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The Tribune Dec 24, 1898

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 _..wr-i-i<��   _���- i._'-'7;_lm._!_*i*,��-_.  Has  Mines that are Paying Dividends and  Hundreds of Properties that can be Made  Dividend  Paying Mines.  SEVENTH  YEAR-NO.  "/v-  '<_,  ''> G  /NELSON,  BRTT.SH  COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 24, L898.  Has   a    Mineral   Output    of  Upwards   ot   Ore'  Million    Dollars    Every    Month,  In   The   Year  TWO   DOLLARS  A YEAR.  ���HALL   MINES   MEETING.  The Company Will Issue Mortgage Bonds to  Thoroughly- Develop the Property.  The sixth ordinary general meeting of  the Hall Mines, Limited, was held in London on Thursday last. No report of the  proceedings has y'ot readied this city, but  from the circumstance that no dividend  was declared to supplement the interim  dividend of 5 per cent upon ordinary and  7 per cent upon preference shares,which  was declared in April, and in view of tlie  directors'.1* proposal to pledge tho company's property for -��50,000 for further  development, it is likely that the shareholders had a likely meeting.  Probably the most disappointing information submitted to the shareholders was,  that from the manner in which the company's property was being worked, the  ore from tho Silver King was costing the  company, presumably at the head of the  tramway, $7.00 per ton. If so, there  would have to be added to this the charge  of-1.4 cents for tramming to the ore bins  at the smelter, a further ten cents as the  cost of cable pei- ton, making a total  charge to the company of $8.14 for the  Silver King ore laid in the bins. That  this is a heavy charge for a large property  like the Silver King will doubtless suggest  itself to mining men. Iu the opinion of  the reporting engineer it was occasioned  by the policy of the company in attempting to keep up larger shipments than the  development of the mine warranted.  It is rumored that Hall Mines ��1 shares  have dropped to $1.00 per share. A few  weeks ago they were quoted at something  like $3.  In accordance with the rules of tlie company, two of the directors, Sir Joseph W.  Trutch and Robert Day, were to retire,  but both offered themselves for reelection.  The report of the directors and the  auditor's statement were submitted to the  shareholders, the hitter's balance sheet  showing a surplus of assets of-��1,2-15 13s.  The balance sheet shows  a gross  profit  on the operations of the year ending Sep-  (tember 30th amounting to -��2S,SG1 13s.'IId,  '' which, together with ��-17 18- 8d., brought  forward from IS07, makes a sum of -C2S,909  12s. 7d.    Out of this amount the directors  on  April  21st appropriated  the sum   of  ��12,500 to   the   payment   of   an  interim  dividend of live per ceut, being  one shilling per share on  the ordinary  shares of  the company, and ��1,750 to the   payment  of a dividend of 7 per cent  on   the preference shares.   After deducting  these two  amounts there remains a balance of ��14.-  059 12s 7d, from which the board thought  it advisable to write off the sum of -��0052  2s 5d for depreciation on  buildings, plant,  aud machinery, and -��7,301 17s 2d for prospecting work at the company's mine prior  to October 1st, 1807, and on a copper claim,  since  abandoned,  leaving   a   balance   of  �����1,2*15 13 s  to be carried  forward to the  credit of the account for the current year.  The directors admit  chat the result of  the   years  business   is  disappointing in  view of the expectations  entertained  at  the last general  meeting, but they  have  reasons to  believe  from   the indications  shown  by  the   development   which   has  been in progress for some time past, and  from the reports of superintendent Davys  and John E. Hardman, that the output of  the   mine   will   be   shortly increased  in  quantity and value, although temporarily  diminished during the last few months.  The report of Mr. Hardman upon the  company's property and its management  \yas attached to the directors' report, and  in referring to it, they point out that  after a thorough examination of the mine  Mr. Hardman expresses a very high opinion of its prospects, and that the only exception that he makes is that the development is too much behind, and that consequently the cost of working has been  higher than it need be if the mine were  more fully opened out.  In this connection the directors explain  that their policy heretofore had been to  work the mine so that it would be practically self-supporting, and that so long as  the ore continued of a fairly high grade  this course was possible, the yield being  sufficient to meet the working expenses  and pay dividends, but the loss of connection with the richer deposits lias for the  present made the continuance of the plan  impracticable, and rendered it necessary  to adopt the course recommended by Mr.  Hardman, viz., to make the output for  the time being subservient to a mote extensive development of the mine. To do  this, however, more capital is required,  and to provide the same the directors  have decided to issue first mortgage bonds  to the amount of-��50,000, bearing interest  at 0 per cent.  With respect to the output of the mine  the directors say that the insufficiency of  copper in the ore in the uew south ore  body has been a disappointment, but they  have reason to expect that in the True  Blue claim near Kaslo the company has  secured a property carryiug a high percentage of copper, which will serve as a  useful flux to the Silver King ore.  The Superintendent's Report.  The report of M. S. Davys upon the condition of the company's mine is not so  glowing as its predecessors. He gives the  total output of ore mined and shipped to  the smelter during the year as 51.070 tons.  In estimating the ore reserves he divides  them into two classes. First, reserves determined by measurements from present  workings and available for immediate  stoping. Of such reserves he estimates  that there are 0200 tons, the value of  which he computes at about 20 ounces silver and 2 per cent copper. The second  classification he makes is called the probable  ore reserves,  the same  being   esti  mated from diamond drill borings, outcrops or other indications, aud not yet  opened up for stoping. Of this class of  ore reserves he estimates that there are  50,000 Ions. '  Of the company's ventures in East  Kootenay the superintendent states the  development of the Blue Grouse claim below the l_mpire group did not give satisfactory results. The ore was found to be  of too low grade to allow for profit in  working and the claim was abandoned.  With respect to the True Blue property  near Kaslo, better results are reported.  Assays from t he outcrop of the copper  ore found upon the two claims gave re-  t urns of from 14 to 22 per cent copper and  from $2 to $3 in gold. A cross-cut has  been run cutting tlie- vein at 180 feet  depth, and drifts have been run each way.  A winze has also been sunk on the ore  from a short tunnel above to a drift of 30  feet and the vein cross-cut. The ore  chute shows au average width of 5 feet of  high grade ore, and an actual reserve of  500 or 000 tons ot high grade ore is disclosed. The ore chute will be further  proved by workings in the lower tunnel  and ore blocked out ready for stoping.  When a sufficient number of tons have  been blocked out to justify transportation, a tramway will be built to facilitate  shipment to the company's smelter.  Hardman's Report.  The report of Johu _]. Hardman upon  the company's property and management  of the same contains much interesting  matter. He was called upon to report  upon the Silver King mine. His report in  a few words is that the company has a  great mine in the Silver King and should  do something to develop it. Hardman  was also asked to look into the matter of  superintendent Davys' management of  the mine, in connection with the charges  of mismanagement which have been made  against him. Upon this matter Hardman  reports in favor of the superintendent, but  adds that the charge of extravagance is  not so easily disposed of. The labor  charges are too high at the mine, and the  general expense account is higher than it  should be. He found it impossible from  the accounts kept to detect the leaks in  this respect, and he therefore thinks it  unfair to lay the burden on the shoulders  of the superintendent. The excessive  labor cost is chiefly due to the lack of  proper openiug of the mine, and would  disappear if the board would approve of  pushing development without regard to  maintaining output.  With respect to the management of the  smelter, Mr. Hardman says that the efficiency in this department is evident, and  the board could be congratulated upon results obtained in copper smelting. Tlie  most apparent feature at the smelter was  the want of suitable ores to be purchased  for mixtures. This led to the consideration of lead smelting, and having discussed the matter with manager Croasdaile aud smelter superintendent Hedley,  Mr. Hardman gives it as his opinion that  the Hall Mines would have a considerable  revenue in lead smelting. This would  necessitate an addition to the company's  plant in the matter of a mechanical roasting furnace, preferably of the O'Hara  type. Mr. Hardman adds that it is highly  desirable that the smelting of lead ores  should be undertaken iu view of the probable curtailment of the output from the  mine for No. 2 furnace, which, unless No.  1 furnace could be run on lead, would necessitate the loss of a large portion of the  company's smelter force.  The chief fault which Mr. Hardman  finds with respect to the management of  superintendent Davys is that owing to  the manner in which the property has  been worked, the cost of labor per ton of  output is excessive. He made his analysis  from the August accounts aud showed  that for labor, each ton sent to smelter  cost $2.S13 and each foot of development  cost $21,022. By charging development  costs directly against output, as is the  practice in somej of the best American  mines, each ton of ore on output account  cost $2,813 for labor, and on development  account $2,020, making the total labor  cost per ton $4,833. He found, however,  in the August accounts, and different  sums in other months, the sum of $-1225.20  (for labor $2953.37; for stores $1271.80),  which was expended and not charged  either to output or development. Therefore to the total of $1,833 must be added a  further labor cost of $0,979 due to sundry  accounts, making a grand total of $5,812  per ton for labor. To this should also be  added a portion of the expense at the  central office at Nelson, which would add  a few cents to the grand total given. This  cost Mr. Hardman considers excessive.  He then treats with the cost of stores and  supplies and their relative cost to the output and the development. Under this  head he computes that each ton of output  cost $0,801, and each foot, of development  cost $0,035. By again charging development costs against output he figures that  each ton of ore, on output account, cost  for stores $0.80-1; on development account,  $0,510; aud adding costs for stores in  sundry accounts $0.-122, the total cost per  ton for stores becomes $1,790. This sum  added to the cost for labor gives a grand  total cost per ton for 3015.4 tons in August  of $7,008. The general expense item was  dealt with in the sundry accounts item,  amounting to $0,979 per ton for labor, and  $0,422 per ton for stores, a total charge of  $1,401 per ton, which Mr. Hardman deems  excessive.  Mr. Hardman makes an analysis of the  time-sheet at the mine for the first week  iu October. Those of directly producing  material from which income is derived he  terms producers, and all who handle the  material without increasing its value he  refers to as consumers. As producers he  classes 78 men, at an average wage of  $3.30 per day,  or a daily total of $202.08.  In the mine he finds 5-1 consumers, at an  average wnge of $2.G(ijj, or $143.95 per day.  On the surface, including engine drivers,  he finds 29 consumers, at an average wage  of $2.95-1, or a daily total of $85.07: and,  the staff, exclusive of the superintendent,  furnishes seven more consuniers, at a  daily charge of $32.80. There' are therefore 78 producers, costing $2(52.08 per day,  and 90 consumers, costing- $202.48 per day,  mtiking a total cost of $521 50 per day for  an average production of 95.35 tons in October.  The  figures are instructive,  according  to Mr. Hardman, a.s  showing  that  fully  one-half: of the daily labor is unproductive.    