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 .'/  KOOTENAY  Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of" Properties that can  be Made  Dividend Paying Mines.  FIFTH  YEAR-NO.  U.  #SELSON,  BRITISH   COLUMBIA, ��� SATURDAY,   FEBRUARY  1.89..  Has  Three   Smelters   in  Successful   Operation,  and  Enough   Ore   in Sight to   Run  Several   More.  TWO   DOLLARS  A. YEAR.  MAKING   GOOD   PROGRESS.  The Incorporation Bill Gets Through the Com-"  nutt'oe in Pine Style.  Victim.i.\, 13. C., Feb. 20.-[Special. ���Tlie  incorporation bill has passed safely  through the committee. The only material  change made' was (he Following amendment offered by .J. Fred Hume: "It shall  be lawful For the said cities, and they are  hereby empowered at any time hereafter  to make and divert From any stream or  streams as may be Found most suitable,  and to appropriate or use sufficient unappropriated water For all public purposes  of the suit! municipalities, nnd from time  to time to construct all works that may be  necessary for efficiently using such water  and to erect dams, railways, and all works  which may be necessary For the maintenance of such water privilege'3, and to exercise all the power mentioned in the  Water Privileges Act, 1802:"  The bill will come up for report on Monday. Jt is believed that strong government influences are at work to knock out  tlie Jlume amendment. There is no doubt  but that a general water rights bill will  be introduced this session.  Draft of the Bill.  The bill as drafted, and as it passed  committee, save For theimportantamend-  nient offered by the member for southwest  Kootenay, reads:  AN ACT TO ACCKI.KI.ATK TIIK IN<"( lit I'OIIATM )\  OK TOWN'S  AND  ('ITIKS. ,  Whereas 1 hi' residents nl" lli<- Towns nf N'elsrin anil Itoss-  laiul. ill I In; Pislrit-t of ICoulenuy. mid ('rand Fork... in  111" pislriel nl* Ynlc are (li!*ii'oii_. ol" seeiiring ininiediulo  iiii'iii-|ioi-;il inn. lull ;irc prevented thcicfnini liy llie pi-o-  \ mods of tin- "?.liiniei|iiililie-. Im-nrpiiriilinn Act. ISilli."  which.nceo.-iiliilc. j11111.11j.i-^t other njijiiirciiii-nls. notices  anil net Minns: Anil whereas the uxigeneie-i nf I In- imm-  .iusiffy u ilcpi'rl nri> frni11 I lio ncn _-i-:i I si nl ulnry i-iuii lil ions:  Therefore. Iirr inii.ie-ly. by iiml Willi I lit' nd\ ii-c anil enn-  -i:nl of l Iii! Icgislnl ive assembly of lhc province of Hrilish  ('ollililliiii. enact- e.�� follow.-: -  1. This net limy In'I'ilci! us llii; "Spi'i'ily Ini-orpiii'.Uinii  ol* Towns Ad. I.s|)7."  2. II sliiill bo l:'.w|-|il for lhc liculcnuiil-gMverniir in  council forthwith, m illnml rctpiiiring llii' inhnhilnnl-. of  llie- lunik proiio.i'd lo !ii- iu:-i>rpi>r-ilfd in observe Hit- pru-  vkinns of si'i".ion - of t he '".Municipnliiios Incorporation  Ad. ISilli." by scj in p. i>c li'l I c-i��� pill en I nndiM" I In' public sen!.  In incorporate under the ..a iii ncl into a city each of the  lln-cc I I'.-u-l.s of lend sci onl in lhc  .clicdule  herein under  I lie   respective   he!iilili-_s of-'The Cily of   N'elson. I'lie  l 'ity of lios-.1:iii(l." and I lie "City of t'ir.md I'*oi-!;s": .-md  siie'li lelters p.itenl shall heve Hie same force ami eil'cel  as letter- palcni i--ned nniler llie provisions niirl nfier  compliance wilh all the forinaliiies of lhc said ".lunici-  palilics lncor|ior;ilii:n Ae|. ISilli." .-uve tnul i'Xccjii tis pio-  viileil in llii: following-seel ions ol' ihi- act. which -nail  apply lo all such nuinicipalilics.  , :i. Tliu lelli'is pe.ienl 'ncnrpoi-cti-iv any "iicii ei!y ������o;'-  poralion shall, in aihlilion lo speeilyinir and providing  ''or all nialters ivlVmd lo in .ei-iion I of the "..liini'-ipal-  ��� itics liieorporatinii Act. ISiil'." -pecify and pro\ ide for llie  nialters referred lo in -eelion I. -aib-M-cliiui-. (al and llii.  and seel ion ."), - iib-sivlinn- (a) and (li) of I his act.  I.   The  person-   qii.-ililicil   in   be   noiniiialid   for end  i lei I. d Alaviir of-iich citv   al   the   lirsl   ele.lii.n-hall lie  -in 11 person.- a- are inch.-   liriti.-h  -.iibjccls of lhc full age  ol I ui nry-one year-, and  are  mil   di-ipialilied under aiiy  l.iu.and'  I'n)    Have been  for Iho three nionllis next, preceding  t.lic day of nomination  the registered, owners in the  land registry ollieo of land or real properly in thoeily  of Lhc value of one thousand  dollars over and above  any registered iiiennibranee. uiul are otherwise i|iial-  ilied to vole at.sncli eleelio-n : or  (lil    Who have been for such throe months the sole tenants in possession of land or real property in the city  nf Mic value of two thousand dollars under lease in  writing for not less than one year, and are otherwise  i|iialitied Lo vote at such election,  a.   ThepcrsonsiniahMedto be nominated formal elected  as aldermen of such city ill. the first election shall he such  persons as are male British subjects of the full age of  twenty-one years, and are not disqualillcd under any law  and.  la)   Have ���been  for the three'months next preceding  the day of nomination the registered .owners in the.  land registry otlice of land or real properly in  the  city of the value of live hundred dollars over and  above any rrgislored incumbrances, and are olher-  ��� wisn i|iialilicd to vole at .such election: or  lb)   Who have been for such throe months the sole tenants in pos-ossion of land or real property iii tho city  of the value of one thousand dollars under lease in  writing for not less Lhan one ycar.'and are otherwise  i|ualilieil to vote at such election.  (I.    Until the said  municipality is divided into wards,  tho mayor aiid.aldermen sh .11 be elected by those quali-  iicd to vote in tho whole city.  7.- The mayor and aldermen elected at such llivl election shall hold otlice as such until the .'list December.  IS1I7, and until his successor, or a majority of their successors, have been sworn in. unless he or they shall die  or resign or, become (tis-(|uali lied.  ���. . S. The persons i|iialilied Lo vote for mayor and aldermen at. such lirstelcction shall be all such persons who  are male Hritish .subjects of the full ago of twenty-one  years and have resided in the limits of such city for  three months next preceding I he date of such election,  and who shall, before the day of such election, have applied to the returning ollicer and have had Lheir names  placed on the list if electors I'or such election.  !l. It. shall he the duty of the returning ollicer to enter  in a book, in alphabetical order, the names, addresses  and occupations of all such persons. i|iialilied under see-  lion 8 of this Act. who make application Lo him. as aforesaid, lo have their names placed on such list, aud such  list;shall be the list of the electors for such elections.  10. tlefore the name of any person thall be placed on  the list, he shall maUeiind sign a declaration in writing,  ���before some person, authorized to administer oat lis, setting forth his name, address, occupation and iptalilicu-  tinns under this Act.  11. The council may. in (he year 1S.I7. but not afterwards, pass by-laws for contracting debts by borrowing  money or otherwise, nnd for levj ing rales, for the payment of such debts, on (he. rateable lauds or improvements, either or both, or lhc rateable real properly of  the munieipaliiy, for any works of immediate necessity,  which are within (he jurisdiction of Iho council; such  debts, however, not to exceed in I he whole lhc sum of  lifiy thousand dollars (SaO.OOd) withotiL observing the  provisions (���!'section Wl: sub-section ('il nf sect ion 7(1; stib-  i-ection Ic) of .section 71: sections 75. 711, 77, or 7!) of llie  ".Municipal Clauses Act, ISHIi."  I'-'. Il shall he lawful for the Council Indispose of sewerage hy depositing the same al some poinl outside lhc  limits of the municipality, in .-ucli manlier as may be  found expedient, and from lime io lime, In expropriate  lake and hold sueh lands, both iu and beyond lhc limits  of the said munieipaliiy, as may be considered by the  council to be righl and necessary fur lhc purposes a foresaid.  I'l. A special meeting of (he hoard of licence commissioners for the said cily shall be held, al a time In be lixed  by the mayor, not- liil er tliu n one n inn 111 after ! lie date of  such lirsl election, at which meeting al! the powers  which llie said hoard of licensing commissioners could  exercise al. any of the sittings provided for in sub-srcl ion  (el of seel ion 77 of Ihe "Municipal < 'la uses Act. ISilli." may  he had and exercised.  , II. II, .-hull be lawful I'or lhc council I o levy and collect  all I axes for the whole of Ihe year If.!'", in the same manlier ami to Ihe same extent as if the corporation had existed fioni the lirst day of January. IS!I7.  15. 'I ho sinlomonl. required by section lino!' the "Municipal I biases Ael. IK llii." lo' he Iruii.-inil.t.ul on or before  I he first day of March in each year, to the assessor, shall,  .in llie year I.S.I7. to l.innsiniltcil by Hie correlations re-  . fined io in Ihe .aid section at such time as the council  may fix by resolution.  Hi. The collector of luxes shall, in the year INi.7, return  his roll to Ihe clerk, and pay over flic amount payable lo  tlie treasurer, at such time as flic council may llx.  17. The council nicy, after incorporation, pay dill of  culinary rovt line, all .-uch costs, cbai-gi ���: and expenses  im in it d in aud i'boiil procuring the ineorpo rat a in of the  .-aid cily. as Ihcv may de< in proper.  IS. All the provi-inusof the "Municipal Clauses Act,  IM!I'." llie ".Municipal Klcclions Ael, 1MII'." and "Munici-  | nlith s Incur],oral inn Act. ISilli." shall apply In any muii-  loipalily iucnrpnruti d under lhc provisions of I Ids aid,  exeepl when the provisions of such nets are repugnant lo  llii- provisions of this net.  The schedule referred lo iu flic bill describes Ihe eil.v of  Nel-on us all thai piece or parcel of land situate, lying,  and being in Ivoolenuy District, in the province of Hriti��h  Columbia, upon the ollieial map of the said di.-lricl.  known and numbered as lol ill, group 1. containing 'A72  acre-, more or less.  It Will Bleet the Emergency.  It will be noticed that the provisions of  the bill are'most liberal,    lb is therefore  such ti bill as will commend itself to ever  honest citizen who is also generous enough  to believe  that he  has not got a corner  upon that same virtue.   The  progressive  people of Nelson  have  been endeavoring  for several years  to secure tho incorporation of the city, but  the  peculiar circumstances of the case  prevented them from  accomplishing their desire.   This year the  government came to  their   aid  and   on  Monday 1 he incorporation of the city of  Nelson will no doubt  be an assured fact.  Self government iu   local  affairs   means  more to the people of Nelson than is conveyed in the word  incorporation.    When  this bill is given the Force of law tho people will be Freed   From  the petty persecutions   of   tramping   provincial   sanitary  officers.   They will  hot be obliged to put  up with sanitary nuisances in order that  Victorian  officials  may demonstrate  the  failure of their theories,    lb will  be possible for the town to secure a necessity in  the shape of a sewerage system.    Jt will  be possible  for tho people  to secure  fire  protection which will save them in insurance rates alone more that the maximum  municipal rate of taxation allowed under  the municipal clauses act. These improvements   are   absolutely   necessary  if   the.  property in the town is to be safe-guarded  against a conflagration, and the health of  the people against epidemics.   They are  required at once, and the special borrowing clause is inserted in the bill so that  they can be secured.  ]f there were no emergency, this clause   A'oulil nob be necessary, bub it also follows that if there were  no emergency the government   would not  have  taken  up a special  bill   For incorporation.    Made Another Trout Lake Deal.  The Home-Payne syndicate has secured  tho True Fissure pioperly on the Great  Northern lead in the Trout Lake district.  The bond calls for $50,000, with a substantial cash payment. Tho second payment is due in .'January of '08, the third  three months from then, aud the final  payment will be made in .June of the  same year. This company���rhe Lillooet,  Fraser River Ac Cariboo Cold Fields Company���now controls Four of the seven locations on this-lead,- the Pkillipsburg, -Old  Sonoma, Broadview and True Fissure,  and have good properties in all of  them. The*Ti ue Fissure was located by  Messrs. Ilolten. .Downs and Walker in '_)_,  anil was bonded to the Nowell Mining  company, of Juneau, Alaska in 1805, For  $20,000; but Failing to make ihe payments  required'.by. the' bond, it reverted to the  original owners. About $7000 has been  expended on this property. l(t is a silver-  lead ore with gold, the silver, contents  averaging about 80 ounces to the ton, and  is on the north fork of the Lard eau river.  SLOCAN   MINING   NEWS.  The- Happeninus   ol  District  The business of  a   Week  in  the   Richest  in   America.  the  mining  recorder's  The Arlington Bonded Again.  Frank Watson, who is directing the  work on the Fisher 'Maiden at Silverton,  this week secured a bond upon the Arlington aud'Burlington properties'on-Springer  creek. The bond calls for $50,000,-with a  cash payment of $5000. The Arlington  and 'Burliugton were located by Bob  Gooper-and Con Fielding, and were looked  upon as being two of the Fancy prospects  on Springer creek. John A. Finch took a  a bond upon them in January last, but  after expending considerable in development, the bond was thrown up. The,reason given at the time was that the ore  had pinched out. The owners then started  to work the claim, and now they have a  fine body of ore several inches wide.  The Arlington was located September  l.'3th, 1805; the Burlington on September  15th. The property is developed by a 70  foot shaft. Watson will put ten men to  work on the property at once.  Another Idaho Dividend.  It is reported that the former owners of  the Idaho mine in the Slocan, divided another dividend on Saturday. This is the  fifth dividend paid of a like amount in  five months, the-sum of $32,000 having  been paid previous to the first regular  monthly dividends, making a total of  $1.'.2,000. The Idaho is one of the best  known mines in the Slocan.