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 OS    >!.  '���   _-_L' ^  ���  . __�� c3  ���������-���as  .    KOOTENAY ���  Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can  be Made  Dividend  Paying Mines.  Has  Three  Smelters   in   Successful- Operation,  and  Enough   Ore   in Sight to   Run  Several ��� More.  VIFTK year-no. I.  \.y  NELSON,  BRITISH  COLUMBIA,  SATURDAY, FEBRUARY  20, 89;  TWO   DOLLARS  A YEAR.  SPEECHES   MEANT  TO   DECEIVE.  i>  A But ol' Men Who are Convicted of Insincerity  Out, oi Their Own Mouths.  The record ol llie debate in the  provincial legislature upon the address in  reply  to the speech  from  the throne, furnishes  abundant evidence of  the  circumstance  that the men who compose premier Turner's   government are  not  even  passably  honest.    They are never weary of prating  about the manner in which public, business  i.s carried on "at home," but if judged by  their own favorile slandard, there i.s  not  one oi" them whose record is clean enough  to remain '21 hours in public life.    Here is  one evidence.    When the Dunsmuirs were  trying   to   establish   a   claim  to all   the  precious   metals   in   their   railway  land  grant,   Charles   F.   Pooley,   president   of  premier Turner's executive, look the_ca.se  for the Dunsmuirs against the  province.  For years Charles F. Pooley has occupied  the dual position of being the Dunsuuiir's  lawyer, and of being president of tho ex-  ecuiivo'council of the government:.  Fvery  time the Dunsmuir interests clashed witli  those of llie province, Charles   111. Pooley  lias   gone   into   tho   courts'   and    fought  against   the   interests   of   the   province.  Premier Turner and all  the members oi"  his cabinet know   that   this  is   indecent,  but year after year they defend it.    They,  know that such a thing would not bo tolerated   in   Flightnd,   but   they   are    not  honest enough lo amend it.  Premier Turner's Very Lame Excuse.  Premier Turner in his speech, replied to  31. Senilin's plea for a redistribution bill  during the present session. His excuse  I'or not bringing down such a,bill was that  tlie population was continually changing,  and that a bill should not be introduced  until the last possible'moment. He said  that no one could tell bur, that the trend  of population might be north of the Canadian Pacific railway line within tiie next  year. There is not a man who reads this  who will not see that in this matter  premier Turner is dishonest. He does not  think that, as compared with the southern  portion of the province, the trend of population will be to the north within the  next year. His government i.s so incompetent that ho i.s afraid of the verdict of  the people. This fear prompts him to say  what no sane man would say, and expect  to be believed ��� that the trend of popula-  ,' tion within the year might be north of  the Canadian Pacific. Premier Turner  was not: honest in this matter, but he was  just as honest as when he soul his famous  to N'elson to deceive the poopleinto thinking that there was a duty of five cents a  ton'.upon the coal mined upon Vancouver  Island. Among men, when one is detected in practicing deceit, he is cut by those  who find him out. With shell-game men  and politicians' in .Hritish Columbia,"t'..e  same nian i.s counted smart.  Pooley Makes a Celebrated Speech.  Hon. ,C. E. Pooley. made'.a remarkable  speech. The noteworthy thing about it  was that he /attempted to defend the  niortgage tax, He said that it was a personal property tax, and nothing., more.  That it* was a'question between the borrower and lender as , to who should pay  the tax. if Mr. Pooley did not kuow that  his -remarks were calculated to mislead  the members of the legislature, he has a  .slower brain than even the Oppositionists  give him credit for. He, should have remembered that last session his leader admitted that the tax was unjust, that the  government could not compel the lender  to pay the tax, and that the only reason  why the law was not amended in this respect, was that the government needed  the money raised through this tax upon  the poverty of those obliged to mortgage.  If the mortgaged indebtedness upon real  or personal property were exempt, the  mortgage tax would not be so obnoxious.  Mr. Pooley tried to mislead the house into  believing that'it was equitable that the  government should tax mortgaged property to its full value, and tlie mortgage  as well, lie then announced that the  government would amend tlie law to re-  neve working miners anil laborers in the  precious metal mines from the payment  of the miner's yearly license. The government in the past has defended this  tax. For. years it has refused to knock it  off. The government does so now because it fears to longer face the storm  which its unjust taxation has raised.  Martin's Cock and Bull Story.  Hon. Air. Martin, in whose domain as-  chief 'commissioner of land and works, I).  C. Corbin has so successfully poached during the past twelve months, made a  speech. In view of the statements whicli  have been openly made in the press of the  province, one would think that the head  of this department would make some attempt to defend himself. For over twelve  months I). C. Corbin of tlie Nelson <fc  Fort Sheppard railway, has been playing  ducks and drakes with the lands aud timber of the province, and when the head of  this department has a chance to defend  himself, he says not a word. This must  be taken as additional evidence of the  fact that the Hon. ,Mr. Mai tin is a most  incapable minister. Tho head of the most  maligned department of the government  contented himself in the main by replying  to the charge, of Mr. Maepherson, that: his  department had sold to a canning company an island in the Fraser river for $20  for a cannery site, when cannery sites at  Stoveston were held at $2500. Ills defence  was that the island might bo carried  away by the Fraser river within a year,  which speaks volumes for the sagacity of  the cannery company which purchased it  for the erection thereon oi. a, cannery.  Along these lines Martin's defence of Corbin'.* lieu lands grab and timber royalty  cineh would be wonderfully refreshing.  R   P. Rlthet's Confession.  !.. P.   Piithot made a speech,    lie took  up provincial politics merely to engineer  the British Pacific  railway scheme.    He  is a govoriimenl.siipporlermerelybecau.se  he cannot get aid for his project from any  other quarter.    His remarks were noteworthy iu as much as he confessed that  until the government declared its railway  policy, neither he nor any other holder of  a charter could secure nec.essary capital  in the money centers.    This means that  practically no progress has yet been made  in the matter of financing tho great railway humbug.   Aside from liithet's desire  to commit  the  government to a  broad  railway policy, there is little sympathy  between   himself  and   the   members   of  the''cabinet.    In  the house  he  is called  uijon to act the part of referee.    When,  during  the course of a   debate, premier  Turner or some other member of his cabinet has been particularly foolish or dense,  the mil Iter under discussion is referred to  Hithet   as   a   business   man.    lie   rarely  agrees with the cabinet ministers in such  cases.    Were it not for the circumstance  that his chief object i.s to saddle the province with the co��t of building an expensive railway, IJ. P. Kithet's lead would be  a good one to follow.   ,But  if.Ilithet did  not have theBritish Pacific, axe to grind,  he would be too busy a niMii to mix himself up in politics.  ���   Mr. Kellie Makes a Good Talk.  Roth the members i'or West  Kootenay  took part in the debate.    The member for  the north  riding,  following  his custom,  launched out and spoke of many abuses.  Kellie i.s <a good talker, but the trouble  with him is that he considers his duty accomplished when he calls atlention to  to the abuses that exist. He gave chief  justice Davie a turn-over i'or his remarkable Paris Belle" decision. Like every  mining" man in the country. Kellie says  thatJ.)avie's interpretation of "mineral in  place'" is incorrect, and he asked the government to put an interpretation upon  the phrase, so that the legal minds ot tho.  province would understand it as men of  common sense do now. Mr. Kellie formally called (he attention of the attorney-  general to tlie fact that D. C. Corbin has  been, and continues to rob, the mineral  claims within the railway grant of the  timber thereon. The result of this will  be that when the mine owners wish louse  the timber for mining purposes they will  not be able to get it. Mr. Kellie spoke  also of the necessity of giving West Kootenay additional representation in the  house, and of appointing a capable man?  to fill the office at piesent occupied by  government agent Fit/.stubbs. It is not  likely that the government will pay the  slightest attention to the matters referred  to by Mr. Kellie, and despite this fact the  member for the north riding willcontinue  to give the Turner government a blind  support.   THE   MINERAL   OUTPUT   OP   1896.  The  IK!).).  ���1801!..  ���s  isi.oni)  ���s :iis,(i")ii  ��!..7;->  -T.OOU  "   17���">7;*>  151, tar  ���in.iiia  .���i:',iii;,"i  ���JII.3SI  '.'('(..(."S  ���>,-22:i,iior>  ���I.IKl-.'.T.'.J  Ill.dOii  I.VMO  jsi.siii.nim.  Sl.Slli.ll.V.  S    LSI.IIS.  s ;iii.!i-_'ii  Provincial Government Retirrns It as  Valued at $7,146,000.  In accordance with the resolution of .1.  M. Kellie. the government this week  brought down a return showing the mineral output of the province for the past  two years. The value of the precious  metals is set down at something over  $5,000,000, which, with the product of the  collieries-of'Vancouver Island, bring the  total up to $7,1-10,000. The precious metal,  output was from the following districts:  ���'������-���' IK!).-..  Cariboo ���   Cussiiir   Kootenai- Kiist      Ullooel  v.    ��� ������ ���i.   Yule .........  ������ .'....  ICoolenny -West   Oilier (listriet.s      Total .       I'Incur gold   -.'   In 1800 the,output of coal was 810,235  tons, valued at $2..'$27, H5. If premier  Turner's remarkable telegram to Nelson  had been true, the province would have  received $-12,31 1.75 upon the product of  these collieries, but as the telegram was  was not in accordance with fact, the province did not receive one cent.  The Rambler's Compressor Plant.  A.. L. McClaine, secretary of the Rambler <fc Cariboo Consolidated com pan j% has  returned to Kaslo, bringing with him the  estimates I'or the compressor plant which  the company proposes to install at the  mine. There will be a 50-horso power  tubular boiler, and a l-drill compressor  plant. The weight of ihe entire plant  will probably exceed 18,000 pounds. There  is a wagon road most of the way, and  transportation will be comparatively  cheap during the winter. The work at  the mine will be vigorously prosecuted.  A winze will be sunk on tiie ore chute,  which is three .and a half feet wide for  about fifty feet.  Railway Men Organize a Mining Company.  Porter Brothers, the well known railway contractors, Peter Larson and II. F.  Porter of this city have organi/.ed the  Granite Consolidated Mining Company  with a capital stock divided into 700,000  shares of the par value of $1 each, to take  over the Granite, CJrey Faglo and Little  Diamond mineral claims, situated close to  Paddy's Peak, owned by .James Dee, Joe  Cay/.a/.i, and IL 10. Porter. Two hundred  thousand shares will be placed in the  treasury and offered to the public at 10  cents per share.  RETURNED   PROM   THE   YUKON.  Duncan  Gillis, Formerly of Nelson, Arrives In  Victoria Prom Circl'e City.  Duncan   Gillis, formerly of Nelson, has  returned   to  Victoria   from   the   Yukon.  Gillis, in company with three companions,  made the trip from Circle City to Dyea, a  distance of about 1000 miles, on  foot with  the thermometer standing at -10 degrees  below zero.    He tells of the new discovery  on  the Klondike  river, a  branch  of  the  Yukon, some distance below 'Forty-mile,  ���in Canadian territory.    It is .regaided as  the greatest  find  yet made   in   Alaska.  'There   are about   1100 people,  including  natives, wintering iii the Birch Creek district, and   about 500 on   Forty-mile  and  Klondike.    Times are fairly good on  the  Yukon generally, although Circle City is  greatly   overdone.     The   most    pressing  needs of the country on the American side  is civil law of some sort.    Mob law now  prevails, and   the rankest injustices are  perpetrated..  A miners' meeting in Circle  City  is  a  farce, so  disreputable, and  so  disgusting that respectable citizens have  long ago ceased  to attend.    Tho  better  element wants civil law. and wants it bad.  On the Canadian side they have a government agent, backed by the mounted police,  and everything runs along smoothly and  satisfactorily.  Tho most interesting news is about the  wonderfully rich new diggings at Klondike. The camp was discovered in August  by Stick George, who panned $75 out of a  few sacks of dirt gathered on high river  rock. Prospectors flocked in every where.  On the surface colors were found, and  about 300 claims were located on Bonanza.  Creek. Gold in large paying quantities  wasi.struck wherever a hole was sunk.  Owing to the difficulties of hauling winter  supplies and building cabins, most of the  miners only had time to' prospect their  claims, but the results were most satisfactory. The pay-streak in one claim,  owned by M. IL Rhodes, is .thirty feet  wide and live feet deep, the gravel ranging from 10 cents on top to $40 to the pan  on bedrock, $03 being the most taken out  iu one par.  Fldorado, a. tributary of Bonanza, is  equally as rich, as much as $87 to the pan  having been taken out. Gold bottom and  Hunker also give promis-oof great returns.  Several hundred dollars were taken outof  the creek bottoms before winter set in.  It is-by far the greatest discovery ever  made iu Alaska, if not on the American  continent. Most of the claim owners are  new comers.  Dawson City, located at the mouth of  the Klondike, ten miles irom the diggings,  is the scene of great activity. Only-..three,'  months old, real estate is way up. Joe  Sadue, owner of the townsite, sawmill,  trading post and a number of claims, is  the busiest man on the Yukon.  Gillis had aninterview this week with  .L Fred Hume, M. P. P., John Houston,  and Charles Hillyer, and so favorably impressed were they with the future possibilities of the country, that they have decided to organize a steamboat company  and place a small boat upon the Yukon as  a general carrier.  TO  REG-ULATE   MINING-   COMPANIES.  INCORPORATION   PROCEEDINGS.  The   Provincial   Legislature   Has   Some Very  Good Provisions Before it.  The provincial government by proposed  amendments to the companies act is this  session seeking to safeguard the interests of the investors. It is a difficult subject to dispose of in such a manner that  investors may have reasonable safeguards  and that the mining industry be not unnecessarily hampered. Among the amendments proposed, was the following: "No  company formed under this act shall commence business unless ten per, cent of its  capital stock shall be paid up in cash, exclusive of any amount'payable otherwise  than in cash, and there has been filed  with the registrar a statutory declaration  by the secretary or one of the directors  that the above condition has been complied with.'' This amendment has not  been very favorably received, as it is tip-  parent that were it to become law, the  promoters of mining companies would require a considerable capital, ranging from  $100,000 down, before they couki commence work. For this reason it is quite,  likely that its requirements will be very  much softened if indeed it is not altogether withdrawn.  The best amendment iu'the bill is that  which requires that every foreign coin-  shall have a registered ollice in British  Columbia, and shall register the name of  its agent or manager. That all companies  will be compelled to prepare and publish  a balance sheet once a year, showing receipts and expenditures for the year previous. These balance sheets are to be  very complete in detail. There should be  no objection to an amendment of this  character. It i.s one of the best safeguards  which can be thrown around investors.  Another very good amendment is that  which brings all foreign companies practically within the scope of the provincial  acts. It provides that: "No act, matter,  or disposition or thing made, done or executed by a foreign company, although  valid by the laws of said foreign country  or state under which it is incorporated,  or permissable under its original corporate powers, shall be oi any force or effect  unless such act, mailer, disposition entiling be within the rights, powers and  privileges, and according to the manner  exercisable by companies under this act."  These are the main features of the bill,  and they are commendable.  The People of Nelson will Ask the Government to Grant a Liberal Franchise.  