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The Tribune Jan 2, 1897

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 ■"*»**■ vwf^j^AiWN'^-g-^^—,J,JM._.*).ji,(M^,lfjfJj^^M;p.'t
Has Mines .that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made
V Dividend Paying Mines.
■i   1™
yy~t  Ci
Smelters   in   Successful   Operation,
Znough  Ore  in Sight to   Run
Several   Moire.
.tU-! I',.}.
'• •,
f The Time Has Arrived Whor. the Government
i . Should Impose an Export Duty on Lead Ores.
{     Is it to the best interests of Canada to
v shape legislation so as to keep within the
Dominion as many people as possible so
long as they can be employed at remunerative wages?    IC Ti no Thi iu'nio mistakes
not this is the object of the policy that
causes the government to spend yearly
large sums of money in  efforts  to  bring
immigrants from Furope to Canada—immigrants   who   when   here   are often  a
burthen? on   the communities in whicli
they settle.
Tiik Tiiinrxio is 9if the opinion that a
desirable class of immigrants could be
brought to Canada—many of whom would
be Canadian born—were the tariff so
amended as to give a measure of protection to capital invested in smelting enterprises. The late Conservative government took action on these lines when it
bonused silver-lead and gold-copper smelters to the extent of SO cents a ton on the
ore treated, providing, however, that not
more than $80,000 be paid out in any one
year. For the year lS.)(i, this bonus will,
practically/all go to the TIall Minos smelter at Nelson and the Ilein/.e smelter at
Trail. The former has smelted little ore
from other mines than its own; the latter
is a customs smelter, drawing its supplies
of ore from Llie mines at Hossland.
As neither of those smelters treat silver-
lead ores, their product-matte carrying
from '_"> to .*.() per cent copper—is admitted
to the l.-nited States at the same rate of
duty as is charged on ore carrying any
percentage of copper. Were they to,treat
silver-lead ores, and ship the product to
the lTnited States, which is, practically,
their only market, the duty on the product-- base bullion—would be one cent
per pound, whereas the duty on silver-
lead ores is three-fourths pi: a cent a pound
on the lead in the ore.
The silver-lead ores of Slocan district
•will come very near averaging 70 per cent
lead, or .1100 pounds of ore to the toil of
ore. The smelters pay fi.ir 00 per cent of
the lead in the pre, deducting 10 per cent
for loss in treatment. On that basis, duty
is paid on l.'JGO pounds, of lead. The duty
at three-fourths of a cent a pound is,
therefore, $10.20, as against ,$L'J.(i0 if the
ore is first smelted in British Columbia
and shipped as base bullion to the United
States.. .
It is, therefore, seen that the smelter
■'operated' on the south side of the international boundary line has _ui advantage
over the smelter on the north
side of the line of \$8.10 a ton
ton, or about one-half the actual cost of
treating a ton of-lead-silver ore. Is it any
wonder, then, c that capitalists prefer
building smelters at places like Northport,
a few miles south of the line, to erecting
them at Nelson, or. Kaslo, or Ainsworth,
or New Denver, towns that are all adjacent to producing districts? Or is it
any wonder that smelters, like the one at
Nelson and the one at Trail, are unable
to bid against -A/merican smelters in purchasing silver:lead ores?
That the operation of smelters brings
not only a good class of people to the
country, but causes general prosperity, is
evidenced by the town of Trail, which
has been changed from a steamboat-landing hamlet to a thriving town of over
a thousand population almost within a
year by/the erection of the Hein/.e smelter.
The operation of the Hall Mines smelter
at NeLson gives employment to one hundred men, and has given the town an impetus; that tends to make it one of the
solidest towns in the province.
The placing of an export duty of one-
fourth of a cent a pound on the lead contents of silver-lead ores shipped to the
United States for treatment would place
:the Canadian smelter on an equal footing
with the American smelter, and would go
a long way towards changing the location
of projected smelters, like that at North-
port.   .
The question is a live one, and should be
promptly brought to the attention of the
Dominion government, several members
of which recently visited the mining districts of this province, and who will be
able to weigh the matter all  the more
Big Strike on Rambler in the Slocan.
An important strike was made on the
•].ta(iubler last week. The lower tunnel is
now in about l.")(i feet and for a considerable time while drifting on the ledge they
h; e had nearly two feet of ore which
hi., lately been enlarging. On Wednesday last they got under the ore chute
showing inthe upper tunnel and find that
the ore holds out. There tire now six feet
of ore in the face of the tunnel.   Large
samples were brought clown and deposited
in the office. Assays will at once be made
and it i.s confidently expected that they
will show not less than '500 ounces.
Though all Profess to Desire Peace Yet They
Cannot Come to Terms.
G. O. Buchanan while in Nelson this
week called at Tun TiiiisrxK .office and
made a, statement with respect to the
move which is now being made tit Kaslo
to settle up existing difficulties consequent
upon unpaid taxes and invalid tax bylaws. Jn a paragraph in a previous issue
of Tiik Tmiu*XK reference was made to
the matter, which may be misleading by
reason of its brevity. Mr. Buchanan's account of the trouble is appended:
J). McCallum, as ono of the sufferers
under the present state of a flairs, brought
his paper to me and I put my name clown
for a subscription. It will be remembered
that the city council of ISO.*) sued George
T. Kane for his taxes and were beaten to
a finish upon technical grounds, one of
them being that the council was described
as Lhe municipal council of Kaslo instead
of tlie corporation of the' city of Kaslo.
The consequence was that allot" the land
that was then assessed in the name of
George T. Kane in that year, whicli was
a. large proportion of the real estate in
Kaslo, stands with that tax against it.
Much of it litis since passed into other
hands, but there remains this defect in its
title. The persons who have secured the
property are not able to clear their individual holdings by paying their proportion of the tax, as Lhc tax was levied
against the entire block. To clear tlie
title to a single lot Lhe holder would be
obliged Lo pay Lhe tax against the whole
Kane block. Several of my customers are
iu Lhis position, aud a large amount of
Llie ■ property has passed through my
hands. The tax by-law was declared invalid, but the city did not cancel the tax
charge, and it remains against the property. The people who hold this property
can neither sell or raise a mortgage upon
their property, because they cannot give
a clear Litle.
An attempt was made last winter to
have this by-law validated by the provincial government, and with that object
in view, a bill was drafted tind placed in
the hands of J. Fred Hume, M. 1\"P., the
member for the district. He, however,
turned the bill over to the at.oruey-
geuoral and it was allowed to stand upon
the■ order-paper-liutil-t-he-hpr.ao rose-■-.vit-li—•
out being advanced beyond the first stage.
When questioned later about the matter,
the member for the district was unable to
explain to me why the bill was never
brought up'in the house for its second
reading. ;/ ■
As far as'the good-will and amity which
your correspondent refers to, is concerned,
I have no desire to stir up trouble, but I
■ realize that there can be no good-will and
amity until this thing is settled. I think
that the council should compromise the
matter with George T. Kane and
the other property holders who are
iu arrears for 18.11 taxes, and clear off this
encumb'erance upon the property. 1 believe that such a compromise could be
made, and it was for this object that I
moved in the matter, not with any view
to stirring up trouble.
There is another difficulty which the
council of Kaslo should straighten out,
and that is. with respect to the taxes imposed upon the property of the. K. Ac S.
railway. The railway company has not
paid any taxes upon its land, claiming
that it was exempt under its act of incorporation as a company. The railway company certainly has a claim in equity. It
was stipulated that if the Kaslo & Slocan
land company would agree to the incorporation of the town, that the railway
company should enjoy the same exemptions from taxation as were provided with
respect to provincial taxation. The city,
of Kaslo is in the position of having repudiated the understanding upon which
the signature of the Kaslo cS; Slocan Land
company was secured to the petition tor
incorporation. My sympathies are entirely with the land company or railway
company, which is practically the same,
until the city has cancelled- the taxes
against this land and given the company
a tax exemption bill. I. was practically
the agent of the city in getting the signature of the Kaslo Ac Slocan Land company
to the petition for incorporation without
which the town could not have been incorporated. At a public meeting prior to
incorporation I stated the terms upou
which the signature had been.secured -
that the .municipality should give the
same exemptions as the company■■ already
enjoyed from provincial taxation—and
not a man raised his voice against it.
Prior to incorporation it was generally
understood and agreed to.
Produced Nearly $16,000,000 Last Year.
Wells, Fargo AcCompany have com piled
a statement of the mineral product of
Utah for the year 1S00. The statement
shows an output of H.oOLSfiO pounds of
copper, To,-f.'3(),000 unrefined leacl, 8,72S,705
ounces fine silver and !M,S.... ounces fine
gold.. Computing the gold and silver at
their mint valuation and other metals jit
their value at the seaboard, makes a total
valuation of the product of $I5,S!)7,2()0,
showing an increase of $1,377,.'377 over last
The Mineral Output of Arizona.
The mineral output of Bricona for IS..G,
the figures being mainly basetl on reports
sent the governor from different sections,
was as follows: Gold, .$0,000,000; silver,
2,100,000 ounces; copper. 102,000,000 pounds:
lead, 2/100,000 pounds.
The Middle Men no Doubt Make a Good Haul
in the Galena Farm .Transfer.
The prospectus of the Galena Mines,
Limited, has been received from London.
This is tho name of the company which
has been incorporated to acquire and work
several properties belonging to , the
Vancouver and British Columbia General
Exploration Company, Limited, which
comprises six valuable silver-lead mining
claims, known as the Grover, Peerless,
Currie, Currie Fraction, Stevenson, and
Kate—locally'known as the. Galena Farm
or Currie group.
These properties were selected by C, YV.
Callahan, M. E., and a report from liim accompanies the prospectus. There is also
a separate report, confirming that of Mr.
Callahan by J. D. Sword, M. 15. There is
a variation in the two reports as to the
probable profits of the mine, Callahan
basing his calculations on the ore producing an average of 00 ounces silver and -10
per cent lead per ton of 2000 pounds, tind
on a daily output of 87 tous of hand sorted
ore, plus IrSO tons of concentrating ore.
Whereas Mr. Sword bases his figures on
the ore producing an average oi 53 ounces
silver and 27 per cent leacl, and on a daily
output of only '30 ton's of hand sorted ore,
plus 120 tons of concentrating ore. If,
however, the mean of these bases be
taken, the company estimates tliat by
working only 2o() days in the year, a net
profit of over £250,000—say $1,212,500—
per annum may be anticipated, sufficient
to pay very large dividends on the company's capital and make ample allowance
for reserve, etc. This calculation is based
on a mean output of 10S tons of ore per
day, but with the proposed developments
a much larger output could be made. By
drifts, several trial shafts and open crosscuts, the lode has been proved for a distance of between 800 and 1)00 feet.
Messrs. Callahan and Sword estimate
that the necessary plant and machinery
for the complete equipment of the mine
can be provided and erected for between
.4...000 and £10,000. It is expected that the
plant will be in operation early next year.
The company is to pay £500,000 i'or the
property, of which £25,000 will be in cash
and £175,000 in shares. The present issue
of shares is for £525,000, which, will leave
£25,000 for working capital, after paying
the purchase money. This will leave £25,-
000 unissued, which will be reserved for
further use as may be required.'
■ It will strike those who have any ac-
q'.iRistauce with-the Galena -Farm'properties, that the Galena Mines, Limited, propose to pay a long price for them. If the
Galena Farm properties came into the
possession of the company which proposed to work them, at a reasonable figure, the mines would no doubt pay handsome dividends. As it is, it is doubtful if
the properties will be able to pay good
dividends upon a first cost of $2,500,-
000. If Lhe mines don't, the result will be
that capital will blame the mines and not
the greed of the middle'men who manipulate the stocks. < When the rather well
developed and. shipping mines included in
the Noble Five Consolidated'were put
upon the market at $1,200,000, it comes
rather as a shock to see the Galena Farm
properties   valued  at   over   $2,500,000.
He is Pledged to a Government Road.
Minister ..Blair' passed through Jlegina
on Saturday, where he received a deputation.from the citizens. A resolution urging that the Crow's Nest Pass railway be
constructed and controlled by the 'govern--
ernment was read. The minister said
that he fully agreed with the resolution
and would advocate it to his'*-blleagues.
