that the redistribution    bill   will    give   Vancouver  another     member,     New     Westminster  another,  and  Yale .mother,  leaving the  other districts represented as at present.  Asked as to railway legislation and railway rumors in general, he said that he,  like the majority of people in this section,  favored   a  general   railway  act   or   the  granting of   charters  to   till  applicants;  but under the  peculiar  local conditions  that-exist at Kaslo, being afraid that if a  charter was granted  for a road up Ktislo  river in the interest of the Canadian Pacific, that that company would" pursue its  usual policy of threatening to build a road  merely    'to     prevent   any    other    company from doing so; therefore he had did  what he could to'help the promoters "of  the Kaslo 6c- Slocan railway to betid off  tiie Canadian Pacific, charter applicants.  He also said that the impression prevailed  at Victoria, that had the Corbin interest  secured a charter for a road  from Kaslo  to.the,Slocan mines, that-nothing* would  have  been done on  the  Nelson   <fc.'Fort  Sheppard  railway this year; but, on the  other hand,.-the Ktislo road would have  been built and'the traffic all diverted over  the Columbia <v Kootenay railway and  down the Columbia river to the northern  terminus of the Spokane 6c Northern. Air.  Buchanan says  he  was assured   by Air.  Corbin,  'when passing through Spokane,  that the Nelson fc Fori Sheppard would  be built this .summer, ami that all reports  to the contrary were mere bosh,    lie sairl  he also received the same assurances from  .other.men who should be in a'position to  know inside facts.  In speaking in tt general way of the leg-  ishitive assembly and the government.  Air. Buchanan said.it appeared, to him  that the government should be made up  of men who could devote tlieir entire time  to the duties of their respective departments, and not, practically, leave the  duties to irresponsible assistants.  The Northport Route Open.  Boats are now making regular trips between Northport and the mouth of Kootenay liver, connecting at tlie former place  with trains on the Spokane & Northern  for allparts of the world and tit tlie hitter point with trains on the Columbia 6c  Kootenay for Nelson and tlie ice Hoes  on the outlet. The water in the Columbia is reported very thin, so thin that  captain Gore lias great difficulty in finding a channel. The first trip on Friday  and Saturday was made '"without much  difficulty, but the trip on Alonday anil  Tuesday was not made so easily, owing  to the water having fallen a little. No  freight was brought on either trip, but  from this time on efforts will be made to  bring through supplies that are badly  needed. Trains connecting with the boat  leave Nelson at li o'clock'on Sundays and  Wednesdays. The boat leaves Northport  on Mondays and Fridays. On the Bonner's Ferry route, the sleigh road must  still be holding out, for tlie Nelson, quit  bucking ice in the outlet on 'Wednesday  morn ing to make a trip to the head of the  hike. She will resume bucking ice on her  return.  The Craw's Nest Pass Road.  J. J. Driscoll. who wtis at one time fuel  agent on the Pacific division of the Canadian Pacific, has been in Nelson several  days. Last year he was with tho syndicate that built the Calgary 6c Fdinonton  railway. Air. Driscoll says the grade i.s  completed on the eastern slope of the  Rockies up to within a short distance of  the bound;!ry between liritish Columbia  aud Alberta, and that thence down  through Crow's Nest pass to Fort Steele  the grade would be tin easy one for a railway. The piece graded is lifty miles in  length, but there remains a .'W-mile gai>  between it and the end of the Calgary 6c  Fdinonton near Fort Alacleod. He also  says that in his opinion, no work will be  done there this year; but that the construction' of the Winnipeg 6c Hudson's  Bay road is likely to be undertaken by  the same syndicate ��� Alessrs. Boss, Alc-  Kenzie, itnd Ahum.  A Hospital Proposition.  Nki.son. .March Nth,  IX9.'{.  To THE I-IHTOK OK Till' TitIlil'NK: 111  answer to enquiries made by several residents of Nelson, a.s to the chance of our  having soon au hospital under Ihe management of the sisters, I beg to state that,  if Bight Hev. Paul Durieu, (). AI. I., I). I).,  lord bishop of New Westminster, IJ. C,  were petitioned by the majority of tiie  citizens of Nelson, his lordship would  gladly take the necessary sieps to have  the Sisters of Charily t.o erect aud manage  im hospital in Nelson, under the following conditions:  I. That the citizens, or the corporalion  of Nelson, shall agree to give or cause to  give to tho sisters tlie deeds of an acre of  land, in a suitable place within the limits  of the townsite of Nelson, in fee simple,  free of trust or incumbrance of tiny kind.  However, in consideration-of this donation of hind tlie sisters will agree to receive, every year, free of charge, a number of poor patients, proportioned to the  lawful interest of the actual value of the  land received.  2. Tlmt the citizens of Nelson shall subscribe at least $2000 toward the erection  of building.  A. That the citizens of Nelson, as a  guarantee of their good will, shall not  erect or cause to erect any other hospital  within ten years.  *f. That the sisters shall be free, (I) to  plan and erect their pwn'buiidings; (2) to  govern or manage the hospital according  to the rules and regulations of their order;  (A) to chose their own doctors and physicians who should attend to the patients  admitted free of charge. But, as ior the  patients that would pay the regular hospital fees, they will be i'ree to chose their  own doctors and physicians.  5. That the sisters themselves slmll determine the regular hospital fees.  0. That the sisters shall commence the  erection of building as soon tis the deed  of the land and the subscription above  mentioned shall be remitted to the sisters.  7. That the hospital shall be for all races  and creeds.  Hoping that these propositions will  meet with the approval of the majority  of the population of West Kootenay, and  in particular that of Nelson, I remain,  dear sir. yours truly,  Rev. Father J. A. Bi.dard, O.AI.L  A   THING   OF   BEAUTY  Is Perry's Mining Map of West Kootenay  District.  Alention has heretofore been made of  the mining map that C. E. Perry is making of AVest Kootenay district, and the  map is now so near completed tlmt tin extended notice is not out of place. It is 26'  by 40 inches in size, and divided in three  equal sections. The center section is an  outline map of the district south from the  Canadian Pacific railwav to the international boundary line. I.very hike, river,  creek, town, hamlet, townsite,and isolated  hotel is located as correctly as tictual surveys and reliable data can make it. The  best known groups of mines and placer  claims are .also shown. The railroads,  actual and projected, tire shown; also the  wagon roads, trails, mountain passes, telegraph, and telephone lines. The geological formations, as indicated by professor  Dawson, tire written on the map, as well  as the heights of the mountain ranges aud  isolated peaks. The.steamboat roiit.estire  indicated and tictual distances /^*jreh.  Enlarged maps of the Kaslo-Slocan.  Ainsworth, and Trail Creek districts take  up the left-hand section. These maps  show the topography of the country, affording almost; a birds-eye view of the  mountains and gulches. The principal  mines are correctly located, and colored  to indicate the kind of niettil they produce. The right-hand section contains a  map of Nelson district and one of the  Western hemisphere. The Nelson map is  similar to the maps of the other mining  divisions. The map of the Western hemisphere shows the position of the lvootenay Lake country to the remainder of  the western world, and gives the line.of  travel and distance to such places as  Sydney, Australia, and Cork, Ireland.  The variations .of the compass are also  given, the variation in Slocan district being 2-P AO' east from true north.  The map will be framed and hung in  the British. Columbia section of the Alines  building tit the World's Fair, tind we predict thai no more artistic piece of work  will be on exhibition. Before being  placed on exhibition the map will be lith-  ographed, so that copies can be obtained  by prospectors and others. If Nelson can  boast of no great man, it can boast that  in T. P. O'Farrell it luis one of the most  accomplished draughtsmen in America.  