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 Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made  Dividend Paying Mines.  FIFTH   YEAR-NO. M.  '^'4^  NELSON   BRITISH  COLUMBIA, SATURDAY   JULY  'U, 1897.  KOOTENAY  Has   Three  Smelters  in   Successful  Operation,  and  Enough Ore  in Sight to   Run  Several   More.  TWO , DOLLARS  A YEAR.  MOVING   AHEAD   SLOWLY.  the  I-  Martin and the New Jail.  Since his arrival in .Nelson' Hon. C. B.  Martin has conceded two or three points  to the people of Nelson, but he is said to  be still obdurate in the matter of locating  the provincial jail among the residences.  If Martin can be induced to stop over for  a few days more he will no doubt come  around to see this matter as the people of  Nelson do. The commissioner is credited  with stating that it would cost more to  build the jail upon the government reserve near the court house than upon the  block selected by the government agent  in Nelson. It will not take long to convince the commissioner that he is in error  in this respect. There will be about 000  loads of stone required for the foundation  of the new jail. Ln Nelson the handling  of stone is a big factor in the cost. Three  loads can be handled to the court house  reserve for what it will cost to haul one  up hill to the proposed site. The same  thing also applies to all other materials.  If the chief commissioner   puts  the jail  " New Difficulties Present Themselves In  Laying of, the Distribution Service.  The city council is not making very  great progress in the way of securing a  water works system for the city. This is  not wholly the fault of the members of  the council. The conditions in Nelson are  not very favorable to the rapid prosecution of such work, and new difficulties  constantly presenting themselves, tend to  further complicate matters. l<Yom the  present outlook it is possible that part of  the work will be done by days labor  especially the laying ot the distribution  pipes. The difficultythat presents itself  in this work is that none of the streets  have been graded, aud contractors in  figuring upon the work would have to  make guesses as to quantities.  With respect to the reservoir, however,  it is practically straight work. Engineer  McCulloch has the plans for the same  completed, and tenders for theconstruc-  tion of the same can be considered and  the contract awarded when the time allowed contractors runs out today. The  reservoir will have a capacity of 1,000,000  gallons, .lust what wetter supply this  will give the city is largely a matter for  conjecture, being wholly dependant upon  the amount of water which can be  brought into it. This .information can  only be had after making the source of  .supply a study during all seasons of the  year. Engineer AlcCulloch says that  when the reservoir is once filled it will  meet all the domestic requirements of the  city of Nelson for four days without being replenished.  It is proposed to   bring  the water from  above the forks of Anderson creek.   For  awhile there was a little uneasiness about  the Anderson  creek  water as it was discovered   that  some   private   individuals  bad   filed an  application for  the  water,  but   the  acting   government agent   has  assured the  municipal   authorities   that  the interests of m: uicipality will be conserved   in  this  respect.    A dam  is to be  built about -S00 feet above  the  forks of  the creek, from  which  point  the  water  will  be carried   in  a  Home  7:500  feet in  length to the  reservoir.    This  flume will  be 12x12 inches, inside  measurement, and  will have a carrying capacity of 1.7o0,000  gallons in 2-1   hours.    It is estimated that  the  flume will   have a carrying capacity  double the present water  supply, so that  should it be  found  necessary to increase  the supply by bringing  in the upper fork  of Anderson creek  the  flume will bo adequate.    A  box . flume   has . been decided  upon  for economic  reasons.    It   is   estimated that there is a saving of from $2o00  co $.'5000 in its use as against wooden pipe,  and a much  greater saving as compared  with  iron  pipe.   The chief objection to  the box  flume  is  that it  cannot be used  under  pressure, and  for  this reason  the  flume will have to follow the grade of the  hill to the .reservoir.   This means that it  cannot conform to street lines, but will bo  run over private property, and it remains  to be seen what arrangements the municipality can make with the owners of this  land.   The question of expense shutout  the consideration  of a pipe line,  uude'r-  pressure,   conforming    more   closely    to  street lines. ���  With respect to the sewerage system it  is not likely that anything' will be done  until the water works construction is well  in hand, and the corporation has some  idea of how near the work will come  within the estimated cost. Engineer Mc-  Culloelrs plans for the sewerage system  are more favorably considered than the  others, but they will doubtless be greatly  modified. He favors building the main  sewer up the bed of -Ward creek, without  keeping upon the street line. He estimates that a sewer built up the bed of  the creek will cost less than half that of a  sewer built straight up -'Ward street. It  will be for the council to decide whether  or not it will be desirable; to have the'  sewer upon the street or upon private  property.  Engineer McCulloch's idea of a sewerage  system is to have a main sewer built of  brick, 24 by 2-1 inches in' diameter, reducing a couple of inches every two blocks  after passing Silica street, and carried up  the bed. of Ward creek as far as Gore  street. A sewer of these dimensions built  of brick cau.be put in, according to his  figures,-as cheaply as a sewer of 12-inch  pipe, and would be capable of carrying  off all the surface water and sewerage of  the Ward creek area. The connections  upon the side streets would be of pipe.  The life of the system he proposes would  be about 20 years, and would, therefore,  serve the city until it was in a position to  put in a new system.  St s:i  ��1 8!)  In!)  1 ;")S  1 31  I 2(i  1'0!I  01  1 02  '    S.1  !)2  7��J  74    '  H~  71  IS  upon the court house reserve he can secure  at least $3000 for the ground embraced in  the proposed site. This course may not  be favored by those living in officialdom  at present, as it might put them to the  necessity of seeking new lodgings, but it  would be conserving the public interests,  an.cL.that is .vhat.the chief commissioner  is supposed to do.  Canadian Pacific's New Freight' Tariff.  The Canadian Pacific. Railway company's new freight tariff on shipments  from the coast to points in Kootenay,  went into effect on Wednesday. A slight  increase has been made in first-class rates,  but reductions are made in the nine other  classifications. A synopsis of the new  and old rates is "given below. The figures  in the first column represent the old rates  on goods consigned to Nelson, Trail, Na-  kusp and Kaslo, and those in the second  column represent the new rates to these  points:  First-class   Second-class-'   Third-class   -Fourth-class   Fifth-clnss   Sixth-class      Seventh-class   Fightli-clns-      Ninth-class       ���  Tenth-class       Sg 13  .The fifth-class, on which the largest reduction is made, is in most cases carloads  of , groceries, hardware, sugar, milk,  liquors, etc. Heavy lines, such as brick,  cement, etc., belong to the tenth-class,  and machinery to the sixth. Railroad  rails and spikes principally make up the  seventh-class, and case liquors and such  like the fourth, while shipments in less  than carload lots are charged as provided ,  in the second, third, and fourth/classes.  They Will Get the Trail.  \V. I j. McLaughlin, one of the owners of  the McLaughlin and Clinton group iof  claims on Hamill creek, had an interview  with G. B. Martin, chief commissioner of  lands and works, this week aud succeeded  in convincing him that'the government  should do something toward completing  the remaining six miles of trail from  Hamill creek to the lake. It has been decided that the government will put up  half the cost-and the mine owners the  balance. McLaughlin says that a great  many people are coming into the Hamill  creek section from East lvootenay over  the Toby creek trail. He estimates that  there are fully two hundred prospectors  scattered around the hills in his section of  the district and several findsare reported.  McLaughlin.and Clinton are the pioneer  locators upon the creek, and they have  about the best showings. The ore from  the ledges along this creek is much richer  than was at first supposed. During the  past week McLaughlin had several assays  made, the returns varying from $10" to  $087 to the ton.  THE   MUNICIPAL   COUNCIL.  The Junipers Still in Court.  The appeal of the jum pers of the Quartz  creek or Ymir townsite, from the decision  of justice Walkem came before the full  court at Victoria on Saturday. Chief  justice Davie and justices Drake and Mc-  Coll were on the bench. The townsite  was jumped in April last, upon the assumption  that the  Nelson & Fort Shep  pard Railway Company had not complied'  with the conditions imposed upon it by  the legislature. The jumpers claim that  the land has not been properly surveyed,  and that the railway company is not entitled to a crown grant for it. In the first  brush in the courts therailway company  secured an injunction from justice McColl  restraining the- jumpers from dealing  with the property in any way. The  jumpers applied to justice Walkem to  have the injunction dissolved, but he refused the application and made au order  restraining the jumpers from applying to  the chief commissioner of lands and works  for a crown grant. Frank Higgins appeared for Parker and Powell and .John  A. Blake appeared in his own behalf; E.  V. Bodwell: appeared for the railway  company.   Judgment was reserved.  Those Who Should. Go to Klondyke.  ,At the rate the Alaska stories of gold  finds are coming in, they are enough to  unsettle people's minds altogether; yet it  is not wise to yield to the seductive allurements of speedy and certain wealth.  Those who can get along at home had better stay; for Alaska is a harsh country to  get along in, the winters are longer and  colder than anyone accustomed only to  this latitude has any idea of, aud above  all, the rule must hold good there as elsewhere, that it is the few who succeed, and  we hear all about these; the many who  fail are not heard of. There can be no  doubt but the sufferings up there the  coming winter will besevere, possibly disastrous. None should go save those who  are footloose, who understand mining  and who are healthy, strong and used to  outdoor hardships.  Special Regulations for Klondyke.  Hon. Clifford Sifton minister of the interior, in answer to a telegram from  Aulay Morrison, asking if the federal government intended to make the mining  laws of British Columbia applicable to  the Yukon, telegraphed as follows: "No  intention of making British Columbia  mining laws apply to the Yukon. Special  regulations applying to that district,  which have been carefully revised by  Ogilvie, will be administered by a staff,  on the ground. Further amendments are  now being made, and will'be completed  as soon as possible. Miners will have to  deal with our officials in the district.  Clifford Sifton."  What the Mayor and  Aldermen  Did  During-  The Past/Week.  Alderman Fletcher-was the only absentee at the fifteenth regular meetingof the  city, council, which was held in the fire  hall Monday evening. ,  Alderman Teetzel presented the account  of the finance committee, recommending  that the account of Messrs. Malone &  Tregillus for repairs in connection with  the fire hall, be paid.  A communication was received from  John Elliot respecting his account for  professional services, and the same was  referred to the finance committee with  instructions to report upon the same.  A petition from Messrs. Lapoiute and  Farley for two crossings at the corner of  Ward and Vernon streets, was referred to  the public works committee.  On motion of alderman Hillyer, seconded by alderman Malone, it was resolved  that three and one-half blocks of three-  plank sidewalk be built on the Hall Mines  road, Hoover-street and Lake street, and  that the work be done by day's labor  under the foremanship of Alexander  Chisholm.   .   .  , On motion of alderman Malone, seconded by alderman Hillyer, it was resolved  that the six-foot sidewalk on Stanley  street be extended from Robstfn street to'  Houston street, aud that the work will be  done by day's labor under the foreman-  ship of Alexander Chisholm. ���  The electric lighting and wiring by-law  No. 13, was considered in committee of  the whole with alderman Malone in the  chair. The by-law was reported complete with,amendments, and received its  third reading. The motiori'to reconsider  was moved by alderman Malone, seconded  by alderman Hillyer.  The following accounts were passed:  IT   IS   NOT   A   VICIOUS    BILL.  Alexander Chisholm, balance ot account.  H. -Harvard, labor on Stanley street   ... .  .1. Gwycr. labor on Stanley street   Uritish Columbia. Gazelle   Miiionc& Tresillns   II) 5(1  C 25  :i 75  II 75  :">2S 30  Tuesday Evening Session.  Mayor Houston and aldermen Malone  and Hillyer went over the line' of the proposed waterworks flume on Tuesday, accompanied by the engineer, for the purpose of familiarizing themselves with the  nature of the work. A meeting 'of the  council was held in the evening, mayor  Houston, aldermen Gilker. Hillyer,' and  Maione being present.    .  On motion of alderman Malone, seconded vby. alderman Hillyer, it was resolved  that the right-of-way for the waterworks  Hume from the head works on Anderson  creek to the reservoir site, be cleared 20  feet wide, 10 feet on each side of the flume,  and that the timber and brush thereon be  burned.  On motion of alderman Malone. secon- j  ded by alderman Hillyer, it was resolved |  that  the waterworks flume, that is, all  except trestles, be built of cedar lumber.  The following accounts were passed':  William Downey.Tabor on Baker street.     .  .$1 '50  Jacob Sor.son, labor on Baker street, bridge   I 00  Jerry .Stinson, labor on Baker street bridge   3 75  David Woods, labor on Baker street bridge '..��� S .15  Thomas Dempster, labor on Baker street ...;..'.; 3 75  William Joyce, labor on waterworks survey-.. 6 90  Andrew Wilson, labor on waterworks survey.... .. (i 25  Figures Which Tell Their Own Story.  No stronger argument upon the necessity for a new redistribution bill could be  presented than in simply printing a list of  the constituencies, their voting strength,  and the representation accorded each.  With respect to West Kootenay the disparity which existed in 180-1 has increased  tenfold. This is a distribution which,  Messrs. Davie, Turner & Company considered fair:  '   MISTItlCT  Cariboo   Cassiar    Comox'���'..-.....;..;   t'owichun-AIberni   East Kooten ay...     Fsquimalt ...       Fast and West IJUooot  XanaiiiioCity.......  ;...  North Xanaimo ..  .     South Xanaimo...... ���  New Westminister City.  Vancouver City   Victoria. City."   North Victoria    South Victoria   Northwest lvootenay ���  .South  lvootenay '   niiilliwack      Delia   Dewdney   Richmond     ....  