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 ft.  CI  ^  Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that,can  be Made  Dividend Paying Mines.  Has  Three  Smelters   in   Successful   Operation)  and  Enough  Ore   in Sight to   Run  Several   More.  *T  FIFTH   YEAR.--lsrp.  NELSON-  BRITISH  COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, JANUARY' !>,  189),  TWO  DOLLARS  A YEAR.  KOOTENAY   TAKES   FIRST   PLACE. '  \.  The Exports for the Month of December Creep  Up Close to Half a Million Dollars.  Tho customs returns of tlie port of Nelson for the icon (li of December, give a,  very fair idea of the progress that lias  been made in West Kootenay during the  past year. It is now easily the lirst port-  in importance in the province, tho exports  last month coming within $15,009 of the  half million mark, while the duty collec-  total being less than f>0 feet���the significance of the figures already given will be  sufficiently apparent*.  REPLY TO BUCHANAN.  ted   was over $33,000.  the official statement:  The   following is  I'OUT Ol'*  XHI.SOX.  Dutiable .goods   free  goods   Value of  im ports.  ....SI2I.1-I3  ....    A2.S20  Duty  Collected.  S33.l23.liil  3S.!*3  Total .". '.   ....SU*il*,!l'*'I  S3:i,IG2.r>2  The mines, (1I0O tons of ore) .  Copper matte, (1111! tons)   Cold dust .-   Animals and lheir produce. -..  Manufactures   Value  of Kxporls.  . ��ll,*i,2(il.()0  ..  :i37.!i:��l.()()  2r.().0()  S0.0IJ  UWOO  Total   ..SI,S.-.,l.S2.(l(l  For the sake of comparison, tho returns  for the month of December, IS!)."), are reproduced. By them it will be seen that  tlie volume of Kootenay's exports has more  than quad muled during the past twelve  months. The returns for December, 1895,  were:  Value of  Dutv  I'O HI* OI-* NKLSON.  Imports.  Collected.  Dutiable goods    $S2Xm  ��23,(W!I.2S)  I'Yee goods   ...   .   11,038  Olher revenue   3S.01I  Total   ..  .S!)l>,737  $2A.727:AS ,  Value  of Exports.  The mines, (HAS Ions of ore) .  .  ...**��� !l(j.!M7.00  Uullion   l!l,771X0  The forest   10.00  Animals ,   SO (K)  Manufactures '  l,O0.V0O  Total   . SII7,Sl(i.0(J  THE   COMPANY   EARNED   ABOUT   $140,000.  But the Greater Part of It was Required to  ' Pay Off Arrears of'the Previous Year.  The balance sheet submitted to the  shareholders of the Mall Alines, Limited,  at the recent meeting in London, showed  a gross profit upon tho company's operations for tlie year of ��"28,0(i7, (is, 5d. From  tliis sum the board proposed to write off  .-13,807, Itis'l !)d, i'or the depreciation on  buildings, plant, machinery, etc., for the  past year. Before dealing with the balance of profit for the same'period, there  had to be deducted the debt balance standing on September 30th, IS!).*), amounting  cd ��IS,('ti(), 12--. 2d., leaving a neb balance  available of ��5.592, Ms. (id. From this it  was proposed to pay the year's dividend on  the preference shares, which will absorb  ��3,772, 8s. 2d., and to carry forward the  balance of ��\1,980,0s.'-Id., to the credit of  the current year. But for the necessity  of discharging   the   debit  balance from  ������1895, it would, have been possible to pay a  'dividend on the ��250,000 ordinary shares  ���at the rate of 7"per cent, and to carry forward a balance of about ��3,000.  r A'lengthy report from M. S. Davys, the  mine superintendent, was given, wliich  dealt with the work done, the. present'  condition of the property, and the work  which it is proposed to do during the current year. In this report the superintendent estimated the quantity of ore in  sight at 159,000 tons, whicli would give  sufficient ore for nearly four years' continuous operation at the rate of 120 tons a.  clay. The value of the ore Mr. Davys considered, it safe to estimate as equal to  that already mined and smelted.  The statement of accounts for the year  showed that the sales of matte amounted  to ��78,933, and that on September 30th,  there was ore and matte iii stock to the  value of ��20,850, making the total production for the vear���less the stock from  IS95���about ��80,000. There were expended on mining operations ��2-1,305, and on  smelting ��23.471: on taxes on ore and  cord wood ��259. The total expenditure  for the year, including management and  .general expenses in British Columbia and  Loudon, being about ��02,000.  BULLION,   MATTE,   AND   ORE  Shipments from the Mines and Smelters in  Southern Kootenay.  The following returns of shipments of  bullion, matte, and ore from the mines  and smelters in southern Kootenay, since  December 31, I8i)(i, were obtained from  the custom house at Nelson and from data  furnished by the secretary of tho Columbia it Kootenay Steam Navigation Company :  I'ULLIOX   AND  MATTK.  Hounds.  Trail smelter   .... 223,717    ���  OKI*'.  Approximate  Tons.         Value.  Payne mine Slocan   -���/.  Sloean Star mine, Sandon          2(H)  Surprise mine. Slocan   17  Idaho mine, Slocan        SO  Knterprisc niine, Slocaii   10  Jackson mine, Slocan  .-...  (11  Ituth   I'  Humbler mine Slocan    ll*  Wonderful mine   30  Blue Bird mine, Slocan.:   12  Antoine mine, Sloean   17  Whitewater mine, Slocan   00  Last Chance mine Slocan    .*.l  Washington     ���  3:?  Kccoinine, Sloean          ss  Consolation ���mine, Slocan   12  The Whitewater Adds to Slocan's Fame.  On Thursday of last week, the AVhite-  water mine declared a dividend of .$21,000.  This  is  the second  dividend   which  the  mine paid during the past year and makes  with the previous one, the sum of $30,000,  a.s the net realized profit on the year's operations. When it is stated that these  returns are the result of mere development work and that practically no stoping has been done upon the property���the  The Kaslo Correspondent of the Tribune Sends  a Budget Prom the Seat of War.  In-reply to the statement of G. O.  Buchanan respecting the tangle in Kaslo  growing out of the invalid tax by-law,Tiik  TniiJL'.vio'.s Ivaslo correspondent writes:  '"If your correspondent's information be  correct, and it comes from an intelligent  and seemingly reliable source, Mr^ Buchanan became connected with the property against whicli the disputed taxes  stand, subsequent to the trial of .the  action brought by the city council of 1895  against George T. Kane, and secured the  portion now owned by him with the distinct understanding and agreement that  he was to pay all taxes outstanding  against it. Your correspondent's informant further stated that in respect to one  of the blocks, in which is situated the lots  owned by D. iMcCallum, 'one of the sufferers under the present state of affairs,'  the definite and distinct offer was made  to Mr. Buchanan that if he would pay tin  amount of taxes proportionate to the  value of the lots owned by him in the  block the balance would be made up and  the block cleared of all tax encumbrance.  An arrangement of this kind was satisfactory to Mr. McCallom but was refused  by Mr, Buchanan. He feared, he is reported to have said, lest any compromise  in respect to the block in question, would  prejudice his contention with reference to  other lands similarly situated, upon whicli  he hoped to get clear of paying taxes altogether by quashing the tax levy by-laws  of 1891 and 1895. Furtl er information  from the same source was to the effect  that during the time that Mr. Buchanan  wasa member of the city council during  (he earlier months of 1890, he made no  progress in settling the Kane imbroglio,  but rather assisted, in several ways, which  need not now bo enumerated, to further  complicate matters tind prevent an amicable arrangement with Mr. Kane.  "Mr. Buchanan's reference to the duty  of the council to 'straighten out the difficulty with reference to the taxes imposed  upon the property of the K. & S. railway,'  is another of those 'statements' which his  winning smile, childlike and bland, would  lead one to suppose was entirely sincere,  extemporaneous, and devoid of premeditated intention. Mr. Buchanan was a  member of the present board of y-ldevtiien  for nearly four months, but a diligent  search of the records failed to disclose a  single attempt made by him to arrange  this 'difficulty'. It does show, however,  that subsequent to his retirement an  effort in that direction was made. It was  found that, in September last, in response  to a letter from Mr. Robert Irving, secretary of the K. & S. railway, the council  passed it resolution directing the clerk to  inform Mr. Irving that the board was  willing 'to place a by-law before the electors asking exemption for the K. Ac S. railway from taxation1 on their right-of-way,  tracks, rolling stock, and terminal buildings, and ask him to furnish maps and information necessary for drafting the bylaws'. It is understood that this offer was  favorably considered by the railway  authorities, and the 'necessary information'will be forthcoming as soon as the  engineer of the K. Ac S. railway has had  time to prepare it;"  CHEAPER THAN CORPORATION RATES.  The Nelson Electric Light Company Charges  Less Than New Westminster.        ,  Those consumers of electricity in Nelson who contend that the rates charged  by the Nelson Electric Light com pany are  exorbitant will no doubt be surprised to  learn that the rates of the Nelson company are lower than those charged by the  corporation of the city of New "Westminster. The city of New Westminster is  lighted by the corporation, and in all such  cases the aim of the corporation is to give  the citizens the service at cost. If a private company gives its patrons a better  rate than is enjoyed by members of a cooperative concern there seems scarcely  any ground for complaint. The rates  established in .N'elson for 1897 are: stores  jind offices, till II o'clock p. m., for each 10  c. p. lampup to six, $ I;'more than six, 90  cents; all night, $1.28; hotels, 80 cents;  smelters and sawmills, 01 cents; residences, -18 cents.  The rates charged by the corporation of  the city of New "Westminster tire: Business-premises, for each 10 c. p. light per  month, $1.12; private houses, 90 cents per  light per month; both ratings being subject to a rebate of 20 per cent, for prompt  payment. These ligures were obtained  from Frank li. Glover, city clerk of the  corporation of New Westminster, and  they show that, even allowing the rebate  of 20 percent, for prompt payment, the  rates charged by the private company in  Nelson are much lower than those which  obtain in a city where the corporation  does its own lighting.  Two Rossland Miners Injured.  Luther Campbell and James Hatch, two  men working in the Monte Cristo mine,  were hurt about 9 o'clock Wednesday  night by an explosion of dynamite. They  had gone into a mine after a blast and  were picking about when one of them  struck a piece of dynamite wliich had  been left in a hole partially exposed. It  immediately exploded,; knocking both  men down and stunning them severely.  They were bruised about their heads and  faces and powder burned, but soon recovered sufficiently to get out of the tunnel and call for help. Their injuries are  not serious.  MINERAL   STATISTICS  For the Year 1896 Gold Mining Yielded More  and Silver Less than in 1895.  The Engineering and Mining Journal  publishes statistics of the mineral production of the United States during 1890.  The production of mines and metals in  the United States for the year 1890 is  given, with a total value of $053,311,108,  showing a decrease, as compared with  1895, of "$21,099,200, or about 3A per cent.  This decrease was largely in values rather  than in quantities. In none of the chief  articles was there any marked decrease,  while in several there were considerable  increases. The total production of metal  in :1800 was valued at $242,311,-181, an increase of $1,091.111 over the previous year,  while the value of non-metallic substances  was $-110,999,987, a decrease of $2(5,383,377  from 1895. A large part of this was due  to the lower values of coal, stone and a  few other important substances, very  littleresultingfrom thesmaller quantities.  The increase of copper has been extraordinary, the gain amounting to07,003,150  pounds, which was made in spite of a  large decrease in the domestic demands,  but was more than absorbed by the extraordinary exports for tho year, which  are the largest on record.  The gold production in the United  States in 1S90 reached the total of $57,000,-  000, a gain over 1895 of no less than $10,109,-  S00. This extraordinary advance, which  far surpasses the gain reported from any-  other country in the world, puts the  United States in the leacl of producing  countries. Its output of gold was no less  than .2(5 per cent of the total reported of  the entire world.  The production of lead from domestic  ores in 1890 amounted to 175,717 short: tons,  showing an increase of 20,8(53 tons over  the preceding year. Iu addition to this  there were 79,000 tons produced from imported ores, or refined bullion.  The   quicksilver   output  for   189(5  was'  33,022 flasks, of 10K pounds each, showing  a decrease of 9(5(5 lla.sk*- from the previous  year.  