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 Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties thai can  be Made  Dividend  Paying Mines.  J>.  'O j./  Has   Three  Smelters   in. Successful  Operation^  and  Enough .Ore   in Sight  to   Run  Several   More.  FIFTH   \rEAR---._TO. -M".  NELSON.  BRITISH  COLUMBIA, SATURDAY   AUOCJST 21, 1897.  TWO 'DOLLARS  A YEAR.  WHY   DID   JOHNSON ,RESIGN?  Was It Because H. K. Croasdaile Regarded. Him  as the Apple of His Eye?  Henry I_. Croasdaile, genera] manager  of the Hall Mines, is somewhat worked tip  over the statement wliich appeared in  the last issue of Tine Ti.iih'Nic to the effect  that the resignation of Paul Johnson as  smelter superintendent was clue to friction  which existed between himself and Croasdaile. If Tiik Ti.ii.i.xk were published  for the sole purpose of furnishing pleasant- reading for Jf. 1_ Croasdaile, this  seemingly offensive statement would not  have appeared, but as T1112 Turn, x 10  believed and does believe that the interference of Mr. Croasdaile with the smelting department was the chief cause which  prompted Paul Johnson to seek other employment, Tin-; T .iihjn . said so.'  Late last eveningTiii'.Tmni;.._ received  a communication from IMr. Croasdaile  upon the subject, in which he undertakes  to say that the reason assigned by Tins  Tmiu;x_ for the superintendent's resignation was entirely untrue. Kudosed  with this letter was a note from Paul  Johnson to Mr. Croasdaile. The letter  with its enclosure follows:  To tiik Kditoh ok Tun Tkiiu'.vk���Dear Sir: In [lie  nolice\voti published last week on llie resignation of  Paul .Johnson from the eniploy of lhe Hall .Mines, Ltd.,  you gave an entirely untrue reason for his leaving. . I enclose a letter from Air- Johnson, stating why he is going,  and I request you will publish il.    Yours Irulv,  IIKNIIY   10. CIll __SI)A_L_.  Nel-on, H. C��� August 201 li, 1S!)7.  IIhxkv _. (Jkoasiiaim���:. ICsi. . Ueneral Manager, Nelson���Dear Sir: At your request I will Male what. I ineii-  lioned to the board of directors in tendering my resignation. That the reason for my leaving tho company's  service is that I was ollered a position as superintendent  of one of the largesi, and tin .sL smelling works on (his  continent at considerably belter terms and conditions  than here.    Vnm.  truly, .  PAl'L JOHNSON.  Nelson. II. C, August 201 h, ISII7.  It is manifest that this note from Paul  Johnson was obtained for the purpose of  showing that there was no interference  with the smelting department on the part  of the business office, nor any frictiou between Paul Johnson and IT. K. Croasdaile  by reason of the same. Now it should be  remembered that Tiik Tuii.t/xi-; specilic-  1 ally stated that such friction existed. It  is therefore somewhat signilieant that  Paul Johnson does not deny Tin-. Tuns-  unk's statement. If there had beenno  interference, and consequently no friction, how easy it would have been for Paul  Johnson to have said so.  If there was no unpleasantness between  Paul Johnson and II. E. Croasdaile, what  object did Raul Johnson have in cabling  his resignation to the directors iu London  instead of handing it to their representative iu this city V IT PaulJohnsou and II.  I.. Croasdaile loved each other a.s brothers  why was II. I.. Croasdaile so completely  ignored in the placing of the superintendent's resignation before the board of  directors? With respect to the feelings  which IT. IL Croasdaile entertained towards Paul Johnson Tin-: Tuii._n_ will  concede that IT. li. Croasdaile understood  them better than any one else, but it submits that if such feelings were kindly "and  generous they were difficult of interpretation through fl. TI Croasdaile's action.  From the plan adopted by Paul Johnson  in cabling his resignation it is evident  tliat the .superintendent did not so interpret them.  Tun Thip.un . may be wholly wrong in  this matter, but simply because 11. F.  Croasdaile says it is, the fact is not established to Ti i I'.'Tn i HUN.'.'., satisfaction. Tiik  Triihjn _ does uot wish to discount any  person's good nature. Jf it has done PL  li. Croasdaile an injustice it will be pleased  to make such amends as it can. It would  suggest that PL li. Croasdaile give the  superintendent another chance to deny  what he altogether failed to deny iu his  first denial. Get him to say that he never  imagined that there wax any interference  with his department; that the best of  feeling, has prevailed- between himself  and PL li. Croasdaile, and that he regarded  certain incidents in connection with his  superiutendency merely as an evidence of  PL li. Croasdaile's playfuluess. If Tu.  Tun;uN . is entirely wrong it will be easy  to establish the fact.  Who Told the Truth?  To T11 n H i > it. Hi o f Tu _ T i {1111 ��� N li: As a  shareholder in the Hall Miues I desire  that you will permit me to call the attention of the visiting directors of the Hall  Miues to certain matters connected with  the management of the company's affairs  here which it is to the interest of the  company to have cleared up. As the last  general, meeting of the company held in  London the charge was made that under  Mr. Croasdaile's management, a boiler ordered for use at the company's smelter in  Xelson was hauled up to the company's  mines on Toad mountain, a distance of  ten miles, and afterwards brought back  to the company's smelter at Nelson. Also  that a'hoist ordered for use at the mines  on Toad mountain was taken up to the  miues, sent from the mines back to Nelson, and returned to the mines on Toad  mountain the following morning. This  statement was denied at, the general  meeting in London, and the veracity of  the local shareholders wa.s thereby put in  doubt. Messrs. Day and Ward, the visiting directors, are now on the ground,  and on behalf of the shareholder who  made the statements at the London meeting I am now prepared to prove to them  that the statements made by John Macdonald in this ���connection were in accordance with the facts. The men who hauled  tlm machinery to and fro from the mine  to the sin( .ter ate in the city and can  easily be readied. In my opinion the directors owe it to the local shareholders  that they bo allowed  to  establish   their  veracity iu the matter. If they can prove  that they arc right in this instance more  reliance might be placed in further statements which they may-make to their fellow shareholders iu Great Britain. Yours  truly, A. J. Mahks.  A   CONVICTION   SECURED.  Magistrate Crease Pines George W. Brown  .25  I'or Violating- tiie Fire Limits By-law.  Chief of police Wool virion secured a  conviction Tuesday morning in his case  against George \Y\ Brown for violating  the provisions of tne fire limit by-law,  when magistrate Crease imposed a line of  $25 and costs. W. Galliher conducted the  case for the city, P. I.. Wilson appeared  for the defendant. Brown, and J. PL Bowes  assisted on behalf of T. PI. Gifiin, the  owner of the lot upon which Brown was  building.  It was a clear case of an infraction of  the by-law, and while it cannot be denied  that 'George XV. Brown has .got himself  into a very bad position, he has no one  save himself to blame. He made his arrangements lor the lease of the lot and for  the erection of a frame building within  the fire limits fully two weeks after it had  been announced in the local press that the  city council was considering the question  of establishing fire limits. In the face of  these conditions most men would 'have  considered it worth their while to have  consulted the municipal authorities and  ascertained their intentions with respect  to the enforcement of the mooted by-law;  but George W. Brown did nothing of the  kind. He ignored the city council and its  by-laws, and now that he has been called  upon to pay the price of indifference and  carelessness he has no just cause for complaint.  It was not necessary that magistrate  Crease should impose a heavy line iu  Brown's case. He is sufficiently punished  in that he is prevented from completing  the building now under construction.  There is some talk of an appeal, but as  this by-law litis already been before the  privy council in the case of an action instituted by the city of Vancouver, there  is not much anxiety on the part of the  eity council as to its souudness.  Nelson's Credit Compares Favorably.  -' Mayor Scott, of Rossland, has completed  arrangements iu Toronto for the floating  of the Kossland six per cent debentures  at par. As the only charge imposed in  connection with the loan is $100 for legal  expenses, the debentures will net the corporation !p-l!),900. It will readily be seen  that the corporation of the city of Nelson  made a much better bargain in the sale of  its debentures than has been made by the  corporation of Kossland. Nelson sold  $50,000 worth of five per cent debentures  for .-IS.000 as compared with Rossland's  sale of $50,000 worth of six per cent debentures for $-l!),l)00. By selling its bonds  at live per cent thecity of Nelson received  $1,000 less than the city of Rossland, but  it will secure its loan for $10,000 less than  the Rossland loan will cost by way of interest charges. This may mean that the  credit of the city of Nelson is much better  than the credit of the city of Kossland, or  it may mean that the men who are conducting the municipal affairs in Nelson  have more ability than the men similarly  employed in the city of Rossland. In any  case Nelson made a better bargain than  Rossland by $0,100.  The Hurry vs Fiorini Case.  On Wednesday morning Fred Hurry  and Brusa Fiorini, commonly known as  Dago Bill, had a free fight on Baker street  which both may yet have reason to regret.  It is said that the trouble arose over the  impounding of Hurry's cows by Fiorini.  The cows were released by some one and  Fiorini meeting 'Hurry oii the street  braced him for the regular fees provided  under the by-law. -From''arguments the  men soon advanced to blows and a lively  fight was witnessed. In a scuffle one of  Fioriui's fingers found its way into Hurry's mouth and the latter.closed upon it.  Both men were badly bruised about the  head and Fiorini's finger was also damaged. Chief Woolverton got wind of the  affair and had both men summoned to  appear in the police court Friday morning. A. M. Johnson appeared for''Fiorini  and Ti. M. Macdonald for Hurry. The  case against Hurry was called first, but  as his counsel wished to secure a material  witness it was adjourned till Monday  morning at 10 o'clock. As it was desirable to have both cases tried at the same  sitting, the case against Fiorini went over  also.   Sloean Shipments Via Revelstoke.  During the first fifteen days of the present month there was exported from the  Slocan via Revelstoke 1-10 tons of ore of the  value of $42,.-14. In addition to this the Lanark mine, operated by the Lillooet, Fraser  River Company, sent forward LSI tons valued at $10,201. The Slocan miues shipping  via Revelstoke were :  Idaho mine   Slocan Star mine  Knterprise mine..  Heco mine   Tons. Value.  . ISO 2().2I(.  . _I0 10,782  . ioo .uk;  .   life 5.I2U  Hard, on Smugglers.  The X rays customs inspection is now  in full working order in France. Formerly only about a third of the trunks  and parcels were examined. Now all are  shadowed on the screen at their stands  and examined more rapidly than by the  old method. Cigars, cigarettes and other  contraband goods rolled up in cloth are  readily discovered.  ONE MAN CAUSES MUCH TROUBLE.  Sheriff Robinson Explains the Part He Played  In brown's Tribulations.  TOTHK JfiDi'l'OH OP TIIK NKLSON Tidiit.VK:  I shall esteem it as a favor if you will  cause the following facts to be published  in your next issue, in reply to a paragraph which appeared in the last issue of  tlie'NKjL.oN Tiiiiu'.vio under above heading, which' should have read: "Much  Trouble Caused to Oue Man."  Acting under power of attorney from  T. IT. Giffin. the owner of the lot on Baker  street, I, on July 5th, leased the lot to G.  W. Brown, a gentlemau from Portland,,  Ore., at a rental of $75 per month, payable in   advance.   The lease is for five  years, and Mr. Brown was bound to erect  a frame building of not less value than  $2000.    Having heard something of a fire  by-law, 1 called at the municipal office,  and was informed that the by-law was uot  passed,  but was under consideration by  the council.     I   mentioned   this   to   Mr.  Brown, who, on July (i, started  work ou  the lot,  laying foundation. 50 by 05 feet,  at a cost of some $:i00.    Mr. Brown, being  unable to obtain dry lum'ber here to construct the building, gave an order to a  local dealer for dry lumber amounting to  some $1200, to come from the coast.   Mr.  Brown left for Portland, and returned in  about two  weeks.    During   his   absence  part of tho lumber had  been delivered,  and Mr. Brown started building.    Pie was  notified by chief of police Woolverton to  stop, as he was violating the.fire by-law.  The following day he was summoned aud  attended  the police  court,  but the case  dismissed, as it was not shown what kind  of a building he intended  to erect.   He  was represented by counsel, whom he had  to  pay.   Acting on   advice,   he   started  building   again,   aud   was   served fwith  written   notice   to   stop   or   proceedings,  would be taken against him.    1 spoke to  the chief of police and called his attention  to  other buildings, some of which   had  started after Mr. Brown, the  by-law not  coming   into   force   until   July 24.    The  chief said no complaints had been made  against other  parties,  only against Mr.  Brown.    I told him that complaint was  not necessary, the council -passed by-laws  and he was paid to see that they were not  violated,  and  that  if he   did   uot   take  action against all parties that were violating the by-law. aud not pick on one man,  that I would bring the matter before the  police commissioners.     1 believe  he did  take action against all except Mr. Brown,  although he had served him with  notice  to quit.    As I was not interested with any  of the others, I did not care whether they  built or not,  although being anxious to  see Nelson go ahead  with  buildings and  improvements. 1 did notattend the police  court, but was on hand if wanted.   The  result of the trials were made known iu  the Tiuui'NK, and it also sta,tes that Mr.  Brown is as isolated as before.  After the cases were disposed of at the  police court, the chief waited on Mr.  Brown and ordered him to remove several  thousand feet of lumber from the roadway in front of his lot, and threatened to  summons him  for causing obstruction.  Although Mr. Brown is a stranger here,  I have found him to be a gentleman in all  his dealings. Pie is liable for the rent of  the lot for five years, is bound by lease to  erect a building, and has to pay i'or lumber ordered, a considerable portion of  which has been delivered and paid for,  and I for one sympathize with him.  TV. P. Rom .son.  IT   IS   ALL   BLUFF.  The Talk About Excluding Americans From  Working on the Railway Means Nothing,  liver since work was commenced upon  the Crow's Nest road Tin-: Thiih.'nk has  contended that the. statements to the  effect that the government had arranged  matters so that the work was reserved  for Canadians, were not in accordance  with the facts. Citizens of the United  States are employed upon the Crow's Nest  road and what is more, they have secured  contracts for work upon the same.  