- The former  owners were A. F. .Humphreys, of.Duluth:  \V. Jf. and V\r. C. Yawkey, of Detroit, and  .1. D. Farrell, of Spokane. The property  was lately secured by the Vancouver Ac  British Columbia Exploration company,  along with, other holdings of the same  men for $500,000.  Development on the Two Friends.  George Turner, superintendent of the  Two Friends mine on Springer creek, reports that in the lower east drift the vein  is widening and the indications are very  favorable for ore. "Work has been started  on the new tunnel, which will cut the vein  :.00 feet east of tlie present tunnel and  gain a depth of about 120 feet. The returns from the Tacoma smelter for the  seventh car of ore have just been received.  They give ISO ounces of silver, 2-J per cent  lead, aud *<0 per cent y.inc to the ton. .  Will Make Another Shipment.  Frank Watson is pushing work on the  Fisher Maiden. There are 15 men sit work-  on the property. There is another car of  ore awaiting shipment to the smelter.  This will make the second shipment made  from the Fisher Maiden since AVatson took  hold of it.  office tit Kaslo continues brisk. Last  Tuesday there were recorded 2-1 bills of  sale, besides other documents.  The new Slocan-Liberty Jlill Mining  company, which- took over the Briggs  mineral claims on the south fork of Kaslo  creek, are making arrangements to begin  development work. \i. J. Kelly, the company's local manager, lias been up to the  claims and made an examination. JTe has  gone out to Spokane, but will return in a  fortnight to begin work.  James Armstrong aud John J. Cook of  Toronto, have been making preparations  to begin work on the Little Phil at Ainswortli, which Clarke Wallace .bonded  from Tom McGovern. Tliey have also  been making enquiries concerning other  claims, and on Wednesday morning went  out to look at some properties in the Slocan mining division.  C. B. Murray and Jf. Cufhbert, respectively eastern and western manager of  the Canadian Gold Felds company, had a  business consultation with president  George !__. Foster of tlie same company on  Tuesday evening, and Mr. Murray went  out by rail on Wednesday morning en  route for the east, and the other gentlemen remained in the city for a dav or two.  The Charleston mine, which.). K. Mitchell is developing on Whitewater, has taken  rank amongst the shipping properties of  the Slocan. and on Tuesday sent down a  carload of high grade ore. More will soon  follow.  Fred Steele, treasurer .of the Ibex  Mining it Development Company, left  Kaslo on Tuesday lastfpr Winnipeg, where  will be placed the stiiall balance of the  treasury stock of tlie* company still unallotted.  Development work has been vigorously  prosecuted on the Commonwealth group  on Hooker creek during the winter. A  tunnel has been driven parallel to the lead  for a distance oL 12(5 feet, and a cross-cut  which disclosed four feet of highly mineralized rock. The tunnel wiil be continued further and another cross-cut run.  The Annie S. and J-iOg Cabin, wilh two  fractional claim-", the (irou.io and Doyle,  have been taken over by the White  Grouse Mining company, recently organised in Spokane: A bill of sale recently  recorded in this city shows that $12,000  was the pi ice paid for the J_.og Cabin.  The ore is grey copper, and assays return  from 10 to ."..I per cent copper. 85.to $25 in  gold, and from 75 to 100 ounces in silver to  the ton. It is said that development work  will be actively prosecuted as soon as possible in the spring.  The Black Dia,mond at Ainswortli, has  5G0 sacks on the wharf ready for shipment.  There is said to be a prospect of the sale  of the Hielden Secret, a Hooker creek property, to Spokane parties. 'The .claim-is  owned by several residents of Pilot Bay. ���  C. W. Harrington, of Brandon, has purchased the remaining interests in the J__li  group, situated on Twelve-mile creek,  from Carpenter, SoRelle aud Pearson. He  later bonded the property to J. L. Sherau  of Toronto. A 20 foot tunnel lias been  run on this property, and a large force of  men will be put to work upon it in the  spring.  The Kathaline group, situated on the  south fork of Ten-mile creek, has been  bonded by James Baker and George  Bltinch to C. W. Harrington of Brandon,  for $20,000.  AFRAID   OF   AN   INQUIRY.  THE   PRIME   MINISTER  The Government  Does  not Wish  an  Enquiry  into the Sanitation of New Towns.  There was an interesting tlebate.in the  legislature this week upon a resolution  offered by Mr. Semlin "That a select committee, com posed of Messrs. JBooth, For-  ,'ster, Walkem, Stoddard, and, the mover,  be appointed to inquire into the state of  the public health in the principal centers  of population, with power to call for persons and papers, and to report to this  house." Ibis well known that the provincial board of health was created chiefly  with a view of providing government pap  to Dv. JJavie, brother of chief justice  Davie, and Dr. Watt, the son of the Cariboo politician. The only knowledge  which the people of Kootenay have'had  of this political-medical combination is  based upon a brief experience last summer when the active member of the concern -Dr. Watt���visited the Kootenay  towns to regulate sanitary matters. His  utterances made but one impression -that  he was merely the salaried apologist and  champion of the Victoria cabinet of inca-  pables. His commands to the people-were  so utterly foolish that the government  was forced to send another ollicer, .in the  capacity of inspector.  This resolution was voted down because  the government was afraid that the evidence 'which such a committee might  secure in Nelson and Rossland would not  be in conformity with the polished report  which its political pets on the board of  health have prepared for the members of  the legislature. The sanitary condition  ot Nelson is more unsatisfactory now than  it was before the visits of the high salaried health officers. The town, which had  a poor drainage system before, was left  with no drainage system at all, and the  so-called dry-earth "closets having had a  fair trial, have been found to be worse  than anything which existed prior lo  them. The people of Nelson could testify  to these things, but to shield its political  pets on the board, the government defeated the resolution for the committee  of enquiry.  Makes' a  Very   Lame   Speech  in   Connection  with the Mortgage Tax.  The injustice of the- mortgage tax was  again    brought   home to  the   provincial  government this week when J")r. Walkem  moved:    "That   in    the   opinion   of   the  house, a tax  upon  mortgages'- bears  unduly upon different  members of the community."   This mortgage tax differs from  every other form of taxation in that it is  a tax upon what the people lack, rather  than  upon  what they have.    It is a tax  upon the  poverty of the  individual.    A  year ago when a  light was made to have  the tax repealed,' the only excuse premier  Turner could pleael  was that the government required the money raised from this  source.    Jbhas been contended over and  over again that an equalization could be  brought about by making allowance in  the assessment of  property for mortgage  indebtedness, so that a man would nob be  obliged to pay a tax  upon  the full value  of his  property under one heading, and  upon  tlie amount   he   borrowed to purchase the same under another head.   This  matter was  thoroughly threshed out last  session but the government shirked the  issue.   The government is very slow.    Jt  will take it another year to right a wrong  which it confessed existed a year ago.  ,The leader of the government made a  speech upon this resolution which is fairly  illustrative of his ability as a statesman.  Ju  any  other country a. man   would  be  ashamed of such utter nonsense.    He said  that the  matter was receiving the most  earnest consideration of the government,  and the ministers were as desirous as the  ���members of-the house of putting the law  into a different shape.    The object of the  tax was correctly stated by  Dr. Walkem.  and it was equally correct ilia!; that object  had been defeated.   The borrower usually  contracted with the lender to pay the tax.  J-Jut this held true with respect to other  forms of taxation.  He knew Hiatal though  it was the intention  that owners of real  estate   should   pay   the taxes  levied, in  many cases the lessees were compelled to  pay those taxes.   The first people to object to the mortgage tax were the lenders,  because they believed if it was re in over!  i hey could get a higher  rate of interest.  He favored theintroduction of a provision  iu the act t hat iall mortgages be  null and  void that contain a clause making the borrowers pay the mortgage tax.    But in till  probability they will get over this clause  iii some way.   The fa ires b way would  be  to repeal   the personal  taxes aliogether,  bur,  as   this   means some  $00,000  to  the  revenue, it could not po.-sibly be done at  present.    The    government    were    well  aware of the fact ihat the wrong persons  pay   the   tax, tind  were considering how  best to overcome the difficulty. He moved  the   adjournment of  the debate,   which  was carried.  Foster Talks Politics in Kaslo.  Hon. George E. Foster, ex-minister of  finance in the kite Conservative government, was entertained atsupper last Monday evening at the Kaslo by his political  friends and admirers. Mayor Green occupied the chair, with the guest of the evening on his right, and recorder John Keen  on Jiis left. Tlie vice chair was assigned  to S. P. Tuck. Mr. Foster made an admirable address. . He talked of the recent  defeat sustained by the party and 'tlie  causes which led to it. He spoke also of  the party's present position and its attitude towards the new administration.  -His' attitude towards1 the Crow's Nest  Pass railway was markedly-favorable, and  he said that, the opposition would assist  the government in passing an equitable  and just acb which would insure its construction. He referred to the Corliss  amendment to the alien labor law, which  has passed the Uuitecl States congress,  and said tluit if it become law, ib would be  the duty of parliament to protect Canadian interests by retaliation in kind.  Other speeches were made by mayor.  Green, John Keen, and S. S. Taylor.  The Sunset's Development.  The Sunset claim on the east slope of  Deer Park mountain, Rossland, is developing well. The shaft is down 70 fe��.t.  and is in ore almost every foot from the  surface. From the. (iO-Foot level a drift  has been run 70 Feet on the vein. The ore  body widens From a surface width of  eighteen inches to two feet at six feet  down, and at double that distance is two  feet six inches, while at 20,_eet it measures three feet six inches. Ten feet  further down tie vein is four feet wide,  ami this is maintained to close on to 50  feet, where the vein is only a foot iu  width, and the assays have dropped from  $-IS to $12 in gold. A.t 00 feet, where the  drift starts, it has broadened again to two  feet, and at 70 feet, the bottom of tho  shaft',, three tind a half feet of very handsome ore i.s shown. The drift tit the 00-  foot level runs on the ore vein two feet  wide for a distance of ���'!() feet, the walls  being remarkably smooth to that point.  There a fault was.encountered, but after  crossctttting 0 feet to the north, the vein  wjis again found with ore assaying $28  aud two feet in width.  The Japanese in Mexico.  News conies from .Mexico that president  Diaz litis signed the contract with the  Japanese government for the establishment of a colony ol' 5000 Japanese in Mexico, who will have liberal concessions in  the way of land", exemption from taxation, etc. If the colony is successful, it  will probably be followed by a large emigration of Japanese to Mexico.    It would  be'easy for Japan to throw 100,000 of her  workers into Mexico, and they would have  plenty of occupation in raising cotton,  sugar, coffee, , fruit, and manufactures  that would be sure to spring up if the  people of capital knew that they could  depend upon steady and permanent laborers iu that country. The trouble with the  Mexican laborer is (hat he will work just  enough to get a living. Jf he can buy a  week's food by one day's labor, he only  works one day. 'J3ut with a cla^s.likc the  Japanese, who would work every day and  every night, if needs be, the situation  would be altogether different, and it is  possible that America may have Japanese  competition without going to Japiin for it.  HEAVY   MINERAL   EXPORTS.  A   VERY   FLIMSY   CONTENTION.  West Kootenay Exports Over a Million and a  In Two Months.  The value of the ore and matte entered  at the port of Nelson for export during  the past week was $81,23-1. which brings  the exports for the month up to $530,]75.  The complete returns from the out port of  Revelstoke for the present month, were  nob obtainable, but the exports for Lvoot-  enay may safely be set at $000,000, which  would give a total of $1,375,000 for the  first .two months of 1897. The following  entries were made at the port of Nelson  for the past week:  BULLION   AND   MATTE.  founds.  Trail smelter   .. :i!i.!isi;  S5.210  Hall _\lincs smelter, Nelson, inaiio..  ..   37,SM)  3,78(1  OltH.  Approximate  Tons.  Value.  I.o Uoi mine, ltossland   :.t-_'  $11,201  O Iv mine. lto<--J:iiid   1!)  1.2oS  Payne mine. Sloean   ..    :_()()  IS._K<)  Itceo mine, Slceim   ."ii;  (>,1I"J  ICooteiiuy Ore Company. Ka'-io...  ..      10.".  .-.,l';.i  Sloean Star. .Sandon  '   ;.    I2(i  il,21S  Whitewater mine, .Sloean    ."Ml  2.001  .Surprise mine, Sloean    .'"_!  3.115  IlamblfT mine Sloean    :.:_  o.l."SO  Huby Silver. Sloean   !,".  Mill.  Sloean Hoy initio   l'i  __���.7.-.  Noble Five miner., Sloean      IS  :..si.s  Hlack Diamond mine, Ainswortli...  21  l.ic:.  Tot al for week   ..   1.0.W  SS1.2_H  Total .-o I'tir for February   ..   ."1,1(11  S.')'.0.17.'.  Tolal mo far for IS'.iT      $i.:��io,(;ii  Le Roi Men in East Kootenay.  The trustees of the Sullivan Group Mining company held a meeting in Spokane  on Thursday, and adopted by-laws similar to tliose governing the trustees of the  Le Jloi company. The -capitalization is  2,500,000 shares, of which 500,000 goes-into  the treasury for development work. The  membership of the company is largely  that of the Le Roi, and includes senator-  elect Turner, colonel YV. M. HidpatK Col.  W. W. IX Turner, Col. I. N. Peyton, H. J3.  JJIake, major Armstrong, F. T. Post, F. P.  Hogan, J. \V. Cleaver, A. !_.. Davis  Frank Graves, K. D. Saunders. \i. \V.  