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 Has Mines that are Paying'Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made  .  Dividend Paying Mines.  Has  Three  Smelters  in  Successful. Operation,  and  Enough   Ore  in Sight to   Run  Several   More.  FIFTH  YEAR,--NO.  NELSON"  BRITISH  COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, JUNE, 19, L89"  TWO  DOLLARS A ���YEAR.  A   TRAIN   LOAD   OP   COPPER  Will Be Shipped From the Hall Mines Smelter  to Great Britain Early in July.  The first copper metal refined in  British Columbia Avas ladled out of the  Hall mines reverbatory furnace shortly  after A o'clock Tuesday afternoon, in the  presence of several interested spectators.  For several weeks superintendent  Johnson has been quietly working up the  matte from the blast furnace into white  metal, and on Monday the reverbatory  furnace-was charged for the further  refining process of converting the white  metal into metallic copper.  On Tuesday some 11  tons of metallic  copper was ladled out of tlie furnace, and  cast   in   pigs,  weighing from   300  to 350  pounds, upon the bottom of whicli the  name of the company appears.     These  pigs are about OS or 09 per cent mineral  and give a value of from $550 to $000 per  ton.     Early Thursday morning another  13   tons of copper  were ladled out.     A  charge yields'from 13 to 1-1  tons of copper  aud  is  worked  through  the furnace   in  from 2(5 to 33 hours.    This would give the  furnace a capacity of about 00 tons in a  week if worked steadily. There is enough  white metal on baud to keep the furnace  refining for another two weeks when it is  expected  that the company will have a  train  load   of metallic copper ready for  shipment to Great Britain.     As an advertisement    of    the   resources   of    the  province    of,   British      Columbia      the  Canadian Pacific  Railway Company has  arranged   to   run   a   special   train  from  llevelstoke across the  continent carrying  about J25  tons  of metallic copper  from  the Hall Mines.    The value of this  shipment will reach close  upon $100,000, and  will   be an   excellent   advertisement  of  West Kootenay's resources.  When superintendent Johnson refines  sufficient copper for this first shipment,  he will commence working up Lhe large  quantities of matte which have been accumulating at the smelter during the past  few weeks, as well as the copper bottoms  from the settling pots. He estimates that  this process of further refining the matte  ��� will effect a saving to the company of  about $1000 per week. The saving is not  alone upon the freight, as tlie charges for  separating the gold, silver and copper are  much lighter than for treating the matte,  and a better price is paid for the gold and  silver contents ot the copper pig than for  the contents of the matte. If this first  shipment of copper reaches the dimensions  contemplated, ic will equal in value one-  fourth of the total production of the company for the previous year.  The company's large blast furnace is being put. in shape for immediate use. It  has a capacity of from 220 to 250 tons per  day, and will be used for treating Silver  King ore, as it is the intention of the company to take out about 250 tons per day  when the lower level at present being run,  is connected with the ore body.  The Kootenay Daily Mail Service.  .'  Matthew Sweetnam,  chief   post office  inspector of Canada, was in Nelson this  ��� week interviewing the business men of  the city upon the question of the proposed  daily mail service for southern Kootenay.  . Under the present system, by the use of  the American route, Nelson has a daily  mail service with Victoria, Winnipeg and  all points in Ontario and the eastern  provinces, and a tri-weekly service with  Vancouver and all points between  Vancouver and Winnipeg. To make the  change of a daily mail service Inspector  Sweetman says, would cost the department $5,000 per year, and the object of  his visit is to ascertain whether or not  the increased mail service is regarded by  the business men of southern Kootenay  as an absolute necessity. While the  people of southern Kootenay would like  to secure the best service possible, it must  be confessed that they are not so much  interested in the creation of a daily mail  service between Revelstoke and the south  as are the business men of Vancouver,  and ��� those of the province and of the  territories. A daily mail service with  southern Kootenayi would no doubt be  very beneficial to those between Vancouver and Winnipeg who desire to  secure a portion of the trade of southern  Kootenay, but if the daily mail service is  not created it will be more their loss than  that of the men doing business iu  this district. Southern Kootenay is  a buying market and if the producers  of the province and of the territories have  not every facility for doing business in  this market it is their loss rather than  Kootenay's. The presence of Inspector  Sweetnam in Kootenay is an evidence of  the government's desire to meet the  postal requirements of the district, and if  the business men on the mainland and of  the Territories stir themselves they may  secure a daily mail service into Kootenay.  nected with the Omaha and Grant smelters, and who now own producing mines  in both Slocan and Ainsworth mining  divisions.        '_  Little Demand Por Outside Property.  The auction sale held Thursday afternoon by the Nelson City Land and Development company, of town lots in sub-divisions 58(a) and JS2 did not result in very  many sales.   Joshua Davies, the managing director of the company, found after  advertising the sale that the condition of  the property was not favorable for an  immediate sale.   Instead of having an unreserved sale he ofi'ered a few lots in each  sub-division and then closed the sale. This  was done merely to keep faith with the  public.   The   only purchaser   in  sub-division 1S2, an eastern addition to the city  of Nelson, was R. E. Lemon.   The bidding  was for the pick of one or four lots in the  eastern addition, which li. h". Lemon secured at $50 per lot.   The purchaser had  till Saturday to select his lots, and took  four. There was no more property offered  in this sub-division.    In sub-division JS2,  commonly known   as Bogustown, eight  lots were sold, after which this property  was   also   withdrawn.      These   lots   are  30x120.    Foi; the pick of four of the  unsold lots in block 1, Jisckowicz bid  $110  per lot, and they were knocked down to  him.   He took lots 5, 0, 7 and S.   For the  pick of four lots in block 3, II. E. Lemon  was the highest bidder.   He secured his  lots at $05 per lot.   The other lots offered  were two iu block 5, which were knocked  down W. li. McLean for $~>~> per lot.   It is  the intention of the company to fix up  the Bogustown  property and   have another auction sale in sixty days.   Charles  A. Waterman conducted the sale.  HALL   MINES   ADVANCE.  A. Camden,  A.   G.   Fox,  Carroll,  M.  Bourgeois,  O.   Wilson,  The Squatters Trouble.  The proceedings which have been pending against the squatters on government  town lots were again stayed today. It  was generally understood that action  would be taken against all who persisted  in remaining upon government lots after  1 o'clock today, but when that hour arrived the government granted a further,  extension till Monday. The squatters for  whose removal orders were made, and  who will be required to vacate on Monday  are:    W.  T.  Steward, H. R.  Bellamy, F.  J. Whitelaw,  S.  J.  Roberts,  W.   Evans,   W.   Traves.   J.  Stuckmeyer.  F.  R. Judd, G.  J.    Mogin,    F.    LaPoint,    P.  J. Maure, J. McDonald, W.  E. McCardie, and George Jackson. This  list does not include all the squatters, but those who have not received notice to vacate will probably receive such  notice next week. The harsh measures  adopted by the government in this matter  will no doubt be remembered by the people of Nelson for some time.  ��� Squtters Rights to Property.  In Rossland this week a case involving  the rights of squatters to the buildings  erected by them upon the land, came before magistrate Jorda,n. The squatter's  house had been torn down by the purchaser of the lot, and he had the offender  arrested for malicious damage. Magistrate  Jordan, in giving his decision, said he  was not going to pass upon the ownership  of the laud. Recent decisions in Ontario  held that any building of a temporary  nature, such as could be easily removed,  were not part of the land, but were personal property. He, therefore, could, not  but hold that Wilstein's building was  personal property. Frey and his men  had destroyed it and he had no alternative but to commit him to stand his trial  at the next assizes.  Comments of a London Journal Upon the Operations of the Company.  The British Columbia Review, the new  journal devoted to the mining interests  of this province, gives the Hall Mines con-,  siderable attention in a recent issue. It  says:  "Here is the output of the Hall Mines  since the beginning of the new year:  January, 50,085 ounces; February, 10,-IS2  ounces; March, 42,955 ounces; April, 51,-  ,.S02 ounces. This latter increase oyer  March is not so sensational as the improvement shown in the first month of  the jrear over December, 1800;.but it is a  splendid exhibition, and probably if the  directors could see their way. to publish  only an approximate estimated* the cost  of obtaining these 51,802 ounces of siver,  the effect on the price would have been  greater. As it was Hall Mines on Monday  made up Js. dearer than a fortnight ago.  We believe Sir Joseph Trutch promised  to consider a-, suggestion made to the  board on this very subject at the annual  meeting in December last. Seeing that  so many other American mining companies can furnish the necessary particulars,  it is regretable thafcsuch a pioneer British Columbia mining and smelting company as the Hall mines cannot do so too.  "In view of the satisfactory Hall Mines  record for 1S87, it is  surprising that the'  MATTE   AND   ORE   SHIPMENTS.  Con-  Ore Shipments from the Slocan Show a  siderrble Increase in Value.  The exports of ore for the past week as  entered at the port of Nelson, show a considerable increase in the value of the shipments from the Slocan.    The  following  were the entries for the week:  bulluox axu  price keeps as ��l.j; especially when we remember that, those who are really well  informed regarding this company did not  consider the price excessively dear even  when the shares stood at ��3 and over last  year. Since then the prospects of the  property have certainly not become less  promising than they were, as was conclusively proved byc*our Nelson correspondent last week. Hall mines seem to  be a good thing, but they will require  keeping."      __.   SLOCAN   MINING   NOTES.  Trail smelter   Hall Mines smeller, Xelson, matte...  ORE.  l.e Roi mine. Rossland   Iron Musk, Itossland   Clill'. Kosslund   St. lilnio, Uossland   Josie, Rossland   Payne mine, Slocan .'   Whitewater mine, Slocan   Slocan Star, Sandon    Kootenay Ore Company, Kaslo   No. I mine. Ainsworth   Total for week .'   Tolal so far for June   Total for 3tn}*   Total for Ariril '.   Total for March   Total for February   Total for January   Total via Revelstoke to May 12...  Total so far for 1807   MATTE.',  Pounds  I/i!).(iIS  39. 100  Value  Approximate  Tons.  Value.  :��s .  till  i  20'  2(10  15  12(1  181  :n  !  1.113  SIKI.IKIS  2.305  S2(i'J,27()  ���2,Wfi  83.07,7.07  3,7" 1  SKIV-W  5,822  S(i77,(��l  5.201  S."iG2,S5'i  ���1.513  SU75.50I!  2,2!l(i  $223,382  2U,!IS(i  ?.'i,33U,72.'i  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Trying to Prevent the Building: of the Road.  The press dispatches announce that  notice has been given in the commons to  move a six months hoist to the bill granting aid to the Canadian Pacific Railway  company for the construction of the  Crow's Nest railway. As the government  has pledged itself to the measure, those  who desire to see the road constructed  need not suffer any uneasiness on account  of the motion to give the bill a six mouths  noist. The feeling is general that the  Crow's Nest road should be built at once,  and the federal government is not likely  to change front on the question at this  late date. The government has gone too  far into the matter to back out now.  The Pilot Bay Smelter May Be Started Up.  A party of smelting men, made up of  J. B. Chant of Denver. Nash of Omaha,  Braden of Helena, and E. J. Mathews of  Kaslo, were in Nelson last week, and during their sojourn made a trip or two to  Pilot Bay in company with C. Sweeney,  of the Bank of Montreal. On their departure rumors were in circulation that  the smelter at Pilot Bay had changed  owner's, and that it would be started up  at once. Although definite information  cannot be obtained, Tijk Thihuxk can  state that the terms for a deal have been  submitted, and it is not unlikely that  they will be agreed to by the parties interested. If agreed to, the smelter will  be in operation within a month. Under  the management of parties who are con-  Heinze Bowled Out at Ottawa.  Owing to the conflict between the Columbia 6c Western and the Victoria, Vancouver 6c Eastern railway schemes, it is  announced that the government will not  give F. Aug. Heiir/e a subsidy this year.  The only chance for the rival companies  now i.s to amalgamate, and the indications  are that self interest will bring this about.  If the two com panies amalgamate the government may be induced to give a subsidy,  if not during the present session, at the  next. It is the opinion of many that  Charles Hyman's association with Hein/.e  rather injured than improved Heinle's  chances for a subsidy.  They are all too Busy.  When lieutenant-governor Dewduey  gets through with his private business  in East Kootenay, when Col. Baker gets  his townsite business at Cranbrook fixed  up, and when premier Turner winds up  his jaunt to eastern Canada there will be  enough cabinet ministers and government  officers in Victoria to transact the business of the province. When this thing  happens the government will probably  make the necessary apportionments to  the Nelson licensing board.  The contractors for the wagon road extensions,   which   are  being built in the  Slocan, have been delayed by the continued wet weather, and have found it well  nigh impossible to keep their crews in  camp because of the lost time. Carlson,  on the road from Whitewater to the  Jackson mines, had 90 men at work when  the rain began, and was making such satisfactory progress as to give hopes of au  early completion. Fnss and McDonell, on  tho extension of the McGuigan creek road,  expected to finish within the month, but  will scarcely be able to accomplish their  work within that time.  The condition of' the roads connecting  with the Kaslo 6c Slocan railwasr; has  been such as materially to interfere with  ore deliveries, and hence the shipments received at the Kaslo station for several  days have not been up to the usual standard.  Work on the Noble Five mine was resumed early in the week and both concentrator and tramway have been at  work'for several days, and it was expected that shipments would be made today (Friday.) The management returned  from the annual meeting at Spokane on  Wednesday.  