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 A' ')
/   *      -
j   ���>   j     r
Vol    V.  No    136
$2 OO a Year in Advance
-*V   " ���������?    r.1.\"\ I
We are"" the-largest buyers*"
of GR'OCER'IES inUhe
North Kootenay, and are
therefore able to offer the
very best goods" produced
in the worlcl" at; the very
lowest. - prices;*.:- ""Although
times have been hard during the past year, our business has been the largest
we ever had in Revelstoke,
which is very encpuraging'.
to us. - '"    ."     'r
.v uxy y .    "'---.i * ?!
iJChis^jsar-we ,hav_e: ma^e
arrangements which will
"enable'us'to give-our-cus-
"to'mers "better prices than
"ever before.'"
''   j    "-.   1.    ���   :
-J -*
W-G- & R-
These Shirts are'recog-
'  '  'nized'to be   superior to
' any.made-in._Canada_for
.. '. r,^Styie." and, ^Durability.
; . -* We" have'them-in"all\the"1
-*i-.   Latest Patterns.    "    'tft
'".;���        a   'fr>*C%      *'���>��*
Neck Ties
1* .V*
'���'f'    The celebratedCurrieTie-
i'*X   liThe""'Sprin��r "Patterns
;**.'"    in these Goods have-just
''-,been-received,   and   for-
, ���\ .. ...._ ^   - ,
'   '" Beaut5-<."and"Taste,_excel_
*--"by.-,this Renowned-;. Firm
1  )-1 y '��� < **���*--*-, < *.,*vi j ��-������ jf**-i_ -"f.
r  x-'.-orTYe, Makers.*-*-" -' - "^'
Hats! Caps J
" \.. JlTh'e wo r:l d-r e n ,6 w n e d'
:���   "    Christie and fedora Hats
A'.'-consignment.ijri ,the
Latest*-. Styles*. ,hasj justs
'   ���"> ^been- opened up.
. *--��'.- Tl.���r^-r, j\.--. * '.,Qr. Sf --.j.U.'',l'*^''.Z?.tC-r H.
-.-^a'^.w.iitsr.i. v-r-n-tt.. ��-*-u ���r.'XZr-tarxji^-x.'i��"
:i "/Fcv Sjwmglancl Summer^
; iVX'weli Uleeted'consign-
| ment of Imported Scotch
"* - and English-fine, woolen
?. Balbriggan and*>iFleece"^
_     .Linedi Underwear just to
Two*_;D"ays  Sports-=rCaled6'nian
*jIGames,;,',fLacrqs��e, ^Football,
Baseball and Cricket Matches,
,  ,Gun.ClubXo*-linapent.*,.._^:-.  -
The public meeting held last evering
to decide whetheivRevelstbUe celebrate
Coronation' Day " or **not **w,is"largely
attended, with.* "Mayor O'Brien in the
chair. ���-. The canvassing *>.'committee
reported that triey had interviewed
nearly all the subscribers, and the
majority were in favor of'dropping
tlio sports and devoting their suliserip
tions towards procuring suitable
ground8-'while;'some_*wcrerin favor of
having sports.'/ G. S.'MeCarter stated
that a movement was on" foot for the
formation of-.an-.Athletic Association
for the puinose'-of-"securing buil.ible
grounds and he thought it would be
advisable to hold sports, on Coronation
Day but on a,'smaller scale than iir
first intended. ."A* number ,-oOthose
present'being of the "same opinion il
was resolved that the executive and
other committees aheady appointed
proceed to aruiuge_ii. programme ol
sports for Coronation"Day and that a
new list be circulated for the purpose
-of raising $100 in cash unci as much
morcas-possible iu prizes.
- The following committees were
then appointed with instrucoions to
proceed to woik at once :���
��� .Grounds���A.. l:J. ^McDonnell,**** W-.
Smythe, unci. D. J. McKenzie. An
appiouri.ition of $30 was made to this
committee for improving the present
grounds.     '      "'       '   *"'       '
Reception. * and Trtinsport.it ion���T.
Kilpatiick^ T. Downie, and (J_. S.
MeCarter.  """"""
Printing antl ���*. Advertising���.7. , P.
Sutherland,-.'E. ��� A._.-Haggen,"- and .V.
'Johnson.,. $25'1\yas set aside for this
Programme���C. E. McDonald, A. .T.
McDonnell,** A.1 McRao, "".TrPr Suther-
land,.A. 13. Kincaid. This committee
will legulate Lhe amount of money to
be devoted to each sport and arrange
a'programme.   '
The canvassing cqinmitcces wiii
remain as lieioic.     - ' *
' It was decided that... meeting of the
executive- and-.��� finance,- ppogratnme,-
and collection committees, meet next
Tuesday evening for the'"purpose of
perfecting arrangements;" "* ~
.Mr.S|B. R.j Atkins,,was appointed
treasurer. ���; ^ ���_'      Tx- ^*   '
;It was intimated tha.t football team',
would �� bei**hei"i? from .Kamloops and
Golden and possibly Trout Lake and
"EiKlerby.'--',A-~-'lacio's*se "team" from
Kamloops would come if $Go were
gnaraiiteed for expenses. The Ei.derbj
baseball team have signified theii
willingness to come il airaiigemonf.-
can^be miule for a gain'*-, <iiicl* a.ciickei
team is expected .from Vernon. Tin
'guuLclub will aii^itige a, ton*, n.iniunt ii
connection with the spoils and
number ol outside- 1 earns aie expecLec-.
to. take" pai t. -In-addition to thi~
there wilj.J>e. the usual programme ol
Caledonian gained. The sports wil,
extend1-over two** days, Thursday and
Friday, June 20th and 27th.* Arrange
merits j for', a ".musical   entertainment
and dance will he" made for the ev'eninp
of the firstday.
inn when,completed will cost in the
iK-ighborh'oo.l of $20,000. Dr. McLean
is letting the Lonti.ict for the election
of iv new oflice and lesidence on First,
stieet, j list west of Hoy Smjlhe.
Ihere aie a number of private
residences ne.uing completion besides
others projected. The chill shed will
be coininenced as soon'u.-*. the contract
for its constiuctinn rent lies the city
and is signed. The C.P.R.are electing
l.tige additions to their workshop-, of
which the Herald' made mention in
last issue. Beside3 all this then* aie a
few^ Imsiness block*""to be elected
shortly, iind lhe ncw.Iinpcii.il Rank
building on the corner of M.nkenz:e
u-ienuu and Fiist street, will likely In*
coin.nenced_very shoitly. Altogethim
there is every prospect lor n building
iiooin in the city and a very fair season
of business progress. ��� -_
-',*-The-Opening Match.
The cricket match between "The
Dents" and " The Town " teams Innk
plin.e on Empire'Day on the Gun Club
*gi omuls. " The Dents-'went in fiist.-
putling together 22 runs. *' The
t'own" followed and made 57. On the
-.ecoiid-innings the_ Denis did iiiiuli
heller, totalling -41 runs, and their
opponents m..king 30, won the. matih
by li runs. The ground w.is very
iciiigh, but in spite of it all, enough
t>ond lot in was shown'to justify the
opinion lhat a very strung elpven can
lie pul jn .llie.lidlJ heie. .. The game
li.id also the effec t, of ai ousing enthusiasm amongst. the , exponents of the
g.iufc, a, ill a meeting of those
inleri'SU'd in it is soon to be called.
An . c.loi l..is now.- being made to
in i.uiui. a mnrc-li betiseeii Canadians
and Old C.Miiiliy, men, and it is stud
lb-it* if iridic li-with Vernon ttill -lie, seli
fm (Joioiinlinii Day, Mr. Maley-h.\s
kindly voluiiti-rred to put down a
good cri'.t**e >it, the-j ground can be
piesi't\ed an.l lhe game encouraged.
.Profitable Silver Mines.    ,-
Notwithstanding    that   siK-pr     has
reached the lowest piice ever iccoided
tin  thai iiit'lal.    it-is   nevi i tlieless   of
some interest to know, lh.it, tlieie, ure
silver mines in llie United Stales  that
iri'paying M*iy  handsome dividends.
Take, for*instance, the Ontario mineo!
Utah.      It   lecenlly   poaii��<    ils   2ttn
ili\idend   payable  on   the 20th   June.
Therdivvdeiul wns thirty cents a'slnne,-
iniotintiiig- lo "S 1*5,00!),"  Iirit.ging    I he
total atnoiintol dividends pHid hy   the
Onliu io Lomp.inyup lo till 1S2 Olio and
����i 111 a reset ve fund in.the  tieasiuy.'il
$ti)-2.S2S.    ���--���-     ,_   -        .--������'
The Silver King,  also   in   Utah,   is
inollier   instance   of   ii , silver , mini1
p.iving 1 uge dividends iii  lhe f*iie  ol
.ow prices for silver. _ That piopei ij-'is
Living y 100.000 a year in ptofits,  some
poi lion or its lereipts being  1'ioin   lhe
ipltl unci lead values in lhe oie.       But
ti is essentially a silver mine.    Within
lie p i��t half di men yens  it. h.is   paid
ts owners wilhin a fraction of $5,000,-
)00 in dividends.���Mining Review.