Captain Armstrong, of Golden, manager of the International Trading company, is rather well known throughout  the interior. What he says respecting  the employment of citizens of. the United  States upon the railway- will no doubt  have more weight than the statements  made in this connection by the editor oi  the Province. In a recent interview Capt.  Armstrong said : "All this talk about  the alien law is a big bugaboo. There is  work i'or every man in the Fort Steele  country. No mau yet in East Kootenay  has been asked his nationality, on the'  Crow's Nest Pass railway or anywhere  else. Turks have the same show in that  country as the Bluenoses. The Crow's  Nest Pass railway is beginning active operations and' there are more men in the  district than ever before. Nevertheless,  as I said, there is work for all who are  there." ,  PERILS   OF   THE   ARCTIC.  but a thin cotton jacket. I stripped off  my firs at once',' and never heeding the  protests of my companions, gave them to  the ancient dame, then journeyed on,  happy to have done a noble deed. My  most frightful experience, however, happened a. few nights ago, when a., prehistoric leviathan emerged'from the vasty  dee)) with horrid clamor' -  "Well,'"said the great Arctic explorer,  shutting down his roller top desk with a  bang, "work's over i'or the day."  HEAVY   MINERAL   EXPORTS.  TWO   GOOD   BY-LAWS.  During the   Past  "Week   There Was Exported  Ore and Matte Worth $138,600.  The exports from the Slocan during the  past week were the heaviest for several  mouths.    There appears to be a desire on  the part of the mine owners to get their  ore forward as rapidly as possible.   Just  what policy they will adopt with respect  to the immediate future is  very much in  doubt.    The returns for the week were:  BUM/TON  and  Police Court Matters. ,_  Robert Hurry was assessed $5 and costs  by magistrate Crease on Wednesday for  depositing kitchen slops on Baker street.  Michael Burns contributed $5 to the  municipal exchequer on Wednesday, as a  penalty for swearing on Baker street.  Rita Nelson was fined $5 and costs by  magistrate Crease on Wednesday for neglecting to take out a trader's license.1  Fred Aston, James Beatty and Louis  Melviu were before magistrate Crease on  Tuesday'upon the charge of having no  visible means of support and for the further offence of living without employment. The magistrate dismissed the trio  with a warning and suggested that they  constitute themselves a board of walking  delegates and teach the striking coal miners their system of living without work-  ins'- '_   May Patch Up a Truce.  The latest phase of the difficulty between the Le Roi Mining conipany and F.  Aug. Heinze, is more favorable to the  Trail smelter. Colonel Turner holds out  the promise that Heinze will receive considerable Le Roi ore if his charges for  treating the same were reasonable. Pie.  emphasized the fact that the Northport  smelter was not made to treat the  entire output of the Le IToi, and some of  it must necessarily go elsewhere. Mr.  Heinze would get this if his price was  right. When the Le Roi is working at  its best, the output will be from 500 to 000  tons per day, whereas the capacity.of the  Northport smelter will be .'500 tons, and it  is this difference that will probably go to  the Trail smelter.  Horsefly Returns Are Small.  Returns received from the mill at the  Horsefly mine, in Cariboo, state that after  a run of I2(i hours 1102 tons of low grade  cemented gravel, wliich was got out in  the course of development work, had been  crushed. The result of the clean-up; was  OTA ounces from the mill and tfO from the  sluices, total, 0-1A ounces gold, valued at  $1002.  Furthest north!   The end has crowned  my  work. ' 1  have  received  my  reward  for months of toil and privation and -will  soon   return   to   civilization   to get  the  laurel wreaths and press notices due me  for my doing ancl daring.   I  have penetrated into this region of frozen solitude  a hundred yards farther than any other  Arctic explorer that ever lived and intend  making   it   two   hundred   before    1    get  through. As I sit here jotting down tliese  few rough notes that my carrier pigeons  will take swiftly back to the bright world  I have left behind, I marvel that I live to  tell the tale of my heroism.   Those who  will read these Avords sitting iu cozy homes  by  glowing  grates, will  think  it impossible, no  doubt,   that  mortal  man could  have had nerve enough to stand all that I  have stood, but the mere fact that I chose  Arctic exploration as a field i'or livelihood,  is proof enough that  I have nerve far iu  excess of-the ordinary run of humanity.  I may not dwell upou these dangers that  1 have passed nor give detailed accounts  of my daring-a  few incidents must suffice, dear readers, for   I  love my  carrier  piegons  too  much to  overburden  them.  I   reached   Bigli, which   is   the  farthest  north  village,   February -31st. or rather,  we reached it, as of course  I  have  some  understrappers with me, for no man. no  matter how great, can do everything by  himself.    The day of our departure from  Bigli, 1 mounted  the  poop  deck  of our  trusty little catboat, and, pointing  to an  iceberg, exclaimed dramatically:    "Men,  Boston looks down upon you and expects  every man to do his duty."   Amid frantic  cheers we sped away into the mysterious  beyond.    Past    mountains    of    ice   that  seemed about  to  fall   upon  us,   through  great fields of glittering snow, right in  the teeth of mad gales that threatened  destruction we journeyed.  Ah, the horror of it all! Twice at night  polar bears broke through our mosquito  netting and three of my trusy men met  death this way. I had several hand to  hand battles with the the monsters, and  while I invariably came out victorious, I  take no credit to myself, for I had been  taking tincture of iron and was impervious  to attack. As we sat at night huddled  about a nickering little Roman candle,  we knew not at what minute the writhing  tentacles of the octopus would entwine  us or the savage talons of Arctic birds  would rend us limb from limb. From  morning till night 1 was kept busy fighting in defense of my party, and during  the past month my knife has been kept  at white heat by the boiling life blood of  the insatiate monsters I have killed.  Juggs and Jaggs, my two lieutenants,  went out one morning to gather bird eggs  for an omelet. They had gone half a mile  or so away when the iceberg on which .we  were at the time split in two with a  dreadful crash, and the detached-portion,  with poor Juggs and Jaggs on it,.floated  away. Heavens! Their shrieks and appeals were awful. Hastily throwing off  my coat and shoes I sprang into the riming; water and swam after them witli  swift, powerful strokes. Soon catching  up with the runaway berg. I screamed  to the men to jump into the sea. They  did so, and I caught them before they  sank for the tenth time. Commanding  each to take firm hold of my legs, I placed  two knives in each hand, and, lighting  whales and sharks at every step, swam  back to the party. They threw down a  rope and drew us up���just in time, too,  for I was almost exhausted. The crew  presented me with a gold-headed cane in  acknowledgement of my heroism and I  ordered "the grog all around. It wa.s a  great day for the Arctic region! And yet  tliese same men grew mutinous and  wished to turn back when tliey found hot  shaving water was an impossibility in  this latitude. A marlinspike in my trusty  right hand stretched two of them out  senseless and brought the others to their  senses. I am suffering extremely from  rheumatism at present, but am enabled  to bear it by the consciousness that I got  it through acting the gentleman. Coming  across the ice field the other day I met a  poor, decrepit! old Ksquimo woman, who  sat shivering in the blast with nothing on  JIATTIC.  Pounds  110.311  277,730  /Trail smeller   Hall Jlines smeller, Nelson, miitie  'OR K.  Tons.  I'ayiic mine, Slocan  .'150  Kootenay Ore Company, ICaslo  Air>  Slocan Scar, Sandon  (if)  Washington    A2  Noble Five mines, Slocan   113  Whitewater mine, Slocan  7li  Surprise mine. Slocan  17  Kamlilcr mine, Slocan  15  .lack Diamond mine, Ainsworth  77  Total for week  l,-.'53  Total so I'ar for A ugust  3,505  Total for July '  1,13!)  Total for June  3,101  'Total for .lay     .911,5  Total for April  3,7fil  Total for March  5,822  Total for February  5,'J01  Total for January  1,513  'Total via Revelstoke to Aug. lath..  'Total so far for 1S.7 31,(JUS  Value  Approximate  ' Value.  813.G(_  .101,137  & .3.832  SIS .885  S...)7,7<)7  S 133,231  Sl>77,(i81  S5G.853  S(i75,50(i  .".I'-MiTS  $l,liSS,(HI3  Ship Owners After Insurance Policies.  Salt Lake Tribune:,, The sinking of the  steamship Mexico on a reef above Sitka  is a vivid reminder of the old days. When  the rush for California began, the old  ships that were coasters on the Atlantic  side were rushed around into the Pacific  and placed on the lines.plying between  San Francisco and Nicaraguaaud I.inama.  They were all insured and all old, aud so  had to be disposed ot as soon a.s better  ships could be obtained to take their  places. So they were lost. It was either  tho fog or the treacherous currents or  something else. What an array of charnel  ships they were! The old Northerner and  Southerner, the Tennessee, the Columbia,  the Yankee Blade, the Brother Jonathan,  the Golden Gate, the Constitution and a  score of them. Of the whole, there were  but three good ships, the Blade, the  Tennessee, and the Golden Gate. The  latter was burned, an honest catastrophe. The "Tennessee" went ou the  heads off San Francisco in a fog and gale.  The "Blade" was deliberately run ashore  on the Mexican coast, and it was always  believed the first officer was hired by the  opposition line lo wreck the ship. The  rest were hulks that under careful inspection would not have been permitted to  go to sea. Is the northern rush going to  be enough to enable the owners of a score  more of old coffius to collect their insurance at the expense of only a few hundred  lives?   Result Not Known.  A. JM. Johnson, counsel for Woods the  condemned murderer, has not received  any word as to the result of the application for a new trial which was heard by  the full court at Victoria this week. Just  who Woods is remains as much in doubt  as ever. At the trial he claimed to have  come from Gait, Ontario. Upon the  strength of this the Gait Reporter endeavored to trace Woods' people The  only clew which the Gait paper could get  was the story of an old resident of the  town, who stated that some years ago  there lived a family in Puslinch, about  four miles from Gait, named Wood. One  of them was a young fellow called Jim,  whom be last saw some ten years ago  or perhaps longer, at Portage la Prarie.  He was a ,vild, haruni scarum youth, was  compelled to leave Portage la Prarie on  account of some scrape he got into.  Another Phase of British Discipline.  PoiiTSMor'TH, I'hig., Aug. 17. -There is  great excitement here over a most extraordinary state of affairs on board the  British battleship Royal Sovereign, which  is about to sail for three years' service  with the Mediterranean squadron. The  relations between several of the officers  and the seamen are actually strained.  The latter declare that they are suffering  from a variety of very serious grievances,  among which, and especially objectionable, is the deferring of the usual leave.  Fifty 'men have deserted. All the cells  on board ship are full and the supply of  irons is not sufficient for the large number  undergoing punishment.  How they Love One Another.  The Colonist: We state on the authority of the premier, the Hon. J. II. Turner,  that he has not contemplated a reorganization of the ministry, and is not now  contemplating it: that the utmost harmony and confidence prevails between  the several members of the government,  and that there is not, nor has there ever  been, the slightest basis of any kind whatever for the statement that premier Turner contemplated a reorganization of the  cabinet. We hope this authoritative announcement will settle the matter once  and I'or all.  They Regulate the Sale of Milk and Bread and  Require Certain Standards.  The'passing of the by-laws regulating  the sale of milk and bread was the chief  business transacted by the city council at-  its regular meeting Monday evening. All  'members of the council were present save  aldermen Dow and Fletcher. c'  There   were  three comnmuicatiqnxd> .:__  fore  the  board.   The first of tliese ,.was  from the legal firm of Macdonald _. John-  sou, asserting ownership, on behalf of the  Hospital society, of the pipe from thecity  main   to   the    hospital,   and    protesting  against  private connections being made  with  the samel'   The  Hospital  society's  solicitors requested that  the corporation  recognize the society's ownership  of the  pipe, and that the corporation treat the  society as ordinary consumers of  water  and charge the regular rates.   The reply  of    water   commissioner   Sealey  to   this  communication was to the effect that the  corporation  would  not recognize a dual  ownership in  the waterworks system of  thecity, nor did the corporation propose  to   charge   the   Hospital    society    water  rates.  The second communication was from H.  R. Cameron, who wished the council to  give.him a permit to erect a frame building on Baker street, within the fire limits.  As the council has not the power to grant  any such permit, Mr. Cameron was notified to that effect.  L. H. Davick had an application before  the council, asking i'or a situation as civil  engineer. The applicant has been employed for some time in the oilice of A. IL  Hodgins.    The application was filed.  Alderman Hillyer gave notice that he  would introduce a by-law at the next  meeting of the council for the purpose of  limiting the number of saloon licenses  granted in the city. It is likely that the  council will limit the number to the present holders of saloon licenses.  Alderman-Teetzel introduced a by-law  regulating the weight and sale of bread.  It was put through its various stages and  received its third reading.  Alderman Malone introduced a by-law  regulating the sale of milk. It also received its third reading.  Formal notices to reconsider were made  in connection with both.by-laws.  The following accounts were passed:  James Allen, waterworks   M. Kelly, waterworks   )). _Iuir, waterworks,....          James Flanagan, waterworks  ....  J. riorson, waterworks   _ t.'Mui'ns, waterworks   II. Flanagan, health     'Thomas llullidnii, lockup   Ashe. ill.&- jMcClrlland  .lamer- l.rcnnan, waterworks ...  .1. Sexton, waterworks   K. Newell, waterworks   Otto . orcsborg , waterworks   Spokane Northern Telegraph C<  O. Sieley, sidewalks   Lawrence Hardware Co..    ���  .   .  Wilson & Hur .uiw...    li. C. Gazette   A. L. Dolan        "18 00  15 00  15 00  8 75  10 00  3 Of'  7 . .  100 00  (i 50  7 On  7 50  7 .50  2 f.  8 8.5  25 50  12 75  I'M 25  .-_ 25  I 00  Wednesday Afternoon's Session.  A short session of the city council was  held on Wednesday afternoon which was  attended by mayor Houston and aldermen Hillyer, Malone and Teetzel.  The by-laws regulating the sale of milk  and bread were reconsidered and finally  passed.  On motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Hillyer, the council  decided to build a flume to connect with  the one lately built for the purpose of  supplying the residents on Observatory,  Hoover and Latimer streets with water.  The work will be done by day's labor under the foremanship of Jacob Serson.  .Mayor Houston was authorized to purchase the materials.  Water commissioner Sealey was instructed by the council to collect the water rates as stipulated in the Waterworks  By-law, No. 10, 1 SOT, commencing on August 1st. The following are the rates imposed by the by-law:  I) welling house, of less than live rooms..  .  ..  .... S  Dwulliii).   houses,  for each  additional  rooin. over-  four'    -  ��� ...  Ollices, shops and stores uf less than  I.ihiii si|tinrc  feel lloor surface       Otllces, shops  and   stores, for  each   additional 500  si|uni ���<: feet, or fraction I hereof, of Moor surface  Hotels, per room     Saloons       ,   .  ...    .....    ....      ......  I test an ranis   'Clubs, at which liquors are sold              Areatod waterworks...      .        ���'    Hrcwerios      .   .  Hoarding houses, per room            ,.    Livery stables and dairies, per in animals and less.  Livery Stables and dairies, for more than lOaiiiinals  I'l'ivale sl.ibles. forea<-b horse or cow   Math tub.-, private.       Hath tubs, public .    Water closets, private.   Water closets, public     I'rinal-   Laundries   .Olllce biiildin. s. for each room above lirst  lloor   Water motors, for one horse power or less    ....  ,.  Water motors, for each additional horse power...   .  Steam engines, for live horse power or less  Sie.'iui engines. I'or each addil iunal horse power...  George Mel .irland was appointed  sistant to engineer'McCulloch to inspect  the work done upon the waterworks system at a salary of S^il per day. This was  done on motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Hillyer.  Frank Darling's tender for supplying  the city with valves was accepted on motion of alderman llillyer, seconded by  alderman Teetzel.  I 50  >l 50  :t>  25  5 00  5 00  5 iki  Id 00  10 Oil  25  :i 50  5 (HI  25  50  1 511  5U  1 IH)  I 00  10 oo  25  5 00  .1 00  1 .-ill  .Ml  as-  Slocan City School Election.  The first election for three trustees for  the new Slocan City-Brandon school district resulted in a large poll. Seven candidates were in the field, the siu-i-.s.-ful  ones being K. A. Bradshaw. Hiram J.  Robertson and J. I). O'Neil. all old and  trusted citizens. A site has been donat ed  by Frank Fletcher, and a new building  will doubtless be erected in-xt spring, the  presents-mall quarters in Brandon being  totally inadequate to accommodate lhe  number of pupil's enrolled.  TT  -^   ". _l ��>.  fl^y  _     "��  =7rr  ������1   >   1  '-���V.-  !,,��'��  _��� -.' ' *��� - THE  TRIBUNE:    NELSON,  B.C., SATURDAY, ;\U(UJST.21,   1807.  PUBLISHERS- NOTICE.  THE TUTHUNF, i- published on Saturdays, by TllK  TuiliUXis I'ciii.isiu. i; IKiMl'v. v. and will in; mailed  lo .ibseriber.-. on iiayineni'of Two Ooi.i. \i:s a year.  No subscription taken fnr.!<_.  than a year.  R. GULAll ADVKIfTISK.MI'j.V'Ts printed al thu following rates: One inch, ..:��! a year: two inches,  ��� SCO a vear; three inehe-. .SI a year: four inches.  H'M a year: live inches. .105 a year: six inches and  over, at the rate of S1.5H an inch per month.  . TR.AX.IKNT AUVKPTI .KMKNT. 20 cents a line for  lirst insertion and 10 cents ii line for each additional  insertion.   Birth,  marrimie. and death  notices free.  LOCAL. OR KKAUINfJ MATTKK NOTIOIW 25 cents a  line each insertion.  JOB PRINTING al fair rate. All accounts for job.  'printing and advertising payable on rhc first of  every month; subscription, in advance.  ADDRESS all communications to  THK TRIBUNE. Nelson, B. C.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  LA  MAI,'��� KORIN    Physician- and Surgeons.  Rooms  A, 1 anda. Bigelow olocl . Nelson.   'Telephone. 12.  DR.   .1.   A.   AI.'.MSTifONG - Government    Vol'''Hilary  Iiis|jcc:toi'.    "Treat- di-ea-o.-, of all doine-lic animals.  All stock inspected al Nelson.    Nel-on, li. I'. ^'  DR. II. E. HA LL���Dcnlisl. Graduate of Philadelphia  Dental Colic, o. Seven your-experience. Gold and  porcelain crowns iu-crted. 'Teeth i . plumed. OHiee with  Dr. George Hall. Ilaker-Ireet.  WJ. H. HOLMES, C. K.���Provincial Land Surveyor.  ���    P. 0. box 82. Kaslo, P.  ..  T o7gWILLIM. B.A.Sc. _ W. S. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.  '-> ��� ���.Mining Engineers and Analytical Chemists,  Slocan City, IL C.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  ' A NELSON LODOI. NO. 21. A. F. & A. M. Meets  ������<J%r second Wednesday in eiir.li innnMi. Sojourning  ^���_y\ brethren invited.  The Ames Hoiden Go's special "Columbia,"  "Vancouver," "Kootenay" should be worn  by everybody who wants a first-class mountain boot.  ��he ���'i&Ttibimv.  ScVTUKDAV .UOttiVINU   AUGUS'T 21.  1SU7  The protracted weakness of the silver  market is causing the mine owners ot the  Slocan much uneasiness, and if no improvement takes place within the next  few weeks operations in the Slocan will  be very much curtailed. In the Slocan it  is not so much a question as to whether  or not the mines can work at a profit.  Many of them can work with silver at HO  cents, but so long as there is any chance  for an advance the mine owners do not  feel inclined to market ,their product at  present. With respect to the probabilities of the market" every one is as much  in doubt as ever. No one can account for  the unprecedented decline and speculations as to the immediate future are merely  guesses. The Hall mines will be hit rather  hard by the decline. Silver forms two-  thirds of the value of the Silver King ore,  and as the run of the mine as it comes to  the smelter is a rather low grade article,  the difference in the market price of the  white metal may mean the difference between a reasonable profit upon the company's operations aud a loss. Assuming  that the Silver King ore runs 20 ounces  . silver to the ton. a drop of four cents  means a great deal to the company. Lt is  now treating over 200 tons, but on the  basis of 200 tons per clay the loss would  amount to $100 per day. In the Aiues-  worth district the decline will be felt  more than in any section of Southern  Kootenay. This summer several new  companies were induced to operate silver  properties in the old camp, and in most  cases they were making good headway.  Had silver maintained its own Ainsworth  would have had the best year in its history, but as matters stand it looks as if  the old camp will have to drop back again  for a while and resume its waiting policy.  The Nelson Economist does not like  the idea of the city council paying mayor  Houston a salary of $2,000 per annum. It  is not likely that the members of the city  council thought that they would please  every resident of the city when they decided to pay the chief magistrate a salary  of $100.00 per month. They no doubt considered that the services rendered by the  mayor were worth that amount and for  this reason alone it was paid. The people of Nelson decided the question' as to  who should be mayor of the city some  months before the editor of the Economist arrived in the city. When the next  election comes around the new-comer may  be the king-maker and fix his salary, but  for the present the king has been chosen  and his salary fixed. The action of the  present council does not bind "those which  succeed it in any way. Jf the next council finds that the city lias not as good a  man for mayor as John Houston was its  members can cut down the salary to any  figure they please. The present council  has adopted the very good policy of paying one man sufficient to give the city's  interests his constant attention, and in  order to do this the aldermen refused to  vote even nominal salaries to themselves.  Erom the tone of the Economist's comment it is evident that the editor does  not appreciate the value of the services  rendered by.mayor Houston. Thecouncil  by their action, evidently do. It therefore comes down to a question of opinion  between one man, who can have but a  superficial knowledge, aud six men who  have tin  intimate knowledge of  the ser  vices rendered- by the mayor.    The odds  are rather against the editor of the lieon-  | omisf..    Ho'may be correct, but so far he  ; ha^ advanced nothing  save an   opinion,  i and.    as    everyone    knows,    newspaper  opinion sometimes changes.  The decision of attorney-general Me-  Renna as to the interpretation of the  clause in the new United States tariff  wliich deals with the imposition of tin additional duty of 10 per cent on foreign  goods entering the United States through  a contiguous country, means a great deal  to the Canadian railways. It wi'll mean  that .Canadian roads cannot secure any of  the haul on foreign goods destined for the  United .States. It matters not how the operation of ^uch a ruling would effect the  Canadian railways. The United States  has the right to impose the additional tax,  and in coming to any decision upon the  'question, the interests of Canada and of  Canadian railways will receive no consideration whatever. It remains to be seen  just what action the Canadian parliament  will take. It cannot be--expected that  Canadians will continue to be badgered  by such hostile legislation without resenting tiie same. Up to the present the  Canadian parliament has shown a wonderful degree of patience, but this cannot  be expected to continue-againsteach fresh  cause for annoyance. When the United  St.ites government commences to legislate  against Canadian railways at the instance  of their American competitors, it should  not be difficult to induce the Canadian  parliament to look after the smelting interests of this portion of the dominion,  and see to it that no advantage which  legitimately belongs to this province is  allowed to be absorbed by the state of  Washington. When the parliament of  Canada makes a national issue out of this  smelter question, the opinions -of Canadians who have doubts as to the location  of the .!)th parallel will notcut very much  figure.   It is generally admitted that William  Tern pie man is the favorite in the race for  the oflice of lieutenant-governor' of this  province. His appointment to the oflice  would be regarded with satisfaction by  almost everyone in this province save  those who have designs upon the oflice  themselves. Templeman Is deserving of  the job. He has worked hard for his  party for several years, long before liberalism became popular in British Columbia, and has sacrificed his own interests  on more than one ocension. What is  more, Templeman is a clean politician. It  would be profitable for Laurier to go on  record by rewarding such a virtue.  The World's Production of Gold.  Mr. Preston, director of, the United  States mint, estimates the gold production for the year I .!)(> to have been $205-  000,000, of which the United States contributed $53,000,000. For 1801 it is believed  the world's gold production will reach at  at least $2-10,000,000, an increase of $35,-  000,000 over 1800. Mr. Preston says: "As  an indication of the increase in the world's  gold product for 1807, the following table,  showing the product of the United States,  Australia, South Africa, .Russia, Mexico,  British India ancl Canada for .1S00, and  the probable output of these countries for  ISO? is given  1_)G.  1SII7.  L"nileil States    S , .,.000,000  .  (10,000,0.)        l(i,__.000  ;"r2.5.')0.(_0  South Africa          11,0(10,000  nlj.OOO.OOO        _>,000,000  2 .000,000         7.000,000  0.000,000         ,.800.000  7.000,000  Canada          2. .Jll.lHK)  10.000,000  Totals       .180.8.">0.(10()  .21  .aaO.OOO  "That the world's uet product will continue to increase for a number of years to  come," says Mr. Preston, "is self-evident,  as new mines will be opened up in all  parts of the world, and with the improved appliances and methods of extracting the gold collected in the ores, it is believed that by the close of the present  century the world's product will exceed  $.00:000,(. )00."_        '  The Crow's Nest Pass Rail-way.  Work on the Crow's Nest road is beiug  pushed forward as rapidly as 'possible.  There are over fifty outfits, employing  :_)00 men, at work on the first hundred  miles. Bridging has been commenced and  about four miles of track laid. A temporary yard has been laid out ut Lethbridge.  Work litis beeu commenced on the erection nf the station and office buildings at  Macleod. As soon as the necessary lumber is received, building will be commenced on the storehouses and magazines  at Wardner, B.C., and Sand Creek, B. C.  An outfit is at work building a construction road through the mountains to enable implements and supplies to get into  the mountain, camps. As soon as frost  sets iu rock work will be commenced in  earnest, and bridging will be pursued vigorously from both sides of the mountains.  Eight parties are locating and revising  the line west of the summit. Grading  will be finished well up to the summit by  December 1, and by that time the line will  be in running order to Crow's Nest lake.  It is expected that for rapidity and  amount of construction the work will ben  record breaker.    The Mississippi and Its Flow.  The Mississippi river may well be called  "Tiie Father of Waters." It has an average flow of 0(51,000'cubic feet per second,  ���lohu Birkenbine gives the drainage area  of the great river as 1.250,000 square miles,  which includes most of the country between the Kockies and the Alleghenies.  He estimates that one inch of rain falling  evenly over that surface would equal 21,-  780,000,000,000 gallons of water. The average yearly fall in the 'Mississippi watershed is from 21 to 18 inches. Erom that  one can see that'it will be possible in the  future to establish som-e rather extensive  irrigation projects in that valley, when it  becomes so densely peopled that there  will be a necessity for having two blades  of grass grow where only one now grows.  O��  FOR GOLD  13 ii L for .und values ���<i to  Wlm un Au_u.il. 1st  will innii. urate a  CASH  BUSINESS  SEE O.I! PRICES:  riO-pmiml sack Hungarian flour SI 5(1  /.-pound sack Spokane Hour ... , /  1 20  No. 1 Creamery butter, a pounds  I Of)  Onions per 100-pounds  2 2i>  Canadian Cheese. S pounds     ..-  I 00  ( .'anointed sugar, 17 pounds ...':  1 00  No. 1 sutfar, 20 pounds  1 00  Pice, L'O pounds  I 00  Salt, Liverpool, line. 3D pounds  1 00  Itiineh e__.i. (i dozen    1 tlO  Evaporated tipples, 12 pounds       ���  I 00  Evaporated peaches, 8 pounds      I 0U  Evaporated prunes, 12 pounds  100  Currants, 12 pounds  100  Raisins, 12 pounds  100  Costa Pica eoflee, 5 pounds  till)  Lion eoil'ee. it packa.es  I OO  Arbuekles' collee, a paekii.es  I 00  llea'ns, _> pounds     I IK)  Splil  peas, 20 pounds  100  ALL  OTIIEIt   GROCERIES AND  PROVISIONS AT  HEP IIOI'K URICES  Capital $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.  MINERS! You can make use of water power .0'miles.from your mines with our system  We can also sell you complete telephone outfits and install them.' ,  British Columbia Branch Offices       "7_.;i"._^ '   Frank  Darling,  Kootenay Agent  Wire Rope, Feed Water  Heaters, Elevators, Shafting, Pulleys, Pipe Cutters,  Special Tools, and a new lot of Tube Cleaners just in.   Roebling-'s Wire  R��Pe- '____5__5: fesffl' FRANK DARLING, Agent.  The business centre for the rich'  mines on Springer Creek ancl  Slocan Lake. This is one of  the richest districts in British  Columbia.  Will start about March 15th  with about double its former  capacity in all departments.  '7,000,000 feet of logs under  contract for early deliver)-.  The Planing  and Factory  Is now running full lime under the inana���euioiil  of C. IS. Doiy. a competent draughtsman ;uid  liieelianie who will furnish special drawings tree  of charge.  