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 V"��.  p  ft  tf  p-  Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can  be Made  Dividend Paying Mines.  at  '���iSit.  ^      .  Wta*��  Taj?  FIFTH  YEAR-NO. i).  NELSON,  BRITISH  COLUMBIA,  SATURDAY, JANUARY  -j  -  /  7(vS  A   "WARNING   TO   INVESTORS.  &  �������_  Minority Stockholders Receive  Scant  Justice  in Companies Incorporated in Washington.  Tlio sale  oi"  tlio   War   liable company  should bo an object lesson to investors in  the shares oi' mining1 companies organized  tinder the laws of the state of Washington.    The War Eagle mine is situate near  liossland, in   this province, but tho company operating'  it  was organized   under  tlie laws ol the state of Washington, and  had its head office at Spokane.   The laws  of Washington allow a majority interest  in tin incorporated company to dispose of  tho company its a whole.    In other words:  The owners of a ma jorifcy of the shares in  a company, even if th��' majority is  but  one share, can sell all  the shares  of the  company, and pass title. vT-ho War-Eagle  company's  capital  was $500,000,  divided  into shares of tho par value of $1.    The  majority of the shares (2(S7,1 -J;".) were held  by an interest who voted to sell the company's 500,000 shares for $700,000, when an  offer  to purchase the  shares   for   $900,-  000 was  before  them  for  consideration.  They claimed that the' $700,000 offer was  all cash, while the $000,000 oiler was only  $200,000 cash and the balance in 10 days.  The  minority   interest   at   the   meeting  (I73,N'".5 shares) maintained that the $900,-  000 offer was the better one.   While only  $200,000 of it was in cash, no stock was to  be delivered until the balance of the offer.  $700,000, was in bank, and if not so placed  within-10 days, then, the $200,000 was to  be forfeited, an amount inore th_in double  the  probable .output of the   mine for-10  days.   The action of tho majority interest  can only have one  construction, that is,  tho property rights of the minority interest were sacrificed.    It  is  generally contended that eight out of ten men, no matter how scrupulously honest .they may be  in  ordinary   business   undertakings,  are  unscrupulous  in   their  mining  ventures,  and the sale of the AVar   Kagle company  for $700,000 when it could  have been sold  for $000,000 goes to prove that contention.  Investors should  steer clear of all mining  companies  organized  under the state of  Washington.          ���-Although tho conveyance of the War  Ivigie mine has been made to tho Gooder-  hain-Blackstook syndicate, and the money  is said to have been paid over, it may be  that the last has not been heard of the  matter.    There-is a provision.in the companies  act regulating the disposition of  their assets by companies, none of which  conditions nave been complied with.iu respect to the War Eagle deal.    It is a debatable question whether compliance with  the provisions of  this act is  obligatory  upon American  companies  registered in  this province.   The circumstance that the  Gooderham syndicate did not consider it  so, gives color to the statement commonly  '��� heard, .that American companies incOrpo-  , rated in Washington cannot be bound by  regulations   imposed   by   the   companies  act of  this -province.    In   the  companies  act amending act of 1893,  the   following  s'ectiou  was added to the companies act:  '���Notwithstanding -anything appearing  to the contrary in any statute iu force iu  this province, any corporation registered  or   incorporated   under  the  "Companies  Act," or the "Companies Act, 1S90," may  * dispose of the whole or any portion of its  assets by resolution duly passed to such  effect at a general or special meeting of  the  stockholders   representing   at   least  two-thirds in.value of the paid up capital  stock of the corporation, which meeting  shall be held in the city, town, or district  where the corporation has its chief place  of   business in  the  province:   Provided,  always, that at least one month's uotice  of such meeting, signed by the secretary,  or, in the event of his death or absence,  by the acting secretary, or if there be no  acting secretary, then by one of the trustees, shall be published' in at least four  issues of the British  Columbia Gazette,  and of some newspaper in the city, town,  or district aforesaid:    Provided, always,  that nothing herein  contained  shall   be  construed  or allowed    to  prejudice  any  claim against the corporation.''  If this act applied to the War Eagle  company, incorporated in Washington,  and the stockholders who voted against  the sale held together, they would have  had their remedy in their own hands, as  the Finch and Clark combination did not  control the necessary two-thirds of the  stock. It would have been possible for  them to have made an application in the  British Columbia courts to have the sale  set aside and a receiver appointed to administer the property. If such an application had been made it is difficult to see  how the court could have refused it. The  sale conformed with the provisions of the  companies act in no respect, and the.Finch  and Clark combination sold their co-shareholders out for $200,000 less than the  amount offered by the representative of  the London Ac British Columbia ({old  Fields company. It is now said that the  (Jorbins, Huberts, and Ilerrick, have sold  their stock. This will no doubt give the  Gooderham syndicate the necessary two-  thirds.  200-foot level.    A very good o/     '%  been done'with the diamonu  fair grade has been found on tht  the  main   tunnel, and   another ,.o.  grade has been found on tho north.  SHORT   BITS   OF   NEWS   PROM   KASLO. '   | HOW SENATOR MAHONE PLAYED POKER.  ������ir  HAS   PAID   $120;000   IN   DIVIDENDS.  But the Owners Keep It Dark and Don't Wish  Anyone to Knowr It.  If some of the men carrying on mining  operations in Trail Creek Jind.hold of a  few of the Slocan properties for six months  the Slocan would soon be known in every  corner of the earth.   The men operating  in the Slocan are good  miners, but' tliey  are afraid that someone will catch on to  tlie  circumstance that they are making  money very fast.    They give.ont as little  information concerning their property as  possible, and  kick if the newspapers attempt to publish the value of their shipments as  entered  in  the customs.    This  may be all right from their point of view,  but it does not give the district a  fair  chance for further development.    If the  earnings of tlie Slocan  mines were published, there would be a greater incentive  to capital  to develop many of the prospects which at  present are  barely kept  alive.   The reticence of these men is therefore a bad  thing  for  tJie country.    The  force of this will  bo apparent when it is  known that, one Slocan property, of whicli  .little  is ever iieard, has  paid $72,000 in  dividends during the past four months,  and the total amount of dividends paid  since    operations    were   commenced,   is  $120,000.    If this  property was in  Rossland,   its   name  would  be in  everyone's  mouth, but it is in the Slocan, and outside of those immediately interested, there  are few people who have nuy knowledge  of it or'its earnings.  Bonded the Nonpareil Group.  W. N. Rolfe secured a bond on the Nonpareil'group of claims on Tuesday. The  bond calls for the payment of a substantial  Jigure, divided into four payments, scattered over twelvemonths. The Nonpareil  group is located iu (heSlocan opposite the  Lucky.Jim group, fhe cabin on the property being about 30 minutes' walk from  the Lucky Jim siding on the Kaslo & Slocan railway. The development upon the  group consists of over 300 feet of tunnel  and some 100 feet of open .work. The  ledge is between four and five feet wide,  a great deal of which will concentrate.  Tlie paystreak varies from four to fourteen inches. Several'sample shipments  Jiave been made front the property i'or the  purpose of ascertaining the value of the  ore. These ran from 200 to 225 ounces in  silver. The owners of the group were W.  C. McLean, J. G. McLean, and W. A.  Flager. .   - .,.'���-  The Tramway Completed. .  The Noble Five company's tramway,  connecting the mines and the concentrator at Cody, has been completed and successfully tested. The tramway was built j  by the Colorado Iron Works, of Denver,  ���aud.is of entirely novel design. It is the  invention of Mr. Finlaysou of that- company, and is the first of the pattern to be  built anywhere. It is automatic in operation, the loaded bucket starting the  empty one on its journey, Tlie .buckets  will carry from 300 to 700 pounds each of  ore. The tramway will, when worked up  to its capacity, bring down daily about  ���iSO tons of ore, and carry up about half  that quantity of merchandise.  The Again a Shipper  Tiie Josie will begin to ship ore this  week. Several hundred tons have been  knocked down from the stope in the big  J.<ve chute in the east end. It is thought  that tlie Josie company can easily ship u  carload a flay.    A good deal of work has  Developing- the Sunset.  The Sunset Gold and Silver Miningcom-  pany, wliich recently -secured the Sunset  mineral claim in the Whitewater basin,-  has a force of ten men opening up the  property. A shaft has been smile 15 feet,  and the ledge has gradually widened from  three to six feet. There is a rich streak  of galena which varies from 8 to 1-1 inches.  In sinking the present shaft over a carload  of shipping ore lias been taken out. A  second carload will be sliipped during the  first week in February.  Goodenough's Promised Dividend,  it is said that the Goodenough 'Mining  company, owning the Goodenough mine  in the Sloean, will declare a $50,000 dividend within a month or six weeks. The  company now has $20,000 in the treasury,  and enough ore in transit to warrant the  payment of such a dividend.  Where Dick Shea Is King.  Lake  I).   Wolford and A. Coolidgo of  Colfax, who are largely interested  in  the  Rambler-Cariboo Mining Company, have  been visiting the property, which has  been showing some very valuable ore  bodies. ^_   Another Rossland Claim Sold.  The Sultana claim, located on Lookout  mountain, adjoining the Wisconsin, has  been sold. Ten thousand dollars was the  price paid, $3000 down, the remainder in  ���"!() days. General Warren and a Manitoba  syndicate are the buyers.  . ..Fisher Maiden Shipping.  In the Fisher Maiden mine at Silverton  there is a force of 17 men at work driving  a tunnel and stoping out ore. There are  over 200 tons of ore on the dump, and 700  sacks are now ready to ship. This ore assays $00 to the ton.  Second Payment Made on Mountain Goat.  The Mountain Goat mineral claim, under  bond to W. li. Potter, i.s said to be turning out satisfactorily. The second payment on the bond, which fell due some  days since, was promptly met.  Tlie newly elected members of the city  ���.ouncil held their first meeting on Monday last in accordance with  the statute.  The declarations of tho  aldermen  elect  were read by  the  clerk, and  they  were  ready for business.    In  the unavoidable  absence of mayor elect Green, alderman  Moore was elected temporary chairman,  and the councilman took a recess until K  o'clock in the evening.    When tho council  reassembled, the mayor's declaration' was  read, and he took the chair.    A communication was  read from   W. B. Strathern,  calling attention to the open saloons on  election day, wliich, he said, was in violation of law, and asking whose duty it was  to see that the Sabbath was properly observed in accordance with law. The mayor,  named the standing committees with the  following chairmen:    Finance, alderman  Garland'; public works, alderman Moore;  'sanitation and water,alderman Buchanan;  lire   and   light,' alderman    Goodenough.  Alderman Buchanan asked some questions  with reference to the waterworks system,  and the show license given the proprietor  of the Theatre Comique.   He then asked  for a private session of the council, which,  after some conversation, it was arranged  to call on Saturday evening,    it was elicited during the talk,  that the alderman  desired "to present a charge for gross misconduct against one of the city's officials,  the charge will probably be laid on  Saturday   evening,   and    discussed    behind  closed doors.  Miss Alice Hamilton, one of the variety  actresses of tho Theatre Comique, slipped  as she was coming out of the theatre  building on Tuesday morning and, in falling, broke her leg.  