THE ESTIMATES BROUGHT DOWN.  SOURCES FROM WHICH THE PROVINCE'S  REVENUE   IS   EXPECTED.  Bast and 'West Kootenay Get all that can  Woll be Given Them in the "Way of Appropriations for the Fiscal Year Ending  30th June, 1894.  Last week the Davie government laid  before the Legislative Assembly the "Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for  the fiscal year ending .Oth June, 1891."   it  gives the sources from whicli the expected  revenue (a total of Jj5_,i358,0&-.-15) will  be  derived, and .shows how �� 1,2__, 797.05 of it  is to be expended.    East and AVest Kootenay districts, although containing  less  than one-twentieth of the total population  of the Province, get fully one-tenth of the  total appropriations.    Of course, many of  our people expected much more; but, if  the question is considered impartially, it  will be found that the two districts have  received all  that could  be   fairly given  them.   The following tables will be interesting to   those  wishing to   know from  what sources the Provincial revenues tire  derived, and to what uses it will bo put in  East and West Kootenay:  ESTIMATE 01'  KHVKNUK AXD  RKCKTPTS  ������'OK KlaCAI. YEAH  KNI'INl* 30T1I JUNK,  1801.  'Dominion of Canada, annual payment of interest at ii per cent.. ����� 29,lftI 15  Dominion of Canada, annual payment of subsidy to government anrl legislature .  ,'15,000 00  Dominion  of   Canada,   annual   payment  of  If run t per capita (on !/7,u'J.'i)..:.' 78.090 00  Dominion of Canada, annual payment, of for  lands conveyed for railway ......  100.00000  Land sales  175,000 00  Danrl revenue - -  - -  9.000 00  Timber royalty and licenses :  20.000 00  Survey fees  300 00  Rents, (exclusive of land)   150 00  limits (limber leases)  25.000 00  l-'rec millers'certificates...' ......:.... 25,000 00  Mininif receipts,tfoneral.   ��������� '....:'. 17,000 GO  Licenses  35,000 00  Marriage licenses.........   ;  4,000 00  Ileal property tux   JXJ.OOO 00  Personal property tax  93.000 00  Wild liwidtiix..     ................ a'i.(XK) 00  Income tax...   ............... -.000 00  Provincial tax...    ......   ...........:.. 00.000 00  Registered taxes (all denominations)...    300 00  Tax sale deeds.  .....;.  100 00  Revenue service refunds      100 00  Fines anrl forfeitures     12,000 00  Daw stamps  10.000 00  Probate fees.  3,000 10  ���Registry foes  45,000 00  Assay ollice fees.". '.  Ii00 00  'Asylum for Llie insane    . 1,500 00  Printing ollice receipts  G.000'00  .Sale of government property  300 00  Reimbursements in aid...  0.500 00  Interest   I5.0((0 00  Interest on investment of .sinking funds  15,500 (X)  "C'liincse Restriction  Act,  1881" (Dominion  government refund)  35,000 00  Sale of cuiiHti idatcd statutes  100 00  .Mi-ccllmiuuiis receipts   11,000 00  Total revenue S1.05S,l'91 15  "estimated surplus funds available from 1S93.     500.000 00  Tolal  .?1.;V)S.GU1  15  KSTIMATIC OF KXPlCNDITUuKS  KOIt TIIK  FISCAL YKAIl KXIIINIi 30TII JUNE,   1891.  Public debt  $ 155.450 !>5  Civil government (salaries)  lftl.l'.K) (XI  Administration of justice Salaries)....'  121,521 00  Lcgislat ion  31,'.100 00  Public institutions (maintenance)  ��i,000 00  Hospitals ami cbarities.....     .. 11.750 (X)  Administration of justice (otber than salaries) 57.5U1 00  l-.'iliii-aiion  184.0.M 00  Triiimport  5,500 00  Rent     IS 50  Revenue services  11,000 (X)  Public works���'  Works anrl buildings  105.800 00  Government house  3,750 00  Roads, streets, bridges and wharves:...  :.... 201.800 00  .Surveys  50.000 00  Miscellaneous  79.S.''0 00  Total   ...��l,_3.'l.tJ07 95  Personals.  A few of the prominent men who either  visited .N'elson on business this week or  passed through it to towns in which they  have business were: lluj.li .Manii, the  Xakusp-iVow Denver freighter; .1. H.  Fisher, superintendent of the Prcddio  bee mine: I). .M. .Marlin. Kaslo's only orthodox7 niinisler: Tom .Mc('overn, prospector, mine owner, nnd traveler, from  San I'Vaneisco, bound for Ainsworth:  William Maillie. a coast journalist, on his  way to Ktislo: major Koulhc collector of  customs for I'jiclc Sam at (he purl, of  Xorl hport: T. X. Simpson, an irrepressible  iiisiiraneea^eiit, from the I .ord only knows  where; Charles Hviggs oi Four .Slile, on  his way back to the Alpha, ^rotip from  Spokane: Coor^c W. Hughes, the transportation man, from Ktislo: captain  Troup, tin; worst abused steamboat manager on (he coast, from the Columbia  river: d'eor^e C. Tunstall, from Victoria,  where he had boon all winter taking music  lessons and receiving pointers as to how-  to sell explosives.  The Hidden Treasure.  The crosscut tunnel on the Hidden  Treasure, a Toad mountain bonanza, is in  the ledge eight feet, and .lim Fox says it  will take another eight feet or more to  get through it. 'The vein matter carries  bunches of good ore. of the same character  as thttt lakcn from the Dnndy til the  same depth. The Midden Treasure is the  second extension of the Iroquois, a ledge  that runs parallel with and about. '.NX) feet  soul It of the Silver King ledge. The owners of I he Hidden Treasure were all up on  llie ground on Sunday, and returned to  Xelson strong in liu: belief that they had  a good grip on the world.  WKST  KOOTF.NA V  DISTRICT.  SAl.AKIKS OK orflVlAlJS.  Assessor and collector. N'elson   S 1.200  (told commissioner. Nel.-on  1.920  Mining recorder. Nelson  1,200  Clerk, N'elson  810  Constable, Nelson  900  Constable. Nelson  900  li'ovcrniiient agent  anrl   constable.  Revelstoke   1,320  Constable ami mining recorder. Slocan.. i... 1,200  Constable anil mining recorder, Aiuswtirth. 1.200  Recorder and collector (u(-assigned)  1,321)  Three provisional constables (iinassigncrl).. 2.71.0  ki if CATION.  Revelsttike public school, teacher S 720  Incidental expenses for Revelstoke school.. 10  Nelson public school, teacher  WI  Incitlciititl expenses for N'oNon school  10  Kaslo public school, lent her    S40  Iiifiilciita.l expenses for Kaslo school  10  Waneta public school, teacher  121)  Incidental expenses for Waneta school.    .. 10  -511,700  NKW  tiOVKIt.V.MI'.NT  111*11.DIN'CS.  Repairs to government buildings $  I 'ourl house, Nelson   R'Turtlcr's ollice at, West. Kootenny   Lock-up ul ICnslo    Public school at Kaslo   l|t)H|.|T.M.S  AM) CIIAKIIIKS.  Hospital.   Nelson   (conditionally  that   residents contribute not less than Sl.50.1) ;  ���    3.2S0  500  S.0W  1,500  l.MXI  2.000  12.000  2.000  ri-ni.it: H'tmiiH.  I'oiuls, streets, bridges, ami wharves  ..  Wharf at New Denver   FUCK IiF.IWI-T.MKNTj*.  Fire department. Nelson   Fire department. Kaslo   Total for fiscal year ending 30th June. IS1U  SI  I 'I -I.KM K.VTA IIV   KSTIM ATI'S.  Constable, recorder, and collector at  Kaslo,  7 months to .'loth ./inn:, lS'Xi   -|  Kaslo  public school, teacher, 9  months  to  :��)th June. I.S|l.'(   Incidental expenses  Kaslo public school to  .'full .1 lini-. IM'3   For roads, streets, trails, and wharves, to be  expended before 30th June, US93   (iranil trital   K.\ST   KOOTKNAV  DISTRICT.  SAL.Will's UK riKFIl'IAI.S.  fluid commissioner, I lonaltl S  Constable, collector, and recorder. Donald.,  Constable, Donald   (laolt-r and constable, Donald    Constable and recorder, (ioltlen   < 'mist nl de, col led or, mid recorder. Fort Steele  Constable anil recorder, Windermere   One provincial constable    2.000  .��30,000  i.ooo    31,000  2.-.0  2.'.<>  .VX)  SlU. ISO  700  .110  10  .-i.000  0.2.S0  ��70.7("0  1.800  1,(10  810  900  !KKl  l.LIKl  72U  KI0  $ S.7G0  [Continued on Fourth I'l'gc]  ��� ������..  L".--���>������- ,-   .-lUWII'"' '���fK.IJ'I'.'V �����������_��� ���������������r...-��|i     ���    _    j mi.       _    ,,.._. ^jm..w..._ .. _.n    ,      ."���- -   Jimp- li   . ������..   -f ._._���_ [���_!���������     ..-      j, .-  ��� i      i Ll       . *      .  j        ...   J  iiMSW n  THE TRIBUTE:   ^ELSOK, B. 0., THURSDAY   MARCH  :>:;, 1S9_  The Gateway for the Duncan and Lardo  Hold and Silver Ledges and  Placer Fields  34    MILES    NORTH  OF   KASLO.  The Only Point on the Upper  Kootenay Lake.  Secure Lots on the Ground Floor.    