Always Reliable ancl as Represented  For Sale by all Leading Dealers  6 Manufacturers of Brushes  >jj        Brooms and Wooodenwaro  New Designs  In house interiors, olllce and store fixtures, dado  work, mantles, brackets, mouldings, hook eases,  .fiinii. lie. turnings, carving, grill work, and band  sawing. Orders for all suoh.work executed in au  artistic manner.  One Car Glass  Lots  FiftNK FLETCHER Trustee.  Asheroft k le .Mian  BUtCKSfVllTHlNG \W  EXPERT HORSESHOEING  Wagon   Repairing  Promptly Attended  to  by a First-Class Wheelwright  Special attention given to all l^inds of repairing  arid custom wor\ from outside points  SHOP:    Cor. Baker an,d Hall Sts. .Nelson.  Say! are you going to  Not while 1 can buy  Direct from Belgium expected thisinoiiLli. Hough  and dressed lumber, laths, etc., always in slock.  Two Cars Sash  and Doors   Yard ancl branch oflice  loot of  Ileiulryx Sl.ro  M*��"g. 0. BUCHANAN  Formerly Stanley House  Ur|der new  management  fjefurnished and  Renovated throughout  Everything new and  ���first-Glass  Electric lights and  moderi]  HERALDO,  MONOGRAM,  SCHILLAR  Manufactured by The Georg-e E. Tuekett & Son Co.,. Ltd.       UNION MADE CIGARS  SOLE AGENT, Q  NELSON, B. C. So  FOOT OF HALL STU . _.., NELSON.  T.   W.   GRAY,   Proprietor.  Doors,  Sash,   Band  Sawing',   Turned Work,  ancl  Office  Fitting's.,   Just  arrived  and  in  stock,  a carload  of Chance's English   Rolled  Glass; all sizes  up to 4 by 6 feet:.  Commission and Manufacturers' Agent  __ G-IEJN" O lES =  Great, WesL Oatmeal .lills. Pilot, _ loudd, ^laniloba The Virden Poller Mills. Vinlen. lUunitoba  The lt. Al. Smith  Piseuit Factory,  Victoria, li. ('- Smith _. I .. ;liel. Ci.ni'.. SI.'Jerome. Quebec  KOOTKXAY AKADQUAPTKPS.  XELSON.  P. (.'.  For 25 cents a quart at the  j  C. F. C00DWIN,  PROPRIETOR  VICTORIA STREET, fJELSON  A New Typewriter���Made by a Canadian Firrn.  We have had the pleasure of looking over Llie Xew  Empire Typewriter, a Canadian made machine, and lind  it a marvel of simplicity through which the makers claim  durability. The types strike direct, moving only I wo  inches on a steel bed, giving speed and greal manifolding  power. Each typo at time of writing is locked, ensuring  pot-feel alignment. The writing is visible doing away  with the lifting of a heavy carriage: the touch is easy,  the response quick and the type do mil appear to look.  Puling vertical and horizontal may he done on it and the  price is less Mum half that of other standard machines.  .So confident, are the makers of the success of theii machine they will refund the money of any unsatisfied purchaser after a Ion days'trial, 'lhe Thomson .latioiicry  Company of Vancouver and Nelson are to he congratulated on securing the general agency for P.O. The machines seem to us to.be al the top iu merit and bottom in  price.  Office:   Bealey Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  Auctioneers, Real Estate and General Commission Agents,  CUSTOM  BROKERS AND  NOTARIES  PUBLIC  IMPROVED NELSON  RESIDENCE PROPERTY FOR SALE  UflDER f_W M/\NACEMEflT  J. C. BLANDY & CO., Proprietors,  balfoue'  This  famous and  delightful   summer  resort  has been  taken  over by the above  llrm and will  he conducted in the fill lire iii a fir. .-class manner  GOOD SHOOTING AND FiSr|iNG  LAWN TENNIS CF{0.N_S  COOL PIC-NIG GROVES  PARTIES PROVIDED FOR.  PATHS:   ..���-' (XI AM)  .-_' .'>0 PEP DAV.  _____ O.  E^vv^-^iaT  ARCHITECT  Poom (i, Clements & llillyer .Plock, Nelson  Notice of Application for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that Ihe undersigned will apply  to the board of license commissioners of the corporation  of the Citv of Nelson, for a license lo sell liquor by retail  al bis hotel, known as the Lake View, situate on lot l.'l  and II. block (17. Nelson. 11. O.  I-PANIC J. nOXLKV.  Hated nl Nelson. August 121 h, IS'.IT. (Aiigiisl lll,h|  _ N^fcE-T0~^U_LDERS.  Ti-liters for the creel ion of a brick building on Maker  street, will he received up lo Saturday llie L'lsl inslant,  at noun, at lhe olllce of C. O. Wiekendeii. arehite'-I.  dements _ llillver Uloek. where plansand sprcillealioiis  can he seen on aiid afler Monday lhe llilh iu .mil. The  lowest or anv lender not necessarily accepted.  C. I). WICK KXHF.X. Archilcd.  W. J. G. DICKSON  I.B.A.L   ESTATE  .__.:_. 03   COMMISSION-  __.Gr_Ll3SrT  _v_13X. 11STG-   _3_R.OI5:EEt  HKALKV MI.OCI . IiAK Kit STPK1CT, NKLSON.  ODEIA.ni.EiK.S   I3ST  Shelf and  Heavy  Hardware, Stoves, Graniteware,  Miners' Supplies.  Tinsmithing  and Plumbing  :���_���_,   ��� Estimates Furnished  Full stock of .       ,.        .  Builders' and Miners' Supplies On  Application  THE BEST VALUES !  ij  IlUP  FOR SALE.  Several valuable business sites on Baker St.  Business block���two stores���Baker street.  Business  block���three stores all rented���on  two 30-foot lots, with offices above.  Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.  Apply, to W. J. G.  DICKSON.  This house carries the largest stock of furniture and furnishings  in southern Kootenay.    Substantial reductions for cash.  NOTICE.  Having appointed   \V. .1. G. Dickson   local  agent  for  Addition   A lo the. townsite of Nelson, intending purchasers of lots, or per.-ons wishing information, plans, or  price-lists of the addition, will please apply to liini.  1 V. O. INNrt..  'HAITI .  Near corner Victoria anrl .Stanley streets  Mrs. Johnson.  Views of all parts of Koolenay  Photograph-  in I" latest -Ivies  . uai'niil.iie -��.l i-l'acl ion  THE TREMONT.  Mrs. Morley is prepared to  receive pupils for piano, violin  or organ.     For terms  Apply to Thomson Slatiouery Co., Ltd,, Nelson  3STEH.S03ST  MAI-n.   K & TPKCrlUilJH.  Proprietors  Is one of tho best hotels in Toad Mountain district, and  is lhe hcarlnnarter.- for prospectors mid miners.  IDEISTTIST  Will open a dentist purlin- in (leer^e Neelands new build-  iiig ou Ilaker M reel as soon ns same is completed.  '^^r���^!W^:r^^��,r-Tirirr.ir;^' ._eii'-.vii' ��� j-via'_���'_ ���"."' A^r. T^rsrii'^',rv?T'^~?B^'^r?1TT~g'^r���^^                                                                                                                                 . S^-'^._r7??8g?!t."?rr-''''" < ..'.'.i':. ��?*_ v ..". '=��� :,ffi\''J'^_ ���"'.sSTT''V�� ','_��_ .':>��� v-.??7~5". "i1"' . .*���/.'"_ -'T:" _ ����i.T,jfti ._������ '������-.v.-  .-*,���* ��������*' :;.������ .* :���'*��?!  >\:^;:_':'l.Vi-r^:VJ-v.'.V.,.'V.^'J-'...:,.., '::-,,'��� tV-^-'^-V-'^V^V -.--.���-.��� '..-I-V ���.���v'.rf-A.v' ' '....-, ,,.;������-,\ ������ft- ' -. ; .d1,*',"--'l,,,r"t_'y '���*.'. ���'s-:i..-,t*.1-ij.'.,,i^.,v ������ ���.'! ���/;.;,-#.!����-" M,Ji'W   -A* A .7-*l1' * r> VA' .^.iff-   ��� ,.\:'-'r ..V*  ������- ..*'" i"'1 V-- *������������.��� ��:''.' .? \, -'i,^ .f*!., i .-"f^ . -/W.-.V ; "W ..-,^'-.���,'. "':  v* **!'.v .���s,--i .HE TRIBUTE:   NELSON, B. 0., SATUHDAV, AUC.UST  rr  897.  o  o  Capital,  Rest,  all paid,  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  Sir DONALD A.   SMITH   .Ton. GEO. A.  DltUAlMOND,.  K   S. CLOtJSTON    President   Vice-President  .Oe.neral Manager.  osr3_i__sonsr  B:_.__.:isrcj__  NT. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.        HKA.  CUKS  IN        bONDON   (England).   NEW  YORK..   CHICAGO  mill in the principal eilies in Camilla.  y and -oil Sterling  Exchange and  Cable Translcr-  OKANT COMMISK (JIAIj AND Tit AV1.TjI._HS' CI.ICDITS.  available in any ]iarl of tho world.  os.wts is. Ui.i)   collections mad ic: ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  HATE OF INTEREST (at present) 3 Per Cent.  SHE   GAVE   HIM   DIAMONDS.  Sauj.uine.ti, by whom Lady Sykes has  beeu summoned in London on a crhniii;..  charge ol having obtained i'rom him on  false pretences cheques to the value oi'  ,'p2;.,()()0. is one oi the best known money  lenders in England, and ranks second only  in importance to Sam Lewis, who may be  described as the king of his class. Inasmuch as Saugttinecti's clients are restricted almost exclusively to members oi  the British aristocracy, titled ami untitled, it is improbable that tiie matter  will go much further, ami it may be taken  i'or granted that the usurer has merely  taken this lirst step oi' causing the arrest  oi Lady Sykes with the object oi compelling her millionaire husband, Sir Tatton Sykes, to depart from liis uublicly  announced resolve to decline any further  responsibility for her financial transactions. Sir Tatton has already taken step,  to secure a judical separation from her,  mainly with the object of emphas-ing this  lact. Ho would do far better were he To  place Lady Sykes under restraint as a  lunatic.  Lady Sykes, without a vestige of doubt,  i.s irresponsible mentally for her conduct.  Her eccentricity verges on insanity, and  it is betraying no conlidence to assert that'  any oddness which she ma.y have inherited from the (Ja vendish-Benlinck family,  to which she belongs, has been considerably aggiavatcd by intemperance. She  no longer has any sense of the value of  either jewelry, money or financial engagements.  The memorable episode of her pressing  the  acceptance  of.her. magnificent diamonds on the JN'eVv York hackman,  who  was driving her home after a dinner at,  which she-had  been .entertained too: ho.-'  pitably  by some of the .New  York   four  hundred,'  was   followed ��� almost   lmiri.di-  ately afterwards iu   England  by a queer  incident in connection with the sale of the  famous   racehorse   La   Fleche,     at     the j  auctioning...off-  of   the stables of  baron  'Hirsch and colonel North.  Sir Tatton Sykes had commissioned lord  ��� Marcus���l__resford to buy the mare tit a  fixed price, but subsequently lady Sykes,  in a moment of effusion, gave lord'Marcus  carte blanche. Ou the .strength of this  lord -Marcus bought the horse at some  $17,000 above the price named by"sir Tattoo, who declined to honor the engagement or recognize, the validity of his  wife's contract, intimating that she had  not beeu responsible for her actions when  she gave her instructions to lord Marcus.  The latter, finding himself with an  $80,000 horse on his hands, proceeded to  sue sir Tjitton, who eventually compromised tiie affair, but immediately afterwards published in the Loudon newspapers au advertisement to the effect that  he would no longer be responsible for his  wife's financial undertakings.  Lady Sykes is the daughter of the late  George Cavendish Bentinck, who was one  ot the pillars of the tory party, and himself a grandson of the third duke of Portland.-, Lady-'Sykes' mother, Mrs. Cavendish Bentinck. was for years one of the  most powerful and influential leaders of  London society. By reason of her stately  and commanding person, by the imperious bnWquerie of her manner, by the  brilliancy of her costume and by the prodigious quantity of the jewelery with  which she was wont to adorn herself, she  used to go by the name of "Britannia."  No party was complete unless graced  by her, and wherever she went her figure,  her voice and her wit rose superior to  everything around. There are hundreds  of people now prominent in English  society who are indebted to her i'or her  introduction thereto, and who will doubtless at the present moment show their  gratitude by being the loudest in their  denunciations of her erratic daughter.  The Sykes are au old Yorkshire family  of Cumberland origin, which first came  into prominence in the reign of king  James !., when Richard .Sykes was lord of  the manor of Leeds, as well as mayor of  that city.  Infinitely better known than the present head of the house, sir Tatton Sykes,  who is an elderly man over 71 years of  age, ancl considerably older than his  wife, is his younger brother, Christopher  Sykes, who may be described as the tame  cat of Malborough house. He' is one of  the most popular men in London society,  and the prince and princess of Wales  have no more devoted friend, no more  constant courtier and no more indefatigable Amphitryon tl.au this tall, well-mannered and well-bred Yorkshireman. Indeed, his whole existence is devoted to  anticipating their every wish and desire.  His country house at Br���iitiiigham and  his- town house at Mayfair are ever at the  disposal of his royal patron, and when the  good Christopher receives a.n intimation  from the prince that he will dine with  him and that ho expects to meet certain  guests, any previous engagement is cancelled, and the banquet, big or small, is  prepared forth witli.  Possibly by the mandate of royalty he  is still unmarried. He hasp, large fortune,  which may account for his apparent air  of curious surprise at the .trouble which  so many of his fellow-creatures extend  upon the serious business of existence,  llis bearing indeed is that of chronic inability to comprehend why anyone should  take life in earnest.  Lady Sykes' appearance in the police  court merely serves to call atteutiou'once  more to the growing number of similar  episodes in the existence of women prominent in English society. This is partly  attributable to the growth of luxury, due  to the invasion of the London great world  by the noveanx riches, who set the pace  tit too hot a rate, aud partly to the inability of women of fu-hion to realize beforehand (he inevitable consequi. ices' of their  aci.-i and speeches.  Two Eiigli.-di women of title are at the  present moment' working out sentences  for forgeries, the criminality of wliich  they never realized when they utcered  them, and scores of other equally blue-  blooded women have been sued i'n the  past ten month, for protested notes, their  attitude in court, showin . their surprise  that they should be expected, either by  the tribunal or bv their creditor to take  any account of the engagement to which  they had subscribed their name.  Indeed, the records of the civil and  criminal court in England the past two or  three years constitute a powerful argument in the hands of those foes to the  women's rights and women's emancipation platform, who declare that the fair  sex cannot justly be judged by the same  standards as men.���-Marquise de Fonte-  noy, in the Chicago liecoid.  CORPORATION  OF THE CITY OF NELSON  :b-_--l__-w- ns. o. 17.  A by-law In provide fur Ihe weight anrl sale nf bread.  The:'municipal council of the Corporation of the Oily  of Nelson enacts as follow-.-,:  1. Thai all bread sold or oll'eied for site within llio  City of Nelson, eiieh loaf shall be of lhe full weight of  one pound and a hall, and no lo.if of bread .shall be sold  under that weight.  2. The term "bread" shall mean and include not  nnlj ordinary white bread, bin all fancy bread in which  yeast is us_|: provided, always, thai for bread made  i wenly-foui' hours and over, one ounce Ii. lit woighlshnll  be allowed for each loal weig hing one and one-half  pounds.  ��� A. Nothing in lhe last preceding- suction contained  .shall be construed or extended to prevent baker.sor otlier  persons fioiu selling bisciuts, buns, rolls, crackers, inuf-  lin��, or oilier fancy cakes commonly made in I he trade.  I. The chief of police shall from lime to lime (and at  least once in every si .ly days, and after reporting to the  city council) examine lhe bakers'shops and carts, shall  i-ouliscale nil loaves which may he found of light wei. lit,  and shall dispose of the snnio under the direction of the  mayor, and he shall advertise in any newspaper published in the city the name or names of any per.-on or  persons so oll'ending.  .'