The public meeting held Wednesday  evening to discuss the franchise and other  matters in connection with the contemplated incorporation of the town of Nelson, was one of (he'most representative  meetings ever held in, Nelson, and for a  largo meeting, was wonderfully unanimous. R. 10. Lemon was elected chairman,  and 10. C. Pace secretary. Tho report of  J". A. Gibson was read, giving an account  of the disbursements of the committee,  and the progress made in the matter of  incorporation. This was adopted, and  Messrs. A. C. Buchanan, IL 10. Lemon,  James Lawrence, John lOlliot, and John A.  Turner were added to the incorporation  committee.  The burden of the discussion fell to the  lot of W. A. McDonald. John A. Turner,  Dr. 1.0. C. Arthur, Harold Selous. II. 10.  Croasdaile and Frank Fletcher. The first  matter to be taken up was the area which  should be included within the corporate  limits, and after a short discussion, it was  decided to re quest for the incorporation of  the irovernment townsite and tlie whole of  Addition A. The question as lo the extent  of.the franchise was not settled so quickly,  as more or less confusion existed as to  what power was vested in the franchise  in municipal matters.  W. A. iVIaedouald moved that for the  first election following incorporation, the  franchise should be exercised by owners  ofrealestateandtho.se who paid an annual rental of $00, provided they were  British subjects by birth or naturalization, tind had resided iu the town for  three months prior to the date of election.  He said he knew that such a franchise  was a very liberal one, but he was of the  opinion that it would be unwise for the  older residents to so restrict the franchise  that the many who had but recently  taken up their residence in the town  would be deprived of the privilege of having a voice in the selection of the first  municipal council.  Frank Fletcher moved an amendment  to the motion of Mr. Macdonald, requiring  a twelve months residence and an annual  rental of $120 iu the case of tenants. This  amendment was more nearly in conformity with the Municipal Flections A.cc with  respect to the necessary period of residence, but required just double the rental  required of a householder by the same  ���avt..- - _  Harold Selous supported the amend ment  in a series of speeches, the greater number of which were replied to by W. A.  Macdonald. A compromise was finally  reached by Macdonald amending his  motion so that a householder was required  to pay $120 per annum to be entitled to  vote, and the supporters of Fletcher's,  amendment in turn accepted the three  months residence. In this shape the'mo-.,  tion was carried unanimously.  II. 10. Croasdaile then made" a motion  to.the effect that a three-fifths vote of  property owners be necessary to .secure  the passage of money by-laws.  This was not acceptable to the meeting  and the mover offered to ameud it, to require a three-fifths vote' of the resident  property owners. On the suggestion of  W. A.-Macdonald, the motion was made  to read so that such by-law would be  subject to the provisions of the Municipal  Clauses Act, 1800. This was carried unanimously.  Section 70 of this act sets out: "In city  " municipalities no by-law to which the  "assent of the electors is necessary, be-  " fore the final passing thereof, shall be  "' valid or of any effect unless the vote'  "polled in favor thereof be at least a  " three-fifths majority of' the votes  " polled."  Dr. Arthur then moved a resolution  requesting the provincial government not  to grant any further concessions to any  existing nor contemplated water companies in view of.the probable immediate  incorporation of the city. Tiie resolution  aimed particularly atv'those who are attempting to secure the water of Anderson  creek for the purpose of supplying the  town with water. The resolution was  seconded by John A. Turner, and was  carried unanimously.  The meeting broke up with three cheers  for the new city of Nelson that .is to be.  SOME   BOGUS   DELEGATES.  NIII..-MX, Koli. Hi. - |S|if��-iul.|- An iiiiporlanl iiicijliiiii of  property owners was licM lu.-.t piglit to lii'iilest against n  propos'-d'-lnnse in Mil! incorporation 1,ill, liy wliicli tin-  t'fji in-li is<- is In .he extended lo . lI I liriti-li male snl>.it.-'-K  \\-lii. iiiii.v linvo resided in town i'or three moid li-. in-i.-���  peclive of llie i|ii(.stinii whel lier I liey liold properly or  nut. A Iclegrnin io tin1, iilloriicy-jr'-ii'.Tiil was di-ni'leil  cililiiul.. ill),' t In: f��nv.-tf<.111(-T ai'nl Meggies Mm gin orninenl to  liiki- no i'tii-1 hoi- pioreediiigs until I no dc legale., appoint -  cd liy Miis inert ing luivi. had t inn: to ri.iii.li Vii.toriii and  iniiki- l.li-.ii- views known. II I-:. (.'roa-ilni!e, p-m-nil  ninniigi.r ol' tin.- Mull Mini.-!--, limited, and .1. Itnd.-i'i'-k'  linlii'i-tsnn, general manager of Mil! London ,v llrili.-li  ('oliimhin ���Gold i-'i-.-ld.-. limited, won: nppniiiti-il delrgairs.  Mr. liolii-rt.-on left, for Vii-loi-in Ihi- morning and Mr.  Croasdaili! will Iran: in n day or two. Tin; mi-i-litii;  u hirli appointed Mc-m-.-. HiiiiHoii. Klliol. and Hillyer,  now iii Victoria, was no means represent at ivc of properly holders.  The above is a lying dispatch which appeared in Monday's issue of the I.ossland  Miner. 'The,man who wrote it evidently  trots with the small clique in Nelson who  suffer from the hallucination of the three  London tailors-, and imagine themselves  the people of Nelson. The meeting w. ich  appointed John Houston, John Fliott,  and Charles Hillyer as delegates was a  representative meeting of property owners, and a clique did not control it. If at  an underground meeting Messrs. Croasdaile and lioliertson were appointed delegates, few of t he people of Nelson knew  anything about it. In any event neither  of the alleged dclegares repre-ent the people of Nelson and when in Victoria they  will   have  only the  standing of  private  ���Not.-:: The foundation for the report  was a telegram sent by St. Barbe opposing certain features and asking for for a  stay till certain  people  reached Victoria.  To Work  the Briggs Brothers* Property.  .Fourteen claims or thereabouts, controlled by the Briggs" Brothers, and situated on the south fork of Kaslo creek,  will betaken over by two companies'recently'organized ��� in Spokane. The one is  the Slocan-Liberiy Hill Mining Company  with a capital stock of $1,200,000, and the  other I he Trust Mining Company with a  capital of $.".0,000. it has not been learned  here how the claims .ire divided between  the companies.  Dave Bremner May Have a Claim.  There is said to be a further claimant to  the property at the mouth of Schroeder  creelc. concerning which there is likely to  be legal trouble. It is now claimed that  the .property was purchased from the  government by David Bremner under the  land law of ISO!, and was surveyed by  his direction.  The Swede's Mine is Shipping.  The owners of the "Swede's claims" on  the south fork of Kaslo creek began raw-  hiding on Monday last, and will .Jiip a  carload of high-grade ore as soon as it can  be gotten to the railway. It is expected  that the shipment will return an average  as-ay of considerably over 22.1 ounces.  Dardanelles Stock Brinffs 20 Cents.  The only block of Dardanelles stock  which has been upon the local market for  some time consisted of ���'.000 shares, which  was quickly taken at 20 cents a share.  There were several parties anxious to  secure it.  citizens, it is not likely that any such  appointments were made, i'or the. reason  that II. 10. Croasdaile attended a public  meeting of the citizens of Nelson after the  alleged appointments were made, and he  did not mention t he circumstance that he  was a delegate. The corre--pondentol' the  Hossland Miner would . make it appear  (hat; II. 10. Croatia ilk was trying to give  the citizens of Nelson the double cross  and no doubt owes Mr. Croasdaile an  apology.         '___    OUTLINE   OP, THE   BIL.I..  It   will   Not   Be   Ready   For   the   House   Till  Monday  Afternoon,  Vktokia, B. C, Feb. Hl.-|Special]~ The  bill  incorporating  tie, towns of Nelson,  Hossland,   and   Grand    Forks    was   not  brought in today, o.ving to protests from  St. Barbe and others at N'elson, and  telegrams from Rossland.    Opposition to the  Nelson bill also comes from F. S. Barnard,  of the  Consumer's    Water   Works' company,   who  wants   the   incorporation  of  Nelson delayed until his water company  is guaranteed immunity from competition  from  city   water   works.     The  bill   will  probably  be  brought down on Monday.  Although   printed  copies cannot be  obtained until introduced in house, the main  provisions of the bill are said to be:   The  city to work under the Municipal Clauses  Act after January 1st next.    All  British  subjects   who  have  resided   within   the  boundaries of proposed city, will be given  the right to   vole at the  first   election.  The qualification for mayor requires that  the candidate be the registered owner of  one thousand dollars real estate, or ��� two  thousand   leasehold:   for   aldermen,   five  hundred real estate, or one thousand leasehold.   The bill will give the corporation  of N'elson power to issue debentures up  to $50,000 for public works, and  the.corporation  will   be allowed 75 per cent of  taxes i'or   1S')7.    The   boundaries of the  city as at present defined, tire the lines of  Lot 05, Group I.    Kootenay county  will  doubtless be made a laud registry district,  with registry oflicc at Nelson.    Hossland  will likely get a supreme court registrar.  Constable .Miles has been dismissed and  llobert Wiuerals appointed in his stead.  Government agent Fitzstubbs went direct  to San Francisco, so did deputy registrar  Gii'fin.  The bill to correct the most remarkable  'Clerical error" on. recorn, which appeals  in the British Columbia Southern railway  land grant act, passed its second reading  this afternoon. The land grant by the  amending bill, only goes to sections A and  B of the proposed railroad. Colonel  Baker, in the discussion upon the bill,  admitted that the railway charter had  been sold to a. syndicate.-There'.is a  strong opposition iu the legislature this  session to all blanket water right bills.  .Judge.Forin. was. hauled over the coals  for asking for and getting $800 extra  compensation   for  acting as   stipendiary  magistrate.   St. Barbe Says He is not Opposing-.  To tiik IOditou oi* Tin-: Tuiiu;.\*K: lam  informed that a telegram has been received from Mr. Houston stating that I  am opposing incorporation of Nelson. I  beg to state that Mr. ilruston must have  been misinformed as I am doing nothing  of the kind, and the statement as given  to me is entirely without foundation.  Ciiaui.k.s St. Bauhk.  THEY  SHIRK  THEIR  TAXES.  The Dunsmulr Iniluence is Strong- Enough to  . Evade tho Payment of Taxes.  The provincial government has declared  its intention of amending the Mineral  Act so that the men employed in aud  around the precious metal mines for wages,  shall not be obliged to pay the present  tax' of five dollars per annum for the  privilege of working. Tiik Tiiimwi-. has  contended for years that this tax was an  unjust trade tax, and the government iu  repealing it, so far as it applies lo mere  miners and laborers working in the mines  for wages, is only giving the people of the  miningdistricts tardy "justice. There is yet  another inequality in the matter of mining taxation which the government.if it  were honest, would seek to remedy. The  burden of taxation is borne by the precious metal mines, while the coal barons  of Vancouver Island so control legislation  as to practically evade all taxation whatever. The one mining district of West  Kootenay paj'S about five times the  combined taxes of the three coal mining  districts of Comox, North Nanaimo and  South Nanaimo on Vancouver island.  The reason for this is that the Dunsmuir  interests are affected by tlie rate of taxation in these three districts. The Duns-  niuirs hired men and relatives sit in the  legislature, and that proportion of their  tax which they evade is forced upon the  mining interests of West Kootenay.  The public accounts for the liscal year  ending June .'.0th. 1S00, show that during. .  that period the district of West Kootenay  contributed $08,707.51 under the following  heads, which affect mining property directly or indirectly:  WliST  ICOOTKXAV -���  Miner's licenses  .Sni.721 (��  Mining receipts, general     .'.l.:_l.*i I! JIW.'JCG III  l.cal property lux      I'ci'aonal property lux -.    .  Mineral Lux   Total     iliS.707 51  The returns from the three districts  above mentioned under these heads, are  given for comparison:  C'O.MO.V   -  Miner's lic-cn-e.--   Mining  receipts, general    .  Koiil properly tux   I'cisoiml property lax   Noutii X...\'.\imo  -  Miner's licenses   Mining receipts, general   Ileal properly tax   i'L-1'.-.otiiiI property tax   Soctii Nanaimo-  Miner's licenses   Mining receipts, general ...  Heal properly lax   Per.-oii.-il properly tax   Total for Hi reed i-lricls iiniler tlic-e heads jln.'.ll'J (��.i  The increase in revenue from the district of West Kootenay for the last fiscal  year was $.'31,510.4.7. The increase from  the combined districts of Comox,.North  Nanaimo, aud South Nanaimo was $1,-  .721.0(5. These three districts are the great  coal mining districts of Vancouver Island,  in which, according to the last report of  the ��� minister of mines, there were 278-1  men employed. The same report stated  that during that year the output of the  mines was !).'.0.(551 tons of coal. These  collieries, as part of their equipment,  have nearly-.SO miles of railway with 15  locomotives, and over 000 cars, together  with very valuable plants. ! As the three  districts show an aggregate gain of less  than $2000 over the previous year, the  amounts which these collieries will contribute to the public treasury in taxes  will be about the same as in 180195. In  this year the assessment roles showed  that the collieries contributed the following amounts:  X._w Vanioi. vi:u C'o.w. C'h.mi-anv -  Meal properly tax S I.S!>'> '(.'i  Personal property tax     1.21.7 .V)  ;\:m ,i:i  -J.OIl) .V.  7.l"(. II  :.ui in   .  ..ni in  *    :',:.<is 17  .  m; tij  S :i.yi.". 12  S     70j (Kl  l'.IJ 0(1  -  :i,i-.'���-' i:i  i.j>77 1:1  S fi,l!)l :'.0  .<   -jio mi  117 .'D  i mi; iii  S18 U-.'  f .���i.^i.'l 117  ?���':��,is". .Vi  nr.VS.MlIU  (..OI...II.IH-.S. ���  Nanaimo ami Comox. Ktc.  Ilenl property tax  .* l.i'Kl'.'H  Personal property lax       I.o-'- '.'>     '   # _.,7t*0' '1-  Total from eoinbincil collieries     ...is 5,!'.i0 17  I'nder the amendment to the assessment  act, as passed last session, the owners of  the Slocan Star mine in the Slocan. are  now paying over $100 per month in taxes,  the same being one per ceil t upon the value  of the output of their mine. Their taxes  under this head' will exceed $5000 per  annum, or within $1000 of the combined  taxes of all the coal mines on Vancouver  Island. Is it not time that the people of  British Columbia resented this Dunsmuir  influence, and turned its servants out of  the legislature? They stand in the way  'of equal representation so that they can  maintain a system grossly incqual  taxation.  ORE   SHIPMENTS   FOR   THE   WEEK.  During  the past   week there  were en-,  leredat the port of Nelson for export ore  and matte to the value of $!25,'!<)M:  ML'1.1.1 ON   AND   MATTK.  Pounds.  Trail -iiii-IUt    litl.tWli  Mall Mines smelter. Nelson, inatli'...;   77..V/0  OKK. Approximate  Tons.          Value.  Payne mine. Sloi-an  2'M  Kooleiiiiy Ore Company. Kn-|o.        .. I.V!  l.uiiilili'r mine .Slocan      :���-.'  K'-co mine, Sloi-aii  '.v\  Wliile wnler mint.. Sloi-an    '...... l.i  I.o I!oi mine. I'o.-slaii'l  l.iiiil  .Ininlio mine. Mif^lanil      . -H  O Is mini', llo-slnnd  ii  .lo.-ic. lio-sliunl  I'JI  liiilliigliC't- niiiiu. Ainswortli  !;">  No. 1 'mine. A in. wort li  Hi  Total for week    Total mi far I'or'���'elirtmry.. .  Total so far for 1S!i7   ...   ���_'.:.Ill S1-.'"..!K��  .   inn ?ils,!Ui  $l._!l.'.:i!.U'  m  Rambler Stock Advances Steadily.  Latest sales of Humbler and Cariboo  stock have been at 55 cents, which is an  advance of considerably more than 100  per cent upon the rate at which they  were originally placed upon the market.  Continuous shipments of high-grade ore  are being made.  :!*^  . "i i'-.-i.   :      ,i   --   j,.tf,. . ':   i. -.    t  ���-*.- -�����",I*."_.'J". ��     ���   ..     ���* - ���  .it in, '.'j;, '-... vv r,'   !������   i-  ii   ���.������j'.-.1 _����������..._* ,i in. - ���  .���- V  ���.. ��� -���*> -r.'A.   . n �������.   h-: .- j"    .><,.   i      .  o i ���    ������   , ���   .:��, ��� _��������,  ���" ��� i, '��� ���_>��� '-.-,-���.��.,��� It .1, .-���- ,',  -fi   1 : I- >      ���   1..�� ' ���*  .-,��� rir. /_�����.���   ���   ' r-.-*'   -1. is   . __.  -.���.<.'��>���   1 ������    i.   '-  -^f ���itr ,   ��� 1 -1��-. ��� ~^i��- _��-.i.i."- "���*___!-. . __.  .   ���   ���!-���   ���-.   .'   . K l  ���'.��������� i.   ���"_> .,.1 TIIE  TRIBUTE:   NELSON,  B.C., SATURDAY,   FEBIUMRY 20,   I.W.