Fast Vale   North Yale ...:   West   Vale.   X.CI.  '.MK.M-  VOTKS.  IIKKS.  .   45C  '  ���)  .   200  \  .   522     "���  ��� ���    " 1  .   5111  ')  (125  T .  .    151  ���;  .   3I!I  _  .   971  1  .   702  I  .   201  1.  .1,-100  1'  .3.700  ;;  ; I.GI7  1  .   330  1  .   507  1  .   550  1    .  .   925  1  .   S01  1  .1.130  1  .   7111  1  .   051  1  1,022  1  .   093  1  .   500  1  Average $1000 per Day.  The revenue for the port of Nelson continues to keep close to the $1000 per clay  mark.  The collections for the past month  amounted to $30,723.44, divided as follows:  Nelson ...  Rossland  Kaslo  Trail   Vv'anctn..  Nakusp ..  Rykei-fs .  Total.  0.200 31  9,013 HS  0.170 12  l.3(!,'l 35  1,003 57  851 99  III 09  30,723 II  Another Strike on Hamill Creek.  F. 13. Power, Fred Wood and John Hendricks have recently located six new  claims about lo miles up Hamill creek and  seven and a half miles above the Clinton  and McLaughlin group. The ledge is  traceable through the entii'e length of the  six claims and is supposed to be an extension of the one on the Tarrant, owned by  Clinton and McLaughlin. A surface assay from these claims show 3!) ounces in  silver and OH per cent lead.  Aliens are all,Right if They- Come In .With  out Contracts.  The alien labor bill which the federal  government has decided to enforce  throughout this province, is not the  vicious bill that many suppose, it provides against the entry of aliens into Canada under contract, to work in Canada.  There is nothing in the bill to interfere  with citizens of the United States working in British Columbia so long as they do  not make their contracts before entering  the province. The principal clauses of  the bill are:  I. Prom and after the passing of this  act it shall be unlawful for any person,  company, partnership or corporation, in  any manner, to prepay the transportation, or in any way to assist or encourage  the importation or immigration of any  alien or foreigner into, under contract or  agreement, parole and special, express or  implied, made previous to the importation or immigration of such alien or foreigner, to perform labor or service of any  kind in Canada.  2.1 All contracts or agreements,,express  or implied, parole or special, hereafter  made by and between any person, company, partnership or corporation, and any  alien or foreigner, to perform labor or  service, or having reference to the performance of labor or service by any person in Canada, previous to the immigration or importation of the person whose  labor or service is contracted for in Canada,, shall be void and of no effect.  3. For every violation of any of the  provisions of section 1 of this act, the person, partnership, company or corporation  violating it by knowingly assisting, encouraging or soliciting the im migration or  importation of any alien or foreigner into  Canada, to perform labor or service of  any kind under contract or agreement,  express or implied, parole or special, with  such alien or foreigner previous to his becoming a resident in or a citizen of Canada, shall forfeit and pay the sum of $1000,  which may be used for and recovered by  her majesty's attorney-general of Canada,  or the person duly authorized thereto by  him, as debts of like account are now recovered in auy competent court in Canada, the proceeds to be paid into the  hands of the receiver-general; and separate suits may be brought for each foreigner who is a party to such contract or  agreement.  4. The master of any vessel who knowingly brings into Canada on such vessel  and lands or permits to be landed from  any port or place, any alien, laborer, mechanic, or artisan, who. previous to embarkation oh such vessel, had entered into  contractor agreement, parole or special,  express or implied, to perform labor or  service in Canada, shall be deemed guilty  of an indictable offence, and upon conviction thereofshall.be punished by a fine of  not more than $500 for each alien, laborer,  mechanic, or artisan so brought or landed,  and may also be imprisoned for a term  not exceeding six months.  "I am Nothing if I am not Critical."  ���Illecillkwabt, B.C., July 24th.  To the Editor of- Thi-j Tribune: The  British Columbia Mining Critic, The Ross-  lander and the Mining Record have recently published articles dealing in a disparaging manner with the Waverly mine,  and calling in question the price paid for  that property to Grant Go van's company.  I shall deal more particularly with the  article appearing in the Mining Critic of  the 24th ultimo. The motto of this journal is, "I am Nothing if 1 am not Critical,"  and evidently the article was composed  by the man who adopted this motto. I  would enquire, is,lie anything else but  critical, is he well informed and are his  statements accurate? He is undoubtedly  critical, but it was always my opinion  that decent criticism is usually embellished with at least some degree of knowledge and information as to facts. All  those who have the good of British Columbia mining enterprises at heart can  .only sincerely deplore the publication  and circulation of such despicable journalism; and in the hope that I may in some  slight degree be able to arrest the garbage  of such unquallified pencillers, I make the  following challenge: The British Columbia Mining Critic shall nominate an accredited mining engineer of this province,  whose appointment shall be ratified by  the umpires, to thoroughly examine the  Waverly mine. He shall submit his report to three umpires, one to be named by  the British Columbia Mining Critic, one  by myself, and the other to be chosen by  these two.  If in their opinion the present shewing  in, the Waverly mine is not one of the  largest and one of the most valuable mineral deposits yet discovered in British  Columbia, I shall pay the usual fees of  the expert's examination and the charges  of the umpires, and also shall hand the  proprietor of the Mining Critic a check  for $500. On the other hand if the-property is reported as being of the exceptionally great value which we have represented and which has been 'represented  in the prospectus of the Waverly -mine  limited, then the mining critic: shall pay  all such expenses of the inspection and in  addition hand me a check for $500,  As the locator of this property and now  having no further interest in it, I have, in  justice to Mr. 'John Grant, to the Gold  Fields of British Columbia, to Mr. Grant  Govan and to the Waverly mine limited,  endeavored by this challenge to explode  and terminate such unjust criticism, and  in doing so I am inclined to think tkat I  will   be accomplishing a  distinct  benefit  for the good of the mining industry of the  province. I venture to think that I have  more knowledge of mines and mining  than can be acquired at the desk of an incipient journal that is nothing unless it  is critical, aud I am disposed to believe  that a few exposures of this kind would  lead the public to think that thi�� journal's  motto could antly be deprived of its last  three words.  I am, your obedient servant,  Out SAXDHKIWi.  ELLIS   WAS   FINED   $76.  HE   REFUSED   TO   ADVERTISE  So the Newspaper Decided to Make it Hot  for Trustee Fletcher.  The last issue of the Slocan City Pioneer  contains au attack upon bYank Fletcher's  management of the Slocan City townsite  as trustee for the owners of the same.  Among the other injudicious statements  which the Pioneer makes, are the following: "Never was a townsite in British  Columbia, or in any other country, more  pitilessly jobbed and puttered with than  that of Slocan City. Its experience is a  perfect illustration of what wrongs may  be heedlessly inflicted by an ill-regulated  government policy of grants and franchises, and points the necessity of a town-  site law that,will make the speculative  possessor to some degree responsible to  the well meaniug purchasers for necessary  , public improvements."  In support of this the Pioneer sets out  that trustee Fletcher has only visited the  townsite once since last spring, that he  allowed the citizens to spend $70 of their  own money in putting Main street in  shape for the celebration on May 24th,  and that he awarded Dave McBeath the  contract for grading some streets in the  townsite, simply because his was the  lowest tender for the work. More or less  abuse is sandwiched into the complaint  against the trustee, and tirade concludes  with the following:  "What is worse still, the Pioneer is  creditably informed that the street grading work done for Mr. Fletcher prior to  May 2-1 th has never been paid for. What  is the reason of withholding from these  men the money honestly earned by them,  which it is customary to pay on demand  at the completion of the labor assigned?  Is Mr. Fletcher figuring on the bankers'  per cent profit from the continued use  and conversion of. this little fund, which  is needed--so urgently by those'to whom  it rightly belongs."  It may be stated that the reason for  this paper's animus against the trustee  arises from his refusal Co patronize its advertising columns. The paper was refused an advertisement a few days before  the roast appeared, and the roast is but  the sequence of the refusal. The owners  of the Slocan City townsite spent $;">000  during the past IS months, exclusive of  their contribution of some $700 to the  Springer creek trail, and no person has  been kept out of any money earned while  in the employ of the townsite owners or  their trustee.  Tenders for Water Works. '  The tenders for constructing the water  works for the City of Nelson were opened  at 1:30 p. m. today by the mayor, and,  alderman Gilker. The following Were the  separate tenders:  -.- Tender A���For furnishing all material  and performing all work for the construction of the headworks at Anderson creek  and of the flume to the reservoir:  W. O. McLean & Co   .  Breckinridge & Lund .  .81000 00  .''sm oo  Tender B���For furnishing all material  for and all labor in constructing a reservoir of .1,000,000 gallons capacity:  John Noll and L. W. Thompson .  UreckinridKC & Lmid.'.";-.......  .  ��1338 50  .  3S35 00  Tender D���For laying 15,000 feet of lap-  welded wrought-iron or steel pipe, 10  inches to 4 inches in diameter, also the  relaying of 4000 feet of 2-inch screw-jointed  pipe; also laying specials and setting  valves, valve boxes, valve chambers, fire  hydrants, and furnishing certain materials in the city of Nelson:  Breckinridge & Lund  W. C. McLean & Co ..  .$l(i.V> 00  .   150(1 00  The tenders will  be considered by the  council at the regular session on  Monday  night.'   The A. O. U. W. Oilleers.  At the local lodge of the A. (). l.\ \V\,  organized in this city Saturday evening  by William Ragless, grand organizer for  the province, the following officers were  elected :" William Hodson, P.M. \V.;  J. Squire, M.W.: James McDonald,  man; Robert A. Kerr, overseer:  F. T. Smipkins.  Fred  fore-  P.   K.  finan-  receiver: J.  L. Barrett,  I.W.: C. K. Peterson, O.  LaBau, medical examiner; Swan  W. Turner and B. Quaas, trustees.  Wilson, recorder  cier; Ii. Stuckey,  guide; A. Nelson,  W.; Dr  Nelson,  Among the old members who were  present and assisted in the  initiation   were S.  F. Mcintosh, F. W. Swannell, J. Lapoiute,  R.  Towlie. if.  Zerbell,   R. A.  Chisholm,  G. Flemmings,  and   brothers   McDonald  and Burns.   The Slocan Ore Shipments.  The following are the ore shipments for  the past week over the  Kaslo ��fc Slocan  railroad:  mini:.  IlKSTI.NWTION.  TUNS.  I Tut Ii    Kvcrct t    105  Kntli    00  Whitewater.       IS  .   :.:....   13!  Slocan Hoy    Pueblo      15  (ireat Western      15  Ihcx    Pueblo     ..  .   30  Wonderful  ...   Kaslo Sampler    .  He Retailed Goods in Nelson Without Taking-  Out a Trader's License.  Charles E. Snaley. city clerk, has succeeded in securing a conviction in.his first  case before magistrate Crea.-e. for violation of the Trader's License Bi'-law. A.  B. Ellis, a salesman for Weiler Brothers'  furniture house of Victoria, has been in  Nelson endeavoring to sell, bar fittings  from his Victoria hou��e direct' to the  users instead of to the trade. Sub-Section  12 of section I, of the Trader's License Bylaw, required a license fee of $50 for each  six months,'but Ellis neglected to take,'  out any license, and the prosecution- followed. ' This subsection reads:  "12. livery person who, either- on his  own behalf, or as agent for another or  others, sells, solicits, or takes orders for .  the sale by retail, of goods, wares or merchandise, to be supplied or furnished by  any person or firm doing business outside ���  of the municipality, fifty dollars forevery.  six months."  The defendant's counsel, A. M. Johnson,  asked for a non-suit when the evidence  for the prosecution was put in, upon the  ground that it had not been shown that  the defendant was attempting to sell by  retail. In support of this he quoted a  judgment of the late chief justice Begbie, , .  in which the chief justice held that it was  fallacy to assume that the common definition of a retailer, which was but a definition of a class of retailers, was the proper definition. The magistrate refused  the application for a non-suit, aud the defence then put Ellis in the box. who testified that F. Simpson was a retail trader  who sold meats, tinware, crockery, groceries, and general provisions.  To John Elliot, who appeared for the  prosecution, Ellis admitted that he had  attempted to sell Simpsou furniture for  his hotel in this city. ' The city solicitor  then quoted a recent judgmeut of justice  Drake, in which heapplied the definition  that a wholesale merchant dealt with the  trade and that a retail merchant dealt  direct with the consumer.  Magistrate Crease expressed the opinion  that it was a clear case of violation of the  by-law. He imposed a fine of $25 with  the $o0 license fee added, with two months  imprisonment in case of default. The  fine was paid.  KOOTBNAY'S   MINERAL   EXPORTS.  Hi��h-  The Exports for the Month of July the  est Since March.  The following are  the customs figures  relating to the exports of ore and  matte  during the last week  through the port of  Nelson.  BULLION   ANT)   MATTE.  Pounds Value  Trail smeller  -.....- _IO,_01  OUR.  Payne .mine. Slocan _.   Kootenay Ore Company, Kaslo   Whitewater mine. Slocan ..    Black Diamond mine, Ainsworth ���  No. 1 mine. Ainsworth...   Iron Mask, Kossland...'..    .  .'....;...  Total for week ....    Total for July....:   Total for .Iune     ..    .  .....:  Total for May     ........  .  Total for April..."..;.....  .........  Total for March.     .   Total for February ............,.���  Total for January   -."..:.  Total via Revelstoko to June 30th.  Total so far for 1807 ; .-...".  Approximate  <. Value.  7811.  1.139  3,101  *J,0!15  3,7fil  5,82-J  .1,201  J.5I3  211.928  SI40.9S1  $/>l3,S32  .".'���3183,88.';  . $307,797  $433,231  SG77.681  '.,'-SSC2.853  SC75.SCKJ  S405.90.5  $4,180.05)3  Stephenson Fined for Breach of By-law.  