The production of silver from domestic  ores'reached a total of 15,-105.175 fine  ounces, showing a decrease from that of  1895 amounting to 805,002 ounces only.  The silver production has thus been maintained better than has been anticipated.  Moreover, there were produced or refined from foreign ores anil.bullion by our  .smelters no leas than*"!0,000,000 fine ounces I  of silver, making the total quantity re- ������  fined or put into final marketable form in  this country 85,-105,173 fine ounces. This  large production was almost entirely absorbed by the markets, and the average  price of silver bullion for the year shows  an actual advance, having been (57 cents,  although toward the: close of the year it  fell about,2 per cent below that point.  Of the silver obtained from foreign ores,  it is estimated that 38,000,000 ounces came  from Mexican ores and bullion, and 2,000,-  000 ounces from'materials brought into  this country from Canada, chiefly from  British Columbia.  HISTORY   OF   CANADA'S   CURRENCY.  Toronto People Purchase the War Eagle.  A deal was closed this week whereby  the Gooderham-Blackstock syndicate, of  Toronto, becomes the possessor of the  well known War Eagle mine at Rossland.  The price Was not made public, but it is  thought to be in the neighborhood of  SpS50,0:>0. V. D. Williamson, C. J. Mc-  Guaig and T. G. Blackstock were given an  option on the War Eagle on December 7th  for one month. G. B. Hastings experted  the property, and upon his report the  mine was bought. Upon receipt of Mr.  Has ting's report, Mr. Gooderham late  Monday afternoon wired Mr. Fiuch that  they would accept the offer made for the  sale of the mine. Under the terms of the  sale the Gooderham-Blackstock syndicate-  have already deposited a first payment of  $100,000 iu the Bank of Montreal at Rossland. The balance is to be paid upon the  delivery of a deed, it is reported that  the Toronto syndicate contemplate the  consolidation of the War Eagle, Crown  Point, II. E. Lee, Tiger, and Uncle Sam  properties in Trail Creek, together with  the Richmond group of silver claims in  the Slocan district. George Gooderham  will be president, and either T. G. Black-  stock or Hon. George A. Cox, vice-president of the consolidated company. The  capitalization of the company is to be  $2,000,000, divided into 2,000,000 shares of  $1 each. Of these shares, 350,000 are to be  placed in the treasury, leaving 1,(550,000  to be offered on the market at 80 cents  per share. The stile of this stock at the  price named will net $1,320,000 in cash.  - The Hoisting Works in Shape.  C. AV. Callahan of the Galena Mines,  Limited, in speaking of the company's  operations on the Currie, said: "On Monday last our company blew the first mining company's whistle on Slocan lake.  This means that we have erected hoisting  works with a sinking capacity of 500 feet.  The company will inaugurate other enterprises in the district, and suitable machinery will be added from time to time as  may be required.  Said to Havo Changed Its Plan.  W. F. Tye, chief engineer of the Columbia Ac Western railway, recently wrote to  a resident of Grand Forks, that tho Columbia Ac Western road would be built to  the Boundary country by way of Kolison.  This means that (he extension from liossland will not be built. It is presumed  that an easier grade has been found from  Robson than could be obtained from  Rossland.  A Country That Has No Coin of Its Own  With Which to Redeem Its Notes.  Now that Canada is in a fair way to become a'great producer of' the precious  metals, it is opportune that the federal  government should take the necessary  steps to establish government mints for  the coinage of its own gold and silver, lu  is a rather humiliating thing to remember that although Canadian currency.is  upon a gold basis, the dominion' has i.'o  coin of its own, and is forced to use  those of Great Britain and the United  State-;.��� It i.s likewise little to its credit  that it should buy ready made from  Birmingham such silver coins as it uses.  Canada is now in a position to supply the  metals necessary for this coinage, and the  government should get a move on itself  and give the people of the dominion Canadian coins made at home.  Prior to 1795 all kinds of coins were circulated in British North America. In  that year, however, a step was made in  the direction of a revision of Canadian  currency to remedy the evils resulting  from the coins in use being reduced in  weight, debased iu value, and composed  of every variety of pieces, peculiar to all  countries trading with this continent. An  act was therefore passed which fixed a  standard of value founded upou the average intrinsic worth of the gold and silver  coins of Great Britain, Portugal, Spain,  France, and the United States. Sub-je*^  quently various acts of the legislature es-*  tablished a valuation for these pieces at  which they passed in mercantile transactions. It was not until tho year 185S that  the province of Canada adopted dollars  and cents, pounds, shillings and pence tis  the only moneys of account.  The federal parliament in 1871 passed  the act respecting the currency which  gave to the provinces of the Dominion a  uniform currency, the single gold standard adopted being that of the British  sovereign of the weight and fineness prescribed by tho laws of the United Kingdom to pass current at $4.S(5 2-3. Provision was also made that until otherwise  ordered the gold eagle of the United  States of the fixed weight of 10 pennyweights and 18 grains troy and of a settled  standard of fineness should be legal tender  in Canada. By this same act provision  was made for a- gold coinage for Canada,  ,'put special Canadian gold coinage has not  jbeen minted.  u The silverand copper coins used in the  "dominion are merely a subsidary coinage  for the purpose of milking change and for  use in small transactions. By act of parliament silver coins are made legal tender  up to $10, and the minor copper coins up  to 25 cents. So that ten dojlars of a debt  only can be liquidated iu silver should the  creditor object to taking more.  In addition to the coin used the Canadian government issues government notes.  These were first issued in the Province of  Canada under the law, of 1800. The  authority was limited to $5,000,000on general account and $3,000,000 to replace notes  of banks surrendering their power of  issue. It was also .-.provided': that 20 pet-  cent, of the notes issued should be covered  by specie reserve and the remainder by  government debentures, so that security  was ample. When the Dominion was  formed the issue Was enlarged to $8,000,-  000; any amount hi excess of $5,000,000 to  be covered by 25 per cent, in specie or in  specie and Canadian securities guaranteed by the imperial government, tmd for  the remainder in unguaranteed bonds  issued by authority of parliament. In the  year1870 the issue was fixed at $9,000,000  with a 20 per cent, specie reserve, any excess to be fully covered by specie. Two  years later the issues in excess of $9,000,-  000 were required to be covered by specie  to the extent of 35 per cent. In 1875 50  per cent, specie reserve was required for  $3,000,000 above and beyond the $9,000,000  and excess over $12,000,000 to.be fully  covered.  In 1880 the law authorized the issue of  $���20,000,000, to be covered by at least 15  per cent of gold, 10 per cent additional in  gold or Dominion securities guaranteed  by Great Britain, and the remainderin unguaranteed Dominion bonds; anv excess  over $20,000,000 to be covered fully with  gold. Last year an act provided that the  issue may exceed $20,000,000, provided that  in addition to tiny amount required to be  held in gold under previous acts, a further  amount in gold equal tn the excess of issued notes over 20 millions shall be held.  These notes of the Canadian govern-  ernment are full legal tender, redeemable  in specie on demand, and of the following  denomination: 25 cents, $1, $2, $-1, $50,  $100, $500, and $1000; occasionallyold issues  called provineial'iiotes of $5, $10, and $20  are met. At the end of 1895 over 11. million dollars of the Dominion note circulation were in notes of $500 tind $1000. These  big bills are principally held by the chartered banks as part of their cash reserves,  because tinder the Banking Act 10 per  cent of the reserve cash must be in Dominion notes. .-These notes are chiefly  used in settlement between the banks.  At the end of last year there were held  in connection with the Dominion notes  specie to the extent of $10,(550,702. guaranteed sterling debentures $1,910,(507, and  unguaranteed debentures $17,250,000. The  total thus held amounted to $29,817,309.  This was in excess nf the amount required  to be held by $5,I83,3(58in specie and guaranteed debentures, and $2,250,000 in unguaranteed debentures.  Canadian Pacific Railway Steamer.  The Canadian Pacific Kail way company  has resinned work on the nexv steamer fit  Nakusp. The company will use the new  boat in maintaining a daily service between   Kobson  and   Uevolstroke.    Work  has also been commenced on ' the company's steamer tit Rosebery to run between Rosebery and Slocan city..  SHORT   BITS    OF   NEWS   FROM   KASLO.  The dynamos at the power house of the  electric lighting system Inive been running some days in order  to '"dry" them  out. The lights in the sampling works  have been constantly connected, with results altogether satisfactory. The arc  lights, so long delayed on the way, arrived  Wednesday night, so that the current-  will be turned on the city wires and the  ways illumined.  Recent sales indicate that a buoyant  feeling in connection with city realty is  still maint lined. Two lots on Front  street are said to have recently changed  hands at prices largely in advance of any  former offers.  Herbert Cuthbert, of the British Canadian Gold Fields company, was in Kaslo  the other day on his way from the east.  His company is handling the stock of the  Gibson company, and is also interested in  some Slocan properties on its own account.  George P. Tolton, of Rosalia, Washington, was in Kaslo the earlier part of the  week seeking a chance for investment and  an opportunity for establishing himself  in business in this city.  The city auditor's-report upon civic finances will be given to the public on Saturday. Altogether it is a very favorable  showing. The total revenue for the year  from all sources, exclusive of debentures,  has been $9711.81. There was,.on hand at  the close of the previous year the sum of  $200.38. The council has therefore had  $9972.19 to expend during the year. Of  this it has disbursed $9881.30, leaving a  balance on hand at the close of the year  of $S7.89. The present council has paid  off $1278.90 of indebtedness incurred in  189-1, and $2010.09 of that incurred in 1895.  It has received from the provincial government $1888, which may not be classed  as ordinary revenue. The water works  system has cost up to the present time  $17,2(57.2S, and there remains of the $23,030  received as proceeds of the debentures,  the sum of $5302.72 with which to complete the system. The city is"practically  free from debt, with the exception of the  debentures issued in September last for  waterworks construction. The general  balance sheet shows an excess of assets  over 'liabilities amounting to over $7000.  The financial statement of the Union  Sunday school management in connection  with the Christmas tree festival shows  that$ 194,20 collected and $193.20expended,  and that 13-1 children were made happy  by the gifts distributed.  Chiefly through the untiring efforts of  Mr. G.O. Buchanan, the Kaslo Rink company has erected a substantial and useful  building for curlingand skating-pjnrposes.  The building is 150 feet long a'hd 7*1 feet  wide, inside is a space,-150 feet'by 40 feet  for skating, and two curling sheets, one '  on each side for the curlers. It.has a comfortable waiting room for ladies, and also  one for gentlemen. It will be lighted by  arc and incandescent lights,'and made  generally attractive.  ���Major Montgomery and John L. Retal-  lack have gone to Spokane on business  connected with the Washington Mining  company, with which tliey are officially  connected. ' .     "       n  Necessity for Governmental Intervention.  Another Slocan mining man has registered a kick against the manner in which  the .railways'.operating in the Slocan fix  their rates on the short haul from the  Slocan. The alleged offender this time is.,  the Kaslo & Slocan railway, and the complaint is thatthe railway company charges  $5 per ton on ore consigned to Kaslo en  route to Nelson, and but $3 per ton on ore  consigned to Ktislo en route to American  smelting points. The Thiiuwk litis not  had an opportunity to verify the facts  alleged in the complaint, but a.s the grievance is in line with the general policy of  till railway companies, it is no doubt s;-f i  to accept them its correct. It is manifestly inimical to the interests of this  province that the railways bonuscd by  the provincial government should give  foreign points au advantage in freight  ���rates over local points. 