THK TRTnUN'l-; is mi! ills hod on Saturdays, by Tiik
'fitlHCNK l'Cl'l.lsillNii l.'o.Ml'ANV, and will lie mailed
to -,iil_-...ritK.rs on piiyine.nl nl' 'I \vu D'ii.1. Hi. ;i yi.ar.
N'n -.'.lb.-oriplioii taken for le--. than a yav.
ni'.UU'l.Al. .VI)VKIM'U'i;.',l:-:.\'i'.S primed ul Mir following rale-.: One iie-ii. .-:.;;, ji-ur: I wo inehe.-,
$(j!) a vear: three iiir-'.ic- •>'! a, yen-; four inuhes,
Sfti a year: live inchc-.. $:''.*i a year: mx incliur. anil
over, at Llie rale of S\..Vi an inch per month.
TiiANSIKNT ADVKiiTlSK.MKN'i'S :_') ccnU :i line for :
lii-M, ill-union and in cents a line for eaeii additional i
in-'ji-tion.   V'i'-ih.  mat-riaicc. and <ieai.li   notice.- fine.
LOC.VI. Oil P.i:A!>l\"G JIA'.TKIi NO'i'llJKS ij cents a
line I'scli in.-ertion.
JOn 1'RINTI.N'G at. lair rates. Ail account.-, for job
printing and advcrlHn^ payable on the lirst of
every month: -nb-eriplion, in advance.
_\IH)!t.-_Sri all eomiuunieations to
THK Tr.li.UKK, Xcl«.on. V.. C.
LaBAU,  M.U.—I'lij-Muum and Surgeon.   Kooms 'A
ami 1 Migclow hloe.k. Nelson.  Tt'lepiionc l'J.   Ollice
hours from 1 to 2:'M \>. in. iintl (_::_n to S p. in.
JI. II. .SY.MONDS, M.D.. CM..-- Physician and Surgeon.    Ollice in the l.calcy building, Wc-sl. UaUer
street, Nelson.
Oliiee in
T   _."'. 1UTOIUI-:, Provincial Land Surveyor.
"J •    llitehie. huikiing. Uo.-v-land, li. (J.
.1. II. HOLM IvS, C. ]•:.- Provincial Land Sum.} or.
I'. O. box .a, Kaslo, H. U.
0. UWIIjI.IM, U.A.Se. ,\: W.
--Hilling    l-aigineers   and
Slocan City, li. C.
Analytical   (.'hernials.
>. I'.l.KOX' 1,01)01'., NO. _.':., A. K. ic A. M. Moots
second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning
brethren invited.
Your  Shoe   Dealer for  the  Famous
.  ..I-'KI.UKARV -JH. IS...
Tin-: provincial governnieivt has adopted
a commendable course in deciding to lake
up the matter of the incorporation of the
city of jSTelson.    The  existing  conditions
are such that without government assistance iu this matter, the people ol Nelson
would be deprived of the right of self-
government in local a flairs, aud the present 'unsatisfactory   condition   of  things
would be continued for several years.    Of
the area which it is proposed to incorporate, (he greater part is vested in the name
of the Canadian Pacific Railway company
and  the owners of the   Innes   addition.
Hundreds of purchases have been   made
from these large owners, and substantial
improvements   placed   upon   (he lots so
purchased, but iu nearly every case the
property was purchased on time, and the
linal payments not being due, the title to
tlie property is still  vested in  the names
of the vendors.    Although practically llie
owners  of realty,  these  residents  could
not.sign the required petition for incorporation, and without them ii. is doubtful
if sufficient property qualifications could
bo got upon a petition to offset the valtus
represented     by    non-resident    owners.
..Municipal autonomy is .just as necessary
to the city of Nelson as is provincial autonomy to the province of British Columbia.    There   is   an  absolute  necessity  in
Nelson   for  a sewerage system, a water
system,  street improvements and  other
public works, and there i.s no manner in
which   these  works   can   be carried out
satisfactorily other  than by means of incorporation.. liy granting the people of
Nelson     self-government,     a     necessary
measure will   be conceded  and   much  of
the cause of friction between  the people
of Nelson and the provincial government
will be removed.
Tiik  legislature on   Wednesday afternoon, opposed the resolution of Adams of
Cariboo, which  requested   the   Dominion
government to place an export duty on
Hritish Columbia ores, and the mover was
prevailed upon to wit:*draw the same.   It
was an unfortunate thing'that the member.--of the legislature could   not see this
'matter in a different light.    The general
idea appeared to be that' the mineral development of the country was not sufficiently   advanced   for   such   a   measure.
Colonel Baker, as  minister of mines, opposed   the  resolution  on  these grounds,
and the free ttadcrs opposed it on general
'principle.'.    The   late   of   the   resolution
will be pleasant reading to  the'managements of American  railroads aud American .smelters, for the reason that to a certain extent, the ligisluturo  is representative   of   the   province.    The    legislature
having   practically   declared, against an
export duty, there is not much  hope that
tiie federal government, opposed as it is
to taxes of the kind, can lie prevailed to
go behind its expression of opinion.  Since
it took the  upper country  press several
years to convince the government that its
miner's tax upon.'men working for wages,
was unjust, it  could  hardly be expected
that the same  men would readily accept
the proposition of tin export duty upon
ore. '_
Tin-; sennit; of the Tinted States, by a
vote of-il lo*!l, has passed the new immigration bill with (lie Corliss amendment,
which was inserted for i he purpose of
striking  at a   few   Canadians   who   have
American   towns
been employed in
along the border, while living on the
Canadian side, if president Cleveland
has any respect for the good  name of the
Cnited States, he will veto the bill. It
would be a lasting disgrace upon a country
so great as the I'nited States, to pass so
narrow a measure. Such legislation is out
of joint with tlie civilization of the day.
That it should proceed from a republic
professing lo love liberty, is a circumstance which Canadians can hardly understand. The 'effect of it cannot be estimated by lumping together the few jobs
which Canadians will lose when it becomes
operative. 11 will mean that two coun-
, tries, which have been on very good terms
before,its passage, will come very near to
hating each other. The Corliss amendment reads:
.Section I. Th,u it-hall lierc.'ifler lie unlawful for any
iiiiilu alien who has not in jjooil faith made his declara-
lio'i before a proper court of hi- intention to become a
citizen of llie l.'nileit Slates lo be employed on any public
work-- of the Tinted .States, or lo come regularly or habitually into the United Slates by land or water for the
purpose of en^ii^iiiK in any mechanical Irade or manual
labor for wattes or .-alary, returning: from lime io time to
a foroiKn ctiuiil ry.
Section,). That, il'slnill be unlawful for any person,
partnership, company or eorporation kiio'.viiiKly to employ any alien coming into the failed Slates in violation
ol'lhe next pret-edii'K section of ihi* act : provided, that
the ])i-ovi.-.ion of Ihi.-ael, .-hall not apply lo the employment of .-ailor.-i. dock hand.-; or other employes of vessels
or railroad train hands, such a- eondueLors,>entfincor.s,
boakonioii, liremen or biiKK'iKcinuii whose duties require
them to pass over the I'ronlii;)- lo roach llie termini of
their run-:, or to boatmen or guides on the lakes and
river- on tho northern border of the United Slates.
When this becomes law it will be the
duty of the Canadian government to pass
just such a measure against citizens of the
I'nited States, and at the same time citizens of the republic should be deprived
of every privilege in Canada which is not
extended to Canadians in the Cnitcd
Slates.' The l.'nited States may pinch a
few Canadians along the eastern border,
but in the west the Canadians have much
the best end of the stick. Throughout
this province, heretofore,.citizens of the
I'nited States have been permitted every
privilege, except the franchise in provincial and federal elections, despite that republic's mean-spirited alien labor bill; but
there is a limit to indulgence. The
good old policy of an eye for an eye is
good enough for Canada. Jt" the United
States wishes to be nnneighborly, the Dominion will jog along without its good-
fellowship.    .
Tin-: action of the government this week
in announcing that it would repeal the
miner's license tax of $o per annum, in so
fur as it applied to men working around
the precious melal mines for wages, illus-
e Crow's F
liway am
arc to be built during llie year
1897. Construction work lias
already commenced on tbe last
named. These two roads with
the Iwo already having* term in-
als at Nelson will make Nelson
the railway center of Southern
British Columbia. Real estate
in railway centers rapidly increases in value— -often more
rapidly than slocks in undeveloped mines -and Nelson will
be no exception. The following* described properly is choice
and the prices such as lo insure
purchasers   against
losing:       '
-Hixl-Ju feet, on   Hiker street,
ollice ImildiiiK.   Terms S*>,-_..i<l
.Mixl_.il feet on   Vernon street, with '..-story
biisiiie-s tilock.   Terms    ;'«,il".0
'_'.->nI__i 1 feel on Vernon street (a corner) with
improvements.   Terms       I,(Hit)
linixlai feet, on Vernon .-tree! (a corner) with
improvements.   Terms.   a,(KM
.illxi_.li fret at. corner of Ward and Hoover
si reels, with lu-rooiu dwelling house. All
modern convenience.-.   Terms   .l./iOO
i'lXlliO feel on Victoria .-t i-cei, with 2-stnry
dwelling.    Terms   --'.(lOO
IK.xl-jn feet on Victoria street, with cottaije
■Terms   •WHO
•_';..\-l_.() feet, corner Victoria, and llendryx
streets.   Terms ... -   ■•      HaO
An iintlividedone-lbird inlcrest, in the town-
site of Silverton, on Slnuiin hike.   Terms. .81,00(1
An  undivided one-fourth interest in Trout
Lake City  lowii.-.ile, in l.ardcnu district,
Ollice:   Corner V
Ward si reels,
[.rnoii ami
Nel-on, II.
trales the value of persistent agitation.
Several years ago Tin-: TitiiU'XK was alone
in denouncing this tax as imposed upon
working  miners,   but one after another,
the other newspapers took the matter up.
until  this  session  the   government   was
forced   to   promise   that   the   trade   tax.
would   be   repealed.     The   next   reform
which the provincial government will be
forced to consider, will be tho equalization
of taxation with respect to precious metal
and coal mines.    As a subject for taxation
the coal mines oceupj' precisely the same
position which the  precio'us metal mines
occupied   last session, when the government imposed its tax of one per cent upon
their output. ' The crown had absolutely
alienated the precious metals in the mines
of   West   Kootenay  when  it'imposed  its
tax upon their output.    It'can now adopt
the same course with  respect to the coal
ininesof Vancouver Island---!I'its members
are not owned  by nor controlled  by the
UnnsMiuirs.    J t is an 'absurd position for
even the provincial government lo take,
that ;m individual Slocan  mine—the Slocan   Star—shall   be   calied   upon  to  pay
yearly taxes aggregating  the total taxes
paid by all  the collieries  on  Vancouver
Island.    These coal   mines  employ  some
27SI  hands, including Chinese anil Japanese.    Had   they   been   working   in   the
mines of Kootenay, they would have contributed $1.'V.)'20 to the provincial treasury
in   miner's  licenses,   but   on   Vancouver
Island they did not pay one cent.   These
collieries last year turned out SKi.2'-.". tons
of coal, valued at $2.0*27,1-1.'..    If the government collected a tax of one per cent
upon it, these collieries would have contributed $23,271 to the treasury, but they
did not contribute  one cent .under this
head.    I f the telegram of premier Turner,
that there was a tax of ■". cents a ton on
coal  mined, was  honest,  these  collieries
would have paid $-12,*Jl 1.73: but it was not
true,    if the coal  mines were treated  in
the same way as the precious metal mines,
they  would  have contributed 837,1..M   in
taxes upon last years working.    As it i.s,
they contributed only $(.000.
Laid up for Repairs.
ICx-constable John Miles, who was lined
$20 aud costs last week for beating a decrepit, hotel porter named Cowgill, had a
dose of his own medicine 011 Monday.
Miles started bullying a man at the Stanley flense, and received a most artistic
beating, which will keep him off the
streets for several days.
Will start about March 151I1
with about double its former
eapacitv in all departments.
70,000 feet o:
tract for earlv delivery
Ioq*s under con-
The Planing Mill
and Factory
Is now miming full time under the management
of (!. K. Doty, a competent draiu'lilsnian and
mechanic who will furnish special d.-awmgs free
of charge.
New Designs
Iu house interiors, ollice and store (ixtures, dado
work, mantles, brackets, mouldings, hook cases,
fill-nil lire, turnings, carving, grill work, and band
sawing. Orders for nil such work executed in an
artistic manner.
One Car Glass
Direct from liclgium expected this mouth, ltough
and dressed lumber, lath--, el.-., always in flock.