The , directors of the Kootenay Lake  General Hospital came down off their  perch Tuesday morning and did not try  conclusions with the corporation of the  city of Nelson with respect to the ownership of the city waterworks. When the  case of George Stephenson was called before magistrate Crease, a plea of guilt3r  was entered, and Stephenson was fined  $5 and costs. Stephenson, acting under  instructions from the' hospital, directors,  made free with water works mains, cutting out connections made by the water  commissioner, and turning on water to  the hospital when it had been shun off by  the commissioner. The hospital authorities made a bluff at fighting the case on  Saturday and Monday, but when ir. came  before the magistrate finally, they threw  ui> the sponge and a plea of guilty was  entered on Stephenson's behalf.  Eugene Storer Arrests Himself.  Kugene \V. Storer, a miner from the  (.'out Kiver mining district, arrived in  Nelson this week armed with a warrant  for his own arrest and gave himself up to  the authorities. The warrant upon which  Storer arrested himself charged him with  assaulting James A. Mulroney on June 1st,  on the Hannah mineral claim, 2.S miles  west of Ilykert's, near the boundary. The  warrant was sent to Charlie Rykert for  service and while he was holding it Storer  came in and gave himself up. Rykert  turned the warrant over to Storer and  the latter arrested himself and came on  to Nelson and was lodged in jail. His  case was remanded till August Mnl in  order that four witnesses may be brought  from liykert's. The offence with which  Storer is charged is punishable with three  years imprisonment.  Kootenay's Exports for the Month.  The following sire  the  customs returns  of the exports of the  port of Nelson for  the month of July:  The mines CK1VS Ions of oroi S'J-iS.litVi.Oi)  Copper matte IISl lonsi     ..    31;"i.207.OO  Animals and their proiltieo..          3,101.00  Manufactures          G.aSS.CO  The forest         "35.00  Tola]  $.V>I.Sin.(X>  a    lift*.1* .,   - *�� .-7ir i. !?��� J., .V -��� t '���l.''t,,j,' ','>-������ .. !'". ���..'.'!, ���Hr?-1 '"�����.'.' * �����}.��� iJ .. v,iil,ff' -I",-   . ;!>   ..<:   <fi   -r   1    Vnl P      O *V , .--.*        -.   i ������ ���,"-   * - i.?f,*jV.'  "JO*' �����*���'*"   ���*    -%*   *-l       ,?.-  f.', -���j��'i-^ ���������*-_'-V-   ���<.!���    J-- ������ -��� '������-j.-����� .._   JW ". .- 1 ��� f'il -,.5��,t-    ..i   .- '. ;i*.   . ,.'.!. \   ��   sil\,fir ��� -.. k    *-ii*-l -.1-j    i.'i'^i..'   i ���-l ��� > i *  _��� H*ls r,  .i-.JM}.'^. ���-',,!.  1,1   ��.i , ,   <-_!,.,���,,,  ., ��� _<._,,  . .>^..K .1  THE   TRIBUNE:    NELSON,  B.C., SATURDAY, JULY 3.1,  1897.  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  ���THE TI.rT3lJ.VK i- published o-i Saturdays, by Tiik  Tkihlwk I'L'hi.isiiinc Co.mi'ax v, and u'lh oo mailed  lo subscribers on payment of Two Dom.ajiku year.  No subscription taken for less than a year.  REGUL,AH AnVKIlT.'SEMKN'T.S printed at the following rales: One inch, ;'f3(! n year; two inches,  SGO a year; three inches SSI a year: four inches,  $96 a year; five .inches, S10.J a year; six inches and  over, at the rale of SI.50 an inch per month.  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NO. 23. A. K & A. M. Moris  second W"edncsday in fin ah nionili. Sninurnintf  brethren invited.  The Ames Holden Go's special "Columbia,"  "Vancouver," "Kootenay" should be worn  by everybody who wants a first-class mountain boot.  cfeidratje*  SATURDAY  MO.KNING   ...JULY 31,  ISJI7  During the past week  lion. G. B. Alar-  tin h,as been looking into the merits  of  the several grievances oi' the citizens of  Nelson againstthe provincial government.  The result has  been that he has  found  that   the   people   of   Nelson   are   fairly  reasonable beings, and the people of Nelson for their part have formed the opinion  that they have not much to fear from the  chief commissioner's actions when he is  made   acquainted   with   all  the  circumstances.   Having looked over the ground  and   familiarized ��� himself   with  the circumstances in the squatters difficulty, the  commissioner has ceased to  breathe war.  It is more than likely that he will recommend  a plan for  the settlement of this  diffculty   which    will   satisfy    everyone  save   those    who    have   counted   upon  getting something for nothing.   The commissioner will probably recommend that  a fair valuation be placed upon  tho lots  upon which residents have squatted, and  that the squatters be given the chance to  purchase the same at this valuation. This  is evidently the fairest  way out of the  difficulty,  and   would   be   much    better  politics than the plan of ejectment suggested by the squatters' bill passed before  the close of the last session.  With respect  to the sale of government town lots, the'  commissioner is of the opinion that the  present is the time to offer the government property for sale, and au auction of  the same may be expected as soon as the  terms for the settlement of the squatters'  difficult5r  are   agreed   upon.    From   the  prospective results of the chief commissioner trip to Nelson, it is suggested that  it would be desirable for cabinet ministers  to take a run through the Kootenay district once and a while and inform themselves with respect to the graver local issues   when   they   arise.     Ministers then  would  make fewer mistakes   than they  , do at present in blindly accepting the advice of resident government agents who  may not be free from bias.  Tuk people of Fort Steele are now being called upon to pay the price of their  indifference, which was a contributing  factor in the election of colonel James  Baker to the provincial legislature. During the general elections in 1S9-J, the electors of East Kootenay were bribed with  their own money. Colonel Baker, being a  government supporter, secured larger appropriations for Fast Kootenay than an  opposition member could hope to secure,  and the people returned him to represent  the district for another four years. Since  then colonel Baker's personal interests  have clashed with those of the property  holders of Fort Steele, and the interests  of the people of Fort Steele are to be sacrificed to colonel Baker's real estate interests in the townsite of Oranbrook. Kort  Steele is an established town while Ci-an-  . brook is a townsite on paper. To boom  his townsite, colonel Baker proposes to  move the government offices from Kort  Steele to Cran brook.- If premier Turner  wishes to turn colonel Baker down as a  meddlesome and incompetent colleague,  he should lose no time. The electors of  East Kootenay will take the job out of  the premier's hands if the turning down  process is delayed till the next general  elections.          Hon. G. B. Martin, premier Turner's  chief commissioner of lands and works,  was interviewed this week upon the subject of rumored changes in the cabinet, by  which colonel Baker and himself are to be  dropped to make way for Messrs. 'Booth  and Smith. The chief commissioner professed   to    know   nothing   of   any   such  changes.   The most improbable  part of  the story is that Messrs."33ooth and Smith  are to be taken into the cabinet.   Neither  of them have the necessary qualifications  for the ollice, nor sufficient backbone to  act upon their own   convictions   should  they be at all displeasing to the  power  which gave, them of/ice.    Another  objection to the change would be that it would  leave but one minister with a mainland'  constituency.    For  this  reason it is  not  likely that Martin  will be dropped.    He  is not so  meddlesome  as colonel  Baker,  and has no fads-to entangle .the cabinet  with, and for this reason is not so objectionable in the cabinet as the owner of  the; Gran brook townsite.   With respect to  colonel  Baker,  it  would   be  difficult  for  premier Turner to pick  out a  man  who  would not fill the ollice.more acceptably  than   the   colonel   does  himself.    In   the  case  of Martin,'while it cannot be said  that he is a very clever politician,'he is  certainly a much abler man than  either  Mr.   Booth   or   Mr.   Smith.    He  is   fairly  popular in his own constituency, and  unless   premier   Turner   can    find  someone  more capable of filling his place, it is not  likely that the chief commissioner will be  disturbed.     _   _____  Tin-: decision of the corporation of the  city of Nelson to locate the water works  reservoir in the townsite addition owned  by the Nelson City L-tnd 6c Development  Company, has had an appreciable effect  upon the market price of the lots .in the  aforesaid addition. Some six weeks ago  this townsite company held an auction  sale of the addition property. At this  sale the bidder was allowed to pick the  most desirable lots in the entire addition,  and under these conditions the best price  realized was S50 per lot. Six weeks later,  when the corporation of the city of Nelson requires seven lots for its reservoir,  Joshua Davies, the company's managing  director, increases the price from  $o0 per lot to $2o0 for corners and  $200 for insides.' At this rate of increase, the corporation of the city of Nelson must have added several thousand  dollars to the value of the Nelson City  Lane! & Development company's addition.  Tin-: provincial government has appointed O. G. Dennis gold commissioner for  the southern half of the district of West  Kootenay. O. G. Dennis has been in the  government employ for several years,  having recently filled the position of government assessor for the distract, with  headquarters at Kaslo. Dennis is an efficient officer, and he is regarded as a Kootenay man, two things which will go far  to make the appointment popular. Heretofore the government has proceeded upon  the assumption that the people of Kootenay required to be officered b3r pauperized Englishmen from Victoria. Premier  Turner is to be congratulated upon this  change in policy.  Men who go to the Yukon and strike it  rich will make no end of noise. Men who  go to the Yukon and do not strike it rich  will be dead and make no noise at all, and  hence the excitement will not subside in  a hurry.    Victor Michael Kuthvidn, who has  been faking the coast cities as a proselyted  Roman Catholic priest was arrested this  week on a charge of selling an indecent  and obscene book entitled Crimes of Romish Priests, it is a rather sad commentary upon church people, that their taste  for. lewd literature is so strongly developed that a creature like Ruthven finds it  profitable to peddle his dirty books  around the province.  K c. gamble, j. p.  M. In-t. C i:.       II. Cm. Si". I  Sf. Am. Sni'. C E.   I'. I.. S. fur I!.  llJlti- 111".. Kilt'. Iluji. ill I'llli. Wk��.  in II. ('..I NKI.snx, ||. c.  KRANC.'IS J. O'REILLY  .V-si��'.'M. In-t. ('. 'li.  r. i��� s. r,.i-1;, c.   -  ii. l;oSSI..\Xl>. II. ('.  GAMBLE & O'REILLY  @ CIVIL  �� ENGINEERS  �� PROVINCIAL  9 LAND SURVEYORS  ACCOUNTANTS  AND  GENERAL AGENTS  NELSON AND ItOS.SLAND,    ���    WEST ICOdTENA Y,  BRITISH COLUMBIA  Kiln-dried and other Lumber  can now be obtained at the  yard; also Sashes, Doors, Veranda and Newel Posts, Base  and Corner Blocks, Brackets,  Balusters, ��� Mouldings, .Etc.,  Etc.,   at lowest prices.  The business centre for the rich  mines on Springer Creek and  Slocan Lake. This is one of  the richest districts in British  Columbia.  Lots  500  Ffy\NK FLETCHER Trustee.  1  BLACKSMITHING PD  EXPERT HORSESHOEING  Wagon   Repairing  Promptly Attended  to  by a First-Class Wheelwright  Special attention given to all kjnds of repairing  an,d custom work, from outside points  IT IS IMPORTANT.*.  All persons wishing to visit the Goat  River, Duck Creek, Summit Creek, Fort  Sheppard, Priest Lake, or Fort Steele  Mining Districts should know that by  taking the Steamer Alberta or Ainsworth  for Ockonook, Idaho, and purchasing  their supplies of the old reliable Ockonook General Store, they will get their  goods at Spokane retail prices and be  from 20 to 50 miles nearer the above  named districts than at any other supply  point on  the   Kootenai   River.  BARNES Manager  OCKONOOK CENERAL STORE  SHOP:    Cor. Baker arid Hall Sis. flelson.  500 Men to  drink cool,  sparkling,  refreshing  P B JELj JEX;  For Two Bits a Quart  Come and Rush the Pitcher  c. F.  COODWIN,  PROPRIETOR  F. W. GROVES  CIVIL AND AlININd  KN'GINKKKS  PROVINCIAL LAND SUKVKYOKS.  AIINKRAI. CLAIMS SCHVIOYIOD  AND liKI'OKTKD UPON  KASLO, B. C.  Capital $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.  MINERS! lou can make use of water power ��0 miles from your mines with our system  you complete telephone outfits and  install them.  Frank  Darling,  Kootenay Agent  We can also sell  ���British Columbia Branch Offices  Granville Slroul���VAXCOUVKI!  Koolomiy Disl riot��� XKLSON  Wire Rope, Feed Water Heaters, Elevators, Shafting, Pulleys, Pipe Cutters,  Special Tools, and a new lot of Tube Cleaners just in. Roebling's Wire  Rope.  Roebling, San Francisco |  Darling Bros., Montreal I  The Kootenay   B0ECKH  Will start about March 15th  with about double its former  capacity in all departments.  7,000,000 feet of logs under  contract for early delivery.  The Planing  and Factory  Is now running full tinie under the manatroinerrft  of C. ii. Dol.y. a competent ���lritiiicltlrtimni unit  mechanic wlio will furnish special flra-wintc- frois  of charge  AND  Always Reliable and as Represented,  For Sale by all Leading- Dealers  Manufacturers of Brushes  Brooms and Wooodenware  HERALD0,  SCHILLAR  Newu Designs  In house interiors, ollice mid store fixtures, diido>  work. nuinlJcs, brackets, mouldings, book eases,  'furniture, turnings, carving,grill work, and hand  sawing. Orders for all such work executed in an  artistic manner.  One Car Glass  Direct from Belgium expected this month. Koughi  and dressed lumber, lnths. etc.. always in stock.  Two Cars Sash  and Doors   Yard and branch office foot of  1 temlrj*.v Sire  Nelson.  .  G. 0. BUCHANAN  e  Manufactured by The George E. Tuekett & Son Co., Ltd.       UNION MADE CIGARS  SOLE AGENT,  NELSON, B.  C.  FOOT OI<"  TIALL STI SHI-IT, NKLSON.  T.   W.   GRAY,   Proprietor.  Doors,  Sash,   Band  Sawing,  Turned  Work,  and Office  arrived and in  stock,  a carload  of Chance's  English  Glass;  all  sizes up  to 4 by 6 feet.  Fittings.  lust  Rolled  Formerly Stanley House  Uqcler new  managei  Refurnished and  Renovated throughout  omnon  ^VC3-E3STCIES :  Ureal West. Oatmeal Mills. I'ilot Aloud cl. Manitoba  The 1). II. Smith Kiscuil Factory. Victoria, Ii. ('-  The Virdon Holler Mills,  Virden, Manitoba  Smith & Fiscliiil. Oipii's. Si. Jerome Quebec  KOOTUNAV AKADQL'AIiTKIiS. NKLSON, II. C.  Everything new and  first-class  Electric lights and  modern  improvements  Office:   Bealey Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  Auctioneers, Real Estate and General Commission Agents,  CUSTOM  BROKERS AND NOTARIES PUBLIC  MPROVED NELSON  RESIDENCE  PROPERTY FOR SALE  DEALEES   IXST  J. G. BLANDY & CO., Proprieto rs,  BALFOUE  _A__   G.   E"WAET  A New Typewriter���Made by a Canadian, Firm,,  We have had the pleasure of looking over the Now  Kmpire Typewriter, a Canadian made machine, and find  it a marvel of simplicity through which Ihemakorsclaim  durability. The types strike direct, moyiiiK only two  inches on a steel bed,giving speed and grout manifolding  power. Kaon type at time of writing is locked, ensuring  perfect alignment. The writing is visible doing away  with the lifting of a heavy carriage: the touch is easv,  the response quick and the type do not appear to lock.  Ruling vertical and horizontal may be done on it and the  price is loss than half that of other standard machines.  