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 C'  East a,n5 West Kootenay  Have   Bettor Showings   for Mines than   any  oilier Sections on ihe Continent  of America.  (Capital an6. Brains  Can   Both   be   Employed   to   Advantage   in  the  Mining  Camps of East and  .  West   Kootenay.  1/  ilST   YI.AII.---WO.  _\rI_LSON,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,  THURSDAY,  .JlJ_\Ti_ S,   I Si)  PRICE  TEN  GENTS.  TWO    GOVERNMENTS     INDICTED.  BOTH    FCR    FAILING   TO   PROVIDE    FOR  THE   PEOPLE   UNDER   THEIR   CARE.  Two Juries Lecturer!, by a Jiulfrc for Two  Different Cau;e:;: Ono for uot Seoln-*- l_vi-  (ionce as He Saw it, and the Other for  P.'e;c:in.inK ILUa a Report. Written in Pen-  oil IiiKloacl of Ink.  !lic as  lii'M  nl  .M<ni<iii y.  portanl^  __��"till L-\- was  si/.c coin':  Nelson ;i!i(l  'I'll..- Coy  OIIO    hoard.  followed  year  in   the  Tin-   fiu-ts   in  known lo t lie  sessions ot  which were  '���   Kaslo. ii(l.j<Mii'ii('il  on  ease was tin1 only ini-  ,   and    (Iii-   verdict  of  by a sentence oi' one  provincial jail ad K.-imloops.  (his case arc generally well  people in  (lie lal*ti country,  and   the morals ol'   those on   tho outside  would  nol.   he   improved   hy  reading   the  oviileiiee gi\ t-n a l ( he trial.    Two inriict-  iiie.it.-    were    rel.uriu'd    against    "Jack"  Bengoway I'or .-tabbing a night watchman  aL  Kaslo   last fall.     Bougoway  was  tried  on   one and neipiitted. and   for so  doing  the (rial jury got  a   lecture from llie piv-  .s i (I i s i ._;��� judge  fli.-it (hey will   romemiber as  long as they live.    It  is douhtl'ul if these  "��� lectures" do good, i'or lhe a vei ;\ge nian.  in this count I'V ai   least, will   not,   he bulldozed   even   by  a   judge of   the   supreme  court.      The    other   indictment     against  Bougoway  still   hangs over him. and   a-  long as it does a certain ���'honest witness"  will he in no dauber of his life.    The; Lawrence case, at Nelson, was disposed of. as  it should have hcem by an ae-ipiit'fal.   The  I laynes case was settled hy the abatement  of the nuisance, that is. the Haynes house,  of ill fame was moved from 'among respectable people to a locality where? respectable   people   only   occasionally   go. ���   The  (Jrand Jury, after spending four days in  hearing evidence' and   receiving a "snub"  from   the  court, submitted   the'following  report, which thojudge ironically charae-  terr/.cd as "an able docuiiR'nt."aud which  the   attorney-general   called   Van .-indict-'  nieiit of t he govern men! /:"  ni;.-\Ni) .iru v niorotrr.  May it I'l.KASio torn Lohnsiiii*:' The  Cranif Jury Tor the Koolenay Lake portion of West Koofouay electoral district,  having given attention to siirliniaUci'.s.as  were laid before- them, beg leave to prison!, their re  The  a nd o  'velopment has more than kept pace with  I he libera li I,v of the posl ollice departinei it.  There are live newspapers publishod in  this portion of tho district, three banks in  operation, six passenger steamers make  daily trips, a largo number of mercantile  houses art; established, and our population and commercial interests require  gi eat efficiency of mail service; but from  the reports (hat reach us, we find (here is  a total lack' of conlidence in the postofiice:  as a medium for the. punctual or regular  transmission of mail. Letters and papers,  in great number, ai e carried by private  conveyance: aud thesaleof United StaIes  stamps, to he used on letters posted in the  I'uited Stales by outgoing tra velers.  causes a not inconsiderable loss to tins  revenues of the postofiice dopartinent.  In conclusion, wo can but return our  thanks I'or tho groat, consideration shown  us by your lordship and for tho many  courtesies ox I ended us by .lie officials of  t hi' court.  Fii'AXK Fi.ktchkk. Foreman.  Kaslo. Jin.e ".-d. I WW.  DOfiS   PROTECTION  i'  port:  number of indictments considered  ' true bills returned is ihe host proof  I hat the people of this .section of the province are law-abiding oiLi/.ens. even as  much so as were (he people of the earlier-  discovered mining district's.  A. numerously signed petition was presented us. and we have made, due inquiry  .regarding the questions thuse-alkd Lo our  ��� attention.,' We found that the complaint  of the petitioners was based on tho spread'  of tho social evil : a.questioii that lias boon,  found a troublesome oik? to deal with in  all civilized countries. We.believe that  the regulation of the eviL should be  left to tho authorities, but that the authorities have? been neglectful in tho past,  as certain of the houses complained ol  have been allowed to flourish in close proximity to house.*- occupied Py respectable  families, many of whom have'children.  'Another of the houses complained of (a  place of public entertainment) has had its  respectability attested by the holding of  a. session of court within its wal.s. This  appears Lo us tube an uiuvise act ion ou  the part of the authorities: for if the  courts a re lo be respected., their sessions  should be h .sld amid surrountiit.gs that are  suggestive of respectability.  We. iu order to aid the authorities,  brought in a true bill against one of the  houses complained of by tho petitioners :  and we do recommend that hereafter sessions of court bo not hoid in buildings used  for a business that is considered by many  of our people productive of vice and dissipation.  We 'inspected the jail at Xelson. Although it is but two yearssinee this building was erected, it is now qui e inadequate  for its purposoand lucking in many tilings  necessary for its good management. We  found a prisoner who had uoen seriously  injured conlined in one of t he cells, ami  the jailer without any appliances for hi.s  treatment: there is neither bath nor wash  rooms and only a small stove. 'I'I io nn plastered walls, shou.d they become infesied  with vermin.could ueveraflorwards be rid  of tlieiu. Willi a large forceof railroad men  in proximity, we fear that the authorities  will liinl themselves in close quarters this  summer, and we urge upon the government the necessity for the i mined ia leenlargement and renovation of the building.  We found scrupulous cleanliness and order  as far as the means at the disposal of the  jailer would permit.  The inconvenience of the present system  of registering titles has been brought bo-  fore us. With some twenty registeied  town plats (several of which are rapidly  growing towns), and a large number of  conveyances executed in the district, we  have no registration office nearer than  Victoria. We submit that it would  scarcely cost the government more to  have the work of registration done hero  than at Victoria, and the economy of time  and expense, to say nothing of the lessening of trouble and annoyance, thereby effected to our peop.e would be enormous.  A lack of facilities for the collection of  small debts is a standing gr.i v.uu o in . he  district. Our people are denied regular  times at which to sot tie their differences  in court. This, we believe, is not because  of an overworked judiciary, but because  of an nn willingness on the part of tlie  government to grant our people what is  granted those of other and more favored  sections.  Wo find much complaint of tho mail  .service throughout, the district.    Our de-  Tend to Degrade the People of Canada and  the United States?  A despatch from Fort Huron. Michigan,  says that trade in that town has been seriously affected of late as a consequencof  the exceptional vigilance of Canadian custom oflicers and detectives, who have been  successful inoxposingnuinoroussmuggling  operations on a small scale by eiti/.ens of  Snrnia. and mulcting the offenders in  heavy fines. The reports may be exaggerated, but they'serve to call attention to a  phase of tlie working or a high protective  tariff whicli i.s not usually sufficiently considered.    We   refer to  its affect in .1 ottering'dissimulation  and   blunting tht;,eelge  ���ol that nice sense of honour which cannot  be   too  assiduously   cultivated.     No   e'hi;  who knows  anything .about  the  matter  doubts that in spite of all the vigilance of  the  oflicers sta i loni'd  on   lvootenay  lake  and river a large amount of smuggling is  ���done, not only oy  unprincipled hucksters  who make a business of it, but by respectable, and in all other niaiters, honest citizens.    Indeed, it is no uncommon thing to  meet' with people es tool nod by themselves  and .others., .exceptionally,   "good,"   who.  have persuaded   thoinseives   that there is  no moral   wrong whatever in evading the  duty on  small   purchases for their own  use or for. that of their neighbors.'  When  they are opposed to   protection on principle, their arguments are somewhat after  ibis   fashion,    y'ihi.s  article   is   mine.    1  have  purchased it and   paid I'or it its full  value.    Hence   not oven  the government  has any right to stop in and compel me to  pay an additional sum-for-the privilege of  taxing it homo and using it."    tint we art-  far from   insinuating that the smugglers  of this class are -ill enemies of protection.  On tho contrary, there is good   reason  to  believe that the proportion   of those who  evade the payment of duty whenever possible is just as large amongst those wiio  vote for protection as a-policy as amongst  those who do not, though how the former  can defend their evasion, saveou the principle that they  believe in  high taxation  lor all but themselves,   we  are unable to  conjecture.   -Headers    who   pride  themselves on   taking thoroughly .."practical"  views of all questions   may  sneer at  the  ethical view of  the case,   Out the morally  thoughtful   cannot  fail to  perceive   that  whatever tends to lower the moral tone of  a large a I ass-of citi/.ons.  or to impair in  any  degree  tho'tlelicacy of thei  honor,    tends   to   degrade   the  character.  ��� sense of  national  An Uiuair _-'Ui_.o_e.  We hear strange  reports   from time to  time concerning the alleged strength and  purpose of the secret society known as the  ���'Protestant      Protective      Association,''  which   is said to have  extensive ratnilica-  cations ou both sides of the  international  boundary line,     it is not unlikely that the  'current  notions with regard   to the numbers  and influence of this society may be  a gootl   deal   exaggerated,   in  accordance  with the   tendency to iiris.aKe "whatever  is unknown is tnought tube magnificent,"  Vet there can bo no douot that.such a society  exists:  that its  membership  is uot  insignificant, and, if we may behove.statements which we have seen over the signature of a respectable member,  that itsob-  je t. is sinister.    That object, as generally  understood,  and   as  openly   declared   by  credible persons who ciami to be members,  is iiei.her more nor loss than to  keep Roman Catholics oncol' office, and to depose  those who already occupy public ami odi-  clal   positions.     A   more unfair  purpose  could   hardly  bo avowed,  especially  in a  country like Canada, in which tho citizens  who are thus marked ou. for proscription  at the polls not only constitutea very considerable part of the  population, but are  very  largely in the  majority in one of its  provinces, and ha ve special rights guaranteed to them by   the constitution.    There  can be no better test of the character of a  given policy than a calm consideration of  the state of things  which   would result  should   that   policy   completely  prevail.  But a moments   reflection is   required   to  make it clear that the complete success ot  the association in question in Camum.���implying, as of course it would, the exclusion  iroiii office, not only of tlie present leader*  of both political parties in the Dominion,  but of a. number of the subordinate and  not always least honorable and  efficient  members'of the federal parliament, and of  each of  the  provincial   legislatures,  and  thus inflicting a cruel injustieeaiid wrong  upon   perhaps  one-third of   . he people ol  Canada,    would mean  elthtrchii war or  the   upbroak  of  the confederation,   and  probably both.  KASLO   IN   GREAT   DANGER.  Not from,its Trade Being Diverted, but from  Destruction by Fire.  No (own in Canada has been better advertised than Ivaslo, and that, too, wifh-  o.itexpenso to the owners of the townsite;  but today it is suffering from being too  well advertised. The advertisements  caused a large number of people of small  means to locate in the town, and business  of all kinds is too well represented.   When  real   estate;   was  changing  hands   freely,  times were good and everyone was happy:  but now. when lew sales  of real property  art; being made, times art. <|tiiet, and nota  few   predict   that   the   town   is  going   to  smash.    Those who  pre;;-ict this can have  but little faith in the country,  for if the  country is any good it certainly can support a town larger than   Kaslo i.s at present.    