Smith, L. F. Williams and D. AV. Henley,  The company's properties, the Hope, the  Hamlet and the Shylock,.are in the Fort  Steele section of .East Kootenay. As soon  as the weather will permit, machinery  will be sent in and a force of men set at  work developing the claims, which are 20  miles west of Fort Steele, and two miles  from the North Star mine.  Arlington Elects Officers.  The trustees of the Arlington Consolidated Mining Ac Smelting Company, held  a meetiug in Spokane on 'Wednesday-and  elected the following officers:    President,  'li. J. Dyer; vice-president, George Turner;  secretary and treasurer, Nelson 'Martin ;  ageub at liossland, Peter Porter. Tu addition to the above, the trustees are:  John Kirkuji, Hosslatid; Hon. J). YV.. Hig-  gins, Victoria; C. E. Fielding .'.arid 11.  Cooper, Slocan City: C. D., Porter and J.  J). Wentworth, Spokane. This company  was organized to work the Arlington and  Burlington claims on Springer creek.  .-..". Another Le Roi Dividend  At a meeting of the directors of the I._e  Hoi company J^riday night another $25,000  dividend will be paid. Although this is  the short ni'ont h of the year, and the company's expenditures for machinery, labor,  supplies, etc., will exceed those ,of any  previous month in the history of the mine,  being more than $.".5,000, there is already  enough money in the'treasury, to pay the  forthcoming dividend, and the company  has ~>~> carloads of ore in transit or at the  smelter from which it is yet to receive  returns. This dividend will make a total  of $'.25,000 the I-e Hoi has paid in dividends.  When the Election May Bo Expected.  In the event of the incorporation bill  being finally passed, it is the intention of  the government to have lieutenant-governor Dewduey give his assent to it at once,  .after which the letters patent will be  issued. The date of the first election will  doubtless be lixed towards the end of  .March. Fuller the Municipal Clauses Act  it is provided that in all cities hereafter  incorporated, the council shall consist of a  mayor, and'not more than nine nor less-  live aldermen.  Some Bonus Hunters in Toronto.  The Toronto World announces tluit a  Toronto syndicate has been formed for  the purpose of erecting a smelter at Y'nii-  couver, having beaten out the other two  companies from London ami Denver. Colorado, respectively, who were dickering  with the Vancouver civic authorities.  The O. K. Shipments.  Joseph I_. Warner, general manager of  the (). K. mine at Hossland, on Tuesday  tool; out. two gold bricks of the value of  $1500, the lc-iilt of a 'six-days' run of the  iOstanip mill. The O. K. shipped I!) tons  of concentrates this week valued at $1258  and there are  17 tons awaiting shipment.  The Alleged Exemption of the Collieries is  Merely by Implication.  Jf IT. D. Jlelmcken wishes to draw  around himself the support of the progressive element in provincial politics, he  could not do better than place the members of tlie present legislature on record  upon the question of placing an equitable tax upon coal mines as against precious metal mines. The Dunsmuirs have  bhingsso fixed that one small mine in the  Slocan is called upon to pay yearly taxes  aggregating the combined taxes of all (he  Arancouver Island collieries. This- is due  merely to the circumstance that the Duus-  muirs don't want to pay their fair proportion of taxation, and they are strong  enough to evade the payment.  Jt does not appear that there is any  statutory declaration or other legal exemption from taxation in favor of the  collieries now being worked on Vancouver  Island by the New Vancouver Coal Mining & I_iand Company, Limited; Messrs".  R.. Dunsmuir Ac Sons: or the Union Colliery Company (Comox). These coal lands  are held, for the most part, under ordinary crown grants, at the times of alienation, issued to the present holders or lheir  predecessors in title. Tliey are on the  general footing of ordinary crown granted  mining lands, as in the cases of the Silver  Jving, Le Hoi and Slocan Star mineral  claims in AVest Jvootenay. The owneis  are assessed yearly for. and pay, real and  personal property taxes in respect ol llie  lands and collieries thereon, and they pay  wild land taxes on other lands of theirs.  Js it- not known that.the owners of the  coal lands in question, have ever openly  claimed any exemption from taxation,  but there are some who say that as an  implication from the coal sections of the  Land Act of J88-J. their coal cannot be  subjected to a particular tax, namely,  the royalty of five cents a ton therein  mentioned.  AATien the legislature of British Columbia makes up its mind to move in the  matter of equalizing the taxation of the  coal mines as against the precious metal  mines, there will not be so many difficulties in the way as many suppose. Jt may  be that the tax of five cents per ton would  be-too' heavy a tax to impose upon the  output of the collieries, but if the legislature wished to impose il, as was done  with respect to other coal lands under the  act of 1881. ib could do so. The following  sections of this la nil act which passed  over working collieries and imposed a  royalty of five cents per ton upon till collieries which sliouhl hereafter compete  with them, are interesting:  Section 72. There is reserved to anil for 111" use of her  majesty, her heirs anrl .sueeessnr.s. a loyally of live coin.-,  upon anil in respect of ca-li anil every ton of merchantable coal raised or KOtten from any hind.-. aei|iiircil muter  llie provisions of this Act; anil iu any crown grant to he  issueil in pursuance of this Act there s-hall be contained  a reservation of lhc saiil royalty. I'roviilei! that no  royalty be reserved on dross or line slack.  Sec. *7.'l. In all crown grants heretofore issued lorwhieh  may be hereafter issued) hy which the coal is.reserved to  the'erown. the coal so reserved shall become the property  of the grantees and Lheir aligns and shall be subject to  the royally by this Act reserved.  See. 71. All lands for which prospecting licenses have  been issued under.the ' Coal I'rospeeting Act. IS*..')." shall  in ease the same arc purchased,under the provision!, of  this Act, be subject Lo the royalty hereinbefore reserved.  It will be easy for the legislature to impose a tax upon these collieries, because  it is not in the power of the legislature to  exempt perpetually these lands, -or.-.any  lauds, from taxation of any kind: because  the legislature in the said Act, does not  profess to do so: and because, to establish  a claim of exemption, even for a period of  . time, express words to that effect would  be necessary: it 'cannot be done be implication. "A legislature does, occasionally,  formally promise' or enact that, some  undertaking presumed to be for the public benefit, shall be free during a specified  period from taxation, or from aparticular  kind of taxation, but what, is the real  force of this promise after,the demise of  the enacting legislature? it does not absolutely fetter the discretion of succeeding  legislatures.  The succeeding legislature will give due  weight to the promises of 11 former .legislature, and it may, and in such a case as  that supposed, .usually does tacitly confirm such former promises, but this confirmation does not re.st'upoii absolute obligation. It rests upon expediency, upon  a consideration of present circumstances  and of advantage of continuity and  stability in public engagements. Further  than this a legislature granting, say a tax  'exemption for a specified period, cannot ;  bind its successors. Any claim of exemption made on behalf of these collieries  under the 1881 Act, would not be for a  period, but for perpetual exemption.  This would be invalid even if expressly  enacted.  It may be added that the coal sections  of the 'Lund Act of 1881, are not easily de-  funded. They impose a tax by anticipation upon non-existing coal mines, while  purporting to leave great established collieries free. The mesh of the tax net is  carefully made to catch every possible  competitor of ��� the existing collieries, anrl  to permit the latter to swim through. The  Act of 1881 expresses the deliberate judgment of the legislature, that infant struggling coal mines, as long ago as then,  might be required fairly to pay a special  tax of five cents a ton upon their cost in  addition to their ordinary taxes..  The output of the Vancouver Island  collieries since 1881, inclusive, has been  nearly ten million tons. Five cents a ton  on that would be $5()I).O0O. Nob only did  these collieries escape this special tax,  but the total ttixe-' I'or all the collieries  for the twelve years was less t han $00,000.  There i.s a chance in this matter for a man  with backbone to get. iu and umkea record  lor himself. If Ilclmcken misses the opportunity someone else will take it up,  because this injustice must be cured. THE  TRIBUNE:    NELSON,  "B.C., SATURDAY,   FEBRUARY  iSDi,  PUBLISHERS* NOTICE.  THE TRIBUXK is puhli-hu'l mi Hat urd.iys. by Tin-.  TlMUCXE I'L'UI.IS.'aiNli C(>.MI\_S\, .-ml "id I'O llliulcii  lo sub-ei-iber- on payinenL of Twn !>uu..\i<s a year.  No subscript inn '..'iken fur le.���. ili.iu a year.  RKUULAR ADVKUTISK.NIl'JNTS primed at the following rates: One inch, >���!���> a year; two ineher-.  SfjO a year; three iiu-he.-, Sfil a your; four inches.  $f)i! a year; live inches, ijhl.5 a year; six incite-, and  over, at the rate of ���?1.,'.-. an inch per mouth.  TRA.VSIK.S'T AIJV'vKTISl-.M.'_.VTS -Jt) cents a line for  lirsL insertion .uui'lu cuts a line for each additional  insertion,   l.irth.  marriage, and death  notices free.  LOCAL Oil RKAl.IN'G MATTER NOTICES "-'a ceias a  line caeli in-senior..  JOB PRINTING at. fair rates. All accounts for job  printing and advc-riising payable on Lhc first of  every month: -'ubscriptioi., in advance.  AUIJREHS all coiumuiiieations to  THE TRIBUNE, Neknti, II. O.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  D-  LaBAU. M.R.��� Physician and Surgeon.    Rooms A  ���    nnd I I'igolow block, Nelson:   Telephone 11'.   Otlice  hours from 1 lo '.-.''(J p. in. and ti::.1. toS p. in.  Gil. 11. SYMONli.S. M.D., (I..*.!..- I'liy-_<iiui and Sur-  ���    geon.   Ollice in the Henley building, West Baker  street. Nelson.  T F. RITCHIE. Provincial Land Surveyor. Uillee in'  �� ���    Ritchie building. Rc-i-land, I!. C.  WJ. It. HOLMES, c. !���:.- Provincial i.iuid Surveyor.  ��� ' P. 0. box &., ICtislo, H. G.  T C. GU'ILLIM. li.A.Sc.X W. S. JOHNSON. IS.A.S.C.  ���J ��� ���Mining Kngineers and Analytical (.'hemi-ls,  fslocan Cily, li. C.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  NELSON* LODGE, NO. 2.1, A. F. & A. M. Elects  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  Ask Your  Shoe   Dealer  for  the  Famous  ��lie gDriiuxTte.  SATURDAY MORNING KICBUKARY --'7, I8!i7  It is reported that the management of  Cold Cup mine, on Sugar Loaf mountain  in the vicinity of Ivamloops, has engaged  a force of Chinese. The employment of  Chinese in the precious metal mines of the  province is an evil which should be  stamped out ab once. Ib will be easier for  the legislature of this province to check  the evil this session, in its lirst stages,  than ib will be in two years from now  when Chinese are working in fifty mines.  J D is against the sense of the people of  British Columbia that Chinese should be  permitted to land in this province at all.  Jf the legislature is not prepared lo go to  the length of recommending their absolute exclusion, it should recommend at  least a head tax of $500 instead of the  present $50 tax. The provincial government is fully alive to the injury which'  Chinese immigration works' upon this  province, but it fears to apply the proper  remedy lest it .should give offence to the  Dunsmuirs in the working of their collieries, or to R. J\ Rithet in the construction  of the British Pacific railway. By and  by the people of this province will come  to the conclusion that good government  is more essential to their welfare than the  keeping of premier Turner in office. "When  this stage is reached, premier Turner will  consult their wishes in such matters or  else the people will find some man  who  will.   A ci'JKTAix A. J. Andrews of Winnipeg,,  has recently returned   to  his uative  city  after   a   two  weeks  trip  to  the Slocan,  where he  bonded  a group of claims on  Lsoion  creek.    L:p.on  his return  Mr. Andrews was interviewed by the Free Press,  in the course of  which  he was  made  to  say: "He expressed great disappointment  *' at finding so  few paying properties  in  *' the hands ot Canadians, the great mti-  '* jority  of   them   being    controlled    by  "United States citizens, some of  whom  V make a point of never employing a Can-  " adian."   Ib is au unfortunate thing that  Mr. Andrew's excessive patriotism should  prompt him to libel the American mining  ���men-who have assisted in opening up this  district.'   Jf the majority of the mines are  owned by Americans, ib is because  they  had the pluck and hardihood to find them,  or the confidence to 'pub their money into  them   after   someone   else   found   them.  They did not steal  them.    What is more,  there is no discrimination against  Canadians seeking employment in their mines.  In   the  Slocan  miners  tire employed  by  reason of such  knowledge as  they   have  about   mining,   without   respect   to   the  country in   whicli  they  were  born.    Tmo  Tribune admires  patriotism, but   it submits that it is about time that palace car  prospectors   quit   slandering   those   who  blazed their own trails into the country,  even if they did hail from the south.  Cask'ai.I'. county's payroll for January-  was a big one, and the center of the hub,  Great Falls, receives monthly a great impetus from the money expended through  its payrolls. The .San Coulee Coal Company paid out $!0,0(K); the Boston Ac .Montana Company paid out $(i(J,0(IO. The  Montana Central .Railway Company's expenditure among its employes will amount  to $35,00 monthly. The employes of the  Anaconda company .at licit will receive  fully $100,000. The I'nited Smelting Ac  .Refinin:,' company's payroll this month  foote 1 uji $10,000. When the mineral re-  soure.)' of .southern Kootenay are more  fully developed, and the tariff of the Dominion is so framed  that encouragement  .,'s h'.lri out to the smelting and refining of  British Columbia ores in Hritish Columbia,  there will be a city like Great Falls somewhere north of the international boundary. ��� _  _  TiiK-Republican members of the ways  and means committee have decided to restore the Mclviuley rates on coal and coke.  