Afterwards Lhe honorable gentlemen and
party attended a hastily convened meeting at the Reform rooms, and in a long
speech expressed his surprise aud pleasure at what he had seen jn, the west,
which ail the more convinced him of the
necessity of railway development, which
lie believed would be controlled to the
best interests of the people by the government rather than by a corporation.
.Diamond- Drill Discloses Ore Bodies.
The'Miner: Some prospecting work is
being done with a diamond drill towards
the east end of the. main tunnel of the
Josie. Ten days ago the drill was set to
work on the "south side of the tunnel,
about 250 feet back from the face. A.
boring was made .100 feet horizontally,
and in that distance several ore bodies of
varying thickness were discovered. . The
most important oi' these was found at the
distance of 70 feet from the tunnel. This
is about 10 feet wide. Another, two. feet
wide, was found at the end of the boring.
The drill is now at work at another place
in the same level, which is 250 feet below
the surface.	
Must Own a Mine in Ontario.
A Toronto jiaper states that it understands that deputy provincial secretary
Lumsden has refused to, oign the papers
incorporating an Ontario mining company
that owned no mine in the province. The
government, it is further stated, is now"
insisting that a company seeking incorporation must own an Ontario mine tind
carry on operations within the limits of
the province.
Made the Third Payment.
The Montreal syndicate which purchased 810 lots in the original plat of
liossland made its third payment of $20,-
000.00, on the purchase price. The money
was paid at noon ou Thursday.
Hospital Aid Meeting,
The Ladies' hospital aid will hold its
regular meeting in the Church of England
on Monday afternoon.
The Bondholder Company  Meets  -with Every
' Encouragement in its Development Work.
II. C. Campbell-Johnston, of the landholder Alining company, gives a very encouraging report of the work  which he
has in hand in developing the company's
properties on Ten-mile creek.   The chief
work up to date has been upon the Bondholder and the Pine Log.  Work was commenced on the Bondholder late in August,
a tunnel being started along a spur of the
large,   vein'1''outcropping   on  the  side of
bluff, meauing to tap Lhe vein at a deptli
of 100 feet.   This  tunnel  was carried on
for 113 feet, when it was found necessary
to discontinue  operations owing to the
dangerous approach   for the men in the
snow.   The spur held its own well with
ore all the way, but in itself was not large
enough to work profitably until the main
vein is reached in 30 feet.   A second crosscut-tunnel was started during September,
150 feet below to tap the main vein at its
estimated 100 feet.   This tunnel  is now
within a few feet of this distance, and in
driving it in th miners cut four very promising feeders, all showing bunches of high-
grade mineral, but none at present worthy
of drifting on.
Work was commenced on the Pine Log
in August, and within 30 clays the vein
was struck 15 feet in. At this point a
shaft was sunk S5 feet, which has a strong
pay-streak eight inches wide, going over
100 ounces iu silver. In places the pay-
streak widens to twelve inches. A diiffc
wtis run from the mouth of this shaft for
110 feet along a pay-streak which in places-
had pockets of solid galena and native
silver. Iu the face of the drift Lhe vein
narrowed and the country rock was
broken, but there is no fear of the vein
not coming in again, as the outcrop on
tho surface overhead is very strong. At
the 00 foot level another drift was run to
the south along a good pay-streak, and is
in -II feet. By this there has been blocked
out a good reserve of ore overhead, and
at 100 feet an upraise will be put iu to the
drift above, and stoping commenced for
shipment. •
Collector Mcintosh reports that the
customs receipts for tho month of .December at the out port of Kaslo foot up more
than $11,000. His collections on Wednesday last were upwards of $2000. Not so
bp.d that, for a place so far inland.
The Kaslo Ac Slocan railway brought
down on Tuesday last, over 100 tons of
ore, whichtwas at once -shipped and sent
to outside smelters.
The Masonic ball and supper on Monday night last was ti  pronounced success.
The admirable -arrangements were a
credit to the various committees in charge
of the work. There were about twenty
couples present, including several from
Nelson. Other towns were also represented. The supper was unusually good and
deserving of much praise. It was laid
under the supervision of John Gurn,
stewtird of the International. The Masons
may justly 'credit themselves with the
favor which the third of their annual
festivities received.
. T. M. Gibson, one of the lessees of the
Slocan Boy, was married on the December
22nd, at Pasadena, California, to the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. II. D. Roberts.
Mr. and Mrs. Gibson will reside in Kaslo.
Major Montgomery, president of the
Washington Mining company,   returned
on Monday from a business visit to Spokane.
The city council, of'Saturday evening
adopted the report of a special committee
appointed'to interview ex-mayor George
T. Kane, iu respect of arrears of taxes.
The committee says that the question is
involved with other and kindred matters
that it did not think it advisable at this
time for the council to take and action,
but it. would recommend that steps
be taken to secure such legislation at tlie
next session of the provincial legislature
as will place the assessment by-laws of
the corporation for the years ISO 1-95 beyond question.
The Hotel Slocan guests and their
friends danced the old year out, and
ushered in the new comer, in the dining
room of the hotel. The company enjoyed
a pleasant even ing.
At the opening of the Hesplcr investigation the other day, Mr. Murphy on behalf of.the prisoner called the attention
of the court to the head lines with which
the Kootenaian had introduced its account of. the first session and said that.it
already placed the proprietor in contempt
of court. He wished the magistrate to
note the fact and prevent the reciti-rance
of any similar indignity in the future.
The magistrate in reply said that it was
the first time he had been called to notice
anything.of the kind, and he hoped the
press would avoid anything that might
interfere with the administration of justice. It might also be well for Mr. Murphy
to be reminded of the fact that if the
press along his client's trail had been
alive to note his progress a few of .Kaslo's
citizens would be in a somewhat better
position today.   ,.
Heinze Posts the Required Deposit.
F. Augustus Ilein/.e has deposited his
$50,000 guarantee with the provincial government, which he will forfeit should he
fail ro build through his line of railway
from Trail to Penticton. Mr. Heinze has
nothing to  gain by  delay, and   if  he is
backed—as it is suspected—by the C. P. R.
influence and capital, he, may have no difficulty in completing tlie work within the
necessary time.
Mr. McKinley Secured a Plurality of 630,742
and a Majority or 31G.399.
The ollieial canvass of the vote of Maryland in the presidential election was completed on Thursday, this being the last
state. The total vote of all, states was
13,888,702. McKinley received 7,101,-101;
Bryan, 0,-170,050: Palmer, 135,050; Leveri 11 g,
prohibitionist, 130,500; Bentley, national,
1-1,302; Machette, socalist, 33,530. Mcl_ih-
ley's plurality, 030,712; majority, 310,300.
These figures do not indicate anything in
the nature of a landslide, but they show,
according tothelogic of the eastern politicians,that almost one-half of the voters iu
the United States are repudiators and anarchists. This knowledge will no doubt
serve as a check upon the wave of confidence Ihat has been playing such havoc
with banking and commercial houses
throughout the states during the past
month. A wave, by the way, which took
as many banks out of some sections as
the most radical reformers could wish.
The following table gives the votes east
in the several states for the presidential
McICinlcv Bryan Palmer  Lcv'r'g
Alabama  51,7.17 131,220 f.,l(il. 2M7-
Arkunsas  AS.1V2 110.10:1 .... SAO
California  1I0.5SS i 11,71.!. .... 2..17A
Colorado  2(1,271 101.21.5 ... 1.177
Connecticut    110,1',I7 :')0,7IO 1,331! 1,8.1!
Dolowarc  20,AT2 10.07!) lit!1.) AM)
Florida  lO.I.Sfi :U.lil7 1,020 721!
Georgia  00,101 'II.-'--' 2.70S ;-.,i;i_l
Idaho  0.3-21 23.102 .... 181
Illinois  1X17,1HU 115.011 «'■!» 0.700
Indiana  323.!>50 303.0;. I .{.57!) 3.05S
Iowa  2fc0.203 223,711 1.510 'AMU
Kansas  150,511 17.-l.lll2 1,02!) 1.720
Kentucky  210,011 217,70.. ,-..018 3 371
Louisiana  __.0:t7 77.17.") I.SSI
Maine  RU.I2:*i .''.-..101 1.801 I.571
Marv[and  131!,!)7S 101.710 2,507 ,").!)02
Massaclni.-etts ... 27t..!i7ll .lO.ull 11,701 _.',!)!«
.Michigan  20.l.'.27 2:I7.2;*>1 (!,'.):«) I.OiB
SlH-Ns-iiiiii  -JM'I lil,2.->:i- 1,021 300
Minnesota  l.i:i,5.:f i:«l,!i:Vi :.,_.u; l,Hli..
Missouri  301.010 AK'.'i-li 2.3.V) 2.100
Montana  10,103 Cl.tiSO .... 180
Nebraska  102,."ili.*i li:..(_2li  .     2,707 I.lilt!
Nevada   1,038 8,377
New lliunp-liire.. \*i.i.li71 2I,00u 3.120 '    770
New Jersey  221.31.7 i:!3,(.7.*i 0.372 S.li'll
New Yo.-k  S1D.83S     ,    ,'ul 3!i0 10,2.1.) lli.O.').'
North Carolina.  . I.Vi.2__2 171,188 575 135
North Dakota..  . 2il,33."i 2n.li.ii .... 358
Ohio     525.081 177.105 1,857 5,007
OroKon  18,711 10,730 070 010
Pennsylvania .... 728.300 127.127 11,000 10.371
Rhode Island.... 30,137' 11.150   '       1,100 "1,100
South Carolina... 0.313 58,S;)l 821 ....
South Dakota... 11.012 11,225 .... 00!
Tennessee   ...118.773 103,061 1.051 3.008
Texas  102.:;U;i 30S.280 5,030 1,785
Utah  . 13.IS! :   01,535   '   .      21 -.-.■..j
Vt-nn'om. ".:   .:... "">u.!l;ii iO.iki" ' i.tiiO    • : ■ - ~2&
Virginia : 115.301 15I.0SS -.',-210 2,317
Washington    3.S.57I 51.010 118 ,       O.iO
West Virginia ... 105.308 03.IS0  . 075.. 1.210
Wisconsin ".. 208.135 105.-23 l.fkSI ■.7.50!)
Wyoming- £>..  ... 10.031 10.712       112
...7,101.101        li, 170,050        135,050
The Exports of Bullion, Matte, and Ore for
1896 Pass the $3,500,000 Mark.    >
Official figures as to the mineral exports
of West Kootenay district during the
year '18!H'>, have not yet been; issued, but
the exports may be safely set down as
havingslightly passed the $3,r.00,000 mark.
Much of the ore that goes out of the Slocan is not entered in the customs at Nelson but at Revelstoke, so that the returns
from the port of Nelson represent but a
portion of the mineral output of the
There were no ore exports'entered at
Nelson during the past week, but the.
Trail and Nelson smelters sent forward
$10,000 worth of matte. This was divided
as follows:
Trail smelter...
Nelson smeller.
.. 102.131
..    10,100
This shipment added to Tiik Tin hunk's
record brings the total exports of bullion,
ore. anel matte for LS..0 up to $3,4:'.o,78(),
exclusive of the past 10 days shipments
from the Slocan over the Nakusp Ac Slocan rtiii way. ________	
They're All Mad In the East.
Congressman Wilbur of New York has
introduced a peculiar bill in the United
States congress. It provides that every
lnaleiminigrtint of IS yours and over shall
pay a duty of $100: each immigrant shall
bring from the Anierican consul of his
sailing port a certilicate that the
amount' of duty litis not been advanced by any syndicate, corporation,or employer, and that the bearer
is a man of good repute; each immigrant
shall read and write; immediately upon
landing he shall renounce his allegiance
to the mother country and declare his intention of becoming an American citizen,
to which he shall  take ti prescribed oath.
Work to Commence on Columbia Road.
Men, teams and supplies are going, into
Trail for employment by the contractors
on llein/.e's new railroad from Trail to
Robson. Camps tire being established
along the west bank of the Columbia between Trail and Robson. The work of
grading will commence in a few days.
Over fiOO men will be employed on the
grading, and the contractors announce
that the work will be carried forward
very rapidly.
That Harrowing Tale.
Cirand Falls Miner: In a recent issue of
the Rossland Miner, there appears an account of an accident which occured one
week ago last Thursday near Hall's Ferry,
on the Marcus stage road. From the exaggerated account in the Miner the informant evidently must have been under
tlie influence of liquor, or else in a state
of temporary visionary insanity.
