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Array ���(<;:.  Has Mines that'are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made  Dividend Paying Mines.  r'��ff.i.  Has  Three  Smelters  in  Successful  Operation;  and  Enough   Ore  in Sight  to   Run  ��� Several   More.  FIFTH   YEAR-NO. 22.  NELSON   BRITISH  COLUMBIA,  SATURDAY,' APRIL 24, L897.  TWO  DOLLARS A YM  U-ETTING   BY-LAWS   READY.  '-��  ft ;  %  '/:  ���j'  I'  '  Tho City Council Has Its Work Well  in   Hand  and Loses No Time.'  An adjourned regular meeting of the  mayor and board of aldermen of the corporation of the city of Nelson was held in  the court house, Nelson, on Thursday,  April 22d, at 8 o'clock, p. m. Present:  .Mayor Houston and aldermen Gilker,  llillyer and iMalone. Absent: Aldermen  Dow, Fletcher and Teetzel.  The minutes of the last meeting were  read and on motion were adopted.  Alderman CJilker, of the finance committee, made report as to the probable  revenue of the city for the year 1X07. On  motion of alderman Hillyer, seconded by  alderman iMalone, the report was received  and ordered placed on file.  Applications for policemen were received i'rom Alexander F. McKinnon,  John YV. Cowan, C. P. Loud in, F. Tur-  cotte, Jl. A. Winerals. Joseph Tall mire,  Jesse A. Bigelow and William Perdue.  . Alderman iMalone moved that the applications be uot considered at this meeting.  The motion was declared lost by the  mayor, and balloting was proceeded with.  The first ballot resulted in It. A. Minerals receiving four votes and Jesse A. Bigelow and C. P. Loudin two each. li. A.  Winerals was declared duly elected as  one of the city's police force, and a second  ballot ordered taken. The second ballot  resulted in Jesse A. Bigelow and C. P.  Loudin receiving two votes each. The  third ballot resulted the same, and on  motion of alderman .Malone. seconded by  alderman Gilker, the election of a second  policeman was postponed until the next  meeting.    Motion carried.  On motion of alderman Gilker, seconded  by alderman Malone, it was resolved  "that by-law No. I. entitled Public Works  Loan By-Law No. I, 1897, be read a second  time. ' Carried. Read a second time and  third reading ordered for next meeting  of the council.  Alderman Gilker introduced a by-law  entitled Public Health by-law, No. 2.  181)7. On motion ic was read a first time  by title, and the second reading ordered  for the next meeting of the council.  Alderman Malone introduced a by-law  entitled Eire by-law, No. 8, IS97. On motion it was read a first time by title and  tiie second reading ordered for the next  meeting of the council.  Alderman Hillyer introduced  a by-law  entitled City  Pound  by-law, No. -L,  181)7.  On motion it was  read a  first  time  by  title aud second reading ordered  for the  ., next meeting of the'council.  Alderman Gilker  introduced  a. by-law  Entitled Dog Tax by-law, No. :">, 1807.'   On  motion it was read a first time by title  and second reading ordered  for the next  meeting of the council.  Communications were received from the  acting government agent at Nelson re the  detention of the city prisoners in the provincial lock-up. and re the payment by  the province of the city's share ot licenses  collected for the year. Oi tiered to be  placed on file.  A communication from the vestry clerk  of the church of Euglaud re the placing  of a temporary sidewalk at the bridge on  Silicia street. Referred to the public  works committee.  Communications from Arthur  E. Hill,  of New Westminster,  and Stixrud  and  "Naster of Seattle,   Washington,  re  proposed system  of water works.    Ordered  placed ou file. ���'.���.���  A written opinion from thecity solicitor  was received re the publication of _by-  laws, and as to when by-laws are in effect.  Ordered filed. \  On motion of alderman Malone, seconded by alderman Hillyer, the city engineer was asked to report as per resolution passed at the council meeting held on  the 19th instant.  Alderman- Hillyer suggested that the  sidewalk on-Hall street, north of Vernon  street, be repaired,, a.s it was dangerous  at night,    Needed repairs ordered.  On motion' of alderman Malone, seconded by alderman Gilker, it was resolved  "that when the council adjourns it adjourn till .Friday evening, April 23rd. at  8 o'clock.    Carried.  On motion of alderman Gilker, seconded  by alderman Hillyer,,' the council adjourned. ��� -  Friday Evening's Meeting.  An adjourned regular meeting of the  mayor and board of aldermen of the corporation of the city of Nelson was held in  the court house, Nelson, on Friday, April  23d, at 8 o'clock p. in. Present: Mayor  Houston and aldermen Dow, Fletcher,  Gilker, Hillyer and Malone. Absent: Alderman Teel/.el.  The minutes of last meeting were read  and on motion were adopted.  Report of city engineer received, and  on -motion of alderman Gilker, seconded  by alderman Malone. it was referred to  public works committee.  A ballot for an additional policeman resulted in Jesse A. Bigelow receiving six  votes, and he was duly appointed a policeman.  On motion of alderman Gilker, seconded'  by alderman Malone, it was resolved "that  the council go into committe of the whole  to consider a by-lawentitled Public Works  Loan by-law, No. 1, 1S07."   Carried,  Alderman Fletcher was called to the  chair. The by-law was read section by  section and on motion of alderman Malone, seconded by alderman Dow, the  committee rose and reported the by-law  complete with amendments.  On motion of alderman Fletcher, seconded by alderman Gilker, it was resolved  "that the by-law entitled Public Works  Loan by-law, No. 1, 1807, be now read a  third time.  Alderman Malone moved that the vote  ou  the third reading of the by-law  en  titled Public Works Loan by-law, No. 1.  IS07, be reconsidered, and that he would  ask for a vote at the next meeting of the  council.  On motion of alderman Malone, seconded  by alderman Fletcher, it was resolved  "that the by-law entitled Public Health  by-law, No. 2, IS07. be now read a second  time." Curried, it was so read and ordered to be considered in committee of  the whole at the next meeting of the  council.  On motion of alderman Fletcher, seconded by alderman Gilker, it was resolved "that the by-law entitled Fire bylaw, No. 3, 1807, be now read a second  time. Carried. It was so read and ordered to be considered in committee of  the whole at the next meeting of the  council.  On motion of alderman Hillyer, seconded  by alderman Fletcher, it was resolved  "that the by-law entitled City Pound bylaw, No. 4, 1S87, be now read a second  time. Carried. It was so read and ordered to be considered in committee of  the whole at the next meeting of the  council.  On motion of alderman Gilker, seconded  by alderman Fletcher, it was resolved  "that the by-law entitled Dog Tax bylaw, No. "), 1S0S, be now read a second  time. Carried. It was so read and ordered to be considered in committee of  the whole at the next meeting of the  council.  On motion of alderman Dow, seconded  by alderman Hillyer, it was resolved "that  seven copies of each by-law introduced be  struck off, and'bhat the clerk be instructed  to furnish each member of the council  with a copy."   Carried.  On motion of alderman Dow, seconded  by alderman llillyer, it was resolved "that  the regular meetings of the council be  held on Monday night of each week at  the hour of 8 o'clock."    Carried.  On motion of alderman Fletcher, seconded by alderman Malone, it was resolved "that the city engineer be instructed to prepare specifications for improving Mill street, east from Stanley  street, in order that tenders for doing the  work can be called i'or at an early date."  Carried.  On motion of alderman Malone, seconded by alderman Fletcher, it was resolved "that the city engineer be instructed to design a city seal, same to be  laid before the council at next meeting if  possible:"   Carried.  On motion of alderman Fletcher, seconded by alderman Gilker, it was resolved  that when the council adjourns it adjourn  till Monday evening, April 26th, at 8  o'clock."   Carried;   -  On motion of alderman Hillyer, seconded  by alderman Dow, the council then adjourned.      ���   A Railway Policy of Deception.  Premier Turner has made his peace with  R. P. Itibheb and his followers: he has  made his peace with Heinze: and there  yet remains a small piece of the province  of British Columbia for the next adventurer who has sufficient cheek to ask for  it. Here is the record of the Turner government's action in dealing with Heinze  and the Columbia & Western railway.  Heiuze applied for a skeleton charter and  Premier Turner and his ministers forced  it through the house without question,  deceiving the members into.thinking that-  all Heinze wanted was permission to  build a railway. When this was safely  through premier Turner brought down a  bill'giving Heinze 20,000 acres of crown  lands for each mile of his railway���just  to fill out the skeleton charter. 'The members of the legislature protested that they  had been deceived, but all they could secure was a condition that Heinze should  post a guarantee of $50,000 that he would  build the road. Instead of carrying out  the wish of the legislature in this respect  premier Turner's executive extended  the time for posting this guarantee,  and then accepted $75,000 of the company's bonds in lieu of $50,000 cash. The  climax was reached this week when premier Turner engineered another bill  through the house, giving Heinze a bonus  of $400,000 for building the road which it  a year before so heavily subsidized that a  guarantee was required that the road  would be built. From the first to the  last premier Turner lias deceived the  house and the province in his dealings  with F. Aug Heinze and the Columbia <fc  Western Railway company. The government organs have their work cut out in  defending premier Turner's action in this  matter.   LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Jack Kirkpatriek has, purchased the  stock of groceries carried by C. Jiszkowicz  in the store at the corner of Baker and  Josephine streets. -  The Unfits Pope syndicate today secured a group of six claims on Duhamel  creek, upon a bond for $50,000. The owners of the claims were Charles A. Waterman, C. Loudin, Archie Campbell and R.  IL Demon.  Over fifty new buildings are in course  of construction in Nelson, ranging from  solid   stone   warehouses   to   airy   frame  shacks.  T. M. Ward returned on Wednesday  from a three month's visit to his old home  at Stanhope, Quebec.  A meeting of the members of the Nelson  Boat Clubiwill be held in the fire hall  Thursday evening. All interested in rowing or in the success of the club are invited to attend. The club came through  the first year of its existence with a small  cash balance after paying all indebtedness.  SLOCAN   MINING   MATTERS.  The Gossip of a Whole Week Concerning the  Mines of the Slocan.  W.- I-I. Kgbert of Minneapolis, who is  interested with R. IL Lemon of Nelson,  in the ownership of tho Sunset mineral  claim adjoining the Wellington, passed  through Kaslo, the other evening on his  way from the mine. Ho reports the property as most promising as the result of  recent development work.' A shaft has  been sunk to a depth of 05 feet, and a  tunnel run for 2-10 feet. There is now a  15 foot ledge, four feet carrying galena  and grey copper, and about eleven feet of  ��� lime spar carrying grey copper. Some of  the galena specimens have assayed as high  as 1250 ounces in silver and in the grey  copper from the bottom of the shaft, 2500-  ounces in silver.  George Smith, D. L. Smith and P. J.  Byrne have recorded in the office of the'  mining recorder a declaration that the  document signed by them aud Tom Clan-  age some time since, relatingto the Alameda and Sir Charles mineral claims, situated in Jackson basin, was obtained  without consideration and does uot represent the real agreement between them,  and that as neither, the terms of the  recorded document nor of the real agreement have been carried out in whole or in  part, the rights of Clauage are at an end,  and the offer made by them is revoked.  The original document gave an option of  purchase without a substantial consideration.  The mineral claims Last Chance, Hillside, Gait and R. li. Adams have been  transferred by their several owners,  Charles Behrman. Ed Durney. F. M. For-  "tin, W. Pfeifer, E.C. Ward. F. H. Town-  send; J. M Cameron and P. G. Nash to  the Hillside Mining company, lately organized under the laws of British Columbia, lid Durney has been engaged with a.  gang of miners developing the claims ever*  since the owners pooled their interests.  