These rates were 75 cents per ton of "2S  bushels on bituminous shtile and ">0 cents  on coal slack, such as will pass through a  half-inch'sieve. The present rates are 10  cents and 15 cents. Coke is advanced I'roin  10 to 20 per cent, advulorem. This'will  materially affect the profit's of the Vancouver Island collieries, particularly the  Dunsmuirs, bub they will receive scant  sympathy. When employers ' of labor  fight laws designed to protect the lives of  their workmen, and light'all legislation  which seeks Lo impose equitable taxes  upon Lheir properly, they cut themselves  loose from the consideration of their fellow citizens. It is an unfortunate thing  for British Columbia that the Dunsmuirs  own so much of its natural wealth. The.  success of a country is generally regulated  by its [development, bub so far as the  Vancouver Island collieriesareconcerned,  the province is only permitted to enjoy  the smallest possible measure of their  prosperity.    _'   Tiik bill of indemnity presented by the  Transvaal to the British government on  account of the Jamieson laid, asks for the  payment of l_(.77,9_ :Js. 8d., and JL1,000,000.  If the Boer president succeeds in collecting these amounts, he will no doubt be  pleased to arrange for a series of excursions upon the same terms, but tlie chances  are that they have gob about all they will  receive under Lhis head. The Boers evi-  dently have an eye to business. They  screw taxes enough out of the UI danders  of Johannesburg, to run the government  machinery; the lines exacted from the  Jamieson prisoners would give them a  good supply of pocket money, and eight  millions down for damages already in  sight, would furnish them with capital  for future emergencies.  Arthur Dukstuo.m, the millionaire  murderer of St. Louis, was comfortably  hanged last week, three years after he  killed his wife and child. The execution  is pointed to as a triumph of justice. All  his wealth, ibis said, could not save him  from tlie gallows. Ah, but his wealth did  save him from the gallows while he had  wealth to spend. Mis wealth had been  spent like water in keeping him from the  gallows, and it did so for three years. He  had no more to spend, and they hanged  him.   ROSSLAND   MINING   NOTES.  The Miner: The .War Eagle has now  only 10 men stoping aud sorting out the  ore, and these men are averaging 250 tons  a week..  Cm development work there are  now 15 miners employed, with25eugineers,  blacksmiths and others, and the progress  is very rapid. Since they started on the  lower crosscut from the No. -3 -tunnel,'  about a month ago, they have driven J25  feet. It is {.25'feeb from the face of the  crosscut to the shaft,' which is now down  .1.15 feet. It will be carried down to the  250foot level. To complete the.Whole .of  the development work blocked out will  probably take four months, but meanwhile an increase of the force working on  ore will be made from time to time, and  the shipments increased. There need,  therefore, be no uneasiness as bo the probability of regular dividends. The mine  has now paid $187,000 in dividends, beside  the cost of the extensive development of  the mine. "  The boilers of the big compressor plant  ab the Le Roi mine were fired up and  steam turned on on Tuesday. This compressor plant is the largest of its kind in  the Dominion. The Le Roi people have  made a big strike in a tunnel known as  the Peyton tunnel, which was started 000  feet west of the main shaft, upon'a  theory that the main vein ran through  tiie i mtire ground. About 25 feet in, this  tunnel cut through a body of liigli grade  ore about .10 inches wide, and live feet  further on struck a body of ore five feet  wide which assays $50 per ton in gold.  This is one of the most important strikes  ever made in the Le Roi, and it promises  to develop an ore chute fully equal to the  main body of ore from which the company  is now shipping.  Again an offer for the Le Roi gold mine  has been refused, this time the would-be  purchasers, the Rio Tin to Company of  London, made an offer of $1,000,000, of  whicli $100,000 was to be cash and the  balance in ���"><) days. Saturday evening  there was a meeting of the three gentlemen who can sell the mine-senator-elect  George Turner, colonel I.N. Peyton, tind  colonel W. W. D. Turner. At this meeting \V. If. .Fife, of Tacoina, laid the purchaser's proposition before the gentlemen,  aud .they considered it, arriving at a decision not to accept.  An important strike has been made in  the face of the upper tunnel of the Cliff  mine. The lead which this tunnel has  been following since the small ore chute  was passed, opened upon a new chute a  few (lays ago. At first only a very fine  stringer .was visible, but in the last eight  feet, their hopes have been realized in  i hat:.() inches of t he nicest ore yet found  in this mine has been exposed. The management litis every confidence that from  the appearance of this ore body, they  have struck ti lai ge and very rich chute.  As the Consolidated St. Flino adjoins the  Cliff to llie west, and belongs to colonel  Wharton, it is the intention to continue  the present tunnels through into the adjoining property, which will give a great  depth. '   '__   Developing the Pern Group.  The Montreal development Company is  meeting with most encouraging results in  the development of the Fern group. There  are close upon 500 feet of tunnel woik  upon the group and there is ore in each  tunnel. . The first, tunnel is in I-10 feet and  gives a depth of 75 feet. The second is in  220 feet giving an additional 75 feeb in  depth, and 75 feet below this is a crosscut  tunnel iu 1'iO feet. The ore body in the  lower crosscut tunnel is two feet' wide  and a sample assay gave %'AIS in gold. - In  tjie long tunnel the ore body has steadily  widened and i.s from I to 5 feet wide. The  character of the ore iu this tunnel is itn-.  proving. The Fern is a free milling proposition.  The Crow's Nest   ���  Pass Hailway and  Tlie Sloean River  ���i*i  A  JUST IN  nelson,b.c.       Turner, Beeton  o  Eailway  are to be built during* the year  1897. Construction work has  already commenced on the last  named. These two roads with  the two already having terminals at Nelson will make Nelson  the railway center of Southern  British Columbia. Real estate  in railway centers rapidly increases in value ��� often more  rapidly than stocks in undeveloped mines���and Nelson will  be no exception. The following* described property is choice  and the'prices such as to insure  purchasers against making* a  losing:  It not a very pleasant sensation ��� lo the person with .a well-balanced head, bill  nearly everyone can appreciate the advantage of using none but good toilet  soaps. There is a well selected stock of imported toilet soaps, marked lower  than  anv  soap of its  kind  in   Kootenay,   at the  NELSON   PROPERTY  :<t)xl'2ii feet on   H.ikor street,   .villi  -'-story  ollice lmikliiiK.   Turin..     .-.ilxlil) feet on   Vernon street, with "i-sloiy  business block.   Terms   2'ixliO feet, on Vernon street (a corner) with  improvements.   Turin-!      1011x120 feet, on Vernon street (a corner) with  improvements.   Terms   ;')Uxl20 feeL at corner of Ward and Hoover  streets, with Ill-room dwelling: house.   All  modern conveniences.   Terms.... ���.  25x120 feet on Victoria street, with 2-story  dwelling.    Terms   1)21x120 feet on Victoria street, with cottage  'Terms. ���   2;")Xl20  feet corner Victoria and   llendryx  streets.   Terms  ..   :..    ......  Price  3.i,230  ;">,0..(.  1.1.00  ���5,(100  I.,.)(l0  2,000  2,500  . S50  OUTSIDE   PROPERTY  Price  An undivided one-lhird interest in the town-  site of Silverton, on Slocan lake.   Terms..��1,000  An undivided one-fourth interesL in Trout  take Cit.v townsite, in Lardcau district.  Terms ..-..' .....  ...:-,...'..  .  ..... 2,000  Oflicc: 'Corner Vernon and  .   Ward streets, Xelson. 15. C.  Will start about March 15th  with" about double iIs forme 1*  capacity, in all departments.  7,000,000 feet of logs under  contract  for early  delivery.  The Planing Mill  and Factory  Is now running full time under the management,  of C. H. Univ. n competent drain-'hlsiimii and  mechanic who will furnish special drawings free  of charge.  New Designs  In house interiors, oflicc and store tI_.Uirc.-i, dado  work, nullities, briiekots, mouldings, book eases,  furniture, turnings, carving, grill work, and baud  sawing. Orders i'or all such work executed in an  artistic manner.  One Car Glass  Direct from Hclghim expected this month. I tough  and drc-sod lumber, latin, do., always in slock.  Two Cars Sash  and Doors   Vara* and branch ollice  foot of   llendryx  Street  N1"'g. 0. BUCHANAN  Olv-  32  BAKER STREET  Nothing* succeeds like success;  but success cannot be had  unless the people  in the town help each other.  Those who  were  in   business  in Nelson in the  Years 1S93 and 1894  and escaped a debtors'.prison,  deserve success  It might be well  to  add  that  of late "drummers"  for eastern clothing* firms  have given this  section of Kootenay the go-by  No better evidence  could be wanting" that  we are giving our patrons the  best of satisfaction  eneral Electric Company, Ltd.  '   Capital $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.  MINERS! You can make use of water power 50 miles from your mines with our system  '���'������'��� We can also sell you complete telephone outfits and install them ,  British Columbia Branch Offices^       .^ Frank Darling, Kootenay Agent  V  3  Guaranteed 7 per cent better than any other make of henfer     The Webster Syslem of Heating wilh Exhaust Steam relieves back pressure on engine  The Morse Valve Reseller will reseat any style of valve without removing valve  - . ���''���.."'.-��� i__>  Darling Bros. Adjustable Pipe Gutter Guts Pipe, any metal, 3-4 to 24 inches in diameter  ;���  Street Hydrants, Gate Valves! I'ipe. Crescent Drill Steel. Wire Rope      Freight and Passenger Elevators,  Office, Hodgiiis building, next Phair Hotel, Nelson Write FRANK DARLING, Sole Agent for British Columbia  1436 Front Street   KASLO.        6341 Silver Street, SANDON,  J  Stoves, Tinware,   Etc,  Agents for Canadian Rand Drill Company,  GOAL, IRON, STEEL, ORE CARS, TRACK IROI, BUILDE  Gurney-Tilden Stoves and Ranges.  Are tho meals aud lunches served at the  Vienna Bakery and Restaurant,. Chicken,  linked Ham, Boston Baked Roans, Cakes,  Pics, Rolls, and all kinds of Soft Drinks  constantly on hand. 1'icnic Lunches put.  up lo order. A variety of Cigars and  Candies always on hand.  John Humer, Prop.  thFtremont"  nsTELSoasr  �� o a o  The business centre I'or the rich ;  mines on Springer Creek and j  Slocan Lake. 'This i.s one of |  the richest districts in British j  Columbia. '   \ ' \  Limited  "AIALOXK & TRKGILRUS, Proprietor.-..  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district., and  is the headquarters for prospectors and minors.  ______  _n_iE_XD___lIC_0'ISr  I'OAl) MOUNTAIN  I). T. M OR ICK, Proprietor.  Excellent accommodation furnished the traveling public j  Prospector's and miner's supplies kept on hand.  Kiln-dried and other Lumber  can now be obtained at the  yard; also Sashes, Doors, Veranda and Newel Posts, Base  and Corner Blocks, Brackets,  Balusters, Mouldings, Etc.,  lite,  at lowest prices.  FIWJK FLETCIjEH, Trustee.     ! MUSIC    LESSONS  Mrs. Morley is prepared to  receive pupils for piano, violin  or organ.     For terms  Apply to Thomson Stationery Co., Lid,, N'elson  The undersigned be;,' to announce l.'liiil they have opened  a bakery   al.  the   corner of   .Josephine and   Latimer  streets, and will be  pleased to   eeure a portion of the  iitrontiKc of the people of Nelson.    St'TTl'-R & .JOY. THE  TKII3UNE:   NELSON.  B.C.,  RATl.TR.DAY.  FEBRUARY   '11  -18(��.  duty. Mr. Bostock would take that position in which he felt he could do the most  good.  Sir DONALD A.  SMITH   Hon. GEO. A.  DttUMMOND,..  E. S. CLOUSTON   $12,000,000  8,000,000   President   Vice-President  ...General Manager  OSTELSODCST   :B:R._-:iSr_:E_  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       HllANCni-S IN       LONDON  (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO,  and in the principal cities in Canada.  Ketchum  on   Experts.  Ituy and sell Sterling Kxehange and Cable Transfers  (IICAXT COMMHllCI.U.  AMI TICA\ l.L.J.I.S' CI.I.DITS,  available in any part of the world.  I.-CUTS 1SSUI-I)   coi.i.isctioxs .made; KTC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  RATE OP INTEREST (at present) 3 Per Cent.  THE   ASHMAN'S   CHRISTMAS.  1 am .jes'anol' prospector, trump the mountains every  ilny.  An' it isn't very often that I make a preachin'.say ;  lint I've heerd those minin' experts singin'scioiililicsluir.  Till I'm gcllin'sort o' weary o' their hifalutin' bliill".  I hold that hooks an'science, ner yer yeller-legged man,  Never found I wo modern  wonders, sich as Rossland an'  Slocan ;  But   Ihat, every paying' prospect in the hillv west, was  ���-Iriick ��� '  liy I'omiiion sense an* juflginenl, an' bv  ' Gol  Blamed  Luck  A.- I .-aid at the begimiin', it is seldom that I preach,  An" I never fool with language out, o' ordinary reach,  But when science gels a-lranipin'on lhc toes o* common  sense,  Then it's time lo -how   vour hand agin' the scientific  gents.  I iiiny never make a winnin' wilh the shovel an'thepiek,  But. you'll always find me tryiu an' a-keepin' up my lick ;  Aii'so if I should happen on the white or yellow truck, .  I will give the bulk o' credit to mv  (iol  Blamed  Luck.  No. "IT.  Certificate  of  the   Registration  Company.  of a  Foreign  Of  "Companies  Act*' Paut  IV. and  Ami-.xpixc   Aci.-  'MWsi.r (ioi.li ami sii.vi.i- jiinixi: i.'o.mi'.\xv." ii-oiii:ii:N.i  1S1I7  T TTEREin* CERTIKV. 'rhat 1 have this day rcgii.1 ered  -1-   the '"Sunset Gold  Tlie Ashman was old and bent. The  wind that blew on his long ragged whiskers could not blow through, because they  were packed tight with fine gray coal-  ash. The mark of his trade was all over  him. Titts of talliug slag and cinder had  bruised and scratched his old wrinkled  face, and the raw- places upon his gnarled  tind misshapen knuckles were covered  with a gray grime. As he drove home he  pulled the reins clumsily and uncertainly,  i'or he had been at work since early morn,  _ui(_"'nmny were the heavy cans and barrels of ashes that he had lifted into his  high cart, and emptied in the teeth of the  biting blast.  