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 4v  Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hun-      -V'yJ.   &q  dreds of Properties that can be Made  Dividend  Paying Mines.  Has   Three   Smelters   in   Successful  Operation,  and  Enough   Ore   in Sight  to   Run  Several   More.  SIXTH   rEAR.---NO. 4.  NELSON,  BRITISH  COLUMBIA, SATURDAY,  DECEMBER 20,.LS97.  TWO, DOLLARS  A  Y!���;,.];.  THE   HALL.   MINES   DIVIDEND.  Ten Per Cent Declared Upon Ordinary; Shares  and/Seven par Cent on 'Preference:  The fifth ordinary general meeting of  the Hull Mines Limited was held in London on the afternoon of Wednesday, December lijth, when the report of the directors was received and adopted, as well  as the auditor's statement of the company's accounts and balance sheet. The'  action of the directors in paying a dividend of seven per cent upon tlie preference shares was confirmed, and their recommendation that: a dividend of 10 per  cent be paid upon the ordinary shares  was adopted.  The accounts submitted to the meeting  showed that the company's gross surplus  on the year's operations was -C30,'i.i7, Ss or  in round numbers, 8150,000. At the close  ot tho last, fiscal year rlie compa.ny had on  hand ore and matte valued at. JtlO.SoO, -H  5d, nnd on Sept. tfOi h, I SOT. the value of  the ore matte and metallurgical products  on hand was -CM.85."), 10*,, _d. The total  income of the company for the year is <-et  a ti-J-IS,(iu(i, Ss, yd, which is made up by the  product on hand, matte and copper sales  aggregating -CI-Sl.OoG, .">-'. -Id, and miscellaneous items, such as runt--, assay charges  and transfer fees. The cost of mining,  including wages, salaries, stores, repairs  and general expenses is given as 4My,078,  ���Is, 0d, which, with the addition of taxes,  gives a total of $ I.LOW,-Is, 2d. The cost  of smelting is given as $IG.IS_, 17s, and  office and general expenses, including interest, brings the total expenditures in  British Columbia, up to ��,1)5,337. 10s, lOd.  The company's expense account gives  the cost of mining for the year at .��l~),o'i(),  or $-1.15 per ton of ore mined. From the  figures furnished by the company it is impossible to arrive exactly at the cost of  smelting. The statement does not show  what proportion of the product on hand  at the end of either year was smelter product or crude ore. nor does it give the  number of tons represented in tlie expenditure of -C7.9-S for custom ores. Assuming that the ore on hand was the  same at the close of each year, and that  the ore purchased held about the value  of the War Eagle ore, which comprised  the great bulk of the company's purchases  in the period covered by the statement,  the cost of smelting would range in the  neighborhood of from $-l.T_ to $5 per ton.  The expenditures under the head of  office and general expenses in British Columbia, and general expenses, director's  fees, traveling and office expen-.es in London, foot up to the respectable total of  !..'_i.00() for the year. Jt will thus be seen  that the expenses of this nature constitute a charge of over 75 cents upon every  ton of ore mined during the year.  The Directors' Report.  The directors beg to submit to the  shareholders the statement of accounts  and balance sheet for the year, ending  30th September, -1.807, duly certified Lby  the auditor, being the fourth balance  sheet issued since the formation of the  company.  This balance sheet shows a gross surplus of income over expenditure amounting to _i.i0.357 S--., which, together with  ��1,930 (is, Ad. brought forward from 1S0G,  makes a sum oi' -��32,287 14s. -Id. Out of  this amouut the directors' have already  appropriated -fit,750 to the''pay luetic of a  dividend of 7 per cent on the preference  shares, which appropriation you are asked  to confirm, and out of the balance remaining, after writing off-? the sum of ��5,-lS9  15s. Sd. for depreciation on' buildings,  plant, and machinery, they recommend  that a dividend of 10 per cent be paid  upon the ordinary shares of the company,  which will absorb -��25,000, and that the  balance remaining, vi/., ��11 ISs. Sd., be  carried forward to the credit of the account for the current year.  The result of the year's working is, in  the opinion of the board, very:satisfactory, when it is remembered that for,the  first nine months the difficulty of obtaining a regular supply of ore prevented continuous work at the smelter, aud that it  was not until the 31st July that the sec-  ���ond smelter started work, and that the  "���impediments, in the'way of obtaining a  free supply of ore from the stopes opened  up in the mine were removed.  The wire tramway has continued to  give satisfaction, and in May advantage  was taken of the opportunity afforded by  the closing down of the blast furnace,  pending a replenishment of the stock of  ore in the ore bins, to renew the wire  rope, and by the introduction of an improved clip-strap, permanence aud regularity iu the working Juive been assured.  The work of opening up the mine has  been intelligently and vigorously proceeded, with, though the board have limited the mine superintendent to the prosecution of work in the main tunnels only,  with a view to developing the ore bodies-  May, and ha,'ve since then done good  work, but experience has shown'that, in  order to reap full benefit from them it  i will be necessary to erect a second rever-  beratory furnace and roasting oven; these  are now in course of construction, and  when completed will have a capacity of  outturn of about 10 tons of copper bullion  per day.  Income and Expenditures.  K.Vl'BNDITUHH.  iii   slock ill  .'���10.85I)  '.!I38  I  'I'o ore nnd' malic  .*'0t,h September, ISO'S.  To ore purclmKos   To expenditure in Ilriti-ih ('ol-  uinbiii:  Minine;������  Wngjes,  Milnrio-*,   stores.   ro-  piiirs, and general expense''.tlo,()7.*'    I   D  Taxes.'.        557 lil   ,1  SmelliiiK���  Wages, '.salaries,   coke,, coal.  .fluxes-, stores, and 'general  expeiihos     Ili.lS-i 17   ll  .Ollice and general expenses--  Salaries, law charge--,  insurance, and miscellaneous, expenses       *.',0-.'0   2 11  Interest            1.4IIS 12   I)  -A 18,788 12   (5  To expenditure in London:  (.'eni'i-al   expenses,   including  salaries, law charges, trav-  clingcxpensos. auditor's fees  and ollice expenses  _v...... CI, !I2.'I   1    I  Director's  fees  for the year,  and arrears...-:      2,15!)   5   (S  InLercst     (���*���   G   S  -a 95,3:17  Hi 1(1  To dill'orence in exchange   To balance, .being'.'surplus income over expenditure for the  year, carried lo balance slieel  4,145-13'  (Hi 17  IXC.'O.MH.  Rj inal to and copper .-ales   ...  J Jy ore. inattcand metallurgical products in  stock iiL.'tOlli September, IS!)"   My sundry prolits, including rents and assay  charges received      By transfer fees   :i0,a-i7 8 0  t-IIS.Ii'lB 8 5  .ei:'i,(W(i ;-> 1  11,855 10 2  2,017 18 11  KSf! 14 0  CHS,'!!)'! 8 5  The Balance Sheet.  CAPITAL  AND  LIADII.tTIKi  To share capital:  .Authorized���  50,000 cumulative preference  shares of .CI each _ 50,000  250,000 ordinary shares of .-CI  each    250,000  0-0  0   0  '.-���300.000 .0   0  Issued -  25,000 cumulative preference  shares of ,CI each, culled up. C 25,000   0  175,('00ordinar.vshares, issued  as fully paid    175,000   0  75,000 ordinary shares of ��1  each, called up .. ���:  ..:-..    75,000 .0  0  6275,000  0   0  -���-,-   -2 17 -(i-  Deduct cnlK iu arrear ..  To loan account;   To creditors���  Preference shareholders, for  dividend '....&   I,(i')I 13   4  Hank overdrafts -..     3IS.t!."8 ���!)   5  .Sundry creditors..       2,20!) 15 10  To income and expenditure account���  Balance' at .'10th September,  I8!I(J :..:...:....:& 5,5!)2 11  i;  Deduct dividend at 7 per cent  per annum on  cumulative  preference  shares   to 30th  .     September, ISffli      3,Gti2   8   2  7-_,iKI7   ���>  13.SSS 17  10.5!)!) IS  Add surplus income over expenditure for the year ending 30th .September. 1S!)7, as  ��1,930   0   4  per account.  .. .6 30,357   8   0  Deductdividend at  7 percent, on'cumulative preference  shares   for  :   tho year ���ending  ''311th   September,'  IKI7 ....��1.750   0 ('  .Depreciation written oil'buildings,  plant, and machinery, tramway, smelter and  ollice furniture...C5.4S!* 15 S  'I*.32,287 II    I,  ,23!) 15   8  -_ 25,047 IS 8-  .���354,533 17 05  IM'OI'I-RTV  AXp; ASSETS.  By mines cost account-  As at 30r.h September, 18!)(S.   . ��213.135  Add further expenditure tin- ^  ring the year ending 30th  .Septeniper, 1S97���prospecting...   .-         1,32!) 15  3 11  Deduct   part   payment    for  waterrights written off:....  ��211,401 19   I  137   3   6  -��214,327 15 10  By buildings,  plant   and  ma-  ���'  'oliinery���  A.s at 30th September, 189IS.. .��  8.487  7   il  Additions during year ending  :H)th September, 1S!)7 .......  0.07!)  15   5  '���   ��  15,1(17  3   2  Deduct depreciation written  oil'  -.. ..  1,3(!5  0 10  By tramway from mine-  As at 30th September. IS9i;...�� 14,102 10  Deduct depreciation written  oil'...        1,274 12  �� 13.802  By smelter account-  As at 30th September, 18!)li...�� 1!I,3.S3 11   4  Mxpondi ture during yearend-  ing 30th .September, 1S87...     12,037'HI II  0   -  -�� 12.887 17   8  Deduct depreciation written  oil'    By lands purchased--  As at 30th .September, ISiKi.  Additions during year ending  .'10th September, 1S!)7...  By oflice furniture in London���  As at 30th September, lS'lf* ...  Additions during year ending  30th September, IS97   �� 31,421  2,827  -�� 2S.5H3   il 10   .-.->    1.71:1 lil   ���)  already proved. No work has therefore  been done on the gold lead in the Daylight claim, referred to in the directors'  report last year, but under the favorable  conditions upon which we enter upon the  business of the current year, the directors contemplate resuming work upon  this claim very shortly.  For full particulars of the mining operations, the directors refer the shareholders to the report of the mine superintendent, appended hereto, and would add  that the work which he recommends for  the current year has been in progress  since the end of September with satisfactory results.  Tlie new blast furnace, which was completed in .July, has since been working  most successfully and with considerable  saving in the cost of smelting.  The refining  works  were completed in  Deduct depreciation written  off   By stores and tools on hand���  I'er inventories received from  British Columbia   I3y ore, matte and metallurgical products in stock���  Per valuation of manager in  British Columbia   By open  shipments of  matlc  and copper bullion   By sundry debtors 1   By  cash   at   bankers  and  on  hand      .��  037 17    I  ''  1.070   2   8  .��  118 11   0  103   7   !l  .��  221  19   3  1  22   3 11  ���  ��       19!) 15    I  12,702 11    1  14,855 10   2  51,803   (I  124 10  4II3   4   8  ��351,533 17  Mine Superintendent's Report.  A very long report from M. S..Davys,  superintendent of the company's mines,  was submitted. It gave the gross tonnage  mined during the year at -19..-5-10 tons, of  which -15,823 tons were graded as first-  days ore, 9-10 tons as second-class ore, and  2,7(57 tons as waste sorted out at the ore  bins.   These figures, when compared with  the company's statement of income show  char,  r.he run  of   the   mine in   the   Mall  Mines   property   does  not*,   (���xc.-od   $13 fit)  per  ton  after  the.   waste  rock  has   been  sorted nut at the ore bins.    In speaking  of t.he plan*-  foe the future development  of the property M. S. Davys says:  '.'l-Yoni  rhe ore re-crves-  -it,  present opened  out  and available for stoping, I estimate that  r-here are (50,000 tons which can  be mined  from the present workings.    In order to  keep up a reserve ahead  for a  daily out-  pur, of two hundred tons, it is- impend ive  chat  the other reserves  proved   by  diamond drill tire opened out ready for stoping ut as early a date as possible, to more  fully determine the extent and  values of  same, so that the richer and poorer portions can be worked in such proportion as  will yield a uniformity of values consistent with the daily output.  