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 ���*W  Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made  ���  Dividend Paying Mines.  KOOTENAY     '  c  Has   Three  Smelters  in ��� Successful  Operation,  and  Enough   Ore   in Sight to   Run  Several  More.  FIFTH -YEAR-NO. 48.  NELSON,  BRITISH . COLUMBIA,  SATURDAY   AUGUST���'H, L897.  TWO  DOLLARS  A YEAR.  [I.;.;;-  HE   WILL   GET   $166 66   PER   MONTH.  The City Council Passes the By-law Fixing  the Mayor's Salary.  At Monday evening's session of the city  council the by-law' introduced by alderman Teet/.el, fixing the mayor's salary at  $2000, per annum, was put through its  various stages! When the by-law. reached  the committee stage, mayor Houston offered an amendment that the salary of  the mayor be reduced to $1500. The  amendment was seconded by alderman  Dow, but upon the question being put it  wa.s lost. Mayor Houston offered a second  amendment, fixing the remuneration of  the aldermen at' the nominal sum of $50  per annum. For this amendment no seconder could be secured and it went by default. Alderman Dow gave formal notice  that at the next meeting of the council he  would -move the reconsideration of the  by-law.  Alderman Teetzel presented the' report  ol' the finance committee re the account of  the city solicitor, which was submitted at  the rate of $100 per month. The report  recommended the payment ol the account,  and further recommended that in future  the city solicitor be paid only for such  specific services as he renders. The report was received and adopted. .  Several complaints havingjbeen received  respecting the scavenger arrangements of  (ieorge H. Owen, a general discussion followed upon the desirability of the corporation taking over the scavengering business within the city. The complaint of  the citizens was that the present scavenger did not attend to the work, aiid a  counter complaint on the scavenger's behalf was that those complaining against  him would not pay sufficient tohave the  work done properly. The opinion of the  council was that so long as the present  system obtained, there would be more or  less dissatisfaction, but as the council was  not prepared to make the outlays incidental to taking over the work at present, it  was decided to leave the scavenger work  in the hands of O'eorge 11. Owen for the  present.  Chief of police Woolverton was made  health officer.1 He will give immediate  attention to all who neglect the sanitation  of their premises, and thev will have a  chance to explain such neglect to magistrate Crease.  A communication was received from  Macdonald <!c Johnson, threatening legal  proceedings on behalf of a client if the  corporation does not reconstruct the  Stanley street sidewalk to suit said client's  ideas. The communication was filed,  which ends the matter so far as the council goes. ,  Alderman Dow gave notice of his intention to introduce by-laws regulating the  sale of milk, bread and wood within the  city limits.  The following accounts were passed and  ordered paid:  T. W. Gray.-lumber -  .   .-.   Houston & McManns, lire Iinil      A. L. Oolan. lockup aeuoiinl        Fred Lane, lockup account     ..  Alike Ttigne. lockup account  ���  .lame.-! Hatighn, lockup account   .Mm Mttllon. lockup account   - McDonald, lockup account ...-   ..  George Taylor, lockup account.. ��� .........  Pat flnnlan, lockup account..     ..          'Pom lvun.ru. lockup account ...............  Mike Senllu. lockup account......... - - -  ��� Jameson, lockup account   ....     William Conale, lockup account:.'..  .:.:   P. T. Lawrence, lookup account '.':'   ��� Lacy, lockup account ���       Julius iiocdeckcr. lookup account .   A. Nittoboi'fj. -lockup account :...���'. ....  Alex. Mathoson. lockup account   John Noroross, lockup account.   - Adatn.s, lockup account .. .......:.....  Ashcroft & McClelland, lockup account   L. K. llav-iek. engineer     ...���  Nelson Postofliee. stamps   Gilbert Stanley   (J. .1. Campbell, waterworks. .-���'���.   W. G. Spencer, iiretlepai-tmcnt   Canadian Pacilic Telegraph Co     ���  West & Kmerson. hauling lumber .   John A. Turner, nails, etc         .  ...  ..  John  IClliot. legal   .Spencer & Ball    A. V. McKinnon,- patrolman...           U. McCreath. hard ware   Tribune Pub. Co., advertising and job work.  Alex. Chisholm. sidewalk ,,....' ���  O. Cicley, sidewalk .   - -    ���  M. II. McKinley, sidewalk   I!. A. Josling. assessment clerk .....       .  .:  .0. II. Woolverton, chief of police ..'   A. V. McKinnon. patrolman   S. O. Robinson, patrolman   I;. A. Winerals. patrolman          (: K. Sealey. city clerk i   John Hamilton, city auditor   .,3795 nO  .. 157 11  :. !)7 50  .. :�� do  .'.- 17 50  . 25 00  .-.' 2 50  .. ��U20  . 40 25  .. 50 20  .. 17 75  .-. li' 75  ..- it; oo  ,-. . 5 00  .  5 00  ..  11 00  ..  9 00  5 00  . ,'i0 00  .. I 00  75  .. U 50  .. (il 00  .. A 00  .. 2 50  1 25  ..  S 00  7 35  1 75  .'. 37 21  . 250 00  .. 37 (10  .. - 3 SO  .- 3 75  ..' 82 110  . - 7I> 00  .. 57 00  . 27 00  . .78 20  . . !I0 00  SO 00  .. 38 70  . II 30  .. 10O 00  ..  12 511  TOO   MUCH    WATER.  Carelessness on  the  Part  of a Smelter Hand  Causes Much Damage.  On Wednesday evening an accident  happened at the works of the Nelson  Klectrie Light company, which will render it impossible for the company to supply light for two or three weeks. Among  other improvements recently made at the  company's plant was a new .frl-inch flume  from the dam to the penstock. The flume  has a much greater carrying capacity  than the old one and the volume of water  sent through it for present purposes was  regulated by a patent water gate.  Wednesday evening the water in the  Hall Mines smelter reservoir began to get  low. This water is supplied through the  light company's flume, and an employe of  the Hall Mines took it upon himself to  open the water gate at the head of the  flume. The result was that a larger body  of water was sent through the flume than  could be carried off by either the smelter  flume or the light company's pipes to the  power house. The surplus water demolished the light company's penstock,  washed out the bank and tore out the  steel pipe leading from the penstock to  tho. power house. The damage was done  in a few minutes, before the light company's electrician could run up to the  dam and .shut the gate. It is estimated  that  the  damage  will   amount   to   over  $1,000. The Hall mines will doubtless be  called upon to foot the bill. The breakage caused much inconvenience. to the  users of electric light throughout the city.  ONE   MAN   CAUSES   MUCH   TROUBLE.  WHITE   GROUSE   DISTRICT.  Several   Citizens    Needlessly    Summoned   in  Court   for   Violating'   the   Fire   By-law.  Tlm amount, of trouble which one man  can cause when he sets his mind to it, was  well illustrated in   the police court  this  morning.   Several weeks ago W. P. Robinson   negotiated   a   lease  of  the Bilker  street lot adjoining the Clements & Hillyer-block,  owned   by T. 11. Giffin.    The  lessee of the lot was George W.Brown,  and he commenced the erection of a frame  building  upon 'the  same.    Shortly after  this the fire limit by-law was passed by  the  council.    As   several   had  made   arrangements   to  put  up frame  buildings  within  the fire limits,  it  was generally  understood that the provisions of the fire  limits by-law would not be put into effect  against them provided they commenced  work before the by-law became law aud  carried the same on continously.    George  W- Brown neglected  to avail himself of  this condition.    He commenced  work before the by-law came into effect, but he  did not carry the work ou continuously.  Complaint being made by the owners of  adjacent property, a summons was issued  .against Brown for infraction of the bylaw.   This case, it  will be remembered,  was dismissed  by  magistrate Crease for  the reason that the structure had not at  that Lime proceeded far enough to warrant a conviction for infraction of the bylaw  under the section  upon  which  the  charge was laid.   The case was dismissed,  but Brown dare not-proceed, a.s further  additions to the building might constitute  a breach of the by-law.  At this point W. .P. Robinson sought to  help Brown out, and he interviewed chief  of police Woolverton and requested him  to take proceedings against every other  person who was putting up a frame building within the lire limits. With this re-  request Robinson coupled the promise  that if Woolverton did not take such  action, he would report him to the police  commissioners for neglect of duty. The  result was that upwards of a dozen were  before the magistrate this morning upon  the charge of violating the by-law, fully  half of whom had mayor Houston's warrant for doing what was complained of.  Their cases were speedily disposed of. but  there was no necessity for having summoning them, and altogether owing to  Robinson's interference they were subjected to the. inconvenience of attending  court.  The first of these cases called was that  against Edward Applewhaite. The evidence of mayor Houston was that while  the fire limits by-law was being discussed,  Applewhaite came to him and stated that  he. had prepared plans for building a  frame structure within the proposed limits, and wanted to know how the by-law  would affect him if his building were'unfinished when the by-law came into effect.  He was assured by the mayor that-if he  commenced work before the by-law came  iuto effect and carried the same on continuously, there would be no proceedings  taken by the council. In the mayor's  opinion, Applewhaite had complied with  the conditions imposed by the council.  Magistrate Crease expressed the opinion  that it would be wrong to impose any fine  iu such a case, and he dismissed it  without costs. The same consent was  given in the eases of George Woods,  Turner & Boeekh, George Neelands, John  Johnson and Fred Richardson, and the  cases against them were accordingly dismissed. ��� '  The case against J. ilastie was adjourned. It was admitted that Ilastie  Dad secured permission to put up the  building, but it was contended that he  had not complied with the condition to  keep working until the building was completed.  In the cases of O. Lund, E. C. Traves  and C. Harrington it was shown that  they had made substantial progress with  their-buildings before the by-law came  into effect, and had kept at work continuously ever since. For this reason the  magistrate decided to dismiss the . cases  against them, and the position of George  W. Brown is as isolated as before.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  The local board of school trustees are  considering the advisability of closing  the public school during the hot weather.  This policy has been followed in other  cities, but it is rendered more necessary  in the case of Nelson by reason of the  scant accommodation afforded by the department for the school children of this  city. The local trustees have reason to  fear that it the school is continued, the  children will crowd each other to death.  Silas H. Crosse was before magistrate  Crease this week on a charge of swearing  on Baker street. He was assessed the  costs of the court and allowed to go with  a warning.  Last evening a 50-pound case of No. 1  giant powder,took fire in James A. Gilker's  store at Pilot Bay. Fred Burn and four  or five others were in the store, when it  was noticed tliat the powder was on fire.  Burn started to carry out the box. but  the fumes were too much for him, so he  dropped it and left the store in charge of  the powder. ;On the way up to Nelson  this morning Fred was trying to figure  out where lie would have been had that  powder exploded. The store was but  slightly damaged.  The Crow's Nest Railway Always That is Necessary to Give the New Camp a Start.  ,  P. G. Lidner, the New  York metallurgist, returned to Nelson this week after  spending three weeks in the White (Jrouse  mountain  district.     Like  most   well  informed men who have beeu through the  White Grouse district Mr. Lidner is very  favorably   impressed    with    its   mineral  showings and predicts that White Grouse  will  come  to  the  front  very rapidly a.s  soon  as  transportation facilities are secured.    There are several  properties in a  position Jto^ship ore at once, but the owners do not feel inclined to expend $10 per'  ton in moving their ore to the lake.   The  most promising claims in the district so  far are the Storm King, Golden King, the  Sawyer's   claims,   including   the    Kaslo,  Chicago and Annie S., the George Henry  Fisher and the Crown of England. The  prevailing mineral is yellow copper, but  the gray copper found in many of the  ledges carries the highest values.  Mr. Lidner is of the opinion that the  ore from this districtewill average from  $50 to $75 to the ton, and as there are 800  claims in the district White Grouse, iu his  opinion, will rank second to none when it  has the necessary transportation facilities.  The feature of the past month has been  the development of the Crown of Eugland  claim, about a mile distant from the  .Storm King. This claim, together with  the Great London, Salida, Ames and  Hilma is owned by Paul Johnson, superintendent of the Hall Mines smelter. On  the surface there was a showing of six  inches of yellow copper, 18 ounces of silver and $4 in gold. In doing the assessment work this month an open cut was  run upon the ledge, which showed the  ledge to be I(i feet wide, aud the mineralized portion of it widened out to four  feet, with considerable gray copper showing in the bottom of the cut. A sample  assay across the face of this four-foot  showing gave a return of $35 in gold, silver and copper. The property is admirably situated for working, and if transportation facilities warranted could commence shipping with very little preparatory work.   HEALY   AND   HIS   HISTORY.  A Montana Man who Climbed to the Top of  the Heap in the Yukon.  John C. Healy, who was formerly sheriff  of Choteau county, Montana, is one" of the  big wigs of the Yukon country today, be.  ing general manager of the North American Trading company, operating for about  2000 miles on tiie Yukon river.  Healy is; a typical frontiersman, ancl  during the early days in northern Montana 'won renown and distinction as a reliable scout, a brave and desperate Indian  fighter and a peace officer who feared  neither man nor devil. His brother, Tom  Healy, yet resides in Benton, as do also  several of his. children, who are married  to well-known residents of the town.  In the early '80s Mr. Healy  met with  business reverses in Benton and left for  Alaska, where, in connection with -P.-B.  