The new rotary snow plow for tho Kaslo  & Slocan railway, has received some  changes in the machine shops at Spokane,  and has been forwarded from there for  use on the road. It will probably arrive  in the course of a few clays, and be a valuable acquisition, although there has been  no serious detentions thus far in the road's  traffic.  The shares of the Ibex Mining and Development company are selling very  rapidly in the east, and orders are coming  in every day. Fred Steele, the treasurer  of the company, who only returned on  Monday from Winnipeg, will leave in the  course of a few days for Toronto and  Montreal, where he will establish agencies  for the sale of the company's stock. The  showing, at. the mine is said to be excellent.  .���  D. Bauman, a mining man from Denver,  Colorado, was in Ivaslo the other day  day looking after zinc properties. His  object ought'to commend itself to the  owners, of several properties, where this  class of mineral has been considered rather  detrimental than otherwise.  The new skating rink was opened for  the public use on Tuesday evening last.  Both curlers and skaters took advantage  of the occasion to indulge in their favorite  pastime. But the ice was not sufficiently  smooth to permit of the best results. The  ice will be-again flooded and it will only  need a few days cold weather to make the  rink a favorite resort, as well a.s permitting of the most health bringing- exercise.  The water works system, aftermost exasperating delays, approaches completion.  The big cut on A avenue has been pushed  through, and the section of pipe between  Fifth and Sixth street may now be laid.  The work of putting together the wood  stave pipe is also progressing rapidly, and  the whole of it will be in place on Monday  or Tuesday. The floor and sides of the  reservoir have received a coat of asphalt,  and it is now ready for the water. If  there be no untoward accident, the water  should be turned on and the system tested  by the 1st of February.  The Theatre Comique was again represented in the police court on Thursday  afternoon. The occasion was a row which  occurred on Wednesday night between  Robert Felix, "peanut Bob," a "beer  slinger," and one I). J. McDonald, during  which McDonald had his eye blackened.  McDonald was fined $10, and the waiter  $15, with the addition of an admonition  from the police magistrate that young  men in his business must be prepared to  take considerable abuse from those to  whom they supplied intoxicants until  they became inebriated, for if brought  before him for assault tinder such circumstances, they would have cause to regret.  He;would himself attend to tliat end.  li. . Hirschel Cohen is again in Kaslo,  and is said to be negotiating for further  purchases of Slocan property. He went  into the hills by rail on Thursday morning.  Ney York Journal: They tell a story  about Mahone, which illustrates tho delicacy of that gentleman, a.s well as' the  cool and steady fashion in which he used  to pick up his pokerhand. The general  is dead now, and this is of three-years ago.  General Mahone played very often, and  liked tlie game. Once he was in a four-  handed party at Chamberlin's, which included several senators; nobody was winning or losing very much. The limit was  not a high one. >  A deal was beginning where general  Mahone sat at the dealer's left hand, and  had what is popularly called "the age."  The general had anted and the deal was  about to begin, when one of the waiters  called him from the room to speak with  gentleman.  ."Deal me a hand," said general Mahone,'  as he stepped out of the door. "I'll be  back in time to play if." As he closed the  door behind him. the senator who was  handling the deck, remarked :  "Let's put up a joke on Mahone. I'll  deal him three queens in the go-off, and  fix up C , next to him, with a straight  flush, and then let. Mahone get another  queen in the draw. I'd like to see how  long and how hard the general would bet  four queens. Of course, we give the money  back."'  The others deemed this a very excellent  jest, and the dealer ran over the deck until he had gotten three queens, which he  threw down with two other cards a.s Ma-  hone's hand. Then he fixed up the statesman next to him with a four diamond  flush. The top of the deck was next-arranged so as to give Mahone a not her queen  to.his three, and fill C.'s diamond flush to  make it a straight (lush.  Everybody had picked up his hand when  the general got back, and as herdrew up  to the table and reached for his cards, the  dealer remarked: "Hurry up general,  we're waiting for you." general Mahone  looked at his hand, discarded one card  and said:    "Give me a card."  The dealiug senator 'cj^ajt the general  the fourth queen, wliicji;*l*(y on the. ton..of  sttneci io oe tlie centre.of int'g'-VV  tivity, her genius must guide tjWf^  Directed along the paths oi Ky.'/  humanity, not even the stars   yf-Aft  PC  ����_jB.***��  her glory.    This is the state  mit to your care.    Again, let i^    s  the centime;--."  4SS&C&  BULLION,   MATTE,   AND   <_  1  il  Shipments  from  the   Mines and  Southern   Kootenay.   (  The following returns of shm,"*",  bullion, matte, and ore from   t/~  and smelters in southern Kooleip"*-  Saturday   last, weie  obtained / -,  custom   house at Nelson.    ThtVt*  and value of fhe ore exported |I  Slocan over the Nakusp Ac Slocyl^i  for the past ten days were not <%) *.  for this issue;   These  figures  ��-Ij ���>  the value  of  the  mineral.evpor  West Kootenay for the first fhi^f,.  of tho present month amount n^*��-  over half a million dollars. i*\  BULLION  AND   MATH       �����*  Pound-, ��;*.  Trail smelter A     '    * *  Hall Mines smelter, Nelson, niatce...  ���OltK.  m  y  -. -���  "*?  13'  the ~<lcol:,_z.z3r g'ave'C-  uexfc to  him7  Payne mine Slocan   "I'jiist Chance iiiine Slocan  U'liite.viitcr mine, Slocan  Kooteiniy Ore Company..  I'eeo mine, Sloean   Surprise mine, Sloean   'Rambler- mine Slocan ...  No. 1 mine. Ainswortli...  Lo Hoi mine, Uossland....  Jumbo mine, Ro_.slan<_ ..  Total for week   Totalso far for IS!)7   i-ffE .,  who also drew one card, the diamond he  was after.   And then (hey leaned back to  see C and the general buck each other;  and, as C had  the high hand, to hear  what the general would say when he lost  on four queens.  It was C������'s first.bet. He threw down  a .v-tf-iite chip. Of course.-everybody was  confident the general would raise1 him.  That was where they were disappointed.  To their amazement and without a moment's hesitation, without a word of comment or any gesture which would indicate either surprise or disgust, Mahone  threw his hand in the discard, and as nobody  bet against C , he,took  in  the  little pot with opposition.  General Mahone calmly reached for the  deck and proceeded to shuffle the cards  for the next deal. At last the senator  who had dealt the cards broke into a  laugh.  '"C , you might better give the. gen-  Shipments, via- the Nakusp & Sloe  _. ..The shipments via the Naku-  railwa^y,' which were entered  stoke,'a sub-port of Now -Westi  to Jai uary 15th, 1807, were:  Tin  Sloean -Slav mine. Sandon ;     Ji  I'.nterpTiso mine, Slocan   Idaho i��iine, Slocan   16*  m  3&m  -*�����  -V*  fl  f-_  /p  *=V   *  "\  1(11  Tot .1  ���������!  Eastern People Get Ainsworth Properties.  There i.s a well authenticated report current that, the Black Diamond and Little  Donald mineral claims at Ainsworth,  lately owned by John F. Stevens of the  Great Northern Railway, and bonded to  T. M. Gibson of Kaslo, have been by (he  latter transferrer! to an eastern syndicate  represented by Fred Steele, a small interest being retained by Mv. Gibson. The  price paid i.s stiid to have been good sized,  but particulars are not given. Work will  probably begin at once with a considerable force, and shipments made at tin  early date.  The Manitoba Election Cases.  It would appear from the proceedings  in the recent election trials that Manitoba's population consists chiefly of a  majority of fools who were cheated by a  minority of rogues.  V-  eral back his'ante," remarked the late  dealer. Then they all'laughed, while Ma-  hoiie looked up iu pretended surprise.  "Why didn't you bet those four queens,  general?" asked one of the senatorial  players. "Did you think they were a joke,  or that somebody was trying to rob you?"  "No, sir," smoothly replied Mahone, "I  have the utmost confidence in the honesty  of every gentleman present; I haveu'tthe  remotest idea that any of you would rob  me, and am confident that no one would  jest about so serious a thing as poker.  .But I make it an inflexible rule, sir, never  to bet a high hand where I have been absent through the deal. To be out in the  hall during the deal, and then return and  get a fourth one oil the draw, is to me excessively alarming. So, of course, I throw  my hand in the discard. I always want  to be present when lam dealt four of a  kind."  "Well, general," said the senator who  had been dealing, "it Was a joke, after  all, and I must compliment you ou the  very prompt and thoroughbred manner  in which, without discussion, you laid  down those four queens.'- it showed, sir,  that you were a Southern gentleman, and  was complimentary alike to yourself and  to us."  Then they all. laughed, and, ringing for  a waiter, they ordered a bottle of wine,  and arranged a frugal rake-olf to pay  for it. ���   _  *_ '  .  A Pen Picture of Cleveland.  Cleveland's refusal to interfere in Cuban  affairs is denounced by the Kansas City  Times in language of western vigor and  pieturesqueness. "His corpulency," says  The Times, "sits smiling iu selfish .'unconcern over the spectacle of daily carnage,  cruelty, and rapacity going on almost  within sight of our southern seaboard. It  (ills the fatty convolutions of his brain  with pride and thrills with elephantine  joy (lie osseous heart that pumps the  fishy blood through his apoplectic corpo-  rosity, to think that in ignoring the sufferings of the people of Cuba he is showing his contempt for the sentiments of the  I'nited States."  Alttfeld the Anarchist.  Salt Lake Tribune: Governor Altgeld  is a strange man. Ho does some uinic-,  countable things, but it cannot be stiid  ili.it he has over done a thing in his life to  further his personal ambition: that he  hn-; ever refrained from doing anything  tl.at he believed to be right lest he might  loose friends thereby. vYnd those who believe that he is utterly bad, those who be-  That Paris Belie Decision Again.  J. M-. Kellie, who represents the north  riding of West Kootenay in the legislature  is making a tour of Trail Creek district  ���prior  to  the  opening of   the  provincial  parliament.-' While in Trail Creek he discussed the celebrated .Paris Bell ���decision'  of chief justice Davie.   From li is remarks  upon the same it is evident that Kellie^ in  common with all mining  men, has a poor  opinion of the judgment.    This is whathe  said upon'the subject:    "In the event of  tlie decision of chief justice Davie being  sustained I believe the interests of a large  number of people in the vicinity of Rossland and elsewhere, whohave acted in good  faith, call for relief.    In the event suggested, I  propose to introduce a bill in the  legislature   that  will  cure the  technical  defect to these titles, and  prevent what  appears to be an injustice to man}'' people  who have shown good faith in. every substantial respect..' I think  it is  a   matter  winch   deserves   legislative   relief.    The  bill, if introduced aud carried, will be an  amendment to the-mineral act, and  will  simply be declaratory of what the law, in  the respect under discussion, was'intended to be."    _       '      And He Never Came Back.  Tom Dolan, treasurer of Rossland's Miners' Union No. &S,- W. F. M., .disappeared  soon after January 1st. and about $000 of  the union's funds entrusted to his care  went with him. He was not suspected tit  the first meeting held early in the month,  but a day or two later when inquiries  were made, it was learned that he had  left town, not making his plans known,  and that the treasury was empty. His  bondsmen, A. Klockman, l-.thvard Bowes,  and II. S. Mc-Conncll made the deficit good  on Monday.            Wants a Dominion Charter.  Application will be made at the next  session of the federal parliament to incorporate the British Pacific Kail way company, for the purpose'of building a lino  from Victoria to'Winnipeg via Butte Inlet, Cariboo, Fdnionton, and Prince Albert, with a branch line to a port on Hudson's Bay. and branches down the valleys  of the Canoe, Columbia and Kootenay  rivers to the 10th paralleloflatitiidc, with  power to purchase, lease, amalgamate or  make ru lining arrangements With existing  lines or lines of proposed railways.  Will Ship Fvo Cars Each Month.  