>. Any per-on convicted of a breach of any of ihe provisions of Ibis by-law before the police magistrate, or  any t uinjustices of I he peace ha\ in. jurisdiction within  the cily of Nelson, .shall forfeit, and pay I'or each offence  such .sum not cvreeding one hundred dollars ($1(1 .till) and  cosls. (one! her with Ihe costs of llie ptos ociilion, as iodic police magistrate or otlier convicting justices shall  seem right, and in default of payment of the said penally  and ri. is. or penally or costs only, the said penalty and  cosi.s, or |ien,illy or cosls onl\ imij be levied by distress  and sale of ihe floods and chattels of the nil curler or  oM'endei's: and in case of there being un distress found  out ol which the -aid penalty and costs, or penalty or  costs only, can be levied, the police.magistrate, or other  convicting justices of the peace, may, under his hand  and seal, issue, a warrant committing such oilendcr or  offenders to the common' gaol or any lock-up house  within the limits of the city for any period not exceed-  in., two mouths, with or without hard labor, unless the  sail I penalty and cosls or penalty or costs, be sooner paid.  li. This by-law may bo cited foi- all purposes as the  "W .ightof Bread Ily-law, No. 17, 1S97.  ltead lirst, second, and third times August-Kith. IS!..  Reconsidered and linally adopted ancl passed the IStli  day of Augusl. A. 1>. IS! 17.     ...     ,.  ' '   ���  NOTICE.  The above is a true copy of a by-law passed on the IStli  day of August, 1S!)7, by the municipal council of lhe City  of Nelson, and all persons are hereby required to take  notice thai anyone desirous of applying to have said bylaw, or any part thereof, quashed, must limke liis application for that purpose to the supreme court of British  Columbia within oncmonlh next after the publication of  this by-law in the British Columbia Gazette, or he will  be too late to be heard in lhafc behalf.  CHARLES 1. SEALEY. City Clerk;  CORPORATION  OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  _3 _r-xJ^_-vcr nsr.o- is.  A by-law to regulate and license milk vendors.  Whereas it is deemed expedient in   the  interest  and  health  of the City of Nelson  that all milk vendors  shall be licensed and the sale of milk regulated:  Be it therefore enacted by the municipal council of the  corporation.of the Cily of Nelson as follows:  . 1. All dairymen and vendors of milk shall be licensed.  Any person or, persons selling or offering for.sale or disposing of any milk or cream without lirst having obtained a license so to do under the provisions of this bylaw, and without complying with the provisions of tiie  by-law under which such a license may be held, shall be  deemed, guilty of an oU'ehce. and punishable as'het .in-  after provided.  2. Every dairyman or person, or agent of any dairyman or person, wishing to sell milk within the boundaries of the City Nelson shall make written application to  the city collector for a license so lo do. Such application  shall be in the form in the schedule hereto, and shall  contain tho information following: The name iind ml-  dres of the applicant, the source or sources from which  he obtains his supply of mill . the number of cows in liis  possession, r.he average quantity of milk disposed of,  either to milk vendors, milk shops or private consumers,  the kind of food supplied to cows, if of brewery grains,  ensilage or oil cake, the. amounts in proportion to the  total food supplied, and a written agreement in the forin  of the ���second schedule hereto, signed by the farmer,  farmers, milk vendors or dairyman from whom he obtains his supply, that he or they are willing that his or  their farm or farms, cows, food, water supply, mill;,  milk vessels, pans, stables, dairy and premises used, or  intended to be used, for .storing or keeping milk, or in  which milk is kepi or sold, shall be inspected from time  to time by Ihe health ollicer of lhe cily, or by any agent  duly authorized by him so lo do, the kind of food supplied to Ihe cows and the situation and nature of water  supply for the cows  .'). On the above'requirements being complied with by  llii! applicant and the payment of llie license fee hereinafter provided for, and (in the health ollicer being satis-  tied with the inspect ion of the premises, cow's food,  water supply, mill . milk vessels, pans, si allies, dairy and '  premises used, or intended to be xitiCAl, for storing or  keeping milk, or in which milk is kept or sold, the city  collector shall grant to the applicant a license to vend  milk in the city.  I. The licensee shall comply with all the clan . . of the  "Health My-law" for the time being of lhe city, and the  health ollicer may desl roy any milk he may find in Ihe  possession of any licensee, or any oilier person or corporation, that is foul or offensive in any way, whether  I hroiigh smell or otherwise, or that may he adulterated  or condemned as unlit hy Ihe health ollicer or his authorized agent.  ���>. The licensee shall have placed in a conspicuous  place on every wagon or vehicle from which milk is sold  the name of the licensee and the number of the owner's  license, and on every milk can from which milk i.s sold  the name of the farmer, dairvman or person who sup--  pliorUlie milk lo the licensee!  0. The licensee, in the event of his obtaining any milk  from any other farmer, diiirviiiuu or person than those  named in his application, shall, before doing so, inform  the health oflicer, and shall produce to the health oflicer  a consent form, as contained in the second schedule  hereto, by such farmer, dairyman ur person, that, he will  allow his premises, cows, waler, milk, milk vessels, pans,  stables, dairy or premises used, or intended to he used,  for storing or keeping milk, or in which milk is kept or  sold, and food supply, to be inspected by the health oflicer during such time a.s be may supply the licensee.  7. The licensee shall forfeit his license and be subject  lo Ilu; penalties of this by-law if at any time he sells or  oilers I'or sale milk obtained from a farmer, duirymiin or  person who refuses to sign the consent, or having  signed refuses lo have his premises, cows, milk, milk  vessels, pans, stables, dairy and premises, .used, or  intended to bo used, for storing or keeping milk, or in  which milk is kepi or sold, and food supply, inspected by  lhe health ollicer or his agent,  S.   The license fee shall he ten dollars  (>.Ii..ii  per an  num, pavablo half-venrly. If the license .shall be lakeu  out during the currency of any half-year, il shall be live  dollars (.?. .Oii), and .shall expire on the succeeding 1. .li ol  .lanuarv or l.jlh of .lulv.  i). All mil. li cows and cow bwes. and all dairies or  other places al which milk is sold or kepi for general  use, and all milk, shall be subject to the inspection of  theiiiediu.il health oflicer or his authorized agenl.and  all such nlaecsas aforesaid .shall be kepi and conducted  so that the milk shall not cnnlain any mailer or other  thing liable lo reproduce disease,- eilher by reason of  adulteration, contamination with sewerage, absorption  of rlisea.se germs, infection of cows, personal uncleaiili-  ness, or any other recognized cause, and upon such condition being broken the license maybe revoked by the  municipal council.  III. All owners of cow* who supply milk within llie  Cily of Nelson, and all dairymen and oilier persons, selling or disponing of milk within the City of Nelson shall  furnish to the health ollicer. whenever required lo do -o  hy lhe Medical Health oflicer, a certificate under the  hand of the provincial governiuenl veterinary inspector,  certifying to the health in which llie cows ol any such  furiuer or owner of cows then are, or in theevcni of the  sairl dairyman, farmer, person or agent of dairyman,  fanner, or person, not owning the cows from which lhe  milk is obtained, purchasing his supply, the state of  health in which the cows of the pcr=on from whom the  milk is obtained then are.  II. Knob dairyman or milk vendor shall comply wilh  the various clauses of the "Health My-law",by giving  nocicc to the health ollicer of any contagious animal disease occuring amongst his cattle or any cattle1 from  which he obtains milk, or any contagious disease named  in lhe "Iloallh liy-law" in his family, or in the house or  shop tit which or from which or in which the milk is  either sent or received.  !_ No milk that has been adulterated, or that has  been reduced or changed by lhe addition of water or  other subniance, or by the removal of cream, nor milk  known as swill milk, nor milk from cows or other animals fed upon distillery slop, starch factory products,  garbage or other like substances, nor bulter or cheese  made from any such milk shall be brought into, held,  kept, or ollered for sale al anyplace in the Cily of Nelson, but skimmed milk may be sold as such if contained  iu cans bearing upon their exterior the words ".skimmed  milk" placed conspicuously in letters not less than Lwo  (2) inches in length, and .served in measures also similarly  marked. No person shall supply such skimmed milk  unless such quality of milk is asked for by the purchaser.  13. All dairymen anil vendors of milk and all drivers  of said wagons or vehicles having milk in their possession at the time shall furnish tho health oflicer, or any  person appointed by him, with such samples of milk as  he or thoy may have from time lo lime and at such place  as the samples may be demanded from them.  11. Every sample of milk shall have a label attached  to lhe vessel containing it, which shall have written  thereon al the time of collecting the number of the sample, date of collection ami the initials of the inspector,  who shall at once enter in a book, carried for that purpose for future reference, a corresponding number, with  tho name of the owner and driver from whom sairl samples were obtained ; and shall deliver a duplicate of Mich  sample in a sealed bottle or vessel to the person from  whom ihe .samples were taken.  I,). Every sample shall be examined separately, ae-  coiding to its number, by the medical health ollicer, or  his duly authorized agent, who shall register the percentage of butler fill opposite a corresponding number  in a book kept for that purpose, the name of the owner  lo be .subsequently inserted.  Hi. Any person who violates any of the pro\ isions of  this by-law shall bo liable ou a Hist conviction to a penally not exceeding twenty dollars ( ,_).0()), and on any  subsequent conviction not less than twenty dollars(.���0.0U)  and not, exceeding one hundred dollaro (SKlU.tlu) upon conviction before the police magistrate or any two justices  of the peace having jurisdiction m the cily of Neison, on  the oath of allinuation of any credible witness, and in  default of payment I Hereof it shall be lawful for the police magistrate or.justices of the peace, convicting as  aforesaid, to issue a warrant under his hand and seal, or  in case llic police magistral e. or just ices of lhe peace, or  any two or more of I hem act ing together I herein, then un-  der the hand and seal of one of them, lo levy the sairl penally  with cost . or penally or costs only, by distress and sale  of the offender's or o'H'oiidors' goods anrl chattels, and in  ease of no siiilicient. distress to satisfy lhe said penalty  anrl costs, or penally or costs, it shall and may be lawful  for the police magistrate or justices of the peace convicting nsuforc_iid.or any of thoni. lo commit the offender  or offenders lo 111" common gaol or any lock-up house iu  the City of Nelson for any period not exceeding two  months, unless the said penalty and costs, or penalty or  costs be sooner paid.  I".   This hv-l.iw mav be cited lor all purposes as the  "."VIilk Vendors- liy-law, No. Hi, IS07."  sciikduli; oNi:.  I, . berebj) apply for a license Lo sell milk in the  Cily of Nelson on the following conditions:  1. That I v, ill observe the conditions of the above bylaw.  2. That I obtain the milk wliich I sell from the following named persons and premises;  ,'l. That ihepieiniscs and rows from which I obtain  my supply of milk are free from all disease, are clean  mid not contaminated with tho seuet. genr nintierlikcly  to produce disease.    schedule TWO.  U  -.supply'milk to  milk vendor in the City  of Nelson, that I am willing anrl consent that the medical  health ollicer. health ollicer. or agent duly authorized by  cither of them, shall, at any time that they may so desire and during the period 1 supply milk to be sold or  consumed in the City of Nelson, come onto and inspect  .the premises on. which the cow's milk is kept, .the food  and water given lo the cows, the cans or receptacles in  which the milk is kept or held, and will observe'till the  terms and conditions of the above by-law, and will, when  requested to do so by the medical health oflicer or health  oflicer, or -authorized agent of either of them, furnish fo  the said health ollicer u.certificate of the government  veterinary inspector, in'.accordancewith clause!) of this  by-law.  Read first, second, and third times August Kith, ISO".  .Reconsidered and finally adopted and  passed August  ISth. __.."  Iseal.J JOHN HOUSTON. Mayor.  Chas. E. SEjUjKY, City Clerk.  NOTICE.  ���.The above is a true copy of a by-law passed by the  municipal council of the corporation of the City of Nelson, on the ISth day of August, A. I). 1S97, and all persons  arc hereby required to take notice that anyone desirous  of-applying to have said by-law or any part thereof,  quashed, must make his application for that purpose to  the supreme court within one .month next after the  publication of thisi by-law in the British Columbia Gazette, or he will be too late to bo heard in that behalf.  '..���   CHARLES E. SEALEY, City Clerk,   i  CORPORATION OF THE  CITY OF  NELSON  b _r-_-,-A."W- :_. o. i_.  Whereas it. i.s .desirable anrl necessary lo license and  regulate plumbers in the City of Nelson, and to  provide for the appointment of a'plumbing inspector,  and to provide for the effective plumbing, sewerage  and draining of buildings.  Therefore be it enacted by the municipal council of the  Corporation of the City of Nelson as follows:  1. The municipal council shall, from time to time, as  occasion may require, appoint such ''inspector or  inspectors of plumbing, hereinafter called plumbing  inspectors, as maybe found necessary: but no person  shall bo eligible for such appointment who shall not have  passed a satisfactory examination for prollcienoy in bolh  practice and theory of plumbing and drainage, before lhe  board of examiners as hereinafter provided.  _ Such inspector or inspectors shall be under the  supervision of the mayor, and shall be paid such salary  as the municipal council may determine.  _ A board of plumbing examiners is hereby constituted, lo consist of the cily engineer for the lime being,  who shall be chairman of llio board, one practising  physician, and one practical journeyman plumber, both  of whom shall be appointed by the municipal council:  and the board shall be called together al such times as  the chairman shall find necessary.  ���I. In ease any dispute arises under this by-law, as lo  whether any person or persons employed hy any master  plumber is u regularly educated, practical and  experienced plumber, as iu this by-law is provided, the  plumbing inspector may notify I In: said workman lo  appear and be examined before such board of examiners,  whose decision as lo the competency of such man shall  be final and conclusive.  ;->. The said board of examiners shall examine and  may grant certificates of competency to any plumber  who' may apply for that purpose, and such certificate  shall be' recorded in the oilier: of lhe cily clerk, the  person receiving the same paying a fee of one dollar  therefor, and such plumber shall be a registered plumber  of the city.  (!. U'oon and 'immediately alter lhe passage ol this  by-law, and in every ensuing year on or before the first  (lay of July, any person .desiring to carry on business or  trade as n. master plumber within the City of Nelson,  shall lake out a license, for which he shall pay al the  time of the issuing thereof the sum of twenty-five dollars,  except us hereinbefore provided,- and any person may  take out a license under the provisions of this by-law ou  behalf of a partnership, llrm, or company of which lie  may lie a member.  7." No person shall receive a license unless he is of the  full age of twenty-one years, and has a place within the  City of Nelson, aiid furnishes a bond binding himself to  the'amotiiit of S.OOO.nn, with at least, two sureties in the  sum of SAiil.l. each, to the satisfaction of the municipal  council, or n bond to llie same amount from a guarantee  company, and that he will employ only registered  'plumbers who have received and hold a certilicate of  competency from the board of examiners lo do all such  plumbing work as he mayengage to do. aud whether he  is a practical plumber himself or not, will not. permit or  allow any such work to be done by himself or in connection with the business except by such registered  plumbers, and that he will not violate any of the terms  and conditions, rules and regulations contained in this  by-law, or in any other by-law which shall come in In force  from time to 'time in lhe City of Nelson respecting  plumbing, drainage, sanitary matters and waler works  within the said city.  ���S.    I .very person  desiring such   license  shall   file wilh  the city collector a pel iti on in writing of lhe same, giving  name of the applicant, iind in case of a parl.icr.ship, the  name of each member thereof, together with lhe place  of business, and asking to become <i licensed master  plumber, and .Md petition i.ia.11 be accompanied ny lhe  bond and fee hereinbefore mentioned.  il. Any ch'ingo ot lirm or location of the liusiiw-.. s]i_]i  be .promptly reported lo the city collector, and llie  license shall be kopi in a conspicuous place at lhe  location of the business.  10. When any member of a partnership or company  is licensed indiwdually I'or the partnership or company,  the license may be issued in the name of lhe llrm, copartnership or company, the .said license selling out the  names of Ihe members of the linn, co-partnership or  directors of the conipany, and the dale Ihe license w.is  granted, and no license so granted shall be transferable  except wilh the permission of the municipal council.  11. All licensed master plumbers shall be held responsible forall acts of their employees in connection  wilh iheir business for which such' bonded license is  is.uod.  12. Every such bond and license shall be for I he year  current al lhe lime of the graining thereof, and shall  expire on the loth day of July next succeeding the date  of issue.  Ki. Upon satisfactory e\ idence furnished lo the  collector that any muster plumber has been twice convicted by the police magistrate, or two justices of the  peace having jurisdiction within the limilsof the Cily of  Nelson, of any violation of the provisions of this by-law,  or any of Ihe by-laws respecting plumbing, drainage,  sanitary mutters or waler works, liis license shall be,  ipse facto, forfeited and returned lo llic collector.  11. Any master plumber whose bonds and license may  become forfeited shall not again bo entitled to a license  until the said declaration of forfeiture shall be revoked  by the municipal council, and if such master plumber is  carrying ou bis business in co-pan nership, or as a  member of a company, the co-partnership er company  shall not, carry on the business of plumbing from the  dale of such cancellation.  15. liofoi. proceeding to construoL. re-esnstrucl. alter  or change any part of lhe plumbing, drainage or  ventilation of an hotel, tenement, warehouse, wash  house, or other building, the owner, his agent or the  master plumber constructing the same, shall file in the  olllce of the cily clerk an application for a permit  therefor, and such application shall be accompanied  with a specification or abstract thereof, in a blank form  prescribed and-.supplied for that purpose by thecity  clerk, staling the nature and work lo be done, and  giving the size, kinds and weights of all pipes, l raps and  fittings, together with a description ol all closets and  other llxture,',, and a plan with the street and street  number marked thereon, and showing the .drainage  system complete. I_ans must be legibly drawn in ink on  a scale of eight feet to an inch.  Hi. A permit shall bo granted or refused within two  days from the time of filing of the application, and the  permit of the plumbing inspector (if granted) shall be  valid for six months from the dale of issue.  17. If the plumbing inspector shall find thai the said  plans and spccilications do not conform with the rules  and requirements laid down in respect to plumbing and  drainage in the by-laws of the City of Nelson, he .shall  not issue any permit for such plumbing and drainage,  and it shall be unlawful fo proceed therewith.  IS. After a plan or specification has once been  approved no alteration or-deviation from the same will  be allowed except with the written consent of the  plumbing inspector.  19. I'.'om and after the passing of this by-law every  owner, or agent of an owner, of any building doing or  causing to be done any plumbing in such building shall,  on the same being passed by the plumbing inspector, be  granted a certilicate that said plumbing lias been done  in accordance with tho eity by-laws, anrl on being  requested to do so shall deliver such certilicate lo any  person proposing lo purchaseor occupy such building.  ~). No part of any plumbing or drainage work shall  be concealed or covered up in any way until it lias been  examined and approved by the plumbing inspector, to  whom nolio" must be sent when the work is siilliciently  advauccd to be inspected, unless in (he case of drainage  below the surface of the ground, which the inspector  has failed to inspect within (he (ive working hours  ensuing after being notified, then the ground may be  tilled in, in case of an emergency affecting lhe public  safety.  21. All material must be of good quality and free from  defects', and the work must be executed in a thorough  and workmanlike manner.  2_ 'The arrangement of soil and waste pipe must be as  direct as possible'.  23. The soil, waste and ventilating pipes and traps  must, where practicable, be exposed lo view for ready  inspection at all times and for convenience in repairing.  When necessarily placed within partitions, or m  recesses ol walls.soil, waste and ventilating pipes must  be covered with woodwork so fastened as lo be readily  removed. In no case shall they be so placed as to be  .ih-oliitcly inaccessible, unless under written permission from the plumbing inspector.  lit. When the ground is made or unsound the house  sewer shall be of medium or extra heavy cast iron or  brass pipe, with joints propoily caulked with lead.  2~>. In sound ground, provided il is outside of the  building, hard salt, glazed, vitrified pipe maybe used:  each length shall he welled before being laid and the  space completely.filled with cement mortar, made in the  proportion of two of good, clean sharp sand and one of  the best Portland cement, except in wet ground, when a  gaseot shall be'placed around the spigot and forced  down to the bottom of the.socket and finished in mortar  cement, as described above. Each pipe must be cleaned  out with a mo]) after being laid. The different lengths  must be laid in perfect line of the botlom and sides. AH  connections must be through '���Vjunctions. ,  ���21). Any soil pipe passing through a building, or  beneath the lloor of a cellar or basement, shall be of cast  iron or brass astin section 21 hereof, and shall extend to  at least five feet, outside the building and no wall shall  bo built leaning solidly upon the same. :  27. Where it is found impracticable to carry the main  ventilating pipe above the'-surrounding openings or  adjoining buildings within the prescribed distance of  forty feet, as in section 32. permission may be granted by  the plumbing inspector to insert a running trap between  the house and the sewer in a position to be approved by  the plumbing inspector, such running trap to have a  cleaning cap made gas and air light, brought up to the  surface of the ground, and taken off the outer or inner  side of such running trap. A fresh air inlet shall be'  brought up to the surface uf the ground from the inlet or  house sidoof such running trap, and be provided .with a  cast iron grating set in Portland cement, and be kept  free from dirt and deposit. Tn all cases where such intercepting trap is used, the main ventilating pipe.must  open at least ten feet from any opening or window.  2S. No exhaust from steam engines, or blow off from  stearn boilers, or overflow from water motors, shall be  connected with either private or public sowers.  20. Kvcry vertical soil pipe shall be of cast iron or  brass, and shall extend a sufficient height above Window,  roof or coping, or light shaft, to the satisfaction of the  plumbing-inspector.  .'iO. No rain water, down pipe, or chimney due shall  be used as a ventilator for any .sewer, trap, soil or waste  pipe, or as any soil or waste pipe.  31. Each building shall be provided1 with a main  ventilating pipe ot cast iron or wrought iron pipe,  galvanized, of not less diameler than four inches, which  shall be carried at least two feet above the highest  window, opening or light shaft, and lo the satisfaction of  the plumbing inspector.  :i2. Soil or main ventilating .pipes in an extension  must be carried to and above the roof of the main  building, when otherwise they would open within forty  feet of any openings of the main, or adjoining houses,  unless as provided.iu section 27.  AA. No soil pipe shall be less than four inches in  diameter. A waster.pipe receiving the discharge of live  or more, sinks shall not be less than three inches in  diameter and shall have two inch branches.  31. When lead pipo is used to connect fixtures with  vertical soil or waste pipes, or to connect traps.with1  main ventilators, it shall not be lighter than :..  1 inch in diameter, (i pounds per yard.  1.1 inch in diameter, ;V) pounds per yard.  U inch in diameter,   0   pounds per yard.  2 inch in diameter, S pounds per yard.  ���I inch in diameter. I"> pounds per yard.  2.V inch in diameter, 131 pounds per yard.  3 inch iu diameler, llii pounds per yard.  1   inch in diameter, 21' pounds per yard.  Tra|) vent pipes shall be of brass, lead, castor galvanized  wrought iron. All traps and llttings shall be equal in  quality and thickness to the pipes to which they are  attached.  3,. All east iron pipes must tic of the best clean grey  metal, free from sand cracks, honey comb, poms place-,  air holes or oilier defects, und of the grade known as  medium used below all fixtures, and for ventilating  pipes the grade known as ".Standard" of the heaviest  quality. Iu buildings over Ihree stories in height the  three lower stories must, be II tied with the grade known  as extra heavy.   The following will be accepted :  Standards    2   in. 3   iu. I   in.   a in.   Kin.  Below lixlures(pounds).I   iu. UA.in. !>  in. 17 in. 20 in.  Above llxtureslpoundsl.l   in. a   in. (ii in.  Kxtrn. heavy (pounds).. .5J in. !IA in. 13 in. 17 in. 20 in.  All  littings  used  in connection   with such  pipes  s|_n  correspond in weight and  quality.    All  such pipes lo be  coaled inside and out wit h tar and asphaltiim.  3(1. Kcforc being accepted all plumbing work shall be  tested by water or other lest approved by and made in  lhe presence of the plumbing inspector. All defective  material shall be removed and replaced, and bad workmanship made good.  37. All joints in iron or brass sewer pipe, soil pipe,  waste pipe and vent!!, ics shall be made witha gasket  ofoakum, and lead  hand caulked, and  be perfectly gas  tiglll. ��� .: .  3S. All connections of lead with iron or brass pipe  shall be made with a brass ferrule of the same diameter  of the lead pipe put in hubof lhe iron pipe and caulked  with lead. The ferrule shall be connected with the lead  pipe witha wiped joint. Vent and Mush pipes of wafer  closets shall be connected with brass couplings or strong  rubber connections under the discretion of lhe plumbing  inspector.  3!l. All connei.lions of lead, waste and vent, pipes shall  be made with wiped joints.  10. All water closets, urinal. . sinks, basins, wa -h I rays,  baths and nil tubs or sets of tubs, and hydrant waste  pii.o-ish.il he separated and effeel ually trapped, excepl  when a sink and wash tubs immediately adjoin each  other, in wliich case lhe waste pipe from .the I ubs may  be connected with the inlet side of the sink I rap. Urinal  platforms, if connected with lhe scwel.. must also be  properly trapped, vented and automatically llu.-lied  with water from asuppjy tank.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land  Notice is hereby given that sixty days after dale. I  Ihc.iindcrsitcncd. purpose applying lo the chief commissioner of lands and works for permission lo purchase the  following described lands.  i>K.soim-rio. .  Commencing al. u post placed on llie cast shore of Upper Arrow lake near the narrows, marked ".l.jl.'s N. W.  corner, llience following const line.south SO chains, I hence  SO eliains eiist, theni-e 80 chains- north, I hence SO chains  west to point of cniumcui.uiciil, containing lllfl acres  more or less. JOHN II. I iKVI.IN.  Daled Nakusp, M. C. .lime 2llh. 1 .17.        |.\iigu  . llth)  Notice of Application   for Crown Grant.  Take notice that c.\. S. I .irwcll. aiding as agent for  ���losejih K. Ilolllin. has lihil ihe necessary pjipci . ;iikI niade  application for u crown grant in favor of the mineral  claim "Skookiiiii." siliiated in the Ain.-worth mining division of West , Kootenay. Advcr.-e claimant-, if any.  must llic their objections'"with nie within I'll days from  lhe dale of the first publication of I his not ice in (lie Hritish Columbia (la/.elle.  W. .1. l.'ilKI'I'.l-. UiivcruiiM.-iil  Agent.  .  Iialcd al Nelson, August 3rd. IS1I7. |AiigUst 7lh|  -~^~ylCE'0F ANNUAL MEETING.  'file general annual meeting of the shareholders of the  Nelson Kleelric Light ,' 'oinpany. Limited, will held in 1 be  company's ofllee in Nel-on, Kriti. .i Columbia, op Monday. September lil h. I . 17. at 2 o'clock p in., to receive Ihe  report of I he ollicer- for the pn-l year, to elect directors  for the ensuing year, and for all oilier general purposes  relating to the management 'of I he company'- a I fairs.  .1. II. MATH IvSON. .Secretary.  Nelson. II. (,'.. Angus! llth. IS!l7.  Application  for Liquor   License.  I hereby give notice thai thirty days after date, I intend lo apply to Ilu- Hoard of Licensing ('oinini'sionei's  for I he cily of Nelson, for a lieeiisj; lo sell liquor by retail  al mv hoi el on lol a. block 1. in -aid citv. II. LUND.  Dated July 23rd. IS. 7. |.Iuly 2llb|  ~ isroTioE.''  Not ice is hereby giwii thai in accordance wilh .Section  3 of the Sanitary Uegulalions of I .Hi. :i resolution bus  been pa.-sed hy the proviuejjil hoard of health, declaring  th'.' Sanitary Kegulalions of I.S!Hi In be in force ill 1 be cil v  of Nelson. II. C. CI. U!C.    