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 East an6 Til est Kootenay  Have   Belter* Showings  for Mines than   any  other Sections on the Continent  of America.  Capital an6 Brains  Can   Both   be   Employed   to   Advantage   in  ig  Camps of E  /est   Kootenay.  the  Mining  Camps of East and  v  FIRST  YEAR.-NO.  ,S  InTELSCW,  BRITISH   COLUMBIA, THURSDAY,  MARCH  2,   1893.  -PRICE  TEN. CENTS.  AFTER  MANY  CAYS   AND   MUCH  ARGUMENT, ONE CONVERT HAS BEEN  BROUGHT OVER TO OUR WAY  Of Thinking, that is, that a General Bailway  Act Should be Passed by Both the Provincial and Dominion Parliaments.  The editor oi" Tins Thiki'NU has advocated tlie passage of a general railway  art in every paper with which he has  been connected in this Province; bub the  arguments used were either never read  by the members of tlie legislative assembly, or, il' read, were considered to modern i'or slow-going British Columbia.  Our labor, however, has not been in vain,  for one convert litis been gained to our  -way ol' thinking. In speaking of the project to parallel the Canadian I'aeilie i'rom  Sattlt Ste. Marie to the Atlantic. W. C.  Van Home, president of the Canadian  I'aeifie, is reported to have used the following forceful words:  "A lot of tramps hang around Ottawa  during the session and worm charters out of  members of the government. Then they go  round the country raising money on them.  They never put anything in the projects, but  they manage to live on foolish people. Now,  if we had a general railway act in Canada it  would be a great benefit to the country. It  would shorten the session for one thing, and  thus save money. It would send these  tramps about their business to work for a  living, and thus get rid of a dirty, unscrupulous lobby, which is now a feature of  every session."  What is true of Ottawa i.s true of Victoria. While the men asking for railway  charters are not always "tramps," tliey  are, nine times in ten. men who have not  a dollar to invest in actual coiisl.rucl.ion  work. One instance can be cited: Three  years ago Air. Corbin and his associates  endeavored to obtain a charter for a road  from-Nelson to a point at the international boundary line where connection  could be made with the Spokane _c Northern. The charter wtts nob granted. Tiie  following year G. Ii. Wright and associates���men who did nob intend to build a-���  mile of road themselves���obtained a charter for a road over this route. The next  year they obtained''a-land grant to aid  them in'building the road. This year, it  is reported, they expect to ask the legislative assembly for an extension of time in  wliich to begin actual work. Iu securing  this legislation they have spent probably  $10,000 in cash. For 'this expenditure  they have secured a charter for a road  that is badly needed and COO.000 acres of  land, which they will realize on if they  succeed in inducing someone else to build  tlie road.  If men who are builders of railways  Avere allowed to go ahead and bui.d roads  where they are needed, without first obtaining tlie consent of a body of men who  too Often allow tlieir personal prejudices  to govern their official actions, the railway mileage in British Columbia would  be rapidly increased, and that, too, without the gift of a dollar iu money or an  acre of land from the province.  Again: As soon as a-charter forarail-  . way-is obtained by these charter-speculators, they afterwards use every effort  to defeat others from obtaining charters  for roads that would be competitive. A  charter was obtained last year for a road  from Ivaslo to the mines in Slocan district.  While casting no reflection on the linancial standing of the men who secured the  charter, it is doubtful if they intended to  build a. mile of road themselves; but,  rather, expected to make money out of  booming a townsite in which t.liey were  interested. At thissessionof the assembly  other parties are applying for a charter  for an electric road over the same route.  The parties who secured the first chart r  will do tlieir utmost to prevent the others  from obtaining a charter; while, if a general law governed the matter, the men  who meant business would now be building a road instead of lobbying for the passage of a charter.  The private bills committee of the assembly has already reported favorably  on half a dozen applications I'or charters  I'or railways in West Kootenay district,  and it i.s safe to say that not a single one  of the applicants ever intend tt) spend a  dollar iii actual work. Bi.t once they  secure charters, they have "vested  rights," which must, of course, be respected by the unfortunate devil that has  plenty of money but no "vested rights."  The Davie government could do no moie  progressive act, or one that would be of  greater benefit to this province, than pass  ti General Railway Act.  logical conclusion. Cariboo will not be  increased, neither will Lillooet, and if  Vale is divided into three riflings -here  will not be much room i'or complaint. The  Kootenays already are divided and we believe the electors there aie quite satisfied  ��� wil 11 existing arrangements."  Well!  Well!'  The assertion  that in no  country   where   responsible government  .prevails is representation based on population is good!    If the different states in  the American  Union are not represented  in the lower house of congress according  to population, how are they represented?  If the representatives in  the legislatures  of  the  different  states are   not   elected  from districts, based on population,  how  are   they   elected?    Representation    according to population i.s the  true   basis,  and is favored by all men and newspapers  who hold that the majority should rule.  Is it fair tlmt Cariboo, simply because it  is willing to return men that will support  the   present   government through  thick  and   thin,   should   have   three   times as  many members iu the assembly as West  Kootenay.   whose  people   are   Independents":-    Vet AVesb lvootenay   litis   three  times  the population of Cariboo and contributes    three   dollars in   taxes   whore  Cariboo    contributes, one    dollar.    The  AVorld   supports  the  Davie  government  for the bread and butter there  is  in  it:  and    should   the   Davit;  government be  ousted   tomorrow,  (he World   would  be  found servilely following the new administration within a week.  GEOGRAPHICALLY   UNFORTUNATE.  ASKS   FOR   RELIABLE   INFORMATION  NEW   DENVER   NOTES.  Representation According to Population.  The Vancouver World���a paper that i.s  nothing if not sycophantic���in discussing  the redistribution of representation question says: "Innumerable theories have  been advanced concerning the direction  the forthcoming change in the system of  representation iu the legislature of this  province should take. The unthinking,  those who have not given the matter tlie  slightest consideration, assume thttt representation should be based purely up in  population. That this is a, fallacy is  apparent from the fact that in no country  where responsible government prevails i's  such a theory or system carried out to a  February 19th.���Spring has come upon  us suddenly, but for that very reason is  additionally welcome. The sun during  the last I'ew days 1ms been quite<powerful  and the snow is rapidly melting, livery-  thing indicates an early spring.  I understand a contract has been let to  haul ore from the Alamo, a. Twin Lake  basin claim, via this town to Nakusp.  The specifications I'or the wagon road  ii]) Sloean river were to bo seen this week  tit Bourne Bros, store. The general  opinion appears to be that this move is in  the right direction, although there area  I'ew people here who can see no good in  any pwbiic work unless it leads to Nakusp.  Vour correspondent traveled over this  route at the begining of April last, and  there was no snow on the trail. I feel  convinced that no ore can this year,bo  hauled from the mines during April, therefore should the road referred to be under  construction at the time a very short delay if tiny would thus be caused.  A: road should 'be s'tarted tit theTearl iest  possible date from New Denver to Three  Forks. That this road is a necessity i.s as  evident tis is the fact that there is an  enormous amount of ore to be taken out  of this country this year. Vet the man  who would attempt to make even tt rough  estimate of the total tonnage must either  . believe himself gifted with second sight  or else he must be a real estate boomer.  Reports from the Alamo continue to be  of the very brightest. The same must be  said of the Four Aide properties being  worked this winter, viz., the Alpha .group,  the Mountain Boomer, and the Vancouver,  tlie first named having shipped thirty  tons of ore this month while the last two  have enriched their owners by twenty  tons during the same period.  'E. C. Carpenter of Three Forks returned  this week, haying spent the winter in  Victoria, and Spokane. He expects his  partner, Charles Hugonin, to return early  in April, when they intend to restart at  the old stand. In the mean while, II. Ii.  Pitts is comforting weary travelers Avibh  the cii]) that cheers -and lining his sack  with the needful.  Quite a number of familiar faces have  been seen back in town,'amongst whom  may be noted E. G. Schmidt, Jim Cray,  Jack Smith, C. Aloran.  The superintendent of the Freddie Lee,  Air. Fisher, paid his first visit to New  Denver on Friday last. He appeared  much impressed with the position of the  town, when considered in connection with  the mines. He was about to taken trip  round the hills to see some of the other  mines, when he will be able to express hi.s  views as to the future of the country.  The main tunnel on the Freddie Lee is being pushed as rapidly as men can do it.  New Denver real estate is in great demand, the only difficulty being tint there  are no sellers but tiny quantity of buyers.  Several transfers have been reported re:  cently.  Alessrs. Bourne Bros, intend building a  big store as soon as possible, and as li ill  Bros, machinery i.s all tit the head of the  hike, intending builders will, after April  1st, have till the necessary material at  hand.  If nob too late, would it nob be a good  suggestion to make to the powers that be  iu Victoria- that a date be inserted in  whatever new mining laws are passed  from which date the new law shall bo in  force, at the same time giving prospectors  a- little time to study tiie new aet before  they have to stake claims under it.  Quite a number of new locations have  been made this week, mostly on the South  Fork of Carpenter creek.  Will be Money Thrown Away.  Golden Era: "We are happy to be able  to announce thttt, as the result of au interview whicli Air. Al.