He considers that the departments  in which economies could be effected are  mucking,   timbering, fitters,  smithy and  carpenters, and he adds that since preparing the figures four men have been let out  aud a fifth will follow.    lie considers the  number of muckers excessive, as an output of 120 to 130 tons per day should not  need 35 shovelers and trammers to handle  it.    The average allowance'of tonnage per  mucker  is usually  from 7  to 10 tons per  day, instead of  three  tons,'which is  the  average of the Silver King force, and he  saw no.reason why a reform iu this direction could not be made.   He says that undoubtedly the main reason for this large  force  was the  urgent demand from the  smelter   for  ore,   which led   to   robbing  every corner of it in  which  ore of a fair  value could be found.   'He adds that if  the recommendations  made by him  are  followed a systematic handling of the ore  could be arranged which  would cut this  force down to one-half or less,   but until  the   mine   is   allowed  a   proper  time  in  which to become well opened this  mucking charge will be abnormally high.  Under the head of recommendations,  Mr. Hardman says: "The urgent evident  need of your property is rapid, systematic  and continuous development on the Silver King aud Kootenay Bonanza claims,  upon which development should never  have been stopped since possession was  given to the company.  "The blowing in of your No. 2 furnace  with its large consumption of over 200  tons of ore per day has nearly exhausted  the mine of its actual reserves, so that on  the 10th of October, there were really less  than 5000 tons of ore blocked out and  available, although the probable-reserves,-  without figuring the south vein, are over  170,000 tons. Again, the value of the ore  mined as shown for tlie months of July,  August and September of this year, has  been only 1.87 per cent in copper, which  is much below the proper percentage of  copper required to make safe the collection of tho precious metal values in smelting, aud emphasizes the necessity of opening up such reserves as give evidence of  carrying copper in excess of 3 per cent,  and of acquiring such additional outlying  properties as would supply any deficit in  copper. Those outside properties may or  or may carry precious metal values, but  they should be diligently sought for as a  means of supplying copper flux, in view  of the character of the south vein ore  which, so far, has been technically a dry  ore."  Mr. Hardman then outlines a complete  programme for the development of the  property which he considers the most advantageous and likely to be productive of  economy in costs. The Silver King and  Kootenay Bonanza claims unquestionably  contain, 'lie says, enormous reserves of  silver-copper ores, but in order that the  company may avail itself of these reserves  the first and most important requisite is  rapid and continuous development.  TO   DO   THE   WORK   THIS   WINTER.  Doing-  Public Works Committee Recommends  ' of Considerable Street Work.  At the meeting of the city council held  on Monday afternoon a report  was read  from   the  public   works   committee,   the  carrying   out    of    which    will    furnish  considerable   labor   during   the   coming  winter.    The report was signed  by aldermen  Ilillyer  and Whalley. of thecom-  comniittee,  and read as follows:     "in  our opinion,   much   of   the   street   work  that should be done  next  year  could be  done  to  best advantage during the winter.    We therefore  recommend   that the  city  engineer  be instructed   to   prepare  plans for a  permanent culvert, to carry  the water in Ward creek, from the southern line of Victoria street to the northern  line of Baker street; aud  that  he  also  .make an estimate of the kinds and quantities  of  material  required  to  fill  in to  grade the following streets : Ward street,  between  Silica and  Baker streets ; Version   street,   between   Hall   and Stanley  streets ; Stanley street, between Victoria  and Baker streets; and in  order that the  work, if undertaken, could be commenced  at as early a date as possible, the engineer  be required.to submit the plans and estimates to the council on the 2nd of January next."  The report was received and adopted on  motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded by  alderman Madden.  ' Mayor Houston reported that, he had  looked over the ground with a view to  .'selecting n. site for the city weigh scales,  ���and recommended the site at the northwest corner of Vernon and Ward streets.  The council decided to locate the scales at  this corner, as it will be most convenient for teamsters from both railway  depots. Mayor Houston was also authorized to purchase from the Hall Mines,  Limited, the scales offered for sale, and  have them placed in position at once.  Alderman Hillyer submitted a draft of  the proposed by-laws and regulations  of the volunteer fire brigade, and the  'same were submitted to a committee composed of aldermen Teetzel, Whalley and  Hillyer.  On motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Madden, the collector  was instructed to collect all arrears of  water and electric light rates, and that  users of electric light be given a rebate of  33.'- per cent ou their December rates if  paid on or before the 24 th instant, and 25  per cent if paid on or before the 30th  instant.  The reconsideration of alderman Wlial-  ley's curfew by-law was postponed until  the next meeting of the council.  SLOCAN   MINING   NOTES.  building of the flume will not likely be an  exception,   notwithstanding   the   predictions of the Miner.    The city has  been in  business on  its own  account  for a year  and  eight months.    In   that time  thousands of dollars  have  been  expended in  the purchase of supplies, yet not a  single  charge has been  made that the city has  paid too much for anyfhing.purchaced, or  that the official,making the purchase has  received a "rake off."    Is  it likely,  then,  that  the men   who   are conducting  the  city's business will change their methods  in building two or  three miles of flume?  If contractors can procure "expert" men  to do work, the city can do  the  same as  readily, for the city pays as  high  wages  as the contractors, and pays the wages as  promptly.   The Miner is'just a  trifle disgruntled because the people  will   not accept any of its utterances as gospel truths.  JUDGMENT   OF   THE   CHIEF   JUSTICE  WILL   SHIP   400   TONS   DAILY.  London Press on the Statement.  The British Columbia Review comments  upon the annual statement recently issued  by the Hall Mines. It says that there is  no reason to doubt but that the mortgage  debentures of the company will be freely  taken up. With respect to the change in  the company's policy of development tho  Review says that for at least twelve  months, while the development is in  hand, the shareholders need not expect  dividends. It admits that the company's  shares may fall even lower than they  have been during the past few months,  but to those who can afford to wait it  commends the purchase of Hall Mines at  anything below 10s. This, it will be  noted, is cutting the par value of the  shares in two.  Hardman's Estimate of the Dandy Vein.  In Hardman's report upon the ore bodies  in the Silver King he describes what is  known at the mine as the north vein, as a  separate vein, and says that it is not improbable that it is the Dandy vein. This  vein on the King workings averages four  feet iu width, but the ore is of good value  and great uniformity so far as it has been  worked, carrying from 25 to 35 ounces  silver and from 4 to 5 per cent copper,  and as a matter of fact the most cupriferous material on the Hall Mines property. Hardman regards this vein as  a very valuable asset and in his  program lays out certain work with a  view to opening it up. in estimating the  return on this development he says that  assuming widths and values to be continuous on this north vein it would result  in over 170,000 tons of ore reserve in this  vein alone. This opinion from a disinterested engineer should be welcome news to  the owners of the Dandy mine. In effect  it is that the ore which the Hall Mines requires most is in the ledge that runs  through their property.  Revelstoke.  incorporation  Incorporation at  The   advocates    of    incorporation     in  Revelstoke are circulating a  petition in  which the lieutenant-governor is asked to  fix a date for the first municipal election.  Sandon exported 380 tous of ore during  the week and Three Forks 31S.  The Idaho mines sent out 105 tons since  Thursday last and the Queen Bess 133 tons.  The Monitor, at Three Forks, has resumed shipments, 20 tons going out last  week.  Twenty men are employed on the Emily  Edith. Ore is being broken down and  sorted for shipment.  Two hundred and twenty tons of ore  were shipped from, the Payne this week,  divided between both railways.  For the half year ending December 31  the Slocan shipments will total fully 18,000  tons, valued at about $2,000,000.  The manager of the Bosun mine reports  that the smelter returns on the last shipment of 20 tons were $1449.  W. W. Warner has struck a line lead of  dry ore in the Argenta, one of the Madison group, near Sandon. It runs high  in silver and $4 gold.  On the Convention, adjoining the  Marion on Silver mountain, a tunnel has  been driven upwards of 25 feet beyond  the face of the open cut. Some fine ore is  being broken down, carrying carbonates  and a little zinc.  Successful Mining at the Porto Rico.  The management of the Porto Rico  mine completed a ten day's run of the  company's new mill on Sunday, the result  being most encouraging. Although there  were many delays, chiefly on account of a  short water-supply, something over 1.40  tons of ore were put through the mill on  the trial run. Actual results on the ten  days' operations have not been given out,  but it is reported that the ore which went  through the mill averaged $40 to tlie ton,  and that the mill recovered 94 per cent, of  the assay values. Of the 140 tons put  through the mill there remains in concentrates 20 tons. \V. II. Corbonld, managing director of the Canadian Pacific Exploration Company, watched the company's first milling and left on Tuesday  for London. The company i.s working 10  men at the Porto Rico, and four machine  drills are at work in the tunnel and  stopes. There i.s said to be .sufficient ore  in sight at present to supply the mill with  25 tons per day for eight months.  The Council Acted "Wisely.  In deciding to build the flume that will  bring in an additional supply of water for  the electric light plant by day's labor the  city council has acted wisely. Past experience goes to show thtit the city can do  work as cheap by day's labor as by contract,  and   get better   work done.   The  The Forecast Which Carlyle Makes to Probable  Investors In Le Roi.  W. A. Carlyle gives some interesting information concerning the Le Roi mine  which the British America Corporation  has recently placed upon the Loudon  market. The total of the dividends which  the <Le Roi has paid is given a..s $995,000.  As evidence of the average value of the  ore produced he recites that the treatment of 50,000 tons yielded 85,000 ounces  gold, 81,000 ounces silver and 700 tons of  copper, making an average value of $31  for the short ton.  With respect to the company's intentions with respect to future operations,  Mr. Carlyle says that development will be  pushed ahead of extraction, so that the  property will be prepared for increased  ���shipments. Respecting the Le Roi vein  he says that the ore chute, which is 500  feet long varies from 4 to 40 feet wide,  and that there is a large amount of ore.  standing in the lower workings.  The lowest level in the property at present is at 700 feet. The ore chute at this  level is from 30 to 40 feet wide, and there  is good pay ore on each wall from six to  eight feet wide, and the average for the  whole width of the chute will'pay well  when shipped in large quantities. ' There  are 200 feet of the ore chute exposed fit  this level, tho western end of the chute  not having been reached at present.  This gives the company a large ore body  which extends upward for 130 feet to  what is known as the 000-foot level, the  connecting winze being in oreall the way.  On the 000-foot level the stope is 400 feet  long. AVhen he completes the present  plan of development Mr. Carlyle says that  lie will ship from the property 400 tons  per day, and that considerably larger  shipments will be possible when the 800-  foot level is reached.  