He was weary, indeed, was the old Ashman, by the time he had pub up his horse  and made the little stable snug for the  night, he It'll, almost too weary to climb  to his own little room in the lott and prepare his meagre supper of salt pork and  potatoes. However, lie nerved himself  I'or the' task, aud climbed up the ladder to  his bleak den, rollecting. as he did so, that  his old horse was better lodged than he.  So long had the old Ashman been accustomed to hard work and poor living  that it' rarely occurred to him to give  much consideration to the hardships of  his life; but, somehow, on this cold, bitter  Christmas lOve, lie could not help thinking  of the difference that fortune makes in  the lives of men. lie who could not dare  to ask even the humblest of women to  share Ins lot���he. the grimy, wretched  old Ashman-sat on his one stool and  thought of the beautiful, elegant.'fashionably-dressed lady, in her magnificent furs,  who had spoken to him pityingly in the  morning and 'had asked him so many  questions about himself. What a world  they are apart, to be sure! He remembered her name, for she was the wife of a  famous millionaire.  Rising with a sigh to light his tiny Ore,  his eye fell upon a small package and a  letter that were lying on his bed. Though  lie did not know it, they had been left  there an hour before by a liveried servant.  The old Ashman could read, and, after  he had held the letter a long time in his  hand looking at it, he opened it and slowly spelled out its contents. This was the  letter:  "DearMr. Ashman:   I send you a  little gift, which. T .  nm! sure, you must long have needed, and I hope it will  help to make a merry Christmas for you.   Yours  very  iruly, < MRS. SIXNAUGIITS."  With trembling hands, but with the  sparkle of hope in his eyes, the okl man  tore off-'the wrappings, eager to behold  his present. He drew near to the window,  and examined it in the fast waning light.  It was a manicure set.  What Is Trumps?  She was just learning to -play, poker.  Careful coaching in the first part of the  game had 'kept her "stack" intact. ' But  now a gleam of triumph was in her eye,  and she raised with the joyous artlessness  that betokens one of those hands of miraculous magnitude, such as four aces and  royal flushes, that come only to beginners  and obnoxiously-inebriated individuals.  A more experienced .player than the  young man opposite would have passed.  But he clung tenaciously, and saw each  raise. ��� Finally the last chip was staked  at the call. ;  "Well, J have a full-house! What have  you?"   asked the young man.  "Oh!" was the reply; "1 have two of  those cunning little two spots, a king, the  six and seven of spades, and, the-ten of  diamonds.*'  The .young man sighed wearily and  raked in the pot.  ���'Anyway!" she cried triumphantly;  "anyway, 1 held the big casino! So there,  now."   Let Him Rest in Peace.  The Province: The Rossland Miner in  a recent editorial, puts forward the name  of iMr. Hewitt Bostock as leader of the  party which is to defeat the provincial  government at the general election next  year, or sooner should opportunity arise.  Our contemporary heads this article  'Bostock as Premier," and we are free to  makes out an admirable  of the member for Y'ale-  what about Mr. Bostock  himself? He has won what is generally  acknowledged to he one of the biggest  electoral figlits in Canada. Me is persona  gratii with the Dominion government; he  is highly popular in his own constituency.  He has just got firmly fixed in the saddle,  and it seems to us ihat it would be sea reefy fair at this juncture to ask him to  change horses. Of this, however, we feel  very sure��� were the question put to him  as to whether he would assume the position suggested by the Rossland Miner, his  reply would he dictated, not by personal  considerations, but by a sense of public  acknowledge,  case in  favor  Cariboo.    But  '���j  To Deal with the Crow's Nest Road.  Ministers Blair, Mownt and Sifton have  been appointed a committee to grapple  with the Crow's Nest Pass railway matter  and report lo the council the best solution  of the problem. Jt is stated that the  Canadian ' Pacific have made a definite  offer to build a line through the Crow's  Nest Pass, and operate it as part of their  system.  The Ottawa correspondent of the Free  Press, a journal favorable to the construction of the road by the Canadian  Pacific says: "your correspondent sees  no reason to withdraw from the statement made some days ago that the Canadian Pacific will be given a charter for  the road, which will be conditional upon  a reduction in both local and, through  freight rates on all their lines. There's  ample room through the Crow's Nest Pass  for two lines. But competent authorities  aver that if two charters were granted,  neither company would be likely to meet  with success in floating its bonds, except  with great difficulty. Certainly the Canadian Pacific, powerful though that corporation be, would be hampered in making financial arrangements if it were  known that another company had another  charter over the same route.  l.egistcrcd the Sth day of January,  '*V. 'rhat 1 have l/his.li.  and Silver Mining Company.'(Foreign,) under the "Comp.inics Act Pari, I V. "Rcgislrntion  of Furoign Companies    and Amending Acts..  The head ollice of- the si.id company is situate at Ihe  city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, l*. .S. A.  The objects for which Ihe company is o-lablished are:  Mining, smelting, reducing, refining, and working ores  or minerals; working coal mines, and stone o,Harries and  marketing the materials; manufacturing brick, stone,  iron, steel, copper, and other metals: and for the purpose  of buying, working, selling, dealing in mineral and other  lands in Minnesota, United .Stales of America, and in the  province of British Columbia.  Tlie capital stock of the said company isS2o(l,00ll divided  into ...IQ.OUO shares, of the par value of one dollar each.  Given under my hand and seal of ofllce at, Victoria,  province of Hritish Columbia, t hi-St h day of January.  1S!)7. ���    S. V. WOOTTOS','  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  MINING STOCK FOR SALE  Notice   of  Apj.li3at.ion   for   Certificate  Improvements.  s'iau or tiii: hast and stai: ok tiii;  wi;st .uixr.i_,.i_  CI.AI.MS, SITUATIS IN TIIK XI___SOX .MINIM; I. (VISION  OI'" WKST KOOTKNAY liI.sTUK"T. AND I.O(.AT!__-' AISOl'T  TIII.KI.;  .MIl.Kri SDITII   OK M'l.(il).\.  Take notice that 1, A. S. Fnrwell, agent for Thiinns  A. Rr.i-soy, free miner's certificate No. _>U.I!)1, intend,  sixty days from the dale hereof, lo apply to the mining  recorder for certificates-of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the above claims. And  further take notice that action, under section 37, must, be  taken before the issuance of such certilicate.-. of improvements. A. S. FARWl'.I.I..  Uated, this 1th d ly of Kebruary, 1SD7. [Feb. 2(lth.]  St..:_:.)  Certificate  of the   Registration  of a   Foreign  Company.  ���Cojiiwniis* Act.'' Paut  IV.. and  Ami.xi.in.:  Act.-  "iiai.i. i;.\-|'i.oi:ati(.n  U|."   UUITlS.li  (|'oi:i:k;x).  COI.IMISIA.   I.I.Mll'KD '  Play Nelson as a Sure Thing.  C. M. Wood worth, of Slocan City, has a  letter in the Kdmonton Bulletin, in which  he gives his former fellow townspeople his  ideas of the several towns in Kootenay.  Of Nelson he says: "Nelson is steadily  prosperous. There does not seem to be so  much of the boom and gouge element as  elsewhere. Geographically J cannot see  why it should be so important-. But the  government and the Canadian .Pacific  make it their Kootenay headquarters.  The Nelson it I _rt Sheppard road made  straight for it. No one dreams of the  Crow's Nest road sidetracking it. Loan  companies are willing to invest in it,  wholesale houses locate there, and men  who wish a sure thing invest there."  "   Social Jottings in Vancouver.  The World:: There are three .disconsolate husbands in Vancouver, and three  unfaithful wives are missing. No less  than three elopements took place from  this city about a week ago, two wives  eloping in one day, and another the next.  In each case the women left with bachelors, and have not since been heard.from.  Two of the couple are supposed to have  crossed the line, and the other pair departed hastily for the east by the train.  In one case several children are left behind, but they are in good hands.  Slocan Ore Shipments via Revelstoke.  The following, shipments of ore  were  made from the Slocan during the week  ending February-20th, via  the outport of  Revelstoke:  Idaho      Slocan Star ....  Fisher -Maiden  Slocan Slar  ...  Idaho ...'..  Enterprise   Idaho   Enterprise   Slocan Star .  ..  ons  Value  10  ���S 2.780  211  1.502  20  1.300  IU  '".no:.  Hi  5.111  10  5,022  ���20  ' .''.715  10  5.022  ".'0  1,502  Total.  . ...2S0  .*2i.,!)l>0  A  Typewriter  Marvel .  A high-class.-machine: quick work: visible  writing; 10 to 20 copies at one impression:  simple construction: durable: Reniniington  key board.  on time.    $60 for cash  General Agents for B. O.  Thomson Stationery Co., Ltd.  NELSON', 11. C.  I'. S.   New mining laws for II. (.'. received, price 2'ic.  The Rose and the Thistle.  Vou mnv search tlie long day. from earlie-t morn,  , But vou'll ne'er Mud a rose but what has its thorn.  And'whon you are plucking tlie blossoms so fair.  Ten chances to one. that, your lingers you'll tear.  But now to vour notice a thistle I'll bring.  That ne'er has been known to scratch, bite, or sting,  \\'ith boiuiiiet conceded���by critics wilh noses.  To outrival by far the ncclar of roses.  . The Thistle referred to. is made from pure mall.  Distilled long ago. but Usage is no fault.  Vou just, draw the cork, frae out o tlie bottle.  And'"tak a wee drupie" lac moisten your throttle.  To drink of all lii|Uors. you'll admit is finite risky.  So Ihe nife thing to do. is to stick to Scotch whisky;  When to drink of good, Scotch, your wishes do lend,  Remember, and call I'or "'The Old Thistle Blend."  R.  P.  egisterE0  trade     mark  RITHET &   CO.  sum. Atsi.NT  ^  <^_^ -^  ugene B. Framkel  GRADUATE  OPTICIAN  If you have I rouble with your eyes, or your glasses  don't suit vou perfectly, call upon him. No cases loo  dillic.ull.    Examination free.  Nelson ollice in Jacob Rovers .icwelery store.  Knsin ofllce, Front street.  10,000   SHARES   IN THE SUNSET COtD & SILVER  MININC  , ' COMPANY.  Tlie Sunset fluid k. Silver Mining Company has now  two carloads of. ore ready for shipment. Die average  value of which i-. 250 ounces (diver and (id per cent load.  The company isollbring 10,000 shares of non-assessable  treasury stock at. 20 cents per share, the par value of  which is one dollar.  For further particulars apply ar, the Sunset,Cold and  Silver Mining Company's ollice, Room 2, Clements &  llillver Block, Baker Street.. Nelson. B. C. "  V-    R.   K.   U'.MON,  Manager.  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  Ymir, Rockland, ('olden Horn, M ugwump, and Robertson  Fraction mineral claims, situate in tlie Nctson Mining  Division of West Kootenay District, and located on the  northwest  fork of Wild  Worse creek, a tributary of  Salmon River.   ���  Take notice that I, Charles A. Stoess. of Kaslo, British  Columbia, acting as agent for Joseph Pilro, free miner's  certificate No. (>S,2.I(>, Jerome l'itre, free  miner's corlifl-  cale No. 7:..!)52. Oliver Rlnir. free miner's certificate No.  (ili.llli. and Richard IS. Wood, free miners cerl ilicate No.  55,(i57. intend sixty days from the (bite hereof, lo apply to  the   mining recorder for cerlilicates of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining crown grants of lhc above  claims.    And further take notice that action, under section .'17, must, be commenced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvements.     CWA RLIOS A. STOKSS.  Dated, this 1st day of January, 1SH7. IJan Dili |  Notice  of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  OLD .SONOMA MIXI-.liAl, CLAIM, SITI.ATI-. I.N THE TltOl'T  LAKH MIXIMI DIVISION III' WKST KOOTI'-XAY B-IS--  TISICT, AUOl'T TIIHI.I. MILLS I'l.O.M TIIK l''0ltICS Ol-'  Tllli flTl-H LAI-DO UlVl.lt. AXI. A SOi:T.|l|.lil.V lOX-  TKXSIOX  Ol'" TIIK  ISI.OA DVIICW M IXI.KA L CLAIM.  Take notice thai, X, Charles Molson, acting in my own  behalf, and as agent for William Caldwell, Harry Hop-  good, and Robert Elson. free miner's certificates No.  75,(i2i), 58,211, (.���'.(ilO. and (>2 (.3.1 intend 50 days from the  dale hereof, lo apply to tho mining recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant, of the above claim. And further take  notice that action, under section A7, must be coiiimenced  before tho issuance of such certilicate of improvement;..  ' CWA R RES MOLSON.  Dated, this lilih day of November, tSilli.        [Dec. l!)th.|  Notice of Application For Crown Grant.  Take nolice that C. W. Ellacott acting as ajjont for the  Gopher Gold Mining Company, Limited Risibility, has  filed the necessary papers and made apiilieatinn for a  crown grant in favor of the mineral claim "Gopher,"  situated in the Trail Creek mining divi-ion of Wo.-l  Koolenay district. Adverse' claimants, if any. must ti lo  their objections with me within (todays Ironi the date of  t lie first publical ion of t his nol ice in the British Columbia Gazette.       X. l'Tr/_STL*I_BS. Government Agent  Dated, Nelson. B. C, January lib, 1S97. IJan. !)th]  Notice of Application For Crown Grant.  - Take notice (hat. John .lohn-on has filed l.he necessary  papers and made application for a crown grant in favor  of the "VcnetiaHoy Mineral claim, situated in the _\'el-  Sf n mining divi-ion of West Kootenay 'district. Adverse claimants (if any) must file their objections with  me within 00 days from the date of the lirst, appearance  of this notice in the British Columbia Gazette. Dated  at Nelson,'li. C-.. December 2S. 1S!)0. (January'2nd.]  N. FiTZS't'UBBS, Government Agent.  Private Bill "Notice.  Notice is'hereby given that application will be made to  the legislative assembly of the province of British Columbia at its next session for an act. to amend Ihe "Lillooet. Fraser River & Cariboo Gold Fields, Limited, Act  IROli," bj- giving power Io the company to amend its articles anumemoraudum or' association from time to time  as the company may deem necessary.  McPIULLlPS, WOOTTOX & BARNARD.  ��� Solicitor for the Applicants.  