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 B2HB  Has Mines that.are  Paying-Dividends and  Hundreds of Properties that can be  Made  Dividend  Paying Mines.  Has   a   Mineral   Output    of  Upwards    ot   Ore  Million    Dollars    Every    Month'  In   The 'Year  STXTH   YEAR.---NO.  18.  NELSOJST,  BRITISH ' COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, APRIL  L89S.  TWO   DOLLABS A YEAK.  PROVINCIAL   ESTIMATES.  Nelson cets the Much-Coveted Land Registry  OJHcb for Kootenay.  Tin1 provincial estimates nf re eipts ami  expendit tires ��� have l.r>en distributed, and  will he received witli interest throughout  British Columbia. This is to be election  year and t lie influence of that fact may be  seen in th(! universal grants of monies on  every hand. The receipts nre estimated  a.r. about ' $200,00() over last year, but  whereas there was an estimated surplus  for 1807, t.liis year starts out with un acknowledged deficit of Jj5.">:i��),220.:.0, which  will be I'urtl er increased when tiie sup-  pleinen tariff are presented. With one or  two insignificant except.ions, there is a  large increase t;o be noted in every item  of expenditure,, particularly in salaries  and public works.  East Kootenay this year gets $21,000 tor  public works as against. $li),000 for last.  A Vest Kootenay, the banner revenue-producing di��!riet; of the province, gets the  ni'-cralil." pii'ance of $OS.00() for the same  purpoM'.-, divided into $10,000 for the  south riding, and the balance for the  north. This is an increase of $32,000 over  1S97. but. still far short of its just, dues.  It will lie a source of-.a: i-d'action to the  people, of Nelson thai, the land registry  oflice. has been givwn to this citv. Two  salaries of $1,800 for registrar and $1,0S0  fur clerk, have been granted, to run from  July I. 1SUS. This settles the much-vexed  question and iea\-es Rossland out. Kaslo's  government oflice has four officers allotted  i.o it. with aggregate, salaries of $-l.0S0.  Fur the adniini^trat.ion of justice, West  Kootenav gets $1S,4II, with extra $(>,:'592  lor 1 he Nelson gaol.  West. Kootenay is allotted three extra  gold commissioners, for the Trail, Slocan  and Duncan countries, with headquarters  at Rossland, New Denver and Duncan  Luke respectively. Jack Kirkup is the  reported favorite for the first position,  with tin; largest: salary: A. Sproat, for  the second : and F: G. Fauquier, of Nakusp. for the last, the two latter getting  $1'2.'5 per month. Slocan City is allowed a  mining recorder at $100 monthly salary.  Nelson hospital is the only institution of  the kind favored in the district, and it  gets $3,000.  For educa tional purposes "West Kootenay gets $28.(501, and East Kootenay, $0,-  10-'). Increased salaries are given the Nelson teaching stuff, the principal getting  $7."i "per month, first assistant, $00 : second  $.")i), and three others $fK) each- with $300  incidentals. Itossland. with principal and  eight reachers. gets $5,n40 in salaries per  year, and $150 incidentals. The salary of  the teacher at New Denver is raised  t o $00.  Nelson has $1,000 granted for additions  Lo the court house, which are sadly  needed, while l.o��sland gets $0,000. New  lockups are to be built at Goat River and  Vmir. Kaslo's new civic buildings get a  grant contingent upon them being used  for government purposes also. New  schools are to be erected at Slocan City  and Vmir. and Nelson gets $1,000 for its  necessary public school. Rossland is given $5,000 for the same purposes.  In the mat ter of roads and trails, Rossland district gets $18,000 of the $28,000 allotted for the north riding. In this neighborhood $1,000 of a refund is granted the  Vmir road up Wild Horse creek, and  $8,000 for Six Mile new road. No provision is made for the Crawford creek road,  and main road to Vmir. The government  wharf in this city is given $1,000 for repairs. The fire brigades, of Rossland,  Trad, Kaslo and Nelson are-given grants.  Government, pup to the organs is recognized by $9,000 for advertising, which "will  be'more than swallowed up when the  election comes on. There is an undetailed  amount of- $12,000 kept for incidentals,  and $3,500 for the agent general's oflice at  London, England.  Appended are the estimates under their  various heads':  UKXKXl.-K.  I'o.kN, si reels, bridK-.s  Surveys   iinil ivharvus...  .... IH7.-01I (1(1  ... l.'i.OOO 0(1  (i-ll.-dd 0(1  .MiK<-_lliin.<m.s  115,278 (Ml  Tiilal     '.   $1.9!l_,(i00 (ill  Below are the principal items of expenditure in Nelson and  immediate vicinity:  I .cifisi rnr I'or limd registry ollico, salary lo .1 line  .'ill. 18SI!)  ?   1,800 00  Clerk  for land re^Ulry oilice, salary 10 June  '   .'10, IS!)!) .'  1,080 0(1-  Assessor,   recorder  and   three  clerks.  Kaslo.  salaries     I.OS0 00  Xeli-on Kaol, slall'  Ii,_!)_ 00  l.fiKistrnr ciiurls. Xolsnn  1,1-10 00  liojfNtriir coir's, lio-slaod  1,110 00  Two sh.'i'iMs. Koolenay   1,20.00  Stipendiary uiaiiist rate, Xelson  :">00 01)  Stipendiary iinif,ri-l nitu. small dcjlils,'Nelson... 300 00  Gold CooiinissioiHsr, .Volson      1.72S (I!)  Uerordcr and four clerk--  1,020(11)  (lold Coininissiooer, N'ew Denver      .  . I.flllll 00  Clerk, Xew Denver  7S0 Ul)  MiniiiK recorder. Slc-an Citv  1.200 00  Cold commissioner, itossland  l.liliS 00  Two clerks           "           1,700 00  Cold commissioner, Duncan take  1.300 00  Hospital. Kelson,grant  .'1,1)11(1 (Hi  Repairs lo tfovonimont buildiriKS, s. riding  .100 00  Courthouse and furniture, Rossland  0,000 Ml  Addilioiilocourllioo.se. Nelson   4,000 00  Lockup, float  River  500 00  Lockup, Vmir  (iUO 00  Civic building, Kaslo, to be used for government purpose."! when required  2.000 00  Public school, Slocan Citv  1,000 00  Public.-.ehool. Nelson '.  t.OnO 00  Public school.  Rossland  5,000 00  Publicscliool, Yniir '  1,000 00  Wharf, Nelson   1,000(10  Rossland iinil Trail, roads in vieinilv  18,000 00  Road, Vmir up Wild Horse creek, refund  1,000 00  Road, Ten ^lile creek, Slocan      "       .'1.000 00  Road, Six Mile creek, construction  8,000 00  Road, south fork ICaslo, refund   2.0U0 00  Road, l-'irc Vallev  1,000 0 >  Rnad. I'inr.stoo creek  500 00  Hridge, Slocan Cily  1,000 00  I'Mre department. N'elson  300 00  l-'iro departincnl, Rossland  300 00  Fire depart uienl., Kaslo  200 00  li'ire department. Trail  200 00  T. II. fiili'un. superannuated  120 00  MINES   OF   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  ARE   NOT   GOOD    BUSINESS   MEN.  i:.STIM.\TKl>  Dominion of Canada:  Pavmenl Of interest S 20,151.00  Subsidy..  35.000 00  fJrjint per capita  78.53S 00  for lands  100.000 00  Land sales  75,000 00  Land revenue ���. .i. '.    ������      7.000(10  Timber nival I valid licenses  00,000 00  Ronl.slex-clusiveol'landsl  200 00  Survey fees    ..    000 00  Timber leases ,. .15.000 00  Kree miners' eertilienles :.  ... 175.000 no  Aliniu;; receipts, general   105.000 00  Licenses  liil.OOo 00  Marriage licenses.:     ..  I.OOO 00  Real pioperly lax.\  120,000 00  Personal property (ax  120,0(10 00  Wild land lax    .' '  15.000 110  Income lax'...:   .     :'  !l,000 00  Tax sale deeds  1110 00  ('ominission on tax sales  200 00  Revenue lax      ,.:  ! 15,000 00  .Mineral tux  15,000 00  Registered tax (all denominations)     100 00  Revenue service refunds   . 500 00  Kines. forfeitures, and small debts court fees.. 15,000 00  Ln\v stamps  12,000 00  Probate fees..'     .1,000 00  Registry fees  50,000 00  llureau of mines ;...... 2,000 00  Asylum for the insane  1.000 00  Provincial Home ���..'.���  500 00  Printing oilice receipts  20.000 00  Printing oilice receipts: sale of revised statutes      1,000 00  Sale of government properly  500 00  Reimbursements in aid '  5,000 00  Interest .on investment of sinking funds    20,000 00  Chinese  Re.sl rii.-liun  Acl. 1SSI. (Dominion government refunds)   ... 30.000 00  Succession duty  5,000 on  .Miscellaneous receipts  15,000 Of)  ,     ��I.-I53,.'i-!I Oil  KSTI.MATKH   I'.Xl'K.VDITl-la-:.  Public debi    ...S205.i;i;il 00  Civil ifivcrnmnil (salaries)  115.710 00  A dmini-lral.ii in of justice! (salaries!  215.108 Oil  Legislation          17.305 00  Public institutions     .  103.022(10  ��� llospituls aiwl charities  51,550 011  Administration of jus! ice (01 her than  salaries! 80.200 00  Kducntion               280,022 00  Trn osporl  15,000 00  Rent   -IS 00  Revenue services  17,000 00  Public works:���  Works and buildings ....; :  118,15000  (iovcriiinenf House '. ;  3,050 00  And They Should be Discharged at the Next  Election.  The estimates of revenue and expenditure of the province for the year ending  June ..Oth, 1800, .shows clearly that the  Turner government is not made - up of  good business men. Jt shows clearly that  the various appropriations are made by  men who have outlived their usefulness  as public men. It is safe to say that, were  the government of the province entrusted  to far-seeing business men, there could be  a, saving of $."50,000 made annually in the  handling of the public debt, $15,000 in  civil government salaries, $100,000 in the  administration of justice, $25,000 in the  the maintenance of public institutions,  $200,000 in public works, and $25,000 in  miscellaneous; or a total of $-1-15,000.  This saving could be made and not impair  the public service.  When the people of communities elect  to govern themselves they should shoulder all the responsibilities incident to self-  government. They should not appeal for  nor accept favor from the central government. , Will a manly young man, after  electing to leave the shelter of the parental roof, appeal year after year to the old  folks for assistance to buy shingles to be  used in keeping a roof over his own home ?  The provincial government is annually  called on for contributions to keep up fire  departments iu incorporated cities, and it  has not the good sense to say " No!" to  all such begging appeals. If the cities of  Victoria, Vancouver, New Westminster,  Nanaimo, Rossland, Nelson, Kamloops,  Kaslo and Vernon cannot maintain their  respective fire.departments without asking for driblets from the provincial government, then their people are lacking in  self-respect. If the city council of Nelson  has asked for any such appropriation,  Tin. TRIBUNE is of opinion that the council does not reflect public sentiment. The  people of Nelson were not beggars before  their town was incorporated, and incorporation has not changed them in that  respect.  Satisfactory Progress Shown in the Government's Annual Report Thereon.  Uol. Baker, minister of mines, has  handed down his annual report. It is almost entirely the handiwork of W. A.  Carlyle. provincial mineralogist. There  is a marked improvement in the style aud  general . body matter of the report and  map*, the work being profusely illustrated with scenes among the hills.  "  Up to 1S9S the value of all minerals  mined in British Columbia was $112,413,-  ���185, the last few years showing a marked  increase. Last year the total is placed at  $10,155,208, or an increase of 40 per cent.  Of this amount West Kootenay.is credited  with $0,705.70:3. The Slocan leads Trail  district by upwards of a million dollars.  Placer mining returns show a slight decrease, and that of coke an immense increase.  Mr. Carlyle goes fully into the progress  of mining, state and characteristics of the  country, formation and working of companies, and the interest of capital. West  Kootenay comes in for a large share of  attention, particularly the Slocan.  After dealing at length with the O.min-  eca country, Ainsworth, lllecille.waet and  Revelstoke, Mr. Carlyle passes on to speak  of t he Nelson mines. He first of all states,  however, that the city of Nelson has  grown very rapidly during the past year,  many new buildings having been erected,  as, from its location on the lake and on  the different lines of railroad, it must always be an important and central point.  Considerable development has been in  progress throughout the district, with  good results, as at the _ mir, Porto Rico,  Fern, Dundee, Athabasca, etc., and several other claims are said to now promise  well. Not much was done on the Poor-  man or the adjoining properties. The  writer visited no mines in this district  during the year.  In describing the Hall mines the report  notes that the matte smelting blast furnace at the works is the biggest on this  continent, and is capable of smelting 300  tons per day. During the year -17,500  tons of Silver King ore were smelted,  yielding 054,585 ounces of silver and 3,453,-  04-1 pounds of copper and a little gold.  