The opinion in London is that the general public will not have much chance to  secure shares in the Le Roi company. The  shareholders in the London and Globe  Finance Corporation and the British  America Corporation have the right of  preferential allotment., and it is said that  they will subscribe liberally. The list  closed on Thursday last.  _'t_ir,  is  The ore  The Black Cock Shlppinp-.  The Black Cock mine, near  now making regular shipments,  is going to the Le Roi smelter a. North-  port. Considerable money has been expended in developing the Black.Cock and  in the earlier stages very little encouragement wes met with.  Kaslo Creek Properties Bonded.  W. Boies and J. Rackliff have bonded a  group of four claims, owned by them on  south Kaslo creek, to the English company represented, by 10. Mansfield. The  bond calls for $30,000, the first payment  to be made so soon as the snow goes off.  These claims adjoin the. Joker group, now-  being worked by Mr. Mansfield, and have  practically the same surface showing.--,  the croppings running well in gold.  Recount Next Week.  The  trial  of  the  North   Yale  petition has been set, as  to  the  for January 4th in Victoria  election  recount,  in the event  of the bribery and corruption charges being proceeded with, the trial will be immediately transferred to Kamloops.  Will Let Well Enouffh Alone.  The Miner is much exercised over civi-j  affairs; but it seems the ratepayers are  not. Probably the ratepayers know that  civic affairs are in a healthy condition,  and are content to let well enough alone.  Probably the ratepayers also know that  the city of Xelson has more to show for  the money spent than some of tlie cities  from whence have come the recently arrived "public spirited" men, who are so  afraid that "our civic government will  fall into the 'hands of designing men."  To Increase the City's Power.  The city council, at a special meeting  held on Wednesday forenoon, decided to  build a flume to bring iu an additional  supply of water for the electric light  plant." The city engineer reported that  there was an ample supply in the two  creeks that form the headwaters of Salmon river.and that the water could be  flumed at reasonable cost. An engineer  (James Coyle) has already surveyed the  flume line nearly the entire distance: lumber is on the ground for a bunk and cook  house, and it will be ready for occupancy  by Wednesday, when a full force of men  will be put to work on construction. The  flume will be 20 by 30 inches in the clear  tind built on the solid. No trestles will be  built except over ravines. The work will  be done by dav labor.  On  the  Appeal  Taken   by  the  City. Prom the  Judgment of Justice Walkem.  The judgmtnt of chief justice McColl, in  the  appeal  taken r by   the city from the  judgment of  justice  Walkem   quashing'  the electric light by-law.   reached   Nel-on  on Tliur-ihiy.  Tlie judgment is as fctiluws:  With great,  inspect for  the  opinion of  the  learned judge   wlm-e de i*-i.iii   i.s   in  appeal,   L think that   he   mcmc   wnug in  applying to this case t he authorities, upon  which he proceeded.  The municipality was admittedly acting within its powers in acquiring the  property in question.  It is not disputed that the council" was  composed of persons competent to oi igi-  nate and carry the by-law, or that, being  a quorum, they acted honestly and disinterestedly in the exercise of *a discretion '  independent of the mayor who did not  even attend any of the meetings at which  the by-law was read a first, second and  third time, or that the neces^-aiy ��>-ent  way duly given by a three-fifths majority  .of the electors, or that they .voted knowing the mayor to be a shareholder in the  company from which the property was  being purchased.  In   these   circumstances   there    is.    of  *  course, no suggestion that tho mayor was  guilty of anything morally wrong. But  it is contended that inasmuch as the  members of the council are substantially  of the municipality in the position of  trustees for the inhabitant.- of the municipality, and because, as it is said, the rule  is that any transaction between trustee  and cestui que'trust will be set aside at  the instance of the latter, therefore,  merely by reason of the dual position of  the mayor, this by-law must be quashed  on the application of the respondent.  I do not think it necessary to consider  whether the rule has been accurately  stated, but assuming its existence and  application, then to the municipality and  not to a single dissatisfied ratepayer  would seem to belong the right to decide  whether the transaction should stai'd as  being beneficial to the municipality or be  set aside as not being for it-, benefit, or  whether the mayor should ��� he mad _ to  account for any profit which he may have  derived.  In this view the question ot ratification  by the ratepayers would naturally present  The-rulo applicable between trust _e and.  cestui que trust in the ordinary sen.-e of  the terms is founded upon the impos-ibi!-  bility of determining with certainty  whether the trustee has used his influence  to bring about the transaction which  takes place in private, and if he choose to  enter into it he cannot complain if his interest is made to give way to that of the  cestui que trust. The matter concerns  themselves only.  But why -should the rule be extended to  a totally different situation 'i  A municipality is created and regulated  by statute.  The powers given it are for the benefit  of the whole community.  What a municipality does is necessarily done in public with every opport unity  for full discussion under conditions excluding the possibility of any secret influence, and i.s subject to the safe guards ���  which the legislature has deemed sufficient.  In this case the parties were at arms  length.  If the mayor's dual position was a  material circumstance, surely it was for  the ratepayers themselves to determine  what importance ought to be attached to  this.  Why should the court import tli _.- rule  contended for with the effect of tetterir.cr  the municipality by an incapacity not  imposed by the legislature and ie-ulting,  as I humbly think, only in serious embarrassment to a municipality in dealing  with the very extensive subjects over  which at the present time powers are conferred upon municipalities.  Quite apart from any particular rjro-  vi.-ion of the Municipal Clauses Act, I  would hesitate to concur in laying down  such a rule inapplicable t.oa municipality...  In my opinion the public, interest forbids it.  But I am of opinion that the legislature  has taken into its own hands the measure  of protection which it has thought necessary for the ratepayers generally in allowing (C. 1)1. S. 19, s.s. 18a.) a member ot a  council to bo concerned as a shareholder  in dealings and contracts between it and  the municipality while prohibiting hiin  from voting in the council on any question affecting the company and in providing for a case nf a member of the council  being or becoming interested in a contract  with the municipality (ss. 21 and 22) while  refraining from avoiding the contract  itself as was done under the Ontario Act  under consideration iuBaird vs. Almonte.  I do not think it would be useful to discuss the numerous authorities cited in the  very able argument addressed to us.  The one mentioned is. perhaps that most  favorable for the respondent, but it differs widely from the case.  The absence from our Act of the enactment referred to makes a distinction as  regards the question of ratification.  I. will only add thtit I do not doubt that  the court will always be able to afford the  adequate relief in any case that may arise  where it may be shown that thecouncil or  ratepayers have not freely and properly  exercised their powers without the adoption of tin arbitrary rule.  I would allow the appeal with costs.  (Signed)      II. J. McCou., C. J.  December 10th. 1S98.  '���-������"',���*_:-_ T^;. TV ������{���{-- :���.fl '������-������������ if';- ���% ������t^s.*i*-'!_^*,iCr.*p:;'f.r'^T--*>'������'T-;vr****'~-*g-*,'_'7^ -���:���������������������-, ��� ���.������i.-mi .--���������. _������.- "7-.-������ s-�����.-t-���i-srm-l-r.--T--,--.1,,���----n---^ ���._.,....,,.- ^_.,,.-.,-.,���.,,.,-,���.-..���������������         I.    ���. -���������������..#������*-_   .,".-*.   ���-      -.".������ �����������-,��� ,"������.���   i. ��� ''.'i -,!��� -. i.  '#.    ....ii      _���   -r, i  . i.iv--j ���'���������-"���  >in. ^  ..�� .J .' iM,  >��� ' .' si.�� # . .* -, ��� cm '! V      _j- ..   . ���. i ���'.-���*.�����. i    ��� ���_-.   >i.ir�� *,.- -������.���:,-. - "-/i ���     ��������� ��� -. ,--.-   Vs.-"   ��� . i  . ������ I  r-.     ����� -�� '   * oi- ��� ���������.*�����-������ .j  .���.-".���  -,��"     ������������ ai, t ,'H..  i . !-������ ..- I--,, '.n-.i .-���i- "*.-������   :-..v   -��� ���    *-*���._ -���r-.s>-*_"       ^ ������*.'���.    ./ ��� -i    .-������ "������ ell.   *-��� -�����   ���.-*������������,-��� 1 ��� I* - "������ .* ���  #-_�����$ m  rtiE  ��� TRIBUNE'  sNELSON.  B.C.   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All stock inspected at Xelson:   Nelson, li. V.  DR. J. W. Ql'i.VLAN, DJ-'XTIHT���Ollice:  .Mara. Iilock,  linker Street, Nelson.  WJ. ll. UOLMI-S, C. E.���Provincial Land Surveyor.  ���    P. 0. box S*>, ICaslo, U. 0.  A      II.   HOr.DICH���Analytical Cheinisi and A  *-----���      Victoria street, Xel:  ielson.  �����.. er.  J  C. GWILLIM, B.A.Sc. & AV. S. JOHNSON. B.A.Sc.  ���Mining   Kiiginccrs   and   Analytical   Chemists,  Slocan City, B. C.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  was re-enactert'laat session at the instance)'  of II. D. I-Ielmckon, oi! Vietorm. it simply provides that all companies which  seek concessions or privileges from the  crown tor the prosecution of any enterprise shall in turn undertake not to employ tiny .Japanese or Chinese labor. Jt  was passed last session merely because  tlie Turner government did not wish to  offend the labor vote, but was warmly  espoused by the members of the opposition, who this session will make up the  government party. Whether tJie dominion authorities will disallow the act, as  requested by the Japanese government,  or request the.legislature to repeal it remains to be seen. Premier Semlin says  he has heard nothing from Ottawa upon  the Mibject. and he still continues to hold  that tho interests of the province require  the exclusion of Japanese as well as Chinese. Well informed people think that  ihe province is within its right in passing  tlie legislation to which exception litis  beeu taken.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. _*. & A. _I. ��� Meets  second Wednesday in each month. .'Sojourning  brethren invited.  ���C-NIGUTS OE PYTH'AS��� Xelson Lodge. Xo, 25.  -I*-k- Knights of Pylbias, meets in Castle hall, Macdonald block, corner of Josephine and Vernon streets, every  second nnd fourih Tuesdav evening at S o'clock. All  visiting knights arc cordially invited to attend.  G'-okgic Ross, IC. of It. & S.  ,   'It. G. Joy, C. C.  SATURDAY   MORNING.  ..DECEMBER 21. ISf-S  Finance Minister Cotton made an important announcement during tlie Cowichan contest tJiis week, when he said  that the Semlin administration had under  consideration the question of the better  administration of the lands within the  E. AcN. railway belt. As matters stands  at present there is a complete stagnation  iu the mining and agricultural industries  in the railway portion of  the  island, and  .  iu consequence the province suffers a con-  ���   siderable loss of revenue.    With   respect  to mining, the development of the island  is restricted by reason of the action of the  railway company iu.requiring, claim own*  ors to purchase their surface rights before  determining tlie value of their prospects.  Anyone who has followed  mining knows  "well enough that in the case of the ordinary prospect, there  is  sufficient  risk  for  capital in the necessary expenditures  for  development, and that the  imposition  of  further expenditures, which do not in the  least develop the finds,   must  necessarily  tend to retard  all  development.    In   the  case of the   E.   Ac N.  railway  la nils, the  railway company owns the land and   the  crown the minerals.   The contention  of  the crown is that owning the minerals, it  must have access to them, and the Semlin  administration, in a few  words, uioposes  if  necessary   to  place   itself  behind   the  holders of its mining  licenses, and   fight  their cause   through   the   courts  to  the  privy council,   with  a  view  to  securing  more favonilile terms of entry   for   them  from the -rail way company.    