W. R. Ramsdall of Kalispell, Montana,;  has assigned to E. T. Bayles of Spokane,  a.s trustee for the White Grouse Mining^  company, the mineral claims Anaconda'  Fraction and Belle, situated on White  Grouse mountain. .:  W. A. Jowett of Nelson, has bought  from Dan Crawford, a fine-twelfths undivided interest in the Bullion and Mayflower mineral claims, situated on Goat  creek, not far from Bear Lake.  L. R. Lindsay is down from the Alice  and.Zuni, two claims at the head of Spring-  creek, upon which he has been doing development work during the winter. He  brings some line, specimens of ore taken  from the tunnel, which is now in about  150 feet. These properties are very  promising.  Alexander Smith, Manager of the Surprise mine, leaves at an early day for the  east-, where he will spend his annual vacation. Besides taking with him the comforting assurance for his co-owners that  the Surprise is looking in tip-top condition, with ore in the lowest tunnel assaying 2-1-1 ounces in silver and 74 per cei t  cent lead, Mr. Smith will look after son e  mining property in which he is interested  on the north shore of Lake Superior/This  property has been lying idle for a considerable time, but seems lately attracted  attention, as enquiries have been made as  to terms for its purchase or lease.  Nelson's Probable Revenue.  AtThursday's meebingof thecity council  alderman Gilker presented thefollo wing report ��� for the finance committee: "The  finance committee beg leave to report they  have made enquiry as- to the probable  revenue of the city for the year 1S07. No  data could be obtained from the assessor  and collector of taxes for the district, bub  it is safe to say that the city's proportion  of real estate taxes will be $2,000. The  collector at Nelson reports collecting $2,-  150 for trade and other licenses, one-half  of which is payable to the city. We estimate that the revenue from licenses for  the six months ending December 31st,  1897, will aggregate $3,585, and for fines,  $1,500. These various sums will give the  city a revenue of $8,085. ��� This estimate  is based upon the present.business of the  city. If the city grows as it is expected  to grow, the receipts for licenses will be  considerably larger than the above estimate. The bank of Montreal will make  advances to the city at the rate of 7 per  cent per annum for any amount required  up to $5,000 to meet the immediate necessities of the city."  Fatal Landslide on the Red Mountain Railway.  A landslide, attended with fatal results,  occurred on the Red Mountain railway  early Tuesday morning. The slide occurred about one mile north of the international boundary, at a point where 12  men were at work repairing the roadbed.  The men were all asleep when the slide  started and five of them were killed outright before they could get out of the  way. The slide was about 300 feet long  by 15 feet wide and carried timber and  boulders with it. The dead include  Charles Olson, foreman,'John Conlon, Pat  l3esmond, Pat Sullivan, Thomas Kane and  one man unknown. There were also several seriously injured. The bodies of the  dead were brought to Rossland and the  injured were sent on to Northport.  Liberal Victories in Nova Scotia.  With the exception of Cameron in Pic-  ton and Wilcox in Hants, the liberals carried every constituency in Nova Scotia in  the provincial elections on Tuesday. The  success of the liberal party in this contest  is u nprecedented in the history of Canada.  "WILL   APPOINT   A   MINE   INSPECTOR.  CoL Balcer Introduces a Bill in the Legislature  For This Purpose^   '  Col. Baker has introduced a bill in the  legislature to provide i'or the safety of  workmen engaged in' the metalliferous  mines of the province. The' bill provides  i'or the appointment of an inspector who  shall have had at least seven years' practical experience in mining. The salary  of this official shall be fixed by the executive council.  Ibis provided that the inspector shall  give his whole time to the work, and during his term of oilice shall not act in any  capacity whatever for any mining company. There are several clauses in the  bill drawn for the purpose of punishing  this official in the event of his furnishing  any one with any information concerning  the condition of any mine or mining property. For such offense the inspector is  made liable to a fine of $1,000 and not less  than $100.  By the bill the exeutive council is empowered to draft rules for the safe working of the mines, non-observance of which  by the mine management is'punishable by  line and restraining injunction from further working until compliance with the  rules. Tim inspector will-have power bo  inspect any mine at any time while same  is iu active operation, without giving' notice, but shall not needlessly obstruct the  working of the mine.  The inspector of mines may be removed  by the executive council for incompetency, neglect of duty, or abuse of the  privileges of his office. In event of the  latter offense his removal is made imperative upon summary conviction.  SHORT   BITS   OF   NEWS   FROM   KASLO.  ICootenay chapter of Royal Arch Masonry will be instituted in this city iu the  course of a few weeks. Iu response to an  infhientially signed requisition the grand  chapter of Canada has granted the necessary dispensation and grand superintendent Henry H. Watson, assisted by R. Ex.  Com p. William Downie aud others, will  formally organize the local chapter. All  the necessary material has been ordered,  and the meetings will probably be held  on the second Tuesday in every month.  The chapter will open with every prospect of abundant success.  The roads aud trails in the mountains  are rapidly breaking up, so that the re-  ceipbs'of ore at Kaslo have largely fallen  oil'. The difficulty of getting supplies up  tu the mines has also been immeasureably  increased. It has been necessary, in one  or two cases, to pack up provisions on  men's backs, as the usual trail was found  impassable for horses.  A tennis club has been organized by a  number of energetic young men of this  city. A preliminary meeting was held iu  the earlier part of the week at which a  committee was appointed to prepare the  ground, which has been leased for the  purpose. It will doubtless be a popular  amusement during the summer.  The steamer Ainsworth has been raised  sufficiently to be towed from the exposed  position where she sau k to Kaslo bay,  where she has been beached. She will be  pulled out and put into running condition.  Her absence from the Bonner's Ferry  route, upon which it was intended to place  her, has been the cause of serious inconvenience to a number of travellers.  The Buchanah-Chipman. case missed  fire again on Thursday, when it was postponed until Monday next at 3 o'clock in  the afternoon. Justice of the peace Stone  said he diduot feel disposed to try it, as  it seemed to him a case for judge Forin,  and tinder no circumstance-could he proceed at once, owing to illnsss. The repeated adjournments are making the  whole affair appear very absurd.  Kaslo is suffering,from a potato famine.  For several days nob a store in town has  had any with which to supply customers,  and the restaurant keepers have been in  despair. An expected supply from the  Kootenay river lias failed to arrive because of the absence of means of transportation.  The city council has finally passed  alderman Garland's temporary loan bylaw. This loan is to enable the city to  pay off a floating indebtedness, and will  be repaid from the revenue of the current  year. The council has also under consideration an amended license by-law, and  has already passed the section increasing  the charge for saloon licenses to $150 for  each six months.  Buchanan's mill lias been supplied with  several booms of logs during the past-  week, some of which were towed down  Kootenay river. The bay seems well  filled, and the mill is running full time,  yet the supply of manufactured lumber  is not equal to the demand and'a considerable quantity has to be imported. Some  conies from Pilot Bay, but the largest  part is got at Buckeye in Washington.  Nearly every steamer coming up the  lake has an unusual number of passengers,  and the various lodging houseware nightly  crowded to the limit of their capacity,  while many find it utterly impossible to  get comfortable sleeping accommodation.  The Kootenay Electric company is having surveys made for a dam on Kaslo  river for the purposes of the works which  they propose to erect, in accordance with  their act of incorporation and the amended agreement arranged with the city  council at its last meeting.    The company  ��� objected to the council's requirement to  expend $10,000 during the year 1807, and  the council agreed toaccept works capable  of furnishing,. 1500 lights of 10 candle  power in lieu of the expenditure. Wilh  this arrangement the council withdrew  its opposition to the company's act.  J. C. Eaton, manager of the Whitewater  mine, has gone south for a brief holiday  and will visit the Puget Sound Reduction  Works at Everett, .which handles the  Whitewater ore. He leaves in charge at  the mine an old friend, John W. Powell  of Alameda, California, who formerly  mined in Cariboo in the early mining history of the province.  - The International Navigation & Trading company has' pub up a high pickeb  fence.upon the shore side of its dock to  prevent bhe too numerous spectators  crowding the passengers when landing.  The C. P. LI. will follow suit, for the nuisance has grown to be almost intolerable.  Several Victorians are in the city looking for opportunities for commencing  business. Two of them have purchased  lots on Front streeb and A avenue, and  will build upon them. Jb is also said that  they'havein contemplation the erection  of a number of tenement houses of neat  design if a convenient site can be procured at a reasonable price.  There seems to have been an uuusually  early activity amongst bhe prospecbors  if tiie number of locations recorded may  be taken as a criterion by which to  judge. For the week ending April 22nd,  there were nearly forty locations recorded.  The wonder is how the locators were able,  through the snow, to lind the necessary  mineral in place.  For several weeks thecity has been very  orderly. Last Monday, however, George  White" was, run in by the police and  charged with being drunk and disorderly.  It appears that he attempted to terrorize  by virtue of pugilistic skill. Police mae-  is'brabe Chipman imposed a fine of $20.  The money was paid after a tour in charge  of a police constable.  Three residents of this city, John H.  Thompson, J. M. Martin, and C. W. Mc-  Ann are now at the hot springs of Arkansas enjoying a heilthy renerving  holiday.    Prints That are Prosperous.  The Ledge: Newspaper men seein bo  do well in bhis Kootenay of ours. John  Houston, once a tramp printer, is now  mayor of the Chappie town of Nelson.  Dude Thompson, who nearly starved in  Sprague, is now living on chicken at  Trail and blowing about the vast business  he is doing. Dave King, who lefb Spokane with a paper collar and his nerve, is  now proprietor of bhe greabesb paper in  Kaslo, and is bhe second greatest man in  Canada. He has built up Kaslo, saved the  country from ruin, at d if his .gall holds  out he will ��oon be the stssiest editor on  earth. D. B. Bogle, who can cut deeper  ,vibh a pen than he can with a sword, has  recently attracted the attention of our  sleepy government by his literary stabs,  at the doings of its high officers. Pratt,  bhe biggesb and laziest editor the country  ever had, is now punting a paper in  Seattle. W. If. C. Jackson, who was sorting ore at the Slocan Star two years ago,  got into the swim at Rossland and is now  editing one of the best dailies in the  country. Seneca G. Ketchum has not  rode in a box car for many months, and  has boozereno to bathe in. E. A. Cowen,  who went around the world with Jim  Blaine, has struck the camp and will no  doubt try to beach the rest of, the: world  movers that he i* King of the pen. Most  of the offices in Kootenay are putting in  more--machinery, and it is rumored that  the greatest nuisance we have in the profession is about to enlarge his plant at  Slocan City by bhe addition of a blacksmith bellows. The small kind is not  large enough.  Rather Unpleasant But True.  The Mining Review: The British Columbia Southern railway is represented  at Victoria by the Hon. colonel Baker,  minister of mines; the Dunsmuir interest  and the F-quimalt it Nanaimo railway by  Hon. C. IL Poole'y; president of the council: the Columbia & Western by Hon. D.  M. Eberts. attorney-general, not to men-  his honor the lieutenant-governor, a director and presumably large shareholder  in the company. The Victoria gang which  runs this province is divided into three  classes: (1.) Charter mongers; (2.) ornamental figureheads; (3.) legal workers. If  any franchise is required by which some  of'the resources of the province will be  alienated without compensating advantage, it is necessary to secure one of two  members of these classes. They are easily  and cheaply-procured, because they have  long ago become callous to the prostitution of their representative functions.  