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 Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made  Dividend Paying Mines.  Has  Three Smelters   in  Successful  Operation)  and  Enough  Ore  in Sight to   Run  Several   More.  FIFTH  YEAR-NO. 33.  NELSON   BEITISH  COLUMBIA   SATURDAY, JULY  10, 1897.  TWO  DOLLAES A YEAR.  KOOTENAY'S   -WONDERFUL   GROWTH.  As Evidenced by the Customs Returns for the  Fiscal Year' Ending June 30th.  The returns compiled by George Johnstone, collector I'or the "pork of Nelson,  illustrate as well as any set of figures can  the development which has taken place  in Southern Kootenay during the past  twelye months ending June 30th, which  comprise the fiscal year for the customs  department*. During that , period the  revenue of the port of Nelson has increased from $188,000 to $350,078, while tlie  mineral exports have made a relative  increase amounting in the .aggregate  value to $4,811,45!). These figures, it  should be remembered, do not cover tlie  entire mineral exports of the district, us  much of the ore went out via Revelstoke  and was credited to the port of Westminster through the output of Revelstoke.  Jn the tables which follow it will be  noticed that the value of the exports  more than trebles the value of the imports, the former being $1,500,598, against  a purely mineral export trade of  $-1,841,450.  The following are the customs returns  for the month ending June 30th:  Value of.  of this mine are not at all anxious to sell,  but will develop the property themselves,  and the chances are that it will be a shipping proposition at no distant date.  THE   OPPOSITION   PLATFORM.  AROUND   ST.   MARYS   DISTRICT.  I'OKT OK  Dutiahlo woods..  Froc  goods    Total   linoorts.  ..Sl'20,(>53  ..    28,6*32  Duty  Collected.  ��31,027.79  The mines (2S98 tons of  Copper nmUc (fiGli Lous) .  Animals and their produce.  "Manufactures   The forest   . ...'.Sll!),2S5 $31,027.79  Value of Imports.  ore)   $155,812.00  328,01:1.00  Sli.'i.OO  3,20('.00  1,175.00  Total  SISU.IS'J.OO  For the quarter ending June 30, 1S97,  the imports were $443,717, the exports  $1,329,032, and the duty collected amounted  to $104,702.75.  The value oi' the imports for the fiscal  year reach the respectable sum of $1,5(50,-  598. upon which duties amounting to  $349,000.05 were collected: which, together  with an item of $1,077.95, brings the total  revenue of the port up to $350,078.00. The  The following is a statement of the value  of the imports and the amount of duty-  collected in quarters:/  "Quarter ending Sept. 30, iSfllj....  (Juartor ending Dec 31. 189(1 ...  Quarter ending Alarch 31, IS!)"..  Quarter ending- June 30, 181)7   Other revenues.*.   Value.  shoo. 132 oo  Il.'i.lHJU 00  103,11!) GO  113,717 00  Totals   The  figures  Put--.  S(i!',133 I!)  SI.S75 2!)  90.22S 12  "101,702 75  1.077 !15  ?:-50,07S !)'���)   SI,500,598 00  covering the mineral exports for the fiscal year are most encouraging. r.Were all the. mineral, exports of  'southern Kooteua'y included therein the  aggregate wtmlcl greatly exceed the  $5,000,000 mark. A comparison of the  several quarters of the fiscal year just  closed with the corresponding quarters of  the previous year can not be conveniently  made, but a comparison.between the last  quarters of the two years will illustrate  the development which has taken place.  For the last quarter of the fiscal year ending June 30,'185)0, the value of the mineral  exports was $107,007; for the corresponding quarter of the year just closed their  value was $1,309,184. It is not saying too  much for the district to say that when  these figures are compiled lor the fiscal  year ending June 30,1S9S, a corresponding  increase will be shown. The following is  a classified table of the mineral exports  for the year:    ;  .   (JUAUTKIl  ENDING  SlSl'TEMHKH 30, ISOfl.  MAKCII 31, 1S97  Gold.......:.......................:..........  Silver, 259,422 ounces... .'...   Copper, 1.118.407 pounds-*   . Load, 3,049.331 pounds   Total value for quarter   '���.gUAUTEU  ICNDt.VU   PECEMHEH 31, 1800..  Gold... '..I.   Silver. 500,202 ounces*   Copper. l,35l,01(i pounds:   Lead,2,310,S7!) pounds..   ....   Total value for quarter...,  <      (iUAKTBIl l-NiJi.vc;  Gold    :  Silver, 1,101.274 ounces   Copper, 2.051,751 pounds i    Lead. 7,048,3.14 pounds. :   Total value for quarter ���...  CjUAKTUK ICNDI.VC  JUNK 30, 1897.  Gold   .......   Silver, 070.221 ounces, ..;........   Copper, 1,518.817 pounds ..   Lead, 1,570,155 poundSi ��� .....  Total value for quarter ',  / -"      ' SUMMARV  OK  K.VI'OHTS.  Gold exported during year :;...  Silver exported during year   Copper exported during year :   -Lead exported during year     Value.  . ��208,215  . 355,821  . 07,773  .      3S.723  ..��730,535  Value.  . .'��428,73(1  ... 324,211  ... 101,521,  ...      28,332  ... ."$S85,800  Value.  ... ��'105,501  .... 718.391!  ... 180,015  ...    103,038  ..��1,1)10,010  Value.  ��70I,3I!S  309,212  157.170  7S.32S  Grand total for year.   ��1,309,184  Value.  .... ��2,30(i,8i50  ...      1,707.('I3  518,515  218,121  .... ��4,811,453  The Hall Creek Mines.  Quart//Creek Miner: Hall Siding has  taken quite a boom in the last few days.  Three weeks ago there was nothing there  bub a small section house, today the place  has the appearance of a little city. There  are three general merchandise stores,  three hotels and several .other buildings  under construction. The place has the  appearance of a busy cam]). The Fern  mine, located about four miles west of  town, has about eighty men employed.  The owners of this mine have built a good  wagon road from Hall Siding to the mine,  and will at once commence hauling lumber for the20-stamp mill to be built. There  will be 140,000 feet of lumber used by this  company for the erection of the stamp-  mill and various other buildings to be  erected for the accommodation of their  emplojrees. The most of the lumber is at  present at the station.  The Flying Dutchman, which is situated  close to the Fern, has ten men ab work.  The owners are ab presenb driving a tunnel, and are in about eighteen feet. The  last assay made on ore from this property  ran $175 in gold to the ton.   The owners  Slocan Shipments via Nakusp.  During the month of June there was  exported from the Slocan via Revelstoke  ���140 tons of ore of the value of $50,S34.75.  Of this amount the Slocan Star sent forward 320 tons, valued at $23,000.75; the  Enterprise 50 tons, valued at $5,498; and  the lieco SO tons, valued at $21,730.  It Will Embrace  Many Reforms Which Premier Turner Has Refused to Make.  A meeting'of the members of the legislature who oppose the Turner administration, was held in  the city  of Vancouver  on Saturday last for the purpose of forming a platform upon which to contest the  result, at the next   provincial  election.  All of the opposition members were present, save Macpherson of Vancouver, who  was in East Kootenay.   Charles Semlin  presided at the   meeting   aud   Colin   B.  Sword acted as  secretary.    The proposal  to contest the election upon straight party  lines���liberal and   conservative���was rejected as not i'n the interests of the opposition   nor   of the  province.     Among  other measures which were incorporated  into the  party's  platform,  were resolutions demanding a repeal of the mortgage  tax,- an   immediate   redistribution    bill  which would equalize the representation  throughout  the province, the   repeal of  the tax upon working miners in so far as  it oporates as a trade tax, and a uniform  railway policy which  would prevent the  party in power from showing favoritism  to political pets.  These resolutions cover the chief reforms sought by the members of the opposition. Their necessity has been fully  acknowledged by the members of the  Turner cabinet, but upon one pretext or  another they have repeatedly refused to  move in the matter of reform.  The resolutions adopted by the opposition members are to be submitted to a  convention to be held at a future date,  upon the call of Messrs.. Semlin and  Sword.  The opinion is general that there will  be few old faces in the legislature which  will succeed the present one. Ib is generally understood that there is a desire  on the part of two members of the cabinet to secure constituencies upon the  mainland. Attorney-General Eberts cannot hope to win another election in his  present constituency. It is generally regarded as the personal property of Harry  Helmcken, and he it is said will take it in  preference to taking a chance again in  Victoria., Donald Graham of Yale, expects to see a cabinet minister contesting  the division of Yale represented by himself iu -the present legislature, and is of  the opinion that if Eberts does not contest the seat, Forbes G. Vernon will make  another attempt to secure it'. ,  The representation of Victoria and  Vancouver will be very greatly changed.;  Victoria haviug secured all it can possibly'  hope for from the provincial treasury,  and the British Pacific being practically  a dead issue, the city is expected to return opponents to the present administration, as it did before the constituency  was bribed. The Vancouver representatives are not popular, and it is doubtful,  if either Macpherson or Williams will be  successful should they again seek the  suffrages of the elective of that city.  .... There Is Need for Redistribution.  The Williams directory company report  that the white population on the mainland of the province amounts to 78,850,  and that the population, of Vancouver  Island and the adjacent islands amounts  to 3S,500. The Williams Directory company is a Victoria concern, and while its  census can scarcely be accepted as absolutely correct, it is perhaps nearer the  mark than any former census. These  figures show that the white population  on the mainland is more than double that  of Arancouver Island, and in territorial  extent and commercial importance, the  disparity between the island and the.  mainland is even greater. These figures  illustrate the necessity for a new redistribution. The mainland is entitled to two-  thirds of the total representation in the  provincial legislature, instead of this it  has but 19 members against 14 for the  islaud. The directory company assert  that the white population on the mainland-has doubled within the past four  years.   Rumored Changes in Laurier's Cabinet.  The press dispatches from Ottawa announce that sit* Oliver Mowat will shortly-  resign the portfolio of minister of justice  in Laurier's cabinet and accept the office  of lieutenant-governor of Ontario. It is  also stated that Fielding will resign the  department of finance and be succeeded  by sir.Richard Cartwright. The government organs have not announced any  such changes, and it remains a matter for  conjecture as to their probability.  A Rather Empty Honor.  London, July 7.���The Manchester Guardian today says that the Duke of Devonshire's recent hint that striking proposals  are about to be launched by the secretary  nL_state for the colonies, Mr. Joseph  Chamberlain, refers to a scheme for representation of the colonies in the house  of lords. This scheme, the Guardian  adds, has already been approved at the  conferences held between Mr. Chamberlain and the colonial premiers.  Development Work Going1 On   in   a   District  ���  Which Will Be Heard From Later.  Charles    Benton    returned   this   week  frotn a trip into the St. Marys district, in  which he has minihginterests.   He reports  that considerable work is being done upon  properties along the middle branch of the  St.   Marys.     The  ledges   are   generally  strong, carrying low grade galena and  pyrites of copper.   He-has^one group of  three claims under bond, the ledge upon  which is 75 feet wide and can be traced  through the three claims.   Samples taken  from the ledge average S per cent copper,  with fairly good values in silver and gold:  About four miles from this property  work is being done on the Great Dane;  Whits Star and Fisher claims.   These are  owned    by  the   Sawyer   Brothers   and  Adolph La Pointe of Nelson.   They have  a showing of about 3 feet of clean galena and about 10 feet of concentrating  ore.    The clean galena assays from 25 to  50 ounces silver and from 3 to 0 per cent  in copper besides the lead values.   The  value of this and adjacent properties will  be largely affected by the proximity of  the Crow's Nest Pass railway.  Near the summit of the Sawyer's Pass,  the Pilot Bay Mining and Development  company is working about six men on its  property. These claims are about sixteen  miles from Pilot Bay, and very high  assays have been had from the ore, some  going as high as 400 ounces silver, and $00  in gold.  Not far from the Pilot Bay company's  group Captain Woods and his associates  are doing considerable work on the Black  Prince group, recently bonded by them'  from the Sawyer Brothers.  BR ADEN   AND   MATHEWS   WIN.  WHITE   GROUSE   MOUNTAIN.  The Location of the Ajax Fraction is Held to  be Valid by Justice Walkem.  The fight for the ground embraced in  the old Marlborough mineral claim, near  the Sandon townsite, was, concluded before justice Walkem   Wednesday morning.    When the Marlborough' claim  ran  out in September, there was a race on the  part of the owners of the Last Chance  mineral  claim   and  Messrs.   Dodds   and  Cummings to locate it.   Dodds and his  partner got on the ground first, and had  the claim located when John Regan ap-i  peared as the agent of E. H. Tomlinson, toi  locate the ground.   The claim lapsed at;  midnight, and on behalf of. Tomlinson...it.  was alleged that Dodds made his location  prior to 12 o'clock, and that his location  was therefore invalid. " ',  Messrs. Mathews and Braden afterwards  purchased the Dodds location, known as  the Ajax Fraction for $100. The Tomlinson location was called the Florida, and  some months ago Tomlinson*, as the owner  of the Florida Fraction, secured an injunction against the owners of the.Ajax Fraction to prevent them from working the  ground in dispute. This was later dissolved, and the Florida Fraction owners  became the plaintiffs iu a suit against the  owners of the Ajax Fraction to secure  title. -It was iu this shape that the dispute came before justice Walkem. The  case of the plaintiffs was that the defendants location was made at least ten minutes, before midnight. Justice Walkem  dismissed the action of E. H. Tomlinson  with costs. A counter action on the part  of Messrs. Mathews and Braden for damages and to have themselves declared the  owners of the ground as against the plaintiffs was partly successful. Justice Walkem declared them the owners, but refused  to allow anything for damages or costs.  