For the Slocan district the net smelter  returns gave 3,(>JI,2S7 ounces of silver,  30,7(57,7(55"pounds lead, and 193 ounces of  gold, a value of $3,280,08(5, against $1,S54,-  011 the preceding year. The actual yields  per ton were 108.5 ounces silver, 45.7 per  cent, lead, a value per ton of $97.7). The  Slocan   mines paid dividends amounting  THE   WHITEWATER   MINE.'  to  $900,000 in  J807  The   actual  amount  As an instance of the unfairness with  which salaries aire fixed by the men who  run the Turner government, the following cases are cited. The principal of the  Rossland public schools, who has eight  assistant teachers tinder 'him,', is paid $80  per month, while a clerk in the education  office in Victoria is paid $85. The principal of the Kamloops public school, who  has three assistants under him, is paid $S5  a month, while the principal of the Nelson public school, who has five assistants  under him, is paid $75. The gold commissioner at Duncan Lake, in West Kootenay. where there is practically no business, is paid $125 a month, while the mining ���recorder for Goat River mining division, where there is some business, is paid  12A per cent, on the revenue collected.  Over $0,000 is appropriated for salaries  for stipendiary magistrates, who are in  every instance drawing salaries for other  positions. Why should a stipendiary  magistrate at Nelson be paid $00 a month  when he is drawing $114 a month as gold  commissioner and government agent?  Cricketers Organize.  Wednesday evening a meeting was held  in the law office of W. P. Brougham, for  the purpose of organizing a cricket club  in Nelson. The attendance was fairly  large and representative. J. Elliot was  elected chairman and J. Eraser secretary.  After the objects of the meeting had been  discussed, it was resolved to appoint a  committee, consisting of Messrs. Senkler,  Medley and Thomson, to secure use of the  recreation ground for cricket, to canvass  for members, to ascertain cost of outfit  for the club, and to take such steps as  they see fit to promote the welfare of the  club. The committee are to report at the  next meeting, to be held on April 0. All  persons desirous of being united with the  club are invited to be present.  paid in dividends cannot be stated, as  some of the mines, such as the now famous Payne, never make their profits  public, but it is known that the total  amount is at lease $1,800,000. of which  $900,000 was paid in 1897. The following  mines have stated publicly their dividends: Slocan Star. $400,000: Reco. $287,-  500: Idaho, $220,000; Rambler-Cariboo,  $40,000; G'oodenough. $32,500: Last Chance,  $37,000.  Mr. Carlyle notes that in IS97, the net  production of the Trail Creek mines was  OS.SOi tons, of which there were 97,024  ounces of gold, HO.OfiS of silver. J,8L!).580  pounds of copper, a value of $2,097,280, as  against $1,243,300 for the previous year.  The net average per ton was 1.42 ounces  gold, 1.00 ounces silver, 1.32 per cent, copper ; value, $30.48. From the above values  the cost ot mining, transportation, treatment and provincial tax has to be deducted, or, calculating from scanty information, from $15 to $18, leaving a'net  value or profit for the production of 1S97,  of from $12 to $10 per ton.  To date, February 1st, 1898, the Le Roi  has paid $725,000 in dividends, of which  $100,000 were paid during 1897. The War  Eagle has paid $187,000, but none since  1800.'  Rossland cannot'complain of lack of attention from capital, as few mining camps  during the last two or three years have  been so studied by capital's agents from  all parts of the world, attracted by the  gold ores, but deterred from purchasing  'by reason of this being not a milling ore,  or by the high figures demanded for  ground, valuable only as yet by its location iu reference to property already  proved up���a very doubtful value except  for speculation.  After giving an important account of  the Boundary Creek mines, Mr. Carlyle  concludes with an elaborate statement as  regards the coah mines, lie prints a list  of the accidents that occurred in the Island coal mines during 1897, and says:  "Once more  J   must express regret at  the close of another year that_ I. have to  make out the foregoing long list of accidents,   both   fatal   and   otherwise.      Although there is a marked decrease in the  number, still I must say that, in my opinion, there was a large number that might,  with     ordinary    caution,     have     been  avoided."   There were 33 accidents in all  in  the coal   mines, six of  which proved  fatal. _____________  Nearlng the Ledge.  T. C. Collins and his partner are continuing the long cross-cut tunnel on the  Li'/./.ie C, about 81 miles south of the city.  The tunnel is in over 300 feet, and signs of  mineral are appearing, snowing that the  ledge is near. On the surface the showing is good, with two feet of galena and  four feet of concentrating mineral. When  the ledge is tapped, the vein will be exposed at a depth of 100 feet, and is expected to show tip well. A 40-foot shaft  on the vein from the surface is in mineral  all the way down. It is purposed to have,  the property surveyed and crown granted  so soon as the snow goes. Not j far away  Thos. C. has another good claim called  the Free Coinage.  New English Company In Full Possession of  the Property.  The old owners have given over the full  possession of the well known Whitewater  mine. James Mack, formerly foreman of  the Washington, who, has just returned  from a three months' trip to New Voi'l.,  will occupy a similar position on the  Whitewater, having gone up to take  charge on Monday. The property is Lo he  worked to its fullest extent, and the number of men' to be employed will be governed entirely by circumstances.  As is pretty well known by this time,  the full control of the Whitewater passed  into the hands of the present management last week, which will now be known  as the Whitewater Mines, Limited. J. L.  Retallack, W. E. Mann and major Mont-  gomer.y,cowning a third in the mine, take  stock in the company iu exchange for  their third of the entire property. Last  December a certain payment was made  on the remaining two-thirds owned by .1.  C. Eaton and W. C. Price, on a basis of  $450,000, and an option given for 90 days.  The final payments were made in Kaslo,  J. Roderick Robertson, of Nelson, manager of the London & J3. C. Goldfields, S.  S. Fowler, ,'J. L. Retallack. and J. C. Eaton  being present. Messrs. Retallack, Montgomery, and Mann, owning claim�� adjoining the property, sold a two-thirds interest in these to the new organization, receiving a substantial cash amount, and  turning their remaining stock over to the  new company on receipt of their stock.  These have been amalgamated with the  Whitewater group.  The Whitewater Mines, Limited, was  floated in London for =��125,000, including  ��15,000 working capital, and the shares  are already at a healthy premium. Almost all the shares are held in the mother  country and are considered gilt-edged.  The dividends paid in the past by the  mine and the excellent showing of mineral at present existing, are to a large  measure accountable for the strong price  of the shares. Up to the present, including last Saturday's dividend of $10,000,  the Whitewater lias realized $191,000 over  and above all expenses. The mine, under  Mr. Eaton's management, has been  worked in an intelligent manner, and today is one of the best properties in Koot-  nay. In securing the Whitewater, the  English shareholders are largely indebted  to the indefatigable efforts of their provincial manager. J. Roderick Robertson,  of this city. .Regular dividends are an  assured fact as soon as the recent heavy  accumulation of snow permits of free  shipment of ore.  looked "over and found in good repair, and  will be set up in the new jail yard. Davis  has three guards watching him. relieving  each other every eight hours. He isper-  mitted'daily exercise in the yard, but is  closely watched. Mis appetite is good and  he has recovered his wonted spirits, one  of his favorite songs being, "The Girl I  left behind me." Davis refused ministerial comfort last Sunday.  CITY   COUNCIL.  ALDOUS   VS.   HALL   MINES.  Mr.  By-law Passed  Making Sewerage Connections  Compulsory tn' the City.  The eleventh regular meeting of the  city council was held on Monday afternoon. Present, mayor Houston in the  chair; aldermen Gilker. Malone,' llillyer  and Teetzel.  The public works reported on II. J.  Es_us re. gas franchise, stating that they  could not see their way clear to granting  any modifications iu their report of Feb.  17th. The-matter was referred back to  the council, who will consider it at the  next meeting.  Tenders for grading Water street and  putting in the necessary culverts were  received from:  Kxcnvatioii    Rook  Per yard     pei-yd.  Allen Urothei-.-..' 37c. S.'l (X)  Noll& Thompson.... --C. 1 '>:>  Nowling & Co  :��)e. . I  IS  SOPHIE    MOUNTAIN   CAMP.  D.   B.  Bogle, the Father ol' the New Field,  Speaks of its Mines.  ��� D. R, Rogle, one of the old citizens of  Nelson, was in town last week. Mr. Bogle  ���has not been in the city for two years,  and expressed himself as surprised at the  wonderful improvement in the city since  he was familiar with it. For the last two  years Mr. Bogle has been operating in  mines in the Trail Creek district for an  Fnglish company. Me claims to be the  father of the Sophie mountain camp,  ' which, since the phenomenal development  of the Velvet mine, has been attracting a  considerable amount of attention. In the  fall of 1S90 he organized the Victory-  Triumph Gold Mining Co., which did the  first sustained development work on Sophie mountain. Afterwards the Velvet,  which is the first northerly extension of  these properties, was purchased by the  New Goldfields. of British Columbia, a  ���London."company, of which Sir Charles  "Tapper''is chairman. This mine is now  developed'to a depth of ISO feet, and without stoping a pound, has opened up more  clean high grade gold copper ore than any  other prospect in British Columbia, for  the same amount of work. There is now  enough in sight to cover many times over  the original cost of the mine. During the  past winter the Velvet .shipped 350 tons to  the Nelson smelter.  The Sophie Mountain camp lies across  the divide which separates Little from  Big Slice)) creek. It is distant from the  Rossland Red .Mountain railroad about 5_  miles, and makes connection with the  railroad at Clarke's Camp, on the Colville  reservation, Mr. Bogle is largely interested in the new town of Melville, which  is at the foot of Sophie.mountain,' about a  mile and a half or under from the mines,  at which point it is the intention of the  companies operating both the Victory-  Triumph and the Velvet to establish reduction works. In Rig Sheep Creek this  townsite possesses unrivalled water  power, and the territory tributary to it  covers a large area and contains inanv of  the best looking prospects in the Trail  Creek division.  Hall Mines Smelter Returns.  The directors of the Hall Mines, Limited,  have received the following results of the  company's smelting operations for the  period of 22 days and 15 hours ending  February 25th. Pive thousand four hundred and thirty-six tons of ore were  smelted, yielding 321 tons of matte, containing approximately 125 tons of copper  7(5,020 ounces silver, and 102 ounces gold.  Preparations All Made for Hanging.  All preparations have been made for Lhe  execution of Davis, sentenced to be hanged on the 22nd. The gallows sent, here  last year from Kamloops for the execution  of Woods will be used. It has lain packed  up at the gaol  ever since.    This has been  Wall rock   Culvert  per vd.   per fool.'  $1 30 IJie.  rt) Kle.  75 _oe.  On motion of aldermen llillyer and  Gilker, it was resolved to defer the letting  of tenders to the next meeting. In the  meantime an investigation will be made  into the charges made against Noll &  Thompson of violation of their terms of  contract for building the Ward street retaining wall, as well as regards the payment of the men employed.  Dr. Arthur and Mr. Johnson, representing the school trustees, being present, addressed the council,asking its co-operation  in the matter of securing better school accommodation. At the suggestion of the  mayor it was arranged that a joint conference between the council and the  school trustees be held in the council  chamber on the3Lst instant.  Moved by aldermen Rillyer and Malone,  that the intersection of Baker and .Josephine streets be macadamized and permanent crossings laid, provided the adjacent  property owners agree to advance the  cost, said advances to be credited on any  frontage assessment levied atrainst them  for macadamizing or paving Baker street.  