Dividends to Stockholders.  The management of the Le Roi mine  announces that, the mine will pay another  dividend of $25,000 this month, but the  date has not yet been fixed. This dividend will bring the total amount of dividends paid by the Le Hoi up to $375,000.  The company has not yet decided where  oi' when the Le Roi smelter is to be" built,  The owners of the Idaho will divide another dividend of $20,000 among themselves on Monday next.! The Idaho has  paid over $175,000 in dividends.  John M. Harris, of the Reco, announces  that the Reco company will pay a dividend of $511,000 on May 1. The Reco has  already paid $100,000 in dividends.  THEY   ASK   AND   THEY   RECEIVE.  The Turner Govervmont Grants the N. <fc F. S.  Railway Company an Extension.  \Premier Turner has secured the second  reading   of   the   bill   extending   for   six  months the Nelson & Fort Sheppard railway company's time for designating and  surveying the lands granted to that company by the government.   In view of the  manner in which the Nelson 6c Fort Shep-'  pard railway company has appropriated  government property in the form of timber one would hardly think that the railway company was a likely applicant for  government   favors.     It   is   only a   few  months ago since D. C. Corbin, as the representative of the railway company, illegally charged and collected from mill-men,  and others a stumpage upon government  timber. The government timber inspector  called upon these men later and enforced  the government's royalty from them, but  nothing was done to punish the avarice  of the wealthy railway magnate.    Had he  been   a   humbler  offender" there   would  probably have been a different ending to  Corbin's timber transactions.  When premier Turner moved the second reading of the'bill JvM. Keilie moved  for an adjournment for one dav in order  that he might produce affidavits to show  what the railway company had been doing. This request was denied and the bill  passed its second reading.  Tn answer to a question by H. D.  Helmcken, premier Turner stated that if  the bill were not passed, the railway corn-  pan v would lose about 100,000 acres of  land.  ,  Ore Shipments for the Week.  During the past week there were entered at the port of Nelson for export 1,-  023 tons of ore and matte, valued at $08,-  011. The effect of the railway blockades  is still noticeable upon the value of the  exports, the present, mouth being so far  the lightest during the current year. Included in the shipments of the Kootenay  Ore company of Kaslo, are the shipments  of a couple of new Slocan shippers. The  Black Diamond and the Little Phil, at  Ainsworth, also returned- shipping last  week. The following represent the business of the week:  BULLION'  AS I)  MATTE.  Hounds,  Hull Mines .smelter, Xelson, matte���   II,(XX)  OHIO. Approximate  Tons. Vuliiu.  Kootcn.'iy Ore Company. ICiitlo  2'Al  I'nyiie mine, Slocan  200  Rambler mine Slocan  W  Wu^hiii|��ton ...,���-.t,..... ������ . Xi _   ..  Noble Kivc niinci, Slocnif  ''A2  Slocan Hoy mine  If)  Surprise mine, Sloeiiu  17  Whitewater mine, Slocan   li  Little  1 '1*11 mine. Ainsworth   '.'0  Black Diamond mine. Ainsworth  IS  Le Itoi mine. Itonsland  'A20  O IC mine. Ro:-sIand. concentrates.  . . 12  Total for week :   Total for April       Total for Mnrcli   Total for February .  Total for Jamiarv ..  l.ffi'l S fiS.011  'a.iss s:nf).nii  f>,822 SG77.KSI  ,"i.201 S.i<)--\S.'tf  .' i.M'A SliTo.Sffli  Total via Revelstoke to March 31.    2.111 $3)7.1!V>  Total so far for 18!)7 fll.Sli;       ��2.17!),f>02  ���'Said Pasha" on Tuesday Night.  The Charles L. Voting Columbia Comic  Opera company will be seen here on Tuesday evening next. This organization  made a remarkable record during the  past few weeks in Winnipeg. This .company's productions, both as to : cast and  costumes; are fully up to the standard set  New York by the leading Metropolitan  attractions. The costumes are accurate,  and in accordance with the requirements  of the time and period of the. operas '.produced by the company. Ethel Balch is  the prima dohua and Messrs. Jack Henderson and George Kunkel the comedians.  Ethel Balch was the prima donna of the  Bostonians No. 2 company last season.  She will play the part of Serena. George  Lyding, (tenor) who has won a reputation  in nearly all the famous opera companies  during the past lo years, will play the  part of the Hassen Boy, while Harry  ��� Davi��, (tenor,) who has made himself  a name in connection with the SeidT  and Damrosch orchestras and Gil-  more's band, also in the Grand Opera  companies of Emma Juch aud Tavary,  will play the part oi'Teranno. Mr. Davis  is regarded by the press of Chicago as one  of the best tenors heard in that city.- The  company numbers some forty- people.  The orchestra will be under the direction  of W. A. r/mn, who I'or several years was  conductor of the Star Theatre, New..York,  and enjoys the fame of being the original  leader of the first production of "A Trip  to the Rockies." Manager Young's scheme  in tins organization has been to model it  upon some of the most famous opera companies iu the-past in this country, and of  the present iii. England. For Tuesday's  performance the prices will be $1.00 and  $1.50. All reserved seats $1.00, on sale at  the Nelson Drug store.  Free Mining Machinery.  The new Canadian tariff which was announced in the commons Thursday night  by finance minister Fielding, went into  effect today. George .Johnstone, collector  of customs for the.port of Nelson, has not  yet received official notice of the new  tariff, but all importers of dutiable goods  will be required to. make out amended  entries when the new tariff" comes to  hand. Minister Fielding received a grand  reception at the close of his budget *peech.  The chief feature of the new tariff, in so  far as it relates to Kootenay, is that mining machinery of all kinds has been placed  upon'.tue freeiist, as well as nitro-glycerine  and blasting powder. This legislation is  distinctlv favorable to this section of the  Dominion, though it will hardly be re-,  ceived with favor by eastern Canadian  manufacturers. So far as can be learned,  the liquor men are the hardest hit by the  new tariff.  1 '  i'^' ��� :>  ��    i.,i ,-   .r   -.�������� ,'���-,���-.��� ��� n��� ,i -������.�����, ��������;    ���  "i 'imxif���������������,p^T���^a^���^ '.���v.v-'i "���"'"'* J1. nPiu" i���������������!>< , ;"VMiii'ff|.i'>;'f".iiiii ' iii'���a    ji%iu   w v -i| �� ,-iiw   i' ;m ��� ��� i"n' i.' ��� u,i���n ������������..��� ; l'ilT'-"i"��j"-i"yw|ii"'��v vn-ry-tP-j-^iym��� ���h'thtti���vll'���l'T,?'fJ U i y.��~���'v -������������j.���   --1    - ���.  .. i    "riH.���-"*  r;!*-rj.c3,ry5'7 THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C., SATURDAY, APRIL 'U,   181)7,  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE..  THE'TRIBUNE is published on Saturdayi*, by Tut:  TltlHUXl-; PoiiMsJnrxii Comiw.nv, and will lie innilcd  to subscribers on payment of Two Doi.i.aks a year.  No subscription taken for less than a year.  REGULAR ADVERTISEMENTS printed at the following, rates: One inch. $'Af> a year; two indies,  SOO a year; three 'inehe-i SSI a year: four inches,  $90 a year; live inches, -^lO.O a year: six inches and  over, at the rate of S1.50 an inch per month.  TRANSIENT ADVERTISEMENTS 20 cents a line for  lirst insertion and 10 cents a line for each additional  insertion,    Mirth,  marriage, and death  notices free.  LOCAL, OR READING MATTER NOTICES 25 cents a  line each insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rates. All accounts for job  printing and advertising payable on the first of  overy month; subscription, in advance.  ADDRESS all communications to  THE TRIHUNE, Nelson, li. C.  PROFESSIONAL' CARDS.  DLaBAU,  M.D.���Physician and Surgeon.   Rooms 'A  ���   and t Bigelow block, Nelson.  Telephone 12.    Olllce  hours from 1 to 2:110 p. m. and (1:30 to 8 p. m.  H. H. SYMONDS, M.D., C.M.,-Physieian and Surgeon.   Oilice in the Bealey building, West, linker  street, Nelson..  Olllce in  G.  lives in the province: but they are beginning to have doubts as to whether his  .judgment is uot often at fault in recommending the passage of bills that effect  bhe credit of bhe province.  K. RITCHIE, Provincial Land Surveyor.  Ritchie building, Rossland, ii. C.  w.  J. I-I. HOLMES, C. E.��� Provincial Land Surveyor.  P. O. box 82, Ivaslo. B. C.  T C. GWILLIM, B.A.Sc. & W. S. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.  " ��� ���Mining Engineers and Analytical Chemists,  Slocan City, li. C.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  NKLSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  The Ames Holden Co's special "Columbia,"  "Vancouver," "Kootenay" should be worn  by everybody who wants a first-class mountain boot.  ��he f&vibmxz.  , SATURDAY MORNING APRIL 21. 1897  Whkn a cabineb minister proves untrue  to a solemn pledge given to his constituents, he should be driven from office.  Such a man is G. B. Martin, chief cotnmis-  sionar ot lands and works. .'Just previous  to his last election, bhe people of this province were very much worked up over  the attempts of the promoters of the British Pacific railway scheme to bleed the  province of several millions in the way of  annual interest payments of $2-10,000.  Upon the strength of a promise wliich G.  B. Martin gave, that he would resign his  portfolio should any measure for a money  bonus or guarantee iu .aid of the British  Pacific railway be brought down by the  government, his election was not opposed.  The government last week brought down  a bill to aid the British Pacific railway, in  the form of a cash bonus, and G. B. .Martin  repudiated his pledge and supported it.  Jb must flatter the, vanity of premier Turner to know that his administration is  kepb on its feet solely by the support of  men who have nob sufficient honor to keep  their own pledges. Jc would be strange  if the members of such a government were  not lampooned. Tiik Thihunij has received the following communication from  Charles A. Sumlin, leader of bhe opposition, and Colin B. Sword, one of his supporters, relative to the pledge which  commissioner Martin gave at Kamloops.  Their letter speaks for itself: .  To The Eoitok: At a meeting at Kamloops Lo which  reference was made yesterday in the house by Mr. Sem-  Iiii. Mi-. Martin pledged himself to resign his portfolio  should liny measure for a money bonus or guarantee in  aid of the British Pacilic scheme he brought down by the  government, reserving to himself the right to acquiesce  in any further land grant. We made a memorandum in  writing of the terms of Mr. Martin's pledge on the same  day. Mr. Martin had evidently no written memorandum  t) refresh his memory, and his statement last night that  ho was only pledged against supporting a grant of annual interest lo the amount of S210.000 is not correct.  There were other gentlemen present, friends of Mr.  Martin, and politically opposed to ourselves, whose recollection of what Mr. Martin did pledge himself to is likely  to be less biassed than his.  The women of the different cities on  tho coast are making "a great effort to  secure the franchise., They are already  eligible to sit on the school board in Victoria, and colonel Baker has introduced a  bill for the purpose of giving women like  privileges in other cities of the province.  '"Harry" Helmcken of Victoria, a rival of  colonel,,Baker's-for the good opinion of bhe  ladies, has gone the colonel one bebber by  introducing an amendment to the Provincial Voter's Act, extending the provincial  franchise to the women. The chances are  that colonel Baker's bill will be agreed to,  a.s there is a general feeling in the legislature that the women should have a voice  in educational matters. It is not likely  that Helmcken will be so fortunate with  his bill. The ladies are uot unanimous  themselves upon the subject, and there  yet remains considerable prejudice in the  legislature.   The provincial legislature has decided  to urge upon the federal government the  desirability of establishing a government  mint in this province. The subject was  introduced in a resolution by II. IX  Helmcken, seconded by .J. Fred Hume,  ajid was agreed to without a dissenting  voice. Heretofore Canada has been a  country practically without legal tender  of its own. National pride if nothing else  should prompt the .Dominion to mint its  own gold and silver coinage.  