There will be a Boom in the Spring  For further Information as to prices for Lots, Terms, Etc., Apply to  NELSON and KASLO.  12    MILES    FROM  THE   CENTER  Of the Great Lardo District.  LEVEL LAND,  MAGNIFICENT PROPERTY.  Ask your miner Friends about it.  Early in the Spring a Connection from this town will be made with the  UPPER KOOTENAY LAKE and DUNCAN CITY  Shortening the Present Route by River of  Situated at the North End of Kootenay Lake  and Head of Navigation.  A certain number of Lots are now placed on the market at bottom prices.   Special terms for those  wishing to build.  For full particulars as to prices, ternis, etc., apply to  NELSON.  KASLO.  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  TIIK THIHUN'K is published on Thur.-iluys, by John  . llorsTON & Co., mill will lie miiileil  tu subscribers  on payment of O'Sii Doi.i.ak ii year.   No subscription  liiken'for less lliaii u yeui'.  liKCH'I.Al: ADVKRTIKKMI'NTK limited at tlie following rules: One ineli. i'M\ a your; two inelies,  S'lKl ii yeiu-; Hirer; inches iSl a year: four inelies.  Silti a year; live inelies, ��10;') a year; six inelies anil  over, at  Ibe rate of SI.SO an ineli per inont.li.  TIIANKIKNT ADVKHTIKKAIKNTS ���_() cents a line for  lirst. inset-lion anrl 10 cents a line for eaeb additional  insertion.   Birth,  marriage, anil death  notices free.  LOCAL OU liKADINCi MATT Kit NOTICKS SO cents u  line each insertion.  .IOH I'KINTINU at, fair rules. All accounts for job  printing anrl advertising payable on the lirst of  every inonlli; .subscription, in advance.  A BRANCH Or'KIClC. with Mr. It. If. Kemp in charge,  is established at Kaslo. Mr. Kemp is authorized to  receipt for subscriptions and contract for advertisements.  AODItKri.S all eoiiinuiiiieatiijns to  TIIK TIM HUNK. N'elson. M.C.  camps in Yule, Lillooet, Cariboo, I.as.  Kootenay, unci West Kootenay wayom  roads, over which ores and.supplies can be'  hauled tit minimum cost. Two birds  would then be killed with one stone: an  industry that will surely make the whole  province prosperous would be aided in its  infancy and Victoria would gain friends  that would always stand by her as against  any rivals.   NOT  A  STATESMAN.   BUT A   DEMAGOGUE.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  D.  LaIIAU. II.P.��� Physician and .Surgeon.   Rooms.'?  anil   1   I Illusion  block,  Nelson.   Telephone 12.  RAN DA 1,1. If. KKMI'. M.K.���Kxamiiies antl reports  on mines antl prospects. Twenty years' continuous  experience. Independent of any mine or works. Not interested in the Inning or selling of mines or prospects.  Kaslo. H.C.  ��fte (jtteilutne  TIIUKSDAY   MORNINLI MAI.CII Sl,   1WA  INCONSISTENT   MONOPOLISTS.  In a letter printed  in Tun TitiiiL'XE of  the 9th   instant.  Ci. li. Wright of Ainswortli  suites  that  the promoters of the  Kaslo-Slocau Kail way Company refuse to  allow  any other   railway   company   the  right to  build a road  alongside   their'n.  The promoters of the  Ivaslo-Slocan railway are all residents oi' New Westminster,  and  two or "three of them  have,  in  the  past,'���spent both time and money in opposition   to  that i'or which  they are now  striving so hard to acquire, that is, railway monopoly. They worked like Trojans  to get a road into New Westminster that  would  be a  competitor of the Canadian  i'aeilie.  and  they   succeeded.    But   over  "here'in- West Kootenay these same two  or three men want a monopoly of the carrying trade of a mining district in which  they have not invested a dollar in mines.  Rather inconsistent, to say'the least.  How  absurd would  it appear to these men if  George AV. Hughes, the freighter on tlie  Ivaslo" wagon-road,  would go before the  legislative assembly and ask for a monopoly of the transportation business on that  wagon road because of having spent several .thousand, dollars in surveys, in road  building, and in  keeping the road-in repair?   Vet Mr.   Hughes litis spent more  money up and down Ivaslo river to give  the mine owners, prospectors, and  business   men   of   the   Jva.slo-Sloet.il   country  transportation   facilities   than  have   the  promoters of the Ivaslo 6c Slocan Railway  Company.    If charters must first  be obtained   in   order  to  build railways, then  give   them  to   all   who  apply,  and   the  chances tire the applicants who mean business will "get there."  A   POINTER   FOR   THE   GOVERNMENT.  Tlie iJtivie government seems to be  afraid that the capital of the iirovince  will be removed from Victoria, to some  point on the mainland, and in its fear is attempting to pass a bill that will allow it  to expend from hall* a million to a million  dollars in the purchase of additional  grounds on which to immediately erect  new and more imposing government buildings. While lhe present buildings are not  very imposing, they are certainly comfortable and rpiite roomy enough to house  all the ol'iicials who arc; compelled to work  in them. Ac(|iiiring additional ground is  all well enough, but real estate in Victoria,  especially in the neighborhood of the  present government grounds, is not likely  to increase very rapidly in value. The  fear 1 hat the people of the mainland will  move the capital as soon a.s they gain control of the legislative assembly is tt  groundless one. There: is now, and always  will be, a strong sentiment in the interior  that Victoria, and uot Vancouver or Kamloops, is the most pleasant and elegible  place at which to transact the province's  business. We will give the Davie government a pointer and charge it nothing.  Jnstead of expending half .a million dollars  in new buildings at Victoria., let that  amount be expended in giving the mining  Till-TuiiJUXi- is the only newspaper in  Canada that does not believe that Grover  Cleveland is a statesman,   it, instead, believes that lie is the greatest demagogue,  not   excepting   even   ".Andy"   Johnson,  thttt was ever president  of  the   United  States.    Jn   his  letter accepting his lirst  nomination, lie emphatically sttited that  no  man  should  be elected'president for  more than one term, thereby gaining the  support   of   thousands    of    independent  voters  who  believed  that a single-term  president would do much to reform a debased  civil  service.     He  was  no sooner  comfortably installed in the White House,  however, than he began laying pipe for a  second  term,  and  was  so  far successful  that he easily got his party's nomination,  but met with defeat tit the polls.  Not sat-  isiied with taking part in two elections,  besought for and received a third nomination, and  was successful.    During the  canvass preceding his election, the measure wliich lie and  his party kept most  prominently before the  people  was the  repeal of the McJviuIey bill and a general  reform of the tariff.    This issue elected  hini president, aud before lie is fairly installed in the White House he announces  that any immediate or radical changes in  the tariff Jaws would jeopardise the business interests of the country.    Why the  Canadian press, of both political -parties,  is never tired of sounding the praises of  Grover Cleveland is beyond our comprehension.    But  then   AS'e  were  born  in  a  backwoods Ontario township,"and  don't  know much anyway.  himself in the new towns, like Ivaslo.  knowing well that the people in the older  towns and camps have him "s'r/.ed up."  John Andrew, you are not ns slick as you  think you are. The people of Ktislo have  less use for you than have even the people  of Nelson. -Then, agaiii, they are all  Americans and can't vote at any elections  except ones for lire wardens. _  Tnici'K are rumors floating in the air  that the provincial government intends to  make several changes in its staff of officials  in West Kootenay district. We hope  that the rumors are unfounded, I'or the  officials already on tho ground are tis  good tis tiny that tire likely to be sent us;  and, then, the people arc acquainted with  their peculiarities and know pretty well  how to take them. This would till have to  be learned over again, were a change  made. So; swap the present officials  around, but do not, I'or God's sake, send  us a new batch.  GOLD.  SILVEE.  