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 rp _  _. _*_  Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made  Dividend Paying Mines.  ���o,.,  Has   Three  Smelters   in   Successful   Operation,  and   Enough   Ore   in Sight, to   Run  Several   More.  VIFTH:  YEAR.---NO. 10.  NELSON, 'BRITISH  COLUMBIA,  SATURDAY,  JANUARY   -Si),  L89J.  TWO  DOLLARS  A. YEAR.  WEST KOOTENAY'S REPRESENTATION.  /_  li:"*��"W  f1'*._}/  W  )%*i  Some Hints   Which  May  Be Useful   to  J. M.  Kellie, M. P. P., This "Winter.  The member Cor the north riding ol'  West Ivootenay district was iir Xelson  this week. ' lie gives his views regarding  revenue and expenditures in a letter in  another column. In conversation he stated  his views regarding other questions, such  as giving Jvootenay additional representation in the legislative assembly, and  additional facilities for the transaction of  public business. He seemed to be of the  same opinion a.s are all the people in  Fastern Canada, that is, that the growth  and business of Jvootenay i.s confined t'b  and centered in Rossland and Trail.  It Mr. Kellie was as well posted on the  growth of West Kootenay as he claims to  be on the amount the district is indebted  to the province, he would know that the  south riding is the. equal of the north  riding in -population and more than its  equal in wealth. Tf this is a statement ot  fact, why should the, increased representation (Mr. Jvellie favors giving West  Ivootenay au additional member) be given  the north riding? J[ealso favors locating  any additional facilities given the district  (such as a land registry office) at some  point in the north riding.  When the .Davie government brought  down the redistribution bill, iu 18!)-l, Tin*;  Ti'iiu"*-*!*: claimed, that as West Ivootenay  was the one district in the province  rapidly increasing in population, that  factor should be considered in apportioning it representation. 'Mr. Kellie thought  otherwise, or why did he vote to give unimportant districts, like Lillooet and  Cariboo,the same membership as the district which he then represented-' In  the election held the same year (IS)I),  West Ivootenay polled twice as many  votes as Lillooet and Cariboo combined;  yet these two districts have four membeis  while West Jvootenay has but two. Mv.  Kellie was then at fault, and he is equally  at fault now in favoring the giving'to the  north riding of another member ns -*��-oll  as all the increased public facilities for  the transaction of business.  The population of the two ridings is  about equal; say S500 each. The voting  strength is in favor of the south riding,  for the reason that the population of  liossland and Trail is largely alien. When  it comes to wealth, the north riding is, as  yet, not in it with the south riding. The  Avealth of Kootenay is made up of the  product of its mines. Jn 180(5 the mines  of the south riding produced two dollars  worth of ore to one produced by the  mines of the north riding. The volume  of general business transacted can be  compared by comparing the number of  business houses in the respective ridings;  and if advertisements in the local press is  any indication, there are two business  houses in the south riding to one in the  north. There are six branches of chartered banks iu the south riding, while the  north riding has but two. The railway  mileage is about tho same in the two  ridings. As for the location of a land  registry office, it should be located at a  point central for the business to be transacted, rather than central for points that  have no business.  The Thi hunk is not in possession of  data on which to base an estimate of the  amount of revenue raised in the two  ridings in 1S00, but it is safe to say that  the amount raised in the south riding is  one-fourth more than that raised in the  north.  West Kootenay is entitled to not one  more member, but to three; and they  should not be elected from any particular  section, but elected   from the district at  large. ; ,.._  Big Price for Coast Property.  The Cold Fields of British Columbia Association, an aggregation of liritish capitalists, have purchased from the Clianne  Mining company several mineral claims  on Phillip Arm, near Vancouver. The  price paid was $IM5,00(). The managing  director of the Cold Fields company is  Grant Covan, a well known English capitalist. The Cold Fields Association will  begin. Captain Linn, a mining engineer,  is now on the way out from Fngland. The  properties are within easy reach of navigable water, so that there will be no difficulty in sending the ore to the smelter.  To "Work Slocan Properties.  The Anierican Boy Mining and Milling  company is the name of a company incorporated last week for the purpose of working the American Boy and J-SIack Hawk,  two well known Slocan properties. The  trustees are .J. (I. McCuigan, Thomas Mc-  Cuigan, II. Callahan, S. Haas and F. Den-  y.el. There is about 1,000 feet of tunnel  and shaft work on the property, from  which considerable shipments were made  last year. Tlie ore runs from 75 to 100  ounces silver and (iO per cent. lead.  Work  will be commenced about the first of  March. The first work will be to drive a  crosscut'tunnel 150 feet below the present-  working.    HAVE   EARNED   BIG   PROFITS.  An English Syndicate  Said  to  Be After Several Slocan Properties.  W. JI. Yawkey and .1. J).   Farrell  have  , purchased the stock held by captain N. D.  Moore in the Sunshine Mining company.  This company has been operating the  Yakima group of claims, the best known  ot which is the Sunshine and Yakima. By  this purchase the entire stock in the Sunshine company is owned by W. C. and  W. JL Yawkey and J. J). Farrell. Jt is  currently reported that a deal is pending  b'y which an'Fuglish syndicate will acquire the holdings of the several associate  companies working in the Twin Lake and  Mowson creek basins in the Slocan. Oapt.  N. D. Moore was the advance agent of  these companies. .He cast his lot in with  the Slocan in February, 1803, and secured  the Alamo group of mines, after which  the Alamo Mining company was organized  to work them. Following this the Cumberland Mining company was organized  to work the Cumberland, and the Sunshine  Mining company to'work tho Yakima  group. The Slocan Milling company was  next organized to concentrate the ores  from the different properties and the Slocan Tramway company to transport  ore from the mines to the mill, and the  shipping ore to the Canadian Pacific for  shipment. The men principally interested in these companies were A. F. J-Ium-  phrcys*. XV. G. Yawkey, W. II. Yawkey,  and (aptain N. D. Moore. They also hold  a controlling interest in the Idaho mine.  Jn every one of these ventures they  have made big money. The Tdaho earned  dividends from the start, and up to date  has paid its owners $120,000, of whicli  Jj��7_,000 were paid during the past four  months. The Alamo during tho first  eighteen months operation, paid back the  purchase price, tho development charges,  and a dividend of $35,000 besides. Its  total   earnings  are   computed  by  those  -who should know as $250,000. The Cumberland was purchased for $25,000. and  like the other properties, has been developed from the proceeds of the ore  taken out.  The Slocan Milling company's concentrator was the first to be erected in the  Slocan. and together with the tramway  connecting it with the mines, has been a  profitable investment from the turn loose.  Ore Nettod Over ��350 Per Ton.  The first check presented at the new  biauch of the Bank of British North America at ivaslo, was for nearly $1-1,000, and  was drawn by the ivootenay Ore company  in favor of the owners of the Goodenough  mine, in payment for about -12 tons of ore  from that well-known properly. Tho ore  had been run through the Kaslo city  sampling works, and assayed 525 ounces  in silver to the ton, and 70 per cent lead.  The return was entirely satisfactory to  the mine owners, and the ore was at once  sold to the ore company. The advantages  of this are apparent. The mine owners  get prompt cash aud an immediate return  of the sacks, besides saving exchauge and  interest, both worthy in this case of consideration.        Values the Payne at $5,000,000.  A. W. McCunc, the owner of a two-  fifths interest in the Payne group, says  that $5,000,000 would not buy the property  now. The Payne has been one of the  heaviest shippers in the Slocan this winter. During the month of December ore  that netted' $100,000 was shipped to the  Pueblo smelters. The vein has been  opened up for a distance of 1.200 feet, the  average width being .1.5 inches. The other  lucky owners in the J'ayne are W. L:  Hodge of Anaconda, who has an equal interest with McClune, and Scott McDonald, who owns one fifth.  Bob Yuill Makes a Transfer.  Robert 'W. Yuill recently bonded the  Jron Mountain mineral claim, situate at  the head of Schroeder creek, for $10,000,  paying $50 in cash, and agreeing to pay  $050 on the 1st of August next, and $,.)000  on the .1st of Kebruary, 1808. He has now  assigned his interest in the bond to J. \i.  Boss of Spokane. The claim is said to  have developed unusually good for the  work already done.  The Reco's Dividend Expected on Tuesday.  .1. M. Harris, of the Reco, says that the  .Reco company will probably declare a  dividend of $100,000 on Tuesday next. If  the dividend is declared on Tuesday it  will come a month sooner than Harris  predicted when the lieco stock was first  offered on the market. The company employs 110 men and pays all miners $3.50  per day.            After South Fork Properties,  Arthur D. .Jones, as Spokane mining  broker, and representing a syndicate of  Washington people, is said to be negotiating for the interests of the Briggs brothers iii fourteen mining claims on the  south fork of Jvaslo creek. Some of these  are said to present some veins of high  grade ore.        To Work the Black Diamond.  T. M. Gibson, of Knslo, went to Ainsworth on Wednesday last to arrange for  (lie immediate beginning of work on the  Black Diamond and Little Donald, in  wliich lie lately transferred a controlling  interest to Fred Steele. Mr. Gibson remains as manager of the properties.  THREE-QUARTERS   OF   A   MILLION.  January's Shipments of Ore and Matte From  Kootenay Exceed This Amount.  The shipments of ore and matte from  the mines and smelters of West Jvootenay  for the montli of January, will in all likelihood, aggregate over $800,000 in value.  Up to this morning, the value of tlie ore  and matte entered at the port of Nelson  for export during the month amounted to  $070,305, and during the first three weeks  of the mouth there were entered at Kevelstoke Slocan ores to the value of $77,255.  This amount added to the customs returns  of the port of Nelson, gives a total of  $7-17,500. A material increase will be made  to this total when the exports entered at  Bevelstoke during the last week in the  month are added. These figures give a  fair idea of the growth'of the mining industry of West Kootenay. The value'of  the exports of ore and matte for the corresponding month of 180(3, was but $M0,-  759, or a little more than one-sixth of the  value of the exports for the month of  January, 1S07.  BULLION  AND  "WATTK.  I'ouncls.  Trail smelter 011,'-!*.'  Hull Mines smelter, Nelson, m-ille��� 118,!'l*'l  KOOTENAY'S DEBT TO THE PROVINCE  ORE.  I'ayne mine Slocan   Slocnn Star mine. Sandon   Ivootenay Ore Company   Last Chance mine Slocan    KainbleL* mine Slocan   lieco mine, Slocan   Antoine mine,-Slocan   Wliitowiiter mine, Slocan   Enterprise mine. Slocan   "Monitor mine, Throe L''orks   ...  Two i'Yicmls, SpnngLT creek ..  Hustler mine. Slocan      Idaho mine, Slocan   Lo I'oi mine, liossland   .lumuu mine, Holland   Total for week   Total so far for 1SU7   Approximate  Tons. Value,  ���.'i'i I S  2i'(J  77  ;">I  17  IS  1:1  AA  Sll  ���ill  IU  211  SO  AA1  III  l,(i_  f*,:_i  $*ill).17L'  ��7l(i.lH(i  Estimate of Population.  Now* that the legislative assembly is to  meet, it may not be out ot place to make  an estimate of the population of West  Jvootenay for the guidance of the government, to enable it to arrive at a fair understanding as to the relative importance  of the various sections of the district.  The following is a conservative estimate;  SOUTH    IMIH.VC.  Xelson .Mining Hi vision  Nelson and Halfour     2.mn)  OulsideUio towns       iiUfl  Ainsworth Mining Division -  Kaslo. Ainsworth, IMot Hay and Sanca 2.000  Outside the towns     100  Slocan Mining Division ���  Sandon. Now Denver, Three  Forks. Cody, Slocan  ("itv. Kilverlnn. and lirandon    '-'''n'-  Outsidc the towns       SOU  (lo.it Hiver "Mining Division -  Waneta  and  thai portion of Trail Crock mining  division in south riding      Hi"  Total  S,2f,0  NOliTlf   llllilNii.  Trail Creek Mining Division- ���  l'os.-land and Trail itfHHj  Outside lhc* towns     :>00  Kevelstoke Mining Division-  I tovelstokc and Hevelstoko station     750  Outside the towns         HH)  Illecillewaet "Mining Divi-ion  Illecillewaet and Lourie  20'}  Outside tho towns     ������>  Lardcau and Trout Lake Mining Divisions  12o  Xakusp and that port ion of Slocan district in the  porth riding  -00  Hohson and Hull, portion of the Nelson mining ilivl.  ..:,...-.. ��� i... ��.*,.11, ,.;.i:���..         n[|  sion in tlie north riding  Total  S.lllil)  Secured Some Lardo Claims.  FA S. Murphy, who is already interested  in some valuable Slocan property, has  bonded from Dan McPhail, Phil McDonald, Neil McFadden, and George Williams  several Lardo-Duncan properties consist-  ingof theBannockburn, Evergreen, Fossil,  Silver Bottom, Silver Jieei, Iron Mask,  and Buckeye. The bond is for $50,000, of  wliich a fair percentage is paid down.  