-irti, AI. P., anrl  George Alexander had last week with the  Air. Ouimet, minister of public works, the  minister agreed to recommend the sum of  frjOOO being placed in the estimates for the  improvement of navigation on the upper  lvootenay river near Canal Flat, so as to  admit ofcominunication by steamer from  the Fort Stride district to connect with  the present upper Columbia navigation  to Golden."  West Kootenay District too Far Distant From  Kamloops.  The Kamloops Sentinel favors the Lardo  route, as against the Arrow lake route,  for railway connection with the Kootenay Lake country. So does one of its  correspondents at Revelstoke. The latter says:  "There is one thing sure, which has been  proved this winter, that a  railway connecting with the Columbia & Kootenay at  Robson or at Slocan Crossing, could not  rlo the winter business of Kootonay lake,  because the outlet between the lake antl  Nelson   i.s  frozen   over,   and   steamboat  navigation must stop till it opens again in  the   spring,   whicli   will   be   about   two  months,  anrl all  business   with the  lake  towns stops bhe same length of time.  But  suppose bhe line through the Lardeau pass  was running, all the business of Kootenay  lake with the exception of Nelson could  be done both summer anrl winter.    Anrl  Bonner's   Ferry  would   be   shut off  too  when the ice makes in Kootenay river, so  that the business which neither Bonner's  Ferry nor Nelson can rlo in the  winter  mouths  would  come north through the  Lardeau   pass   to   the   Canadian   Pacific  main line at Revelstoke.    If this is not  done this coming summer, and the Great  Northern railway is allowed to have its  way, it will  secure a hold on  Kootenay  lake that will  be hard  to break up.     I  hope you will keep agitating iu  favor of  Lardeau  Pass railway as the first road  that should be built south of Revelstoke."  Did either the Sentinel or its Revelstoke  correspondent ever hear of a boat running  through ice eighteen inches thick? The  ice in the outlet between Yu ill's ranch and  Nelson, a. distance of twelve miles, has at  no time this winter been to exeeerl seven  inches in thickness in the channel. It has  <ib no binie been so thick that the steamer  Nelson could not have kept communications open had her owners been alive to  the situation. The great trouble is not  with the ice, but with transportation  companies so close-fisted as to be unwilling to expend a dollar to make provision  against climatic changes. If the Columbia  6c Kootenay .Steam Navigation Company  htid expended $200 last fall in properly  plating tlie steamer Nelson antl ironing a  barge, bhe oublet would not have-been  closed a. day. this winter, and the company's receipts would-have, been largely  increased with no corresponding increase  iii expenses, for the expense of running  the boat between Kaslo anrl the head of  the lake averages nearly as much tis if the  boat had been running from Nelson via  Kaslo to the head of the lake.  But all this rail way talk is the veriest  bosh. The Canadian Pacific will not build  a mile of railway in West Kootenay this  year; and it even look's'-now as if no other  company would. West Kootenay is geographically unforbunabe. It is'too far  away from Kamloops.  Will be a Bootless Trip.  Golden "Era, February llth: "Two of  our well known prospectors, Fred Wells  aud John Henderson, have started on an  exploratory trip. Their goal i.s the Arrow  lakes in West Kootenay and they will endeavor to reach it from the Spillimichene  route and theuce across the country skirting the AldVIurdo basin. All our prospectors are Avatching this experiment with  interest as it is said from the AIcAlurdo  basin to the lakes i.s only a distance of  about thirty miles, but it remains to be  soon whether it is accessible or not."  Thk Trihune ventures the assertion  that-the.trip will be a bootless one, as according to all reports there i.s no pass  across bhe Selkirk's until the ono at Kaslo  i.s reached. Rut why endeavor to hud a  practicable route to the Arrow lakes  when there is one south to Kootonay lake?  But, then, the prospectors around Golden  are always looking for tlie impossible,  simply to be cent* ary.  "Four Mile City."  The stile of lots in Four Alile City town-  site greatly exceeded the expectations of  the owners, ISo in all being sold to local  buyers. Several of the purchasers have  expressed intentions of erecting buildings as soon as material can be got. J.  Fred Hume <fc Co. will put in a stock of  general merchandise iu April, and bv the  time snow i.s off tho ground,.so that claims  can be worked to advantage, quite a little  town will have been built. The owners  of the townsite, so that the passing a round  of subscription papers will not need be resorted to. have announced that one-half  of all deferred payments on lots will be  set apart tis a fund to be used iu building  trails,.etc., that will be of benefit to the  town.    The Cattle Killing Case.  Peter Jensen, who was arrested ten days  ago for killing two cows belonging to F,  K. Hurry anrl remanded for eight days for  hearing, was tried today before George A.  Bigelow, J. P., anrl allowed bo go on his  own bond until such time as a re-hearing  could be had before two justices. In rendering hi.s decision, the justice sairl lie  was of opinion that Jensen's actions in  the matter were very shady and of a  character to show that he was dishonest.  Air. Hurry is the loser of two cows, and  Air. Jensen i.s the Avinner of a big drunk in  Kaslo off money that he should have paid  over to Hurry.  Dont Do It.  There is talk of giving West Kootenay  district two gold commissioners. Dont do  it. The one we have has so little to do  that he has to take a vacation of throe  months every winter.  Regarding the Silver Mines Near Ainsworth  in this District.  The following letter was received  by a  business house of Nelson this week:  St. Paul '���"(���bruiirv l.'it.li, 18.13.  Dear Sir: Wo iin'lc-rstawl they have di.s-overeil silver  down neiir l-oolciuiy lake, in the vicinity of Ainsworth,  H.C. C'nn you tell'us wlml there is about it; whether  they arc Ihiding it in I-irjju quantities, ete.? Any information you can give us will be treated conliilentiul, ami,  we assure you, will be highly upprc-iatcd.  The   writer of that letter,  like many  others in Sb. Paul and  Minneapolis,   has  either made, or is. about to make, an in-  vesbinent in mining property in this district.   He, evidently, knows'little of the  country and less of mining a.s a business,  therefore he should get in fonnation which  is reliable.   Ainsworth division of West  Kootenny district covers a large area- of  country on both sides of Kootenay lake,  but what is locally known  as  tho Ains-  tvorbh, or Hot Springs, etinip has an eastern frontage on the lake of live miles anrl  an average breadth of about four.    Alin-  eral   was first   discovered   in   the   earn])  eight   years   ago,   and   since   that   time  probably   _00 claims   have been staked.  Of tho -00. fifty at least have good surface  showings, and tAventy have shipped ore.  Considerable development work has been  done, the deepest shaft  being down  200  i'eet.   The ore is galena, but generally of  a. grade that will not stand shipment to  the   United   States   for treatment.    The  shipments   made   in  18S9,   1-S90,  anrl 1S01  aA'cragerl   about   $100   bo   the   ton.    At  present there i.s little avoi-Ic being done in  the camp, owing a good deal to the fact  that  many   of   the   claim   owners   have  stampeded to the Slocan country, Avhere  the ore is of higher grade.    No eastern  man   should   invest   money   in    mineral  claims in this or any other country Avitli-  out. first, having implicit faith in the integrity of the mine seller,  and,  second,  without   having no  particular  need for  the money he intends to so invest.  THE   TOWN   LOT   SPECULATOR  inches wide itnd the other six inches.  The  best samples of this quartz   assayed as  high as $;">00() to the ton, while the lowest  Avent $1:50.   With stamp mills on the spot  this percentage of gold por ton would be  highly   remunerative,    and    a   bonanza  a.waits  (he capitalist who avi'JI  take  the  venture iu hand.   Air. Lund is unwilling  to sell his claim right oil",  but Avill part  with an interest to anyone avIio can help  him   in   the matter of erecting suitable  machinery.   He is already in correspondence with it gentleman in' Spokane, w ith  a likelihood of a deal being consummated.  He i.s very enthusiastic over his prospects  at the creek, and says Big  Bend  is the  coming country.    He says" there are several quart7-: veins there which Avould pay  well   to   work,  anrl  is confident that it  Avould be a paying  investment to erect  stamps there.    Moreover, the country has  never been half explorer!, and he believes  from all appearances that there are vast  quantities    of    gold    yet   undiscovered.  About the middle of December he visited  the  Consolation   placer mine on  French  creek, anrl bhe nine men employed there  Avere then taking out in coarse grains and  nuggets $10 a day each, anrl the ground  improving.    George Laforme arrived up  all right.    Air.  Lund  will return as soon  as the snow permits."  AN   ABSURD   REGULATION  BECAUSE A FEW MINIM IMAGES  IN  THE   SLOCAN   HAVE TURNED  TO   BE  MERE   MIRAGES  Should. Cut no Figure with Investors or Mine  Owners, for Like Things Have Happened  in all Great Mining Districts.  Does   Not  Contribute His   Rightful   Share   of  Moi-.ey Raised, for the General Good.  It is Avithin bounds to say that the construction of bhe wagon road from Kaslo  to Watson quadrupled the value of town  lots in Kaslo.  '���Hundreds of these lots are  OAvned by men who purchased-them at  low prices, say from $100 to $_00.   But  few of these nieii contributed a dollar to-  Avards the construction of the road, and  5 but few- of them' will  contribute a dollar  to keep the road in-repair-for .the next  three months.    These are the men who  will tillk loudly and glibly of the penuri-  ousness of business men; of the lack of  enterprise of m ine owners; of the inherent  meanness of  everyone   but  themselves.  Although they have realized from .100 to  1000 per cent on tlieir investments, they  hold back and compel business men who  do not make 15 per cent on their invested  capital to either' "contribute" or shut.up  shop.    Thk Tribuxi*;  is  not drawing on'  its imagination when it makes these statements.   While the cost of the wagon road  referred to exceeds the amount contributed by the people of Nelson for public,  roads and trails, of the amount raised by  the. people of Nelson for sucli purposes,  but  $20   was   ever  contributed., by   the  owners of unimproved town. lots, anrl $10  of that was by a man who'was doing business in the town tis asort of counsellor-  at-Iaw.   