The mine generally has opened out well and now shows  indications of, in  place of separate ore  bodies,   being a continuous and  defined  vein, found to be faulted and al*-o cut by  a. dyke, which has also thrown the vein a  little to the north.    Parts of r.he vein consist of almost barren rock, in  places hard  to determine from  the country rock, but  where   followed   have  in   most  instances  proved up payable ore, so that to properly explore the vein, mining proper must  be  resorted  to, and  all  such   work  carefully watched,  tis the ore is distributed  irregularly through the vein."  NONE   HONEST   BUT   HIMSELF.  A   VERY   BAD   SYSTEM.  the  A Critic Who Impug'nes the Personal Honesty  of R. B.   "Wood and Joseph Pitre.  The British Columbia Mining Critic, an  alleged  mining paper published  in Vancouver,   has an absurd   criticism  of  r.he  Yukon Goldfields, Limited, in its  issue of  Saturday   last.    It   is   evident   that  1 lie  editor of The Critic knows nothing of the  Yukon   Goldfields,  Limited,   nor   of   bhe  methods of prospecting.   It* this were not  the case he would not ridicule the company merely because its capital was set at  the modest sum of $30,000.    Having done  this   he   proceeds   to  insinuate, that the  motives of those iu charge  of the affairs  of  the company are   dishonest.    Me enlarges upon the ignorance of thechairman  of the company in  stating  that the first  general   news   from    the   Yukon   would  probably be received  in Loudon  in July  next, and then iuipugnes the honesty of  the prospectors whom  the company have  dispatched to. the Yukon.    He says that  it   will   take these   men  till late  in  the  spring  to  reach   Dawson City, and that  they won't be honest when chey get there.  That  they will not be able to purchase  any claims of value,  but that they may  hunt up   "wild   cats,''   which   would  be  likely   enough   for   the requirements of  such   a   speculative   company,  a.s  "wild  cats" are good enough for English "gull  catching."  The Yukon Goldfields, Limited, against  which all this abuse is directed, is the offspring of the London & British Columbia  Goldfields, Limited, one of the most conservative mining companies operating in  West Kootenay.    It is  a company that  does its work ou its properties, and nor, in  the newspapers.    It is the company that  is   systematically   developing   the   Ymir  mine on Wild Horse creek, which is now  looked upon as one of the best properties  in West Kootenay.    When the Klondyke  excitement reached Loudon  last summer  the men interested in the,, London ���& British Columbia Goldfields, formed   a  separate    company   known   as   the   Yukon  Goldfields,  Limited,  for   the   immediate  purpose of sending a   prospecting party  into   the   Yukon,  and   for   present   purposes   the   capital   was   fixed   at   ��0000.  J.  Roderick Robertson,  the  manager of  parent company in British Columbia, was  appointed  manager of  the   Yukon company.    He arranged for the outfitting of  R. B. Wood, then superintendent of the  Ymir mine, and Joseph   Pitre, an  experienced miner, and one of the locators of  Ymir.   They started out,with ten horses,  two   boats and   lo. months provisions���a  rather   respectable   outfit���-and.   reached  Dawson City on September 29th, almost  three mouths before the absurd criticism  appeared  in  The   Critic  of   Vancouver.  They   were   men   fairly   well    respected  around Nelson,  and their friends would  prefer that The Critic would find them  dishonest before it so'cheerfully charged  them with dishonesty.    It might also be  well  for The Critic  to  give the   Yukon  Goldfields company a chance to determine  whether it  will   be necessary to increase  its   capital    or   not.     This   will   depend  largely upon the reports of the company's  prospectors, who up  to  the  date of the  latest advices had   just  arrived   on  the  ground at Dawson City.  Monday's Council Meeting.,  At the regular meeting of the council  Monday evening alderman Fletcher,  chairman of the public works committee,  reported verbally upon the application of  the Canadian Pacific Railway Company  for water from the city mains for use in  their locomotives. Alderman Fletcher  recommended that the company be supplied with water provided the company  erects a proper tank and pays a monthly  rental of -7-20.  The  public  works committee   was appointed a  special  committee to select a  cemetery site and  report upon the same  at the next meeting of the council.  The following accounts were passed:  W. C. McLean Sr Co., sewers    $!)!! 10  W. 0. M(jlA'iui Si ('11., sewers    11 00  W.C. McLean <_'_<'., waterworks���   i..  ..  37 75  Wilson & Harshuw, learning      .'.....   15 7.i  Thompson .Stationery Co., ollice supplies     5 75  Kelson Hardware Oo.. waterworks           80  John Blnne.v, miscellaneous     I! 37  Hyde. Tit.-iwort.il Si Co.. jail supplies   Unless a Chang-o.is Made the Schools  Interior Cities Will: Suffer.  Tlie reply of S. 1). Pope, suporiut'-mdont  of education, to the request, of the local  school board foi* an additional allowance,  for tho Nelson school, empha-i/.c-* tin: necessity for the creation of a. city .-choo]  district in Nelson, and the transfer of the  control of the Nelson school from the provincial government to the people.  Two weeks ago the local school board  requested thedepartment of education to  provide foi; an additional teacher for the  school, an increase in the stiltiries of the  present teachers, and for the increase of  $200 in the incidental allowance. The  board was careful to make clear the necessity for the increase iu the allowances  if the school was to be kept up to the required standard, in reply to this S. D.  Pope wrote that the inspector recently  appointed for the district of Kootenay  and Yale would arrive iu Nelsou during  the first, week in. January, and that he  would report upon the needs of the Nelson  school.  While it may be inferred from this thtit  the department of education does not consider the local school trustees capable of  determining the requirements of the Nelson school, it should not be forgotten that  it is a fault of the present system rather  than  of  the government or   the   educational department.    At present the government furnishes every dollar that is expended upon the schools of Nelson, Kaslo,  ���Rossland  and  other incorporated cities,  and school appropriations are regukited  more by the funds available by the government for school purposes than by the  actual requirements of the schools., .Since  the government finds the money it must  of necessity regulate school expenditures.  Tlie only solution for the present difficulty  will be the vesting of the control of the  school in the municipality of Nelson  by  creating Nelson  a school  district.     The  present system is unfair to both the government and the people of Nelson.   The  collection of the provincial school tax is  not properly attended to-some pay and  some   don't-and    the   efficiency   of   the  school suffers accordingly.    Jf the control  of the Nelson  school were  vested in  the  people of Nelson  it is safe  to  say that  much better schools could  be maintained  out of the proceeds of the school tax and  the   customary   government   allowance  upon attendance, than are maintained at  present, and the government's ed'-ca tioual  burdens would be very much lightened.  to the vacancy upon' the supreme court  bench win-ad by the retirement of justice  -McOreie-hl*. , Mr. Irvir.g was a member of  the well-known firm of Bodwell, Irving -!_  Duff. Ho i* reputed to be an .-xcellent.  ollice ninn. His appointnii-tir. i-.- unique in  that the appointee has never held ���an important brief in his life.  ACCIDENTAL   DEATH.  THE   COAL   BARONS*   CHAMPION  the  MAN   WITH   A   METAL   JAW.  N." & K. S.  IjIIWITIIICI.  Ily. Co., waterworks'..  Hard warn Co.. wiilerwor!-  00  .SO 71  111 7(1  It Was  Bolted On by Drs. La  Bau and Forin  , On Wednesday Afternoon.  Drs. LaBau and Forin performed an operation on Wednesday afternoon, the like  of which has probably never before been  attempted. In plain terms.it amounted  to the bolting of a new jaw upon a man  in the place of a jaw which had been shot  off two years before.  Two years ago this month Thomas Cay-  zei-j of Ainsworth. through the accidental  discharge of a gun, had his jaw all but  completely shot off. .The first physician  that'he went.to pronounced his case hopeless owing to the nature and extent of  the injury, and with this consoling  thought Cayzer came to Nelson on-the  evening of the accident. He consulted  Dr. LaBau, who trimmed up the wound  and fastened it together with hair-lip  needles. Cay/.er was left in this shape  until the dead parts of the remaining  piece of jaw bone should come away from  the live bone, and the last piece of dead  bone did not come away until this summer. This left him in fairly good condition save there was no form to the lower  part of the face, aud that being unable to  wear false teeth he could not chew any  food. His stomach also commenced to  give out.  Dr. La Ban then suggested to him that  he have a plate made to take the place of  the lost "jaw, after which false teeth could  be fitted into his month. It was explained  to him that the operation would be an experiment in that it had never been tried  before, but Cay/.er cheerfully agreed to  accept all risk. A jaw composed of an  alloy of gold and silver, was fashioned by  W. M. Sprott, a local jeweler, for the purpose of securing an outline for the face,  and all was in readiness when Cayze-r  presented himself tor the operation' on  Wednesday. The patient was put under  chloroform and the lower part of the face  was opened up. The artificial jaw was  then bolted to the angle of the jaw bone  on one side of the face and to the, very  small piece of bone on the other side.  The patient came through the operation  well and the result of it will be watched  ��� with interest by the medical profession.  Drs. La Ban and Form were assisted in the  operation by Dr. .Martin, of Kaslo, who  was visiting Dr. La ,1-ati, and by Dr. \V.  J. Quit*Ian, of this city.  The Bank Offers to Buy the Bonds.  The bank of British North America has  made an offer to purchase $0;1,000 worth  of Rossland City debentures bearing interest at ~)\ per cent. The council decided  at the meeting to accept the bank's offer,  but   subsequently  tenders.  decided,   to   call    for  Canadian Pacific Traffic Receipts.  Moxtrkai,, Dec. 17.- The Canadian i'ti-  cijfic Railway Comptiny's traffic receipts  frir the week ending December I Ith. were  $515,000: for the same week of last year  they were $-ll.'J,000.  To Succeed Justice McCrelf-ht.  An  order   in   council   was  passed   this  week appointing I'. .1'-. Irving of Victoria.  Daniel McNaughton  Receives a Fatal  Wound  Whilom Tracking Doer on Saturday.  Dr.   Arthur,   coroner,   held ,an   inquest  Wednesday morning for the purpose of  enquiring into the circunistanc-s attending   tho  death   of   Daniel  McNaughton,  whose body  was  found  in  the  woods a  few miles from Park Siding on the Slocan  river  road,  on  Tuesday.    The jury   was  compos-ed of J. H. Matheson, foreman, II.  F. Murray, J. A.  Kerr, A. J. Marks,'J. 1'.  Cameron and William Herron.  From the* evidence it appeared that McNaughton left .Joly's wood camp at Park  Siding, on Saturday  morning, on a  di-er  hunting  expedition,  accompanied   by  a  relative named Frasi-r.    According to the  evidence of _Yaser the two worked their  way   up  into   the  mountain.**   and   came  upon'a deer in the afternoon.   McNaughton wanted Fraser to make a detour of  the hill, but a.s he was not  familiar with  the country he declined.    He offered   to  follow the deer with McNaughton, but as  McNaughton did not consider this necessary he decided  to return to camp, and  McNaughton said he would  be back that  evening.   About 20 minutes after Fraser  left he heard  three shots  iu quick  succession and he returned, but not seeing  McNaughton he went back to camp. Sunday morning McNaughton,.not haviug returned a searching party started out to  look  for him.    