W'eare and other business men of Chicago,  he organized the North American Trading  company. He was made manager and  the business of the corporation has developed so rapidly during the last five years  that he has built up a fortune for himself  aud those who backed him financially in  the enterprise of which he is the recognized head. In connection with trading  and aiming, the company now operate a  line of steamers on the Yukon river, and  will garner a righ harvest from the thousands of gold seekers who are now headed  Cloudy keward.  Healy is an old newspaper man���-a fluent  aud graceful writer���and many of the recent articles in reference to the fabulous  richness of th�� Klondyke and other districts in Alaska, are believed to be inspired if uot actually written by Healy.  Healy is the man who offered to deliver  Sitting Bull alive at Washington for  $50,000 after the Custer massacre, at a  time when the war department was in a  state of feverish anxiety over the movements of the old cutthroat, and it was  owing to the merest accident that Healy  did not kill him a year later at Fort  Walsh, a mounted police station in the  Northwest Territory. It was then that  Healy made his famous ride from Walsh  to Helena, a- distance of 310 miles in 13  hours, starting with one horseand finding  relays as best he could, carrying war dispatches for the Sew York Herald. It  was probably the greatest ride across the  country ever made, and enabled the Herald to "scoop" its contemporaries successfully. When advised of the scout's great  ride, James Gordon Bennett rewarded  Healy with a check for $1000 and an autograph letter of thanks.  The Death of Lord Revelstoke.  Tile Canadian Gazette refers as follows  to the death of a man after whom one of  British Columbia's towns is named: The  death of lord Revelstoke calls for notice  in this journal on account of his long association with large Canadian interests.  The Barings and Glyns were for many  years the financial agents of the Dominion  government, and at a time when colonial  credit was on a much lower level than it  is today, it often required means and  courage to successfully float a Dominion  loan, and with lord Revelstoke at* the  head of the Barings aud the late .Mr. Cur-  rie on behalf of Glyn's bank, neither courage nor resources were wanting.  THURSDAY   NIGHT'S   SHOOTING.  S. V. Swyny  Seriously ' Wounds   Alice   Willis  and'Then Suicides.  S. V. Swyny caused some excitement in  the city Thursday night by shooting Alice  Willis, of east Baker street, and then  fatally shooting himself. " Swyny had  made himself objectionable at the Willis  house on several occasions by reason of  au unaccountable infatuation for Alice  Willis. He called there early Thursday  night, and it was while the woman was  endeavoring to persuade him to leave the  house that Swyny shot her and then himself.  The shooting was hot' preceded by any  altercation. Swyny was in the dining  room in the rear of the house and the woman left the front room for the purpose  of inducing him to leave.    She had barely  time to reach the door of the dining room  when the, first shot was heard, followed  quickly by a second, and later a third.  A 1'1-calibre revolver was used for the  shooting. Swyny shot the woman through  the' left side of the body, inflicting, a  serious ' though not necessarily fatal  wound. Me did not attempt to follow  his victim after the first shot, but turned  the revolver upon himself and sent a bullet through his forehead, dying a few  moments later.  Swyny's home is in Butte, Montana,  where he leaves a widow, aud one child.  He was a Scotchman by birth and married a Nova Scotia girl some 10 years ago.  He came to Nelson about a month ago  from either Rossland or Trail. He was  employed for some time in A. C. Ewart's  office as an architect, but more recently  worked as a carpenter upon some repairs  being made iu the Nelson hotel. He had  been drinking rather heavily of late. The  body was removed to McArthur's undertaking rooms. Dr. La Ban was called to  attend to the wound received by,Alice  Willis. AVhile not yet out of danger,  there is every chance for her recovery.  LUCKY   BALDWIN   BROKE.  He Will Try and Recoup His Fortunes in the  Klondyke.  Among those who will 'start- for the  Klondyke to repair their lost fortunes is  "Lucky" Baldwin. The necessity for such  a move will come as a surprise to those  who have not kept track of the fortunes  of the multi-millionaire.  it is reported that no part of Baldwin's'  vast estates is now under his control.  Mortgages cover not only his property,  but itsinconie. It is held, that uot one-  quarter of the value of his estates is covered by the mortgages, but the fact-remains'that, at forced sale, his property  would not bring half its value. A great  deal of it, too, is producing no revenue.  One. bank, the Hibernia, holds mortgages on Baldwin's belongings to the  amoun t of $2,420,000. The Bald win hotel  property in San Francisco is probably  worth that much, and rents for $50,000  yearly. The Santa Auita ranch is assessed  at $1,500,000, and has been estimated to  have cost $10,000,000. But the ranch is  too fine to pay.  It includes the finest orange grove in  Southern California, but it costs several  cents to grow each orange. Water is  piped to every tree. Baldwin is paying  the Hibernia bank <$157,300 annual interest.  It was only three or four years ago that  Elias J. Baldwin was spoken of as one of  the wealthiest, if not the wealthiest,  i"acing man in the United States. His  wealth was estimated at anything above  $10,000,000.  He followed the turf as a pastime, just  as a boy plays marbles.  It was 40 years before that time that  Baldwin; drifting away from his Indiana  birthplace, had made his first appearance  in California. He turned up in San Francisco without a dollar. He began by running a livery stable. Then he took to  selling groceries. He took large quantities of apparently worthless mining stock  for his groceries when he could uot get  money.    He put this carefully away.  One winter he went to .Japan to bring  over a Japanese theatrical troupe to play  the mining towns, lie returned in a few  months to learn tliat the rich Comstock  lode had been discovered, aud that he  was a millionaire. Thence he earned his  sobriquet of "Lucky."  Baldwin fulfilled his contract with his  Japanese, then returned to San Francisco  and reinvested his money. livery mining  or other scheme he touched prospered.  He became celebrated as a successful  turf breeder. Four times his Spanish  named horses (Baldwin became enamored  of everything Spanish through a woman)  won the Derby. The stables were at the  Santa Auita ranch. Baldwin made racing  pay.  Baldwin's matrimonial ventures have  been second only to his turf winnings.  He married four times. He parted from  one wife and and had to settle on the  basis of $1,000,000.  His recent narrow escape from being  shot in a San Francisco courtroom by Mrs.  Emma Ashley, sister of a woman who was  suing him for $75,000 for breach of promise, is fresh in the public mind.  Altogether, Baldwin's adventures with  women have knocked the largest holes in  his estates.  Baldwin is now seventy-four years old.  He is a lean, tliin-faced man, witli silky  white hair wliich stands out from under  a broad-rim mod hat.  lie lias the keenest of hazel eyes. llis  florid face is smooth shaven except for a  silvery mustache.    He looked, even when  at the acme of prosperity, like a man  whose business successes were passed, but  as if he might live twenty years longer.  Baldwin has always been a hard worker  and a man of few amusements. One of  those was a quiet, moderate, game.,of  poker. He could lose with astonishing  eq annuity.  There are those' who believe that Baldwin will yet be able to re-establis himself.  He talks of speculating and developing  quartz ledges in Klondyke next spring.  It, is certain that not one of his,mining  ventures has ever proved a failure.  TENDERS   FOR   MATERIAL'  LET.  SUPERINTENDENT   JOHNSON    RESIGNS.  H. J. Evans Secured the Contract For Supplying the Necessary Pipe for Waterworks.  A meeting of the council was held on  Wednesday for the purpose of considering tenders I'or supplying the city with  materials necessary for the construction  of the distribution system of the waterworks. All the members of the council  were present except Alderman Dow.  The by-law fixing the mayor's salary  was finally passed.  On motion of aldermau Fletcher, seconded by alderman Malone, Dr. La Bail  was appointed medical health officer.  The council decided to clear out the  alleyway in block 03.  The following tenders for waterworks  material were received:  .  d9  5 ��  t. o  ��� o  5=-     ��3.  99  ��s  Is �� si -  r o  ���7. ���C-r^n  ��� c % o  r<    %9d  ������    '���- 2  -  r���   K    P ^  :  2 ���:  ~'a o  '~2.  Z ,7-= Os ���/.  Sorp=��  o = c -   =-.-  S =3 ,���'     ���  r. !  :������   f.  =     5-p2-  S&&2&    fi7 &��. f?5 2  ;cc _-      o 5 p u 6'_2  !  n2.��.e= - 2- ��.~ ��.^0  ~'i = = ~>     ^ -2 ~SP .  ='5:'?:  "a S��-:r:'5t  E_.= :  2 ^r  ri .  o ":  %9~\  ���y,  a  _<2 -j.  o5< -j-  v.   -o-.vi-r .  '���iobobb.o   ���  ��� 01 -  o;p -  r.'3-=s;JI:  o b *���   cbi �� ���  5' S^igSl-^l^iS'g^ ��.  K  =��      --�������?. rf. <��r.'    '* T.  -. bi'=SSk��� 'S2. Sii. os'- 2.  T,    ���J%r'   ;.:.'.*��??*�� fcicS  i.-.     -; 2   !-.��� r"'.-T~z  cn~  .   X   ifmic J?  The Crane company of Portland, Oregon,  was represented by C. Ottershageu. The  pipe this company furnishes is made at  Youngstown, Ohio, and is jointed with  the Matheson patent lock joint. H. J.  Evans.���& Co. of Nelson, i-epresented the  National Tube Works company, of Mc-  Keesport. Pennsylvania, whose ; pipe is  jointed with the Converse lock joint.  Thomas Robertson 6c Co., limited, of Montreal, was represented by Anson Porter.  Drummond & McColl company, of Montreal, was represented by Frank Darling.  The other bidders had no representatives  on the ground, iivans 6c Co.'s bid was  the lowest for pipe, and their tender was  accepted. The Crane company tender  was considered the best for valves, valve  boxes, fire hydrants, etc., and it was accepted: but their representative refused  to enter into a contract because his company would be unable to furnish valves  fitted with the Converse lock-joint coupling. New tenders were called for, and  on Thursday the following were opened.  Fvans & Co. proposed furnishing valves  made by the Kerr Fngine company, of  Walkerville, Ontario, and''Drummond 6c  Co., valves made by the Ludlow Valve  Manufacturing company, of Troy, New  York. The figures given are totals, and  not for each valve:  v.m.vi-: ikixks a\-d i-iiti-; iiyiiuanth.  Boxes       Hydrants  11. .1. Kvans & Co.. Nelson . $2I(UJ0 S":">0.00  Driuiimoiul & Ci., Mmilrenl    UiO.iiS 770.00  Respite Granted for Two Weeks.  A. M. Johnson, who was assigned the  defence of the prisoner Woods, convicted  of the murder of S. M. Woods of this city,  secured a respite of two weeks for the  condemned man. The application was  made to the department of justice, and  though the department refused to grant  a respite or order a new trial, it referred  Woods' counsel to the attorney-general of the province. Attorney-general  Fberts granted Mr. Johnson leiive to  apply for a new trial. Au application for  a respite pending the. motion for anew  trial, was made before the full court on  Monday at Victoria. A respite of two  weeks was granted, and Friday was set  for the hearing of the argument for a new  trial. This is based upon the ground that  justice Walkem improperly admitted as  evidence the statement of the murdered  man, which had uot been made in accordance with the statute. If the application  for a new trial is refused, Woods will be  hanged on Wednesday, the 25th instant.  The Canadian Pacific Dividends.  The board of directors of the Canadian  Pacific railway, on Monday, declared a  dividend of two per centon the preferred,  and one and a half per cent on the common stock for the half year ending June  Wth last, payable October 1st.  His Relations with the-Hall Mines were Not  Pleasant and. He Terminates Them  Paul Johnson, who constructed the Hall,  Mines smelter, and has superintended* i in-  same ever since the Hall Mine-, company  commenced smelting, tendered   his  re.-ig-,  nation to  the  company on   Wednesday.  The   resignation, which  eame-<  l-l   days  notice with it, was cabled to the director-,  in Loudon, aud was accepted by cable the  following day. ��� ���������  The resignation of superintendent Johnson is largely due to the persistent interference on the part of the local  manager  with the smelting department.    It is  an  open secret that at ho time have the relations between the  smelter superinten- ,  dent   and   the commercial   management  .been-cfijj-dial, and for this reasen the resignation of superintendent Johnson did not  come as a surprise'.    It  will  remain to be  seen just how the resignation  will affect  the operations of the Hall Mines.   It maybe said that there are just a.s good men to  be secured as the retiring superintendent,  but it should be remembered that a smelting company can lose money very f����t if  obliged   to   experiment   with   incapable  men.    While Johnson  had charge of the  smelter there was not the slightest lit ten,  and though he will leave everything in  going order   there is  no certainty  that  those who come after him will be able to  keep thiugs going.    Whatever the differences  which  may have existed   between  Superintendent   Johnson    and    Manager  Crosdaile,  the departure  of   the former  cannot  but cause some anxiety  mi   ili��  part of the. shareholders.  It ift reported that R. Hedley will be  appointed to tha":vacancy caused by the  resignation of Superintendent Johnson.  MINES   SHIPPING   STEADILY.  The Slocan   Mines  Continue  Shipping Despite  the Low Prices of Silver.  The customs returns for the past week  show no falling off in the mineral exports  from the Slocan. Up to the present the,  drop in the price of silver has not had  any appreciable effect upon the output of  these mines, though what effect it may  yet have it is difficult to estimate. That  silver can be produced .at a orofit in the  Slocan at the present price goes without  saying, but so long as there is any indication of an immediate advance the mine  owners may- decide for business reasons  to curtail their shipments as much as  possible. The worst that can happen to  the Slocau during the present low price  of silver is the temporary cessation of  work in the small properties, the owners  which have uot the means to carry ou  systematic development- without marketing the product of the mine. The exports"  entered at the 'port of Nelson the past  week were:  bullion' and mattk.  - Pounds  Trail smelter..:...     .... ��� liS.SoS  Hall Mines smelter. Nelson, niiitte..     1 IS,.'i:iG  ORE.  V.-Llue  Approximate  Toil'-. Value.  Payne mine. Slocan '��� ���   .. .      .'15')  Kootenay Ore-Company.- ICaslo...  ...     :tUU  Slocan Star. Sandon  '. . lSi  Washington  ..:. ���'.', ��� ��� ���       A2  Noble Five mines. Slocan ,-    -       15  Whitewater mine. Sloean ...........        