The Tenderers for Sidewalks���
An $8,000 By-law to Assist in
. Construction of  New   School
Building.���Other Business.
The;-city- council held (ho tegular
meeting (in Monday night. The Mayor
iu IhejchHir and Aid. McLeod, Iliiinc,
Law, Manning and Taylor piesent.
From the Commissioner of Lands A:
Works ie traffic bridge across the
Columbia. Tho Commissioner repotted
that the proposition lould not be
entertained .it present.
FiwiiT./Taylor," M. P. P. in reply
to city council's request thai, he make
an effort to have the pi opnsed act
pioh'biting the herding of animals
within the city limits of tlie city of
Victoria be made applicable to Revelstoke!'also. .Mr. Taylor informs the
council that the matt ercimt up before
the House on the lilth instant and was
defeated by ii vote of 12 to 10.
Fiom Dr. Pagan acknowledging
receipt' oi- letter from'the city clerk,
protesting against"the city having to
hear /the expenses of the small pox
case. Dr. Fagan states that he will
visit Kevelstoke after. the; House rises
and will fully enquire into the matter.
From' Dr:"Fag<fn. secretary of-the
Provincial Hoard of Health, ie small
pox case admitting that the lecenl
alleged case, of small pox in .lown
developed at St. Leon Hot Springs,
ancl he considered it unnecessary at
piesent to place a guard on the
Auowhe.id railway.
From the school trustees submitting
sketches of the proposed new sclmul
huilding and the approximate cost of
the .same_.iit $17,358_00., The building
to be "two storey, eight rooms,**with
basement, tbe foundation to he of
stone, walls <jf brick'.' Also requesting
the council to submit a bylaw to
provide the sum of* $S000 in addition
to the appropriation from,'provincial
government!"' ,'     ""���   -. " .;-%
Fiom Rov. C. A. Ptocuniec.inviting
the   city "* council, to   a/ service al'St
Peter's church on Coionation clay.    ',,
W.'Fleming   uud���P. Bow'on applied
for the position of city foreman.    *t"-
Moved by Aid. ..Manning., seconded
by Aid. Law, thnt- the*, city council
accept the three lowest tendei***, Agren,
L'liindell and McCallum foi building
sidewalks and the Public Works committee apportion lhe work.
Moved hy Aid, Mi.Leiul. seconded .by.
Aid,.Taylor, that lhe.teiideis.of Messis
FiectTHobinson Lumber Oo. and "the
Revelstoke Lumber Co., be accepted
and that thc amount of oidets given
to each be equally divided.
Moved by Aid. Taylor, seconded by I
Aid. McLeod. that the city solicitor he [
instructed to prepare an agreement
wilh the ownei of tbe building on loi 5
block 2 and the city for tbe puicbnse
of the building, the price to be paid lo
be $100 per annum for S years with
interest at 5% per annum; the' HisL
payment to be made on execution of
agi eenient.
Moved by Aid. Manning, seconded
by Aid. Hume, that the Public Work's
ci ittee he instructed to have thine w file hall property in the west end
put in proper condition at once The
cost of which is not to exceed $150.
Moved by Aid. McLeod. seconded by
Aid. Luw, that all .bills <in connection
with lhe smallpox suspect:h.-> referrp'd
to . the. Piovincial .Government for
payment. ! ���* ��� ,~, . ".
��� Moved^by Aid. Taylor, seconded by
Aid. Manning, that the city piy t�� i*
lhe stiimp.ige on Sands' poles to the
Dominion Government and that Sum's
sign an undertaking to complete his
contract before any .payment on his
contract is made lo him.
Moved by Aid. Taylor, seconded by
Aid. Manning that the'petition of* thc
ratepaj;eis asking .the. Council.,,to
.submit;.to; the' ratepayers ."a hylaw
Htithorising the borrowing of $8,000
by the issue of debentures to be applied
towards the building of.'itptr'ilit- hchool
be received iind ieferred to tlie Bylaw,
committee wth instructions to" have
the required bylaw prepared, and
introduced at the next meeting.     -
Football Meeting
A foi mal meeting of the Revelstoke
Football Club was held in the Brown
Block last night, but owing to a poor
al tendance little business' was goiie'
th'.ough with., However, it was
decided that a meeting, be culled for
Siturd.iy evening at 8 o'clock'sharp.
The plate of meeting will be announced
in our next issue,' and it, is earnestly
hoped that all the members and'iti fact
all t'oolballeis in the city will be
present as. business of importance will
be transacted: It is surely/'time that
a meeting (business meeting it 'might
be stated) of this kind was called, and
if all readers of this, notice ���th.-il ate
football players or iiij any way interested in the welfare of tlie game will
turn ont ��n the date above mentioned
it will undoubtedly pi*o��*<? a successful
���Vegetable and Flower Plants 25c,
per doz. Cabbage, Celery. Lettuce.
Tomatoes, Cauliflowers, Candytuft,
Dranthus, Asters, "Verbena,: Petunias,
Sobelia; Marigold, Phlox, Sunflowers,
Coreopsis, -Nasturjtum," Chrysanthemum 25c. per dozen. Cabbage $1 per
100.   -J. Maley,.Re/elstoke., -    , .    .-���
fit*iPW��WT*i,BMai**:*^hr>.i*its��*as��'* *'�� '"M*.*
' -Ladies', and Gent's .Hos-
{ ^iery'ln-siik,1 Cashmere,
i ' and Wool.""-' 'A -complete
"~sto-ck 'ofthe- Latfcsr-Pat-
'"��� terns and.Best:.Quality. ���
Hardware ^-
A  carload" of ^Assorted
���   Hardware just( opening
:'- ��� -up.   '������ -' -j -���     ��� ., ;
Run Provincial''Constable Out
-' ofTown' Because; of .Callous
.^Remarks-..��� .Tunnels -Rapidly
" Cleared* ih "Search"of Victims.
.-.i.'V."! J"i***.*.*!>i.'.Vj7��r:-*.*��-'i^ ,'-'-'-���- '  *-'���-.-���
Fernie, B. C, May 25.���With all the
experienced anineisj available for
rescue work, intelligently utilized in
'fouiFhour/shift's.-iciearing- of^the^iil-
fate'd .woxki.n'Ke .fat..tlrev Coal 'Creek
mine, ii'dvanced ilp'ace today and No.i
2 slope was penetriited to its finthest
extremitj', and nil tumaiiiiug bodies,
tliPiein removed. '    ':
It is expected that in a clay or so all]
ths bodies entombed'will 1)6 recovered;'
and estimates ot those remaining vary
frnm'dOtola*'  '   �����'��������� ���.--i-��:r-**-
There is, also great diversity of
opiriioiv'ris''tii ^the cause of tlie explosion, and a foi mul imi'stigalioii
will Iib necessarv:'  *���*���""  '- ?"   r- ''" !
Twenty-two funerals took pinto
today.'-- the- mn jority^being-cohdncted
fiom-the Anglican church.
' Tonight the mourning oT the ..town
was harshly dititurbi'd by the organi-
zutioti of what" was virtually a vigi-
lantus paity of union miner-', eniaged
ab ii'-Btjitemeiit'credited* to .Pruyiiiii.il
Ofllcer'Stevens ��that* he 'would*'have
heen glad had twice 150 been killed.
Evidence ��� was liemtl nl Union llall
satisfying thc mineis that the lcm.irk
was made., and Stevens was lil ei ally
I'lrn.-out of'town..-. *.. �� , .'
i cotV-vitnLV ronEinNr:iis.,
FERNiBi'May 2l.-i-The .n scue woik"
here iti proceeding slowly on ac-c-ount.
of'.the gas. Veiy few,,.volunteers
A report th'it'*the**mine was on' Hie
yesteidav'.ehecked work; Unit proved
false. The rooms in_ the mine have
not yet been reached.""
1 Thirty-eight bodies have been'recovered, , all froni the main shafts.
Some of the men were killed by rocks/
8onie.by��fiie, and some* by'-after-damp
and.gus. iMany were b.idlv-scarred.
The English church is being used as a
morgue.'where the bodies are placed
in collin*7*.
A public 'funeral was held*;at G
o'clock thia evening. Ther rescue work
will -hint 'for several days. Snnie of
the bodies may never be icarhrd. The
coal    company     is     at ranging    thc
Building Activity. "
There,is'a good deal of building
activity in the cily at..present. Yesterday the contractors for C. B. Hume
k Oo.'s new business block, on thc
corner* of Mackenzie avenue and .Fitit
street, commented- the excavation
wbrk for the' foundation.    This build-
The News of the World in Brief
As Received  Over the Wires
From   Every  Corner  of the
A crisis in the Spanish cabinet has
Chicago will soon be face to face
with trbeef famine.
Two hundred Boers have surrendered at Frankfort, in the Orange
River colony,
A treaty has heen agreed to between
.Argentine and Chili lasting five years.
It will he signed today.
Geo. XV. Leishin m, formerly western
representative for the O^ilvie Millim?
Co.. is dead at S.in Jose, C.il.