Lane Keith, one of the lessees of the Slocan Boy, was in Ivaslo on Monday last.  He reports that they have 2'A men at work  on the property, and have sliipped during  the season 15 carloads of high grade ore.  and will ship about five cai loads each  month.  The Telegram's Political Pars.  For the sake of Canada's honor, it is to  be hoped that the Liberal party i.s not  about to become identified with any  movement for reciprocity which involves  the recognition of Mr. Kdward Farrcr as  the Washington agent of a Canadian  government.  (''.e profits made bv the original stockriders in the Wat K-igle are easily computed. By thi" "-ale they receiveTcturas~__-  on a ba^is of $750,000. The mine lias paid  $187,000 in dividends, or a total of $8'_>7,-  500. J3ut the original stock represented,  in addition to the War. Eagle mine, the  Iron Mask, the Virginia, and the Poor-  man. The stock of the Iron Mask is selling .around  50 cents, or $250,000 for the '  value of $1,327,500. It cost the original  owners, all told, about $50,000, or 10 cents  'per share.' In other words, original stockholders who have retained their interests  to date have received more than $20 for  each dollar invested.  A Rich'Strike on the Whitewater.  The Whitewater mine increases in value  at almost every- foot of development work  which is done upon it. Manager Eaton  reports that the tunnel next to the lowest  is now. in 175 feet, and he has struck an  ore body which he thinks is the same as  that which shows in the winze above, and  which he has been following for some  time. Assays-of ordinary samples from  this body assayed J.)l ounces silver to the  ton, which was surprising -even-to the  manager himself.  Eight Thousand Dollar Silver Ore.  The Goodenough mine is still -producing  high class ore, and well . maintaining its  promise. Some samples taken out in (he  ordinary course, of. stoping. were sent to  Hill it Co., the assayers at Sandon, and  from one sample the remarkable assay re- ���  turn was made of VA, 1-12 ounces in silver  per ton. This is perhaps- the highest assay ever made in the district. There are  two carloads ol' ore tit the Kaslo sampling  works, from which large returns are expected. _  Knows What He Is Talking About.  George W. Hughes was in Ivaslo the  other day. He is enthusiastic over the  outlook in the Slocan country. He says  that the improvementeverywhere is most  marked. It i.s not shown iu one property,  nor in one locality, but everywhere  throughout the Slocan district, where  values are being developed by leaps and  bounds. The Payne group, which... is already a heavy shipper, will send out in  the early future fully 50 tons per day.  Killed in a Snow Slide.  Word was received here on Wednesday  last that John G. Gillis, foreman at the  Ibex mine, had been buried in a snow  slide. Kfforts were being made to rescue  him, but it was scarcely possible to hope  that he would be taken out alive. Assistance was sent from the Whitewater, but  without avail. Latest accounts are to the  elfect that (he body had not been recovered from the slide.  Another Good Thing on Ton-milo.  The Kdinonton group on Ten-mile creek,  Slocan lake, under bond to A. (.'. Ferguson  of Vancouver, i.s said to be looking well as  the result of development work. The  vein is stronger, and some high uvade ore  is being taken out. George D. Turner is  in charge of the work.  OK  ��� ��� wilit _? L    r    ��� .     �����      Jin v a     .7v    )r       . I     T   .1     ji^      i i-   ' i1 ^ _i k i_.i^- i     i        i    '���� 'n dilri1!!^* ._rn      ��.1        ��� J r  ��   * _   i        r I -n j*i     _i *   \      t.      t * T * *   -   \        i r    _* i ii.t*.1 k ���      r      ^ aii �� "        i    ^      _? ���.���������^,'li> i     **     i      ���    j        -^ 1 *_i        il ������ k^S     JiWl 1 Jf.  TUP,  TRIBUNE:   NELSON,   B. C, SATURDAY, JANUARY M,   1807.  VV 'o .  is not si journal in the province.-'saye pus-  sibly the. Colonist, which would do such  "strong.lying for one dollar per line as the  Vancouver World does. This newspaper  is underpaid rather than overpaid. When  a newspaper, in defence of government  blunders, goes so far as to charge clerical  errors with being responsible for the  granting of millions of acres of land to  charter speculators, it surely earns a  dollar a lino now.and then for government  advertisements.  Bi'-Koi..-'- the shareholders of the War  Eagle mine made their kick against the  sale of the property to the Gooclerham-  Blackstock syndicate, the prospective  purchasers intimated that they would  build their smelter at liossland and not  at Northport. The chief kickers against  this sale are those who have interests in  the N. Ac F. S. and S. F. & NT. railways and  the Northport townsite. These people  are likely to cause trouble, and a desire to  secure the property upon the terms agreed  may have prompted the Toronto people  to shift their ground. It does not matter  to the people of Kootenay what position  the owners of the War Eagle take with  respect to the erection of their smelter.  It .'may not suit the owners of the North-  uort townsite, nor the management of the  American railways to have Trail Creek  ores treated in'-British Columbia, but the  fact remains that such ores could be treated advantageously in tlie vicinity of  Rossland and north of the international  boundary. When this is done the Canadian towns will secure advantages which  1). C. Corbin is at present trying to secure  for his own townsite in the United States.  It does not matter who owns the mines,  the interests of the district demand that  the ores be treated in the district, and  the federal government should so frame  its tarilT as to secure this end.  II. Ci.iOMKNT.s, treasurer of the Kootenay Lake General Hospital, has received a  statement of account from the committee  in charge of the Charity ball recently  given in aid of the hospital. The statement shows the receipts to have been  $112, and the expenditures $110.29. The  balance, $1.71, was turned over to the  hospital society. A little more assistance  of this nature and the Jvootenay Lake  General Hospital Society will soon be upon  velvet.           It would be well for the provincial legislature at its approaching session to give  some attention to the truck system,  and if there i.s no law against such a system, to frame one and put it into force  at once. In every country where this  system has obtained, it has been a source  of evil. So great were the evils resulting  from this system in Great Britain, that  several years ago an  act of parliament  ���liring employers  to pay  J, and orders at stores not  jployer were made as illegal  Pixls upon company or em-  This act also' prohibited  Si,  direct   or  indirect, as to  ,'es of employees should  be  jisinissals for dealing at cer-  jor not dealing at other stores  ���illegal.    The evil has been leg-  Kst in the I'nited States, where  &ul to bo the root of much of t he  jles wliich disturbed  the coal  inolal mining industries.  J'K does not wish to see any  jfruin a foothold in Kootenay,  reason it submits that the  f.hould enquire, into the n-.ui-  l  the   relationship  between  d employees is shaping in this  I company known as the Hall  ed, furnishes a good case in  company is nominally a min-  Jlting company, but it already  In boarding house tit the mines  lintain.    It has already made  its for tho opening of a store  fs, and it has made application  I.rnment  for  a  license  to  sell  [retail   at "tho "mines.    It can  Contended that all this is being  le interests of the miners om-  Ihe Hall Mines company. There  Sn to believe that such a.system,  |been found to work injuriously  J.es the world  over, will  work  fin the case of the Hall Mines,  (I't'he system permits too many  ties for abuses, to be allowed to  thold in A Vest Kootenay.    J tis  .1  what protestations the Hall  J.pany may make to tho effect  Jr;s not intend to take any ad van-  ' workmen.    It is too dangerous  r> place in fhe hands oi any corn-  it will be the duty of the pro-  Svernment to check this evil iu  ge.   SiSLAND   MINING   NOTES.  br: A big strike has been made  liuna. Sunday's day shift went  ith two feet of a mixture of  copper ore in the face of the  11 probability the west end of  ;e uncovered iu the No. 1 shaft,  were drilled, the bottoms of  ffTj'.asted, showed up a. bo<V>' oi  Sost massive aurifcro'Cis eoppe.-; sul-  Icle ore yet seen in the camp.-. Work on  ^..outlay in the tunnel denionstrated''"ithat  the streak of clean ore is fully 10 iiAches  wide, and still no hanging wall in sig.��t.  The contiactors who have been sii.iung  the last 00 feet in the.Butte shtif ^-completed their work Monday, and at the. 100-  foot leveldisclosed a body, of ore carrying  a large percentage of copper, mixed with  pyrrohitite and white quartz. In a ti_w  days a contract for a 50 loot drift on the  vein will be let, and it is expected that a  fine body of ore will be opened up, as it is  thought that the shaft is sunk on the  west end of the ore chute, surface work to  the east having shown ore everywhere.  Manager King of the Columbia and  Kootenay, has contracted with the Trail  smelter to deliver ore for treatment at the  rate of $10 a ton. It will cost him $2a ton  to deliver tlie ore at the smelter, so that  the whole.'expense will be $12 a ton. He  now has about 400 tons on the dump; and  is increasing this rapidly, as he is stoping  both above and below the tunnel, and  both stopes look well.  MEMORANDUM 0F ASSOCIATION OF THE  Hall Exploration of British Columbia,  THK COM I 'A NIKS, ACTS, ISIIl' TO."18(10.  co.mi'axv i.i.Mm.1.  i-.v sn..ui_s.  1, The name of the Company is tin; " Ham. K.VI'i.oica.  TION OK lSltlTISII Com;MIIIA. Limitkh,"  2. Tho l-egislered Ollice of the Company will  lie situ-  iiti! in Kngland.  'A.   Tliu objects  for which  llie Company i.s established  arc: .  (ii) To institute, enter into, curry on, assist or partiei-  patc in tlnancial. commercial, mercantile, indn.-ti-al,  ma .Lil'artiiriiijj, mining, and oilier businesses, works,  conii-ticls and iiiidertai-iiitfs; and linaiH-ial operation.-,  of all kinds in Hritish Columbia or elsewhere.  lb) To undertake and curry on any business transaction  or operation commonly undertaken or curried ou by  linaii'iers, promoters of companies, bankers, uudei'-  wriu-r.n, cuuce.--'-iom'iros, cont i-ai.-lors for public and  olher works, capitalists or merchants, and to curry on  any other business whicli may seem lo ihe Company  capable of being conveniently carried on in connection  Willi any of the objects of the Compiiny, or which may  . be thought culi-ulaU'd directly or indirectly lo enhance  ' the value of or render piotiinble any of the Company's  property or rights:  (c> To promote, ac<|iiire, cnii.-.trucl, ci|iilp, maintain, im-  prove, work, manage, or control, or aid in or subscribe  towards lhe promotion. uc<|iiisilion. construction,  equipment., maintenance, improvement, working, management or control of works, undertakings mid operations of all kinds, both public and private, and in pari ic-  iilar roads, tramway.--, railways, telegraphs, telephones,  cables, ships, lighters, harbors, pier.-,, (b.cl.s, c|ii!iy.s,  wharves, wuroh'.iises, bridges, viaducts, aci|Ueilucls,  reservoirs, embank men Is, waterworks, water-courses,  canals, Humes, irrigations, drainage, sawmills, cru.-li-  iug-niills, smelling works, iron, steel, ordnance, engineering and implement works, hydraulic works, gas  and electric lighting, electrical work.-, power supply,  (|iiarries. collieries, coke ovens, foundries, furnaces,  factories, currying undertakings by land and water,  forlilicalioiis, uuu-Uets, exchanges, minis, public and  private buildings, newspaper.-, and publication establishments, breweries, winciic.s. distilleries, hotels, residences, stores, shops, and places of amusement, recreation or instruct imi, whether I'or llie purpose of I lie Company, or I'or sale or hire l,o. or in ret urn for any consideration from, any ot her companies or persons:  (rl) To search for, prospect, examine and explore mines  and ground supposed fo contain minerals or precious  stones, and to search for and obtain information wilh  regard, to mines, mining claims, mining districts und  localities; to purchase, lake ou lease or concession,  or otherwise, acquire, for any iiilere.-l. therein, and lu  hold, sell, dispo-c of and ilenl Willi lands or hereditaments of any tenure, gold, Kiivi-r, copper, lead, tin,  quicksilver, iron, stone, coah or other mines, mining,  w.iter. timber, and other righis, and generally and  property supposed l.o contain minerals or precious  stones (if any kind, a.nd undertakings connected therewith: to explore, work, exercise, develop, llualiee. and  turn lo account, the same; to search for. win, quarry,  assay. i'ru.