15  Black Diamond mine, Ainsworth... Ill  Total for week   Total so far for August .  Tola I for .1 uly. -  Total for June.     ..  Total for May   Total for April   Total- for March   Total for February ..  1,011! SI3.��..*i*��l  -.'.2.V2 ?2f>2.177  I.I3U S5i:i,S32  :-,IGI S4SH.88.-i  ���".Oft') s:,07.797  :i.7i:i $��'i.:>'-i  5,822 $1)77,081  5,201 S5(>2.S.53  Total for January 4.5IH $(!7d,50G  Total via Revelstoke to July .'list $I70,X,1  Total so fir for 1897   82.7.M       $l,507,.'99  Arrow Lake Division.  F.J. Fauquier, mining recorder of the  Arrow Lake mining division, reports that  on Macdonald creek, on the Arrowhead  slope, eighteen locations were made la^t  week, and the assays from the-e chums  run very high in gold and copper with a  little silver. Alex. McLane ha* m.-ule  several good strikes there. Three of thti.-e  claims, belonging to Alex. .McLane and -.  Byron Burton, were bonded the other  day for $20,000 to a Scotch company, represented by J. ('. Devlin. The first bridge  across Cariboo creek is nearly completed,  and four miles of the Cariboo creek wngon  road has been completed. A. force ot 25  men are employed, and they are being  paid out of the government grant of $ -1500.  This is being done on contract, and the  $2000 subscribed privately will be 'spent  after the government fund   is exhausted.  The New Denver-Sandon Wagon Road.  .Messrs. Foss and McDonald have been  awarded the contract for constructing the  wagon road from New Denver to Sandon.  They offered to undertake the work folio per cent over the actual cost. To pfiy  for the road the provincial government  lias made an appropriation of $#500.'' New  Denver has subscribed $2050, and Sandon  $2000. In Sandon's contribution is included $500 from the concentrator people,  $250 from George Hughes, and $100 from  George Petty of the Monitor mine.  Don't Know Where They are At.  Judging from the reports of the speeches  made at the public meeting held'at Iinss-  land regarding the export-oii-orei|iK>stion.  the formers of public opinion in thnt city  have no use for Nelson. There i* this difference between Nelson and Ilosslnnd:  All the people of Nelson know that their  town is on the north side of the international boundary line: a large imijority of  the people of Kossland are in doubt ns to  which side their town is on.  FT   t" "i    \i    , ���, ,-,-.",.-. i'i.-H.i'hp-,'   r7Tr    ,,!,1 -\��,: y.'T"*^"���''''������.������ ynmfr .: "V"   "���*' .-".- =-��� j;k-,.'v**"���'���;~.i"."ri"-^���*"��������."*���'*n������mff^vi-.y.'v.v.'."i>i" ^'i ���,-'"���. ,������ii-'J7Tr.*Ti"Ti'   ������;'��� ������v1" '���' ������J^'^^",^���t.���. v1 'viF'-ntT-^i'<��'����ff-,i.-v��i"j->'yrirnrTfv.^,v',^*"^y���'-"'w'"''^r-),,��k.,i "^fi���<������������ ..u'-i-pni'i mu^j. it1 7"i-;mii ..-vi ��������,.��� �����;','���'"'*'" ''"'���"TpT^p"'' !"������*���*, ���Tr-'.:",l.*'j,'i'-��".i.f nr*i-*���� rw  ���.��� ^*, I**- ������>���.������ -.*** .-OVj.^"..'-:1 >!.*;, i-: iZ& ;.-f'. �����-::���������' ^i/'J',.��'-.. ^.V<-.--:J' j�� *.���*.���������--.������������ A,*-Ac* -ifs,,- ������*i.a:!..^t.t?^/M\��?'sik* ,A' "������..���: ���'*;-'-..' -:1'*.-���'.- ���'- " �� :.. -i. &'&.,.<:-. I."-..!. *...*���.������, *-,!���- V..*".-.';- ���������- u w'-'-'-v'.i.1., f.:-.^ .-u-.��.jw. ��������.*.-iV��� ���-������.������ "���>��:, *.* ..Ji'V .--���'.��������_,-������'��� i--!'\r "-".��� .-.���"/. ;-.*--.  v\, ���'.'...'.-.-. ���-,?.)  k-t"1'  y.?-.\f����;-.;-,.* jiiVfji!  :.: - ����� ���   ���_������ > j '��� i Hr-'l  t/4  2  THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C., SATURDAY, AUGUST-  1.S97.  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  THE TRIBUNE i- pnblisho-l on Saturdays, by Till!  TitiKUN'j; PuuLirfin.va Uoshmxv, and will lie mailed  to -.subscribers on paj-nient o[ Two IJoi.i.auk a year.  No subscription taken for less than a year.  REGULAR ���ADVKRTISKIUKNT.S   printed  at the   following  rates:    One inch,   .?''(' a year:   two inches,  S60  a  year;  throe  inches sSL'a year; four inehes,  '   ��96 a year; live inches. ��105 a year; six inches and  over, at the rate of S1.50 an inch per month.  TRANSIKNT ADVERTISEMENTS --'0 cents a line for  first insertion and IU cenLs a line for each additional  insertion.   Rirth,  marriage, and death notices free.  LOCAL OR READING MATTER NOTICES 25 cents a  line each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rates. All accounts for job  printing and advertising payable on tho first of  every month; subscription, in advance).  ADDRESS all communications to  TIIE TRIBUNK. Nelson, JJ. C.  PROFESSIONAL   CARDS.  LA BAU & l-'OltIN���Physicians and Surgeons.  Rooms  3, i aud .">, Migelow block, Nelson.   Telephone 12.  DR.   .1.   A.   Al'.MriTHON'i -Goveriiinenl    Veterinary  Inspector.    Treats diseases of nil.dome-tie animals.  All stock inspected at. Nel-on. -Nelson, H. (.'.  DR. II. E. HALL���Dentist. Oradiiate ol' Philadelphia  Dental College. Seven years experience, fjolil and  porcelain crowns inserted. Teeth replanted. Oilice wilh  Dr. George Hall, Maker strcel.  WJ. II. HOLMES. C. E.���Provincial Land Surveyor.  ���    P. 0. box 82, ICaslo, B. C.  T C. G\VTLUM,~B.A.Sc. & W. S. JOHNSON. M.A.Sc.  ���J ��� ���Mining Engineers and Analytical Chemists,  Slocan City, li. 0.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. K. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in fanh month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  The Ames Holden Co's special "Columbia,"  "Vancouver," "Kootenay" should be worn  by everybody who wants a first-class mountain boot.  Saturday morning '..auuust'ii, i��.n  Mavoh Houston will be able to pocket  the monthly salary <oi $16(5.6(), which the  city council voted him on Monday evening, with every assurance that he has  earned it. In Nelson the mayor is something more than a figurehead. He i.s the  mainspring oi: the municipal machinery,  and whije there has been some little friction between the mayor aud some members oi'the council, it must be conceded,  that on the whole, the interests oi' the  corporation have been most carefully  looked after by the present incumbent of  the office of chief magistrate. Since he  entered upon the duties oi" his office,  mayor Houston has given the business of  the corporation-his entire attention, and  by rigid economy and good judgment, has  saved to the city already many times the  total amount of his salary. A man who  is capable of satisfactorily administering  the affairs of a city like Nelson, is worth  $2000 per annum at least. It is manifestly  to the interest of the city that one man  should be sufficiently well paid to look  after the city's business. Unless the corporation pays for such service, it cannot  expect it. The aldermen composing the  present council recognized this, and instead of voting themselves small salaries,  they have decided to forego their own  salary allowance under the municipal  act, and have voted the mayor the maximum amount. By this means the corporation is enabled,to secure the advantages  <= of the system of government by commissioners without releasing in the slightest  ���  their hold upon the municipal machinery.  The officers of the Le Roi Mining company and F. Aug. Heinze are still haggling  over the treatment charges of the Trail  smelter, and incidentally over the loca-  i tion of the mining company's smelter at  Northport.    The parties interested  have  not come to terms yet, but it would surprise no one if an arrangement were arrived at by which the Trail smelter would  continue to  treat  the Le Roi  ore.    The  mining company holds the whip hand in  as mnch a.s the Trail smelter cannot run  without the Le Roi ore.    During the past  seven months the tonnage of the Rossland  camp���exclusive of the Le Roi and War  Eagle���has not averaged twenty-five tons  per  day, and  as the   War  Eagle is not  likely to resume shipping i'or some time,  the Trail creek smelter must  secure the  Le ltoi ore if it is to continue  business.  The tonnage of the  Rossland  camp  will  no doubt increase from  month to month,  but it may well  be questioned  whether  the immediate increase will  be sufficient  to   keep   the   Trail   Creek   smelter  running    without    being   supplemented   by  the   ores    from    the   Le   Roi   or   War  Hagle.     There    are    those     who   think  that   the   Le   Roi    company   will eventually   acquire   the   Trail Creek  smelter,  and   there   is   more or  less  bluff  about  the Northport smelter scheme.    If such is  the intention of the mining com pans', it  should be able to secure the same on very  advantageous  terms,  a.s  it  is  not likely  that F. Aug. Heinze's much vaunted  patriotism  would be'equal  to the strain of  running a smelter at a loss.  Should the province of British Columbia be able, under the old imperial order-  in-council of 1S('2, to establish its right to  the administration of the Stickecn territory as far north as the 02nd parallel, the  change would no doubt be welcomed by  the miners in the Canadian V'ukon. The  02nd parallel would not include the Klondyke, but it would come within 100 miles  of   it,   and   being  so   close,   the   federal  authorities might catch something of the  liberality of the provincial mining laws.  There is reason to believe that much of.  the northern country south of the 02nd  parallel will prove to be rich- in placer  gold, and if.there is any merit in the  claim advanced by this province it would  do well to prosecute it. The law makers  of British ^Columbia know., something  aboutrmining, and iu this respect they  differ from those who have framed the  Ivlondyke regulations. For this reason a  change iu administration would be desirable, if for no other. Jf the provincial  government could succeed in its claim to  this section of the Dominion, it might  realize enough in royalties upon the gold  produced to pay off the mortgages upon  the I'Vuser river farms which the residents  of that i-uc'.-ion complain,of so bitterly.  (i'ovekn.ment Si'I'vevoi" O'-ilvik estimates that there are MOO miles of creek  and river beds in the Canadian ifukon  upon which the federal government's  policy of reserving every alternate placer  claim, may be put into effect. The value  of these claims, according to Ogilvie,  ranges from $-1,000,000 down to nothing,  so that it can readily be seen that the  Dominion will profit handsomely if the  claims so reserved are disposed of to the  best advantage, 'if the federal government has decided, by this policy of reservation, to wipe out. the national debt, of  Canada with the proceedb of the same,  the tax-payers of the Dominion will condone the hardship which it has placed  upon Lhe miners of the Yukon. In this  connection it willbe interesting to study  the figures in the next budget speech. In  a year from now the people of Canada  will be in a bettor position to judge  whether the public debt of the Dominion  is being moved by the tow-line which the  federal government has hitched noon the  Yukon miners, or whether the line is not  being-'used to tow political adventurers  iuto opulence. A new interest attaches  to the Klondyke by reason of this newborn policy of the government. As a result the Dominion may in a few years  congratulate itself upon being free from  debt, or the people may pride themselves  upon having many millionaires in the  house of commons, and reconcile themselves to the same old public debt aud the  same old taxes.  WIRELESS   TELEGRAPHY.  A 2:3 year old lad named Marconi, has  revolutionized telegraphy, has discovered  a method of preventing collisions at sea,  and has made communication so certain,  so superior to obstructions devised by any  enemy, that the whole scheme of modern  warfare may be changed thereby.  Marconi's "wireless telegraphy" has  been the scientific sensation of the summer. Some experts have professed to  laugh at it, but serious men who have  investigated it have taken it very seriously. The governments of three nations  have spent thousands upon thousands of  dollars experimenting with it, and each  new experiment has developed new successes. Marconi, who reached London  last week, said in the course of an interview: .  "The greastest distance to which we  have been able to transmit messages by  telegraph without wires is twelve miles.  But that by no means is the limit of the  instrument; it simply signifies that existing appliances are not perfect. AtSpezia  I sent messages without wires from the  San Bartolomeo arsenal to the warship  San Martino, twelve miles out in the harbor, without difficulty and with absolute  accuracy. It was done before the royal  commission. Official experiments will be  renewed when 1 return to Ttaly in September. I have also successfully experimented at the Italian .Ministry of Marine  and at the Quirnial before the king and  queen.  "1 made the discovery almost by accident. I had been studying electrical phenomena three years, when two years ago  I found that by putting Herz's radiator  to the earth, connecting it with a wire extended vertically in the air and repeating  the process with a modified Bramley receiver, a current could be transmitted  oue hundred yards without connecting  the wires. Then I found that, without  increasing the battery power, but by  simply increasing the height of the vertical wire, the inlluence of the instrument could be extended over a  distance increasing in geometrical ratio  to the increased height of the wire.  The wire must extend into the air. A  coiled wire helps only as the coil is high,  not according to the length of the wire in  the coil. A wire inclined instead of vertical has power equal only to that, developed by a vertical wire as much shorter  as the distance taken up by the inclination.  "A wire carried to the top of the high  mast of a ship ought to enable the captain  to telegraph a considerable distance, figuring that 100 feet in height of the wire  means twelve miles in distance of communication. By the same process magazines could be exploded in time of war  from a great distance, and signals could  be sent-so that the enemy could not possibly interrupt communication.  "It has been said that this would work  both ways, that a current radiates in all  directions from the sending instrument  and, therefore, that the message would go  to the enemy's cam].) as well as to a friend's.  But this can be easily prevented, as.I have  proved, by means of electrical reflectors,  which would arrest the progress of a message in all directions but one.  "I am not certain that I shall ever be  able to send messages across the Atlantic,  but I can see no reason why I should not  do so if I can increase the height of the  vertical wire enough.    I am just a.s much  in doubt as you are as to the reason for  this strange influence of'a vertical wire  over the strength of a current in this,new  development of that most mysterious of  of all agents, electricity. It will not cost  more than half as much to install a telegraph system on my plan as it would on  the old system. The instruments are  slightly more expensive, but 1 imagine a  decrease in cost would be brought about  by the absence of miles of .wires aud poles."  �� &  FOR GOLD  Hut for jjond values K��> lo  Who nil AtiKlM. M   will liiuiiKUi'ati' a  STRICTLY  CASH  *'     BUSINESS  SV.K GUI  IMilCKS:  fiO-ponnd sack Hungarian Mom- ^ ��1  ID  .->0-poiind sack Spokane Hour ...        ���  I '.'ll  No. I Creamery butter. ;"> pounds  .1 nil  'Cooking butter. It) pounds  I (III  Canadian Cheese, S pounds     '.. I On  (ti-imiilnli'd siigiii-. 17 pounds  1 llll  No. 1 Mignr. -iti pound*  Mill  Mice, 20 pounds  1 no  Salt, Liverpool, line, /ill pounds  I lid  IJancli eggs, (i dnyi'ii    ;           . I.IK)  Kvnporalod apple.-,. 12 pounds        I nil  Kvaporated peaches, 8 pounds           .. I no  Evaporated prunes. 12 pounds  I On  Currants, 12 pounds    - I no  Kaisins. 12 pounds  100  Co-ta Ifica collee. 5 pounds  I Oil  Lion i-oU'ec, a .packages  I 00  Arhuc.kles'i-oll'ee, ;���> package.-  I (ill  Reims, 2;*) pounds     Mill  Split peas, 20 pounds  Ion  ALL  OTHER   GISOOEKIES AND   l-MiOVlSIONH   AT  HEI) liOCIv HRICES  The business centre tor the rich  mines on Springer Creek ancl  Slocan Lake. ��� This is one of  the richest districts in British  Columbia.  Lots  FF(f\NK FLETCHER, Trustee.  Ashepoft HbClSand  BLAGKSMITHING AND  EXPERT HORSESHOEING  Wagon   Repairing  Promptly Attended  to  by a First-Class Wheelwright  Special attention given to all K'"ds of repairing  and custom worl<; from outside points  SHOP:    Cor. Baker and Hall Sis, flelson.  Say! are you going to  while I can buy  For 25 cents a quart at the  c. f. coodwin,  PROPRIETOR  VICTORIA STREET, JJELS0N  A New Typewriter���Made by a Canadian, Firrn,.  We have had the pleasure of looking over the New  Empire Tvpewriter, a Canadian made machine, and lind  it a marvel of simplicity through which the makers claim  durability. The types strike direct, moving only two  inches on a steel bud,giving speed and great manifolding  power. Kacli type at time of writing is locked, ensuring  perfect alignment. Tiie writing is visible doing away  with the lifting of, a heavy carriage; the touch is easy,  t.lie response quick and the type do not appear to lock.  Ruling vertical and horizontal may bo done oil it and the  price is less than half that of, other standard machines.  So confident are the makers of the success of theii machine tliey will refund the money of any unsatisfied purchaser after a ten days' trial. The Thomson Stationery  Company of Vancouver and Nelson arc to ho congratulated on securing the general agency for li. C. The machines seem to us to be at the top in merit and bottom in  price.  Iiegs lo  announce  _that she  is about to  open a  I'IMVATK .SCHOOL IX  NELSON  The course of instruct ion coin prises K.NCLISII.  Al I'SIC  CALISTiri-'-NICS,  KIIKXCII. and (iKII.MAX  (ac<|uii'od ubmnill  l-'or forms apply lo  MISS IC. M.  LITTLK.  I'ostollice. Nelson.  A      O.   ZE'W-A.IRT  Canadian General Electric Company, Ltd.  Capital $1,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.  MINERS! You can make use of water power 50 miles,from your mines with our system  We can also sell you complete telephone outfits and install them. '  British Columbia Branch Offices       ''SySriSS11       Frank Darling,  Kootenay Agent  Wire Rope, Feed Water Heaters, Elevators, Shafting, Pulleys, Pipe Cutters,  Special Tools, and a new lot of Tube Cleaners just in.   Roebling's Wire  R��Pe*   23815^ EESri FRANK DARLING, Agent.  Kaslo, B.C.  Will start about March 15th  with about double ils former  capacity in all departments.  7,000,000 feet of logs under  contract for carl)- delivery.  The Planing  and Factory  Is now running full time under llic management  of C. IC. Doty, a competent  draughtsman  and  mechanic who will furnish special drawings free  (  of charge.        New Designs  In house inferiors, olllce and More lixturcs, dado  work, mantles, brackets, mouldings, hook eases,  fiiriiitine, turnings, carving, grill work, and band  sawing. Orders forall such work executed in an  artistic manner.  One Car Glass  Direct from Jiclgiuin expected this month. Rough  and dressed lumber, laths elc, always in stock.  Two Cars Sash  and Doors   Yard and branch oilice foot of Ilendryx Stre  Nelson.  G. 0. BUCHANAN  Formerly Stanley House  Ui]der new  management  Refurnished and  Renovated throughout  Everything new and  first-class  Electric lights and  improvements  E. J. Gurran, Proprietor  UflDER f-EW M^NACEMEf-T  J. C. BLANDY & GO., Proprietors,  BALFOUR  This  famous and  delightful   -summer  report   has bi-cn  taken  over bv the above  firm and will be conducted in tfio future in a fir.-t-class manner  GOOD SrjOOTINC AND FISrjINC  LAWN TENNIS CROUNDS  000L PIC-NIG GROVES  '   PARTIES PROVIDED FOR.  RATES:   $2 llll AND $2 at) PER DAY.  W. J..G.JDICKSON  BEAL   ESTATE  .a-hstid ooavn^cissioDsr j^.g-xvx&'X'  i&xjsrxjx g- xsx*.ox<:xvxi.  UK ALKY BLOCK. BAKER STKKET, NELSON.  FOR~SALE.~  Several valuable business sites on Baker St.  Business block���two stores���Baker street.  Business   block���three stores all rented���on  two 30-foot lots, with offices above.  Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.  Apply to W.  J. G.   DICKSON.  NOTICE.  ltoom (i. (Momcnls & llillyer Block, Nelson  Having appointed W. .1. ('. Dickson local agent for  Addition A to the townsite of Nelson, intending purchasers of lots, or persons wishing information, plans, or  price-lists of the addition, will please apply to "im.  h . Ci  lis .N J^o��  BOECKH'S  ANIi  .BRUSHES  Always Reliable and as Represented For Sale by all Leading Dealers.  _M_    ,    .Manufacturers of Brushes  UliOj        Brooms and Wooodenwaro  Toronto, Ont  I HERALD0,  MONOGRAM,  SCHILLAR  Manufactured by The George E. Tuekett & Son Co., Ltd.       UNION MADE CIGARS  SOLE AGENT,  ,      NELSON, B. C.  TOOT OV  HALL STREET, NKLSON.  T.   W.   GRAY,   Proprietor.  Doors,, Sash,   Band Sawing,  Turned  Work,  and  Office  Fitting's.     Just-  arrived and  in stock, a carload of Chance's  English  Rolled  Glass;  all  sizes  up to 4 by 6 feet.  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HE TREM0NT  WELSON-  MUSIC  LESSONS  Mrs. Morley is prepared to  receive pupils for piano, violin  or organ.     For terms  Apply to Thomson .Stationery Co., Ltd,. Nelson  MA l/WE & TRKOIJjMJ.S.  Proprietors  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain .district, and  is tho headquarters for prospectors and miners.  ZDZEJSTTIST  Will open a dentist parlor in (icorgc N'eelaiuls new building on linker street as soon as same is completed. i_��3  THE  Till BOTE:  NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, AUGUST .N,' 1897.  o  o  II:;  EsK  5*1  aw.  Ji-j ,'d  ;&*  '4?.  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  ���Sir DONALD  A.  SMITH   Hon. GEO. A.fimUMMONJD.  K   S. CLOUSTON    President   Vice-President  .General Manager  -rsrEHiSOHsr x^xi^-X&csxx.  NT. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.        IIKANGIIK8  IN   LONDON   (England).   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The chancellor of the exchequer added he could not  say  with certainty  how long these communications  would  take,   but he hoped  the cabinet would   be ready to meet the  envoys   again  early  in  October.    While  this  postponment of  England's decision  delays the work, the American envoys do  not consider it discouraging.    On the contrary, they think that Great> Britain's interest in the question justifies them  expecting  tliat  the   Indian   mints  will  be  opened. They believe the Times iu opposing the re-opening of the Indian  mints  does not,  represent Lhe government, but  rather the city financial circles which are  opposed to any chance.   The report made  to   the   government   from    the  mints  is  understood to be favorable to silver.   The  headquarters of the commission   will  remain in  London   until   October.    Senator  Wolcott may visit Austria  in  the meantime, and pave tho way for negotiations'  with Lhe Austrian government. The com-,  mission do not-wish to approach-r.heother  governments until   England's attitude  is  .-etrled. as her participation in the move-'  menr, if secured, would  aid  in  enlisting  others.    After receiving  the English   reply, he will go  to Austria, ('ermaiiy aud  Russia in that order.  MADE   $600,000   IN   SIXTY   DAYS.  A   New   York    Syndicate   Turns   a   Trick   in  Wheat   at   Chicago.  The nice little sum of six hundred thousand dollars has beeu taken out of the  wheat market on the long side in the past  sixty days by a syndicate of traders, who  are working at Chicago through a young  New Yorker, George B. French. The  syndicate is mainly composed of wealthy^  Wall street men. A number of St. Louis  traders and Joe Letter are also said to be  interested. They started a bull campaign  in wheat over sixty days ago by purchasing July. Their object was to help along  the bull movement.-in. stocks and at the  same time stimulate general prosperity  for the country. .  They commenced buying July wheat  when prices were l'lto 14 cents lower than  at present, knowing.that stocks were low  the world over, and that conditions were  favorable for an advance. They made no  demonstration of their operations, but  bought wheat whenever local-traders had  a selling fit. The stocks kept on decreasing, making their position stronger everyday.  When the shorts tried to cover they  found that there was very little wheat to  be had, and the syndicate quietly sat  down on their holdings and let the short  sellers get the prices up. They accumulated a line of over ;1,0()0,00() bushels, and  the price was run up 15 cents. The July  premium advanced at one time to (i cents  for September. j  They took especial pains to sell on the i  sharp advances, and while there were  many tailers who expected that they  would hold the market still" up to the last,  the French syndicate, quietly worked out  of their holdings Friday, making a profit  of about $-100,000.  They replaced their line with September  around 70 cents, and in the past three  days have sold 7,000,000 bushels ab a profit  that netted them $200,000 making their  aggregate winnings $000,000. This is the  largest amount ever taken out on the bull  side of wheat with so little exertion in  the same length of time, liven lid Partridge, who has played aline on the bear  side up to I "5,000,000 bushels, never made a  killing like that secured by the New  Yorkers.  The general revival in business that the  the advance iu wheat has occasioned,  combined with the shortage of 220,000,000  in the European wheat crop and the heavy  purchase by local foreigners during the  past .'30 day's, has contributed to make it  easy sailing for the wheat bulls who  stuck by their holdings. Foreigners have  bought'about 25,000,000 bushels of American wheat at the various markets in the  past .'-iO days. Such purchases, however,  are not unusual, and they will be exported between now and November 1st. During the fall months it is customary to ex  port from 12,000,000 to 15,000,000 a month,  so that the purchases so far are only two  mouths' good clearances.  WHY   THE   GOLD   COMES   BACK.  All  the   _olcl   of  Klondyke   Would   Not  British Interest Charges.  Salt Lake Tribune:   The Toronto Mail  is a very rabid and not very wise newspaper.    It wants to keep the world and  especially the men of the  United States  out of the Northwestern mines.    Tt says:  '.'Capital  is  what  we   want.    There   are  stores of it in the Klodyke gravels.   Let  the gathering of it be limited to our own  people, and the benefit will soon be seen  in  all  kinds  of   enterprise.    We   should  stop the movement of it in  tons to the  United   States,   from   which,   under   the  Diugley bill, none of it will find its way  back to this country for the product of  our industry."   The Mail is  not wUe for  two reasons.    In  the  first place  it is so  much of a  trick  to  find  and   work  gold  mines than of old a premium was paid to  any who made a discovery of that kind.  Then the weather up north is, to say the  least, a little- bracing, and  getting gold  there is not always  a suap, so  that  the  pleasure   which   such   Americans   as  go  there may have ought not to awaken any  special envy in Canada.    But there is another reason wliich  ought  to  be conclusive with the Mail  man.    If he will  look  over the legislation of the United States  for the past twenty-five years he will discover that the chief object, has been  to  transfer what gold this country produces'  to   English  coffers.    It is said  that  the  Klondike gravels will probably yield $10,-  000,000 this year.   Let the Mail  comfort  itself, for if enough Americans go there  and the country can be found rich enough  to  enable  them  to  multiply  this  year's  product by fifteen, bhe whole amount will  not pay the interest which   England  will  collect from i his country next year.    Is it  not plain i liaf. if American miners dig the  gold, old England will get it all the same?"  Probably our mines since 18-10 have given  up $2,000,000,000 in gold.    But all we have  to show  for  it  is some $000,000,000, and  nearly one-fourth of that we had to buy  back ot  England.   The Mail should not  worry.    It will always be "British gold,"  except   during   the  brief time  that^ the  miners will require to bring it down from  the north.   THE   TURNER   CABINET.  There Are Difficulties in the Way of Securing  Good Men.  Victoria Times: "We are in a position  to state," to quote the semi-official utterance of the World, that Hon. Mr. Turner  is seriously contemplating an early reconstruction of his cabinet. Me has come to  realize the danger of longer delay, being  now fully convinced that either Mr. Martin or Col. Baker, and probably both,  must retire from the ministry. Mr. Turner's difficulty will be to find any person,  either iu. the house or outside of it, to  join his administration. Mr. Martin may  be turned out, but who is there to take  his place':* Col. Baker maybe dismissed,  but which of all the needy followers of  the dying government is capable of administering the education office as successfully as the discredited minister?  There are not two available men in the  government ranks. The premier may  look outside of the. ranks',of the faithful,  as was the practice of his predecessors,  but he will find little encouragement  there. The political death to which he  would invite an opponent would be as  swift and as certain as that which awaits  the incongruous combination now about  to dissolve by reason of its inherent  weakness and incompetency. No man  who has a reputation to preserve or a  political future to guard would entertain  for a moment the bribe of office. Under  the circumstances it will not be surprising if the premier fails in the attempt to  improve the personnel of his administration. Aud he ought to fail, for the captain aud crew should go down together.   .  One Cause for the Silver Slump.  "Speculations as to the causes of the drop  in silver is rife, but in the absence of definite and impartial information from the  money centers, no unanimity of opinion  prevails. Many are of the opinion that  it is due to speculation on the inside of  the financial world, and that a most favorable reaction is certain to follow. These  argue that the manipulators anticipate  an outcome to the international monetary conference, favorable to silver, and  that it is being beared at present in order  to make it easier to load up for the advance that is to follow. According to this  programme, it is not the dearth of commerce in the Asiatic countries that is curtailing silver purchases. Business, this  class asserts, is as good in ludia, Tonquin  and Japan this year as last, but instead of  doing business with silver as a medium,  England and France are using bills of exchange. This has logically had the effect  of bringing out the hoarded silver of those  nations, so that instead of India buying  both American silver and wheat, she is  this year paying for her wheat with  silver'of her own. Under these conditions-  it was inevitable  that the price  should  decline.   A New Cure for Drunks.  Dr. Ered W. Evelyn, head of the St.  Luke's hospital, has just made public the  result of fifteen years' experiments, by  which he claims to have found a certain  cure, by the innocnlation of horse blood,  for drunkenness, as well as for the transmission of hereditary taint of alcoholism.  Dr. Evelyn began his investigations while  a surgeon in the British army in Zululaud,  and he selected a horse as a clean animal  with plenty of blood. His cure is on the  same lines as the vaccination remedy, and  he asserts that it not only kills the craving for drink, but also relieves the children of a drunkard from hereditary taint.  The substance, which he obtains by injecting alcohol into the blood of the horse,  he calls equisine, and   he thus introduces  Pay  it into the human system. What vaccine  has been to smallpox, he says equisine  will be to hereditary or acquired alcoholism.  NOTICE.  In (he matter of theaet respecting assignments lor  the  bcnoilt of  creditors,  B. C. S., 1S!I0,   chapter  li and  amending acts.  And in the .matter of Lhe estate of C. S. Thompson, ol  Vmir, British Columbia, an insolvent.  Sealed tenders will be received by the undcrsiKiiecl al  tlie oflice of  Edward A. Crease, solicitor, Baker street.  Nelson, li. C. up to A o'clock  ]>   in.. Thursday tho  tilth  day of August, 1SII7, for the general slock in trade of the  above insolvent, and also for the book debts of the said  insolvent.   Tenders for the stock and book debt-, to be  separate.    Information as lo cither may in the meantime  be had at the oflice of Kdward  A Crea-e, or from  the  undersigned at Ymir. B. C.    No tender necessarily accepted if deemed by the creditors of said insolvent lo be  inadcciuate.        .. S. W. REYNOLDS. Trustee'  CORPORATION  OF THE CITY OF NELSON  b _t-l-a.-vc7- nsro: i.  A by-law to authorize the municipal council of Ihe corporation of the Citv of Nelson to borrow the sum of  fifty thousand dollars (SoO.OOO.OOI. lobe used in the construction of public works of inmicdiiue necessity.  ���Whereas, by section 2 of the "Speedy Incorporation of  Towns Act. 1S97," it is provided that the council of the  municipality of the City of Nelson may iu tho year  18117 pass by-laws for contracting debts, by borrowing  , money or otherwise, and for levying rates for tho payment of such debts on the rateable lauds or improvements, either or both, or the rateable real property of  tiie municipality, for any works of immediate necessity, wliich are within the jurisdiction of the council;  such debts, however, not to exceed iu the whole the  sum of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00):  And Whereas il is necessary and expedient to construct,  maintain and operate a system of water works for  supplying t.he inhabitants of the said municipality  with water I'or domestic and other purposes : and also  lo construct, maintain and operate a sewerage system  for the purposes of the said municipality; and also to  construct, and erect a lockup and lire hall, and to provide lire appliances for the protection of the city, and  lo make st rcet improvements as iiuickly as possible:  And Whereas, il. will be requisite to raise annually by  special rate the sum of four thousand three hundred  dollars ($1300.00) for paying the said debt and interest:  Now, Therefore, the municipal council of the corporation  of tho City of Nelson enacts as follows:  1. ���' Public Works Loan By-Law, No. 1.1S!)7." is heroby  repealed, and the following substituted in lieu thereof:  2. It shall and in.iy be lawful for the mayor of the corporation of the City of Nelson to borrow upon the credit  ot the said corporation, by way of the debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any person or persons, body or  bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance the  same as a loan, a sum of iiionev not exceeding in the  whole the sum of fifty thousand dollars(SoO.OOO.OU), and to  cause all such sums so raised or received to be paid into  the hands of the treasurer of the said corporation, for the  purpose and with the objects hereinbefore recited.  3. It.shall be lawful for the mayor of the said corporation to cause any number of debentures to bo made, executed and issued for such sum or sums as may be required for the purposes and objects aforesaid, not exceeding, however, lhe sum of lifly thousand dollars  (.?.">0,000.00). each of the said debentures being of Ihe denomination of one thousand dollars (SI, 000 (lO).andall such  debentures shall bo sealed with the seal of Ihe corporation and signed by the mayor thereof.  I. The said debentures shall hear date the l.ith day of  July, A. P. 1897. and shall be made payable in twenty  (20) years from the said date, in lawful uiouey of Canada,  at the head oilice of the Bank of .Montreal, in Montreal,  Quebec, which said place of payment shall be designated  by said debentures, and shall have attached to them coupons for the payment of interest, and the signatures to  the interest coupons may be either written, stamped,  printed or lithographed.  Jj. The said debentures shall hear interest, at the rate  of live (5) per centum per annum from the date thereof,  which interest shall be payable semi-annually at said  head oflice of the Hank of Montreal, iu Montreal, Ouobee,  in lawful money of Canada, on the l.Hh day of July arid  loth day of January, respectively, in each and every ycar  dui'ing the currency thereof, anil it shall be expressed in  said debentures and coupons to be so payable.  (j. It shall be lawful for the mayor of the said corporation lo negotiate and sell the said debentures, or any of  them, for less than par: but in no case shall the said debentures, or any of them, be negotiated or sold for less  than ninety-live per centum of their face value, including  the cost of negotiating and sale, brokerage, anil all other  incidental expense*..  7. There shall be raised and levied in each year during  1.1 ic currency of -said debentures, the sum of 82500 for the  payment of interest and ��1800 for the payment, of llic said  debt, by special ratcsiiHicient therefor, on all the rateable  property in the said municipality. '     .  8. it shall be lawful for the said municipal council to  repurchase any of the said debentures upon such terms  as may be agreed upon with the legal holder or holders  thereof, or any, part, thereof, cither at the time of sale or  any subsequent time or times, and all debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled and destroyed,  and no re-issue of debentures shall be made in eonso-  sequence of such re-purchase.  9. This by-law shall take effect oir und after the loth  day of August, A. I). IS97.  10. This by-law maybe cited forall purposes as the  " Public Works Loan By-law. No: 1. 1S!)7."  Read lirst. second, and third times the 3rd dav of  August, A. D.. 18(17.  Reconsidered and finally passed and adopted the 9th  dav of August, A. D. 1S97.  [seal.] JOHN HOUSTON, Mayor.  Charles E. Sealev. City Clerk.  NOTICE.  The above is a true copy of a by-law passed by the  municipal council of the corporation of the City of Nelson, on the Oth day of August, A. D. 1897, and all persons  are hereby required to take notice that anyone desirous  of applying, to have said-by-law' or any part thereof,  quashed, must make hi-i application for that purpose to  the supreme ��� court within one month next after the  publication of this by-law in the British Columbia Gazette, or he will be too late, to be heard in that behalf.  CHARLES E. SEALEY, City Clerk.  CORPORATION OF THE  CITY OF  NELSON  b _r-xJ-_."Vvr nsro. i__  Whereas it is. desirable and necessary to license and  regulate plumbers in the City of Nelson, and to  provide for the appointment of a plumbing inspector,  and to provide for the effective plumbing, sewerage  and draining of buildings.  Therefore be it enacted by the municipal council of the  Corporation of the City of Nelson as follows:  1. The municipal council shall, from time to time, as  occasion may require, appoint such inspector or  inspectors of plumbing, hereinafter called plumbing  inspectors, as may be. found necessary; but no person  shall be eligible for such appointment who shall not have  passed a satisfactory examination for proficiency in both  practice and theory of plumbing and drainage before the  board of examiners as hereinafter provided.  2. Such inspector or inspectors shall be, under the  supervision of the mayor, and shall bo paid such salary  as the municipal council may determine.  -3. A board of plumbing examiners is .hereby constituted, lo consist of the city engineer for the time being,  who shall bo chairman of the board, one practising  physician, and one practical journeyman plumber, both  of whom shall be appointed by the-municipal council:  and the board shall be called together at such times as  the chairman shall find necessary.  I. In case any dispute arises 'under this by-law, iu to  whether any person or persons employed by any master  plumber is a regularly educated, practical and  experienced plumber, as in this by-law is provided, the  plumbing inspector may notify the said workman to  appear and be examined before such board of examiners,  whose decision as to the competency of sucli man shall  be final and conclusive.  ;'). The said board of examiners shall examine and  may grant certificates of competency to anv plumber  who may apply for that purpose, and such "certificate  shall bo recorded in the oilice of the citv clerk, the  person receiving the same paying a fee of one dollar  therefor, and such plumber shall be a registered plumber  of the city.  (i. Upon and immediately after the passage of this  by-law, and in every ensuing year on or before the first  day of July, any person desiring to carry on business or  trade as a master plumber within the City of Nelson,  shall take out a license, for which he shall pay at the  time of the issuing thereof the sum of twenfy-fivedollars.  except as hereinbefore provided, and any person may  lake out a license under the provisions of this by-law on  behalf of a partnership, llrm, or company of which l.u-  may be st member.'  7. No person shall receive a license unless he i.s of the  full ago of twenty-one yciirs. and has a place within the  City of Nelson, and furnishes a bond binding himself to  the amount of S'iOO.00, with at, least two sureties in the  sum of S250.0U each, to the satisfaction of the municipal  council, or a bond to the same amount from aguariiiil.ee  company, and that he will employ only registered  plumbers who have received and hold a certilicate of  competency from the board of examiners lo do all such  plumbing work as he may engage to do. and whether he  is a practical plumber himself or not, will not permit nr  allow any such work to be done by himself or in connection with the business except by such registered  plumbers, and that he will not violate any of the terms  and conditions, rules and regulations contained in this  by-law, or in any other by-law which shall come into force  from time to time iu flic City of Nelson respecting  plumbing, drainage, sanitary matters and water works  within the said city.  8. Every person  desiring such  license shall   (lie with  the city collector a petition in writing of llic same, giving  name of the applicant, and in case of a partnership, the  name of each member thereof, together with the place  of business, and usking'.to become a licensed master  plumber, and said petition shall be accompanied by, the  bond and fee Hereinbefore mentioned.  !l. Any change of firm or loc.il inn of the business shall  be promptly reported lo the city collector, and the  license shall be kept m a conspicuous place at the  location of the business.  10. When any member of a partnership or company  is licensed individually for the partnership or company,  the license,may be issued in the name of the firm, copartnership or company, the said license setting out the  names of the members of the firm, co-partnership or  directors of the company, and the date the license was  granted, and no license ��o granted shall be transferable  except with the permission of the municipal council.  11. All licensed master plumbers shall be held responsible tor all acts of their employees in connection  wilh their business for which such bonded license is  issued.  12. Every such bond and license shall be for I he year  current at the time of the granting thereof, and shall  expire on the loth day of July next, succeeding the date  of issue.  13. Upon satisfactory evidence furnished to the  collector that any master plumber has been twice convicted by the police magistrate, or -two justices of the  peace having jurisdiction within the limitsof the City of  Nelson, of any violation of the provisions of this by-law,  or any of the by-laws respecting plumbing, drainage,  sanitary metiers or water works, liis license shall be,  ipse facto, forfeited and returned lo the collector.  II. Any master plumber whoue bonds and license may  become forfeited shall not again be entitled to a license  until the said declaration of forfeiture shall be revoked  by the municipal council, and if such master plumber is  carrying  on   Ids  business   in   co-pan nership,  or as  a  member of a company, the co-partnership or company  shall not carry on  the b  dale of such cancellation.  