Damage to the extent of S'jOO.OOO hns
been c.iu-,ed in Pueblo. Col., by the
overflow of the Fountain' riverT        "
A heavy, fall  of ashes from Mount
Pelee,-Martinique, has been noticed inutile Island ot Dominica all  last night"
Twenty five cholera cases and 20
^deaths fire reported among Americans
ut Manila so tar., and IS eases and 10
deaths among Europeans. '  ���
,   A.despatch from  Fort  de  France,,',
diited  0   p.m..   yesterday,   says   that""
another" eruption  had  broken out Jn
Mount   Pelee,  The people, are panic
The British' Cabinet   is   in   session '���
today, discussing peace   negotiation*.
Nothing definite  has  been  given  ont
so far, but it is thought that hostilities * >
will cease and  peace ,\vill  be declared
in ti few days. ' '
Bv ��� the   collapsing  of   a "Ridewnlk
on Fifth avenue and ISth Street, N.Y.,
one man 'was  killed and 100 injured,
whilst -watching a p-irade of French
delegates  at   the   dedicitiou   of   the
llochamlieau memorial. ** ^
' The Chinese Southern rebellion ia,in
full   aitivily.     A   severe  battle   was
fought at   Chu   Tuh   Sien,   in   which
libels were defeated  by   the.-government forces witli losses  amounting  to
1500 men killed or wounded.
��� (.Cant. Tatlow   has  accused Premier
Dunsmuir of t-ying to steal S2.000.000 in
connection willi the Canada  Northern  t
Railway   in , the   Provincial     House.  r.
The Premier called Tatlow a liar ahd a" ���
nir... They almost came to blows.
''""  To'Assist Settlers. ' -
j\'.   i '*. * * .    - *.   * V*.. ���*     -'    *.
An older in council has been "passed.-.^
providing that tiinliei* on,a homestead
in the railway belfc'in the/p"rbvirice' 'ot-
British Columbia becomes the property'
of the homesteader after he obtains a
patent for his homestead,  unless such
timber was previously granted,  under
a license or permit, but  lie* mav'cut'
i. . .
anil soil timber* free   of  dues   in   tiro
actual clearing of his homestead, or lie'
may obtain a permit to cut timbers for
sale outside of the tract ho is clearing
upon payment of ordinary'dues��� which
will be relunded to him ti]>on issue of
his patent.
To scc*\vhat'is correct in Dress Goods for Summer, you  must  see., what! this  Store   isl
showing.    That fact is gaining prominence every season, and this.season will be more^promi- [
nent than ever,-,and our stock of popular priced  Dress Goods hassbeen"supplemehted liy'an*
extensive array of leading novelties from the celebrated markets of Europe and America. ���- -  --
This, together with our usual liberal policy and narrow profits, -and with..; this fact-;*inM
mind that this-is not a meagre or indifferent assortment ofthe common .place,, but > large _and,
generous lines of all that is choicest and most desirable;���:not a collection-made up  of what ts
readiest, to hang.qr most easily obtained, but a stock of unparalleled   variety  gathered   from
every source far and near, wherever Dress Goods_pf merit arc produced".*
i*** -���'". r *    :,-  ������ *'���
j.      i.i:.',,'.*^   ii-     , i
r      <-*��'��    '>_*>: ���*_
* --     ���             ���   rJ             ,-���
j*����                    v*-    ���J.*;-'  *      J* -".^ -\t
**      '       i
Wash Suits
Knickers -
Blouse Suits
Knee Pants         ,
Tweed Suits
Fauntleroy Suits.
1.1      J ?-
Iioys' Clothing i.s one of our special hobbies':' ..Wc make   it  a  strong" point  to   buy   the
nattiest and most durable suits for the little fellows.-    Wc think you can get suited in any style*'
and at prices that wc know cannot be equalled,   .Our slock thi.s season   i.s  large,   varied  and
ti p-to-da"teY,. ' '   ���    > 0^     -
i    ' ���   --         ,
^ -   ���' , ' -'
Spring Sale of Men's Suits
v. ,j Our Spring Suit Sale is no.wjn.full.swing. ' Wc have sold more Men's and Boys' Suits
. this week than we libve ever done Jjeforc in thc history of .this store.'_   Our range of Styles' arid *
Prices is'still complete���better values-were never,offered :''   ��� -'���   ��� ,
Men's Ail-Wool English Serge Suits���Heavy Itiilrnad Sorgfi���Single Breasted.   Regular $13 .*i0.    M4 -��
'   SALE PRICJ": '.....'... '....,     $11.50
��� . Jlen's Pure Wool Tweed Suits, Brown and Grey Checks.. "Tliey are well worth $12 00. ' Sale   .2  ^ __
-":      Price Per Suit .'.:.....       - :         $ 8.00
Vou can keep any of these suits at home for one week, and if you or your friends don't think they are just
woith the price, we are willing to return yonr money in full:      --      - .      . ,
ii -**j
Boots and Shoes.
*  ���*. ''**���'. *
We carry an extensive stock of the above goods by the best manufacturers in Canada.
Even,- article of Footwear is made of good material and made for rough usage.
,   Dry Goods Merchants, Mackenzie Avenue. Mail Orders Solicited.
;..'..       ,  -���     ,r.   ,      ���*  . *      . '
,\    "    '���       -,  t IX     "~^~7.   S
Personal.' Paragraphs   Pertaining to Railway Men Picked up
,   By the Herald' Man  on   His
* ��� Daily Rounds.
"', James Barton, C. P. It. baggageman
became the possessor of a brand new
daughter on Sunday last.���Sandon
Review.'-   r. ' -��� - -     *'���,'. "	
'' The general committee of the Brotherhood of *Ry.�� Carmen of the western .
division of, the C. P. R., convened in  ,
Winnipeg ..Wednesday,, and  were   in
session all'd.iy, preparatory to meeting
the' company 'to  revise their present
schedule."   The committee is composed  '
as lollows:     ��� ���   ,
H. Johnson, Fort William. ,:
l<\ Kelly, (secretary), Rat Portagu.
0. II. Bradbew, Brandon.
K. >T. Ross-, Moose Jaw.
J. Fnvereau, Medicine Hat.
Julius lfeiskch, Calgary.
W. J. Adames, Winnipeg.
J. Ilillis, (chairman), Winnipeg.
XV. Slight, Winnipeg.'
E. G. Bolton, Winni|ieg.
K. K. '.".'hacker, "Winnipeg.���Voice.
The machinists lodge held a.smoking
concert Saturday night in honor of
their delegate Mr. Jas.- Webster,- who
had just returned froni Winnipeg.
After songs,speechesetc.,Mr. Webster*
was called forward and presented witli
an address and a handsome clock. Mr.
Webster who was completely taken
by susprise 'replied in a" few well
chosen words.
On Wednesday moi ning half a dozen
Japs were started to work in the C.'P.
R. shops. The white employees did
not look upon thin "inovat-'on with
favor and plainly gave the officials fo
understand this. "And in about half
an hour the said Japs were given their
walking tickets and the air ia ones
more cleared. Thin should ��� be ��
warning to all mechanics in this city,
as no doubt a further more will be
made hereabouts to employ tha little
brown men. It is alleged that were
Japs allowed to liecome familiar with
the working customs of thi* place that
ere long a horde of. tha mongcl
mechanics from the Orient would
soon fill the places of the men now-
engaged here. Already considerable
of the repair work of the Empresses is
done on the other side of tbe Pacific���
"Vancouver Independent.   .