II. DUNCAN. M. I).  Secrelary i'roviucial Hoard of Health.  NOTICE.  Not ice is hereby given I ha I no visitors will be ad mil ted  at the mine or smelling works nf the conipany  without  perinissjnii in writing. TIIK HALL .MINKS. Lth.  11. Traps shall he placed as near the'fixtures as  practicable, and iu no case shall a trap be more than two  feet from the ilxtuie. All traps must have a cleaning out  screw on ihe under -ule.  12. A 1 waste pipes from fixtures otlier than water  closets -h.ill be i.rovided at I lie outlet with strong metal  strainer-, ami ,i i -inks and wash tubs shall be provided  with appiov.ii gn-.'-e traps.  13. The waste pipes from no oilier lixlures shall he  connected with a water closet nap.  II. All traps shall he protected from syphonage by a  ventilating pipe leading from the highest and outer  portion o�� the Imp, either separating or joining Llic  main ventilating pipe, above lhe highest fixture, except  in such parliculur eases, that iu the discretion of lhe  plumbing inspector the vent pipe may be dispensed wilh  upon proof of non-i-yphounge.  la. For traps in waler closets the branch veil I dating  pipe shall not be less than twoinehos in diameter, and  not less I ban lliroo inches for build ings of three stories or  more in height. Where a bath or basin, or both, are in  tho same room wilh a water closet, the vents for same  may join the clos,-l vent above the fixture. In no case  shall more than two water closets communicate with the  same ventilating pipe miles.-, it is over two inches in  diameler.  l(i. Overflow pipes must discharge into the open air,  where possible, with a flap on tne end to keep out  draught, otherwise they must iu every case bo connectcd  wilh the waste pipe on theiiilel side of the trap.  17. Kvcry safe under a wash basin, bath, urinal, waler  closet, or oilier fixture, shall be drained by a special pipe  unconnected wilh asewer, waste or soil pipe, discharging  into the open air. The outlets of Mich pipes are to he  provided with Map valves.  IS. No drain pipes from refrigerators .shall be directly  cornice .I with any soil pipe, waster or sewer.  III. Water clo.selsshall not be placed in an un ventilated  room or compartment. Iu every case there shall be an  opening lo tho outer air. All water closed shall be  supplied with water from special tanks, and the water  from l hcso shall not he u-ed for any otlier purpose. No  water closets shall be directly supplied from the water  mains or service pipes. Water closet, cisterns shall be  fitted with ball taps, etc., to prevent waste.  do. Where the t rap of the clo=el is above the floor, t he  connection with tiie soil pipe .shall be made with brass,  rubber or approved door (lange .  ,)1. Overflow or discharge pipes from tanks for  drinking water shall never be connected with any soil,  vent, waste pipe or sewer.  ,52. No closet or any other convenience which allows  the escape into lhe house of air or gas which has been  confined in any part of il, or from the drain or soil pipe,  or which allows the accumulation of till li in or about it.  shall  be fitted up or used.  53. No person other than u licensed plumber or pipe  layer, acting under the supervision of the inspector,  shall be permitted lo'inake any connection witli a public  sewer.  SI. All openings for private sewers must bo, so mode  as to cause as little inconvenience as possible to the  public; on completion lhe surface to bo left in as good  order as it was before the opening was miule, and all  materials, loose earth and rubbish lobe removed within  twenty-four hours ; all such openings to be fenced by day  and lighted by night in such a manner as may be  approved by the inspector.  o.">. No house sewer pipe lo have a let-s fall Unit one in  forty, unless special permission, in writing, is grained  by the inspector.  ,.l. No private sewer in acl nul use shall he disturbed  unless under the special direction of lhe plumbing  inspector.  ."j7. All water pipes must be protected from injur, or  settling.  .-_. The plumbing inspector shall have power to enter  upon iiny premises and examine the plumbing, \entila-  tion and drains, and should the same, iu hisopinion, be in  an unsanitary condition, may notify the owner or bis  agents lo lmvel lie.same put in a sanitary condition, and  any person neglecting to do so forthwith, to the .satisfaction of the plumbing inspector, shall be liable lo the  penalties of this by-law.  a!). The plumbing inspector is also authorized to  receive and place on hie drawings and descriptions of  the plumbing and drainage executed m the City of  Nelson prior lo the pan-age of this by-law, and examine  and ghe ,i certificate if in accordance with the provisions of this by-law.  lib. Any person guillyof any infraction of any of I tic  provisions of this bj-lan shall be liable," upon  conviuidii before lhe police magistrate or any lwo  justices of the peace bin ingjurisdiction within I he limits  of lhe City of Nelson, to be fined in any sum not  exceeding one hundred dollars, inclusive or ujsls.and in  case of lhe non-payment of lhe line and costs the -nine  may tie levied by distress and sale of the oll'ender'sgoods  and chattels, and in caw of lhe non-payment of the tine,  and there being no distress found out of which tho .sum  can be levied, such oll'eiider shall be liable to be' imprisoned lorany period mil exceeding I wo months.  (11. Tin- by-law may be cited forall purposes as the  "I'l bing Hy-law. No.ll, 1S!I7."  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that L Charles Heath, intend lo  apply at the expiration of sj\-(y days from lhe date hereof, to the romniissioncr of lands and works for permission to purchase Mill acres of unreserved, unoccupied and-  unsurveyed crown land, situated near the confluence of  Mearlow creek anrl Goat river, in the Goal river mining  division of West: ICootenav, Hritish Columbia.  ' CHARLES 1IKATII.  Dated this 12th day of July. IS_7.  DHSCUlf-riO.V.  Commencing at initial post marked -'Charles Heath's  N- W. Corner," thence due south 10 chains, llience due  cast 10 chains, thence duo north III chains, llience due  west 10 chains to point of comiiR'neeinentvcontaining IliO  acres more or less.  Notice of Application to" Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given Unit I. L. IVMcrrim'tui. intend  to apply al the expiration of sixty days from the publication of this notice, to the commissioner of lands and  works.lto purchase the following unoccupied, unsurveyed  and unreserved lands.'situate at. or near White Grouse  mountain, and embracing lands near confluence of north  and west .branch of Goal.. crei 1 . a tributary of Goat river,  in'the't!oat river mining illusion of Wesl Kootenav district.'Hritish Columbia. >���  iiK.scan-no.v. ���...,.  .Commencing at initial post marked "L. 1'. M.'s N. IC.  corner," tlience due south 10 chains, thence due west HO  chains, thence due north lOchaius, I hence due east SO  chains to point of commencement, containing 320 acres  more or less. L. U. M KlIRIMAN.  Dated this 1 lib day of May. ISfJT." [June lilth]  . Notice of Application to Purchase Land  Notice is hereby given that I, G. II. Owen, intend to  apply al the expiration of sixty days from the publication of this notice, to the commissioner of lauds and  works Lo purchase the following unsurveyed. unoccupied, and unreserved crown lands, situate on the north  shore of the west arm of Kootenay lake, in the Nelson  mining division oj the district of West Koolenay. Hritish  Columbia.  _^  . K.SCIUl'TIO.V. ...  Commencing at initial post marked "G. II. Owen S.._.'  corner," thence due west 10 chains, thence due north 10  chains, thence due east 10 chains, thence due south 10  chains to point of commencement, containing KiO acres  more or less. C. II. OWKN.  Dated this 20th day of June. IS! 17. |Junc 2(!th|'  Spokane Falls. & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red Mountain Railways..  Tr]e only all rail route without change of -cars  between Nelson arjcl Rossland, aqd  Spokane and Rosslarjd.  DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS.  Leave Arrive ,  ���kid a. in N KLSON ii:l.j p. m.  I LOO u. in    KOSSLAND  .1:10 p. in.  S:00a.ni Sl'OKANK ' G:IOp. m.  Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek connect at Marcus with stage daily.  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  OKIIjNTjM. .MIXKItAI. CLAIM. SlTUATl: IX TIIK NKLSON  .MINI. K DIVISION OK WKST KOOTKNAV MKTIflt.. AVI)  LOCWI'K. ON 'Mil: I.KKT BASIC OK KOOTKNAV KIVKK,  DITUBITi: Till: MOL'TII  OK M.OCAN  UIVICH.  Take notice that f, N. F. Town .md, agent for Hobert  J. Healey, free minor's certificate No. 7...kill, intend,  sixty clays from the dale hereof, to npply to lhe. mining  recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further take notice that action, under section ,'17. mu-t be  taken before the issuance- of such certilicnte of imp. ivo-  incnts. N. V. TOWNKKNJ)  Dated, Ihis-Jlth day of June. IS!.. |.Iunc aith]  Notice     of     Application     tor    Certificate    of  Improvements.  "Till: Kill" MINKK.Yl. CLAIM, MTL'ATi: IN TIIK NKLSO.V  -MININO DIVISION OK WKST ICOOTKNAV l)I��'l KICT. AND  l.OCATKI)    AIIOL'T    KK.IIT   ..IMC.      CI'   KAST     .n>K   OK  icokanki: CKi:i:ic.  Take notiee thai I. Chnrle-. A. Sloops, of Ka^lo. JL C.  acting as agent for ('. Sherbart of NoImiii. Jl. ('., tree  miner's certilieale No. S__I(I, intend sixty da vs. from the  date hereof.' to apply In the mining recorder i'or a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining ,i  crown grant of the above claim. And further take  notice that action, under section :,7. must be commenced  before lhe issuance nf such i-ertilh-atc of improvement..  CHAItLKS A. STOESS.  Dated this lllh day of June. 1S1I7. |.luly.'ird|  Notice    of    Application     for     Certificate    of  Improvements.  CO.MA'I'Ti: KUACTION JMINKKAI. CLAIM. nlTCATK IN TIIK  Ni:i_ON MININO D1VI. ION OK WKST ICOOTKNAV DISTRICT, AND I.OCATKI) AT IIKAIlWATKIlS OK KOKANKK  CUKKIC, AND II(h;n|)|:Ii ON NOISTII IIV ASI'KN AND ON  SOI'TII   HV   "Til i:  ICII)"..MINKKAL   CLAIM. .  Take notiee that I, Charles A. .loo. of Kaslo, 1 . C,  acting as agent for C. Sherbart of Nelson, 11. (;., free  miner's certificate Ny. S2,-.'i(), intend sixty (lavs from the  dale hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for  a certificate of improvements, for the purpn>-c of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And further take  notice that action, under section .',7, mu.-I he roinmenced  before llic issuance of such certificate iif improvements.  CIIAKLKS A. STOESS.   '  Dated thi.s lllh day of June. 1S.17. |.luly _-d|  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  LA I'LATA KUACTION .MINKHAL CLAIM. SITl'ATK IN TIIK  NKLSON MININO DIVISION OK WKST ICOOTKNAV I .S-  TIUUT, AND I.OCATKI) ON ICOICANKK CKKKJC. AND IS  IIOUNDKD ON NOHTII HV KLOI'.KXCK AND ON SOI'TII IIV  MOI.LV rjtliSO.S"  MINKKAL CLAIMS.  Take notice that I.Charles A. S loess of Kn^lo. 11. C,  acting as agent for C. Sherbart of . clt-on. 13. C��� free  miner's certilicate No. 8 .210. intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the milling recorder for a certilicate of improvements for the purpoM! of obtaining a  crown grant of I he above claim. And further take notiee  that action, under .section 37, inusf.be commenced before  the issuance of such certificate of improvement .  CIIAKLKS A. STOESS.  Dated, this lllh day of .June, 1897. (July 3rd]  Notice   of   Application   tor   Certificate   of  Improvements.  TIIK KLOKKNCi: MrNKKAL CLAIM. S1TUATK IN 'I'lIB NI.L-  HO.V MININO DIVISION OK WKST ICOOTKNAV DISTRICT.  AND LOCA'IKD (IN TIIK KAST SLOI'K AND AllOt'T ONK  AND A MALI MILKS HH'TII KKOM lll.'AI) OK ICOICANKK  Clll-.KK.  Take notice that I, Charles A. Stoess, acting as airent  for It. W. Willey of Nelson. Ii. ('., free miiicrVccrtilleatu  No. 117 S.7, intend sjxt vdfiys from thedale hereof, loupply  to the mining recorder for a certilicate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claim. And further lake notice that:action, under section .'17, must be commenced before the issuance, of Mich  certilicate of improvements.  CIIAKLKS A. STOESS.  .Dated, this llth day of June, 1SU7. [July.'.rri]  Notice    of     Application     for     Certificate    of  Improvements.  KI.OKK.VCK KUACTION MINKKAL CLAIM. S1TIATK IN 'I UK  NKLSON MININO DIVISION OK WEST KOOTENAV DISTRICT, , AND I.OCATKI) ON ICOICANKK CKKEIC. AND IS  IIOUNDKD ON NOHTII IIV ACIIILLKS . TWO IICNIIKKD  AND ON ..SOUTH   IIV  KI.OHKNCE MINKKAL CLAIMS.  Take notice that I, Charles A. Stoess of Kaslo. 11. C.  acting as agent for O. Sherbart nf Nelson, li. C, free  miner's certilicate No. S .210, and I\ XV. Gcorgeof Nel.-on,  B. C. free miner's certilicate No. 70.075. intend sixty days  from the date hereof, Io apply to the mining recorder for  a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a .'crown gran! of the above claim. And further take  notiee 'that action, under section 37, must he commenced  before Ihe issuance of such certificate of improvements.  ClfAltLKS A. STOESS.  Dated this 2lilh day of .lime, 1S97. [July .lrd|  Notice, of   Application   for   Certificate   of  1 Improvements.  ACHILLES TWO IIUNDUKD MINKKAL CLAIM. SITUATE IN  THE. NKLSON MININO DIVISION OK WEST \ ICOOTKNAV  DISTUICT, AXD LOCA'IKD KIOIIT MILES Ul' KAST SIDE  OK ICOICAXKE CKKEIC AND .IOINS NOKTII END OK  KLOItKXCE  MIXEKAL CLAIM.  Take notice that I,.Charles A. Stoess of ICaslo. B. C.  acting as agent for C. Sherbart of Nelson B. C. free  miner's certificate No. 82.210. intend sixty' days 'from the  dale hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a eerliti-  catc of improvements, for the purpose of obtainini; a  crown grant of the above claim. And further take  notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced  before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  CHAItLKS A. STOKSS.  Dated this llth day of June, IS97. .[July: _d|  Notice   of   Application   Tor   Certificate   of  Improvements.  OOI.PKX EAC.LK MINKKAL CLAIM. SITUATE IN TIIK NELSON  MININI) DIVISION OK WEST ICOOTENAV DISTltlCT. AX I)  I.OCATKI) NKAK TUB  IIKAD OK SAXDV CKKEIC.  'fake notice that I, A. S. Karwell. agent for Alfred C.  I .iiiiicrfull. free miner's certificate. No. S .P.'i'i. iliti ml  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply Jo the'milling  recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose "f obtaining a crown gram of the'nbove claim. And  further take notice that action, under -eetion 37. must he  commenced before the issuance of such eerlilicale of improvement. A. S. FAKWKLL.  Dated this 2nd day of July. IS!)7. l-luly lutbl  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.'  <;Oc)|> KXOllill   MIXKItAI. CLAIM, SITUATE I.V TIIK NKI.SON  MINIM.'   DINISION  OK  WKST  ICOOTKNAV   DISTUICT.  S|T-  UATK ON  TOAD   MOUNTAIN.  Take notice I hat I. Frank  Fletcher, acl ing as agent for  (ieorge  II. Andrews,  fn.,.  miller's ( .nillnilc  No. (_.2!i.5.  intend sixij days from the dale hereof, to apply  to  the  mining recorder for a  ccrlillcnte of iiuprovem'enr . for  the purpose ,,f obtaining a   crown   grant  of   the  above  claim.    And further take notice  that   action, under section 37. iiiust be commenced before the issuance of such  certilieale of improvements. Fit A NIC. KL ETC HI''It  Daled ihis l_.li day of July. I. 17. |July 17lli|  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  ivaniiol: minkkal claim, situ ate in tiik ainswoktii  ..minino division (ik west icootknav iiistkil't. axd  Located audit tiiiu:i:-'.   