The   trouble   is that  the town   was  over-boomed, and.   as in all over-boomed  towns, real   estate and   rents wore raised  unreasonably high, so high that when the  reaction took place nany who had bought  property on  time lost all   they   invented,  for   prices   have dropped .10 per cone and  more in   the last  thirty days.    Vet, even  now. prices are too high _ for  tho  man   of  moderate means Lo niakoinvoskinents wit h  any show of receiving fair interest thereon.    The   best   indication   that  residence  property is beyond the means of poor men  is tlie number  of shacks and cabins occupied   by  squatters, for if residence  property   had   been  within   reach a  fair  percentage of these people -would have purchased ground and squatted on their own  property.    To the average stranger,  the  lack of residences indicates a 'people who  ire without  confidence  in the place, and  i  1  town presents a creditable appearance,  and whileall lines are'too well represented,  if rents were scaled down, most of those  now in business would -pull through. Kaslo  is in more danger from being wiped out by  fire than from its trade being diverted to  o( her points. :".''..,..  THE   NELSON   <fc   FORT   SHEPPARD.  Clii��_-      M   ItilWUU        LUJIIHH-l-t-J        ill      uuv    jiiuv,v.        _��-����v.  only too ready to  pick up and  leave on a  day's notice. ' The business portion of the  BANK   FAILURES   IN   SPOKANE.  The    Banks   in   the   Kootenay   Lake   Country  Solvent  and Safe;  The telegraph line being down between  Nelson and Spokane,' ho authentic "advice s  have been received from the latter place  regarding the bank failures. On Tuesday  rumors were afloat regarding the failure  of the Bank of Spokane: Falls and, the  Washington National Bank, the former a  private bank owned principally by A. M.  Cannon and tho latter a national bank in  wliich Mr. Cannon is a stockholder. On  Wednesday the telegraph line was working just long enough for the officials to sa-y  that it was 'working. Passengers, however, who left Spokane on Wednesday  ��� morning-report four banks closed ���--the  two above mentioned and the Washington Savings and the Citizens National -  but that there was no panic.  Banks, like individuals, cannot always  realize on their assets una day's notice:  and it often happens that perfectly solvent institutions are forced to suspend  payments for a time in order to realize on  their .securities without loss. In times  like these, what is wanted i.s confidence.  If that is lacking, not only the banks but  the business interests of the country must  suffer losses that will require time to restore. The chartered banks of .Canada  are perfectly solvent, under existing conditions, and if they remain so it will be  proof that the banking system of Canada  is better than that of the United States,  for if all the banks in a place like Spokane  go to the wall, there i.s sure to be  suspensions throughout every state in  tlie Union. There -should be no uneasiness in the Kootenay Lake country, for  its banks have in their vaults a dollar I'or  every dollar duo depositors.  NEW   DENVER    NOTES.  Once tlie  Grade  is  "Well   Under  "Way,  a Mile  of Track Will be Laid a Day.  I.. .J. Koberts. chief engineer of the Nelson 6c Fort Sheppard rail.way. was in Nelson on Wednesday.    He.said the road will  be completed   and trains  running over it  by  October   1st.    The  distance  from the  boundary  line is about  sixty   miles,   and  from Spokane in   the close  neighborhood  of _()().    The work on tho Nelson end   is in  good   shape,  and the. only  difficulty is at  the Fort Sheppaid   end. where  there i.s a  mile or two of heavy   work.    The track is  now at the Is(mkI d'Orieile bridge, and will  be across the bridge by July 1st.    It is the  intention to  keep tlie   track close on the  heels of  the graders,  and.   making all allowances for delays, a mile of track a. day  should be laid, after August 1st.    It is not  known   when   regular  trains   will be run  north   of Northport.   but  probably   not  until the track is   well over  towards Salmon river.    The   grade   is   an   easy   one  (eighty   feet to the mile) from the Columbia   river  folho summit at Cottonwood  Smith   lake;   but from   the lake  to Five-  mile )joint, it is a 21 per cent one. or about  l:j() foot  to the  mile.    Five  hundred men  are at work   on the Fort Sheppard  end.  and as many more waiting to go to work.  At tho   Nelson end, contractors  McLean  and   Nelson   have their  camps  built and  men strung along the work. Nelson's first  camp is at the crossing of the east fork ol'  Cottonwood Smith  creek, whores grading  was commenced yesterday.-   As Mr.   Roberts '/'was   chief   engineer   on   the   Great  Northern when   that ���compa-n'y'-'built- o50-  miles of road in seven months,   in INS",-he  probably 'knows  pretty  near what.-'-he is  talking about when he says trains will be  running into Nelson by October 1st.  Nelson and  all points on   Kootenay lake.  Ho also made an arrangement for -the delivery of mails at  Lardo until  such time,  as a postofiice could be established at that  place1.    As the provincial government lias  seem fit to make Lardeau   on the east arm  of Upper Arrow lakea record office, which,  in a great measure', gives the name it bears  official precedence over Lardo. the owners  of the latter  townsite   had better change  the   name to one over which there fan brim conflict, for the posteif'fice department  is not likely to e-stablish two offices "of .the  same name in the same district.    Hereafter,   through   niails from   Kevelstoke anel  Spokane for Ivaslo will go direct from the  railway depot at Nelson to thost earner Nelson on Sundays, Tuesdays.and Thursdays.  Mails from   Kaslo I'or outside   points will  bo   transferred   from   tho steamer   Ainsworth to the railway direct em Tuesdays,  Thursdays, and Saturdays.    All mails for  .Balfour.   Pilot  Bay.  aud Ainsworth   anri  local mails for Ivaslo will leave Nelson by  the steamer Ainsworth on Me>ndays,Wed-  nestlays.  and   Fridays.    Mails from these  points will be dcsp-itchcd fioin Nelson  on  Tuesdays. Thursdays, anel Saturelays.  TIME   WORKS   GREAT  -7  NOT   ONLY.  IN   COUNTRIES AND TOWNS,  BUT IN  INDIVIDUALS AS WELL.  THE   IMPENDING  Can   Gladstone  CRISIS.  STEAMBOAT   NEWS.  Nelson    Now  Steamboats  .June 2nd. -There is a strong feeling  among New Denver people that they are;  entitled to more than the weekly mail iie>w  allowed, anel this feeling has found utterance iu a numerously signed petition te>  the postmaster-general for increased facilities. The fact of the mining recorel office  of the district being loe-ated here is alone-  a sufficient reason I'or asking for at least a  tri-weekly mail.  If any portion of the; money appropriated for roads and trails is to he used in  this section this summer, work should bo  conimciu*od at once. A wagon road tei  Throe Forks is a necessity.  Notices have been posted, by order of  the: assistant commissioner of lands and  works, calling em the owners and occupiers of buildings situated on the streets  to remove the same, as the government  intends to commence clearing and grading  streets at eme-e;.  The Halfway house ou the Slocan Biver  trail is closed, which indicates that tlu-ro  is ne)t much travel by way of that route.  The Madden boys have their pack train on  the reiute-, anel seem to have; all the fivight  they can handle.  A butcher shop has been openeel henr.  the beef cattle to be slaughtered at the-  upper end of Slocan lake, where there are  meadows on whicli cattle; can be grazed.  The steamboat VV. .'Hunter has had  another dock added, anel makes regular  trip daily from Now Denver to Four Mile  City (now called Silverton). thence to the  upper end of the hike; ami back to New  Denver. On Mondays. Wednesdays, and  Saturdays a circuit of the lake is made,  enabling passengers over the Slocan Biver  trail to rtiaeh Four Mile anel New Denver  by 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  Headquarters for  and Steamboatmen.  '���..For'a while'this spring it looked as if  Nelson was not even a port of call for a  steam boat, to say imthingof beingan out-  port fen- the colleetiem of customs. But  every, dog has its.'day, and Nelson's day  i. ��� not far distant. On a Sunday there are1  n fore; stea in boat captains in Nelson than  colonels and judges in a Kentucky te>wn  of twice the size;, l.very boat'oil tho lake-  calls regularly, except, tho State of Idaho,  anel tho only/thing that keeps her from  co-iiing is the fear of a elainago suit for  breaking the telephone company's wire  that crosses,the Outlet at the Narrows.  The Ainsworth'has been awarded a contract' for carrying the mails, anel from  this time on will lea ve Nelson on Mondays, AV'ednesdays, and Fridays at S A.M.  Returning, she will leave Lardoat ~> A.M.  anel Kaslo at S A.M. on Tuestlays, Thurs-  ��� days, and'Saturdays. The Spoka-nc i.s e>n  the same route. She ltsaves Nelson at U  A.M. em Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, returning on W'e-dnesdays. Fridays,  anel Sundays. The Nelson-makes three  round trips a \v��.;ek between Nelson and  Bonner's 'Ferry, leaving Nelson on Sundays. Tuesdays, anel Thursdays.' The  State of Idaho", after the 1st of .Inly, will  also-run between Nelson and Bonner's  Forry.'as' from that time on Nelson will bean outporfc.  On the Columbia- river, the Columbia'  and Lytton are making regular trips; the  former between Hobson and ' Northport.  and the; latter between Robson and Kevelstoke. Tlie Kootenai makes an occasional trip with freight from Beveslstoke.  The Marion is run be'twee-n Revelstoke;  and Lardeau, the town ou tho oast arm of  Upper Arrow lake.  A New Recording Division.  The provincial government gazettes the  establishment of another mining division  in West Kootenay district, with the town  of Lardeau, on the east arm of Upper Arrow lake, as the recording e-f'fie-e, and Daniel A. Lauiey as the reerorder. It is a commission elivision, the same as Trail Creek.-  Goat River, anel Illicillewaet. that is. the  mining recorder receives a e.-oiiimi.-sion on  the business transacted instead of a stipulated salary. The new division is numbered S. iinel called Lardeau, and e:omprises  all the hind on the Lardo river, commencing at a point eight miles from where the;  said river leaves Trout lake;, and on all the  ' streams (lowing into such portion of tlm  Lardo river, and ou all the; streams and  rivers flowing into Trout: hike; and into fh<-  ('oluinbia river. Upper .Arrow lake.-, between Alcololex riveraud Half-way creek,  excerpting the; lands on Fish creek lying  neirtii of Battle creek, and on the stre-aius  flowing into the said Fish creek above  Battle creek." That Lardeau is the most  central point I'or a recorel office' I'or the new  division is (|iiestie>nable:. but. the necessity  I'or the; division is beyond (pie-sfioii.  Will Encircle the World.  The   Canadian    I'acilie-   is   the   world's  greatest railway and (Jrover Cleveland is  the   world's   greatest   ofKieoholdcr.      On  leaving olTfie-e the lattew will make a tour  of the world, and in doing so intends traveling by no other route than the Canadian  I'aeifie." This wemld indie-ate that Mr.  Cleveland is "laying pipe" for another  term. I'or, judging by the time taken in  building the ('row's Nest Pass road.itwili  take; the Canadian I'aeifie ill least seven  years to encircle the globe with its railway-steamboat line.  Better Mall Facilities.  1'osteiHice Inspector   Fletcher   put in an  appearance in the lake country last week,  and   before;  leasing  made   arrangements  I'or a tri-weekly daylight  service between  Go  Through   a   Hot   Night   in  July?  The re-assembling this week after  the  holidays of the British house of commons  leaves an extremely grim   impression   of  (ilaelstone.    Foi- the; first time he seems to  acknowledge  his age and to  bow before  the impending crisis. An olel man, always  courtesy itself, he seems to-have taken on  the  transfiguration   garment.     He  is   as  subtle and dexterous its of yore,' but he is  otheroalizeel and clepree-atory, rising with  ���.'warning finger like an ancient sybil te> rebuke his  unruly opponents, -who shrink  before his a pparition as.from a ghost, and  grow silent when ho rises in the stormiest  .moments of the house .and with his weirtl  aspect cows the bitterest, of .-his enemies,  but is a.purely personal feeling a nd stays  no movement of the general  obstruction.  Conversely  to tho olel  saying spread of  old-that the beloved apostle  will not die,  rumor..''whispers .among the Glaelstonian  disciples that the,old man'.is going, iinel an  .'awe-struck  hushfalls upon the turbulent  ''a.sse'i'iib!y''wireii"e'ver he a rises. J lis"'"enemies  treat him as if each'speech inight.be'his  last and deferentially listen tei  the 'voice  that fails now and   then,  but'i.s eked   out  with gracious gesture. -Nobody dreams of  complaining that he cannot hear, while the  strangers in the gallery look em appalled  at the dumb show iinel reporters compare  notes  to  collate each- syllable.'   There is  murmuring that Gladstone's  speeches get  harrier iinel   harder.to take.    