'With the development of the district the question of  transportation rates is bound to become  ti very serious matter, tind West Kootenay  may. have to join issue with the great  northwest and strengthen the hands of  Dalton McCarthy in his efforts to impose  parliamentary restrictions and conditions  upon railway companies in the fixing of  freight rates.  British Columbia's Mineral Output.  At a conservative estimate it is safe to  say that liritish Columbia's exports during 1890 amounted in the aggregate to  considerably more than five millions of  money, a mark never before reached in  the palmiest days of Fraser river or Cariboo. The bulk of this golden stream  naturally found outlet direct from Kootenay, wliile a further large amount wtis  during the year shipped to Montreal and  other eastern cities.  Le Roi Declares Another Dividend.  The Le Boi company at its regular  meeting held in SpokancTuesday evening,  declared a dividend of $25,(MM), payable  the following day. This makes the ninth  dividend paid by the company. The total  dividends on the property amount to  $275,000 in the 15 months operations.  NEW   RATE   ON   SLOCAN   ORES.  The Canadian ' Pacilic Fixes a Rate of $5 50 '  . From N. & S. Points to Nelson.  Lust week Tiik Thiih'.vk charged the  Canadian Pacific raihvay with treating  Nelson unfairly in the fixing of its freight  rate on ore from the mines of the Slocan  to Nelson. Tiik Tuiju*,.\*ic was informed  by a mine owner in the Slocan that  he had made enquiries from one of  the Canadian Pacific Railway company's  officials respecting the rate on ore from  Rosebery to Nelsou, aud that he had been  informed that the rate would be $11 per  ton. As this is the rate charged by the  railway company from the same point to  Tacoina. Tnrc Ti<iliCsii taxed'the Canadian*  Pacific railway company with discriminating against Nelson as compared with  an American smelter centre.  Early this week F. XV. Peters, district  freight agent of the Canadian Pacific,  called upon Tiik Tkiiutnk and explained ���  that his company had never fixed nor  charged any such rate on ore from Rosebery to Nelsou. At the time the article  appeared the company had not carried  any ore from that section to the Nelson  smelter. One consignment had since been  started on its way,and when approached  Tor a rate upon it, he had given a rate of  $5.50 per ton, or exactly one-half of the  rate charged from the same point to Tacoina. This is the first rate which the  Canadian Pacific company has given nn  ore from Rosebery to Nelson, and Mr.  Peters announces that the company has  made all points on the Nakusp Ac Slocan  railway common points, with respect to  ore consigned to Nelson.  Tiik Tuiiilwk is pleased to make this  correction, because it follows that if Nelson has an advantage of $5.50 per ton on  ore shipments iis against Anierican smelting points, the Nelson smelter will be in  an excellent position to treat Slocan ores.  If, with this advantage, it cannot secure  the business, the fault mu*-*t lie with the  smelter rather'than with the railway company. With the completion of the Slocan  river road this spring, the rate on ores*  from Slocan lake points to Nelson will be  reduced.   A   PLASTER   ON   THE   UND.  The Registry Office Shows a Mortgage Against  the  N. ,& F. S. Grant.  A now difficulty- has -cropped- out with  respect to the Hossland real estate muddle. Although the question of title to the  laud adjacent to Rossland can hardly be  regarded as settled, the Nelson .Ac Fort  Sheppard railway company continues to  sell town lots, giving the purchasers  agreements of sale. One purchaser took  the trouble-,to make enquiries at the land  registry ollice at Victoria respecting the  title of the railway company to the land  which it proposed to dispose of. The reply of S. V. Wootton, registrar general,  shows that there is a mortgage registered  against the land.    It is appended :.'  "1 hereby certify that the following is  the only charge appearing registered or  applied for against lot���-, in block 20 of  the railway addition to the town of Rossland (map 01(5,) of which the Nelson.it  Fort Sheppard railway company are the  registered owners uuder grant in fee from  the crown, dated 8th March, 1895, viz:  1st July, 1893, the Nelsou & Fort Sheppard-raihvay company to William Dur-  yea, Daniel C. Corbin, and Charles W.  Chapiu, land grant mortgage, registered  in Railway Charge Book. A'ol. 1; folio, 83:  No. 3. ' ,    .-���<:���     ���  "And, T further certify,, that no judgment appears registered against the real  estate of the Nelson ct Fort Sheppard railway'company."  The reply of the registrar-general shows  that on December 11th, there Was registered against the lands of the Nelson it  Fort .Sheppard Railway company a ���certain mortgage. The purchaser who caused  the inquiry to be made, had agreed two  weeks before, to purchase certain land included in the Nelson .Ac Fort Sheppard  Railway company's hind grant from the  said company. The railway company  gave the purchaser an 'agreement of sale,  in which no mention was made of the  mortgage registered'against (he hind, and  in which the railway company agreed to  give a good and sullicient deeil to the hind  which it agreed to sell.  It is generally understood that from  the date of a mortgage the legal estate in  fee simple belongs.to the mortgagee. If  the mortgagees of the Nelson it Fort  Sheppard hind grant were to foreclose, it  would be interesting to know what would  remain for those purchasers ' who held  agreements for sale of ,the land from the  mortgagor? The fact that the mortgage  lias been registered might be deemed  notice to these people of the existence  and terms of the mortgage. It is worth  the purchaser's while to figure out where  he will get oil'.  Earl Russell Wins the Suit.  When the hearing of the libel suit  against lady Scott, John Cockerton and  William Aylott for slandering earl Bus-  sell was resumed Thursday morning,  counsel for defense announced the plea of  justification would be withdrawn and the  defense had agreed upon accepting a verdict of guilty.  Miners for the Noonday.  The I-Jossland Miner of yesterday say*:  "Five men weie sent to the Nelson district yesterday to begin work on the  Noonday, which is ou Toad mountain  near the Hall mines property."  T, -�� . ��� '--1..        ���..HT1���n 1   I   |||-   npi   in nil      I, |ll I.TTI ���*    ������.    ���������'.   a"l    "l'��     �� ���  ���i'/i .; ���TCpf**^' ,���    *���."   ".'j.'   .'���,���*     ��� ,i"   iLrt-J.".-."   ;. -j;"*!1, .,":����� >\��t".l     ������-rW  ���'*;������-�� o.-v >"'-". -".' '���' A,:.*.".;*-fv.','.-*'.:-.-'j';-i:- -'-J-.**'.-���"'������, *! -^���J"i',J. O.-.'iv-/1:$��>-  i~^j*y&*&J^&:\tf]Q^i -k*zWw !^.T*'-S>'-iTr..r---^*' ::���'���*.**  ���"--���,"'���<- ��� 'uny*.���*...-*���/ ir"-'-^---'^---^"^^^ ���vv-rrre*'-***--���r-^ .^.������^?'-t^^ ������.,^i^^^^^T^rr^r^y^'���.������^i??*'?-*^^������.��������� ��� - .-������-"���������fj��� -7:"7,?'-*T^'7**r:: TTTE-TTttflUNE:   1ntF,LS0jSt, .?,. C, S3WUKDAY, .LAXUARY !),  1897.
TaK TniBtrXK i-; publish,m1 on Saturdays, liy Tin*.
TiaHCN'l-" I'L'i'l.lsillN',- (J().Ml;.vxv, mill ivili lie inuilril
iii siib-icrihHi*- dm payment ol Tivu Jlou.Ai'K it year.
No subscription taken for lo:-.-. than ii yeur.
HKGULAlt   A1JVKIM'ISK.\11':XT.S   printed at  the   fol-
.  lowing  rates;    One nn*li,   SAO a year;   two  inches.
!j-iiO  si" year:, three  iin-lii!.- S^l a year;  four infill**-*,
$'J>1 a year:  five inchi*-, Si(!,"> a yi'-ir;  six iiu'lion and
over, in tiie iMlo nf $l.Cn) :in inch per monili.
TitAN'SIKNT AI)VKi,'.'i'ISK.M!*:.\"r'-. --'(I cent-* a line for
Iir-lin-ui'li')ii mill 10 cents a lino for each additional
inserlion.    UirLh.  marriage, and  death  notices free.
LOCAL Olt l'KAl'IN'G MATTKK .NOTICI*'.*" 2:1 cents a
line each in-urtiou.
JOJ! IMlIN'TIN-i; at lair rates. All accounts for job
printing and advertising payable on the lli'nl. of
every liionlh: •iiiu.ici'ipt.ioii, in advance.
ADlJitl't-8 all cotiiinuiiiuiiiioii.s lo
TIIK TltlllL'XK, Xelson. B.C.
DLiIi.lU, *M.n.—Physician and .Surgeon.    Rooms 3
•   and I iiigelow blue'*,, Nel-on.   Telephone 12.   Ollice
hours from 1 io iiSO p. in. and (■•.'in to S \>. in.
■II. II. .SVMON"l).S,'"M.I)., C'."\I.,--I'liy.-ii*ian and Hnr-
geon.    Ollice in the I'oaloy building, West linker
street, Nelson. ■
Ollice in
l'\ HITCH IK, I'rovincial Land Surveyor.
Ititchie building. Uos.-land, il. C.
WJ. II. HOLMI*'.-*, C. K. - I'rovincial Land .Surveyor.
•   P.O. box Si. ICa-Io. H. C.
— Minimr    KiiKiiiciM-n   and   A nulvticnl   Chemists,
Slni'iin City. H. C.
NKLSON 1.01)0K, NO.'.-■-. A. F. & A. M. Meets
second Wednesday in each month, Sojourning
brethren invited. ■
Ask Your  Shoe  Dealer for the  Famous
<\ s*'~
i V-'
®ite CEtabrnte,
..JANUARY fl, 18M
Tiik action taken this week by tlie provincial  government,   through  its   agent,
ranger Murray, proves that Tiik Tkhu'NK
has been  correct in  its contention  that
those who compose the provincial government are serfs and  not  men.   For  two
years the Nelson cv   Fort Sheppard railway has claimed that its grant gave it
the right to timber upon said land without payment of the customary royalties.
This has been known to thelaudsand works
department, and,.to the attorney-general's
department for some time, but no action
was taken.    It was likewise well  known
that  D.  C.  Corbin,  as  president of the
railway company, was selling this timber
aud pocketing the royalty which the government   contended   belonged   to it.    It
way likewise  well known  Lhat .13. C. Corbin  was  charging  those  who  purchased
the timber au exorbitant royalty.    This
week  Lhe government had an agent  on
the ground  to enquire into  the. matter,
who found that the sawmill men, doubtless in fear oi  litigation, had recognized
Corbin's claim  to  the timber, and. paid
their  royalties   to ' hi ni.    He  found  that
Louis Blue; the pioneer sawmill man, had
cut timber upon which the government
royalties amounted  to over $2000, all of
which, and more, had been .-paid to D. C.
Corbin.  Clearly if there was any attempt
to   defraud   the   government  out of  its
royalties in such a,case, the attempt was
made by D. C. Corbin of the railway company. Now, instead of proceeding against
the real offender, the government comes
down  upon   the sawmill man and seizes
his mill to enforce the payment of double
royalties.    These serfs who do this wrong
are the same whom  the pap-i'ed government organs would have intelligent people respect.   The blame does  not attach
to the ranger whom the government sent
to'Rossland.   He doubtless carried out his
instructions   to  the  letter.    His instructions  apparently  were   in pursuance  of
the   settled   policy- of   the 'government,
which gives powerful companies all they
ask   or  take,  and  exacts  the  uttermost
from' individuals  too  honorable  to seek
Tiik members of the provincial  legislature have been called  upon  to meet lor
the  transaction of business on Monday,
February Sth.    The outlook is that it will
be a very stormy session, tind   the probabilities are that there will be some changes
made in the cabinet if indeed the government is not defeated.    The blame for the
failure of  premier Turner's government
does not rest  wholly  with  the  premier.
The conditions existing when  he came into office were not such as would not admit
of just government.    His predecessor so
lixed constituencies that certain influences had a preponderance of representation,
tind they in ti gretit measure control premier Turner's cabinet.    Tiik Titini'Nii  believes that premier Turner intended to do
the square  thing  when  he undertook  to
administer   the  government of this  province, and that he is chiefly to blame in
that lie did not resign when he found that
the conditions were such that honest government was impossible.    The control  of
these influences over premier Turner was
manifest when he sought to readjust Liu.'
taxation of the province.    He rearranged
the  basis of  taxation upon  the precious
metal mines, but the Dunsmuir influence
was strong enough to prevent his placing
the coal mines iu  the same position.    As
a result, such proportion of their just tax
burdens a.s   wore  evaded   by   the  Dunsmuirs,   were   unjustly   placed    upon   (he
mine-owners and miners of Kootenay, and
the iniquitous trade-tax upon men .working in precious metal mines was permitted to remain, ruder the .assessment act
the real, personal, and wild land taxes
were greatly increased, but the vicious
mortgage tax was permitted to remain.
Lest it. should tax those that have much,
Loo heavily, the power behind premier
icr Turner forced him to tax those who
have not. As an unjust and incapable
administration, lhat of premier Turner
deserves fo be defeated, but it i.s hoped
that such will not occur until it has had
an opportunity to bring clown it new redistribution bill. So long as the present
unfair system of representation exists,
the present inequalities in taxation will
remain and West Kootenay will continue
to be the beast of burden for the rest of
Lhe province. When Kootenay litis the
live members it is entitled to, things will,
be different. .	