They  were  unsuccessful,  but upon  the following day came across  the body of a deer, and the tracks of a  wounded one. These tracks were followed  on Tuesday, when the body of McNaughton was found between two logs, and the  rifle,  with an  empty cartridge 111  it, beside  the body.    It  was evident that in  following the wounded deer McNaughton  had accidently discharged his riile in getting over the  logs.   The  bullet entered  the mouth and  came out at the back of  the head.   A verdict was rendered in accordance with the facts.  |];*Daniel McNaughton was about -10 years-  old,    fie left his home in Lancaster, Ontario, about 11 years^ago, and after spend-  ..iug some years in the  western states he  came  to  West  Kootenay.     He followed  the business of prospecting tind hunting,  but at the time of his death was employed  at Joly's .wood   camp.     He  was known  by sight to several of the jurors who had  seen him around town.  Heinze's View of Heinze's Rights.  The Rossland Miner is very much afraid  that the provincial government will allow  the holders of the V. V. Ac E.'-railway  charter to get away with the cash bonus  of $-1000 per mile, which the holders of  the C. cfc W. railway charter look upon as  theirs. The Miner does not go so far as  to say that there is no necessity for bon-  using any railway into the Boundary district. It carefully avoids this truth, but  seeks to convince its readers that the government would be making a very grave  mistake in gran ting" aid to any charter-  speculator other than F. Aug. lieih/.e, the  arch-charter-speculator of the province.  'If'the Rossland' Miner was an independent paper, and not the purchased organ  of F. Aug. Mein/.e its views in this connection might be entitled to some consideration. . ".'  The Heinze Contract About Finished.  The contract made by the Le Roi Mining Company for the delivery of 75,000  tons of ore to the Heinze smelter at Trail  willbe completed this month, after which  all the output of the Le Roi will'go the  company's smelter at Northport. The  smelter at Northport is about completed,  and the company expect to have the  furnace blo.wn in by January 15th. Heinze  will have to do some rustling after 'January-if he attempts to keep the Trail,  smelter running.  Mining-Operators in Luck.  Messrs. Braden and Mathews are having great luck in their development of  the Lucky Jim ;tn:l Tariff mines. At a  depth of 2<S0 feet the Lucky Jim has a 10-  foot ore body. The ore concentrates four  to one and gives a mill product averaging  75 ounces silver and 7U per cent lead. The  mine produces 100 tons per day.' On the  Tariff, an Ainsworth property, ore has  been struck in the .JOO-foot level, assaying  50 ounces silver and 75 per cent lead. This  ore body is i-ih feet wide. The Tariff is  producing 50 tons per day.   '  Steamer Nakusp Burned.  The -Canadian Pacific Kail way Company's'steamer Nakusp wtis burned to the  water's edge Friday morning. The Nakusp was at the wharf tit Arrowhead  when the fire was first noticed. Further  than that the fire started in the galley of  the steamer, and that it was burned.'to I  the water's edge, no particulars have  reached Nelson. The Nakusp cost about  $.30,000 to build.  In the  is  an  Lemon's Christmas Greeting.  To rill-: Fditoi; of Tin-: Tkihc.vk:  Nelson Miner of the ISth, there  article headed "Sensational Suit" in which  my name appears frequently. I wish t.o  state through your columns that every  statement made by The Miner in reference  to me in the article referred to is an infamous lie.    Yours. R. K. Lk.mon.  Says That No Law Nor Power Can' Make  Dunsmulra Pay Their Taxes.  The   Vancouver   World,   a    new.-p-ip't-  which   for yi-*ars has deiendi'd ��-*\<*i y action of  the  Davie-TiiriK't.* ��;i*vi;i*iim.-iit->  whether good 'or  bad���ha.-,  now  started  upon the work of 'defending tin- action of  premier Turner  in   refu-ing   ii- levy ih��  same  tax upon  the output of   this coal  mines of Yancouvt-r Llund as  h<-  ic\ icd  upon   the output of  the   precious  n.iiial  mines of the Kootenay.    For ilm-t; who  demand that like treatment be mused out  to' the owners of, coal mines ami  the uv. n-  ers of  precious   metal   mines   t.he  World  has only its characteristic abust*.    In di.s-  cusMiig the question the World says:  "The conl-bciii-iiif-; lands owned and eontrollerl by 1I1P.-.C  companies, and now upemted by them, were crown  -(���ranted lo them direct, oi; purchased by llicm from those  10 whom such a title was issued, many years ago���in  fact we believe before t.he pi'iiny-a-liner- who arc now so  virulently attacking���the Messrs. Iiunsmuir especially���  whom they term the "coat barons"���-were nnhered into  existence. If these journalistic striplings arc not uwarc  of the facr. thai no law or power can iimi-i'l the mine  owner.-, to pay a royally on hiich coal as in pru'liieecl from  tlie mines operated wil bin the limits uf the. areas acquired |jy 1 heir o�� ners without any such stipulation having been in-crtcd in the crown gr.mts, it is high lime  they .should belake themselves to a night school and  learn .something of the history of the country."  The World in this, as 'in all other matters wherein the greed of wealthy corporations encroaches upon the  rights of the  people, is dishonest.    By persistent lying  the World  hopes to  mislead the  people.  The crown  grants  which   were  issued to  the  owners   ot   the coal' mines on   Vancouver Island were no more absolute*, rliau  were the crown grants which were is-ueii  to the owners of quartz claim-in Kootenay and elsewhere throughout the province.  Premier Turner imposed a tax upon  the output of  the crown-granted quartz  ���  mines, and  he  would  have imposed   the  same tax upon   the output of the crown-  granted coal 'mines had  he been honest.  It is on  record   that at the time this tax  was imposed  premier Turner sought to, ���  mislead the people of Kootenay by sending a telegram to the Bank of British Columbia at .Nelson   to the effect that there  was already a tax  imposed upon the output of the coal   mines.   This  was true in  that it applied to all coal mines save those  operated by the  Dunsmuir interests aud  by the New Vancouver Coal Company, but  other than these mines there was not and ���  had not been a coal mine operating in the  province.    The action of premier Turner  in this matter was clearly to mislead. The  World in its subserviency to the government and the coal barons makes itself absurd.    It employs the term "royalty" and  from .this'.argues   that   the  government  could not impose a tax upon the output of  tlie coal mines if it', were; sufficiently .honest-and sufficiently independent to do so.  The failure of  the government to  treat  the collieriesof the Dunsmuirs in thu same  manner as the precious  metal  mines  of  Kootenay is the best kind of evidence that  the government's  action   was controlled  by the Duumuirs.  It is evidence that will  be accepted by tbe,electors..-in preference  to the bald'.statement to the contrary by  such a "journalistic strumpet as the Vancouver World.  THE MEN' PROM' KOOTENAY   GOT  THERE.  Made the Trip l'rom Nelson to Dawson City  in Seventy-live Days.  On the 17th day of August, last Billy  Perdue, accompanied by- Bob" Wixou,  Jack Gannon, Jack Case, "Coffee Jack,"  and "Irish Jack," left Nelson for the  Klondyke. Perdue and P. Burns Ac Co.  had au idea that,beef could be landed at  Dawson City and sold at a profit. They  had the means and the experience.  Eighty head of beef cattle and 11 horses  were .shipped-,to' Vancouver, transferred  to steamer, and landed at Dyea. Thence  they were driven over the pass to the  lakes. It isnot known whether the cattle  were'driven through or killed and the  carcasses boated to Dawson. All that is  known is the information, contained in  the following telegram :  Si:..-ni,i:. Dei-ember-'I-t. I!*!I7.  John lloisrux. NcIm-ii:  I'erdue got into Da w-011 wiili  beef .Vovember 1st nil o. K.  WILLIAM  II. CHA.MIilCI'vS.  Mr. Chambers i.s well known in Kootenay tind arrived in Seattle from Dawso'ii  about a month ago. It is supposed that  the two men who left Dawson on November -Jrd, and who arrived on the coast  about ten days ago brought the news.  No later advices from Daw.-on have been  received. When the party-left Nelson no  one acquainted with its leader.had doubts  as to the result of tlit* enterprise. For  eight years he rustled beef cattle into the  towns and camps iu Kootenay in all kinds  of weather, undergoing 'exposure and  hardships that few men could stand. The  boys who went with him were all  "stayers." If they have got, through, the ,  beef should dress .100 pounds to the head,  or 10.000 pounds in all. This at $1 a pound  will.leave a fair margin of profit to the  three men interested in the venture.  Liquidator For the Ibex.  Judge Walkem has appointed Clarence  F. Steele, of Kaslo, as liquidator of the  Ibex .Mining and Development Company'  of tho Slocan. The sureties have been  placed at $5,000. and the liquidator will  report semi-annually to the registrar of  the court at Victoria.   :  Slocan Mining- Notes.  Four mines are; at present '-shipping  through Silverton. The Comstock and  Vancouver by sleigh,' the Fidelity by  rawhide and the Silver Nugget lias five  tons-oil the wharf. The Hustler mine had  :'l tons of ore entered for export this week  which aggregated in value $IO."d.  1  ���;  it-��� _. -t ���. .   -    t- L>  f --">������_   ���--!���   1 * --.,,_*,   v    -.,-,.   ,        J-      4���i iMt   ti��T       -.���-I ���   W        ��|-     1    ���    .   , v. * >     ,. i . i-in'.-v       ���,    ������     > -'-.-���--1 ��� '�����   ���   ���}.-���* s\   , -��� \<      .�����>-'.' ��'   *      -   ' j-.  _   ��� ���',*-���    ,-. *sr _j  .    1     fln t       v. if. -       .i ���-   - ��� t, .��-  */>�� .r    - 1,1. .���y1- r,-; ���;�����:���.--i v. -:.*i-;v .<..*- .���.���v��.-''-..-: �����;�����_���'���-��� -.���������j*. .-�����;,������* ,��.-i-*_;--*r-*f.'V-J.._s* THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C., SATURDAY,  DECEMBER,2:1,   181)7.  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  .THK TKinUXK i- i.nh'i-li.-i ���������. Snmr.1.1*.-, by Tiik  Ti.li'L'N'K Pi;i*i.!.siUN(i Cii.-.ii'a.n i. .mil ��ni oe mailed  lo .subscriber-. mi-nayinciii ol 'I wu IJhi.i..\ks 11 >i.-sii".  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OlOOI'OI-* PAI-TltlHOK, Iv. of it. & S.  in the Kootenay district. Complete out His furnished  Hotels, Steamers, and Families, ft. will pay you to inspect our large stock of Teas, Coffees, Dried Fruits and  Canned  Goods   mpany,  Capital $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.  MINERS! Yon can makease of water power 50 miles from your mines with our system.  We can also sell you complete telephone outfits and install them.  British Columbia Branch Offices  ��� ���* (lr:^���W^^l^n       Frank Darling,  Kootenay Agent  Wire Rope, Feed Water Heaters, Elevators, Shafting, Pulleys, Pipe Cutters,  Special Tools, and a new lot of Tube Cleaners just in.   Roebling's Wire  R��Pe-   te&rsosn, Sro=��j- FRANK DARLING, Agent.  J-r----T-r--_3_____:E!_a.   ST-SIEIET  11  The Ames Holden Go's special "Columbia,"  Vancouver," "Kootenay" should be worn  by everybody who wants a first-class mountain boot  ��he ��rUmrte*  SATURDAY MORNING ..  .DECEMBER  IS, 1897  J. M. Kellie, the present representative of the north riding of West Kootenay, has renounced his allegiance to the  Turner government. The immediate cause,  for this action  was the appointment  by  the government of .7. D. Sibbald of Revelstoke, to the office of gold commissioner,  but Kellie explains that there has  been  more or less of a. breach between himself  aud the government party for the past  year.    He says-he  will take the earliest  opportunity   of explaining   his   position  to his constituents and obtain an expression of opinion from them with regard  to  his future line  of action.    Kellie's  withdrawal from the Turner party  makes it  Aveaker by two votes than it was at the  opening of the last session.    