aki-i-ks ok a milk south  ok tiik town ok, ainswoktii.  Take: notice that I. A.S. Karwell. acting as agent for  Maxwell Stevenson, free miner's ecrtilicate No. 7ll.ll).'). intend sixty clnvs from I he dale hereof, to apply to the milling reorder for a certilicate of improvements, for-.the  purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the aho've claim.  And further" take notice that'action, under section 37.  niiisi be commenced before the issuance of such eerlilicale  of improvement  . A. S. KAHWM.L.  Daled this ,'frd day of August. If.7. |August 7tb|  Notice of Application to  Purchase  Land.  Notice is hereby given thai I.A.I). Kvni.s. inicnd lo  applv al l he expiration of sixty days from the publicai ion  of Ibis noliee. lo the eoininissioiicr of lands and works to  purchase the following unsurveyed. uuoccii|iii d. and unreserved crown lands, situate at or near White (irotise  mountain, and embracing hinds near confluence of u< till  ami west branch of I lout creek, a tributary of (,'oal river,  in the (tout river mining division of the di-l rid of West  Kootenay, Urit i. l\ ('oliiiubia.  DKSCKIl'TION.  Commencing at initial post marked "A.(>. K.'- N. E.  corner," llience due liorlh in chains, llience due west So  chains, thence due south in chains, llience due cast .-.  chains to point of coiuiiieiiccmeiil. containing 320 acres  more or less. A. O. EVANS. ,  Haled lliis llth day of May. I��'!K.. |.Iune 1. Ill \  ��*  m  ��� ���ii.  LJU  m  pa&vf v  .;<  __ i ���  '.���MIS'. '���m  THE  TRIBUNE:   NKLSON, .13. C, SATURDAY, A IKUJST ;i1;  IS. 7.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  A man, giving tiie uttme of li. Ferguson,  was charged before mtigistr. te C..a.r-e on  Monday witli, indecently assaulting- two  little girls named Ai;.title .McLaughlin and  Mary .'jMsi .lonka.    J^ui-gti-on  enticed    the  ��� girls into a cabin below cue general hospital, in which the alleged assault took  place. Ferguson wa.s com in it ted i'or trial.  It took three officers; to arrest the prisoner.  ���' and a second charge ol* resisting arrest  was laid against; him. l'pon this charge  he was sentenced to one month's'imprisonment. The city will v.lic .'eiore be put  to the expense of paying llie prisoner's  transportation to Kamloops. Ferguson  is supposed to be a fictitious name, the  prisoner's real name being Dow.  Alice \\'illi.s. who was shot last wcok by  ' S. V. Swyny, died at 7> o'clock Tuesday..  The immediate cause of death was paralysis of the intestine*, which set in Sunday  morning. The body was shipped to Aus-  , tin, Texas, where the mother and sister of  the deceased reside. The deceased made  a will after the shooting, leaving all her  property to her mother. From a post  mortom made by the medical attendants,  it was found that the bullet had cut the  ipieeti in two, and that there wa.s,no possibility of tiie victims recovery. .  W. 0. Nichol, who for a short time wa.s  editor of the Kaslo Kootenaian, passed  through Nelson on Thursday on his way  to the coast. Water says that ho conk!  not remain on the Kootenaian because  the patrons of the paper insisted upon  his conducting an American newspaper  upon Canadian soil. Mayor Green and  one or itvii others were all right upon the  ��� quesuou, but many of the business men  of Kaslo threatened to withdraw their  support if the ultra-Canadian tone of the  paper wa.s not changed. To the ordinary,  mind the thought would suggest itself  that the newspaper which has not sufficient courage to withstand the bulido/.iug  of alien advertisers, should refrain from  discussing Canadian issues.  On Wednesday moruiug a cottage at  the head of Stanley street, belonging to  George Jones, took fire. Mrs. Jones was  away getting water when the fire broke  out, and when she returned the fire had  gained such headway that she could not  save even a sum of money which was kept  in the house. When the membersof the lire  company reached the scene of the lire the  cottage had been reduced to a heap of  glowing embers. The fire left Jones and  his wife absolutely without anything save  the clothes they stood in.  Arthur Locke, a vagrant with a very  abusive tongue, was sentenced to two  months' imprisonment by magistrate  Crease Friday morning. Locke lias the  cut of a man who abuses women, tie  created a stir in court by calling his  brother's wife vile names.  O. G. Dennis, the new gold commissioner for Southern Kootenay. brought  his washing down from Kaslo this week  and took charge of the government offices  in this city. John Keen has been appointed to succeed .Dennis as government  assessor. Keen is a good man and may be  expected to discharge the duties of assessor satisfactorily. He will continue to  discharge the duties of mining recorder.  J. J. Young, of the Calgary Herald, who  recently published a lengthy criticism  upon the local management of the Hall  Mines, played an important part in the  recent Calgary gold brick swindle by  which G. C. McGregor, of the Molson's  bank at Calgary was done out of $11,000.  McGregor first heard of the man with the  brick to sell and commissioned J. I. Young  to negotiate the deal by which McGregor  was to lose his money.  George .V. Brown has ceased to breathe  war against the fire limits by-law. He  'has secured a cancellation of the lease  upon the Baker street lot, and disposed  of his lumber to W. P. Robinson. lie will  continue to reside in the city.  J. H. Bowes has declined to pay the tax  levied by the city council upon lawyers.  By by-law No. .. a tax of $12..0 was imposed upon every person carrying on business in the city as a barrister or solicitor.  A summons will be issued against Bowes  for breach of the by-law. As the legislature has given the municipality power to  impose the tax, it is difficult to see how  the payment of the same can be evaded.  Sanitary.inspector Wolley is at Slocan  City investigating the cause of an epidemic of typhoid fever which has broken  out"iii that place. It is said that there  have been several deaths in Slocan City  from this cause during the past week.  Acting government agent Goepel and  superintendent Hussey held an investigation at Sandon on Monday into the several charges preferred against provincial  constable Hamilton. TJie investigation  was held behind closed doors. The evidence and the findings will go before attorney-general Fberts. Hamilton wa.s  charged with pursuing a policy of blackmail.  J. I.. Martin has been appointed deputy  timber inspector for the provincial government, with headquarters in Nelson.  J. 11. will endeavor to cover all the adjacent territory in Sotvthern Kootenay and  possibly Yale.  The nominations for the election of a  mayor and board of alderman i'or the  newly incorporated city of Greenwood  will take place today, and in the event of  a poll-being necessary the same will take  place on Saturday next. Robert Wood,  who has been appointed returning officer  is the first choice for mayor.  Dr. Landerkin, . 1. P. for South Grey,  spent a couple of days in Nelson this week.  The respective owners of tiie Olive Beaton and Chahalis mineral claims, on Wild  Horse creek, have got into tiie courts over  the question of ownership of a prospect.  John M. Beaton, as the owner of the Olive  Beaton, has commenced an fiction against  IX li. Grebe and W. J. Southwell, the  owners of the Chahalis, for trespass. Ben  in order to sell what Shirt Waists we have left in Stock,  we have reduced same to  lilt^' ."ftam LalS J$  .l��_��_Jf__j<j��^.:;.   *i v_  I   iDia. _* P" _JBs/  Mm  M  1.25  WORTH $1.25, $1.75,' $2.00  n  _    1  W. A. MeYESCH, Prop., Nelson  Fine Assortment of  The Columbia & Kootenay  Railway & Navigation Go.  I1AVK  THE ONLY  SCOTCH  DRINK8 A - firsbt_-ms and sag"'*  IN THE CITY        GINS, LIQUEURS  WINES and  CICARS  S  On account, of leaving town 1 hcrew.illi oiler fur .sale  iny fiii'iiiliiru and household .wis. I'jveiythin. iu Rood  condition.    Inquire nt my residence.  PAUIi JOHNSON,  Sii'.ieriiifendont Hall Klines Smelter.  C.   ���  Will open denial parlors in the Travcs block, corner of  linker and Ward streets upon the completion of the  building. The building will be ready in about one month.  Has opened  his new  assay oflice  at the  corner of  Hall  and linker streets, and i.s prepared to execute all worli  entrusted to him with promptness and accuracy.  ton is represented by 11. M. Macdonald, of  this city.  Frank Dana Moore, who for some  months passed has occupied the position  of freight clerk on the steamer Nakusp,  has been promoted to purser on the Canadian Pacific Railway company's steamer  Kokanee. Frank Dana Moore will make  an excellent purser. He succeeds J. II.  Martin, who recently succeeded purser  AVright.  William Perdue sailed from Vancouver  on the steamer Capilano for Skagway  Bay on Wednesday. He has 70 head of  cattle and 20 horses, which he is taking  into the Klondyke. P. Burns & Co. of  this city, are behind Perdue in his efforts  to secure the meat trade of the Klondyke.  It is rumored that the government sale  of town lots in this city, which has been  ponding for several months, will take  place within the next thirty days. It is  also said the squatters will be allowed to  purchase their lots subject to a valuation.  Messrs. Vivian 6c Sons of Swansea, are  making an effort to compete with American ore buyers for the purchase of the  ores of this province, and have appointed  W. Pellew-i.la.rvey of Vancouver, then-  agent for this purpose. The latter is now  endeavoring to secure trial shipments  from all parts of the province. He oilers  to pay 75 per cent of the value of the ore  upon samples being made at Vancouver,  aud the balance upon the arrival of the  ore at Swansea. Jf the Swansea smelter  can secure any quantity of the ore from'  this province, a sampler will be built at  Vancouver. The freight upon the ore  from Vancouver to Swansea is figured at  $8.7)0 per.ton.  Charles Ferguson, the Canadian Pacific  Railway telegraph operator who broke  his leg some weeks ago, died at the hospital this morning. .  George Arthur Bigelow arrived in town  this week, lie says the petition industry  is booming in the Trail Creek district.  One United States editor is soliciting signatures to a petition I'or an export duty  for the purpose of enabling a United  States smelter man to cinch the mine  owners of Trail Creek, and a second  United States editor is circulating a petition for the purpose of securing to a  United States mining company the privilege of exporting their ore to an  American smelter for treatment, without  the payment of an export duty. Bigelow  is now at work drawing up a memorial to  United States residents of West Kootenay, requesting them to give Canadians a  chance to say something with respect to  the drafting of necessary legislation for  the government of Canada.  D. W. McVicar this week commenced  cleaning up on the Nelson Hydraulic  ground on 'Forty-nine creek, and expects  to have the clean up completed in six-  weeks. There is every indication that  McVicar will do well upon the past seasons operations. He has washed much,  more ground this year than was washed,  during all previous workings, and so far  the returns have been much better.  On Maker and Vernon st reels and plenty  of stood  Business Lots  On Maker and V<  of _i>od  Residential Lots  in   the  ftovorninenl   lownsiic.   of   Nelson.  Also lol.s in  liobs-on  For Sale  _piii.\ to  Frank Fletcher, P.L.S., Agent, Nelson.  A complete stock of Building Lumber of  all  i^inds will   now be  !\ept  at  Nelson,.  Charles St. Bark Agent.  NEW WEST. hNSTER, B. C.  Conducted by the Fathers 0. M. S.  ...CLASSICAL COURSES  Will Reopen September 1st.  Send for Catalogue or Address President St. Louis College, New Westminster, B. C  IT IS  All persons wishing to visit the Goat  River, Duck Creek, Summit Creek, Fort  Sheppard, Priest Lake, or Fort Steele  Mining Districts should know that by  taking the Steamer Alberta or Ainsworth  for Ockonook, Idaho, and purchasing  their supplies of the old reliable Ockonook General Store, they will get their  goods at Spokane retail prices and be  from 20 to 50 miles nearer the above  named districts than at any other supply  point on  the   Kootenai   River.  J. I. BARNES Manager  OCKONOOK CENERAL STORE  ���     X  Little  lieii. to  ,'innoiince  Unit she  is about lo  open a  I'KIVATK SOIIOOIj IN NKLSON  Tho course of instruction comprises KXCIjISII. JIl'SIC  CAUSTIIKNIC., I .t. N( .1. and (IKItMAN  (acquired abroad)  Kor terms apply In  MISS K. M. U'ITIjK.  I'ostofllce, Nelson.  ..jssr^i^  n^_3E$8_3S_&  TIMBER INSPECTOR'S OFFICE.  1TOTIOE.  The sale of the Kobson Sawmill Company's mill, which  was   to  have  been .sold  ou   Monday,  the ' _Jril  day of  August,  for  non-payment  of timber royalty has been  postponed till Thursday the 23rd day nf September, 18117.  li. .1. SICI. NEIi, Timber Inspector.  Application for Liquor License.  .Notice is hereby given thai the undersigned will apply  to the hoard of Licensing Commissioners of Ihe City of  Nelson, at their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor  bv retail at his hotel, situate on lot. 7, block !). Nelson.  S. ,1. M TGI I TUN.  Hated at Nelson, B. C.. Augusl Kith, IS! 17.  Application For Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply to the Hoard of Licensing Cuininissioners for the  Citv of Nelson at their next, meeting, for a license to sell  Honor bv retail al their hotel on   Lot 10. Hlock  2, Nelson.  FHVl) lUCHAKDSO.V,  IIAKKV I'KjIIDUK,  flnled at Nelson. Augusl 21st. I, .17.  ��^e5g^_pwHS33&3waa ' These are two articles which we pretend  -���ais__Sff^r^^^��.___^" * ���        to' know  something about and we   make  specialties of each. "We are sole agents here for . "Ram Lai's," one of the best Indian  package Tea that is on the market, and tha demand for it is. steadily increasing. Our  "Queen's Blend" in 5-pound tins is a'first-class Ceylon Blend, but if you want something  extra, fine try a package (1-2 and 1-pound packages) of "Schillings' Best." It is high  priced but it is a choice article. We also handle "Schillings' Best" Java and Mocha Coffee  the choicest coffee that money can buy. Creamery Butter in boxes, tubs, 1-lb bricks and  1 and 2-lb tins. A consignment of small new cheese just in, and everything else in the  grocery line.   Wholesale and retail. '        ��� ���  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  ocs  rHE latest, styles of Ladies' Purses and Card Cases,  and Gents' Pocket Books and Purses. The prices  are rio'ht and  the jnxxls the  best manufactured....  P.  Teet__;eS  ��S_ Co.  DRUGGISTS  W.  F. TEETZEL & CO.  Agents for H. Lawrence Spectacles and _ye I Musses  Kycsighl tested free  t  . c<  _"��  IN- THESE WE HAVE BOTH  �����������������������__77/�� NEW SHAPES AND THE  Made by the celebrated Firm of  John B. Stetson d. Co., Philadelphia  OLD FAVORITES  Also Just Received  A Large Consignment of  Direct* From  San Francisco.  AS A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE  EASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS  Also call and examine fche EARN PIANOS which just arrived  eweler,  eiso  IS THE PRICE ON THE BALANCE OF OUR  T  18 and 20 |  BAKER   STREET U-  SJ  BRANCH MARKETS   .    .    ...  Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three  Forks and. Sandon, in Slocan  District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything- in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly Forwarded.  m  M  m  .3  .1  ti]  '4  I  �����.v^_r__^^ -.-/-';;���.:i\s.^;^.H^ .-^..f:   *-..X--*ii,^^


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