i_:_____. _d_  "'If a".merchant of'any of the towns or  cities in British���Columbia in which a bank  of issue is doing business were to go to one  of these banks with twenty thousand dollars in the bank's paper money aud demand gold therefor, how many of them  would, or could smilingly hand over the  gold coin? Not a. single one. Yet the  chartered banks doing business in British  Columbia tire till managed by men who  believe in the gold standard and are only  too Avilling to discount silver 20 percent  when it is offered them for deposit. What  is true of British Columbia is true of every  other ���province in Canada, -dillions of  dollars in paper money are issued by  ehartered banks, the paper being payable  in gold on demand, yet if till the gold in  till the banks was gathered together it  would not be of sufficient value to redeem  the bills of one of these banks���the Bank  ���of Montreal for instance. Canada is as  badly in need of Ireecoinageas the United  States.   Kasi.o litis already one weekly newspaper named "The Kxaniiner": a circular,  over the name of T. .1. Lowery. announces  that it will soon have another, ^ to be  called "The Claim"; it is given out that  the company that recently acquired The  Miner of Nelson will put in a newspaper  at Kaslo; and it is believed by many that  the Spokane Review willsoon move to the  wickedest city on Kootenay hike, because  it even now prints r_ore Ktislo news than  S|K)ktme news.  John Anohkw JIaiia, who at present  represents Kootenay in the .Dominion  house of commons, is a pretty shrewd  practical politician its well as business  man. lie knows on which side his bread  is buttered. He also knows that he is  very cordially disliked, tis ti politician, in  West Kootenay, and that if tin election  were held tomorrow, the number of votes  cast for him in the district would be few.  There is little danger of tin election being  held tomorrow, but one may be held  within a year. He wants to be prepared  for the unexpected, and is apparently  trying to create a favortiblesentiment for ,  Thk Kaslo I_xaminer last week reprinted three or four items that appeared  in Tin. Tmnuxi-of a previous week, and  commenting thereon advises the people of  Ivaslo to boycott Tin-; Thiijuxk. If the  lilxtiiniuer will only reprint each week till  that appears in Tin-; Titnsi'XK regarding  Ktislo, it will then be in our class as a  newspaper, and we will go it ti round.  Marquis of Queensbury or any other  rules; but until the bixaininer is in our  class we must decline commenting on any  of its frothy ebullitions.  Tun laws of British Columbia are as liberal as those of any province or state in  Canada or tlie United  States.   Life and  property rights are both respected.1  The  alien from the United States is denied no  rights or privileges accorded the citizen of  Great Britain, except that he is required  to live in the province a year before he  can sell whisky and is required to take out'  naturalization papers in order to preempt  crown land.    One of the laws of the province prohibits public gambling, and  it is  strictly enforced in every city and  town  in    the    province,   .'with One -exception.  What is meant by public gambling is percentage games   like   'vfaro,"   "roulette,"  "percentage stud," "craps;" "'keno." etc.  No objection has been or is made to quiet  games like poker, seven-up, euchre, whist,  and solo, games tit 'which the boys can indulge in  among themselves.    Tiik Tmnuxi- does not believe that public gambling  benefits   any  community,  for  it knows,  from long experience, that every "square"  professional gambler is'followed by a hundred tinhorns, nine out of ten of whom  are   but   little   better   than   rol'essional  thieves.    That public gambling litis been  permitted   in   one  town   in   the  province  can be overlooked  if the officials in   that  town will now do their duty.    Tlieir duty  is simply to. give all  tinhorns and  hobos  the run.    Tiik Tiubcxk is of opinion Ihat the  present gold commissioner of West Kootenay litis made many mistakes as tin official : but it is also of opinion that ninny of  the mistakes were; made by his taking  the advice of two supposed friends, who  poj-e as the only men in the district having infallible knowledge of (he mineral  act. These two men are marplots, and  had no other object in view than to discredit the gold commissioner wilh both  the people and the government. Yet the  government is seriously considering the  advisability of foisting one of these marplots on tint district as a high official.  Tiik British Columbia members in the  Dominion house of commons are about as  useless a job lotas were ever sent to a. legislative body. If they ask the government,  for anything, it is generally something  that will benefit themselves as individuals, and when not for their individual  benefit is a daniphool proposition such as  77 the establishment of a volunteer  " mounted infantry corps I'or the interior  '��� of the Province."  (The Nagle-Davies Crown Grant.)  The Gateway of the Lardo-Buncan Mining Camps.  The Head of Navigation at the North End of Koootenay Lake.  The Terminus of the Government Trail.  The Only Flat  Land  Not Subject to Overflow and  the Only Harbor at the North  End of Kootenay  Lake.  As previously announced by notices already published, the first 200 lots having been sold, prices are  Now advanced to $100 for Insides, and $160 for Corners.  Terms, one-third cash, balance in 3 and 6 months.  John    I_.    Retallaek,    Managing"  Ag-ent,   STONE  BLOCK,   KASLO.   B. C.  TH  \f  D CO.  LIMITED     LIABILITY.  - Business -  Blocks A and B  (water frontage)  Now on he  Market.  Anticipated Rush now on.   Prices will advance 25 per cent on and after April 1st.  O. T. STONE, Townsite Agent, Front St, Kaslo, B.C.  T. .1. UOADLKY.  JIATIIKW' (i-TillsIK.  REAL  ESTATE AND  Commission  Merchants   and  Insurance  Agents.  Desirable Kaslo Property on Easy Terms.     A Long List of Kaslo-Slocan Mining  Properties for Sale.  Assessment Work Done and Abstracts  Furnished Outside Parties.    Conveyancing.  OFFIOS   I_CST   T_E_C_EC    STOITS    _Bl_JIZ_.XDI_CSrC3--   FEOIMT   STEEET,   _E__LA_S___,0.  UNTIL  MAY 1st  f    Freight fop Nev/ Denver and Foup Mile City  I   Will be Hauled from Nakusp for 2 Cents a Pound.  A Special Kate made from New Denver and Four Mile City to  '���. . Any Mine in Slocan District.  KOIl I'AKTICULAliS APPLY TO  UNTIL  &.Y 1st 1  Hugh Mann? Nakusp, or L. N. Armit, New Denver.  not frittered it way in beginning roads  limt c-aiinot bo finished and in building  trails Mint; are not needed, there will be  .siiflieient money to repair roads and trails  already built and extend the Kaslo road  to New Deliver. While Tin-: TmnrxK  would like to see a wagon road built  along Sloean river, it must admit thai if  a good wagon road is built between Kaslo  and New Denver the mine workers oi the  Slocan will be put to no great iuconve-  nienee. Then, again, that road will  greatly benefit towns already established, and all public* works should be undertaken with that end in view.  TllK appropriations I'or roads, streets,  trails, and wharves iu West Kootenay is  not as large by one-hall' as many expected, but it is ns large as could with  fairness lie made.    Jt" the appropriation is  A pew more doses ol' the medicine administered by justice-of-the-peace Bigelow at Ivaslo on Saturday will put the  f'carol' God in the hobo element in that  town, which imagines it can do in British  Columbia what it docs in towns in the  States to the south of the line. A few '30-  day jail sentence.'*' "it hard labor will have  a. good effect. The sooner the hobo  element is forced to leave British Columbia, the better will it be I'or every town  and hamlet in it.  GALENA TBADING CO., Limited.  KTOTICE.  Mr. II. Byers having resigned his position as manager  uf Mils company I'i'iiiii tliu Nl. instant. Ids connection Willi  tin: i-uiiiliitiiy i-oiisi.'S from Hint date.  W. AI. NKWTON. Acting Aiminger.  Pilot. Hay. H. C. Miin-li Ih|, IKil.'i.  WEST   KOOTENAY   DISTRICT.  Notice to Taxpayers.  Nntii-r- is hcrebv given that assessed mill provincial  ri'ViMHU- taxes frir'lhr: year ISICIiip: now duo mill payable  al my n:!i-i: nt tin- t'< > 111> \\* i 11 (-7 rail's:  If paid on or before Jinn- :illt!i. INICS. Provincial revenue, s.'l |iui-i-iii:iii: one-halt' nf run.* percent on mil iirop-  orly: Iwo per ���������.���nl on wild liuirl; miu-tliiril of ono per  i-riil on ini'oiii'.'.  If piiicl iil'ler .linn: With. IS!!.'!.