What i.s true of Nelson is probably true of Kaslo.   I tis the business men  of bhe latter town who Avill have to go  down in their pockets for the funds required to keep the wagon road in repair;  a. road which furnishes the main "excuse  for the existence of the town."  A Report that was a Trifle Premature.  The report that the boats on the Columbia river would be running on and after  Alarch 1st Avas premature. They are not  running, and Avill not be running until  some time in the future���say until the  outlet between Nelson and Hob Yuill's  ranch is free from ice. The railroad is  being gotten in condition for traffic, aud  trains will be running next week. The  work train sent out from Nelson on Wednesday reached Slocan Crossing at noon  today (Friday), and will probably reach  Robson Saturday night. One of the Columbia river boats was reported running  during the week between Northport and  the mouth of Pond d'Orcille river transporting material for the railway bridge.  The St. Mary's was His Destination.  There was much speculation in Nelson  during the week as to the section A. S.  Stewart, the Canadian Pacific engineer,  was headed for. ft is now definitely  known that he intends to take a look tit  the St. Alary's pass through the Purcell  range. He was at Pilot Bay the fore part  of tlie week, where he.met (-. B. Nngle,  who accompanied him on former trips  through this district. The St. Alary's pass  i.s sairl to be it leasable one, and if it is, the  Crow's Nest extension of the Calgary 6c  l-dmouton branch of tho Canadian Pacific  will undoubtedly be built through if, and  not by way of tlie Aloyie pass.  Gold Quartz in Big Bend.  .Rovelstok. Star: "Last Saturday  (February 15th) Cus Lund arrived down  from AlcCtillougli creek. Big Bend, where  he has been prospecting during the past  summer aud fall. He felt the recent cold  simp very much, and as he thought if  might continue for some time longer he  made up his mind fo come down. He  made flic distance infwodays, keeping to  the ice on the river all the way, there  being just a sprinkling of snow whicli  made the footing firm, lie has located  three good quart/, veins, two of thein ten  To   be   Renewed  for Another  Term  of Three  Years.  Advices from Ottawil are to. the effect  that the Dominion government intends to  renew, for another three years, the regulation admitting mining machinery free,  providing,  always,  that machinery of a  like kind or class i.s nob manufactured in  Canada.    If this  regulation  is  to  be renewed under the idea that it will aid the  development of the mining industry in  British Columbia,  our immediate representative, jAlr. Mara, should quietly step  over   to  Sir .John]Thompson's seat, and  whisper "Don't you do it!" in that honorable gentleman's ear.    The regulation is  farcical.    In the three years which it was  supposed  to be (in  force,  uot a  dollar's  Avorth of mining machinery av.-is admitted free into this section, and  not a dollar's worth will be admitted free for  the  next three years should   it be  reneAved.  It made no difference what kind or class  of machinery was brought in, when the  kind or class  was' forwarded to the customs authorities at Ottawa, back would  come this answer to the local collector of  customs:    "The'inachinery .mentioned in  yours of such a. date' is of a kind or class  manufactured'in Canada,  and  the duty  must be.paid on it."  If the Dominion grrvernment Avould aid  the mining industry it would allow'all.  machinery actually used in mine development to be admitted free for a period of  three years. The purchaser of mining  machinery.should beallowed the privilege  of buying all his plant from one manufacturer, and nob be compelled, as he will be  if the absurd regulation is renewed, to  buy part of it from one '.'manufacturer in  Canada and part from another in the  United States. There would be little,  'danger of the regulation'being evaded to  the loss of the government, for mining  machinery is...not adapted to any great  oxtent for use .in.any other industry.  How They Stand on a Burning Question.  The resolution asking the Dominion  government to restrict Chinese immigration was negatived by the following vote:  In favor of restriction���Semiin,. Alilne,  Beaven, AleKen/.ie, Kitchen, Bunch, For-  ster,'Cotton, Keith, Kellic, AVabb, Stod-  rlitrt, Home, and Booth. Against restriction���-Baker, Poole'y. . Turner, Vernon,  Martin, Eberts, Croft, Hunter, Hail,  Sword, Anderson, Rogers. Nason, Smith,  and Grant. Those voting against restriction used the well-worn argument that  the Chinese avci-c needed in the canneries,  and that if not allowed to conic in that  that inrlustrv 'would be paraIv/.ed. All of  which is rob. Less than 2000 of the 20,000  Chinese in the province are employed in  the canneries, therefore the hunclreds thttt  a. re landed on our shores every'month by  bhe Canadian Pacific's steamers must  either find work at other employments or  be smuggle.il across the line into the  United States. A nice business, truly,  whichever way it is viewed. To allow  them to compete with white men in all  kinds of labor and business, or forcing  thein on neighbors who do not want fhem.  Messrs. Bilker, Poolcv, Turner, Vernon,  Martin, Fbcrts, Croft, Hunter, Hall,  Sword, Anderson, Rogers. Nason, Smith,  and Grant, you should be ashamed of  yourselves.   What West Kootonay Needs Worst.  West Kootenay docs nob need sin additional gold commissioner, foi- the powers  now conferred on golrl commissioners  could without harm be conferred ou mining recorders. What West Kootenny  most needs is an active, wide a-wake, progressive government agent: one in (ouch  with the people of the district who are  developing its resources and not in sympathy with the I'ew land-grabbers that  imagine they have the district in their  breeches pocket.  Reports the Grade an Easy One.  Albert Barrett is in Nelson purchasing  supplies for work that he intends doing  on claims he has tin interest in on L-i-  frnnce creek, on the east side of Kootenny  lake eight miles south of Pilot Bay. He  claims that the grade up that creek to  the summit is nn easy one, and that if the  the Canadian Pacific is looking I'or an  easy route across the Parcel I range, it will  be found up St. Alary's river and down  La franco creek to Kootenay lake.  Notwithstanding the recent discouraging reports, there is nothing to warrant a  panicky feeling in the mining business in  this   section   of   West   Kootenay.     The  average mine owner is a good  deal  like  the average prospector, in tlmt he always  expects to really see what is pictured iu  his'mind;  pictures that are always enlarged beyond reasonable bounds.   While  some of the mines on which development  work is being done rlo not look quite as  well  as they did  a  month  ago,  others,  again, look  better;   while  the ore shipments haA-e fallen off, the number of men  employed has not decreased.  But few of the great mines in any country looked equally Avell during all stages  of development, and some were even for a  time abandoned because of their looking  unfavorable. The Silver King, near Nelson, i.s generally admitted to be a great  property ���so great that there is not  enough money in Scotland to buy it���yet,  at one stage of its development the ore  body Avas so small that it could hardly be  followed. And it is not unlikely that  .Nature has fashioned some of the ore  bodies in Slocan district after the same  pattern.  ; At the Freddie'Leo, the tunnel that was  started a short time after the descent of  the big snowslide i.s iioav in ore, anrl a.s  soon as the ground can be examined with  any exactness another tunnel will be  started still lower down. Alanager Fisher  has changed the shifts from 10-hour to  8-hour ones, and maintains the change is  for the better, both for the men and for  bhe owners of the mine. He anrl Air.  Hughes took a look at the sleigh road  from the foot of the tramway to Three  Forks to determine Avhether or not ore  could be again shipped to advantage.  They concluded, it i.s sairl, that the expense.of putting the road in proper condition would be too great, and that ore  shipments'could only be resumed when  the ground is bare.  The owners of the Bonanza King anrl  World's Fair, claims that lie on the eastern  slope of the south fork of Carpenter.creek  and nearly opposite the Freddie Lee,  started'.from Ivaslo this week to again begin operations.' They expect to have little difficulty in getting supplies' to their  com]) via the Blue Bird trail.  The tunnel o.u the Northern Belle i.s in  about 200 feet, anrl if the report' that  reached Kaslo on ��� Tuesday afternoon is  true, there is more ore in the lace of the  tunnel than ever before���about four feet.  Another tunnel Avill be at once started  farther down the slope.  Eight men are making good .progress on  the Lucky .Jim, and foreman Craft, when  last at Watson, expected to be in the ore  body within thirty feet.  Mining News Concentrates.  Charlie Kent has completed the first 100  feet of tunnel on the Chambers mine,  Slocaii'district, aud it is not improbable  but what he will proceed to drive the additional 200 feet after J. AI. Burke inspects  the work already done. Air. Burke has  the claim -bonded.  J. C. Hooker. Sam Scott, and others left  Pilot. Bay last week to begin development  work on the claims they recently staked  on Crawford creek. The mineral is a milk  quart/., carrying golrl, silver, and copper.  The ledge is a large one, being over sixty  'feet.'in width. Captain Hay ward i.s the  lucky owner of a claim near this group  which is a high-grade gold proposition.  The Hennessey boys and Jack AIc-  Gtiigan, oLthe "Noble Five" croAvd, returned to Kaslo Inst week from a month's  visit, to Spokane and other outside points.  It is their intention to commence work on  the Bonanza King and World's Fair  claims, Slocan district, just as soon a.s  they can get supplies to the ground.  B. II. Kemp, who is now looking after  all of Dr. Kilbournc's interests in Kaslo  and Slocan districts, i.s up at the Northern  Belle claim locating it site for a new  tunnel.    Many of them Tarred with the Same Stick.  In -opposing ,-i resolution asking the  Dominion govern men t to make the regulations, admitting Chinese more restrictive. Air. Afartin. one of the members from  Yale'district, said ''many of the .industries.of the province would be dormant if  it was not for the Chinese: that the Chinese were not the only immigrants who  sent their money homo. Young Canadians came here from Ontario to earn a  little money and afterwards take it all  home with thein." Air. .Martin is an Englishman, and seems to be imbued with the  hatred that too many of his countrymen  bear for the people of the land in which  they live anrl thrive with but one wish,  that. is. to make money enough to enable  thein to return to the land of their birth,  there to strut iu it station far above that  to which thev wore born.  