Tiik recent purchase of the AVar'Fugle
mine by tlie Cooderham-Blaclcstock syndicate of Toronto, may have an important
bearing upon the construction of the proposed   smelter   at  Northport.    The new
owners  of the  property  are Canadians,
and may be expected to have more concern for the upbuildingof Canadian towns
than had the previous owners.   Their aim
no doubt will be to make as much money
out of the working of their property as
possible, and not to provide tonnage for
D. C. Corbin's raihvay by having then-
ore hauled  to  Northport, in  the United
States, for treatment.    There is no good
reason why the ores of Trail Creek should
not be   treated in Trail  Creek  or some
other point in Kootenay.    It is within the
power of the federal government to check
this drain upon  West  Kootenay.    If the
ores of this district are to be exported for
treatment, it means that American towns
are to be built up at the expense of Canadian   towns.    The   mineral   resources^!'
this district are sufficiently developed for
the federal government to take into consideration the desirability of placing an
export duty on all ores exported for treatment.    Until   the ores of Kootenay are
treated within  the province, British Columbia   will not enjoy that; measure of
prosperity  which the  richness of its resources admit of its enjoying.
To such fair minded men as there maybe in the provincial legislature, Tiik Titi-
HfNK directs their attention to the claim
of West Kootenay district lo have a land
registry office established wilhin its limits. For years the people of West Kootenay have been obliged to put up with tiie
inconvenience of having all matters of
registry and search attended .to at the
land registry office in Victoria. Is it not
time that the legislature ceased to study
the convenience of the lawyers of 'Yic-
toria and gave the people of West Kootenay tardy justice? There is'more business originating in West Kootenay than
there is in Victoria, and it will be very
stupid of tlie legislature if it permits the
present injustice to continue.
Tiik exports from the'.port of Nelson
during the month of December were
$185,IS2, within $15,000 of half a million
dollars. This shows a .most, encouraging
development of the mines of the district,
but it does not indicate the full value of
the exports, as all of the ore which has
gone out of the Slocan over the Nakusp
Ac Slocan railway is entered at the
port of New Westminster and not at Nelson. It is worth noting that the exports,
for December, hS!)(5, more than quadruple
those of December .ISO"), and that the exports for the first five.days of the present,
.month aggregate considerably more than
$100,000. The month of .January gives
promise of being the greatest mouth in
the history of the district.
Aii enlightened contemporary which
approves of trusts and insists that there
is no social problem, brightens the Christmas holidays by telling the poor that they
.-ire guilty of impiety in complaining of
inequality of conditions. It is God, they
are kindly informed, who hits decreed
that some men shall be clever and others
incapable. Therefore it logically follows
that the person who is dissatisfied with
being cold and hungry when he sees others
warm and well fed impugns the wisdom
of his Maker.
This is the good old doctrine tluit whatever is is right. Tim poof ciiii consent to
accept.that.doctrine, with an extension to
meet their needs. To stop its application
tit the status quo is a comfortable practice in vogue with certain philosophers
who are themselves well provided for,
but it happens that dissatisfaction with
the unequal distribution of wealth is an
existing fact quite as apparent as the unequal distribution. Therefore the dissatisfaction is right. So, also, fire all
efforts to bring about a more just state of
things. By the hypothesis even anarchistic dynamite explosions are no more to
be complained of than cases of starvation
iu the midst of plenty. Whatever occurs
must; be right, simply because it occurs.
Watever comes to pass , even the holding
up and robbing of the whatever-is-is-riglit
philosophers, cannot he objected to witn-
out committing the sin of blasphemy.
On the whole we are of the opinion that
when Dives thinks a little more deeply
about this doctrine it will not be so completely satisfying as he could wish. He
may be willing to see the beneficietit de
sign of God in placing him in the mansion
and Lazarus on the doorstep, but heaven's
agency is not so readily recognized when
Lazarus climbs in ^through the window
to help himself. The shifting to heaven
of blame for conditions for which human
selfishness, indifference and want of
thought art-responsible is a device as old
as the race. But if the Creator is benevo-
volent, then the blasphemy is with those
who impute to Clod the cruelty
of poverty which' tarnishes bodies,
stunts minds, and denies opportunity to
most of mankind. It is mocking Cod to
say that the misery we see all around us
is "the fruit of his tender care for his creatures. The poor whose' poverty is not the
result of their own vices or thriftlessness,
have an indefensible right to cry out, and
the trust, or the organ of a trust, that'
lifts its white hands to heaven in horror
at the impiety is, wo should think, a much
less pleasing sight, viewed from above,
than protesting poverty. But there are
not many trusts which can afford to take
the time to lift their'hands to heaven.
The hands tire more gainfully employed
in emptying other people's pockets..—The
Another Man With a Smelter Scheme.
The ,city council of Vancouver is considering another smelter proposition, the
scheme of the Tacoina men having'evidently fallen through. One .1. Selenor,
who announces that he represents a number of' Portland, Oregon, men, is at the
head of the present move. At a special
meeting of the council he detailed the
offer of his company, and stated that they
would want a bonus of $150,000 from the
city. The company was prepared to build
a three-stack .smelter, of 120 tons each,
and a refinery all complete. The plant
and buildings would, when put in shape,
cost about $400,000, and they were prepared to go to, work within 80 days after
the subsidy was passed. ■ They would ask
for half the bonus when the plant was
ready for work, and the other half say
after .'30 days' running. They would expect to employ about 150 men. The council has taken the matterinto consideration.
Agenls for Hobcrt Hrowii. C'liist'oiv, I Crown .Scotch Whisky; l\:ase, Son & Co.,   Leith,   H. O. S.  Scotch   Whisky; William  Jiiiiioibn  & Co.,  Dublin.   Irish   Whisky;  Henry
Thomson & Co.. No wry, Irish Whisky; M. U. Hosier fc "Sons, London, Ales and Sfoul ;   Ilotilellctui & Co., Hnrbe/.ieiix, France, I'mndies: C. I'rollor & Co.,
Bordeaux, r'ranco. Claret and White Wines; .1. S. Fry & Sons. ISristol, Cocoa; Cockliurn. Smithes \- Co., London mill Oporto,  I'ort
Wine;   Killiurn & Co.. C'alentta, Jute Ore Sacks: George Wostenhultn N: Son., Ltd., Shellield, Cutlery: Doulton
,V Co.. London, Drainage I'ipo, ICIc: Henry Kosscll S;  Co., Sliellield,   Drill  SI eel; Jonas
lirooks Hros, "Meltlmin,  Sewing Cotlon;  Okell  &  Morris,
I'YuiL I'reserving Co., Victoria, II. C. '
HIRAM WALKER & SON'S RYE WHISKY ALWAYS IN STOCK.   Ore Sacks.in Large or Small Lots.
learn i no-
ass Hailway and
The holidays arc over and   school  is   again   open.     The ambition  of a
Columbians connected   with  school   matters is to advance  the cause of
and  not spend  their time  in  fig-lit ing"   over what particular  relig*ion  may or mav
not   be   taught   in   public   schools. ■--      In
must have books.     Books are as essential
pcrity.     If you  would  have   your, children
learn  anc
earn i no*
learn ing-
is  free silver
prosper buy  their books
the   child
is to pros-
a I
© ® ©
are Lo be built during* the yej-ar
1897. These Lwo roads \vi\..lithe Lwo already having* terminals at-Nelson will make Nelson .
Lhe railway cenLer of Southern
British Columbia. Real estate
in railway centers rapidly increase in value—often more
rapidly than stocks in undeveloped mines—and Nelson will
be no exception. The following described -property is/choice
and the prices such as to insure
purLhasers, against making* a
Nothing1 succeeds like success;
but success cannot be had
unless the people
in the town help each other.
Those who  were in  business
in Nelson in the
Years 1S93 and 1894
and escaped a debtors'prison,
deserve success
It mig-ht be well  to add  that
of late "drummers"
for eastern clothing- firms
have'g-iven this
section of Kootenay the g-o-by
No better evidence
could be wanting- that
we are g-iving- our patrons the
best of satisfaction
Capital $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.
MINERS!  You can make use of water power 50 miles from your mines with our system
We'can also sell you complete telephone outfits and install.them
British Columbia Branch Offices       ^k^^^^^k^o^111      Frank Darling, Kootenay Agent
ater neater
per cent better than any oilier make of heater      The Webster Svsleiii of Healing with Hxhaust Steam relieves haek pressure on engine
The Morse Valve Iteseater will reseat any style ol' valve without removing valve
.'10x120 feet on   Baker street,  with  "--story
olliec liuildinf?.   Terms       .. .§.*i,'2o0
.*j(lxl*i0  feet nn   Vernon street, with a-stoi*y
business block.   Terms   />,(i00
2*1X120 feet on Vernon street (a corner) wilh
improvements.' Terms     ...   l.'Hitl
100x120 feet on 'Vornon street (a corner) with
improvements.   Terms—   :1.l!()0
."i0x!20 feet al, corner of Ward and Hoover
streets, with lo-rooni dwelling house. All
modern conveniences.   Terms    't.f'UU
2.*i\*120 feet on Victoria si reel, wilh 2-stniy
dwelling.    Terms    2.0011
(121x120 feet on Victoria street, with cottage
Terms     2,.*i00
2*ixl20 feel corner Vicloria and Hendryx
slreets.   Terni-i        S.'iO
Darling Bros. Adjustable Pipe Cutter Guts Pipe, any metal, 3-4 to 24 inches in diameter
Sleet Hydrants, Gate "Valves. Pipe. Crescent Drill .Steel, .Wire Hope      Kreight and Passenger Elevators
Temporary Office, Phair Hotel, Nelson . Write FRANK DARLING, Sole Agent for British Columbia
.\n undivided one-lhird interest in IheUiwn-
sile of Silverton, on dloean lake.   Terms, .§1,000
An undivided one-foiirlh interest iu Trout
Lake  ('Hy  townsite, iu Lardcau district.
Terms    2,000
.'-'IS shares in Xelson   Klectric  Light  (,'om-
1436 Front Street   KASLO.       6341 Silver Street, SANDON,
Stoves, Tinware,   Etc.
Agents for Canadian Rand Drill Company,
Gurney-Tilden Stoves and Ranges.
pany. Limited
Ofllce:   Corner Vernon and
Ward streets, Nelson.  11.(1.
BRANCH MARKETS   ,   ...    .
Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District
Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan  District
Kaslo in Ainsworth District
Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats.
Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.
is now in commission and
can be chartered for tow-
in^*, etc.     Apply to
Kootenay Mining & Smelting Co.
Captain Allan Lane, on board.
""ILLS  COMPANY, Limited.
fl cni  P   AfJFWTt:   FOR   R   C
Miss Morley i.s prepared to
receive pupils for piano, violin
or or&'an. Harmony and counterpoint    taught.       For    terms
Apply to Thomson Hlationery Co , Ltd,, Xelson
All persons conl rilmtiiiit 81 per month or ?I0 jier year
will be entitled to llie full benelils of llie hospital, and iu
addition lhe SKI suhserihers will secure the privilege of
votin-'i at the annual election of directors.
A. IT. ULKMIONTS, Treasurer,
i J. HLAN1CY, Collector.