Dated at Victoria, 11.C. DeceiiiberSOUi. ISOli.   |Jan.9th|  Private  Bill  Notice.  Notice is hereby given.that the Alberta Railway and  Coal Company will apply lo parliament at its next session for an act to revive the powers given to it under 53  Victoria, Chapter SO, and 55-5(1 .Victoria, Chapter 30. parliament of Canada, to extend and operate its railway  frorti Lethbridge to Mope or some other point in British  Columbia by way of Eort Maeleod and through the Crow's  Nest I'a-s, and giving it power also to build and operate  branch lines and a railway-from some point on Slocan  lake to Rossland and Trail.  A. FERGUSON, Solicitor for Applicants.  Dated, Nelson, December 22nd. 1S9B. [Dee. 2Gth.]  Private Bill Notice.     '  Notice is hereby given that application will be made  to the Legislative Assembly of the province of British  Columbia at its next session for an act to amend the  Consumers (Nelson) Water Works Act. 1892, by increasing the borrowing powers of the Company and hy amending the tariff of charges authorized by section it of t lie  said act. to enable the company to charge consumers a  rate proportionate to the nature of the hii-incf.s of Ihe  consumers and the, purpose for which such water is con-i  sumed, and to enforce payment of such rates.  McI'IIII.l.lPS, WOOTTOX. & BARNARD,  Solicitors for the Applicants.  Rated this 25th day of January, 1SD7. [Jan. 30]  Application   for   Timber   License.  Notice is hereby eiveil,' that, thirty days after dale. I  shall apply to the chief commissioner of lands and works  for a special license to cut and carry away timber from  tlie following desc ibed lands : Commencing at a post on  the north side of La France creek, Kootenay lake, about  two and one-half miles from its mouth, and marked "Ole  Anderson's X. W. post," thence running southerly across  said creek one-half inile more or less, thence running  easterly three miles more or Ic-s. (hence running northerly one-half mile more or less, llicnce running westerly  three miles to the point of commencement, containing by  admeasurement 01.0 acres more or less.  OLE AN'OKRSON".  Dated al, Xelson, B. C, December lOlh. ISOli.   |t'eb. lillil  Railway Steel fop Sale  Six tons of railway steel for  sale���all lengths from two to  thirty feet. Apply to R. E.  Lemon, room 2, Clements &  Hillyer block, Nelson.  5*4*  11/,  A Miller Duplex Pump,  x6 can  be secured at a  bargain  by  enquiring  at   Parley  &   Simpson's  Baker Street. Nelson.  By  an   experienced   housekeeper.    Good   manager and  willing worker.    Hotel preferred.    Address.  MRS. MVRIK HILL. Xelson. B.C.  aiti.ii'ATIii.n i-'ui: i.ii/i'ni: i.iri:.\.,.:.  Nl,lil-,: Is III' I'l.v jtlvi'll   lll'll   II"'   llllil.'l-lKIK-il   "III.   .Il   III"  1 liii11- iiiivs. iihiil'v I" lliiistl|.i-iiillniy iniiKlst'iiti' i.l' Wi~,t K, i  .i.rii'lli-uiiiiMosWI Hiiimr nl n-liiil nt III" Vli-n.rhi llnii.1, Vli-im.ii .llii-  \clwili ���'.  I'- (iOOIiM'I.V.  I>!i1��'.l. '.s'i-Niiii. It. I'., llii" U'lli ilii.v nri-Vliriiiny, IMC.  .. .piuili'.it  ���iiiiyilMrli  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate of  Improvements.  Anne Mineral Claim, situate in the Illecillewaet Mining  Division   of   West   l-Coolenay   Districl, and   Located  about three and a half miles east of Illecillewaet, and  about 150 feet from the railway track norlh.  Take notice that, I, Frank Sfillniaii Barnard, acting on  behalf of the Lillooet Fraser   River  &   Cariboo   Gold  Fields, Limited, free   miner's   ccrliflcate No. i-'.I.OlS. U-  sued at New Westminster on October :ilsr, IS.:ii, intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for a ccrlillcale of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a <to��vii grant of the above claim. And;  further take notice that action, under section 37, must la;  commenced before the issuance of such certilicate nf improvements. F. S. BARNARD.  Dated, thi.-. 12th day of January, 1S!)7. |Jan. 23rd]  Notice  of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements. ���  AI.I'IM .MI.VKI.AI. CLAIM, Sri'l'ATI.; IX 'I'll l-_ TI.fJUT I... If I!  MIX I.NO lilVIHlO.V OF WKST KOOT1.XA V lll.STI.K.T. OX  Cltl-.AT X<_l_TIII-:i_X .MOfXTAIX. OX   A   I'AICAI.I.I.I. i.kiuii;  to tiik (;i.i:at noktmi.i.x i.kiuii;, axd sot/nn.ici.v  i:xti:xki.)x ok tiii. xu._tiii_i:x i.kjiit .mixkhai. claim.  Take nolice t hal I. Charles Mol.-on, acting as agent for  Reginald Northall-Laurie, free miner's certificate No.  (ili,S7l, issued at Rossland on May 2Sth, 1-S.Mi. intend sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose  of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further take notice Ihat action, under section 37, must  be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of  improvement*.' OlIA RLKS MOLSON.  Dated, this 21th day of December, lSflG.        [Dec. 2(.tli.]  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  of  Improvements.  crrn.i: |.-kaction   .mixkhai. claim. si'I'ilxtk   ix   the  TUOL'T I.AI-I. MINIXC DIVISIOV OK WKST KOOTKNAY  DISTRICT, AND LOCATKD OX Till. fll.K.A'l" XDKTIM'IIX  I.ICDl.'K,  AIIOL.T SIX  .MILKS  l-'HO.M   TliOL'T  LAICK CITY.  Take notice that 1. Charles MoNon, acting as agent for  Nilgai- A. Bennett, free miner's certilicate No. MJ.052, issued at New Westminster on November :.rd. ISilO, intend  sixty days from the dale hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for ii certificate of improvement.-, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further take notice that action, under section .'17. must  he commenced before Ihe issuance of such certiliiate of  improvement*. CI1ARLKS MOLSON.  Dated, this 21th day of December, lSWi. |Roc. 2Gth.]  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  of  improvements.  SKII-'K KHArTION .MIXKI!.. I. CLAIM. SITU'ATK IX TIIK TUOL'T  I.AKK .MIXIXO DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAY   l)l.-.TI_ICT,  AXD I.OCAT1.D OX TIIK (iKKAT NOTIIKUX LKI.C.'E, AKUl.T  '   SIX  MILKS   KIIO.M   TI.OTT  I. \l_ K  CITY.  Take notice that I, Charles Molson, acting as agent, for  the Fraser River & Cariboo Cold Fields, Limited, free  miner's certificate No. Sii,0l8, issued at New Wc_.tniiiii.tcr  on October :.lst, ISilli, intend nixty days from the dale  hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate  of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining u crown  grant of the above claim. And further take notice that  action, under section .i7. must, he commenced before the  issuance of such certilicate of improvements.  CIIARL10S MOLSON.  Dated, this _ill.li day of December, IS!):'. |Dec. 2.ilh.|  Notice   of   ApDlication   for   Certificate  of  Improvements.  I.AXAHIC MIXKIIA1.CI.AI.M.SITL-ATI.: IX TIIK I I.LKL'I LLKWAKT  MIXIXO DIVISIOX OK WKST KOOTKNAY DISTI.K.T. AXI)  I.IICATI.D OX TIIK NOUTII SI UK OK TIIK ILLKCtLLKWAKT  UtVKll. AND COVKIIS TIIK UltOl'XI. IIKKDKI) IIY TIIK  DOMINION (.OVKI.NMKNT IX 1S!)U TO TIIK SKLICIUIC MININli COMPANY. AND KNOWN AS Till:'. LANARK MlXl_I...L  CLAIM.  Take i.olicc Rial I, Frank Stillman Barnard, free  miner's cei\ilk'.uc No. ,Sj,li'.l2. issued at New Westminster on the 17lh day of October, IS!.(I, acting n> agent,  for and on behalf of the Lanark Consolidated Min-  iigiS.- Smelling Company. Limited, fiee miner's ccrlillcale No. 58,21(1, issued at illecillewaet on March 2i.lh, tiltlli.  intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  ni'irting recorder for a certilicate of improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining a crown grant of tlie above claim.  And further take notice that action, under section ;.7,  must, be commenced before the issuance of such certilicate of improvements. F. S. BARNARD.  Dated, this 21st day of December. IS!)!.. [Dec. 2i.ih.]  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  of  Improvements.  CLII'I'KI. KIIACTION .MINERAL CLAIM, Si'ti.ATK IN "I'lIK  TROUT 1-AKK MININli DIVISION OK WKST-KOOTKNAY  DISTRICT. AND LOCATKD OX TIIK ORKAT NORTIIKRX  LKI-CH-, AHOUTSIX MILKS KROM TROUT  I.AKK CITY.  Take notice that 1, Charles Molson. acting as agent, for  the Lillooet Fraser River & Cariboo Cold Fields, Limited,  free miner's certificate No. 8:1.018. issued at- New Westminster on October .'.1st, ISOli. intend sixty days from tlie  flate hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a cerliii-  cate of improvements,for the purpose of obtaiuinga  crown grant of the above claim! And further take notice  that action, under section A7, must bo coiiimenced before  the issuance of such certificate of improvements..  CHARLES MOLSON.- '  Dated, this21th day of December. 1S!K>. |Dee. 2(ith.|  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  Florian Fractional Mineral Claim, situate in the Illecillewaet Mining Division of West Kootenay District, and  located about three and a quarter miles cast, of Illecillewaet Station, and immediately cast of Muir's tunnel on the Canadian l'aclllc Railway.  Take notice that I, Frank Stillman  Rarna-d, acting on  behalf  of the  Lillooet,   Fraser River &  Cariboo Gold  Fields, Limited, free miner's certificate No. S!),0IS, issued  at Xcw Westminster on Oct.obei\ 31st, l?!)(i, intend sixty  days from  the dale hereof, to apply to the mining,recorder for a certilicate of.improvenionts for the purpose  of obtaining a crown grant, of the above claim.   And  further take notice thai action, under section 37. must, be  commenced before the 'issuance of such certificate of improvements. . F. S. BARNARD.  Dated, ibis 12th day of January, 181)7.        *"   |Jan. 2'ird]  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  TIIK KRIN MINKRAL CLAIM. SITUATI-. IN 'I'lIK SLOCAN .MININC. DIVISION OK WKST K'OOTKNAY DISTRICT, AND  LOCATKD  NKAR   ROIiKRI SON CRKKK.  Take notice that wc, Joseph Saultcr, free miner's certilicate No. (JS.02I. and Duncan Graham, free miner's certificate No. (il.DIC), intend sixty days after tlie (late hereof,  to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant  of thcabove claim. And further lake notice ilmt. action,  under section .'.7. must he commenced before the issuance  of such certificate of - improvements.  JOSICI'II SAt'LTKR.  DUNCAN CRAIIAM.  Dated, this 21th day of December. 18!Ki. J.I an. 2iul\  Notice   of  Application   for  Certificate   of  Improvements.  Lady Jane Mineral Claim, sil uate in the Slocin mining  Division of West, Kootenay lii_trict, and adjoining I lie  town of Cody.  Take notice Dial   I, A. S. Farwcll. act ing as agent  for  Arthur 11. Buchanan, free  miner'* cerl ilicate No. Trt.iiS.'*.  and  James  M. Iiiiiin. free miner's  cerlillcnle No. ~'A,'X''A.  intend sixty days from the dale hereof, in apply lo the  mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for  the purpose  of obtaining a  crown  grant   of  llie a hove  claim.    And  further  take  notice thai, net ion. under :section .17. must he commenced before  Ihe issuance of such  certilicate of improvements. A. S. FAI.'WKLL.  Dated, this Kith dav of November, isihi. |.lan. '.i(h|  Notice  of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  I'llll.ll'Sltl-RII MINKRAL CI.A I.M. SITl'ATK IN TIIK TROUT  I.AKK MININC! DIVISION OK WKST 'KOOTKNAY DISTRICT.  AND LOCATKD ON Til K l.'RKAT NIIRTIIKRN LI'DflK. IIKINli  A SOUT1IKRLY KXTI.NSION OK TIIK OLD SONOMA. M IN-  KRAI. CLAIM.  Take notice Ihat. I. (.'hmles MoN-on. free miner's certfl-  calo No. 75.(520. issued al, Trout Lake on  I8!)(i. intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to  the mining recorder for a certilicate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining.:) crown gran! of the above  claim. And further take notice Hint action, under section M7. must be coiiimenced before the issuance of such  certilicate of improvements.        CIIARLI'.'S MOLSON.  Dated, this ilt.lt flay of December. ISlHi. I Dec. '.'(".lb |  Application   for   Liquor License.  Nolice i- hereby given that the iiiiiler.-igiif.-d will, al llie  expiration of HO days, apply lo the stipendiary magist i-ite  of West. Kootenay district", for a license lo sell lii|iioral  retail at the Riverside linlol nl Hiilmo. B. ('.  WILLIAM THOMAS BKAIH.l'".  Dated, January '.'''rd. IN..7. |Jini. .Hilh|  Application  for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given Ihat. I Ic undersigned will, at I In?  expiration of thirty days, apply lot be slip'-ndinry magi--  Irnlc of West. ICooteniiv disl riel. I'nr u license lo .-ell  Iinuor by retail at the Windsor lintel. Ounrlz creek.  DAVID  KF.F.FI'*.  Dated. Kelson. R. ('-.. February I2lb. 1S!I7.       |Fcb. l.''th|  Regintered the i'inl day of January, lw.7.  T HEREBY CERTIFY that 1 have this day registered  x   the "Hall Exploration of Briti-h Columbia. Limited,  (Foreign), under tlie "Companies Act. Part IV.," "Kegis-  tratiou of Foreign Companies, and Amending Act-."  The Head Ollice of the said Company is situated in  England.  The  objects for which  the   Company   i.s e.-tabli.-lied  are:  (a) To institute, enter into, carry on', assist or participate iu liiiancial. commercial, mercantile, industrial,  manufacturing, mining, and other businesses, work:.,  conn-acts, and undori..kings: and llnancial operations  of all kind-, iu British Columbia or elsewhere.  (b) To undertake and carry on any business transaction  or operation 'commonly undertaken or curried on by  liuancicr-., promoters of companies, bankers, undei-  writor.-. concessioni-ires. contractors for public and  other works, capitalists or merchants, and to carry on  any other bUMnets which may seem to the Company  capable ofbeing conveniently carried on in connection  wnli any of the objects of the Company, or which may  be thought calculated directly or indirectly lo enhance  the value of or render profitable anv i f lhc Company's  property or righis:  (ci   To piomolc, acquire, construct, equip, maintain, improve, work, manage, or control, or aid iu or subscribe  towards    ihe   promotion,   acquisition,    construction,  equipment, maintenance, improvement, working, management or control of work.-, undertakings and operu-  1 ions of all kinds, both public ami private, uud iu particular roads, tramway-', railways, telegraphs, telephones,  cables,  slops,  lighters,   harbors, piers, decks,   quavs,  wharves,   wurohuii_.es.  bridge*,  viaducts, ucqiicdiicts.  reservoirs,  embankments, walerworks,. waler-courncs,  canals, Humes,  irrigations, drainage, sawmills, crushing-mills,  smell ing works, iron, steel, ordnance, engineering and  implement works,  hydraulic  works, gas <  and electric lighl ing, electrical works,  power .supply,  quarries,  collieries,   coke  ovens, foundries,  furnaces,  factories, carr,\ ing undertakings  by land  and  water,  formications.  