A. .1-1. Targett has recorded a brief  power of attorney in which he empowers  H. L. Sawyer to dispose of his interests in  the mineral claims Log Cabin, Clara F.,  Legal Tender, Silver Queen and Hidden  Secret.  A lis pendens has been filed against the  well known mineral claims, Black Fox,  Daisy and California, situated on the  south fork of Kaslo creek. The suit is  brought by Meritez Thompson against  Porter brothers, and calls in question the  title to the properties.  A first shipment from the Argo mine  was made during the present week. This  property was formerly owned by William  Sudrow, John H. Thompson and John A.  Whittier and bonded to Leighton and  Williams, of Sandon, on behalf of Victoria and Nanaimo parties. Development  work has since been prosecuted with energy upou the property. It is located  near the town of Sandon.  CD. Rand of Vancouver aud Sandon,  who recently made heavy purchases of  Noble Five stock, has been elected a director of the company in the stead of Frank  Cutler, who resigned.  The total shipments of the Ruth during  the week ending yesterday, amounted to  .300,000 tons. In the same period the Payne  shipped 400,000 tons, a total for the two  of 700,000 tons.  AIN3WORTH   NOTES.  The Twin mineral claim at Ainsworth,  bonded by A. W. Morris of Montreal, from  D. F. Strobeck and J. B. McArthur, i.s  proving a valuable property. Development work is being done under the management of L. J. McAtee, and shows 18  inches of ore in the face of the tunnel, and  the remainder of the full width is good  concentrating ore. The second payment  on the bond has been made, and the bonders wire that the entire money will be  paid at an early date.  D. F. Strobeck of Ainsworth, has purchased from E. D. Dumas, the Lake View,  situated about one-mile from the town of  Ainsworth, and he and J. B. Hardie have  acquired a one-third interest in the Bessie,  located along the wagon' road about two  miles from the town.  The old shaft on the Little Donald lias  been pumped dry after considerable  steady work. There is a good showing in  the bottom of the shaft.  Provincial constable Wol verton resigned  from the government service this week'.  Wolvertou had charge of the cases against  the squatters and he resigned rather than  take part in the. harsh measures contemplated by the government.  A t3rpographical union was organized  in Nelson this week by the printers employed on the two local papers. Seneca  G. Ketchum was elected president, C. V.  Dake, vice-president; R. A. Renwick. secretary; John Weiss, treasurer, and F. F.  Kellj', sergeant-at-arms.  The third lot of copper was ladled out of  theHallMines reverberatory Friday morning, making over 40 tons of copper so  far for the first week's operations.  An Ottawa report says that arrangements have been made for changing the  gauge of the Trail creek tramway to  standard gauge in order to admit the  Canadian Pacific Railway company into  Rossland.  Franklin Mallory has conveyed to AV. F.  Root, the mineral claims Meniua and McGregor, located on White Grouse mountain, which joins the Storm King and  Gold .King.  There will be a round-up of all animals  running at large in Nelson on Monday.  A pound has been secured, a pound keeper  selected, and the pound by-law will be  strictlyeu forced.  ; Rev. father Poitre returned this week  from a two months' trip to California.  E. II. Tomlinson, of the Last Chance  mine, Slocan district, is back from St.  Petersburg, Florida, where he has hotel  interests and where he spends the.winter.  Asked in regard to the rebellion in Cuba,  he said that the Cubans would gain their  independence, even if tlie United States  did not recognize them as beligereuts.  They have the eastern portion of the  island, and as it is inaccessible to the  Spanish, troops, the Cubans can hold it as  loug as, they can get ammunition ; and  cargoes are landed pretty regularly, notwithstanding the close watch kept by the  United States authorities. Funds are  raised in many ways. All the Cubau  cigar makers employed in Florida pay  ten per cent of their wages to the treasurer of the Cuban junta, and the women  hold fairs and the proceeds are handed  over the same way.  The Hall Exploration Company has  thrown up the bond upon the Shylock  and Ranger properties on Dayton creek.  A survey is being made for the Reco  aerial tramway. It will cross the Noble  Five about half way down the mountain.  The British Columbia Gold Fields company made a shipment of a car-load of  ore from the Howard Fraction group on  Tuesday.  Shipments from the Mile Point mine at  Ainsworth will be resumed within the  next two weeks. There are at present  from S to 10 tons of ore ready for shipment.  -'���'"���  The British Columbia Gold Fields company, which is operating the Athabasca  group, will make a shipment to the Hall  mines smelter next week. A wagon road  one mile in length has been built, connecting the property with the Hall Mines  tramway, at which point the Hall Mines  will receive the rock and send it over the  tramway. There are between 200 and  800 tons of ore on the dump and the property is being developed with, a view to  milking regular shipments. The ore now  beiug taken out of the Athabasca gives  much higher values than were expected,  much of the ore carrying free gold. The  British Columbia company have every  hope of making a mine out of the Athabasca.  The Aaron's Rod Mining company is  meeting with great encouragement in the  development of its property at the  Needles, on lower Arrow lake. Fred Williamson, who has charge of the work at  the property, arrived in the city this  week, lie says that upon the White  Swan claim two six-foot ledges of quartz  running parallel to each other, have been  uncovered. The ledges are about GO feet  apart. On one a 10-foot shaft has been  sunk, and assays made from the rock  gave returns of #.-50 in gold and 100 ounces  silver.    Tin's ledge has been  traced  into  the Invincible ground, 1,-100 feet from the  10-foot shaft, at which1 point a cross-c-ut  is being run upon it. The company will  make up'a trial shipment of a few tons  and have a mill test made.  The funeral of Mrs. Barrow took place  -I'rojirthe residence of her husband, A. R.  Barrow, on Thursday. Mrs. Barrow suffered from a form of jungle fever, which,  followed by other complications, resulted  in her death on Wednesday.  The case of Regina vs. Grant came before Judge Forin this moruiug. The prisoner was charged with stealing a gold  watch and chain and a sum of money-  from W. J*. Sloan, on the steamer Koka-  nee, about three weeks ago. Sloan did  not- appear and the prisoner was discharged. J. H. Bowes appeared for the  crown and O. M. Johnson for the prisoner.  A bench warrant has been issued for  Sloan for contempt of court.  W. C. McLean left Friday evening fo  look-over the upper half of the proposed  Slocan River railway, which he ,and his  partners will build.  SHORT   BITS   OP   NEWS   FROM   KASLO.  ON   DOMINION   DAY  Police magistrate Chipman had before  him on Thursday a number of the demimonde, who has principles and witnesses  occupied no small- portion of the clerk's  office in which the court was held. Maggie  Clifton had laid complaint for abusive  language against Alice Merchant wrho was  fined $20 for the too free use of her tongue.  John M. McPhee, committed for trial on  the charge of having forged the signatures to the petition asking the provincial government to remove from office  recorder John Keen, was sent to the jail  at.Nelson'bn Monday. He maintains.his  innocence of tho alieged forgery and has  retained F. P. Davis, of Vancouver, to  manage his defense at the the trial.  Postmaster Green has removed the  office to the new building which he has  recently erected on Front street, not far  from Fifth. The new office is very commodious and convenient a'nd when fully  completed will be one of the best in the  district. New boxes will also be introduced, and every arrangement perfected  for the rapid handling of mail.  Henry Croft and J. B. McKilligan have  opened an oflice on A avenue, a few doors  above the old postoffice. Mr. Croft's interests in the Slocan and Lardo camps  have rendered it advisable for him to  have an office in the vicinity of his holdings.  The Henry house, belonging to attorney general Eberts and' G. O. Buchanan,  has been straightened, and repaired, and  will shortly be re-opened as a lodging  house and saloon. It has been unocupied  for a considerable time. In the gale of  three years ago it was twisted out of  shape, aud is only now brought again into  use.   ;  There is an influx of variety actresses  into this city since the authorities of Spokane closed the variety theatres in that  city. The acquisition to the city's population is not of the most desirable kind.  James Weir has resigned from tlie city's  police force and W. A. Milne has been appointed to the vacant place.  Several real estate transactions have  recently taken place, which show a  marked advauce in prices. H. Geigerich  has sold the premises recently occupied  by.hitn to local parties who keep a close  watch upon the market. Another, property on,the south side of Front street was  also recently sold by a broker to outside  parties at a considerable advance upon  the price at which it was held a few  months since.  A petition has been laid before the city  council, asking that it supply the material for a sidewalk to be laid to grade on  the north side of Front street, the property owners agreeing to the work.  G. W. Witham is putting in a stone  foundation for a new building upon the  lot recently purchased by him fro hi John  D. Keenan, near the corner of Fifth and  Front street.  There is a decided movement towards  the south side ot Kaslo creek, as a favorable opportunity for investment. A  number of persons have been purchasing  the cheap property in that portion of the  city, and it is said one investor will build  a number of cottages for rental. A movement is on foot for the construction of a  light steel bridgo across the creek.  111. If. Tomlinson. of the Last Chance  mine arrived from the.east on Wednesday evening for his usual summer sojourn.    He is registered at the Kaslo.  J. B. McArthur, with two sons, as summer guests arrived in Kaslo early in the  week, and has opened an ollice in the  Cameron block. Mr. McArthur Is largely  interested in Slocan properties. His sons  are students iu mining engineering in  Toronto, and will spend their summer vacation in making a'practical acquaintance  with the Mibject to which they are devoting so much study.  Alderman G. O. Buchanan has given  notice at the council board that he will  ask leave to introduce a by-law exempting the property of the Kaslo 6c Slocan  railway from civic taxation. If this bylaw be judiciously drawn, there are many  strong reasons why. it should carry, as  there -vas undoubtedly an understanding  that the railway company should, have  exemption of some nature.  NelBon 'Will Maintain Its Reputation For Holding Successful Celebrations.  The citizens of Nelson will celebrate the  anniversary of the federation of the Canadian provinces for the seventh'time on  Dominion Day. In will be a two days  celebration and like all previous celebrations which have been held in Nelson it  promises to be an enjoyable affair. Of  the committee iii charge of the celebration, R. E. Lemon is president and  R. S. Lenuie, secretary. Au attractive  program has been arranged, comprising  aquatic sports, Caledonian games, horse  races, lacrosse matches, drilling contests,  log chopping contests, hose reel and foot  races, and a tug-of war tournament. The  celebration will be continued for two  days, aud as substantial prizes will be  offered for the different events, some good  contests may be assured. The program  of events will be arranged aud published  next week.  Up "to this morning those soliciting subscriptions had received promises of $1,-  OOS.-IO, and as the collectors have yet to  see several business houses the total will  no doubt approach the SI.HOO limit. The  following subscriptions have been received :   .  II J Kv,"ins& Co '  530 no  C A Wright   5 2 00  A T Garland    1.5 (HI  Kii'ir ClioiiK   1 IX)  Thomas B .May   2 fill  Ken Linn    2 00  I1 rank Thompson   1 (III  K.miiv Lee   2 00  Fred .1 Squire   ,-i IK)  Sam   2 00  A O Buchanan    ��� if. no  G 11 H Symonds   1 00  ir.vd(j& Tils worth ...  1,5 00  S C'umminj-s      1 00  Lawrence   Hard wart  Frank Fletcher   10 00  Andrew Jensen   "! 00  WII Graham   ,5 (K)  \Vullucc& Miller boys  Canada I'nip Co   ������  .  ;5 (HI  suit, man's suit, silk  Hunk of H C   1.5 on  vest   '.'1 00  Haul' of Montreal   1,5 00  Joseph .Sturgeon   ;5 (10  Nelson Shoe Co      1.5 on  Frank K Smith   1 00  A 1, Mclvillop       ,5 00  J Klliot   ,i 00  C Mnnilv   1 00  K C Scnkler   .5 00  A D .Mnsscn       1 00  G XG I'riscoll      ���_' 00  .1 Keith Keid   ;5 (HI  Whiteher & (Jlclliind.  2 00  Hamilton FowderCo.  io no  Keisterer & Go ���.  SO 01)  W.I ti Dickson   2 on  M C'mnmiiiK'i   1 00  ,1 O Fluininer   1 00  Xelsnn Laundry   I (Ml  A Macdonald & Co...  10 00  J Fred Hume   10 00  II H Perk*   .5 00  .Malone ,5c Tre^'Uns ..  :50 0(1  .1 A  Mara   ;5 00  Niioc Holden...:.  ...  ���St 0(1  H It Bellamy   2 ,50  Thomas Ward   "i.5 00  .John Fraser   ".' HO  John Jiloombery .  ...  "Jo 00  C A Waterman & Co.  '.'.-. <KI  C F Goodwin   2.5 (hi  ,1 II Howes   ;5 00  Jacob I'over   2,5 00  Geo S Heer   .5 00  Morris. McLean & Co  25 0(1  F W Peters   "-' (JO  W F Teetzel & Co...  2.5 (XI  II Ij.Allfh'lmii   1 00  I' Hiirin-S Co      2.5 00  A S 1"'   .5 Oil  Knssell & Thnniiiin..  10 00  The Hall Mines   1:5 00  M DosHrisav&Co ...  2,5 00  .lohn A Gibson .'   .5 Oil  IIlllT",-   10 00  W 1' Robinson      1:5 (10  KC Clarke   80 00  I! 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A rather interesting paragraph appears  in the judgment of Justice Drake in the  suit of the B. C. Land  and  Investment  Agency vs. W.H. Ellis and others.    This  was   a  suit  aerainst  several    men   who  endorsed a $"3,000  note, and-their defence  was that the  note had  been  altered and  that therefore they were not liable.    The  following     paragraph     appears   in    lhe  judgment of Justice.Drake :    " By section  20 of the bills of exchange act, it" a bill is  wanting in  any_material  particular, the  person in possession of it has prima facie  authority to fill  up the omission in any  -way he thinks  fit���a simple signature to  blank paper delivered  by the signer in  order to be converted into a bill operates  as an authority to fill  in and  to use ihe  signature as that of drawer  or acceptor.  By section 8S the provisions of the act  relating   to   bills   apply  with! necessary  modifications to a  promissory note, anil  the maker of a note corresponds to'the  acceptor of a bill and the first endorser to  the   drawer   of   an   accepted   bill.     The  result is that if a  note, is  wanting in any  material particular the person  to whom  it is given before he circulates  it can fill  up the blank  wanting, but this does not  authorize any alteration in  a bill or note  which     has     been   duly   executed,    for  instance, if the rate of interest is altered,  or if the words lawful-interest are ( on-  vented, into    six    per    cent    these   are  alterations which will  void a  note.'   