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 m.  KOOTENAY    ,  Has Minos that arc Paying Dividends and  Hundreds of Properties that can be Made'  Dividend Paying Mines.  SIXTH   YEAR.-NO. 38.  \  ': mff^m  "���..���': h__  h-��        SB;  5_.  ���HT?'  NELSON,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA. SATURDAY, AD GUST 20, 1898.  ' KOOTENAY -  *  Has   a   Mineral   Output    of  Upwards   ot   Ore  Million     Dollars    Every     Monlli  In   The   Year  'TWO   DOLLARS A YEAR.  IS   YOUR,   PARTNERSHIP   REGISTERED?,  If Not Every  Member  of Your  Firm   May  be  Let in for $100. r  Something iu the nature of a sensation  was created   iu  Nelson this  week  by an  action wliich was started  for the purpose  ol' recovering from   tiie  members ol'  the  linn ol' Ruisterer 6c Company the penalty  provided   in   tho  partnership act  of tire  province for the lion, registration  of.tiiat  (irin    with   the   regisi rar of  lhe   county  court.    This suit is I lie outcome of a,disagreement   which   the ,linn   had   with    a  man iu ilieii'employ.    I Lo enlered   a  suit  against i he firm of brewers   for  the  p ty-  nient   of   wages,    but    was  unsuccessful  owing to a counter claim   of  the  brewers  being   allowed   by  the court,    llis  next  move was to enter a suit on beJiali of himself and the queen to   recover  from   each  member of the linn   the  penalty of $100  for   winch   the   members  of  the .firm are  liable  through   their   failure  to   register  their   partnership   within   three  months1"  from the formation of t.he same.    The act  ' provides that in cases  of conviction  one'  half of the  fine shall go  to  the  person  1'iiteriug the suit so that the informant in  this ease stands a fair chance of cleaning  up'$l( )0ras the result of Ids action against  his former employees.  If this matter affected the members of  the firm of Heisteror 6c Company only, it  would not occasion much stir, but it i-<  said, and upon excellent authority, that  with but a few exceptions the members of  every partnership in the city are liable to  the same penalty, aud there i.s nothing to  prevent anyone so inclined from scooping  in a few thousand dollars by the simple  process of entering suits .against the members of every partnership who are not  shown to have their partnership registered wilh the registrar of tiie county  court. This provision of the partnership  act was passed in ISill, and under it every  member of a partnership engaged or  formed for Ihe purpose of engaging in  trading, manufacturing or mining, are  required to register the same within throe  months from the date of the partnership.  The fee charged for registration i.s merely"  nominal and there is therefore no excuse  for lailuro to register. The section of the  act requiring registration i.s as follows:  Section 00. (I) All persons now associated in or hereafter entering into a general partnership for trading, manufacturing, or mining purposes, shall cause to be  delivered to the registrar of the county  court of the county iu 'which they carry  or intend to carry on business, a declaration in writing -sijvnod -by the several  members of such firm. (2) If however any  of the said members are absent from the  place where the}' carry or intend to carry  on business at the time of making the  declaration, then the declaration shall be  signed by the members present in their  own names and also Tor their absent co-  members, under their special authority  to that effect, and such special authority  shall beat the same time filed with the  registrar and annexed to the declaration.  Colonel Baker's Reply to Election Petition.  The reply to the election petition  against the return of colonel Baker in  East Kootenay. raises some interesting  points affecting the whole of the petitions  filed. It is made by Messrs. Tupper,  Peters, and Potts, as counsel for colonel  Baker, and asks that the petition be dismissed on the grounds, among others,  that the supreme court has not had conferred on it any authority to try election  'petitions;" that the officer required by the  act pto be appointed by the chief justice  to attend to the preliminaries in such  cases, has never been appointed, aud that  while the act requires the security for  costs to be deposited in the Bank of England, the money has not been so deposited.  Refrigerator Between Kootenay and. Coast  Allan Cameron, district freight-agent of  the Canadian i'acific railway, made the  announcement this week, that commencing on Thursday, August 18, and every  Thursday, thereafter, the railway company will provide a refrigerator car for  carriage of perishable '.shipments between Vancouver and Arrow Head  and destined for Kootenay district.  The car will be iced between Vancouver  and Arrow'Head : at the latter point shipments will be unloaded and forwarded by  first steamer after arrival. The service  i.s in the nature of an experiment and  unless there is sufficient freight shipped  the service will not be continued.  The Profits of the War Eagle.  If the Gooderham syndicate repeats  with the Centre Star the success made  with the War Eagle, it will be a very  profitable venture. The War Eagle was  bought for .700,000, but. other expenses  brought the cost up to about ,7.".),000.  The property was steadily developed, a  company with authorized 'capital of  2,000,000 $1 shares was formed, of which  3:". 1,000 shares remain unissued. The  l,O"_),()00 issued shares are worth at present market price about $ I, .00,000. The  present dividend is $297,000 yeariy. and1 it  is believed that this will before long be  doubled.   The Dominion will Have a Surplus.  The total revenue of the Dominion to  the end of July, which is credited to the  fiscal year 1.N07-N. is $80,812,012, as against  for the previous year. Con-  .'und expenditure up to the  i.s $30,772,.'.50, as against $30,-  INOO-7. It i.s too soon yet to say  definitely what the surplus will be, but it  cannot be far short of a million dollars.  The new financial year opens auspiciously,  iii.���-57,710,277  solidated  same date  87)0,102 for  I hf'rev. mas exceeding that of July, IS07,  bv . 1.3S3.201 : the. actual figures are Jul v.  LS0S, .3.030.(511); July. 1807, $'2,2TMA 18. This  phenomena! increase is accounted for by  the largely augmented collections on account oi' customs and excise, the former  amounting to $2,-130.001 in July, ISOS.as  against $I,3K.,0.0 during the same month  of last year. Kxcise receipts I'ni" the  month increased from $30.,0.7 to $0II,:">2..  Capital expenditure for July, chargeable  to lhe present fiscal year, i.s $1:53,007, a.s  against $10l,fi20 last year. The total net  debt ou July: .si.amounted to $201,083,321.  New G-olii  . trllco in Cassiar.  Gold    in    paying   quunliiie-*   has    been  found   in   --e vera I   oi   lhe   �����( reams ' in   the  vicinif y of T igish lake iu no;-t hern part of  Cassiar. aud a, stampede has la.keu  place,  Skagway     and     Juneau    being    almost  depopulated as a result.    As the new  discoveries are within the province   there  is  no   reserving of alternate  claims  and no  heavy royalty. A butcher mimed Murphy,  hailing originally from Taeoma, wdio was  driving  in  sheep  for  Dawson to be sent  down the river in scows, is credited  with  the   original   discovery.     The   sheep   in  their wanderings along  the  bank  of the  creek turned u|j a little  nugget;  Murphy  picked it up. investigated,  ami   became a  rich man.    Unlike the average mortal, he  decided   to say  nothing about  his good  luck, and went to work to dig  out a   fortune.    He kept hard at  it  until  supplies  ran short; then washed  out   a   bagful   of  dust, and went to Skagway to  buy grub  with  it.     This operation   was-twice repeated, and  then   the  circumstance that  he could not have gone  for  his  treasure  excited the curiosity of the  storekeeper.  He was followed���and tho secret was out.  Four old prospectors. Juneau   men,   wero  the   trailers   who   exposed   his   *' bank."  They sent out for eight  of  their   friends.  Tho    friends    naturally    discussed    the  proposition.    Then   other   men   sent  for  their friends to hurry in and   locate,  and  the news came to Bennett aud went down  tho river on the steamers.    The bed lock  is only live feet from the surface on  most  of   the   claims   and   pans   have gone as  h igh as $(>.   -   Says the Company Has New Arrangement  Hugh Sutherland, who is interested  with Messrs. Mackenzie 6c Mann in the  construction of the V. V. 6c IL railway,  says in effect that work has been suspended on the road in conformity with an  agreement entered into with the provincial government-, by which the  company was granted an extension of  time t'o enable it to secure a' heavier  subsidy from the federal government.  As the members of the late - ministry  assured the people of the province that-  work Would, be commenced upon the  V. V. & E. railway before the middle of  August, aud continued until the completion of the road, and that'they held  the company's guarantee for the performance of such work, it would be interesting  to learn when the promoters of this railway entered into their later agreement.  Some alleged guarantee which the  government professed to have for the  construction of this A'. V. & 15. road was  the basis of one of the stock arguments  which was used by the members of the  Turner cabinet for the killing of the  Corbin application. It would be interesting now to learn what this guarantee  amounted to.  THE   DUNDEE   MINE  The Development of the Athabasca.  Last week a new vein was struck on the  Athabasca property which promises to be  richer than any heretofore encountered.  Concerning the find the manager of the  company says: "The vein lies in a schist  formation to the west of the upper workings, aud may possibly prove to be an extension of the old vein. The rock is of  surprising richness. Small samples of  three or four ounces when panned gave  good returns iu gold. The vein is of good  size, although on this, we must do more  work before making a statement. 1  brought down a beautiful sample from it  weighing about HO pounds, the cavities of  which were encrusted with. gold. One  sample from a spot where rich pannings  were obtained, but with no gold visible,  assayed $300.20 and another sample taken  across four feet gave $7-1.10. In the drift  from the main shaft we have encountered  a good vein of quart/., but I cannot say  definitely whether this is the true lead or  not, but the -prospects are very encouraging at this uoint."  The New Men Take Hold  Tuesday morning, Hon. C. A. Semlin,  premier and .minister of lands and work ;  Hon. F. C. Cotton, ministerof finance and  agriculture, and Hon. Joseph Martin,  attorney general, took charge of their  respective departments of the provincial  government. The new 'ministers were  met at the buildings by ox-premier Turner  and the retiring chief commissioner,  shown over the departments and introduced to the officials. They spent a busy  day acquainting themselves with the  working of the departments and attending  to routine business.  Toronto Men Control the Cariboo  The new company that is ; to take over  the Cariboo, Camp McKinney, will be  known a.s the Cariboo Consolidated  Mining and Milling Company. Toronto  people form the majority of the directorate of the new company. The directors  will be Robert J affray, S.' W. jMcMichaei,  A. Ansley, Henry M. Pellatt and (. . li.  Smith, all of Toronto, and James  Monaghan and George B. McAulay ot  Spokane. The capital of the company i.s  to be increased from $800,000 to $1,2.30,000.  Superintendent's Statement of the Condition of  the Property and Probable Profits.  J.-   L.   Parker,   superintendent   of   the  Dundee mine at Ymir, has issued a report  upon    the   development   now   upon   the  Dundee.    As   previously announced work  has  been  discontinued   for  the   present,  pending the purchase and installation   of  a  compressor  plant,   as the management  found that work in the tunnels could not  be carried on to advantage on   account of  the   heat arising   from   ihe steam drills.  The  company's  tramway   is  about   complied;   work  is  now  being pushed upon  the consl ruction of a concentrator, which  it is  expected   will  be  iu   working order  about   the   end   of   September.     Of   the  work done upon the property   lhe  superintendent   says:     "Tlio     depth   of    tlm  shaft is 200 feet, sunk on   the  footwall   of  the  vein,  and  the shaft is  five  feet by  seven in the clear.    Al a depth of 250 feet  a  tunnel   is   driven   in   a   northeasterly  direction  for a distance of J10 feet.    At  the 200 foot, drifts on the ledge have been  driven    both    northeasterly   and   southwesterly.    The  former i.s  in  80 feet, and  the   latter   70 feet.    I   found   first  class  shipping ore in both the 200 foot and  250  foot levels, but the bulk of the ledge consists of concentrating ore.    Eleven cross-  section samples taken at different points  on   the   ledge  give  an  average  assay   of  $1-1.51   per   ton.    The  shipping  ore a vcr-  aged $30.70 per ton, principally gold:  The  concentrating ore  i'or an   average of   lo  feet iu width went $8.00  per  ton.   principally gold.  , " I'Youi the above figures L feel justified  in estimating that we have in value of  concentrating ore $218,-190, and I have only  taken 100 feet of the ore in depth by the  length of tho tunnels. Thei e has not been  enough work done on the shipping ore to  enable me to estimate this amount,  although we have in one place 18 inches of  tire averaging over $30 per ton. The  principal work this year has been .be  opening up of the ledge so as to be ready  with the concentrating ore for the mill,  and the shipping ore has not been opened  up. This shipping ore lies mainly on the  hanging wall, and as the ledge is at least  18 feet wide, and the hanging wall soft,  it was thought advisable to continue  driving on the foot wall.  "The cost of mining will not exceed $3  per ton, and milling $1, making $i in all.  Estimating 25,-100 tons of concentrating  ore opened up, we will have to deduct  from $218,-190, the amount of ore in sight.  $i0i.t;2-L ieavii3g"$ilt).S75 as a brilancc _nn  estimating 85 per cent being amount  saved, equals $99,330 as a profit, once ih  machinery'is in active operation.'"  CURZON'S   CAMPAIGN   FUND.  