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 Has Mines that a>~e Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties thatcan be Made  Dividend  Paying Mines.  'SIXTH   FEAR-NO.  G.  ���a-  '���'���Ci'  Has  Three   Smelters, in   Successful   Operation,  and  Enough   Ore   in Sight  to ,Run  Several   More.  *-'/:%  %  0-  6\  NELSON,  BRITISH  COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, JANUARY  8, L898.  Ti  rWO  DOLLAR A YKM:.  PERN   CLEANS   UP   ANOTHER   $13,178.  The   Company, Has   Earned   $28,000  all  Told,  Equal to an 8 Pei' Cent Dividend.  The Fern Gold Mining'and Milling Co.  has made another clean-up after ll days  mining at the   Fern   mine.    During this  period about 1250 tons of ore were treated  in  the company's stamp mill, producing  bullion to the value of $��-,(>31.03 and concentrates worth $1,031.12.    In addition  to  this shipments of ore were made which  returned $1.('08.03, so that the .total revenue   of   the   company   for   the   -1-1   days  amounted   to   $I3,17��.3X.       This  amount  added  to  the $15,000,  which represented  the return of the first 37 days run brings  tlie Lota I revenue of the company to something over   $28,000.    The   company's exc  punse account for this period  foots up io  $12,000.    This would make it appear that  the earnings of the company upon  the SI  days' operations amount to  $1(5,000.    As  the company is stocked for $200,000 this i.s  equal to a dividend of S per cent upon the  capital stock in less than three months.  It is worthy of note that mill returns  for this second run show that the value  of the ore treated was much lower than  the ore treated during the first run. For  the lirst 37 days' running the value of the  ore ranged in the neighborhood of $11.50  pei" ton, but in the second run in dropped  down to $0.50 per ton. Of this amount  $7.70 was in free gold and $1.55 in the concentrates.  The management of the mine reports  that the Fern i.s in excellent shape, and  that with the contemplated increase in  the plant the output of the property will  be trebled. '     Hennessey Will Go to Dawson City,  "Bill" Hennessey spent a couple of days  in town this week, renewing his acquaintance with the pioneers of the town.  Hennessey was one of the locators of the Noble  Five group of mines, and  he is at a  lo-"s - to   understand   the collapse  of the  company.    In the shape things are now in  he does  not think that the -shareholders  will   realize anything  upon   their  Noble  Five holdings.    lie is of the opinion that  the property will be acquired  by outside  people and re-stocked  with other Slocan  property.    Bill  i.s slated  to  mako  a  trip  inlo Dawson City next month in company  with William Chambers and E. M. Pound.  He has no intention  of mining, but will  act as outside broker  for several  of his  friends who have acquired  properties in  the  neighborhood of Dawson  City.     In  speaking   of -Chambers, Hennessey' says  that the "judge" has  got  much thinner,  than lie.was when he ran the Palace hotel  ar Chambers City, at the foot of Ivootenay  lake iu 1803.   Chambers and Pound have  cleared up $50,000 since  their return from  Dawson City, and would have done much  better had it not been for Pound's falling  through the ice on the way out and losing  several options that he held upon Klondyke  properties.    Chambers  and Pound  are now in Chicago organizing a big company.- ';' '���     ������-    .;  f'ejt, furniture, some glass, iron, paints-,  wire, woodenware. e.tc.,33.1, per cent. This  new schedule, which went"into effect January I. is a concession' the dominion government obtained of the C. P. II. upon  granting it the subsidy for the Crow's  Nest branch.  RAILWAY   AND .: SMELTER    COMPETITION  Is What.-the. People  of Boundary Wish to bo  Permitted to Enjoy.  The Boundary Creek   Times does  not  propose  that the interests of Boundary  Creek shall be s-icrificed to the avarice  of F. Aug.  Hein/.H.    For  this  reason   the  Times objects  to  the  personal  organ  of  F. Aug. rieinzn speaking on behalf of the  people of Boundary Creek.   The people of  Boundiy   Creek   have    home-sense,   and  naturally I hey prefer the Corbin railway,  which will  not eost them anything, and  which at the *--ame time will give  then-  railway facilities and smelter competition  for   the   treatment   of   their   ores.    The  Times says that nine-tenths of the people  of*Boundary Creek favor the Corbin railway.   They see very clearly that the object of F. Aug. Heinze is to secure an absolute railway and smelting monopolycin  Boundary Creek.   They are  not willing  therefore that the provincial government  shall bonus F. Aug. Heinze to the extent  of $'1000 pei* mile for a railway which will  carry ores  to no  place save the Heinze  smelter at Trail.    In short they are  very  much against beiiiK delivered over to the*  tender mercies of F.   Aug.  Heinze   upon  any    term--.     The   people   of   Boundary  ask that they be not denied the ad vantage  of competitive smelter and freight rates.  They  believe that such advantages can  be more readily secured by the construction of Corbin's railway.   When Mr. Corbin   goes  to the   Dominion  house for a  charter to extend  his  railway into  the  Boundary Creek country the federal parliament can make it a condition to securing the charter, that Corbin enters into  an   agreement   to   deliver   ores   to   any  smelter on the Columbia river on the British Columbia side of the line at as low a  rate(as ores will be delivered at smelters  on the Columbia river on the American  side.    This will give the ore producers of  Boundary Creek a larger market for their  ores and competition   between smelters.  THE   LANARK   CLOSED   DOWN.  the  the  re-  re,;  op'  A Couple of Thieves leathered In.  Chief of police McKinnon rounded up a  couple of men Monday night who are  credited with having committed a number  of burglaries. On Monday the warehouse  of the Hudson's Bay Company was entered and seven sides of bacon, twelve  caddies of tobacco aud two cases of whiskey were stolen. At nine o'clock on the  same eveuiug chief McKinnon arrested  Charles ITiggins and Edward Evans upon  the charge of burglary. These men occupy a cabin about 125 feet from the Hud-  sou's Bay Company's warehouse, and hi  it most of the stolen goods were recovered.  On Wednesday morning the men were arraigned before magistrate Crease, who  committed them for trial. In addition to  the goods taken from the Hudson's Bay  Company the police found a couple of  tubs of butter in the prisoners' cabin,  with M. DesBrisay's mark upon them,  which are also believed to have been  stolen., On Monday, John A. Turner, Ac  Co. missed several cases of coal oil from  their warehouse, and the police recovered  several cans of. oil which had been disposed of by the prisoners. The police  claim to have evidence that the oil was  taken from Turner Ac Co.'s warehouse  Monday afternoon.  C. P. R. Stock May Reach Par.  The Canadian Pacific Railway Company's next dividend is now a question  before Montreal's Wall street, and while  all believe that the half yearly dividend  to be declared in February, will reach 2  per cent, some bets are offered that it will  be 2i. The statement i.s made that the  company has over $2,000,000 beyond the  fixed charges, and that by the end of December it will have readied $2,125,000.  The sum of $1,025,000 will pay 2h per cent  on a capital of $05,000,000, so the Canadian  Pacific railway magnates might give the  shareholders that amount, and thus make  a yearly dividend of J per cent on the  common stock of the company. Out of  the $(35,000,000, Holland holds'from $35,-  000,000 to $40,000,000, while the remainder  i.s held in England, Germany, and America. A payment of a dividend equal to J.  per cent would doubtless send C. P. R.  stock to par.   Reduction in C. P. R. Rates.  The Canadian Pacific Railway Company has reduced its freight charges on  certain commodities from eastern Canada,  into Kootenay from .10 to 33.1 per cent.  The articles affected chiefly are furniture,  glass, iron, paints, paper, etc., which receive a discount of 10 per cent: on coal  oil, 20 per cent: on  green fruits, roofing  Heinze Throws Up C. & K. Bond.  M. G rider, of the Trail Mining Company,  owners of the Columbia <fc Kootenay, and  a representative of F. Aug. Heinze, spent  Monday at the'mine taking an inventory  of the machinery, supplies, etc. This is  thelastbusiuess formality between Heinze  and the company, preparatory to the  latter obtaining control of the property.  There is some uncertainty as to whether  the owners of the property will commence  development in search of richer ore bodies  or sell immediately to an'English syndicate. Heinze. is reported to have said  that the ore from the Columbia & Kootenay was of such a low grade that he  could not handle it at a profit in his own  smelter at Trail.  British American Corporation Buys.  The sale of the Great Western at Ross-  laud to'-the British American corporation  was completed at a special meeting of the  company held at Rossland Monday evening in the office of Hon. T. Mayne Daly,  the solicitor for the British American. It  was a stockholders' meeting, and some 900,-  .000,shares, out of a total of 1,000,000, were  i-epresented. The deal was made on the  basis of $101,000 for the property. Of this  $50,000 was cash, and $-15,000 payable  April 1th. The old company retained accounts due it on the sale of surface rights  to the extent of $5000, aud the British  American Corpora tion assumed an indebtedness of about $1000 contracted by the  company.   Object to FreeGoods for Dawson City.  The Victoria and Vancouver boards of  trade have protested against the admission, free of duty, of goods consigned  from the United States for the relief of  the miners of Dawson City., They contend that the.relief is not needed, aud  that when it may be needed the Canadian  authorities will be able to attend to it.  Should any such goods be admitted to  Canada free of duty it should be made a  condition that the goods be consigned to  the Canadian authorities at Dawson City  for disposal, otherwise it may be found  that their importation will partake of a  commercial venture.  They are not Over Modest.  A peculiar grubstake case has cropped  up in Spokane. Two years several Spokane men grubstaked Tom Mallory to the  extent of $1-10 to prospect in Washington.  This service was performed and Mallory  eventually drifted to Seattle. From this  point he was given free transportation to  the Klondyke, and was lucky enough in  1807 to secure a claim on Eldorado creek,  as well as several other locations. The  Spokane men who put up the $1-10 two  years before, are now endeavoring to  secure three-fourths of Mallory'sKlondyke  holdings.     ' ���  Italian Killed on Crow's Nest Road.  At noon yesterday an Italian named  Raphael Greco who was employed as a  blacksmith by contractor Welch on the  Crow's Nest railway was struck by a Ily-  ingpieceof rock. Greco's skull was crushed  in. The steamer Nelson made a special  trip to this city with the injured man,  who was turned over to Dis. La Ban Ac  Forin. They did what they could for the  sufferer, but his case was hopeless and he  died early this morning.  There  is  Very Little  Profit ir.    Working  Property Under Present Conditions.  At the  second  annual meeting  of  Lillooet-Fraser  Hiver  Company held  ceutlyin London, 11. M. .Home-Payne  ported a debit   balance on the year's  orations of the company of $15,000, and as5  is usual in such cases he placed the blame  Tor the failure of the company iu realizing;  his   predictions,   upon   B. Jamie.iou,   late'  chief engineer  for  the  company.    With'  respect to the Lanark mine Horne-Payne!  stated that in all 10,200 tons of ore wore,  treated  in   the  company's   concentrator,!  milled about 0 to 1 aud produced 1820 tons!  of concentrates, wliich yielded a net profits  of $1(5,000.    The small profit Home-Payne',  said was accounted for by the heavy cost(  of mining aud the difficulty in marketing  that class of ore.  From the returns of the  company in May it will be seen that the  Lanark crude oredoets not exceed in value  $11  per ton.    During May the company  ^hipped 130 tons of concentrates, rho product of 3200 tons of crude ore, the gross-  value of   which   was  $35.000.,, Assuming  that  the  Lanark  concentrates  held   the  same value for the year the value of concentrates  marketed aggregated  $115,000,  out of which the net profit to  the  company  was only  $1(5,000.     When  concentrates which average over $80 to the ton',  yield less than $0 profit it is evident that  the Lanark is a very expensive mine to  work or that there is a heavy penalty  paid for the the treatment of its product.  Home-Payne announced that in view of  the expense attending the working of the  Lanark, the company had decided to close  it down.    With respect to fhe other properties of the company Horne-Payne said  that the Sunshine group had so far given  much better results than any of the other  properties.    The ore was so rich that, iii  spite of the onerous conditions prevailing^  the property was paying for its own development by a sinaii shipment of 10 tons  a week. i  BY-LAW   AGAINST   AUCTIONEERS?    \  ���It.Is Introduced and Passes Its Third Reading,.  Without-Any Opposition. /  At the thirty-ninth regular meeting of  the city council, held Monday afternoon,  the resignation of S. F. Calkin, a- chief of  YV.  Vll-  the  WEEK'S   EXPORTS   TOTAL   $100,604.  The Major Portion of the Ore Came From the  Mines of the Slocan.  With the exception of gold bullion valued at $0,300, the product of the Fern  mill, and 20 tons of ore from the Cliff  mine at Rossland, whicli was consigned to  the Northport smelter, the mineral exports for the week were drawn wholly  from the mines of the Slocan.    The  Hall  Mines smelter made no shipments, during  the week, and if any were made from the  Trail Greek smelter they did not arrive in  Nelson in time to be included in this  week's exports. The exports for the week  were:  ORE.  Tons  Payne mine, Slocan . ��� 4;jrt  Whitewater mine, Slocan  10!)  