The Orphan Boy Mining company is  getting into very bad repute. Fust, an  alleged officer of the company sold stock  which the company repudiated, and later  the manager of bhecompany secured judgment against it for $#2-19.JO. Kxecution  was issued upon this judgment, and unless  the company made a move before Wednesday the claim, together with all the  tools, etc., was to have been sold by the  sheriff at Revelstoke.  set the distinction of excelling all other  members of both houses of parliament in  height." ���  THE   ALJEN   BUSINESS   DROPPED.  Three llossland men���Edward John  Powell, J. M. Blake and a third named  Parker���have jumped the townsite of  Quartz Creek, on the N. 6c F. S. railway  line. There is no way of preventing men  from jumping property the title to which  is open to question. There is likewise no  question but that the railway company  has failed to comply with the conditions  of the government grant to the land. This  circumstance in no way helps the jumpers, however. The provincial government does not and never has insisted upon  railway companies carrying out their  agreements with the government with respect to crown lands. If the squatters of  the Quartz Creek townsite establish the  fact that IX C. Corbin has nob carried out  his contract with the government, the  lands and works department of the government will protect the railway company's interests by telling the squatters  that the lauds are not open to purchase.  When these men have, lived longer in  British Columbia they will learn that m  this province railway companies can do  as they please.  LORD   ABERDEEN'S   SUCCESSOR.  Premier Tuknicr has succeeded in gefc-  ting the legislature  to   pass  the second  reading of his railway loan bill, bhe chief  object of which was the purchase of  the  support of the ten members of the house  who stand pledged to bleed  the province  to the fullest extent in the matter of aid  to the speculators who have launched the  British Pacific railway scheme upon the  public.    That the bill is nob in accordance  with the views of the people of the province may  be seen  in   the circumstance  that one  supporter  of   the' government  voted against it.    One  cabinet  minister  violated a solemn pledge to his constitu-'  ents in  order  to  vote  for it,  and three  other supporters of the government kepb  out of the house in order that they should  not be called upon to vote.    Premier Turner carried his point at bhe expense of his  honesty as a man.    Although the bill provided for a bonus of $020,000 to the British  Pacific railway, he sent out- telegrams to  opposition   constituencies   stating  "that  there was no British Pacific in  this  bill,"  and  urged them to-instruct their  members to withdraw their opposition.    They  , were lying telegrams, but they did   not  differ in  that respect from premier Turner's celebrated telegram to Nelson last  year to the effect that there was a tax of  live   cents   a   ton   upon   the  coal   mined  in   the colleries of  the  province.    There  was a time when the people of this province were willing to concede that Premier  Turner was ab least honest iu his endeavors to protect the   best  interests  of  the  province; they are still willing to believe  that he is personally as honest a man  as  "There is something singularly appropriate in the appointment of the duke of  Leeds to succeed the earl of Aberdeen as  viceroy of Canada, for he is married to a  granddaughter of the earl of Durham, who  was perhaps bhe mosb famous of all bhe  British governor-generals iof Canada.  Moreover, the duke himself, besides being  a man of considerable wealth, of much  geniality and spirit of repartee, brings to  the viceroyality a flavor of liquor, which  cannot but contribute to the good humor  and joviality of his reign.  "In Fngland he goes by the name of the  "Gin duke," being the senior partner and  managing director of a  firm   which   has  prob-ihlv tlw> largest gin  business in the  Uni:- 'i K > _-.:om, and which bears a name  that is ..i.u.Mi to consumers of spirits in  every part of bhe world, civilized and uncivilized,    lie derives large profits from  this source, and   whenever  he  has   been  able to spare a moment from  his parliamentary duties, he has been in  the habit  of rushing off to Deptford, where the distilleries are, bo see how things are going  on.    The young duke is as popular with  bhe liquor dealers, great and small, as he  is the reverse with the temperance folk.  The duke of Leeds, whose family name is  Osborne, is one of thoseinany of the great  English nobles, whose family acquired its  first honors in connection  with trade in  thecity.    For its founder was that merchants apprentice, who won his master's  favor by diving into the Thames to rescue  his daughter  from a watery  grave.  The girl was au only child, aud in course  of time she married the apprentice, who  succeeded to the business of his father-in-  law, and became lord  mayor of London.  The duke of Leeds sat for a time in the  house of commons as member of  parliament   for   Brixton.    The   queen   is  very  fond   of him,  and  for several   years  he  acted as treasurer of the royal household.  "The duchess  is  a  clever  woman, has  written several books, has taken an active  part   in   the   councils   of   the    Primrose  league, and is the mother of four pretty  girls. She has no boy, and for the present  the heir  to  the  dukedom  is the duke's  ���sailor   brother,   who   married   last year.  The   duchess  is  tall  and  stately,   being,  however surpassed in stature by her husband, who shares with the duke of Soiner-  Chairman Smith Rejects the Alien  Clause in  His Amending- Bill.  A. W. Smith,  chairman  of the mining  committee  of the provincial  legislature,  showed good sense iu omitting to insert  the recommendation of the mining committee that aliens be debarred from enjoying the privileges of free miners in his  bill amending  the Mineral Act.   This  is  nob.bhe first time,that the mining committee of the legislature has sought to retard  the development of the mineral resources  of the province by debarring aliens.    On  a  previous  occasion   the committee  not  only reported in favor of such a measure,  bub bhe legislature itself voted overwhelmingly in favor of it.    Upon  this .occasion  A. S. Farwell and some other residents of  Kootenay  succeeded in  prevailing upon  the government to  have the  matter reconsidered, with the result that the proposition that aliens should be shut out Wcis  rejected.    In its last recommendation the  mining committee was guilty of repeating  a former folly under the cloak of patriot-,  ism.    British     Columbia   cannot   afford  bo   harbor   such   so-called   patriots.'   Its  future  is  wrapped   up   in   the  development   of    its   mineral     resources,    and  its interests would not be served by passing any such measure as that recommended   by    the    mining    committee.    The  greater number of prospectors that can  be invited to search for mineral within its  borders, the greater will  be the measure  of its prosperity.   It is not unlikely that  some of those who voted in favor of the  exclusion of aliens in the mining committee will attempt to insert their offensive  amendment iuto Mr. Smith's bill, but now  that public attention has been called to  it, the good sense of the legislature may  be   depended   upon    to  reject  any  such  amendment.  , There are several excellent features  in  the bill a.s introduced  by Mr. Smith.    He  proposes  to amend  section  eight of the  act by abolishing the miner's  license so  far as it applies to men  working in precious metal mines for wages.    When  this  amendment  becomes  law,  all   who  hold  mining property, or who desire to prospect for such, will be required to take out  the miner's license as ab present, bub in so  far as the license partook of a trade tax  it will be repealed.   Another good amendment is that relating to the entry upon  lands occupied for other than miuing purposes by free iniuers.    As  the act stands  at  present, free miners are  required  to  give adequate security^ bo the satisfaction  of the gold commissioner, for any loss or  damage which may be occasioned by their  entry upon'such lands previous to such  entry.    Although   in   many   cases   it is  utterly   impossible   for   free    miners   to  know   whether   they   were on  occupied  iands or not, some of the supreme court  judges have held that failure on the  part  of free miners to give such security before  entry, invalidated their claims.   By  the  amendment   now  proposed,  free  miners  are not required to give any security  for  entry upon such lands as are open to them,  unless requested by the owner or owners  of the land.    Should any free  miner refuse to give such security after being requested by the owner, it is provided that  his right to any such claim or mine shall  absolutely cease and determine.  Section 20 of the present act, relating bo  crown grants, is to be repealed and the  following substibuted:  20. Notwithstanding anything to the  contrary contained in any Act. every  crown grant hereafter issued of a mineral  claim shall convey, and be deemed to convey, only the right to the use and possession of the surface of such claim, including the use of all the timber thereon, for  bhe purpose of winning and gebbing from  and out of such claim the minerals contained therein, including all operations  connected therewith or with the business  of- mining, and the lawful holder, by  record of a chum shall, during the continuance of his record, be entitled to the  same surface rights and no others, aud all  remaining surface rights shall be deemed  to be vested iu the crown, and may be  granted and disposed of as provided by  the land laws for the time being in force,  but subject always to the rights of free  miners as aforesaid.  The   following   new   sections   will   be  offered as amendments to the Act:  The owner of a mineral claim who has  had his claim surveyed within one year  from the date of the record of the claim,  or if the claim was recorded before the  passing of this Act, then if surveyed  within one year from the passing of this  Act, and has filed in the oflice of the mining recorder in the mining division in  which the claim is situated, a declaration  by a provincial land surveyor, stating  that he has surveyed the claim a* required  by sub-section (c) of section .SO of the  "Mineral Act," and that he has delivered  two plats of the claim and a copy of. the  original field-notes to the owner of such  claim, then the owner of such claim shall  be entitled to have the cost of such survey, not to exceed one hundred dollars,  counted as work done on the claim.  The lawful holder of a crown grant of a  mineral claim issued under the provisions  of this Act shall, in cases where such mineral claim has been located on wastelands  of the crown or on lands not already lawfully occupied for other than mining purposes, be entitled to receive a crown grant  of all the surface rights of such mineral ;  claini on payment bo bhe government of  British Columbia of thesuin of five dollars  per acre for such land, and of the fee of  five dollars for the crown grant.  No free miner shall be entitled to any  interest in any mineral claini which has  been located and-'recorded by any other  free miner unless he has a written agreement stating the particular interest he is  entitled to in such mineral claim.  If any person shall in any suitor matter  claim an adverse right of any kind to the  mineral claim'comprised in any record, or  to any part thereof, or shall claim that  any record is invalid or has been improperly obtained, or that the holder thereof  has not complied with the provisions of  A large stock  Varnishes   and  of Paints  Painters'  and Oils,  Supplies  will be sold cheap for cash.  Wood Tooth-picks 75c per doz.        Extra Playing Cards $1.50 per doz.  Vin Mariani $1.00 per bottle till April  15th.  32  WEST "BAKER ST  Electric Company, Ltd  Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.  Canadian General  Capital $1,500,000.  MINERS! You can make use of water power'50 miles from your mines,with oup system  We can also sell you complete telephone outfits and install them  British Columbia Branch Offices        q^^S���2^-nblr��wb        Frank Darling, Kootenay Agent  en Webster  ater Heater  AND WATER PURIFIER  Guaranteed 7 per cent belter llian any oilier make of healer      The Webster System of Heating with Exhaust Steam relieves baek pressure on engine  The Morse Vulve Rescator will reseat any .style of valve without removing valve  Darling Bros. Adjustable Pipe Cutter Cuts Pipe, any metal, 3-4 to 24 inches in diameter  1 Street Hydrants, date Valves, Ripe, Crescent, Drill Steel, Wire Hope      Freight and Passenger Elevators  Office, Hodgins building-, next Phair Hotel, Nelson -.