Leiter  Millions   were   Not   all   Used ������ to   Meet  Joseph's   Shortage:  The mystery of the Leiier millions is explained.    The vast sum  of  money  which  Levi     7i.   Leiter,    of    Washington    and  Chicago, borrowed  on real estate securities a 'month ago is not going to, pay all  his son's,losses in wheat.    Most of it is being used   to   promote  the  political-social  enterprise of his daughter and son-inTh�� w,  Mr. and Mrs. George N.'Our .on.    To back  Mr. Curzon in his hard camgaigu for the  office of viceroy .of  India, which  just secured,  and   to  equip -Mrs.  magnificently for the high  social  in which she will move as vicerine  right time for the movement, and what  should be (the boundaries of the new  diocese, are amongst the questions and  details that must be carefully considered,  I propose to appoint a committee immediately to deal with the memorial, and to  report to the synod upon it before the  close of the session."  PREMIER : SEMLIN'S   CABINET,  he has  Cm vAin  sphere  has re-  TRODBLE   IN   THE   KLONDYKE  Ih Point of Ability ..It Compares Favorably  With that of the Late Premier  Hon. C. A. Semlin niade good progress  this week in the formation of his cabinet,  and the only important portfolio 3'et to  be allotted is (hat of the minister of  mines.  of  NELSON   GETS   CABINET   RECOGNITION  Hon. J. Fred Hume Sworn in Today as Minister  of Mines and Provincial Secretary.  Premier Semlin added another member  to his cabinet this afternoon when lion.  J. Fred Hume was sworn in as minister of  mines and 'provincial secretary. This  makes five ministers wh'o have accepted  office and the probabilities are that a sixth  minister will yet be added, as the portfolio  of minister of education has not yet been  assigned, in the former cabinets there  were but five ministers, but it has been  understood that premier Semlin intended  to have six ministers in his cabinet. Kor  years it was the policy of the Turner  government to vote a salary for a fifth  minister, which was never used, as the  president of the council did not receive  any emolument. Who the likely man  for the remaining vacancy in the cabinet  is. cannot yet be announced.  The Coroner of Pincher Creek  Toronto Telegram : A man died a few  days ago at Pincher Creek, Alberta, who  deserves to be gratefully remembered by  all Canadian admirers of the rare virtue  ���of true upright devotion fo duty.  The dead man, Dr. Mead, of Pincher  Creek,Was the coroner who did his best  to enquire into the circumstances attending the sad fate of those young Nova  Scotians who were done to death in connection with the Crow's Nest Pass railway  work.  The Canadian Pacilic railway's fear of  this humble western doctor was a tribute  to his rectitude. Down here in Ontario  coroners and crown attorneys are inclined  to be so deferential to railway companies  that inquests in many cases are almost  farcical. Only those familiar with the  the power of the C. P. li. in the west can  understand the courage coroner Mead  displayed when he soothed, as best he  could, those young men, in their dying  hour, and then .proceeded to do justice at  the inquest.  It. was not Dr. .Mead's fault that the C.  P. it. was able to debar, him from conducting the inquest by it's misuse of tho  fact that he had attended the victims of  the incorporated cruelty and neglect. It  was not his fault that the ' minister of  justice, even the Hon. David Mills, never  stirred a hand to help him. Now that the  brave coroner of Pincher creek is dead  and gone, it is well to pay a tribute to I lie  memory of this lone Englishman who  stood as a man in the gap against, the  whole power and influence of the C. P. !!.  instead of kissing the chains of slavery to  that great corporation, a.s so many public  men and public ollieials are prone to do.  Kootenay.  of the diocese of  in  annual  session  Incsday   morning.  Tho Diocese of  The Anglican synod  New Westminster met  at Vancouver on Wedncsd;  In his charge bishop Dart made the following reference ��� to the formation of a  separate diocese in Kootenay: "A memorial will be presented from the clergy  and laity in Kootenay, praying for the  formation of a.separate diocese and synod,  with a view eventually to the establishment and endowment of another bishopric. A precedent has been given in the  Dominion by the formation of the diocese  of Calgary,��� which is still under the jurisdiction of the bishop of Saskatchewan.  The memorial refers to the increase of the  population of Kootenay, and to the clergy  now at work there, whose number will  not improbably, be doubled at no distant  date. The; memorialists appear to realize  that their aim should not be allowed to  interfere; with the effort now being made  to raise an endowment for the -ee of New  Westminster. In my 'opinion they have  indicated the lines on which the church  should   advance.     Whether   flu's   is  the  quired an enormous sum.   There has been  bur. one source from "which, the cash  has  (lowed.    That source i.s the senior Leiter,  who   follows   lhe   successful   social   and  political career of his son-in-law and eldest  daughter   in   England  with  the utmost  pride and  satisfaction.    The   secret  has  been well kept up to this time as to wdiat  Mr. Leiter was raising so much money i'or.  The losses of his sou, Joseph  Leiter,  in  July   wheat   were   large   enough   to   be  embarrassing at a time when a, great deal  was required for advancing the  interests  of the Curzous, but they were  much  less  than i.s popularly supposed.    Tt suited the  purpose of the family on both sides of the  Atlantic to let it be understood   that  the  four   or   five   million  dollars  which  Mr.  Leiter borrowed had been  swallowed up  in a declining wheat market.    Still, business men who had seen young Mr. Leiter  carry ten million bushels  of May wheat  from 05 cents up to $1.70, realizing a profit  of anywhere from two and a half  to  five  million ., were puzzled to,see how quickly  he dropped   it all  in the July deal.    One  fact is beyond dispute in connection with  the wheat corner.   The deal  iu   tho May  option was phenomenally  successful, and  could not have netted less than   two aud  a half millions.    Iii  order  then   to  bankrupt young Leiter ancl call i'or the use of  the five millions in cash which his   father  is said to have  paid  for him  aud  which  he rai-eel on his  Chicago  real  estate, the  lo-'-es in July  wheat  would  have  to be  seven and  a half millions.    That would  be 25 cents a   bushel on   thirty   millions.  The truth i.s Mr. Leiter never had options  on thirty millions of July  wheat in   the  deal which he was personally conducting,  if  he  had  been able or  willing to carry  any such stock he could have made a July  corner  almost  as successful   as   that   of  M.--v.    When he found that he could not  co.ocrol  "July,  and' there  were signs oi a  slump,  he  unloaded  as  fast as possible.  He sustained a  heavy  loss���perhaps sufficient  to  wipe out his May profits and  $750,000   besides,  but that   was   the   extent of it.  Iu the next month the senior Leiter  mystified the country by borrowing three  million dollars from the Northwestern  Life Insurance Company of Milwaukee  and about two millions from other institutions. 'The story was circulated and  accepted that the money was needed- to  pay his .son's debts on the board of trade.  The public never was more completely  fooled. The Leiter family is committed  to social display and is moving forward  to a triumph in connection with Mr.  Curzon's appointment as viceroy of India  and elevation to the peerage such as no  American family has  hitherto achieved.  An Eastern View of Mclnnes  The editors of the eastern Canadian  papers are putting in their spare moments  iu drawing pen pictures of British Col-  umbiaViieutenaut governor. The following is from the Toronto Mail and Empire:  Lieutenant governor Mclnnes, who has  just dismissed the British Columbia  ministry, has a large idea of the duties  and franchises of liis office During the  recent visit of the governor general to  Victoria the lieutenant governor took a  huff because, in the announcement of  private theatricals, the admiral of the  ileet wa.s given preference over him.  That i.s to say, the admiral's mime was  mentioned in print before his. Mr.  Mclnnes was so annoyed at this supposed  indignity, which, after all, was in accord  with the regulations relating to precedence, that he would not attend the  performance.' Now, the governor i.s  making cabinets, and it appears that he  will have more conlidence in a premier  who admits his son to the government a.s  attorney general than in any other man.  We cannot help thinking that governor  Mclnnes mistakes himself for ,-in emperor.  Miners Seek to Usurp the Functions  Government on the Yukon.  The Seattle man, who is running a  newspaper in Dawson City known as the  Ivlondyke Nugget, may find to his cost  that the press in Canadian mining camps  has not the same license to misrepresent  officials that It has in other portions of  the globe.  As has been the case in all mining  excitements in western Canada, the great  bulk of the men engaged iu mining have  been aliens, and in Dawson City  some of them have undertaken to run the  country to suit themselves. When the  wealth of the Ivlondyke and other streams  in the vicinity of Dawson City attracted  thousands of adventurers and miners to  that section of tho dominion, the federal  government wa.s obliged to make provision for the administration of a country,  which before had been little more than a  geographical expression. By reason of  its isolation, its administration necessitated rather heavy expenditures, and as  the people of the eastern portions of the  dominion might reasonably object to  increased burdens, in order that a largely  alien population might be afforded  facilities in their search for gold, and  security for their properly when they  had found it, the federal authorities  decided that the Vukon should iu a  moa.-ure be made self supporting.  This necessitated taxation, and as there  was nothing but gold in the country upon  which a  tax could  be levied,   the  taxes  naturally fell upon the  mining industry,  aud a sliding scale was arranged whereby  the  richest claims  would  pay   the  most  while  those  which  did  uot  yield over a  certain amount would not be obligetl  to  pay   anything.     This,   however,   meant  taxes, and taxes  were  what some of the1  miners in   the   Vukon  did  not intend to  pay.     An     agitation     was   accordingly  started, and some inflammatory meetings  held,   when  all  sorts  of charges of corruption     were     levelled     against      the  Canadian  officials,   which  culminated  in  the demand l_ .t the acri.'.tors  shoulcl.be  vested with authority to appoint a board  of enquiry into the conduct of the officers  of the government   The absurdity of the  complaining miners sitting in judgment  upon   the   subordinate   officers    of    the  dominion, while  there  was even  a semblance   of a court in the country,''was  apparent to the majority, and the aims of  the agitators were  therefore  frustrated.  This, however, embittered  the editor of  the Nugget and he deliberately garbled a  statement   made   by   major "Walsh and  caused  that official  fo say  through his  paper, "that the administration of affairs  on Dominion creek have .been a mess from  the start to finish."   This naturally added  to the feeling of unrest, and although the  major obliged   the editor  to retract aud  apologize, the retraction did not counteract the effect of the first false statement,  and the difficulties of  the  officials   were  thereby increased   As  matters stand at  Dawson City there is a determined  effort  being made by a certain faction  to  resist  the administration of affairs by Canadian  officials in a Canadian territory, and there  are some newspapers in Canada which are  doing all in their power to embarrass the  authorities for the sake of scoring a point  in their game of politics.   There may be  ground   for   complaint,  with   respect   to  some of the government's regulations  in  the Klondyke, but there is surely a better  way of securing the  desired redress than  by strengthening the hands of those who  by   their   utterances   and   actions   have  shown  themselves  to  be   opposed   to all  law and all taxes.  On Monday the'  in, premier Semlin,  of lands and works:  Hug-h John and Lord Aberdeen.  Hugh John .Macdonald is being charged  by the Grit press of the province with displaying his resentment toward lord  Aberdeen by reason of his refusal to preside over the banquet tendered by the  Manitoba Club to the retiring governor-  general. In substantiation of the charge  it is said that as president of  the club it  was Mr. Macdouald's duty fo preside, but  he absented himself without giving any  better excuse than that he would not be  able to attend. He did not even plead indisposition, and a.s he was in Winnipeg on  the night of the banquet there was no  reason I'or his conduct other than a determination to alVrout her majesty's representative iu Canada. If this were only a  persona! matter between lord Aberdeen  and Mr.'Macdonald the public would have  no concern with it. according to the  (���'fit press, but such incidents are  a part of the Tory system of revenge upon  the governor-general i'or having iu pursuance of. his constitutional duty refused  to allow sir Charles 'Tupper to load up the  senate, the bench and the civil service  with his friends after the people had withdrawn their conlidence from him.  British Columbia's Chief Justice.  There i.s a rumor current that Joseph  Martin, as attorney-general of the province, will be a candidate fc. r the position  chief justice. Justice Walkem's name is  also mentioned in connection with the  office, and now that Messrs. Hod well and  Davis have each refused it, justice Walkout's chances are said to be excellent.  ministers were sworn  a.s chief commissioner  Hon. I . C. Cotton, a.s  minister   of   finance;   and    Hon.  'Joseph  Martin,  as attorney general.    On    Wednesday    the    fourth    minister   wa.s   announced   in   the   person   of   Dr.    11.   Ii.  McKechnie,   who   will   be   president   of  the   executive   council, '    With    respect  to the portfolio of minister of mines,  the  names of. J.   Kred Hume and Robert F.  