& ���������Ti      i.i      --16      tt 1   liS   *r ' flvp  yPirr's  !,^������   ���������**"1**   taxed   lo   thei  Ite^htq^ TJernW ami ftailwi-gi,,,,,,.^ ,;ip;l,ily ,���������IV, ,,e,n ,,,,,��������� lly  lien's Jwriial.  [Published liv  The Revelstoke Herald Publishing Co.  Limited Liability.  A. JOHNSON,  Mtuia^tng liirei'ior.  A Pcmi-Weckly Journiil piil-li-hcri in the*  111 terest--. ol llie railway men. mining men and  Lii-ln*'***** men ol the West, liays ol Publication  1*- '-.luesdAV and Satuiday.  adyeriisi.no rites.  Display ad*!., "fl.50 per inch; single column,  JJ pur fnoli when inserted on lit li- j>Hise  I..-gal ads., 10 cents per ineh (nonpiiriel) line  for first insertion; 5eents Ior eaeh additional  in*'crtlon. I.u(*ul notiwi 10 cents per line each  1 -in*. Jlirtli, Murrluge and Death Notices  fie.'.  SsrH^CKII-TION  RATES.  Hv mall or carrier J2 per annum; fl.-2ii for  ���������-is months, strictly in advance.  OUH .101! DKl'AlriMENr.    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P., recently showed in :i  speech on lhis <].icstion that in 12h  years every sh.inU'i', nnd in VT,!. ye-iis  everv ;������noil*< gum-d will lie killed or  injilird in this count ry, and our  readers cnn ui-ike lheir own compuii  ������������������oils, whilst from the mi IV hn veil of  tin ir own raihvny cn riuge they  watch the railw.-iy workers of this*  country, risking llieir lives in every  slr.tntins yard of the United Kingdom  undefended, and unsecured hy tifety  .���������ippliances such as are 'ol.-iytlie leg.*i!  and coiupulsory i*ia.*it ol* .'very hruther  railway worker in tin*' Slates from  appliances which arc* piyinn foi tin*  costof their ud.i ilinu h uid  over hand.  ���������Vegetable .'inil Mower Plants 2.V,  per doz. Oahha^e, Celery. I-ettucc.  Tomatoes, Cauliflowers, Candytuft..  IJrantlitis, Asters. Verbena, Petunias,  Sohelia. Marigold, Phlox. Nunllowers.  Coreopsis, Naslurtiim. Chrysanthc*-  muni 2.*>c. per dozen. Cabbage* $1 per  100.     J. Maley, He .'elstoke.  +93'9&������9pmjT'������������.*'������999������-99������-P*#+&i  '\  Prevention of Accidents.  The report of the Inter State Commerce Commission to 30th Juue, 1901,  deals with the first year in which all  railway freight cars not equipped with  automatic couplers have been turned  off the. lines, and only automatic  couplers used.' The - situation is so  remarkable that the railway companies  and the public of this country should  give it their best consideration. This  act was passed in 1893. At first it was  not compulsory, and the United States  railroads proceeded very slowly to alter  their rolling stock and to fit automatic  couplers according to the extent of  their humanity or the lack of it.  Nevertheless, even with such partial  equipment there was a steady decrease  in accidents year by year, but slow  progress made it necessary to resort to  compulsion. The tables of figures  given in that report and reports from  1K93 onwards reveal that the number  of inen annually killed and injured  when engaged mcouplingand uncoupling cars has fallen since 1893 no less  than 03 per cent in killed and over 80  per cent in injured. The numbers of  men employed in ihunting in this  country is notlrng like as great as on  the United States* railroads, nevertheless the ratio of our own railway men  killed and injured during 1900, the last  year for which full returns have jbeen  issued, was nearly as bad as the United  States record,1893. Had this terrible  record been continued cin tlie States  year by year to this date, no less than  1 .G&Vkilied and 42.333 injured, in all  ���������1*1,118 more railroad men. who now  have been saved by automatic, couplings, would have.suft'ered,-while, had  that'law beeu made compulsory when  tii-st passed, at least 15,000 more would  have beeu added to this largearniy of  industrial workers who are yet alive  und at work. TheUnited States annual  railroad returns close on theSOthJune,  ���������and���������the���������enforcenient���������of���������automatic  couplers, brakes and other appliances  is thus referred to in this latest report  of the commission:���������"This decrease is  due primarily, if not entirely,   to  the  ** .  Safety Appliances Act. The impression  left from a study of table 1 is strongly  corroborated by the reports of accidents  for the month of July, 1901, thesebeing  the first monthly returns sent to the  tYiiuuiitfsion under the law of March  1901.    According to these returns only  four employe* were killed during that  month while coupling and  uncoupling  cars.    11 would not. of course,  be  ������al't*  to assume that the month of July in a  -   typical monlh so far  as  accidents are  concerned, but making due allowance  mi thia account, the repoits  for July  mid subsequent  months warrant lh������  expectation   that casualitiea    due    lo  coupling and uncoupling  cars   will   he  less for 1902   than   for   1001,   that,  the  great     improvement     in     conditions  which wai experienced under the  fit*!  year's operation of the law will In. still  more marked in the second year.   For  the-last   year   which   hau   lieen   fully  reported (year* ending June 30,  liKiO)  th*   number   of    killed   in   coupling  accidents averaged 2&J a monlh, i.e..  a drop from 25} men killed per month  in 1000 to possibly 4 per month iu 1002  What   will    interest    railway   nharr-  holders and railway management still  moie closely ia that the commissioners  testify to the time  saved   in despatch  and    traffic  by     life    of    uu tomtit ic  couplers and ellicient brakes, and add  that '���������railway officers have testified to  a large saving   in   the  cost  of doing  '    work in the yards," that yards which  COLUMBIA RIVER  KHOR SALE  This Ice will be delivered  every day at your door.  LEAVE YOURORDER WITH  I; THE REVELSTOKE DAIRY.!  !' ' . \  9 ���������        5  9������������������0]WHHMWH*0&&!MMMWf������i.t  Oriental Hotel  Ably furnished with the  Choicest the Market  affords.  BEST WIMES.TlQUORS, GICARS  Large, Light bedrooms.  Rates $1 a day.  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PETER 3 CHURCH,  ANOLICAK.  Ei**ht a.m., Holy Eucharist; 11 a.m., raa';.-is,  Litany and nc.-mon (Holy Kucharist lirst bun-  dav in the month); 2::fo Sunday school, or  children's service; ;-.30 Evensong (choral) and  lermon.* Holy Days���������The Holy Eucharist is  celebrated at 7 a.m. or $ a.m., as announced.  Holy Baptipm after Sunday School at3:lo.  c. a. PROCD.NIEU, Rector.  -FP.ESBVTERIAN-CHURCir..  Service every Sunday at 11 a.m. and . :W p.m.  to whieh all are welcome.     I'rayer meeting at  8 p. m. every Wednesday.  ��������� v- ���������**���������������������������        ' REV_ y,. C calder, Pastor.  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.  Mass   at 10-.TJ) a. in ,   on   first,   second and  lourth Sundays In the mouth.  . REV.   ?ATIIEK  THAYER.  DAI.VATIO.*-   ARMY.  Mcetini? every night in their  Hall on  Front  8lr������ct.  .  H  EDWARD  TAX.DKRMWT.  DEER HEADS, I'.IRD3. Etc. MOUNTED,  Fnr������ Cleaned ami Pc,**a(-ec!.  JUST EAST OE   I-RKSBYTXKIAN'  CHURCH  Thlnl -.tree;.  A. H. HOLDICH  ANALYTICAL CHEMIST  AND ASSAYER.  Royal School of Minei, London.    Seven  yeari"  at  Morfa  Worka,  Swannea.     17   years  Chiel  Chemist  to WImii Coal and  Iron Co.,   Eng.  Late Chemist and Assaycr, Hall Mines, Ltd.  Claims cjamined and reported npon.  Ferguson. B.C.  TIME TABLE  S. S. ARCHER OR S. S. LAROEAU  TCurnlinz between Arrowhead. Thomson's  Land I n ft and Comaplix, commenting Ordifoer  Mth, 1901, will sal! os lollows, weather permitting:  Leaving Arrowhead for Thomson's Landing  and Comaplix  twleodnlly���������10k. anil 1.1k.  Leaving Comaplix and ���������'hnmson's I.iindliip  for Arrowhead....twice dally-7:1.1k ami 12:1.1k  Making clo������c connections with all C. I". It.  Steamers and Trains.|  Theowners reserve the right tochangc tiraei  of sailings without notice.]  Th* Fred RobbtsonlLfimbtt-CCo., Llmltad  Canadian Pacific  Railway  TRAINS  LEAVE REVELSTOKE  DAILY.  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**Bj**00&P0*00*0!mM9JK*I^J*��& >9^t**99XH��'9��-99-S'��:9��9������9993^i
':���:   \        The Smelting Centre of the Similkameen Valley.    Backed; by the payrolls of two
gigantic-coalcompanies and-^theGopper and* Kennedy-Mountain Mines.
... Surrounded by the following resources:   'Coal,;gold, copper, silver and a fine*agri
cultural coun.tiy.    Large herds of cattle, fruit in abundance,:*with  a 'climate almost southern
and all that could be asked. ; ��� ?   ^ '""''"'"' '"-��� . ;
ASHNOLA is owned nnd hacked by tho payroll of tlio Siniilkamcen Valley Coal  Company,   Ltd.,
which is a guarantee iu itself of its success.  -The-equipuient and development of "their coal mines,'iiisliilliuu
�� ofc'water, electijic. light and power plants are already arranged for.   The development, of the Ashnola Coal
S Company'sjminc hy the Eastern C.tp'italist8.'.wT.o have established theii* payroll at ASHNOLA,  makes  it  the.
coming cit^ of the interior of British'-Coluinbia-.C -7- ' 7 -���*.�����".
City jof
gress aiidi Great Prosperity
per mon
$225     Tw
: thecompany at Ashnola.   Tlii<)lwork' will lie undor full headway by May 1st.-,
Four-years ago the Crow's Nest Shares could be bought ^tndiwero sold a.t'J.l cents.   Today they are;..
quote 1 at SSSO.OO.   With'the advent of ^transportation, Similkameen  Valley Coal- can  be delivered at any
point in West Kootenayor Vale as cheaply;'as'by. any' othbi*Company in Canada; *~
j"   I FOR
i -.? ". :"7'..-.-        ���:   ���S:"*"
\-7.Y-:y.77-7.7.  .-y.-
^l&EY   COAL ",'pO.p^Ll MITE D.