The properties are represented as valuable, assay returns of .'3500 ounces in silver  to the ton having been obtained from  them. Mr. Murphy represents a Toronto  syndicate, which will begin development  work as soon as possible in the spring.  Corbin's Surveyors at Work.  The largest surveying party ever sent  out of Rossland, left Wednesday, to commence the survey of the Nelson Ac Fort  Sheppard Railway company's land grant  on the east side of the track, between  "Waneta and Nelson. There were three  parties sent out by U. B. Smith, surveyor  in charge, and they were composed of MO  men. Other smaller parties are being outfitted and will join the first party in a few  days.    The  work must  be completed by  April 1st,   Tryinpr to Make a Deal.  From reliable sources it has been learned that negotiations are being conducted  between the Canadian Pacific Railway  Company and the S. F. Ac S. and X. F. S.  Railway companies with a view to the  acquisition of the latter roads by the  Canadian Pacific. The Canadian company  has not the field to itself however as several of the large American roads are said  to  be  bidding against  it  for the Corbin  roads.  :   Dubois Defeated In Idaho.  J5oi.sk, Idaho, Jan. 2S.--lIenry lleitfcld  is the senator-elect from Idaho. When  the crucial ballot came the Populists rallied and gave their candidatea solid vote,  while 1M of the Democrats and the single  Republican in the legislature joined them.  JJeitfold's vote was MO, while Dubois secured M0. T. F. Nelson had one vote on  the final ballot. There wasa great crowd  in the house when the time for the ballots  arrived.    Senator George Turner.  Olmi-ia, Wash., Jan. 28. (ieorge Turner  of Spokane was tonight nominated in the  fusion caucus for United States senator.  There were but two ballots.  As  Computed  by  the  Member for the North  Riding of the District.'  Tin*: Tmih'xm has.been requested by  J. M. Jvellie, M. P. P., to publish tlie, following letter. It was written by Mr.  Jvellie for publication in The Miner of  Nelson, to clear up some points in an interview which The Miner representative  had with Mr. Kellie, but the editor of the  Miner refused to publish it. Tin*; Tnnu*xio  does not agree with Mr. Kellie politically,  nor with the subject- matter of his letter,  but it publishes the same in order that  Mr. Jvellie may place his views before the  people.  To run liniroii of Tun Ni-'lko.v Mix hi* :  ���I notice in your columns considerable  adverse criticism of the government's policy in regard to West .Kootenay district.  J would like you to particularize the grievance,' real or imaginary, so that I could be  in a position to work with your representative in securing redress for this so-  called down trodden and neglected portion of: West Ivootenay district. Although  I represent only the north riding at the  present time, still J feel a keen interest in  the south riding, and promise that if you  can give me defiuite data that the south  "riding is taxed to death for the benefit of  ;any other portion of the province J pro'm-  ���ise to do what J can to afford relief. Statistics go to show, however, that thejjoot  is on the other,foot, and that West Kootenay district as a whole does not pay her  way financially. During the four years  ending June M0,1800, the last official statement made by the auditor general, laid  before the legislature last session, gives a  total revenue of $25M,i)57.M8, and the expenditure for and in the district $M2I,70(>.-  50 approximately. This does not include  the district's proportion or share of interest paid upon the provincial debt, which  amounts to approximately $270,000 per  annum. Nor does it include the district's  proportion of provincial administration,  which includes large and heavy items of  expenditure, viz: the land and works department, treasurers' staff, provincial  treasurer's office, educational supervision,  registry offices, goals, asylums, bureau of  mines, aud many other items. The district's proportion under the above mentioned expendil ures would total up to  and above $10,000 per annum, making a  total deficit in four years of over $225,000.  How is it this information is not given by  your paper to the public? Have you not  ������''���cess to the Blue books containing this  infoimation ? Jf you doubt the accuracy  of my statements and want corroboration  of them by personal inspection, if you  write me at Victoria I will see that you  get the documents; and, further, any  other document of public interest you  may require for giving information to the  public. During the time silver depreciated the government guaranteed the  bonds of the Nakusp <fc Slocan Railway  company to insure its construction, and  by the assistance rendered a railway was  built into the Slocan mining camps: and  which, to say the least, gives competition,  and therefore must be advantageous to  tho miner. Outside of public works there  are many large items of expenditure that  have to be provided for. The salaries and  maintenance of government offices and  schools throughout the district is a heavy  charge. Police protection, with its attendant expenses of administration of  justice, cost and keep of prisoners, transport, warrants, jurors, witnesses, coroners' inquests, surveys, traveling expenses of officers on duty, hospitals, charities, government buildings, record ofiices.  etc.: these items total a large amount and  have to be provided for just as much as  expenditure on public works. These details are given for the information of your  readers, which will enable them to get an  idea how the money collected is expended.  If you will kindly provide space in your  columns L will furnish your readers with  a detailed statement of expenditures for  this district for the four years ending  June M0, 1805; also the expenditure in detail for the year ending June MO, INUO. so  soon as I receive the information from  the finance committee. I think it will require considerable effort on your part to  explain how the district of West Kootenay in the face of its enormiAis deficit has  been overtaxed and neglected. I throw  down the gauntlet and challenge you to  refute the statements made above in regard to the district's expenditure and deficit.    Come on, MacDuIT.  (Signed.)   J. M. Kioi.i.ii*:.  ROSSLAND   MINING   NOTES.  The Miner: A strike is reported on the  Iron Hope, whicli is an eastern extension  of the /JIor in the south belt. Two weeks  ago a contract was let for a M0 foot shal't.  A 5-foot pit had already been put in and  tlie work since done gives a total depth  of 25 feet from the surface. There is now  in the bottom from S to 10 inches of ore,  which showed $25.20 in gold, no assay being made for the silver. Almost the entire bottom of the shaft is heavily mineral i/ed.  The Kootenay-Columbia has opened another large body of ore. .Manager King  has had but one assay made, and that  showed $M() in gold. The ore i.s believed  to be of pay quality. It seems to be a  large body, but it lias not yet been completely exposed. The tunnel is now in 100  feet, the last 100 feet being in the Columbia ground.  Much interest is being aroused among  mining men in the camp, by the high assay from tlie Monita shaft. An assay  made by the chemist of the City of Spokane on Monday, showed five and one-half  ounces of gold and 21 ounces of silver, a  total value of $125 per ten. An assay  made Tuesday for John R. Cook, showed  $S5 in gold and silver. Others made previously were $11 aud $1!) in gold.  SHORT   BITS   OP   NEWS   FROM   KASLO.  GOOD   BYE   TO   THE   C.   &   K.  The rotary snow plow of the Ivaslo Ac  Slocan railway, was detained longer at  the Billiard shops near Spokane than was  expected. It was despatched, however,  oji Thursday, and will probably reach  Ivaslo on'Sunday. The company is enlarging its engine house, and has been  putting boxes on several flat cars.  The waterworks system approaches  completion. The wood stave pipe was  finished on Monday last, and looks likean  excellent piece of work. The unfinished  section of distribution pipe on A avenue,  was about completed on Friday evening.  It is expected that all will be in readiness  to turn on the water today, Saturday.  J. M. Jvellie, M. J\ P., was at the Ivaslo  on Tuesday last. .He met several mining  nien, who discussed .with him needed reforms and past mistakes in mining legislation. He was not always complimented  upon his course in the past. He left on  Wednesday morning for Sandon.  Paul Riedel, of the grocery firm of  Riedel Ac Keuster, had his leg broken on  Thursday afternoon by a kick from the  horse he was driving,  The latest enterprise contemplated for  Ivaslo, is a steam laundry to be built by  the Slocan Steam Laundry company. The  machinery has already.been ordered from  the Troy Laundry Manufacturing company, of Chicago, and work on the building will be commenced at once.  Four degrees above zero was the lowest  temperature recorded by the official thermometer during the recent cold snap.  J-lon. Fdgar Dewdney, lieutenant-governor and president of the Dardanelles  Mining company, is expected to be in  Jvaslo this week. Mr. Tretheway, mining  engineer for the company, left on Thursday morning to meet him.  The water was started at the intake of  the water works system.on Friday evening, and ran withoutthcslightest leakage  or impediment to the reservoir, which  was gradually filled. It will be sent  through thedistributingsystem tomorrow  forenoon.  The council met iu secret session last  Saturday evening, but  made  very little  progress in respect of the charges presented by alderman Buchanan against  oneof the city's officials. The alderman  asked.it is said, that the council should  prosecute the official for breach of a city  by-law. The council could hardly see its  way to do this at that time, and the matter was postponed until Tuesday evening  last. Ac the hour named, however, there  was no quorum, aud the matter again  went over. An ample apology is requited  b}'alderman Buchanan.  There was an intciesting service and  concert at the Presbyterian church on  Monday last, in commemoration of the  birthday of Burns. Several Scotch airs  were rendered in a pleasing manner, and  there were speeches by alderman Buchanan, who presided, aud the Rev. Mr.  Narin.  A court of tho Independent Order of  Foresters has been organized in the city  wilh the following list of officers: Duncan, court deputy: I). P. Kane, chief  ranger; O. Strathern, vice-chief ranger;  W. R. Strathern, past chief ranger: S.  Faweett: recording secretary: I). J.  Voting, financial secretary: J. I). Keenan.  treasurer: Pew Jaines Nairn, court chaij-  lain; and Dr. Ilorto, court physician.  There were 21 members at the lirst meeting and-eight others will be admitted at  the next meeting.  Patrick Conway and Frank Henderson,  two scrappers, were fined $5 and $10 respectively in the police court on Monday.  The latter got the heavier dose because he  seemed to be the aggressor in the scrimmage which took place on Front street.  The opening of a branch of the Bank of  British North America here on Monday  last was a surprise to most citizens. II.  O. Marquis of the Sandon branch will  have permanent charge of the new institution, which has already secured some  large accounts. Temporary quarters have  been secured iu Kapp's new building at  the corner of A avenue and Fifth streets.  A hockey club has been organized with  mayor (Ireen as president: Archie Fletcher,  vice-president; and O. Strathern secretary-treasurer. The club has secured the  use of the rink for certain days of the  week and will get down to regular practice, and hopes to arrange matches with  other clubs for the hockey championship  of the district.  The Odd Fellows in the city, of whom  there is a number, intend to organize a  lodge of that society iu this city in the  near future. It is also said that the  Knights of Pythias do not propose to  allow the Kaslo field to lie fallow, but  will establish a branch of their order in  the city.  The steamer International took a number of the members of Kaslo Lodge, A. F.  and A. M. to Nelson last Sunday to attend the funeral of their late brother, G.  II. Rashdall.  The cold snap has made fairly good ice  at the new rink and considerale numbers  are taking advantage of it to indulge in  curling and skating.  The Canadian  Pacilic   Takes Hold of the Pioneer  Company on  Monday.  On Sunday evening next, the Columbia  Ac Jvootenay Steam Navigation company,  a company which has done much to assist  in the development of southern Kootenay,  will be a thing^of the past. As has been  previously reported, tho fleet and business  of the company have been acquired by  the Canadian Pacific Railway company,  and the railway company takes possession  at the end of the present month. ���  No matter what is said for or against  the Columbia Ac Jvootenay Steam Navigation company, it must be admitted tluit  the   men   who   composed  this company  gave southern Ivootenay a transportation  service   which,   for   several    years,   was  ahead of the development of the district,  and  which could not but favorably impress newcomers with its future possibilities.   Those  who come  after, now   that  the future of the district is assured, may  build better boats, may give cheaper fares,  but in doing so they will not be  taking  the chances  which the C. Ac K. company  took,when it entered into the transportation business in West Ivootenay.   There ���  was nothing certain then.   There is every  certainty now.    It speaks well for West  Kootenay that those who composed  this  pioneer company, go out of the business  with a fair return upon the money invested,- despite the circumstance^that they  operated their steamers during good times  and bad times.    