- Write FRANK DARLINC, Sole Agent for British Columbia  Lhe Act under which the locution and  record was made, or has not prior to' the  obtaining of such record made a good and  valid location of such mineral claim according to law, the onus of proof thereof  shall be on the person so claiming an adverse right, or so claiming that such record is invalid and has been improperly-  obtained as aforesaid, and in default of  such proof judgment shall be given for  the holder ot such prior record in so far  as such action, suit or matter relates to  any of the matters aforesaid.  In all cases where a mineral claini is located upon laud granted to a railway  company as a government subsidy Lhe  lawful owner of the mineral claim, after  the same shall have been crown granted,  shall be entitled to expropriate t.lie entire  surface rights and interest in fee simple  of the company in and to the same in the  , manner prescribed for the expropriation  of land in the "Land Clauses Consolidation Act, iS'07:" Provided, however, that  the amount awarded for such surface  rights shall not be more than five dollars  per acre. The provisions of this section  shall not apply to the subsidy of any  railway company where provision has  heretofore been made as to the price for  ������u'Ci'iiring the surface rights to mineral  claims.  Any free miner may act as an agent to  locate and record a mineral claim for another free miner, provided he is previously  in that behalf authorized in writing by  the party for whom he acts, and such  authority is filed in the oflice of the mining recorder in the mining division in  which the claim is situated previous to  the date of the record of such claim.  All crown grants heretofore issued to  the holders of pre-emption or mineral  claim rpfords shall be deemed to have  been validly issued so far as relates to the  procedure upon the application to obtain  same, if in the application therefor the  holder thereof observed either the procedure prescribed by the statutes in force  at the time of the record of such pre-emptions or mineral claims, or the procedure  prescribed by the statutes in force at the  time of the applications for crown grants  thereof.  The Crow's Nest  Pass Railway and  The Slocan River  Railway  arc to be built during' the year  1S97. Construction work has  already commenced on the last-  named. These two roads with  the two already having terminals at Nelson will make Nelson  the railway center of Southern  British Columbia. Real estate  in railway centers rapidly increases in value���often more  rapidly than stocks in undeveloped mines���and Nelson will  be no exception. The following- described property is choice  and the prices such as to insure  purchasers   against   making   a  The Kootenay  Lake Sawmill  Kaslo, B. C.  Will start about March 15th  with about double its former  ��� capacity in all departments.  7,000,000 feet of logs under  contract for early delivery.  The Planing Mill  and Factory  Is now running full time under the management  of 0. K. Roiy, a'competent, draughtsman and  mechanic who will furnish special drawings free  of charge. ���       . -  New Designs  In house interiors, oflice and store fixtures, dado  work, mantles, brackets, mouldings, book cases,  furniture, turnings, carving, grill work, and band  sawing. Orders lor all such work executed in an  urtislic manner.  One Car Glass  Direct from Rclgium expected this month. Hough  and dressed lumber, laths, etc.. always in tloek.  losing:  NELSON   PROPERTY  I'rice  :ii)xl20 feet on Jlaker street, wilh 2-story  oilice building.   Terms S.V.J.K)  .00x120 feet on Vernon street, with 2-sLoiy  business block.   Terms    "t.CtM  2JxI20 feet on Vernon street with improvements.   Terms        1,100  KWxl'20 feet on Vernon street (a corner) with  improvements.   Terms   ;">,.J0(  />0xl20 feet at corner of Ward and Hoover  streets, with Ill-room dwelling house. All  modern conveniences.   Terms    1,(1(11  2.")Xl20 feet on Victoria street, with 2-stoiy  dwelling.    Terms    2,20<  1121x120 feel on Victoria street, with cottage  Tenns    2,7.')t  2.">xl2U feet corner Victoria and Uendryx  streets.   Terms      8.50  Two Cars Sash  and Doors   Yard and branch oilice foot of  Uendryx Stre  Xelson.  G. 0. BUCHANAN  Parties having lots in Silverton, and wishing to  sell may find a buyer by  addressing or calling on  OUTSIDE   PROPERTY  Prici  An undivided one-fourth interest in Trout  Lake City  lownsite, in Lardeau district.  Terms .  ..  . .���   2,000  The business centre for the rich  mines on Springer Creek and  Slocan Lake. This is one of  the richest districts in British  Columbia.  Lots $100  to  Ffy\NK FLETCHER Trustee.  Oilice:   Corner Vernon and  Wan! streets. Nelson, li. C.  Cor. Vernon and Ward Sts., Nelson.  c. :e_ doty  KASLO,   B.C.  TECT  COKREPI'ONDENGE .SOLICITED.  Notice   of Application   to   Purchase   Land.  Notice is hereby given that I. Edward John Powell,  intend to apply at the expiration of sixty days from the  date hereof, to (ho commissioner of hinds and works or  other proper ofileer. to purchase the following lands,  situate at or near Quart;'. Creek, Nelson division of  ICootenay. ;   OKSCIUITION.  Commencing at the initial post at Mic southeast corner,  thence It) chains due west. th"nce (il) chains due north,  thence forty chains due en>l, thenoo (19 chains duo south  to place of beginning.    Initial pn-f at southea-t corner.  EDWARD .1. ROWEI.L.  Dated, t his 20th day of April,- 1K!)7. |April 24th|  NOTICE.  I hereby give notice that thirty days after this date, 1  intend to imply to the assi-tant commissioner of lands  and works for a lease of this land (Kill acre-) for a term of  twenty-one years, for the purpose of opening up and  working a stone nuarry. ARTHUR ASSELIN.  Dated at filot Bay, West Kootenay, this 20th dav of  March. 1897.   [March 27th.]  DK.SCItri'TION.  Commencing at a post marked "Arthur Asselin's S.  E. Corner." on the west bank of Crawford Hay about one  mile south of Crawford creek, thence northerly 10 chains  to ii post marked "Asselin's X. E Corner." thence JO  chains westerly to a post marked "Asselin's NT. W.  Corner." thence 10 chains southerly lo a post marked  "Asselin's S. W. Corner," thence 10 chains easterly to the  point of commencement, containing l(i') acres more or less.  VICTORIA ASSAY OFFICE  28 Jlroad Street, Victoria, B. C.  Cold and Silver ��1 al)  Lead and Silver    1 SO  Copper, Silver, Gold.,  ,'f 00  Limited  Gold ..*. SI 00  Silver    I 00  Lead    1 00  Copper   2 00  Other metals on application. All samples to he sent  carriage paid and clearly marked, and to be advised by  letter enclosing charges.  Kiln-dried and other Lumber  can now be obtained at the  yard; also Sashes, Doors, Veranda and Newel Posts, Base  and Corner Blocks, Brackets,  Balusters, Mouldings, Etc.,  Etc.,   at lowest prices.  PRIVATE  BOARD  Persons desiring a pleasant and (|iiief boarding place,  cither by day or week, will lind superior accommodations  at the Woods block. Corner Stanley and Victoria streets.  MHS. WOODS.  Vll  ''"���Ul  M  if  iWBaRHWSlCfl^^  meswiismmemm  m VI,  1SHE TKIBTJKE: "NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 1S97.  3  A-  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  Sir DONALD A.,. SMITH   Hon.  GEO. A. DRUAIMOND   K. S. CLOUSTON.....'    Prosidont   Vico-Prosident  .Gonoral Manager  3STDELSOIT   BRANCH  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.       URANCHESIN       LONDON   (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO,  and in tho principal cities in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  OKAKT  COMMERCIAL AND  TIM VELLEUS' CltEDITS,  available in any part of the world.  DKAKTS  ISSUED    COLLECTIONS  MADE;  ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  RATIO OF INTEREST (at present) 3 Per Cent.  A   DEAL   IN   OSTRICHES.  'Talking of the prices of birds, I've seen  hundred  recalling  hundred  an    ostrich    that   cost   three  pounds," said  the taxidermist,  his   youth   of   travel.     "Three  pounds!"  He looked at. me over his spectacles.  "I've  seen another that was refused  at  four.  "No," he said, "it wasn't; any fancy  points. They was just plain ostriches. A  little oil" color, too���owing to dietary. And  there wasn't any particular restriction of  the demand, either. You'd have thought  five ostriches would have ruled cheap on  an liast Iudiauiau. But the point was,  one of them had swallowed a diamond.  "The chap it got it oil' was Sir Mohiui  Padishah, a tremendous swell���it picca-  tlilly swell, you might say, up to the neck  of him, and then an ugly black head and  a whopping turban, with this diamond in  it. The blessed bird pecked suddenly and  had it, and when the chap made a fuss, it  realized it had done wrong. 1 suppose,  and went and mixed itself with the others to preserve its incog. (lt all happened  in a minute.' 1 was among the first to arrive, and there was this heathen going  over his gods, and two sailors and the  man who had charge of the birds laughing lit to split. It was a rummy way of  losing a jewel, come to think of it. The  man in charge hadn't been about just at  the moment, so that he didn't know just  which bird it was. Clean lost, you see.  J didn't feel half sorry, to tell you the  truth. 'The beggar had been swaggering  over his blessed diamond ever since he  ���came aboard.  "A thing like that goes from stem to  stern of a ship in no time. Every one  was talking about it. Padishah went below to hide his feelings. At dinner���lie  pigged at a table by himself, him and two  other Hindoos���the captain kind of jeered  at him about it, and he got very excited,  lie turned and talked into my ear. He  would not buy (he birds; he would have  his diamond. He demanded his rights as  a British subject. His diamond must be  found. He was firm upon that. He would  appeal to the house of lords. The man in  charge of the birds was one of those  wooden-headed chaps you can't.get a new  idea into anyhow. He refused any proposal to interfere with the birds by ,vay  of medicine. His instructions were to  feed them so-and-so and treat them so-  and-so. Padishah had wanted a stomach  pump���though you can't do that to a.bird,  vou know. This Padishah was full of bad  law, like most of these blessed Bengalis,  and talked of having a lien on the birds,  and so forth. But an old boy. who said  his son was a. London barrister, argued  that what a bird swallowed became ipso  facto part of the bird, and Padishah's only  remedy lay in an action for damages, and  even then it might be possible to show  contributory negligence. He hadn't any  right of way about an ostrich that didn't  belong to him. That upset Padishah extremely, the more so as most of us expressed an opinion that that was the reasonable view. There wasn't any lawyer  aboard to settle the matter, so we all  talked pretty free. At last, after Aden,  it appears that he came round to the general opinion, and went privately to the  mau iu charge and made an offer for all  five ostriches.  "The next morning there was a fine  shindy at breakfast. The man hadn't any  authority to deal with the birds, and  nothing on earth would induce him tosell;  but it seems he told Padishah that a  Eurasian named Potter had already made  him an offer, and on that Padishah denounced Potter before us all. But I think  the most of us thought it rather smart of  Potter, and I know that when Potter said  that he'd wired at Aden to London to buy  the birds, and would have an answer at  Suez, I cursed pretty richly at the lost  opportunity. j  "At Suez, Padishah gave way to tears-  actual   wet   tears���when  Potter  became ;  the owner of the birds, and ottered him |  two hundred and fifty {right off for the j  five birds, being more than two hundred I  per ceut on what Potter had given.    Pot- j  said he'd be hanged if he parted with a j  feather of them���that  he  meant to  kill j  them off one by oneand find thediamond; j  but afterwards,  thinking it over, he re- j  jented a little. He was a gambling hound,  -was this Potter, a  little queer at cards,  and   this  kind   of prize-packet  business  must have suited him down to the ground.  Anyhow, he offered, for a lark, to sell the  birds  separately  to separate  people   by  auction   at   a   starting   price   of   eighty  pounds to the bird.    But one of them, he  said, he meant to keep for luck.  "You must understand that this diamond was a valuable one���a little Jew  chap, a diamond merchant,- who was with  us, had put it tit three or four thousand  when Padishah had shown it to him���and  this idea of an ostrich gamble_caught on.  Now it happened I'd been having'a few  talks on general subjects with the man  who looked after these ostriches, and  mute incidentally he' said one of the birds  was ailing, and he fancied it had indigestion.