Tiik  A Straight Tip.  Tnini'.VK and the Davie government are not bed-fellows, yet the former  gels "inside" information occnsionnllv.  The following is the latest tip: "The  government intends doing its best to  meet the wishes of the majority of the  people in West Kootenay district."  "     '��� '���   ��  I ir ��� * _     ly    _"_' _ !____' "Jl'si    __!'���_ I-'J Sn.i   ���      ������  '"���      i        ,l'��    . ���*��� -'   f   -   1    ���*"  - r     ?    I-'1'.    '. -UL    I1' ������'-     in      ������     i     '       ' ���*��� i"   ���   i ���*"_"���   "i '     ' -Jill* V        i  ���    I* I %      ' * I** I "i        J-     i'i   J" ' J   ��� __������   �� i-i * r       * I ��� __ ���._*���� - I ��� . ��� li - .������������!*���. * "*   '     ���'   '       ' ��� ��� �� ��� i  i     .        * * Jl   ��      I   ^    ���       _l      i _   -   ���_    .*. i"    ���   ���   ���   ��� ___*_  THE TRIBU-TE:   KELSOff,' B. C, TTOKSDAY,  MARCH  ;i, 1893.  The Gateway for the Duncan and Lardo  Gold and Silver Ledges and  Placer Fields  Situated at the North End of Kootenay.lake       1/  and Head of Navigation.  Early in the Spring a Connection from this town will be made with the  UPPER KOOTENAY LAKE and DUNCAN CITY  Shortening the Present Route by River of  34   MILES   NORTH  OF   KASLO.  The Only Point on the Upper  Kootenay Lake.  Secure Lots on the Ground Floor.    There will be a Boom in the Spring.    Ask your miner Friends about it  For further Information as to prices for Lots, Terms,  Etc., Apply to  NELSON and KASLO.  12    MILES    FROM  THE   CENTER  Of the Great Lardo District.  LEVEL LAND,  MAGNIFICENT PROPERTY.  A certain number of Lots are now placed on the market at bottom prices.   Special terms for those  wishing to build.  For full particulars as to prices, terms, etc., apply to  NELSON.  KASLO.  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  THK TUIJHJN'K is published on Thursdays, by John  IIciikto.v & Co.. aud will be mailed lo subscribers  on payment of O.vk lkn,i,.\it a year. Xo subscription  taken' for less Limn n year.  RKOULAR AIlVKKTI.SK.MKNTS primed iit the following rates: One inch, S��' a year; iwo inches,  sOO a vear: three inelies *-SI :i year; four inelies,  ��!)(; a year; live inelies. $10.i a year: six inelies and  over, al Llio rale of Sl.ftO an inch pel' inonlli.  TKANSIKNT AI'VKIiTISKM ESTsi I'll cents a line for  lirst. insertion and 10 cenls a line for eaeli additional  insertion.   JJirtli.  marriage, and deatli  noliecs free.  LOCAL OR RKADINC MATTKK X OTIC US 50 cents a  line each insertion.  JOJ5 PRINTING at fair rules. All acconnls for job  priming and advertising payable on llie lirst. of  every inonlli: snbscriplion, in advance.  ~A BRANCH OFKICIO, with .Mr. IJ. II. Kemp in charge,  is established nl Kaslo. -Mr. Kemp is authorized lo  reeeipl for subscriptions and contract for advertisements. .  ADD 11 ESS all communications to  TIIK TKIBUNK. N'elson. 11. C.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  D.  LaUAU, AM).���Physician ami Surgeon.    I looms .'1  and  1  Houston block, N'elson.   Telephone 12.  previa ting, just like any o.lior c-oniiiiodifcy  foe which there is a grent deniand.  THE   EAST   AGAINST   THE   WEST.  RAND AM, II.  KKMJ*.  M.K.���Examines  on mines and pro.-.pecls.   Twenty years'  and reports  'continuous  o:iperience. Independent, of any mine or works. Not. in-  _��re;;t.d i" I liu buving or selling of mines or prospects.  Kaslo, H.C.  ���WANTS.  WANTKD���A   first-class cook  by  tlie 1st of March.  Apply al Silver King lintel, NeNon.  WANTKD���A    lirst-elass   waitress.     Wages    ��.'10   a  month.   Steady job.   Apply at.  Hoodie Dog restaurant. Nelson.  ;��tte gprihtuxe  THURSDAY   MORNLNG MARCH 2.   ISO.'!  PROPHETIC   WORDS.  "It is a grout mistake to suppose that  "��� the adoption ol" tlie gold  valuation by  77 other   states   besides  1-iitflaiid   will   be  "'beneficial.    It will only lead  to the de-  '��� sti'ii-tion   oi'   the    nionoy   equilibrium  77 hichorto existing, and cause a fail in the  '��� value of silver,  from  which   I-iigland's  " trade and  r.he Indian silver valuation  '��� will .suffer more than all other interests,  "grievous as the general decline of pros-  ,: perity Jill over the world will be.    The  " strong doetrinisin existing in   Kngland  77 as regards the gold valuation is so blind  '"that,  when the time of depression sets  77 in.   there  will  be  this  special   feature:  ,: The economical authorities of the coun-  77 try  wi 11  refuse to  listen  to the cause  77 here foreshadowed: every  possible at-  '; tempt will  be made to prove that the  77 decline of commerce is clue to all sorts of  '"causes and irreconcilable matters.    The  '��� workman and his strike will be the first  77 convenient target: then speculation and  77 over-trading will have their turn. Later  "on. when foreign nations, unable to pay  77 in silver,  have  n-eourso to   protection.  " when   a   number   of   other   secondary  77 causes develop themselves: then many  '" would-be wise men will have the oppor-  '��� tunity of  pointing   Lo  specific   reasons  " which in their eyes account for the Hi II-  "��� ing off in every branch of trade.    Many  "other allegations will   be made totally  '��� irrelevant to the real issue, butsatisfac-  " tory   t.o   the    moralising   tendency   of  77 financial writers.    The great danger of  "the  time will   then  be that, among all  "this confusion and strife. Kngland's su-  77 premacy in commerce and manufactures  77 may go backwards to an extent  which  77 cannot be redressed, when the real cause  77 becomes   recognized,  and   the   natural  '��� remedy is applied."  The woi'ds quoted above were uttered  twenty-two years ago,- two years before  G'erinany and the l.'nited States aud the  Latin L'liion adopted the gold standard.  They were uttered by Krnest Soyd and  today read like prophecy. The commerce  and the manufacturing industries of l_ng-  land are on the decline or greatly depressed': Germany has had to resort to  protection, which does not appear to cure  her ills; the Latin Union is trying the  same remedy: and the United States  with all its wonderful natural resources  and inillionsof uncultivated acres is being  rapidly drained of the one metal on which  the money of the world is based.  Numberless strikes have occurred: transportation rates were never lower and  have touched bedrock; the prices paid  labor are such as to make it almost, impossible for thousands of economical  wage-earners to save anything for their  old age: everything, in fact, is deprecia t-  ing in value except gold; that, owing to  the scramble to obtain it, is ri\]>idly ap-  warwith the new-settled Western States  because of the latter refusing to agree  with the former on the silver question.  The l.ast wants the Sherman law(which  requires the United States government to  purchase $-l,;">uO.0()() worth of silver every  month) repealed., The West is opposed to  any legislation other than that which  will restore silver to its proper place as  money. One of the favorite arguments of  the East is that several of the Western  States are sparsely populated as compared with the Eastern States, therefore  they should be seen not heard. The  Board of Trade of Baltimore uses that  argument in a resolution whicli it passed  recently. There-solution reads: "It is a  77 public outrage that fourteen senators or  ���"anyone of them from Colorado. North  77 Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho.  77 Wyoming, mid Nevada, representing a  77 total population of but little more than  " twice that of Baltimore City or one-  77 fifth that of New York State, should  "' thus imperil the commercial interests of  77 the country."  Should the United States become embroiled in a "war with a foreign country  the total number of the brave men who  would instantly respond from any of  these "Western States to repel the invader  would outnumber live to one the total  number that would respond from any of  the densely populated commercial cities  of the east. "When it conies to demanding  the pound of flesh the shylocks of the  great eastern cities are always to the  front; but when it comes to spilling blood  for their country's defense they either go  in hiding or hire a substitute.  There is not a single one' of the new  States of the W'-st that does not contain  more people imbued with all the principles that upbuild nations than any one ol"  the eastern cities. -And what is true of  tlie United States is also true of the  Dominion of Canada.  IT-  JlY  AND  r__  2,T^  Gt-OX_ID.  SII_"V-_i3_=-.  X___3___I_.  A large and complete slock of the leading  lim s of  Drugs,  Chemicals,  Patent Medicines,  Perfumes,  Soaps,  Brushes,  And  Toilet Articles of  Every Description.  Coi*. Baker and  Josephine  Streets,  Nelson, B. C.  _*=������"'  ft*-"'  Central Office  of the  Kootenay Lake  Telephone.  (The Naglo-Davies Crown Grant.)  The Gateway of the Lardo-Duncan Mining Camps.  The Head of Navigation at the North End of Koootenay Lake.  The Terminus of the Government Trail.  The Only Flat Land Not Subject lo Overflow and the Only Harbor at the North  End of Kootenay Lake.  As previonsly announced by notices already published, the first 200 lots having .been sold, prices are  Now advanced to $100 for Insides, and $160 for Corners.  riet  Terms, one-third cash, balance in 3 and 6 months  1  3K  9  Managing-  Agent,   STONE  BLOCK,   KASLO.   B. C.  MI  (Notary   Public)  AND  STAT  '__.  THE  r  LIMITED     I_I____3II_I'X,"5r.  X  - ana -. itesiaence -  Blocks A and B (water frontage) Now on he Market.  Call before the SPRING RUSH, as prices must go up.    Correspondence Solicited.  O. T. STONE, Townsite Agent, Front St., Kaslo, B.C.  T. .1. KOAIlLKY.  MATIII-'W (.U'TIIItll-:.  According to tho Kxaminer. Ktislo is ������  city and Nelson a _omiti*y village.    Well,  in (lie language oi Hob  Ingoi-soll. in  the  country village is the ideal home.    There  you see the rising and setting sun:  you  become   acquainted   with   Lhe  stars  and  clouds.      The    constellations    are    your  friends.    Vou  hear the  rain  on the roof,  and listen to the rhythmic sighing of the  winds.    Vou are thrilled b.v the resurrection called spring. Kvcry street isa picture,  a landscape: every hillside a poem : every  butl a  tender thought,  and  every forest  a   fairyland.    