���NELSON,. B.:C.-i-4��� '*���*��� y *-'"' :77:-i-y^-y:
��� -' ��������������� ���   -������ '�����'���''���> ��� " 'y-7yy^' "-��� ������*>-:
j' A' :'7-A- '-'a: : ���'���'���������������'-'������'"���'' - ������"'*'-"   ' .-.';'' '   '-;���*.'���.���'.. 7--7-  \' ,-.������'��� .77:777.     ���Kjvhi^M^'.B-^a
1 J .-   ������   . ���    ~~ ..        "~"      "        -...-.    -.*- .. - ~~T~.     -    ty    .<:���������.    "���; y<y,yj-~  .   ���,.-.���...*..-���.'     .,i*/;:*V 77
S;Rs:&��.^.&7C.r�� fc;^
'������ji'-i'-y-"--:::.'-..'- yyy,- ���      ��������� *-7
yyy j
13 E ItD RE^YQ l&SLE E P.
:y\ iGl.RGLEiyCI^
;.'7ii|( ���-"Vx \>i^
^SSi3|����.f^ 77r:'AyAA::y77Ay-i:7.
]&i Ui&$&7 fcTOs^-'j' y: 7-
' Lilly
^li^^C^-T^Ey^N ER
thirty clays afier dale I intend to apply to
the Honorable the Chief Commissioner ot
Lands and Works for pen ission lo cm
ancl carry awav- timber from ihe following*
described lands : ...
Commencing- al a post planled on llie
south side of the Columbia River, about
one mile below llie mouth of Canoe River'
and marked "Maude Skene's Norlh-Easl
Corner Post;" thence soulh So -eli-ii"****
ihence west So chains; llience north So
chains; thence east to lhe point'of commencement.
Daled this 2gtli day of April,  1902.
thirty days after date I intend to apply to
the Honorable the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works for permission lo cut
and carry away timber from llie following
described lands :
Commencing at. a post planted on the
south bank of the Columbia River, about
one mile below the mouth of Canoe River,
and marked " Henry I.ovewcll'.s North-
West Corner l'ost;" tlicnce south So
chains; thence east 80 chains; tbence
north 60 chains; tbence west So chains lo
the point of commencement.
Dated this 291I1 day of April, 1902.
lliirly days after date 1 intend lo make
application lo the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands ancl Woiks lor a
special license to cut aiul carry away
timber " from Ibe following desciibed
lands :
l omniencing* al a post marked " G. 1*1
Nagle's Soulb-East Corner Post, planted
on the north bank of Ihe Columbia River,
one mile west oftbe mouth of Canoe liiver;
thence noith So chains; Ihence west 80
chains; thence soulh So cliains; thence,
east So chains to the point of commencement.
G.  I?.  NAGLE.
Dated this 29th da\ of April,   1902.
thirty days after date 1 intend 10 apply to
the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special license to
cutand carry away timber from the following dc-enbed lands :
Commencing- at a post planted on the
nortii bank of lhe Columbia River jusl
above the mouth oi Canoe River, ancl
marked "Fred Robinson's Soulh-East
Corner Post;" thence north So ��� chains:
thence \ve**t So chains; thence south So
chains; thence east So chains lo the point
oi" commencement.
Dated this 29th day of April, 1902.
thirtydays aftei date I intend to apply lo
the Honorable the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works for a special license lo
cut and carry away limber from the follow im.. described lands :       ^
Commencing at a-post planted on-*the
east side of the Columbia River, about two
miles above' the mouth ol" Wood River, and
nmrliwl     tA.IT.-o*.!.     l?,**.l*,��n* ion's     *snil_fl-WeSL
Coiner.'Post "; thence^east 160 chains;
thence north 40 chains; tlienee west 160
chains; thence south 40 chains to the poinl
of commencement.
Dated this 29II1 day of April, 1902.
thirty days after date 1 intend to apply
to the Honorable" the Chief "Oominiss
ioner ot* Lands and Works for "a special
license to cut;and carry away;,tiinber
from the following described lands; '";' .
Commencing at*a ,post planted: on
the east bank of the Columbia'River
about two miles above the mouth of
Wood Kiver, and marked "Olivia
Hcibiiisdii's North-West Corner" Post.;"
llience south *l() chains; Ihence east KMJ
cliains; tlicnce nnilh *1() chains; llience
west KiO chains to the point ol
commencement. '
Dated this 20lh day of April, 1002.
thirty days after dale. I intend to apply to
the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Woiks for a special license to
cul and cany away limber from the following desciibed lands:
Commencing al a post planted on the
west bank of the Columbia River, jusl
below the mouth ofa large cieek aLoul
one half mile above Peterson's Ranche,
and maiked " Henry Lo\ewell's .Soulb-
East Corner Post; thence west 80 chains;
thence north 80 chains; thence east So
chains, more or less, lo the bank of the
Columbia River; llience following the
bank of lhe Columbia River to lhe point 01
Dated this 51I1 day of May, 1902.   ,
thirty days after datel intend to apply
to the Honorable tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works furaspecial
license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands: ���
Commencing at a post planted on
the west bank of the Columbia Kiver,
about one quarter of a mile below' tlie
mouth of Seven Mile Creek, about six
miles above Death Rapids and marked
'.'Maude' Skene's ��� South-East' Corner
Post;" thence west 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains: thence east SO chains,
more or less to tho west bank of the
Columbia River; thence'following tbe
bank of the Columbia River to the
point of commencement.
Dated thia 3th day of May, 1902.-
N otice.
30days afterdate I intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissionerof Lands
and Works I'or permission to cutand carry
away timber fiom the following- descriiied
tract of land in Wesi Kootenay:    ���     '
Commencing at a post marked "John A.
MeMahon's South-West Corner," planted
at a point 160 chains southerly" froin "the
south limit of the lands of the" Pittsburg
Syndicate situated norlh of Death Rapids;
thence east 40 chains; thence noith 160
chains, to the south liinit of the lands ofthe
Pittsburg Syndicate; thence west 40 chains,
to'the east bank of the Columbia River;
thence south along the east'bank of said
river 160 chains to the point of commencement. ..,* . - .'.*-.*.
Dated May 5th, 1902.    - ;
- NOTICE IS HEREBY -'GIVEN that 30 ilHys
after d**te, I Intern! to make application to the
Honorable the Chief'Commissioner*i
__.  of'-IMiulx
and Works for a /special licence to fell and
carry away timber; from the   foUbwingudos-
"   " nns ' -'     "" ' "
'- frQi
s'for permission to:piin.*liiisc*a
piece of lnnci.clcscribectn.sfoliowsiyA: A.;,-,-7
=Commeiic.iris'at'ii"T>o'sti marked'���I';' J". Coltl-
smith's No. 1 post; thenee south ���'���10'. cluiin*; ;
'tlienee east 40'cliains ;'tlienee north 40 chains;
tlicnce west -lO.wliaius, to point of 'ebiiimeuee-
ment-^ltiO acres inoreCoc; less. Tii is land was
staked by J.'l),; McKenzie last June; Has a
purchase No-.l.p'O9C;.a.i)0ut ;100 feet frbnv'Gold-
llneh trail and aliout SK) feet up hill, tlii; east
40 chains to plaeeofcommeiicew=nt,^^^^1Moy7^Fisl'-^';;
-i .-,*,.*��� I - .-������vv-svi*;.**' v Wi- ���**-'.���?W ;5***V -^Located Febmarj i20*_l'W>
Commencing- at a'postTplaiited.abq.ut.3 miles;
south from the mouth of Deepcreet at: Galena
Kay, AVrowrLakes;*.,marked J.-T. and; b'eipg
about 6 chains enst of T.H.I).'a sorflh'wcstncor-.
ner post: thenee \vestSfl chains ; llienue south
80 chains; thence east 80 chains ;. thenee north
80 chains to place of fcpU]i.en^ne_M;;';g*��^(gg
���Kelimn7B-CTli��cl"i3riK'i9ii"2'"*-*i-*'       ���^~1--
:-ii ...... -.������
Commencing at "a/post planted t.abotit. ,50
chains: north of St.. I;eou Hot Springs.bn'thc
ArrowLakes ay.d marked J. T. south west7 corner, thenee east 160,chains ; tlienee nor;h 40
chains:; tlienee wcniGU chains ; thenee  south
Certificate of Impveroments.
~" '"j-foTidiET	
Butte. SH.cr How and TVatk Diamond
Mineral Cluinis, s mate in tlie Lardeau Mining
Division of Wen    ootenay. District. <
Where Located* Near thif-Hsat-Pof Letiiig-
ton Creek, a trlbutar> of Hah rreek.
TAn�� NOTICE that I, A. P Ciiinmlns,-as
Agent Ior the^Double-^aKlo Mining, and Dc-
\elopment Company, limited,'of Ferguson,
B C 'Iree WI ncr's * Certi flea te*i No. 31,8.11,
intend, sixty days from the.date hereof, to
apply to the.Mining recorder for'a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant ol the above claim.
And i uyher Take Notico that action, uin'c
Fectlon 37, mtist ,be   commenced'before thc
������-.Lance of eueh Certificate of Improvements
rated this twentj-tliird doyol Januar>, A.D.
"Hi * w X
1 *>b. 5-tf 	
TAKE : NOTICE   lliat;(111 days.after date  !
intend to apply to tlie,Oliief ''omiuissioner
Laiids,aiid*\v.cirici ' .    .      .