-h, wa.-h. dress, reduce, amalgamate, smell,  re II ne, and prepare for nun kel, metalliferous quart/.nnd  ore. and other mineral and metal substances and precious stone-, and for this purpose lo buy, or otherwise  acquire, buildings, plant, machinery, implements, appliances, and tools; in Inn-, sell, i mini pillule, export, ai:d  deal in ores, minerals, and metals of all kinds, and  precious stones: and generally lo institute, enter Into,  carry oh, udsikt, or participate in any 'mining,and ihef-  _��� (liturgical -operations and undertakings" connected  ~,;~:therew_Ui:    . ���    ( .,":",    , < V    "'   . .'��� , ���   .'������..������    ,  (e) To purchase, or' otherwise acquire, hold, sell, exchange, turn to account, dispose of and deal in real and  personal property of all kinds, and in particular lands,  buildings, hereditaments, business (ioiicernsand undertakings, mortgages,'charges, anu'uitiuj. patents, patent  rights, copyrights, licenses, securities, grants, charters,  , : concessions, -leases, contracts,; options, policies, book  debts and claims, and any ��� interest in real or personal  property, and any claims against such property, :<ir  against any, persons or company, and to IInance and  carry on any business ''concern or uiiderlaking so acquired-; '���:.-":'���' "���-��� .'?���."������  :(f) To purchase or otherwise acquire, hold, sell, liianipu-  ���''��� 'Villi, exchange, turn to account, dispose, of ami deal in  agricultural, plantation, foresta), lisliing, and .trading.  rights; and in all or an.."produelKof farms; plantations,  forests, lisbcries, tind' the earth, including animal--,  grain, provisions,' fruits, wines, spirits, cotlon, wool.  'silk, libres,-tobacco, coU'ee, lea, sugar, timber, rubber,  oils.-chemicals, explosives,- drugs, dyo-slnil's, nitrates,  petroleum, bullion, copper, lead, tin. quicksilver, iron,  coal, sloncand merchandise and commodities of all  kinds, cither for immediate'or future-delivery,-.Unci  whether in a crude state or niniml'iietu'rod.-br partly  manufactured or otherwise; and to niluiiiice money at  ��� 'inl.orcst.upoii the security of all or uny such products,  merchandise and commodities: and., to carry on business as merchants, importers and'exporters:  '(g) To transact, and carry on all kinds of agency and  commission business, ' and in particular to collect  moneys, royalties, re vitn ue, interest, rents and debts; to  negotiate loans;, to tind investments: and to'issue and  place shares, stocks, bonds, debentures, debenture  stocks or securities: ��� .. '; .���������������  (h) 'I'o subscribe for, purchase or otherwise acquire,  hold, sell, exchange, dispose of and deal in shares,  ���-: stock., bond.1., debentures, debenture stock or obligations of any company, whether Hritish, colonial, or foreign, or of any authority, supreme, municipal, local or  ���'������  otherwise:     e'  ���      .......  (i) .To giiaranteethc payment of money secured by or  payable under or in respect of bonds, debentures", debenture stock', contracts, mortgages, charges, obligations aiidScoui-ities of any company, .whether Hritish,  colonial, or foreign, orof any authority, surjreme, inuiii-  ���������'��� eipal. local, orollierwise, ov ol'an.v po_'.-'oti.s-.u-li(.m.soov'er,  whether corporate or uiiincorporate:  (j). To guarantee the title to or qiiiot enjoyment of property either absolutely or subject to any quulillculionsor  conditions, and to guarantee companies or persons interested or about lo become interested in any property;  against, any loss, actions, proceedings, claims, or demands in respect of any insullioioi.eyorimporfoction or  deficiency of title, or in respect of any incumbrances,  burdens, or outstanding righis: ..,....:"-.  (Iv)   To furnish and provide deposits and guarantee funds  -required .iii relation to any tender or application for any  contract, 'concession',, decree, enactment,  property or  privilege, or in relation to the carrying out of any con-.  ,-:   tract, concession, decree, or enactment.:'(���  (1)   (ienerally to rcarry on and transact every kind of  guarantee business, and tot undertake obligations of  ;    every kind and description, 'and  also to undertake and  execute truslsof all kinds:  (ml   To receive moneys, securities and viilunbles of all  kinds on deposit, at interest.or otliorwisc. or for safe  custody, and-generally to carryon  tlio business of; a  Safe Deposit Company: ,  <������  ��� (n). To lend nioneyto such parties and on such terms,  with or without security, as may sceni/expedient, and  in particular to customers of and persons having dealings with flic Company; and to guarantee the performance of -contracts by members of. or companies or persons having dealings with, the Company; and to draw,  accept, endorse,'discount'-, 'issue, buy, sell and'deal in  bills, of exchange, promissory notes, drafts, bills of  lading, cupons. warrants' and other negotiable instruments, and'buy, sell, and deal in bullion, specie and  !. . coin :   -,-.-��������� >'....  (o)   To borrow or raise money for (lie purposes of the  '-"Coinpaiiy in such manner and upon such terms as may  ;seein ex]icdienf and lo secure tlie repiiyinentthereof by  redeemable or irredeeihable bonds, (lebeiilures, or'debenture stock, (such bonds, debentures and debenture  slock being made payable to bearer or otherwise, and  V   issuable or payable either at par or at a premium or  discount), or by mortgages, scrip cerlilieates, bills, of  exchange or promissory notes, or by any other instrument or in such other nianner itsmay determined, and  I'or any such purposes to charge all or'any part of the  the property of tlie Company, both present and future,  including its uncalled capital: and io al'ot, tho Shares  1 of the Company, credited as fully or partly paid up.  or bonds,debentures, or. debenture slock issued by the  Co.��Uiiiiv as tlio-wjiole or part of the purchase prLcC  -.' -tor tiny property iiiirunii-uti "uy l'uu v'ui-_-,v,;uy....a;;v.ii,i-aiiy  ..valuable consideration. .    ..   .'."...'.'  (p) To make donations to such persoiis and iii siieli cases,  and either of cash or other assets, as may be thought,  directly or indirectly conducive to any'of the Company's objects, oroiherwise expedient; and to subscribe or guarantee money for charitable or benevolent,  objects, or I'or any exhibition; or anv public, general or  otlicr object; -...���'���<  (q) To outer into any arrangement with any government  or authorities supreme, municipal, local or otherwise,  and to obtain from any such government or authority  any rights, concessions, charters, and privileges which  may be thought conducive lu the Company's objects,  br any of them: '< ,, ,    '  (r). To purchase,or otherwise acquire and undertake all  or any part of the business, property or goodwill and  liabilities of any company, corporation, society,'partnership or persons carrying oh, or about to carry on,  any business which this Company is autltorij'.ed to  carry on, or which is in any rospect similar lo tlie objects of this Company, or which' is capable of being  conducted so an directly or indirectly to benelit this  Company, or possessed of property deemed suitable for  tlie purposes of this Company, and to enter into partnership or into any arrangement, with respect lo the  sharing of prblits, union 'or' inlcresls or amalgamation,  reciprocal concession or co-operation, either in whole  ,   or   in    part,   with uny   such   conip.iny,   corporation,  society, ���partnership or persons:'  (s)   To-dispose of hy'sale, lease, underlease, exchange,  surrender,  mortgage, or otherwise, absolutely, condi-  tionally.or for any limited interest,all orany part of tlie  undertaking, property, rights, or privileges'of tlie company e.s a going concern, or otherwise, to any.public  ,    body, company, society, or association, or to any  person or persons, for such consideration as the Company  may'think lit; and in particular for any stock, shares,  'debentures, securities, or other properly of any other  company: ...  (t) 'i'o promote or form, or assist in lhc promotion or formation of any other company or companies, either for  the purpose of a: quiring, working, or otherwise dealing  with all or any of the property, rights, and liabilities of  this ;)onip!iiiy. or any property in which this Company is interested., or forany other purpose, with power  to assist such company of companies hy paying or contributing towards the preliminary expenses, or providing the whole or part of the capital thereof, or by Inking  orsubscriliing I'or shares, preferred, ordinary or deferred, therein, (ir by lending'money thereto upon debentures, securities, properly or otherwise ; and 'furtherio  pay out. of the funds of the Coni|i;iny all expenses of  anil incident to the format ion. regis! rut ion. advertising,  and establishment of this or any olher company: and to  the issue and subscription of the share or loan capital,  including brokerage and commissions I'or obtaining up.  plications for. or placing in-guaranteeing the placing of  the shares or any debentures, dohen.litpe slock, or other  securities, of this urnqy itthei' company; and also all  expenses alt end ing the issue ui" uny circular or notice, or  the printing, stamping and circulating of proxies informs to be lilled-up by the members nf this, orconnecl-  ed with this or'any other company; and to undertake  the management and secretarial or ether work, duties,  and business of any company on such terms us may be  determined,  (ul To obtain, or in any way, assist in obtaining, any  provisional order, or net of parliament, or oilier necessary authority for enabling this op uny other company  to ('arry any of its objects into cii'ecl. or for eH'ccling  any modi lieu I ion of this or any other company's constitution: In procure this or any oilier compiiny lo be  legalized, registered, or incorporated, if necessary, in  accordance wilh the laws of any count ry or stale ill  which li.niiiy, or miiy propii-:' to curry on operations;  lo open and keep a colonial or foreign register, or registers, of this or tiny other company in uny liritish colony  or (lepi'iideu-v, op In any foreign count ry. and lo allocate n liy n a ml icr of shares in this op uqy oilier coin pany  to such' register or registers,  |v|    To  distribute any  of  Ihe   properly or assets of the  ('ompniiy among the mem heps In specie op otherwi.-e.  (wl   To do all or any of the above things in any part of  the globe,  either a-   principal'-,   agents,   ennlfactors,  trustees, op otherwise, and either uliuic. or in conjunction Willi others, and cither by op through agents, sub-  cont ractot's. trustee., or otherwise; wilh  power to appoint   a  trustee or Irii-lccs. personal or corporate, to  hold  any   property  on   behalf of the eoinp.iny. and to  allow   any   properly   to   remain  outstanding  in   .-itch  trustee or trustees,  (x)   To do all such other things as ape incidental or may  he thought conducive  In tin- attainment of the above  objects or any  of them, and so that  the word "Coo'e  pu'ny" it| this'.Mcuioraiidum, v, hen  applied  otherwise  than to this {���(luiiiaiiy shnl!   he  ilneint-it lo include any  partiter-hlp or other body of persons, whether corporate  or uniiicnrpnr.ilc. uiul  \\ h'.'lhcr douiicil'.'d in the I'nited  Kingdom or el-ewliere. mill the objects;specified in cieh  of the paragraphs of (bis Memorandum shall be Pcgapiled as independent   objects and  accordingly shell be in  no wise limited or restricted   (except   whore  otherwise  expressed in-ii'-h paragraph)  by   reference  to  the  object- indicated in any other papegruph, or the name of  the ('oinpany. but   may   be  carried   out   iu  as fullaiid  ample a manner, and construed iini. widen sense a-if  each of lhc said par.igr.i pi is delim-il lhe object's a I' a separate, distinct, and independent coinp.iliy.  I.   The liability of Ihe members is limited.  S.   Tlie original capital of the t 'omptiny is Clal'.OlKl divided into l'm.iilili .--Inipi". of CI each, and power is reserved  to consolidate and divide the ca | ii li I into sba res of larger  or smaller iiiumin! limn I he exist ing shares, or lo convert  the   paid   uji shiu'cs iplo sloel;; also  power  lo  increase  such e.i | iii a I, und to i-sue any capital, uhetbi r original or  increased, or nrdin.iry, pr.-feri-iice, guaranteed,up deferred shares, with  such  oilier  rights,, prh ilege-;. or conditions al laehed I herein as I he geneij.il   niceling iiulhorii-.-  ingsueb   increase  i,f capital   may   (luiving regard lo the  regulation-; I'or lac lime being of t he ('en i pany I prc.-cribe.  The time of the exisjete-e of the Coin puny i- unlimited.  