The Light Rate in Nelson is  Lower  Than   in.
pities Where Competition Exists.
The new scale of charge? of the Nelson
Electric Light company went into effect
on'Friday, and under it, although a material advance  has  been  made over previously existing rates, the people of Nelson will have the lowest rates,for electric
lighting that are obtainable in any town
or city in this province.
■  When  it is considered   that the local
company   is operating   a comparatively
small  plant and   charging a lesser rate
than any of the larger companies, it can
-■scarcely be charged with beiiig exorbitant.   The rates in   Nelson  are not only
l.ower.. than   those   prevailing   in   larger
piaces,"but   they   are   very   much  lower .
than those "of Victoria, where the people
have the advantage of competition in electric lighting.   Such being the case, would
it not be well for those who have indulged
in so much kicking to show more reason
in their complaint.   The nnm who formerly burned coal oil for a couple of hours
at night and now keeps up a perpetual
illumination with electricity, should not
complain if his light bill under the' latter
circumstances be a few cents  more  per
month than he formerly paid for coal oil.
It is not likely that the Nelson Flectric
Light  company   fears   tmy   competition
from a rival'to be created.   To secure tlie
business   the   new .company    would , be
obliged  to cut rates, and experience has
taught   the   present   company   rhat tho
scale which  it has   put into effect this
week is the lowest rate which can be expected to yield  a profittible return  upon
the   money   invested.    A   new company
would no doubt realize this and  decline
to go into  the  business of lighting the
town of Nelson for the fun of the thing.
At the solicitation ot Tun Titiui'XE, ihe,
manager of the Nelson Electric Light
company has supplied it with the schedule
of rates which went into effect on January 1st, as well as copies of letters from
the heads of three other light companies
with whom he had correspondence respecting the rates charged in their cities.
These letters would appear to show that
if "there are breakers ahead for the Nelson Electric Light Company" itis because
their rates are not sufficiently high,.not
that they are too high. The following
correspondence will'enable.the'consumers
'of electricity in Nelson to figure out what
they owe the local company.
The Rate in Nelson.
Oiii'co of Nelson Electric .Light Couii-.-.i.v. Ltd.
Nki-sox, Dce'-niher3tJth, INKS.
To tiik I'.nnoK or The Thiiu-ni.: The Nelson Klro-
tric Light company ha= established the following nioiit lily rates for tlie yeur ISOO: Stores and ollice-. till II
o'clock p. in., for each 10 c.p. la inn up lo six, SI: mom
than six, ill! cents; all night. .$1.28. Hotels. Ml cent-.
Smelters and sawmills, 01 cents.' Residences. IS cents.
Yours truly, ;■        JOHN IIOL..STON. .Manager.
The Rate in Rossland.
Ollice of'liossland Water it Light Compaiiv. Lid.
ItOssi.AXi), -li.C. December 27th. ISOli.
John Houston. Manager Nelson Klectric Light Company—Pear Sir : The rates our company has (MuhlNhc-l
here arc: Stores, until 11 o'clock p. m„ Sl.iO per 10 c.p.
lamp per month: until 2 a. m., $1.00: all night, ->I 70.
A special rate i.s given hotels, based on the pioi orlion of
all night, dining-room, tind bed-room lamps used. Yours
very truly, II. W'. FELLOW'S. Superintendent.
i-   The Rate in Nanaimo.
O-llcc of Nanaimo Kicctric Light. Power and Heating Co.
Nanaimo. li. C, IJreember 21th. INC.
John Houston. Manager Nelson Klectric Light Company—Dear Sir : Our contracts for yearly lighting are ns
follows : Kor nntless than live 10 c.p. lamps, binning until midnight. 75 cents'per month: ditto, all night, S1...0
per month. Under live lamps, our-.prices are £1 and J_!
per lump. These prices are without discount and are -
very low. Would not advise your company trying them
with a small plant.    Yours truly. J. A. W. ItKI.L.
The Rate  in Victoria.
Otlice of the Victoria Klciric Company, Ltd.
• VicroitlA. II. C. December 20lh. ISlli.
, John Houston. Manager Nelson Klectric Light Company—Dear .Sir: I am in receipt of your letter of lli-_-.Nl
instant asking for rates for 10 c p. lamps. Our present,
rates tire : §1.20 to 10:30 p. in., and S2.10 all night. Yours
turly. K. CHOW HAKEK. Managing Director.
Something Else that Corbin Wants.
Government timber agent Murray who
who was'sent to liossland to investigate
the matter of timber cutting on the laud
grant of the Nelson <k Fort.Sheppard railway telegraphed the department Wednesday morning for instructions concerning
the right of 13. C. Corbin to collect royalties for timber on the land grant. The
substance of the reply wtis imperative instructions to collect the royalties held by
Corbin. The same evening agent Murray
received a telegram from Corbin stating -
that his solicitor K. V. Bodwell of Victoria
was instructed to place his case in court
immediately and that lie (Murray) would
be instructed today to stay proceedings
until the case is terminated. The contention off). C. Corbin is thtit thereis tin
agreed case pending between the railway
company and the government as to
whether he shall be obliged to pay the
royalty to the government, lie claims
that tlie agreement wtis arranged between his solicitor and the attorney-general. In the meantime Corbin has been
holding the royalties collected until the
case.is settled in court.
Bought a Boundary Creek Property.
The Great Hopes'mine, ■ in Dead wood
camp, Boundary creek district, was sold
on Tuesday last for $12,0(10 cash to Peter
Larson anil T. L. Greenough by Watson
Ac Cornthwaite. This claim formerly belonged to a miner by the name of Harlan.
The property has a good local reputation.
BiK Plant for the Le Roi.
The new lOO-horse power compressor
for tlie Lo Roi mine, litis arrived at Hossland. This machinery was held to await
the completion of the Hed Mountain railway. The shipment took six Hat cars to
transport it. The weight was about
lifK).(KK) pounds.
£   . -. r
!-_.;■ *>
■»:,. s-ii-V-- 'J."  v,
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Ask Your  Shoe  Dealer for the  Famous  !�� RUBBER  -SATURDAY MORNING....  .JANUARV  1807  \  lTWiLi.be a very fortunate thing for  this province if the, remarks which are  credited to lion. A. (!. Blair, in his Calgary speech on Saturday last, faithfully  represent that minister's views with respect to the building of the Crow's Nest  railway. If the visit, of the minister of  railways to this province has at all assisted him in arriving at his present conclusion, it was a most happy visit. In referring to the railway project he said:  "It devolves on the government to pro-  "eeed in a wise, careful and statesman-  "like manner in-the development of that  ; "country. A railway must be maintained  "in th'e way least burdensome to the peo-  "ple affected. The feeling borne in upon  "me since coming west is that the railway  "should be built and controlled by the  "government itself, or the benefit would  '������'mainly'Oe lose.' The government should  "prevent timber and coal from falling into  "the control of corporations. Jf we can  "impress upon our colleagues the needs of  "the west as we have seen them the  "Crow's Nest J?ass railway will be built  "forthwith."  To kind the key to this Calgary speech  of  the minister of railways, it is necessary to refer to a speech which he made at  New "Westminister before going to   Calgary.    He has been looking over a sectiou  of country which is anxious to have the  .Dominion government substantially   assist the building of a railway through it.  He finds that the natural resources of the  country are great, but lie also finds that a  few provincial politicians in the guise of  patriots have grabbed all., the   resources  - '-available for the encouragement of railway  building.   These grasping men  are  ��� known as the British Columbia Southern  ' Railway Company. They have not money  enough  to  build  a  tramway,   but they  have   pull   enough   upon the   provincial  government to tie up the resources of the  province for' several'years  in  the  hope  that they may tax the enterprise of others  by selling, for a fancy .figure,- a  railway  charter   with   its   subsidies   which   cost  them practically nothing.   Col. Baker has  been  for years  the  chief   nurse of   this  company.    Hon. A. G.  Blair's opinion  of  the  provincial  government's   wisdom   in  granting such heavy bonuses to a purely  speculative 'company   is   refreshing.    In  his  Westminister speech he said:   "The  "provincial legislature have incorporated  "the British Columbia Southern railway,  "and  lias granted  large  franchises   and  "liberal land grants, viz., 20,000 acres per  "mile of timbered lands.  This, for a road  '"about  700 or 800  miles  long,   means   a  "grant of 15.000,000 acres.    Perhaps,  this  "grant did not include the  gold,  silver,  "and precious metals, but it doubtless did  "include the baser  metals and the coal,  "which were of vast value.    The coal deposits were to the extent-of 2*50,000 acres,  "and when he  found all  that  had  been  "granted to the British Columbia South-  "ern railway,   he  stood -appalled,at the  "nature   of   the    legislation.     By   what  "right, he said, should any  one corpora-*  "tion be vested with such supreme power?  "To have its grip on the coal and timber  "to such an extent was an appalling con-  "sideration.    Personally, he felt sure,  if  "these undertakings could not be carried  "out without aitl from the Dominion, the  "government would not sanction the existence of any such   monopolistic power  "in British Columbia.    If any assistance  "were given by the Dominion, this com-  "pany would be made to relinquish those  "privileges,    lie believed it would be bcr-  "ter for the Dominion to grant even  "greater concessions than to allow such  "ti gigantic monopoly to grow up in this  "country." '        ���  It, is worth remembering that the appalling state of affairs to which minister  Blair referred, was brought about by the'  provincial government, and that such  legislation fairly represents, its ideas of  progressi veness. Only last session colonel  Baker persuaded tho -provincial legislature to give this British Columbia Southern Kail way company a further extension  of time, during which it could keep tied  up the lands reserved for it throughout  the province. If it was wrong to pass the  lirst grant to the company, it was equally  wrong to grant any extension' when the  specified time had elapsed, and when  premier Turner's government allowed  such an extension to be given hist session,  it rendered itself equally blameworthy  with the government which gave the  lirst concession. This thing illustrates  quite plainly that the men, who for j-ears  past, have attempted to administer the  affairs of this province, have not the nec-  . essary qualifications, and such is the  opinion of every newspaper in the province, save two or three government or-  gans which tire kept alive through a  plenteous supply of government advertisements at fancy prices. If minister  J31air can succeed in recovering the provincial assets which the provincial legislature has allowed speculators to grab  and monopolize, he will earn the grateful thanks of the people of the worst governed province in the Dominion.  i* '  It is rumored that sawmill men have  been enjoined from cutting timber on land  stiid to be within the boundaries of F.  Augustus Heinze's railway land grant.  This gentleman has a pretty strong pull  with the Turner government; so strong  that mill men were denied the right to  acquire timber leases on land that has  since been granted him before he built a  mile of his tramway between Trail and  Rossland, and months before he obtained  a charter for the Columbia Ac Western  railwa5r. '  ,  Tiik Canadian  Pacific hauls ore  from  Hosebery, ti siding on the Nakusp Ac Slocan  railway,  three  miles   north of New-  Denver, to Tacoina, Washington, for $11  a  ton.    