Ncl'-on, 11. C, 11th August, lSflfi.
l*W: - -,-:■■' o  Ml<".  THE  TRIBUTE:   tfEhKO'tf,   B.C.,  SATURDAY,' JANUAJlY i),  1897'.  0  I)  Ji -  r  tf-t  Uflji  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000,  6,000,000  Sir RONALD  A. SMITH President  lion. GKO. A.  RKUMMOND Vice-President  I*'., S. CLO'USTON General Manager  "isr-EiLSoasr *B"r^.*n*c*e3:  N.W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.       HKANClIIiS IN     *  LONDON   (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO,  and in the principal cities in Canada.  Uny and sell Sterling Kxchangc and Cable Transfers  OltAN'l" COSIMKUCIAL  AND Tft.WKLI.KHS1 OltliDITS,  available in any part of tho world.  DltAKTS  ISSUICI3    COLLECTIONS MADK| ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  RATI*" OK INTEREST (at present) 3 Per Cont.  ROSSLAND   MINING   NOTES.  %  "Of course 1 believe.fully in your innocence. I shouldn't undertake the case if  I didn't," said the counsel for the defense.  "Of course," said the prisoner.  "Nothing you or anybody could say  would shake my belief," the lawyer went  on, "so we may as well talk frankly and  see where we stand. I tell you frankly  there are certain features that might prejudice people agtiinst you."'  "Not if they knew what a disposition  she had," interposed the accused.  "1 wouldn't dwell on that," suggested  the lawyer. '* Vour great and well-known  affection for her is one of our best points.  Thisistheca.se: Devoted husband, wife,  carrying on secret intrigue "  "You'll never prove that," said the prisoner. " I guess I was the only admirer  she ever had, and she cured me mighty  (puck."  "Husband utterly unconscious of her  treachery," said the lawyer blandly.  "Tlie unknown man who has wrecked the  little hearth, completes his work by foully murdering his victim. Police have important clew as to real criminal, and will  run him to earth ere old Sol has many  times crossed the horizon's rim."  "I savey," said the prisoner.  "' Woman is killed by a blow from some  hard substance "  "Hatchet," interposed the widower.  "Wliich nifty have been a hatchet," corrected the counsel i'or the defence. "No  trace of the weapon can be found, which  -proves that- tluit "  "They haven't looked under the Hour  bin," said the widower absently.  "That  the  murderer,  unfamiliar  with  The Miner: Mr. ("ialusha, manager of  the J umbo, says he now has five carloads  of ore ready for shipment. He will ship  to the Everett smelter I'or the present.  The first carload will go out in a few days,  and Mr. Galusha says tho shipments will  be continued every week fit the rate, for  the time being, of about two carloads a  week.  The ore encountered in tho upraise of  the Iron Mask has been caught in the  .cross-cut tunnel. When the ore wjis found  in the upraise it was within a few feet of  the point of junction with the !)(> foot  shaft whicli had been sunk on the vein,  and it was discovered the vein stood at  about 70 degrees pitch find much straight-  er than was expected. .A cross-cut was  then started from the level of the tunnel  and run south a few feet. It soon encountered the vein, which is seven or eight  feet wide at this point. It is a magnificent showing, the ore carrying a high percentage of copper.  The east drift on the 200-foot level of  the Commander will be continued, and a  drift on the same level will be started  from the shaft west. The station on the  100-foot level i.s now being cut out. Stoping will begin in a short time, and regular  shipments of ore will be commenced.  The whole face of the Coxey tunnel is in  ore, and has been for several days. The  news was brought down by.John ll. Cook,  ono of the owners. Mr. Cook says blie  tunnel has now penetrated the ore body  about 10 feet, though this ore is not alto-"  gather-solid, there being some gangue in  it. The character of the ore, however, is  improving.  Martin King, manager of the Kootenay  and Columbia mines, authorizes the statement that lie will begin reguliu'shipments  of ore with the new year. There are 100  tons already on'the, dump, and' stoping  has been begun on a nice chute of ore  opened when the tunnel how being run  .was in about .ISO feet. This-chute was  opened for about -10 feet, and is from two  to four feet wide. It runs off on the foot-  wall side, aud its real extent lias not yet  been determined. Manager..King says he  took a careful .sample; for ..assay from  across four foot of this chute last Thursday, and he obtained $-19 in gold, lie believes the average value of the entire  body is not far from $-fo per ton. He will  for the present either ship to Everett or  Tacoma, and will load at least two cars a  week. He proposes to increase the si/.e of  theshipments just as soon as he can get  his stupes better opened.  The strike ou the Snowshoe grows in  importance. The clean ore body when  first opened was only IS inches wide. On  AVednesday the entire face of the tunnel  was in almost solid ore. The tunnel is  now in nearly 100 feet and is being run in  on the hanging wall. No footwall is in  sight. The first ore found,ran about $1;l  That which is now in the race seems to be  about the same grade.  FIXING   UP   THE   ALIBI.  the premises, could not trust to finding  an implement there, so brought his weapon with him, taking it away with, a  crimson stain upon its remorseless surface," went on the lawyer. "Now about  you alibi. AVhei e were you that, nior.n-  ing?"  "I'd been enjoying myself considerably  the night before, and 1 didn't get up till  noon.   I felt like the deuce.   My head '!,  "'Indisposed and weak, just out of a  sick-bed, notable to inllict such a blow,"  noted the lawyer.  "We had some words' when I came,  down. I wasn't always in the best of  tempers, and she never was. Then I went  out."  ���'Crawls feebly down stairs after a night  of suffering, but meets with no sympathy  from wife, whose only thought is to get  rid of him before her lover conies."  "'I went home about four.   ,1 confess  I  wasn't quite myself, and we got into "  "One minute," s:iid the lawyer, hastily.  "It has been established that the'killing  was done at -I :_];">, so it must have been 1:80  wlien you returned to lind the dastardly  deed done aud the villain gone."  "Well, i  guess you're right," said the-  prisoner.  "Vou were standing stunned with grief  and horror  when  the grocer's boy came  in, and then the whole neighborhood was  rouscd'and cruelly jumped to the conclusion that you were the criminal."  "They did that." said  the   wrongfully  accused.  "i'd have you off in no time if she hadn't  owned property which you would inherit,"  mused the lawyer.  '''Well, there's no getting round it, for  I'd never have married her if she hadn't,"  said the prisoner decidedly.  "My dear sir. you mustn't let anger at  her falseness make you forget the greatness of your  affection for her," insisted  the counsel.    "It's one of our best points,  and I've  got  several  valuable   witnesses  to it."  "You're a mighty smart lawyer," said  the prisoner admiringly.  "I've a livery stable man  to prove how  you hired a buggy- a  week ago Sunday,  and took 3-011 r wife driving," the lawyer  said.  "So I did," said the prisoner.    "She said  if I'd<"drive her over to her aunt's she'd  visit there for a week, but she only stayed  there a day after all.    I'd have got  her  a coach and six if she'd made it a month."  "Always thinking of  her pleasure, no  expense spared," said the lawyer.    "We|l,  I'll work up your alibi, and come around  this evening to go over it with you.. .It is  bettor for .you to understand every point  of it, though of course, you're not to say  anything."  "Well, if you get  me out of this, L'll  make it the most profitable job of your  life."  said   the   prisoner,   grasping    tlie  other's hand.  "My dear sir, we're perfectly certain to  get you out." was the emphatic answer.  "The prosecution has no case whatever,  and J shall defend you as 1 would my own  son.    1  believe  in '-you thoroughly, or I  wouldn't have  undertaken  the defence.  Money or no money," added the attorney  warmly,   "I   can't   let an  innocent  man  suffer." _____   _______ ���'������  '" A Conviction'That Came Too .Late.  Since the monopolists, under the name,  of Rnpublicaus, won the great election,  struggle in the United States, and have  proceeded to award the. posts-of distinction, the common people have come to realize that much that Bryan and the Populists said concerning the rings and combines was true. Almost every where the  machine nominees for senator have distanced those of the-people, and the people  have begun to wonder whether theirescape  was not from the frying pan''to the fire.  The New York Nation, which represents  the "solid" people who were strongly opposed to Bryan, is now reflecting that  bossism is just about as dangerous  a.s Bryanism. Bryan was attacked  fiercely not only because he was  an advocate of free silver, but because he  attacked the great corporations, excited  the envy and cupidity of the poor, and  "arrayed the masses against the classes."  The Nation now declares that much that  Bryan said about the unwholesome influence of the corporations or the legislatures  was true, and tliat it is to his alliance  with these that Piatt owes his power in  New York. Altgeld was the subject of  denunciations even more violent than  Bryan. Harper's Weekly .published a  cartoon in which he was compared with  Cuiteau. Yet Altgeld, while his language  may have been violent and demagogic,  honestly worked for the people, honestly  fought the money power, and was probably ;i much better type of'man than the  creatures whom the machines turn out.  lapanese uooos  "ii  Imuri, Kafa, A^ssati, Besta, and other choice  wares.   Fans, Screens, Baskets.  Thomson Stationery Co., Ltd.  NELSON, M. O. '     ,  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  NK'OU-IT   AXIJ   SNLI.I.INf*   .MINJilt.ll,   ('L.M.MS,  SITI.A'I'H  IN  'I'llii aixshoiitii minim; division  ok wkst kootu-  N.W   DISTItlCT,   AND    I.OCA'I ED   AIIOI'l"   ONI*. AND  IIXE-  IIAI.I-*   MILKS   NOItTII    Ol-'   Till-: TOWN  (IV  AINSWOK'I'II.  Take notice Unit I, A. S. Farwcll, ayroiit I'm* Josiah  Thompson, jr., frou miner's certilicate No. (il.fljl. intend,  sixly days from (he date hereof..lo apply to lhc mining  recorder for cert i Ilea tes of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining crown grunts of the above eliiinis. And  fiii'lhei" take notice lhat action, under section .'17, must be  taken before the issuance of such certilicates of improvements. ' A. S. KARWELL.  Haled, this, 2(i|,li dav of November. IS!l(J. [Dec. ;"ith.|  Will be the business centre for  the rich mines on Springer  Creek and Slocan Lake. This  is one of the richest" districts in  British Columbia.  Pretty Bough on St. Peter.  Ah amusing incident cropped out in  connection with the exhibition of Dag-  nan Bouveret's picture of "The Last .Supper," which closed in 'London on Sunday.  Dean Farrar wrote a description for the  English catalogue, which was given to  visitors, in which lie said the apostle on  the left of Christ was St. Peter, find -analyzed the countenauce. Accordingly, it  well informed amateur, who had watched  tho growth of the picture in the Paris  studio, and knew better, and who had  also verified his opinion by writing to the  artistt printed a letter in the Times the  other day, saying that the dean was all  wrong, and that tlio figure is, instead of  being as intended, of St. Peter, that of  Judas fscariot. The Goupils then came to  dean Parrar's defence, with the statement that Dagnan Bouveret had seen aiid  approved his pamphlet before its publication, which seemed conclusive. Xow it  is explained that the artist knows 110 English,.and never took the trouble to have  Pamir's eulogyum translated to him.  Some Advice to the Bishops.  