Kootenay Ore Company. Kaslo...  ... 'AAA  Reco mine, Slocan  10  LastClnince mine, Slocan  (ill  Rambler mine. Slocan ,  ...... .'iO  Lucky .lini mine, Slocan..-  iiii  Olid"mine. Rossland ���  20  Total for the week    1102  Total for 1897, via Revelstoke   Total for 1S97. port o�� Xelson.  11:271  Approximate  Value.  SlOO.liOl  719,132  S7,��I3,3H  SLOCAN   MINING   NOTES.  The Montesuma mill and tramway was  started up last week. The mill has a capacity of SO tons per day. The Montezuma tu ill coin mence the shipment of concentrates during the'week.  Four properties on the South Fork of'  Kaslo creek will ship this month. They  are the Gibson, Silver Bell, Bismarck and  Montezuma.  Nine men are workiug on the Fidelity.  A winze has been sunk 10 feet and a foot  of solid cube galena is showing in the  bottom.  An extension of 00 days has been given  to Thompson & Co., who hold a working  bond ou the Frisco. Considerable over  $1,000 worth of work, has been done on  the property since it was taken up three  months ago. A strong ledge has been  struck, but as yet no pay ore taken out.  Another tunnel will be driven on the  property to tap the ledge at a greater  depth.  One hundred and eighty tons of ore  were shipped from Silverton last week.  There is a change of management at the  Queen Bess.   R. 0. Campbell-Johnson and  resigned,  affairs for  foreman Whitecomb have  Rath bourn has charge of  present.  A   concentrator   and   sawmill    will  erected on Lemon creek this spring.  Mr.  the  be  The Heinze Addition to Nelson.  To Tiiio editor of Tun Ti'ii-r.vi*; : Will  you kindly inform me for. the benefit of  friends in Victoria, where the Heinze addition to Nelson is situated, if one exists?  and oblige,    Yours. I). Morris.  Nelson, January lith, .1 SOS.  Tin*: Triiu'.vi** has no knowledge of any  Heiuze addition to the city of Nelson, but  it presumes that if there were any additions to Nelson laying around loose, and  Heinze fancied them and asked for them,  that the paternal government at Victoria  has. turned them over to Heinze.  Theodore Durant Hanged.  Theodore Durant was executed in the  San Quentin prison yesterday morning at  10.35 o'clock. Durrant protested his innocence of the murder for which he was executed. His neck was broken by the fall.  The execution, according to the press reports, was considered very successful.  the fire department,   was accepted.  J.  Thompson   was appointed, to the  cancy  upou  the recommendation   of  members of the fire department.  John Blane'y tendered his resignation as  pound-keeper and it was accepted.  P. J. Russel had an application before  the council asking that the bottle license  be reduced. It was decided to let the  communication go over for "Tlie next council to ileal with.  In the matter of the McLean contract alderman Teetzel moved, seconded by alderman Gilker, '"that the time i'oi completing  the contract of \V. C. McLean & Co. for  laying water mains be extended until the  31st day of May, IS08, and that the certified check from W. C. McLean Ac Co. be  returned, provided another certified check  for $27S.02 be made out, by W. C. McLean  & Co. as further security, and that McLean Ac Co. accept the balance due on said  contract, namely $1,112.07 as full competition for the completion of contract.  Alderman Hillyer introduced a by-law  toamend theTrades License by-law, which  provides that no license shall be issued to  any hawker or peddler, auctioneer, pawnbroker or any person carrying on, on his  own account, the business of a banker, '  except by the written orderof the mayor.  The by-law was put through the preliminary stages.aud passed its third reading.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  charge.       Otherwise      the   .   proposition*  amouts to nothing short of a��� liquidation  of the affairs of the reading room  by the  city.  Capt. T. J.;. Duncan left for California  this morning an mining business*. lit-expects to be away about one month.  G. Eaton, formerly of this city, who  is now in the employ of the L. F. IL tt C.  G. F. Company in Trout Lake district,  was in town this week. He reports that  a shipment of 100 tons of high grade ore  was made from the Silver Cup last week.  Inspector Burn*-, the provincial ollieial  appointed to look after the Yale-Kuotc-  nay school district, arrived in Nelson on  i\Ioiv'day. It is more than likely that he  will see the necessity for the ���~lr*partment  'meeting the recpiest of the local board for  an additional teacher as well as for additional allowance for incidentals.  Dan Dunn  is very ill at New  Denver  with kidney trouble.  The report was current today that he had succumbed to the I  disease, but the report was not verified.'    j  BOARD    OF*    TRADE    REORGANIZED.  ���������y  of  Turner  ���mayor  I aims  will  the  Superintendent Hussy will take over  the new provincial jail in this city next  week. R. Liddell, of the provincial jail  at Victoria, has been appointed first jailer  of the Nelson institution.  The warrants for the payment of the  Hall Mines dividend of 10 per cent arrived  in Nelson Wednesday evening. The warrants are payable in London.  Charles Olson was in Nelson this week  and he makes the prediction that Ainsworth will yet be the most important  section of southern Kootenay. lie'has  just received an assay upon some samples  taken from the Annie claim at the headwaters of .Coffee aud Woodbury creeks,  which showed that the samples ran $S0 in  gold and 2292 ounces silver to the ton.  Chariio says that 'there "are other" e  in the same neighborhood which  make au equally good showing.  W. C. McLean left this week for  Crow's Nest railway, where he. will give  his attention to five miles of the work for  which McLean & Co. have contracted.  In the Richardson vs. Marks assault  case, magistrate Crease on Tuesday imposed a fine of $5 and costs upon A.J.  Marks.. There were about a score of witnesses examined, and the case occupied  the whole of the morning session. .  Thomas Cayzer, upon whom Drs. La  Ban and Forin bolted a metal jaw two  weeks ago, left for Ainsworth on Tuesday.  Cayzer is in excellent spirits and is very  proud of his new jaw, which was made  out of an alloy of Hall Creek gold and  silver from the Silver King mine.  The Private Secretary will be put on at  the Carney hall this evening by the Kaslo  Dramatic company. The performance  will be given.under.'the'auspices of the  Ladies' Hospital Aid' and the proceeds  will be used for the benefit of the Kootenay Lake General Hospital Society. This  Ivaslo Dramatic Company recently gave  a performance of The Private Secretary  in Kaslo and the Kootenaiau gave the  members of the company a very ilattering  notice. For this evening's performance  reserved seats will be $1 aud general admission 75 cents. .  A meeting of the creditors of A. W.  Peek <fc Go. was held in the office of lOdward A. Crease, Baker street, this afternoon.'  The city of Sandon has been incorporated, and on Wednesday next nominations will take place for the election of  a mayor and six aldermen. E. M. Sandi-  landshas been appointed returning officer.  Captain McMorris and the officers of  the steamer Kokanee entertained their  friends with a bachelor's dinner on board  the steamer at Ivaslo on Saturday evening. There were toasts and speeches galore and everyone present pronounced tlie  dinner as the happiest event of its kind  that they had participated in. The speech  of the evening was that made by Billy  McDougall, of the steamer international,  who responded for the ladies.  Dave MacBeath arrived in town Thursday evening in a big bear-skin coat, lie  expects to put in a few days hunting for  the newspaper man who said that he was  laid up in camp with an attack of gout.  The citizens interested in the Nelson  reading room desire Tun Titmrxi*: to  state that the assets of the reading room  are not nil, as stated in Tiik Ti'ii'i'Xi*".  They state that they have books that cost  $50, which are worth $150, have an encyclopedia upon whicli $20 have been paid,  a lamj), stove ;md other chattels which  will make a standoff against the indebtedness of $120. There are also arrears in  subscriptions sufficient to pay off tlie  whole indebtedness of the library. Such  being the case Tin*: Ti;ii:i'XK would suggest that the arrears be collected and the  concern    be   offered   to   the  city   free   of  AN   EXCELLENT   SHOWING.  A Record of Which Any City Council Mifi-ht  Very 'Well Peel Proud.  Those who take an interest in municipal  matters should read the statement of the  receipts aud expenditures of the corporation of Nelson which appears on the fourth  page of this issue. It enables the rate payers to see where every dollar of the civic  revenue went, and should enable them to  arrive at a conclusion as to whether the  present members of the city council have  discharged the duties of their office creditably or not.  Although the liabilities of the city  amount to $53,10(5,(51, the assets of the corporation may safely be set at close upon  $50,000. This sum would not include the  large amounts spent upon the streets and  sidewalks which total $1725 and $11S2 respectively. Aside from the money realized by the sale of city bonds, the revenue  of the corporation for the year was $1(5,:  571.-13, and with respect to the bonded indebtedness of the city--$50,000���it may be  stated that the revenue from the city  waterworks is capable of meeting both  principle and interest upon the same at  the time of maturity. The financial condition of the city may be stated in this  way:  ' -  .     - . ASSIul'S.  l-'ire Hall and apparatus   Interest on debentures (in'bankl   Lockup building*   Sewers   ....  .Sinking luind (in bank)   Waterworks   Supplies on hand (such ������>��� stationery, plant  tools, etc   ;-.         .     '    ....  W'aler.rales (deliiuiuent)   Ileal estate taxes (delinquent from  province)  .estimated nt - .....:......   and  ; 1.717. 10  l.L'f'O 00  2.A21 IS  iUJS-i (19  900 00  AA.UV.) 3l'  ������(H) 0(1  II!) 7;i  ���.'50 00  \vill, and   privilege of  Total.......   ..  Experience, good  Koverniiient.....  Total  '.':.,...,  ������������������  ���������   ,...:,...;.,..  LIABILITIES.  Debentures (due in 19171 drawing'."> per cent.  Interest (due on January, l/ith, 1S9SI-.   Overdraft at Bank of Montreal   .   Total .....   ..,.......:. ....:,.-' '..   ....:   ,. .. .SI0.0O.-J 31  self-  .....�� 3,��tt 27  $o.--.190 Gl  ...&JO.O0O 00  '.-' 'I.-.-50 00  ... " 2,210 01  ..-$;���>.���{.100 (il  Different Kinds of Touches.  Every man���-that is, nearly every man-  has been "touched,'" and therefore the ex-  plahatioh of a ���'touch" which is given  herewith, is for the benefit of women and  children who do not know. A "touch" is  a "mace." a "strike," a "borrow." There  are many.' different kinds of "touches."  There is the "hot touch," the "rush touch,"  which is the "hot touch's" twin brother,  the "sympathy touch," and other kinds  too numerous to mention.  A "hot touch" or "rush touch" is one  that is made..so quickly that the "toucher"  gets the money he asks for before the  "toucbee" realizes what is happening.  The other clay a "hot one" was made on  a young man who is rather "near", with  his money. The "toucher" in this case  wtis an artist. He.. rushed up to the  "touchee" with tears in his eyes and stiid,  "I've got to go to Nashville, old man.  My mother is dead.    (.'lease lend me ten."  "I'm awfully sorry to hear about your  mother's death." said the stingy one, as  he produced the ten. "When did she  die-"-  "Eighteen   years   ago,'"   answered  " toucher," tis he pocketed the money  walked away.  the  and  The Six Mile Creek Wagon Road.  A petition is being extensively signed  by the mine owners, prospectors and business men of Nelson in which the provincial government is requested.to construct  a wagon road from Kootenay lake up Six-  mile creek to the second north fork of  Lemon creek, a distance of 13 miles. The  cost of the road is estimated at $1100 per  wagon  The route proposed for this  is the easiest that can ' be suggested  mile  road  for providing transportation facilities for  several properties along the second north  fork of Lemon creek.  C. P. R. Traflic Receipts.  .MoXTi'KAi,. Jan. 3. The Canadian Pacific Railway Company's traflic receipts  for the week ending December 31st, were  $707,000 aud for the same week last vear.  $0! 11,000.   Captain Hall Killed at Rossland.  Captain William E. Hall, the superintendent of the Le lioi at Hossland, was  killed at 5:20 Wednesday evening by falling down the main shaft from the surface  to the non-foot level.  ,The   Business   Men   Take   Up   the   Matter   in  Earnest and Appoint Officers.  At  a   meeting*   of' the   merchatiis* and  i business men of the city, held "vWdut-sd  afternoon, the South  Kootenay J3o/ird  Trade was reorganized.    John A.  presided   'at    the    meeting,   and  Houston acted as secretary.    '  Applications for membership were presented from M. McKay for A. Macdonald  A: Co., James Lawrence. AV. II. Giant for  P. Burns Ac Co., 11. B.Thoms-ou ior Turner,  Beeton Ac Co., P. J. Russell for the Parsons  Produce Co., George C. Martin for i In;  Kootenay Supply Co.. 11. .]. Evans, 2iL.  DesBriaay. Charles A. Waterman. Geo'i'ir��  C. Tunstall. Prank Fletcher. Thomas M.  Ward, John Houston, Johu A.*Turner. 11.  H. Bellamy, and John J. Malone.  On motion of Frank FJetcbf-r, seconded  by John Houston, it was resolved thai.ihe  above applicants be accepted as members '  of the board upon the 'payment of the  fees prescribed by the by-laws. This* was  carried, and the election of o'flicei-s* who  shall serve until the annual meeting in  March was then proceeded with.'  John A. Turner w?\s elected president  on motion of Krunk Fletcher, seconded by  II. B. Thomson; H. J. Evans was elected  vice-president on motion of P. J. Russell,  seconded by Frank Fletcher.' M. McKay,  W. FT. Grant, James Lawrence. P. J. Russell, George C. Martin, M. Des Brisay.  Charles A. Waterman, George C. Tuns-tall.  Frank Fletcher, Thomas' M. Ward, John  J. Malone and IT. R. Bellamy were appointed members of the council.  The next meeting of the board will be  held in the city hall on'Tuesday evening  at tf o'clock.  