The  distance from  Bosebery  to  Tacoma is "5"50 miles.   The same road hauls  ore from Hosebery to Nelson for ���$ 11 a ton.  The distance  from  Roseberry to Nelson  is InO miles.    This i.s the road that many  Canadians believe should be given every-  /thing it asks for.'    Vet  there are just a  /few Canadians who believe the Canadian  Pacific should be granted no favors by the  \ Dominion   government,   and   should    be  jmade light ior every ton of traffic it gets  in Kootenay.    Better give the traflic of  Ivootenay to foreign roads that make no  pretentions to being anything other than  ^foreign, than to give it to a road that is  ^foreign in everything except name.  It ls a lasting disgrace fo a country like  Canada, that it should-be-possible-for a  few Roman  Catholic  bishops to ruin a  'reputable newspaper   by threatening to  excommunicate all   who should  read it.  Such was done in Quebec last Sunday in  the case of L, I__lecteur, the official organ  of the Liberal  party in Quebec, and the  ���paper immediately ceased publication, its  patronage being wholly Roman Catholic.  The newspaper's offence was purely ���political, and  it is;; therefore the duty of the  federal   government   to   see   that   these  bishops   do   not  go   unpunished.     They  have no more right to ruin a man's property than have men in any other calling,  and the state shoujd see to it that they  are taught such a lesson that they  will  offend no more.   If the Dominion of Canada is not strong enough to check the encroachments   of  a few  political  Roman  Catholic   bishops   in  Quebec, the sooner  the people know it the better.  SENATOR   McINiNES   MENTIONED  fire, but as the office requires very little,  lie no doubt could fill the bill.  Now, about McLagan as senator. There  can benoquestion but that J. C. could hold  down a senatorial chair as well as many  men who have been appointed to such  positions in the past, but there does not  appear.any good reason why he.should be  appointed. Then it i.s not so long ago  since-J. ,C. advocated the abolition of the  senate tind nothing litis been heard of any  change of heart on his part up to date.  J. C. _\lcl_agan has ability but .he has a  weakness for soft-soaping those who happen to be iu authority. Ic may be involuntary on his part, but his knee invariably bends when he sights the purple. He  is a hero-worshiper, and has for years  been an apologist for the blunders of successive provincial governments.  Aside, however, from the question of J.  C.,JMcLagan's eligibility, it should occur  to the federal government that there is  already a preponderance of representation in both houses on the coast. If there  .is to be any senatorial vacancies why not  appoint some man,from Kootenay and  let him be known as the senator from  Jvootenay. ff there is anytuing more  than empty honor in such appointments  why not recognize West- Jvootenay. Its  resourses are the backbone of the province and within a few yetirs it will have  the bulk of the provincial population  within its limits. Det's have a senator all  our own Mr. Laurier.  In the Snow.  Do you mind,tlie New Vcar's Phyllis,  Long ago,  When 1  wtuihocl your pretty leatures  In the snow:  And you pelted me so soundly,  And berated mc so roundly.  That my boyish spirits rose in grim defiance.  Don't you know,  And 1 kissed you while you struggled  In the snow.  Vour face was red as scarlet  Then, my dear,  And your Mashing eyes betrayed an  Angry I car;  And wo parted at the turning,  ���While your face was deeply burning--  Hurning with indignant blushes, filling me with  Horrid fear  That you never would forgive me,  Phyllis, dear.  Mill, I called to you far up the  "Winding lane,  And you wailed till I reached your  Side again,  And your eyes grew soft and lender,  ���  As I told you, 1 remember.  Told you of a love I swore to you could never,  never wane.  And you balled, and I held you.  In the lane. ��� Cincinnati KiKiuirer.  Awarded Damages of S860.000,  A Frenchman named  Fabian  lodged a  claim     for    1,800,000    francs   some   time  ago against Venezuela   on  account of a  denial of justice by the Venezuelan  courts. The matter was eventually submitted to tlie arbitration of the Swiss le-  public, which litis awarded Fabian 4,300.-  000 francs, $800,000.  Tlie Crow's Nest  ailway a  As   the   Next   Lieutenant-Governor   and  J. C.  McLaRan Spoken of as the Next Senator.  From Vancouver conies tlie story that  it has been learned on good authority that  senator Melnnes of 'Victoria, will succeed  to the lieutenant-governorship of British  Columbia, on the retirement of Hon.  Fdgar Dewdney. J. C. JMcLagan, of the  Vancouver World would then succeed to  the vacant senatorship. It is also reported that for the judgeship of the supreme  court, about to be vacated by justice Mc-  Creight, D. (!. McDonnell of Vancouver,  ex-M. P. for North Lanark, Ontario, is a  likely nominee. He is a popular barrister  in large practice and a prominent Liberal  politician.  This..story may be all right, but it i.s  worth remembering that it apparently  originated in the home of the Vancouver  World, and that to a certain extent, the  wish may be father to the thought. With  respect to the appointment of Hon. Ii.dgar  Dewdney's- successor, senator Melnnes  could hardly prove less qualified for the  office of lieutenant-governor than the  present incumbent has. Jt is not likely  Unit senator iMcfnnes. would do many of  the things which Hon. Kdgar Dewdney  has done, ft is almost safe to say that he  would have more respect for the dignity  of his office thau to run around the country laying corner stones for public houses.  Senator Melnnes is not the sort of man  who would set the government house on  are to be built during* the year  1897.     These  tv/o  roads  with  the two already having* terminals at Nelson will make Nelson  the raihvay center of Southern.  British Columbia.     Real estate  ������in   raihvay  centers   rapidly  increase    in   value���often   -more  rapidly than stocks in undeveloped "mines���-and   Nelson will  be no ���exception.,   The following* described property is choice  and the prices such as to insure  purthasers    against   making-   a  losing*:  making  NELSON   PROPERTY  I'riee  :tilxl-2i) feet on   Maker street,  with   _!-story  oliice building.   Tonus ?;1._!;JU  AOxl'JO feet on   Vernon street, with _l-story  business block.   Terms    5,000  '.'.")xl2i) feet on Vernon street (a eoniorl with  improvements.   Terms       1.000  1011x120 feet on Varnon street, (n corner! with  improvements.   Terms   S.IJOO  ;Vlxl'20 feet at corner of Ward and Hoover  streets, with 10-rooni dwelling house. All  modern convenience-".   Terms'..  ."..iiOO  __*i.\;120 feet on Victoria street, with 2-story  dwelling.    Terms  2,000  Ii2.',xl20 feet on Victoria street, with cottage  ���Terms.....  ..- ������������  2.'>00  2.1x120 feel corner Victoria and llendryx  streets.   Tjrnn         ....    S;*>0  VICTORIA, B. C, AND LONDON, ENGLAND.  WHOLESALE MERCHANTS, SHIPPERS AND IMPORTERS.  .       KOOTENAY BRANCH, NELSON.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS  Ageub  for Itoberl Hrown. (.Ilasgow, I Crown Scotch Whisky; I 'ease. Son & Co.,  Lcith.   li.  0. ��. Scotch   Whisky; William Jameson  & Co.,  Dublin,   Irish  Whisky; Henry  Thomson S: Co., Xcwry, Irish Whisky; Al. II. Hosier.& Sons, London, Ales and Stout;   lioutclleau & Co.. Harbczioux, France, I.randies; C. I Tellers Co.,  liordei-itx,' Friince, Claret and White Wines; J. S. Fry & Sous, liristol. Cocoa: Cockburn. .Smillies & Co., London and Oporto,  I'orl,  Wine;  ICilburn & Co.. Calcutta, Jute Ore Sacks: George Woslcnliolm & Son., Ltd., Sbellield, Cutlery: Doulton '  Hi Co.   Londoi... I>rainng6'"l>ipe. Ktc: Henry Rosscl! &   Co., Shellleld,'Drill  Steel: .lonii.-,  '��� ' Hrooks Hros, Mult hum.  Sewing Cot Ion:  Okell &  Morris, -"  Fruit Preserving Co., Viclorin. li. C. ���    "'  HIRAM WALKER & SON'S RYE WHISKY ALWAYS IN STOCK.   Ore Sacks in Large or Small Lots.  The  holidays are over and   school  is   again   open.  Columbians connected   with  school   matters is to  and  not spend  their"time  in   fig'hting*   over what particular religion  not   be   taught   in   public   schools. In  must have books.     Books are as essential  to   learning as  perky.     If you  would  have  your children  The ambition  of  all   British  iclvancc   the cause of  learning  may or may  order   to   acquire   learning the   child  to   learning as   free silver is to  pros-  learn  and  prosper bin* their books at  Nothing- succeeds like success;  but success cannot be had  unless the people  in the town help each other.  Those who  were in  business  in Nelson in the  Years 1893 and 1394  and escaped a debtors' prison,  desrerve success  It mig-ht be well  to  add that  of late "drummers"  for eastern clothing- firms  have given this  section of Kootenay the go-by  No better evidence.  could be wanting- that  we are giving our patrons the  best of satisfaction  1436 Front Street   KASLO.       6341 Silver Street, SANDON,  COAL,IROISTEEL,ORE CARS,TRACKlOPPiaMpBWAffli  Stoves, Tinware,   Etc.  Agents for Canadian Rand Drill Company,  Gurney-Tilden Stoves and Ranges.  P. BURNS & CO.  BRANCH MARKETS  'J  Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and Sandon, in Sloean District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  '    '' '���   -V .  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and eured meats  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.  Cars of Bedroom  Suits and Dining  Room Furniture  Car of Mattresses  and UPHOLSTERED  THESE COOCS WILL BE OFFERED AT ADVANTAGEOUS PRICES FOR CASH  SPECIAL RATES TO HOTELS  3R_E3_A.X_   ESTATE  _A.3srx) co3VE*M:xssio_isr .A-G-jed-stt  Dt\/EIlsri"__Sr<3-, BROKEB  LARCE CONSIGNMENT OF WALL PAPERS . . .  ... KEPT IN STOCK AT ALL TIMES  D. McARTHUR & GO.  OUTSIDE   PROPERTY  I'l-ice  An utuliviilc.fi omi-tliii-'l inti;rcsl. in lhe Uiwn-  _.itcof Hih'CM-tim, on Slocan lnkc.   Terms..��1,000  An  undivided one-fourth inlernst in Trout        "-"  Luke City  Lownsil.e, in Lunleau .district.  Terms .   I_,000  .'I.-.S shares  in  Xelson   Klectric   l.iyhl Company, Limited    ,,...  8.X.8  FOOT OK HALL STHKKT, NKLSON*.  T.  W.   GRAY,  Proprietor.  Doors,  Sash,   Band Sawing,  Turned Work,  and Office Fittings.    Just  arrived and in stock, a carload of Chance's English  Rolled  Glass; all sizes up to 4 by 6 feet.  IIKALKV BLOCK, l.AKKR STHKKT, NKLSON.  "~~FOR SALE.        "  Several valuable business sites on  Baker St.  Business block���two stores���Baker streeL  Business   block���three stores all rented���on  two 30-foot lots, with offices above.  Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.  Apply to W. J. G.  DICKSON.  NOTICE.  OIHcc:    Corner Vernon and  Ward streets, Nelson, Il.C.  s  [I.IJMITKDJ  Capital, $1,500,000.    Head Offices, Toronto, Ontario.  Vou can make use of water power 50  miles from your mines with our system  We can also sell you complete telephone outfits and install them.  B. C. Branch Offices        0T^fv��_^JJgSBI1 WRITE US  Having appointed W. ,1. G. Dickson local agent for  Addition A to the townsite of Nelson, intending purchasers of lots, or persons vishing information, plans, or  price-lists of the addition, will please apply to him.'  F. C. INNKS.  SCAVENGER'S   NOTICE!  O. II. Owen, the City Scavenger, desires to inform the  householders of Nelson that he is prepared to do  nil kinds of scavenger work. All orders left at Hyde,  Titsworth's, linker street, will receive prompt attention. All persons having complied with the requirements of the Iicult.li Act as stated on the notices issued  by the Sanitary Inspector arc requested to notify tlie  scavenger.  G. H. OWEN.  KOOTENAY LAKE GENERAL HOSPITAL.  NOTICE.   .  