Ho confident are the makers of the success of theii machine thev will refund the money of any unsatisfied purchaser after a ten days' trial. The Thomson Stationery  Company of Vancouver and Nelson are to be congratulated on securing the general agency for II. C. The machines seem to us to be at the top in merit and bottom in  Itiinin li, Clements &  Hillyer Mock, Nelson  E.E3-A.L   ESTATE  _a.:n":d ooiMiiivrissioirsr ^^g-jeh^tt  avniisri2src3- beokee'  This famous and   delightful   -iiinnier resort     has lyceii  taken  over by the above firm and will    be conducted in the future in a first-class in- nuior  Shelf and  Heavy Hardware, Stoves, Graniteware,  Miners' Supplies.  Tmsmithing Full stock ot- Estimates Furnished  .���and. Plumbing Builders'and Miners'Supplies Oil  Application  C00D SHOOTING AND RSi-|INC  LAWN TENNIS GROUNDS  COOL PIC-NIC GRf MS  PARTIES PP MlUm SFOR,  RAT KS:   *-' (HI AND .*'.',() I'KI   i J.'MVY.  A new consignment of window shades embracing the latest colors has just been received by  UKAIjKY ni.OCK. UAKKR STTlKKT, NKLSON.  price.  liss E. M. Little  begs I o  aniiMiincc  I hat she  is about lo  open a  FOR SALE.  Several valuable business sites on Baker St.  Business block���Iwo stores���Baker street.  Business   block���three stores all rented���on  two 30-foot lots, with offices above.  Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.  Apply to W. J. G.  DICKSON.  I'IMVATK SCHOOL IN  NKLSON  The  course of insl ruction comprises K.N'OLISH. All'SIC,  CALISTIIKNICS.  KIIKNCII. and OKIt.MAN  l!i''i|iiircil iibroiiili  l''or terms apply In  .MISS K. Al. LITI'LK.  1'ostollice. Nelson.  BUILDING  LOTS.  ��� A.-Complete stc/ck of build-i  ing lumber of a1 JT kinds will |  now be kept at Nelson.  Charles Si Barbe, Agent.  1  NELSON, B.C.  Near corner Victoria and Stanley si routs  Views of all parts of lvootenay  Photograph- in the Inlrist. -lylec  iitcvrniitoc -iili.-fnel.idii  Mrs. Johnson.  .JLLlViiJLJ!j    UUiill  BY   THE   DAY  WEEK   OR   MONTH  NOTICE.  HaviiiK appointed W. .1. (J. Dickson local iiKent for  Addition A to the townsite of Nelson, intending purchasers of lots, or persons wishing information, plans, or  price-lists of the addition, will please apply to him.  F. C. INNES.  MUSIC  LESSONS r  Mrs.    M or ley   I.s  receive pupils for  pre pa;  piano,  ���ed    to  violin  For  terms  Apply to Thomson. Stationery Co., Ltd,, Nelson  or org-an.  HE TREM0NT  TSTKX.SOOSr  Pleasant Location  Home Cooking  Comfortable Rooms  No Children  MALONI<", i"fe Tli.KOlLLUS. I'c.iii'iclor-  i  Isonoof the best hotels in Toad Mountain district,, :  !���        is tho headquarters for prospectors and miners.  nd  Carbonate Street near Ward.  Terms Reasonable MRS.   T.  TODD  VI  ���A\  'A  i  !  1  4  Ay  H  if  E.'.*-��j^?  ��������������*�����&  ,\m    ������-,..  ���i.i"-. \.  _  ���jit*  ������,Vi-.?;V.,cV.,-/'s.Virfritv,  l)i J.  : ",5;:,...,-r..ii- -;;���*,������,������*���;��� V.-�����':?--V* ������A-lji'-.-wisi5"<i-l"p-"-*i��-Ii-- -.;.������* ;��� ���?-��� ".:r�����������.-�������� .-���-.������ ii-"(,?'.-*&��������� W'fflrt"' ii,niS"-"!s��f "v.iii:"*."ft.wS!s6 'THE TRIBUTE:   NELSON; B. C, S.ITJliDAV, JULY   81, L897.  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  air DONALD A. SMITH, ..  Hon. G10O. A. DllUMATOND.  K   S. CLOUSTON    President  .    .  . Vice-President  .. .General Manager  M. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.        MKANUI1K.S  IN       ,  LONDON   (IflnuJand),   HEW  YORK,   CHICAGO  mill in Urn principal cities in Canada.  ny  and -ell Sterling  Kxohangc nnil  Gable Tnuisfersi  <.lt,\.\'T UOM.MICHCIAL AND TltAVELLKKS' CREDITS.  available in any part of the world.  Illl,i K'l's  ISSUED    COLLECTIONS  MADE:   ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  RA'VK OV INTKKKST (at present) 3 Per Ccnt.-  CANADA'S RICH SMUGGLERS.  manu-  In the  ago a  opera-  bouse,  Influential  Men ol' Quebec and the Way they  are Piling' Up Fortunes  The rec-fiit  in(.-rea.ii:  in   the  duties imposed by the Cuimdiau government upon  ,fhe importation of spirituous Iit|iior.s has  given n fresh impetus to smuggling so extensively carried   on   in  the  Gulf oi' St.  Lawrence, as well its to the illicit  I'actut'e of alcohol iti the country,  very heart of Quebec a l'��w days  large, illicit--till wn- found  in   full  niou in  the upiier part of an old  aud now conies the news that a group of  similar stills has been sei/.ed atStoneham,  some twenty miles from Quebec, away up  in the mountains, where the yield of contraband   whiskey  was   .so   large   that it  meant a loss of revenue of JpiiOO a day.  While some seizures are being made on  shore, the pirates of the gulf have everything practically their own way. With  the steam cruiser Constance continually  on the lookout for the smugglers, and  with lines of telegraph along rhe north  and south shores of the river and gulf,  the government is thus far quite powerless to check the evil. Some idea of the  enormous extent of the smugglers' operations may be gained from the fact that  notwithstanding the higher duties upon  alcoholic liquors, and the certainty that  there is no decrease in their consumption,  tliediiiiiniitiou in revenue from thissotuce  amounts to several thousand dollars a  day. Many think that the revenue officials are in collusion with the princip.il  smugglers, whose chiefs are known to be  some of the leading business men in Quebec��� merchants who have made large for-  tiirn-s in .the illicit industry, hold their  head** remarkably high in checouitnunity,  .'mil have been honoied by the government with offices of emolument" under the  crown. This belief is strengthened by the  fact that ii') prosecutions have ever been  against   these  people of the  carried  on  government. The increase in the liquor  duties simply enables these people to increase their profits upon their illegal  transactions.  Within the last year or two the smugglers have.changed their methods. The  high class .French wines, brandies, etc.,  come from French ports to the'island of  St. Pierre Miquelou, in the Gulf of St.  Lawrence, and that island being a French  colony, has ho import duty to pay. Large  quaii tities of .Jamaica rum aud other West  Indian liquors are brought from Trinidad,  Bermuda and Jamaica. Cheaply distilled  white whiskey made from American corn  ..is.taken to St. Pierre by England fishing  vessels on their way to Newfoundland or-  the gulf for cargoes of fish. This is . the  cheapest and lowest grade of the contraband goods at present received at St.  Pierre, though a very low grade of French  alcohol now finds its way there. Large  American carrying schooners call at St.  Pierre for cargoes of liquors, aud in the  Gulf of St. Lawrence transfer them to a  number of smaller craft, all swift sailers,  nhd generally carrying crews armed to  the teeth, who pay no attention to the  'summons of the. revenue officers along  the coast, or in charge of other sailing  craft, and who almost invariably evade  an-encounter-with the; Constance. The  Constance does not; often seek such encounters, and some time ago, when armed  resistance was made to her officers by a  smuggler named Bouchard, she hurried  back to Quebec for a field piece and a  squad of artillery to aid her in storming  the smuggler's stronghold.  After cargoes have been transshipped  into smaller vessels, they are landed and  concealed in out of the way places along  the shores of the gulf until an opportunity  oIters of bringing them in small quantities to the city in river boats below their  ordinary cargoes of fish, fire-wood or  farm produce. Thus when seizures are  made they are usually small'ones, while  the profit of the smugglers is so large  that they can well afford to lose one cargo  out of every three leaving St. Pierre.  MAKERS WANTED!  Tie makers desiring work can  obtain  the same  by  communicating with  W. M. KlliliY, SLOCAN CITY.  CORPORATION  OF THE. CITY OF NELSON  zb-st-Xj-a/w jnto. 13.  Whereas it, is deemed expedient, fertile hotter protecl inn  ol' the citizens mid property against (ire that, a by-law  should  be passed  regulating the creel ion, mainliiin-  .���iiice and use of all wires and equipments that may bo  unad within the Oily of Nelson fur the purpose ol' conducting oleclricity for lighting houses and   premises  ivilhin 1 be limits of I lie city.  'I'll- rel'oro be it eiuiclcd  by  the municipal council of ihu  Corporation of the City of Nelson as follows:  _ I.   That the municipal council may by resolution from  time to time appoint an inspector of  wires and buildings  at such salary as  maybe  thought lit.   whose duties  it  shall he lo sec Dial the regulations contained in this by  law arc enforced and carried out.  2. That all wires mid equipments Unit may he creeled  and maintained in conned ion with the electric lighting  of any buildings and premises within the limits of the  Cit.i of Nelbon shall he conducted, arranged and maintained in .tccnrdniico wilh the following regulations. Hint  is lo say:  (II, That Ihe conducting wires shall be ol copper,'  and shall liavea weight per running foot at lo.isl equal  to Unit of the wire (or parallel groups of wires) consti-  tuling the inain circuit of the inngnetic regulator of  the electric lamps (arc lumps), or of the armature of  the machine employed, whichever of these is the  greatest.  (I). All joints on wires shall be so made as to secure  perfect and durable contacts, which shall always maintain a degree of conduoth il.\ ut the 1 oi��� 11 ,il lcist equal  lo thai of ihe wire gcncrallv.  (31. The.mint -hull be s() uiade as in the ordinary  "telegraph splice.'' (hat it is lnu-haiiicilly secure  against motion and displacement, and shall I lien be  I'urlliiT eleclrically conneclcd by soldcrsoapplird as to  leave no conosiv c or otherwise injurious siibslimce on  Ihe (liiniection. Alter joining and soldering I lie joint  shall lie cm ered with insulating material in such a war  as to make Hie iusiilution of the joint as good as thai of  the rest of Ihe line.      '  (I). A joint m.ide hj the piocess of electric welding  would bo ihe equivalent of one made as indicated  above, but no joint, depending upon solder forilsme-  chiilili'.-il integrity, eilher wlioily or in pari, will be allowed.  (.">). Outside "drop" wires shall be covered withal  least two coatings, one'of insulating material, impervious lo water, next 10 the wire, and the other of some  substance lilted lo resist abrasion or like mechanical  injury, and slmll be llrmly seeuied to substantial approved insulators adequatclj supported.  (III. Overhead conducting wires shall be supported on  pules us far as possible, so that they can be readily  reached for inspection, and when rhis cannot be done,  and special permit is granted allowing lhem to be carried over or nltlebed lo buildings, I boy shall be supported al least M!\en feel above the general level of  Ihe roof, and a I leasl one font above Ihe ridge of "pilch  roofs,"  (71. When wiies approacli buildings to enter them  they must be so localcd as nut to be readily reached b.\  the necup.inls of siH-li buildings, mid, in the case of arc  light syslonis^inii.sl inniiilain a minimum distance of  ten inches apart, except where Ihe wires aie carried in  conduits.  (S|. When these exterior elci trie light wires are near  other conductors of any kind capable of carrying oil'a  part of the current if contact should be made, dead insulated guard irons shall he placed so as to prevent  such (tmliict in case of accidents .iH'ceting the wires or  their supports.  (ill. Like precautions shall be taken where acute  angles occur in the lino w ires.  (10). Overhead wires from the inain cnciiil or pole  lines in Ihe street to Ihe insulators attached to the  buildings which they enter shall not he less ihan ten  inches apart from are wires, or six inches from incan-  dcscenl wires carrying currents of 2.50 <:. M. I. as a  maximum. They shall be securely anil rigidly sup-  ported lo insulntois of gla.ss. porcelain or other approved material.  (II). Wheiever electric light wires enter buildings  Ihrougli their exterior-vails the wires shall be lirmlj  siippnrled and encased in tubes of noii-eonduciing mii-  lei nil not liable to ubsorli moisture, and so placed as to  prevent ihe ciilrance of rain water along the wiiesfe.  g.. the lubes sh-ill slope upwards as Ibev pass inward  through the wall).  (ll1). Hotli the ingoing and rut u ruing wires, where  arc lights are .iiippliod, must enter the buildings at  the same location, and p,isS through an approved manual "cut-out-box" or switch, which shall be placed  where it shall be of easy access to liremcn and the  police.  (131., In Ihe interior ol buildings wires for arc lights,  'besides being covered willi an insulating covering,  such as has already been described, shall in all cases be  securelj attached and supported by insulators, which  slmll keep them out ol contact with any wall, parti-  lion, ceiling, or Moor, so as to secure mi air space  of at least one-quarter of .in inch between the wircaud  any nd.iaeein wall, partition, lloor or ceiling, and  wherever the wires < rn-s or come near loan) other  wires, pipes or other conductors, the wires shall be  rigidl) scoured and separated from each other, or any  oilier conductors by means of some rigid noii-condiict-  ing material.  |11). Arc wires of opposite polarities |i. c, the tin (lining and outgoing wires from each lamp, or of each cii-  cuit). .slmll be kept at a distam e of nor, leas than eight  inches from cadi other, except within the structure of  lamps (iron switch boards, cut out boxes or the like  where n nearer approach is nci cssnr.v.  (1.1). In exceptional cases, however, where the wires  are *<i) ngidly secured and insulated thai contactor  connect ion between them is quile iinpnsriibK thev may  be allowed to approach much nearer (e. g.. if each wire  or conductor is covered with a I luck and indispliicea-  hle insulation, w hid), in turn, is covered by a leaden  sheath or pipe, ami then two or more sucli pipes are  enclosed hum iron pipe in such a maimer that injury  lo the lead coveiod cables is impossible, this would be  an allowable Mihshiute for Ihe eight inches of absolute  separation called for in the general rule).  (I(i). Whenever w ires are carried through walls, partitions or doors within a building they shall be sur-  <-< rounded by a special rigid insulating tube or casing impervious to water, and shall be so attached and ��ii|i-  purled as lo be *eruro from abrasion or oilier mechanical injury. Xole- (Soft rubber hilling will not meet  the n lime rrquircments as an instilalorl.  (17). The exterior frames and other expo-cd parts ot  arc lamps shall be securely insulated from the electric  circuit, and all such lamps shall have glass globes stir-'  rouiiding.the light, and inclosed below so as to prevent  the fallmgof ignited particles. Where inflammable materials are placed below such lamps the globe shall be  surrounded by a wire netting capable' of keeping the  parts of f.lio globe in place if it is fractured in use.  (IS). In short' windows and other ..places where inflammable materials are displayed, and in factories and  wood-working- establishments where "flyings" inav be  present in the. air. each arc Iampshall be provided with  a "-pa.rk-arre.stor."  