With 'extraordinary tenacity he refuses to allow Motley. Harcourt, or any e>no else to steer the  bill and  remains  till   mielnight,   fighting-,  fencing, and rapiering its  if in  hi.s prime.  Thursday'-he  remained  after all his colleagues   tex put through some trivial statute law anil revision   bill, blocked   by the;  Tories,   list to enable a eheai- revised volume of the statutes to be published.  His Irish sympathies daily find liiorc  niiirked expression and he turns continuously toward theapplaueling Irish 'quarter  as'if mutual-reparations were being exchanged-. The story got;s tlmt he fears he  will not last to witness the third reading  and -regards it as a sac reel charge of duty  e>f piloting the bill as far as he e-an during  his lifetime. Meanwhile esoi-y effort of  his genius-is smothered b.v the stupidity  of chairman Mellor. who is now spoken'of  opeiiily.as ,-i curse. Mellor tole-rittt-s bogus  'speeches and 'amendments amid (Hailstone's visible writhings. The Irish are  openly revolting against the; speakt;r's incapacity, but Ik; refuses closure anel .allows  twaddle nel Unit urn. Gladstone's antique-  courtliness is averse to arloptinggiiilleitine;  methods .knowing moreover.' that it  would afford a pretext tei the peers for  rejecting the- hill,.perhaps after his own  perseiiuil momentum is stilled forewer in  We-stiniiistor. He talks anel thinks of  nothing except e-arrying the bill, wishing  to be reineinbm-ed in connection with it.  Riiturning -home in the small hours of  last Wednesday morning, after a specially  wearying night, he remarked: "I ran  never go through a hot night in July."  His sayings are; now being treasured up  by his followers as if his hour were; coming. One; of them epiotetl is touching  enough in remonstrance against I'ac-  tionisui, "I hope the Irish will unite after  my di-al h." These premonitions, how-  <;ver, e-on trust, strangely at times with the  supernatural energy and vim of the old  man. who blazes like; a furnace whenever  tho Orangimie-n oiler au insult to their  e-o ntrymen. and springs at them lithe sis  ii naiither. The Liberals. he>weve;r, are  unbalanced ami perple;xcd. Botwe;eii considerations a (Tee-ting their I curler's age, tin;  chairman's bungling, and the Unionist  ferocity, they stand nieditafive and anxious at tlie e-lose of tin; week, hoping soon  for some issue out of the parliamentary  morass.  Three Years Ago President Van Home Accused  Himself of Being a Gambler for Building- a  Railway In Southern Kootenay, Now he is  Reported Only Too Willing that His Company Should Increase its Mileage in This  Section.   Many  of  the residents of Nelson   will  reinembe.'i- the first visit that AV. 0. Van  llornei, president of the-Canadian Pacific,  railway, made to this section; anri several  of them  will   remember  that he was reported as saying that the building of the  Columbia   <fc   Kootenay   railway   was   it  gamble, and  that  he dirl   not care what  kind of ii road his company built so long -  as the  trains  covered   the   distance   between Hobson anel Nelson in less than the  time taken by ".Jr-e" Wilson's pack train.  That  visit   was  made  in   the summer of  ISfK), and  made on  inuleback and in  ba-  te.'iiu.    Jt was as short as it was memorable to some of the railway oflicials who  got shook flip.    In  fae-t, Mr.  Vjui   Home  was'reported, at the time, to be in very  biiel humor:.  But times have e-hangtd.    In the three  years that have elapsed Southern Kootenay has imule progress, and the road that  was.considered a.gamble has been a prolifc-  able ..'feeder   te>    the -.'.Canadian     Pacific.  /'Whether.these causeis hael  any effect em  Mr. Villi Home is not"known, but it is ael-  mitted   that em   his  ree-ent  trip   he  was  .'"highly pleased" with -everything he saw  itnrl with everybody he met. lie predicted  a'great'future foi- this country, anel even  wont   so   far-as   to  predict  that  Xelson  would have a population-of 10.000 within  six years;   that it was-bound   te> ho the  mil way-..center of southern  British Columbia.      He is  also  reported  .-is   stating  that'the Crow's-Nest' Pass'ro.-ul would be  completed' to  Nelson within  two  years,  iinel that work would be commenced on it  within ninety clays.    That ho meant what  he said   is evidenced   by   the   fact   that  within  -18  hours of. "his ��� leaving   Nelson,  iin engineer party.of fifteen men. in charge  of ���'Sandy" Stewart,  wero   in   Ne;lson em  the way to make surveys for a practicable  route from Goat river through the mountains to Nelson.  . -Aside ��� from these encouraging predictions, Mr. Vsiii Horno's visit will do Southern Ke-otenay good in another way. He  was ae.-ce-i'upaineri'by men who are.' recognized iis able 'a iir.1 far-seeing business men,  anrl their influence among other business  nie.'ncan only result in attracting the attention of e-iipitiil to the many avenues in  whie-h it e-iin lie profitably invested in the  mining districts of British Columbia.  TRAIL   CREEK   DISTRICT.  Was Theodore Afraid?  It: was given out by the faithful tlmt  premier I )<*i vie would address the people;  of Kaslo and (hose of Nelson while in the  lake country last week. But hi" didn't.,  and the faithful are disappointed, for they  fully expected Mr. Davie to explain away  all the wrongdoings charged against his  government by its opponents. Had the  sudden appearance of "Tom" Kitchen of  ('hilli whiie-k anything to do with Theodore's surielen change of heart? "Tom" is  one of the; ()pposi| ion's best speakers, and.  nppaieutly. is camping <ai the premier's  trail. Mr. Kitchen arrived at Nelson on  Thursday ami was iu Kasloon l-'ririny and  Saturday. Mr. Davie left Nelson I'or  Mont real, so il i.s report oil, on Sunday.  Considerable   Activity  in   Mine   Development  and   Road   Building.  Sevente.'on men a re at work on t he wagon  roael that is being built fremi the town e>f  'Trail to the mines in Trail Creek elistrict.  The money for the work was advanced, in  part, by mine owners and  by the owners  of  the;'townsite;.'the government  appropriation   be-big 'between $_000 and 8W00.  'fhe length of the  road   will   he-six miles.  U. P. Amhii-son. who has contracted to elo  several   fhoiisaiul  dollars worth   of work  on   the  Le   Hoi and   War'I'-aglc mine's, is  now pumping the water out e>f.the; Le Boi  shaft,  so as .to allow of a  20-foot sump  being sunk.    The shaft  is. down 200 feet.  A   station  will be put   in at the  200-foot  level and 200-foot drifts will  be run both  ways on the  ledge-.    There  is also a force  on the War Lagle.    A  shaft will   be sunk  100 feet, ami 200 fe-et of drifts run.    Patsy  Cliii-k is wen-king three; shifts on the.Josie,  ami appears as if hi; had abetter tiling  than he; ever had  in  the Ceour ri'Alene-s.  The Lilly May. the- oldest location  in the  district,   has  hael   some work elone on   it  recently, iinel tho owner. Oliver Borrit-aii.  is preparing tei ship a carload of ore.    A  small   force is   working e>n   tlie O  J_, anel  some wonderfully rich ore is  being taken  out.    Two men are working e>n a   parallel  claim, the; I X L. and are knocking down  good ore.  An extension of the I X L called  the ("ioldeu I -rip will be- worked .-is soon as  its owner can ge-l in supplies. These three  claims are gold prospects.  A Small and Sequestered Garden Spot.  Occasionally tin item appears in print  regarding fire Valley, but few know its  locality. This wi'e-k several of its r��;si-  elents were in Nelson, and from one of  them the following was obtained: The  valley is on the west side; of Le>wer Arrow  lake, a low range of mountains a e-oinile  of iniles aore-ss separating it from 1 he hike.  If.cxte-nds along a creek I'or a distance of  eight to ton miles, antl is from a mile to  tlire-o miles wide;. The; soil is e-lay. ami  will raise- anything from pumpkins to  Bartlett pears. The setfh-rs uumber  t wenfy-s(;ven all told. The best lanel was  taken'up by Americans, some three years  ago, before if was surveyed. Since- then  it township has be-e-n surveyed, and the>  land is acquired by preemption. Two of  tho settlers mv from Austria, three from  Kngland, four from the United Sta(e-s, and  the; rtmtaiuricr from Kastern Canada. Kxcept flu; Americans, all the settlors are  hard workingiuiri thrifty. Tlie Americans,  having tlie choicest lanel. are holding it  I'or a raise and are not disposed to improve ( heir holdings. < >n.c of t hesettlei s.  who lived for a number of years in California ami Oregon, says Kire- Valley has  not its espial on tlie Pacific coast for rich  soil and salubrity of climate.  !"_b*  M___-������^^  g_��____i_i_____H-_i--^^  Mi|MUl)lMMtty__���_iH^ TIIK  TiUMUNb):   _N"1_LM0_\T,  B.C., THURSDAY   .IP NIC  s,  ISOH.  I XI  A portion of this New Townsite will be pvti on the market in a short time.  Nothing1 need foe said in its favor.   You have only to see it to foe convinced  that it is the Town of all the Sloean District.  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  TIIK  TKIIU'XK  i-.  pulilMied   mi  Thursday-, t>   .Iiiiin  '       IIiu'stiin .v On., iiml  will   In- mailed   In  -iih-'Tiliei--  i,n | i-i %- mi - u t iii' O.vi-: Din.i..\i: it yi-nr.    N'n-uh-eripl inn  Inken I'm- li��� l linn ii .*-i-iir.  l.'KCl'I.AI!    AJlVKl:TISKMK.N'T!**   |ninl(.-(l  nl   llie   following   niii--:     Our   inrli.   H'.'O n   year:   Iwo  inches.  SiJti   :i   '. rar;   lln-ri-   ini-lii.-.-  iSl a  yt-ar:   lour inclic.-.  .silo :i yi-iir:   live inches, SIH'i n year:  -ix  inches and  over, ill   ihe rale nf .Sl..">ii an  im-li   |n:r inmilli.  TI.'.A.VSII'.'NT   .MIVKI.'TISK.MKN'I'S  *JII cunts ii  line, for  lii-sl  insi-il inn and  III i-unl.- ;i lini: I'm-i.-acli iiddilimial  iii.M-i-liiin.     Ilirlli.   mai-riai,'!-. and   ili-nlli   notices I'n-c.  LOCAL OU   liKAIMN'li   MATTKII  N'( 'TICKS ."ill cents n  lim- i-in-li iii-i-i-l imi.  .Mill   I'L'INTl.N'l.'  ill   fair  rales.     All   accounts  I'm- .jnh  priiiiiiiK   siiitl   ndvorl i-iir-C   |iayalili;   mi   I In-   lii'-l   nl  i-vi-ry innnUi: .-nl-si-rii-limi. in advance.  A   I'.liANl'll Ol-'l-'le'K. willi Mr. li. II. Kemp in i-hnrtfe.  i- olnhlNliod nl   Kasln.    .Mr. Kemp is aiillinri/.i-il In  ri-i-ripl   for suh-oriplions nnil cunlrnol   for ad vert ise-   !   out    the   advantages    tllilt   eollll  munis.  jADI'l.'KSS all i-iiiiiiniiiiiciil ions lo  TIIK TIMHL'N'K. N'oNnn.  H. f.  PROFESSIONAL,   CARDS.  '..   M.I).    Physician  and  Sui-frutii  llnn.-lnn   Mink.   Nelson.    Telephone.   l_.  DIj.xHAU.   M.ll.    I'hvsicinn  and   Siirfrutm.    Kuums :t  ���    ami   I  BA.NDALI, II. KKMI'. .U.K. -Kxamincs and ri.-piii-l.-  on mines and prospects. Twenty years' cnnlinunii*  experience. Independent ninny uiiiiu or works. N'ol. in-  t-*resloi1-in I Iu- having or SL-lliii-; of iniin-s or prn-pocis.  Kas-lei. H.C.  Ll!. II A ItKISON. II. A. ���- liarrisK-r and Atliirm-y al  Law (nf tin: province nl' Ni:\v l!runswicki..< 'tinvey-  ii iici-i*. Nuiary I'uhlic. I'ni nini-,-���!( hut I'm-1 liking Atlidavil.-  I'fir use in I lie; ' iiiiirt.-. nf Hrilish Culliinliia. etc. Oilices -  Knoll nil and III. Ilnli.-lmi hlock..ln.-cphinoSt.. Nel-on. H.C.  ��he ��nlutne  until next vear. I he' nionil e-ITect i* .such on  all elasses of people, thai there is not  likely to be more crime! commit I ed iu  IK!):;-1 (haii tlioro was in IK!i_-:i. Of'e-oiirse.  th tire is a n e'leuieul. here I.ha 1- does nol I i kith i.s si a Iced'alia irs. bul il' I hey do not like  it they ha ve' but to rot in-u u> the count ry  from whence the-y e-anie. Uritish Columbia  can well do without ihem. On I he other  hand, there is an clcniciil here who. when  they do return lothe l.'nil o'l S(a tes. will  iii-ge.' upon (heir count rymcii llie uoccssii y  of the  enforcement of the- hi w aud   point  roni it.  liritish Columbia is a training school I'or  these people.  A in i.l. looking to the re-es I a blishn lent of  the stati! ba liking sysUtni lias bee-n introduced in thi! A rkiins.-is legislature. The  basis of the- circulation system is to be  suite bonds sit ���")') per cent, of their face  value, ami the: bills issued iire made receivable I'or ill I debts due in t he; sta le!. except/ interosl, on ihe public debt. This  last provision is suggestive;. If money  issued by lhe sta to is not good laiough to  pay ohliga tions due to t he sta le. it should  not be good enough lor other purposes.  /   SI    _     n ��1 V*. fe  ������"C-y  l_��-*f^_4  (Notary   Public)  -<     AND  A New Railway Under Construction.  Buy Befbr^ ti7e/T\ar^.et Ibises  REAL  _-_!__!  AUCTIONEER and COMMISSION AGENT ; T f| ft V   fITFF   UO Tl  iLuUJV Ir'1 ^  x Arno  J     9%     I    I    ^^ In the RAILWAY CENTRE and  "^^^^ ^^"^     , SEAT OF GOVERNMENT of West Kootenay.  CHOICE BUILDING-and RESIDENCE PROPERTY  _-.__5_3_f_.T_r,   ALLO"WED   FOK,   GOOD    _3XTI_l._DI."rsrGI-S-  ALSO LOTS FOR SALE IN NAKUSP, DAWSON, and ROBSON.  Apply for Prices,  Maps,  Etc., to           I'U'ltKSK-sTl.vr;   I  Tin: ('niif'-ili-i-iit ion l.ii't! .\.-,.-iM-iiiiiiui. j  Tlii-l'lni-nix l-'iri- In.-iuriiin-t- ('oniji.iiiy.  Till!   I'l-llVilll'lll.   l-'llllll   Al'l-iill'lll   ('lllll|lil!l\       ]  M.SII. , |  Tin- Siiiiily Criifl   iMHiniiry l.'i��iii|iiiii.v..in,iir Clii-sli-r, f-_111_   !  