The   finance  rijinisti-r s;iy*s that tin** action will not be  taken in any -pint of antagonism to the  ��� Dunsmuir interest, but with a view of  conserving t lie 'interests of the province,  and he expressed the hope that such arrangements   may   be.   made   with   .J a hies  ��� '.Dunsmuir as will .secure the objects of the  government without recourse to the  courts at till.    The probable fate of the provincial statute which prohibits f.Jie employment of Japanese upon any work carried on under a provincial charter, i.s commencing to interest the politicians now  that the opening of the session is lint a  few days off. The statute i.s practically ti  copy of the act to which lieutenant-governor   Dewdney   withheld  his  assent,  and  Dc'Rixo  the recent   by-election  in  Alberni   attorney-general   Martin   told  the  people of the province  what  he thinks  will be the policy of the Semlin adminis-  tion.    In the first place he says that there  shall be no  more  land  grabbing  by railway com panics, and that a.s far as possible   tJie   government   will   pursue   the  policy of government ownership  of railways. , Tlie contention of ex-premier Turner, with respect to provincial ownership  of railways, was that such a policy would  prove too much for the financial credit of  the  province.    His  policy   was   to grant  sufficient cash and land subsidies to enable  private individuals to build the railways  required, and allow them  to retain control of the roads which   were  practically  built at   the   expense   of   the   province.  There tuay be difficulties in tlie  way of  pursuing a policy of government ownership with respect to railways, but in any  event it should not be difficult to improve  upon the policy of the  late  government,  which let the province in for the expenditures  necessary   upon   railway  construction, and at the same   time  allowed   the  state-aided roads to get away with whatever profit there was iu their operation.  tives, and unless some unforseen obstacles  crop up, the man who was jockeyed out  of his seat in Dewdney will represent  Cowichan in the next legislature. The  voting takes place in Cowichan on next  Wednesday.  The report comes from Moyie City to  the effect tJiat the Canadian Pacific Railway Compn.ny has given assurances that  work will be commenced at once upon a  .siding to the concentrator site of the St.  Eugene mine, and the owners of the ���mine  expect to be able to make their first shipment early in January. The postal department has also established a postoffice  at Moyie, and on January 1st the mail  will be packed from Cranbrook to Jioyie.  These two circumstances will very greatiy  strengthen the petition which tlie residents of Movie recently sent to lion. A.  G. Blair, minister of railways. If a town  offers sufficient tonnage to induce a railway to put in a siding to handle it, and is  of such importance thtit tlie postal department establishes a postoffice and pays  for the packing of the mail from an adjoining town, it is surely de.serving'oi a  depot and side-track from a state-aided  railway which passes through it.  ,. .c Company, Ltd.  Capital $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario. .  All types of electrically operated mining- and power apparatus  Sole agents for complete Victor Blasting5 Machines  We also sell the g-enuine Bell Telephones  British Ooiurnbia Branch Offices  Gran villi) Siriiol.���VANCOUVER  ICoot ena v 1) ist rid���X K LSOX  *E',IS.__._Sr__:   _D__._a,I_I_SrC3-:,    Kooluiuiy Afe'cut  .lliUXT  ���������OH  W1UK  l*OI*K AM) CI IJNI'MJAI. MACJUXKI. V  -Q  BRANCH MARKETS   .    .    .    .    .  Rossland and Trail, in. Trail Creek District  Three Forks and  Sandon, in Sloean District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats  Orders bv mail carefully filled and DronVbtly forward��d. meats.  Alberni Election Figures.  The election returns from Alberni have  not heen completed as yer, but there'is  every reason to believe that Neill's majority will be somewhat smaller than   in  the  lad  a ma jority  With  Olayo-  iie  .ti f  ! !,  general election, when  of some 10 odd   uvpi*  .1  quor to hear from. .Wil! litis a majority ot  Ii) over Ward, and in the _cni*ral election  Cla vr (|tiot gav _ him a majority of hi over  Huff, there being but. _"> v-������<-.*- polled.  Nptiee of-Application for; Liquor License ;;  .<. Notice i.s hftrohy'iliveiii.hul. thirty tliVys after'date I in-'  tend to apply ti* the sripi'iKlhiry niai-isinite of-'West  Kootemiy district, for a lieoiise to .-_;1 liquor by retail at  my hot.cl.at- Sirdar. H. (.'...- A i'(! i '.-" I.' '.'ACKSOX. '.-  .Sirdar, is: C., December ailh.tSIIS. '-.,',  _1_  IS NOW  I'UKI'Ai:*'"!) TO RECEIVE ORDER.-*.rail  Domestic and Steam Coal and Blacksmiths' Fuel  Domestic Steam Coal, $5.75 per ton  Blacksmiths' Fuei $10.00 per ton  TERMS:  , Cash-wilh order  Ollice 1*11.0.' \\"..,Wo.-t.&:Co"'*.:bii|l(liiiit:  imm ST. BAB8E, Agent  . n&'  Tmk return of Leigh ton McCarthy in  North Simeoe as the successor of his illustrious uncle, was a severe blow to the  federal party organizers. Although it  was generally understood that Leigh tori  McCarthy, if elected, would give an independent support to (he Laurier administration, yet so great was the desire to  stamp out McCarthy ism or independence, j  Till'* Rossland board of trade has undertaken the task of wresting from the federal government an appropriation sufficient to decently house its tax gatherers,  who take $200,000 a year in direct import duties, inland revenue and postal  rates from Ross laud's citizens. There is  nothing unreasonable in this request of  the board of trade, that the people who  contribute $200,000 a year should  have something to mark the hole into  which they regularly pour this large sum  of money, but the chances are that it will  not be complied with unless the Laurier  government has seen fit to modify its policy with respect to the west. The Nelson  city council and South Kootenay board of  trade made a similar request on behalf of  Nelson.a short time ago. They made out  as good a case a.s Rossland can. They  sent delegates to Ottawa,' who undertook, on behalf of the citizens, to contribute free, a site worth at least half of  the desired appropriation, but the Laurier  cabinet refused to entertain their request.  The eastern idea of Ivooteuay's rights is  restricted to the payment of taxes.  Notice   oi   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  KVr.XINl; STAll .\.\'|) "HAPI'V .lAl.'l; .M I.VKliA". CLAIMS.  SITL'ATK IX Till-: XK1.SO.V .MININC' T)I\'it-|ON ()!������ WKST  ICOOTK.VaV IMSTKICT, AND l.OOVnCI} HMTWICKN SAXDV  AND KACII.K-I'litiKICS, AIIOUT. I-'IVK. Mll.ES WKST Kl.O.M  NI'*I_ON.  Take notice Unit r. Arthurs. 1'arwcll. acting as a^ent  for George A. JCirk, free miner's certitieate i\*o. SSI _,">. and  John A. Turner, free miner's certilicate No. lniilA. intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for cirtilicatos of improvements,-for the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the above claims. And  further take notice that 'action.-under section 37, must  be commenced'before.the issuance of .such certitieate of  improvements. A. S. .FA It WELL.  Dated Litis 20th dav of December. IS!'*1. I Dec. 2-tJ  Application for Liquor License.  Xotice is hereby given tlie undersigned intends to  apply before the government agent at. Xelson for a  license for a hotel at; No. il Siding. Crow's Nest, Pass  Railway 0. .1. 'OAMl'llKL'L.  .December 10th, ISflS.  ffaka  THK OIIKAPKST J-LAOK IK THK CITY KOR FRUITS OK ALL KINDS.  MILLS & LOTT, Cop. Baker and Ward Sts.s Nelson.  LICENSE AUTHORIZING AN EXTRA-PROVINCIAL COMPANY TO CARRY ON  BUSINESS.  S  .--TTO _?I03S. EEJRS  "' Go.mi'aniks' Act. iSiir  thaL the Liberal  party   pun up :'* straight [ dents of Moyie recite (heir  town's experi  Liberal candidate against him.    The Cm- i e,K-e u'lUl thn ..9maci *���'���.*. ���*-'--��-���---<���  l*--il-V'->  ���if,'  servatives on the other hand did not put  lip a candidate, but they retrained from  endorsing the candidature of McCarthy,  even against a straight Liberal. The result will be that AlcCarthyism will live  for another year or-so.  Mccn interest is being manifest in (he  political fight which is being -waged iu  Cowichan this week, where Colin 15.  Sword is making an effort to secure for  the Semlin administration the scat recently held by Robertson. Sword has ihe  disadvantage of being an outsider, and  I he organs of r.he Turner parly, which a  I'ew months ago advocated the .return of  Vancouver' island men, in Chilliwhack,  Cariboo and Cassiar, are now calling for  Sword's defeat in Cowiclmn because he  happens to be a mainland num. Jtis not  likely, however, that this argument w ill  have much weight with" the electors of  Cowichan, as in the palmy days of (he  Hobson - Da vie-Turner administrations  Cowichan wtis treated as a safe retreat j  for useful politicians who had difficulty  in securing seats elsewhere. The electors ;  of Cowichan are therefore accustomed to ,  Lv TriE petition which the people of  Moyie have forwarded to the minister of  railway!-, a very fair illustration is given  of the manner in which the railway companies treat townsite owners whoso property they euvy.   This is the way ISO resi-  j_  y  | Company: "The railway company,  " through their solicitor, demanded half  " the entire townsite, also free right-of-  " way, side track, aiul depot sites, as the  " price of putting a depot and side track  ",in the town, ft was pointed out to him  " that this could not be given, as half the  " lots at present surveyed were already  "sold: and, further, that half the lown-  "site was in litigation, and nothing  " could be done respecting it for (lie pres-'  " ent. A reasonable offer was, howevci,  " made and rejected. A .further offer has  " since been made in writing as follows;  "' 'Free right-of-way, side track and depot  "'sites, together with ten acres of town-  " site, provided a side (rack tind depnt bo  "'put in nnd work begun within sixty  " days. The solicitor lias acknowledged  " the receipt of this offer, tind now stares  "that the company nevor intended ' tn :  " give Moyie a depot."  Caxada : I  1 -tOVlXCK OK.-.HfclTISir COr.b-MMIA.:f  Xi). V21.  TUTS IS TO CKRTIFY that the "London & Uritish  'Columbia Goldtiekl- Limited," is authorised and licensed t.o carry on business .within the Province of British  Columbia, and to carry out or ett'eet all or any of the objects hcreiiial'tersct forth to which the legislative authority of the legislature of Uritish Columbia extends.  The head ollice of the Company is situate at:' Laurence, Poutney .Hill. England.  The amount of the capital uf the Company is ��200,000,  divided into 200,000 shares of one pound cacti.  The head ollice of the Company in this Province is  situate in Nelson, and J. Roderick Robertson, manager of companies, whose address is Xelson aforesaid, is  the attorney for the Company.  The objects for which the Company has been established are set out in the certitieate of registration of the  company dated the 20th day of October, 1 SOU, and which  was published in the Uritish Columbia Gazette of the  20th October, 1SI0.  Given under my hand and seal of ollice at Victoria.  Province of British Columbia, this ''rd day of December,  one thousand eight, hundred any iiinetv-eight.  1710  in   i  BAKER STREET, NELSON  8  Kootenay Lake Sawmill, G. O. Buchanan, Prop.  First   class   lumber   at   right   prices  Doors,  Turned Work,   etc,,:  Also   a   full   line   of   Sash,  constantly on  hand.  II...S.1  S. V. *.\'O0'J"i'0*\-,  Registrar of Joint .Stock Coin)iiin;cs  Yard:   Foot Hendryx Street.        JOHN RAE, Agent.  GRANGE OF PARTNERSHIP.  NOTICK.  I have this day sold my interest in the linn of Karley  & .Simpson, Grocer.--, and in the Grand Central Ifotcl. to  Frank .1. Donley. The assets and liabilities of the tirm  have been assumed by .-rimpson *_ Donley, to'whom all  debts must tie paid. K. .1. KAKLKV.  Nel.-oii. IS. ('.. November, ISilS.  THE TREMONT  _NTI___,SO_sr  MALO.VK .'-: TRI-'GILLUS. Proprietor.-.  ^ _ <$z3 fx  1JL  When  Requiring  I horoughly Seasoned Lumber   Call   and  Inspect    Stock.  In slock Mooring.' lining, mouldings, doors,  window*  and sashes.   10very description of joinery, doors and  made   to   order.  OFFICE AND MILLS CORNER HALL and FRONT-ST.  Is one of tho best hntel.-  is! the- lii'.'i.'lfiii.irt.i'i'.s  ���'---*_  in Toad Mountain district., and  or prospectors and miner-1.  IF  !-fe-  Si.  B''  I  AKER STREET  return non-residents as their represent!!- ' whole thin/?  What tho Candidate Lacks.  