From one steamer, built  in 1800, a fleet of seven has grown, including sjome of the finest in the province, and  in return for this plant arid the business  which   their   enterprise   and   pluck   has  created, the membeis of the C. Ac Jv. company have agreed  to accept and divide  among themselves some $200,000.  The first steamer co operate asa general  carrier on the Columbia river was the  Despatch, which was built in 1SS0 by J.  Fred Hume, J3ob Sanderson aud William  Cowan, and in the following year the Columbia Ac Jvootenay Steam Navigation  company was formed by Johu Andrew  Mara, F. S. Barnard and captain John  Irving of .Victoria, who amalgamated with  Hume, Sanderson, and Cowan. The new  company built the steamer Lytton and  purchased the steamer Kootenay; a boat  built in 1SSI or 1SS5 to carry supplies to  the contractors on the C. P. R. construction work Yrc-im points in the United'  States. In JS00 the company laid the keel  of the steamer Nelson, and in the follow-  lowing summer the boat was launched  and operated between Bonner's Ferry and  Nelson. Shortly after this the steamer  Columbia was built at the Dalles and registered as an American bottom, so that the  boat could carry American bonded goods.  This boat was built for the purpose of  making connections with the Spokane  Fulls Ac Northern railway, and was kept  in commission, till the summer of ISOI.  when it was burned. Dining 1S0M the  company purchased the steamer Spokane,  and it was also destroyed by fire a year  later at Kaslo. In IS05 the steamer Nakusp was built to take the place of the  steamer Columbia, and in 1SU0 the steamer  Kokanee was launched for the Nelson and  Jvaslo route. During the past year the  large freight steamer Trail was built for  the Trail Creek business, and the powerful steam tug Columbia for towing barges.  From the period of its inception up till  ISOli. the capacities of the C. ..v. K. company  for handling freight and passenger business were ahead of the development of  the district, and during this latter period  the company built the steamers Kokanee,  Trail, and Columbia, and laid the keel of  the boat to be called the Jvootenay, the  largest of the fleet and of its kind in Canada. This boat was to have been finished  in April, the intention of the company-,  being to give a daily service between  Arrowhead, Robson and Trail. The only  new- stockholders which have beeu taken  into tho company .since its inception are  I). C. Corbin of the Nelson Ac Fort SJiep-  pard railway, and J. O. Graham of Jv'am-  loops, who became interested in the company when the steamer Columbia was  built in 1S0I.  The Columbia tV. Kootenay Steam Navigation company has only one more day to  live as an independent transportation  company. The men who conceived itand  carried it through so many years successfully, did southern Kootenay a service  whicli can scarcely be over estimated. On  Monday they go out of the business with  a reasonable return upon the money invested, and there are none who can begrudge them a cent of it.  What Charcoal Filament Costs.  The most expensive product in the  world, according to the Furopean press.  is the charcoal filament which is employed  for incandescent lamps. It is, for the  most part, .manufactured-in Paris, and  comes from the hands of an artist who  desires his name to remain unknown in  order to better protect the secret of manufacture. It is by the gram (15} grains)  that this product is sold at whole-ale. In  reducing its price to the basis of pounds,  it is easily found that the filaments for  lamps of "20 candles are worth $S,(M. per  pound, and for lamps of M0 caudles they  are worth $12,000 per pound. The former  have a diameter of 2S1001 h of I millimeter  (I millimeter equals .0M0! inch), and the  latter four and oneduilf thousandths of a  millimeter. The filaments for lamps ot  MO candles are so light that it would require nearly 1,500,000 of them to weigh a  pound. As the length of each of them is  10 centimeters (M.0M7 inches), their total  length would be 1S7 miles.  m  (W  r-\'4 v-i ^..'"ffiirfto _ ::; "^t^^V^TT^?:"^^ ���������>,.���*������ v^'',*'T^'^.-^-TT-^-^^  ���rp^^rp^-qr.yf,.'-.-v.-r*7-'.|i ��������� , ���>.,��������'������ T,*.;..-^.-"=*-^ff7"r'r?rj'.'T'-;v-  ',.'������.-��������� |,1vi-r.'3.-7^  !���'  '_j;^Ljl. _ __ _! A  ���   *  _���.__���"_��� __���-������' ���'_ ���<���"-'���     * ���   _    ���&'.  i:' - * - *V. * 1-,..__ _ _������_   ���'. ������.-,.���.'   ".'. '.jf-':  ������.-..:. i*-.ij'-i  --.I   ; V-.ltf> *�����-.��� . .���/-  :_������...���.���   . . 2." ���-.���_._. .Ji .V. ���������   * ���'������ ���   ".���.'���" _."-���-���* Jit '���    ���������*���    ���3'*!   ������  . -i i "ft -*.���������'��� 'li.  :��� '. :-.-.>��� _���*.������ L-i.-.   '_���'- ��������� ��� "t.     ���..*���{ '    I*" *.*v.    ���'-- ���'_.'.:.    ������.- JS.-I-  ������ ���-������  ���"��!..���:�����- :.v.  "������am !��� ������yaiwj-Bu-",] rp|  HI 13  TRIBUIs]^   XELSON,  B. 0, SATURDAY,  .IAXUAIJY :J0,  18i(:  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  TfiK TUIi'ilj.Vii; is nnhlnheii on Sahn-.tiv-, hy Tin;  Tiiiiif.VK l'iuii.isiii:v-(i (';iji!'.inv, ami will Ins mailed  in -iiibscrihei-- on payment ><( Two I)ii.m,.m:s a year.  So .~u'osi;i-iptit):i ta'-con fur Ic-- than it vein*.  J'1-a'UI.iAU   A!IV!:ilTI:<BIKN'T->  printed  lit   llie   fol-  lou'ii-.g  rate-.:     Une  inch,   -".'') a .\car;   i wo  inelies,  ijijii  a   year;   three ��� inclic- SSI a year: fmn* inches.  ������'���'lil a year:  livi* inche-. SIH") a year:  ,-i.*: inohe.-i ami  '    over. ���������:, Hie ra!': of Sl.aO a:i incli  tier month.  'IMAXdlKXT AUy.'-'nT.'-SI-'jiKN'r-j -ii* cent** a line for  lirst ii!su:*i.inii and id rout-, n line fur carl; additional  iii-erlion.    Kirch.   :n.*iri i:igo. iiml <ii*;ilh  mil ices free.  tOi-'.'.i. OH UKAKIXU .MATTICll NOTIOI*'**' 21 com* a  line ii.n*Ii insi'rtion.  JOK l'lUXTING at fair rates. All accounts for job  printing and adwrti.-ing payahle on the lirst of  every mutii.li; -u'o-ciipiion. in advance.  A DDUICSSJ nil communications to  THK TltlHl'X'**'. Nel-on, H.C!.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  D.  1j.iI!.UJ,  M.K.���Physician und .Surgeon.   Hoom- .')  find 1 Higolow block. Nelson.   Tcleplionc l*i.   Ollice  hours from I to 2:',V) p. in. and (':''n to S p. in.'  /-' .'!. II. SYViOXI-K. .'i:.I��., CM., I'l.jHeinn unil Siii*-  **-'��� genu. Oiliee in the Henley building, We.-i linker  -ireel, Nel.-on.  T F. UlTOlfil''. lToviiiciiil Lund .-ur\ cyur. Ollice in  '-' ���    Kllelne building, l'.n���liind. K. ('.  WJ. II. liOi.MF.S. c. !���;.    Provincial Lund -Surveyor.  ���    P. O. bos Si, Kn.-.i<,. IJ. (J.  J  C GW1LL1M,  li.A.Su.il XV. S. JOHNSON, Il.A.Sc.  -.-Minine;    F.nu-ineer.-   .ind   Anal} lienl   Clieiui.-I.s,  .Slocan City. H. C.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  A      NKLSON LOIIGK, XO. 2A, A. F. & A  ���c*-'*W second Wednesday in each month.  /���^A brethren invited.  . M.   Meets  ujourning  Ask Your  Shoe   Dealer  for the  Famous  "���AMBY RUBBER GOODS  unn��  ���uuhe  @ribtxrte��  SATURDAY "MORNING  .JANUARY  ''(J, IS;'-  Fuo.M the manner in which  the jirovin-  cial government has handled the work of  revising  the statutes,  it  is evident thatv  the sole object of the provincial government was to enable chief justice Theodore  Davie to make as much  money out of the  province as possible.    From   first to last  this was the only consideration kept in  sigiit.    One of the lastfcacts of Theodore  Davie's government was  to  vote #25.000  for the work of revising the statutes, at a  time  when Theodore  Davie was pulling  the strings for the office of chief justice.  Jle got this job, and one of the first acts  of  the so-called government  which  succeeded his own., was the isstrinceof a commission to chief justice Davie as sole revising commissioner of the statu tes. It wasone  of the cheekiest things a gov'orumeut over  did.    Jn any other province there, would  have  been   two or  three commissioners,  but the people who are running tl e government  wanted   chief justice Davie  to  make all he could  out of the job, and he  was',giveil  the entire work. -The first installment   of   the    commissioner's    work  came before the legislature last session in  the form of a draft.    This was supposed  to represent 'one-third of the  work, and  for it the com missioner received $7500. At  this session of the legislature there was  ' general complaint against the government;  for  entrusting such  important  work  to  one man, and the government agreed to  enlarge the commission.    This wasa year  ago, but up till the previous week chief  justice .Davie remained the sole commis-  , sioner, ,and proceeded with the  work  of  revision.    What his charges for the balance of the work will be remains to bes^en.  ; Here  comes  the   ridiculous  part   of the  whole business.-   Chief justice Davie has  returned his comtiiissien and  the government has appointed'a  new  commission  composed  of   chief   justice   Davie   and  justices   Walkem   and  Drake,   to  revise  the   revision   prepared   by chief justice  Davie.    This is the government which the  Colonist  and    Vancouver   World   say  is  conducted ou business principles.   'Before  going further Tiik' Tuiul'xk. would  suggest that .the legislature 'appoint a commission to enquire into the sanity of the  members of the cabinet. ���,.,  Duncan MeMoath, assistant postmaster  at Nelson, has made application for the  office of mining recorder, made vacant by  thedeathof G. 11. Kashdall. ."WcBeath is  a man capable of discharging the duties  of the office, and Tut: Tkiuun-13 would  like to see him win the race. Unforiu-  n-itely for McJ3.ea.tli in this matter, he is a  Canadian,. aud 'British. Columbia is the  one province .in the Dominion where Canadians are not considered equally worthy  with Fnglishmen to hold down government jobs.  J.v the interests of the people of Kain-  ioops, it is to be hoped that the provincial  government has given  over its hobby of  making ivamloops the breeding  place i'or  tubercular diseases by the founding of a  consumptive's hospital.  Ina recent issue  of the Medical Age ti ere a| -pears'a n article  advancing the necessity of the  isolation  of   consumptives   and   condemning    the  practice of   medicai   men   recommending  consumptives'to seek some salubrious or  favored location  to  the detriment of the  residents   of   such    places.    The   Medical  Age    says    that    Wiscon-sin, .California.  Sexv Mexico, and  Colorado have already  realized the evil effect upon their own inhabitants owing trj  the continuous presence of consumptives.    With  the experience of these   four slates   before it, it is  difficult to understand  the action of the  provincial   government    in    offering    to  bonus a consumptive's hospital  at .Ivamloops for the in'ipoi tation of consumptives  from eastern Canada.    Do   the  people  of  Jvamioops think more of the few  dollars  these   consumptives   would   spend   than  they  do  of  the  general   health  of  their  city?     Tiie   people  of   ivamloops  should  know   that   consumptives- will   flock   to  |; heir city fast enough.    They should   re-  It may or may 'not' be in the best interests of the province of liritish Columbia  that the Crow's Nest road should be built  by  the ..Canadian   Pacific  Railway company, but it may be accepted  now that  when    the  road  is   built,   the  Canadian  Pacific will   practically do   the building.  This will occur not on account of change  of feeling on the part of the people most  affected, but because it will suit the convenience of senator Cox and Mr. Ja If ray  of the Toronto Globe, and the bosses  of  the  .Liberal' party.    It is an open secret  that the  Canadian  Pacific  company intends making a fight for thegovernment  concessions   which will  go to those who  build the road. Jtis known thatif Messrs.  Cox and JeiTray have not purchased the  charter of the British Columbia Southern  B'ail'.vay company, they have  purchased  assets ol: the company, which amount to  the same  thing.    It is not to be supposed  Lhat Messrs. Cox and .7affray became  interested in British Columbia before making sure of a market for their purchases,  ft is not to be supposed  that such   loyal  (it-its are going to set the Liberal party in  ���iiitagonism to the big railway company.  What i.s more likely  is that they will all  put their heads together and fix things so  that all will get a whack out of the public  chest.    An   independent    company   may  build  the Crow's Nest   Pass   road, but it  will have power to lease or sell  the road  when it is completed, and about this time  the Canadian   Pacific   Hailway  company  will take a hand in the game.  rulay morning a  man   giving  his  Ox F  nam:; as Cunningham, called upon the  government agent in company with two  other men and requested protection, in  the course of a conversation it came out  that the men Cunningham wished to be  piotectetl from were the two men who ac-  nccompanicd him. His story was that he  had taken a petty contract from the Hall  Mines company, and had hired tlie two  men to work for him. Ife said he dvew  the money due upon the contract from  the company, and having squandered it.  was tumble to pay the wages of the men  he had hired. This is a state of things  wliich should not be permitted to exist in  i sent any action on the part ofimy government which sought to make their city  the mecca of disease spreading invalids.  Ox ���Monday the Hank of JJritish. Xorlh  America opened a branch in ivaslo. This,  makes the fourth bank opened in the Slo-  etin section during the pa^t two months.  