L(I!I). Knell arc lamp shall be provided witha hand  switch, and also with an1 automatic*--switch, which  shallshiint the current round the carbons before the  arc between them reaches a dangerous length.  (20). In the distribution of the .conductors through  buildings, "concealed work," such us the placing of  wires under floors or within partitions, walls, or ceilings, shall be avoided'us much as possible; but in no  case shall a wire of a less size than No.-li' gauge be  used in "concealed work.". '���  (i'i). In perfectly and securely dry localities an approved insulated .wire without water proof covering  may be used, provided the wires-are not concealed,  and are supported by cleats or insulators.  (22). Whenever the wires are to be in any wnv covered ui> they must be coated with an approved waterproof insulation, or otherwise protected in such n in liner as may from time to time be approved by the inspector.  (��5j. In all eases of concealed work the person, persons, or body corporate, proposing to introduce the  same shall furnish the inspector with a detailed diagram of the work, showing the kind and size of wire  used at r.lio different branches,with particulars as to  .the insulation and in what material embedded, location  of ciit'-outs/switclies. etc., the diagram to be sighed  and sworn lo by the person or officers of Ihe company  and tiled With the inspector for reference.  (21). If wires are embedded in the plaster of walls,  ceilings, or partitions, they shall be separated by not.  less than ten inches from each other, in addition to being insulated as above described,,unless they are enclosed in approved conduits.  (ill All conductors used inside buildings, in connection willi the electric wiring thereof, must, be protected  when passing through walls. Moors, partitions, limbers,  or any part of the structure of the building, by a waterproof! non-combuslible, insulating or hard"rubber,tube.  (2(i). All conductors used in connection with the electric wiring inside a building must, be supported wholly  on non-combustible insulators constructed so as to prevent, us fur as possible, Ihe insulating coverings of the  wire from coining into contact with oilier substances  than the insulating supports:  (27). Al. (lie i ntranee, of an electric-wire into any  building, there shall be an approved switch placed in  the service conductors, by which the current may be  entirely cut oil'from the interior Viringoflho building:  (2.SI. In buildings in course of construction, terminal  wires shall be so arranged as to be secure from injury  by the plasterers:  (2111. Wires insulated- as above may be covered or  embedded in mouldings in dry locations, but in breweries, paper mills, dye houses, and oilier like places  where they are exposed to moisture, they shall he car-'  ried out of contact with the walls, ceilings, and Ihe  like, on approved insulators,.or in such water-proof  and insulating conduits as may he approved by I he  inspector:  (Kill. Conduits to be approved shall be continuous-  from one junction lo another, or lo II x In res, and be of  material thai will resist the fusing of wire or wires  they contain without destroying or igniting the conduit, and if not entirely embedded in plaster or other  non-combustible materia], or nol inflammable themselves, must have an outer covering which is noii-iii-  llamiiiablcand be so placed thai thev will be proteded  from injury or breakage,mid all wires iiiLendcd tocarry  more than live ampere currents shall ho placed inscpii-  ratc conduits, unless a special permit is issued for same,  on branches imbedded for wires of five iimper currents ���  and loss: the positive and negalive wires, if properly  insulated, may be placed in the same conduit, provided  n double polo safety fuse is inserted at each branch  connection: -  (HI). In those systems, where alternating currents of  bign electroinotive force are used on the main line,  and secondary currents of low electromotive force are  developed in local "converters" or "transformers." tho  entire, primary circuit and ihe transformers shall,  where possible, be excluded from anv building, and  confined to flic aerial line (the transformers being nt-  l ached to I lie poles or to Ihe exterior of flic build ingsl.  or to flic underground conduits if such arc used, or  placed in lire-proof vaults or exterior buildings:  (321. In I hose cases, however, where il may not be  possible to exclude the I raiisfot-inorsniid entire primary  from Ihe building. Ihe following precautious shall be  strictly observed :  (all). The transformer shall he constructed with or  enclosed in a lire-proof or non-coinbiislible case, and  local cd ut "a poiul as ilen r as possible as that   at   which  the primary wires enter Ihe buildings. Between these  points the conductors shall he heavily insulated with a  a coating of approved water-proof matcu'al, and in addition, slmll be so covered in and protected that mechanical iojuiy to I hem or contact with them shall be  practically impossible:  (IIII. These primary conductors, if within a build'ng.  shall also be furnished with a double pole switch ui  separate switches on (he ingoing and return wires, and  also with automatic double pole cut-out where they  enter the building, or <where lliey leave the main line  on the polo, or in the londuil. The switches above referred to should, if possjnle, he enclosed in secure and  lire-proof boxes outside the building:  (3.1). Where there is a possible exposure lo water, the  lirst orscco'.'d coating shall be impervious to the fluid:  00). l-'or incandescent lamp fixtures and elect rollers,  exceptions may be made to the foregoing rule in which  flic wires can be nlaeed nearer than the prescribed distance to each oilier orlo other conductor*!, provided  Ihe flxliirc is fully insulated at tin; base from house  and ground piping, ami further piovided that a double  ' pole safety catch is placed at the base of c.ich fixture.dial ihe ut-iirc-si branch i onnecrion. .is m.i.v be required  by the inspector:  (.'17). lo nil cases where combination (ijinuiid electricl  li.xl urcs nrc used, extra pieenutioii shall be taken lo  secure coniplclc and continuous insulation from the  gas piping-:  (.'IS). All machine lamps, wiles, and other pans of  Ihe electric systems, shall be so constructed, mounted  and secured as lo insure complete and conliiiuoiis isolation, with micIi exception* only a* are hereinbefore  slated, and in no c,i*e shall ground circuits he employed, or any part oil he system be allowed (u come  in contact vv Mb Hie onrlh I h rough ga~ or water pipes or  the like:  (.'191. Wherever a current ol siii-h high elect romot ive  I'urto is employed thai, if concentraled in one lamp or  motor of the series, it would produce au arc capable of  destroying or fusing part of Mich lump, an tiiitoniaiic  swilch shall be introduced in each lamp or motor, by  which ii will be I In-own out of circuit before the arc  approaches- any such dangerous extent :  (III). Wherever a connection is made between a  larger and smaller conductor at Ihe entrance or within  a building. Home approved auloiuatic device shall be  introduced into the ciicuit of the smaller conductor at  or close lo its junction, by which it shall he intei-rupied  whenever I he current passing is in excess of its ~afe  carrying capacity:  (II). All cut-our boxes or switches which shift, transmit or break a current shall be mounted on ineombus-  lible bases, nnil *o arranged as lo close one circuit before they upon another, and operate in such u manner  that no arc can ho formed between the contact surface  When thrown "on" or "oil"." II shall be so fnr positive  in its action that il cannot slop bet ween the extreme  positions. It must indicate upon inspection whether  thc'cuiTont isonorolf. This regulation applies to isolated plums as well as lo Ihose connected with central  stations:  (121. Thc'mlcs and regulations under the head of insulation, automatic cul-nuts, and switches shall be observed where electric ninlors arc Used, and.iiiaddition.  the motor liMint-s shall be properl) insulated, and .so  mounted as lo he fret- from grounds, and each motor  shall be provided wit h an approved switch to prevent  an excessive flow of currents:  (III). When the ciirrenl fnr lights.mil power is taken  fiom storage ball cries, the same gcneinl regulations-  are to be observed:  (14). "High polciili.il circuits or wires:" This term  includes all wires arranged with the view ol carrying  current', of more than Iwo hundred and II fly volts dit-  ferenco of potential between any I wo purls of the s.v s-  iDin. even if such ciirrenl is used to run incandescent  lamps:  (Id). Low potential circuits or wires are such as do  not carry more than two hundred, and iifly volts:  (1(1). Jieforc any wires laid or embedded in the plaster  or material composing'any walls, ceilings, or partitions  of buililing.s arc covered up or concealed, notice shall  be given by the ow ncr or contractor to flu; inspector  rcqueslingbiiii to inspect thos-ime. Ho shall so inspect  within I wo days, and if he condemn���> I hem as not being  laid or constructed in accordance with the provisions ot  this by-law. Lbcy shall be forlhwilh removed by the  owner or contractor. Any owner or contractor failing  to give the aforesaid notice before co\ ering up or concealing the s ,id wires, or failing, in Ihe event ol the  said wires being condemned. In forth with remove tho  same, shall be liable lo the penalties ol this by-law:  (17).   The owner of any  building in   which  electric  wires are placed, or the cont r.iccor w ho has placed I lie  same, shall pay to the inspector a  fee of ^2.00  for inspecting a building containing ten outlet- or under, a  fee ol SI.OJ for inspecting a building containing 25 to ,1(1  outlets, and a fee of Sli.00 lor inspecting a building containing .11) nutlets or more; the said Ices and iio'more  being payable for all the v isits of inspection and work :  (IS).   Any per.son, persoiisor body corporate, by llicin-  selves. their ayents, or sei-v inns, creeling or inaiiilaiii-  ing.iny wire used lor the conduct of electrkily willu'n  the limits of the Cily of Nelson contiary to the foregoing regulations shall be guilty of an infraction of (bis  bv-l.-iw. and liable lo the penalties thereof:  .'J.'   Any person, persons or body corporate, coin k ted  of a breach of any ot the provisions of t hjs by-law belore  the police magistrate or f wo just ices of (be peace having  nirisdiclion within tho Cil.v of Nelson, shall  forfeit  anil  pay for such offence such sum nol i-xceodingnne bundled  dollars ($10(1) and costs, together  wilh Ihe costs of prosecution as lo  the  police  magistrate, in- other convicting  justices, shall seem right : and in deUult of pii.vmenl ot  said penally and  costs forthwith, the said  penalty and  costs, or penalty or costs only, may he levied by distress  ol Ihe goods and chattels ot   the otleuder or offenders,  and in ca~e of their being no distress found out of which  the said penalty can be levied, the police magistrate, or  other convicting justices may, under his hand and seal,  issiie.a warrant committing such 'offender or offenders to  the  common" gaol   for any period not  exceeding two  months; with or without hard labor, unless the said pen-  all y and costs be sooner paid.  I.   This by-law shall be cited for all  purposes as (lie  " Electric Lighting and Wiring By-law, No, l.'i, 1S97." '  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  b-st-L-a.'w nsro- l-st.  Whereas it is desirable and necessary to license and  regulate plumbers in the City of Nelson, and to  provide for the appointment of a plumbing inspector,  and to provide for the effective,plumbing, sewerage  and draining of buildings. ; '  Therefore be it enacted by the municipal council of the  Corporation of the City of Nelson as follows:  ' 1. Tho municipal council shall, from time to time, as  occasion may require, appoint such inspector or  inspectors of��� plumbing, .hereinafter called plumbing  inspectors, as maybe found necessary: but no person  shall be eligible for such appointment who shall not have  passed a satisfactory examination for proficiency in both  pracliceand theory of plumbing and drainage before the  board of examiners as hereinafter provided.  2. Such inspector or inspectors shall be under the  supervision of the mayor, and shall bo paid such salary  as the municipal council may determine.  ii. A board of plumbing examiners is hereby const!-,  luted, to consist of the city engineer for the lime being,  who shall be chairman of the board, one practising  physician, and one practical journeyman plumber, both  of whom shall be appointed by the municipal council:  and the board shall be called together al such limes as  the chairman shall find necessary;  I. In case any dispute arises under this by-law, as io  whether any person or persons employed by any master  'plumber is a regularly educated, praclical and  experienced plumber, as in this by-law is provided, the  -plumbing' inspector uiay notify the said Workman to  appear and be examined before such hoard of examiners,  whose decision as to the competency of such man shall  be final and conclusive.  ii. The said board of examiners shall examine and  may grant certificates of competency to any plumber  who may apply for that purpose, and such certificate  .shall' be recorded in the ollice of Ihe city clerk, the  person receiving the same paying a fee of one dollar  therefor, and such plumber shall be a registered plumber  of the city.  (i. Upon and immediately .after the passage of this  by-law, and in every ensuing year on or before the tlrsl  day of July, any person desiring to carry on business or  trade as a master plumber within the'City of Nelson,  shall take out a license, for which lie. shall pay al the  time of Ihe issuing thereof the sum of Iwenty-flvedollars,  except as hereinbefore provided, and any person may  take out a license under the provisions of this by-law on  behalf of a partnership, firm, or company of which he  may be n member.  7. No person shall receive a license unless be is of the  full age of twenty-one years, and has n place within the  City of Nelson, and furnishes a bond binding himself lo  the ainoiiiil of is'.'iOO.lld. with at least two sureties in the  sum of 82.ln.00 each, to Die satisfaction of the municipal  council, or a bond to the same amount from a giiiu-iiutee  company, and Ihat he will employ only registered  plumbers who have received and hold a certificate of  competency from the board of examiners to do all such  plumbing work as he may engage to do, and whether he  is a practical plumber himself or not, will not'permit or  allow any such work to be done by himself or in connection with the business except by such registered  plumbers, and that he will not violateany of the lerms  and conditions, rules, and regulations contained in this  by-law, or in any other by-law which shall come into force  fram Lime lo time in the City of Nelson respecting  "plumbing, drainage, sanitary matters and waterworks  within the said city.       .       - ���  S. Kvcry person desiring such license shall llle with  the city collect or a petition in writing of I he same, giving  name of the applicant, and in case of a partnership, the  name of each member thereof, together with the place  of business, and asking to become a licensed master  plumber, and said petition shall be accompanied by the  bond and fee hereinbefore mentioned.  '.). Any change of lirm or location of the business shall  he promptly reported to the city collector, and the  license shall be kept in a conspicuous place at. the  location of the business.  10. When any-member of a partnership or company  is licensed individually fur tho piirtnershlpor company,  the license may he issued in the name of the firm, copartnership or company, t he said license setting out t he  names of the members of the firm, co-partnership or  directors of the company, and the date the license was  granted, and no license so granted shall he transferable  I except with the permission of the municipal council.  11. All licensed master plumbers shall be held responsible for nil act*-"f their employees in coiin��ction  wilh their bn-iiicss for which such bonded license is  issued.  12. Kvcry -uich bond and license shall be for the year  current a! the time of the granting thereof, and -hall  expire on lb.-Mill day of J ul> a \! succeeding the dale  ot issue.  i:i. Upon satisfactory evidence furnished to the  collector that any muster plumber has been twice convicted by the police magistrate, or two .justices of the  peace having jurisdiction within the hmitsof the City ol  Nelson, of any violation of the provisions of this by-law,  or any of the by-laws respecting plumbing, drainage,  sanitary matters or water works, bis license sh.ill be,  ipse facto, forfeited and returned lo the collector.  11. Any muster plumber whose bonds and license may  become forfeited shall not again bo entitled ton license  until the said declaration of foileiture shall be revoked  by the municipal council, and if such master plumber is  carrying on liis business in co-pannership. or as a  member of a company, the on-parliiei'.ship or company  shall noL carry on tho business of plumbing from the  date of such cancellation.  1.1. lieforc proceeding to construct, ro-coiistruct. alter  or change any part ol the plumbing, drainage or  ventilation of au hotel, tenement, warehouse, wash  hou.-e, or other building, the owner, hi. agent or the  master plumber constructing the same, shah llle in (lie  ollice of the city clerk an ajiplicaliini lor a permit  therefor, and such application shall be accompanied  willi a specification or abstract I hereof, in a blank form  prescribed and supplied for that purpose by the cil.y  clerk, slating tho nature and work to be done,-mid  giving the si/.e, kinds and weights ol nil pipe-, traps and  filling!., together wilh a description of all closets and  oilier llxmres, and a plan with the slreet ,-ind nlreel  number marked thereon, and showing the drainage  system complete. lJhuis must bo legibl.v drawn in ink on  a scale of eight feet to an inch.  111. A permit shall be granted or refused within two  days from the time of llling of the application, and the  permit of the plumbing inspector, (if granted) shall he  valid for six months from the dale ofissue.  17. II the plumbing inspector shall lind thai the said  plans and .specifications do nol, conform with the rule-  and requirements laid down in respect to plumbing and  drainage in the by-la Ws ol the City of Nelson, he shall  not issue any pcrinit for such plumbing and drainage,  and il, shall be unlawful to proceed therewith.  IS.-After a plan or specification has once been  approved no alteration or deviation from Ihe same will  be allowed except with the written consent of the  plumbing inspector.  Ifl. l-'roiu and after Ihe passing of this by-law every  owner, or agent of an owner, of any building doing or  causing to be done any plumbing in such building shall,  on the same beirg passed by the plumbing inspector, be  granted a certificate that said plumbing has been done  in accordance with the cil.v by-laws, and on being  requested to do so shall deliver such cernllciLe to any  person proposing to purchase or occupy such building.  20. No part ol any plumbing or drainage work shall  be concealed or covered up in any way until it has been  examined and approved by the plumbing inspector, to  whom notice must be sent when the work is suflicienlly  advanced to be inspected, unless in the case of drainage  below the surface of the ground, which the inspector  ha- failed to inspect within the live working hours  ensuing after being notilled, then the ground maybe  lilled in. in case of au emergency .ill'eciing the public  safely.  21. All material must be of good quality and free from  defects, and the work must bo executed in a thorough  and workmanlike manner.  22 The arrangement of soil and waste pipe must be as  direct as possible.  2,'{. The soil, waste and ventilating pipes and traps  must, where practicable, he exposed lo \ iew for ready  inspection at all times and for convenience in repairing  When necessarily placed within partitions, or m  i-cccsocs ol* walls, soil., waste and ventilating pipes must  be covered with woodwork so fiilciied as to be readily  removed. In no case shall they be so placed as io be  absolute!) inacce���ible. unless under written permission from Ihe plumbing inspector.  2!. When the ground is made or unsound the liou.so  .sewer shall be of medium or extra heavy cast iron or  brass pipe, with joints properly caulked with lead.  2.1. In sound ground, provided it is outside of the  building, bard salt, glazed, vitrified pipe maybe used:  each length shall be wetted before being laid and tho  space completely tilled with cement mortar, made in the  proportion of two of good, clean sharp sand and one of  Ihe best Portland cement, except in wee ground, when a  ga*col shall bo placed around the spigol and forced  down to the bottom of the socket and finished in mortal  cement, as deacribed above. Kacli pipe must be cleaned  out w itb u mop after being laid. The dillcrenl, lengths  must be laid in perfect line of the bottom and sides. All  connections must be through "Y"'junctions.  Jii. Any soil pipe passing through a building, or  beneath the lloor ot a cellar or basement, shall boot cast  iron or brass as in section 21 hereof, and shall extend to  at least five feet outside the building and no wall shall  he built, leaning solidly upon the same.  27. Where it is found impracticable io carry the main  ventilating pipe above ihe surrounding openings or  adioiimig buildings within the prescribed distance of  fori) feel, as in sect inn 'M, permission may be granted by  I no plumbing inspector lo insert a running trap between  tlic liounc and the sewer in a position to be approved by  the plumbing inspector, such running trap to have a  cleaning cap made g.is and air tight, brought up lo the  sin face of the ground, and taken oil' the outer or inner  side of such running trap. A fiosh air inlet shall be  b:ought up to the surface of the ground from I he inlet oi  house side of such running trap, and be provided with a  cast iron grating set in Portland cement, and be kept  free from (Inland deposit. In all cases where such intercepting trap'is used, the main ventilating pipe must  open at least ten feet from any opening or-window.  2S.   No exhaust from steam engines, or blow oil'from  steam boilers, or overflow from  water .motors, shall bo  connected with either private or public sewers.  211. 'Kvcry vertical soil pipe shall be of cast iron or  brass, and shall extend a sulllcient height above -window.  roof or coping, or lighl shaft, to  the satisfaction of the  plumbing inspector.  :t0.   No rain   water, down  pipe, or chimney Hue shall  be used as a ventilator for any sewer, trap, soil or  waste  pipe, or as any soil or waste pipe.  31.   Each  building shall  be   provided   with   a   main  'ventilating  pipe  of cast  iron   or wrought  iron   pipe,  galvanized, of not less diameter than four inches, which  shall be carried atv least two  feet above the  highest  window, opening or light shaft, and to the satisfaction of  the plumbing inspector. ,-"���������  ,'12.   Soil or main  ventilating   pipes in   an   extension  must  be   carried   to  and above ' the. roof , of the main  building.-when otherwise theywould open within forty  feel of any openings of the main or adjoining houses,  unless as provided in section 27. '  3.'!.   No  soil   pipe shall   be less   than  four inches in  diameter.   A waster pipe receiving the discharge of live  or more   sinks  shall not be less Ihan thrcc'inches in  diameter and shall have two inch branches.  81.   When lead pipe is used to connect fixtures with  vertical soil or waste pipes, or to connect traps with  main ventilators, it shall not be jigliterthan :  I inch in diameter,  (J  pounds per yard.  II inch in diameter, o\ pounds per yard.  U inch in diameter, G pounds per yard.  2'-inch in diameter, S pounds per yard. ���  I inch in diameter. 15 pounds per yard.  2.J inch in diameter, .131- pounds per yard.  ." inch in diameter, 10} pounds per yard.  ���I   inch in diameter, 21   pounds per yard.  Trap .vent pipes shall be of brass, lead, cast, or galvanized  wrought iron. All traps and .fittings shall be equal in  quality and thickness to the pipes to which they are  attached.  ��� 33. All cast iron pipes must be of the best clean grey  metal, free from sand cracks, honey comb, poms places,  air holes or other defects, and of the grade known as  medium used below all fixtures, aiid for ventilating  pipes the grade known as "Standard" of the heaviest  quality. In buildings over three stories in height the  three lower stories must be lilted wilh the grade known  as extra heavy.   The following will be accepted :  Standards '..2   in. 3   in. I   in.   ii in.   Din.  Below lixtures(pounds).l   in. li} in. 9 in. 17 in. 20 in.  Above ll.xturcs(poundsl.l   in. .1  in. GJ in.  Kxtra heavy (pounds).. .5J in. lit in. 13 in. 17 in. 20 in.  All linings  used  in connection   with such  pipes   shall  correspond in weight and  quality.   All such pipes to he  coaled inside and out with tar and asphaltiiin.  31!. Before being accepted all plumbing work shall be  tested by water or other test, approved by and 'made in  the presence of the plumbing inspector. All defective  material shall be removed and replaced, and bad workmanship made good.  37. All joinfs in (iron or brass sewer pipe, soil pipe,  waste pipe and ventilators shall be made with a gasket  ofoakuin.'and lead hand caulked, and be perfectly gas  tight.    ,  3,S. All connections ol" lead with iron or brass pipe  shall he ma.de with a brass ferrule of the same diameter  of the lead pipe put in hiibof the iron pipe ami caulked  vvilh'lead. The ferrule shall be connected wilh the lead  pipe .with a wiped joint. Vent ami Mush pipes of water  closets shiill be connected with brass couplings or strong  rubber connect ions under the discretion of the plumbing  inspector.  30. All connections of lead, waste and vent pipes shall  be made with wiped joints.  10. All waterclosels, urinals, sinks, basins, wash trays,  baths and all tubs or sots of tubs, and hydrant waste  pipes shall be separated'and effectually trapped, except  when a sink and wash tubs immediately adjoin each  other, in which case the waste pine from the tubs may  he connected with the inlet side of tin; sink trap. Urinal  platforms, if connected with the sewers, must also he  properly trapped, vented and automatically Mushed  with water from a supply lank.  -II. Traps shall be placed as near the fixtures as  practicable, and in no case shall a trap he more than two  feet from the fixture. All Iraps must have a cleaning out  screw on the underside.  12. All   waste pipes from fixtures other than water j  closets shall be provided at the oul let  with strong metal I  strainers, and all sinks and wash  tubs shall be provided  with approved grease traps. i  13. Tho waste pipes from  no olhcr fixtures  shall bo i  connected with a water closet trap.  ���II. All traps shall hi: protected from syphdimge by a  ventilating pipe leading from the highest ami outer  portion of the trap, either separating or joining the  main ventilating pipe, above Ihe highest, fixture, except  in such particular cases, that in the discretion of the  plumbing inspector the vent pipe may be dispensed wilh  upon proof of non-syphonago.  I.l.    l-'or traps hi   water closet..*  the   branch venlilat ing  pipe shall not be le=s ihan two inches in diameter, and  not less than Hire inches for buildings of three stories or  more in height. W'liere a batli or basin, or both, arc in  lli'jsnmu room with a water clooi-l, the vents for same  mayjniu the ( Ins. t, venl above tin; fixture. In no case  .hall iiioi'i) than i wo water closels roiiiniunicate Willi the  suno \ i-niiliiii i���' ti-pu unless it is over two inches in  diameter.  Hi Uvc-rllovv jupes must dischiuge into the open air.  where possible, with a (lap on Ine end to keep out  draught, otherwise they mii-l, in every case be connected  with the waste pipe on the inlet side of Ihe trap.  I", l-jvorv sale under a wash basin, oath, urinal, water  eloscl or oilier Mxturos, shall be tlmined by a .special pipe  unconnected with a sewer, w.isteoi-soil pipe, discharging  into the open air. The outlets of siich pipes arc to be  provided with llap valves,  IS. No drain pipes from refrigeialors .shall be directly  connected with any soil pipo. wnsleror sewer.  I!l. Water closctsshall not be placed in au unvenlilatcd  room or compartment. In every c.iso there shall be nn  opening lo Lhe ouier air. All vuter closets shall be  supplied with water from special lunks, and the water  from Ihesc shall not he u-ed for imj other purpose. No  water closets shall be directly supplied from Ihe water  mains*or service pipe-. Water do el cisterns ,.h"ll be  lilted with ball lap-, clc. lo prevenl wa-lo.  .10. W'liere Ihe trap of Ihe clo-et Mibovo the /loo--, the  eomieclioii wilh the -oil pipe shall he made with brass,  rubber or appioved door llatige-.  .11. Overflow or discharge pl|ius from tanks for  drinking walcr slmll never be eonni-cted with any soil,  vent, waste pipe orsewer.  52. No chisel or any other ooiiu-iiionco which allows  the escape into the limine of air or pis which has been  confined in any part of it. or from llie drain or soil pipe,  or which allo.vs the accumulation nf (III h in or about if.  shall   he filled  up  or  Used.  ,13. No per.-on other than a licensed iiluinbei or pipe  layer, acting minor Ihe .supervisi-in of tho inspector,  shall be permit ted to make any connection willi a public  sower.  .11. All openings for private sowers must bo so made  us to cause ns little inconvenience as possible to the  public: on completion the surface lo be left in as good  order as it was before Ihe opening was made, and all  materials, loo-e earth and rubbish lobe removed within  owcnty-foiir hours : all such openings to be fenced by day  and lighted by night in such a manner as may be  approved by the inspector.  ,1.1. No hiui.se sewer pipe to have a less fall tli.it one in  forty, unless special permission, in writing. i~ granted  by'tlie inspector.  .ill. Nn private sewer in actual ii*u shall be  unless under lhe special direction of the  inspector.  .17.    .\ll water pipes iniisl  he proteded from  settling.  .IS. The plumbing inspector shall have power to enter  upon any premises and examine the plumbing, ventilation and drain-, and should the saine,iii hisopiiiion, he in  an unsanitary condition, may notif) the owner or his  ���i3cn(s to ha vet he same pul in a similar)'condition, and  any person neglecting to do -o forllmii li. to Lhe satisfaction of the plumbing inspector, shall be liable lo the  pen.ill loot tin's by-In w. s  .ill. The plumbing inspector Is also authorized to  receive mid place on llle drawings mid descriptions of  lhe plumbing and drainage cxeciilul in the City of  Nelson piior to lhe passage of this In-law. and examine  and give a eerlillcnte il in aceord.iiico with ihepio-  visions of this by-law.  lid. Any person guilty ol an) infraction ol any of the  piovisions ol Ibis in-law sh.-dl be liable.' upon  conviction befoie the police magistrate or any iwo  liistices of Ihe peace h.iv ingjurisdictiuii within the limits  of the City of Nelson, to be lined in any sum not,  exceeding one hundred dollars, incliisire ol costs, and in  case of the non-payment of the line nud costs tho same  inav be levied bv distress and sale of the oU'endcr'sgoods  ���inuchutlcls. and in cu-enf the non-payment of the line,  and there being no distress found nut nt which the sum  can be levied, such offender slmll be liable to be imprisoned forany period not exceeding Ivv o inont lis.  ill. This by-law may be cited for nil purpose*-us the  "l-lunibhig My-Iaw. Xo. II. 1S!)7."  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON.  Spokane Ms & iVortiieph,  Nelson & Fort Sheppapd, J  Red Mountain Railways.  Tfje only all rail route without change of car's  between Nelson arid Rossland, aijd  Spokane and Rossland. '  disturbed  plumbing  injury or  DAILY EXCCDT SUNDAYS.  , Arrive   NELSON :>:l.~> p. m.  ItOSSLANI) 3:10 p. in.   SI-'OK.AN K fi-10 p. in.  I-ust-enger.s for Kettle iUvcrand lioundiiry Creole coi -  nect at Marcus, with .stage daily. '  Leave  !l:llia. in..  11.(10 a. m  8:00 n. in..  Of  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  Improvemems.  ohiuxtai,  Mi.vi:n.vi. claim,  bitiwtk  in thk m;isox  .VIINI.VC DIVISION Ol'   WI-ST ICOOT1.NAV  DISTKRT,   AND  i.oc.vrr.n o.v tiii: i.i:r-r hank or kootkn.w itivra,  oitositi: TUB MOUTH  OK sl.OO.VN  IIIVl:l(.  Take notice thai I. N. K Townseud, agent for Itubcit  .1. Henley, free miner's cerlificate No. 7'l,.V!li, intend,  hixly dayt, from [he dale, hereof. Io apply lo the mining  recorder for u ccrlilleale of iiiiuinvciuciiK for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant, of the above claim. And  furl her Lake nolieo thai action, under section .'57. imi-i he  taken before the issuance of such certificate of iiiinrovo-  ments. N. K. TOWNSICM)  Dated, Ibis ���ilLh day of Juno. 1897. |,Iune -?(;tli|  Notice     of  Application     tor  Improvements.  Certificate    of  "Tin: ivi11    mlvi:ij vi. ui.ai.m. srri'.vri;   in  mi: m:i.*hn  MININU   DIVIsio.v Ol'  VVIXI-  K()OTl:.v.\y   DIsTltllT.  AND  i.O(-.vri:n   vnoi-r   kkiii-i-   milks   i-p  i:a.st   sim:  or  K'OICANi;i: CKLI.K. ���  ���Take notice that I, Charles A. t-jtness. of Iva-lo, II. C.  acting as agent for ('. .���sherbart of Nelson, B. C, tree  miner's ccrlilleale No. i>2.2U). intend .sixty day,, from the  date hereof, lo apply to the mining recorder for a ceilili-  cate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining n  crown grant of the above claim. .Vmi further lake  notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced  before the issiinnee of siu-h certillcate of improvement*-.  CIlAltLKS A..ST(;!-:.*���.*���.  Dated this llth day of Juno, 1807. [.Inly 3rd|  Notice    of  Application     for  Improvements.  Certificate    of  COMATTi: '������If \LTIO.V .MINIIKAI. CLVI.VI. S|T|-.VI'i: IN 'nil;  NIII.SON MIVI.VII DIVISION fir WIIsT K'OO'I'KNAV 01*.-  TII.1CT. AND   MIUATKI)    VI'   IIIUDWATKUS OF   ICOICAN i:i:  ci:i:i:k, and hoi'ndi:d on nohtii nv amtn and on  .sor-rii nv "tiii: icid" .viinku.w. claim.*,.  Take notice rhat I, Charles A. Slut-ss of ICa-do, II. ('.,  acting as agent for C. Sherbart of Nelson, II. C. free  miner'*, certificate Ny. S'J.210. intend M'xiy days from the  dale hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for  a certillcate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And further lake  mil ice that action, under section 37. must be lommtneed  before the issuance of such certillcate of improvement*.  CHAIILKS A. STOKSS.  Dated tin's lUh da) of .luiie. 1X07. I.July .'hill  NOTICE FOR TENDERS,  Sealed tenders will be received by tin; iiiidei.signed up  lo li o'clock noon on Tuesday. Lhe llllli day of August,  1S1I7, for lhe following malei-inl' for inner and sewer  systems:  1. 1.,-ip-u elded .steel pipe, of the following si/es, ||. 12.  Id, S, liiind I inch.  2. Killings s|i( li  as  ciusses.  'I's,   V* bends, reducers,  plug-:, clc.  cap  3.  I.  li.  and v cnl*.  ibe  following siyes. Hi.  , (!.  Fire hydrants.  Air \alv c*. slop v a Ives,  l,o.id and Oakum.  Vitrified sower pipe, of  and 1-inch.  7.   Cros-es. 'I's. Vs. etc.  h'.   Portland cement.  Approximate aiuouiits lo be supplied can be obtained  al lhe ollice of ihe city clerk.   Tender, inn-!   be  for delivery f. o. b. Nelson, wit bin *ixt v days Irom date of con-  trad. The lowest oraiiv lender not nciossarilv accepted.  .IOIIN HUUsiTON, Minor.  Nelson. H. ('.. Jul) Hill. 1S'i7.  TIMBEJR INSPECTOR'S OFFICE.  1TOTICE  The sawmill al liobson. II. (.'.. known as the " I'ob.son  Sawmill Company's .Mill." has. in uceni-daneu.wit.il the  provi.-ions of the Land Acl. been seized for non-payment-  of Timber lioyalty.  'If such I'oynlty. together-with costsm' seizure, is not  paid before the twenty-third day of -August. ISD7. said  mill and appurtenances, or so much thereof as maybe  necessary, will lie sold by auction sale there, ut 2 p. in. on  chat day, to pay the amount of-the lliiyalty. together  with expenses of seizure and costs of sail'.'  K. J. SKINN Kit. Timber Inspector.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that I, Charles Heath, intend to  apply at the expiration of sixty days from the date hereof, to the commissioner of lands and works for permission lo purchase 1(50 acres of unreserved, unoccupied and  unsurveyed crown land, situated near the confluence of  viendow creek and Goat river, in the Gout river mining  division of West lvootenay, Hritish Columbia.  CliAllliKS IIKATII.   ���  Dated this 12th day of July, 1S!)7.'  liKSCHII-l'ION.  Commencing nl initial post 'marked "Charles Meaih's  N. \V. Corner," I hence due south 10 clnilns, lliencc due  cast:-If) chains, thence due north M chains, lliencc due  west 10 chains to point of commencement,-'containing Hi"'  acres liiorc or less.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that j. L. V. .Mcmiiian, intend  lo apply at Ihe expiration of sixty days from the publication of this notice, to lhe eoiii'iiiissioii-.T of lands and  works, to purchase I ho following unnecii pled, unsurveyed  and unreserved lands, .situate at or iieiu-White Grouse  mountain, and embracing lands near conlliience of north  and west, branch of Goat croc k, a tributary of Goat river,  in the Goal river mining: division of \\*e��i Kootenay district, Uril ish'Columbia.  di:s(.-i:ii--i-|()n.  Commencing at  initial  post   marked  corner," thence due soul li   Id chains  chains, thence due norlb   Id chains,  chains lo point  of commencement,  in ore hi- less. , I  Dated Ibis I lib day of May. I,S!I7.  "I,. I'. M.'s N. K.  thence due west. SO  theiii-i' due east ,S0  ontalliing .'t'.'li acres  . I'. .Il KitUUI AN.  I.Iuik-lllllil  Notice of Application to Purchase Land  Notice is hereby given that :. O. II. Oucii. intend to  apply al, the expiration of sixlydays from ihe publication of this notice, lo the. commihsioni-r of lands and  works |o purchase the following unsurveyed. unoccupied, and unreserved crown lauds, situate on the north  shore of the west arm of ICootcnay lake, In the Nelson  mining division o.| I lie district ol" West ICnni enay. Hri'li-di  Columbia.  OKSf IIII-TI'IN.  (���ommciiciiig at initial posl. marked "(J.II.duen .*���'.  corner, " thence (lue west 10 chains, tln-itcc duo north  chains, thence due east.  10 chains  chains to point of coiiimcneemen  more- or less.  Dated this L'lith day of June. IS!i"  K.  10  I hence due sunt h   Id  eoiilniiiiiig ion acres  (I. II. iiW'KN.  |.Inno-'lith|  NOTICE   OF   DISSOLUTION.  -.Take not ice that the partnership betwi-mi lhe undersigned, ns grocers and general provision merchants at,  Nelsoii.Nori.h fork, ami Malum, bus thisilav been dissolved bv mutual consent. Mr. Krceland retiring.  All del'its due by and owing to the late I'mitnoi-.-hip will  be paid bv and lo' A. (-. Itiichiitian.  A. C.  HI'CIIANA.V.  E. MA I IKK.  WILLIAM l-'kKKI.AND.  Dated nl Nelson. !��. C. July Sth. 1807. [July lnth|  Application for Liquor License.  Notice i.~ hereby-given that. .(In- uudcrsigiiud will at, the  expiration of thirty days, npjily to the stipendiary magistrate of West Kootenav district, for a license to sell  liquor by rot.iiil.nl tln-ir liot.el. "ilinilo on lhe southeast  corner (if Wright and .Hiilloii streets, at Ainsworth.  THOMAS flAllVKV.  ANTHONYMADDKN.  Dated llii.sL'lllh (lav of June. IS1I7.  ' Liquor   License.  thirty  days aflci-  liati  if Licensing foniuii**  Application for  I hereby give notice Hint  tend lo apply lo lhe  Hoard  for the city of N'el-on. for n license to sell lupiur bv retail  a) my hold on lot ;1, block I, in *aid <-il\.        O. I.I'M'),  Dated .lulv-.'.'li-d. ISP7. ' . |Jnlv-.'lth|  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  of  Improvements.  i,v i-i. vr.v  i--k.v(jtiox .\iini:i;ai. cr���u.v. srrc.vn; in-hii:  NISI-SON    MINl.VI.   DIVISION'   Ol-   WKe.T  KTOOTi:.VAV    Pl.s-  TltlOT,   AND   I.O(,'ATi:n   ON   KOKA.Vt'l:    CIICKIC.   AND   I5>  iioi;ni)i:d ox noki-ii nv ki.ohenci: and on soi'tii nv  VIOLLV OIllSON .MINKIiAL Cf.AI.M5:.  Take notice that I. Charles A. Stoess of Knslo. W. C,  acting as agent for ('. Micruart of Nelton. H. C. free  niiner'.s certificate No. 82,210, intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certillcate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining n  crown grant of theabove claim. And further take notice  thataction, under section 37. must be commenced before  the i^siiiance of such ceilificate of improvements.  CHAIiLKS A. bTOKS=S.  Dated, this llth day of .June, 1S07. (July .'Srd|  Notice   of  Application   ror   Certificate   of  Improvements.  -i in: i-'i.oiii:nci: mineral claim, situati: in tub ni i.-  *,on .minim; division ok wi:st'KOOTI'-NAY distkk.t,  and i.o(;ati:i) on tiii:  i-:,vs-r si.on:  imj .uioit  o.vk  AND  A 1IAI.I" MILKS  SOI'TII   I'HOM   IIIIAD  Ol'  KOIvANCi:  i ki:kk.  Take nonce thai 1, Charles A. Stoess, noting as agent  for H. \V. Willcy of Nelson. H. ('., free miner's ccrlilleale  No. 07 SS7. intend sixty days from lliedale heicol, loappl)  fo the mining iceoiderfor n cerlificate of impiovcment-=.  for the purpose of obtaining a ci own grant of I be above  claim. And further take notice I bin action, under section :I7, must be commenced hemic the issuance of -ueh  ccrlilleale of improvements.  CilARI.KSA. STOKSS.  Daled, this I lib day of June, 1807. I.lulv.'hdl  Notice     of  Application     for  Improvements.  Certificate    of  i--i.oi!I-:nc-i;j-uaction .minukai. claim, siti-.atk in TDK  NEIXON MININO. DIVISION ,()l-' .WEST KOOTKNAV D1S-  T'ltlCT. AND LOCATED ON KOKAXKK CKKKIC. AND IS  UOL'NDKD O.N" NOKTII IIV ACIII1.I.KS TWO ULNDIIKD  AND ON .SOCTIIIIV   Kr.OKENCK .MINKIJAI. CLAIMS.  Take notice that I. Charles A. Stoess of Kie-lo. li. ('..  acting as agent for C. Sherbarr, of Nelson. II. ('.. free  niiner'.s certillcate No. S2.210. and 1'. \V. Gcorgeof Nel-on.  B. C. free miner's certificate No. 7n,07f>. intend sixty days  from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for  a certillcate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown'grant of the above claim. And furl her lake  notice thataction. under section 37, must be commenced  before the issuance of such certificate of improvement.*.  "Cil'AIILKS A. STOKSS.  .Dated this ilith day of June, 181)7. .      [.July 3rd |  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate  Improvements.    .  'ACHILLAS TWO IIUNDltUD MINIiKAI. CLAIM. SITUATE IX  THE NELSON .VIININO DIVISION OK WEST KOOTENAV  DISTIUCT, AND LOCATED EIOIIT MILKS UP EAST SIDE  01'' KOICANEE CHEEK AND JOINS NOHTII END OK  I'l.OltENCE MINEKAL CLAIM.  '  Take notice that I, Charles A. Stoess of Ivaslo. II. C.  acting as agonl for C. Sherbart, of Nelson B;'C. free  miner's certificale No. 82.210, intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the .mining recorder for a certillcate ,of- improvements, for the purpose of obtaining n  crown' grant of the above claim. And further take  notice that action, under section 37. must be commenced  before the issuance of such certillcate of'improvements.  CHARLBS A. STOKSS.  Dated this I lib day of June. 1S07. (.July 3rd|  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  OOI.DEN K.UH.E MI.N'EltAI. CLAIM,'SITUATE IX THE .VI.I.-"X  MINIXl; DIVISION OE WEST KOOTENAV DtS'I lilCT. AND  LOCATED NBAK THE  HEAD OK  SANDV C'MEEK.  Take notice that I. A. S. l-'arwell. agent for Alfred C.  Kliimerfolt. free miner's certificate No. X8.IWI. inf nd  sixly 'days from Lhe dale hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for a .certificate of improvements for'ihe purpose of obtaining a crown granl of the above claim. A nd  further lake notice that action, under .-ection 37. must be  commenced' before the is-mim-i- of such eerliMcale of improvements. A.'S.  I-'AUWKLL.  Dated this 2ml day of Julv. I*,07. [-Inly MHh)  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  fa'IOD EXOUIill   MINEKAL  CLAIM. Sill  All: IN THE NELSON  .MININi:   DINISION OK  WEST KOOTENAV  li!ST|{|IT.   SITUATE  ON  TOAD  MOUNTAIN.  Take not ice thai I. l-'ranl;  Fletcher, nc'lliig as agent for  (Jciirge   II. Andrews,  free  miner's cerlitlcatir   No. OS.^.I.).  intend sixty days from the dale hereof, lo apply  to  the  mining recorder for a  certillcate of improveinenrs. for  lhe purpose of obtaining a  crown  grant   of  the above  claim. -And further lake notice thai  m-iion. under section 37. must be commenced before the issuance of such  ccrlillcali'iif improvements.        I-'KAN K l-'I.KTI 'II Kit.  ��� Haled Ibis 13th day of Jul)'. 18:i7. |.lulyl7lb|  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Sixly days after date I. lhe uiider-igiicd. intend to apply to the chief commissioner of land- and works for  permission   io   purchase   Ihe   uiidermcnlioticd"tract,  of  pcrnm  laud :  DESUHIl'I'ION.  Commencing at a posl marked "C.St.li., N K." placed at  the head of !l mile point on the south shore of the outlet  of Kooteiiny lake, thence 10 chains south, thence 10  cbains west, more or less, to the outlel of ICootcnay lake,  thence following the shore to t|io point of commencement, HiO acres more or h:��s.  CHAUI.KS St. HAKHK.  Nelson, '-'IIh of May. 1837. (May '��l.|  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given thai I. A. (I. Kvans, iniend lo  opplval the expiration of sixty days from the publication  of t his notice. In I he commissioner of lands and works t<>  purchase the following uiisurvi-yed, uiii.'t-ciiiiicd. and unreserved crown lands, situate al or near \\ bile (Irousc  mountain, and em bracing lands near coiillueiiec of le-rlb  and west branch of Coal creek, n tribuinri' of Coal ri\ it.  in the Coal river mining division of tin- district of Wet  ICoiiti-ii.-i\. Hritish Culunibia.  ', I   in-  ���loners  iir.si'i.-n-TioN.  I 'oiiniiciiciiig at initial post marked "A. <  corner," lliencc due norlb III chains, Ihencc i  chains', I hence due south In (bains, lliencc (  chains lo puiiil of coinmcncemenl. contiiiiiiin  more or less. \. < I.  Haled Ibis' lltlidav of .Vlnv. I Mm;.  . I-).'- N. K.  lie ��'l-.| sir  ll" i-i|s-| .SO  3^'u acres  KVANS.  I.lune H>t ti I  &fcS  I  ��*%'  -*---��8-V"*-   J- ���    "(**1  -.4. n���: i. ii w1;.*!.!  ���J"1U ���/- THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C., SATURDAY, JULY 3J,  1897.  ���ft  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Messrs. Boeckk and Turner have secured  two tenants for the new block in course  of erection upon the corner of Ward and  Baker streets. The Nelson <fc Koi-b Simp;  pard Hail way com pa ny has leased the  '-" corner store as a telegraph and ticket  office, and b\ J.'Weir of Trenton, Ontario,  has leased the Baker scree I; store, and  will open a dry floods establishment when  the building is ready for occupancy.  The appeal of sir Charles Henry ��� Ross,  of Balnao;owan castle, from the decision  of the lower court, which decided a suit  - for divorce which sir Charles had instituted against his  wife, lady   Ross, in   favor  ' of.' the latter, was heard in the first division of the court of sessions at Kdinburgh  last' week. After listening to the arguments of counsel the court dismissed the  .appeal.  The Canadian Pacilic Railway company's round-house at Revelstoke caught  fire Tuesday evening and was partially  destroyed. " A , rotary snow-plow was  burned and three locomotives were badly  damaged.  Auother cross-lead has been encountered  in the Fern. It: is of decomposed quartz  about four feet wide and assays high in  gold. The -framework of the Fern's new  20-stamp "mill is up and superintendent  Veitch is of the opinion that the mill will  be in running order by the first of October.  1). Morris, of Morris, McLean <fc Co. of  this city, has been engaged by the corporation of the city of Rossland as consulting engineer on public works. Mortis  will take a run down to Rossland on  Monday.  TV. A. Macdonald, who was appointed  a member of the board of licensing commissioners for this city, made his first appearance at the board(meeting on Thursday, if Thursday's session of the board  is any criterion the three commissioners  will get along well together despite the  friction occasioned by their appointment.  . "Wings" Wilkinson, of the Vancouver  World, has made his way to London.  Where "Wings'" is altogether unknown,  as he would be in Fngland, it would be  interesting to listen to his talk.  The corporation of , Nelson has not  closed with the Canada Permanent Loan  ifc Savings society for the sale of the public works debentures. The society offered  9G per cent, of thefa.ee value of the corporation bonds, or $48,000 net for the $50,-  - 000 bonds at five per cent. This was satisfactory to the city, but when the mayor  and the company's agent got down ro details the loan company sought to ring in  its solicitor's charges for examining into  the validity of the loan issue. The corporation refused to entertain any such  proposition in connection witha net offer..  ' The company was given a few days to  consider whether it wanted the bonds for  $48,000 or not. It is immaterial to the  city whether this company takes them or  not, as another purchaser lias since put  in an appearance.  G. R. R.obson, manager of the Hudson's  Bay company's store, is accompanying  J. Ogden Grahame on his trip, through  the Slocan.  David Wilson, provincial school inspector, was in Nelson this week on official  business. IT the inspector's views were  carried out Nelson would not go short of  school facilities.  The total receipts of the corporation of  Nelson up to this morning, amount to $."),-  023.45.  The police commissioners spent a couple  of hours on Thursday in drafting rules  and regulations for the government of  the city police. They will take final  action upon the same on Monday. The  commissioners decided to communicate  with the boards of Victoria, Vancouver  and New Westminster, for the purpose of  ascertaining whether or not they certify  to the police pay rolls in their cities. This  subject was introduced by Mayor Houston, who held that as the police commissioners appointed the men and fixed their  salaries they should certify to their pay  rolls before the council was called, upon  to pay them. The commissioners will  follow the practice prevailing in the coast  cities.  Dr. R. Mathison has engaged the front  office in George Xeelands' new building on  Baker street, and will open a dental office  as soon as the building is completed.  Nelson is fast getting down to civilization's level. On Wednesday police magistrate Crease fined Joseph Sturgeon $1 for  riding a horse over the Baker street bridge  at a faster rate than a walk. For exceeding the eight mile an hour pace on the  public streets Sturgeon was fined $2 and  costs. Edward Ranch was charged with  the same offences, and contributed like  sums to the municipal exchequer.  Drummond Ross, James fJurkin and  Daniel Sinclair were before.-magistrate  Crease'this week on. charges of creating  disturbances by being drunk. The first  two'were assessed $10 and costs, with the  option of serving for fourteen days as the  nucleus of the Nelson chain gang. Daniel  Sinclair for a similar offense, was fined $5  and costs, or one week's imprisonment.  The failure of the.lohn Faton Company's  big departmental store will pinch a number of the residents of Nelson who had  forwarded money to the Toronto firm for  .cheap.'goods. Tf every departmental store  in Canada were to fail, it would be so  much better for the people of Canada.  For such residents of Nelson who lost  money by the Faton failure there is no  sympathy owing. The sooner the people  ���of Nelson makeup their minds to do all  their trading with the local merchants,  the sooner will the local merchants be enabled to carry stocks equal to''those carried by the merchants of Toronto and the  other eastern cities. Nelson merchants  cannot pay rent and running expenses if  the citizens of Nelson send away for evevy-  In order to sell what Shirt Waists we have left in Stock,  we have reduced same to-  75, $I.OO, $1.25  WORTH $1.25, $1.75, $2.00  aker  thing save their needles and thread.  Fvery dollar that i** sent out of Nelson to  a cheap trader or merchant is a dollar lost  to the town, and the people should try  and remember it.  A meeting of the license commissioners  was held Thursday afternoon, at which  saloon licenses were granted to W. A.  McVeigh, for the Crown Cafe on Josephine street, and Messrs. Smart and Calkin  for their saloon on Vernon street. Robert  Hurry having complied with the provisions of the statutes, was granted a restaurant license. Miss M. Duffy's restaurant  license was withheld until she complied  with the statute requirements. McMahon  & Lvidd, who applied for a restaurant  license for their Baker street restaurant,  were notified to the same effect.  Tenders were opened this week for the  superstructure of one of the large buildings now in course of erection in Nelson.  The lowest tender was in the neighborhood of $14,000 and the highest $20,000.  Engineer Berry, of the Slocan River  branch road, says work is progressing  faster than he expected, and that if given  au engine by the mouth of August he will  begin track laying from the Slocan crossing end.    About 700 men are at work.  The Vernon & Nelson Telephone Company has commenced construction on the  telephone line from Nelson to Trail and  Bossland via Robson. At Rossland connection will be made with the long distance telephone system to Spokane. There  are about 25 men engaged upon the work.  A daughter was born to the wife of  James Christian last week. On Tuesday  a daughter was born to the wife of Mr.  Mclvay, who is employed by the A. Macdonald company.  The big blast furnace in the Hall Mines  smelter was blown in at 0 o'clock this  morning. The furnace has a capacity of  250 tons per day, so that it will keep the  mine superintendent busy getting out  ore. It is running upon Silver King ore  exclusively.  George TV. Brown was charged before  magistrate Crease this morning with a  breach of the fire limits by-law. The defendant was represented by TV. A. Macdonald. who took several.technical objections to the manner in which the charge  was drawn by chief constable TVolverton.  The magistrate decided to give the bylaw a chance, however, and allowed two  amendments to be made to the charge.  The case occupied the best part of a couple of hours. Judgment was reserved till  Monday. One proposition made by the  defendant's counsel was that the present  case should be dropped and that proceedings should .be taken simultaneously  against all who are violating the ordinance.  The tenders for the provincial jail were  opened today. There were six or seven  tenders put in, the tenderers residing in  Victoria as well as in Nelson. The contract will probably be let next week. The  chief commissioner has not yet made up  his mind where the jail will be located.  SLOCAN   MINING   NOTES.  eight men upon the property, and talk of  putting in a power plant. On the Boomerang an S-foot ledge of high grade ore  was recently struck. The Boomerang is  an extension of the I', cc I. group, upon  which a force of eight men is doing development work.  I-'OL'XI)���A poeket-book eoiiliiiiiiut,r iiiiniey anil  oilier  articles.    Inquire ,it this ofliee.  Hut Tor vooil values sjn In  Who nil-August 1*1   will iimiiKUi'itte li  BUSINESS  SliK OUII  IMilCKS:  aO'poiiiul suck Hungarian flour SI  III  ;'>0-!>ouiul sack Spokane flour  I 20  No. 1 Creamery butter, ."> pounds  I (10  Cooking butter. 10 pounds  LOO  Canadian Cheese, 8 pounds  l 00  llraniilated sugar. 17 pounds  1 00  No. 1 sugar. 20 pounds  l oo  liiee, 20 pounds  100  Salt.  Liverpool, line, ;"i(J pounds  1 00  Kiineli eggs. (! dozen  1 00  Kvaporated apples, 12 pounds     .1 00  ICvaporated peaches, 8 pounds     I 00  Evaporated prunes. 12 pounds       I 00  Currunls. 12 pounds             I 00  Kaisins. 12 pounds  100  Costa Kiea eott'ee. ;"> pounds  1 00  Lion coll'ce. a packages  I 00  Arbuekles' codec, a packages  I 00  Beans, ii pounds     I ()()  Split  pea��, 20 pounds  100  ALL,   OTIIKII  UROCKUIKSs AND  PROVISIONS  UED liOCIC HHICKS  AT  NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  Conducted'by the Fathers 0. ML S.  .CLASSICAL COURSES  Will Reopen September 1st.  The Arlington mine is making a shipment of the ore which has accumulated  on the dump during development. The  mine is opening up well.  The ibex of Slocan has just contracted  with Bartlott Brothers for the packing  out of 100 tons of ore per month for three  months, and it is thought by the owners  that shipments will be continued during  the coming winter.   '    ���  Ten-mile Properties Develop Well,  li. J. Kirk wood  of New  Denver, spent  Friday in Nelson looking up old acquaintances.    Kirkwood is at present engaged  in developing the Mabou and Ohio claims  on Ten-mile creek, in which he  thinks he  and his  partners have  an  even  greater  property    than    the   Enterprise,   which  Kirkwood and McKiunon sold  to I inch.  Kirkwood   claims   there  are  five  ledges  upon these two claims, including the Enterprise   and   Nepawa   leads.     The   two  claims are  owned  jointly  by Kirkwood,  Wells, McKinnon, (.'rant Tttnks and  Williamson.    If a bond is not given upon the  property   this   summer  the  owners will ;  make  arrangements  to  work the claims ;  themselves.     Several  good  strikes  have |  been made on  Ten-mile creek  properties [  during the ptist  month.    The  owners  of j  the  Kali.spel  group encountered   a good i  I body of ore recently.    They are  working I  Send for Catalogue or Address President St. Louis College, New Westminster, B. C.  CORPORATION  OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  CITY   AUDITOR'S   REPORT.  ItKCnil'TS.  Miscellaneous   s  l.i  00  Wiiter rates (.lone  )   211  OO  Licenses   707  lid  Police court' lines.  110  7.i  Overdraft at Hank  of Montreal       8  ..".IIS  31-   ..._  89.7  2  5(5  IMHIICItSK.MK.VrS.  Water works   ���Si  .llii  0(1  Special police..  211  (55  Streets   .lltili  :��i  Fire depart uicnt.  SS 03  Salaries   2!l.'i  85  I'rintitiir and stat ioiiery.  l.'fil  .ill  Plant and tools...  ll.'f  :ti  Sidewalks     .  1  I,))  :i2  Miscellaneous  SI  ��:i���  ~  .*!>. 71  and von,-hei  ���)  .s  ;���>(!  1 have carefully  ���heeked the accounts  in  (ho fit v clerk's otll  ���o and  :erl il'v that 1 Deal  )Ovo is correct.  JOHN  HAMILTON.  C  'Iv  Audili  r  Dated Nelson, .lime HOlh  . 1897.  R.  MATHISON  DENTIST  Will open a dentist parlor in (leoi-fje Neolanils new Ijiiild-  1   ingot) linker street as soon as same is'completed.  Has opened  his new  assay oflicc  at lhe  corner of  Hall  and linker streets, nnil is prepared to execute all work  entrusted to.liiui with promptness and accuracy.  Application for Liquor License.  N'otii-.e is hereby Kiven Unit, the undersigned will apply  to Ihe Hoanlof Lic'elisiiiK ('umiiiissinners of lhe City of  Nelson, at.Iheir next sitting. I'nrii license loscll heerand  wine at uiv restaurant, situiilison lots2l and 22 hloek fl,  Nelson.     ' j M. M. DCFI-'V.  Muted at Nelson. H. (!.. July 271 li. 1WI7.  We carry a very larg*e stock of Nails, Iron, Steel,  Bellows,- Anvils, Picks, Shovels, Locks, stammers, Hinges, Powder, Fuse, Caps, etc, in fact  a complete ��� line of Miners' Supplies and Builders' Hardware, and are prepared to quote close  fig-ures. We also carry a full line of Stoves  and Tinware, Crockery and Glassware, and  Groceries, both Staple and Fancy, Wholesale  and Retail.   Free delivery to any part of City.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON;,  Just reoelved  ��� et  latest styles of ���  and Gents'  Pocket  Ladies'   Purses and  Books and   Purses.  Card  Cases,  The prices  ire riq-ht and  the  o-oods the  best manufactured.  a      o  DRUGGISTS  >     W.   V.  TLLTZHL & CO.  Au'-nl.s for II.  Lawrence Spoolnclc.*. and Kyolllas  Kyesij-dil tesled  free  Direct From the Manufacturer  Made by the celebrated Firm of  John B. Stetson & Co., Philadelphia  IN THESE WE HAVE BOTH r\W>W\    m A \ff\ FH ITI^ <?  THE NEW SHAPES AND THE    OLD    FA VOI^ITbS  j��rjrjrffsssi*rr,~���  Also Just Received  A Large Consignment of  Levi Strauss Overalls DiresanrFZ  Francisco,  A Magnificent line of Scotch Tweeds and Worsteds, and West of  England Trousering's, suitable for spring5 wear.  A special feature of Fancy Worsted Suiting's.  BAKER STREET, NELSON  ONEY   MAKERS   AND   TIME  WHEELER & WILSON  DOMESTIC    RAYMOND  NEW WILLIAMS  WHITE    ZENITH  "THAT'S WHAT WE ARE, THE SIX. OF US."  Easy Payments and  Liberal  Discounts  over, ueweier,  elson  IS THE PRICE ON THE BALANCE OF OUR  m  !R  _t  TS  ������TTZDsTTIIXj  oleaebd.  18 and 20  BAKER   STREET  ��  E  ban  I  BRANCH MARKETS    ... ".'  .  Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three  Forks and  Sandon, in Slocan  District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District ,*  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.  ill" ���.*���"��� �����*�� ���  i   .'tf    ���"ii  ,,1\  a^^ifi^^


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