All persons contributiiur SI per month or ��10 per year  will he entitled to the full benefits of the hospital, and in  addition the ��10 subscribers will secure the privilege of  voting at the annual eleelion of directors.  A. H. CLK.VIKNTS, Treasurer.  J. J5LANKY, Collector.  Nelson, ii. C, 14th August, 189...  1 .---'kKS  %��>  �����  k^t*"'  ^Mm.Mmj��M|Ml_M^ -ay  r~  ,r^.T,.,.i.|.,  WB&a��_mwa>Bw_>.��*n n<ttKrtif��>njajw__Bu)i ���n-MH_��gJM����tmJTtir,n'<a_��  ^  _ i'    .  THE ���TltlBUNE:   XELSOX,  13. C,  SATURDAY, JANUARY'2,  ISO).  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  Sir RONALD A.  SMITH   Hon. CEO. A. RRUMMOXR   10. S. CLOUSTON    President   Vice-President  .General Manager  isr-ELSonsr _B_e._A._i_<rai-a_  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.   IJUAXCIII'-S IN*      '  LONDON   (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO,  and in the principal cities in Canada.    ��  lluy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  GI-ANT COMMEKCIAI. AND TI.AVI'__LK11S' CKISDITS,  available in any part of the world.  DItAKTS  ISSUI-D    C0I.U'.CT_O_\'S MAUK;  ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  RATE OF IXTKUIC-ST (at present) 3 Per Cent.  HOSSLAND   MINING   NOTES.  I>>  If,  ".'  P'i  I1-.  h  r  u  t-(  The Miner: The "Wav Kuglo i.s now  shipping 100 tons oL' ore a clay to the Trail  smelter. The ore in the shaft being sunk  from the No, 2 tunnel is of surprising  richness in both .gold and copper. Its  value in both gold and copper-is about SSO  per ton. The average value of all the ore  being shipped' now is perhaps not far  from $&*> per ton, so that the product of  each day being 100 tons is worth $:_50().  Tho eight foot ore body opened by the  No. 2 tunnel in the west end of the War  Kagle has been followed east until a fault  or break was encountered. The same  fault was found on the level above. A  great mass of ore seems to be .jammed up  against the break, and a chute seems to  be running off to the northeast. A drill  is now driving ahead on this chute.  The first car of ore from the .Red Mountain was shipped this week over the Ked  Mountain road to Tacoina. The pi-operty  looks well. There are 2 feet of clean ore  in the face, with soma mixed ore on cither  side. Some of this oi-ff runs as high as oO  per cent copper. It will probably average 1*2 per ecntcopper right through. Two  tons of ore a day are now being taken out.  Two strikes were made on the Iron  Mask on Tuesday, which will no doubt  have a tendency to stiffen Iron Mask  stock. The most, important strike was  made in an upraise beinir driven to reach  the DO foot shaft 110 feet" above. The ore  , ciiute is nearly vertical, and tho ore found  ;,    is identical with.that in  the shal't and is  \therefore ol shipping quality. At the  -anie time of (he coining on the ore in the  -.praise, good ore was found in a drift be-  '.. .-ing ran on tlie vein west.from a 1:10.-foot  shaft ...uhk"at The mouth of the long tun-  ��� nel in (Jentre Star gulch. The solid ore is  from three to four feet wide, and is rich  in appearance, carrying about ;1 per cent  copper and good values in gold.  Things are being pushed along at a  lively rate on tiie Klossio L., under bond  to a London company represented by  Krnest W. (Jrant Ooven and Frederick  W. North. The wagon road has been  completed to the Jumbo road. A blacksmith shop has been put up, and as soon  as the lumber can be got on to the ground  a cook-house and bunk-house well be  erected. When these buildings arc ready  for use the work on the mine proper will  begin.  The liosslander: The Ottawa Mining  company has planned work for the development of that claim which will make  the workings among the most extensive  of the camp. A tunnel is to be run to  crosscut the lead, passing through country rock for MO feet. After striking the  lead it will be followed for about (100 feet  where it is estimated the point of contact  with another lead coming from the Silver  .Bell will be reached. The trend, breadth  and value of the ore body has been determined by open cuts so that there is practically no risk undertaken in entering  upon so. comprehensive a plan of development. Steam power will be put in  within a very short time. Men were  started to work on this tunnel on Sunday.  Potato Patch Piugree.  Ilazeii S. Pingree, mayor of Detroit and  governor-elect of Michigan, began his  career cutting leather soles ten hours a  day at $1 a week. Though now a middle-  aged man, he was entirely unknown till  about eight years ago, when he was requested to run for the mayoralty of Detroit by the Republicans, who were then  in a small minority. This nomination,  given as an empty compliment, was taken  ��� by Mr. Pingree in earnest, and after a remarkable canvass, in which he preached  reform night and day, he found himself  elected. His first reform was to reduce  fares on street cars to three cents. The  corporations ridiculed this idea, but the  mayor boarded a car,'offered three cents  to the conductor, was put off, brought  suit against the company, and after two  years' litigation, the desired reduction  was accomplished. His next moves were  tc> gain for the city control over its public  "lighting, to secure cheaper gas for consumers, and to have the streets paved  directly by the board of public works.  These acts have made him both the enemy  of the corporations and the idol of the  people. The "potato-patch" movement,  however, was the thing that turned all  eyes on the "Hon. Potato Pingree."  A Big Pumping Contract.  From  San   Francisco conies  the   story  that the Allison rancli mine, whicli was,  a quarter of a  century ago,,  one of the  ^jest producing mines  in  the  vicinity of  ..'.Irtiss   Valley,   is   to   be   reopened    and  worked to its fullest capacity.   The mine  is owned by John \V. Mackay and James  'li. 'Flood.   The Allison mine has a unique  history. In the height of its prosperity  it was'purchased by'J. B. 1 lag-gin and A.  K. Davis. Tlie mine was a profitable investment. In lSWi it led all Nevada county  mines, and two years later it had paid  over $3,000,000 iu dividends. -One day a  miner's pick Lapped a vein of water, and  in.'a few hours the mine was Hooded.  The water poured in in such volumes that  it could not be pumped on'*,.and the mine  was abandoned. That was twenty-eight  years ago, and ail that time the mine has  remained full of water. Kight years ago  Mackay and Flood secured control of the  property and now they propse to pump  the mine out. A pumping plant with a'  capacity of 1,000,000 gallons per day will  be put in, tin. work on it to commence  .February I. His estimated tint it will  take two years to clear the mine.  ���   RUSSIA   MAY   EXILE   TOLSTOI.  llecent ad vices from Russia say that the  imperial government proposes to banish  Count Leo Tolstoi shortly, probably as a  Christmas present to the famous Russian.  For mouths past the minister of the interior has been collecting evidence against  the novelist, and it is believed that  enough material is at hand to condemn  him according to the Russia idea of  justice.  Within the past year Tolstoi has been  particularly aggressive in his task of educating the Russian peasantry to his unconventional ways of thinking. The  holy synod, a body of immense importance in Hussia, has been stirred to deep  wrath against the reformer because of his  bitter criticisms. The Russian army is  against him because of his intolerance of  niilitary'ism, as it exists in Russia, and  royalty is more than displeased because  of recent condemnation of the despotism  of the Russian system.  Tolstoi's resources in Russia are vast,  the veneration of the common people'for  him is deep, but these can make but feeble resisteuce when arrayed against that  trinity of powers���the church, royalty  and the military. It is officially claimed  that he he has become a menace to the  state by arrraying class against class. It  only needs substantiation of this claim to  make him an exile for life. It is not believed that the government would have  the temerity to banish him to Siberia and  kill him by inches with hundreds of other  political prisoners. That would raise a  line and cry all over the world. More  likely he would be banished from the  country and would spend the remaining  years of his life in Paris or London, both  of which cities have great colonies of exiled Russians.  Tolstoi's threatened banishment is a  fresh example of the determination of the  young c/.ar to manage the affairs of the  Russian empire as he pleases. Me is his  own prime minister and his own councillor of state. His father tolerated Tolstoi,  and his grandfather not only tolerated  but respected him, aud in their reigns tho  infernal condition of Russia was much  more dangerous to royalty than it is today.--In fact, both of ��� the.-e sovereigns  would have regarded it as a loss if Tolstoi  had ceased his activity for the reform of  the nation.  Although an enemy to the government,  Tolstoi was and is one of the strongest  bulwarks against Nihilism, as his doc-,  trine of non-resistance by violence to evil  has deterred hundreds and thousands  from joining the ranks of the dynamiters  and governmental reformers oi" that ilk.  Pamphlets explaining his views on this  subject have been sent into nearly every  home in Russia, and their influence upon  the minds of the readers has been great.  In these he claimed that the doctrine of  non-resistance to evil was in accordance  with tho teachings of Christ. He declared  that violence as a means of redressing  wrongs i.s not only futile, but au aggravation of the original evil, since it is the  nature of violence to multiply and reproduce itself in all directions.  In one of these pamphlets he said :  "The revolutionists whom you see in Siberia undertook to resist evil by violence,  aud what- has been the result? Bitterness and misery, and hatred and bloodshed. The eviis against which they took  arms still exist, and to them has been  added a mass of previously non-existent  human suffering. It is not in that way  that the kingdom of (iod i.s to be realized  on earth."  Tolstoi's life has been equally divided  between condemning the government and  preaching the futility of violence to reformers of a more active kind. He believes in confining resistance to the evils  under which the people of Russia live, to  persuasion, protest and argument. In  the end he hopes these will win.  Tolstoi will be 0!) years old on August  2S next, and today he is as hale and  strong as a man of 10. He has a home in  Moscow, but the greater part of his time  is spent on his estate, Y'asnaga Polyana,  fifteen miles from the city ot Tula. It  was on this estate that he was born, and  it is here that the picturesque side of this  forceful personality is most clearly  brought out. Here he labors with the peasants in the. fiejds in the day and does  shoemaking at night.  A Story of the "War.  A dispatch to the New York World  from Key West, Florida, says: "The  Lone Star company of the patriot army of  West Cuba, consisting of fifteen Texas  sharp-shooters, perished to a man, after  heroically battling for more than five  hours against vastly superior Spanish  forces in Pinar Del Rio province, killing  double their own number and wounding  probably as many more. The Cuban band  was observed near Pinar Del Rio city  Thursday morning, and general Molquisc  sent two squadrons of cavalry to attack  it. After a running fight, the band, which  proved to be composed of fifteen Texans,  was chased into a "bottle," a bit of hummock having only one opening. Tlie  Texans seeing they were in a hole, retreated to the further end and fortified  themselves hastily behind some big boulders. The Spanish troopers dismounted  and surrounded them, pouring in lire  from till sides. The brave Texans replied  and kept up the fight for five hours. By  getting on a high ridge behind the Tex  an's position, the Spanish were enabled  to pour in a fire that killed all but two  Texans. Those two gallantly continued  tlie fight and held off the enemy an hour  longer. Then, overcome by thirst and  enfeebled by loss of blood (lowing i'roin a  dozen wounds, they were cut to pieces by  the Spaniards. The bodies of the Texans  were left to the buzzards, while the dead  Spaniards were buried on the held.  