Twenty-Three People Killed in London.  London, Ontario, was the scene of another catastrophe on Monday evening by  which 23 citizens came to their death and  about 100 were injured. The municipal  elections were held in London on Monday  and iu the evening about 2,000 people  gathered in" the city hall to listen to the  speeches of the 'successful candidates.  When the meeting was being called to order a large section of the floor gave way  and over 200 people %vere thrown to the  street level a distance of about 15 feet.  A large iron safe and a heavy steam coil  fell on the heads of the struggling crowd  together with timbers of various kinds.  Ou Tuesday evening the death roll nnm--  bered 23. The dead are: Crawford Beckett, J. W. Borland, Oswald Bruce, L. W.  Burke, AVilliam Burridge, Noble Carruth-  ers, AVilliam IT. Dell, John Fellows*. John  Fortner, James Harris, Stewart Harris.  Fred Ileuman. Benjamin Jacques. R. S.  Leigh. lid ward Luxton, James McLean, B.  J. Nash. A. E. Phillips, Henry Robinson.  AV. T. Smith, William Edward Talbot,  John Turner and William Stevens. Several other names were mentioned above  as dead, including Hermau Hilbert, AA7'il-  son Garuthers, Allau Tovve, etc., but they  are not dead. Towe, however, will probably die, also Walter Beechy, who is injured internally.  A Vancouver Man Talking Through His Hat.  R. C. Campbell-Johnson, who was recently in charge of the Qtieen Bess mine  in the Slocan, is now on his way to Great  Britain. In Vancouver he made the  statement that the owners of the Queen  Bess have now $500,000 worth of ore in  sight. Had R. C. Campbell-Johnson stopped at this his statement might have been  accepted. He made the mistake, however,  of proceeding to discuss the smelting problem, and went on record as saying that it  the Slocan had local smelters a saving of  from $30 to $10 per ton could be saved  upon the ore shipped at preseut to Pueblo  and Omaha. Since R.C. Campbell-Johnson is so far out in his statement ss-ith respect to the smelting question, there will  no doubt be considerable speculation as  to how far he is wide of tlie truth with  respect to the ore in sight in sight in the  Queen Bess. When R. C. Campbell-  Johnson gets time he. might explain to  the people of Vancouver-why it is that  the Pilot Bay smelter remains idle if there  is a'chance of saving from $30 to $10 per  ton upon all the Slocan ore that goes out  of the country for treatment���?   <  Railway Company Moves Promptly.  The Canadian Pacific Hallway Company has made arrangements whereby  the merchants of Nelson may compete  with the merchants of Spokane for the  trade of the Fort- Steele section. The  company has instituted a regular steamer  service between Nelson and Armstrong's  Landing on Ivootenay lake, the steamer  Nelson leaving this city every Tuesday  and Friday morning at 0 o'clock. 11. E.  Macdonell. the railway .company's traveling freight agent, is now nicking ti trip  over the road to Fort Steele for the purpose of completing arrangements for the  handling of freight. An agent has been  appointed at Armstrong's Landing, who  will look after freight arriving there tind  turn it over to the stage company at present operating from Armstrong's Lauding'  to Port Steele. The prompt action of the  railway company in thus providing for  the transportation of goods will be appreciated by the business men of Nelson,  who are reaching out for the Fort Steele  trade.  David Oppenhoimer Dead.  David Oppenheimer. who for four successive years occupied the position of  chief magistrate of Vtmcouver. died in  that city ou Friday last. David Oppenheimer wtis one of the pioneer -merchants  of Hritish Columbia.  mmm^^^&mammmi  ������ rt '"'���' S il'-^TrW'-W ':"~���'-n'.-?"-*x ��������!-';'.' v ���". .''Vjj.' i. .rer" VriI'.'T. TZWi" \Tgmi ';i'."*tvv "I'lVVi.''1'",' "���'���'l.'J-'?���J.r' *���'"'���;. '."> ���ttTr^.ri'^>'^vv'm,'V^!t!y'l!'lfy'i'2',\ '^';rugi,'^'>.'.'l,\h--r\.J,i>-.l-**Vi   ''"���".'I  VV /'.-."- -"t -�����'.' ."'''��� '   <."*��� "'V   "-'.''���   av*"V -v~��^i^���T���v,'J.!.���"V"1l.^1,.,>'"���.��� ���-���' 'V ' ,,'""i    ".".'j-.T  ��� ������J-SWIfii  ���',H,^'iyi,^-w(�����^*n*v^,,��Bi THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON,   B.C., SATURDAY, JANUARY K;   LS98.  PUBLISHERS! NOTICE.  /:>  HH  TELE TRIBUNI"*  i-  pulilixh.-.i   nn   .Saturday..,  by 'I'm-:  *,  TlilUUXE LJL,lil.isiilNt* Co.MI'A.vv. aiiil win ne mailed  to subscribers on pay hi cm of Two |)oi,j..\i:s a yeur.  Xo .subscription taken for less llinn a year.  REGULAR  AUVKRTJSKMKN'T.S   primed at llie   fol-  . lowing rales:    One inch,   ��''(' a year;   two inches,  *'S60  a year;   three  inelies SSI. it year;  four inches,  ��90 a year; five inches, S10,"> a year; six inches and  over,' at the rare of $1.50 an inch per month.  TRANSJKNT Al) VKIl'I'l-SKAIKNTri l'O cents a line for  first insertion and 10,cents a line fur each additional  insortion.   Birth,  marriage, and death  notices free.  LOCAL OR IlEAOrNG MATTER NOTICES 25 cents a  line each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rates.    All accounts for job  ,   printing  and   advertising  payable   on   the   lirst  of  every ''month ; subscription, in advance.  ADDRESS all communications to  TIIK TRIBUNE. Nelson. I J. 0.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  ;]ii addition to a complete line of Groceries both Staple  and Fancy for the use of all classes of consumers. We  are carrying the largest and most elegant line of    .  LA' BAU & FORIN���Physicians and Surgeons.  Rooms  A. I and 5, Higolow bluek. Nelson.   Telephone 42.   .  DR.   .1'.   A.   AR"MSTRONCi ��� (Joveniiiicnl   Veterinary  inspector.   Treats diseases of all domestic animal.-..  All slock inspected nt XcNon.   Nelson, Ii. C.  J. H. HOLMES, C IC���Provincial Land Surveyor.  P. 0. box 82, Kaslo, li. C  w.  A.  II.   IIOLl'K'JI���Analytical Chemist and Assayer.  Ifall street. Nelson.  T C. GWILL1M, B.A.Sc. & XV. S. JOHNSON, B.A.Se.  " ��� ���Mining Engineers and Analytical Chemists,  Slocan City, H. C  LODGE   MEETINGS.  ian General Electric Company, Ltd.  Capital $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.  MINERS! You can makeuse of water power 50 miles from youp mines with our system.  We can,also sell you complete telephone outfits and install them..  British Columbia'Branch Offices     ./''^oio'^^ic'^^LsoN''       Frank  Darling,  Kootenay Agent  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each .month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  KNIGHT.**; Ol'* PYTHIAS- Nelson Lodge, No, 2:*>,  Knights of Pythias, meet-; in Cn-tle hull, "Macdonald block, corner of Josephine and Vernon .streets, every  Tuesday evening at S .o'clock.. All visiting knights arc  cordially invited to attend." " "  .1. XX'. TllO.MI'SOX. C. C  Gi*ohuu PAi'Tiaix*!*, K. of R. ���& S.  in the, Kootenay districl. Complete outfits furnished  Hotels, Steamers, and Families. It. will pay you to inspect" bur large stock of Teas, Coffees, Dried Fruits and  Canned  Goods   Wire Rope, Feed Water Heaters, Elevators, Shafting, Pulleys, Pipe Cutters,  Special Tools, and a new lot of Tube Cleaners just in.   Roebling's Wire  ,  -R��Pe"   MS^SS^}''FRANK DARLING,'Agent.  BUY HIM   A  ���   Pair of Slippers    Silk Hai|dkerch.ief    Gladstone Travelirjg Bag  Salisbury Traveling Bag   Club Traveling Bag   Silk Urnbrella .  Silk Tie  Or any  ot  the  hundred  and  one  useful  thing's  that we  have  that are easily  within  reach  of the  most limited  means.  18 and 20  BAKER   STREET  J. A. GILKER  "B-A."E"C"E"j:E"i   ST*R"E3*E!T  ���-The Ames Holden Go's special --Columbia,"  ''Vancouver," "Kootenay" should be worn  by everybody who wants a first-class mountain boot  SATURDAY MORNING   '.JANUARY S, 1898  We have received a complete line of these  goods. We guarantee to you every pair  of Scissors and every Razor.  awrepe^ hardware  \\ rival con  \ure   sera  Osn ot the most important mutter-*; that  will come before the provincial legislature  during- the -next session will be the consideration of the Boundary Creek railway  question.    There   will  be at  least three  companies in tlie field, two oi' wliich  mbliiif?  i'or   government conces-  -sions. while the third is anxious to build  into the country without any government  assistance \\ hatever. Such being the case,  one  would   naturally   suppose   that   the  company   which   proposed   to   give   the  Boundary Creek district railway facilities  free   of   charge,   would  be  given  a tree  hand.    If the   interests of  the   province  were alone considered it would be, but as  the granting of a charter to this company  will in a measure clash with the interests  of the charter mongers who -hold the V.  V. Ac K. and G. Ac XV. raihvay charters,  it  is safe to predict, and a stubborn  fight  will be made by them  against any measure   which  will  ensure Boundary Creek-  getting for nothing the railway facilities  which they  wish  to j put in and  tax the  provincial   treasury   all   the   way   from  $500,000 to $1,200,000.    The provincial government has already  made provision for  the  subsidizing  of any company  which  will give this section raihvay facilities, to  the extent of $-1000 per mile for .100 miles,  or $400,000. and for this subsidy, F. Aug.  Heinze, as the promoter of  the  C. & XV.  railway, and Messrs. Mann and Mackenzie,  as the purchasers of  ihe V. V. Ac li. railway  charter, are now  scrambling.   The  struggle was between them until recently,  when I). C. Corbin, of the Spokane Falls  Ac Xorthern and Xelson & Fort Sheppard  Railway companies entered the lists and  offered to give the district railway facilities at his own expense for the bare permission to do so.  A.s was  the  case  when   the  Xelson  Ac  Fort Sheppard 'railway was advocated, it  may be expected that Corbin's application  for a charter for the Boundary Creek railway will be opposed for the reason that it  will    have   a   connection     with    several  United   States  systems of  railways.    In  this respect the Boundary Creek district  is today in exactly the same position that  southern Jvootenay was when the  Nelson  ik Fort Sheppard railway project was advocated.    Those who say that ib is not in  the interest-- of Boundary Creek  to have  railway connection with the soutli must,  in order to  prove their contention, show  that the building and  operation  of  the  Nelson'& Fort Sheppard railway has not  benefitted the mining and commercial interests of southern  Kootenay.    There  is  not a man in Kootenay who  will undertake to make this assertion, and yet this  must be demonstrated  if the  contention  is to be established  that it is  not in  the  interests of Boundary Creek to have railway connection  with   the south.    In the  case of southern   Kootenay it  has  been  very clearly shown   that the building of  the Nelson Ac Fort Sheppard railway, and  that alone, secured to this section  of the  province I,lie benefits of railway competition.     Ilniv  can   it be  shown   that Boundary Cietik will suffer, by being opened up  by a branch of the same railway system  ���that contributed so greatly to  the deve/- !  op ment of this portion of the province.?  Those   who oppose the building of the  Corbin railway upon the ground  that it  will have connection with an American  system, go ou record as being opposed to  granting  Boundary  Creek railway competition of any kind, since raihvay competition   cannot   come    from   any  other  quarter.     Those  who oppose  the granting   of    a    raihvay   charter    to    J).   C.  Corbin. will,  by  this  action,   have done  what   they   could   to  deliver  Boundary  Creek over to the monopoly of the Canadian   Pacific  railway,     ft   matter1--   very  little whether they favor the V. V. Ac rC.  raihvay company or the C. & W. railway  company.    The first-named is already in  the hands of the Canadian Pacific railway  company,' and   it is  only  a  question  of  agreement as to terms when the Canadian  Pacific will acquire the charter of the C.  &.W. or Heinze company.    The question  that will come before the legislature will  be simply whether an  independent company shall be   permitted   to   build  into  Boundary   Creek   district   without   any  subsidy, or whether the legislature shall  heavily  subsidize   one   of   two   sets   of  charter-mongers who stand ready to sell  out   to   the   Canadian    Pacific   Railway  Company.  -j-  F. A i-c:. lii'ii.vzK is in New York endeavoring to induce capitalists to take hold of  '���he Columbia ifc Western rail was' charter  and build  a. railway from Peuticton  to  Rossland.,.  The representations which F.  Aug. Heinze is making in this connection  are interesting.    He says that the Columbia .&   Western    company   has   already  earned 000,000 acres of land under the subsidy act of the Columbia Ac Western Railway Company, which gave the company  "20,000 acres per mile for standard gauge  road and 10,200 acres per mile  for narrow  gauge.'  It is rather well known that the  Turner government gave F. Aug. Heinze's  company 10,200 acres per mile for the Kindle  tramway which he built from  the  Hossland mines to his smelter at Trail, or  100,000 acres in round numbers, but just  how Heinze's company earned  the other  110,000 acres  it  would   be interesting  to  learn,     lie   built  22 .miles of an  alleged  standard gauge raihvay from   Kobson to  Trail, which was not entitled to any subsidy whatever, but which if credited with  20,000 acres per mile would bring the total  land grant claimed by Heinze up to (iOO,- i  000 acres.    It will be interesting when the \  legislature meets to ascertain whether F. i  Aug.   Heinze   is    merely   taking   it   for  granted that the government  will grant  him  a land   bonus  for   the  Columbia tt  Western branch from Robson to Rossland,  or whether the government  has  agreed  that   F. .Aug.  Heinze shall have a land  grant for this branch of the C. Ac W. railway which the land grant act of the company   specially  exempts   from   the  land  bonuses   that  attach  to   the other   sections of the C. AcAV. raihvay.    