Speaker Llig-  gin.s, who was for years a  supporter  of  the Davie-Turner party, bid  the government good-bye   when  it  brought in  its  scandalous Cassia, railway bill, and upon  the assembling of the house next session  will   doubtless   resign   the   speakership.  The greed of two combinations is the only  thiug which now holds the Turner majority together���the Dunsmuir family concert and  the British  Pacific  railway  or  Rithet faction.    Either of these influences  if thrown against the government would  cause its defeat in  the  house,   but that  their influence will   be so  exerted is not  to be expected.    Jn exchange for its slip-  port the Dunsmuir family enjoys comparative exemption  from  taxation,   and  the  Rithet faction has more to hope from the  Turner government than they could from  any administration which might succeed  it.    This is the government which the purchased organs owned  by  Lleinze  and the  Dunsmuirs   commend   to   tho   people  of  British Columbia.  TrjK editor of the Rossland Miner has  buen parading his ignorance of provincial  politics again. In reviewing the career  of J. M. Kellie, JM. P. P., he says that his  sobriquet is "Let ITer Flicker Kellie,"  ��� which .he earned by a speech made in  favor of the British Pacific railway  scheme. .Such was not the case. Kellie's  "Let Her Flicker" speech was made in  connection with the government's policy  of expending $1,000,000 upon parliament  buildings at Victoria, it was made before the British Pacific question had became an issue, and while chief justice  Theodore Davie was premier. The editor  of the Miner should not attempt to cite  facts. He is in his element in reeling out  ������' fulsome praises of premier Turner aud his  cabinet, or in hurling billingsgate at those  who oppose the cabinet. To tretit with  facts requires some knowledge, the beslobbering of an incapable cabinet requires none. ,  PitEMlfm Turner and Hon. C. E. Pooley  have commenced proceedings against  Hewitt Bostock, M. P.. Ian Coltnrd, and  W. C. Xichol of the Province, and senator  Tern pieman of the Times for libel. The j  article comphiined of was a review of the ;  circumstances connected with the appearance of tho names of premier Turner and  Hon. C. I_. Pooley upon the prospectuses  of two or three -shady Klondyke mining ami trading concerns. The writer  set out rather clearly  that the members  -o'f "the cabinet were using their official  positions for private gain, in short that  they were acting as decoy ducks for the  purpose of aiding in the promotion of  mining and trading schemes of the wildcat order. The article was a fair criticism  of the action of public men and is quite  in line- with the opinion of the independent press of -the province, the press of  Cauada and the press of Great Britain. It  first appeared in the Province of December lith, and was copied from the Province into the Times. It is significant  that the premier and the president of the  council have commenced criminal proceedings rather than civil. They evidently  do not wish to run up against the same  snag that chief justice Theodore Davie  did, when as attorney-general he sued* the  Colonist for damages for alleged libel.  Upon this occasion the jury awarded attorney-general Davie a verdict with $1  for damages. Iu view of this precedent  neither premier Turner nor Hon. C. I_.  Pooley could reasonably expect more than  -dx-bits damages should they succeed in  proving their case.  The government organs of the province  are wonderfully consistent.   The Turner  cabinet broke faith with J. M. Kellie, and  Kellie   renounced   his   allegiance  to  the  cabinet.    The   Ilevelstoke  Herald  thereupon calls upon Kellie to resign for the  reason that he was elected to support the  Turner   government.    Very   good.    Hon.  G. B. Martin was elected upon the explicit  understanding that he would not vote one  cent of public,  money to the British  Pacific railway promoters.    Upon this issue  Martin pledged himself.    When the matter came up in the house Martin violated  his pledge by voting for the so-called railway aid bill, which placed $920,000 within  reach of the British Pacific charter speculators.    Although this happened last session when there would have been a chance  for a by-election to secure the constituency  representation in the next session of the  legislature,   there   was  not  the faintest  hint from  the  government organs  that  the man who violated, the express condition of his election should  resign.    In the  case of Kellie resigning there is no possible  chance of the district securing representation in the present parliament.    The contention of tlie Herald in short is, that the  government having broken faith with the  representative  of  the  north  riding,   the  representetive   should  resign   and  allow  the district to remain unrepresented  for  one year.     This  in face of  the  fact that  Kellie was elected  to support the government of Hon. Theodore Davie and not the  government of premier Turner.  the meeting at Cody i.s certainly without  precedent in the history of company procedure in this province. Instead of a  Christmas dividend shareholders in the  Noble Five company are now offered six  cents per share for stock which some IS  months ago they purchased at 25 cents,  and they have not even the knowledge of  how this changed condition of affairs was  brought about. Th-^y have been told that  the company shipped in the neighborhood  of MOO tons of concentrates, and they  have also been told that there were approximately .'-0,000 tons of what was supposed to be crude ore carried over the  tramway from the mine to the company's  concentrator. This in itself should furnish  a fruitful subject for investigation.  Ax effort will be made at the next session of the legislature to have the City of  Nelson created a. city school district, so  that the municipality may assume control  of the public school. It is altogether  likely that the government will agree to  this, and it is not improbable that a similar course will be followed with respect to  the schools in the other incorporated  cities of the interior. The educational expenditures are already a heavy tax upon  the revenues of the province, and there is  no valid reason why the provincial government should continue to be put to the  expense of maintaining schools in incorporated cities. In addition to this it is  safe lo say that much better satisfaction  would be secured if the control of the  schools was vested in the people of the  cities. At present there is little or no interest taken in school matters in Nelson,  and in consequence the public school is  not what it should be. Good schools are  essential to the welfare of Nelson. If the  public school iu Nelson is to be kept up to  the standard the people of the city must  be interested in its welfare, and the surest  way to secure that interest is to place  the control of the school in their hands.  BI'V   HIM ��� Pa'r of Slippers    Silk Haii.dkerch.ief    Gladstone Traveling-Bag  BUY   HIM   A   j    Salisbury Traveling Bag   Club Traveling Bag   Silk Umbrella    Silk Tie  Or anv ol  the  hundred and one  useful  things  that we  have  that .are 'easily  within  reach  of tlie  most lin'Vited   means.  BAKER   STREET U-     A.     GILKER  West Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  BRANCH MARKETS    .....  Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan  District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail ear-fifully filler! nnd ornmntly forwarded.  LONDON, ENGLAND  VICTORIA,  B. C.  Ax effort is  being made by such shareholders in t.he  Noble  Kive  Mining  Company as are dissatisfied with the management of tlie company's affairs to secure  an  independent audit of  the company's  accounts, and a searching   investigation  into the manner in which  the company's  business has been conducted by the directors.   There  is  room  in  this  connection  for the intervention of the attorney-general of the province, in that the officers of  the   company   have   not   complied   with  many of the provisions of the Companies  Act,  and   in  the  interests of the mining  industry of the province it is imperative  that   tlie  attorney-general   should  intervene.    If a proper supervision of mining  companies is observed there is no reason  why  the  holder of  mining stock should  not feel equally safe  with  respect to his  investment as the holder of stock  in any  industrial concern.    That such is  not the  ease with  respect  to  holders of  mining  company  stock   in   this province no  one  will deny.    It is aflirmed by shareholders  in   the  Noble   Five   company   that    the  directors of the company observed neither  the by.-Iaws of tlie company  nor the provisions of the legislature, and the manner  in   which   the   resolution   amending the  company's by-laws was railroaded through  The Bouudry Creek Times publishes  the remarkable statement that the Grand  Forks city council has levied an assessment upon the lands within the corporate  limits for the current year, which has  been made payable on November 20th. As  the land had been previously assessed by  the provincial government, prior to the  incorporation of Grand Forks, the action  of the council is causing much speculation. Of the taxes paid to the provincial  government the corporation has already  received its proportion, and the only explanation that can be offered for the action of the council in levying a second tax  upon the land is that the corporation is a  little short.  The Kootenay  SCOTCH    VvAiaCISiCXES  Dawson's Perfection    Tosh  Four Crown Crawford's Special  B. O. S. XXX Caol Ha  Huntley Blend  c__c__-3yi:_?__.G3-_Nr__s  C.  H.  Mumm & Co.     Moet & Chandon  Carle Blanche Pommery &. Greno  Camuset. Heidsieck & Co.  Green Seal  EXCELLENT   STOCK   OF   IMPORTED  CIGARS   JUST   TO   HAND  Kaslo, B. C.  Will start about March 15th  with about double its former  capacity in all departments.  7,000,000 feet of log's under  contract for early delivery.  The Planing Mill  and Factory  Is now* running full time nuclei* the management  oC C. E. Doly, a competent draughtsman nnd  mechanic who will furnish spuci-il drawings free  of charge.  New Designs  In house interiors, oflice and sloro tixtures, dado  work, mantles, brackets, mouldings, book canes,  furniture, turnings, carving, grill work, and band  sawing. Order** for all such work executed in an  artistic manner.  One Car Glass  Tnio importance of the information contained  in the annual reports and  statements submitted at the recent meeting of  the Hall  Mines Limited  cannot  well  be  understood.  It demonstrates clearly that,  under   present conditions   a   substantial  profit can be made in the treatment)of $1_  ore in the vicinity of Nelson.    The experience of the  Hall  Mines  shows  that in  the mining and  smelting of  less than 48,-  000 tons  ot  this  low grade  ore, and  the  treating of much  less  than  3000 tons of  custom ores, a gross profit of over $Io0,000  can be made.    This should give a substantial value to many of the claims on Toad  mountain, which will  be very greatly increased upon the completion of the Crow's,  Nest railway with its  assurance of cheap  coke.   The company's  balance sheet also  throws some light upon the question of the  cost of smelters.    The Hall  mines smelter  with a capacity  of '-500 tons  per, day, including the  roaster and  copper furnace,  after more  than a year's  operation has  cost  the company  for construction  and  maintenance    less    than    $100,000.    This  should give a black eye to the bonus hunters  who  have  been  looking  for $1:50,000  and $200,000  bonuses for the erection  of  small smelting concerns at Vancouver and  other points on the coast.  Five hundred shares of the capital stock of the Nelson  Electric Light Company, Limited, are offered for subscription at par ($10 per share). Subscribers on allotment, will  be required to pay one-third cash; one-third in 30 days,  and one-third in 60 days. For further particulars apply to  either of the undersigned.     J. FRED HUME, President,  J. H."M__THESON. Secretary,  ',            .,      JOHN'HOUSTON, Manager.  