Tin- registered iilllec of lhe Company in lirilish Colttn.-  bia is in 'the town of Nelson. 11, C, which town is also the  principal  place of business of the Company in the province.  VICTORIA, B. C, AND LONDON, ENGLAND.  WHOLESALE MERCHANTS, SHIPPERS AND IMPORTERS.  KOOTENAY BRANCH, NELSON.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS  Agent.- for Robert, Hrown. (llasgow. I Crown _.coteh Whisky;  I'ease, -Son & Co.,  I_cil.li,   It.  O. S. Scotch  Whisky; William Jameson  &  Co.,  Dublin,   Irish   Whisky;  Henry  Thomson & Co., Newry, Irish Whisky: _\l: Ii. Hosier & Sons, London, Ales and Stout ;   Iloutelleuu & Co., Harbezieux, h'rancc, llrtindies; ('. I'reller K Co.,  liorucaux, Kranee, Claret, and White Wines; ,1. S. Fry it Kens. I.ristol, Cocoa; Cock burn. Smil lies Jt Co., London and Oporto,  I'ort  '    Wine; Kilburn & Co., Calcutta, Jute Ore Sacks: George Woslcnhohn ,Sc Son., Ltd., Shellield, Cutlery: Doultoii  ii Co.   London. Drainage I'ipu, I'.lc.; I lenry Itossell .<:  Co., .Shellield,  Drill  Steel: Jonas  Hrooks Hros, Melthain,  Sewing Cotton; Okell  &  Morris,  r-'ruit. I'reserving Co.. Victoria, II. C.  HIRAM WALKER & SON'S RYE WHISKY ALWAYS IN STOCK.   Ore Sacks in Large or Small Lots.  Ls a duLv wc all must perform. Sometimes it is an agreeable duty, but oftencr  it is a disagreeable one. The agreeable or disagreeable part of it does not depend as much upon the contents of the letter or the person it is written to as  it does upon  the quality of stationer}* used.     We carry a  large stock of all grades  %  Nothing- succeeds like success;  tout success cannot toe had  unless the people  in the town help each other.  Those who   were  in  business  in Nelson in the  ���Years 1893 and 18G4  and escaped a debtors' prison,  deserve success  It migrht be well to add that  of late "drummers"  for eastern clothing- firms  .have.given this  section of Kootenay the go-by  No better evidence  could be wanting-that  we are giving our patrons the  best of satisfaction  Capital $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.  MINERS! You can make use of water power 50 miles from your mines with our system  We can also sell you complete telephone outfits and install them  British Columbia Branch Offices       ^Sl^-ffiK^ffiKf11'       Frank Darling, Kootenay Agent  eater  kM WATER PURIFIER  finar'm.ee.l 7 nor cont better tluui any other iimlcc of healer      The Webster System of Heating with Kxhaust Steam relieves buck pressure on engine  i The Morse Valve Ueseater will reseat any style of valve without removing valve  Darling Bros. Adjustable Pipe Gutter Guts Pipe, any metal, 3-4 to 24 inches in diameter  Street Hydrants, Gate Valves. Piiie. Crescent Drill Steel, Wire llojic      Freight and Passenger Klcv.ii.o_-_.  Office, Hodgins building, next Phair Hotel, Nelson Write FRANK DARLING, Sole Agent for British Columbia  1436 Front Street   KASLO.        6341 Silver Street, SANDON,  I STEEL, ORE OA  Stoves, Tin-ware,   Etc  Agents for Canadian Rand Drill Company,  Gurney-Tilden Stoves and Ranges.  >  BRANCH MARKETS   .....  Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  PreDared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.  HE OKANAGAN   FLOUR  MILLS COMPANY, Limited.  ROLLER   MILLS, ARMSTRONG,  B. C.  HUNGARIAN   XXXX  CHOPPED   FEED  STRONG   BAKERS       SHORTS  CHICKEN   WHEAT BRAN  a m.xed carload    TURNER, BEETON  &  CO.,  JUST ARRIVED       j SOLE AGENTS FOR B. C.  Mrs. Morley* is prepared to  receive pupils for piano, violin  or organ.     For terms  Apply l.o Thomson .Stationery Co., Lt.il,, Nelson  KOOTENAV LAKEJENERAL HOSPITAL.  NOTICE.  All persons eoiit.ribittimr SI per month or SKI per year  will he entitled to the full benefits of the hospital, und in  addition the ��111 snliseribers will secure the iirin'leKe I'o  voting at the annual elect inn of directors.  A. II. CI.KMKNTS, Treasurer.  .1. I1LANKY, Collector.  Nelson, H. C, lll.h A.iruhi., 181)11. THE  TI.II.UJNTJ__: ��� XELSi)^,- \\ (^ .SATURDAY, JA NlLtMY  2:1  isor.  o  I)  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,     -  NT11AL  $12,000,000.  6,000,000  Sir DONALD  A.   SMITH   Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND,:....  K. S. CLOUSTON '    President   Vice-President  .. .General Manager  asriEiLiSOiisr "B-R-A-isroia:  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.        I._IAXG1I.'_S  IN*       LONDON   (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO,  and in the principal cities in Canada.'  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  GKA.VT COMMI.KCIAI. AMI THAVKr.T.KKS' CKKIMTS,  available in any part of the world.  DI-.U'-TS  ISSUKD    COLLECTIONS M.U1K;   KTC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  RATE OK INTEREST (at'present) 3 Per Cent.  THE HALL MARK OF THE HYPHEN.  Tlie art oL; bluffing id the art oi' securing  tlie greatest possible results on tlie  strength o,f.' the smallest tangible foundation. Kor example: It is an easy matter  to acquire a reputation among the astute  citizens along upper Broadway i'or unlimited wealth and generosity by simply buying a few ostentatious bottles of champagne and conversing in loud accents  about any gas or railroad stock that lias  taken a recent rise. Nor is it difficult for  any gentleman of smooth speech to convey to people who have never been south  of Mason and Dixon's line, the impression  that his family were the largest slaveholders known to thesouth of ante-bellum  days.  The bin IT of which 1 treat now was  worked with enormous success by the  family of old Bill Jones, wlib kept a feed  store in the Ninth ward and died, leaving  behind him an ambitious widow and  daughters and an effeminate son to struggle with the world as best they could.  Airs. Jones was always a woman of action ns well as of words, and so it happened that within a very few weeks she  had established the family in a Queen  Alary house, situated within live minutes'  walk of the railway station, whicli bears  the name of Nutniegleigh. Their possessions filled three large vans, but not all of  them combined equalled in value the bluff  that had taken form in Mrs. Jones' brain  about three weeks before they moved and  blossomed forth on the moment of their  arrival at their new home. This bluff  was nothing more 'nor less than a small  black   line,   but   it   pervaded   the   whole    Jones otiiiit from   the addresses on   the  -*/     "       furniture   vans   to   the   family    visiting  cards.  X Old  Bill  .Jones' .widow   was now Airs.  Wil. William Carter-Jones, her daughters were  _*.    . the Misses  Hebecea and .llnwena Carter-  j$F Jones,  and Tier son, formerly  known  to  '��< those who hungaround the old feed store  *8| as "Tom." had been'metamorphosed into  T. Seymour Carter-Jones.  The bluff was a hyphen; that was all.  The inhabitants of the various Queen  Anne, Queen Alary and Queen Elizabeth  cottages that lie, within five, eight and  thirteen niinutes' walk of the Nutniegleigh station came, saw and fell down before the bluff���conquered.- By nightfall  the social leaders of the place were alluding to "the" Carter-Joneses as glibly and  familiarly as if they had known them all  their lives, while any tradesman stood  ready, to give them any amount of credit.  Already the bluff was working like yeast.  As the days wore on the leading.inhabitants'pi: Nutniegleigh vied with one another, in their efforts to welcome and entertain the newcomers. T. Seymour  Carter-Jones was .put up at the Casino by  the principal real estate owner in the  place, and seconded by a man whose wife's  sister lived in New York and kept her  own carriage with two men on the box.  The young ladies were invited to .join  the Thursday Morning Literary Class,  then in the throes of Dante, and were  soon able to hold their literary end up,  even in'lhe presence of Mrs. DeM tidget,  who had been born with a culture caul,  and could pronounce "Renaissance"'and  ���"Pre-Raphaelite" as glibly as bread and  butter. It was even seriously proposed  to ask Mrs. Carter-Jones to become a member of the town school board, in spite of  the fact that her grammar and spelling  were as shaky as the newest commuter in  a malarial district.  And the hyphen had done it all.  Something else that the hyphen did for  the Carter-Joneses was to secure for them  the attention of the local correspondent's  of the Sexv York and Newark papers, and  through them that of the compilers of society columns. There is nothing that the  average society reporter holds in such  high regard���unless it be a cold, portable  bird���as a family with a hyphenated  name, and the members of the era ft seized  upon the Carter-Joneses with such avidity  that their names began to glisten even in  the most important chronicles of fashion.  | (And all this time no one suspL--.,ted that  the total assets of the Carter-Joneses, outside of the family hyphen, was the small  sum that had been saved from the closing  out of the paternal feed store, enough  perhaps to maintain them two or three  years.  The Carter-Joneses had no intention of  remaining permanently in Nutniegleigh.  They only stayed there long enough to  acquire a species" of social renown they  could never ha ve won in a moie fashionable place. At f he end of the year they  moved to one of the most fashionable of  the Oranges, choosing that place because  tlie same Newark newspapers that had  chronicled their Nutniegleigh doings enjoyed a, wide circulation there. So it  ha'ppened that when they arrived with  their hyphen in their midst, they found  that their reputation had preceded them.  "There's one thing I  like   about   this  town," said the elder Aliss Carter-Jones  the morning after their arrival, '"and that  is the number of young men driving dogcarts about the streets."  '���yes,"  responded   the  mother,  significantly, and we must up and at them!"  And they upped and atted them with  /so much tact and vigor that before they  had paid a year's rent there came a day  when Mrs. Carter-Jones had the supreme  satisfaction of seeing no less than five  New York society reporters, to say nothing of scribes from Newark and other  New Jersey towns, taking down the names  and dresses of the guests at the grand  double Carter-Jones wedding, llie fashionable event of the Orange season.  "And what' is to become or us, momma':'  inquired Air. T. Seymour Carter-Jones, as  mother and 3011 stood watching the servant a.s she swept the rice from the piazza.'  "I shall divide my. time between Rebecca. a'ndKowena, but 1 have a trick up  my sleeve for yon, my boy," replied the  mother.  About one month later the Now York  newspapers burst into screams of excitement over the fact that another member  of the Four Hundred had ''actually gone  into trade," and,sure enough, the great  name of Carter-Jones appeared on a gilt  sign over tlie '-Ladies' and Gentlemen's  Shoe-Cleaning and llenovating parlois.  Violets from Airs. O'usset-Furdelow's Long  Island Hot Houses."  And the hyphen had done it all!  , Six tons of railway steel for  sale���all lengths from two to  thirty feet. Apply to R. E.  Lemon, room 2, Clements &  Hillyer block, Nelson.  Notice   of Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  NIl'OI.ET AND srs'l'I.MNC M IX lilt A I, CLAIMS, SITIMTK IN  TIIH AI.N'SWOI-TII -MININli DIVISION OV WKST ICOOTKXAV IKKTIUCT, ANIJ LOCATI.Il AIIOI'T ONK AND O.VI--  I1A1.I.'   MILKS   NOItTII   Ol-'   'I'lll-: TOWN  <)!������ AINSWOIiTll. .  Take notice that I, A. Ii.. Knrwoll, agent for '.Josiah  Thompson..jr.. free miner's certificate No. (jl.O.il, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to tho mining  recorder for eerl.ilicales of improvements, for the purpose *jf obtain ing crown grants of then hove claims-. And  further hike notice that action, under section 37, must, he  taken before tlie issuance of such certilicates of imi.rovc-  nienls. ' A. S. EAR WELL.  Rated, this L'lith day of November. IS.'.;. IDec. ath.|  Japanes  Imuri, Kafa, /\ssati, Oesta, and other choice  wares.   Fans, Screens, Baskets.  Thomson Stationery Co., Ltd.  NKLSON7, li. C.  Will be the business centre for  the rich mines on Springer  Creek and Slocan Lake. This  is one of the richest districts in  British Columbia.  FflANK FLETCip, Trustee.  an on  mmrn D  The Great West  Winnipeg", Mann.  A. MACDONALD,        J. H. BROCK,  I'lil.StDI-XT. MANAGING   DIUI.C  HUGH [$. GpEfp, Nelson, B.C.  C.-KNKItAL AlilCNT  l-'Oi-  KOOTKNAV DISTRICT.  Kiln-dried and other Lumber  can now be obtained at the  yard; also Sashes, Doors, Veranda and Newel Posts, Base  and Corner Blocks, Brackets,  Balusters, Mouldings, Etc.,  Etc.,  at lowest prices.  i.s now in commission and  can be chartered for towing, etc.     Apply to  Kootenay Mining & Smelting Co.  