Green   have   been   mentioned,    and   the  friends of each are confident.    There is a  rumor current that a place will be  found  in the cabinet  for Colin  B. Sword,  who  for several years represented, the riding of  Dewdney.    Then there is a speakership to  give  out.    It   is said  by some that the  members     of     the   government     would  probably agree  to allow the speaker of  the last legislature to continue co preside  over the deliberations of the house, but  the names of oue or two prominent members of the party are also  mentioned  in  connection   therewith.     The   most   prominent  of these is Thomas Korster, the  member    for    Delta.    He   has   rendered  services to the party which are deserving  of   recognition,   aud   if Mr.  Semlin   can  spare him from the floor of the house lie  will probably be the next speaker.   The,  speakership is regarded by  many as  the  best   snap   that   can   be "picked  up.     It  occupies only so  much of  the  first commoner's   time   as   the legislature    is    iu  session,   and there  i.s a  salary of $1,500  attached   to   it.     This,   with   the   usual  indemnity to members of $000 aud  mileage, brings the salary of the  speaker up  to something over $2,100 for three months  work.  Of the Semlin cabinet it may be said  that it compares favorably with that of  ex-premier Turner. Of the four naembers  so far announced, premier Semlin and  finance minister Cotton are conservatives,  aud attorney general Martin aud Hon. R.  li. Melvechnie are liberals. One objection  which will probably be taken to the  cabinet, by its opponents, is .that Vancouver island has but oue minister.  This, however, may be defended upon the  ground that whereas the island returned  but three straight supporters of the  Semlin administration, the mainland  returned sixteen, aud pi ?mier Semlin  has been obliged to cut his garment according to his cloth.  As to tho personality of the four members of the new cabinet, Messrs. Semlin,  Cotton and Martin are too. well known to  require any introduction to the people of  Kootenay. With respect to Hon. It. E.  McKechnie it may be stated that he has  for some years occupied the position of  physician for the collieries of the New  Vancouver Coal company at Nanaimo..  This is his first political venture, and as  he is a strong anti-Dunsmuir man it maybe assumed by his call to the cabinet that,  there is nothing in the nature of an understanding between the Semlin administration and the Dunsmuir party.  With the formation of the cabinet the  difficulties in the way of the new administration may be said to have been fairly  commenced. As matters stand the  administration can command btit nineteen out and out supporters iu a house of  3S. There are, however, some four or five  members of the house who are either  independent or hike warm in their support of the Turner party. The fate of  the administration depends largely upon  what success it may have in drawing  support from these uncertain members or  the fighting of the election protests in  the courts. :   ' MUNICIPAL   MATTERS.  At the meeting of the city council held  Monday afternoon, it was decided to lay  a two inch -water pipe on Front street,  from Willow street to the eastern boundary of the city.  Tenders for laying sewers were received  as follows : Josias Thompson, $1,231 ; W.  P. Mel'.icheran, $1,01.; Hair fc Muiiro,  $l,070.7.">: Lemon 6c Co., . .OO.HO. The  last named tender specified that $3 per  yard-would be charged for solid rock to  five feet in depth, and $1 per yard below  the five feet.  On motion of alderman Malone, seconded  by alderman (Hiker, it wa.s moved that  the tenders be referred to the public  works committee. This resulted in a tie  vote, and alderman Teetzel, who was  presiding, gave a casting vote in favor of  the reference.  The following tenders were received for  (he clearing of the cemetery site per acre:  K. Palanquist. $23: Wilson & McDonald,  $25: A. W. Munro, .....; Thomas McCar-  die.'.Ml: W. H. Hall, $IS: J. A. McLennan, $20: Mclnnes 6c McKenzie, $30:  Stewart 6c Martin,$27>, The tender of  W. II. Hall, being the lowest, was  accepted.  The city engineer was instructed to prepare specifications for the repairing of the  Vernon and Victoria street bridges, and  tenders for the performance of such work  is required to be in by 3 o'clock on .Monday next.   Option Taken  on  the Arden and Kelvin.  W. Thomlinson  and others  have a  00  days  option  on   the   Arden   and   Kelvin  claims, adjoining the California, on Silver  mountain. The claims are being closely  prospected, and considerable work is being  done on a promising lead which runs  through both properties.  :v7v����^^  _..__?��_ wn_J>  -T-rp���^T"  3_3g-SffH_3RBE5!  &_B  T5__!  B5HW��8��_C3&. _��&��  TiJE   TltIJLJU_\l_.    N!<1L!_0_\\  B.C.   tiATLlibA V,   AUGUST  .'J 8.  PUBLISHiSRS'  jnO'J'IOK.  THK TRIBUNK 1- iii;M_ i:<-it -.>'. fc.-u.id .>.. by Tim  Tijiuum: 1'e.'..isiuxii (.'omi'.i> v, mu: will hi: mailed  10 i.ib_iribois on liiiyinciil o! Two i .ji.i..\i:.s n yuiir.  Mo !.ib-.riptH)ii tukiji i for U'-; llii'.n a ytiir.  REGULAR AriVKHTlbKMKX'i'.s priiiieii al Die .following rutes: Onu inub, ,s:;i; a jvar; two int-lif.-..  SoO a your; I'iroo inc-ln - 3SI ,-��� yoar; f.nn- indie .  ,39!! a year; live iin-l..-. .:':���.������ a-.iu.u-; nix iiM.-lio* and  over, al, Die niU: uf .. I.. .1 an inch pur inoiilh.  TUANsUEXT AnVKllTl.KIvll-.N'T . 20 cents a lino for  lir.t insertion unci 10 u-cni- a linn for oacli additional  insertion.    Itirtli,  mai-riai^o, and death  noliees free.  LOCAL OR RKADIN. .MATTER XOTICJvS 25 cents a  line each insertion.  JOI3 PI UXTIXW :u i..ir micas. All accounts for job  printing and advertising payable un llic firt-t of  every month:���-,nr. oript.ion. in advance.  ADDRK83 all communications to  THE TRIBUXK. N.l_>n. B. (.'.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  LA UAt;& rOIUX-Flosicians and Suryroi.s.   Room.;  li, 1 amis, t .h.-low block. Xoli-'on.  Ti:1o|j!hh\o J_  DR.   J.    A.   Ali.M . T UOX . --li ovomucin    Vclcriiiary  Inspcclor.   Troals rli. .-n.-c- of .-ill rioinual !c animal-.  All slock in.-iifcied ,-n, Xulnun.    NVImjii, H. ('.  DR. .1. W. Of INI,.\  Baker Sn-ccl, X  cl-on.  , .am lilui-i  J. H. IIOI^IKS, C\ K.-5Jroviiir. al Land  . urvi-yn r.  I'. 0. box H2, Ku-Io, B. C.  If.   IIOI.IiK'II-Aiiiilytii'.il rhcnii.-t and  Viotoriu -Ireel, Xi'l'on.  T 0. G WiLMM, H.A.Sc. J. W. H. .JOOXSOX. 1 .A.Sr:.  ���J ��� ��� .Milling Kiu;iiicoi. and Analytical .liomi*. ,  .lo .in City. I;. C.  A     XKI.S0X LO. GI . XO  *���&%? second Wedncsdi  /N^/N brettiron invited.  LODGE   MESSTINGS.  A. I. ��� A. M.  Pieces  ���RT.VIGHT. OK PV'rrilAS-Xct-on Lodge, Xo. '.'..  -"- Iv ni���lit,�� of I'ytliin . meets in Castle linll, jUacdon-  :ild block, corner of Jo-eiJliine and Vernon -l__l. . every  ���.uctmil and fonrlli Tuc-day .i. ning at S o'clock. All  visiting knights are cordially invited toatlend.  tlKOiiGi-; Ross. K. of R. i_ S.  R. G. Jov, C. 0.  mw  ���7J_���  SATURDAY   MORXIXG....   VUGUST _l, 18'JS  If the government of Hon. C. A. Semlin  attempts to carry out one-half of the reforms which  were  promised  during  the  recent campaign the members of the cabinet will be obliged to  put  in  some overtime between now and the meeting of the  legislature.    The   most  important  work  which they will have on hand will be the  drafting of the  new  redistribution  bill.  This should be taken in hand at once, so  that in the event of any  accident to the  new government the electors in every portion  of  the  province   would  have something approaching to equality  in representation in the next legislature.    During  the campaign it was intimated by the opposition leaders that a fair representation  measure would   be  the  foundation stone  of any government which they might attempt to build up, and the people of Kootenay have so  warmed   to  the  idea  that  they would not like to see this desirable  stone overlooked in the building.   Then  there is their old hobby, the tax imposed  upon workmen in the metaliferous mines.  For ten years  they have been trying  to  get the trade tax  feature of this impost  removed, but without success.   They now  look to Hon. F. C. Cotton to demonstrate  that it i.s as easy to do justice as he said  it was when he had not so keen au interest in the  revenue of the  province as he  has now.   Another little inequality which  it is also hoped will be removed i.s the tax  upon     poverty,    which    was   generally  known as premier Turner's mortgage tax.  In the past the government has received  considerable   revenue   from    these    two  sources, and in   making the equalization  requested the new government will  have  to devise some other  method  of making  up the deficit, which will bear more evenly  upon the people of the  whole  province,  it is hardly fair to expect the new administration to take these .matters up at once,  but a reference   to  them'" may serve  to  keep the master minds of the administration focused upon them.  Willi.!-; J. H. Turner was minister of  .finance he maintained that the removal  of the tax collected upon mortgages would  ��� not decrease the cost of money to the  ���borrower, that in proportion as the tax  was removed the rate oi interest would  advance. The., .present ��� minister finance  has expressed-au opinion that such an  argument is all wrong. There is a direct  issue here, and if it would not unnecessarily shock the cons! ituf ion which has  been so badly strained of late, the people  ��� who at present are paying this mortgage  tax would like to see a practical experiment made. If it will afford them no  relief they would be content to go back  to the present order of things.  Tuts week the (.iooderham-Hlackstock  syndicate secured by purchase the celebrated Center-Star mine at Itossland. It,  i�� not known definitely, but it i.s said that  the pin chasers paid . "J.OOO.I. 10 for the property. If the deal went, through on this  basis, Oliver fhirant of Kossland, and  Alexander.Tin-bet of Salt Lake, will divide   between   th . m.si.ve--:   ,1,100,000, and  nienced, and some (5000 feet of work was  performed at a cost which, it is said, did  not exceed ,200,000. For the expenditure  all told, of $22.,O0O the owners now receive $2,000,000. At no "(age of the development of the Center-Star was there  any boasting by the owners of the  amount of ore in sight on the property.  They proceeded quietly with their work-  in ha rid, and when a purchaser appeared  who agreed with them as to purchase  value of the property they made the exchange a.nd entered into the enjoyment of  their i-eward.  Mrt'ii   complaint   is  heard   in   Victoria  ,with respect to the failure of Messrs. Mackenzie 6c .Matin   to  construct the Teslin  lake railway.    The  effect of  this, in   the  opinion of  the merchants  on  the coast,  will be that, the trade of the  Klondyke  will be diverted from Canadian to American channels.    The ground for this assertion   is  that a   rival   railway   has  been  started and is about completed from one  of the American ports to navigable water.  This road, when completed, will represent  private enterprise, and the senate of Canada is being roundly condemned for block-'  ing the policy of the Laurier government  iu heavily subsidizing the construction of  the Teslin  lake   railway.    To  the   people  who were anxious that the Canadian road  should be built it does not occur that any  blame attaches for the non-performance  of the work save to the members of the  senate.   They  appear to lose sight of the  fact that it is possible for people to build  railways iu Canada without heavy subsidies.    Had  the   promoters  of the  Teslin  lake railway been as enterprising as the  promoters of the rival American road, and  been content to build their railway  for  the traffic that the country offered, there  would  not  have  been  the suffering aud  hardship at Glenora that there has been  during the past few years.    The  present  unfortunate state of affairs is the  effect  of a system which recognized  that every  man who evolved a raihvay scheme.should  help himself out of the public exchequer.  u  Tije remarks of Hon. Ceorge  !..  Foster  on Saturday witli respect to the bonusing  of the smelting industry have started  a  conl roversy, aud incidentally it has come  out   that  the  Conservative   government  was more anxious to extend assistance to  those in the smelting business than those  so engaged were engaged to receive it. As  a preliminary step the Conservative government in 1807) passed an act which provided for the payment of a bonus of five  cents per ton on ore treated iu Canadian  smelters.    This     bonus,    while    modest,  would run up into the  thousands  in the  case of a smeller with a capacity of >'300 or  ���J00 tons per day, but the strangest  thing  in  connection  with the bonus  was  that  although  the .Pilot Bay smelter  was in  operation from the second week in March,  1S05, no claim was filed  with the government for payments under the bonus  up  till June i.ril, 180(5,  when the^ Conservative party was defeated.   From the correspondence of  the   management of tlie  Hall mines, Limited, it would appear that  since this time a claim on behalf of the  Hall Mines  smelter for the payment of  the   bonus   was   made   and   refused!   It  would be interesting to learn the grounds  upon which payment was refused.  A"i,iv_i'/y contest will be waged in the  cities of eastern Canada in the effort to  get out the voters on the prohibition  ���plebiscite, it was to be expected tliat  those who have large sums of money  invested in the liquor business would put  up a fund for campaign purposes, but  that the.--people who have no mateiial  interest in either the maintenance or prohibition of the traffic should likewise  raise a substantial; campaign fund was  scarcely expected. This is just what they  intend doiug, however, and iu the city of  Hamilton they will have a purely civic  fund of $10.0.0.  Co.mixg close upon the cessation of hostilities between the United States and  Spain, and at a time when there is certain  to be an amount' of idle capital seeking  fresh investment, the sale of the Centre  Star mine for $2,000,000, will do much to  again attract attention to the mineral resources of Kootenay. Capital could ask  nothing better than the return which it  received ih this instance, when an expenditure of $22.,000 developed a cash value  of $2,000,000.   