The I.'aystreak : This paper i.s boomiiif-  Oliff'e for mayor, but it can't do it all  alone. He needs property qualification,  common sense tind a paid spieler to raise a  holler   for   him.    We   can't   put   up   the  Having vi'tir'-il the inure comnnHlio'is and euii-  venieiil ijiiiii-I'.���!*-��� of ihe above hoti-l. Mrs. 10. (..'.  ('iarke take- I hi-' opportunity of thanking her  former patron at. ihe Clarke Hotel for their  piilruiiiigo in the pa-.--, anil for soliciting a eon-  I iniiaiiee of the same.  Rates $2 per Day  E.  G.  Clarke, Proprietor.  G. W. West & Co. have been  appointed agunts for H. W.  McNeill & Company,- and  are now ready to receive  orders for the delivery of Anthracite Coal at Nelson or a.t  any point in the Slocan. Terms  are cash before delivery.  ���O*  -��� _���  rJ _  ll-b  _H  BLACKSMITHING A  EXPERT'HORSESHOE  'Jf.  C. W. WEST  Baker Street,  Nelsoq, British Columbia.  Wagon  Repairing  Promptly Attended  to  by a First-Class Wheelwright  Special attention given to al! I^inds of repairing  and custom worlc, from outside points  SHOP:    dor. Baker ar]d Hall Sts. kelson.  ���ii ;.iV'*, J, .,:���*'-������_   ,'-   "���������-���-?����� '\.^-*rV*'^^^'vi';*-i.'-..-*'.v*-_ ^\*z:ttl-: * *:\f-J'*:'.TR># ������*';*���':�� ,^^^.���.^..������^;^^-������4-������:.-. ^.^--'������'.- ;���;���. "/--T*-J i\^*tO>-'',vl.*:._��^.-.v:.-: _���....-<._ ���..._?���-.���.:��� r-������.i'-ivviv,.'*.1;^. -'.. ---,���.���:/..��� /.? V'��>;-������ <.-s*'ii.'u:w %P J- '?-'*���?*''. V.-: I-,' l^'-.i."!'-.... i!.>ty '*���: ,<*-:*\ VA��'.,rifi*u.*-*-1'*i't7. ?.��-**? ���:*.?*.���. -.���;������<��� \sriUy& TIil_ Till liUN !���]:'. NELiSiON', 13. C: SATURDAY   DECJJ.M DEI! ',U, I.80S.  B_zA_iNT_E_Z  OF  Capital,  Best,  all paid  , up,     -  $12,090,000  8,000,000  LORD STRATIICONA AND   MT.  ROYAL, President  Ron. GKO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  E   S. CLOUSTON Goneriil "Maniiijor  isr__i__1so3sr _3_s,__._<rc!__:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       I-ltANOIIES IN       LONDON   (England),   NEW YOEK,   CHICAGO  and in Lho principal cities ill Cnnadn.  rafFfcg*TF*n_*_  lt_V_  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  Uuy nnd sell  SturliiiK Exchange and Cable Transfers  (JKA.NT COM.MI-.HCI.VI,  AND THAVKM.KKS* CIIKDITS,  available iu liny pari of the world.  nn\KTS issued   com.kctionb made; kto.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OV 1 NT I-* 1 * ICST MAID  .  THE   CZAR   OF   NEWFOUNDLAND.  He Owns 4,480,000 Acres of it  and  Controls all  its Railways.  The extent ol' milliomiire  Menier-.sovereignty over   the   coiiipar-itively  insig-  nilicciut island of Anticosti is completely  overshadowed by the enormous extent oi'  the  possessions of  asinglc individual on  the   adjacent   island   of   Newfoundland.  Me is undoubtedly the largest landowner  on'this continent.    Newfoundland is one-  sixth larger than Ireland, and R. 0!. Heid,  commonly called "Cwir" Jieid, owns about  one-half of it in fee simple.   Two hundred  thousand people regard him pretty much  a.s if he were their feudal baron, and look  to him to exploit-their country before the  world.   No man, no Czar, even, over held  tho destinies of a country more closely in  his   lingers lhan  Mr. Reid   does   wilh  his  island.    Seven   thousand   .--f|iiare  miles of  it are absolutely his own,   with   its enormous wealth of timber and mineral lands,  and every mile of its railway system will  eventually become his  private   property.  The latest contracts which   he has signed  with the government of the  i-.land   have  si-cured ro him privileges for which a prominent state-simm   has declared   thar. ho  ���could   casilv   have  obtained $.1.(K)0,(K)0  ;.n  I_ngland.    It-  rai-*_d   such   violent opposition in the colony that ihe  governor declined   to sign   i*u before submitting it _���>  the Imperial govt'Liiment-.    IIr. Chambm*-  lain returned if. with the remark  that no  mat tor what personmI  opinion   he  might  jioic!   resjiecling such  a contract be could  not int*!!*!'-*!'-- l<> ���.���--vim*, -li'.- inonag'-iiiout  by   ti   -:elf-govoruing colony of  its   own  finances.  A few years ago "Czar"' Koirl was a penniless Scotch boy. Lk! began life in Australia, and subsequently made --onie  money by building st-ciions of railway  for r.he Canadian Pacific. In IS.J-'J he offered to construct a railway for the government of Newfoundland across the  island for $1:1,000 a mile. His oJTcr was  accepted, and the railway built. Then  the government found itself in such financial stress that it could neither equip nor  operate the line. Reid offered to obtain  the equipment and operate .the road, but  valued the cost at $100,000 a year. The  government gave him $G0.OO0 a year a.s a  mail subsidy, and 5,000 acres of land in fee  simple for every mile of main or branch  Hue operated'by him for a  period of ten  years.   ���'.-'    Mr. Reid was not content. He bought  new concessions. He offered to operate  the road free at the expiration of the ten  years/providing that at the end of forty  additional years the road should be his.  He also stipulated for further grants of  land, for the railway and telegraph monopolies of the island. .-The government  agreed.to the terms; and then it was that  the great outcry arose that resulted in  the reference of the contract to Joseph  Chamberlain. Mr. Chamberlain's reply  has not quieted the agitation, however,  and petitions are being extensively signed  throughout the colony praying the colonial office to cancel the contract on the  ground that the island has been sold for  a song. So strong is the public sentiment  in the island against the Reid contract  that "Czar" .Reid has just found it necessary, in order to prevent a public uprising in some parts of the colony, to issue a  public notice that he intends to take possession of no.Newfoundlander'siields, farm  or garden or any other private property,  but only the ungranted crown lands.  Mr. Reid has ordered the construction  of seven new steamships. One of these.is  to run between the island and Labi-adnr,  and the other six will make regular trips  between the various bays and the terminus of the railway at St. John's. The  "C/.ar" of Newfoundland will shortly be  one of the largest mine owners and  manufacturer's iu the world. Newfoundland's mineral exports are expected soon to reticli a million dollars'  worth a year. A hundred thou*-;1, nd tons  of iron ore. or double, last year's output,  was exported from Belle 1,-Jh mine alone  this year. A syndicate of British ironmasters has leased the Bay de Verde mine  and is preparing to work it. The vein is  'sixteen iniles long and estimated by experts to contain -10.000,000 tons of finest  ore. At Little Bay a new copper vein  nine feet wide has been discovered. Mr.  Rind's prospectors are constantly making  new and valuable finds all over the island.  Just now the "'C*.'ir" and several of his  sons   are   seeking   incorporation   tis   the  power to any extent is available, in the  marble beds of the Humber, at a short  distance, tire inexhaustible supplies of  ,Iime. At Bay of Islands, at no great distance, are immense deposits of iron pyrites containing ;"J0 per cent, of sulphur,  from which sulphuric acid is made,,an in-  di.spt-ii--al*lu article for the manufacture  of the best kind of pulp. To this is to be  added a company for mining and exporting iron pyrites, for which there is everywhere a rapidly increasing demand for  the manufacture of sulphuric acid, the residuum being, u-ed for the making of the  very finest kind of steel. The snppiy of  this mineral is inexhaustible, and everything points to an early recognition of  Newfoundland as one oi the foremost  mining centres of modern times.  Newfoundland  wil h   a. capital  tii--1    Newfound  wit li a capital  Blench in.. Pulp Cmnpanv,  of $U.00().OOO, and also as  and Pyrin.:' (.'uuiptiny,  of $I..'*()(i.(i()0. Tim silo of  operations i.s ideal, it is an immense area  on the shores of (fraud lake, not far from  the railway, densely covered with wood  of the very best kind fur making pulp.  Close  to it are  the  coal  mines.    Water  MINING   BY   ASTROLOGY.  An  " We  out our  Creek.  Unexpected Windfall for the Owners of a  Cripple Creek Property.  meet some very peculiar people  way,'' said the man from Cripple  "Any one who lives in a mining  town has a chance to see human nature  in all its phases. There is no place where  the superstitions and the passions of men  are so fully revealed.  " You have probably never heard of the  i-psilou Gold Mining  Company, Limited:  indeed, there is no particular reason why  you  should.    Up to a i'ew weeks ago the  Epsilon Gold Mining  Company consisted  almost eutirely of John Robinson a.s president and of myself tis secretary aud treasurer.    There were 200,000 shares of stock  equally   divided   between    us    two.    for  which "up to that time   we  had  been   unable to Had ;i purchaser at any price. Tlie  assets of the company consisted  entirely  of a   barren   tract of  hind  several   miles  from the gold-producing mines of Cripple  Creek.    We had  bought, tho property for  practically nothing aud had incorporated  our   company   according  to  law.    Up  to  that time its stock  was   worth   nothing a  share.     There   was   a   small   amount   of  money   iu   the  tieasury, but   we  had not  felt  ourselves sufficiently encouraged to  work the mine; had   long ago given it up  as a bad job and turned   our attention to  more profitable  Holds of investment.    In  fact. 1 had almost forgotten the existence  of r-hc l'-psilon mine, when  one morning a  tall, lank funereal person marched into my  oflice unannounced and planked himself in  a chair directly opposite mo.    1 had never  seen him before, but he was  well dressed  and   from till appearances well  provided  with this world's goods.  " ' Pardon me," he said, by way of introduction, "but I have seen your name  mentioned in connection with the Epsilon  mine. I believe you are the secretary and  treasurer of the company.'  " I. thought for a few moments aud then  suddenly   remembering   my   abandoned  claim, nodded a polite acquiescence.  " "���'! wonder where I can buy any of the  stock of that mine?'inquired my visitor.  "As a matter of fact there were 200,000  shares of stock gracefully reposing in our  safe awaiting a purchaser. However, i  thought it best to be just a little bit wary,  so I informed him that there was, so far  as 1 knew, no stock for sale: that it had  already been taken up and was in safe  hands:' but that if he was anxious to buy  I would look around.and see it I couldn't  pick up a few shares here and there.  " 'Oh, yes; I would like to buy quite a  good block,' he said: 'that is, if 1 could  get it at a moderate price. X would buy  tis "much as 100,000 shares if everything  was satisfactor}'. .*'.'������,..  "I asked him to call around in the afternoon, as I might be able to accommodate  him by that time. He agreed to that proposition and retired. Of course, I began  at ouce'to smell a rat. I called in my  partner and iuformed him than an apparently sane man wished to buy 100,000  shares of the Epsilon. He at once grow  suspicious. Of course, we thought that  this man had some inside information  concerning the property which we did  not possess, and we at once began a rigid  investigation. We had not finished by  the time my friend punctually returned  in the afternoon, so I asked him if he  could not come back the first thing in the  morning, when I thought I would be prepared to deliver the stock. Heat once  agreed and we continued our investigation. So far as we could learn there was  absolutely nothing new about the Epsilon. No strike had been made on that or  any claim within several miles of it. it  was just as barren a tract as it had  been". My ��� partner, however, was  satisfied, and did not wan!; to st  thought it was the chance of our  and J finally persuaded him to di<pc  lifty thousand of his shares at live  a share, 1 agreeing to dispose o  ever  not  ���II. 1  lives,  ise of  cents  the same  amount for a like sum. ft was just iike  picking up money iu the street, lor there  was no stockbroker in Colorado who  would have accepted the Epsilon as a gift.  MyJ'rieud turned up promptly tlie next  morning.      ;  " 'I have succeeded in raising the hundred thousand shares,' I 'said, 'but I find  that I etui not get. it for less than five cents  a share. Would you be willing to give  that ntucli.'  " 'Certainly,' he replied promptly, pulling out his check book. He at once wrote  outa check on a responsible bank in Colorado Springs for $->.