I'I LOT HAY, Olt TO  Captain Allan Lane, on board.  ���nsme" typewriter  The only perfect Typewriter upon the market  If bus nil the latest contrivances fo facilitate  sliced without siicrillcing the appearance of  I.I10 work.   Call and see the machine  E. T. \\. Simpkins, Agent for Kootenay, Nelson  the   Registration  Company.  of a   Foreign  N... :II7.  Certificate   of  0  "G'OMI'ANII.S   Act"'PAItT   IV.  and   AmundiN';   Air.s.  ���si-nsit ciii.ii and sii.vi.i; minimi n>.\ir.iNV,"ii-'ni;i-:ii:x.  .situate at the  Registered the Slh day of .lanuary, 1807.  T HEREBY CERTIFY, That I have this day registered  -1-   the "Sunset Gold and Silver Mining Company, (Foreign,) under the "Companies Act 1'iirt I V. "Registration  of Foreign Companies" and Amending Act,  'the head ofllce of the said company i  eitvof Minneapolis, Minner'otn, U.S.A.  The objects for wliich fhe company is c'-tablished are:  Mining, smelting, reducing, refining, and working ores  or minerals: working coal inines.'and stone i|iiarries and  marketing the materials; manufacturing brick, .--tone,  iron, steel, copper, and other metals; and I'or the purpose  of buying, working, selling, dealing iu mineral and other  hinds*in .Minnesota, United Stales of America, and in tho  province of Hritish Columbia.  The capital stock of the said company is ��250.001) divided  into 2:>i),00t) shares, of t he par value of one dollar each.  Given under mv hand mid seal of oflicc at Victoria,  province of Britfsh Columbia, this Slh day of January,  I8!)7. S. V. WOOTTON,  Registrar of Joint Slock Companies.  MINING STOCK FOR SALE  10,000  SHARES  IN THE SUNSET COLD & SILVER  MININC  COMPANY.  The Sunset Gold and Silver Mining company owns and  operates the Josie mineral claim, a free-milling gold pro-  pn-ifion, situated near the Poorman niineon Kagle creek,  live miles southwest of Nelson : and the Sunset initio, a  crown granted silver-lead and copper proposiUon, situated in the Whitewater basin, in the Slocan district.   k  On the Sunset there are ten men working, and the development consists of a. l/i-foot shaft, 'the Sunset vein  on the surface was three feet wide, and it has gradually  inereased in width, being I! feet wide, at fhe la-foot, level.  Tho pay streak of galena ore varies from 8 to 11 inelies in  width. The company has one carload nf on; ready I'or  .shipment, and will have a second carload ready hy Fob-  ' ruary 1st. The Sunset, mine is about 1800 feel I'roin the  upper tunnel of tlie Whitewater mine, and adjoins the  Wellington niineon tho cualandlhc Colorado on the west.  For further particulars apply at the Sunset Cold and  Silver Mining Company's ollice, lionm 2, Clements &  Ilillver J'lock, Baker Su-eol. N'elson. H.C.  It.   _���_.  LEMON, manager.  Notice   of  Application   for  Certificate, of  Improvements.  Ymir, Rockland, Golden Horn, Mugwump,nnd Robertson  Kraut ion mineral claims, siluale in llie N'elson Mining  Division of We.-I Kootenay District, and located on the  northwest fork of Wild "llor.->o creek, a tributary of  Salmon River.  Take nolice that I. Charles A. Slocss. of Ivaslo. Jiriti-di  Columbia, acting as agent for Joseph Pitre, free miner's  certificate No. (18,2110, Jerotne l'itre, free miner's certificate No. 73.il.-i2. Oliver JJIiiir. free miner's certilicate No.  (it!.llii, and llichnrd li. Wood, free miner's certificate No.  aa.O.')". intend sixty days from the, dole hereof, lo apply to  the mining recorder for certilicates of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining crown grants of lhe above  claims. And further take not ice- that action, under section UT, l-iust, he commenced hefori. the issuance oi such  certilicate of iniprovomo'U.--. CHA I! I.ES A. STOESS.  Dated, this 1st day of January, IS >7. [Jan ilth |  Certificate   of  Notice  of  Application   for  Improvements.  Ol.ll SONOMA   MINI.I-AI,   I'l.AIM.   SriTATK   I.V   TIIK   TI-Ol'T  I.Alvl!    MININC    DIVISION    Ol--    WKST    KUOTI.NA V     I.!S-  TUICT.  AIIOI'T   TMItl-.H   .MII.I--.S    l-'HOJl   THE   NOI-ICS    OK  THK   l.-1'l'Klt   I.AI.IlO    ItlVI-l-.  AND   A   SOUTH KUI.V    KXTKNSION ut-- 'rill-: I-I_o..iivii-:w\\i..\'i:kai, ui_..m.  Take nolice that I, Charles Molson, acting in my own  behalf, and as agent for William Caldwell, Harry Ilop-  good, and  Itobert lOlson.  free  miner's  certificates No.  7;.,(i:_U, ;)S,-.'I1, ('-.-,'"10. ami Ui.liA'J  intend 5(1 days from the  date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a  crown   grant of the above claim.    And   further take  notice that action, under section 1.7, niusf. he commenced  bc-fore the issuance of such ccrtilicnte of improvements;.  CIIAULKS AIOI.SON.  Dated, this lOtli day of November, ISO!!. [Dec. l!lth.|  Notice of Application for Crown Grant.  Take notice that I'. Burns and XV. A. Campbell have  filed (he necessary papers and made application for a  crown grant in favor of lhc mineral claim Iron Colt,  situated in the Trail Creek mining division of West  Jvootenay district. Adverse claimants, if any. must file  their objections with me within (JO days from the date of  tlie first' appearance of this notice in the Hritish Columbia Gazette. Dated Nelson, H. C, 2nd December, IS'!'!.  N. KITZSTUHHS, Government Agent.  Notice of Application For Crown Grant.  Take notice that C. I-I. Kliaeott acting as agent for the  Gopher Gold Mining Company, Limited Liability, has  liled the necessary papers and made application for a  crown grant in favor of the mineral claim "Gopher,"  situated in llie Trail Creek mining division of West  Ivootenay district. Adverse claimants, if any, must Hie  their objections wilh me within GO days from the date of  the first publication of this notice in the Hritish Columbia Gazette.       N. KITZSTUBBS. Government Agent.  Dated, Nelson. H. C, January Ith. 1S!)7. [Jan. 9th]  "Notice of Application For Crown Grant.  Take notice that John Johnson has filed the neeessary  papors and made application for a crown grant in favor  of the Vonetia Hoy Mineral claim, situated in tlie Nelson mining division of West Ivootenay district,. Adverse claimants (if any) must tile their objections with  nic within (10 days from the date of the first appearance  of this notice in the HriLisli Columbia Gazette. Dated  at N'elson, H. C, December 2S. ISflti. , [.lanaary-'nd.|  N. FI'1'ZSTUBBS, Government Agent.  Private Bill Notice.  N'olice is hereby given that application will he made to  the legislative assembly of the province of Hritish Columbia at its next session for an net lo amend the "Lillooet. Kraser Hiver & Cariboo Gold Fields. Limited, Act  ISiKi," by giving power to the company to amend its articles and memorandum of association from time to time  as the company may'doom necessary.  Mi'l-lIlLLIPS. WOOTTOX &  HAItXAKD,  Solicitor for the Applicants.  Dated at. Victoria, li. C. Decernherffllth, 181)15.   |J.-ui..'lh|  Private  Bill  Notice.  Notice is hereby given that the Albcrla Hailway and  Con! Company will imply lo parliament at Its next, scission for an act fo revive lhc powers given to it, under 1A  Victoria. Chapter Sit and 11-10 Victoria, Chapter Ml. parliament of Canada, to extend and operate its railwav  from l.othbridgo to Hope or si ; other point in Hritish  Columbia bv wav of Fort Macleod and through the Crow's  Nest I'li'S, and giving it power also to build and operate  branch lines and a-'railwny from some point on Slocnn  lake to Hossland and Trail.  A. KKKGCSOX. .Solicitor for Applicants.  Dated, Xelson, December -Ji'nd. I SUB. |l)cc. 20\ h.f  Private Bill Notice.  Notice is hereby given that application will be made at  tho next, sitting of the legislative assembly of the province of British Columbia for an act incorporating a company for the purpose of establishing water works and  supplying water for mining, domestic, maiiitfactiiring,  lire, power and other purposes to the inhabitants of the  town of Nelson and its vicinity, and to lay pipesarul creel  Humes for the conveyance and Mipply thereof; the wat into he obtained from Anderson creek, near the town of  Nelson aforesaid : and for all the other necessary righis,  powers and privileges as are incidental or conducive to  thcnll.ainment, of the above objects.    A.  AlAfXWAI.-IMi.JOIIXSOX.  Solicitor for Applicant-;.  Dated, at. Xelson, 15. C this l!lth day of December, IS.II1.  ���,'elson, Hritish Columbia,  .\- Well.-, has this day been  KIIANCIS II. WFLLS.  J. A. GILKKH.  Notice of Dissolution of Copartnership.  The partnership heretofore exist ing between Jamc- A  Gilker and Francis  H. Wells, doing a gent's ftirni.-liiiig  business  at  Kevelstoke and  under the llrm name of (!:lkci  dissolved by mutual consent.  Witnesses:  It. H. MoritKAK,  I.OIiKKT A.  I.I.NWlrK.  Dated, Xelson, British Columbia, January Kith. l*>!h.  NOTICE.  I hereby give not ice thai I a in cut il led to an undivided  oue-foiirlii interest in the Slnrler mineral claim, .-il utile  on the. west, side of the north fork of the Salmon river, in  the Nelson mining divi-ion of West Ivootenay district.  Witness:   I'. McL, Koitl.v. 10. II. HAGLAXD.  Dated at Hossland Ibis I2l.h day of January. I.HH7.  Notice   of  Application   for - Certificate  of  <��� Improvements.  Anno Mineral Claim, situate in the Illecillewaet. Mining  Divi.-ion   of   West   Ivootenay   District, and   Located  about three and a half miles east of  Illecillewaet, and  about l.'illfeet from the railway I rack north,  'take notice that I, Frank Stillman Barnard, acting on  behalf of the Lillooet Fraser   lliver  &   Cariboo   Gold  .Fields, Limited, free  miner's   certilicate No. 811,018, issued at New Westminster on October :Ust, ISOfi, intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for a certillcale of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of tlie above claim. And  further take notice that aclion, under section :.7, must be  commenced before tiie issuance of such cerlilieale of improvements. F. S. B.VHNAHD.  Dated, Ibis 12th day of January, 1S97. [Jan. -_':ird|  Notice  of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  ALPHA MlXKItAL CLAIM, SITI.ATK IX 'I'lIK TI.OTJT LAICK  MIXING DIVISION OK WKST ICOOTKNAV PISTIMCT, ON  IIIIEAT NOI.THKI.N MIIUXTAI.V. ON A I'AIIALLKI. LKDI! K  TO TIIK I.I.KAT NOI-TIII-:i-N J.KIHiK, AXI) SOUTIIKI.I.Y  KXTKNSION OK TIIK NOI'.THKKN LIOHT MINKItAL CLAIM.  Take notice that, I. Charles Molson, acting as agent for  Reginald Xorthnll-Laurie. free miner's certilicate Xo.  (!ii,S7l. issued at, Hossland on May ___SL.li. ISilli. intend sixty  days front the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certilicate of improvements for the purpose  ot obtaining a crown grant, of the above claim. And  further take notice that action, under section :57. must  bo commenced before the issuance of such certificate of  improvement,*. CIIAULKS MOLSON*.  Dated, this 21th day of December, IS!)(5. [Dee. 2lith.]  Notice . of   Application   for ��� Certificate   of  Improvements.  UIJ'I'I'KIt KltACTION MINKItAL CLAIM. SITI.'ATK IN TIIK  TltOUT LAK'K .MlNINO DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAY  DISTItlCT, AND LOCATKD ON TIIK OltKAT NOItTHl-'ltN  I.KIIOK.  AIIOL'T SIX  MILKS   KltOM  TltOUT  LAICK CITV.  Take notice that L Charles MoNon. acting as agent I'or  Kdgar A. Bennett, free miner's certilicate No. Sil.052. issued at New Westminster on November .'ird, 1S!)(J. intend  sixly clays from tlie date hereof, to apply to lhe mining  recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further lake notice lhat. action, under section :i7. iniisl  be coiiimenced before (he issuance of such cerfiliciUa of  improvements. CIIAULKS MOLSON.  Haled, this 2llh day of December, ISilli. |Doc. 2(ith.|  Notice   .Of  Application   for  Improvements.  Certificate  of  SICll-K Klt.MTIO.V MINKItAL CLAIM, SITUATK IN TIIK TltOUT  LUCK Ml.UNO DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAV DISTItlCT,  AND LOCATKD ON TIIK OltKAT XOTIIKliN LKDdK, AHOUT  SIX  MILKS   KltOM  TlttJTT  LAICK CITV.  . Take notice that I, Charles Alolson. acting as agent for  the Fraser Hiver Jc Cariboo Gold Fields, Limited, free  miner's certificate No. Sil.uiS, issued at Xew Westminster  on October At-l, ISilli, intend sixty days from the date  hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a cerlilieale  of improvements, for tiie purpose of obtaining o. crown  grant of Ihe above claim. And further fake notice lhat  action, under section .'17, must be commenced before the  issuance of such certilicate of improvements.  CIIAULKS MOLSOX.  Dated, this 21 Mi day of December, 18!lti. IDec. 2tilh.|  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate  of  Improvements.  