A J'Rof io.st was served last week upon  A. W. Smith, the member for West  Lillooet, and it is also said that the election of Price Ellison, in Fast Vale, will  be protested. Should the protest be  entered in Kast Vale, Ilobert F. . freen,  the Slocan's .representative, will be the  only member returned to the .legislature  who has escaped a protest.  Toronto Telegram: It is all right for  the Hamilton Spectator to worry about  what will become of the British constitution if t.he Turner government goes  out, but lieutenant governor Mclnnes was  burdened by tho duty of worrying about  what would become of the resources of  British Columbia if the Turner government stayed in.  WrutK James Martin was seeking  election, the Rossland Miner did all that  it could to defeat him. But Martin' was  returned by a handsome majority, aud  now the Miner, which a few weeks ago, did  not consider him as worthy to be the district's representative, conies out openly  and says that of all the nineteen members  of his party, Mar tin is the most capable  man to fill the office ot minister of mines.  The Miner, like the Vancouver World,  can turn a pretty sharp corner.  THE   TROUBLES    OF   INVENTORS.  u&Hci!  ���<P=SV  enerai tiectric torn  _".  _/  All  types  Capital 81,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.  of electrically operated rnining' and power* apparatus  Sole agents for complete Victor Blasting1 Machines  We also sell the genuine Bell Telephones  British Columbia Branch Offices  ti r: m\ illc   .(rout - VAX<J< > . VKIi,  ���   Iviiolonay District���NKI..OX  :F:E._/_:_T__   J.^__:RI_i:_T_r,    IC.xilon.-n- Aki-iiI  .MIKXT  l-OK  tt'lllli   IIOI'IC AND CK.NKK.M. .MAI'll I.VKK V  was offered to the British admiralty in  IS IH, but not until the United' States civil  war was one seen iu a naval fight. Torpedoes were also lif-t used with -ucee-.s  in naval operations in the same war,  though it is on record that Fulton  demonstrated their destructive power in  1807) to the British ant horii ies. who  refused to adopt thoin.  TH_   POPE'S   PROBABLE   SUCCESSOR.  The Ossei-vatore lioiiimio, the organ of  the Vatican, aunnuure-i that the pope was  stricken wilh an illness caused by i he-extreme hot weather. The news has caused  a great, sensation, as ir is lhe first official  announcenn'iit ��i the illness of the pope.  No sovei oi. >i of the old world has manifested a greater degiee of ��ensii i veness  with regard to announcements about,his  health, and the news therefore that is  contained in (he official organ of die  Papacy, to tiie et'ieet that he is ill, is far  more --eriou1-' I ban apne-ir-; on the surface,  i'or it constitutes lhe fir..t admi"-��ioii that  has ever been made offiemliy that th.  i he pope is ill.   Ju fact if  OTXIR  OIT  Hi       ^  _ tj.  c_ _.  Ts new and  fresh, and 'added to every week by  arrivals direct  from  the wholesale houses, west ancl casl.    We buy for Cash in laro-e.  quantities, and  can. o-ive our customers lhe  benefit of good  buyino-.     We   make   a   specialty of   h'resh  h.-iiit.  and  Veo-eLables,   and   everything   in   these   lines   kept  in  season.     We   also  carry   a   laro-e   line   of  Ml  ���i.  Yf\  Which  includes  line   of   Stoneware,  Cooking Vessels, Crocks, jugs, flowerpots, milk  and cake   pans,   etc.,   chamber   sets,   plain   white  and  fan.yt.decoratcd.     Elegant dinner, tea ancl   five'  With the signing of the articles of peace  and cessation of hostilities in the field  between the United States and Spain,  newspaper writers have  entered upon a  It would be a good thing for Kootenay,  if in the next general federal elections  a couple of eastern politicians, who have  been accustomed to 2 by -I constituencies,  could be induced to make the race in Ihe  district of Yale, Cariboo, Lillooet and  Kootenay. It would be a good bet that  by the time they had stumped from lhe  ���I'.'th to IheUOth parallel they would unanimously, come to the conclusion that the  district of Kootenay i.s deserving oi a  member of its own.  the remaining shareholders in the company will likewise receive just four times  the face value of the stock held by them.  This Center Star deal furnishes an illustration of'the prolits -which may be made  by i hqi-e u ho have the pluck to take hold  of prospects and develop them. The  Center Star mine was located in l,S.O,  and when the Trail Creek properties began to attract; outside attention it was  pur<-ba:-(.'d by Oliver Durant for $27>,000.  He associated with him in the venture  Alexander Tarbet of Sail. Ij-tke, and a  niiiipiitiy was funned with an authorized  capital of , .OO.flUO. A systematic development   'of   the   property   was    then   com-.  O.v the division upon the address in reply to the speech from the throne, the  Hardy government, wa.s sustained with a  majority of  six.    The division was taken  at ���'! o'clock Saturday morning, the figures  being 1!) to ���!... Should the decision of the  courts upon the question of the legality  of the constable vote be against.tho administration, premier Hardy will have  hisliands full in keeping the house in line.  A i-'.\ii! si/.ed audience turned out Saturday evening to listen to tho political  address delivered by lion. Ceorge H.  Foster. l/iko most of the ex-ministers  speeches, Saturday evenings talk was,interesting, and the visitor may fairly be  said to'have made a very favorable impression. As it he result of the ex-minister's  visit a thorough and'lasting organization  on the Conservative forces may be expected throughout Kootenay.  campaign against the war  department of  the great'republic.    One of the complaints  levelled against the department is that it-  is slow in taking up new  inventions,   the  worth of wliich have been  demonstrated.  As a  result of  this  skeptical policy it is  pointed out that in the field   the Spanish  forces hat! an advantage over   .he American troops through the  use  of smokeless  powder.    Fault is also  found  because  of  the-omission  of the   war  department  to  give no test during the war oi the pneumatic dynamite gun which was offered to  the United States government over a year  ago and pronounced a success by  general  Miles.    This gun, it is claimed, can throw  dynamite safely for a distance of one and  a   half   miles   and  would   have rendered  possible the destruction of  the  mines in  the harbor of Santiago.   Then there  was  also the sub-marine  Holland  boat.    The  value of this boat has been demonstrated  but it was not given a chance   to destroy  any of the Spanish' war vessels,  anrl  in a  general way the complaint is  made  that  the mind of the department  is closed   to  everything new.  In defence  of the  naval   and  military  authorities it may be said  that they are  no slower in taking advantage of new inventions   than   are   most   other  people.  Nearly all important inventions and discoveries have  been  regarded with great,  skepticism at first, and  have had to win  their.way to acceptance against more or  less obstinate opposition. Pa pin in France,  Hulls in England, and Fulton in America,  all had hard  work to convince their fellow men that the steamboat was a practical thiug. Chancellor Livingstone wrote  a very able letter to .show  that to build  and operate a railroad was utterly impossible.   Even if it could be  built, he said,  no one would be willing to risk their life  flying through  the air at  the rate of 15  miles au hour. .No less a man than Daniel  Webster agreed  with  him,   and argued  that the frost on the rails would prevent'  the train from moving or from  stopping  if it.once began.to move.  When illuminating gas was discovered  by-Murdoch, its'utility was greatly ridiculed   by sir   Humphrey   Davy and sir  Walter Scott, while Woliaston. a scientist  of eminence in his day, declared that they  might as well try and light London  with  a slice from"the moon.    The   bitter opposition to the steam  power printing press  is also a matter of history.    The  London  Times office was garrisoned   with a large  force  of  police, ready  fo quell  the  riot  that was expected to  follow  the publishing  of  the  first edicion   printed   by  the  new method.    The appearance of the first  sewing machine was hailed with a storm  of objections, and prayers were offered in  many American  churches  that  the  promoters may  be led to see the wickedness  of   their   work,   which, it   was assumed  would reduce.thousands of sewing women  to poverty.    The attempt of the-French  philanthropist, I'armentier,   fo  introduce  the potato to liis countrymen came near  to costing him his life.    lie offered to give  them seed potatoes for planting, butj believing the roots were dangerous, they repaid his kindness by wrecking his grounds.  New military  and  na.val  devices  have  been  received  neither  better  nor  worse  than   peace  novelties.     The   first needle  gun   was   made   in   1827,  but  it was not  adopted by any nation   until   IS--I0,   when  the Prussian government took   it  up.    In  I .Cd it surprised the world by the deadly  work   it   did   against   the Danish ���army.  Vet in l.G'O the  Austrian, army  was still  unarmed with it, and it's crushing defeat  by the Prusians wa.s largely   due  to   that  fact.    In IS (il  William  C.  Lodge  labored  hard to have tho Washington government  adopt breech   loading  guns  and   metallic  cartridges, but it -was not until   KSCil   rhat  the muzzle loading rifles were retired, and  not  until   I SON   that   metallic  cartridges  began  to   be used.   The  first steam ram  us coiisfii. i.-ne^s  werf not siifliciciii i.v I'ar gone :o render  him uoabic to b'.'ii o i In- (?,iews.of the day  and to periw the daily paper-, of which  he is a t-ims' ;m<i i i-acler, nothing about  liis health1 would assuredly have been  published.  c-For a loin,' lime pa^i, in fact over since  the b< ginning of the -present siiumer,  \\ hen it lir-it; became apparent that liis  i eign was drawing to a close, dis.us.ion  has in 'en lni'-y v\i(h the choice of his successor. TiitTo ;ii'(i at t he present moment  but two carihoais who are likely candidates for this tiaia. They are cardinal  i'arocchi a.nd cardinal \.i nnutelli.  Cardinal i'arocchi i- a disbinctopponent  of lhe policy so long pursued by Leo.  XII1. in endeavoring 'o bring about a  modus vivendi wilh i ho Italian government. If he becomes pontiff it will be  war to the knife with king Humbert, and  at the same time ho may be lciied upon  r.o transform the attitude of the Vatican  toward Don Carlos ant! change hi^- c.-use  into a much more fi loudly one. lie is a.  man of very strong charr.eier. a .ei'ii disciplinarian and is strongly opposed to  what he docs not lusiiale (o describe as  rhe coquetting of Leo XMJ. with ihe so-  called liberal and advanced faction of the  church. Hi one worii. ho has for tne hist  three years beeu the leader iu the Sacred  College, the senate of the papacy. He  will be abie to count: upon all the italian  cardinals, who constitute one-half of the  Sacred College, and likewise upon the  French cardinals, so chat his majority  seems to be assured.  Cardinal Seraphiuo Vanutelli is the candidate of the triple alliance for the chair  of St. Peter, and all of the German, Austrian and probably the Fnglish-speaking  cardinals will vote for him. He is a man  of very advanced and enlightened views,  on most friendly terms with king Humbert and queen Marguerite, a courtier  rather than a divine, and a bon vi\ .int.  J Lis mode oi life, the views political, as  well as ecclesiastical, that he expresses,  and his advanced ideas, find no favor with  his colleague . and the only cardinals with  whom he is on intimate terms are, as  stated above, the foreign ���and. non-French  members of the Sacred College, it may  be added that he is a great friend Gibbons. Cardinal Gibbons himself has no  hope of being elected pontiff, as neither  the kingdom of Italy nor yet the Italian  moiety of the Sacred College would permit a foreigner to .rule at the Vatican.  Hnudreds-of years have elapsed since any  non-Italian occupied the chair of St. Peter.  1      Did Not Know Kis Own Name  Lord  Beaconsfield,  as   Lord   l.osebery  found at the town of that name, mispronounced  his own  title. , But  he  was  in  even worse plight upon  his  family name,  winch he really did not know at all.    The  name of "D'lH'raeli"  was assumed by his  progenitors, Spanish Jews, in their gratitude to the God of Jacob for their  escape  from  the  iiu'iuisition, and so  that "their  race might be forever recognized."   But  what -was  their  name    that they   abandoned V   Nobody   really knows.    Disraeli  once said that his descent was as pure as  that of the  Cavendishes, and , it was his  own opinion that he belonged to the great  family  of Lara.    Against  this theory of  Lord 'Beaconsfield   may be placed a vague  family  tradition   that it was Ifalevi���the  name of a family once settled  in Toledo.  Lord   Beacons!ield's   grandfather.    Benjamin D'Israeli the elder,   took   out   from  the Herald's college a grant of  arms,   the  principal   charge   on   which   is  a   triple  towered   castle -t he   very   same   as   that  which is to be found on the se.'ii in use  in  tho Halevi family live centuries ago.  The Ages of Canadian Senators.  There are twenty members of the senate  of Canada 70 years of age or over, five NO  or over, and one over 90. Those over 70 are:  Allan, 70; Aikins,7o: Bowel!. 7.: Carling, 70:  o'clock lea sets.     Glass water sets, latest  importations  and patterns of-   fine Austrian-made ware   in   comports,  water ancl flower sets.     Rar glassware in full stock���in fact,  everything in the line of Otieonsware, Crockery and Glassware  .Ijt  ?ov First-Class Goods and Low Prices Call on  __.  _.__:b_:e:r, stbebt,  nelson  ;.< .   ���-.> H I; W  _a.     _.    _ 'A  5, V--S.  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Capital,*1^1.'.   $12,000,000
Rest.'   -    -    -     6,000.000
|-tf____iy______ _ Q   OH--i\
Mon. OKO.  .\.  1 .{UMMOND Vice-President
.    _. OLOl/STON ('ionorai Mnuuijei-
.TT_X..__0 T>T   -B__yvisJ'oi3:
N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.
      laCANl'UKM   IS     	
LONDON   (JTlnffland).   A__W   YORK,   UHiGAGO
and in llic principal cities in Canada.
li iv  iind  -oil  Sli'i-linu1 ' lOxcliiin. !■■  mid  'able  Transfers
available in iiny purl  of Ilu-world.