HERALD0,  i       MONOGRAM,  SCHILLAR  Direct from Belgium expected this month. Rough  and dressed lumber, laths, etc., always in stock.  Two Cars Sash  and Doors   Yard and branch ollice foot, of Hendryx St.ru  Nelson.  G. 0. BUCHANAN  Manufactured by The George E. Tuekett & Son Co., Ltd.  SOLE AGENT,  NELSON, B. C.  UNION MADE CIGARS  'TI  Ii yon have any birds yon wish lo have stiilled,  and (leer heads or antlers to mount, or any  other work iu the taxidermist's line see George  Shiell.  ALL   WORK   LEl-'T  AT   \V.   F.   TEETCEL  Si   CO.'S  DRUG STOKE PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO  KOOT OF HALL STREET, NELSON.  T.  W.  GRAY,   Proprietor-  Doors,  Sash,   Band Sawing,  Turned Work,  and Office Fittings,  arrived and in stock,  a carload of Chance's English  Rolled  Glass; all sizes up to 4 by 6 feet  1 ust  Office:    Mara Blocl-;- Balder Street, Nelsoq  THE TREM0NT  "���-^ isr__i__so_sr  MALONE & TREGILLUS, Proprietors.  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district, and  in '.ho hendquartnrs   or prospectors- and miners.  WANTED���Kernale���Must he  first-class.  Wages good.   Dave Clarke, Pilot Bay.  A Cook  _iv THE TRIBUTE:   NELSON, B. C., SATURDAY, DEOEMBE.  :_y.  all paid  up,     ���  Rest,  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATIICONA AND   51T.  ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO.  A.   DRUMMOND Vice-President  K   S, CLOUS'I'ON General Manager  isr____so_sr  _3JFi_^-i-*sro__:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.  ���      HKANCHES  IN       LONDON (England). NEW YORK, OHICAG-O  nnd in the principal cities in Canada.  uy and  -ell  Sterling   Exchange and  Cable Transfers  HIIANT nlMMKHCIAt AND THiVKH.RHS1 CK1-.I-ITR.  Jivuiliililo iu any part of the world.  DRAFTS   ISSUED     COLLECTIONS MADK:  ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  RATIO OF INTEREST (al, prosonl) 3 Per Cent.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP. ���  I_cl L'ln-sley, conductor on the Coltu_i_ia  & Kootenay li ail way, loft XelsonT this  week for a two-months visit to the ilome  of his parents in Woodstock, Ontario. He  has earned his vacation, for since coming  to British Columbia he has worked his  way up from a shortstop of a Donald base  ball club to the responsible position he  holds in the operating department, of a  great railway. lid's base ball days may  be over, but he may yet be general superintendent of the Crow's Nest Pass road.  Charley Olson was in Nelson on Wednesday looking for light.  Howard S. Wallace has consented to  make the run against mayor Scott for the  oflice of chief magistrate of Rossland. His  requisition is signed by the leading business men of the city.  Harry McGregor, who was formerly in  the Canadian Pacific liailway Company's  offices in this city, has been appointed  traveling passenger agent for the C. P. R.  in California and New Mexico. He is now  in California.  At a meeting of Kootenay Lodge No. 25,  K. of P., held Tuesday evening, the foil  lowing officers were elected: J. J. Malone,  CO.: It. G. Joy. V.C.: Dr. fl. I_. Hall, prelate: W.J. Thompson, M. of W.: George  Partridge, K. of Ii,. and S.; Dr. A. Forin,  master of exchequer: S. .1. iMighton, master of finance: .1. McClelland master of  alms: Dr. G. B. Hall. Dr. 1). LaBau, and  A. F. McCully, trustees. The installation  will take pla-.e on the first Tuesday evening in .lanuary. Tbe Knights of-Pythias  ball has been postponed indefinitely.  isro_rio_E_  Public notice is hcroby given to the eleclur.- of I ho  municipality of the Oily of Nelson, in the province of  British Coin in bin, tlml I require the presence of Ihe said  electors al Ihe city hall, corner of Victoria aud Josephine  street*!, in tho said City of Nelson, on .Monday Ihe H'th  day of .January. A. 1). 1SD7, at 12 o'c'oek noon, for the  purpose of electing persons to represent them in the municipal council as mayor and alderman.  The mode of nomination of candidates shall he as follows:  The candidate-; shall be nominated in writing; the  writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the municipality as proposer and seconder, and shall be delivered  to the returning ollicer at. any time between the date of  the notice and 2 p. m. of the day of tho nomination, and  in the event of a poll being necessary such poll, will be  opened on the '13t.li day of January. A. J"). ISPS, from 8 a.  m. to I p. in. at the fire hall on Josephine street in said  city for the east ward thereof, aiid in theTraves building,  corner of Baker and Ward streets in said city for the  west ward thereof, of which every person is, hereby required to take notice and govern himself accordingly.  The persons oualilied to be nominated for and elected  as the mayor of such city shall be such persons as are  male British subjects of the full age of twenty-one -.ears, ���  and are not disqualified under any law and have been  for the six months next preceding the day of nomination  the registered owner in the land registry oflice of land or  real property in the, city of the assessed value, on the last  "municipal assessment roll of one thousand dollars or  more, over and above any registered incumbrance or  charge, and. who arc otherwise duly qualified.as municipal voters.  The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected  as aldermen of such city shall be such persons, as are  male British subjects of the full age of twenty-one years,  and are not disqualified under any law and have been  for the six months next preceding the day of nomination  the registered owner in the land registry ollice of land  or real property in the city of the assessed value on r.he  last municipal assessment roll, of live hundred dollars or  .more, over and above any registered -incumbrance or  charge, and who are otherwise qualified a.s municipal  voters.  Given under my hand at the city of Nelson aforesaid  the 22d day of December. 1S07.  EDWARD A. CRKA.SE,      ':  Returning Ollicer.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON.  VOTEES'   __ISO?.  xo.  I  ���l  ii  I  ii  7  8  0  Id  11  12  i:*  II  15  hi  17  IS  111  20  21  22  ~��i  21  25,  ft  28  211  .''(I  :;i  :(2  33  31  '15  .'��;  37  38  3!)  1(1  II  12  13  II  Ifi  II!  ���17  18  EAST    WARD.  NA.MK.  Aikiiinu, James Allan  Allan, Alexander  Allan, John  Anderson. Charles William  Barnard, Franks.,  Hates. Frederick  Beckingsale. N. 'I'.  Becl-iiigsnio, Mrs.  Beer. George Stephen  Bigelow. (ieorge Arthur  Blomberg, John  Bourne/Kraiik  Bourne, Harry K.  Buch.'i'nnii. George O.  I'uriif!, Michael  Burns, Michael  Burns. Patrick  Bright, James  Calkin, Samuel Frank  Ca.'moron, James Pickering  Cameron. Hugh Robert  Campbell, Allan  .Campbell. John Ronald  ,'Carrie, Alexander  /Oawley, Edward  Chambers. Joseph James  Chandler, Frederick C.  C'harrington, IT. S.  Chase, William Charles  Chishnlm, Alexander  Christie, Charles David John  Clark, A ndrcw  Clarke, Elizabeth C.  Clarke. Michael ,T.  Clements, Austin 11.  Criddlc, Percy  Ciunmings, George B. I.  Dallas. James  navies. Catharine G.  Mavies, Thomas Lloyd  Davis, Joniil ban  Dawson, James  Decry Bernard  DcsBrisay. Merrill  Desireau, John  Hover, Jacob  Duffy, Margaret M.  Duhamel, Henry  Duinont, .Insepli  QIAI-IFICATION.  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ISO  181  1S2  1S3  181  185  ISO  1S7  188 -  IS!)  i no  1!)1  192  193  l!)l  1!I5  I!)(i  I!I7  193  19!)  ,200  201  202  203  201  205  200  207  20S  209  211)  211  ''12  213  211  215  2 Hi  217  218  219  220  221  ''���*2  223  221  ���*���)-,  ���id ' Dunne, Charles W.  ;)I    Egan, Thomas  52 Emerson, Frank  53 Emerson. Peter  51   Ernst, Louis  ,55    K'snouf, R. B.  5(1   Farley, Frank J.  57 Firman, Thompson B.  58 Fletcher. Thomas  59 Floury, Albert  00 Follelt, John  01 Forrest, Frank L.  02 Gallagher, Lawrence  03' Garrcipy. Joseph  01   Gibson, John Aylon  05   Gillin, Terrence II.  00   Giguac, Joseph .  07   Gill'er, James Arthur  OS   Goodeve, Herbert George  09   Goodwin, Charles F.  70 Gordon, John Gilllllan  71 Graham. Frank G.  72 Grant. "William Hume  73 Gravelle, Frank  71   Gray.-Robert Scott  75   Gray, Thomas W.  70   Green, John Hubert  77   Giittin. Joseph  Hall. George A. B.  Ilanniiigton, Robert W.  Hardv, John  Ifarkley. David  Harper, l-'rank Bronson  Hickey. .James  Hillyer. Charles  Holbrook. George  lloldieh. Augustus Henry  Houslon. John  Hull. William I..  Hume, J. Fred  Hunter, George A.  Hurry, Roller!  limes, Frederick C'ollstin  Irvin, Percy  Irvine. Fred  Irvine. Herbert  Irving, William  Jacques. Arthur  J.arvis, Krcdcrlck William  Jis/kowic;-, Charles  Johnson, Archie M.  Johnslono. George  Jewell. William A.  Joy, Robert George  Iveefer. Charles E.  ICoefcr. George II.  Kerr. Robert,  Kilby, l<"rtiest  Knight, Martin  Ladcux, John  Lauriii, Adclor  Lemon. Robert E.  liindblade. John  Loudin, Clifford Prenlice  Lys. Francis Brian  McAllister. Thomas  McArlhur. Duncan  McCaiisland, Hugh  McClelland. John S.  McCrealh. James  McDonald. Alexander  McDonald. Duncan A.  McDonald. James  McDonald. John Angus  .McDonald, Lauchliu  McDonald. Samuel  McFariand. Duncan A.  McFariand. George  McLeod, Fcunimore M.  McLean, Henry F.  McLean. William Cameron  McKay, James  McPlicc, James  Mcltne, John  Macdonald, William A.  Mackenzie. I lector  Madden, Thomas  Million, Thomas F.  Mallet le. Mary  Manson, Alfred  .Malone, John J.  Maltby, Charles  Marks, Alfred John  Martin, John It.  Matheson. John If.  May, Thomas B.  Mighlon Samuel J.  Miles, John  Miller, Charles K.  Mills. Sanford  Mitchell, George  Moore, Abner Wellington  Morden, George Herbert  Newitl, Thonuis Henry  Newling. Onslow  Olive. Nicholas  O'Reillv, James  0*l,*cilly. Martin  Partridge, Oeoi-gc  Pogue, Levi  Ranger, Napoleon  Reistercr, Robert  Renwick, Robert. A.  Reynolds, Garrett  Richardson. Kred  Robillard, Jeremie  Robinson, Daniel  Robinson. Sheldon George  l.oli--oii. George R.  Holfe, William N.  Roper. Edward  Ross. Ooorgo O.  Roy, Thomas George  Rudd. Henry Vittoria  Russell. Patrick J.  Sayward, Joseph A.  Pcoft. Henry John  Scullv. Michael  Scions, Harold  Person, Jacob  Sherwood. Arthur R.  Shiell, Robert  Smart. James  Smith, Edward  Smith, William  Spencer. William G.  Squire, Frederick J.  St. Laurent. Peter  Slanior, James Henry  Steed, George  Steele, George W.  Stewart. John        ' ' ' '  Stibhs, Charles Henry  Stutter. Harry  St.uttcr, Jennie L.  Swanncll. Frederick W.  Tall in ire. Joseph  Teetzel, William F.  Thomson. Henry Broughton  Thurman, Williain  Toye, Sidney Howard  Traves, Edmund Cornelius  Tregillus, Alfred  Turnbull. Williain  Turner, John Anthony  Tuttlo, James Baldwin  Vanstone. Joseph TI.  Vernon. Forbes G.  Vincent, Williain Henry  Waldie, William  Wallace. James H;  Ward, Thomas Martindnlc  Ward. William A.  Watcrmnn, Charles A.  Webster, Edmund Jackson  Weir, James F.  Weiss. John  West. Charles W.  White. Stephen  Williams, George  Williams. H. .1.  Wilson. John Thomas  Wilson, Peter Edward  Wilson, William John  Wolfe. George Newton  Wood, David  No,  1  8  y  HI  n  12  13  11  15  10  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  21  28  2!)  30  31  32  33  34  35  30  37  38  3!)  ���10  11  12  13  II '  WKST.   WARD.  XAMK.  Adams. George Washington  Allan. Christopher  Allan, James  Allan. Mabel  Applewhailc, Edward  Arthur, Edward C.  Aston. John William Alfred  Albert on. Edward R.  Ball, William  Barnard, Frank S.  Henley, Robert John  Beckingsale. Richard  Bell. John  Bellamy, Henry Rose  Bewicke, Frederick  Bluudell, Richard  Booth, Tom  Bowes, Joseph H.  Boyd, Thomas H  Buchanan. Angus C.  Buchanan, Arthur H.  Buchanan, George O.  Bunker, Alfred  Burns, Edward  Burns, Patrick  Chesloy. Edward  Clements, Austin H.  Cookson. Wilfred  Crawford. Williain  Crease, Edward A  Croasdaile, Henry Edward  Cumin, Edward J.  Darling, Frank  Day, Richard Wclstcd  Dolmagc, Nellie  Demaine, George  Dickson, Williain John Gillespie  Doyle. Geoi-tre  Dow, Alexander  Duncan, Thomas Johnson  Elliot. John  Emory, Alfred D.  Evans, Henry Jones  Farwell. Arthur Stanhope  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Assessed ownor  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License  /I Householder  License  Householder  License  Householder  License '  Householder  Householder  License  Householder  License  Householder  OUALIFICATION.  