LANAIilC MINKIiALCLAIM. HI It'A'l'K INTHK ILLKCILLKWA V.T  '.MININC DIVISION OK WKST ICOOTKXAV DISTItK-T, AND  LOCATKD ON TIIK NOItTII SIDK OK TIIK I LLKCILLKWA KT  ItlVKIt, AND COVK1IS THK f:iiOUNI> DKKDKD IIV TIIK  DOMINION OOVKKX.MKXT IN 181)0 TO THE SKI.ICIKIC MININC! COMI'AXV, AND KNOWN AS TIIK LANAItIC MINKItAL  CLAIM.  Take notice that I, Frank Sfillmaii Barnard, free  .miller's certificate No. SS,(!:)2. issued at New Westminster on the"17l.li day of October, ISilii, acting as agent  for and on behalf of the Lanark Consolidated Mining &' .Smelting Compaiiv, Limited, fiee miner's certificate No. 58,21(5. issued at Illecillewaet on March 2(ith, 18,%..  intend sixty (lays from the date hereof, to apply to the  mining recorder for a certilicate of improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining a crown grant, of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under section 37,  must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements. F. S. BAUXAHD.  Dated, this 21st day of December, 18!)(i. [Dec. 2(lth.|  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate of  Improvements.  OLII'I'KIt f ft ACTION MINKItAL CLAIM, SITI.'ATK IX TIIK  TUOUT I.AICK 5IIXIXO DIVISION' OK WKST ICOOTKXAV  DISTItlCT. AXI) LOCATKD OX TIIK'OltKAT XOKTIIKItN  I.KIKIK, AHOUT SIX MILKS KltOM TltOUT   LAICK CITV.  Take notice that I. Charles Molson, acting as agent for  the Lillooet Fraser Hiver & Cariboo Gold Fields. Limited,  free miner's certificate No. 8:1.018. issued at Xew Westminster on October Hist, 18!)(i. intend sixty days from the  dale hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certiti-'  cafe ,of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of fhoabovo claim. And further lake notice  ���lhat. action, under section H7, must he commenced before  tiie issuance of such certificate of improvements.  CIIAULKS MOLSOX.  Dated, this21th day of December, 18SJG. [Dec. 2iith.|  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  Florian -Fractional Mineral .Claim, sitinlc in the Illecillewaet Mining Division of West Ivootenay District, and  located about three and a quarter miles cast.'of Illecillewaet Station, and immediately cast of Mair's tunnel on the Canadian Fac'lic Hailway  Take notice that I, Frank Stillman I'linad. acting on  behalf  of. the   Lillooet   Fraser  Hiver .V  Cai iboo  Gold  Fields, Limited, free miner's cerl ilicate Xo. S'.t.OIS, issued  at New Westminster on  October :il.-l, ISiKi, intend sixty  days from  fhe date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder I'or a certificate of improvements for the purpose  of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.   And  further take notice that act ion, under section A", must be  commenced before the issuance of such certilicate of improvements. F. S.  IIAHXAHD.  Dated, this 12th day of January, 1��)7. |.lan. 2.'lrd|  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  TIIK Kltl.V MINKItAL CLAIM. SITUATK IN TIIK SLOCAN MININli DIVISION Ol-' WKST KOOTKNAV DISTItlCT, AND  LOCATKD NKAIt   IIOIiKltTSON  CltKKIC.  Take nolice that we, Joseph S.uiltcr, free miner's ccrtilicale No. liS.021. and Duncan Graham, free miner's certificate Xo.lit.UK!, intend sixty days after the date hereof,  to apply to the mining recorder I'or a certificate of improvements for flic purpose of obtaining a crown grant  of the above claim. And further lake notice that aclion,  under section :t7, must beeoiiinienced before the issuance  of such certificate of improvements.  JOSKI'II SACLTKU.  DUNCAN GUAIIAM.  Dated. Ibis 21th day of I leceniher. lWKi.        ._J:iiliL-.ri'iU  Notice   of   Application   for  Certificate   of  Improvements.  Lady Jane Mineral Claim, .-.iliiafe in flic Slocan mining  Division of Wcsl, Ivootenay Di-triot, and adjoining the  I own of Cody.  Take notice lhat   I. A.S. Far.vitll. acting as agenl  for  Arlhur II. Buchanan, free  miner's certificate No. 7;f,!K5,  and  Jaines  M. Dunn, free miner's certilicate No. ~A,'.l.'i'A.  intend sixty days from  the dale hereof, to apply  to the  milling recorder  I'or a certificate of improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a crown grant   of the above  claim.    And  further' fake notice thai, action, under section :!7, tiiitsl.be coinuienccd before the is-uiincc of Mich  certillcale of improvements. A.S.  FA UW KLL.  Dated, this pith day of November, ISilli. |.lan. !lth|  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  fltlt.llSP.llli;    .MlXKItAL   CLAIM. SITUATK  IN  TIIK TltOUT  I.AICK   MININC  DIVISION OK WK.-T KOOTKNAV DISTKICT.  AND LOCATKD OX TIIK OltKAT NOI:T! I KltN LI-DliK. IIKINO  A   SOUTHKHLV   KXTKNSION  Ol-'  TIIK OLD SONOMA   MINKItAL  CLAIM.  Take notice that I, Charles  Molson, free miner's ccrffl-  c.'ili! Xo, 7a,li2M. is.iicd   nl  Trout  Lake-on  IHIIIi, intend sixty days from lhc date hereof, lo apply lo  the mining recorder for a ( erl ilicate of improvciiiciiN,  for fiio purpose of obtaining a crown grant   of llie above  claim.    And further fake  notice that net ion. under section IS", musl, be coiiimenced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvements.        CIIAULKS MOLSOX.  Dated, this 2111) day of December, ISiKi. |Dcc. 2(ith.|  Cars of Bedroom  Suits and Dining  Room Furniture  Car of Buttresses  and UPHOLSTERED  Notice   of Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  llltOADVIKW MINKItAL CLAIMS, SITUATK IN THK TltOUT  LAICK MININC DIVISION OK WKST ICOO'IKNAV DISTItlCT,  OX TIIK XOIlTII SIDK OK TltOUT LAK'K. WKST ICOOTKXAV  DISTItlCT, AND IIKINO A SOUTH KltLV KXTKNSION Ol-'  'I'lIK HILLSIDK  .MlXKItAL CLAIM.  Take nolice that I, Charles Molson, acting as agent for  1'. JI. Walker, free miner's certillcale Xo. Oi/jl'A. intend  GO days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose  of obtaining a crown grant of lhe above claim. And  furllier take notice that action, under section ,'t7. mu��t  be commenced before the i-.suance of such cert illcitc of  improvements. CIIAULKS MOLSOX.  Dated, this liith day of November. ISilii.        |I)ec. I'ltli.l  THESE G00GS WILL BE OFFERED AT ADVANTAGEOUS PRICES FOR CASH  SPECIAL RATES TO HOTELS  LARCE CONSIGNMENT OF V/ALL PAPERS . . .  . . . KEPT IN STOCK AT ALL TIMES  D. McARTHUR & GO.  T.  FOOT OF HALL STREET. NELSON.  W.  GRAY,  Proprietor.  Doo  rs,   Sash,   Band  arrived and in stock, a  jawing*,  Turned Work,  and Office  carload .of Chancers  Glass; all sizes up to 4 by 6 feet  English  Fitting's..  Rolled  Just  Columbia & Kootenay Steam Navigation Company, Limited  Monday, Wednesday, ]<"r  Tuesday, Thursday, Si  He;'  id xv  'Tistak-  ���>t.JllV  Steamer Nakusp.  .-North Hound Read tip.  Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.  TIME   TABLE NO.  10.  ��� '    In cflect Monday, June Sth, 1S9(5.  iv���    Arrowhead-Trail Route,  pith Round Read Down.   '  '   ' 7 p. m. de      ARROWHEAD      ar llr.'IO a. ni.  J II p. m. ar 1 ..,,(,��� I do   7:.'J0 a. in. 1  I 12 noon de /        NAlvLbt ^llr   0     a. ���,./���  j  !) a. in. ar j. pnnc.nY /de   8:30 p. in. \  (12 noon de / KOJSbO.N \ iu.    g      ,, ln  2 p. m. ar TRAIL dc   i:.'50 p.m. ������ n        ���      _   ���>  Connections at. Arrov   '"'���������/������'vil li Canadian Pacific railway to and from Revelstoke and all points east and west.  Connections at N'aki/)nn i Nakusp & Slocan railway to and from Slocan points.  Connections at Rob-- r^fQi Columbia & Ivootenay railway to and from Xelson and Ivootenay hike points.  Connections at TraiL,^-     Columbia & Western railway to and from Rossland. .  Connections at 'J'rail^J^���. steamer Lytton to and from Waneta, Xorthport, and Spokane.  f Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.  iJt'f"  r��o  Trail-Northport Route, Steamer Lytton.  f S a. m. de'      TRAIL        ar -1:30 p. m.-i  Daily except Sundav \  fl a. in. ar     WANKTA    de ."5      p. in. \-  UO a. in. ar NORTIIRORT de 1      p. m.J  Connections at Northport with Spokane Kails Sc Northern to and from Spokane and way points.  Connections at Trail Columbia & Western railway to and from Rossland.  Connections at Trail with steamer Nakiinp to and from Robson, Nakusp and Revelstoke.  Daily except Sunday  Daily except Sunday  Kootenay Lake Route, Steamer  f 1:15 p. m. de NELSON ar 0:30  -j S     j). m. ar   KASLO   de 5:30  Kokanee.  aily except Sunday  a. m.~l   _.  ,  a. m. f Pll]  ..     /     Iv  Saturday, Juno (ith. and every ind .Saturday following, steamer leaves Ivaslo at'10 p. in. for Honner's Ferry: return-  iiiK, leaves Honner's Kerry Sunday at, noon.  Connections at Xelson with Columbia & Ivootenay railway to and from Robson, Trail, liossland, Xakusp, Re��el-  stoke and Canadian 1'acilic railway points.  Connections at Nelson with Nelson & Fort Sheppard railway (o and from Spokane and way points.  Connections at Ivaslo wilh Ivaslo & Sloean railway to and from Slocan points.  Connections at Uonner'.s Kerry with Great Northern railway.  T. ALLAN, Secretary. J. W. TROUP, Manager Nelson. 11. C.  Spokane Falls &.Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red Mountain Railways.  Are flic meals and lunches served at the  Vienna Uakory and Restaurant. Chicken.  Raked Ham, Hoston Raked Reims, Cakes,  Pies, Rolls, and all kinds of Soft Drinks  constantly on hand. Picnic Lunches put  up to order. A variety of Cigars and  Candies always on hand.  John Humer, Prop.  ^HE TREfflONT~~  ISTELSOOSr  MALONE & TREGILLUS, Proprietors.  Tf]e only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson aqd Rossland, at\d  Spokaqe aqd Rossland.  DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS.  Leave  7:00 a. in..  1(J::��) a. in  0:00a. in..  .SPOKANE..  ROSSLAND.  '..NELSON...  Arrive  .7:(,0 p. in.  .3:ii.'i p. m.  ,a:___;o p. in.  Passengers for Kettle River anil Boundary Creek connect at-Marcus with stage daily.  Columbia & Kootenay Branch  CANADIAN    PACIFIC   RAILWAY.  Is one of the best hotols in Toad Mountain district, and  is the headquarters for prospectors and miners.  QRAND VIEW HOTEL  ; PBEDBEICTON*  TOAD MOUNTAIN  D. T. MORICE, Proprietor.  Excellent accommodation furnished the traveling public  Prospector's and miner's supplies kept on hand.  THE GRAND H0TEL~~  SPOKANE,   WASH.  Corner Main and Howard Streets  A. E. J. PERCIVAL,  \- MA.VAIIKH.  Newly furnished and strictlyv'first-class throughout.  Ileadiiuarfers for mining_m<;ft Elevator service niyht  and day. Steam hcarliTe-iifcvery room. European and  American plan.  ottling Works  CHARLES .J. KAPPS. Proprietor.  P.O. Ilox, Hi, Kaslo, H.C.  No. Ii I No. 1  STATIONS  No. 2 I No. I  17:00  17:l;>  17:3(1  17:35  IS: 15  9:H0 .Leave.'.....  ..Nelson  Arrive 11:15  9:15     ......  Kootenav;....."."���'   1-1:00  10:00     ���'    ..Eorty-nine Creek..    ���    1A:1,1  10:25     ��� Slocan.       ���    13:02-  11:15 Arrive  Robson ...... Leave 12:30  21:15  21:10  20:15  20:20  Hl.-.'iO  Trains Nos. 1, 2, 3, and  I run Titedays, Thursdays, and  Saturdays. , .        !  No. 1 connects with .steamer for Trail Creek.  No. 3.connects with steamer for Arrowhead.  No. 2 awaits an ival of steamer from Arrowhead.  No. I awaits arrival of steamers from 'trail Cree/v.  Close connection lit Nelson with steamers to and from  lake points. '  ' J. HAMILTON, Trainmaster and Agenl.  Kaslo & Slocan Railway.  Leave 8:00 a. m..  i, 8:3(>a. in..  i, !):3I�� a. m..  ii !l:51 a. in..  i, 10:03 a. in .  ��� 10:lSa. m .  ii 10:30 a. in..  i, 10:311 a. in..  Arrive 10:50 a.m..  DAILY SERVICE.    Kaslo    .... South Fork...'...  . .Sproule's ....  Whitewater   . Rear Lake   . McGuigan   .. Railcys   .. Junction   ...Sandon.....  ..  An ve 3:50 p. n\  ..   ii 3:15 ji. m.  n 2:15 p. m.  .     ,. 2:00 p. m.  ,, P.1S p. iu.  i, 1:33 p. m.  ii 1:21 p. in.  .".ii 1:12 p. m.  . Lea\e 1:00 p. in.  R. W. RRYAN. Superintendent.  RORERT HIVING. Traflic Manager.  International Navigation & Trading Co.,  I.I.MI'I-KI).  Manufacturer of  and dealer in  CIIA.MPAIOXE CIDERS.  HELKAST  GINGER ALE.  AND  CARRONATED DRINKS  OK ALL KINDS.    ,  KOOTENAY LAS^E AND RIVER, B. C.  WINTER SERVICE, 1896-97.  Special attention given to all orders.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  TliU Company's new steamer Internal it-.iml leaves Kaslo  W. J. G. DICKSON  REAL   ESTATE  A-OSrXD   COMMISSION*  A.<3-EIS]"T  MINING-   BIROEIEDEt  REALEY ULOCK, RAKER STREET. NELSON.  FOR   SALE.  Several valuable business sites on Baker St.  Business block���two stores���Baker street.  Business   block���three stores all  rer.icii���on  two 30-foot lots, with offices above.  Residence lots, 50 feet frontage, Vernon St.  7:30 a.m. for Ainswortli  Returning,' leaves Net-  , Pilot .Uny, Halfour. and Nelson  3:30 p.m. on nil wei k days.  fl. F.  HAY WARD. Ma-tor.  JAMES W'AUCH. Purser.  VICTORIA ASSAY OFFIG  28 Rroad Street. Victoria, H. C.  Cold . .  Silver .  Lead...  Copper  .��1 00  .  l no  .   1 (Kl  .   2 00  Gold mid Silver .  Lead nnd Silver.  Copper, Silver, t  $1  old.  