UltAIi'TK  IHSillKI)    CIII.LI'.C. lONf   MIliK;   KT..
I(A'l'K OK 1.  T  .IlKST (al present I A I'm- Cent.
Li Hung- Chang Has Joined Forces With Russia
Against Britain.
Those who attempt to follow ihe complications in China predict that (.beat,
Britain is nearer to war with Russia than
.she has been for year..
The immediate cause of tiie grave situation now exisLln'h'  is  a  dispute  over a
railway con. _t.ion.    A glance at a  map
of North China shows thai the gulf of  Pe
Ohi Iji is enclosed to  the  northeast  by  a
'. Ioiik peninsula at ihe southern extremity
of which is Port Arthur,   tho  inaguilicent
harbor   into   which    Russian   war ships
sailed la.c fall to winter, but which I.u.sia.
within a few weeks  after wrenched from
China  under  tho guise  of a lease.    Port
Arthur, it is slated i.s to be   the  terminus
of the Trans-Siberian raihvay (hat IIus. i_
i. now stiaininir every nerve to complete.
"North of Port Arthur am! on the gulf side
of   the   peninsula   is   a  city called  New
Cliwang, important commercially.   Hound
on i ho opposite, or west, side of (he gulf
of   Pe Chilji   i.s  another  city,   Shan    iti
1 .wan, wliich is to he connected   scion   by
railway with i'ekin.    Through  the   Hong
J. ong 6c Shanghai bank   a   Uritish  syndicate agreed to advance money  to build a
railway around the north end of  the gulf
of   Pe Chi  Li   from   Sliang   Hi   to -N:-w
Chwang.    The line would terminate some
200 miles norl h ()f J'ort Arthur anrl   near
tiie   point ar.j.'\vhieh   a   1. usi.su)   railway
from the north   must   pass   through   Now
Chang    to    reach    J\srt . Arthur.      Thu
Chinese government made a com racL i'or
the   loan,  and   ihe   whole   thiiur   was  m-
ga.dcd as sullied, u ht-n   .1.   PavlolT,   tiie
Hussion   minister   at   Pekin.   threatened
that   unless   it   was    withdrawn    liip-sia
would   seize   a   province    of    uoi-lhwest
China.    This was too much   like  brigandage,  and  St.   Petersburg  disavowed   the
threat.    A few days afterward, however,
. I. PavlofT demanded that before a .British
loan was accepted China  should   promi.-o
(1) to give no mortgage on  the roadbed of
the lino, (2) never to alionate the railroad
to any foreign power, and  (.')) to  require
that Ilu.   the director of railways,  shall
receive  the   permanent   appointment; of
director   general.      To   advance   money
without security anil to allow a Chinese
mandarin to run a railway built by their
capital are things Englishmen are scarcely
likely  to do.     Pavloff's terms meant no
railway and  the   shutting of one open
British  sentiment  became   warlike   at
once when the terms ol   Russian consent
were made known.    In the house of lords
on the lirst of August lord Salisbury said
that ho had cabled Sir Claude Macdonald,
British minister at Pekin, to say  to  the
Chinese foreign office  that  her majesty's
government   will   support,  the"  Chinese
government in.resisting any power which
commits any act of aggression on  China
on account of China ha ving  granted   permission to British subjects  to make any
railroad  or  public  works."    In   England
men regarded this as a   notice to  Bussia
that if China were coerced into withdrawing from the contract for the New Chwang
railway the-Muscovite mu.t L>.   prepared
co   fight   Britain.    But   Russia   has   triumphed, anrl China has agreed  that  the
railway shall  be   built  only on   the  conditions laid down in M. PavlolT's note.    If
will be observed that Russia has avoided
what lord Salisbury stated   would  be  regarded as cause for resistance. ' No act of
aggression has been  made  by Russia  on
China.   The   Chinese   foreign  oflice   has
accepted the Russian terms without waiting   the   pressure   of   aggressive   action.
The surrender is scarcely unexpected, for
the government of China,  is today  in the
hands of a man and a woman,  who  there
can be little reason to  doubt,  are  in  the
pay of Russia and  are destroying  their
country   for   gain.     When   Port  Arthur
was given up Li Hung Chang was n .t.-u-i'd
by one of the public censors,  a species of
crown prosecutor at   Pekin,  of accepting
a bribe from that power,    lie evaded the
charge, and a. few weeks later an attempt
wa.s made to assasainate him   by  a   member of the Chinese national society on the
ground that he,   was  a,   traitor  to  China.
The dowager empress,  whose   power  had
been on the wane because of her share in
causing  the  war   with  Japan,  called   I .
Hung  Chang  to   Pekin   to  fake part in a
i'end she was  carrying  on   with   the emperor.       The 'alliance   between   the   two
is of old .standing.    It dates, according to
Colqithoun.   the  Chinese  traveller,   from
the period of a. coup d'etat  in   wliich   the
empress and her party were   iu danger of
losing not, only  power   but   life.    She  appealed for help to I. . who  promptly  anrl
quietly marched up from   Tien Tsin   with
an adequate force.   \wis  admitted during
the   night,  i-.nd   the conspirators awoke
at dawn to   lind  themselves   prisoners- iu
turn.    The  programme  was  rearranged,
under these  conditions, to  suit the  cm-
has beon   established   in  connection   with   the   Nolson
Branch of this Bank.
received, and current rate of interest allowed (at present 3 |ier  cent, per annum).
pres<' views, and Li marched back during
the night a.s quietly as he had  come; ,but
the two have been  friends and allies ever
since.    On the pre-cnt occasion   Li  Hung
Chung ha* as«i«ted   the dowager empress
to pr.'icl ioillv depri'-e the cmp. ror,   who is
anti-iiiis-ian.-   and    the    government   of
China i< now in the hand*- of i ho empress
and Li. who are all powerful in ! he foreign
oilice.    This in some nioa-iu e accounts for
the hici. ih-i! lord SalUbury\s offer on behalf of (.Jreal,   Hriiaiu   lo   ns-i-.,  in every
way   fhe   reor .iiui/.al ion   of   lhe   Chinese
army and navy and place   rhn empire iu a.
state of defence against dismemberment
has,never been accepted,   aud   that  here,
loo.  Russia has  barred   the  way with a
demand that   Russian officers shall have
charge of the  reorganization.    The overwhelming  burden "of evidence  seems  to
suslain   the theory that   the  government
of China i.s practically under  the  control
of Russia through M.Pavlofl anrl Li Hung
Chang,  and   that-  nothing  wiil   be   done
from within the Chinese  empire, unless a
revolution occurs,  to  maintain either its
territorial integrity or equality of opportunity for British trade.
. US1. _.S.
-• Co:.
•. -:a.    .\'w. :s 17."
Are now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit on
Dawson City, Yukon District.
the founder of I he   London  pniic.    force."'
"Do you do anything except, look up
these things?" asked the man who takes
things as they come.
"Oh, yes." replied the man of an investigating turn of mind. "When you get
into the habit of looking into the origin
oi the expressions you run across, you ilo
it as an amusement at odd limns, Now,,
veslerday it,Middenly occurred to me that
I didn't, bow why it is (hat we "rob Peter
to pay Paul.'
" Did you Iinil out . '
"Certainly. In \~>~>0 several psiates belonging to Westminster abbey were
granted to St. Paul's cathedral for repairs
and      mainl e.nanci .      and      Westminster
abbey   happens   to   be
Indicated    to' St.
And What a Book Worm Learned   Concerning
Some oi' Them.
" Do you know who Mother Carey is '.'
asked the  man   who  delight,  in   investigating all sorts of odd things and   who is
. never so happy as when following up some
unusual line of thought.
'" She's a chicken fancier, I imagine."
replied the man who takes things as they
come without question. "At any rate
she's seldom mentioned except in conned ion wiih her chickens."
" Mother Carey," said the investigator,
and he took another look at the book he
held in his hand as if to guard against the
possibility of mistake, " is the Virgin
Mary. The name comes from the L-itin
"Mater cara," meaning 'Mother clear," and
her chickens are the stormy petrel, which
lhe sailors formerly believed were sent fo
warn them of approaching storms. 1 tell
you, my boy, there's a great deal that's
mtere.-i.iug iu these odd expressions and
words if one takes the trouble to look
it up."
"Now, f suppose if some one should ask
you about, 'Jack and Jill, who went up the
hill,' you would say they were simply
nursery characters."
" I certainly should."
" Anil you would be wrong again.
'Jack ' was the name of a pitcher made of
waxed leather, and 'Gill' was and is a
measure of small capacity. That is how
they happened to go after water. Somebody was doubtless carrying them and
carelessly dropped them."'
" When you say-J3y  Jingo!   J   suppose
you don't mean anything except that you
are excited or angry."
"That's all."
"Nevertheless, you are literally swearing by the evil one, for the word is from
'Jenco,'which means 'devil' in the Basque
language. I suppose, also, that you regard 'carpet knight' as a term of
-Yet Henry Irving is a carpet knight;
so was Tennyson, and so are and were,
many others of whom I. ngiand is proud.
A carpet knight is one who wins hi. title
by his achievements in the world of
science or the arts, or, in fact, anywhere
except in battle, lie may be leally more
deserving of the title than any of those
who won it by the sword."
"Vou must put in most of your time
with dictionaries and cyclopedias '. ' .suggested the man who takes things as t hey
"Not at all. J am simply ..uflicieiiily
interested to look up these odd expressions when J run across them to see what
chey really mean, and whether we use
them properly.
'"] imagine the term ' battle royal' conveys an idea of grandeur to you in the
lighting line."
" I should think it ought to be rather
"Nevertheless, it wa.s originally nothing
but a cock lighting term, ancl wa.s used to
describe a fight in which three, live or
seven birds were put into the pit and left
until all but one had been defeated.- How-
do you suppose we got the expression,
cock and bull story?"
"Give it ii))."
"Vou ought to investigate these things
if you are going to make use of them. A
man ought to know.something a bout what
he is saying. This comes to us from' the
time of the reformation. The papal bulls
had a cock on flu; seal, ami of course there
were a great, many people' of that day
who were inclined to 'discredit anything
in the cock and bull line. Rut the expression that doubtless will interest you most.
is, " T don't, care a dam.' "
" Vou what'?"
" ' 1 don't care a  dam !' —the dam   without tho ' n ' of Course." ~
"What difference does that make?"
"All the difference in the world.    D-a-m
is a coin in India equivalent to an kJnglish
twopence.     if   you   are   caught   making
tliat remark in a loud   tone some   time  it
may be worth something to you  to know
that there i.s such a coin.    Jt will help you
'to explain matters.    Now, where   do   you
suppose the words 'peeler' anil 'bobby,"
meaning policemen, come from."
"Again I give it up."
" From  the  name of Sir   Robert  Peel,
Since the commencement of hostilities
between Ihe Cubed Slates and Spain the
war department ar, Washington has
received many appeals to permit soldiers
to wear armor in the field. Many recommendations have been offered in favor of
bullet proof fabrics, and if is by no means
certain that iu future wars protection
may not be worn over vital parts.