liuiil. iniil'i.-r.- nl".-ill kiiids nf iniiiiii^ iiiiii'liini'ry. iiir  ��� -���>!������]t'i*i������r=i���!���.-". i'im'I: lirciila-r.-i. .~i;iin|i-=. t-o-.  No. 1 JOSEPHINE STREET;  _sr__]i_so_srn e. C-  A  0UI1  THE CENTRE OF THE LARDEAU COUNTRY.  Frank Fletcher,  Land   Commissioner  Columbia &  Kootenay   Railway Co.,  ITELSOISr,  c.  T/M'[.\s'>AY   MOHSISO.  .II'.VKN.   ISC  " THJ_   GOVERNMENT   INDICTED.  The report   of  the  (I'r.-ind  .1 nr\' is virl n  ,-illy   ;in   in< liel inent.   of   lhe   <--o\'eniiiioiit.  The  report.  s;i\*s   ili.-ii,   the  people of  tills  por I.ion of l lie province ;ire not  I re;i toil n>  ;iri- I hose of ol her nnd   more   I'.-i \'oroil see-  .   lions: (h.'it owners of l.-nul ,-iro nunlo t.osnf  I'er    1,-iek    of   iiicon veiiienees    ,-inil    losse.-  I.lirou.yli   ;i    re^isl.i'\'   office:   L'liiib  (lel)Loi-.-  ov.-ulo piiynioiit of 111 oil just. < lol its beeiiusi  the     jutlj^cs     -ire      unwilling     lo     ���holt!  coiii-t.s ;il ro-riil.-u- inlorv.-ils:   tmnt; the itos-  t;il I'.-ieilit ies furnishoir.-i.ro iiiiide<|ii;i to foi  our irrowin.u'  coiiiuiuiiit/ios:   l.linl,   (,iio  .'ill-  t Jiori.iV.s iii-c   no(. strict, iu oiif'c��roiiiif l;i ws  iij^iiinsl   nuisiiiK-es.  ' Tlu:; ropoi-L w;is re.-id  in Lhe presence  of the premier,   hud as he  is the responsible head of the ^overnuient.  iis   well   as   the  ;i Ctorney-^onortil    of   the  proviiK-e. the indict liients eiinnot   Well be  tpiiished.  What i- I rue of the l';ieilie Const; states  is t ruool'l lii.-s I'aeiiii- Coast, province, when  the Cliinesenre under discussion. TlieSnn  l-'riiiu-iseo Ar^on.-iutsays :  "'Though every  ���" pulpil    in     the    Cnitetl    States   should  ���' (out   of   concern    for   the  souls   of   the  " heathen and indifference to t ho sou Isanti  ������ bodies of our own race)' roar against the  " Ceary   Act. that  act will   stand.and   be  ������enforced.     President  Cleveland -may be  " seared by tlie'thunder and the shouting  ������ of the parsons, but the masses elect cou-  " grossmen   nnd congress will  insist upon  " the  exreutive doing his  constitutional  ���' duty.    The  American people  are   wiser  " than t he preachers, anrl have given their  '��� sanction at the ballot-box   to the Chris-  ���' t i:i ii. staie> i nan-like, and pa .trio tie policy  " of  excluding   from   our   national   life a  " servile   race   which can uot be   digested  ������ and. whicli has worked   evil wherever it  '��� has touched the republic."    In   time the  people   of   British    Columbia     will    elect  members to the Dominion parliament who  will make some effort   to rid   Cam-ida of a  class of people who a re only lauded within  her borders to bo smuggled   into a neighboring country (hat does not   want them.  Till-: rii'-h to the World's fair will probably   be  iu   Si-pteniber.    That will   be  the .  month in which t he Chicago landlord will   j  expect   to   pick    the   bones of   bis  guests.  \  Hut iwo  or   three   weeks of weary waiting will   probably ha ve ta ken off the edge  of his rapacity.     Among the Arabs of the  Atlas mountain-, where the lion is hunted  ;  with success, the hunter s; udies his beast >  before engaging iu  battle: if he   is1 very i  f.-il. there  is  little danger in pot shots: if ;  lie is lean and spry, the  .Arab  will  nian-  Tiik number of Indians originally in the  i.'nit'od Slates   has   boon often   estimated  LOTS FOR SALE IN  iu the millions, ���'oven as high   as twenty- j 'A   T"^T~\TiTI"f /*~\T^J"       u   A   ':  .ive millions."    Tlie liureau of Kthuologv. j -C3_X_/��_/X JL A.\^J��H __T__.  G-OLZD.  SXI_A7-_5__^,.  X-IE_.__._D_  however, has looked into the subject and  discovers that l hen- were really only  something between live hundred thousand  and ;i million, of whom at .least two hundred and lifty thousand still survive. All  the bad ones have  been killed off.  T_fc'_C_B  Kelly; - Sectional" Boiler.  (I'.-lll'lllS   ,'l|l|lljl'll    fill'   III   < '.-1 ll.-K l.-l   . I 111 I    I;. S.|  AiljuiliiiiLT I In: H-iiwriimcnl  luun.-ili' nl' Ni-l-un.  AT $125 and UPWARDS,  willi ;i ivlmli- I'di- Imilililies i-ri'i-it-il.    Tin-ln-.| ri-.-iili-nli.-i  |irii|n'i-iy in Ni'l.-im.    \'itli!c -111*1 ��� In inri-i-.-i-t-.  -:-   W. A. JOWETT,    -:- .  Minin_r  and   Real   Estate   Broker.  Aucf.i011.eu.  and Oon_niirfsion Agent.  .AtCi'iil   fur  Nrl-ini  nnil   Wt-sl   l\niili>iiiiv   lli.-lri<-!.  nr h  IXNKS ,v   l.'ll-IIAI.'llS.   N".-ui<-..ii \c-i-.  II. C.  ( i.    W.    l.'U'll.UJiSON. ���  Nt-'lsuii.  Ii.  .1.   UKAI.KV.  Kaslo.  CHEAP  HEAVIEST  SECTION  170  POUNDS.  [ICHARDSON & UEALEY  REAL ESTATE  MINING BROKERS.  The  (The Na��lc-D{ivios Crown Grunt.)  The Gateway of the Lardo-Duncan Mining Camps.  Head of Navigation at the North End of Koootenay Lake.  The Terminus of the Government Trail.  All lots are cleared at the expense of the owners of the Townsite.    A wharf (the best on Kootenay  Lake) is being constructed at the north end of Main street.  .cJ Ollll  Terms, one-third cash, balance in 3 and 6 months.  etallack,    Managing" Agent,   STONE BLOCK,   KASLO.   B. C.  Offices in Nelson, Kaslo, and I_ar>do. I o=��*"  IlU   Ui    uJli  Can be set up by two men in  two days and taken apart  by one man in ten hours.  Specially constructed for  packing: over mountain  trails.  Thoroughly-Tested Before Leaving Shop.  l-'nr ���irii-!"'. i'li'.. i'|i|il.v li>.  Es  and  _E___l]-V__l1 tSTOKB  ining1  V_E_R  _N".A._E_:''crs_p  ^_._st_d  So  AliKXTS |.-oi:  TOWN  OF SEATON.  Office in BANK BUILDING, KASLO.  n  GROCERIES,  HARDWARE,  n  .1.   U'll.l.IAM C'OC'KI.K.  II.  A. CUCKI,!-:.  Kaslo, B. C,  or The Kootenay & Columbia P. & M. Co.  Hi'll  U'lrplioni'  1111 i!<ii 1 i_r. ( M l.-i\\;i.  Onhirin.  COCKLE BROS.  ilder:  Down  Ihe Grand  Stairway,  KASLO.  OATS for HIRE  Boats of Every Description Built to Order.  J^  -CD-  Pack Trains are now running, from LARDO on KOOTENAY  LAKE to SELKIRK on TROUT LAKE, and in a short time  ���will be running from LARDO to HOUSER or UPPER KOOTENAY LAKE.     Shortest and best routes  to  both LAKES.  SADDLE  HORSES  FOR HIRE.  to JLA.BDO    T_R_A_ISJ"S^O_RT_A__riO___>r  LAEDO,   KOOTEITAT   L^IRCE!-   _B_ O.  CO-  Double Dressed,  Single Dressed,  SJiiplap, Rustic, Ceiling,  Flooring, Laths, Shingles,  Indispensable to Prospectors!  TAX NOTICE.  o-iivrc I'oi'ii coiKii''<��('v.-uil,-!-,'!-IV0111 uliicli     ALL    DIMENTIONS    OF    ROUGH.  Iicc-iii pour in llii'fifor four shots l'ul'orr   <-(HiiiiiK in clo-ii- (|ii��-i-rt(M-.s: if lie is so rnia-  ci.-itcil I lint you <-;i 11 count his ribs, the  rule is to shoot lioldly. tin; IjciiLr ("i 11 nol  i-cf.-ili.-ilc. Hy Scptrinl'i-i- il. will be possi-  lilr to count, fin- ribs of tin- (Jhic-i^o inn-  Uccpci' with 1 lie ii-il'r<l eye.  'The ciifon-cincnt of tin* law Ix-^cts ics-  p-ci for tin- In w. This is cxcinplilicil in  15 ri I i-ili ('ol 111111-in .��I. .ill (i mi's, iind in I his  p;ii't iciil.-ir port ion ol' IJi'it.ish Colinnbi-i ;il  I hi- I imi'. 'I'lic ;i���i/.i- court, sessions of  which were hcM nl both Nelson .-inil K;is|o,  Mm in),'   IiuiikIiI  lim "iloi-k   nl'  I In: I iji-vics-Sn yu'iinl  Smv-  mill I'niiipany  I mil prep:ii-t-il In I'liniisli 'imilili-rs  (villi  linnlii'l' ul' I In' iilinvi: linis.  Special Bates to Building Contractors.  GEORGE H. KEEFER,  Cui'iiiT l.ii kc mill  W'm-il si ri-ii ~. Xi'lson.  JOB F^FLJZZTJST  NELSON, B.C.  ���   .    ,. ,.      ,      , Plasterer, Bricklayer and Stoiic-Mason.  .-idjoiii'iied   on   .Mond;i.\'ol this week: and j  ���iIIIioIIKIi .-lliolhei-Session lliay  Hot   lie held      Conlriirls t ������ k<-n fin* work ill all lniinlsin West K'l.nli'iiiiy  ll.iili'  I'i-iiiii   Virlni'ia.   Ii. ('.I  -T'EO-STT STREET, :e_-a.s:__< ..  MILLINERY AND FANCY DRY GOODS  TIIK   I.ATKST STYI.K.-' IN  LADIES' and CHILDREN'S MILLINERY  Al,l, OKPKIJK  ISY  I'(1ST I'l.'OM l'TI,Y   l-'ll,l,KH.  GEO.  N. TAYLOR,  TO THE  E/-1SJ  and  M,.^ M-u'ii-1- v  l'|i|.'nl..   Iio'iiininii .imi  I'l-iivini-iil  1.iiiiI N"< ��l !<���<��� is   hi'i-i'liy  jrivi-n   lli.-il   ns.-i'sscil  mul   |ii'iniiH'i:il   :  -ui'\^.;^..r^.i!:..V.'i!;.v!-,:Mi.TX -���i";lp^��'il��'��' �����������������������'��������������� ������!...��� ��...i ,b.,-..i,i.. .  iili-tiin-l nl' mi in tu I I'laiiii- i'1'i-ur.li 1! in 1 hi* Sim'mi milling "���"' '  ili-irii'i If Paid on or Before tlie 30th June  I,M!;v',n��'l'm",';:';'nr;;!V;.!:'Hh','rh l'.-..viM,-|���i ...v..,....'mxS ������������.,.11.1. \ Boat connections are made at  i;;,",:.";,.!',,..���!,".;-,' .!;.!,   ul',v!^l     i^;;Mii'>'  i^!,"::!'        *��...-l.��ir ..r ...... i��-. .��� .... ih..,.sM..KM,lvMl.,,.,1rr.!,.l  iBormor-sPeriywithtrain.  Sgfe'M ; 3sk: '"���'���", ,��,�����-��'��� ��""��-1 ��n the  Two |ii:rc(!i'il nil Il.c i.sscsscd viilni! nf wild In ml.  The Kootenay Country is ECO  lY-iles nearer the Eastern  States and Canada via Bonner's   Perry   than   any   other  route.  GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY  U/ESJ apd  ���". SOUSj-f  This I i h  imlilii-.-il imi -,'i\'rs llie ,!iili''i,r ri'i-nnl. ..: ���     ���-".".���'I l>r< .pill v.  di'iM'M^M.'NMlm^ i      O���,^l!;;;ror.,���(.,,.:.'.'.w,lii.. ll,<:in.'i���,ii'i..'.;v��Tyl,.Ts������ j      l;'..r   W,���,k.......    I'u^l    Sound.  St.   I-....1.   Cliiraj;.,  ���.,,l  'ii'* '���  -I nii.-iii,.i.:.i  .11 |.i...-  , ���,-,],���,,.,.��� hiiii.li-cil (li.lliii's.iiiil.ivci*. ! r��'inls in ('Miiadii unci tilt- Kasto.-n  "Thi-T,'.:. ���,-;;,,,!���. ���.,' mIiov,. inl'oona.i,,,, n..sM,...l.v ; If Paid on or After the 1st July- \ .,.���^11f1"l,i?_<i,;,)!1,:^"j;-!!r!.;- '.-/^'.i'/jIa. 'S,'^  rw.i-lhil'ilsi.l'o.i.: por I'd.I 1111 I lie nsscssoil viilm: i.l' ronl ,r l/.'"*"V.1,.-_���.''Vi.'I".'.-.-.,':"11.1 \v!'���>>..'*V.,.,.-."','"*��.-i!>'!'''���>''..'*''.l''*'.: .ri-  **���  imi' I'ii.iln   fi'nni  llio  Sliirii...   .'i-oii'iIit'.- H'oiiIiI  Ik: ^rcali'i  linn, ll.e prii'i' nl' this hunk.  To mining hroki'i*.- iiml   nil   inliTosli'il in   Iniii.-l'iTS ol'  I i-.-tnli:.  T. 1 i 11 i 1 ii_r |iI'o|hti ii'.- il   litis only lo he known In he sippri'i-i-  (liio-linir of ono per con  !  iilril.   'I'l.i'prioi'hns linn IowitciI in Su'. lo I'l.i.hli'il In hi'     soni.l prnpcrly. ,     . ,.  '   wiihin Ihi' I'i'iirli nl' nil. !      Thn'o-ipinrlors nl niii: por oiinl on lhe iiionnie nl every  ;      Applv In  Mos.-i-s. (iilki-r -V   Wells   N'elson'   or  Ali-s.-.-s. I  pe.'son nf lil'leen li m .di'ed ilollni's in nl inc.'. * _  i   l:ii-liiii-i|siui iK: lic.'ilev. K11-.I11. i      Twn nnd nne-hiiir per eenl 1111 lhe nsscssed \-iiImciiI wild  ' IiiikI. T.  II. IMI-'KIN'..  Is .I11I111, noiiL'1-al iikci.I, Spokiine. W'usli.: II. A. .lohnson.  I  nn Ihen.ssessi'd vain.* nl' per-   ! jlnisiiin piissen-e.' nnil IVeiKlH ijt,'i;iil. Senllle, JVmsIi.: II.  1 li. AleAIieken. Kenenil utfi-iit.  I I'nl.iiur llnusi: hlnek. Tn-  Assessni' nnil eolleeloi' siiiilliern ill vision ol'  _jQi���tztiK_s Jbd���\���I���h__i C_y _L 1 & 1    1 j   ��� q,     ���   j      i .-xs-si-Msni-ai...-"���'���''-���*:,,','^vi^y,fv;;;jj,(;*];1'\:\'i,j^,',1.i1.r  AND SUPERINTENDENT. '   IMGISOD        L_IV��ry      OLrlDiO   I     Xolsoii. Kehnmry l.'llli. IS!��.  !   I'lmis, Spoi-ilii'iil ions  nnd   helnil   I irn win^s   Kiiniishi'il.  j        (lllleii:    .lii-epliiiie si reel. near linker,  N'elsiin,  !'..('.  I LANGTON W. TODD  AECHITECT  AND   GENERAL   DRAUGHTSMAN.  Cinnfiirl ami nrlisiie eiiei-i Kiinranleeil.  Hililders' i|iinnlilii'.s uinde mil.  Ki'inil  -I nol.  Kaslo <'iiy,  Knoli-nny, H.C.  I'iissi'Iikits nnd   IiM}C^;i>,'i:   Ir;in.-1'erred   In ami    I'nini I In-   !  railway ilepnl and sleiu.. hi in I landiii^.    Krei^hl j  hauled nnil.inli leniiiiiif,'ilone.   Slove '  wood I'or -ale. ]  ;   WILSON  fc  WILLIAMSON' I'lIOl'I; I KTOI.'S   j  APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR LICENSE.  Thirl;, iln's nfler dali- we iiili-inl In apply In Ihe slipen-  ,- iliiil'V .naj.'i-ll'nle I'm-a lieense In sell liipiors nl inir hole! a I  I   l-'iirl Slieppard. II. C. !���'I,'I'll 1 ADIK.  l.'fiMKI.'T K'KLIHK.  j      Xels \pr.l :!'.'.id, IMCI.  IDepi.ly   SheriM'i  LICENSED   AUCTIONEER  N'KLSON'.    IS. (\  A net ion sales made al any pninl in Wesl Koolenay  dislriel. Town lols and niiniui,' elaiins IhiiikIiI nnil solil  nn 1:11111 mission. A K'nieral real eslnle hiisiuess I i-nnaeli-il.  (Illlc-i! for llie presold a I resideuee, earner ('nrhnnnli: anil  Isiinleliny si reels.  riintn. (Jul..: or K.  I.   Whilney, ijoneriil   passentfer and  liekel-iikciiI, SI.. I'm.I, Minn.  .Iiiiin M. Ki*i*i*i*h. .I.\mkh W. Sk.w.k.  . KEEFER  &  SEALE  TEAMSTERS.  .lol. ti-iiiiiiiiK iloiiu.    Have several hundred i-orils of xooil  wood, which will he sold nl. rensonahle prices.  I.K.WK    DIlllKltS    AT  ���I.  P.  Hume   &   Co.'s,   Vernon   Street.   Nelson.  APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR LICENSE.  N'nl ice is liei-ehy f,'iven Hint Ihirlv (lavs nfl.-i- dale I in-  leuil In apply In Ihe si ipendary uiaKislrale of Wesl  Koiileniiy I'm'a license In sell liipinr al my holel. known  ns lhe llnll'wny house, silualc nn Hie Nakusp-Sluenn  I mil. A.  II. I.'1I��SI��AI,K.  Xelsnn. Muy. I.SIh. ISII.'I. rn
AGENT   FOR     .     .