The Toronto Telegram : Once the hierarchy got much of its influence from the  racial enthusiasm of the French-Canadian  people and the boodle of its allies at Ottawa. Now that the race enthusiasm find  the boodle are both in the hands of its  opponents at Ottawa, the esteemed hierarchy had better get off the scales of history or the country may discover that it  is .a lightweight.  FlftNK FLETCHER Trustee.  Kiln-dried and other Lumber  can now be obtained at the  yard; also Sashes, Doors, Veranda and Newel Posts, Base  and Corner Blocks, Brackets,  Balusters, Mouldings, Etc.,  Etc.,  at lowest prices.  The Great West  Winnipeg', Mann.  A. MACDONALD,        J. H. BROCK  IMtKSmiiNT.  .M A .VAC I NO   DI It KOTO It.  HUGH l\. C^MEI^ON, Nelson, B.C.  GK.VKli.AI. AGENT  I'OIt  KOOTKNAV  DrSTItlCT.  Official  Administrator's  Notice.  In the county court of ICootenay, lioldcmat Donald, No.  51 of ISilli. in the matter of SamuelM. Woods, deceased, and in the matter of the "Official Administrator's Act."  Dated lhe 7th day of December, A. I). 1S9(1;  Upon reading the allidavits of William Heard and of  James K. Armstrong, it is ordered that James F. Armstrong, ollieial administrator of the county court district  of Kootenay. shall he administrator of all and singular  the goods, chattels, and credits of Samuel M. Woods, deceased, and that this order he published in the Nelson  Tribune for fifteen (lavs.  [.Signed.)      CLEMENT .1. CORN* WA LL, O.C.J.  Every creditor or other person having any claim upon  or interest in the (li.-lriliutioii of the personal estate of the  said Samuel a I. Woods, is rci'iiired within thirty days  from this dale, to send hy registered loiter to the undersigned, his inline and address and the full parliculars of  his claim or interest, and a staloiiiont of his account, and  the nature of lhe security (if anyl held by him. After Lhe  expiration of the .-aid thirty days, the administrator will  proceed with the distribution of the est ate, having regard to those claims only of which he shall have had  notice.       .1. F. ARMSTRONG-, Ollieial Adminisiralnr.  Dated, at Donald, Hritish ('oliimbia, this 2,'lril day of  December. A. I>. INHi. [Dec. 2iiUi.|  Private  Bill   Notice.  Notice is hereby given thai Lhe Alberta Railway and  Coal Company will apply to parliament at, iis next session for an act to revive lhc powers given to it under ."���*'  Victoria, Chapter S!l, mill,i.Vj(! Victoria, Chapter Iff), parliament of Canada, to extend and operate its railwav  from Lothbridge to Hope or some oilier point in Ifn'fisii  Columbia by way of Fori, Macleod and through the Crow's  Nost Pass, and giving il power also to build and operate  branch lines and a railway from some point on Slocan  lake to Rossland and Trail.  A. KERGUSON, Solicitor for Applicants.  Dated. N'elson, December 22nd, ISflll. |Uco. 2(illi.|  Private Bill Notice.  NoLiec is hereby given that application will be made at  the next silting of llie legislative assembly of the province of Hritish Columbia foran act incorporating a company for the purpose of establishing .water works and  supplying water I'or mining, domesl.ic, manufacturing,  fire, power and other purposes lo the inhabilanfs of the  lown of Nelson and its vicinity, and to lay pipesand erect  Humes for the conveyance and supply thereof: flic water  to bo obtained from Anderson (Took, near lhe lown of  Nelson aforesaid : and for all lhc other necessary rights,  powers and privileges as are incidental or conducive lo  lhe attainment of I lie above objects.  A. MAINWARINO-JOIINSON,  Solicitor for Applicants.  Doled, at Nelson. H. ('., I his Hlth day of December, IS'lii.  NOTICE.  STOCKHOLDERS MEETINC.  The annual moot ing of lhc stockholders of I ho Knolo-  nai Wal er Supply ('onipany of Waneta. Brili'-h Columbia, will be heid on Tuesday llie 121 li dav of .lanuai'v,  IS!'", nt the /illlco of Dawson .V. Archer, 21 Kasl, l*in<l  street, New York Cily, N. Y��� l.'.S. A., for the purpose  of electing a board of directors I'or the cn-uing year, and  such nl her business as may come before Lhe nieeling.  Polls open from Kl lo 11 a. in.  |hkai..| HARRISON   II. CRANK. Secrclary.  Limited  Notice   of Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  ni'.OAPVIKW MI.VICJ'AI, CLAIMS. SITUATK IN 'I'lIK TltOUT  LAKH MININ'C OIVISION OK WKST 1v-0()'II-:NAV DISTItlCT,  ON THE NOItTII S1III-: OK TltOl'T I.AICK, WKST KOOTKNAY  PIKTIttf-T, AND IIKINO A SOUTH KUI.V KXTKNSION III'*  TIIK   IIII.I.KIHI-: .MINKItAI, UI.AI.M.  Take notice thai I, Charles .Molson, acting as agent for  I'. M. Walker, free minor's certilicate No. 02,:\1A, intend  (iOdays from the dale hereof, to 'apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements for lho purpose  of obtaining n crown grant of the above claim. And  further lake notice that action, under section Al. must,  be commenced before the Usuanccof such certificate of  improvements.    ' CIIARLKS MOLSON.  Dated, this lillh day of November. lS'ii.        |Dcc. l'Jth.|  Notice  of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  OLD SONOMA MINKKAI, CLAIM, SITUATK IN TIIK TltOUT  I.AKK .MININli DIVISION OI-' WKST KOOTKNAY OIS-  TKICT, AHOL'T TIII'.KK MILKS KltO.M TUB KOltlCS OK  TIIK UI'I'KIt I.AHIIO ItlVKIt, AND A SOUTIIKltLY KXTKNSION  OK TIIK  llltOAI'VIKW  MINKItAL CLAIM..  Take notice that f, Charles "Molson, acting in my "own  behalf, and ns agent for William Caldwell, Harry IIop-  Kood, and Robert Kl.-'on, free miner's certilicates Sol  75,(i20, 5S.2JI, (fc-.GIO. and (i*2,(!3!). intend 50 days from the  dale hereof, lo apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of the above claim. And further take  notice that action, under section Si, must be commenced  before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  CHARLES .MOLSON.  Dated, this 191h day of November, ISilli.        [Dec. li'th.)  Notice  of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  ALPHA MINKItAL CLAIM, SITUATK IN TIIK TUOUT LAICK  .MININC! DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAY IHSTHICT. ON  OltKAT NOI'TIIKKN MOUNTAIN. ON A 1'AltA I.LKL I.KDIIK  TO TIIK OIIKAT NOUTIIKHN LKIH.'K, AND SOUTIIKltLY  KXTKNSION OK TIIK NOItTIIKIt.V LIOHT MINKItAL CLAIM.  Take notice that I. Charles Molson, acting as agent for  Reginald Northall-Laurie, free miner's cerlilieale No.  (iti,S7l, issued at Rossland on May iSth. ISill!. intend sixty  days from llie date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certilicate of improvements for the purpose  of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  furl her take notice that action, under section .''7, must  he commenced before the issuance of such certificate of  improvement--. CIIARLKS MOLSON.  Dated, this 21th day of December, ISilli.        [Dee. Siih.|  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  Cl.T'l'Kl: 'l-ltACTION .MINKItAL CLAIM. SITUATK IN TIIK  TltOUT LAICK .MININC DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAY  DISTKICT, AND LOCATKD ON TIIK OltKAT NOKTII KILN  LICIKIK,   AHOUT SIX  MILKS   KI'O.M  TltOUT  LAICK CITY.  'fake notice that I, Charles Molson, acting as agent, for  Kdgar. A. Round t. free miner's certificate No. S!),()o2. issued at New Westminster 011 November ')rd. ISill.-. intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to lhe mining  rocurder for a'cerlilieale of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further lake notice that aclion. under section 'i7. must  bo commenced before the issuance of such certilicate of  improvements. CHARLES MOLSON.  Daled, this mil day of December, ISilli. 'Dec. 2(lth.]  Cars of Bedroom  Suits and Dining  Room Furniture  Car of R/iattresses  and UPHOLSTERED  THESE C00GS WILL BE OFFERED AT ADVANTAGEOUS PRICES FOR CASH  SPECIAL RATES TO HOTELS  LARCE CONSIGNMENT OF WALL PAPERS . . .  ... KEPT.IN STOCK AT ALL TIMES  D. McARTHUR & GO.  T.  FOOT OF HALL STRICKT. NKLSON.  W.   GRAY,   Proprietor.  Doors,  Sash,   Band- Sawing*,  Turned  arrived and in stock, a carload  Glass: all sizes  up  Work,  and Office Fitting's.    Just  of Chance's English  Rolled  lo 4 by 6 feet. ���.  Columbia & Kootenay Steam Navigation Company, Limited  TIME   TABLE NO. 10.  In eH'oct'���.Monday, June Sth, ISM.  Arrowhead-Trail Route, Steamer Nakusp.  Houth Hound Read Down.    . ' North Hound Read Up.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 7p.ni.de      ARROWHEAD      ar ll:.-��l u. 111.     Wednesday,  ��� /.ll p. 111. ar "1 ���,,...(,��� /de   7:3''a. m. *1  I 12 noon de /        NAIvUSP , ar   0     a. mJ  I !) a. m. ar \ nn���mv j dc   S:A0 p. 111. I  112 noon de/ ROBSON ��� ,lr   g     ,,_,���.;  2 p. m. ar TRAIL de   LAO p. 111.  nil points east und we--*..  Tuesday, Thursday. Saturday.  Friday, Sunday.  Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.  Connections at Arrowhead wilh Canadian Pacific railway fo and from Revelstoke and all  Connections at Nakusp with Nakusp & Slocan railway lo and from .Slocnn points.  Connections at Robson with Columbia & Kootenav railway to and from Nelson and l-Toolenav lake poinLs.  Connections at Trail with Columbia & Western railwav to and from Rowland.  Connections at Trail with si earner Lytton to and from Waneta, Northport, and Spokane.  Daily except Sunday  Trail-Northport Route, Steamer Lytton.  de  ( 8 a. in. de        TRAIL        ar l:.-'0 p. 111."1  -   !) a. m. ar     WANKTA     de 3      p. 111.  UO a. in. ar NORTIII'ORT de 1      p. in. J  Connections at Northport with Spokane Kails & Northern to and from Spokane and wav points.  Daily except Sunday  Connections at Trail Columbia & Western railway to and from Rossland.  Connections at Trail with .steamer Nakusp to and from Robson. Nakusp and  Revelstoke.  Notice   Of  Application   for  Improvements.  Certificate  of  SKI|.*|." ''���I-ACTIOX MINKIiAI. CLAIM, SITUATK IN* TIIK TltOl'T  I.AKI-: .Ml.VIMi DIVISION OK WKST KOOTH.VAV IIISTKK'T,  AXIl I.OCATKIl ON TIIK (.liKAT NOTIIKIIX l.KIKIK, AllOt'T  SIX  MILKS   1-ltO.M  TUOTT  LAICK CITV.  Take nolice thai. I. Charles Molson, acting as agent for  the I'Yascr River .t Cariboo Cold Fields, Limited, free  miner's certilicate No. SII.OIS. issued at New Westminster  on October 3Isl, ISill, intend sixty days from the (late  hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a eertilieale  of improvements', I'or the purpose of obtaining a crown  grunt of the above claim. And further take notice that  action, under section H7. must be commenced before the  issuance of such certificate of improvements.  CIIARLKS MOLSON.  Dated, this 21th day of December, IStHi. (Dec. 2f*th.|  Daily except Sunday  Daily except Sunday  Kootenay Lake Route, Steamer Kokanee.  f 1:15 p. m. de NKLSON ar !):.'10 a. 111.1  "I 8      p. in. ar   KASLO   de 5:30 a. 111. j*  Saturday. .June (ith. and every 2nd Saturday following, steamer leaves Kaslo at 10 p. in. for Jionncr's Ferry: returning, leaves lionner's Ferry Sunday at noon.  Connections at Nel.-on with Columbia & Kootenay railway to and from Robson, Trail. Ros.sland, Nnkiiip,  stoke and Canadian Pacilic railway points.  Connections at Nelson wilh Nelson Jt Fort Shenpard railway to and from Spokane and way points  Connections at Kaslo with Kaslo Jt Sloean railway to and from Sloean points.  Connections at Honner's Ferry with Croat Northern railway.  T. ALLAN, Secretary. J. W. TROUP, Manager Nelson.  Re vvi  ll. C.  Better  ver  Notice   of  Application   for  Improvements.  Certificate   of  LAX-AUK MINKHAI. (���I.AI.M.SITTATK IX TIIK II.LKCILLKWAKT  MIXI.VC DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAV MSTItlUT, AND  I.OCATKI) ON THK NOI'TII .SIDK OK TIIK II.LKCII.LKWAHT  K1VKK, AND COVKliS TIIK (.iliOUXII DKKDKD ItV TIIK  DOMINION <*OVKI*NMKNT IX IS!)!) TO TIIK SKLKIliK MIX-'  I.VO COMI'A.VV, AXD KXOWN AS TIIK LAX A UK .MINKItAL  CLAIM.  