Communication received from John  Elliot unci J. 0. Aikman,-containing proposal for settlement of suit re. waterworks. Ordered received and the mayor  authorized to effect settlement on best  terms obtainable.  The city clerk was authorized to reply  to the communication received last week  from Kamloops city council, declining  their request, as the licensing board are  considered to have sufficient powers to  deal with the matter.  The following accounts were ordered  paid:  U. 0. (j'11/.ette. udverli.-iiiK liy-liiwi   1). I.iiwsoii. Mii-fueo drain on Hull street   Xoll & Tliomp-,011, Wnnl -Ireet rclniiiinK wall  By-law 2(5, dealing witli sewer connections, was reconsidered and finally passed  and adopted.  Alderman llillyer gave notice that at  the next meeting of the council he would  introduce a by-law imposing a tax on fire  insurance companies doing business in the  city.  The mayor was authorized to purchase  a water guage for the waterworks and  cause service pipe to be laid into the civic  buildings.  Mayor Houston was also authorized to  arrange for a site for a pound, and to have  same fenced and a house erected for pound  keeper.  Alderman Malone, W. A. Thompson,  chief of fire brigade, and John A. Turner,  president of the board of trade, were appointed fire wardens for the city.  City engineer McCulloch was appointed  building inspector., under provisions of  fire limits by-law.  Council then adjourned.  SLOCAN   NOTES.  .s _S .On  07 t;o  300 00  Fight men have re-commenced work on  the ' Ci'oodenough. An arrangement has  been made whereby A. M. Harris assists in  the long tunnel.  A dividend is promised by the Antoine  early next.mouth. The ore being shipped  is high grade, and about eight carloads-  will be exported in April.  Thr: new machinery at the Jackson  mines will be  in  running shape by April  .Montezuma   mill   has  been   closed  for a short time.  . O'JIearn, of Rossland and Sandon,  settlement With   his credi-  The  down  M. J  has effected  tors.  Eight inches of high grade ore were  struck last week on the Mary Durham,  adjoining the Mollie Hughes group, close  to Sew Denver. Considerable work has  been done on the property, and .monied  parties are endeavoring to purchase it.  Dardanelles stock is increasing in value,  as also Montezuma, several points being  advanced during the week.  A half interest in the Goodenough workings has been purchased by the Reco.  J. M. Harris states that he will make a  shipment of 100 tons of zinc ore to Swansea, Wales.  The Dardanelles reports" another  of ore, made last week.  -trike  Justice  Walkem.   at  Victoria, .Dismisses  Plaintiff's Case With Costs.  f '  Mr. Justice Walkem delivered his judgment last week, in Victoria, in the case of  Aldous vs. JIall Mines Co., which was  tried here, as follows: '  The plaintiff in  this adverse claim is a  married woman, living, as I gather from  the evidence, out of the jurisdiction, and,  in that sense, apart from her husband.- In  IS93 or 180J, it matters not which, her husband  took  out a mining license for her,  and has kept it renewed ever since.    Under the mineral laws of those years he lo-:  cated the mineral laud, in dispute in her  name, and, as he states, as her agent.    As  such,  he  has also  brought  this  adverse  claim on an affidavit of verification made  by himself.   This affidavit is objected to  on the ground that, according to section  14 of the mineral act of IS92, as amended  by section 10 of the mineral act of J893, it  should have been  made by the plaintiff.  The   amended   provision   is, as   follows:  "Any adverse claim to be filed shall be on  the oath of the person or persons making  the same, and shall show with reasonable  particularity, having regard to all the circumstances of the case, the nature, boundaries and erxtent of such adverse claim. -  *     *       *      *     Provided, however, that,  if an adverse claim has, in  the opinion of  the presiding judge, been bona fide made,  notwithstanding that the same may. have  been   imperfectly  made,   the  same shall  nevertheless  have  legal  recognition and  effect shall be given thereto according to  the intent thereof."  It is clear that this proviso, in view of  the context, merely authorizes a liberal  construction of the section to be given in  respect of the so-called reasonable particularities required to be stated ; but I cannot accede to the proposition of the plaintiff's counsel, that it has the effect of repealing the foremost or principal enactment in the section, namely, that "any  adverse claim to be filed shall be on the  oath of the person or persons making the  same." This enactment would seem to  have been borrowed'from section 2,320 of  the revised statutes of the United States,  which is as follows: '" Where an adverse  claim is filed during the period of publication, it shall be upon oath of the person  or persons making the same,''etc. This  provision was literally construed by the  United States courts: hence, to enable an  adverse claim to be instituted on an  agent's oath it was considered necessary  by congress to pass an net, which-it did  nil the 20th of April, 1882, to permit it.  No such act has been passed here.  Our rules of court in cases of "Attachment of Debts '" (see 0. IILV. r. 1) provide  that a garnishee order may be issued on  an affidavit of the "plaintiff, or his solicitor." It has been frequently held by  myself, as well as other members of the  court, that an affidavit of any other than  the "plaintiff or solicitor" was insufficient. When the language of a statute is  clear and unambiguous, as it is iu the present instance, it must he followed.  The plaintiff's claim to a strip of ground  marked "A" on the plan produced at the  trial was abandoned at the trial. But  this is neither here nor there, for the  foundation of this claim, namely, the affidavit of Mrs. Aldous, is wanting.  The claim must, therefore, be dismissed  with costs.  New Denver will be Helped.  Among the arrivals in the city on  Thursday were Messrs. Joraud and Fauquier, of New Denver. The latter has  but recently returned from Victoria,  where he was sent to interview the "government on behalf of the Slocan metropolis. As a result of his trip, Mr. Fauquier secured promises -from the whole  cabinet for $3,000 to repair the wagon  road to Three Forks, $1,000 for widening  and repairing the road to Silverton, and  $1,000 for grading streets and building  sidewalks in New Denver. He was also  assured that the Sandon delegation had  been refused the record office for the Slocan. The salary of the school teacher had  been raised to $(50, and an'appropriation  would probabljr be'made'towards organizing a'volunteer fire brigade. Mr. Fauquier stated business on Slocan lake was  improving, and the outlook for mining  particularly bright. On Four Mile the  Thompson, Emily Edith, Comstoek and  other mines were showing well. Seventeen men were working on the Wakefield,  but the force is to be increased to seventy  so soon as the snow goes off. Arrangements are being made for resuming work  on the Alpha, while the force on the Galena Farm is being steadily increased;  The compressor on this property is doing  good work. The bond on the Mollie  Hughes, half a mile from New Denver,  has been accepted, and a large force of  men employed. On the Mary Durham, an  adjoining property, a fine strike of galena  had been made last week, and a sale is  likely to be made. On the Fidelity, another nearby property, the showing continues good. The sampling works at  Rosebery are being rushed ahead, and.  together, New Denver aud vicinity i-  1111 encouraging condition.  al-  ih  A Society Event.  An event of much interest to society in  Nelson occurred on Wednesday, being the  marriage of R. .McDonald, of Brougham <fc  McDonald, barristers and solicitors, to  Mrs. Wlntuey. The ceremony took place  at, the Episcopal church on Wednesday.  Kev. 'Mr. Akehurst officiating. A reception was ;j fterwards held at tiie residence  of the bride's brother, manager Hedley.  of tin! smelter. Mr. and Mrs. McDonald  left on the afternoon boat for Balfour, to  spend the honeymoon.  m  k_,��*-  .'.c.  im��ag_����}i^^ ft THE  TRIBUNE:    NELSON,   B. U, SATURDAY,  Al^i'iL^   isiis.  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  THK'TKinUXK N |.iiiilisuo<l on Saturdays, by Tiik  'I'kiuunk l'um.i.sniNc: Company, and will bo mailed  to subscriber-, on payment, of Two Doiuhs :i yuar.  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Cinadahas nil the gold, silver,  nickel and copper she requires for "nrli  purposes, and hy regular purchases would  enlarge t.hV ru��ii"k��sr. iiicrc-i-^e llm flcmand  _ihd enhance the value of these metal.-, at  the same time realizing \i\rge profit" upon  all coins stamped. Wert- all the .smaller  bills retired in favor of silver, the effect)  upon Kootenay would be marked. British Columbia once had a mini", in the year  18(57, when the Island and the Mainland  were separate i-rown colonies. It was established at New Westminster, but after  .striking off a limited number of $2.f>0, $5  and $10, gold pieces. Sir'.James Douglas  closed it down, l)i'c;ni-:>; of the jealousy  aroused on the Island. That contingency  is not. to be feared now, as one and all are  only too anxious to get their hands on a  (Marketable coin, no matter where issued.  Nelson, with the only .smelter operating  in the dominion, is the place for the mint,  so let it come.  ��it�� Stteibmte*  SATURDAY   MORNING..  .Al'IMI. _   IfWS  It is a source of satisfaction to learn  that Nelson is to have the land registry  oflice, and funds have been set apart in  the estimates for salaries to a registrar  and clerk. The idea was not lo be entertained that the office would have been es-  tablished elsewhere, however greatly it  might; have been desired by interested  parties. Nelson has always been looked  upon as the centre of the district, and the  government is but - following out the  natural order of things in centralizing its  business in Kootenay. It will take some  months to have the records at Victoria  and Westminster copied for the local  office, but.once established, the vexatious  delays and ofttimes monetary losses of  the past will be obviated. The next  thing will be to provide adequate accommodation for the office, which cannot be  hud in the present building.  Ti-iri.I- new gold commissioners have  been provided for West Kootenay, to preside over the Trail Creek, Slocan and  Duncan Lake districts. This may be taken as recognition from the government  of rhe fact that the country is progressing. Kootenay has become too large to  be efficiently governed by two men. ' Its  many camps have each diversified interests, separate and distinct from the other,  and they can be better governed by men  on the spot, who are familiar with them.  Provided the commissioners are allowed a  set sum every year to expend on public  improvements, the new departure will be  a success, but scanty sums, as meted out  in the past, will not permit of a freehand.  The situation will simply resolve itself  into one of an easy berth with a comfortable salary.      The West  Kootenay Protective   Association has, by the action of a few members allowed itself to be classed us an organization   without spirit aud servile to  the  biggest  monopoly  Canada has  ever  witnessed.    As an   organization,  it   professes   to  have as  members  the leading  .mining men of the district, who are supposed to have at heart all  matters affecting and pertaining to the industry.   Saturday evening a half dozen members of  this association held a meeting in this city  and passed a resolution urging the dominion government to refuse the Corbin charter in favor of the CP.lt..and stating that  a petition had been signed by the leading  business men of Nelson against the American road.   This latter is not so, as the petition   was  signed   by a scant  few.    The  business  men of Nelson, as evidenced  by  the recent action of the Board  of Trade  and the City Council, are strongly in favor  of railway competition.    They believe in  railroad rivalry, I'or it has benefited Kootenay, and it  will  assuredly   help   Boundary.    It was hardly deemed possible that  an  intelligent  body of  men would have  lent thems'lves to the furtherance of the  designs of a company  that  is  palpably  cloaking the truth.    The association  has  allowed a few of its members to make it a  mere tool of the C.I.Mt.  No.province iu Canada has hud a  more  reckless  combination of financiers  than  those n >w  operating  the   governmental  machinery at Victoria.���Mercier, of Quebec   boodle' fame,   not  excepted.      Each  year, since, power  was  vested  in   them,  they have inn the province in debt, which  has grown  larger with the expansion of  revenue.    This year the expenditures bid  fair to run close to a million dollars above  the   revenue.    