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Assessed owner  License  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Householder  License  15  10  17  Ik  19  50  51  52  53  51  55  50  57  58  5!)  0(1  01  02  03  01  05 ,  Of!  07  08  Oil  70  71  72  73  71  75  70  11  78  79  SO  81  82  83  SI  .���Vi  S'l  87  88  S!l  !KI  91  92  03  91  95  JJU  97  98  !*!)  100  101  102  103  101  105  100  107  108  10!)  110  HI  112  113  111  115  111!  117  US  119  120  121  122  123  121  125  120  127  128  129  130  131  132  133  131  135  130  137  13S  189  M0  Ml  112  113  Ml  115  MO  117  MS  119  Ferland, Arthur  Fitzstubbs. Nanolcon  Fletcher, Finnic /  Gnlliher  William A /  Gamble. Francis G. /.  (s'ailand.-Alexander T. //  (Vpepel. Williain J.        /'  U\*i.od, Hubert Ernest;-'-'  Ui_iiti.ni, Williaiu^fjfenrv  I lai 11 i 1 tot;_ J ���_ n^ *"  lleenan, John  Herring, Williain John  Ilipperson, Arthur, ohn  Hodge, George C.  Hodgius, Arthur E.  Hodson. Williiun  Holt, (Jrange V.  Hull. William R.  II nine, J. Fred  limes. Frederick Collestiu,  Ironsides. Williiun Nelson  .liiiiicson, Charles A.  Johns, Solomon  Johnson, Andrew  Johnson, Christiana  Kelly,,Aaron Harll  Kelly, James  Kelly, Matthew  Kinalian, Thomas <  Kirby. William II.  Kirkpnlrick. John A.  Lawrence, James  Lufcbre. Michael  Lonnle. Robert Scott .  Lillie, William (,*.  Lillie. Thomas L.  Loll. Albert E.  McAliniiii. John  Mcllciith. Duncan Archibald'  Mcllounld, Duncan  McKillop. Alexander Lawson  ,Mct_!uniin. John Allan  McLeod, Fouimoro M.  AIo.MorriK, Daniel C.  Mara, John Andrew  Marks. Alfred John  Miller, John K.  Mulr, Jennie  Munro, Alexander William  Miiri.-on, W. T. 11.  Noeliinds, Ilamillon (ieorge  Neelands, Jnines   .  N��uliiii(ls. Samuel  Nelson. Sarah  Dales. John  Owen, George If.  Osier. Frank L.        (  Barker, Sidney  1'iiLlcr. on, James Marshall  Perks, Honry Burton  1'etanaude. Joseph O.  I-hair, Edwin E.  Plows, Jessie  Proctor. Thomas G.  Reid, John Iveith  Riley, John  Robinson. Martha  Robinson, William George  Robinson. William P.  Rolfo, William N.  Russell. Edmund Clowes  Scott, James  Sealey, Charles Edward  Seaman, Annie r-  Scions, Harold  Senkler, Edward C  Shannon, Alexander B  Shaw, Angus Gillespie  Shaw. Samuel Poole  Sherwood, Arthur It-  Simpson, Williiun  Smith. Conlin  Smith. Frank Edgar W'olsoy  Sproat. Thomas  Sprol.l, William Miller  St. Harbe. Charles  Stanley, Edward Hull  Stanley, Gilbert  Stewart, Norman Duncan  Sturgeon, Joseph  Swansborough, Thomas John  Sykes, Alfred D'Oyley  'Inite. Herbert Baynton  Tun.stall. George Christie Jr.  Turner, John Anthony  Vincent, II. M.  Warburlon. James  Ward. Harry II.  Weaver. Henry  ^\rlla.lley. Edward Percy  Wilson. Charles James  Wilson, William  Winerals. Robert Aylmer  Wolf<lion. Johann  Woods, George II.  License  Assessed owner  ii ,i  License  Assessed owner  Ilouseholdei-  Assessed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  Hon ���eholder  Assessed owner  Ilouseholder  License  Householder  License  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Assessed owner  Hoiisehiilder  .\sses-ed owner  Householder  .\ssessed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Assessed owner  Householder  License  n  Assessed owner  License  Householder  n  Assessed owner  License  Ilouseholder ���  Assessed owner  ilouseholder  rI"he annual Masonic banquet will  be o'iven  at the Queen's  Note  the evening" of December 27th.  on  So-  brclhren are  participate,  be had  on  application  cordially  in-  j ou rn ing*  vited   to   participate.     Tickets   can  to  members  of the committee or the undersigned.  S.   P.  SHAW,  Secretary of the Committee.  I Completely   furnished   I-  I room   cottage,  llrst-class  j in   every   respect,   hard  j fini-Jicri throughoul wilh  ��� double   doors;    building  1 and   furniture .only   six  I months old;.-table in connect ion: two lots, 50x120,  ' fenced.  .Price. SI'-OO.  Spokane Falls & JVoP-tai,  ���   Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red Mountain Railways,  Tl]e only all rail route withoui change of cars  between Nelson an,d Rossland, and    .   .  Spokaqe arjd Rossland. .  Leave  ���J;2o a. m...  12.00 a. m .  8:00 a. in...  DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS.   NELSON    ROSSLAND    SPOEANE   Arrive  . ..5:35 p.in.  . ..2:50 p. in.  . ..G:10 u.111.  C. 1. Waterman & Co.  N'ear corner Victoria and Stanley streets  Views of all parts of Kootenay        -������ T   ,  Photograph- in the .latest, styles       J}}]'*},   dOIinSOIl.  GiiarantPO satisfaction  Assessed owner  License  Householder  License  Householder  Assessed owner  Householder  License  Ilouseholder  License  Householder  Assessed owner  Licence  Householder  Ijiccnse  Householder  MTJSIO  Instructions given on the violin.r.JVfaiidolin or  banjo. Terms Iteasoiuible. Orchestra furnished  for all occasions.  ERANK li. HARPER, Tremonl Hotel, N'elson.  Nelson  Electric  Light Company, Limited.  AT THE  Passengers for Kettle River unrl Houndary Creek con-  nect at Marcus with stage daily. , ���  OFFICIAL   ADMINISTRATOR'S   NOTICE.  In the supreme court, of Uritish Columbia. >n the matter  '  of John Holken, alias'Mack  .McOiuly," alias '*ICeno*  .lack," of Ncl-wi. M. C , miner, deceased, and in the  mailer of the Official Administrator's Act,  Upon reading the aflidavit, of Jnines  Kergtiroii  Ann-  strong, it is ordered that James Fergu-on Armstrong.'  oflicial administrator for Ihe count v court, dislrlcl of  Kootenay, shall.be admiiiistrntor of til! and singular, tint  goods, chattels and credits of John Ilolken. nli.-s "Jurk  JMcUinly," alias "Keno Jack," of Xelson,  15. C.   iniin-r  decetised, and I hat this order bo published in the NYl-ni!  I nbuno uewspanor for tho period of sixtv davs.  Enteivd O. ti. Folio 3011. A.J. Mc:COLL. Judge.  O.  C. 'I"L'NSTA_1���  I"). It. S. C.  Dated (ho 25th day of October. A. D. 18117.  NOTICE  From January  1st,  IS'.IS.  charged users of electric lif  the following  lit:  rate  will  be  Per Month  Assessed owner  Householder  Assessed owner  The above-named persons are (nullified  municipal election, lo be held in tbe City  Thursday, January l.'lth, 1808.  N'elson, li. C. UHcember 18th. 1SD7.  Certified Correct: CHARLES E.  John Hocsto.v, Mayor.  to vote at the  of Xelson, on  SEA LEV.  City Clerk.  Asheroft  BLA.CKSMITHINC AND  EXPERT HORSESHOEING  Wagon   Repairing Promptly Attended  to  by a First-Glass Wheelwright  Special attention given to all l^inds of repairing  at\d custom worl^ from outside points  SHOP:    Cor. Baker ami Hall Sts. ^elson.  The business centre for the'rich  mines.on Springer Greek and  Slocan Lake. This is one of  the richest districts in British  Columbia.  Lots $100 to  $500 each  FlftNK FLETCp-l, Trustee.  The Columbia & Kootenay  Railway & jlavigation Co.  iiaVk  Business Lots  On Haker  of good  and Vernon streets and plenty  Residential Lots  in  the  Koverninent townsite   of   Nelson.  Applj   to  Frank Fletcher, P.L.S., Agent, Nelson.  _A__  C-   EWAET  ��1.00  .7;i  .SO  all lamp? down  STORKS ASD OKKICKS. for each   IC c. p. lamp  from 1 tot! inclusive   '���    7 to h") inclusive   "    11! upwards   RKSIDIONCES. half Ihe uhove rates.  HOTKLS.���.") cents per candle [lower for  stairs, 'I cents for all up stairs.  SALOON'S   AND   ALL-NIGHT    ItES'l'AUllANTS.  !)  cents per candle powcr.r-  STORKS AND HKSIDKXCK-* will he allowed one all-  nijjht lain]);  if more are Used,.the ull-nighl rate (0  ccnis per candle power) will he charged.  JOHN HOUSTON".  N'elson, H. C, DecemherSth, 1S!)7. Jlanager.  >*i>. 7.H7.  Certificate  of Registration  of  an   Extra-  Provincial   Company.  "Co.mi'aniks Act. 1SD7."  The Providence0Fuf Co.  Providence, ll. 1., wants all kinds of Raw Furs,  skins, Ginseng. Seneca. Kle. 1'rice-i ipiotcd for  next sixty days aie as follows:  SILVIOR KOX   HKAR   OTTICR   JIAItTIX"   BKAVKR (per pound).  U'OLK   KKH FOX       "MIXK   SICUNIC   GRAY FOX   RAT   .15 DO lo SlnO 00  5 Ou to  ���25 00  1 00 lo  n oo  2 Of) to  !) 00  .-! 00 to  3 ;*>0  1 00 to  2 00  1 00 lo  2 00  7.i to  2 00  25 to  1 00  ��� .30 to  (0  20  to  25  Price list on all other furs and skins furnished upon  application. Full prices g-uaranteed, careful selection,  courteous treatment, and immediate remittance on all  consignments.  GREAT CLEARING SALE!  (iOI.DI-'NI'A'.K    .MIXIXO    COMI'ANV.  Registered the 22nd day of Xovember, 1807.  T IIKItKHY CKRTIFy that I have this day registered  -*-    the "Goldendale _lining Company" as an Kxtra-Fro-  vincial Company under the "Companies Act. 1S07."  The head ollice of the Company is situate in the City of  .polemic. State of Washington, U. S. A.  The amount of the capital of the Company is $ I ,,300,000.  divided info 1,500,000 shares of the liar value of SI each.  The head ollice of the Company in this province is situate at Nelson, and   R. K. Lemon, mining broker, whose  address is Xelson, is attorney for the Company.  The time of existence of the Company is fifty years.  The objects for  which the Company  has  been established and registered are:  (a). To buy. sell, lease, let, handle, operate, manage  and control and pro-peel for mines and mineral claims,  of iron, gold, silver, copper and other precious metals,  clays and minerals having a commercial value, aud buying and selling, mining, extracting from mines and mineral claims all .-aid minerals and ores:  (b). The running, working, operating, cquiping and  managing mines, tunnels, .-.hafts and mineral claims in  and alinut. carrying on, running, and conducting a general mining business:  ���(c). To buy. contract for, purchase, handle, -ell, dispose of, operate, manage, equip and control concentrators, smellers, and other apparatus for treating, concentrating, washing and treating ores and minerals, mill.-  and machinery necessary or convenient for said purposes:  (d). To contract for, purchase, handle, sell, dispose of.  transfer, assign, convey, improve, develop, work, opor-,  ate, maintain, manage and control waterways, ditches,  flumes and other means of forcing, concentv.iting and  distributing water necessary, proper or desirable, in and  about the control, maintenance and operation of mines,  mining claims and refineries, stamp or other mills, concentrators, or for washing or otherwise treating, preparing for use. market, sale or disposition, minerals and,  ores:  (e). ' To 'acquire and appropriate water, water rights,  ditches, Ilumes and incidents and appurtenances thereto:  (fl. To puroha-e, hold, sell, assign, transfer, convey,  mortgage or otherwise dispose of real estate and every  and any interest therein, ueccssa and convenient, to  carry on and conduct said business matters and things  heroin enumerated:  (g). To do generally all business matters and things.  and buy, sell, have. use. acquire, transfer and opcrat-  any and all mechanical appliances necessary or convenient in and about the business and conducting the affairs  of the said Company in executing any of the power.-  herein given it, and to do all things that may be necessary or proper for the complete enjoyment, use ami bene*  (it of said powers or any of them.  Given under my hand and seal of oflice at Victoria'.  I'rovince of British Columbia, this 22nd dav of Xovember,  1S07. , S. Y. WOOTTON.  [_..S.| Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT.  I'ur.suant to the ���'Credilor.s Trust Deeds Act, 18!M," and  Amending Acts. '  Notice is hereby given thtit William .lames Ilalliday.  of the City of X'elson, in the province of Uritish Columbia, baker, has by deed dated the sixth day of December,  A. D. 1897, assigned all his personal estate, credits and  cllects which may be seized and sold under execution,  and all his real estate, to William Waldie. of the said  City of Nelson, accountant, in trust for the benellt. of hi-  croditors. The said deed was executed by the said William James Hallidiiy and by the said William Waldie on  the sixth day of December. A. D. 18117. All persons having claims against, the said Williiun James Ilalliday unrequired, on or before the twenty-seventh day of December. A. D. 181)7, to send to the said lrustoo,full particular.