- Tuo-Miinls of ono per  eenl on ri'iil proor'i'lv: I wound iiiic-li.-ilf per r-rinl on wild  limit; onr.-liulf of (ine per ''unl on personnl property:  lliree-l'onnlis of one per eenf on income.  T. II. till'TIN.  A.-wessor und eolleetnrsnutliern division of  Wesl Knot-imv rlisl net.  N'elson. Kelirimry IHtli. IS!��.  NOTICE.  .Votier: is liereliy jdven Hint our: inonlli lifter dute we.  (lu; ilii:loi-.-iffiH:il.'iiiti:liil In iippl.v In l-lic: llciilciiuiit-p��v-  eninr-iii-entincil for I Ik: inenrporulion into u eity iiiimi-  i:ipit!ll\*. iinil-l-III-nuiM- of tliu City nf Nelson, of ilia!  eerluili loeulilv in llie I'roviiicr: of lirilisli Colinnliiii des-  crilied as follows: Benin a solnlivisioii nf lot !l.1, (jrniip I.  West Kootenav district, as shown on -lie ollicial plan of  tin,-town of Nelson, eoinpi-i.-iiiK |.lii-_u hundred und sev-  i.-iil v-t wo acres more or loss.  Daled at Nelson I liu Till dny of Kelirimry, A.I)., IS!��.  K. Al. Aid,KOI),  E.  A I'I'MOW HAITI':.  A. .1. AIAKK.S.  I-rOTICES-  Noiici! is liurcliy uh'oii that I, .luliu A. Wright, free  miner, cirtitlcnlc No. ll.Slli. liehiK the lawful owner of  tlie Milt: I'oim mineral claim, situateul t. three-fourths  of a mill'south of the town of Ainswortli, in Wist Koolenay district, intend ut. the end of 111) dny.s to apply lo lhe  Kolrl commissioner of tho district for a cert ilirtite of improvements on said ininonil claim, for tliu purpose of  olilainiiiK a crown Traill of the same. Any iuIv.i-ms  rluinix inusl be tiled nt Ihe olllec ol the miiiiiif,' recorder  within (ill days of lliis dule.  .ll'I.IA A. \\ KKJIIT. certificate No. 41,.Sill.  Ainsworth, January Milli. IKil.'i.  Notice is lierehy (,'iven Hint. Henry Anderson, as ukuiiI.  for lIn. I'aeilie Bullion Mining Company, has tiled Iho  in.ccs.-nry papers and made np ilication for crown grants  in favor of the mineral claims knownii's (lie .Spokuhe nnd  TriiiUet, situate in the Hot .SpriiiKSi camp. Ainsworth  mining division of West, Kootenay district. Arlvcrsu  claimants, if any, will forward tlieir oh.ieutions within IV)  duys from date of puhlication of this notice.  N. I'TrZKTl'lSli.S, golrl commissioner.  Nelson, H. C. Kehruiiry llth, 1,S!1.').  'I'liu undersigned lierehy gives notice of his intention to  apply to the .Stipendiary. Alagistrale of West Kootenay  district, for a license fo sell liquor in his hotel at  mouth of 1'end d'Orcillc river.  ANDUKW l_ DOLAN.  Dated, t Ins __inl dny of l-'uhruary. l.Si.'.'i.  TENDBRS WANTED.  The undersigned will receive lenders, up to (he .-filth of  Miii-cli.nl 12 o'clock noon, at the ollice of Y. Al. Alcl.eod.  .Nelson, for lhe construct ion of a wagon road from Slocan  crossing on the Columbia Jc Koolenay railway to Sloean  Citv al the south end of Slocan lake, tin e.-.timaled distance of Ihirlv-lwo miles, the road to he completed  wiihin Ihirlvilavs after | lie sign ing of Iheconlrael. Ihe  successful bidder must he prepared lo give good und sut-  lieienl bonds for Ihe carrving mil of Ihe contracl. Spec-  illontioiisean be had by applying toeitberol llie undersigned, al Nelson, B. ('!  .1. KltKD Ill/All':, |  (I. A. IIICIKI.OW. I  A. ,1. AIAIM'7'*'. ;Commilteo.  Kit AN K  KDKTCIIKH,  Y. Al. Air I.KOI), ;  Nelson. 11. C��� Kehrimrv lilh. 1SIW.  The undersigned lierehy give notice of their intention  to apply to the .������tipendiarv niugistratc of West Kootenav  district for a license to sell lienor in tlieir hotel nl. Kour  Mili: City. JAAI1CS BOWKS.  Dated, Alarch L'nri, 18!��. .I0SKIMI TOI,AIIK.  The undersigned lierehy gives notice of his intention to  apply lo the si ipendiiiry magistrate of West Ivontenav  district for a license tn sell liquor at his hotel at Kaslo. '  AXKI, .JOHNSON.  Daled. Nelson, Alarch Htli, IKil.'i.  I he undersigned hereby gives notice of his intention to &*i$'\!&f,  apply to the stipendiary magistrate nf West Konteniiv JtljlViSIJ  ilislriet torn license to sell liquor til his hotel nl MeOui- &��-t-Kfe{  gan hike, .Slocan mining division. >����&__&'  .   ,,      , .IOIIX .1. IIKNNRS.SKV. ftS.?^!;.  Daled, Alnrcli 2nd, I WW.  The undersigned hereby gives notice of his intention  to apply lo I ho stipendiary magistrate nf West. Koolenay  district torn license lo sell liquor at. his hotel at Lardo,  ul the head of Kooteiiav lake.  THOMA.H HIIKAKKK.  Dated. March 2nd, LSil'S.  ey-.. ���_,'  '-���-<_.  _!'  V. -4 -V7-:  H���Ay. .  ��� ���I    v"A i'i  -,,_1-  *�� VH  r .-_���_���- "Tit SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  KATIOOPINTKHKST (atpresent) YOU 11 PerC.'ent.  HUSBAND.  A Married Couple, at One Time Well Known  In Nelson, at Outs.  Many people now in Nelson will remember a Mr. and .Mrs. Kiopolle tlmt lived  here in I<S!)I and '!)_. They were both font  of society, and were bright lights in a certain circle for a time. Mr. Hiopelle was  good looking and gallant; Mrs. Riopelle  was piquant nnel musical. For a time  they tippeared to live I'ko turtle doves:  but la to in the. fall of ISill. the husband .*���  gallantries caused not a little ttilk. even  scandal. They left N'elson early iu the  spring of ISU2. and went to Spokane.  Nothing more was heard of them until  the following'appeared in the Spokane  Spokesman of Kebrutiry llth:  ���'.Judge Buck made a departure yesterday when he signed an order directing the  clerk of the court to suppress  suit of   Marv  Hiopelic  Biopelle.    Why    '  one seems  iSii-i.)  $2,920,000  $1,265,333  NSLSOW   _3__2__b-_Sro__EC-  Cor. Baker anil Stanley Sits.  (Nelson, H.C, Victoria, B.C.,  ���p i        I     Vancouver, B.C., Xtinuimo, U.C1..  Uranciies- ��� ���*-����� ^-"f *���������.;-.��.. i<a.nio���Ps,n.c.  .San Kraneiseo, Cala., Portland, Ore..  I Seal lie,   Wash.,  Taeom.i,   Wash.  1IKA1)   OPKIOIO:   (111   Lombanl street.  LONDON,  I*n<-.  Agents and Correspondents  CANADA���Hank of Montreal anrl briinehes;  C.'anailian Bank of Commerce and branches:  Imperial Bank of Canada anrl branehes.  Commercial Bank of .Manitoba: anrl  Bank of Nova Scotia.  UNITKD STA TICS -A gen Is Bank Mont rail. New York:  Bank of Alontreal, Chicago.  SAVINGS    DEPARTMENT.  and after .lanuary 1st, lS!>,'i, the rate of interest, on  deposits will be .'li per cunt, uiil.il further notice.  that would require a giant's strength to  perform. If you don't believe it try it  yourself."  Fun in a Ram Pasture.  The boys who work around George YV.  Hughes's headquarters cam)), at the junction of the trail from the Washington  mine with the Kaslo wagon road, have a.  bunk-room that tliey call "the ram  pasture." Several of the boys are no  slouches when it conies to singing a song,  reciting a. piece, or making an offhand  speech, and. to better give vent to their  abilities have formed what they call  "The Ram Pasture Club." On April 1st  they intend to give their first public performance, tho proceeds to go towards  buying a. suitable birthday present for  the stable   boss of  the camp,  Mr.   John  W&mZ  __&_  THE TRI.BUN.li-:   NELSON '15. 0., THUUSDAV,  AUliCH  tfJ,  1803.  3  HOTEL  Nelson, B. C.  _ J^^^_f_j^^^^__^I^*-~ -���*���"'". ��� ���_v_!Sh'^  ..'.'���'"'' ^i^^^^___|^r_^^^-^^^  Billiard and  Pool Room.  Hot and  Cold Water.  Electric Bells.  Baths.  Flush Closets.  SILVER KING HOTEL  JOHN JOHNSON, Prop.  Extensive Improvements . :  Now Completed.  tW$M  B. E. Phafr,  Proprietor.  Bott, who will be thirty years old on that  date.    The program will be as follows:  I'nrorly on Hamlet's .Soliloquy-  l.oeturoon "l{awliidintf"nnd '  lti(!iiAi-n_n\,  Nelson.  J. Hkai.icv,  Kaslo.  and stiid tliat Mrs. Riopelle was not satis-  lied, and that she: wanted our relations to  remain as before. I then went to Mrs.  Kiopelle's room and offered to send her  home to her people at Ottawa, to avoid  -scandal. She refused and said slie pre  ferred to Uveas she was then living. The  statement was made in the presence of ���  .Mr. Gilbert, The next day I left for the  Cieur d'Alenes, and along in October 1 received a letter from my wife dated at Ottawa, in which she stated that she had  told her and my people that I was working in the mines, and that she: was there  merely on -i visit. In another part of the  letter she stated that she intended to stay  at home and live with hew people. In December I came down to .Spokane, and the  next I heard of my wife was the article  printed in the Spokesman. We were  married in Ottawa s-vuu years atro. 1  will not oppose the divorce."  