A   deficit   of   $5_0,000,   in  round number--, has been acknowledged,  and  the  Mipplementaries   have   not  yet  been   brought   down.    In  every   department there is an increase ot expense to be  noted, and in the matter of salaries, miscellaneous   items,   .and    public   improvements in the I-land and Coast constituencies, money is granted in  the most reck-  less manner.    Tho  total receipts for the  year are placed at $1,-100,000, and by care-'  ful legislation and judicious expenditure,  this could be made to cover the needs of  the  public, at  least in a manner to win  confidence. ' If  the  people saw an effort  being made to stem the tide of bankruptcy so rapidly   approaching   they   would  feel more content;lbut when  large sums  of money are squandered on unnecessary  works in out of the  way corners of government pocket boroughs, and when company   promoters   and   chartermongering  friends are granted exorbitant demands,  then  unrest and   dissatisfaction   obtain.  Iu the general wreck there is a mad rush  made i'or   the  spoils, and the provincial  authorities  have lost   their   heads   completely in the excitement.  At Fort Steele it is currently reported  and believed tha'. I-Ion. Colonel Baker,  minister of mines, will be opposed at the  approaching elections by W. Baillie,  editor of the Prospector. The fact that  in the recently issued report of the department of mines, but scant attention is paid  to northeastern Kootenay, is being used'  with damaging efTectagaitist the warlike  colonel. Mr. Baillie's forte lies in the  power of his pen, which is of vastly more  power than minister Baker's oratorical  sword. As a writer Mr. Baillie excels, but  as a speaker he has yet to make repute.  It will not cake much effort to equal and  defeat the minister of mines, whose chief  claim to political distinction lies iu his  ability to promote townsite schemes and  peddle railway charters.  Ix its last issue the Victoria Nation  ventures a homily upon the swiftness and  certainty of British justice, as exemplified in the conviction of murderer Davis.  According to editor Carley, the deed was  committed on April 18, assizes called for  March 22, and the execution set for April  22. The point in the article and its effect  are somewhat obscured by the bad mixture of the dates. The crime was committed on February 18, and the assizes  called for March 21. Aside from these  -light errors, the fact remains that Davis  will be hanged on the 22nd instant, aud i  the chances are he will drop into eternity  unconscious alike of the Nation and its  errors.  purposes connected" in the act of lttSS  were amended in 1S9G to read '"in coiinec-  li"iiwith." Tome this is an important  dilfeience. Had the old winding stood  when ihe loyalty on cord wood was imposed, ir> would only have allowed a farmer to fiit. cord wood for his own use, but I  think i he legislature seeing this would be  hardship, designedly altered the wording,  -o as to prevent a farmer., from being  taxed for clearing his land for the purposes of cult ivatioti.  As you are  well  aware, many  so-called  pre-emptions   have  been staked  and  recorded   for  tho sole   purpose of  cntlin_r  cord wood, as they are perfectly   unlit fur  any cultivation or grazing purposes whatever; and as the parties staking  and recording them  have no intention of. proceeding'to obtain a crown grant, it is only  right that the government should realize  what it can out of such tracts of laud, aud  in   lieu  of purchase    money and  annual  taxes  get  some return   by , means   of a  royalty on  the 'cordwood.    It is no  real  hardship on the man.    But in the case of  a bona  fide farmer who annually clears  and puts,into cultivation a few  acre--of  ground, it'certainly is a hardship to  tax  him for so doing.*    Mind  you,   he  is   perfectly free to clear such -land and to stack  up all the wood and burn  it, but the  moment he wishes to pay himself in part, I'm-  his labor (for the price he realizes per cord  does not nearly pay him for clearing (he  land), the government steps in and' grabs  about 25 or 30 per cent at least of what lie  would otherwise get by way of wages for  hauling ir out and  stacking it: and  having got out his wood and  piled it on  the  beach or elsewhere during the winter, he  has a large amount of temporarily unremunerative work  to perform  before  his  land  is  in any  way  fit for  cultivation.  Why not allow him to keep the-e 25 cent  pieces and so enable him to  hire, help, n>-  give him a chance to realize a fair day's  wages i'or the work of himself and team?  The injustice I allude to comes in in rhi  case of the older places.   Take  my  place  here for example. This was a pre-emption  under the 1SSS act, and a crown grant was  duly obtained in March, 1S02.   Some sixty  odd acres   have    been   cleared   of   trees  and   the   whole   of   that  area   is   being-  used today.    What has not been  planted  with fruit and vegetables has been sown  to grass; cows and horses are grazing on  it.    Nobody ever breathed of collect ing a  tax for so clearing it.    Tn the first  beginning a number of saw-logs were taken off,  on which the royalty then in force, was  collected, but the smaller stuff wa- for the  most part sold to the steamboats anil general   public  for cord wood.     The  money  realized, as I said, does  little  more  tln.n  pay for cutting it up and' hauling and  stacking and waiting for a market.    This  small profit becomes less year by year as  the   distance to   haul   becomes   great"r,  while the market remains the same.    An  additional piece was set out for clearing  this winter, and, relying upon section 5,  which I quoted above, arrangements were  made for selling the wood  to steamboats  as formerly, and  I now  find   that  I am  taxed $.100 because 1 gave employment to  five   men   and   three   horses  during  the  greater part of the winter, instead of converting the wood into ashes and gn<    In  future I shall certainly adopt this  latter  course, because I could   more  profitably  expend the $100 in other ways.  The wood  was cutentirely "iu connection  with  the  farm,"  being immediately contiguous to  portions already cleared and  under cultivation, and this new portion will itself be  utilized this summer.    It would have been  better to have allowed me to use that $100  in paying labor to finish  this work, than  make me  pay  it  into  the  treasury  and  then avail myself of the option of having  it returned to me as ati  interest-bearing  loan. There are, of course, scores of others  who are similarly situated with myself.  I  may say  hundreds, and  who  look   upon  the working of these clauses as a hardship  and injustice.    It would not be very diHi-  cult to set this matter right, but as I am  afraid I am already trespassing too much  upon  your space, I  will  not  go  further  into it at the present time. Yours truly.  Ciiaku_s W. Br.sis'.  Canadian General Electric Company, Ltd.  Capital $1,500,000.   .Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.  MINERS! You can make use of water power ��0 miles from your mines with our system.  We can also sell you complete telephone outfits and install them.  British Columbia Branch Offices      "'^g^ZiX^!?1      Frank Darling, Kootenay Agent  NELSON, B. G.  BRANCH MARKETS   .    .    .    .   .  Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three  Forks and Sandon, in Slocan District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and eured meats.  OpHpyi! hv mail fiqrflfnllv flllprl nnrt nrnmoMv t'nrwnvried.  .lying idl>' I'm- yi-in--. .iming to trmilile  among t If iiu'iim--.. Tlic WMikinir of t.his  properly will Ii:iv<j;i dig inllui'nct' on ilin  bu-iiiic-^ i>l' t In- i-niiip.  It, is- -r.;itf.l i h>it. I). J. .Mi-Domdd. formerly maimgi-r uf the Galena Irariu and  now provincial mini' inspector, will resign  the latter to go into the employ of the  British Anicricn Corporation.  Twenty ions of ore is on the dump of  the   Kali-p'dl.  on   Ten  Mile .creek, ready  for   ship; i.    On-    previously    shipped  gave smelt er rt'Liirn- i if -KjT miiii't's in nil-  vet'.     Pour men an* working conslaui ly.  The first payment of ten per cent, hn<  been made on the .Moll in ,11 ut> he- hond.  Three im-hi������ ol -olid galena ha- hern  st,i uclc mi iii'1 Wi'-t m.uini, opposite the  l_Niter|iri-e. un Ten Mile This properly  i-i owned In Gorman W'i-.-i. ami I'Yank  Griffil.lis, and Die latter has run over 800  feet of tunneling-ingle handed.  Twenty-five ineii are working constantly on the Coins-rock, on Knur Mile.  OUK   STOCK   OIE1  Is new and fresh, and added to every week by arrivals direct from  the wholesale houses, west and east.    We buy for Cash in laro-e   .  quantities, and can give our customers the benefit of g-ood  ��� buying-.     Wc  make   a   specialty of  Fresh Fruits and  Vegetables,  and   everything   iii   these   lines   kept  in   season.     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We inleiul keeping our slock of ..roods strictly  Up-to-date  _B_A._EC_E_=_   STBEET,    HSrELSO-tST  Wc lire agon Is for  Kennedy & Doug-las,  Merchant Tailors, Toronto,  -Wll  Talton & McKay,  Fine Custom Shirt Makers  Hamilton  A complete range of sample-; I'or spring  from hnlh linns  Mail orders will receive prompt iillcnlioa  SLOCAN    MININGr   NOTES.  DEEMS   IT   AN   INJUSTICE.  Tin-: government occasionally  shows a  glimmer of sanity.    L'.ist Thursday it permitted the adoption, of a resolution favoring  the establishing of  a national mint,  and   urging  the dominion authorities to  iiy.ve it erected in British Columbia..   Not  that the resolution will have much effect  at Ottawa, but it will serve as a drawing  <.*urd.at the elections.    Canada could make  a  handsome  profit  by coining  her  own  money,   and   the   more   silver   used   the  greater the benefits accruing to mineown-  ei' and country.    Jt is figured chat an establishment   with   a   yearly capacity  of  two   million   coins, of   various denominations, would cost only $1H,000, one-third of  Koka.vkk Cuki.k, March 21th, ISUS.  To tiik I'-Ditou ok Tiik Timhuxk: Sir,  Now that the provincial government and  several members of the legislature are interesting themselves in evolving a scheme  for assisting farmers in their financial arrangements, it would appear to bean appropriate moment to call their attention  and the attention of the public generally  to a clause in the Land' Act, which, as interpreted and carried out, is a hardship,  and I think T may add. an injustice to  many.  The Land Act Amendment Act, 1800,  section 2 (repealing section 18 of the Land  Act and inserting an amended section in  lieu of .it) enacts for; the first time that a  royalty of 2." cents per cord for all cord-  wood ..sold is to be reserved, and this upon  all lands, whether previously crown  granted without that reservation or not.  In section f> of this ISU0 act, section 77 is  repealed and re-enacted with amendments  as follows: "This act shall not be const rued.so as to inflict penalties upon *    *  * ;:" farmers cutting timber in connection with their farms" * * * The original   section   77   is   worded    as   follows:  * * fanners (Hitting timber for purposes connected with their farms * * etc.  Observe  the  difference; the  words  "for  From August I last, to March 5, the  mines around Sandon shipped 20,230 tons  of ore.  The Argo has been leased by \V. Warner i'or two years.   Work has commenced.  Fight inches of galena was struck in  the tunnel of the Conductor, near the  Queen Bess, last week. C. W. Greenlee  bonded the claim two mouths ago from  \V. filscn. of Kamloops.  More men have been ijiil u�� work lately  on the Payne, lleco and Slocan Scar.  Now that spring is advancing, several  of the properties on Four Mile creek are  increasing their forces. ' Asa result, business is reviving in Silverton.  Bruce White .states that the Slocan  Star mill will resume operations about  April loth. The mill and mine will then  be run to their full capacity.  Cash has been paid down, and the two-  thirds interest in the Whitewater-mine,  owned by J. C. Eaton and W. C. Price,  has passed into the hands of the English  company, represented here by J. Ii.  Robertson, and subsidiary to the London  & B. C. Goldfields.  The Idaho is taking out forty tons of  ore per day.  The men at present working on the Noble Five are engaged cleaning out the  levels and stopes, ztnd getting everything  in shape for, the resumption of general  operations.  Six inches of clean ore was struck on  Sunday in the Whitewater Deep, at a  depth ol'.I.,000 feet.  Williamson, Holt/, and Byron have resumed work on the Fidelity.  