The chartered banks of Canada are not'  very quick at moving, but when thcyestab-  lish branches in a section it may be taken  to mean that its outlook is very bright. It  is worth remembering that within the  last, few nionths six branch banks have  been established in.southern  Kootenay.  Tin*; Spokane Review does not like the  idea of an export duty being placed upou  Lhe ores of liritish Columbia.    The   idea  of this (ax is repugnant to the Review-" because it is apparent that when such a tax  i.s imposed, it will result in  the building  up of Canadian towns instead of American  towns as at present.    For this reason   the  Review undertakes  to  tell   the people of  British Columbia that an export duty on  ore would not be a good  thing for them.  For  so   pretentious a paper,  is  not  this  logic and statement a little out of joint:  . "'The people of Ivootenayr wan t local smei-  '* tors, have them already.^and  will have  ������' more,   but they have  no  intention  of  i! surrendering their  mining interests  to  ���' the  danger of  a  local   smelting   trust.  -' They want the competition of the Am-  ������ erican smelters.    In the  I'nited States  ���'��� nothing   i.s   ever   heard   about   export  ������ taxes, for  the  simple  reason that  the  ���* framers of the constitution laid a ban  " upon that form of taxation.''    Jt would  be interesting tc=iiavo the Review explain  why those who declare  themselves to  be  protectionists  should   pi sice  a  ban  upon  that form   of taxation  known as export  duties. Jf-it isgood that the manufactures  of all other countries should  be kept out  of the I'nited States by .means of a  protective tariff, there can  be no heresy  in  advocating an export tax upon raw materials, so that these raw  materials may  be worked up in  the  I'nited  States.    Jt  would also be refreshing to have tho  Review explain how the mine owners would  be delivered  over to a smelting trust, if  by  the operation of such a  law, several  smelters   were   added   to   lhp*--e already  competing for the ores of the Slocan and  Trail   Creek.    An export duty on British  Columbia  ores   will   be a   bad   thing  for  Spokane and the towns along the S. F. Ac  S. railway, but  it will be a  good tiling  for    southern     Kootenay     and    J3ritish  Columbia.  any country. If a. company adopts the  policy oi farming out all its work in small  conlrat-ts, there should be some provision  to prevent dishonest contractors from  swindling workmen out of their wages,  The company having the work done  should be made responsible I'or,the wages  due upon the work up to the full price  of tlie contract".  'Tin*; first dividend to be earned by a  mining company operating in the Lake of  the Woods disti ict, was declared in Toronto on January 22nd. There is a grim  humor iu the manner in which the press  report of the affair was put together:  "The Golden Gate Mining company direc-  " tors-met this afternoon and declared a  " dividend of 50 per cent. This is the first  ���'company operating in the Lake of the  ���' Woods to declare a. dividend. The  " money was made, not by working the  " mine, but by a sale to an Knglishmnn  " mimed Laycock."  .1. M. Ivioi.lii:. member for the north  riding of the district, claims that West  Kootenay is indebted to tlie province  something like a quarter of a million dollar's. Mr. Jvellie's estimate may be accurate���as accurate as premier Turner's  famous telegram regarding the tax on  coal, but Tin*; Tuiiu-xk is of the opinion  that West Kootenay does not owe the  province a dollar���either directly or indirectly. Last year the people of Kootenay contributed close on to $200,000 of (he  province's- revenue. Will Air. Jvellie tell  the people how much was expended in the  district in, the way of salaries, public  works, administration of justice,''etc.?  Statement of Canada's Trade.  The statement of Canada's trade for the  six month'e ending December, shows the  total exports to be $80,008..30-1, compared  with $72.-110,81-1, for the same time iu 181)5,  or an increase of over eight million dollars. The imports for the same period  were $5S,I82,J07. compared with $57,008,02(5  in 1805. The duty collected for the pa--t  six months was $D.('83,080, compared with  $!),070,827 for the same time in the previous  year, a decrease of nearly $-300,000.  A  NELSON,  B. C  �� y  _/  Are not the   places newcomers are   apt   to,select a.s   worthy .of their patronao-c.  is   no  renovation  you  want paints,  to   a   business  house equal  oils,   varnishes,   or  brushes,  ���n that is going" 'do.wn hill.  There  to a coat   o!"  fresh,  paint.  When  get  prices at  the  "a  I  Wl  s=__  IMF  __k ^__^c<^  ".ailway a  LkV   Ui0uU.il  8F  P  Hailway  are to be built during the vear  1897.     Construction Avork has  already commenced on the last  named.     These two roads with  the two already having- terminals at Nelson will make Nelson  the railway center of Southern  British Columbia.     Real estate  in   railway  centers  rapidly   increases   in   value--���.often   more  rapidly than stocks in undeveloped   mines���and   Nelson  will  be.no exception.     The following described property is choice  and'the prices such as to insure  purchasers   against   making   a  losing:  Nothing- succeeds like success;  _ui success cannot be had  unless the people  in the town help each other.  Those who   were in   business  in Nelson in the  Years 1S9S and 1SG4,  and escaped a debtors' prison,  deserve success  &  It mig-ht be well  to add that  of late "drummers"  i'or eastern clothing- firms  have guven this  section of Kootenay the gx>-by  No better evidence  could be wanting- that  we are giving? our patrons the  best of satisfaction  (T\  a h  I slo  <?"=-���. ,<<-%=  ias  V     VI     .��  \r  raa-scfl  tr,  rv  Capital $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto,  Ontario.  on can make use ��� of water, power. 50 miles from your mines with our system  ���' -;���'���>:���  -���-36  We can also sell you complete telephone outfits andinstall them  British Columbia Branch Offices        G^^^l^^_^^^R        Frank Darling, Kootenay Agent  . .. ��� AMD. -WATER- PURIFIER.        r',v.-;--.  ''iiiH.ro 11 tccil 7 .por cent boiler llitin aiiy oilier nuiko of hunter      The W'obsler System of ircating with' Exhaust Steiini relieves hack pressure on pnirine  I lie Mor.~e Naive ltesenter will resent, -my stylo of valve without removing valve  Darling Bros. Adjustable Pipe Cutter -Cuts- Pipe, my metalj 3-4 to 24 inches in diameter  Street Kyclrrtiils.' fin to Valves. I'ipe. Orescent. Drill .Sled. Wire' I.topu       Freight and I'assonger Klovalors ���  Office,  Hodgins building, iioxt Phair Hotel,  Nelson Wri-te FRANK DARLING, Sole Agent for British Columbia  NELSON   PROPERTY  Price  AOxliil fool. OM   Baker street,  with   ---story  ofllce buililiiiK-   Tonus  ....     $.1,210  iiOxlL'i) feet on   Vernon street, with  -'-stoiy  bu-iinoss block.    Terms    ">,I)II0  2 "ix I iii l feet, on Vernon si reel (a corner) wilh  improvements. Terms       1,1)1)1)  liiltxl-il) feet, on -Vernon street., (a corner! with  improvements.   Terms       a.diNl  alixlliD feet nt corner of Ward awl Hoover  streels, wilh Ill-mum dwelling house. All  inoilern conveniences.   Terms.;.... ���    .''./ion  ���i'i."120 feel on Victoria street, wilh ���i-sloiy  tlwolliiig.     Terms    ���.'.(lilil  iW.'.xli'U feet on Victoria slroe'l, .with cottage  'Voi ms    ���i..'.'Ml  L'.'ixl'-'li feel cornel' Victoria, and llendryx  streets.   Terni-i- \..     .S.">0  ***%&?���  1436 Front Street   KASLO.  6341  Silver Street, SANDON,  I  Stoves, Tinware,   Etc.  Agents for Canadian Rand Drill Company,  Gurney-Tilden Stoves and Ranges.  ���THE  OKANAGAN   FLOUR  MILLS  COMPANY, Limited  ROLLER   MILLS, ARMSTRONG,  B. C.  OUTSIDE   PROPERTY  Price  An undivided one-lbil'd interest in the town-  site of .Silverton. on Slocan lake.   Tonus..Sl.iWO  An  undivided one-foiirlh interest, in Trout  Lake  I'ily  townsite, in Lard can district,.  Term--  L'.fldO  HUNGARIAN   XXXX  CHOPPED   FEED  STRONG   BAKERS  CHICKEN   WHEAT  MIXED   CARLOAD  JUST  ARRIVED  T'URNER, BEETO'N   &  CO.,  S cm  P   AHFMT.Ci   PDR   R   C  SHORTS  BRAN  SOLE AGENTS FOR B.C.  Otlice :    l 'orner Vernon nii'l  Ward streets, N'elson.  II. (',.  Application   for   Liquor License.  N'olice N hereby given 111:ir the niiiler.-igncil will. at. the  e.\ pirn I ion of ii'l days, apply lo the sll pel id in ry magistrate  of West ICootciiay dislricl. for a license l.o sell liipiorat  retail Ml the liiver.-iilc hotel at. Siilmo. H. (.'.  Wild,IAM THOMAS I-KADU**.  Killed, .lanuary 'J.'ird. IOT. |.lan. :!0tli|  Cars'of Bedroom  suits ana umirij  urn it ure  Room  Oar of FiSattresses  and UPHQL  FURNITURE  THESE  GOOCS WILL BE OFFERED AT ADVANTAGEOUS PRIGES FOR CASH  SPECIAL RATES TO HOTELS  Kiln-dried and other Lumber  can, now be obtained at the  yard; also Sashes, Doors, Veranda and Newel Posts, Base  and Corner Blocks, Brackets,  Balusters, Mouldings, Etc.,  Etc.,   at lowest prices.  CIIAULKS .1. KAl'PS. Proprietor.  P.O. Hox, l(i, Ivaslo, B.C.  LARGE CONSIGNMENT OF WALL PAPERS . . .  . . . KEPT IN STOCK AT ALL TIMES  cA  9.  To: Boys:   The Tribune pay 25 cents per pound for rags  "Manufacturer of J  and dealer in    "l  C'TI"A"MI"'AIGNK CHUCKS.  J1KLKAST GINGKIt AI.K, AND  CAI-ISONATKI) KKINIvS  OK A LI, KINKS.  /#;-^*,"'i'  1 f_V '-���:,���  Special attention given to all orders.  Satisfaction Kiiurnnteed.  "���Huxps-1" ���ivmyriT'V W*FTSWS'Wdi"^' vr^f'^''T*''yW\ ���mw*ip$u',\ t*$y     .^  i ���!��� ��� ii . ��������� ������n 1 ,s���n-.��� ^.-������-������������   ���   . ii-�����������������������- ���������ij��.,f ii"  'Slt-SW     _______._..  I .mi       i ...  m  ii-ti   .      i i in j..���r���iw.-' ��� *���"!������,���������w���f-������"������ r. --iv"r.���T!l^T^������^,^M^1^,^:^T;^^.^^'���^��� ^.-{'l,��� .z*r.r V-*i'* ��"���,' "       ��� "���.'������'��� t"Wi'^j&'?'<<U^^',&y'L''ii��^i^*'&^"--A*:'f���'i THE  TRIBUTE:   XKLSOX,   B.C.,  SATURDAY  'JANUARY   PA   18!)  n  ��� >  $12,000,000  ,6,000,000  Sir DONALD A.  SMITH   lion. OKO. A. DRUM MONK,  K. S. CLOUSTON    President,  ....Vice-President  .General Manager  "ISr,ELSO*N"   _3"E:i^V"_TC"_r  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.  ���         1IKAXC1IKS IN       LONDON  (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO,  and in tho principal cities in Canada.  T.iiy and sell Sterling rl'-xchunga and Cable Transfers  (lltAN'T COMMKKCIAL AMI. TKAVlOI.l.HltS' Cltl-'DITti,  available in any part of Lhe world.  UllAKTS  ISSUKIl    COI.I.IiCTIONS MADE*  KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  RATK OF'INTI**RKST (al, present) 8 Per Cent.  HIS   SAGE   ADVICE.  "Pardon me, hut is tliis Dr. CiU'ley,,t]ie  famous specialist:'" inquired a worried  looking man standing on Lhe station platform in a country town, addressing a  broad-browed gentleman who was gazing  thoughtfully out of au oijoti window of  the Pullman car.  ������J am Or. Cm-ley,"' replied tlie gentleman genially. "What can I do for you,  sir?"  '"Well, doctor," replied the anxious man,  "���' I learned that you were to pass through  here on this (rain, and came to see if I  could in any manner prevail on you to  stop off long enough to see my wife, who  litis beeu lying in a cataleptic lit for nearly  two weeks:- She is being attended by  every physician in this town, and all those  iu the neighboring towns have visited  her, and none of them have been able to  do her tho slightest, good. They have exhausted their skill in her behalf, and yet  she has not -poken a word nor evinced  the slightest glimmering of consciousness  during the whole time. It is not a matter  of money, doctor. Name your fee. whatever it may be,and it shall be paid you in  advance, if you will only give her the  benefit of yoiu-;skill and learning."  "It i.s not necesstiry for me to see the  lady, my friend," replied the great man  cheerily, '���and as for the fee, if you happen to have a good cigar about you, I'll  smoke it with pleasure, aud "  * "Jin t". doctor, my wife���  "Oh, do not worry about  her. my dear  sir!   Simply remain out till half-past one  o'clock tonight, and then tip-toe upstairs  -'with all possible caution. Never fear;  she'll wake up."   Then   the  train   pulled  onward. The anxious husband followed  the   celebrated   physician's   advice   that  ��� '-'night in Tear and trembling, aud mentally  bowed in reverence befere the great man's \  ''acumen, when the wife of Uis bosom  promptly sat up in bed and accused him  of having been drinking.  THE   FREAKISH   RIO   GRANDE.  The Rio Grande is a river 1500 miles  long, measured in its windings. For a  few." miles, at" its mouth, light draught  steamers run up from the Gulf of Mexico-  above that it doesn't float a craft except  at ferries. In the old days, when New  Mexico was a province of Spain, the people along the river didn't'even have ferryboats, and the only way they had of getting across'was by fording. For this  'purpose, a special breed of large horses  were reared to be kept at the fords. When  the river was too high i'or these horses to  wade across, travelers camped on the  bank and waited for the waters to subside. Now there are bridges over the  river at the larger Bio Graude towns, and  in other places rope ferries and row boats  are the means of crossing.  