A. Whealler of Kaslo, appeared for the  defendants and John Elliot for the  plaintiffs.        '  '  ���THE   CITY'S   FINANCES.  Aside from  the Water   Works the   Disbursements Amount to $4500 to June 30th.  ��� Charles E. Sealey, city clerk, submitted  a statement of the civic receipts and disbursements up to June 30th.. The disburs-  ments for the period amount to $9712.50,  of which amount $1344.25 was secured  from licenses, police court fines, etc., and  the balance being an overdraft at the  Bank of Montreal. Tlie statement is  appended:  KKCI'-II'TS.  Miscellaneous      Water rates  '   License   Police court Hues   Overdraft Hank of Montreal   ! 15 00  211 00  707 50  410 75  8,308 31  Total   UIWIiUH.SK.MICN'I'S.  Special police    Water works   Streets  ���  .....  Fire department ,  ...  Salaries    Printing and .stationery   Plant and tools   Sidewalks '���    Miscellaneous    Total  ....   ..��9,712 50  ��    20 l'5  .  5,145 (XI  .   2,000 3!)  58 05  293 85  .      139 53  .      143 31  .   1,757 32  81 S3  .��9,712 50  Another Big Fight for Heinze.  The Parrott Copper Mining company of  Butta has filed suits against the Boston  and Montana company and the Montana  Ore Purchasing con-many, in which F.  Aug. Heinze is largely interested, charging infringement of the patent process for  refining copper out of matte, a process  similar, it is said, to the Bessemeri/.ing  process with relation to iron and steel,  which has been used by the defendant  companies and the big Anaconda Copper  company ever since 1891. The Parrott  company asks for damages and a perpetual  restraining order, claiming to have purchased the invention from Pierre Manhes  of Lyons, France, the original inventor.  /Wants to Be More English.  London, July 5.���Sir Wilfrid Laurier,  the Dominion premier, today addressed a  meeting of members of the house of commons, known as the colonial party. Sir  Charles Dilkepresided. Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who was cordially received, urged the  direct representation of the colonies in;  the imperial parliament, which ought to-  be he contended, a grand national council, or imperial federal parliament. In  the course of his address he said that if  Australia and South Africa were confederated like Canada it would greatly simplify the question.  Tarte Wants to Reform the Senate.  Montrkai., July ('.--The lion. Mr. Tarte  says in his paper. "La Pa trie." that the  attack upon the senate ��� must come from  Quebec, which province has always taken  the lead in the most important political  reforms ever seen in Canada. There  exists in all tlie provinces, Mr. Tarte declares, a feeling that there must be a  change in the senate, bub he does not  Tear to affirm that Quebec province is  better  prepared  than   all   the  others to  Several Companies Have Resumed Work Upon  Their Properties in This District.  Development work is going ahead steadily around White Grouse mountain this  summer, and while the conditions will  prevent anything in the way of large ore  shipments, there will no doubt be sufficient work done to put several of the  properties in shape to ship as soon as  transportation facilities offer.  The Ora Plata Mining company is working six meu on the company's property,  ��� located about a mile southeast of the  Storm King. They have, a good strong  .'-ledge, the ore in which is similar to that  found on the other properties in the district���a grey copper, with gold and silver  values.  President Wadsworth of the White  Grouse Mining company has let a contract  for a 100-foot tunnel on"' the Annie S.  This property is north of the Copper.  King. A 20-foot tunnel has been run in  upon tins ledge, disclosing a G-foot vein of  high grade copper ore. Assays from the'  Annie S. have given returns of from 100  to 300 ounces silver, $4 to $1S in gold,.and  an average of 10 per cent copper. The  company has a good site for a tunnel and  every facility for working the property.'  Much of the stock in this company is held'  by Nelson people.  The owners of the Jessie K and Morning mines will also let a contract for driv-'  ing a 100-foot tunnel on the Moruing.  These claims are one mile south of the  Storm King.  ��� Hector McRae will resume work upon  the Edwards and Brussels as soon as he  can get provisions and supplies up to the  rjroperties. Considerable work has been  done upon the property. It has a strong  ledge, which carries good values in copper,  silver and gold.  W. R. Ramsdall, the manager of the  Montana company, operating some of the  best claims in the district, has eight men  .at-'work driving a tunnel ou the Golden  King. The Golden King ledge shows on  the surface for a distance of over 100 feet,  varying in .width from 8 to 10 feet. Ramsdall will also run a tunnel in on the Silver  Tip. On the Storm King,'about which so  much was heard last summer, the vein is  4 feet wide at a depth of .70 feet; This  property was reported to'have'pinched'  'out. An open cub has beeu run on the Big  Four, owned by the same company, uncovering a good ledge.  A Mining Story From Colorado.  The Salt Lake Tribune publishes a dispatch from Aspen, Colorado, to the effect  that at a depth of 1000 feet a body of metallic ore that runs 24,000 ounces of silver  "to tlie tori has been struck in the Mollie  Gibson mine.   It is believed that the lost  oretihute has been recovered.   This dis-_  covery caused Mollie Gibson stock to ad-,  vance 20 cents a share.   The career of this  p'roperty has been a most remarkable one.  It was nearly ten years ago that the owners, among whom were Henry B. Gillespie! Byron E. Shear, and Dick Bolles, en-;  countered a few feet from the surface, native silver  in   abundance.     Nature had  placed it there in bars as pure' and free  from any impurities as any ever turned  from   a   mint.   The   discovery   was   the  most   sensational,   perhaps,   ever   made  on the silver circuit.   The first shipment  was made to Denver under armed guard.  The proceeds were enormous.   The shipment was repeated several times, when  the pocket was exhausted and the chute  apparently lost.   The owners   did some  prospecting but it was unsuccessful, and  the' property was tendered David Moffat  at $50,000.   His experts madeau examina-  tioirand turned Miss Mollie down.    Then  it was that means were provided for tlie  exploration  of lower levels.   The  shaft  had not gone far before the "pure quill"  was again encountered.   From that time  the stream of riches began to pour from  that source, and it was not long until the  stock,  which  had a few months  before  beeu changing hands at any price, was  selling at $11 a share.   Those who were  fortunate enough   to   hold ou   to   their  original possessions reaped an enormous  profit, and in less than three years pocketed $4,080,000.   The payment of dividends was suspended  two  years ago  last  January when the ore chute  was   lost.  Since  that time the company  has been,  searching for ib, and tliat it has been re-,  covered   will   be  a   signal   for   rejoicing  throughout Colorado.  enter upon a vigorous agitation. The  minister of public works- says 'that the  upper chamber, as at,present constituted,  is a menace to popular liberty.   ..  OVER   $25,000   PER   DAY.'  Southern Kootenay is Exporting Ore at an  Even Grater Rate than This.  Very heavy shipments of ore' from the  Slocan were made during the past week,  amounting in the aggregate to over $100,-  000, which with the shipmerits from Trail  Creek', Nelsou and Ainsworth divisions,  brought the value of the exports for the  week up to $178,710. The customs returns  of the port of Nelson for the month of  June give the value of the mineral exports  at $4S3,885, in'"addition to which"$50,835  worth or Slocan ore was exported via  Revelstoke. These figures added together  give the mineral exports ol the district  for June at $534,720. The following were  the shipments for the present week:  ROUGH   ON   REGAN.  BULLION  AND   MATTE.  "  Pounds  Value  Hall Mines smelter, Nelson, matte.  ..   79,500  Trail smelter". :   .. 151,002  ORE.  ,. Approximate  .  Tons.  Value.  Le Hoi mine. Rossland   ...     175  n'  Kootenay Ore Company. Kaslo   ...     491  Black Diamond mine, Ainswortli..  ..     101'  }  No. 1 mine. Ainsworth   o.'i,  i  Little Donald. Ainsworth   15  Payne mine, Sloean   ..  ���  400  Noble Five mines, Slocan   St  Washington  '.  SO  Whitewater mine, Slocan ,.  75  Slocnn Star. Sandon   ..    '00  Surprise mine, Sloean   17.  S17l,716  Total so far for .Inly   ...  2,200  S193.C71  Total for June   ..   3,1 (i-l  Si83,885  Total for "May   ..  2,995  S397.797  Total for April .*   ...  3.71*4  S 133,2.'! 1  Total for March....:   ...  5,822  S077.G81  'Total for February   ..  5.201  S502.853  Total for January   ..  4.543  S075.500  Total via Revelstoko to "May 12.  ..  2,29fi  S223.382  ���    Total via Revelstoke for June..  ..     410  S 50,8.')5  $3,098,814  The Athabasca to Ship Forty Tons.  The Athabasca mine will make another  ���shipment of 40 tons of high grade ore to  the Hall  mines smelter  this  week.    The  first 20 tons  of this shipment will yield  , over $100 in gold to the ton.   The control  in this property was secured by the B. C.  Gold Fields Company iu May, since which  time' systematic development  work has  been carried on under the superintendence  of Mr. Wing. There are at present 25 men  working upon the  property.    It is being  worked   principally   through   a   150-foot  .tunnel, which  gives a depth of about 00.  feefc.    The ledge lies at an angle of about  45 degrees and averages about 20 inches  in width, from 12 to Hi inches of which is  shipping ore.    Some 75 feet in from the  mouth of the tunnel a winze is beingsunk  upon a fine showing of ore and a drift is  also being run from the present level.; A  nice outcrop of ore was  recently discovered about 500 feet from the showing upon  which the first work was undertaken.   A  shaft is being sunk upon it and some very  good  looking rock  is  being   taken   out.  Although'the property will make several  shipments during the next few months  the aim of the company will be to develop  the property rather than  take out ore,  and with this end   in view the  working  force at the mine will be increased as soon  as the opportunity offers.  Donald to Lose the Shops.  While at Golden, last,week, General  Manager Why te, of the C. P. R., was interviewed, and stated that it had been  found necessary for the better working  of the Rocky Mountain section between  Golden and Laggan to make Golden the  divisional point, and to establish workshops there. Consequently the workshops will be removed from Donald, part  going to Revelstoke, and the remainder  to Golden. The workshops to be established at Golden will be fully equipped to  deal with the mountain traffic, and will  be supplied with a plant for repairing  and fitting the^mogul and. consolidated  engines. Car l'epairing shops will also be  built; Golden is also the most convenient  point for making up trains, and extensive  tracks will be laid down for this uurppse.  It is also understood that the.C. P. R.,  shops at Canmore will be moved east to  Calgary. j  New   South Wales Entitled to Preference.  Finance minister'Fielding of the customs department, has had an opportunity  of going over the tariff of several foreign  countries which were claimed to, be. on',.,a.  whole a's'fayorable to Canadian '."products,  "as our Own schedule, is to theirs.    So far  the only case in which he has decided  the preferential tariff shallapply, is New'  South Wales. As to other countries there  is reason to ' believe ' that Burmah and  British India and Holland stand an excellent -.���chance of being included in the  advantages of the reciprocal tariff. The  schedule of the Netherlands, roughing  speaking, about five per cent and the  other countries named are also very near  a free trade basis.  Edward Blake Quits the Committee.  London', July 0.���The Hon. Edward  Blake has withdrawn from the committee  investigating the British South Africa  company's administration and the Jamie-  son raid, because of its failure to report  Mr. B. F. Hawkesley, Cecil Rhodes' lawyer, for his rcfuval to produce certain  telegrams, which it is admitted, passed  between London and th*-; Cape immediately before the raid, and which, it is  claimed, would throw important light  upon the forces at work.  Justice Walkem   Unwarrantably Severe In  a  Case of Carelessness.     ��� ���  An unpleasant feature'of the  miiiing  suit before justice Walkem on Wednesday  was,the courts castigation of Jphn Regan,  one of the most favorably known miners  of   the  Slocaii.   Regan's  difficulty   was  brought about by carelessness iu swearing to,.an affidavit .drawn by a lawyer.  The circumstances of the case were these.  On the night upon which the Marlborough  mineral claim ran out Regan was iu the  ollice of the Last Chance, mine, and wishing to have  the   correct   time,, he telephoned to a man iu Sandon to get the C.J  P. R.  time from the railway depot and  telephone same back to him.   The man to  whom he telephoned leftthe instrument  and ina few minutes telephoned a 'time'  to a minute.    Regan supposed, that the-  time had been  taken from the railwtiy  company's office, and upon the strength '  of this belief, he made an affidavit to the '  effect that he had.telephoned  the Canadian   Pacific Racific railway depot and  secured   corrected time.   After the affidavit  was  made it transpired that tlie'  time had been secured ab a jewelry store  and not at the railway depot.  