This might  be listed as question number one.  West Baker Street, Nelson,, B. C.  that it.it i.s expected that at the next session of the legislaturean act will be passed  giving the Columbia & Western  Railway  Company the right to exchange a part of  its land grant for a subsidy of $0000 per  mile.,   instead   of   $-1000   per  mile.    This,  Heinze sets out, if obtained for 200 miles,  would mean $1,200,000.    This is as  far'as  the provincial aid will go, but the aid does  not end here.    Heinze says'lhat the Dominion government is favorably inclined  to giving  a, subsidy   of   either $0:100 or  $8000 per mile, or another $1,280,000, or  $1,000,000.    With  respect to this federal  aid Heinze says that during the last session of the Canadian  parliament Hon. A.  G-. Blair stated in caucus that  it was the  intention of tlie government to subsidize  the road to the extent.of $8000. per mile,  but that later developments interfering,  it was decided  best from a government  stand-point   to   allow  the  matter- to go  over  until the next session.     From the  above it will be seen ihat Heinze is representing that he expects government aid  aggregating $1-1,000 per mile for building  the Rossland-Penticton road.     It is not  necessary to say that such a bonus would  build the raihvay and  leave a  handsome  margin  for  the  promoters.    This  is the  scheme  whicli  the Rossland  Miner,  the    by his c  personal or��an..pf F. Aug. Heinze, is ad-    good shr  vocating.<C-It ecanmends a scheme which  its owner,say-y will cost  the country $2,-  800,000  in  cash  bonuses, and  which will  eventually   place  vthe   Boundary    Creek  country under the Canadian Pacific Railway Company's monopoly, when  Heinze  and   the C.   P.  R.   came   to   terms.    The  Rossland Miner commends this scheme as  against D. C. Corbin's plan of building a  railway into Boundary Creek at his own  expense,  and  looking  to  the   legitimate  railway business of the section for his returns rather than the profits incidental to  the   construction   of   state aided  roads.  Those who are opposed to granting aid for  raihvay    construction    where    none    is  needed, might fairly interrogate the proj-  vincial  government as to what truth, if  any,  there is in Heinze's statements rer  specting  the  present and   future   public  aid to his railway schemes.  BRANCH MARKETS       Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and  Sandon, in Slocan  District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orrlors by mail carefully filled and r-romnt.ly forwarded.  Mines smelter at Nelson cost less than  $100,000, including all expenditures up to  Sept. 80th, 1807, and compared with the  Hall Mines smelter there i.s no reason why  the Trail smelter should have cost $100,-  000 more at the outside. This would  bring the cost of the Heinze smelter up to  $200,000, upou which the profits of the  first year was $103,000. In the face of this  is there any necessity for further subsidizing the private business enterprises of  F. Aug. Heinze either in the matter of  supplying him with free fuel, or in subsidizing railways to facilitate the delivery of ore at his smelter. Heinze's affairs  by his own showing are now in pretty  ape, why not give the mine-owner  ot Boundary a chance to secure railway  and smelting com petition '1  LONDON,  ENGLAND  VICTORIA,  B. C.  e  e  erchants  SCOTCH   "WHISKIES  Dawson's Perfection    Tosh  Four Crown Crawford's Special  B. O. S. XXX Caol.lla"  Huntley Blend  CXBL^^l^XF^^G-X^X^S  C.  H. Mumm ���& Co.     Moet & Chandon  Carte Blanche ;       Pommery & Greno  Camuset. Heidsieck & Co.  Green Seal  AN  From now until New Year  we Will .offer our Boots and  Shoes at  Grkatly  p  Is addition to the foregoing F. Aug.  Heinze holds out still another inducement  for the investment of New York'capital.  Me proposes to put the Heinze smelter into  the assets of the big company which he  hopes to form for the purpose of securing  the$2,800,000 of subsidy money. Heinze's  statement of the assets of this company���  the B. C. S. Ac 1.1. company���-is also of interest, in that it gives another illustration of the munificence of the provincial  government. He states, the capacity of  the smelter at 450 tons and includes iu the  assets, the most important water rights  in its particular district, as well as a timber grant.    The cost of  the  smelter he  Ri-:dl*ci-:d  ricks.     We   must move'our  stock     on     hand.       Having  bought heavily-for spring* and  on   shelf  must   move.  EXCELLENT   STOCK   OF   IMPORTED  CIGARS   JUST   TO   HAND   l HERALD0,  MONOGRAM,  I SCHILLAR  Manufactured by The George E. Tuekett & Son Co., Ltd.       UNION MADE CIGARS,'  SOLE AGENT,  NELSON, B. C.  o*o ods  your  own  TOOT OK  HALL STHKKT. NELSON.  W.   GRAY,  Proprietor.  A.s an additional inducement for the  New York capitalists to take over the C.  Ac W. charter, F. Aug. Heinze represents  that the provincial government has offered a bonus of $1000 per mile for 100  miles of the road from Hossland to Peuticton, and that there is no question but  that this aid will be increased so as to  provide for 200 miles.    Me  further recites  places at S51S.000 and he states that the  profit upon the first year's operation was  $10.5,000. The interest in these figures is  contained in the fact that upon his own  showing the philanthropic Heinze has  made a profit of 20 per cent upon the  capital invested in the treatment of the  ores of Rossland for one year. A little  consideration will no doubt show that if  the profits amounted to $.K)!-5,000 the earning upon the capital invested was nearer  ���10 per cent than 20 per cent.    The Hull  if you  of this  fail  to take advantage  sale.     So come early.  The  Netcom  ��$t��^'  WKST llAlv'KH STUI'-ET  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Nolice is hereby given Unit I. Frederick L N'cwmnn.  intend to apply at. Ilio end of sixty days from date hereof  l.o the eliief commissioner of lands and works for permission to purchase Kill acres of unreserved, unoccupied, mid nnsurveyed crown laud, situate near the confluence of Meadow creek and Goal, river, In the Goal  Hiver mining division of West IConlenav. Hrilish Columbia. I*'. L. NKWMAX.  Mated t.lils'JIiili day of November. 1807.  OKSCmiTION.  Commencing al, initial post, marked "!���'. L. Newman's  X. XX'. corner," thence due south 10 chains, thence due  east 10 chains, thence due norlli 10 chains, Ihenee due  west 10 chains to point of commencement, containing 1(!U  acres morn or less.  Doors,  Sash,   Band Sawing,  Turned :Work,  and Office Fittings.    Just  arrived and  in  stock, a carload of Chance's English  Rolled  Glass; all sizes up to 4 by 6 feet  CORPORATION  OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  NOTICE  -"DTOTiaiE  fiuel inn 11 of By-law No. il, of the City of Nelson, roads  as follows:  11. It shall be I he duty of any occupant of any building fronting on any street within the city lo keep the  sidewalk in front of such building in a. proper state of  cleanliness, and no occupant, shall place the sweepings or  ashes from his premises on the public streets.  .HlUX  IIOl'STON. .Mayor.  Xelson. li. {.:.. December :ilst��� ISS17.  Notice  of Application   to   Purchase   Land.  Notice is hereby given tliat sixty days nfter date I intend to apply fo' the chief commissioner of lands and  works, for permission l.o purchase SO acres of bind, situate in the West Kootenav district.     !>. G. k'UNTZ.  Dated Xelson, November Kith, !Si)7. [Nov. 20fh|  STOCKHOLDERS    MEETIjNC.  The annual meeting of the stockholders of the I\ool<:<  1111.1 Water .Supply Com pany of Waneta, liritish Columbia,  will be held on Tuesday the Ilth day of January, ISilS, at.  the ofllce of Dawson & Archer. 21. i'/m'u-l'ioA street,. New  York City, N. V., U. S. A., for the purpose of electing a  board of directors for the ensuing-year, and forsuch other  business as may come before lhe meeting. Polls open  from 10 lo 11 a. ni.  kkai.I HARIUSON II. CRANE, Secretary.  |   __  DK.SCHIl'l-IO.V.  (.'oiiimoncihg nl the N. XX'. corner of  l.ot  lirl. Croup I.  thence south ill chains along  the western  boundaiiy  of  sairl lot, thence  west 20 chains, thence north 10 chains,  thence cast twenty chains lot he point of commencement.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land  Sixty days after dale. 1 intend to apply, to the chief  commissioner of lands and works for permission to purchase the following described lands.  IlKSCIUI'Tl'OX.  Commencing al. a post planted 200 feel easterly from  railway in Slocan river valley and about ten miles from  Junction, marked XX'. II. D.'s S. K. corner, thence north  SO chains, thence west 10 chains, thence south SO chains,  thence cast III chains, to point of commencement., containing :,*"'0 acres more or less. XV. II. DOWSING.  Paled Nelson, Ii. C. December 0th. 1807.        |l'ee. llt.lil  ay--  m  wmmmimMmMmmmmmmmmiimsmm  MJfflWi-*k''mffi'���-4&^^  MMS^^ THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B. C, SATURDAY, JANUARY 8,' I89S.  <!>  Capit  Rest,  al,alluppaid. -��� $  LOI.'D  STRATIICONA AND   "UT  (Ton.. GEO. A. DRUMMOND  li   S. OLOUSTON '   ITREAL  $12,000,000  6,000,000  "  HOVAL, President   Vice-President  .. .General Manager  -.���.���    isr-EiLsoasr xettj&.jxrcx-z  NT. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets  %        MItANOIIKH  IN        LONDOJN   (England),   NEW YORK.   CHICAGO  and in the principal cities in Canada.  ny and  soil Sterling  Exchange and  Cable 'Transfers  , ,'IKANT OOMMKltblAI, AND TltA VELLEKS' OHKlllTS.  available in any���part, of tho world.  r  'nitAl'TK  ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MADKi  K.TO^, ~r"  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  HAT'K OK INTEREST (at, present) 3 Per Cent.  THE' EFFICACY   OF   PRAYER.  Wonderful   is   the   efficacy  of  prayer.  Wonderful way the demonstration of its  efficacy  in  the case of  Nobe  Sprackett,  who,  was  to Jiave  been  hanged  by  the  vigilance committee, in the early days of  the  great stock  ranges of eastern  Montana and western  Dakota.   To 'this day  the grizzled plainsmen will tell how prayer  saved Xobe's neck from the noose and his  soul from a sudden plunge into the mysterious shades of eternity, for which transition lie was as unfitted as the average  horse   thief   who   has  been  caught red-  handed in the commission of that worst  of offences against the law of the prairie.  Nobe was caught in the act of enticing  away at the end  of a  halter  strap  the  favorite saddle horse of sheriff  Weaver.  Ln defence of himself he stated to his accusers of the vigilance committee that he  had purchased a halter and was carrying  it home, and  that the horse must have  thrust his head into it and followedafter,  without his knowledge.    Nobe  was a resourceful rascal, but the committee,'while  .commending the ingenuity of his.defence.*  unanimously    pronounced    him   a    liar,  characterized his defence as a "pernicious  alibi," aud  sentenced him  to  be hanged  from the tall pine, a lone tree on the brow  of a lonlier hill.  The    vigilance   committee   was   accustomed to ballot on the punishment ot offenders against its laws.    The ballot  box  j was a cigar box, with a slit iu the lid, and  j '   the  ballots  were poker   chips,  red   and  ' white.    The leniency of any member of  ~3" the committee was indicated  by the de  posit of a white chip. A red chip meant  a vote for hangiug. The ballot must be  unanimous, and it may be stated by way  of parenthesis that the offer of the white  chip was largely a matter of form.-  YVheu the ballot was spread upon the  question of Sprackett's punishment a  white chip, by some inexplicable chance,  crept into'the box. It was a rule of the  committee that the presence of a single  white chip might be considered accidental, and the ballot be ordered repeated.  This wise provision had resulted in au almost unbroken series of convictions, since  no member of the committee, who might  have voted for clemency upon the lirst  ballot, had had the hardihood to differ  with his fellows a second time. The repi-  tition of the ballot in the case of Sprackett  had the usual result of eliminating the  white chip. Thereupon the chairman of  the committee rubbed his hands and congratulated his fellows upon the superiority of trials by committee, as compared;  with trials by a regularly constituted  court, such as were occasionally witnessed  .at the county seat some miles away.  The formalities of the trial having been  concluded and the punishment of the accused having been settled upon, the chairman appoiuted a notification committee  of three to wait upon the prisoner and  inform him of the .judgment that had  been reached in his case.V  "Break the news kinder easy like," suggested the chairman. "Nobe may be ex-  pectin' to get off with a dressin'of tar aud  feathers." ...���,.  The notification committee provided  itself with a quart of red liquor, and  started for the ramshackle jail, where  Sprackett was trussed up to an upright  supporting timber by means of numerous  folds of a lariat.  The spokesman proffered the flask.  "Have a drink, Nobe," he said, "fer its  the hist you may ever get."  Nobe seized the flask without a word  tind took a drink that left the greater  portion of the receptacle a transparent  emptiness.  "By gosh, you must be dry, Nobe," he  ventured.  "There may be none of this where I'm  agoinV' explained the prisoner.  "Say, that would be hell," observed one  of the committee.  "The committee has passed on your  case, Nobe," said the spokesman again,  after a brief pause. "They have decided  on"���he left the remainder of the explanation wordless and passed his forefinger  about his throat significantly, by way of  conclusion.  Sprackett's face betrayed no emotion.  "When;-" was his only interrogatory.  "Tonight."  "Where?"    ���        ,  "The tall pine."  There was another pregnant silence.  The spokesman was the first to break it.  "Have another drink, Nobe," he suggested. Nobe took it, and the committe filed  gravely out. An unpleasant duty had  been performed.  