In times of low water, a stranger seeing  its current for the first time, would be  apt to think slightingly of the Rio Bravo  del Norte. Meandering in a small part of  a very wide channel he would see only a  little muddy stream; for, ordinarily, nine-  tenths of the Rio Grande'is underground,  the water soaking through the sand*; beneath its channel. The valley, bounded  everywhere to left anrl to right by mountains or foothills, is sandy; and the water,  percolating the sands down to hard pan,  spreads out on each side so that it may  always be found any where in the valley  by digging down to the level of the  river's surface. For the greater part of  the year the river ti.boveground flows swift  and mudcly, narrowing as it swirls round  a sand bar and widens overshallows. Rut  what strikes the stranger most queerly i.s  its disappearance altogether for reaches,  many miles in length, of its channel,  which, except, it may be, i'or a water hole  here and there, as dry as Sahara. The  river is keeping right along about its business, however, and where a rock reef or  clay bed blocks its subterranean current  it emerges to the surface tind takes a fresh  start above ground, running as a. big  stream which, further down, may lose  itself in the stinds again.  Imuri, Kafa, /\ssai:i, Besta, and other choice  wares.   Fans, Screens, Baske-ts.  Thomson Stationery Go., Ltd.  NKLSON, I!. C  OO 0 9  Will be the business centre for  the rich mines on Springer  Creek and Slocan Lake. This  i.s one of the richest" districts in  British Columbia. '  FF^NK FLETCHER Trustee.  on  popepty  The Great West  Winnipeg-, Mann.'  A. MACDONALD,    |    J. H. BROCK,  PRESIDENT.  .MANACIIN'C!   Dlltia'TOIt.  HUGH i-i. G/\MEH0N, Nelson, B. G.  oi:n*i:i*ai, Afir:NT i*-oit icootunay' oisthict.  Arc the meals mid lunches served ut, the  Vienna Bakery and Rcstaurunl. Chicken,  Jinked'Hani, Boston 'linked Beans, Cakes,  Pics, Rolls, and all kinds of Soft Drinks  constantly on hand. Picnic Lunches mil,  up to order. A variety of Cigars and  Candies always on hand.  John Humer, Prop.  THE~TREMONT  *N"-*E3*rjSO*N*  MA1.0NK-& TltI"*GILl,US, Proprietors.  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district, and  is tho headquarters for prospectors and miners.  qrand"View hotel  "F"R"Hir*)*H]3K"rca:o*isr  TOAD "MOUNTAIN  P. T. MORICK, Proprietor.  Kxcellcnt accommodation furnished the traveling public  Prospector's and miner's supplies kept on hand.  THE GRAND" HOTEL  SPOKA-TSTE,   WASH.  Corner Main and Howard Streets  A. JO. J. I'tfRCIVAL,  .t-AXAI'l-'K.-  Newly furnished-and strictly first-class throughout.  Hendiiuarlors for mining men. Elevator service night  und day. Steam heating in every room. Kuropean and  American plan:  commission and  irtered for tow-  ino", etc.     Apply to  is now  can be  in��  m  ch;  Kootenay Mining���& Smelting;Co.  ITU-T MAY, OK TO  Captain Allan Lane, on board.  BNSMOHE TYPEWRITER  The only perfect Typewriter upon lhe market  It has all the latest contrivances fo fncllilnte  ������need without sucrillcing flu: iipijourunce of  the work.    Cull und see the machine  E. T. f-J. Simpkins, Agent for Kootenay, Nelson  Mrs.    Morley  receive  pupils I  or or��*an.     For  is prepared to  or piano, violin  ��� terms  Apply to Thomson .Stationery Co., Ltd,, Nelson  CHARLES JXSZKOWICZ,  Watchmaker and Jeweler.  .RNI'AIRINO A SPKCIALTY  RAKKR ST. NKLSON  Six tons of railway.steel for  sale-���all lengths from two to  thirty feet. Apply to R. E.  Lemon, room 2, Clements &  Hillyer block, Nelson.  .\m. ::ii.  Certificate  of  the  Registration   of a   Foreign  Company!'  "COMI'ANIKS   Ad  'Paut  IV. and   A.mi*:.vi>i.n(i  Acis.  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  N ICO LET AMI .8X131.1,1X0' . MlXKItAI. . CLAIMS. SITU ATI*: I.V  Till: AINSWORTH -MINING DIVISION' OK .WKST KOO.TIt-  XAV DIS'I'HICT, AND I.OOATICD AHOUT. ONK AM) O.S'I'-  IIAI,)*,MILK'S   XOKTII   OK   TDK TOW.','  OK  AIN.HWOHT1I.  Take notice thai I. A. 8. Kurwell, agent, I'or .lo-iah  Thompson,.jr.,'free miner's certificate No. lil,Oil, intend,  sixty days from the dale hereof, Io apply to-1 he mining,  recorder for certilicates of improvement**, for the purpose of obtaining crown grants ol' the above claims. And  further take notice that action, under section A7, must be  laken before the issuance of such certificates of improvements. . , A. S. KARWKLL.  1 Mled, this 2(ith day of November. ISOI1.       , (Dec. ,*ith.'  MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION OF THE  Hall Exploration of British Columbia,  I.IIIITKI).  TIIK COM PA NIKS ACTS. ISia TO ISM.  '���St.'.VSKT (iOl.li AND SII.VKIi'JIlNIXtl.COJII'AXV/' (KOItlilliX.)  Registered the Slh day of .January,, 1SD7.  T JIKKKHV OKI IT IK V.Thai, I have thisday registered  ���*-   the "Sunset Gold and Silver .Mining Company. (Foreign,) under the "Coinp.iuies Ael, Part IV. "Rogislrul ion  of Korean C'oiniianics" and Amending Acts.  Tho head ollice of the said company is situate at the  cily of Minneapolis, "Minue-otii, h.ti.A.  ' The objecls for which the company is c-tablished are:  Mining, smelting, reducing, rcllning, und working ores  oi* minerals; working coal minus, and stone quarries and  marketing the materials: manufacturing brick, stone,  iron, steel, copper, and other metals: and I'or the purpose  of buying, working, selling, dealing in mineral and oilier  lands iu "Minnesota. United fetalcs of America, and in I lie  province of Hritish Columbia;.  The capital .-.lock of ihesaid company is $2d().0O0'divided  info ���WO.OUO shares, of the par value of .one dollar each.  (liven under my hand and scal-of-oflicc at Victoria,  province of British Columbia,.this iith day of January.  18117. -    S. V. WOOTTO.V.  '   Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  MINING STOCK FOR SALE  10,000  SHARES   IN THE SUNSET COLD & SILVER  MININC  COMPANY.  Tho Sunset Gold antl Silver Mining company owns and  operates the. Josie mineral claim, a ixce-inillihg gold proposition, situated near lhe Poormanmineon Kagle crock,  live miles southwest of Nelson ; and the Sunset mine, a  crown granted silver-lead and .copper proposition, situated in the Whitewater ba.-in, in tlie Sloe.m district.  On fhe Sunset there are ten men working, and the development consists of a Id-foot shaft. The Sunset vein  on the surl'itce was 'three feet wide, and it; has gradually  increased in width, being (I feel wide at. the 1,'i-fool level.  The pay streak of galena ore,varies from S lo 11 inches in  width. ..The company has one carload of ore ready for  shipment, and will have a second carload'ready by February 1st. The Sunset mine is about 1S00 feet from the  .'upper funnel of the Whitewater 'mine, and adjoins the  Wellington in ine on the east and I he Colorado out he west.  For further particulars apply al'the Sunset Gold and  Silver Mining Company's ollice, I loom i, Clements &  Hillvor Block, Raker ***lrcer. Nelson. R.C.  I!.  1*:.  LEMON, "Vranagrr.  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  Yinir, Rockland, Golden Horn, Mugwump, and Robertson  Fraction mineral claims, situate in the Nelson Mining  Division of West Kootenay District, and located on the  northwest, fork of- Wild Horse creek, a tributary of  Salmon River.  Take notice that T, Charles A. Stoess. of ICaslo, British  Columbia, acting as agent for Joseph l'itre, free miner's  ecrtillonte No. (>S.2!)li, Jerome Pitre. free miner's certificate No. 7A,0:12. Oliver Blair, free miner's cerl ilicate No.  f'l'.IMi. and Richard 11. Wood, free miner's certilicate No.  ;'i."),0,'>7. intend sixty days from lhe date hereof, lo apply to  the .mining'recorder for certilicates of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining crown grants of t he above  claims. And further take notice that action, under see-  lion A7, must be commenced before lhe issuance of such  certificate of��� improvement'*, CIIARLKS A. STOKSS.  Rated, this 1st, day of January, I8.i". l.Jiin !lth |  _  Notice  of  Application   for' Certificate  Improvements.  01,1) SONOMA MINURAI. CLAIM, SITl'ATi; IN TIIK TUOUT  LAIC)'. MININC DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAV DIS-  THIOT,  AHOUT   T11UKIC   MILKS    KliOM   TIIK   KOUKS   OK   *l'IIK-UI*!'KH-"I;M{r.O   IJI-VKK,  AND   A   SOl'TII ICHI.V   U.V-  TKNSION  OK TIIK   MKOAIIVIKW  MINKItAL CLAIM.  Take notice that I, Charles Molson, acting in my own  behalf, and as agent, for William Caldwell, JIarry 'Mop-  good, and Robert Klson, free miner's certificates No.  Tfl.fWll, 58,2-11, C*i,U10, and IH.Ii.'lt) intend 50 .days from the  date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certilicate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of the above claim. And further take  notice that action, under section A7, must be commenced  before the issuance of such certilicate of improvements.  CIIARLKS MOLSON.  Dated, (his 19lh day of November, ISilli.        [Dec. lflth.|  Notice of Application for Crown Grant.  Take notice that P. Burns and XV. A. Campbell have  tiled the necessary papers and made application for a  crown grant in favor of Ihe mineral claim Iron Colt,  situated in the Trail Creek mining division, of West  Ivootenay district. Adverse claimants, if any. must file  their objections with me within (ii) days from the date of  tho first, appearance of this notice in the Hritish Columbia Gazette. Dated Nelson, R. C, 2nd December, ISIJii.  N. I'TTZSTUI-BS, Government Agent.  Notice of Application For Crown Grant.  Take notice that C. IT. Kllacott acting as agent, for the  Gopher Gold .Mining Company, Limited Liability, has  .filed the necessary papers and made application for a  crown'grant in favor of the mineral claim "Gopher,"  situated in the Trail Creek milling divUion of West  Kootenay district. Adverse claimants, if any. must file  their objections with me .within (10 days from the dale of  the lirst publication of Ibis notice in the British Columbia Gazette.       N. FfTZSTUBUS, Government Agent  Dated, Nelson, B. C, January lib. ISA". IJan. Oth]'  Notice of Application For Crown Grant.  Take notice that John Johnson has filed the necessary  papers aud made application fnr.aerowii'grant in favor  of the Venelia Roy Mineral claim, situated in-the Nel-  sr u mining divi-ion of West Ivootenay district. Adverse claimants (if any) musl, file their objections with  me within (!() days from the date of the first appearance  of this notice in the liritish Columbia Gnzette. Dated  at Nelson, B. C, December 2S. ISDIi, (January 2nd.]  NYFrr/STUBHS. Government Agent.  Private Bill Notice.  Not ice is hereby given that application will he made to  the legislative assembly of the province of British Columbia at its next session.for an act. to amend the "Lillooet, Fraser River S: Cariboo Gold Fields, Limited, Act  lS'lli," by giving power to the company lo amend its articles and memorandum of nti-ocialion from time lo time  as the company mav docm nccessarv.  Mol'IllLLIPS, WOOTTON &  BARNARD.  Solicitor for the  Anpl'cmits.  Dated nt Victoria, B. (':.. ReceuibcrL'mli. ISilli.   |.lan.!llh|  Private   Bill   Notice.  Notice is hereby given Mini the Alberla Railway and  Coal Company will apply to parliament at its next session I'or an act to revive I lu; powers given to it, under ."���.'���  Victoria. Chapter Sll, and 11-10 Victoria, Chapter III), parliament, of Canada, lo extend and npcrnlo its railwav  from Lefhbridge to Hope or some other point iu British  Columbia hy way of Fori Macleod and through the Crow's  Nest Pa-s, and giving it power also to build and operate  branch lines and a railway from some point on Slocan  lake lo Rossland anil Trail.  A. FKI'GCSON, Solicitor for Applicants.  Dated, Nelson, December 22nd, |S!)i'i. |l)ec. 2lith.|  Private Bill Notice.  Notice is hereby given Unit application will be made at  the next, sitting of the logi-dnfivo assembly of lho province of British Columbia for an ael incorporating a company for tho purpose of establishing water works and  supplying waler for mining, domestic, manufacturing,  fire, power and other purposes to the inhabitants of tlie  town of N'elson and its vicinity, and.to lay pipes and erect  11 nines fur the conveyance and supply thereof; llie water  to be obtained from Anderson ereek. near lhc town of  Nelson aforesaid : and for all fhe other necessary rights,  powers and privileges as are incidental or conducive to  the al laiiimenl of the above objects.  A. .MAIN U' A 111 Nf i.JOM NHON,  Solicitor for Applicants.  Dated, at Xelson, B. ('., this l!Mh day of December, ISilli.  Notice of Dissolution oi* Copartnership.  The partnership hereloforo existing between .lame-- A.  Gilker and Francis li. Wells, doing a gent's furnishing  business at Revelstoke and Nelson. British Columbia,  under the llrm name of Gilker ,*;- Wells, has Ihisdii v been  dissolved bv mutual consenl. FRANCIS If. Wr'RL.-*.  Witnesses; J. A. GILK'KK.  R. R. Mociikai:,  Ronivin* A. I'KNWH'K.  Dated. Nelson, British Columbia, January liilh, 1.SD7.  NOTICE.  I hereby give notice that I am entitled loan undivided  one-fourlh interest iu lhe Starter mineral claim, sil utile  on lhe west side of the north fork of the Salmon river, in  the Nelson mining divi-ion of West Ivootenay di-tricl.  Witness:   P. McL. Fokin. K. li. RAGLAND.  Daled at Rossland this 121 h (lay of January, 1SH7.  Notice   of- Application   for   Certificate   of  ��� Improvements.  liltOAIlVlKW MINIM*,* I, CLAIMS, ..SITUATK IN TIIK TIJOUT  LAICK MININC DIVISION OK WKST K.OO'1 ISNAV IHSTHICT,  ON I'lIK NOItTII SIDK Ol' THOU'I' L.VKIJ, WKST KOOTKNAV  DLSTKICT. AND IIKINO A HOUTII KltLY .���.-KXTKNSION OK  'I'lIK   IIILI..SIDIC  .MINKItAL CLAIM.  Take notice thai I, Charles Molson, acting ns agent for  P. Al. Walker, free miner's certilicate No. (i2,5.i.'l, intend  (JI) days from the date hereof, to apply to the milling recorder for a certilicate of improvements for the purpose  of obtaining ii ''crown, grant of the above claim. And  further lake notice that, action, under, section AT. musl.  be commenced before the i-suance of such certillc.ile of  improvement*. CIIARLKS .MOLSON.  Dated, this h.th day of November. 1SIW.        |IJee. tilth.]  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate of  Improvements.  