Several such fabrics have been patented,
one of the most notable being the invention of Casimir Zeglen. The outer
layer of '/eglen's shot proof cloth is composed of linen canvas, beneath which is a
stratum of Angora, goat hair. Next come
layers of silk cords laid parallel, each
layHr crossing the next. J .nally the
layers are sewn together, anil the stuff
may be cut into jack*-.is or shields.
lid ward C. Cert, enberger. of Brooklyn,
i.s the inventor ol a bullet proof armor
coin posed of alternate layers of hair cloth
and gutla pereha silesia, with .round
class between the sheets. The hair cloth
is saturated wit h alum ancl the silesia is
coaled with gutta pereha. J [eat is applied and the sheets-are pressed together
by hydraulic power.
A .Philadelphia man named Harry Gross,
is ro-pnn-iblc for a "heari shield" made of
metal Covered wilh leallvr and attached
to a band that, passes around ihe chest.
Possibly an impi ovomen t on this is a
"metallic vest,'" devised by (','. Grabe of
De Witt, Nebraska. Lighter and more
convenient; however, is a waistcoat of
aluminum, patented by Ilobert F.
Stevenson of Silverton, Texas.
Wagon  Repairing  Promptly Attended  to
by a First-Glass Wheelwright
Special attention given to all Irjnds of repairing
an,d custom work, from outside points
SHOP:    Cor. Baker aqd Hall Sts. ;.elson.
Vancouver,  3, C.
Principals:   The Demoiselles Kern,, assisted by Miss Bar-
i-iagton, B. A., (Cantab), who has Ijad ffve years
experience in Australia ;   Miss flitch, il, of
the F(oyal Conservatoriurn, Dresden.
The Oranville -rlioo! will reopen on Aii_u-I ililli, in
Hiiro .iroi'l. Tin; new school Iiom-o. which !i:i-> lu-cn
Imill by Mlh'. K .rii. U iifliiiii'iilily -ilusi! cil mi ilu- bi ■<> .- of
tlm Mill lUcrlooUin. I lie Inn bar, and in 111. cc-niri.- ot llio
wcsl end.
I'l-o .!cctii.- find nil information on upplii'iilinii In llm
^" JsrXVX-,&02<T,
MAI,ON"K & TRKUILI,US. Proprietor..
I. one of Ihu bo ., hoUsls in Toad Mountain district, ,-md
is--, t.hc.hr.-nd'iimi'tuiv   or pro.--jioct.ors and minors.
Notice   of   Application    for   Certificate   of
ki.vij ok Tin-: [•-<>i:i:sr mixkii.m. a..mm. sin.-at.   in tiik
. i:i.son mi. i.\'<: lil'visin.viii-- ws-_t icn(rn..\\v ins-naive
A Nil l.i'K-ATl-lli O.N'K .Ml I.F. WKST or i:lVp:orT cltrcKK AMI
Vnri: mii.ks soi"rinvi-:.ST oi-- M-a.so.v.
Tnkv nnti'-ii Iinil I,.,I. Al. !!• r'nirbiiirii, of ICaslo. II. (',.,.
ncliii. ,-isn. suit. I'or H. T. .A il kin. I'iv miniir's i-c'rl ilical.c
No. 2IS:', inti.-nd si.sly days I'l-imi llm ii.de biM-uoi, to apply
lo llic miiiiiiif n.'i-oi-di-r I'or a i-orl ilii-ati- of iniprnvf.'inoijl.s.
I'or llio juirpos'c nf olit.aiiiimt n crown .rant of 1'nc. above
irlnim. Ami I'lirtliur lake mil i«.-c 1 hat. ,-icl ion under -eel ion
:I7. innsl. lie eommeneeil, before Ilu: is. .uinee of sm-h ccr-
tiiiealc of improvements. .1.  Al.  K'.  l-'.\ 11; IIA 1 li\.
IJnti.'cl this IMlli day of Au. ii  .. ISIi.s.
('AN'.WIA : I
.%,,. to.
rpi'.i -' H TO (;i:i!'!'IKV thai the ".Ulm.lmsi-.-i (Jold
-1- Aline. Limited," is finllini-ised und licensed to carry
u:i Im- i-i;--i wi I liin Hi's I'rovim. i of lirii K!i ( 'oImiiiIiIm, anil
lo i-.ni v nul and e.Teet. all or any of llmobjceK hereinafter
scl fnrlli lo wlii.11 I he le^i-l.ilivo anlhorilj of flic lejjisld-
I nie of UriLi.-h ('oliinibia extends.
The bead oilice of lhe Company i.s siiiiate al. Xo. Hi,
Que en Viuioriii Street, London, Kn«'and.
Theanioniit of tho capital of l.bc Company is .1'-. (1,000,
dividi'il inl ii . lO.nili) fJiares of one jjounil cae.ii.
The bead oflice of Hi. Company in this I'nivineo is
i .lii.-ilo in Nel .in, and Kdward Xel-ion l''ell. miiiiiij. entri-
iii. .*. whose nilrti-c.. i is Xelson aforesaid, is Hie iiUorney
for I In: ('oinpany.
The olijecls for '.vliieb llio Conipany lias been cslab-
li-licd arc: ,
I i.) To enter iiiui. execute, and carry into elfeel,
eilln'r. 'villi or without, inodilication, an a. renniunt,
dati-'l Ilu-_ iril day of March, A. 1). I_IS. and expressed
lobeniadc between Arthur Kniei. on Itanil. as lru...<<
for Hi" Al.h.'ilia-e.a Cold Alinin. t^oiiipiiiiy. I.imiled Lia-
Inlity, of lhe one purl, mill tho Hritish' Columbia and
New Kind (loldlields Coriioralion. Liiniled. of (lib oilier
pari, beiiiK an a. rcenioiiL I'or the piireii.-i.se of all llio
ininiii}; rie;lil--. concession'--, tindorl.ikint,'. - Im-iness and
Kiiuilwill of (ho Alhuhasoa (;old Mining Company, Limited Liability, and also to ncijiiir. oilier . ranis,'eonces-
sion-, leases, ehiinis, license-, or aullioritie.s of and over
mine--, iniiiiiij.; rinlit.s, land . niinerr . in-oiierlies, water
and iilh'-i- rii,rlil.s, in Canada or elsewhere, and oilhur
alisnhilely or conditionally, and ci. icr .solely or.jointly
wit.li nllioi's:
(Ij.) To explore, open and v.-oi k claims or mines, and
raise und dif<an<l rpiarry for jfolil, silver, minerals, ores,
diiiintuids and precious stones, cools, carlb and oLbor
hiibsLiinces, and to carry on tho business of a Company
trailiii.   in inch materials in all its branches;
(c.) To acipiiro by piirchase, concession or lease, or to
lake in exohanf,.! or otherwise, or lo erect or construct
and whenever nece-sary lo alter buildings, railways,
traniwa\.s, roads, shafts, furnaces, works for sniellinff.'or
olhcrwisc for I real ing, removing and siorinp; metals and
niinerais.aiid draining ancl pmiipine; apiiliances, or water
works for the purpose of working the mines or claims for
the time being belonging to tho Company, or to any other
company or person or persons, and for the purp'oso of
crushing, working, inanufaoiuring, purifying, cutting,
poii-hing or otherwise dealing with gold, silver, precious
metals, minerals, ores, coals, diamonds and precious
st one, earth and oilier subslitncus, whether belonging
to the Company or to any pe_-un or persons:
(il.l To acquire, carry on and undertake ail or any
purl of tho bii_nuss, propcrt. and, liabilities, of any jier-
sion or company carrying on bu_nc.Sb which tbeCoinjjany
i« authorised, to carry on, or posses. ,-;l of property or
rights suitable for any of lhe purposes of the Company,
and lo purchase, acquire, sell and deal with shares or
slock of any such person or company:
(e.) To enter inlo partnership or into any arrangement for sharing proliis, union of interests or joint adventure with iuiy person or company carrying on or
about, to carry on any husiness which this Company i-i
authorised to carry on, or any business or transaction
capable of being conducted so as, directly or indirectly.
I.o benefit the conipany, and lo take or otherwise aciiuirc
and hold shares or secui-ilics of any such company:
if.) To aci|uirc any invention capable of being used
for any of the purpose, of the Company, and to acquire
any letters [latent, privileges or concessions of an analogous character, whether Hritish or foreign, granted in
respeol of any such invention:
(g.l To acquire and fjrant licenses lo work and use any
invention which the Company is authorised lo acquire:
(li.) To purchase, take on lease, or in exchange, hire or
ollieru'i-e acquire any land, real and personal properly,
and any rights or privileges which the Company may
IhinU net ■e-'S.ry or convenient for the purposes of its
busine-s, and in jiartic. ilnr any lands, buildings, machinery, licenses, trade marks, easements and privileges. To
invi. i. the moneys of the Company not inmiedialcly required upon such securities as may from time to time be
determined. To pay for any such properties, rights or
priviii-gcs either in shares of the Company, or ]iarliy in
cash and partly by shares, orollierwi.se:
{i.) To make, acoopi. endor-c and execute proinissory
iiotos. bills of exchange, and other negotiable instruments not connected with the bu.siiic.s of the Company:
(j.) To sell, improve, manage, develop, lease, mortgage,
di.-po-e of, give in exchange, turn to account, or otherwise deal with all or any pari of the properly and rights
of Ihe Company, including the granting of power (o
work, on any terms which" may from time to time be
deemed lit, any mines or claims of the Company:
(k.) To sell ill. undertaking of the Company, or any
jiart lhereof. I'or such consideration as Hie Company
muy lliink hi, and in particular for shares, debentures or
securities of any oilier company liming objects altogether or in part similar lo tlio-e of the Company:
(I.) Toproiuole and form, and be interested, and lo
lake, hold and dispose of .-hares in other companies for
ull or any of the objeel-. mentioned in this Memorandum,
und lo transfer to any such company any property of the
Company, and lo take or otherwise acquire, hold and
dispose nf shares, debentures or other secui-ilics iu or of
any such company, und lo subsidise or otherwise assist
any such company:
(in.) 'I'o pay and agree Io pay a commission or other
remuneration to any person, including members and
Directors of iliis Company, for any services rendered or
lo bo rendered, and in particular iu placing, agreeing
or guaranteeing llic placing of any shares or securities,
in l ho Company, or of companies which it may promote
or tie inlercsled in :
(u) To borrow or rai.-e money in such manner as the
Company may Ihink fit, and in pari icular by lhe issue
of debentures ur debenture stock, or porpel ual annuities,
and in security of --uch money so borrowed or rai-ed lo
mortgage, pledge or charge Ihe whole or any pari of the
properly, assets or revenue of the Company, prc-ent or
future (including its uncalled capital), hy special as .gn-
mentor otherwise, or to Lransfer or convey the same
lib .iluU'ly or in tru-l. and to give the lenders powers of
-ah-and I he other usual and necessary powers:
(o.l Tu distribute any of llic prolits or asset.-, of the
(.'oinpany in specie among the members, but .fo that no
di-'tribillion aniounl ing lo a reduction of capital be made
without Ihe sanction of Ilu; Courl. if necessary:
Hi.) To procure the Company to be registered in any
lirilish Colony or Uependcney, or in any foreign country
or place beyond Lhcneas:
(q.) To open and keep a colonial or foreign rcgi-lcr or
registers in any Hritish Colony or l.'cpcndency, or in any
foreign country or place beyond lhe sens, and to allocate
any number of the shares in ihe Conipany to such register or registers;
(r.) To do all or any of Ihe above tilings, either as
principals or agents, and either Hi rough agent:s. trustees,
or otherwise, a nil either alone or in conjunction with
(-.) To do all such other things as are incidental or
conducive to Ihe attainment of the above objects, or any
uf I hem:
ft.) And i' is licreliy ileclared that in this .Memorandum llic word "Company," except where u-cd in reference lo lhe Company,-hall be deemed In include any
pari nership or other body of pcr-on . whet her corporate
or incorporate, and whether domi'-ilcd iu the United
Kingdom or olsow here.
Uiv.jn under my hand and -eal of olMcc at. Vieioria.
Province of Hriii-h Columbia, thi-'-'llih iIav of .lime, one
thou .mil eiglil hundred anv nineU -eighl.
|i..s.| s.  V. WOOTTON,
Itcgisti-ar of Joint  sjmc-k Companies.
Received Daily from Spokane at the
MILLS & LOTT, Cor. Baker and Ward Sts., Nelson.
Hardy Bros. Flies and Casts.-
rjardy Bros.'celebrated   Creenheart
Fly   Rods - the   best   rods  in   the
Brogues, Waders, Fly Books, Devon
Minnows,   Baskets,   Abalon,e    and
other Spoons.
Prompt Attention
to Mail Orders
Corporation of the City of Nelson
Notice is hereby   ,'iven   that the
y       o
following' taxes on real estate and
improvements for the year 1898 are
now due and payable at the office
of the city clerk, on Josephine
street,  namely:
6 mills for g-cneral municipal
3 mills for interest on debentures.
2 mills for providing- a sinking-
fund  to redeem debentures.
If the tax is paid on or before
Aug-ust 31 si, 189S, a rebate of one
mil! will be allowed on the rate
for general municipal expenditures.
Thomas M. Ward, Collector.