The night came, a mild moonlit one, and  up through ti rough and thickly wooded  canyon the members of the committee  rode, to visit the sentence of death upon  the unfortunate Sprackett. Sprackett's  feet were fastened together by means of a  LOST-On Tuesday evening a bull-terrier pup answering lo the name of Punch. Howard will be paid for return of the pup lo Mr. Harrow al the head-of .Josephine  street.  _^._ a. :e~w~_a_:r,t  Ilnom li, Clements & Hillyer Hlnr-lc, Nels  rope that had been passed beneath the  belly of his horse, and a member of the  committee rode on either side of him, each  holding a bridle rein. At the tall pine  the calvacade was halted, the prisoner removed from his horse, his arms fastened  behind his back and his feet tied tightly  together to prevent any struggle after he  should have been elevated at the rope's  end. Then the chairman addressed the  convicted man, about to pay the penalty  of his crime: ��� 0  "Nobe Sprackett, you have been found  guilty of horse steahu'by the committee  here present. The same committee has  voted to fix your punishment at death.  The same committee is about to proceed  with your punishment. What have you  to say before you shall be h'istedi-"  Sprackett gazed about him at Lhe grim  gathering for it few moments in silence.  Then lie spokt.*:  Mr. Chairman,'' lie said, "1 have but one  request to tnake before the execution,  which is about lo take place. My mother  when 1 was a little child, taught me to  pray. I prayed at her knees, every night,  for year.-., and it would have been betLer  I'or me had i kept to the path in which  she first set my feet. But I forsook it,  ;ind now I am here, under s-entence of  death, and I would like to pray again as 1.  did when a little child. Mr. Chairman, I  want permission co pray, aud J want your  promise that J shall not be interrupted  while I am praying."  There were tears iu his eyes when he  finished, and his voice jtrembled. The  committee were touched by his plea.  Nobe had a good heart in him after all.  The chairman was sorry for him.  " Vou have the permission of the committee to pray, aud no one of the committee will interrupt you," he said.  "Vou hear, gentlemen," said Nobe, "J  am to be allowed to pray, and none of you  are to interrupt me till i have finished."  "Oh, Lord," he began, "1 ask you to  listen a little while to me, a miserable  sinner, who has been sentenced to death.  In a little while. Lord, I shall be hanging  from yonder pints tree, a dead man. I  shall be swinging ihere a helpless corpse,  aud my soul fled -to eternity. I shall be  there, Lord, lifeless clay, and my life will  be gone out forever. I shall be suspended  there, Lord, a soulless body, and my heart  shall have ceased to beat. I will be there  still, and cold, and lifeless, and stilt", and  silent, and inanimate, and my eyes will  be sightless, and my lips will be silent,  and my tongue will be stilled, and my  heart will have ceased to beat, and my  life will have gone out forever."  The chairman of the committee fidgeted  a little at tiiis particularization. "Tell  him you'll cash iu your checks, Nobe, and  let it go at that," he urged in a whisper.  But Sprackett never lowered his glance  or ceased his praying.  "Lord, it is hard for me to think that in  so short a time I shall be lifeless clay. It  is hard to believe that 1 shall be hanging  from yonder tree a corpse���  "Lord, is he goin' all over it again,"  ejaculated the chairman, in despair.  Sprackett prayed on���"whose soul has  lied,���', whose heart has ceased to beat,  whose pulses are stilled, aud whose lips  are forever silent. It "is bitter, Lord, to  think what I shall be when the sentence  of this committee has been carried out,  and I am raised on yonder tree, to become  a lifeless corpse, soulless clay, a dead  body, wl ose" soul has fled, whose eyes tire  sightless, whose heart has ceased to beat,  aud whose life has gone out forever."  A member of the committee twitched  nervously at the rope with which the condemned man was to be executed. Another toyed with the handle of his revolver.   The chairman expostulated:  "Aren't you most prayed out, Nobe?" t  But the kneeling man took a long breath  and prayed again: "Lord, what is to become of me, a miserable sinner, when I  shall be suspended fro iu' yonder tree, a  corpse, when my life shall have gone out.  Lord���"  "Nobe, you, would be dead now if you  was a whole regiment,'.' ventured the  chairman. "Cut her short, for it's gettin'  late."      ..���..'���.*,  Still Prackett prayed.;��� Midnight, and  his voice was yet raised in exhortation.  One o'clock and the prayer was as far  from the end as ever. Two o'clock and  lie had prayed several members of the  committee into a sound sleep. Three  o'clock, and his tones became still more  sonorous, his accents still more' fervent,  'his attitude not less supplicatory, and his  energy..apparently undiminished. /Only  once had there been an effort to stop his  prayer, and then he recalled the promise  of the ^committee that he should be allowed , to pray uninterruptedly. It became a straight question of endurance,  with the odds in favor of Sprackett. Half  the members of the committee mounted  their horses and rode home in disgust,  and still he prayed. ��� The chairman sat  upon the grass and raved, and still the  prayer continued.  *'' Four o'clock, and the first faint streaks  of the rising sun tinged the horizon, and  there was no apparent diminution in the  volume or energy of Sprackett's prayer.  Niue o'clock, and the prayer was fresher  and more earnest than at the beginning.  Ten o'clock, and the fierce heat of the  sun drove the chairman to the shade of  the tall pine, but the prayer followed him.  Eleven o'clock, and the chairman offered j  to secure a compromise with the committee, to change the sentence of death to  tar and feathers, and it was answered  with the monotonous accents of Sprackett as he prayed and prayed and prayed.  Noon, and the chairman offered Sprackett  the best horse in the region if he would  discontinue, but the prayer continued to  ascend. Twelve thirty, and the chairman fled in dismay, leaving Sprackett  alone and victorious. The tall pine had  been cheated of its victim. The efficacy,  of prayer had been proven.  ]STOTICE.  A il/2 story frame house with stone,  cellar;  hard finished;  seven rooms;  "i'vino- a front-  located on three lots,  ag*e of 75 feet by 120 feet in depth,  fenced, with lawn and garden, Only  $3000 on easy terms. Situate in  Addition A.  Centerally located ten-room hoiTse,  hard finished with two lots, electric  lighted; stable with lo stalls; $3200  with terms driven if necessary.  given  0.1. Waterman k Co.   \  W. J. G. DICKSON  "RE.A'DG,   ESTATE'  .  ^.���"ntid. ao*"Mi:i!v��issio:isr ^Lg-x^x^t  "Mrinsriasra- *b"ro*b*:"E!*r  BEAMY BLOCK. BAKER STREET. NELSON.  FOR SALE.  Several valuable business sites on  Baker St.  Business block���two stores���Baker street.  Business  block���three stores all rented���on  two 30-foot lots, with offices above.  Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.  Apply to W. J. G. DICKSON.  BUILDING  LOTS.  NOTICE.  Having appointed W. J..G. Dickson local agent for  Addition A to" the townsite of NeIuon, intending purchasers of lots, or persons wishing information, plans, or  price-lists of thn addition, will please apply to him.  V. O. TNNEP.  Asheroft  BL/\0KSiWHING and  EXPERT HORSESHOEING  Wagon  Repairing  Promptly Attended  by a First-Class Wheelwright  to  Special attention given to all i\inds of repairing  arid custom worl^ from outside points  SHOP:    Cor. Baker an.d Hall Sts. ^elson.  The business centre for the rich  mines on Springer Creek and  Slocan Lake. This is one of  the richest districts in' British  Columbia.  Lots  500  100  to  FRAM FLETCHER Trustee.  The Columbia & Kootenay  Railway & Navigation Co.  "       "  ��� have;   .'''.!  Business Lots  On Haker and V  (if good  Residential Lots  in   tli  For Sale  Apply to  Frank Fletcher, P.L.S., Agent, Nelson.  nd Vernon si roots and plenty  in  tlio government townsilc  of   N'elson,  GREAT CLEARING SALE!  The  consisting  stock  of  :  VV.  full   1  ���H.  ine  Ladies'  Shoes,  reduced  sold   in  and  Children's  will   be   offered  rates  to   clear,  next 90   days.  Call  and buy yourself rich.      Full  overshoes   in   stock.     Repair  in  connection  with  store.  Graham,  of Men's,  Boots   and  at  greatly  Must   be  early  ine of  shop  fEE  TREMONT  "N"ELSO*N"  MALONE & TREGfLLUS, Proprietors.  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district, and  is the headquarters   or prospectors and miners.  COOK WANTED  Mr-. !���'. Fletcher.  A  good  000k,   wrimou.    Apply  lo  Public nolice i.i herein',giveil lo the electors of the  niunicipnliiy of the Cily of Nelson, in .tlie province of  British C< l'niihin. Lhat I require the presence of the -aid  eli'clors al lho city hall, corner "f ->'icioria and Jn-ephinc  .-'reels, in iim- .-aid City ot Nol.-'-ii, 011 .Monday the ICth  day of .January. A.I). ISIS, al 12 o'o'ock noon, for the  purpose of electing persons to represent, them in the municipal council as mayor and'aldermen.  The mode'of Humiliation of candidates "shall he as follows:  The eandidales shall he nominated in writing; the  writing shall beMib-oribod by two voters of the- municipality as proposer and seconder, niid shall he delivered  to lho returning ollicer at any time between the date of  the notice and 2 p. in. of the day of- the nomination, and  in the event of a poll being necessary such poll Will be  opened on the I'llli (lay of January; A.,I). ISilS. from 8a.  m. to'l p. m. at the fire hall on .Josephine street iu said  city for the east ward thereof,and in thcTraves building,  corner, of linker and Ward streets in said city for the  wosf, ward thereof, of which every perron is hereby required lo take notice and govern himself accordiugly.  The persons'quulifled to he nominated for und elected  us the mayor of such city shall he such pon-ons a-( are  male Hritish subjects of the full age of twenty-0110 jours,  and arc not disqualified under any law and have boon  for the six months next preceding the day of nomination  the registered owner in the hind'registry ollice of land or  . real property in the city of the asso.-sod value, on the last  municipal assessment'roll of (ine thousand dollars or  more, over and above any registered incumbrance or  charge, and who are otherwise,duly (-miliMed us: municipal voters.  The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected  as aldermen of such city shall be such persons as are  mule British subjects of the full ago of twenty-one years,  and are not disqualified tinder any law and, have been  for the six mouths next preceding the day of hoini nation  the registered owner in the land registry ollice of land  or real property in the city of the assessed value on the  ���last.municipal assessment roll, of five hundred dollars or  more,' over and above any registered incumbrance or  charge, and who are otherwise qualified us 'municipal  voters.  Given under my hand at the city of Xelson aforesaid  the 22d day of 'December, 18!)":  KDWARD A. CREASE, Returning Ollicer.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON.  ���VOTE-IRS'   LIST.  EAST   WARD.  NO.  I  7  8  !)  HI  11  12  13  II-  1;V  Hi  17  IS  1!)  2(1  21  22  2:1  21  2.-).  20  27  28  2!)  All  Ml  ���Ai  AA  34  35  .-'(!  37  3S  .-!!���  10  41  42  13  tl  '.15  ���III  47  IS  I!)  50  51  52  53  51  i).l  5li  57  58  5!1  liO  (il  112  (*3  111  1)5  (if!  07  08  70  71  72  73  74  75  IL;  77  78  7!)  80  81  82  S3  81  85  SO  87  '   88  80  SO  !)l  !)2  03  01  0.*.  ill"  07  08  00  100  101  1021  id:;  101  105  101;  107  108  100  110  111  112  113  111  115  IK!  117  118  110  120  121  122  123  121  125  1211  127  128 ���  120  130  131  132  133  I.'il  135  I3(i  137  138  130  1IU  111  112  113  111  115  !!()  147  118  110  150  151  152  153  151  155  150  157  158  150  ICO  Hi!  102  103  101  1115  NAME.  A ikmaii, .lames Allan  Allan, Alexander  Allan, John  Anderson. Charles William  Barnard, Frank S.  Hates, Frederick  Heckingsale. iST. T.  Deckiugsale, Mrs.  Beer, George Stephen  Bigelow, George Art hur  Blombcrg, .lohn  Bourne, Frank  Bourne, Harry F.  Buchanan,' George O.  Mums,'Michael  Murns, Michael  Burns. Patrick  Bright, James  Calkin, Samuel Frank       ���  Cameron, .lames Pickering  Cameron, Hugh Robert  Campbell, Allan  Campbell. John Ronald  Carrie, Alexander  Cawley, Kdward  Chambers, Joseph .lames  Chandler, Frederick C.  Cliarrington, M. S, 1  Chase, Vv illiam Charles  Chisholm, Alexander  Christie, Charles David .lohn  Clark, Andrew  Clarke, Elizabeth C.  Clarke, Michael .1.  Clements, Austin H.  Criddle, Percy  Cummings, George B.J.   ���  Dallas, James  Da vies, Catharine G.  Davics, Thomas Lloyd    -  Davis. Jonathan  Dawson, James  Decry Bernard  De.sBrisay, Merrill  Desireau, .I0I111  Dover, Jacob  Dufl'y, Margaret M.  Duhamel, Henry  Dumout, .Joseph  Dunne,'Charles W.  Kgan. Thomas  Emerson, Frank  Emerson. Peter  Ernsc, Louis  Esnouf, It. 11.  Farley, Frank .1.  Firman, Thompson H.  Fletcher, Thonias  Floury, Albert  Foilelt, John  Forrest,- Frank L.  Gallagher, Lawrence  Gurroipy, Joseph  ('ibson, John Ayton  Giflin, Terrence U.  Giguac, Joseph  Gilker, James Arthur  Goodevo, Herbert George  Goodwin, Charles F.  Gordon, John Gillillan  (ii'iilianr. Frank G.  Gram. William Hume  Gravclle, Frank  Gray, Robert Scotl  Gray, Thomas W.  Green; John Robert  Giittin, Joseph  Hall, George A. B.  Ilannington, Robert XX'.  Hardy, John  llarklcy, David  Harper, Frank Bronson  Mickey, James  Hillyer. Charles  Holbrook, George  Holdich, Augustus Henry  Houston. John  Hull, William R.  Hume. J. Fred .  Hunter. George A.  Hurry; Robert  Innes. Frederick Collstiu  Irvin, Percy  rrvinc, Fred  Irvine, Herbert  Irving, William  Jacques, Arthur  .larvis, Frederick William  Jiszkowio;, Charles  Johnson, Archie M.  Johnstone, George  Jowett. William A.  Joy, Robert George  Keefer. Charles E.  Jveefer. George H.  Kerr, Robert  Kilby, Ernest  lCnight. Martin  Liideux, John  Laurin, A dolor  Lawson, David  Lemon, Robert E.  