f'.iiilnl   a11 i>ai'-
UiljJlL'll,      up.    •
Rost"    -    -
linn.   < li-:!!.   A.   DIM'AIMoN'lJ,
.. . Vioc-l're-iilotil    '
..(Icnernl Manager   !
nsrn_ii_so_sr zB_Fi-A-_sro:E_:
N. W". Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.
tu: vni-111:s in
I lnciirpur,ilud hy Kny.d ('harler, I.S'li_.|
Capital (paid up) £600,000     .       $2,920,000
I Willi   power  m  increase.)
.Reserve Fund   -   £260,000,    .        $1,265,333
_NT .T_!I_ SO 1ST   EBAl^TCI-I,
i'or. Haker and Slunk-- Sir-.
| N'el-on. H.C. Victoria. H.C.
ri i        I      \'nnciiu\ er. H.('.. N'aiininio. H.C.
Brandies-, *•"■ \v«-«i»>»»?u-i-.».«;.. k..i..i«...i...u.c.
San I- r-i.iit-i-.c-ii. (.alii., I orllainl. On;..
I Seat lie.   Wash..   Tnconia.   Wa-li.
llKAl)   OKKICK:   (III   Loiuliard  -l re-el.   LONDON'.   Kng.
Agents and Correspondents
LONDON   (England).    NEW YORK    CHICAGO,   j  CANADA    Unnk of Montrenl and hrnnclies;
Canadian Hank of Commerce and hranches:
Imperial Hank of Camilla anil hrunches.
Conimercinl Dank ul' Manilnliii: aud
Hank of N'inii Seal ia.
t.'NITKD STATKS   A^i-nl.- Hank Miml real. New Vorl; :
Hank ol' Monlreal,  Chicago.
On  and   al'ler .Inuunry  1st, IS!l.*{. the i-uli- of interest on
ili.'liu-i|s will he .V. per eenl. until furl her nol ice.
and   in the piincipal rilic-s in  Cauadn.
Day  anil   -ell   SlcrlintC   I*:\*<*!i.-iii^.-  and   Ouhle  Trnn-fer-.
i.i: \N'r riiMMi'iiri \i.  \nii ti: \\ i:i.i.ki<.-' ci:i:m-i ■*.
:i\ nilahlc in nn)   pari uf the \\ orlil.
i.iim'I'.- i.-si-i:h: rui.i.rci-n-x.- .maim:: i:tc
IIATK OK INTKI.'KST (at  pre-cn! I :i\ I'er Ccnl.
A    GHOST    OF   THE   PAST.
How It Was Laid by Mr. Bester of Scotland
Sir liolx-i'l liislim-ii tmd his u'ii'e U'cre
not |).-u-l iciil.-ii'ly silly, a*, ni'ivly inn i-ricd
i-(iii|lies o-o. For oik- I hiwg. sir Kohcrt WMS
I liii't.y-.-oiiict liin.n-- ;lll(l wlii'ii you arc
tli ii't y-souii't hint?, tvravity coinus. lint, lie
w;i- \'ci-y iiiiicli in love willi his yoinifj ,
wife, lie handed lii'i- out of the family
omnibus card'ully. <-uid flu1 very prettiest
ankle and tin* tiniest shoe peeped out, for
m inoiiieiil Ms slie stepped down before one ; fJj,. Kohopi wit li a n a wkard. fill how
of t he big 1 lot els on Ttm fulfill- Si inure.
As slie t.ripped up the broad eurpetei
sl.'iirs lo her room, there wm- ,-i look o
j-rejit huppiuess in her eyes.
"And is ni\'de.-ir n;irl (|iiite happy:-" said i    '■"You'd- like  some tiling   to  drink,    per-
sir iiobert.     Younc; luily bisbiirn (she was j iiaps ?"
tall and   pieasan t-lookin^')   turned  to him !      .Mr.   Hester   pulled   his waistcoat down
"So I .understood." said Mr. Hester.
"fool- i>'irl !" said sir Robert: "wonder
who her husband is?"
"Sir fvoherl,!" said a voice. Thev had
not, turned on Lhe li^'lit. and (lie room was
,n;ro\\'iun' dark.
"My love?" lie said.
"They told me you wanted (,o see me."
said ImiI.v liisburn "and my dear. I'm i'm
not going. _ I could nol, ha\'e known what
I was talking about just now."
"My dear itearf !" exclaimed sir h'ohei-f.
delii.',iil,edlv: "fell me what, it was that
was worry inir you?"
"Why.   absolutely  not hiii,_;." unswei-eil
his wife, deeidedlv :   I here   ivns no excuse
I'or it."
They took e.-ieh ot.hi-r's hand.-.
"Shall 1 look in a^ain. sir I'oberL? " said
.Mr. Hester, res]hm-I fully, fie had been
standing aside and pretending, with excel In nl s;i voir I'aire, lo look oul of t.lie
"Oh. f beg your pardon.' Bester!" said
-ir Koberf : "no you needn't, look in a.Lfain.
I'll send your people a chuck I'or your
i^'.'ti'fic.-iJIy no clnni-i"'!' w.-i.-ulniic*. biit Jitid
not 1.lie .speed of tlie ruiiii.wny ears been
accurately tfjui {,'(■< I, Cleinerson's entire
li-nin would probably have been smashed
into spiintors. The brakeiuan on the runaway ears had yivi'ii up all hope, and sal
j down to await what would happen. He
did nol jump because tlie .-peed was too
n-reat. U'hcii -sa I'cty was assured at (lie
boftoin of the hill, in.- went, to C'lenierson
to I hank him for his life. The ImI tei- lookei
al him. and nccordintf to (lie Standard,
cooly remarked: "That's all ri^'lit. my
lioy.    An   engineer must always know Ins
! dut y."
A Plucky and Courageous Jucl_e.
They have a .jiidp- down in   .Mi-si.ssippi.
CI i i'i si nan by i in inc. whom every la w-abi<
ing   American   is   proud   lo   honor.     The
other dav one liiindreiI  armed marauders
rode into I he town where he   was lioldiiiLc
court,  and   demanded,  wilh  I hn-a (s and
violence,    (.lit-   release of   (en   white-caps
under  indict incut.    The plucky ,jud,_,e. although deserted by most of t he court officials, lefl  (he  bench, and   facing   the mob
bristling with sliol-^uns a ml muskets, denounced ( hem as criminals •  t lien, finding
them   persistent  in   their   purpose,   broke
through  I heir rrmks. made his way to the
coiirL-lKiu.se.   I'iiiif,'   (he  bell,  .siminioned a
posse  of  citi/.eiis.  and   compelled (lie at-
(ackino  par(y   fo  retire.    It is   not often
that judo-es a re called upon to \-indicate in
this virile fashion (lie majesty of (lie law.
but it is to lie   hoped (hat   whenever such  |
eiiiei-o'eiicies arise, (hey may be met in the j
(•oura.o'(i()us  spiiit manifested by this .Mis- J
sissippi judtj'e.    There   is no   uecessiiy I'or J
such displav of nerve in Brif'sh Columbia. .'
Hot and
Cold Water.
Electric Bells.
Flush Closets.
*E. E. Phair,
I'ropru,-.* r.
Next Door to the Madden Hotel,   J°hn Johnson,  Proprietor
Mrs. W. C. Phillips,
Now Completed.
All Rooms
Refitted and
JOHN  F. WARD j FRONT STREET i The only Restaurant in Nelson that keeps
The Very BEST OF Everything1.
The Geary Law and China.
' ,     The Salt Lake  Tribune si/.es up the en-
inyself for all my lib-.     l)o leMne go." ■ |-()lre!n(!ll t   f)r thu Uo;u.y  ,„ u-  .,s  f()i](nvs:
'.My dear iov,-.said sir  i{ol,ert,.  risiiij.- , ..(;,|i,i.) Illav sollf, ()lll „,'   ,„,.  t,)UllU.v blll.
reins,- i,» (ell me  the motive lor  ymn-ilis- , AlllL.I.i(.JllI    .-.sidenls   (her.-, althou-l'i    we
u'lth a very decided air     .I you absolutely ; ,|«,ubL that. so.nen-|.at. because the ground
! appearance, i a bsolutely refuses |,o let, you  , u.|,i,.ii CJI.iim   has always   La.ken has   been
■"* .'.-m        i    .i i -.1 : that which led most direct.lv to her pecun-
ll.en. l-thni   I must.   *<> without your ; i;n.v   ilUclv,sts.    sho  dous   'oL   (..M,.'   vo|.v
permission.      She said   this  without (led- , mt'dl .,,,„„,.   h(J1. su,jjc,t,s in Ulis t.ollIl(,,.v.
a.u-e and in the humblest way. sl)(l f|oi.s no(/ (1J||-l. l() hllvu   ,   .,„ t.(        ,     ■
Sir  Robert went down,stairs and stood     .,,„, S() ,.MI.S,U. hj,s ^ marked indifTer-
n<. the hotel door   or a few ...mutes sn.(,l<-    cm.(!   „.,,„„   t!l(   .   ,1;1V(,   , maltreated.
m.n-   his  ci.Lcar  rather  (puckly      ll.en   he : Tho Ll..,(|(i ,K.Lxv;l(J11 the r.iiti-d Sta tes and
turned and   went to the teleplione-roo.n.    chilia „moIIIlts L() .lb()llL $12.000.000 a vear
an,   looked ... the book and rimg uV   Ladv    ,-„ ,-,, vol. ()i'China, and she is not going to
b.sburn.   white ;iinl set of   lace, returned  ;■...„■•■..   i,,..,.. i. .... ..,, .,.,,„,.,„,„,„„., ^j-  .*!,.,,
I I I ,.     i       • u < is iii i \   oi e<i k ui) aii ti 11 a niioiueu t ot   tna t
to her room am   prepare,   for her journey. [ ,.j|K|   • ,„ hol. mVn   ,,|0, li lin _r   wavshefu,-    nm/lin      Xr     Mnlfav      Pnnnc
It wasasurpnsetosn-Hobert. to hud m    U1'US that $12,000,000 a yea." drawn   (Von.     iieVllll     66     MCHay,    FrOpS.
one country will, after a   while, make her ]
country   very   rich  and   make   the oilier!
i country very poor.    She looks down from j
j a civili/.ation, such as it is. 1000  vears old. ;
open DAY and NIGHT
Special   Attention to  Miners.
the hall not ten niinuies later the man foi
whom he had telephoned, lie. wjisa burly
scarlet-faced nia.i.and he gn ve his card to !