The  term  alterations  includes additions  not  contemplated  when  the  note  was made  and  endorsed  such  as adding a place of  payment or a claus'e imposing interest."  Met a Frost in Toronto.  The people of Toronto have given lady,  Aberdeen's nursing .-cheme a black eye.  Mayor Fleming, of Toronto, advertising  a meeting of these interested in the  scheme for three days mall the Toronto ,  papers, and in addition to this some (i"5  special invitations were -issued. There  were but five attended the meeting and  they spent their time in expressing sympathy for lady Aberdeen. AVheu but five  people out of nearly "200,000 show any interest in lady Aberdeen's nursing, fad in  Toronto it is not likely that much enthusiasm will be worked up in its interest in  this district.        ' '.  The Import Duty Upon Ores.  The remarks of minister Fielding in  making the announcement that the government would ask for the i e-(jnactttient  of the resolution in the old tariff !�����"������ pec't-  ing-import duties, were rather .significant.  He said that in regard to export duties  upon saw logs and pulp wood, the government had no intention to apply the resolutions at once. As minister Fielding  made an exception in the matter of export  duties upon ores, it may mean that ihe  government may impose the export duty  upon ores before tlie next sitting of parliament. Those who 111113* be inclined to  build smelters in the United States, should  profit by this reservation.  Ifep^IT^^  ij^Tr^^^T^^^vy.'f.r-,~}-7P.^T^i yyw-gj'^^v'-ry''^^^^^^  I- J!-'ffVM  t   i'"VV,*,,< I1  ���v. .*�����=.*  !i;v-# ��������!"-&;���  ��� .iJf �����, A-sr,". ��  t��"v',v.��-/l  b-.T-: ,'.**: v's a  TRTBUNE  NELSON,  B. C, SATURDAY, JUNE 10,  1897.  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  THE TPJBUNTC is published on Saturdays, by Tun  Titiuuxis I'tJitMsii'X'i Comi'.inv, nnil will lie mailed  Io subseriburs on payment of Two |;<-m..\i-s a year.  No subscription taken for less Ihan a year.  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E.��� Provincial Land Surveyor.  P. O. box 82, Kaslo, B. C.  T   C. GWrLLIM. B.A.Sc. & W. S. JOHNSON. B.A.Sc.  *-* ���     ���Mining   Engineers  Slocan City, li. C.  and   Analytical   Chemists,  LODGE   MEETINGS.  SATURDAY MORNING.  ,10'XE 19, 1897  Alderman   Teetzei. has given  notice  that at the next meeting of the council he  will introduce a  by-law fixing the   fire  limits of the city, within which  no frame  buildings shall in future be erected.    The  by-law has not yet been drafted, but it is,  to be presumed  blocks 1, 2, ���:">, 0,9, 10, 11,  and  12  will  be included   in   the   limits.  These blocks comprise the business section  or the city and it is not desirable that  any additional frame structures be put  upon   them.     The city  council   will   be  imposing    no   hardship   in    refusing   to  permit    the     construction    of     frame  buildings upon any of  the lots in these  blocks.   The future of the city of Nelson  is    now    sufficiently   well    assured   to  warrant the erection of more substantial  buildings.      There   is   at   present   little  difficulty in  securing brick for building,  and with the increased demand whicli the  fire   limit   by-law   may be   expected   to  create,  a  more regular  supply at   even  lower prices may be counted upon.  The action of the special committee of  the city council in  recommending   that  the corporation take immediate possession  of the fire hall  for city purposes, will no  doubt precipitate  matters in connection  with   the  dispute    over   the   lots   upon  whicli the  fire hall  is built.    If the provincial    government   has   any  sense   of  fairness  it  will  make  good the promise  made to the Nelson  fire company several  years ago.   Before the government made  its division  of lots   with   the   Canadian  Pacific Railway Company it promised the  lots upon which the fire hall is erected to  the fire company.    If, by its subsequent  action,  in  the  division  of the towusite  with the railway company, the   government parted with the lots which it previously promised to the fire company, it  is certainly the duty of government  to  now   make   such   arrangements   as   are  necessary with the railway company for  the due performance of its obligations to  the fire company of Nelson, or its successor, the corporation of the city of Nelson.  It would be well when settling this matter if the government and the railway  company would come to terms with respect to tho donation of land to the corporation   for   athletic purposes.    AVhen  the division of lots with the railway com:  pany occurred it was understood that the  railway  company   and   the  government  should  contribute  equally any  laud  required for public purposes.    The government of British Columbia would stand  higher in the estimation of the people of  Nelson  if,  instead of evading its obligations in this matter, it lived up to them  aud compelled the Canadian Pacific Railway Company to do the same, or established the fact that the railway company  accepted no such obligations.  Premier Laukikk evidently  does not  wish any commercial entanglements with  Great Britain.     He  does  not  desire any  preferential   treatment    of    Canada   by  Great Britain.    He is on record as having  said that the parliament of Canada gave  Britain   preference   as   a   free  gift,  and  ��� wanted nothing in   return.   He likewise  declined,    as     Canada's    premier,   from  being drawn  with   the  Duke of Devonshire's scheme for imperial naval defence.  He  very truly said   that there  was only  one country   with   whom   Canada  could  ever  be at war.   That country was the  United States, and  war  with the United  States was a contingency which lie would  decline  to discuss.    Such   being the case  Canada  in  his  opinion  had  no need  for  great schemes  of  naval   defence.    With  thests remarks of Premier Laurier most  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A, V. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  The Ames Holden Co's special "Columbia,"  "Vancouver," "Kootenay" should be worn  by everybody who wants a first-class mountain boot.  ��tte fKritfurte*  Canadians will agree. Should Britain  give Canadian imports of bread stuffs an  advantage over those from the United  States it would no doubt mean a great  deal to the grain producers ot the  Northwest, but Canadians have no  surety that the dicker would end there.  It might mean the involving of the  Dominion in all the troubles of Great  Britain,' and in such case Canada had  better take less money for her wheat  and keep out of trouble.  Senator McIxxks has withdrawn his  motion in favor of the establishment of a  Canadian mint, in compliance with a request  made in the senate.by  Sir Oliver  Mowat.    The chief kick came from Senator Drummond, of Montreal.    The argument advanced  by this senator against  the establishment of a mint will be read  with interest by the people of this province.   "He expressed the opinion that the  depreciation from wear and tear on gold  coinage  far "more  than  represented any  margin  of profit that could be made in  coining gold,    lie held  that a  fair  estimate of the cost of establishing an adequate mint would be about $100,000.   To  this must be added the cost of running,  which he estimated at $12,000 or $13,000 a  year.   The ��� most  serious   aspect  of   the  question, however, he thought, was that  the establishment of a mint would be the  first step towards an agitation for the unlimited coinage of silver.    In his opinion,  the experience of the United States which  had been brought almost to the verge of  bankruptcy by a similar agitation, should  be a warning to the "government to proceed cautiously with any proposition such  as the establishment of a mint."   If the  people of Canada were close readers of  such   speeches   delivered   in the senate,  they would not be long in coming to the  conclusion that the Dominion is already  suffering from   a   more   serious ailment  than would be brought about by any discussion of the monetary system in an agitation for free coinage.  The announcement that. the federal  government will invest the executive  with authority, to put in force by proclamation an act imposing an export duty  upon certain kinds of ore, will no doubt  have'a good-effect in stimulating the  smelting industry of West Kootenay. It  may never be necessary to impose any  such duty, but in the interim pending the  construction of the Crow's Nest Railway  and the availability of cheap fuel, it may  deter those who are at present inclined to  erect smelters* in the United States for  the treatment of Canadian ores. If in  the face of this action on the part of the  federal government the owners of any  mines in British Columbia erect their  smelters south of the international line,  and afterwards find themselves pinched  they will have themselves to blame. The  people of Canada have a right to demand  every possible advantage which is  attendant upon the development of the  mineral wealth of the Dominion and the  commons of Canada is in about the right  mood to demand such advantage, or  impose a penalty upon those who  withhold it. The construction of the  Crow's Nest road is necessary to establish  the smelting industry in this district, and  until the road is built it is not likely that  any import duties will be imposed.  Ix commenting upon the report that  Senator Mcfnnes will succeed Lieutenant-  Governor Dewdney, and that J. C. Mc-  Lagan, of the Vancouver World, will succeed Mci nnes in the Senate, the Inland  Sentinel says: "There is not a man on  the mainland so foolish as to believe the  Liberal government would do anything so  utterly distasteful to the party in this  province as to appoint anyone connected  with the Vancouver World to a senator-  ship. We have nothing against J. C. Mc-  Lagan personally, but there are liberals  in British Columbia who have well earned  recognition from the government; among  whom ,''''* gentleman has no place.  Ottawa -.Icii-M-Lelies state that Dr. Milne is  urging his claim to the ollice of Lieutenant-Governor of this province. AVhen  that position becomes vacant Wm. Tem-  pleman, of the Victoria Times, should  have the refusal of it."  The very bad example set by several of  the members of the legislature in endeavoring to shut out Americans from enjoying the privileges of free miners is being  followed by certain members of the house  of commons at Ottawa. Notice of a bill  to compel alien.owners of mineral claims  to become residents of Canada and British  subjects has already been given. There  is no reason to believe that the commons  will'pass the measure, but the circumstance that the bill has even been introduced illustrates the mischief that may  be done by legislators who make use of  their position to gratify personal spleen.  The sense of .British Columbia is overwhelmingly against any such measure as  that proposed, but the provincial legislature is so far from being representative,  that it is almost evenly divided upon the  question. .  Liel'texaxt-Govkhxor Ddwd.vioy liasi  published his version of the reason why  he withheld his assent to the bill prohibit  ing the employment of Chinese by any  company receiving a charter or other concessions from legislature. In as much as  he states that he acted upon the strength  of his own views, lieutenant-governor  Dewdney puts those friends in a foolish  position who have been maintaining that  he was acting solely in consonance with  the wishes of Premier Laurier's cabinet'.  The excuse offered by the lieutenant-  governor is that the passage of a bill  prohibiting companies securing concessions from' the crown from employing  Chinese, would injuriously affect the  trade interests of Canada with the  Chinese empire. Lieutenant-Governor  Dewdney evidently thinks that Canada's  trade interests are safer in his hands than  in the hands of the Canadian government.  JUST RECEIVED a small varied stock of  .ECTRICAL SUPPLIES  Those who are opposed to the employment   of  Chinese    in   the   underground  workings of coal mines are having a hard  time in  the  courts.    Several years ago,  the     legislature,    in     response    to    the  demands  of    the  white  miners of  Vancouver Island, passed  an act prohibiting  the employment of Chinese in the mines  underground.       For     years    after   the  passage   of   the act   it was   allowed   to  remain   a  dead   letter,   as   it    was   not  regarded favorably by the government.  Later its constitutionality was assailed,  but the courts upheld  the act when it  was     referred    by ~ the "government.  Following this proceedings  were   taken  against the Union  colliery for employing  Chinese contrary to  the act and a conviction  was secured.    An appeal against  this conviction  was taken aud last week  when Justice Drake quashed the conviction on the ground that although the act  prohibited the   employment of  Chinese  underground, such  employment was not  made an offense under the act for which  a penalty was imposed.   This finding of  Justice   Drake   practically   nullifies   the  coal   miners'   regulation    act  until   the  legislature   meets   next   year, and   the  measure for which the white miners have  been fighting for nearly ten years is just  as far off as ever.   .This last bout which  the act has had with the courts illustrates  the effect of   carelessness   in   the  legislature, and incidentally shows how the  cabinet   can   defeat the   wishes  of  the  house by loosely drafting or amending  bills as originally drawn.     This  is   an  advantage which the Turner cabinet has  over its opponents,  and  if it defeats a  measure  by faulty drawing rather  than  by actively opposing it, the members of  the opposition have themselves to blame.  The members of the Kootenay Miners'  Protective Association are "not satisfied  with finance minister  Fielding's tariff on  mining machinery.    When the new tariff  was    first    announced    it   was   stated  generally  .that    the    government    had  decided to place mining machinery upon  the free list, but since importers of mining  machinery  have  had   an    acquaintance  with the new tariff they have learned  that under it there is practically less free  mining machinery than  there was under  the old conservative tariff.   Such is the  opinion of the miners' association, and as  its members are fairly representative of  the mining industry, and constitute the  heaviest importers of   machinery, their  finding should carry considerable weight.  H.    E.    Croasdaile,    president    of    the  association,   in    his    quarterly   meeting  address at Rossland on Saturday, made  the statement  that the new tariff meant  simply an exception  in favor of certain  portions of concentrating plants and that  through the change   of   government   at  Ottawa those interested in mining had  passed from the' frying pan  into the fire.  The association will endeavor  to  have  some important amendments made to the  tariff in this respect and  it remains to be  seen whether the government will make  good  its implied promise of free mining  machinery.  