p or ci  bing fr  om the  If). Hefore proceeding to construct, re-construct, alter  or change any part of the plumbing, drainage or  ventilation of an hotel,' tenement,' warehouse, wash  house, or other building, the owner, his agent or the  master plumber constructing the same, shah file in the  oilice of the city clerk an .application for a permit  therefor, and such application shall be accompanied  with a specification or abstract thereof, in a blank form  in-escribed and supplied for that purpose by the city  clerk, stating the nature and work to be done, and  giving the size, kinds and weights of all pipes, traps and  fittings, together with a description of al! closets and  other lixturcs. and a plan with, the street and street  number marked thereon, and showing the drainage  system complete, flans must be legibly drawn in ink on  n scale of eight feet to an inch. .  Mi. A permit shall be granted or refused within two  days from the time of filing of the application, and tho  permit of the plumbing inspector (if granted) shall be  valid for six months from the date of issue.  17. If the plumbing inspector shall find that the said  plans and specifications do not conform wilh the rules  and requirements laid down in respect to plumbing and  drainage in the by-laws of the City of Nelson, he shall  not issue any permit for such plumbing and drainage,  and it shall be unlawful to proceed therewith.  IS. After a plan or specification has once been  approved no alteration or deviation from the same will  be allowed except with the written consent of the  plumbing inspector.  19. Erom and after the passing of this by-law every  owner, or agent of an owner, of any building doing or  causing to bo done any plumbing in such building shall,  on the same beir.g passed by the plumbing inspector, be  granted a certificate that said plumbing lias been done  m accordance with the city by-laws, and on being  requested to do so shall deliver such certilicate to any  person proposing to purchase or occupy such building.  20. No part of any plumbing or drainage work shall  be concealed or covered upin any way until it has been  examined and approved by the plumbing inspector, to  whom notice must be sent when the work is siifliciently  advanced lo be inspected, unless in the case of drainage  below the surface of the ground, which the inspector  ha*- failed to inspect within the five working hours  ensuing after being notified, then the ground may be  filled in. in case of an emergency alfcoling the public  safety.  21. All material must be of good quality and free from  defects, and the work must be executed in a thorough  and workmanlike manner.  22. The arrangement of soil and waste pipe must be as  direct as possible.  23. The soil, waste and ventilating pipes mid traps  must, wherepractic'able. be exposed lo view for ready  inspection at all times and for convenience in repairing.  When necessarily placed within partitions, or in  recesses of walls, soil, waste and ventilating pipes must  be covered with woodwork so fastened as to be readily  removed. In no ease shall they be so placed as to be  absolutely inaccessible, unless under written permission from the plumbing inspector.  21. When the ground is made or unsound the house  sewer shall be of medium or extra heavy cast iron or  brass pipe, with joints properly caulked with lead.  2.">. in sound ground, provided it is outside of the  building, hard salt, glazed, vitrilled pipe maybe used:  each length shall bo wetted before being laid and the  space completely filled with'ccmenl, mortar, made in the  proportion of two of good, clean sharp sand undone of  the best Portland cement, except, in wet ground, when a  gaseel shall be placed around the spigot and forced  down to tho bottom of the socket and finished iu mortar  cement, as described above. Each pipe must be cleaned  out with a mop after being laid. The dill'orent lengths  , must, bo laid in perfect line of the bottom and sides. All  connections must be through "Y" junctions.  20. Any soil pipe passing through a building, or  beneath the lloor of a cellar or basement, shall be ol cast  iron or brass as in section 24 hereof, and shall extend to  at least five feet outside the building and no wall shall  be built leaning solidly upon the same.  27. Where il is found impracticable to carry the main  ventilating pipe above the surrounding openings or  adjoining buildings within the prescribed distance of  forty feet, as in section 32, permission may be granted by  the plumbing inspector to insert a running trap between  the house and the sower in a position to be approved by  the plumbing inspector, such running trap to have a  cleaning cap made gas and air tight, brought up lothe  surface of the ground, and taken off the outer or inner  side of such running trap. A fresh air inlet shall be  brought up to the surface of the ground from the inlet or  house side of such running trap, and be provided with a  cast iron grating set in Portland cement, and be kept  free from dirt and deposit. In all cases where such intercepting trap is used, the main ventilating pipe must  open at least ten feet from any opening or window.  28. No exhaust from steam engines, or blow off from  steam boilers, or overflow from water .motors, shall be  connected with cither private or public sewers.  29. Kvory vertical soil pipe shall be of cast iron or  brass, and shall extend a sufficient height above window,  roof or coping, or light shaft, to the satisfaction of lhe  plumbing inspector.  30. No rain water, down pipe, or chimney flue shall  be used as a ventilator for any sewer, trap, soil or waste  pipe, or as any soil or waste pipe.  31. Each building shall be provided with a main  ventilating pipe of cast iron or wrought iron pipe,  galvanized, of not less diameter than four inches, wliich  shall be carried at least two feet above the highest  window, opening or light shaft, and to the satisfaction of  the plumbing inspector.  32. Soil or main ventilating pipes in an extension  must be carried to and above the roof of the main  building, when otherwise they'would open within forty  feet of any openings of the main or adjoining houses,  unless as provided in section 27.  33. No soil pipe shall be less than four inches in  diameter. A waster pipe receiving the discharge of live  or more sinks'-shall not be less than three inehes in  diameter and shall have two inch branches.  31. When lead pipe is used to connect fixtures with  vertical soil or waste pipes, or to connect traps with  main ventilators, it shall not be lighter than :  1   inch in diameter,   (i  pounds per yard.  1| inch in diameter,  ii? pounds per yard.  li inch in diameter,   (i  pounds per yard.  2" inch in diameter,   S  pounds per yard.  I 'inch in diameter, 15  pounds per yard.  2J inch in diameter, KiJ pounds per yard.  ,'i   inch in diameter, 1 ���5_��� pounds per yard.  I   incii in diameter. 21   pounds per yard.  Trap vent pipes shall be of lirass, lead, cast or galvanized  wrought iron.   All traps and  fittings shall  be equal in  quality and  thickness to the pipes to which  they lire  attached.  35. . All cast iron pipes must be of the best clean grey  metal, free from sand cracks, honey comb, poms places,  air holes or other defects, and of the grade known as  medium used below all fixtures, and for ventilating  pipes the grade known as ���'Standard" of the heavie.-t  qualitv. In buildings over three stories in height the  three iowcr stories must he lilted wilh the grade known  as extra heavy.   The following will be accepted :  Standards , 2  in. 3   in. I   in.   5 in.   G in.  Hclow llxlui-eslpoiindsl.l   iu. lij in.!)  in. 17 in. 20 in.  Abovcflxtureslpoundsl.l   in. 5   in. ii*. in.  Extra heavy (pounds).. ,5J in. !)J in. 13 in. 17 in. 20 in.  All   fittings  used  in connection   with such  pipes  shall  correspond in weight, and quality.    All such pipes to bo  coated inside and out with tar and asphalluin.  30. Before being accepted all plumbing work shall he  tested by wal er or other lest, approved by and made in  the presence of the plumbing inspector. All defective  material shall be removed and replaced, and bad workmanship made good.  37. All joints in iron or brass sewer pipe, soil pipe,  waste pipe ami ventilators shall be made with a gasket  ol'oakum, and lead hand caulked, and be perfectly gas  tight.  3S. All connections ol lead with iron or brass pipe  shall be made with a brass ferrule of the same diameter  of the lend pipe put in hub of the iron pipe and caulked  with lead. The ferrule shall be connected with the lead  pipe with a wiped joint. Vent anil Hush pipes of water  closets shall be connected with brass couplings or strong  rubber connect ions under the discretion of llic plumbing  inspector.  39. All connections of lead, waste and vent pipes shall  lie made with wiped joints.  10. All wafcrclosels, urinals, sinks, basins, wash trays,  baths and all tubs or sets of tubs, and hydrant waste  pipes shall be separated and effectually trapped, except  when a sink and wash tub*, immediately adjoin each  other, in which case I he waste pine from the tubs may  be connected with the inlet, side of the sink trap. Urinal  platforms, if connected with the sewers, must also be  properly trapped, vented ami automatically Mushed  witli water from a -mpply lank.  11. .Traps shall be placed as near the fixtures as  r/racl'cable, and in no case shall a trap be more.than two  feet, from tho fixture. All traps must nave a cleaning out  screw on llic underside.  *  12. A 1  wasie pipes from fixtures other than water  olo-el*. -hull -ovided at the outlet with strong metal  -.trainer-, an.!.. . -Inks and wash  tubs shall be provided  wilh ap^ioveu gu-..sc traps.  43. The waste pipes from no other lixturcs .-.hall be  connected with a water closet trap.  ���II. All traps shall be protected from syphonago by a  ventilating pipe leading from the highest aim outer  portion ol the trap, either separating or joining the  main ventilating pipe, above the highest fixture, except  in such particular cases, that in lhe discretion of ihe  plumbing inspector the vent pipe may be dispensed with  upon proof of nou-syplionagc.  lo. For traps in water closet-, the branch ventilating  pipe shall not. be' less than two inches in diameter, and  not less than three inches for buildings of three stories or  more in height. Where a bath or basin, or both, are in  llic same room Willi a water closet, the vents for same  may join the closet vent above tiie fixture. In no case  shall more than two water closets communicate with the  same ventilating pipe unless ii :- over two inches in  diameter.  40. Overflow pipes must discharge into the' op.-u air,  where possible, .with a flap on Ihe end lo keep out  draught, otherwise tliey must in every case be connected  with the waste pipe on the inlet side of the trap.  I". Every safe under a wash basin, bath, urinal.' water  closet or other fixtures, shall be drained by a special pipe  unconnected with a sewer, waste or soil pipe, discharging  into the open air. The outlets of such pipes arc to be  provided with (lap valves.  48. No drain pipes from refrigerator.-- shall bo directly  connected with any soil pipe, wasteror sewer.  ���19. Waterclosct-ishall not be placed in an unvenlilated  room or compartment. In every case there shall be an  opening lo the oilier air. All water closets shall be  supplied with water from special tanks, and the water  from these-shall not ho u-ed for any other purpose. No  water closets shall be directly supplied from the water  muinsor service pipes. Water closet cisterns'shall be  lilted with ball taps, etc., to prevent waste.  50. Where the trap of Ihe closet is above the lloor. the  connection with the soil pipe shall be made with brass,  rubber or approved door flanges.  ol. Overflow or discharge pipes from tanks for  drinking water shall never be connected with any soil,  vent, waste pipe orsewer.  52. ��� No closet, or any other convenience which allows  the escape into lhe house of air or gas which has been  c-onlined in any part of it, or from the drain or soil pipe,  or which allows the accumulation of lilth in or about it,  shall  be fitted up or used.  53. No person other than a licensed plumber or pipe  layer, acting under the supervision of the inspector,  shall be permitted to make any connection with a public  sewer.  51. All openings for private sewers must, be so made  as to cause as little inconvenience as possible to lhe  public: on completion flic surface to be left in as good  order as it was before the opening was made, ami nil  materials, loose earth and rubbish to be removed within,  twenty-four hours : all such openings to be fenced by day  and lighted by night in such a manner as may be  approved by the inspector.  55. No house sewer pipe to have a less fall that one iu  forty, unless special permission, in writing, is granted  by llie inspector.  oO. No pri vale sewer in actual use shall be disturbed  unless under the special direction of the plumbing  inspector.  57. All water pipes must, be protected from injury or  settling.  5S. The plumbing inspector shall have power to enter  upon any premises and examine the plumbing, ventilation and drains, and should the same, iu his opinion, be iu  an unsanitary condition, may notify tho owner or his  agents to havclhesaine put in a sanitary condition, and  iiny person neglecting lo do so forthwith, to the satisfaction of the plumbing inspector, shall he liable lo ihe  penaltiesof this by-law.  59. The plumbing iiispeclor is also authorized lo  receive and place on tile drawings and descriptions of  the plumbing and drainage executed in the City of  Nelson prior to the passage of this by-law, and examine  and give a certificate if in accordance with Ihe provisions of this by-law.  ft). Any person guilty of any infraction of any of the  provisions of this by-law shall be liable, upon  conviction before the police magistrate or any two  justices of the peace havingjurisdiclion within the limits  of the City of Nelson, lo be lined in any sum not  exceeding one hundred dollars, inclusive of costs, and in  case of the non-payment of the line and costs the same  may be levied by distress and sale of the offender's goods  and chattels, anil in case of the non-payment of lhe tine,  and there being no distress- found out of which the sum  can be levied, such offender shall bo liable to be imprisoned I'or any period not exceeding two months.  til. This bv-Iaw may be cited forall purposes as the  ���'Plumbing lly-law. No. II, 1897."  CORPORATION  OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  _3 _r-_-.__-W-   3STO.   15.  A by-law to provide for the payment of an annual sum  to the mayor. .        .  The municipal council of the corporation, of the City of  Nelson enacts as follows:  1. There shall he paid to the mayor of the City of Nolson. the annual sum.of two thousand dollars ($2,000.00)  out of lhe annual revenue of the City of Nelson, which  said sum shall be payable monthly, on the loth day of  each month commencing on' the 15th dav of Mav. A. IV  1897.  2. This by-law may be cited -for all purposes as the  "Mayor's Salary liy-Law, No. 15. 1897."  Read lirst, second, and (bird times August 9th, LS97.  Reconsidered and finally adopted and passed August  llth. 1S97.  ���|skai..| JOHN HOUSTON, Mayor.  ��� Chas. K: Skai.kv. City Clerk.  ';' ."    NOT1CK. ' '  J.���  The above is a true copy of a by-law passed ou the llth  day of August, 1897, by the municipal council of the City  of Nelson, and all persons are .hereby required to take  notice that anyone desirous of applying to have said bylaw, or any part thereof, quashed, must make his application I'or that purpose to the supreme court of British  Columbia within one month next after the publication of  this by-law in the British Columbia Gazette, or lie will  be too late to be heard in that behalf..  CHARLES 10. SEALKY, City Clerk.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land.  Notice is hereby given that I. Charles Heath, intend to  apply at the expiration of sixty days from the date hereof, to the commissioner of lands and works for permission to purchase 100 acres of unreserved, unoccupied und  unsurveyed crown land, situated near the confluence of  Meadow creek and Goat river, in the Goat, river mining  division of West Koolenay. British Columbia.  CHARLES IIKATII.  Dated this 12th day of-luly. 1S97.  IlKSCKIPTIOX.  Commencing at initial post, marked "Charles Heath's  N. W. Corner." thence due south 40 chains, thence due  east 10 chains, thence due north 10 chains, thence due  west 10 chains to point of commencement, containing Ift)  acres more or less.  Notice of Application to Purchase Land  IlKSCItll-TION.  Commencing at initial post marked "I,. I*. M.'s N. K.  corner." thence due south in chains, thence due west, 8li  chains, thence due north ���III chains, tlience due east SO  chains to point- of commencement, containing 320 acres  more or less. L. I'. M KUIil.MAX.  Dated this 1 -lth day of May. 18117. (June Kit li 1  Notice of Application to Purchase Land  Notice is hereby given that I, G. II. Owen, intend to  apply al llic expiration of sixty dajs from the publication of this notice, to the commissioner of lands and  works to purchase the following iiiisurvcyed. unoccupied, and unreserved crown lands, situate on the north  shore of the west arm of ICootenay lake, in the Nelson  mining.division oj the district of West Koolenay. Urit Nh  Columbia.    DKSl-llll'TIO.V.  Commencing at initial post marked "Ci. II. Owen S. K.  corner," thence due west 10 chains, thence due north 40  chains, thence due east 10 chains, thence due south to.  chains to point of commencement, containing 100 acres  more or less. C. II. I )WKN  Dated this 21". th (lav of June. 1897. I June 2l.th]  Notice of Application, for Crown Grant.  'fake notice thai A. *��� Karwell. acting as agent for  Joseph It. Ilotllin. Im s filed the necessary papers and made  application for a crown grant in favor ot the mineral  claim "Skookum." sit uiilcd in the Ainsworth mining division of West Kootenay. Adverse claimants, if any,  must llic their objections with inc within ft) days from  the dale of I lie lirst publication of this notice in the Urit -  ish Columbia Gazette.  W. J. Gi ll-'I'KL. Government   Agent.  Hated at Nelson, August 3rd. 1897. |Augnst Tt 111  NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING.  'flu-general aiiutiiil meeting of tho shareholders of the  Nelson Klecl ric Light ('oinpaiiy. Limited, will held in the  company's iillli-c in Nelson, Hritish Columbia, on Mon-  ilav. September fit li, 1897, at 2 o'clock p in., (o receive lhe  report of the otllcci-s I'or llic past year, lo elect directors  I'or llic ensuing year, and for all other general purposes  relating to lhe management of the company's all'airs.  .1. H. MATIIKS0N. Seeretarv.  N'cl-on. li. <'.. August Oth. 1897.  Spokane Palls & lorthepn,    ,  .-   Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red Monntaiii Railways.  Tf|e only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson an.d Rossland, aqd  Spokar-e and Rosslarpd.  Leave  0:10 a. m....  11.00 a. m ..  8:00 a. in....  DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS.  Arrive   NKLSON : 5:15 p. m.   ROSSLAND 3:10 p. m.   .'.SHOKAN1C 6:10 p. m.  Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek connect at Marcus with stage daily.  Notice   of, Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  OKIK.NTAI. MI.VKK.W, CLAIM. SITL'ATK IX TIIE NEI-SON  MIXING DIVISION OK WKST KOOTENAV DI.STUICT. AM)  I.OCATKB OX TIIE LEKT HANK OK KOOTENAV KIVI'K,  OPPOSITE TIIE MOUTH  OK SLOCAN  IflVEJt.  Tako notice that I, N. F. Townscnd, agent for Robert  .1. Henley, free miner's- certificate No. IS.XiT,, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And  further take notice that action, under section H7. must be  taken before the issuance of such certificate of improvements. N. 1-'. TOWNSKNI)    ,  Dated, this mil day of Juno, 1807. ' (June ���"tilh)  Notice     of    Application     for    Certificate   .of  Improvements.  "THE KID"   .MIXKK.W,   CLAIM.   SITUATE    IN    TIIE NKI.SUX  MIXI.NC   IJIV1S-IOX  OK  WEST-KOOTENAV   D1STUIC.T.  AND '  LOCATED     AliOUT     EIOIIT    MILES    Ul'    EAST     SIDE    OK  KOKANEE CHEEK.    -.  Take notice that I. Charles A.-Stoess. of Iva-do. Ii. (.'..  acting as agent for ('. Sherbart of Nelson, H. ('.. free  miner's certificate No. S2.2U), intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply lo the mining recorder for a ceititl-  cale of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of the above claim. iAnd further take  notice that action, under section Ii", must be commenced  before the issuance of such certilicate of improvements.  CIIAI'LICS A. STOKS-.S.  Dated this 1 lib day of June. 1807. |.Iuly Urd|  Notice     of    Application     for     Certificate    of  Improvements.  (JOMA'ITE KHAUTION MIXEKAL CLAIM, SITUATE IN THE  NEI.S().N MIXING DIVISION OK WKST KOOTENAV DIS-  TKIC'T, AND LOCATED AT HEADWATEUS OK KOKANEE  CHEEK, AND BOUNDED ON NOHTII HV ASl'EX AND (IX  SOUTH   HV   "THE  KID"  MIXEHAL   CLAIMS.  Take notice that I. Charles A. Stoess of Kaslo, H. C.  acting as agent for C. Sherbart of Nelson, li. (.:., free  miner's certificate Ny. 82._0, intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for  a certilicate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant, of the above claim. And further take  notice that action, under section A7: must be commenced  before the. issuance of such certilicate of improvements.  CHAHLKS A. STOESH.  Dated this 1 Ith day of June, 1807. [July ::rd]  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  LA PLATA KKAUTIOX MIXEHAL CLAIM, SITUATE IX TIIE  XELSON MINING DIVISION OK WEST KOOTENAV DIS-  THICT, AND LOCATED ON KOKANEE CREEK. AND IS  HOUNDED ON NOKTII HV KLOHENCE AND ON; SOUTH I1Y  MOLLV  GIHSOX MINEHAL CLAIMS.  'fake notice that I. Charles A. Stoess of ICaslo. R C���  acting as agent for C. sherbart of Nelson. 13. C.. free  miner's certilicate No. 8i,2l0, intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of theabove claim. And further take notice  that action, under section A", must he commenced before  the issuance of such certificate of improvement:3.  CHARLES A. &T0KS3.  Daled. this llth day of June, 1SII7. , [July :ird]  Notice   of   Application   tor   Certificate   of  Improvements.  THE KI.OKENCE MIXEHAL CLAIM. SITUATE IX TIIE NELSON MIXING DIVISION OK WEST KOOTENAV DISTINCT,  AND LOCATED ON THE EAST SLOPE AND AHOUT OXE  AXD A IIALK MILES SOUTH KKO.M HEAD OK KOKAXEE  CHEEK.  Take notice that I. Charles A. Stoess, acting as agent  for H. W. Willey of Nelson, li. C., free miner's certilieale  No. (17 887, intend sixty dnys from Ihcdntc hereof, Ioapply  to the mining recorder foi- a certilicate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of lhe above  claim. And further take notice that action, under section H7, must be commenced before the issuance of i-uch  certificate of improvements.  '.."������':���.. CHARLES A. STOKSS.  Dated, this 1-lth daj-.of June. 1807. ���     [July :ird|  Notice    of    Application     for     Certificate    of  .Improvements.  'KLOHENCE   KKACTIOX   .MIXEHAL  CLAIM.  SITUATE IN Till-:  '     NELSON'. .MINING  -DIVISION   OK   WEST    KOOTENAV   IMS-  . -TKIOT.   AND   LOCATED   ON -KOKANEE    CHEEK.  AND    IS  HOUNDED   OX   NORTH    HV    ACHILLES   TWO   llt'NIIJKU  AND OX SOUTH   HV   KLOHENCE MIXEKAL CLAIMS.  Take notice that I. Charles A. Stoess of Kaslo, 13. C.  acting as agent for C. Sherbart. of Nelson, B. C. free  miner's certificate No. 82.210. and P. W. George of NeNon,  B. C, free miner's certificate No. 79,075. intend sixty days  from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for  a certificate of improvements,'for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And further take,  notice that, action, under section 37, must be commenced ���  before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  CHARLES A. STOKSS.  '���   Dated this aith day of June, 1S07. [July :ird|  Notice  of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  ACHILLES TWO IIUNDHED MI.VEHAL CLAIM, 'SITUATE IX  TIIE NELSON'MININO DIVISION OK WEST KOOTENAY  D1STHICT, AXD LOCATED EIGHT MILES UK EAST SI DE  OK KOKANEE CHEEK AND 'JOINS NORTH END OK  KLOHENCE  MINERAL CLAIM.  Take notice that 1. Charles A. Stoess of ICiuslo.iB, C.  acting as agent for C. Sherbart of Nelson. 13. C. free  miner's certificate No. 8'2.210, intend'-sixty days from lhe  date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certilicate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of the above claim. And further take  notice that action, under section .'i7. must be commenced -  before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  CHARLES A. STOESS.  Dated this llth day of June. 1S97. |July:ird|  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   ot  Improvements.  OOI.DEX EAGLE MIXEHAL CLAIM. SITUATE IX TIIE NKLSON  MINING DIVISION OK WEST KOOTENAV DISTRICT. AXD  LOCATED  NEAR THE  HEAD  OK SANDV  CREEK.  Take notice that I, A. S. Karwell. agent for Alfred C.  Kliimerfelt. free miners certilicate No. 8S.!.i''0. inli ml  sixty days from the dale hereof, to apply, to the milling  recorder for a certificate of improvements, for. the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of ihe above claim. And  further take notice that action, under section '17. unist he  commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements. A. S. KAKWK.I.L.  Dated Ibis 2nd day of July. 1807. [July Huh"  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  (irmn enough mineral claim, situate i.v the nelson  MINING   IHN1SIGN OK  WEST  KOOTENAV   DISTRICT.   SITUATE ON   TOAD   .MOUNTAIN.  Take. iioticiUhat I. Frank Klclchcr. acting as agent for  ti'corge II. Andrews, free miner's certilicate No. CS.2!l.i.  intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply lo the  mining icc'ordiT for a ccrtitlc.-uc of inipioveinenrs. for  lhe purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claim. Ami further take notice thai action, under -a-c-  lion 117. must be commenced before the issuance of such  certilicate of improvements.        I-'RANIC FLETCHK1'.  Daled this Kith dav of .lulv. IS!)7. |.luly 17th|  Notice of Application  to Purchase. Land.  Not ice is hereby given that 1. A. 11. Evans, intend lo  apply at the expiration of sixty days from the. publication  of ibis notice, to the commissioner of lands and works to  purchase llic following unsurveyed, unoccupied, and unreserved crown lands, situate at or near \\ bite llroiW'  mountain, and embracing lauds near confluence of north  and west branch of Coat creek, a tributary of (Joat river,  in the Coat river mining division of the district of Wot  Koolenay. Hritish Columbia.  I'KSl'ltllTHIN..  Commencing al initial post marked "A. < >. K.'-< N. K.  corner." tlience due north In chains, thence due west SO  chains. I hence due south III chains, thence due cast 8H  chains to point of coitiiiicncciiicul. containing jejn m-rcs  more or less. A.O. EVANS.  Dated this llth day of May. 1��I!I7. [June lilthl  Application  for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that, lhe undersigned will apply  lo lhe Hoard of Licensing ('oHimissioucrs of the City of  Nelson, nt their next silling, for a license lo sell beer and  wine al niv restaurant, situate on lot-21 and 22 block It.  Nelson. M. M.  Dl'H-'l.  Daled nt Nelson. II. C. July 271''. IS1I7.  Application  for  Liquor   License.  I herebv give notice that thirty days after date. I '11-  Icnd toiijiplv to lhe Hoard of Liccnsiii'-' ('��>iiiiiii-.>ioii"-r>  for the citv of Nelson, for a license to sell liquor bv retail  ill uiv hotel on lot .i, block 1. in said city. < '��� LI N ��� '���  llatcil Julv 2.-ird. 1SH7. |July2lth|  r^*-."!f^r?ri  7>��.".:i-:-Vj;..,p^.^^^  T!!"!5.,."1J,'i" .'"JlC"^'!'  :\:';i'-  i_; ,i;-l.'TfitfS  ���srr-7  ���ins  = ?���: ���  ~-7rr.:;..;,t7 ���;���;?���-���*�� "i" :yi r"-V?$W ���'���������*������'':",-1 -  ���p^jr/7��T"�� TEE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C., SATURDAY, AUGUST H,   1897.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  ��� Plans'and specifications are out .for the  construction oi a very large barge to  carry coke laden cars from Cotnox to Vancouver. The craft, which i.s to be built  for the Duustrmirs. will be capable of receiving twelve loaded ear< at a time. Jt  will be l')0 feet long and will have a beam  oi" -15 feet. Work is to be commenced  very shortly, and the contract will be  rapidly pushed to completion. The barge  will be used for transporting coke for  Kootenay smelters.  Chief of police Woolverton had four  residents' summoned to appear before  magistrate Crease on Thursday, for  breaches of the health by-law in allowing  the accumulation oi." lilth upon their premises. As it was the first attempt made lo  enforce, the by-law, the magistrate did  not impose heavy penalties, fining each  offender $2.7)0 and costs. Tliey were  Agnes' West, lvwong Chung, Thomas Todd  and K. li. 1'hair.  A. J. Murks returned from the Slocan  on Wednesday, where he was looking  over the California mineral claini, owned  by himself mid Messrs. Atkinson and  Merino. There are live men at work upon  the claim, and the owners expect to make  a shipment of two cars .of ore shortly.  .The ore will probably go to the Kaslo  sampler. There are 10/�� sacks now ready  i'or shipment. Just what the ore will  average to the ton is a matter of conjecture, assays of the same having returned  all the way from 180 to J -JO I ounces silver.  A tunnel has been run in on the lead for  107) feet, and a shaft sunk for 18 feet. The  .showing consists of 18 inches of clean ore.  J. F. Iii vans, grand chancellor of the  Knights of Pythias of .British Columbia,  is expected in the city shortly for the  purpose of organizing a lodge of the order  in Nelson!,  A lodge of Odd :Kellows was organized  in Slocan City on Friday last. The following officers were elected : A. E. Teeter,  noble grand; Paul Hauck, vice grand : T.  B. Linton, recording secretary; William  Meldrum, permanent secretary; William  Clough, treasurer.  The board of license commissioners on  Thursday granted restaurant licenses to  M. Duffy and Mahan 6c Kidd; laid over  the application of 0. Lund i'or hotel  license, and refused the application of  Tliomas Moriarity for a saloon license.  