Twenty wounded men were carried ' to  Pinar Del Rio city.  His Harp will Be Silent Now.  Victor Capobianca, the Italian harp  player who made a vicious assault on C.  J. Hancock with a razor at tlie International hotel at 'Rossland on Wednesday,  and afterwards attempted to butcher,  special constable Webb, was committed  for trial on two charges of assault with a  with a deadly weapon by justice Town-  send yesterday afternoon.  Japanese Goods  "  li  Imuri, Ka-fa, ^ssati, Besta, and other c_|o.c3  wares.   Fans, Screens, Baskets.  Thomson Stationery Co., Ltd.  XELSON, li. C.  Money to Loan on  Improved Property  The Great West  Winnipeg*, Mann.  A. MACDONALD, J. H. BROCK,  I'ltl-SIMi.NT. .MA.\AC:l.V__   I.II-I-X"  HUGH \{. CpEip, Nelson, B. C.  CI-Nl.ltAI,  ...IIONT  Kill.   KOOTKNAY   IHSTHK'T.  CIIATtLES .1. KAPPS. Proprietor.  P. 0. Box, IC, Kaslo, li. C  r       ciiampatgxi": ciders.  Manufacturer of  I     BELFAST GINGER ALE. AN'D  and dealer in    "l OARHOXATKn DRIXICS  I. Ol'1 ALL KIXDS.  Special attention given to all orders.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  u \f ^ _ \ _ >>  is noxv in commission and  can be chartered for towing-, etc.     Apply lo  Kootenay Mining & Smelting Co.  PILOT PAY. Oil TO  Captain Allan Lane, on board.  Official  Administrator's Notice.  In lhe count v court of Ivootenay, lioldcn at Donald, Xo.  ;*)! of ISfli*. in the mutter of Samuel M. Woods, deceased, and in the matter of the "Ollieial Administrator's Act."  Dated the 7th day of December. A. I). ISOli.  I."poii reading the allldavils of William Heard aud of  James !���'. Armstrong, it is ordered that .lames l<\ Armstrong, ollieial administrator of Lhe eounly court, district  of Kootenay, shall be administrator of all and singular  the goods, chattels, and credits of Samuel SI. Woods, deceased, and that this order ho published in the Xelson  Tribune for fifteen days.  (Signed.I      CLIOIENT .1. CORN WALL C. C. .1.  I'.vcrv creditor or other person having any claim upon  or intere.-t in the di-lribulion of the personal cstateof the  said Samuel SI. Woods, is rciiuirod within thirty days  from this date, to send by registered letter to Ihe undersigned. liN name and address and the full particulars of  signed, lux name and ath.rcss ami ineiuii particulars oi  his claim or interest, and a statement of his account, and  the nature of the security lif any) held by him. After the  expiration of the said thirty days, the administrator will  proceed with the distribution of the estate, having regard fo those claims only of whicli he shall have had  notice.       .1. I'\ AKSISTKOXG, Ollieial Administrator.  Dated, at Donald, Hritish  Columbia, this 2'Avd day of  December, A. I). ISilli. (Dee. 2(ilh.|  Private  Bill  Notice.  Xotice is hereby given Hint Hie Alberta Railway and  Coal Company will apply to parliament nl, its next, session for au act to revive the powers given fo il under 53  Victoria. Chapter SI, and 55-51! Victoria, Chapter .'10, parliament of Canada, to extend and operate; its railway  from Lethbridgo to Mope or some otlicr point in Hritish  Columbia bv way of Fort Maoleod and through the Crow's  Nest, Pass, and giving it power also to build and operate  branch lines, and a raihvay from some point, on Slocan  lake to Rossland and Trail.  A. FKIiClUSOX. Solicitor for Applicants.  Dated, Xelson, December 22nd. ISOli. |bee. 2.it,h.|  Private Bill Notice.  XTotico is hereby given that application will be made at  the next, silting of the legislative assembly of the province of Hritish Columbia for an act incorporating a company for the purpose of establishing water works and  supplying water for mining, domestic, manufacturing,  lire, power and other purposes to lho inhabitants of the  town of Nelson and its vicinity, and to lay pipesand erect,  /lumes I'or the conveyance and supply thereof; the water  lobe obtained from Anderson creek, near the town of  Nelson aforesaid : and for all the other necessary rights,  powers and privileges as are incidental or' conducive to  the attainment of the above objects.  A. AIAtXWAIMNG-.IOIJX.SOX.  Solicitor for Applicants.  Dated, at Nelson, 13. C, this llllh day nf December, ISDB.  ~~ NOTICE.  STOCKHOLDERS SIKKTING.  The annual meeting of the stockholders of flic Knole-  nai Water Supplv Company of Waneta, Hritish Columbia, will be heid on Tuesday the 12fh day of .lanuary.  1807, at the ollice of Dawson .*t Archer. 21 East 12nd  street, Xew York Cily, X. V., I*. S. A., for the purpose  of electing a board of directors for the cn-iiing year, and  such other business as may come before the meeting.  Polls open from II) to II a. in.  |si..\i. I HARRISON   II. CRANK, .Secretary.  NT.ISUN  HVUIIAI-I.ll' .MINIM! COMl-ANV, I.IMITI.H.  Niitli.' f. Ilfl-i-l.l-KlVi'h, tint I II ,| i.'illl t.''ll'-Nll  iui.i'llli!_ ,.f 11m- iliiili'lmlil-  IMS ill" llii' .���ll" vi'i'  llljrlillV Mill   li:  Imlil  :il   llii'lli'ilil iillliv. Ill NllU'Hl, II. I'..  iiii Mi.mliiv. Hi"   llii ilnv i.f .Iiiiiilin.v. IHM7. ill II "VIi��* III Urn Piri'i i.  fur tin- imriiiMi! ii. .���nmli'liTliiK llii- lulvisiililllly nt ill. |�� *llii{ nf III" "hull- nf  llii-iissiils.   liviMil'-r, (I. W. IIIOII.-liliSiiN. Si'i'ii'Mry-Tri'MKiniT.  I Ml "il. Ni'N'ni. HrllMi CiiIiiiiiIiIii. Ni'Vi'inl,!-.-.Hlli. I��w.  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  .   Improvements.  NIfOI.KT   AND   SXI'.l.l.IXU   _,1I_\-__I_A I.   CLAIMS. .-ilTlWTK  IX  Tiii-: aixswoktu Mi.vi.vc; ..ivi.-siox ok wi.st kooti:-  .S'AV DISTItlCT, A.N'W 1.0CATKI. AISOL'T OXK AXIl OXI.-  I-AI.K  Mil..:..   XOI'.TII   ok  tiik town ok ainswoi.tii.  Take notice that I. A. S. Karwell, agent for .losiah  Thompson, jr., free miner's certilicate Xo. 0l,(l.)I, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply lo the mining  recorder-'for certilicates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the above claims. And  furl her take notice that action, under section '.7, must be  taken before the issuance of such certilicates of imnrovo-  ments. , A. S. FA IIWICLL.  Dated, this 2(!th day of November, lb-Hi.       .   [Dec. SLh.|  Notice   of Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  lll.OAPVII.W MI.VI.KAI. CLAIMS, pn'l'ATI-., IX TIIK TliO.'T  ...WCI. MINING DIVISION (IK WKST KOO'I KNWV IIIKTKICT,  (IX TIIU NOI.TII SIDK OK TUOUT I.AKI-, WKST KOOTKNAV  IJISTI.KT.  AXI)   lll'_IN<_   A  SOt'THKIJI.V    KXTI-NSIOX   OK  Tin-: iin.i.sii.K mixki-ai. claim.  Take notice that I, Charles Alolson, acting as agent for  P. SI. Walker, free miner's certificate Xo. ('-',;��'l. intend  00 days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certilicate of improvements for lhe purpose  of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further take notice that, action, under section ;{7. mii't  be commenced before the issuance of such cerl ilicate of  improvements. CIIAULKS SIOLSOX.  Dated, this llJth day of November. ISilli. |l)ec. lDlh.l  Notice  of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  OLD SONOMA MIXKl.AL OLAIM, SITl-ATIC I.V TIIK Tl.orT  I.AKR MlXIXVi DIVISION' OK WKST KOOTI-X'AY DIS-  TI.II.T, AISOUT TIIHI-.K MILKS KltOM TIIK KOUICS 111'  'I'lIK l-l'I'KIt I.AUDO UIVI.lt, AXI) A SOCTIIKKLY KXTKNSION  OK TIIK  liltOADVIKW ..IIXKI.AL CLAIM.'  ��� Take notice tliat. f, Charles Slolson, acting in my own  behalf, and as agent for William Caldwell, Harry Hop-  good, and Itoberl ICIson, free miner's certilicates X'o.  75,fi��0, 58,211, <i2,(U0. and (!2.(i;.9. intend :'<Q days from the  date hereof.-.to apply to the mining recorder for a certillcale or improvements for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of the above claim. And further take  notice that action, under section ''7, must be commenced  before the issuance of such certilicnte of improvements.  -  CIIAULKS SIOLSOX.  Dated, this 19th day of November. ISOli.        [Doc. lilfh.]  Notice  of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  AI.I'IIA MlXKItAL CLAIM, SI'I'UATK IX TIIK TltOUT I.AKK  -MIXING DIVISION' OK WKST KOOTKNAY DISTKIC'Il, OX  OltKAT NOItTIIKKX MOL'XTAIX. ON A l'AltAI.LKL LKDIIK  TO TIIK OltKAT XOKTllKltX I.KIKiK, AND SOUTIIKHI.Y  I.XTKXSrOX OK TIIK NOIt'l'IlKltX LIOHT MINKItAL CLAIM.  Take notice that, I. Charles Alolson, acting as agent for  Reginald Northall-Laurie, free miner's certificate No.  (.(.,'.71, issued at Hossland on May 2SLh, ISilli, intend sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certilicate of improvements Tor the purpose  of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further take notice that action, under- section .'17, must  be coiiimenced before the issuance of such certilicate of  improvement.-. CUAULICS SIOLSOX.  Dated, this 21th day of December, 18!)��. [Dec. 20lh.]  Notice   of  Application   for 'Certificate  of  Improvements.  C'l'TTKU KliAOTIO.V MINKItAL CLAIM. sTI'l. ATK IX TIIK  TltOUT I.AKK MtXIXfl DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAY  lllSTItlCT. AN'I) LOCATKD OX' TIIK OltKAT NOI.'TIIKKN  LRDOK,  AUOl-T SIX  MILKS   KltOM  TUOUT   I.AKK CITY.  Take notice that I. Charles Slolson, acting as agent for  Kdgar A. Kennel t, free miner's certificate So.SMM.1i, is-'  sued al, New Westminster on November 3rd. 189L', intend  sixty days from the date hereof, lo apply to the mining  recorder for a certillcale of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further take notice that action, under section H7, must  be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of  improvements. CIIAULKS MOLSON.  Dated, this 21 th day of December, ISilli. |Pec. 2iith.)  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  of  Improvements.  SICIKI- KltACTION .MINKItAL CLAIM, SITUATK IN TIIK TltOI."!'  I.AKK MININli DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAY DISTItlCT,  AND LOCATKD ON I'lIK OltKAT NOT1IKUN I.KDCK, ABOUT  SIX MILKS   KltOM  TltO'lT  I.AKK CITY.  Take not ice that I. Charles Sloison, acting as agent, for  the I'-fastr Hiver & Cariboo Gold Kickls, Limited, free  miner's certilicate Xo. SD.DIS. is. u.;d at Xew Westminster  on October .''1st, liii'li, intend sixty days from the date  hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certilicate  of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown  grant of the above claim. And further take notice that  action, under section 37, must be commenced before lhe  issuance of such  certilicate of improvements.  CIIAULKS SIOLSOX.  ' Dated, mis 21th day ot December, 1SS��). [Dec. 2titb.)  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  LANARK MlXKItAL CLAIM. Si'lTATK IX TIIK I I.I.KCI I.I.KWAKT  MININli DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAY DISTItlCT. AXI)  l.Ol.'ATKD OX TIIK NOI.TII SIDK OK TIIK I LLKCII.I.KW A KT  ItlVKIt, AXD COVKliS TIIK (iiCOL'XD DKKDKD I1Y TIIK  DOMINION C.'OVKIiNMKXT IN ISDII TO TIIK SK.I.KIItK MININli CO.MI'AXV, AXIl KNOWN AS TIIK I.ANAKK MINKKAL  CLIIM.  Take notice that I, Frank Stillman Hariiard. acting as  agent for and on behalf of the Lanark Consolidated Alin-  iig& Smelting Company. Limited, fiee miner's certificate No. .)S.2lli. issued ill lllecillewael on Slarch 2l!Lh, ISilli.  intend sixty days from the dale hereof, to apply lo the  milling recorder for n certilicate of improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining n crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that aclion. under section 37.  must be commenced before the issuance of such certilicate of improvements. F. S. HA UNA HI).,.  Dated, this 21st day of December, ISilti.        ' |l)ec. 2iilli.|  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate  of  Improvements.  CI.II'I'KIt KltACTION MlXKItAL CL.IM, SITCATK IN Till:  TUOUT LAKK MININli DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAY  DISTItlCT. AND LOCATKD (IX TIIK lilfKAT XOKTIIKltN  I.KDI.'K. AIIOL'T SIX .MILKS KltOM TUOLT  I.AKK CITY.  