IT IS IMPORTANT**.  All persons wishing to visit the Goat  River, Duck Creek, Summit Creek, Fort  Sheppard, Priest Lake, or Fort Steele  Mining Districts should know that by  taking the Steamer Alberta or Ainsworth  for Ockonook, Idaho, and purchasing  their supplies of the old reliable Ockonook General Store, they will get their  goods at Spokane retail prices and be  from 20 to 50 miles nearer the above  named districts than at any other supply  point on  the   Kootenai   River.  J. I. BARNES Manager   OCKONOOK CENERAL STORE   OBJECT is to furnish you with enough to Keep your work going while i\\e  balance of your order is coming from Toronto.   Thanking you for past favors  CANADIAN CENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY  FRANK DARLING, KOOTENAY AGENT  eater  Guaranteed 7 per cunt better than any'oilier nmko of licntei"      The Wcbslcr System of Renting willi Kxhausl Stenin relieves buck pressure on engine  The Morse Vnlve llesentor will reseat any style of valve without removing valve  Darling Bros. Adjustable Pipe Cutter Cuts Pipe, any metal, 3-4 to 24 inches in diameter  Street Hydrants, Gate Valves, Pipe, rCrcscent Drill Steel, Wire Rope      Freight and Passenger Kle'vators  Office, Hodgins building, next Phair Hotel, Nelson Write FRANK DARLING,. Sole Agent for British Columbia  The Kootenay  Lake Sawmill  Kaslo, B. C.  Will start about March 15th  with about double its former  capacity in all departments.  7,000,000 feet of'.logs, under  contract for early deliver}'.  The Planing Mill  and Factory  Ts now running full time under the management  of C. K. Doty, a competent draughtsman and  mechanic who will furnish special drawings free  of charge.    New Designs  In house interiors, office and store llxturcs, dado  work, mantles, brackets, mouldings, book cases,  furniture, turnings, carving, grill work, and band  sawing. Orders lor all such work executed iu an  artistic manlier.  One Car Glass  Direct from Belgium expected this month. Hough  and dressed lumber, laths, etc., always in stock.  Two Cars Sash  and Doors   Yard and branch office foot of Hcndryx Stre  Nelson.  G. 0. BUCHANAN  UflDER f"EW M/\NACEMEflT  J. C. BLANDY & CO., Proprietors,  BALFOXJE  This famous and delightful  summer resort  has been  taken  over by the above firm and will  be conducted in tiie future in a first-class manner  GOOD SHOOTING AND FISH.INC  LAWN TENNIS CR.0UNDS  G00L PIC-NIC CR0VES  PARTIES PROVIDED FOR,  RATES:   S'2 00 AND  f.0 l-KIl DAY.  500 Men to  drink cool,  sparkling,  refreshing  BEBE  For Two Bits a Quart  Come and Rush the Pitcher  VICTORIA HOTEL,  C. F.  C00DWIN,  PROPRIETOR  THE TREM0NT  **-��� 3STELS03ST  MALONE & TREG1LLUS, Proprietors.  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district, and  is tho headquarters for prospectors and minors.  QRAND VIEW HOTEL  PEEDEEICTON-  TOAD'MOUNTAIN  D. T. MORICE, Proprietor.  HERALDO,  MONOGRAM,  SCHILLAR  Manufactured by The George E. Tuekett & Son Co., Ltd.  SOLE AGENT,   NELSON...B.C.     "  UNION MADE CIGARS  S.J. 1IGHT0N  fwqers  desire to say that, they are not holding any  public auction sale of lots in Slocan City.  /^ny auction sale advertised  ,������.,;��� is conducted by outside purchasers.  FR^NK FLETCHER, Trustee.  T.  FOOT OE ITALL STREET, NELSON.  W.   GRAY,  Proprietor.  Doors,  Sash,   Band Sawing,  Turned Worl  Glass; all sizes up to 4 by 6 feet  and Office Fitting's.  arrived and in  stock, a carload of Chance's English  Rolled  Just  General Commission and Manufacturers' Agent  AGENCIES z  Great West Oatmeal Mills, Pilot Moudil. Manitoba  The 11. M. Smith Biscuit Factory,  Victoria, li. C-  The Vinlen Holler Mills, Virden. Manitoba  Smith & Fisehol, Cigars, St. .Jerome, Quebec  ICOOTKXAV AKADQUAllTKHS, NKLSON, B. C.  Charles A. Waterman & Co.  Office:   Bealey Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  Auctioneers, Heal Estate and General Commission Agents,  CUSTOM BROKERS AND NOTARIES PUBLIC  IMPROVED NELSON  RESIDENCE PROPERTY FOR SALE  au/r^e  JDE-A-LEIRS   I0ST  Shelf and  Heavy  Hardware, Stoves, Graniteware,  Miners' Supplies.  Tinsmithing Full stoek of Estimates Furnished  and  Plumbing Builders' and Miners' Supplies On Application  A new consignment of window shades embracing the latest colors has just been received by  NELSON, B.C.  Excellent accommodation furnished the traveling public  Prospector's and miner's supplies kept on hand.  MUSIC  LESSONS  Room (i, Clements & Hillyer Block, Nelson  UDB-   H.   IE.   HALL  DENTIST  Mrs.    Morley   is   prepared    to  receive pupils for piano, violin  \ or organ.     For terms  Apply to Thomson Stationery Co., Ltd,, Nelson  VICTORJAASSAV OFFIC  28 Uroad Street, Victoria, 11. C.  Gold and Silver ��1 ")0  Lead and Silver    1 50  Copper, Silver, Gold..  'A 00  Asheroft  BLACKSMITHING KM  EXPERT HORSESHOEING  Dentnl rooms in  ollice of Dr. G. A. II. Hall Farley &  Simpson bloclc Nelson, li. C.  .��1 00  . 1 00  .   I 00  . a oo  Gold   Silver   Lead   Copper    Other metals on application. All samples to be sent  carriage paid and clearly marked, and lo be advised by  letter enclosing charges.  Wagon   Repairing  Promptly Attended  to  by a First-Class Wheelwright  Special attention given to all Kinds of repairing  ai\d custom worl^ from outside points  Limited  SHOP:    Cor. Baker an,d Hall Sts. Jtelson.  Kiln-dried and other Lumber  can now be obtained at the  yard; also Sashes, Doors, Veranda and Newel Posts, Base  and Corner Blocks, Brackets,  Balusters, Mouldings, Etc.,  Etc., at lowest prices.  t \  fe��PM*3SM^ THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, JUNE  19, 1897.  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  Sir DONALD cA. SMITH   Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND   E   S. CDOUSTON    President   Vice-President  .General Manager  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.       BRANCHES IN       LONDON   (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO,  and in the principal cities in Canada.  Buy and soil Sterling  Exchange and Cable Transfers  GRANT COM.MKUOI.Mi AND THAVKLLKR8.' OKKDITS,  available in any part of tho world.   ,  DltAKTS ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MADE;  ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH  KAT1C OF INTEREST (at present) 3 Per Cent.  TO   BUILD   A   CITY   LOCKUP.  . The ninth regular meeting of the city  council was held in tlie fire hall Monday  evening, mayor Houston and aldermen  Hillyer, Malone.and Teetzel being present.  Mayor Houston submitted the report of  the special committee appointed to select  a site for the city cemetery and asked for  a month's additional time in which to  make a final report. On motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Malone, the extension asked for by the committee was granted. .  Mayor Houston submitted a verbal report on behalf of the special committee  appointed to enquire into the advisability  of taking over the fire hall, recommending that the saine be taken over by the  city.  . An application for the position ot pound  keeper was received from Samuel Roberts  and ordered placed on file.  The following accounts were passed and  ordered paid: Wilson & Harshaw, for  teams, $110.50; Frank Anderson, labor,  .$3.75; Swan Rosander, $7.50 and Frank  Page, $7.50, labor on Baker street bridge;  Thomas Demster, $1-1.25, and .John Mc-  Leod, $15.75, for labor on sidewalks, and  Thomas McCoughey, labor $9.  The city engineer submitted plans for  the proposed city lockup, and a motion  of alderman Jlalone, seconded by alderman Hillyer, it was-resolved that the  city engineer be instructed to prepare  plans for a city lockup, to be built ot  stone', uot less than 30x30 feet aud two  stories in height. Tenders to be called  for, addressed to the mayor and council,  to be in uot later than S o'clock p. m. on  Monday, the 21st instant.  Alderman Teetzel introduced a by-law  entitled "Waterworks by-law No. 10,  I807." It received its first and second  readings and will be considered in committee of the whole at the next regular  meeting of the council.  On motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Hillyer, the council  went into committee of the whole for the  ������purpose'of further considering "Health  by-law No. ,2, .1897;" alderman Teetzel was  called to the chair. The committee reported the by-law complete with amendments. The report of, the committee was  received and adopted, and the by-law  was read a third time.   :  Alderman Teetzel gave notice that he  would introduce a by-law at the next  meeting of the council iu respect to the  fire limits.  Alderman 'Hillyer gave notice that he  would introduce a by-law at the next  meeting of the council in respect to  plumbinj?. , ���     ;  Alderman Malone gave notice that he  would introduce a by-law at the next  meeting of the council in respect to electric lighting and wiring.  On motion of alderman Malone, seconded by alderman Teetzel, the mayor  was authorized to select a site for a city  pound and report at next meeting of the  council.  On motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Malone, the mayor  was authorized to purchase the necessary  water pipe and make connections that  are necessary on Hall aud Silicia streets.  Cooking According to Science.  Give me a s|/oon of oleo. ma.  And the sodium alkali.  For 1 am (joins to bake a pie. niunima,  I'm going to bake a pie.  For John will be hungry and tired, ma.  And his tissues will decompose:  So give me a gramme of phosphate'  And the carbon and cellulose.  Now give me a chunk of caseine, ma,  To shorten the thermic fat;  And band inc the oxygen bottle, inn.  And look ill the thermostat.;'  Ami if the electric oven's cold  .1 ust turn it on ball'an ohm,  Kor I want to have supper ready  As soon as .loliu comes home.  Now give me the neutral dope, ninmiiin,  And rotate the mixing machine.  But give mo the;sterilized water lirst.  And the oleomargarine;  And the phosphate, too, for now I think.  The new typewriter's t|iiit.  And John will need more phosphate loud  To help bis brain a bit.  CORPORATION  OF THE CITY OF NELSON  j3"2T-"CA-W   aSTO.   IO.  A by-law to provide for the government and 'manage-  iiient. rates and rents of the waterworks system, and  collection thereof.  Whereas it i.s expedient that provision should be made  for the government and maintenance of the waterworks system of the corporal ion of the City of Nelson,  and to fix the rates payable for the use of water supplied by the corporation, and for the collection and  enforcing the payment of the same by making them a  charge on the lands of the owners or tenants using the  water, and for enabling the same to be recovered in  the same manner as overdue taxes.  The municipal council of the corporation of the City of  Nelson enacts as follows :  1. That the water rates and rents to be charged and  payable by consumers for the supply of water to them  ���within the limits of the city shall lie those set forth in the  ^schedule annexed hereto; that all water rates or rents  ������hall become due and payable monthly, in advance, at  ihe ollice of the water commissioner, on the first day of  each month in each and every year, save and except  water rates for building or other special purposes, which  shall be payable iu advance, when au agreement for the  .supply has been made at the water commissioner's office.  2. In no ease shall a service be laid for a less annual  rental than $18.00.  :s. The expense of connecting service with main to  within twelve inches of the boundary of the lot on which  the buildings are erected will be borne by the corporation, and the work performed by it; but the expense of  the distribution of water from twelve inches ouUido the  boundary of the lot throirb such lot, houses, stores,  oflieos, buildings or parts of buildings shall be borne by  the proprietors, tenants or occupants.  I. That all plumbers' work connecting the waterworks  system with or contained in any, lands, premises, house,  siorc, ollice, building or part of a building sliall be done  in a good and workmanlike manner, with first-class  material"*, sufficiently strong to resist the pressure of the  waterworks system and the water contained therein,  and all cocks and other appliances used for the pnrpo.se  of drawing oil' the water shall^be made upon the compression principle, and shall be'subject to the approval  of the snid water commissioner, or his duly authorized  deputy, and should anv such work or materials be not  approved by the said water commissioner or deputy, or  become out of repair, it shall he lawful for the said water  commissioner or authorized deputy to turn oil'or refuse  to turn on the supply of water: and no plumber or plumbers, their workmen 'or servants, shall be allowed to  make any connection with the said waterworks system  for any purpose whatsoever, unless he or they slmll have  lirst received perini-sion in writing from the said water  commissioner to make such connect ion, on each and  every separate occasion.  5. Thai, it sliall be lawful for (he said water commissioner, whenever he shall deem it advisable, lo compel  the use of water meters by any consumer or consumer.'*,  and to refuse to supply will or to any premises whatsoever, unless the person or persons requiring the water  shall first sign an agreement to take, use, and pay for  such water according to the form provided for that purpose, that no water meter shall bo used in connection  with the wnferworkssystem by any person or persons,  unless said water meter shall have been first authorized  by thesaid water commissioner. Kvery owner, lenantor  occupant shall give every facility for the introduction  and protection of water meters placed upon their premises. Thai whenever liny person or persons refuselo pay  water rates or rents within the time specified in the said ���  agreement for the water as registered by the water  meter, it sliall and may be lawful for the said water commissioner to cut oil" the supply, and also in every such  ease to collect the water rates or rents for the wiitc supplied, as if no water meter had been used; and in all  cases where the water meter indicates that no water has  been used, it shall and may be lawful to charge and collect the same water rates as if no water meter had been  introduced,  o". That in case of the non-pavment of water rufes or  rents b.v any person or persons for ten days after the expiration of llie day upon which the same sliall have  become due and payable, the said water commissioner  oi- his duly authorized deputy, may cut off the water  supply from any lands, premises, house, store, ollice,  building or part of building, upon which the said water  rates or rents shall be due, and tho water shall not, again  be turned on except upon paymentof nil arrears due, and  the further sum of one dollar to pay for the expense of  turning the water on and oil".  7. That water sliall be introduced into premises,  houses, lauds, stores, ollicos. buildings or parts of buildings, only uponthe signatures of the owners or theirduly  authorized agents, who sliall sign the proper application  provided for that purpose.  