Certificate?* of���; Imprbyenients.
Lite - Jt '-.oldlidds  13
_. NOriCC   that  CO  dajs  after date   I
iiitend_to apDl\ to tho__Chief Commissioner
^���Vlntendto an _    _
of I7anda and WoiLs for pcrmNsion to cut and
carr>   awa\   timber from  the   lollouing des
cri bed lands   -^ i___ ^^t;, .^..^.~.������  .^ ���,^.
Commeiictng at a post marked Poucr T
Perry's southeast corner post Mtuiito about 200
feet from Scott Creek, llience v.c*it 40 clwuns,
theuce nortii luO elm ns, thence enst lOclimiiS,
thence south lbO c Indus, to the ..placo of com-
mciU'Cmciit; containing Gin ncrc*.
Ooldllcld*, B C.Oct 17ih,1801        !.o\  C-tf
: JIoi hiiig Star, Walrus.Sea Lion and Bonanza
Mineral claims, situate ,iii: I he i.ardeau Alining
Division of West* Kootonay-District: Wliere
Ideated : -On.. JlenlieiiicK Creek, near l'isli
lliverLA7r,LLA-yyL:.-'L--yLyy:. '-.Ly A-"''- =
. .^TAICeVnoT-ICE that I, F/C.:Greeni'aetiiiK a=
;agenr7.or'7i.nj;us .'.IcKav, F. M.C. B 3'.*O05, and
J. M. McKenzie,-, Free -Miner's Certilieate No.
B 3i;oi5, iiiteiidi'sixty'daysfroin the date hc'rooi,
to applj io ihc*\lipiii^ I ecordcr for c-tiheates
of Imi*ro\ emems for the purpo-c of obtaining
Croi r C>-auts of thcab-j\cclalms
And further tal.c notice that action, under
sei turn '7 mist be commenced beiorc t c
lasu   n.1 ol such C eriifii alcsof Impro\eincnts
Datcct llu, first rtoj ot March, 10,12, A D
1   C OKI EN
��������� ?���   ..���-������=*���=t��� r*-r 1 -fa c
-,-��       Notice to Delinquent Co-0wnetV ^ -,
Q'o John T.JMoore or to anyone tn_!"n.iom he
m��y haVe'ttansferred his Interests iu tlie
ailmatrFraetional mineral claim, situate
in the uirduau Mining Division.
You are herebv notified that I expended the
sum or oue hundred and  scicn  dollars'and
fifty cents (J107.E0) iu labor.and-money on the'
beforeineiitioned mineral claim,;in order to
hold said miners! claim udder Section '2*1 ol tho
Mineral Art; and If.within! ninety days (90)
from the date of this notice, you fairto con
tributc-your.'proportlon'of such* expenditure*
together  with -all conts 6f aUvertlsing, y nr
inurest in said mineral claimmill become the
i roperty ol the undersigned, under Section 4
oi an Act entitled'��� An  Aet  to  amend the
Sated' at comaplix, B.C.,  this ISth day, of
April, A. D��� 1902. ���  ^i  -.*���������  -   '-'
Tha Cleveland- and BrJtlsS Columbia, -
Mining Coirifwiir,.timltetl.
TAKh NOTICI tlint ro da*.s n'ttr dale 1
Intend to epiiK to tl e Chief Coiiiiiii*-sioiic r of
Lands iviul Works for 'oermls-lo.i to purchase
tho follow!.14 described lands* *- ,
Commenciiii. at a post marked "��. ^IcAdams*
o'l Post," situate clobc tp the old line of
flill 4: Brautford's pre "m. tion 1 i*Ji Oreek,
thence north 10 c limns, theme \ est _u x lixxix -,
tlicni.esoutli lOchaius ll.cncc* enst .0 chains
lo point of comment einent
Soldllelds. Jun 18lh,l%2.
zk.. McVdam
NOTICE���lliatslxn dujs nfter da'e I inlend
"-to appl> to tlie Chief lonn i-sioi ci of
Lands and Works for pcrinls-loii lo plin ]*n*.��
Six)acres of laud situateon the ^o.-chens. ^\rm
of.Arrow Lake, In the District olrW, J iiKootc
nay IJ C , and described ns follows   ,*X�� -y
Commencing irom S \\    coniei <   ihi,
thCIlcc^orth astronomical jo ch i*, 'thciuc
WcstSO chains, thenco botith llu ch^nu ep
proxIninteU, tlicnce 12on ch u is iSorth-
hastcrl) te point of commencement
Feb. B���tl                         C. II '���hi', F, Aee  t
- O      **         ��    i��
-        Notice.     -
thirty days after date I intend-to apply to
the Honorable the Chief Commissioner ot
Lands and Woiks for a special license to
cut and carry away timber from (lie following: desciibed laiuls :
. Coini-nencinjf at a post planted on llie
cast side of lhe Canoe I\i\erand along-side
of I lie* C.inoe Kiver trail, about one ' mile
above tlu* nioulli of llar\ey Creek, and
marked " C. R. Skene's South-West
Cm ner l'ost;'' tlienee norlh 8o chains;
tlienee west: So chains; thence south So
chains; thence east So chains to the   point
of commencement.       *     ,
Daled this 1st day of May, 1902.
Nelson 13 C
Certificate of Improvements.
- .   j      . UOTIOB
NOTICE ii'-hereby (flveri that'tho head offices.
of*Th��-CI��v��Uuifi ,and British Columbia MininglOmmttmnVf-UmHadl, have
been moved from Kosslsnd to Revelstoke, B.C.
. i"   '  '') iLCLL,: .������J.'Aprll.lS-lm ::
jHabcrllml*.aj>plieiU..r by-��-.*>Js .a��UUmith"-.4* >"<��'" "?.r.JL��*J?���Ufafm��
thenco we��f*^rii��Stli��ttectriiirth-16<J��:!ia!ns; '.orants of theabove claim��.
thence cast40chains to 'Fish Creek;   thenc* ;  "
Tlie choice  land  north_vpr, track,. ;
Mtween Tapplni'I and Lo'iig'i.iwlll
b. subdivided Ior lale aa soon as
POaSlbJe.      -     'r;T,;-y  : A ������-->���-A 2^ 7 ���"':-. ,   .,    ���,��� -      . -   ���     .-   ���
"a��li-'��*l��0iAT^ Vl6TO��U^�� tt-' W��S'?"..*��orepr,le..���    F/;r GOLDSMrriI|
T. O.Boz, VO. I   Thomson's Landing, October 16tb, l��l.
tJOTIQE.     -   ; .
TAKE NOTICE that slsty dnvs after date f
intend to appi\ to the Chief f oiiiirissioBer
of Lands and \\drks for t>erniisalon to pur
chase a parcol of land desc need as !oI!o-.\<*
Commcnclng at a post ma-ked Mice I'e-r\'*>
No. 1 Post: thence -w'est 'no chains, thence
North.'IDtliains; thenc ctast -Uelia'ns, llience
South *10 chains to point of coi itcencenie-it-
1 his fraction of land lomint nces North of It
I". I'errj's preemption lol'ouini; lie Ken/ie's
Nortli-.Wcst Line, contaium^aboui. SO acres,
more or less
s '- Ar.ICE PtKIt*\
Goldfields, N'o\  27 1001 Dec 1 lm
Centre ^tar   and    I sening   ^tar   Alireral
Claims,iituatei.i the! ardeau Mining DUi-ion
rfWc^t Kooten i*.   Il'sinct     \\ here located
On Mciili2ii   k creek, near 1 i*-h Kner.)
'IAKI*. NOriCr that I, J C* Green acting ns
acu.HforJ i) \IcKeii/*e, J roe'liner s Ccrtili
< ale No II '2D2~i, intend slst\ da*.s from lhe
da'c hereof, io aopl\ to the Mining l.ccordcr
or Li rlihcnti-. of Impro\ clients, for the pur
pose of obtaining ero�� u Grunts of the nbo*,e
Mid  nirt'ier take nriiec flint nctio i, under
*-eciio'i    "   innn l>    comiienied   LlI'i'-l   tl.e
i**s liinee in nich CertiiiLHles of Ini])ro\cineuts
Pitted this Iir��t dn\ of Vm-r li. 3*X*J, A  D
1   C i.l'.E'-N,
per ISC,
���Nelson 11 C
Certificate of Improvements.
"P.c.I Vov and RkIrc Mineral Claim", ��Ituate
in llie I ardoiio Min ni, DuMou otWc-t Kootc
um Pi'trict *i\ her*b located O.i Menhenick
C'een near H��Ji Kl%cr
TtK^ NOTICI-thai I F C Crecn aotinc as
���p.'nt for -incus Mcka*. Ire.' .liner's Cirllli
c��t< >o j, "20.1.--, in.en.1 *ul\ <Ia*.s fioin the*
���tate >iercuf io appl) to lhe Aiming Uecorder
foi ;*criifUitcso�� Iuinro\ei lent*, for the pur-
tio-uoi ootai'iinjj Crown brants of the abo\e
And  lurtncr take"nolice tha' action, under
**ec non   "7, mutt  be couimcnicd    before   lhe
i-.uancc ol sueh Certilicate*, of Iinprov ement*).