Anne Mineral Claim, situate in the Illecillewaet Mining  Division  of West,   Kootenay   District, and  Located  about three anda half miles east of Illecillewaet. and  about lot) feet from the railway track north.  Take nolice lhat I. Frank Slillnuui I laniard, acting on  behalf of the Lillooet, Fraser, .River ���&. Cariboo   Gold  Fields, .Limited, free  miner's   certificate No. S!l,0I8, is-'  sued at Now,Westminster on October :11st, ISfili, intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for a certificate-of improvements'for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further take nolice (.hat action, under section "'", iniisl be  commenced before the ir-suanco of such certificate of improvements. F, S. BARNAHR'  : Dated, this 12th day of January, 1S!)7. [Jan. 2:ird]  Notice  of Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  ALI'Il.V   MINKItAL   CLAIM, SITUATK, IN   TIIE'TltOUT   LAICK  MINING   DIVISION   OK   WKST   KOOTKNAV   DISTItlCT, ON  (I KKAT NOItTIIKKN MOUNTAIN. ON   A   I'AltAI.LKL LKIKIK  ���TO ..TUB'.'OltKAT NOItTII KJtX  'l.KDCK,   AND   SOUTH KltLY  KXTKNSION Ol*' TIIK NOIi'l'MKHN L1CI1T MIN lilt A I. CLA IM.  Take notice that I. Charles .Molson, acting as agent for  Reginald Norfhall-I.aurie, free 'miner's certificate No.  (il*,S7l, issued at liossland on May 2Slb, ISiKi. intend sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply lo the mining recorder for a'certificate of improvement!-) for the purpose  of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further take notice.that action, under section'.''?, musl  be coiiimenced before the issuance of such certificate of  improvements. CIIARLKS MOLSON.  Dated, this 2!fh day of December, ISilli.        [Dee. 2(iih.j  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  of  Improvements.  C'L-TTKll' KltACTION    MINKItAL   CLAIM.  SITUATK    IN--Till:  TltOUT.'I.AKK   MININC   DIVISION   OK   WKST  IvOOTKNA*.  "OISTHICT,   AND   LOCATKD   ON   TIIK   OltKAT   NOItTII I-UN  l.KDCK.  AHOUT SIN   MILKS   KltOM  TltOUT, LAICK CITV.  Take notice that I, Charles Molson. acting as agent for  Kdgar A. Bennett, free miner's certificate No. S!i.(l."*2, issued at New Westminster on November ,'ird, ISUIJ. intend  sixty days from the dale hereof, to apply fo the .mining  recorder I'or a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further take notice that, action, under section Al, musi  he commenced before the issuance of such ccrtilicale of  improvements.. CIIARLKS MOLSON.  Dated, this 21th day of December. ISIKi. IDec. 2(ilh.)  (.'OMrAXY.LIMITKD   ItV SIIAIIKS.  I.  ���any will besitu-  Notiee   of  Application   for   Certificate  of  Improvements.  Sk-IKKKR.UTION .MINKItAL CLAIM, SITUATK IN TIIK TltOUT  I.AKK .MINING DIVISION OK .WKST KOOTKNAV DISTIMCT.  AND LOCATKD ON TIIK OltKAT'NOTIIKItN l.KDCK, AHOUT  SIN  .MILKS   KltO.M  'I'ltO'l'T  LAICK  CITV.  Take nolice that I. Charles Alol.-ou, acting as agent for  the Fraser River���"& Cariboo Gold Fields, Limited, free  miner's certificate No. Sil.'fiS, issued at. New Westminster  on October 31st, ISilli, intend''sixty days from the date  hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate  of improvement--, for the purpose of obtaining a crown  grant of the above claim. And further fake notice that  action, under section 3?. must be commenced before the  issuance of such certificate of improvements.  CIIARLKS .AlOLSON.  Dated, this 21th clay of December, ISUu. [Dee. 2iiih.|  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  of  Improvements,  LA S* A UK M IN Kit A I. CLAIM. SITUATK IN TIIK II.LKCILLKWAKT  MININO'DlVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAV DISTItlCT, AND  LOCATKD ON TIIK NOItTII SIDK OK TIIK II.LKCILLKWAKT  KIVKJt, AND COVKI.'S TIIK (iKOUNI) DKKDKD HY THK  DOMINION (*OVKItNMKNT IN 1SI10 TO TIIK SKLICHtlC MININC COMPANY, AND KNOWN AS TIIK LA.VAltK MINKItAL"  CLAIM.     ������������.-������ ���-,���-���'���..���  Take . notice that I, Frank Stillman Barnard, free'  miner's certificate No. SS,(i!)2. issued at New Westminster on the 17th day of October, 1 Sf If j, acting as agent  for and on behalf of the Lanark Consolidated Min-  ieg & .Smelting Company, Limited, fice miner's certificate No. aS.ilO. issued at Illecillewaet on March L'lith, ISilli.  intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  mining recorder for a certificate of improvement*--, for the  purpose of obtaining a crown grant of tlie above claim.  And further take notice that action, under section A7.  must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements. F. S. BARNARD.  I.)ated, this 21st day or December, ISilli. |Dec. 2(iih.J  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate of  Improvements.  CLIPI'Kli KliAOTION .MINKItAL CLAIM, SITUATK IN TIIK  TUOUT I.AKK MININC 1)1 VISION OK' WKST ICOOTKNAV  DISTltlCT. AND LOCATKD ON Til K OKKAT NOKTIIKIfN  I.KDOK, AHOUT SIX -MILKS KltO.M TltOUT  LAICK CITY.  Take notice thai I. Charles Molson. acting as agent for  the Lillooet Fraser River & Cariboo Gold Fields, Limited,  free miner's certificate No. S.'J.OIS. issued at New Westminster on October 31st, ISiJIi. intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to lhe mining recorder.for a ccrtilicale of'improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of the above claim. And further take notice  that action, under section 37, must, be commenced before  the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  CIIARLKS MOLSON.  Dated, this2lth day of December, IS'IO. [Dec. l-tith.]  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  of  Improvements.  Florian Fractional Mineral Claim, situite in the Illecillewaet Mining Division of West Ivootenay District, and  loc.ited about three and a quirter miles east of Illecillewaet. Station, and immediately east of Muir's luu-  ncl on the Canadian Pa<; lie Railwav  Take notice that I. Frank Slillman Barra d. act ing on  behalf  of fhe   Lillooet   Fraser  River iV  Cariboo  Gold  Fields, Limited, free miner's certificate No. S!I,0I,S, issued  at New Westminster on  October .'(1st, I till", intend sixty  days from  the date hereof, lo apply to the mining recorder for a cerlilieale oi improvements for the purpose  of obtaining a crown grant, of the above claim.    And  further lake notice I hat.-act inn, under section 37. musl be  commenced before the issuance of such certilicate of improvements. I*". S. BARNARD.  Dated, ibis 12th day of January. I.S!)?.- |.lan. 23rd|  Notice   of   Application   for   Certilicate   of  Improvements.  ���I'lIK KltlN MINKItAL CLAIM. .SITI.'ATK'IN 'I'lIK SI.OIAN MININli DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAV DISTItlCT, . AND  LOCATKD 'NKAIt   COHKIt! SOX  CKKKK.  Take notice that we, Joseph Sanltcr. free miner's certillcale No. Ii,s.l.l2l. and Duncan Graham, fi-ee miner's certificate No. lil.lllli, inl end sixty days after the dale hereof.  to apply to the milling recorder for a cerl ilicate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining ii crown grant  of the above claim. And further lake notice that action,  under, section 37, musl he commenced before the issuance  of such certillcale of improvements.  JO.SKI'II KAI'LTKIi.  DI'NO AN GRAHAM.  Haled, this 21th day nfjleocmber. ISilli. [Jam 2nd.|  Notice   of  Application   for  Certificate   of  Improvements.  Lady Jane Mineral Claim, situate in  Ihe Slocan  mining  Division of West Ivuolcnay Di.-lriel, and adjoining Ihe  town of Cody.  Take not :ce lhat   I, A. S. Farwell. aeling a- agent  I'or  Arlhur II. Buchanan, free*  miner'.-- cerlilieale No. 7,'(,!lS3,  and  James M. Dunn, free miner's cert illeale No. 73,!l.'i3.  intend sixty days from  lhe dale hcrcf. to apply to the  mining recorder for a  cerlilieale of improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a1 crown giant   of  the above  claim.    And   further  lake  notice that ael ion, under section .''7. must be commenced  before the is-uanee of such  certificate of improvements. A. S. FAI.'WKLL.  Dated, this lliib day of November. ISIKi. |.lan. !lth|  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  I'lMLll'SHUIIC    MINKItAL    CLAIM. SITUATK  IN  TIIK TltOUT  I.AKK  MININC DIVISION ol** W K.-.T KOOTKNAV IHSTHICT.  AND LOCATKD ON TIIK OltKAT NOI'TIIKliN I.KDOK. IIKINO  A   SOl'TIIKKLY   KXTKNSION   OK  TIIK  !i|,D SONOMA   MINKItAL ILMM.  Take notice lhat I, Chnrles 'Molson, free miner's, cerl li-  eale No, 7.*i,(!2U, issued  at. Trout Lake on  ISilli, intend sixty days from Ihe date  hereof. In apply to  the mining recorder for a  < crl ilicate of improvements  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grunt, of Ihe above  claim.    And furl her lake  notice Unit aclion, under see.  tion 37. must In: commenced before the issuance of such  certilicate of iinprovemenls.        CIIARLKS MOLSON.  Dated, this'JI111 day of December, IMfcl. I Dee. 'Jfith.l  oni-  rhonameof the Company is Ihe "Hall Kxti.oua  ���l-ION 111' BltlTISII C'OLU.MISIA, I.I.MITICD."  2. The Registered Office of the Couip  ate iu Kugluiid.  3. The objects for which  the Company is established  are:  (a) To institute, enter into, carry on. assist or participate in financial, commercial, mercantile, industral,  munufaet uring, mining, and other businesses, works,  contracts, <iiid"undor(M%ings; and financial operations  of all kinds in BritislrColunibia or elsewhere.  (b) To undertake and carry on any business transaction  or operation commonly undertaken or carried on by  financiers, promoters ;of companies, bankers, underwriters concession'*ires, contractors for public and  other works, capitalists or merchant-, and lo carry on  any other business which may seem lo Ihe Company  capable of being convcnienlly carried on iu connection  ���a ilh any of the objecls. of ine Company, or which may  be thought calculated directly or indirectly io enhance  lhe value of or render, profitable'any if the Company's  property or rights:  (c) To promote, uci|iilre, construct, equip, maintain, improve, work, manage, or control, or aid in or subscribe  towards the promotion, an-ni-ilion, count ruction,  equipment, uiniutcuuncc, improvement, working, management, or control of works, undertakings and opera-  ^.tiOnsof all kinds, both public and private,and in pnrt.io-  'ulur roads, tramways, railways, telegraph-, telephones,  cables, ships, lighters, harbors, piers (Ueks. (piays,  wharves, warehouses, bridges, viaducts, ucqueduois,  reservoirs, embankments, waterworks, wiuer-coiir.-es,  canals, Mimics, irrigiilions, drainage, saiviiii'ls, crushing-mills, smelling works, iron, steel, ordnance, engineering and implement works,.'hydraulic works, gas  and electric lighLing, electrical .works, power supply,  (luarries, collieries, coke ovens, foundries, furnaces,  factories, carrying undertaking-, by land and water,  fortifications, markets, exchanges-, minis, public and  private buildings, newspapers and publication establishments breweries, winen'es, distilleries, hotels, residences, stores, shops, and places of amusement, recreation or instruction, whet her for the puipo.soof I he Company, or for sale or hire to, or in return for any consideration from, any olher companies or persons:  (tl) To search I'or, prospect, examine, and explore mines  and ground supposed to contain minerals or precious  .-.tones, and to search for and obtain information with  regard, to mines, mining claim-, mining districts and  localities: lo purchase, "lake on lease or concession,  oi* otherwise iici|iiire. for any interest therein, and'lo  hold, sell, dispo.-e of and deal with lands or hereditaments of any tenure, gold, .silver, copper, lead, tin,  (|iiick.silver, iron, stone, coal, or other mines, mining,  water, limber, and oilier rights, and generally and  property supposed to contain minerals or precious  stones of any kind, and  undertakings cunnccleil lliere-  ' wilh; to explore, work, exercise, develop, llnaiice, and  turn to account the same; to search for, win. (|iinriy.  assay, crush, wash, dress, reduce, amalgamate, .-melt,  refine, and prepare for nun ket, mela!hferous(|unrizaiid  ore, aud other mineral and metal Mibsianci'i and precious stones, and for this purpose to buy, or otherwise  acquire, 'buildings, plant; machinery, implements, appliances, and tools; to buy, sell, lnanipuluto,nxport, aud  deal in ores, minerals, and -metals of all kinds, and  precious sloncs: and generally to in-til ule, enter inlo,.  carry on, assist, or participate in any mining, and metallurgical operations and undertakings connected  (herewith: '  (e) To purchase or otherwise acquire, hold, sell, exchange, turn to account, dispose of and deal in real and  personal property of all kinds.'and in particular lands,  "buildings,'hereditaments,'business concern.-*and' undertakings, mortgages, charges, annuilies patents, patent  rights, copyrights, licenses, securities grants, charters,  concession-', leases, contracts, options, policies, book  debts and claims, and any interest in  real or personal  'property, and any claims against such property, or  against, any persons or company, and (o (iuaneo and  carry on any business concern or undertaking so acquired :  (f) To purchase or otherwise acquire, hold, sell, manipulate, exchange, turn to account, dispose of and deal in  agricultural, plantation, forestal. fishing, and-trading  rights: and iu all or any products of farms, plantations,  forests, fisheries, and the earth, including animal--,  grain, provisions, fruit-, wines, spirits, cotton, wool,  silk, fibres, tobacco, col lee, tea, sugar.itiinher, rubber,  oils, chemicals, explosives, drugs, dye-.-tnil's nitrates,  'petroleum, bullion, copper, lead, tin. quicksilver, iron,  coal, stone, and merchandise .mid commodities of ali  kinds, cither for immediate,or future delivery, and  whether ina crude stale or manufactured, or partly  .