Lindblade, John  Loudin, Clillord Prentice  Lys. Francis Brian  McAllister. Thomas  McArthur, Duncan  McCutislund, Hugh  McClelland, John S.  McCrealli. James  McDonald, Alexander  McDonald, Duncan A.  McDonald, James ,  McDonald, John Angus  McDonald, Lauchlin  McDonald. Samuel  McFarland, Duncan A.  McFarland. George  McLeod, Fcniiimoro M.  McLean, Henry F.  McLean, William Cameron  McKay, James  Mcl'hcc, James  McRae, John  Macdonald, William A.  Mackenzie, Hector  Madden, Thomas  Mahon, Tliomas F,  Malletle, Mary  Manson. Alfred  Malone, John J.  Maltby, Charles  Marks, Alfred John  Martin, John R.  Matheson. John ii,  May, Thoma.- H.  Mi,s.'hton. Samuel .1.  Miles, John  Miller, Charles E.  Mills, Sanfonl  Mitchell. George  Moore, Aimer Wellington  Mordcn, fieorge Herbert  Newitl, Thomas Henry  Xewling, Onslow  Olive, Nicholas  O'ltoilly, James  O'Reilly, Marliu  Partridge, George  Pogue. Levi  Ranger, Napoleon  Rcisiorei', Robert  Ken wick", Robert A.  Reynolds, Garrett  Richardson. Fred  (JUAUI'-IOATK  License  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  K 11  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Householder  License  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Householder  License  ITouscholder ��  Assessed owner  Householdor'-"-  Liccnsc  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Assessed owner  'License  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Assessed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  ti  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Householder  License  Householder  License-  Householder  Householder  License  Householder  License  Assessed owner  License  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Householder  License  Householder  Assessed owner  License  Assessed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  Licence  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Householder  As.M'ssed owner  License  Householder  Assessed owner  License  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License  10(1  107  I OS  100  170  171  IT-'  173  174  175  170  177  178  17!)  180  181  IS2  183.  1SI  IS.')  ISO  1ST  1SS  ISO  100  101  1!)2  1!I3  101  105  l!Ki  107  108  100  200  201  202  203  201  ���-'().>  200  207  208  200  210  211  212  213  211  215  210  217  218  210  220  221  22*'  223  221  225  220  Robillard. Jeremie  Robinson,Daniel  Robinson, Sheldon George  Roli-on. (ii orgc li.  Rolf.*. Willi *.mi X.  It'Pi'i'. Ed . .1*1  Ro 1. GeiLgo ��� '. '.'  Roy, I'hoinii.-(i orge  Rudfl, Henry Vittoria  Russell. Patrick J.-  Say ward, Jo-eph A  Scott. Ilein-v John  Scully. Michael'  Sel'iu.-. Harold  Serson, Jacob  Sherwood. Arthur If.  Shiell, Robert  Smart, Jaines  Smith, Edward  Smith, William  Spencer, William (J.  Squire, Frederick J.    ,.  SI   Laurent, Peter  Stanifii*. James Henry  Steed, George  Steele, (ieorge XX'.  Slowarti John  Slibhs, Charles Henry  Sl.11 tier. Harry  Sf utter. J on ii ic L.  Swiinnell, Frederick W.  Talhnire. Joseph  Teetzel, William F.  Thomson.'-1 lenry Broiighton  Tliuriniin, William  Toye, Sidney Howard  Traves, ���Edmund Cornelius  Trogi 11 us, Alfred  Turnbull, William  ���Turner, Joint Anthony  Tuftie, James Baldwin  Vniistoiif*. Joseph 11.  Vernon. Forbes G.  Vincent, William Henry  Waldie, William  Wallace James II.  Ward, Thomas Martindalc  Ward. William A.  Waterman, Charles A.  Webster, Edmund Jackson  Weir,'James F.  Weiss, John  West, Charles W.  White, Stephen  Williams, George-  Williams. II. J.  Wilson, John Thomas  Wilson, Peter Edward  Wilson, William John  Wolfe, George Newton  Wood, David  WEST WARD.  3  I  5  0  7  S  0  10  11  12  13  II  15  10  17  IS  1!)  20  ' 21  ')���)  23  24  25  20  27  28  20  30  31  32  33  31  35  3(!  37  3S  30.  40  41  42  13  ���II  15  10  47  18  40  50.  51  52  53  51  58  50  00  01  02  03  01  (ii  00  07  OS  li!)  ��� 70  71  72  73  74  75  70  .77  : 78  70  SO  SI  S2  83  SI  85  SR  87  SS  S!)  !KJ  01  02  03  01  05  Oil  07  08  !��)  100  101  102  103  101  105  IIII!  107  108  100  no  111  112  113  111  115  11(1  117  118  II!)  120  121  122  123  121  125  I2(!  127  128  120  130  131  132  133  131  135  130  137  138  130  110  III  112  113  III  115  110  117  118  no  150  151  NO. ...'v.VAMK.  1 Adams. George Washington  2 Allan, Christopher  Allan, James  Allan, Mabel  Applcwhaite, Edward  Arthur, Edward C.  Aston, John William Alfred  Atherton. Edward R.  Arthur, Isabel  Ball, Wiliiam  Barnard, Frank S.  Bealey, Robert John  Beckingsalc, Richard  Hell. John  Bellamy, Henry Rose  Bewickc, Frederick ���  Blutidell. Richard  Booth,-Tom  Bowes, Joseph IT.  Boyd, Thomas H  Buchanan. Angus C.  Buchanan, Arthur II.  Buchanan, George O.  Bunker, Alfred  Burns, Edward  Burns, Patrick  Chcslcy, Edward  Clements, Austin H.  Cookson, Wilfred  Crawford. William  Grease, Edward A  Croasdaile. Henry Edward  Curran, Edward J.  Darling, Frank  Day, Richard Welsted  Delmage, Nellie  Dcmaino, George  Dickson, William John Gillesp  Doyle. George  Dow, Alexander  Duncan, Thomas Johnson  Elliot, John  Emory, Alfred D.  Evans, Henry Jones  Far well, Arthur Si anhopc  Ferland, Arthur  Filzstubbs, Napoleon  Fletcher, Frank  Oallihor, William A  Gamble, Francis G.  Garland. Alexander T.  Goepel. William .1.  Good, Hubert Ernesl  Graham, William Henry  Hamilton, John  Heenan, John  Herring, William John  Hipperson, Arthur. ohn  I lodge, George C.  Hodgins, Arthur E.  Hotlson, William  Holt, Grange V.  Hull,'Williniii R.  Hume, J. Fred  Iniies, Frederick Collestin  Irving, Joim A  Ironsides, William Nel-on  Jameson, Charles A.  Johns, Solomon  Johnson, Andrew  Johnson, Christiana  Kelly, Aaron Ilarl l  Kelly, James  Kelly; Matthew  Kinahiin. Thomas  Kirby, William H.  Kirkpatriek, John A.  Lawrence. James  Lefebro, Michael  Lennie. Robert Scotl  Lillie, William-O.  Lillie, Thomas L.  Lott, Albert E.  McAlman, John  McBoath, Duncan Archibald  McDonald, Duncan  McKillop. Alexander Lawson  McLennan, John Allan  McLeod, Fonimore M.  McMorris, Daniel C.   .  Mara. John Andrew  Marks, Alfred John  Miller, John R.  Muir, Jennie  Munro, Alexander William  Murison, W.T. II.  Neelands, Ilaniilton George  Neelands, James  Neelands, Samuel  Nelson. Sarah  Oates. John  Owen. George II.  Osier, Frank L.  Parker, Sidney  Patterson, James Marshall  Perks, Henry Hurlon'  Petunuude. Joseph O.  I'hair, Edwin E.  Plows, Jessie  Proctor, Thomas (i.  licId.Joliii Keith  Riley, John  Robinson. Martha  Robinson, William George  Robinson. William P.  Rolfe, William N*.  Russell, Edmund Clowes  Scot!. James  Sealey, Charles Kdwurd  Seaman, Annie  Selous. Harold  Scnkler, Edward C  Shannon. Alexander H  Shaw. Angus Gillespie  Shaw. Samuel Poole  Sherwood. Arthur R  Simpson. William  Smith, Conlin  Smith, Frank Edgar Wolsoy  Sproat, Tliomas  Spriill, William Miller  St. Barbe, Charles  Slanley, Edward Hall  Stanley, Gilbert  Slewarl, Norman Duncan  .Sturgeon. Joseph  Swanshorougli, Thomas John  Sykos. Alfred D'Oyley  Taitc, Herbert lliiynton  Tun-tall. George Christie Jr.  Turner, John Anthoiiv  Vincenl, II. M.  Win-burton, James  Ward. Ilany II.  Weaver. Henry  Whalley. Edward Percy  Wilson, ("liarlcs James  Wilson, William  Wincrals, Rohurl Aylmcr  Wolfshou. .lohaiin  Woods, (ieorge II.  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Householder  . License  11  . Assessed owner  Householder' .  Assessed owner  Householder  A sscssed .0 wner  Householder'"  License  A -sossed o wner  Householder  'n  Assessed owner  Householder  * Assessed o�� nor  Housebolder  License  11  Assessed owner  I louseholdcr  License  Householder  License  Ilou.-eholdcr  Assessed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  ���Householder '  License  Assessed owner  Householder  M  I icenso  A.-isesscd owner  License  Assessed owner  ' Householder  License '  Householder  License  ti  Householder  License  Householder  License  Householder  .(Jl'AI.II-'ICATION.  Householder  Certificate  of   Registration  of" an   Extra-  ���        Provincial   Company.  "Companies act, 1S07." '.  "COI.DKN'UAIJ-:   M'NINI*    COM PAN V."  Registered the 22nd day of November. 1S07. '  T HEREBV CERTIFY that 1 have this day.regi.-lered  J-   the '-Golileiidale Mining Company" a-- an Exii*a-Pr,j-  vincial Company under lhe "Companies Act. 1807."  The head office of ihe ' 6mpany is >-'i mile in lhe. City of  Spokane, Slate of Wit.-hii>glon. V. S A.  The amount of the capital of Ihe Company is Sf/iOOJiflO.  divided into 1,500,00!) share- id'Ihe par value of SI encO.  Tho head ofllce of Ihe Company in this province is miniate at Nelson, and  It. K. Li mon.  mining broker,  who-e  address is Nelson, is altorney for the Company.  Tlie lime of existence of lhe Company is Jiffy year.-.-  Tho objects for whicli  tin; Company has  bi-en e.-tab-*  .lishcdand rogistert'd are:  la). To buy, sell, lease, lot, handle, operate, manage  and control and prospect for mines and '.'mineral claims/  of iron, gold, hilver. copper and other precious metal-,  clays and minerals having a commercial value, and buying and selliiig.'iiiiiiing, extracting fr>'in mines and mineral claims all said minerals and.cues:  It). The running, working, operating, eqiiiping and  managing mine.-, tunnels, shufts and unucr-il claims in  nnd about, carrying on, running, and conducting a general mining business: ri '  (0). To buy. contract for, purchase, handle, -ell, (li���.  pose of, operate, nianaue. equip and control eonecntrai-'  ors. smelters, and other apparatus for treating, cone-limiting, washing and treating ores and miner.il-. unhand machinery necessary or convenient forsuidpurpo-ci-:  (d). To contract for, purcha.-e, handle, sell, di-po-e of.  I rnn-fer. assign, convoy, improve, develop, work, oner-  ale, maintain, manage and control waterways, dilclie-.  flume.-' and olher means of forcing, concentrating and  distributing water necessary, proper or dei>*r<iblo. in and  about the control, maintenance and operation of mine.-,  mining claim- and refineries, slump or oilier nulls, uoii-  cenlratois. or for washing or otherwise treating, prepar-  .iug for use, market, sale or disposition, minerals and  ores:  (e). To acquire and appropriate water,' water rights,  ditches, flumes and incidents and appurtenances thereto:  (fl. To purcha-e, hold, sell, assign, trii'nsfer, convoy,  mortgage or otherwi-e dispose of real estate and every  and any interest I herein, neeessary and convenient1 to  carry on anil conduct, said business matters and things  herein enumerated:  (g). To do generally all business matters and tilings,  and buy, soli, have, use, acquire, transfer and operate  any and all mechanical appliances necoi-sury or con veil- ������  ienf in and about the biisinc.-s and conducting the all airs  of the said Compuny in executing any of the powers  herein given il, and 10 do all things that may be necessary or proper for the complete enjoyment; nseahd benefit of siud powers or any of tliom.  Given under my hand and seal of ofllec at, Victoria,  Province of British Columbia, this 22nd day of November.  1S97. S. Y. WOOTTON.  [i..K.| Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  Assessed owner |     APPLICATION , FOR   A   PRIVATE   BILL:  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  1     11  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Assessed owner  License  Assessed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License     ���  Householder  License  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Householder  License  Assessed owner  License i  Assessed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  .1 11  Householder  Assessed owner  Hon 'choldcr  Assessed owner  License  Householder  License  'Householder  License  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Assessed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  A-sossed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License!  License .  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Assessed owner  License  1 louseholdcr  ..  Assessed owner  License  Householder  .Assessed owner  Householder  A-  -ed owner  License  Householder  License  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Householder  License  Householder  Assessed owner  Licence  Householder  License  Householder  As.-essed owner  Householder  As-essed owner  The above-iauned persons arc qtial  municipal election, lo bo held in the  Thursday, Januarv I3lh, ISIS.  Nelson. H. (.'., December 18th. IS.07.  Certified 'Correct: CHARL1'  .liiiiv HursTi'v, Mayor.  illod 10 vole at the  City  of Nel-on, mi  S E. SEA LEV.  Cily clerk.  Notice is hereby given that application will bo made  to the legislative assembly of the province of British Columbia, at iis next session, for an act to incorporate a  company to build, construct, equip, maintain and operate  a line or lines of railway of standard or narrow guaj-,  for the purpose of carrying freight and  pas-eager.- frm.i  a point on the north shore of the West Arm of Kootenay  lake at or near, the City of Nelson, thence along the said  arm to Six-mile creek: thence following Six-mile creek  to a point at or near fhe.ilivide between Lemon and  Springer creeks, in  the district of  West ICootenay and  province  aforesaid,   with   power  to  equip,   construct,  operate and maintain branch lines to any. mine or mines  brother points whatever within a radius of thirty miles  from any point along the line of said rail way or terminus  thereof: and all necessary bridges, roadways and ferries,  and to build, own and maintain wharves, steamboats, ,  (and docks in connection therewith: and  with  power of  using iu the operation of said   railway or any of its  branches, steam, electricity or: other motive power: with  the power to build, equip, maintain and operate telegraph  and telephone lines; in connection with the,said railway  and branches: and for the transmission of messages for tlie  public and commercial purposes: and to generate electricity for the supply of light, heatand power* and with power  to expropriate lands for the purposes of the company, and  lo acquire lands, bonuses, privileges, donations, loans.or  other aids from any government, municipal corporations,  or other person or persons or bodies, and to levy and collect tolls from any persons using and on all freightof any  description  or kind  soever,  passing over any of such  roads, railways, ferries,steamboats and wharves built by  the company: and with power to lease, make  traflic or  other arrangements  with  railway, steamboat or other  companies and for all other usual and necessary  or incidental powers, rights and privileges   in any  way conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of  them.   :   JOHN ELLIOT, Solicitor for the Applicants.  Dated at Nelson, British Columbia, this 2!)lh day ol"  December, A. D. 1897. 'January 1st]  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  -Improvements.  '(lltE'AT. HOUI.DKIl KKACTION - .MINKICAI. 1'I.Al.M. SITUATi:  IN Till-: NELSON 'MINING, DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAV  rjISTUICT, ANI>. I.OOATBO ON TOAD MOUNTAIN AI10CT  ONK AND A IIAT.r MILKS SOITTIIWKST CM'* COTTONWOOD  I.AKK.  Take notice that I.Archie Maiti waring Johnson, acting  as agent for Herbert J. Wilson, free minor's certificate  No. 8-',''2l, intend sixty days from the date hereof, toapplj  lo the .mining recorder for a certificate Of improvement*,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claim. And further take notice that action, under sect ion  .'17, -must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements'.  ARCHIE MAINWARING JOHNSON.  Dated this 20th day of October, 1807. |Nov. (ilh|  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  -.-���--���. Improvements.  LAST CHANCE MINEKAI, CLAIM, SITUATE IN^'IIK NKI.SON  .MININC DIVISION OP WEST KOOTENAV PlS-i'JtlCT./ND  LOCATED ON TOAD .MOUNTAIN AHOUT ONE AN |V-A_1IALI'-  MILES SOUTHWEST OK COTTONWOOD LAKE.  Take notice that.I. IT. It. Bellamy, acting as agenl, for  Leonard Raynham, free miner's cerlilieale No. 7,S.;')!)I. intend sixty days from lhe date hereof, to apply lo the  mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claim. And further take nolice lhat action, under section '17, must be commenced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvements. H. It. BEDLAM V.  Dated this 2!)th day of Oclober. 1807.' |Nov. 0lh|  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  K.MILV MINEKAI. CLAIM. SITL'ATK IN TIIK NELSON MININC  DIVISION OKWK.ST KOOTENAV DISTItlCT. AND LOCATED  AUOUTONKAND A IIALK.MILKS SOUTH WEST OK COTTONWOOD   LAKE.  Take notice that I, If. IX. Bellamy, acting as agent for  George Davics, free miner's certificate No. 7S,.*>02. intend  sixty days from the date hereof. Id.-ipply to the mining  recorder for a certificate of 'improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of lhe above claim. And  further take notice that action, under section :'7. must  he coiiimenced before the issuance of such certificate of  improvements. II. R. BELLAMY.  Dated this 20th day of October. 1807. |Nov. 0th|  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  IIVWATKK MINKItAL CLAIM. SITL'ATK IN TIIE NKLSON  MINING DIVISION OK WEST KOOTKNAV DISTItlCT, AND  LOCATE!.! ON TIIK NOItTII SIDE OK WILD IIOItSE CflKKK  AHOUT SEVEN MILES KAST OH* Till: NELSON ANII I'llll'l*  SIIKI'I'AUH   ItAII.WAV.  Take nolice that I, Samuel L. Long, acting a- agent for  Philip White, free miner's certilicate No. US,-.') I, intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to lhe mining  recorder for a, certilicate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of lhe above claim.  And further take nolice that action, under seel ion :'".  must he commenced before the issuance of such cerl ill-  cute of improvements.^      SAM L'EL L. LONG. P. L. S,  Haled Ibis 28th day of Oclober. 1807. |Dec. lib)  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  HI-flON MINKItAL CLAIM. SITUATI-: IN TIIE NKLHUN MINING  DIVISION OK WKST  KOOTENAV DISTItlCT. AND LOCATKD  ON   TOAD   MOUNTAIN   AHOUT (INK  AND  A   HAI.K   MILKS  SOUTHWEST OK  COTTONWOOD  LAKE.  Take notice that I. II. H   llellaiuy, acting as agent  for  William  Delaney. free miner's certificate  No. i'dOA, intend sixty days from  tho date hereof, to apply  to the  mining recorder, for it certificate of improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a crown grant  of the  above  claim.    And further take notice that, action, under section .''7. must, he commenced before lhe  issuance  of such  certificate of improvements. II. R. BELLAMY.  Dated this 2!llh day of October. 1S07. [Soy. (ilh|  Notice of Application  for Crown Grant.  Take notice that A. S. Farwcll. acting as agenl for  Tho N'elson-Pooriiian Gold Mining Company. Limited,  has liled the ueees-ury papers and made application for  a crown grant in favor of the mineral claim " Hard-  scrabble," situated on Eagle creek in Ihe Nel.-on mining  division of West Kootenay district. Adverse claimants,  if any. musl fib; lheir object ions wilh me within CO days  from' the dale of the first publication of this notice iu Iho  Hritish Columbia Gazelle.  (). (i. DENNIS, Government Agenl.  Haled al Nelson. H. ('.. November Slh. 1807.  Notice of Application For Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given thai .'10day- after dale 1 intend  to apply to lhe -tipendary in.-igisl'ralo nl Nelson. West  ICootenay -districl, for a license In-ell liquor by retail at  my hotel. ki-.iWn as llie Empire, at Sandy Creek, about  liver mile's from Nelson, on the I'ooruiati trail.  XV. SMITH.  Dated nt Xelson. Dec. 20lh. IS07.  m THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C., SATURDAY, JANUARY 8,   1898.  ,fi  i''-'  If"  1  I*l  36   JB^IKIIEIR,   STEEET  In order to reduce our stock we will allow 25 per cent discount on all cash purchases  for the next 1.0 days, commencing Monday, January 10th instant.  We are also offering- special inducements in our ��� House Furnishing Department in  Carpets, Linoleums, and Oilcloths.  CORPORATION OF THE  CITY OF  NELSON  , FINANCIAL STATEMENT.  rti:i'i:ii'rs ani>  niMiUitsi-.Mr.NTs  von tiii:   i-'inanciai.  YEAH   11 KG IN NINO   ON   AI'IIII.   lii'l'll,   1.S97.   AND   I.NMVO  ON   IlEUU.MIiKIt 31 ST.   18!>7.  EBCEIPTS.  Dobciiluro.-   Dog T.i x   Fire Department, grant from province  Interest, accrued on debentures   I,ioen.-e-   -Miscellaneous   Police court line-  '.  Real E-tate Taxe-. from province ���  Road Tax   Sidewalks   Water Rales   Overdraft at Hank of Montreal   .:?io.ooo oo  ���.���.���-ii 00  200 00  ,-(12 02  ..     0.020 00  ,.    i.iiooo  .   i,io!):r)  .     l,.->70 70  OHO OU  ll so  ..    2,7,'IS 35  '.     2.210 (11  Total .' $B."),.">7I I.*'  a���c-sor ���  A. E. Hodgins city engineer .���   .1. Hamilton, auditor     E. A, Crea-e, police magistrate      If. A. Wincral-, policeman   .1. A. Higclow, iKiliconian   Si'iii'i.i (���'. Kul<'liuiii, policoinau      Itobert luce, policeman   W. M.  Loach,  policeman     I). A. Fru-or, policeman   S, (I. Robin-on, iiolii'cman       C. II. Woolvertun. chief of police        A. I*'. .McKinnon, chief of police   .I. .M. .Mcl.eod.  poliecinan        D. A. .McBoath, policeman   .Total  SI303 15  SPECIAL   POLICE.  .1. XX'. Sell nicer, detective S 20 (m  .lohn XX'. Cowan. Dominion Day special     0 00  N. Anderhorg. .Dominion Day special  I (I GO  Ii. I'-irino". Doiniiiion Day .special   10 00  .lo.-eph Talhiiire, constable  AM)  7.-);') 00  48(i 0(1  S7 It)  101 00  :i:i7 o.'i  :��) o.r)  102 (>.-)  ;*)7 20  l.*i 00  21 Al  (10 0.5  29S 00  510 00  'SO 00  (il .50  Tot al...  .. S    ">0 'So  *DIS "B XT -R, S *E nVE *E3 *N* T S -  DOG TAX  Spokane Slump Works, tags      Xorthern Pacilic Express, expres- charges   Collector of customs, duty ,,..  John lilanoy, conunis-ion on tags sold   I  0 00  - 80  1 SO  28 7.5  Tolal  ��� S   :i7  KIKE DEPART"UEXT.  XT. I). Stewart, cleaning water tanks   Spencer & Hall, repair.-lo hydrant-   XcNon blacksmith Co.. repairs to hydrants ...  John A. Turner & Co.. supplies      Malone & Trcgillu-, lire hall   Houston & JIoManmis. alterations to fire hall.  "West & Enier-on. drayage   Allen Sharp, repair-io lire hall      .M. Burn-, labor      J. Jt C  A lion, labor   Joe Parkin, building chimney   Floury & Murphy, painting fire hall   John Burns, labor      A. Macdonald & Co., buckets for fire   Vancouver Hardware Co., buckets for lire   S. F. Calkin, chief of lire brigade    Crane Company, hose and nozzles   D. "McArihurS: Co.. furniture for fire hall . .  Asherofl, Si. McClelland, spanners         Lawrence Hardware Co., stove pipe, etc      '    HEALTH"  Mat Kelly, labor on dumping ground S 12 00  George Barclay, labor on dumping ground N  10 00  James "Morris, labor on dumping ground       1 2.5  Louis Johnson, labor on dumping ground  10 00  Robert Corbetr. labor on dumping ground  S 7.5  George Fitzgerald, labor on dumping ground     ������ S 7.5  II. Flanigan. labor on dumping ground  7 51)  A. II. Iloldich, Hnalyzingniilk  110 00  D. Laitau. medical health ollicer  12,5 00  LaBau iv Forin. disinfectants, etc  13 7.5  ,.S    3.5 00  11 .50  1 50  20 10  .     52S :'(l  1.57 11  75  1 00  A 00  7 00  IS 00  120 00  2 .50  02 liO  13 90  .     100 00  .     100 00  110 25  0 00  7 .50  .SI7I7 10  SEWERS.  , pipe, packing and cement  .SAAl'A 03  .  211  15  t  7!)  .   1001  2.5  . 321  i.i  .  177  10  8(i  00  110  00  .  223 00  30  2.5  .  00  2.5  (i  *'5  07  50  (J.5  lil  .  107  .*).-)  12  .*).)  ��� )!  S7  1211  00  .  300 00  307 00  Total   IX TE REST.  Hank of Montreal, interest on overdraft S 122 li<)  Debenture interest, due January 1.5th. 1S0S     12.50 00  Total    JAIL MAINTENANCE.  Mis. F. Ca-ey, meals for prisoners   Went Kootenay Butcher Co.. meat   Robert Hurry, broad       Lawrence Hard ware Co.. stove, etc   P. Burns & Co.. meat      N'elson Hardware Co.. cooking uien-ils . ..  Hudson's Bay Company. provisions   Fred I rvino k Co.. blanket**   Hyde, Til-worth & Co., provisions   Total  ..���...'   LEGAL EXPENSES.  John Elliot, city solicitor   W. A. Galliher, city versus Brown   Total  ���--���?  137 50  LOCKUP BUILDING.  Thomas Ilalliday, contract for building ��2221 33  Lawrence Hardware Co., drain pipe       25 2.5  John A. Turner & Co., locks         7 00  Floury is: Murphy, painting building        10 00  Lawrence Hardware Co., trough anil cave pipe   .      21 00  Asherofl & McClelland, door larch        3 00  ..���51372 00  ,s  0 oo  1 .50  1 00  21 50  00  ..*-  13 15  0 00  21 CO  (i()  ��� S  71 9.5  ��  12.5 00  12 50  II...I. Evans & Co., ...  Wilson ic Harshaw, drayage  Thomas W. Gray, lumber   On-low Newling-, contractor.paying pipe   W. F. Travcs, brick, sand, elc .'.  Albion Iron Works, manhole covers.etc    E. IS. Me-N'airn, inspector laying pipe      W. Sutherland, receiving pipe     David l.awaon, inspector laying pipe   Mike Schyler. receiving pipe   II. Flanigan. delivering pipe   T. Mohr, delivering pipe   L. E. Da vick. leveler on survey.-      Canadian Pacilic, freight on manhole covers   Turner. Bceton & Co., pipe ,  Ashcroft & McClelland, hand bolts, etc   Lawrence Hardware Co., .-.applies   II. II. McDonald, contractor, laying pipe   A. L. McCulIoch. engineer   John Monroe, laving pipe on waterfront   12 00  Patrick Nolan, laying  pipe on wafer front  3S 70  James Gorlev, laying pipe on water front  3S 70  X. Helsario, la> ing pipe on waterfront  3S 70  O. .1. Hundley, laying pipe on waterfront  2 70  Frank 1 >oaeon. laying pipe on water front  2.5 20  I'alriek Jones, laying pipe on  water front  21 00  John Etcher, laying pipe on water front  2 00  Jolm'Riley. laying pipe ou water front  17 .5.5  Crane Compaiiv, pipe for wafer front  802 21  XV. C. McLean & Co.. laying pipe  110 10  Total  S00S2 0!)  SIDEWALKS.  Hugh Nixon, foreman S 130 00  John Heenan, carpenter  10 50  T. Dempster, carpenter  SO 25  liohert Wixon, i-arponter  07 50  J. .McLeod, carpenter  '-I, ��<>  Ed Shaw, carpenter  V 50  George Ilawkrigg, carpenter  12 00  T. XV. Gray, lumber  2I2S 77  John A. Turner & Co., nails  IS.) :*5  Nel-on Sawmill Co.. lumber    12S 71  S. Enos, carpenter  ���' 00  Xeil Morri-on. carpenter     12 00  F. M. Hard, carpenter  32 2.5  C. F. Etter, hauling lumber...  1 <���''  C. Lawrence, laborer '  17 50  Alex Chisholm, Hall street sidewalk  110.50  Alex Chisholm, foreman   100 20  John Sutherland, carpenter  12 75  .1. K. Rao, carpenter    ." 2.5  Jerry Stimson, carpenter    30 7.)  J. P. Conrad, carpenter      -J1"?  C. Sieley, carpenter  I'1 '���>  Jacob Serson. foreman  12100  G. L. Harmon, carpenter  3 50  J. G wyer. laborer     3 75  II. Ilarward. laborer   ('-���"'  Wosl& Emerson, hauling lumber  2 00  A. L. Dolan. hauling lumber  1 00  M. II. MoKinellev, carpenter   Cm 25  W. P. Robinson, 'lumber  <>0 00  Lawrence Hardware Company, nails  19 75  Jaines Nixon, carpenter...  .,  90 75  Itobert Oliver, carpenter  ill 20  A. Allen, carpenter  17 10  A. Macdonald & Co., lumber -r*.      3 00  Wilson & Harshaw, hauling lumber  t 00  M. fccully, hauling lumber  1 00  \V. A. Stevens, hauling lumber   22 00  Frank Rowe, laborer  (10 25  Total  S4I82~11  SINKING   FUND.  Redemption of Debentures, deposited in Hunk of  Montreal.  .S 900 00  Total ��2324  "MISCELLANEOUS.  Canadian Pacific Telegraph, telegram-   18  George II. Owen-, scavenger..  Spokane & Northern Telegraph, telegrams   J. B. Oram, corporation seal ;...  Dominion Express Company, expres- on -eal '....  T. XX'. Cray, ublcs for city ollice   John A. Turner ic Co., tacks and hammer   Lo-I child reward   Ashcroft & McClelland, hoop-for tank   A. F. McKiiiiion. searching for goods siolen from  1*. Irvine & Co .    R. A. Josling, clerk in assessor's oflicc   A-hcroft iSc McClelland, one hoop   Wil.-on & I far-haw, leaniing   J. XV. Cowan, transporting prisoner-to Kamloops  John A. Turner & Co.. lo-ks for pound   A-heroft & McClelland, hinge-, etc., for pound ..  Lawrence   Hardware Co.,  ha.-p   and staple for  pound   \V. J. Herring, cleaning city ollice   Nelson Electric Light Co.. lighting fire hall .    ...  T. "W. Cray, tank, etc   E. C. Arthur, iii(|ue-l-   James Nixon, labor on pound         Robert Oliver, labor on pound   Jacob Serson, labor on pound   Cb ef of police, transporting prisoner... ��� ..  John A. Turner & Co.. padlock, etc.   Tt W. Gray, lumber for pound    Nelson postotlice, box rent    .  West & Emerson, wood for city hall   John A. Turner & Co., coal oil ....   John Blaney, pound charges ..'   W. B. Smith, copying tax roll      John Blaney. repairs lo pound and food lost   Total-...' ..:..   