Hated thUflr-t da   r,f March, 1"02, A  D
Ir   C  GKhlvN,
'      ^ perl  **. C,
N"Ison, B. C.
Sealed Tenders.
Sealed Tendeis ud(U*e&&ed to Uie
undeisiirncd will he leceived up to
noon cm iMond iy, tlie l^Lh ot May, 1902,
foi the eiecLicin'eii <i dwelling Pl iii��
tnd speoilic.itionb cm be been' .it the
ollico ot thcundci signed. Tin* lowest
tendei   " iu<t     ifece^sai }"ilv
days after date I intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissionerof Lands
and Works for permission 10 cut and carry
away timber from the following* described
lands in West Kootenay:
Commencing: at a' post'marked "E. L.'
MeMahon's North-West Corner" planted
on the east bank ofthe Columbia River at
the south-west corner of the timber limit
held by Henrietta McMahon under special
license; thence east 40 chains; tlienee -south
160 chains; thence west 40 chains, to the
east bank of the Columbia River; .tbence
north along- the east bank ofthe- said1 river
160 chainsto the point of commencement.
'��� E. I-. McMAHON.    '
Dated May gth, 1902.        ' **-���   -
Engineers. Firemen, Machinists and
Electricians send for 40 page pamphlet
containing, questions nsked ��� liy Ex
.imiriin'p* Boned of Engineers" 'lo obtain
EiiRine'eis lic'ense.~-Addies's. Geo. -A.
Zellei*. Publisher. 18 S. 4th St.. St.
Louis,-Mo., U.S.A. .* ��    - . '-
01     .my
' F B Lew is
thntj d ijs.iUcl d tte I intend to appl}
to lhe ironbi.ible"tlie"ChiL'f 'Coinniiss-
lonei ol Lui'lsiind AViuksloi .1 special
IiLt-ii-ae to cut and o.iiiv awav tnnhei
fiom the lollow liig dusenbcd hinds
Coininencuig ,it .1 posLplantcel on
the cist bank ot the Canoe Rivei.
about fnu 1 miles up liom its mouth
and m.ttked "O. H. Skene's Ninth
West Cm not Post.;' tlienee east SO
chains; ihence booth SO chains; llience
west SO chains; thence noith 80 chains
lo thc point of 'commencement. 1
D.ited tins, 1st duy of May, 1002.
��� Sealed Tenders. .... .
SEALED TKNDERS'a'dclresseirtoahe under-'
siRiied will be received-untU'the loth day
of May, 3S02.'at Vi o'clock", noon.'.ifor^ the erection and completion ol an' Qd.lfollons' Hall at
I rout Lake7 Jl. C. ""      r-'-    *".-   f *;
I'luns and Hpccllicatloiis eari'"be'seen at Itfe
\\ iudsor Hotel, Trout Lake, fr-ui the 1st to the
I>Ui day of..Ma>.     ,-.      . .�� ;'*--.   . t:.v
'Jlie lowest or-any"'te"nder-*;nof necessarily
lccepled. . ,   j'. i   . "J :SJi^.~\.      s   -
J. H..CURRie>'Secretary. *.
'J'ront Lake, B. C., Aprll'lSlh', lfjla. -A, !^\
        '- -. - -' w fi���i '"". lit
CEALED TENDERS addressed to the
^lunder.sijrned and endorsed "Sidewalks"
ui I be iei-c*ived up lo noon of Friday. May
J311I, for the coiisliuclionpf side walks and
crossings-within the City.' Tenderers will
i,ive a..sep.'irateiprice-on'sidewalks and
1 rossinjjs. Lumber will he-supplied by the
coipoi'.-ilioii, hut nails, and: labor, .by' the
contractor. Plans elc. may be seen at my
No tender necess.'uilv accepted.
' c. 1;. sii.wv.
-Cily Cleik. .-
Kevelstoke* May 131I1, 1902.
NOllCL Is hereby i;I\en that'10 dav�� a/tei
date I Intend to appl-. to the t hie' Com-
mliuilont'rof Lands and \"orks ior rer'niislon
to cutand earr-y a��a> timber from the follow
Ine described lands:���Commeuclui; at:aip��*t
at thu south-east corner, of .Koger F. l'errv's
pre-emption, marked "Soutlicast corner of
-    -   rll   ���-���-���---���
Certificate of Improvements
ImMon o�� W est Kootenay District
Where Located On Ke\stone Mountain,
Big Ilcnd. near Dow ine Creek
T-iKK NOTICE that I Geo S MeCarter
actirp as i*g��nt for J 1) Graham Free Jliner'i.
Cert'rtrate ho. i). J721 and I or tt. II. V icker"
Free Miner's Certificate No. G0821. intend 00
���JaT.*��Ir6ni**the date "hereof to applv to the
Jlininirnceordcr for Certificates of'Improvc-
inwits for the  purpose of obtaining  Crown
1, the undersigned, intend 30 days
afterdate to apply to the Chief Coin'
nnssioner of Lands and W01 ks, for .1
spi-eial licence to cut and cairv awa,}
timber from the following desciiliccl
linds: Coinmeticing nt a post
planted on the west side of the
( oitinihia River one mile below
Boyd s Ranch, and marked A. Edgar's
southeast corner prist-, thence running
in :'���':-.a ,'.���westerly."'    direction       40
   chains thence north 100 chains thence
ASl) FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that action I east 40 chains toColumbiaRiver thence
following the meandering* of Flsli Creek lWf -under Section 37. most be commenced before along Columbia-River fl60:chains to
chainsto point otcoinmenccmeni; containing f ihe issuance of such Certificate of Improve-  p]ace of commencement. '
BSli.n,..i.ih^.��ir.i, .���,���;        Dated this 14th day of May, 1002.
Dated this 10th day of February. A.D. 1902. ; .-.*?,,..������   �����-.��j-...
tlnrtt d,i}s after date I intend to appl} to
the Honorable the Clnct Conimissionei ol
Lands, and Works for a special license to
cut and cairy ..-��ay timber from tliofol"
lowing described lards -
Commencing at a post pUntecl on the
east bank of the C.inoe Iii*.ei, about loin
miles up from its mouth, and marked
"Olivia Robinsons Noith-East Coiner
Post'*, tlicnce west fco chains; thence
south 80 chains; tlienee east 80 chains,
thence north 80 ill tins lo the point oi
Dated this ist da} ofiMi}, 1902.
Wright Porritt
I.s to he found at his Photographic Studio 'in thc
Tapping 131ock daily dur-
.ii*B ol!Icc hours.
1 .
Wright Porritt
Revelstoke, B. O.
E. MOSCROP. ..   .   .
Sanitary Pltuobing, Ho^ Water
And Steam Heating, Gas   .
- ''.Fittin'... *(,t :     : *"}
Second St., REVELSTOKE, B.C.
Crow's Nest Coal  Mines.
* The history of lhe Crow's Nest co'id
iiiiiies where ;this'- frightful disaster
bci'uri't'd is. as is tlie.cnsa of so .liiany
.western mines, full of roinnncv. ���
Some' people say they are the most
valuable on .the whole continent and
yet ii'l'cw years ago no one would look
nl. tliiMii. It was ih_ 1SS5 that the littt
l-ii.il yvas di.sc*iivc*re.il in lhe Crow's Nest
Pass. Willi un -ind Peti*r Ki-rnie w��*ie
cult in'.; a I mil for the guvei iiiiient
when lhey came 11c10i.su It-foot seam
cropping out over a 1 trek. They were
1111L lo iking fcir conl at-the time and
thought so little of the find that ihey
said nothing abuitt it, till a year
iificfwaids. At thnt'tinie Dr. Dawson
the late head of the- Cinadiiu and
Geological 'nnd Mines Department,
when making a geological survey of
the Kiss, also found a beam of coal IS
inches thick. It was his busine.is to
know Lhe giound uiui he gave it as his
opinion thnt Urge coal deposits would
he found whine t'nut indication was.
Dr. D.iWhon lived long enough to see
his prophecy fullilled. The report of
Dr. Dawson may or in ty nor have had
senile effect on William Fui-nie, hut at
any rate he went hack to the Pass iu
1SS7 with Col. IB.iker, ' the former
.Minister of Education -and Crimean
veteran, who was long a 'familiar ,
ligure in political circles in British
Columbia. The two tramped many'a
long ancl weary day, but their trouble
was rewauleil us.they found numerous *
large seams of excellent bituminous .
coal Col. Baker found that the Pa��s
was admirably suited for a line of
railway. Seeing that lhe value cf the
coal was nil without such a railway, he"
wrote to Mv. (now Sir William) Van
Hume, president of the Canadian
Pacific railway, calling his attention to
the fact of the new discovery." It
seems strange to have to report .that
the teply he leceived was that the
Canadian Pacific had no interests in
that [portion of the country. Then *-
began those weary days when Colonel' '<
Baker's voice was,as Lhe voice of. one
speaking in the wilderness. He then .,
pieached of the riches of the Crow's
Nestand'tlie need of the road of"steel.
He woiked also at exploring the route
of the proposed line 'fioni the- Pa'ss to ���
Kootenay liake aiid he found no diffi ���
culties to speak of.