- it had'one feather in its tail almost-  all white, by which ] knew it, so when,  next day, the auction started with it, I  capped Padishah's eighty-five by ninety.  1 fancy I was a bit too sure and eager  with my bid, and some of the others spotted that particular bird like an irresponsible lunatic. At last the Jew diamond  merchant got it for one hundred and  seventy-five pounds, and Padishah said  one hundred and eighty pounds justafrer  the hammer came down���so Potter declared. At any rate the Jew merchant  secured it, and there and then he got a  gun and shot it. Potter made a Hades of  a fuss because he said it would injure the  sale of the other three, and Padbhah, of  course, behaved like an idiot; but all of  us were very much excited. J can tell  you 1 was precious glad when that dissection was over, and no diamond had turned  uj)���precious glad. I had gone to one-  forty on that particular bird myself.  "The little Jew was like most Jews���he  didn't make any great fuss over bad luck;  but Potter declined to go on with the auction until it Avas understood that the  goods could hot be delivered until the  sale was over. The little Jew wanted to  argue that the case was exceptional, and  as the discussion ran pretty even, the  thing was postponed until the next morning. We had a lively dinner table that  evening, J can tell you, but in the end,  Potter got his way, since it would stand  to reason he would be safer if he stuck to  all the birds,'and that we owed him some  consideration for his sportsman-like behavior. And the old gentleman whose  son was a lawyer, said he'd been thinking  the thing over and that it was very doubtful if, wheu a bird had been opened and  the diamond recovered, it ought not be  handed back to the proper owner. I remember I suggested it came under the  laws of treasure-trove���which was really  the truth of the matter. There was a hot  argument, and we settled it was certainly  foolish to kill the bird on board the shin.  Then the old gentleman, going at large  through his legal talk, tried to make out  the sale was a lottery and illegal, and appealed to the captain; but Potter said he  sold the birds as ostriches, lie didn't  want to sell any diamonds, lie said, and  didn't offer that as an inducement. The  three birds he put up, to the best of his  knowledge and belief, did not contain a  diamond, it was in the one lie kept���so  he hoped.  "Prices ruled high next day all the  same. The fact that now there were four  chances instead of five of course caused a  rise. The blessed birds averaged 227, and,  oddly enough, this Padishah didn't secure  one of'em���not one. He made too much  shindy, and when he ought to have been  bidding he was talking about liens, and,  besides, Potter was a bit down on him.  One fell to a quiet little officer chap, another to the little Jew, and the third was  syndicated by the engineers. And then  Potter seemed suddenly sorry for having  sold them, and said he'd flung away a  clear thousand pounds, and that very  likely he'd'draw a blank, and that he always had been a fool; but when I went  and had a bit of a talk to him, with the  idea of getting him to hedge on his last  chance, I found he'd already sold the bird  he'd reserved to a political chap that was  on board���a chap who'd been studying  Indian morals aud social questions in his  vacation. That last was the three hundred-pounds bird. A Veil, they landed  three of the blessed creatures at Brindisi  - though the old gentleman said it was a  breach of tho customs regulations���and  Potter and Padishah landed too. The  Hindoo seemed half mad as he saw his  blessed diamond going this way and that,  so to speak. He kept on saying he'd get  an injunction���he had injunction on the  brain���and giving his name and address  to the chaps who'd bought the birds, so  that they'd know where to send the diamond. None of them wanted his name  and address, and none of them would  give their own. It was a fine row, I can  tell you���ou the platform. They all went  off by different trains. I came on to  Southampton, and there I saw the last of  the birds, as 1 came ashore; it was the  one the engineers bought, and it was  standing up near the bridge, in a kind of  crate, and looking as leggy and silly a  setting for a valuable diamond as ever  you saw.  ' "How did it end? Oh! like that. Well,  perhaps. Yes. there's one more thing  that may throw light on it. A week or  so after "landing 1 was down Kegent street  doing a bit of shopping, and who should J  see arm-in-arm, and having a purple time  of it but Padishah and Potter. If you  come to think of it���  "Yes. I've thought that. Only, you  see. there's no doubt the diamond was  real. And Padishah was an eminent Hindoo. I've seen his name iu the papers���  often. But whether the bird swallowed  the diamond certainly is another matter,  as you say." ; "  The Three Ages of Man.  He swore that for true love lie'd marry;  In a cottage he'd much rather tarry  With his love by his side  Than take for his bride  A girl who had millions to spare.  He was twenty!  Years passed; he was thirty and���single.  In society's gay whirl he'd mingle;.  He had loved half a score,  : Ho was loving once more���  A lass;   No, her coins golden .jingle,  lie was thirty.  A bachelor still, the old sinner!  Mot a maiden and tried hard to win her.  Not because she was fair  Or had money to spare.  Hut���because she could order a dinner!  I le was forty !  A Queer French Law.  One of the principal clauses of the divorce law in Prance forbids marriage between the respondent and co-respondent  of a case. This has been practically set  at naught by the recent decision of the  supreme court of appeal at Paris, according to which the tribunals have no power  to annul a union of this kind in instances  where the parties thereto have been able  to secure the celebration of their marriage  by some public officer ignorant of their  antecedents.  GETTING   THINGS   IN   ORDER.  Record of the Proceedings of the First Regular  ���  Meeting of Nelson's City Fathers.  The first regular meeting of the mayor  and board of aldermen of the corporation  of the city of Nelson was held in the court  house, Nelson, on Saturday; the 17th day  of April, 1807, at 12o'clock, noon. Present:  Mayor Houston and aldermen Fletcher,  Gilker, Hillyer^ Maldneand Teetzel. Absent : Alderman Dow.  Ou motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Malone, it was resolved "that the appointment of city solicitor be tendered,to John Elliot, the salary to be fixed at a later date.   Carried.  On motion of alderman Gilker, seconded by alderman Hillyer, it was resolved "that the appointment of city  treasurer be tendered to A. II. Clements,  the salary to be' fixed at a future date."  Carried.  "The mayor appointed the following  standing committees : Public works: Aldermen Fletcher (chairman), Malone and  Hillyer. Finance: AldermenTeetzel(chair-  man), Gilker and Dow.  A communication was received from  the acting government agent, asking that  the board take immediate action for policing the city, in order that the provincial government be relieved ot the exist-  isting outlay in that respect.  On motion of alderman Malone, seconded by alderman Hillyer, it was resolved "that the communication of the  acting government agent be received and  placed on file, and that the mayor be authorized to notify the acting government  agent that the city is prepared to'do its  own policing, and that II. A. Wiuerals be  appointed policeman, to act until such  time as a regular police force is appointed."   Carried.  A communication was , received from  John Elliot, accepting the appointment  of city solicitor.  On motion of alderman Fletcher, seconded by alderman . Gilker, it was resolved "that applications for the positions  of city clerk, city engineer, and members  of the police force be called for, said applications to be addressed to the mayor  and board of aldermen, to be in not later  than S o'clock, p. m. on Monday, the TJth  instant."   Carried.  Ou motion of aldermen Teetzel, seconded  by alderman Fletcher, it was resolved  that the mayor be authorized to procure  necessary stationery for the city's immediate uses."    Carried.  The mayor suggested that the public  works committee report at the next sitting of the board as to the public works  that should be undertaken at once; also,  that the finance committee report at the  same time as to the probable revenue of  the city for the year 1S97.  On motion of alderman Fletcher, seconded by alderman Malone, it was resolved "that the mayor be authorized to  secure a room in which the board may  hold its meetings until such time as a permanent place can be obtained." Carried.  On motion of .alderman Fletcher, seconded by alderman Teetzel, it was resolved "that when the board adjourns it  adjourn till 8 p. in. on Monday, April  l!)th."   Carried.  On motion of alderman Malone, seconded by alderman Fletcher, the board  adjourned.  MONDAV   EVENINGS  SESSION.  An adjourned regular meeting of the  mayor aiid board of aldermen of the corporation of the city of Nelson was held in  the court house. Nelson, on Monday, the  l!)th day of April, 1S97, at S o'clock, p. m.  Present: Mayor Houston and aldermen  Dow, Fletcher, Gilker, Hillyer, Malone  and Teetzel.  Tiie minutes of the last meeting were  read and adopted.  On motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Gilker. alderman  Fletcher acted as city clerk, pro tern.  The chairman of the finance committee  reported that the committee had been unable to obtain sufficient data on which to  estimate the probable revenue of the city  for the year 1S97, and asked i'or leave to  report at next meeting, which on motion  was granted.  The chairman of the public works committee reported, and on motion the report was received aud placed on file.  The mayor reported that the consent of  the acting government agent had been  obtained for holding the meetings of the  board in the court house until such time  as permanent quarters could be obtained.  Applications for the position of city  clerk were received from D. Moore, J. F.  Povah, T. Hudson Tillingham and Charles  K. Sealey. A ballot was taken, which resulted in the election of Charles K. Sealey,  who received seven votes. Mr. Sealey  was duly declared city clerk.  Applications for the position of city engineer were received from Arthur IL  Hodgins, David Morris and '.IL W. Cuni-  tnings. A ballot was taken, which resulted in theelection of Arthur li. Hodgins,  who received six votes to oue for.'.David  Morris. Mr. Hodgins was duly declared  city engineer.  Applications for the positions ot city  policemen were received from A. F. McKinnon, Jesse A. Bigelow, John W.  Cowan, Joseph Tall mi re, C. P. Loudin  and William Perdue.  On motion of alderman Fletcher, seconded by alderman Teetzel, the applications for policeman were received and  placed on file, to be considered at the  next meeting of the board.  A communication was'received from A.  H. Clements, accepting the position of  city treasurer.  A petition signed by, D. L. Buchanan  and others, asking that a sidewalk be  built on Robson street was received, and  on motion was referred to the public  works committe.  A communication was received from  the city solicitor regarding health by-law.  Ou motion the mayor appointed aldermen Teetzel and Fletcher a special committee to interview the resilient provincial medical health officer regarding the  matter and report at next meeting.  A by-law (No. 1) was introduced and  read a"first time, and on motion its further  consideration  was   postponed   until   the  next meeting of the council.  On motion of alderman Hillyer, seconded by alderman Fletcher, it was resolved  "that all material used in the construction of sidewalks' be purchased by the  city.'-'   Carried. !'  On motion of alderman Fletcher, seconded by alderman Malone, it was resolved tliat a 8-foot sidewalk be built on  the north side of Carbonate street, between Josephine and Ward streets; on  the south side of Carbonate, street, between Stanley and Kootenay streets; on  the south side of Mill street, from the end  of the sidewalk east to Heudryx street:  and on the north side of Observatory  street, between Stanley and Kootenay.  streets. That the work be done by day  labor under the foremanship of Hugh  Nixon, and that the following rate of  wages be paid: Foreman. $1 per day;  mechanics, $8 per day; laborers, $2.50 pet-  day. That the mayor be authorized to  purchase the material.    Carried.  On motion of alderman Fletcher, seconded by alderman Malone, it was resolved  "that the city engineer be instructed to  examine the streets that need repairs  aud report at the next meeting of the  board."   