Front Street, Near the Steamboat Landing-,
! and   calculates, not. by years, but by  cen-
1 turies.    She   knows, too, that a war with
a ffectio. lately
"Vour dear .^irl." she said, "has had her
worries in her* life. She had one \>ig
'How bitr?"
l„id\" l-iisburn widened her arms to give ; esfcs of science), he'd  t;rv.
an idea of the si/.e.
"Hut it's all over now. and 1 am very,
very  happy."
"i'erhaps." said sir Hubert "perhaps
I lie dear K'1'! u'i" -(>" me .-ill iiboiit. it some
"She may stunt' day." siiid the youn.u'
bride. Ilushini-'. ".) list uuw she issoctin-
t en ted that she doesn't want even to think
about it."
Tlie next morning' they went off to the
Kn.u'adine. It was two months later when
I hey returned, trunks and portmanteaus
plastered all over with square and circular lab-Is- I lotel liellevue. and Motel Mean
l\iva»e. and a lot of others. Moth sir K'ob-
ei-t and ladv Lisburn looked verv jollv and
There were letters waiting for lady Lis-
liiirn. She read iliem iu iinr bedroom. As
she saw the writing' ou'one of the envelopes, she j,'re\v wd. and then very white.
Slie perused the letter a^ain and ajxaiu.
with bands trcmlilin^ and a 'face that-
looked into the mirror with a frightened
look. Then she turned nil" the electric
iitdit and sank on her knees and sobbed.
They stayed in town for suined-iys. They
droveouta .n'ood deal, visiting: bul yoiuij;
lady Lisburn looked ill and out of sorts,
ami scarcely spoke to her husband. He
seemed to be repelled by her coldness.
Once or twice lady liisbiirn tried to rouse
herself: but the look of worry (piickl.v
came back, and her husbiind. placid and
even as he was. could not help feeling disturbed.
One evening in the latter part of the
week,   lady   liisbiirn   was sitting  at   the
Tiiii.mas   ll|.:.s'i'|.;i{,
l-'.iyi-u. Su'i-uvi'i' & l'i>.. Iiii|iiiry .V._cc-nt-=.
■■('onie into I his room. .Mr.-  M r. Mesfer." ! . ■ ,     .      , ,,       ,
.Mr. Mester wiped his boots  with partic- ! ('u1' <-".>'..try would   simply   mean the  ( ,-
i mar eai-i' striiction of her  little navy, on winch she
has spent a good deal of .money, and
through which she ho|)es to give her people the intelligence to by and by do the
carrying trade of the ocean. She i.s going
very slowly about the matter of getting
offended. She feels that she can afford to
wait, and the only danger we apprehend
may be the danger of the massacre of the
American missionaires in China. There is
real danger of that, and if it should happen, while it would be awful, at. the same
time our country would   not have  ncarlv
and coughed slightly, and said that lie
didn't know as a dropof whisky would do
him any particular harm. At any rate,
lie said (he said this with the ail-of a man
prepared for any experiment in the inter-
Sir Robert ordered a large whisky, and
gave instructions that he was lobe told
when ladv Lisburn left the hotel. . . , ,
"Wenecd not hurry until that happens." ! ^.» """j'1 Vf ', !' <'<:.1".1; a"'./1,s( ,sl,,;,^°,,l(l
said sir Mobert. Me explained to Mr. Mes- I ' ,s.he 1,a(1 kept l..;r buth with the Chinese,
terwhat was iv(iiiiivd. * I A'11?  (-.0.,,.,,t'l'.v  I'^is a  perlect   right  to ex-
At Corner Baker and Ward Streets,
Corner  Front  and   Fourth   Streets,
KASLO,   B. C.
A. & J. Fletcher, Props.
Sl.-ifCu Iciivus (ii'iinii f'onl.riil 1'iif Watsiiii. Hoar l.uki.- Cilv,
Thrc-u Kin-ks. .Vi-w Di'iivcr nnil ul! points in
llio ICuslii-Sloi.'Uii ilisti-ii-t.
There was "to  lie   no   fuss,   insisted   sir
Robert,   and   no  interference.      All   that
elude China-men   from  coining*,   but those
who honestlv came here, or who came here i
Mester had to do was to follow ladv Lis-I ]>>' *'"*"?"!t]]L' c,-l-'»t.\:.^ (V'\" fllis «»"":
burn, and if she was in any danger to wire j trv a,ul C,1,im- ;,re 1-,"lltl"l l'».|ust as gocd
sir Robert at once, and   himself take such \
steps as hi.' might think were necessary.
"That's the way." said Mr. Mester. with
approbation: "take things calmly. .Much
better in   the long run.    I ought to know.
I country, and when we fail to extend that
treatment to them we do not degrade the
Chinese, we simply advertise to the wo"ld
that as vet   we  art; not ourselves1 a fullv
I've been at it. in the Vi.nl and out of the    ^j^1 ^"j^ \\lu} (;>■'•« Iu-.', ^yc :.dverfis'c
Vard. thirty year come next Feb'mvry."     | 4 l,;,t' u e ;,lv l^^lll°!u^{^!}tlim-
"I suppose you have had some interest- j A Drummer-S surprise Party,
iug cases to deal with,   remarked sir Rob-        ,,r. .       .   ,      ,    .. ,   ,     .   .   •
erl. polite.lv. When   I got back  Ironi  my latest trip
.Mr. Mester stood up and looked at him- [ (says   "A   Drummer"   in   the   New   Vork
self iu the mirror I'or a moment, and llien    Tribune). I went home at something a I'tei
Corner   Front  and   Fourth   Streets,
KASLO,   B. C.
Drop in and
See Me.
Hot and Cold
East Baker Street, Nelson,
THE MADDEN is Centrally Located, With a
Frontage Towards Kootenay River and
is Newly  Furnished Throughout.
THE   TABLE   is   Supplied with   Everything   in
■(he   Market,   Ihe   Kitchen    Being   Under
the  Immediate   Supervision of a Caterer
of Large  Experience.
The VICTORIA is pleasantly
situate on Victoria street, and
is one of the best Hotels in the
Kootenay Lake Country.
IS SI.'I'I'I.IKI)  WITH   TIIK   HKST 1mA MIS 01-' A I.l.
sat down again heavily.
"Thi- most, interesting*." he said, "are
them that nobody don't, deal with.'.'
Mr. Hester took another sip from his
tumbler and essayed to test one knee on
the   other,   but found  tin; position   for a
gentleman of his rotundity uncomfortable
aud reliiiguished t ho endeavor.
"Look here.'sir Uobert."said Mr. Hester,
••here's a case in point. Just what you
may call a little incident. Look here.
This "(taking a wax match from the box
a nd sticking it upright on the table)- "this
is Mr. Hertie Klleiiborough: and this"
(taking another and sticking if upright)-
"tliisis .Miss .Miss \\'hatshernaiue. Heally
I forgit the inline. However, that don't
open window of their room, her face rest- ! matter."
ing on her hand, looking out inlo the | The door opened softly but neither of
si|uare and seeing not hiug. : the men noticed  it.
A page: boy eniered  with a foreign mes- ''.      "Very  well. then.    Few years  ago  Mr.
sage. She op..'!ie:l i;. re id the type-writ ten' j Mert-ie FA lei i borough (that's this one) knows
words, and crumpled (p.ick'ly the sheet, in j Miss Whatsherna.nc (that's this one): and
her hand as sir Kobert came in. | she loves hi... and  writes  him warm, rap-
"1 want to say sonie'.hii.g to you. Rob- ! turous letters    letters that she would  lie
,-rt." she said, in a shaky voice.     He came j ashamed now to read, or for anybody else
over to her. - ' j to read.    Still, a good girl, mind you.   Mr.
"I want togoaway  from you I'or a few ! Hcrt ie comes up to town, forgets her, goes
weeks." ' to the  bad. slips himself off to .America.
"A few weeks?" he repented, blankly.      j and  gets   worse and  worse.     He  becomes
"A I'ew weeks.     I'n less you want me to j hard   up. and   what does he do.then, but
lie a.  miserable   woman  ,-iII  my   life, you j blackmail Miss \Y natshornaine."
must   let  me  do   this.     Let  me  go: and ;      ■•Damned    scoundrel!"    exclaimed    sir
when   1  come back I shall betpiiic jolly. ; Robert,  heartily.
and  I shall love you more than ever, and ;      "Hlackmails her.    I  happens to go out
we " ' I fo trace a chap, and I meets mister Hertie
"My  dear." said sir   Hubert."  von are j iu a bar. and he tells me all about it."
perfectly    unreasonable!      You   lire   not j      "Ought  to   be  hanged!"   remarked  sir
yourself." ! Robert.
•■Imfortunately  1  am."  interposed   the!      "Rut  that isn't the worst.    I   tells him
for a lark that I'm a  bit of a  sc.-unp m.v
E. C. CARPENTER, Manager.
nine o'clock iu the evening. There was
my house lighted up from top story fo
basemenf. carriages   were    leaving    the
door,  and  a Hairs seemed   to  be going on j      —
inside on a grand scale.     I let nivself into i ALL THE PRINCIPAL MINES in sim-nn ilisniii
the basement with a latch-kev mid walked '       >"•">'"' i:,,''.l,"l":,i /" f''""'l"'.'!',' M'y!'''!"il',''"',■.'',',"," H'K
.     . ,. ... .. .      j llllli'l.  u lllrli Is Ini'llll'll  III    I 11 l*i*i!  I'ol'k-  nil ( ill' irllll-l"
int-o the dining room.    Strains ol   music ,       m.-uk.
came, from the back part of the hall, and ! the dining room is uniii-r tin- inn li.-m- i-n|»i-
the  mingled   laughter and   conversation:      .iiiic-iiit,-iic.-,;ui' Mr. c. Hmvcn. i'i.i-mh-i-i.v nf i in- wind
indicated a  host of guests.    I'resentlv m\'
MILLS & REVSBECH, Proprietors
'    Proprietors.
Mil-  lintel.   Untie   Mniilniiii.   unci   lln>   l.'n^i-i--.' |{n|i-|
Misscuil.-i. .Miintaiiii. wlni will si-i- to il Unit t In- i-iiisini-
wife came into tlie dining room dressed
liken prim-ess; she ran up to me. saying:
"Oh. .lack! I'm so glad you've-cnnie liomc
early." "So'in I," said I: "what's the
racki.-t surprise parly?" "Surprise
party?" said she with a pout: "no, indeed,
it's the anniversary of my wedding."
"Tilda." said 1. •■you're oil": you're way
oil'! This is f lie month of March il was
iu summer we were married!" She
serenely   replied:     "1    know   that    very \
Well:   til is is   the   a lllli Versa I'V   of   IIIV ' lirst !   Ciii-hi-i-   Klclm-iuln unci   Slurnn  nvi-nm'.-. ci|,pn-ili-   I r.ril
nf tin! 'riil'cit   l-'ni-k-. is   nn|   nM-HIi'il  Iiy   llial   nf  any
linliil in Wi-si  Kniili'iiiiy.
SPECIAL RATES will Im iimiln I'm- wi'ikly Imhii'iIit.s.
I "i'i vnti: I'linin- I'm- tnin.-ii'iit f_r * i • -j-1 -—.
he Bolander
(!o  put on   your  dress   suit
nllii'i'. NKW DKNVKl:.
in Nrl-ini In tin' S|.-.-iin- . I!i->|   Itniinls nf'l.ii|inir.-
Iiiml   |_-riat*li> iiml CiK'H'**.
alley House.
Lardo  District.
DI'.NCAN  IMVKIIS. I'oll 1(1 SINKS.*-'.
Best of Accommodations.
A.  C.   PEARSON,   Prop.
A Montana Engineer Who Knew His Duty.
The Anaconda Standardsingst he praise
of   engineer Cleinerson.    While climbing    Hi'iimnm- m-wiy rm-nisiH'ci.   a .-inm-nf tin- imiiii«- put
the   Butte   hill,   the  other   dnv.    with
Restaurant in Building on tlie Corner, j THE GREAT NORTHERN
runnel! snlii'ili'cl.
J. C. BOLANDER, Proprietor.
lightly-loaded   train   of railroad   cars,  a
staged di\i £^^B£lw!int> \ Slooan Trading & Navigation Uompany, Ltd. i Best of Accommodations.
towards (,'leine.-son's engine. Cleinerson
at once reversed bis engine and started
down the hill, keeping as slow a motion as
possible, until the flying ears were upon
him. He then (piickem-d Ins speed to almost eipial that of the approaching cars.
They gradually approached until only Till
'eel, separated   them.    The   fireman   then
young wile sadly.
"Or you  wouldn't dream of proposing ! self,   and   brags a   bit:   and   then mister j threw   the  brakes  on Cleiucrsons   train,
-inch   a   preposterous  thing.     Now.   love. ; Hertie goes  one  better, and   assures   me j and in a second thecarsst ruck tliceiiginc.
usl go to  bed early   tonight and   have ,-i j that he burned those letters longago.and i The.jar was sharp, but as the  engine wa
in- was onl v pretending he'd still got them.