It will readily be seeu that Regan was  guilty of carelessness-in making the affidavit which he did. People should be  very careful to be correct in their affidavits. .For his. carelessness Regan might  fittingly have been lectured by'the court,  but in the opinion of Thr Tri'ijunm;, there  was no occasion for justice Walkern's  talking about perjury and such. On account of the inaccuracies in Regan's affidavit���false statements as justice Walkem  termed them���the whole.of Regan's evidence in tlie case was rejected. Listeners  in the court who did not know Began,  might well take him for a blackleg after  justice Walkem's remarks. It will no  doubt come as a surprise to justice Walkem to know that Jack Regan i�� regarded  asoneof thestraightestmenin West Kootenay, and it is no reflection upon justice  Walkem to say that most of the people of  West Kootenay would take Jack Regan's  word as quickly as they would that of  justice Walkem.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Charles E. Perry, the Cauadian Pacific  Railway Company's engineer,iu charge of  .the construction of the .Slocan river road,  was iu Nelson today, lie says that there'  are between 800 and 000 men on the work  between Slocan City and'Slocan Junction.  The contractors who have the work iu'  hand are familiar with railway construction and will push the workasfastasany set  of men could. Eugineer ' Perry expects  that they will have grading done before  the time fixed in their contracts and that  the road will be in operation in November.  A number of people witnessed the mag-  uiscqpe entertainment in the lire hall last  evening. The magniscope is a new name  for the bioscope, the later name not being  very popular in Nelson since the visit of  the last set of fakirs. Those who saw last  evening's^exhibition express themselves  as well pleased. The show will be repeated in the fire hall this evening.  The Cauadian Pacific company's new  steamer on Slocan lake is doing a heavy  business. The railway company has completed the organization of its offices at  Rosebery, New' Denver, Silverton and  Slocan City, and operators and freight  clerks are now stationed at each point: -  The corporation of the/City of Nelson  advertises this week for'tenders for the  performance of the necessary work in  connection with the proposed Water and  sewerage systems for the city. Tenders  are also called for the supplying of the  necessary material. The advertisements  appear in.this issue. ''  The police' have so far been unable to  locate the burglars who broke into F.  Irvine & Company's store last'week, and  got away with $500 worth of goods. It is  now thought that they got across the  liue with their booty.  More Annoyance for the Peoplo of Nelson.  The citizens of Nelson evidently did nob  escape from the annoyance incidental to  the attentions of the provincial board of  health when they secured incorporation.  The board held a meeting in Victoria on  Tuesday. Among other things the hoard  .-recommended the appointment of Dr. J.  ��� McLean'as health 'officer, for the district  of-Hastings townsite, Dr. Fagan, of Westminster, for the districts east ot Hastings  iii Westminster district, and Dr. 11.  Tomas,' of Vancouver, for Lillooet.  Osoyoos was named as a new health district and the sanitary regulations of 189(5  were declared in force in Grand Forks,  Kaslo, Nelson, Rossland and Vernon.  The Hudson's Bay Company's Earnings.  London, July 0.���A general meeting  of the Hudson's Bay company was held  today, when a report from the governor  and committee of the company was laid  before the shareholders. The report set  out: "The governor and committee beg  to submit to the proprietors the annuaj  accounts, which show a profit of .4.'(>0,0I7  7s. (id., to which is to be added the sum of  ��20,082 4s. 7d., brought forward from last  year, making a total of ;��80,!'09 12s.,.Id.v  antl it is recommended that a dividend of  thirteen shillings per share be paid for  the year ending .'51 st May, 185*7. leaving re  balance to be carried forwurd of ��21.-  ��.��)0 12s. Id."  i-,-:-':-  jguuHiniuflniiMiiisfnRQB  Biimi'iumiBUiBM.i!wiiiiiMffliia  MOTBi��gi��iai��gaMtia��)^    t:/ffl; 0  THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, JULY 10,  1897.  PUBLISHERS' NOTIOH.  THE TRIBUNE is' published on Saturdays, by Thk  Tkibu.ve Publishing Compaxv, and will be mailed  to subscriber.-* on payment of Two Dollaks a year.  Xo subscription taken for less than a year.  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENT'S printed at the following rates: One inch, S3�� a year; two inches,  SCO a year; three inelies S81 a year; four inches,  ?96 a year;1 five inches, S105 a year; six inches and  over, at the rate of $1.50 an inch per month.  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Sojourning  brethron invited.  The Ames Holden Go's special "Columbia,"  "Vancouver," -^Kootenay" should be worn  by everybody who wants a first-class mountain boot.  SATURDAY MORNING JULY 10. .1897  The city council on Wednesday evening  entered a formal protest against the appointment by the provincial government  of Edward Albert Crease as police magistrate, and of William Alexander Macdonald as member of the licensing board and  police commissioner.   It is not to be supposed that the matter will end with the  protest.* The Turner cabinet by its ap-.  pointments has given the municipality a  slap in the face, and usurped the.f unctions  of municipal government.   The people of  Nelson   will   not  forget   this   indignity.  They can be counted upon to back the  council up in any fight which it may see  fit to inaugurate.   The effect of these appointments will be that the citizens of  Nelson will practically have no voice in  the regulation of the liquor business nor  of  the police service  of the city.   The  board of licensing and police commissioners is made up of  three   members,  the  mayor   being  the presiding   officer,   the  police magistrate of the city a second, and  a commissioner appointed by the government a third.   Just what excuse the government has for any interference whatever, it is difficult to imagine, but as the  majority of such commissioners are generally the choice of the people, the complaints against government, interference  have not been strong enough to secure redress.   In every instance in the past when  a municipality,was unanimous in its,choice  for a police magistrate, the government  - has recouizedthe. council, and the magistrate upon appointment, together with  the mayor has formed a majority of the  board.   A departure was made from this  rule in the case of Nelson, and the nominee of the corporation was slighted to  make a place for Edward Albert Crease, a  tVictoria lawyer with a family pull.   The  police magistrate with the other nominee,  will   constitute   the  dominant influence  upon the board.   They will regulate the  liquor business, saying  who shall have  licenses  and who shall not.   They will  regulate the police force, appointing men  and fixing salaries, and the only privilege  which the people and corporation of the  City of Nelson will have will be the paying of salaries fixed by these government  nominees. This latest turn of events illus-  taates rather well what The Tribune has  contended for years���that premier Turner's   cabinet is made up   of   little men,  capable of nothing save little things.   It  is a fortuate thing for British Columbia  that the life of its petty government is  short.    If its appointees in Nelson do not  precede it, they will go with ib in 1898.  that railway time was the standard and  legal time of the province, the contention  was raised by the plaintifis that the defendants had staked a mineral claim 10  minutes before it was legally vacated.' In  this case, however, both parties were proceeding upon the same assumption with  respect to time, but had either of the parties raised the question of observation  time in the absence of a statute to the  contrary, a nice complication would have  arisen. Other provinces in the Dominion  have fixed a uniform time by statute, and  the legislature of British Columbia; to  avoid probable complications, should do  the same!   Dr. S. D. Pope, superintendent of the  department of education, has notified the  Nelson board of school trustees that owing to the failure to elect a trustee in the  place of G. R. Robson, the retiring secretary of the board, it will be necessary to  call another meeting.for that purpose,  giving ten days notice of the same. In  pursuance of these instructions it is likely  that the meeting for the election of the  third trustee will be held on Saturday  next, July 17th. It is very much to be regretted that the ratepayers of the city  evince so little interest in school affairs.  If the school is not conducted to suit their  views, they are not slow to make a kick,  but when the opportunity is offered them  to select a capable man as school trustee,  they allow the election to go by default.  It,is rather inconsistent on the part of  the people of Nelson to complain of the  educational department's neglect of.the  Nelson school, when they themselves do  not take sufficient interest to elect a trustee to fill a vacancy on the board. The  importance of having good men on the  board was manifested last year, when the  board got into a tangle with the department over government allowances for  necessary expenditures. With the growth  of the city more important issues will  arise, aud the people of Nelson owe it to  themselves to see that a capable man is  elected on Saturday next, who will consider the wants of.the school first.  It is about time that the city council  put a stop to the Salvation Army services  on the public streets. Every evening  Baker street is blocked by a crowd listening to the' army's open air service, and  travel is brought to a complete standstill.  The Salvation Army, with its band and  its vocalists, has become a very trying  nuisance, and should be obliged to confine  its operations to the army barracks.  ..The Le Roi Mining Company paid another dividend of. $25,000 on Tuesday.  This brings the total Le Roi dividends up  to $450,000, nearly all of which was divided among residents of Spokane. This  Le. Roi company is the same company  that is making a kick about the proposed  export duty upon ore. Its greed is so  great that it begrudges Canada the advantage of having Canadian ores treated  in Canada.  IT IS IMPORTANT  vvm  All persons wishing to visit the Goat  River, Duck Creek, Summit Creek, Fort  . Sheppard, Priest Lake, or Fort Steele  Mining Districts' should know that by  taking the Steamer Alberta or Ainsworth  for  Ockonook,    Idaho,   and    purchasing  ��� their supplies of the old reliable Ockonook General Store, they will get their  goods at Spokane retail prices and be  from 20 to 50 miles nearer the above  named districts than at any other supply  point on  the   Kootenai   River.  J. I. BARNES Manager  0CK0N00K CENERAL STORE  The business centre for the rich  mines on Springer Creek and  Slocan Lake. This is one of  the richest districts in British  Columbia.  Lots $100  to  $500 each  FJftNK FLETCHEH, Trustee.  awmill  Limited  Kiln-dried and other Lumber  can now be , obtained at the  yard; also Sashes, Doors, Veranda and Newel Posts, Base  and Corner Blocks, Brackets,  Balusters, Mouldings, Etc.,  Etc.,  at lowest prices.  McFoft &" McClelland  BLA,CKSMITHING AND  EXPERJ HORSESHOEING  Wagon  Repairing  Promptly Attended to  by a First-Class Wheelwright  Special attention given to all Kinds of repairing  and custom worl^ from outside points  THI3 remarks of justice Walkem in! the  mining  suit  on   Wednesday,  upon  'the-'  question   of   standard time,   make very  plain the necessity for the fixing of time  within the province by statute. For years  it has been the custom to regard the Canadian   Pacific   Railway   company's time  for the Pacific division as the standard  time  in this province.   The legislature,  however, has never made it so by statute,  and for this reason there is no time save  observation   time which   can legally  be  recognized by the courts.    In the mining  districts, where the title to valuable mining property may altogether depend upon  a few minutes' time, the gravity of this  omission  to fix time by statute may be  readily.recognized.   In the different portions of the   province observation time  may  vary   25   minutes one way or the  other from  the Pacific time arbitrarily  fixed by the railway company. The effect  of this can be appreciated  in just such a  case as that before justice Walkem on  Wednesday, when, upon the assumption  The attempt of P. Aug. Heinze's friends  in Victoria, to work up an indignation  meeting in the railway speculators interest, turned out to be something of a frost.  How premier Turner and  his   political  friends had  the hardihood to champion  Heinze's cause is difficult to understand.  When premier Turner introduced Heinze  to the people of this province, in connection with the Columbia & Western railway, he laid special emphasis upon the  circumstance that Heinze differed from all  other railway promoters in that he was  not seeking government assistance of any  kind,    but    merely    wished  a   skeleton  charter with power to build his railway.  When this was secured premier Turner  forced the Columbia Ac Western laud subsidy bill through the house, giving Heinze  20,000 acres of land for each mile of railway, and later gave him the option of  taking $4000 per mile for 100 miles of the  road, instead of the land subsidy.   After  this it transpired that the man who was  goinc fr> iv-nd a railway without any gov-  ernimiii. ,������  -i-tance whatever, was not iu  a position to build the road after receiving such material assistance.   After the  discreditable part which he and his colleagues played in connection with granting provincial assistance to this railway  one   would think   that   premier Turner  "Would be slow to condemn anyone..   Had  Heinze received no aid whatever, he would  have been just where premier Turner said  he wished to be, when he first commenced  to build railways with his jaw.  From the tone of the comments in the  provincial press it is evident that Hon. D.  W. Higgins has got from the frying pan  into the fire. The government party consider themselves well rid of him, and the  opposition press thiuk his conversion  came too late. The only thing left for  Mr. Higgins is to form a third party with  Dr. Walken���that is if the Nanaimo doctor don't object.  MUSIC LESSONS  SHOP:    Cor. Baker an,d Hall Sts. flelson.  