Then hu ti ied the C.P.R.  again' and
Mr." Van.Home was obliged  Lo give in .���
to him.'    The   railway   man;sent*an,
expc-it, Air. Jtied. of Alorilieal,' to make
.1 -lough   survey   of' the   Pass.     Mr.
Rein came, saw .and   was   conquered.
���His report,  was   eminently favorable.
But Col. Baker's  difficulties  were  fur
from being at^an end.     British Columbia was not then the* Mecca of, many "
miners,   save   those   who   weie'* far-
.sighted.     Much   had   to   be   endurud
before a railway was-running through
IhePassl   Fernie established ���11'iid rthe'-'
mines opened'up. '���-The1 first' thing to
be done was to secure'*a" charter-[fir a  .
railway. Being tho member for South-   '
east   Kuulenay,    he ( inliochieed .  tlie,s
Biitisli 'Columbia Southern   Rail way-
Bill into the House at Victoria  for a, '
line to  be/170   miles   long.   He   then'
went to London'  to' get   capital,   th.'j
C.P.'R.' beinw;  disinclined  lo take  the,
matter up.    He was inforined* by1 the'
financiers   that -he must - get   assist-,'
.nice Irom   the   pi ovincial "legislatuie
and he came  back, for   that, purpose   ,
and was successful.   .He.obtained land .-
grants and of comse in : those "grants
much of the coal lands were included.'
Soon after the passage of.the subsidy
act, the   Crow's   Nest  Coal -Co,  was
formed,   which   purchased  from    the
government 10,000 acres"'of -ths- coiil'''
lands which'Fernio'and' Baker-fouud^   '
The-I.itter went to London* to" float his'"
compnny, but-was headed off-by -the
C.P.R-, which,-"*.hile'ltien'.not -able logo in for the railway'tonstruction/gtill
"did not  desire   that-outsiders-should
gel' hold of  what  might  be-and  did,
become���a most valuable portion of its
territory.   ' .
This was in 1801.. Col. Baker had
almost succeeded iii getting a wealthy
syndicatetointerestitself in the matter
when this"dit_app6iatment came to
hitn'r-Butrlie co'ritina'ed'tb'loblc fo'riiew'���
capital. He went to New York,' Chi-
'cago^St.jPaii^andiSan Francisco,; but',
everywhere found that the.great rail,
jvav* corporation was-too- much , for...
hiin.- Finally rCol., Baker jind other
shareholders communicated with Mr.
���irowland,, of ..Toronto,,, with,- Messrs.
'Hanson & Gault, of Montreal, and the
Messrs.' Coates'tfc f Jo;, tne" well 'known '
London bankers.'An arrangement was
come to whereby the shareholders of ,
the B.C. Southern railway relinquished
five-sixths of the stock on the company
'on condition that thc 1 nil way should
be proceeded with and* that $40,000
should be expendecfon the lineatonce.
This wa.s done. Then came thc failures
of so many American railways and the
appointmentof receivers. The financial
depression whicli ' was coincident
pi evented anything being done under
the new arrangement and finally the
C.P.R had to be interviewed again.
c. i\ U COMKS) IX
���'" The great railway thought the' time
had come when thc line should be built
and it stepped.up'to, the mark. The
Canadian Pacific wns given the option
tc 1 take over the line on condition thnt
it paid the shareholders the amount
they, had expended on surveys, etc.
It may seem strange that all this
trouble was taken for just a line of
railway, but the shareholders in the
Ii. C. Southern wore also the shareholders in thc coal company and they ���
had to h.tve the line. The railway iu
now running, and the coal mines alio.
Most of the shares of the coal company
are held in the east, but not afewlocat���
people made competencies out of theui
when the stock went sky- high after-
thebuildingoftheline. Some sensational incidents occurred when the eastern
poope got possession- of the coal
company. An organization waa formed
in Toronto with Messrs. - Janes and
Lukes in it.- But they failed to bring
cheir scheme to a successful issue and
Robert Jaffray and Senator Cox
secuied the Company.' -Interested
with them wero other well "known
eastern capitalists. "When the Dominion government saw how valuable
thc coal fields were likely to be Hon.
Mr. Blair, Minister of Railways, made
it a condition that some of the coal
fields should . be "given- up " to. the
Dominion and this was done. It wa*i
only the other day that thc Dominion
made its selection. WAii. PAPERS  We have them in all  the new designs for the  year. See our.samples  if you are going to  paper.  CanadaDru$&. Book (o  NOTES OF  NEWS'  "NAHC  ON   EVERY   PIECt.'  ���������Fresh butter at A. N. Smith's.  K. Ci. Wood ward, of Feiguson. is m  (own.  -CARPENTERS   WANTED-Apply  lo .1. Kernaghan.  Aliss McDonald lceft last evening for  a tlip to the coast.  A. L. Pelkey, ofthe Lirdeiiu Eagle,  was in town yesterday,  ���������Ladies and  Children's  Parasols just  in at C. B. Hume & Co's.  ll. S\ Putlipiece came in from tin-  Coast on Monday on a business visit.  ���������St rawberries arriving daily at G. B.  Hume k Co's.  Joe. Martin passed through the city  last evening on his return to the coast.  Rev. Mr. Ladner returned on Saturday morning from attending Conference at Vancouver.  Mr. C. Wilkinson'.left yesterday for  Vancouver where he and his family  will reside in thejfuture.  The road fiom Beaton to Ferguson  and Trout Lake City is said to be in  splendid shape for travel,  J. II. Sashan is building a handsome  five-roomed house on Fourth." street,  east. F. Lundelle is in chargs of the  work.   -  If old Noah had a ping pong set in  the ark, it is not likely that lie would  ���������iver have remembered to let a dove  "fly forth."  A large crowd witnessed the baseball,  football, cricket and lacrosse matches  played at the gun club grounds on  Victoria Day.  The'citizens of Arrowhead held a  picnic on the24th of May.- The whole  town * turned ��������� out and thoroughly  enjoyed themselves by games, sports  and dancing,  Messrs.  Foote and Abrahamson aro  busy making alterations in Mrs. Lee's  buildings on McKenzie Avenue. When  completed   the building will be occu  pied by J. A. Morgan.  ���������Don't forget 'that we carry the most  up to date Boots and Shoes in the  city. We have just received another  shipment. J. T. Bell's bootsandshoes  have no equal, always in stock at C.  15. Hume k Go's.  J.B. Cressman, the Mackenzie Ave.  tailor, left for Trout Lake, B.C.. where  he is opening up a branch of his tailoring establishment. Mr. J. Lee, of  Victoria will be manager, and R. P.  Rabey, late cutler for Thomas &  Grant, Victoria, has taken a position  wilh Mr. Lee as cutter.  Polling for the Ontario election  takes place tomorrow. It will be a  hard matter to pick tbe winner in this  contest. The fight has been a .very  bitter one. Whituev expects to  bust the machino unless Ross can get  Preston back to l.ug it over the. dump  W. Williamson was in town last  week on a business visit. During his  stay, in town Mr. "Williamson let the  contract to XV. G. Birney for the  painting of his house on Second street,  and also for the lathing aud plastering  ���������_c if_t he_ftdjohiing_house,-the property-of-  his daughter Mrs..Booth.  Tha" Revelstoke Navigation Co. are  having the capstan for the S. S.  Revelstoke shipped by express, and  this piece .of machinery should reach  the city in a few days when it will be  placed in positiou and the steamer  will then make her initial trip through  the canyon on her route to Laporte.  Word from Nelson announces that  John Houston is again to enter the  newspaper field in that city, on a  larger scale than ever. The office is  lo be equipped with a complete engraving plant and a featute of the new  paper will be its illustrations of thc  many interesting features of the  Kootenay country.  Twenty-five girls employed in a  d mcc hall at Cripple Cieek, Col , went  on strike for a higher percentage nn  drink money recently. \Vhnn the  proprietor refused their demand lh.*y  marched out of the hall in a body.  The women hnve since formed a union.  They announce that unlcst the dance  hall man surrenders they will stick  together and ask the labor unions tn  support their strike. The unioni don't  know whether to be .iii.u.ori or  indignant.  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' '  Mr. and Mrs. Didesheim came in  Monday morningl'romspendingEiiipiie  Day at Sicamous.  Miss Sheppnrd and Mrs. Van Home  spent a day or two ab the St, Leon  springs last week.  Capt. Taylor, Mrs. Taylor and Miss  Cao, returned trom a couple of clays  outing at Sicamous Monday  morning.  C. VV. McCrossan of the Triune and  Metropolitan mines was a visitor iu  the city yesterday, he left lhis morning  for Ferguson.  .Tolin Erickson was run over by a  C.P.R. engine in the Vancouver yards  on Monday evening and was so badly  injured that he is not expected lo live.  C. C. Brown and Mrs. Brown left on  Saturday morning for Fernie, having  been called there by a telegram on  Friday announcing the death of their  son E. A. Brown in ihe coal mine  disaster. Mr. and Mrs. Brown and  family will have the sympathy of this  community in their  sad  bereavement.  "A Big Success."  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