Thai, beats anything, don't, it?    There's a
good   rest, and  you'll   be nil  right  in the
"If yon don't let me go,   Hubert. I shall j scamp i'or yon.    Making a regular income
never' lie  able to   rest  again,    f shall   lie | out of it,, loo."
no! hiug bul a curse lo you nnd a misery fo '      "(iirl married, 1 wonder?"
reversed no material damage was done.
So soon as Cleinerson saw he had the cars
against his engine he gradually lessened
the speed of the whole, until he brought
both trains lo the fool of (.lie hill in safcl\.
Till' l-Cllllpilll.v'-  A I   pil-iM-ll^l'l' J111' I   t'l'i'i^lll  .-ll'llllll'l'
D. I.. KSTAHIIOOK ■'....  Mii-Iit
i fur lii'inl nf SIim-.-i n Inki- f|;t il v nl  I p.m.
I.KA \'KS I I'nr Knur .Mill- Cil.v iiml fiiul'nf Slni-ini
NKW   DI'i.NVKI; I      I.- ■ I. r - nn WimIih-iIii> mii,i| Sh| iii-iIii> -
'     nl li n. in.
Li-iivits lii'inl nf Slurnn InUi' I'nr New Dniiviu' daily nl .'1
p. in.
I.i-n\-i-s fnnl  nf SIim'iiii liikii fnr Knur Mill' Cily Mini Ni-w
Di'llVirl'  nil   U'l'illli'-ll.'ll -   nilil   S;ll lll'illl)••. ;||    |l ;lln.
IIA'I'KS:    <l.,Vi TO <2 1'Kl; DAV.
Special Attention to Miners.
Situate on Vernon
Street, Near Josephine.
The Hotel Overlooks
The Kootenay.
Its Guests can Obtain
Splendid Views
of Both the
Mountains and River.
Axel Johnson, Proprietor
Special Attention to Miners.
Corner  of  West Vernon   and   Stanley Streets
First-Class in Everything*.
THE INTERNATIONAL has a Comfortably Furnished Parlor for
Ladies, and the Rooms are Furnished Newly Throughout.
THE TABLE is not Surpassed by
any Other Hotel in the Kootenay
Lake Country, Being- Supplied
with the Best of Everything-.
! ALLEN & GARVEY, Proprietors j
h© Tremont.' jas- dawson & b. craddock,
East Baker St., Nelson.
Ik imi- of I In- In-i-1 hotels in  Tunc I  Mi ill nl,'tin ili-lriil, nnil
i> tin: Iii!;iili|imrli-i's fur |iriis|ii'i-|nr-. ami
■voi-kinK   iiiitii.-i--°.
MALONE    &    TRF.niLI.US.    Props.
I.s  Stocked  with Choice Imported and Dt.tr.e_-
(ic-  Wltic-s,  r.li|ti->r.<: iiml   OI-iui-K.
^'^W^IlJMW.W''^^^l^l^■l^^^»wrM«^!^^|^^.l^l^'lllllll'^J^lL^J||-.'^l^■llll!'l^!l.J■l»^■ THE T'RIIHJIV].:   ffKLSOtt,  B. C, TTfTJKSDAY'  HJXV)  s,_ ififiri.  __W 1    %|  ^ ^p  ���ais*'  at U/I?olesale Oi?ly.  a 5Pee,a'ty-  _IB,  h~l2 __X  :jst_ex_so3_t.  THIS    WEEK'S     NEW     ADVERTISEMENTS  C  A.  Hiire-liiw.  N'e-Nim    Ti-nili'i-- I'cu* lici-fiit:i 1 liuildiiif,'.  LOCAL   NEWS    AND   GOSSIP.  Itisa common   remark in   pilii.ical dis-  cil-siiiii-. lli.il I In- li-nil -in-.v nt' couiliitiiiitics nt I Ins prcs-  i'iil ilay N iilto^el lii-r in Die direction ul' i-iiii-iiliilalinii. ll  is tn In"- Imped 111" liiiiird nf iliructors uf the Kootenay  l.iiki- (,'cnernl liiiipii.-il Society will liu vc I he snmi; Icn-  ilc-m-y. fur it seem- Dial no iiiciri- I linn iwn nf llh-ni ever  want" to lie: pre���enl at llie-..'inn: nicclm;,'.  The owners ol' the townsite of Liii-do-iu.  nn lhe ea-,1 arm nl't'p|ier Arrow laUi:. will, il i- said,  com ril-iile S.'iOOU Imvnnc liiiildiii^ a wii^uii nvael from  I,n ri lean In Trim I lake- Cily at I In; Hurt li wc-l niiilnf Trim I  hike. It will now he in order for the nwncr*-nf lin: town-  .-ill- of Lardo. a! llie lic>i*ili end uf lvootenay lake, tn contribute SIH.(l'Kl to l-nilil a M-.-i-fcin ruad to Selkirk, at. Lhe  southeast end of Troul lake. ft. i-s already a eertainily  I hut the twenty miles or more of n;i vij^al-li; water on  Tr.-iut lake is to have a lirst-class stern-wncol steamer, in  -(-iiiii'LCO of such well-known stciimhcjulincii as "Tom"  ''���" Wiu-il anil '"Uaptitin"- Dick. Truly, the l.iirdo is a f^rcaj  eoiinl.ry.  Married men who attempt to wreck the  happiness and peace of mind  of other married men are  ���-'-'   nol. deserving of sympathy:    A   man  should   protecl   his  wife's honor,  and then; is no better way to do it than hy  leliini< other men's wives severely alone.  Tlie   tfoveriimeiitwharl'   at   Ivillnrney  I.at id ing on Lower Arrow lake is hcinyciilisti'ticlcd under  llie superintendence of "Hub" Sanderson. .Money was  also appropriated for a wa^on read from the landing up  through lhe settlement in Kire Valley, provided that  settlers rontriliulcd a pt'oport inn of Lhe cost in labor. The  settlers want this work placed in charge of .lames Kirby,  a man who i.s callable and honest and who is doing his  Ik's'i to improve the valley. Captain Kilzstublis :should  look into llie mailer curel'iilly hel'ure making any other  selection.  A   tele.-rraiii   received   yesterday   from  Victoria states that (lie famous Driaril hotel had closed  its doors, and that lhe senior proprietor, .Mr. Kedon, had  gone insane. The old Drinrd was a paying concern, as il  was free from debt: I lie new 1 Iriurd lias not been a pay:  ing concern, as it is covered with a mortgage forSlTii.ll'.K".  In these days, a man without a blanket is heller oil'than  a man covered wilh a  iiinrlgagiv  Day before yesterday I la rold Scions sold  four lois iu the Hume addition lo W. H. Muir, who will  at once begin Ibe ereclinn of a Sl'ikhi residence on the  fir ipi-rly.  ds I bis sale I be beginning of a hooiulel;  The   Ihiiiiiloii     Powder    Company,    of  which (leiirgc {'. Tunisian, Jr..-is agenl iu .Southern  ICuolenny. lias opened an ollice ill tlie Houston block,  Nelson.  The unplatted portion of the Hllllie addition, which adjoin.- t hegoveriinient townsite of Nelson  on the ea.-t. is to he snrveyeil into lots. A. S. (ioing.  who ha- opened au oHice in Nelson, will do the work.  The ������(diiepot." (die  of the- best   known  resorts in Nelson, has changed ou nership. No longer  will lhe boys who liked a social game of whist or pool in-  lerlanleil with racy stories of advent lire on prairie or on  river be found wit bin its walls, but in their place will be  fuiiiid the si iirdy sons of Norsemen who build our railways and who are ever fond of relating experiences had  in St. Paul and .Miniienpub's.  "���.Jim". Wardner of Fairliaven. Washington, is in Nelson endeavoring to unravel the intricacies of the customs duties levied by the t'niled Stales on  copper anil copper ore.  Northport   News,    1st:    ������Captain   Gore  eaui'j down the river from Itobson to Northport on Saturday with the steamer Columbia in I wo hours and live  minutes. The distance i.s lifty miles. I le did not stop al  any point."  On one trip hist week a ..'Columbia river  steamboat liad a cargo of. I'M tons of sugar, imported  frnm China by Spokane wholesale grocery houses.  Advices from Bast lvootenay are in effect that tin! steamer Aunerley was twelve days iu making the trip from Jennings. Montana, lo Ken wink's landing, a few iniles below Kurt Steele, on Kootenay river.  She bad aboard iron pipe for the Knglisli syndicate thai  = now owns Die hydraulic niinesnn Wild I loi's ��� creek i n la  cargo of general merchandise, besides a number ol wis.-  sengers. mostly prospectors. The boat is expect ed to run  through to Kort Steele on the next tri|i.  .). F. Burr and lYice .Me Do laid re'urned  to Ainsworth on Saturday from iloat liiver district.  They report unite- a number of men in that section prospecting and doing assessment work.  The trail   between   Lardo on   lvootenay  lake and Selkirk on Trout lake is reported in good condition, and puck I rains are making regular trips, leaving  Lardo three times n week. Animals easily pack -tvi  pounds each.  J. A. Reid. a-'mining nmn from Ottawa.  iin-ived at Nelson last week, with the intention of putting in the slimmer limiting fjr som;thi:ig tungi'Ve i i  the way of mining property. .Mr. Itcicl has been engaged  iu mining for phosphates in the province of Quebec, a  bit-iness that is not now protltablc because of the discovery of large phiisphntic- beds in Florida. .Mr. Keid is a  lir'ni believer in organization, and says that the Mining  Associat ion of (Quebec has been a great aid to the mining industry of ('anada.  For a  wonder, that old   fossil of a Grit  newspaper, llu; Tnriuilo (ilnbe. has sent a represent I at ive I  to Kootenay.    When that  represenlat ive (J. (\ Drewryl  returns tlie readers of  the I ilnbe will   know there is'a !  country named ICootemiy in Camilla. j  .). C. Bolander. hotelkeeper. and  W. IL. ',  Crawford, speculator and miner, both of New Denver,  arrived in Nelson this week. The former reports business picking up. and tin,- latter says a number of new  buildin.es are under way. The trail and wagon road, via  Three Korks. Watson and Kaslo. is in good condition:  lhe wagon road being in thorough repair for a dish n e  of lifteon miles out from Kaslo.  Tin-: TitiiU'NK is far from being infallible, and it "ill take back all it ever said about the customs ollicers on Kootenny lake and river, on both side-  of the line, if eit her one of Ihe-e ntllecr- will lake a club  and beat tin.' patent inside- out nf the Homier'- l-'errv  Herald.  When asked  what   the   fire cisterns   in  ICu-Iti arc tilled with. Ihe I nilbfiil re-ident of that place  invariably-ay-. "With what Tin-: Tuiitr.Ni-Inlil u-loll!l  Ibein with wind." I'ily li.-. I i- true. Tlie day will  come when 111 - ��� people up there will ui-li they had been  lilleil wilh water.  The   telephone  company  and   flic lele-  grapli coiiip.uiy iiiusl bnlli have t he sume di-eu-c. I'or the  wire.-of neither one nor lhe other is ever up when any-  lliingi-f importance.' i.- happening. Iii- safe In -ay the  telegraph line is down iiiore I ban half I In- I hue.  Married, a t Xelson. on (lie 7th instant.  at the! residence! of D. ('. .Mc.Morris. .1. ,1 Dri-'oil and Mi s  Alary I toss Meltie, ll.v. .Mi. Il'igers olli.-ialing. lieilii  bride and groom are well known al Donald and Kain-  loops, where Ihey lived for a number of years. Mr. ami  Mrs. Driscoll will liereal'ler live at  Nelson.  T. .1. Davies. one of tho  owners  of  the  lown-ite of Lardo. leaves Nelson on .Monday for London.  Kngland. On hi-return, in A ugiisl, he will lake in the  World's Kail'a I ('Indigo and his ranch on Knolcuny river.  Tenders are called I'or a 10-foot sidewalk  on (he .-milli -ide of linker street from the Silver King  lintel west to the Toad .Mountain road, and fen-a 1-foot  walk thence ue.-l lothe mail thai leaels dciwn to the rail-  u-iiv ill;pot. The work will he done al lhe expense of t he  railway company.  The government has aiifliori'/.ed tint local oliicials lo accept the lowest ol" lhe live lenders in for  tlie eoiirt-boiee al Nelsi n. It'ncei ptalile bondsaregiven.  llie cont i-ae-l will be signed, the building to be coiiiplelcd  wil bin three months.  A   pretty good  story'is told  on   W. .1.  (ioepel. who is now taking lessons iu III- g- veji-iiineiil  oil lee as lo I lie duties be ex peels In perform nl'ler .1 my l-i.  Vcstecelay a well-known citizen called al the mining recorder's olllre anil asked for a Heimsc. Mr. (ioepel very  mil utility supposed his caller wanted a "Kri-o Miners  Certillciile." anil williout a-king ijuesl ions made-old one  iu I lie! name nf Ihe gentleman and handed il to him. 'I'll"  geul tenia li blushed liken school girl, bul Ihially inli mated  that he did mil wanl In go pro-peeling, as lie bad already  Incited a claim Dial -uited him: what lie wanted wa- a  marriage licen-e. II wa- given him. Old-time olliei'ils  like Mr. Cillin or Mr. Dennis would not have niaile -ueh  a ini.-laki. I'or Ihey can divine a man'.- intention- before  be i- fairly well within llie ilinii-of I In-goveriiiiicnl ollice.  A company, of which  Dr. Ivilboiirne of  Seattle' i- one of I he proinol el'.-, i.- c.uiva ��� ing Ka-lo wil h  the \ iew of lighl ing the lown wilh eleel ricily. Waler,  and nol light, i- what is wanted al Ka-lo.  