Neither will Tiuo Timhunk.  MA-IBM  REAL ESTATE  FINANCIAL --���- AGENTS  $10,000  TO LOAN  ON REAL,  ESTATE   SECURITY.  -"To He or Not to Me"   lolin Macdonald  Koutrliloekine;"    '* ICoiifdiloek" Steele  Souks���The Katydid imrl The Girl I Left Jichiml Me   lames Sanlen  Debate���Is Marriage a Failure���Afliirinative   John Holt, .lames San ten���Negative    Cleorye Ross, "Mr. Texas"  .Indies���-.James MoNeil. Hon Steele, .John Maerlonalil.  Souks���I'm Proud I'm an Irishman's Son anrl The Old  Cat, She llirl in the Shaving-i lohn Unit.  Heading���"John Daly's poem"���The Hello of ICaslo..   " I0I111 McDonald  At 1 lie conclusion of the program.  "I-oughlock" Steele will trv and look  pleasant while John McDonald attempts  the task of smoking an eastern Canadian  cigar through without succumbing to its  awful elTects. If he succeeds each member of the club will try his hand with a  little 4-year old Canadian club and retire  to their respective "bunks" iu the ram  pasture, conscious of a duty well performed.  I;  Until Cut of Palace Hotel  Arrives, this Space is  / Reserved for  MAHONEY & LUNDBURG  Kaslo.  ALL ROOMS REFITTED  and Refurnished. '  -Finest Wines, Liquors anrl Cigars in the Markct-  _T TIIK  liAlt.  Special  Attention to Miners.  Rooms First-Class.  Rates Moderate.  (Notary   Public)  AND  the divorce  against Narcisse  Vyhy the order was signed no  to know, and several attorneys  who were.imerviewed -on the.subject-yesterday said, that judge Jiuck.niust have  acted hastily and without due reflection.  The order signed in this case even prohibits the clerk from telling the name of  the attorney that filed the complaint. An  attorney said yesterday he could notsee  how the interests of justice would be benefitted by keeping the recital of Mrs. Rio-  pefle's marital grievances from the public.  Another said that her attorney wants  notoriety, and is endeavoring to excite  the curiosity of the public. "It may be,'  said die, 'that the .case is so bad that the  ' attorney is ashamed to have his name  mentioned in connection with it. Another  plausible theory is that Mrs. iviopeile's attorney intends .to marry her, and wants  the divorce granted by star chamber  methods toa.void notoriety. Possibly the  attorney is married, and litis to obtain a  divorce'hiniself before lie can marry his  client, and is trying how secretly it can  be done. There are many explanations  that -occur to me, but I think the most  plausible one is that Air's. Hiopelle i.s some  attorney's mother-in-law.'"  The other day Mi: IMopelle. very unexpectedly, dropped in on Tiu-lTidiirxM and  said that he wanted to show up tlie man  that stole his wife's affections from him.  lie was informed that Till-: TmHP.vi- sympathized with him, as it did with till  people who had the bad luck to make a  losing. Then Mr. IMopelle? related the  following circumstantial account of how  the robbery was worked:  Said Mr. Kiopelle: "We .arrived at  Spokane on the Ist of June of last year, a-nd  in a day or two I started for the Okana-  gan country to look for work. I remained  in that country until August.when I returned to Spokane, only to find my wife  living under the protection of a man  named Tyrrell, who is the proprietor of  the O. K. livery stable: on Riverside 11 ve-r  nue. I ininiedia.tely sought an interview  ���with' Mr. Tyrrell, who informed 1110 that  he'Found Mrs. liiopolle broke and in debt,  and that lie hael simply advanced her  money to pay her legitimate expenses until such time tis I returned. I then se-ught  an interview with my wife, juiel she corroborated Mr. Tyrrell's statements.  Knowing that they were not as innocent its they would have me believe. I  sought another interview with Mr. Tyrrell. We got a rig and took a drive.  During that drive I punipe:d him to Iinel  out how things actually stood. Tyrrell  said he liked the woman, and tha t I f I hael  not returned he would have tried to prevail on her to apply for a divorce. 1 them  and there (old liiiii I would see hini next  day anel arrange For obtaining a divorce:.  The next day I saw him. ami he ns'-ed  ���what plea I would put in, and I saiel  "adultery." He; then stated thttt he  Avould see Mrs. Riopellc and let me know  jit 2 o'clock,    lie  returned  at  that   time  German Railways.  In Germany will be found the most  grotesque offici-ilism, but the best coaches,  and the prettiest railway stations in the  world. The government wholly conducts  ���'all'��� German railway.-.lines.' l-very employee, even the waiters at the station  dining-room.-'., has been a German soldier,  and the entire regime is military. .Each  station has a captain in a red cap and  gorgeous uniform. The station guards  and porters are a lso uniformed, with chirk  blue caps. When a train halts the captain and his station guards' will be found  drawn up in line iu front of the 'main entrance. The train guard alights and  salutes the station captain, "who with his  men return the salute, when the loading  and unloading is begun. As far as convenience of arrangement, cleanliness, and  comfort are concerned, the German railway station is immeasurably superior to  the depots along most American lilies.  They are invariably models of neatness,  tidiness and comfort. They tire not in-  fi'-epiently the prettiest structures to be  seen during tin entire day's travel. They  always have a lovely bit of lawn about  them, in which are often fountains, flowers, and tidy hedges. Many are covered  by ivy or creeping a-nd flowering vines.  Flowers in windows or lawn plats' tire always in view of the tired passengers.  And nearly all are supplied with chimes  of belis: not clanging, jangling, wrtuigling  bells, but voicef'ul, melodic bells, whicli���-  when the train guard has taken a whistle  from his bedl, blown upon it thrice, and  again salutenl the station master ami men  ���seem lo say as you move away:  Well���H'xxl���l'.vi'!  Tlion-..jcooil    li)--! -  I'ViiMirll -;,-ood ' bye!  A Passion I'or Betting.  "Green M. Clay of Kentucky, grandson  of the celcbraleel Cassius Clay of that-  State, has a fondness I'or betting that has  ..kept -him poverty-striken almost ever  since he obtained his majority." observes  John (i. Mnrber of Versailles. If.entueky.  "He will bet on anything. Why. I have  seen hini take: a lump of sugar in the summer time, place it on the sidewalk, and  them bet that so many flies would lighten  it in so many minutes, or he would wager  the other way���just tiny thing to get a bet.  When his father died some years ago the  young man inherited a considerable estate. One day he met a neighbor who  owned a game rooster. "See: here;. Clay,'  said he. '1 will bet you till the money you  cm command you can't bend over your  head, run your hands between your knees,  catch that chicken of mine by the legs,  and pull them off. And I'll go further-  every time you make an effort and them  throw the chicken to the ground he: will  (trow as soon as he has time to flop his  wings. Clay didn't have any money, but  he bet his land, all he had. and tried the  experiment. lie tugged away at the  chicken's legs in the manner prescribed  and lost. There was something like $20,-  000 involved, the largest sum over lost or  won on ti chicken. O, no. that rooster's  legs were no stronger, perhaps, than those J  of any other chicken.    It is simply a, feat I  ESTATE  (Deputy   .Shrjrili')  LICENSED   AUCTIONEER  N'KLSO.V,   11. C.  Auction sales iiiiirlo nt any point in West I.ootonay  district. Town lots nnil mining claims bought anel sold  on commission. A gcnci-nl roul e.state business tranactcrl.  Ollice I'or the present nl. resilience, corner C.'nrboniite nnil  lvootenay streets.  P00DI��:-: bOQ  I-^taiirapt,  Next   Door   to   the   Madden   Hotel,  NELSON, B. C.  MRS. W. C. PHILLIPS, Proprietress.  Front St., Near Steamboat Landing,  KASLO,   B.C.  DEVLIN 6c  McKAY,    -   -   Proprietors.  TH1_  HKST GLTISIXI-:  Till-  HKST  HI.I).-  TIIK   HKST OF  KOOTENAI :  Vernon Street, Near Josephine.  NELSON, fl. C.  OPPOSITE   CITS' WHARF.  AXEL JOHNSON, Proprietor.  The Hotel Overlooks  The Kootenay  KVKRVTHI.VC;  AUCTIONEER and COMMISSION AGENT         Ki:i>i!KSi:xri.N*Ci         The Confederation Life Association,  Tliel'lirenix l-'ire Insurance Company,  The Provident. Fund Accident Company;  ALSO.  