Jimikcts exchanges, minis,  public ami  private buildings, newspapers anil  publication establishments, breweries, wineiies. distilleries, hotels, residence.-, stores, shops, and places of amusement, recreation or instruction, wlielherfor the puipose of the Company, or for sale or hire to. or in ret urn for anv consid-  eral ion from, any other companies or persons:'  (ti)   To seat eh for, pro-peet, examine and  explore mines  and ground supposed lo contain  minerals or precious  stones, and to search for and obtain  information wilh  regard,  lo mines, mining elniin=, mining districts and  localities;   lo purchase,  take on  lease or concession,  or otherwise acquire, for any imere.-l  therein, and  to  hold, sell, dispo-e of and deal  with  lands or hereditaments of any tenure,  gold, silver, copper, lead,  tin,  quicksilver,  iron, stone, coal, or other mines, mining,  water, timber, and oilier rights, and   generally and  properly supposed   to   contain   minerals   or   precious  stones of any kind, and  underlakings connected Ihere-  wiih; to  explore, work, e.vcrci.-e, develop, ti nance, and  turn  lo account tlie same: to search for. win, qunny,  assay, crush, wash, dress, reduce, amalgamate, smell,  reline, and prepare for market, metalliferous quariy.and  ore, and other mineral and  melal substances and precious stones, nnd l\.r this purpose to  buy. or otherwise  acquire,  buildings,,plain, machinery,  implements, appliances, and tool-; to buy, .-ell, manipulate, export, and  deal  in ore*,  minerals, and  metals of all  kinds, and  precious stones: and generally to institute, enter into,  carry on. nssi-i, or participate in any mining, and metallurgical    operations   and    undertakings    connected  therewith:  (e)   To purchase   or  otherwise acquire,  hold, sell, exchange, turn to account, tlispose of and ileal in real and  personal property of nil kinds, and in particular lands,  buildings, hereditaments, bu-ine.-s eoncernsand undertaking*, mortgages, charges, annuities, patents, patent  rights, copyrights, licenses, securities, grants, charters,  concessions,  lenses, contracts, options,  policies, book  debts mid claims, mid any interest in  real or personal  property, and any claims against,  such  property, or  against any  per.-oiis or company, and  to linance and  carry on  any business concern or  undertaking so acquired:  (0   'I'o purchase or otherwise acquire, hold, sell, manipulate, exchange, turn to account, dispose of ami deal in  agricultural, plantulion, forcslal, fishing,  and trading  rights: and in all or any product* of farms, plantations,  forests,   fisheries, and   the earth,  including animals,  grain,  provisions, fruits,  wines, spirits, cotton, wool,  silk, lihres. tobacco, codec, tea, sugar, timber, rubber,  oils, chemicals, explosives, drugs, dye-st nil's,  nitrates,  petroleum, bullion, copper, lead, tin", quicksilver, iron,  coal, stone, ai.d  iiiercliandi*e and  commodities of all  kinds, either I'or immediate or future delivery, and  whether in a crude state or -manufactured, or^partly  manmacturod or otherwise: and to advance money at  interest upon the security of all or any such products,  .merchandise and .commodities; and  io carry on business as merchants, iniporttrsand exporters:  (g)   To transact and carry on all .kinds of iigency and  .commission   business,    and   in   particular   to   collect  .moneys, royalties, revenue, interest, rents and debts: to  negotiate loans: to find investments: and lo issue and  place   shares,   stocks,   boiids,  debentures,   debenture  .stocks, or securities:  (h) 'I'o subscribe for, purchase or otherwise 'acquire,  hold, sell, exchange, (iispose of and deal in shares,  stock, bonds, debentures.-debenture stock or obligations of any company. Whether British, colonial, or foreign, or of any 'authority, supreme, municipal, local or  otherwise: ','.���.  (i) To guarantee the payment of money secured bv or  payable under or iu respect of bonds', debentures", debenture slock, contracts, mortgages, charges, obligations and securities of any company, whether Hritish,  colonial, or foreign, orof any authority, supreme, municipal, local, orotherwise. or ofany persons whomsoever,  whether corporate or unincorporate: ���  (j). To guarantee the title to or quiet enjoyment of property either absolutely or subject to any qualifications or  , conditions, and to guarantee companies or persons interested or about to become interested in any property  against any loss, actions, proceedings, claiihs, or demands in re-pect of any insiiflicienev or imperfection or  deficiency of title, or in respect ot* .anv incumbrances,  .  burdens, or outstanding rights:  (k)   To furnish and provide deposits and guarantee funds  required in relation to any fender or application for any  contract, concession, decree, enactment,  property or  privilege, or in relation to the carrying out of any contract, concession,,decree, or enactment:  (I)   Generally to carry on and transact evcrv kind of  guarantee business, and  to  undertake obligations nf  every kind and description, and also to undertake and  execute trusts of all kinds:  (in)   'I'o receive moneys, securities and valuables of all  .    kinds on deposit, at interest or otherwise, or for safe  custody, and generally to carry on  the business of a  Sale Deposit. Company:  '(ii)   To lend  money to such  parties and on such terms,  with or.without security, as may seem expedient, and  in particular to customers of and persons having dealings with the Company: and lo guarantee tho performance of contracts by members of. or companies or persons having dealings with, the Company; and to draw.  . accept, endorse, discount,  issue, buy, sell and deal  iu  bills of exchange,   promissory  notes, dralts.  bills of  lading, eiipons. warrants and other negotiable instruments, and  buy. sell, and deal  in   bullion, specie and  coin :  (o)   To borrow or raise money for the purposes of the  ('oinpany iu such manner and upon such terms as may  seem expedient and to seen re the repnviiioiitthereof by  'redeemable or irredeemable bonds, debentures, or debenture stock, (-uch bonds, debentures and  debenture  stock being made payable to bearer or othcrwisc'iiud'  issuable or payable  cither at par or at a premium or  discount), or  by  mortgages, scrip  cerlilleaies. bills of  exchange or promissory notes, or by any other instrument or in such other man ner a- may be determined, nnd  lor any such purposes to charge all  or anv part of tlie  the property of the Company, both present' and future,  including its uncalled capita!; and In allot,  the Shares  of the Company, credited  as fully  or  partly   paid   up.  or bonds, debentures, or  debenture stuck issued bvthe  Company, as the whole or part of Ihe purchase price  I'or any properly purchased by the Company, or for any  valuable consideration.  Ipl    To make donations to such persons and iu such case*,  and either of ea-li or otlicr assets, a.- luav he thought  directly or indirectly conducive lo anv  of  the Company's   objects,  or oiherwi-'e  expedient; and   lo  subscribe, or guarantee money I'or charitable fir benevolent  objects, or I'or any exhibition, or anv public, general or  other object :  iq).   To enter into any arrangement .wilh anv go . eminent  or authorities supreme, municipal, local or otherwise,  and to obtain from any such government or authority  any rights, concessions, charier.*, and  privileges whicli  may be thought conducive to the Company's objects,  or any of them :  (r)    To purchase orotherwise acquire mid  undertake all  or any part of the bii-.iiio.-s, properly or goodwill and  liabilities  of any  company, corporation, society, partnership nr  persons carrying  on. or about  lo  i-.-i'rry on.  any  bu-iness   which this  Company   is   authorized   lo  carry on. or   which is iu any  re-pe'et similar to  the objects ol   thi*  Company, or  which   i*  capable  of  being  conducted .-ii  as direcHy  or  indirectly to  benclll.  Ibis  I 'oinpany. nr pes-cs. ed of properly deemed suitable for  I he imrpi.-cs of i bis Company, and   lo enter  into partner, hip or into any arrangement   with   respect   lo  llie  .-baring of prollls. union   of interests or iimalguuialioii.  reciprocal  ounces-ion or  co-opcral ion. ciihcr in   whole  or   in    pari,   wilh  any   -inl:   company,    corporation,  society, partner.-hip or peixin.-.:  I-I    To  ili*|iii-o  of  b\   sale,  lease,   underlease, exchange,  surrender,   mortgage,  or nl hcrwi-c, nh-oluti-h . conditionally.or fur mi,, limilcd interest.uMoraiiv pari of Ihe  undertaking, properly, ri^hl-. or privileges'.if  Ihe company   us a   going  concern, or nllierwi-c. lo anv public  body, complin...-o.-ict.v. or ii*--neiiiiii.ii. or  (,,  .-'mv  per.  -on or persons, for such con-iiler.-iiion a- Ihe ('nmpnuv  ma.-,   think  lil : and in particular for anv sinck. shares,  debenture-, -i.curilic*. or niher properu  of .-ui.  oilier  company:  III   To promote or form, or as.-ist iu the promotion or formation of any olher company or companies, either fMillie purpose of acquiring, working, or otherwise dealing  with all or any of the property, rights, and liabilities of  this ( nrnpr.ny, or any property in which   this   Company is interested, or wrany other purpose, with power  lo assist such company or companies bv paving or contributing' towards the preliminary expenses, or providing Ihe whole or part of the capital thereof, or bv taking  or subscribing for shares, preferred, ordinary or deferred, therein, or by lending money thereto upon debentures, securities, property or otherwise; and further to  pay out fif the funds of the Company all expense* eland incident to the formation, registration, advert iking,  and establishment of this or any other coiunanv; and to  the. i-siie and subscription of the share or loan capital,  including brokerage and commissions for obtaining applications for. or placing or guaranteeing the placing of'  the shares or any debentures, debenture stock, or other  securities, of this or any other company; and also all ,  expenses attend iug I he issue of any circular or notice, or  the printing, stumping and circulating of, proxies or  forms to be tilled up by llie members of tljK or connected wilh this or any olher company: and to undertake  Hie management and secretarial or other work, duties,  and business of any company on suc_i terms as mav be  delcrniined.  (ul   To obtain, or in any way assist in obtaining, anv  provisional order, or act of parliament, or other necessary authority for enabling thin ornnv otlicrcoinpanv  lo carry any of its objects into ell'eel, *or for cH'eeting  any iiiodiliciuion of ibis ornnv other company's consl'i-  I nt ion: to procure this or any other company to be  legalized, registered,  or incorporated,  if neccssarv, iu  accordance  with  the  laws of any country or stale in  which it may, or may propose to carry on "operations;  to open and keep a colonial or foreign register, or registers, of Ibis or any other company in any Brilisb colonv  or dcpcndcm-v, or in any foreign country, ami to allocate any number of share* iu thi- or anv other com pa into Mich register <>r rcgi-tors.  (vl   To distribute'any of tlie property or assets of the  ('oinpany among the members in specie or olherwi-c:  (w)    Jo do all or any of llie above things in anv pan of  lhc globe, cither as   principals,  agents,  contractor-:,  trustees .or otherwise, and either alone, or in conjunc-  Hon with ot Iters, and cither by or through ugenls subcontractor.-.. iruMccs or otherwise; with power lo ap-  1101111  a  trustee or trustees, por.fiiial or corporate, lo  hold any property on  behalf of lhc company, and (o  allow  any   properly  10   remain outstanding in .-uch  trustee or trustees,  (x) , To do all such other things as are incidental or uinv  bc I bought conducive  lo the attainment of the above  ob.iecls fir any of thorn, and so that the word -'Company    111 this Memorandum, when applied othcrwi-e  than lo iliisConiiiiinv .shall  be deemed lo include an v  partnci'ship or other body of persons, whel her corporate  or iinini'orporalc. and whether domiciled in the United  kingdom or elsewhere, mid I he objects specified iu each  of the paragraphs of this Memorandum shall be regarded as independent  objects and accordingly shall be in  no wise limited or restricted (except  where otherwise  expressed iu such paragraph)  hy  reference  lo  the objects indicated in any other pa nigra ph. or the name of  iho Company, but  may  lie carried out, in a- full and  amiile a manner, and const rued in us wide a sense as if  each of the said paragraphs dellned (he objects of a separate, distinct, and independent company.  The   capital  stock   of the said   Coinpa'nv  is  .tla'J.OO  divided into lnU.OOO shares of one pound cadi.  Civen under my hand nnd se"! of ollice. al, Victoria,  Province of British Columbia, this '.'.'inl day of .laniiniv.  1S'.7. s. V. U'OOTTON.   '  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  The time of the existence of the Company i- unlimited.  The registered otlice nl* the Company iu Rrilish Columbia is in tlie town of Nelson. R. C which loivn is also the  principal place of business of the Company in tlie pro--  vince. 1  Spokane Falls & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red Mountain Railways.  Thje only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson ar\tH Rossland, arvd  Spokarje aqd Rossland.  DAItY EXCEPT SUNDAYS.  Leave  7:00 a. m..  10:''0 a. in  0:00 a. 111..   SPOKANE...   ROSSLAND..   NELSON  ...  A rri ve  .7;f,0 p.m.  .:.:2.i p. 111.  .5:20 p.m.  Passengers for ICettle River and Boundary Creek connect at Marcus- with stage daily.  Columbia.& Kooienay Braqch  CANADIAN    PACIFIC  No. .11 No. 1  STATION'S  RAILWAY.  No. 2 (No. I  !)::'') Leave.....  ..Nelson ... ...Arrive '14:15  9:15     ,!      ...... Kootcnav......     ���    14:(;0  10:00     1,      ..Forty-nine Creek.:     ���  <.13:45  10:25     ���     ....... Slocan      -. ���    13:02 ���  11:15Arrive . Robson ......Leave 12:30  21:l.-i  2l:in  20:4.'*  20:20  111:30  Trains Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4. run Tuedavs, Thursdays, and  Saturdays.  No. 1 connects with steamer for Trail Creek.  No. 3 connects with steamer for Arrowhead.'  -No. 2 awaits arrivoi of steamer from Arrowhead.  No. 4 awaits arrival of steamers from Trail Creel-,-.  