The Ruth is taking out some very high  grade ore at present.  Work will be recommenced on the Alpha  group, close to Silverton, so soon as the  snow goes,    This large property has been  mor  Askoft  BLAGKSIVIITH1NG AND  EXPERT HORSESHOEING  Spring is here and the house requires renovating. Your walls would look better if  nicely tinted. Nothing like alabastine.  We keep all colors.  If your house is in need of paint Sherwin,  Williams and Acme Paints are always  good.    We have a nice assortment.  Your floors would look decidedly better and  save you a lot of work if covered with  a coat of Granite Floor Paint. Good  colors, hard and durable.  Vancouver   Hardware   Co  Cordova Street, Vancouver, and  Baker Street,  Nelson.  Wagon   Repairing  Promptly Attended  to  by a First-Glass Wheelwright  . __^__TJGTZOJSrE_H]JRS  ESTATE AID FINANCIAL AGENTS  West Baker Street, Nelson  Special attention given to all kjnds of repairing  an,d custom work, from outside points  2-Storey 7-Room House, Price $1700  SHOP:    Cor. Baker an,d Hall Sts. flelson.  SHERIFF'S   SALE.  Province of  Itril.ish  Columbia, Xolson. West   Ivoolonuy.  I.o-wil,: ' '  Hy virtue of a warrant, of oxeeution issued out. of the  supremo court of Hrifisli Columbia at the suit of John A.  Turner & Co., i>lainti!)'s, and l.o me. directed against lhe  goods mid chattels of Duncan McDonald, defendant, I  have seized and taken in execution all flic right, title,  and interest of Lhe said defendant. Duncan McDonald, iu  the "Nip and Tuck" and "Stanley" mineral claims, situated iienr Whitewater, in the Ainsworth niiningdivision,  and recorded in tho mining recorder's oilice iu the city of  Kaslo. H, (.'., to recover the sum of ��27- 1)1, amount of  said execution, (less ��100 paid on account), besides interest, sherill's poundage, and all other legal costs and incidental expenses, all of which I shall expose for sale, or  sullicient thereof to satisfy saidjiidginenl, debt and costs,  at the front of the court house, in the City of Nelson, B.  C, on the Itli day of April. A. D. 1S9S. at the hnur of 11  o'clock in the forenoon.  None: Intending purchaser.-; will satisfy themselves  as to interest and title of .-aid dci'einlniil.  W. I'.  IIOBINSON. Deputy Sheriff.  Dated al. Nel-(,n. .Mnrcli IStli, 18II.S. [Mii.roli _Milli|  We are daily opening- our new Spring- Goods and will be pleased  to have everybody come and have a look-at our stock. Latest  designs in Silk and Wool Dress Patterns.  Dress Goods from 12 1-2 cents up  Beautiful Designs in Summer Suiting's 12 1-2 cents  A large Stock: of New Prints, Dress Ginghams and Muslins  New Spring- Clothing, Hats, Gents' Furnishing-s, Boots and Shoes  Prices to Suit  the Times  The cheapest place to buy goods is at the store of...  Ii you have any birds you wish to have stalled,  and deer heads or antlers lo mount, or any  other work in the taxidermist's lino see George  Shicll. j  AND 1)KAU.US lNT  AI,L   WORK   LKKT   AT   W.  K.   T101.TZKL  &   CO.'S  1)HI?0 STOHI0 1'KOAim'liY ATTIONDJOD TO  Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Fish, Oysters, Live and Dressed Poultry,  Game, Smoked Meats, Etc.   Baker Street, Nelson.  1  m  m  "4  ��� II *>    -     r hflV .   .    ��^.  ir-vHii "���^wf.\,.^ryi .i/.yj, ���. :s ,"���.���.���������.-���.v,".���"������ 17?':? r?-"1''-"r'���vy,^m"~,vfvi>":\^~, '���sty- ^"i^r.Tw^Ti���:���s.'i-���.--.-. ���;��� ������:������.������ .-���n ��� '. -v: r^TT^\:r''"i'J f���*:'.T'"TT"''^T'*Ti-:'*fi*i.".��''T t -"-rvm '���'^���-^���.���'���v.r.'vjtwr.'v.v.a-n-^sr ���!���_��� ������^~~ m,   ���������,������ �����.��������������� ;i."i-. i^���gs-*.-t'z~znt* ��_>. '���im.-'-m,"t"ir'.-^-yr^,J.: ���!-���. ������������.���.���  .���,y-pmmTftiM'^jy_", i���r^-���. "w-^j ������ THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, A PRTL '*, L8'J8.  Capital,  Rest,.  all paid  up.     -  $12,000,000  6.000,000  LORD STIiATirCON'A   AND   JIT.  ROYAL, President  ���Ion. UEO. A.  DRUMMOVD Vicu-Prosident  10   R. OLOUSTON General Manager  CORPORATION  OF THE CITY OF NELSON  FINANCIAL STATEMENT  ISKCHII'TS   A XI l     IJISIil'ltSBMK.VTS    KOH    Till:  UCAKTKK    IIKCIN.VIN'G    ON    JAXUAHV  v.suisu  ox   .makcii  HIst, 1808.  1ST,  I'lXAXCl.VI.  1S98,   AM)  EECEIPTS  k  .jsroia:  nley Streets.  Licenses '.   Police court lines?   Water  rates '   Real estate taxes   Miscellaneous   Total   Overdraft at Rank of Montreal.  Grand Total   ���   ukanchks in      LONDON   (EnKland).   NEW  YORK.   CHICAGO  and in the principal cities in Canada.  15 n   unit   -������!!   Sterling   Kxohange  and   I'nhli    Transfers  UU,INT rnMMI'l��:l.VI.  ,VNH THlVBIJ.KIIB' PltKIHTS.  available iu any pari of the world.  iii.mk'|v'|us-|'KIi    I'dl.l.KI'TIOVH  MA1S10:   KT1!,  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  RATE OV INTEREST (at present) 3 Per Cent.  MINERAL   SPECIMENS.  Enough ore Is blocked out, on the Porto  ' Rico tfi-oup to last for two years.  Work on the Dundee tramway is being  rushed.  Saturday last the British America Corporation made their final payment, on the  Columbia & Kootenay, amounting to  $200,000. Tin-! payment was made at Chicago.  II. J. Riymer, bailiff, .-old Saturday,  at Rossland. the Tillie mineral claim, on  the north fork of Salmon river, to cover  a debt of $21.50, owed by J. West prate.  The War tingle syndicate has purchased a controlling interest of the stock  in the iMonita, on Red mountain, paying  12-i cents per share, a total of $91,000. J.  B." McAu Inn:.. Rn-s Thompson. R. A.  Bealcy, J. l\. Cook and W. Austin were  the principal holder-1.  A syndicate of itossland men, headed  by Dabney & l'arker and .1. S. Clute, has  purchased the lrtica group- of three  claim-!, adjoining the Tamarac, in the  Vmir camp. A company has been incorporated to work the property.  Messrs. Ellis and Lugrin, proprietor and  editor of the Victoria Colonist, have been  summoned for contempt of court for publishing a prejudicial article dealing with  the iN'est, Egg Mining Co., at Itossland, vs.  Che Rand Drill Co.  Owing to scarcity of coke, one of the  blast furnaces at the Le Roi smelter, at  Northpfrt-c,-,jias been closed down.  The slide in the Consolation mine, at  the mouth of Malliday creek, in the Big  Bend country, has been pierced, and in  the lirst four buckets from the paystreak  $29.70 in coarse gold was taken; out, including ��i $10 nugget.  Darby & Errington, owners of-- the Iron  Hand group at Albert Canyon, have sent  seven sacks of ore as a test to the Nelson  smelter.    It is a galena proposition. -  The War Eagle shipped G-iO tons of ore  last week to the Nelson smelter.  :/   Fifty thousand shares in the Josie'have  './been sold to Toronto parties at 27A cents  per share.  A new free milling camp has been located two and a half 'miles from Grand  Forks.. Surface showings are encouraging.  J". McGonigle and G. .Parsons were injured a few days ago by a premature  blast in the Le Roi.  Seventy thousand shares have been  sold in the Lai'deau-Goldsmith mines, a  Lardeau proposition.  J. E. llooson, of Rossland, is mentioned  as. the successor as recorder to J. Ivirknp,  who is to be made gold commissioner.  The War Eagle people are securing the  Pilgrim claim, which adjoins the big  mine. J. R. Cook's one-fifth interest was  purchased last week.  The I.'earl and Ruby fractious, south'of  Lhe Le Roi, have been sold to an English  company for upwards of $15,000. Seeley,  Laurie, Hauey and Kerneen were the  owners.  Returns have been received from Taeoma of the last carload of concentrates  sent out by the Pern mine, showing the  same to carry $00.78 per ton in gold.  W. A. Carlyle, ex-provincial mineralogist, entered upon his duties with the  British America Corporation yesterday.  Montreal parties have purchased the  Gertrude, a short distance from the Le  Roi, and which has been idle for years.  They will incorporate a new company  and spend $40,000 in development.  The Tamarac mine, at Ymir, is to erect  a five-stamp mill at once.  The Copper Star group, consisting of  seven claims, on White Grouse mountain,  has  been  acquired  by  the Kaslo-Slocan  Development Co. Mrs. Jennie Harris, S.  D. Lanclecker and J. A. Casey were the  sellers, and they took stock instead of  cash.  A special general meeting of the St.  Elmo Gold  Mining Co.  will   be held   at  Rossland on April 25, to arrange for developing the property.  The Pug mineral claim, belonging to the  Columbia & Ontario Gold Mining Co., is  to be sold at Rossland on April 2.'i, to  satisfy a debt of $1,9-12.22 and charges, at  the instance of J. B. Miller. .  McrcNsrcs.  Retail Traders-  Alexander Campbell   C. F. Goodwin   Al. K.ilsetti      W. II. Hooper   A.Mauze&Co '   Francis Holland   G. O. Miiehannn  ...  .Robert .Hurry      F. .1. VanKuren   (icorge Ifiehter   .  ..  John Weinberg          .1. A. Irving & Co   S. V. Mrnckmnn .'   Manhattan Sril'inn   '   .loseoh Sturgeon    C. W. Smith    A. I.  White   Mary Malotte   Margaret McLcod    W. F: Teetzel & Co   Fred Irvine & Co   Nelson Hardware Co   John Keefer   ,T, A. Gilker   Russell & Thurman        Thomas Madden   Wallace & Miller   T. U. May.;   Silver King Hotel   Moher & Mliss     Sinclair & Co   Asherol't &. McClelland   Jacob.Dover...'   M. DesBrisay & Co   J.J. Walker   Matheson & Graham   W.J. Morrison    I'. Hums &'Co   Farley & Simpson    10. ti. Mills.   Ivirkpatriek & Wilson l   S. K. Kmerson   Farley & Simpson (hotel)   Hyde, Titsworth & Co   Thomson Stationery Co   Lawrence Hardware Co   W. II. Graham & Co   A. T. Garland & Co   Nelson Shoo On   S. ,L Mighton   .1. II. 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W. kobinsnn (I billiard lalilel    S 1,027 50  128 (K)  911 (HI  615  0(1  �� 0,(il7  2.821  75  11  .$ il.lll 80  i        5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  . 5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 0(1  ��� 5 00  5 0!1  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  500  f> 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 0(1  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 0(1  :'> 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  ;> 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  r> oo  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  . 5 00  ' 5 00  5 00  5 00  r> oo  5 00  .-> 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  .I 00  5 00  5 00  5 00,  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  y 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  r> oo  5 00  , 5 00  5 1)0  5 00  5 00  5 IK I  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  10 00  10 00  10 00  !() 00  10 00  10 00  50 00  .50 00  50 00  50 00  150 00  150 00  150 00  150 00  150 00  150 OO  150 (K)  150 00  150 00  150 00  150 00  150 00  150 00  150 00  150 00  250 00  250 00  250 00  250 00  ���'.Ml <MI  .ill no  50 (X)  12 50  12 50  12 50  12 50  12 50  12 50  12 50  12 50  12 50  12 50  12 50  12 50  12 50  12 50  .'2 50  12 50  2 50  5 00  2 50  2 50  2 50  10 00  10 00  10 IK)  2 50  2 50  ���> 50  25 00  25 00  25 00  5 no  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  10 00  50 00  50 00  5 00  Auctioneers���  C. A. Waterman & Co        MtSCIOLLA.VKOUS.  Police'Court Fines��� .  A.J. Mark-   K. T. Wilsnn   A  J. Flanigan   W. II. Hooker      Charles Blanchavd      C. Roberts      J. Pepin   U.S. Wilson  :   ���..  .V. \elson   P. Conwery   C. Genevoau   H. Tys      Miscellaneous���  L. Wait   M. Wilton   M. Smith  :   C. Harris   C. Wilson  '...  1  J.  A.  S.  J.  J.  S.  L.  G.  M.  R.  Dunbar   Hannah    West   Burton      Dunbar   North      Woodson   Robison    W. Payne....  Brown   Dunbar   .Dec. Jan. and Feb.   Jan. and Feb.  ..Dec. Jan. and Feb..   Jan. and Feb..  RKAL'KSTATE TAXES. '  Mrs. A. M. Oa'kcs ���   WATER RATES.  Cosmopolitan Club Dec. and Fob.  W. B. Mnir Jan. and Feb.  W. A. Wiinl     '���  J. A. Gilker     "  Thomas Madden    " "  A. G:  Lowe ���:.    " "   ,  P. Burns & Co         " "   .  Jessie North    " "  C. Wilson   S. Woodson    " "   .  May Milton   ��� " "   .  Clara Harris    " "   .  Sadio Burton  '....    " '"   .  Agnes West     " "   .  Mollierimilh     " "-.  John .Ulomborff     " "   .  Wilson & Harshaw    " "   .  William Ironsides.  C. J-l. Ink   T. M. Ward   Mary Malutte     " "   .  O. Lund    " "   .  West Kootenay Butcher Co   " "   .  E. C. Travcs     " ��� "   .  Broken Hill Mining Co     " "   .  Neelands Bros ���  "      *     "   .  Matheson & Graham      " "   .  A. H. .CJoiucnts    "    ,       "   .  MalonctS: Tregillus    " "   ���  William-Wilson    " "   .  Estate John Johnson    " "   .  Mrs. Thelin Ian.  Canada Book & Drug Co . .Jan. and Feb.  Tribune Publishing Co ....    "  J. A. Turner & Co     " ���"   ���  George Steed    " "   ���  Miner Printing Co    " "   ���  E. J. Curran   William Ball   M. DesBrisay & Co   Robert Hurry   Fred Irvine & Co .'   Lawrence Hardware Co..  W. G. Robinson   C. E. Young & Co   E. C. Clarke   J. Sturgeon    California Wine Co   II. J. Evans & Co   Jacob Dover   Mrs.   10.  McLaughlin   Farley & Simpson.:   West &  Emerson   A. S. Malmstroin   P. E. Emerson   '   Hip Chung   Manhattan Saloon    A. L.  Dolan Nov.  W. IL Grant   Ashcroft, & McClelland ....    " "   ....  John Kcefor     " "'   ���  J. II. Vanstone     " "   ���  Mr��. Jermo ��� ���" "   ���  D. MoFarland Dec, Jan. and Feb....  Mrs. Gilbert .-  Richardson & Perdue .  Donley & Thomas     " "   ..  A. Bauy.e & Co     " "   ..  F. J. VanBuren      " "   ..  W. J. Wilson     " "   ..  W.J. Morrison      " "   ..  "William Irvine...' ."..Doe.."Jan. anil Feb..  P.J. Russell Ian. and Feb..  Patterson & Steeper        "* '*   ..  John Seoley       " "   ..  Turner & Huickh       " "   ������  Vancouver Hdwre. Co ...      "  J. II. Anderson        "       II. Stutter Nov., Dee., Jan. and Feb..  W. F. Teetzel & Co       " "   ..  C. W. Greer... Oct., Nov., Dee. and Jan..  R. W. Dav Nov., Dee., Jan. and Feb..  C. P. R. Co  Nov. and Dee .  John Houston Jan. and Feb..  10. E. Phair       " "   ..  Thorpe & Co.'    " '*   ������  George It. Hay ward    " "   ..  Turner. Beeton & Co     "  A. Macdonald & Co    " "   ..  E. Kilby     " "   ..  Bank of Montreal     " "   ������  Bank of B. C    " "   ..  G. W. B. Heatheote     " "   ..  John Elliot        " "   ..  10. V. Brougham  Half of Feb..  T.J. Duncan Ian. and Feb..  H. G.  Neelands     " "   ..  Provincial Government    " "   ..  Farley & Simpson Feb..  T. B. May Feb..  ('. F. Goodwin Ian. and Feb..  Fred Stone      " "   ������  Theodore Madson     " "   ..  W. A.MacDonald     " "   ..  Chas. A. Waterman&Co..    " "   ..  Chas. A. Waterman    " "   ������  T. A. Mills     " "   ..  J. Hastie   A. L. McKillop   A. G. Gamble...Oct,  G. V.Holt   H.J.  Evans   A..Miller   Mrs. A. B. Gray ....  F. W. Peters   Kirkpatrick & Wilson.  S. Wliitc  Jan. aud Feb.  .  W. P. Robinson.. Half Dec. Jan. and Feb...  Dr. Hall  Dec. and Feb..  .Jan. and Feb..  .Jan, and Feb..  ..Dec. Jan. and Feb..  Nov. Dec. to Jan 15..   Feb..   Inn. and Feb..  ..Half Jan. and Feb..  . .Jan. and Fob...  ....Half of Feb.'..'  ..Jan. and Feb   .  ..bin. iinil Fob  Jan. and Feb  James McDonald.  .  J. A. Forin....   F. Simpkins      Ed  Ferguson .-   A. C. Ewart   Frank Fletcher   S. S. Tavlor   M. Dully   Sain Marshall   John   Hamilton  H.  E. Croasdai le...  Dr. Forin         " "   ������ ���  LaBau &   Forin....     " ' "   ...  John Rod way :            "   ...  C. IL Leicester Half Jan. and Feb...  Dr. Armstrong..Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb...  A. F. McKinnon Jan.and Feb...  J. R. Robertson..Oct.Nov. Dee. Jan. Feb...  I!. L. Armitt Ian. and Feb...  Nelson Club.. .Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb...  W. (I. Lillie Half of Feb...  J. C. Robinson     "   ...  :d isb "u-:rse :m::e :rsra?s  Furniture and  fixtures  S  Fire department   Miscellaneous  i   Sidewalks   Streets '   Salaries -   Sewers (construction)   Sewers (maintenance)   Printing and stationery   Police department   Waterworks (construction)   Waterworks (maintenance)   Plant and   tools.   Health department   Legal expenses   Public buildings   Street, lighting   Fuel and light   50 00  Jerry Stiin��oii,]iibnr   David  WVioil.s. lal o -   JI. U ppin. assisting engine r   Micha-I Stanton, labor   Noll & Thompson, Ward street contract.  J. Brandenburg, dialling ern sin.-js .....  7 25  7 25  7 25  7 25  17 25  12 50  12 75  7 25  27 50  10 00  (if) 00  00 00  00 00  GO 00  20 00  00 00  (M 00  10 00  20 00  10 00  10 oo  40 00  5 00  20 00  20 00  Total.  :i 75  it:��  !l to  2 50  ..     1,725 00  12 50  . .S l.t>3U 40  b.v-  (i 25  3 00  4 50  10 00  7 50  15 00  ti 00  13 00  4 50  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 00  5 01)  5 00  10 (HI  10 110  3 00  3 00  3 IX)  - 12 00  15 (10  10 00  4 00  12 5D  3 00  !) ()i)  ���     I 50  17 50  I (HI  17 00  3 00  -I 00  3 51)  4 00  1 50  3 00  1(> 50  (i 75  5 00  15 00  f Oil  G 00  17. 50  1(1 00  15 50  15 (III  3 00  1 (II)  1 III)  3 00  15 00  10 1)0  2 50  10 00  10 00  10 00,  1 50  5 00  (> 00  3 00  3 00  5 00  (i 75  (i 00  15 5(1  15 00  10 (III  III 00  5 01)  12 no.  li iVl  3 (III  111 Oil  3 III)  1(1 III)  4 (10  2 (III  i; no  5 (IU  I (Id  ' II 5(1  3 no  3 50  31 OH  211 (III  5 11(1  8 Oil  7 00  3 Oil  4 1)0  I III)  1 III!  2 0(1  1 Oil  5 llll  1 511  III llll  2 llll  1 50  15 (III  3 llll  3 llll  I llll  3 (HI  ,    3 (HI  I llll  11 50  0 llll  5 25  1 50  1 oil  1 .'ill  1 (HI  :< iiii  3 llll  Hi llll  5 (HI  2 l|N  1 511  5 llll  3 50  I (III  3 llll  7 00  1 50  |<> I.HI  .'| Ml  I Ml  5 OH  4 III)  3 00  1 0<l  2 50  10 00  4 llll  10 00  I llll  25 (Ml -  75  I 511  Total I  Overdraft at Bank  of Montreal on   December 3lsl. 18117      Grand Total  lUSBUKSIOMENTS  IN   DETAIL.  Furniture mid Fixtures-  W. A. Macdonald, safe   I). McArtlmrfc Co., chairs   Spencer iS: Hall, stove pipe, etc., for clerk';  oflice   Total   Streets-  John A. Turner & Co., supplies   Ashcroft & McClelland, sharpening tools..  A. Cbisholm. labor  :   John   Horton, labor   James Nixon, labor..   Marl in Kelly, labor   11.411 si;  5IKJ 00  13 50  . ?    520 '  4  (i  3 7  13 7  :i 7  III  00  Printing and Stationery-  Tribune   Publishing;   Co.,  adveru-ing  ���   laws, not ice*, and job work    .- $  Thoin-on Stationery Co., blank books, etc.  British Columbia Gazette, advertising bylaws and notices   Total    Salaries���  J. Houston, mayor   Charles 10. Sealey.'city clerk   J. Hamillon.  auditor   J. K. strachan, cily, clerk    L. Craig, posting book.-,   Total   Sidewalks-  James Nixon, labor   Jerry Stinison. labor   Alex Chisholiii, labor   T. W. Gray, lumber   W. A. Stephens, hauling lumber   Robert Maxwell, hauling lumber   ��� C. Sicely, labor '.   Total    Police Department���  S. G. Robinson,  pal roi man   D. A. McBcath,  patrolman   A. F. McKinnon, chief of police   .   ��� W. F. Thompson, patrolman      E. A. Crea-e, police magistrate   Charles Maltby, hauling stolen goods.  F. J. VanBuren, meals for,prisoners   P. Burns & Co , supplies for lockup   F. Irvine & Co.,       "       ��       "         Hill  38 50  s  O  T.  FOOT OF HALL STRFJ-.'l. NELSON.  W.   GRAY,  Proprietor.  ..?    207 18  409 98  120 00  Hi 7(1  85 (HI  15 00  .$    731! OS  .$ 1 50  12 (X)  12 00  37 38  3 00  1 00  7 50  11  3S  ..��  15 00  10 00  HEi 00  100 00  100 00  1 00  8 55  20  7 00  Total ?  Waterworks (construction)���  Lawren.ce Hardware  Co.,   laying   service-  pipe, etc r $  Samuel Hair, laying service pipe, etc   ','       AVilson & Harshaw, hauling pipe   James Nixon, boxing pipe    Jerry Stinison, boxing pipe   Alex Chisholm, boxing pipe '.  ,   T. W. Gray, lumber   John A. Turner & Co.. supplies..-   Ashcroft & McClelland, supplies   Total S  Waterworks (maintenance)���  A. L. McCulloch, engineer ...'   B. T. Spalding, labor on repairs   M. Burns " "    David Woods      " "          Michael Stanton '" '"        H. Rippin " "       ...-   John Follctl.        '��� "   John A. Turner & Co., supplies   J. W." Cowan, hauling manure, etc   Ashcroft  &   McClelland,   putting lugs  on  pipe, etc :     Lawrence Hani ware Co., repairs   Charles Maltby. hauling material   Wilson & Harshaw, hauling manure   Spencer & Hall, repairs   496 75  490 68  01 a'l  1 00  30 00  30 00  40 01)  37 SO  11 35  12 IHI  7-20 Hi  150 00  5 05  101 85  40 00  10 00  1 20  10 OO  21 25  0 00  5 00  " 45 00  0 50  15 00  1!) 98  Total c   ' ...S 438 00  Sewers (construction)���   ('  T. W. Gray, lumber ..!  12 00  II. J. Evans & < o., cement -.    . 2100  Charles Maltby, hauling material  50  William Uagless, hauling lumber  I 25  Wilson & Harshaw, hauling cement and pipe 5 25  Louis Evisor labor  18 90  Patrick J..I ones.     "       20 10  Charles Barton..     "       21 IK)  David Woods....     "       30 00  Michael Burns ..     "       29 10  John Munro ....     '���       30 00  Sam Ilerron ....     "       4 50  John McGaskill   6 30  A. L. McCulloch. engineer '.  150 00  Gamble & O'Reilly, for making report on  flow of water in Kootenay river, which  has not, vet been bunded iu ; check still in  hands of city clerk  00 00  J. W. Cowan, hauling pipe, etc  3 25  D. Lauson, Hall street drain     07 (il)  Total   Sewers (maintenance) ���  Joseph Poppin, labor.  M. Burns      "  John Follctl .:     "     .   $ 1S9 45    I 00    5 00    5 00  Total $      II (10  Fire Department������             -    ���--���- ���.. ..  Crane Company, hose carls 273 00  Lawrence Hardware Co.. stoves, etc            2(i 94  J. W. Cowan, hauling hose, elc  5 25  Volunteer  Fire Brigade, payroll   for  Dec .  Jan. and Feb        110 00  W. J. Thompson, making repairs to lirehall        II 75  John A. Turner & Co., coal oil, etc   I 50  John Norcross, rungs for ladders  150  Total   Plant and Tools-  Lawrence  Hardware Co.. padlock and axe  handles   John A. Turner & Co.. monkey wrench   Ashcroft & McClelland, hydrant, wrench   Total...' s  Health Department ���  Dr. D. LaBau, medical health olticcr, salary  A. H. Holdich, analj zing milk   William Caimcll, building cesspit at hospital  Total  S  Legal Expenses���  John Elliot, city solicitor   ��     735 01  Total   Public Buildings-  Nelson   Electric  Light Co.,  wiring lirehall  and lookup building.  Total S  Street Lighting-  Nelson Electric Light Co      'Total ' S  Fuel and Light-  Nelson Electric Light Co., light for fireball  and city ollices   West & Emerson, wood    (:. F. lOtter. wood   Lawrence Hardware Co., case oil   Total S  Miscellaneous���  Kootenay Lake Telephone Co., making connections for telephones    J. Iv. Rao, moving band stand to recreation  ground      Nelson Undertaking Co.,  making booths at  polling place   E. A. Crease, returning nflii'er at city elc--  tion  . ���..'...'.  Wilsnn & Marsha \v. moving safe. ��ie     ...  .  Kootenay   Lake   Telephone   <"������..   n-iu   <>i :  telephones .'. ;���   Spokane Northern Telegraph Co., telegrams  John Taylor, trying to open safe   M. Scully, hauling load of manure ......  ...  Nelson postolllce, stamps      Dr. Hawkey, postmortem examination   Dr. Syinoiids   ������    ���     " ���������    C. I*. It. Telegraph (Jo., telegrams   Holbrook & Chase, seavengcring   1 95  1 25  2 00  5 20  125 00  30 00  102 25  125 00  125 00  01 70  (il 70  225 IW  225 05  25 (Ml  3ti 65  9 00  .1 00  71 05  15 00  12 00  (8 *���:  I  ���     Total..'....  Nelson. B. C.  J. K. STRACHAN, City  March 31st, 1S98.  oo  13  5 00  1 00  10 00  10 00  15 IX)  7 (Xi  2 00  17G 12  Clerk.  CASH   ACCOX7WT  To total receipts   By deposits in Bank of Montreal  Bv cash and cheeks on hand    .? 0,017  $6,320 75  ��� 297 00   $ u,(H7  I'reasiirer.  W.  F. TEETZEL.  Acting City  Nelson, B. C. March 31st, 1S9X.  Spokane Falls & Northern,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red Mountain Railways.  Tn;e only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson an,d Rossland, an,d  Spokaqe ar)d Rosslan,d.  Leave  9:20 a. in..  11:15 a.m  8:00 a. m.\  DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS.   NELSON    ROSSLAND    SPOKANE   Arrive  ..5:35 p.m.  .2:55 p. m.  .0:10 p. in.  Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek connect at Marcus with stage daily.  KTOTICE  After Ibis dale .Messrs. West & lOinmersoii will llll no  orders for wood, coal or Mine unless accompanied liy  spot cash.  Doors,'Sash,   Band Sawing,  Turned Work,  and  Office Fillings,  arrived and  in stock, a carload of Chance's English   Rolled  Glass;  all  sizes up to 4 by 6 feet,  lust  The Kootenay Lake Saw mi  CO. BUCHANAN, Proprietor, Kaslo, B.'C.  Yard and office foot of Hendryx Street,  Nelson.    John Bell Agent.  Everything in the building lire on hand  or made at short notice,  HERALDO,  MONOGRAM,  SCHILLAR  Manufactured by The George E. Tuekett & Son Co., Ltd.      UNION MADE CIGARS  SOLE AGENT,  NELSON, B. C.  8. J.  LONDON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GOLDFIELDS, Lid.  LONDON,   ENGLAND.  HEAD  OFFICE,  All communications relating  to  British   Columbia  business to  be addressed  to P. O.  Drawer  505, Nelson, British Columbia  (J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General Manager;  S. S FOWLER, E.M., Mining Engineer L  NELSON,.B.C.  VICTORIA,  B. C.  Headquarters for miners and  mining  men from  KOOTENAY  MAHONEY  &. TAYLOR,  Proprietors  CORPORATION   OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  B"2r-:r_,.A._w asro. 2s.  A By-Law to Provide for Connection with Common Sewers  and an Annual Rental or Sewerage Rate.  