Capt. Troup took the steamer Lytton  up the Columbia river to La Porte last  week, making the first trip with a large  steamer-since the days of the Forty-nine  in 1SG0. After a tedious delay of the best  part of the day in making through the  canyon, the Lytton made it late in the  afternoon. The chief difficulty was at  the riffles at the lower end, where a ropo  had to be put out twice, and once broke,  causing an extra wait of about an hour  and a half.  In another column will be seen the advertisement of the C. 6c K. Railway and  Navigation company respecting the land  offered for sale by that company. This  advertisement gives an emphatic denial  to the rumor recently circulated to the  effect that the company had withdrawn  all its Nelson property from sale. TJie  com pony holds the most desirable of the  unsold business and residential property  in the old government townsite and is  offering the same upon reasonable terms.  Dr. George H. Duncan, secretary of the  provincial board of health, arrived in  the city this week, accompanied by Clive  Phillips Wolley. sanitary inspector for  the province. They are making a tour ot  the inland cities of the province and the  regulations of the board will be framed  largely in accordance with their report.  Dr. Watt, the former secretary of the  board of health, made a trip through the  Kootenay last year for the same purpose,  but as the board could not frame any regulations upon Dr.-Watts' ideas without  raising a riot throughout the interior, the  board considered it wise to send his successor over the same ground this year.  Inspector Wolley expressed the opinion  that the sanitary condition of the city of  Nelson had been very much improved  since his last visit. He recommended the  abaitment of certain nuisances which  were already receiving the attention of  the sanitary officer of the municipal council. Dr. Duncan accompanied Mayor  Houston to the source of the water supply for the new water system this afternoon.  Owing to an unavoidable dehiy in the  preparation of the brief, the application  for a new trial in the case of Kegina vs.  Woods, was not heard in Victoria yesterday. The application will be heard either  today or Monday. A. M. Johnson, the  prisoner's counsel, received word yesterday of the safe arrival of the brief in  Victoria.  The provincial government has not  awarded the contract for the construction  of, the new jail The tenders have been  sent on to Victoria and the contract will  probably be let at the capital. Jt is said  that the cabinet has not come to any decision with respect to the location of the  same.  E. A. Roberts, chief engineer of the Corbin roads, came up from Spokane yesterday to see whether the city waterworks  flume could be built along the right-of-  way of the Nelson 6c Fort Sheppard railway. Everything was satisfactorily arranged.  The fine Italian hand of J. li. McArthur,  free trader and promotor of the scheme  to run the next provincial election in  British Columbia on party lines, is showing itself in recent utterances of the Itossland Miner. Is J. B. aspiring to be a  Warwick ?  An improvement was made in the water  system of the city this week by diverting  two small streams into the present reservoir. This has had the effect of very  greatly increasing the supply of water,  but it has also interfered with the water  supply of certain residents in the Hoover  In order to sell what. Shirt Waists we have left in Stock,  . we have reduced same to  75, 8LOO, 81-25  WORTH $1.25, $1.75, $2.00  aker  The Columbia & Kootenay  Railway & Navigation Co.  IIAVK  usmess  On Hakur und  Vernon si reels mid plenty  of Lined  Residential Lots  in   the  noveriiiiieiil   townsite   of   Nelson.  Also lots in  liobsun  Applj)   lo  Frank Fletcher, P.L.S., Agent, Nelson.  Kootenay Lumber Co.  A complete stock of Building Lumber of  all   l\inds will   now be  k;ept  at  Nelson,.  V. C. GAMBI/K, J. I>.  11. In-I.C. K.       .M. I 'sin. .si..-. C. II.  Jl. Am. S.-.\ I'. K.   I'. I.. S. fur IS. i'.  ll.-iti. It.--.. Kri- Ii.-p. ..mil.. H'ks. ul1 run.  in I'.. I'..I NKLSON. I!, c.  KHANcrs .1. O'iircru.v  as-.ii-. ii. in-i. i'. i-:.  I'. I.. S. Inr ii. i:  ISOSSI.ANIi. li. ('.  GAMBLE & O'REILLY  �� CIVIL  �� ENGINEERS  �� PROVINCIAL  �� LAND SURVEYORS  We carry a very, large stock of Nails, Iron, Steel,  Bellows,, Anvils, Picks, Shovels,, Locks, Hammers, Hinges, Powder, Fuse, Caps, etc, in fact  a complete line of Miners' Supplies and Builders' Hardware, and are prepared to quote close  figures. "We also carry a full line of Stoves  and Tinware, Crockery and Glassware, and  Groceries, both Staple and Fancy, Wholesale  and Retail.   Free delivery to any part of City.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  Just ��� received...  'HIi latest styles of Ladies' Purses and Card Cases,  and Gents' Pocket Books and Purses.- The prices  are rig*lit and  the goods the   best  manufactured   DRUGGISTS  ACCOUNTANTS  AND  GENERAL AGENTS  NELSON AND ROSriLANIl,    -    WKST ICOOTKNAY,  HRITISH COLUMBIA  W.   P.  TIiETZEL & CO.  Agents for li. Lawrence Spectacles ami Kyc ("��� lus-ses  Kyesii'ht tested free  NEW WESTMIflSTER, B. C.  Charles St, Barbe, Agent,  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  CITY   AUDITOR'S   REPORT.  Receipts unci disbursements of the corporation of llic  City of Nelson lo July 31st, 1S97:  KKCKIITS.  Miscellaneous   Waterworks     LicCHSCS   Police court lines..   Overdraft at Hank of Montreal   -S  Aft (Jll  170 ;jt)  3,817 50  700 lo  S.afiO 0S-  S13 5SI 43  IJISUUUSIC.MIJNTS.  Water works   Special police   St reets   .,-   Fire department   Salaries   I'riiiLin. and stationery   Plant und tools   Sidewalks   Interest   Lock-up   Health      Miscellaneous      So.Sl'O (if  ���ifi 8;")  .   3,0(1-2 (H)  .     SiK) !I5  .      177 3.5  I'23 07  .      217 (>l  .   '2.3.Sli 20  (17 10  274  lo  f>0 75  131 20-  Con;ducted by the Fathers 0. M. S.  ...CLASSICAL COURSES  Will Reopen September 1st.   .  Send for Catalogue or Address President St. Louis College, New Westminster, B. C.  Direct From the Manufacturer  Made by the celebrated Firm of  John B. Stetson & Co., Philadelphia  IN THESE WE HAVE BOTH r\wr\    ^ A \7<r\ m* wnr r* c*  _������_��__ THE NEW SHAPES AND THE    OhD    hA VOkI 1'klS  Also Just Received  A Large Consignment of  Direct From  San Francisco.  613,581 13  I have earofnllv checked the accounts and vouchers iu  the citv clerk's oilice and certify that the above is correct.  JOHN HAMILTON, City Auditor.  ~ NOTICE.  Notice is hereby niven that in accordance with Section  3 of the Sunitiirv IluKuliitions of IS!)'i. u resolution has  been passed bv the provincial board of health, declaring  the Kiinilurv Ueirulations of 181)0 to be in force in the city  of Nelson. Ji. (J. ('���������OllGK II. DCNCAN. Al. I).  Secretary Provincial Hoard of Health.  All persons wishing to visit the Goat  River, Duck Creek, Summit Creek, Fort  Sheppard, Priest Lake, or Fort Steele  Mining Districts should know that by  taking the Steamer Alberta or Ainsworth  for Ockonook, Idaho, and purchasing  their supplies of the old reliable Ockonook General Store, they will get their  goods at Spokane retail prices and be  from 20 to 50 miles nearer the above  named districts than at any other supply  point  on  the   Kootenai   River.  J. I. BARNES  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby (?ivon thai, no visitors will be admitted  at the mine orsniellinK works of the company without  permission in writiiiR. THK HALL MINNS. Ltd.  I anager  OCKONOOK CENERAL STORE  A Mag-nifieent line of Scotch Tweeds and Worsteds, and West of  England Trousering's, suitable for spring- wear.  A special feature of Fancy Worsted Suitings.  BAKER STREET, NELSON  addition. These people will be given the  right to take such water as they need  from the reservoir. Tliey may be obliged  to walk a few steps further for their water, but it will be cheaper than interfering with the city's flumes. Some interference has already been reported to the  police and prosecutions will doubtless be  entered next week.  It is probable that the Honeyman foundry will secure the contract for supplying  the corporation with the fire hydrants  and valve boxes to be used in connection  with the distribution system of the waterworks. It is a local firm, and should receive any patronage which ' the council  could put in its way.  The manner in which the lands aud  works department is dealing with the  tenders i'or the construction of the new  jail in this city requires some explanation  on the part of the "officials. There were  several tenders received for the work.  Among them was one from a local firm.  The tenderers were required to furnish a  bond in the sum of $2,000 for the due performance of the contract. This was done  by the local firm referred to. When the  tenders were opened it was found that  the local firm's tender was the lowest, but  instead of awarding the contract the,department of lands and works maintained  that the contract was too low, and that  instead of a bond for $2,000 the tenderer  would have to deposit a certified check  with tho department for that amount.  This firm will no doubt be able to comply  with the new conditions imposed by the  department, but they will continue to  think that there was an attempt on the  part of the department to .jockey them  out of the contract.  lias opened  his new  assay oilice  al, the  corner of  Hall  and linker streets, and is prepared lo execute all work  enlrnstcd to him with promptness imci accuracy.  Notice   of   Application   tor   Certificate   of  Improvements.  IVANIIOH .MI.VICitAI. CLAIM. SITfATK IX TIIK A INSWOKTII  MINI Nil DIVISION" Ol-' WEST KIKITKXAV UISTIIK'T. AND  LIIL'ATKII AIIOl'T TllllKK-m'AM'KKS III-- A MILK SOCTII  OK TIIK TOWN OK  AIN'SWOKTII.  Take notice thai I, A. S. Karwell. aelhiK as agent for  Maxwell Stevenson, free miner's certilicate No. 7(!,1(m, intend sixty davs from I lie dale hereof, to apply lo the niin-  iiiK recorder for a uerliliuali; nf improvements, for ihe  purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.  Anil:, further lake notice thai, action, under section 37,  must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate  of improvements. A.S. KARWELL.  Dated this 3rd day of August, IS1I7. I August 7lh|  Notice of Application to Purchase Land  Notice is hereby given that, sixty days after dale. I  the iindersiiciicd. purpose applying lo the chief commissioner of lands and works for permission lo purchase lhe  following described lands.  IlKSCmiTION.  Commencing al a post placed,on lhe cast shore of l.'p-  per Arrow lake near the narrows, marked ".I. 1) s X. W.  corner, thence following const linesouthSllchaiiis, thence  HO chains east, thence SH chains north, thence SO chains'  west to point, of' commencement, containing 010 acres  more or less. JOHN' (I   OKVLIN.  Dated Nakusp. li. C. June -.'lth, 1807.        |August Mth|  Application For Liquor License.  I hereby give notice that thirty days after date I intend to apply to the Hoard of Licensing (.'oinmissioner.s  for the City of Nelson for a license to sell liquor by retail  ut. iny premises on Lot \2, Block 3. in said citv.  THOMAS MOl'i IA KTTY.  Daled lth August, 1SSI7.  Notice of Application for Liquor License.  Notice Is hereby given that Ihe undersigned will apply  to the board of license commissioners of Ihe corporation  of the City of Nelson, for a license lo sell li<|iinr by retail  at, his hotel, known as the Luke View, situate on' lot 13  and II, block 07. Nelson, 13. C.  KKANK .1. DONLEY.  Dliled at N'olson, August l-.'fh, 1S!)7. I August llth]  NOTICE   TO   BUILDERS.  'renders for the erection of a brick building on linker  Hi reel, will be received up lo Saturday the _I.-s(. inslnnf,  at noon, at lhe oflice of ('. (). Wickendeii. architect,  (.'lcinenlK & Hillyer Block, where pliinsnnd specillcalions  can be seen on and after Monday the Kith instant. The  lowest orany tender not necessarily accepted.  ('. f). WKIKKNDKN. Archilccl.  AS A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE  EASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS  Also call and examine the KARN PIANOS which just arrived  eweier, iMeis  P. O  IS THE PRICE ON THE BALANCE OF OUR  T IR, ^'~W~    Til __A�� T  XJISTTIIL   OXi_B-_^__R_Ei]_P'-  18 and 20  BAKER   STREET  ?  BRANCH  MARKETS    .    .    .    .    .  Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan  District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.  I'rfM  ��� ��� * _������   ���������!��� _������*       _J"HVHsl 1'    JT !��� h    ���*!**     I      .Ih    �����������    .li      *?      v_P��lhhjbi_1 l.*L   ^atj Jv^'h ������ 4f  .'.'���.   ���A"'*1, ������".- "ft" �����" '���* -:���-.' - '".v  .-.���':sJ��� '..'�� ������"    "/.���'I'h'ii.li'^'.v  *.'������?������  ~i���"-i-rnT' r��� "J !l!. ���"' "l-r,T7rtVTi"'-,Jl''"T' V ��������� un ������ i* i <i fffj i; ���".'.v.T'i ���������: < -t1gr*S"'nTr?"���'f' Wi.*�����v-J.*; rj i-��    . �� ������������ ���iTrrr-.^-.-u'VJVHi';    ���������^tt",-j ' Jf   ..l.'" i:,z.iyir"H}jifyii-.v-ini/'i/--f:il ';;v'   ������;: .j.*, ;i '> ������   ..* .'.p ^iJL.r.'-Jl       ���*.' ���..���,1^.,^-r !���'; .-ni;' ''l.i'i \   ������    i�� i -'i.'.'"i'' ' .��� .!l.-li- 1 ,-J'i -^  -���, .-j-h   . if-'\y,A.';j-~... -li ,,.-.>. ���."������- ���; i-(������������������> i ���: ; ���*��������.���- *'������*. r-\ ���-;��� V; *, ���;:,.;-,v ���.;-���"��� ���* <��� *Vi .:m��v'' "-. -"- "i;v.�� ��� v-r ������'.-���--1 ���������'���,'������.* ���*��������� .;..*���.*�����*. ��^.t j.v *���'���)���'��� ������?���"������.w. .��-��� -::7- ���' ���' * r-^a,^ ..j ���.,-. - ,..1* -; .^- _,���:--.,'. ���*-. _y,\ , "'.���������� p t ���'.���pi- r--:t-~ .���   ".��������� ����� ��� .���������*! ������!*'���  '.. h'.' :.'S.i,;i i.'. '-..������--I, ���*�������� .������i'.*,.... " ,'" -?. *: r.'"-" ��� -���-,"*����!��--..s* *���.��� ,���'<;!"  ���.;   i-,?"-,' -���^V-"  ��f.<*' '*r" V  ���-.'������ -I1'-". ���".' '���"-.'���'���i* v-"1 <"ji"   . ,.-:���',���.'. ���- ���������.'u'1,"-,ti.iv*-:. .11- *~ ',-. ������,-.���!'���; ;,���.���'. >',/, ��",-���;;.. I ;. ��:'*���':'���'.."--^. .'"-rt'Js ST* "*���".��� *���* ' ���*V'c*i^^^ii_sft_'*  *tf"'" .    "'"���'A'1." \i".*--  f ^  i ...    "'"_" i". !������ ��i      .���       '   * ���   ��� 1  ���   "���_.��� ������ ��"k        ������!���������       -%.j .*    ���* 1 I    j.'-" ���    k^n _!>'   v1 ��� ��� 1   1 _  ���   �����    ��� "^ ��� w     .*' ������ 11 . _    ir ���   1       ����� _    i\ iii _  Ja       ,     ���   -. ��� j'*..      .mi     ��   _ '���'   ������   _      13 *  1 . m.i. i'"i .       1 "_   ���        \ _"  '����� 1 ���    ����� . ��������� 11   '       ���    It      *������'"���       ���"     1 ���     \    "it"1    i*"--   iipi r~ "1 "'��� ���    .   . t   ��� ''i'1 '.      ���    * ���"     ���* ."    ������ r,.i  M


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