-  of the same, duly verified, together with |iarticiilnrs of  the security, if any. held by I hem. And notice is hereby  given that after the said twenty-seventh day of December, A. D. ISH7. flic trustee.will proceed to distribute the  assets among those creditors who-e claims have been  lodged with him, and that ho will not be responsible  after such date for ihe assets so.distributed, or any part  thereof, to any person or persons, firm or corporation, of  whoso debt or claim he shall not'then have received  notice.  A meeting of (he creditors of the said William James  Ilalliday will be held at the ollk-esor Macdonald & Johnson, Haicer street, Nelson, Uritish Columbia, on Alonday.  Ihetwentiel.h day of December, A. I'.. 18D7. at the hour  of 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon.  Dated at Nelson, Hritish ('(iluinhiii, .this 7lh day of December, A. ll.. 181)7.  ."UACUONALD & JOHNSON.  Solicitors for William Waldie, the assignee.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that I. Frederick L. Xcwinan.  intend to apply at the end of sixty days from date hereof  to the chief commissioner of lands and works for permission to purchase 1C0 acres of unreserved, unoccupied, and unsurveyed crown land, situate near the confluence of Meadow creek and Goat river, in tlie Goat  Itiver mining division of West. ICootenay, British Columbia. F. L. NKWMAX.  Dated this 2l*(h day of November. 18117.  The   stock  Grali a m,  of W. H  of a full line of Men's,  and Children's Boots and  will be offered at greatly  rates to clear. Must be  next 90 clays. Call early  and buy yourself rich. Full line of  overshoes in stock. Repair shop  in  connection  with store.  W. J. G. DICKSON  consistmg-  Ladies'  Shoes,  reduced  sold  in  _S-____.I_   3SS'T__._?_S  __._sri_ co_vr__:_:ssio_sr _fi_a-___sra?  IvCIlSriISrGi-   EEOKEE  REALKV BLOCK. HAKKit STKKET, XELSON.  FOR SALE  Several valuable business sites on Baker St.  Business block���two stores���Baker street.  Business   block-���three stores all rented���on  two 30-foot lots, with offices above.  Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.  Apply to W. J.  G.DICKSON.  NOTICE.  Having appointed W. J. G. Dickson local agent for  Addition A to the townsite of Nelson, intending purchasers of lots, or persons wishing information, plans, or  orice-lists of tho addition, will please apply to him.  K. C. IXXES.  I he creditors and per.-ons interested in the estale of  John Holketi. alias "Jack McGintv," alias **ICeno .luck."  late of Xelson. Uritish Columbiu, free miner, deceased,  are hereby required within sixty davs from this date lo  send by registered IctLer lo J. F. Armstrong, oflicial administrator, Fort Steele, Hritish Columbia, particulars of  their claims and the nature of .their securities, if anv.'  held bv them. After the expiration of the said sixfv  days the administrator will distribute the said estate,  having regard only to such claims as he --hull have  notice of.  A. G. 11. SI'RAGGE, Solicitor for Administrator.  ���      ,   ,   ,.   , ,   I-evcMoke Station. British Columbia.  Dated this !lth day of November. 1SSI7. (Nov. ISthJ  Notice   of  Application   i'or   Certificate   of  Improvements.  TIIK WII.I.COCK MIXEHAI. CLAIM, S1TUATK IN THK .VKI.SOX  _ .MINING   DIVISION OI-* WKST  KOOTENAY  DISTItlCT.    VXD  i -, LOCATED ON TIIK NOKTII HANK OF WILD IIOHSK CREEK.  ABOUT SEVKN .VILES  EAST  OK THE NKI.SON AND FORT  Siri-'l'I'AKD RAILWAY.  Take notice thai I. Samuel L. Long, acting as agent, for  Phillip White, free miners certilicate No. SS.-'U intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply lo the  mining recorder for a certilicate of improvcinenrs, for  the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the. above  claim. And further take notice that action, under section .''7. must, be commenced before the issuance of nii-_  certilicate of improvements.  SAMUEL L. LONG. R L. ._.  Dated Ibis 2Slh day of October, 1807. [October SOthJ  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.'  CHEAT IIOULDEI- FRACTION .MINERAL CLAIM, SITUATC'  IN THE NELSON .MINING DIVISION OI* WEST KOOTENAY  DISTRICT, AND LOCATED ON TOAD .MOUNTAIN ABOUT  ONE AND A HALF .MILKS SOUTHWEST OF COTTONWOOD  l.AKK.  Take nolicc thai. I, Archie llain waring Johnson, acting -  as agent for Herbert J. Wilson, free miner's certilicate  Xo. S'','_l, intend sixty days from thodatchereof, tonpplv  Lo the mining recorder for a certificate of improvement's,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claim. And further take notice tlint.action, tinderseelion  37, must be commenced before the issuanceof such certificate of improvements.  ARCHIE 11AIXWARIXG JOHNSON.  Dated ihis '_'!)th day of October, 1S97. [Nov. tjthj  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  t Improvements.  Ill-UON MINERAL CLAIM, SITUATE IN THE NELSON MINING  DIVISION OF WEST KOOTENAY DISTItlCT, AND LOCATED  ON TOAD MOUNTAIN AliOl'T ONE AND A HALF MILES  SOUTHWEST OF COTTONWOOD LAKE.  Take notice that I. II. R Hellaniy, act ing as agent for  William Dclanoy, free miner's certitieate No. l,**o!).\. intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to tho  mining recorder for a certilicate of improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a crown gram of the above  claim. And further take nolicc thai action, under section ''7, must he commenced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvement!*. II. H. BELLAMY.  Dated this 2!)th day of October. 1S!)7. [Nov. (JihJ  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  LAST CHANCE MINERAL CL/- IM. SITUATE IN THE NELSON  MINING DIVISION OF WKST KOOTENAY DISTRICT. AND  LOCATED ON TOAD .MOUNTAIN AHOL'T ONE AND A HALF  MILES SOUTHWEST OF  COTTONWOOD LAKE.  Take notice that 1. IL H. Hellaniy. acting as agent for  Leonard Raynham, free miner's certilicate No 7S..*!91. intend sixty .days from the dale hereof, to apply to the  mining recorder for a certilicate of improvement.1*, for  the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of Ihe above  claim, y And further take notice that action, under section H7. must-bo commenced before the issuance of such  certitieate of improvements. II. It.���'��� BELLAMY.  Dated this 2!)th day of October. 1_)7. (Nov. GtliJ  Of  Notice  of Application   to   Purchase  Land.  Notice is hereby given that, sixty, days after date 1 intend to apply to the chief commissioner of lands and  works, for. permission to purchase SO acres of land, ,-il-  uate in the West Ivootennv district.     D. (J. Kl?N"l'_  Dated Nelson. November Kith, 1S1I7. [Nov. 21-th)  "'I'KSCl-IITIO.V.  Commencing al the N. W. corner of Loi 155. Group 1.  thence south ���lo chains along the western boundary of  ?aid lot, thence west. 20 chains, thence north III chains,  thence east twenty chains to the point, of commencement.  REVELSTOKE   TOWNSITE    PROPERTY.  Notice is hereby given that all parlies indebted to the  Kootenay British Columbiu Smelling Si Trading'Svudi-  cate in respect of the purchase nf lands in the town of  Revel-toke. are reiiuired within ffl davs from the date  hereof to make payment In me or to ihe Imperial Hunk  at Revelstoke of all moneys due iu re-pect of said land.-,  when the deeds will he'issued. I'nless said payments  arc made' within the linn- hereinbefore mentioned the  purchaser will be deemed to be in default and the'iigree-  incuts lor sale will be cancelled.  T. J. I.ENIMK'M.  Agent and aflorney in I'nct  for the   Kootenay  Hrifi-Ji  Columbia. .Smelting & Trailing Sviidicate.  ,   Dated at, Ainsworth tliU.sili dnv nf December. ISI/7.  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  Improvements.  EMILY MINERAL CLAIM, SITUATE IN TIIK NKI.SON .MINING  DIVISION OF WEST KOOTENAY DISTRICT. AND LOCATED  AIIOL'TONKAND A HALF M ILKS SOUTH WEST OF COTTONWOOD   LAKE.  Take notice that I. II. R. Hellaniy. acting as agent for  George Davies, free.miner's certificate No. 7S..59-', intend  sixty days from the dale hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the. purpose of obtaining a crown grant oMhe above claim. A nd  further take notice that action, under section '17, miiat  be commenced before the issuance of such cert.ificnte of  improvements. II. It. BELLAMY.  Dated this 20th dnyof.October; 1SU7. (Nov. 0Ui|  Notice   of   Application - for - Certificate   of  Improvements.  I!Y WATER MINERAL'-CLAIM. SITUATE' IN ' THE NELSON  MINING DIVISION OF WKST KOOTENAY DISTRICT. AND  LOCATE!-! ON THE NORTH SIDE OF WILD HORSE CREEK  A liOUT SEVEN .MILKS KAST OF TIIK NELSON AND FOICI"  SHKI'I'ARD  RAILWAY.  Take notice that I, Samuel L. Long, acting as agent for  I'hilip White, free miner's certificate Xo.'.IS.'-'II. intciul  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.  And further'take notice that action, under section 'f7.  must be-commenccd before the issuance of such certilicate of'improvements.       .SAMUEL L. LONG. P. L. S.  Dated this 2Sth day of October,. 1S97. [Dee. lib)  Room f', Clements Si Hillyer Block, Nelson  I'KSCRIITKlN.  Commencing at initial post marked "F. L. Newman's  X. W. corner," thenco due south 10 chains, thence due  east 10 chains, thence due north 10 chains, thence due  west 10 cliaii'is to point, of coinmeiK-ement. containing ll!0  acres more or less.  Notice of Application   for  Liquor   License.  I hereby give notice that .'10 days from this dale I intend to apply lothe stipendiary magistrate at Nelson.  West, Kootenny district, for a license lo sell liquor by retail at the Kloiidvke hotel at Hoi-son, H. C.  JAMES GORMAN.  Hated at Nelson. B. ('.. Dec. (ith.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land  .Sixty days after date. I intend In  commissioner of lauds and works for  chase the following described laiidi.  apply   to the chief  permission in pur-  DKScmi'TIIIN.  at 11 post pliiiiicd -.'nil  Cominenciiig at 11 post planted ������.1K1 foot, easterly from  railway iu .Slocan ii\er valley and about ten mile's from  Junction, marked W. il. U.V. S. E. corner, thence north  til) chains, thence west III chains, llience .south SO chains,  thence east 10 chains, to point of eoiiimcnrcinciil, containing ���'���JOacres more or less. W.  If. DOWSING  Dated Nelson, B. (.:.. lleccniber!i|li. IK!I7. [Dec. lilhj  Notice of Application   for Crown Grant.  Take notice that A. S. l-'nrwcll. acting as agent for  The Nel-oii-l'oormim Gold Mining Compiuiv. Limited,  has tiled the necessary papers awl natlo a>ipIicatiou I'or  a crown grant in favor of the mineral claim "Hard-  scrabble." situated on Eagle creek in the Nelson mining  division of West Kootenay district. Adverse claimant.'-,  if any. must, flit- I heir ob.ieclioiis with me within (!0 days  from the date of the first publication of this notice in the  British Columbia Gazette.  O. (J. DKNN'IS. (ioverumciil  Agent.  Dated at.Nelson. B. C. November 8th, 18117.  Notice  of Purchase.  Notice is hereby given that Frank .Simpson, of the Citv  nf Xelson, has this day purchased the interest, of Adohih'e  Lal'ointe in the Grand Central Hotel al. the corner nf  Vernon and Ward .Streets. Tbe biisine.-s will in future  be carried on by Mc-srs. Karley ,V Simpson, who assume  nil liabilities of ihe fiirmer partnership, and to whom all  amounts due the said partnership are pavahle.  ,.,,.., . KRAN'K' SIMPSON.  Dated at Nelson. November lib. |S!I7. [Nov fit 11]  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given I hat sixty days after date I, the  undersigned, intend to apply to the chief rniumi.-sioucr  of lands and works for permission lo purclnuc ,_0 Hereof land, situate in We.-t Kuoicnnv district.  '      JA.MK.-s I'KTKRS, Locator.  Dated this;sth day of October. 1S!)7. [Gctober 23rd |  I'KSCRIITION.   .''.''  Commencing at a post four miles north of the mouth of  Meadow creek near the cast bunk of Goat river marked  "James I'eters'-.S. K. corner post." 1 hence' west 10 chains. '  thence north SO chains, thence east 10 chains, thence  south 80 chains to the point of commencement, containing '(20 acres more or less.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that sixty days after (Intel, the  undersigned.'intend to apply to the. chief commissioner  of lands.and works for permission to purchase 320 acres  of land, situate in West Kootenav di.