S. That any person or persons lending," selling, giving  or otherwise disposing of the water supplied by the said  corporation, or permitting the water to be taken or carried away for the use or benelit of others, or increasing  the supply agrefd for with the said corporation, or  wrongfully neglecting or improperly wasting the water,  shall, upon conviction thereof, pay a penally not exceeding twenty dollars, or in default shall be liable to imprisonment in the common gaol for a period not, exceeding  one calendar month, with or without hard labor.  !). That no additional tap or water cock shall he attached by any person or persons to any promises whatsoever or wherever, without the permission of the said  water commissioner lirst obtained for that purpose.  ��� 10. That all hose, jets and cocks used by a eonsumer  shall be subject to the approval of the said water commissioner, or his duly authorized deputy for tlie time  being.  II. That, no person or persons, except those duly  authorized by the said water commissioner, shall tap or  make any connection with the main or other distribution  pipes of'the said waterworks system in any manner  whatsoever.  !���_'. That all persons taking water shall keep their own  ser\ ice pipe and all fixtures connected therewith well  protected from frost at their expense, and shall also keep  in good repair, or replace by a new one when necessary,  the compression cock placed by tliein at the termination  of the service pipe.  l."l. That no application shall,be entertained for water  to supply any premises in respect of which water rates or  rents, oi" tlie price of service extension are due to the  said corporation, until such indebtedness is paid. The  water may be withheld from any person who is in  arrears for water rates or rents until the amount due  sliall be paid, whether such person resides on the premises where the water was used for which he is in arrears,  or on any other premises where water be supplied.  It. The turn cocks in or under the sidewalks or public  streets are the property of tho said corporation, and any  person or persons found tampering will)-them in any  way will be prosecuted.  1:1 If at any time it sliall appear that a wrong statement has been ninde of the numbernf rooms in a house  or building for the purpose for which the water was to  be used, or there has been any addition made to, or  alteration in. the premises of any consumer or consumers, it shall be the duty of the water commissioner  to make the proper correction forthwith. ��� -      '  lti. No water rate or rent shall bo charged for a less  period than one month. .'".'''."  17. Any person or persons who may require water for  building "purposes sliall make application, in writing to  the water commissioner, accompanied by an estimate of  the number of bricks, cords of stone, yards of plastering,  and yards of cement or concrete for which the Water is  required, and pay the water rates in advance upon such  estimated quantities; and if more materials are used, or  intended to be used than that stated in the original estimates, the'applicant, or .applicants shall pay the extra  additional charges forthwith. ;���-,.  IS. When statoinents are made of the quantity of  water used, or to be. used, the water commissioner may  require the same to bo verified by a statutory declaration.  II). The right is hereby reserved to suspend or stop the  supply of water, b.v resolution of the.municipal council,  to all customers for use in fountains, or by jets, garden  hnse or sprinklers, or to further limit the hours for using  the same, whenever, in the discretion of the said municipal ootiiicil the public interests may require it.  20. The water commissioner may have the water shut  otl'the premises of any person or peisoiis not complying  with any of the rules and regulations made by the said  municipal council, and in cases where the water has  been' shut oil' for allowing waste or leaks, or defects in  pipes or cocks,' he shall refuse to turn it on again until he  shall receive satisfactory evidence that the necessary-  repairs' have been properly mado.  21. That a register shall be kept showing the name or  names of the person, persons, partnership or corporate  body to whom water has been from time to time supplied  bv the corporation.thc number of gallons when known,  used by each such person, persons or body corporate, the  amounts payable therefor, and tho dates when such payments became overdue. ���  22. That when any water rate duo or money payable  for the use of water supplied by the corporation shall be  overdue for a period of six months, a list of thesaid  arrears, rates, dues or monies payable, as aforesaid,  shall be handed to the collector for collection.  .23. That on receiving the said list the collector shall  forthwith serve upon or transmit b.v mail (registered) a  notice containing a statement and demand for the rates  due. or monies payable, as aforesaid, to each person, persons or body corporate, whose name appears on the list  of arrears, or to the agent of such person, persons or body  corporate, if absent, and such statement and demand  shall mention the time when and the amount of such  rates dues or 'monies arc required to be paid, and the  said collector shall enter the date of mailing such notice  on tho said list of arrears opposite the name of the tier-  son persons or body corporate owing such rates, dues or  monies, and such entry shall be prima facie evidence of  tho mailing of the same.  ���'I'-Tbat any person, persons or body corporate,  who personally or by his agent in the city, shall have  been served with, or shall have had such statement  mailed to him, as aforesaid, neglects to pay the said  rales, dues or monies payable for thirty days;niter demand, as aforesaid, the collector may, by himself or  agent lew the same, with costs, b.v distress and sale of  the goods and chattels of the person, persons or body corporate who ought to pay tho same, or .any goods and  chattels in his possession, or in .the posession ot any person for him, wherever the same may bo found in the  citv. Notice shall be given by posters posted up in at  least three of the most public places iu the city, and in  three issues of one or more newspapers published t herein, when and where the sale of goods and chattels distrained is to be made, giving at least eight days public  notice of the sale, and of the name of the person whose  property is to be sold, and at the time named m the  notice the collector or his iigent shall sell at public auction the goods and chattels distrained, or as much thereof  as may be necessary. And in all cases where goods and  chattels are enclosed, or supposed to be enclosed, by  doors or houses, barns or outbuildings, cupboards, or  other closo places, whether enclosed by. walls fences,  gates or otherwise, the seizing officer may open the same  or cause the same to be opened, in the presence of two  witnesses with all the necessary force to effect the said  opening, and in all cases goods and chattels in and upon  tho premises ih respect of which the rates, dues or monies where (lie water has been used are due, shall he liable  for the payment of the same,  sufficient property to distrain," as the case may be.  27. The rates, dues and monies payable, as aforesaid,  shall he a special lien on such lands, goods and chattels,  or in respect of which the water supplied by the corporation was used and the debt incurred having preference to  any claim, lien, privilege or incumbeince of any party  oxecpt the crown, and shall nol require registration to  preserve it. .  28. The corporation may register with the registrir m  titles all rales, dues or imnhs payable on the land in  respect of water u��cd or supplied to owners or tenants  thereon'at the expiration of the liscal year.  29. Nothing in this by-law'shall be construed to make  it obligatory on the corporation to supply wate*" continuously, but will, as funis possible, do *o; but if the wa cr  is shut oil'for more than twentv-four hours.at anyone  i ime the corporation will deduct from the accounts for  water due an amount in proportion to tho number of  days during which the water is so shut, oil'.  30. Any person, persons or body corporate, being dissatisfied with the accounts for dues owing by them to  die corporation for water used by them slmll, within the  period of ten days after such account is mailed to them,  give notice to the water commissioner, stating what  items of such account are objected to b.v them, and in  default of such notice being sent, as aforesaid, no complaint as to the incorrectness of the account will be  entertained by the water commissioner.  HI. The water,commissioner, or his duly authorized  deputy, shall have the right to enter promises where  water'supplied by the corporation may be used, at all  reasonable times, for the nurpo-e solely of inspecting  and ascertaining whether the provisions of this by-law  or any regulation made thereunder, are being duly  observed by the person, person:* or body corporate using  such water.  82.   Any person guilty of an infraction of any of the  provisions of this by-law shall   conviction  before the  police magistrate or any two justices of the peace haying  jurisdiction over offenses against the by-laws of the City  of Nelson, forfeit and pav a"penalty, in the discretion of  the police magistrate or justice of the peace convicting,  not exceeding one hundred'dollars and costs for each  offence, and iu default of payment thereof it shall be lawful for the police magistrate or justice of the peace convicting as aforesaid, to issue a warrant under his hand  and seal to lew the said penalty and costs, or penalty or  costs only, bv distress and sale of the offender's goods  and chattels! and should there he no sufficient distress to  satisfy the said penalty and cosls, or penalty or costs  only, it shall and may be lawful for Ihe police magistrate  or justices of the peace convicting to commit, the offender  or offenders to any lookup house in the said (i'v, or in  the provincial gaol for any period not exceed ng two  months.  SCIIKDl'LB Ol'*  WATER KATES.  Per Month  Dwo'ling house, of.less than live rooms ��150  Dwelling house, of five rooms and less than ,eight  rooms       2 00  Dwelling house of eight rooms       -50  Offices, shops and stores of less than 1000 square  feet floor surface       150  Offices, shops and stores of less than1 1500 square  feet floor surface, and more than 1000 feet ....     2 00  Offices, shops and stores of less than 2000 square  feet floor surface, and more than 1500 feet. ..       2 50  Offices, shops and stores of over 2000 square feet     <  lloor surface :      ���* Q��  Hotels, per room   Saloons      Hoarding houses, per room   Livery stables and dairies, per 10 animals and loss     3 50  Livery stables and daries, for more than 10 animals     5 00  Private stables, for each horse or cow  25  Uath tubs,private.."            50  Hath tubs, public       150  Wafer closets, private  50  Water closets, public '��� ��� ��� ���      I 00  Urinals       I 00  Laundries '.     10 00  Office buildings, for each office       M)0  Water motors, for one horse power or less      5 00  Water motors, for each additioim 1 horse power ...      5 00  Stoarn engines, for five horse power or less    ,���5 00  Steam engines, lor each additional horse power,.. 25  I'or Year  Sprinkling with garden hose ��� S 5 00  Building purposes    10 00  Water furnished for any purpose not embraced in the  above will be supplied at special rates.  METER  KATES.  Cents psr 100 Cubic Feet   fit)  .'.".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'..'.'."iO   36  5 00  25  500 to 1,000   1,000 to 5,000   5 (J00to 10.000...  .  10.000 to 20,000...-.  2 1,000 to 30,000  30,000 to 10,000  ���10,000(0 50,000....  Over 50,000   MKTKR   RENTS.  a inch meter .'..  :{ inch meter  1 inch meter .  ..  2 inch meter   3 inch ineier ....  4 inch meter   G inch meter  Per Month   S   25         50          75        1 50   2 00  ,..'....   2 50     3 00  CORPORATION  OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  ZBTr-L-A-'W"   3STO.   2.  _... That if the goods anil chattels seized arc sold for  more than the whole amount levied for and the costs  attending tho seizure and sale, the surplus, on demand,  shall be returned to the person, persons or body corporate, in whose possession such goods and chattels were at  the time seizure was made, and in ease said surplus shall  not be demanded, it shall be held by the collector, and  remain in the bands of such collector, to be held for and  paid over, on demand, to the person, persons or body  corporate in whose possession such goods wore, as aforesaid, or otherwise to the person entitled, as owner of said  goods and chattels, to said surplus.  20. That if any of the rales, dues or monies payable on  the said lit', remain unpaid and the collector is unable to  collect, the same, he shall show on tho list when returned  opposite lo each name the reason why same could not be  collected by adding the words "non-resident" or "not  "Whereas, it is necessary to pass a general by-law for the  preservation of the public health, and to define and  abate nuisances, and to regulate and govern  scavengers in the corporation of the City of Nelson;  Be it,'therefore enacted by the municipal council of-the  corporation of the City of Nelson as follows:  1. When it is deemed indispensiblo for the prescrva-  va'iion of the public health, and for the more clfcctually  earrying into effect the sanitary conditions of this bylaw, it sliall be lawful for.the municipal council to appoint a health officer during the pleasure of the said  municipal council, and whose duties and remuneration  shall be specially defined from time to time.  2. The health officer shall have power to stop, detain and examine every person'coming from a place infected with a pestilential or infectious disease, in order  to prevent the introduction of the same into the city!  3. Every physician shall report to the health officer of  tho corporation of the City of Nelson, in writing, every person havinga contagious disease, such as cholera, scarlet or  tvphus fever, small-pox. dfptheria, or any of tlie grades  of such disease, and his or:her place of dwelling and  name, if known, whiohsuch physician has prescribed  for, or attended for the first time since having such  disease, during any part of the proceeding twenty-  four hours; every attending or practising physician must,  at his peril, see that such report is or has been made to  the health officer. ' .  ���I. No person shall bring into the city from any  infected place, or from any vessel or building in which  there had lately been any person sick of a contagious  disease, any article or person whatsoever, nor shall any  such person conic into-the said City of Nelson without  the permission, iu writing, of the health ollieer.  