(.)00, and handed it-  over to me. I made an excuse to retire to  ihe next room, and while t hero .1 called up  the bank. They replied thtit tlie check  was all right; that it only represented a  small  amount of the stranger's deposit.  Mou' myis-ified than ever, I made, out the  stock certificates and handed them over  to hj.m. he accepting them' apparently  with relish.  ** '1 suppose 1 have no right to ask the  question,' 1 said at the conclusion of the  transaction, 'but 1 would really like to  know why you have bought this .stock  and paid'���$!.,000 for it. Vou must have  information which we do not possess.  " 'Yes, I suppose you think 1 am very,  foolish to take up this apparently worthless mine,' replied'my visitor. 'J know  the whole history of it and am perfectly  well acquainted with its rating on the  stock exchange. Nevertheless I am bound  to take it up. The reason why is this: I  am an astrologer and direct all ��� my life  and all my business transactions by the  stars. Some days ago I was looking over  a lisfc'of the Cripple .Creek mines, and  that peculiar name of Epsilon at once attention. I procured a map of it and took  its horoscope, and made other astronomical calculations. As a result ] know just  where to sink a shaft and scrike the richest body of ore in this region. There is no  doubt of it. There is more gold in your  discarded mine thou in Cripple Creek and'  the Klondyke combined.'  "I felt like reaching over and, pulling  back my stock, but of course it was ioo  late. .1 therefore suggested to him than  we develop the mine, sink a shaft, and  .see if we could find that gold. He agreed,  and wo began operations at once. There  was a little money iu the treasury, and  with the aid of that we carried the shaft  down fifty feet. We struck nothing but  sand and mud. Our obliging friend put  up suflicient to carry the shaft down fifty  feet further. Again we were doomed to  disappointment. My partner and 1, who  were now thoroughly in the spirit of the  astrologer,'furnished the money for another fifty feet. Still no gold. We therefore gave the thing up, and let our friend  continue his work. He has spent a small  fortune sinking shafts on every available  spot on the Epsilon mine, but he hasn'c  struck color yet. When I left town a few  weeks ago he was planning another shaft,  but whether he will succeed in finding  anything I don't-know. I firmly believe  that he will not."  "I suppose,''the narrator's friend put in,  "that the astrologer feels pretty sore  against you at the present time and thinks  that he has been taken in by the Epsilon?"  "Not a bit. of it. He still thinks he has  got a bonanza. He 1ms absolute faith in  the gofd producing qualities of the Epsilon, and you could not buy his stock for  ten limes the amount he paid for it. lie  has absolute faith metrology. The stars  tell him that there is gold iu the Epsilon  mine, and he says that he will bore  through to China, if necessary, in order  find it. Meanwhile, if you know of any  one who wants to buy that other 100,000  shares of Epsilon, kindly send him around  to my office. J will seil them for less than  five cents a share."  CANADIAN   POLAR   EXPEDITION.  The members of the Quebec Geogiaphi-  cal Society, and .-qme of the Canadian  cabinet ministers as well, believe firmly  that their country's Hag will be planted  at the north pole by a French-Canadian  navigator in the closing days of the present century or in the opening days of the  twentieth. The purely Canadian expedition to the north pole is expected to start  next May. In will be led by captain Ber-  nier, of Quebec, who comes of an old seafaring family, and has already commanded some forty-seven ships and steamers  in different parts of the world. Arctic  exploration has been his lifelong study.  The Laurier government- is giving the  expedition substantial aid, and its leader  has now the assurance that- its total cost  will be defrayed, save about $20,000.  which he is confident will be forthcoming  from Canadian sources within the next  few weeks.  Dr. Dawson, director of the Dominion  geographical survey, says that the expedition has a fair probability of success,  and Dr. Nansen, after having seen all its  details, said to captain Bernier: "You  will gee there if you are. persevering  enough." The captain asserts no-special  originality for'his plans.' They are based,  he says, on the results achieved by Nan-  sen. He is of the opinion, that many of  the other expeditions failed because they  were planned in opposition to nature.  They started northward in seas where the  current ran toward the south. As the  vessel advanced in a northerly direction  it was consequently meeting drift ice,  which, instead of assisting it, barred its  progress. ', if the explorers advanced  sledges over the ice floe, they became  Iniusted by useless efforts, for the slow  current gradually drove to the south the  floe on which they thought they were advancing. In the case of those expeditions  which were exceptions to this rule unfor-  seeii circumstances interfered with their  success. This . was the experience with  both the Jeannette and. the Fram, and  captain De Long was perfectly justified,  according to Bernier, in saying that if his  vessel had resisted the pressure of the ice  he would have passed over the pole or in  its immediate vicinity. Bernier estimates  that if De Long 'had remained upon the  "oe   which    crushed   his   vessel,'   he  on  ex-  ice  would, three years Intel  have reached Spitz-hergen,  ofa nortli'eiiy bound drift.  The leader of the Canadian  proposes to take advanti  at   the   most,  is it   was   part  expedition  ' just. .-sU'.-li a  intention is  teai'ner and  Lena river,  toward   the  ilgli oi  northern-bound current. His  to charter a. good sealing s  proceed lo the mouth of the  Siberia, and as far further  north as possible, probably at  her in about 70 degrees north and between  1 MO and .1 10 degrees cast longitude. The  party will consist of seven men, including  two seientifij observers, aud two Eskimos  ibandoning  tin  to take care o  With every equ  unity can devi-i-, he  mum rate of four mil  pole, and within eigl  finished   his   mission  dogs  ;iti(i   reindeer,  ipineut- t hat   human inge-  bergen in 1 he other hemisphere, lit  to be assisted thither from the poll  southerly-bound   current.     From  expect-', at a iiiiin-  es a day to reach the  lt.cen months to have  and reached Spilz-  1 lopes  by ;i  Spilz-  bergen he'expects to lCturn to eiviliz-it ion  by the Norwegian exenr-iun .ilearner.  A--a precautionary mea-ure tho expedition will be. pr��*vi-*ioni-d lor two years aud  .a lialf. Iu his (-fjii'ijmje.'it there vvili be a  unique boat, in compartments, built of,  aluminum and wood, with all the necessary appliances for wind and hand power  and so arranged lhat.it will servo aLo n*-  a house. There will be thirty sledges of  various kinds, modeled t.o carry lro'ui I'.fftX)  to 2,000 pounds each, also 'made of aluminum and wood, to fit into and form .the  bottom of a rubber raft twenty-five feet  long, six feet wide, four feet deep, and  capable of carrying 18,000 pounds. Six  skeleton kayaks will form part of the outfit, with covers detached but ready for  use in case of emergency. Each of these  kayaks will be able to accommodate two  men tind six months' provisions.  Oapt. Bernier will take with him 120  tame 'and unhorned reindeer to be utilized . in carrying ihe provisions as far  north as possible. They will be fed with  about four hundred pounds of moss a day  and killed, one by one, to feed the dogs,  of which there will be lifty or sixty of  the Siberian hound variety. Before going into winter quarters the balance of  the reindeer will be killed to provide food  for men and dogs.  Changes in the Skeleton Market.  The battle of Omdurman has strangely  affected a peculiar market. Dervish skeletons are now a special high-class line iu  the skeleton markets of Europe. There  are already about two hundred on the  London market, chiefly purchased from  one of the big hospitals. The fine athletic  dervishes make the finest skeletons ever  put on the bone market. The expense of  of transportation is heavy, but the type  of skeleton a dervish makes commands a  price sufficient to cover that expense.  Berlin, Vienna and Paris have secured the  greatest number of general Kitchener's  victims^ After the Franco-Prussian war  the skeleton market was overstocked,  dealers having to hold back the surplus in  order to keep prices up. Not a single German skeleton came on the market. It is  always the vanquished who come to' this  anatomical end. A. curious fact in connection' with skeletons is that Frenchmen's skeletons are always much whiter  than the British. However artificially  bleached, the hitter remain yellower. The  huge influx of Fieuch skeletons after the  Franco-Prussian war created a fashion for  white bones. Consequently a very white  skeleton fetches from #5 to $10 above one  of brownish hue.  TMPERIAL   BANK ; OF CANADA  , Capital Paid-up, $2,000,000 Rest, $1,200,000  DIRECTORS:  H.   S.   HOWLAND, President, -T.   R.   MERRlTT,  Vice-P.-esident, St. Catharines,  Wll.UA'.M   I'AaI.SAY.'      .      liMMKliT   .l.\ l-'l-'l.'A V.     . lil'CH   ItYAX.  t. .fniKiM.ANi* st.\vxi-;i:. kuan i:o.:i<:i*s.  _"_;___���_.__��� office,  TO__.o_sr_?o.  rcssrcx  I* KKG US  ("ALT  I.'OKI.SOU  J_T O _T  Tl  .anc  in  Owners of bona fide mineral claims, the  surface of which belongs to this Company,  who desire to acquire title to such surface,  should make application for same at one-,  as the* Company is now receiving numerous  applications for tho purchase of  vicinity of Bossland, and along  the Nelson .v Fort, Sheppard 1"  it is tho desire of the Company  owners of bona fide mineral claims the  privilege of purchasing the surface of  claim.  jNelson & Fort Sheppard Railway Co.  the  the  line of  ail way,  and  to give the  first  such  STEAM  TUG   FOR   SALE   BELOW   COST.  n-uu iron . l\\ u uuuui _ -.-juii.-u_..���,��� iis - _* ui.si w  ono special _ Iiii-.-li stoam pump; ono double l  politiui injector: brass .side lights: hi*:i**** slcc  otc.   I'"itlc(l and finished throughout nnd wit  One nig nbimt 10 foot hm**: by 7 feel beam, li une of  natural oak crooks, double framed and put to^'Ulici at  the coast, planked and liiiisheil at, Kaslo with special In  timber. . Has one water tube boiler of 20 It. I*. tosiul to  280 pounds 0. \V. T.. fastened-throughout wilh g.ili.m  ized iron: two double reciprocating reversible engines,.  one double tube met 10  ;ei ing u heel,  it li in in Iiis,l  class order  The Following Machinery at a Bargan*.  One steel upright boiler wilh fittings complete 12 II.  P., but little used : one double reciprocaling squ nepiston  .stationary engine. 7-10 11. I'.. trimming*- complete 11\  wheel, 22 by ..-'.-, revolutions 21" .. til", bill little u-i il set -  tional, can 'be "broken into light we gilts for packing t ��<-  drag saws complete, two savvs cacti: one hea \ \ ad iiiii -  able wood splitter: one lot of shafting, bearings. ,\ood  split, pulleys, helling; etc. For particular}* applv to  HAMILTON BYERS,  Kaslo, Sat*-lon, Nelson,  B.  C.  CORPORATION. OF  THE CITY OF NELSON.  notice:  .Vol  lice is hereby given that T have prepared llic list  win the municipality .'of the City of Nelson  for t  list of  volers in the municipality.ol tlie City ol Aelson for the  year lSilll. fiiul any person claiming to have his or her  nnnie added to Ihe said list as assessed owner of lands or  of improvements, or I lie assessed occupier of lauds sit u-  ato'within the miinicipi-liiy. or as the holder of a trade-'  licens"' in Ihe municipality, the annunl fee for which is  not less l.hiin Five dollars, is reoHired lo make application for his or her name to bo added 'to the --:i id list of  voters not later than MONDAY. TIIK NIN KTKKNTII  DAY OK DKCI-'MBKK. instant, on which day the said  list wil! be corrected and revised, and certilh-d as cur-  rect. bv the mayor, under the provisions of section !l of  the "Municipal Kleeiions Act."   By order.  .1. IC. .STIiACMAN, l.-i  Nelson. II. l,*.. December 11). IMlS.  *il,y Clerk.  CORPORATION THE OF CITY OF NELSON  IMPORTANT   NOTICE.  .Section S of the" Water Work- Iiy-law N*n. pi of the  City of Nelson provides for the iiitlielion of a penally uf  S2.i!<l0 upon persons allow ing waste of water trom tlii-ir  sei-vioe; and -eel ion 12 of the same by-law pro\ ides [hat  ������ all person- taking water shall keep their service pipit nd all fix tares '-uiim-cled tin-rev, ill i w.-ll protected from  fru-t under ii penalty not exc-cding -!';��'.  ' The wa-le I'aii-.'d by water bring allowed to run nil  night lo piv- cm pipes freezing cannot be allowed, and  anv per.sun i'uiind allowing water from his service to  (.���oi'iliiiMiiii*-lv rim svill be prosecuted under the liy-iaw  anil '.ho service will be. at once c-.n oil'.    My order.  TIIOM \S M.  WAliD, Water Commissioner.  Nelson, ii. I'.. December loth. l.S!��.  NOTICE   OF   DISSOLUTION.  The   partnership ��� heretofore  undersigned  lit   Ihe   City  of   N  I'l-ili-h < 'oliiinhiii. as   boa! build  iinilstvle-i)f*'l-:ilioll-&- Hale," is  tin; day of the dale hereof by  All moiic-.- owing  t<��  tin  paid lo ('coi-go  liabilil ies of t li.  Willies  A. .li.  Nel  Dated i  W. t'lale. who  ��� -aid linn.  exist ing bet wciti the  Ison. in I he *it'0\ il.' e of  I's, under I be tinn name  is hereby dis-ol ved as from  mutual consent.  lid  punncr.hip  are  to In  i~"siiiiie.'  and   will pay all  .I'iIINsi.iN, Solicitor.  ��� on. lirili-h Columbia.  ;��� N'elsuii, II. ('., Ibis 1Mb da  11. (.'. KI.I.IdTT.  OKI). W. II AI.K.  y of November, l,-'!)S  ATLANTIC   STEAMSHIP   TICKETS.  'I'o and from Kiiropenn points via 'Canadian and American lines. Apply for sailing date, rale-, tickets, and  full infortunium "to anv Canadian Pacific railway agent or  C. i'.  I,'. Citv Agent,  Nel.-un.  WILLIAM .STITT, fleneral S, S. Agent, Winnipeg.  -   D.   R.  VV!L'i',!3,  General  Manager.   _.  E.   HAY.   Insf-CLtor.  BRANCHES   IN   ONTARIO-"      '     ,      ' ,  NIAOAUA   FALD.S ;       TlinoNTO. 'M Wellington St.  K. ST.   O 'TilAHIVICS  lii^^AO1]^' ^ "   ���!"        <-��-'* Vong.* i-iK-'gucen     ��� '    ft'rfiWl?*  SAULT STK.  MAKIK       i 'lo Cor.  *i onge and lilooi-     ,       \v<-OD.sfw. IC  Branches in Quebec,  Manitoba, North-West Territories and British Columbia:  WINN I MHO, Ma.v. '|    POUTaOK   l..\   l'CA I It IK.  Man.        i    HitANDON.  MAN  CAI.OAUY. Aliikiita !   I'ltl.N'CK  AI.I1KKT, tf.i.K. .   I    KD.MONTON. Aurr\.  MONTItKAL. QlT.lll-r    , VA.VCOb'VKl;, |{. C'. .1    SO. TII  KIlMONTON. At.lsT \  NKI.SON,   H.C. UI-*VI-"I.STOICK,   H.C.  3ST_I3X-SO__T  , I3JR___.__TC___:  .SAVINOS   HANK    DKI'AKTM KNT-Deposits   of   .4|  and upwards received and intere.-t allowed.  I.KTTKI.S OK CUKIUT issued on 'Alaska Coiiinier-  eiiU Company payable at St. .Michaels, Ahi-ku and  Dawson ('ity.  DltAKTS SOLD,  available at   al!  point-.In  Cunndn.  I'nitcd Stales mid l-am-pc.  A(''KNTS IN (.'HI-; VT IMMTv'N* Lb-yd'- I'm I.. Tie".  "-.' l.ouibaid SI., I ondoii. wilh '.vie in mineV uuiv i.i*  depo-itcil for irnu-fer liy letter or oi.b'.c in any nf  the above bi.inehe-,  MONKY oliDK!;:-* N-i.i-i! p.iyAh'.- al i } '������������������ in  Citnadii. liiilo-.--I'ml-r Mil. )������������ .'.i- !<��� ���?:'!., i ... : .-**.u  to .-s.'to, |2c; SHI In **'-V,i, lli*.  J.   M.   LAY,   Manager.  Just received a consignment  of Harris home made tweeds  from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  The supply is limited, so call  early and examine this stock  HA IC Kit STUKKI*  ���    NKI.SON  ONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Ltd.  HEAD-OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.  All  communications relating  to   British   Columbia  business to be addressed   to  P. O.  D> awer  505,  Nelson,  British Columbia  J.  RODERICK ROBERTSON,  General  Manager;   p , --.   0/om      r->    ,-~-  S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer l   iNtLoUN,    _3.(_/.  Spokane Falls.& Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,   .  .Red Mountain Railways.  Tl|e only all rail route v/ilhou-t change of cars  between Nelson ai*d Rossland, and  Spokan(e ar|d Rosslan,d.  DAILY    TRAINS.  Leave Arrive  fj:_(j si. in NKLSON j::'."i p.m.  12.iijji.ni UOSSLANI) 1*":*_)]>. m.  ���*::���(��� a. in SI'tUCAN K. '1:10 p. m.  The Li'ain Uial. luuve ' NH-on at, l':2u u. in., iniii-c-- ciusu  (���niin.'-'Li'iits al biiol'iuiuSviili iriiiiin forull I'ncillc Coa-l  points.  I'ii-sMiiiKer.*. for Keltic- Itiver and Boundary l.'ri-uk con  iic_L uL _larcu.- Willi slii-^-* daily.  (J. (J. DINUN, (i. l\ Si T. A.  no xpi  Notice   of   Application   t'oi-   Certificate   of  Improvements.  �� �� a  Ret ween Dri.irn-i and Ruj-ialo  via the iruig"nificenl pa.scno-i ���-  steamships "North West5'  and  " North Land."  Touching' en route: "Tni-:  Soo,"   .Mackinac   Island,   1.)i:-  TROIT,   and   Cu-Vi��LAND.  Connecting' at Buffalo for Xlw  York and Boston. Also .at  lake ports for all points I���*ist  and South.  ltl.l.*K   I'.KI.I.  MINKI.Al. I'l.AI.M,   SITLWTI-*   IX   TIIK    NI*l..-*ON   .  MININC   DIVI.-iOlN  OI-*   ICIKlTr.NAY    DISTUIUT,  ANU    1.(1-   I  I'.vrr.n i'.i-.'i'\vi:i'..v i'oi:ci-|-ink ani> iii:ak ritKiCKs. |  Tuku notice thai 1,  .1.  A.   ICirk.  neliiiK a*- iifjonl   for  J oil 11   Dean. I'reo minor'*- certilic.-ite No. 1S7-JA. admiiii.s- j  I rut oi* for I lie estate  of the laic  .-ila-i  1-*. i'ollinsworth, ;  fi-eo  miner's corlilleale  No. I'I.hTSa,  iniond .-ixl.v  days i  from Ihe date hereof. Lo apply to l he iniiiiiiK reeordcr for j  a (Ci tiliiMto ot impuncim in-, foi   ihe |nnpo-.< ol olil.ini ,  inn -l ' 10V " U'l.inl of tin, .iliiup tl.uni. |  And fmlliri   take not i< <��� ihiil.Ktion imdci -(ili(inl7. i       Tuo d,ul\   C! ie.it    Noillll'lli   Ll.iilis   ( I_,iitc-i li  nniil be (.oininoiioc'l lieloie the i-.sii,incL of -in li c. mil       .,   .. ., .    ,. C-.     n     l I  i .in- e��l iiiipioM-iii-nis. .1    \   IvIIlK ,  li<uh\.i\   Ol   Minnc-.(it,i), tioin   M.   1 .ml   .nil  D.ucd tin- llili d.ij of_.Vii\cmiioi   wis.     _J^_-^*^'    .Muiuo.ipolis (uniH-i x with--if-.iini'i-. .it Di.lui.  Notice of   Application   for   Certificate   of ���      l-ieimo ilci idintr "n \inu- mule to tlie L.i-t  Improvements. Ccll- ull iXiiVnis ���r   f;1("lflt _-,'0i iheni   H.n.w.;.  HI IC IC 1)1 XMOVI) MINI K II. ( I  MM. -II I   Ml     IN    I III     Ml ,,,     H,[((,  -���ON   \IIMN<    l)l\ l-ION   (II     MIOII \\��    1)1-11.Ill      *M>  IOI VI I l>   M   VK   I III    III  Mil I     MIM r-ii*/.i.----..r-v/-���.r-io-r-A        r-        r- I  ���i.ii.( Homo Lii.it i  -i  a iviii.  .iiiniK a- iKcnt foi    F. I. WHiTNEY,  G. P. & T A., St. Fl.'j\  lolm Di.ii   iu> in.nil -i.iililK.iU    \o lsTJ v   and   Li'm (IIiind-oiiH h   Illii-ti.ilni (li-��� np-ivc in utc.  J    McAndiew-.   tiei    iinnei -   lemluiiic   No    I.'njuv -i nl mi iiipK-I i  ii loi <i   vivlj   d.i}-   imiiii   lIk    d.iu     In ii of,   lo    .ipplj   '  _  o llu- mining ii i oiih i foi i culiliiaLu ol impiov i iik nl -  tin the pinpo-e of olitminii^ -> mow ii gi.ml of the .ibo\ c  J inn.  \nd linlhei take notict tli.l .lotion, iindi-i -ii tion'17  inn-L be ( oinniLiH ul hclijii llii, i���ii'tiiLi of -i:(h_ i < ��� i m  tali- ol iiiipio.enn nt- J   A   Kll'k  D.ucd tin*- lot ii dav ol NoVLinbc i, lt-'te |\o\   _.ili)  CANADIAN PACIFIC RSjLW.AY  AND SOO LINE  Notice   of   Application   tor   Certificate   of  Improvements.  III.UK   KVI*I-  NEI.I. IK -.MINKIi.VI. I'l.AI.M. ' SITfATI-:    IN    TIIK !  NKI.SON  MINING   DIVISION OK    VVK.SI'   KOOTK.VAV    DIS- i  Tl-Kjr.   AND   l.clCATKI) ON    I'llKIMTLVK   CIIKKK.   AII'H-T '  TWO  MILKS  KKO.M   TIIK  NKI.SON   AND  roltT.tJUUIM'AI.I) |  KAII.WAV.  NOKTII   OI-AND  NIIAK   TIIK   .11*1111.KK    MIN- |  KKAI. CLAIM. v      ��� ;  ���   Take notice that I. A. S. l-'ni-ivt-ll, acting as iiKent  for j  '.lie J'lne Kyed Nellie .Mining ('oiiipan.v, Limited   l.iitbil-  ily. free ininer's eertilk'ate No. 25tVA.\.  inlend. sixty days |  from the date hereof, If) upplv to tlie miniiif; rceordi-r for i  a cerlilicnlo of iiiiprovcmeiits. fur the purpose of obtain- !  iiiK a croun irrant. of the above elaiiii.   And further take ;  iiulici; that iii-lion. under seelion.'17, iiuisl lie coiiiiiiciiei-il '  liefmir lIn: i���nance of such (.-(.I'lilleale of iinprovi-ineiils. i  A. S.  l-*Alt\VKIJ_ |   .  Milled Mi is lith day of October. lSHS. |Nov. .'.!.h.'.W| !  (;:(';(  Fast and   Short   Route   to and   From  Kootenay Country.  Kirst-class and Tonri-1 Slcrper*- < iperntcd from  I'ACiKll' TdATI.ANTI'-    ;  'riekcis i-siicd Miioii'.-li .'-lid  1 ii'tijrnK'J .'.  check.-d lo dvslinm i(-n.  co_sr_sr__cTxo_si s  Rossland   and   Maii| tine   roiijts.  HAII.V       .    NKI.HMN   Arm i-.  Hi:.Mi p. in.  P. m   Slocan   City,   Slocan   tako Fcir,ts  and  Sar.c'cri  i.c.'iVe.                     Maily   l-'M-cpt  ."-iinilay Airij''.  icon a. hi.. : ". .NKI,:-0\'    2:20 p. m.  Kootenay  take--(^aslo  R,otito--Stearr'er Kokanec.  I.c-ivc.                  Mailv   Kxccj.i  .-nndiiv Ari'hi-.  l:(Mi|i. in Nl-:i.*s<l.\ ll:on a. i. .  Kootenay  River Route-Slearr.er Moyie.  .Mini.. Wed.. Kri.. Arriv i  7:0'/a. in....;      .. .. N KLSI.iN.        . . AK\0 p. m.  .Makes connect inn at T'ilol Uuy \vil h stcaini-r Kekin.i c  in hoili din-el inn-.  -��� canicr- en. i In ir ;<������ p-c \\f ronlis call at prinei) sil  laiiiliiiy- in both dir.-en.jiis, am! at. other point..- win n  siunall'd.  A-ei : lain Mate- and full information by acldre.-sjn-*  in -arc-; |..cal aj-cn; or        .  The City TicKet Agent or   j   N ..       B   c  J. HAMILTON, j   "8S0n' B>.   '  Notice  is hereby given   thai.  Ihe  iitidi-r-'ii'-iied,  .Mary j W. I'. A Mii:i:s-iN. Trav .-iin;.- I'iis-chkm' Af-'ent. Nel.-oi:.  Mallei le, will   apply to the  bonrd   of  iici-n-in.-,' conmiis. j I-;. .1. ('nv!.!���:, I 'is't  1 'u���.cii.iri-r A-��i'iil, Vancouver.  sioiicrs of Ihe C'ity of Nel-iifi at I heir next  sill in},' for the ;         ---    ���������   ii'an-fcrof license loscll |ii|iior by rclail. at iirc-cnt held | f-nt*~p    nr     A nnlif>nf ion    I Of   Cprtiflt-nrp    of  l.y  li.-r. to  Abr.-ihiim   N. .IoIiii.-oii. and .ihe   nnder.-i-,'iied i ft0llc*e     0I     APP'-C.lllOIl     IOI      Obi llllLUlt*    Ol  Abraliain N. .lohii.-on will applv to lhe,-aid board a: Ih.-ir ] lill prOVeilieiltS.  ������i'-xl s.-lliiiK for the  ti'ansl'cr of the  license now- held by j, v ( miii:i; 'i wc. m inii: .vi. ii. ������ IM. --i i -|-.vi I; IN  Till: Nil.son  the said .Alary .Malietlc' froni  I lie p-vini-e-  known a- tbe { .minimi nivi.-mN ok wi.si   Iv'Ootk.n.W  niSTHieT. am>  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  IlKltl.IN 1. -l-i'il C I. KCKI-Iv'A I, X'.V. o. I. ll. \.   O.   I'KAi'TION  i. :'<25\ c. i. iiniTANNiA i,:;-.'.'.:; i;. i. i;kani> i.. i .-: I - i ���;. i. mac  l-'I'ACTION    I.   ::_..<*   (i.  I.   .MI.SKIf.W.   CLAIMS,   .-ITIMTl;   IN  TIN'*   NKI.SON   MININI'    DIVISION   OK   WI-.-T   Koo'li.NAV  IHS'I'UPT. AND I.OCATKIi O.V  TOAD  Mill  NTAIN. AD.IOIN-  INO Till- ll.vl.l. mini:s.  Take notice lhat I. .lolm Ilir-ch. a-a^'ciit   for I Ik;  Hall      i ,.-lv,  .Mine-  Company,   Limited,   free  miner.-  ecrl ilicalc'No.  L'.'ial v. inlend. sixty days  from  'lie date hereof. lo nppl)  to the in mi ii^' recorder for a con ill. ate of inieroveineot.-;  I'm'tbe pnrpn.-e of olitniaiii;..'ii crow n f-rant  of lite above  claims.    And furl licr lake notice   thai, net ion, ill. dor .-ec-  lion o7. 11111-1 be cniuuienc.-d before the i-suance of ,-ueli  certitieate of improvements.  JOHN    llll.-HCH.  Mated Otis _;Ut day nf November. I.-*'->>. [Dec III]  Notice of Application -for Transfer of tiquor license.  ICootenay hotel, on Vernon -Ireei. to the biiildine; on  premi-e.-'eoiiMiiiied intheea-l j of lot '.l block 1. on Maker  street iu I he .-aid city.  i.-sigiie.lt    MAI.'Y MAU.I-'TTK.  A.   M. JUIINSi.iN.  j luted al Nel-on. I!. <'., I lelobci  lith. ISHS.  Notice of Application for tiquor ticonse.  Not iee i.i hereby tfiven that I lie underd^ned will .-. pply  to Ihe board of liceit-inv- <:ouuni ���iouers of Ihe ciiyof  Nelson al l.heir ne-.'.t -il I inc- for a license lo -ell liipior al  retail at her lioli-l. known a- Ihe Kootenay lioi.-l, situate  on the we-l ' of lot a. and I be ia-' : of lot I. in block 1. on  Veruoii street, in the City of Nel-on. ]  (rii-;iiedi    11AIIV  M A MLKTI'IC.      I  Mated al Nelson. H. ('., (Iciober I It li, |.-|i,S.  i.ocA'n-:ii oi'i'osii i:  koi'.tv-.ni.m:  .milk. ri-t.i.K. two  AND A   Ihl.l-'   MILK.-   DISTANT   KI'OM    ICOO'I'KNAV   AND  eoi.l.'Mll.'v    I." Ml.WAV.   I'dllMI.KLV   Till-:   .IKHsKV   I.II.V  l.K'll 'ND.  Take notice dial   I. (b-ta-e I;  (.'. (i'l Iti.scoll. for  m v -elf  and a-a;,renl for Kdiinmd  i*  Triive-. fn e  miiiei 's cei tili-  cate No   IILMa. aiid '.boi-c-e ||. II.   ,-;, iiioinl s,   Irei- inii,e:'s  cerlilicaD" No. -I7UA,   free   miuci's   cei'l ilienl e   No   27A! ,v.  inlend   -i\iy   da.v.-    front    the   da'e   hereof.   lo  apply  to I he in in in'-; recorder for a c< -rt ili.-a! c of iluj." o' M ileitis.  for Ihe purposi; of oliiainintc a crown   ejrant   ( f tin- above  claim.  And in!* In i- take police Mint action, under section  ;)7. in it -I, be (-oniineiii'cil before the is-uanee of sueh  i-i-rliticale of iiiiiuoveinents.  