Tlie Sandy Croft Foundry Company, near Chester, Knif-  iiind, makers of all kinds of mining machinery, air  com pressor.-, rock breakers, stamps, etc.  JOSEPHINE STREET,  NELSON,   33. O.  LOTS FOR SALE IN  ADDITION "A"  Adjoining the government townsite of N'elson,  AT $125 and UPWARDS,  with 11. rebate for buildings erected.   The best residential  property in Xelson.   Value sure to increase.  Apply to  Mining and  Real  Estate   Broker, Auctioneer  and Commission Agent,  CCEUR    D'ALENE  jiOJEZ  Its guests thus obtaining splendid  Views of both mountain and river.  Front  Street,  KASLO, B.  JOHN   F.   WARD,   Manager.  c.  The Very Best  of  Everything".  ���&++���)>  rH+H/  The onlv restaurant in Xelson that keeps open  AND  PRIVATE    BOXES   FOR   LADIES.  (Jrapd - ^eptral  fiOJEt  Corner Front and Fourth Streets,  E_ASLO  A. & J. FLETCHER, -        Proprietors  Ai:_OM.MOI*ATIONS  K1UST-CLASS.  Stage leaves Grand Centra! for Watson. Hear Lake City,  Three Forks, X'ew Denver and nil points in  the Kaslo -Slocan district.  The Booms  AUK -O.MKOKTAHM-;  IS  SIZK-  The Table  IS   THK   HKST   I.V   THE  .MOCNTA1.VS.  Special Attention to Miners.  THE   BAR  IS  FIRST-CLASS.  Corner Baker and Ward Streets,  NELSON, B. C.  THOMAS   MADDEN,   Prop.  The Madden is Centrally Located,  With a frontage towards lvootenay river, and is newly  furnished throughout.  THE   TABLE  Is supplied with everything in the market, the kitchen  being under the immediate supervision of a  caterer of large experience.  The Bar is Stocked ::  With the Best Brands  OK   III'**'*,   AI.K,   WINK.   WIIIKKV   A Nil CIGA'tt*.  intebmtiomT  HOTEL  Cor. West Vernon and Stanley Streets,  NELSON, B.C.  First-Glass in Everything*.  Stone Block, KASLO.  MINES  REAL ESTATE  [ntr'rnationnl has a i-oiiifortnhly furnished parlor for  ladies, imrl the rooniMire laiKe mnl furni.-lieil  newly  tliroui,'hout.  THE  TABLE   IS  NOT  SURPASSED  IIOTKI.    IN    TIIK    KlIDTKNAV    IWN'I'HV,  A HIIAltK OK TltANHII'NT TK.U1I* KOI.iCITLII.  KOI.K  AIIK.NT  KOK TIIK  Town    of   Watson  The business centre I'or lhe Kiislo-Slocan mines  MA.NAC'I.VCi    AliKNT     KOIt  jl_A-_r:do-  The key to the urtml l.imlo anil  I'lincnn  liiver ('amps.  .Iiiiin M. Kicki-'i-i:. .Ia.mms W. Si.m.k.  KEEFER  &  SEALE  TEAMSTERS.  Job tcainiiiKdone.    Have several hundred i-rinl.-; of (,'oorl  woorl, which will be sold nl. reasonable prices.  I.KAVI-:   OKIlKltS    AT  J.  P.  Hume   &   Co.'s,   Vernon   Street,   Nelaon.  Sample Room 1h Stocked with  Choice  Liquors and Clgurs. .,, '  Dawson & B.  Proprietors.  Craddock,  TKI.KI'IIONK 43.  Al-TIM'K C  REAL ESTATE  AND  MINING BROKERS  TO  THE FRONT!  LOTS RAISED FROM S50 and $75 to $100 and $125.  TERMS:   One-third cash, one-third in 3 months, balance in 6 months.  Invent  now before Ihey lake iinol her jiiinn.    Hound to hi  anil Kr-oteiiny Hallway, over whieli Mie rich oris  the l < ���rii i in ns of the Slni-aii I.alii- liniui-h of the Colli in bin  of the Sloean mining eainps inii-l lie marketed.  Temporary Ollice, VICTOKIA JIOTK1*  DICK  & WARD, Agents, Nelson.  1��IGRAND HOTEL  NELSON, B.C.  Hansen   &   Blombepg1,   Proprietors.  Closest Hotel to  Steamboat  Landing.  THE BAR CARRIES CHOICE BRANDS  IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC LIQUORS  M^REMONf  EAST   BAKER ST.,  NELSON,  Is one of lhe best hotels in Toad Mountain district, und  is the heiiili|iiarters for prospectors anil  workiiiK  miners.  MAJLONE    &    TREGIULUS,   Props.  i  ��'__��  ._������;  *  F  ^^^^^^Mm^mm^m^^s^^^^^m^^^^^^m^^mm^^^^m^^mmFi^^,  ..-_      .    -���tfiw-��1_-   .1 I.- /in--.  __r��,-__,'fjf_i,|l*v_! ��������������_.'  >S  ... --j-���.���.Ti7:.  _;.."������ ���*���_!.'  ��� .'V .i   ki_, ���,t"   ' *Lm* -�����-  ���   "  ___�� ^iv��i  ^57f. 1Ji?:/j-S  :I.fc?ir:W(,ii.;V .��f-."_' _���  THE TRIBUNE:   KELSON, B.C., THURSDAY   MARCH  23,   1803.  oo  ID-E^LJEIRS      Z_N"  B  X    JZ3.  _*___,__��!__  T_R_E]_E]_r, ]>TBI  THE   ESTIMATES   BROUGHT  DOWN.  (Continued from l-'irst l'age,  ������IHX'ATION7.  Donald publir; sr-hnnl, tr'iieher   Ineirleiital expenses Donald public school...  Golden public school, teacher   Ineirleiital expenses (Jolrlon public school...  .Field publie school, teacher   Incidental expenses Field public school   ,280  llOVKIiXMIi.VT  KO'II.DI.N'OS.  Repairs to government buildings in district.S  ���-(TO ���  , 1'iaii.ic wouK.s.  Roads, slroets, bridges, anrl wharves.   HO-SIMTALS A.VI) Ul I.MCITII'H.  Hospital, 7-7ast Kootenay   In aid of resilient physician at Fort Steele  S12,0C0  12.000  ��� S  ,000  SIX)  Total for fiscal year ending 30th .Tune, 1891  SUI'I'JJi.MKNTAI, ICSTIMATIM.  '.SOU  S2li,0(0  Grohinan canal, repairs  S 2,50e)  Hull river bridge     2.000  For roads, streets, trails-, and wharves, to be  expended before 30th J une. 18!W     -1.000  8,500  Grand total ,  $31,510  THIS    "WEEK'S    NEW    ADVERTISEMENTS.  T. II. Giflln, registrar, Nelson���Notice of county court  sifting.  JI. hi. Morcbeck, Kaslo���Application fur liquor license.  O. Hamber, Nelson���Notice to holders of lire insurance  policies.  O. T. Stone, Kaslo���Change in advertisement, on second page.    LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Lots in the town of Argenta, at 'the  head oi' Koo-Oiiay lake, and on the opposite shore from Lardo, are reported as  selling rapidly at Kaslo and Aelson. A  i'ew lots are also being sold at Trout Lake  City. The record made by Four Mile  City is not yet etpudeel by any of the  other embryo towns, however.  A 30-foot lot on AVest Baker street was  sold last week for $2000 cash. There i.s  not another lot on the street that can be  had for the same money.  Hill Brothers' sawmill  at the head  of  Sloean lake commenced cutting lumber ou  Monday e*f this week.  The Sew Denver townsite trouble is  not yet settled; but probably will be before the assembly adjourns.  Every old timer in AVest Kootenay  knows "jiieige" Tunstall, at one time gold  ..commissioner of this district, but now  holding the same 'position in Yale district.  The "judge" has been induced to subscribe for the San Francisco Examiner, a  paper that distributes gifts to a few of its  luckiest subscribers. In the distribution  of gifts, the judge Avon a pair of roller  skates, anel now is in a quandary what to  do with them, as he is just a trifle too old  to risk even a practice exercise on them.  "Judge," Ave have often given yon good  advice, and here is another piece: "Give  them skates to the ''judge's son," who is  once more domiciled in-his--rookery-at  Nelson.  By careful count, there are just 15 real  estate .offices in Kaslo, and 00 curb-stone  brokers who haven't yet raised to the dignity of a blotting-pad, pen, anel ink, and  a table to write on.  The usual crop of spring poets have  bobbed'up serenely in Ivaslo. The exciting scenes and incidents connected with  the Bigelow relief party "wlien they so .  heroically came to the rescue of the citizens during the recent whisky famine,  has called out considerable latent talent.  So far Hon. J. J. Barclay-Green bears the  - honors of "poet laureate," on account of  his effusion, a parody on "the charge of  the light brigade."  Davie] P. Kane has selected a beautiful  site ou the hill overlooking Kaslo bay for  his future and permanent home. As soon  as completed, his mother and sisters will  remove there, the olel home having given,  way to the steady march of improvements.  "Were some of those who have the welfare: of Kaslo at heart, te> hire a steam tug  to Low away the unsightly and dangerous float over whicli passengers are compelled to walk while going u- anel from  lake steamers, the}7 would be doing  stranger iinel eiti/.eii alike a service. Sucli  a miserable contrivance should not bo allowed tei exist on the foreshore of tt logging camp, and is a disgrace te> a progressive place like Kaslo.  AV. II. Coney is back again on the Lyt-  ton as purser, after an absence of several  months in Ireland. Tin-: Trihuni. extends  him the right hand of fellowship for several reasons, neither of which is of any interest te> the public.  The Bigelow-Leineni Fast Freight anel  Treasure; Convoy Company leaves Nelson  daily for all points on the lake. This  company has noconnection with any  other transportation outfit. Its master of  transportation stems at all way points to  dispense justice.  