PLANT  AND   TOOLS.  John A. Turner & Co.. picks', etc   David McHeath. wheelbarrow, etc   .-  Lawrence Hard ware Co., shovels, etc..;.  E. .1. Ritchie, lanterns*   A. C Buchanan & Co.. lanterns   XX'. C. McLean N: Co.. rubber boots   31 12  S 00  02 50  30 00  1  7.5  32 ,50  30  20 00  15 00  3 80  7S 20  i .50  1 50  09 00  1 9.5  2 7,5  20  3 50  9 ...  CO 10  30 Hi  2 00  III 0'.  .'��� 55  STREETS.  .S 53' 40  102 92  !1 00  105 09  11 00  5 25  39 (0  Total.  --S  ���STATIONERY,  books and ofllce  on legal  PKIXTINC   AND  Thomson Stationery Co.. blank  supplies   Nelson postofliee. stamps     ..  R. E. Lemon, blank books   Gilbert Sianley. ofllce supplies   John A. Turner & Co , ofllce supplies  Rolpb. Smith & Co.. printing debentures  Dominion Express Co., express chatmes  forms '.....   Tribune Publishing ('oinpany, job print ing   Tribune Publishing Company, advert ising not ices  and by-laws   British Columbia (.iazet to. legal forms    Briti-h Columbia. Gazelle, advertising by-laws...  ���  Total     ROAD   TAX.  C. IC. Sealey, oxpeli-cs nnd refunds      A. Allen, commissions on collections   John lilanoy, commissions on collect ions   Total   SALARIES.  John lloiislon. mayor and cnllcclor   ���C E. Sealey. cily clerk, \vnt"r������omiuissinnei*. and  00 20  15 00  8 00  1 30  70  112 .50  3 2.5  2.'i.5 25  333 53  10 00  .     215 25  ��� SI027 98  IS Wl  20 75  39 01)  SV'AA 3(1  Lawrence Hardware Co., nails and drift bolts ...!  David McBoath. foreman    James Forsyth, laborer   S. M. Hard, laborer   E. A. Rigney. laborer   Joseph Darken, laborer   Thomas Smith, In borer      Alc.van.de." Brown, laborer   William Bowers, laborer   Joseph Egan. laborer   David Boyle, laborer   .Mitchell Hughe.-, laborer      Mitchell  lingoes, contract clearing brush from  Baker street'   A. Seaton. laborer   It. Hell. laborer...*:   M ioliaol Burns. l,i borer   Charles Gilker. laborer   \ndy Campbell, laborer      i. Kourke, laborer   lumes Peters, laborer   Jeniiis Traynor, laborer    lohn McLeod. laborer   John I Iorton, laborer   ���oiiald Forbes, laborer   foe Gnrby.laboi'or   lohn Rih'j, laborer   William Meltae. laborer   Augusle Dies, laborer  ���   I. 1 lo ward', '   F. M. Bard, laborer      I). McKillop. laborer   Frank Rowe, laborer   Haptiste Syria, laborer      R. J add. laborer   ilobert Oliver, laborer ;   .1. Brennuu. laborer   Thomas MeCaughev, laborer.   Samuel Roberts, laborer   II. Flanigan, laborer    Hector Boroilo, laborer        John Costello, laborer ���������  John Andrews, laborer ��� ��� ��� ���  George Fitzgerald, laborer ��� ��� ���   P. Conroy, laborer ...    ..     .David Woods, laborer    A. I,. Williams, laborer   Peter Orinley. laborer   William Young, laborer   J. XX'. Wigblnian, laborer         F. K  Kelly, laborer .     ���'   Kenneth Campbell, laborer   A. L. Dolan, teams    ���  Ashcroft   & McClelland,  sharpening  tools and  making drift bolts   Wilson & Harshaw. teams '.   I'eter Soiuiuist, timber Baker street bridge : ��� ���  O. E. Herald, laborer   Frank   Anderson,  laborer      Swan Rosauder, laborer ���   Frank Page, la borer   (!. L. IIarmon,'carpenter Baker street bridge ...  I lenry Howell, la borer   D. I'ishor, laborer...' ���.   Jacob Serson. foreman Baker street bridge   I'M Shaw, carpenter Haker street bridge    George Ilawkrigg. carpenter Bakerst reel bridge.  Thonias Dempster, carpenter Baker:street bridge.  John Sutherland, carpenter Baker street bridge..  Jerry Stimson, carpenter Haker street bridge   L. E'. Davick. draughtsman and leveler for city  engineer   XV. A. Morrison, laborer       Mat Kelly, foreman and laborer   Allen Rhodes, laborer   J. Kowe, laborer   John Lynch, laborer   Hobcrt   Powell, hi borer   00 00  50 2  12 7.5 i1  .51 09  SI 00  I   10  7 .50  7 50  7 50  17 50  12 50  20 00  15 00  8 75  15 00  25 00  9 10  37 60  1.52 7.5  3(1 00  00 00  50 ���>  I  15 00  15 00  I!) 40  17 50  fid 30  20 00  0 25  10 25  39 40  30 00  -15 00  37 55  25 00  10 25  19 00  17 50  20 50  15 00  31 25  15 00  21 25  12 50  21 40  20 05  91 90  10 00  7 50  10 00  10 00  17 50  5 00  231 00  01 II  30!) 25  11 00  7 50  3 75  17 75  17 75  20 25  2 50  7 50  98 00  13 75  52 50  ���IS 00  12 0(1  23 50  02 50  2 50  II 70  20 01  11 90  II 00  II 90  Ed Jones, laborer :   Robert Corbett, laborer   John Follott. laborer   Joe Kelly, laborer   .lame.- Morris, laborer   Louis Johnson, laborer   R. J. Steele, laborer   Robert Can*, laborer   L. O'Neill, laborer   T. W. Gray, lumber.. -   E. Burns, moving rock from Josephine St. blull*.  John A. Turner & Co., nails, etc   James Harvey, laborer   Ed O'Brion, laborer   A. Wilson, laborer   X. Joyce, laborer   J. Fillier.  laborer   W. Langloy, carpenter Baker street bridge   William Downey, laborer   Arthur Ford, laborer '.   James Flanigan^ laborer   Jolni Steven, laborer   Henry Johnson, laborer   Lewis Anderson, laborer   Peter Lund man. laborer   William Kerry, laborer   Edgar Nokes, laborer   R. Nokes.'laborer   .���   \V..Moore, laborer   Ed Owens, laborer   Breckenridge & Lund, teams   Noll & Thompson, teams .-'.   W. C. McLean & Co., removing rock al corner of  Stanley and Silica, streets   John I leonan, laborer  ';   John 1'rcokonridgc, foreman   David Breckenridge, laborer '.   Alexander Chisholm, foreman   Total   WATER   WORKS.  Lawrence Hardware Company, repairs, supplies.  and making .service connections  *>  John McLaren, axeman on surveys    George Crook, axeman on surveys   Spencer & Ball, repairs   ..   F. C. ('.handler, leveler ou preliminary surveys.  Consumers' Waterworks Co.. purchase price of  old waterworks 'system   E. XX'. Cuiiimiugs. plans for waterworks   A. L. McCulIoch, plans for waterworks   Jaines Coyle, plans for waterworks   Fred Walter, axeman on surveys   C. II. Dancer, leveler on surveys   William Joyce, laborer on surveys   Andrew Wilson, laborer on surveys   John A. Turner & Co., supplies    Armstrong & Morrison, pipe   Canadian Pacilic Railway, freight on pipe   C. J. Campbell,' laborer on surveys   D. McCrcath, laborer on flumes    James Brennan. laborer on Humes   M. Sexton', laborer on flumes   10. Newell, laborer on flumes   ���  Alexander Allen, laborer on Humes   Mat Kelly, laborer on Humes. ...     David Muir. laborer on Humes   James Flanigan, laborer on flumes   Jacob Serson, foreman on flumes   Olto Forestberg, laborer on surveys   L. E. Davick. rodman and leveler on surveys...  Michael Burns, laborer on flumes    James Nixon, laborer on flumes   Breckenridge & Lund, contractors on Hume and  reservoir .... ��� '...   11. A. Pressor, pipe rods for flume survey   Nel.-on Electric Light Co., lead and oakum   Nel.-on Electric Light Co., pipe   Thomas XX'. Gray, lumber I'or flumes   Holley, Mason. Marks it Co.. drain tile   Collector of Customs, duty on drain tile   Holley, .Mason, Marks & Co., supplies   Nelson 4: Fort, Sheppard Railway Co..  freight  on drain tile   IT. J. Evans & Co., pipe   Canadian Pacilic Railway, freight on pipe   A. L. McCulIoch, engineer   Provincial Government, fees for water right ...  Nel.-on Blacksmith Co , repairs   George MeFarland, inspector at  reservoir and  Hume   Wilson & Harshaw, drayage   R. E. Lemon, pipe   Kootenay Lumber Co., lumber   John Boyd & Co., lead and oakum   Frank Darling, valves, hydrants, valve boxes..  John Twaddle, laborer piling pipe   N. Anderberg. laborer piling pipe   Robert Hunter, laborer piling-pipe   Harry Rippin. rodman on suivcys   H. II. McDonald, inspector at reservoir   XV. C. McLean & Co., contractors laying pipe ..  Asherofl & McClelland, repairs   Dominion Express Company, express charges  i on linings   National Tube Works Company, supplies   .  ..  Collector of customs, duty on supplies   Northern Pacific Express, express charges on  supplies   Nel.-on it Fort Sheppard  Railway..freight, on  supplies .-.. .;.   R. E. Lemon, inspector laying iiipe   Graham Campbell, laborer with engineer  Charles Maltby. drayage  '.   J. W. Cowan, drayage   Samuel Hair, making service connections ... .  Nelson 1 lard ware Co., supplies,   J. A. & XX'. B. Iloncyinan, repairs, etc  ...^   I (avid Woods, laborer on repairs.......    Michael Burns, laborer ou repairs....   David Bi-eckcnridgo, laborer on repairs   P. J. Jones, laborer on repairs.   t 'liarle- Burton, laborer on i cpairs .   ii. Spaulding. laborer on repairs   R. Miller, laborer on repairs -     .lame- Allen, laborer on flumes... .   ...���    ..  Sam IlaninKuid. laborer on flumes   Paid  into court on account land used for reservoir   II 00  32 50  11 2.5  22 00  10 00  2S 15  7 50  .5 00  .5 00  S5I '55  ,   91 SO  3(1 21  5 00  I 25  10 50  10 50  9 25  7 50  1 50  7 50  5 05  2 50  20 25  23 75  2(1 25  22 50  2.5 00  20 50  25 50  24 00  213 90  17S 75  210 00  .      23 20  11 00  13 75  39 00  SI725 Oil  123 SS  31 25  12 50  11 90  101 00  5,0(10 00  200 00  200 00  200 00  3 75  7 50  '".I 10  0 25  3 50  421 (iO  IS 52  1 25  3 75  7 00  7 50  7 50  18 00  15 00  ��� 15 00  S 75  (10 00  2 50  9S 50  10 50  10 00  7,709 70  11 00  C. 10  70 00  105 00  (i 00  2 10  17 50  5 45  S.OIO 75  51 51  SOO 00  S 75  210 00  130 25  17 00  (i 97  11!) 05  2.247 57  13 50  7 50  0 n()  (10 00  88 00  39!l(i 61  17 50  We have just received.a carload of Stoves direct  from the- celebrated G-urney Stove & Range Comprising Steel Ranges���'  a large variety of Cook  -   10:  with   and   without  pany, of Hamilton, com- ,  Hotel and Family sizes,  Stoves  No.  7, 8,  9, and  Reservoir. Parlor Heaters and Box Stoves, and  in order to reduce our stock before stocktaking,  "We will give a special discount 10 per cent on all  Cash orders for Stoves, Ranges, and all Stove and Kitchen Furniture, Granite ware, Tinware, Etc., until the end of December. We also carry a complete line of choice Groceries,  and as we buy in large quantities we are able to give our customers close prices.  CORNER BAKER AND' JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  �� �� a s o  And put into stock  a very fine assortment of Lamps. You  can buy them at  almost any price from 35 cents to $15.00 each.  Nothing could he nicer for your library than one  of our library lamps. It is a gem. Experts have  said that our ore cars are the best that has been  v.-  imported here.   We invite inspection and consider  it a pleasure to show goods.  BAKER   STREET,    NELSON,   B.   C.  In order to reduce our stock we will offer for next week only a special discount of  20 per cent on purchases of $1 or upwards, of soap shown in our window.  We have  a great variety to choose from, regular prices running  from 5 cents to  $1.50 a cake.  This is a rare opportunity to keep clean a little cost.  213 GO  104 00  2 50  I 25  50  I 30  SO  19 (il  5 00  '5 00  1 25  11 25  10 50  14 70  4 50  10 50  7 50  750 00  Total..: : :.-'.   ������   ��� 333,159 32  Grand total ���    05,571 43  CIIARLKS K. SKAL-EY. City Clerk.  Dated al Nelson, B. C. the 3lst day of December, 1897  NOTICE   OF   ASSIGNMENT.  We are offering- the balance of this season's Dress Patterns  at real bargain prices for the  Winter Trade.  Our Boots and Shoes are moving rapidly  Note the great  reduction which 25 per cent off means.  Ladies1 Dongol-i Button Boots, regular* prico   . $2.75 now $2.00. ! lifidies*" Strap .SlippHi-.s               ;*       Ci   *���           . $2.75 now $2.00  Ladies'Erenclr Kifl Button  Boots         ���������-.���. 3.50 now    2.65 J Misses Dongola Button Boots   ,        .."'*���        ��� 1.75 now     1.30  Ladies' Kid-toe .Slippers, hand turned '������           . 2.00 now    1.50, ! Misses Pebble Button Boots                  ������           . 1.50 now     1.15  ''Roys' sfcroup: LeasliPi-   Bonis from SI.00  up         Men's Heavy and  ]'Tine   Footwear at   corresponding prices.  Pursuant to the "Creditor's Trust.  Deeds Act. 1.S90." and  Amending Acts. ..���,,.  Notice is hereby given thai Arthur \V. Peck, trailing  under the name, stylo and llrm of A. AV. Peck & Co , in  the Cit.v of Nelson, in the province of British Columbia,  dealer in furniture nnd household supplies, carrying on  business there has by deed dated the 31st day of December. IS97, assigned all his personal estate, credits and  etlbcts which mav bo seized and sold under execution  and all his real estate to .lohn Joseph Campbell, of lhc  said City of Nelson, accountant, in trust, for the benefit  of his creditors. Tlie said deed was executed by the said  Arthiir \V. Peel; and .lohn Joseph Campbell on tlie said  31st dav of December. 1S97. All persons having claims  against (Ik said A. XX'. Peck ,''��� Co. are required on or before l he 15th day of February, 1898, to send tothe said  trustee full particulars of the sainediily verified together  willi particulars of any security held by them. And  notice is herebv given that, after the said 15th day of  Kebruary, ISilS."the trustee will proceed to distribute tlie  assets among those creditors whose claims have been  lodged with him, and that he "'ill not be responsible  after such date for the assets so distributed or any part  thereof to any person or persons, llrm or corporation of  whose debt or claim  he shall  not  then  have received  A meeting of the creditors will he held at, the ollice of  Edward A. Crease, Baker street. Nelson, British Columbia, on .Saturday, the Slh day of .lanuary, 1S9S, al the  hour of 2 o'clock 'in the afternoon.  KDWARD A. CRKASIC. Solicitor for the Trustee.  Dated at Nelson. B. <'.. this 31st. day of December, 1897.  ''Comparries Aet 1897." ,  Notic: is hereby given that Henry I'roughlun Thomas,  agent, has been appointed the attorney of the "Pyramid  Kootenav "Mining Company, Limited."  S. V.  WOOTON.  1'cgistrar of Joint Stock Coin pan ics.  Dated Hit 23rd day of December. IS97.  LOST-On Tuesduv evening a bull-terrier pup answering lo Ihe name of Punch. Howard will be paid I'or return of the pup to llr. Barrow at lhe head or Josephine  street.  Baker Street  Are offering special bargains in  Fine Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums  I take pleasure in thanking my customers for their patronage during  the   past  year,    i am   continuing   my discount   sales   during  January.  r  ml 11?  .'-���-W^v>*,:*:^


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