Close connection at Xelson with steamers to and from  lake points.  J. HAMILTON*, Trainmaster and Agent.  Kaslo & Slocan Railway.  Leave  .An  DAILY SHRVICI'-.   .Kaslo   . South Fork.....  . ..Sproule's  ,.  . Whitewater ;���' 1.  .. Rear Lake....... >,  . McGuigan  n.  ... Bailey's...  ���  ... Junction..'...... n  ....Sandon  ...Lea\e  ve 3:50 p. m.  3:15 p. m.  2:15 ]). 111.  2:00 p. in.  1:18 p. in.  "1:33 p. m.  1:21 p. in.  1:12 p. m.  1:00 p. m.  S:00a. m..  11 8:3i' a. 111.".  11 !):.'.(- a. in..  11 ' 9:51 a. in..  ��� . 10:03 a. 111 .  M 10:18 a. in .  11 10:30 a. in..  10:39 a. in..  Arrive 10:50 a. m..  *R. W. lUtVAN.'Superintendent.  ROBERT IRVING. .Tronic Manager.  International Navigation & Tiding Co.,  LIMITI-.....''  STEAMERS INTERHATIONAL AND ALBERTA    ,'-"  OX   KOOTKX..Y   l...l\l. AXI)  UlVKi:  Time Card  in elleet   February 1st, 1897.    Daily except  Sunday.   Subject lo .change without notice.  Leave Ivaslo I'orNclson, Ainswortli, Pilot  Bay.  Balfour and way points               5:30 a.m.  Leave Nelson for Kaslo, Pilot Ray. Balfour and  way points      .....  1:10 p.m.  Close connect ion at, Five-mile Point wilh all lasscngcr  trains of the N. .t F. S. It. It. to and from Norllipoit,  Rossland and Spokane.  ThroiiL'h tickets sold at. lowest rates and baj_g.".go  cheeked to all I'nited States points.  (���'���_(.R(IK ALKXANDKR. General Manager.  Kaslo. January .'With. IS-S7.       Head Oflicc at Ka-lo, B.C.  W. J. G. DICKSON  .RE-A-I-,   ESTATE  _A.3SriD   COMMISSIOW  A.C-_.__SrT  ���MixnsriasrG- bkokee  RKALKV BLOCK. RAKKR STRLKT, NICLSON.  FOR  SALE.  Several valuable business sites on  Baker St.  Business block���-two stores���Baker street.  Business   block���three stores all rented���on  two 30-foot lots, with offices above.  Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.  '���     Apply to W. J. G.  DICKSON.  BUILDING  LOTS.  NOTICE.  Having appointed W. J. (;. Dickson local agenl for  Addition A to the townsite of Nel-011. intending purchasers of lots, or persons wisl ing information, plans, or  price-lists of the addition, will please apply to him.  _���'. C. 1NNKS.  ���VICTORIA ASSAY OFFiC  'Ji Rroad St reel  Gold   SI   IHI  .Silver....          1   (III  Lead         1   (Kl  Copper .      2 Wl  Victoria. R. C.  Cold and Silver .  Lead and Silver.  Copper, Silver, (.1  old.  si :o  1 -ii  3 I.U  j Other metals on application. All samples to he sent  carriage paid and clearly maikul. and to be advised by  letter enclosing charges.  i  ti" *n-- if.,-. , v ���'���'!���:���.-vr- -TTT.^fin _--tt��t; ���;���<_��� ������ '������"���_��������.-. irw   '-'I :." '**" T���'"i ������=" *:'.'W*-*-rrrrz' ��"��� " t_���' "������"^���v'r":'' ���" wi-wg "_Twr''"'J''fto wsvi'i ^|^^'''^l���^*srT^-^7^^^^^^^^_^l^,^'*''^^^*8^^^ V!"7t" v~ *'���', '���"'.''"Tr'T1',''"1'''",' '*'1.T iy_.".*" '���*'���-",", *u\ '. rv  -*.". * \',,"' "����� ''."T-".'^'" ���T'v''V''t'*':'"*Wr- THE,TRIBUTE:   K"ELSO_T,  "B.C., SATURDAY,   FEB RIjATIY  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Tlie managements c.L' the Northern  Pacific tind Hpokttne b\d\s A: Northern  J{ tilwity i-oinpinu's are dickering over a  ��� change in thu train .schedule between tiie  coast and Spokane, by which iii-. thought:  that pas.senge.r.s may be landed nt points  in southern Kootentiy one day ai'ler leaving Victoria and common coast points. Ic  is said that the Northern l'acilie will  schedule, its east bound trains so that  they will arrive in Spokane two hours  earlier, making connection with the S.  F. Ac S. north bound.  Before .justice Drake in Victoria on Friday, an application was made on behalf  of Prank 11. Jvilbourne and William  Braden against Thomas McG'uigan and  others, for tin extension of thitty days  within which to commence an adverse  act-ion over the boundaries of the American Boy, Ajnx, and Treasure Vault mineral claims in the Slocan. The special  grounds upon which an extension was  asked were that through a mistake on  the part ofithe agent, an action was not  commenced within the prescribed time,  and alsr that negotiation* were pending  i'or a settlement. Judgment upon the  application was reserved.  AV. J?.. Hoar, who for the past two weeks  has been employed in Gray's planing mill,  met with a serious accident Wednesday  morning, which may result fatally. Hoar  was working on one of the planers, and it  is supposed that while trying to remove a  chip from the machine, his left hand became caught, aud was so badly mangled  that the arm had to be amputated above  the elbow. Jloar has a wife and three,  children in Spokane.  The ladies' hospital aid will hold a meeting Monday afternoon, in the Church of  England at 3 o'clock.  The public concert in aid of the Nelson  reading room and library, will be held in  -the fire hall on .Monday evening next.  The programme will include selections by  a string quartet, songs, violin solos,  choruses, and recitations. Among the  performers will be Mesdames Goepel,  Troup, Morley and Cameron, and Messrs.  h'obson, Perks, Day. Lawson, Malkin,  Morley, Melntyre, It. Macdouald, and  Newling.  Charles B. Sanson), who for several  years carried on the business of an accountant in Nelson died at his residence  last evening of pneumonia.  J. Roderick .llobertson left Nelson this  morning for Loudon, I'.ngland. He expects to make the round trip in live weeks.  The  funeral  of Mrs. R. jleisterer, who  died Friday morning, took place from the  Roman Catholic church this afternoon.  li. B. AVoocl of the Ymir mine on Wild  1-Inrse creek is in town purchasing supplies.  W. W. West and a party of men were  sent out by the government agent early  this week to bring in the body of the deceased miner Sherwood, who tlied from  exposuie on the AVhitewatcr trail. The  coroner did not consider an inquest necessary as the cause of death   was manifest.  "diamond jubilee"' of her majesty, the  queen. There was a fair attendance, and  ! the ladies who represented all the churches  were unanimous in promising their .support on behalf of the matter. Inflective  efforts will be made towards furthering  the,object-which they have in view.  The fire brigade was out for practice  and showed considerable deftness iu handling their appliances. The hose was attached to the plug while the cart was being bowled along on  the run, and  water  FUNERAL   NOTICE.  Meinbcrsof Court ICooletiay No. HI."Hi J. O. F. of Nelson,  It. O., and all visit ins brethren arc requested to attend  llie funeral of the laic diaries. R. Knnsom, a member of  the (J. O. P. Funeral toslart from late brothel-'.-, residence  tomorrow al 3 o'clock. _M. J. liCtJRATII. 0. It.  turned on in a remarkably short space oi!  time. v  Tlie Rev. Air. ('lassford, of Donald,  moderator of the 'Kamloops' presbytery  of the Presbyterian church, ' passed  through Kaslo the other day. He has  been making' a tour of the Kootenays  with a view to forming a new presbytery  in this district.  PRINCESS   OF   DARKNESS  TEST MEDIUM  Tell your piM. prceiil and fuliire. and wisejn love and  innrriu'i-rc nll'air.-. She will tell you what line of business  you arc be-1 adapltd I'or. An expert in mining business.  '"A ill tell the. value, of claim hy-ample. She is i lie seventh  il'iui:hler of Ihe --evenlli daughter. She is tfil'led with a  wonderful irifl.    Call nl parlor. Nelson hotel.  We have just received a nice new line  of choice designs in Centre Pieces, Doilies,   Tea   Cosies,   Bibs,   Tray   Covers,  Denim   Cushions   and    Table   Covers.  Most of the-Stamped Linens give full  instructions how to work them, number   of skeins   required,   and  how  to  work them.   Something new and novel.  beg- to inform the public that we_are  now fairly settled in our New  Store,  Corner Baker and Josephine Streets. We have faith in the future of Nelson and we~are  here to stay and uphold the reputation which we now have of carrying the highest grade  of goods' in all lines that the market affords. We are not selling out the remnants of an  old stock at cost-which is, as a rule, dear at any price���but our stock of staple and  fancy groceries is large and well assorted.   Everything new, bright, and clean.  We have just received a supply of breakfast goods, consisting of "Germea," "Cream  Wheat," "Wheat Manna," Nudavene Flakes," Nairns Rolled Oats, and "Quaker Oats,"  without exception the finest thing that is put up in the shape of Rolled, Oats. Try a  package.   We make a specialty of Teas and Coffee.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  Ba^er ^trqek, flelsop, B. Q  HERE ARE A FEW OF THE MANY PREPARATIONS WE CARRY IN STOCK:  Balsam Aniseed Syrup Spruce Gum White Pine Balsam Syrup Norway Pine  Syrup, Tar and Wild Cherry Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Bochee's German Syrup  Pisco's Consumption Cure Syrup Linseed and Turpentine Allen's Lung Balsam  Cough Drops of all kinds Wampole's and Scott's Emulsions Pure Norwegian  and Lofoten Cod Liver Oils    Wine of Cod Liver Oil    Maltine with Cod Liver Oil  __(! Maker St. West  I'clcphonc, -1  JTJST   ABEIVED  ^��* Balder Street, ^(509.  r  We are now prepared to fill all orders for Mjners' Builders' 6lac^sn|itl\s' and  General Hardware.    Prices quoted on application.    Prompt  Attention to letter orders.  SHORT   BITS   OF    NEWS   FROM   KASLO.  Alexander .Menx/ies, late route agent i'or  the Northern Pacific Express company on  the Nelson ��fc Fort Sheppard railway, will,  on Monday next, start an express service  on the ivaslo & Slocan railway. He will  call hisnewenterpri.se the Kaslo-Slocan  express, and ought to make a success oi' it,  ii energy, courtesy and experience will  command it.  A. R. Barrow, who has incorporated the  Kootenay Iron Works Company and holds  0). per cent of the stock asked the city  c uinc-il of Ivaslo what material inducements or privileges it would be inclined  to extend to him ifhe decided to'establish  .works in this city. The council replied  that it was prepared to put a by-law before the people asking exemption for the  enterprise for ten years.  Sam Wellington has begun the,construction of a large building on the south side  of Front street for stores and lodging  house, it has been,rented at a.remunerative figure in advance of completion;  The Sandon hockey team came down on  Wednesday to play a match with the  Kaslo players and whipped them handsomely in "the presence of a large audience,  who assembled to witness the first game  of the kind ever played in Kootenay.  l.oth teams apparently played well, bur  the victory went to the Sandon boys with  a score of 5 to 2. .Mr. Geriard, the new  manager of the Bank of British North  America was vel'evee and performed the  duties with satisfaction to all.  The city lias had a number of visitors  during  the  week,  upon   mining  matters  intent.      Kx-attorney-general    Jones    of  Washington, visited  ihe  Wonderful  be- j  fore his departure for Washington, where  he will occupy a seat in the next house of \  Kipresentativcs.     Kx-sherilT   Wooley   of j  King county, Washington, also went into j  the Slocan. I  ���       I  Neil  F. McKay,   formerly of the Nova I  Scotia bar, but more recently associated j  with Aula j' Morrison, M. P., of Sew Westminster,  has become associated   with   C.  W. McAnn. Q.C, of this city.  A considerable quantity of machinery  for ('. 0. Buchanan's enlarged and improved sawmill, was received by the  steamer Kokai.ee on Thursday evening.  There was t\ skating carnival tit the  Kaslo rink on Thursdny evening, but the  shortness of notice left but little time for  preparation, and prevented the variety  of cost nine which might otherwise have  been shown. Several pri/.es, subscribed  by citizens, were awarded.  The ladies of Ktislo held a meeting on  Tuesday aftfii noon in furtherance of the  scheme evolved by her excellency the  countess of Aberdeen   for celebrating tlie  Ofllce:   Bealey Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  We intend to dispo.se of our stock in tlie next sixty days, and have bargains  fov everybody in Canned Goods, General Groceries,' Crockery and Glassware.  Look  at sonic of our prices:  io Tins   Peas,  Corn,   Beans,   or Tomatoes ... .$1.00  Ogilvie's   Hungarian   Flour,   per sack     1.50  Spokake  Flour,   " Plansifter, *' per Sack     1.35  Spokane  Flour  *' Dayton,"   per sack '. .    1,25  Other goods  in  proportion  GENERAL GOMMISSSQN AGENT!  Several desirable business offices and dwelling's to rent.  Customs brokerage promptly attended to.  Real estate for sale or lease in every portion of the town.  Baker Street, Nelson  Dress Goods twenty-live per cent below* Spokane prices at  our store. Mr. Garland is now in the east, securing* 'the'  choicest offering's of the -market for spring- trade.  GOMPLETE IN EVERY LINE  Special Discounts Butter from 10 Cents up   .   R    JSSZKOWSG  Corner BaKer alicl Josep^e Streets ���Vi    WiW_IWHIW  s a  Just at present we are showing a line of All Wool, Fast Color, Serges in Navy,  Brown arid Black at 80 cents. Navy Blue, Storm Serge, All Wool, at 75 cents,  atid the finest Serges in the market in Javy aqd BlacK, 52 inches wide at $1.25  SEE  OUR BLACK  HENRIETTAS  AT $i.oo AND $r.25.  nr  (Jarlapdi. ��� Balder St.  Between cheap Underwear and Underwear cheap. The former  is false economy���the latter true. The-motto of some stores is  "Not how cheap but how good." The motto of some others is  "Not how good but how cheap." Our motto is "Good and  cheap." Canadian made Underwear, like Canadian made Whisky,  arc admittedly the best in  the world.     We handle nothing else.  Williamson, the Clothier  Baker Street,  Nelson.  m  Kl ff  .UJjJJ  T.  FOOT OK  HAI.I. STKI'.I'"T, XEl,SOX.  W.  GRAY,  Proprietor.  Doors,  Sash,   Band Sawing,  Turned Work,  and Office Fittings.    Jusl  arrived and in stock,  a carload of Chance's English  Rolled  Glass;  all sizes up to 4 by 6 feet.  Gars of Bedroom \  Suits and Dining |  Boom Furniture  |  Gar of Mattresses  and UPHOLSTERED  F  THESE  GOOGS WILL BE OFFERED AT ADVANTAGEOUS PRICES FOR CASH  SPECIAL RATES TO HOTELS  P.  toTTe at]  O. Store, J. A. Gilker's, 18 and  LARGE CONSIGNMENT OF WALL PAPERS . . .  . . . KEPT IN STOCK AT ALL TiMES  ;   BRANCH MARKETS       i  | Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  i Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan  District  Kaslo in Ainswortli District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything* in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.


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