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Buy and soil Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  GRANT COMMEIICIAL AND THAVELLEIIS' CREDITS,  available in any part of the world.  DUAKT8 ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MADE; ETC.  the Crow's Nest Pass railway, was in Toronto on Saturday on his way to Fort McLeod, his headquarters for the present.  Mr, Haney said tenders for the first 300  miles of the Crow's Nest Pass road will be  received at McLeod on the 12th and 15th  of July. The work generally will be divided and let in sections of five miles, but  in cases of heavy work, the sections, will  be sub-divided so that grading may be  pushed forward rapidly, and work given  to the numerous contractors and men  seeking employment in thiscountry. The  time for finishing the grading of the first  100 miles will be from 30 to 75 days according to the relative distance from Leth-  bridge to McLeod. Bridging and track-  laying vvill follow close on thegradincr. It  is the intention of the company to have  tlie work under contract within the next  three or four months, with a view of giving railway facilities to the mineral region  at the earliest practicable date."  HEINZE'S   PHILANTHROPY.  Or  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  KATE OF INTKREST (at present) 3 Per Cont.  THE    COUNCIL   PROTESTS  Against the Appointment'of Crease as Magistrate and Macdonald as Commissioner.  Aldermen Dow and Fletcher��were the  only absentees   at  the  twelfth   regular  meeting of the city council, which was  held iu the Fire hall Wednesday evening.  The first business that came before the  council was introduced by a couple of telegrams from the provincial secretary notifying the  council  that   Edward Albert  Crease   had   been appointed magistrate,  and that William Alexander Macdonald  had beeu  appointed   a   member   of   the  licensing board and police commissioner.  When the telegrams were read mayor  Houston expressed himself strongly upon  the injustice shown by the government in  taking the control of the liquor business  and police affairs out of the hands of the  municipality.   He expressed  his conviction that the appointments were intended  1 as a direct slap in the face for the municipal government of Nelson and would be  resented by the people as a whole.  Alderman Malone moved, seconded by  alderman Gilker, "That the council pro-  , tests against the appointment of Edward  Albert Crease to the office of police magistrate, and of William Alexander Macdonald to the office of member of the police  board and member of the license board,  and that this protest be drafted, signed  and sent to premier Turner." This was  carried unanimously.  On motion of alderman Gilker, sec-,  onded by alderman Hillyer, it was resolved that the mayor accept time checks'  issued by Thomas Holliday, contractor for  the city work, up to the amount of $100,  as per estimate of the city engineer.  Carried.  The following accounts were ordered  paid: John A. Turner & Co., $110.01;  British Columbia Gazette, $03.25;,Tribune  Publishing Company, $139.80; Thomas W.  Gray, $831.25; Charles E. Sealey, salary,  $75; John Hamilton, $12.50; Seneca G.  Ketchum, $58.05; G. S. Robinson, $21.35;  Charles B. Wolvertou, $10; Joseph Tall-  mire, $3; James Harvey, $5 ; Lewis Johnson. $5; F. Rowe, $5.05; Allan Rhodes,  $2.50; Bruso Fern. $10.00; John Cowan,  $0 ; N. Anderberg, $10.00; E. Burns, $91.80.  On motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Malone, it was resolved that the mayor call for tenders for  the right to take rock from Josephine  street bluff for the month of July, for the  month of August and for. the month of  September, separate tenders for each  mouth. The tender to be aecompauied  by a certified check for amount of tender.  The mayor to have authority to grant  permit to the highest bidder. This resolution was carried, as it was considered  necessary in view of the quarrels among  the different contractors over the stone  from the bluff.  The three sets of plans for a water and  sewerage system for the city received  considerable attention, but none of them  were such as the council considered could  be adopted in their entirety. On motion  of alderman Hillyer, seconded by alderman Malone, it was "Resol ved, that as none  of the plans proposed were such as to be  followed in their entirety, therefore, that  each competitor be paid the sum of $200  for the plans submitted, the city reserving the right to follow the part of each  plan most suitable for the city." This  was carried, and it remains to be seen  whether the competitors will accept the  city's ofter or not.  On motion of aldermau Gilker, seconded by alderman Malone, it was resolved that the mayor be authorized to  call for tenders lor water and sewer pipe  and other materials for water and sewerage systems, f.o.d. Nelson. Tenders to be  in not later than August 1, 1S97. Carried.  On motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Hillyer, it was resolved that the mayor be authorized to  call for separate tenders for building  flumes, reservoirs, digging trenches and  hack-filling for water and sewer systems.  Tenders to be in not later than the 20th  instant.    Carried.  The fire limit by-law was reconsidered  and finally adopted.  On motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Malone, the mayor  was authorized to instruct the police to  keep the sidewalks clear of chairs.  On motion of alderman Hillyer, seconded by alderman Teetzel, ' it was  resolved that a 12-foot sidewalk be laid on  the north side nf Baker street, between  Josephine and Ward streets, to the grade  established by the city.  What His Good Will Would Have Cost  the "Dominion'*! Exchequer.  When the. people of British Columbia  understand the inner workings of the  Columbia & Western Railway deal, they  will not be so very sorry that the promoters of the scheme failed to secure aid  from the federal government. If one-half  of what the Toronto Telegram says concerning the deal be true, the province  will have no difficulty in securing anyone  to take Heinze's place in the r deal. ���..The  Telegram says:  "The   Heinze railway   scheme,  which  failed to pass the committee in the house  the other day, seems to have been one of  rather   gigantic   proportions.    The   Dominion subsidy for 200 miles was $10,000  per mile, which equals about two millions .-  of   dollars.   The   provincial government  subsidy for the first 100 miles was $-1000  per mile, equal to $-100,000.   A large acreage of land was to be given as a bonus for  the other hundred miles.    It appears that  after the road.was finished it was to be  taken over by the C. P. R., and that the  'implied understanding'spoken of in the  committee really meant that the C. P. R.  was'to give $22,000 per mile in cash for  the road after ic was completed, or as an  alternative, the builders of the road were  willing  to  take  the  C. P. R.'s guarantee  for their bonds, and sell out for $15,000 in  cash per mile for 200 miles.   This would  be   three   million  dollars,  and  with  the  $2,000,000 from   the   Dominion, and   the  provincial subsidy of $-100,000, would make  a total of $5,';I00,000.   It is stated that the  rake-off in the  transaction  would have  been betw.eeu two and a half and three  millions,   but   putting    the   amount  at  $1,500,000, it would be quite a neat sum to  divide among the promoters.   It is understood that two of the principals wanted  OS per cent of the rake-off, but that another principal interested would notagree  to this proportion."  is a practical plumber himself or not, will not permit or  allow any such work to bo done by himself or in connection with the business except by such' registered  plumbers, and that he will not violate any of tlio terms,  and conditions,' rules and regulations contained in this  by-law, or in any other by-law which shall come into force  from time to time in the City of Nelson respecting  plumbing, drainage, sanitary, matters' and 'water works  within tlie said city.    , ���'/���<���"/������'-���:        ���' --';'���  8. Every person desiring such license shall file witli  the city collectora petition in writing of the samel giving  name of the applicant, and, in case of a partnership, the  name of each member thereof, together with the place  of business, and asking to become a licensed master  plumber, and said petition shall bo accompanied by tho"  bond and fee hereinbefore mentioned.    ,      , '..,'���-; ;....  il. Any change of llrm or location of the business shall  be promptlyi reported: to the city collector, and the  license shall be kept in a conspicuous place at the  location of the business.      ,    ,7 -i .,.''-,.' ',���'���;," V.'.  10. When any member of a partnership or company  is licensed individually for tho partnership or company,*  the license may be issued in the name of the flrin.'CO-  partnership or company, the said license setting out tho  names of the members of the llrm, 'co-partnership or  directors of the company, and the date the license was  granted, nnd no liconsoso granted shall bo transferable  except with the permission of tho municipal council.  11. All licensed maslor plumbers shall be heldror,  sponsible for all acts of thoir employees in connection ;  with their business for which, such bonded license is  issued.-       - -77, ���.. ���"'���'  12.'  Every such bond and license shall be for the year,  current at the time of the granting thereof, and shall  expire on the 15th day of July next succeeding the date  of issue. ..." ������ .'.'"���',.���'''. -.,  13. Upon satisfactory evidence furnished to the  collector that any master-plumber has been twice com  victcd by the police magistrate, or';.' two j ustiecs of the  peace having jurisdiction within the lirriitsof the City of  Nelson, of any violation of the provisions Of this by-law,  KOOTENAY LUMBER GO.  A Complete stock of building lumber of all kinds will  now be kept at Nelson.  Charles St. Barbe, Agent.  A New Typewriter���Made by a Canadian Firrrj.  We have had the pleasure of looking over the New  Kinpire Typewriter, a Canadian made machine, and find  it a marvel of simplicity through which the makers claim  durability. The types strike direct, moving only two  inches on a steol bed, giving speed and great manifolding  power. Each type at time of writing is locked, ensuring  perfect alignment. The writing is visible doing away  with the lifting of a heavy carriage; the touch is easy,  the response quick and the type do not appear to Jock,  Ruling vertical and horizontal may be done on it and the  pricc'is less than half that of other standard machines.  So confident are tho makers of the success of their machine they will refund the money of any unsatisfied purchaser after a ten days' trial. The Thomson Stationery  Company of Vancouver and Nelson are to be congratu- >  lated on securing the general agency for B. C. The machines seem to us to be at the top in merit and bottom in  price.  CORPORATION OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  b-st-l.^'w zrsro. 14.  The Crow's Nest Road.  The Canadian Pacific Railway Company  o��> Monday gave out the following statement from Toronto concerning the construction of the Crow's Nest Pass railway:  "M. J. Haney, manager of construction of  Whereas it is desirable and necessary to license and  regulate plumbers in the City of Nelson, and to  provide for tho appointment of a plumbing inspector,  and to provide for the ell'ective plumbing, sewerage  and draining of buildings.  Therefore bo it enacted by the municipal council of the  ., Corporation of the City of Nelson as follows :  ^ The 'municipal council shall, from time to timef-as  occasion may require, appoint such inspector or  inspectors of plumbing, hereinafter called plumbing  inspectors, as may be found necessary; but no person  shall be eligible for such appointment who shall not have  passed a sal isfactory examination for proficiency in both  practice and theory of plumbing and drainage before the  board of examiners as hereinafter provided.  2. Such inspector or inspectors shall bo under the  supervision of the 'mayor, and shall bo paid such salary  as the municipal council may determine.  X A board.of plumbing examiners is hereby constituted, to consist of the city engineer for the time being,  who shall bo chairman of the board, one practising  physician, and one practical journeyman plumber, both  of whom shall be appointed by the municipal council;  and the board shall bo called together at such times as  the chairman shall find necessary.  I. In case any dispute arises under this by-law, as to  whether any person orpersons employed by any master  plumber is a regularly educated, practical and  experienced plumber, as in this by-law is provided, the  plumbing inspector may notify the said workman to  appear and be examined before such board of examiners,  whoso decision as to the competency of such man shall  be final and conclusive.  5. The said board of examiners shall examine and  may grant certificates of competency to any plumber  who may apply for that purpose, and such certificate  shall be recorded in the ofllce of the city clerk, the  person rcce*-**r*o, the same paying a fee of one dollar  therefor, and such plumber shall be a registered plumber  of the city. '  (5. Upon and immediately after the passage of this  by-law, and in every ensuing year on or before the first  day of July, any person desiring to carry on business or  trade as a master plumber within the City of Nelson,  shall take out a license, for which he shall pay at the  time of the issuing thereof the sum of twenty-llvcdollars,  except as hereinbefore provided, and any person may  take out a license under the provisions of this by-law on  behalf of a partnership, linn, or company of which he  may be a member.  7. No person shall receive a license unless he is of the  full age of twenty-one years, and has a place within the  City of Nelson, and furnishes a bond binding himself to  the amount of ?.-i00.()0, with at least two sureties in the  sum of $250.00 each, to the satisfaction of the municipal  council, or Ii bond to the same amount from a guarantee  company, and that he will employ only registered  plumbers who have received and hold a certificate of  competency from the board of examiners to do all such  plumbing,work a.s ho mayengagc to do. and whether he  or any of tho by-laws respecting plumbing,, drainage,  sanitary mattors or water works,: his 'license shall bo,'  ipse facto, forfoited and returned to the collector.  