Nelson, B.C., July 19LI1, 1898.
The <-it.jy council arc prepared to receive tenders fur
Hie con .'met ion of-ewer-, on the  fnllowiiii; si reel  . viz:
1. Ward slrcel --I.Vinuli sewer from .Mini -lri-et lo
Latimer   . reel.
2. Mill sireel I'.'-incli -ewer from Ward ..rci-t lo
.Stanley street.
.'). Stanley .-ircet-S-inrli sower from Mill . .reel to
J louver street.
'I'enders arc to slule price for each sewer or a lump
sum for llie whole work.
I'liiin and specifications can lie been and forms of
tender and oilier informal ion obtained at Ihe ullicc of
.A. Ij. McCulloch. city ciiKiui .r.
Scaled lender. . marked ouiside "Tinnier for Sewer."
are required lo lie sent in not Idler I Man :i o'clock p. 111.
on Monda'-. I.th of Aim'll-d, instant,    tlv order.
.1. K.  .TI.'ACIIA.V. City   Clerk.
Xelson. li. C AiikiisI I'M li. 1. IS.
I'licciiy council are pi-cpured 10 receive tenders for
clcarinij 11 portion of llic land iiurcha-ed for the purposes
of a new cemetery.
Sealed lender. . marked outside "Tender for ('Iciiriiif.
L.-ilid." and staling; price per acre for I,he work lo be done
are required Lo lie sent in mil later than .'1 o'clock p. 111. on
Monthly, I, .li of An. 11 ., in .ant.
Fur! her particulars unil infrirmalion can he obtained
al lhe oilice of A. L. Met nllocli. city engineer.
The council do not hind I licm-elves 10 accept (hi; lowe.-l
ni-aiiy lender -cut in.    I!y order.
.1. IC.   .Tii.U'IIAX. Citv Clerk.
.  cl-oii. I'.. C. AuKUst Kilh. I.-iK
._J. . o
Between Duluth and Buffalo
'via the magnificent passenger
steamships "North West"
and "North  Land."
Touching- en route: "Ture
Soo,"< Macklvac Island, Detroit,  and Cleveland.
Connecting- at Buffalo for New
York and Boston. Also at
lake ports for all points East
ancl South.
Two daily Groat Northern trains  ( Eastern '
Railway of   3iii .i.-sota),  frnin   St.   Paul   and
Alinneapolis connect with stealnevs at Dululli.
He. ire deciding 011 your mute  (.0  llic linst
I  on a
or  wrile.
call  on agents of   ( .'out   Xm-tliern   Railway,
F.  I. WHITNEY, G.P. & T.A., St. Paul
(lland-oinely Illu-Iriilivc do .-riplive mailer
-sent on reuuesl.)
Th,e Direct and Superior Service Route from the
Kootenay Country to all Points East,
West, J_orth aqd South,.
Tourist Cars (Models of Comfort) Pass Revelstoke Daily to
St. Paul.   Daily Except Wednesday to Eastern Points.
i;:IU p. 111
Rossland  and   Main Lino  Points.
DAILV Arrive.
.'   \Kl.._(i.V 10::.   p. 111.
Slocan  City,   Slocan  Lake  Points and Sandon,
Leave.                   Il.iilv  K.veepl Sinidav Arrive.
!l:i.ii. 111 '..NKLSON " _:_U i>. 111.
Kootenay  Lake--rvaslo R,oute--Stean|er Kokanee.
The annual meetilie; of the shareliolders of I he Nelson
.'•'.lei'trii- I.i.lil- (Jompauy. Liiniled," of NeNoii. Hrilish
('oluniliia. will he held a! Ihe eompanv's olllce in Ni-Nou,
on Monday. .. 'pleniher alii. IS!'. . for lhe purjio.-e of i-lecl
in. direr tors and tli" II'lin .i — l ion of any oilier business
that may ho necessary.
.1. II.  MATH. .-'ON, s_er-t.nry.
Nelson. B.C.. AllKU. . Itrfl. IS!I.S.
Toanil from l-;m-n|jcaii noints via Canadian and American lines. Apply I'or sailin. dales, vales. I I<'l-;i-(.--, and
full inl'oriiialion lo anv ('aiiadiaii I 'aeilie railiMiy aifonl or
(IKO. S. HICK!!. (.'.  I': I.'.  Aicen!.  N'cl.-'on.
WILLIAM .. I'lTT. O'imer.il S. S. A„''nr, Winnipeg.
.11  d 'IB
Having secured (he more commodious and con-
venieiu. i| 11:1 r(i.-rs of llie above hotel. Mrs. K. (.'.
f.'larke lakes this opportuiiily nf llianUiuK her
fonnrr put runs al llie Clarke ifotel for i.hrir
palriiiiaKi: iu lhe |ia.-l,- and lor -ulieh iiijf. a eon-
tiiiuiineu of the . .line.
Rates $2 per Day
.   Clarke, Proprietor.
\ §~n
T n TH
3SJ iJ'A
'Owners ol" linna li(!(- iiiiiici-;il . rlniiiis, (lie
surt'.-K.'c nf which li^lmi .s in this t'niiiiiiiiiy,
who desire t.u ;ic<|uii-i- title in such stir. ice.
should uiiilcc ,'ip|ilii',-il.inii I'm' s:;i!iic ;it once,
us lhe (Ji un [ mil \- is now ivcei viiiL,' niiiiiei'oius
a jijiiical ions for the |nn (,-liase of land in l.lm
viciiiilv ol' liosshunl. ,iiii| .-lion;; the line of
ihe Nelson >. Furt Slie) 1] ia.nl i ,'ui! w;iy. a nd
it, is the dcsiie of llie (.'(jliijin 11 v to ,:;'ivc lhe,
owners of Imna lid" ininerai ehiiiii.s the first.
|irivili'tfe of purchasing' the siiiface o| such
kelson & Fort Sheppard Railway Co.
The city council are prepared to receive lender- for
In vine; .-iiie-.valks in lhe eity for the remainder of I lie year
I. .is.
. eiili'd lender.-, inarked oul-ide "Tender for .ide-
u-.-ilks." slatin_ price for layin. per Ihoii-aud feel of
Iu in her, are rei inircd to lie -ml in not later than A o'clock
p. in., on Monday. iheSlh Auejusl.
Tin; city council ilu mil hind l!ieiil-clvi-- lo .u'eepl the
lowe-t. orany lender «hic|i may beseni in. liy older of
the eity council.
Notice of   Application   for   Certificate   of
wiirn: ci.oi.-n, 111,ck jack, vki.i.ow .iaci . srriiNi; iii-i.i..
TUICT. AND I.OCATKI)   O.V   TIIK   NORTH   SI UK 111' S111-: I-: I •
cm.uic. nkaii iikai! ciii:iac.
Take notice that; I, .1. A. Kirk, acting as a^-i.-nl for the
iSiilmo ('ousolidaled Cold .Miuiii. .v" I'evelopmenl ''oinpany. Limilcd Lialiiliiy. free miner's eerlilicale No.
I.'l.l iu.\. irtend sixty days from the date hereof, lo upply
In lhe tui 11 in_- recorder for a eortilk'iitc of iinpnivemcnls.
for I he purpose (if olilainin^' a crouii yrain of I he above
And further take notice tliat action, under -eetion .'IT,
in 11-st lie commenced before the issuance of such ecrtili-
eiitc of improvement.-. .1. A. ICIl'IC.
Hated this L'lith day of .rnly, IS. s. i.'luiy :in||i|
Notice   of   Application    for   Certificate   of
l.dCATIJIl ON .MClltNI.Vi; .Mor.VTAIN, I'll   II MILK* SOI "III-
AVKST (IK ,\'l;l.-(l.\' AMi IS SOUTHWUST OK .UNO M. (J.
T-ke no! ice-that 1, .1. M. I!. I .lirbnirn. of Ka.-l". I!. (.'.,
aclinu' as aejent I'or T. lieuilall, free iniuer's i-i-ri ilieate
No. 'iv.1i. inteii'I sixty days fi-nin Ma- date liercof, lo apply
10 Ihe ininiii-. recorder for 11 eerlilicale of iuiproveinents.
I'or I he piirpo-e of oblainin. 11 .-rou 11 jrranl .of lhe above
claim. And furl her lake mil ice thai ai-n'ou under -eetion
Al, inns! lie coiiuiicnccd before-, he i~-ii.i:icc of aicii i.t-
tillciite of imiirovciuellls.' .1. M. L. l-'.\ I HIJA I l! V.
Daled Ihis ustli dav ol" Aiil'ii-!., ISp.s.
Iif") p. in.
P.iilv   Kxcept Sundav
.11:1X1 n. m.
K.ooten,ay  fjivcr Route-Steamer Nelsoq.
Leave.                 Dailv   Kxeept   Suiidav. Arrive.
7:1.   n. in NKL.SON 10.-:«i p. in.
Make- outward connection at Pilot Hay with steamer
ICokaiiec, tun inward -uch coiiiiection is not guaranteed.
Steamer call- at way ports in both directions ivhen
A-certiiin pre-ent itidiieeil ltate-and full information
bv addrc—ill', neare-l local aejjent or
CE0RCE S. BEER, City Agent, Nelson, B. C.
U'. I". Aniii:k.-ii.v, Ti-.-ivelinfc 1'n— en. er j\. ent. Xel.-on.
')■'.. .1. Covi.i:. Hi-'i I'.i—en. er Au'cnl. Vancouver.
Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of
Spokane Falls & Northern,
Nelson & Fort Sheppard/'
Red Mountain Railways.
Tl|e only all rail route without change of cars
between Nelson aiid Rossland, an,d
Spokane an,d Rosslarjd.
Leave        . Arrive
r,.-ii a. in NKLSON .....:_ p.m.
l-.'.n.-.a. in  HO... LA Nil J_:_) p. m.
S::i!i a.m........  I'OKA.N !•: 3:10 p. in.
The train Hint, leave- Xelson al li:.! a. in., makes close
connc;! ions al .Spokane with I rains for all Pacilic Coast
I'us-enejjer,-. for Kettle Kiver and Houndary Creek connect at .Marcus v.ith siay-e daily.
.ICNll MI.VCIIAL CI..11M. - i II' AT I:   IN  Till:   .VKI.ScN   .MININO
iiivis|i-in in-- ivi:. .- icohtijn.w iii. ri:if r. ash i.(h-.\ti-:ii
ov wi-:s'i'sun: hi--(ii\"i-:oi"r ci:i:i-:i . i-'firi: asi> A iiai.i--
mills soi-riiwi:s-|- (if .vioi.siin,   iii.joininc ki.vi; or i
rill-: i--(ii:i-:sT .mini:i:.\i. claim. I
Take i ml ice I ha I I, .1. M. It. l-'airbairn. of .Kuslo, II. C..  I
iictiii'.:  as  a. cut   for ,1. .M. \e.—.,  free   iniuer's  certilicate  |
No, lVi.V!, inlend sixi.v ilu vs I'rnui I he date hereof, lo apply  j
In lhe niininjr recorder I'm- n cert idea I e of improvcin. nt -.  j
for l he pin-pose of obtaining a ci-u-.vu  jrranl   of the abm e
claini.    And furt her lake noliee  thai   act imi. iiudi r see-
I ion .'17. must -he commenced before-  ihe   i--uau''e of -ueh
I'crtille.ile of improvements.       .1. M. It. V.\ II! ISA IltN.
Haled I hi.-, I-ith day of Aii-u-l. 1. .1 s.
I'nder.'.nd liy virtue of llie powers contained in a certain inoilK'.'i. ('.' which will he produced at the time of the
.-ale. I heri! will he oll'ered for sale hv public auction by
('has. A. W'lileriiuin. UL his ollli-es, Hiiki-r street. Nelson.
H. C. on 'Ihiii-sday. the IStli day (if Au. u-l. ISiS. at the
hour of -' o'clock in lhe afternoon. Hie fuilowinj,'ijroiierly.-
AH and singular those certain parcels or tracts of laud
and premises situale. 1\ intc. and hcin. in the town of
i Nelson, in the province" of lirili-li ('oliimbia. and beiiiK
coin ]io-eil of lot- it u ii i he red nineteen IIP) and twenty i-"l.
in block iiuiiiberod livi^ i.'il. hi-in. n sub-division nf Lot.
numbered liinetylive i'.i.'i). Orotip one (II. of Ihe ejovern-
ini'iil tovvn-ile of Nclsiei. I!. C.
There i- a liu-eje t wo-siory fiiiino liuililin . on Ilu- jirop-
et-lv. which i.- lai'.v occupied by the Miner l'rintin. Jc
rulili-hin.e Company.
for lei-'ni.-and condilinii.-- of sale apply to
I'. )•;. W'lL.-ON. Solicitor fur the Slorii;H_i'C's.
hated Ain;iisi .,.'11(1. ISP, . linker .<! reel. Nelson.