5. No owner, tenant or occupant of land, house or  premises within the city limits shall suffer the accumulation upon his or her promises, or deposit or permit to be  deposited, upon any premises belonging to or occupied  bv him orlior. of anything which may endangertliepublic  health, or deposit'upon or into any street, square, lane or  highway, creek, pond or bunk, any dead animal, fish, dirt  or rubbish, excrement, dung, manure, offal orothor refuse  or vegetable or animal matter, or other filth or oll'ensi ve  0. Whenever it slmll appear to the health oflieorthat  it is necessary for the preservation of the public health,  or whenever said lieilth office shall receive a notice  signed bv one or more inhabitant householders of the  citv, stating the condition of any building, premises,  grounds, yards, vacant lots, cellars, private drain*-, sinks,  cess pools or privies in the city to be so filthy sis to be  dangerous to the public health, or that upon uny  premises or vacant lot'in the city there is any foul or  offensive ditch, glitter, drain, privy, cess pool, ash pit or  cellar kept or constructed so as to bo dangerous to the  public health, or that upon any such premises or vacant  lot an accumulation of dung, manure offal, tilth, refuse,  stagnant water or other matter or thing is kept so as to  be dangerous or injurious as aforesaid, it shall be the.,  duty of such health ollieer, and lie is hereby authorized  to enter any such building or premises for the purpose of  examining the same, and if necessary he shall order the  removal of such mutter or things as aforesaid to such  place as lie may direct, or may order the owner or lessee  of such premises, grounds, yards, vacant lots, collars,  private drains, sinks, cess p.iols or privies to Mil. up,  drain, clear, alter, relay or repair such buildings,  premises, grounds, ynr.Is, vica"! 'ots, cellar, private  drain, sink, cess pool or privy. And in default of their >o  filling up. draining, clearing, altering, relaying ' or  repairing as aforesaid, after seven (7) days notice in  writing so to do. they shall be deemed to have been  guilty of an infraction of this bylaw and liable to the  penalties therefor, and it shall be lawful for the city to  till nn, drain, clear, alter, relay or repair as aforesaid  and charge the cost or expense therefor to the person or  persons in default as aforesaid, and may recover the  same with costs by action and distress, and in case of  non payment the S'ime may be charged against the lands  of the owner or Icesee, and may be recovered in like  manner us municipal taxes. The owner of any grounds,  yards, vacant lots or other properties abutting on any  street, shall drain the same on receiving notice from the  health officer so to do. If the occupant or proprietor, or  Ills lawful agent or representative, having charge or  control of such building or premises, or vacant, lot, after  notice from the said health ollieer, to remove or abate such  matter or thing as aforesaid, shall neglect or refuse to  remove or abate the same, lie shall be subject to the nen-  alties imposed by this by-law, and the said health officer  may remove the same, and the cost, incurred b.v such  removal may be recovered from the person or persons so  neglecting or refusing, '     ... ,  7. All bouse or store ollal, whether consisting of  animal or vegetable substance, shall be placed in  suitable vessels, and no ashes or other refuse mailer  shall be mingled (herewith, and the same shall be kept In  some convenient place to be taken away by the city  scavenger. ,   .,       .  ,,  8. No distiller, fanner, brewer, soap boiler, tallow"  chandler, butcher, moat packer, fish winner, oil  manufacturer, dyer, livery stable keeper, "or other  person, shall discharge out of or permit to /low Irom  their still, house, tannery, brewery, oil manufactory,  shop, slaughter house, packing house, stable, or other  place, any foul or nauseous liquors, slops, or other  substances whatever into any private grounds, street,  lane, or public ground, or fresh water stream, pond or  lake within thesaid city.  'J. No soap boiler, tallow chandler, butcher, candle or  oil maiiufu'-turer. or fi-.li cam,er, sliall keep or use any  stale, putrid, or stinking fat, grease, llsh, or meat so as to  be a nuisance to the public. n  10. No owner or occupant of any grocery, cellar,  tallow chandler's shop, soap factory, slaughter house,  tannery, brewery, distillery, pork or beef packing house,  fish en'iinery, fertilizer, or oil manufactory, stable or  barn, laundry or wash house, shad suffer the same to  become foul, nauseous or offensive. <���  11. When liny dumb animal shall die within llie limits  of the city, the owner or person in possession of it slu.ll  cause the" carcass to be removed to such place as shall be  provided by llie health officer and there to be buried or  cremated, so that tlie same shall not be a nuisance.  12. If any person shall own, occupy, or keep any lot or  ground, building, stable, or other premjsia", iu such a had  or illi Ii v condition as to be oll'ensi ve ot'Ti nuisance to llie  neighborhood, or to any person or family, such persons  shall be subject to the penalties provided for an  infraction of this by-law.  13. The keeper of everv livery and other stable shall  keep his stable and stable yard clean, and shall not  permit between thn first day of April and the first day of  November more than two wngon loads of manure to'  accumulate in or near lhe same at any one time, except  by perinis-ion of tlie health ollieer.  II. All privies thai are foul, omitting smells and  odours, are hereby declared nuisances, and the health  officer shall hove power to abate the same and order the  same to be tilled up or closed, and if the owner or  occupier of the premi-es on which lhe same may be  situated fail to do so on being untitled, he ortheyslmil  be subject to the penalties provided for in this bylaw,  and thesaid hcnlm ollieer shall cause llie said privies,  vuultx or juts to be filled up.  15. Whenever any nuisance shall be found on any  promises within llie city contrary to this bylaw the  health officer is hereby authorized, in his discretion, lo  'cause the same to be summarily abated in .such main  as he may direct, and iu default of I lie person, person  bodies corporate, refusing or neglecting to abate "tlie  same, the person, persons, or bodies corporate so  neglecting or refusing shall be subject to the penalties of  this by-law.   ' ��  10.    In all cases  where no  provision is here:  defining what are nuisances, and how the same ni|  moved, abated or prevented, in addition to wha  declared such'herein, those otl'encuH which are k  Iho  common   law   of  the   land    and   the 'statutes  British    Columbia   as    nuisances,   may,   in    ease    the  same  exist within   the city be treated   as such,   and  proceeded against  as in   this  by-law   provided, or iu  accordance with any law  which shall givo the  police  magistrate,  or  any two justices  of the peace having  jurisdiction   over oliences  against  the  by-laws of  the  corporation   of  the   City of   Nelson,  trying   the, same,  jurisdiction.  -  17. it shall be unlawful for any person or persons to  deposit upon any of the streets, or upon any land or lot  within the City of Nelson any night soil, or other filth or  refuse matter of any kind under the ponallies herein  described.  IS. No person or persons,shall sell or offer for--ale any  bread, milk, or other substance adulterated with any  subst'ince injurious to health, and any article so  adulterated shall be forfeited and destroyed under tlie  direction of the police magistrate, or of any .of tlie  justices of the peace in and for the City of Nelson before  whom such case shall be tried.  10. No butcher, grocer, trader, or other person,  persons, or bodies corporate, slia'l sell, expose, or offer  for sale, on any public market or at any place within the  limits of the City of Nelson as food, any tainted,  diseased, d maged. or iinwhole.-ome' meat, poultry,  vegetables, fish, milk, fruit, or other article of food or  nrovi-ions, or'the flesh of any animal dying otherwise  than by slaughter, and the health officer may seize and  destroy any . such tainred. diseased, damaged or  unwholesome meat.-poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, or  other article of food or provisions.  20. Any person who shall keep swine, d"gs. horses,  cattle, goals, poultry, foxes, or other such animals on  their premises', shall maintain the houses, buildings, or  pens in which tho same shall be kept in such in a clean  state that the neighbors' or passengers ma}* not be  incommoded by the smell therefrom, under the penalty  provided for an infraction cf this by-law for each  offence.  SCAVKNCKItS.  21. The city council may grant a license to. or employ  any person, company, or corporation, for cleaning and  removing the contents of any privy, vaults, sinks, or  private drains, and every person, company or corpora-  lien engaged in such bu-'iness shall be deemed a night  ��cavcngcr within the meaning of this by-law.  22. No person, company, or corporation shall, within  the cily, empty, clean, or remove the contents of any  privy, vault, sink, private drain or cess pool, or ro-orvoir  into whicli a privy vault, water closet, stable or sink is  drained, without lirst having obtained a license or being  employed by the city so to do.  23. Kvcry person, company, or corporation applying  for a l.icejise as night scavenger shall, if his application  be accepted, pay a license fee of live dollars for every  six mnii'lis, and execute a bond in the penal sum of two  hundred dollars, with two sureties to be approved by the  city council, condi'ioned that, the said scavenger will  comply with the provisions of this by-law. and every  by-law which inav hereafter be passed by the city  council touching their said employment, and will also  comply willi and obey orders, directions and regulations  of,the said health officer. Provided that such license  sliall not be granted until the health ollieer is satisfied  that the applicant is provided with the necssary  applianccs for carrying on scavengering in accordance  with the jirovisions of this by-law.  21. Nothing in this by-law shall bo construed to mean  or be held to imike.it obligatory on the city to grant any  license to night or day scavengers, but. the city council  may, if it should deem it advisable, employ all its night  or day scavengers.  25. The cleaning, emptying, or removing of the  contents of any privy vault,'.sink, or. private drain sliall  be (lone in an inolfensivc manner, and any scavenger  having begun any such scavenger work shall, .without  any interruption or delay,'finish the same, and sliall in  every instance leave the .privy' vaults, sink, or private  drain, in as good condition upon the outside as when the  work was undertaken.  20. The health officer shall have power to enicr: upon  any premises and examine any vault, sink, privy, or  private drain.     ���  27. Tho contents of privy vaults, sinks, or private  drains so removed by any scavenger shall be conveyed in  water tight tanks, or vessels of such pattern and  'description as'may from time to time be approved by the  health officer, and sliall be disposed of in such a manner,  under the direetion'of the health officer, as to cause no  offence: and tanks or vessels shall be kept clean and  innll'ensive when not in actual use.  2S. "When requested a licensed scavenger shall cleanse  or empty any vault, sink, or private drain, or privy, and  remove any and all nuisances.  21). No privy vault, sink, or private drain shall be  opened, nort.be contents thereof disturbed or removed  between the hours of six o'clock a.m. and eleven o'clock  p.m.'. of any day. nor 'slui'l the contents thereof be  deposited or buried within the cily. Any person  violating any of tlie provisions of this section shall be  subject to the penalties hereinafter prescribed.  31). Licensed night scavengers shall receive for each  cubic foot of tlie "contents removed from any privy vault,  sink, or private drain or cess pool by them .cleaned out  or removed, a sum not to exceed 25 cents per cubic  foot where the box contains more than four cubic feet,  and one dollar per box containing four cubic feet or  under.  31. Whenever it shall become necessary to empty any  privy'or privies, or remove any night soil from any  premises within the city, or on cleaning yards, cellars,  back kitchens, or other premises whatsoever, if any  impure or offensive eflluvia should exist, chloride of  lime, unslacked lime, nitrate of lead, potash or common  salt should be used b.v the person or persons emptying  such privy or privies,' or removing such night soil from  such premises, as shall render the ellluviaas iniilfciisive  as possible. c  32. The city council shall have power to license or  employ from time lo lime'as many persons; upon such  terms and with such conveyances and appliances as they  may deem necessary, for the removal of garbage, olfai.  swill and ashes. . ���  .33. Every person so licensed shall be deemed a day  scavenger, and shall nt nil times be subject to the rules  and regulations of the health nflic:;r and the bylaws of  the city, and slmll pay a similar fee and provide like  bonds as provided for by clause 23 nf this by-law.  provided, however, that, one scavenger license shall  permit any person to carry on the work of both night  and day scavengering without, extra fee.  31. Any cart, wagon, or other vehicle used or intended  tobcused for the purpose of conveying swill, ull'al, or  garbage, shall be perfectly tight and covered so as to  prevent the contents thereof from leaking and spilling,  and shall lie "f such pattern and description as may  from lime to time be approved by the health ollieer, and  such cart, wagon, or oilier vehicle, when not in use. shall  not he allowed to stand iu any highway, si reel, lane,  alley, public place or square.  '.Ut. That the fees to be charged by da) scavengers for  any matter or thing allowed to be dumped or deposited  by the scavenger or scavengers licensed by the cily.  within the limits of the city, shall be a sum not, to exceed  SI for a full load and 75 cenls for half a load, or less than  half a load, for a double team, and half such rates for one  horse load, and in charges any excess of those so made,  shall be considered a breach of this by-law.  3(1. Licenses of day and night scavengers shall be held  by them subject to their observing and faithfully  performing flic conditions contained in this by-law. and  the regulations that may from lime to time be impo>ed  bv the health 'officer, anil in the case of the non-  observance of any of the said conditions and regulations  the said license may at. anytime lie summarily revoked  and cancelled by lhe city council..  37. For iinyand every violation of the provisions of  this bylaw a penalty not exceeding one hundred dollars  may beimposcd by the police magistrate, or any two  justices of the peace having jurisdiction over offences  against the by-laws of the City of Nelson, convicting,  and In default, of payment of said penalty and costs, the  olfeiide.r may be committed to the common gaol or lockup house, there to bo imprisoned for any lime not  exceeding thirty days.  :w. This by-law may he cited for all purposes as  ���"Health Ily-law No. 2. IS!)7."  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  TENDERS FOR DEBENTURES.  Tenders will be received by the undersigned for debentures of the Cilv nf Nelson, to the amount of Fifty Thousand 1'ollars (&W.U0U), running twenty years and bearing  interest al tlie raie of live per cent per annum, payable  semi-annually. Principal and interest payable at the  Bank of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec. No tender for less  than ninety-live per centum ot the par valu>-) of the debentures will be considered. The successful tenderer  must deposit the amount of lender in the Bank of Mon-  trcal. Nelson, without cost to the City of Nelson. ' Debentures will be issued in denomitiatians of one thousand  dollars. Tenders will-be received until 8 p in. on Monday, June 2ifh, 1807. Mark t'-nders, "Tenders for Debentures." and address John Houston. Mavor. Nelson,  British Columbia. JOHN HOUSTON. Mnyor.  