Iu the country village you  preserve your identity- -your personality.  There you are an  aggregation of atoms;  but in   a   city like Kaslo you  are only- ���  a bag of wind.  I.N7 Kngland from October. Itt'll. to October. I.S!):.. 12 ministers have committed,  suicide'. II have broken the marriage  promise, 17 committed various crimes. IS  misused animals. 10!) violated women. l_l  were indicted I'or habitual drunkenness,  251 cheated their creditors. Sl committed  other <> donees-- 02!) crimes in all: or iu  other words I minister in every Hi acted  bad. This all goes to show t ha t ministers  of the gospel are only human beings and  not the elect of (Jod.  Futile Efforts to Down Satan.  William Sye. the philosopher, speaking  of the Salvation Army and its efforts to  down Satan, says: "When they know  the great adversary of souls as well as I  do, they will not try Lo scare him with a  cross-eyed woman or drive hini and his  host by boa ling a tambourine. Humanity,  charity, soft soap, and iiiisellislmess will  do more toward giving Sa tan that tired  feeling than all the loud hosaniins of misguided men and bleating women who  seek to harass the hosts of hell with a bass  drum, while their own children, with  empty .stomachs and iiiilaundered noses,  weep at home."  APPLICATION   FOR   LIQUOR   LICENSE.  Till! Undersigned hereby gives not ire of |||s I III ('III i'MI Id  H|i|il>* In Hi'-' Stipendiary MngiMr.ile of West Konl omiv  district for u license In s(!ll liquor in his holiil n'l  mouth of I't'iiil il'Oi'uillo rivui".  AN'PHKW L. IK)LAN7.  Daled. Hit; li_lml ilnj* nf KclirimiT, l;-:|i;i, ���  AUCTIONEER and COMMISSION AGENT         ������������rm*SK.\*,n.\-(*         The C.'oiilVilcnilinii l.ifo As'sociiitinn.  'I'liul'liu'iii** l''ii"u Iiisiii'iincu ('iiiiipiiiij*.  The IVovM-til l-'inid Ac-idcnl ConipiUiy:  .U.SI).  Th_ S.-indy Crol'L i-'oiindry Company, near Chustcr. I'Jijf-  liind. niiilccrs of all kinds of niiniii},7 inaidiiiinry. air  ciiinpr-ssoiv. rock hrcakia's. stamp.-,, -le.  No. 1 JOSEPHINE STREET,  _Sr__3X_SO__T,   _3. c.  LOTS FOR SALE IN  ADDITION "A"  Adjoining I liu KovcrniiK.'nt lownsito of Nid-on.  AT $125 and UPWARDS,  with a rohiilc fur Iniildiiitfs creeled.   The husi residential  properly in N'elson.    V.-ilne sure lo increase.  Apply lo  -:-   W. A. JOWETT,    -:-  Mining and   Real   Estate   Broker,  Auctioneer  and Commission Agent,  AkcmI   for  N'elson  and   Wesl.   Kootenav   District.,  or to  IN'N'KS & ItlCMAI.'KS, Vancouver, H.C.  ssion  REAL  ESTATE  AND  MINES.  Merchants   and   Insurance  Agents.  Desirable Kaslo Property on Easy Terms.     A Long List of Kaslo-Slocan Mining  Properties for Sale.  Assessment Work Done and Abstracts Furnished Outside Parties.    Conveyancing.  O-ET'-ETZr-OIE   UN"   T_S:___1    STONE    JBTJXjZ.TDHJSTG-,   _Er_E?,0_-<rT   STEEET,   KASLO.  FREIGHT AND PASSENGER TRAFFIC  Handled at Lowest Rates in Sloean District.  THROUGH RATES  From Nakusp to New Denver and the Mines,  Hauling' Ore and Mining- Machinery Special Low Rates,  ������Ol!  l-AliTieriiAKS  AI'l'LY TO  Hugh Mann, Nakusp, op L. N, Armit, New Denver.  J_ J. T_ _L_-<  /T^refyaQt  Sailor  IXOTAIIY   I't'lll.lC.I  Stone Block, KASLO.  . BAKER  STREET,  NELSON,  ll.\.S OS  IHSIM.AV A   ri-I.I. ItAXCI' Ol'1  Plain and Fancy Worsted Suitings,  Scotch and Irish Tweeds and Serges.  K.M.I. AND  WI.VTKI*  fSOOl-ri  NOW  ON   HANI).  IF-rE-ICIES TO STTICT TSIE a?I_VC__3S  MINES  REAL ESTATE  Sfll.H  Afil'NT  ���������lilt  TIIK  Town    of   Watson  Tliu liiisini.'ss rfiiilru I'or tin; Knslii-Slui'iui niinos  JAS. MoDOMLD & CO,  JOSEPHINE  STREET, NELSON,  Currv full linos of nil kinds of  l-'iirnittiro for rcsiil-iii-us, liotols,  nnil  nllii'cs.    MhM.i-c.ssi!*  iii.-i<Ii���  lo  order,  nnd  at  prices  lower limn  oust<-ni unci  const,  iniiiiiifiiet nrers.  TIIKY  AltlC  AI..SI)  ACKXTS   Kill!  Evans  Pianos and  Doherty Organs  MA.VACH.VIi    AI!K.VT     I'Oli  'I'll-  LAEDO.  ���ey lo llie Ki'��'iil   l.anli) nnd  Uiineiui  liiver (*-ii>i)i-  .lon.v M. Ki:i:i'i:i!.  ��� I AM KM  \\".  Sn.M.K.  KEEFER  &  SEALE  TEAMSTERS.  .lob luiiiniiiK done.    Have several hundred eni-ds of n<����l  wood, whicli will lie sold at, reasonalile |iriees.  I.KAVK    OlCDKItS    AT  J, F.  Hume   &   Co.'s.   Vernon   Street,   Nelson.  WEST   KOOTENAY   DISTRICT.  Notiee to Taxpayers,  Notice is lien hy jjjiven Ui.-.l assessed and provinei'il  revi.-nue laxes f< r'lln; year ISIIiare now duo and payalile  al my ollice al il e following rales:  If paid on or before June :)0:.!i. IHii.'l.-l'iovineial rov-  eiiue. i-.'l per cajiia: one-liail' of one percent on real properly; two per cent on wild land: one-third or' one per  cent on income.  If paid after June HO!Ii. ,IS!W.��� Two-thirds of one per  cent on real properly; two and one-half percent on wild  land; one-haif of one per cent- on personal properly;  three-fourths of one percent on income.  T. II. (IIKI-'IN7.  Assessor and collector southern division of  West Kootenny district.  Nelson. February I.'ll.li. IS'.H.  "SSTOTICEIS.  Notice i.s hereby (,'ivuii that I. Julia A. W'riKht, free  niiiier, certilicatc'No. Il���s!ll. buiiw the lawful owner of  the .Alile I'oint, mineral claim. siLuatoabout three-fourl.hs  of a mile south of the town of Ainsworth. in West, ICont-  eniiv dislricl. intend al the end of (ill days lo apply lo the  K"Iil commissioner nf the district for a e'ertilicate of improvements on said mineral claim, for Lhe purpose of  obtaining a crown grant of the same. Any adverse  claims must, be tiled al the ollice of the mining recorder  within lid diivs of Lhis date.  .ll'UA  A. Wit KM IT. certilicate No. -ll.Kf)!.  Ainswortli. January-l!lh. KSil.'f.  "TOflONTO SAFE WOBKS,"  : Toronto, Ontario,  .MAXl.*KAi:TL-|tl-'l{S OK  BURGLAR-PROOF   AND   VAULT  DOORS.  Notice is hereby fiiven that, Henry Anderson, as agent,  for Ihe I'aeilie Hullion .Mining Company, has llled the  necessary papers and made apjilical ion for crown grunts  in favor of the mineral claims knownas the Hpo|-nno and  Trinket,. .-:iliinle in l.lin lloi, .Springs camp. Ainsworth  mining division of West. Koolenay district. Adverse  claimants, if any. will forward their object ions wiihin (il)  davs from dale of piiblicnl ion of Ibis notice.  N.  '���TI'/.STl'UH.S. gohl commissioner.  Nelr-on, H. ('.. l-'ebriinry llth, IKiKI.  Notice is herebv given that Henrv Anderson, as agi.-nt  I'orliooi'Ke (,'. Howe, bus llled the necessary papers and  made npplical ion fora crown grant, in favor of the mineral claim known ns Llie Storm Cloud, .siLuate iu lhe Hot  ciprings camp, West, Koolenay Ilislricl. Adver.ie claimants will forward Lheir objections within (H) days of publication. ' N.   KIT/STl'UHS,  Nelson. H.C, Dee. 27tli. IS!W. (lold ('oininissiouer.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given I bat. one inonlli after date we,  the undersigned, intend to apply to Hie lieutenant-gov-  erniir-in-council for the incorporation into a cil.v inuni-  cipalily. under Lhe name of the Cil.v of Xeltiin, *of dial  certain locality in the Province of liritish Columbia described us follows: Heing n subdivision of lot. Its, group I.  West Kootenay district, as shown on the ollicial plan of  the town of Nelson, comprising three hundred and seventy-two acres more or less,  iialed at Nelson the 7th day of Kobruarv. A.I)., lB.'M.  K. M. JlcliKOD,  K.  AI'I'I.KWIIAITK,  A. J. MARKS.  TENDERS   WANTED.  The undersigned will receive tenders, up to Ihe _0th of  March, at, II' o'clock noon, nl, the ollice of K. AI. McLeod.  Nelson, for the consLrucl ion of a wagon road from .Sloean  crossing on the Columbia & Kootenav railwav to Slocun  City nl, the south end of .Sloean lake, an estimated distance of Ihirly-two miles, tlie road to be completed  within tbirtv days after the signing of the contract. The  successlul bidder must be prepared to give good and suf-  licienl bonds lor tlie carrying out of the contract. Spec-  iliciilions can be had hy applying to either of Lhe undersigned, ul Nelson, H. C.  J. KltKI) HUM 10. \  (I. A. HKIKLOW,  A. J. MARK'S, Committee.  KUAN'I-  YUETCI1EU, I  K. M. McLK'OI), J '  Nelson. H. (',., Kehruary (ilb, IXSIIt.  M  ' s ��E&bbg$b.  THE TRIBUNE':   KELSON   B; C, THURSDAY, MARCH'  2;'1893.  ENGLAND   MUST   NOT   BE   ALLOWED  KAL   MERCHANT.  AGENT  FOR  Capital,  Bust,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  0,000,000  Sir DONALD  A. SSMIT1I   Hon.  (MOO. A.  DIUJMMONI),  K.  S. CI.OUSTON    President   Vice-President.  .General Manager  asrEi-Soisr _3_=.____src_a:  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.        IIKAX-III'S  IX        LONDON   (England),   NEW YORK    CHICAGO,  and in ibe principal cities in Canada.  _ OLUffiBIA  (Incorporated by Royal Charter, ISIS..)  Capital (paid up) -��600,000'    .       $2,920,000  (Willi  power Lo  increase.)  Reserve Fund   -- ��260,000    .       $1,265,333  N'ELSON  _3_p.____sro__r-  Cor. Haker and Stanley Sis.  Brandies  /���'  Buy and  sell Sterling  r'xohungo and Cable Transfer.-  (iliANT (.'OM.MKI'CIAI.  ANIi TUAVKI.IXlW CUI'MTS,  available iu any part of Lhe world.  Dlt.M-TS  I.SSl'HD: OOI.I.KCTIONK maiin;  KTC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  RATKOFINTKltKST (lapresenll l-'OU.-{ PerCenl.  INDIVIDUAL   LIBERTY.  How Many Are. Daring- Enough to Carry Out  the Simple Principle?  At this stage oi' the world's progress  tlioru are not many intelligent, editeated  people who do not indorse the theory oi  personal liberty. In the abstract 1'uw will  deny the la w oi equal freedom���the desirability of the recognition of universal  equal rights. But in practice, few art  wise enough or daring enough to carr\  out the clear, simple principle.  In all  industrial, civil, and commercial  relations, one's persoutil belief or views of  individual liberty  has  as yet very little'  effect.    There are   long   established   barriers, deep-rooted institutions, the whole  machinery of ancient  authority,  across  the pathway of every man, woman, and  child.    AVhiie  they   exist   no ' individual'  can  be really free,to develop, to act, to  live,  to  be as  he  would.    But in  many  social   relations of  life  the -principles .of  equal" personal  liberty might'be carried  out to a far greater extent thaii they tire,  to the great advancement of human happiness.     Authority   is   of   such   ancient  origin, it has had so firm, so old, so strong  an   existence  that  it  is  woven   into   the  very fibres of man's being,    lie does not  know how great a part of hi.s life that  deep respect i'or established authority inherited from centuries of ruled and rulers  ,  lias become,    lie cannot' realize how fixed  is the habit of making and -accepting.restrictions���of coercing antl   being coerced  into ways not spontaneous or'natural  to  the individual. : And so it is not unusual  to see'people'who can write and  speak  most eloquently of individual liberty in  public, acting like small tyrants in their  domestic and social relations.  