14. Any master plumber whose bonds and license may  become forfeited shall not again be entitled to a license  until the said declaration of forfeiture shall be revoksd  by the municipal council, and if such master plumber is.  carrying on his business in copartnership, or as a  member ofa company, the copartnership ior.-company  shall not carry on the business of plumbing from tho  dafeof such cancellation. ���-.;.':.  15. Before proceeding to'construct, re-construct, alter  or change any part of the plumbing, drainage or  ventilation of an hotel, tenement, warehouse, wash  house, or other building, the owner, his agent or tho  master plumber constructing the same, shnlr file in the  ollice of the city clerk an application .for a permit  therefor, and such application shall be accompanied  with a specification or abstract thereof, in- a blank form  prescribed and supplied ,for that purpose by-'the city  clerk, stating the nature and work to bo done, and  giving lhe size, kinds and weights of all pipes, traps and  fittings, together with a (description of all 'closets'and'',  other fixtures, and a plan with the street and street"  number, marked thereon, and showing the drainage  system complete. Plans must be legibly drawn in ink on  a scale of eight feet to an inch.  1G. A permit shall be granted or refused within two  days from the time of filing of the application, and the  permit of the plumbing inspector (if granted) shall be  valid for six months from the dale of issue.    ,  17. If tho plumbing inspector shall find that the said  plans and specifications do not conform with the rules  and requirements laid down in respect to plumbing and  drainage in the by-laws of the City of Nelson, he shall  not issue any permit for such plumbing-and drainage,'  aud itshallbe unlawful to proceed therewith.  ,18. After ,a plan or specification has once been  approved no alteration or deviation from the same will  be allowed except with the written consent of the  plumbing inspector.  19.' From and after the passing of this by-law every  owner, or agent of: an owner, of any building doing or  causing to be done any plumbing in ,sueh building shall,  on the same being passed by the plumbing inspector, bo  granted a certificate that said plumbing has been dono  in accordance, with the city by-laws, and on being  requested to do so shall deliver such certificate to any  porson proposing to purchase or occupy such building.  20. No part of* any plumbing or drainage work shall  be concealed or covered up in anyway until it has been  examined and approved by the plumbing inspector, to  whom notice must be sent when the work is sulliciontly  advanced to be inspected, unless in the case of drainage  below tlie surface of the ground, which the inspector  has failed to inspect within the five working hours  ensuing after being notified, then the ground may bo-  filled in,' inease of an emergency affecting the public  safety./  ".'..'���.:. . ,    c ,  21. All material must be of good quality and free from*  dcfoels, and the,work must be executed in a thorough'  and workmanlike man nor.'  22. The 'arrangement of soil and waste pipe must be as;  direct as possible. ,   \  ���J'!. The soil, waste and ventilating pipes and traps;  must, where practicable, be exposed to view for ready'  inspection at all times and for convenience in repairing.'  When ...necessarily' placed within partition's,-��� -or in  recesses of walls, soil, waste und ventilating' pipes must  be covered with woodwork so fastened as to be readily  removed. In no case shall they be so placed as to be  absolutely inaccessible, unless under written permission from the plumbing inspector, r  21. When the ground is made or unsound the house  sower shall be of medium or extra heavy cast iron or  brass pipe, with joints properly caulked with lead. 7  25. In sound ground, provided it is outside of the  building, hard salt, glazed, vitrified pipe may be used;  each length shall be wetted before being laid and tho  space completely filled with cement mortar, made in the  proportion of two of good, clean sharp sand and one of  the best Portland cement, except in wet ground, when a  gascct shall be placed around the spigot and forced  down to the bottom of the socket and finished in mortar  cement, as described above. Each pipe must be cleaned  out with a mop after being laid. The 'different lengths  must be laid in perfect line of tlie bottom and sides. All  connections must be through "V" junctions.  20. Any soil pipe passing through a building, or  .beneath the floor of a cellar or. basement, shall be of cast  iron or brass as in section 21 hereof, and shall extend to  at least five feet outside the building and no wall shall  be built leaning solidly upon the same.  27.i Where it is found impracticable to carry the main  ventilating pipe above the surrounding openings or  adjoining buildings;within the prescribed distance of  forty feet, as in section 32, permission may be granted by,  the plumbing inspector to insert a running trap between  the house and the sewer in a position to be approved by  the plumbing inspector, such running trap to have a  cleaning cap made gas and air. tight, brought up to the  surface of the ground, and taken off the outer or inner  side of such running trap, A. fresh air inlet shall be  brought up to the surface of the ground from the inlet or  house side of such running trap, and be provided with a  cast iron grating set in Portland cement, and be kept-  free from dirt and deposit. In all cases where such intercepting trap is used, the main ventilating pipe must  open at least ten feet from any opening or window.  2S. No exhaust from steam engines, or blow off from  steam boilers, or overflow from water, moters, shall be  connected with oithcr private or public sewers.  29. Kvery vertical soil pipe shall be of cast iron or  brass, and shall extend a sufficient height above window,  roof or coping, or light shaft, to tho satisfaction of the  plumbing inspector.. .  30. No rain water, down pipe, or chimney fine shall  be used as a vontilator for any sewer, trap, soil or waste  pipe, or as any soil or waste pipe. ,      .   ���  31. Kadi building shall be provided with a main  ventilating pipe of cast iron or. wrought iron pipe,  galvanized, of not less diameter than four inches, which  shall be carried at least two feet above the highest  window, opening or light shaft, and to the satisfaction of  the plumbing inspector.  32. Soil or main ventilating pipes in an extension  must bo carried to and above tlie roof of the main  building, when otherwise they would open within forty  foet of any openings of the main or adjoining houses,  unless as provided in section 27. >  3.1. No soil pipe shall be less than four inches in  diameter. A waster pipe receiving the discharge of live  or more sinks shall not be less than three inches in  diameter and shall have two inch branches.  31. When lead pipe is used to connect fixtures with  vertical soil or waste pipes, or to connect traps with  main ventilators, it shall not be lighter than :  I inch in diameter,  G  pounds per yard.  II inch in diameter, 5.*| pound'* per yard.  1A inch in diameter, C pounds per yard.  2" inch in diameter, 8 pounds per yard.  i inch in diameter, 15 pounds per yard.  2J inch in diameter, 13} pounds per yard.  3* inch in diameter, llii pounds per yard.  1  inch in diameter, .21   pounds per yard.  Trap vent pipes shall be of brass, lead, cast or galvanized  wrought iron. All traps and fillings shall be "equal in  quality and thieknes to the pip.s to which they arc  attached.  35. All cast iron pipes must be of the best clean grey  metal, free from sand cracks, honey comb, poms places,  air holes or other defects, and of the grade known as  medium used below all fixtures, and for ventilating  pipes the grade known as "Standard" of the heaviest  qualify. In buildings over three stories in height the  three iower stories must be fitted with the grade known  as extra heavy.   The following will be accepted :  Standards.: 2   in. 3  in. 1   in.   5 in.  0 in.  Below fixtures (pounds). 1   in. lil in. 9  in. 17 in. 20 in.  Above fixtureslpoundsj.l   in. 5  in. GJ in.  Extra heavy (pounds).. .5-1 in. 9} in. 13 in. 17 in. 20 in.  All fittings  used in connection   wilh such  pipes  shall  correspond in weight and quality.    All such pipes to be  coated inside and out with tar and asphaltuni.  30. Before being accepted all plumbing work shall .bo  tested bv water or other test approved by and made in  the presence of the plumbing inspector. All defective  material shall be removed and replaced, and bad workmanship made good.     ,  37. All joints in iron or brass sewer pipe, soil pipe,  waste pipe and ventilators shall be made with a gasket  ofoakmn, and lead hand caulked, and bo perfectly gas  tight. ]f . ,  38. All connections of lead with iron .or brass pipe  shall bo made with a brass ferrule of the same diameter  of the lead pipe put in hub nf the iron pipe and caulked  with lead. The ferrule shall be connected with the lead  pipe with a wiped joint. Vent and flush pipes of water  closets shall be connected with brass couplings or strong  rubber connections under tho discretion of tho plumbing  inspector.  39. All connections of lead, waste and vent pipes shall  he made with wiped joints.  10. All walercloscts urinals, sinks, basins, wash trays,  baths and all tubs or sets of tubs, and hydrant waste  pipes shall be separated and effectually trapped, except  when a sink and wash tubs immediately adjoin each  other, in whicli case the waste pipe: from the tubs may  bo connected with the inlet side of the sink trap. Urinal  platforms, if connected with the' sewers, must also be  properly trapped,- -.; vented and automatically flushed:  with water from asupply tank. ,   . *  ���-.,���.'���'.;-.,..  ���11. Traps shall be placed as near: the fixtures: as  practicable, and iu no case shall a trap bo more than two  feet from tho fixture. All traps must nave a cleaning out  screw on iho underside       :   ,   ".  42. .A 1 waste, pipes from fix turos other than water  closets shall he provided at the outlet,with strong metal  strainers, and all sinks and wash tubs shall be provided  with -approved grease traps. .,':���-,  43. The waste pipes from no other fixtures shall be  connected with a water closet trap.j.  11'. All trapsslinll be protected from' syphonngc by a  ventilating pipe leading from the highest and outer,  .portion of tho trap, either separating or joining the  niain venlllatinif pipe, above tho highest fixture, except  ;in such. |iartleul|ii* eases, that in tho discretion of the  plumbing inspector tho vent pipe'may boidisponsed with  upon proof of nou-syphonngc.    ��� , S  .15; Kor traps in water closets the branch ventilating  pipo shall not ho less thau two inches in diameter, ana  not less than throe Inches for buildings of three stories or  nioro in height. .Whore a bath or basin, or both, aro in  tho same room with a' water closet, the vents for sumo  may join the closet vent above the fixture. In no case  shall moro than two water closets communicate with tho  same ventilating: pipe unless it is over two .incliesin  diameter.. ...      ' ':'...' '���;������  4li, Overflow pipes must discharge into tho open nit*;  whero possible, with a Map 011 the end to keep out  draught, otherwise they must in every case ho connected  with the waste pipe on the inlet side of tho trap.  47.��� ���-Jfivory. safo under a wash basin, bath, urinal, wafer  X^\<  .  0  o  closot or other fixtures, shall be drained by a special pipe'  unconnected with a sower, waste or soil pipo, discharging  into tho'open nlr. Tho outlets of such pipes aro to bo  provided witli (lap valves.  ,:IS.   -No-'drain pipes from refrigerators shall bediroelly'  connected with any soil pipe, witsteror sower.  49.   Water closetsshall not be placed in an 1111 ventilated  room or compartment.   In every case there shall be an  opening to the outer air.    All water closets shallbe  supplied with water from special tanks, und  (he water  -from', these'shall not be used for any other purpose.   Xo  water closets shall be directly supplied from  tho walor  mains or service pipes.   Water closet cisterns shallbe  fitted with ball tops, etc., lo prevent waste.  '���'��� 50.   Where tho trap of the closet is above the floor, the  -connection with tho soil pipe sliall  be made withbrabs.  'rubber or approved door flanges.  51. Overflow or discharge pipes from tanks for  drinking water shall never be connected with any soil,  vent, waste pipe orsewer. r,  ' 52.,, No closet or any other convenience whicli allows  the escape into the house of air or gas which lias boon  confined in any part of it, or from tlie drain or soil pipe,  or which allows the accumulation of filth in or about it,  shall be fitted up or used.  53. No person other than a licensed plumber or pipe  layer, acting under tlio supervision of the inspector,  shall be permitted to make any connection with a public  sewer. ,  51. All openings for private sewers must be so mnde  as to cause as little inconvenience as possible to tlu  public ; on completion tho surface to be left in a.s good  order as it was before the opening was made, and nil  materials, loose earth and rubbish to be removed within  twenty-four hours ; nil such openings to be fenced by dny  and lighted by. night in such a manner as may be  approved by the inspector.  55. No house sewer pipofo have a less fall that one in  forty, unless special permission, iu writing, is granted  by the inspector.  .iii. No private sewer in actual use shallbe disturbed  unless under the special direction of the plumbing  inspector.  57. All water pipes must be protected from injury or  settling.  58. The plumbing inspector shall have power to enter  upon any premises and examine the plumbing, ventilation and drains, and should fhe same, in his opinion, be in  an uusnnifary condition, may notify the owner or his  agents Lo havethesamc put in a sanitary condition, and  any person neglecting to do so forthwith, to the satisfaction of the plumbing inspector, shall be liable to the  penalties of this by-law.  59. The plumbing inspector is also authorized to  receive and place on file drawings and descriptions of  tlie plumbing and drainage executed in the City of  Xelson prior lo the passage of this by-law, and examine  and give a certilicate if in accordance with the provisions of this by-law.  (it). Any person guilty of any infraction of any of tho  provisions of this b.v-law shall bo liable, upon  .conviction before the. police magistrate or any two  justices of the peace liavingjurisdiction within the limits  of; the' City of Nelson, to be lined- in any sum not  exceeding one hundred-dollars, inclusive of costs, and in  ease of the non-payment of the line and costs the same  may be levied by distress and sale of the -offender's goods  and chattels, and in case of-the non-payment of the line,  and-tbero being 110,distress-found out of which the sum  cum bo levied,.such offender s! a'l be liable to be ini-  'prisoncd for any period not exceeding two monlhs.  (il. This by-law may be cited for all purposes as the  '��� Plumbing By-law,-No. 14, 1S97."  council, to that effect, pull down or remove tho same,  nnd if such person fail so to do for tho space of twenty-  four hours after receiving such notice as aforesaid, tho  .mayor, or other ollicer duly appointed by the municipal  council, may have Uic same pulled down, or removed,  and  the  expense  thereof may  be collected from the  owner, occupant, person ..in- charge, or builder of such  building.-; ,... ... ..:        -. '. J-,'. .       ,..'���./. ..':.:.  lp.-.Kvery person keeping or occupying ashop or other  building, or contractors during 'construction of building,  wherein shavings or other combustible materials are  accumulated or may be contained,ishall forfeit, the sum  of two dollars for 'every neglect to clear or.remove (he  same out of: such, buildings, alid the yard's belonging  thereto, at least three times in each -week, provided  .: such buildings arc situated "within two. hundred feet of  any other building; and iio stove shall be used in any  such shop or building unless the sameshall bo set in a  box surrounded with fire-proof materials,".with the pipe  carefully set up according to the provisions of the citv  by-laws; and no lighted candles shall be used inahysuch  shop or building except they be placed ;in a "candlestick  made of a material not liable to take fire, under a penalty of two dollars for each offence. ;  ���'",.11. No. porson'.removing, shavings or chips, or other  combustible materials,, shall scatter or strew thorn in  any street, or shall at uny time'direct, permit or stiller'  any chips, shavings,..-or other combustible materials to  be taken, thrown or scattered in any street or alley.    -  12. -All iron .chimneys conveying smoke from any  steam boiler shall not be ofa less height than fifty, feet,  and not less than twenty-five feet above the roof, and  1 shall have a proper spark arrester kept in good order on  the top.'--'���--���.���  ���-. ':--;-.:,'��� -,_,:.:.-;���;.-���:-.. \; ..v.-;.-,,   ������������ .   - .  13. All buildings within the city having hatches.holst  ways, cellar openings, or other openings leading from  floor.to floor (except properly protected skylights) of  whatever name or description, i-hal! be provided with  good.substantial'shutters or doors for'all such hatchways, hoistways, cellar doors, or other openings, und the  said shutters or doors sliall be kept closed, except when  in actual use.  II.. Any person guilty of an infraction'of any of the  provisions of this bylaw shall, on conviction before the  police magistrate or anv two justices of the peace having jurisdiction within the limits of the City of Nelson,  forfeit and'pay a penalty, in tho discretion of the police  magistrate or justices convicting, not exceeding one  hundred dollars and costs for each offence, and in default of payment thereof it shall be lawful for the police  magistrate or justices of the peace con victing as aforesaid, to issue a warrant under his hand and seal, to levy  the said penalty and costs, or penalty or costs onlv, bv  distressand sale of the oll'cndor's or.offenders'goods unci  chattels, and should there ho no sullicient distress to  satisfy the said penalty and costs, or ponaltv or costs  only, it shall und mav be lawful for the said police magistrate, or justices of tho peace, convicting, lo commit  the offender or offenders to any lockup house iu the said  city, or in the nearest common gaol, for, any period not  exceeding two months.  15. This by-law may be cited for all purposes as the  "Fire Limits Hy-law, No. 11. 181)7."  Read first time June 21st, 1897.  Head second time June 21st, 1897.  Head third time June 28th, 1897.  Reconsidered and finally adopted July 7th, 1897.  [SEAL.) JOHN HOUSTON, Mayor.  Chas. K. Skai.ey, Cily Clerk.  The above is a true copy of a by-law passed on the 7th  dav of July, 1S97, by lhe municipal council of the City of  Nelson, and all persons are hereby required to take  notice that anyone desirous of applying to have said bylaw or any part thereof, quashed, must make hi<application for that purpose to the supreme court of Hritish Columbia within one month next after the publication of  this by-law in the JBritish Columbia Gazette, or he will  be too late to be heiird in that behalf.  CIIAULKS K. SKALEV. City Clerk.  Certificate  of the  Registration  of a Foreign  Company.  'Co.mi-a.viks Act," Paut IV., a.vij Ami-.viji.vo  Acts.  'KOO'IX.VAV-TACO.MA   I.  (J.   MININC  (FOKKION.)  COMl'A.VV,   LIMITED,'  1897  1 Registered the 22nd day of Kebruary,  T HKHKHVCKUTIPV that I have this day registered  f- lhc "Kootenay-Taeoiiia I,. C. Mining Compaiiv, Limited. (I'oreigu), under the "Companies Act, Part IV.,"'  ���'Registration of Foreign Companies, and Amending  Acts.     ... . y.     - '������ >  The head Qlllco of ihesaid Comodnv is situated at the  City of 'I acoimi, ip the State of Washington, U. S. A.  The objects for which the company is cslablithed are:  Io do and conduct a general mining btihinoss in tlio '  United .Slates of Ameriea.and in the Province of Urilish  Columbia, Canada;  with .limited liability to the stock-  holdcrs, as 'provide*' for by the laws governing such in  1.10 Province of Hritish Columbia,' Canada; in utldil'011  hereto, to puivhiise, hold, lease, sell, mortgage, convev.'  bond, and  otherwise dispose of any and all  kinds uf>  mines, mineral l-uidx, and mineral claims; to use, equip,  and operate lliesamo. either separately or hi conjunction   ���  with any other mines,or .mineral claims, or with env  othi.-i- cnterprlso authorized by these articles of incorporation, either Iii the United .States: of America or iu the  Province of Itiftlsh Columbia. Canada; to construct, acquire, hold. lease, convoy   and/dispose of. maintain and  operate railway*.'motor.line*, wagon roads, and tram-  wiiys, and build furnnccH and reducilon works; to reduce,  siiii-H. and refine, any and all kinds of ore; to use, equip,  and operate the mimic, oithcr scparateh* or in conjunction  with any oLlier railways, motor lines, wagon roads, tramways, furnaces, and reduction, works in tiicUniled States  of America, or in tho Province of Hritish Columbia, Canada; to acquire and operate water rights, ditches, tlumes,  and other conduits and apparatus .necessary for the ap-  pnmriution, uscyttiid disposition of water'in operating  mills and mines,'running and operating electrical ma-  i-hliiery in tho United StatesofAnierlcraiid (lie Province  of Hritish Columbia, Canada: to purchase, acquire, hold,  erect, and operate electric light and power plant* for the  purpose of. mining and-.treating ores, and for the purpose  ,of furnishing light and creating power for all purposes  connected with such mining business in the United Suites  of America and Province :of Hritish -Columbia. Canada;  lo use. equip, and operate Ihesaid railwavs, motor lines,  and  other (appliances   with  steam, electrical, or other  motive power; to survey and' plat into- town lots and  blocks any or all real estate that this Corporation may  'acquire; to sell, lease, and mortgage real and personal  properly; or otherwise dispose of, incumber, nil and sing-   ���  ulur tnesame, in connection-with said inining business  in the United Stales of America and  the Province of  Hritish Columbia, Canada; to do and conduct a general  mercantile business, and such other transactions ;is the  business of the Corporation may require.  Th*; capital stock of the said Company is 81,000,000, divided into l.OOO.OOO shares, of the par value of $1 each.  Given under my hand and seal of ollice, nt Victoria,. -  Province of Hritish Columbia, this 22nd dav of Kebriiary  1897  S. V. WOOTTOX,  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  Notice   of  Application   lor   Certificate   of  Improvements.  COLDF.N KAOI.K MINKItAL CLAIM, SITUATK IN TIIK NELSON  .MININC DIVISION Ol." WKST KOOTKNAV DISTRICT, AND  LOCATKD NKAU 'I'lIK  IIKAD OK SAXIIV CI1KKIC.  Take notice that 1. A. S. Farwell, agenl. for Alfred C.  I'lumcrfcll. free miner's cerlilieale No. S8,9''9, intend  sixty days from the date hr-reof, to apply to the mining  recorder for a certificate of improvements, for lhe purpose of obtaining lurawii grant of the above claim. And  further take notice that action, under section .*((, must be  commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements. A. S. FARWKLL.  Hated this 2nd day of Julv, 1897. [July 10th]  SALE OF MINERAL CLAIMS BY TENDER  Soaiod tenders marked on the envelope '"fender for  mineral claims." will be received by the undersigned until! noon on Saturday, the 2.1111 day of July, for fhe purchase of,the interests of the late George John-son in the  following mineral claims, Situate in the Nelson mining  division of the district of West Ivootenay:   >  Item 1, "Red Cap. Thuriiby"and "Keystone*'mineral  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  OIMKNTAL MINKKAL CLAIM, SITUATK IN TIIK NELSON  MINING DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAY DISTItlCT. AND  LOCATEB ON TIIK LKKT UANICOK KOOTKNAY ItlVKIt,  OIM'OSITK TIIK  MOUTH  OK SLOCAN HIVEIt.  Take notice that J, N. F. Townsend, agent for Robert  J. Hc.-tley, free miner's certilicate No. 7*),5.'i8, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further take notice that action, under section :17. must be  taken before tho issuance of such certilicate of improvements. N. I**. TOWXSKNI)  Dated, this 21th day of June. 1897. [Juno 2'Stli]  CORPORATION OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  *B-2--r.^."^w -"oro. 11.  claim.  Item 2.  Item If  Item I.  Item .1,  Whereas,' it is expedient to define the'fire limits within  the City of Nelson and adopt regulations  relating  thereto:       ,  Therefore be it enacted by the municipal council of the  '*'corporation of the City of Nelson as follows:  1. The fire limits of the City of Nelson sliall be as follows: Commencing at the center of tlie intersection of  Vernon and Hall streets, thence westerly along the  centor.of Vernon street to its intersection with ICootenay street; thence southerly along tho center of Kootenay  street to its intersection with Victoria street; thence  easterly along tlie center of Victoria street to its intersection witli Hall street; thence northerly along the  center of Hall street to the point of commencement.  2. No building shall hereafter be erected within the  said fire limits unless a permit for the erection, thereof  sliall have lirst been obtained from the niunicipai council  of the said city.  ���-���3. No building or structure of any kind or description  sliall be erected or constructed within the fire limits, as  defined iii section one of this by-law, unless the outside  walls shall be constructed of brick, stone, or material of  like nature, and unless the party walls thereof are composed of brick, stone, etc.; and all buildings which shall  or may hereafter be constructed or erected within the  said lire limits shall have front and rear walls of not less  than one foot iu thickness, and if any building shall be  more than two stories in height '(above the basement),  the front and rear walls of the basement of the first story  shall be not less than sixteen inches in thiokness.and the  front and rear walls of the stories above the second shall  be not less than twelve inches-'in thickness, and. with  tho exception of the rear wall, shall extend at least eighteen inches above the roof, interior walls, if any, of ail  buildings fifty feet and over in width shall be of corresponding thickness, and carried through tlie roof thereof,  and for every additional fifteen feet in height four inches  sliall be added to the thickness of the walls. The foundation wall shall bo in all eases at least six inches thicker  than the walls built thereon. The interior walls of sheds  used for the storage of goods, and under two stories in  height, abutting on lanes or passages or railway tracks,  other than streets, maybe constructed of non-combustible material, eight inelies thick. Interior walls shall  mean walls dividing stores, or partitions of buildings,  and running from the front to the rear thereof.  I. Provided, that buildings erected and used as dwellings, only,.may be constructed with walls of non-com-,  hustible-material in all cases four inches less in thickness than is hereby above specified, aud provided, further,  that any dwelling, cottage or barn, one or two stories iu  height, may be built with walls not less than eight  inches thick.  .1. No building which may be erected within the fire  limits shall have any bay or oriel window constructed of  wood or projecting over two feet from the street line  from Moor of second story of said building witli cornice  projecting ten inches more : and no cornice of wood shall  no placed on any building over two ?lories in height, not  counting the basement, if any, as ono story, and all  chimneys shall be erected at least four feet above the  roof,'and the lop thereof slinll be at least, four feet from  any woodwork of any building, or adjoining buildings. \  li. All roofs shall' be of metal, slate, tiles, bricks, or  felt covered with distilled roofing cement, or equally  good, non-infiiimmableinaferial: and no roof shall be constructed sloping towards tlie street if any portion of it i.s  within' four feel of tbc street line.  7. No wooden building' or part of building, within the  lire limits prescribed in section one of this by-law, shall  be raised, enlarged nr'repaired,, except as herein provided; but no wooden building within the limits described in section one hereof, sliall be repaired or altered  to a grcMlercxtenf than 1.1 per cent, of its then present,  value, the value of any such wooden building so to be  repaired or altered within the above described limits, to-  be determined by.the city engineer of the said corporation of the City of Nelson, and no wooden building shall  be removed from any part of siiid above described limits  to any other part of said above described limits; but  any wooden building may, in the discretion of the municipal council, be removed from any part of said described limits to any part outside of said limits, provided  said wooden building so to be removed shall be deemed  by said municipal council to be worth 7.1 per cent, of  what it would cost to erect a new building of like character.  S. Sn person shall own, build, or aid in the erection of  any building, or part of building, within the said limits,  contrary to, or in any other manner than authorized by  the provisions of this by-law ; or own, remove, or as-dsl  in removing, any such building from without, the said  limits into same; or own, repair, or assist in repairing,  any damaged wooden building, contrary, iu either case,  to any of the provisions of this by-law.  9. If any wooden building is erected, enlarged, removed, altered or repaired, or in process of erect inn. enlargement,, removal, nlK-nilion or repair, contrary to  this by-law, the owner, occupant, person in charge, or  builder thereof, shall, ou receipt ofa notice from the  mayor, or other ollicer duly appointed by the municipal  'Lizzie C." mineral claim.  'Magpie" mineral claim.  Vulcan" mineral claim.  Amazon" mineral claim.  A separate price must be put on each item where more  than one is tendered for.  The highest, or any lender not necessarily* accepted.  ������J. F. ARMSTRONG.  , Ollieial Administrator,Donald.  Donald, June 23rd, 1897.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Sixty days afterdate I, the undersigned, intend to ap-���  -ply-to-the .chief commissioner of lands and works for  permission to purchase the undermentioned tract of  land:  '        - - .-,  ,: DI-SCKI1TION.      7,   ,      '   ,  Commencing at a post marked "C.St.B., NK."pIacedat  the head of 9 mile point on the south shore of the outlet  of Kootenay lake, thence 10 chains south, thence 10  chains west,more or less, to the outlet of Kootenay lake,  thence following, the shore to the point of commencement, 1(J0 acres more or less.  CHARLES St.-BARBE.'  Nelson, 21 th of May, 1897. [May 29.]  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that f, A. O. Evans, intend to  apply at the expiration of sixty days f 1*0111 tho publication  of this notice, to the commissioner of lands and works to  purchase the following imsurvcyod, unoccupied, and unreserved crown lands, situate at or near While Grouse  mountain, and embracing lands near confluence of north  and west branch of Goat creek, a tributary of Goat river,  in lhe Goat river mining division of the district, of West  Kootenay, British Columbia.  Notice    of  Application     for  Improvements.  Certificate    of  "Till1. KID JIINKHAL CLAIM, SITUATK IN TIIK NELSON  .MININC DIVISION OK WEST KOOTENAV DISTKICT. AMI  LOCATED AHOUT KIOI1T ..MILKS UI- EAST SIDE Ol'  KOICANKK CItKEIC.  ��� Take notice that I, Charles A. Stoess. of Iva-lo. B.C.  acting as agent for C. Slierbnrf of Nelson, II. (.:.. free  miner's certilicate No. S-J.-.MO, intend sixty days from the  date hereof, (o apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for llie purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of the above claim. Aud further lake  notice that action, under section :I7, must be commenced  before tho issuance of sucli certilicate of improvements.  CHARLES A. S'lOESS.  Dated this I Ith day of June, 1JJ97. |,lu)y :ird]  Notice     of  Application     for  Improvements.  .Certificate    of  DKSCItll'TTON.        .  Commencing at initial post marked "A. O. E.'s N. K.  corner," thence due north 10 chains, thence due west SO  chains, thence due south 10 chains, thence due east, HI)  chains to point of commencement, containing A20 acres  more or less. A. O." EVANS.  Dated this 1 Ith day of May, 18997. (June 19th|  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is'hereby given flint I, L. P. Merriinan, intend  to apply at the expiration of sixty days from the publication of this notice, lo flic commissioner of lands aud  works, fo purchase the following unoccupied, un'surveyed  and unreserved lands; situate, at. or near White Grouse  mountain, and embracing lands near confluence of north  and west, branch of Goat crei k. a tributary of Goal.river,  in the Goat river inining division of West Kootenav district, Hritish Columbia.  I'I'-SCUIITION. c  .Commencing at initial post marked "L. I'. M.'sN. E.  corner," thence flue south 10 chains, thence due west SO  chains, tlicnce due north 10 chains, llicnce duo east SO  chains to point of commencement, containing ''-'O acres  more or less. L. I". MERRIMAN.  Dated this Hlh day of May, 18.07. [June l'.lth]  Notice of Application to Purchase Land  Notice is hereby given that, I, G. II. Owen, intend to  apply at the expiration of sixty days from the publication of this notice, to the commissioner of hinds and  works to purchase the following tinsiirveycd, unoccupied, and unreserved crown lands, situate on the north  shore of the west arm of Kootenay lake, in the Nelson  mining division oj the district of U'est ICootenay. liritish  Columbia.   DKSCItll'TION.  Commencing at initial post marked "G. If. Owen S. K.  corner," thence due west 10 chains, thence due north 10  chains, (hence due east 10 chains, tlicnce duo south 10  chains to point of commencement, containing 101 acres  morc.orloss. G. II.OWEN.  Dated this 20th day of June. 1S07. [June 2��th|  CO.MATTK- KltACTION .MINKItAL- CL.U.M. SITUATE IN TIIK  NKI.SUN .VININi; DIVISION Of WEST KOOTKNAV DISTItlCT, AND LOCATED AT IIKADWATKItK OK EOKANKi:  C'ltEKK. AND HOUNDED ON NOItTII l!Y A.Sl'EN AND ON  SOUTH   IIV  '"I'lIK  KID"  .MINKItAL   CLAIMS.  Take notice that I. Charles A. Stcess of Kaslo. B. C.  acting jis agenl. for .C. Sherbart of Nelson, H. C. free  miner's certilicate Ny. 82,210. intend sixty days from the  date hereof, lo apply to the mining recorder foi-  a certilicate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And further take  notice tliat action, under section *'7, must be commenced  before the issuance of such certilicate of 'improvements.  .--���*������:��� CHARLES A. STOESS.  Dated this 1 Ith day of .rune, I8!)7. [July 3rd|  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  of  Improvements.  LA ' l-LATA KltACTION MINKItAL CLAIM, SITUATK IN TIIK  NKLSON MININO DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAV DISTItlCT, AND LOCATKD ON KOICANKK CItKKK. AND IS  HOUNDED ON NOItTII'IIV KLOKENCKAND ON SOUTH HY  MOLLY  OIIISON MINKItAL CLAIMS.  Take notice that J. Charles A. Stoess of Kaslo. H. C,  acting as agent for C. Sherbart of Nelson. U. C- free  miner's certificate No. S2.210, intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the inining recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of the above claim. And f urtlier take notice  thataction, under section 37, must be commenced before  the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  CHARLES A. STOESS.  Dated, this ltth day of June, 1897. [July 3rd]  Notice   of Application   tor   Certilicate   of  improvements.  THE  KI.OItENCE  MINKItAL  CLAIM., SITUATE   IN  THE NKL-  SON'MININC!  DIVISION  OK  WEST  KOOTKNAY  DISTItlCT.  .'  AND LOCATED ON TIIE    EAST SLOI-E AND  AHOUT   ONE  AND A HAI.K MILES SOUTH   KltO.M   HEAD  OK  KOKANEE  CKEKIC.  Take notice that I. Charles A. Stoess, acting as agent  for R. XV. Willev of Nelson. B. C. free miner's certificate  No. 07 8S7, intend sixty days from thedate hereof, lonpply  to the mining recorderfor a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claim. And further take notice that action, under section 37. must be commenced before tlie issuance of such  certilicate of improvements.  CHARLES A. STOESS.  Dated, this 1 Ith day of Juno, 1S07., |.luly 3rd[  Notice     Of  Application     for  Improvements.  Certificate    of  NELSON   &   FORT   SHEPPARD    RAILWAY.  Notice is hereby given that tlie.annual meeting of the  sharehohliM-soft.hu Nelson & Kort Sheppard Railway  Company will be held at the head ollice of Ihe company  in the town of Nelson, in the province of Hritish Columbia, at the hour of ti o'clock p. m��� of Wednesday, the llth  day of July. ISO", for flic purpose of electing directors for  said company, and for the traii-nel ion of such other business jus may be brought before such shareholders meeting.  .AI'STIN CORMIN 2nd, Secretary.  Dated this 2i'ith day of May, IH07. [Anno hth|  COUNTY  COURT  SITTING.  Silling of the county court nf Kootenay will be holden  ill the court house. City (if Nelson, on the Llth day of  July, at 11 o'clock in tin: forenoon.  E. T. II. SIMI'KIN'S, Ai-iing Registrar of Court.  Dated this 1st day of June. A. I). 1S07. |.linie ,lth|  KLOItKNCK KKACTION MINKItAL CLAIM. SITUATE IN THE  NELSON MININC -DIVISION OK WEST KOOTKNAV DISTItlCT. AND LOCATED ON KOKANEE CUCEK. AND IS  HOUNDED ON NOItTII IIV ACHILLES TWO HUNDItED  AND ON SOUTH   IIV  KLOItKNCK MINKItAL CLAIMS.  Take notice that I.Charles A. Stoess of Ka-lo, H. C..  acting as agent, for C. Sherbart, of Nelson. H. ('.. free  miner's certificate No. S2.2I0. and I'. W. George of N'el-on.  B. C, free miner's certificate No. 7!),o"5. intend sixty days  from the date hereof, tn apply to the mining recorder for  a certilicate of improvements, for tlie purpose of obtaining a crown grunt of the above claim. And further Ink"  notice that action, under section 37. musl.be c. nnmciiced  before the issuance of such ccrtilicale of improvements.  CHARLES A. STOESS.  Dated this 2iith day of June, 1S07. ( [July 3rd)  Notice  of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  ACIIII.I.lrS TWO IIUNDHKD MINKItAL claim. SITUATE in  THK NKLSON MINIMI DIVISION OK WKST ICOOTENAY  DISTItlCT. AND LOCATED EIGHT MILKS UI' EAST SIDK  OK KOKANEE CltEEK AND JOINS 'NOItTII END OK  KLOItKNCK  MINKItAL CLAIM. |  Take notice that I, Charles A. Stoess of Kaslo. fl. C,  acting as agent for C. Sherbart of Nelson B. C, free  miner's certilicate No. 82.21(1. intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to Ihe mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for'the purpose of obtaining a  crown grunt of the above claim. And further take  notice lhat action, under section 37. must be commenced  before the issuance of such certificate of improvement.--.  CHARLES A. STOESS.  Dated this llth day of June, IS07. [,luly3rd|  Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that, the undersigned will applv  to the Hoard of Licensing Commissioners of the City o'f  Nelson, at their next sitting, for a license to sell Iiinmr at  wholesale at. their premises, situate on lot. 22. block li.  Nelson. CALIFORNIA  WINE COMPANY,  per .1. J. CllAMHEits.  Dated at Nelson, fl. C, June !llli. 1SII7.   Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will at the  expiration of thirty days, apply to the stipendiary magistrate of West Kootenav district, for a license to sell  lii'uor by retail at their hotel, .situate on the southeast  corner of Wright and Sutton streets, at, Ainsworth.  THOMAS GARVEY.  ANTHONY MADDEN.  Dated this'ilth day of J11 lie. IS07.  ,��*  iiT^iw ���.������-';.  ft"B2R5ESF^7S3^^  ^r^TT^Tv^3^  .,-., 1 -,-r-^r,������.���^���r-yv ���-!. ������ ���.���"������^^T,'!xr*rrr*y���7rr'^'"tt:F7^'S\��-'''' ^  ?ZF7]l.�� >'-.���*:*%>' ''':'$" ��� i-^'i .'"������.4-    '-i--'s ,*; ���.iV'.tirf,-.^>���;������-������.���. *if.*"'*..������-  *���   .   1   *���    1    ���  VS/.-.Z .-  V*.-- '4 ���  THE TRIBUNE: . NELSON,' B. 0., SATURDAY, JULY 1.0, 1897.  r-rn**- ���-�����-��������������"���*���- --������"---riTT-r-T-'  LOCAL   "NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  X. Hoover, who for the past four or five  years has grown flowers gratis ou magazine point i'or the citizens of, Nelson, will  make the growing of flowers a business  next; stini,mer. lie already has several  hundred rose plants well started, and by  next spring will be prepared, to 'meec ail  demands of the business.  Silas IT. Cross was before justice Bigelow Monday morning on a charge of using  abusive and obscene language on the  street-s. The court observed that the  city could not keep the streets free from  mud in wet weather, but it could tind  would keep them free from drunken still's.  He assessed Cross $25.  Captain John Campbell, of the steamer  Ainsworth, is wearing a generous smile at  present: over the business which the Ainsworth has picked up on the Kaslo and  Bonner's Ferry route. Since the initial  trip of the steamer the business lias steadily grown, and now each round trip nets  the steamer substantial profits. Captain  Campbell's only regret in connection with  the now venture is that he did not put  the Ainsworth on the route several'weeks  earlier than he did.  George W. Brown of Portland, Oregon,  has taken a five years' lease ou the 50-i'oot  Baker street lot, betsveen Des Brisay and  Dover's stores, and has commenced the  erection of a three-story frame building.  The first floor will be devoted to a couple  of stores and .the second aud third floors  to offices aud room's., T. II. Gil'fin, the  owner'of the property, will receive $75  per month ground rent.  XV'. L. McLaughlin was in Nelson this  week i'or the purpose of inducing the government to build six miles of trail up  Ham ill creek from Kootenay lake. He is  . a joint owner in the claims comprising  the McLaughlin and Clinton group on  Hamill creek, and is convinced that the  district is sufficiently promising to -warrant the expenditure necessary i'or the  ��� six-miles of trail asked for. McLaughlin  says that the government trail from Columbia to Kootenay lake was never completed to Ivootenay lake, but that it was  stopped at a point upon Hamill creek  about six miles from the lake. The completion of this trail to the lake would suit  him down to the ground, but the government does not take very kindly to the  proposition.  