Dated May 2(ith, 1807.' [May 20thJ  _'     . WOTICB.  The courtof'Assize and Nisi Prius and of Over and  Termin'oijrfSSsBtenJSeral Gaol delivery, set to be holden at  Nelson oijpHSKSfty. the 21st day of" June instant, is adjourned bygtfrder of tlie honorable Mr. Walkem. lo Thursday. thoYinfday of .Tune instant, at 10 o'clock in the  forenoon. Jurors, witnesses and others will take notice  hereof and act accordingly. E. T. II. SI M PIC1NS,  Acting Deputy I'istrict llegistrar.  Dated at Nelson, B. C. Juno 7th. A. D. 1897.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply  lo the board of licensing commissioners of the City of  Nelson, at their nexL sifting, for a license lo sell liquor at  retail at the Sherbrooke House, situate on lots ;"> and fi,  block 111, Nelson. JOSKPH STL'IUiKON.  Dated al Nelson, B. C, June llth, 1807.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply  to the Board .of Licensing Commissioners of the City of  Nelson, at their next, sifting, for a liccn-*o to sell liquor at  wholesale at their premises, situate on lot. 3. block 12,  Nelson. Jr. J. KVANS & CO..  por 11. J. Evaxs.  Nelson, B. C, June !llh, 1807.  "Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the under.-igned will apply  to the Hoard of Licen-ing Commissioners of the City of  Nelson, at their next si'ling, for a license to sell liquor at  retail at the Silver King Hotel, siluato on lot 8, block 10,  Nelson. JOHN JOHNSON.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, June 9th, 18')7.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply  to the Hoard ofL'Liconsing Commi-sioners of the City of  Nelson, at their next silting, for a license to sell liqiiorat  wholesale at. our premises, situate on the west half of lot  7, block ll; Nelson.     HUDSON'S HAY COMPANY,  per (.1. it. Uoiiso.s*.  Dated at Nelson, li. C, June 9th, 1897.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given Hint the undersigned will apply  to the Board of Licensing Commissioners of the City of  Nelson, at their next si'ting, for a license to sell liquor at  retail at the Clarke Hotel, situate on lot 11, block 5,  Nelson. E. C. CLAKKK.  Dated at Nelson, li. C, June Dili, 1897.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply  to the Board of Licensing Commissioners of the City of  Nelson, at their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor at  retail at tlie Koolenay Hotel, situate on the west half of  lot 5, block 1. Nelson.        PCTKKSON & MALLKTTE.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, June 9th, IS97.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply  to the Hoard of Licensing Commissioners of the Cily of  Nelson, at their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor at  retail al the Nelson Hotel, situate on lot 10, block 1,  Nelson. STKVK WiHTE.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, June 9th, 1S97.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply  to the Board of Licencing,Commis-ioncrs of the City of  Nelson, at iheir next, sitting, for a license to sell liquor at  retail at the Madden House, situate on lot 2, block o,  Nelson.  THOMAS MADDEN.  Dated at, Nelson. II: C. June 9:h, 1897.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply  to the Hoard of Licensing Commissioners of the City of  Nelson at llicir'next sitting, for a license lo soil liquor al  retail at, the Hotel Phair, situate on lots 10, II. and 12,  block 13. Nelson. E. E. P1IAIK.  Dated at Nelson, -R. C, June 9th, 1897.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply  to the Hoard of. Licensing' Commissioners of the City of  Nelson at their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor at  retail at the Merchants Hotel, situate on lot 7, block 5,  Nelson.' , CldCJIKNTS & MARTIN.  Dated at Kelson', 11. C, June 9th, 1S97.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply  to the Board of. Licensing Commissioner-of the City of  Nelson at their next sitting., fur a license to sell liquor at  retail at hjs hotel, situate mi the west half of lot I block  2. Nelson. W. A. WARD.  Dated at Nelsop, H. C, June 9th, 1897.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply  to the Board of Licensing Commissioners of the City of  Nelson at their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor at  retail at the Grand Hotel, situate on the east half of lot  1. block 2, Nelson. ��   JOHN BLOOMBERG.  Dated at Kelson, B. C, June 9th, 1897.  Application for Liquor License.  , ��� Notice is hereby given that the .undersigned will apply  to the Board of Licensing Commissioners of the City of  Nelson at their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor by  wholesale at their premises, situate on lot |, block 2,  Nelson. TURNER. BEETON & CO.,  per JIexuv B. Thomson*, Manager.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, June 9lh, 1897.  Application  for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply  lo the Hoard of Incensing Commissioners of the City of  Nelson at their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor i<t  retail at the Tremont Hotel, situate on lots (5.-7 and  S, Block 0, Nelson. MALONE & TREGILLUS.  Dated at Nelson, 11. C, June 9th, 1S97. [June 12th)  Application  for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that tlie undersigned will apply  to the Board of Licensing-Commissioners of tlie City of  Nelson at their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor at  retail at the Central Hotel, situate on lot 8. Block 5,  Nelson. ISAAC HOLDEN.  Dated at Nelson, B. C June 9th. IS97. [June 12thl  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply  to the Hoard of Licensing Commissioners of the City of  Nelson, at their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor at  retail al his hotel, situate on Lots 23 and 21 Hlock Wi,  Nelson. ADOI.I'HE  LAI'OINTE.  Dated at Nelson, il. C. May 27th. 1S97. |May 29th|  Application  for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given Hint the undersigned will apply  Id Ihe Hoard of Licensing Commissioners of Ihe City of  N'elson, at their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor iU  wholesale at their premises, situate on Int. 22. block f>.  Nelson. CALIFORNIA   WINE COMPANY.  per .1. .1. Cll.\.Mlii:i!s.  Dated at Nelson. It. C. June tll.li. IWI7.  Application for Liquor License,  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned' will. at.  the expiration of'thirly days, apply In the stipendiary  niugistralc of West lvootenay district for a license t"  sell liquor bv retail at his hotel at Deer Park. Lower Arrow lake. ' ROHKIIT ICYLK.  Dated this ISth day of May J |.May2'-'.l  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hci-ebv given that- llie undersigned will at the  expiration of thirty days, apply to tin-stipendiary magistrate of Wesl Kontcn.-iy district, for a license to sell  liquor bv retail at his hold al Crawford Hay. H. ('.  Dated, June 1st, IMI7.  I.lunl! 5th|  Application  for Liquor License.  Nol ice is hereby given that ihe undersigned will at the  expiration of thirty days, apply lo the stipendiary magistrate of West Kootenay district, for a license to sell  liquor by retail at his hotel, known us the Hotel Ymir at  Vmir. H. C. O.K. BURDEN  Dated, May 29th. IS97. IMay 2!)ih]  Application for Liquor License.  Not ice is hereby given Hint the undersigned will, al  the expiration of' thirty days, apply to the stipendiary  magistrate nf West Koolenuy district for a license to  sell liquor bv retail at his hotel at Quart/. Creek, known  as the Cosmopolitan hold. JOHN W. SMITH.  Dated lhis l!)lh day of May. |May 22.]  A New Typewriter���Made by a Canadian F*r��l'  ��� We have had the pleasure of looking over tlie New  Empire Typewriter. a.Cunadian'made machine, and find  it a marvel of simplicity-through which I lie makers claim  durability. Tlie types strike direct, inuviug only two  inches on a steel bed. giving speed and great manifolding  power. ICach type at lime or writing is locked, ensuring  perfect alignment. The writing is visible doing away  with the lifting of a heavy carriage; the touch is ea>.v,  the response quick and tlie type do not appear to lock.  Ruling vertical and horizontal may be done on it and tlie  price is less than half that of other standard machines.  So confident are the makers of the success of,!heii inn-  chine they will refund the money of any unsatisfied purchaser after a ten days' trial. Tlie Thomson stationery  Company of Vancouver and Nelson are to be congratulated on scouring the general agency for B. C. The machines seem to us to be at tlie top in merit and bottom in  price.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  NOTICE TO USERS OF WATER.  Tho following resolution was passed by the Municipal  Council of the  Corporation  of the City of Nelson ul a  meeting held on Wednesday, June 9th, 1S<7:  Resolved. That until the passage of a by-law fixing water  rates, tho acting water commissioner shall, and he is  hereby authorized to, fix water rat e��: and thntticbe.aud  is. em powered to shut oil' water from rny building, hotel.  saloon, store, shop, or residence,-connected  with lhe  water mains belonging to the City of Nel-on. whoi-e  occupant neglects or refuses lo pay tlie water rates so  fixed; provided, always, that due notice in writing of  such action shall be first given to anv person so neg-  lecting or ri-fiiring., CIIAS. E. SIOALKY,  ���   Acting Water Commissioner.  Dated at Nelson, this tenth day of June, 18fKi.  CORPORATION  OF THE CITY OF NELSON  TENDERS FOR,/PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS.     '  Tenders  for  detailed   plans, specifications  and   estimates of cost of systems of wal'r works and sewerage,  for the city of Nelson will  be received till S p. in. on  Monday, June 28lh, 1S97.   Data cm be obtained at the  ollice of tho city engineer in Nelson.  The sum of Five Hundred Dollars will be paid for accepted plans.  Maik tenders, "Tenders for Plans and Specifications  u atcr Works and .Sewerage," and address them to ���'The  Mayor, City of Nelson; Nelson, Dritish Columbia."  ,_.     , CJ1AS. K. SKALKY, City Clerk.  Dated May 20th. 1897.  SHERIFF'S SALE.  Province of Hrilish Columbia, Nelson, West ICootcnay,  lo-wit:  lly virtue of warrants of execution issued out of the  county court al Nelson at the suits of Yan R. Hanker for  SKJ7.02 and George Mathers for $If"S.(i8, plaintiffs, and to  me directed against the goods and chattels of James  Sproulu and James Slayton, defendants. I have seized  and taken in execution all the right, title and interest of,  said defendants, James Sproule and James Sbivton. in  the "Park Hill mineral claims situated on Park* Creek,  south fork Kntslo river, and the "Reliance," nearSproule's  on the Kaslo river, and recorded in the mining recorder's '  office uL lhe city of ICaslo, 11. C. to recover the sum of  S'i.'iO.'M), amount of said execution besides interest, sheriffs poundage and all other costs and legal incidental  expenses, ail of which 1 sliall expose for sale,or suflicient  thereof to satisfy said .judgment, debt and costs, al, the  front of the court hoii.se, Nelson, on the 2iith day of June,  A. D. 1897. at the hour.of 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  Notk:   Intending purchasers will satisfy themselves  as to intc.c->t und ti'leof said defendants.  -      W. I'. ROBINSON, Deputy Sheriff.  Dated June 7th, 1S97.  COUNTY  COURT  SITTING.  Sitting of the county court of lvootenay will bo holden  at the court, house. City of Nelson, on the llitb day of  July instant, al 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  K. T. II. SIMPICJN.S, Acting Registrar of Court.  Dated this 1st day of June. A. D. 1S97. (June otb]  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate  of  Improvements.  .MOONSTONE AND  ItlCItT  BOWEIl  MINI*KAT. CLAIMS, SITUATE   IN TIIK   AINSWOKTII   .MINING   DIVISION   OK   WIST  KOOTENAY     DISTRICT,   AND    1.0C.ITKD     AllOUT   TIIHI'1* '  OUAKTKHS OT A M!LE SOUTH   OK   I..M4DO, AND   ON   TIIK  WEST SICOItK OK KOOTENAY I.AIv'l'.  Take notice that I. J. Derrick McGregor, net ing as  agent for tlie Victoria Mining S: Development Company.  Limited Liability, free miner's cert ifieateNo.77.nlK. intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claims. And  further take notice thataction, under section :t7, must be  commenced before the issuance of such cerii/lcnle of improvements. --���       -    j. HEKRtcK McGregor.  Dated, this 21st day of April, 1S97. [MaySth]  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements. '  TAMARACK MINERAL CLAIM, SITUATE IN THE NELSON-  MINING DIVISION OK WEST KOOTENAY DISTRICT. AND  LOCATEM ABOUT ONE AND A HALK MILKS NORTHEAST  OK THE MOUTH OK WILD HOUSE CHEEK. AT ITS ENTRANCE  INTO SALMON  RIVER.  .Tii ke notice that I, W. 1). Mackny. P.L.S., agent for J> h n  W. Handlen. free miner's certificate No. 75.110, intend,  sixty days from the dale hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further take notice thataction, under section :i7. must be  taken before the issuance of such certificate of improvements. W. D. MACICAY.  Daled. this 28th day of April. 1897. [.May 1st.  Notice   of  Application   ror   Certificate   of  Improvements.  THE TENNKSSEK MTNERAL CLAIM. S1TUATK IN THE NKLSON MININO DIVISION OK WEST KOOTENAY DISTRICT,  AND LOCATED AIIOI'T THREE AND A HALK MILES  NORTH OK TIIK HEADWATERS OK .OUAKT/. CRKKK. A  TRIHUTARY OK THE SALMON RIVER, AND AllOUT ONE  AND A ("UARTKH MILKS WEST KROM THE NKLSON AND ���  KORT SHEI'l'ARD   RAILWAY.  ; ���  Take notice that 1. P. WiNon. acting as agent for the  IfamiltoiiiS: Rossland Gold Mining Company. Limited Liability, free miner's certificate No. 79.320, intend sixty days  from the date horeof, to apply to theininiiig recorder forn  certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  a crown grant of the above claim. j\nd further take  notice that action, under section .17, must.be commenced  before the issuance of such certificate nf improvement!..  P. E. WILSON.  Dated, this 4 th day of-May, 1S97. I May Slh|  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  .Sixty days lifter date I, the undersigned, intend to apply lo the chief-commissioner of lands and works for  permission   to   purchase   the  undermentioned  tract of  land:    i>;:.sciciitio.v.  Commencing at a post marked ���'C.SI..H., NK." placed at  tho head of!) mile point on the south shore of the outlet  of ICnotcnav lake, thence 10 chains south, thence 10  chains west/more or less, to the outlet of ICootcnay lake,  thence following the -diore to the point of commence-  met. IG0 acres more or k,s.    (.u A|(U,H Sr. BAI{I?1-  Nelson, 21th of May. ISI7. |.Mny2!��.]  NELSON  & FORT SHEPPARD  RAILWAY  Notice is horebv given thut-thc annual meeting of the  shareholders of the Nelson \* Kurt .Sheppard Railway  Company will ho held al the head ollice of the company  iu the town of Nelson, in lhe province of British Culiim-'  bia, at llie hour of I! "'clock p. m., of Wednesday, the Hth  day of July, ISII7. for the purpose of electing -directors for  said company, and for the transaction of such other business as inav lie brought before such shareholders meeting.  