-lriet.  K. (.*. CIIANDLKR, Locator.  Dated this Slh day of October. 181*7. (October 23d)  OKSOHIITIO.V.  ('oiniiiencing al a post four miles north of the mouth of  Meadow creek near the cast bank of Goat river, marked  "!���'. ('. Chandler's X. K. corner." thence west 10 chains,  llience south SO chains, thence cast 10 chains, thence  north So chain.-10 the point of commencement, containing ."'20 acres more or less.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that -ixty days from the publication of this not ice, I. (.'. B. .Murray, intend to apply to  the chief commissioner of lands and works to purchase  one hundred and sixty (ICO) acres of unsurveyed. unoccupied, and unreserved crown lands, situate on Lemon  creek, in the Slocan < *ity mining division of West Koote-  ctiny district, at the junction of the second North fork  of -aid creek with the main creek.  C  Dated this 12th day of October, ISP".  II. Ml'I-RAY.  lOetober Illtli|  l>I-'.S<'K!l"!'!oN.  Commencing al a. post marked '*('. It. Murray's northwest, corner," planted on the we.-t bank of said ���(���(.'end  North Fork near mid-junction, thence south IP chains,  thence cast Hi chains. Dlience north lOchains, thence west  10 chains to place of beginning.  :iO��*-^_w*-;*i tv-  4  THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2...   L897.  _ es �� o ��  "pi And put' into stock  a very fine assortment, of Lamps. Yon  can    buy    them    at  almost any price from 85' cents to :$15.00 each.  Nothing* could be,, nicer for your library than one  of our .library lamps. It, is a gem. Experts have  aid that our ore "cars are/the best' that has been  mported here.    We invite inspection and consider  it a pleasure to'show goods:  s  We have just received a carload of Stoves direct  from the celebrated Gurney Stove & Range Company, of Hamilton,, com-      *?*>*%& FTn x^320^ sain'avn"avmm^'/fs^a      prising   Steel   Ranges-  Hotel- and Family sizes,     sN2*-^    S    j      I   \/ ���   H ?&^-&     a ^a,rSe variety of Cook  Stoves No.  7, 8,  9, and     ^=^ ���" ^^l ���     *?     _________ &��?      10    with   and   without  Reservoir.    Parlor Heaters and Box  Stoves,  and  in order to reduce our stock before stocktaking,.  We will give a special discount 10 per cent on all  Gash orders for Stoves, Ranges, and all Stove and Kitchen Furniture, Graiiiteware, Tin- |  ware, Etc., until the end of December.   We also carry a complete line of choice Grpceries, f|  and as we buy in large quantities we are able to give our customers close prices.  BAKER   STREET,    NELSON,   B.   0.  r  LOCALi   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  The Ladies'Hospital Aid desire to express their thanks I'or the response made  by the members of the dilTerent churches  to their appeal on hospital Sunday. The  collections on that'day aggregated $1.00,  which will be employed in furnishing the  lieu* ward of t.he Kootenay Lake General  Hospital, and in otherwise providing for  the comfort of tlie patients.  Work upon the California on Toad  mountain tins' been stopped. The. intentions of the operating company i'or the  future are not known. The only information given our, is that work upon the California property has been stopped indeli-  nirely.  ,_- The announcement made by William  Bradun that the 300 toii.s of concentrates  which have accumulated at the Pilot Hay  smelter will be'shipped to Omaha for  treatment will come as a surprise to those  who looked for an early start at the Pi lot-  Bay smelter. This aOO-tnn lot of concentrates averages 7~> ounces silver and 70 per  cent lead.  LADIES'  CLOTH JACKETS  AT G0ST  36   b__.j____:_*-.   s_?_?i____a?  o  CENTS'  WINTER OVERCOATS  AT COST  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, -NELSON.  HOUSE  FURNISHINGS  X)_3__._____r,s insr  A special offer- of io per cent discount for CASH -will be madej|  on ever)' article purchased from" date until January ist, next.J  J List   to   hand,   straight   from    Japan,   a  new   line   of  Japanese}!  W  ire ottering a splendid assortment ot line Japanese-ware  in  o o'clock tea sets,  pieces and  fancy ornaments.     Our stock  is also cmnplcti*  in  the  folio-wing  lines for Christmas  trade.  bepai-ate  Gents' linen and silk  handkerchiefs  Gents' kid gloves  I Gents' silk  umbrellas.  There is a report current;  that the Hall    Gents' mackintoshes  Mines will blow in the small furnace for  the treatment of custom ores from the  Slocan, during the second, week in .Tannary  P. J. Russell on Thursday reminded Tin-;  Ti-iBUXio of the proximity of Christmas by  presenting it with a turkey.  O. M. Ivosendale the metallurgical accountant of the Hall Mines is in Spokane  spending the holidays. He is not going  to the Klondyke, but he assured the  Spoke-ituan-lieview that if he were going  ���- he would bravo the terrors of the Spokane  route.  The hockey match between the Nelson  and Sandon teams, which takes place at  the Arcade Skating Rink this afternoon  at '-!:._) o'clock, should be well attended.  The local tram will be made up of A.  (Jeffs, or C. Harrington, goal: W. Duncan,  point: George Nunn, cover point: L. Livingstone. F. Smith, W. Banning and J.  Thorn pson'. for wa rds.  William Beattie, a Knox college student  who spent the summer ministering to the  spiritual requirement.-* of the members of  the lending church in New Denver, is now  in the east. In the east he is described as  having been a successful missionary  among the Indians of British Columbia,  and now the first families of New Denver  feel sore,.  Christmas presents are being generally  distributed. As far as heard from, the  members of the city council have received  the following: The mayor, one turkey,  from Fat Russell: the chairman of the  finance committee, thirteen night shirts.  Grange Y. Holt, manager of the local  branch of the bank of British Columbia,  was married in Christ church. Vancouver,.  Tuesday morning to Miss Rose Townley.  The church was decorated for the occasion, and Walter F. hi vans presided at the  organ. The Rev. L. Norman Tucker, rector of Christ church, officiated. The  bride, who was attended by .Miss Robert-  sun, was given away by .1.���-D. Townley,  the groom being supported by 0. R. Town-  ley. After the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs.  Molt left by the Sound express, en route  to California, where the honeymoon will  lie spent.      .    ���   -  Senator Templeton. of Victoria, has  been committed to stand his trial upon  the cliarge of libelling premierTurner and  [Jon. Charles 1*1 Pooley. president of the  executi vi; con nci 1. The best ad vices stal e  that the preliminary hearing in the  charge against Dan Coltart was still pending. Hewitt Bo.sr.ock has not yet been  sued and the charge against W. 0. Nieho)  has been withdrawn for the present.  THE   53.000,000   JMARK   PASSED.  Gents' dressing- gowns  Gents' silk  mufflers  Gents' silk ties and scarfs  Resides  the above  we  have a full' range of  hi  novelties in  dress material.    Sofa  Ladies' linen and silk handkerchiefs  Ladies' kid gl6ves  Ladies' silk umbrellas  Ledies' mackintoshes  Ladies' dressing jackets  Ladies' ostrich and  feather  boas  Ladies' fur collars and capes  Mattings,   Rugs or Squares,  Screens,   Bamboo Tables,   Linen   Baskets and   Reed   Chairs.     A   fine   assort-]*  ment of Toilet ware in  stock. ,- [J  The largest and  finest stock of Carpets to choose from  in   Kootcnav  district. :'|  We  have now settled  in  our new and  commodious premises at the corner of Ward and  Baker streets,||  in   the center of Nelson. if  nek  and  fancy hloii.se and dress sil  cushions and  eider flown  quilts.  ks.    Latest  _xaa  n  Get a bucksaw for your boy op perhaps he  wants a nice pair of skates or a pocket  knife.   We have them al! kinds and prices.  The entries for the week brings the total  value of mineral exports for .1897, up'to  .$8,136,096.. The figures for the week were:  BULLION   AND  MATT*-. .  Pounds Value  Trail smelter imatto) lOl.Vfl  The 'Mineral Exports of Southern Kootenay  wilf Afi-grej-fate $3,500,000 for the Year. ,  With the exception of a I'ew entries  from the outport of Nakusp, the ore exports for the week were made up of the  shipments of the Trail smelter, which  sent forward close upon ^h'U.OOO worth of  matte. The ent.iie-; at the outport of  K.'i'-iodid not arrive in Nelson in time to  be iiH-Iuded in this weftks ret urn1-. The  in in era! exports I'or the month total in  value  $Z'j-]. [)")[).    Of rlii< v-vhie gold re pre-  >      ORE.  Approximate  Tons.  Value.  (/noon Buss iiiinc, .Sandon   Id  Kustlcr mines. Slorum     31  Slocan Star. Sandon    (10  Mack Diamond mine. Ainsworth...  .'IS  ..   .'tro  Total for week   Sl;"i3,S02  Tolul so far.I'or December   .. :,.G.i*i  SSHS/JaO  Total for November      .. a.'.'!*'  S8*.l,:*ii*i  Total for Oetobei-   .. a.ltla  .  .S'tf.CWil  Total for .September   .   .l.liUI  .S711.-_.'>  Tnlal for August.   .     ;').(I7<I  S(i7f*,l8!l  Total for .Iuly   ..   I.lllil  S')l.'i.Si'i  Total for June....    . :i, KM  Sis:*,s*i  ���Touil for "\I-iv      .. 2,im  S:i!l7.7!)7  > Total for April   .. :;.7i*i  StXJ.'J'il  Total for "March..'.   ..  5.82-J  S(ii7.HSl  Total for February.   ..  5.201  9502.85:1  Total for January���,   ..   1.5V.',  S(i75.aO(I  Total via Ke.velsl.oke l.o Gel. :11st-.  S7I!).i:_  Total so far for ISI7   .. .Y.i.525  ��8.I��;.u.*(J  sault on his person by Charles Boreen, at  or near the Victoria hotel, Whitewater,  in the county of,. Kootwnay, B. 0., ou  Thursday evening, the IGth'day of .December, !S')7." Coroner Rogers has issued  a warrant foi' the arrest of Boreen.  We are offering* the balance of this season's Dress Patterns  at real barg-ain prices for the  Christmas Trade.  Our Boots and Shoes are moving- rapidly ?!  Note the great v  reduction which 25 per cent off means.! 'j  ��� ���_    < fi  Ladies'  Ladies''  Ladies1  Dongola Button J3oi)I.m, regular ]>i*i_c   .    $2.75 now $2.00 , Ladies' St rap Slipjiors ������ ������        '   .    $2.75 now $2.00  French Kid Button'Boots '       '';.*'   -      3.50 now    2.65 ,'j Misses J.Iongola Button .Moots ;i .       1.75 now     1.30  Kid-toe Slippers, Jiau'd turned  '��� .'���    2,00 now    1.50 ! Misses Pebble Button Boots " .       1.50 now     1.15  .Beys' strong Leasher  l>ools from  .*?1.00   ti]> MeiVs Mea\-y and   Fine  Footwear at'corresponding prices..  V_3T  MltS  CO|)p(!|-,  IO: lead.  $1  M.-  72'.): silver,   >js_t;j.*.,0-l<S: gold   bullion.  $.'5,970.  Fatal BncUng of a Row Over a Board Bill.  A recent row at the Victoria hotel at  Whitewater has had a fatal ending. On  the Kith instant Albert Ash ton and Edward Kellehan, two men who had been  working at tlie Whitewater mine, started  out for Kaslo without paying their bills  at the Victoria hotel. They were followed  by Charles Boreen, one of the proprietors  of the hotel, and his bar-keeper, and Ash-  ton and Kellehan returned to settle with  the hotel. Kellehan paid his bill, but  Ash ton had not the money and a tight ensued between him and Boreen. When  the fight was over Ashton said he was  hurt and would not accompany Kellehan  lo Ivaslo. Kellehan started for Kaslo, and  after he had left Whitewater Ashton also  -tarted. He was found the next morning  badly fro/en and complained of his back  hurting him. He was given shelter, but  died shortly afterwards. A coroner's jury  which sat upon the case at Kaslo rendered  1 he following verdict: "We, the,jury, find  that Albert A*-hton came to his death  through exposure, aggravated by an as-  From now until New Year  we will offer our Boots and  Shoes at Grkatly Reduced  Prices.     We  must move our  AS SAL!  DISCOUNT FOR GASH  ONLY A FEW-DAYS'TO X-MAS  MAKE  GOOD USE  OF YOUR TIME  I f  ' '1  ill  i  stocl  on  hand.       Having1  bought heavily for spring- and  g'oods on   shelf  must  move.  if you fail  to take advantage  of this sale.     So come early.  INVITED  TO EXAMINE MY STOCK OF  RY  WKST HAICKI. STUKKT  STERLING SILVER  AND SIL-VBRPLATB G-OODS- AT  '��� ��_  ll  1  ���:* m  1  ^1  _p^  mi  JACOB DOVER'S JEWELRY STORE  /1  i


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