Two Cars Sash
and Doors	
Vard and branch otliee foot of llendryx  Street
N*'""g. 0. BUCHANAN
The business centre for the rich
.mines on Springer Creek'and
Slocan Lake. This is one of
the richest districts in British
It   not a  very  pleasant   sensation   lo.lhe   person  with a  well-balanced   head,   but
nearly   everyone
soaps.     There, is
than  any  soap o
can   appreciate   the
a well   selected stocks kind  in   Koolen,
advantage   of  usino-   none- but   yood
k   of  imported   toilet   soaps,   marked
*iv,   at the
Nothing1 succeeds like success;
tout success cannot toe had
unless the people
in the town help each other.
Those who  were in   business
in Nelson in the
Years 1893 and 1S94-
and escaped a debtors' prison,
deserve success
It might be well  to  add that
of late "drummers"
for eastern clothing- firms
have given this
section of Kootenay the go-by
No better evidence
could be wanting that
we are giving our patrons the
best of satisfaction
Capital 31,500,000.
MINERS! Yott oan make use of water
Head Offices   I oronto, Ontario.
lower 50 miles from your mines with our system
We can also sell you complete telephone outfits and install them
British Columbia Branch Offices      . gSK1n™.xr        Frank Darling, Kootenay Agent
per cent better than any other make of healer      The Woh.-ter SyMoin of Healing with  Kxhaust. Steam relieves
'I'hi' Mur.-o Valve llc-onler will reseat any i-iylo of valve without removing valve
hack pressure on engine
Darling Bros, Adjustable Pipe Cutter Guts Pipe, any metai, 3-4 to 24 inches in diameter
{...reel Hydrant.;. Hale Valve-. Pipe. C're. i.-enl. Drill Steel. Wire Hope
Office, Hodg'ins building, naxt Pliair, Hotel, Nelson
l-'reight and Pa.»-.eiiycr I01evalor.-.
Write FRANK DARLING, Sole Agent for British Columbia
1436 Front Street   KASLO
Stoves, Tinware,
6341 Silver Street, SANDON,
Agents for Canadian Rand Drill Company,
Gurney-Tilden Stoves and Ranges.
t_3__2-_fa   fsssnssa
*ars of
Suits ;
Kiln-dried arid other Lumber
can now 'be obtained at the
yard; also Sashes, Doors, Veranda and Newel Posts, Base
and Corner Blocks, Brackets,
Balusters, Mouldings, Etc.,
Etc.,  at lowest prices.
The iinilui-Kitjiicil Ijejj to announce tliaL they have opened
a liakery ill. I lie. corner of .lo.-cphiiic and Latimer
streets and will he pleased lo secure a portion of the
|)iit.romij?c of the people of Xelson.
Bo Boys:   The Tribune pay 25 cents per
Mrs.    Morley   is   prepared    to
receive, pupils for piano, violin
or organ
For terms
\pply lo Tlioni'.-oii Stationery Co.. Ltd., N'elson
 m -m- J_i _»__.___■ iij__h , I_jl-4it_jalfcr_-l *jc_n gjWi majPiflfgi^iiyhEM ■ _5 ■   J    ■ THE  TKIBUXR:   XHLSOX,   13. 0.,  SATURDAY,   FEBRUARY   *l,   1X07.  Capital, alV��id.  Best,    -    -  air DONALT)  lion.  (*r_0.  A,  A.  SMITH,'   nUU^L.MONU,..  K. S. CLOUSTOX..  $12,000,000  6,000,000   President  ..>. Vice-President   General Manager  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.        IJIt.V.VCHI.S  IN       LONDON   (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO,  and in the principal cities in Canada.  liny and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable /I'ransfers  GI.AN".   COM.MI-.KCI VL AM) TKAVKLLKItS' CHI'.l. I'l'S,  available in ,my part of the world.  nuAK'rs igsuKD   cm.i.i-crio.vs maul.; i;tc.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  RATE OF INTICRI'.ST (at present) I. l*er Cent.  THE   RIVER   OF   UNTRUTH.  A cross Arizona  ;i   great   tn-tory,  Down   from   the  walled   canyons  ph._n��,    comes  (implies info it  1'i'oiu cast to west, like  (lows 'llie (iihi river,  north, through high-  and over sun-baked  the IlMSsayampa and  There  is  an odd  tradi-  \  lion connected with the llas'-ayamp.t. It  is that he who drinks ot the water will  never thereal'ter be able to tell the truth.  Some years ago, C.eorge Washington  Thompson, a most carefully reared and  altogether exemplary young man, came  to California from an eastern state. He  came Cor the purpose of making his fortune. Previous to his coming to (Juliforum, and. in fact, for .sometime thereafter,  (ieorge Washington Thompson had never  heard of the J tassayampa ri vet'. In choosing the mining company promotion business as an occupation, Air. Thompson was actuated more, perhaps, by the  thought that he could thus achieve sooner  the goal of his ambition, than by the  loftier thought of the good lie might do  the mining interests of the great and  growing west. But lie was young aud  lired by all those various desires which  crowds the minds of the young.  II is first von! ui e in the mining com pan y  pi'omotion business was also his last one.  He secured an option upon some very  promising claims in Arizona. Some  wealthy men in Los Angeles under the  .spell oi" his glowing out hu-*iasm, having  joyfully con-enteil to back him, he set  out upon the journey to Arizona to examine the property and report to his  backei"--.  Chance threw Ceorge Washington  VTIiompaon into (he company ol'an elderly  cattleman    from   the   Aravaip.i   country  Angole-..    They  iit   i,ho smoker.  soon   after   he  occupied   the  1 left  Los  same scat  for the young man because he .smoked the  cigars ,\\ Inch the train-boy had for sale.  .(George bought six of these alleged cigars,  for which be paid a half-dollar, aud.gave  one to the cattleman. The cattleman  lighted it, heroically stayed by it for  ��� three puffs and one profuse expectoration  and then tossed it out of the window.  ''.'However did ye git imbued with the  notion that this yere pertie'ler slice of  coyote pasture needed disinfection "J" he  asked. ���'  George looked at the massive shoulders  and square turned jaw of the cattleman,  and decided that if any insult was intended, by this remark it was not intended for  him bub for the train-boy. So he overlooked it very kindly and told the cattleman all about himself and his 'mining  company promotion venture. The cattleman had taken a pipe, and some tobacco  from his -.pocket, and the smoke seemed to  soothe him, so that he was able.to curb a  strong desire to throw George out of the  window.  "Assuuiin" that I git ye correct interpreted," he finally observed, "you'll eventually round up, ] opinion, somewhere  up'n th' llassayampa country, eh? That  the idea? You'll observe the lay-out con-  cern'm' some likely prospects i'er mineral,  with the intention of dickerin' of 'em to a.  (lock, o'tenderfeet, up in the city, ef I'm  follerin' yer conversational .trail 'any ways  close. Do I seem to git my brand on your  plan all proper?" ,  . "1 think so���yes, I am almost sure you  'do," replied"George 'Washington  Thompson, wishing  that  he  had  at least some  sort of an idea of what his companion was  talking about.  "Roped yer notion the first throw, did  ] ? Ever infested them parts to any  alarmin' extent afore?"  **I don't think i understand," said  George.    ''Possibly you mean "  "()b, you lose my trail, eh? "Well, don't  let me stampede ye none, but, without  intendin' no insult an' feelin' all friendly-  like, seein'as how you've recent struck  this here range, providin' you allows me,  I'll perceed to' speak short and pointed-  like, concernin' of the water���Gallopin'  Gehosiphat!- -here's where I (rut out from  th' herd. No tellin' when I'll run onto  yer trail agin, young man."  He gathered his efleets and left the car,  while George Washington Thompson sat  gazing out of the window at the miserable adobe houses of the Arizona town.  Who will say it was not the hand of  fate that brought the words of the old  cattleman to so abrupt an end, just as the  note of warning was upon his lips ? Surely  when all of the sad tale is told, there will  be none to say that any man's hand had  aught to do with   the  undoing of (Icorge  Washington  fate alone.  Next day  and entered  tion with as  Thompson.    'Twns fate, and  he reached his destination  upon his work of investiga-  much earnestness as another  man would who knew what he svasabout.  There may have been an evil glitter in  the mine-owner's eye as he led George  down to the river to show liirn the mill  site. It was a hot day���an Arizona hot  day.    The water was clear and  cool and  extremely inviting, and, though (ieorge  had, been repeatedly warned that lie could  never hope to do business in Arizona if he  was once seen drinking water, the stream  seemed to tempt him as it bubbled and  gurgled along. Watching until his companion's back was turned to him, he fell  upon his knees at the water's edge and  drank his fill.  Ju Phoenix, where he stopped for a few  days on his way, back to tho city, George  was regarded as a very important personage. This may have been due to several cau-es.  "Yc*," t-aid he. speaking generally to a  group of natives in the hotel office, "we  shall expend something like half a million  on the properly at once, in order to see  what it is likely to be worth. If it shows  up at all as we expect, there will be no  slop in the work, and after we get a railway in, then we will soon have the water  works and the mill going. A million will  cover the whole preliminary work, I  think."  Those few statements-, in connection  with the fact which George, in an unguarded moment, allowed to leak out, that  Cecil Khodes was one of the backers of  the enterprise, ami that the i.othschilds  would aLo have an interest in the venture, seemed to heighten the respect for  George'until it amounted to reverence  almost.  Seeing how matters stood. George then  rather reluctantly admitted that he had  given up the management of one of the  South African mines iu order to give his  personal attention to this new work.  The report prepared by George for his  backers proved a surprise even for the  most sanguine among them.  One day. some weeks aftei  turn, there was a meeting in a private of  lice of a bank, ft was a private meeting,  and even George himself was not asked to  be present. A rpport was to be considered.    It was not George's report.  "Gentlemen,'' began a pompous old  financier, as he arose, holding in one hand  a formidable-looking document, while he  gently stroked his luxuriant whiskers  wiln the other, "1 have here the report of  the expert sent by the Bonanza Mining  and Alilling Company to confirm there-  port of (icorge Washington Thompson.  As president of the Bonanza Alining and  Milling Company it becomes my privilege  to acquaint you, the members of said  Bonanza Alining and Alilling Company  with the contents of this report. Before  doing so. however, I wi.sh to remark--  merely by way of propairing you for  what may follow-that (ieorge Washington Thompson"��� hero he pau-od and ��ur-  vnyerltlip nipiiihors of the Bonanza Alining and Alilling Company as , though to  see if all were prepared to receive the le-  mark - is the damnedest liar I ever knew!  -Ni. ..17  Certificate of  the   Registration  Company.  of  .-.   Foreign  'Comi'anii:s  Act' Paid.   IV. and  Amkniiixi:   Ai-i.-  -i nsi:i i.oi.ii imi sii.vn: MiNiMiiniii'V.v, iimni'isi  Registered the SLh day of .lanuary, JJ!'7.  T I_.-__.EHY CKRTIFV. 'I li.it. I have tliisdny regMered  -1-    the "tSun-ct Gold and Silver -Mining Company, (Foreign,) under the "l.omp mic- Act I'.irt I V. '-Kogi-.traliuu  of Foreign Companies" and Amending Acts.  The head ollice of the said cutni-.uiy is situate at the  cityof Minneapolis, Minne-ota. L'.S.A.  The objects for which the company is e l.iblishod are:  Mining, '���inciting, reducing, rclliiinfc. and working ores  or minerals; working coal iniii'-s. anil 'done qn,u-i n-s and  marketing the material-.: inaniil.icltiring In ick, stone,  iron, steel, copper, and other nicliiK; .mil for the purpose  of buying, working, selling, dealing in mineral and other  lands in .Minnesota. I'nited btalcs of America, and in the  province of Hritish Ooluinbi.-i.  The en pit al-lock of t lie '������aid conip.iny it.fiVl.00 I divided  into i'.'-.O'JU share--, of the p-ir \.ilupol one dollar <ai-h.  Given under my hand and -eal iif oflicc al. Victoria,  province of British Columbia, this Slh 'day of .January,  18.17. S. Y.  WOOTTO\'.  Rcgi-lrar of .loinl Slock Companies.  Notice   of   Application   fop   Certificate   of  Improvements.  sr.u: iir 'i in: i:wi an'i.mtik or Tin:  ��r-.r .mini uai,  ci.alms, mtcati: '>���'   nil:   Nr,."-o.\'  .minimi  division  Oi"   WI.ST  KOIM-I-NW 'iHsTI.'K'r,  AND    l.ll( A'l'i:      .VliOl.'t  Tlll.i:i: .MM.I.S sill -III 111- M J .-ON.  ���Take notice that I, A. S. K.u well, agent for 'J humus  A. I_i.i-.ey, tree miner'.-. certili'Mte No. SU.l'll. intend,  sixty dajs'from the date hereof, lo apply to the minim;  recorder for cerl ilic.it es of inipio. eiiiciiN. for the purpose oi obtaining crown grants of the above claims. And  linthert ike nonce Unit action, under section .'.7. must he  taken before llie l-siianco of such certificates of improvements. A. S. FAR WELL.  Dated, this llh d iv of February. It.!l7. IFeb -Jiilh.j  Certificate  of tho   Registration  of a   Foreign  Company.  "('(IMI'1XI1 -.'   .\(l,*    I'A I IT    IV..   AND    A.MI.NDINO    AdV.  'ii m.i.  iai'I.oi: \-rniN  OK   Iil-1TI-.II  |I'(IHKII..V|.  COI.I   Mill V.   l.f,MITi:|i  MINING,STOCK FOR SALE  George's re-  A  Typewriter  Marvel  CD"  01  A hiKh-cl.iss niichinc: ipiick woi-k; vi-iblc  writing: 10 to -M topic., at one impression:  .simple eo-.isti net ion : durable; lloinminylon  key hoard.  "5 on time,,    $00 for cash  General  Audit-  for II. C.  n dtationery  NKLSONV 11. C.  New milling laws for.- J J. ('.received,  price :  Arc the meals and lunches served at the  Vienna Bakery and Restaurant. Chicken,  Baked Ham, Hoston Baked Beans, Cakes,  I'ies, Rolls, and all kinds of Soft Drinks  constantly on hand. Picnic Lunches out  up to order. A variety of-.Cigars mid  Candies always on hand.  John Humer, Prop.  THETftEMONT   ~ ~  ���^ ' WELSON"  MALONTE & TRKGILLUS, Proprietors.  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district, and  is tho headquarters for prospectors and minors.  ~RAND v!f_w1iOTEL~  FJR, JEID EEICT O :_ST  'I'OAD ilOL'N'TAI.V  H. T. ISIOUICK, Proprietor.  lOxcellent acconimodation furnished the traveling public  Prospector's and miner's supplies kept, on hand.  Six tons of railway steel for  sale���all lengths from two to  thirty feet. Apply to R. E.  Lemon, room 2, Clements &  Hillyer block, Nelson.  A Miller Dupl  x6 can   be secured at a bai*o*ain   bv  ex Pump, j'z+xs,  cnciuirmo"  n.-ii  >:er  at  Street,  ���ir lev  el so i "i  &   Simpson's  SITUATION WANTED  P.y  an   cs'pei'iei'.ccd   Inui-ckeeper.   Good    iiiiinu^  w'illiiiLT worker.    Hold preferred.   Address,  MRS.  .MYlill-' MM.I.,  Nelson.  ;ci- and  li. (.'.  .M-ri.n-.\iiiin i-'oi: i.h.h'ui: i.ickxsk.  N nl lr  iiiini ���  r.ii ii ii.  Ni-lxnll.  Ii;il.-i  1   1 li.-  i-..|iinili   II nl'  I. Iv- r.li::inv ili.||rii-|.  Vlrtiilli, lliiti-l. Mflnrhi   hlri'iil.  I'. CllllllWIN.  |i Ui il.-i.v ..r !-.���! riiiny. 1W>7.  . -\- lie i-l v l'Im li llml   Hi" iiiii1ii:iI_!n'-'I  will.  Iins   ll|.|.l'v In ll|.'.sll|i'IUlilliy HIIIKlst  III  ���fiiMi l.iH'll lit|,H'i- nl ii'liill nl II  I. n,i|-i,ii. II. C. Ihl-  10,000  SHARES   IN THE SUNSET COLD & SILVER   MINING  COMPANY.  The Sunset Gold & Silver Minim; Company has now  two carloads ol* ore ready for shipment. I lie averajje  value of \\ Inch is 2.'i() ounces -ilver mid til) p'-r cent lead.  The company is oH'i-rint? l'MI'll) shares ol iion,-.issess,-i.ble  lieasiiry stock at 20 ccnls per sh.ne, the par value of  which is one dollar.  Kor lnrtlier pci-tieulm--. apply at the Sunset (.old and  Silver Mining Company's ollice, llnoiii 2, Clements L\c  Ilillver Block, linker street. Nelson, II. (..  !!.   K.  I.KMON, .Maiiasr-r.  Notice   of   Application   for  Certificate'   of  Improvements.  Ymir, Rockland, Golden Horn, ~\i iijm limp, and Robert son  Fraction mineral claims, situate in the Nelson I-linin^  I)i. L.ion of \\"os( Ivootcnay DisiriU, and localed on the  lioilh.ve^l fork of Wild Horse creek, a Iribulary of  Salmon I liver.  'take notice that I. Chiirles A. Stoc-s. of IC.i-ln, Ilriti-h  Columlnn, acting us iitjent I'or .ln-cpli I'iLrc, free miner's  cert ilicalc N o. (iS.2!),i, .icromc Pilre, fiei- iiiiiii-i's i-erlih-  Ciiic No. 7_J.SJ.l_i. Oil\ er Bl.iir. free miner's certilicate No.  (ili.l Hi. and Rii-haid K. Wood, tree imncr's e.'i'tilicale No.  .Vi.U.i". intend sixty days from I he d Ui; hereof, to apply lo  the mining recorder for cerlilicalos of improvement's,  I'm-the purpose ol obtaining crown giants ol I iie above  claims. And further take notice lli.il action, iiudei-sec-  lion .'.7, must he ('Oiiiinenccd before llie issuance of such  certificate of improvements. CIIAHI.I'.S A. STOICS-".  Dated, this Kt day of January, IS:i7 |.l.sn !)th ]  Notice  of   Application   for  Certificate   of  Improvements.  old soxoma .Mixr.uAj. ci.w.m, s.i'ri".M'i: i.v nil: -ii:oi-.-s'  l.-ili:    MINIM.    HIVISION    Ol"    Wl.sl'    KOO'I'IIXAV     ihs-  thii.i',  nun t tiiki:i:  mii.ps  i.-i:iim tiik  i-hiiics  oi-  tiik i-|'i-i:u  i,\kik)  iti\ i:k. ami a f>oi"riu:ni.v  kx-  TKNbKIX  Ol." TIIK   HROAIIVII.W   .MISTKAI, CI.MM.  Takenoticclh.il I, Charles ^lol-on. .icting in my own  behalf, and as agent for William Cildwell. Ilan j- Hop-  good, and Robert I'.Non. free miner's ccrtilicalos No.  7.j.li--'n, ,)S,-.'ll. (i-.'.OIO. and (ii (;:I0 inteml Jfi days fi om the  dntc hereof, lo apply to Hie mining leeorder lor a cei-  I ilicate of itnpro\ enioiits for the purpii^c of obtaining a  crown grant of the above claim. And further take  not ice that action, under sect ion .'7, nuist he commenced  bcloieihc issuance of such cerlilic.ilu-of inipro\ emeiits.  CHAKLKS _\10l,5.<iN.  Dated, this 1'Jlli day of November. ISHIi. [Dec. l!llli.|  Notice   of Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  IlIiOAIlX li:\V Ml.\l:i|l|. CI.M.MS, MTl'.-TK IX 'I III: TUOCT  I.M.i: MIXIMi IlIVl.sION Ol' Wl ST ICiHIIKXW DISTltll;'!-,  (IX I IIIJ Xllli'l II .SIIIIO OT llini-l I.AKI-, \\ l.f-T ICOOI'I XAY  Ill_;'l I'.K T,   AND   III'.IXI.   A  SOrTIII.ICIA     KX'I'KXSIO.N    ill'  Tin: iiii.i_s.nij.: \nxi.it.\i. ci.wm.  'I'.il.e notice that I, Charles .Molson. acting as agent for  P. "M. Walker, lice miner's ceilillc.ite No. [>i,fc>'A, intend  (.'J days from Lhc dale hereof, lo apply to the mining recorder tor a ccitilicale of nnpi ovcincnls for the purpo-e  of obiaii>iiig a crown grant of the above claim. And  further lake notice that action, under section 37. hum  he coiuiii'aieed before the i-suanco of m_,_|_ ceri illcile of  iiiiprovcmiMits-. CilARUOS .AIOI.SON.  JJiiled, this l.ilh day of November. ISilli. |Oec. I'Jih.]  Of  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate  Improvements.  Anno-"Mineral Clniiii, sii uiite in the lllccillewaet .Mining  Division ol West ICool.-nay l)i-lriel, and Located  about Ihreo and a hail nub's east of IllecillowacL, and  about 1,7) feet friiin llie railuay track north.  Take notice llial I. Frank Stilliinin llarniirf!, acting on  behalf of the Lillooet i'"raser J��i\ ������x* iSc Cariboo Gold  Kields. Limited, free miner's eerlillcalc No. S!��,0IK, issued at New Westiniiifter on October .'list, IS!'!!, intend  ���sixty flays from (he dale hereol, to apply to llie mining  recorder lor a certilicate of improvements for tlie purpose ol obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. Am!  further lake not ice I hat action, under section :I7, iniisl, be  commenced bclorcthe i-siiancc of such cert ificaf e t.f improvements. l-\ a. UARNAI.'l..  Dated. Ibis i:.'! ii day of January, 1S.'.7. [Jan. L'.inl]  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  \ I.I'll \ ..tl.NI-.KAI, CLAIM, -.ITfATi: IX Tin: THOU r i.aki:  MIXIMi   IllVlblOX   III''    Wl.t_T   K'OOTr.XAY   I.IS'I IHIT, OX  i.i:i.\-r xoi:rm:i:N- .mui;xtai.v. ox a  i\>u .li.i.i. lkdiii:  ���ui niK i.i.i.vt xoiitui.i.'X   ()1:ih.i-, a.m.  j.ih"I-iii.i:i,y  i:x-i-i:xsio.n ok "i hi: xokiiikux i.ihiit mixi.i: m. ci.m.m.  Take notice Lli.it I. Charles Alolson, acting as agent for  Reginald  Norl hall-l.aiii ic,  free miner's cort ilicate No.  li'-,S7l. issued al Rossland on May -ISth, lc!Ui. niti'tirl ^ixlj  days from the dale hereof, to apply  lo the mining recorder for a cerLilicate ol improvements' for the purpose  or obtaining a crown granl of (he nbo.c cl.iini.   And  fiiitlier lake noLiec Ihat action, uiidei  sei.ticn :!7, iniisl  be coiiimenced before tlie issuance of sii,;b certilicilc of  inipiovement-.. U1IA Itl.KS AIOLSON.  Dated, this L'llh day of Deceinhcr, 1S!W. [Dec. -Jiilli.J  Of  Notice of Application For Crown Grant.  Take notice thin C. 11. l-.llacolL achng as agent for (he  fiophcr Gold _\lining Company. Limited l-iabilily. luis  filed the necessary papers and made jijirdio.-ilion for a  crown grant in favor of the mineral ci.imi "Gopher,"  siluatcfl iu the Tinil ("rc-k mining rii\ isimi of Wi.-t  ICoolenay disti ict. Aihcr'i' claim.nils, if any, mii-l tile  their objections with inc \\ ilhin UD d.iv . li-om the dale of  the first' political ion of this notice in llie Hritish Coluiu-  biaGizetle.       N. I''IT*<_S'I'UI!HS. Goiernmciil Agint  Dated, Nelson. II. ('., January lib, 1K)7. |.Inn. !)lli|  Notice of Application For Crown Grant.  Take notice that John John-on hasllleil the neec-^ary  paiicrs iind made applii-a! ion fur acriu'.'ii grant in favor  of llie Yenclia liny Mineral claim, -iluated in the Nc.l-  sf ii mining dhi-inn of West Kootenay distiicl. Afl-  \er-e claini'inis til-any) mii-l file lliinr nlijeetioiis with  me within Iii) flays from the dale ol tlir M'-sj .-ippcarunee  of this notice in Hie liiitish C'oluinbhi (i.i/cllc. Dated  at Nelson. H. C, December iS lS'lii. |Jaiiuary incl.|  N. FlTZSTfllUS, Gou'i-'iment Agenl.  ''..''���   Private Bill Notice.  Notice is hereby given that, app'.iealiiin will he made to  the legislalive assembly of the province of Rrilish Columbia at its next session for an act. lo ninend the "Lillooet. I'Vaser River & Cariboo (Iold Fields, Limited, Act  ISilli," by giving power to the company to amend its nr-  tieles aiid memorandum of as.-ocial ion from time to time  as the company may deem necessary.  Mfjl-MIILLIPS. WOOTTUN &  BARNARD.  Solicitor for the Applicants.  Dated at Victoria, li. C. Decemberailli. ISilli.   |.lan.l)th|  Private  Bill  Notice. ���  . ���  Notice is hereby given that the Alberta Kail way and  Coal Company will apply lo parliament at its next session for an act to revive the powers given to it under .'i3  Victoria, Chapter SSI, and iw-nli Victoria. Chapter HO. parliament of Canada, to extend and operate its railway  from Lothbridge to Hope or some other point in British  Columbia by way of Fort Maeleod anil 111 rough the Crow's  Nest Pass, and giving it power alsro to build and operate  branch linos and a railway, from' some .-point on Slocan  lake to Rossland and Trail.  'A. FICRGUSON. Solicitor for Applicants.  Dated, Nelson, December ____iul. lSflil. |l)cc. 2l'��lli.|  Private Bill Notice.  Notice is hereby given that application will be made at  the next sUting of the legislative assembly of the province 6C British Columbia for an act incorporating a company for the purpose of establishing -water works and  supplying water for mining, domestic, manufacturing.'  (ire, power and other purposes to the inhabitants of the  town of Nelson and its vicinity, and to lay pipes ami erect  Humes for the conveyance and supply tlioreof: the water  to be obtained from Anderson creek, near the town of  Nelson aforesaid: and for all the other necessary rights,  powers and privileges as are iiicidentiil or conducive to  the attainment of the above objects.  A. ..lAlNWARIXG-JOHNSON.  Solicitor for  Applicants.  Dated, at Nelson, II. C, this lillh day of December, 18!H!.  Private Bill Notice..  Notice is hereby given that .application will'be made  lo the Legislative "Assembly of the ]ii-nvincc of British  Columbia at its next, session for an ncl to amend the  Consumers (Nelsonl Water Works Act, ISII'i. by increasing the borrowing powers of lliet'onipiiiiyanil by anu'iid'  ing the larill' of charges authorized liy section II of the  said act, to enable the 'company lo clutrge consumers ti  rate proportionate'to the nut urn of llie hu-inc-s of the  consumers and Hie purpose for which such water is consumed, and In cnfoivo pavmeiil of such rales.  Mi-PHILLIPS, W.OOT'I'ON, \-  BARNARD.  Solicitors for I he Applii-aut'S-.  Dated this i'llh flay of .lanuary. l.-'i>7. |.lun. :!u|  Application   for   Timber   License.  Notice is hereby given, t bat. thirty .lays after dale, I  shall applv to Hie chief commissioner of lauds null works  for n special license lo cut and carry iiuny liinhcr from  I'ne following ilesc ibi'd lands: ('omiiiiiiicing at. a post on  llie norlli side of La l-'rancc creek, Koi.leni.y lal-c, nliont  I wo and one-lialf'milcs from il- mouth, aiiil niarked "(he  Anderson's N. W. pn.-l." llicnce rtiiiniiitf southerly across  said creek one-hull' mile more or le.-s. I hence running  easterly three miles more or Ic-s. I lieiu-c running iioi-lh-  erly oiie-lialf mile uuire or less, thence running westerly  three miles I.o the point, of comiiienceiiiiMit. containing by  iidnieasiiremeiit UliU acres more or less.  OLK ANDLR.sOS'.  Dnled at Nelson. II. C December lillli. I.s'.lll.   [I'V-b. illhl  Notice of Dissolution of Copartnership.  The partnership heretofore existing between .lame- A.  Gilker and Francis B. Wells, doing n gent's furnishing  business at Revelstoke and Nelson, Hritish Columbia,  under the firm name of Gilker is' Wells-. 1ms ihi��il:iy been  dissolved by mutual consent.      FRANCIS B. WKLLS.  Witnesses: .1. A. (II LK KR.  R. R. Mdciikai:.  liOIIKIlT A.  Rl-NWIi:!..  Puled, Nelson, British Columbia, .laiiiuiry liith. IWn.  Application   for   Liquor License.  Notice i- licrcbv given I lint lhc under, igned will, at I in:  expiration of MO d'avs, applv lo the stipi.'iiilii.ry m;igi--l r-.ile  of West k'ootcnay di-lri.-l, for n li.-cn-i.' to soil !ii|uoriil  red ail ill the Riversidi; hotel at Sahuo. II. ('.  WILLIAM TIK.I..IAS BKADI.I'.  Daled, Jiiniiiiry '.'.'{rd. I��)7. |.lau. .'luili|  Application for Liquor License.  Nolice is lu'ivliy given that Hie undci'-igneil will.ul lhc  expiral ion of Ihirly dnys. apply lo lhc slip-'iii.iiiry inngi.--  Iral.e of We.-f Knnlciiiiv districl. I'm' a license to sell  liinior by retail at the Windsor hotel. (.Iiiail/. creek.  ' J v DAVID ICIOKKK.  Dated. Nelson. B. (',.. l-'clu-nary I'JIh, IS!I7.       |l-'ch. I.'tlhl  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate  Improvements.  ri"i"i'i:ii i'ii\('-nox   Mixi.-ii-.i.  cuiM. .-iITi-ati:   ix   't iii:  TltClUT I.VKi: Ml.VIXIi III VISION" Ol" 1VI"s'l' K'OOTi:.N-AY  DIsTIflO'l', ANI) I.OUX'IT.I) OX Till: ..IIKAT NflllTlil IIX  l.r.lK.i:,   MIOTT MIX   MILI-.  