Al-'.STIN CORHIN 2nd. Secretary.  Dated this "Sith day of May. 1S97. [June 5lli|  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  The West ICootcnay Power & Light Company arc' prepared to receive tenders for the excavation and removal  of about twenty thousand (20.0001 cubic yards of rock  work on their power-house site at Middle Kails. Koote-  nav river, seventeen miles from Uobsou.on the Columbia  & Kootenny branch of i he C. P. K. All particulars will  be furnished on application to J. O. ICellett, Resident  Engineer. P. O. Box 30. Nelson. R. C.  Dated, Nelson. 11. C. June 7th. 1S97.  NOTICE.  The business of the N'elson ISoda Water Factory has  been purchased by E. P. Whalloy. to whom all nccoun's  are payable. All debts mid liabilities incurred by the  company prior to May lath, will be paid b.v W. s. A.-h-  pitel. -WALTER .S. ASHPITKL.  E. PERCY WHAI.I.KY.  Dated at Nelson. H. ('.. this 15th day of May. IS!)".  NOTICE.  After the  first of July the price of  lots in Addition  A to Nelson will be raised.    Intending purchasers should  take advantage of the present prices.  [June 12.] W. J. G. DICICSON. Agent.  HXfS&C  $$'M  Wl:  i  ��S?.i  M&$  $&"*  S  1 I   fHIHII ��� jm1 IH VII W  "r~%li!t-4W^.tUWWW^4WW)Wtl.W^!WfJAIFHilI.tlU-1l'UII LUUR MIM '</  THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C., SATURDAY, JUNE 10,  1897.  LOCAL   NEWS, AND   GOSSIP.  ���The interpleader issue between the  Bank of Montreal and Thomas- Wilson  and about fifteen others, whicli is still  ��� before the supreme court, is the result of  a tangle over payment of claims in connection with the construction of the Trail  creek tramway. The bank cashed time  checks issued to men employed upon the  work, and to secure itself garnisheed  some $7,000. The present case is to  determine whether the bank has a right  prior to the other claimants who are  lighting for a share of the money. There  are ten counsel engaged upon'the case  and as they are entitled to #75 for the lirst  day arid $50 for each subsequent day of  the trial, it is not difficult to imagine the  lawyers getting away with the whole  stake. ' The case has already occupied  several days and has been adjourned for  argument at some time when all the  counsel are Again in Nelson.  Justice   Walkem   on    Monday  handed  down  his   decision   iu   the case  of   the  Nelson and Fort Shepnard Railway  Company vs. the Quart/'. Creek townsite  .jumpers. The case was an application on  behalf of Edward J. Powell and others,  who jumped the townsite of Quartz  Creek, to have au injunction secured by  the railway company against themselves  dissolved. The application was refused  and the injunction remains. It is not  likely that the railway company will not  have much difficulty getting the jumpers  off the townsite.  George S. West; who has been in jail for  tlie past five months on a charge of appropriating to his own use $497.57 of the  money of the estate of the Slocan Store  Company, came before Judge Forin for  trial on Wednesday. West was provisional liquidator for the Slocan'Store  Company, and the information was laid  against him by P. J. Russell, who was  afterwards appointed liquidator. The  trial resulted in West's release. J. IT.  Bowes appeared for the crown and A. M.  Johnson'for the prisoner.  Ground was broken this week for the  brick   block   to   be   erected  by Messrs.  Mara and Barnard on Baker street, adjoining the Ulliot block. It will be a two  story building. The first floor will be  fitted up for stores and the second floor  for offices.  Messrs. Applewhaite aud Bowes made a  start this week on a $3,000 frame building  which they are erecting on Baker street  opposite the Barrett block, ft will be a  two story building.  George Johnstone, collector for the port  of Nelson, was put into a quandary this  week in his efforts ��� to ascertain the  classification for duty of a jaw-bone imported by Dr. LaBau. Tlie importer  objects to the payment of any duty as he  is of the opinion that jaw-bone is the one  article which Laurier's free trade government allowed to remain exempt.  Alderman Fletcher, J. Roderick  Robertson and Harold Selous of this city,  and A. F. Corbin of Rossland, together  "with Messrs. Alexander, Fraser and Keen  of Kaslo have been appointed a committee  ' by the Kootenay Miners Association for  the purpose of examining the "companies  act, J807" and reporting upon same at the  next quarterly meeting of the association.  The association is not satisfied with the  act as it oassed the last session of the  legislature and will endeavor to have it  amended.  The special committee of the city  council, appointed for the purpose of  selecting a site for a city cemetery, have  reported that it is not within the means  of the city to purchase the laud required  for a cemetery, provided a suitable .site  could be found within a mile or so of the  city, as all land near the cityis either sub  divided into town lots or held for that  purpose. The committee in their report  express the opinion that suitable ground  can be secured within easy reach of the  cjty along the line of the Columbia and  Kootenay Railway. A month's extension  was asked and granted in which to make  a final report.  There is considerable rivalry between  T. A. Collin and Newton Hoover as to  who raises the finest strawberries. The  former claims he has the largest berries  ever grown in Kootenay, and the latter  says his are the finest flavored.  The Nelson Electric Light company  placed an order this week for two 1000-  light dynamos. When installed this will  give the. company capacity to furnish  ,"3,000 incandescent lights of IG-candle  power.  The case of Regina vs. Wright'came  before Judge Forin Thursday afternoon.  The prisoner, Frederick William Wright,  of Rob-son, was charged with making a  fraudulent transfer of property for the  purpose of defrauding his creditors.  .When the case was called Judge Forin  expressed the opinion that it should have  been/a civil action and not a criminal  action. He discharged Wright and a settlement was arrivecf at between the parties shortly after. J. IT. Bowes appeared  for the crown and A. M. Johnson for the  prisoner Wright. ���  Postmaster Gilker announces that the  postof'fice boxes ordered by him several  weeks ago have arrived ;ind will probably be ready for use next week. These  new boxes will be a great (Convenience to  the business men who heretofore have  been unable to secure boxes of their own,  and will no doubt do away with much of  the complaint which has arisen from this  quarter. Hud it not been for the delay  of the manufacturer, the boxes would  have arrived in Nelson upon the completion of the new postofiice building.  Hon. D. W. Higgins, speaker of the  legislative assembly, spent a couple of  days in Nelson this week. Since the clone  of the session .Air. Higgins has taken up  his residence in Rossland, and those who  profess to know say that he is laying tlie  wires to represent Rossland, or tlie district which may contain it in the next  provincial   legislature.     For  some time  Wc have jusl received another lot of Ladies' Fine Shirt  Waists, made of Organdy and Dimity Detachable While  Collars and Cuffs; also Collars and Cuffs to match Waists.  An early inspection of these g'oods are asked, as they arc  selling rapidly.     Mail  orders will receive prompt attention.  A carload of Nails and am prepared to quote prices to Builders  and Contractors lower than has ever before quoted in Kootenay.  We carry in stock a full line of Builders' Hardware, Stoves, Iron,  Steel, Anvils,. Bellows, Shovels, Picks, Hammers, Powder, Fuse,  Caps, ,Etc., and a complete stock of Groceries, and with our' large  and our knowledge of the requirements of the country we claim to  be better able to fit out a prospecting party or a mining company  with supplies than any other house in the city or district. Sole  agents for the Giant Powder Company, and the Gurney Stove and  Range Company.  Always reliable and  as represented  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  Just rcccivcQ9��(  5  ..and.  HE latest styles of Ladies' Purses and Card Cases,  and Gents' Pocket Books and Purses. The prices  are right and the goods the  best manufactured   W.   F.  Teetzel  &  Co,  DRUGGISTS  For sale by  all leading wholesale  and retail dealers  Oh as, Boeckh & Sons,  Manufacturers of Brushes  Brooms and Wooodenware  Toronto, Ont  W.   R TEETZEL & CO.  Agents for B. Lawrence Spectacles nnil Kyc Classes  Kyesight tested free  speaker Higgins has not been on good  terms with the Turner government, and  it is now said that he will openly oppose  the cabinet.  W'ANTKD��� Two rooms for light housekeeping, or two  rooms with privilege uf using kitchen. Address "Housekeeper." Tribune ollice.  MINING STOCK FOR SALE  The business centre for the rich  mines on  Springer Creek and  100,000 shares of stock in the Hansard  Cold and Copper Mining Company.  50,000 scares in the Kootenay Development  Company.  We are just placing in stock the finest line of READY MADE CLOTHING  ever brought into the city  100,000 shares in the White Grouse  iqg Company.  Min-  Slocan  Lake.    This  the  richest districts  Columbia.  is  in  one of  British  -For further iiifornintion ripply to  R. E. LEMON,  Clemen Is & !  Nelson, B. C.  lillyer block.  Lots $100  $500 each  to  FI��\NK FLETCHEH, Trustee.  NOTICE TO BUILDERS!  W. J. G. DICKSON  irze^-l estate  -A-Hstdd cojvejvcissiojnt -^gkejstt  nvninsrinsTG- broker  HONEST WELL MADE GARMENTS  that will give satisfaction.  An entirely new stock of FELT HATS AND CAPS  ' in the latest styles and makes  The Nelson Planing Mill has  just received one carload of  clear dry cedar lumber from the  coast.  One carload of glass.  A boom of half a million feet  of fine logs from Idaho.  T. W. GRAY, Prop.  BEALEY BLOCK, BAKER STREET, NELSON.  FOR SALE.  Several valuable business site's.on  Baker St.  Business block���two stores���Baker street.  Business  block���three stores all rented���on  two 30-foot lots, with offices above.  Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.  Apply to W. d. G.  DICKSON.  A Magnificent line of Scotch Tweeds and Worsteds, and West of  England Trousering's, suitable for 'Spring? wear.  A special feature of Fancy Worsted Suitings.  NOTICE.  MATE  BY  THE  DAY WEEK   OR  MONTH  Pleasant Location  Jlxiii Cooking  Comfortable Rooms  No Children  Carbonate .Street neur Ward.  Terms Reasonable  MRS. T. TODD  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given Unit I, A. O. Evans, intend lo  apply nt Hie expiration of nixty days from llie publication  of Lli'ir* nol ii-c. lo tlie commissioner of lands mid works lo  purchase Ihe following unsurveyed, unoccupied, and unreserved crown lands, siiuato at or near \\ hite tlrouse  mountain, anil embracing lands near confluence of north  itml west hrii-ich of Coat crook, a tributary nf float, river,  iu the Coat river mining division of the district of West  ICootcnay. Hrilish Columbia.  Having appointed W. J. G. Dickson local agent for  Addition A to the townsite of Nelson, intending purchasers of lots, or persons wishing information, plans, or  price-lists of the addition, will please apply to him.l  F. C. INNES.  SHERIFF'S SALE.  Province of Hrilish Columbia, N'elson, West lvootenay.  to-wit:  My virtue of warrants of execution'issued, out of the  county court at Nelson at. the suit of A. A. MolCiiinon,  plaintiff, and to me directed against the goods and  chattels of John .Shannon, defendant, I have seized  and taken in execution all the right, title and interest of  said defendant, .John Shannon, in lhe Calvary mineral claims situated about one mile below .Sheep'creek,  on the east side of Salmon river, in the Nelson mining  division, and recorded in the mining'recorder's, ollice  at. Nelson, liritisli Columbia, to recover the sum of  $!IO!)."ir>. amount -of said execution besides interest", sheriffs poundage and till other costs and legal ���incidental  expenses, all of which I shall expose for sale, or sutlicienf  thereof to satisfy said judgment, debt, and cosls, at the  front of the court bouse. Nelson, on the Hrd day of .Inly.  A. I). 1807. at the hour of 11 o'clock iu the forenoon.  Notk: intending purchasers will satisfy themselves  as to interest and title of said defendant.  W. P. ItOHINSON. Deputy Sheriff..  Dated N'elson. June Ifitli, 1KII7. |.lnne liltlij  BAKER STREET, NELSON  AT MY STORE  Complete Stock of Silverware in Ladies'and Gents'Goods  CALL AND EXAMINE  IlKsr.'ltll'TKI.V.  Commencing at initial post marked "A. (). E.'h X. K.  corner." thence due north III chains, thence due west .so  chains, thence due south 10 chains, thence due cast, WI  chains to point of commencement, containing '.tin acres  more or less. A. <>. KVANS.  Dated this llth day of May. 18IKI7. IJune 10th]  Notice of. Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that I, L. P. .Morrhnan, intend  to apply al the expiration of sixty days from the publication of this nol ice. lo llie commissioner of lands and  works, Io purchase the following unoccupied.unsurveyed  and unreserved lands, situate at or near White Grouse  mountain, and embracing lands near confluence of north  and wesl brunch of Goat creek, a tributary of Contriver,  in the Goal river mining division of West Kootenny district. British ('oliiinbia.  Ill'.SCItll'TIO.V.  initial  post   marked  wmm  3sro"ricj3-  The court of Assize and Nisi Prius and of Oyer and  Terminer and General Gaol delivery, set to be holden at  Nelson on Monday, the 21st day of June instant, is adjourned by order of tho honorable Mr. Jusl ice Walkem, to  Thursday, the 21th day of Juneinstant, at lOo'dock in tlie  forenoon. Jurors, witnesses and others will take notice  hereof and act accordingly. E. T. H. SIMPKINS,  Acting Deputy District Registrar.  Dated at Nelson, li. C. June 7th, A. O. 1S97.  COUNTY  COURT  SITTING.  Sitting of the county court of lvootenay will be holden  at Ihe court house. City of Nelson, on the Kith day of  July, al II o'clock in the forenoon.  E. T. II. SIMPKINS, Acting Kegistrar of Court.  Dated this 1st, day of June, A. I). IS07. [June 5th]  P  Our premises have just been generally overhauled  and greatly enlarged. Stock has also been increased.  We carry everything that a man can want, and the  prices  are   right.      Eng.   City   K.   Boots our specialty.  O.   STORE BAKlf?nSTREET J.   A.   GILKE  Commencing at initial post marked "I.. I'. M.'s N*. K.  corner." thence due south 1(1 chains, thence due west .SO  chains, thence due north 10 chains, thence due east 80  chains to point of commencement, conlajiiiiig 'A2U acres  more or less. Iu. I'. MKltUIMAN.  Dated Ibis Hth day of May. J8U7. J.fnne Kith  Near corner Victoria mid Stanley streets  Views of all parts of Kootenay  Photographs in the latest styles  Guarantee satisfaction  NELSON, B. 0.  BRANCH MARKETS   .   ....  Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  t-M  Mrs. Johnson, j  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.  mu���imiiiM��i����iii��,niumiiiiu��^^  iMMMiimsaaHttfflM^  mm


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