G KOlUilO h*. O. O'DHISCt.'I.L.  Dated this -.'lib day of NnvcnilinvlS'.'S. [Nov. -litlil  ?*t-  ��� ���<���..���.-  ��� | ���" * '���si"* j  s-'**A*;j_ ,*V. THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON   B.C.   SATURDAY,   DECEMBFAl  -M, LS98.  We take this opportunity of extending to all our patrons  the compliments of the season, and of wishing for them  A BRIGHT AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.  We Scored a'.Great Success  o e  e  In catering to the requirements of the people of Nelson in the matter  of their Thanksgiving Dinners, but that is nothing to the satisfaction  we can give with our stock of  Make sure that you are getting new fruits for your Christmas Dinners  by purchasing from  THE     *  Aberdeen   Block  Baker   Street  NELSON  LOOAIi   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  George Hughes is in Nelson this week.  He is said to have a deal ou for the sale of  the Mountain Chief mine, one of the early  shippers of the Slocan.  Dan AIcGillivray, of Vancouver, was in  Nelson the fore part of the week. Before  leaving for home he was initiated in the  mysteries of the Society of Ancient unci  Honorable Kootenay Pioneers as an "old  timer." He first came to Kootenay in  September, 1SS4.  Charles St. Barbe, general agent for  Kootenay for the Crow's Nest Coal Company, has taken quarters in the office of  Chas. A. Waterman'.- Co., Baker street,  from which the company's Nelson business will hereafter be transacted.  Born.���On Monday, the wife of H. J.  Evans of a daughter.  There will be sufficient clerks in Jacob  Dover's jewelry house this evening to attend to all who desire to save money by  purchasing their Christmas presents at  rock-bottom prices.  This evening W. F. Teetzel & Co. will  ,; offer special bargains in druggists' sundries which are suitable for Christmas  presents. Thej-- have a large assortment  of attractive sundries which they desire  to clear off this evening.  The members of the Nelson curling  club have been unable to come to terms  with the owners of the new rink at the  head of Stauley street. They offered the  rink owners $300 for the use of two sheets  of ice but the latter held out for $500, and  a compromise could not be reached. The  curling club will affiliate with the Kootenay curling association, and teams representing the club will participate in the  association contests.  The artist who presents the attractive  side of the grocery business for M. Des  Brisay & Co., has given to this firm a  most attractive Christmas window. He  holds the record for window  decorations.  Thursday's official Gazette contains a  notice of  the appointment   of John A.  Turner, government agent, as a member  of the licensing board of ihe city of Nelson vice W. A. Macdonald. He is al_o  made a stipendiary magistrate.  Major J. I. Barnes, a well  known Idaho  man, died at Rathdrum  on Tuesday last.  Since 1S92 the deceased  has been more or  "less   identified   with  the politics of the  northern section of the .state.  At the annual meeting of the London  Hill Development  and Mining Company  the following officers were appointed: T.  G. Proctor, president: C. W. Alt-Ann, secretary-treasurer; major Vanmoer kek,  mine manager, and H. Byers, O.-T. Stone,  E. C. Mu-igrave, G. F. Bir'ley and H. Selous  directors. Arrangements will be made  for the performance of considerable development work upon the company's properties in the spring. .  ��� '  '    -  The Cascade City Ala pie Leaf has suspended publication, after an existence of  three or four weeks. The Ala pie Leaf  plant was first used on the Ivuskonook  Searchlight. In a short time it was  moved to Ivaslo, where it came out as the  Slocan Sun. The Slocan Sun was, run  along for a I'ew weeks, when it was suspended. The plant was afterwards  moved to Cascade City with the above  result. The publisher-rot' the Ma pie Leaf  were Alessrs. Nesbitt Ac .Saunders.  The imperial postage regulations will  come into effect next week, when, by the  arrangements perfected through the efforts of the post master general nf Canada,  a letter can be posted to the Fiji islands  for two cents, while it will take an additional cent to carry the same letter to  Balfour.  The Canadian Pacific* Railway Company wil) probably, commence the running of passenger trains over the Crow's  Nest road next week. Foi* the present  there will be three trains a week each  way over tlie road. The steamer Moyie  will make connect ion at Knskonook on  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and  Will buy the lot on the northeast corner of Baker  and Josephine Streets. Size 50 by 120 feet. This  lot is one block east of the lot recently purchased  by the Bank of Montreal at $300 a front foot.  Apply to Ward Bros., Real Estate brokers, Nelson.  trains from the east will be run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The  passenger rates will be on the basis of five  cents a mile. Counting $2 steamer fare  from Nelson to Kootenay Landing, the  through fares from here will be as follows: Sirdar, $2.15; Fisher, .152.95; Kitchener, $3.35; G'-atfell. $3.S5: M.iz.Ile. $5. L5;  Cranbrook, $0.15;'Fort Steele Junction,  $0.05: Ward ner, $7.25; JaflVay, $7 75;  EUco,' $8.40; Fernie. $9.30: Crow's Nest,  $11.10; Pincher, $13.05; Alacleod, $14.55.  A small shipment will be made from the  California this week to the Hall Mines  smelter. Work on the drift from the  main tunnel is being prosecuted.  The A. Alacdonald Company have decided to make Nelson their headquarters  for Kootenay. Heretofore the Kootenay  business was in a measure regulated from  Revelstoke, but the volume of business  has grown so much that it has been decided to manage the business from a more  Central point than Revelstoke. The  charge,necessitates the removal of Percy  Chapman, the manager for Kootenay,  from Revelstoke to this city.  On Tuesday the Brackuian & Ker Mil-  ling Company will open a branch establishment in this city, so that the company  can more conveniently handle the large  business which it has built up throughout  West Kootenay. In Nelson the company will carry a full line of manufactured products of the mill, as well as oats  bran, shorts and mill feed to supply the  local as well as the jobbing trade throughout the district. For the present the  company will have quarters in Turner.  Beeron & Comnany's warehouse, on the  C. P. R. siding, which it will occupy until a warehouse suitable for its business  can be erected. Frank B. Gibbs will be  local manager for the company.  Their Courtesy was Rewarded.  A rich strike is reported from the Two  Friends, on Springer Creek, close to the  boundary line of the Bank of England  claim. Teeter Bros., Foley and York had  received permission to drive through the  Two Friends ground to develop the Bank  of England, and it was in the course of  this work that the strike was made. They  claim to have about three feet of high  grade galena. This will induce the owners of the Two Friends to resume operations.    A Deal on the Jumbo.  A Toronto broker, on behalf of Hon.  Geo. A. Cox and several associates, has obtained an option on a controlling interest  in the Jumbo. The bond allows the senator a short time in which to examine the  property, and he has the privilege of  within that time taking up 251,000 of the  half million dollar shares at svhich the  property is capitalized. Should the deal  go through it is said that the mine will be  stocked for $1,250,000, and that the shareholders iu the oid company will receive  two shares for one. A large portion of  Jumbo stock is held in Toronto.  drifting ou the vein. At the foot of the  shaft there is a magnificent showing, the  ledge being three feet in width, with 14  inches of solid ore in one wall and. 10  inches in the other. The ore is very high  grade, carrying gold and silver. No shipments will be made till sufficient dead  work has been done to warrant dividends  following. ;.  Shut Down for a Week. .- i  The small  furnace at the   Hall  Mirre'-  smelter will probably be blown out today  in  order that necessary  repairs  may be  made.   It will be blown  in  again  during  the first week of January. The Hall  Alines are now iu the market for lead and  copper ores, aud will compete with the  outside smelters in the purchase of ores  for custom smelting. By using custom  ores the company expects, with the supply from the Silver King, to keep both  furnaces running to their full capacity.  As soon as a sufficient stock of ore is on  hand the big furnace will be blown in.  Montreal's Tobacco Knisrht.  At the opening of the new mining and  chemistry building of Alt-Gill  university,  on Tuesday, lord Strathcona  announced  that the queen had conferred a knighthood on W. C. McDonald, the  millionaire  tobacco manufacturer of Montreal, who  within the past few years has donated  hundreds of thousands of dollars to Alc-  .Gill. '____________ '  Kruger's Taffy for Foreigners.  President Kruger has changed his attitude towards the Qitlanders. He has  sent a New Year message of good will to'  the residents of Johannesberg, desiring  that they should all enjoy a contented  life. The state, he says, will make no distinction among nationalities, and only  asks the citizens to obey the laws and  prove themselves  worthy of confidence.  [Jelson Division, West Kootenay District.  A court of Revision and appeal imdur tho Assessment  Act, 1807. (R. S.,1 and its amending acts, will be held at  the conrc house, Kelson, li. C. on Tuesday, the 10 day of  January. 1S!I9, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon.  JOHN A. TURNER,  .JihIkc of the Court, of Revision find Appeal.  Xelson, H. (J., 21th December, 1SDS.  Sutherland Makes a Strike.  Hugh Sutherland has struck a bonanza  in the Evening Star group, on Dayton  creek. He bonded the property from  George Petty and partners for $50,000,  aud has paid $15,000. The remainder  comes cine early in February, and the  payment will be promptly met, as there  is more ore in sight now than will pay  the entire bond. Ten men are working,  sinking a shaft, which is down now 100  feet, and preparations are being made for  to fit your feet at  to suit your pocket  THE LEADING  OF NELS  oo__4__i__  COAL  aoAjL  Coal heaters suitable for home, office op hotel use.  A new line of cooking5 stoves and ranges  to burn either coal   or   wood.  Also a complete stock of fancy heaters for wood only.  We  carry the best.  Come in and examine our goods and get our prices.  We handle Anthracite coal.  NELSON,  B. C.  KASLO,  B. C.  SANDON, B. C  J-othing will better please your best girl  Km* a Christmas present  than n  Ixix of good  We  have the  best  the  world  produce.*-.  W. F. Teetzel & Go,, Druggists.  ^&C  .j -  <x  rp__E__J_E?,__l   "W~___S    ___   TIME  Wlit-ii the lingers were used for .���oiiveying loud to the mouth, but at. jn-oseub it is scarcely  considered good form. Now that the season of home entertainment, has fairly set in, it  will  be  necessary  to have an extra supply of  CTJTXi_E3JE.T"  .... *' **.  This department of our hardware business is fully equipped and we are showing a very handsome  line of Carving Sots, Steels, Ivory, Celluloid and .Initio handled Table Knives and Forks.  .Silver   Plated   Knives.  Forks and  Spoons,  .10tc.  KVl'l.YTIIIN'i*  IN* THK  IIAUDWAKK  !.IN"K  i Cordova .-jtruul,  VilllCII'lVCP.  | Ila'cui- Street.  B Xelson.  something* new, stylish, and strict-  up to date for fall  wear.   Every  i  No. 18 and 20 Baker Street, Nelson.  Baker Street  Are offering special bargains in  Fine Furniture, Carpets, linoleums  , 01*  THERE WILL  BE AN  ECONOMY  THIS WINTER  IN THE  USE  OF  COAL  AS FUEL  AT TIIK  Postoffice Cigar Store  After January First the premises at  present occupied by S. J. Mighton will  be required for postal facilities. In  addition to this Mr. Mighton has decided to go out of the retail business.  These conditions explain the great  ABKHT-KKN HLOCK, BAKER STRKKT.  Of Cigars, Tobaccos, Pipes,  Pouches, Cigar Holders, Etc.  now going on at the Post-  office Cigar Store. For the  next two weeks you can get  Goods at Your Own  Price.  THOSE  WHO DECIDE  TO USE  COAL SHOULD  SEE THE  LATEST  DESIGNS IN  COAL  BURNING  STOVES  THIS CAN  BE DONE BY  CALLING  AT THE  LAWRENCE  HARDWARE  COMPANY'S  NEW STORE  LAWRENCE HARDWARE C0-, Baker Street, Kelson  ^������-TT-^r*-^^^ - ��-���:;.'-.-���/-.'.:'���-....-.'���.-.���..��,���.' v-.,A-...- -���*- ���,-.  -. ,tt-.__i��__i_i,*_-?.���_--,...--^t_---*r-       ���,*"_.!  --sp-i SP"---  -��� '"7*f"-__^^-Xr���_^-*TTT,r*-' T*"1-"-^   if


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