ll. F. Green is back again in Ainsworth  from Victoria, where he went tei try anel  convince the government that an appropriation should, be maele for the Kaslo  wagon road. Bob does not know whether  lie was successful or not.  St. Patrick's day was celebrate! in  Ivaslo in a right royal manner. One  great drawback,   however,  was the lack  of green ribbon, there nob being enough  in town to go around among the citi/.ons  hailing I'mm the lOmerald Isle. In tho afternoon tl procession was formed which  marched up anel down the principal  streets to the music of a mixed band.  Every available wind instrument anel  "shorty" Smith's t'wo drums were brought  into use. Considering everything the  boys Intel ii most enjoyable time,7 not a  disagreeable feature happening' to mar  2oo the pleasures of the occasion. Alike Ma-  honey and Jim JMcAntlrow were prominent personages in the procession; the  one an Irishman from Sangamon county,  Illinois, the other a Scotchman from the  county of Bruce, Ontario.'  For a wonder, the Columbia- 6c Koote-  nay Steam Navigation Company allowed  the seventeen passengers that ca.me in em  Tuesday, by "way ot- Northport, to remain over night at Nelson.  This week M. S. Davys maele several  test assays of dry ore from claims on  Crawford's creek, east side of Kootenay  lake. The returns were over 1:30 ounces  in silver to the ton.  "Billie" Hireen has quit rawliiding and  entered into partnership with Frank  Hughes. An unusual pressure of business  prevented the linn from getting their  "nd" ready for this issue, but it will be  on hand for next week.  Last Sunday the steamer Kaslo ran  down to Ainsworth from.Kaslo, having em  board n number of people whose object in  Caking the.trip was te> visit the liev. Mi:  Smith, who is quite ill at that place. A  half dozen sympathetic lad ies were iu the  party.  By superhuman exertions ou the part  of Kaslo business men, aided by George  Arthur Bigelow of Nelson,another whisky  famine was averted in that wicked burg  last week. A cargo of lager beer arrived  from Bonner's Ferry, which also assisted  in relieving the distress ane! presenting  ti calamity.  ' The last half-yearly report of the directors of the Bank of British Columbia looks  like tlie exercises that appeared iu the  Canadian public school text books years  and years ago.' The figures are all in  pounds, shillings, and pence, and we are in  doubt, by "looking at the arrays of figures,  whether the bank has made money or  lost it. But judging from the smile that  ���overspreads the benign countenance' of  the bank's manager at Nelson, the directors either declared a 'dividenel or .raised  his salary. One thing is absolutely certain, however, the bank'is perfectly solvent, and, plain unarfcistic bills are as good  as gold.  our  W/I.I/ HE  SOU)   .AT  TriK   KOLLOWING  IMtKjKS   AND   TKKMS:  Ipsides $75        <?6n}er5 $100  _ivcET^ci3:_A_isrTS-  PO  HALF  CASH.   UALANCK   IN   YOUli.   AND  EIGHT  MONTHS.  FOUR MILE CITY  townsile has a  niiiiii_* district  immediately tributary lo il. one with as good showings  for mines as any other in West Kootenay. A number  of those who have purchased lots will creel buildings  as soon as lumber can be procured from Hill Urns.'  sawmill.  JOHN HOUSTON & CO.,  Agents, N'elson. li. C.  a  x t  A l.-iri  and complete stock of t he leading  lines of  Drugs,  Chemicals,  Patent Medicines,  Perfumes,  Soaps,  Brushes,  And  Toilet Articles of  Every Description.  Cor. Baker and  Josephine  Streets,  Nelson, B. C.  Plumbing  and  .66-168,  "in-Roofing  rpovisions, Hardware, 8  a  Specialty.    Stocks  full  and  complete in every Department, and the Public will find it  to their advantage to inspect Goods and compare Prices.  9  Manag'ep.  ��  PILOT  Ll.  IB. O.  J_J_  HOLBSAiB   ^IISTD   jRZET^IJL.  Ik *w  .^iiSSSSS  Central Office  of the  Kootenay Lake  Telephone.  \v. J.  WII.SOX.  w. I'l-iuit-i:.  COUNTY   COURT.  A sitting of tlie county court will be liolrlcn at Nelson  on the liitn day of May, iSII.'i. T. II. til'���'KIN7,  Icegistrar of the Count v Court.  Xelson. U.C.. March 21st. ISO'A. '  NOTICE'  To thk IH-si.vkss Mi:.v Ol'- -n'KI.SO.V and othei-s whom  IT MAV CO.N'UKK.V:  If no steps are taken within a few days by the Waterworks Company to repair the mains ou V'oninn, West  Haker, anrl Victoria streets, so as to make the hydrants  serviceable, in compliance with section 17, of the Consumers' Waterworks Company's aet of ncorporation. I  shall be obliged, injustice to my eompanys, to cancel all  risks outside the range of those hydrants now in working  order. C. IIAMHKK.  Local agent for the United, Atlas, Guardian, and Quebec  '���'ire Insurance Compimvs.  Xelson. March __nd, It.O'.l.  APPLICATION   POR   LIQUOR   LICENSE.  The undersigned hereby gives notice of his intention to  apply to the stipendiary magistrate of West lvootenay  ilislriet for a license to sell liquor at his hotel at. Kaslo.  II. E. MOI'KmOCI..  Dated, Kaslo, March 18th. IS!��.  TURNER  BROS.  3vrxrsio  ____srxD  s-_?^_Tio_sr_��__-.-_r  T!IK  I.ATKKT  ML-Hll!.  flOllll  AS.SOUTMI'NT III-*  HOOK'S,  TIIVS,   KTC,   KTC  lll'l.l.   PIANOS   AMI   OKIIA.VS,  HJNOKK HKWINO   M ACM INKS.  Tuning anrl  repairing a specially.  No. 2, Houston Block, Baker Street, NELSON.  [son  'er<  le.  PEOITT   ST_KE_S_r  ri  broods  11.  J  }9  jpoeenes  MINING   COMPANIES,   MINERS,  AND  ��e   uiuvyiiu'jj   j_j__41  PROSPECTORS   FURNIR  ___<_ AST iCD-  lento,  WITH   SUPPLIES.  iG_W3___b"X__!  1  EEYELSTOEE  -A-isrx.     __nTj__._K:TJS_P  GROCERIES,  HARDWARE,  Nelson and Kaslo.  Will contract, to supply mining companies and steamboats with frosli meats, anrl deliver same at any mine  or landing iu   tho   Kootenay  Lake country.  NELSON Office and Marlcet, 11 East Baker St.  KASLO MARKET, Front Street.  JAS. McDOMLD & CO.  JOSEPHINE  STREET, NELSON,      -       -      -  Curry full lines of al! kinds of  1' urniliire for residences, hotels,  ami oilices.   Mattresses made to  order,  anrl  at prices lower Ihan  eastern mid   const,  imintil'actlircr.-  TIIKV AUK  ALSO AIII'NTS  Milt  Evans Pianos and Doherly Organs  iU'  'llOO  .en  Tices ea fianos  iSWH  CHARLES RLANCHARD  NELSOK",    B. C.  HOUSE   AND   SIGN   PAINTER,  PAPER HANGER AND DECORATOR.  All work artistically executed  on  llie shortest notice.  Slocan Trading & Navigation Company, Ltd.  BUY THEM DIRI  SELL THEM ON  GUARANTEE Al.  _CT FROM THE FACTORY AND PAY CASH.  EASY TERMS.  .L OUR GOODS TO BE AS REPRESENTED.  We also carrya. lar-gc__st_ck of Diamonds. Jewelry, Watches, Clccks.j-ite^,  and sell at Eastern Prices.      WATCH REPAIRING A SPECIALTY.  "T0B6NTO SAFE WORKS,"  Toronto, Ontario,  h  .MANI'l-WI'Tllll'IIM OK  FIRE-PBOOF  BURGLAR-PROOF  n  ���WHOLESALE.  w  KASLO,    IB. C.  "R__]a?_^._:xJ.  VAULT  DOORS.  p-i?!.'-*1--  (i.  ���Si_3___^_Si5*p  The company's Al passeiiL,'oriind freight steamer  W. HUNTER  h. KS'I'A HKOOk7 Master  TENDERS   WANTED.  Tenders for eliisc-clinpiiini; anrl clenr'nK the following  streets in l-'our Alile City v.ill be rere verl by the nniler-  sitfiicd up lo noon on April I'nil. l.siKI:  Tloiiinliirv street from l.ca'lvilli: street north In Ninth  street;  llimic street from end to end :  Hunter street from end in end.  Address tenders to William Hunter, N'eu- Denver, or  J. Kred llnnie. Nelson. .1. YllED lll/'MK.  Dated, March 1.11 li, IM��. WILLIAM  Ht'NTKIt.  /T)eref?aQt  Sailor  BAKER STREET.  NELSON,  "WITH   ___   __J_^_._E.C3-_i!   AKTD   COMPLETE   STOCK    O-J1  Hardware, Stoves, Tinware,  Bunders' and Miners' Supplies.  READ THIS AD. ONE MONTH IATEB.  HAS ON   DISI'I.AV  A   I'l'l.l,  ICANIIK OK  Plain and Fancy Worsted Suitings,  Scotch and Irish Tweeds and Serges.  KA I.l, AMI   WI.N'TKI-  (iOOHH  NOW  ON   HANI).  PEICES TO SXJIT THE TIMES  J"OE ^-A.JR_KII_ISr  NELSON, B..C.  Plasterer, Bricklayer and Stone-Mason.  ('nnt.rnols taken for work at nil points in West Koolcnny  elson   Livery Stable  i-assentfiTS and hutaf.iliu  transferred  to iiikI   from  the  rnilwiiy depot, and steamboat luiidin),'.    I' rmght  lianlcd anrljob leaminKrlone.   Stove  wood for sale.  WILSON & "WILLIAMSON.  .I'ltOIMUKTOI-S  Mesdames DeYDEN  p^5l;IOfl/.BC^  SCHBOEDEH  KASLO.  INSIDE LOTS IN FOUR MILE CITY ADVANCED FROM $70 TO 7fi.  SECURE ONE!  ANOTHER ADVANCE IN PRICES WILL BE MADE ON APRIL 15TH.  ��___-"--"'"  m  PlS'-i  All  "t-n_s"3


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