I'or a term of years, I he .Northwest half of IJIoek lull, in
lhe eil V (if NeUoil.    A llll |C S 11.1 v .'.J. Nel-on.
si!l^si^s_l?^_^__^^ii^^ Till.   TR.IIUl.NiO     InRLHOj.,   B.C.   SATUMMY,  AHM'ST :iOt   imih.  SPECIAL  SALE SHSRT  WAISTS  50c TO $5  HIGH-CLASS   UJR-^r   GOODS  SPECIAL  OF  UP-TO-DATE  VEILINGS  DRESS GOODS AND.SILKS J  I Slack   mid   colored   in   every   we.iv.   in i  vogue.of  the   latest, novelties  for spring  and  siuiiino'i-  weiu:  NEW WASH FABRIC  l.ilu'i.s in endless |irouisiiiii, in .liuliny  organdies, haltisfes, linens, zeiiliyr, eani-  hi'ics, lawns anrl   new gi-enudine muslins.  LADIES' PARASOLS  We are now showing aeuiiij'ilete range in  everything the market, a/lords.  LADIES'Di^ESS SILTS'      '  I Slack and  navy sei-ge, plain  and  figured  ,-dpaea. brocade silk and satin shirts, duck  '  pique  and   denliam  skirts  and  suits for  summer.  . i  LADIES' SHIRT WAISTS   ,  ���Special sale of  waists in organdie,   .i-.iia-.  dine and   Lafayette jnuslins,  sizes 82  to  ���12,   ranging from    . 0 cents   to  ��0  each.  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T-  m  Baker Street,  NELSON  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  The contractors who have in hand die  construction of the raihvay bridge over  tho. river at Wardner expect to have the-  name ready for the crossing of trains early  next week. When this is accomplished  the work ot laying the steel to Kootenay  lake will be proceeded with rapidly.  Wardner, the present terminus of: the  Ui'ows Xest railway, has been created an  ou .port oi' the port oi' New Westminster.  W. S. Keys has been appointed sub-  collector, but during his illness the  customs work is being attended to by D.  M. Jamison ot the Nelson oilice.  The partnership heretofore existing  between IT. D. Ashcroft and .1. S.  McClelland has been dissolved. The  business will be continued by II. D.  Ashcroft. The ��� retiring member contemplates a trip into Okonogan  country.  The bank of Montreal will probably  open a branch in Cranbrook, the new  town on the Crow's Nest road. It is said  that a couple of town lots have been  purchased by the bank with this end  in view. -  At Spokane last evening captain Charles  Oris wold was married to Miss Elizabeth  Blackmail. Captain Griswold is at present  running as mate on the steamer Rossland,  and will make his home at Arrowhead.  One of the recent visitors to the Silver  King mine gives a description of the property in The Province, and winds up  with an interview with the superintendent, in which the latter says that with  about two or three months' needful development, during which time the two  long tunnels will be connected and great  quantities of ore blocked out, he would be  able to resume shipments ou about the  old scale of 200 tons daily, and keep it up  for years to come.  The people of Sandon will have a plebiscite of their own within the next thirty  ��� days._ This meaus lias been adopted by  the city council for the purpose of determining whether the variety house in that  city shall be permitted to continue in  business or not.  Dr.  J.  A.  Armstrong   left   for   Grand  Forks on Friday, in connection  with a reported outbreak of glanders in the horses  <of that-section.    He will  be absent from  the city for several days,  ���''��� Angus Shaw and wife leave '.this evening on a trip to Toronto and other points  in Ontario.  The banks of Spokaue have commenced  to discount Canadian currency and the  merchants have been obliged to do likewise. The bank discount amounts ro but  2 p .r ceiit, but  it  constitutes  an  annov-  . ance just .the same.  Jacob Dover left Tuesday evening on a  purchasing trip to the eastern cities.  During his absence his.N'eKon business  will be managed by W. M. Sprott.  JL IL Croasdaile. of the Hall Mines, is  credited with having secured some of the  best looking prospects in Hast Kooteiiay.  His latest acquisition is the Wasa group  of claims, situate on Wasa creek; about  I-J miles from. Fort Steele. The consider- '  ation for the Wasa group is S:i().0(.) jtl '.  four payments. A. contract has been let i  for a .0-foot tunnel. ���  The opening services in the new I-Japtist  church will bo  held  tomorrow, when   the ���;  pulpit   will   be  occupied   by  R,KV.   li. W.  Ti otter.    The   musical   programme    will :  form an attractive feat ur. of the opening, j  -  service". I   .  The city council is c-iiiiiig for tenders ! $  for the work of performing the necessary i  repairs to the Victoria and Vernon street  ���bridges. The tenders are required to be  before the council by ,'i o'clock Monday  afternoon, Specifications and further  information can be had at the office of the  city engineer.  'Those who are acquainted with Hon.  Joseuh Martin, the new a I torney general  of the province, were amu-cd with the  announcement that the nc.v minister  created a st ir in the legislative buildings  the day. .after his appointment liy uniting  Stock in Mine Supplies more Complete than Ever  Ore Cars, T-Rails, Iron Pipe and Fittings '  Contractors Profits will be Better  if we are Allowed to Figure on the Hardware  _���::.___- ..;.....,     .:-/'���    ; il--'S -:.--      "--^.ij  Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes, and  Cloth Brushes. Also good values  in Sponges^  Prescriptions Carefully Compounded       Baker Street, Nelson  TKLKPHON_  21  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  I'UO.MI >T  i)_ijivi<;_Y  in an appearance at 8 o'clock in the morning. This is ' somewhat out of the  ordinary, and those who have been holding down government .jobs in the capital  for the past few years don't know where  they are at.  The price of silver keeps bobbing around  00 cents without being able to reach that  mark. Friday's New Vork quotation was  5. j!, which represents about the average  price for the week.  From   what can  be  learned  from  the  coast it is more than probable that J.  Fred Hume, the member for this riding,  will be offered a seat in premier Semlin's  cabinet. In the event of his acceptance  it will Open the Nelson riding again. If  there i.s au elector who has resided in the  province aud district for the required  length, and whose name is not upon the  voter's list, he should see that it is put on  without further delay.  Six Killed and Several Wounded.  On Wednesday morning a train of coal  cars and a passenger coach went through  the Trent liver bridge at the Union  colliery, and as a result six men were  killed and several injured, some probably  fatally. The road on which the accident  happened is a private road used in connection with the colliery in getting the  coal v.o deep water. Those killed were :  A. Walker, engineer : Alexander Mellado,  brakeman; Richard Nightingale, contractor; "William Work, contractor, and  two Japanese, laborers. Hugh Grant, fireman, has both legs broken and is not  expected to live. The accident was  caused by the giving away of the largest  span in the bridge. The bridge was ten  years old and Nightiugale, the contractor  killed in the wreck, was on his way to  make necessary repairs when the accident happened. ,  a friend for advice  "^^   E_"3    !^  a woman for sympathy  strang'ers for charity,  but for  Good Boots  ��  ��  Fifteen'days left to clear out a  complete, stock of Dry Goods9 Carpets,, House  ��  i ��  Furnishings, Clothing*  l_-  b5  ;s ai  oes  stuck  of in  \\'i.' arc  forced   P>  leave "iir sr;in<l  in,  Nelson,  as our  lease expires   Kepteinher  i.s thrown   on   lhe.  market al.   prices  never   before  heard  tl,<>    "'  No  other suitable  sland    hein.  mailable.   lhis  Go to  citv. The whole stock must he sold and the time  i.s short. I .rteeu days of such prices as we are selling al will  work wonders. Come early and secure a supply of goods al  closing-nut-sale  prices.  .__.  m  .  a py a  iAi  e (ken Shoe Store  WARD STJi ._T  Repairing of nil kinds done.  Our prices are right.  PROVINCIAL EXHIBITION  Under Llio direction of the Iiovi.il Agricultural  iuul Industrial Society of I .-itish Columbia.  October 5th to 13th inclusive  at New Westminster  IN CONJUNCTION"WITH THE CITIZKNS' GRAND  "��������� ; VEAIitW CELEBRATION"'  #1  Baker Street  Are offering special bargains in  Fine Furniture, Carpets, linoleums  $18,0.00.  IN PHIZES  $18,000  Tho premium list, is the largest, ever ollered  west of Toronto  During the month of July a  discount of 20 per cent will  be allowed on all purchases  of boots   and   shoes   at   the  Pi .-Spectacular Uombnrdnienl of Santiago De Culm,  and blowing up of llie "Maine." Followed by an up-to-  date (ire works display, which has been secured for four  nights. -  Lacrosse and base ball matches, bicycle meet, aquatic.  sailor, and Caledonian sports, promenade ooncerls,  horse race . dog show���open fo the world.  i_r  The linest. bands in the province will provide music.  .  Special rates over all railway and steamboat line.. '  Xo entrance fees charged for exhibits.  Premium lists, entry forms, and full informal ion  on  application lo  Ma vou OVK.vs, Chairman Celebration Coiniiiillee.  W. II. Edm 0.1)8. .Secretary Celebration Commit tee.  T. J. Tkai'I". President. If. -\. _. I. Society.  Akthi'U Mai.ink, Secretary li. A. Si I.'Society.  W. 11. Ki:.\l:v. Exhibition Commissioner.  Tracy, Dueber Hampden, Elgin, P.  S. Bartlett, and Bockford. All  work  guaranteed.    Baker   Street.  Jewelery manufacturing and engraving done neatly and quickly on the  premises. If your watch is sick it  can be cured; or if it is too far gone,  to recover a new one can be selected  from a full line of Waltham, Vanguard;    Orescent   Street,    Appleton-  i  WE WOULD LUCE TO  MENTION THE . ACT-THAT  WE ARE THE  GET YOUR MONEY BACK IE  EVERYTHING IS NOT  AS REPRESENTED  iust Townsr,  _3__:r nsroasrE  A Glance at our Range and Prices will do no Harm  WE CLOSE AT SIX P. M. EVEIIY EVKNIN.   EXCEPT SATURDAY  r* "     ���       '      18 and 20  _L BAKER   STREET  This is not an old stock  that is being run off.  New goods at new prices  SHERIFF'S   SALE.  CORPORATION OF THE 'CITY OF   NELSON  TENDERS    FOR    REPAIRINC    BRIDCES.  Thy ci.ty council arc prepared lo receive lenders for  i-epairiii;,' Ihi; Vernon   .reel and   Victoria si reel, bridges.  Spi'cillc-alions can he. seen mid form.- of tender and  o^lli-r infoniniiioii obliiiueil at llic olllce of A. I... McCulloch. oily engineer.  Scaled lender.-;, marked oulnide "Tender for bridges."  sire rciiuired to In-senl in m. I.ilcr iluiu .'{ o'clock;;), m.  ni] Alomlny, llic _!nd .\n. ii.-;. iii.-iaiu.  'The cil.y council r|<i ih.i bind lliemsi-lves lo accept lhe  lou-esl orany of the lenders uliicli mav be senl in. Hy  .H.v order, .1.  K. STIiACIIAN. City Clerl;.  Nel-on. H. (.'.. August n;ih. iKiis.  Province of  Hrilish  Colnnibia, Nelson. West ICootenay,  fo-wit:  liy virlue of a warrant of execution issued out of Ihe  county court of ICootenay, at Nelson, at the suit, of .1. \V'.  Smith, plainfitr, and lo mc directed against ihe goods  and chattels nf John P. .Miller and A. Stalberg. defendants. I have seized and taken in execution all llie right,  title nnil interests of said defendants, John I1, ^lillorimd  A. Slalherg. in Ihe following mineral claims: '"Black  Ea���le." "Udls," "Lucky Hill," "Hillside," "Hilltop,"  " Eva Jane" and " Pond," all of which are silnale in the  Ainsworth mining division and recorded in lhe mining  recorder's olllce in Ihe eity of ICaslo. I . C, to recover the  sum of $..'Mid, amount of said execution, besides sherill "s  poundage and all oilier legal cosls and incidental expenses, all of which I shall expose for sale, or sullieienl.  I hereof fo satisfy said judgment! debt and cosls, at the  front of the eonrl. lion. .���. in the citv of Nelson. H. f'.. on  the Hill h flay of August. ,\. ]i. ISIS, nt the hour of 11 o'clock  in the forenoon.  Norn:    Intending  purchasers will satisfy themselves  as lo interest and I illeof said defendants.  WILLIAM P. KOBINS()N. Dcpulv Sherill'.  Haled, ICaslo. H. (.:.. August IStli, ISIS.'  _TG'  T  'J.  If i  %  SOO  ISTOTICE  As we are closing out our Nelson store .September 1st,  nil parties owing us accounts are i-co.uesl.eil to call and  settle same before the end of present month.  A. T. OAKLAND, Maker Slreel, Nelson.  n\  |Q  BRANCH MARKETS   .   .    ...  Rossland ancl Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and  Sandon, in Slocan District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.  M____M____!��___JJM__^^  _a__t__��_JB_M__M^^  __S____IS____


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