Other metals on application. All samples to be sent  carriage paid and clearly marked, und lo be advised by  let ter enclosing charges.  CHARLES JISZKOWICZ,  Watchmaker and Jeweler.  Apply to VV. J. G.  DICKSON.  NOTICE.  Having appointed XX'. .1. (i. Dickson local agent for  Addition A lo the lownsllc of Nelson, intending purchasers of lots, or persons wishing information, plans, or  urice-lisfs of the addition, will please apply to him.  h\ C INNES.  The Tribune will pay 25 cents a  pound for clean cotton Rags,  REPAIRING  NELSON  ".WrW*."   "'    *  "'"l1   ���   'If   Wl"     "I-     LL"_C r--?_ajiw    ���wjr^.gi���y    i   t ����������� . ������- ���     -,       ���     __,   .   ,    , nr-ll.   || l | ���!.�������� u ������      mTTT'-   ljwm'1    ��� ������  I    ���>        ���      ���      ���������'1    "1   l     -If  ,'J1.Jl"l  m  '.T'" '. '* S "_.     " !      l'��-L .  U1 \Wm  r*_fB"MI   ��� ������ ^.J"'!'    '   l| f    I'-I'   "J   ' | W ��� | H H   I ��� |        1   .-.l*'fl l^ ���   JI "|^- ��� ��   ,���!'�� IP'I* '   ���Will"!'" ��������� -TfVI I ���! ��� ��� I P   I        f-��'l����-   11     P'"'"'      ?  ' i   "*- E'1 "   T,'1" ^ *"     ' ~m~  .~   ~   ". K    * .   *      \'.  '._.. ,',','r'.*   '.���".".""-_ V.      T. ...      *       '.  '���ir..- THIS  TPvir>Ui\TE:   NELSON,   B.C., SATURDAY, .IA N UA MY ���>���',,  IS!)}.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  foe  his  the  old  Frank Darling has made arrangements  with the Nelson KletrU-ic Light Company  whereby the company Mgrees to supply  electricity to meters. He is in a position  to supply users of electric light with  Thomson watt meters, capable of registering the current of from five lamps up.  By the use of these meters the consumer  will pay. for what electricity lie uses and  'no more, l-'or consumers who economise  iu the matter of light there will no doubt  be a considerable saving over the "flat  rate,''as it will check waste of current  which takes place at present.  A. 1^. Lott'left today on a trip  benefit of his health,    lie goes to  home tit Avening. Ontario.  ' Thomas Martindale   Ward  left  Nelson  this week on  his'annual  trip to the old  folks at home in Quebec.  I'Yank Darling of Xelson last week  secured an order from the Kootenay  Brewing Company of Trail for a 3000-  pound freight hoist.  G. 11. Rashdall, mining recorder for the  Nelson mining division, died at the hospital Thursday evening. Rashdall went  to the hospital" on Sunday, suffering from  ' pneumonia, and his case became so serious  that the medical men held a consultation  on Thursday, but they .were unable'to  save his life. Rashdall was a good,public  servant and a gooil citi/.en. Jle had many  warm friends throughout the district who  will learn of his death with regret. The  flag at half mast upon the government  office communicated the news to the people of Nelson early Friday morning.  The  bond  given  by Messrs.   Franklin,  Fitch and McLeod on the Silver Glance on  Woodbury creek, calls for the payment  of Sp 15,000.    Tlie boys received 10 per cent-  of this amount when the bond was given.  Services will be held in the Presbyterian  church tomorrow morning and evening.  They will be conducted by W. A. iMerkley,  a missionary student from Pilot Bay.  Constable Winfield, who has been doing  police duty in Nelson for some time past,  was paid off oh Thursday.. The local force  is hereby reduced to one man.  The Hall Alines company lias let a contract for the housing of the new furnaces  and ore bins, and work has been commenced upon the same.  Thursday morning an explosion occurred iu the Columbia and Kootenay at  Rossland which may result in the loss of  the sight of two  men.    John   North and  George Scott were drilling a hole in which  powder remained after the shot. Tlie  shots are putolT with an electric battery  and for some cause unexploded powder  remained in'the bottom of the hole these1  two men were drilling further.  At a meeting of the,Consunier's Waterworks Company held in Nelson this week  the question of improving the company's  service was discussed, and though nothing  was definitely settled the probabilities  are that tlie company,will make tlie necessary improvements this spring.  iMartin Barrett of the Half .Mines smelter has received the prints of the <photo-  graph'in which he appears as the slayer  of five deer. Barrett killed the deer in  the vicinity of Waneta, and as they were  tho lirst he succeeded in bringing down,  he is very proud of the photograph. .  A Life Lesson.  There, little girl, don't cry.  They've broken your dull. I know,  And your tea set blue  And your loy hou-:c too,  A re things of long ago;  RuL childish trouoles will noon p-iss by :    .  There, little girl, don't cry.  There, little girl, don't cry.  They've broken your slate, I know.  And the glad wild ways  Of your school girl days  Are things of the long ago :  Rul life and love will soon come by:  There, little girl, don't cry.  There, little girl, don't cry.  They've broken your heart, I know.  And lhe rainbow gl friiis  Of your youthful V.l ',-.ms  Are things of the 1/ tl ago:  Rut heaven holds &1   jr which vou sigh ;  There, little girl, a111' cry.   ���--jj.s  o   SUNDAY   DINNER  Sl'NDAY, JANUARY  21th. 1SI7  ht  ���s of Ell1"'5-ic Li  $e thi  The Nelson Electric ISynt. Company will furnish  current for electric light ing and allow use of meters,  wliich'tneans that you pay I'or what you use. The  saving is considerable over paying "Mat rates" or  so much per light, 'the Thomson-Houston watt  meter, the ino.it accurate and'.economical, is manufactured by us. For prices and information apply  to Canadian General Electric Company, at otlice  lately occupied by A. E. Hodgins, next Phair hotel.  sorr i  '(-        Consomme Cream of.Oyster  I'lSIl  ,    linked While Eisli, Tomato Sauce  .'.\T I.���_���:.:.-,  Currant Kriltcr.-,, .Lemon Sauce     Jlaearoni and Cheese  EM.-alloped Oysters  Iliill.Hli  Pickled Pork with Turnips O.v Tongue  ' ' I.'O.IST  Turkey wilh Cranberry Sauce  Sirloin of Reef with  Yorkshire Pudding  lioie-t  Pork wilh Apple Sauce  fctull'ed Goose with Apple Sauce  IM.MI-:  Venison wilh Red Currant Jelly  ,. S.M..M)  ���   Lobster Salad Red Cabbage Pickle  Tomato   Salad  VKUKT.WiU*.  Plain, Roiled, and Mashed Potatoes  Siring Renns  I'ASTISV  English Deep Apple Pie with Whipped Cream  Plum  Pudding with  foaming  Rrandy Sauce  Mince Pie       Pino Apple Tart      Chocolate Cream  Sherry Wine Jelly        . Lemon Jellv  Rrandy  Jelly  '   , Pi-.SSKliT  Oranges       Apples       London Layer Raisins  Walnuts        Almonds    '  .Kilborts  French Coll'ee (Ireen Tea Rlaek Tea  DINNER AT  5:30  DIED.  RASIIDALL-On Thursday, January 21sl. at the Iv'oot-  emiy Lake General Hospital, CI. H. Rashdall. Funeral  tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon from the Church of England at 2:.'l() o'clock. Visiting Masons and friends arc  reiiuc.ited fo attend.  NOTICE.  All Ancient Eree and Accepted Masons sojourning iu  N'elson arc requested to nicot. Lhe members of Nelson  Lodge No. ���_':', A. F. & A. M. at 2 p. in. in fhe Masonic hall  tomorrow, Sunday, to attend the funeral of JJro. G. II.  Ranhdall.  To the brick block on the corner of Baker and  Josephine streets, and although our stock is  not yet placed in first-class order, -we are open  for business and are prepared to fill all orders  promptly. Our goods are all first-class and  prices reasonable.   Call and see us.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  ���   9  The Crow's lest  CI  eau mver  ailway  In order to reduce certain lines  in our stock we have  marked them at about cost  Ladies' Jackets from $10, $12, and $15, to  $7, $7, and $11  All of our winter Dress Goods at Cost  Flannelletts at 10 and 12 cents  Ladies' and Children's Underwear  All odcls and ends in every department  We would never be able to dispose of our immense stock of holiday goods; that we had too big a stock for a town like, Nelson;  that other stores were carrying the same line of goods and the  trade would be split up. But, in spite of all this, we were not only  cleaned out of all we had but could have sold more. We admit we  didn't make much profit, as everything was marked down almost to  cost; but it is something to-be able to sell goods. Of course we  have a few of the more substantial articles left, such as Albums,  Picture Frames, Manicure Sets, Pocket Books, Japanese Goods, etc.,  which we are selling at.the same old prices at the same old stand  ��� e ��� ���  <$orr?er Bal^r ar?d Josephs 5treef:s' ftelsoi?.  @  arc to be  built during- the year  1S97.     Construction work  has  already commenced on the  last  named.     These two roads with  the two already having- terminals at Nelson will make Nelson  the railway center of Southern  British Columbia.     Real estate  in   railway  centers   rapidly   increases   in   value ��� often   more  rapidly than stocks in undeveloped   iriincs--and   Nelson  will  be no exception.     The following described property is choice  and the prices such as to insure  purchasers   against   making   a j  losing: !  "Quick Sales and  Small Profits."  Just received a car of Fancy and Staple Crocories  The following goods can be had for -SI cash  14 pounds sugar  3 pounds table fruit  8 cans corn, beans, peas, ov tomatoes  4 cans peaches, plums, strawberries, or apricots  10 pounds Muscatel raisins io pounds currants  4 pounds dairy butter 20 pounds apples  5 pounds London layer raisins 2-gallon can pie fruit  We intend to dispose of our stock in the next sixty days, and have bargains  for everybody in Canned Goods, General . Groceries, Crockery and Glassware.  Look at some of our prices:  10 Tins  Peas,  Corn,   Beans,   or Tomatoes .... $1.00  Ogilvic's  Hungarian   Flour,   per sack     1.50  Spokake  Flour,   "Plansiftcr," per Sack     1.35  Spokane  Flour  "Dayton," per sack     1.25  Other goods  in   proportion  'V  Baker Street, Nelson  This is only a few itein-i.   Call and price  our goods before purchasing elsewhere  Large assortment all sizes of  SKATES  Sire! Gages,  Hanging Lamps,  NELSON   PROPERTY  Price  :��lxiai feet- on   Baker street,  with   -J-story  olllce building.   Terms "-Will  /iOxiat  feet on   Vernon  .struct, with   I'-story  business block.    Terms    a.uOO  -.'axiai feet, on Vernon street (a corner! with  improvements.   Terms       I.IIIH*  lutlxl-Jil feet on Vernon street (a corner.1 with  improvements.   Terms   a.tliid  ."illxiai feel  at corner of  Ward and   Hoover  street*, with 10-room dwelling house.   All  modern conveniences.   Terms    A..'iO0  L'.'iXti") feet, on Victoria street, with '.'-stoiy  dwelling.    Terms...-      2,000  li-.".x|-J0 feet on Victoria street, with cottage  ������Verms   2.MI0  iiixl'20  feet  corner  Victoria and   llendryx  st reels.   Term s    .      .S.">0  /*nd Pocket Knives  Table Cutlery of all Spinels  Full Line of Cooking Utensils  Complete Stock of  MINER'S  ^\ND   BUILDERS. HARDWARE.  Give us a Call  be pleased to quote prices  Bal\er St.    Telephone 21  We sell the famous Horseshoe Brand made by the Harvey  Van Norman Co. Our Kangora Shoes for Children and  Boys will outwear any other shoe made, and will never  get hard. See our Kangaroo for men. The easiest and  most durable shoe made.  Office:   Bealey Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  OUTSIDE   PROPERTY  I'riee  An undivided one-third interest in the townsite of Silverton, on .Slocan lake.   Terms. .��1,01X1  An undivided onc-fotirl h interest in Trout  Lake City townsite, in l.tu-ilcau districl.  ToriiH    2,01)0  Several desirable business offices and dwellings to rent.  Customs brokerage promptly attended to.  Real estate for sale or lease in evevy portion of the town.  Jacob Dover, the Jeweler,  is now located in his new store,  Clements & Hillyer block, Nelson  S   ��t  erenee  Oflicc:   Corner Vernon and  Ward si reefs, Nelson, II. ('.  Between cheap Underwear and Underwear cheap. The former  is false economy- the latter true. The motto of some stores is  "Not how* cheap but how good." The motto of some others is  "Not how good but how cheap." Our motto is "Good and  cheap." Canadian made Underwear, like Canadian made Whisky,  are admittedly the  best in  the world.     We  handle  not.iing else.  Eaker Street,  Nelson.  ntil Cleared we will Sell or Giv  Blank Books, Letter Books, Memo Books, Minute Books, Journals, Ledgers,  Day Books, Cash Books, Blank1 Note Forms, Blank Receipt Forms, Blank  Drafts,   Ink,   Ink,   Stands,  etc.,  etc.,  AT ACTUAL  NFTT COST  GILKER & WELLS, 18 and 20 Baker St., Nelson  /"  v&  niiiBMjjiiniiuiiwijyinwiMaMSff  BAJMfcMM��maA^��W^^  m  t IJkl * 1


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