The .Municipal Council of the Corporal ion of tho City of  Nelson enacts 11s follows:  1. The ownors of real property fronting on n struct in  the City of Nelson in which or under which n main or  common sewer is already laid shall connect any lniildiii},'  or premises upon such properly with a branch, main or  common sewer within sixty days from the date of tho  llnal passing and adoption of this by-law, and the owners  of real property fronting un u street in the said citv in  which or under which a main or common sower shall be  hereafter-laid shall connect any building or premises  upon such property with n branch, main or common,  sewer within sixty days after the completion of any such  sewer, and in the event of any such owner failing to make  such connection within the ;times aforesaid the council  shall have the necessary work therefor done ut tiie ex-,  ponso of the ownerof-Kitch -building-or-proiuises-or-Von !-  property, and shall recover the cost and expense .'connected therewith with interest at tho rale of six per cent,  pur annum and costs in like manner as municipal taxes.  '1. No person shall connect any grounds, yards, vacant  lots or other properties with any common sewer located  iu any of the streets of the city except the same bo done  on lhe order and under the supervision of the city engineer. ' .  .'{. All private and other drains crossing the course of  the common sewers, or running in or through any part  of the streets of the City of Nelson, unless such as may  communicate with the common sewer, shall be 'forthwith  filled up. ��� ,. ' . ,.  ���I. Nothing in this by-law coiitain"d shall be construed  lo prevent tlio letting m of existing suwurs or drains from  the streets of the City of Nelson in which no common  sower has been constructed into .common or main sewers,  if such sower or drain so to be let. in is not and will not he  used to drain premises fronting on a street in which a  common sewer shall have been constructed, and the lotting iu of any such sewer or drain and connecting same  with a main or common sewer shall be done under the  direction and with tlib approval of the city engineer.  ';">. No person'shall'damage or injure any common  sower, or private drain or sower communicating therewith.   ���  (i. Kvery person who owns.or occupies property draining into a common sewer, or which is required by this bylaw to bo drained into such .sewer,,shall be charged and  shall pay an annual rental of twenty cents per foot frontage on so much of such property abutting on any street  upon which or under which a .common sower has been  constructed as is occupied by buildings, for the use of  such common sewer.  7. When any property is situate at the 'intersection of  a strout with any other street, lane or alley, upon each of  which streets, lanes or alleys there is a common sewer,  the fronts only of such property together with so much of  the flank thereof as the said Hunk exceeds one hundred  feet, shall be assessed for the rental hereby imposed.  S. The city clerk of the City of Nelson shall in the  month of April in every year make out separate rolls of  lhe annual rentals due for the u^o ot the.common.sewers  in each ward of the said City by the owners or occupiers  of property therein, and cause such rolls to be placed in  tho hands of the city collector. .-'.������  U. The collector shall demand payment from every  person whose name appears on the rolls, of the respective  sums payable by him according to the said rolls, by leaving at liis place of abode a printed or written bill'of the  .same, and calling at least once thereafter, for the same.  10. In case any person so liable as aforesaid, refuses or  neglects for fourteen days after demand niade. as iu the  last preceding section isprovided. to pay.such annua!  reniiil. the ������olleelor shall return such defaulter t��' the  treasurer of the .-aid .-it.y. who shall forthwith cuii.-r tin:  aninuiil in default to be collected by prongs nf law.  11. Anv person convicted of a breach ul'niiyof the provisions 01 this by-law shall forfeit and pay, lit the discretion of Ihe convicting magistrate or inugistrat.es, a penalty not. exceeding tlH;\suiii of IIfly dollars for each oH'cncc.  exclusive of costs.  Head first time .March lltli. IMS.  Head second lime March I lib. IKW.  Head third time March IStli. IS!is.  Reconsidered and dually passed and adopted-March  ���-'8th. 1 WIS.  |skai.| JOHN HOUSTON. Mayor.  .1. I\. Stu.u;ii.\\-, City Clerk.  NOTICK.  The above is a true copy of a bylaw passed on the  ���JSth dav of March, ISIS, by the municipal council  of the Citv of Nolsom and all persons are hereby rc-  (|uired to take notice that anyone desirous of anplvingto  have said by-law, or any part thereof, (plashed, must  make his application for that jiurpose.tu the supreme  court of Hritish Columbia within one' month uextafter  the publication of this by-law in the Hritish Columbia  (iazetlc, or he will be too late to be heard in that behalf.  .1. IC. STKACIIAN, City Clerk.  FIRSf^GTASTjNVESTlviEl^  The Odd  Fellows Building  &   Investment Company, Limited, Capital $20,000  Wish to inform the public that, a limited number of  .-hares are now on the market, for sale. .Shares ,*lu each,  sold in blocks of SKHi.' The company guarantee 10 per  cent lo investors on stock. Stock cert iIleates for .-ale by  llr.   Arthur.    Plans   may  be   seen    and  particulars '��b-  X". 77.  License   Authorizing   an  Company   to   Carry  Extra-Provincial  on   Business.  ���CO.MI'AMKS ACT,   IS97.  C.WAIlA.- PlMlVlXCi: OK   IJKITISII   C'Ol.l.W 1IIA.  rnm.S I.S TO CKltTll'V that ������The Whitewater Mine,  ���*- Limited," is authorized and licensed toearry on tjus.-  ness within the province of Hritish Columbia, to carry  out or eflect all or any of the objects hereinafter ,^el forth  to which the legislative authority of t.Ii��� legislature of  British Columbia extunds.  The head olllce of the company is Mluale ut No. ,'i. Laurence Pountcuay Hill. London, iCnglami.  The amount of the capital or the company is I'lij.OWl,  divided into I2.">,000 shares of ill each.  The head oilice of tnc company in thin province is situate at Nelson, U.C., and .1. Roderick Iloburti-on. manager of the company, whoso address i-= XeNon aforu-ant,  is the attorney for the company.  .'.. Tlicobjoots for-which tne Company has been established are:  "���"(ii.) To aciiuire the whole or any purr of or ieteast in  the Whitewater, Irene, Teiuiie (J., and Myrtle jc. mines,  in the Slocan district of ���Hritish Columbia.and with a  view thereto to adopt/ the agreement referred lo inelaiiso  3 of the company's un.ieles of association, anil to cnry  the same into elt'eet with or without inodilicatioii:  (b.) To search for, win, got, quarry,:reline. amalgamate, smelt, or otherwise dress and��� prepare for market  mineral substances of all kinds, and in particular gold,  silver, and other precious minerals and precious .-,tuiies:  (c.)i To buy, sell, reduce, deal iii; and rerlne bullion,  specie, coin, and precious metals:  (d.r To locate or otherwise acquire mining claims,  mining rights, and metalliferous lands in liritisirColum-  bia'or elsewhere, and to explore, work, develop, and turn  lo account the same:  (e.) To acquire by grant, selection, purchase, lease, or  otherwise, and lo develop the resources of and turn to  account, any lands and any rights over or .connected  with land belonging to or in which the "company is interested, and in particular by laying out townsitcs and preparing the same for building, letting on building le.i>o or  agreement.*advancing money to, or entering into contracts with, builders, tenants, and others, clearing, draining, fencing, planting, cultivating, building, improwng,  fanning, irrigating, and by promoting immigration and  , the establishment of towns, villages, and seltleinenls:  (f.) To 'acquire and carry on nil or any part of Hie bu.-i-  ness or property, and to undertake any liabilities of any  person, firm, association, or company possessed'of piop-  erty suitable for any of the purposes of this company, or  carrying on any business which this company is authorized to carry on, or which can be conveniently curried on  in connection with the same, or may seem lo the company calculated directly or indirectly to benotit I his company, and as the consideration for the saiue'to piiy cash  or to issue any shares, stocks, or obligations of the company, and to onterinlo working arrangements, contracts,  and agreements with other companies and persons:  |g.) To promote any other company or companies I'or  the purpose of acquiring all or any of the property or  nubilities of this company, or of advancing directly or indirectly the objects or interests thereof, and to puroln.-x'.  subscribe for, or otherwise acquire, and lo hold the  shares, stocks, or obligations of any company in the  United Kingdom or elsewhere, and upon a distribution  of assets or division of prolils, to distribute such shares,  stocks, or obligations amongst the members'of this company in specie:  (h.) Generally, to distribute among the member.- any  property of the company in specie:  (i.i To burrow or raise money for any purposes  of the company, and f'jrthe purpose of securing the same  and interest, or for any other purposed to 'mortgage "r  ��� rlinrge the undertaking:'or nil orany part of ttie property  of the company present or alter acquired, or lis n11<-:. 1!��� -��L-  .itl'pitnl.'and to create, issue, iiiiike. draw, accept. ai><!  negotiate perpetual or redeemable debentures or debenture slock.'bills of exchange, promissory notes, or other  obligations or negotiable instruments:  (j.) To sell. let. develop, dispose (f. or otherwise deal  with the undertaking, or all or any part of the propeity  of the company, upon any term.-, with power to accept as  the consideration any share.-, stocks, or obligations of  any other company:  (k.i To pay out of the funds of the company all expenses of or incident lo the formation, rugi-tration and advertising of the company, and the issue of its capital, including brokerage and commissions for obtaining ;applications for or placing shares:  (I.) To make donation-: to such persons and in such  cases, and either in money or kind, as may seem expedient :  (in.) To act as trustees and undertake the obligations  of any trust:  (n.) To carry out, all or any of the foregoing objects as  principals or agents, or in partnership or conjunction  wilh any other person. linn, association, or coinpmiy.  and in any part, of the world:  lo.) To procure Ihe company to be registered or recognized in any foreign country or place, or iu any colony or  elsewhere:  (p.) To do all such other'things as are incidental or  conducive to the attainment of the above objects.  (liven under,my hand  and seal  of olllce "at   Victoria.  Province of British Columbia, this Dili dav of March, 1N1<S.  Ii..s.| is. Y. WOOTTON.  IMcli tilth] Kegislrar of Joint Stock Companies.  SLOCAN  TRADING   &  I.I.MITKH  NAVIGATION  I.IAIlll.llV.  COMPANY  laiued  from  directors.  Dr.  Art bin.   Maker street, or any  of  lhe  CORPORATION  OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  NOTICE  OF   COURT  OF REVISION.  Notice is hereby given thai the lir-l silling of I he court  of revision appointed by the council of the City of Nelson,  for hearing all complaints against the assessment, for  the current year, as made by the assessor of the said  city, will be held in Ihe council chamber. Nelson, on  Mondav. the 18th dav of April. ISilS, at 10 o'clock a. in.  J. IC. STKACIIAN, Citv Clerk.  Nelson, H. C. March 7th. I MIS. I March l-'lh|  Notice is hereby given that a -peci.il general meeting  of the Slocan Trading >*>." Navigation Company. Limited  Liability, will be held at the oilice of the -aid company at  the town of Nelson, in the province of Brili-h Columbia,  on Tuesday, the I'lith day of April, A. D. ISPS, at I o'clock  in the afternoon, for the purpose of considering, and if  deemed advisable, of passing a resolution authorizing  the disposal of the whole or any portion of the a-set- and  property of the company, and to transact, such other  liu-ine-s as mav be lawfullv brought before Ihe snid  iiiectiin.7. WILLIAM   IH'NTKK, Acting Secrelarv.  Dnte<r al Nelson. It. C. March lllh IKtS.       (March IStli  The Woodstock Wagon & Manufacturing Co.. Woodstock. Out., are ship).ing a carload of wagons, built ex-  prissly for the Kootenay district, fo Nelson. Intending  purchasers of wagons should consult Messrs. West and  Kiiimcrsoii. to whom the consignment is made.  .v|^^VT^fT^p^w^r^  ;1TWSV-1".lfO'TT^'-i:f.lT'.s:-Jl..'.'i-->'.:it&- ,' -. V^��I��W^^ THE   TRIBUNE:    NELSON,   B.C., SATURDAY,  APRILS,   LSi)K  LOCAL'   NEWS    AND'    GOSSIP.  ' The regular meeting ol" i lie Ladies" JJo--  ��� pifcal Aid .society will lie held  on Monday,  April   4Lli,   in   ilj'e   IVesbytcrimi   church.  