it is a fine art to know how to live with  other people happily. Happily, I say, for  it is not even necessary to be invariably  harmonious in order to reach the highest  happiness. People may learn how to disagree happily. There is a finesfiiniilus in  the conflict of intel ects, a glow of vigor  in the action of opposite mentalities,  whicli adds to happiness and deprives  misery of the gloom of stagnation,.  But the secret of the art is never to  strive to enforce your personality on that  of another. Voti may believe certain  actions injurious and unwise, itnd you  may argue with him who thus acts with  pleasure to both perhaps, but the moment  you insist on his refraining from those  iieofls (providing they do not injure you)  you are creating misery and confusion.  Jn the social field, in the home, in many  public affairs, the habit of constant restriction aud checking of natural actions  is in continual play. One sees a man and  a woman regulating their relations without reference to the church, the state, or  any third party. They must be forced  by persecution, by the power of the law  of- by the characteristic strength of inter-  meddlers, to refrain from gratifying  natural, harmless, inclinations. People  speak or write unpopular things and the  meddlers, must have them suppressed.  There are foolish people born and reared  under unfortunate conditions, who sometimes drink, eat, and otherwise overindulge their sensual desires: to remedy  this the meddlers would pass laws to regulate everyone's appetites and desires.  People have various methods of amusing  themselves on tlieir days of rest, aud ou��  class of meddlers, because they like to sit  in a great, highly-ornamented and useless  building and listen to worn-out platitudes  twice a day aud doze over Fox's ���'.Martyrs"  the rest of the time, wish to compel every  one by law to enjoy himself in the same  manner.  .Men make rules and enforce thein in  their households, which render the other  members miserable and uncomfortable.  They cheek, scold._and_cro.ss the children at  every turn. Their wives have little personal liberty, nagging and fault-finding  i'eing the least of their punishment for  Nelson. II.C, Victoria, H.C.,  Viineouver, H.C. Nanaimo, H.C.  Xew Westminster, H.C. Kauiloops.il.0.  San J''raneiseo, Gala., Portland, Ore.,  I Seattle,  Wash., Taenma,  Wash.  IIKAI)   OKKIOK:   (i()   Lombard  street.   LONDON.  Kng.  Agents and Correspondents  CANADA ��� lianl: of Montreal and branehes;  Canadian Hank of Coinnieree and branehes;  Imperial Hank of Canada and branehes.  Commercial Hank nf "Manitoba: and  Hank of Nova Seotia.  UNITICI) .ST.ATI-'S-A gents Hank lUontreal, New York :  Hank of "Montreal, C'liieago.  savings'' department.  On and after .January Ist, l$).'l, the rules of interest on  deposit!* will b_ ."'! per eenl. until furl her not ice.  doing sis Ihey please. And. alas! neither  husband nor wife dreams of til lowing the  other that perfect freedom of association,  with others, which alone can beautify the  ���'angerouslv close, personal relations oi  domestic, life.  And. ah! llie weary burdens, the heavy  hearts, the complications, the dwarfed  souls, that result from all this unnecessary interference! Only those who love  liberty so well' as to bring it into their  hearts and lives know what true happiness is.  3-rant   Allen's   Compliments   to  And who. after all. is this  Mrs.  Grundy  ledoubtabk  .Mrs. Cirundy. who litis such a good   opinion oi hev own moral and critical character thatshe dares to set herself up,  with  inconceivable effrontery, as the censor ol  the highestand noblest minds in l_nglancK-'  Why. just the average specimen of English middle-aged matruuhood, with all its  petty  prejudices,  all  its selfish  narrowness," a 11, its ha. trod of right, till its .persistent clinging  to every expiring form of  .wrong "and  injustice.   A pretty-sort oi'  censor, indeed!    A pretty .sort of sovereign!    1   know  no  spectacle more humiliating  to British   civilization   that this  spectacle    of   tlie   average   middle-aged  :married   'Englishwoman.    Never   in   her  whole life, her whole petty, self-centred,  ���family-bound life, did she for one moment  experience a genuinely moral emotion or  impulse; never did she do or ���contemplate  "doing a genuinely true or" moral action.  Not to do right, or. even to do wrong, has  ever been her end  and  aim  in  life,  but  simply and solely to'.do. "what is usual."  Brought .up like a savage,  in accordance  with various fixed antl 'conventional rules,  in obedience to certain tribal or racial taboos,   and   in   the daily  performance .of  certain '"fetich istic ceremonies, the reason  or meaning of which she no more tiles to  test or even to understand than tloes tiny  other savage,, she. arrives-at last at  the  position of a mother of a family, without  the faintest conception of its duties antl  responsibilities.      .Her   one object   is   to  bring up the young people committed to  her charge, 'and .particularly her daughters, exactly as she was brought up herself��� to repeat till   the oltl 'blunders,   to  serve till the old   taboos,  to copy till the  old superstitious and poojahs.of her own  mother before her.    Blindly unaware of  the fact that she is a .failure..and one of  the most contemptible tind ridiculous failures iu all God's universe, she desires only  to boa- producer of more such failures in'  future, and to hand flown the tradition of  how to turn them out exact to pattern as  she herself received it in tlue course from  her own unthinking and  fetich-worshiping elders. '���  A Case of Arrested Devlopment.  Where to go is the question with  the  unemployed majority in the mining States  and Territories.    All in the silver mining  ���regions of tho Pacific coast are iu  pretty  much the same boat, that  is, water-logged.    There is no place on this side of the  Missouri  river to whicli a  miner out of  work can go with any certainty of obtaining work���or even a reasonable probability of obtaining employment.   The work  of developing the new western region between  the  Jiockies and   the Sierras litis  been    arrested    in    mid   career.     It   required some time for the goldbug to get  in  his  work  in   this  virg n  anil   prolific  field  of mining enterprise, but at last it  is telling, is telling' tis the work of Lombard  street   is  telling  in   England.    Bul  for what was done_ in IS7.'i by the greedy  money sharks of New York and London  hundreds of dead and  dying towns and  settlements   would   not  i-ow   be  seen   in  every   part of   this  new   and   naturally  rich    and    promising    region,   ti    region  abounding in till manner of mineral and  agricultural    resources   and    possibilities  and    one    capable   of   being    made   the  homo   of   millions   of    people,   notwithstanding its rugged and arid appearance.  But we see in all  this once promising region a cast! of arrested development. The  blight of the goldbug is upon it.    ibid we  boon permitted to _;o ahead as we began,  mining,   coining  and   using   the  wealth  lying in the veins of our mountains all  would have been well  wi.h us.    But the  money sharks of the east interfered.    Tn  their greed they could not endure to see  the men of this new western region coming and putting into circulation money in  competition with thatheld in their coffers.  So a-plot was hatched  to kill  this new  money  of the  west.    The  bankers, shy-  locks and other philanthropists who have  at heart the interests of the hard-faring  poor (who would be utterly ruined by too  much money), therefore, "procured" the  passage of a law. which all the interest  gatherers   nnd  money grinders   think a  very just one, outlawing the money of the  men  of the   west.    Tt   was declared   no  good.     Men   who   wanted   money   with  which to open farms or build up'any industry must go  to  the interest grinders  of the east.     Nice dear  money,   this of  the   eastern    money   lender,    and    very  strong, a.s  was  found   when  it began to  pull   in   the scales against   the  farmer's  wheat'antl the commodities of till others  of the producing classes.  Knack of Making; Over,  What a fortune there is in the knack  which some women possess of making  over! Did you ever stop, to think how  many otitis antl ends could be utilized  which are now thrown away? One of the  greatest pleasures of life is derived from  practicing rigid economy in some directions that there maybe a greater expenditure in other parts.  A. plain, somewhat worn black serge  tloes not look very piomising, to be sure,  but the woman who is blessed with the  knack of touching up things will watch  her chance, antl when the opportunity  offers will buy some fancy plaid silk iii  pretty rods and blues. She floes this because at an opening late in the fall she  saw a black dress trimmed with great  jabotetl rovers of plaid silk which wore  really pretty. In the dressmaking world  these particular rovers are called Red fern,  having originated with him. One rover  crosses the other and fastens at one side  with a soft rosette of the plaid silk. Deep  cuffs to the elbow are of this same, and  possibly the skirt may be trimmed with  one band etlgetl with jet.  Just one more instance of the instinct  that seizes upon the right thing and accomplishes it really elegant dress out of  almost nothing. Jn an oltl chest belonging to the mother of several daughters  had lain for many years a quaint, oltl  fashioned silk. It had never been thought  suitable for the girls, but the oldest  daughter the other day declared it was  just the thing for her 10-year-old sister;  that .-he had seen a.pat!era almost similar among the new styles, and so with a  little velvet the silk was transformed into  quite a charming party gown, making of  the flaxen haired little girl a veritable  Penelope Booth by, au - effect considered,  most, desirable in fashionable New York,  where demure little girls go promenading  in enormous pokes of Quaker gray colored  silks, shirred and trimmed with ostrich  feathers antl saucy squirrel heads. One  such genius in a family will devise means  to keep them all well dressed.  Blood Thicker Than Water.  