I'ltll.M  TUOUT  I.MCi: CITY.  Take nolif-c thai I, Charles Mol-on, acting as agent for  Kflgar A. Bennett, lice miner's certilicate No, 8!-.0,j_!, issued at New Westiniiis(cr on Novcinbcr :tnl. lSil't, intend  sixlj da\s from the d.ilo hereof, lo apply to the mining  recnrdoi- for a certilicito fit" imi i-mcinenls I'or the purpose ol obtaining a ciown giant ol lhc alio.c claim. And  further take notice that action, under section .'17. imi-l  be commenced before (ho issuance of s[r.|] cerlilifale of  improvements. C1IARLKS ^lOLSON.  Daled, this L'llh day of December, ISSi'i |Dec. ilJili.l  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate  of  Improvements.  -ICIIT I li\( TIOX.MIXI li.ll.ll.iIM, slTl'.vi |; jj, '| |||: Tl!()l"l  I. \Ki: MIX!XI- l)|\|s|(i.\ UI' WIsl'Kliiil'l XAY DIsTllll. I'.  AM> l.f)''\T!.l'(IX rill. (.I'.t.AT XUTIII.IlX I.KIKIi:. AllUb'l'  HIV   MILLS   1'KUM  TltO'l T  I.MCi: f'l I Y.  Take nolice fh.<t I, Chnrles Molson. act ing as agent for  the I''r.isi r Rher .V'C.iiibfio Gold l'*ields, Limited, free  lniiu-r'.s ccrlilicile No. S'.i.nlS. issued al New We-tmnistei  on i.iiober ;.|st, IS'.'i;, inicnd sj\t\ days from the dale  hereof, Lo apply to Hie mining leeorder for a certificate  of impro. eniei'-ts, for tiie purpose of obtaining a crown  grauL of Hie above il.iim. .'.nil iurlher lake notice that  aclion. under section .'17. tiuis|, be coininciifed before the  issiiiiiiee of such  cei lilic.ite of improvements.  C1IARLKS MOLSON.  Dated, this mil clay of Deecinbci, I8'.)ij. |l.eo. iith.|  Notice   of   Apulication   for   Certificate  of  Improvements.  1. V.N VUIC .Vl.N'I.K VI. CI. VIM. -s.'-| I-ATI. I'. 'I III: I I.LLI'II.I.I.V. A I.'I  MIXIMI IIIVIMil.V III'   Wis,    k'OOII.XVY   |i|s-|'l:i(  I'.   VMi  i.oc vti:d ox Tin- xui: rii si in: oi- -ni i: ii.i.i cn.i.nw.vri  i_in i.u. a.nii ( ovi:i - Tin: i.ijih-.n-ii ni:i urn  uv   rin.  IIO.VIIXIOX (,UYI.1_X.M1:XT IN lM'U I ll 'I III: sri.L'll-K MIX  IXO CO.MI'.VXY, AXIl KXOVVX AS TIIK I.AXAI.Ix M IXKI.A I.  CLAIM.    .  Take i-otice that I, Kraiilc Stilhnan Barnnrd. free  miner's.certificate No. .SS,(!!I2. issued at New Wcstiniu-  ster on the 17th day ol" October,'ISilli. acting'lis agenl  I'or and on behalf of the Lanark Consolidated .Miu-  ir.g ot .Smelting Company. Limited, fiee miner's certificate No. SS.ilti. issued at Illeeillcwaet on March illltli. 1891!.  intend sixty days from I ho dale hereof, to apply.to the  mining recorder for.'a certilicate of improvements'. I'or Hie  purpose of 'obtaining n crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under seel ion 1.7,  must, he commenced before the issuance of such certilicate of imiirovenicnts. . . P. S. BA RNAKD.  ' Dated, this 21st day of December. ISlii. [Dec. -Jiltli.l  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate of  Improvements.  CLII'l-KI. KKACTUIX MIXKII.VL (.-]..VIM. SITUATK IX Till':  TUOUT LAKK MIXIXO DIVISIOX OK WKST KOOTI.XAV  lUSTKlC'r, AXIl I.OC.Vrf.I) OX TIIK OKKAT XOIfl-IIKHX  LKI.IGK. AIKH.-T SIX ..MILMls l-'l.O.M TliOfl'   I.AICK CITV.  Take notice tli.at'l. Charles Molson. acting as agent for  the Lillooet l-'raser River& Cariboo Gold Fields. Limited,  free-miner's certificate No. S.l.OIS. issued at New We.-t-  iiiinster on October :ilst. ISttli. intend sixty days I'rom the  dale hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a eerliti-  cate of inipiovemciils, for the purpose of obtaining a'  crown grant of the above claim. And further take notice  that action, under section 1.7, must, be coiiimenced before  the issuance of s.uch certilicate of improvements.  CHARLES MOLSON.  . Dated, thisilth day of December. 1SU15. [Dee. I'lilh.]  Of  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  Improvements.  l-'lorian l-'ractinnnl iMiucrnl Claim, situate in Lhc Ilieeille-  vvael: "Mining Division of West  Kootenay Districl. and  located about three and a .quarter miles east, of llle-  ci I low-net Sl.ation. and iniinedintel.v eiusi of Muir's tunnel on the Canadian Pac.tie'Railwuv  Take notice that I. Prank Stilinuin Ban ad. acting on  behalf   of  Llie   Lillooet,    l-'ra.-e'r   River ^   Cnriboo  Gold  fields. Limited, free miner's eei-l ilicate. No. SIIJIIS. issiieil  at New Westminster on  October .'list. I>!l,l. intend sixty  d:iys from  the date hereof, to apply to the. mining recorder for a cerl ilicate of improvements for the purpose  of obtaining a crown grant  of  the above claim.   Aud  further take notice that action, under section I.7. must, be  commenced before the issuance of such eertiiic-ite'of improvements. '      I'. S. BARNARD.  Dated, Ibis IL'lll day of .January. IS'.'7. |.lan. -.'..nil  Of  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate  Improvements.  TIIK I. IS IN MIMICAL  CLAIM. SIT!-ATI-; IN Til V. Sl.or .X MIX-  ixo   iiivisiux   ni--   wkst   i>ih"iti;n,.y   i)i.-,Ti:n-r.   ami  l.'ICATKIi XKAII IIOIU--KTs.ll.N- CIIKKKi  'I'ake notice I hat we. Joseph S uiller, free miner'.- ecrli-  licitle No. iW.ll-JI. mid Duncan Graham, fn.-niincr'-' ci-r-  tilleale No. (II.Phi, inli-nd ,-lxly days after the date hereof,  lo apply lo the mining recorder .fori, certilicate of nil-  pi'iiveinonis for the purpose of obliiiuing a cruwu grinil  of theabove claim. And further lake nut ice that aclion,  under section .'17. must be commenced before the issuance  of such  certificate of  improvement--.  .II'SI-.PH SAU.TKR.  lil'NC \N GRAHAM.  Dnted. this 2lih day of Dei-cnibcr. Isllil. |.Iilii.-Jnil.l  Notice   of   Application    i'or  Certificate   of  Improvements.  Lady .Inne Mineral Claim, siliialc in the Sli.ciin  mining  I ii vis ion of West Kooicn.iy I ii.~! rid. ami adjoining Hie  town of ('odv.  Take nolice ihat   I, A. S   l-'ni-v. i-ll. in I ing as agent  for  Arthur II. Buchanan, free   miner'-' c.i.-r! ilicate No. 7:'..!iS.'l.  and  James  M. Dunn, free  miner's  cert ilicate. No. 7.'',!i.*i'!,  intend sixty days from  llu; dulo  licreil. lo apply  lo lhc  mining��� record.-r  for a  ccrliiieaic  of  itnprovenicni -. for  the purpo.-f!  nf ohlnining   n   crown  granl   of  lhc above  claim.    And .-fiirthi r lake  notice thai, action, under section .'.7. iiiusfdie commenced  before the  is-uanceof -neb  oerlilh-nlc of improvement-. A. S.  I-'AI!WKI.L.  Dated, this liilii day of No'.-i'iuber, Isili;. [Jan. !ifli|  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  pi ii i.i !.- r. i in;   .mi.vki: m.' i i. vim. sn tati-: ix tiii: TKi'ir  L.vici-: M i mm; pi vis toy or ui-.-t liioi i nay nisi hii t.  A.NH i.di-.viT.ii nN thi.i;i:i:at niii:tiii-:i:x li ik.i:. hi iX(;  .\ .soi-tiii-:l'LY  kxtkn'siiin nr  nil: ui.n .suxuma -.'in-  i-i:.vi. ci. vim,  Tike notice Dial   I. !'ha>-!c- Mo!-on, free miner'-; cerlll-  i-a'c No, 7.">.l!l'u. i~-iuil   al   'I'roiil. Lak'-nii  lsllii, intend sixly days I'l-oiii the li.-ite  I crcf. lo apply  lo  I he mining recorder f"i- a   iei I ilicate of iiiipriivciui'iil.-,  for lhc piirpo-,c (if obl.iiiiiiig a ci-'i'a n g'-iinl   of  the nbiivi'.  claim.    And further Luke   nolice Hi.it  m-i inn, under section''?. iiui.-I. be coniinenc(d before the issuance of such  cerl ideate of improvements.        CHARLKS MOLSON.  Dated, Hiis'.'llh day of Hccembcr, IK'.li;. |Dcc. '.'(ilh.)  Registered Hie __;'i(l day of Jaiiunr.v, I.S!)7,  T HERRI.Y CKKTIPY that I have this day register'"]  -"-   llie "Hall K.Nploratioii of Briti-h Columbia, Limitfcd",  (Poreigii). under the "Companies Act. Part l\*.," "i.egis-  triilioii of Koieign Companies, and Amending Act-."  The Head Oflicc of lhc said  Compaiiv is -itualed  in  I'.ngland.  '1 lie  objects for which  Hie   Company   is Cstabli-hcd  me:  (al   'I'o institute, enter into, curry on, iis-isi or participate in  financial,  commercial,  mercantile, industrial,  inanulacturiug, mining, and oilier husino-sos,  works,  conirnels, ami uudeiiakiiig-,; and linaneial oiicratiotib  of all kinds in Briti-h Cohiinbia or elsewhere,  (hi   To undertake and carry on any business trim-notion  or operation (ouiinoniy  undertaken or carried on bv  linaucicrs.  proinolci-n'of   companies,  bankers, underwriter-, couccs-ionrires, contraclor.s   for   public  and  other works, capitalists or ineichanis, and lo carry on  any oilier bu-iness  which  may seem to the Company  capable of being conveniently cariicd on in connection  wnh any of the objects of mo Company, or which may  be thought c.ilciilalcd directly or indirectly to enhance  the value ot or render profitable any i f llie Company's  propelly or righis:  (el   To pioniote, aciiuirc, construct, c(|iiip, maintain, improve, ivork, manage, or control, or aid in or subscribe  towards    lhc   promotion,   acquisition,    eoiistruction.  equipiiienl. m lintenance, iinproveiiient, working, inan-  iigeineut or control ol works, underluking.s and ojiera-  lionsof all kinds, boLh jmblic and private,and in particular roads, li-aiuwa.vs. railways, telegraphs, teleplionos,  cables. s|nps,  lighter*,   harbors, piers, fkeks.   quays,  wharves,  warclijiises,  bridges,  viaducts, acqueducts,  reservoir--,  cmbankmcnis, waterworks, waler-cour-ses,  cinitls, llunies,  irrigations, drainage, sawmills-, criish-  ing-mills, smelling works-, iron, steel, ordnance, engineering mid  implement works,  hydraulic works, gas  and electric lighting, clcclricai work-,  power supply,  quarries, collieries,   coke  ovens, foundries,  furnaces,  Licloi-ifs, ciii-ryuig undertakings by land and  water,  fori ilicat ions, markets, exchanges, minis, public anil  private building-, newspapers and  publication establishment-, breweries, wineiics. distilleries, hotels, residences, store-, shops, and places of amusement, recreation or instruction, whet her for the 11111110-0 of theCoin-  pan.v. or for sale or hire to, or in ������eturn for any consideration Iroin. any other companies or persons:'  (dl   'I'o seaiOh for. prospect, exainine and explore mines  and ground supposed to contain  minerals or piecious  stones, and to -e.ireh for and obtain  information with  n'gard. lo mines, mining claim*, mining districts and  localities:   lo puichase,  take on  lease or concession,  or otherwise ncqiiiio, for anv interest   therein, and  to  hold. sijU. dispo-e ol and deal  wilh  lands or hereditaments ol  any tenure, gold,  silver, copper, lead,  tin,  quicksilver,  iron, stone, coal, or oilier mines, mining,  water,  limber, and other rights,  and  generally and  properly supposed   to   contain   minerals  or  precious  stones of any kind, and  undertakings connected there-  wnh : to explore, work, c.\crci-e, develop, linanee, and  turn  to account the same: to search for, vv in, quuriy.  ass.iy, cru-h, wash, drcs-, reduce, amalgamate, sinel't.  roll no, mid prepare for nun ket. metalliferous quai-1/..-ind  oi e. mid other mineral and  metal substances and precious stones, and for this purpose to buy, or otlicrvv i-e  acquiie. buildings, plant, machinery, implements, appliances, aud loot-; lo buy, sell, main public, export. ard  deal   in ores,  minerals, and  1111 lals of all  kinds, and  pn cious stones: and generally to institute, enter into,  carry on. as^i-t. or participate in any mining, and metallurgical    operalioiis  and    undertakings   connected  therewith:  (c)   'I'o  purchase   or  otherwi-e acquire,  hold, sell, exchange, turn to account, dispo-e ot and ileal in real and  personal property of nil kinds, and in particular laud..,  buildings, hcredilaincnls, business concerns and undertaking-, mortgages, charge-, annuities, patents, patent  rights, copyrights, li< ense-, secu.-itics. grants, charters,  conces-ion-,  lca-c-. conliacls, options,  policies, book  debts ami ciamis, and any interest in  real or personal  properly, and any claims against   such  property, or  against  anv   person- or (Oinpany, and  to finance and  out} on anv   htisine-s concern or undertaking-o acquired: 1  (f|   'I'o purchase or oiherwi-e acquire, hold, sell, nianipu-  lruc, exchange, turn lo account, dispose ol and deal iu  agricultural, plantation, forcstnl. lishing,  and trailing  rights: and 111 .ill or any product-ol farms, plantations,  lori'sts.   llsherics, and   the earth,  including animals,  grain,  provision--, fruit-,  wine-, .spirit-, cotton, wool,  silk, tlbie-, tobacco, coll'ee, lea,  sugar, timber, rubber,  oils, cheniicals. explosive-, drug-, dye--tull'-.  nitrates,  petroleum, bullion, copper, lead, tin. quicksilver, iron,  coal, stone, and  uieichandise and  commodities ol  all  kinds, either lor immediate or future deliver}, and  whether 111 a crude state or manufactured, or'parlly  inauuiaeliireil or otherwise; and to advance money at  interest upon the seem ity of all or any such products,  merchandise and commodities: and  io carry on business as merchants, importers and exporters.:  (g)   'I'o traii-act and  can} on  all   kinds  of agency and  comim-siou   hu-inc-s.    and   in   particular   (o   collect  monevs. 10} allies, revenue, intere-t, icntsiind debts: to  negotiate loan-: to tind investment -: and to issue and  place   shares,   stocks,   bonds,   debentures,   debenture _  stocks or securities:  (III   'I'o subscribe   I'or,  purchase or otherwise  acquire,  hold. sell, exchange,  dispose of and deal  in   shares,'  stock,  bonds, debentures.-debenture stock or obliga-  lions of any company, whether British, colonial, or foreign, or of any authority, supreme, municipal, local or ,  otherwise: ���    .  (i)   'I'o guarantee the payment of money secured bv or  payable under or ill  respect of bonds, debenlures", debenture stock, contracts,  mortgages, charges, obligations and securities of any company,whether Briti.-h,  colonial, or foreign, orof any authority, supreme, municipal, local, orotherwi.sc, or nf tiny'persons whomsoever,  whether corporate or 1111 incorporate:  (j)   To guarantee the title to or quiet enjoyment of'prop-'  erty cither absolutely or subject to any qualifications or  conditions, and to guarantee companies or' persons interested or about to become interested in anv property  against any loss, actions,  proceedings, claims,  or demands in re-poet of any insullicieneyorimpei-feetion or  (leliciency of title, or in  respect, of any incumbrance:.,  burdens, or outstanding rights:  (k)   'I'o furnish and provide deposits and guarantee funds  required in relation to any lender or application for an v  contrncl.concession,���decree,  enactment, property o"r  privilege, or in relation to the carrying out'of any contract, concession, decree, or enactment:.'  (I) Generally to carry on and transact every kind of  guarantee business, and lo undertake obligations of  every kind and description, and also to undertake and  execute trusts of all kinds:;  (nil 'I'o receive moneys, securities and valuables of all  kinds on deposit, at interest or otherwise, or for safe  custody, and generally lo carry on the business of a  Safe Depo-ii, ('oinpany:  (II) Th lend money to such parties and on such terms,  with or without security, as may seem expedient, and  in particular to customers of and persons lia ving dealings with the Company: and lo guarantee the performance of contracts by members of. or companies or persons having dealings with, the Company ; and to draw,  accept, endorse, discount, issue, buy, sell and deal in  bills of exchange, proi 11 is.-nry notes, drafts, hills of  lading, ciipons. warrants and other negotiable instruments, and buy. sell, and deal in bullion, .-pecie and  coin :  lo) ' To borrow or raise money for Hie purposes of the  ('oinpany in such manner and upon such terms as may  seem expedient and Insecure the repayment thereof b}-  redi-ein.-ible or irredeemable bonds, debentures, or debenture slock, t-tich bond.-,'debentures and debenture  slock being made payable Io bearer or otherwise, and  issuable or payable either at par or al a premium or  discount), or liy mortgages, scrip .certificates, bills of  exchange or- promi-sory notes, or by any other in.-lrii-  1 in-lit or in such 01 her manner as may be determined, a nd  foranysiich purposes lo charge ail or any part of the  tin- properly nf llie Company, both present' and future,  including its uncalled capital: and to allot the Shares  of the ('oinpany. credited as fully or partly paid up,  or bonds, delimit arcs, or debi.-nl \ni- stock issued In the  Company, as the whole or pari of. I he purchase, 'price  I'm- any property purchased bv t he Company, or for any  valuable consideration.  <|i> To make donations to siu-li pcr.-oiis and in.-uch ciisi-s,  and either of ea-h or ol her a-s(.| s. as may be thought  dirccll.v or indirectly conducive to iiuy'of the Company's objects, or olherwi-i: expedient': and lo sub-  -ci ibe or guarantee money for charitable or benevolent  objects, nr for any exhibit ion. or any public, general or  ol !n r object :  iql To enter pi to any arrangement with any govern mentor authorities -upreine. municipal, local "or otherwise,  and Lo obtain from any such gov eminent, or antlim-it v  iiiiy righis. ennee .-ion-, chart .-iv. aud privileges whicli  I'i'iiiy lie'tboiigbl .conducive to the Company's objects,  or any c.f I hem :  Irl 'I'n piirilliii-o or otherwise acquire and undertake all  or any part nf I he bii-iness. property or goodwill and  liabilities of any company, corpnrai inn. society, partner-hip nr pcivou- carrying 011, or about to carry on.  imy bii-in'ess which Ihi- (..ouipany is authorized lo  carry on. or which is in any re-pect. similar to tin-objects of tin- Company, nr which i.- capable of being  condiie'cd mi a- directly or indirectly to bcnellf this  Company, or pos-cs-e.l of property deemed -uilalilc for  I he pnrpn.-e.- nf I hi-' Cumpniiy, and to enter into part-  ner.-hip nr inln any nrriiiigcii'i'-iit wilh rc.-pcel to the  ��� Iral in;; of prnllls. union i,{ iiilcrc-l-m-amnlgaiii'Kinii,  reciprocal ennces. ion or en-operat ion. eil her in whole  in- in pari, '.villi any .-iich company, corpriratioii,  . ui-ie'y. piirlii'T-liip or pcr-ims:  l-l 'I'n dispose of by sale, |ea-e. underlease, exchange,  surrender:, ini.rt_r.-ige. or nl ihtu i-e, ab-nliii c]>. conditionally.nr for an;, limited iuteresi .all nrany part nflbe  iiu.h-rlal.iiig, properly, righ!-. or priv ilcgi-s'nf Ihccnui-  liany a- a i.-ning concern, or ot licrvv i-e. lo any public  lioily, 1 'ompMiiv. ���neiely. nr a -.-m ialinn. n\- In liny per-  -oli nr pel'-oli-, for sllch eiile'idel.il inn as t lie Ciil'npiiu V  mn.v think III : and in particular I'm- any -lock, shares,  lichen! ure-. si-eiirilii-, or iiil.i-r prnpcri'v nf anv other  .oinpany:  ID 'I'n 11 nil 111 i|e or forin, oras.isi in I In- promotion or for-  malioii of anv other company or companies, either for  lhc purpose 1 if acquiring, working, or oilier wise dealing  Willi all or any of the properly.' righis. and liabilities of  llns .friii).'iny, or any property in which this CV111  pany is interested, or for any other purpose, with power  I o a.-xisr. such company or companies bv paving or contributing towards lhc preliminary expenses, or providing the whole or part of the capital f hereof, or bv taking  or subscribing for .shares, preferred, ordinary or deferred, therein, or by lending money thereto upon debentures, securities, property or otherwise; and further to  pay out of the funds of the Company all expense-.'of  and incident totlie formal ion', registration, advertising,  and establishment of this or any other company; and 10  the issue and subscription of the share or loan capital,  including brokerage and commission-; for obtaining applied! ions for, or placing or guaranteeing the placing of  lhc .shares oi-iiuv debentures-, debenture'stock, or other  securities, of this or any other company; and also all  expenses at tending Hie issue of any circular or notice, or  the printing, .-lamping and circulating of proxies or  forms to be tilled up by the members of this, or connected Willi this or any other eonipiinv; and to undertake  the management and secretarial oi- other work, duties,  and business of any company on such terms as mav be  determined. , '  (u)   'I'o obtain, or in any  way assist   iu obtaining, anv  '  provisional order, or act of parliament-; or other necessary authority lor enabling this or any other compaiiv  lo carryany of ils objects into effect,  or for cfl'ecliiig  an.v modification of tin's or any other company'* consti-  ttiLion; to  procure this or any other company to be  legalized, registered, or incorporated,  if iieccssarv. iu  accordance  with the laws of any counlry or slaie in  which il may. or ina.V propose to carry on'operations ;  1  to open and keep a colonial or foreign register, or registers, of (his or any other company in any British colony  or dependency, or in any foreign country, and to allocate any 11111111101' of shares iu this- or any other con qui into Mich register or registers.  (v|   To distribute any of the  property or assets of iho  Company among the members in specie or otherwise:  (wl   'I'o do all or any of the above things in any pan of  llie globe,  cither as   principals,   agents,   contractor-,  trustees, or otherwise, and cither alone, or in conjunction with oLliei-s. and either by or through agentsj -ub-  (���onlractoi-s. trustees or otherwise: with power to up-  iioint  a  trustee or trustees, personal  or corporate to  hold  any  property on   behalf of the company, and to  allow  any   properly   lo   remain outstanding in such  trustee or trustees,  (x)   'I'o do all such oilier things as nre incidc-nlal or mav  hi though! conducive lo the aituinment of the above  ' objects or any of lliein. and so that the word "('0111-  piny" in this Memorandum, when applied  otherwise  tluiii lo this (.(ininanv shall  be deemed to include any   '  partnership or oilier nod v of persons, whet her corporate  or uniucorjioratc, and whether domiciled in the United  kingdom or elsewhere, and the object s.speeilied in each  of the paragraphs of ibis Memorandum shall be regarded as independent  objects and accordingly shall be in  no wise limited or restricted  (excepi   where otherwi-e  expressed in such paragraph)  by reference lo (he objects indicated iu any other paragraph, or the name of  the Company, hul  may be carried  out   in as full and  ainnleii manner, and construed inns wide a .sense 11s if  c.u-h of the said paragraphs defined the objects of a separate, distinct, and independent company.  The   capital   stock  of the said   Company   is  .CbVl.tlCO  divided into I.tO.O'X) shares of one pound each.  Given under niv hand and seal of ollice. at Victoria,  Province of British Columbia, this 2,'Jrd dnv of .laiiuai v,  1S!)7. -- S. Y. x-ZOOTrON.   "  Rcgi-trar of Joint Stock Companies.  The time of the existence of the Company i- unlimited.  The registered ollice ot the Company in British Coll 111-  bia is in tlie town ol Nelson, B. C, which town isnlso-bc  principal place of business of the Company in the | ro-    '  vince c-  Spokane Palls & Northern,.  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red Mountain Railway.  Tf]e only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson ai\d Rossland, ar\d  Spokarje an,d Rosslaqd.  DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS.  Leave  7:00 a. m..  10::.0 a. in  51:00 a. 111 .   SPOKANE   .... ROSSLAND...   NKLsJON     Arrive  . .7:00,p. 111.  . 'A:2.'i p. in.  . ".:_.l) p. 111.  Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek connect at Jlaicus with stage daily.  Columbia & Kootenay Branch  CANADIAN    PACIFIC  No. :i! No. 1  STATIONS  RAILWAY.  No. 2 I No. I  17:00  17:15  17:110  17:o.*i  18: In  .l:''<) Leave Nel-on  \rrivo 11:1.1  9:1.1     n      .    ..  Koolenav ,    ll:(,(l  10:00     ,.      . Forty-nine Creek .     rl    l."f:l.1  10.2.1      .Slocan     i:i:()2  11:15Arrive Robson  ..Leave 12:'i0  21-1.1  21:10  ���JO:'*  i0:2i.  l.l:.''U  Trains Nos. 1, 2, 3, and  I run Tueilays, Thursdays, and  Saturdays.  No. 1 connects with .steamer for Trail Creek.  ...: No. 'A connects with steamer for Arrowhead.  No. 2 awaits arrivnl of steamer from Arrowhead.  No. I awaits arrival of steamers from Trail Creel:.  Close connection at Nelson with steamer!, to and from  lake points.  .1. HAlIII/rON, Trainmaster and Agent.  Kaslo & Slocan Railway.  Leave   S:00n.in.  11        S.'-Ga. m.  11        O:'"!! a. m.  11 51:51 a. in.  n       10:03 a. in  11       10:1S a: m  11'      10:30 a. m.  �� ,  . 10:30 a. tn..  Arrive 10:50 a. in.  DAILY SKRVICK.  ...-.- Kaslo....   ,.... South Fork.....   Sproule's....  .  ���. Whitewater   ..... Hear hake   ... McGuigan .    Bailey's   .......1 unction...    Sandon.   .  .Art vo3:50 ]i. 111.  ti 3:15 p. in.  11 2:15 p. ill.  .     ,. 2:00 p. 111.  1. 1:18 ji. 111.  ...    ,1 1:33 p. 111.  .     11 1:21 [i. 111.  it 1:12 p. in.  .Leave 1:00 p. 111.  It. W: BRYAN. Superintendent.  ROBERT IRVING, Traflic Manager.  International Navigation & Trading Co.,  I.l.MITKl),  STEAMERS INTERNATIONAL AND ALBERTA  (IN   KOOTKN.VV   I..VICH  A.VII   KIVKIl  Time Card  iu  efleer February  1st.  I.S97.    D.iily except  Sunday.   Subject to change without notice.  Leave Kaslo foi Nelson, Ainswortli. Pilot Buy.  I'iiilfour and Way points.."      ....    5:30 n. in.  Leave Nelson I'or Kaslo, Pilot Bay, Balfour and  way points   1:10 p.m.  Close connect ion at Five-mile Point with all ['assrnger  trains of the N. & F. S. It. R. to mid from Northnorl.  Rossland and Spokane.  Through tickets sold at lowest rates and b.-ggnge  checked 10 all I'nited States points.  (IKOl.t'K ALF.XANllKR. General Mimrgcr.  Kaslo, .lanuary With. 1KS7.       Head Ollice at Ka. lo, B.C.  W. J. G. DICKSON  _e.-E.-A.X_   ESTATE  _A.a>T*D co_M:avrissio_isr agent  *_vri__sri*iNrc3- beokeb  BKALKY BLOCK, BAK KR ST It K FT, NFI.SON.  FOR SALE"  Several valuable business sites on Baker St.  Business block���two stores���Baker street.  Business  block���three stores all rented���on  two 30-foot lots, with offices above.  Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.  Apply to VV. J. G.  DICKSON.  BUILDING   LOTS.  NOTICE.  Having appointed \\*. .1. C. Dickson local agent for  Addition A to the townsite of Nel-on, intending purchasers of lots. or.persons wishing information, plans, or  price-lists of the addition, will please apply to him.  F. O. INNKS.  VICTORIAASSAYOFFICE  28 B roa (  St reel  Victoria. B. C.  Gold   . .?l 00  (.'old and Silver  :*l .'11  Silver ...  .    I en  Lead and Silver  1  ;.()  Lead   ..   1 no  Copper. Silver. (  .old..  3 I.I)  Copper .  ..   2 imi  m  Other mcliils on application. All samples to be sent  carriage paid and clearly marked, and 10 be advised by  lcl tcr enclosing charges.  Mimmi^ffli^mmmmamfflmmmmmmai^mMmmmmB��mmtiBBmm!immmBama  ____HK__n_____Bi___a_<n__E  mimwgwwmtawsuMiaAmtmiUMianMHumuawHii  _n___9__f___��n THE  TEIBIT.NE:   _NTF/L>SO.N",  RC, SATURDAY,   PERRIJA RY 2n,. 