Carried.  On motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Dow, it was resolved that  when the board adjourns, it adjourn till  8 p. m. on Thursday, April 22nd.  Ou'motion of aldermau Hillyer, seconded  by   aldermau   Fletcher,   the   board   ad  jourued.           THE   MANAGEMENT   CRITICISED.  Some Pertinent Questions are Addressed to  the Hall Mines Company from Calgary.  The Hall Mines of Nelson, not having so  far come up to the expectations of the  watchful public in the matter of paying  dividends, its management is commencing  to receive some adverse criticism. A  short time ago the editor of the Calgary  Herald visited this section, and upon his  return the following article appeared in  the Herald:  Nothing is more glaring to the eye of  inquiring visitor to the gold fields than  the contrast between English and American companies' methods of running a mine.  Too many English companies are ponderous in their methods, extravagant in their  expenses and frequently not too wise in  the selection of their managing staff. The  American or Canadian syndicate is generally conducted on the same principles as  govern any well regulated business���  economical management, hard work and  plain unostentatious methods. The result is that the American concern makes  money for its shareholders and the English company's profits are eaten up by  various kinds of extravagance.  Of the American company the Le Roi,  and ofthe English the Hall Mines, Limited, may be taken as conspicuous examples. We are aware that criticisms  and comparisons may be resented by some  whose sore spots we may be called upon  .to touch, but the Herald did not go. to the  expense of sending a representative iuto  the mining camps for the purpose of praising everything he saw, or serving up the  fulsome gush which is too often seen in  the columns of even Canadian journals.  Our representative went out with the  object of as nearly as possible getting at  the bottom of things, and his letters have  contained candid expressions and frank  opinions that may not have suited everybody, but were at any rate founded on  the actual truth as he saw it, and were  not paid for by anybody either in cash  or shares.  But to return to the Le Roi. It is probably not as rich a mine as the Silver King,  the Hall Company's property, though one  is a gold and the other a silver proposition; nor has it we believe .been working  any longer. And yet the Le Roi has paid  $850,000 in dividends, while the Hall  Mines, Limited, haven't paid a dollar.  Tho Herald would not intentionally do  the Hall Mines an injustice; its desire is  to encourage mining and build up the  country, and in the furtherance of this  object we submit a few questions which,  we hope, will be answered by someone  qualified or courageous enough to do so:  If, as reported by the "expert" at the  Silver King mine, there are 100,000 tons of  ore in sight, with a full force of 150 men  in the mine, why is the smelter so often  compelled to close down for want of ore?  Why should the very long tramway of  the company be burdened carrying down  waste rock, which has to be sorted at the  smelter, when thousands of dollars a year  could be saved by having the ore sorted  at the mine?  Was full advantage taken of gravity in  (he arrangements for handling and shipping ore?    If not, why not?  Why is it necessary to keep a gang of  men in the.middle of the tramway shovelling ore from one set of buckets to another,  when any ordinarily efficient tramway  should carry the ore direct and almost  automatically?  *  What use will be made of the thousands  of dollars worth of ore scattered over the  mountains along the route of the tramway, and which is daily being augmented  by ore buckets breaking and dropping off  the cable? . .  is it true, a.s stated in Nelson, that the  tramway is expensive, wasteful, old  fashioned and inefficient? If so, why is  it not discarded and replaced with a  modern, automatic, stationary rope tramway?  Why should it, as stated in the company's annual report, cost ��02,000, or'$310,-  000, for the management of the Hall Mines,  Limited, when in the opinion of practical  men less than half thatsum.should suffice?  Why is it considered necessary to have  the head managing done in London, England, and how many thousand dollars a  year are expended in cablegrams?  How many of the head managers, sub-  managers, assistant managers, experts,  assistant experts, engineers, assistant engineers, private secretaries, etc., of the  Hall Mines have taken a practical course  in mining engineering, or have had any  previous experience in actual 'mining, or  know anything tit all about mining?  Are any of the officials over-paid and  under-worked?  Is the  mine likely to ever  pay a divi  dend, and if so, when, and how much?  Our chief .reason for asking this dozen  of questions  iu this  public way, is  that  our representative was notable while in  Nelson to secure any information whatever   from   the cilices of the company,  though he called several times by appointment.   There are  many 'people  both in  and outside of Nelson who would be exceedingly interested in hearing these questions answered.   The people of Nelson are  naturally proud, of both their great mine  and  their smelter,   but their pride and  satisfaction would be ten-fold greater if  they could feel confident that the enterprise was being wisely and economically  managed,  that it would  pay its  shareholders a reasonable dividend, and that  it Would  not   eventually   prejudice, the  whole Slocan country in the ejres of the  eyes of the British investor by  turning  out to be a second edition of that remarkable and  unfortunate   exhibition of extravagant incompetence we remember so  well in. this country���the sir John Lister  Kaye fiasco, which was disastrous alike  to British investors and to the progress  and reputation of the territories.  It is not in the interests of the Hall  Mines, Limited, nor of the Kootenay district, that such criticisms as the above  should go unchallenged if they have no-  foundation in fact. In some matters this  Calgary critic is apparently misinformed,  and upon the whole his article partakes  more of the nature of a "roast!' than of a  criticism. Should the management of the  Hall Mines wish to reply to the above article, Tub Tribune's columns can be made  use of.  '  EAST   KOOTENAY.    ,  The Ue^t place in Nelson for nil kinds of fancy cakes  and confectionery. Vienna Tarts, Macaroons, Lady  Fingers.  The making of wedding cakes a specialty.  Best hrcad mudo in Nelson, delivered to any part ot  the city.   ���  To regular boarders and transients the Vienna Restaurant oilers an excellent table at reasonable rates.  Fort Steele Prospector: The North Star  mine produced and shipped during the  year 1S0G nearly 4,300 tons of ore, which  had a valuation of $220,000. At the present time the company has 8,000 tons of  rich carbonates and galena at their landing on the Kootenay river and 8,000 more  on tiie dump���(5,000 tons that will average  $00 per ton, or a gross valuation of $300,-  000. The North Star mine, working a sufficient force, can take out and ship 100  tons daily,, and there is ho doubt that  with reduction works in close proximity  the mine would become the largest producer in the province.  The Sullivan group has a. vast amount  of mineral in sight and by the time the  Crow's Nest Pass road can be constructed  wfil have a large amount of ore ready for  shipment.  There are 70 or SO claims located on  Huckleberry hill and the Sullivan mountain, and many of these can become producers in a few months.  On Tracy creek there are several claims  that have enough mineral in sight to  justify shipment.  On Elk and Bull rivers are several copper properties that can ship ore.  The Dibble group has about 500 sacks  ready for shipment.  The St. Eugene mine has about 0000 tons  of galena ore on the dump ready for shipment,   which   has   a   gross  valuation  of  $800,000.  The Moyea and Lake Shore mines can  ^hij) ore when transportation is afforded.  On Perry creek there are many claims  that will become producers of the yellow  metal when the necessary means of transportation enables the owners to get in  the proper machinery to work the ore.  There is no doubt that at least 200 mines  in  this   district   will   become   producers  upon the advent of the Crow's Nest railway.  A New Typewriter���Made by a Canadian. Finn,.  JOHN HUMER, Proprietor  THE TREMONT  "��> f    '     -rv-i���r.  3STELS03ST  MALONE & TREGILLUS, Proprietors..  Is ono of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district, and  is the headquarters for prospectors and miners.  QRAND VIEW HOTEL  FEEDEEIOTOUT  TOAD MOUNTAIN  D. T. MORICE, Proprietor.  Excellent accommodation furnished the traveling public  Prospector's and miner's supplies kept on hand.  So. as,-..  Certificate   of the  Registration  of a  Foreign  Company.  "Companies Act," Pakt IV., and  a.mi-:xdino  Acts.  We have had the pleasure of looking over the New  Empire Typewriter, a Canadian made machine, and lind  ita marvel of simplicity through wliich the makers claim  durability. Tho types strike direct, movinglonly two  inches on a steel bed, giving speed and great manifolding  power. Each type at time of writing is locked, ensuring  perfect alignment. The writing is visible doing away  with the lifting of a heavy carriage; the touch is easy,  the response quick and the type do not appear to lock.  Ruling vertical and horizontal may be done on it and the  price is less than half that of other standard machines.  So confident are the makers of the success of theii machine they will refund the money of any unsatisfied purchaser after u ten days' trial. The Thomson Stationery  Company of Vancouver and Nelson are to be congratulated on securing the general agency for IJ. C. The machines seem to us to be at the top in merit aud bottom in  price.  MUSIC  LESSONS  Mrs.    Morlcy   is   prepared    to  receive pupils for piano, violin  or organ.  For terms  Apply to Thomson Stationery Co., Ltd,, Nelson  W.'J.G. DICKSON  I?,E-A.DLi   ESTATE'  .A-isrr) ooiM-nviiiseioisr. ag-eisj't  ���t&ttstxng- bbokeb  BEALEY BLOCK, HAKKIt STREET, NELSON.  ~   Tor ��� saleT--  Several valuable business sites on Baker St.  Business block���two stores���Baker street.  Business  block���three stores all rented���on  two 30-foot lots, with offices above.  Residence lots, 50 teet frontage.. Vernon St.  Apply to W. J. G.  DICKSON.  BUILDING  LOTS!  NOTICE.  Having appointed W. .1. G. Dickson local agent for  .Addition A lo the townsile of Nelson. Intending purchasers of lots, or persons wishing information, phins, or  price-lists of the addition, will please apply to him.  V. (i. INNES.  The Tribune will buy old rags  'GEIt.MAN   MINING   AND   MILLING!   COMI'ANY," (KOKKICN.)  Registered the 1st day of February. 1897.  T HEREBY CERTIFY, That I have this day registered  -������   the '.'German Mining & Milling Company" (Foreign )  under the Companies Act," Part IV., "Registration of  . Foreign Companies," and Amending Acts.  The head oilice of the said company is i-itunted at the  Cily of Taeoma, in ihe State of Washington, U. S. A.  Tiie objects for which the Company is established are:  To purchase, sell, lease, locate, operate and manage  mines and mining claims, and to engage iu mining in the  SUite of Washington and iu the territory and province of  British Columbia; and to mine precious metals, iron, lead,  coal and all oiher minerals or metals and stone ; to deal  in all products of such/mines in any manner the i.om-  pany "cos fir. or in the products of any other mine-;-lo  establish mill sites, build and operate mills, flumes, machinery, refineries, wharves and transportation lines on  land and water: to purchase, hold, sell, incumber and  convey property real and personal; to lay out towns-ilcs.  build houscsiand to generally perform al! things necessary to a general mining and milling business in the  Slate of -U ashington, and in the province above mentioned.  The capital stock of the said Company is ��50,000 divided into 50,000 shares of the par value of SI each.  Given under my hand and seal of otlice at Victoria.  Province of British Columbia, this 1st duv of February,  IS97. S. Y. U'OOTTON,  [April 3rd.l Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.,  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  of  Improvements.  kl'reka, ciiicoita, and hidden theasufte mineral  claims, situate in till: nelson .mining division ok  west kootenay distjuct, and located on hall  cheek:.  Take notice that I, Frank Fletcher, free miner's certificate No. 7.'1,921, on behalf of mjself and other owner;-,  intend CO days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for certificates of improvements for the  puriio=e of obtaining crown grants of the above claims.  