Salt Lake Tribune: it is pleasant to  turn from English newspapers to English  statesmen. When ���questioned in parliament, tho secretary of the foreign office  replied .that the information received by  the government was substantially the  same'as'that published in the papers;  that the government at present did not  intend   to   send   warships   tt)   Honolulu;  that the government considered the lives  itnd property of British subjects iii Hawaii  under American protection. The secretary closed his explanation by declaring  that there was no foundation whatever  for the report'that the British government had made a protest to the govern-  iimnt iit Washington regarding the  Hawaiian islands. Of course there is not  ii liritish statesman in the world that  does not know that if the case had been  reversed, if Great Britian had been in the  place of the United Stotes, not only the  Hawaiian, but the Samoan islands would  all have been under the British flag years  ago. _ The beautiful thing in the secretary's remarks was that tlie British government considered that English subjects  in 1-Iiiwiiii Avere under the protection of  the government of the United States.  There is where blood comes thicker than  water aud makes hearts warm all the  world around."  To Come to America to' Show Us How to  Drive Stages. ���  A World's Fair note says seven London-built coaches and sixty English  horses, together with professional drivers  antl guides, are to be taken to Chicago to  ply betweon the groat hotels and the exhibition there during the fair.  If that proves to be true then California  will  not be 'doing herself justice  unless  she   gets   some    old-fashioned    Concord  coaches,  wor'\.s in '"Curly Bill," Charley  Livermore, aud four or five more of tho  old California drivers, just to show those  that, while old England litis boon a horso-  tamer I'or several  hundred   years, while  she beat back  the great Armada, while  she has the battle of the Nile and Trafalgar on  her records, while she litis made  for herself pretty much of ii reputation,  while she has "dotted over the surface of  the whole globe with her possessions and  military posts, whose morning drumbeat,  following tlie sun and keeping company  with the hours, circles the earth with ono  continuous and  unbroken  strain  of  the  martial airs of England," still  she does  not know how either to equip or handle a  coach.    No doubt hor coaches will  look  very stately; no doubt the very pick of  English coach horses will Deselected; no  doubt the   harness will   be   very heavy  with  mountings antl  housings.    Still,  if  in   opposition some coaches are put on  with   six    half-thoroughbreds   on   each  coach, with light harness antl a few ivory  rings, and some artist of the front boot iii  ono of   the   narrow  streets   of  Chicago  turns  the horses on  a deatl  run   in   the  street, or, with the permission of the city  authorities, delivers passengers from any  of the city hotels on a dead run to tho exhibition grounds, the English coach and  cochee will not be "in it."    England may  have had some stage-drivers a hundred  years ago, before railroads wero invented  but the real art of stage-driving i.s a lost  art   in   England now,  tint!   if California  tloes not demonstrate that  fact,  in  case  these   Loudon   built   coaclies   and   those  English  horses and  drivers are brought  ovev,  then California has gone  into the  sere and yellow leaf antl there is no more  hope for the Golden State.  P00DI��:-: DOQ  Next   Door   to   the   Madden   Hotel,  NELSON, B. O.  MAS. W. C. PHILLIPS, Proprietress.  JOHN JOHNSON, Prop.  Extensive Improvements  Now Completed.  The only restaurant, in Xelson thai keeps open  ALL ROOMS REFITTED  and Refurnished.  AND  __T__-  ^''.'3-t'4>  PRIVATE    BOXES   FOR   LADLES.   Finest. Wines, Liquors anil Cigars in the Murket-  AT TIIK  HAH.  Special  Attention to Miners.  Rooms First-Class.  Rates Moderate.  Front St., Wear Steamboat Landing,.  KASLO,   B.C.  J3EVLIN & JIcKAY,    -  THE  1JI-ST  C'U1S1.VI_  'TIN-   HKST   I5I50S  THK   HKST  Proprietors.  OR KVKRYTHING  Slocan Trading & Navigation Company, Ltd.  -:- (TAME  jfOJEZ  Vernon Street, Near Josephine.  KELSON, B. C.  OPPOSITE  CITY WHARF.  AXEL JOHNSON, Proprietor.  The Hotel Overlooks  The Kootenay  Its guests thus obtaining splendid  Views of both iiioimtiiiii und river.  Front Street,  KASLO, B.  JOHN   F.   WARD,   Manager.  c.  J.  The company's Al passenger and freight steamer  W. HUNTER  A. KSTAIJKOOK Master  will make regular trips during the winter season from  Xew Deliver to the head and the lower end of .Sloean  lake. At the head of the lake passengers can take the  trail for Nakusp, on the Columbia river, 20 miles distant;  and at the lower end pack and saddle animals can always  be obtained to convey freight and passengers to .Sloean  Crossing, on the'Columbia & Kootenay railway, 82 miles  distant, l-'or rates applv on board.  November lath. '_!'_. W. C. M'JlCINNO.V, Secy.  The Very Best  of  Everything*.  Tlie Booms  AUK CO.MKOHT.W1I.K  IN  rf-f-f'-tf  H--H-*.'  rf'+rF  '+---*-���'  Mesdames BbYBEN & ScHBOEDEB  P/^-jlOJtylBC^  KASLO.  TURNER BROS.  MUSIC    AKTD   STATIONERX  Tlli:  I.ATKST M 1*810.  GOOD ASSOUTMI'NT OK   HOOKS,  TOYS,   KTC.,   KTC.  H1SI.L"I'lANOsS   AND   OKGANH,"SIM:Kit SKWINO '.MACHINES.  Tuning and repairing u specialty.  No. 2, Houston Block, Baker Street, NELSON.  Nelson   Livery Stable  Passengers and baggage   transferred to and   from the  railway depot and steamboat landing.   Freight  hauled and job teaming done.   Stove  wood for sale.  WILSON & Wn-LIAMSON I-UOPRIETOKS  Notiee is hereby given that application will be made to  the legislative assembly for the Province of liritish Columbia at its next session for an act t.o extend the time in  which (he Nelson Kleclric Light Company. Limited, may  complete and have in operation the works re(|iiired under the terms of its charter.  Dated the 20th of .lauuarv. ISM.  1-ODWKLI, & Il-VINO,  .Solicitors for applicants.  (Jrapd - Septra!  Corner Front and Fourth Streets,  KASLO  6c J. FLETCHER,        -       Proprietors  The Table  IS  TIIK   HKST   IX   THE  MOUNTAINS.  Special Attention to Miners.  THE   BAR  IS   FIRST-CLASS.  Corner Baker and Ward Streets,  B. C.  A  ACCO.MMODATIONS  I'I UST -CLASS.  Stage leaves Grand Central for Watson. Hear Lake Cily,  Three Forks, New Denver and all points in  the Ivaslo-Sloean district.  Until Cut of Palace Hotel  Arrives, this Space is  Reserved for  MAHONEY & LUNDBURG  Kaslo.  J"OE JP_A__R,_KII_lsr  NELSON, B.C.      ,  Plasterer, Bricklayer and Stone-Mason.  Contracts taken for work at all points in West Kootenay  THOMAS   MADDEN,   Prop.  The Madden is Centrally Located,  With a frontage towards Kootenay river, and is newly  furnished throughout.  ���___"_::__  TABLE  supplied with everything in the market, the kitchen  being under the immediate supervision of a  caterer of large experience.  The Bar is Stocked  With the Best Brands  OK  HKI'l-,   AM*.   WINK.   WHISICY   AND (.'IC!.' US.  \  :<_g>:r>;  -���ov  *'  '/' -J--V'  ���y-W?  Cor. West Vernon and Stanley Streets,  NELSON, B.C.  First-Class in Everything".  The International has a comfortably furnished parlor for  ladies, and the rooms are large ami fiirni.-dicd  newly  throughout.  THE  TABLE   IS  NOT  SURPASSED  IIV    ANV    IIOTKI.    IN    TIIK    KOOTKNAY    WIIXTIIV.  A KIIAItl* OK TUANSII'NT TUAIM* KOMCITKI).  >*  W.  ./.   WILSON.  IV.   I'KUDl'K,  Wilson   &   Perdue.  MEAT MAMET!  Nelson and Kaslo.  Will contract to  boats with frcsli meat.!  or landing in   llie  upply mining companies and  steam  aud deliver same at any mine  Kootenay  Lake country.  NELSON Office and Market. 11 Bast Baker St.  KASLO MARKET, Front Street.  \  \  ��5  \  _>v  r/  ^  The  Sample Room is Stocked with Choice  Liquors and Cigars.  Jas.  Dawson & B.  Proprietors.  TKl.KI'IIONK   l.'i.  Craddock,  the GRAND HOTEL  NELSON, B.C.  Hansen   &   Blomberg-,   Proprietors.  THE TRIBUNE:   ONLY ONE DOLLAR A YEAR.  Closest Hotel to Steamboat  Landing.  THE BAR CARRIES CHOICE BRANDS  IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC LIQUORS  III TREM0NT  EAST  BAKER ST..  NELSON.  Is one of the best hotels In Toad  Mountain district, and  is the heudi|uarters for prospectors and  working   iiiiiicrs.  MALONE    &    TREGILLUS,   Props.  tes  ���!��. ���'r ��__,;�� .  !��_-* "^ *,�� *__r .���<_���_"���. O"1." "!������_ "."** i-,1, "*��� ������"l-   _"���*"���*    I* "*** '*   "   l ���'* : *���"*""   - v^"'-���"  ���v*b_'_"_,7,,7*!,*i     -'     i*   *-      ~     i*_._^ .* THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B.C., THURSDAY, MARCH  2,  1890.  LU  <  CO  LU  O  )     \  f-  <  ii  -DEALEES      IZEST-  IS EAST _3A.K_h]_E?, S_T_R_H]_E]T, __ST_I_C_E_S01^r.  !_>      ���>"afl5____!ll  pw_rfV___(f  00  m  O  >  >aaa_B__Baa____^  %��W___JJ__IBB���-r  -<  THIS     WEEK'S    NEW     ADVERTISEMENTS.  .1. Fred Hume and William Hunter���Announcement, re  -"our _lilc (.'ity.  Charles Hlanchurd, Xelson ��� I'uiiitinff. etc.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Northport News: "Joe _*k-.Dontild, alias  John Donovan, (.-hanged his plea to guilty  last Thursday, and confessed that, together with an accomplice named Barret,  he robbed Peter r_llensohn at Little Da. lies  on the night of .la unary 12th. His sta lenient exonerated Shea and Tyrell, who  were discharged, and Donovan was given  twelve years in the penitentiary."  Nothing freezes in or around Kaslo except the whisky.  Archie Fletcher of the Grand Central  hotel leads in everything at Ktislo. His  latest move is to pub tlie price of grub  down to $7 per week. Rich and poor  alike have risen up unci called Archie  . blest.  Mrs.   Robert Jackson  and  Miss   Alary  Boyle have gone out to Spokane to spend  the remainder of the winter, the climate  at Kaslo being so severe.  Charlie Lundberg has added among the  other attractions to the bar-room of the  Palace hotel at Kaslo a picture gallery.  ''The work i.s said to have been done by a  Nelson artist. Some of the laces and  forms are strikingly true to nature, especially the local celebrities of Nelson,  "who, being close tit hand, furnished the  artist living subjects to work upon.  The Bigelow-Burke drama tic troupe  are billed to appear in Kaslo when navigation is resumed on the outlet. Jt is uncertain whether the performance will  take place on the Queen's Birthday or the  I^ourth of July, as the steamboats are all  so pretty that contact wit.i skim ice or  any floating debris rubs the paint oft'  them.  Judge Cantwell of Libby, Montana, has  purchased a. lot on Front street, Kaslo,  and began the erection of a large store  building. Mis manager, George Symonds,  has gone to the outside for tlie stock of  goods.  The Minims brothers, bankers of Gceur  d'Alene City and Rathdrum, idaho, have  purchased, all Jim Wardner's real estate  in Kaslo, and have-taken possession of  the same. It is not known how much  '\Vai-dner cleaned up on the deal.  