Take notice that- I. Charles Molson. acting as agent for  the Lillooet, Kraser Hiver & Cariboo Gold Fields. Limited,  free miner's certificate Xo. S'J.OIS. issued at New Westminster on October 3Isl, IS!H!. intend sixty days from the  (bite hereof, lo apply to the mining recorder for a ccrtilicale of improvement-:, for ihe purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of the above claim. And further take nol ice  that action, under section 37, must be commenced before  the issuance of such cerlilieale of improvements.  CIIAULKS MOLSON.  Dated, lhis2lth day of December, IS'Hi. |Dcc. 2lith.]  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  I'lllLII'SnrUO MINKItAL CLAIM. sri'CA'l'i: IN TIIK TUOIT  I.AKK .MININli DIVISION OK WK.-T KOOTKNAY lllsntlCT.  AND LOCATKD ON I'lIK liltKAT NOKTIIKItN I.KI>(!!_. IIKINO  A SOITIIKKI.Y KXTKN.-ION OK TIIK OLD SONOMA MINKItAL CLAIM.  Take notice thai I. Charles .Molson, free miner's (.critical e No. 7.*i.l)2(l. issued at Trout Lake on  ISilli. intend sixly days from Lhe dale hereof. Io apply lo  Ihe mining recorder for a certificate of improvements  for the purpose of obtaining a. crown grant, of the above  claim. And further take notice thai, action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such  certilicate of improvements.        CIIAULKS SIOLSOX.  Dated, this 21th day of December. IS'.NI. |Dcc. 2(.th.|  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  TIIK KIJIN MINKItAL CLAIM. SITUATK IN TIIK SLOCAN MININli DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAY DISTItlCT, AND  I.OCVI'I.D  XKAU   UOUKI-'.'SON  CKI.I'IC.  Take nolice that we, Joseph S.uilter, free miner's certificate No. li.s.021. and Duncan Graham, free miner's certificate No.l.l.-llli. intend sixty daysaffor the date hereof,  to apply to the mining recorder for a certilicate of improvements for the purpose of oblaining a crown grant  of the above claim. Aud further take notice Unit aclion.  under section 37. must be commenced before the issuance  of such ccrtilicale of impi'ovemeids^^^^^^  DCNCAN GHAIIASI.  Diited, this 21th day of December, ISilli. [.Ian. 2nd.|  Notice of Application For Crown Grant.  Take notice that C. If. Kllacott. acting ns agent, for J.  Spcllman, Albert, Harrett. David Stussi 'and Shncrva  Stewart has liled the necessary papers and made application for a crown grant, in fa vor of the mineral claim  "Gopher" situated in the Trail Creek mining division of  West, Kootenay. Adverse claimants, if any, must, (lie  their objections with me within IV) (lavs from the date of  the lirst publication of this notice in the Hritish Columbia Gazelle.     v, KIT'/.STCHHS. Government Agent.  Xelson, H. C. I.lth October, lS-Mi. [Ocl.2lth|  Notice of Application for Crown Grant.  Take notice Ihat P. Burns and XV. A. Campbell have  filed the necessary papers and made application for a  crown grant- in favor of lhe mineral claim Iron Colt,  situated in the Trail Creek mining division of We-f  Kootenav district. Advcr.-e claimants, if any. must file  their objections with inc. within till days from the dale of  the Ilrsf appearance of this notice in the Hritish Columbia Gazette. Dated Nelson, II. C. 2nd December, ISilli.  N. KITZSTt'KKS, Government Agent.  "Notice of Application For Crown Grant.  'lake nol ice that .lohn Johnson I//is filed the necessary  papers and made application for a crown grant In favor  of the Venetin Hov .Mineral claim, .-it n.iled iu the Xelson mining division of West Konteiiay district. Adverse claimants (if iinyl must, llie their objections with  me wiI,'-mi liM days from the date of the lirsl appearance  of this lOticc in the Hritish Columbia Ga/.el le. Dated  at Nel.-' hi. K. C. December 'AS. 1K!K_. [January 2ml.|  N. K1TZSTUI.HS. Government Agent.  "["HE  OKANAGAN  FLOUR  MILLS COMPANY, Limited,  ROLLER   MILLS, ARMSTRONG,  B. C.  AND  HUNGARIAN   XXXX        STRONG   BAKERS       SHORTS  CHOPPED   FEED CHICKEN   WHEAT BRAN  A   MIXED",  JUST  D.OARLOAD    TURNER, BE ETON   &  CO.  ��� cm tr  AfiCMTC   cno  ra  r>  SOLE AGENTS FOR B.C.  Columbia & Kootenay Steam Navigation Company, Limited  TIME   TABLE NO. 10. ��� ���    <  In ollect Monday, June Slh, ISO...  Arrowhead-Trail  Route, Steamer, Nakusp.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  South Hound Head Down.  7 p. in. de  I 11 p. in. ar 1  I I"_! noon dc /  AHKCnVJII'  XAIvb'Sl  Xorth Hound Head lip.  AD      ar 11:110 a. m.     Wednesday, Friday, Sunday,  /de 7.-:iU ii. m. 1  ���far fi    ca. in. f " " '     "  / de 8.-.0 ji. in. I ,,,       ,        .���.  I ar 8     p. m. /  ' ucpilay. 'I hursday.  dc 4:_:0 p. in.     .     n n  Saturday.  Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.    { ,ij "������{,"��� #�� } ItOKSOX  n . a . ii 2 p. in. ar THAU.  Connections at Arrowhead with Canadian Pacific railway to and from Itevol'stoke and all points cast and west  Connections at Xakusp with Xakusp & Slocan railway to and from Slocan points.  Connections at Kobson with Columbia & Kootenay raihvay to and from Xelson and Kootenav lake poinUi.  Connections at Trail with Columbia & Western railwav lo and from Hossland.  Connections at Trail with steamer I.ytton to and from Waneta. Xorthporl, and Spokane.  Daily except Sunday  Trail-Northport Route, Steamer Lytton  f 8 a. m. de  J !) a.  m. de        TRAIL        ar 1:30 p. in.-j  -.   .. ... m. ar     WAXKTA    de 3     p. in. - Daily except Sunday  U0 a. in. ar XOltTIlPORT dc 1      j). m.J  Connections at Xorthport with Spokane Falls & Xorthern to and from Spokane and way points.  Connections at Trail Columbia & Western railway to and from Uossland.  Connections at Trail with .steamer Xakusp to and from Robson, Xakusj) and Revelstoke.  Kootenay. Lake Route, Steamer Kokanee.  T. .,  ��� , o     .       fl'lo I'- '����� do NBLSOX ar .1:30 a. m.)  ��� ., . _,     _  Daily except Sunday -j! 8     {,_ ,���_ fu.   KASJ .0   de .-,.so a- m V Daily cxccjit Sunday  Saturday, June Gth. and every 2nd Saturday following, steamer leaves Kaslo at 10 p. m. for Uonner's Ferrv: returning, leaves Ronner's Kerry Sunday at noon. . ..,  Connections iit Xelson with Columbia & Kootenay railwav to and from Robson, Trail, Rostland, Xakusp, Revelstoke and Canadian 1'acille railway jioints. '   '  Connections at Xelson with Xelson & Fort Sheppard railway to and from Spokane and wav points.  Connections at Kaslo with Kaslo & Slocan railway to and from Slocan jioinls.      <���  Connections at Ronner's Ferry with Great Xorthern railway.  T. Al.LAX, Secretary.  J. W. TROUP, Manager X'elsoii, H. C.  Will  the  Cree  is on  Briti  be the business centre for  rich mines on Springer  k and Slocan Lake. This  e of the richest districts in  sh Columbia.  FH4NK FLETCI-p. Trustee.  Limited  Kiln-dried and other Lumber  can now be obtained at the  yard; also Sashes, Doors, Veranda and Newel Posts, Base  and Corner Blocks, Brackets,  Balusters, Mouldings, lite,  Etc.,  at lowest prices.  Spokane Falls & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red Mountain Railways.  Tfje only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson a.jd Rossland, artd  Spokaqe at\d Ross!ar\d.  DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS.  Leave  7:00 ii. in..  10:10 a. in  .1:00a. in..  .spokaxi-:..  HOSSi.ANl. .  ..XKLSOX...  Arrive   7:00 p.m.  .... 3:0H p. in.   5:_!() p. in.  Passengers for Kettle River and Roundary Creek connect at Marcus with sta^o daily.  Columbia & Kootenay Branch  CANADIAN   PACIFIC   RAILWAY.  X'o. 3 i Xo. 1  STATION'S  Xo. 2 | Xo. I  17:00  17:I;>  17:30  I7:;Vi  IS: 15  !):30 Leave Xelson  Arrive 11:1ft  !i:lfl      Kootenav      ,,    1-1:00  10:00     i.      ..Forty-nine Creek..     ���     13:15  10:25     ..       Slocnn     13:02  21:15  21:M)  20:15  20:20  11:15 Arrive  Robson Lea. e 12:30 j  10:30  Trains Nos. 1, 2, 3, and I run Tuedavs, Thursdavs, and  Saturdays.  Close connection al N'elson with steamers to and from  lake points.  J. irA_.III.TOX, Trainmaster and Agent.  Kaslo & Slocan Railway.  Leave   S:00  ���        S:.-J0  H !l:3li  ��� <l:51  ,,       10:03  10:18  i,        10:30  10:30  Arrive 10:50  DAILY SERVICE.  in Ka<do    m South Pork   in .S'proule's...  .  m Whitewater   in  Hear Lake.  ...  m ...  . .McGuik'an   m  Railcy's   in Junction   in . Sandon   ..An ve 3:50 p. m.  ii        3:15 Ji. m.  i, 2:15 j). m.  ..     i.       2:00 ji. in.  i,        LIS ]i. m.  ii        1:33 |>. m.  ii        1:21 p. m.  i, 1:12 ji. in.  ..Leinc  1:00 p. in.  It. W. HRVAX. Superintendent.  ROHI'.RT IRVING, Traflic Manager.  Better  Than  Are the meals and lunches served at the  Vienna Hakery and Restaurant. Chicken,  linked Ham, Hoston Raked Heans, Cakes,  I'ies, Rolls, and all kinds of Soft Drinks  constantly on hand. I'icnic Lunches nut  up lo order. A variety of Citfars and  ('audio.', always on hand.  John Humer, Prop.  THE~TREMONT  J&. -rsrr-i  International Navigation & Trading Co.,  I.I.MITCII,  KOOTENAY LA^E AND RIVER, B. C.  WINTER SERVICE, 1896-97.  This Company's new .-.learner Internal ion.-il leave- ICn-lt)  7:30 a.m. for Ainsworth. Pilot Hay. linlfour. ami NcImjii  Keturuinn, leaves Nel. on 3:30 p.m. on all woi k days.  (J. P. HAVWAHP. Master.  JAMKS  WAUCII. Pur.-er.  WELSO-NT  MALOXK & TRKGJI.I.US, Proprietors.  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district, and  is the headquarters for prospectors and miners.  n  RAND VIEW HOTEL  FEEDEEICTOK  TOAD MOUNTAIN'  MUSIC LESSONS.  Mrs. Morely is prepared  to receive pupils for Piano,  Violin, or Organ.     Klementiiry  Harmony taught.  For terms apply Ml  Thompson Stationery Co.'s Store  3xr_EX.sej_txr, e. c  CHARLES JISZKOWICZ,  Watchmaker and Jeweler.  11. T. MOHICK, Proprietor.  I'.xcollenl accommodation furnished Iho traveling public  Prospector's and miner's supplies kept on hand.  GRAND HOm"  S^OKZ^^aST-B,   WASH.  Corner .Main and Howard Hi reels  A. K. .1. PI'.Rf'IVAL,  .M.-N.-iil.lt.  Newly fiii'iiii-hcd and strictly lirsl-class throui,-lioul.  Headquarters for milling men. Elevator service night  and day. Steam heating iu every room. European and  American plan.  REPAIRING A SPECIALTY.!   MAKER ST. XELSON  2.H Ilroad Street. Victoria. II. C.  Gold SI 00 Cold and Silver ,*l 50  Silver    100 Lead and Silver     I .'(I  Lead    1 mi Copper. Silver. Cold ..  ,'i l o  Copper   2 00  Other metals on application.' All samples lo be sent  carriage paid and clearly marked, aud lo be ttilvi=ud by-  let tor enclosing charges.  _i  *-���*���  ���'l  % i  isiaiMa��-Ilil��^^  .j__B_i___aa��_flt���ig--^^  HV_UIM___l_IJ_!HH_T_-ini�� ���\  TJI'12  TIUIJUNE:   NELSON,  \\ C, SATUUDAY.-'.I'AXUAliY ?, .1S9T,  :����__  ������*  ^1  "1  i  _  ���i  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  The���Titiui'XK has received a c-qinn.uiii-  caLion signed by II. IT. _\Ic-_\li!Ia'r, M.  Hayes, J. Vv'ostgage. li. Peters and J.  Burke of Waneta, in which rho com plaint  is made that a company of American Indians is slaughtering- the deer on the Columbia river, bacl-c -of S.iyward. These  Iiuli-ins'lmve killed great; numbers of'deer  and are still .uniting. ,The miner., request  , that 1I19 goverinent take steps to" send  tliu Indians suitih of the boundary.  \V. I). Macdonald of Brandon, has decided to cast in his lot with Nelson and is  expected to arrive here this' week. For  sixteen years he has been practicing law  in the west and he stands well in the profession, in politics, Macdonald is a Conservative, and during the recent general  election was the regular Conservative  .nominee at Brandon, being defeated by  D'Alton McCarthy.  I��. \V. (.'roves of Spokane, passed  through Nelson this week on. his way to  Cody, lie has been engaged as assayer  for the Noble Five Consolidated Mining  company. Tie has reason to believe that  ' the company's mill will be running within  3D days.  Oa Saturday  evening,  December 2(>th,  Miss Sophia Johnson and Charles  If. Ink  were  married.    