Take notice that I, Frank Stillman Barnard, acting as  agent for and on behalf of the Lanark Consolidated Mining Jt Smelting Company, Limited, fiec miiVilr's certilicate No. 5S,2l(i, issued at Illecillewaet on March aith.'ISflti,  intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  milling recorder for a certilicate of improvements, I'or the  purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.  And further lake notice that action, under section 37,  must be coiiimenced before tlio issuance of such certificate ofjinprovcments. F. S. BARNARD.  Dated, this 21st day of December, ISiKi. [Dee. aith.]  Notice   of  Application   for  Improvements.  Certificate of  Arc the meals and lunches served at tlie  Vienna Bakery and Restaurant. Chicken,  Haked Ham, Boston Baked Beans, Cakes,  Pies, Rolls, and all kinds of Soft Drinks  constantly on hand. Picnic Lunches out  up to order. A variety of Cigars and  Candies always on hand.  John Humer, Prop.  ���fmTTREMONT  3ST-E3LSO-N-  MALONE '& TRKGILLUS, Proprietors.  CI.II'I'KK I'RACTION -MINKItAL CLAIM, SITUATK IN TIIK  TltOUT I.AKK MININli DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAV  DISTItlCT, AND LOCATKD ON TIIK (UtKAT NOKTIIKItX  l.KIKiK, A HOLT SIX MILKS KltOM TltOUT   LAICK ���CITV.  Take notice that I. Charles Molson. acting as agent for  the Lillooet Fraser River & Cariboo Gold Fields. Limited,  free miner's certificate No. 8.1,(118. issued at New Westminster 011 October 31sl, ISilli. intend sixty days from tlie  date hereof, to apply to the mining,recorder for a certilicate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of the above claim. And further take nolice  that action, nuclei* section 37, must he commenced before  the issuance! of such certilicate of improvements.  CHARLES "MOLSON.  Dated, tliis'-'ltlfday of December, IS!)!!. [Dec. 2(11 h.|  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  I'llll.II'SIIUKC .MINKItALCLAIM. sri'I-ATK IX TIIK TROUT  I.AKK MININli DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAV DISTItlCT.  AND I.OCATKI) OX -I'lIK OltKAT NOKTIIKItX l.KDCK. HKfXO  - A SOUTH Klt'l.V KXTKNSION OK TIIK ������OLD SO.VO.MA MINKItAL CLAIM.  Take notice 1 tint I. Cluirlc* Molson, free miner's certli-  ciit'e No, 7;').(H0. issued at Trout Lake on  ISilli. intend sixty days from flic date hereof, to apply to  the mining recorder for a ccrtilicale of improvements,  for tlie purpose of obtaining a crown grant, of the above  claim. And further lake notice that aclion. under sec-'  lion 37, must, he commenced before the issuance of such  cerl ilicate of improvements.        CIIARLKS MOLSON.  Dated, this L'll li day of December, ISiKi. |Dec. ��ith.|  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district, and  is the headquarters for prospectors and miners.  QRAND VIEW HOTEL  .   .'"FEEDEEICTO'ISr  TOAD MOUNTAIN  Spokane Falls & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red Mountain Railways.  Trje only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson an,d Rossland, ar|d  Spokai-e ar\d Rossland.  DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS.  Leave  7:1X1 a. in..  10:30 a. in  !l:O0a. 111..  ...SI'OIvANK..  .. ROSSLAND.  ....NKLSON...  Arrive  .7:1.0 p. in.  ��� 'A:2!i ]>. 111.  ..'i:-Jll p. in.  Passengers for Ivetlle River and lioundary Creel: connect at Marcus with stage daily.  Columbia & Kootenay Branch  CANADIAN   PACIFIC   RAILWAY.  D. T. MORICK, Proprietor.  Excellent accommodation furnished, the traveling public  Prospector's and miner's supplies kept on hand.  THE GRAND HOTEL  SFOx<:^A.x<rx<in -w^a.six-  Corner "Main and Howard Streets  A.��� K. J. I'KRCIVAL,  MAXAOKIt.  Newly furnished and strictly first-class throughout.  Headquarters for mining men. Elevator service night  and day. Steam heating in every room. European ami  Anierican plan.  No. 3 I No. 1  STATIONS  No. -.' I No. I  17:00  17:15  17:30  17:55  1S.--I5  !l:3(J Leave.l... ..Nelson . Arrive 11:15  ' !>:!.������     11       Kootenay......    1,    14:00  10:00     1,     ..Forty-nine Creek..     ,1    13:15  10:25     1..     Slocan        ,.    13:02  11:15 Arrive  Robson ..Leave 12:30  21:15  21:1.0  .iO-AH  20:2(1  io-:���  Trains Nos. I, 2, 3, and t run Tuedays. Thur.-davs, and  Saturdays.  No. 1 connects with steamer for Trail Creek.  No. 3 connects with si earner for Arrowhead.  No. 2 awaits arrival of steamer from Arrowhead.  No. I awaits arrival of steamers from Trail Creel-;.  Close connection at Nelson with .steamers to and from  lake points.  ,T. HAMILTON, Trainmaster and Agent.  Kaslo '&'. Slocan Railway.  of  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate  Improvements.  TIIK KUI.V MINKIIAI. CLAIM. SITUATK IX Tl i K SLOI AX MININli DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAV DIKTUICT, AND  I.OCATKI*  NKAIi   IIOI'.KII'ISON  CltKKK.  Take notice that we. Joseph Sauller, free miner's certificate No. iiS.021. and Duncan (irahiiui, free miner's^.certificate No. Ill.tlKl. intend sixty days after the date hereof,  lo apply l.o the inining recorder for a ccrtilicale of improvements for the purpose ol obtaining a crown grant  Of llie above claim. And furl her lake notice lhat aclion.  under section 37. must ho commenced before the issuance  of such certificate of improvements.  .lOSKI'll SAULTKR.  DUNCAN l.'RAHAM.  Dated, this 2llh day of December. ISIKI. [Jan. 2nd.)  Notice  of Application for Crown Grant.  Take notice lhat I'. Hums and XX'. A. Campbell have  filed lhe necessary papers and made application for a  crown grant, in favor of lhe mineral claim Iron Cull,  sil tinted in the Trail Creek mining division of West  Kootenav district. Ad verse claimants, if any. 1111M, lile  lheir oh'icetions wilh me wilhin (in days from the date of  Ihe lirsl' appearance of this nolice ::;.1'.,.: liritish Columbia Oa/etle. Dated Ncls-m, H.C, 2nd December, ISilli.  N. '���'iTZHTI'ltl'.S. Government Agent.  Sloean Bottling Works  CIIARLKS .I. KAPPS, Proprietor.  P.O. Box. 10, Ivaslo, Il.C.  DAILY SERVICE.  S:00 a. in   Ivaslo V.,   South Fork   .Sproule's ...  .  Whitewater   , Hear Lake......  MeCuigan���..  . Hailey's...   .. Junction   ...Sandon   Leave  11        S:3lia. m.  n        '1:3(1 a. 111..  11'       !I.*5I a. 111:.  ,1       10:03 a. in .  n       10:iSa. in .  ���       10:30 a. m..  10:3!) a. m..  Arrive 10:50a. in..  .An ve 3:50 p. 111.  11 3:15 p. in.  . 1, 2:15 p. 111.  .     1.       2:00 p. 111.  1,        1:IS|). 111.  11        1:33 p. 111.  .     ..        1:21 p. in.  1:12 p. in.  . Lea\e  1:00 p. in.  P.. XV. BRYAN. Superintendent,  ROBERT IRVING. Traffic Manager.  Manufacturer of  and dealer iu  UIIAMPAIONE CIDERS.  ME LEAST (MNC'ER ALE. AND  CARBONATED DRINKS  OK ALL KINDS.  Special attention given to all order.*  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Notice of Application For Crown Grant.  Take notice flint ('. II. Kllacott acting as agenl. for the  (���'oplidi- Cold Mining Company. Limited Liability, has  filed the necessary papers and maile application for a  crown grant in favor of the mineral claim "Oopher."  situated in the Trail Creek mining divi.-ioii of We.-f  Knotenay districl. Adverse clainumt,.-., if any. must lile  their objections with mv- within flu days from the dale of  llie Ilivi pi 1 Illicit I ion of III is nol ice in tiie British ('oliim-  bin (Jiizefle.        N. KIT/STUUBS. Oovcrnmcnl Agenl.  Dated, Nelson, I!. ('., January Ith. ISSI7. IJan. !H.h|  Notice of Application For Crown Grant.  Take notice thai John Johnson lias filed Ihe ncccs-ary  papers and made application for 11 crown grant in favor  of flic Vcnelia Hoy .Mineral claim, sitiialciMn the Nd-  sen mining divi-ion of Wot Koolenay district. Ad-  vor.-i) claimants (if niiyl must lile llu'ir objections with  ine wilhin 00 davs I'roin lhe date of the lirsl appearance  of this nolice in'tin: Brili.-li Columbia (lazeftc. Dated  at Nelson. B. (.'..  I'ccemher 28, ISilli. |.lanaary 2ad.|  N. i''IT/..STi;ilItS. ('ovcrumcnl Agenl.  W. J. G. DICKSON  ���REj^.L  estate  -A.""**""!}   OO^-MTISSIOIISr   ^.O-X^lsTT  T&TJXrXNG-   EEOKEE  BEALKY BLOCK, BAKER STREET. NELSON.  FOR SALE  Several valuable business sites on  Baker St.  Business  block���two stores���Baker street.  Business   block���three stores all rented���-on  two 30-foot lots, with offices above.  Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.  Apply to VV.  J. G.  DICKSON.  BUILDING  LOTS.  NOTICE.  Having appointed XV. ,1. C. Dicki-on local agent for  Addition A lo Ihe lown.-ife of Nelson, intending purchasers of lots, or per.-ons wUhing iiiformalion, plans, or  pricc-lii|fs of llie addition, will idea ...  International Navigation & Trading Co.,  I.IMITKI*,  KOOTENAY LAK,E AND RIVER, B. C.  WINTER SERVICE, 18S6-97.  This Company's new .-learner Infernal i-uial leaves Kai-lu  7:''(l a.m. for Ainsworth, Pilot Pay, Balfour, a I'd Neli-on  Returning, leaves Nelson .'l:.'iu p.m. on all wc( k days.  C F.  IIAYWARD, Master.  JAMES  WAUCII. Purser.  VICTORIA ASSAY OFFIG  2S Broad SI reel. Victoria, H.C.  Cold and Silver .. j'l .0(1  Lead and Silver      1 .-.0  Copper, Silver, Cold ..  Sou  er  .    .2 (Hi  Olher metals on application. All samples to be -cot  carriage paid and clearly marked, and to be advised by  letter enclosing charges.  CHARLES JISZKOWICZ,  Watchmaker and Jeweler.  Cold    $1 00  Silver            I   INI  Lead    1 OO  Copper   .     .2 (Kl  case apply lo him.  E\ C. INNES.  RAGS!  The Tribune will  pay 25 cents a  pound for clean cotton Raffs.  REPAIRINC A SPKCIAI  BAKER ST. NELSON*  ���*,&i THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON",  11.,0, SATURDAY,  .7AXUARY !), flfsni  m  ��� yl   "A,  *���"   J*.      I  ���<"���%  ����� 'J* '<  .--�������� V  M -1  i.-M'-  '���V  -." UI ���-  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  The present open  weather has been a  god-send to the farmers throughout Alberta, as it'has enabled them to get their  oats into tlie Kootenay  markets  without j  , (lil'li.julcy.    The demand  from   Kootenay j  has advanced  the  price of oats   10 cents j  throiiiihoiiC the territory. j  The (J. it K. S. X. company, has made ]  great headway in the moving of freight j  from Arrowhead south during the. past j  week. At tlie lirst of,the week there were ;  only live cars of freight, exclusive of coke. )  left fit Arrowhead consigned to points !  south of Nakusp. j  Tlie directors of the Kootenay Lake :  (.'eneralirospi tal acknowledge with thanks i  tlie receipt of a book-case and invalid j  chair from the ladies' hospital aid of Nel- [  son, also two turkeys from Dr. Hall and j  one from G. II. Iia��hdall. !  A correspondent of Tin*: Tiiiui'Ni*: an- !  nounce-i thac the people of Nakusp en- j  joyed themselves to the limit New V'ears |  eve at: a ma.*-(*uerade ball given by .Mrs. j  .1. Crawford, cf the hotel Nakusp. An j  excellent supper was served at midnight", j  after whicli dancing was resumed till--1 j  o'clock New Years morning.  ���lohn Hamilton, the- holder of many  offices in connection with tlie C. Ac K. railway at Nelson, was relieved Uiis week by  J). \V. Stearinan. from the main line. Mr.  Hamilton intends going east for a rest  and will return in the spring.  The f urn a eg of the TLall mines smelter  -will be blown in this evening. There are  now considerably more than 1,000 tons of  ore in the bins, and the ore is coming  down from the mine in it manner which  gives promise of keeping ahead of the  smelter for some time. The lumber is  now on the ground for the purpose of  housing the refining works and roofing the  ore bins, and thecoming week gives promise of being a very busy one on the hill.  The castings for the new blast furnace  have not arrived, but in other respects the  additions to the plant are about perfected.  Herbert Cuthbert has purchased on behalf of his Toronto company a large block  of stock iu the Athabasca company, which  is developing the Athabasca group near  Nelson. The appearance of the Athabasca is steadily improving.  George Needlands this week disposed of  the  Sunset   mineral   claim   on Anderson  creek to Herbert Cuthbert on- behalf of  an eastern Canadian syndic-ate for Spl.nOO.  