Two of the tanks built to hold water for  fire purposes at Ktislo are in place and  ready for the water. It is proposed should  they leak to use them for lockups, as it  would be impossible for a .prisoner to  climb out of one without a ladder.  Thursday evening last all the citizens  of Kaslo who had a telephone were pleasantly entertained by a musical e given at  J. Fi-ed Hume's residence at Nelson, forty  miles distant. The central man at Kaslo  caught on to the melody and rung up  eveiy subscriber in town.  Hamilton Byers can no longer be called  '���Byers of Pirate's Bay," as he severed his  connection witJi the Galena Trading Company on the Lst instant. He lias removed  to Kaslo, whore he intends putting in a  ���jam-up stock of hardware. Byers, old  boy, go in and win while you are young  and pretty.  On Saturday's trip the steamer Nelson  brought to Kaslo among her thirty-odd  passengers Samuel J. Silverman, James  i-ichey, E. A. M. Utile, and James Chirk,  till of whom are mining men who operate  on an extensive scale. John 31. Davenport, T. J. Roadley. and A. B. Goldstein  returned on Thursday's boat.  About $I:"3()() will be needed to keep the  Kaslo-Watson road in repair until such  time tis lhe expected government money  will be available.  Ed.   Atherton   of   Watson   and   Albert  Barrett of Pilot Bay arrived in Nelson on  Tuesday. They broke the _ record in  tramping in from Buchanan's old sawmill, making the distance (sixteen miles)  in IDA minutes.  . Born, tit Quebec City, Quebec, on February 21 Hi, to the wife of Thomas 3Iad-  den of Nelson, a daughter. Tom is til-  ready talking of adding tinother story to  his hotel.  Jim Gillis and Bob Kirkwood came in  yesterday from Ktislo. The former reports Ktislo full of idle men and the latter  Four Mile district full ol nn worked mineral claims.  Bourne Bros, of Sew Denver have goods  to sell, and they make it known by advertisement in this week's Tkiiu;xk.  The only excitement on Raker street  during the week was a side-hold wrestling  match between Jinimie Walker and  George Keefer. The boy from Amaranth  downed the boy from Richibucto.  Tom Collins is back in Nelson after a  ii'onth's sojurn at wicked Ktislo, a town  twelve miles north of Ainsworth.  Captain 3Ic31orris and Jack Gill of the  Nelson walked through to Nelson on Sun-'  day. The latter claims that the boat  could not break the ice in the outlet, as it  js fully fohr inches thicker than when the  There i.s fair skating on  Nelson, and on Wednesday  attempt was made on Sunday a week ago.  Me also says that the Bonner's 'Furry  sleigh road is yet in good condition, the  boat getting between five and six tons of  freight every other trip.  the outlet tit  a I'ew of the  most expert of our skaters had a game of  shinty. By the looks of Jim Gilker's nose  and Tom Ward's cheek, the sticks must  have been handled ti little careless.  The Nelson made a fruitless attempt to  break the ice in the outlet on Saturday  evening. The crew claim thai; as the  barge was not protected it was' being  damaged by the ice; the passengers who  were bound for Nelson claim that the  barge was not being injured and that a  passage could have been opened through  to Nelson.  Charles I_. Knight of Dewdney. Alberta,  wants to know the whereabouts or address of his brother, i'tiartiii Knight, who  was in Nelson last November.  The next time the president of the  Board of Trade inveigles the junior meiu-  ber of Thk Tmnuxi-; combine into an all-  night game of seven-up, either the Board  of Trade will be looking for a new president- or the combine lor a new junior  member.  "Tin-: TimmuxI- of the H)th is too hand.  It is mild this week. I fancy the mercury  is low." Thus writes a resident of West  Kootenay who is on a A'isit to one of Ontario's counties that borders the St.  Lawrence. If the lack of paper, of money,  of news, of communication with Kaslo.  wouldn't tend to make a man "mild."  what would?  11. F. Hutch ins, who was for a time railway agent at Nelson, is running as conductor "on a Pullman between Toronto  and Detroit. He is said to be longing to  return to this delightful, bustling, growing city.           American Silver.  Ui-vi-i.STOKi*, Kehruary 10th, 1S03.  Sir: Seeing Unit, all the chartered banks in tlie iirovince will only accept American silver dollars ul'tor March  1st at "ill per cent, discount, would it not be nd visible for  nil interior towns lo take like action for self-protection?  Otherwise we shall be (looded with silver that is not  worth its face value. Hotel men and merchants should  lose no time in dealine; with this matter.    Yours truly,  !���'. KKASKIt.  The above letter appears in the Revelstoke Star, and the writer evidently  would have the business men of tlie interior towns pursue methods that are lib-  tie better than highway robbery. What  business man in the interior is sustaining  any loss, whatever by taking American  silver at par; or, for that matter, AvJiat  bank in British Columbia would suffer  any loss by taking silver at par? The  banks on the coast could ship their surplus silver by express to the banks at  Seattle, Tacoina, or Portland, with which  they do business, and lose less than one-,  lnil foi" 1 per cent, yet they hsive tlie gall  to charge their customers 20 percent for  the trouble of doing this. Silvertind.gold  are both inconvenient money to carry  around in one's pocket, but most of the  people iu the interior of British Columbia  ���the people of Revelstoke alone excepted  ���are only too willing to put up with the  inconvenience.  "Proud of It."  When wc receive letters like the following, we feel as if we had money in bank  tind not sin enemy on earth :  Q,i:|'hi'oC:itv. February 121 li. IS!B.  To Tin-: Kditor or Tiik Turnrxi*: 1 have lately been  receiving n copy of Tin-: Tisnirxi". I do not know who is  sundiiii*-it lo me: but I know 1 have not as yet. paid for  it. licit her have I been asked to do so. I herewith lake  much pleasure in enclosing a posiolllcc order I'or a year's  subscription. I am much .pleased with the paper���the  appearance and Hie pi-inl ini; and the type does credit to  its managers���and Xelson should be proud of it: anyway,  1 am proud of it and take pleasure in showing it, to my  friends, and will solicit subscribers for it when 1 have a  few hours lo spare.   <  The writer of the sibovo is si \v0Il7kn0wn  railroad and business man of Quebec who  has inside investments in West Kootenay  district. Thk Thiuux1. was seh't him by  Tom Madden.  CHARLES BLANCHARI)  .   ZD-TDEI-SOII-T,   _3. C.  KOUSE   AND   SIGN   PAINTER,  PAPER HANGER AND DECORATOR.  All work artistically executed on  the shortest  notice.  MBECHAIsrTS.  GrPoeeries, Provisions, Hardware, Stoves, and Tinware.  Plumbing  and  "in-Roofing  a  Specially.    Stocks  full   and  complete in every Department, and the Public will find it  to their advantage to inspect Goods and compare Prices.  ��--!*���''_���'_-Tl__> TSO  lAt   ��._.<��/__   a  Manager  East Vernon Street, Nelson.  WILL   UK  SOLD   AT  TIIK   FOU.OWIXG  I'llIOKS  AXD  TKRIU.S:  iQsides $70       '^or-7er5''$ioo  HALK   CASH,   BALAXCK   IX ' KOLM't   AXD  EIGHT  MONTHS.  FOUR MILE CITY }Bfd&  immediately tributary to it. one with as good showings  for mines as any other in West. Kootenay. A number  of those who have purchased lots will ko_eel buildings  as soon  as  lumber-can he procured  from   Hill   liros.'  "" JOHN HOUSTON & CO.,  1 Agents. Nelson. H. 0.  "WIHIOX  BS  _^.X__B   -A^JSTJD   EETAII  _F*  _ROINT  STEEET,  KASLO.  ^^6u^E/nE|^5,  IS  AJ\  ots, Shoes, (rPoeeries, Hardware, Iron and Steel.  MINING   COMPANIES,   MINERS,  AND   PROSPECTORS   FURNISHED  WITH   SUPPLIES.  new ;d_e^  GROCERIES,  HARDWARE,  EEVELSTOKE  _^-_<r_3   3_T_A_:K_"crs:p  Me ssrs  JOHN HOUSTON & CO.  General Agents Four  Mile City Townsite  SIRS:  We know, by exper  new towns money must be rai  provements, such as trails,  wharves, and that the money  by passing around subscript  subscription lists never  property owners, and must  be signed by the few  towns.  In time,  a large sum, and  on the incomes o  i e nee , that in  s e d for public  roads, bridges  is a 1 ways  ion lists.  al 1  im-  , and  obtained  The s e  reach non-resident  of necessity, always  men doing business in the  these subscriptions amount to  the sums paid are a'heavy tax  f those paying them,  To avoid the necessity of. passing around  such lists at Four Mile City, we, the owners  the townsite, authorize you to announce that  one-half of all monies received from deferred  payments on Four Mile City lots will be set  a Public Works Fund, the money to be  in building wagon roads, trails,  any other work that will  interests of the the town  nees on rianos ana rowing ��� laenines.  BUY THEM DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY AND PAY CASH.  SELL THEM ON EASY TERMS.  GUARANTEE ALL OUR GOODS TO BE AS REPRESENTED.  We also carry a largestock of Diamonds, Jewelry, Watches, Clocks, etc.,  and sell at Eastern Prices.      WATCH REPAIRING A SPECIALTY.  Come and See Us.  of  apar t as  expe nde d  wharve s,  t e nd t o  bridges, or  advance t he  w.  IflCIIAKDSIIN.  Nelson.  .1.   lil'AI.KV,  Kitslo.  By adopting this plan, ever  tributes his or her s ha re, and  be required to make  special  Yours  7    lot owner con-  no person will  cont r i but ions.  truly,  J . FRED HUME,  WILLLIAM HUNTER  Nelson, February 24th, 1893  I-HARBS.N k Bealey  REAL ESTATE  FINANCIAL '-:- AGENTS  $10,000   TO   LOAN  ON REAL  ESTATE  SECURITY.  AiiTiiru ('. I)ii*i*.  DICK  &  WARD  H.WfliV   II.   W'AKI).  REAL ESTATE  AND  MINING BROKERS  P.  !$T.     JT.     .OLW_i-_5____,'-  I Deputy   SlicriM')  LICENSED   AUCTIONEER  XKI.SOX,    H.C.  Auction snles made nt.' uny point In West Koolenay  district. Town lots nnil mining I'lniins bought, and sold  on ror 11 mission. A e;cnern] rent est;ile Inisinos Ininncleil.  Ollice for llie present nl. residence, corner Carlmnale and  Kootenny streets.  ADDRESS   WANTED.  Waller Seoli, Jr., llie owner of 11 Imll' interest, in the  Alum mineral claim, nn KIsli creek, lllecillewnel. division  of West, lvootenay district, will please send his address  In li. J. Kirkwood, Xelson, H.l'.  TO THE FRONT!  LOTS RAISED FROM $50 and $75 to $100 and $125.  INVEST NOW  Before they take another Jump. Bound to  be the terminus of the branch of the Columbia & Kootenay Railway, by which route the  rich ores of the Slocan mining district will  come.  TERMS:  One-third cash, one-third three months, and  balance in six months.  Corner lots, $125; .  Insides, $100,  DICK & WARD, Agents for Slocan City.  Temporary Office:   Victoria Hotel, Nelson.  *���*���-:-  :__  '��      f i ���"���J1 I  j1iL,*-��_S,_i'  _��� i _'��  L7A��  fegt


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