During  (lie  months  of .April and   .May  llie   cu-lom-   colleclions   at    point-   on    Kootenay   lake  i Hilled  to S-i_..'iS(l..'i".   which   mean-  Ibal   over SlIKI.lHKl  worth of gciocl- maiiufael tired in the I'nilcd Slates wrw  iuiporlcil during the-e two month.-.  Robert   Wood,   who lias  a  preemption  about /ive miles clown the K'ooleiiay river frnm .N'elson.  ha- been ipiite ill I'or -everal tumuli-, lie leaves today  for llantr hot .-prings for medical treat ment.  At their last  meeting, the direclors of  the hospital society concluded to call I'or tenders for a  building to cost not more than Die funds then insight,  about. .S'jlKHl. Cuiilraideirs can sec: the plans at lhe ollice  of architect Taylor, and bids iiiusl he in hy l< o'clock on  .Monday nexl. ___ ���   Were the Business Mem.Jobbed?  The'business "men   of  Ivaslo long  since  'saw the necessity for a wharf that .would  be a  credit to  their town:   but   it  takes  money to build a-.good, wharf. They knew  they could   raise  money to do the   work,  and" they (lid.    The best  interests of  the  town   required   the wharf  to he built   tit  the foot of Third street, the presentland-  ing-place of the steaniboats..   At its highest stage  the-Water comes within-ii'hundred   feet of'''Front street,  and   actually  '.covers the back end of lots ha ving a. south  frontage on that street.  According to the  townsite- plat,   lots   have   been  snrveyeil  (hat   are  covered   with   twenty   feet   of  water,  for several   months   in   the  year.  .Some of these lots would  of necessity  bo  used  for tin-   wharf bhe.'business   men intended   to   build,  and   flu;   agent,   of the  townsite owners.whs asked  to set   a,price  on'those wanted.    The figures given were  so high that the wharf project had to be  abandoned.    Then  another   project   was  started.'   The '-wharf was  to 'be   made a  joint stock affair, with a capital of $10,000.  the  townsite  owners taking a .portion of.  theselling price of the lots in stock.   This  naturally -led to tin?   iii(|tiiry :   "Where is  the revenue to come from 'to'pay interest  on   the   capital   invested'-1"   The  answer  given was. ���"Why from the freight handled  over it."    Several of the merchants began  to see  "a  nigger in   the wood-pile," antl  very emphatically declined to  be further  bled in   the interest of bhe townsite coni-  ptiny.    The chances are the present wharf  and warehouse  will   answer  all purposes  until  such   time  as the   townsite  owners  will cease demanding the "pound of flesh."  port, and a port does its business direct  with the department. The cost of running an out port' is loss than a port, and  that is the reason that Nelson is made an  otitporf. Nelson will do its business  through the port of New Westminster.  All boats from IJoiiner's Ferry will be required to enter and clear from Nelson before touching at other points in Mritish  Columbia."      Pound a Small Bonanza.  Since the lirst day it was worked, the  No. I mine, in Ainsworth di��trict. has  been a source of revenue to its owners,  even when most expensively worked. According to reports, the present lessees have,  a small bonanza, in the dump, wliich i.s estimated to contain iSOOO tons of ore that  can be profitably concentrated. One of  tlie lessees, .Mr. Stevenson, has rigged up  a hand jig! through "which lie daily runs  enough ore to return half a. ton of concentrates.'- As soon .as-machinery can be procured, the dump will,bo worked over systematically. A. rich body of ore has also  been struck iii the mine, and the Ies ees  think they  have a  good   thing-in   their  lease.  ___________  It  Was   "Nil."  A slide to the west of the Toad Mountain wagon road andiibtinore tlian a inile  and a half'from; Nelson uncovered ,-t big  strong ledge of quarts, that looked as if it  might contain gold in'paying quantities.'  The ground was staked and named "The  Single Standard."' a- promising-looking  specimen wsis assayed, and the return was  a surprise.  _ r<_  ____ ^->��.eya-'a  IT' "W"  JL J_L  Ji-   'it'    _?���  r-_5_TH  MEiBGIIiLlNrTi  )C1  leepies  f  u  l.i-OViOllllib*  ill   tUHU  I  TfJ" 1 fN i  iidiilWdrdf (5tU\  4~  V0;  qnri-  liiiii  mwai'e.  Unfair to Prospectors and Mine Owners.  From  reports  brought down   from the  upper country, it seems that all the people landing on bhe shores of the east arm  of Upper Arrow lake tire bound for Trout  Lake City. If these reports are true,  then Trout Lake City, and not Lardeau.  should have been made the record office  forthe new milling division of Lardeau.  Lardeau is at the extreme western side of  the mineral-bearing section embraced iii  the boundaries of tin,-new division, whilst  Trout Lake City is near the center. It is  certainly unfair to compel prospectors  and.mine owners to travel long distances  to make records merely to help out a  townsite .speculation.  Dominion Day to be Celebrated.  There is more patriotism  to the square  inch in a mining camp than there is bo the  square mile  in an  agricultural village, as  will  be  proven at Nelson ou  Saturday,  .July 1st, the twenty-sixth anniversary of  tlie creation of  tne Dominion  of Canada,  next to the I'nited States of America, the  greatest country on earth. Already enough  money has been subscribed   to hire music  and fire cannon, and   before   the   week is  closed enough will   be subscribed to give  I liberal prizes to successful competitors in  ! Caledonian   games   and   aquatic   sports.  | Liberal   purses   will   also  be hung up for  j horse and  footraces  and tug-of-wa r and  drilling contests.  School   Report.  Below is given the standing iu class  order of the pupils of Nelson public school  I'or the month of .May:  Class   V   -lieiberl   Mcl.coil.   (  l!obiii-on. .Jasper I'liair.  Class  IV    Kit a   .Muir.   Mabel  Cohvell.   IVrcy  'I'iiiii Lewis.  Cia.-!- Ill Nel-on lliic-liiiiiiiii. Ituy May. I'aul Urnivii.  ('lai'cnee (ioepel,   Amanda UnrkiT.  Class II Mary liroun, l.eo Kiichanan, .loliniiy_ Du-  liaiiiel. Saniiity .Slin-key. Oscar li'ohiiisun. .laini-s Kelly,  K'dna   l.eivis.  ('las.- I Ktliel D'lirirn. Harry Farley. Small O'Hrien,  Sadie Stewart. Nellie Marshall. Kohbic Hell, Victoria  Hudson, Jennie Stewart. IJny lii-clcin. Arthur Darker.  Xinnher enrolicil, ;!h; n venire at leiidnnee. L'l ipuni'lu-  nlil-'. Wiper e-ci-l. STKId.A K'ANK. Icacher.  CHEMISTS and  :      DRUGGISTS  Cor. Baker and  Josephine  Streets,  Nelson, B. C.  A large and complete stuck of t he leading lines of  Drugs,  Chemicals,  Patent Medicines,  Perfumes,  Soaps,  Brushes,  And  Toilet Articles of  Every Description  Plumbing  and   Tin-Roofing  n Ac ���������Tupft*1*8  Specialty,    Stocks full   and  complet  to their advantage to in  in every Department, and  the Public "'will find it  iuiv lanagep.  poet  Goods and compare Prices.  East: Vepnori: Street^ Nelson.-  "^ipggE  __n_ROlNl"T!   STBSST    _B  .u  >)  Ipv-fi-ofiiis";-'"Rnrii,Q'K'lio'^ 'ItP^wps  >lj   ...UUuUk)^ ���������J_JbUkA_��j   biluUJJj  .U'l.UUUliuOj ���_!  QUI  m am  MINING   COMPANIES,   MINER.  iND- PROSPECTORS   FURNISHED   WITH   SUPPLIES.  H T% ���i  l���    lini  ��  Shelf and  Heavy Hardware,  Stoves, Ranges,   \ in ware.  Coal,  .Q-f _*,__*  \j i�� _- _-  iron, Giass,  Fuse, Caps,  Powder, . ,  _-__,  Nails, Paints, Oils.  .bepiiien5  and  Blacksmiths'   Outfits.'.-in.-.Stock.  m1'  Central Office  of the  Kootenay Lake  Telephone.  A  liirf^ej iimcI e.-oni|ileL(! sloe.-k of  wall pap:  FURNITURE }PMi  AND  UNDERTAKING.  _ET-E_0_>T_?   STE._E_]___1T:1  -A.S_L_.0-   _B_ C.  if *_*__>' \%  N-o_   ]2 y  'T  ������as!.  ,5?9  _E_2E5  ;or  JAS. MeDONALD & CO,  JOSEPHINE  STREET,  NELSON.  AVENUE A, NEAR THIRD ST.. KASLO.  Curry full linos of ull kinds of  I- iiriiil.iii'u feir resiliences,  lintels,  unci oilices.   Multrusses miiile lo  oreler.  mill ul. prii-e.-s  lower lliun  eastern unci  const   iniiiuil'.-ict iirors.  tiVCIVI-iriTTfWJ  _____**___  r.  If  _r_ '%  H  4Ji  H \ V  i trfl����o_  . *   ���rV-J  ^  '3W&  _t__a_______B___a  ____Z3I  J___-__4-?__.  '<??__,^   '^rp:  :=?��  ���C5^  R_E_A_I3 I  &  ���rtriiilc   linliinsiiii.   May  ( <IM-|l(-|.  The Money Reported in Bank,  ll is reported LluiL work will s(,-ii-(. on  both the Silver Ivin^ fiiici Dundy iniiu-s. iu  Nelson ilislriet, in .Julv. Tlie report, is  tlmt 9(MKI.(MK) is now in'iui Kn^lis'li bunk  for the purpose of putting in inacliiiiery  on the Silver Kiii^r nnd for developing the  propc ty. It is to be hoped the report is  true. The owners of the Dnndy are nil  capitMlists. nnd are only waiting the* dis-  ap|>earanee of tlie snow to befdn work.  At p.e-'eiit there isnhout t wo feetof snow  at the Dnndy and three feet at the Silver  King. '       To be an Outport After July 1st.  Xelson is tube nn outport nfter July  1st. When nsked the difference between  nn outport nnd n port, n well-posted customs officer replied: "An outport. is required to trnnsnet its business with Mie  customs depnrtnieiit nf Olfnwn through n  TIIKV  AUK ALSO AfiKNTS  I'Oli  Evans  Pianos and  Doherty Organs  mSON SHOE "STOBE  Our seronei coiisih'iiliieiil litis urriveel. iinel il con-  tiiini.'il iiii'iiV liirui.'il Diiugola Kuili-rs nnil biilniii-  ntls. ini'ii's cloiigiiln anil curpct slippers, lhe c:i:le-  bi-iit'ctcl 77 lialinoral for men's niciliinii woiu-. a linemen's <!. W. Unssia Inn pointed toe;. Two lines of  youth's iinlineiriils, jfiinil lookersunil i^ooil wi-iirc-rs.  A lieunl il'ul line of Misses' uruin scliool houls.  .Mem's i-hecki'il canvass for the ilnsty season. Our  pni-pcii-i!, rillc, silk, ami llul laces. Iiluckinw kits.  1'iirk nnil prciiiier insoles are also here.    Aleire lo  Wm & TAYLOR.  Huker s(,n-et, ut cast i.-ml nf lii'iil��i!. .Vel.-iin.  SPRIN& and SUMMER  SUITINGS.  Dealers in Musical Goods of all kinds, Newspapers, Magazines, and Novels.  Staple and Fancy Stationery, etc.  Intending purchasers of Pianos, Organs, or Sewing Machines will find it to  their advantage to write us or give us a call. We represent the best  makers only and guarantee satisfaction on good terms.  f/K  ill  T"CT_N"I_N"Gf-   _____DsT_D  No. 2 Houston block, Baker street. Kelson.  BEPAIKI-TG-   -A.   SPECIALTY.  R. STRATHERN, Ag-ent at Kaslo.  mr___��*-_r<_i*!i tr____nv-t��a r#.w^__cr_i  i>i      ^  u^z_aJ_<-X!j. z_r__y_-.^-_____a  r..  a 1  PR0SPECT0RS, SUPPLIES.  __T.  J".   SQUIBE,!  _yn__3i-C_H_:__._-*rT t^ii-Or,  has i-ec-iii villi his slock of Hprini,' nnil Slimmer Suit iiii;-.,  '  und   is   pi'cpui'cil   to   I urn   nut   suits us well   liuielc  iiml  stylish us uny   .Merchunt. Tiiilnr in Camilla.  Maker si reel  (jusl .west of the liriiltfe). N'elson. |  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. j  Seuleel tenders will he received h.v the iindei'siKiicil tin. |  til li n'c oek I'.M.on .Moneliiv. the I2lli instiinl. for lhe  i-imsl i*iii*I ion of a hospslul huilding al. N'elson. I'liins ,-iikI j  siieciliculions can he seen ul llie olliete of (.ieoi-^c N'. :  'Invlor. architect. Josephine si reel, Nelson, after VI '  o'clock iiiiiiii of llie Silt inslniil.. The lowest, or uny kinder  nut liei-essurily uc:eepted. (IKOIKJK A. HKJKI.OW.  Mecrelnry Kocilenny Ijike Ilospilul Society.  Nelson, .Itine.'ilh, ISH'I.  Do you want a heavy or light flannel sh  a Dure silk or silk-mixed shirt; or a  shirt; or  pure si��K or siiK-mixeu sinn; m- a percale  shirt; or a white dress shirt; or a pure white  flannel shirt; or anything in the way of collars  and cuffs?   If you do call at the postoffice store.  &_  can


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