And further lake notice that action, under section S7.  must be commenced before the issuance of such cerlill-  calesof improvements, FRANK FLETCU Elt.  Dated, this 20th day of February, 1897. [Mar. Glh.)  Eugene B. Frankel  GRADUATE  OPTICIAN  If you have trouble with your eye��, or your glasses  don't suit you perfectly, call upon him. No ciues too  dillicult.    Examination free.  Nel-on oflice in Jacob Dover's jcwclery store.  Kaslo oilice, Front street.  Spokane Falls & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red Mountain Railways.  Tr(e only all rail rou-te without change of cars  between Nelson aqd Rcssland, aqd  Spokaqe at\d Rossland.  DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS.  Leave  7:110 n. m ���  10:30 a. in ..  0:00n. m....  .SPOKANE...  KO.SSL.ANI>..  ..NELSON....  Arrive  ...0:30 p.in.  ...3:25 p.m.  ...5:20 p.m.  Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek connect at Marcus with stage daily.  Kaslo & Slocan Railway.  Leave 8:00 a. m.  n 8:30 a. in.  M 9:36 a. m.  ii 9:51 a. m.  i, 10:03 a. m  ��� 10:18 a. m.  ,i 10:30 a. m.  H 10:39 a. in.  Arrive 10:50 a. in.  DAILY SERVICE.   Kaslo     South Fork    Sproulo's...  .   Whitewater ...   Rear Lake   .  ..  . McGuigan    llailey's    Junction    Sandon   .An ve 3:50 p. in.  ,i       3:15 p. m.  ii       2:15 p. in.  .     , 2:00 p. m.  I:4Sp. in.  ii        1:33 p. in.  1:21 p. m.  .    ,,       1:12 p. iu.  .Lca\o  i:iju p. in.  U. W. RRYAN. Superintendent.  ROBERT IRVING, Tratllc Manager.  International Navigation & Trading Co.,  LIMITED.  STEAMERS INTERNATIONAL AND. ALBERTA  ON   KOOTENAV   LAKE AND   ItlVKK  Time Card in oirect  February  1st.  1S'7.   Daily  except  Sunday.   Subject to change without notice.  Leave Kaslo for Nelson, Ainsworth. Pilot Bay.  Balfour and way points 5:30 a.m.  Leave Nelson for Kaslo, Pilot Bay, Balfour and  way points     ..: 1:10 p.m.  Close connection at Five-mile Point with all passenger  trains of the N. ti V. S. R. R. to and from Northport.  Rossland and Spokane.  Through tickets sold at lowest rates and baggage  cheeked to all I'nited States points.  GEORGE ALEXANDER. General Manager.  Kaslo, January .'Kith. 1887.      Head Otlice at Kaslo, B.C.  Columbia & Kootenay Branch  CANADIAN    PACIFIC   RAILWAY.  No. 3 ! No. 1  STATIONS  No. 2 i N'o. 4  17:00  17:15  17:3(1  17:55  18:15  9:30 Leave Nelson Arrive 11:15  9:15      Kootenay..      ��    U:C0  10:(K)     ii      . .Fort v-nino Creek.,     n.    13:-I5  10:25       Sloca u     13:02  ll:15Arrive  Robson Leave 12:30  21:15  21:tn  20:1;'  2U:SG  19:^0  Trains Nos. 1, 2, 3, and I run Tiiednys. Thursdays, and  Saturdays.  No. 1 connects with steamer for Trail Creek.  No. 3 connects with steamer for Ai row head.  No. 2 awaits arrival of steamer from Arrowhead.  No. 1 awaits arrival of steamers from Trail.Creel..  Close connection at Nelson with steamers to and from ;  lake points.  J. HAMILTON. Trainmaster and Agent.  fei!  '/Sea  ��'���.'��� ��*"'*>",'a \V: '������'~7i '���,"-,'  ���'"? "���S.1."' .-j '^fl'>t -'-'7 Lii.^i*'^'' ���j'-"-'j;'- e'r ,VS.' vY'*-^'^"';*' Vw^'fT'y?7ra'"T^^^ tt1'.^* 'l��V ������>}���" y������^P'\n'^^.'���"s^\l*'l^^^���s!^3zr^^���'i!$l, iV 'F'l."-itfWTT^r*i.rr*.''jpw ���,>�����.���"��� "a1' mp:\ m1" �����j'j-vi ���.!��������  w��p iy-��r^-��^-ni ��� l��u, ........ ���,M.I...V...,.,,��., .���i���. ���.,,, .^--.^^-^-r. ,������. ���,.���....,., ���  .,....,- ���. ���-������������_ :a  Tim  TRIBUNE: .NELSON, B.C.; SATURDAY, APRIL 24,  1897.  W  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  ��� Hector Mclliie, of itossland, was in  Kaslo on Wednesday last, and went up to  the Wellington mine, ot" which he is the  . local manager on behalf of the Ottawa  owners.  A recent eastern exchange contains an  account of a farewell banquet which was  tendered to William Rutherford upon the  occasion of. his leaving the village of  Norwood, to take a position in this city  with W. F. Teetzel & Co. Mr. Ittitherford  was engaged in the drug business in  Norwood for several years, was a member of the village council, and occupied  the position of treasurer up to the time of  his departure.  The members of Kootenay Lodge No.  10, I. O. O. F., will attend divine service  at the Presbyterian church on Sunday  morning, in commemoration of the 7Sth  .anniversary of the establishment of the  order. They will meet at the lodge room  at.10:30 Sunday morning, and proceed to  the church iu it body. Visiting members  of the order are invited to attend'.  The Canadian General Electric company  has made arrangements to carry a full  stock of electrical supplies in Nelson.  Frank Darling, the company's Kootenay  ��� representative, announces that he will  shortly have an assortment ot:;electric  heating and cooking apparatus which can  be attached to an ordinary lamp socket.  As no special wiring is required, these innovations'will no doubt commend themselves to the people of, Nelson.  On the Spokane Falls 6c Northern train  which left Spokane Monday morning for  Itossland, Nelson, and other Kootenay  points, there were :J00 passengers for  British Columbia points.- This "is an illustration of the influx which may be expected this summer. There is a good opening '  in Nelson for a couple of first-class hotels.  The present hotel accommodation is already taxed to its utmost.  A. Magee, a barrister of .Vancouver,  committed suicide.in a dramatic manner  on Tuesday afternoon. He entered Chas.  E. Tisdall'sgun store .and purchased a :iS-  calibre revolver and then requested Tis-  dall to load it so that lie could understand  its mechanism. He then put the revolver  to. liis mouth and fired, killing himself  instantl}'.  The real estate activity which is manifesting itself in.Sil.verton gives promise of  putting a number of Nelson men on velvet. The townsite com pan y reportsa growing demand for building lots, and several  individual holders have been enabled  - during the past two weeks to unload at  satisfactory figures. This week John A.  Turner got $o';"50 cash, for lots JI and 12, in  block 7. ; These lots have 20-foot frontage,  and are credited with having brought the  highest price in the townsite.  A meeting of those interested in the  formation of a lacrosse club in this city,  will be held in the fire hall this evening,  at which mayor Houston will preside.  There is every likelihood of a lacrosse  league being formed to include the cities  of Rossland, Kaslo and Sandon, and the  Nelson enthusiasts are of the opinion that  sufficient local talent can be secured to  represent Nelson to advantage. Those  interested in base ball are also requested  to be on hand at the fire hall to organize  a ball team for the international league.  Representatives of Nelson's wholesale  houses report business good, and that the  territory in which they sell goods is becoming larger every month.  William Wilson, of Wilson & Harshaw,  . is out iu the Spokane country picking up  saddle horses.  Although by-laws regarding health and  fire have not yet been passed by the city  council, it might not be out of place for  householders to clean up their back yards  and burn rubbish at once, so as "to enlighten the duties of the health officer and  fire inspector.  Phil Aspiuwall, J. It. Reavis and Ross  Thompson of itossland, 11. Grigerich of  Kaslo, and 15. V. Bod well of Victoria, all  well known throughout the province's  most famous district, were in Nelson during this week.  Near corner Victoria and Stanley KtrccU;  Views of all parts of Kootenay  Photographs in the latent styles  Guarantee salisfactiou  Mrs. Johnson.  Application for Liquor License.  Notice in hereby given that the undersigned will, at the  expiration of thirty-days, apply lo the stipendiary magis-  .trate of Wo:-l Kootcnuy-district, for a license lo sell  li(|tior hy retail at his hold on Slocan river, half way between Slocan City aud Slocan Crossing.  WILLIAM MAIM5I1.  Uated this 12th day of April, 1807. [April aiih]  NOTICE  Notice is hereby given that the all persons having accounts against the Nelson Fire Department are required  to send same in immediately to the undersigned,  UllAltUCS 10. SKALKV. Auditor.  NOTICE OF MEETING.  The annual meeting of the shareholders of the' Aaron's  Hod Mining & Development Company, Limited Liability,  will he laid at Ihe company's otliees. Nelson, 13. C! , on  -Wednesday the filli day, of -May. 1S07. for lhe election of  olllccrs for'lh'e ensuing year. 1'. IS. WILSON,  Secretary-Treasurer.  SPIRITUALISTIC MINING EXPERT.  Princess of Darkness Test Medium���Tells past, present  and future. Advice in marriage and in love atlairs.  Tells you which line of business you are adapted for.  Thoroughly expert in mining. Can tell how-much per  ton ore will run by sample. Shows samples of ore from  all parts of the United Slides. Hours from il a. in. to !l  p. m.  Novelties  Dress Coods  We have opened up a larg-e collection  of Spring" Novelties, comprising* Dress  Trimmings, Laces, Veilings, Gloves,  and Hosiery. We are also snowing a  splendid assortment of choice designs  in Fancy, Printed, Brocade, Ombre and  Shot Silks. These goods are suitable  for blouees, dresses and trimmings in  every fashionable color.  "We have just received a Carload of Mixed  Hardware, Iron, Steel, Etc, from Montreal, and  are now prepared to fill all orders promptly for  Builder's Hardware, Nails, Paper, Bellows, Anvils,  "Wheelbarrows, Firth's or Jessop's Steel, Picks'  Shovels, Hammers, Axes, Etc.  We have also just to hand a Carload of Potatoes from Edmonton, the finest that  were ever placed upon this market. Our Grocery Stock is complete in every line. , Call  and see us or write for prices.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  Merj's  Spring  Hats  nsnELSOnsr  Meq's  Spring,  fleckwear  Lawrence. Hardware-- Co.  I IK At. KKS   IX  flg! J f-  li;  or Assayer s  Call on or Write  Shelf an;d Heavy Hardware,  Stoves, Craniteware,  Miners' Supplies  .   This  Weed's Arrivals  One Gar Stoves    One Car Pipe  One Car IVjixed Hardware    Oqe Car Nails  Building Paper, Lcclvs ar\d Knobs, Picks, Shovels, Anvils, Bellows  Having purchased for spot cash the entire stock of Men's Furnishings formerly carried by Fred Williamson on Baker Street,  I am offering' them at greatly reduced prices in order to clear  them off with a rush.    This is no fake reduction sale.     Call and  Nothing1 succeeds like success;  but success cannot be had  unless the people  in the town help each other.  Those who   were in   business  in Nelson in the  Yeans 1893 and 1824  and escaped a debtors' prison,  deserve success  e  sec the goods.  The stock is complete in every line.  OZTSTIE   USTIGr-IEIT  Bake,- and Ward St,. FRED    STEVENSON  ��� -���  ���     ��� -..ii -  ������ ���" ���������       ���'" '       ' ���  '" --"- I ��� ...... |  | /���_ -..���������  Charles A. Waterman &. Co.  Office:   Eealey Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  It might be well  to add that  of late "drummers"  for eastern clothing- firms  have given this  section of Kootenay the go-by  No better evidence  could be wanting1 that  we are giving1 our patrons the  best of satisfaction  TX-XX?  a o jm: E>-A.:r>r "sr  40 -- PEOPLE ��� 40  xasr  "SAID.PASHA"  Auctioneers, Real Estate and fteneral Commission Agents,  CUSTOM  BROKERS AND NOTARIES PUBLIC  We are just placing in stock the finest line of READY MADE CLOTHING  ever brought into the city  HONEST WELL MADE GARMENTS  that will give satisfaction.  An entirely new stock of FELT HATS AND CAPS  in the latest styles and makes  IPL ESTATE SNAPS IN NEW DENVER AND NELSON  FOOT OF HALL STRKKT, NKLSON*.  T.   W.   GRAY,  Proprietor.  Doors,  Sash,   Band Sawing,  Turned Work,  and  Office Fittings.    Just  arrived and  in stock, a carload of Chancers English  Rolled  Glass; all sizes up to 4 by 6 feet.  G-IRIE-A-T   CAST  Grand Chorus of Pretty Girls  HERALD0,  MONOGRAM,  SCHILLAR  You are invited to examine the latest and  ete stock of'  Baker Street, Nelson.  Manufactured by The George E/Tuckett & Son Co., Ltd.  SOLE AGENT,  NELSON, B. C.  Gars of Bedroom  Suits and Dining  Room Furniture  Gar of Mattresses  and UPHOLSTERED  FURNITURE  Our Heavy Etoffe aqd Tweed PANTS. Worth $3 Cut to $2  P. O. Store, J. A. Gilker's, 18 and 20 Baker Street, Nelson  P. BURNS & GO.  SEAJS ON SALE AT NELSON DRUG STOl^E  ADMISSION. SUXI.    KKSKliVKD SKATS. 5JUW  THESE GOOGS WILL BE OFFERED AT ADVANTAGEOUS PRICES FOR CASH  SPECIAL RATES TO HOTELS  LARCE CONSIGNMENT OF WALL PAPERS ...  . . . KEPT IN STOCK AT ALL TIMES  D. McARTHUR & GO.  NELSON, B. 0  BRANCH MARKETS      Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything1 in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.  P  -?jr^^^^^  i-h" . ���  Hi


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