��� iiianuiacliired or otherwise: and to advance money at  inleroi-t upon the ,-ecurily of all or any such products,  merchandise and commodities: aud lo carry on business as mercha ills, importers and exporters.*  (y) To transact and carry on, all 'kinds of agency and  commission business, tind iu particular'tu collect  moneys, royalties, revenue, interest, rents and debts; lo  negotiate loans; lo Mud investments; atid.lu issue ami  place' shares, stocks, bonds, debentures, debenture  stocks or securities:  (li) To subscribe for. purchase or otherwise acquire,  hold, sell, exchange, .dispose of and deal in shares,  stock, bonds, debentures, debenture stock or obligations of any company, whether British, colonial, or foreign, or of any authority, supreme, municipal,' local or  otherwise:  (i) To guarantee the payment of money secured by.or  payable under or in respect of bonds, debentures, debenture stock, con Ira els, mortgages, charges, obligations and securities of any company, whether British,  colonial, or, foreign, or of any authority, supreme, municipal, local, or ot lier wise, or of any persons whomsoever,  whether corporate or iinineoi por'alc:  (j) To (guarantee the title to or quiet enjoyment of prop-  erty* either absolutely or subject to any qualifications or  conditions, and to guarantee companies or persons interested or iibout to become interested in any property  against, any loss, actions, proceedings, claims, or de-  .mands in re-pect of any iu.suliieicnoy or imperfection or  'deficiency, of title, or in respect of any incumbrances,'  burdens, or outstanding rights:  (k) To furnish and provide deposits andgiiarauteo funds  required in relation to anytender orapplicaiion for any  contract, concession, decree, enactment, property or  privilege, or in relation to the carrying out of any 'contract, conce.s-ion, decree, or cnacLineut:  (I) Generally to carry on and transact over.v kind of  guarantee business, and In undertake ohligiilions of  every .kind and description, and also to undertake and  execute trusts of all 'kinds; '  (in) To receive moneys, securities and valuables of all  kinds on deposit; at interest or otherwise, or, for safe  custody, and generally to cairy on the business of a  Safe Deposit Company:.  (ii) To lend money to such parlies and on such terms,  with, or. withont security, as may seem expedient, and  in p-irlicultir to customers of and persons having dealing.-! with (he Company: and to guarantee the 'performance of contracts by members of. or companies or per-  "sons having dealings with, the Company; and to draw,  accept, endorse, discount, issue, buy. sell and deal in  bills of exchange, promis-ory notes, draits, bills of  lading, cm pons, warrants and other negotiable instruments, and buy. sell, and deal in bullion, specie nnd  coin :  (o) To borrow or raise Ti oney I'or the purposes of the  Company iu such manner and upon such terms as may  seem expedient and to seen re the repayment I hereof by  redeemable or irredeemable bonds, debentures, or debenture stock, (-neb bonds, dobeiil uros and debenture  stock being made payable to bearer or otherwise, and  issuable: or payable cither at par. or al, a premium.or  di.-couiill. or ny morigagc.-, scrip certilicates, bills of  exi'hangedr promissory notes, or hy any other instrument, or in si;eb ot her 11 in n ner as mav he determined, and  for any-uch purposes fo charge all or any part of I he  the properly of llie Company, both present, ami future,  including its uncalled capital: and to allot, the .Shares  of t he ('ompany, i-redileil as fully or partly paid up,  in* bonds, ilebenl ores, or debenture stock is-ucil by the  Company, lis lhe whole or part of the purelia.-e price  for any properly purchased by tin*('ompany, or for any  valuable eoii-idcrntioii.  tin To make (Intuitions In such per.-ons find in such eases,  and either of ca-h .or ot her as-els, as may lie 'thought'  directly or indirectly conducive to any'of llici'om-  pnnv's objects, or ol.berwi-c expedient ; and to siib-  seriiie or guarantee money for charitable or benevolent  objects, or fur any e.vhibil ion, or.any public, general or  ot her object ;  a 11 To enter inlo any nrraiigemcnl with any govern men I  or authorities supreme, municipal, local or otherwise,  and lo obtain from any such government or authoritv  , any rights, conce-sion-, charters, and privileges which  mey be thought conducive to the Company's objecls,  or any of them :  Irl To purchase or olherwi-e acquire and undei'lnko all  or any part of. t he bu-incss, property or goodwill and  liabilities of any company, corporal'ion, society, partnership or persons carrying no, or about lo curry on.  any business which (his I'ompany is aiithnri/ed lo  carry on, or whicli is in any respect similar to the objects nf ibis (.'ompany, or which is capable nf being  eondne'ed -o as directly or indirectly to benelil this  Company, or possessed of properly deemed suitable for  the purposes nl' t his ('oinpany, an'd lo enter into partnership nr into any arrangement with respect to tlie  sharing nf profits, union of iulerc-t- or amalgamation,  reciprocal concession i>r c.'.r.pornlion. either in whole  or in purl, wilh any -uch company, corporation,  society. |>iii'tii(T.-liip or per.-ons:  (si To di-po-e of by ,-nle. lea-e, underlease, exchange;  surrender, iiinrlgngi*. oi; ollierui-c. uh-nliilcly.'cniuli-  I bunt liy, nr for any limited inlerc-t.nl! or any purl of t he  undertaking, properly, rigid-, or privilege- of the coiu-  nan.v ic- n going concern, or otherwise, to any public  hotly, company, .-ociely. or n-soeijitioii. or loiuiy per-  ��� oo or pei-.-oiis. for -n -b cell-idem) ion a- the Ciiiupiiiiy  limy Ihink lil : and in particular I'or liny slock, sharr,.s  dehciiluivs. securities, or other properly of any other  company:  It I To promote or form, or ns-'isi in 1 he promol ion or forum! Inn of" any other company or companies, either for  tit*-; purpose of ,-|. quiring, working, or olherwiscilenling  wilh all or any of I lie properly, righis, and I in hill lies of  Ibis Company, or any   property, in which   Ihi-  (  pan;.- is inleivsled. or forany olher purpose, with ptiwi r  to assist.such company or companies hy paying or contributing towards the preliminary expense-), or providing the whole or pan of the capital thereof, or by taking  or subscribing for shares, preferred, ordinary or deferred, therein, or by lending tooney therein upon debentures, securities, property or otherwise ; and further lu  pay out of the funds of the Company all expenses ol  and incident to the formation, registration, advertising,  and establishment of this or any oilier company; and io  the issue and sub-eription of lhe share or loan capital,,  including brokerage and commissions for obtaining applications for, or placing or guaranteeing I lie placing- of  the shares or any debentures, debenture stock, or other  securities, of this or any other company; und al-o all  expenses-attending the is--iie of any circular or notice, or  the printing, stamping and circulating of proxies or  forms lo be filled up by the members of this, orcoiinec.l-  ed with this or any other company: and to undertake  the management and secretarial or other work, duiies.  and business of any company on such terms as may be  determined. ��� ' ���  (u) To obtain, or iu any way assist in obtaining, any  provisional order, or act of parliament, or other necessary aiilhority for enabling tin's or any otlicr company  to carry any nf ils objects into cM'eel, or for efi'ccting  any modification of (his or any other company's consii-  l sit ion: to procure llii- or any other company lo be  legalized, registered, or incorporated, if necessary, in  accordance wilh the laws of any country or Male iu  which il may, or may propose lo carry on operations;  lo open and keep a colonial or foreign register, or rcgN-  lers, of this or any other company in any British colony  or dependency, or in any foreign country, and to allo-  etiteany nunilier of nlinre-; in this or any other company  lo such register or registers,  (v)   To distribute any of the  property or assets of the,  Company among the members in specie or otherwise:  (w)   To do all or any of lhe above dungs in any pari nf  the globe,  either as   principals,   agents,   contractors,  iriislcos o>* otherwise, and either alone, or in.conjunction wilh others, and cither by or'through agents, subcontractors, trustees or otherwise: with power to appoint  a trustee or trustees, personal  or corporate, to  hold any property on  behalf of [he company, and to  allow  any   property  to  remain outs-landing in such  trustee or'trustees,  (x)   I'o do all such other things as are incidental or may  be thought conducive to (he altiiinincnl of the above  objects or any of (belli, and so Unit the word "C'iiiii-.  , pany" in this Memorandum, when applied  otherwise'  than to this Company shall  bo dcem-id to include.*niy  partnership or oilier hodvof persons, whet her corporate  or iiniucorpornte, and whether domiciled in tlie United  Kingdom or elsewhere, and the object-specified in each  of the paragraphs of this Memorandum shall be regarded as independent   objects and accordingly .-hull ho in  no wise limited or re.-triclcd  (except   where otherwise  expressed in such paragraph) by reference to the,.objects indicated in any other paragraph, or the name of  Ihe Company, but may be carried  out   in as.full and  amnio a manner, and construed in tis wide a sense as if  eaeli of ihesaid paragraphs defined the objects of a separate, distinct, and independent com pain.  ���I.   The liability of (lie'members is limited.  ,*i.   The original capital of the Company is gl.Vl.OOO divided inlo loll.ixiu shares of tl each, and power is reserved  to consolidate and divide tlie cupital into shares of larger .  or smaller amount than the existing shines, or lo convert  the paid  iiii shares inlo slock: also power to increase  such capita', and to i-'siio anvcapital, whether original or  increased, or ordinary, prcf -rencc, guaranteed, or deferred shares, with such a hur righis, privileges, or conditions attached thereto as the general  meeting r.uthnri):-  ing such increase nf capital  limy (having regard to the  regulations for the time being of the Company) prescribe.  The lime of the existence of the Company is unlimited.  Tho registered ollice of the Company in British Coluin-  bia is in the town of Nelson, B.���(.!..- whicli town is also the  principal place ofbusiuess ol" the Company in Ihe province.  Spokane Falls & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red Mountain Railways.  Tr|e only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson ar-d Rossland, ar;d.  Spokar-e art,d Rosslar-d.  DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS.  Leave  ":(��) a. in..  10:30 a. in  0:00 n. m..  ..SPOIvANlC.  . ROSSLAND.  ...NKIJsON...  Arrive  .7:00 p. in.  .3:'J5 p. in.  .5:"-'(l p. m.  I'as.-ongers for 'Cottle River and Boundary Creek connect at IWaroiis with stage daily.  Columbia & Kootenay Branch  CANADIAN    PACIFIC    RAILWAY.  No. 3| No. 1  STATIONS  No. 2 ! No. 1  17:00  17:lo  17:30  17:.")5  lS:ln  11:30 Leave.. Nel.-on  Arrive 11:15  9:15     i ...Kootenav      11:00  10:00     ���      ..Forty-nine Creek..     ���,    13:15  10:25     ,.  Slocan ......       ���    i:i:(k>.  11:15Arrive Rob.-on Leave rj.*30'  21:11  21:1.0  ���.'0.-I5  ���.'0:20  l!l:3l)  Trains Nos. 1, 2, 3, and  I run Tuedays, Thursdays, and  Saturdays.  ... No. 1 connects with steamer for Trail Creek.  No. 3 connects witli steamer for Arrowhead.  No. 2 awaits arrival of steamer from Arrowhead.  No. I awaits arrival of steamers from Trail Creel-.'.  Close connection at Nelson with steamers to and from  lake points.  ��� J. HAMILTON, Trainmaster and Agent.  Kaslo & Slocan Railway.  DAILY S1CRVICK.   Is'aslo    ..... South Fork   .���..Sproule's ...  .   .-Whitewater   ..;'... Rear Lake.  ...  .  ..  . MeCuigan     Railey's   . Junction   ..Sandon   Leave "S:00a. m..  .    it        8:3(1 a. in..  ii      . !l:.'ili a. m..  it        !):.">1 a. m..  it       10:03 a. in .  ���       10:lSa. m .  n       10:30 a. m..  i.       10:3!) a. m..  Arrive 10:50 a. in..  11. XV. BRYAN, Superintendent.  ROI'KKT IRVING. Trallic Manager  An ve 3:50 p. n*.  i.        3:15 p. in.  i.       2:15 p. in.  '.':00 p. m.  i.        LIS p. in.  ,i  '     1:33 p. in.  it       1:21 p. in.  1:12 p. n>.  Leu\ e  1:00 p. in.  International Navigation & Trading Co.,  i6l,  i.i.Mrnai,  KOOTENAY LAK.E AND RIVER, B.  WINTER SERVICE, 18S6-97.  This Company'  7:.'IIJii.ni. for Ainsworth,  Returning, leaves Nelson  new steamer International leaves Kn.-Io  I'ilotHay, Iialfour. iu;d Nc1m.ii  3:30 p.m. on all wo k days.  C. F.   IIAYW'ARU. Master.  .IAMKS  W'ACGII. I'ur.-er.  W. J. G. DICKSON  EEAL   ESTATE  ^.TXJD   COMMISSION ^A.<3-"E*N"T  "JVEI3Nri"N(3-   *3"E10"K:"E;"R,  HKALKY BLOCK. RAKKR STRKKT, NKLSON.  FOR SALE.  Several valuable business sites on Baker Si.  Business block--two stores���Baker street.  Business  block���three stores all rented���on  two 30-foot lots, with offices above.  Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.  Apply to W. J. G,  DICKSON.  Raving  Addition  NOTICE.  appointed   XX'. .1. (f. Dickson   local  agent   for  A to the  townsite of Nelson, intending pur  chasers of lots, or persons wishing information..plans  price-lists of the addition, will please apply to him.  F. C. INNKS.  VICTORIA ASSAY OFRC  2.S llroad .Sireel,  Victoria. R. C.  Cold  ��� *?!  .'0       1 no  Lead and Silver   1  SO  Lead       1 no  Copper, Silver, Cold.  .   3  1.(1  Other metals on application. All samples to he sent  carriage paid and clearly marked, and to be advised by  lei ter enclosing charges."  .   ���    *ir.m."'i"'.! ���.-.'   . Mil'l't- .'* ���117>i -���"' ���JJ*-'= --j-'n*1- /".���"���'" -���f' "���������"-���'  -  (���"���'.a.'1..-.   f:    ^.  .. ���    i. ���.-T��"iTr.!-f��itt-����,^ii������   ......  ... ,.,^.���..- ...������..___ _���    ui,.,,   w-\ ,'/��� .-{���.���.'���. ���-,*-' t -���.,*������.*. i .1, ��. n-�� f i \*.f.,*t^;iwl^i.r,7ir~>.r,n*rfj%''r,^?-'i~?y>'i''i*K-;-*.xH* ;,���', ����� ������   ���.;.'������-"r/. '������".���- -��� ���',vV. �����������...-;. i-iy*-. . -. i. -. j ^ ,,i -^ I-,1-,. -   l/.s" --v-V c- ���"-"'������ '-,'.'���.-��� r--rfl t^?:? ���J^vtr"7;V-.T!ti?'^lSf -���.'*. "- SI--1*1-';.'.:*- .''���'-���''������r^T'-PrTr"^'****^ .���.-�������� ^--f^T---���^*���ir.-,.. ,....,,.  .���,.���,  .V1t;..-W ���!���".! ���-> Ki ^Jr.ii,^...: .'���. -*-\i   ������S'.-Sfi "���-���'����. ������-���* '���-������ -   i. '������<.��� '.i-*";. ...-.���*. '-;'������;?'���,   v, ii-j ���<���������-, :-'.'. .*-��� i-V/vjii-'v,-!:'.''.."^.*''   .���.���:��.�����-��.��� ������������ :, v-.. ���:���.'���: f"< ;i-f." .'���:   ^.-������S,*" "���.- .���^���rt-^*";-."' ������'���sA-v^ri-.-v^'^ -������-������������������'�����,'���' '*^^���rtn,;^^V���.������r.���,���^ TILE  TRIBUNE:   NKLSOX; '1.1.0., iSATU.I.M).AY, .lAXUAIIY M,' \M)l  LOCAL   NSV7S   AND   GOSSIP.  Befoi-o jiuljje Jvoi-i.-i on Weclne-*d;iy,  tJh'ii-lus St". Bai-bu seusired .judgment  ���iirainst "\V. A. Jowett', of llie Xel-on  Miner, t'(>-.���''$72, being money fidv-tni-ud for  type i-ec-eivi.'tl i)v Thi- .Miliar. The. I'iiJI  umonnt oi' fc?f.-, JJ trbu's chiim \v;is $120,  itbotit" *?:'5i) being- diiinied'for commissions  upon work", This the court refused Lo  allow.  Tlie new, bakery which was destroyed  by lire  hist  week  i.s  now ready'for bnsi-  ��� iies.s a-^ain. Jt will be known its the Star  bakery and the proprietors, .Mi-.isi's. .Sutter Ac. Hoy will make every reasonable  olTort to'eiitor to the rc'(|uireinents of r,he  buiiness. The bakery is located at the  corner of Josephine tind   Latimer streets.  C. I\. Donoutfli. proprietor of the Arcade  skating rink announces that in future the  rink will be open for skaters every afternoon aud evening.  .Horn, on December 20th,' tit the Silver  King mine, to the wife oi James Jiuchtinan,  ;i daughter.  K. K. Peiser, tlie Victoria commercial  ma.n, took a shy at mining property while  in Rossland on his present trip. JJe, purchased a property known a.s .the .Jjoon, j  located in the vicinity of' Deer Park. A :  good price was paid for the property but  the figures were not made public. j  The grand carnival to be given in the  At-Ctule skating rink  on Monday evening  promises to be a very successful affair.  The management of the rink has offered  several prizes for ladies' and gentlemen's  costumes, and the probabilities are that  the rink will present a very bright picture  Monday flight. The prizes are to be  awarded at !) o'clock, after which all  .spectators will be allowed on the ice  whether in costume or not. The Nelson  band will be iu attendance.  Development work on .the Lone Star iu i  the Slocan is being pushed ahead steadily j  by   Bob  Shiell  for  the  Mansard Mining  company.     Since   November  the tunnel ���  has been driven  in  287 feet.    Latterly a' j  number   of (ptarlz stringers have come !  into  the  tunnel,  carrying  more   or less  galena.    Manager Shiell expects to strike  the ore body within the next few days.  ��� The regular meeting of the Ladies' Hospital aid will be held in the Church of  Eugland, Mouday afternoon at 3 o'clock.  A. Ilespler wtis sentenced by judge  Forin on Wednesday to two months imprisonment. Jlespler's offense was the  passing of checks drawn by himself upon  banks in'"which, he had no funds.  ��� Dan McMillan, a minor sixty-five years  old, was frozen to death in Rossland  Tuesday morning. The deceased had  . been attending the Burns anniversary  Monday evening, and i.s supposed to have  missed his way home and to have been  rendered unconscious by the cold. He  was found at 7 o'clock in i,he morning aud  removed to the hospital, where he died at  3 o'clock in the afternoon.  The friends of lid Cummings of the  Slocan hotel, gave him a hearty welcome  on Saturday evening on the occasion of  his return to Jvaslo with his bride, formerly Miss Elizabeth Collins, of Cleveland, Ohio. Mayor Green and alderman  G. 0. Buchanan were among those who  congratulated the newly made benedict.  Dancing was indulged in till midnight.  An attempt is being made by those interested in mining to organize a mining  association. The principal object of the  association will be the protection of the  mining industry from viscious legislation  on the part of -premier Turner's government. There was a similar association  formed hist year when premier Turner  threatened the district with a two per  cent gross tax upon the output of the  mines, but this first association is not  acceptable to those who are moving in  the matter of the secoud association.  As will be seen iu another column the  Consumers' Water Works Company has  given notice of intention to apply to the  legislature for amendments to its charter  to increase the borrowing powers of the  company, and re-arrange its tariff of  charges. It is the intention of the company to put in an entirely new system iu  Nelson this -spring plans for which will be  prepared as soon as competent engineers  can be secured to do the work. There is  ;i rival company iu the Held to supply the  people of Nelson with water, antl it is to  be hoped that between the two concerns  something will be done to materially improve the present wretched service.  William Marcbant of Victoria has been  officially notified of his appointment to  the office of appraiser for tlie port of Victoria. Marchant has been a prominent  Grit politician in Victoria for several  years. He was defeated once.in Victoria  when he ran upon the Liberal ticket. The  party is now. seeking to balance tlie account.  On the Spokane exchange on Thursday  the following stiles were reported: Five  hundred Noble Five at -IS cents, 2000 livening Star at 10 cents, and H00 Monte Cristo  at 11 cents.  SHORT   EIT3   OP   NEWS   PROM   KASLO.  the inlsike is -iSl feet and at the reservoir  200 feet. The pressure in feet at the reservoir is 01. and in pounds per square inch  is 10.tS. There is a T placed,at every street;  crossing within the limits of the city.  It is said that Ilirschel Cohen, who has  recently bonded several properties in the  Slocan." will open oflices in Sandon and  Slocan City.  A grand carnival is announced for Monday evening next at the nexv skating  rink, in which both 'curlers and skaters  will participate. Prizes will be given for  the  best costumed   lady and  gentleman.  R-  T  SUNDAY  DINNER  sr.vi'AY. January hisi. iwiy.  -jm:-"���""!-"N-XT  4  QV  The undersigned Ijck to announce that they have opened  a hakeiy at the corner of .lo.-ophine and Latimer  streets, and will be pleased lo .-ecure a portion of the  patronage of the people of Nelson.     HUTTIOR Si. .JOY.  Private Bill Notice.  " Nolice is hereby given that application will lie made  to the Legislative 'Assembly ol llie province of liritish  Columbia at, its next session for an ael, to amend the  Consumers (Nelsonl Water Works Act, IS)*-, by increasing the borrowing powers of lhe Company and byauiend-  ing the tarill' of charges authorized hy section 11 of the  said ael, to enable the company lo charge consumers a  rate proportionate to the nature of the hu-iue.-s of the  consumers and the purpose for which such water is con-  -su:!:cd,-a:;��l*!a enforce paviueiil of such rates. ' -  "M(*IMULLII'*5, WOOTTOX. &  R.VIiNARD,  .-���olieilors I'or the Applicants.  Dated this L'jth day of .January, lt-HT. |.Inn. An]  si ill'  Afullngatawny (''renin of Oyster  1*1-1!  linked  Wliile Fish. I'iiiuaiit Sauce  US'I'IU'.I'-.  Oj-ter  Rallies. "Macaroni and Cheese,-  Compote of reaches .  I'.nli.r.n  ' Corned   liecf wilh Turnips  inii-i*  Sirloin of Reef wilh Yorkshire I'uddiig  Turkey with  Cranberry Sauce  l)res-ed .-shoulder of Mutton  SluMed (loose with Apple. .Sauce  Mi. Ill  Lobster Mayonni-e,       Red Cabbage Pickle,  (ireen Tomato i-Swccl Pickle  vci.-KTUii.i:-.  Plain Roiled Potatoes. Mashed Potatoes,  .Sugar Corn  I'.l.-iTHV  ICnglish Deep Apple Pie with Whipped Cream  Mince Pie, Strawberry Jam Tart  Plum Pudding wilh Foaming Rrandy Sauce  Pine 'Apple Charlotte Russo '���  Sherry Wine Jolly Lemon Jelly  Rrandy  Jelly  HHSSHliT  Oranges       Apples       London Layer Raisins  Walnuts       Alnmids        >'ill>erls  French Codec ('roen Tea Rlack Tea  DINNER   AT   5:30.  To the brick block on the corner of Baker and:  Josephine streets, and although' our ��� stock is  not yet placed in first-class order, we are open  for business and are prepared to fill all orders  promptly. Our goods are all first-class and  prices reasonable.   Call and see us.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  ^ Your ^ou  ^olds  In order to reduce certain lines  in our stock we have  marked them at about cost  Ladies' Jackets from $10, $12, and $15, to  $7, $7, and $11  Ail of our winter Dress Goods at Cost  Flannelletts at 10 and 12 cents  Ladies' and Children's Underwear  All odcls and ends in every department  HERE ARE A FEW OF THE MANY PREPARATIONS WE GARRY IN STOCK:  Balsam Aniseed Syrup Spruce Gum White Pine Balsam Syrup Norway Pine  Syrup, Tar and Wild Cherry Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Bochee's German Syrup  Pisco's Consumption Cure Syrup Linseed and Turpentine > Allen's Lung Balsam  Cough Drops of all kinds Wampole's and Scott's Emulsions Pure Norwegian  and Lofoten Cod Liver Oils    Wine of Cod Liver Oil    Maltine with Cod Liver Oil  Large assortment all sizes of  Bird Gages,  Hanging Lamps,  And Pocket Knives  Table Cutlery of all f^inds  Full Line of Cooking Utensils  Complete Stock of  MINER'S  /\ND   BUILDERS  fj/\RDW/\RE.  Give us a Gall  Will be pleased to quote prices  Balder St.    Telephone 21  9  U'' Baiter Street, fl<#$oi).  ��  ��@@��  We intend to dispose of our stock in the next sixty days, and have bargains  for everybody in Canned Goods, General Groceries, Crockery and Glassware.  Look  at some of our prices:  jo Tins  Peas,   Corn,   Beans,   or Tomatoes ... .$1.00  Og'ilvie's  Hungarian  Flour,   per sack     1.50  Spokakc   Flour,   " Plansifter, " per Sack     1.35  ���   Spokane  Flour  '���Dayton,"  per sack       1.25  Other goods  in  proportion  ^N4-  Office:   Bealey Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  AUCTIONEERS, REAL ESTATE, AND  Baker Street, Nelson  Several desirable business offices and dwellings to rent.  Customs brokerage promptly attended to.  Real estate for sale or lease in every portion of the town.  We sell the famous Horseshoe Brand made by the Harvey  Van Norman Co. Our Kangora Shoes for Children and  Boys will outwear any other shoe made, and will never  get hard. See our Kangaroo for men. The easiest and  most durable shoe made.  COMPLETE IN EVERY LINE  Special Discounts Butter from 10 Cents up  Corner BaKer ahd Josephine Streets  Tlie Slocan Ac Spokane .Mining company  and the Spokane-Kaslo Mining company  are the latest ol: companies ovganiv.ed to  develop Slocan properties. The lirst lias  claims on the .south fork of Ivaslo creek,  and the claims taken over by the latter  are near the Whitewater station on the  Kaslo & Slocan raihvay.  .John L. Retallack. financial agent, and  local representative of the Bank of:' Montreal, left for England on Friday morning  last, and will spend several months in  visiting relatives.  At the city council's last meeting, the  mayor submitted some interesting figures  concerning the waterworks system, in reply to a riiiest-ion of alderman Buchanan  nt a previous  meeting.    Tiie elevation at  There's aBig* Difference  Between cheap Underwear and Underwear cheap. The former  is false economy���the latter true. The motto of some stores is  "Not how cheap but how good."- The motto of_some others is  "Not how good but how cheap." Our motto is "Good and  cheap." Canadian made Underwear, like Canadian made Whisky,  are admittedly the best in  the world.    We handle nothing- else.  Williamson, the Clothier   Ba����.^  Jacob Dover, the Jeweler,  is -now located in his new store,  Clements & Hillyer block, Nelson  |   r=rr.  FOOT 01'*  HA I.I- STUKKT, NKLSON',  T.  W.   GRAY,   Proprietor.  Doors,  Sash,   Band Sawing,  Turned Work,  and  Office Fittings.    Just  arrived and  in stock," a carload  of Chance's English  Rolled  Glass- all  sizes up to 4 by 6 feet.  Yellow  A full line of all shapes, styles, makes and prices in  Yellow, Tan, Black, Brown, and Gray.   Leather, Corduroy, and  Canvass.    Drop in and see them at the  P. O. Store, J. A. Gilker's, 18 and 20'Baker Street, Nelson  BRANCH MARKETS   .   .   .    .    7~  Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and Sandon, in Sloean District  NELSON   B.  C. j Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.  ii*t.'.:'.?  ���v mm .���"���..������, ;a. ��������� :*���,. TZfz���7J&TTx*^!TA.y.mi ^k^. v ������. ;,rw.g.';-';) ���A'V.'ilK'-^l.*>.J?.'J'"."��'i f1?'-?!* ������7^'-",^-^'*^?'*",^.J1^ ���' '-'���"'��'"'''^-'i"-*-?"?!!?*  -���:.'.' ���^!^/���^.���������;���.'������i^>f���*������'*3'rr���l?''���:.'.J������������, ���-.������������.*�� /r"."\.<*'* -*.������ >.f-���:���*.'.-���-.-' v ���*���*.���*���*yp-'j !.!'���<. ytn.-\i ���..-^--^:������:���.viv..l.J���o���.'M1]i^.V^1.:.,������-i ^j!..'.'--^v --���'.r.,-���*,���;���.-���.;���:..*u- 'il j--.r.'-ia:.;.-..v,...,.-,.:,,:^ ^ .���..������*..  .-SHB**'.  ���P" .*������������ .** V.  -�����(���*���"I*.  :.W:*-V'i|^^X''*s,Ji^  .,w:i..-.w--.,... .-.^vt'-.:^;.:::---::y-^'ti>:7.\��*.-|V>\f-.'xJv; S-I*1? ���>./;���*������*- .��'W��, .-,������'������'������������'. ���f'-lf./S".--.-  ',*.:, ���h\,.ix,T:l.'.t,.^ ���;-..���**�� .?:i* ������i\*:1.*iirl;ij.-- -.i :���'���',����� v*W.V


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