On Tuesday George A. Bigelow fined L.  O'Neill $5, with the option of 30 days' imprisonment at hard labor for indecent exposure.   O'Neill paid the fiue.  IT. G. Neelands has commenced work on  a two-story frame building on the north  side of Baker, street, west of the bridge.  The building will have a 25-foot frontage  iintl will be plastered throughout.  Mr. Shields, of Toronto, who has been  awarded the contract for the delivery of  mails in Lilloooet and Cariboo districts,  has purchased the stock and plant of the  British Columbia Express company. The  new contractor willn carry on business  under the same st3'le.  J. G. Kellett, engineer for the West  Kootenay Light and Power company, says  that work will be commenced by the company next week. The company considered  the tenders received for the rock work  upon the site as too high aud will undertake the work itself by day's labor. The  Cauadian General Electric company, represented by Frank Darling, secured the  contract for the electrical machinery, and  the Victor Turbine company of Dayton,  Ohio, secured the contract for the water  wheels.  Dr. A. Forin of Rossland has joined Dr.  D. La Ban in his extensive practice in this  city. The style of the firm name will be  Li Ban & Forin. Dr. Forin is a brother  of Judge Forin of this city, and has had  an extensive experience iu medicine.  J. Fred Hume and John A. Gibson will  leave as a prospecting party on Sunday  provided the weather suits them. They  have given every attention to their commissariat.  On Thursday afternoon, to the wife of  captain Ilayward, there was born a  daughter.  Dr. La Ban, medical officer i'or the lower  half of the Slocan river road, was down  on the raihvay grade on Tuesday. The  new branch leaves the C. Ac K. railway at  Ward's Crossing, which is now known as  Slocan Junction. There are about -100  men on the lower end of the work. Dr.  La Ban's territory covers the first sixteen  miles. All men requiring hospital attendance will be treated iu the private hospital at Nelson.  W. F. Teetzel & Co. have installed a  handsome soda water fountain in the best  appointed drug store in Kootenay.  A. W. Macdonald, Q. C, of Nelson,  passed a creditable examination before  the law society at Victoria, *ahd is therefore qualified to practice law in this  province.  Amor De Cosmos, the founder of the  Victoria Colonist, died iu Victoria on  Sunday. De Cosmos ,vas mixed up with  the early political history ot the province.  He was at one time premier, of the province, and later represented Victoria in the  commons in the liberal interest.  The city clerk took possession of the  fire hall this week and hereafter the hall  will be used i'or civic purposes only.  Pending the completion of the stone lock  We have just received another lot of Ladies' Fine Shirt  Waists, made of Organdy and Dimity Detachable White  Collars and Cuffs; also Collarsand Cuffs to match Waists.  An early inspection of these goods are asked, as they are  selling rapidly.     Mail  orders will receive prompt attention.  up a  hall.  couple of cells will be built in the fire  George C. Melntyre, who for the.past  two years has occupied the position of assistant assayer at the Hall Mines smelter,  went up to the company's mines on Friday to take the position of.' assayer at the  mines. ��  As an evidence of the growth of Nelson  it may be mentioned that a kindergarten  will shortly be started for the training of  youngsters   under   the   school age.    An  application was made for tlie use of the  fire hall for this purpose, but the use of  the hall was refused as it would conflict  with civic officials in .the discharge of  their duty.  The raffle for the yacht Myth resulted  in four tie throws of IS. Those throwing  this number were J. IT. Matheson, IT. B.  Perks, M. Monaghan and Peter Dessel.  The tie has not been thrown off, as au  arrangement has been made for the purchase of the Monaghan and Dessel interests by J. K. Iteid aud J. IT. Matheson.  The Aaron's Rod Mining compauy will  commence work on the O. R. T. claim,  located near the Poorman, uext week.  The company has not yet decided whether  it will do more than the necessary assessment upon the property at present.  It is announced that the Canadian Pacific Railway company will.commence the  construction next week of a-piece of track  connecting the present C. &K. depot with  the Nelson Ac Fort Sheppard raihvay at  the city limits.* It is not known what arrangements, if any, have been made with  the Nelson Ac Fort Sheppard road, but in  any event the C. Ac K. tracks will be extended to the eastern limits. The line  will follow the river bank as closely as  possible. Engineers have been laying out  the line for the past week. It follows  along the government raihvay reserve.  The annual meeting of tlie shareholders  of the Nelson & Fort Sheppard Railway  company will be held in the company's  head office in this city, on Wednesday  evening next, at 0 o'clock p. m.  The'Nelson Iron Works has been in operation for the past week and is employing six men. The firm is composed of J.  A. and \V. B. Honey man, and it is prepared to do everything in the way of machine shop and foundry work. The firm  is at present engaged upon work for the  Nelson & Fort Sheppard Railway company and the Hall Mines. The firm has  just as good a plant for the repairing of  raihvay locomotives as is afforded by  Spokane.  Saturday afternoon mayor Houston  notified the proprietors of three saloons'  that as they had no license to sell liquor,  they would have to close their saloons until the board of licensing commissioners  . met. Those notified were Isaac Holden aud  Clements Ac Martin on Baker street, and  Lund Ac Mallette on Vernon street. All  obeyed the summons and closed Saturday  evening.  Messrs. Traves and Jensen have leased  the lot in the creek bottom, on the corner  of Baker and Ward streets, from Harold  Selous. They will erect a two story frame  building with basement, work upon which  is now well under way.  Messrs. Donley and Simpson have commenced work upon a hotel at the corner  of Vernon and Hall streets. It will be a  frame affair.  Dave MacBeath has taken a contract  from the Slocan City Townsite Company  i'or tho e-rnd-iig of Arthur and Harold  strei*1-.  G. Ji. Martin, chief commissioner of  lands and works, left Victoria on Thursday for Kamloops, from which point he  will make a'trip to this city and other  Kootenay points.  The Canadian Pacilic Railway Company's land department reports a good  demand for Nelson real estate. The present has been the best year in the history  of the townsite. This has had a tendency  to stiffen prices in some localities. Building rebates have been declared off iu respect to all Baker street property.  Johu Noel, who has the contract for  building the C. ct K. line from the C. &K.  depot to the eastern city limit, expects to  have employment for about 50 men next  week.  Judge Forin last week purchased twelve  lots in hlock 22, and will build a residence  upon the same. A rock bluff takes iu the  greater part'of this block, and for this  reason the railway company reduced the  price to $150 per lot. Six other lots were  sold in the same block last week.  The Hall Mines reverberatory is now  working up a stock of white metal from  the blast furnace matte,  will be thus employed for  or three weeks, after which it will work  the white metal into copper bullion. A  much better grade of ore i.s now being received   from  the   mine.   The  smelter  is  rather close up on the ore supply, but the  ore is coming down steadily.  XV. J. Goepel, acting government agent,  while in Ymir this week announced that  work would be commenced upon the  wagon road up Wild Horse creek within  ten days. This road will serve the Ymir  and Elise properties as well as scores of  prospects upon which development work  is being done.  F. C. GAMBLE, J. P.  M. IllM. C. K.       M. Can. Sue. C. IC.  II. ,\m. S.H-. U. I*.   I: I.. S. Inr I'.. 0.  (Ijltf Iii-.. Kliu. Ili'p. nf I'llli. Wkx. ofC'lll.  iii ii. i.-.,i xiasox, II. U.  FRANCIS J. O'REILLY  Assiir.' SI. Inst. ('. K.  p. I,, s. nil- ii. (.:.  Slus.i IluiMtiij;. Col. Ave,  KOSSLANIJ, 11. C.  GAMBLE & O'REILLY  �� CIVIL  �� ENGINEERS  ��� PROVINCIAL  �� LAND SURVEYORS  ACCOUNTANTS  AND  GENERAL AGENTS  NELSON" AXI) HOSSLAND,    -    WEST KOOTENAY,  UltlTlSII COLUMBIA  F. W. GROVES  CIVIL AND MINING ENGINEERS  PltOVIXCIAL LAND SURVEYORS  "MINERAL CLAIMS SURVEYED  AND REPORTED UPON   KASLO, B. C.  TIE  MAKERS WANTED!  Tie milkers desiring work  communicating' with  \V. M. KIRBY,  can  obtain the sumc by  SLOCAN CITY-.  CORPORATION  OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  NOTICE   FOR   TENDERS.  Scaled tenders will be received by the undersigned up  to 12 o'clock noon, on Tuesday, July L'Otli, 1897, for the following work :  WATER    WOKKS    SVSTKM.  1. Head works at Anderson Creek.  2. Conduit lines from head works at Anderson creek  to reservoir.  3. Reservoir.  4. Ditching, pipe-laying, and back filling.  SKWEI1AGK    SV.STK.M.  5. Ditching, pipe-laying, and back filling.  ' Tenders may bo for separate parts of the work or for  the whole. Plans and specifications can be seen at the  oflicc of the city clerk. No tender will be considered unless accompanied by a certified check for 25 per cent of  the amount of the tender, as a guarantee if awarded the  contract, the party making the tender will, in good faith,  carry out the contract. The lowest or any tender not  necessarily accepted. JOHN HOUSTON, Mavor.  Nelson, li. C. .Inly 0th, 181)7.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF' NELSON".  NOTICE FOR-TENDERS.  The furnace  the next two  Sealed tenders will be received by the undersigned up  to 12 o'clock noon on Tuesday, the Kith day of August,  1897, for the following material for water .*in(l1scwer  systems:  1. Lap-welded steel pipe, of the follovvingsiy.es, II, 12,  111. 8, liand I inch.  2. Finings such as crosses, Ts, Ys, bends, reducers,  caps, plugs, etc.  Ii,    Eire hydrants.  I.   Air valves, stop valves, and vents.  :1.    Lead and Oakum.  (>. Vitrified sewer pipe, of the following sizes, 10, 8, (J.  and 1-incli.  7. Crosses, Ts, Ys, etc.  8. Portland cement.  Approximate- amounts to be supplied can be obtained  at the ollice of the city clerk.   Tenders must  be for delivery f. o. 1>. Nelson, within sixty days from dale of contract. The lowest or any tender not. iiecessarilv accepted.'  JOHN HOUSTON, Mayor.  Nelson, B. C. July ilth, 1SII7.  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  Sealed tenders will be received up to July 2Gth for the  erection of a three-story and basement, frame hotel,  situate on lots 5 and (i, block !), corner of Ward and Vernon streets Nelson. 11. C.  Plans and specifications can be seen at the oflicc of A.  C. Ewart, architect, room I!. Clement & Hillver hlo^k.  Nelson, li. C, or at the residence of li. D. Hume, 1374  Robson street, Vancouver, B.C. The successful tenderer  will be required to execute a bond with approved sureties in the sum of 21 percent of the amount of the contract, and all lenders to be addressed to A. C Ewart,  architect. Room li, Clement & Hillyer Block, Nelson, B. C.  A. C. EWART, Architect.  NOTICE   OF   DISSOLUTION.  i  Take notice that the partnership between  the undersigned, as grocers and general provision  merchants at  Nelson. North   Fork, and Salnm. has this day been dissolved by mutual consent,. Mr. Ereeland retiring.  All debts dne by and owing to the late partnership will  he paid by and to A. C  Buchanan.  A. C. BUCHANAN,  K. MA BEE,  WILLIAM FREELAND.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, July 8th, I8!)7. [July 10th]  FOR  SALE   CHEAP  A new set of slocks and dies'of the Lightning typo  from one inch to one and oue-(|uart,er inches. Three sets  of stocks goes with rhem.   Call at Tribune oflicc.  THE GIANT MONOPOLY IS MAD  The soulless corporation that was created by, fed by, pampered by, and'depends, for its very existence upon the people of Canada, is hostile; and the  , gentlemanly undergraduates of the railroad profession who represent it in  Kootenay and, who, by their childish and unbusinesslike actions are diverting  the traffic to other lines, are jumping sideways because the business men of  Kootenay-ourselves among the number-refuse to give them all of our business at exorbitant rates. This we do not propose to do, but shall continue to  ship our goods by the cheapest route and give' our customers the benefit in  the shape of lower prices, and the very large increase in our business is proof  that, our efforrs in this direction are being appreciated. Our stock is large and  complete in every line, comprising Groceries, Hardware, Crockery, Glassware,  Paints, Oils, etc., wholesale and retail.,  Miners' supplies a specialty.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  ,<Jixst received,.  'HE latest styles of Ladies' 'Purses and Card Cases,  and Gents' Pocket Books and Purses. The prices  are right and the goods the  best manufactured   DRUGGISTS  W.  F.  TEETZEL & CO.  Agents for Ii. Lawrence Spectacles and Eye Glasses  Kyes-ight tested free  We are just placing in stock the finest line of READY MADE CLOTHING  ever brought into the city  HONEST WELL MADE GARMENTS  that will give satisfaction.  An entirely new stock of FELT HATS AND CAPS  in the latest styles and makes  BjEsaSaxram      EE9  A Magnificent line of Scotch Tweeds and Worsteds, and West of  England Trousering's, suitable for spring wear.  A special feature of Fancy Worsted Suiting's.  BAKER STREET, NELSON  ONEY   MAKERS   AND   TIME  SAVERS  WHEELER & WILSON     NEW WILLIAMS  DOMESTIC    RAYMOND, WHITE   ZENITH  SEWING  tfc  THAT'S WHAT WE ARE, THE SIX OF US."  Easy Payments and  Liberal Discounts  Our premises have just been generally overhauled  and greatly enlarged. Stock has also been increased.  We carry everything that a man can want, and the  prices   are   right.      Eng.   City   K.   Boots our specialty.  OO T" f*\ O t 18 and 20  .     O   I   Willi BAKER   STREET  NELSON, B. G  3  BRANCH MARKETS   .   .    .  '.    .  Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything' in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.


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