The ledge on the property is from two to  three feet wide and carries galena wliich  assays well in gold.  Jt. Marpole, superintendent of the Pacific division of the' Pacific raihvay, announces that the Canadian Pacific company will be prepared to let the contract  for the construction of the Slocan river  road within thirty days. It is not likely ;  that actual work will be commenced upon i  the same before spring. j  SHORT   BITS   OF   NEWS   FROM   KASLO.     i  "it ready by the end of the month, and  that it shall be first-class in every particular.  '   WINTER   RHYMES.  The north wind's ripping through, the dark  Around the snowy clill'.  The plumber's happy as a lark,  The plunibing'Sifrozen Mill'.  Thcsnowllnkcs ihrou-rh I he garden My  On light and airy wing.  The sleigh hells 'neath the .-tarry sky  Co dinga-ling a-Iing.  The buckwheat bailer's at Iho bat  Willi Joy our dreams to lil I  When lopped with golden honey lhat  Hail-- from Ilymettis hill.  While quaint, fantastic wreaths are hung  I-pon the drenrj yew  The rabbit's fondcit .-ong is sung  Within tlie i-picy stew.  Before iho wind that wildly wails.  The woodpile niclls pell moll,  The coal man monkeys with.thc scales.  Not wisely, but too well.  In link-ed nwoctne.-s long drawn out  We see the sausage soar  When in our loiiilu-l. tones we shout  The slogan: "Shut, the door!''  The .-sparrow's piping on the gate  Kor bread his crop to Mil,  And wo upon the hob elate  Co Hying down lhc bill:  And when we'tumble in the snow  That capcr.i down our neck,  There is one blooming Irulh we know  The Winter is on deck.  Then let the punch serenely .-team  Our fondest hopes to raise  And gild our lotus-eating dream.  Reside the logs a-blaze.  To fairy i--|i--in cesta-sco  We'll sail in Fancy's skill'  Wliile all the blizxaid leaps iu glee  To freeze the plumbing still".  Notice   of   Application   i'or  Certificate   of  Improvements.   ���  Lady Jane Mineral Claim, situate in the Slocan mining  Division of West Ivoo'ccnay District, and adjoining the  town of Cody.  Take notice lhat 1, A. S. Karwcll, acting as agent for  Arlhur II. Buchanan, free miner's certilicate No. 7'>.!'X',  and James M. Dunn, free miner's certilicate No. ".'i,!';'���:',  intend sixty days from flic date hereof, to apply lo the  mining recorder for a certilicate of improvements, for  tlie purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claim. And further take notice that action, under section'IT. must be commenced before the issuance of such  certilicate nr improvements. A. S. KARWELL.  Dated, this Ilitli dav of November, ISiKi. |.lan. !lth[  CLARKE    HOTEL  SUNDAY   DINNER  Sl.'NDAV,  J AN CAR V  10th. 1S!I7.  "JVn"H!*N'*Cr  NUT  ^  Mullagalawny Cream of Oyster  l-I.SM  ���   Raked I'ickerel. I'i(|iiant Sauce  i:n*t!;i:i:-  Becf en Miroton       '    Kscallopcd Oysters  Macaroni and Cheese  '   . ��� I'nii.rcn  Chicken with Oy-ter Sauce .Sugar Cured Ham  in i.i-.'i* .  Turkey with Cranb'-rry Smicc  1  Sirloin of Beef with Vork.-hire Budding  Dressed Shoulder of Mutton with Jolly  Slud'od (loose with Apple. Sauce  ii a.mi-:  Venison wilh Red Currant Jelly  sm.au,  Lob-lcr Salad       Tomato Salad  VKIIKTAr.l.KS  I 'In in. Boiled, and Mashed I'olatoes  Stewed  Tomatoes  l'ASTIi\  Knglish Dec)) Apple Die with Whipped Cream  Pumpkin Rio Mince I'ic  l'luin Budding wilh Koaining Brandy Sauce  Kalian Cream Chocolate Cream '       "Noyau Jelly  Lemon Jelly Port Wine Jelly  Sherry Wine Jelly  Compot of Duck  Red Cabbage l-iokle  iii-.sskiit  Oranges       Apples       London Layer Raisins  Walnuts        Almonds        i'ilbcrts  Krcnoh Codec (Ireen Tea  DINNER AT  5:30  Black Tea  Private Bill Notice.  Notice is hereby given that application will bo made to  the legislative assembly of the province of British Columbia at its next session for an act to amend Ihe "'Lillooet, Fraser River & Cariboo Cold'Kieids. Limited, Act  ISilli," by giving power lo the company to amend its articles and memorandum of association from time io time  as flic compaiiv may deem necessary.  Mcl'IlILLlI'S, WOOTTON & BARNARD,  Solicitor for the Applicants.  Dated at Victoria, 11. C. December-iOth. ISilli.   1 Jiiii.mii)  Wanted.���A comfortable home for a five year old boy.  Willing to pay well for the right kind of a home. Address, N.. The Tribune.  *^v  "We beg to apologize to our customers and to the  .. public generally for our failure to get settled  .. in the new brick block on the first of Janu-  .. ary, as per our advertisement, but the g-en-  ..i tlemen who have charge of the work have  .. assured us that he "will have it ready for us  . ,. in three or four days at most.   Meantime we  .. are offering certain articles-in order to clear  .. before moving--at actual cost for cash.   "We  .. have just received a very choice consignment  .. of Creamery Butter, a large consignment of  .. Griffin's Hams, Bacon, and Lard, and,a carload  , ,of Ogilvie's Flour and Meals.  VERNON STREET, NELSON.  In order to reduce certain lines  in our stock we have  marked them at about cost  Ladies' Jackets from $10, $12, and $15, to  $7, $7, and $11  Ail of our winter Dress Goods at Cost  Fiannelletts at 10 and 12 cents  Ladies' and Children's Underwear  All odds and ends in every department  Tlie officers of Iar.sIo lodge A. F. Ac A. M.,  were installed on Monday last by district  deputy grand master Chipman, and are  ;ts follow*--: Wor. Bro., Hamilton Byer-",  .W.'M.; Wor. Bro. Robert F. Green,"I. P.  M.: Bro. C. Ault Procnnier,.,S. W.: Bro.  A.'W. Goodenough, J. W.; Bro. J. F. Mcintosh, treasurer; R. W. Bro. E. E. Chip-  nian, secretary; Bro. J. 'Mi; Cameron, S.  J).; Bro. S. C. Wing, .J. D.; Brethren Ed  Becker, and John C.Bradley, stewards;  Bro. Frank Townsend, I. G.; Wor. Bro;  .0.CMcGregor, Tyler. There were also  present officers from the grand lodges of  ���Manitoba and British Columbia.  The completion of the waterworks is  still delayed by the non arrival of the  staves for the conduct pipe, which were  shipped from. Vancouver a month or more  ago. It is now announced that they have  at last been delivered to the Spokane Ac  Northern railway, and are expected this  week. The Excelsior Wood Pipe company, contractors for this part of the  work, have sent up a skilled workman to  put.this pipe in, who will take the place  of the late J. \V. Warren, who died at the  Hotel Slocan.      ,  In the civic elections, which are to come  oJl next week, mayor Green .will.offer for  reelection and will be opposed, it is said,  by F. I']. Archer, for whom a good deal of  canvassing is being done. There will also  be opposition to the present board of  aldermen, most of whom will be nominated on Monday. The contest promises  to be warmer than usual, as various interests are desirous of being represented at  the council board.  The present board has been very conservative of the city's interests, and has  done a number of praiseworthy acts.  They may not always have been right,  but they have, it will scarcely be denied,  acted ii)) to their light in almost every  case. It will be seen on Thursday how  far their efforts will be appreciated.  Ed Cummings-, of the Hotel Slocan, left  on Tuesday morning for Cleveland, Ohio,  where, it is reported, he will in due time  take to himself a wife.  The new heavy engine of tlie Ivaslo Ac-  Slocan railway has been out on the road  this week, and has done useful work in  widening and scattering the .-snow for the  more uninterrupted passage of the regular  passenger and freight trains.  George C. Hodge, district .superintendent of the'Kootenay Telephone, is here  directing construction upon the local system for this place.    Hy promises to have  ���   9   ���  We would never be able to dispose of our immense stock of holiday goods; that we had, too big a stock for a town like Nelson;  that other stores were carrying the same line of goods and the  trade would be split up. But, in spite of all this, we were not only  cleaned out of all we had but could have sold more. We admit we  didn't make much profit, as everything was marked down almost to  cost; but it is something to be able to sell goods. Of course we  have a few of the more substantial articles left, such as Albums,  Picture Frames, Manicure' Sets, Pocket Books, Japanese Goods, etc.,  which we are selling at the same old prices at the same old stand  �� s e ���  QorT)er Bal^r apd Joseptyi^e greets, ffelsop.  V?  'Quick Sales and  Small Profits.'  Just, received a car of'fancy and Staple (trorcries  Tho followiiiK goods can be had for ��1 cash  14 pounds -sugar        S cans corn, beans, peas, or tomatoes '*  3 pounds table fruit 4 cans peaches, plums, ���strawberries, or apricots  ���10 pounds'Muscatel raisins       .10 pounds currants  4 pounds dairy butter        20 poundsapples  5 pounds London layer raisins 2-gallon can pie fruit-        -  This is only a feu* items.   Call and price  our goods before purchasing elsewhere  C Kaaffman, Nelson  Large assortment all sizes of  Bird Cages,  Hanging Lamps,  CARVERS  And Pocket Knives  Useful Christmas Presents.  We intend to dispose of our stock in the next sixty days, and have bargains  for everybody in Canned Goods, General Groceries, Crockery and Glassware.  Look at some of our prices:  10 Tins  Peas,   Corn,   Beans,  or Tomatoes .... $1.00. '  Ogilvie's  Hungarian  Flour,   per sack. . ... . . . . .    l.SO  Spokake; Flour,   "Plansifter,",per Sack. ... ....    1.35  Spokane Flour  "Dayton,"  per sack  . . .    1.25  Other goods in  proportion  Baker Street, Nelson  Full Line of Cooking Utensils  Complete Stock of  MINER'S  J\ND   BUILDERS  fjf\RDW\RE.  Give us a Call  Will be pleased to quote prices  Balder St.    Telephone 21  We sell the famous Horseshoe Brand made by the Harvey  Van Norman Co. Our Kaiigora Shoes for Children and  Boys will outwear any other shoe made, and will never  get hard. See our Kangaroo for men. The easiest and  most durable shoe made.  Office:   Bealey Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  First-class millinery business for sale cheap  Several desirable business offices and dwelling's to rent.  Customs brokerage promptly attended to.  Real estate for sale or lease in every portion of the town.  Rings.* Brooches, Bracelets, Scarf Pins  (Diamond and Opal Setting's)  Brooches, Bracelets and Ring's  (with Pearl Setting's)  No difficulty in choosing- a nice present  s a  DENSMORE TYPEWRITER  Tlio only ������(.'������feet Ty*ii;u-n'l,<;** upon tliu m:it*l<i;t  It litis all 1 Ik; IiiI.i**-1 < oiitriviinces to fiu;i!il.nli;  sliced without siu.rilic'ii'K I In; ii|i|jt'iiniii(.'c of  U10 work.    Call and i-cu tli<; inii-rliim;  E. T. \\. Simpkins, Agent for Kootenay, Nelson  Between cheap  Underwear and   Underwear cheap.    The   former  i.s false economy -the latter true.     The motto of some stores is  "Not how cheap but how i>*ood  The motto of some others is  Not how good btit how cheap." Our motto i.s "Good and  cheap." Canadian made Underwear, like Canadian made Whisky,  are admittedly the best in  the  world.    We  handle nothing else.  Williamson, the Clothier  Baker Street,  Nelson.  Until Cleared we wi  e  Blank Books, Letter Books, Memo Books, Minute Books, Journals, Ledgers,  Day Books, Cash Books, Blank Note Forms, Blank Receipt Forms, Blank  Drafts,   Ink,   Ink,  Stands,  etc., etc.,  AT ACTUAL NKTT COST  GILKER & "WELLS, 18 and 20 Baker St., Nelson/  '���"V  ':\  i*\.  -n..-..--���^_-��� , ., .,��� ���.-, 1. ...    ... ��� iti    ���     1   1        11���1- ..���^���������i-. ,'"���r"T���--���---: tt- t���ir~",rr��nr,,y 'rr���"- .��������� .; ���.������������-"t��t*" "'" ".*.r" "*���"."*',' ��*���"' ���'���*" *''' .���ZS'.'T-'-f v, <���.'." if' "'" "'' '���' ���iit*,".'l!i''fl7.-"-."-:",-"-'"'i*C '���W'��'' .'���'','-Y";-' *��� ��'r."'''-' .      .'.',.'   |.V ,l :��� is hfHlVT'Tr V^*"   i"w '������"*' :"��� '\'*'~ ,,**V-���,fnJLTTi'.T-Ti*Ti


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