Meeting at three o'clock.    Lrulifis- of Nelson are cordially invited to nil end. ���  W-ifli'ii l^i"/.-iu''>!-.s, nl' the provincial  jail, has al present ol even prisoners under  ' ' his care.  YV. H. Brandon, owner of the townsite  of Brandon, andu li��?;ivy property holder  generally in i!<e.Sl"Ciii>. h;is been in the  ���city utmost, all  wefk.  John   A.   Mfirn.   ex-M.l'.,   of  Kh in loops,  was  a recent visitor  in  Nelson.    H�� will  spend the summer looking ;i ft er his sieam-  : boat; in ceres t.-i mi rim Stickeen river.  ,  The shareholders of the Mayflower Gold  Mining (Jo. will hold a special  meeting in  Rossland on the 2:5th.  'License has   been'granted the Tangier  Mine, ltd., to do business iu this province.  London is the home of the company, aud  Revelstoke the head  office -J. 13. Graham  in charge.    The capital is =��120,000, formed  ,   to work rhe Tangier mine in  r.he  IllicilJe-  , waet camp.  The London ev .Rossland -Mining Co. will  hold a special meeting iu Itossland, on  April 2(5, Co dispose of its assets. .  Certificate of incorporation has been  granted the Lardeau-Goldsniich Co., with  headquarters at. Liosskuid. The capital is  placed at ��200.000, to purchase and work  the Ophir and Oregon claims, on Pool  creek, in the Lardeau.  The Walla Walla Mining, Milling 6c  Smelting Co. has been registered as an extra provincial company. Walla Walla is  the headquarters, with Ros.-dand as the  head office iu this province. The capital  is 300.000.  The Chrysolite Gold Mining 6c Development Co.. of Wait-burg, Wash., with a  capital of $1,000,000, has been gazetted,  with Rossland as head oflice.  Harry McLeod and .Mary Mclsaac, both  of Burton City, were married in the  Queen's hotel, in this city, on Wednesday, by Rev. Robl. Frew.  The Misses Mooney"-* millinery opening  will take place on Wednesday and Thursday. April (5th and 7th. at A. Ferland's.  An incipient, uhi/.e at the C. P. H. ticket  office, on Sta.niey street, called out the fire  brigade early yesierday morning.  Take a trip to Ivlondyke on Monday  night at Salvation Ivtrrncks and benefit  the Salvation Army Ivlondyke relief  fund.  Mi us Cart el-on. of Spokane, has just tir-  rived to assume charge of the. millinery  depart inenr, of Mrs. McLaughlin's establishment, on Ju-ephiue --Lreier.  Nine hundred and otic new names have  been added to the voter.- list of Southern  Kootenay.  The Phair hotel is being repaired and  otherwise improved.  The Bigelow store, occupied by M. I3es-  Bri-a.y ifc Co.. is being raised to the level  of the .-idewalk.  A large force of men have been engaged  this week by the C. P. I?., for work on the  the Si'ican,river railway.  "W. West has purchased the steamer  Halys.  John Elliott has been elected to the  governing body of the law society of  Briti-h Columbia, tho first practitioner in  this district to be so honored.  D. Wadds, of this city, was married to  Miss E. Med lock, of Vancouver, at Rossland on Saturday.  J. Gray, chief engineer of the Nelson,  has been detailed to place the machinery  in the new tug now building at Bogus-  town.  The infant daughter of li. Mills, Baker  street, was buried on Monday.  Judge Spinks. of'Vernon, made a flying  trip through here on Saturday.  The lacrosse club will hold a meeting on  Wednesday night in the Hotel Hume. A  concert will be given by the club about  the middle of the month.  The annual meeting of the Nelson Rowing club will be held in the fire hall next  Tuesday evening.  Many items of local import are unavoidably held over this week.  flew Veilings In  Great Variety  BAKEE   STBEET,   3STSLS03ST  Early   Spring   Novelties   in   all  New.Shirt Waists  Sizes 32 to 42  irtments  Our slock in boots .and shoes is. now complete, with latest American and  Canadian styles. Also see onr latest arrival in men's Hnq'lish and New  York hats and caps.     Drop a postal card  for samples of our new'g'oods  Silk finished Henrietttas, black lustres, alpacas, rich brocades  in all . colors and combinations, and choice designs in  French and British organdie muslins, lace and grenadine  effects, new Engiish prints and percales, white Swiss spotted and tucked muslins.  1^  Teparei  anil Heady Mixes  OIL WOOD STAINS, Etc.  HAVE, just' received .a large consignment-  ���of jams' and jellies from the^O'KcIl <& Morris  Fruit Preserving-Company, of Victoria, in five  pound pails, and 1, 2, and 8 pound glass jars,  .which we are quoting at very low prices.  "We carry a.-complete line of groceries,, and  carry only first-class goods. We also carry a  full line of shelf and heavy hardware, and  make a specialty of miners' supplies. Agents  for Giant Powder Company.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  Full line now in stock of White Lead,  Boiled and Raw Linseed Oil, Varnishes, Etc.  Paint and Varnish Brushes.  December 2nd and on the l-Jtli. It was  i'or these tho defendant had a warrant issued I'or the defendant/-- arrest last week,  he being afterward^ released on $1000 bail.  At the preliminary hearing. Tuesday,  Galliher cfc'Wilson appeared for the plain-  riff and W. Brougham for defendant.  The case wa^ not concluded till 11 o'clock  at night, when G lacer was committed for  trial at r.he next court of competent jurisdiction, to be held in .Tune. lie secured  bail at $800 for himself and $100 in each of  two sureties.  The Yukon Goldfields, Limited.  An extraordinary general meeting of  the Vnkon Goldfields. Limited, a subsidiary company of the London 6c B. C  Goldfields, Limited, with headquarters in  this city, was held in London. Kngland,  on March lllh. A. resolution was adopted  iuithoi i/.ing the directors to call up so  much of.the balance nf iho capiral of the  company as is required, by calls not exceeding five shillings per share nr each  call, and at intervals of two monihs between each call. Letters were read from  Mr. Wood, representing the company in \  the Ivlondyke, also from Mi: Robertson,  manager of ihe company in Nelson, relative to the claims acquired. The pay of  lhe directors was fixed at ��50 per annum,  wii h ��.j() extra for the chairman, and a  furl her sum of 10 per cent to be paid the  hoard each year afier 20 per cent dividends ha ve been paid. The meeting was  mo>t harmonious.  lings per -hare, and carries forward -G70CO  out of profits in ihiieipf ��21.000. A Inn In r  issue, of l.l.OOO -hates \v;i> offered and  eagerly accepl ed by  I he .stockholders.  Another -Whitewater Dividend.  At a meeting held in Ka-lo .Saturday  afternoon, the business of the old company operating "the Whitewater was  wound up. A final dividend 'was also declarer! of $-10.0000. beintr I Iim ea mines down  to March 23rd. Thi- make- $19-1,000 paid  in dividends to date.  The Koolenay Cigar Manyfiictiiring (Jo;.  MAKES 3 CRUDES OF CICARS  ���<y  ssavers  4 ���  ���a?  ) i 7: TO  >wii Xj V-a- uO ^ .v  is   complete   and our  prices  \;<n.ii eompape Eavopai  wit  ie  dealers..   Write for quotations in large op small qua  W. F. TEETZEL  &' CCX,  Druggists, Nel  son.  i H  �� $ /  ?.ff  ��� w��� I  Concentrator for Whitewater.  Plans are being prepared at the head  office of the Whitewater Mines, limited,  in this city, for the erection of a large  concentrator at the Whitewater mine.  It will be equipped with the most modern  machinery. There is an abundant supply  of water iu the neighborhood i'or the purposes of the mill. The question of a  tramway will be deferred. There is the  sum of $75,000 in the treasury of the company for the working of the property and  the purchase of required machinery, and  out of this the concentrator plant will be  procured. The mill will be put in so soon  as the miow goes.  Factory in Broken Hiii Block, Ba^er Street  1  A\\    ?  ��   's  West Bakep  1>1 ot; in  .son,  SOLD CHEAP  DURING   FEBRUARY  mfj-  ��  :t^  MS*.  We are now Showing the Latest Designs in Spring Cashmere Materials, and  Blouse Silks, Table Linens, Hollands and Sheetings at the'Lowest Prices.  Also a complete range of staple goods, and an entirely new stock of  Curtains, dress muslins, prints, G-alatea stripes, ginghams and fancy-  printed   Sateens.  Mr.  If von  are in   dead   earnest  about the   saving- of   Forty Stamp Mill i'or Yrnir.  The London <fc ii. C. Goldfields, Limited,  are preparing to show their faith in the  Vmir camp in a most substantial manner.  Plan-are now being perfected at the local oflice for the immediate purchase and  installation of a 10-stamp mill upon the  Y~mir mine, which is owned by this enterprising English corporation. The most  approved and modern machinery will be  secured, as the company has an abundance of capital to draw* upon. So far,  the showing on- the'Vuiir lias been most  encouraging, and the mine has been sufficiently proven to warrant, lhe installation  of this big stamp mill. Enough ore is  now jn .-igh't. to keep the stamps busy for  months. The ore is ea-y. to treat and  very.lirile of lhe mineral would be lost,.  The success of t.he I'Y-rii experiment would  be more abundantly realized on the Vmir.  Commit  Police  mayi  case of crimin;  emanated   fro  what   is   now  Quart/. Ureek  J. (,'lazer.     lb  li.   Buckwi'h,  money-    '' '"'  eastern U��nad  id two Iibelou  ncli  ier.  ted for Criminal  Libel,  -trale  (icase   presided at a  ^1   liliel. on  Tuesday, wl  m   Ymir.    Last   JJecemi  the Vmir News, was the  .Miner, aud published by J.\  i was on had  term,-,   with  A.  A.   I'..   low'  !a ( I CI  Declared its First Interim Dividend  The London 6c B. C. Goldfields, Limited,  whose provincial headquarters a re located  in this city, has declared its first interim  dividend to shareholders. It was registered on February 2Sth. and was one; shilling per .-hare. Thin is the result of the  general operations of the company, apart  from the Whitewater. Shares ai equoted  above pur in London.  25 CENTS ON  E^-ICEIE.    STEEBT,    NELSON  idiii   lie  owed  ui'iii   on   a    visi t    / o  ���i. and (J'a/.cr I hen   pllblish-  ��� articles about him. one on  Jaw Broken by an Explosion.  0. Burton, one of the workmen engaged  on the waterworks, had his jaw broken by  flying rock from an explosion on Saturday. Chief .Mclvinuon had warned the  men to be more careful in banking the  drill holes. The'rock struck Burton in the  chin and, fracturing t.he bone. Dr. Forin  has the wounded man in charge.  Government Reward Offered.  J. F. Armstrong, .government agent at  Fort Steele, ofl'eis a reward of $200 tor the  capture of (���"'red Carson, who is wanted on  a charge of manslaughter, having killed  John IMaki, at Michel creek, on- February  0. Carson is thirty years old, slightly  lame, and is a professional gambler. For-'  merly he was a brakenian.  Dividend from the Ruth.  During the past year considerable capital from I'm rope was invested in the Slocan, with the long drawn chance that returns miLrht -nine day come from it. To  the surprise, however, of the investors,  dividends are coming rapidly and of a  most, substantial nature. Dividends speak  loudly in London, and. as a result, there  is an increasing demand for the silver  properties of Ivoolenay. The most, recent  dividend declared is' that ot Ihe Hindi  Mines. Limited, which will pay three slid-  THE DOLLAR  in the buying; of your footwear just take the trouble  to come here and investigate  the wav we are selling- so  many lines of desirable and  seasonable shoes   <">P|Mi>il,e  llinlsdn's liny < 'iiiii|iiiny's Hl.ori  Baker Street  Are offering special bargains in  Fine Furniture, Carpets, Linoleun]s  ri q ,| ?j m a H H p  ass ,!�������.  %  yy  raeninff  _ ��C5  Mrs. McLaughlin wishes to stiih.' m. the  ladies of Xelsnii I hat her n|icniug lakes jilace  on Wednesday and Thursday, April fitliand  7tli.     Josephine street.   Nelson.  FOR   SALE   CHEAP!  Homo ISnkery llrriul nl  /i  ('i-iils  i.-.-ikt-s, i.'h.r.. ;il. Karlt'v K Simp-nN'--  W.\!. l.KIX.SS. I  |n:r loaf,     -\l.-o jiii-.-  ;:ruscry .-tori'.  'I'lip.  Uiimc liuUury.-  JHE TREMONT  3STELS03ST  MAl.ONK & TI.'KCitl.I.US. Fi-oprictni-.  Is one of llm Ijust. lioUils in Toad Jlountftin district, and  is tho liuiidquarterK   or prospectors and mine���.  SELLING OFF TKtE FOLLOWING AT A  ��i?HAT REDUCTION  Jmbpelias, Ladies" and Gents'  i Gases, Ladies'/Belts Etc.  <aciies' and Gents'  Purses and Cai  i\ (f->, &* g?^ -h-.     P N 4^ ^b ��<ffo &,3a '<fa      pi s\ $ /?> s <ffe i if% ��*��J? $    \, "1? fi% W& $\  u&uuy yOfcrS iiekelSff oiuifc,  El/ ^  U��TC  Jill i i1  Latest American, English and Canadian Styles,'$2 and upwards.  ,1  Q T CS D r  18 and  20  BAKER   STREET  ���"S^f,  ���ii ���wt?,-;  i��;  M  W  ;��5  a  jw  I'.yKt  ..'r.U  'tW  *W  is  I.e.  lit.*  ���3.--J?  \'~ i  y  0


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