Tlie ceremony  was   per-  '' formed by Be v. (ieorge IT. Morden.  Chas. . Ei'icson,  a .miner  formerly   employed in the Le'Koi mine at Hossland, is  suing   that company  for $20,000  i'or  ino  .  juries received while running a  Burleigh  drill in the Le Roi. ��� '  The stock of the Hansard Gold &��� Copper Mining company, i.s .selling well in  Torento, 2;1,000 shares having been sold in  one block at 10 cents per share. The most  . promising of the Hansard company's prospects is the Lone Star in the Slocan. This  i.s being developed under the direction of  Bob Shiell, and there is every promise of  its becomiug a mine.  The squatters on the Rossland townsite  held a large meeting in Hossland on Sunday, and determined to hold the fort until the title tor the land'in question was  determined as' between D. C. Corbin of  the Nelson Ac Fort Sheppard and Charles  Dundee. The squatters have subscribed  a campaign fund of $300. A committe  will be appointed to enquire into the  merit, of the raihvay company's title to  the land.  Vancouver "World: R. Marpole, superintendent of the Pacific division, C. P. II.,  who arrived in the city on Sunday and  left for home again today, has just re-  . turned from Montreal, whore,he concluded the arrangements for the taking over  by the C. P. li. ol the^ boats of the Columbia & Kootenay Steam Navigation  company, the amount involved being  some $200,000. The fleet consists now of  ���efght vessels, but two more are in course  of construction. The C. P. Ji. takes over  the vessels on February 1st, and soon  thereafter will inaugurated a daily service from Revelstoke to Nelson and Rossland.  About seventy-five couples attended  the masquerade ball given in the fire hall  New Y"ear's eve by Messrs. Lawler Ac Hes-  lop as a wind-up to their dancing school.  The costumes were very creditable and  during the fore part of the evening, while  the dancers were masked, there was no  end of fun. Miss Agnes Campbell as the  Colleen Bawn was awarded the prize  for the prettiest costume. Roy Troup as  a colored waiter secured the prize for the  best sustained character, but a special  prize was made up for John A. McKay  who appeared in a Chinaman's make-up.  At the Christmas tree entertainment  in the Presbyterian church Tuesday evening, a collection taken in aid of the Kootenay Lake General Hospital society netted $2;*.. The treasurer of the society has  also received a check for $5 from Chas L.  Arnold as a donation to the society's  i'n nds.  A. K. Hodgins and Miss Rose Heathcote  were married in the Church of England  New Year's morning by Rev. Henry  Jrwin assisted by Rev. H. S. Akehurst.  The bride, who is a daughter of the late  Tliomas Jenkyns Heathcote of Shaw Hill,  Wilts, Eng.. was given away by her  brother G. W. B. Heathcote'. A. II.  Buchanan supported the groom. Though  the ceremony was performed at an early  hour, to enable Mr. and Mrs. Hodgins to  catch the train for Spokane, the church  was well filled with friends of the contracting parties The honeymoon will  be spent in traveling through the western  states.   SHORT   BITS   OP   NEWS   FROM   KASLO.  The preliminary examination of A.  Ilespler, charged by J. W. Cockle with  having obtained money under false [ire-  tenses by having had cashed a check on  the Bank of Montreal at Nelson, without'  having had an account there, or funds to  his credit, was resumed before policemagis-  trate Chipman this week. It was proved by  J. D. Moore that he presented the check  at the bank, and was. told by manager  Buchanan that the man who drew it  never had  an  account  there.    Mr. Finu-  . cane, the accountant at the bank, said  that to the best of his knowledge, the  man never had an account at the bank.  At the conclusion of the testimony against  Hespler, his counsel, Mr. Murphy, applied  to thave him tried summarily, which was  ^refused. He then moved to have him discharged on the ground that no wrong intention had been proved. This was refused, the magistrate remarking that  wrong intention was sufficiently proven  by the utterine. of the check. Ilespler  was committed for trial tit the next sitting  of a competent court at Nelson.  There was a bright entertainment given  at the Presbyterian church on Tuesday  evening last by the children of the Union  Sunday school. A selected choir sang  several anthems and choruses, and several  of the children gave recitations.    After  wards there was a distribution of gifts  from a Christmas tree, which the generosity of the citizens had enabled the purchasing committee to load with presents.  Every child received something,- and a  Tew children of a larger growth were  remembered in an amusing way. The  affair passed off pleasantly, and many a  a little one went home happier because of  the efforts of their teachers.  On Wednesday last (J. C. Hodge, district superintendent of the Kootenay, Lake  Telephone company, began the work of  ���installing a local telephone, system fur  Ivaslo. He is thus within the limit of  time named by the council in the concession granted him.    .  Workmen have been engaged all week  in wiring houses and business places iu,  preparation for the electric light which i.s  soon tube supplied them. It was expected  tliat the current would have been turned  ou so as to be able  to light up last night.  The Union Club took possession of its  most comfortable new quarters on Monday last. The.ro is a membership of 01,  with further application before the gov-  ering committee. The officers chosen for  the lirst tern were mayor Ii. F. Green,  president;.William Allison of the Bank of  B? C., vice-president; Charles Trumbull,  secretary: George Clark, John IL Thompson, Chit's' F. Kent, G. \V. .McAnn, A. L.  McClaine, J. L. Pierce, O. T. Stone and IL  A. Cameron, house committee. The comforts at the club's premises will be a great  home to many to whom home comforts  are not otherwise available.  Archy Fletcher, who has been visiting  friends in eastern Canada, retured to  Ivaslo on Thursday evening last. While  at the Walker House in Toronto some  day last week, Archy was booming the  homo district to a reporter of theToronto  World, and between him and J. IT. Currie  of New Denver managed to tell a pretty  good  tale of the  Slocan  and  its  mines.  One may wonder, however, where they  found tiicse four smelters ill southern  Kootenay of which they told. But perhaps they included the Revelstoke fiasco.  An additional-story is being added to  the building occupied by Messrs. Green  Bros, at the comer of A avenue and  Third street. It will be appropriately  fitted for the exclusive use of the Masonic,  fraternity and will be occupied by Kaslo  lodge.    1). C. McGregor is doing the work.  _T<  SUNDAY DINNER  SCNDAY, JANUARV _��nl. ISI7  "  _EsrE_N"CJ  suri'  Cream of Oyster      Cbicken Consomme  risn ���,   ���  Haked Jilack Bass, sauce supreme  miii.i.ii  Sugar Cured Hani      Ox Tongue  ��� i.Nn;.:.:..  Oysler Patties , Pine Apple Kritiers, sherry wine sauce  "Macaroni and Cbeese  IKIAST  Sirloin of Reef,  Yorkshire pudding  Turkey with cranberry sauce  Sin (led Goose .villi apple sauce  i:..\ii-:  Mallard Duck wilh grape jolly  Haunch of Venison wilh red currant .lelly  s.u... 11  Cbicken  .   Shrimp .Mayonnaise  v..ck.'..i:i..:s  Plain, iloilcd, awl .Hashed Potatoes        Sugar Corn  Green Peas  pastiiv  English Deep Apple Pie with whipped (.'ream  -Mince Pie      Cream Pie  Plum Pudding with foaming brandy sauce  Charlotte Rus.se        Mara-cliino .folly       'Brandy Jelly  Sherry Wine .Jelly  Apyles   Oranges   Grapes   London Layer Raisins  Walnuts       Almonds       Filberts  (ireen Tea Black Tea Collce  DINNER AT 5:80  On the 1st of January next, we shairopen up in the Corner Store of the CLEMENT'S  & HILLYER brick block. Meantime, in order to save moving the stock, we will  give a Special Discount, of from 10 to ,15 per cent on all spot cash sales up to  the 31st day of December, on Stoves, Tinware, Granite ware, Crockery, and Glassware, Paints, Oils, Glass, Iron, Steel, etc., etc. _ -.  A T ^O    ^"PTTT^T AT     PRICES on Groceries.   This is a Genuine Discount Sale  in order to reduce our stock before moving, and if you  Want anything in our line, it will pay you to call on us.  VERNON STREET, NELSON.  e e e  During the past week we have opened up  several shipments in staple and fancy  Dry Goods, New Table Linens,  Napkins, New Eider Down Quilts,  Eider Flannels, Flannelettes, Ladies' and  Children's Underwear; Surah Silks in Black,  Navy and Brown; Flannelette Blankets,  Lace Curtains, Silk and Linen  Handkerchiefs, and a full line of the  celebrated E T Corsets, every pair guaranteed  We would never be able to. dispose, of our immense stock of holiday goods; that we had too big a stock for a town like Nelson;  that other stores were carrying the same line of goods and the  trade would be split up. But, in spite of all this, we were not only  cleaned out of all we had but could have sold more. We admit we  didn't make much profit, as everything was marked down almost to  cost; but it is something to be able to sell goods. Of course we  have a few of the more substantial articles . left, such as Albums,  Picture Frames, Manicure Sets, Pocket Books, Japanese Goods, etc.,  which we are selling at the same,old prices at the same old stand  eetze  ��� e �� s  ^or^er Ba^r ai?d Josepf?ir)e greets, Jfelsoi}.  "Quick Sales and  Small Profits.'  .Iu.-l received a ear of l-'ancy and Staple Groceries  The following goods can be had for ��1 cash  14 pounds sugar        8 cans corn, beans, peas, or tomatoes  3 pounds table fruit *"        4 cans peaches, plums, strawberries, or apricots  ro pounds Muscatel raisins  4 pounds dairy butter  5 pounds London layer raisins  10 pounds currants  20 pounds apples  ,   2-gallon can pie fruit  This is only a few item-:.    Call and price  our goods before purchasing elsewhere  We have on display the finest lines of Crockery and Glassware  ever brought to Kootenay. The display includes Toilet, Fruit,  and China Sets of Austrian manufacture, and Meakin's Ironstone  Chinaware from England.   Full lines of Glassware for Hotels.  Baker Street, Nelson.  Large assortment all sizes of  Birt. Cages,  Hanging Lamps,  And Pocket  Knives  Useful Christmas Presents.  Full Line of Cooking Utensils  Gomplete Stock of  MINER'S  f{\\\}   BUILDERS  J|/\RDVW\RE_  Give us a Call  be pleased to quote prices  Ba^er St.    Telephone 21  Office:   Bealey Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  a��  GENERAL COMMISSION AGENTS.  First-class millinery business for sale cheap  Several desirable business oflices and dwelling-s to rent.  Customs brokerage promptly attended to.  Real estate for sale or lease in every portion of the town.  We sell the famous Horseshoe Brand made by the Harvey  Van Norman Co. Our Kangora Shoes for Children and  Boys will outwear any other shoe made, and will never  get hard. See our Kangaroo for men. The easiest and  most durable shoe made.  There's  a Big Difference  Between cheap Underwear and Underwear cheap. The former  i.s fol.se economy the latter true. The motto of some stores is  "Not how cheap but how o*ood.M The motto of some others is  "Not how good but how cheap." Our motto is "Good and  cheap." Canadian made Underwear, like Canadian made Whisky,  are admittedly (he best in  the  world.     We handle  nothing else.  Williamson, the Clothier   Bal^_s���.eet*  Rings, Brooches, Bracelets, Scarf Pins  (Diamond and Opal Setting's)  Brooches, Bracelets and Rings  (with Pearl Settings)  No difficulty in choosing* a nice present  Sloppy weather, ain't it?  Very, indeed; but then I don't mind, I bought my Shoes  and Rubbers at the P. O. Store and they are out of sight  G-ILKER & WELLS, Baker Street  J'*"-^ v.-  vsifj&l  r-__.-. __��__���*��������_-_  ���'.. ���__ 1.  ���?Jt-. -J**-*1  \ftm.w ���*   ���,,,*.,\_^���',,* "     ���  sif'V ^������Fti'.-'  IBS'- .".Jf. .'il*.*1!'*-;  ;.<&'.- i %;.- ��� -.������.*���


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