1897.  IiOOATj   KEW3   AND   Cv033IP.  C. i<_. Terry, who lias charge of the sur- ;  voy parly cmipaired iu running the prelim- !  inary lines I'm- liic Ci-imv'. ?Ni.->t (.xlon-iinn j  along tlie west slide of- 'ICnitlonay lake, ve- |  pnrl.s  thai  hfs  is   linking  good   pt-of^russ i  with'the work.    II'l. Inn i-un theTine over ;  ?H)   miles,  from  tin:   i'unt.  of the  lake, and j  has now p.isnvd H men 'townsii e on the op- j  pr.site side.    Perry left,  today   for Slot-tin j  lake t.o stiperiiiLend the work of building :    . .  tiie Canadian i'.n.-iiio  il-tilway company's j time  ago.   eame  down   Iroin   bandon   on  i Waugh against .Mann. Archie Kletc-hcr, I fiee itself. Some tithe during Wednesday  ! Horace JJtiekc, (J. O. Buchanan, and Dave j night Iho bar placed across the door was  ; Moore ��� eon..posed tiie rink making t he j wi enehed off and broken, and the other  !.highest score- IS against t heir opponents i fastenings 'displaced. The low-ehureh  i  10 -and   carried   oil"    tlie   pocket   knives  offered by i he mayor. The. Kaslo curlers  baiitptel.ted their guests iu the Ktislo clin-  ing hall after the game.  ilai-vy Hughes, who was so sorely bat-,  fered, by being caught in a snow-slide on  )olhir   mineral   claim a short  wharves at Hoseberv ami Slocan City. Tuesday. '  lie  goes   to  Spokane   to  see  ���   ; medical advice concerning 1  i-ited   Nel-on        ,,,, ; ���. ,.    ,      ,..,,.  '   the   Kaslo Ac Siocan  Hewitt   Rostock',  M. V  and Kaslo this week, where public meet- i  ittgs tifi'iirded .him'.an opportiiuity of ex- ,  pres'siug'his vifvvs upon i]i.c.<t.i'>ns of local  j  and general iiiicre-t.    jiolh in N'elson and i  Kms,1o Mr. I.osi,o.-k's views appeared to lit :  info  tho-e  of   iho   people,  whom   he  ad- I  dressed, and eac!i  meeting  was  reprc-en- .  tative.    .Mi-.   l>o-._oi-k shows  eon^idei able j  improvement as ;i  public -speaker.    !fe \<  J  yet f.-tr j'rotn  being tin easy speaker, bathe pumps  the words out more regularly  tind  preserves a  better sequence  to  his  ���story.  I'.ugone  1��.   I'Ynnkel,   optician,   has   ar-  s injuries  The rotary plow (  rail way company has at last reached its  destination. Thus far the road has been  operated without any serious  detention.  The iOngiish church difficulty in this |  city is now before the .supremo court, a i  writ having been issued against certain |  cit i/.ens at the instance of the lord bishop t  of New Westminster. .Meantime there  ]v | has been an attack upon the  church  eili-  ptirty propose to replace these, and to  notify tlie public that any interference  with the property, while'the matter is sub  judice, will be prosecuted as in^contempt  of court. Thus bitterly goes on this inter-  mural church war.  ' The Rose and the Thistle.  Vou iiuiy search the long day, I'roni earliest morn,  But you'll ne'er find a rose but what has its thorn,  And when you arc |ilu_king the blos-oinsso fair,  'feu chances to one, that your fingers you'll tear.  But now to your notice a Ihi-tlc I'll bring.  Thai ne'er bus been known to scratch, bile, or sling,  With boi:i|uet conceded    by critics with noses,  ,To outrival by far the iicctar of ruses.  r, Tho Thistle n-fi-tred to. is made from pure mull,  1'islilled long iign, bill itsiigeis no fault.  Vou juM draw I be cork, frao ,ool "o the hot lie.  Anil '"till, a wee drupio' Ine moist en your thru) lie.  'I'o drink of all li-jimr-. you'll admil is quite risky,  So the -afe thing lo do, is to .stick to Scotch whisky:  When to drink of good. Scotch, your wishes do lend,  Remember, and call I'or "Tlie Old Thistle Blend."  uffene  JU4>��  T7*i  1"  ^ei  _.*��_. *  ranged to make regular \i-its to Nelson.  He is in town this week, and may be consulted free of charge by all whose eyes  require attention. His oflicc is in .Jacob  Dover's jewelery store.  S. I5. Shaw, of the local customs department, and Miss 31 ay Robinson, youngest  daughter of W. !\ Uobinson, deputy  sheriff, were inai ried .'early Tuesday  , morning by Hev. George Morden. Mr.  aud Mrs. Shaw left on the morning train  for Spokane, followed by the good wishes  of a host of friends.  The N'elson reading room committee has  decided to give a concert iu the fire'hall  on Monday. March 1st, the proceeds from  which will be devoted to-securing books  for a circulating library, to be started in |  connection with the reading room. A  good concert by local talent may be expected at, popular'prices.   ��� :  The management of the Arcade skating !  rink announces a grand masquerade at '  the rink on Monday evening.    Tho  band  will'be in attendance. i  i  Hev.  T.  S.  Ghissford,  will  occupy  the j  pulpit   in   the   Presbyterian   chinch   to- j WOrk them  morrow. ;  b\ Steele of the Ibex mine reports that ���  the crosscut tunnel on the Ibex is now in j  1 (io feet and the ledge is expected to be j  reached within the next two weeks. .This  will give a depth of 100 feet. The company is working  three  eight-hour shifts.  The Canadian Pacific Railway company  expect to have the new steamer running  on Slocan lake by April 1st. The boat  will be christened the Valhalla. It i.s a  larger boat than the Kokanee, and is expected to be speedy.  .J. B. Campbell of Nelson received news  of the death of his father on Tuesday,  who lived in Nova Scotia. ,  GRADUATE OPTICIAN  .;'   IT you have  trouble with your-eyes. or youi- glasses  don't suit you perfectly-; call upon him.   No cases too  dillicull.    Kxainiuation free.   ',  .'.Nelson ollice in.Jacob Dover's jevvelerv store..  Kaslo ollice. Front street..  R.  P.  RITHET &  CO.,  Ltd., Victoria,  sou: AiiKxr.s Km: n.c.  "We have gust received a nice new line  of choice designs in Centre Pieces, Doi-  . lies,   Tea   Cosies,    Bibs,   Tray   Covers,  Denim   Cushions   and   Table   Covers.  Most of the Stamped Linens give full  instructions how to  work them, number   of  skeins  required,   and   how  to  Something new and novel.  1 ��� beg to inform the public that we are  now fairly settled in our New Store,  Corner Baker and Josephine Streets. We have faith in the future of Nelson and we are  here to stay and uphold the reputation .which we now have of carrying the highest grade  of goods in all lines that the market affords. We are not selling out the remnants of an  old stock at cost���which is, as a rule, dear at any price���but our stock of staple and  fancy groceries is large and well assorted.   Everything new, bright, and clean.  We have just received a supply of breakfast goods, consisting of '���"Germea:" "Cream  Wheat," "Wheat Manna," Nudavene Flakes," Nairns Rolled Oats, and "Quaker Oats,''  without exception the finest thing that is put up in the shape of Rolled Oats. Try a  package.   We make a specialty of Teas and Coffee.  sasasa  CORNER BAKER AND-JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  HERE ARE A FEW OF THE MANY PREPARATIONS WE GARRY IN STOCK:  Balsam Aniseed Syrup Spruce Gum White Pine Balsam Syrup Norway Pine  Syrup, Tar and Wild Cherry Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Bochee's German Syrup  Pisco's Consumption Cure Syrup Linseed and Turpentine Allen's Lung Balsam  Cough Drops of all kinds Wampole's and Scott's Emulsions Pure Norwegian  and Lofoten Cod Liver Oils    Wine of Cod Liver Oil    Maltine with Cod Liver Oil  ������__��*���  \*  n     Q?em_5t5 a_7<d Dru^ists,  ^���> Baiter Street, ^1509.  Balder 5^et, f\felsoi}, B. Q  ���JI". I.aUcr SL 'Wo.-!.  SHORT   BITS   OF   NEWS   PROM   KASLO.  The Ivaslo curlers wore beaten after a  clo.se contest by the Sandon team on'Fri-  d.iy and Saturday last. The ivaslo team  were two players short when they started,  and the vacancies Were filled by-K \V.  ''Peters of the C. P. 11. an old 'hand at the  ���'roariir. game" and .1. Al. Winter of Sandon, the latter being loaned by the Sandon club. On Friday two games' were  played, with honors easy. The rubber  was 'played on" Saturday morning with  selected rinks. The game was won by  Sandon with a. score of 20 against 11. Mr.  Grimmett and Hugh iMaiiu skipped - for  Sandon on the first day, and Messrs. Buchanan and Peters for Kaslo. The rinks  ui a ying on the second day were skipped  by Grimmett and Buchanan respectively.  The Ivaslo fire brigade was called out  the other day by an alarm which was  sent in because of a burning chimney.  The boys gave a prompt'response to the  call.1 J  A   test of   the   new    waterworks   was ,|  given   in   the   presence   of  Mr.  Bostock  when in Kaslo.   "He. ex pressed his entire  satisfaction with the result, and  congrat-  u'ated the city upon the acquisition.  Tlie police made another raid on the  hobos and vagrants last Saturday evening and gathered in one Charley i.os.--.  His case was remanded for a day to give  him an opportunity to get out. lie loft  promptly, and with him went _i number  of others of the same class.  .1. B. McArthiir, president of the llanb-  ler & Cariboo Gold and Silver Mining  company, spent Thursday in Kaslo, and  mot flick Shea, superintendent of the  mine, who was also in town. McAi-Uinr  left for his home on Friday morning.  Mr.. Bostock, who 'is tlie patron of the  Sandon curling club, has offered a n.edal  to be played for by all I lie clubs of Kootenay. As the rink at Sandon is some ton  feet ishorter than the regulation length. :  the. districl; modal cannot be played for i  upon it. It. lias therefore been made a ]  condition that Mr. Bosioek's medal may -  only be contested on the Ivaslo rink. ;  II. 10. Porter, late manager of the Black ;  Kox   mine   on   the  south   fork   of   Kaslo  creek,   has  returned   from   a    protracted ;  business (rip to Spokane  and   the   Pugct j  Sound cities.  Sandon repeated at Kaslo on Thursday \  afternoon, the dose whicli it gave tin: i  Kaslo curie:,- at Sandon at the close of ;  last week. Two riuks'-'conteuded for the |  district medal on the'ice in the Kaslo I  Club's building. The contestants were  "skipped" by M. 1>. Grimmett and Hugh  Mann for Sandon, and .lames Waugh and ;  j). W. Moon,   for   Kaslo.     The  combined  vXTT  JT'  -A.__R_RI"Vr.H]ID  ?*i  u__3.es:  "*a **���___  Y$  1  �� �� @��  We intend to dispose' of our stock in the next sixty days, and have bargains  i'ov everybody in Canned Goods,- General Groceries, Crocker)* and Glassware.  Look  ;il some of our prices:  io Tins  Peas,   Corn,   Beans,   ov Tomatoes .... $1.00  Oyilvie's  <ss.r  Hungarian  .pokake   Flour  Spokane   Flour  Other goods in  proportion  Flour,   per sack  up  ' Davton,  an si Iter,     per Sack.  per sack  1.50  1.35  1.25  We are now-prepared-.to.fill a!i orders for:'iV[iners' Builders'. BlacS\s��r\i*tl\s' and  General;Hardware.    Prices quoted on application.    Prompt  Attention to letter orders.  Baker Street, Nelson -  Office:   Bealey Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  \UP  ���CI  TI  IFI  Several desirable business offices and dwelling's to rent.  Customs brokerage promptly attended to.  Real estate for sale or lease in every portion of the town.  Dress Goods twenty-five per cent below Spokane prices at  our store. Mr. Garland is no\'v in the east securing* the  choicest  offerings oi' the  market for spring- trade.  Just at present we are showing a line of All Wool, Fast Golor5 Serges in Navy,  Brown ar|d Black at 60 cents. Navy Blue, Storm Serge, All Wool, at 75 cents,  aqd'the finest .Serges in the market 'iir.Na'vy ar|d BlacS^, 52 inches wide at $1.25  Sli  %j\  COMPLETE IN EVERY LINE  Special Discounts  Corner BaKui" all'! Joscpiyno Streets  Butter from 10 Cents up       ^  JISZKOWICZ  OUR BLACK HENRIETTAS  AT $1.00 AND $1.25.  [arlapd. Balder St  Bis.  There's  a  Between cheap Underwear and Underwear cheap. The former  is false economy- the latter- true. The motto of some stores is  "Not how .cheap but how good." The motto of some others is  "Not how g*ood but how cheap." Our- motto is "Good and  cheap." Canadian made Underwear, like Canadian made Whisky,  arc admittedly the best  in  the world.    We handle not.iino* else.  Williamson, the Clothier   Ba^;stn.eet'  KB! CESSES  Igrfe  &  score  was 2S to  :.    111  l.ivor  of  S.iiw.oi),  KOOT Ol''   IIA1.1. STUKKT, NKI.SON.  T.  W.   GRAY,   Proppietor.  which thus ttikus the district nicdnl. In  the evening the .s;ii)ic i inks playcl for tlie  jirizc olTcred by mayor (ireen, vviicn t.hu  Kaslo n.-eii (iel'ealcd their visitors by five  points, the score standing 2S to*3'>. Dave  jMoore   skipjjetl   against    (bimmett   and  Doors,  Sash,   Band Sawing*,   Turned  Work,  and  Office  Fitting's.    Just  arrived and 'in  slock, a carload of Chance's  English  Rolled  Glass; all sizes tip to 4 by 6 feet.  ur' Heavy  eei  po O. Store, Jo A, Gilker's, IB and 2  aKer ?.  eison  BRANCH MARKETS   .    .   .    .    .  Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan District  Kaslo in Ainswortli District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.  -^,-v.,...,.������_^r.rTTr ���^,. ,,..,������.,.J.._r7^..-;!-rT.rT^���. -xrr-r.���r^jr*-r.rjy-:.-'.,vV '"y.--. ".us. l,\rr77.':T*t,i,,',|'T^Tri .-.-_; ������*".''L"r~r7rjTnrr:i nT-.-7;rrrT��^-7-nr-^--r~-_,.���-,.-������.j.r.j... ���y7TTT^r:'^^^'^'T,^T7-v*"^�� Tl'^T'-7.r'T"W.,"FtTFFTr^TF'"*-"^^"-j-- ^���^^77?T^'?7^:^^'^^'_!^"'���^'^��� "���*'{ffi     "*


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